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File: 1565618632453.jpg (120.07 KB, 800x800, epstein.jpg)

No. 447240

You requested it. Discuss all things Epstein case related here.

No. 447384

If you weren't going to put any effort into the OP, why did you even bother at all?

No. 447756

so now he's dead, will anything really come off all of this? I wanted heads to roll

No. 448004

File: 1565739622514.png (407.81 KB, 832x760, 1565718474490.png)

No. 448028

File: 1565741341904.jpg (Spoiler Image, 199.35 KB, 2248x1592, 106009827-1562695684709preview…)

this is quite possibly one of the most terrifying pictures I have ever seen.


well, he can't contest any search warrants. NDAs and hush money don't matter anymore. all of those DVDs labeled "(rich/famous name) and young (girl name)" are in the FBI's hands.

No. 448274

File: 1565773762651.jpeg (287.36 KB, 1200x630, 1020A75C-3E54-4ECC-A549-37E8C5…)

No. 448347

Tiny pic, can't read.

No. 448489

i mean… I'm really not prone to tinfoil but people who think he just killed himself and it was a "honest mistake" from the gard and not something orchestrated are retarded.

I really hope all the other old fucks pay for their sins even though I know they wont. I want Mudroch's daughter to suffer.

No. 448601

File: 1565826191010.png (2.05 MB, 2595x1538, 4luhrrsjfz931.png)

bigger version.

link to even bigger version with clickable links: (I'm a big paranoid baby who opened it in incognito, you might want to too) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MycRAZopu9mlAtLEQHBr5eiciuTBUB6k/view

No. 448816

File: 1565875052541.png (120.51 KB, 497x338, jrrbm2rqkjg31.png)

No. 448821

Autopsy finds broken bones in Jeffrey Epstein’s neck, deepening questions around his death
>Among the bones broken in Epstein's neck was the hyoid bone, which in men is near the Adam's apple. Such breaks can occur in those who hang themselves, particularly if they are older, according to forensics experts and studies on the subject. But they are more common in victims of homicide by strangulation, the experts said.

>A handful of studies conducted over the past decade have produced conflicting results about the likelihood of a hyoid break in a suicide. In a study of 20 suicidal hangings in Thailand, published in 2010, one-quarter of the men who hanged themselves had broken hyoids.

>In a larger study of suicidal hangings of young-adults and middle-aged people in India, conducted from 2010 to 2013, hyoid damage was found in just 16 of 264 cases, or 6 per cent. The study addressed the discrepancies in academic reviews, saying wide variations in findings of hyoid breaks are "possibly due to factors like age of the victim, weight of the victim, type of suspension and height of suspension".

>Hyoid fractures have previously sparked controversy in jailhouse and other contentious deaths.

>In 2008, Ronnie White, a teenager accused of killing a police officer, died of an apparent suicide in a suburban Washington jail cell. But, two days later, the cause of death was changed to homicide when a Maryland state medical examiner discovered the teen had a broken hyoid.

75% of broken hyoids come from manual strangulation, 25% from hanging.

No. 448909

He's probably headed to the portal to Mars

No. 448919

Why couldn’t this be in the conspiracy thread?

No. 448920

Btw, Trump is a gud boi who dindu nuffin

No. 449081

It was a soft hanging too, he didn't (supposedly) jump and break his neck with a rope, he tied a bedsheet around his neck and kneeled into it.

No. 449095

I'm catching up with some LSA threads with articles from real sources and not much conspiracy comments. Recommend. Sorry kinda drunk n sleepy rn

No. 449138

Because it's not a conspiracy. There's some objectively shady stuff about this, I mean, the wapo is reporting on it. I created the thread and I don't personally think he was assassinated by the Clintons or Trump or something.

No. 449168

Considering Courtney Love's first sexual experience was with Ted Nugent at age twelve, I think I can guess the connection
She was also raped by Harvey Weinstein at a party in the early 2000's

No. 449202

Epstein's little black book with dozens of people who are involved in this mess:


No. 449207

No. 449240

Really tempted to click on the image but I’d rather not…Can you describe what’s in it?

No. 449249

Just his dumb face. Nothing NSFW

No. 449299

And Courtney Love's manager Dana Giacchetto (convicted of stealing millions from his clients, found dead 3 years ago of an OD) was an investor in Digital Entertainment Network, a front for Bryan Singer's pedo ring set up to molest child actors. If you don't know about that it was the subject of the documentary An Open Secret that got heavily suppressed so they released it online: https://vimeo.com/142444429

No. 449344

Her story of how she lost her virginity for the first time keeps changing, kek. She's a liar.



The fact she was involved with pedos doesn't shock me. She's a hollywood trash posing as a feminist hero.

No. 449358

Yay! Would've liked a better OP but that's okay!

