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File: 1566757534799.png (801.44 KB, 778x611, gR5byW1.png)

No. 453716

Past thread: >>392418
Point and laugh at fucktarded fetishes. The more unusual and bizarre the better.

No. 453887

I'm freaked out by somnophilia (having sex with someone who is sleeping/unconscious). I know that some people give their partner consent to sexually touch them when they're sleeping, but the concept leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Especially after hearing so many horror stories of women being raped while they're passed out or waking up to find someone assaulting them–the fact people are turned on by these type of situations is kinda gross. To make it worse a lot of porn where men have sex with "unconscious" women also involve incest? It's always titled "having sex with my (step) mom/sister/cousin while she's asleep" or some shit like that. So it's a double dose of fucked up. Actually a triple dose–the fetish is also a little too close to necrophilia for my liking, which is extremely disturbing.

I side-eye people who are into this type of stuff, especially when they won't acknowledge that it's a kinda dark fetish to have, it weirdly blurs the lines of consent/boundaries and is very rape-y behavior. I've seen people try to defend it by saying as long as the sleeping person has consented then it doesn't matter, but it's still pretty unsettling imo.

No. 454002

A friend who I work with keeps on needlessly suggesting that I try "kinky" sex to Improve my sex life,as I know were both the only self Identified feminists and in the office but our beliefs are complexity different

she believes TIM's are women and TIF's are men,she dated numerous (mostly porn sick) men and suggests that I try some BDSM becasue she thinks my marriage is failing,(its not btw) and even if it was BDSM would never ever be the solution

before she used to suggest that I try spanking,handcuffs,blindfolds,leather gear e.t.c and I would tell her that I'm not interested in that type of stuff,now lately she says that I should try femdom because she says I have dominant personality,(  ̄ヘ ̄) apparently a woman being self confident and not taking shit from people means she's a dominatrix

how do I convince her that tops, bottoms, switches, dominant, submissive is not how relationships should work and that many people are prefer "boring" vanilla sex rather then anything kinky

No. 454005

Ask her why she believes sex must be abusive in order for it to supposedly be enjoyable

No. 454011

she gives me this bullshit excuse about vulnerability and trust and how BDSM brings true intimacy between partners by showing one side choosing to be vulnerable by his/her own free will and trusting that his/her partner won't abuse them

No. 454016

File: 1566823822427.png (43.16 KB, 806x791, average dwrp kinklist.png)

I RP on Dreamwidth and reading kink lists make me feel so disgusted and repulsed. Pic related is an average, unremarkable example.

I like RPing sex and weird, dark stuff when it's suitable for the characters and the narrative we have going. I just hate kinkshit for the sake of kinkshit. I wish DWRPers would stop turning the culture into Fetlife-lite.

No. 454019

which is why she believes that I should peg/finger my SO as his way to prove that he really loves me by letting himself be "vulnerable" for my sake

This sounds abusive and Manipulative to me,either way pegging is so gross and I have no desire to give myself a false dick. let alone put it inside a man's asshole? and what kind of man gets off to that? what kind of girl gets off to that? its disgusting.

No. 454021

I'm grossed out by all the step-mom and step-sister porn out there

My last bf had a 12 year old son and one weekend that he was visiting my underwear went missing. This was around the same time that his dad discovered he'd been looking up porn even when he knows the dad monitors his online activity and already warned him. We told him our bedroom was off limits after a couple of items went missing and then we found him 'sleep walking' into our bedroom one evening… his dad believed his sleep walking story and insisted I must've lost my own underwear..twice on weekends he was staying with us

Now he has a new step-mom and new step-sisters and that thought bothers me cos his dad covers up his behaviour instead of addressing issues like that

No. 454024

>trusting them to not be abusive
The clown world we live in when being hit by a sexual partner isn’t considered abusive.

No. 454026

>duct tape

lmao but y

No. 454049

The tragic thing is that them saying nope to "age-play" (pedophilia) makes them better than a lot of fuckers out there.

No. 454058

Tell her that your only fetishes are talking shit about radfems while pretending to be one, pimping out retarded men, writing about your beloved Husband on Reddit and getting banned from LC multiple times every day, necessaryspeed4.

No. 454059

I’m sorry do I see “underage partners” on that list or am I hopefully just tripping-

No. 454061

It's on their 'nope' section.

No. 454069

The point is why the fuck would it even be on there in the first place?

No. 454106

because pedos love to stick their nasty shit into everything.

No. 454289

File: 1566865230713.png (101.56 KB, 1432x945, bd99a6081e24f45a4e13d4ec15f9b3…)

MMO RP is plagued with the same shit. Used to be everyone dunked on Second Life for being full of sex weirdos, but it's literally every game with an RP server now. F-list is normalized and it's always some weird shit. It's doubly funny because everyone likes to pretend their shit is super deep and literary gold when they're all having orgies in player housing or w/e. Don't participate in the hobby anymore cuz of all the grease.

Another "tame" one from a member of a community I left but I lol at cervical penetration and realism being "yes"es but crying being a "no".

I get it got memed into reality thanks to hentai but what in the fuck is the actual appeal of womb fucking

No. 455853

One thing I don’t get is the whole racial/homophobic slur kink some of the these people have imagine having so much hate for yourself that you allow someone else to call you slurs and find it hot I’m convinced that 90% of people who have out of the box kinks have something mentally wrong with them.

No. 456175

One time a video came up on my twitter feed of a group of white men hanging a black woman while she convulsed. It was so fucking sick and disturbing, and some of the comments were saying that it was proven fake and the woman in the video is a porn actor (but other people said that her identity was never verified.) The fact that there actually people out there who jerk off to stuff like that, and other people treat it like it's a normal fetish is surreal. It's so fucking evil. I hate kinksters.

No. 456185

i remember reading about some black man having such a fetish and his dominatrix said such mean things to him it broke him and he got over it kek

No. 456210

I agree with you on this one. I've seen those 'wake up and fuck' videos where the guy is touching up a girl as she sleeps before she wakes up. it seems popular? it's worrying because I think a lot of people feel if they're in a relationship with someone it's cool to touch them as they sleep? cuddling is fine but anything sexual is a no go Imo. I would have to let a guy know this before we shared a bed. I've known people to say how hot it would be to wake up to a blowjob or going down on a girl to wake her up but it's like you said, it definitely blurs the lines of boundries and consent

No. 456224

Fucking hell, thanks a lot porn industry, now people can upload videos of murder online and dudes will be like meh it's probably just fake porn. Normal human reactions and empathy: Gone.

No. 456238

OT but where do you RP?

No. 456239

I don't get why some people are interested in playing out their kinks IRL. I am interested in some dark things (somnophilia for example, or mind break/bdsm to add another) but only within doujinshi.

No. 456261

Even if it is fake, these people are literally programming their brains to get off to seeing women murdered with videos that can be mistaken for some weird racist snuff film. There isn't even anything sexual about it at that point, it's just pure sadism and evidently no one sees anything wrong with this. They just call it "raceplay" and get on with their day.
We live in the worst timeline.

No. 456286

i actually have that fetish and when introduced it to my boyfriend he rightfully said no because of the connotation. i think its fair to be creeped out by it but what gets you off gets you off

No. 456857

You can't convince someone that believes that anon, just avoid the conversation.

No. 456939

LJ knockoff Dreamwidth. There's a lot of high quality RP, but it's confusing to know where to start - the closest to a centralized jump-in point are the anon comm and the monthly RP ad comm:


No. 457144

Why is this even allowed? Also as a warning, it involves real animal organs. What in the fuck

No. 457757

I dated an abusive adult man when I was a teenager, and as shitty as he was, obviously, lately I've been almost obsessively thinking about how he would take me to BDSM/kink parties and how the other women there didn't do anything or say anything about a literal and obvious child being there with them. Hell they'd "play" with me and some were obviously jealous about my skinny ana-chan teenager body which sickens me now. I've made peace with idiot cumbrain men abusing me, because they did it for a lot of my life, but I feel very betrayed by some of these women - not the other ones who were being abused (although how could you bring yourself to fuck around with and then compete with a teenager) but the other ones I could tell were just sick. Maybe this is better for the vent thread or something but I can't stop thinking about this and how sick and awful the whole BDSM and kink scene is. I hate that they have mainstream acceptance now. Saged because this is mostly blog.

No. 457761

This is depressingly common, I had a threesome with a 30 year guy and his '19' year old girlfriend once and she later told me she was underage… I was disgusted at the thought that I'd slept with a teen but this guy had no problem with it, oh and he had a fetish for underweight girls too, charming guy!

No. 457768

I refuse to click because that sounds sickening. but I am curious, how are the animal organs used? maybe you could try getting it taken down? is there a report button?

No. 457773

File: 1567596727205.jpg (256.4 KB, 1110x684, 151338706293.jpg)


These filthy scrotes would have to stay in their backrooms masturbating to hentai if it weren't for girls like you and those sick women in your story catering to them and making their sick fantasies a reality. This makes it worse for those who never indulged and spreads more sick memes about women.

This stories gross me out tbh and that includes you too, you also probably spend a shit ton of time shilling and defending your uwu lifestyle to other girls. i went to high school and college with girls like this and it really grinded my teeth to watch this filth going on and being validated by other girls and women of all people. In my country the age of consent is 15, so a 16 yr old girl and a 30yr old is morally wrong but not illegal, i kept getting attacked and treated like a reactionary, a tradthot or a bigot by even close friends just for telling them how retarded it was that they were falling for and sometimes chasing these sick old fetishists themselves.

Its what drove me away from tumblr, i was there for cartoon fandom sperging and eventually could not stand the perverse bdsm kink garbage anymore. I will always be salty about it and it only gets worse with more and more kink acceptance BS by the mainstream.

No. 457775

File: 1567597805004.jpg (54.79 KB, 500x613, 1qjywh.jpg)

They are doing Shibari with guts, they’re swimming in animal organs and one girl is wrapped in bacon or something. Japanese porn at its finest.

No. 457787

File: 1567603524153.jpg (41.41 KB, 275x249, 1549328409673.jpg)

Men who eat their own cum disgust me to no end. Cum is disgusting enough, so what mental defect does a man have to have to wanna do that in the first place?

No. 457795

Free protein

No. 457801

I find forcing a man to eat his own cum kind of a turn on though.
You can shame me.

No. 457815

It makes sense as an act of submission cos cum tastes/smells gross

No. 457863

I find it weird, but I prefer those men to the men who freak out like they're gonna die if their own cum goes anywhere near their mouth but expect me to gulp cupfuls of the stuff down.

No. 457880

I was sexually abused as a young child because I had absent and neglectful parents, and the pattern abuse continued until I was an adult and moved to a new city. I was deeply ashamed and suicidal about what was happening to me but I had no support. I'm glad you're disgusted because what happened to me was disgusting and shouldn't happen to anyone.

