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No. 465946

Previous Thread: >>457360

No. 465948

Amazon is such a crapshoot. Whenever I go on it I see suppliers selling cheap shit they got from China for a 50% markup, which also explains why people get "bad batches" of crap product from time to time. It wouldn't bother me so much if I couldn't go on places like Aliexpress and get literally the same product for $5 instead of $20 plus shipping.
Someone bought from my wishlist and the quality of the dress items were so miserable that I'm glad it wasn't my money, but I still feel bad that they paid as much as they did.

I have a $50 gift card but I'm hesitating to use it. I have a severe distrust of buying anything from this website.

No. 465955

File: 1569454398330.jpg (51.87 KB, 453x700, large.jpg)

i got into a really good art school, but i have no money to attend since my parents are waist up in debt from getting sued (they own a small business and a former employee sued them, my dad refused to get a decent lawyer and ended up losing and racking up 300k in debt) and some other shit

Im not elligible for discounts and other student help since my family brute income is good, but its all going to pay the debts.

I can't work either since its a full time course (7 am to 15 pm), i just wish my dad hadn't been a retard like he always is and didn't lose that ridiculous amount of cash for nothing.

I can't believe i will have to can my dream and stay and the HORRIBLE uni i am at right now (the place gets waterlogged when it rains, i already missed like a week since its rainy season).

No. 465956

Really depends on what you get. I buy books, work clothes, and office supplies, they're fine. I only ever had one bad thing, and that was a really cheap wig I paid way too much for. It had no reviews, but it was the only one in the color and length I wanted. Stick to products with good reviews, and read the bad ones too to see if there's a theme. Aliexpress items drop-shipped from China are obvious to me, like those enamel knockoff pins and floral dresses because you can see the quality is shoddy from the stock photo alone. Reading the materials in the description is a good indicator too; it's almost always synthetic. Ultimately, don't buy things without multiple photo reviews, and you'll usually be fine.

No. 465959


If you have some money but not a lot of money just buy a subscription to CGMA and Schoolism and book a ticket for one of those Trojan Horse was a Unicorn or such events were you can network with people and get artists to share their private discords and interact with you in social media and stuff like that.

No. 465962


I don't completely trust amazon either. I just buy books, and rent what I need for college, that's it. I've never bought clothes, jewelry, or anything that isn't coming directly from Amazon's warehouse itself or is a verified seller as I've heard way too many horror stories about people getting things that weren't advertised, etc. If it doesn't say 'sold and shipped by amazon' underneath the price, I am very hesitant to order. I'd rather pay a little more to get a product direct from a manufacturer or a reputable source than trying to save money and then getting something awful.

No. 465989

I've never had problems ordering on Amazon but I guess that's because I only get stuff shipped by them (since I have Prime). I've heard people getting sent fakes and Wish-tier shit from Amazon storefronts, though.

No. 465993

File: 1569464897677.gif (991.04 KB, 410x308, even Paris was unamused.gif)

>buy things without multiple photo reviews
Imo a major problem with Amazon reviews is that their customer base is as retarded as the sellers.
>picture is filtered to shit and is an extreme closeup selfie barely showcasing the wig
>what is seen of the wig looks like they plopped it on their head straight out the bag, looks thin and messy
I wanted to buy essential oils for my diffuser and while the majority of the reviews can be good, there's always a cluster of reviews that say that their product was bad and how it's not a "real" essential oil which then calls into question if everyone who gave it 5 stars are gullible idiots or if the people saying it's bad are just nitpicky pinko pissbabies.
Basically Amazon sucks if you want to buy something really niche.

Unrelated but
>tfw my binge fries from McDonald's taste off why the fuck did I bother

No. 465995

all of this for essential oils? how do you go wrong with those, I don't understand

No. 465997

It's insane, if you look at the most popular purchases there's always someone bitching about the oil quality in the reviews first thing.

No. 465999

>have shitty day
>be poorfag so no netflix etc
>go on shitty movie streaming site to find something to watch and take my mind off things
>movie keeps stuttering and stopping to load

i hate my shitty internet aaaaaaaaa

No. 466001

I usually just find a mega and download it.
What movie are you looking for anon?

No. 466006


Try with yify torrents or popcorntime


No. 466008

Just torrent it… I'm genuinely confused why people take the worst possible options for watching tv and movies (paying for it, or dealing with shitty streaming) when torrenting is mind blowingly easy.

No. 466010

Because some people have morals and want the people who make their favorite shows to actually get paid

No. 466011

I have to share a room with my brother and we have bunk bed (both in our 20s and it sucks)
A year ago I ordered stuff from a sex shop online cause it was free. Nothing particularly interesting, except a tiny vibrator that I never really used. The only thing I did was switching it on and holding it in my hand for comfort actually. Yesterday I dug it up and left it on my bed. It fell onto my brother's bed. He just asked me what that thing I placed on his bed was asking if it's "makeup" and pointing out that it vibrated. I can't tell if he knows what it is and I hope not. I don't feel embarrassed but I'm a very private person and would never talk to him about this. Hope he'll never ask again

No. 466014

lmao sure they do… like how anon was trying to stream it for free?

My question was rhetorical anyway, it's because most people can't be bothered learning how to do it or are under the mistaken impression they'll get arreated for it.

No. 466015

File: 1569469266014.jpg (61.85 KB, 602x602, a45c45c57593e86204e4e3b33c8561…)

It's spring here and my cat is having his big shed, but won't tolerate the furminator for more than 30 seconds at a time before he gets overstimulated and starts running around. Please kitty I just need ONE good brushing session.

No. 466017


Some of us live in the third world and need the money for food Becky. Sorry it hurt a millionaire movie producer's feelings

No. 466018

I think that's fair. If someone doesn't know what they're doing then it's better for them to not deviate off the beaten paths without someone to guide them.
Before I got a grasp on torrenting I definitely downloaded bad shit to my laptop, wasted my time with bung files, and got served a few cease and desist letters from my ISP.
Anyways I definitely got knocked on my ads bad before I learned and even now I'm no expert, I can't blame people who can't be assed since it does come with its risks.

No. 466042

I feel bad for you anon, don't give up on your dream. You could work after those uni hours if you go, don't be afraid of getting any job you can.

No. 466085

Why's it gotta be like that? I don't give a fuck about Hollywood I'm ntayrt but you make yourself lose arguments quick when you make it about race. That goes for anyone.

No. 466125

I wish there was a way to block specific youtube channels from ever showing up in your searches again. I don't want to see mukbangs and fetish ASMRs just because I listen to guided meditation occasionally.

No. 466126

Yet apparently have time to post on lolcow…

No. 466128

Why is this "not about race thing" only used when white people are involved, strangely never see anyone say that when some bitch is racebaiting about blacks or latinos (east asians get the pass though).

No. 466130

Actually I did the same to a poster yesterday who was complaining about black people. But go off.

No. 466132

I just almost never see it, sorry then

No. 466138

what browser do you use? chrome has an extension called video blocker, which will block certain channels on youtube. it looks like there's a firefox addon version too! hope this helps.

No. 466157

Bless you anon. I never have to see Zach Choi stuffing his face again.

No. 466159

File: 1569506665184.jpg (44.85 KB, 856x622, yodasad.jpg)

About 3 months ago I got a tinder profile. There was a guy who I was going to meet up. He made the plans and everything all he said I had to do was be there. I bailed because I wanted to stay inside and watch tv because whatever, plenty of fish in the tinder sea and he's probably just another fuckboi.

My friend (also roommate) started dating the guy about a month ago. I met him a bunch of times when she brings him over and I am seriously mad at myself. He was a real keeper and I passed on it.

He does things like cooks dinner for her every Wednesday night. They study together and he's pretty smart so he helps tutor her sometimes.
It drives me nuts because when she first brought him over and I met him in person for the first time the first thing he said to me "We had a date planned together at one point didn't we?" He laughs and said it was all good that I flaked out and that he was used to it happening on tinder, plus he might not of ended up dating my friend.

It feels like a nagging missed opportunity annoyance that won't leave my head .

No. 466162

Things end up how they end up. I ignored a guy on a dating site once who ended up dating my housemate. (I had no interest in him either way)

It seems more like he was trying every girl in your area and your friend was more desperate than you.

He's also probably trying to impress you as the backup plan, hence you… being impressed.

No. 466169

I have a student who does a LOT of non verbals. I want to fucking call him out and insult every little thing about him in return but I can't because I'm a teacher who has to take shit for a living, in fear of getting fired/getting sued by rich parents.

No. 466174

It happens. I passed up a cutie back in the day because I didn't wanna try to work an LDR and opted for a more local fuccboi instead. The cutie understandably never talked to me again once I rejected him and the fuccboi was obviously a dirtbag who I wound up dumping anyway.
Life goes on, I'm sure he's making someone very happy.

No. 466177

>he might not of ended
he dodged a bullet there yeah

No. 466194

It is what it is, anon. Maybe you wouldn't have jived with him romantically. They're also at the very start of their relationship, of course he's busting his ass off. Chin up, there's plenty more dudes out there who cook once a week.

No. 466248

(btw i’m a lesbian not some dude) compared to what some people vent about on these threads this is nothing but anyway. i miss my girlfriend so so so so much. we live 2 hours apart and because of our busy and conflicting uni schedules we usually see each other twice a week (wednesday’s for lunch and dinner) and then we spend the weekends together. whenever we part i just get filled with this strong feeling of loneliness and even sadness. i’m a pretty depressed person in general so no doubt this feeds it. anyway this weekend she has to be with her family which i totally understand and get but it just means that i won’t get to see her until next wednesday. my girlfriend is a little older than me and she doesn’t show her emotions that easily so she seems pretty chill about it. tonight we were texting before we slept and i kept sending crying emojis when i was saying good night (i was partly joking)and she was like (english is her second language which is why this sounds blunt) ‘stop being sad we’ll see each other soon’ ugh this just makes me feel worse. it’s not like i can stop being sad all of a sudden and it doesn’t feel like soon even though objectively i know it is. i guess i’m going to stop acting like a baby when we text with all the crying emojis … ugh i just miss her so much.

anyway this was the dumbest shit i’ve ever written, sorry if you lost braincells reading it

No. 466335

Some racist troll randomly targeted me on my FB page today.

I out-trolled them and they blocked me because they couldn't handle the heat.
I wonder if they are a family member of my friend who has a lot of Donald Trump supporting family members who make sockpuppet accounts to troll his friends who might have political views they don't agree with?

I only got peeved when my family and my friends saw that foolishness which is why I play it lowkey on most of my social media accounts with my personal picture on it especially on FB where crazy people roam free so I was a little annoyed but prepared to handle it.

I noticed the guy when he first messaged made a joke about my pubic hair. What's with men and always involving sexuality into their shitty "humor"? That was really the only part that made me uncomfortable because it felt perverted.

No. 466400

why feel bad about what she said? it sounds encouraging to me.

No. 466440

File: 1569524268626.png (3.16 KB, 173x210, emo_bart_simpson_by_retrogamer…)

This is such an incel-tier rant, but like the 5th most popular dude at my college is an emo who complains about how they're so lonely whilst being friends with almost everyone in the school and having a girlfriend. Graaahhhhhh

No. 466471

he's trying to get girls to sleep with him.

No. 466475

istanbul is shaking from earthquake after earthquake every other second and i'm fucking terrified. it's almost midnight and i can't sleep. i don't think i can sleep at all. i can't stop getting paranoiac about dying in an earthquake. it's over

No. 466480

come on, anon. give her a break

No. 466481

I felt like I was on the verge of a psychosis earlier today, I have no idea what happened. I've been depressed for months and it's the usual, but today something in me snapped and I didn't feel like I could function at all, I was throwing an odd rage fit without actual rage? I remember sitting down thinking my mind had completely broken, didn't recognise myself or my actions even tho I didn't really act out shit. Now I'm my usual depressed self but feel clearer than before, I am feeling confused and wanted to vent lol.

No. 466487

File: 1569531661196.jpg (77.37 KB, 640x640, never.jpg)

I feel extremely isolated in my birth country because of being so much more fluent in english than the national language. I think in english, i consume 95% of my entertainment in english, speak english with my friends on discord, and then i have to go out in the world and talk to people at my school in another language somehow.
I did try to visit sites in Russian (the language im avoiding), and they're all pretty bland tbh. I've got nothing in common with my peers and it's driving me nuts, basically. I'm sure this will sound like petty humblebragging and first world problem whining but the last Russian friend I made was in grade school; i really want to belong again. Maybe speaking it is just something i need to force myself to do, shit… I needed to get this out somehow

No. 466491

I love this image so much because that is exactly how I feel at the state of this fucked up immoral piece of shit earth.

No. 466499

that sounds pretty spooky anon. I'm sorry you're going through that. hang in there.

No. 466505

This image is stupid and you all depressed shits are stupid.

No. 466506

are you 12?

No. 466507

hi old lady

No. 466508

If you are not somewhat depressed at the current state of the world you're probably a sociopath.

No. 466510

dude..there's a literal 12 year old boy in here calling us old ladies wtf?

No. 466511

When was the state of the world not depressing? If you were living in a different time period, you would probably just bitch and moan about something else.

wtf are you going on about?

No. 466512

a 13 year old tried to join the gc discord server so I wouldn't be suprised if there is actual 12 year olds posting here.

No. 466514

oh god, did he think he was triggering the feminists?

No. 466515

This kind of attitude is so annoying. You sound like some sort of self-righteous Christcuck. What gives you the right to judge?

No. 466516

it was a girl, and she was sincere in wanting to join but it kind of messed with my head that there are actual children on this site. Like logically, I knew there had to be but actually coming across one was a little bit schocking.

No. 466519

I mean its great that young girls have a passion for feminism but I really feel uncomfortable that children and adults share the same platform, we need separate places to congregate.

No. 466521

right. things get dark on imageboards, even a silly one like lolcow. I'm always really heartened when I come across radblrs run by 13/14 year olds, but they do not need to be on here or interacting with adults online at all.

No. 466522

I love knitting but 1mm lace is absolutely killing my left hand and shoulders. I can't bitch about it or people would tell me to stop but I imagine the end product will be fairly cool, I'm making my grandmother some socks but it makes me feel like a delicate cunt to have an 1800s fucking craft kill me like this. What am I made out of? Fluff? Retarded.

No. 466527


Emo has always been nothing but posturing. All urban tribes are, its kind of surreal that someone like Thom Yorke who is rich and famous and spends his times touring the world, meeting other famous people and getting his ass kissed still sells hiself as an outcast, but thats fine as long as the artwork is relatable i guess. I think actual outcasts have a hard time fitting even on sub-cultures and urban tribes or they find even more specific niches within already niche communities so they'll still find a way to marginalize themselves even from that group.

Like, everybody is a gamer now, it still has a ~geeky~ label despite being the most mainstream form of entertainment internationally that even the popular dumb jock kids like, but look out for the speedrunner community if you want to see the real geeks and weirdos.

No. 466535

Lace that’s handmade looks and feels so amazing but I don’t even want to imagine how much it must hurt your hands. It’s gonna be worth it for sure but quilting pains are bad enough.

Didn’t even know lace could be knit, i thought it was all tatted. Are you stretching your hands regularly?

No. 466536

Yeah, Thom Yorke still makes alternative music but he is in no way a tortured lonely soul by any other measure than choice. He's got a legion of fans and apparently his pick of women so he is by no means an outcast.

No. 466537

File: 1569540148685.jpg (17.93 KB, 500x332, gu28mob2b7h01.jpg)

Why does the cutest guy I've ever seen irl have to befriend me when my skin is a NIGHTMARE? He actually went out of his way to talk to me first, I don't understand. I look diseased and he's a cute little angel.

Perhaps he sees past it (which is remarkable and sweet for a man), but ffs don't introduce me to your friends. I look like a pizza monster and I'm sure it bothers them even if you don't care.

Mostly I'm just tired of this skin battle though. Holy shit. I've reached my goal weight and can't even enjoy it because of my skin.

No. 466539

I hate women who date men with kids and expect men to just drop the kids for them at a moments notice and disrespect their ex-wives. Fuck you, just date a guy without kids you moron.

No. 466541

i have a huge crush on my coworker/promoted to boss, i have a boyfriend and so does she (and i dont even know if she's bi or whatever) and uggghhh I know it's awful. but she and I get along so well and I know if we didn't work together we could be best friends (or more) and ugh im a mess. i just wish i could kiss her and go on dates with her, but i don't even know if she likes girls and plus we both have boyfriends. i wish my brain would stop this so i wouldn't get so flustered every time i work with her, plus it feels like cheating in my mind and just uggghhh

No. 466544

I feel so paranoid i have this stro g feeling i'm gonna die tonight not suicidal but i have such an awful gut feeling

No. 466546

anon, this happens to me a lot and im still here! it's my panic attacks/anxiety that present like that. please try to calm down and breathe, you are not going to die tonight, even though i know exactly how that impending doom feeling is.

No. 466548

>>466546 i just got in my head that my heart will just stop and now i'm scared to go to sleep, i hate this. How long have you stayed in that doomy gloom for?

No. 466551

for me, it usually lasts overnight. don't be afraid to leave the lights on/tv on and lock doors or windows, even though nothing is going to happen it still helps me feel safer when I get the doom feeling. It's your body/brain doing it to you, it's gonna be alright! by the time you eventually fall asleep and wake up, you'll feel normal again most likely. Every time it happens to me I get scared but remembering that it's happened before many times and never been right is what helps me stay calm and rational

No. 466556

lucky. he doesnt care about ur appearance, thats rly adorable

No. 466557

NTAYRT Who gives you the right to judge??? Look at the state of the fucking internet and the people around you

No. 466558

god forbid being depressed at the world yet see no one bitching when they moan about being depressed about stupid shit like plastic cups or fat animals

No. 466562

>>466551 I feel kinda better already but it really helped to see someone tell me it's not gonna happen for real. Thanks, anon, really.

No. 466566

I thought that too when I was younger but then I realized that I was the problem.
You're just so used with Western media up your ass that you think it's superior/better than your own culture. If that's how you think then you're bound to be alone in Russia forever.

How does one not even know the language of their birth country that they've been living in for years?????

No. 466570

I posted some vendetta on the fakeboi thread and I'm tempted to send my abuser a lot anon hate until she cracks. But I don't think she'll be bothered by my messages because she lives for nothing but attention. Sorry but I'm still bitter over her sexaully grooming me and then ghosting me for another chick.

No. 466572

He really is adorable.
I suspect he's okay with it since he seems to value honesty a lot. And I'm just out here with my pepperoni, imposing it on everyone without makeup.

No. 466574

not that anon but as a child of Russian immigrants it really sucks to have your parents hound you for not speaking Russian and becoming westernized, the culture differences destroy your relationships

No. 466576

I think I might have PCOS because I've had irregular periods my whole life, I once went without a period for 6 whole months. I know I should see a doctor but they've never been able to do anything but give me birth control and that made me feel suicidal and gain weight. I've heard the keto diet can help but I'm also a huge sugar addict. Why can't I just be normal?

No. 466591

Every time I see someone mention a Greg on this website or see a screenshot that says Greg in it, I don't automatically think of Onion, but fucking Skeptic and it makes me really excited for a bit. I miss when him and June were more milky, it just like halted ever since she moved to her parent's vacation home.

Anon, I have PCOS as well. What worked for me was getting my BMI to 22 via portion control and exercising 2-3 times a week. 75% percent of the time I'll get a monthly period compared to it used to be being every 2-3 months. Maybe you might be underweight or overweight or you exercise a little too much? Some of the weirdest shit can make your period irregular with PCOS. Also if you're stressed out too much you most likely will skip a month.

No. 466594

thanks a lot anon. some people were making shit up about how we're all gonna die within the night but now it's the morning and we're still fine. i hope nothing worse happens

No. 466635

Fuck. How do you deal with the de-feminization of it? I hate that I can't just be regular like other women, its almost dysphoric thinking about it EXCEPT I WANT TO BE A WOMAN AND ENJOY IT. I hate this so much, people talk about men feeling emasculated but women can feel de-feminized when their periods are late and a fucking mustache grows in. It feels fucking worse for us actually.

No. 466639

>look out for the speedrunner community if you want to see the real geeks and weirdos.
Please don't ever do this. I beg you.

No. 466652

>Feel you here. Am I the only one with w a spiteful mentally ill sister or am I crazy idk

if you got decent intuition and EQ,there is probably something there.idk your situation,but i hope you can find a way to deal with it as easy as possible.having family disliking you for no legit reason whatsoever really sucks

No. 466654

Is it normal for your S/O to say they want real, living people (cosplayers) to bully them? I can't tell if it's my disorders taking over or if it's not okay for someone to say this… I feel like this stuff is okay until it's real people..

No. 466655

I'm addicted to antihistamines and overdosed until I seizured myself to sleep last night. I just want to die already

No. 466657

I used to be addicted to them too. Benadryl? Because that's what I was. I promise it gets better

No. 466659

no that's weird

No. 466661

I can't imagine a context where this would be normal. Sounds like some humiliation fetish shit.

No. 466664

That's what I thought.. I voiced my uncomfort and he freaked the fuck out and said he can't enjoy anything along with it just being him being noraml idk..

No. 466667

>freaked the fuck out

because he's a degenerate and you rightly pointed out his kink is fucking weird.

No. 466669

Sounds like discord weeb troon shit.

No. 466670

He tried to say its no different than sayinfg fictional characters and idk what to say
He's a cis man.

No. 466677

Wanting fictional characters to play into your creepy humiliation kink isn't normal either.

No. 466694

I'm going to struggle the rest of my alone then die alone. I won't be remembered for anything or even missed. Shit hole planet. I hope all attractive and smart people die.

No. 466716

i failed an assignment at uni for the first time ever. luckily i should still be able to pass the course provided i do well in the final exam so no one ever needs to know i failed they assignment but ugh it’s just so embarrassing for me because i’ve never done this before

No. 466759

A lot of laces are knit, but hnnng I love the look of tatting. I ended up buying a few hand tools that are specifically for stretching and hand exercises that prevent injury. But hoooly. I ended up undoing like 20 rows to add in heart motifs near the cuff/trim. Feels good

No. 466768

My bf was withdrawing from his anti-depressants today and it was so miserable. last night when we were hanging out, he didn’t tell me that he had a doctors appointment at 8 in the morning? So he sprung that on me right before we went to bed, when I have to work until 11 pm today so I wasn’t really planning on having to wake up at 6 in the fucking morning just for him to be a dick to me all morning and complain about how his head and neck hurt, and yell about every single driver on the way back to my place, all before I would’ve even woken up if I didn’t spend the night at his place. I don’t know why I’m so upset about it but it just sucks I’m going to have to be fully awake and alert until after 11 pm at work while he’s probably gonna just go back to sleep after his classes and smoke weed all evening.

No. 466783

I know how it feels to be coming off those meds, still doesn't excuse his lack of consideration for you. Depressed or not he does sound hella selfish on top of that

No. 466790

I've been feeling really sad for an entire week and I just cut myself because I couldn't stop thinking and I was feeling restless. I feel awful now and I don't even know how to hide the wound.

No. 466791

Just sort of hate myself because my charges for October is probably going to roughly end up being around $600 for just the planned shit. None of it is really essential except for my subway card and my dog's food. I don't pay rent and I'm so fucking thankful for that but god I feel so awful spending so much (the rest of the money is for my new gym membership+required gear, and an overnight trip with friends).

I'm spreading myself too fucking thin because I made it a personal goal to finish my student loans by the end of this year for no other reason than because I could technically afford do it, so half of each of my paychecks go towards my loan. I wish I could just let go of this stupid train of thought and just finish a month or two into 2020 and keep a full paycheck or two for myself so that I can have some breathing room, but now that I've locked my stupid one track mind into this goal, suddenly not achieving it launches me into so much fucking mental distress that I know is absolutely fucking stupid and unwarranted. No one besides me gives a shit if my loans are done! There's literally no reason other than personal satisfaction and bragging rights for me to finish my loans because I'm paid so far ahead right now! I'm just a dumb bitch!! I'm trying so hard to be responsible, I'm pretty sure I'm being dumb and irresponsible by tormenting and spreading myself so thin financially!

Man I really am my own worst enemy sometimes.

No. 466793

Don't blame yourself for any of this anon! For one thing, studies show just not being able to pay one bill has a huge negative effect on people's mental health. So since you have set up this goal for yourself it's not your fault that naturally you had a bad reaction when you didn't meet it. It doesn't make you dumb or anything to feel that way! That said, it's good you recognize that it's totally okay that you don't pay your loans ASAP and that you 100% deserve time and money to just relax and enjoy your life fully for yourself. In the end life is just about finding happiness. You've been doing awesome figuring out the balance between getting these loans handled and the breathing room you need to take for yourself. You're doing great anon.

No. 466799

File: 1569597334492.jpg (96.54 KB, 870x740, original.jpg)

Thank you anon, venting out my frustrations and your reply really made me feel a whole lot better. I hope you have a good day today, you're a good person.

No. 466800

i have to wear a cast and i overheard my teacher saying i smelled bad and it hurt my feelings, and then she nonchalantly brought up some ~other~ girl that smelled bad in her class before. i'm really pissed off and annoyed.

No. 466813

teachers bite their fucking tongues and stop gossiping about their students in front of students challenge

I fucking hate that shit. I had a teacher in high school who told one of her other calculus classes that she thought I would get a 1 on the AP exam, "if I even showed up." I showed that bitch and got a 4. Still makes me wanna spit in her coffee when I think about it.

No. 466815


I had teachers who would gossip about me when I was 9 and used to make fun of me with their students about how annoying and pathetic I was

A lot of teachers are pieces of shit

No. 466816

Maybe she's just smelling her own crotch and coping by saying other people stink.

No. 466818

I like the way I look in real life, but I am not photogenic at all. I have a round face, and the camera makes my head look huge. In fact, I probably look 20-30 pounds heaver than I do in real life based off of how fat my head looks.

No. 466825

In getting real fuckin sick of my english class. The teacher underlines parts of our essays and just says 'grammar'. She even marked a point off because the quote someone used wasnt gramaticly correct. The dude didnt format wrong the quote just had bad grammar. The teacher also has a habit of making fun of people who ask dumb questions. It's funny, but a lot of people simply don't want to ask her for help

No. 466827

File: 1569604488653.gif (280.06 KB, 400x400, 42c.gif)

Job searching is pissing me off so god damn badly.
It's a shame my current job is only a temporary project, because I'm really well liked here and have made a great impression for the several months I've been here.

I've been applying for work since July so I won't be jobless by November, but I'm having no luck despite having sent countless, tailored applications. I've tried callbacks but HR people tend to be shitty and patronizing if they can be contacted, saying how they've got hundreds of applicants and they are never wanting to talk. It's ridiculous. Employers are fucking ridiculous.
I was talking to the senior project manager about how I haven't been having any luck yesterday and he "jokingly" suggested that I just lie on my resume.

My stepdad pitied me and sent me links to two job recruitment websites. After I painstakingly made an account and filled out the resume on one, it offered me the option to tick a box if I'd like a free resume consultation email.

I actually got an email back today from a seemingly real person, but they destroyed every single aspect of my resume.
Apparently the formatting, design, and file type were all shit (even though it was taken and downloaded from a popular job hunting website..) and hence terrible to employers and the ATS software they use.
That I used too much passive language which makes me a task focused "doer" and not an "achiever." All their suggestions were examples exaggerating my importance in my subordinate roles, while it seemed they wanted me to bullshit numbers and basically lie out my ass in order to appear "exciting" to these shitlords.
Because apparently executing my job functions just aren't enough to prove I've been a productive asset to the companies I've worked for. I've got to further cheerlead and say how I've increased productivity by 23437^100%, even though there's no way to have ever measured such shit or a way for me to have known since I've never had a managerial role.
Apparently my ATS keywords were garbage too, even though it seems like there's a "keep away" mentality among these resume sites to divulge what keywords to use because they're all hidden behind paywalls.

It's "good advice" in order to continue this song and dance. To act like after several years of work experience and two degrees that I "undersell" myself and have no real talent because I used bullet points and actually listed the duties of my job when I was fucking asked.
This is the clown world new normal.

No. 466828

This is very ‘first world problem’ but my roommates two year old brother gave me a cold and the symptoms basically reached their peak today. When I have work. Trying to talk to customers when I constantly feel like I have to sneeze is so annoying lol. And I barely got any sleep because of how congested I was. My roommates little brother is adorable, but he’s gotten me sick so many times I’m just kind of annoyed.

No. 466830

I hate that I feel nervous and trapped when a guy that I've been seeing seems to genuinely care about me and has my interests in mind. He's definitely a genuinely nice person and I like him a lot. I just hate that previous experiences with guys has made me feel like this. However, I acknowledge my feelings are irrational and doing a good job of avoiding any sabotage. Whew.

Just… it's definitely a new feeling. Most guys who have been "caring" actually don't care and only acted that way to get something from me.

What are healthy relationships haha?

No. 466836

Been spending more time online reading the usual dumb shit and my brain feels like it's rotting wish I had some self control damn

No. 466840

not to sound childish and i apologize if this sounds cringy in any way but can someone please tell me that everything is gonna be ok and that i am gonna pass my exams i rly need it i just feel so lonely and stupid

No. 466841

File: 1569607489230.jpg (106.79 KB, 500x400, hang-in-there-you-got-this-gir…)

Good luck on your exams!!! Everything will be fine, as long as you do your best! I believe in you anon!

No. 466842

i just cried a little. thank you so much.

No. 466858

My friend is super into climate activism which is fine. But I can't take her complaining about capitalism seriously when she buys clothes from H&M and other fast fashion stores. Where does she think the money behind capitalism comes from? No one makes her go shopping there.

No. 466860

My best friend invited me out this weekend and I agreed, but now I'm starting to regret it. I love her and she's a great person in my life, but I'm so fucking tired and things aren't like they used to be and hanging out with her is so draining now.

No. 466875

Does she have money enough for ethical clothing? Fast fashion is shit but organic costs more. Buying second hand is the best choice really but you might not want to buy underwear etc there.

No. 466883

No, she's not rich. But I don't think she is short of clothing either.

If you're really concerned with anti-capitalist living, you could probably buy one ethical shirt instead of four fast fashion shirts. Or just buy used.

I would never blame anyone for refusing to buy used underwear. I think there are literal hobos who would refuse to wear used underwear.

No. 466888

If your friend buys more than she needs, then it's a problem. A common one.
Since this is a vent thread I want to add how I loathe H&M polyester dresses and tops that they keep churning out, and now market as "sustainable" because some of it is recycled. No the quality is crap, it looks crap, it's made of plastic and it's always going to be too sweaty or cold to wear. Some fast fashion brands pretend to care now but their business model is constant new cheap crap clothes. Their very business model would need to change before they can greenwash themselves.

No. 466904

I have so many people I went to high school with who take part in capitalism the most and are so vocal about their advocacy for an anti-capitalism. They're always taking photos of every new purchase they make, which is usually some name brand shit. It feels more like denial at this point lmao. I'm satisfied buying my generic shit and buying majority of my clothes at thrift stores and pirating majority of my video games lol. I hate capitalism too, but I don't gotta talk about it as much as these people do. It's so weird and overcompensatey.

No. 466956

I know I'm replying to an older post but this definitely has your parents playing a part in the jealousy from your sister. Did they excessively compare you two?

I grew up in a narcissistic household and there are times where I unfairly turn my anger towards my younger sister because she has been treated better than me while I am the scapegoat child.

No. 467010

a guy friend ive been fucking recently admitted to having feelings for me and while it doesnt bother me, im not into him like that but every other night he talks about wanting to get drunk or high, which is rare for him, its weirding me out

No. 467013

if you dont want that to go any further you should absolutely stop fucking him and tell him that he is a little out of line. its easy for guys to think that available pussy means the lady is in love.

No. 467042

Why are so many prominent socialist online figures who do fuck all worshipped? These people tend to come from wealthy families and live in expensive areas.

No. 467047

My mom is so pretty and i look like a bridge troll compared to her. I dont mind it too much i just hate it when people tell me that im the uglier version of my mom.

No. 467055

I want people to listen to me for fucking once in my life and appreciate the time I spend with them trying to fix their shitty lives even when mine is a mess.
I want people to thank me for caring first about them before me and I want them to not say I’m not right every time I try to help.
I want them to care about me by showing it every once in a while and not only when I stopped talking for days.
I’m tired of my friends only pointing out what I do, say or think when it’s wrong and never, ever, ever appreciate what I do right (which usually is always caring about them).

No. 467063

its over for me. lol.

No. 467067

People don't want people to tell them what to do, even if it's right. Rather, you should lead them into questioning their own choices. I used to do the same mistake and it was frustrating. You should learn to care about yourself a little more, put yourself first, if people notice you care more about them that yourself, they will listen to you less. In retrospect, I give my friends reason, they will learn when you show them how to take care of themselves, not when you say what they should do and not doing the same yourself. It's an hard lesson, but it ought to be learnt.

No. 467068

i keep starting treatment for my mental illness and whenever shit starts looking up i start slipping/skipping therapy/forgetting about meds because "i'm better." it's so retarded lol i'm 26 this is the 3rd therapist i've flaked on

No. 467069

File: 1569667521269.jpg (36.78 KB, 500x699, Recovery-Graph.jpg)

Anon, you have to remind yourself recovery isn't linear. Setbacks are definitely expected so even if you feel good for a few days, there's bound to be a push back because you'll feel overwhelmed after a while.
I used to flake on my old therapist all the time and like clockwork I'd have a setback a few days after the skipped appointment and then I realized I should've gone to that appointment even if I felt okay and our session was probably going to be short.

No. 467070

Thank you so much.
This is what I'm doing exactly right now, trying to make them question why they're acting this way.
I have this friend who's dating a manipulative abuser. Yesterday she broke down and I stayed by her, cleaned up her wounds, offered my help well knowing she won't go to the police. I listened to her cry for hours, reassured her about how she won't ever be alone, even if she breaks up with him and can't see herself with anybody else.
It broke my heart because I knew the moment that scumbag would call her, she'd go to their house again, as she did this morning.
I explained what happened to one of our mutual and closest friends because I was mentally exhausted after all those hours and what she told me was that I should went to the police or stop talking to my friend at all until she opens her eyes.
Excuse me? I’m trying to keep alive one of my oldest friends, while knowing I can’t just tell her to dump him, I tried everything to convince her about searching for help and still it’s not working but I’m there for her, always.
I just needed to hear that everything was going to be fine, that I did fine, that my effort is good at heart, not being criticised about everything I do all the time.

No. 467085

I honestly never really associated being de-feminized due to my PCOS.
To be factual, the reason women get their period is because there's a rise in testosterone in their bodies.
I'm Latina so being hairy and having that mustache and almost unibrow is in my genes and I never associated that with PCOS either. Actually, I have thinning hair on my head due to PCOS, so I'm less "hairy", just in a different spot on my body lol.

I think a good start would to change the way you compare yourselves to other women who don't have PCOS. See it as an issue that ONLY females can go through, which is what it is. You definitely aren't a man or else you wouldn't deal with this. The fact missing your period makes you feel anxious is like your brain giving you reassurance you ARE a woman because it knows something is a bit off.

No. 467087

I ate too much today, and I feel fucking sick.

No. 467096

I am having a difficult time getting over my fear of driving. Even though I have practiced a lot and even have my driver's license I still get really anxious about getting in accidents and damaging the car and just avoid driving period. I have talked to a therapist about this anxiety in the past but I have stopped not long after getting my license. In my current situation I don't need to drive but I still would like to see myself being able to drive when it becomes important. Being afraid of taking the wheel makes me so mad at myself

No. 467097

Once you have no choice but to drive, you will.

