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File: 1446514212547.jpg (53.21 KB, 452x631, tumblr_lvpxl6bBGz1qjwrxd.jpg)

No. 45058

How tall are you, farmers? How do you feel about it?

I'm 5'10 and it's awesome. I know a lot of tall girls are insecure about their height, but I don't get that.

I actually feel sorry for short girls, they usually have awful proportions and are chubby. I can't really take anyone under 5'4 or so seriously… they look like children to me, and not cute ones.

No. 45061

File: 1446514641983.jpg (337.6 KB, 582x1469, fh.jpg)



No. 45062

how how

No. 45064

5'2½ and wouldn't want to be a single inch taller :^)
It's nice having guys (and girls) tell you your littleness is cute.
Honestly OP, you sound insecure as fuck and like you're desperately trying to convince yourself that you love being abnormally tall by dragging down shorter girls.

No. 45065

5'4" here… according to >>45061, I hit the jackpot. That's cool.
Too bad my personality is questionable :^)
I wish I was a couple inches taller, though.

No. 45066

im 6 ft. cant find shoes but i love feeling like a gazelle

No. 45068

Yes, the pedos are all over you now that you're young, but when you turn 25 you'll just be a dumpy midget.

No. 45069

5'9-10" here. My feet are huge. They're a size 11. Unfortunately, I don't have much going in the boob department with a 32B. :(

No. 45070

Why so salty, bud?
Almost 22 actually, been told I look a few years younger than I am but not in underage territory.
Also look great + in shape and still will be in 3 years time :^^^)
You tried your best.

No. 45071

No. 45073

>not understanding ironic emoji meem
>even admin uses it
>still referring to things as cancer
>probably uses the terms 'newfag' and 'oldfag' seriously

Just go back to whatever forum you came from. You can pretend to be a long time lurker from a chan but it shows clearly you aren't.

No. 45076


No. 45079

162.5cm (teensy bit under 5' 4") here and I'll admit I'm jealous of your height.

Some girls are tall but they also have a very masculine bone structure such as wide shoulders and I wouldn't want to be that. Being tall isn't automatically good.

lmao go back to /r9k/ or 8gag.

No. 45081

5'7, so I'm kindda tall but far from gigantic, it feel awesome, I love having long legs, plus I have a nice ass so yeah, it never has been a problem to get mens or even girls.

No. 45082

short girls often have very infortunate bodies, I know a short girl with an amazingly beautiful face but a long torso and hobbits legs.TRAGIC

No. 45085

5'1. Im ok with it sometimes. My body is very proportionate I just have to stay in shape or else you can notice right away if I gain anything more than 5 pounds. I like being short because every person thats been interested in me likes it. I honestly wish I was 5'3 or 5'4. Some shops sell cute dresses but they dont work because im short D:< also the whole kitchen shelf thing. Kinda sucks.

No. 45086

5'7 here
sometimes i wish i was small and cute but my face is far from cute so…i guess my face suits my height
i also wish i could wear high heels but im usually 6ft with them on…i tower over most guys in uk
my legs are average and are definitely not long. the only thing that makes me not hate my height to the core is my bf. he likes my height and hes 6ft himself

No. 45087

5'7" and I kind of agree with OP's sentiments.
I'm not super tall but because I am taller than the average by a fair few inches I feel my body appears more domineering and powerful.

There are so many shorter girls who are so tiny and just look like scaled down humans and are very cute tbh, but then there are others who just look like they've had somebody push down forcefully on their head and the possess very stumpy propprtions.

If a person prefers being smaller that's cool. I personally would hate to be smaller because with reduced height comes reduced potential for overall muscular mass and since I was attacked as a kid I'm VERY concerned with my physical safety and ability to ward off/fight back against potential attackers.

I'd love to be taller tbh.

No. 45088


That sounds qt as fuck tho.

No. 45091


How is 5'10" is abnormally tall and your height of 5'2" not abnormally short?
That's only 3 inches off being a legalised dwarf.

If OP were to ever be attacked at least she'd be able to physically fight back.
You'd be tossed in the back of a blacked out van without any effort at all, taken to some woods and filled in every hole.

No. 45092


Wear them anyway who cares.

No. 45097

wow OP you're a dick

No. 45098

I'm 5'8 and I wouldn't want to be shorter. Not being able to reach shit.

Best thing is I have longer limbs, longer fingers, longer legs and I like it :)

I've never really disliked my height tbh, doesn't bother me because we're all built differently.

Sometimes I wish I was a bit taller like models. I would kill to be thinner and slightly taller. I never used to like this look, I used to call models every name in the book. Now I can see the appeal.

No. 45102

>implying OP isn't the one from r9k

Anyways no thanks, 5'4" is a good height for me. Still shorter than most guys in heels but not childish. It would be hard for ne to feel feminine if I was awkwardly towering over almost every girl, and a similar height to boys.

No. 45103

Not that anon but 5'10 is 8 inches above average female height (and exact average for men)
5'2" is only 2 inches below average

No. 45104

You sound like an insecure dick but good for you if you like your height. I would hate that personally since i would just not feel cute at all but i will normally not grow much

in between 5"4/5"5. So i am good i guess? 5"5 is not a disadvantage at all tho??…This chart smells like bullshit.


No. 45106

I'm 5'6" and I'd much rather be taller than shorter. I guess because so many girls are already kinda short, only the mega short ones stand out (and there's a point where you're so short people wonder if you're a dwarf), but fairly tall to really tall girls always stand out, and to me, in a good way.

No. 45111

This. I love being the tallest girl.

You have to be fit / small / skinny, if you are tall and even just slightly fat, it's game over for you, you are litteraly a monster.

No. 45112

Ah, this argument again. I've seen you on here before.

Tall girls are fucking salty. Every single tall girl in this thread is shitting on people who are shorter, but not a single short girl is dragging down tall girls.

Just get over it. It's height. It's something you literally cannot change. If you feel the need to call short girls hobbits, or unfortunate, or weak ect., then you are just insecure af.

No. 45113

How are thoses girls dragging short girls down?

No. 45117

You think so? Thank for the compliment.

No. 45119

I'm 5'5 and I hate it. I would rather be taller or shorter, medium height is the worst

No. 45120

i really look up to tall people

No. 45122

I kind of worry for tall people.
What happens if you want to get cuddled? How do you deal with your feet sticking out the bottom of the bed when you're alone in the dark getting paranoid thoughts about spooky shit?
Doesn't it get cumbersome having to dodge things attached to the ceiling? What if you hit your head? Please, be careful

No. 45123


I'm not shitting on short girls by any means, I'm only 5'7" myself which isn't exactly Gandalf-tier, but short girls ARE physically weaker due to the reduction in mass, both muscle and fat.

No. 45124


>5'10" is 8" above the average female height

So you're saying the average female height is 5'2"?

>5'2" is only 2 inches below average

So now it's 5'4" wut

Also which average female height are you talking about?
You're aware that there's an average that exists within each country, for example in the UK the average for women is 5'3" 1⁄2.