Thank you anon!

So after this court case happened, Epstein killing himself, etc etc, since other people are being named, how are they not being arrested or questioned or asked to show in court?
What comes next?
I want tons of these sick fucks to go down.
I'm assuming they're still searching through all his shit. If he hadn't nuked it all already (I know they got rid of some computer before his florida home was raided). I really hope something happens about this.

I was taken aback by once he was announced dead, nobody believed it was a suicide. Everyone I know, no matter what their age, internet usage, etc. Nobody is believing this shit. Which is surprising because before it was all conspiracy stuff. And more and more shady things are coming out.
I don't know whether to believe he is alive or not. I do believe he would want to kill himself, but perhaps someone else made sure it was going to happen for sure.

No. 449435

File: 1566010567445.png (116.06 KB, 1412x148, dt.png)

This should silence every person who's been trying to defend Trump on this whole matter.
No political "side" is clean or safe here. They're all involved. Fuck you if you think differently.

No. 449438

File: 1566010675454.jpg (197.78 KB, 996x2048, EB4MrwhXsAczyaD.jpg)

Posting full cap for context. Heidi Klum, Al Gore and Naomi Campbell, too.

No. 449488

How does a woman like Ghislaine Maxwell not only support but actively recruit girls for someone like Epstein? She came from a wealthy family and didn't do this for the money, so how does she live with herself after this?

No. 449516

Her father (who liked that the women who worked with him were individuals like men, but were 'extensions of [him]self') engaged in a lot of fraud and got his money from very opaque sources that scream 'intelligence asset', like Epstein. When he died all his assets were seized and the Ghislaines ceased to be billionaires.

No. 449534

Dr. Robert Hare, the criminal psychologist who developed the Hare Psychopathy Checklist, "considers newspaper tycoon Robert Maxwell to have been a strong candidate as a corporate psychopath" so she's probably a psychopath too or at least has a lot of the traits from his genes/upbringing.

And since he threw millions at Epstein to get him into positions of power he was probably a nonce too, so wouldn't surprise me if he molested his daughter which then she goes on to perpetuate thanks to the cycle of abuse. Fun fact: Robert Maxwell died under suspicious circumstances too.

No. 449551

>Naomi Campbell

the least surprising name on that list tbh

No. 449599

I’m not denying Courtney is a phoney but you need to provide a better source anon, exposingcourtneylove is nuts.

No. 449659

The point of the link are her various quotes, not the opinions of the admins. Dunno what more proof do you need.

No. 562841

File: 1591013463832.png (449.95 KB, 1080x1314, Screenshot_20200601-140913~2.p…)

Some Trump and Epstein shit

No. 562843

check on twitter several threads with docus by Anonymous

No. 562918

Why won’t you post the rest of the images anon

No. 562978

Can we stop making the global child/human trafficking cabalists a partisan issue yet? I understand we all want trump gone, but Anonymous are only telling 1% of the story to gain points from neo-libs and tweens, it's very sus.

No. 562982

They are sociopaths

No. 563132

No. 563136

>Naomi Campbell is a cunt
What a surprise /s

No. 563137

Sage your shit and take your redditfaggotry out of here

No. 563138

So has anyone accused Clinton of raping them in regards to this? I’m not defending him. He seems quite involved in all this. Trump has a few accusers so I wondering if any girl has come out and said that she raped him. Or if they all are still silent about it. I’m new to the Epstein case.

Kay Naomi

No. 563226

There was another guy by the name of John Casablancas who ran an agency called Elite Model Management. As you guess by the name, they targeted models around the ages of 14 -29(14-19 primarily) and these girls had parties with wealthy elites. He had an affair Stephanie Seymour who was only 16 at the time and divorced his wife. Allegedly a friend of Trumps but no clue if he was close to Epstein.


No. 563515

Will Christy Turlington actually get any flack for this or does no one care because she's not relevant?

No. 566008


Her dad was half-way to being a James Bond villain, and was almost certainly working with Israeli intelligence.
Ten years from now, they're going to write a book about this stuff; prologue Robert Maxwell's rise from a penniless refugee to power and his shady downfall, first act Epstein's rise to prominence, second act his arrest(s) and death, third act speculation limited by the author's desire not to end up like Daphne Caruana Galizia.
Only trouble will be keeping it believable.

No. 567728

that's the father of musician Julian Casablancas, right?

