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File: 1566575829020.jpg (117.22 KB, 653x653, IMG_20190823_175404.jpg)

No. 452771

I know that many farmers are from non-native English speaking countries, so this is a general thread for talking about cows from those countries.

Tell us about your favorite cow!

No. 452779

File: 1566577176086.jpg (265.75 KB, 959x1472, fuck racism lol.jpg)

Fie Laursen is my all time fav non-eng cow. every single week she's doing dumbass shit.

>23 but acts like she's still in middle school

>got famous for being bullied (although was a massive bully herself) and cried on national tv
>proceeds to then gain traction as a fashion blogger
>no style at all but has designer brands so "who cares!"
>constantly flipflops between styles and phases - too many to count
>is also a bdpfag and wont shut up abt it after she got her diagnosis after a "suicide attempt" like a month ago??
>jumps on bandwagons to profit from it (re: fuck racism shirt where all profits went to her)
>brother (boris) is known from vine and really bad music
>fie and acacia used to be friends
>rode hard on the "uwu i'm friends with MILEY CYRUS SISTER"
>jumps from one relationship to another
>when things go south she says the boyfriend was abusive and on drugs
>before she had an abortion she used to call amalie sieghtzy (paradisecow, now normie) a murderer and a slut for aborting her violent and crazy ex's child
>never finished middle school
>wanted to become a politician and make weed legal + no taxes
>doesn't even know the election is every 4th year not EVERY year
>massive coke head, is "clean" in periods, then goes on abinge
>yo-yo weight eating disorder restored but sold diet pills to her underage fans
>have been recently buying cheap shit on wish ebay and amazon and reselling it for 100% upmark
>sent jake paul nudes
>attentionwhore to the max
>horrible photoshop
>currently in a "spiritual and hippie" phase
>has had a lot of plastic done - lips, cheeks, tits and face in general although haven't gotten ugly ass nose done

there's so fucking much about her and i could go on and on (with screens) but she's truly a giant cow

No. 452792

File: 1566580304454.jpg (130.34 KB, 1051x767, Screenshot_20190823_191210.jpg)

let's not forget that time she went to canada, came home and said that she had been invited by drake's friend who turned out to be a psycho stalker, that she had been held back at the airport, put in jail, harassed by actual prison inmates, had a fling with a guard etc lmao and then shortly after she released that video where she admitted how much she had been lying online, as if we didn't know

No. 452818

you really can't trust a single word she says or any of the opinions she has uttered.
but i still very clearly remember the whole "if i could vote in america, i would vote for trump!" nice way of calling yourself out fie …

No. 452820

oh my god anon she sounds wild! I would even go as for to say that she deserves her own thread if german anons feel like translating!

>fashion blogger

>pink graphic tee and Moschino belt
the kekest of keks

No. 452827

File: 1566585127061.jpg (2.89 MB, 3535x4000, BeFunky Collage.jpg)

some more examples of her "fashion" from 2014 to 2018

No. 452828

No. 452835

Her brother is a massive cow too

No. 452862

middle left looks like sharpay evans cosplay.

No. 452868

argie anons someone PLEASEE post @asadodefaso on here, she's my biggest personal cow and i wish she posted in english bc non-spanish speaking anons are MISSING OUT.

im on Mobile rn i can't rly post ut she's basically a trashier yolandi visser lookalike, vocally supports incest, has two daughters (both minors) but calls herself an "antinatalist" and has repeatedly claimed they were an accident; has never worked a formal job but does just about everything under the sun to make money mostly through her instagrams that keep getting reported & deleted. i could go on and on, she has so many cow qualities

No. 452873

took a look at her insta, jfc she looks like she reeks what a mess

No. 452909

File: 1566598815977.jpg (Spoiler Image, 92.84 KB, 1024x1024, pete galactico exis de.jpg)

No. 452931

I hate this so fucking much.

No. 452936

File: 1566605703989.png (Spoiler Image, 672.31 KB, 602x600, 3a766b4b692a1c4fb6741e7336720a…)

there's honestly so much more i could post bc she goes back so long and she's had so many accounts deleted/reported and has done so much documented insane stuff over the years, but she's just the cow that keeps on giving.