No. 45125

Attractive women can look feminine without having to be the size of a hobbit, lol

No. 45126

The fact that you feel that a woman cannot indulge in femininity without being shorter than a man is kind of disgustingly dated and sexist.

Are you the kind of woman that deliberately stoops around shorter men so as not to damage their fragile fee-fees? Pathetic.

No. 45127

>Anon's personal preferences are sexist and disgust me!!!
When will tumblr leave?

No. 45128

Yeah it's 5'4". I was thinking of the second height when I did my first calculation. There are different averages but for most Western countries it's around that height.

No. 45132


>anybody that disagrees with me must be Tumblr!

Funny because that's the most Tumblr thing in this entire thread.

No. 45134

I'm 5'7", so a little on the taller side. I'm okay with it, though I wouldn't mind being a bit shorter either, I think short girls are really cute! But tall girls are really beautiful as well, and I quite like having long legs.

No. 45135

It's not anyone that disagrees with me, its people who complain about someone's sexual preference being sexist. Sorry that my preference caused you so much moral outrage.

No. 45137

im 5"4, which ive always liked i suppose since im taller than my mum and both of my parents are more on the short side. i love being smaller than my boyfriend. he's 6ft and cuddling is super fun. or going on my tiptoes to kiss sometimes, i just personally think it's fun to have someone taller than me protect me.

i can fit into asian sizing better and fake a younger age if need be.

i actually used to want to be a little shorter since it seemed that all the guys liked "smol lil azn grills".

sometimes id like to be a tall beautiful model, but i know ill never be that. tall girls are beautiful and can rock everything with those nice long legs. there is such thing as too short (like 4"8) and such thing as too tall (like if a girl reaches 6"3.. i personally think it's weird since i dont think ive seen a woman that tall yet)

No. 45138

If you're so happy with your height, why you gotta put short girls down OP? You sound very defensive, tbh.

I'm 5'3 and would like to be about inch or so shorter, personally. I just like the petite look I guess. I actually get kind of jelly when there's a girl who's pretty AND shorter than me, idk it just makes me feel like I'm not as cute.

No. 45143

160cm here (around 5'3 I think), pretty happy with my height. My boyfriend is super tall, we make a really cute couple. Being taller would be an advantage to sports though :( OP you don't sound as confident in your height as you would maybe like to portray. Relax, there's nothing wrong with being tall, no need to get defensive.

No. 45147

I'm 5'3 and don't feel particularly short. I feel pretty average in terms of height, is 5'3 really considered short?

No. 45149


In Asia, no.
In the West, yes.

No. 45172

File: 1446597019229.jpg (139.99 KB, 500x750, mirandanfatty.jpg)

Im 5'6 and being average really bothers me to for some reason lmao. Id rather be tall because shorties usually look fat unless they're super skinny. Being tall and having super long legs just makes you look so much better.

No. 45174

you can be tall w short legs or short and have long legs tho

No. 45176


but I'm skinny af and don't really have weird proportions or anything. I do look really young though.

Tall girls are pretty.

No. 45178

I'm 5'9. I hated it when I was young, but now I wish I was 5'10. I love being tall.

No. 45182

I'm 5'3. I wish I was like 5'9. I could still wear heels and be shorter than my husband, who is 6'4. I've always wanted to be tall and statuesque.

No. 45185

Why are we picking on people for their height? Something they literally cannot change or help. What the fuck, lolcow

No. 45198

5'8". I would probably be taller but I got really sick in my teen years. Anyway I'm alright with my height since it helps my proportions look longer and slimmer than if I was short, and it helps with a lot of sports.

No. 45200

i could be a bit thinner, i'm average weight.

mad i'm not like 5'8" because of the modeling opportunities i've had taken away due to being short as all fuck. i've done some commercial and editorial work but it's useless if you're not tall (agencies rather use models who can double as runway models).

No. 45202

They're bitter.

No. 45221


Bitter about not being short or not being tall, because general consensus in this thread indicates that most enjoy or prefer to be taller.

That being said I'm not picking on anybody for their height, I'm just saying I enjoy being tall and would prefer to be taller.

Some of you need to grow a thicker skin and stop looking for slights in everything, christ.

No. 45226

>S-Short girls have awful proportions! They're all chubby and look like ugly children!
>Th-They're just midgets! Pedobait!
>They'd be tossed in the back of a blacked out van without any effort at all, taken to some woods and filled in every hole!!
Yeah, not buttmad about not being short at all.

No. 45227

That picture and the way people comment on it irritates me because that woman on the left may have just been thinking about something or looking into the distance, but because Miranda Kerr walked in front of her and she had the nerve to simply exist in her presence, everyone feels the need to mock and insult her and compare the two as if they're in some sort of competition.
It's bullshit.

No. 45231


Hmmmm so you gonna show me where "I" said all of that?
You sound salty as fuck about being short tbh.

No. 45232

why are tall girls so angry towards short girls ffs
im tall myself but the whole ''TALL GIRLS ARE SO MUCH BETTER BC X,Y AND Z'' is ridiculous

No. 45235

I'm 5'2" but I want to be 5' because I think it's the ideal height for a woman. Whenever I meet girls that height, slightly shorter than me, I get kind of jealous because they're so cute and little and I feel so tall and domineering. I have no idea how I'd feel if I was any taller, probably like shit.

No. 45237

No, just that the general consensus is not just "I'm tall and I wish I were a bit taller" and that you're too salty to acknowledge that tall girls can be angry cunts for no good reason lmao.
This thread literally started off slagging short girls, presumably because the OP is a big bitch, there's no running from it.

No. 45239


Okay but stop back-pedalling and link to me to posts where I said all that stuff about short girls.

No. 45241

Are you fucking stupid? Do you even know what "backpedaling" means? Show me where I said or even implied you said any of those things.

No. 45250

I am 5' 1" and feel like it's average. Most of my female friends are around 5' 2"-3" but I have three friends that are sub 5' and one friend that is 5' 10". I wish I was either very short like <5' or noticeably tall like >5' 9". I wish my height would make me either cuter or just beautiful/modelesque. Aside from my shoulders, I am proportionate at my height.

For whatever reason, I also tend to date guys that are >6', but the few that haven't been over 6' have been under 5' 3". Everyone has really liked my height, although everyone seems surprised when they find out I'm 5' 1". People assume I'm 5'4"~5'7" even though I wear flat shoes. I think it's because I have good posture, so when they think of another girl they feel is my height, she looks shorter because she slouches.

Speaking of shoes, I like that my feet are on the small side. I'm jealous of girls with smaller feet than me, though.

No. 45254


I have this word thing where I get annoyed of my height doesn't match my shoe size.

When I was 18 I was 5'5" and a UK size 5.
When I was 21 I was 5'6" and a UK size 6.
Now that I'm 24 I'm 5'7" and a UK size 6.5.

Also how strange that I continued growing up to age 24.

