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File: 1563488915424.jpeg (280.14 KB, 2000x1504, 79482A34-E726-4254-871D-54061C…)

No. 436372

Because you’ve asked for it!


No. 436389

This is the worst milk-dry post, but years ago some aussie on lolscenequeen/efagz/whatever it's called now had a funny story about the singer from The Darkness hitting on her friend but I forgot the details. Hoping for the slim possibility that someone knows what I'm talking about.

No. 436391

File: 1563494312689.png (689.14 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190718-195617.png)

Samefag, but speaking of efagz, I just checked what Miley's brother Horseface Trace is doing these days and it appears that he's still milky.

No. 436397

i thot that was ronnie radke at first kek

No. 436404

We discussed this months ago when it first came out

No. 437292

No. 437329

Lol he has hands like a child. I bet he's tattooed all over his manlet body to appear tough.

No. 437407

I think it's more of an "open secret" but I got to know somebody who used to be a concert manager and back in the day she also had to work with Rammstein for a few times (back when they just started to get big. She comes from the same area as them ) and she said that they were the most awful human beings, have the worst attitude going on, are straight up nazis and misogynist. I mean if you familiar with them, then this isn't really a surprise. This has been said about till lindemann since forever, so I can only guess that it got worse over the past years.

No. 437410

Ronnie Radke is a giant asshole. I've had the mispleasure of meeting him before.

That doesn't surprise me. White, older men always are entitled like that and I'm sure the fame amplifies that times 1000.

No. 437906

There are many who hate on Rammstein for being leftists and "communists", because of how often they talked about it or even brought it up in songs, are you sure about this?
Most rock/metal fans are men and rather right-leaning, and if most of their fanbase would approve of their real beliefs anyway, then why pose as they opposite?

No. 437934

I'm not surprised, but I do wonder what they meant by vid related.
I remember it being controversial for having a black woman represent Germania.

No. 437944

The conclusion of it is basically them saying that they know they should love their country, but they simply can't bring themselves to do so, because of its bad past.
Some said the use of a black actress is sjw pandering (to trigger their alt-right fans), others claim it's simply for the aesthetic (red and gold on black skin, like the german flag).
When the trailer aired german media was quick to label them nazis, some jewish organisation even called for an apology - but then the video turned out to be the opposite, so I really wonder about >>437407

No. 437945

Man it must suck to be a black lady and have your existence be so politicised that people get into quarrels over you being in a music video.

No. 437947

I mean, it's a german band singing in german and she represented Germany. Of course her not being (or looking) german is bound to garner a lot of attention.

No. 437967

what does everyone think about brittany furlan and tommy lee? idk if they'll last, but who knows

No. 438140

Don’t even humor the idea that those tryhards had something deep to say here and hadn’t just gone for the cheap shock value like they always do. Rammstein has been a forced meme since its inception, even their name was chosen to elicit shock. Their whole thing is over-the-top theatrics and trying to push controversy for the sake of controversy, like with that German cannibal killer in early 2000s - they kind of pulled it off back then, I’ll admit. But that’s all they ever had to offer, since their music isn’t even good for the most part; it’s all generic heavy metal riffs and synths that sort of imitate krautrock and industrial, so entry-level metal fans can say it’s ~original~

Anyway, Rammstein used to be pretty good with their controversial image, but now it shows how desperate for attention and out of ideas they must be when they grab for holocaust imagery in the year 20fucking19. Wow, who knew Germany has a history of warmongering? Such hot take, much groundbreaking, this topic hasn’t been dissected to death by any kind of German media before!
I didn’t even have a problem with this band, back when they seemed to embrace their place in pop culture as barely-alternative, entertaining edgelords and had a sense of humor about it.
But if they really are trying to claim some kind of moral high ground with their cool political video, while conveniently ignoring their actual neo nazi fans in Russia… they can go eat a bag of rancid dicks

No. 438276

Rammstein can literally show themselves as victims of Nazis and shot Nazis in the face like in this video and people still choose to misinterpretate them. Dumb as hell.

No. 438369

Kek, never gets old

Get well soon, Dave!

No. 438394

Ronnie Radke is the biggest “Rockstar” cow there is IMO
- was in prison for manslaughter yet still had fans waiting for him and supporting him throughout
- made shitty music his whole career including his horrific attempt at trying to rap
- has assaulted fans, been accused of abuse by multiple ex girlfriends and groupies
- is now dating Paige from WWE who had a bunch of videos leaked of her sleeping with a married man, her ex and threesome with her co worker and said married man

Honestly they both make me cringe so much

No. 438480

File: 1563913449268.jpg (Spoiler Image, 59.69 KB, 868x698, 052709-2308-anthonykied1.jpg)

Just saw this thread. Im excited because rock star cows are my bread and butter. Pic related, Anthony Kiedis who has a rep for whipping his dick out whenever and wherever and is one of the biggest cows in the business.

No. 438611

Ew, I already knew he was a druggie and a rapist but the dick thing? That’s really a cherry on top.
Any more deets on this guy, anon?

No. 445666

File: 1565271719623.jpg (12.15 KB, 270x359, _71358821_ianwatkins.jpg)

Remember this POS? He's currently on trial for having a contraband phone up his bum in prison which he used to contact a former groupie gf.


KF has an ex thread following the trial.


27 terabytes of porn.

No. 445667

File: 1565271815282.jpg (27.25 KB, 500x500, 41OWYIulDhL.jpg)


To answer everyone's first question.

No. 445668

I'm curious how that phone even manages to even view photos. And that thing is holding terabytes? Holy shit. This guy is insane.

No. 445675

pedos really do the most

No. 445686


I remember when the news first broke about all the shit he'd been up to, on a message board someone shared a link to his profile on a (non illegal) porntube site. One of the clips was him fucking his own ass with the large end of a baseball bat

I'd say he had no problem getting that phone in..

No. 445733

File: 1565282316492.jpg (124.08 KB, 399x620, masked_marilyn_tank_top_ian_wa…)

it's really amazing. people like this need to have their rights revoked tho. like, i remember all my 12 yo friends swooning over him (pic related) with obviously no idea of how much he should've been shoved face first into a woodchipper. like, just a normal "alt" singer dude, but damn, you truly never know what massive pieces of shit men are under their effeminately tousled hairdos. i see "this guy" at local coffeeshops all of the time. i bet some of them are similarly fucked.

No. 445921

Yeah he's pure disgusting. Just kill him. One of the worst things I read was that transcript.

Just goes to show you how protected pedos are in jail. That's just a meme that they get raped and shit.

No. 446404


Yeah he really is proof that incels are wrong when they claim that all mens problems are caused by women not putting out. This guy had so many women (and teens) throwing themselves at him and worshipping him.. it wasn't enough

Watching the music vid for 'A town called hypocrisy' is pretty fucked up now

No. 446416

File: 1565438218612.jpg (124.87 KB, 1200x891, D85xoBlWwAAR8ah.jpg)


Lol no, the immense porn stash and related crimes are what he is currently imprisoned for. Don't read the pdf transcript of his first trial if you value your sleep.

KF has a thread on William Control, too.


No. 447162

File: 1565599506206.jpeg (50.39 KB, 500x364, ED90F30F-D87B-4AC5-97C0-C874FA…)

I feel like this band (or bands in general) is on the downlow…err, was. I’m probably reaching pretty hard with this and they could’ve all been hetero life-partners at best but these vintage pics are very Abercrombie-esque.

No. 447163

File: 1565599557320.gif (1.85 MB, 320x240, DE1FA538-8063-45E0-8FAE-46531F…)

No. 447164

File: 1565599724696.jpeg (57.09 KB, 439x604, 20E495A9-E9A3-4601-BC86-8B7711…)

No. 447165

File: 1565599844698.jpeg (53.76 KB, 500x681, 4F83A8BC-5989-4B75-BE14-2E012D…)

No. 447166

No. 447167

File: 1565599988347.jpeg (100.08 KB, 600x914, 12803AB9-CB6C-4633-ABDA-3EA506…)

No. 447173

File: 1565600537318.jpeg (48.42 KB, 480x588, 9DD3F432-A67A-42D0-B8A3-4DCAEE…)

No. 447174

File: 1565600712477.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 33.08 KB, 234x358, 881D6ADA-1118-43FD-8016-43BB16…)

Bonus pic of Kirk and Lars’ dick shots

No. 447178

File: 1565600972190.jpeg (31.58 KB, 480x480, 6BBB2AE6-4199-40FF-9B0E-BD153E…)

Btw remember when Axl Rose used to be hot? Yeah, me neither

(PS: got every single one of ‘em from Pinterest while looking at how hot Al Jourgensen used to be back in the 80’s)

No. 447179

> like, just a normal "alt" singer dude, but damn, you truly never know what massive pieces of shit men are under their effeminately tousled hairdos

Wat? Men that look like that are narcissistic assholes 100% of the time.

No. 447184

narcissistic assholes, yes, but not literal infant rapists that create child porn, smuggle cell phones up their butts and fuck themselves with the ends of baseball bats. dudes like that typically just cheat on their gfs or whatever.

No. 447197

I have my personal theory that alt women are so desperately starved for guys who make any effort with their own image that guys who were a 2 as a normie become a 10 once they grab some eyeliner and sing a song that women can relate to, and the worst kind of men work out how to abuse this pretty fast.
Their shitty behavior goes further unchecked as they surround themselves with other bad musicians, young audiences without the life experience to recognise red flags, and the idea of performing a Rockstar persona gives them something to use as a scapegoat.

No. 447205

That's girls who are in any male dominated group
Like gamers, sciencey girls, mechanic groups,
There's like 4* types of women who are in these groups
1)of course the attention starved girl who didn't get enough attention growing up so they cling to whatever slightly interests them if any at all that's male dominated, and of course cling to any sleezy disgusting male who's looks they can deal with that show them attention, shuwu is an example of this
2) girls who are genuinely interested in whatever hobby or group it is but are so use to the males being pieces of shit that they have incredibly low standards for men that a man not beating every woman he sees and showering once in a while is enough
3)the women who genuinely like the hobby and act mentally stable about it
4)dykes, they fit in well and most people usually don't care about them or involve them in drama when they're involved with said groups

No. 447211

File: 1565611867736.gif (5.21 MB, 275x275, 1565114382436.gif)

It's true but you didn't have to say it

No. 447290

OOF I used to have a big ass embarrassing crush on him and this dick pic just made me realize I'm 200% over it

No. 447387

File: 1565641392340.jpg (35.27 KB, 594x447, Lars-Kisses-Kirk-Load-Era.jpg)


the girl's reaction tho. Same girl, so same lmao

But I totally get what you mean, anon.

so I ike to add one

No. 447388

File: 1565641554653.jpg (56.7 KB, 500x311, Lars-Tonguing-Kirk-Again.jpg)

No. 447446

File: 1565647537096.jpeg (66.71 KB, 500x625, 92152C21-FECE-4242-8D65-661117…)


No. 447447

File: 1565647674046.jpeg (30.44 KB, 480x707, 910DB8B8-B330-4B37-B836-83922C…)

(Couldn’t find an uncensored version sniffle)

Anyway…he likes it

No. 447470

Just scrolling by.
Who are these hunks?

No. 447472

Co-founders of Megadeth. Sexy ain’t they?

No. 447597

ew, no

No. 447803

I like the one in the middle, nice legs.

No. 449342

I don't think that fans should grab celebs but this makes me think of Rob Zombie different.

No. 449366

Imagine paying money and having these assholes disrespecting and humiliating you in front of everyone

No. 449377

lol i remember this

he was also (allegedly) fucking jeffree star at the same time as those photos were taken back when jeffree was just fucking and sucking every single famous person he could to get more famous

No. 449449

He's a cunt but she grabbed his shirt first. A lot of people, not just celebs, are triggered when people pull and stretch their clothes.
Honestly I'd be pissed if a guy did this to me and if the fucker had hair long enough, I might've yanked it back to prove a point.

No. 449456

Bam Margera had a meltdown at a hotel the other day and got arrested for trespassing. The video is pretty milky, I wonder how horrified his past bulimic self would be that he's starting to look like his dad?
Him sitting on the floor like that reminds me of tantrums toddlers throw when they don't get their way in stores haha.

Anyway they put him back in rehab (makes it his 4th time this year) but he's been scapegoating his mom and his baby momma while worshipping Dr. Phil. He's losing it.

No. 449711

Reminds me of this: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Randy_Blythe_manslaughter_case

He shoved a kid off the stage which led to severe head injury and death.

No. 450303

File: 1566180842185.jpeg (462.37 KB, 1125x1675, 09EAAFAD-E861-45B6-8D28-D37CD7…)

Drummer from Godsmack gets triggered by Blabbermouth comments. In fact, every other rocker/rock star gets triggered by Blabbermouth comments.


No. 450315

File: 1566183944449.jpg (38.51 KB, 638x359, megadeth guy who is not dave m…)


pretty much any band/musician covered by blabbermouth is a lolcow. and more often than not, an example of why men with long hair after 40 just get sadder and sadder with each passing day.

No. 450316

File: 1566184015125.jpg (16.67 KB, 620x319, look at this motherfucker.jpg)


(not that aging rockers who accept reality always get the best haircuts, of course)

No. 450344

B-but Junior’s not a lolcow though, the only thing thing lulzy he ever did/does is compared SuperCollider to Killing Is My Business and sucks Big Dave’s cock when interviewed.

Dave, Metallica sends their kind regards to get better soon (lol jk)

No. 450660

File: 1566256788487.jpg (38.32 KB, 640x480, dave mustaine some kind of mon…)


>I just want to go back to smoking weed out of a hole in the ground with my little Swedish friend ;_;

No. 450723

>What, no warning? No second chance?

No. 451136

can't believe i went to see metro station live because i loved them, trace is an awful fucking singer and such a crybaby

No. 451765


some kind of monster is a masterpiece that never stops to entertain.

No. 452966

well rob really is a narcissistic moron though. the Melvins lead singer/guitarist king buzzo said rob zombie had his assistant tell them to stop rehearsing (they were opening for rob that night) because rob was eating lunch and required complete silence while he ate lol. also i'm so pumped for this thread, cannot wait to spill milk on axl rose

No. 453291


Never gets old kek

No. 457737

i work seasonally as security for performers (read: stopped people from entering their dressing rooms) at a decent size venue and have some funny and/or depressing stories, depending on what you think about the artist.

thom yorke is a manlet who uses the whole tortured artist schtick in order to score, and was not faithful to his partner on either of the two times (two separate times, two and three nights each visit) he was at the theater. he does seem to be genuinely fucked up to some degree, but for the most part he was a very big bitch. he requested that the venue right up till showtime be kept 'quiet as possible' so that he could nap. if you've been to a concert ever, you'll know keeping a venue silent is impossible. he's lucky he used to be cute because he's a douchey loser. jonny, however, is a sweetie.

stevie nicks is a stuck up airhead. lana del rey is not. cyndi lauper surrounds herself with gay men and acts like she hates women. annie lennox and grace jones are awesome.

bjork got into a fistfight with a girl who was either a website manager or some other kind of manager. she was telling the girl what a privilege it was to work for her. the problem was that the girl wanted to get paid and bjork was drunk and so she started yelling and then hitting. she is an asshole.

i know these are all old people, but my venue is too. if i can think of anything else, i'll add it.

No. 457746

not surprised about bjork. something about her has always rubbed me the wrong way. like the whole sweet and gentle, quirky mpdg princess from the hinterlands deal was all affectacious. it's just too retarded and annoying to be real.

i totally believe that about thom yorke as well after he left his wife when she had cancer. that shit is unforgivable. imagine being famous and knowing all eyes are on you and STILL being so high on yourself that you think it's socially acceptable to leave a spouse - the mother of your children, no less! - with fucking cancer. she ended up dying from it, too. i would be embarrassed and ashamed to do such a thing without having my every move watched, but that he knows all of his actions will be observed and STILL thought it acceptable or forgivable means his head is literally up his own asshole and that he thinks he's a god or something

No. 457751

I'm glad Grace Jones is awesome, but I'm sad about Bjork and Stevie Nicks. Surprised Lana Del Rey isn't the stuck-up airhead.

No. 457755

Spill anon please, who are the divas?

No. 457771

Can you tell something more about Lana?
Damn, I knew that Thom Yorke is a douchebag.

No. 457843

enough with the Bracoposting already

No. 457848

My friend used to know Ville Valo kind of and sometimes hanged out with him they said he was easily angered junkie

No. 457869

>>457751 and others who asked about lana:
lana is very pretty in person, especially when her makeup isn't done. she's also super quiet and somewhat shy? maybe just quiet around people she doesn't know well but every single time she passed by me in the hall (we have to stand in one spot for hours, it can get boring) she would smile and do a small wave. we're there the whole time the artist is on site, so it's a long day/night. anyhow, after the fifth wave and smile she poked her head out of the doorway and told me to come in and have some food and a beer. i said that i wasn't supposed to, but she was very smiley and insistent. this is really against all the rules, but if the artist likes you, the venue also can't say or do too much about it. there were about ten people in the room with her, plus her sister chuck, who was also very nice. there are a few people who are like that, i just didn't expect her to be one of them. i have seen her twice since then and each time she says "hi! how have you been?" she comes across as very sweet, so if it's an act, i'll be the first one to say that i'm shocked.

you are spot on about bjork. the whole sweet and quirky thing is a total facade. she's a nasty alcoholic (she's also been at my venue a few times so after a while you start to get a picture of them as people) and she has a very hard, unpleasant edge to her. her daughter isadora is gorgeous but completely overshadowed by her mom and also bjork seems to be sharp-tongued with her. she is not comfortable aging, i don't think and is jealous of her kid.

i was put into a bad position because she did go after the girl, and i had to call the undercover cops who work the venue, which was not good. the girl she hit said that everything was fine and there was no trouble which i'm sure was because she wanted to keep whatever job she had, but yeah. bjork also picks her nose non-stop.

divas are usually who you'd think they'd be. they can be nicer or nastier to varying degrees but they are all crazy full of themselves. what's interesting is that sometimes they are just flat out crazy, period. stevie nicks is definitely living in a dreamworld that has no connection to reality and has many handlers in her immediate group. also, she still gets high even though she says she's clean. the rest of fleetwood mac are wary of her since the guy who used to be her boyfriend in the seventies got kicked from the band, at her say-so. christine mcvie is very cautious around her. i think stevie sees them all as dispensable and to be fair, she's not exactly wrong on that point. people leave to go to the bathrooms and bars in droves when she's not singing or on stage.

beyonce is a nice-ish diva. rihanna is pretty middling in terms of how she treats people, depending on her mood. she can be nasty but i've only ever seen typical diva behavior. grace jones is a total diva in a very old school way, but fun to be around. she's wild and drinks tons of champagne before a set, and then makes a lot of blanket statements about life and art and whatever which can be funny. if she gets talking about people like andy warhol her stories are amazing. her body is also ridiculous for a woman her age, she is super fit and i hope i can be like her. she just doesn't give a shit and is really likable.

the people from godspeed you! black emperor are totally out there but also cool and will slip you a beer or whatever to help pass the time.

marilyn manson is a pig. rob zombie is a pig. sheri moon zombie is verrry full of herself when she does come to a show, the rest of the time he's out there fucking.

that's all i can think of.

No. 458151

I like this random/interesting assortment. I’ve seen Lana in concert and she seemed so sweet in her banter, glad to know it was genuine. Your job sounds pretty cool, how’d you get it? Also I hate/love Palaye Royals and I know they were just on tour with MM and R Zombie, any dirt on those fuckers?

No. 458231

if you live in a city with a big venue, the job isn't hard to come by and it doesn't require any special knowledge. mine pays okay because it's inside a park, so it's on city land and in terms of pay i'm technically a city employee. the place i work at starts you off inside the theater, seating, taking tickets, all the stuff that you see people do for you when you go to a show, or at the gates taking tickets and checking bags. after a while we're allowed to pick our positions, kind of. i worked VIP deck and then i moved over to talent security. we have our own, and the artist has their own as well, but it's usually a member of their entourage.

it's actually more fun taking tickets and seating, you get to run around more and see the show. my job is pretty quiet and the thing that makes it interesting is overhearing conversations, or when someone is either really nice or a total asshole. i'm probably going to ask for a house position next season. it's a fun job.

nothing personal to share on the palaye royale guys but i've heard (along with everyone else) that they're assholes.

No. 458549

>christine mcvie is very cautious around her.
I always did see christie as being the more adult one while Stevie would throw a childish fit. This is probably the reason she wasnt in the band for a while.
Are you taking about Lindsey Buckingham? Didnt he practically start the band together with Mick Fleetwood? His guitar is amazing, how can she kick him out?

No. 458646

I love you for giving us all the tidbits and replying to the Lana question. I like her a lot so glad to hear she's not a bitch.

No. 458670

ntayrt, but there was a big deal last year or so where the band kicked LB out. It turned out to be Stevie who wanted him gone, and they replaced him with the guy from Crowded House and one of Tom Petty's Heartbreakers.
Two guys to do one person's job lol. Then while the new FM was on tour, Lindsay had a massive heart attack, and his vocal chords were fucked while they were operating. It's been ugly ever since, with his wife subtweeting at them every time they play Go Your Own Way and basically calling them all out for being cunts. Fleetwood Mac are giant cows and it seems like they've always been, they love drama.

No. 459575

Alissa White-Gluz is maybe not a full blown cow but I think she at least deserves a mention here.
>Used to be lead singer of the Agonist, left and joined Arch Enemy (a bigger and more famous band) when the lead vocalist Angela Gossow left (Angela Gossow still manages Arch Enemy)
>(Reportedly) didn't tell her bandmates that she had started singing in a new band, was trying to juggle both bands at the same time and is now on bad terms with the Agonist who has a new singer
>Is a staunch vegan and will mention it in any interview
>Is straight edge and will mention that in pretty much every interview too
>(Reportedly) is an asshole to fans
>Dating Doyle von Frankenstein from the Misfits who is also vegan

some scandal happened with her band a while back, a summary goes like
>Woman who owns clothing company uses photo of Alissa wearing her clothes on BUSINESS Instagram account without permission from photographer
>Photographer emails IG account, asks for them to pay a licensing fee (to a charity)
>Marta (woman who owns the clothing company) gets confused, emails Arch Enemy
>Photographer gets an email asking what the problem is, he thinks it's from Marta, so he says something along the lines of "you used a photo without my permission, please pay a licensing fee etc"
>Realizes after he sent the reply that the email was actually from Angela Gossow, not Marta, goes into "oh shit" mode, emails Angela again explaining the situation
>Angela is an ass about it, tells him he's banned from future Arch Enemy shows
>Photographer reaches out to Alissa to try and explain the situation
>Alissa is an ass, ignores the actual points he made, accuses him of blackmailing, calls him a misogynist and says that he should be thankful he's getting "exposure" as payment and shouldn't ask for a licensing fee
>Alissa makes instagram posts misrepresenting the situation completely but disables comments

If you're interested you can watch the video, it's the photographer explaining the situation, you can also read the original emails here

No. 459600

File: 1567954904982.jpg (35.97 KB, 502x470, lana.JPG)


But isn't Braco your fave megadeath memeber lmao

Thanks for the hard kek with your respond lol


I'm so not surprised with Lana, because I heard so many times about her being so chill and friendly to people. This reminded me of when somebody back on tumblr posted about being invited backstage into her dressing room to smoke some weed with her.

No. 459671

Whats wrong with Doyle? He's a great guy.

No. 459680

I've read/heard a lot of nice things from people who worked behind the scenes with or met Rammstein. But whatever, if anyone in that band could qualify as a cow, its Richard. He's a serial cheater, cheated on his exwife with her best friend, later had a kid with said friend, and says he's "too polyamorous" for a relationship. Last year he also put his 7 year old kid in a really inappropriate music video for his shitty vanity project Emigrate. Seriously, who the fuck jumps all over a scantily clad model in the same video that their young daughter appears in. Even his ex was liking comments on instagram about him being ageing, insecure and cliche. his daughter is gonna cringe hard at that awful video when she's older.

Also he had a hilarious phase a few years ago where he was dressing like some extremely outdated hot topic reject with stripey shirts, red and black nail polish and a talk-to-the-manager haircut, he looked so fucking dumb and way too old for it. Cant find a good picture now but he looked awful haha

No. 459691

File: 1567971665013.jpeg (778.19 KB, 1125x1671, C1880B83-011C-4518-9D72-7AA6EB…)

So she’s kinda like the Onision of metal irl? Meh, I rarely listen to her shit anyway. Speaking of the agonist, their current singer revealed that Alyssa was sabotaging their plans to release their upcoming album.

Why is he called “braco”? Speaking of which…


Aside from Jason Newsted, he’s another bass player I’m starting to feel sorry for. Dude really comes off as a doormat, I wonder what Big Dave did to break Junior’s spirit when he came back to the band? Then again, Dave’s wife looks spiritually beaten down and submissive compared to her past self in the Megadethized videos on YouTube

No. 459698

File: 1567973483245.jpeg (75.83 KB, 1160x652, 1Kwc2PEkJLyrLwCLs.jpeg)

are rammstein members some kind of fuck buddies or something? they've been hinting about themselves possibly being bisexual, maybe with the exception of oliver.

No. 459700

This is pretty much how Michael Anthony was treated in Van Halen. It's weird to me that David Lee Roth is often portrayed as the bigger asshole in the group when the Van Halens have been shitty to pretty much everyone who's been in the band. Basically they kicked Michael out of the band for no reason besides wanting to replace him with Wolfgang, despite the fact that Michael is the better singer. The Van Halens were so shitty to Michael that he hasn't spoken to them in fifteen years. Funny thing is, Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony are friends and have been in bands together in the years since Michael was booted.

Yeah, Dave had some douchey theatrics and a really bad coke problem, but the dysfunction clearly didn't end when he left. The Van Halens are talented guys, but they're total control freaks. I have no idea how they managed to get Dave back on board. Probably money.

They do put on a good live show. I saw them back in 2015. They hold up better than most bands their age, at least.

No. 459707


>Why is he called “braco”?

Anon called him braco because he resembles this guy from the vent thread pic >>457360 . I thought it was hilarious and pretty accurate lol

>Jason Newsted

I just checked on him today since I came across him in a wiki article and made me wonder what he is up to these days and looks like he is doing art stuff, which makes him happy which I find really wholesome to see tbh. Good for him!

No. 459726

I’ve read that it was Shawn Drover (ex-drummer) that got him back in the band via text pretty much stating “now it’s the time for you and Dave to talk”. I have a feeling that him and Chris Broderick couldn’t deal with Dave’s psychotic self and needed David to stand guard.

I’ve seen their recent live footage on YouTube and hope to see one day (staying optimistic!), I too want to mosh to Hangar 18.

I see it now kek

Damn, he aged better than Kirk and Lars and with very little grays unlike James.

No. 459802

She's nowhere near as bad as Onision who is a literal child predator, I wouldn't compare the two, unless you just mean in terms of being obnoxiously vegan.

But yeah, sabotaging The Agonist's new album totally sounds like her, I can believe she would do that. She's a narc which sucks because I used to like her.

Nothing really.

No. 459839

>She's nowhere near as bad as Onision who is a literal child predator, I wouldn't compare the two, unless you just mean in terms of being obnoxiously vegan.

Oops I forgot about the pedo stuff wine I posted that kek, my bad! But yeah, I meant the obnoxious vegan part. I’m surprised she hasn’t sperged about “muh atheism” as of yet.

No. 460238

no theyre just attention whores, and the kiss worked, since it got them a bunch of articles on news outlets that usually wouldnt give a shit about them these days. im pretty sure theyre all settled down and married except for richard and till who are both big manwhores (especially richard)

No. 460291

I've met Alissa a couple of times and she's a huge asshole honestly. She blatantly has no time for fans. Last time I met her my friend asked her to sign his CD and she looked at him like he'd just murdered her entire family. Her live vocals are pretty weak too.

Last time I saw Megadeth, Dave was suffering. At the time people were talking shit that he was shitfaced again, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was due to his cancer. This was a couple of years ago tho. He was missing notes everywhere on his guitar and he was incoherent.

No. 460926

File: 1568225665271.jpeg (873.21 KB, 1125x1835, 6DF715D9-46B6-4DA7-BB6E-F05DF6…)

No. 461750

Of course she would deny it. I still believe Vicky tbh.