No. 467098

Drive on the middle or right lane and keep at least 3-4 seconds of distance between you and car in front. Use parking sensors when parking.
Just obey these and it's %99.999 accident free.

No. 467102

File: 1569686087988.png (717.78 KB, 784x588, B533891A-56B0-4661-BF4D-8AC345…)

I miss phoebe being at the top of snow every day. Milk was so great. Awaiting her return.

No. 467106

God my mom is so fucking obnoxious sometimes. She'll get up at like seven on the weekend and start playing music and singing along loudly. She's an absolutely horrid singer and is literally always sharp.

I don't want to hurt her feelings, so I just put in earplugs and try to ignore it. Luckily I'm just visiting and I don't normally live with her.

No. 467108

Oh god, I'm so old that I remember that exact pokemon episode. I was so excited to buy the VHS with these three special pokemon episodes. That particular episode with the maiden waiting for her lover to return on top of the hill was my favourite one.
Where did the time go so fast?

No. 467126

we did stop having sex before he admitted it. it was like my absence made him realize he really liked me i guess? im glad he found someone else to fuck but what bothers me is it sounds like he is actually really sad about me not reciprocating and is coping with drinking. i really dont like it

No. 467128

I felt like every single thing i do is mediocre lol

No. 467130

File: 1569693386304.jpg (347.7 KB, 1125x908, rsZHz2z.jpg)


lol. Speedrunners are a exceptional bunch

pic related and vid related


No. 467146

File: 1569696842528.png (147.37 KB, 312x471, 1569207793560.png)

>5 years ago
>trying to loose weight and succeed halfway through my goal weight
>look at mirror
>welp, I wonder where it all went because I still look almost the same and obese, why even bother

>2 years ago

>look at pictures from 5 years ago where I am 25kg lighter
>holy shit, what was I thinking? I actually looked much thinner and smaller than I thought!
>get motivated to pull through this time
>succeed halfway through my goal weight
>look at mirror
>welp, I wonder where it all went because I still look almost the same and obese, seems like I only lost water or muscles


>look at pictures from 2 years ago where I am 20kg lighter
>holy shit, what was I thinking? I actually looked much thinner and smaller than I thought!

No. 467149

Take a bunch of before and after photos on your phone! I always feel the same way until I look at my album of pictures of my body at different weights in the same sports bra and shorts and then I can tell that my current weight looks a lot different. Paying close attention to how bras, jeans, and belts fit and remembering if they’re looser it must mean you are smaller helps too.

No. 467157

don't trust your own judgement, only trust the scale and don't stop until your ideal weight is reached.

No. 467165

what is that head (second from bottom, right side)?? it's shopped, right?

No. 467166

This is where I'm at right now anon. I lost 40lbs this year but I look in the mirror and literally nothing has changed and it's really disheartening. But my old clothes are much too loose and I had to buy all new pants and dresses 2 sizes smaller so that's how I know I'm not hallucinating numbers on the scale, even though I look exactly the same to me in a mirror.

On that note:
>be me
>MIL makes an off hand comment about me being fat last year
>fuck u bitch I'll show u
>lose 40lbs in 10 months
>MIL still hasn't made a single comment on my weight loss even though everyone else has

I know I shouldn't crave her validation when she's always been a jerk to me, and I know from the way she treats her family that nothing is ever good enough for her (she calls my size 2 SIL fat sometimes), but I'm that pathetic I guess.

No. 467171

That's terrible. I'll never understand how so many women, especially those that are close to us and our family, decide to put us down for whatever reason.

You'd think that being in the same boat when it comes to beauty standards and immense pressure to comply with them would make them more understanding but nope.

Blogpost time (sorry about that)

My mother did this to me and several other women that I used to be close with. It fucked me up badly. I manage to hide it now that I'm skeleton tier but my self esteem is almost non-existent. I also can't form relationships due to that and not wanting to be hurt again. I remember being lectured about having to watch weight and being chubby but looking at my old school photos I was very skinny.
Yet at a young age of 10 I already started dieting and worrying about the intake. I know I wasn't the only one. I stopped having birthdays because my mother would give each of my friend a cake while giving me a salad and telling everyone that it's because I need to lose weight. I was fucking 10, mom.

No. 467172

I’m having all the side effects of kidney failure and I can’t see a doctor due to no insurance or money, I literally can’t get up or walk without feeling like i’m about to fall over and I have literally all the symptoms now for like a few days. I have other health issues too at the moment and i’m just so tired of not being able to go to a doctor, everyone also assumes my symptoms are bs because “i look healthy”.

No. 467177

They are putting my cat down tomorrow.

No. 467191

Anyone else have those moments of enlightenment where you realise that nothing you do truly matters, nobodies opinions matter, because in the end we’re all going to die anyway. In 150 years or so, we’ll all be forgotten to time. That embarrassing thing you did? Doesn’t matter. If you fail at something, oh well, try again. Who fucking cares. Do stuff for you, make yourself happy being the best person you can be. Don’t give a fuck, make life your own.

No. 467193

fuck anon, I'm sorry.

No. 467208

Sorry to hear that anon. Most hospitals will offer payment plans where you can pay small amounts each month, or some areas have clinics where the price is based on income. You could see if something like that is around you. I hope you get the help you need.

No. 467214

What will you care about money if you die from this? Go now and worry about the money later, they can't take from you what you don't have.

No. 467218

>>467191 I love those bouts of clarity and it makes me feel so light but it makes my friends anxious, funny how some people are wired.

No. 467227

File: 1569724422078.png (180.75 KB, 3983x3395, 48477385.png)

I've long suspected my mom has had a Cluster B personality disorder. She seems to bounce between NPD and BPD depending on her mood and self-esteem at the time. My only references are how similar her behavior matches the criteria I've read about and when I visit forums of people with parents who have Cluster B personality disorders. I see how her behavior aligns with these stories of disordered parents. She sees a therapist, but only these days because of her last marriage failing–she still thinks most people make up their mental illnesses for attention and handouts. I digress. Because of the way she twists and lies about the narrative to the therapist (I went to one of her marital therapy sessions once; she has a degree in the theatre and was a school teacher and it shows), the therapist sincerely believes she is a victim. I don't think she'll ever be diagnosed because she's an excellent manipulator, knows what to say, and is charming to anyone with titles and authority.

I went no contact with her a few months ago for my own sanity after she did something particularly fucked up to me. My life and mental well being have improved drastically. However she's been trying to manipulate me into talking to her at every opportunity again.
She hates this boundary because she has no control, no power, and therefore can't excite drama from me anymore.
She sends me provocative letters that I don't reply to, but every time she hopes for a response. She dogwhistles and says underhanded things that would usually get a reaction out of me, but I have the power to ignore it now.

During her most recent shenanigans, she sent a birthday gift with a gift card before my birthday, and a few days later followed up with one of the said letters. The subtext manipulation being that I'd be more obligated to at least respond with a 'thank you' for her having sent the gift. If I wasn't so financially hard up, I would've sent the card back but I took it. I still haven't contacted her, and I don't want to.

The letter was infuriating. She played victim and only admitted soft fault to things she was already comfortable admitting because she had several justifications for her behavior anyway.
The letter was riddled with several hypocrisies:
"This letter isn't to make excuses, we have to take responsibility for our actions and choices."
proceeds to admit she acted emotionally unstable towards me but it's bc of her abusive ex husbands and controlling parents.

"I'm really hurt about what you posted on public social media because it was an attack on my character and you divulged private things."
I had actually blocked her on social media but one of her flying monkeys screencapped my post intended only for my close friends to read, and sent it out in a mass email to my family behind my back. My post actually did little in the way of attacking her character (besides calling her a narcissist), and instead detailed her awful behavior towards me and why I was moving to change my situation so drastically. Not only that, but before I went NC she went around to my entire family and besmirched my character in making me out to be a lazy, mean, ungrateful daughter. Now she wants to referee the language because she's losing me.

"I know you love your stepdad and I have no desire to spoil your relationship with him."
Proceeds to tell me how manipulative she thinks my stepdad is, how he financially took advantage of her, and how she thinks my living situation with him is 'unhealthy' without even giving a clear definition of what that means.

"I'm sorry you feel like you had an unstable home growing up, but you had a good home and all the necessities so if you really think about it you had it better than most."
Implying she deserves a reward for doing the bare minimum as a parent like giving me food and clothes, while ignoring and denying how emotionally abusive she was towards me.

I could go on, but the point is the things she says are turgid.
I transcribed her letter into a Word document, and then wrote my own 5 page reply that I've been sitting on and editing for days. I don't want to send this to her, because I'll be breaking the power of my boundary and giving her the satisfaction of my reply.
What I think I should do instead is find out if she's being truthful about seeing her therapist. I feel like I should reformat this letter of mine, print hers out, and mail both copies to her therapist explaining my perspective. And what they ought to be talking about during their sessions.

I'm not sure if it will work though or if this is just a waste of my time. Ultimately, I think my mom is too damaged and has too much of a victimhood complex to change.
I wish someone could read her letter and mine who's outside our situations (neither friend nor a family member) so I could get some true feedback on it.

No. 467238

>friend hosts a Halloween party every year without ever giving anyone else in our friend circle the opportunity to host one
>past couple years she's made it a Potluck
>about ~10-15ish people tops show
>requires everyone to bring food, snacks, drinks, plastic plates cups and cutlery
>this year she's made an additional announcement after people have been invited that she'll be charging for booze cause we all 'drink too much'
>not really no, is it cause she invited people who don't normally come to her functions?
It's tacky and a dick move. If she can't afford to host a party even after the guests are bringing the party, then she shouldn't host. Throwing parties costs money end of. I've thrown parties before but I'd never ask my guests to pay extra money. Wtf.
She could have requested everyone BYOB, but this is so obviously a greed situation.
She's charging $10 for a mixed drink and $5 for jello shots.
She's put me off completely and I just wanna go to a bar, it'd be less hassle.
A few of us in our circle are making alternative plans already. No one else can host a party now because she'll be salty and jealous and see it as snubbery if we host one in competition to hers, so we'll have to pretend to have prior obligations to leave early.

No. 467239

That’s a really tough situation. It’s good that she’s at least open to therapy, but it doesn’t seem like it’s helping her actual problems.

It seems like you are still affected by it a lot, and that’s the most worrisome part. You can’t have a normal relationship with someone who’s going to play the victim and not acknowledge their own shortcomings. I think you’re right she is trying to get control over you, and the best thing you can do is not allow it. If someone is trying to get a reaction out of you, you don’t have to give it to them.

No. 467240

BYOB is standard at any party I've ever been too, it would be overly generous for the host to buy alcohol (more than like, a bottle of wine or two maybe) but it's greedy af to sell it? Especially at those prices tf.

I would just throw another party and cite the ridiculous prices as the reason. I don't see why you should feel like you can't admit such a legit justification. Do you even want her as a friend when she treats you like that?

No. 467243

I got a new cute kitty and now i am scarred my older cat will not like the kitty. I know they need time to be bff and stuff like this but here i am crying cos its one day and they are not hugging, i am retarded

No. 467245

Sorry anon but you gotta be prepared for the very likely possibility that they will hate each other forever. My young cat annoys my older cat to fucking death, the old one just does not want to participate in his games.

No. 467248

She's selfish and entitled sometimes, but not always. I think she's slipping lately because her husband actually forced her to get a job within his own workplace. She's a lot more stingy with expenditures now that she's being made to earn her keep and it's not strictly someone else's money she's spending.

Hmm. You know I'm thinking of just making a shit ton of jello shots to bring and not charging for them because they're cheap as fuck to make. It sends a message and satisfies the potluck requirement. With the added bonus of her being salty that her own shots won't sell. Kek.

No. 467252

I'm having a small backyard wedding in a couple of months but have been putting off getting my dress because I've been losing weight all summer in anticipation for it. I am down 21lbs and would like to lose more so I want to order a size smaller, but I'm also worried if I don't manage to lose any more there I'll wind up with a too tight dress. Should I order my current size and get it altered smaller if I need to? I know people get their expensive dresses altered but this one's just a 200 dollar affair and don't know if it's pointless or costly to do so.

No. 467261

Are you pretty settled on what you want to wear? It might be an idea to look for something with more of a corset-style closure, it's more likely to accommodate weight loss.

No. 467268

mods keep banning me. I don't think they like Australians :(

No. 467271

I am trying to screw in a Noctua cooler on this motherboard and it is JUST NOT GOING IN. I’ve been at this for maybe over an hour and I am just in an incredibly shit mood at this point. I’m in such a shit mood over this STUPID cooler and computer bullshit that I even smoked weed just to try to get over this shitty mood. No amount of configurations and variations in how I screw this piece of shit in is working. I’m just so goddamned pissed that I’m just wondering if I should just hire someone to deal with this crap instead. I HATE computers.

No. 467273

When my mother was a teenager she had to escape her country's genocide and had to marry a stranger to survive and to leave her abusive parents. She did her best when she raised me but she was very abusive as well. I grew up now I understand her behavior but sometimes she'd bring up a random horrific experience she had to deal with as a teenager during the genocide.

She seems like a well adjusted adult to strangers but sometimes I wish she could see a therapist, I feel like there's a lot of repressed trauma that she never got to talk to someone about. The town we lived in was predominately white and xenophobic.

No. 467279

This one's kinda nasty, sorry to anyone who reads it. Minor injury pity party.

When I took a shower a couple days ago, I dropped a bottle, reached down to pick it up, and accidently scratched my tit with my nail. I didn't really think anything of it and it didn't hurt, but I noticed a bump about half the size of my nipple on my areola that looked really irritated. I had no memory of it before this so I'm not sure if it's because I scratched myself or if it's something that was already there.

I've been wearing a large bandaid over my whole nipple just to keep it safe and not let it rub against my clothes as much but now it's starting to peel… I think? There's a strange white spot in it that looks like a pimple when I shower but when I dry off it's just extremely sensitive hanging skin. Even weirder, in the shower when it looks more like a pimple, the white spot kinda grows outwards the longer I'm under the water. It's hard to describe. It looks like it's coming out of the bump. It makes me gag a little.

It's been days. I'm sick of wearing bandaids on my fucking nipple. I want this to either get worse or get unbearable so I can justify going to the doctor. Is it a terrible scratch? Is it a pimple? Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

No. 467280


Double posting because I'm illiterate.
*I want this to either get better or get unbearable.

No. 467282

I have issues and I'm not perfect. I make lot of mistakes and I'm sure I could be decisive, strong, someone who takes initiative if I wanted to.
But being reminded my mistakes every week for the past 13 years makes me want to die. People think I don’t feel bad because I never say anything but it’s getting pretty tiring at this point. The thought of having to speak to certain people makes me feel anxious af, I start to get nauseous and my hands can’t stop shaking. And then I wonder if they will get mad, if they will say anything wrong about me (of course they will, like they always do). They don’t give a shit about me and my life is about pleasing them.
It literally makes me want to never leave my house and never trust people again. I gave everything to people who just want me to feel inferior to them, as I’m not having a shitty life already. Some days I wonder why I never did this or that and when I look back I feel like I wasted my time acting as someone I’m not. The fakest play of my life.

No. 467287

Eh i know anon, i know. They are not fighting at all, just the basick hiss etc. But still i am so worried for 0 reson its retarded hate my emotions

No. 467293

Its probably just an irritated montgomery gland

No. 467317

People from Ohio are unhinged. Also I want to just end up dead because of all the stress in my life. Can someone help me please? I don’t know what I want.

No. 467331

Woke up with a pain in my vagina, i have no idea how the fuck i managed to form any pain in there in the 3 hours i napped but it feels fkn weird. Not like uti, not like period pains, just like a tummy ache before stream of diarrhea but in my pussy. I was so close to having a single damn normal day, i am so pissed off. This better not be something bad.

No. 467361

I think I might have a UTI, not sure because I've never had one before. It kind of burns when I pee and I'm cramping a little. It's kind of hard to say otherwise, because a lot of UTI symptoms I have on a daily basis and always have since I was a kid (to the point where I was hospitalized for a bladder infection that I didn't even have).

No. 467363

Sounds like Interstitial cystitis

No. 467365

Never heard of it but googling it explains a lot for me, especially how heat pads calm down urgency and frequency. I guess I'll mention it to my doctor.

No. 467370

I just read a thread on kiwifarms about how in Nigeria there were 400+ boys held captive at a secondary school, they were constantly beatened and raped. All the replies in the thread was some variation of a racist joke or bring up slavery like the typical swine who can’t speak about Africa without going on about slavery. As if history in Africa starts with the trans Atlantic slave trade, anyway, I didn’t realize kiwifarms was as bad as /pol/. That thread was enough to make sure I never visit that site again, I’m just not in a mood to expose myself to that type of shit. The lack of empathy was appalling, they even admitted they were happy it happened. I know African lives don’t matter to most people, same goes for the deaths of people from other developing countries. How do you reach that level of depravity where you delight in the abuse and anguish of children and call them “niggers”, not an ounce of empathy in them.
Fucking sickos, I hope I never reach that point.

No. 467371

Oh and I didn’t realize it was bad as /pol/ cause I only went on there to read about random cows.

No. 467376

File: 1569768052637.gif (1.17 MB, 300x226, tiff.gif)

One of my friends is being annoying in that she's always begging people to hang out with her, and it's not that no one wants to. She's just being extremely lazy about it. If anyone wants to hang out with her then we're all required to commute out to her house which is easily a 40 minute drive one way for most of us. She never offers to meet us halfway someplace or come chill at our places. She won't come.
She doesn't drive, and she's 30 so at this point she's got no excuse for that by now besides straight refusal to learn. Her husband is well off enough to buy thousands in weebshit merch so money isn't an issue. Even so, she could get her husband to drive her someplace or she could Uber.
It's really hard to feel empathy for her when she's so low effort. We're past the age where any of us have the patience to entertain being her mom with the car rides. She's not disabled, she's not poor.
She gets super indignant when us other friends hang out too, as if we all had to reach out to her and offer to pick her up and drive her back first if we want to grab a quick lunch or dinner to catch up. She doesn't understand that's going above and beyond standard friendship consideration, that's straight up mommying.
The other night I was with three friends and we were posting our drinks to social media, and this friend got jealous of the fact that we hung out without her and so she made a post asking people to come over to her place to test drinks…at midnight.
Can't she see how offputting that is? It's immature.

And then they'll turn around and whine about how women don't cape enough for male sexual harassment and male rape victims.

No. 467382

When I followed drama in other communities years ago, a lot of the crazies seemed to either come from Ohio and Florida. Florida is Florida obviously, but I never understood what made Ohio such a hotbed for cow behavior.

No. 467384

Reminder these are the same people who call black people "racebaiters" for complaining about racism but do the same racial sperging when anything about Africans or dark skinned races comes up.

No. 467386

How can someone with a straight face seriously believe women are as bad as men when I never have seen a female community massively rejoicing over the deaths of innocent people because they're a race they don't like?

No. 467390

Tinfoil but the majority of Ohio is culturally pretty isolated. Cows grow up in their own echo chambers. Rust belt states have local attitudes that are super resistant to change, and one of the traits that make up the best cows are arrogance and grandiosity.

No. 467392

Give them time, it will at least take a few months until they fully warmed up. I thought my young cat and my older cats would be hostile to eachother forever too, but even though they occasionally still hiss at playing attempts or literally laying on top of eachother to cuddle, they are basically a family after 3 years. They talk to eachother verbally and nonverbally, exchange comfy sleeping places, sleep next to each other, shyly groom eachother, copy eachothers good and bad behaviour and have eachothers back when one is shocked or seemingly in danger. (And young cat is still persistent to get even closer, after being told off several times lol) I think the key lays in treating them as a group in several situations. Playing with them all together at once, feeding them together, giving them treats together, getting them hyped over treats together, petting them at once if they are in reaching lenght, actively discouraging them from fighting as soon as they show aggressive signs etc.

No. 467395

I'm disappointed, but not surprised.
I take solace in the fact that 99% of those people live shitty, empty lives and probably cry all day about boogeymen like "the feminazis" and "cultural marxism" all because sane women want nothing to do with them, they have no real friends besides other bitchy, unstable men and the odd pick-me, their internet porn addiction has rendered them sexually and socially dysfunctional, their parents are disappointed in them, and they know in their bones that they will never become anything of real value in their lives. The most they could manage is to emulate mass murderers.
They'll be lucky if they accomplish even half of what their fathers did (procreation), and even if they do, all the bad habits (alcoholism, severe personality disorders and possible opiate addiction) will catch up to them and ruin it all anyway.
Like, I don't know how to say this without sounding evil, but some people really do deserve their miserable fates. The kind of person who celebrates children being tortured and sexually abused in a school just because they happen to be black definitely leads a shitty existence, and it's exactly where they belong. I hope they stay in their pitiful, self-destructive holes forever.

No. 467401

And let me guess, they are calling everyone who doesn't act edgy over it a "moralfag".

No. 467405

i've been in retardo manic phase for a week and im tired of it. im making less sense

No. 467422

I hate college so much. I met the grade to get into university last year (I'm a UKfag so college & uni are different) but I chose to do an extra year at college and I fucking hate it. I hate the people in my class, I hate the work, I hate the atmosphere. I know it's my own fault for being such a pussy bitch (at the time of ucas applications i wasn't confident I'd meet a conditional… going through muh mental illnesses n all) but I did and now I'm kicking myself so damn hard.

No. 467424

Thank you anon u made me free a lot betteer!

No. 467427

Get a current size dress and get it altered. It might fit you even better than the smaller size without altering.

Congrulations on your wedding in advance!

No. 467431

On Kiwifarms the off-topic boards are in large part a different userbase than the cow boards, it's a bunch of /Pol/ fags that shit up the place after the NZ shooting.
But yeah even on the threads about cows there's a lot of tryhard edginess. It gets boring.

No. 467438

>>467331 update on my pussy, it still feels a bit weird, like twitchy almost? Sans peeing pain or that odd uti-y pressure. This is a weird pussy pain sunday for a few of us it seems.

>>467252 dressmaker anon here, get a size you currently wear, if it's a lace up, that can save you a lot of time and money but it's still the smartest way to just resize it a bit if you end up losing more weight.

No. 467476

honestly guys have pulled the same shit w me before. MAYBE he has an actual drinking problem, MAYBE it developed bc he's dealing with his feelings for u, but either way he's being manipulative and just trying to guilt trip u with the 'wehhhhh love me back or ill suffer in substance abuse & addiction </3 </3 you MUST love me or you will be killing me </3 feel guilty and fuck me plz'
don't give in and don't feel sorry for him. he's not hurting he's just trying to manipulate you.

No. 467495

Their cow threads are shit too, check out how they worship Venus

No. 467539

A friend and I found out today jurt how commonplace paying for sexual favours is in our town. We live in a pretty conservative backwards place (NI) and have extremely outdated laws in regards to women's reproductive rights and same sex marriage etc but we did not realise just how many brothels and pimps work our streets.

There's even websites for escorts and we've recognised three women in our area working from home. Massage places (one I went to as part of a bridal weekend!!) was advertised on the escort page. Our mutual guy friend has three escorts as fb friends lol.

A guy in his early 20s we would see about is actually a pimp. I can't believe how common this shit is. I thought happy endings were a meme!

No. 467553

I'm so fucking tired of people getting caught saying racist bs and either backtracking or looking for reasons to justify them. It's never fucking ok to hate people you don't even know or treat them differantly, and you know next to nothing about their culture/race so don't speak over or try to talk down to someone explaining why you're wrong. This shit hurts on a deeper level so try to be better human beings goddamn.

No. 467558

>It's never fucking ok to hate people you don't even know or treat them differantly

You are not breaking the law by not liking something for whathever reason. I think the racism witch hunt is pointless and have become in 1984 levels of wrong think persecution. You ultimately can't enforce how people think and if your asian friends don't want to hang out with your Puertorican friends thats how it is.

No. 467562

people calling you out for being a hateful piece of shit does not even come close to how it feels to be discriminated and mistreated. If you don't want the oppreshun of being called a racist than its as simple as not being racist. Either learn to live with people different than you or move into the trailer park with your kind.

No. 467564

>like every single person you meet, you don't want to be call a racist do you??!!

>move into the trailer park with your kind.

Or maybe you should go back to your home country?

No. 467566

I agree with you. Point blank, only retards think it makes sense to hate people on the basis of their racial background, and their opinions shouldn't be respected or entertained.
It's really not hard to just treat people like people.

No. 467568

Anon didn't say to like every single person you meet, they said there's nothing wrong with calling out people who are hateful pieces of shit (and there isn't). Keep up.

No. 467594

I think I have obsessive love disorder. There's this woman I know, well used to know, and she occupies a gigantic amount of space in my mind. Usually I'll have the off thought here and there when I'm at work, but for the most part I just think about how nice it would be for us to be together. Sometimes I think about how it'd be nice to do something "datey" I saw, sometimes I think about the things she's said about her family and I imagine doing my best to get along with them, but more often than not I'm just despairing about how she doesn't really like me the same way and will never like me the same way (so I won't get to do those fun things with her).

I've been trying to find some answers and they are pretty good because they led me potentially try therapy, but therapy is expensive.

I think about her a lot and I feel like I really care for her, but I also understand that we can't be together (1. she never really reciprocated my romantic feelings, 2. She's in another part of the country, 3. I think I'm not really good enough to be the type of person she wants). So, while I am trying to move on, it's rough because I'm not really interested in pursuing a relationship with anyone (besides her).

I think when we were getting to know each other and I started having romantic feelings, there was this way she made me feel when we talked–and I'm addicted to that. So, every time I try to think about having relationships with others, it just feels off or it feels like a pain to have to get to that point when it was so effortless for me before.

And because it was so easy for me to fall so deeply and quickly, that's what made me think "this must be love"–but now, I'm not really sure.

I'd love to try to tackle my problems head on by just talking them out in some sort of video diary, but every time I try to journal my feelings I just keep getting reminded of how much progress I'm not making. Also, I'm not sure if addressing my obsessive thoughts would be the same as encouraging them. I heard about this thing called neutralizing for OCD and it's supposed to not be helpful.

No. 467604

Thank you anons! I am unfortunately pretty set on the dress I want which isn't a lace up, but I'll just order my current size and have it altered as needed. Ordering it now will give me peace of mind that it will come in time anyway since it's shipping from out of country.

No. 467615

maybe the video diary is a good idea? or even looking into how romance is portrayed and skewed in society/media and how we as a population need to manage our expectations when it comes to love.
hope your heart feels better anon. nothing worse than being lovesick. I wish you the best.
keep us posted on your progress though please, I'm rooting for you.

(sorry for the LITERAL ted talk link lmao but i find this stuff interesting and cathartic)

No. 467623

yo wtf a roomate is fucking while me clearly doing my thesis in the living, should i bitch about it now or what? this never happened to me and the owner has clear rules of no males in here…..

No. 467637

So usually i take off my underwear under the covers of my bed at night because sometimes I just feel like it, then in the morning I always manage to find them. but this morning i literally can't find them, I've thrown off all the covers and searched the floors and even inside the mattress but they're literally gone and I have no idea where the hell they could've went. I'm really annoyed and mildly spooked right now. it's like they vanished in thin air.

No. 467638

knock on the door and politely ask them to keep it down.

No. 467640

Thanks, I really appreciate that.

I actually have felt so much better in the last hour or 2 than I have in the past month, so maybe I can keep it up for 50 years!

No. 467696

He may have low confidence and think you are more approachable this way. That's not a bad thing, non-narc guys are the best.

No. 467718

I think I'm a narcissist because I'm obsessed with my appearance. Like, I can't go more than 10 minutes without checking it and I barely get to sit down on my lunch breaks cos I'm stuck in the bathroom, fixing my appearance so I feel less anxiety and tension but it never helps much. I'm stuck in a daze most of the time and become so confused because I can't focus on anything else other than how I look to other people. I hate it. I fail at my job and now I've become unexpectedly sick and I can't stop thinking about my next work out and when it's going to be and how I'm gonna make up for it. It's even worse because it feels like such a pathetic struggle compared to others. I'm a spoilt, first world cry baby with first world problems. I've never had a relationship and I just want to get one.

No. 467721

i don't think it's narcissism if you're worried about it and just worried about how you're perceived. sounds like bdd and/or anxiety to me.

No. 467727

Sounds like insecurity and not narcissism. Narcs are convinced of their own superiority and you sound closer to disliking yourself.

No. 467728

There is a thing called a vulnerable narcissist who are very insecure.

No. 467735

Yeah but they feed endlessly on others validations and manipulate social interactions to safeguard that supply. Anon sounds like they’re just convinced they’re hideous and inept.

No. 467739

You sound vain.

Narcissism means you're self-important, lack empathy, and are manipulative to reach your ends.

They're separate things. A narcissist has such an ego that I think they would struggle even anonymously admitting their inadequacies.

No. 467742

it's not vanity if it's because she's worried about being mistreated or perceived negatively. society is vain and people have to worry about their appearances in order to get through life… not really necessarily her that's vain

No. 467746

Vanity is looking at yourself constantly because you think you’re so goddamn gorgeous.

Anon is constantly or obsessively checking for imagined flaws because others might find those flaws disgusting or offputting.

No. 467749

To be vain doesn't necessarily mean you're gorgeous, it means you're obsessed with your appearance.

Anon is vain. If she believes she looks ugly or unkempt without fixing herself in the bathroom she gets anxious. Lmao.

No. 467751

>To be vain doesn't necessarily mean you're gorgeous, it means you're obsessed with your appearance.
no, it really does. by definition it means you have a high opinion of your look, skills, what have you. it's not about a fixation alone.

No. 467752

I started a new job today which has a lot of training attached. All the other new starters all went to the same uni and course so they all know each other which has resulted in me sitting alone during class and now alone in the empty classroom during lunch. Why do I have to be such a loser all the time

No. 467753

That's true, but only to an extent. Average people aren't really punished for not being 10/10s, they just dont get the same social rewards and validation. If anon is genuinely unattractive enough to be at risk of insults or discrimination or poor treatment, fair enough, it's warranted insecurity and self preservation. If she's normal looking but wants all the benefits of being gorgeous, we have to be honest and admit that's vanity.

I say this as a normal looking person who will never get particularly good or bad treatment for my looks. It took me a while to accept that my pity parties and insecurites were not justified. Deep down I was just greedy for special treatment and my vanity was a reflection of that. It's better to get used to the idea that maybe you're just average, like most people are.

No. 467754

>adjective, vain·er, vain·est.
excessively proud of or concerned about one's own appearance, qualities, achievements, etc.; conceited:
>proceeding from or showing pride in or concern about one's appearance, qualities, etc.; resulting from or displaying vanity:

It can definitely include people who are just too obsessed with their looks.

No. 467756

Yep, unless anon is a disfigured objective uggo there's really no setback in being average or even a little less.

No. 467757

>If she believes she looks ugly or unkempt without fixing herself in the bathroom she gets anxious. Lmao.
No I groom myself in the same routine constantly to help alleviate the tension and anxiety that's already there.

No. 467758

Haha, anon I'm not gonna try to make you feel worse if you don't like us calling what you're doing vain.
But I will say that it's not normal, and it's not narcissism. If it's affecting the way you function maybe you should talk to a therapist about it before it snowballs. You should be able to take a break at work without obsessing about your appearance.

No. 467761

so, like, most of that definition is in regard to being prideful, and 89% of definitions specifically only define it by holding a high opinion of yourself, but you searched for the 1 definition that included vague concern when almost all of them don't include vague concern at all. it goes on to use conceited as a synonym. conceited is vain, but conceited does not mean to just be fixated. anon, please, colloquially and by the book, almost all definitions specifically define it by holding yourself in high esteem and being fixated on yourself on that basis. you can continue to insist that 3 people in the world are using your definition so that makes her vain, but definitions are about facilitating communication and deliberately choosing the 1 definition that makes vague mention of "concern" while still primarily focusing on the fact that it's about being prideful in the same definition, over the many that specifically define it by holding your looks in high esteem, is dumb.

the anon you're responding to is kind of retarded, dw.

No. 467763

You sure do hate that vain label, don't ya? Lol.

No. 467766

There's more than two anons saying she's vain at this point. Just because someone has anxiety doesn't change the definition of what she's doing, which is obsessing about her looks. And no, it doesn't matter if she thinks she's ugly. Ugly people with low self-esteem can be vain too.

No. 467768

no, i dislike people misusing terms when speaking about mental health. you're using it incorrectly when speaking about someone's mental health and that's inappropriate. use it on people who are sincerely vain, not people who are anxious?

so another person is wrong, fabulous? another person misusing the word doesn't make your definition right. that's not what being vain is. she's obsessing, yes, but vain necessarily excludes obsession that is based on negative emotions.

No. 467769

>but vain necessarily excludes obsession that is based on negative emotions
You're making up definitions yourself.
I guess I can understand why it's not as attractive to be labeled as conceited and vain as opposed to having some 2deep mental illness, which you have yet to specify.

No. 467771

>You're making up definitions yourself.
how? if a definition is specifically defined by an obsession that is SPECIFICALLY rooted in feeling positively about yourself/feeling proud, an obsession that is literally the opposite of positive can't be it. you're wrong, anon. just take the l. i've already mentioned bdd or anxiety. it's not about stigma, it's about accuracy.

No. 467781

>SPECIFICALLY rooted in feeling positively
Except it's not.

No. 467786

File: 1569847175257.jpg (56.89 KB, 750x504, cd2b8114-6001-4a7e-b752-48e9ef…)

End me now bros, pulled an all nighter to finish an essay for uni that I left to last minute bc duh, I'm a big big idiot incapable of learning from my mistakes, and I feel so dead. Have slept like 4-5 hours a night the entire week, as of now I'm awake for 23 hours and can only go to sleep in further 3 (other uni shit I can't skip), I feel like my perception is slightly to the left of my body but am too nauseous to have any more nicotine gum or caffeine. (When) will I ever learn??

No. 467789

nta, but it's rooted in feelings of pride. can you be proud but negative?

No. 467795

Yes. What makes you think someone can't both think they look good yet hate how they look?

No. 467829

a feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one's own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired.
"he takes great pride in his appearance"

anon anxiously checking, obsessing and fixing her appearance out of low self esteem is the opposite of pride, the basic premise of vanity. she's just insecure and maybe has a kind of body dysmorphia.

No. 467845

See >>467754. Anon's actions are vain and for some reason you really cannot accept it.

No. 467851

nta but you're a retard and we've gone through this already. you cherrypicked the 1 definition out of many that happened to mention some kind of nebulous "concern" though the rest of that definition itself focused on being prideful about looks or abilities. you are deliberately choosing the 1 definition that doesn't even fully back up your claim. you're wrong. i've never seen someone this stubborn.

No. 467859

Its not fucking fair that a woman's fertility window is so fucking short. So if we can only get pregnant until age 35-40 or whatever then why the fuck do we live so long? Also there is no fucking point in relationships with men, they can fuck and have kids at any time and its so fucking unfair. God really is a man because this is some bullshit, some absolute real bullshit.

No. 467860

This is the second time you've thrown around the word retard because someone doesn't agree with you. All your 'nta-ing' in the world can't hide the fact that you've been at this for hours cause you wanted validation for being 'mentally ill' but instead got called conceited and vain like the first worlder that you are.

I didn't post that definition, someone else did and I agreed with it. And regardless of semantics, what you're doing is indicative that you may need to talk to a professional about your obsession instead of getting mad at anonymous people who don't pity you for this conceited tripe.

No. 467863

Men have a fertility window too.
There are some women who get pregnant past 40.
There are some men who can impregnate people past 40.
It doesn't mean they're at their ideal fertility windows and won't have children with downs if they do.

Women can get pregnant younger than 35, but generally speaking most of us want to enjoy our teens and 20s without the burden of child rearing.