No. 45255

There is a significant correlation between increased height and IQ. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Height_and_intelligence Tall people, keep this in mind when you're reading all of these nonsensical, butthurt posts from hobbits. They are mentally deficient and they can't help it.

No. 45257

So men are smarter than women?

No. 45258

The correlation applies to average height for one's gender and race, not the overall average. It's not saying that a 5'4 Asian woman will probably be dumber than a 5'10 black guy, but a 4'10 Asian woman will probably be dumber than a 5'4 or 5'7 one

No. 45260

I grew an inch and half a shoe size in my late 20s. Totally unexpected.

No. 45261


When you look at The IQ's of people you'll find out that women tend to have average IQs while men tend to be in The top or in The bottom height of The IQ scale. That's why men get all these nobel prizes in physics but fill The prisons at The same time

No. 45263

Ah ok. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if the small difference was accounted to the small number of neglectful upbringings i.e. People with tall genetics getting shit nutrition and not developing as they should. Blacks are taller but Asians are more intelligent, so genetic height as a marker of intelligence seems unlikely.

No. 45267

Has nothing to do with social upbringing, I'm certain.

No. 45270

Or the fact up until very recently women didn't have access to an actual education. They were brought up to meet a man, have babies and become a housewife. And most parts of the world, this is still happening. It's as if centuries of catering to educating men and not women actually factors into your statistics. hm..I've also seen you post this same thing on another thread on lolcow.

No. 45279

Lol k 170 cm Here , I'm above average but only by 5 cm soo yeah. I've got pretty big breasts and wide hips Which is nice but my feet are pretty big and ugly - they look kinda crooked..

I always heard that the earlier you get your period The smaller youll become. I got my period when I was 10 but so I guess my body produce a lot estrogen but I still ended up quite tall

No. 45280


You probably do not want to be less than 5'0"
It sucks. People often think you are a child, or treat you like one anyway. (Thanks OP) Strangers will probably give you and your significant other curious looks, and finding clothes that fit well is difficult. It has some perks though.


I was referring to the tall girls in this thread who are also making mean comments about short women. It's great that they supposedly enjoy being tall, but the accompanied nasty remarks makes it seem that they're actually more bitter about it than they let on. I don't understand the need to behave all immature over this.

Honestly it just depends on the girl, both tall and short can be really pretty. And as far as I'm aware, most dudes could care less about height and focus more on overall appearance.

No. 45282


The study is very recent and every participant had a certain degree of education, also all participant were living in The West (Europe,US)

But The IQ hasnt got to do much with education, you can have an IQ over 120 and still get Bad Grades.

Womens and Man's brains are different, Men are better in Strategy while woman are better in Emphaty.

That's why Men dominate Maths and Phsyics while women dominate nursing fields. But at The same time The big mayority of prisoners are male Which proves that Men dont just tend to be more intelligent than women but also more stupid.

No. 45286

I don't think I would pass as a child to any more people than I already do (maybe one person a month thinks I'm 10 years younger than I am, but they are super old people who are probably half blind).

My short friends are not mistaken for being children, and their bodies are also way flatter than mine.

No. 45296

Well that's weird because I'm mistaken for a kid all the time :|

No. 45298

Yore really, really mad that guys like short girls, eh?

No. 45302

I'm tall.
But I'm not friends with tall girls.
Because most of them are fucking bitches and have a weird superiority complexes about it and it's ugly. I like being around QT tiny people.

No. 45306

Well, my friends and I are all asian and mostly interact with other asians, so maybe that's why. It probably helps that my 4'10 and 4'11" friends always wear business or business casual and have since high school…

People tend to think I'm younger when I wear jeans and tshirts, so that's probably a factor. I also have somewhat larger tits for an asian girl… so it would be weird to think I'm a child

No. 45309

I'm centimeters under 5' and honestly I don't feel that short. It's not some Napoleon complex or anything, I guess I just don't think about it. No one really notices as well until I tell them how tall I am. I noticed a lot of guys go fucking dumb over it asking stupid questions like how do you reach stuff/I could use you as an arm rest/etc.

My fetish is being dominated by a busty tall girl tho

No. 45329

Same here with not really thinking about it. I always feel like I'm at level with most people then we walk by a store window or something and I notice how damn short I am (5'1)

No. 45371

File: 1446746439460.jpg (185.88 KB, 1000x1049, ts.jpg)

>My fetish is being dominated by a busty tall girl tho

No. 45373


>tfw you're a tall, busty domme who prefers women

>tfw with boyfriend for last 9 years

One day…

No. 45378

Height and testosterone are linked. Maybe you're just salty because you know you're really a man hunny :)

No. 45380



So what's it like being trans, hon ;)

No. 45381

You would know, you NBA dyke-looking freak :P

No. 45383


Ooooh so sassy, you remember to take your HRT meds today?

No. 45385

Ladies, ladies.. you're both awful.

No. 45386

Fuck off hobbit

No. 45387

File: 1446752516805.gif (1.89 MB, 499x281, tumblr_nvqmye1rDk1qhthjio1_500…)


>mfw I'm only 5'7"


No. 45429

bitch I'm a beanpole

No. 45451

OT but who is this gorgeous woman?

No. 45832

I am 5'2.5". I wish I was 5'5 or 5'6. I am not that short, but shopping for pants is a pain the ass.

No. 45836


I think her Tumblr is cockyvonmurdertits.

No. 45875

I would let this woman murder me.

No. 45879

Being 5'6 I've never felt that pain till yesterday. I tried on a pair of flairs, and I would have to wear 4 inch heels so they would barely touch the ground.

No. 45899

I was going to accuse this of being one chick samefagging and responding to a gif of herself, but I really hope you're actual farmers because that means we're not all salty cunts dedicated to attacking other girls and calling them ugly/fat/big-nosed/skinnyfat.
My personal tastes be damned, this is a good sight.

No. 45906


Well idk about the other posters complimenting her but I'm the one posting her and I'm most certainly not her (sadly).

She is gorgeous though.
Shame her hair in this is a wig, she looks stunning with it long.

No. 45923

as a tall man i agree with this message

No. 45954

5"5 i feel so tall i wish i was short and cute and guys tell me i definitely in the end of petite territory and not ta. People tell me i look short and cute anyway but i wish i was shorter but not stumpy…like 5"2 at most. I don't dare to wear the slightest heel it bothers me so much i wanna cry i hate it.

No. 45962

Dude it's just height. It's not that big of a deal. Most people don't even think about it. There are tons of cute girls of all different heights. 5'5" is just fine!

No. 45987

Really short. like 4'11.5. I think that's just an inch above legal midget status. I hate it. I wish I was like 5'3". I feel like I look fat no matter what because my torso and legs aren't long enough.

No. 46010

I'm 5'1 and a half.. Do you wanna switch heights if it's possible ;u; ?

No. 46011

Where the hell do you live that 5'5" makes you feel "so tall"? This reads like a false flag to me.

No. 46031

Pretty sure you can still be even shorter than that and not a legal midget/dwarf. as long as you're in proportion you're fine.