No. 461815

Idk if people even remember this guy but Andy McCoy from Hanoi Rocks honestly is lolcow tier too, he's a druggie and rages and still holds on the past glory on being in Hanoi Rocks when the band was more popular.

Too bad there's no english subs but a hilarious video of him raging at some poor dj for playing music he doesn't like starting at 0:45, he begins by yelling at the guy how he's going to kill him if he ever sees him in town


No. 461825

I know him because I was a fan of Ville Valo and Bam Margera, who sometimes hung out with him. It's a miracle that this guy is still alive.

No. 461826

Yeah Bam Margera even has a tattoo of him on his arm, apparently.

He also hung out with Mötley Crue guys which ended up with Vince killing one of their band members, Razzle, when he was driving drunk (Vince is a fucking lolcow too)

No. 461830

File: 1568377887703.jpg (201.76 KB, 800x500, 9946-WIlliam-Control1-1024x640…)

Is there any general consensus on William Control (William Roy Francis) yet?
I honestly have no patience to watch his videos disproving the allegations (I have hard time with abuse and bdsm in particular)
I really loved his music, but the whole sex cult thing blowing up…
I've read the original blog and of course I believed the women immidiately, I believed his wife, he too seemed super-guilty with announcing he's going to not make music anymore and goind dark on social media.
But then the guy comes over with half a dozen of videos about how every woman who accused him was a liar and suddenly everyone loves him again and forgives him? Is there actual definite proof in those videos? Do people just take his side again because he's a man in position of power and these are his fans?

I genuinely loved some of his music even if it was very sexual and the guy seemed like a douche very often. But now I really don't know what to do since I miss his music, but thinking that the person who wrote it actually did all these terrible things, sickens me.
Do I death-of-the-author myself because I still like maybe 5 songs of his? Does that make me a piece of shit?

No. 461832

Man I didn't know about this, I used to love his music. I guess I'll do the same as I have with Marilyn Manson, still listen to the music I own of his, but not buy anything more of unless second hand. They don't deserve people's money.

No. 461834

What has Manson done, other than just being edgy try hard?

No. 461888

No. 462146

NTA, but I fucking hate Marilyn Manson. I can't think much specific things he's done except be a fucking asshole. Treated his wife Dita von Teese like shit, cheated on her with women including Evan Rachel Wood who later became his main squeeze, then left her too. Then he said something like "I don't trust girls with 3 names" passive aggressively shitting on both of them, when he was the one treating them like shit. Accused the guys in MCR of copying him, I'm not sure why or what for but I think it was bullshit. In this clip he denies a fan a hug, then has this other guy take of his shirt, and the guy looks super awkward and embarrassed.

Also he just comes across as a massive asshole in interviews. I'm sure there are other things he's done.

No. 462150

>Manson explicitly confessed to having violent fantasies toward Wood. He even describes a gruesome pattern of emotional abuse, pointing to Christmas Day in 2008, which he describes as a low point of their relationship: “Every time I called her that day—I called 158 times—I took a razor blade and I cut myself on my face or on my hands.” He continued, “I wanted to show her the pain she put me through. It was like, ‘I want you to physically see what you’ve done.’”
>According to Wood’s testimony, the abusive experiences she described happened “a decade ago” and seem parallel to Manson’s admissions. She recounted “sick rituals” of “binding me up by my hands and feet to be mentally and physically tortured until my abuser felt I had proven my love for them.”
Back then she was 18 while he was 36.

No. 462171

God, he's like a richer, more powerful, even less sane Onision.

No. 462177

Richer and more powerful yes. Less sane? I beg to differ. He dated girls who were too young for him but he doesnt have a history of repeatedly grooming minors like Onision did (at least that i know of) he is also somewhat talented at least which you cant say about Onion, although most of his music is just super edgy edge lord shit pandering to edgy teens.

No. 462194

File: 1568468496525.jpg (99.65 KB, 1055x671, tomkeifer.jpg)

Men age like wine!

No. 462305

I said "less sane" because I haven't heard of Onision literally cutting his own face or otherwise self-harming to manipulate his victims.

No. 462392

David Ellefson looks like Onision (when he had long hair)

No. 462397

File: 1568504764164.jpeg (554.88 KB, 587x1478, 1EE03CD8-B051-42C5-BA27-B6CF41…)


No. 462402

eh, this aging like wine/milk thing is so stupid anyways. nor men nor women age like wine, we all look progressively more shit each year, that's just how aging works. let's all just get over it.

No. 462420

plenty of men and women peak in their late 20s to late 30s in my opinion.. tbh i even think some select men looked their best ever in their early 40s but it's really just pure opinion. no point in talking about it

No. 462572

No, but he filmed his wife having memory problems then posted it on youtube and made videos acting like he's going to commit suicide to get his viewers concerned, I wouldn't be surprised if he did the same thing to his victims. I don't get how that's more sane compared to MM.

No. 462813

ritchie blackmore from deep purple started a band with his wife candice in the 90's where they maker renaissance style music.. I really like their music but it creeps me out that she is 26 years younger than him and she's his fourth wife. they're still together though.

No. 462851

Because one is manipulative and scheming, while the other is outright self-harm and self-destructive behavior out of pure spite and manipulation.
Anon, MM is a prick and a piece of shit, and so is Onion boy. They are both edgy garbage men in their own special ways.
It's okay to acknowledge this while also having a bit of nostalgia or fondness about the former's artistic work. An artist is not always as good as their art.

No. 462868

File: 1568637751748.jpg (48.2 KB, 587x471, JimmyP.JPG)


idk they seem happy together and I mean she is 48 now. I know people see things different but at least she wasn't some barely legal chick that he got his hands on. I find Mick Jagger way more problematic tbh. This guy fucked around like a damn rabbit. Now he has 8 children with 5 different women. His current gf is younger than his oldest daughter jesus.


This also made me check on Jimmy Page, because the last time I've heard that he started to date some 24yr old "actress" in 2015 and looks like they are still a thing ….

But speaking of the music done by Blackmore: Besides the Deep Purple stuff, I really dig the supergroup Rainbow which he had done with Dio.

No. 462871

File: 1568638246531.jpeg (29.86 KB, 306x306, 1_5Ypyb6_puio2aoAW6sTZJA.jpeg)

bruh like Jimmy page kidnapped a 14 yo babygroupie and kept her in his hotel room and tried to hide it pretty well. apparently dumped her for bebe buell who was legal but damn like 27 iirc and 14 and they were together a while…

No. 462875

File: 1568638608632.jpg (204.99 KB, 1080x1080, D-zRTloX4AAQKea.jpg)

also kek @ this pic of page and his gf. literally looks like her parents are forcing her to visit her gramps at the convalescent home in exchange for a tory burch purse

No. 462878

I can't respect Page after learning about this. Which kind of fucking adult wants to be together with a 14-year old?

No. 462880

File: 1568639692660.jpg (31.72 KB, 630x260, fngfkdjn.JPG)


I will never un-see the resemblance between lori (said 14yr babygroupie) and his second wife, which he also married when she was 23 (he was 50 when they met).

No. 462889

david bowie fucked her too apparently. took her virginity, actually. she was 14. page dated her at 14 for 2 yrs, hid it. lori's story about bowie:

>He focused his famously two-colored eyes on me and said, “Lori, darling, can you come with me?” Sable looked like she wanted to murder me. He walked me through his bedroom and into the bathroom, where he dropped his kimono. He got into the tub, already filled with water, and asked me to wash him. Of course I did. Then he escorted me into the bedroom, gently took off my clothes, and de-virginized me.

>Two hours later, I went to check on Sable. She was all fucked up in the living room, walking around, fogging up windows and writing, "I want to fuck David." I told him what she was doing and that I felt so bad. Bowie said, “Well, darling, bring her in.” That night I lost my virginity and had my first threesome. The next morning, there was banging on the door and it was fucking [Bowie’s wife] Angie. I was terrified of her. David said not to worry about it. They were already at the point where they had separate rooms. She probably knew he’d be in there with girls… or boys. He was totally bisexual. I saw David many times after that, for the next 10 years, and it was always great.


he's definitely a creep. like how do they compartmentalize the fact that they're old as fuck? like being with a young young guy would just make me feel worse in comparison. how are men that are one foot in the grave able to fuck young women and like, dissociate from the fact that they're 80 years old???

No. 462891

These guys could have slept with any kind of beautiful woman out there, but they choose a 14-year old. It says a lot about them.

No. 462895

More well known musicians who've had relations with children:

Stephen Tyler
Anthony Kiedis
Iggy Pop
Joel Madden from Good Charlotte
Pete Doherty (old ontd link beacuse this one isn't well known: https://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/3613192.html )

No. 462901

File: 1568643565750.jpg (70.6 KB, 426x640, gigi-hadid-middle-school-art-s…)

oh wow, i didnt realize hilary was only 16 when she dated joel madden (24). they dated for 3 years.

this shit though:
> 17-year-old Hayden Panettiere dating 29-year-old Milo Ventimiglia
jesus. i didnt even know that happened.

let us all not forget joe jonas asking gigi hadid out at 13 though

No. 462905

look at jimmy still working that thelemite shit. nice placement of your girl bride there, jim-jam.

No. 462960

Candice was around 20-21 when they met, I would say that's barely legal, I guess 'barely legal' doesn't have a strict definition though so it would depend on who you ask. At any rate she was less than half his age which still makes it gross to me. It doesn't seem as bad now that they've been together so long though. Mick Jagger is a fucking deplorable human though, ew.

>It's okay to acknowledge this while also having a bit of nostalgia or fondness about the former's artistic work. An artist is not always as good as their art.
Um.. okay? No one here said it wasn't okay to do that?

No. 463442

It just seems like you got defensive over MM, and I'm pretty sure the only reason anyone would give a fuck about him is that they like his music.

No. 463522

In other news, Evanescence and Within Temptation will be touring in Europe in April 2020. Lucky eurofags.

No. 463535

Didn't Sean Lennon also date his gf when she was 17?

No. 463729

I dont even like Marilyn Manson's music, it seems like it mostly just panders to edgy teens. I just felt like the other anon was making light of Onision's insanity.

No. 464240

I dont know what it is about her exactly but I can't stand Lzzy Hale from Halestorm. She seems like she is trying to have this tough rocker chick persona but it just comes off as overprojected and fake to me.

No. 465041

No way to verify this, but I’ve met a few people who had stories about Manson. One had an ex gf who was a mua on their tour and she told him there was a young girl backstage who’s only job was to sit totally silent with her hands tied behind her back in a box of cat litter and have Manson pee on her to get him “hyped up” before the show. He called her “kitty girl” or something like that. Another of worked in the music industry and hung out with him. He said he had a secret modelmayhem photography profile that he would use to find 18 year old girls and message them “hey I”m Marilyn Manson, I want to do a shoot with you” to try and get them to come to his house and have sex with them (and I guess take a few crappy photos). A third girl was just a party girl druggie in LA that said he was always at every shitty party she went to and was always offering her coke.

No. 465061

Okay, I take it back. Marilyn is as/more insane than Onion.

Of course this stuff may not be true, kind of like how there was that rumor that he got his rib removed so he could suck his own dick that turned out to not be true, but I still wouldnt be shocked if the stuff you said was true.

No. 465067


It can be true, all rockstars are pigs but it is also true that he is surrounded by goth "cool girls" who consent to that bullshit, it would only become a big deal if those turned out to be underage. Anyone who has hanged around the Laveyan satanist crowd knows it is kink central and pretty much part of their routine and their gatherings to do gross shit because ~empowering uwu~ , most people are there to get laid and be gross and Manson is part of it and like a poster boy for the edgelord church.

No. 466620

I've worked in concert promotion/hospitality for years, mostly on the indie rock & metal circuits.

Nicest people I've worked with: Cannibal Corpse, Jenny Lewis, and Dweezil Zappa.

Biggest assholes: Diplo, Matt & Kim (just Matt though, Kim was very sweet).

No. 466960

File: 1569634427289.png (2.08 MB, 1125x2436, 69CE5FC2-52FA-43E6-A0D4-6C920E…)

Are we getting a SKOM sequel? Maybe this time Jason will be back in in band and we will get another cringey Dave/Lars interview! fingers crossed


No. 466962

Metallica is my favorite reality show.

No. 467044

Lol Diplo seems like a huge asshole. Glad to hear Jenny Lewis is as nice as she seems.

No. 467079

File: 1569670761537.jpg (62.43 KB, 931x603, OhBoy.JPG)


oh wow I was just thinking the other day about how and why metallica are going around and promoting their own Whiskey, with the history of alcohol abuse within the band (especially James). But well, here we are.

Then again I feel like a completely ass for saying this but I really liked his ~vibe~ he currently had, saw 'tallica in June and I liked James performance a lot more compared to when I saw them in 2017, bc now he had a touch of good ol' James, which had a reason as we see now lol

(And it was also the 33th anniversary of Cliff's death yesterday.)

>we will get another cringey Dave/Lars interview!

Idk Dave is out there on facebook and talking about how he wished to have more time with his Fam and mentioning long goodbyes. Also he promotes his megadeth beer ffs.


>Maybe this time Jason will be back in in band

I would love it to see Newkid era Metallica live back in the heyday but this guy is better off doing his art and living a happy life without all that.

No. 467080

File: 1569670869901.jpg (61.71 KB, 501x711, dave.JPG)

No. 467148

File: 1569698505616.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1125x1865, 7116A917-50A2-42A7-BE4D-32475D…)

Dave: please Lars, let’s have another Big 4 show, I have cancer and don’t have much time left
Lars: aren’t the doctors working with you on that? Something about 90% chance?
Dave: yeah but… I missed you guys, except Kirk! Please let me get back in the band? sniffle

Can you still drink alcohol while in treatment? There’s videos on the Megadeth beer social media of his kid pouring beer on meat in the family grill as well

No. 467151


I don't even know what Jason has been up to, i'd assume he is neetbuxing from the royalties and just smoking weed and laughing his ass off in some couch.

No. 467158

File: 1569702768129.jpeg (206.71 KB, 1000x667, E41437A0-7947-4F29-AF0F-2FAAED…)

Probably doing that while enjoying the Florida scenery and doing artsy fartsy shit with his hot wife

No. 467162


I would do the same tbh. He has his name on 4 Metallica records that are still cash cows, that is peak comfy.

No. 467192

File: 1569712368884.jpg (42.86 KB, 654x201, treatment.JPG)


>Can you still drink alcohol while in treatment?

I guess yes as google told me?


>tfw no artsy fartsy experience with jason

No. 467230

But that looks like a huge fucking can…

No. 467235

She looks like his daughter. Men are so gross.

No. 467348

I enjoy listening to a few Interpol songs if I ignore the lyrics. Having said that, I have a feeling that Paul Banks is a creep or an unpleasant person at least. Any milk on him?
I realize he might have been writing entirely fictional lyrics, but shit seems iffy to me.

No. 467454

She was about 19 or 20 and he was in his late 30’s, around the same time HE LEFT THE FOCKING BAND!!!! (Sorry, I had to lol)

No. 467455

When they started dating*

No. 467893

Her music is absolutely garbage too. She may have talented but Halestorm just sounds like Paramore for even edgier teens

No. 467915

File: 1569871124793.jpg (20.19 KB, 355x355, 51G9c86wS1L._SY355_.jpg)

Anyone have deets on Dorthy or MSI?

I'm sure there has to be some on MSI, because I remember when my friend and I went to one of their shows back in high school that Jimmy was spitting into the crowd, but was making sure his spit would only land on women and that I got hit right on the neck with some.(14 y/o me didn't mind so much back then but now I'm grossed out by it.)

Also same concert with MSI line up but TBM is really sweet and talked/take pictures with all their fans. And the guys from VNV Nation are also really nice. Also the guys/Floor from nightwish are very down to earth ended up running into them after their show and they took time to talk and take pictures with fans.

No. 467917

Have you ever listened to their first EP? Mindless Self Indulgence (self titled album)

He seems to be, or at least at one point. A huge fucking narc.

I still like their music, but I could easily see at least some of the members being problematic

Also I laugh to myself thinking if they made music like this today. People would constantly trying to cancel them for saying faggot and nigger lmao

No. 467926

I'm glad TBM are nice, thanks for sharing, anon. Not surprised MSI is like…that, though.

No. 467927

>was making sure his spit would only land on women

this is 1000% not true.

No. 467965

No. 467970

good, they were awful

No. 468050

to me, his reaction to the rumors was very telling

he's been going on and on for over a year now about how all the metoo accusers are liars, and went especially hard at jessicka from scarling(who is admittedly a cow herself but there is no doubt in my mind shes telling the truth about twiggy)

its like he wasnt even lashing out at the girls who accused him, but women who have come forward about sexual assault in general and it really makes him look bad imo

No. 468052

The Birthday Massacre is genuinely one of the only bands I can say are 100% all decent as far as I know. Though the amount of girlfriends a couple of the guys go through in short amounts of time is kinda interesting lol.

No. 468061

Why is Jessicka a cow in your opinion?

No. 468399

The only milk on MSI is that they're 3edgy5me. I guess you could consider them offensive, but I've always thought it was pretty obvious that their ridiculous lyrics and personas on stage were meant for shock value/to be absurdist. From my experience, all of the band members come out after shows and are incredibly down to earth and will take whatever picture you want and sign whatever you want. They'll even stop to have a chat with you if people aren't waiting. Your story of Jimmy specifically aiming at women sounds like bullshit but I won't call you a liar. All I can say is I've always liked them from the few shows of theirs I've been to. I have seen random e-girls claiming to listen to them lately which I find funny. I wonder if they even realize how much of MSI's discog is "problematic" or if they're just doing it superficially for the MCR superfan bonus points.

No. 468427

>"I used metal picks — they’re brass and copper — which I always held in my mouth, in the exact place where I got the tongue cancer," Van Halen said. "Plus, I basically live in a recording studio that’s filled with electromagnetic energy. So that's one theory. I mean, I was smoking and doing a lot of drugs and a lot of everything. But at the same time, my lungs are totally clear. This is just my own theory, but the doctors say it's possible."

I can't tell if this is Ed being a moron or just general Boomer scientific ineptitude. Dude, you chain smoked for like thirty years, and no matter how long it's been since you quit, your DNA is altered by the carcinogens in the cigarettes.

Awful as in awful people, yeah. Michael Anthony was the only one who wasn't a tool, and they booted him.

Music-wise, though? They definitely hold up. I saw them live a few years ago and they were fantastic.

No. 468513

Pretty sure everyone in Interpol is/was on massive amounts of coke, especially in the beginning. Don’t know much about Paul but look up what Carlos D is up to now if you want a good laugh.

No. 468634


I might be biased because I've always been a fan of MSI/ MCR and basically grew up with them, but generally they're known to be pretty down to earth people in spite of the edgelord music and stage antics. the band is on hiatus and Jimmy and his wife straight up moved to new zealand to start a family around the time he put his solo record out, he just strikes me as someone where the over-the-top edgy problematic stuff is part of his brand, not who he actually IS, unlike the marilyn manson types. Lyn-z is a painter and I think had a gallery show with Frances Cobain semi recently.

however, Jessicka of JOJ is a huuuuge cow and comes off as an absolutely batshit insane unhinged narc, like azealia banks/ globelamp levels of internet sperging. I'll post links if I find any but I know there's a lot of screenshots and timelines of events out there over the last few years that might still be up on twitter/ tumblr. basically she used to be close with Lynz but they had a falling out and Jess completely turned on that entire "coven" friend group and all msi/ mcr affiliated people. she has talked copious amounts of bullshit that I can't keep track of. I haven't heard much of her recently but the last bit of drama I remember was when she vaguely hinted at accusing Gerard of sexual assaulting someone and then immediately took it back, she does a lot of weird shit like that where she accuses without any evidence to back things up and then backtracks. she's known to make sockpuppet accounts and has been caught editing shit, making false statements and essentially only saying things to make her enemies look bad without any sort of believability. which sucks because I usually feel strongly about believing victims/ survivors, but she just gives me very gross sketchy shady vibes that I can't quite explain.

again I would take this with a grain of salt, I don't have all the receipts on hand/ events memorized and I'll admit I'm more biased towards Lindsey and Gerard, but even if I weren't a fan of them they just come off way easier to believe. like they're well-adjusted, their fan interactions are sweet and they keep to themselves, making their art/ comics and raising their daughter in peace. Also the younger mcr emo stans have a weird inclination towards villainizing lynz because, yknow, no one gets in the way of their precious frerard shipping lmao, so that always makes it hard for me to believe everything I read just given the reputation that the fanbase has.

also there was that big thing with Mikey way's affair in like 2013/14 that went public and got pretty nasty on all sides, he got sober and has a family now but it was a whoooole mess and i vaguely remember jessicka accusing lynz and chantal of being involved in spreading that drama around somehow

frank has cringey fan interactions sometimes and is essentially a little twitter troll but also seems to be an okay person and I enjoy his solo projects a lot. haven't heard much about anyone else from that circle, I think Mikey wrote a comic recently and Ray did a song collab with Gerard for the Umbrella Academy soundtrack? but no milk that i know of

my cousin saw TBM like a decade ago and I remember being so jealous as a little wannabe goth kid that she got to meet Chibi, she said they were one of the nicest bands out of all the shows she's gone to.

the lana stuff is super believable based off what i know, but the bjork tea sucks to read about! disappointed but kinda…. not really that surprised

No. 468636

File: 1570057269663.png (273.33 KB, 599x378, Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 3.55…)

OH also, sorry for samefag but came back to add that chantal claret (jimmy's wife) issued this statement on twitter a year ago. knew i was missing something.

now that I'm remembering more details, jessicka genuinely has enough dirt on her to warrant her own thread. she's been at it for years now

No. 468666

Any milk on Maynard James Keenan? I've heard he's a dick but never why he's a dick

No. 468808


Late af but I was raped by this asshole about 10 years ago and never came forward due to being ashamed of buying into his shit/being a dumb (legal) teen. Probably not gonna check this thread again due to ~the triggering~ but can confirm he's not a nice guy and definitely uses his image to treat women like crap.

No. 468918

Sorry to hear it anon, I hope you and every woman he's hurt get justice

No. 469162

Jessicka is definitely one of those edgy little self harming mental illness having but placing the blame on everyone else for her problems and still acts like a highschooler despite being way too old for that kind of shit kind of person.
She also had a thing for being offensive for the sake of being offensive before social media was a thing. Take a look at some of her lyrics. Including one where she repeatedly calls a guy a fag. Surprised the SJW crowd doesnt bring that up kek. I do believe her about Twiggy though.

On another note, Chibi really is super sweet. Honestly all of the band is. I did have my reservations about Nathan at first because of the crowds he ran in before joining TBM but he's just really quiet and kind of awkward but harmless. One of the things that makes the members decent is that they all have their own things going on and their own groups of friends. Most of them are in relationships with non celebrities and they dont hang out too much with other super popular musicians. Almost all of their musician friends are in the indie goth circuit and I do think that makes a difference.

No. 469167

I believe you. I wish there was some way for there to be a real push for a metoo kind of situation for rock musicians. Because it seems most of the time the allegations get pushed under the rug compared to mainstream actors and such. Myspace days were actually a HUGE breeding ground for so many of these musicians to stalk and harass underaged girls if not outright rape them. Very few of them got caught. I remember when Tripp from Static X/Dope/Murderdolls was caught and he lied and said it was an impersonator lol.

I know of many that were suspected of if not outright witnessed doing these things. Im sure plenty of people have stories. Its just that a lot of people who have those things happen to them at a young age either A. Feel ashamed and like its their fault, or B. Feel theres nothing wrong with the situation and it was just some fun wild thing that happened to them and they see it more positively than they probably should.

No. 469792

File: 1570385326252.jpg (48.97 KB, 661x552, baker.JPG)

I know that he was old af but I fucking love Cream and this makes me really sad rip


No. 469793

File: 1570385617549.jpg (86.74 KB, 1161x626, watergilmour.JPG)


and I like to add this one: I saw Nick Mason last year i concert and I had a good laugh about how when he said what a difficult companion Waters was and how much easier it was when he left floyd lmao. After all those years, he will remain forever salty that he couldn't be pink floyd but had to share this position with the other three guys.


No. 469794

Wait what the fuck? This is so weird, literally fucking yesterday I was randomly thinking about Cream and I thought, "Wait, is Ginger Baker still alive?" and I googled it to check. Did I fucking curse him? Damn I'm kinda freaked out now, RIP poor guy, he's one of my favorite drummers.

No. 469799

Roger Waters is a huge piece of shit, he is an entitled fanatic that keeps repeating Pro Maduro propaganda and shitting on venezuelans, i hope he dies soon.

No. 469841

never seen him shit on venezuelans, only foreign interventionism that straight up admits it's in it to privatize their oil.

No. 470104

>literal retard
>China , Russia , Cuba and Iran stealing all Venezuelan resources for free is not interventionism uwu
>Muh the oil belongs to the dictatorship that run the industry of the worlds top producer to the ground reeeeeee don't mess with their billions in offshore accounts fascists!!!

I hope he dies and people like you too.

t. a venezuelan

No. 470521

Sup with Olly Sykes?

No. 471739

NTA and I know I'm really late but here is an article talking about his 1998 autobiography, The Long Hard Road out of Hell
>"After an opening scene in which Manson recalls watching his cross-dressing grandfather masturbate to pictures of bestiality, he recounts his own exploits, including burning off a groupie's pubic hair with a cigarette lighter, playing a game with his band that involves spitting into a groupie's asshole, forcing numerous groupies to "confess their sins" while strapped to a homemade torture device, yanking on still another groupie's clit ring before shoving his thumb up her rectum, and generally mistreating one or more women per page."
>"The centerpiece of the book is, appropriately enough, chapter 13. Strauss presents it as a straight Q and A with Manson, who brags at length about an incident in a Miami recording studio involving a deaf groupie named Alyssa–a pseudonym that's close to her real name, according to a source who knows her. The girl likes metal because she can feel the vibrations of the music, and she is thrilled to be invited into Manson's lair. Once there, she is stripped to her boots and covered in raw meat."

>"Next, Alyssa is sodomized by guitarist Twiggy Ramirez and keyboardist Madonna Wayne Gacy with their dicks taped together, fucked by Gacy, peed on by Manson and Twiggy, and joined in the shower by guitarist Daisy Berkowitz. For good measure Manson tosses a dead salmon into the stall, a modern analogue to the infamous shark incident in Stephen Davis's Led Zeppelin biography, Hammer of the Gods."


No. 471981

Man, that’s some depraved ass shit shudders

No. 472331

So I know this is a porn site, so click at your own risk. But basically its a short video in which some porn star girls go around interviewing and trying to fuck rockstars while they're on tour, and get them to talk about some depraved shit.
The very first snippet is Mark from Sugar Ray either admitting to, or joking about fucking girls as young as 11-17.


The original is 80 minutes long, and theres at least 3 installments. With the second and third appearing to just be straight up porn which Im not linking. Some involving bands including the notorious DOPE(one of those bands that almost every modern post 90s goth musician seems to have been in at some point). Looks like a goldmine of dirt but Im not buying that shit lmao.

No. 473218

the same thing i thought about nikki six and kat von d. if you put him at 20 and her at 20 she couldnt even breathe his air. these girls are only able to get the beaten down version. and Brittany acts like his mother.

No. 473435

metallica started as a cover band. thats why they are so milky. love it.

she let him take pictures of her for free. he then wants a licenses fee from an indy clothing company. I agree with the women. its a team and he shouldve just asked for a credit.

marilyn stole money from his bandmates. come on onision is not on mm par.

some people say this story probably isnt true. they say during this time she was already seeing page and thats how she was able to slip into bowies.

in these guys defense the girls are in adult places and look kinda old. i know women so i know this picture of gigi is suspicious but this picture could past for 17/18/19.
2.these girls then present themselves as worldly women.
I have sympothy for -i met her at the club- stories. cause the girl went there to deceived and he fell for it.
2.by getting the girl young or by jumping on every girl they are cutting the chance that their friend has banging her. some guys dont want to be number 11. you guys can get mad but its the truth. thats why a lot of sluts get cheated on. the man never really takes you serious. so watch who you bang.

No. 473448

this was fan service. remember they started off as a cover band. these gay pictures got the women to come in.

he will never admit it but he hasnt been the same since his uncle vito died. he loved that man and obviously wanted him to be better.

this reminds me of afroman. the woman creeped up behind him and he swung. he didnt know it was a woman but it really tarnished him. it wasnt his fault. now rob zombie made a choice to take it further but i still sympathize with him.

