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No. 453716

Past thread: >>392418
Point and laugh at fucktarded fetishes. The more unusual and bizarre the better.

No. 453887

I'm freaked out by somnophilia (having sex with someone who is sleeping/unconscious). I know that some people give their partner consent to sexually touch them when they're sleeping, but the concept leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Especially after hearing so many horror stories of women being raped while they're passed out or waking up to find someone assaulting them–the fact people are turned on by these type of situations is kinda gross. To make it worse a lot of porn where men have sex with "unconscious" women also involve incest? It's always titled "having sex with my (step) mom/sister/cousin while she's asleep" or some shit like that. So it's a double dose of fucked up. Actually a triple dose–the fetish is also a little too close to necrophilia for my liking, which is extremely disturbing.

I side-eye people who are into this type of stuff, especially when they won't acknowledge that it's a kinda dark fetish to have, it weirdly blurs the lines of consent/boundaries and is very rape-y behavior. I've seen people try to defend it by saying as long as the sleeping person has consented then it doesn't matter, but it's still pretty unsettling imo.

No. 454002

A friend who I work with keeps on needlessly suggesting that I try "kinky" sex to Improve my sex life,as I know were both the only self Identified feminists and in the office but our beliefs are complexity different

she believes TIM's are women and TIF's are men,she dated numerous (mostly porn sick) men and suggests that I try some BDSM becasue she thinks my marriage is failing,(its not btw) and even if it was BDSM would never ever be the solution

before she used to suggest that I try spanking,handcuffs,blindfolds,leather gear e.t.c and I would tell her that I'm not interested in that type of stuff,now lately she says that I should try femdom because she says I have dominant personality,(  ̄ヘ ̄) apparently a woman being self confident and not taking shit from people means she's a dominatrix

how do I convince her that tops, bottoms, switches, dominant, submissive is not how relationships should work and that many people are prefer "boring" vanilla sex rather then anything kinky

No. 454005

Ask her why she believes sex must be abusive in order for it to supposedly be enjoyable

No. 454011

she gives me this bullshit excuse about vulnerability and trust and how BDSM brings true intimacy between partners by showing one side choosing to be vulnerable by his/her own free will and trusting that his/her partner won't abuse them

No. 454016

File: 1566823822427.png (43.16 KB, 806x791, average dwrp kinklist.png)

I RP on Dreamwidth and reading kink lists make me feel so disgusted and repulsed. Pic related is an average, unremarkable example.

I like RPing sex and weird, dark stuff when it's suitable for the characters and the narrative we have going. I just hate kinkshit for the sake of kinkshit. I wish DWRPers would stop turning the culture into Fetlife-lite.

No. 454019

which is why she believes that I should peg/finger my SO as his way to prove that he really loves me by letting himself be "vulnerable" for my sake

This sounds abusive and Manipulative to me,either way pegging is so gross and I have no desire to give myself a false dick. let alone put it inside a man's asshole? and what kind of man gets off to that? what kind of girl gets off to that? its disgusting.

No. 454021

I'm grossed out by all the step-mom and step-sister porn out there

My last bf had a 12 year old son and one weekend that he was visiting my underwear went missing. This was around the same time that his dad discovered he'd been looking up porn even when he knows the dad monitors his online activity and already warned him. We told him our bedroom was off limits after a couple of items went missing and then we found him 'sleep walking' into our bedroom one evening… his dad believed his sleep walking story and insisted I must've lost my own underwear..twice on weekends he was staying with us

Now he has a new step-mom and new step-sisters and that thought bothers me cos his dad covers up his behaviour instead of addressing issues like that

No. 454024

>trusting them to not be abusive
The clown world we live in when being hit by a sexual partner isn’t considered abusive.

No. 454026

>duct tape

lmao but y

No. 454049

The tragic thing is that them saying nope to "age-play" (pedophilia) makes them better than a lot of fuckers out there.

No. 454058

Tell her that your only fetishes are talking shit about radfems while pretending to be one, pimping out retarded men, writing about your beloved Husband on Reddit and getting banned from LC multiple times every day, necessaryspeed4.

No. 454059

I’m sorry do I see “underage partners” on that list or am I hopefully just tripping-

No. 454061

It's on their 'nope' section.

No. 454069

The point is why the fuck would it even be on there in the first place?

No. 454106

because pedos love to stick their nasty shit into everything.