No. 46050

I'm 5'3.5" with dumpy proportions tbh. Maybe it's easier getting guys (especially seems like tall, skinny ones) but I think it's just because tall girls are beautiful and intimidating and tiny girls make them feel big and powerful and make their dicks look big.

My boyfriends sister is 6'2" and is honestly trade her even though she's kind of freakishly tall.

No. 46051

>but I think it's just because tall girls are beautiful and intimidating and tiny girls make them feel big and powerful and make their dicks look big.
>>45079 here and I agree.

No. 46055

Yeah pretty much. I'm like the same height as you and a pear shape to boot, so as soon as i gain like even a few pounds, it starts showing in my hips and i look dumpy. Also hate being told that i look really young.

No. 46068

I'm 5'2" and it's weird being around shorter girls, especially when they are skinnier than you. It makes you feel like a behemoth

No. 46069


Quite the opposite actually, a lot of us feel awkward and nervous and smaller girls because it makes us feel like >>46068 described.

No. 46081

Eh, I'm totally opposite. If a girl is any bit taller than me I automatically feel inferior as long as they are thin. I've never been jealous of a girl shorter than me at all.

No. 46087

Anon are you me? I live with mostly Mexican americans and they call me a giraffe (I'm 164 cm). Hate it tossed all my heels.

No. 46088

If I was any taller I'd kill myself tbh. I need OP confidence

No. 46099

Different anon, but I get jealous of taller girls yet still feel like a behemoth next to shorter girls. I'm always jealous or uncomfortable.

No. 46100

I'm 5'4" and there is this 4'10" old Asian lady who works at a local restaurant near my work. Even though I would never want to be her height I always feel like a giant next to her.

No. 46112

i like being short. i like having small hands and small feet. OP is a douchebag.

No. 46139


Even though it is super fucking hard to find my shoe size, yes I agree 100%. I'm so glad I don't have monster feet and hands.

No. 46144

5'7 and I have long thin fingers and beautiful's hands, honnestly giant baby hands is more off a short girls thing :/

No. 46211

Sorry, I didn't mean to sound like an uber douche. I like drawing women with longer hands. They're elegant. It's just the feet thing that weirds me out really.

No. 46220

File: 1447044594461.jpg (248.75 KB, 822x1115, fakelankets.jpg)

reminder that Taylor is actually like 5 foot 7/8 and OP and other 5 foot 10 girls are disgusting:

No. 46221

File: 1447045297201.png (207.22 KB, 2532x1401, hmm.png)

No. 46222

File: 1447045476338.jpg (113.98 KB, 634x707, article-0-16168AFD000005DC-593…)

yeeesss that's why the picture says fake lanklets, celebrities fake their heights all the time, in the video you can see Jake being measured without shoes and he is between 5 9 and 5 10 but he barelly reaches 5 10 and he is way taller than tailor.
pic related

No. 46223

He also had his legs parted and is slouching tho.

In other news, taylor swift got yet another bf? I can't keep up with this woman jesus

No. 46236

I'm 5'8, but i've got a light bone structure and small feet so it's fine.
I'd hate to be really short or really tall.

No. 46255

I love being 5'6, it's a bit above average so I'm taller than most girls but I'm not a freak, either.

No. 46256

I would love to be super short. Guys love it.

No. 46307


This is the most pitiful reason I've heard for wanting to alter ones appearance.

No. 46313

The most pitiful reason to alter your appearance is to be attractive to the opposite sex? What's the least pitiful reason, then? So you can masturbate to yourself in the mirror?

No. 46336


Doing it because it pleases "the boiz teehee xD" is pitiful.
Reminds of those bullshit web article, "10 things men HATE about what you're doing to your appearance!".

You should be doing it for yourself; do you possess any autonomy whatsoever?

No. 46341

Lots of people like looking attractive to the opposite sex and it doesn't make them morons. Get your crusty sandy feminist vagina out of here.

No. 46344

I think they're the same anon who called the other anon sexist because she liked being short lol

No. 46373

>not superior to wizardchan for split-tails

No. 46392

I'm like 5'3.5". I wish I was a bit taller, like 5'6". My boyfriend is 5'6" and I fucking love being almost the same height as him. It's ideal for hugging, holding hands, etc. IMO. I'm intimidated by taller guys (like 6'+) and I don't like how I feel like a little kid around them. It seems like being taller than a guy is a dealbreaker for a lot of girls (before he met me, my bf was repeatedly turned down by girls because he didn't meet their ~height criteria~), but I'd have no problem being with someone shorter than me.

But yeah, I'd love an extra few inches of height. I already have osteoporosis, though, so it's only going to go downhill from here, lol. At least I can wear tall shoes.

No. 46397

Yeah I don't really understand super short girls like 5'-5'3" who have the GUYS MUST BE 6'+ criteria. I'm 5' and dated a 5'7" guy and a 5'10 or 11" guy and it just gets super awkward the taller the dude is. Honestly, the 5'7" guy was getting too tall for me as it was.

No. 46434

I'm 5' and the only reason I dislike it at times is because it's extremely noticeable if I gain weight. I've also been picked up by random strangers before, which is kind of weird and uncomfortable.

No. 46461

is your bf irish? my irish bf is the same height lol

No. 46828

I'm 5'10 and I'm 14 years old. I used to hate my height but now I love it.(underage)

No. 46829

>I'm 5'10 and I'm 14 years old.
Wew, banhammers on the way

No. 46866

this is one of the reasons why i don't like being short. eating so few calories is suffering. and yeah, i hate being picked up by people or being teased for my size.

No. 46867


o lawd.

No. 46999

I'm 6"0.5 last time I was measured which was a couple months back during a physical. I love that I have a presence immediately without speaking and that my height affords me great advantages in reaching things, but it also gets really annoying trying to drive my tiny car, fit my legs in plane and bus seats, and find pants/shirts long enough. all in all, I wouldn't change my heigh. I love it how it is.

No. 47117

File: 1447747510615.jpg (67.73 KB, 1280x720, Tomoko2.jpg)

I'm 165cm short and quite content with it even though the average male height here is 180cm.

Height in woman isn't a huge deal to me

No. 47132


I'm also 165. I feel very petite compared to my friends, because they're all taller than me. Guys say I'm super cute because they love hugging short girls, but I feel bad when they say that LOL I wish I were 170 cm… 165 isn't petite or very short in my country, in fact the average woman is 160, the taller 170 , and there's some titans lol

No. 47142

File: 1447785637945.jpg (5.19 KB, 224x225, deviwew.jpg)

why do little shits always insist on posting their age like anyone gives a shit

fucking wew lad

No. 47196

Last time I checked I was only just above 5'7".
Advantages; nice long legs, often told I
should model.
Disadvantages: my feet are TINY. Which means that I'm extremely clumsy. People always expect tall girls to have big feet but honestly I feel like they have an advantage, and are probably more graceful than me. Also, I wish I could be a few inches smaller so I could be cute in that sense.