No. 473453

mgk machine gun kelly played nicki sixx for the netflix movie the dirt. does anyone have any good gossip about him. I know they say he is a sugarbaby but has he ever been in a motorcycle gang.

No. 473461

File: 1571243195098.jpg (2.85 MB, 2881x1920, inCollage_20191016_092531576.j…)

I watched they Taylor Momsen video mentioned here and it's 4 years old but damn she looks bloated in the face. I wonder why, exactly?

No. 473541

He played Tommy Lee. All I remember is how sickly skinny he looked naked, I thought he was hot before then. Though maybe he had a body double to avoid showing his tats.

No. 473676

I’ll also confirm that william control is an absolute psychopath. I am lucky that I was already experienced with BDSM and kink before I met him otherwise I am sure he would have brainwashed me or attempted to into his disgusting even sicker version of it that is basically just getting off on hurting women. He has a horrible god complex, narcissistic as fuck and definitely a rapist and woman abuser/torturer. I feel so bad for his victims because of the state of their fake bdsm relationship with him he makes everything LOOK consensual when he was actually horribly manipulating these women

And ALSO talking to and GROOMING women 16 and younger. I believe EVERY single one of his victims. And his music is ok he just rips joy division and Depeche Mode basically with bad lyrics. He sucks. His fans who still stick by him are fucking delusional.

No. 473793

Wait, what interview is that from? I couldn't find it.

No. 474193

hahahahah what the fuck i know this post is old but
>literally made like 3 songs about how much they hate nazis
>outspoken commies
>talked multiple times in interviews about beating the shit out of nazis in their youth
this post is a trip. are you one of richards groupies who got fucked over by him? kek

No. 474280

File: 1571413691602.jpg (282.5 KB, 1349x900, tm.jpg)

Also a comparison pic for funsies. Hnnng that second pic tho

No. 474282

Sorry for delete+repost

Here's the yt video

I wonder if she regrets her slutty past. Part of me thinks she did it to shed the image of Gossip Girl as bluntly as possible. Part of me also wonders if her management made her dress that way for promotional purposes. Anyway here's the yt link

No. 474512

Thanks and yeah her face does look weirdly bloated in some interviews, botox maybe?

My guess is she was just dressing that way to be edgy like a lot of young female musicians. Seems like all the interviews of her are old. I wonder whats going on with her now.

No. 474686

In this interview Lzzy Hale says she's better than women who sing "tampon rock", in other words female fronted rock that just has a female lead singer for sex appeal. She's throwing stones in a glass house because her image and music are highly sexualized and I doubt she would be as popular if they weren't. There's fine line (if any at all) between what she does and "tampon rock" and a LOT of people would say that's what she does.

Her brother also shits on pop singers in this video (Britney Spears and Lady Gaga) and she joins in to shit on pop music, even though I would classify their music as pop. It gets played on FM radio where I live so I fail to see how it's not pop. Not to mention Lady Gaga is arguably more talented than she is and relies much less on her sexuality to sell her music.

Oh and then she also says she's not being egotistical. I really can't with this bitch.

Also I think her brother wants to fuck her.

No. 474695

>Also I think her brother wants to fuck her.

I have noticed that many anons always seem bring up Incest anytime cows with siblings are Involved,they may both be jerks but their brother and sister so they like each other

No. 474698

That's true, I was mostly joking but he keeps complimenting her in this video, almost in an ass kissy way which I don't usually see in other band interviews.

No. 474701

Top kek anon. I forgot this band existed. Where does she get off criticizing anyone? Their songs have atrocious pick me lyrics and the most generic "radio station rock" beats. The videos are all Hale running around in some mix of leather boots and shorts.

Also the lyrics to Love Bites (So Do I):
>I'm nothing like the rest.
>I kiss you in a way you'll never forget about me.

No. 474703

This is laughable her band is definitely pop as fuck. And like actual trash pop rock.

No. 474909

She prob had to dress that way to get financial backing from creep managers amd producers.

She's low-key af on instagram. Seems like she likes being isolated in beautiful mountains where she writes. But who knows

No. 474987

No. 474988

Shit, I meant Nikki Sixx

No. 475090

The song "love bites" is basically "I'm not like other girls: the anthem". Its almost as bad as misery business.

No. 475282


This shit has currently my full attention. Never cared about Steel Panther or Nikki Sixx/Motley Crue music-wise but this is just hilarious lmao.

No. 475309

at least nikki sixx isnt gene simmons retarded/up his own ass but i know ralph/michael and his family, and he's nice and very funny. the members of steel panther are talented and they love that shitty glam rock crap, genuinely, so i dont know why all of these rockstars need to take offense that a joke band is… making jokes.

No. 475567

No. 475568

BMTH feat. Forest Whittaker

No. 475590

Imagine not having a laugh at glam rock in 2019. it's always been silly, but they def need to have a laugh

No. 475653

I’ve been a fan of BMTH for almost a decade and their progression into like, wannabe-woke intellectuals amuses me. Also the arguments between old “metal” fans vs new “teen” fans is stale and lame. Love Olly tho.

No. 475894

He said he helps with the vocals because he's all for female empowerment. Because having a song about a three way is empowering apparently.

No. 478895

I wonder why this video was randomly deleted

No. 479479

File: 1572643796603.jpg (76.19 KB, 654x668, SKOMpart2.JPG)

>"I always feel like I have so much more to say on [each] album, but I can't say it," Hammett said. "It's crazy, because I'm so curious about music in general. I can play a lot of different stuff. I'll play some jazz, bossa nova, blues, gypsy jazz, fucking Eastern European ballads. I play all that stuff. But no one knows I can play this stuff. It's so crazy. I'm always trying to sneak in jazz voicings and chords, little techniques here and there in METALLICA."

>When Clark asked Hammett whether he gets shot down by the rest of METALLICA, Hammett responded: "All the time. 'That sounds too bluesy.' And I'm, like, 'Fucking hell, it's just a slide. All right, whatever, tone police.' But you need tone police. Tone is super-important."

Kirk feels like he is not being taken serious and isn't allowed to play things the way he wants to play it. Makes me wonder if he is allowed to have a side project or will he leave the FOCKING band lol … Maybe he could start a band with Jason since I recall an interview with both of them from the early 90s about playing jazz and blues shit together but "couldn't do it more" while being in metallica mmmhhh.



No. 479495

yikes. theres rock hos on this shithole? you are literally so boring

No. 479524

Jason and Kirk originally had their own little solo project but it got shut down…25+ years ago

No. 479616

ahh that sucks. personally id love to hear a lot of his other different styles. hes so talented and to be shoe-horned into what metallica is now is a waste.

No. 479904

“Kirk Hammett is a third-rate guitarist with a fourth-rate guitar!” -Dave Mustaine

No. 480083


yupp, and this is the interview that I mentioned above but couldn't find right away. Would be cool to hear what those two made together …

Starts around the 38:00 minutes mark. Looks like Kirk already suffered the way he does now back in 1992.

No. 480096

Poor Kirk, he couldn’t say no to those millions and let his best friend (Jason) take the fall. Was it worth in the end?

Rob is just another hired gun

No. 483464

File: 1573787148731.png (355.09 KB, 720x1135, Screenshot_2019-11-14-18-02-48…)

I adore Epica but some times they remind me of Disney the way they seem to re-release albums every few years and sell a bunch of new live albums that sound exactly like all of their previous live albums.

Now they're releasing a book and it seems like an obvious ploy for money. I kind of wanna buy it but am also broke.


No. 483474

No. 483762


Abbath got really drunk and fucked up a show in Argentina. Apparently he couldn't make it through a single song and went down into the audience and started crying. Now he's cancelled the rest of his South American tour and his guitarist may have left his band. I hope he takes the time off to get some help. Some people speculate that his alcoholism is why he separated from Immortal and it all just seems like a mess.

No. 485804

File: 1574390837482.png (147.83 KB, 518x336, tenor.png)

> sees Amanda Palmer top trending
> she's harassing random music critics for…. not critiquing her music

No. 485817

lmao what? fill me in please

No. 485824

she's a real nostalgia cow for me. like emilie autumn. as mentioned in her thread, not sure if you all know, but she had pretended to like kill herself to make a point to her ex about drug addiction, used his horrified/terrified reaction in a song (obviously flippantly) and he later killed himself. she's a pretty horrible person. also her and her greasy overrated husband are the exact losers that would be, and of course are, poly creeps. she seems like a woke pick me too.

No. 485833

I unironically still like EA, flaws and all. Amanda though… I never liked her, and I didn't even know about the whole pretending to kill herself thing. Yikes. And yes, she is a woke pickme and I don't like her husband either.

No. 485841

File: 1574394660461.gif (2.15 MB, 268x158, tenor.gif)

>emilie autumn

No. 485911

File: 1574406739038.png (199.29 KB, 484x889, Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 11.0…)


here's the original thread from the guardian writer (1/2)

and yes omfg, any time I hear a decent old dresdon dolls/ amanda song (i say "decent" but it's probably only a bop for me because of the ex scene kid nostalgia bias) i remember her openly admitting to this fucked up bullshit about essentially traumatizing a person for no reason and it ruins it for me. she's truly something

No. 485912

File: 1574406763794.png (229.35 KB, 538x659, Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 11.0…)

No. 485913

You know, this cover ain’t so bad after all. Dunno why all the hate for it.

No. 485925

sorry but how could you listen to her and not know she was an edge lord?

I have to admit I don't know a ton about her views, I know she was super feminist but I stopped following her around 2013 and I didn't even know the differences between libfems, radfems etc though her attitude kinda gives me radfem vibes

No. 486118

She's also stupidly edgy in the worst ways, remember when she pretended raping a Katy Perry lookalike on stage? What a lovely feminist!
Also her whole Evelyn Evelyn shit where she pretends to be a conjoined CP victim child just for … the edginess of it all and mocks anyone who dares say it's kind of a shitty and edgy thing to do.

I hate it because in the end, she had a lot of songs that I liked but she's absolutely foul and made even worse how she tries to act like a "woke" feminist despite these things

No. 486147

>pretends to be a conjoined CP victim
Nta but what the actual fuck? She's even worse than I thought

No. 486155

Yeah, it's really fucking bad.
>Following their fateful birth in 1985, Evelyn Evelyn spent most of their childhood cooped up on a chicken ranch, but were kidnapped and sold to a brothel. After the death of their only friend, Sandy Fishnets, they escaped and joined a circus, where they befriended an elephant they named Elephant Elephant. After their musical act was a hit, they launched a career in the music business, writing songs based on old show tunes and Guns N’ Roses.

No. 486332

I just discovered her and Evelyn Evelyn and tbh I thought it was a neat idea– a band formed around a fictional story of conjoined twins traveling with a freak show… That being said I listened once and never again, but that's beside the point. Idk

No. 486569

thier are a couple bands that have a gimmick fictional backstory where they character like dethklok and The Protomen

No. 486767

In other news, MegaDave is cured…sorta

PS: his wife needs to lay off the Botox, irl Tsunade much?


No. 486811

i remember being into Evelyn Evelyn when i was an edgy teen. what are those two up to now?

No. 486814


Good for him! It was said that he ended his therapy, so he is recovering now.

Btw, did anybody catch the story of the "superfan" Keith Gannon that bought all Dave M' Guitars, which he sold on his reverb shop? As you can imagine, megadeth fans were pissed because this guy snagged all guitars so he can have them in his studio, so people can come over and play them there or as he jokingly wrote in the yt comment section, sell them for 5x the price (which is a lie, because people have said that he likes to sell the shit for 20x the price). It was also reported that shortly after, he went to the METALLICA fanclub to find buyers for the newly bought guitars, just to get kicked out of the fanclub lmao


>Ozzy’s touring with Marilyn Manson

here in europe he is touring with Judas Priest! I still hesitate to go to see ozzy because once I wanted to see him and he canceled the show 12 hours before the show and I had no chance to refund my ticket, which wasn't cheap of course BUT I feel obligated to see this guy at least ONCE in my life since I missed my chance to see him with Black Sabbath or solo. I will prob go and wait a few months before the show because it's now in november 2020, so still some time.

No. 486838

Kinda ot but I saw Marilyn Manson live a year ago (i think?) and it was so disappointing.

The guy got injured during a tour (probably because he’s a druggie) and their solution was to strap his drugged ass to big crusifix. He just hang there whole tour. I wonder if he even knew where he was because no doubt he was heavily meditated.
The whole show was obvious playback and there was no sign of any ambition.

No. 486850

I’ve read, what a pos. Though it’s just another blow to Dave’s ego that the tallica guys/fan club found this out before he did. Ouch

No. 486853

Mötley Crüe’s back btw

No. 487548

No. 487554

File: 1574806447865.jpg (91.8 KB, 932x597, wiskeyinajar.JPG)


>"A lot came from people that I knew but I didn't know cared. Most notably, I got a text message back from my old brother, James Hetfield, and I was so, so happy to hear from him. Contrary to what anybody says and contrary to any of the act that we put on, I love James and I know that James loves me and cares about me. You can see that when the moment of truth is here and I'm telling the world that I've got a life-threatening disease. Who comes to stand next to me? James.

Fucking wholesome

Speaking of metallica and james: I had a good chuckle over the fact that they disabled the comments on the latest post on Insta about the blackened whiskey, which last time had a really, really bad timing in terms of james and which seems overall a stupid idea to have when somebody struggles with alcohol addiction …

No. 487588

Why do I get the feeling that James was obligated into talking to Dave? Oh and why hasn’t Lars sent his get-well-wishes yet?

Still waiting for SKOM 2 lel

No. 487592

No. 488112

Don't know If this belongs here but what are your thoughts on Zerwee?

a TF2 Youtuber named Billy Cobb released an album that sounds verwy much like Weezer sorta as a tribute and the whole weezer fanbase loves it and worships it, especially the song 1955.

No. 488232

fuck weezer tbh
you sound like a selfposter

No. 488481

Love it, The Shell Shack is my favorite track. The youtube algorithm recommended it to me a few months ago and the second I heard the into I just had this complete fangirl meltdown. I'm a blue album/songs from the black hole/pinkerton only fan and it was like someone got tired of waiting for weezer to be good again and went "okay, fine! I'll do it myself!".

different anon, I love this EP lmao.

No. 488510


I love this EP too! and no it doesn't belong here because it slaps

No. 489173

No. 489178

Dunno if this counts as news but Jason sold his house-err, mansion in California


No. 489260

Is there a specific reason you don't like Weezer? Just curious

No. 489436

Rivers Cuomo is a creep who had (probably still has) unhealthy sexual obsession with uwu Japanese schoolgirls and the music is as embarassing to like beyond teens as Taking Back Sunday

No. 489458

Slayer played their last show ever and I never, ever got the chance to see them live. I wanted to see them years ago but I was a 17 and had no adult to buy me a ticket and go with me, then years of being broke af and now they are over and I feel like I missed a piece of music history that I always wanted to see SO BADLY in person. I highly doubt that they will pull a Mötley Crüe, so I will just weep about this fact for the rest of my life. Just as I missed to see Lou Reed or Black Sabbath or any other band and artist that I love and will never see live …

FUCK THIS I'm emotional rn lol

No. 489485

>Rivers Cuomo is a creep who had (probably still has) unhealthy sexual obsession with uwu Japanese schoolgirls
every weezer fan acknowledges this. i still like the music he made in the 90s. morrissey is a white supremacist, michael jackson was a pedo, so was david bowie kind of. men don't have morals.

No. 489558

did you miss the part when I said that imho the music is cringe af? There is nothing good about this band in my eyes…

No. 489577

Real easy to just pretend every musician ever is a gross creepy loser to defend your bad music taste huh? There are numerous actually talented bands mostly from the 90s that have proven for decades to be decent not horrible men just saying lol (note: not saying boo hoo tons of men are angels! Just saying there are a good amount of far superior bands that were and are not creeps who preyed on teen girls or who sexualized women at concerts and the like.) also I know that this is all opinion.. but weezer is mediocre at best and saying “well all these other old ancient famous rockstars were disgusting!” Is a bad excuse.

No. 489609

Okay? I'm >>489485, this post >>489260 is a different anon. People are allowed like different things. You probably like stuff I consider shitty. Like I said, I haven't even enjoyed anything they've put out since the mid 90s.

I don't care about your opinion on my taste. Too many male musicians ARE creepy losers. Why are you so worked up about this?

No. 489617

One of my edgy teenager bands growing up was Motionless In White and I recently found out that they kicked out their long time bassist 'ghost' after he's been acting inappropriately and sending out nudes to minors, on top of sexually harassing the girlfriends of the other band members and just being an overall useless asshole.

Damn what a field day. I wonder if there's any other dirt on the rest of the band

No. 490031


>According to Mustaine, Ellefson has contributed a ballad at the frontman's urging that will feature the bassist's lead vocals for the first time. “I said to him, ‘What was the biggest song that KISS ever had?’ Mustaine said. "He goes, 'Beth'. I said, ‘Yeah, we should write a song like 'Beth', where it's a ballad and it’s just you singing it. I think you should write a song about what it's like being in MEGADETH with me, because I read all your lyrics, and I know that your lyrics are aimed at me. You're upset. So why don't you write about it?'"

>He added: "I'm going to try to work on it now for this record, and if it doesn't get on this record, I'm going to try to work on it on the next record. Because it was actually really cool to see Ellefson writing something and hear him singing."

Holy passive aggression, Batman! On the bright side, old Dave’s back!

No. 491889

I've seen people in other threads refer to how Kurt Cobain was a narcissistic bitch with an extremely calculated image but finding receipts on this is hard cause there's so many rabid fans of his on the internet. Can someone confirm / deny this or point out wheres a good place to read about this??

No. 494933

File: 1576509634851.jpg (79.09 KB, 648x629, chilli.JPG)

No. 494942

Isn't John an asshole? I remember hearing Omar Rodriguez Lopez thought he was hard to compose with because he was stubborn, but then again Omar is really anal about shit.

No. 494948

That’s the dude who killed River Phoenix!

No. 494960


i thought that was johnny depp

No. 494974


Johhny felt guilt for it happening at his place or something,it was this guy who gave him a cup with random drugs to take

No. 494988

yeah Johnny introduced him to the dealer, apparently.

No. 495293

Wonder why all of a sudden, probably hoping to be able to want even more money for the next tour

No. 495296

I know Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck isn't entirely positive, but aside from that I have no idea where to read about the more shady shit he did. I'm interested too though

No. 495303

That netflix movie was the ultimate cringe

No. 495376

No. 495401

I fucking hate ugly ass male rockstars from the 80s who did nothing but pretend they were studs. A female artist has to look like an absolute porn goddess to even be taken seriously or break into the mainstream. Meanwhile the ugliest motherfuckers on the planet are writing songs about how many 14 yeat old groupies they've fucked last week and their legions of scrote fans love it. I hate this shit so fucking much. Women get mocked all the goddamn time for trying to explore their sexuality through music but these old ass disgusting male creatures whose skin looks like dried up testicle skin can still write sex songs no matter how old and ugly they are.

No. 495426

Man, braco’s lookin’ hella rough, years of heroin use must’ve caught up I guess

No. 495443

Not that I disagree but take it to the Pink Pill thread

No. 495550

File: 1576645541154.png (26.09 KB, 1195x176, Don't_Stand_So_Close_to_Me_-_W…)

May be late to it but I just found out about Sting and him being an actual pedo. like wtf is this shit??? why do people let this happen??

No. 495554

>mfw 80s rnb/pop male artists were 1000x more attractive and female gaze-y than 80s male rock artists

i wonder what that was about

No. 495571

Still like that song though

No. 495584

This is fucking disgusting. Fuck Sting, and also that's a shitty song.

No. 495585

This is fucking disgusting. Fuck Sting, and also that's a shitty song.

No. 495665

Source of this info?

No. 495863

No. 497395

File: 1577053927030.png (3.39 MB, 1125x2436, 68B482CA-04DC-4301-83B8-1670ED…)

No. 497680


I laughed so much about this. "Some of them" need to get into shape lmao everybody knows that only Vince Meal needs to half his weight because otherwise he won't be able to finish fucking tour, let alone once show.

Video related is prob what fans are going to see anyway.

No. 497689

I've become obsessed with those live videos.

Not related, but the corpse on guitar scares the hell out of me. I find it really creepy that he's pushing 70 while these poor women have to dance around half naked. It's like stripping in a retirement home. Gross.

No. 497696

File: 1577137017680.gif (623.59 KB, 220x220, mfw.gif)

Sounds like he's singing "kid stole my hat, give me that back."

No. 497831

>Vince Meal
Best meme evarrr

Kek, gotta love boomer metal

No. 498773

Awww I feel super bad for Mick Mars, he has a debilitating degenerative disease. The rest of them can eat shit.

No. 498783

I heard this song today when I was out and I thought of this and immediately lost my shit hahahaha

No. 501344

David Ellefson hosts a sermon

No. 501393

File: 1578227344436.gif (983.13 KB, 200x160, tumblr_inline_mtbwilFglr1qhjcf…)


Ellefson is the only god I pray to.

No. 501400

File: 1578231486208.jpg (13.61 KB, 500x286, frank-iero-frerard-gerard-way-…)

What do you guys really went on between Gerard and Frank from MCR ? Their ship Frerard was such a huge thing back in the day and there's still a lot of people saying they were actually together, still writing songs about them missing each other etc. I know fans are obsessed with shipping bandmembers together but I always wondered about these two. They kissed a few times on stage, did stagegay, Gerard is definitely bi from all the "jokes" and stories he's told about sucking dick and making out with guys.

Another thing to wonder about is the probably the more legitimate relationship between Mikey Way and Pete Wentz, those two go way back and it's said they've had an on-off relationship

No. 501522

File: 1578255876717.png (902.15 KB, 493x713, chrome_i27Yp2rj1B.png)

They played gay for the fans, just like Metallica earlier in the thread. Gerard however definitely dated Bert McCracken.

Davey Havok and Jeffree Star, on the other hand… Oooof.

No. 501622

kek i used to speak with ivy (davey's former gf) before she got famous and she said he was like mostly gay and she was all upset he "left" her for some "fat asian" that was jeffree's friend. i forgot the girl's name, but davey is gay as fuck. i'm sure he at least messed around with js.

absolutely nothing. they were queerbaiting for the attention of 15 year old fangirls.

No. 501651

File: 1578288736551.jpg (88.97 KB, 500x624, Ivy-levan-and-ian-watkins-ivy-…)

Davey had a LOT of girlfriends which people always found weird but honestly, I just think he's genuinely bisexual or ~sexually fluid~ and when he was at the height of fame he played up his sexuality immensely the same way a lot of bisexual female musicians who date primarily the opposite sex do.

Fun fact, Jeffree Star also fucked Ian Watkins from Lost Prophets a few years before his pedo shit was discovered. And Ian also dated/fucked Ivy. Small world.

No. 501652

>Gerard however definitely dated Bert McCracken.
This was definitely the impression I got during my brief MCR phase, but it was long enough ago that I can't actually remember why. Was there any proof?

No. 501653

File: 1578289104166.jpg (224.09 KB, 1066x1600, 1066full-brittany-bao.jpg)

Was she referring to Brittany? She's nowhere near fat lmao.

No. 501690

File: 1578311633843.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.17 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Nobody knows for sure but i'd say they definitely experimented together, Gerard even admitted he kissed him as a joke then they ended up making out for like an hour. They were really close during all the Warped tours they were at together, then Gerard got sober from drugs and alcohol and they slowly grew apart, i've seen people say Bert was annoyed and thought gee got too full of himself because of fame

No. 501696

How do you guys know for sure that Davey is into guys? If he had a lot of gfs as >>501651 said, than he probably is bi at best. I absolutely do not mind him fucking guys, but would love to get some proof about that! I only know about those Jefree Star photos.
Where do you get info about Davey's love life anyway? I know nothing as I am a foreign AFI fan. Would love to get some deets.

No. 501698

All these early 00's band ships, did we just get invaded by a time traveling teenage girl? Next thing we'll have a thread on how Louis and Harry from 1D are totally married.
It's reasonable to assume Gerard or any of the others are bi but all that staged kissing is just them fucking about as close friends at best, baiting at worst. If there was any real dating going on during tours there is no way that it would have stayed secret, with crazed fans, jealous rival bands and roadies watching them at every moment.
>Jeffree Star also fucked Ian Watkins
Any source? I can't even find proof of them ever meeting

No. 501825

I honestly thought that was Al Jourgensen on the left kek

No. 502145

I live in LA and my husband is a sound engineer, I’ve met Marilyn Manson a few times and my husband works with many musicians that worked with Manson. The dude is a train wreck and notorious asshole in the industry. Severe alcoholism, as in he needs an assistant all the time to even function. Multiple personalities, fake accounts online to solicit girls, abuse. Everyone who works with him has to sign a NDA. He is not a good guy in his personal life.

No. 502160

Wow really, that's shocking, boy, your husband sure is cool LA is so cool and so are you by proxy. say hi to Angelyne for me

No. 502166

What do you mean by “multiple personalities”?

takes this post to the tinfoil thread

No. 502174

File: 1578462791670.png (1.36 MB, 1536x2048, DF7B21E3-2EED-44DF-A1E5-94ACCD…)


Several of his exes have made statements that he has multiple personalities. That post was shared by IG Mansonisabusive

No. 502177

i dont believe he has did. did is not even real. manson is an enormous faggot and dissociative identity disorder is a great way for him to ramp up the edge and also escape accountability for his fucked up 'kinks' and general sociopathic nature. these losers always use did to lay a veneer of pathos and mystery/complexity over the very obvious foundation that they're just narcissistic and evil fucks that get off to harming women

No. 502185

>did is not even real.
It's in the DSM. There are actual psychologists who specialize in treating DID - it's usually the result of severe childhood trauma. That's not to use mental illness as a scapegoat for anything. Obviously Manson needed professional help a long time ago and never got it.

No. 502192

>It's in the DSM.
so was homosexuality. i don't give a shit. psychology and psychiatry is a crapshoot of guesses and assumptions, some are valid and some aren't. it has very little backing and is unlike like, every other disorder in its support for its existence and evidence of it, almost all of which is considered contaminated by psychiatrists/psychologists that specialize in it. literally like no country that isn't exposed to the idea of DID actually has sufferers of it, unlike so many other diagnoses. it's bullshit that was only popularized because of a shitty book and miniseries that was later shown to be fraudulent, and at worst, is iatrogenic and still not real. the language is also terrifically unclear and subject to interpretation, especially the interpretation of shyster psychologists seeking to manipulate patients and promote themselves as specialists. most 'cases' are seen by a small number of 'specialists' who have a vested interest in manipulating patients and keeping it alive despite it being controversial. plenty of the patients are malingerers and attention seekers.

this article tackles some of the issues with it: https://www.mdedge.com/psychiatry/article/63686/dissociative-identity-disorder-time-remove-it-dsm-v

>Piper and Merskey’s extensive literature review examined the presumed association between DID and childhood abuse (mostly sexual). They found:

>• no proof that DID results from childhood trauma or that DID cases in children are almost never reported
>• “consistent evidence of blatant iatrogenesis” in the practice of some DID proponents.

No. 502336


A friend of mine in the music industry who has also met him said he had a fake photographer account on model mayhem.com specifically to look for 18 year old girls to creep on. I believe it. Another friend knew someone who was a makeup artist for a tour they did a few years ago and she said there was an 18 year old girl there on tour with them who’s job was to sit in a kitty litter box while Manson peed on her to “hype him up” before concerts.

No. 502576

Evanescence released a video of their Fleetwood Mac cover. I kinda like it but it doesn’t have the witchy vibe like the original

No. 502577


I believe it. I’ve chatted with one of his exes and they claimed he has several fake accounts. She seemed pretty convinced that he has D.I.D.

Something else I’ve heard - apparently Manson left the sink faucet running for his cats while he was away on tour and later complained to many that he had like a $4K water bill. There’s a water shortage in LA and it pissed off people.

No. 502585


Holy shit, what if the water got shut off and his cats died ? What a psycho. Couldn’t his primary live in doormat Lindsay take care of them? I can’t believe she’s been with him for over ten years, does anyone know anything about her?