No. 452937

here's somewhat of a proper archive of (some) of her stuff

No. 452944

>never finished middle school
how do people like this gain fame or even survive on their own

No. 453014

File: 1566622399809.png (Spoiler Image, 637.7 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190823-235007.png)

Shes a mother and does tik toks too… lovely.

No. 453029

holy shit i was considering making an international cows thread for months but i thought that since there are probably not many (insert non-eng/american anon)fag here,that only a few people could contribute to the milk

but since it exists now,i will make a post about a cow from my country at some point

btw isnt this thread supposed to be on /snow/?

No. 453064

there used to be a few quite milky german youtubers but i have no idea wether they're still interesting or if the milk dried up because i haven't been following it at all

No. 453065

File: 1566633403001.jpg (9.42 KB, 480x360, fie2.jpg)

she told that since she was being bullied so much, her parents let her drop out of school and dedicate all her time to be a social media whore … they're truly her enablers. especially her mom …
besides if she had to drop out because of bullying, you just knooooow she was a bitch to be around. i've had classmates who dropped out to resurface at other schools because they used to bully other people a lot and when it turned back at them, they fled.
she has built her entire fame on "uwu, i was bullieeed" pity points and has sown she can't handle being in the spotlight at fucking all.

No. 453148

File: 1566656129280.png (499.79 KB, 539x960, ew.png)

fie is now gunning for short hair because she's busy doing the "omghaaaaaowd ruby rose is soooo hottt" phase everyone went thru in middle school like #girlcrush

No. 453179

wtfff. what sort of insane stuff?

No. 453270

File: 1566678533438.jpg (2.38 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20190824_222235197.j…)

fie's new namaste phase is so entertaining to me. second pic translated: "my friend at the psych ward made this for me that i feel has a strong energy and feeling. the feeling that no matter where you are and no matter which demons you're fighting, you can always uplift yourself with creativity"

as >>452779 said, this phase started after her suicide attempt a month ago. a very serious(!!!) attempt ofc!!! despite the fact that she shared her location with a suicide letter on instagram, lmao. she wanted to be found. i give her a few months before she ditches this phase and begins a new

No. 453466

the boob job really doesn't suit her, they truly look like udders. premium cow material.

and now that she has decided for the short hair, she's gonna regret in a week, the upkeep with the style she wants is massive and fie is notorious for being a lazy sack of shit. she'll buy some wigs soon or hopefully she'll have had bleached her hair so badly she has to cut everything off.

No. 454036

File: 1566826985259.jpg (85.41 KB, 750x1236, fieshorthair.jpg)

so she actually went ahead and did it… her facetune is tragic and giving me serious abby brown vibes for some reason.
in a week she's gonna hate it also the short nails …

No. 454046

Is she from Argentina?

No. 454077

indeed, she's argentinian.

No. 454951

File: 1567000569976.jpg (278.92 KB, 936x1200, collage.jpg)

>In fact, I never think I've posted on my profile, about my sexuality (except when I lip sync), heh! But I'm actually in the sensitive corner tonight. It's PRIDE. When I was about 15, I got my first girl girlfriend. We were a secret for a long time - and then I came out to my family, as a bisexual. It was not easy for me to accept my sexuality, because I had many followers and was often told I was boyish that I looked like a lesbian. I was shocked and upset. I threw my ripped jeans, sneaks and actually all the clothes I was comfortable in out - and dressed in stilettos and pink from head to toe. Because I shouldn't be called out. I was 15 when she was lying on my lap on her way to Germany and it dawned on me that I had butterflies in my stomach. We were so young, but ran off to be able to care for each other, in public. Escaping with girls became my way of dating them, because people on the web made me ashamed. In 2017, many years later, I chose to come out in front of whole Denmark and say it out loud. It was liberating, but I was still ashamed - because I got a lot of bad comments about me. I was still hiding the girls, I was dating and when I found a guy, he had to be shown quickly. I liked to look like a girl who was only with boys. For it did, I felt normal. Now we are in 2019 and it has taken me so many years to reach here where I am just proud to like girls. I can finally talk about it and be open with friends and family - and followers - without feeling ashamed. Because I have finally accepted who I am. This picture is really many years old, taken in Malmö at a hotel we were on for a weekend, just to enjoy each other without hiding. It was the first time I sat in a bar with a girl and told everyone it was my f * cking girl. Many companies advertise pride, with slogans like "it's just fun" and other things. For me it has been a long struggle, for many years, to participate in my first pride. It is not cozy, but sensitive and pleasing. Pride is where we fight for our rights and focus on them. Thanks for letting me be ME 🌈❤️