Never mind. I've grown to like my height. But my ideal height would be, like my mother, 5'5". It's sort of above average but still cute.

No. 47273

In my opinion I think between 5'5-5'7 is the perfect height, not tall and not short. I feel so sorry for tall girls because they tower among tall men and look like giants against average men and women also when they wear heels it just looks so awkward when you're taller than every single person around you lol. I agree that shorter girls can have weird proportions but so can tall women, their bodies look so bad when they have long torso and short legs and are fat lol

No. 47644

I'm this tall, I'm so special, blah blah blah

No. 47645

I'm this short, I'm so special, blah blah blah

No. 47652

This thread omg. Only women would get so hell-bent and salty over something as stupid as height.

>inb4 fck off nckburd

Not a man.

No. 47653

Men get salty about height too, its all fit talks about.

No. 47655

File: 1448066392245.gif (370.67 KB, 500x281, ha.gif)

>He thinks men don't care about height

Ever heard of the misc, r9k, or fit?

No. 47662

short girls are disgusting tbh, unless they're like 80lbs they always look chunky

No. 47665

The projection in this thread is getting embarrassing.

No. 47668

you can tell you've triggered someone when they pull out the "projection" card

No. 47686

You think the manlet meme was made by women?

Also see >>45061

Literally retarded

No. 48003

>attracted to tall women
>am 5'7
i feel like tom cruise destined to be cucked

No. 48587

Nah this thread is definitely projection.
I hate seeing yall get creepy about general things that can't be controlled.

No. 48605

I'm 5'3" and fine with it. Definitely happy I'm not shorter, but being taller wouldn't be bad. It's nice being able to wear heels and still be a bit shorter than a guy.

Only shitty part about it is looking underage. Lots of people assume I'm 16 because of my weight and height. I guess its a good thing in the long run, but it keeps guys from flirting with me.

No. 48607

cry more

No. 48619


No. 48621

You don't know what that word means.

No. 48630

No. 48644

I'm 5'2 and i love being small.
>I actually feel sorry for short girls, they usually have awful proportions and are chubby.
Tall girls are usually stick-thin with flat chests unless you have good fat distributions, its ugly

No. 48645

Im 5'3 but i wish i was smaller.
I think small girls and tall guys are great. Tall girls and short guys are both awkward tbh

No. 48646

>thinking being 80lbs at 5'2 is healthy
Go away ana

No. 48669

Nobody is crying.
Godoy guys are so creepy.

No. 48740

I'm 5'10 and I wish I were taller /: When I was chubs I had a giant foot though. I lost a ton of weight and shrunk two shoe sizes..I guess from fat feet? My boyfriend is way shorter than I am and I love it…but it weirds people out that, as a female, I'm taller??

No. 48750

4'9 and stubby, I would like to be an average height. 5'1 at least, I think I would be stretched out a little more and my bigger bust would look more proportionate to my body.

I don't think I've ever had a girl jealous about my height or anything. And I havent ran into a guy who turned me down because of it.

Tall girls can be super cute, and yeah…sometimes I do envy them. I feel like guys think of me as a child and taller women as real women.

No. 48753

pissing contest: the thread

No. 77672

i got banned from /b/ on 4chan so i ended up here,

No. 77675

4'11 and 92lbs. I like being short, since all my boyfriends are tall.

No. 77680

5'4" with a short 5'7" boyfriend, works out for me because I hate wearing anything taller than kitten heels anyway lol.

No. 77689

5'1 and I had a string of tall ass boyfriends. They were always at least 6'1 and I thought I really liked that. I dated one guy that was maybe 5'6? A bit short but I kind of liked it, there is that sense though of not feeling as protected or some shit. Current boyfriend is 5'10 and thats a perfect height for me.

Still hate my current height. It kind of sucks. I wish I was around 5'3-5'4. No one takes you seriously when you're angry, you can't reach shit on the top shelf and a lot of dresses look stupid because you drown in them.

No. 77699

5'0" and hate it. :/ My hubby loves it that I am tiny though; he's about 6'.

No. 77700

I feel your pain!

No. 77729

File: 1457276307440.jpg (95.59 KB, 420x590, tmp_29223-c16d9aeeb69b15793fe6…)

I do not understand all of you shorties that don't like tall guys. Why?
That's one of my favorite things about my relationship. Sometimes, I even wish my boyfriend were maybe an inch taller.
>me: 5'2"
>him: 6'4"
>it's nice

No. 77730

That's one big ape.

No. 77731

Were he white this could be cute.

No. 77733

Biggest height difference pic I could find of celebs, sorry? Lol

No. 77744

Got into ldr with guy who is 6'1". I'm 5', and this is the tallest guy I've ever dated. I'm just worried it would look/be extremely awkward when we finally meet…

How do you even have sex at that height difference. (most porn I've looked for, they're similar heights, or tall girl/manlet fetish stuff…)

No. 77746

I'm 5'3, bf is 6'3, and we seem to work out perfect. May be our proportions but we've never had issues in any of our usual positions like doggy, all pretty comfortable. The only ones that are a challenge are like standing ones for some reason, but we don't do those often.

No. 77749

For us, the only thing different from the shorter guys I've been with is that we can't really do missionary. Which is fine. And no shower/standing up sex either.

No. 77754

File: 1457284655201.png (409.42 KB, 447x682, tmp_26589-PicsArt_145728460727…)

Also, holding hands looks less like this…

No. 77755

File: 1457284682294.png (340.32 KB, 588x350, tmp_26589-PicsArt_145728455796…)

and more like this.

No. 77756

File: 1457285505454.png (350.58 KB, 382x750, Gr1yxta.png)

No. 77759

I'm 5'0 and someone put this on my desk at work a few months ago. It's so true though you have no idea how many people baby-talk me just because I'm a short girl.

No. 77761

What? I was just saying that this is what it looks like when my boyfriend and I hold hands. My arm is crooked instead of our arms making the "iconic" V.

No. 77762

I have not experienced being baby talked. Which is surprising because people always assume I'm 16. I'm 23.

No. 77764

File: 1457286201926.jpg (133.46 KB, 640x625, tmp_3067-d558218f25769339f7eaf…)

No. 77766

sorry I thought the actual picture of a child was funny. Is it hard to talk to your bf though? I sometimes see this short girl/tall guy couple on campus and he's always really bent over when talking with her

No. 77767

Oh, I thought that you thought I was being insulting. Lol He does hunch a lot. Like to hug me and stuff. I don't really like that, though. Makes him feel shorter, so I just tell him to straighten up. He doesn't have to "get on my level" to talk, though. Unless he didn't hear something I said.

No. 77768

I'm a manlet king at 5'9.

Mother is 5'2, father is 5'8. Can't complain about my height.

No. 77772

I have the proportion (?) Of a lanklet but I'm only 5'4.5" like super long skinny arms and shit. I'd rather be short and plump or a tall skellington. I can't dress myself for shit..