No. 502589

File: 1578593874616.jpeg (334.03 KB, 750x472, 3FFC16D2-6625-42F8-9DA2-1F0917…)


Same Anon, went hunting for something recent on her and this came up. I would literally slap him in the face if that was me, so cringe

No. 502596


I know, right. If you follow Mansonisabusive on IG, there’s plenty of tea on Lindsay. That she’s being abused by Manson herself and hints that she puts up with it for money. There’s also screenshots of her harassing women she thinks Manson is involved with.

No. 502599


I combed through that ig from beginning to end and didn’t see anything on her. Could you repost?

No. 502601


I don’t know if I should repost because it’s a private account, but if you look under Lindsay on their highlights you can see stuff on her.

No. 502605

Reminder Marilyn Manson is who raped and totured Evan Rachel Wood.

No. 502611

Oh FFS. Another famous man who actually should be in jail.

No. 502634

Oh yeah, and then he said something like "I don't trust girls with 3 names" throwing shade at Evan and Dita after he treated them like shit. Typical victim blaming abusive male.

No. 502644

and there are still people going 'he's so wholesome under the edgelord persona!!!' cause he said 1 (one) vaguely empathic sounding thing about Columbine

No. 502670

And Floppy still hangs out with him, while claiming to be against abuse, and that she's an abuse victim herself.

No. 502672


Okay I found it, wow. I used to think he would a be a cool guy to get a drink with even those he’s clearly a has been and I never liked his music, but that was some of the cringest shit I’ve seen. The “assistant” is clearly him on a sockpuppet trying to create pointless manipulative drama. I don’t think he has mpd of any kind, he just does this shit to get a emotional reaction of these girls to see if he can pull them back in and feel like he still has control over something in his life, cause it isn’t his career, relevance, serious relationships, weight, looks or drug addiction.

No. 502885

Not shocked at all he's a piece of shit. He seems like a nerd in school who wanted to be an edgelord and now he's a straight up incel. I read the book he wrote years ago and it was hard to even stomach it. he never respected women

No. 502886


>The “assistant” is clearly him on a sockpuppet trying to create pointless manipulative drama.

Oh, I completely agree. Why would his assistant write that without Manson’s approval? And his assistant, Judd, still works for him today but he lied to her that he was fired. If you read her full story on FB it’s even more cringy - https://www.facebook.com/lkbellart/posts/1150988821707729.

I used to be a huge fan of his music but I’ve heard and read so much shit about him I can’t support him anymore.

No. 502947

File: 1578689891627.png (664.08 KB, 2048x1536, AD9663C8-0D00-4DC5-ACDB-5633A2…)


I don’t know if he has legit MPD, you’re probably right, but he did say this in an interview.


No. 502990


If he was really that ~dAmaGed~ and ~cRaZy~ his management or parents would have petitioned to get him under a conservatorship to protect their assets like Britney, Amanda Bynes and Misha Barton.

No. 503261


listen to franks solo work, I think it defo hints at something between the two of them. Also the project revolution tour thing

No. 504925

File: 1579310577762.jpeg (505.38 KB, 1125x816, 6A9B3C19-2982-479C-A63B-A8746A…)

No. 504929

File: 1579311711582.png (432.81 KB, 720x1043, Screenshot_2020-01-15-12-21-08…)

Dunno if this is worth posting. This is Ash Costello of New Years Day. She doesn't usually display cow behaviour, however, this is cringe as fuck

No. 504939

They're names of fictional horror villains anon, it's tacky but it's not really cow behavior

No. 504941

'daddies'… dear god.

i think it's pretty milky. when you have a public platform as a performer, you really need to be mindful of what you put out there. i think it's very harmful for women with platforms to put out this image glorifying a fusion of violence and sexuality, and dangerous men in particular. sexualizing violent men, even if they're not real, can impact her fans. women already face enough domestic violence due to the trendy romanticization of abusive and dangerous men or romanticizing abusive behaviors, on top of the fact that there's already a possibility to encounter it even when the guy isn't outwardly abusive.

No. 504951

Yeah I’m sure her female followers are going to be disastrously impacted because she wants to give Chucky the killer doll a rimjob

No. 504959

if she continually hypes up violent characters as hot/daddy? yeah, it can impact people. maybe not severely, but add to an overall trend that is already present within alt circles. your post is stupid. there are literally people glorifying harley quinn and the joker. i personally know of women who talk about actual, real abusive men in their lives as the "joker" to their harley quinn. young people are impressionable and everyone knows they take hints from those that they idolize.

No. 504961

I really cant stand thots that latch onto horror icons and try to sexualize them?? It's so gross. Like, why are you trying to make serial killers sexy (even fictional ones)

No. 504962

it's not that big of a deal lmao

No. 504972

it's the female version of coomers who wear pornhub shirts or discuss in public how they love hentai, keep your sad wank fantasies to yourself

No. 504973

that's a pretty big reach

No. 504976

I actually softened the reach by leaving out things that are as cringe as calling freddy krueger your daddy on your insta like guys who are openly into mommy gf or being a dom or a furry which would be a closer comparison than general places to get porn normal people go to but keep to themselves

No. 504978


I'm pretty sure she's just trying hard to be ~not like the other girls~, I doubt she put any actual thought into this post beyond that.

No. 504992

It's more the way she called them daddies that I found to be cringey, but yeah not really milk that's why it's saged.

No. 505128

File: 1579378741426.jpg (46.97 KB, 603x628, james.JPG)


So happy for good ol' Dave. Wishing him the best for the tour. I would go but they only an support act and I'm not interested to see FFDP.

BTW James is officially confirmed to be out of rehab. People already speculated when he deleted his personal Inst page but at the end of the month he will planned to appear at his old timer show. Wonder how his overall appearance will be like.

>Hetfield will be at the museum on January 30, when a ticketed opening reception is being held along with a "fireside chat" and an auction of two of the METALLICA guitarist/vocalist's limited-edition ESP guitars.


No. 505134

Aw why did he deleted his Instagram page? I like seeing it from time to time but that’s great he’s finally out of rehab! Hopefully we won’t get another St.Anger out of it kek

Remission or not, I think he’s really back https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/watch-megadeth-rehearse-for-european-tour/

No. 505141


>Aw why did he deleted his Instagram page?

People wondered it too and some said that it has maybe to do with the fact that they tell in rehab to deleted your social media pages in order to not go online and brag about your success of being sober? I think it was deleted in somewhat in november. I mean he barely used it anyways, he stated a few times that its wastes too much time for him but yeah liked to check on his random posts as well. Maybe he we re-active it at some point idk.

No. 505143

No. 505225

Guess James really is an introvert, even on the interwebz

No. 505440

Cliff Burton’s dad died today, he finally joined his son in heaven. RIP sir.


No. 506234

Not only Wood. Esme Bianco another gf of Manson also did a testimony. According to her one of her exes was locking her, made her starving etc she implied that it's Manson very much. Same day and see dress she was with Manson at Katsuya in 2011

No. 506235

Manson is also known to date multiple girlfriends. There's a lot of dirt on insta on him. He was also involved with one famous cow Clare Buley.

No. 506711

I found this IG. There's a lot of cringy stuff on Marilyn Manson
-had bruises after liposuction and said to one of his ex gf Gabriella that it was Usich who's hit him
-had a fling with the stripper Jordan who admitted him she was molested as a child then he telling this to other people as a funny joke
-takes his fan girls backstage, hooks them at m&g or on Instagram, has sex with them
-one of them Louise Bell told later on his tour bus he had a lot of girls, had his hands in Louise's undies, while had sex with her grabbed her wrists said to look him in the eyes as she struggled squeezed her wrists
-was dating multiple girls cheating them on each other
-his relationship with Usich are unbelievably cringy. He even was joining her haters while she was bullied on social media and insulted her himself

No. 507046

lol ash costello is barely even famous outside of literally being a groupie
shes one of those ~musicians by association~ who originally got famous for "goff modeling" ie posing nude or in latex and trying to throw herself at goth and metal musicians

i mean it DOES work in her favor because men are weak and they'll do anything to get a piece despite the amount of stds said piece has to spread, but shes less of a musician and more of a suicide girl/burning angel reject than anything and thats how everyone knew her back in the myspace days so its funny shes trying to rebrand herself as a ~legitimate rock musician~

No. 507145

She should auditioned for Rock of Love when she had the chance, I could see her being a contestant kek

No. 507174

she should have been in kristy jos place tbh

No. 507195

I could see her being a Lacey clone, like with Rodeo = Payton and Mindy or even Heather = Megan

I still think Heather should’ve won in the first season tbh

No. 507199

heather definitely should have won because her old 80s stripper ass was genuinely the only one that wanted brett, kek
but the show was fake so it wasnt to be

No. 507219

Couldn’t tell which was fake, the show or Bret’s extensions lel

No. 507238

File: 1580030579605.gif (2.29 MB, 300x223, anigif_enhanced-buzz-28653-134…)

i saw lacey at a cvs on the beach in fl and she's exactly as trashy as i expected. amazing how these people can come from money and still be so goddamned trashy. here's a recent story on her, kek:

>Jorge Magana filed suit against Lacey and her hubby, Jonny, back in 2018, claiming Jonny pulled him outta his car and repeatedly punched and bit him, and alleging Lacey scratched his face and chewed off a portion of his ear.

god she really did. all of them were total trash but heather and him were a match made in trailer trash heaven. rewatched that show a few years ago and it was a million times grosser now being the same age as many of the young contestants vying for the attention of a washed out diabetic trainwreck.

No. 507271

File: 1580039796955.jpeg (161.4 KB, 843x1390, A71C54A1-4BEB-421B-BA66-B76E3C…)

I remember being obsessed with Megan hausermann at one point, she was the ultimate reality tv super villain, there was even something perfect about her hot body/ugly face combo that made her more memorably evil then if she was a perfect model girl. I’m so sad they never aired her tv show, I feel like its probably a lost treasure chest of recession era capitalist aesthetics that’s sitting in an archive somewhere rotting away, I wish someone would leak it

No. 507319

you know, despite almost all of the contestants on the Of Love shows doing porn, DJ Lady Tribe/Nikki/the girl in your gif surprisingly was not one of them
that always surprises me
i really want to see a where are they now kinda thing for these girls

ugh i couldnt stand her or brandi c
i do know brandi c was a porn girl who hung around the likes of jeffree starr and audrey kitching at one point, but she always look like she stunk to me
megan was just a bitch

No. 507323

Last time Megan was seen was on an episode of American Greed where she admitted to being an escort for some sleazy rich dude prior to Rock of Love

It’s so weird seeing her in a dress but she looked good for being 30+

No. 507487

File: 1580089601810.jpg (12.16 KB, 195x259, c8212251466bea45016a3b306c96ff…)

I didn't know that but looking at her old pics I can totally see her being a suicide chick/myspace queen. NYD's music is a guilty pleasure for me haha.

No. 508335

Dave has his daughter sing A Toute Le Monde with him. I get that it’s supposed to be a touching moment and all but she’s not really that good, sorrynotsorry

No. 508725

Anyone else kinda annoyed with the way MCR been tossing out all these tour dates and doing intentionally cryptic ass promo? I love them and I'm excited for their new stuff, and I know it's mostly to do with whoever is managing them but still. a lot of it felt very inconsiderate toward the fans trying to see them just for the sake of keeping up as much hype and intrigue as possible. at this point I've already given up on getting tickets to LA, it would be a literal dream to go but that shit is going to sell out in two minutes just like the shrine date did…

No. 508728


I mean, LA shows of big bands always sort of sell out. Its literally the most coveted city to go watch a concert, thats not a MCR problem,

No. 508734

oh trust me I know lol. I just wanna see them live once in my lifetime, I mainly just feel bad for all those UK people who bought tickets and flights to the "one" milton keanes date only for them to roll out a bigger variety of UK dates like a week later.

No. 508751

Their US tour fucking sucks.

No. 508809

>>508725 i'm fucking annoyed with their prices too. Last time I saw them it cost £30 and now tickets are a min of £85. but im a dumb bitch and im still going to multiple dates.

No. 509084

File: 1580484438528.jpg (52.46 KB, 640x426, 83931306_2752413688127863_1414…)

Daddy Het made his first public appearance since being out of rehab. Gonna shed a tear about the fact that he has short hair again.


>Hetfield took part in a chat and helped auction two of his ESP guitars at the event. He said he was proud to have his work on display at the museum. "There's no other place like this," James said. "The Petersen is the pinnacle. It's the best place to have your vehicles. They weren't doing me much good sitting in my garage. I loved looking at them. The best part is they're all together. I didn't want to auction them off and [have them] go all over the world. It's a collection. It marks my life."

video: https://youtu.be/kvD3OYp3ZrI

No. 509086

File: 1580484703982.jpg (93.47 KB, 1080x1350, 83165145_174900333826010_45739…)

No. 509397

In other great news: Big Daddy Dave is free, free of cancer!!! He’s healed! (Go to 26-28:50 in to video)

No. 510097

This is just appeared in my recommendations, I haven't thought about Andrew WK for years now

No. 510250

File: 1580774250386.jpg (7.79 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

That's nice, I wish him well. Despite his issues it seems he's always trying to be decent, so I cherish him for that. Went to see them last year and was front row for the first time, it still feels like a fever dream. If it wasn't because the person that went with me and I were in the featured site photos for that location, I wouldn't believe it!
>Gonna shed a tear about the fact that he has short hair again
I always liked it better, I think it makes him look a little younger (all things considered). I loved his douchey look from "I disappear".

No. 511667

1992 James is my favorite, he was daddy af

However, Woodstock ‘99 James ain’t too bad either

No. 511844

Yeah '99 is pretty good too. I just don't like moustaches, I don't know why, but I like the beard. There's something off-putting to me when it comes to moustaches, like some weird caterpillar / brush / thingy on top the mouth. I don't know how to explain it but I hate it.

No. 512785

Somewhat recent milk from the Rock of Love cast

No. 512788

omggg im so psyched to hear about the trashy shit these hoes are up to. the photo at the beginning already looks so promising.

No. 512845

thank you thank you thank you

No. 512848


this is the one cases where i can agree that ash costello and nyd got more fans simply because of the song they did with chris motionless and then touring halestorm and in this moment

No. 513543

File: 1581350657133.jpeg (174.95 KB, 638x798, 5596C4F2-6EE5-448F-9307-39262D…)

I must attend, but fear tickets will be pricey and it’s actually outside of Houston for those not familiar with the HMA


No. 513645

File: 1581370983646.jpg (77.74 KB, 962x667, josh.JPG)


I posted this a while ago about how sudden they changed josh for john and it turned out that it was just as sudden for josh as for everybody else as he recently told in an interview.

>Last December, former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Josh Klinghoffer got a text from Flea, asking him to come over to his Los Angeles home to “discuss the state of things.” Right away, he had a feeling something was wrong. The band had been deep into writing the follow-up to 2016’s The Getaway, and Klinghoffer, who replaced the group’s longtime guitarist John Frusciante in 2009, thought the meeting would mainly revolve around issues of recording and tour scheduling. Still, “when I got the text, my heart sank a little bit,” he says from his L.A. home. “There was something in the air and the dreariness of that December day that told me… I remember thinking like this could all disappear.”

>When he arrived, Flea, singer Anthony Kiedis, and drummer Chad Smith were waiting in Flea’s backyard, ready to deliver the news that Frusciante would rejoin the group and Klinghoffer’s services were no longer needed. “It was a total shock,” he says. “But I’m not surprised.”

>I spent the whole day texting because they released their statement on Instagram [publicizing Klinghoffer’s firing] an hour after [my dismissal]. Did you know about their statement?

Not at all. You didn’t have any role in crafting that? Noooo. No, no, no. It was less than an hour after it happened and at the time I thought, “Wow, that is crazy.” Flea put it up there; it was very clearly his composition. I was totally surprised. And it does look exactly like a death announcement.

the whole interview: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/josh-klinghoffer-red-hot-chili-peppers-interview-945881/

No. 513672

Are you trying to get good seats closer to the stage? I think I'm just going to spring for some cheap nosebleeds, idgaf.

No. 513800

I honestly just wanna see MegaDave front and center, don’t really care for the other bands (Trivium’s ight though) but I don’t my wallet can take it, hopefully the cheap seats are good! Still thinking about going VIP but I’m too lazy and too stingy to sign up for the cyber army, fml

No. 514138

File: 1581478431974.png (270.21 KB, 1536x2048, 3DCED8F2-56F8-43A3-8812-77A1CF…)

I saved this comment on reddit about Manson ages ago and thought it was gross. I met him at a m&g in 2017 and he was drunk, smelled like alcohol.You only get a few minutes with him and who knows, but he wasn’t what I expected. Kinda arrogant, bored with the m&g/his fans, he seemed like he didn’t want to be there. I wouldn’t pay to meet him again.

No. 514543

Sara/Chibi from The Birthday Massacre has seemed to be in a really bad place for over a year now, judging by some of her instagram posts and the fact that she seems to really be…reclusive? She doesnt hang out much with her bandmates despite how close they all are. She has also had some illness that caused her to need surgery recently. Anyway she posted this the other night which pretty much confirms. I really hope she can get help because it doesnt sound good. Especially her saying that the breakdown caused her to be..clear minded? Sounds to me like mania of some sort? Without help, this kind of thing is bound to keep happening and have a really bad outcome I would think. Im pulling for her because shes such a sweet and kind person.

"Hey party people. I'm gonna try to be really concise and honest here. I definitely owe a few people an explanation, and I think maybe we all need to talk about what's not so good inside us sometimes, so maybe this will be helpful or relatable or who knows what.

A few nights ago I went really dark. Kinda darker and lower than I really thought was possible for me. I mentioned that a few days before I saw a car accident, and though thankfully nobody got hurt too bad, I really think that the sound of that impact and the violence of that entire thing broke something inside me that I didn't even know was welling up. After that happened, I felt something horrible happening inside me.

Y'all know I tend to joke around a lot and keep things funny, and that really is who I am - but then those few days afterwards, even that felt like an act. It was honestly horrifying. Some of you encountered me in those days after and knew I was not feeling normal. And reached out. And I felt that and loved it, and you. But it couldn't help. It's almost like I needed to break, or something. And I really did.

I broke down a few nights ago and let it sweep over me in a really intense way. All the shit I bury (and maybe we all do) came out of me - my fear, my guilt, my fury, my loneliness, came over me, and it's almost like I went on autopilot. I lost everything that was good for a little while. That isn't like me. I love fiercely, I love my life and my people, my family, my friends, and all of that was gone. I was a black hole. It was insane. I have never gone so far down. It ended up being a little scary, I went to a horrible place that was very destructive. I was actually afraid.

As a result of that horrible, dark night, and spending time being horrified by it, getting back into my daily life and seeing the faces of my regular loving community of friends, I actually feel more clear and light than I have in a very long time. Maybe this is a ruse. Maybe it's adrenaline. Anyone who knows me knows that I am constantly self-examining. I think that's a good thing right now.

Bottom line… people could say I have a great band, I'm a good singer, I'm funny, I help out, I care, I look good in whatever photo, as if that matters. I'm lucky in a lot of ways and I am grateful. But really none of it matters when you feel that awful snap inside of you, that aching sadness when you're trying to sleep, that wave of horrible guilt over things you can't fix, and a vision of the future that seems so bleak you can barely breathe.

Sorry for the novel. Hold yourself close.

Shout out to my Lulu, who doesn't need a bath because I cried all over her and she bore it like a champ. A farting, snoring champ. Thanks for reading."

No. 514548

I’ve been a fan of them since MySpace and had their very first album in ‘02. I’ve seen them twice live but I didn’t follow them too closely online over the years.

I tend to check out their albums when I remember and I’m glad they’re still going. I think only a few original members are around now.

What you posted sounds really sad to me and I hope she’s getting some therapy. With their albums and touring I’m not sure she’s gotten a break in a while.

No. 514552

Thats awesome! Ive been a fan since 06. Discovered them through Vampire Freaks back when it was still a thing. Chibi, Rainbow and Falcore are the only original members left. And Rhim and Owen have been around for almost forever too. They all do a lot of side projects now and focus a lot on those ventures but they do still tour and they have a new album coming out next month. I think thats why its kinda worrying me more than usual. She doesnt sound like shes in a good place and shes about to embark on yet another tour and album promotion. I think its with the same people as last year minus Jonathan Davis. Julien K. So I hope she is just surrounded by people who can support her and help her through and be there for her if she needs to talk or express herself. Maybe touring will be good for her idk. Just dont want her to push herself too much.

No. 514815

File: 1581698167545.jpeg (187.17 KB, 860x618, EBA40F89-DD3D-4391-8039-DA7B90…)

Why did they split up?

No. 514833

Because Josh is a big drug head (Brody's clean) and probably didn't want to grow up, knuckle down and change for the sake of their kids. I wouldn't want my kids around that sort of lifestyle if I was her.

No. 514848

What is Chibi's instagram? I feel like I used to follow it but kind of lost it…
Hope she gets better, her post sounds extremely worrying.

On a side note, did anyone here read Chibi's novel? How do you feel about it?

No. 514976

I see. I remember him being a drunk POS and kicking people but I didn’t know he was a drug addict as well. I just listened to him on the joe rogan podcast and he is unbelievably dumb. Such an airhead. Muh law of attraction muh motorcycle. Really only good at making music and even then Brody is clearly the more talented one in the pair. I just wanted to know specifically like what went down but i guess that answer says enough. They always seemed happy together.

No. 515006

I think they were happy. He got her sober when she was on meth and put her through rehab and i guess made her feel like life was good. I think once she started making her own music again she realised she was spinning her wheels with him, which I think is fair enough, especially if your husband is out touring, snorting coke and doing other tacky shit. I wouldn't want my children around that. I'm glad she's got away from it and I hope she stays happy, healthy and clean for a long time yet.

No. 515018

Who are they?

No. 515021

I Wanna Make it Wit Chu guy and a lady that looks like the chick from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs but isn't.

No. 515022

Josh Homme of QOTSTA and Brody Dalle of The Distillers.

No. 515043

Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age and Karen O from the yeah yeah yeahs

No. 515080

I actually got it from her semi public facebook page, which is under Sara Taylor. I havent added her but we have mutual friends and I dont know her personally so I dont know if she just wants random people adding her on there.
I read her novel and thought it was ok, but didnt they make a movie from it? I never saw it if so.

I've heard he is a major asshole in general tbh.

No. 515091

Yup. Punches and kicks people for no reason other than that he's wasted and thinks he's untouchable, friends with Jesse Hughes, apparently collects nazi shit and generally blows his own trumpet. I'll give it to him that he can play guitar and write catchy tunes, but there's something about him that rubs me the wrong way.

No. 515092

Not surprised. And I always did get racist vibes from him as well so the nazi stuff doesnt surprise me either.

No. 515182

No. 515188

File: 1581808137444.gif (258.27 KB, 320x240, tumblr_llzrgnksnJ1qe45i4.gif)


reminds me when I saw roger waters on the "us&them" tour and how he preached against capitalism while I was sitting there with my ticket that costed 135€ and 7 € beer lmao. But as a huge flog fag I was ok to pay it.

No. 515211

~muh socialism tho?!?!?!!!111~

No. 515250

Reminds me of when I saw Refused and they did a huge speech about communism and how capitalism is killing the world, but after getting a lukewarm reception from the crowd about it, they later made a joke about them just being old dudes who talk too much with merch to sell. It was nice to see an older band have a sense of humour instead of storming off.
Lots of people in the crowd were actually heckling them for their communism stuff which was weird because all of their music is about it, it's not like it was an unexpected surprise.

OT but Google thinks your gif is Selena Gomez kek

No. 515263

Daddy Dave backpedals on his anti-Obama rants/tinfoil from 8 years ago

>hurr I was just drunk u guiz!

No. 515264

File: 1581834488403.jpeg (57.06 KB, 632x354, F95FD3EC-3334-4337-8102-FA6F9C…)

And speaking of old milk…

No. 515278

I've been meaning to ask this. Is there any milk on Jessicka from JOJ/Scarling? An anon talked about her 4 months back, but never returned with receipts.

No. 515296

File: 1581849846148.jpg (276.18 KB, 1586x1280, imgonline-com-ua-2to1-idGcDMjV…)

Does anybody has fresh tea on Marilyn Manson?
It looks like there used to be A LOT on him a year ago. Manson posted his new painting on Friday and it is EXACTLY the same painting which one of his haters had as their profile pic TWO YEARS AGO. This 666fearless guy spilt a lot back then! I fg regret I didn't screen shot every single comment they wrote, but they legit sounded like a psycho fan. They are talking about his gf Lindsay Usich in the pic.
Is there anybody who has more?

No. 515361

File: 1581874630075.jpg (93.02 KB, 839x593, lars1.JPG)

I know that Jessica Miller is the trophy wife of lars and here for the good $$$ but damn I can't unsee the non-exciting attraction to each other. I can imagine that lars is madly in love with her but she seems always so awkward around him. Their body language around each other is always so odd. You could think that they are best friends and not a married couple, especially when you compare them to the other 'tallica couples idk.




No. 515362

File: 1581874687933.jpg (79.76 KB, 926x594, lars2.JPG)

No. 515363

File: 1581874837988.jpg (78.12 KB, 933x598, myles1.JPG)


and what I found also very strange is that the oldest son of lars, myles, kind of likes to hang out with jessica as well and idk they kind of a look less awkward together imo but maybe I look to much into it lol

No. 515364

being a rock musician really has so much appeal to incels and losers and ugly bois/men because they can pull literally anyone, even when they are old af, that they were merely just obsessing/jerking off over in high school but never had a chance with

its kinda sad if you think about it
such a vapid existence

No. 515376

File: 1581878577766.jpg (346.41 KB, 1080x1710, IMG_20200216_191725.jpg)


It's highly unlikely that 666fearless was just another fangirl, manson has a post with that account tagged. He was fully aware of them imo. Now I wanna grab some popcorn and see if anybody has screenshots, too.

No. 515378

probably another "personality" of his or something
i could see him trying that as a way to look even ~edgier~

No. 515414

File: 1581885960567.jpg (71.34 KB, 662x635, BigD.JPG)


Speaking of Dave and Lars …

>Dave Mustaine says that he doesn't want to "perpetuate false information" by giving Lars Ulrich songwriting credit on the previously announced expanded version of METALLICA's 1982 demo tape, "No Life 'Til Leather".

>Mustaine discussed the proposed expanded edition of "No Life 'Til Leather" during a June 2018 interview with U.K.'s Kerrang! magazine which has only now been made available online. Saying that the last time he spoke to Hetfield was when the METALLICA guitarist/vocalist called him to talk about the "No Life 'Til Leather" re-release, Mustaine recalled: "He was trying to get me to give publishing over to Lars, despite James and I being the sole songwriters. Lars wanted a percentage and I just said no. I love James, he's a terrific guitar player, but yeah, I can't do that. The songs are already out there. I'm not going to release something just to have a product to sell — especially if they are perpetuating false information. Lars did not write the songs. It was just me and James. Period."

>Ulrich told Metal Forces in 2016 that "some unexpected difficulties on the legal side… prevented the 'No Life 'Til Leather' box set and our vision for how we were going to kick this whole reissue series off. We spent some time doing that dance, but then James and I decided that it wasn't worth it getting bogged down in all the unpleasantries, because this was supposed to be a celebration and not end up being a tug of war, so we thought, 'You know what? Fuck it. We'll just move on to 'Kill 'Em All'," he said.


No. 515442

It’s been almost 40 years since that fateful day… let it go, Dave.

No. 515603


I remember the 666fearless account well, I wish I took screenshots. Her claim was Manson blamed Lindsay and his assistant, Judd, for rude and disturbing messages written from Manson’s account. I don’t think anyone believed his lie, it was pretty obvious it was an excuse. 666fearless also posted a screenshot of Manson under a fake account threatening her, and Manson under his main account telling 666fearless he gave the sock puppet her email address.

The whole thing was sketchy af and Manson was probably behind it all.

No. 515645

File: 1581970535548.jpeg (34.39 KB, 217x286, E9E8F49C-0692-411D-91FD-8880D2…)

She’s such a gold digger.
Before Lars, she’s dated Daron Malakian of System of a Down for years. Before him, Brandon Boyd of Incubus.

No. 515679

That’s what Lars gets for killing Napster and trying to take away Dave’s songwriting credits.