No. 457896

I hate kinksters and creepy fetishists, but for me I think I hate ABDL more than any of them because I’ve watched someone go down that rabbit hole. I have a cousin with whom I was super close growing up- he had apparently gotten groomed by diaper fetishists online from an early age- I think about 7 or 8. (He had been googling information about diapers and pullups and stuff- pretty innocent, but the google results weren’t- anyone ever hear of a creep named Deeker?) I started to notice something wasn’t right when he was about 13, but by the tiime his parents found out what he was doing online, it was too late for him.

Now he’s so far down the ABDL rabbit hole that he no longer comes back to our home state to visit any of us-not even his parents or siblings. Last I saw he was living with some other adult baby dude and they were havig “daycare” at their house- he had a tumblr about it but I think it got taken down after the purge.

The sick thing about these creeps is the way they claim to be a specific age. My cuz posts on his tumblr about his 5 year old “Little” persona. (Then why tf does he need to wear diapers?) I have a niece and nephew in that age range and it creeps me out majorly that he’s using it as his wank material.

He also wears diapers and onesies in front of other people- seems to be a common theme with ABDL creeps. They seem to like to be vouyeristic about their fetish. When I last saw him, he was obviously wearing a diaper under his normal clothes and was acting all weird. It is really sad.

I’m willing to bet anything that most of these insane kink people were probably sexually abused as kids, and/or groomed online into these lifestyles. But there seems to be no help for anyone- a lot of them aren’t technically mental illnesses, just really maladaptive coping mechanisms. And with woke culture prioritizing being your “authentic self”, there is no onus to change or to get real meaningful help. Losing my cousin to all his extreme fetish shit has been like watching an alcoholic slowly spiral down- cutting out everyone in their lives who don’t want to enable them. And even though it sounds ridiculous and silly, it is actually super sad to see.

No. 457899

File: 1567633704708.png (Spoiler Image, 23.04 KB, 1000x215, buttery shit.PNG)

/d/ has globalized Fetish threads and it's just…

No. 457902

I'm so sorry about your cousin, I hope he can come back from it oneday.

Exhibitionists are the worst. Everyone has kinks but I wish we could go back to making fetishists keep their hobbies behind closed doors, I feel like we're heading to some biblical hell.
I don't think I could allow anyone near minors after knowing that they were engaging in ABDL even if I somehow trusted that they had no interest in real children.

No. 457910

Really anon, even though he’s family, I find it hard to say I disagree with you- it would make me super uncomfortable to know he was around little kids, and getting off to acting like they do as their natural behavior- it’s like an ageplay version of being a troon, I feel like.

His parents are very depressed, and my aunt and I talked about it for a while not long ago. He was spending tons of their money, apparently under the guise of going to college, on diapers and onesies and little kid stuff. He has a room full of paw patrol and thomas the train stuff- fucking creepy and nasty.

He’s almost 23 now. My wish is that something happens- maybe he loses his job he just got, or someone rats him out to his work, and he is able to take a cold, sobering look at how objectively fucked up and disgusting what he’s doing is.

“But he’s not hurting anyone!!!1” is like the stock cry of wokies when I tried to voice my discomfort with this whole stupid diaper shit. He is hurting someone- himself. He used to have hobbies and be a vibrant, fun guy. Now all he does is post online and make diaper stories and live in his baby-hovel with a fellow “Little”. That’s not even mentioning the pain his family feels watching him just disappear.

Enough blogging- sorry. But kinkshit hurts real people, and with so many of these freaks grooming teenagers and younger into these lifestyles, I felt like sharing the side of someone who is watching a family member slip away might help some others understand that it’s not black and white, and there are other people in the world besides themselves.

No. 457931

this is like the male equivalent of baby cow hybrid jimin.

No. 457979

Free lipo, male servants, I'm allowed to eat what I want, and I'll have a harem of men? Oh ok-
>and have nipple ports all over the body to suck out the fembutter
Lmao, scrotes ruin everything good.

No. 458088

I loled. Thank you anon.

No. 458652

File: 1567775614832.jpg (20.07 KB, 550x413, man-holding-tiny-violin-close-…)

>I was sexually abused as a young child because I had absent and neglectful parents, and the pattern abuse continued until I was an adult and moved to a new city.

No. 458744

How is this helpful?

No. 458758

How about you focus on the disgusting man who are the real problem instead of abused women with mental health issues being roped into their bullshit?

No. 458759

No. 458785


boohoo , every pervert has a sob story, i heard them all, the scrotes will say the same bs about being bullied as kids too. Everyone has a fucked up time growing up darling, i suffered all sorts of shit and yet i didn't turn out like any of these middle class hoes that are going with orgies full of 12 yr olds and looking to meet "daddies" twice their age. Most people in shitty situations didn't.


This is the kink shaming thread, not "validate my gross kink because my childhood sucked " thread.

This may sound like "we live in a society" sperging but i am sick of this fucked up standard of giving every junkie an award when they stop being junkies, how about an award for all the people who never did this shit in the first place and we shame wrong behaviour, like it should be. Every one of those bdsm night clubs should be burned with every single person inside.

No. 458788

Shame people (aka men) exploiting women with mental illness.
A lot of women into BDSM use it to self-harm. The male doms just revictimize them.

I am all for kinkshaming, but I honestly believe you are focusing on the wrong thing.

No. 458800

so you want to be rewarded for doing what you're supposed to do? good for you for not getting groomed or otherwise put into a sad situation? congrats, you did it? you're so smart and amazing for going through all that stuff and not having it ruin you?? Should we praise you for existing?

No. 458809

>so you want to be rewarded for doing what you're supposed to do?

Its the other way around, its the people that never did what they were supposed to do in the first place the ones who want to be rewarded because they are uwu survivors.But no, if you decide to change lyfestyle in your mid 20s thats cool for you, you are still lesser than people who never contributed to gross subcultures.

No. 458814

>getting groomed and taken advantage of in childhood makes you a lesser human being
Are you "12 year old girls are sluts"-chan again?

No. 458845

Finding it hard to believe that poster is even female.. but if they are female that's fucking depressing

No. 458877

Please don't infight or try to justify your degeneracy in here guys, it's derailing.

No. 459041

I knew a girl like that in highschool who was 16 and dating a guy in his 20s (24 I think), she'd constantly bitch about her mom and pretend to be a cat and brag about how much she loved rope and being tied up. Later on she wore a binkie to school which I of course was like 'what the fuck' about, to which her friend then smacked me in the face for some reason.
Kinksters are waaaaay to accepted in society and it's beyond disgusting, keep that shit in hentai dude.

saged for blogpost.

No. 459042

Tfw kinda like calling my bf daddy in bed.(tfw you fuck off to /g/)

No. 459044

No. 460424

People farting on Youtube

No. 460426

If I knew this girl irl and saw this video I'd blow a raspberry whenever I'd see her in public.

Reminds me of this 4chan greentext story of some dude who fapped to brapqueens online but when he finally tried it irl, the girl he was with made him eat her farts and he was actually disgusted by it ahahahaha.

No. 460427

That's how most internet fetishists are, they get off to anything but can't handle it in real life, it applies a lot to self proclaimed female subs and masochists, fart lovers, anal lovers, etc

No. 460430

Furries are a mistake that can only be cleansed with fire.

No. 460481

Is it me or does archive of our own have a giant pedophilia problem? Maybe its the tags I browse, but AO3 has a shit ron of shota

No. 460502

It's so sad that she still calls him her beautiful son and wants to take him on the family vacation even after all of this, the despair in her voice cuts like a knife.
On YouTube there are comments about how she's a judgmental, abusive bitch for being angry that he chooses to fuck a tiger plushie instead of go on the family holiday.

No. 460587

like . . . what tags are you browsing

No. 460895


It made me so sad, you could hear her heart breaking. Behind every degenerate there is a family who is having an existential crisis and wondering what kind of ever loving god would do this to them.

No. 461882

I found out that one of my friends from high school draws furry porn online. I should probably have suspected something when she once told me she finds pokemon hot

No. 461884

that isn't an automatic kink anon. does she sell the art? if so she's likely doing it to get all that sweet furry money that exists.

No. 461889

File: 1568390189038.jpg (85.65 KB, 750x773, 5y7lmt27jct21.jpg)

Ik i mentioned this in other threads but I work with these ddlg fucktards, they're so fucking pretentious and cringey. How the fuck do they not have any shame? Why do they go out of their way to let everyone know they enjoy pretending to be parent/child with their SO and roleplay child molestation?

every time I try to bring this up to a friend they pull the "oh it may not be sexual for them" card, sexual or not, mimicking a parent-child relationship with your SO is cringey and problematic, despite it most of the time when people do it with their SO it's sexual

the whole fakeness just tops it all off, fake reactions, fake voice, fake tails, cheap wish.com bdsm accessories, how are these people okay with living such an artificial life?

also kinda superficial but why does DDLG attract the most hideous yet delusional annoying fucks possible? they have the worse bodies, skin and face possible but their shitty cheap wish.com fashion makes it worse and their horrid personalities

No. 461893

I don't know, she apparently has her own fursonas and characters so…

I have noticed that people into kink seem to be mostly ugly in general

No. 461894

'finds pokemon hot'

Those people are worse than furries

No. 461896

When you're ugly you have to rely on sites like fetlife and people with similar kinks just to get laid like the rest of us

No. 461919

>also kinda superficial but why does DDLG attract the most hideous yet delusional annoying fucks possible?

Because its bottom of the barrel mentally unwell people who are not very mature and competent in their adult lives to start with. A lot of these kinks developed in isolation and from lack of self esteem and awareness.

No. 462144

Every time I'm in a store and I walk by the little girl's or baby's clothing/toy sections I just shudder and feel disgusted, because I know that someone somewhere is getting turned on by that stuff and using it in their sexual role play.

No. 462179

The book I'm currently reading about neuroplasticity had a section on sexual behaviours and it described this documentary on a guy called Bob Flanagan and I'm just so disgusted and bewildered that something like that became mainstream and had a ton of critical praise. The guy had cystic-fibrosis so he became an extreme masochist to take control and have power over his pain or whatever, and at some point I fail to sympathise and just think it's an excuse for all the sick shit he made himself go through. Drinking piss, hanging himself, getting stabbed in the dick, being force fed…. worse things even. I just don't understand it. Sometimes i wish i was kept in the dark about the insane sexual fetishes humans have because I'm so shaken up about what i've read.