No. 77773

I'm a manlet with normal proportions except my waist. I have to get everything altered to fit my tiny-ish waist and everything just makes me look big, and not in a good way.

At least you'd make a good swimmer!

No. 77777


No. 77780

File: 1457290542024.jpg (46.74 KB, 897x669, raven.jpg)

Nice quints

No. 77782

Sick ass quints

I assumed "farmers" was more gender neutral, but k. I assumed we weren't edgy teens from PULL. Not too many acceptable sites discuss lolcows

No. 77790


No. 77819

Men don't care about height as long as you're not taller than them. Even then it's not a huge deal

No. 77822

men shit on each other a lot about their own height though, so more insecure guys get salty af when a girl taller than them comes along.

No. 77839

File: 1457297227103.png (23.79 KB, 538x344, The Big Lies People Tell In On…)

I don't know how accurate this is (who the fuck is into a chick who's 4'8"?) but it's an okcupid study from 2010.

No. 77841

>who the fuck is into a chick who's 4'8"?
Many guys I know are.

No. 77849

Men who are insecure about being short.

No. 77859

File: 1457300567008.jpg (29.34 KB, 485x369, main-qimg-f76cdf8024e4ca3beaf9…)

I think im 5'10. Is that right if im 180 cm?

Can't really figure out what 4'8 is but as long as its not downright midget, i see no problem. Short women still look like women to me. There's cute ones and fat ones and annoying ones and so on. Just like regular sized women.

No. 77860

I draw the line at 5'0.

I love the tiny-ness, I can't deny it.

No. 77862

I'm 5'1
I don't mind half of the time, because of my height and baby face people think it's cute and kawaii fashion suits me, but on the other hand nobody takes me seriously.

No. 77870

Actually I know three couples irl where the girl is tallen than the guy over 10cm. Guys around 168~170/5'7, girls over 180/5'11. It looks weird at first glance, but then you get used to it.
And all these guys seem to have one thing in common - a very high self esteem, so even a tall girl can't overshadow them.

No. 77882

File: 1457302110545.jpg (23.97 KB, 659x288, 1457281246332.jpg)

No. 77883

File: 1457302148094.jpg (431.88 KB, 1439x2241, 1457274077903.jpg)

No. 77885

File: 1457302230530.jpg (199.25 KB, 1121x576, 1457288608229.jpg)

No. 77887

I'm 5'2. Fiancée is 5'5. We're tiny but adorable.

Tbh I think the women acting like height is a super important thing for men are mostly a bunch of dateless legbeards.

No. 77888

File: 1457302373805.png (149.69 KB, 750x1334, 1457293564114.png)

No. 77920

I feel like the guy should be happy he got such a clear sign that she was a bitch so early

No. 77949

I've dated short guys, but I PREFER taller ones. You act like you don't have preferences.

No. 77952

But when is that 'prefer' ever gonna come into play if falling in love is actually a thing?

No. 77966

We all have preferences, but I'm referring to the women who act like being under 6 foot tall is some kind of freakish disfigurement.

No. 77981

This honestly
A silver lining to being short is it helps identify the shallow cunts

No. 77982

lol fuck, anon that dated mostly tall guys. I can't stress how much more comfortable I am now with current s/o.


I actually caused one of my exboyfriends slight neck problems because he was constantly looking down to talk to me.

No. 78020

I would've rejected him too just for texting like 13 y.o. girl, fuck

No. 78025

If tall women are undesirable how are they at more risk of cucking their husband in a family? absolutely retarded

No. 78031

I'm 5'8, which is sort of tall. I wouldn't change my height an inch, I love it.

I like my guys around 5'9-6'2. There is something kind of hot about a guy that's slightly shorter than me- but his hands, arms, shoulders, feet etc are all bigger than mine.

No. 78094

Ey tall giels, what do you think about dating guys who are shorter than you? I am 5'7" and I like it when a girl is taller. Shows how much of a playa I am, walk around with her with my chin estra high and my face extra smug, looking around like check out this catch I got for myself.

No. 78103

File: 1457344182119.jpg (660.25 KB, 2448x3264, hamstereatingbanana.jpg)

No. 78353

I'm 5'1 :(

No. 78358

File: 1457387948218.jpg (9.75 KB, 292x215, 1c6b54ef1d6ba10c41f7e217a2ff22…)

No. 78407

File: 1457390718302.jpg (34.29 KB, 232x359, 8650117.jpg)

Not necessarily. If she is looking for something serious (children), she is smart and understands genetics.

Bitch would have been to date him and break up when things started getting serious.

No. 78428

File: 1457393147768.jpg (99.27 KB, 625x501, zcqQHzx.jpg)

Well true but that just depends on how short of a guy we're talking. I think its vastly in favor of her just being a cunt

No. 78532

This is exactly like me. Im 5'1, not chubby (yes OP, skinny shorties exist), and have a baby face. Nobody takes me seriously though because they think I'm a teenager :/ I have long legs for a shorty which means I never have to worry about having stumpy legs but that means my torso is a little shorter, but that's easily fixable with A-line dresses, which I adore.

Tall girls are elegant beauties who can pull off boyfriend jeans and maxi dresses. I don't see why you have to pick on us, you guys are cute, too.

I like being short because it matches my personality.

No. 78603

File: 1457410067864.jpg (219.89 KB, 1047x1572, wladimir_klitschko_hayden_pane…)

Hayden and Wlad are also a qt monster & midge couple at 5' & 6'6.

4'10 with a 6'2 and he's above average. Standing is impossible and missionary hurts. Behind works if I'm on our tall bed and he's on the floor, but we usually just do spooning because then we're both on the same level. Have fun, don't get impaled.

No. 78627

4'11" and 6'3". Usually I'm not cognizant of the height difference and didn't particularly notice when we started dating till I saw us in a storefront mirror,

"Damn dude you're really tall".

And he looked at me confused, "Did you not notice before?"

at a certain level of shortness everyone else is tall and you really need outside perspective to recognize

No. 78651

6", almost 6"1. boyfriend is about 6"2. being almost the same height makes life convenient. I can steal all his clothes.

No. 78657

I'm 5'7" and used to hate it because I'm so shy and socially retarded it made it even more awkward. Doesn't help that I have cute mannerisms and body language and look a little childish, with a baby face.

I think people assume (or at least I used to assume) tall people should have their shit together.

Recently I started liking it for those exact same reasons. It's easier to pretend you're not retarded and have your shit together (and so become less retarded and actually get your shit together) when people assume that's who you are from the start.

No. 78659


>tfw manlet


No. 78660

Not gonna apologize for wanting someone genetically superior.

No. 78664


Didn't asked you to.

No. 78679

6'2 (1,89)
I'm a tall girl but here in Groningen (Province in The Netherlands) there are plenty of other tall girls where i don't feel so unique or odd.

The funniest thing is going on holiday in other countries and towering over the locals.
I was in Taiwan not too long ago and just the way people stared at me is hilarious.

My fiancee is taller then me when i'm not wearing heels but he likes it when i wear them so it's all good.