Though I’m sure he knows and just doesn’t gaf as long as she puts out

No. 515745

NTA but livelavalive just took me way the fuck back. damn, mitchell davis is still sort of doing youtube apparently

No. 515859

File: 1582049000613.jpg (607.56 KB, 2553x822, IMG_20200218_190132.jpg)


Hmmm… What do I start with? With the fact that she has accused every single man she fell out with of abuse or sexual assault? Or with her double standards concerning the Marilyn Manson situation? She publicaly said that Manson gave drugs and had sex with underage girls, abused young fangirls and had hit every single woman he'd been with (including Lindsay, his current gf), posted his emails and texts to her and SUDDENLY changed her mind and went to his bd party to congratulate him, and she now claims she has no dirt on him (just because he fired Twiggy (who allegedly raped Jessicka) ?). She also gaslights ERW, an obvious Manson's victim.
Let's not forget how she continuously lies about everything, het Twitter been hacked, words she 'never said', etc.
You can read more by the links
Hold my beer while I ruin your career.

No. 515960


I’m not going to pretend to know what Jessiicka’s deal is, but there was a witness to her rape, who neither confirms or denies it.

“He forced me on to the floor with his hand around my neck. I said NO. I said NO. I said it so loud enough, that Pete came rushing in from the other room to get him off of me. But I had been raped. I had been raped by somebody I thought I loved. That night I slept in Pete's bed and cried myself to sleep. Neither of us discussed it until years later as we both had our own shame about not reporting it.”


No. 516027

I'm surprised that no one has mentioned Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins yet. His antics seem rather harmless in comparison to other rockstar cows but are still pretty wtf. This article, although kinda old, does a good job detailing them.


No. 516579

File: 1582229527402.png (324.04 KB, 1080x1236, IMG_20200220_210804.png)


Is it the same assistant who now harasses Louise Keay Bell? The girl joined metoo saying Manson abused her a couple of years ago, and now she tweets about Manson's ex employee. I don't believe he was fired. My guess he is a space goat on Manson's payroll.

No. 516622

So uh, Ozzy collabbed with Post Malone


No. 516625

afraid to listen to this dumpster fire

No. 516650


It's not offensively bad, but Ozzy sounds vocaloid-ish

No. 516772

Where have y’all been? kek

No. 516773

Samefag, but I guess y’all could say you’ve been living under a ROCK. Yeah? Yeah?

No. 516835


Is Manson the one who abused her? I scrolled her twitter, she's talking about her boyfriend.

No. 516847

File: 1582309171769.jpeg (445.38 KB, 1800x1232, 560825F2-BAAF-4870-A97B-1A8510…)

No. 516854

File: 1582311315819.jpg (21.16 KB, 395x339, 19-44-42-LYxN24p_d.jpg)

No. 516980

I just noticed that some of the blonde chicks from every season (well, probably not season one) of Rock of Love tried to look like Lita Ford ca. 1980’s

Did Bret ever had a thing for Lita in the past?

No. 517412

Did 666fearless post anything?

No. 517463

File: 1582490552325.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1800x1561, 1B0E1479-1831-44DF-BA9A-4CEFEC…)

Hopefully someone grabbed screenshots, but 666fearless posted screenshots on her account from Manson and an email harassing them from someone Manson supposedly gave their contact info to. 666fearless deleted all their posts though.

No. 517609

File: 1582533330288.jpg (50.5 KB, 613x131, 8axJEo7X3lc.jpg)

I found this comment about Marilyn Manson on the internet. Sounds a lot like what you are describing about him picking up girls on the internet.

No. 517612

huh. i guess lilith might not have been exaggerating about being his "ex"

No. 517615


Who would ever think that she wasn't? Stalkers posted a lot about them in 2015, including text messages. It was obvious Manson had her for his sex adventures for a couple of months. Not committed relationships ofc.

No. 517630

I heard this story. Not really an ex. She was rather a groupie. They had sexual relationship I think on off in 2015. He had other side girls as well.

No. 517655


Given the way he fools women, I think it did look like bf+gf thing for her, but not for him of course.

No. 517685

It's possible. The semi famous singer Lola Blanc dedicated to Manson a song "don't say you do" basically about him fooling her using her and leaving her.
There were other girls Jordan Arentz among them who talked to the anonymous accounts and leaked them his messages, photos, videos and told their stories how he fooled them used them and then left them.

No. 517742

File: 1582568817793.jpeg (123.54 KB, 1536x275, FC0A42E4-5800-4AF7-A395-A4EBE5…)

Found this on the Lilith thread.. can anyone confirm this or have receipts?

No. 517746

Does anyone remember Courtlyn Cannan? I remember the screenshots of her talking to someone about her dating Manson. I actually know people who talked to her. She used to admit in 2015 that she dated Manson in 2014 while he was making "sons of anarchy".

No. 517747


If you really want receipts, you should go to mansonisabusive ig. They have been around for like 7-8 years, they've witnessed a lot and I am super sure that they have the receipts you want (like text messages Claire+Manson and Gabriella+Manson, they also talked to each girl personally) and if there was a collaboration planned between these two, I believe mansonisabuive will tell you about it.

As for what I witnessed and can recall now, there was a moment when Gabriella and Lilith treated each other amicably, like, for example, Lilith called Gabriella (or vice versa) her wifey and so on. I was shocked as previously Lilith insluted Gabriella a couple of times, I remember it clearly.

I never heard of Claire taking heroin bc of Manson at all, but I was never into Claire, not my cow, you know :D These are exaggerated rumors to my mind.
As for hiding behind fake accounts, I don't know about Claire's situtation in particular, but Manson is really known for that. He had been stalking Stoya (or Isani Griffith? can't remember) on MySpace behind a fake account and had been messaging her strange texts before they started dating. Stoya talked about it in an interview, google should help.

No. 517754


I remember Courtlyn.
If you know the people who talked to CC, do you why they are no longer around? Those guys who posted the screenshots sparked some real fire, I am just curious what made them quit.

No. 517757


In relation to Claire it was 100% holli vail who got her into heroin. Manson is a deeply disgusting person but there is no record of him getting young girls on drugs whereas Holli has a long history of doing just that with multiple girls she has “befriended” online.

No. 517758

No, unfortunately I don't know what happened to those accounts that posted the screens. The people who talked to Courtlyn were just my friends. They weren't behind those accounts.

No. 517759

Just to be fair mother of Jennifer Syme basically accused Manson of giving drugs to her daughter. Manson's gf Lindsay is known for her love of cocaine. So I wouldn't say he doesn't have a history of giving drugs to the girls.
But it's totally possible that Holli got Clare into heroin.

No. 517762

File: 1582574082770.jpg (206.15 KB, 1080x1079, IMG_20200224_205256.jpg)

An extract from Evan Rachel Wood's essay. Actually Manson has a history of giving drugs to the girls.

No. 517765


Manson is notorious for abusing cocaine, but heroin is just another level of drugs. He stated several times he had never done heroin bc of a sad story with one of his ex bandmates. I doubt he could get girls on heroin. Cocaine? Yup, I think, but heroin is unlikely.

No. 517766

that is true, but it clearly references “party” uppers as opposites to heroin, and with Lindsay its unknown how she got involved in coke. Manson also has no history of messing with opiates ( that I know if) and he clearly values physical beauty in his hookups so turning her into a junkie seems out of character. Not trying to defend him in any way but I have been following the Lilith saga for a long time and it’s clear by the timelines she started using heroin in ny after she and holli became besties and became a junkie after she moved to LA where holli happens to live, and not when she was in communication with Manson. I wouldn’t be surprised if he told her something dumb like “ do drugs and explore your youth” meaning to do coke, ex smoke weed ect like he did and she interpreted it as “do dope”.

No. 517771

Yes I agree it would be cocaine. Cocaine traces were found in a car of Syme. But I don't know what drugs meant Evan. Doesn't sound like cocaine.

No. 517775

File: 1582575533343.jpeg (151.69 KB, 750x620, 016C822E-858C-4A40-833D-03A721…)

It could be cocaine but maybe it’s adderall, I really doubt he would mess with meth.

No. 517777

Shit I actually heard rumours about meth. But since the sources were not reliable I didn't believe it. Manson seems to behave like a total idiot sometimes so who knows.

No. 517779

File: 1582575783319.jpg (107.42 KB, 727x662, tallica.JPG)

>METALLICA has regretfully had to cancel their headline performances at Sonic Temple Art + Music Festival in Columbus, Ohio (May 15 and May 17) and Louder Than Life in Louisville, Kentucky (September 18 and September 20) to allow singer James Hetfield to continue his road to recovery.

>METALLICA reassures its fans that the band will appear at Danny Wimmer Presents festivals Epicenter (May 1 and May 3), Welcome To Rockville (May 8 and May 10) and Aftershock (October 9 and October 11) as scheduled.

James needs a much longer break than that tbh.


No. 517782


and here the vid of him doing the Eddie Money Tribute a few days ago. Made me think that he should do his own lil thing, you know, side project and leave the FUCKING band maybe? idk

No. 517791

File: 1582576645963.jpg (400.79 KB, 1080x1638, IMG_20200224_213359.jpg)

Manson's song "speed of pain" is speculated to be about meth.
He was noticed with one of his teeth lost last year. Not necessarily bc of meth.

No. 517797

File: 1582577258665.jpeg (229.91 KB, 1204x1842, D24A08AE-8C51-43E4-BAC3-91748D…)

Found this on Twitter about Courtlyn, it’s still there.

No. 517800

File: 1582577382734.jpg (27.73 KB, 750x625, 44945971_425574427978939_52590…)

Courtlyn's screens

No. 517802

File: 1582577495922.jpg (35.27 KB, 750x725, 44932905_572487110242771_63288…)

One more screen of Courtlyn, sorry.

No. 517804


Thank you! Very interesting.
What could Lindsay sue Manson for? There are rumors she blackmails him but what she could have on him in 2015? Her father has a law firm but that wouldn't help if Manson did nothing, right?

No. 517809

Who knows. Maybe he just wanted to get rid of Courtlyn so he lied her about Lindsay. But I've heard about blackmailing too. I wish to know why would she blackmail him. He does seem to do a lot thou.

No. 517810


Her dad has a low firm?? Huh, that adds up to the picture. Pls pls holy someone, tell me you took screen shots of 666fearless account. She posted a text from Manson where he said smth about Lindsay's father. D: I regret I thought 666fearless was a pshycho fan.

No. 517813

File: 1582578507422.jpeg (309.99 KB, 1800x1202, DF2BF970-1D83-44C3-BA94-5A011D…)

From the same Samuel.lilith account.

No. 517814


Same hook with every girl he's fucked. It's getting boring.

No. 517824

Unprotected sex with Manson.. the least of my worries would be pregnancy. 🤢🤮

No. 518150

File: 1582664444306.jpg (76.29 KB, 598x587, blood15honey___B8MYcrZFef4___.…)

No. 518156

File: 1582665996054.jpeg (385.41 KB, 750x832, 72B3F2BF-92F9-4BFD-922B-B5241F…)

I can’t not think of this every time they come up on my shuffle

(btw The Hard Times is one of my fav instagram accounts, would highly recommend a follow)

No. 518185

Well they're not wrong are they.

No. 518297

File: 1582703169445.jpg (222.35 KB, 1028x604, IMG_20200226_083441.jpg)

Actually Lindsay Usich looked ugly af as they were dating in 2012 and she used to look good before they met. Wood appearance changing was significant and didn't flatter her at all. He tends to choose pretty girls it's true but he doesn't seem to value their beauty.

No. 518308


They def both degraded under his watch, I agree with you on that, but I disagree that he doesn’t care how they look. If he didn’t he wouldnt try to control everything from their hair color to their skirt length.

No. 518371

File: 1582715643820.jpg (129.06 KB, 1235x402, 111.jpg)


i have some screenshots, too. fearless mentioned that Manson is being blackmailed by Lindsay. i followed her account until got kicked lol. guess my page looked way too fake to stay in her followers.
she posted several texts from Manson and a crazy fan whom Manson instructed to harass her. btw one of the posts was about Courtlyn :D
manson talked to fearless about his chicks quite often. he also sent fearless Lindsay's breakup letter she gave him in 2015(?), and complained that Lindsay would usually be physically agressive, like hitting-punching, with him lol. i was shocked to learn that Manson edited the letter a bit before reading it in front of the crowd.
the worst thing is that fearless posted she was drugged and beaten up and she made it very obvious Manson was involved. idk why there has been no justice on him so far.

inb4 you ask me, no i have no screenshots, idk why i was so dumb lol

No. 518375


heh, she's no better now. she photoshops herself so she looks super alien and then ppl see a cheap Dita replica irl.

No. 518385

Manson also said to his one another girlfriend Gabriella that he was beaten up by Usich and he had bruises all over his ribs but he has got a liposuction(emoji)

No. 518393


If Courtlyn didn't leak the photo where she is in bed with Manson then who leaked it? And who took the other photo?

No. 518403

I've got an impression there were other girls fooled who wanted revenge. There were screenshots of Gabriella and Coco Teale talking to someone they apparently knew or at least they trusted this person. If we think logically this could be one of girls who dated Manson probably was used and left as all the others.

No. 518419

File: 1582724872878.jpg (123.38 KB, 602x568, 07sP093.jpg)

Was Amie Harwick Manson's ex??
She is def the type he's into but wtf.

No. 518429

File: 1582725472443.jpg (187.58 KB, 1192x579, 5OlQQIl.jpg)


Judd stalks and threatens someone else, not Louise Bell.

No. 518445

File: 1582726673672.jpg (71.86 KB, 604x604, vW5IfEn8lQc.jpg)

Him and Amie Nicole. One of Manson's fans told me he used to follow her on Instagram years ago but they don't remember when exactly.

No. 518453

File: 1582728822698.jpg (200.02 KB, 1383x604, IMG_20200226_155117.jpg)

Probably end of 2016 or beginning of 2017. The way he looks on that pic of them together.
Does anybody know if he dated Nomi Rapace? I found two pics of them together.

No. 518455


The pic is from 2012/13, def not later. However, Manson did date Amie in 2017.

No. 518458

File: 1582730113013.jpg (661.42 KB, 2146x1720, IMG_20200226_161001.jpg)

A comment from Tumblr about Marilyn Manson. He seems to loose control totally.

No. 518517

Manson seems genuinely sick. I like hearing about lost media so I've known about this particular instance for awhile. It all starts to make sense hearing more shit come out about him.

>Groupie was a short film by Marilyn Manson (in his first film-making effort) that was shot in one night between 1996 and 1998. The short was recorded at an actual house party that Manson was hosting and involved a stooge actress portraying a young groupie being made to do more and more perverse and disturbing things in front of Manson's unknowing guests (who were only told that a woman would be arriving and that he would be filming her).

>The film begins with Manson sucking bandmate Jeordie 'Twiggy' White's flaccid penis through a condom at the house party before the groupie shortly after that arrives at the door (brandishing a piece of artwork as a gift); she is then invited inside, where things become progressively more disturbing. She is pressured into drinking Stephen 'Madonna Wayne Gacy' Bier's urine from a wine glass (Bier also being a member of Manson's band), which she eventually does, but only after convincing Manson to also partake. The contents of the remainder of the short have not been made entirely clear, although it has been revealed that the groupie is at one point tied up, a gun is introduced into the situation by Manson, a fight breaks out, and blood is shed.
>Manson obliged Ciulla for the most part, only releasing a very small portion of the film, seen at the end of his 1998 live video album Dead to the World. The segment showed a tied up, distressed woman (with her face either obscured or out of frame) screaming and being tormented by Manson, before reciting the phrase "Jesus loves me for the Bible tells me so." at his forceful command.

No. 518520

File: 1582745207245.jpg (641.68 KB, 2828x1077, IMG_20200226_202453.jpg)

This is the post of Esme Bianco and a pic she posted. I found pics of her with Manson. On a third pic she wears same pink dress and she's with Manson.

No. 518522

I’m a ex Manson fan and read his book, there’s a tonne of stuff he did back in the day that was pretty disturbing however I’m sceptical if it’s all true as other band members have said he exaggerates a lot. I can list some of the stuff I remember if anybody is interested.

No. 518528

File: 1582746563520.jpg (168.5 KB, 1629x448, IMG_20200226_204758.jpg)

Ashley Morgan comments. She also posted a pic of them together and with his cat on her Instagram.

No. 518529

please do

No. 518531

File: 1582746664939.jpg (886.42 KB, 1080x1928, IMG_20200226_204249.jpg)

He was joking about locking girls in sound proof little room in a dance studio.

No. 518534

File: 1582747151085.jpg (1.11 MB, 634x848, 9g5JiGZ.jpg)

No. 518535


I've watched an interview with Adela Slotsky, a deaf girl who according to Manson was covered with meat then they urinated on her. She said nothing about meat or urinating but unlike Manson she said he was interested in having sex with her lol

No. 518536

ow, that looks painful. how old was she at the time?

No. 518537

File: 1582747757915.jpg (197.65 KB, 1932x1077, IMG_20200226_210907.jpg)

Esme said in her testimony for Phoenix act that once he cut her while they were having sex then posted pics of her mutilated body. I've found these two pics he posted on his Myspace ca 2009.
Video of Esme's testimony can be found on YouTube.

No. 518542

some things I remember from his book of note:

- well firstly it opens with him as a kid sneaking down to his grandfathers basement and accidentally catching him masturbating. He looked at the images after his grandfather left and it involved animals

- Madonna Wayne Gacey/Pogo(Stephen Bier) had a fantasy to be with a deaf girl so he could say terrible things to her and not have her be offended. Manson found a deaf prostitute for him so him and twiggy had sex with her, urinated on her and covered her in slices of meat. That part ended with Stephen saying “I’m going to cum down your useless ear cannel” however when she went to wash up she had sex with Daisy in the shower

- him and Stephen once spent a night looking for a girl they hated (who Manson had sex with and cheated on his girlfriend with) and planned on killing her and disposing of the body

- they would get girls backstage and do weird stuff with them and have a “confession booth” this involved their at the time bus driver Tony Wiggins, I don’t remember a lot of this part but I remember girls would confess to some dark things like being molested or raped and then they would have sex with Manson or Tony : there are two audio clippings based on these backstage events “abuse part 1 from smells like children” is the more detailed one

- there was twin girls who would follow him around on tour and had his name carved into their chests

That’s the main things I remember, also he treated Daisy badly and makes fun of him in the book despite him being the only member at the time to be able to play music and writing most of portrait of an American family

No. 518577

File: 1582757329645.jpeg (273.37 KB, 1865x685, 36FD4051-8DA1-4714-BA9D-93985B…)

That reminds me of a reddit comment I saved from a post about Columbine. Several people who worked venues had stories about Manson.

No. 518578

File: 1582757490132.jpeg (879.07 KB, 2056x1347, 811FE08B-FF82-4576-93BF-9A3E2D…)

Also from his book - he hit, threw a bottle at her, spit on, and choked his mother without remorse.

No. 518586


This is what I'm wondering!!! Esme was born in 1982, so if this happened in the late 90s, she was just a teenager.

No. 518609


was 2010. she was 27+

No. 518698

Esme Bianco dated Manson in 2009-2011. She was in her late 20s. BTW mansonisabusive posted once a timeline of his dating from 2007 to 2010. It is crazy how much he cheats and runs from one bed to another. I was wondering if he was washing his dick before he has sex with the next girl. Gross.

No. 518760

I saved some posts from fearless account. I can post them but will it be okay? I mean she posted in private, no rules violation, if I post them here?

No. 518803

We do that a lot in other threads so I can't see how that would be against the rules.

No. 518861

The interview with Marilyn Manson's ex drummer Jason Sutter. Juiciest moments:

From those two contacts, you got the Manson gig?

I toured with the New York Dolls through November 2010. I was looking for my next gig and got a text from Andy Gerold. It said, “Dude, Manson’s drummer just got fired. Call them.” I call Tracy, the girl who was tour manager. She doesn’t answer but sends me a text right back, “Put your name in the hat yesterday. Management will call.”

What happened then?

I was able to get management to look at my resume and pictures of me to make sure I’m not fat. Seriously somebody said that. Like, “Oh, what’s he look like?” They said, “Oh, he’s not fat. He looks cool.”

Making it to the first step meant not being fat? That’s funny.

That was the criteria for the first step. Meanwhile the drummer had been let go and his drums were still there ‘cause they were in mid-production and sure enough, this guy was a nut job and a ding dong and didn’t learn his parts. He was worried about his girlfriend trying to come to the shows and it turned out he was talking shit on Manson’s band. ‘Cause he became pals with Manson and was partying too much with him and had this false sense of power like showing up late and whatever. It’s none of my business and I could give a shit. I’m just glad the guy was a ding dong.

This is one of the songs you were going to have to play on the road?

He said, “Don’t worry. When Chris Vrenna was creating this track, he knew a drummer wouldn’t be able to play it. We’ll just program in the other double bass part and fly it in live. You don’t have to play this. I wouldn’t want your legs to get tired because I want you to be able to chase chicks after the show. He actually says that to me

Getting that gig must have been amazing.

Manson always joked that I was his session drummer and that I was the only session musician he ever worked with. That was the nicest he ever was to me because after that it was like whatever. I know that’s why he never pulled any shit with me and never threw anything or screamed. He would pull shit but he never did anything directly because he knew I’d walk off the stage and go get another job. It protected me and I didn’t have to worry about that shit luckily.

What were rehearsals like with Manson?

In rehearsal, Manson was throwing my drums around, kicking drums over, pouring flour and sugar all over them and crumbling up Granola bars so when I hit them they’ll fly all over the place. It’s funny but I didn’t care about the drum setup. Most dudes would be like, “Don’t fuck with my drums” but that’s not what you do with him.

Was it a challenge playing Marilyn Manson’s music?

Oh, hell yeah. They were playing to tracks and you’ve got Manson screaming at you. Any mistake that’s made by Manson onstage, you get blamed for it because you’re a sitting duck. The manager had a meeting with me before I joined and said, “I need you to know if Manson screws something up, you’re getting the blame for it in public. You have to be cool with that and you can’t call him out on that.” It gets old but he always screwed shit up and he had to let the audience know it wasn’t him. It was [in nasty, vindictive Manson-like voice] “Youuuuuu!” You with me? I’m a professional, I have a Masters Degree, I’ve played with all these people and now I have this guy screaming at me and trying to make fun of me with the audience ‘cause I’d screwed up a song that actually he screwed up. You’ve really got to put your ego in check and I know a lot of friends of mine wouldn’t have hung.

He really is a strange cat.

This is a charade that goes on even after the show ‘cause you’re in an altered reality. After the show, you have to go up and say, “Sorry, dude. Sorry I screwed that up. He’s like [in sarcastic voice], “Well don’t do it again.” This is reality, bro. This is the shit they don’t teach you in college. It was excruciating on and offstage a lot. He’s a tough character but I love the guy and we had great times. If I saw him now, I’d love it. He’s awesome but it was a horror show. It was a fucking war.

You also have a Marilyn Manson guitar pick, right?

A guy made them for me. I remember there was a moment with Manson where someone had mentioned I was selling picks online. He was like, “Are you selling picks with my name on it?” I was like, “No, dude. I’m not that much of a dork.” He’s just a nut when it comes to anything [with his name on it]. I don’t know but god bless him. He’s one of those dudes where no one can make a profit off him and it’s more egotistically than professionally. At one point someone mentioned in his camp, “Oh, by the way, your drummer is selling picks on eBay.” He’s got this weird camp and they’re always searching every post about him and it’s a big deal. It’s kinda silly but it was about a two-second conversation. I looked at him and said, “You really think I’m trying to make $5 a pick?”

The rest is here https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/news/interviews/drummer_jason_sutter_talks_landing_the_gig_with_marilyn_manson_recalls_strange_1st_requirement.html
Enjoy, guys!

No. 518874

File: 1582831534953.jpg (22.59 KB, 203x321, IMG_20200227_202113.jpg)

Jordan Arentz aka Saint Sasha in Manson's bathroom lmao

No. 518875

File: 1582831633658.jpg (389.15 KB, 1866x1151, IMG_20200227_202435.jpg)

A proof that it's a bathroom of Manson. This is his house in hills and Usich posted the pic of her in this bathroom as well.

No. 518877

File: 1582831759899.jpg (34.33 KB, 451x604, DXd5WyKpnJ0.jpg)

Manson and Jordan. She leaked dozens of messages he sent to her. They dated in spring 2016.

No. 518898

The interview makes me question Manson's sanity. I bet he lives in the world where he is young, slim, and sexy, all women want him (not only cheap junkies and lame strippers) but he is faithfully married to Dita von Teese and is about to record an album with Trent.

No. 518904

Maybe if this was the 50s and youth was everything, nowadays especially in goth culture more people strive for the more mature look, being young doesn't automatically make you hot
Again no, even his wife is fairly slim, being slim in general doesn't make you hot, besides most fangirls tend to be overweight. Finding hot skinny teens into Manson who genuinely want to fuck him would be a needle in the haystack. This isn't the 80s


Also no, he cheated on her several times, she's way too good for him in most people's opinion

No. 518908

Ntayrt, but what are you on about? Anon said Manson probably has a poor grasp on reality and doesn't see himself as the pudgy old has been he is. You seem bothered that youth and size were mentioned. MM clearly goes for partners who are slender, young, and attractive (aside from Dita who is age appropriate) I am sure he has some degree of delusion regarding his own state.

No. 518926

Are you retarded? Seriously reading is essential.

No. 518927


God I'm so late but I was excited to see them mentioned. Essentially everyone involved did a FUCK ton, a metric fuckton, of cocaine, constantly. Carlos was reportedly a complete asshole despite being incredibly talented. I have always had a hint of a similar feeling to you about Paul so I had to chime in. I know all of their lyrics by heart and some of them are so questionable. From what I know, though, Kessler is a total teddy bear. I love his little dances, plus he's aged the best. Paul was insanely attractive IMO like, in the video for slow hands etc, and aged like milk. I was interested to see Kirsten Stewart in their video for If You Really Love Nothing… I will say their recent music is still incredible despite being different, El Pintor was beautiful as is Marauder. If you anons are still around I would love to continue this discussion please talk to me about Interpol lmaooo

Anyone else get the impression they just burnt out? He helped her sober up, though he still does drugs himself now, and obviously tours a lot, plus I've never been able to see how in love with himself he is. Especially recently

Dumb question of me about all the Manson shit, but can anyone link some sources on him controlling these women's appearances? They all end up looking like a Diet Dita every time, like he's still chasing that aesthetic from the golden age of grotesque.

Lastly, this photo made me physically twitch. It drowned me in such a strong fucking nostalgia of a very particular adoration of this exact looking ~emo~ boys, MCRs music, and wanting an effeminate emo bf like this or the guy from tokio hotel lmao, simpler times for sure

No. 518930

**Never been able to UNSEE

No. 518936

Actually don't it's extremely cringe. Maybe you can find the lyrics instead.

No. 519005

So have y’all thought on making a Marilyn-thread?

No. 519007

Yes I'm voting for it!

No. 519033


I don't think it's a good idea. The milk that has been posted so far is very very old, I doubt there will be more on him after that burst of activity fades off. Do we need a dead thread?

No. 519043

Not really old. His relationship with Lindsay Usich is milky af. Mansonisabusive posts on it constantly.

No. 519072

I enjoy discussing the milk even though it's old, but I see absolutely no reason why it can't all be in this thread?

No. 519092

It's really sad that mansonisabusive is private. Screens they post are masterpieces. For instance Usich's saying that monogamy is unnatural and she allows Manson to sleep with other girls but she doesn't do that same. Actually why doesn't she do the same?!

No. 519094

Lindsay Usich's mother stalked, harassed and threatened her. She even tracked down her personal account. That's one of many reasons why she is private. Just my guess.

No. 519095

Do you mean mansonisabusive account? Yes I think so. I think Manson himself doesn't like that account. He talked about anonymous accounts in 2017 and wasn't happy about it at all.

No. 519099

Yes, I am talking about mansonisabusive. If his ex drummer didn't lie about a camp of minions who scan the web for posts about MM then ofc Manson is aware of that account. And I think he is not happy. :D

No. 519104

No, he didn't I think. Bc I think fearless mentioned it as well. But I'm not sure bc I didn't screen.

No. 519106

I mean ex drummer didn't lie. Bc fearless as far as I remember was posting something like that too.

No. 519112

Manson himself admitted that he has "internet troops" in a message to Jessicka Addams. Jessicka posted screens of his messages in her private group on Facebook.