No. 462195

I collect the odd beanie boo (in a non-perv way where I'm still a functional adult) and the intsagram tags related to that are all a mixture of actual little girls holding up their new beanie boo from Claires.. and ddlgs that need to use every possible tag to spread their shit in otherwise child friendly tags

Half of these women mention being sexually abused as children so why can't they respect the idea of not exposing kids to bondage gear and panty pics

No. 462275

yeah, i feel this. i dont really read fanfic anymore but when i did i didnt comprehend how much very-underage fic was out there, and its in ever fandom too like damn

No. 462327

Any thread on /soc/. Men are absolutely fucking obsessed with their dicks and it's so embarrassing.

No. 462331

men are fucking gay

No. 462602

File: 1568558104875.jpg (43.8 KB, 431x767, rip.jpg)

Self explanatory

No. 462619


No. 462637

anon likely named this herself.

No. 462638

anon likely named this herself.

No. 462680

File: 1568572079612.jpg (219.95 KB, 750x1334, start.jpg)

Attractive girl wants to become less attractive
>no more makeup
>eat crap and drink weight gain shakes at night
>no exercise
>get flabby belly
>shower less
>wearing bad looking and ill fitting clothes

Not a "glow up" but a "glow down"

No. 462683

imagine thinking a woman needs makeup to be attractive

No. 462699

File: 1568577331211.png (231.58 KB, 1024x775, complications-during-pregnancy…)

pregnancy kink makes me nauseous and i judge men who are into it. i don't understand what's sexy about a uterus with a fetus inside of it or why you want to fuck pregnant women but it freaks me out. not to mention how awful pregnancy is in general for women and how it's still surprisingly easy to die during childbirth.

No. 462702

File: 1568579081058.png (699.05 KB, 707x889, bambi.png)

Anyone heard of this "Bambi Sleep" stuff? It's apparently a series of videos that are designed to "hypnotize" the listeners into becoming a "beautiful, obedient, mindless Bimbo named Bambi". Apparently it works so well that it can actually give the listeners symptoms of Dissociative Identity Disorder and other personality problems. I don't even know what to say anymore, these people are fucking retarded.

No. 462706

why are men like this

No. 462715

op is right, this does sound like shitty creepypasta. obviously kink shit can mess with your head and be a form of self harm, but the alarmist tone and "it lowers your IQ to this arbitrary number i heard somewhere" is lolworthy. sounds like a chick tract about the dangers of dungeons and dragons or some other satanic panic shit. also DID isn't real.

No. 462748

File: 1568587774092.jpg (1.19 MB, 895x1184, losing husband to bambi sleep …)

It does sound like a meme but I was just reading on r/GC about a woman who's husband started saying he was trans and acting distant and in her follow up thread it turns out he's been listening to that shit. That entire subreddit that post it from is about men frying their brains with "sissy hypno" porn.

No. 462749

Some people believe pregnancy causes a release of extra hormones which make women hornier

No. 462757

even so, the idea of being aroused by the image of a swollen stomach and thinking about the baby inside it is just… gross. i know obviously couples shouldn't stop having sex while one is pregnant but the fetishism of it is what squicks me

No. 462758

I'm probably going to get so much shit for this, but I find the idea of getting pregnant, or being fucked while pregnant, hot. It's just a fantasy, completely selfish and moronic to drag a child into this world for a kink (or in general), but it just feels very intimate. However, I find it hot from the perspective of loving someone a very long time and I picture myself married when thinking about it.

I'd imagine for men with this fetish, it's another way for them to feel superior, "This guy got her pregnant and left her, now I'm going to use her too" or "This woman is a slut, she's carrying another man's child, but now she's here with me."

No. 462760

does it not weird you out that there's a fetus just… there? idk i'm someone who finds pregnancy overall really gross so i'm biased. i feel like that would be really distracting especially since most people seem to be into it when the stomach is huge and the baby is just… there

No. 462761

found this pastebin transcript
what the fuck

No. 462765

i agree with >>462758. the fetus is a non-entity. for women with pregnancy or breeding kinks i think the idea is that

>pregnancy is the ultimate sign of love/devotion

in a romantic, ideal scenario, a baby is made when a couple is in love and wants to grow and star their own family. it's the ultimate declaration of love and devotion

>pregnancy is the body at its most feminine

the body changes during pregnancy and that gives some weight gain, widens hips, increases the size of the breasts. the masculine/feminine dichotomy is in effect.

>theres a slight tabooness there and also pregnancy sex is potentially reassuring

mothers are supposed to be pure, sexless and holy. being sexy/sexual during this time. also because of said body changes, women like to imagine being with a man who will still love and be sexually attracted to them despite being "fat"/different.

of course, this ONLY exists for women with pregnancy kinks and these are just tropes and patterns i've picked up by reading fanfiction. if you go to a pregnancy thread on some shitty degenerate male imageboard, it'll be gross domination porn.

also the harsh reality is most men outside of those imageboards are disgusted by pregnant women. just look at reddit boards and you'll see countless posts about women who recently had a baby and are now coping with their husbands finding their changed bodies disgusting or unsightly.

No. 462771

File: 1568592819725.jpg (Spoiler Image, 132.37 KB, 900x600, human-body-museum-in-bangkok-d…)

I can see why someone might find it weird, but the image doesn't disturb me. I don't see fetuses as living, and I don't think it would impact the developing child, as far as I know (I know there's always rare exceptions). My mother told me she had sex while pregnant, I obviously have no memory of this or problems related to it. Pregnancy doesn't scare me either, it just seem like a part of life.

Hey, I think it's weird, when you remove the skin, we're fucking a bunch of ugly meat carts (pic related). People have sex with spouses who unknowingly may have tumors growing inside them, more severe or foreign than a fetus.

As for the stomach… I have a feeder fetish, so that's probably where I'm biased. The idea of feeding a guy and watching him get bigger turns me on. For him to watch me get bigger with his baby, is just… holy fuck.

>>462765 is correct in their observation.

>their husbands finding their changed bodies disgusting or unsightly

I'm so horrified of this; I'm scared of men in general for reasons similar. I hate that many men pressure for kids, but not only become disinterested in them when born, but also you. He can cheat on you with the next woman, and you're left to tend to a child you painfully carried for 9 months, in addition to most men never wanting to be with you because your body has changed and you are a mother of another man's child.

I must be really gay, because I still find women beautiful during, and after pregnancy. My mother hates her after-pregnancy body, and blames me for it, but I think she looks nice? She was an "up and down" flat A/B cup waif like me, but grew large DD breasts and hips after I was born. The fuck are you complaining about? I watch guys flirt with my mom constantly while I routinely get ignored. My last partner wanted me to get a tit job. Men are never satisfied.

No. 462802

I love the idea of being impregnated, dunno why, because I don't even really want kids or want to be pregnant. but doesn't that belong more in the fetish threads on /g/?(degenerate)

No. 462821

File: 1568611021361.jpg (120.62 KB, 861x861, IMG_20180805_121741.jpg)

>I offered to try and have lesbian sex with him despite my hetero-desires
I want to feel sad for this woman but she is so damn stupid if she thinks her husband wearing a wig counts as lesbian sex…
Actually, it can be both. I feel sad for her and she is stupid.

Might as well go in here since anons think a kink shaming thread is an opportunity to defend their fetishes. Lol.

No. 462833

can someone tldr this for me?

No. 462893

File: 1568642357642.png (88.37 KB, 822x508, 13.png)

The stories about sissy porn changing everything about men are so scary even if they smell like /x/ copypasta. To imagine you could have a loving relationship with a man only to watch him suddenly become a braindead misogynistic bimbo who won't even touch you is like the internet version of a successful husband who becomes a dicklimp crack junkie.

What's worse is that most of the stories on that subreddit started as boys that got indoctrinated at age 13 like pic related instead of grown adult men, which means underage boys are engaging with adults in sissy roleplay since most of the 'recovering sissies' mention chatting online and even bottoming for older guys.
I'm so scared for every kid with an unattended internet connection.

Lmao have to wonder what else has this anon been posting in other posts for a mod to redtext this seemingly innoculous one

No. 462950

@mods, why did >>462802 get redtext but >>462758 didn't? are you drunk?

No. 462966

im assuming that person posted a lot of things to lead up to that point

No. 463335

This is my worst fear, this is why I hate the rise of traps and the faggot agenda. I'm super paranoid about this too.

No. 463354

Men have been cheating on women since the beginning of time. More than 90% of rapists have been male and always will be and some small group of Sissy's aren't going to make it bigger.
Men will always oppress women wherever that man is in a skirt or in pants. Like men dominating all female sports in the guise of "trans people" is just a excuse because men will always find a excuse to put women in their place and lower them with whatever they can find.
Women were not allowed to compete in sports 60-90 years ago, that should tell you how women were viewed as low in society.

No. 463383

About ten years ago I dated a guy older than me who confessed that he wanted to dress as a woman (lolita) when we went to anime conventions together. This was before trapping, sissification, or autogynephilia were talked about issues. I didn't have the vocabulary to describe what he was making me do at the time, cross-dressing didn't seem to fit because it wasn't outwardly sexual and it certainly wasn't done for me or other men. I remember being extremely embarrassed by it because I was being forced to hang out with a weird ugly dude in a dress for hours. I thought it didn't matter because the conventions were so few and far between, but the few times I went with him were so humiliating.
My breaking point was when he forced me to go into a store to buy makeup for him and have me apply it even after I said I wasn't comfortable doing that. I was crying. He insisted. I broke up with him not long after. The pictures were straight up Buffalo Bill tier. I recall seeing his hairy man legs through his stockings and thinking how he clearly wanted people to know he was a man in a dress because he certainly didn't care about presenting as a woman. It made me so angry at how he likely got off to that shit and basked in the attention it got him at my expense. He wanted all the glamorous parts of being a woman but did nothing regarding the nitty gritty parts like shaving and applying makeup. He just wanted the instant gratification of 'wearing' a woman's appearance at a superficial level.

He doesn't pull that shit anymore as I managed to anonymously shame him out of lolita and dressing as a woman. So at least publicly, he doesn't subject people to that to this day.

No. 463384


Yeah but if they are gay suddenly the chance of not only them cheating on you but giving you HIV rise like a hundred fold and they are 11X more likely to be pedos too. More kids getting groomed and indoctrinated is not a good thing.

No. 463398

File: 1568782458090.jpg (63.98 KB, 1000x581, Russell-Williams-colonel-fetic…)

reading your post and all I could picture was this guy

No. 463481

Don't go without a buttplug. It's a mandatory tool for school.


No. 463486

Love how even when men are 'being femme' they are still abusive and pushy to the point of making actual women cry

I had a forty year old ex who gave me an ultimatum to fist his ass that day or get out of his house (I had nowhere else to go) He got in a huff cos a few mins into doing it he noticed me crying.. must've really ruined the mood for him

No. 463490

This is insane, and disgusting. I'm sorry Anon.

