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File: 1568092361567.png (50.23 KB, 209x193, 1372768687267.png)

No. 460171

I've been seeing a lot of artists over the past few years get "cancelled" for certain opinions, drawing a character too skinny or too light, or because someone aired their dirty laundry online. I've had pals of mine with their reputations completely ruined, because people they used to know had a personal grudge against them. Harassment in general seems to be a big issue, and tbh, it kind of scares me. I try to fly under the radar but I know there are people who would undoubtedly take the piss out of me and enjoy a public spectacle. How do you deal with this shit? Especially when your main way of networking is through social media? People will see that shit and avoid you like the plague if they're not actively shitting on you. I don't see a lot of my friends defending those acts, but I don't see them denouncing it either. It just feels like everyone is jumping on a chance to bring someone down for whatever perceived slight.

t. artist who networks through social media and makes half her income through there

No. 460189

op are you the artist of the thread pic?

No. 460193

Stay apolitical and make your own characters instead of doing fanart. People usually don't nitpick OCs because they don't have a headcanon about how those should look, unlike their favorite Sailor Moon character.

Cancelling someone over their actual artwork isn't really common anyway, people usually get cancelled bc it turns out they said "nigger" online when they were 11 or something. If you were problematic in your past, it's prob better to change your style and hide behind a fresh account and a new pseudonym.

No. 460224

I've noticed a lot of it has to do with expectations. The higher the expectations of you, the easier it is to get cancelled. For example, if you paint yourself out to be ~so woke~ people are more inclined to freak the fuck out at you over something trivial and stupid. Then on the flipside excessively saying "nigger" is literally part of Idubbbz brand. It's all about how you presebt yourself and what expectations you set people up with from the get go.

No. 460228

weird, a twitter artist friend of mine was just recently talking about how much this worries him. like he isn't even problematic but knows people who personally would probably love to cancel him with misleading receipts if he were to ever get super popular/ successful and twitter has become such a sick fucking cesspool that the tiniest discrepancy or mistake can and will ruin someone's entire career by running them off the internet pretty much entirely. It's just really obnoxious watching these people throw each other under the bus for two seconds of relevancy and almost always for non-serious shit. I understand cancelling the legit pedo freaks and abusive sex offenders and whatnot but like….. it's gotten so weirdly toxic. i'm honestly thrilled to be a uninvolved twitter nobody at this point

No. 460244

OP i definitely feel it. I'm an art nobody, but that's a big fear of mine. I honestly hope cancel culture stops being a thing soon, but i think it's going to cost people's lives to end it, you know? With Zoe Quinn getting that guy to kill himself, that SU artist that attempted suicide because of harassment, etc. I wonder when cancel culture is going to hit its tipping point.
>like he isn't even problematic but knows people who personally would probably love to cancel him with misleading receipts if he were to ever get super popular
I think this is my biggest problem. People are muddying genuine words like pedophile, racist, and nazi by tacking them onto completely harmless people. Twitter is honestly a fucking cesspool, i think it's where most of these cancel culture woke retards come from.

Honestly the most pathetic type of callout is people getting angry over something that was tweeted 5+ years ago. There are people out there willing to dig through your tweets to find one word, video, or sentiment. If you criticize their behavior, you obviously have something to hide. You're a pedophile in hiding, a bigot, etc etc. When really you're scared of the relentless harassment and doxxing that comes with it.

No. 460251

I don't know about artists but when it comes to actual successful, wealthy, famous people, I don't give a fuck. They make a living off the public's good will, but the public doesn't owe them support and can give or retract it for any reason at all.

No. 460257

fuck who thought of using Chen before I did

No. 460259

Definitely feels like you have to walk on eggshells in the current environment. A lot of art tumblr refugees are functioning full force on twitter. The only thing you can really do is be extremely private and keep stuff to yourself. Be careful what you post and what you say to who, you never know who’s watching or how they may take it. The last thing you want to be called is a TERF or a Nazi, just because you disagreed with someone. Those labels are dangerous and can damage you big time.
Also be careful on who you befriend! I made the mistake of befriending two artists who ended up being complete nutjobs. They were hell bent on tearing up people who expressed any opinions that they didn’t agree with. They were hypocritical too but that seems to be a common trait with people like this.