Manson is aware of mansonisabusive and he's not happy. He blocked her personal account on Instagram.

No. 519157

File: 1582905512457.jpeg (427.38 KB, 1061x1826, C0C6276F-88EA-4036-A453-60D2D4…)

Anyone remember Titti Manson? She was a ‘super fan’ and was even mentioned in an article (https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/marilyn-manson-the-vampire-of-the-hollywood-hills-241042/) for hanging out with Manson. Found this on IG, but I vaguely recall there was more drama then this.. something about Lindsay harassing her? What happened to her?

No. 519178

File: 1582909028745.png (941.61 KB, 1726x1042, screen shots.png)


Nice! I dont have many, only a letter from Lindsay to Manson and some texts from Manson to fearless. I unfollowed when things got too dirty. Manson also texted fearless like Lindsay would be going to police as though she had done some shit or smth. According to Manson Lindsay leaked a lot of pics of them together to fake their relationships, she wanted ppl to think they are together when they were apart. Manson also said Lindsay's father hates him and Lindsay's mother tried blackmailing him or smth. Sorry I really have my memory like a sieve.


Lindsay used Titti to fake her attitude towards Manson fans, like she tried to be "nice" she would bribe them with backstage tickets and some "insights" about MM. Then smth happened and they fell apart. I heard Titti killed herself, didn't she?

No. 519188

File: 1582910496664.jpg (22.77 KB, 361x392, 1iBrBKI.jpg)

The letter he read at the notorious gig.

No. 519207


I heard suicide too but Titti updated her FB in 2019. https://www.facebook.com/tiziana.m.collins

No. 519436

File: 1582977055827.jpg (197.85 KB, 1080x1294, IMG_20200229_124730.jpg)

This is hilarious. Mansonisabusive is taunting Usich in the comments

No. 519446


Looks like plain hypocrisy.

No. 519664

I don’t agree with taunting Lindsay, but to be fair Lindsay has a history of harassing people too.

No. 519772

File: 1583045276273.jpg (124.49 KB, 640x885, IMG_20200301_074511.jpg)

Gabriella's talking about Manson. Pay attention at his pickup tricks.

No. 520741


The milk has been nutritious so far but makes y'all think it's not his fake?

No. 521003

What do u mean?

No. 521009

Sorry. I mean what makes you think 666fearless isn't one of Manson's fakes

No. 521035


I do suspect it’s one of his fakes, but I have nothing to back up. A girl I spoke to who chatted with 666fearless often thinks it’s Manson behind the account covering his ass with a woman he’s involved with online by blaming Lindsay/Judd for his behavior.
All hearsay tho and no receipts.

No. 521285


I doubt that. 666fearless's posts put Manson in a very negative light in my eyes. Continuously lying to everybody, not being able to control basic things in his lie, framing Mickey Rourke for raping Evan Rahcel Wood, etc. If fearless was his fake, it would be the dumbest strategy ever. I have my hopes up that someone grabbed screenshots.
What is more, you can google 666fearless and find a twitter account of the same name, there used to be an "attorney" in the twitter bio and instagram one. It must be the same girl, apparently her name is Michelle.

No. 521350

File: 1583446145210.jpeg (834.66 KB, 1125x1762, D523032B-DC11-478B-A5D9-56A000…)

No. 521389

File: 1583453010146.jpeg (364.64 KB, 1285x1893, 5C114E20-1F4B-447E-A056-E792D8…)

Bill Idol also responded to her.

No. 521562


>framing Mickey Rourke for raping Evan Rahcel Wood


No. 521871

File: 1583546342166.png (2.99 MB, 1125x2436, EC6ECDCF-ED58-4650-B2A8-965429…)

Jessicka Addams being a cow once again and not realizing she’s calling her friend a liar… disingenuous lol

No. 523151

File: 1583802638400.jpeg (365.55 KB, 1800x1665, 8F3ECD17-838C-4BCE-BE23-1D0070…)

Recent story from Mansonisabusive - Manson talking shit about John 5.

No. 523257

"Best blowjob in 5 minutes! Meow meow!" "You got your Tongs with you" was it one of his mistresses?

No. 523272

Unfortunately I don't have any screens but I remember stories of two girls related to Louise Keay Bell case.
Both happened in great Britain. One girl told Manson's assistants came to her at his show in Manchester and asked if she wants to hung out with Manson. They met in a dressing room but the girl refused to go on his tourbus but noticed he chose 4 girls from 10 who were invited including Louise who was backstage alone in Glasgow and went to party with them on his tourbus. One of the girls who was on tourbus later told his assistants invited her and her cousin to hung out with Manson. In the hotel room Manson suggested a threesome with her and her cousin but the girl refused to do it. She added they were watching Netflix which is repeating from story to story I heard about Manson. If anyone remember this and has screens I'll be thankful.
I found a story of one russian girl who was on his tourbus. Details added a lot to Louise's story. She was invited by Manson's manager at his show, invited on his tourbus with other girls. She added that Manson spent couple of hours in his bedroom with one of girls. I can provide link and screens but it's all in russian and needed to be translated and unfortunately I can't do a translation.

No. 523391


I can translate it for you.

No. 523436

Thank you! But it's a lot of work!

No. 523811


You can run it through google translate, it’s pretty rough, but here’s the highlights:

- Manson choose 6 young girls to an after party.
-He drank straight vodka and offered them drinks, as well.
-The girl asked to use the bathroom on his bus and he make a joke (?) and wouldn’t let her.
-“Manson had a super trained eye, all the girls turned out to be super flexible bodies” and they measured their muscles and had an arm wrestling contest. Apparently, Manson won the contest.
-“ In the morning he said that he was tired and that he was going to rest, his assistant helped him to get there and sent the most flexible girl from Hungary to him, and we, with the most cowardly girl, exhaled with relief)”
-“ In short, Manson is kind, good uncle with a pedophile taste (everyone he picked looked at 15 years old, except for the Dubai girl)“
-“ We asked how the leg heals. Doesn’t it hurt him (instead of answering this question he swallowed half a glass of vodka)“

No. 523857

The girls were asked to give their cameras and cellphones to Manson's security guard. Wow.
That girl says in the comments no one was asked to show their IDs.

No. 523865

You make it seem like it was something scary while girl who wrote it didn't describe it as such - in fact, she tells the story like it was the best day of her life. Her age is also seems to be 27 at a time, according to dates and her vk profile. Hungary girl seemed to be okay with going to hotel, and he didn't suggest anything to the rest while they were in the bus.

No. 523868

Of course, she was happy. She's a big fan. But that's what she posted.
I didn't make a comment above btw. Just saying that actually the translation is technically precise.

No. 523885


I would add that his assistant (btw, the girl calls his assistants nannies, and no, these words are not synonymous in Russian) first took a photo of the girls, and shortly after one of them was sent home.
The "nanny" had a video call with his female friend and showed the girls to her calling them (in their presence) "marilyn manson grouppies". His assistant told the girl that Manson invites female fans often. They parted with Twiggy not really amicably but there are no details.
And he drinks vodka warm. As a Russian I am disgusted and deeply offended. :D

No. 523904

There's a post of a girl who was on tour bus with Manson in Vienna in 2012. The post is huge so there are highlights:
-a bunch of girls were invited on tourbus
-there were security guards, roadies, Manson and his gf Lindsay Usich
- Manson joked "This is a rape type of situation." Girls were offered drinks then Manson joked again “Now that you all drank it, I can tell you that there was Rohypnol in it.”
- "He got this idea that some of us girls should go to the other bus with Lindsay and bring the guys there. Then he made the idea more specific by saying he wants to do a “titty parade”. His idea was that a few of us girls and Lindsay will come to the other tour bus and show the other band mates our tits."
-the rest 4 hours they spent entertaining each other and joking, nothing crazy that time.

No. 523911

File: 1583964487647.jpg (60.2 KB, 1080x1080, xd1sPd8c6UU.jpg)

Manson seems to like his pretty fans a lot :D

No. 523924


I remember reading a m&g story on provider module (??) where a girl wrote Manson drew a dick on her stomach and said something like, “if we had anal sex, this is what my dick would look like inside you.” If I can find it again, I’ll post receipts.

No. 523940

File: 1583967973956.jpg (530.28 KB, 1994x1064, IMG_20200312_000255.jpg)

Made those screens years ago on Facebook.

No. 523972


You both skipped the piece where she says he found jokes about nicoughers so funny that he asked one of the girls to repeat those jokes for his crew.

No. 524056

> You both skipped the piece where she says he found jokes about nicoughers so funny that he asked one of the girls to repeat those jokes for his crew.


No. 524065

Pretty sure anon meant a slur for black people obscured by cough.

Manson is such shit. I think of him as an incel with a successful band, now free to take out his rage against women.

No. 524091

The joke was "pee on the floor"

No. 525324

I guess Marilyn Manson talked about being abused by Usich to his side girls to manipulate them and to make his fans bully Usich. Usich was bullied on social media for many years especially in 2014 - 2016. Manson used to follow her haters and liked their posts in 2015, he also insulted Usich directly on social media and indirectly in his interviews. He officially broke up with Usich in 2015 so he could say he's single to girls he picked up. But Usich continued posting pics of them together and he was with her at several events and private parties so obviously he never really left her. Usich left social media ca in 2017. Shortly before that something interesting was going on on social media. The girls Manson picked up, used, fucked and left, including Clare Buley, Gabriella Reid, Jordan Arentz and probably few more, leaked his messages, photos, videos and their stories to anonymous accounts. It was posted on insta and probably on Twitter and though those accounts were constantly reported and everything was removed they reappeared again and again until something happened in 2017. Some girls since then deleted their accounts on social media or went private. So I can only guess if they were terrorized or threatened. Gabriella was bullied on social media but because she made her relationship with Manson opened on insta. I have some screens I can add later. If anyone remembers anything on all it and can add anything on it because I don't know what happened to anonymous accounts.

No. 525384

File: 1584218956814.jpg (988.83 KB, 2507x1217, IMG_20200314_214316.jpg)

I've got screens of the comments I saved years ago that can give the idea of what Manson&Usich relationship is. There were a lot of rumours but Manson is clearly in the position of power and is 16 years older than Usich. Usich seems to have a temper of a bitch just to be fair. But Manson seems to be way worse bitch so…

No. 525385

Post it in the dedicated manson thread, anon

No. 527498

File: 1584550404848.png (1.3 MB, 779x963, h485858dso70893b0.PNG)

Figured I'd post this here since she's been mentioned ITT before, but Christ, Ash Costello is looking rough. She needs to lay off the PS for a while, she looks about 50. Something about her just seems so trashy imo.

No. 527700

File: 1584561411236.jpeg (3.2 MB, 4032x3024, 5D0FCFDC-F584-45DC-AF87-F56D91…)

I saw this at the mall a few days ago; it made me chuckle but then I got sad because it’s true

No. 527706

This post is ironic of her since she has obviously gotten fillers

No. 527813

bragging about no filter is so funny it's for bitches who can't bear to have no makeup or no ps but still want to somehow be able to brag about being a natural beauty. just take the l and admit to yourself that you prefer an unnatural look for yourself. it's ok. doesn't have to be a big deal.

No. 529132

i don't get why she did this to herself, she looked completely fine?

she aged herself so bad and i think she's afraid to move her face too much nowadays

No. 529223

God I hate these idiots who brag about #nofilter when they're wearing obvious heavy makeup and have thousands of dollars worth of fillers in their face. It's always some shitty lighting bathroom selfie, too. So real and ~genuine~

No. 530936

Amy Lee shills social distancing and playing music

https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3097517073633375&id=740500432668396 (Not sure how to download video from phone)

No. 531962

File: 1585176232689.jpeg (708.01 KB, 1125x1191, 3C3FEA1E-2E6C-48C1-8133-8B6A6E…)

No. 535254

Daddy!!! <3

No. 535613

Not sure if they count, but any dirt on The All-American Rejects? I had a friend who said Tyson was into drugs for a while, but anything other than that?

No. 535627

Saw them open for another band and the singer told people to 'get naked'. Cue a lot of teen girls whipping their shirts off and flashing him. It was beyond awkward, but he ran to the front of the stage and caught their shirts and bras.

No. 540182

File: 1586717123555.jpeg (798.52 KB, 1014x1392, 7CAED025-0BF1-438D-AC63-EC6954…)

Damn, all his kids look like him

No. 540515

File: 1586803829424.gif (1.6 MB, 500x286, lars.gif)


All of them will end up with a tragic hair line like lars. I really hope they will do something to fix it when the time comes because lars seems to be really insecure about it but never fixed it for some reasons. Rather hides it underneath his shiny baseball caps than having a hair transplant. I mean he has clearly the money to go to a good doctor. If Kirk managed to have it, so can lars. (Read somewhere that James got it fixed too but it was more of a speculation).

Also waifu jessica looking out of place as usual.

No. 542759

Following up the info about Evanescence's new album, is Amy Lee a cow? I find it suspicious how Evanescence has a revolving door of musicians. I believe Amy Lee is the only constant member?
Forever curious what that ancient drama with Ben Moody was about. Personally I think that Evanescence's best music (from Fallen and the earlier demos) was created when the two were working together.
As a side note, I was shocked to find the 'mysterious' stalker from Snow White Queen has a thread on Kiwifarms kek

No. 542777

heritability for baldness travels through the maternal line

No. 542912

Ive heard she's hard to work with but then again I've heard pretty much every female celebrity is "hard to work with"

No. 543244


I remember back in the day when it was reported that her ex-bandmate and ex-lover ben moody freaked out after being thrown out of the band, so he went to Amy's house and trashed it with toilet paper with kelly clarkson on his side(I don't know if my memory serves me right but I think there was a video of it too). John LeCompt and Rocky Gray has been also thrown out of the band by receiving a call from amy that she said that both of them are no longer in the band. LeCompt later told that "it was not a call from a friend, but an enemy that wanted to hurt him and his family". Rocky Gray reported after his dismiss that he wasn't allowed to say that he left the fucking band and that amy's lawyers messaged him that he wasn't allowed to talk about any evanescence related content.

idk about anything else bc this happened like 13 years ago so and I watched it on MTV news or lol

No. 543315

All I know is Amy is/was an alcoholic. When I saw her with Evanescence in like 2007, she seemed completely sober for the show but was trashed and eating Twizzlers afterwards signing autographs. She had a woman with her (I think it was a BFF or something) who was sorta acting like a handler keeping her on task and upright.

She gave me her empty Twizzler bag and I still have it lol

No. 543427

She got trashed out of nervousness because the band was about to play before Iron Maiden at Download ‘07 according to an interview, but I do know she gets hammered a lot besides that one concert/festival: https://youtu.be/K4cUM0ci9LA

As for her handler? Her name is Beth Wilson and she’s Amy’s makeup and wardrobe artist who also instructs her how to move around on stage for years. You see more of her in the Anywhere but Home footage.

No. 543439

Do you remember the drama when the song You leaked? Was it about Ben Moody? lmfao
How did she end up giving you the bag??? lol
On another note holy shit guys, you know a lot! I used to love Evanescence on the cusp of The Open Door era. Due to my low English skills at the time I did not find out much about Amy so I projected hard based on her lyrics. She seems kind of boring to me as a person now but maybe I don't know enough to be a fair judge…

I hope the new record is good, nothing on self-titled has klicked with me beyond one of the singles (but it also wasn't that good).

No. 543458

>Do you remember the drama when the song You leaked? Was it about Ben Moody?
Hell yeah, the lyric “your eyes are so blue” comes to mind, since Ben’s eyes are blue-er than Amy’s kek

No. 544225

File: 1587499066762.jpg (63.69 KB, 655x592, soad.JPG)

>SYSTEM OF A DOWN drummer John Dolmayan, who is currently promoting his "These Grey Men" solo album, spoke to Dean Delray's "Let There Be Talk" podcast about the band's stalled attempts to record a follow-up to its "Mezmerize" and "Hypnotize" LPs, which came out in 2005. Asked if there has been any talk about making new music with SYSTEM, John said (hear audio below): "I find it very unlikely. I'm not even sure I wanna do it anymore. It's just so much drama and bullshit. In a lot of ways, I'm just over it. 'Cause I fought really hard to get us to make an album over the course of the last 15 years. More than anybody else, I was calling people, 'Let's get together. Put the egos aside. Let's have meetings. Whatever it takes. Let's get in the studio. Let's just get in the studio and see what happens.' I just couldn't get it done. I failed."

>He added: "Relationships break up all the time. And that's with one person. Try having it with four."


No. 544811

File: 1587597195717.jpeg (55.95 KB, 700x400, 563EB7C9-4385-4481-8888-3291B5…)

Falling in Reverse guitarist Derek Jones passed away yesterday. Cause of death is unknown. His wife died in December 2019, only 4 months ago.

No. 545945

They made it on the trending page

No. 545983


she sounds like shakira in the beginning

No. 546089

File: 1587866683882.jpeg (100.41 KB, 1125x365, 3244323E-6B1B-46B2-84A3-54A8E0…)

To the anon who suspects Amy is still an alcoholic, there ya go!

This comment was from their recent music video posted above

Edit: she also has a filled wineglass on the tub

No. 546255

Evanescence has had the same members now since 2015 (when Jen joined after Terry left, before that they had the same members since 2011)

Amy and Ben were childhood sweethearts but then it went sour. He ended up doing solo stuff (check out a song called 10.22, it's absolutely about Amy) and started a band called We Are The Fallen, which was basically an Evanescence tribute band. She was also with Shaun Morgan from Seether, and I think that's where her drinking problems started tbh. The song Call Me When You're Sober is about him.

Bring Me To Life and Good Enough are about her husband Josh.

I've been a fan for far too long.

No. 549019

Ash Costello is such a trainwreck, lol!

Here she's complaining about complaints and i just find it so extremely childish for a 30-something year old to act all annoying about it. Yes fans can take it too far sometimes, but how the hell are you gonna develope yourself if you keep thinking that criticism equals hate? Especially when she's becoming notorious for being rude to her fans.


No. 551050

I always assumed that song was about her therapist, whom she fell in love with and married

No. 552123

No that was bring me to life and another song called good enough

No. 552126

File: 1589037221419.jpeg (712.49 KB, 1125x2020, AEC397AB-5BD2-4CE5-BCFC-179314…)

How long until Dave relapses again? If you haven’t watched the Megadeth docu or read his autobiography, he started out with pot, psychedelics and then the harder stuff. It’s been 18 years since he quit opioids altogether.


No. 552346

She was so different back then, fame messes with people.

10:41 their former manager who assaulted her from time to time
25:00 she’s either being interviewed by her future husband or Josh Freese from A Perfect Circle

No. 552350

I know those songs are about him, but I assumed 'you' was also about him

No. 552540

File: 1589140854332.jpg (225.49 KB, 652x1583, zff.jpg)

Idk if this is exactly the right thread but am I the only one who sees the uncanny resemblance? First 2 Felice Fawn, last one is Zehani

No. 552541


zehani is a copycat fluke anyways, doesn't surprise me she would take tips from og goff qween felice.

but if you are implying they are the same person nah not really, felice/lauren is british and she went to university, business major ironically, in york after the whole scam fiasco.

No. 552544

File: 1589143058350.jpg (93.66 KB, 440x785, Z.JPG)

Nah I wasn't implying they're the same person, it's just crazy how much Zehani looks like ole shooped Felice. Also this q/a from Zehani's tumblr is pretty ironic…
What's the milk on her being a copycat fluke? I only just discovered her today. I like the rawness/screaming of her music, what's it ripped from?

No. 552553

how is that legal for a therapist to enter a relationship with a (former?) client? Or did he lose his license? That seems sketchy AF to me but maybe I'm uninformed

No. 552569

Who are these people?

No. 552570

He wasn’t her therapist iirc, just some dude who noticed how miserable she was and Amy was like “how did you know???”

Still a better love story than twilight, amirite?

No. 552580

Look it up faggot

No. 552655

File: 1589169611828.png (3.35 MB, 1654x1640, zheani.png)

idk if i would call zheani a "copycat" but if she is it's in a pretty benign way. i've followed her for a long time and she's always just been kind of an amalgam of tumblr trends. i guess she subtlely bites grimes, grace neutral, and of course yolandi and mixes in common internet themes like being a "witch" and mixing cutesy and edgy elements. she basically got on die antwoord's radar in the first place by being a huge fangirl and kind of copying them. i remember she used to type the way they do (especially yolandi) and would buy/wear clothes they had, etc. she still is pretty obviously influenced by die antwoord today even though she'd probably deny that.

No. 552745

So nobodies basically.

No. 553206

File: 1589295153869.jpeg (49.17 KB, 479x400, 34F25A1A-003A-4F98-BBDB-35CC76…)

That hoodie Zheani is wearing was made for her by Ninja. She only seemed to take on those mannerism after suffering sexual and physical abuse from ninja. The man can mind fuck a bitch good.

No. 553212

File: 1589296253957.jpeg (101.15 KB, 1165x739, A2AAE3AA-A568-4405-A70F-9425AF…)

I believe she got on Die Antwoord’s radar due to her resemblance to his prepubescent daughter at the time.

No. 553219

I dont listen to falling in reverse, but that's sad. RIP

No. 553259

>not knowing who Felice is
Considering what site youre on, yikes

No. 553271

He is a therapist but I can't find anything saying he was her therapist. Guess I was wrong but sort of right.

No. 553296

Then talk about her in her own thread

No. 553384

File: 1589337953578.png (1.19 MB, 1154x986, z.png)

i always thought this point was kind of a stretch seeing as though she looks like 16 because she also looks a lot like young yolandi… who is the person ninja had 16 with. these pics are from around the time that yolandi and ninja were actively dating and conceived 16. it doesn't seem that weird to me for a guy to be attracted to someone who looks like his baby momma. then i just found it kind of lame that the whole "he said he flew me out because i look like his daughter" was this huge point in her argument and literally the first line of her diss track against them and she said she'd post evidence backing up "every claim she made" and literally nowhere in any screen shot is that ever said or even alluded to.

idk i have no doubt ninja is a complete predatory piece of shit creep and yolandi is just as shitty of a person but zheani has always come off as a little crazy and opportunistic to me too. i got rubbed the wrong way when she was so giddy and excited in livestreams talking about how she couldnt wait to describe her traumatic rape story. i feel like die antwoord are such ridiculously horrible people that everyone gave zheani a pass for her weird behavior.

No. 553386

Im gonna second this one, she doesn’t look like 16 who is basically a girl version of ninja (my condolences for the girl, looking like him is tough), she’s an almost carbon copy of yolandi with bigger beady eyes.

Her whole attitude on this situation is sketch central, she made a whole shitshow out of it just to fall back into semi irrelevance again.

Yolandi and Ninja are awful people but Zehani is opportunistic and a fluke.

No. 553387

I think she was giddy because she spent 5 year afraid of them after being abused and suddenly realised she had nothing to be scared of when they made their childish and idiotic replies. Kind of a check mate situation
From the texts it was apparent that Ninja was into the daddy daughter incest fantasy.
Which I think is completely inappropriate for any man who has a young daughter.
Plus Zhaeni is more similar to 16 than Yolandi, ignore the haircut and look at the big dark eyes.

No. 553390

Jesus stop white knighting Zehani, she threw any credit she had on this situation by doing a public diss track instead of treating a situation as serious as sexual abuse with respect, she was obviously happy about the attention she got and only when that died down she decided to press charges which made het go to headlines again.

No. 553391

NTA, but this is kind of a lame argument. Whatever she did, she would've been gaslit and called a clout-chasing liar either way.
She dumped multiple screencaps and other proof showing she was telling the truth. DA are just shitty people. Their former cameraman and other people who have been involved with them have corroborated this. Even random people, like photographers and concert-goers can attest to them being awful. There's no getting around it.
Aside from that, I think she went quiet because they paid her off, there's almost definitely more under the surface and multiple other women they've exploited (like the woman with the swastika tattoo).

No. 553396

Plus she blew the lid on Ninja violently abusing his female dancers

No. 554629

Chibi from The Birthday Massacre has me really concerned. I can't post her last insta post because I'm at work but will post it when I get home. It's basically her with a bloody face at night and somebody holding a flashlight to her face. She looks out of it completely. And her caption is weird and doesn't really offer an explanation. After the posts she's been making lately (especially the one on Facebook about the car accident), the emergency surgeries, and having to cancel the tour and album promotion, I'm really scared for her.

No. 554699

File: 1589665366875.webm (113.81 KB, 480x480, dead_juliet_99103594_143137620…)

>Managed to mess my face up! 5 minutes to walk back, an hour to go home again.
Holy shit, you are right. This is very concerning. I love the band but don't know much about how she is as they used to keep everything personal secret apparently and it discouraged me from finding anything out.
I assume it's not a normal, creepy on brand post from her.
What did she write on fb?

No. 554704

Oh shit, I hope she’s ok. I fucking love tbm and chibi is very very sweet, I met her when I was younger after one of their concerts and it meant the world to me that one of my idols was a nice person.

No. 554734

The facebook post is here >>514543.

I just worry a lot about her. She was already kinda edgy and stuff but not in a serious way like this. And she is clearly dealing with some shit because her posts on instagram are always about how lonely and down she is. She deletes them sometimes, especially when its stuff like "all i have is my dog" but there are still plenty of them there.

No. 554790

Post more! I always thought Manson was pretty cool, I'd love to hear more deetz about his private life.

No. 554792

I think there's a thread in /snow/

No. 554797

Oh hey, you're right. Neat! Thanks anon.

No. 554900

File: 1589731107919.jpg (252.51 KB, 1187x1500, 81kP198XRVL._SL1500_.jpg)

Did any anons here watch "Verotika" by Glenn Danzig? Everything I've seen so far looked like some outtakes from a cheap porn. Some say that it's the spiritual successor of "The Room" lol.

Trailer: https://youtu.be/Uiwe1XZnnfM

No. 554920

it's so fucking bad. i don't get why he did it since he could have just made these concepts into music videos and he's always been a horror movie snob talking shit about horror movies 100x better than this. i guess the old man doesn't care anymore. i screamed when i saw courtney stodden in it lmao

No. 555767

File: 1589930672541.jpg (154.71 KB, 720x1136, _20200520_015046.JPG)

Sorry if this doesn't belong here, but just wondering if these two will ever stop this shit while they're still alive.

No. 556136


Ah, Roger Water. Never change, roger, never change lmao and No this will never stop. Roger will never accept David the fact that he replaced syd back in the day and and then later when roger left the fucking band became the main person in floyd. Roger saw since the success of DSOTM as "his" band, especially around the Wall/Final Cut era (I like to call the Final Cut the "Roger Waters and band" album lol). He really thought he would come out as the big star when he left floyd but nothing big really happened. Yes he did some solo stuff but it's really noting compared to floyd (and I say this as a waters fan). I also always got vibe from Roge that he was always kind of jealous of David, Dave had the look, the voice, the talent, the charisma and maybe also the fact that Gilmour was from a rather wealthy family, while roger came from a poor household with his single mum. But at the end of the day you can't deny that both of them needed each other to make the machine Pink Floyd work. David has the talent for sounds and music, while roger has the ideas for lyrical concepts and building structures.

And another thing that makes me lol is the fact that he says that david owns pink floyd. This makes me wonder: What about Nick? I always felt like nick was the one who still continues to work on the band and brand Pink Floyd now and is ok to call out Roger on being hard to work with lol

And last but not least: Dave and Nick also don't use the floyd platform to promote their solo shit. Everybody has their own twitter etc to post it there and it's successful either way. Roger just chasing the clout he once had, which I feel is unnecessary because his shows sell out anyways. Old man yelling at clout vibes on the max with Roger.

Video unrelated but it's roger and david together what they can do the best together: moaning.

No. 556175

File: 1590021290183.jpg (110.4 KB, 720x789, _20200521_031712.JPG)

Lol at The Final Cut being Roger and the band. Too true.
I'm a fan of both but Roger's swollen ego just makes him unbearable sometimes, David seems more down to earth. And yeah, neither of their solo stuff is anywhere near Pink Floyd, together they were the perfect storm.
I wonder too why Nick is never brought into this, but good for him.
Actually, the Pink Floyd facebook page has been sharing these "Von Trapped" quarantine lives (img) Dave's been doing with his family. I think Roger was spesifically reacting to that and being all salty his stuff isn't shared by the band's social media. I don't know what he's still bitching about, didn't they settle for Roger to get the rights for The Wall and rest of the guys to keep the band's name?