No. 463496

Not that bad compared to some stories but:

There was a point when my best friend was trying out nearly every kink she could think of and trying to convince me and all of our other friends that it was normal and encourage us to try out different kinks. Both of us were on tumblr a lot back then and she bought into a lot of the DDLG/BDSM culture. She's always been a bit out there but it was never anything more than furry stuff before then.

>starts talking about liking piss play

>takes a group of us to a sex shop for ~fun~ even though we're all uncomfortable
>finds any opportunity to bring up her dildos and vibrators in conversation
>starts drawing Transformers porn, at first for commissions and then for herself
>actually tells me she thinks egg-laying and mpreg is "hot"
>has a falling out with another of our friends after she and her bf start having sex in the same room while our friend is spending the night

My best friend continues to talk to me the most about her kinks and I'm always uncomfortable but don't want to seem like I'm shaming her. She even starts badgering me about opening up to her about my own kinks. I don't really have any so I start making shit up. Eventually, she calms down with everything and I start to forget all about it as the years go on.

A few weeks ago, she randomly sends me a link to a website with girls drooling all over each other in bondage gear. I'm confused and disgusted.

>"I thought about you and your spit kink!"

>my what

I only have myself to blame for going along with it back then.

No. 463515

>Put your worries, stresses and obligations in a bubble and pop it

I wont lie I kind of want to try this, it sounds so relaxing.

No. 463517

No. 463627

I found some of the audios and listened to one for like 30 seconds and the weird warbling noise in the background and the chipmunk voice and robot voice are distinctly unerotic. But I guess you don't care about those things if you're thinking 'I wanna be a girl and this audio is gonna make me a girl'.

No. 463628

Ok yes that sucks but you could have said "im out" sooner. Also do you think you're well adjusted for anonymously manipulating him? Sorry that happened to you but also learn something.

No. 463655

I really don't like either maledom or femdom,I think both are unnatural and are symptom of not being satisfied with the natural stuff because of decadence and too much pornography(necessaryspeed4)

No. 463753

This is how I view it, I just think it's romantic.

No. 463778

This is fucking nasty holy shit, like I have no doubts she got shit on her bag doing that. Someone in the comments even said this had to be for a fetish video, but there were no cameras on her.

No. 463802

based. stop telling your sob story on a fucking website that is made for being cruel and a bitch towards others

No. 463926

File: 1568972757996.png (304.69 KB, 814x1408, kn.png)

Some people really, really want f for "furry" and k for "kink" to be included in the LGBT, lmao.

No. 464145

File: 1569024225312.png (44.37 KB, 988x334, american dad.PNG)

I've got a feeling that it's gonna be a wonderful day,

The sun in the sky has a smile on his face,

And he's shining a salute to the American race,

Oh boy it's swell to say, Good morning USA!

No. 464477

WHAT the fuck do these disgusting faggots see in scat? I'm so sick of scat spammers

No. 464887

File: 1569210006379.png (37.98 KB, 935x759, ban.png)

I'm that anon and I don't think that's the case because I hardly ever post from this wifi signal. all I posted that day was some stuff about my mental health in another thread and stuff about music on /m/. I don't get why the mods redtexted me especially because I was only replying and wasn't even defending my fetish but then again I don't really understand anything the mods do.

No. 467221

Keep the gains in the system

No. 467318

Any of you heard of BegForJay? He's a bdsm youtuber who has a ton of cringey ddlg content. He was accused by several women of sexual assault/misconduct and other abusive behaviors. He temporarily went off social media but came back unfortunately. There is an hour long video exposing him by Brittany Simon that got taken down for copyright but reuploaded by other users. I think he might deserve a thread.

Also check out asmr for littles on YouTube if you want your skin to crawl.

No. 467366

>check out asmr for littles
An instant way to ruin a good day.

Does anyone else get paranoid that checking out this stuff will get them put on a government watch list of some kind? Or is it too hopeful to think that the government even cares enough to track potential pedophiles?

Don't take it personally we all get banned eventually. Sometimes the mods really hate a post for whatever reason, or maybe the moderation queue was filled with unusually awful spam that day.

No. 468598

Weird sex toys aren't shamed enough

No. 471060

I stumbled on the bdsm subreddit one day and it really irks me the way these weirdos refer to people who do normal sex as "vanillas" and how they're so innocent and don't understand mah bdsm terms. It's like grown ass harry potter fans going around calling non-fans "muggles." They really think they're hot shit for liking being tied up and living the most adventurous lifestyle that nobody else can possibly get. I can't stand that smug attitude

No. 471067

I thought that was a chicken leg with gout from the thumbnail

No. 471085

Definitely agree, and it makes the BDSM spergs who've been vocal in cow threads lately all the more annoying. Literally the other day the Shay thread had some sperg going on about collars and "muh vanillas" as if it's milk at all.

No. 471292

I'm wary of any man who considers himself a 'dom' or worse, a 'daddy dom'. I can understand someone saying 'oh I like to be the dominant one in the bedroom' but giving themself the title of 'dom' is too far for me

No. 471293

and American Dad of all fandoms

No. 471294

Imagine meeting someone so close to your ideal type, they could be the perfect partner….. except they're into scat

No. 471480

'24/7 bdsm relationships' sicken me. i have my weird kinks, but i know someone whose 'Sir' makes her hold her piss until she physically cannot any more, then beats her for 'making a mess'. You fucking dumbcunt man, it's literally biology. She loves to talk about how great a man is and how it's so admirable that he 'vets' all her friends and will lock her from her phone and apps if she says something he doesnt like.

bonus points, she's completely mentally fucked up from trauma, she met him when she was 18 and he was mid 40s

No. 471519

smh @ u kinkshamers they're just roleplaying an abusive relationship 24/7 dummy

No. 471521

File: 1570799245691.jpg (102.91 KB, 634x608, gj6dmc6kk3c31.jpg)

I just went down the rabithole that is Sefonknee. It takes a lot for me to be truly disturbed by fetisheists because I'm so desensitized, but this one is so unsettling it literally made me cringe.

>in his 50's but identifies as a 6yo girl

>"adopted" by fetishist old couple who take part in his ageplayer lifestyle
>woman pretends to be his mother, while man pretends to be his father but also has sex with him


No. 471523

File: 1570800275672.jpg (312.32 KB, 960x960, 1570541532345.jpg)


This is why Christ comes back with a sword in Revelation

No. 471571

people like this man deserve to die. this sucks for your friend and i hope she finds a way out someday

No. 471587

The BDSM "community" is trash and has no understanding of nuance or even basic decency like not exploiting the trauma of girls and young women. And obviously when you build your entire relationship around a deeply abusive extreme power imbalance she is going to "consent" to being abused.
I've seen a lot of run of the mill abusers use BDSM as an excuse for their disgusting violent sexist behavior or even transition their relationship into a so-called dom/sub one when they already were controlling and beating their girlfriend to begin with.

No. 471588

NTA but that is one of the funniest things I've ever read.

No. 471918

the crossdressing fetish "community" on Deviantart are a disgusting bunch and often post underage male characters wearing sexual female clothing

No. 471926

Didn't he abandon his wife and 6 or 7 kids for this lifestyle too

No. 471927

I had an ex who was obsessed with anal, not my thing but ok. One day he's trying to get me to have anal and I explain my ibs situation to him for the hundredth time, I say that I'm currently constipated and certainly not feeling sexy. He tells me that his ex would let him do it while she was constipated and feeling the hardened shit inside her only added to the stimulation for him ..

Now I don't want to know any guy that wants anal, I just can't unhear that

No. 471946

This is one of the worst things I've ever read and I would have broken up with him on the spot. Even if he was otherwise perfect I'd be so repulsed I'd never want to see him again and be reminded of it.

No. 472061

File: 1570959154382.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.11 MB, 1704x2438, 1570452702035.jpg)

found this recently

No. 472278

consenting to abuse is a good way to put it. 24/7 is fucked up. i used to go on BDSM reddit and people there glorify having their lives ruined for sex. fuck any man who tells you what to do all the time. they treat a woman's life like a goddamn sex object with no desires of her own. i'm still traumatized from being in a 24/7 for a few months with the shittiest human being ever

anon, if he was so into anal, you should have done anal on him instead haha

No. 473227

File: 1571187177220.png (Spoiler Image, 134.44 KB, 708x680, Screenshot_2019-10-15-20-49-56…)

0 to 100

No. 473230

Reading that I'm just confused where the skeletons come into it.

No. 473235

This might be pretty tame, but it's a fetish or kink and I find it disgusting. I was "dating" this guy(he was just using me) who happened to have a big cock. He wanted me to gag on it and constantly tell him how big it was. I refused to gag on it but literally all he cared about was the size of his cock whenever we sexted or "talked dirty". And even worse, he was the type to push my head down while I'm doing oral. Another funny detail is that I noticed his subscription to a big boob subreddit and I have small breasts. I asked about it (not minding if he liked it) and he denied such a thing and tried to suggest it was automatically on his subscription list. Lol. It was a deceitful loveless relationship and I didn't even realize it. What a fucking narcissist. His penis was disturbing to me in all honesty, and it didn't even fit in my vagina. We tried once and it didn't work and somehow that hurt his ego. My friend and I trolled him when we found his OKC profile years later, at least.

Anyway, it's weird because I love telling my average sized bf how big he is. I suspect it's different because that's genuinely how I feel and I love how he loves it. In a loveless relationship…. it's just fucking gross.

No. 473239

>Ur a dick
>No anon I'm a big dick

No. 473248

You'd be surprised how many guys entire egos revolve around the fact they have a massive cock that can't fit into half of girls vajayjays. They think every girl is a size queen who just wants to worship a giant cock with legs 24/7.

No. 473285

Men that are obsessed with anal disgust me

No. 473291

Agree. Men who like anal are gay or at least bi in denial.

No. 473301

My Grandaunts once told me that any man who liked Anal sex in form was always a sexual deviant

No. 473328

I agree that all men super into anal are gross but can you explain this to me? Like the reasoning? I'm not trying to be dense I'm actually curious.

Because while I do find it degenerate everyone has an asshole so it's not like gender specific? Kind of like saying gay men into nipple play are secretly het/bi?

No. 473339

Anon is dumb and probably homophobic.

Guys who want anal aren't secretly gay, they have developed extreme tastes that constantly escalate as a result of constant access to porn. They enjoy women's pain, they like the idea that they're being 'allowed' to do something nasty and unpleasant, they want to act out the scenes they jerk off to. They don't prefer assholes to vaginas, they just prefer taboo to 'vanilla'.

No. 473414

There's so much of that 'gag and slobber on it' shit in porn but I've been lucky enough never have a guy even dare to push my head down

I'm curious, how common is this in real life?