she made this post when copenhagen pride was undergoing and idk it irks me a lot.

No. 457054

File: 1567432879186.png (83.31 KB, 242x135, chiara.png)

This is an italian cow. In the past she was famous for just having a very unfortunate face but here's all I know so far.

Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ChiaraDalessandro/videos

>40 y/o with a very strong 12 yo complex, talks like a middle schooler and is very ignorant (she lives in Milan and doesn't know shit even about her own city)

>Only goes out for trash shopping.
>Claims that coffee and tea make her have panic attacks when it's just her blood pressure rising since she's morbidly obese
>Her hair is very frizzy and curly by nature, she just bleaches and dyes it until it dies and says that they're perfectly healthy
>Has a daughter, much mature than her, raised by her grandma (so Chiara's mother) who is actually a very clever and intelligent woman.
>Has a really poor sense of food. Eats processed food all the time and eats half a kilo of ice cream before bed.

These are just her points, but in the story:

>The spring of her channel was about his ex running away from her home in the middle of the night.

>To get him back, she faked a pregnancy.
>Meanwhile, she got a new boyfriend and said on youtube "that was a lie!! I was only trying to get him back! I'm actually pregnant now by my new boyfriend and they're twins!" (all of this in one month)
>Claims that the haters made her miscarry those twins, in a very strange way (Her words:"They died at 5 months in my uterus and got absorbed by the membrane)
>Moves with new boyfriend, in his room at his house with his parents (here in Italy you don't automatically move out at 18 or 20, you move out when you're perfectly stable or when you marry so its not strange)
>Instantly, his room is filled with trash. She makes him paint the walls pink and change every piece of furniture.
>He lets her do this because his family is poor and she brings youtube money (and its a bit mentally slow)
>She buys him a car but only for dragging her everywhere.
>New boyfriend's grandma died recently and she felt left alone, so to get again in the center of the attention, she bought him an expensive watch to make a vlog about it.
>Forced herself in between her new boyfriend and his family, making him have an argument with his sister.
>Extremely jealous that said sister got pregnant and she ""miscarried"" to the point to get a reborn doll and pretending to take care of her.
>His boyfriend is mommy's boy on another level. She cries in livestreams if Chiara reads something bad about him and goes crying saying "ooh please don't leave my baby!!"
Yes, he's almost 40 but her mommy calls him "my baby"

Sorry for the wall of text but if you know italian or want to learn it by listening to stuff, go ahead.

No. 457059

la chiarona internazionaleeee

No. 457061

There would be so many german cows who are absolute lunatics (and not just some ugly girls being a thot), like Drachenlord or Mimon, but sadly translating everything they do is pretty much impossible.

No. 457063

Drachenlord is a big time international influencer who has smashed through the language barrier.

No. 457120

oh wow. how old is her daughter?

No. 457135

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLoZXbRBWogvV8FxJq2jSsA This is her daughter, she's 22.
She had her at 18.
Yes, hard to believe she comes from that funny looking thing.

No. 458961

File: 1567819141652.jpeg (452.97 KB, 650x748, E0054CCB-A51B-4A38-877C-93CA51…)

I’m just wondering: are there any polanons here who remember Kamila (anewlifewithfashion)?