Are you ok?

No. 467865

there's more to life than fertility, and no it's a misconception that men can fuck and have kids whenever. sperm quality also decreases around age 35, so it actually tracks with female fertility.

No. 467867

If you look into the increased rates of autism and various other things when a child is fathered by a man over 40… you would never want to get pregnant by a man over 40

No. 467869

neither op or the anon you responded to were me. you also sound like you're r/im14andthisisdeep. the semantics are pretty important because the motivation for her actions changes everything. she isn't a narcissist or vain for being anxious about her appearance. you sound like a dumbfuck male who assumes and treats all actions regardless of motivation, equally

No. 467871

im tired of having to deal with people who are too fucking sensitive and who refuse to admit they're wrong when they really are wrong. im so fucking tired

No. 467873

what happened anon u okay?

No. 467875

Holy shit, shut the fuck up. You're the one who sounds underage since you call anyone who disagrees with you retarded or a man. Move on already.

No. 467876

I'm angry because I want to enjoy the remaining years of my 20's but I also want to have at least one child before menopause or in whatever frame of time I have left. I feel like we're always being hounded about how we should hurry and have kids before 35, but how is it fair that I can't just have a kid when I'm ready? Sure there's a chance I can…but men aren't bothered about it, people always say men can have kids any time any age and it just hurts so badly that we're considered 'old' and 'infertile' at such young ages. It just sucks being a woman so bad at such a deeply emotional level and society revels in making us feel ugly and old and worthless.

No. 467877

You sound p sensitive yourself.

No. 467878

i agree with you anon, having a uterus is a curse.
like bringing a kid into this world is hard enough without having to do it a. at the right time and b. on ever-changing social terms. I hate it too.

No. 467879

Unless there's something wrong hormonally with your body you don't enter menopause in your 30s.
You can have children safely into your 30s.
You're buying too much into "the wall" memes on the internet and it shows.

No. 467881

Its not "the wall" meme, its other women on reddit too. A lot of women experience a harder time getting pregnant in their 30's and it scares me. I don't want all that bullshit to be true TRUST ME because if it is what is even the point of existing on this gay earth if we're considered geriatrics after 30 years?

No. 467885

You sound manic as hell right now. Geriatrics at 30…ahahahahaha. How old are you?

No. 467886

nta, it sucks but honestly and I get why you're distressed but taking into account a) number of decent men b) the shitty world we live in, maybe it's better not to.

S?he said considered. Judging by the media and also some anons here, the society really has a harsh "expiration date" for women.

No. 467888

My mom had me at 37 and said she noticed something like 'grande mother' written down. She asked what that meant and was told it meant older/higher risk mother

No. 467889

Yeah but those people and media are idiots and aren't rooted in scientific fact at all. There's a lot of bizarre stuff on Reddit that I'd never take to make generalizations like that.
Anon needs to calm down. It's not like a woman doesn't have purpose if she lacks the ability to reproduce anyway.

No. 467890

File: 1569863987880.jpg (135.66 KB, 1335x752, D1k1PUzWoAUbYv6.jpg)

>Judging by the media and also some anons here, the society really has a harsh "expiration date" for women.
it seems that way, but when you reach that age nothing actually happens. most people can't even guess age properly.

hollywood and entertainment in general are bizarro worlds. the standards they enforce within those circles are so different and detached from regular life, there's no reason to internalize the crap they shit out.

No. 467896

> It's not like a woman doesn't have purpose if she lacks the ability to reproduce anyway.

I entirely agree.
Also I'm putting my tinfoil hat on but sometimes I think those are male posters deliberately trying to make women panic to settle down why there's still chance.

I have seen men using silly tactics before. Like, I would read posts on reddit where a man admits to pressuring his sister into not pursuing career but settling with his friend and being a housewife because she doesn't have enough time. Or a boyfriend encouraging his gf to give up on university by cherrypicking articles of women who regretted pursuing their career and having troubles settling down in their 30s. Though I'm most likely wrong. Women do get a lot of pressure to do tons of stuff before they're considered old by society's standard and I can see how one could feel extreme despair but there's just something that alarmed my scroteradar.

Now a related vent, I hate the cool wine aunt meme being pushed. It's just another flavour of spinster and cat lady to denigrate women that choose to stay alone.

No. 467897

This. While we can't stop aging you don't just fall apart, people have an expectation of what a given age looks like and it's not very representative of most people. I'm constantly being surprised by the ages of people I've met, there are some very rough youth and many people who look much younger than I would have guessed. Avoid tanning, smoking, excess alcohol use and wear sunscreen and you'll probably look good.

No. 467900

I get guessed for being ten to fifteen years younger than I really am all the time. And this isn't a humblebrag because I look my age, and this happens to every female friend I have too. It's not that we all just magically look 15 years younger, it's that people apparently think 29 year old women are hunched over crones hauling around their latest knitting project, so they're shit at guessing the age of a 29 year old who looks her age.

No. 467912

I'm much more pissed over the fact that we still get our periods 10+ years after we aren't really fertile anymore. Who tf designed this?
And like the other anons say, you sound like you need some serious mental help if you think giving birth to and raising children is all you're good for as a woman. Or you're a shitposting man.

No. 467913


>Judging by the media and also some anons here, the society really has a harsh "expiration date" for women.

At some point everyone naturally comes to the realization that most of mainstream media and media in general is catered to teenagers and 20somethings because thats the demographic with most leisure time and lowest standards to buy random crap. You are not literally old in the general sense but you are getting too old to be a part of the main demographic that most trends are targeting, you are simply not being catered to directly, new movies, new hot bands, new fashion, etc, they are not speaking to you proper. Some people realize this sooner than others because they can't get over how trite and bullshit everything seems all of the sudden and are constantly fallion out of the loop, others are more oblivious and take more time to get used to it because they feel they can still get into some new stuff thats hyped but are annoyed that all the people around them are 10 yr younger at least, they just haven't figured out why.

When you hit 30 you can either be aware, soul search a bit and find different comfy hobbies for yourself that are more specific to you or you can spend your days online pretending you are still a teenager , and a ~cool girl~ that totally gets what the kids are into while following a bunch of content made for teenagers so you can vicariously be a teen forever (spoiler: you can't be a teen forever) .

No. 467918

My bf is only 22, but looks about 31. Everyone he meets assumes he's in his early 30s. It's the facial hair and sun exposure for sure.

No. 467922

people who upload nudes or lewds to social media are at least a small bit pathetic to me. i find the "empowering!!" and "muh body muh choice" speech to be hilariously transparent: if you really felt as confident and empowered in your body as you say you'd just go about your life enjoying yourself. if you upload it to social media it's because you want the attention and validation of people, and that's completely fine: just say you want randoms to like your butt picture and go, you don't need to make up some convoluted and retarded rhethoric on how you're at the peak of modern feminism because you uploaded your butthole to instagram stories.

i'm so sick of feminism being wrapped up in this sex-crazed mayhem. i think it's actively dumbing us down collectively.

No. 467937

I just moved out and I alternate times when I'm depressed as fuck for being far from home and times when I hype myself up for muh indipendence and muh "i'll totally get laid guys" (not likely). Is this normal?

No. 467948

>why the fuck do we live so long?
Women have abnormally long lives after menopause because we're actually useful beyond procreating.

Of course it would be good if we had a longer fertility period, but the solution to how unfair it is that men can keep procreating is to never, ever fuck with an older man. Women have to stop that shit and only go with equally young men who still have healthy sperm and avoid kids with autism/adhd.

>so they're shit at guessing the age of a 29 year old who looks her age.
Yep, definitely. It's considered a compliment if someone guesses a late 20s to be in their early 20s but like, why the fuck would they look any different? That's only a few years, there's nothing (natural) that should drastically age you during that period. I think they're conflating 'looking young' with an age they consider young. A 29 yr old can look young because they ARE young, not because they look 24.

No. 468007

I refuse to believe my mom's life is as hard as she says it is. She always did the bare minimum when me and my brother were growing up. Anything school related you had to talk to dad for, she either gave us microwave or fast food, she never cleaned around the house, she raised me and my brother by plopping us in front of the tv, and she doesn't have a neglectful scrote husband (dad always does the laundry and cleans the bathroom/dishes 1/2 the time). Ever since I left all she's actually had on her work load is taking of my little brother, which is just picking him up from school and making him food. Yet my mom complains to me about how she has no free time. (she takes 3 hour naps daily, wakes up at 11 AM, and watches crime dramas all the time)She's also way to harsh on my little brother. I was with them when my brother made a comment how his mac n cheese stained his pea bowl and that set my mom on a 10 minute rant about how no one appreciates her, how my brother is spoiled, and how my brother is to nitpicky. My brother wasn't even complaining. It was just a comment.

No. 468009

My mum is much the same. Beyond frustrating but you can't say anything because everyone immediately white knights, enables and defends.

No. 468012

I spent all day at work with a aching shoulder/arm, came home to a messy apartment i had to clean with the said fucked up arm. Out of painkillers and am relying on a coke bottle of hot water and pain relief gel. I am so tired of being this useless.

No. 468014

I agree. I dislike women acting promiscuous under the guise of ~empowerment~ and ~sex-positive feminism~ when all it is is a cry for male validation. Like you said if they were really confident they would be enjoying their life engaging in hobbies instead of begging for sexual attention.

No. 468025

NTA but I also think women overly focused on makeup and beauty tend to be really mean and negatively focused on other women. Just my experience over my life

No. 468030

I've been doing this thing where I've been calling off work, and making up the hours later in the week. It's not really a big deal.
Yet today I did it and then later realized there was some work in the afternoon that meant I kind of dumped it on my coworkers. Screenings for new hires, I forgot about it. It's not a huge deal cause I know they handled it, but I feel like a dick.

I lied and said I had job interviews, cause they know I've been putting in applications like crazy for months and haven't gotten a lot of responses. This temp job ends soon. The reality is I just came back from my bf's and wanted to sleep. Maybe I'm self sabotaging because I'm so depressed about not finding more work, and I think calling out and making up hours is nbd just for how easily replaceable I know I am in it.

I just feel demotivated and exhausted.

No. 468031

i think it depends really. i consider myself fairly beauty focused but i don't push that on my friends or other women. but i agree that many women drawn into it are the type of person who puts women down.

No. 468033

My job has this thing where you can reassign specific jobs and orders to others if you're about to clock out or if you go on break.

I work the late shift, so I'm used to getting a bunch of weird orders that haven't been finished, but someone reassigned something almost 10 minutes (9 if you want to be super technical) before they were scheduled to leave and the kicker is they didn't even try to start working on the order.

I reached out to the person who was absolutely still there and I just told her I was disappointed she reassigned it so early and yeah I was being kinda annoying but I definitely wasn't in the wrong

especially because at the end of the day, there are a bunch of orders that haven't been touched because we just haven't gotten to them in time and then this person had the order in their group for like 10 minutes while they went on a short little break

but here's what really bothers me, she kinda had an attitude and acted as if it was completely normal (it might be normal in practice as in many people might do it, but it's not really the policy)–so I'm just confused as to why she seemed to be annoyed with me, I'm the one who has to take care of what she didn't do
Now I'm having these stress fantasies where she tries to bully me as if we were in high school (I'm not going to lie, the highschool setting is probably because she's hot and popular and maybe I wish I could re do those years)

I don't have to work tomorrow so I doubt I'll have to deal with it when I return, but the last thing she said was "and who are you" and I was thinking about saying "I'm the one who has to clean up your shit job" or something bitchy, but that would probably be shitty and turn against me so I just gave her a description of myself

I probably wouldn't feel bad about calling her out, but I'm not making a big deal of it–unless she brings it up to anyone, then she'd be the only one who knew

No. 468034

Get him sunscreen stat bb, your boyfriend is melting!

No. 468035

How are there so many teenage girls that will sleep with old UGLY creepos like sam fuckin hyde, where is their self-esteem?

No. 468036

I am PMSing really badly right now and everyone in my household (all men) is needling me and getting on my last fucking nerve. Don't act so surprised you idiots, this happens every 4 weeks. It doesn't help that everyone else has a REALLY argumentative personality. They just love to argue for the sake of arguing. I usually just ignore them, but it's hard when I'm frayed and they won't give me space.

No. 468040

Ahh, gotta love it when you tell people exactly what's wrong but they get a surprised pikachu face after you explode at them for prodding at you for the umpteenth time.
My mom was such a stupid bitch when it came to things like that, she actually considered herself a victim because she couldn't treat and do whatever she wanted to me. She'd argue with me in circles if I dared stood up against her disrespecting me. How dare we have limits and boundaries!

No. 468042

File: 1569901950918.png (714.5 KB, 532x920, photo.png)

i want to be an instagram model so so badly, modelling has always been a personal dream of mine since im very into fashion and visual areas, but then i was too fat, then too ugly, and now too short

E-fame is the closest thing to my crappy dream and booi do i want it, i haven't done anything to achieve it, and honestly don't even post on instagram that much because sites like lolcow made me afraid of coming off too attwhore-ish

No. 468044

Worst thing that happens is you keep your day job, anon. I'm jelly you have the drive, the reason why I don't e-blog is because I'm a chronically depressed mess and I'd lack the motivation to do it often, and also wouldn't care about the feedback to bother and grow.

No. 468047

Someone stole my card info and spent almost 500 bucks on an air n b. I had to call visa tonight because my bank is closed for the day and I could barely understand him but I guess he cancelled my card :/ All the pending charges on my account are gone but only one of them was the fraud one. I hope my other stuff thats pending wont get fucked. I have to go to the bank asap tomorrow im so scared. This has never happened to me before Im always so careful. Im so paranoid and I check my account daily. If I hadnt caught it tonight, it probably would have gone through but I guess its salvagable since it was a pending charge and hadnt gone through yet. But Im having a panic attack.

No. 468070

Just guessing, but it's likely your pending transactions are canceled along with the card. Sorry you have to go through this hassle.

No. 468075

I randomly get really paranoid about other people viewing my social media, I go on deleting + blocking sprees probably too regularly. I know I like to look at what people are up to so… people must do the same to me occasionally and it freaks me out. I have everything as private at possible but I still keep my posts pretty minimal and stress over whether or not certain people would use a friends account to look at mine if I have them blocked. I have nothing to hide, I’m just paranoid for whatever reason.

No. 468084

I deleted my social media for that specific reason. I didn't have anything in particular to be paranoid about, I just hated the idea that random people could see and read things about my life. It's comfy not having to worry about it at all.

No. 468104

That happened to me last year and the perp used my card to order fucking wedding invitaions in another continent. My bank just gave me the money back as it was obviously a fraudulent charge.

No. 468115

Everyone one of my co-workers and bosses at my new job gets extremely angry at me and I don't even understand why. I'm getting so sick of it. I was just attempting to talk normally to one of my bosses today and she cut me off really angrily and just walked away. Wtf. What actually makes everyone I meet treat me like shit and a huge burden? it can't be because of my looks, there are way worse looking people than me.

No. 468116

We got into a fight because I've decided to move back home to my own country. Hes angry. He says I didnt try hard enough. I felt I did. But that doesnt matter. I know hes angry so hes prone to saying anything. I think I got triggered. He mentioned I dont try hard enough. I tried everything I possibly could given the situation. He doesnt believe me. I'm not good enough for anyone. But I'm ok with that. People have a problem with me feeling content. I'm ok with it but I'm struggling not to look down on myself. Not good enough.

No. 468142

Haha ha the guy I’ve been with for a year, who I’m engaged to, just told me he lied about something when we first started dating and has been maintaining that lie this whole time. He told me he had a hefty savings account, showed me it even…… but it was his moms account. It’s not even about the money, it’s that he lied about it, kept up with the lie, and is nowhere near as financially responsible as I thought. I feel so dumb for believing him in the first place. It feels like my options are to dump him or completely take over our finances, so maybe one day we will have a good savings account. I could cry at how frustrating this is, but I should’ve known things were going too well.

No. 468143

please dump him, anon. reading your post made me really uneasy and afraid for you, idk why

No. 468146

>>468142 Anon, that's awful, I'd dump him, it's fucked up to lie or eMBELLISH shit like this. How the hell could you trust him in the long run or be sure he hasn't been lying about other stuff? May I ask how'd you found out?

No. 468147

I forgot to add, what made him tell you, not how you found out lol, how did he tell.

No. 468148

He said he was just feeling bad about it and had been this whole time, said he just didn’t know how to tell me so… he texted it to me after he left for work.. which is also frustrating.

No. 468150

I'm genuinely considering going on a binging spree and buying a bunch of junk food and stuffing my face every day for at least a week straight so i can just gain and be attractive for once

No. 468152

You are just going to get horrible stretch marks.
Up your intake through 2 months or so.

No. 468155

File: 1569943059520.jpg (483.31 KB, 1078x1666, 1549040035288[1].jpg)

The Architect approves of this plan.

No. 468165

I feel like a piece of shit because I just feel like I'm becoming more and more introverted, and my best friend is just becoming more extroverted and I just don't have the energy to deal with her anymore. I just want my alone time and of course it comes off as bitchy because why wouldn't I want to spend time with my best friend she's my best friend for a reason but fuck. She's just so draining to be around and I hate that I feel this way. I feel like a fucking bitch because she tries to still include me in a bunch of stuff she goes out to to be nice, but I just… don't really want to deal with that stuff or the other people who go lol. I wasn't like this before, but I know to her it looks like my entire personality shifted overnight so I just come off fucking weird.

No. 468172

anon for every e-famous person that has a thread on lolcow, there are like 100 that don't ever get posted at all and are doing great. just start posting fits with a few hashtags and enjoy your life, someone will be inspired by you.

No. 468175

I saw some really nice images posted on twitter yesterday of someone travelling somewhere, and they were beautiful shots of the ocean and some houses out in the ocean and I thought I liked the tweet (so I could come back and draw it later) but it's not in my likes. I thought I remembered who posted it, but I can't find it in in their media uploads. Now I'm kicking myself for not just saving the pictures. The tweet could've been deleted or have been retweeted by someone and I didn't notice who the original poster was. Either way, now I'll probably never seen those photos again lol.

No. 468176

I want out of this shitty fucking country so bad. I know nowhere is perfect but the shit that's gone on in the past 3 years in the u.s. has me fed the fuck up. There's literally people talking in private fb groups and shit about how they are about to take up arms and start going door to door "killing the libs." It's stressful as hell, even if they end up being Cheeto powdered neckbeards that shit themselves and do nothing. I'm so done.

No. 468178

File: 1569947245537.jpg (33.79 KB, 500x474, 644563795e2b6bc2a7de4926a5dd14…)

sperg incoming. I posted this elsewhere, but I'm 0.1% more hopeful that any farmers who use shopping services might be able to give me some advice
>trying to top up my Zenmarket account
>card gets declined, even though I have money
>try using my other card, it also gets declined
>contact customer service
>they say to ask my bank or the payment service company
>bank says there's nothing up with my card(s) and that it must be a mistake on the website's end
>contact ZM again telling them all this, and asking them very politely to try and investigate things on their end (my country could've been blocked by accident or something)
>also send an email to the payment service company (Stripe) asking if they could've auto-blocked my country, just in case
>mfw hours later, ZM send me back the SAME "ask your bank or the payment service company" message as before, almost verbatim
>mfw seeing people talk about how great ZenMarket's customer service supposedly is
I don't know if I'm just being a Karen, but this honestly strikes me as incredibly rude. I hate asking customer service for help and having them just give the same canned responses, as if they don't actually care about assisting you and just want you to piss off.
I know your job isn't fun. I'm being as polite as I can, so can you at least do the same, or maybe direct me to someone who actually might be able to help me with my problem? IIRC, with Stripe, declined transactions are supposed to be logged on some sort of dashboard and come with an error code that only the merchant can see. Don't you think it'd be helpful to tell me what the code is so I have some inkling of an idea of what went wrong, and touch ground with Stripe (or my bank) about it? If you personally can't check it, why wouldn't you find someone who can and let me know?
I mean, Jesus christ. Anything but this useless reply.
I'm waiting on Stripe to respond, but I'm not so hopeful about them either. If they think my cards are fraudulent, I have no idea how I'm going to convince them I'm legit. It makes me so fucking upset, because everything was just fine before this.
It's actually making me paranoid, because on the list of decline error codes, the "solution" for the code that's generated because Stripe thinks the person's card is "fraudulent" is "Do not report more detailed information to your customer. Instead, present as you would the generic_decline described below."
The "next step" for the generic_decline code is just "The customer needs to contact their card issuer for more information."
I contacted my card issuer. They said I'm fine. What am I supposed to do? If it's proof you want, why not ask for that? Why deliberately make things difficult and be as obstinate as possible? Are you trying to lose customers or something?
Sorry for autism, I'm just stressed and don't want to dump all of this on people I'm close to.

No. 468186

lmao does anyone else notice the increased police presence and poverty all over the us or is it just me? i fucking hate this place too we have no good cultural output anymore it's just decaying

No. 468197

File: 1569951635382.jpg (19.68 KB, 473x473, IMG_20180607_021110.jpg)

My fucking electricity and internet went out while I was doing my statistics homework so the stupid ass problem I was working on that took forever to calculate is fucking gone. I hate this bulllshit, why the fuck did I go back to school.
Also I bought a rabbit vibrator but the little knob doesn't even reach my clit and the vibration strength is shit. I regret buying this piece of shit.

No. 468198

the replies they're giving are useless because your payment likely didn't even go through. your bank is probably the issue.

No. 468201

yes definitely, especially on the poverty. unrelated but thank god that cop was convicted of murdering her neighbor. i was almost certain she'd be acquitted. finally this fuckass country gets it right

No. 468203

Police presence in conservative towns and cities are willing to go out their way to give you 6 mile over speeding tickets but are apathetic when it comes to actual crimes like sexual assault and murder. You wouldn't believe how many murderers and rapists roam 100% free in conservative cities in America, often going unnoticed mind you

With poverty it's because of student debt and a mix of the employment issue in America combined with high prices of living. Talk all the shit you want but in Europe most 18 yr olds are fully capable of moving out and supporting themselves, in America there are grown ass adults with master degrees struggling to get by and young adults struggling to find stable jobs in their field

No. 468207

Mad at myself for not just telling my friend I didn't want to go to this fucking concert so I ended up paying $150 for the ticket. I like the artist but I just don't really want to go, I was gonna pull the "wifi sucks on my phone and took too long and the tickets all sold out" excuse but even after 40 minutes after they went on sale the tickets were still available and my friend bought them so I had to buy them.

Should've just told her no the first place. I guess on the bright side I'll get to meet one of my favorite artists again. Her meet and greets are always awesome. I just wish I could've gone alone if anything.

No. 468208

>Lurch leftward for 70, or more years
>Blame Conservatives for the mess created
It would be hilarious if it weren't so common and wide reaching.

No. 468209

It's both cause it's a US problem

No. 468211

I fucking hate my husband's brother cause he's such a fuckhead. I have him added on FB and I'm seeing him make posts about missing his ex when all he did was shit talk her about how crazy she was and beat the shit out of her and stab her and make her life a living nightmare. The worst part is he said she's crazy, ugly, and insane which is why he left her but she's the one who broke it off with him and now he's stalking her and obsessing over her. I met that woman once with my husband to get back all the shit from the house his brother took there and I'm honestly scared for her life.

No. 468212

>in Europe most 18 yr olds are fully capable of moving out and supporting themselves
>grown ass adults with master degrees struggling to get by
>young adults struggling to find stable jobs in their field
Ho boy are you in for a surprise if you think Europe is any better. The only difference is instead of student debts, taxes and the rapid but endlessly inflating rent is making you poor. If you don't have upper middleclass parents who support you financially, your chances are just as miserable nowadays.

No. 468213

Original venter here, I totally get that about most countries, but also, you aren't going to be murdered possibly for living without a Trump sign in your yard in a highly red district. Shit is going south fast. I just wanna live my life without fear of assault or murder bc some deranged lunatic assumes I might be a "commie librul", shitty and poverty ridden that life may still be anywhere I go.

No. 468214


I was almost sure she was gonna get acquitted too so I was delighted at the news. Still, I wonder why there's so many Americans being extremely violent in any kind of situation for no reason, without much provocation? It's honestly scary especially since so many of these people are cops.

No. 468215

Chemtrails and spiked water.

No. 468216

File: 1569956360096.jpg (10.02 KB, 263x200, 1447606906027.jpg)

>but in Europe most 18 yr olds are fully capable of moving out and supporting themselves,

Lmfao burguers say the darnest things

No. 468220

File: 1569957084325.jpg (51.67 KB, 686x703, xmzjesC.jpg)

hi retarded latina

No. 468221

Yeah, that's true. I was just answering the assumptions of the quoted anon. I'm honestly sorry, from an outsider perspective US politics among the people/voters are on a whole new level. It looks like they get more and more intense to straight up insane, to the point I wouldn't even be surprised if there's some kind of agenda behind getting US citizens to fight eachother this badly.

No. 468231

File: 1569959825771.png (50.42 KB, 202x200, 1568999097369.png)

>you aren't going to be murdered possibly for living without a Trump sign in your yard in a highly red district.

Neither are you

No. 468232

Is it really that awful if many people are still capable of having apartments and houses ? Tell me who has the higher homeless rate and we will see how bad muh taxes are compared to going millions in debt of student loans

No. 468236

Of course there's an agenda. Reminder the US government is so powerful than can wipe out any political movement from gaining power from a community if they want. They did it to the black community so if nothing's being done to the crazy "Transwomen are women and little kids can dress in drag and it's empowering/cool!" and "Women deserve to be 2nd class citizens again and fuck every non-white" beliefs then they obviously want that extremist split to fester on and grow until a huge divide is put in this country.

No. 468243

Easy to say when you don't live somewhere where the locals post in all the private fb groups pictures of their guns and violent fantasies about killing people. You can report that shit but what can even be done? It's frightening to have to live in that environment even if they end up doing nothing.

No. 468246

File: 1569962813006.jpg (71.38 KB, 655x361, Screenshot_2.jpg)

>where the locals post in all the private fb groups pictures of their guns and violent fantasies about killing people

Yeah anon, how could i ever know what that's like.(racebait)

No. 468247

File: 1569963107319.gif (330.12 KB, 252x252, FarflungGrandioseInsect-size_r…)

Cue the iconic American deflecting to da blakz when confronted about their psychopathy and mental illness

No. 468248

That's strange, from my experience FromJapan tend to be the ones with dismissive and copypasted answers, and Zenmarket the ones who go above and beyond. I've never had this type of problem, though

No. 468249

They're black? I didn't notice. I thought her point was just that they vote Democrat.

No. 468252

File: 1569963504964.jpg (99.81 KB, 513x935, HomelessnessHomelessChanieJuly…)

kek, seems like america actually isnt doing too bad in terms of homelessness rates. theres an bunch of european and other oecd countries with higher rates.

i love listening to delusional americans who seem to hallucinate that they live in some kind of 3rd world middle eastern warzone and think that most of the rest of the world, especially europe and certain parts of east asia, are a magical fairytale land where nothing is ever wrong. americans seem to either think they live in the best country in the world or literal syria, and its incredibly annoying to seen this bullshit everywhere, its unavoidable. if you open up a thread or discussion on ANY website and scroll down far enough, you will find a comment of either americans complaining about america or complaining about trump. cant you all stfu for even 5 minutes and stop being so neurotic.

the median wage per capita in the US is around 30000 dollars, maybe even higher idk, to put it into perspective, the median wage for the whole world is around 10000 dollars, and im pretty sure thats household income too but im too tired to check. the world median household income is literally lower than the poverty threshold for a single american person (around 11000 dollars i think), thats how high the standards of american poverty are. even in your precious europe, especially in central and eastern europe, but i think in a few west europe countries too, the median household income is less than half of the per capita median american wage, and many of those countries have lower purchasing power too. and thats not even touching the situation of the rest of the world. theres also the high purchasing power in america, its pretty much on par with places like norway, sweden, the uk and australia afaik.

No. 468253

They still have full control over who gets elected and who is allowed to run for election, but they can't just erase ideologies. America's shifting demographics make conflict inevitable. There's just too many groups with too many conflicting desires for enough of them to be sated. I'm fully expecting the US to Balkanize in my lifetime.

No. 468254

Have you ever lived in a heavily red state? Anon is right. Try putting some vaguely liberal signs up on your yard and don’t be surprised if someone keys your car or fucks with your yard.

No. 468257

File: 1569963870597.jpg (86.45 KB, 536x538, 60922554_2239571352803964_6661…)

>implying the people pictured vote

Gangbangers are just morons, not morons with a psychotic agenda like far right fucktards are.
Nice racebait though

No. 468260

Which is more or less the same as being a red person in a blue state. >>468253 is spot on, the Country is balkanizing. We can cross our fingers and hope it does so peacefully but then supposing it's not so peaceful just be on a friendly side of it before idiot men start shooting.

No. 468261

>Is it really that awful if many people are still capable of having apartments and houses ?
Please tell me who those "many people" are. Where the fuck do you get those impressions from? In my whole life as a lower middleclass to poor child, I only met one (1) girl whose parents could afford a house because they were loaded. Most in my income class don't even plan on getting a house like americans do because they are so fucking expensive and you don't get loans so easily. I could rant on on what a pain it is to even get an apartment if you can afford it as a student or just young person in general but I'm starting to think you are baiting anyway.
>Tell me who has the higher homeless rate and we will see how bad muh taxes are compared to going millions in debt of student loans
This is just a modified version of the pain olympics isn't it. Listen, just because your country is shit that doesn't mean Europe is this magical continent where there are no poor people and rent is dirtcheap. It's delusional af and you will be just as poor under the conditions you are in right now as a burger if you come to europe. And yes, the amount of homeless people in the US and Europe are rougly the same.

No. 468262

Based Australia and New Zealand. Selling all their land to Chinese billionaires and then wondering why locals have a hard time finding homes.

No. 468263

My mom had me at 46, then my little brother at 49. She didn't get her menopause till 52. She began getting pregnant in her mid 30s. There is time anon, you underestimate the human body. If you're healthy, then you'll be okay. Unless you're one of those naturally weak people who get sick easily.

No. 468264

NTAYRT, but honestly tell me what do you think of the following:

>Expensive prices of U.S university and community colleges effectively causing a student debt problem that has been going on for decades

>Mediocre wages and increasing need for higher degrees which increases the debt issue I outlined in my previous point
>The massive privatized healthcare industry and the obesity epidemic that is being purposely fueled to keep the healthcare industry growing bigger each year
>The less restricted and unregulated ingredients in the food which helps said obesity epidemic to grow and the fact many US cities and towns have non available walking areas and heavily rely on car transportation w/ poor train/bus transportation except for some cities like NYC
>Many of the cities that DO have a walking friendly culture or not a suburban sprawl or a place with food deserts are having the gentrification issue and becoming expensive to live in for even the natives
>The political insanity pushed by the media and the racebaiting rhetoric everyone in America adheres to
>The gap between the rich and the poor increasing even as the American dream is still being sold and there is a lot of ass-kissers who think that sucking up to the elite/rich will make them rich one day and a lot of Americans actively seek to keep people in their "line" whether that be because they are broke, or a different race, or a different political group, ect

America may be richer on average than many first world countries and have less homeless rates but what about these problems? It's not Syria and not the terrible place in the world but it's still a cause of concern

No. 468268

In my parent's lifetime they have witnessed a community and a country that has produced beautiful and innovative outputs both on a greater cultural level and on an purely entertainment level that has reached the world to rehashing the same things people have did before them and no longer creating any masterpieces in just 40 years. They have also witnessed people going from saying that they are beautiful and that they deserve respect like any other human beings to saying that they can lazily do whatever they want and that self-degenerating yourself is awesome and attacking everyone who says otherwise. I don't believe these events weren't orchestrated without a greater hand and I don't believe the U.S government can't stamp out the other radical ideologies popping up from within its springs if they could do that 40 years ago [with the recently released classified CIA documents to prove it] and can currently do that with some organic movements picking up steam in 2019.

No. 468271

If they're private groups how do even know what they're posting?
Just keep your politics quiet and to yourself and nobody will ever know.
Then save up to move away, but don't you dare come to Washington, we're full.

No. 468273

How's the landscapes in Washington?

No. 468296

I guess but think of how many people desperately wanna move out their parents house but can't, meanwhile most Europeans I know are able to move out before they turn 21, most Americans I know are 26, with degrees and aren't able to move out, my point still stands. The economy is ridiculous right now and is impossible for young adults to actually become adults and self reliant despite Americans constantly pushing that respectable people have college degrees, a new range rover, and house, marriage and kids by 27. I'd honestly rather have high taxes but be in situations where I am able to move out than to deal with student debt on the side of living with my parents

No. 468298

What can they do when the cause of rising tension is proximity? 40 years ago these kinds of tensions would would be solved on their own at grass root levels by phenomenons such as white flight. It was economically viable to move somewhere you felt more comfortable. I expect there also would've been a lot of places with less local ideological diversity seeing as they didn't have the technology for new ideas to spread so easily. Now even if you have the money to move you might not necessarily be able to find somewhere where like minded people are in the majority. The fracturing isn't just between the left and right after all. There is no shortage of infighting on both sides.

No. 468300

>don't you dare come to Washington
Ew, snow and freezing temps. I'll pass. Please come to the deep South and help us outnumber these stupid fucking conservative olds! Cost of living is extremely cheap, though our infrastructure is garbage.

No. 468302

Well, doesn't the fact that these movements are more easily monitored because they are said in plain text online and can be rooted in a specific forum with a simple search rather than coming up organically from a community and each community sprouting several ideas rooted in the same or similar cause, building up since a few decades rather than at a short notice from a couple of years or months like it is for the online ideas. The latter also seemed more harder to stomp out because it's not so easy to penetrate into physical communities as it is online communities. For recent phenomena radical groups like ISIS were gaining some foot in the US and Western countries and they stamped that out with a quickness when Islamic radicalism has been a problem for centuries so the relatively new alt-right ideas cultivated by 2000s culture and internet memes should in theory be easier to step out too. The fast communication and idea spreading the internet has can be used to their advantage to step out things and with some obvious psyoping and manipulating of internet trends and views being spread it's a no-brainer.

No. 468303

I live in the Deep South too and that's my problem with the US. Living here is cheap unlike in those damn Northern states but the train and bus infrastructure is non-existent and you got no where to walk and the Southern cities you can walk in are terribly over priced and getting inflated. Just seems like we're stuck in a hellish loop really.

No. 468308

It's because all of the money that should be set aside for these kinds of projects is being pocketed by these trash Republicans that old idiots keep voting in who don't think we need them in the first place.

No. 468309

Samefag, Republicans and undercover-Republicans cough John Bel Edwards cough

No. 468312

Are you aware of the fact that when you say Europe you include all European countries? In countries like Germany or The Netherlands it can be easier to move out on your own since the economy is better but do you really think people in Eastern Europe are able to be independent that easily when the wages are so small and prices are almost as high as in western countries? Do you think that in Spain where the unemployment is so high it's easy to move out on your own?

No. 468317

ISIS weren't stamped out they just achieved what they set out to do. Do you think they really thought they could take over entire nations where muslims made up 5%, or less of the population? They destabilized the ME, and as a response Europe and America flung open their borders to millions of muslims.

The online groups you're talking about are just a symptom. Those can be infiltrated, or deleted, but they will just spring up again because that doesn't address the cause. You can't stomp out tensions between groups caused by proximity without moving, or allowing the movement of one of the aggravated groups. That's the problem. They can't move on their own and so the tension will keep getting worse until it can't be ignored, or the cultural cold war, heats up.

No. 468318

don't like Israel, Saudi Arabia, and America all support ISIS lol

No. 468319

Let's end the political discussion here, thanks.