No. 473416

In my experience it's been a result of pornsickness, they start out obsessed with your ass and then after a while they suggest you play with theirs too.. slippery slope where eventually genitals don't even factor into sex anymore

I'm never going to orgasm or get a thing from being rimmed so dating an ass obsessed guy really highlighted the fact that sex with me was 100 percent about him acting out porn and not about me at all

No. 473682

File: 1571273761279.png (170.22 KB, 1363x341, scrote_larp.png)

Most likely a LAPR but still cringy

No. 473724

now I'm just imagining this guy prodding away with his dick and this hardened turd. I'm sorry anon

No. 473727

am I missing something here? why did she do this porn especially such disgusting/degrading porn?

No. 473803

File: 1571307702811.jpg (Spoiler Image, 92.14 KB, 640x640, 056f195b4b78674a54c79792b34ca0…)

Thought y'all would appreciate this

No. 473804

File: 1571307728420.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 17.27 KB, 187x269, images (2).jpeg)

No. 473819

I mean I don't know what else people expect when you're going in an asshole. I watched a vid on youtube lately where pornstars described bloopers on set and it was mostly women shitting or their ass bleeding. Even with all their experience and the preparation/special diets that porn stars take on to be ready for anal .. it's a hole with shit in it

No. 473823

analfags get rekt
seriously. the anal meme needs to die. unless you have a prostate no non medical object needs to go in your asshole ever

No. 473833

I remember when I was a teenager first hearing about anal sex and it disturbed me. Did a bunch of googling about why men want it and stuff, and on yahoo answers and a bunch of other websites there would always be guys saying they didn't even like it that much, it was the fact that it was "taboo" that turned them on and if women said " yeah you can stick it in my butt any time" they wouldnt even want it.

No. 473907

Also the fact that it supposedly supposed to feel better than a vag because it’s “tighter”

My ex told me that it’s tighter in the beginning when you enter it but then it’s looser once you are inside it.

No. 474053

No. 474056

It really is, although I dream of a guy who would be comfortable with my period so much as to not mind getting some blood on his fingers/mouth, and just seeing it as another thing to find intimate about me (stupid I know)
But this guy is just a freak, rummaging through for his sister's/mother's pads and thinking it's ok to buy used ones online… People with fetishes like that creep me out, they don't care about being intimate with one special person, anyone will do as long as they go along with their degeneracy.

No. 474066

love how he has pad brand preferences and always ain't it kek, feels bizarre agreeing with a scrote on that. i mean yeah, this is too far, but at least it's less disgusting than all the anal stuff etc imo.

No. 474118


Just wanted to comment that it’s not stupid to want all of you appreciated. One of the ways I determine compatibility is by testing how grossed out he is by periods lol if he cannot sympathize with me when I’m cramping, how can I expect his help orgasming to rid myself of cramps?

No. 474120

If there's one thing I hate it's having to put up with hearing some of the closest girls to me go on about their anal experiences. Ironically one of these friends recently had to go to her doctor for a hemorrhoid lol.

My boyfriend and his ex-gf were dumb enough to go at it without lube or any real though apparently with her ending up crying so he's a bit traumatized in that department luckily.

No. 474275

When you think about it yeah it's strange how men will get off on the taboo of putting their dick in a literal shithole but they often won't do period sex

And I love how men are under the impression that womens asses are good to go most of the time, porn stars clean out and restrict their diets in advance of shoots. My friends who've had guys just put it in.. haven't had such clean fun lol

No. 474750

Just wanna remind everyone that anal sex can cause anal prolapse which is basically when your asshole turns inside out. Never look up pictures of it. https://goaskalice.columbia.edu/answered-questions/anal-protrusion-after-anal-sex

Haha, I love it when guys try anal and have horrible experiences from it and never want to try it again. Like the guy in this video.

Yeah but it's only the entrance that's tighter, and since most of the penis nerve endings are in the tip, I don't really see the benefit of that.

That's because they know the woman will probably enjoy it too so it doesn't feel as taboo.

No. 474984

File: 1571610267245.png (4.94 KB, 341x39, pokemon.PNG)

No. 474992

File: 1571611692725.png (166.32 KB, 620x1367, 1-pornhub-insights-2018-year-i…)


For the last few years among the top searched terms on porn sites were Fortnite, Overwatch or whatever videogame is trending among tweens.

>Well a lot of a-adults play f-fortnite, is definitely not 12 yr olds looking for it on porn sites along with "mom and sister incest" videos

No. 475013

File: 1571614395342.png (69.37 KB, 500x332, 5tfdsxc4.png)

>no foreplay

No. 475022

jeez let the gays have their no foreplay korean dick robber black fortnite camp buddy truth or dare porn

No. 475023

Isn't making porn illegal in korea? What makes up that category?

No. 475025

>Isn't making porn illegal in korea?

Its the western anons on the kpop critical

No. 475027

what the fuck are mensuits? actually I don't think I wanna know

No. 475031

File: 1571616594349.jpg (159.74 KB, 579x824, tank.jpg)


Lot is said about scrotes on here, but gay scrotes are on a whole new playing field, where to even begin.


>As part of the sexual fetish they also often injected their penises with saline to temporarily enlarge them. They later switched to silicone to permanently engorge their penises to make themselves look a certain way to each other and participate in the fetish. The procedure is illegal and dangerous, and Tank died of a pulmonary embolism induced by his injections in October 2018.

No. 475032

oh shit is that noodlesandbeef? i remember him popping up on kiwifarms awhile ago. yea that how situation was completely fucked.

No. 475566

Car fetishism. Many of these men assign genders, names and personalities to their cars of choice.
They even fuck the exhaust pipes. They call themselves "mechaphiles", "mechasexuals", "metrosexuals", etc.
The guy in this doc, Edward Smith, has appeared in more than one documentary about this. I wonder if he gets some sort of secondary joy out of telling the world he's attracted to cars.

No. 475775

File: 1571781752144.png (380.9 KB, 1264x632, commish___tsf___chicagiensis_b…)

Imagine trying to explain how this is sexy to your friend

No. 475780

There is korean porn but it slips under the feds radar if that makes sense.
So yeah it is illegal but it is still made.
But most of the people who search for gay korean porn ARE ALL STRAIGHT GIRL FUJOSHIS who insert their fave kpop ship in the video they are watching which is fucked up.

No. 475785

Not so much kinkshaming, but I figure this a decent thread for it.

Why are all the 'submissive' men the most arrogant and domineering with such shitty, aggressive personalities? I find the idea of a submissive man adorable, with light domination and a little aftercare. But the braggart behavior and arrogance I encounter from every single submissive male has just put me off the idea entirely. They brag about their jobs, their income, and most of all their intelligence, they are all lazy and pathetically needy as well. Not the fun type of needy, just the 'why haven't you replied' type of needy.

I just want a submissive guy with a bit of humility to him. And looking around, it doesn't look like they exist. The submissive males in other relationships I've seen seem to be extremely domineering outside the bedroom over their girlfriend's personal life, it's a weird contradiction.

No. 475787

many subs are actually extremely selfish, the nature of sub/dom is that the sub gets what they want on their terms, which means that the guy is usually more selfish than dominant men who are generally pretty vanilla. i think switches are the way to go if you have to chose because then it's not an extension of their personality.

No. 475794

A lot of men claiming to be submissive are really just bottoms, who aren't looking for dominant women but service tops to replicate what they see in porn. When I was looking for a submissive boyfriend (yeah, go ahead and cringe) I talked to and vetted at least 60 different "submissive" men and almost all of them were pretty much all the same: promiscuous, selfish, lazy, focused entirely on their fantasies/fetishes without caring about reciprocation, terrible listeners/communicators, passive-aggressive, etc… There were maybe 3 people that seemed decent, and 1 who I was in a relationship for a year. Ultimately he showed me his true colors and turned out to have a huge ego and couldn't stand me making decisions even as simple as what food to eat or what show to watch (despite me asking him a million times if it was okay with him, and him agreeing). I found out his submission was based on how horny he was, something he NEVER told me and I had to deal with the subsequent random baby tantrums until I finally got up and left. So yeah, add emotionally stunted and immature to the list as well.

A lot of "submissive" men are like this, they have huge egos that won't allow them to truly submit and they can't think outside their dick. Honestly my advice is to look for a guy who doesn't identify as submissive but look at his personality and how he treats you overall, since they are more likely to be what you're looking for than men who are just looking for a dominatrix to roleplay porn scenes with them. Chances are as well if you are into light domination, you will find some normal guys into that too.

No. 475833

I've read up on this the other night, and holy shit is it fucking insane. This is why you should never bring your fucked up fetishes into real life, keep that shit in fantasies only

No. 475880

>promiscuous, selfish, lazy, focused entirely on their fantasies/fetishes without caring about reciprocation, terrible listeners/communicators, passive-aggressive, etc…

No. 476189

The ddlg thread on /snow/ makes me want to end my existence.

No. 477612

Your fault for being into bdsm to begin with honestly, the majority of those people are just either girls with horrible trauma and ptsd going about it in a horrible way or guys who will do anything for a 'mommy gf' to baby them and suck their dick.

I really don't know what you people expect.

No. 477976

Is nothing safe from being fetishised? It's bad enough that siblings and step-siblings are now poplar in porn, and pornsick men will start sexualising them when they're brought up in non sexual contexts.

No. 478290

File: 1572312370274.png (21.16 KB, 615x220, noooo.png)

I hate shit like this, how is this sexy to people? Your 'loving' partner suddenly raping you and then impregnating you thus tying you to him makes my vagina shrivel up and die. This is a nightmare, not some uwu sexy rope play or something.

No. 478292

Isn't this more of a gay fetish?

No. 478297

It spread to the ddlg/bdsm community, so now you have 25-year-old women in diapers and aliexpress onesies babbling how they want a baby from 'daddy'.

No. 478379

Joining the BDSM Scene makes you 50% more likely to be raped/sexually assaulted.
>The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom did a survey this Fall on consent. Results are in. The survey got over 5000 respondents. It was broadly focused on people’s views of what constituted consent, and not experiences of violation, but there were two questions about experiences of violation. Here are those questions, and the responses:

>“Have you ever had a pre-negotiated limit violated in a BDSM scene or relationship?” Of 4,115 respondents (1,552 missing

>“Have you ever negotiated a safeword or safesign with a partner who then ignored it during play?” Of 4,110 respondents

>Taking the two questions together, 33% of respondents that answered these questions answered yes to one, or the other or both. 33% of kinksters who responded reported that their consent was violated. More than 11% responded yes to both.

>So … this is very, very bad. Of kinksters responding to this question, 30% had had a prenegotiated limit violated. Those numbers are even worse than victim self-reports of rape in the general population; which the New York Times reports as about 20% based on a study supported by the National Institute of Justice.

>Communities ostensibly based on consent, with more consent violations than the general population.