No. 454289

File: 1566865230713.png (101.56 KB, 1432x945, bd99a6081e24f45a4e13d4ec15f9b3…)

MMO RP is plagued with the same shit. Used to be everyone dunked on Second Life for being full of sex weirdos, but it's literally every game with an RP server now. F-list is normalized and it's always some weird shit. It's doubly funny because everyone likes to pretend their shit is super deep and literary gold when they're all having orgies in player housing or w/e. Don't participate in the hobby anymore cuz of all the grease.

Another "tame" one from a member of a community I left but I lol at cervical penetration and realism being "yes"es but crying being a "no".

I get it got memed into reality thanks to hentai but what in the fuck is the actual appeal of womb fucking

No. 455853

One thing I don’t get is the whole racial/homophobic slur kink some of the these people have imagine having so much hate for yourself that you allow someone else to call you slurs and find it hot I’m convinced that 90% of people who have out of the box kinks have something mentally wrong with them.

No. 456175

One time a video came up on my twitter feed of a group of white men hanging a black woman while she convulsed. It was so fucking sick and disturbing, and some of the comments were saying that it was proven fake and the woman in the video is a porn actor (but other people said that her identity was never verified.) The fact that there actually people out there who jerk off to stuff like that, and other people treat it like it's a normal fetish is surreal. It's so fucking evil. I hate kinksters.

No. 456185

i remember reading about some black man having such a fetish and his dominatrix said such mean things to him it broke him and he got over it kek

No. 456210

I agree with you on this one. I've seen those 'wake up and fuck' videos where the guy is touching up a girl as she sleeps before she wakes up. it seems popular? it's worrying because I think a lot of people feel if they're in a relationship with someone it's cool to touch them as they sleep? cuddling is fine but anything sexual is a no go Imo. I would have to let a guy know this before we shared a bed. I've known people to say how hot it would be to wake up to a blowjob or going down on a girl to wake her up but it's like you said, it definitely blurs the lines of boundries and consent

No. 456224

Fucking hell, thanks a lot porn industry, now people can upload videos of murder online and dudes will be like meh it's probably just fake porn. Normal human reactions and empathy: Gone.

No. 456238

OT but where do you RP?

No. 456239

I don't get why some people are interested in playing out their kinks IRL. I am interested in some dark things (somnophilia for example, or mind break/bdsm to add another) but only within doujinshi.

No. 456261

Even if it is fake, these people are literally programming their brains to get off to seeing women murdered with videos that can be mistaken for some weird racist snuff film. There isn't even anything sexual about it at that point, it's just pure sadism and evidently no one sees anything wrong with this. They just call it "raceplay" and get on with their day.
We live in the worst timeline.

No. 456286

i actually have that fetish and when introduced it to my boyfriend he rightfully said no because of the connotation. i think its fair to be creeped out by it but what gets you off gets you off

No. 456857

You can't convince someone that believes that anon, just avoid the conversation.

No. 456939

LJ knockoff Dreamwidth. There's a lot of high quality RP, but it's confusing to know where to start - the closest to a centralized jump-in point are the anon comm and the monthly RP ad comm:


No. 457144

Why is this even allowed? Also as a warning, it involves real animal organs. What in the fuck

No. 457757

I dated an abusive adult man when I was a teenager, and as shitty as he was, obviously, lately I've been almost obsessively thinking about how he would take me to BDSM/kink parties and how the other women there didn't do anything or say anything about a literal and obvious child being there with them. Hell they'd "play" with me and some were obviously jealous about my skinny ana-chan teenager body which sickens me now. I've made peace with idiot cumbrain men abusing me, because they did it for a lot of my life, but I feel very betrayed by some of these women - not the other ones who were being abused (although how could you bring yourself to fuck around with and then compete with a teenager) but the other ones I could tell were just sick. Maybe this is better for the vent thread or something but I can't stop thinking about this and how sick and awful the whole BDSM and kink scene is. I hate that they have mainstream acceptance now. Saged because this is mostly blog.

No. 457761

This is depressingly common, I had a threesome with a 30 year guy and his '19' year old girlfriend once and she later told me she was underage… I was disgusted at the thought that I'd slept with a teen but this guy had no problem with it, oh and he had a fetish for underweight girls too, charming guy!

No. 457768

I refuse to click because that sounds sickening. but I am curious, how are the animal organs used? maybe you could try getting it taken down? is there a report button?