No. 556399

File: 1590078385857.jpg (68.1 KB, 648x334, ricknotsoright.JPG)


I see, then I will take my point back about sharing stuff on the floyd site, don't have facebook and saw this only being mentioned on dave's and polly's twitter. But I still see no reason for roger to be so damn pissy. And yes, as far as I know they actually sat together and made peace? idk, remember reading somewhere about how David said that going back to waters after so many years of fighting after the split felt like "having sex with your ex-wife". Roger had with the wall in 2013 one of the most successful tours ever. He made god knows how much millions with that one tour alone. I love all my old floyd dudes, saw the all live which I feel is a damn honor, all of them are absolute legends but fuck roger never stops to be a damn drama queen and that's the reason why he is my damn fave kek

But speaking of floyd. One thing that I can't quiet forget is the story of the ex-wife of late rick wright. He always seemed to be the chill and not so dramatic one in the band but I can't imagine that franka just made all this up. Many said that it wasn't true because she told the story long time after he died but idk rock stars are rock stars so there is that … thoughts?


>Of all the stories about adulterous rock stars, it must rank as one of the worst. When Franka Wright heard her husband, Pink Floyd keyboard player Rick, had returned to Athens, she rushed to see him on board his boat – only to find him entertaining a young blonde.

>‘She was wearing his shirt,’ Franka recalls. ‘I asked her how long their affair had been going on for and she stared at me, then slowly unbuttoned the shirt to show me her slightly rounded stomach. She was clearly pregnant. I was devastated.’

>The blow would have been heartbreaking for any wife, but it was all the more crushing given Franka, who by then had been with Rick for more than a decade, was recovering from her fourth miscarriage.

No. 556683

Damn I'm jealous, only got to see Roger's The Wall tour in 2011.
But wow, never knew about this story. Rick always seemed like a sweetheart but obviously, put any guy in that kind of a position, and yeah.. Read the whole article and there's probably truth to it, but honestly Franka just seems like she's after money. Getting a bit of an Angie Bowie vibe from her.

No. 558027

This is probably old milk and I’m not an economist….

This dude is worth $20 million yet he had trouble paying for a meal, let alone dessert (ice cream) while on tour in Sweden. Apparently he could afford only the crappy ice cream.

They’re a big band, so why the money issues?

No. 558434

File: 1590440109427.jpeg (523.79 KB, 978x646, 218503DB-54D6-439E-89F5-C3E2BF…)

Kerry King’s new house in Vegas. It’s alright, I guess. (Edit: misspelled his last name with an “o” by accident)


No. 558449

why does the window look like a shoop'd aliexpress stock photo?

No. 558719

oldfag reporting in. my husband actually saw the wall at the nassau coliseum, a fact which makes me seethe with jealousy.

No. 561777

File: 1590895014555.jpeg (478.74 KB, 1086x1136, A7819B99-3176-4F57-9C4F-F29523…)

>waaaahhh orange man badd, thugz gud!!!!

No. 561780

Shut up stinky

No. 561803


No. 561858

nah we don’t play with your 4chan bullshit here, begone

No. 561873

Who is this “we” you speak of? Begone, Twitterfags!

No. 561878

No one's a Twitterfag you're just a retard

No. 561881

Why, because not everyone suffers from TDS?

Not like Joe Biden will do any better

No. 561886

I can't believe Americans have created cringey terms like TDS lmao. what a bunch of children

No. 561887

Deleted Because forgot to sage but if you can read, you can very well see the board is pretty anti Biden.

Lurk more newfag. We've derailed the thread enough.

No. 561915

anybody here seen the performance of Azazel at the Steelfest back in 2017? I've watched this train wreck in every possible recorded view because I absolute refuse to believe that this is a real band being THIS shitfaced lmao

No. 561917


here the full length version of this beauty. The guitarist falling off stage at the end never fails to make me lol

No. 571585

Nice to see you again, Daddy Het

No. 571589

No. 571601

"fiiliksellä vaan!" all my keks are on the floor

No. 572793

File: 1592678026820.jpeg (466.9 KB, 1125x1204, 234722DA-0B9E-442A-B3B3-7E3AFC…)

Has anyone heard of this chick outside from the Megadeth fanbase?


She is an industry plant but daddy’s connections seem to not be enough as she hasn’t put out an album yet in the last four years. Her singing talent is debatable.

She was originally a country artist and has recently transitioned to pop; she started covering country versions of her dad’s songs and has released her own song called Life is Good back in 2016. Dave tried to shill her throughout that time but it seems no one really gave a fuck so she went back to being in the shadows and posting Instathot pics.


She’s still taking Instathot pics with pseudo-intellectual quotes and is signed to Universal. Electra still “plans” to release music in the near future and has recently released short clips of her own songs. However, they sound like generic Lana Del Rey rip-offs while trying to sound like her old man back in his heyday.

Electra also Kylie Jenner’ed her face to look more “marketable” and has labeled anyone who criticizes or questions her as “haters”.

I may post this in the celeb thread

No. 572799

I forgot to mention that she skinwalks her dad on occasions.

No. 572819

File: 1592680478052.jpg (19.07 KB, 286x266, hettat.JPG)


God, I've watched this even when I have zero interest in cars because I l o v e the sound of his voice. He could make a documentary on how the grass grows and I would still watch it because listening to him, singing or talking, is pure eargasm tbh.

Aaaand I also watched this because I was curious how his home looks like lol. Love this lil country kitchen, I thought it would be just as huge like the house of lars or kirk.

Also new tattoo was spotted that says "Lead us not into temptation".


It's not happening for her and her music. She could just stick to being an instagram model and make it her job. I do think that she has a pretty face and with the money daddy dave she could flex with her jetset life. At least her brother went into management or something like that, because that's better than having a "music career" go nowhere.

No. 572820

File: 1592680907130.jpg (75.29 KB, 779x514, larskitchen.JPG)


samefag but here the place of lars since I love to see how people with too much money live.


No. 572823

File: 1592681244442.jpg (75.61 KB, 783x521, kirkkitchen.JPG)


I would've bought kirk's house if I had the spare money because I really love it.


No. 572856

She has been flexing her jetset life for awhile now and her mom’s recently doing the same, although she seems more private about it. Dude, she recently had her bday in fucking Paris and got to sing Á Toute Le Monde with the band, think that should be enough and call it a day to her singing career. Oh and she needs to stop botch’ing her face or else she’s gonna look like Pam.

At least the whole family is grateful for the fans funding their lifestyle. Need to look what the Hetfield kids are up to.

Lara is a man of culture lol it’s beautiful

No. 572878


>Need to look what the Hetfield kids are up to.

Looks like the oldest daughter also tries to be a singer. Maybe she can make a band with electra lol

No. 572893

It would be a thrash metal revival and history would repeat itself kek. Cali would get enough of Electra’s bullshit and kick her out of the band in a year or less then Electra will whine and bitch about it for the next 30 years

I went to see what’s up with the Het fam but so far their kids have almost no social media presence and if they do, they do not show up on the front google pages.

His son is also a singer - the lead singer/songwriter of the band Reckless and am not sure how that’s going for him.

No. 579740

I know 2020 sucks for the biggest part but at least David Gilmour blesses us with new music. So dreamy!

No. 579742

Simply beautiful. Always one of my favourite musicians.

However, this is the wrong thread, this thread is for rockstars who act like cows (definitely not David). Your post is better suited for /m/ where we talk about media we like.

No. 579746


I know that dave isn't a cow but I just like to dump everything rock music related here since I did it with everything floyd related stuff as well, but you are right tho.

No. 580737

File: 1594144407704.jpg (75.37 KB, 661x711, oof.JPG)

Any Kasabian fans here?

I used to love this band back in the day but I stopped paying attention to them because everything after velociraptor! just did nothing for me.

Anyways, they got my attention again because it was announced that Tom was leaving the band due to "personal reasons" which made fans wishing him the best for the future to work on his problems, knowing that he would be revealed as a violent woman beater just hours later with stuff that happened back in april.

the full article: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-leicestershire-53319170

>He pleaded guilty at Leicester Magistrates' Court to attacking Vikki Ager while drunk on 9 April.

>Ms Ager hit her head on a hamster cage after being thrown across a room. The musician also grabbed her leg and hit her on the head, the court heard.

>Magistrates heard after Meighan "threw the victim across the room in a rage" and Ms Ager was struck on the head, he threatened to hit her with a wooden pallet before he "thought better of it, thankfully, and threw it down on the hot tub aggressively".

>Meighan was given an 18-month community order and told to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work.

No. 580741

File: 1594144665823.jpg (73.68 KB, 946x610, tom.JPG)


of course the disabled everywhere the comment section because they knew this is just - not good at all lol

a bit ot but I saw them in … 2012 or so and it was one of the most weird concerts ever because even when the live music was great, tom got shit faced through out the entire show (I've seen enough rock bands to know that he was drinking too much) and at the end I caught one drum stick which made another girl bite in my hand like a crazy bitch wtf it was really strange tho.

No. 580753

Read about this earlier and my first thought was that I'm sure lots of people around him had begged him to lay off drinking in the years before this happened. My ex did the same shit only ever while drunk and it usually slowly escalates from shouting at you and being an irritable drunk to throwing you around. He needs to take the massive hint and get off drink completely.

Men who act like this because 'eh I was drunk' have no business touching alcohol again.

No. 581933

File: 1594342261767.png (2.15 MB, 1522x838, Screen Shot 2020-07-09 at 8.49…)

does anyone have any info on steel panther? a lot of people think the sex-crazed glam band thing is an act but i feel like at least one of them has to be fucking their barely legal groupies

No. 585044

It seems no one has seen Evanescence’s new video yet.

>music is heavier than the last song

>psychedelic mental breakdowns
>Amy drowning is always a must
>constant one-eye/MK-Ultra symbolism that I’m surprised vigilant citizen hasn’t written an article yet

I like the song though!

No. 585046

AFAIK their gfs are in their 20’s, not sure if early, mid, or late though. You’ll never see ‘em with chicks their own age probably because “muh inner youth”.

No. 585205

A friend of mine worked at the backstage at wacken and he told me that at first he thought they were doing it as a stage act only, but apparently they were arrogant pricks off stage as well, thinking their hot shit. At the show they were constantly encouraging their fans to show them their boobs and made dumb sexist jokes all the time. Nothing extraordinary, but sleazy old geezers lusting for their young fans are pretty disgusting.

No. 585962

File: 1595049836522.jpeg (30.07 KB, 340x219, 89A358F3-5E42-40CD-89E7-049C55…)

Not sure if this fits here but I’ve heard about the lead in Mindless Self Indulgence being a pedophile and LynZ is a cheater/compulsive liar.Most of the accusations seem to be on this tumblr blog called loverofmenartandpasta.Some of the claims seem plausible considering how Jimmy and the band presents itself but also feels like some kinda vendetta.What are your opinions,anons?

No. 585974

Is Lin-z still with Gerard? I used to hate her like 12 years ago because she was with my husbandu but I stopped following MCR. I think I would also cheat on fat Gerard kek

No. 585976

All I know is Michael has been married for over a decade and has children.

No. 585985

Yeah they’re still together,also lol i think everyone hated Lynz when she got with Gerard

No. 585986

im not the biggest fan of MSI, but all those claims have came from jessika adams, who has a thread on the farms

No. 586010

wasn't the pedo thing because of some song about 5 year old panties?

No. 586027

Oh shit didn’t know,gonna go check it out

No. 588171

Idk if this is the right thread but Burger Records just shut down, basically got #metoo-ed to hell: https://pitchfork.com/news/burger-records-shuts-down-completely/

No. 588176

Isn't using edgy song lyrics and the way a band presented themselves on myspace just like saying Blink 182 were publicly into bestiality because they released that song about fucking a dog back in the 90s?

I'm not surprised when musicians are outed as pedophiles anymore, it seems most of them are, but I just think that it's redundant to take edgy 00s bands at face value.

No. 588228

lol this shit was insane. They're removing all burger catalogs from spotify (even from artists who weren't involved in anything) and making them have to put it up again on their own means. This shit is a disaster, but the LA DIY scene has always been a cesspool.

No. 588346

Yeah, I’m curious to see the fallout. Also all the “apologies” I’ve seen on IG from bands who’s members were accused seem pretty thin. Time will tell!

No. 588710

what >>588176 said. that song (and most of msi's catalogue) is meant to be shocking to the point of absurdism. to me, panty shot sounds very inspired by little girls by oingo boingo which was written for the same reason. its supposed to be gross and creepy. thats kind of the point. we're talking about a band with lyrics like "i love my mommy cause she fucked the shit out of my dad," "use your money for crack," and an entire song encouraging kids to massacre their family and kill themselves if they don't get something they want. they're taking the piss.

i'm a longtime fan which of course comes with bias, but also means i've been observing them super closely for over a decade now and i honestly get zero inclination that jimmy is a pedophile and never have. every msi show has a huge amount of naive teenage fangirls and i've seen countless interactions of jimmy and those fans (who often do try to cross boundaries because of his oversexualized/shockjock persona) and i've never seen anything weird happen. he's always nice but when you watch him talk to young fans you can read in his body language and behavior that he doesn't seem to enjoy or seek out attention from clingy teenagers. most the time he seems outwardly uncomfortable and put off by it.

he's also been married to the same woman for years and years who he is clearly deeply in love with and she's not young looking and is very curvy and womanly. i know that doesn't necessarily mean anything at all, but its just not the super petite, young looking, infantilized uwu type of woman that i see some pedos go for as their beard so i thought it was worth mentioning.

No. 589709

Ozzy’s kid released a new song recently.

I like it tbh, sounds like Type O Negative mixed with Lana Del Rey

No. 590323

Daddy Dave is back! ♥

No. 590494

File: 1595759278778.jpg (41.9 KB, 636x433, glasses.JPG)


came here to post the same thing because this look is just everything

No. 590539

File: 1595766976353.jpg (86.89 KB, 658x745, greeny.JPG)

I feel like an ass bc when I've seen the news that peter green died, was my first thought was about how much more worth the guitar "greeny" is now. It was speculated that Kirk Hammett bought it for around 2.1$ Million.

But either way, rip mr. green


No. 590541

File: 1595767055181.jpg (308.03 KB, 1080x1350, 79643954_597272080843166_50801…)

No. 590546

File: 1595767497772.jpg (64.41 KB, 748x600, sad.JPG)

And speaking of expensive guitars: It will forever hurt my heart that I'm not filthy rich bc I would've loved to get this guitar sniff At least I saw it in concert twice.


No. 590868

File: 1595809450072.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1125x1819, 70010BF4-E365-455B-B36F-08D3A9…)

A jolly Santa Claus man kek, there were instances where he looked annoyed with his kids though

Maybe Kirk will buy it

No. 590869

File: 1595809480019.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1125x1759, E656CA38-102D-489D-BD2C-14A2FF…)

No. 598802

'tallica is back in the studio.
Video shows them playing the intro of "Creeping Death". Wonder what is happening there, it was speculated that they work on a new cover ep.

Also, why I'm not surprised that James isn't wearing a face mask …

No. 617791

Propaganda music video featuring Lzzy Hale; Amy did not age well

No. 628355

Dave is butthurt over his former band mates calling him on his shit and expecting them to play “for the fans” for less money.

He’s back to his old cunty self <3

No. 628396

File: 1599873287783.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1500x2289, DF9DD829-EC69-4F9C-9A91-0D3CC1…)

So a few years ago Maynard James Keenan of TOOL was accused of rape and… I totally believe it.
Accusation on Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/IWas17HeWas36
Reddit thread outlining more info: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/indieheads/comments/8tu1u4/sexual_assault_allegations_against_maynard_james/

>whipping out his dick while watching happy gilmore

Ughhh… I believe it. It’s so depressing. They were one of my favorite bands. I can’t even listen to their music anymore. I guess that frees things up for other bands I like though.

No. 628407

Sage for double post but I guess it just shows how naive I am to be so disappointed. A lot of comments saying how this is “standard” and who wouldn’t get down with having rando sex all the time, but it’s always disappointing when someone you I guess “admired” turns out to be someone who would treat you like a piece of meat when you respect them. Being a woman who likes this kind of music is so depressing.

No. 628429

It really is, i can't listen to someones music the same way when i know they're a creep.

No. 642547

File: 1601492968614.png (7.25 MB, 1125x2436, 6200E73F-8B00-4194-AE5B-488AA4…)

You’re that desperate to have everyone vote for Sleepy Joe in, huh?

No. 642555

I never pegged you as an evanescence fan, mr president

No. 642742

Meh, she’s not my type anyway and nowhere near as pretty as Ivanka.

No. 648824

No. 648849

If only I had the strenght to write about Courtney Love. And believe me, there's a lot. Even if you think you know something about her, you don't really know it. But for now I will just leave a video proof she can't play for shit.

No. 649036

File: 1602108694659.jpg (70.56 KB, 405x594, everlasting luv.jpg)

Not really rock stars but SALEM released a new song this week and it reminded me of the week Courtney tried to turn the "cute" member into surrogate Cobain arm candy.
When you're too fucked up for a crack smoking Courtney Love, that says something.

No. 649047

yeah jack's homosexuality probably threw a wrench in courtney's bid for relevancy lol

No. 649553

Jack will fuck anything that moves

No. 650005

you could have just dropped this for a start

No. 650203

She looks like a crackhead, only polished

No. 650749

Ffs Courtney is a horrible person but I wish people would stop linking this blog. Whoever writes it sounds so unhinged

No. 650909

you can ignore the comments and just look at the receipts. If you know a better crash course on Courtney's shit, give me a link.

No. 654979

When I think of Courtney I pretty much only think of her on the roast of Pamela Anderson or Tommy Lee or whoever it was. That was so fucking funny to me I watched her parts over and over again because she had me rolling. Shes such a fuck up.
Btw, I think we need to have a nepotism thread on lesser known celebrity kids trying to make it in music, especially rock music.

No. 657992

File: 1602958274413.jpg (85.08 KB, 500x597, thundaonlyhaaaapenswhenitsraaa…)


No. 657995

No. 717378

A compendium of Courtney Love's antics would be encyclopedia sized. There really is no rock star, male or female (barring full on murderers) who comes close to as weird and fucked up as Courtney Love. The image I have stuck in my mind is a paparazzi shot of her drugged out of her mind eating at a cafe with a bag of dog shit on the table. Her fucking with Madonna is a highlight too.

No. 717379

Stevie had 4 abortions that she's admitted to. Girl did not like using rubbers.

No. 717464

Here’s my favourite Courtney love moment.

No. 717604

And here is mine:
>Feminism is a dirty word over here because your feminists are so ugly. They are! Every picture I saw of those women at the nuclear plants, they were not pretty. I remember my mother having Our Bodies Ourselves and seeing the women and thinking, Ugh! Shave a leg! So I didn’t want to be associated with feminism because I thought it would make me ugly.

No. 717622

She was always a nlog who stole the kinderwhore aesthetics from kat bjelland. Remember when she told her audience to scream "n*gger"? So subversive kek

No. 717638

I wanted to post the quote but didn't want to get banned for racebaiting and someone not getting I was being sarcasticm
I love Courtney's (?) music and looks from the 90's but she is literally trash. Love how her publicists managed to spin the narrative that she's a feminist icon vilified for being a wild woman in a men's word to the point that I found it repeated word to word in a book about fucking Manic Street Preachers

No. 717653

Yeah I still love that music but after reading everything on this blog >>650005 I honestly doubt she wrote anything herself, definitely not the best stuff like Live Through This.
And I'm a person who always believes the woman and who doesn't give a fuck about "male victims of abuse", but this one case is an exception and I believe she abused the fuck out of Cobain and was one of the main reasons he offed himself.

No. 718106

Courtney based her career off of Mark E. Smith and Stevie Nicks. That's pretty much all you need to know about her. More people should look into Stevie Nicks. She was a lolcow extraordinaire back in the day before paparazzi knew celebs' dentist appointments. She's scrubbed her image since and denies the coke in the ass and herpes tales. The love (one of possibly hundreds in the music industry) of her life is Joe Walsh. Lol.

No. 718421

Wasn't Courtney skinwalking Nancy Spungen?

No. 719392

Curiously enough Courtney was in the 1986 Sid & Nancy film but lost the main role to an actual actress and instead played her friend. Nancy Spungen had an aesthetic influence on her but that's about it. Cortney was the type to go for the talented lead singers/guitarists like Corgan, Cobain, Dando, etc. and then use those relationships as a springboard to launch her career. Of course these dudes got spit out in the end. Corgan probably deserved it for being such a simp and writing much of Celebrity Skin for her.

No. 719403

pretty sure she also skinwalked Nancy's childhood mental illness

No. 719630

can you elaborate on how she based her career off of mark e smith? I've never heard that before…

No. 719636

Trashy queen. The one thing she's done in her career she should actually get credit for is the hustle to get people to capitulate to her narcissism no wonder nicky's simped for her before kek

No. 724771

I'd like to see a list of Courtney's bangs. Manson said that Courtney slept with "all" off his friends. It's an exaggeration, but probably not that much of an exaggeration, lol.

No. 724778

Of course you revive this thread with Manson sperg, for little reason other than wanting to mention something to do with Manson. This reminds me of the Manson sperg who put unsaged pics of young Henry Rollins in the celibriicows thread unprovoked simply because you old bitches can’t relate to anything being posted on here and want to make everything about your special interests.

No. 724780

you mean Nicky Wire? Holy shit, I missed that. Do you have any receipts? Google was useless

No. 724803

I'm not one of the Manson spergs, but he's go the best dirt on Courtney and isn't afraid to spill because he's a sociopath and messy alcoholic who probably should be dead with how much he drinks at his age.

No. 726254

Stevie Nicks:
In 1979 fucked her friend Sara Rancor's husband. At the same time, Stevie was fucking Mick Fleetwood, who was still married to Jenny Boyd while her ex of less than a year was still in Fleetwood Mac. She was fucking Don Henley around the time too and got pregnant by him. When Sara started having an affair with Mick Fleetwood, Stevie threw a fit and wouldn't talk to either for months. She still feels like Mick cheated on her even though he was married. The song Sara is partially about this love quadrilateral. She showed up to Mick and Sara's wedding in the mid '80s wearing a white dress and a huge crucifix. In 1983 she married her (recently deceased after giving birth) best friend Robin's husband Kim because "I wanted to get her hands on that baby" but then dumped the guy after three months to start an affair with Joe Walsh, bandmate of Don Henley. She denies that she was every married to Kim despite court records and photo evidence and ghoulishly insists that she was married to Lindsey Buckingham in the 70s. Producer Jimmy Iovine, Tom Petty, Eurhythmics' Dave Stewart, and Beatles publicist Derek Taylor feature somewhere in her love life. A few years ago she criticized female popstars for showing too much skin and has recently taken to calling herself a prude despite her well known, drug use, multiple abortions, adultery, and alleged Bad Dragon patronage. Adding to the hypocrisy is her crocodile tear complaints about older men in the entertainment industry dating younger women when she quite literally wrote a song about one of her affairs with an older, married man. The song in question is Beautiful Child which boorishly features the lyrics "You fell in love when I was only ten". Yikes. Another shitty thing is that she allegedly helped Don Henley out when he got caught with underage girls and bags of drugs in his house. She's a feminist when it suits her, basically.

No. 726259

Stevie defended Kristen Stewart after she cheated on Robert Pattinson
>"was her age once, and exactly what happened to her happened to me two or three times, and whoever it was that I was with forgave me all two or three times,” the rock icon, 64, explained. “The fact is that when you’re young and you’ve been in a relationship for a long time and something comes along that is a little bit overwhelming and magical, and you’re kind of in another situation with someone else . . . Things happen."

Only Stevie could liken cheating on a partner to a magical experience.

No. 726264

Stevie Nicks is into animal dildoes?!

No. 726412

Blind items are usually trash but I believe it. She's notorious for being a Twilight and Game of Thrones stan and her frequent collaborator (and ex lover) Dave Stewart owns a line of sex toys. The love of her life is Joe Walsh. His ex-gf recently wrote a book about how Joe Walsh was really into kinky shit and S&M. She confirms the coke up the butthole stories too.

No. 728228

>Kim Gordon: Courtney asked us for advice about her ‘secret affair’ with Billy Corgan. I thought, Ewwww, at even the mention of Billy Corgan, whom nobody liked because he was such a crybaby, and Smashing Pumpkins took themselves way too seriously and were in no way punk rock.

No. 728233

Anon where are you getting these from?

No. 741410

The only good Fleetwood Mac was Peter Green era, so fuck you Stevie.

No. 747711

Stevie Nicks really hated using condoms, apparently.

No. 803180

File: 1620628941172.png (Spoiler Image, 474.02 KB, 1192x1176, Screen Shot 2021-05-10 at 2.41…)

David Ellefson is getting exposed for sending dick pics/masturbating videos to a girl who was 17-19 at the time. I don't know how to link twitter videos but they're all here:


No. 803182

File: 1620628999852.png (Spoiler Image, 2.1 MB, 996x1326, Screen Shot 2021-05-10 at 2.40…)

Another pic with his wedding ring fully visible. This man claims to be a Christian.

No. 803193

instant regret clicking this

No. 803319

Goddammit, Junior! Dude was a fucking pastor for crying out lou-oh wait…

Mustaine’s gonna fire him just to save face, watch

Edit- she deleted her account
Double edit - I lied and forgot to read the rest

No. 803326

Apparently the girl he sent his dick pics to wasn’t underage but I still can’t look at him the same way. Ewwww


No. 803332

Are megadeth a legit good band I always thought they were a meme.

No. 803341

Yeah, mainly from 1985-2009, once you get past Dave’s shrill singing.

No. 803346

I suppose the guys I hungout with in highschool were so lame I just assumed megadeth had to be cringe af as well. I think metallica is cringe too for this reason. Ozzy Osbourne remains the best in heavy metal.

No. 803375

Their fanbase is pretty cringey, I’ll admit but the music is to die for abeit a few albums

No. 803400

File: 1620655967615.jpeg (281.56 KB, 1125x1445, 3BFCBB33-98D5-4B80-9C57-955459…)

At best, he cheated on his wife

No. 803411

>I'm gonna hurt you fucked with the wrong person durr
>btw you can fuck me if you want I'm a slut down on my kneeeees
I know he was high but it always makes me laugh

No. 803417

if there was a picture of me online where i looked that bad i would kill myself. this guy should kill himself

No. 803423

File: 1620657754231.png (2.55 MB, 1125x2436, 568A35C1-5D4C-4960-9BF9-86135C…)

Guys, we have another Sarah situation in our hands, apparently the guy is a friend of the girl who revealed the dick pics her friend sent her and has more proof

No. 803425

File: 1620657870638.png (582.3 KB, 1125x2436, CC34530D-20EC-47AA-A646-8D1A16…)

Junior, why…?

No. 803426

File: 1620657933275.png (1.09 MB, 1125x2436, 85DCE7BF-4E88-43B5-A475-1692E4…)

No. 803427

File: 1620657991005.png (1.48 MB, 1125x2436, 50F60DB4-20D3-4606-A959-5F3381…)

I have no words…

No. 803432

I'm not brave enough to see the wank videos or pics. Fuck that, junior.


I always got some sort of creepy uncle vibes from him, but couldn't say why …
Also this dude is married for almost 30 years to his wife, wonder how the weekend was with all the information coming out lmao to be a fly on the wall.

Makes me also wonder how megadave will react to this. Having this type of story going on while the new album is just around the corner is just the worst timing ever kek

Newsted to be new megadeth bass player?? jk

No. 803441

File: 1620659903216.jpeg (262.75 KB, 946x2048, A17FA0AD-4F26-47E3-A436-EB47CE…)

MegaDave’s aware, he blocked the woahworst account after showing him proof. Another weird thing is that Nick Menza’s sister tagged “Daphne” on Instagram .

Sadly, Jason doesn’t wanna tour anymore because he’s all kinds of fucked up from the Metallica tours he did in the past but there’s also James Lomenzo…

No. 803762

File: 1620678893597.jpg (21.53 KB, 523x615, gone.JPG)

looks like it was taken down?

No. 803955

File: 1620698155704.jpeg (353.31 KB, 1125x972, 1D307538-DFB6-4E09-846A-F80574…)

A very corporate response

No. 803979

File: 1620701474592.jpg (34.9 KB, 807x454, 4161745.jpg)

Till Lindemann is a lolcow in his own way. He has like 90 kids because he can't stop fucking everything with a pulse, one of them is recent as fuck.