Whenever I think of canceling I always think about that artist who got death threats sent to her because she didn't draw Rose from SU fat enough kek I think her name was Zamii? Or that other girl who got ran off tumblr just for telling people that Chirhiro Fujisaki wasn’t trans (Which is true!)
Or even the mess with Leslie Hung and the DMC fanart. She didn’t get canceled necessarily but you bet people were commenting how outraged they were. Sure she handled it poorly but she’s p successful so it didn’t really damage her much.

No. 460285

File: 1568125025324.png (982.56 KB, 900x977, 1439615589-page88.png)

I was zamii070.

No. 460310

I always thought America was all about freedum and be able to say anything you want without repercussios, turns out that now they have some soviet style big brother shit going on were your entire livelihood and personal life is threatened for expression one opinion that is considered wrongthink or some asshole considered mean to his fell fells.

I don't really share anything on social media anymore, even if you think you are being 100% safe anything you do will be missconstructed and used against you. All it takes is one jealous asshole and suddenly your career you worked so hard is over because your existence and your opinion on something or even your sense of humor is problematic.

No surprise that this all comes from the same old butthurt communist neets that can`t make a career on their own so they dedicate their lives destroying other's.

No. 460320

i wouldn't care if someone called me either a terf or a nazi or a racist or a whatever. i know who and what i am and calling me names isn't going to change my mind about anything. both terms have been watered down so much as to be essentially meaningless. people who use those words are people i want to avoid, they are for the most part miserable human beings looking for a way to bring others down with them.

No. 460324


A few weeks ago i was randomly lurking and started reading about a fantasy artist that was getting canceled because she liked a few conservative memes in one of those boomer fb pages years ago. She is like 40 and hasn't done anything wrong, thats literally it, she had a cringy conservative page in her likes a few years ago.

She was still labeled a trumpist nazi bigot and people were after her job and planning boycots against her on the venues she sold her art. Who is even so petty as to browse your fb history from years ago? even less use shitty boomer memes to ruin you? it takes one seriously messed up and envious troll with a personal vendetta against you and a squad nihilistic assholes with nothing better to do than to try and harm people from the comfort of their armchair using any excuse.

No. 460341

What are some examples of this?
I'm not super into social media, so I only hear about the big stuff like people who have shows getting removed because of some gross stuff they said

It sounds almost petty to be "Cancelled" because you drew something the wrong way, so I want to make sure I know everything about situations like this.

No. 460349

Are you talking about Terese Nielsen?

No. 460352

File: 1568139681321.jpg (184.16 KB, 749x859, troohg.jpg)


I think so, just googled to check and found a post with a letter she wrote about. She is an ex mormom middle aged lesbian and the very top results on google are all drama related stuff about her, which as an artist must be pretty shitty to have your art appearing under a bunch of bullshit.

And of course the first few comments on her posts are from a troon sperging about how this artist having different opinions in her private life kills him.

"If the card has only been printed with your art, I will deface it." Eyerolls*


No. 460364

Looking in to it the drama was caused bh her liking and following some conservative conspiracy twittesr. Ive a actually been thibking about getting something that automatically deletes my tweets after a while, but that my seem sketchy

No. 460367

My advice? Ignore it. If they're coming down on you for something you said a decade ago, explain yourself in a collected, matter-of-fact way and move on. Don't bend a knee and start crawling at their feet begging to be forgiven because that's exactly what they want and they can't get enough of it. They WANT to see you break down, cry and run away. The people moving around cancelling others for the slightest missteps and screaming pedo/racist/transphobe at everything live off of it. If you don't feed it, they will starve and move on to the next target. The worst lot of them even shill their ko-fi for donations in the callout replies. Trying to reason with them does absolutely nothing. If they have decided that you're a dangerous, child-abusing pedophile for drawing ship art of 17 year old cartoon characters, then I'm sorry to tell you that nothing is going to change their minds. Pretty much the only thing you can do at that point is just wait for the two days until they've found something else to raise hell over. They don't care that you're traumatized for life for being branded as a nazi child rapist for nothing, they'll forget about it in two minutes and continue living their lives like nothing happened. Don't give them the satisfaction of thinking that they won. At least 90% of the people following the drama usually side with you anyway because anyone with half a brain can see they're stirring shit for clout.