If you combine the 20% figure from the NY Times referenced in the article with the results from NCSF's survey, then there are 50% more consent violations in the BDSM Scene than outside of it. What happened to "safe, sane and consensual"?

No. 478532

even though bdsm is supposed to be a consensual thing its not really a surprise people who are just looking for an excuse to abuse would use it to get someone vulnerable to comply. and people who aren't emotionally ready/haven't done enough research could also be filling the survey. i remember when fifty shades of grey came out and there were all these dumb couples looking to try out bdsm. obviously it had really shitty depiction of it and i wouldn't be surprised if most people didn't do additional research.

No. 478683

I remember on tumblr when I used to browse fetish blogs and there were a ton of ones with breeding fetishes. They would say they'd go on tinder dates and one night stands etc and not use any birth control in the hopes that they woukd get pregnant/impregnate someone. I think they were just being edgy and didn't actually do that, but its still disturbing to think that some people probably do that.

And some people have a fetish for going out and infecting people with their std.

No. 478894

File: 1572470561076.png (Spoiler Image, 581.18 KB, 1228x590, huh.PNG)

But were would you put it?

No. 478897

dentist's waiting room, duh

No. 478930

honey this is the kinkshaming thread not the "sometimes BDSM is good" thread

also if some "uninformed" people did that survey….good??? what are you on about?? MOST people aren't pro subs/doms with years of experience. If you only picked those people how the hell would you know that data wasn't skewed from years of kinky brainwashing.

No. 478962

File: 1572484576552.png (145.47 KB, 712x582, Screenshot_2019-10-30-06-47-45…)

Don't forget anons fetish's are a low IQ thing

No. 478989



No. 478991

Not bdsm. Kink maybe.

What is this from?

No. 479028

I don't get, or want to get, pregnancy kinks. There's a fetus in there, even if it's not a whole person who can feel disgust yet don't we have years and years of study showing things about how they can react and their development is affected by sounds outside the womb (like the sound of their mother talking)? I thought this was a known thing. I know logic holds no weight to the mind of a fetishist but come on, you wouldn't fuck next to a popped out new born, why would you fuck when it's still in there?

No. 479032

Pregnant women fuck and it's totally normal but everytime i see a glimpse of a porn with a pregnant woman i just die on the inside. How the hell do you even form a kink like that, is there any research

No. 479034

Lmao, anon, do you really think your mum didn’t fuck the entire time you were in utero? You’re delulu. Fucking whilst pregnant isn’t a fetish, it’s the norm.

No. 479041

File: 1572519070302.png (262.67 KB, 500x457, cl3oz8t27nv31.png)

the author of the article (who is male) that promotes this idea is not suggesting that people just start opening their marriages.the headline is click bait. Instead, the author suggests that people in marriages who are not happy with monogamy have basically 2 options right now

>Continue to live the monogamous married life with an unhappy sex life and thus an unhappy marriage

>Divorce, whether because of a secret affair that is discovered, or as a preemptive decision because of the unhappiness with the sex life

The author of the book the newspaper is reporting on suggests a 3rd option. If you are unhappy about monogamy, have a conversation about it with your partner about opening up sex in the marriage. More than likely you still end up picking option 1 or 2, but at least you've tried something else. The author argues that it could potentially save a marriage if both partners are open to the idea, and that if one partner is unhappy with the sex life it doesn't do any harm because an affair would eventually happen anyway.the author cited a statistic where 20% of UK marriages faced an affair.and even cites statistics that say women become "bored" with a monogamous relationship faster than men, hence the click bait headline. And that is the answer to the question, "Why even get married at all if you don't like monogamy?" Well because people think they want and enjoy monogamy at first and go into a marriage with all the best intentions. But according to the statistics presented in the author's book, women can get bored after about 4 years compared to men after 7 years.

however he forgets option 3 which is try to Work on your marriage as a relationships without proejecting your wierd cuck fetish into it

No. 479044


…Are you 14? Fucking while pregnant is normal and encouraged by midwives. I say as a pregnant woman who just had sex yesterday. The fetus doesn't know anything is going on. The dick is not literally popping up next to their head and they feel nothing aside from gentle rocking. They're asleep 80 percent of the time in there.

Sex is great for relaxing your muscles and towards the end of pregnancy can help induce labour if you've gone past the due date.

I'm genuinely baffled you think this is weird. This isn't a kink either. This is literally just the cycle of life. You think everyone just refrains from fucking for 9 months?

No. 479045

no one said its bad that uninformed people filled the survey? just means people need to be more aware and do more research. also i thought this thread wasn't about mindless shaming but talking about the objective wrongs with some fetishes. nowhere did i say "sometimes bdsm is good", i was just mentioning where some of the data might come from.
also maybe calm yourself with that tumblr writing style, makes you look hysterical.

No. 479080

>Pregnant women fuck and it's totally normal

And some actually get more aroused than before, apparently

No. 479104

Anon, are you ok? Having sex while pregnant and having a pregnancy kink are not the same thing whatsoever, the former is completely normal and can actually have some health benefits.

No. 479130

babygirl you gotta be 18+ to use this website.

No. 479138

Obviously it's not going to do any harm to the child and it's not like it knows, but it can still feel the movement indirectly and it's unsettling. The baby is literally inches away lmao. People simply don't think about the moral implications of things like that, most people shouldn't be parents

>you wouldn't fuck next to a popped out new born, why would you fuck when it's still in there?

I'd still like to see an answer for this.

No. 479140

>moral implications
>implying parents who roomshare don't fuck with their sleeping babies near them

how tf is the movement thing an issue, it's not like this baby will grow up and have some kind of ptsd reaction to sexual movements or something lmao

No. 479163

File: 1572557975165.png (361.11 KB, 720x671, Screenshot_2019-10-31-17-39-12…)

>implying parents who roomshare don't fuck with their sleeping babies near them

No. 479278

File: 1572586064376.png (2.95 MB, 762x5879, screenshot-www.telegraph.co.uk…)

here's the full article

No. 479280

Lmao, kids KNOW when their parents are up to something, you can be dead silent and in another room and yet your baby/toddler will still wake up to cockblock.

No. 479281

to be honest i understand why you're uncomfortable. i totally get that it's normal that couples still have sex when the woman is pregnant but that doesn't make it any less weird or unsettling, at least to me. i can't imagine myself still being sexy when i have this gross huge bump and massive mood swings. just because something is natural doesn't mean it's exempt from being strange, hell normal sex in general is pretty bizarre if you really think about it.

No. 479305

Because the baby is literally stuck inside her body, if she wants to have sex she can't just leave it in one room and go to another one to fuck.

Also the baby isn't fully conscious at that point either, so it's not like it's going to see something and get traumatized.

Otherwise she'd just have to not have sex for 9 months because "it would be weird". Which is true but it's kind of weird to be carrying a living being around inside your body for 9 months straight anyway if you think about it. If having sex when pregnant isn't gonna harm the baby or anyone else in the long run then I don't get what the big deal is.

No. 479329

What about two lesbians and one of them is pregnant?

No. 479331

found the anons who have never been pregnant.

No. 479335

Yep, and i never want to be. i personally can't handle high levels of distress and disgust having to do with my own body. other woman could handle it just fine but not me.

No. 479380

Sounds like the author is giving away his true opinion of marriage is that it's just sex on tap, and if there's no sex, you gotta end it or find some sex

No. 479462

I'm the same way!

No. 479484

I am disgusted by oral tbh. The idea of kissing a women who has had genitals in their mouth honestly gives me chills.

No. 479491

…and? nta but i'd hope most of the bitches on this site don't have kids

No. 479587


I'm all for kinkshaming but some of the people in this thread are just kids who are grossed out by anything sexual.

>women who have sex while they're pregnant shouldn't be parents

So then I guess as soon as a woman knows she's pregnant she shouldn't have sex for 9 months straight? even though there's literally no evidence anywhere that sex while pregnant is bad for the baby. Do you remember your mom fucking while you were in her women? Do you remember ANY thing from when you were in the womb? Didn't think so.

You seem like someone who walked in on your mom fucking once and can't get over the fact that moms have sex.

No. 479648

>some of the people in this thread are just kids who are grossed out by anything sexual
so fucking true anon lol

but also on the whole on the whole fucking while pregnant thing if it calms you anons, most women will do it at the point into the pregnancy while the baby probably can't even sense it. of course there are women who might do it in the later stages too, but when they already have a big stomach it can get difficult.

No. 479760

Jesus guys I wasn’t expecting this much negativity, I typed that right after I got grossed out when somebody reminded me pregnancy porn exists. I just don’t get what exactly is a turn on about a heavily pregnant woman from another perspective. I don’t expect the parents to give up sex for 9 months for the sake of the baby.
This is pretty much my sentiment
Actually considering her circumstances then, I can assuredly say "no my mum didn’t fuck while pregnant". Maybe you’re delulu for not thinking that maybe I was in fact talking about other people with a kink for seeing already-pregnant women getting fucked?

I know that but my wording didn’t express my thoughts too well. What I was thinking was: why isn’t the fetishist stopped by the thought that there’s kind of a third party hanging around? 99% they’re not the father either, so they’re okay with their dick very close to some unrelated fetus.

No. 479770


Can't we go back to shitting on cringey kinksters? If blowjobs and fucking while pregnant is now considered taboo I want to leave this planet

No. 479772

>why isn’t the fetishist stopped by the thought that there’s kind of a third party hanging around?
This line of logic is getting dangerously close to some pro life nonsense. A fetus is not a person, it is not sentient, people shouldn't hold off or be disgusted by pregnancy sex because there's a clump of cells in the vicinity.

No. 480351

>you guys calm down I was just talking about pregnancy porn/fetishes lel stop being so negative
While I agree that pregnancy fetishes are gross, it was your reasons that people were responding to. You sperged about how parents who have sex while the mother is pregnant shouldn't be parents and insinuated that fucking while pregnant is the same as fucking right next to your baby after it's born. Nice backtracking tho.

>my mum definitely didn't fuck while pregnant

How do you know she didnt masturbate though?

No. 485318

File: 1574277077536.jpg (16.99 KB, 259x194, download.jpg)

One of the origins of BDSM, specifically the 'S' part, sadism, has it's origins in Marquis de Sade. He was a rapist and a child molester.

>Sade is best known for his erotic works, which combined philosophical discourse with pornography, depicting sexual fantasies with an emphasis on violence (particularly against women and children), suffering, criminality and blasphemy against Christianity. He became infamous for numerous rapes and sexual abuse of young men, women and children. He claimed to be a proponent of absolute freedom, unrestrained by morality, religion or law. The words sadism and sadist are derived from his name.

Even from the start, this kink shit was tied to actual abuse. How can Kink-shills look past this?

No. 485319

I forgot to add that he spent his life in and out of mental institutions. Not a good history.