No. 468320

The presence of ISIS or ISIS lite ideologies have been stomped out in presence from the mainstream and even more fringe outskirts of the internet. I remember there was a clear interest in ISIS and a lot of sympathizers in like 2015-2016 though a lot of that was aggravated by media panic and moral outrage. There's enough people in Western countries to sympathize with those core ideas so while the whole country wouldn't have been hypnotized under the influence of ISIS since that doesn't happen with most radical ideologies. What at most would have happened is that there would have been an extreme minority that followed it while subliminally influencing the greater, more temperate minority but since the 'good'web users did hell of a good job of pushing it out of sight and so did agents we barely see it anymore. Even if at the forefront it's about Islam the core is that it's about being ostracized and pushed away from society and trying to follow what is right, which is the same core of Alt Right or any other male dominated radical political, religious, or societal movement since forever.

I agree that there is a real live tension of these groups but I disagree that it can't simply just be neutralized or calmed down a little bit. Most people won't remember this for obvious reasons but the American public went from embracing misogynistic and racist views as a part of their lifestyle to women and non-white races being viewed as equal to whites and deserving of the same fairness and respect to the point even the American nationalistic vision of being the worldwide police was gently wrapped in an altruistic delivery. The 90's and 2000's were all about "It's our duty as American to protect the world from the dangers, blah blah blah" in its programming to straight up "fuck those non-whites and muzzies, bomb their countries and close our borders" in just 10-20 years.. from what was being put on the spotlight BY American politics. People like Donald Trump who closely mirrored those views and seemed amicable to the formerly fringe Alt Right wouldn't have been chosen if they didn't want it to.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 468321

No. 468324

File: 1569972049629.png (117.21 KB, 274x275, 1567907082900.png)


>gun totin maniacs are alright, nothing to fear, long as they are black. gangbangers just rape, kill, and rob people, not vote for someone i don't like.

No. 468330

I'm renting a house with 4 others for the school year and I'm miserable. The only thing I like is how close I am to school so I can walk. The kitchen is always a mess and none of them want to take responsibility-I can't even fill a pot with water because the sink is completely filled with their dirty dishes, but it's not like I can use a clean pot anyway because they're all buried somewhere in the sink or on the counter, plastered with old food. Plus our utilities bill is crazy high because they always leave lights and fans on.

I'm always at my boyfriend's place, staying on campus after classes, or just wandering around in stores so I don't have to be around the house and I don't want to raise the bills with my own utility usage because I'm already struggling to pay for what it's at.

My housemates are cool but there's no way I want to live with them again or pay for and clean up their bullshit. I've vented to my friends and they've told me that it's fair to ask them if we can split the utility bill by personal usage instead of evenly because I'm rarely there but I don't want to be known as the bitch of the house (they were all close with each other before I met them). Not to mention there's structural problems and black mold that the landlord didn't tell us about before we signed our leases.

I'm not allowed to sublet so I'm stuck here until July, hope I make it.

No. 468336

>OP reports with actual numbers, several europeans report their experience
>anon still holds into fantasyland despite directly being proven wrong
Guess you can just stay ignorant then. But ok, Farmhand has spoken.

No. 468344


b-b-but what if i get beat up by evil racist homophobe nazi people with red hats telling me "this is MAGA country " ;_;(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 468345

File: 1569975386030.jpg (55.54 KB, 624x678, 37113427_1885524721506677_4463…)

That's not at all what I said but go off babes. I'm sorry people on the internet don't like the guy you voted for.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 468347

>Acknowledge numbers, bring up another point about how many Europeans are living with parents vs how many Americans are living with parents
>Act as if I'm going on about how Europe is a fantasy land just for acknowledging it's easier to move out and not be in student debt
Say what you want, go be forced to live with shitty American parents for a year who screech at you about how they're lazy for struggling to find stable work and combat high price of living. This is the average young adult Americans life.

No. 468349

i learned that one of my bosses is telling horrible lies about me to my main manager and i just don't get why? it's mostly "ANON SAID -x insulting thing-" and "ANON IS SLACKING" but my performance is the best of all our associates. i'm just trying to do my job, man.

it's obvious i'm not trying to come for her job, i'm 20 and she's 50-something and i have no interest being in retail for the rest of my life. so why is she trying to get me fired???

No. 468350

File: 1569976903323.jpg (45.68 KB, 1440x900, 1488967587786.jpg)

I have another phone interview tomorrow, for a position where I'd be in over my head insofar as the skills. There's some shit that I objectively don't know how to do, but I feel like I gotta bullshit and fake it til I make it lest I NEVER get my foot in the door to get the god damn experience in the first place! It's really prolific and I hope I get it, not to mention I need the fucking money even though they're gonna low ball me due to the first recruiter's observation that I'm clearly a noob. I just hope I don't make a complete fool outta myself.
How dare I want a livable wage that can pay down my debts, right? Wish me luck, my pathetic ass will need it.

No. 468356

>go be forced to live with shitty American parents for a year

so this whole sperg was nothing but you projecting?. I guess Americans really are entitled and self absorbed.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 468357

I miss my ex gf or maybe I just miss having someone to cuddle and watch neil breen movies with. I may also be seeing memories through rose colored glasses rn.

No. 468358

Pretty sure I failed my physics exam. There are only 3 exams and if you don't have a passing average for the three you fail the class.
This last week has been unlucky for me
>have a major test in each of my classes
>start to get painful stomachaches every day from stress
>have to cover a coworker so lose time to study, my 20 hr workweek is turned into a 30 hr week
>other test I studied for gets delayed because professor couldn't copy the tests
I really hate laboratory science in general because I'm awful at it. But taking the class is required for my major.

No. 468359

It's weird, because other sites are working fine when I try to buy from them. There's no hold or ban on my card or anything. I called my bank a few times, and they insisted they didn't block any website or freeze my card.
It all leads me to believe it's ZenMarket. I even made some piddly purchase with a store that uses Stripe just to test things out, and it worked, so whatever's going on is apparently just on ZM.
Stripe's customer service also got back to me saying they wouldn't have blocked me unless I'm from one of a handful of restricted countries (I'm not), and confirmed that the merchant would know the problem. They were also way more polite, so that was nice.
I'm too tired to even confront Zen Market about this, I think I'll just stop using them for a while. There are some nice benefits to it that none of the other shopping services available to me have, but as I've just discovered, the customer service is complete shit and I'm on my own if anything happens. Maybe it'll work again in like a week or a month if/when I really need the few advantages, who knows.
I'm just glad I didn't leave any of my money with them, or have any items sitting in their warehouse as this all was going on. That could've been a nightmare.

No. 468361

you could try setting up a chore rota and manipulating your housemates into thinking it was their idea? If they're really resistant and you absolutely can't move out, it might even be worth hiring a cleaner once or twice a week and splitting the cost. I know that sounds kind of extreme, but I do know people who have done this.
I broke lease in a similar housing situation. i had 7 housemates (mostly scrotes) and i was the only one who even bothered loading the dishwasher. I barely left my room and tried to get most of my calories in at college or with snacks i kept in my room. When I did "cook" it was mostly with the microwave. I bought myself a new tefal frying pan when I moved in just for my vegetarian shit, wrote my name on the handle in tippex, asked them not to use it and they ruined it. the whole experience was awful. i'm never living with men again.

No. 468364

It's not just me anon, it's literally every person around my age I know. Lots of Americans talk about this. Just ignore or avoid vent threads if people venting about something valid to vent about like shitty living conditions triggers you(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 468368

a whole new euranon here, but prolly from the sort of europe you don't consider the utopia land that you're bemoaning in all of your previous spergs (the eastern kind). I'm 23, everyone I know is round that too, all uni grads, mostly in stem shit, literally the only ones that have moved out are the ones that are married, all the singletons are still with parents or in 5 housemate situations which I don't reckon you consider independence as you didn't explore that sub topic in your spergs. if the amerikan life is oh so hard, I do cordially invite you to eastern euro land kek, wonder how you'd fare lol. there are some fairly liberal countries too if you're so worried about being lynched based on political views!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 468372

Not to defend Amerishoots but violence is going down all around the western world, you just see it more since everyone has a smart phone to video it and read clickbait articles about it on.

No. 468377

I just want to say, from the bottom of my heart, that everyone who turned a small vent about certain kinds of conservatives in the u.s. being objectively deranged and scary to live around into such political sperging faggotry are why we can't have a nice vent thread.

In other news, I'm fucking sick of something else inevitably always going wrong with my piece of shit car and that happening right around when the only car I can borrow from my family starts having issues. Love driving, hate the fucking bullshit.

No. 468384

Is it that selfish to want space? Is it that terrible of me to not want to force myself to interact constantly like I used to because I have a fucking limit now and am mentally exhausted trying to keep up with your conversations? I feel bad because I know you always want to talk and hang out because that helps keep you grounded but FUCK!! I’m so fucking tired!!!! Fucking forgive me because I just want to spend my weekends alone!!!! We aren’t in college anymore, I just don’t have the fucking energy to interact with you 24/7 like when we lived together!! I just want to be alone!! I want to spend my weekends by myself doing what I want at my own pace! I hate that whenever we do talk, you suddenly take it as an invitation to constantly message me from there on out as if I didn’t have to talk with you to clear up that I don’t want to do that anymore. Sorry that I just want a low maintenance friendship where we can just pop in every once in a while to catch up, not a fucking day by day play of our lives.

No. 468385

That would actually be a really cool building if it was clean.

No. 468389

I have ADHD and I've always had issues with compulsive skin picking growing up. As I got older it tapered off since I stopped getting acne, but suddenly I have really bad KP/eczema/itchy bumps(?) on my elbows, thighs and ass. I cannot stop picking to save my life. I am covered in scabs in these spots because I pick almost nonstop. I've been putting calamine and eczema balm on them which helps them heal a bit but I still wind up picking. I think it's a combination of stress and lack of sleep maybe. I'm going to the dr today to see if it's a skin condition I can take meds for or something.

No. 468393

You're not entitled to a platform if all you do is racebait. Same goes to scrotes.

I have no qualms about
deleting your shit.

No. 468403

I’ve been having this weird pressure/pain under my kneecap for a few years now and have no idea why. It only happens on one and it comes out of no where, no matter now much walk on it or if am just sitting around all day. It’s so annoying and I wish there was a way to fix it.

No. 468407

So I just adopted this new kitty, and she’s really the greatest. But every time pull a snack out of a bag, or try to take a bite of something, she attacks my hand and knocks the food out, and runs off with it. It made me laugh at first but now it’s annoying. She can hear me eating from anywhere kek.

No. 468414

I forgave my cheating ex and let him back into my life for the 4th time. He says he’s different but i know that’s probably not true. I know he will just hurt me again but right now I hate myself and I have no one. At least I can get some physical affection. I know he will stop liking me but deep down I wish he won’t.

No. 468440

About a year ago, I broke up with my boyfriend of 5 years because he cheated on me. I was hurt, but not very much, for some reason? I left because it was logically the correct thing to do but I still liked him. We stayed friends and meet up sometimes. He wants to date me again so I've been considering it until recently.

I met a girl on a website for a really obscure interest. We've only been speaking for a few weeks but when we do it's like I've met my soulmate. For reference, I'm a bisexual girl, and the guy who cheated on me is the only guy I've dated. I enjoyed dating him, but there was always something that didn't… fulfill me. I felt like that hole was filled when I met this girl. I hardly know her, I don't know what she looks like (aside from some baby photos she sent me so I could laugh at them), but we're really honest with each other and I truly feel like there's something there. She hits on me all the time but has also told me she never gets crushes, so I think she's just joking and my stupid ass is falling for it. I hardly know this girl but I can't stop thinking about her. I keep having dreams about her and how I imagine she looks now. She lives near me and has told me that we could meet up sometime if I want, but I think I'd turn into a puddle if I got to see her face to face.

I hardly know this girl and I have an insane crush on her. This never happens to me, all the people I've ever dated came to me about their feelings and I basically said "yeah, sure, let's date." I refuse to tell the people close to me because I'm ashamed of how strongly I feel. And at the same time I have my ex hitting on me completely unaware of all this. I want to find something about her to dislike so I can stop my feelings but even her obvious flaws don't bother me much.

Fuck. I'm a grown woman having my first real crush.

No. 468442

Stop forgiving scum and find a shred of self respect. Dying alone would be better than being a cheaters doormat.

No. 468498

I feel terrible for not really feeling a connection with my partner's friends and I wish it wasn't such a big deal. I always feel awkward hanging around people who have a lot of history together because I'm a naturally quiet person and end up feeling excluded. It's hard for me to try to engage people in groups and I always worry about talking too much or inadvertently pissing someone off.

His friends seem to like me and they're not bad people but whenever we're together, it's weird. Only one of his friends tries to include me while the other two don't say much to me. The other two are girls so I assumed we'd be closer but neither of them talk to me outside of group conversations.

I have my own friends so I'm not desperate to be part of the group but my bf seems to want us all to be close. He tries to invite them out with us frequently (they're always busy) or get me to hang out when everyone's together. I don't usually want to because I know it'll just be me sitting there while everyone talks about inside jokes, etc.

I know I could try to talk more but I just feel like I shouldn't be forcing myself into anything. I'd be perfectly fine only seeing them occasionally but they've all moved in together so I have to see them when I go over.

With my friends, my bf has met them and they get along but I don't make him hang out with us and it's cool. We've had parties together but I don't stress that he has to be close with them. With his friends, it's like he wants us all to be best buds idk

No. 468511

I feel like a fucking doofus for being forced to use "they/them" pronouns when talking about someone, especially when it's 100% a gender conforming woman. Like there's a clear as daylight no mistake about it feminine woman right in front of me and I'm supposed to call her a "they". Sis that's fucking retarded.

No. 468515

I naturally avoid he/she her/him in my language, I always have done so, for no mystical reason. Using neutral words/avoiding he/him she/he is easy when you are already using the sentence structure that does not require it.

"Where is she?"
"Where are they?"
"What did he say?"
"What did they say?"
"It's understandable they gave that to him."
"It's understandable _name was chosen for this prize."

You don't need to speak in garbled English to avoid gendered pronouns. I'm not a TRA by the way, just making the point it isn't that difficult to do.

No. 468520

when your partner says they’re too sick to come and see you that day but somehow magically at 11pm they’re all better and are out with their friends at the pub -_-

No. 468525

I don’t think that was their point, nowhere in anons post did she state that it’s difficult, just that it’s retarded to go along with the bullshit

No. 468529

Ew, where are they enforcing that now? I hate the whole pronoun shit mostly because 99% of the time the person "asking" won't be around to hear you refer to them as such.

No. 468530

oof, i guess you don't realize that people get upset now when you use neutral pronouns for people who don't want them.

No. 468541

Who cares if someone gets upset? It's retarded not to use they/them.

No. 468544

IKR? Like, even you don't want to be he or her for whatever personal reason you can still choose a pronoun that does't break the language.

No. 468546

I'd talk to your partner about this. I had a similar situation and then it turned out while he was inviting me all the time one of his friends really disliked me, but he kept inviting me.

I finally just took him aside bc the guy got obnoxious at him about their "bro time" and was accusing him of letting me control his life, that I never asked for them to invite me and perhaps they never should have again after that became apparent. I made it clear that while I appreciated my bf at the time thinking of me I didn't think it was necessary.

I'd take him a aside and just be like, look, I'm not accusing anyone of anything here and I'm not really upset about it, but it definitely seems like your friends aren't really interested in including me, and to be frank, I don't mind, I have friends, it's ok for couples to have different friends. Maybe make a compromise and while you still go with them every once and awhile, most of the time you either stay home, get some me time, or hang with your friends. You gotta make it clear you really don't mind and would in fact prefer it, nothing against his friends, it's just pretty clear a close, involved relationship with them isn't happening and that's ok.

If he keeps insisting idk. I think it's really kinda weird and controlling when I've heard about guys like this, where you MUST be close to all his friends and 100% like each other and hang out. This is a situation you can have your cake and eat it too, it's perfectly normal and even healthy for couples to spend time apart with other people.

No. 468547

Dude just get a vibrator. Fuck that “a piece of a man is better than none bullshit” You’re just putting yourself through more heartache.

No. 468558

It’s retarded to get upset over pronouns, period. Life’s unfair, cry about it.

No. 468575

"People" being someone like Contra who doesn't think they is validating enough even though it's a perfectly normal English word to use in any situation.

Being respectful and being validating are two different things, nobody is owed validation. It's essentially demanding to be referred to as sexy or pretty since that's what "she" means to AGPs. They/them is fine for any situation.

No. 468619

My mom took money from me AGAIN and I hate that she doesn't see anything wrong with that.

>lets my mom use my amazon prime account so she can get the student discount

>we both have credit cards attached to the account
>she isn't paying attention at check out and uses my gift card
>i ask her to reimburse me but she just laughs in my face and gives me the whole "do you know how much money i've spent on you over the years anon?!" speech
>i let it ago
>fast forward to last week, Amazon declines her credit card and charges mine instead
>I confront her and tell her I want my money back
>"Wow anon seriously I'm your mother you can just suck it up and pay the charges it's not even that much after all the sacrifices I made blah blah blah"
>I'm annoyed but don't have the energy to fight her so I pay it
>This morning I check my card balance and see that i got charged for her purchase again
>pissed because I know she's not gonna give me my money back

Don't get me wrong, I love my mom and really appreciate her providing for me financially, especially with my college expenses. But I don't see how that makes her entitled to taking my money that I earned through my job without my consent! I wouldn't mind paying for it but she doesn't even ask, she just demands I pay for her shit and acts like I'm a brat for not being happy about her taking my money without permission. What the fuck. And it's not like it's a tiny amount of money, her purchases have totaled damn near $200! I work a bullshit part time job that pays every two weeks, I don't have the funds to just be wasting money like that, she basically just took weeks worth of groceries from me. I've removed my card from the account now (should have done that earlier but oh well), I'm just super irritated. Maybe I am a bad daughter and a brat but I just don't think it's fair for her to hold her financial support over my head and tell me I'm being shitty for not sharing my income with her on demand. I can understand if she feels like I owe her but damn she doesn't have to steal it from me!

No. 468621

It's not just mtfs, more ftms in full kawaii women's clothing have bitched about it in my experience.

No. 468626

Don't let society trap you in the mentality that you owe it to your parents for them having provided you with the bare minimum.
It's inappropriate to siphon money away from their own children, period.

It may be more of a bitch but it sounds like you cannot keep your credit card on file lest your mom continues to abuse it when you're not looking.

No. 468629

change your password and remove her card details. she's crossed your boundaries several times and made it clear she doesn't want to change. if she can afford to spend $200 on amazon purchases, she can afford to pay for her own prime account. You are not a bad daughter, your mom is absolutely the one at fault here.

No. 468638

Love self-centred parents who think that they're supposed to be financially reimbursed for CHOOSING raise a kid and doing the bare minimum, then acting shocked that their kids don't have the same obligation.

You're a student with a part time job, she's a grown ass woman who obviously has the means to support you. She can pay for her own frivolous Amazon purchases.

No. 468651

File: 1570060254468.jpg (247.97 KB, 540x718, 20191002_193444.jpg)

bht running lunch told my dietician but she aalreeadyy has a fruit exchange! when i asked if i may have pickle slices on a burger. wtft lady if those 2 cals of salt count as an exchange then i can't wait to gain some mf weight. i asked her if shes retarded, i made a normal request and can she use common sense that a pickle has no nutrional value so why can 3 pchips be an issue.

No. 468655

Got into an accident a few months ago, can't leave my house right now and haven't seen the majority of my friends in a looong time. Friend was supposed to come over, she even invited herself. I fucking actually tried to make my place nice as best as i could, but today i didn't hear shit from her. She was supposed to come by at 1pm, and at 9pm she just ig messages me how she was sick. Cool. Told another friend who told me she had been day drinking and didn't know she was supposed to visit me. I get it, you don't have to come if i bum you out but don't fucking lie to me? Some people always let you down, it's my fault for trusting her.

No. 468663

Wages are getting garnished, so

It's my own fault for not paying off my loans, but here's the kicker–I didn't even graduate, so I'm paying to remind myself I suck and the sad reasons I dropped out

But I didn't think it would happen to me. I've already called the credit place and gotten a rehabilitation, but they told me that my wages would be garnished until I make at least 5 payments

The good news is that it's a $5 payment every payment just to stop the garnishment and I can get out of default in a couple months
The bad news is that it's a couple months and it's 1/5 of my paycheck until the garnishment stops

No. 468674

A few months living with my boyfriend and he annoys the hell out of me 90% of the time. He's sweet but a lot of the time he's oblivious and too laid-back. It annoys me I had to tell him to take a shower every day and brush his teeth twice a day. It annoys me how he doesn't have much of an opinion on anything and he doesn't think much because he prides himself on being so ~laidback~ It annoys me how often he clears his throat and makes weird sounds every 5 minutes. It annoys me how he constantly goes soft whenever we're being intimate, and he's not even embarrassed or ashamed from it. It annoys me how oblivious and mindless he is. It annoys me he has no sense of shame. It annoys me how he didn't think to dress presentable when we go out until I told him to (he would wear vidya graphic tees all the time)

>inb4 why are you with him

You don't really know someone until you move in with them. But I want to make things work and hopefully come out stronger from this than break up immediately. I've communicated some things respectfully and he's changed without being a manbaby about it.

I know from reading this, I'm annoying and juvenile too because I can't keep my anger in check and I'm so critical and judgmental. I'm trying to get better at not letting things annoy me since I can't blame anyone else for my reactions but it's hard. Any anons deal with anger problems here?

No. 468680

nigga you dating a child

No. 468682

Anger problems, wtf are you talking about? Why are you blaming yourself for being rightfully annoyed by him? He sounds straight up gross, imagine living with that for the rest of your life…

Fact is, you don't owe it to him to 'try' and be happy with him. You should just be happy, and if not what is the point? I can't understand clinging to a relationship you dont enjoy.

No. 468683

"Wahh wahh don't you wish we could be carefree kids again the world sucks wahh everything was so chill and safe back then!" The fuck it was, it was always fucked up for me, not everyone's childhood was safe or fun. I am so exhausted, I was exhausted as a kid and I am now, it's unfair you got to relax as a kid and I thought shit would eventually get better but it never did. I am so fucking stressed out. Fuck you.

No. 468685

File: 1570066803771.gif (1.13 MB, 480x260, giphy.gif)

Welp, the guy I've been seeing for a couple months who was saying really serious things about our relationship decided to suddenly dump me tonight.
He texted an accusation that he'd seen me chatting to my ex, that he's not an idiot, told me he hated cheaters, and bye.

He just said "I love you" to me but three hours ago, and now suddenly it's 'You're a cheater and I hate you." It's the second time he's baselessly accused me of speaking to my ex, whom I don't talk to and who has a gf. I texted him back to please not do that to me because I had told him I was already upset and exhausted over my failed job interview earlier today. I thought we had settled this issue from the first time. Also said if he was really set on this that he could look at the last messages I sent which were in June. My ex had messaged me something supportive after I went no contact with my mom. Hadn't chatted since.

He never replied, and didn't answer any of my calls.

He said the last girl he saw was "cheating" and then claimed his long term ex also probably "cheated." He said he was a jealous person, but the first time he accused me of cheating I legitimately thought it was a misunderstanding. Guess not, it was actually a red flag and evidently he was going to accuse me again. Either way I don't like being emotionally held hostage and accused of shit I didn't do.

I'm already tinfoiling that he's found someone else and just needed an excuse to dump me, and also concoct an innocent victim story for the next girl to dupe.
I don't care about someone who treats people like this. I just care about my own hurt feelings and my aspirations, and how men like this constantly trample over them when I didn't do anything wrong because of their own insecurities and inadequacies.

At least I got some decent meals and some free shit on my birthday which was literally last weekend. I even introduced this asshole to my dad. That's how much I almost trusted him.
But I never updated my social media to say I was in a relationship for precisely this reason. No one except my closest friends and the one who hooked me up with this dude will know. It's my way of vetting dudes to make sure they're stable and will stick around.
This guy is in his 30s and is way too old to be pulling this high school shit.

No. 468686

With all due respect, why is it ok for him to make you feel uncomfortable and act like a slob son? Do you wanna be his mother or a girlfriend? I don't think you're dumb but he sounds like a man child and you shouldn't waste too much of your energy or emotional labour on trying to "fix" him. I'm sure he can be sweet too but pros and cons, sis.

No. 468689

>>468685 Oh shit, I'm sorry about your interview and the shit guy anon. He sounds mental for real, good thing you didn't get too public nor deep in with him at least.

No. 468690

Why does he get soft when you are being intimate lol

No. 468694

I genuinely feel like he genuinely loves me and does a lot for me. He does most of the chores, always pleases me in bed, goes with me outside to do errands to make them less boring for me, gets me little gifts, is actually ok with me not working at all if it makes me unhappy (I still am though), wants me to save my money instead of paying our bills… Also he always changes things if I'm direct and honest with him. It's just he's infuriating in some ways… I wish I could look past the more vapid stuff because he genuinely loves me and I love him as well. I just get annoyed super easily. The stuff like him not showering every day and wearing stupid shit I feel 100% justified in though, it's just the smaller things I feel petty about.

I try not to ask him too much about it in fear of making it worse, but one time he told me that his body is "picky." I've actually made sure he hasn't done anything for the past week and it just seems like he has a low sex drive… I'm usually fine with it because he always makes sure that I'm satisfied, but sometimes it's a little disappointing emotionally that he doesn't seem to stay hard for long…

No. 468695

I track my online usage daily because I can waste so much time; even though it makes me miserable, I still do it. I just looked back and the last time I had a trend of doing it was around a month ago, the week before my period. Now it's the week before my period again and oh look who's been wasting so much fucking time. I'm not sure if it's legit PMS or something else but fuck I hate feeling like a meme of a hormonal mess. I do break out before it too so it wouldn't surprise me.

No. 468698

I'm still pretty hurt. My narcissist mother used to accuse me of shit I didn't do all the time to emotionally manipulate me, forcing me to pine after her to make up for the affront I didn't even commit.

It enrages me.
When he accused me the first time I made it clear that I wanted him to talk to me irl, when the concern first happens so the air can be cleared then and there. But no, he did the same "saw x happen a few days ago" in order to gaslight me. When, and on what app? I was probably talking to my friends and this asshole wants to pretend I'm juggling five exes yet somehow spending literally all my time with him.
I fucking hate him for wasting my time and trying to muck my character just because he's insecure about stupid, easily disproven horseshit.

No. 468702

>>468698 big props to you for recognising that shitty behaviour, i'm proud of, anon! Fuck that guy. Fuck your mom too, break the dumb cycle.

No. 468708

I confided in my ex-step-mom (yes my psycho father divorced twice lol) about a few shitty things my dad did that hurt me as his child, partially to give her an idea of what my half-brother might be going through. She poured her heart out to me about how hard the divorce was on her as well as the kid, and I poured my own heart back. We have always had a good relationship but I never got to talk to her about her divorce bc I live abroad. My brother is around the same age as me when my dad divorced my own mom, and my dad is making the same selfish mistakes he made when I was a kid. It upsets me to see him prioritize all the wrong things when he chose to bring my brother to life. It's not even his first rodeo being a dad. Anyway, told her some shit over an emotional 1 on 1 dinner and…

Turns out my idiot step mom used what I told her as ammo in a fight, saying he is a bad father, using what I said as proof, and entirely dragged me into their bullshit. My dad sent an angry text telling me all sorts of mean shit and told me not to consider him my father if I'm gonna gossip about him. Hilarious considering he gossips about everyone with impunity.

I'm just mad at both of these people each nearly twice my age, unable to communicate to the point where they not only leave my tween brother in the middle but also my grown ass. What I told my step mom wasn't even me being bitchy, he let me down in a pretty big way and I was still hurting from that so I told a loved one about it. Not my fucking fault she is retarded enough to use that as ammo.

At least it's somewhat off my chest now. Thanks internet.

No. 468711

Am I in the right to be uncomfortable that my bf is in sexual cosplay groups…? he doesn't post or comment but like… he looks at it, his fb feed is 90% halfnaked to naked girls, I bring it up and he gets defensive saying it doesn't mean anything and then gets annoyed. I feel bad because I have bpd and I know I get stupidly jealous and upset but.. yeah

No. 468714

you are right.

No. 468717

it makes sense that you'd be uncomfortable. if nothing else, it makes him look really seedy.

i don't think he means anything emotionally bad by it - i think he just might not understand that it's a bit of a self-esteem ouch to know your SO is thirsting over models/cosplayers online. which should be obvious but also men.jpg

No. 468719

Ive been incredibly stressed and overwhelmed by school and work lately. My libido gets incredibly high when i'm stressed. I don't really drink or smoke to relieve it… however,it might be because my boyfriend is older than me by 6 years, that he's often tired and doesn't wanna do much with me, lately at least…? anyways i just wanna do…that:( but we always end our daily routines the same and are always tired. its getting kind of boring. is it normal to get to this point in a relationship? we've been together for 2 years now..

No. 468720

Now his reasoning is "he has friends who post their pictures there and he wants to support them" Who wants to see their friend's nudes??? Wtf??

No. 468725

it's not unusual for sex to take less priority as a long-term relationship goes on. maybe suggest both of you have a date night or something? get dressed up, go out, have a nice night, specifically go and do couple stuff, fuck like rabbits when ya get home?

also: if you're stressed, is he? libido (and the ability to keep it up) for men can be effected by stress

this would make sense if it was just small/local cosplayers he follows, but i'm willing to bet the bigger names (jessica nigri et al) appear in the follow list.

No. 468733

I loathe all the ~~autistic~~ tumblr retards that’s exist and make autism out to be this uwu I’m so special!! I’m so clever!! Albert Einstein was autistic! And completely ignore the low functioning ones that can’t do anything who are also violent and non verbal.

I had to watch as a low functioning autistic guy flew into a fucking rage and started hitting his mother, trying to rip her hair out some random guy had to help because he wouldn’t let go, it was fucking awful and she probably goes through that shit multiple times a day.

It reconfirmed a thousand times over that I would never want an autistic child and how much I hate the conversations that surround autism and how you’re monster if you want it cured.

No. 468737

It does seem like people don't realize how extreme a disability autism can be. I can see why, in every day life it's common to meet people on the spectrum who are weird but don't seem legitimately handicapped, and the media loves autistic savants.

>It reconfirmed a thousand times over that I would never want an autistic child

Yep, I've read a lot of stories from parents with autistic kids and it seems like an absolute nightmare. Also, a reminder for anons never to reproduce with an old man or when there's an age gap between you
>* Autism rates were 66 percent higher among children born to dads over 50 years of age than among those born to dads in their 20s. Autism rates were 28 percent higher when dads were in their 40s versus 20s.
>* Autism rates were 18 percent higher among children born to teen moms than among those born to moms in their 20s.
>* Autism rates were 15 percent higher in children born to mothers in their 40s, compared to those born to moms in their 20s
>* Autism rates rose still higher when both parents were older, in line with what one would expect if each parent’s age contributed to risk.
>* Autism rates also rose with widening gaps between two parents’ ages. These rates were highest when dads were between 35 and 44 years old and their partners were 10 or more years younger. Conversely, rates rose when moms were in their 30s and their partners were 10 or more years younger.
Makes me rage that men obsess over fertile youthful women out of fear of downs (or so they say) but completely ignore their old sperm causing autism at a much higher rate than old eggs.

No. 468741

File: 1570087632615.png (326.11 KB, 1564x1320, 1565825162845.png)

>and the media loves autistic savants.

This is seriously one of my most hated media myths. Autists and asspergers are not savants, they are quite the opposite, they have trouble even performing at base level most of the time and require patience from even the most mediocre normies. Their IQ level is average or below. I am completely in favor of tolerance and inclusion but that is very different to giving autists false ideas of self importance that are harmful to them and anyone who has to deal with their bs on a regular basis.

They are not even self aware enough to realize how inept and dumb they are and don't realize the difference between someone being polite to someone really agreeing with their antics and the retardo shit they come up with, the worst thing to do is to put in their heads that they are actually misunderstood savant geniuses, when they believe it, it absolutely ruins them forever.

No. 468753

i can't get a break. my mom passed away 3 months ago but has essentially been gone from being sick for over a year. my mom was classic stay at home mom and really took care of me and my dad. she always made amazing dinners for us and while my dad and i are capable of taking care of ourselves we both work so much and it's so hard to keep up with things like house cleaning. i miss having the comfort of her food and just cannot adjust to not having her around.

and now the one happy thing i had, getting a new kitten, is being setback or even just cancelled by my indoor cat getting fleas. i have two and the one is itching so badly already and i'm googling frantically since i've never dealt with this before and now know a whole house can be infested for months. i was already nervous about the kitten but no way i'll bring a kitten into an environment where it may get fleas. so i probably lost that and now i'm going to be stressing about the house being infested. i'll be obsessively cleaning everything and probably wont feel safe or clean in my house now for who knows how long. i have anxiety and really fixate on things so i can already tell this is just gonna throw things off for me as if i wasnt trying to adjust to so many things already.

there's also been massive changes at my job. the people i liked and were my friends are leaving and i still cant get used to my mom not being here. i'm technically an adult so it feels like i should just be able to move on without her but i cant. and i just wanted my cute new kitten. i was so excited for him and i feel so bad my cat got fleas somehow even though my cats are indoor.

No. 468763

This. The reason why autistic savants exist is that they get hyperfixated on some very specific subject and can perform in it far exceeding the average due to the vigorous practice. It's not because they have an IQ of 300.

My friend from school had a brother who was a low-functioning autist, he could barely speak and acted like an animal. People ignore how awful it is for family members to deal with these cases that become extremely violent and can't function on their own at all and only talk about the fabled Rain Man type who's just a sympathetic misunderstood genius. That's why they believe it's "unethical" to seek a cure for autism.

I honestly believe a lot of "high-functioning" autists have simply been misdiagnosed and actually have a shitty upbringing that caused them to be socially stunted and enabled their narcissism. Take Chris-chan for example, it's really up for debate if he's actually autistic or just ruined by his Norma Bates tier mother.

No. 468765

And one of the most famous autistic savants, rain man, turned out to not even be autistic

No. 468766

Im sorry anon, that sounds like a lot to deal with. I hope things get better for you.

No. 468771

I am literally learning less in art school than in my after school lessons in fucking elementary school.

No. 468776

I highly doubt chris Chan is autistic, he seems way more like a schizoid/cluster A personality disorder. It's just that everyone on the internet thinks they're an expert on everything, and if anyone posts about any kind of mental issues, be it BPD, AVPD, OCPD, schizophrenia or whatever else there will always be commenters saying "nah you dont have that, you just have autism".

Also there is no such thing as "high functioning" autism as a diagnosis, autism is just a range of symptoms and for some the symptoms are more intense than others. I think the term high functuoning is kind if misleading.

No. 468777

>they get hyperfixated on some very specific subject

But that doesn't always translate to good performance anyway. An autist is someone who might get completely obsessed with guitars to an anal level of detail and after 10 years still can't even play mildly decent, even when they won't shut up about it and can't stop sperging about their specific ideosincratic pet peeves they have with guitar music and their seemingly random enciclopedic knowledge of guitar trivia they might still be low end musicians.

Everyone who has ever studied a discipline has known at least one of those asspies who seem obssesed and hyped about it but never improves.

No. 468783

anon you have no idea what you're talking about lmao.

No. 468785

Chris has never struck me as autistic (or high functioning). He just seems straight up retarded.

No. 468789

he strikes me as autistic just because of the types of autists that i've met IRL but he's not high functioning in the slightest lmao.