The toxic cancel culture became reality because we opened the flood gates. We apologized for something we didn't have to apologize for, we gave them the validation, we fucked ourselves over. The only way to stop it is to put a cork in it and stop treating them like they're worthy of attention.

I'm someone who has dealt with this a lot (working in communication) and this is genuinely the best advice I can give you. Just remember that they're sad, mentally ill bullies who would shit their pants if someone confronted them IRL and half of their tweets consist of them crying about their depression. They don't deserve your attention.

No. 460380

not the anon you replied to but I hope you're feeling better these days!

No. 460381

>The toxic cancel culture became reality because we opened the flood gates. We apologized for something we didn't have to apologize for, we gave them the validation, we fucked ourselves over.
What do you mean? Was there some great collective artist happening or agreement I wasn't a part of?
I was agreeing with you at first but this part sounds kind of conspiracy theory-ish.
Dumb teens and manchildren on social media are always looking to shit-stir, no one brought it on themselves

No. 460396

people, both left, right, old, young, female, male, etc get offended way too easily. Not just pertaining to the art community but anywhere really. People nowadays take it to the next level however, it seems everyone is practically a sociopath

No. 460408

File: 1568154604330.png (11.95 KB, 300x170, thumb_dan-zamii-your-apologism…)

>i wouldn't care if someone called me either a terf or a nazi or a racist or a whatever.

I understand where you're coming from but I guess it really depends on where you want to work or who you want to work with. For example, if you want to work at a cartoon studio you can't have words like this attached to you. I keep seeing more and more gender specials in the industry so I imagine they're only going to get more picky with their clients.

Also looking more into Zamii, tumblr really fucking has it out for her. I genuinely wonder if the person behind these kind of things just had a vendetta and made it spiral out of control.

No. 460414


Even if you prove the canceling was unfounded and you are on the right, just the drama attached to your name alone means potential employers will not want to work with you. Thats really what cancelling is about, making up a shitstorm so big that you emit a stink and your peers and employers won´t wants to associate with you again fearing a public relations backlash so you are effectively removed from the industry. No surprise a lot of this shit are power moves from people within the same industry of the person they are trying to cancel.

Any bullshit excuse will do, no matter how obviously fake it is, as long as people jump on the bandwagon and talk shit about you in public enough the damage is done.

No. 460425

File: 1568157015074.webm (3.5 MB, 854x480, 1533184238023.webm)

My biggest problem with cancel culture was that if I was ever cancelled It'd be hard for me to back up and start a new account. I really don't mean this is a special snowflake-y way, but I'm a mish-mash of to many unique things (from a small ethnicity, favorite bands have >1000 plays, general lover of obscure stuff). If I was cancelled and started a new account I'd have to reformat my entire identity or never reveal a single fact about my stuff. You can make backup accounts if you're a dude who likes queen, but if your a women who's favorite band is sick queen people might feel your similarity to a canceled artist is more than coincidence.

No. 460435

File: 1568159529067.png (158.48 KB, 280x700, 184.png)

The Zamii controversy was 100% a vendetta imo. She made some social faux pas' like this drawing but really a few somewhat insensitive character illustrations was not enough to bully her the way they did. She definitely deserved critique but holy shit the hateboner people had for her was so intense.

The real reason people went apeshit is because she was hired at Nickelodeon and people felt like she didn't deserve the job and they did. I remember looking up a 'receipts' blog because I had mostly missed the controversy, and this person took some random SU drawing she had done and was freaking out over some shittly drawn hands and how terrible and awful Zamii was.

No. 460438

she didn't got hired by Nickelodeon, her youtube channel got was associated wint channel frederator and some others

No. 460446

an aspiring artist here
sometimes i get excited with the thought of what kind of art i can make if i ever improve but i had a pretty cringy anti sjw phase in my teens and some of the shit i said and the people i associated with were legitimately terrible so i dont think id be Abel to survive afterward

No. 460457


so as someone who was ""called out"" (hate blog with censored out of context "reciepts", broken google drive link to "evidence", the whole package) I still don't fully know how one should or would deal with it. I got into personal drama with an old friend group while I was a semi-prominent artist in a small niche fanbase, and ended up losing all my "friends" over it. Even though I had evidence completely disproving this psycho's out of context, conveniently cropped screenshots and lying through her teeth, it didn't change anyone's opinion. Not just because this person spoke up about me first, but because I apologized to her.