No. 457773

File: 1567596727205.jpg (256.4 KB, 1110x684, 151338706293.jpg)


These filthy scrotes would have to stay in their backrooms masturbating to hentai if it weren't for girls like you and those sick women in your story catering to them and making their sick fantasies a reality. This makes it worse for those who never indulged and spreads more sick memes about women.

This stories gross me out tbh and that includes you too, you also probably spend a shit ton of time shilling and defending your uwu lifestyle to other girls. i went to high school and college with girls like this and it really grinded my teeth to watch this filth going on and being validated by other girls and women of all people. In my country the age of consent is 15, so a 16 yr old girl and a 30yr old is morally wrong but not illegal, i kept getting attacked and treated like a reactionary, a tradthot or a bigot by even close friends just for telling them how retarded it was that they were falling for and sometimes chasing these sick old fetishists themselves.

Its what drove me away from tumblr, i was there for cartoon fandom sperging and eventually could not stand the perverse bdsm kink garbage anymore. I will always be salty about it and it only gets worse with more and more kink acceptance BS by the mainstream.

No. 457775

File: 1567597805004.jpg (54.79 KB, 500x613, 1qjywh.jpg)

They are doing Shibari with guts, they’re swimming in animal organs and one girl is wrapped in bacon or something. Japanese porn at its finest.

No. 457787

File: 1567603524153.jpg (41.41 KB, 275x249, 1549328409673.jpg)

Men who eat their own cum disgust me to no end. Cum is disgusting enough, so what mental defect does a man have to have to wanna do that in the first place?

No. 457795

Free protein

No. 457801

I find forcing a man to eat his own cum kind of a turn on though.
You can shame me.

No. 457815

It makes sense as an act of submission cos cum tastes/smells gross

No. 457863

I find it weird, but I prefer those men to the men who freak out like they're gonna die if their own cum goes anywhere near their mouth but expect me to gulp cupfuls of the stuff down.

No. 457880

I was sexually abused as a young child because I had absent and neglectful parents, and the pattern abuse continued until I was an adult and moved to a new city. I was deeply ashamed and suicidal about what was happening to me but I had no support. I'm glad you're disgusted because what happened to me was disgusting and shouldn't happen to anyone.

No. 457896

I hate kinksters and creepy fetishists, but for me I think I hate ABDL more than any of them because I’ve watched someone go down that rabbit hole. I have a cousin with whom I was super close growing up- he had apparently gotten groomed by diaper fetishists online from an early age- I think about 7 or 8. (He had been googling information about diapers and pullups and stuff- pretty innocent, but the google results weren’t- anyone ever hear of a creep named Deeker?) I started to notice something wasn’t right when he was about 13, but by the tiime his parents found out what he was doing online, it was too late for him.

Now he’s so far down the ABDL rabbit hole that he no longer comes back to our home state to visit any of us-not even his parents or siblings. Last I saw he was living with some other adult baby dude and they were havig “daycare” at their house- he had a tumblr about it but I think it got taken down after the purge.

The sick thing about these creeps is the way they claim to be a specific age. My cuz posts on his tumblr about his 5 year old “Little” persona. (Then why tf does he need to wear diapers?) I have a niece and nephew in that age range and it creeps me out majorly that he’s using it as his wank material.

He also wears diapers and onesies in front of other people- seems to be a common theme with ABDL creeps. They seem to like to be vouyeristic about their fetish. When I last saw him, he was obviously wearing a diaper under his normal clothes and was acting all weird. It is really sad.

I’m willing to bet anything that most of these insane kink people were probably sexually abused as kids, and/or groomed online into these lifestyles. But there seems to be no help for anyone- a lot of them aren’t technically mental illnesses, just really maladaptive coping mechanisms. And with woke culture prioritizing being your “authentic self”, there is no onus to change or to get real meaningful help. Losing my cousin to all his extreme fetish shit has been like watching an alcoholic slowly spiral down- cutting out everyone in their lives who don’t want to enable them. And even though it sounds ridiculous and silly, it is actually super sad to see.

No. 457899

File: 1567633704708.png (Spoiler Image, 23.04 KB, 1000x215, buttery shit.PNG)

/d/ has globalized Fetish threads and it's just…

No. 457902

I'm so sorry about your cousin, I hope he can come back from it oneday.