No. 468791


From what i remember from the docs about him he seemed to be doing fine up until the time he hit adult age and found the internet and then he really went off the rails. From that perspective his state does seem to be amplified by neglect and a shitty lifestyle, maybe he would be doing a lot better in another context.

No. 468799

He would 100% have done much better in another context. He was raised by two very elderly redneck parents
who were ashamed of him and thought they could hide his issues. The reason he seemed better as a kid than an adult is because being in school helped him socialize and be productive. As soon as he graduated he went downhill and had no support from either his parents or a therapist, and he had no way to interact with people his age. I really hope he gets a carer or goes to a group home after his mother passes.

No. 468809

I'm in a relationship with a really good guy and I hate how being previously in an extremely abusive relationship fucked me up

I'm paranoid of being taken for granted and have a habit of pushing him away and distancing myself out of fear he no longer thinks I'm good enough, takes small inoffensive things he says and blows them out of proportion, I get extremely paranoid and afraid anytime I make small mistakes even if it's at small of running into him to the point where I lock myself in a room out of fear due to how unforgiving my ex was and the fear he had instilled in me. I'm so use to being unloved that more than a few minutes of cuddles makes me feel like I'm annoying and clingy. Can barely have sex with him because of how judgemental my ex was of my body, often making extremely uncalled for comments about my body in the middle of or after sex despite me having literal ab lines, D cup tits, hips, butt and clear skin but that's not good enough. Paranoia of being compared to.

My current definitely tries to work with me but I honestly hate how badly being in previous had fucked me up

No. 468828

it doesn't help that america has a shitty system for actually helping autistic children learn how to socialize or at least blend better. and chris-chan got exposed to really shit parts of the internet.

No. 468829

i don't mean to sound insensitive but this got really weird at the end when you started talking about your looks in an extremely positive way, that doesn't seem healthy either. i think you should get some therapy, anon.

No. 468836

Eh. I put it out there to show I'm not exactly unattractive so there's no reason for him to make such comments. I always feel like when women speak up about men being abusive over looks they always imagine women who are fat or too skinny

No. 468850

I dont know what part of my comment you're referring to. I don't know much about autism, but I myself am cluster A (I have schizotypal PD which is frequently mistaken for autism/misunderstood in general) and anytime I talk about my symptoms online I get the "nah, you just have autism" comments, and whenever I watch videos from people who have BPD and other PDs there are always the "nah, you just have autism" comments.

but I'm right in saying that "high functioning autism" isn't an official diagnosis, at least according to the DSM5, I believe. Some people have really aggressive cancer that spreads fastly and kills them fast, while others have cancer that spreads slowly and can be stopped, but you wouldn't call it "high functioning cancer". Thats why its misleading, it implies that it has to do with the functioning of the person rather than the severity of the condition/symptom. Based I'm videos ive watched about autism, but if I'm wrong enlighten me.

That being said if you're going to tell someone that they don't know what they're talking about you could at least explain how instead just going "ur wrong lmao" and walking away.

No. 468853

i meant about chris-chan specifically not about whatever armchair shit you're spewing. chris-chan's condition has been plastered all over the internet.

as for high-functioning while it isn't a formal diagnosis, autism as a diagnosis is a spectrum. the official diag is autism spectrum disorder, the "high functioning etc" is an informal rating given to describe the severity of the symptoms. autism is a social developmental disorder, so it's fair to call it that, because the functioning in this case relates to social function.

also cancer diagnoses do have similar classifications, of course makes no sense to use the same wording lmao.

if i could hazard a guess i think that people think you have autism because of shit like this post, but it's obviously not autism, you're just trying to act extremely well versed in something you're not.

No. 468854

>I always feel like when women speak up about men being abusive over looks they always imagine women who are fat or too skinny


who the fuck is they, the men?

again i wasn't trying to be rude or undermine your post, just trying to point it out. not trying to assume anything about your looks, but it might be something to consider.

No. 468856

>"I'm really sorry about what happened last night."
No you're not faggot! You were willing to say you hated me and kicked me when I was already down because of some immature bullshit you concocted in your head. You fucking broke up with me over a text message, gaslighted me about something that allegedly happened days ago, and didn't even have the decency to talk to me about whatever imaginary bullshit bothered you.
If you'll accuse me twice of cheating, you'll never stop fucking accusing me the moment you get an idea in your head. You either want me emotionally on edge all the time, or you don't fucking trust me. Wow, such an attractive relationship prospect.

What a psycho.

No. 468859

A mutual friend of my close friend apparently messaged her last night saying she doesn't want to be friends anymore. I don't know the details and I'm not going to bother to pry because honestly… I just… don't care. Or maybe a better way would be to say that I just don't have the spoons to care (pls no bully). We already had a talk months ago about it, and I didn't want her to think that I was upset with her or ghosting her, I'm just… so much more easily mentally exhausted. I like to have my time after work to myself, I like to have my weekends to myself. The talk was rocky, but I just… felt like I had to stand up for myself. Sorry for not accommodating you, but I just decided that for once… I'm not going to stretch myself thin to please someone else. I'm fucking tired. We got our feelings out in the open, and it felt like things got better after that since I didn't feel constantly bombarded by her and tried to make more of an effort on my end to send her little memes and tag her in places to make her feel like I was still there (as much as I could before just sort of shitting out on myself).

Recently in the past month I feel like it's snowballed back into the situation before we had our talk. Conversation after conversation, constantly being invited out, constantly making plans in the future. I feel like she'll take offense to if I say 'hey sorry, feeling tired, don't really want to talk' because she honestly didn't really take to well to it the first time. I still don't know if it's right for me to be selfish or not. She's my best friend and sacrifices a lot for me, I should for her too, right? But I… don't want to anymore.

And then of course our mutual friend comes out to talk to her about not wanting to be friends anymore, and I'm just kind of stuck here. In between knowing that I should offer my shoulder for her to cry on because that's the right thing to do and what the old me would have done, and being 2 seconds away from fucking snapping because I'm tired of keeping up with her and know I'll end up doing the same thing (to my regret).

I don't know what to do anymore. I starting to feel comfortable in my loneliness, starting to finally feel comfortable with myself again after working through a lot of garbage earlier this year… but I feel like a shittier version of myself because I can't be there for her like I used to, because I don't feel like the me from before.

I saw her text but I really don't know how I'm supposed to respond.

No. 468862

honestly i feel bad for her, you sound like a shitty friend and you need some kind of help. if she said she doesn't want to be friends with you and she'd totally be in the right.

No. 468869

NTA, but people do do that. I have seen that before.

No. 468878

I'm beyond tired of socially awkward secluded people like you and i'm tired of how your kind is popping up everywhere yet somehow want to pretend the antisocial and inconsiderate way of acting is normal.

No. 468879

>She's my best friend and sacrifices a lot for me, I should for her too, right? But I… don't want to anymore.

She may be your best friend but you have made it abundantly clear that you aren’t hers. Let her go, anon, if you’re not willing to put in the time and effort to maintain a relationship then let her know so it doesn’t get even more strained, friendships take work, you have to be willing to put others ahead of yourself

No. 468883

Thank you anon. We met and lived together in college, and I don't know if it's just because we used to be together 24/7 that we felt comfortable enough in each other's presence to not constantly have to talk or do fun special things together that made it a lot nicer to be around her or what. She used to be one of the people in my life where, even if being around others exhausts me, she didn't. She felt like someone who I felt recharged just being around her. Now it's just the opposite.

I honestly wish she would let us drift apart. I know I'm being a terrible friend and she's been meeting so many other people that are definitely her energy level and have the same interests, but she won't let go. I'm hesitant to come out and bite the bullet and save us trouble in the long run because our mutual friend just did it and I don't want to rub salt in the wound, and over the past few years our other friends from college decided to ghost her for whatever reason too. I stayed by her side and didn't want to end up being them, because she's a wonderful person and friend, but now I'm just turning into the type of person I hate.

No. 468887

Sorry for deleting the post. I deleted because I misread that she ended the friendship with you, not that the other friend ended the friendship with her.

Regardless, I'm still sorry for both of you. It's a terrible situation to be in.

People do change over time, so do our interests and priorities. I guess now it would seem like a terrible thing to just tell her you're leaving her too.

Though it does seem weird that so many people are ditching her? Maybe she's just the type of bubbly high energy person that only a few can keep up with? I'm not implying she's a terrible person just that well, it's not easy to be friends with someone like that.

I wouldn't like to be in your shoes right now as I've never been blunt myself. I always forced the drifting apart thing and hoped that the other person would get the hint after canceling so many invites, plans et cetera which I'm not proud of, but telling someone face-to-face that you don't want to be friends anymore seems so cruel yet probably miles better than the ghosting like I did.

And while she does deserve a good friend, you too shouldn't be harsh on yourself. Some friendships fall apart and it's not necessarily anyone's fault. Good luck, anon!

No. 468893

I ended up answering her text but I really don't think I can console her. She said our mutual friend told her she doesn't have the desire to talk to or hang out with her anymore. Now my friend feels like her self esteem is destroyed and she wished that our friend would have let the friendship fade out naturally instead of just telling her 'hey I don't want to be friends anymore'. I sympathize with her, and I feel so bad that she has to go through this again, with someone she was so close with. At the same time, I know this was the best course of action because I feel like my friend doesn't let friendships fade out. I think it was either our mutual friend end it right there and now, or it would've just become a passive aggressive situation like with our old friends where they kept talking to/inviting her out less and less and she was upset that she wasn't included. Either way she feels hurt.

I don't really know what to do. She's a really nice and hardworking person, and we've been friends for so long for a reason, yknow? But I do think she's just that type of bubbly high energy person, but just doesn't realize how much it takes to keep up with her. I'm scared of bringing it up and hurting her feelings even more.

No. 468904

>the "high functioning etc" is an informal rating given to describe the severity of the symptoms.
Well according to what I've read this isn't even true. From the different articles I've read, the term "high functioning" specifically means an autistic person with an average/above average IQ for their age and no intellectual disability, but doesn't have anything to with the other symptoms. And this is why some people don't like the label "high functioning" because it implies that they function better overall which they don't necessarily, hence why it's misleading and potentially harmful. https://medicalxpress.com/news/2019-06-term-high-functioning-autism-consigned.html

>you're just trying to act extremely well versed in something you're not.

I literally said I didn't know much about autism, not sure how that's trying to act ~~~extremely well versed~~~ in it

>i meant about chris-chan specifically not about whatever armchair shit you're spewing

Okay well this one is true, I'm not even sure who chris chan is, I just googled him and he's not who I was thinking of. I was thinking of the "hiding in my room" guy or whatever he's called. I'm really bad with names, sorry.

No. 468914

your posts may not be autistic but you're extremely grating and cringy. posting a bunch of articles and saying "but i read thiiis" doesn't mean you know anything, but it makes you seem like a know it all for sure. we don't care about your thoughts on autism or terms people use, we just wanted to talk about chris-chan, follow the convo.

No. 468929

File: 1570129832523.jpg (61.67 KB, 680x686, 24b.jpg)

NTA but how come when there's someone apologizing for them being a dumbass, it's like one of you people double down on insulting that person? I don't get the psychology behind this extremely common internet phenomena. I even see it on social media

No. 468942

did you read her OP post? she's not even apologizing in the post you're referring to at all. she just keeps on going.

No. 468944

File: 1570134739141.png (463.64 KB, 1600x540, 8 Women Who’ve Tried Anal Sex …)

Im seriously SO tired of the obsession with anal sex to the point where literal teen magazines post nothing but articles about anal sex all day
every males online website has been nothing but anal and choking and spitting for awhile but its leaking to womens and teen girl magazines

its so fucking abnormal and scary and I really feel bad for girls that are having to grow up in this era and what they're going to have to deal with because its only going to be worse things as time goes on

No. 468949

She said she didn't know much about autism and she is also bad with remembering names basically admitting defeat and showing submissiveness.

Sure it wasn't said in the OP post but the last post which that person replied to is what was her final say. I also don't understand why on the internet there is some unwritten rule why the OP is the final saying of someone's opinion and some static thing even though real world conversations don't work like that.

Idk, even though she seems pretty autistic this is also autistic and socially awkward.

No. 468953

hard agree, it's really fucking weird and if i were growing up right now i'd be disgusted at what was expected of me.

No. 468962

Are girls teen magazines really written by women? I can't think that there are older women who would brainwash teenage girls into doing anal and deepthroating and plenty of uncomfortable painful shit instead of teaching them that their pleasure and comfort matters too?

No. 468965

a lot of the male websites that do articles about anal actually do let ~females~ write the articles

or at least they claim its females but i dont know if i believe it, if it is actually women its probably the same kind of women that believe theres nothing wrong with pornography and lie about the females in the scene actually enjoying it

No. 468968

People are just horny fucks anon. Teens both girls and boys are just horny fucks. It's only until recently people admit females are in fact are curious about sex and think about it a lot and different forms of it.

Not supporting girls being pressured into anal or anything of course, but it's just straight delusion to act as if the evil jews or whatever are instilling questions and thoughts about sex into girls heads. Teen girls have always been curious about sex

No. 468976

… I completely don't understand the culture behind references.

I'm currently in a position that I'm ready to move on from, and I'm trying to move up rather than sideways. Fortunately I have a supportive manager who has agreed to be a reference for me while I try to find a new job. So far I have managed to reach the interview phase of 2 jobs, both with pretty big companies, both higher than my current position, unfortunately I did not get the job after both interviews… but on both occasions they contacted my references with an email form that asked so many fucking questions and the answers had to be elaborate… To me this just seems so rude, my manager is very busy and she's graciously agreed to do this for me, but last time I had to ask her for the reference email (as the company contacted me to say that they hadn't received it yet) and she said "oh anon! I'm so sorry I got half way through but I had to put it down" like.. I want to keep applying to move up cause I'm getting so close each time, and I just passed another aptitude test but I don't want to burden my manager anymore when she's done so much already.

No. 468982

Damn, I was always told to put "references available upon request" because they'll never actually check in the first place (I'm in the US). I really hate most aspects of job hunting culture, all the fake "im sooooo interested in this job" shit and having to call back all the time to where you're just being annoying because they're never honest with you in the first place about rejecting you. Everyone knows that nobody really gives a shit, we just need money to not fucking die.

No. 468984

um. women being expected to lose their virginity to anal sex is a relatively new thing. my mom and grandma were just ranting about this the other day and how fucking weird it is so.

sort of the same topic but my cousin is getting sex ed shit about how safe and fulfilling anal can be in health class. this is not the same as hurr durr people are horny, this is 'dudes find assfucking hot so best get ready'

fuck that shit

No. 468987

Same here, not in the US though. The only time anyone has ever called my references for anything is for housing applications (in which case not only did they call, but sent out email surveys too).

No. 468992

What fucks me up is how these applications still expect you to be in good memorable standing with said reference a few years out. I generally don't keep super close contact with my references once I leave my old jobs. Secondly, I've always performed well but I think even the best performer's accomplishments would eventually be forgotten after 2-3 years in an industry that has high turnover. I'm fine with companies confirming dates of employment, but it's such a shit deal to expect these past connection to care enough to fill out a damn survey.

Evidently a lot of people just ask their friends and family members to lie about their references. It just gets tricky doing that since they gotta remember to keep the story straight and talk professionally.

No. 468993

Ugh. That reminds me. It's been a while since I went through sex ed, but I remember being taught how to put on a condom, and the teacher encouraged us to "try doing it with your mouth, boys tend to like that!"

I swore to never give a guy oral back then and I never have. Fuck that.

No. 468996

The whole employment application process is super dated and pointless. Everyone knows that to get jobs you lie like hell on your resume and at the interview for the best possible shot. Except the boomers interviewing you, apparently, they actually think you're super excited about synergy and company values and selling your soul for the brand.

TF? I'd never put my mouth anywhere near a condom, the smell of latex is gag inducing.

No. 469001

god why, why, why did i have to get my period 2 days before my first date with my long distance boyfriend of 2 years. why why fucking why. i'm so embarrassed. just yesterday i was feeling like such a bad bitch, ready to suck some dick and get fucked wildly by the person i love but now i can't do that! and i'm so embarrassed for the moment he tries to touch me and i have to tell him. i'll be feeling so gross. i hate this shit.

No. 469003

Just tell him…maybe he doesn't mind period sex. Put a towel down. Go nuts.

No. 469004

LDRs aren't real after 1 year.

No. 469007

I remember similar stuff like that. I guess sex ed teachers thought that if they taught us those kinds of degrading ways to make our boyfriends wear protection, then it was still better than getting an STD or knocked up. The lesser of two evils if you will.
At least I can see how fellatio and vaginal intercourse would remain natural inclinations for teenagers experimenting.
But >>468984 I am shocked that they're starting to teach anal sex in a health class. I wonder how normalized other fetishes will become in the future so much that they'll start to become standard topics in a health class.
Can you imagine?

No. 469009

why can't you suck dick when you have your period


No. 469011

>>469009 the blood flows from all holes, anon.

No. 469014

i got suspended from reddit for saying all pedophiles should die because apparently that's "inciting violence"


No. 469016

Do they not realize how inappropriate that or do they just not care at all?

No. 469017

Well that's what you get for threatening the moderator's uncle!

No. 469018

Why are you booing me meme. It's technically not inciting violence, but even if it was it's against those that deserve it.

No. 469019

all of the guys that I've been with have done the exact same thing to me- seemed super sweet and wonderful in the beginning, slowly got tired of me, pulled away more and more then forgot I existed completely. I've had this experience 3 times, and with the first 2 they clearly had issues, but my third boyfriend had a completely different temperament and we were friends first so I thought it wouldn't happen, but then it ended up happening anyway. I have no idea how to prevent it, because despite my best efforts it still happened. I'm not going to try again because I know the same thing will happen again and I don't want to deal with the pain. how people can manage to stay in a relationship that lasts longer than a few months is a mystery to me.

I don't care if this sounds cliche, I'm giving up on men, and on "love" which I don't believe exists. men can't love women the way we love them and that's a fact. I don't trust men anymore because all they do is lie and fill you with false promises and then take it back later and act like everything bad that happened was your fault.

No. 469022

Yes! This is the worst. I actually had great relationships with all my references, but now it's been 3 years since I worked beneath my second reference, and they have moved on to another position. I saw them out in public the other day and we had a nice polite conversation, but it was obvious life had just taken us in different directions. It's not even begrudgingly, we had an excellent work relationship, but that's more or less where it ended and I don't understand how I'm supposed to ask him to take time from his day for me. It's just not how it works.

No. 469023

you did nothing wrong. Most pedophiles are men, and most men have pedophillic traits so men get offended when you make statements like that. you didn't even break the inciting violence rule. there are men who post in r/actuallesbians who have stuff to the effect of "kill terfs" in their flairs and no one says shit to them.

No. 469026

I don't know… It's a pretty edgy thing to say. The fact is that paedophiles are straight up suffering from a condition. It is one thing to exploit a child and absolutely wrong, but many people suffer with unwanted thoughts. I had a client who voluntarily attended sessions with us because he was deathly afraid of thoughts he was having about his niece, he expected confidentiality and my boss reported the case the CPS and an investigator went to his niece's house to tell the parents about the danger immediately. That broke my heart in a way because the man came to us for help and we just vilified him. So, in a way, I think your statement was a little barbaric.

No. 469027

Not that you asked for any advice, I just found your situation relatable and wanted to share some ideas that have helped me cope with shitty men while protecting my feelings in the dating realm:

If I make myself too available and put in too much effort early, men will take me for granted and pull away from my enthusiasm. This has always hurt me because the truth is I love being romantic and being in relationships, but too often my feelings get taken advantage of and played. Selfish men will see my joy and want to destroy it just to prove they can manipulate me and exert power over how I feel. Men love having women cry over them because they think that proves their desirability and feeds into their ego.
I choose not to give them this power.
I know them first before I truly reciprocate, a "trial" period–if you will. I don't even let my friends or loved ones know I'm in a relationship until a man has proved his role to me.

Many men enjoy novelty and playing games. Rather than risk sticking my neck out by being direct with my emotions, I let men chase after me to prove what they're willing to do for me. I get plenty of rejections, but I lose nothing at the end of my day. Before, I used to worship any little thing men did for me. I realized I was inadvertently setting a low bar. Now, whenever they're nice and sweet, I express my gratitude but make it known that I expect more. There's no more coddling from me or acting like I don't deserve such respect as a base minimum.
Any man who doesn't put in this quintessential courtship effort wasn't going to get serious with me, and wasn't going to do for me in any relationship I would have theoretically had with em.

What women hurt over in a failed relationship are feelings and ideations.
What men hurt over in a failed relationship are their sunk assets and bruised egos.
I don't make myself vulnerable by emotionally investing off the bat anymore. I take from men what they offer so that if they bail, then they're the ones who've lost. Meanwhile I'm treated to fun nights out, dinners, and shopping.

I'm consistent with this standard and know that there's other men out there that will attempt to replace the former if they're not up to snuff. I don't even entertain that I'm doing something wrong or could have done things differently.
In the past, being the loving doormat, doer, "cool girl," mommy, and free fleshlight got me nowhere and left me with nothing. Even though I was conforming to everything men allegedly wanted.

Anyway anon, don't cut yourself off from relationships if love and companionship are what you want. Just realize their transactional nature and the steps you can take to emotionally protect yourself.

No. 469028

when someone admits pedophilic urges it should be treated in the same way as someone admitting to having murderous urges. especially when the person is having them towards a certain individual.

No. 469029

basically. your right to confidentiality goes out the door if you are a danger to yourself or others and the man that anon is talking about was absolutely a danger to that child.

No. 469031

Right.. so better for him to shut his mouth then and never confront it? should do wonders for nieces everywhere.

No. 469032

he needs to continue to seek treatment but his sibling and their partner deserve to know that this man has a desire to grievously harm their child so they can take the appropriate precautions.

No. 469033

most keep their mouth shut anyway. just means one less child in danger.

No. 469034

An unwanted desire, with zero intent stated. I wonder how comfortable you would be having to broadcast every wicked thought you have.

No. 469038

I don't have persistent fantasies about raping children, so no can't relate. I wonder how comfortable you would be if your brother was telling his therapist about his desire to rape your child and they did nothing to stop him.
are you >>469026 ? if you are, and you've worked with therapists surely you'd be aware confidentiality agreements between mental health practitioners and their clients cease if the client is a danger to themselves or another person. this man was a danger and the appropriate action was taken.

No. 469039

Yes I am actually and there needs to be a likelihood for it to occur before the confidentiality is breached. In general we are supposed to assess the probability of it occuring, not the possibility, as it is not conducive to treatment if we throw anyone with a deviant thought under the bus. I was very upset with my boss when she reported it to CPS because she was doing it as a "precaution" in case we became liable, he had openly stated that he DID NOT want to follow through on the desires and his willingness to seek treatment put his probability of offending below a 50% margin. Evidently CPS have a different threshold so once we had passed the information on they jumped at the chance. I'm very upset because we haven't seen him since, he was a voluntary client and CPS responsibility stops at securing the physical safety of the child i.e. just cutting the uncle out of her life. So once that was done they left, and now I don't know what he's doing or how he feels.

No. 469047

>not saying anything means not doing anything

No. 469048

>at college today
>got a nice latte to enjoy for breakfast, go to sit down in the same building on campus like I have been doing for nearly a year and a half without problems
>always come here because it's quiet and no one bothers you, campus is too busy and we have issues with solicitors harassing you on campus, library is so crowded there's no where to sit
>have gone to campus safety many times for being accosted by people selling "spa treatments" and just want some goddamn peace and quiet to study before class without someone asking me for my number
>while I'm reading and drinking my coffee, some fat bitch comes out of nowhere and tells me I can't sit in the hallway because fire marshalls, blah blah blah
>I tell her that I understand, okay, stand up, no big deal
>she leaves
>I decide to pick up my things on the floor as I need to get to class anyway
>hard to do it without kneeling down again as I books, cups, and other shit
>here she comes again like some demon
>starts asking me why I'm on campus and what I'm doing in the building, gets up in my face, is being oddly aggressive for no reason
>proceeds to tell me that students are not allowed in the entire building, which includes our cafeteria, student services, and a student study lounge
>there are no signs saying students cannot be in the building, and I tell her so and ask her wtf is her problem, did someone complain?
>claims if I start sitting there then everyone will start sitting there too and shitting up the halls, doesn't answer my direct questions about why she's being hostile
>tell her that I am only there to study and relax, and no one has told me to leave ever, not even campus safety who has seen me multiple times in this very building and has never told me to leave, just asked if I was okay
>ask her who she is as she just looks like some random person with an attitude
>lies and tells me she's the head of the entire department and she can do whatever she wants
>later find out she's an assistant
>demands that I give her my name and ID so she can call the police on me for "trespassing", tells me that I don't belong on campus and that I should either get out of the college or go somewhere else
>I don't give her my ID because I don't know who she is, she isn't the police, she could be anyone, starting to get suspicious there's more to this than just me sitting on the floor
>tell her that she's being rude, she gets mad and starts pointing in my face and accusing me of being "disrespectful"
>I didn't raise my voice or cuss at her, just keep asking her why she's targeting me, apologize, tell her I'm not just loitering for no reason as she accuses me of "sitting on my ass"
>can tell she doesn't believe I'm a student
>eventually walk away from her as she's not making any sense and she's telling me that I'm trespassing and that I don't belong on campus and need to leave
>makes some catty comment as I'm walking away about how she hopes to "never see me on campus again"
>department tells me that there is no rule saying I can't be in the building, that I can sit there as long as I like, that she is not the department head and had no right to speak to me that way
>just feel so defeated because I know there was some prejudice going on there, feel like an ugly monster because I was just existing

No. 469050

>demands that I give her my name and ID so she can call the police on me for "trespassing", tells me that I don't belong on campus and that I should either get out of the college or go somewhere else

Lmao, she thought you were some transient vagabond with your shabby college attire and floor latte. Hilarious.
Is solicitation really such an issue? Wow!

No. 469051

I understand that people change over time and gain new beliefs and ideals. But it worries me every time I see my boyfriend watching political videos. I remember him telling me years ago that two things he was not interested in are religion and politics. Now he won't stop watching them. A lot of these videos have anti-feminist rhetoric too. Just yesterday, I heard the video he was watching, talking about how most men, regardless of their age, want a partner in her early 20s and not career focused. And the video after that talking about how the "negative" effects of women working. I told myself "maybe he doesn't actually believe the videos he's watching," but today he repeated that bullshit when I was watching a cooking video on YouTube. The chef was a woman, and he says "that's a housewife hustle. You can't get a kitchen that good if you aren't a housewife." We've been together for seven years, and I don't want to leave him because of a difference in beliefs. I'm hoping it is a temporary thing, but I just don't know anymore.

No. 469052

If you’ve been together for so long he may now be showing his true colours for what expects of you, has the topic of marriage or children at any time popped up?

No. 469053

NTA but I unironically hope all pedophiles just drop dead one day. Every single one. I couldn’t less of a shit if it’s a mental condition, it’s something that causes endless suffering if they have their way - why should I extend any sympathy towards someone who wants to rape, and exceedingly often murder, the most vulnerable demographic

They’re genuinely evil and I couldn’t care less if it’s because they’re born that way.

No. 469054

Just once, but it was more of a "I'd like to have children eventually, after I've travelled the world and fulfilled my dreams." But he's never pressured me into having any.

No. 469055

Just to clarify, you're talking about people that are sexually attracted to children but don't act on it or specifically the ones who intend to or have abused children?

Conversations about pedophiles are always so awkward to me because I think there's a word of difference between having a fantasy and abusing a living being but I rarely see a distinction being made.

No. 469056

world* of difference

No. 469057

It may be worth checking in with him what his hopes for your future together are. This isn’t a red flag, but I don’t think you should ignore this sudden shift in attitude, it could be just the tip of the iceberg

No. 469059

No. 469060

Double post, but one day I confronted him about his sudden interest in political videos. He said the reason was because his brother (whom he was living with at the time) wouldn't shut up about Trump. His brother is very anti-Trump, so instead of, I don't know, ignoring him, he looks up some of the claims his brother made and it made him very pro-Trump. And it's been downhill from there.

No. 469061

Is it that you don't believe there could actually a distinction between the two or do you just feel that some thoughts make one worthy of death on a sorta spiritual or metaphysical level?

No. 469062

Thank you, I will do that. Admittedly, I don't stay up to date on political affairs, but I'll try to be as eloquent as I can with how it makes me feel.

No. 469073

I found a hard drive with photos from 15+ years back and it’s been giving me a deep sense of melancholy. Seeing my parents looking younger, our home before a ton of remodeling, old pets that passed away, friendships that have long since dissolved… all of that is a bit sad to look at. In some ways, I wish I had forgotten the existence of these photos. They’re reminders of how time passes by so quickly. If I could wish for anything, I wish I could go back and re-live those moments and also change the way things turned out.

No. 469074

>Double post, but one day I confronted him about his sudden interest in political videos. He said the reason was because his brother (whom he was living with at the time) wouldn't shut up about Trump. His brother is very anti-Trump, so instead of, I don't know, ignoring him, he looks up some of the claims his brother made and it made him very pro-Trump. And it's been downhill from there.

I have had a similar experience as your bf.Interacting with sex positive hypocritical libfems in collage who made everything about Trump and tried to shoehorn politics into everything was infuriating and i went in to a extreme opposite direction just to counter them,thankfully I didn't fall too deep down the right wing Pit and got out of it

but I'm worried that Gen Z and younger generations are going to internalize being "right wing"

Say that a 15 year old who knows damn well that you can't change sex is dogpiled online for being a Fascist Nazi bigot. She's upset, she's unnerved, angry, and confused. Along comes a real right winger, of any degree, who is sympathetic to her and does nothing more than share common sense. This person looks not only super nice, but also super intelligent and wise. Even if this person is actually an idiot. Now the right wing looks sane, if not good. Add to that that while Contra Points has very polished left wing videos,but they're too long, just as nagging as other SJW channels, and aren't as interesting as his older work. Meanwhile, right wing youtubers are entertaining, even if you are hate watching them. And they outnumber Contra Points and Kat Blaque. Contra Points puts way more effort into his videos, but when he gets invited to debates he refuses to go because he's scared of losing and legitimizing the other persons beliefs which makes him come across as a coward.

No. 469082

When my bf and I first started dating, I was trans friendly and supportive and he was critical/not accommodating to them at all. But over the course of our relationship, these opinions have switched (thanks GC) and I desperately want him to go back to his critical ways lmao. The only night we were joking around about something dumb and he made a joke about getting fake boobs, I immediately got super serious and let him know I wouldn’t continue to be with him romantically/sexually if he decided to identify as a girl in any capacity. Like he was definitely joking, but I’m still paranoid about it lmao. But!!! He was like “oh, so you only love me for my dick” like… no, buuuut yes that is a requirement. A man who calls himself a man and has a penis is the bare minimum requirement of my love. I’m cursing myself for my dumb views clearly rubbing off on him, I hope I can reverse it lmao

No. 469098

I don't understand. You imply here >>469031 that silence will lead the pedophile to offend, but then in this post, you're going on about how there's "zero intent stated".
If he has no intent, why doesn't he just keep it to himself and leave the child alone? If he can't keep it to himself and leave the child alone, why would the child's mother (or any other adult) be wrong in heeding his admission and keeping the child away from him?
How would disclosing things and letting him be around the child help him not molest the child, exactly? All I can see is the pedophile and his enablers putting the onus on the child to "be careful, because of your uncle's ~*condition*~!" and ultimately, ample victim-blaming and offender-coddling if anything does happen. Why shouldn't parents and professionals just nip that in the bud and say "Nobody with those urges needs to be around my kid or anyone else's. Let's just prevent this now. He will go to a doctor, and we will protect our children"?
If there's truly no intent, then there is no threat, and therefore no point in disclosing it. If the urges are so strong that they must be spoken of and discussed, then there is intent, and part of solving the issue would be keeping children away from the person with those urges, and for that person to seek help in the meantime.
Acceptance and positivity for pedophilia does not discourage pedophiles from their urges, neither does it stop children from being abused. It just opens the door for pedophiles to engage in their urges with fewer social repercussions. Abuse can be waved away as a "simple mistake, he couldn't help himself uwu", and that's not helpful for anyone (except manipulative sex offenders looking for an out).
Pedophiles should seek therapy and/or castration. They should not be pining for "understanding" and "acceptance" from the mainstream, because the actions their compulsions drive them to engage in ultimately should never be accepted.
CPS should have ensured that the man continue getting therapy instead of just leaving him to his own devices, but removing him from the niece's life was not the wrong decision by any stretch.

No. 469113

File: 1570184935576.png (840.75 KB, 860x564, dkm24246.PNG)

I used to side with my mum no matter what, I used to justify all of her problematical behaviours even towards me… I'm done with her now, we haven't spoken for two weeks and she's saying that I'm selfish and I'm apathetic towards her struggles which never changed as long I remember, she also brought it on herself most of the time, she likes to stir gossip but act like she wants the best for the person in question, she is always the poor one.
She used to be a victim and there is no disagreeing on that, she was a victim for a long time but now she is starting to be a villain herself, she is still under that mask that she is a helpless victim which jars me the most.
She is almost 50 and guess what she bloody did, fucking take a fucking guess? she went and got pregnant!!! I want to fucking die, I feel like I'm living in a nightmare, she already has five children me being the eldest and everyone has told her to stop having children but she doesn't listen, she wants to have a kid despite her already having much more than the average woman anywhere in the world, we are struggling financially and we don't even have enough room in the house when we're just six -my father doesn't live with us- which is I guess another reason why she got pregnant; that is to fix her marriage, she is always fixing it with children and it is beyond selfish, she is bringing a child to this world when she is too old to even take any care of when this kid starts going to school and the environment isn't even stable, there is no money, no room, no time for a child and this is beyond comprehension, and it did make my father get back to her a little so it is working, good for her I guess….
Can't wait until I have enough money to move out already.

No. 469114

File: 1570185180402.jpg (13 KB, 324x451, YiapL2a.jpg)

after a while of contemplating if i should do volunteer work,i decided to send a mail to a non-profit organization in my country to volunteer.i was supposed to go for an interview next week but i have to do an errant i cant skip so i set it for the end of the month

despite feeling quite good the first time i called,now i have started doubting my choice because idk how it will go and what volunteering could be like in the future.my biggest issue is that i decided to do this on a whim and i havent told anyone yet,at least not until the interview.it gets my work involved since it's the family bussiness im working at and i dont think i would have a positive reaction from some people in my family.i already feel bad for postponing the interview in the end of the month and being unable to go on specific dates and times "due to work-related matters" and i dont even know if i will be able to do it at the days im free.im really concerned of anyone finding out and while i know this adds unecessary stress,im thinking about the criticism im going to face in case it gets found out.critisism has prevented me from making choices I wanted in the past and giving up stuff not to upset people/get upset in the process and i dont want that to be a factor for what i plan to do now.in case it doesnt go well,id rather it being my own fuck up rather than a fuck up caused by another person's behaviour

i decided to do this since im in a better mental state atm and want to contribute to something somehow and i think this could be good for me no matter what happens.i hate the fact that i wanna do something worthwhile yet i have to face roadblocks during the process and act in secrecy because im afraid of judgement or even be prevented from doing it.im already kinda regretting going through with this even tho it's a good cause

No. 469116

A homeless man I knew well where I used to live died two months ago and I only heard about it now. He was a guy with mental health issues and he was always high but never dangerous and he was super nice to everyone so he had a lot of friends in the neighborhood. I talked to him pretty often and I only heard about it because there's a petition now to force to police to investigate because according to his autopsy he was beaten to death. I feel super weird about this.