I apologized thinking it would calm her down, but it actually gave her ammo into trying to incriminate me. It boosted her ego. It gave her faulty validation. I regret it so much, I basically shot myself in the foot and gave them everything they needed to demonize me.

The one thing I would do differently, is I would've spoke up sooner and defended myself, honestly. Not by shoving screenshots down people's throats or desperately trying to gain their approval, but by simple stating my truth in a calm fashion and not backing down, not allowing it fuck with me. It's basically school yard bullying. They want to see you react, they want to see you freakout. Don't.

People who want the truth will seek it out, and not let themselves be persuaded by peer pressure into "picking a side". People who want a spectacle and quick witty banter, will do everything they can to obscure said truth. Those people are vultures, no matter how righteous they pretend to act.

People get "cancelled" because they back down when really they should be standing up. This crowd feeds off weakness, uncertainty of the accuser, questioning your character and morals, making you doubt yourself; It's all energy supply to them and they love it. They love to feel above other people.

so yea. if you know you haven't done anything wrong and you know your truth, don't let these idiots back you into a corner and pressure you into playing their game. the only way to win this sociopathic game, is to not play. and that's all it is to them at the end of the day anyways; a game.

No. 460462

What kind of shit are you even drawing to attract these autist followers

No. 460480


No. 460514

Fanart, OC stuff, etc etc. Basically anything can attract these crazies. Sometimes it doesn't even need to be a follower for a fire to be started.

The fact that it takes one person with a self-righteous vendetta to cancel someone is incredibly scary.

No. 460536

Because people started either caving under the pressure and apologizing or joining lynch mobs, thus let the cancel culture became a thing. It's fun to be able to laugh and throw rocks at someone who messed up, and it's also easier to just agree and apologize than to stand for what you believe in. If people were sensible from the very beginning, the cancelers wouldn't gotten the first taste of blood.

>Also looking more into Zamii, tumblr really fucking has it out for her. I genuinely wonder if the person behind these kind of things just had a vendetta and made it spiral out of control.
Like 9 out of 10 times it's just an obsessive personal vendetta or someone just out for boosting their own image at the expense of fucking someone else over. They don't genuinely care about someone being "racist" for drawing a character with a lighter skin tone, they just want to feel superior.

>I apologized thinking it would calm her down, but it actually gave her ammo into trying to incriminate me. It boosted her ego. It gave her faulty validation. I regret it so much, I basically shot myself in the foot and gave them everything they needed to demonize me.
Yeah this is exactly why you never apologize to them. You never negotiate with terrorists. You won't get what you want out of them. I'm sorry this happened to you anon.

No. 460552

Thanks. People I was friends with for 5+ years just turned their back on me, like our friendship meant nothing. I got more support from people I only knew for a few months than people I'd been with for my childhood.


This is also scarily accurate to what to goes on inside these people's minds, I know because I was very close with the girl who tried to call me out, and she would often talk about how she wanted to destroy her ex's, not for any righteous reason but purely because she wanted them to be alone and miserable with no friends. It actually gave her emotional stress to see people interact with them and see them happy. The levels of sociopathy in these people are unreal, and they function purely on dysregulated emotions, rage, and self-entitled fury. They're extremely pathetic and envious of other people's happiness, so they seek to destroy it. It's really fucked up

No. 460553

I'm a musician who also has a history of drawing porn for money (and also for myself, I have a lot of weird kinks) and I worry that my fanbase will dig this up and cancel me. I don't have any social media presence but I still have that fear.

No. 460560

I'm the anon who wrote it and it's accurate because I know people who "cancel" others, I know how they function. They're sad, pitiful beings who have learned that causing controversy and getting into fights gets them validation as a person and makes them feel like they have a purpose in life. They're literally living to make others miserable and if that isn't absolutely pathetic I don't know what is. If you saw these dumb bitches in front of you choking back tears and whining about you being a ~twansphobe~ for drawing a genderbent character, would you take them seriously? Vs. them online spitting out vitriol and preaching to the choir gaining hundreds of likes and retweets. You really need to take the whole thing apart to deal with it.