She was a tragically inept “fashion blogger” with zero outfit coordination skills who bought her clothes almost exclusively from Chinese wholesale websites and refused to learn how to take a flattering photo, dress for her figure or take care of her skin and hair, despite people on the internet making fun of her for years. She was a frequent sight at polish gossip forums around 2013-14 and regularly chimped out at people commenting on her. Damn, I’m nostalgic for the keks she used to deliver back then.
Im not going to lie though, it was kind of impressive how adamant she was about posting her bizarre outfits for the world to see. She mostly did her photo shoots on the drab streets of her semi-rural hometown like they were alleyways of Paris and didn’t give fuck about stuff like cigarette butts / bird shit in the background or her own calloused feet. She wore her weirdo fashion with pride.
She’s still active these days, but has sadly become more normie and thus boring and (as far as I know) her best posts were long since deleted, so there’s not much milk here, but it was fun to remember her.

Pic related; it’s her promoting a pillow.

No. 458979

File: 1567821139120.jpg (973.42 KB, 800x1453, 6.JPG)

i dont think nerds like this should be made fun of for being talentless and not self aware. imo, it's important they are really toxic people to be a real cow. from what i see of her, she's pretty bad at coordinating, but not alone mockworthy. horrible attempt at powerclashing but eh

No. 472794

File: 1571126639400.png (Spoiler Image, 405.39 KB, 720x1139, Screenshot_2019-10-14-23-58-00…)

Sorry for bumping an old thread, but I wanted to share this and didn't know where it belonged.

Anyway, this Iranian woman has had a ton of plastic surgery to make her look like Angelina Jolie though it has really made her look like the corpse bride. Now she got arrested by the Iranian government.

"She faces charges including blasphemy, inciting violence, gaining income through inappropriate means and encouraging youths to corruption, the news agency added"

Article content://media/external/file/172333

No. 472795

christ anon I heard about this. Thanks for this update kek

No. 472796

No. 472799

What's saddens me is that this is a nice outfit compared to what most burgerlanders wear out to eat

No. 472809

Wasn't her appearance debunked as prosthetic and shoops, she was trying to make a statement or something?
>Arrested for "cultural crimes and social and moral corruption"
The real cow here is the Iranian government.

No. 472835

>"She faces charges including blasphemy, inciting violence, gaining income through inappropriate means and encouraging youths to corruption, the news agency added"

where the hell did this even come from?all i knew about her was that she did those terrible shopps

No. 486629

File: 1574610283833.jpg (327.81 KB, 1080x1117, Screenshot_20191124_162250.jpg)

sorry for bumping an old thread, but i wanted to make an update on fie laursen since she has been so milky lately. her borderline, cronic identity crisis, and thirst for attention seems to be going out of control atm

so in the past few months:

>she spent months promoting a song she was going to release, she released it, and it sounds exactly like perfect by ed sheeran (https://youtu.be/dxsZ2cajIbo)

>she regrets getting her hair cut short and has been wearing cheap ass amazon wigs. now she is talking about getting a weave sewn in and i'm sure her scandi hair will love it /s
>she is no longer talking about dating girls, being bi, being a tomboy. end of that phase
>she regrets her entire sleeve that she had made this summer and is going to get it removed with laser. totally understandable though, that sleeve is the ugliest thing i've seen in my life, even vicky could do it better
>she bought an apartment in oslo, norway. watch out norwegians
>after a while of eating unhealthily and gaining weight, she started to preach a healthy life instead, shared fitness videos on her insta for a few weeks, then she got too impatient to work for results, and now she has an appointment to get bbl in turkey in a few weeks
>she is still posting shooped pics of her in lingerie while preaching body positivity
>she has also been talking about getting a nosejob after years of claiming that haters calling her nose ugly didn't bother her and that she liked her nose
>she started a new youtube series where she talks about and promotes sextoys. she got a lot of backlash for this since her primary following is young girls. she defends herself by pretending she has some feminist agenda, that people are shaming her for being a woman who masturbates and talks about sex

No. 487241

plus she recently has been speaking "out" on suicide attempts made by other g-list reality celebs, making it about herself and trying to seem like she has the moral high ground.

it's like the other influencers somehow saw her get away with it and then decided to follow suit.

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