Exhibitionists are the worst. Everyone has kinks but I wish we could go back to making fetishists keep their hobbies behind closed doors, I feel like we're heading to some biblical hell.
I don't think I could allow anyone near minors after knowing that they were engaging in ABDL even if I somehow trusted that they had no interest in real children.

No. 457910

Really anon, even though he’s family, I find it hard to say I disagree with you- it would make me super uncomfortable to know he was around little kids, and getting off to acting like they do as their natural behavior- it’s like an ageplay version of being a troon, I feel like.

His parents are very depressed, and my aunt and I talked about it for a while not long ago. He was spending tons of their money, apparently under the guise of going to college, on diapers and onesies and little kid stuff. He has a room full of paw patrol and thomas the train stuff- fucking creepy and nasty.

He’s almost 23 now. My wish is that something happens- maybe he loses his job he just got, or someone rats him out to his work, and he is able to take a cold, sobering look at how objectively fucked up and disgusting what he’s doing is.

“But he’s not hurting anyone!!!1” is like the stock cry of wokies when I tried to voice my discomfort with this whole stupid diaper shit. He is hurting someone- himself. He used to have hobbies and be a vibrant, fun guy. Now all he does is post online and make diaper stories and live in his baby-hovel with a fellow “Little”. That’s not even mentioning the pain his family feels watching him just disappear.

Enough blogging- sorry. But kinkshit hurts real people, and with so many of these freaks grooming teenagers and younger into these lifestyles, I felt like sharing the side of someone who is watching a family member slip away might help some others understand that it’s not black and white, and there are other people in the world besides themselves.

No. 457931

this is like the male equivalent of baby cow hybrid jimin.

No. 457979

Free lipo, male servants, I'm allowed to eat what I want, and I'll have a harem of men? Oh ok-
>and have nipple ports all over the body to suck out the fembutter
Lmao, scrotes ruin everything good.

No. 458088

I loled. Thank you anon.

No. 458652

File: 1567775614832.jpg (20.07 KB, 550x413, man-holding-tiny-violin-close-…)

>I was sexually abused as a young child because I had absent and neglectful parents, and the pattern abuse continued until I was an adult and moved to a new city.

No. 458744

How is this helpful?

No. 458758

How about you focus on the disgusting man who are the real problem instead of abused women with mental health issues being roped into their bullshit?

No. 458759

No. 458785


boohoo , every pervert has a sob story, i heard them all, the scrotes will say the same bs about being bullied as kids too. Everyone has a fucked up time growing up darling, i suffered all sorts of shit and yet i didn't turn out like any of these middle class hoes that are going with orgies full of 12 yr olds and looking to meet "daddies" twice their age. Most people in shitty situations didn't.


This is the kink shaming thread, not "validate my gross kink because my childhood sucked " thread.

This may sound like "we live in a society" sperging but i am sick of this fucked up standard of giving every junkie an award when they stop being junkies, how about an award for all the people who never did this shit in the first place and we shame wrong behaviour, like it should be. Every one of those bdsm night clubs should be burned with every single person inside.

No. 458788

Shame people (aka men) exploiting women with mental illness.
A lot of women into BDSM use it to self-harm. The male doms just revictimize them.

I am all for kinkshaming, but I honestly believe you are focusing on the wrong thing.

No. 458800

so you want to be rewarded for doing what you're supposed to do? good for you for not getting groomed or otherwise put into a sad situation? congrats, you did it? you're so smart and amazing for going through all that stuff and not having it ruin you?? Should we praise you for existing?

No. 458809

>so you want to be rewarded for doing what you're supposed to do?

Its the other way around, its the people that never did what they were supposed to do in the first place the ones who want to be rewarded because they are uwu survivors.But no, if you decide to change lyfestyle in your mid 20s thats cool for you, you are still lesser than people who never contributed to gross subcultures.

No. 458814

>getting groomed and taken advantage of in childhood makes you a lesser human being
Are you "12 year old girls are sluts"-chan again?

No. 458845

Finding it hard to believe that poster is even female.. but if they are female that's fucking depressing

No. 458877

Please don't infight or try to justify your degeneracy in here guys, it's derailing.