No. 469118

File: 1570187594910.png (1.41 MB, 1920x1039, Capture888.PNG)

Im so tired and depressed, october has been a shitty month so far so im not looking forward to anything…a long term friend went out of nowhere and try to decide to break up our friendship because i kept talking abt one topic only ( we sort it out eventually but still ) she could have said something or discuss it with me but she choose to drop me like a hot potato. I just want to cry, all these times through thick and thin, the memories we share together even the gifts i sent her from the bottom of my heart, care for her even though shes halfway around the world and in the heat of the moment she choose to end it without hesitating or remembering those things…

No. 469119

I can't live with my partner's family. It's impossible and every day that passes by I'm more and more uncomfortable. There's language barrier but they do speak english, however all times we are together I'm left out because they speak in their language and I can't join any conversation. This has lead me to be on my phone 24/7 because they barely speak to me. Funny that they consider rude to be on the phone while in company of others but idk Karen no one speaks my native language nor anyone makes the effort to start a conversation in english. His parents are also pretty random and always after us as if we were naive kids. I've been cooking for myself since I was 16 and STILL they are always in the kitchen when it's our turn to cook dinner. Like if we were clueless and didn't know what a pan is. They have this obsessive rule that if you use something it goes directly to the disheasher. I've used things and cleaned then with sponge and soap and they put it in the dishwasher when I'm not looking even tho I cleaned it myself. Latest thing was I cleaned my makeup brushes (and made sure they were 100% clean due to my allergies) and put them near the window on a towel to soak off the water. Right now my parter told me he was scolded this morning because apparently the towel was full of makeup, which is a huge lie since I checked 3 times if the brushes were clean and 2 times both sides the towel before hanging it. Another rule is all doors must be kept open until you go to sleep so several times I've been studying, playing, talking to friends or simply minding my own business and they appear on our backs asking things or small talking (which I find annoying. I can't small talk with anyone it simply doesn't come out. If you want to talk then do it about something that we can use for a conversation). Some days I also wake up and there's people in the room moving things around and obviously not respecting our privacy. It annoys me so much the mother makes up lies or complains to him when she could talk to me directly, and that they are so obsessive with stuff. I'm going to buy my own plates and towels at this rate. They also have this empty nest syndrome when it's about their daughter but with us they're always lowkey asking when are we going to move out (as if they didn't really care about their son) when we have said numerous times it's start of next year. Oh and for my birthday they asked a week before what I wanted and I said clothes but apparently they bought the presents 2 months earlier so I don't even know why they asked lol it annoys me so much because when I see someone forgot to turn off the living room lights:I do it and I dont tell anyone. When someone forgets to flush or put down the toilet lid: I do it and dont tell anyone. When someone has forgotten to plug in the coffee machine: I do it and don't tell anyone. I do the things they forgot and I dont complain the next day, but when it's the other way they always complain and say it like if they were the youngest sibling trying to get the older one grounded. I also started language school 2 months ago and it feels like they expect me to understand what they say therefore they don't bother to speak to me in english. I just can't wait to move out.

No. 469123

You really have to be the lowest of the lowest scum to beat a person that is already down. If he really was killed, I hope they find the perpetrators and bring them to justice. This is incredibly sad. A kind soul is lost and those bastards will probably live a long life inflicting more pain and misery upon others.

No. 469151

good luck anon. you sound cool
I feel this. Rest In Peace, buddy <3

No. 469152

i hate vents like this. it's obviously your decision to be living with them. fucking get over it.

No. 469155

its not normal and neither is a teen girl wanting to get choked until she blacks out or have a guy spit on her while fucking her, yet these magazines and society in general have really taken extreme porn to the masses to the point where people cant have normal functioning LOVING sexual relationships anymore
such trash

No. 469158

it just reads like youre their sons new fling who lives with them but doesnt really attempt to connect with the family. sorry.

i get it. before my ex and i got married we spent some time living at his childhood home because of needing to save money and living with a whole bunch of adults (especially parents) is not easy but to expect the homeowners to change over someone who isnt even technically their family is still expecting too much.
do you have anywhere else to live until you two figure out a living situation? sounds more like they are ready for their adult son and his live in girlfriend to get out.

No. 469169

Why doesn't your man stand up to his parents when they complain about you at least sometimes?
The truth is your man is beta and he both cannot afford to move out and cannot even stick up for you to his own family when their criticisms get unfair.
Clearly there's a reason why he's not cutting off from their teat.

No. 469171

So are people supposed to deal with irritating shit and accept it wholly because they made a decision? How was that person supposed to know what was going to happen? I hate comments like yours, shut up nigga.

What country are they from? This vaguely reminds me of my husband's family who I have to go back to living with since they're obsessive and complain about everything too except they take the time to talk to me and do love me so I'm worried about the situation you have with your boyfriend's family. Are you serious together and will get married? Maybe that will change their tune

No. 469173

who cares, she should stop being an ungrateful whiny bitch.

No. 469177

The article wasn't pressuring women into anal and I clearly said I was against it… I just pointed out teenagers are naturally curious about sex. The article just answered questions about anal sex, not pressured girls into it

Also I don't see how one article about women giving their input on anal is somehow magazines writing tons of articles daily on anal and trying to get teen girls to do it constantly

No. 469178

Nta, as long as she's not causing the parents any grief who cares if she vents about how annoying they are? What they don't know won't kill em. In laws are whiny little bitches in themselves.

No. 469180

NTA but the issue(and I have noticed this myself) is that the magazines aimed at teenage girls that have a social media presence are posting things about anal sex almost daily? As if they are trying to normalize it in place of normal sex. And presenting it almost as if its safer, more acceptable and more normal than vaginal sex when 99% of the time its only pleasurable and "safe" for the male.. Thats the issue.

No. 469181

slightly OT but countries that aren't america often promote anal sex to teens because it won't get them pregnant.

No. 469184

It was one article not daily posts

No. 469187

the irony is that you sound more like a whiny bitch lmao. autistic ass

No. 469188

For awhile I was following Teen Vogue on facebook, and it was definitely daily that they were posting the crap. I no longer do and that was last year, but it was really noticeable and most of the comments were about how uncomfortable everyone felt that a teen magazine was almost obsessively posting about anal sex. Almost as if some grown ass man was sitting there in the office posting about how Uwu safe and normal it is for 13 year old girls "prepare" for anal sex by dialting with dildos. Even describing sizes and levels. As if they are adults. You dont have a problem with that?

No. 469191

my study group classmates from uni have been acting weirdly standoffish with me lately and idk why?? i've always tried my best to be nice to them, ask them about what's going on with their lives, lend them my notes, explain subjects they needed help with and update them on what they missed when they skip class. i recently was sick and had to take a couple of days off from class and when i got back i was still kinda sick, they didn't even ask me how i felt or if i was okay, all they cared about was taking pictures of my notes for an upcoming exam.

they've stopped saying "thank you" when i help them with mundane tasks, i always ask them how they did in our quizzes but they just reply with one-liners, during breaks they just go off by themselves and ignore me, and when we do get to hang out one of them lowkey seems to make fun of me because of the way i talk, or if i participate in a class, or if i don't dislike a certain teacher.

i guess i shouldn't be surprised. they'll talk shit about ANYONE, even people they've never interacted with. they're always trash talking our classmates in a group text over the most innocuous reasons, and the one that i feel makes fun of me always jumps at the chance to talk shit about a particular classmate she's clashed with in the past. i've got no doubt in my mind there's a separate group text without me in it where they talk shit about me, too. it kinda baffles me bc…we're in university, all mid-20's women, i thought this kind of petty shit died out in high school.

No. 469199

Some people just remain petty, going to college doesn't automatically make them act like semi-decent adults unfortunately.

I hope you'll be able to find a new group to study with. People like that will only drag you down.

No. 469209

teen vogue is a sinkhole abomination, their articles are fucking repellent.

No. 469210

Move out and stop leeching off them, then.

No. 469240

Lots of stores are closing in the US. Food is getting worse quality by the year and the clothing quality is all bullshit imported by China. I hate this

No. 469241

No. 469248

Not to circle back to the autism discussion but both of my nephews have autism and having to watch the oldest one is so draining.

The youngest is on the low end of the spectrum and, while he has some learning delays, he can hold a conversation with you and actually gets along well with other kids. He has things that bother him but he's not bad to take care of at all.

The oldest, on the other hand, is mid-spectrum and so much more difficult. He never listens, can talk but can't hold a conversation, has no sense of personal boundaries, still wets the bed at 10 years old, and is hard to calm down when he's upset.

I've helped raise the two of them but I really can't wait to move out. It's way too much.

No. 469264

I was a relatively popular girl, I did cheer, drill, etc. But I decided to befriend a weird anime girl in high school because I was sick of the surface level conversations with my old friends. Plus they started hanging out with the hicks, and I couldn’t stand it. Anyway, we ended up pairing really well (mostly)
We were always together. Long boarding, drinking coffee, throwing parties, etc.
And I was in a very abusive relationship with a boy during the duration of our friendship.
Anyway, we eventually stopped talking for various reasons. She would skin walk me, and befriended my ex. I stalked her twitter a little while back, and was interacting with him. Even though she knows about what he’d done to me.
Hitting me, manipulating me, screaming at me, breaking into my house, etc.
And even though we haven’t talked in years, I am still upset about it.
I wish I understood.

No. 469266

And I read an article the other day suggesting that inflation was advancing faster than the government says it has.

The next recession is going to make 2008 look happy.

No. 469268

sometimes i wonder how i'd be now if i got the mental health help i needed as a kid. i've been so fucked up since i was younger and i had suicidal ideation and went to a mental hospital but nothing ever happened because i was so young people always told me it was hormones and i'd grow out of it. now i'm in my mid twenties and even worse off. all these what ifs are so exhausting but i can't help but imagine what my life could have been like if i had the support of my parents and peers and teachers and all these adults that should have done their job. i was just a kid. i self harmed and abused prescription drugs and yet nothing happened? i run away from home or attempt suicide and my parents still have the audacity to believe i'm playing it up for attention? no one ever knew until they saw physical signs. imagine doing all that and still have your mother believe mental illness isn't real and that i should've been happy with just food and shelter and education. if it were that easy i wouldn't have all these things wrong with me! and now it's got to a point in my adulthood where i'm used to feeling this way and i've become so numb to it that i'm too afraid to even consider getting professional help again. why fix my life when i have nothing going for me? i've never had anything worth liking or envying. i regret almost every decision i've made in life. i don't see the point of being here but i'm too comfortable. i don't even want to kill myself anymore as much as i fantasise about it because it's just too much effort.

No. 469270

My boyfriend is acting so upset about having to face the consequences of a DUI he got last year.

Ever since this shit happened, his mom has been coddling him. He is the one who got drunk and decided he could drive home, and he called me from the scene of the accident to come pick him up multiple times. He was still really drunk so he doesn't even remember doing that. His mom and brother drove two hours to come and be there in the hospital with him, his mom has been paying for a lot of shit affiliated with this whole mess too. It pisses me off cos he isn't learning his lesson at all.

He was already exhibiting lots of alcoholic signs before this. Pissing on the bathroom floor before passing out, passing out on the porch, coming home with bloody lips, being irrational and angry after drinking. Almost every day something would happen.

He's upset because the people he hit want to file a civil suit against him. I told him to try to put himself in their shoes and imagine how they must feel… but he doesn't care. He keeps saying he feels bad but insists that he shouldn't have to face any consequences for his fucked up actions. I told him what he did was wrong, and he got so upset that I won't have more sympathy for him lol.

Yeah, you went out drinking and driving and crashed your car into someone else's and want sympathy for it? Not only that, but he keeps claiming the people that he hit actually hit him. Yeah, cos it was totally the sober party that hit the drunk guy's car. He doesn't even realize how ridiculous it sounds, especially since he doesn't even remember trying to get me to come there and pick him up before the cops showed up. If he can't even remember that, then how can anyone trust his version of events?

I don't have anybody to talk to about this. I'm just severely annoyed. I'm sick of being portrayed as some bitch because I won't bend over backwards to protect his ego after his mistake. at least have some goddamn remorse for your actions.

No. 469272

My boyfriend just confessed to me that he used to draw erotic drawings and masturbated to them. He’d get rid of them immediately after he did the deed and forgot about them until the next time he did it again. Idk how to feel about this. It’s so weird and bizarre to me as to why he did that. Why couldn’t he be normal and watch porn? He doesn’t do these drawings anymore and regrets he ever did it at all and admits it’s weird.. he literally just made me see him in a newer light and it’s really turning me off.

No. 469273

Why the fuck are you still dating this guy? People who get DUIs and don't even feel bad about it are objectively terrible people.

No. 469274

I should leave my long term relationship but shit is tied up, what's the point. I might as well stay here with the cheaper bills instead of spending more money somewhere else. One day I'll save up enough to have my own home with land and not need him. It's not horrible but I'm not happy and it's starting to become more frustrating dealing with him. Someone who says I'm wasting my time for wanting to help the environment or hardly believes me when I talk about problems/experiences I have as woman. And who can't even tell me he loves me after all these years and everything I've done for him. Few times he's said it was when he was trying to have sex with me. I feel retarded for letting myself get stuck in this situation.

No. 469277

He's a drag and an alcoholic with no remorse. Don't stick around for the second DUI.

No. 469279

anon, i want to hug you. i feel the same way. it's something i think about constantly. I made a suicide attempt was at age 12. My parents brought me to our family doctor and he sent me for a blood test. he didn't even speak to me directly. my parents went into his office and left me in the waiting room. he didn't send me for counselling. maybe he suggested it to my parents and they said said no. that was it until i was 16 and had to drop out of school and couldn't leave the house because of depression and severe social anxiety. even then, they just sent me to a counselor for a few months. At 18 I was able to access public adult mental health services where i live, but they don't have the resources to offer any real help unless you make a suicide attempt or are experiencing psychosis. i see a psychiatrist twice a year now. that's it. last year they sent me to a workshop for something called Wellness Recovery Action Plan and that was the only thing they've done other than 2-3 psych appointments annually since 2013. It was fine but it's supposed to help you create a blueprint for what to do when you're in crisis, and hasn't helped with my day to day problems at all. i'm 29 and I'm still an unemployed recluse with no friends and no life and no idea how to be functional. i hate living like this. i wish i was normal.

No. 469285

You would actually rather he watched porn and fell down the slippery slope of increasingly violent content?
It seems really wholesome to me, he used his imagination and didn't keep them around daily in any weird kind of fetish. It's not much different than masturbating to a mental image.

No. 469287

Agreed. I'd take a guy who fapped to his own shitty drawings over actual porn any day of the week.

No. 469290

i wish my boyfriend did stuff like that instead of watching porn :/
he cant even cum during sex and has no idea what a real female body actually looks like
you're so lucky

No. 469294

This sounds like a larp

No. 469295

wish it was

No. 469297

Break up with him already. Damn.

No. 469300

Such a first world vent, but god damnit I wish kids didn’t get so easily overwhelmed when they have many things around them because I just love buying them beautiful toys and books.

No. 469320

The Crooked Feather a costume wings maker with a 100k following recently sent her followers to attack a small mom & pop workshop in NZ for 'stealing her designs' and 'profiting off other peoples work'.

Even though they do it as a side hobby in a very niche market in NZ Crooked feathers is clearly in the wrong, she already exposed the small hobby workshop and her goons are attacking the owner. It grinds my gears that this has become the norm and people don't take accountability who ruining peoples lives and jobs.

She back peddled by deleting her post but the damage is done.

No. 469321

Soon the boomers will all be dead, and then we won't need to worry about their boom then bust, then spend to bust harder bullshit.

No. 469330

I think you have far too much faith in future generations, tbh. There will be a boomers part 2.

No. 469332


american zoomers and millenials resemble non-american boomers so expect a million recessions more, the difference is it won't be "boom and bust", just bust and more bust.

No. 469350

Thinking about how I'm gonna be stuck working a minimum wage job for the rest of my life answering to people I hate is so depressing. Is there anyway to GAIN manipulative/sociopathic traits? The only way you can actually go up the ladder and become rich is by being some type of sociopath. It's so fucking hard being a braindead actual walking moron with low IQ and extreme low self esteem which impedes my already terrible judgement and makes me naive. Is there a way to change personality or am I actually like this forever.

No. 469353

File: 1570276226369.jpg (7.34 KB, 200x252, index.jpg)

My dad is AA and my mom is white,growing up both my dad's side and my mom's side of the family got along and I don't think their was anything odd about us

So I have never had any sort of racial preference and have dated white guys,black guys and Hispanic guys but for the past two years I have been in a long term relationship with my SO who happens to be a white guy and my dad has always disproved of him and his criticisms of him always had nothing to do with race what so ever but 2 weeks ago he revealed to me the reason he's against our relationship was because he's white and he doesn't want his grandkids to come out white i pointed out his wife/me mother was white he responded it was different something something ‘the man.’ And I said oh yeah you’re really sticking it to the mean. That’s a great basis for a relationship.My mom started crying and I haven’t spoken to either of them for 2 weeks now.

No. 469355

It isn't true that everyone that's wealthy/well off is a sociopath or psychopath. Many also make it through a combination of good decisions, good attitude, very consistent effort, networking, and luck. Focus on these things and you'll make it eventually. It just might take you being brave enough to jump from a shitty ship run by shittier morons to almost any other before they run it into the ground.

No. 469356

Wait, your dad said he’s only with your mother because it’s a le epic troll on wi people? Harsh. Or am I misreading this?

No. 469361

If I got her story right his attitude is the following:
>Le epin troll all the racist white guys by dating "their" white women. LOLOLOLOL!
>Become irrationally angry when a white guy retaliates by dating a mixed chick back. LMFAO!
So just more scrotes being scrotes in thinking of women as property. I'm really giving her my sympathies on this as there's nothing more disappointing than finding out a dad is like this as well.

No. 469366

Unfortunately this is how a lot of black men feel. The only ones in my family who have an issue with my bf being white are my uncles, grandfather, etc. Yet plenty of them have dated white women and don't see the correlation if I bring it up. It's fucked

No. 469367

He went into a nonsensical rant about how him being with a white women moves black Americans as a whole up the social scale because it Infuriates white men where as If I have relationship with a white man it makes white guys think that black girls are "easy" or something and will result in a "epidemic" of white men dating and marrying black women thus ending the black race in America in a couple of generations(I wish I was making this shit up)

No. 469369

fucking hell anon, your dad is an absolute hypocrite. sounds like typical scrot behaviour though tbqh like the other anon said

my sympathies to you and your mom.

No. 469371

Okay, so, let me get this straight. Your dad essentially used your mother like a brood mare, and he is now projecting his own misogyny and racial tinfoiling onto your bf. I feel sorry for your mum

No. 469374

How many times do I have to report the woman a floor above us to CPS and the police before they actually do something..

My heart breaks everytime I hear her two toddlers wailing hysterically and her screaming back at them, they look so miserable. They’re not normal cries, they sound frightened.

No. 469376

if i was in your position, i'd marry a white guy out of spite, fuck that paternalistic shit. If you have kids, they will be your kids, not your dad's kids. he doesn't get a say. boomers and their fucking entitlement.

No. 469382

just went absolute retard mode and cut my own hair with a pair of scissors. didn't do a bad job at all imo but i cannot fucking wait until my mother wakes up and sees me like this because she's gonna beat me to hell and back lol. or hopefully she won't notice anything at all because my hair was already short to begin with.

No. 469383


No. 469397

I don’t want to be that person but CPS won’t do anything unless more people call

No. 469398

Why do people make up shit their child does for social media clout? I swear to God someone's 2 year old child with a recently inserted cochlear implant cannot make puns, but people eat it up calling her child a genius. I feel bad for the kid, her mom seriously just lives off shocking people. She's also taken her daughter to some drag queen lunches like three times already.

No. 469399

Anon please leave

No. 469403

Bc they thing their crotch fruit is special

No. 469405

File: 1570289298748.jpg (29.02 KB, 481x524, Chj9xqfW0AASQ5m.jpg)

I wish I had the mental strength to make and actually keep friends.
Ever since my ex broke up with me I have no reason to travel or generally go anywhere because I feel retarded for traveling somewhere else just to, idk, get a coffee or something. It's also a huge waste of money.
I want something to change but am too depressed and broke to actually do something.

No. 469406

Bc they thing their crotch fruit is special

No. 469410

Chubby SEA girls seem to be all the rage on Instagram, which you would think would make me, a kinda chubby SEA girl, more confident. But nope, I still think I'm boring and I want to get a following on ig but I'm too anxious to post my face every god damn day. These "thicc" Southeast Asians can post the most unflattering photos and poorly done makeup and get 100k+ followers. I don't get it, I guess I'm just not confident enough to go all out like that, it just doesn't make that much sense to me how popular some of these girls are.

No. 469417

File: 1570291572403.jpeg (35.52 KB, 400x237, 1565238868471.jpeg)

My 32 year old sister is a recovering meth addict and pill abuser, and she's been smoking cigarettes and eating extremely unhealthy for over half of her life, so my family knew health problems for her were on the horizon but I guess expecting it and knowing it's a reality is a different thing. She went in to the hospital recently and they were going to take her gallbladder out but then they realized it was cirrhosis and alcohol-induced hepatitis. They said if she keeps going the way she's going without changing her lifestyle and managing it, she'll have a couple of years to live. She seems to grasp the severity but I'm still worried about her giving up because she's going to pretty much have to get rid of all her old coping mechanisms like binge-eating shitty food and smoking and drinking all at once and find other alternatives, while also being poor and living in a poor ass town in a poor ass state and having no insurance and having a 12 year old daughter to think about (she's not a single mother though, thank god). We can't even be there to support her because we live 700 miles away and we're also struggling financially so. It is what it is I guess. It could be a lot worse, she could have lung cancer or also be diabetic or have pancreatic cancer or something. And my grandmother has had cirrhosis and hep C for decades and that piece of shit is still kicking, so I'm hoping my sister can pull through as well.

No. 469424

My abuser's niece reached out to me about speaking to the police on my behalf for my case regarding things she had seen while she stayed with us when I was growing up. Today she contacted me to say she can't do it anymore. I feel like garbage. I'm not going to get justice and end up worse than before.

No. 469425

She needs an in-patient rehab program. The drinking, pill popping, and smoking need to stop immediately.
Most people with the shittiest diets don't catch a liver disease by 32.

No families are equipped to deal with issues like that. She needs a professional.

No. 469426

>come to lc to anonymously bitch about my problems that seem so fucking bad that I'm driven to tears and think about suicide
>aaaaaaand a few days later they typically resolve
Whew. Good thing I have a void to scream at, otherwise I'd probably make myself look like a fool to my friends and anyone else on social media.

Unrelated but I bought some cheap mead recently, and I really like it because it's got this metallic taste that reminds me of church wine. Even though I'm no longer religious, it's just nice to taste the nostalgia again, reminds me of more innocent times.

No. 469428

i don't know how to make friends
i feel so alone

No. 469439

i'll be your friend

No. 469440

i dont know either. it happens randomly

No. 469443

My fiance has untreated OCD/ROCD and told me that he was thinking about breaking off the engagement mid-anxiety attack. He said a ton of deeply hurtful things about the past 3.5 years of our relationship and about me/where I stand. After he calmed down because I tried to talk about other things and cheered up a little, he started being affectionate and apologizing. I pulled away. I almost never pull away from him, very much the opposite. He's fucked up and hurt me in ways that are not excusable, even if it was the fault of the OCD or his other mental issues. He's destroying me. I know he's suffering too, but being put on an emotional rollercoaster with someone who can't even tell me what he wants makes me want to kms or at least sleep and waste my days away in complete isolation. I love and loved him with my whole heart and it feels like he continuously defiles it. I don't know when he'll get help because lol NHS and because he's so fucking crippled by this shit. When he's being controlled by anxiety he says things that are absolutely extreme and makes it sound like I never made him happy and I forced him into everything. I can't just forget that and go on with my life because I'm used to taking him at face value and have my own anxiety and trust issues. The trust issues now are at their absolute worst where I can't even trust him to be faithful or take care of himself.
I don't know what to do. He can't keep hurting me like this.

No. 469447

File: 1570300088215.png (370.43 KB, 1856x1044, LFExnz39SfybD7aCyy3a_Narcissis…)

>if it was the fault of the OCD
It's never OCD/Depression?BP fault's, those are all excuses for him not to work on his own toxic behaviour and throw all his emotional garbage and abuse onto you.
I have a dad that does that, he always blamed his syndromes and mental health, for his cruel and hurtful outbursts.
You deserve better anon, he will never change.

No. 469448

You know what to do

No. 469458

I'm sorry for what you're going through, for what it's worth.
I hope you can find happiness.

No. 469478

How come the people who have wronged and hurt me are out being happy and having great lives while I'm stuck here with anxiety and depression and emotional trauma

Also I wish social media didn't exist so I wouldn't be tempted to check this certain person who ruined my life's account and see how wonderful their life is and make myself feel like shit

No. 469481

Same tbh. I can relate hard.

BTW have you been bullied?

No. 469482

File: 1570306596980.jpg (19.07 KB, 620x576, pic.jpg)

oof I could've written this word for word, at least we're in the same boat. Sorry anon, hope things will get better for you soon.

No. 469486

I get decent hours and make more than minimum wage at my new job and I like my coworkers but I still miss being a NEET

No. 469487

i have OCD and am not a piece of shit to my fiance. sometimes when i get ocd anxiety i get a little loud, but i'm not a mean piece of shit like he seems to be. fuck him and the bad rep he's giving people with OCD. being stressed and anxious aren't the same as being an asshole.

No. 469491

File: 1570308369066.jpg (32.08 KB, 493x335, 43.jpg)

I'm getting a sore throat. I'm just about to have some time off work but now I'm worried I'll be miserable with a cold instead of enjoying my time off

No. 469493

I don't know how to explain it…he tells me his obsessive doubts but the doubts and affected-by-doubts thinking are really hurtful. I can't just not take them seriously even if he tries to take them back and say he got caught up. It's not right for me to have to deal with this…it wasn't always like this.

No. 469494

Because they're more likely to show how they're off being happy than show on social media that they're sad or going through hard times.

No offense but this is really, really why you guys shouldn't compare so much based on social media. It's not the full picture.

No. 469502

Nta but bullies to a certain stent can actually be apter to survive in the adult world considering that 1. they don't have the CPTSD from being bullied 2. are probably more dominant and have sociopathic tendencies that are usually good for business 3. have less empathy and thus less anxiety and more free time to think only about their needs and goals.
Life is not fair and a lot of successful people are assholes, not all of them, but still, a big part.

No. 469510

I can't stop fucking biting and chewing my mouth. It feels so soft and good so I just keep rubbing my gums against my mouth and then biting the soft tissue inside

No. 469514

I fucking hate writing essays so fucking much, and for my college's study abroad application you have to write three of the damn things. I've just been sitting in my room for four hours procrastinating and daydreaming. I just cried a bit out of frustration because I'm so fucking done, I have other shit to do and can't sit on my ass all day. I know I'm worrying I'll write something fucking stupid and not sound like a fucking saint and end up not getting into the program I want. But I know that doesn't matter because I'm only going to crank out two paragraphs for each response and barely have it ready for the deadline anyways so fuck me.

No. 469534

tbqh they were probably bullies in the first place because their mom beat the shit out of them or their step-dad molested them or whatever and want to kill themselves to this day, obviously they're not going to put this on their insta of them in barbados

No. 469539

My boyfriend is going through a rough patch so our sex life is on hold and I just need to vent into the ether about it.
I thought it was on tonight but now he's changed his mind and I need to go take a cold shower or something. I feel like the evil horndog jock boyfriend from every highschool drama film.

No. 469542

zinc tablets

No. 469543

>they don't have trauma, they're sociopathic, and have less empathy ergo less anxiety to focus on goals
Ehhh maybe in some cases. Hurt people tend to hurt people and they've got their own traumas.
All my bullies were kids who grew up pretty rough. With the exception of maybe like one, they're not that much better off as adults.
I might be fortunate in that my bullies are chronic oversharers. In between their feelgood posts where they try their best to make their lives sound idealistic, there's plenty of other posts they make for attention where things clearly aren't well underneath it all.
I would definitely call my bullies selfish, but I actually think their self-centered and narcissistic ways tend to get them into a lot of trouble and cause them much stress bc they don't get what they want. And now they're all at ages and low statuses in life where they can no longer bully to get what they want.

No. 469544

File: 1570321009552.jpeg (62.36 KB, 750x721, D1320694-59E7-49BE-ABA4-F92C02…)

a couple hours into watercoloring a piece I really loved and I completely messed it up gDI

No. 469549

i just DONT get mormons. I dont get the women that take part in it

I think Im generally tolerant of peoples lifetsyles, but the fact that they go out of their way to push it on to others sickens me.

I started watching a a mormon show cause I was curious and honestly it just makes me so frustrated. All these women having babies, the man visiting each of his wives a couple times a week hoping to become a literal GOD one day… Like whats even in it for women??? This one poor lady is taking care of like 11 kids and she looks so tired.

The men also seem so mediocre idg why so many women cling to one weird looking goofball.

Do mormons even believe in any of this? It honestly feels like Im watching some dystopian horror film framed as something that could be normal in any shape or form

No. 469559

It's a lot different when they're born into the system, and how their families will ignore them and that they've lost entrance into their version of the afterlife that they've believed in since they were small.

It's a big deal anon. That's why there's so many sources online for ex mormons going through the process because it's extremely depressing and socially isolating. I can see why women would go along with it just to not endure the psychological torture of it.

To answer the question as to whether they believe in any of it, a study showed only about 60% actively practiced it. I think the majority of it is socially rooted. They probably really don't believe it, but to them it's a wager.

No. 469565

It’s a cult. I know a girl who was manipulated and indoctrinated into it during her college years and they closed around her like pincers and cut off her entire family from seeing her.

No. 469572

Thanks for your sympathy anons, it's weird but being able to relate to strangers on the internet does make me feel a little better somehow.
I was bullied mildly in school but that actually wasn't what I was referring to–in my adult life there are people who have intentionally hurt me even though I never hurt them. I don't know if it'd be classified as bullying and I think they did it out of jealousy but that honestly doesn't make it hurt any less.

I agree with you, really I do, but I can't get it out of my head that these people really are better off than me kind of like what >>469502 was saying, these people seem a good deal more emotionally stable than me tbh. I'm very sensitive and anxious and don't let go of things very easily whereas I'm pretty sure the person who caused me mass amounts of emotional trauma doesn't think about me at all as they go throughout the day, meanwhile I'm stuck having dreams about them every other night.

No. 469593

I Used to hang on an IR forum where black men ranted about their preferences for white/Latina women yet got rabidly furious if a black woman stated a preference for ‘anything but a black man.’ Black men were the first incels. Plenty of these guys have hurt and even killed black women. That’s why I get so angry when some feminists limit their criticism of men to ‘cis, het white dudes.’ They erase our oppression in an effort not to appear racist.

No. 469595

It's projection. Many African American men hate being black, so they project it on black women. And they know no one is going to check them except other black women. Not even the so called "nice black men."

Another thing too is that we had a moment to check the anti woman hate in general in the 90s as hip hop became mainstream, but self loathing black women cried racism whenever the white media critiqued hip hop/rap. Same thing happened with black women protecting black men for the cat calling video from a couple of years ago.

We are about 30 years deep in hip hop/rap culture that deeply hates women. Black women need to stop allowing black American men use racism as a shield for their general hate towards women. Because that general hate for women intensifies to a general hate towards black women.

No. 469601

File: 1570339148963.jpg (33.39 KB, 363x563, 1569402660694.jpg)

>every time race bullshit starts up

No. 469602

ever feel stupid for being sad about something? me too

just went to a cute stage show with a classmate for extra credit and he is honestly very nice, talkative, and someone i'd genuinely like to be friends with. it became pretty clear though that he wants to see me again in a dating sense. i'm honestly really sad over it for some reason. i have literally no friends or anyone that I talk to besides my boyfriend, and i thought for a little bit that this guy could be my first friend in years. i don't want him to like me romantically at all, i just want a friend. when i tell him i have a boyfriend and that i'd just like to be friends, i'll mean it and genuinely want friendship. but he might just think i'm friendzoning him as an excuse for rejection, and that makes me sad. guess i'll just be prepared to remain friendless

No. 469610

if he's a normal nice guy he probably doesn't need more friends.

No. 469625

normal, nice people are always ready to make new friends. I've never met one who put weird limits like that, the people who say shit like that have always had social hang ups or trust issues.

No. 469631

Just tell him directly that you love your boyfriend, and don't ever want to stray from him. He's either genuine as well, in which case he'll respond by telling you he respects that, or he'll drop you on the spot - which is still better than him raging into the void about you "leading him on" later. Honesty is always the best policy.

No. 469633

Why is Photoshop so fucking awful, god. I love CC but the software has shit performance so it doesn't matter in the end that it has great features if it doesn't work right for even the basic ones.

I have 16 gb of ram and the when i use the brush the lag and the jiter lines are too awful, if i do several quick consecutive strokes it simplyshits itself, i tried everything with the drivers and cache size and no change, digital painting and drawing sucks so hard on PS but when i open Clip Studio Paint is all rainbows, no lag, perfect stabilization, crisp lines, the best real media mimic brushes i've tried, no issue after hours of drawing. I only wished Clip had all the features PS has so i could use all my personalized actions, edit options and adjustment layers that i rely on so much, but at least is a godsend for the drawing and design stage.

No. 469634

Just getting out of an abusive relationship fucked up my thought process to where I am unable to get help. This person held me back for years and I'm 20 now and live like a high schooler. All my goals were ruined from being trapped by this person I just want to achieve my dreams but I feel like a loser and I doubt anyone will fall for my sob story as to why I'm 20 with no job, little experience and little education

No. 469681

20 is still so young anon! thankfully he didn't rob you of any more of your life,I got out of my shitty relationship at 30 and felt ashamed for staying so long

Enjoy your new freedom

No. 469690


god i wish i was 20, i am 30 and really fucking lost. Just don't worry about it, 20 is really young, just turn the page and get back on track with whatever it is you want to do not looking back.

No. 469709

There's this hard, pea-like bump under my skin in the area on my side and back. It's just within my reach to be able to feel it, but awkward enough where I can't lance it myself. It's a cyst and I want it removed.
Before I lost my health insurance, two years ago I went to the doctor who touched it and basically went 'Yep, it's a cyst' and offered to do nothing about it. I realize it's more of a dermatologist thing, but now I don't have the money and I don't think they'll touch me without insurance.
It bothers me that something like that is in my body.

No. 469715

there’s something in my hair products that this fly really likes and it’s pissing me the fuck off but i don’t wanna kill it. i am weak

No. 469720

wish i had some advise, im 30's as well and have next to nothing to be proud of and live like a neet trapped in a bullshit relationship.

No. 469721

>be a vet tech
>giving dogs medication
>ask new coworker to give pill pocket to Dog X in Cage Y
>She's spent all day fawning over this dog and like an idiot I think she'll know who he is
Five minutes later
>"Anon, I gave it to the wrong dog but it should be fine,right?"
>It is not fine.
>dog starts to seize
>Have to induce vomiting and call owner
>coworker tells me its not her fault because "all dogs look alike"

(dog lived but owner won't be bringing him back again for obvious reasons)

No. 469723

How is she not disciplined or fired?
I hope she's a teenager because otherwise it's pretty pathetic for an adult to be unable to follow simple directions and thinks giving wrong medications has no consequences.