No. 567737

If the subject wasn't so dark, the interview with Prince Andrew would be like a comedy sketch. He's denying literally everything including being able to sweat

No. 568213

File: 1591799685436.jpg (134.38 KB, 629x975, gmcqKPu.jpg)

sorry if this is too tinfoil-y (and also sorry for qanon looking graphic) but could epstein be somehow connection to madeline mccann's kidnapping?

also, someone on reddit knows where ghislaine is and cops won't do anything about it. https://www.reddit.com/r/Epstein/comments/gypupv/update_on_ghislaine_maxwell_chase_uk_read_below/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x

No. 568257

It's incredible to think that some regular ole sex offender got away with it all those years. You had police from multiple countries involved, millions being donated to the search, huge public awareness of the case and the parents spent a massive chunk on private investigators and kept that up for over a decade. If he really did act alone that's odd to me.

No. 568311


The police in multiple countries are fucking morons.

It seems like the break in the case was the pedo flapping his big mouth in jail. If he was going to drop himself in it why not Epstein too, especially since he KiLlLEd
HiMsElF already? Occam's razor.

No. 568753

more like willfully ignorant, there's billions being made by these people, regular police cover for them constantly

No. 578309

If this video doesn’t prove that Hollywood and the elites are directly hiding pedophiles in plain sight (think Dan Schneider) I don’t know what does. Big shocker after he directly shows how YouTube’s algorithm and Google cater to pedophiles with certain keywords and phrases it’s taken down. It just really belongs in this thread and is directly correlated with the Epstein case / suspects. Watch at your own discretion. https://www.bitchute.com/video/I7moa4wxCp8j/

No. 578498

File: 1593720248334.jpeg (515.19 KB, 1857x1277, 7C07DCBB-86A5-4AFC-8A3B-21BC37…)


No. 578515

I'll donate my left non existent testicle to science if Ghislaine is still alive after 3 months

No. 578556

File: 1593727975923.png (2.03 MB, 1920x1440, 1593712461837.png)

So today on /x/ a larper claimed to be Epstein's ex-bodyguard. What do you guys think are the chances he is actually saying truth?

No. 578559

The manuscript of a schizophrenic who watched a little too many Epstein docuseries trying to make this word casserole sound convincing.

No. 578586

>"Bro. Bro, not that blanket. Bro that's like, the softest blanket in the world."
Lmao. I hope this shit isn't real.
He spells Epstein's first name and the "Umbrella" singer's name wrong, which I thought was deliberate for protection at first (Google Alerts), but then he goes on to spell the names of other celebrities correctly.
>He had a big painting of Oscar Wilde and considered him a hero
Oscar Wilde was a pedophile, so I guess that checks out.
Not sure what to make of this, I guess we'll see if anything comes out. Epstein's alleged suicide was leaked on 4chan before it hit the press, so I'm not going to throw out the possibility entirely.

No. 579222

File: 1593852384749.jpg (240.73 KB, 1446x886, Screenshot_5.jpg)

So a photo emerged of Ghislaine hanging out with Kevin Spacey in the Buckigham Palace

No. 579236

File: 1593855777060.jpg (134.86 KB, 1185x398, Screenshot_6.jpg)

aand a friend of hers said that she's not going to throw Prince Andrew under the bus

No. 579238

File: 1593855880413.jpg (117.02 KB, 1189x352, Screenshot_7.jpg)

…but even she admits that he is an idiot

No. 579406

So if Ghislaine was found in the US, who is at this residence in the reddit thread?

>No allegations have been made about either man.
Uh, Okay…

No. 579431

File: 1593897013864.jpg (42.8 KB, 1024x576, christianbrueckner.jpg)


I just wanted to mention that this epstein/mccain connection is basically debunked and that a hyperviolent german criminal is most likely the culprit behind madeleine's death.

Guy is a sick fuck tho, just not a rich one.

No. 580494

Why is this creature walking free at all? If I had to guess he served like an 18 month sentence for raping a child, then got released with predictable consequences. Fucking Germany, land of the pedos.

No. 580498

Well he’s not walking free, he’s serving quite a few sentences in prison, but he used to jump around countries in the EU to avoid getting caught for murder and sex crimes.
The german police has more or less known it was him since 2017 but since that makes 3 countries involved the investigation and collection of proof gets way more difficult, he aint going anywhere tho.

No. 583034

Opinions on the Ghislaine-was-a-redditor theory/conspiracy?

No. 583969

Oh yeah? I haven’t heard about this one, but I’m interested now

No. 594436

File: 1596285207586.jpeg (74.33 KB, 600x420, 7421B998-92E9-4E0F-B80C-6ECD25…)

Einstein/Maxwell case documents are unsealed! The document is over 2000 pages but here’s the most important cliffs (stolen from Reddit)

>Virginia Giuffre says she was trafficked by both Epstein and Maxwell to many high profile men including Glenn Dubin, Stephen Kaufmann, Alan Dershowitz, George Mitchell, Prince Andrew, Marvin Minsky, Jean Luc Brunel, Bill Richardson, a "large hotel chain owner" (probably Thomas Pritzker)and many more

>FBI had information about Epstein as early as in 2014 but it seems like they did nothing about it then

>the victim claims that Maxwell is sexually attracted to women. So she’s not the Queen of the pick-me’s but a sexual predator herself?