No. 459041

I knew a girl like that in highschool who was 16 and dating a guy in his 20s (24 I think), she'd constantly bitch about her mom and pretend to be a cat and brag about how much she loved rope and being tied up. Later on she wore a binkie to school which I of course was like 'what the fuck' about, to which her friend then smacked me in the face for some reason.
Kinksters are waaaaay to accepted in society and it's beyond disgusting, keep that shit in hentai dude.

saged for blogpost.

No. 459042

Tfw kinda like calling my bf daddy in bed.(tfw you fuck off to /g/)

No. 459044

No. 460424

People farting on Youtube

No. 460426

If I knew this girl irl and saw this video I'd blow a raspberry whenever I'd see her in public.

Reminds me of this 4chan greentext story of some dude who fapped to brapqueens online but when he finally tried it irl, the girl he was with made him eat her farts and he was actually disgusted by it ahahahaha.

No. 460427

That's how most internet fetishists are, they get off to anything but can't handle it in real life, it applies a lot to self proclaimed female subs and masochists, fart lovers, anal lovers, etc

No. 460430

Furries are a mistake that can only be cleansed with fire.

No. 460481

Is it me or does archive of our own have a giant pedophilia problem? Maybe its the tags I browse, but AO3 has a shit ron of shota

No. 460502

It's so sad that she still calls him her beautiful son and wants to take him on the family vacation even after all of this, the despair in her voice cuts like a knife.
On YouTube there are comments about how she's a judgmental, abusive bitch for being angry that he chooses to fuck a tiger plushie instead of go on the family holiday.

No. 460587

like . . . what tags are you browsing

No. 460895


It made me so sad, you could hear her heart breaking. Behind every degenerate there is a family who is having an existential crisis and wondering what kind of ever loving god would do this to them.

No. 461882

I found out that one of my friends from high school draws furry porn online. I should probably have suspected something when she once told me she finds pokemon hot

No. 461884

that isn't an automatic kink anon. does she sell the art? if so she's likely doing it to get all that sweet furry money that exists.

No. 461889

File: 1568390189038.jpg (85.65 KB, 750x773, 5y7lmt27jct21.jpg)

Ik i mentioned this in other threads but I work with these ddlg fucktards, they're so fucking pretentious and cringey. How the fuck do they not have any shame? Why do they go out of their way to let everyone know they enjoy pretending to be parent/child with their SO and roleplay child molestation?

every time I try to bring this up to a friend they pull the "oh it may not be sexual for them" card, sexual or not, mimicking a parent-child relationship with your SO is cringey and problematic, despite it most of the time when people do it with their SO it's sexual

the whole fakeness just tops it all off, fake reactions, fake voice, fake tails, cheap wish.com bdsm accessories, how are these people okay with living such an artificial life?

also kinda superficial but why does DDLG attract the most hideous yet delusional annoying fucks possible? they have the worse bodies, skin and face possible but their shitty cheap wish.com fashion makes it worse and their horrid personalities

No. 461893

I don't know, she apparently has her own fursonas and characters so…

I have noticed that people into kink seem to be mostly ugly in general

No. 461894

'finds pokemon hot'

Those people are worse than furries

No. 461896

When you're ugly you have to rely on sites like fetlife and people with similar kinks just to get laid like the rest of us

No. 461919

>also kinda superficial but why does DDLG attract the most hideous yet delusional annoying fucks possible?

Because its bottom of the barrel mentally unwell people who are not very mature and competent in their adult lives to start with. A lot of these kinks developed in isolation and from lack of self esteem and awareness.

No. 462144

Every time I'm in a store and I walk by the little girl's or baby's clothing/toy sections I just shudder and feel disgusted, because I know that someone somewhere is getting turned on by that stuff and using it in their sexual role play.

No. 462179

The book I'm currently reading about neuroplasticity had a section on sexual behaviours and it described this documentary on a guy called Bob Flanagan and I'm just so disgusted and bewildered that something like that became mainstream and had a ton of critical praise. The guy had cystic-fibrosis so he became an extreme masochist to take control and have power over his pain or whatever, and at some point I fail to sympathise and just think it's an excuse for all the sick shit he made himself go through. Drinking piss, hanging himself, getting stabbed in the dick, being force fed…. worse things even. I just don't understand it. Sometimes i wish i was kept in the dark about the insane sexual fetishes humans have because I'm so shaken up about what i've read.