No. 485330

Old and OT but this is the second time today I've seen the words acid diarrhoea….what even the fuck is acid diarrhoea?

No. 485512

I know this is a kinkshame thread, and I think kinksters are annoying and pretentious too.
But, does anyone else think his writing is pretty interesting? I've read some of his short stories and I really like it; it shows a different view than the much tamer writing of the time.
I don't find it sexually appealing, more like horror/drama, but I do like reading his work.

No one should be using his writing as sexual inspiration, obviously.

No. 486462

I'm guessing they mean the really burning diarrhea, you know, like when you eat really spicy food and it doesn't feel so good coming out later. I call it fiarrhea.

No. 487009

File: 1574656967687.jpg (Spoiler Image, 401.96 KB, 1062x1500, wtf.jpg)

I don't usually post in these threads but I'm kinkshaming whatever the fuck this is

No. 487904

what is even happening?

No. 488885

Is hybristophilia exclusively a female thing? I've literally never seen a dude with it

No. 488887

Weren't dudes getting hard over that japanese girl who stabbed her bf/client? women don't commit enough crimes for it to be as prevalent imo

No. 488889

Good point, I didn't even think of that

No. 488895

It seems more common in women probably because most serial killers and criminals in general are male lol. Jodi Arias got tons of marriage proposals by men when she was on trial and did get married. I also think I remember hearing about some guy who was obsessed with one of the Manson sisters who was involved in ther murders and went to her prison IIRC. There are more examples out there most likely, just harder to find.

No. 488899

Oh, fact check. Jodi isn't married but she has a boyfriend who frequently visits her in prison.

No. 488913

No, as others said it's just that murderers are overwhelmingly male.
Men are not immune to sociopaths. Look at this policeman (!) getting flustered at a serial killer flirting with him in this link.

No. 488921

British serial killer Rose West "gets at least one marriage proposal every month" despite being 64 "from men as young as 20", female killers Alyssa Bustamante and "Nevada-tan" are vintage 00s 4chan waifus and articles with a female mexican drug cartel sicario boasting about fucking her victims corpses was getting "wish that was me" comments. Never underestimate the cumbrain.

No. 488931

I swear to fucking god, some submissive people are so annoying. All they do is take, take and take, but never give anything back. They only think about themselves, especially the people who milk that entire "sub" thing out and proceed to act like little manipulative faggots.

I'm speaking out of experience here.
A few years ago I met a girl who was claiming to be a sub. We started dating normally though, no BDSM thing related, but then she told me she's a sub and would like for me to be her dom girlfriend/caretaker, and me being stupid enough I agreed to it. Worst mistake of my entire life.

At first things started pretty normal like in every other relationship, but then she asked to call me "Mommy" and I agreed to it, because she told me before that she's a victim of child sexual abuse and trauma, so I didn't want to ruin things for her. She even claimed that it's completely nonsexual, her calling me "Mommy" only makes her feel comforted and safe.
Everything turned out to be a big lie, because she kept using that word in a sexual way whenever we got intimate, would get mad and catch an attitude whenever she was like "Mommy" and I didn't respond with "Yes, baby?" (Fucking cringe I know) also expected for me to respond to her messages immediately. She was also one of those people who bashed DDLG for being pedophilia/incest, but then acted like every single person who participates in it.

I was really "focused" on my role as her dom (more like normal girlfriend tbh), because I really had feelings for her and only wanted the best for her, which always ended up in me doing whatever she asked me to and when I asked her for something, she never did a single thing and only gave me excuses. I was stupid enough to buy her things from her Amazon wish list, but then she couldn't even bother to come to my place to comfort me when one of my relatives died and I was really depressed.

It was really a massive roller coaster of emotions, I'd rather die than date anyone like that ever again.

TLDR: I hate submissive people and that entire dom/sub thing. It's just bullshit. You shouldn't have a certain role in a relationship, because it ruins everything.

No. 488950

>some submissive people are so annoying. All they do is take, take and take, but never give anything back. They only think about themselves
It's ironic because subs are the ones who are supposed to be the ones serving but a lot of the time the dom ends up in the care-giver/subservient role. A lot of them are just selfish I think.

In an ideal world I would want a submissive bf, but I realize anyone who identifies under any BDSM terms is probably a degenerate faggot who doesn't want to have a genuine loving relationship like you described.

No. 488957

Imagine a grown man calling you "mommy" during sex. Fuck those kind of guys just embody the stereotype of a man who wants his wife to be a caretaking mom for him that he can also fuck.

No. 488975

I would cry. Reading that anon's post made me very sad. Clearly wasn't her thing yet she indulged it anyway and even get a loving relationship out of it. She was too good for her.

Unfortunately what you describe sounds like what a lot of men into femdom expect, especially gentle femdom. I am never looking for a guy into that again bc his mind will have been tainted by porn and the fucking echo chambers where other men think it's ok for your gf to be your mommy.

No. 488977

>entire dom/sub thing. It's just bullshit. You shouldn't have a certain role in a relationship, because it ruins everything.
a million times this

No. 489001

Instagram is always recommending DDLG accounts to me (I kinda collect old toys) and I have to laugh when they list that they are non kink and non sexual blah blah and then they post pics wearing nothing more than little girls panties and stockings or close up shots of them sucking on pacifiers. Like if it's sexual then don't bs and lie about it

I know alot of them have abuse in their past and I don't think that regressing is as therapeutic as they'd like to claim. It can be too much. An unhealthy level of escapism

No. 489006

They are staying in a traumatized child state instead of growing up and working on their issues. It is the opposite of healing. Especially as they sexualize themselves in this state.

No. 489008

Yea doubtful a therapist would recommend potty training sex and dog collars as a way to reconnect with the lost child inside lol

No. 489029

funniest/grossest thing is that one dude commenting on her flirting as her using skills like "that of a prostitute" and you'd think she's showing her tits in his face or something but all she has done is saying his eyebrows are nice and he's a good copper kek, like it really takes that little

No. 489132

I hate it when people use bdsm like it is some magic word that makes abuse okay. I have had a scrote choke me and slap me even after I told him to stop and then after finally stopping call me boring vanilla and act like he was some kind of a victim. Also breath play in general is fucking stupid. Even if you are into it and careful brain damage and even death is possible. Why would you take such risks just for sexual pleasure. A lot of these bdsm people seem to consider it normal and almost vanilla too.

No. 489208

The sheer amount of younger and younger women being slapped, choked, and potentially almost killed during sexual encounters is horrific and it's all cause kinkshits are being normalized when their bizarre abuse fetishes have no place in civilized society. Kinksters are either severely mentally ill gluttons for self punishment, or unempathetic assholes who care more about being pickmes than the safety of themselves or anyone else. So sick of people being randomly abused or assaulted cause of these people.

No. 489281

The things about permanent damage caused by sex -

No cummies are worth causing permanent physical damage or death. It shows how men just live for the moment and never anticipate consequence that they think this is acceptable

No. 489455

That's serious assault. Someone strangling you is a police matter.

No. 489459

"she asked for it, she loved it" He'd only talk the usual shit that guys talk to further humiliate assault victims. Like how they slut shame women they've raped

No. 489460

It's still a police matter. Domestic violence experts say that a man ready to strangle is a man ready to kill. Kinksters and porn wants us to accept strangling but it should never be accepted.

No. 489489

That’s fucking assault and many women end up dead because unwanted choking is one of the signs that a man will physically hurt and kill a woman. Please stop talking to him. I would leave the scene or at least heavily vet the cock.

No. 489493

Okay blog but I used to be incredibly cumbrained and brainwashed by porn and thought choking was vanilla because it’s everywhere nowadays. This went on until I had a partner choke me, all the sudden I black out, come back into consciousness. Partner is freaking out telling me I was seizing in his arms. Choking is no joke I don’t do it anymore and it shouldn’t be so accepted

No. 489496

I'm glad you're ok anon.
But how can a method murderers use to kill other people ever be "vanilla"?

No. 489502

Thanks, it’s disgusting but I was exposed to bdsm tumblr porn from the age of 11. I was so desensitised to that kind of thing. Why the “we keep it in the bedroom so mind ur business” thing doesn’t work. They don’t keep it in the bedroom

No. 489520

This is why tumblr banning porn was a good thing. It was a groomer's paradise.

No. 489560

As much as everyone bitched about it, tumblr banning porn was a godsend that probably protected a lot of vulnerable young people. Our generation severely underestimates the impact of porn on the psyche.

No. 489595

I used to like porn and tumblr was a good way to access porn without going to porn sites, I'd find niche porn that wasn't all about violence and cumshots and follow them. But ddlg and bdsm were/are rampant on Tumblr like a highly contagious virus and 9/10 porn blogs were themed around that, and you'd just have to scroll and scroll and scroll until you found one that wasn't. I've also seen some highly disturbing shit there I saw literal cp once and it has permanently scarred me. People loved to post long, long blogs of fantasies they had. Like they would post a gif of two people having sex and then write a long story under it about how they ended up fucking their stepbrother while their mom was gone, or just write a disturbing caption like "mommy always wonders why my panties are soaked when I get back from daddy's". I was so pleased when tumblr pulled the rug from those degenerates, it was funny to see them all get upset over it and act like their lives were being ruined.

That being said, I lurk tumblr now and then and there's still some porn there.

No. 489618

I didnt go to police because I didnt know if they would have believed me. It wasnt hard enough to leave bruises or anything. But I never spend time with him alone again.

That sounds scary, good thing nothing worse happened. I remember doing this dumbass thing as a child where I would squat and breathe fast and quickly stand up. Next thing I know Im on the floor legs convulsing. Not something to play with at all.

It always creeped me out people would sexualize acting like children/young teens on a site full of actual young teens. They say "18+ consenting adults only" but dont even try to keep their shit out of minors eyes.

No. 489620

I remember finding ddlg kidnapping/non con stories written by 15-year-olds on wattpad… ddlg just spreads like wildfire among insecure teens and it's so fucking sad.

No. 489708

Yes, tumblr is a 13+ website not an 18+ only. I think this is why it got popular with those kinksters, they would interact with and post gross comments on teenage girls' posts.

No. 489755

>It always creeped me out people would sexualize acting like children/young teens on a site full of actual young teens.

1) it's creepy that they do it at all

2) that's WHY they're doing it, as someone else pointed out it was/is a groomer's paradise. unfortunately there's still lots of ddlg blogs, they just don't have actual porn on them.

No. 489764

File: 1575268732501.jpg (107.34 KB, 566x1024, 1527355193215.jpg)

>what Incest leads to

No. 489773

Not defending incest, but some of the claims about Charles II's corpse were clearly exaggerated.

No. 489904

Late but it's a manga I saw about taking medicine to enlargen breast size to the point where the girls can't stand or walk anymore.