I do not know if being short or being tall is better.
All i know is that i am quite happy with being tall

No. 78680

I get cuddled with ease.
By my taller fiancee or my shorter friends it's all cuddles in the end.

I'm unsure if this is a thing elsewhere but beds in my country come in a large variety of sizes and so far i never have had issues with this except for one shitty hotel i once stayed at but good hotels often have large beds.
Same goes for hospitals i'd get a bigger bed as simple as that.

The only time i've had to dodge things was when i was in asia and even then only in older buildings.
In my own country everything is sized rather well to accommodate tall people.

Do not worry for us we're fine

No. 78682

File: 1457439589959.gif (1.88 MB, 450x450, wGy7ey2.gif)

I doubt most men care about height at all before women inform them its yet another measurement for feeling better/worse then others.

No. 78742

File: 1457462120222.jpg (35.36 KB, 638x493, tall-boys-and-short-girls-purs…)

Average height women are best, 5'4-5'6

Sidenote, damn asians are shot on average-

No. 78743

short .

No. 78788

I'm 165 (5'4? or 5'5?), but apparently according to internet friends i look taller than i am so when i met some irl they were actually very surprised.

Idk, if i could choose I'd be shorter though tbh, but i feel it's just a "the grass is greener" type thing and it's all just in my head.

No. 85470

I'm 5'8'' - just tall enough to not be 'petite' but not tall enough to be 'stretched out'

so like a boy lmao

No. 85556

That or the opposite and have super-inflated egos as a result. When you feel entitled and have a big supply of guys trying to get your attention, its easy to get picky or at least act like it to fit in with their friends that are doing it.

No. 85557

Aint THAT uncommon man. Father was 5'4" at 20, then 5'9" at 28. Sister was 5'7" at 18, 6' at 23.

No. 85963

File: 1460472222678.png (2.15 KB, 354x286, 982873879.png)

Why are tall women so hateful and bitter?
Like you won't date a guy shorter than you or your height but as soon as those same guys date a short girl that suddenly makes them a pedophile?

Are short people just not allowed to date anyone?

No. 85965

True. I'm a tall woman. But i'd date a short man if he is fit and/or his face compensates his height

No. 85966


I just don't get the fixation on the height. It shouldn't fucking matter if you are compatible with each other but majority of people make it this first choice for a mate.

No. 85967

File: 1460473064078.png (62.84 KB, 176x268, 45445678787.png)

I'm a relatively short guy(about 5'8/5'9) and I've noticed a big portion of tall women focus a lot about height. Do they feel insecure about being with a short guy?

Like I've been turned down before by women the same height or an inch shorter than me before and the turning down part didn't really bother me.
What bothered me is when I found out I was being shit talked behind my back by one of them for dating a short asian girl(5'3)

Like why? why so bitter? maybe she was just a cunt but even when I'm on the street with my girlfriend I'd always notice taller girls eye'ing either my girlfriend or me(and not in a good way) and it just makes me wonder why?

Are tall women really that insecure that the only way they'd feel good about themselves is to hate on short people?
(no offense to you anon)

No. 85999

I'm 5'8 and I don't mind short guys but tbh a lot of short guys have been quite rude about my height. I don't really consider myself super tall but they made me feel like some kind of freakshow even if we were the same height in flat shoes. They got annoyed if I wore heels or shoes with thick soles and they made comments about how being tall was manly or unattractive. I think stuff like that made me slightly less likely to go and flirt with a short guy because I just feel like he wouldn't be attracted to me or want to date a tall girl. I wouldn't make comments like "ew short guys" but I'd be conscious that I was taller and wary about it because the only short guys I've dated never liked my height even though it's only a little taller than average

Maybe I'm only finding the bitchy short people just like you only seem to find bitchy tall people lol

No. 86001

go away 'nicely' its because short men aren't attractive

No. 86009

File: 1460481169286.jpg (9.3 KB, 278x278, 2016-03-26 06.46.04.jpg)


lmao when will they learn?

No. 86711

Somewhere between 4'11/ 5'0 and even worse, I didn't get the petite kind of body, I'm pretty curvy and slightly overweight.

>at least 99% of the men will always be taller than me.

No. 86715

I'm 5'5'' and I fuckin hate it
People are always thinking I'm like 6 foot even though the doctor and my 347876 self checks put me closer to 5'4.5" I just have long legs and huge feet even as a toddler.

I hate being tall I refuse to wear heels.

No. 86723

Are you asian anon? 5'4.5 is average..

No. 86726

Yea I was gonna say.. I wouldn't really consider a girl under 5'7 tall.

No. 86736

No. 86739



>I hate being tall

Do you live in a land of dwarves.

No. 86753

Being 6' and 5'5" are completely different, there's no way anyone with eyes could mistake the two. Was this an attempt at a brag? 5'5" is the most average female height ever lmao.

No. 86756

File: 1460905749154.jpg (17.92 KB, 245x304, face (17).jpg)

Dudes irrationally feel emasculated when girl is taller.

I shiggy dig.

>Not taking it in your ass for mama.

No. 86758

Probably. I'm Hispanic.
So many people assume I'm taller than them until we stand side by side too.

Idk, I'm super lanky with broad shoulders. I project tallness

No. 86759

I'm 5'5 and Hispanic and went to a Hispanic high school. I was known as tall until I went to college. My father and his brothers are also shorter than me. Land of dwarves.

No. 86760

>>Not taking it in your ass for mama.

>being into pegging

fringe fetish

No. 86761

It's not that weird.

Ok, it is. I can't help it though.

No. 86766

trust me, it may seem like pegging is a bit prevalent, especially in today's world, but it's really not.

No. 88028

Im 5'11" and i hate it so much, ive always wanted to be a petite animu girl but instead im a gigantic greasy beast

No. 88036

I'm 5'5" and it's aight. It would suck being overweight because I'd probably feel shorter but other than that it's not so bad. Easy to find pants that fit as well.

No. 88473

5'4. When I was a tween I wanted to be 5'6-5'8. Never happened.
I don't like how clothes fit on shorter women. So many fashionable clothes are designed for taller women. My best friend is 5'7 and whenever I see her wearing something fashionable my first thought is: oh, I really should get one of those. Second thought: shit, forgot I'm a midget who can't pull this off.

Another plus side of being tall: you can gain more weight and still look slim.

Thankfully most people think I'm taller than I really am. Guess at least my proportions are all right.

No. 93014

You're referring to what's the result of persistent PSYOP from paid shill posters that's been running for years. And I could guarantee you that it would hardly be a topic if women didn't care about it so much to begin with. Moreover, men generally don't give a shit about women's height in terms of attraction.

>There is something kind of hot about a guy that's slightly shorter than me- but his hands, arms, shoulders, feet etc are all bigger than mine.
You're attracted to unusually high testosterone men.

No. 93065

File: 1463583348577.jpg (93.45 KB, 645x773, idk.jpg)

Is too tall guys scary? I'm 195cm (6'5") and live in a pretty tall country but I've been told by girls that they were scared before they met me because of my height and my resting angry face.