No. 462195

I collect the odd beanie boo (in a non-perv way where I'm still a functional adult) and the intsagram tags related to that are all a mixture of actual little girls holding up their new beanie boo from Claires.. and ddlgs that need to use every possible tag to spread their shit in otherwise child friendly tags

Half of these women mention being sexually abused as children so why can't they respect the idea of not exposing kids to bondage gear and panty pics

No. 462275

yeah, i feel this. i dont really read fanfic anymore but when i did i didnt comprehend how much very-underage fic was out there, and its in ever fandom too like damn

No. 462327

Any thread on /soc/. Men are absolutely fucking obsessed with their dicks and it's so embarrassing.

No. 462331

men are fucking gay

No. 462602

File: 1568558104875.jpg (43.8 KB, 431x767, rip.jpg)

Self explanatory

No. 462619


No. 462637

anon likely named this herself.

No. 462638

anon likely named this herself.

No. 462680

File: 1568572079612.jpg (219.95 KB, 750x1334, start.jpg)

Attractive girl wants to become less attractive
>no more makeup
>eat crap and drink weight gain shakes at night
>no exercise
>get flabby belly
>shower less
>wearing bad looking and ill fitting clothes

Not a "glow up" but a "glow down"

No. 462683

imagine thinking a woman needs makeup to be attractive

No. 462699

File: 1568577331211.png (231.58 KB, 1024x775, complications-during-pregnancy…)

pregnancy kink makes me nauseous and i judge men who are into it. i don't understand what's sexy about a uterus with a fetus inside of it or why you want to fuck pregnant women but it freaks me out. not to mention how awful pregnancy is in general for women and how it's still surprisingly easy to die during childbirth.

No. 462702

File: 1568579081058.png (699.05 KB, 707x889, bambi.png)

Anyone heard of this "Bambi Sleep" stuff? It's apparently a series of videos that are designed to "hypnotize" the listeners into becoming a "beautiful, obedient, mindless Bimbo named Bambi". Apparently it works so well that it can actually give the listeners symptoms of Dissociative Identity Disorder and other personality problems. I don't even know what to say anymore, these people are fucking retarded.

No. 462706

why are men like this

No. 462715

op is right, this does sound like shitty creepypasta. obviously kink shit can mess with your head and be a form of self harm, but the alarmist tone and "it lowers your IQ to this arbitrary number i heard somewhere" is lolworthy. sounds like a chick tract about the dangers of dungeons and dragons or some other satanic panic shit. also DID isn't real.

No. 462748

File: 1568587774092.jpg (1.19 MB, 895x1184, losing husband to bambi sleep …)

It does sound like a meme but I was just reading on r/GC about a woman who's husband started saying he was trans and acting distant and in her follow up thread it turns out he's been listening to that shit. That entire subreddit that post it from is about men frying their brains with "sissy hypno" porn.

No. 462749

Some people believe pregnancy causes a release of extra hormones which make women hornier

No. 462757

even so, the idea of being aroused by the image of a swollen stomach and thinking about the baby inside it is just… gross. i know obviously couples shouldn't stop having sex while one is pregnant but the fetishism of it is what squicks me

No. 462758

I'm probably going to get so much shit for this, but I find the idea of getting pregnant, or being fucked while pregnant, hot. It's just a fantasy, completely selfish and moronic to drag a child into this world for a kink (or in general), but it just feels very intimate. However, I find it hot from the perspective of loving someone a very long time and I picture myself married when thinking about it.

I'd imagine for men with this fetish, it's another way for them to feel superior, "This guy got her pregnant and left her, now I'm going to use her too" or "This woman is a slut, she's carrying another man's child, but now she's here with me."

No. 462760

does it not weird you out that there's a fetus just… there? idk i'm someone who finds pregnancy overall really gross so i'm biased. i feel like that would be really distracting especially since most people seem to be into it when the stomach is huge and the baby is just… there

No. 462761

found this pastebin transcript
what the fuck

No. 462765

i agree with >>462758. the fetus is a non-entity. for women with pregnancy or breeding kinks i think the idea is that

>pregnancy is the ultimate sign of love/devotion

in a romantic, ideal scenario, a baby is made when a couple is in love and wants to grow and star their own family. it's the ultimate declaration of love and devotion

>pregnancy is the body at its most feminine

the body changes during pregnancy and that gives some weight gain, widens hips, increases the size of the breasts. the masculine/feminine dichotomy is in effect.