No. 469726

So, It's been a second day where I shit blood. I don't want to stress too much over it, but it's a fucking lot of blood (all water and toilet is covered in blood). Idk what I should do, I don't want to panic over it. It happens to you too anons? (also yeah, it's from ass, not period lol)

No. 469728

Recently got access back to an email account I got locked out of 6 years ago. While going through the inbox I found an equally old email from an anonymous message service. The message was pretty much just roasting me for breaking up with my ex-fiance and telling me that I was a piece of shit. I can think of a few people it could be but I'm pretty sure it was from my old best friend because her and my ex were pretty tight. I'm more offended by the fact she was too much of a coward to just tell me to my face than the contents of the message, but her unbearable passive-aggressiveness and jealousy were why I stopped talking to her in the first place. Also I'm really fucking glad I didn't marry my ex because I was way too young, we literally had a 10 year age gap.

Please tell me she was fired.

No. 469729

Jfc anon, go to the fucking doctor.
I only expel a bit of blood when I have too much milk or cheese since I'm lactose intolerant, but it's just spots not a shit thon. That's not normal.

No. 469730

Happens to me when I eat like shit and my poop is hard so it scrapes my inner lining. I usually wait it out 1-2 days and it heals okay, but if it keeps happening/theres a ton of blood then jesus anon go to a doctor

No. 469731

sometimes I get a little dab of blood like from a papercut on the toiletpaper if I have an anal fissure but if its filling up the toilet you're in medical emergency territory since you have internal bleeding, go to the doctor (inb4 american who doesn't have insurance so will just wait around to get an infection and die from sepsis)

No. 469732

I had an anal fissure once and it made the toilet very red with blood, I think I'm finally over it. For a couple of years if I had a hard stool it would reopen the fissure and I'd have the bloody toilet for days until it healed again.
If you feel discomfort or pain, or if the bleeding doesn't resolve in a few days you should see a doc.

No. 469733

I get heavy nosebleeds every single day and I'm so god damn tired of it. It makes me late and miss sleep but can't afford a doctors appointment at the moment.

No. 469734

I live in a foreign country and have been a little bit lonely so I decided to put myself out there and try to meet more people from my country because I felt like I like any real 'mother tongue' interaction since everybody I interact with on the daily I'm speaking my L2. And a majority of interactions are with my husband, his friends, his family, etc. I'm fine with it, but everybody seems to want to point out that I must be "soooo lonely without any friends from your country", but I'm an introvert and prefer it anyways.

So I decided to put myself out there when somebody from on of my expat groups reached out and said she lived close by (we are in a suburban area 1 hour away from the biggest city) so I was actually kind of excited because i felt like she clicked with my humor and it would be cool to hang out with her. So I casually mentioned that we should meet up today (this convo was last week btw) at this one cafe I frequent and we could chat over coffee or something. She sounded excited to finally make a friend here and said she's down and we made a plan. I texted her this morning the time I'd be there and asked if she was cool with the time and…she never responded. I still went though (I'm a regular customer there anyways and its close by, so it was no loss to go whether she showed up or not) and she never did show. I barely knew her so its not like this huge loss or anything.

Its just semi embarrassing because i think my husband was low key excited for me to go out and hang with a new friend and I ended up texting him the situation and he came right away and we spent the day together for the first time in a while do to work schedules so I guess it wasnt too bad of a day. Just low key embarrassing to get stood up like that, I kind of feel like a huge unapproachable loser.

No. 469736

Stupid cat anon here from a week ago about my new kitty and my older cat. They are alredy playing and having fun, live them. I am soooo happy they like each other. Vent: i am ill and my nose is stuffy hate it.

No. 469737

Why would you assume that you're the loser in this situation when she was the one who flaked on you?
She was the one who made plans with you, put effort in and then canceled, that makes her the loser.

Try not to let it get you down.

No. 469738

You're not a loser anon, people like her are just social cowards and 'ghosting' has become normalized. At least back in the day, people would have to contact you and come up with some kind of excuse as to why they suddenly couldn't hang out.
These days ghosting is so normal that people just expect you to presume they were busy/didn't want to do it, and if you confront them then you're the asshole for not understanding introversion or w/e.
Don't feel bad. It's rude and you did nothing wrong.

No. 469764

Is it a bad idea to plan a meet up with someone from Tinder (or Bumble) for a music festival in the coming months?
I just want to hang out, make friends and not be alone, but all my actual friends are abroad.

No. 469770

I don't see how it's different than meeting up for a date anyplace else tbh. In fact I'd say a music festival is advantageous because there's crowds to dip and disappear into if you feel uncomfortable, and you're surrounded by people.

No. 469795

File: 1570386963797.gif (1.49 MB, 498x280, 63764A8C-694D-4F5E-A6EC-345363…)

This is totally going to sound like an r/thathappened story, but I’m kind of irked because I live in a big suburban neighborhood with houses close together and there are a ton of families with kids and I hear some child outside screaming like crazy. I look out the window and a little girl had a full trashcan fall over on her legs and she was screaming and crying with no parents in sight, so I run outside and lift this probably 100lbs trash can off this girl’s legs freeing her and then the mom finally comes out and just says “oh, thanks” and they all walk away….??? I mean… I didn’t need groveling or anything but I guess I expected them to be a little more grateful after I literally ran out from my house and freed their trapped child, but whatever lol.

No. 469798

that’s pretty mundane and not that out of the ordinary - most people are pretty rude and parents are especially rude and entitled regarding their children. They probably thought you should have helped him and just couldn’t be arsed to do it themselves before you did.

No. 469800

Lmao. It's instinctual for some parents to downplay how terrible they are at parenting, I swear. Like them having thanked you more genuinely would have bruised themselves because then they'd have to admit they neglected their child long enough for her to have been stuck screaming in a garbage can for forever.

No. 469801

File: 1570388655273.jpg (92.41 KB, 1300x867, 74884029-asian-woman-holding-l…)

My mom wants to move to europe, which im totally happy for her, but she insists on me going along due to safety issues in our home town/state, which has gotten considerably more violent the past two years, heck there's even a supposed serial killer out and about (3 deaths of college aged girls, all same modus operandi, this year).

But i don't want to leave my life behind you know, its not another city, its another fucking continent across the sea, i will probably never see these people again since i don't have much of a reason to visit the country if i move out (no family, just me and mum). Im gonna miss them, i don't know how to make new friends in a whole new culture even though there's no language barrier, i've known my social circle since middle school.

She's really excited about it and has started requesting the nescessary documents to apply for immigration, it would take roughly the time for me to finish my university to really have everything put together, money, travel and moving expenses, renting a house over there, but she doesn't want to leave me behind here.

Im conflicted, i love europe, i've always wanted to visit so many countries and that could be easily achievable living there, the city she wants to move to is gorgeous and historical, on top of the safety and better salaries.
But that means abandoning my life as i've known it for over twenty years, i've never even left my birth neighborhood! Its just terrifying, i don't know what i would do if i didn't find my place in europe, which is a very likely option, plus my friends, my crush, the goals i had for my life here, i would have to chunk that in the trash.

I don't fucking know what to do.

No. 469802

Yeah this woman is pretty neglectful and already lets her kids run around the neighborhood unsupervised. I just felt bad for the kid because that’s probably kind of a traumatic experience to be trapped and screaming for help and some stranger has to run out of their house to help you before your parent does.

No. 469806

Similarly I've noticed more and more that people just don't thank you if you keep a door open for them, if you arrive in a queue at the same time so let them ahead of you, if they stop you and ask for the time they just walk away after you tell them…

No. 469813

I don't want to be mean but we're really full here in Europe. Could you both just not come? Not just you, all these immigrants that are completely incompatible with the local culture and don't blend in even after so many years.

Why can't all these immigrants stay in their country and fix it instead of coming here?

Also, it's not meant to be personal nor racist as I wouldn't like white americans or americans of any color to over flood europe either. It's really a matter of culture.

No. 469816

NTA but yeah I've found that immigrants in my country tend to refuse to integrate so it made living in the city feel horrible. I moved to a small town way down the country… and it's arriving here too. It's not immigrants but the fact that you extend a friendly hand to them and they don't want it. Neighbors that wont even say hello to you.. oh joy

No. 469824

My grandparents are from said country and my mom has right to nationality, she has cultural connections and we both speak the language. I think it would be easy to adapt culturally.
Plus its the one immigrant friendly country, (https://www.straitstimes.com/world/europe/portugal-the-european-country-that-wants-more-migrants), the paperwork is ridiculously easy because they want more people.

Im gonna take hunch and say you guys deal mostly with muslisms.

No. 469828

Same. Mind you, I live in a small town but they've found their way here too. When you go to a big city, it turns into a real nightmare.

In a small town where communities are tightly knit, these immigrants break that feeling of community and togetherness. They litter and loiter and walking home suddenly isn't safe anymore. Well, not as it used to be. You can't talk about it because it implies that you're racist (most if not all immigrants are from asia or africa).

I'm just sick all these third worlders considering europe as some land of milk and honey and that coming here is the answer while europe has its own set of problems and bringing so many new people in is definitely not the answer.

> Portugal
It's odd that they're so immigrant friendly when their unemployment rates are so high and the job market in general is in a pretty bad shape just like their economy. Why do they want more people when they can't even handle the current population?

Europe is really full and speaking the language alone doesn't suffice and it doesn't make someone a native. However, I'm sure my words won't stop you from doing what you've set your mind to so do whatever. Bon voyage.

No. 469830

For me it's polish and lithuanian people that I've found cold, like literally won't say hi, I've had them as room mates and they won't even be friendly for the sake of a nice at-home atmosphere

People with completely different skin/culture/religions have been overall friendlier than them so I don't know what the issue is

No. 469833

What if she had a Portuguese husband. Then what?

No. 469834

Speaking of immigrants im tired of SE and EA immigrants in America.. they're all arrogant assholes and only like to stay within themselves.. their presence is simply not needed tbh

Too bad americans kiss Asian immigrants ass.(racebaiting)

No. 469838

Completely Average Unemployment Rate (6.3%), and that's all information from 3-5 years ago, the economy is slowly rebuilding and the job market isn't half as bad as it used to be, if still half fragile. Country has been on a steady growth since then.
I mean i don't need a husband, my family is portuguese, cousins, grandparents.
Im the only amerifag.

Plus im not even sure about moving, even less if everyone is going to be so ridiculously xenophobic.

No. 469839

as a person from that area, it is just cultural, you are brought up to be more closed off from strangers and keep everything in, like we don't do that whole fake "hi, how are you? fine, how are you?" ritual, cashiers generally won't force their chit chat on you etc etc. though i thought poles were supposed to be loud and talkative but mby that's reserved for amongst themselves.

will admit that people from here tend to congregate in their small diasporas when abroad but mostly it is the case with manual labour immigrants who do it as they don't know any other language besides their own (plus the general "my culture is the best culture" bs and awkwardness and feeling othered). then again i find all foreigners do this in equal amounts, like all the Americans at uni only hang out with other Americans, all the Chinese exchange students only hang out with other Chinese exchange students and so on.

depends on how you blend in. you can either be the kool girl that used to live abroad in a 1st world country or that annoying screeching american who refuses to eat anything besides reeses cups and mcdonalds.

No. 469843

Yeah, like countries never do manipulations to make their statistics look better. and 6% is still a lot. Combine that with their low wages and it's not looking nice.

> Plus im not even sure about moving, even less if everyone is going to be so ridiculously xenophobic.

> so ridiculously xenophobic.

Oh, please do never come. You sound entitled enough and we have plenty of those already.

No. 469852

I think it's great Big Mouth is finally getting trashed by people now. The worst part, it's not because of the show's focus on children having sex, but because one character didn't describe how she was pansexual the "right" way … I fucking hate people.

No. 469854

Yeah it took a while for me to not take it so personally.

One lithuanian room mate got it into his head that I'm gay (I'm really not) so he made home-life hell for me but didn't tell me why, his gf watched him get aggressive with me and took his side while he cornered and threatened me one night. He threatened to beat me for 'looking at his gf'

For a while it gave me a fear of people from those parts but I shouldn't let it do that

No. 469855

no yeah, he just sounds unhinged. Lithuania is quite catholic, so I'm guessing that on top of the standard post soviet zone homophobia (my country literally made up a holiday celebrating traditional family values as a response to the 1st pride event taking place) is a potent mix. I'm sorry, anon, on his behalf, going through that sounds just nightmarish.

No. 469863

That show is so hideous, I still can’t believe people watch it.

No. 469864

Would you even have the right to live there? I know your mom does, but you're an adult so that might not extend to you. How is your portuguese? What would you do for work?
I don't know if you should or shouldn't move but I don't have a problem with people who have your family situation moving over here. In my country you're entitled to citizenship if you have a grandparent from here. It's not like you could never go back to (I'm assuming) north america. You could try it for a year or two and keep connected with your friends back home so those relationships are still intact if you decide not to stay. I think if I had recent ancestors from another country I'd want to live there for a while.

No. 469877

Yeah the right extends to me legally, also im pretty much fluent, and im majoring in graphic design. I don't mind menial jobs like working on retail for a while tho.

No. 469882

im 31 and my childhood trauma runs my life despite 15 years of therapy and medication. haha i hate life

No. 469889

File: 1570398479227.jpg (15.12 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

I've been getting slime video recommendations on YT, and some of the stuff seems genuinely relaxing and fun. I just don't feel like paying up $10 for designer slime.
When I was out shopping today there was some Nickelodeon slime on sale for like $3, and I thought why not?
I done played myself.
The shit is sticky in a bad way and I cannot play with it. You'd think a brand like Nickelodeon would know how to make some damn slime by now.

No. 469893


anon, make your own slime.
its cheap and entertaining.

No. 469894

This was literally me at my last apartment but with two adults. The couple above me would have screaming fights at 3am multiple times a week and the boyfriend would straight up beat her. I could hear her screaming and crying and saying "Get off of me!" and the sounds of someone slamming into the wall/floor. I kept calling the cops every time and when they would knock on their door, and they would be silent and pretend to be asleep. The cops wouldn't enter my apartment either to listen discretely, just try to hear outside from 3 stories down which, obviously, didn't work.

It's so fucked.

No. 469898

File: 1570399158078.gif (2.11 MB, 250x250, tumblr_pde46ku2Kw1x3wtddo3_250…)

I like these cloud slime types.

No. 469902

'menial jobs like working on retail'

No. 469904

I lived like this for a while, my ex would refuse to accept that if you get violent and rage when you drink.. you maybe shouldn't drink?? I left and now he drunkenly beats someone else

No. 469908

nta but retail IS menial. like, by definition.

No. 469910

I know that, that's not why I quoted it

No. 469927

I helped my mom and dad go groccery shopping, when we were almost done my dad used on of those check your eye sight things. He made me do it then he asked my mom. This made my mom furious, she said she was going to walk home instead of driving with us, because she thought it was my dad subtly implying her "how to cure vision problems without glasses" book is bullshit. She was perfectly fine before, but now shes yelling at the top of her voice and bringing up all the past times my dad invalidated her (telling her to talk to a dentist over her cavity, telling her to take her thyroid medication, telling her to visit the doctor for a basic checkup because she hasn't gone their in 5 years) she also yelled this amazing quote during their argument
Also my mom is confused over why she's tired all the time when stated as earlier she refuses to take her thyroid medication.

No. 469955

lel your mom sound like she needs a good round of some prozac too

No. 469961

I've had this cough for like a month and I'm SO FUCKING TIRED of it
I'm literally sick and tired

Am I doing something wrong? Are coughs supposed to last this long?
I'm potentially going to go to the doctor but setting up an appointment is garbage because I haven't found a decent primary care physician
They are all either too far away, in crappy neighborhoods, or take on too many patients so I'm stuck waiting 2 hours to see someone

No. 469962


Can you imagine this family in a Wal Mart arguing over a visual test? Sorry anon, but your family is hilariously insecure.

No. 469971

File: 1570411388805.jpg (132.23 KB, 1080x1070, IMG_20190829_203622.jpg)

October has been rough lately, things didnt go well for me at all…now i just want a hug and some strenght to get through the day

No. 469973

I feel so awful lately and it really makes me wanna rid myself of this world. And it's not so much that anything is actually happening severely that isn't self made or my fault, it's all my fault that I've put myself in the predicament where I don't wanna live anymore

>be me

>taking two courses i despise
>one of them whose subject matter I like but whose professor has the worst methods of turning stuff in
>she makes us do it piece by piece
>I'm not a piece by piece type of project doer
>already lost a bunch of points
>final is due this week and I've only come up with one composition and while I have the others in mind every time I've tried to execute them I've ragequit and started over
>too lazy/too scared to contact professor especially telling her that I hate myself I've been overwrought with work my body is in pain and I feel fucking suicidal
>and it's going to be all my fault if I fail because I cant stand the way she makes us turn in projects and I'm a prideful dumb cunt who can't tell her that I have difficulty dealing with this

>also be me taking a course I fucking hate that involves traditional drawing and drawing bodies and faces which I fucking suck at and camera abgles which I also fucking suck at

>missed this class twice when it's only once a week and also too pussy to tell professor that I hate the class
>he can basically tell because last time I was in class I ran out twice because I hate it and I ended up having panic attacks in the bathroom and came back one of those times to see my animation major faggot classmates say "wE FEEL SO BAD FOR HER" and gossiping about me
>catch them gossiping about me WITH the professor and they don't notice I'm there
>they notice I'm there and sperg out like WE DIDNT MEAN IT

it's all really my own fucking fault that I don't wanna do this anymore and I'm not even sure that graphic design is the right major because it might require legit entrepreneurial skills and I'm garbage at pacing myself and planning and now I'm thinking that it's a tremendous mistake but I'm trying to think whether I should fucking consider trying to OD again which seems way more appealing than trying to power through this because I'm angry and I don't wanna do this anymore and have been pulling many extra hours at work because we had this specific event that has been both time consuming and energy draining

if I email my professors I'll probably not be able to get an extension bc ive been not very communicative thus far and I'd rather die on the hill like a retard than admit that I'm mentally struggling only to have at least one of them tell me to fuck off and that they won't help me which is what I expect because I almost never ask anyone for help when I do they almost never end up being helpful and I'd rather die honestly living isn't fucking appealing right now

I sound like such a sperg who's suicidal and angry for no reason, I'm bipolar and never gone through my school to get any sort of accommodation because I kept saying I'm above my mental disorder but look at me I can't fucking be at all, im a lazy bitch who's late on multiple projects and I don't deserve any forgiveness for it tbh I just shouldn't be here

No. 469982

I work with a stacy and it lowers my self esteem to the ground
her boyfriend is always all over her and goes out his way to be with her every second, she has biggish perky tits and cute nipples and never wears a fucking bra and has ab lines,a flat stomach and wide hips and toned thighs and bubble butt and constantly wears crop tops and tight shorts. To top it all off she looks like fucking katya lischina and the at&t girl had a baby. Customers always flirt with her and she gets handed money and gifts just for being a cute girl and has a high pitched soft feminine voice and cute laugh and feminine walk compared to my dopey looking ass and deep man voice. I feel bad because I constantly feel like a mess when I'm around her but she's really sweet and funny. I'd ask her for advice on working out and diets but she would probably think I'm trying to straight white female her, am I creepy for this?

No. 469985

I'm such an average bitch lmao.
Average looking
Average intelligence
Average health
Average socially

I'm so fucking average! I would rather be hideous and extremely intelligent or extremely stupid and ridiculously attractive rather than be this fucking average and forgettable.

No. 469988

I can't stop spending money on starbucks. That's such a first world problem but honestly there's no excuse for how much I spend on coffee. I hate making iced coffee at home because it doesn't turn out right and getting it from outside is more enjoyable because it's a routine of sorts.

No. 470000

You've got the whole rest of the month to turn it around, anon! Also that pic makes me feel nostalgic for whatever reason. I'd hug you and have a tea party with you if I could.

No. 470005

Due to what was basically an error and no one’s fault, I have one more long day at work than I was supposed to this week. I get a lot of anxiety at and about work, so it’s kind of tough to think about already.

I guess I worry most about my anxiety overwhelming me. In the past when I let that happen, I snapped and instantly went full neet mode. Plus I’m still getting used to this job and my coworkers, so everything stressful just seems to add up.

No. 470026

For every bit of positive attention that she receives from being attractive she does also have an increased likelihood of having issues with unwanted attention, stalkers/obsessives and being the kind of arm candy/possession girlfriend that gets murdered for simply dumping a guy

I've never been girly or jealous of pretty girls but learning that made me realize the serious downsides to it, can attract psychos

No. 470027

>tfw am uggo but still deal with obsessed and stalkerish men

No. 470040

Have you tried looking gay cos that works for me mostly? jk

No. 470050

I just wanted to be happy…is that too much to ask?

No. 470053

I have insomnia for the first time in a long time and part of me thinks it's because something horrible happened to a loved one and I'm sensing it.. such rational thinking

No. 470065

I've had this happen to me before too, something that really helped to kill my cough is this shit called English Ivy (like the ingredient, it's not a brand name or anything), it's like a natural cough syrup and idk man but it was like night and day for me–try and find some of that to help ease it a bit.

No. 470067

> she has biggish perky tits and cute nipples
> cute nipples
lol wut

Thanks anon! I'm going to keep that in mind.

No. 470069

Nipples can be cute or ugly, are you ok anon?

No. 470079

Yeah, I'm okay. I just wonder what kind of a dysfunctional creep you need to be to make that remark.

No. 470080

Damn anon I relate. I just missed a huge assignment by like 2 minutes and screamed cause my laptop was so slow. All that effort…gone. I just feel defeated and want to kill myself. I’m only taking 2 classes but I’m also finally learning how to drive and I work so I’m super overwhelmed

No. 470081

Not really, some people have cute or ugly nipples, male or female, it doesn't take a creep to recognize a certain body part being attractive

No. 470086

Whenever my husband is sick, he goes 0-100% in like 2 minutes. He also never wants to try anything to help or claims something he tried “didn’t help” (even when it did) because he’s stubborn as hell.
I know men are babies when they’re sick but I feel like children are easier to deal with than he is sometimes

No. 470087

>I get a lot of anxiety at and about work
I understand this feel. I just started a new job and I get nausea and cramps from anxiety whenever I think about it. I’m scared of burning myself out from overworking and/or overworrying too. I hope everything turns out alright for you anon.

No. 470101

Tell him it's a post makeup face massager

No. 470123

tbh people in Southern Europe are fed with Brits and on a lesser extent Americans. Brits come here to trash everything, get pissed drunk and overload the ER. When they come to stay here they form these communities and demand everyone to talk their language. I used to work for the yellow pages phone line and every god damn time some of those people requested a plumber or anything they would ask me "but does he speak English?" Ma'am you've been living in Benidorm for 15 fucking years, why don't you speak Spanish?
We perceive Americans the same way but because there's less of them we don't hate them so much.

No. 470128


portuguse people spread all over the world and is pretty common for portuguese families to have extended members who were born on other countries. For the last few decades they have been receiving a lot of returning people and grandsons of portuguese inmigrants from Latam, asia and all over. I'm not sure if the friendliness go all the way though, portuguese people do complain about it when it comes to African immigrants and refugees that arrive by illegal means.

No. 470131

Thank you sweet anon,that really made my day.

No. 470132


When a big chunk of your economy is tourism dealing with culturally insensitive drunk anglos comes with the territory. Wherever Cruise ships land and there's a coastal resort.

No. 470185

I'm the laziest person and I can't stand it.
I don't like lazy people, all of my closest friends are proactive people with good jobs, but I'm a lazy failure and I'll always be this way because every time I try to turn my life around I fuck up and then give up. I'm scared my friends will cut me off too because it's no fun being friends with someone that can't afford to go out or do fun things.

No. 470200

File: 1570452327566.png (664.4 KB, 1434x1076, Unsure.png)

So there's this youtuber I watch who I think is cute. Recently I decided to lurk their social media. To my was suprise they live in my state and suprisingly are single as well. The other day I came across a small(under 50 members) discord which they are a member of.

I'm really tempted to join the discord in an attempt to interact with them.

Am I creeper if were to prusue someone like that?

No. 470204


If you have a mic I'd imagine that to be less creepy because they know that you're a person and not some fat cheeto crusted slug of the internet.

No. 470205

I would suggest you to go for it. You never know what would happen if you dont try. Stay safe though

No. 470220

anon, are you lazy or just depressed?

No. 470222

File: 1570458951281.jpg (8.04 KB, 224x275, 1568269046502.jpg)

Was trying to help a Mexican customer at work today and after about a minute of me clearly not understanding this woman and answering in English she gave up I guess? and started speaking perfectly fluent English to me. ???? why do people do this? I'm not usually one to say "you're in america speak english" but if you can literally speak English fluently and I am a stranger please speak English?
>mfw she said wow your mom didn't teach you any Spanish at all??
>mfw I'm Pacific Islander but Americans think there's only one kind of brown person

No. 470233

i'm not a "speak english" kind of person, i totally get that it's hard to learn another language, and people are really xenophobic so they mock people who are learning, but it's kind of entitled to me when people assume everyone speaks spanish (or any other language) when they speak english, and english is our official language. i typically will respond in english unless it's clear they don't speak any english or are old, just bc why are you assuming everyone speaks spanish? why, if you speak english, in a country where the official language is english, would you approach strangers in a different language?

No. 470244

I just saw that Bigmouth Pansexuality clip and I literally want to throw up at the thought of this being featured in a mainstream show. I don't even get if we're supposed to laugh at the pretentious special snowflake character or take her seriously. Why the fuck do writers these days think that being overly provocative and woke type preachy equals great comedy and brilliant writing?

Clip for those who don't knwo what I'm talking about: https://twitter.com/NetflixIsAJoke/status/1180543722695663616

No. 470248

kek, so embarrassing. they're not parodying woke culture with that from what i can tell.

reminds me of this absolutely insane clip from Girls. ray is 100% in the right here, but i come to find out that lena dunham meant to mock ray. it actually is a fabulous unintentional own of woke millenials and gen-Zers but it's unintentionally hysterical that lena dunham and her sister and everyone around her thought ray was the laughably wrong and embarrassing one. vid related, it's great.

No. 470255

File: 1570465312550.jpg (14.96 KB, 206x275, 1567586927230.jpg)


fucking disgusting, now i'm mad.

No. 470256

I'm trying to watch Midsommar, 17 minutes in and it's difficult because the boyfriend keeps pissing me off.
He's an uncaring piece of shit and she keeps trying to get him to stay. It's so aggravating.

No. 470258

Don't worry about it. You will hate her more by the ending.

No. 470259

I’ve followed every bit of advice on improving my life, I have a decent job, I’m okay-looking, have my own place, a career I’m working towards, I exercise, take my meds, see a therapist, have a few hobbies…but I’m always alone, I’m terrified of being social but without a social life I’m miserable. If it weren’t for like three people and my cat I’d just off myself.

No. 470263

Could you elaborate? Because I didn't hate her at all. I thought she was pretty nice to the very end.

p.s. don't forget to spoiler

No. 470267

Sorry, I am a new fag and don't know how to spoil, so I will be vague. I am talking about her "choice" at the end.

No. 470277

File: 1570469026044.gif (3.03 MB, 359x202, 1494108465737.gif)


I HATE the fact that getting your own place in my town is such a pain in the ass. You either have the super expensive ones or the cheap ones in sketchy neighborhoods. It frustrates for more than a year now and I'm just fucking sick of it. I have a job but NOTHING works out. I just want some peace of mind and finally be able to move on holly shit c'mon. I was so close to move but nothing worked out at the end. And hearing my mum telling me constantly that I need to find my own place isn't helping when I know and want to move out since forever. I hate this so much jesus christ and yes I do pay my shit as long I live with my mum, so it ain't for free.

No. 470306

if you check out /meta/ there is a thread shows you how to style text and whatnot.

No. 470320

You mean her approving of Christian's sacrifice? tbh taking into consideration all the circumstances and her relationship, plus she saw him having sex with a girl (and yes he was drugged but he did have a talk with her mother who told him how things are going to work. He might have been reluctant but he did in the end consent to the ritual or whatever you'd call it. Now, I don't hate Christian but the director did make him more and more unsympathetic as the movie progressed (the thesis argument with his friend) and the ending was more symbolic than literal to me. I wouldn't say I love her character or that I approve of Christian's death but her actions were understandable within the context. She herself wasn't exactly in a normal state of mind.

No. 470326

File: 1570474265438.jpg (Spoiler Image, 404.03 KB, 1920x1080, 1446649441057.jpg)

Same anon here, just finished watching it.
Not bad, actually. I found the ending kind of funny. It reminded me of pic related.
Also, what the fuck else was she supposed to do at the end, really? Refuse? Then they'd just kill them all and start afresh. I only really feel sorry for Connie and Simon.

No. 470338

I'm applying for better jobs and I hate, HATE how so many agencies request that you attach your photo to the CV even if the job is not in the service industry, your looks aren't essential, you won't be dealing with people face-to-face, etc.

I just tried to do selfies because I never did them and then asked my friend to take professional-looking photos of me and I look so uncanny in all of them. It's like the mirror and the camera reflect two different realities. And I always feel like an animal doing these things, like a prostitute putting myself on display. I feel so pathetic. Why do you need my photo?

It's not like you won't see me if you ask me for an interview? I can't stop cringing at myself. Ugh

No. 470346

I hate that Twitter seems to have altered how the fucking mute function works. I've muted this person and while their posts don't show up in my timeline anymore, anytime they liked/retweet/reply to me it shows up in my notifications. I muted them for a fucking reason!!! I would just soft block them but they would immediately notice and throw a fucking shitfit so it isn't even worth it.

No. 470347

i'm fucking sick of my mum hounding me about my mail. she used to just open it herself without asking me but after telling her off so many times and having so many arguments about it she stopped. but now what she does instead is hide it away until i'm home from work and make me open it in front of her. if i don't she gets angry and complains that i'm 'hiding stuff from her' and gets my dad to back her up. like damn woman can i not have any privacy? fuck. this is why i've put off ordering a sex toy for so long.

No. 470356

I mean, they were both bad people and drugged out of their minds, so I am not saying either of them was nice, but I think she crossed a line that Christian didn't cross. Also agree on the metaphorical ending, this was my interpretation too.

No. 470358

File: 1570483351541.jpeg (101.05 KB, 1125x1232, EGNtYmOXkAEekaA.jpeg)

made a stupid passive aggressive tweet about being a clown cus i support women but i let men walk all over me and all these guys are liking it and retweeting,

No. 470362

delete it

No. 470365

My fiance and I are both on the verge of a nervous breakdown and I'm afraid this is it and maybe they are a bad person, the wrong person to stay with, or not who I thought they were. I have violent intrusive thoughts about hurting myself or dying and am barely functioning unless I manage to distract or drug myself up enough to not care. I keep going back and trying to help him hoping it will help me but nothing ever improves for more than a few days so I feel hopeless. I'm probably about to fail a midterm and have to drop with a W because I can't cut it, I fell behind because of this and can't handle it right now. I spend days a week feeling like I'm going to cry my eyes out and sometimes in public places. I recently had a week of respite before it all came back. I can't do anything too horrible to myself because I'm vain and don't want to hurt anyone else by hurting myself. Besides that killing myself over a relationship seems pathetic and I don't want to do it to maintain at least some of my dignity. I am so miserable and don't know how to get out of this. I'll be unhappy regardless of if I distance myself or not because the damage has been done and I will just continue to worry, alone. I can't stop caring.

No. 470368

took a nap so I could focus on reading these research papers for the tutorial tomorrow but now blackboard is fucking down so I can't access them rEEEEE
plus i wanted to print them so i could highlight shit and the library is now closing in 40 mins, getting upset here bros

No. 470370

samefag but also my flatmate, who oh so diligently outlined how the fridge space should be split up, is hogging an entire shelf of mine (out of the 2 allocated to me) with her rancid, out of date concoction as of 4 days now? at first I was forgiving bc she has some sort of infection going on but now she's piling other health concerns on top of it, all of which seem like they were handcrafted to excuse her doing something shitty/getting her way. bitch I just want to refrigerate my 2l bottle of soda in peace

No. 470371

Just buy one anyway and open it in front of her with the straightest face possible.
What's she gonna do rant at you about how you're a dirty whore or something.

No. 470375

that's exactly what she would do lmao. anyway the last thing i would want is for her to constantly bring it up, which she would. or the possibility that she would barge in on me using it, which she also absolutely would do. like i said, no privacy in this house.

No. 470380

File: 1570490097145.jpg (25.08 KB, 337x450, fdg.jpg)

I have been a heavy smoker for about 10 years, and more recently have been drinking 4-8 beers every weeknight (more on weekends) for the past ~4 years. I've never been attractive but my skin is really going to shit and I'm gaining weight now. Smoking is more something that happened because everybody in my family smokes, but I drink to cope with how I feel about myself and it is inevitably making me look worse so I feel like a huge retard. I also feel like I don't remember/am embarrassed by a lot of my social interactions because I'm mostly either drunk or hungover.

I feel like I'm so easily hooked to things. I don't even necessarily want a cigarette or a drink sometimes, but I find myself chainsmoking any time I'm outdoors, because I won't be allowed to smoke indoors, and chugging down beers before I go to sleep when I am already drunk because I keep opening them from habit. If I have to be so compulsive, I wish I could be compulsively drinking water or some shit like that. I'm never going to be fit but I could at least not be actively destroying my body.

No. 470381

switch to vaping and white claws like the zoomers

No. 470384

Why not threaten to file a police report on her, it’s a decent way to get people to stop doing petty illegal things typically

No. 470385

Samefag but that’s what it took to finally get my parents to back off and stop opening my mail

No. 470386

It's 1 AM and I ate light today so I'm STARVING and I've never wanted guacamole more in my life. I don't even eat it that often so I have no idea why I'm craving it so badly but I need some NOW. I have to get groceries tomorrow morning cause my kitchen is empty and I'm for sure gonna buy the ingredients to make guac and then I can fucking feast like a queen. But I can't fall asleep because I'm so hungry and so excited over making guacamole tomorrow. Honestly I'm so fucking hungry that anything sounds good right now. Hell I'd do anything even just to bite straight into a raw onion. Help

No. 470388

For starters just stop having so much alcohol in the house. Even if you see beers for a cheap price, don't allow yourself more than 3 in the house each week or something. Avoid the multipacks even if it's just as expensive to buy singles.

No. 470389

God guac sounds soooo good rn. you're crazy to make guac by hand tho, it's readily available at the supermarket for reasonable prices considering you can't eat entire jars of guac without larding it up

No. 470393

wtf… are you insane? guac is incredibly easy to make lol you just mash an avocado up with a fork and some seasoning. grocery store guacamole is disgusting and a travesty.

No. 470402

I'm starting to stick up for myself more and hold my ground, but the pushback is so hard to deal with alone.

>go no contact with my mom after she verbally abuses me and rejects my emotional needs for the umpteenth time

>she goes to her entire family to whine and bitch about how awful I am bc I dared lay down a boundary and told her no more
>I made a post talking to friends for support >mom and her side of the family shat their pants when they found out
>got horrible messages from cousins who don't even like or talk to me acting as if they knew anything about the situation cause their auntie was so sweet to them
>like they wanted me to feel isolated and alone while they all ganged up on me so I'd go crawling back to her
>continue my no contact rule despite my mom baiting extremely provocative things
>sends me texts, letters, and a bday gift trying to manipulate me into speaking with her bc she cannot accept that for once the situation is on my terms
>the letters were just a bunch of non-apologies, gaslighting, and dog whistling to try to get a response outta me
>continue holding my boundary
>stepdad who's now divorced from my mom sent her a text asking why her side of the family didn't wish me a happy bday recently while his did
>she couldn't even answer his question without blaming me
>stepdad said she called me a selfish, spoiled, needy adult (she hates it when she feels people defend me)
>then turned the question into a pity party about her
>today she sends me another text saying how she loves me, wants dinner sometime, and loves me
I'm not an individual, I'm just an object to her. Since she's over the situation, she's pissed at me because I'm not over it and refuse to take her back when she says so. Like when I was a little girl and she'd force me to make up and hug her after her terrible fights with me.