1.) Unless you've actually been caught red-handed harassing kids or taking part in a KKK rally or something, you do not have to apologize for being a "pedo" or "racist". Drop a few neutral truth bombs and be done with it. Mic drop it right there.
2.) The one who's calling you out probably is doing it due to the reasons I listed above OR they have some sort of a jealous/nonsensical vendetta against you because you didn't reply to their tweet once or some bullshit like that
3.) The people joining the mob and dishing out those likes and RTs probably have no actual idea what's going on and only got the grapevine version of what happened. They will forget about this drama and you in three days max. They're acting in the heat of the moment and will probably find out later that the one igniting it was full of shit.
4.) Most onlookers will sympathize with you even if they don't open their mouths. As long as you don't dig your hole deeper, they will start defending you at some point because a LOT of people are sick of this happening each week.

That's the basic anatomy of how a callout works. Even someone who deserved it like ProJared got dragged on for weeks and now months only because his mistress Holly couldn't shut up and kept on adding fuel to the fire as she was desperately trying to claw her way out of the barrel by piling up lies. That's exactly what the callout people want, they want you to drag it on and give them more material to be outraged over. Whereas something like the recent Kikuo callout lasted only maybe one afternoon because he just laid the truth out there with two tweets and ignored it for the rest of the time.

No. 460575


Define weird. Tbh you have nothing to worry about if you dont draw fetish art like lolicon or guro. Like if all you're doing is adult only and not like, glorifying abuse and crime then it's fine. Ppl have sex anon.

No. 460578

In 2019 lolicon means the girl is short or flatchested and glorifying abuse means someone having their hands tied. There's really no point in drawing a line where a kink becomes weird because woke people will find a way to make it so even if it's a softcore missionary in the dark type of innocuous material.

No. 460581

nta but guro is considered fetish art??

No. 460588

>Define weird. Tbh you have nothing to worry about if you dont draw fetish art like lolicon or guro. Like if all you're doing is adult only and not like, glorifying abuse and crime then it's fine
See… this is the thing. Nobody that support cancel culture can fucking agree on this. Like >>460578 said you can be targeted if you draw petite characters (i'm not talking about 1000 year old toddlers) so small breasts, thin frames, babyfaces, etc. Even size difference is considered pedophilia because the smaller person is "minor coded", or because there's a "power imbalance". As for abuse anything goes, if a character has literally one negative line in a game about another character, if you ship them it's considered abusive. People are willing to twist anything and everything you draw into being problematic.

Most of the people behind cancel culture are underaged retards or zoomers that have never had sex, so they see an adult dating a slightly older/taller adult and they go "ooo! scawwy!" most of them don't have sex. They don't have real experience so they don't know what the fuck they're talking about. In the adult world, adults can look considerably younger (i for example still get fucking carded despite being in my late twenties, and because of that according to some people i shouldn't be able to date) adults date with large age/size differences, etc etc.

No. 460714

honestly this opinion is even prevalent here. among crazies sure, but i've seen anons say that women under 160cm with small chests can only get pedos as bfs. it's absolutely crazy.

cancel culture to me is actual haters most of the time.

No. 460759


One of my friends got a sandstorm on her social media because she drew herself with flags and facepainting for a national holiday, it was just a cute cartoon portrait. We are both from the same country and she has barely a couple years living abroad. Apparently she was not brown enough to be sporting latin american flags and she was culturally appropriating her own nationality…

The funny part is that a lot of local people liked and shared the image and stood by her. The whole canceling attempt probable came from the group of burguers she goes to school with, they must have reposted it on some sjw site and more and more of them tagged along just to insult and throw tantrums and longposts about someone they don't even know and is not even that popular. Even when she told them were she was from they kept attacking her because she was ~privileged~ and "spoke english too well and not real latina." .

Cancel culture is just cyber bullying with extra excuses. Nothing else.

No. 460764

You guys got it. It's fucking ridiculous.

For commissions, I've drawn vore, hyper, macro, size kink, foot expansion (please don't ask), some other weirder shit I can't remember. I refused to draw children for obvious reasons.

I also drew a lot of dickgirl stuff, I had one person actually try to cancel me over that because I was "transphobic" for drawing it. Their attempts didn't get anywhere, but this was also a few years before cancel culture started to impact smaller artists. God forbid I (a bi woman) want to combine what I see as being "the best of both worlds". Sorry that drawings of fictional dickgirls are hotter than actual troons.

No. 460774

I would cancel you. That's degenerate lol

No. 460781

hey, she knows where the money's at.