>theres a slight tabooness there and also pregnancy sex is potentially reassuring

mothers are supposed to be pure, sexless and holy. being sexy/sexual during this time. also because of said body changes, women like to imagine being with a man who will still love and be sexually attracted to them despite being "fat"/different.

of course, this ONLY exists for women with pregnancy kinks and these are just tropes and patterns i've picked up by reading fanfiction. if you go to a pregnancy thread on some shitty degenerate male imageboard, it'll be gross domination porn.

also the harsh reality is most men outside of those imageboards are disgusted by pregnant women. just look at reddit boards and you'll see countless posts about women who recently had a baby and are now coping with their husbands finding their changed bodies disgusting or unsightly.

No. 462771

File: 1568592819725.jpg (Spoiler Image, 132.37 KB, 900x600, human-body-museum-in-bangkok-d…)

I can see why someone might find it weird, but the image doesn't disturb me. I don't see fetuses as living, and I don't think it would impact the developing child, as far as I know (I know there's always rare exceptions). My mother told me she had sex while pregnant, I obviously have no memory of this or problems related to it. Pregnancy doesn't scare me either, it just seem like a part of life.

Hey, I think it's weird, when you remove the skin, we're fucking a bunch of ugly meat carts (pic related). People have sex with spouses who unknowingly may have tumors growing inside them, more severe or foreign than a fetus.

As for the stomach… I have a feeder fetish, so that's probably where I'm biased. The idea of feeding a guy and watching him get bigger turns me on. For him to watch me get bigger with his baby, is just… holy fuck.

>>462765 is correct in their observation.

>their husbands finding their changed bodies disgusting or unsightly

I'm so horrified of this; I'm scared of men in general for reasons similar. I hate that many men pressure for kids, but not only become disinterested in them when born, but also you. He can cheat on you with the next woman, and you're left to tend to a child you painfully carried for 9 months, in addition to most men never wanting to be with you because your body has changed and you are a mother of another man's child.

I must be really gay, because I still find women beautiful during, and after pregnancy. My mother hates her after-pregnancy body, and blames me for it, but I think she looks nice? She was an "up and down" flat A/B cup waif like me, but grew large DD breasts and hips after I was born. The fuck are you complaining about? I watch guys flirt with my mom constantly while I routinely get ignored. My last partner wanted me to get a tit job. Men are never satisfied.

No. 462802

I love the idea of being impregnated, dunno why, because I don't even really want kids or want to be pregnant. but doesn't that belong more in the fetish threads on /g/?(degenerate)

No. 462821

File: 1568611021361.jpg (120.62 KB, 861x861, IMG_20180805_121741.jpg)

>I offered to try and have lesbian sex with him despite my hetero-desires
I want to feel sad for this woman but she is so damn stupid if she thinks her husband wearing a wig counts as lesbian sex…
Actually, it can be both. I feel sad for her and she is stupid.

Might as well go in here since anons think a kink shaming thread is an opportunity to defend their fetishes. Lol.

No. 462833

can someone tldr this for me?

No. 462893

File: 1568642357642.png (88.37 KB, 822x508, 13.png)

The stories about sissy porn changing everything about men are so scary even if they smell like /x/ copypasta. To imagine you could have a loving relationship with a man only to watch him suddenly become a braindead misogynistic bimbo who won't even touch you is like the internet version of a successful husband who becomes a dicklimp crack junkie.

What's worse is that most of the stories on that subreddit started as boys that got indoctrinated at age 13 like pic related instead of grown adult men, which means underage boys are engaging with adults in sissy roleplay since most of the 'recovering sissies' mention chatting online and even bottoming for older guys.
I'm so scared for every kid with an unattended internet connection.

Lmao have to wonder what else has this anon been posting in other posts for a mod to redtext this seemingly innoculous one

No. 462950

@mods, why did >>462802 get redtext but >>462758 didn't? are you drunk?

No. 462966

im assuming that person posted a lot of things to lead up to that point

No. 463335

This is my worst fear, this is why I hate the rise of traps and the faggot agenda. I'm super paranoid about this too.

No. 463354

Men have been cheating on women since the beginning of time. More than 90% of rapists have been male and always will be and some small group of Sissy's aren't going to make it bigger.
Men will always oppress women wherever that man is in a skirt or in pants. Like men dominating all female sports in the guise of "trans people" is just a excuse because men will always find a excuse to put women in their place and lower them with whatever they can find.
Women were not allowed to compete in sports 60-90 years ago, that should tell you how women were viewed as low in society.