>List of people who flew Epstein’s private jet includes Naomi Campbell, Heidi Klum, Al Gore, Matt Groening

This might belong to the conspiracy thread but I find it weird that Naomi has an occult-themed mansion in her island. Seems fishy considering the rumours that she’s a madame and hangs out with people like Epstein.

Here’s a link to the Reddit thread which has links to the original document https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/i0zppc/megathread_ghislaine_maxwell_epstein_documents/

No. 594437

I feel like her house just represents an affinity some black people feel for ancient Egyptian imagery. Kinda like hoteps now.

No. 594443

so the FBI knew about Epstein since 2011 but they did not do shit?

No. 594559


It's almost as if the rich and powerful and routinely protected as if by magic, ain't it.

No. 594857

File: 1596331832006.jpg (201.58 KB, 656x906, maxwell0.jpg)

No. 594897

>>the victim claims that Maxwell is sexually attracted to women. So she’s not the Queen of the pick-me’s but a sexual predator herself?

In the Netflix doc, one of the victims also said that Maxwell also fondled her, so it's not surprising. She might be bi though, which allows her to be attracted to women while still being the queen of pickmes.

No. 594899

Pedos are neither gay or straight.

No. 594928

lmao of course they are. sexuality is gay/straight, pedophilia is a sexual deviance. Pedos have preferences in regard to sex of victim, but that doesn't always align to their sexuality. Sexuality is completely differt to peadophilia.

No. 595098

Here’s a link to download the documents if anyone likes, curtesy of kiwi farms:


No. 595102

File: 1596376899426.jpeg (77.56 KB, 960x948, 60E5A079-9F40-4C90-8978-B764D6…)

List of people who were on Epstein’s flight log and/or pedo island

No. 595107

No. 595600

The redacted parts can be easily copy pasted into a word program and revealed lmao how do you fuck up this badly

No. 595605

File: 1596430910952.jpeg (117.89 KB, 1024x1011, keks.jpeg)

No. 595609

this was debunked literally a month ago? how are some of you this slow?

No. 595614

Old post but this video is fantastic. Thanks anon.

No. 596033

File: 1596490104154.jpeg (668.81 KB, 1125x2153, 80CD9EF9-B26B-4AFA-ACFC-BD5210…)

No. 596036

File: 1596490364542.jpeg (550.6 KB, 1125x2122, FB9C2193-B50C-41EC-B5BD-82CBAE…)

No. 596071

File: 1596494666071.jpg (41.71 KB, 676x593, 104143895_967382737031115_1261…)

walt disney? is epstein a necromancer??

No. 596075

I think they meant the company kek

No. 596219

Tom Hanks has been debunked I thought, or did his name actually show up? Are these previously debunked names not truly debunked then?

No. 596285

a lot of these names do not show up in the dox op linked. except naomi and the already proven obvious ones (i.e. the politicians, lawyers, ceofags).

the other claims seem to unsubstantiated and stemmed from the whole pizzagate thing. spacey is a maybe since him and jizzlaine were shown together in pics in andrews throne room. a lot of these seem like pure tinfoil rather than substantial claims like the debunked list

No. 597224

'I wish her well. Her boyfriend died.' - the President of United States talking about Ghislaine Maxwell

No. 598247

I believe the debunking, because some of the names are backed up by photos of them with Epstein or Maxwell and others like Tom Hanks isn't. I'll only buy the names that have photos with them because there's so many. I hope more evidence is leaked, though.
However, I still think Tom Hanks is a pedo, and I think some names like his though not maybe not taking part in Epstein's ring but may have flown on his plane, could still be involved in some kind of other trafficking. Sometimes they just overlap. This might belong in the tinfoil thread but it's just what I'm getting from all of this.
Here are not the parts that are not tinfoil: We already know missing children and trafficking is a huge problem in the US. And we know Kappy said that Tom Hanks is a pedophile and then died in mysterious circumstances.

People defend this by saying that he meant he hopes she stays alive because she needs a trial and more evidence needs to come out because the same couldn't happen with Epstein. Which is understandable but even a dumbass would know speaking of her this way would not be a good look. He could've said something better to look less guilty but he didn't. Him and Prince Andrew are the same, being so shitty at pretending to be innocent.

No. 598281

>I still think Tom Hanks is a pedo
Where does this theory come from?

No. 602800


I think because some weird chalked supposed pedo code was allegedly in a the pavement of a photo he uploaded. It's such bullshit. Now, the sex aspects of BIG and Forrest Gump, that's more meat and potatoes for conspirtarding if you ask me.

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