No. 460784

NTA but it might be degenerate but it's not illegal to have niche kinks. Why can't people just say "ew, that's gross" and ignore it anymore, why do they have the need to be the moral police and cancel anyone who gets their rocks off to something they find disgusting? Vore is one of the most awful things I know but if someone likes it then whatever, as long as they're not pushing it to my face. I wouldn't draw any of the shit anon does (except for dickgirls which is pretty vanilla imo, not that far away from a strapon) for any amount of money but if someone is paying for it, it's just a job.

No. 460787

Honestly very unpopular opinion I agree with shaming people with terrible fetishes who are proud of it, and it depends on that exact fetish. I think whats stupid is thinking a human being deserves to be canceled and basing your principles on whats obviously water instead of rock

No. 460797

What's a "terrible fetish" then? I understand shaming someone for having inherently violent fetishes like beating up women or kids or something but if someone gets off to feet or farting into their faces or something then how exactly is it terrible? It's disgusting for sure, but someone might think that anything besides a married couple having sex for reproduction purposes is degenerate. Just don't type farts into your pornhub search field and you'll be fine.

No. 460799

i think anon's trying to say she's fine with kinkshaming as a thing, which i agree with, we should be able to tell someone their sex kink is gross and not to share it without people getting butthurt.

No. 460800

I should clarify that drawing kink shit for money doesn't necessarily mean the artist is into it.

No. 460802

Why do you think it’s not a fetish?

No. 460811


Ironically a lot of those same people who would cancel someone from being ableist or twansphobic are also the same people defending creepy kinks because its ~inclusive~ and sexually woke. They would more likely cancel someone for saying something bad about their kinks than they would cancel a kinkster. Conservative people are all a target by default.

No. 460817

Which dimension did you come from? The people I see ~canceling~ others are the puritans who hate "kinksters" i.e. anyone who has a sex drive. I've seen people cancel others for drawing "lolicon" which was quite vanilla style run of the mill porn but the girl had a slightly petite frame with big tits and clearly an adult body build. Their "sex-positive" wokeness only tolerates trannies posting nudes, everything fictional is off limits.

No. 460821


Have you seen the gross amount of fetish headcannons that stem from sjw breeding grounds? Poly stuff, daddy kinks , interacial fetishes , fat detishes masquerading as body positive, self harm and mental disorder fetishes, and genderbenders abound. Its only very recently that tumblr lost the porn, before it was flooding with this stuff. And yes, a shit ton of troons.

Most if not all of the people i've seen getting canceled are either conservatives or accused of not being leftist enough by their standards. Most are not even fetish artists, they are being accused of drawing a fat character too thin or too light skinned.

No. 460824

I don’t mind taking the piss out of people, or making fun of them for their retarded kinks. It’s the internet, what can ya do? But cancel culture weirds me out because you will have people attacking you for something about yourself that isn’t even true. You have to deny that you’re xyz even though you never were/are, and you knew that fine and well without having to tell the whole world that you’re not what they’re accusing you of. It really is the pandora’s box of totaling people’s reputations. Even though James Charles/slazo/projared we’re able to debunk the allegations there’s still people who will insist through and through they’re terrible people. All it can take is an implication of guilt and their name is mud. Pretty awful tbqh

No. 460832

>You have to deny that you’re xyz even though you never were/are,

Like that time they made an astrophysicist cry because of his boomer-tier choice of shirt

No. 460835

Yeah there's a difference between taking the piss out of people and absolutely ruining their lives. You can make fun of some deviantart autist for drawing Sonic shitting on Tails but starting a campaign to scream about how the artist is a pedophile and a child rapist because both Tails and Sonic, ageless anthropomorphic characters, are clearly children makes you look like a sociopath. Is it really worth the 15 minutes of social media clout to bully some perverted fuck to ruin over some shitty drawing?

No. 460836

Are you talking about that autistic dumb cunt that wore a tacky pin up shirt to an extremely important press conference? Because, honestly, his own social retardation is to blame.

No. 460839

He said he wore it because a (female) friend made it for him as a gift and he wanted to surprise her by wearing it to something important. Socially retarded, yes, but most definitely worth the outrage.

No. 460848

*not worth the outrage I mean.

No. 460904

>autistic dumb cunt
Holy overreaction, Batman!