No. 463368

were talking about young impressionable boys getting their minds warped by Pornography not men

No. 463383

About ten years ago I dated a guy older than me who confessed that he wanted to dress as a woman (lolita) when we went to anime conventions together. This was before trapping, sissification, or autogynephilia were talked about issues. I didn't have the vocabulary to describe what he was making me do at the time, cross-dressing didn't seem to fit because it wasn't outwardly sexual and it certainly wasn't done for me or other men. I remember being extremely embarrassed by it because I was being forced to hang out with a weird ugly dude in a dress for hours. I thought it didn't matter because the conventions were so few and far between, but the few times I went with him were so humiliating.
My breaking point was when he forced me to go into a store to buy makeup for him and have me apply it even after I said I wasn't comfortable doing that. I was crying. He insisted. I broke up with him not long after. The pictures were straight up Buffalo Bill tier. I recall seeing his hairy man legs through his stockings and thinking how he clearly wanted people to know he was a man in a dress because he certainly didn't care about presenting as a woman. It made me so angry at how he likely got off to that shit and basked in the attention it got him at my expense. He wanted all the glamorous parts of being a woman but did nothing regarding the nitty gritty parts like shaving and applying makeup. He just wanted the instant gratification of 'wearing' a woman's appearance at a superficial level.

He doesn't pull that shit anymore as I managed to anonymously shame him out of lolita and dressing as a woman. So at least publicly, he doesn't subject people to that to this day.

No. 463384


Yeah but if they are gay suddenly the chance of not only them cheating on you but giving you HIV rise like a hundred fold and they are 11X more likely to be pedos too. More kids getting groomed and indoctrinated is not a good thing.

No. 463398

File: 1568782458090.jpg (63.98 KB, 1000x581, Russell-Williams-colonel-fetic…)

reading your post and all I could picture was this guy

No. 463481

Don't go without a buttplug. It's a mandatory tool for school.


No. 463486

Love how even when men are 'being femme' they are still abusive and pushy to the point of making actual women cry

I had a forty year old ex who gave me an ultimatum to fist his ass that day or get out of his house (I had nowhere else to go) He got in a huff cos a few mins into doing it he noticed me crying.. must've really ruined the mood for him

No. 463490

This is insane, and disgusting. I'm sorry Anon.

No. 463496

Not that bad compared to some stories but:

There was a point when my best friend was trying out nearly every kink she could think of and trying to convince me and all of our other friends that it was normal and encourage us to try out different kinks. Both of us were on tumblr a lot back then and she bought into a lot of the DDLG/BDSM culture. She's always been a bit out there but it was never anything more than furry stuff before then.

>starts talking about liking piss play

>takes a group of us to a sex shop for ~fun~ even though we're all uncomfortable
>finds any opportunity to bring up her dildos and vibrators in conversation
>starts drawing Transformers porn, at first for commissions and then for herself
>actually tells me she thinks egg-laying and mpreg is "hot"
>has a falling out with another of our friends after she and her bf start having sex in the same room while our friend is spending the night

My best friend continues to talk to me the most about her kinks and I'm always uncomfortable but don't want to seem like I'm shaming her. She even starts badgering me about opening up to her about my own kinks. I don't really have any so I start making shit up. Eventually, she calms down with everything and I start to forget all about it as the years go on.

A few weeks ago, she randomly sends me a link to a website with girls drooling all over each other in bondage gear. I'm confused and disgusted.

>"I thought about you and your spit kink!"

>my what

I only have myself to blame for going along with it back then.

No. 463515

>Put your worries, stresses and obligations in a bubble and pop it

I wont lie I kind of want to try this, it sounds so relaxing.

No. 463517

No. 463627

I found some of the audios and listened to one for like 30 seconds and the weird warbling noise in the background and the chipmunk voice and robot voice are distinctly unerotic. But I guess you don't care about those things if you're thinking 'I wanna be a girl and this audio is gonna make me a girl'.

No. 463628

Ok yes that sucks but you could have said "im out" sooner. Also do you think you're well adjusted for anonymously manipulating him? Sorry that happened to you but also learn something.

No. 463655

I really don't like either maledom or femdom,I think both are unnatural and are symptom of not being satisfied with the natural stuff because of decadence and too much pornography(necessaryspeed4)

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