No. 93068

i'm a whooping 5'0 ft. Just about everybody and everything is taller than me… including some elementary school chldren.

No. 93070

File: 1463584312721.jpg (14.48 KB, 268x217, 674746435.jpg)

>being this desperate for attention

No one cares.

No. 93071

No. 93072


>TFW 1.80m

>one of my coworkers I'm close with had a hard time seeing the stage on some company event
>jokingly say "should I pick you up"
>"lol no, not like you're tall or anything"
>she's like 1.49m


No. 93075

File: 1463585871068.jpg (12.64 KB, 236x298, btf.jpg)

Low blow man

No. 93078

I'm 5'3, I don't mind it aside from needing a tailor for fucking everything if I want it to fit properly.

No. 93079

Yes, I hate seeing male lanklets around. I live in a mostly short area but there are still a few 5'9 and up people around and I'd wish they'd all get out of our wo/manlet teritory. Men more than 8 or 9 inches taller than me really annoy me and freak me out a bit. I'm 4'11 and have to wear 5in heels if I want to get to a "normal" height. I'll be feeling all tall compared to a lot of the women and Mexican manlets and then out of nowhere some tall asshole ruins it. Thank god my bf is 5'8 tbh.

Tall women are qt af and only intimidating in the qt girl sense though.

No. 93089

it's not that she's short, it's because she's asian. white girls who date black guys get shittalked too.

No. 93105


Curse of being the king of manlets bruh.

No. 93127

File: 1463605348904.png (266.33 KB, 500x379, 7e33f565-905f-4bce-b9ee-e1e673…)

>How do you do, fellow females?

No. 93132

What about that post says man? Have you ever been near someone more than a foot taller than you? It's actually sort of scary. And it's super frustrating when you're wearing 5 inch heels and yet you're still considered short. What are you supposed to do walk about in 10in heels?

No. 93133

Only girls and sissy boys get scared of that.

No. 93134

Exactly, we're all women here except for a few robots shitposting and begging for gfs.

No. 93135

>what about that post says man


>"…qt girl sense"

Come on, now.

No. 93136

>what are you supposed to do? Walk in 10in heels?

Or you could not be insecure about your height. Who cares if people think you are short? Be happy with yourself.

No. 93138

File: 1463608838804.gif (1.16 MB, 275x275, 1442919557262.gif)

You realize this is an imageboard right? It's a semi-ironic semi-affectionate term like dfc and cowtits. I know a lot of newfags still think it's the "evil scary 4chan rapists and pedos", but honestly outside of a few spergs even on r9k no one cares much if you're a girl. I have more in common with them than I do a tumblrina telling me I'm racist for thinking muslim lolitas look stupid af. I'll never understand how people can go on cgl when they hate the entire rest of the site. Now even an image with the word faggot on it gets 10 replies saying how horrible it is.

Also tons of us are bi and lesbian you know. At least on cgl, if you search through the archives for the surveys you'll find most of us are white bi women in their early 20s.

I don't care what other people think. I care about not feeling small at least once a while. I don't care much normally but when you want to feel tall and you actually were for a bit. And then someone comes out of nowhere and makes you feel like you normally do it's a bit of a buzz kill.

No. 93139

What the fuck are you even talking about? I was saying that the phrasing sounded like a robot.

And if the presence of a tall person is a "buzz kill" then I really hope you gain some self esteem in the future.

No. 93140

That's what I mean. It's standard phrasing. Just the other day an anon was saying we where shaming her by saying cowtits. It was more of a rant in general about how detached all the female orientated boards are now.

Again I'm not sobbing and fucking crying because someone is 5'0. I said "a bit of a buzz kill" aka a tiny thing I don't care about more than if a toilet stall was dirty and I had to go to the next one down. Despite my bitching I'd much rather be 4'11 than 5'6 or taller. Are you projecting or something? It's the height thread aka the complain about your height thread.

No. 93160

shut the fuck up all of you are ugly

No. 93165

yes, you're definitely not some ugly loser keyboard warrior

No. 93191

I'm 5'10 and I honestly get really uncomfortable around people who are 5'3ish and below. Their proportions are off and they barely look human. It's not your fault or anything but I'm glad I'm tall.

No. 93264

To correct that anon, all of you aren't ugly but you're a bunch of whiny babies and you need to buck the fuck up. How do any of you leave your house? Do you ever? Christ.

No. 93267

They look like bobbleheads but it doesn't bother me. I just feel slightly uncomfortable because I've seen so many short girls say they're intimidated/scared by tall girls.

No. 93270

i'm 5'9 and i wish i were about three inches shorter. other people's height has never bothered me, lol. i think short girls are pretty cute, they only look bad when they're overweight tbh

No. 93279

That's strange. I'm under 5'4 and tall chicks turn me on. I wouldn't normally go for a girl but y'all make me fantasise about getting ravished by a lanky amazon princess

No. 93280

Maybe not so much intimidated by them. I feel just kind of awkward and out of place being 5'1 and some of my girlfriends are 5'7 or 6' even. I feel like I stand out in a bad way lol.

No. 93312

I'm 5'2 and have a similar body type to Ariana grande (except I actually have tits and I have a slimmer waist) in regards to muscle tone. I have really defined muscle tone on my arms and legs, even though I don't work out that much.
i really hate being short because even at 90lbs I don't look small and delicate cuz of my fucking muscle tone. It makes my thighs looks sooo much chubbier than they really are.

No. 93328

>muh humble brag

Go back to Pro Ana 23 waist chan, nobody asked about the specifics of your body. This is thread on height.

No. 93467

Thanks for the attention tho desu

No. 93616

File: 1463928711417.jpg (1.03 MB, 4444x4316, withcalvin6.jpg)

She's unto Calvin Harris nowadays.

No. 93627

I'm 5'3" and skelly except for my guppy stomach. It sticks out because of the way my spine is shaped and it really bothers me. I want to gain weight in other areas so it won't look so weird…

No. 93633

File: 1463935810092.jpg (38.77 KB, 436x631, 29fd5d42a050f7ee1a195f0c72d144…)

>have a similar body type to Ariana grande in regards to muscle tone >have really defined muscle tone


Such muscle tone, almost bruce lee tier

No. 93637

Depending how your body stores fat it could make things worse by adding fat onto your stomach, so maybe just try to wear things that conceal your back/stomach shape such as A-line dresses and skirts for instance and then no one will notice?

No. 95230

i agree with this, i never wanted to be too tall.
and tall friends i have hate being tall because it rules out a shit ton of guys for them. who the hell wants to date a guy who is shorter than them?

No. 95246

goddamn shes a bobble head lool

No. 95252

I think it's just her hair extensions that make her look like that. It's so unfortunate that her hair is so shit that she can literally only wear it in this terrible hairstyle with five pounds of extensions.

No. 95255

That stupid ponytail hairstyle does no favors for her.

No. 620518

168 cm
Not too short, not too tall

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