No. 461156

You mean that autistic dumb cunt who landed a satellite on a comet? He can wear whatever the fuck he wants, if you ask me.

No. 461607

I sometimes worry about this too, I used to have my teenage edgy phases on livejournal though and some old forums that have been deleted already so it would be really hard for people to dig those up even if they found out what my teenage go-to username was. Thank god I was raised by my parents to be paranoid about staying anonymous online so I don't have lot if any shit of me floating around.

No. 461644

I like to stream but I'm afraid of my incel of an ex-boyfriend would try and tear me down if he ever found me and figured out that its me behind the account. He STILL messages me on my personal accts trying to make me angry enough to reply (I don't).

I never abused the dumbass or ever cheated on him, he just plain has it out for me for dumping him, and I think about that a lot whenever someone out there is being "cancelled." People on the internet think they can take sides and have opinions on things they really truly know nothing about, and it's a really gross attitude that internet-era society has gained. I'd hate it if my personal shit from 5-7 years ago was aired out in a twitter thread. Except pedophiles, they can be exposed all day long and thats fine for me lol

No. 461727

How do you get over the fear of that happening enough to still do what you want though? I’m in a similar boat where if someone were to find me I feel like they wouldn’t hesitate to cancel me over something that happened years ago. It holds me back from doing a lot of shit I want to because I assume everyone will take what they say as gospel.

No. 461760

>follow a large and successful live-streaming series
>a popular artist who has personally met the cast drew a character one shade of brown lighter
>Cancelled (TM)
>The extra twist is that an official artist for the show also began to block people instead of just muting them and because the cancellers could see it there were accusations of the entire group being made up of fake woke liberal centrist whites
>It’s LA, so…duh of course they’re closet moderate if they have a decent income, they’re not going to sacrifice their professional networking opportunities on the alter of Social Justice

I’m predicting that the 2020s are going to see a rebuilding of the Fourth Wall between industry professionals/content creators and obsessive internet autist “fans”

I strongly suspect that famous accounts in certain subcultures regularly mute people who come after them about shit like social justice and shipping, but unfortunately no one has discovered how to break twitter in a way that can confirm this

No. 461816

I personally keep my life away from my art accounts as much as possible. It kind of sucks because I feel fake sometimes but I'd rather just focus on my art and the media I enjoy then say something that could be misconstrued later and ruin my life.

I don't even have a large following but I've sold work at enough local shows to have people recognize me. I also know the art community here is filled with the kind of people who thrive off of cancel culture.

I'll agree with other anons that keeping quiet seems to be the best bet but that makes it hard to make connections.

No. 461818

I'm sorry, I am not very well versed on this subject. If someone "cancels" you, why not stand up for yourself and bring in your own arguments to the table? The spergs are going to shit on you, of course but those who are normal human beings and truly like your art will realize that the "cancel" culture is a really fucking stupid thing and will stick with you. If we want this "cancel culture" thingie to end we need more people standing up for themselves instead of getting gaslight into apologizing for shit that they shouldn't apologize for.

No. 461821

I see you have never seen or experienced a canceling before. It's not as easy as "just telling the truth and standing up for yourself", these people aren't looking for you to improve as a person, they're only after validation for their own being and causing controversy for the sake of social media interaction. They will take ANY word you say and twist it until it serves their agenda, it doesn't matter how well you explain yourself or if you're innocent or not. If they've decided you're guilty of sexismpedoracistransphobiableism, nothing's going to sway their minds.

It's extremely stressful and heavy to deal with an aggressive lynch mob riding your ass for something they absolutely shouldn't give a shit about to the point they're actually threatening your livelihood by doxxing you and contacting your employer/clients, so it's hard to stay collected and just walk it off. Especially when their claims are 100% bullshit but you can't disprove them because they've taken your words out of context and presented them as "proof". They've dehumanized the target to the point that they'll pull no punches because social media makes people fucking sociopaths, there's no point in trying to reason with them.

No. 461864

In the cancelling of Slazo people took his side once he made a decent video explaining things, now the artist ex that made the accusations against him has gone silent on social media and youtubers that stood up for her like Imallexx are being cancelled instead. The tables can turn but it's like people need to direct their hate to another person

No. 461922


imagine someome googling your name and the first thing that appears are a bunch of links of people calling you a nazi bigot and throwing tantrums. Most clients and unaware observers will just move along and not bother with you regardless of the validity of the accusations or if you made a sensible comeback or not. Even if you are right and do everything perfectly and stand on high ground it can still hurt you badly, thats why shitty people love doing it so much, it costs them nothing but a bunch of tweets to ruin a good reputation in the court of social media.