No. 490128

I hate hentai nipples so much, they always look fucking weird.

No. 490129

I don't care what anyone says, feeder fetishes are horrible. It's assisted suicide basically and both sides must have mental illness to partake. The guy in this video literally says his partners immobility is a turn on.

No. 490135

Who could defend this

No. 490166

Yeah if you like fat bodies and date fat people without coercing them into gaining that's fine but when you get into the feeder thing it seems more control driven than anything else. I used to know a 'dominant' guy who got off on making women starve themselves to please him

No. 490279

A bad example of a 'dom'

Guy has been jailed a couple times since the documentary was made

No. 490281

Like there are any good examples.

No. 490291

True. I went to some kink events a few years ago (purely because there was no real gay scene in my area but alot of bi women at these events)

One 'male dom' was on the sex offenders register and another was in the newspapers after a particularly nasty incident of domestic violence. The rest were just gross

No. 490293

Replace this with anything and it's a typical insecure man wanting a controllable woman scenario.
Substitute fat for being poor, low self image, drug addicted, desperate, homeless, etc. doesn't matter.
Men will exploit women with less power. While making it seem like a consensual kink.

No. 490425

Recently found out from a friend's experience with her husband that "sex positive" sex therapists who help struggling couples may recommend bringing BDSM into the relationship to "create a trusting bond around sex." Beyond horrific.

No. 490441

The Second Life bit at 3:33 had me dying of laughter

No. 490490

Yeah because it's completely impossible to have a trusting bond around sex without BDSM, right? That's horrifying. Sex "positivity" is a virus that needs to be eradicated before it ruins more people's lives.

No. 493036

File: 1576020875546.jpg (Spoiler Image, 66.24 KB, 1024x509, rip.jpg)

Rip again

No. 493038

No. 493204

There's an anon who said "choking makes me instantly wet" in the proud fetishes thread.

No. 493333


not to be rude anon (or defending that kink) but there's a certain way of "safely" choking if ur going to kink about the place it's something you have to learn about, so many people try choking bc they see it in porn and end up having a serious accident due to it

No. 493361

There is no guaranteed """safe""" way of restricting air and giving someone brain damage.

No. 493380

That's false actually, even the "safe" way kinksters promote choking (to avoid crushing the windpipe or cutting off the airways by squeezing the arteries to cause similar lightheadedness) can cause rupture of the arteries or brain damage from restricted bloodflow. Either of these things can lead to sudden death, "safe choking" is a misinformed myth.

No. 493415

Of course but the question is: how do you convince girls NOT to be choked? It appears that these days many are so pickme or so aroused by the mere thought of being choked, that they're enabling males doing that practice.
And this is doing no favours to anyone.

No. 493418

I've read plenty of girls who said "I thought I was into choking and rough sex, then I got a boyfriend who refused to do that. I much prefer gentle sex and feel sorry for my past self for enduring that." (paraphrased)

All men need to do is not try and act out porn fetishes in real life and we're good.

No. 493422

>how to convince girls to not be choked
Maybe they crave the sexual aggression of the male because it makes them feel desired. Do they actually like the choking, or are they addicted to the feeling of giving up control to someone else?
As a substitute they could ask their male partner for some manhandling. I personally like vulnerable parts of my body being held or pinned, but it's not choking or putting me in any real danger.

No. 493478

File: 1576122898274.png (195.02 KB, 401x251, 4067aa966e360df9.png)

And there are so many like this. Whyyyyyyy

No. 493510

File: 1576131322228.png (147.37 KB, 249x386, 3f5.png)

Fucking Pennywise would probably be extremely painful

No. 493526

File: 1576137489642.jpg (7.72 KB, 206x250, 1468216246910.jpg)

I wonder what the next step of her plan is

(Happy big day)

No. 495613

I don't think it's okay to call people kids for being different and not as sexual as you are. How is disliking something a bad thing and a reason to be called a kid? I'd rather be a nonsexual person who dislikes it rather than a porn or sex addict getting in danger either physically or mentally.

No. 495823

to reiterate from a topic earlier in this thread, men into gentle femdom are absolute fucking guilt tripping manipulators and should be avoided at all costs. you should NEVER be in a relationship where you have to parent your partner. care should always be on both sides. and people consider the dumbest shit “gentle femdom” like literally just spooning a guy gets sexualized to them because they’re all fucking porn addicts. spooning a dude is normal, calling your girlfriend mommy fucking isn’t.
but then, men into normal femdom are usually fat old men that have failed marriages. There isn’t an in between.

No. 495856

>I don't think it's okay to call people kids for being different and not as sexual as you are. How is disliking something a bad thing and a reason to be called a kid?

No one called anyone a kid for not liking something or for not being sexual. It was that somone said people who have sex when they're pregnant shouldn't be parents. Also, couples having sex when they're pregnant isn't really a kink by itself anyway.

>I'd rather be a nonsexual person who dislikes it rather than a porn or sex addict getting in danger either physically or mentally.

Pregnant sex isn't physically or mentally dangerous. And yeah, the only two types of people who exist are people who dislike sex and full blown porn/sex addicts, for sure. Also, you're taking all of this too personally.

No. 495893

lmao get the fuck off the site.

No. 497322

File: 1577033345015.png (51.95 KB, 1174x331, do it.PNG)

I keep on reading, but it makes no sense

No. 497344

femdoms just gross in general anon

No. 497346

a million times this
i honestly believe it's also the same for women who are into that entire ddlg "daddy" thing

No. 497352

A lot of male "subs" are just lazy.
In my experience female littles have often experienced CSA in their past. DDLG is a way for predatory men to easily find victims to re-victimize.

No. 497372

every single fucking female ageplayer claims CSA or SA to justify their gross fetish. i'm sure some of them were victims, but most of them are just weebs who want attention and know the easiest way to do that is acting like a kawaii loli. uwu loli ageplayers are just costhots that have smaller bodies.

No. 497737

I dated a guy for a full year, and he was a looner. For those of you who don't know, it's someone who is aroused by balloons.

He was always somewhat uninterested in actual sex acts; always performed his duties but seemed distant. After about a month I asked him, like, what's up, buddy?

"I have a fetish."

He explaned that he needs to watch a woman either blowing up a balloon until it pops, or when we're having sex, I need to be chewing gum and making the biggest bubbles possible as he fucks me.

Now, listen. I used to have shit self-esteem (I don't anymore). I decided to indulge him in this fetish for 11 months and I blew up hundreds of balloons for this guy. I learned to blow bubbles while being fucked.

He was constantly critical of the way I chewed gum. My bubbles were never "big enough." If I didn't blow a big enough bubble, he'd lose his erection and start whining at me, saying I just didn't care.

He showed me his pr0n collection. Zero naked people involved. No sex. Just short videos of women, fully clothed or dressed in sexy lingerie at the least, blowing up balloons until they got too big and popped. The women were old, young, fat, skinny, black, white … as long as they were poppin' balloons.

To this day, I am so very grossed out by balloons and I haven't chewed a single piece of gum in 5 years. The whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth. I mean, what a FUCKING FREAK.

OK done.

No. 497743

>I decided to indulge him in this fetish for 11 months
something might b wrong with u too

No. 497744

Honestly I thought this was funny at first (and still kinda is) but this reminds me of the obviously fake Reddit posts that scrotes write. Did a scrotes write this? It has this shamelessness to it.

No. 497745

My ex had a very specific bubblegum fetish and I never really understood but indulged him anyway. He went along with my weird fetishes to begin with, so I felt it was the least I could do. I really think the thing that disgusted me the most was that he couldn't get fully aroused unless I was blowing bubbles, or he was thinking about me blowing bubbles. Otherwise he would go limp all the time and couldn't stay hard. I don't understand how men become so hyper-focused on one specific thing. There is no sentimentality or emotions behind what they can get off to. Big fucking surprise he was emotionally stunted too.

No. 497748

This is balloon fetish anon here, and that did occur to me while I was writing it. I didn't quite know how to not sound like a scrote. Apologies.
Yes. There was. I went to therapy and got my self-esteem fixed. I used to just do whatever guys wanted. It was not fun.

No. 497750

Sorry samefag, but I have literally never heard of anyone else being exposed to this fetish before IRL and yo, I feel for you. And I'm in agreement about your frustration with dudes with specific fetishes. It's just awful dealing with.

No. 497753

Definitely a fetishists channel. Also fucking laughing at one of the comments asking for a bubble blowing compilation video only featuring women age 25-44.

No. 497765

Argh! Gross! ~trigggered~ lol

No. 497802

How do people even get fetishes like this is what I want to know

No. 497945

File: 1577207241381.gif (2.65 MB, 540x220, 1575279069862.gif)

I'm into scat but I'm selective about it. Boy poop is my favourite but unfortunately there's hardly any content that isn't just fat old men when what I want is something like gif related.

The kinks I don't get at all are petplay because I think it's cringe, ageplay stuff like the creepy pedo dude who calls himself Stefoknee and I suppose anything that people are overly performative and edgy about liking, like common SJW kinks. I've also known two girls who were into fictional necro and they were both fucking assholes. It doesn't gross me out but I find it boring.

No. 497958

kill yourself.

No. 498241

File: 1577316164269.jpg (32.18 KB, 358x258, 10690705.jpg)

No. 498246

File: 1577317931949.jpg (7.15 KB, 169x150, 1576021169862.jpg)

>I don't get petplay because I think it's cringe
>I'm into scat
>Boy poop is my favourite
>I'm into scat
>Boy poop is my favourite
>I'm into scat
>Boy poop is my favourite
>I'm into scat
>Boy poop is my favourite

No. 498285

File: 1577330288635.png (49.55 KB, 300x302, thumb_disgusted-face-meme-spon…)

Kill yourself you worthless shit-lover

No. 498286

File: 1577330449343.jpg (44.32 KB, 563x297, 65431.jpg)

Lots of triggered petplay lovers here. Anyway, boy poop is based.

No. 498289

File: 1577331788313.jpg (23.95 KB, 530x495, 2iv2e2.jpg)

Seconding. Scat is an acquired, refined kink.

No. 498293

We were triggered by the scat part, retard.

No. 498294

File: 1577334526241.png (337.05 KB, 426x679, rub my belly anon 2.png)

I like it when beautiful men poop. What's so wrong with that?

No. 498295

Lol imagine admitting you're into scat on a kinkshaming thread. Are you autistic, anon?

No. 498296

I’m assuming scat anon actually has a humiliation fetish and getting told to kill himself gets his rocks off

No. 498307

>petplay is gross but poop is awesome

Nice shitposting anon. (get it, shitposting)

No. 498354


No. 498366

>What's so wrong with that?
Um, everything?

No. 498394

File: 1577383131704.gif (5.02 MB, 320x240, oh boy.gif)

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