He writes sad boy poetry about constantly fucking girls and being a heartbroken lonely man, seemingly unaware that his other poems describe him not understanding why a girl he threw into a radiator is upset and that he likes it rough and making mega BPD statements. Actually a good few of his own poems make him out to be manipulative and an abuser while making himself the victim of weird man anguish.

He was accused of abuse early in his career but it is unclear if this is before or after an ex accused him of being a nonce. He once ghosted a girlfriend after getting her preggo by writing a letter essentially saying "nah not my problem".

He now runs an art project about penises, made the saddest porno I've ever seen, and continues to have this hairstyle despite the fact it gives him a tic tac head

No. 803992

I know he's an absolute trainwreck but do you know if he actually takes his poems seriously? I mean, he's in a metal band, talking about violent and edgy stuff is basically a requirement even if it's not directly related to Rammstein. I'm not saying he hasn't been an asshole to women in other ways, just curious if any of it has translated to explicit abuse aside from rumors.

No. 804024

File: 1620708234523.jpg (31.75 KB, 333x500, 16540_105574382788132_10000006…)

Richard Kruspe is way more milky than Till. He's a notorious cheater who has a shitty vanity project to make up for the fact his meltdowns kinda fucked up Rammstein. They mentioned in an interview that during he threw a tantrum so bad that Till had to physically pick Richard up, carry him to a bathroom, and lock him in a stall until he chilled tf out. Around the same time as this interview a different interviewer asked why they went on hiatus for so long they basically said they couldn't be arsed with the drama, and soon after Richard himself admitted to being an intense control freak during any creative process.

Its incredible how the worst dresser ins group of old age German men has this weird "I'm so hot" thing going on. The state of him

No. 804050

File: 1620713189592.jpg (17.26 KB, 567x369, 72fde24d9348836171b520c9802cd5…)

Tbf he used to be "the hot one" or at least that was my opinion as I had a huge crush on him as a teenager
Now he just looks like he's scared of aging.

No. 804059

all i know about these guys is that i had a friend who used to make me read the explicit fanfiction she wrote about the two of them and every time i see their faces i am triggered
actually now that i think about it i think it was till and the shrimpy one most of the time

No. 804065

File: 1620720242321.jpg (117.78 KB, 520x810, tumblr_inline_p5gamzQORo1vzii0…)

He's definitely afraid of aging. Remember his weird phase of dressing in long sleeve striped shirts under short sleeve shirts to pull off the Hot Topic emo look… in his 30s? Also jesus his hair back then

No. 804066

File: 1620720395951.jpg (34.76 KB, 283x508, be75d1067c25537148c996bd8b86b1…)

Also Till was always the hot one.

Well, until recently. None of them are hot now

No. 804070

This so much. He is one of the cringiest tryhards I have ever seen. Rammstein used to be cool in the context of their time, but neither the band’s style nor its members aged well. Now they are desperately trying to get attention and media coverage in the worst ways. Lindemann’s latest projects are embarrassing and the music video/"porn" he did had me laughing hysterically. Old man still going through his extended midlife crisis, can’t get his flaccid dick up and desperately tries being an edgelord. I can’t believe that women still fall for it. Most of his exes are dumb attention whores as well, but I actually like some of them and just don’t understand how they can interact with this cringy af grandpa.

No. 804079

I always thought that Tills relationship with his ex Sophia Thomalla was super weird. Her own mother was younger than him and said that they were first together when Sophia was like 18. Sounds kinda sketchy to me tbh.

No. 804086

>He is one of the cringiest tryhards I have ever seen. Rammstein used to be cool in the context of their time, but neither the band’s style nor its members aged well.
This, Rammstein used to be my all time favorite and I still think the music is good but especially Lindemanns latest years' cringe makes me lose fondness for the band, why can't you just be slightly less tryhard dude…
Tbh rest of the guys is not really doing anything particularly cringy afaik, maybe except Richard? But yeah, Till being a frontman and all ruins it.

No. 804090

File: 1620725031869.jpg (30.06 KB, 600x561, 555353824962f25caf6838ed9489b2…)

I used to be a huge Rammstein fan and they were really good when I saw them live a few years ago. They really do pour everything in their show.
That said, their last album sucked and Tils project is pretty bad too. They should really let go of the edgelord thing and age gracefully. Not just because it's a bad look for men their age but most fans got older too and aren't edgy teens anymore.

I'm sorry anon but I must fight you over this. It's always the guitarist.

Oh lol that was absolutely horrendous. The clothes, hair, makeup….everything. Like dude grow up, you could look so much better even at this age but not while looking like this hahaha.

No. 804097

If you liked them live I still recommend you go for one of the Stadium Tour gigs once the tour is resumed! Been to multiple of their live shows since 2009 and this one is easily the best when it comes to the quality of live performance and just the show in general, even if the latest album is so-so.

No. 804169

It's such a moid move to publish poetry books with poems talking about how lonely they are and how they never seem to be able to find love, but in reality just be an old man chasing bimbos half his age. Hes almost 60 so you think he'd know by now that jail bait aren't emotionally fulfilling women

That's fucking creepy. I believe full well that Sophia was 18 and I pity any woman who had to deal with his moody ass and victim complex

No. 804177

Judging from his latest instagram posts he still thinks that he is the emo walmart version of george clooney lol wtf

No. 804229

He looks like Shane Dawson

No. 804232

>his other poems describe him not understanding why a girl he threw into a radiator is upset and that he likes it rough and making mega BPD statements
I'm sorry, could you point me towards the radiator drama receipts, as well as the relevant poem? This is fascinating. TBH same about the BPD/manipulative/abuser poems.
>an ex accused him of being a nonce
Uhhh how does he still have a career? I guess nobody looked into it cause it was pre #MeToo?
>He now runs an art project about penises,
>made the saddest porno I've ever seen
WHAT??? Does he star in it, at least?

Sorry, I don't follow Rammstein cause their toxic masculinity (sorry, IDK how to call it better) disgusts me. I know I could google, but you seem to know so much and clearly have the right opinions. I don't want to read what scrotes or pick-me fangirls have to say about Till and his 'art'.

No. 804278

File: 1620754815683.jpg (56.61 KB, 559x664, EeqHcqAUcAAxDu5.jpg)

Till Lindemanns Instagram is absolutely hilarious. He clearly thinks he's being a deep damaged artist with how hes doing it, and holy shit the croissant hotel fire video that he had on his story a while back. He looks like someones dad found out about sad 2012 indie films

I read the radiator poem in a post on Tumblr a few years back. One of his poetry books is quite difficult to acquire, so someone who had it posted pictures of some of the poems within. I remember thinking "holy shit" at the time. People in the comments were uncomfortable about this one in particular

Also his BPD is very obvious to readers if you've experienced it. I haven't got BPD, but a lot of people seem to believe this and I've had it explained to me why this is the case. A lot of his thought patterns and kind of weird lack of self awareness regarding how manipulative he is at times really ticks all the boxes. The same can be said for his hypersexuality and contradictory moods

The nonce accusation was made in the late 90s/early 2000s, but apparently the actual incident he was being accused of occured in the early 90s before his career took off big time (around 1996)

Yes he does star in the porno. It's a room full of women and he looks like he would rather be anywhere else than having a poor 20 something year old sucking his surprisingly small old man cock

No. 804284

File: 1620755085800.jpg (808.81 KB, 1920x1080, PhotoCollage_1620755624098.jpg)

I was actually going to say that too but I felt like maybe comparing their faces would be a reach

No. 804293

Found a blog with the old poem translations, do you know which one may have been the radiator one? I will read all of them anyway for the keks, but don't want to miss the context

No. 804302

Sorry, but this is the funniest thing I've seen today. They literally look like twins.

No. 804549

no they look like zac efron

No. 804579

On the subject of Till Lindemann he's not only a serial cheater hanging out with bimbo blondes but he's also known for fucking young fans on tour afterparties. there's been a lot of stories on the internet about picking nice girls for afters and him getting locked in bathroom stalls with fans etc. Afterparties were mostly for Till only and all other Rammstein members usually would get the fuck out, sometimes Richard stayed but Olli, Flake, Christopher and Paul would almost never show up or leave early and not engage in the fangirl shit. People wouldn't believe at first but when he came out with trashy Lindemann project i guess it got more believable. As for Till, a few years back he would show short videos during his Lindemann tours and he showed some live or pre-recorded video of some girls sucking him off in a space under the scene. As for the stupid porno film, guess the whole porn-themed music video for Pussy in 2010 was not enough so he had to "evolve" lol. (in that video they had body doubles) Rammstein also had limited edition of Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da album which included a box with 6 dildos modelled after each of band members.

No. 804582

File: 1620787760132.png (Spoiler Image, 708.21 KB, 720x1280, pZgCJBQ.png)

Mac Demarco

No. 804588

Gross and spoiler this anon

No. 804591

They deleted the videos, fuckin’ pussy

No. 804623

well at least he fixed his disgusting face up

No. 804677

The fucking rammstein reddit page is also full of those cringey posts were they allegedly met the band members and their personalities are ofc totally uwu and always depict themselves as this second coming of christ lol

No. 804681

File: 1620803790859.png (695.14 KB, 450x645, 4732904732047324325.png)

>I suppose that was a silly fear, me being a 6’6’’ female, plus high heels, I don’t think anyone in the venue could have missed me. Anyways, I did the slow walking around and lingering thing, hoping somebody would show up and say, “you’re hot, come backstage.”
Fanfiction, or troon…? Actually shit, she linked her personal IG oh god. She really is just a giant volleyball-playing woman. Somehow that makes all the fawning more cringe.
>Honestly, all of them did not look old at all, the life of a rock star hasn’t touched them one bit.
KEK. I'll be the first to admit Till used to be hot, but picrel clearly shows he has transformed into a literal ogre.

No. 804888

File: 1620833338721.png (658.91 KB, 853x475, 54375_ZNYYTb0H9LpMeQL1_30573.p…)

Poor Rammstein. I believe Till Lindemann would do this. Sofia was 18 when he started trying to hook up with her. He will chase any bimbo willing to fuck him. I believe any story saying he fucked teenagers.

Also idk about tall girl because on the one hand Till will fuck anything with a pulse, but in the other… well actually yeah Till will fuck anything with a pulse

No. 805003

I've read some of his poems and he clearly has some sort of daddy or mommy issues. Also anyone who thinks that his poems are "art" or "deep" in any way is delusional. He writes like an edgelord in middle school (not that the rammstein lyrics are any different) and that he starred in a porno with a bunch of chicks he could be the grandfather of is embarrassing. The stance that he might have bpd is interesting tho

I can't get over the fact that he dated a woman that is younger than his own children while he is older than her own parents. Gross.

No. 805075

His dad was abusive. Oddly, his dad was a famous author and wrote a book about the struggles of raising Till. It's kind of sad that they would frequently get in physical altercations. Till actually yeeted his dad down a flight of stairs once

No. 805079

wish could read it. was it published once he became famous? in that case, i bet it's full of PR bullshit, like Linda Caroll's memoir. What's the name of Till,'s father?

No. 805084

Just bc the dad was abusive doesn't mean you can be a piece of crap.
But it explains his weird edgy poems and him having bpd.

I wonder how many children this dude has. When you search for it only 2 come up.

No. 805086

It was published a long time before Till git famous. His dad didn't live long enough to see Till become a musician

No. 805088

Werner Lindemann is the father

No. 805090

Till is absolutely a piece if shit but someone else mentioned his mommy/daddy issues so I thought I'd throw it out there.

He has WAAAAAAY more than two. He even wrote a poem about the fact everything he fucks produces another Till

No. 805095

Tillception. No wonder he is so sex obsessed. He wants to invade the world with his 10000 children.

No. 805096

File: 1620847173411.jpg (41.84 KB, 324x310, Firaeveus_carron_closeup~2.jpg)

He looks like a Chaos Lord from the Dawn of War video games, jesus. Are the fangirls still writing yaoi fanfictions nowadays?

No. 805100

just looked at ao3 and yes the richard/till shippers are still alive and well in 2021

No. 805120

The fact people ship two old German men as an extension of their love for young anime gays

No. 805135

they also kissed each other on a concert to pander even more to the yaoi shippers. it's like kpop groups doing the gay teasing but with old hags

No. 805148

You don't know what you're talking about, they've kissed only in Russia to protest rampant homophobia, not to "pander to shippers". If they wanted to pander they'd make out in states or whatever, it's not what it was about.

No. 805160

File: 1620850345229.jpg (52.95 KB, 768x384, rammstein180620-768x384.jpg)

How long until they fuck eachother for a music video?

No. 805162

sssshhh don't give them ideas (sounds 100% like something they would do in one of their edgy music videos)

No. 805171

how long until they open up an onlyfans??

No. 805181

I'd take one for the team and buy it. It's on brand for them to be full on porn stars. If I have to see Paul Landers butthole to extract milk then I will do it

No. 806114

I hope Till is the one getting fucked in the ass

No. 807824

File: 1621149341470.jpeg (285.07 KB, 1125x1731, C1C6AFC3-5FE1-4DC2-B363-EB4A3C…)

From the reactivated woahworst account:

Seems Junior was flirting and sending explicit messages to more minors

No. 807825

File: 1621149383092.jpeg (235.38 KB, 1125x1285, 94D6FADE-EF89-46FB-9E74-8B0D89…)

No. 807828

File: 1621149452851.jpeg (394.97 KB, 1125x1287, A8E8A012-C8A4-41B3-B4F0-D55456…)

“Minnesota nice”, Chris Hansen edition

No. 807829

File: 1621149509002.jpeg (292.66 KB, 1125x1032, 80FC87EA-B286-4D10-919A-865A6E…)

No. 807830

File: 1621149584082.jpeg (332.53 KB, 1125x854, 6ED3B3E8-8141-488D-9649-38D2E3…)


No. 807832

File: 1621149648159.jpeg (282.81 KB, 1125x655, F1499F2E-7949-45F2-BB54-651EA5…)

He’s been flirting with other people’s kids wtf

No. 807834

File: 1621149804603.jpeg (418.61 KB, 1125x1609, F402B5F4-3173-4638-ACF7-AEBBE5…)


No. 807974

File: 1621166698899.gif (1.33 MB, 320x180, tumblr_inline_o7kaiu6MZj1r403x…)


Fuck this guy honestly. Creepy ass dude, is it the reason why he became a priest so he can go on a be a full-time kiddy fiddler? Just, no.

No. 808440

I was the one who sent that message in and "Minnesota nice: Chris Hansen edition" is the perfect description for him LOL.

He's very syrup-y sweet and complimentary and talks in this kind of old-fashioned corny way, but at the same time is majorly creeping and stalking. I think he's a porn/sex addict. I used to think he was just a nice, corny dude, but he got really weird.

His novel, Rock Star Hitman, has him talking about women in a way only a severely pornsick creep would. He also has his main character (who is also a Minnesota Nice rockstar) fall in love with a girl named Daphne (the same name as the girl who was doing the Facetime sex shows with him.)

No. 809223

What I don’t understand is what made him become a creepy nonce in the first place? As far as I know, there aren’t any stores from underage groupies or hitting on teenyboppers in concerts in the 80’s-2000’s.

He was the first of the two Dave’s who quit using drugs/other vices and found God while it took megadave a decade later to do those things, he’s married with kids whom are older than his fans which makes the situation more disturbing. So what gave?

Honestly, I was expecting this from big Dave; personally seeing as he would flirt with some of his fans under the age of 50 and sometimes younger on gimme radio (the ratio is more women and girls than guys there) abeit more subtly. I’m glad he stuck to his Christian values and hasn’t gone off the deep end…yet.

Still waiting for the public firing

No. 809349

File: 1621283974434.png (1.35 MB, 1000x1070, Screen Shot 2021-05-17 at 4.37…)


I was wondering that as well. This seems to be more recent behavior. I'm getting the sense that it's a midlife crisis situation maybe?

He's definitely been with groupies but I'm not sure it used to be a super frequent thing. Alycen Rowse (who is a major groupie cow) posted this in his defense. I didn't read her book (the small samples I saw were beyond cringe) but I know she was with him in maybe the early 2000s? If someone has actually read the book, please correct me if I'm wrong on dates.

No. 809411

>because of women like you, groupies like me have a bad name

I don't even know where to begin

No. 809414

I wonder if his wife knew about his infidelities and stopped gaf’ing long ago?

What most fans don’t know or cared enough to read the Dave’s books; Julie Ellefson was an assistant manager for Motley Crue back in the 80’s and early 90’s and was around their debauchery prior to marrying junior, she must’ve been aware that he would turn his back on her as well, right?

I remember being nosey and looked at his wife and kids’ ig accounts and his son Roman’s was public view, this was two years ago and his account is now private. There was a multiple pic-post celebrating his sister’s birthday and in one of them was a picture of David and the kids with Avril Lavigne from 2004-05, Avril looked really uncomfortable and wasn’t smiling even when the kids were between her and junior. I thought nothing of it at that time other than smile bihh but looking back, hmm…

Edit because I’m a retard who used autocorrect and forgot to tag anon

No. 809432

File: 1621287931345.jpeg (22.87 KB, 225x225, A7647939-BB49-45DF-9E26-4ADD68…)

Tried to look for the Avril pic on Google but man, his kids look just like him kek

Fuckin’ creepy yo

No. 811632

David deleted his twitter account. Between that, Megadeth unfollowing him on Instagram, him removing his Instagram bio and making his page private, and him disabling comments on Facebook, I wonder if something bigger is about to come out.

No. 811635

wouldn't "true rock chicks" be like…women who have a band?

No. 811669

He is out of the band, isn't he? I guess he will go into rehab for "sex addiction" or so, divorce his wife and disappear for a while. I mean how can you come back from THAT?

Place your bets: Who will be the new megadeth bass player?

No. 811848

File: 1621553597641.jpg (273.26 KB, 1200x670, sub-buzz-582-1616699548-21.jpg)

No. 812309


I remember reading his autobio "My Life With Deth." In the 80s, Dave use to date an escort who used her money to fuel their drug addiction. So seeing him as sex/porn addict isn't really much of a stretch.

No. 814694

File: 1621880467409.jpg (138.13 KB, 1080x1080, 188375011_323439555812128_8925…)

No. 814710

File: 1621881442011.gif (1.91 MB, 268x268, tumblr_inline_of81l7X9sJ1qebw9…)

I think everybody and their mothers knew that this would happen.
Oh boy, what a hill to die on, Junior.

No. 814743

Well, it was expected… #feelsbadman

No. 814749

File: 1621884059009.png (267.81 KB, 475x531, E2K1OIPXsAQ63_F.png)

No. 814819

Kek! This aged like fine wine
>with an already strained relationship

Megadeth will become Dave’s solo band again and megadave will go back to being a lolcow

No. 815131

If MegaDave was sending dick pics, would y’all post ‘em?

Asking for a friend

No. 815177

do you have something to show to the class?

No. 815362

Afaik that legally counts as sharing revenge porn so be careful anon but I'm sure the police would love to see any of his dick pics if they they were sent to a minor

No. 815504

Hehe, I wish!

No I don’t, seeing one boomer cock was traumatic enough.

No. 815506

why do you type this way….

No. 815539

File: 1621955756207.jpeg (214.2 KB, 828x724, F1B3CB8F-CEBE-4C67-8766-A6DE8D…)

Ladies, has this “but she was legal when he jerked off to her on webcam” argument every scrote on the internet has whipped out to cape for David Ellefson left a sour taste in anyone else’s mouth? Two days ago the same moids I ere virtue signaling posting memes that said “slavery was once legal, free Palstine, the law isn’t always on the right side of history!!1!” And now it’s like “who cares 18 is totally fine. Like uh. You don’t see an issue with an almost 40+ year age difference and giant money/fame gap? What the fuck?

No. 815544

File: 1621956055248.jpeg (71.78 KB, 828x341, 6030285F-4CFA-4CB8-8BFF-59B18D…)

Sage for samefag but picrel: some moid on Instagram I know dismissing this and helping justify it with… the age of consent in a country that is notorious for sketchy ass culture of sexualizing children??

No. 815595

I keep seeing grown men asking under 18s for nudes and then when caught they quote the age of consent from either their country or the girls country… as if that makes the images ok. Imagery of anyone under 18 is still CP.

Hell even the AOC they quote is usually them dismissing an important detail.. a 16 year old can consent to sex in many places..but only if their partner is within 4 years of their age. Romeo and juliet laws exist for the exact reason that creeps love low AOC laws and think it gives them a pass to request CP and fuck underage girls.

No. 815715

File: 1621971237409.jpg (57.15 KB, 650x548, who.JPG)

and nothing of value was lost

>According to Wall Of Sound, SUSPECT208, the band featuring drummer London Hudson (son of GUNS N' ROSES guitarist Slash) and bassist Tye Trujillo (son of METALLICA bass player Robert Trujillo), has officially called it quits. Hudson and guitarist Niko Tsangaris are focusing on their new project S8NT ELEKTRIC while Trujillo is involved with several bands, including OTTTO, THREDGE, LOCO LORDS and SWITCHBLADE.

No. 816474

Props to anon in the last celebcow thread for calling it. If Electra couldn’t make it even with daddy’s help, what makes them think they can?

No. 816576

File: 1622051231274.png (1.74 MB, 1298x1112, Screen Shot 2021-05-26 at 1.46…)

No. 816577

File: 1622051265775.png (341.8 KB, 1306x430, Screen Shot 2021-05-26 at 1.47…)


"a very private video" meanwhile there were multiple videos/photos?

No. 816630

>Props to anon in the last celebcow thread for calling it.
Well you could smell it miles away, because the sudden stop on updates and deleting content on their social media sites pointed everything in this direction. They only got so much press because of their dad's and not because of their below average rock music. They could talk about how much "hard work" they bring back into rock as much as they wanted, because everybody knew that these kids have no thrive for it because it is just a hobby, they are financial secure due to daddy anyways so no need for hussle. The bandname was stupid anyways.

junior can sue as much as he wants, THE video is out there forever for everybody to see.

No. 816789

File: 1622060755491.jpeg (473.19 KB, 1125x1006, 9E3E7D1E-0E3E-477A-9B89-17B719…)

This scrote…

Suing won’t get those videos deleted nor your career restored, Junior.

No. 816928

File: 1622070765208.jpg (488.08 KB, 810x1927, Screenshot_20210527-011146_Chr…)

He's toast.

No. 819109

File: 1622341868488.jpeg (56.44 KB, 638x431, 589C6F2F-58C9-41BF-9304-51BB1E…)

Kek @ Dave’s obvious dye job, probably uses L’Oréal box dyes like us common plebs

No. 819246

File: 1622363749719.jpg (76.73 KB, 480x627, 39077b6c38929b9c64e0a2f1e47160…)

Dave's og hair colour was so, so beautiful. Old man should've left it alone and go full silver fox at this point. At least he still has some hair on his head, compared to other dudes his age in this business. The dye job looks super half-assed tho.

No. 819361


the only reason this is good is because he's now basically streisand effected this sitation

what a retard "I'm going to sue you for leaking the video I sent you (and probably multiple underaged girls!!1"

hopefully more people will look into the situation from this and see what a fucking nonce he is

No. 819548

He was so pretty back then…

The least he could have done was dye his roots and shade his eyebrows to look more convincing but it’s totes natural ginger mane u guiz

No. 825457

File: 1623166116324.jpg (50.08 KB, 649x534, jr.JPG)

>The magazine obtained a report from the Scottsdale Police Department which shows that Ellefson admitted to police that he had been sexting with a Dutch teenager who had captured video of their encounters without his consent. The police confirmed Ellefson's partner's age as 19. As part of the investigation, Ellefson took a polygraph test and provided a photo of his partner's driver's license to prove she was of age. He also shared with the with police screenshots of Snapchat and WhatsApp messages of his interactions with her.

>The 56-year-old musician told police that he first met the woman when he was signing autographs at a 2019 concert in Holland. "They struck up a friendship and continued chatting through social media," the report said. "The second time they met in person was in the Netherlands at a hotel lobby to have coffee and a soda. He believes this was February 2020. He stated there was no physical contact and they just had a conversation. He stated there has never been any sexual physical contact between the two."

>According to Ellefson, his interactions with the woman didn't turn sexual until "July or August" of 2020, when they each started to masturbate together over Facebook Messenger. "He stated they had about four to five masturbating encounters," the report said. "The last online sexual encounter was around February 2021. [Ellefson's partner] admitted to Mr. Ellefson that she had recorded two to three videos of him masturbating without his consent or knowledge."


No. 825458

Yeah, sure they didn’t have sex when they met, I totally believe it!

No. 825465

File: 1623166729137.jpeg (854.72 KB, 1125x1974, 124B3B07-7BE3-4777-BA65-1BBC33…)


No. 826280

File: 1623255426201.png (1.66 MB, 1302x1174, Screen Shot 2021-06-09 at 12.1…)

do you guys think him and Stevie will get back together lol

No. 827070


This is written in the article in such a confusing way. When I first read it I thought it was saying the band said DAVID had harassed other band members.

I can't believe they had those encounters over Facebook Messenger. If I recall correctly, Neil Schon also got busted sending nudes over Facebook Messenger.

No. 827082

File: 1623341542775.jpeg (88.56 KB, 500x620, 90E1FE97-4D0E-484D-9124-1E5097…)

Goddamn. Honestly Fleetwood Mac are my ride or die faves but their historical milk is hilarious. I hope they reunite one way or the other so I can see them with the og lineup before they stop touring completely.

Also heard that their latest gigs with Tom petty guitarist are shitty as fuck. And Stevie, well she’s not the greatest performer these days as seen on that episode of AHS Apocalypse.

No. 827169

haha what if it was a video of a woman she'd lose her job, the video would be on every website ever, tmz and the daily mail would have stills on the front page, and every comment would be calling her a stupid bitch for "sending it in the first place!!!1!"

No. 827173

ok also, gen z films everything. if she was on her phone at all while you were naked/jacking off she could be filming. phones have cameras. don't be a fucking retard dave

No. 827540

Just goes to show that boomers and technology do not mix! Just look at how big Dave handles live-streaming kek

No. 827857

Had it been a video of a woman leaked Lucas would have jacked it.

No. 829751

I couldn’t find the original youtube video, but here’s a post of some of Courtney’s drug fueled confessions that involve the Bleitz funeral home mutilating Kurt’s body. A lot
of people who have been looking into this for way too long verify it, and a man named Richard Lee released hours of footage on some Washington local news providing all of this proof. It’s worth looking over the comments, his voice and presentation is very difficult to move beyond and the videos are long, but informative.

the full posts: http://crackbabble.blogspot.com/2011/02/infamous-deleted-threads-from_13.html?m=1
a reddit post i got it from when i couldn’t find the video, with a comment verifying that she posted them: https://www.reddit.com/r/Nirvana/comments/3rbjph/supposed_old_internet_forum_messages_by_courtney/?utm_source=amp&utm_medium=&utm_content=comments_view_all
Richard Lee in all his pacific nw glory: https://youtu.be/A149NTYSIQQ
reading the video caption is more helpful for those not that deep into it.
Soaked in Bleach is also on youtube and Courtney’s own private investigator kind of nails her and clears up some false information in the earlier Courtney approved documentary.

No. 829765

File: 1623648065426.jpg (673.61 KB, 1080x2115, IMG_20210614_071443.jpg)

So it's the same story mentioned at the bottom of the exposingcourtneylove blog post, right? Will check the video as I haven't seen it before, but I'm not buying this at all

No. 830536

kurt cobain was only 5’9 ……….

No. 830550

That’s literally exactly average height for a man and not milk who gives a fuck

No. 830578

nta but proportion wise it looked like he would have been around 5'11-6'1, same with bo burnham, I assumed he was 5'11-6'2, so it was kinda wierd to see how tall he really was in Promising Young woman

No. 832842

He really fucking did it, didn’t he?

No. 832866

No. 836420

No. 865008

No. 865126

Absolutely heartbroken and shocked over this. He’s always been my favorite member of slipknot, since I started listening to them back in middle school

No. 865620

Damn! In my opinion he was the most iconic one in Slipknot

No. 868098


Did anybody see the original Metal Church statement when it came out their frontman necked himself? It was full on tinfoil sperging about the evils of therapy and Big Pharma, too bad their management probably wisened up and made them delete it.