No. 461990

No. 462200

most serious employees dont care, some will request work-for-hire (no credits). Cancelling is a norm since 2007, nobody except indie gamedev industry idiots cares. Tons of top industry pros are openly centrist or right leaning, they have ton of job offers.

No. 462202

cancel culture definitely has an air of sexism to it, ironically. Whenever a woman comes forward about assault or abuse, sometimes people instantly believe her but there is always a large group of people, mostly men, saying she’s lying and should have gone to police instead, and that she’s “always been lying and scamming” so we shouldn’t believe her accusations. Then when the accused person comes out with a video that shows that maybe the girl did want sex at one point, everyone switched sides as if he proved that he never assaulted her. Ex. Slazo, Projared, Alec Holowka, and many many people in Hollywood.

No. 462211

I'm surprised at how much people are still raging at Imallexx over his part in the Slazo situation. Nobody used the word rape in that story but Kavos keeps spreading that word and teen boys are all parroting 'ooh careful or Imallex with say you raped him' I think if Chey was a more public person she'd be getting all that shit instead of him though

Alex tweets about a stranger grabbing him by his testicles in a drunken show of macho-ism and of course he's wrong/making it up/he wanted it.. looks like petite gay or bi guys get the same bashing women get

No. 462237

wait what imalexx is gay or bi?

No. 462242

he is bisexual

No. 462243

Yeah he came out as bi, has dated men and women

No. 462259

What situation is this? Is it recent?

No. 462268

Happened this summer. An ex of Slazo accused him of being abusive, using her for sex and pushing her into sex acts. Imallex and a few other supported the girl in going public and Slazo was cancelled for two months.

Slazo made a response and people took his side again, now Imallexx is cancelled by some people and a Youtuber called Kavos is hounding him to apologise again and kind of harassing him by showing up to event to confront him face to face. No idea why Kavos is even inserting himself

No. 462280

they really need to let alex breathe. he didn't do anything wrong. if i was him i'd probably do the same thing. did people expect him to side with an alleged rapist just because he's his friend? how was he supposed to know?

No. 462293

I'm a semi-popular artist and I worry about being cancelled sometimes, because like what other anons said it's usually for the most inane things. I was never an overly outspoken person on the internet anyway, so keeping my twitter apolitical isn't very hard for me to do. I also don't get too personal, just stuff about my pets and the occasional "not feeling good today, i'll draw more tomorrow!"

Meanwhile an artist I used to follow would spam hot takes and call out big content creators every couple weeks, and it would spiral out of control and she would get doxxed. Sometimes I just wanted to shake her and say "mind your own goddamn business".

No. 462518

why would bkub post here? he's rolling in money after Pop Team Epic became successful

No. 462534

> implying you should take people who treat twitter like court of law seriously

No. 462535

People will find any reason to vilify you. I found that a lot of my stress with social media went away when I focused myself to purely content sites (Instagram, art station, Pinterest) where I could see art I like without all the shit takes and drama. Really hard to harass someone on these websites

No. 463634

Probably the best thing you can do it's to be upfront about it and say you no longer hold those views nor associate with that type of personalities. You don't have to make a post explaining yourself (and it's better if you don't) but make a small comment here and there. Keeping yourself as anonymous as possible is always the best route and be very careful with the people you talk to. Keep it professional, always.

No. 463733

I think about how people who are actually terrible - Onision, ProJared, Jeffree Star, Drake, etc. - and how they still have diehard fans and supporters even after they've been proven to be in the wrong. Now imagine that kind of support for those who haven't done anything really awful like that, it's immense and sometimes cancel attempts do get shut down by supporters and friends. I think if you just be genuine and as good as possible then hearsay will fizzle away (as long as its all actually untrue ofc)

I also don't use my name or face on any streaming-related things so that helps lol

No. 509698

i feel you, bro.
got my reputation completely fucked up and thrust out of any server related to this one server I was in because i was annoying
they spread lies about me, like that i was a stalker (which im not) and that i doxxed the server owner and admins (which i also didn't)

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