>friend hooks me up with a guy she knows

>he seems alright at first
>over time it becomes apparent he's a bit possessive and thinks alls his exes 'cheated' on him w/o any solid examples
>ignore it cause I was feeling so alone and wanted to enjoy the company
>made the mistake of showing him vacation pics that had some photos of my ex
>days later he accuses me of having feelings for my ex and that I still chat with him when I do not
>think it's a genuine misunderstanding but he was being such a prick about it
>the allegation itself blindsided me bc I had no idea what he was talking about
>eventually he agrees that I don't talk to my ex and came to an understanding, or so I thought
>another month passes
>for no provoked reason he texts me again one night aggressively asking how my 'relationship' with my ex is going and that he already knows
>told him to please not do that to me again, I was going through a lot and I was talking to nobody
>tells me how much he hates me and says goodbye
>I try texting and calling him, he doesn't respond
>as much as it hurt me, I told him fine and I hope he's fucking happy with his decision
>the next day he says sorry
>starts calling me obsessively
>one day he calls me 15 times
>'please talk to me'
>the next day
>'u ain't talking to me?'
>'i love you'
>next day calls me more
>'ok I tried'
FUCKER, YOU DUMPED ME! You wanted me to squirm and chase after you, except your little bastard plan backfired. Just like how my bitch for a mom thought she could keep abusing me thinking I was duty-bound to take her fucking abuse.
It's a brand new day.

I'm angry just having typed all this out.

No. 470403

Thank you, I hope you start to feel better too. And I get what you mean about physical symptoms, they can get annoying.

No. 470410

I keep feeling nauseous for no reason and I hate it

No. 470426

tldr lmao

No. 470435

File: 1570497996163.gif (20.12 KB, 200x200, imma tank ur engine.gif)

No. 470452

File: 1570503159760.jpeg (69.72 KB, 574x863, EGNrxlkXoAQBCnM.jpeg)

i hate my broke ass ex. i cant get away from him i hate him and i hope his fucking car explodes one day with him in it.

holy shit i am so mad today

No. 470453

grocery store guac is pretty good, anon. nah that's too much work for me. you have to peel the avocado, then mash, then add shit, and it's going to get at least a little messy, so add in cleaning time. avocados are so expensive to buy fresh. literally about the same price as already made guac, but you have to go through the whole process of making it too. no bueno.

No. 470456

To jump on this, whole foods spicy guac is $2.99 where I live and it's absolutely amazing
If you know what you're doing, you might as well go for the avocado, pepper, onion, cilantro–but honestly, unless you make your own often you won't get better quality than the premade stuff

Plus, the whole foods tub comes with a lid, so it lasts way longer (but really I just mean it lasts for more than a day)

No. 470457

agree hard. plus like you said if you really want a nicely rounded out guac, adding in onions, peppers, is still another process too, and i don't like having chunks of onions and peppers necessarily, so i'd have to run it through a food processor. that's way too many steps for something that goes bad in no time, but fwiw if you put a light layer of water on the top of your guac when you go to store it. it doesn't oxidize/go bad anywhere near as fast, just obviously dump out the bit of water when you wanna use and add more before putting back. wholly guacamole is delicious and cheap too.

No. 470459

File: 1570504620748.png (1.95 MB, 3000x4000, CE77A0EF-3AF0-4FA0-84FF-059C72…)

>itt: normies that can’t even be bothered to make their own guac

No. 470460

they keep convincing themselves its so much better but these stupid bitches dont even know.

No. 470466

File: 1570507107542.jpg (38.46 KB, 494x278, IMG_20151003_220630.jpg)

I was messaging this guy on discord for not even two days before he said he wanted to end the conversation because I wasn't responding fast enough. He acted like everything was cool but then messaged me saying he was trying to get me kicked from a server he invited me to and asked me to leave because the owner wouldn't do it - as I did nothing against the rules. Then he deleted me from his friends list so now I can't even call him out. Is that not an incredibly petty thing to do after saying everything was supposedly okay or am I wrong? This is why don't bother with making male friends.

No. 470468

Sounds like typical behavior from a dude that either feels like he was friend-zones, had advanced rejected, or is taking to another girl

No. 470476

>you can buy guac in the grocery store

…how did I not know this? I've been handmaking it for years.

No. 470482

In my experience many tubers only get into tubing because they're boring, unremarkable, and unfulfilled socially, otherwise. So with that being the case, go for it, my dude - they'd probs be thrilled to know you.

No. 470501

He sounds obsessive about deleting all reminders of you.. not a sign of being too emotionally well when all you did was chat

No. 470513

100% this. You either said something that ruined his hopes for fucking you or he found another girl willing to put out so he's removing you from his life to "let you get what you deserved". Happened to me a lot of times because I had a tendency to have male friends. Each of them either ghosted the fuck out of me and deleted me off social media or suddenly let me know what a stupid bitch I am and cut contact entirely. It was ALWAYS because of them feeling reject and/or finding a potential girlfriend.

No. 470528

File: 1570540429862.jpg (111.46 KB, 854x960, c4c.jpg)

i hate bitches that judge you for smoking weed. Think they are better than you because they themselves dont do it. Meanwhile they binge drink every weekend. Make it make sense! I hate that being an alcoholic is more normalized than being a stoner. Honestly I need to stop caring about what people think of me.

No. 470533

I remember seeing your posts here and there, and I'm proud of you for standing your ground and maintaining no contact with your mom. Also, fuck that guy.

I hope one day you'll find someone to love and cherish you the way you deserve. I'm glad you stepdad defended you (or tried to as much as he could I guess lol).

No. 470545

I feel you anon. I barely ever smoke weed anymore but something about people who hate it really rubs me the wrong way. They tend to be the type with a stick up their ass all the time and also judgmental and negative in my experience. Alcohol is so much worse in just about every way and I don’t get how people have “fun” drinking.

No. 470552

same dude, I can't stand that shit. My best friend is one of those judgey ass people, until she's super pissed at her bf and doesn't have money for booze so she hits my ass up for a couple of hits from my pipe. But at the end of the day you just gotta let it go, who tf cares what someone thinks about you smoking? You get up and get shit done and function like an adult then there's no reason to care what anyone says about it.

No. 470559

This is probably going to make me sound like a petty asshole but I can’t help but judge most of the men who message me on dating apps. For instance, I mention that I go plein air painting on the weekend and I swear I’ve had at least five men ask me what plein air painting even is or say dumb shit like how cool it is that I go “air painting.” Why can’t they just fucking look it up online? I know they’re just trying to start a conversation and that they’re probably too fucking lazy to research since men just message as many women as they can on these apps but I can’t help but see them as morons. I don’t know why I even bother with these stupid apps since I actually haven’t talked to anyone on them in forever and I’ve basically given up on dating.

No. 470583

maybe they're just trying to get to know you lol

No. 470584

You are a petty asshole who tries to sound pretentious instead of saying outdoors painting. Maybe that's their way of trying to make a conversation.

No. 470587

You've french in your profile, so yes, you do come across as an asshole. If your profile was a dude's you'd be judging his as well.

No. 470588

NTA but i think its moreso the fact that apparently some of them pretend to know what it means. Its like thinking that fly fishing is fishing in an airplane.

Also in art class I was taught that plein air is just another basic vocab term so anon's post didnt come off as pretentious to me. Its literally just the name and tbh anon is actually weeding out morons by using it. Its like when men write "i love hiking/running" so that fat girls wont message them, even if theyve never hiked in their life. But if they genuinely ask what it is then yeah they just wanna start a convo lol.

No. 470590

Or you could not be a huge asshole and just explain it to them instead of expecting random people to know what plein air painting is? I don't get why you're using a dating app if you're going to get annoyed with someone asking you a simple question.

No. 470591

christ, nta but knowing some basic expressions or terms in french doesn't make a person pretentious. I'm embarrassed in your stead.

I'm not an artist and I know what that means. It's about having basic culture or in your case, the lack of.

No. 470592

NTA, or those dumb fucks can google and use the internet for its purpose. Absolutely embarrassing

No. 470593

>I’ve basically given up on dating.
So basically you're just as lazy as you're accusing these men to be? kek

they're just trying to start a conversation, it's not that deep, chill

No. 470595

Most men ain't nothing to write home about, though. So I don't know why you're acting like getting a man is a prize.

No. 470598

where did I somehow made the impression getting a man is a prize? Because I literally did not

No. 470600


Then date artists that know what plein air is

No. 470602

You acting all offended like how dare you get annoyed because op doesn't like the dumb scrotes that populate most of dating sites.

Only you people defend your right to sound like mongoloids and don't understand why people hate it

No. 470603

why don't you uninstall the apps then?

No. 470613

nta but you sound like the OP, and you/she sounds autistic as fuck. OP is basically saying she's inviting conversation and then getting annoyed that the guys are trying to talk to her? she's not annoyed at the random messages from 500 guys and their 500 penises, she's annoyed that they won't look up her elitist terminology rather than just explaining that she's painting outside. any sane human being would rather have the person their talking to ask them about it to try to continue conversation as that is how conversations work.

No. 470617

You must be a dumb as bricks American because in no way is a French term "elitist". You haven't left your shitty flyover state your whole life I bet

No. 470618

It's their cheap way of an icebreaker, clearly. Instead of looking it up themselves, they use it as an opener to ask you a question instead of doing some research to ask you something more specific about it.
I agree that it's lazy, but this is totally typical of men. The only way around it would be to put a parenthesis next to it that's more laymen, or take it out completely.

Not quite the same but I had a very niche hobby that is put in my profile and even had some pics of me doing it. Lo and behold, that's all men would open with–questions about what is the thing. It was annoying so I just stopped.

No. 470625

I'm sure talking down to someone for not having the same opportunities in life is not elitist either.

No. 470628

Oh my fucking god. I dropped my phone in the toilet. I was getting up and turning around to flush and it fell as I turned. I'm dead inside. Also, I yelled "FUCK" as it happened, and of course the bathroom was fucking packed so I just stood there in the stall waiting for everyone to leave so I could wash my pee hands in peace. I was there for 5 minutes at least, just staring at the wall full of shock and disgust.

At this point I just feel empty. I took it right out and turned it off… I'm avoiding turning it on for as long as possible. It's a samsung galaxy s8, so it's sort of able to withstand some exposure to water. I dunno. I hate my life. Lol.

No. 470629

This must be bait. I've studied art history and I expect nobody to know or care about en plein air painting is. Also, it's cute that you expect all of the men who message you to go to the effort of googling weird french terms for you. Would you honestly do that for a man who messaged you? During introductions, nobody is that invested. The goal is easy conversation.

No. 470632

NTA, but is it really that hard to Google some shit? I do it all the time mid-conversation.
I'd agree with you if anon was talking about meeting people IRL and talking with them, but if it's a dating app, you're literally already on your phone, lmao.

No. 470634

awhile back (when these vent threads first started) i posted about being depressed and how i couldn’t find a job and felt useless.
while i’m still not in a happy place, i just wanna say thank you to the few anons who encouraged me. i’ve been working and making decent money, raising my credit score and am now on a much better path of life

No. 470638

I'm not really debating the difficulty of googling terms. I just don't get why OP would give up on dating because men don't care enough about their french term. These guys don't have any sort of investment during the first interactions. It makes total sense to be sort of "lazy" when first getting to know someone.

No. 470645

I'm so happy and proud of you anon! I hope you'll continue flourishing in life.

No. 470649

I silently went on a social media purge but the only thing I've kept is twitter. I can't help but think when my best friend realizes that I've gotten rid of my facebook (and eventually my instagram, it's only up so I can go back and download all the pics of my dog before I disable/delete it lol) she'll probably get all grouchy and uppity about it.

Like, it's my social media and I don't want to use it or be so dependent on killing time with it anymore, so why the fuck does she have to care? The way she views it is like "well then just don't look at them/waste so much time on them, but you don't HAVE to get rid of your accounts" but in my head it's like… I don't have the willpower to just not look at them. Even in the first week after deleting the apps off my phone, without thinking, I'd automatically go to click on where the apps would've been, multiple times a day. I have to disable my accounts and delete the apps off my phone to make it harder for myself, because in that moment when I realize I have to go out of my way to log in and reopen my account/redownload the app I'll think "wait, I don't actually want to go on these sites" and I'll stop.

I only know she'll be condescending about it now because she was condescending about it back in college when I said I was thinking of deactivating my facebook for a few weeks around finals. It rubbed me the wrong way, like "yeah, why don't I have the self control to just not go on those sites while I'm studying?" so I just left my accounts up. I just hate how she feels the need to chastise people about decisions that don't matter to her. She used to always comment about an ex-friend who would deactivate her facebook frequently. I still use messenger, but I just don't want to use the actual app or see my feed. I've pretty much stopped posting on facebook and I purged my instagram earlier this year because of another unrelated meltdown, but having an empty feed felt so good and I didn't want to fill it up again.

No. 470651

It's probably that and a cumulative of other events that makes OP wanna give up on dating, man. It's not hard to read between the lines.

No. 470652

It's only worthy of being talked down on when you express a pride in that and insult others.

No. 470660

File: 1570564785853.jpg (23.57 KB, 400x380, 5a2296a_640.jpg)

Was a turbo retard just now trying to trail my town's pokemon go group doing mewtwo raids, managed to participate in one but the bastard got away/I ran out of balls. After that one I failed to join any others. Literally why am I so retarded?? It was just a group of neckbeards and moms with small children yet whenever they were in my line of sight I got into a full on fight or flight mode. At one point I accidentally got in front of them and when I realised that, its like I almost got possessed and power walked int he opposite direction. I am not even sure if this bs I do on the reg can be considered social anxiety as I don't get heart palpitations or sweating or panic attacks etc, I literally just physically can't and get myself out of those situations on autopilot. When I can't get out of them (like at uni and such), I go almost mute, it is so cringe, I thought I'd grow out of this bs but I'm 22 now lmao. Experience none of this if I'm with at least one person I know.
God, I just wanted that bald kitty! Not sure if I have enough willpower left to try and pull this shit off for giratina tomorrow. I'm so mad at myself lol.

For what it's worth, your phone should be fine as long as it was less than 30 min. This is legit nightmare scenario and I'm so sorry, anon!

No. 470669

I've had friends who got uppity about deleting social medias too and I'm starting to wonder if they feel personally offended by it because they feel inferior for using them (I suck at wording this)

Like if you arent wasting your time on social media like they are, then you're "too good" for them or something like that and they can't stand it. It's dumb, nobody is better or worse for using it.

No. 470680

I wish I understood why people care about Pokemon Go.

No. 470683

Same anon, same.

No. 470684


if you still use imageboards you are still wasting time on social media. At least that is my opinion.

No. 470688

Social media rewards you like reddit with followers or upvotes. Imageboards don't really reward you the same way.

No. 470689

File: 1570568262142.jpeg (53.44 KB, 800x450, 89800197-CB93-4720-968D-3B8C9C…)

i thought this was me for a second. you have word for word written out what i've been doing these past few months lol.

i have 0 self control and i physically have to deactivate my accounts and then delete the apps and then block them on my iphone settings because it's the ONLY away to resist the urges to go back on. like you, i constantly closed tabs and pressed where the apps would be until realising that they're gone.

some friends of mine have questioned my methods and taken it personally, one outright accusing me of blocking her before i had to explain what i'd done.

i was far too involved and wasted soooo much time on social media i could honestly just scroll for hours and hours. such a waste of time but i've been in such a better place mentally.

sadly everyone's so focused on updating their lives consistently through social media and messaging on all these apps that i've been quite lonely. only a few friends have been texting me consistently but what can you do. i need a social break anyway, gotta focus on myself and doing what i need before getting back into it.

i think there's a difference between it personally. i don't go on these boards the same worrying amount as i did on apps like facebook and insta. i think the major reason being is i don't feel compelled to see what people are posting because i'm not attached to them. i also don't feel pressured into posting myself regularly. this board for example is fun for me to read certain threads before bed.

No. 470692

When she said that whole "well just don't look at your social media instead of deleting it all" it gave me the impression that she felt she was better than me because she might have the willpower to just stop looking compared to me, who can't. Although I actually don't know if she can just wills herself to stop looking or just touts that she can, because she doesn't seem to mind going on it and using it frequently (but her habits aren't my problem and she's fine with it, so more power to her).

I do get what you mean by people feeling inferior though! But fuck, I'm deleting my social media because I don't care to see what you're doing with your life (unless they want to directly catch up with me and tell me), so why would I even care about their social media habits haha. I really don't think I'm better than anyone else, honestly I feel kind of like a loser now that all of the idle time I spent scrolling through social media is just staring me in the face, I feel like an idiot because I don't know what to do with myself lol. I guess I'll figure it out.

Thank god I'm not the only one haha. I really did feel like something was wrong with me just because I can't stop myself from looking all the time, but the motions are so automatic that I realized now that I did it without thinking! I'm glad you're in a better place mentally now!

I do feel lonely sometimes too, but I think that distance makes it really nice when I do get to see or talk to them. I feel like seeing each other's constant life updates sort of kills the joy of catching up with people. Like it kind of hurts my feefees when I want to tell them a funny story about something that happened and they interject "oh yeah! I saw you post about it!" which is also my own fault for posting about it, but fuck haha. I want to surprise and be surprised by things going on in their life!

No. 470697

>thinks that plein air is some kind of common term
>also somehow has a chip on her shoulder
>arrogant for no reason
>thinks we don't know she's the OP
this is max cringe right here. also speak proper english please.

No. 470701

You're just as cringy and autistic as the Op though.

No. 470705

My boyfriend wants to drive four hours to see a female friend on Thanksgiving, am I a bitch for thinking it's wrong and too much or too intimate to be a normal friendship? He keeps assuring me she's just a close friend but idk it just feels wrong when my family asks where he is and I have to explain to them he's spending Thanksgiving with another girl…

No. 470706

Do I think it's weird to drive hours to see a friend on a holiday? Nope. But what's really weird is how you're not involved at all. That should be your red flag.

No. 470715

Please, it's inappropriate as all hell and YOU aren't comfortable with it to boot.
Driving multiple hours to see the opposite sex on a holiday…hahahaha. No, he cannot do that shit anymore unless he doesn't wanna be in a committed relationship.
Lay down the law, or dump him.

No. 470727

keep your phone off and let it dry out. some people say you should put it in a bag of cat litter or rice, other people says that doesn't work or is bad for the phone, either way just set it somewhere to dry with paper towels without moving it for a few days. (I did rice and it seemed to work so idk). best of luck!

No. 470730

Is there a reason why she can't come over and spend time with you guys instead? Why tf would you, the SO, be spending most of Thanksgiving alone, while your bf hangs out with some woman you haven't met

No. 470731

i did rice once and it worked too but it was like an iphone 3gs lol

No. 470733

In a nutshell, I like collecting cute things lol. Was never into actual pokemon in any iteration, be it games or tv, but then I got abroad the hype train when pokemon go came out and haven't hopped off since. Plus it feels more rewarding than samsung health or similar apps wrt motivating me to hit step goals. Honestly it is kinda lame that I've been playing this bs app for its entire lifespan yet don't have any strong pokes with good stats as I don't grind and literally didn't even know how to check for IV values/wtf that even is until this summer lol.

No. 470749

File: 1570577079632.jpg (73.98 KB, 1200x1069, DUC502IU8AAC_NQ.jpg)

>lost my virginity in summer 2018 during a one night stand to a speed addict who was 9 years older than me
>immdiately after that entered my first serious romantic relationship, with a physically+emotionally abusive guy, was with him for almost a year
>broke up with him 2 months ago
>often he would say "you lost your virginity to a crackhead, you're nothing but a groupie slut" when he was drunk to demean me
>since i broke up with him i've slept with two guys
>getting on ok with life, but can't shake off the constant voice in my head of my ex calling me a slut
>tfw i keep really believing that i'm nothing but a worthless whore who sucks up to men for attention and self worth
haha i hate myself

No. 470751

Harsh. Don't be truthful and tell men about your sexual history. The ones who even care enough to bother asking are insecure about it, want to size themselves up, and they WILL devalue you if they think your number or previous situations are bad in their eyes.

I'm really sorry that asshole made you feel bad for having sex.

No. 470757

yup i never discuss my body count. no reason to shame yourself over it either though. my ex best friend was clocking 50+ in our early 20s.

No. 470758

File: 1570580266909.jpg (171.3 KB, 1053x648, insulin-pumps.jpg)

Im going to the 'medtronics basics' class tomorrow and I'm happy and nervous

No. 470759

Sadvent, incoming.
I just want someone to love me so badly. I've never had that feeling before and am in an even deeper pit than ever in my current abusive relationship. I need to leave this man, but when I do, I'll be entirely homeless and alone. He tells me he loves me, but I can't think of one time that he's ever actually been nice to me. He treats me as if I were a slave instead of his significant other. Despite all of that, I don't want to have no one…

No. 470768

Always leave an abusive situation. Do you have an external support system at all? I’ve always been the mind of “no relationship is better than a bad relationship”. You need to learn to love yourself before someone else can love you.

No. 470772

Echoing the other anon: no relationship is better than a terrible one. It's not that it won't be hard, but anon, you won't be alone–you'll have yourself. If you have ANY other place you can go, go to it. If not, find a local women's shelter. You have more options than you think and are more strong than you know. I understand not being able to jump ship yet, but you can take the first tiny steps. If there's a women's shelter, center, whatever, near you, you can even just look at their site, see what services they offer. One step at a time. Your life is much bigger than it feels like right now.

No. 470773

Same anon, just realized how silly "you won't be alone you'll have yourself" sounds. What I mean is, the loss of being loved is so hard, and so crushing to let go of. That is very real. But I promise, you are worth enduring that pain. There is more love, possibility, and strength within you than you might realize right now. Strength enough to endure loneliness and find your way to something better.

No. 470774

Anon probably doesn't have a support system if the threat of homelessness is looming, and even if she did, sometimes leaving just isn't simple.

I empathize. It's a treacherous world to navigate alone. Especially after someone has given you a broken heart, a lowered sense of worth, and nothing to realistically support yourself once you leave.

I was in a similar situation as you a year ago. I was with my ex for almost four years. While he was never physically abusive, he was emotionally negligent, inconsiderate, and very unloving towards me despite all that I sacrificed for him. I had no savings because I struggled to support us, and he always whined about money. I felt alone even though I was technically with someone, which was so much worse than being single to me.

I left him but I had no choice but to move back in with my parents. My mom is an abusive narcissist. I actually did wind up becoming homeless for a month by living out my car and using my gym membership to shower for work because she was so horrid to me that I abandoned the situation. I only wound up staying for a few months, and then I got a roommate situation.

If you make the decision to leave anon, I cannot say that platitudes like "loving yourself" will fill the void. It didn't for me. I'm being honest in that I fell into the traps of at least two predatory relationships since, because men could sense how insecure and vulnerable I was. You'll be tempted to want to jump back in the saddle again to feel that 'normalcy' of a relationship return, but just know that it won't solve how you feel and may even make your self-esteem worse.

The only thing that helped me move on is time. The pain hurts a lot less, and at least today–despite my ongoing problems–I'm a lot better off than having stayed in that loveless relationship.

No. 470775

You don't need someone, you need money and independence. Once you have those, love and partnership are a want rather than a need (in order to avoid homelessness, for example).

It's depressing that so many people think they cant survive without a relationship. If anything it's easier to get your life in order and become who you want to be without external interference.

No. 470778

True but what's tragic is what abuse does to the mind

No. 470787

I truly thank all of you for your words. The one positive thing that I can say for myself is that at least I do realize that this relationship is toxic and I know what he does to me is abuse, though he only physically hurt me one time. I don't have any friends and my family is no longer close because of course, cutting me off from them was the very first thing he did. I fell for his bullshit the first year we were together, but reading other women's stories and seeing all of these signs and flags and obviously, when he put his hands on me, I "saw the light."

No. 470798

tfw it's finals week but you still decide to waste an hour playing dragon neopets

No. 470802

As someone who’s cut themselves off from family and friends due to a toxic situation before, you might be surprised at their response if you reach back out and explain your situation to them. Best of luck getting out, anon. You deserve better.

No. 470807

i am going to put down one of my dogs this weekend.
my cat may not be far behind either.
fuck this gay earth

No. 470808

Astrology bullshit has infested the minds of my normal friends and just normal people in general and it seriously pisses me off.

No. 470814

I hate it too Anon, I get completely turned off when they just start going on like "they're such a gemini and we all know how geminis are lol I'm so glad my best friend is a libra" like I would've rather have my friend stay silent and end their sentence.

No. 470824

Why does everyone on /r/popheads talk so…retarded? Like they've got only a few braincells or something. It drives me up the damn wall. I like pop music and discussing it but it's near impossible when its fans like to talk like a bunch of annoying morons. Poptimism and gen z are a horrible mix.

No. 470827

I'm going to have to go out on a limb here and say that vapid music made to appeal to the masses probably doesn't attract many intellectuals.

No. 470828

Flight Rising? That game is my guilty pleasure, I've had an account since 2013 and just recently got back into playing it and it's so addicting. I always wondered if any other farmers played it too!

No. 470829

Lol yes, it might sound 2deep4u or really snobby but there's definitely some truth to this.

No. 470838

>Imageboards don't really reward you the same way.

a (you) is no different than an upvote or like

No. 470840

I've reached a point in life where I think I want to go back to school to get my undergrad (I'd be a junior or sophomore I think with my credits) but I'm almost 23 and I'm so anxious about being older than everyone. I have a lot of anxiety about getting older as it is and I don't want to feel like I'm trying to LARP a fanfic version of my thwarted youth. I already feel pathetic

No. 470843

I hate that I'm ugly. My beautiful best friend has the wildest sex life with her boyfriend and mine will only have sex with me once or twice a week. None of my boyfriends have ever been very sexual with me.

No. 470844

Someone in my psychology class my freshman year was in her early 40s. Never feel bad about continuing your education.

No. 470846

my close friend failed school when she was 20 and dropped out. she returned again when she was 24 and is currently doing her masters now at age 27. it's never too late. i had another friend who just graduated this year at age 35. i didn't even know she was older than me until she reluctantly told me. it sounded like she was embarrassed/ashamed of completing an undergrad at a later age but it doesn't matter; at the end of the day you got your degree

No. 470855

my dad is 52 and studying to get his bachelors so honestly try not to let age stop you from pursuing it!! at least you’re not as old as my dad lol

No. 470865

I'm so, so sorry anon. I can't imagine how painful this must be. Please love and care for them up until the very end, I'm sure your dog and cat love you very much and are thankful for the life you've given them. I always post this to anons who post about their pets passing away/having to put them down:


I hope it might make you feel better. Please make the most of the time you have left with them.

No. 470869

This is gonna sound so stupid but I really wish I could just disappear and not in the sense of dying but just.. not being seen? I don't want to be pretty, I don't want to dress nice and I especially don't want to buy anything that would help me become those things. I wish I could just look and experience others without being experienced in return if that makes any sense at all. If there was some guarantee that ghosts are real and I could become one after my death I'd probably give myself the bullet tomorrow lol. I don't even know if these are depression/anxiety feelings or if I'm just an extreme introvert or if this is something normal?

No. 470876

I'm 23 and a first year. I haven't had regrets for a second. Like you I was super anxious about being older than the rest but I get really well along with everyone and no one has made me feel bad about being a few years older than most people (in fact they were surprised I was older). I wish I had known before how much of a not-issue my age is.

Don't let anxiety and doubt about your age hold you back anon, you're still plenty young. You don't wanna look back in 20 years time and regret your decision not to go back to school, just because you thought you were too old (you're not)

No. 470883

I went back to university at age 30 and was not the oldest in class. It's no big deal, don't worry, you are still so young. Please do yourself the favor of going back to school! I'm rooting for you anon!

No. 470886

What the fuck anon, I didn't enroll to an university until I was 22 and graduated when I was 26 (bachelor's). And I thought I was pretty young at that point because most people I know went to get their master's and didn't graduate until they were like 32. 23 is a small baby these days, when you hit 30 you'll realize that you weren't much older than you were at 16.

No. 470893

going to school at 18 or 19, or even 23, is a meme tbh. unless you live in a country with free education or come from a loaded family, i'd never want to go to college straight out of high school or when still a young adult. saddle myself with debt for something i'm not entirely sure about, when i have no idea who i am because i am a literal child? no thanks.

No. 470896

I have PTSD, but it hasn't been too much of an issue over the last couple years. In that time I've only had a few related panic attacks, which I've gotten pretty good at handling, and once in a while I have a sad night, but it doesn't usually last beyond that.

But I swear to god the past month or so has just been the worse for me in terms of being re-traumatized and I'm fucking exhausted. It has just been instance after instance of someone getting under my skin and reminding me that I should never feel safe, that I should always be constantly on-guard and terrified no matter where I go. I've been dealing with it okay enough and getting by, but holy shit last night I had the worst experience.

I've been seeing this guy for a few months, I'll call him my bf for simplicity - he lives very close, so I'm usually at his at least three night a week. I'll come over around 7 or 8, sometimes later depending on work. I've never once felt unsafe - his neighborhood is pretty quiet, his house is well-lit outside, and we take late night walks together often. Last night I pulled up to his house and parked by the curb as usual. I turned off my car and looking down to get my things together when I heard a loud bang against my window. My first thought was that it was my bf just trying to scare me, even though he's never done anything like that before. I yelled "Jesus Christ!" and slammed my hands back against the window out of instinct, but when I looked up it wasn't him.

The scariest part was that confusion and slow realization that it was a man I didn't recognize. He looked angry and confused too, like he didn't know why I was upset. He had a cigarette in one hand a bottle in the other, and for some reason my first thought was that he was going to ask me for a light. He started yelling at me, and I'm frustrated at myself for just how long it took me to lock my door. He kept yelling, "What'd you say? What'd you say girl? Come out here, come out here and see what happens!" I yelled at him to get away from my car but he didn't and I don't know if he's going to leave and I don't know if he wants to beat me or rape me or kill me but it finally hits me to call my bf and I immediately start crying when I hear his voice, and I beg him to come outside and try to tell him what's happening. The man finally starts to back away when I get on the phone but he's staring me down. My bf comes out of the house and immediately to my car, and opens the door and I immediately just start clinging to him.

I finally get my stuff and he brings me inside, tells me the man is his neighbor and is obviously unstable and usually drunk, but has never done anything like that before, just keeps to himself. He's holding me really tight and it finally hits me all the things that could have happened, and suddenly I'm reliving every awful thing that's ever happened to me and hyperventilating and I spend the next I don't even know how long, weeping and shaking and trying not to puke. The guy I'm seeing was so good, so patient and quiet with me, he didn't get freaked out and he made me feel so safe and I couldn't be luckier in that sense. I tried to make jokes later and calmed down a lot, but I had a hard time sleeping. I kept going through that moment of looking up to see this face against my window.

I don't know. I've never been in a situation like this and I don't know if it's normal to be going through it again and again, if that's a normal response anyone would have or if it's my PTSD acting up or what, but I'm. I don't know, sad, and frustrated. Angry that I know this is going to change things for me, that I'm just doomed to live the rest of my life looking over my shoulder and being afraid because even in an every day situation I've been on dozens of times, this time could be different. I'm going to lock my car door the minute I get inside, I'm going to start keeping a knife on me again, hate that I'm going to start carrying Xanax again in case I have another panic attack. I hate it. I hate that I feel this way, I hate being forced to live like this. I missed class this morning and I'm still in his bed because I'm terrified to leave like I have every other morning for months. I feel vulnerable and fragile and weak and I hate this.

No. 470899

I hate being an aspie so fucking much. I just want to go out with my coworkers to after work gatherings and make friends without being severely anxious or saying something dumb. I just want something in my life to be normal for once!!

No. 470900

I dread having to go back to uni next week so much.
I have so much anxiety that going to class is a challenge every single time. This is already my 5th year and I don't have any friends at all. Pathetic, I know, thankfully my parents allow me to go slow, so it's not like I have super many classes but it still makes me feel horrible. I just want to run away. I'm also not looking forward to having to work in 1 or 2 years too, if it wasn't for my parents, I think I'd just live off the state or do some weird online job.

When I just started uni I was still super motivated and promised myself to have a nice college experience (contrary to my high school days) but in the end it got a lot worse. I walked up to so many people, talked to them, sometimes had really nice chats, but in the end they always left me for others. I really want to know what I do wrong. I tried so many different approachs but nothing ever seems to work. I wish somebody could tell me what is wrong with me, what makes me so unlikeable. I've wanted to lose weight since before entering already, but instead got even fatter, so if people don't like me now, it's probably because of the way I look, but back then I was still somewhat slim, so…? I do have a resting bitch face and am very tall, but I tried my best to seem friendly. I always smiled at new people entering the room, I was never on my phone to seem more approachable, yet instead of sitting next to me, they rather choose to sit next to some grumpy person who barely acknowledged them. It's as if I'm invisible.
Every time we have to do a group project or god forbid go on a trip it's horrible for me, because I don't have anybody to partner up with. And I'm already super scared of the graduation ceremony (if I every manage to finish…), because I'll be the only one without any friends. Sometimes I think of just posting myself somewhere to have people tell me directy what is wrong with me. Otherwise my life will never get better.
I don't even want to think about how disappointed kid or teen me and my deceased grandma would be, if they knew how I turned out to be. In primary school I was number one in my entire age group, even good at sports, looked like I'd grow up to have a super nice body, lovely group of friends, and now I'm a kissless 24-year-old fat virgin, who's too scared to look anybody in the eyes, who's less than just half-assing the few things she does, who's only on the internet and whose only companions are her parents and her little sister.

No. 470903

What the fuck? That’s terrifying. I would have bugged the fuck out and point my gun at that man… Hell no, a psychotic drunkard is unacceptable in a residential neighborhood, I’d make some type of authority aware of this.

No. 470905

File: 1570638260203.jpg (138.09 KB, 1080x1080, 1570386400033.jpg)

ive posted my hand before ( palm faced ) and everyone assumed i was an old lady and it hurt lol

No. 470907

Eating is impossible hard. Nothing is exciting about food anymore

No. 470909

By all means be a good person and an activist…but this trend of constantly engaging in performative wokeness on social media so everyone can see how aware you are is starting to make me really annoyed with most of my friends

No. 470915

Tired of being everyone's emotional punching bag. Being nice and considerate only makes them entitled to my patience. Someone suggested that maybe my role in life was to endure everyone's frustrations so they could function in the other areas of their life. Maybe something about me is instantly dislikable or abusable.
>put in effort and hard work, get called an elitist tryhard
>struggle, called lazy
>proud of achievements, called cocky
>shy of achievements, called fake
>have an opinion, called pretentious
>never express anger, called distant
I'm either an arrogant pretentious elitist looking down on everyone or I'm a lazy fake underachieving doormat to these people. Never anything in the middle. It's years of different teachers, friends, and family doing this. So if everyone is doing it, maybe I'm the problem.

No. 470917

I'm so fucking anxious. My parents think I'm pregnant because I gained a lot of weight in just 3 months (about 40 pounds) but I figured that was because I was literally having alcohol, burgers, ice cream, and cookies every day even if i was walking most of the week and exercising 1 hour every 2-4 days. I already took a pregnancy test in early September about 2/3 weeks after I last had sex (which we did the unreliable pull out method). It came out negative but my parents want to make sure so they're getting me a test on Friday after much arguing and them pushing me to do it. It's driving me up a fucking wall. Every time I think about me being pregnant I feel a pain on my uterus and start getting cramps for some reason. I don't know if its my fucking head or it's real. My mom also felt my uterus and felt something hard on it but I've been feeling something hard on it for a while now which I always thought was uterine fibroids or something because I have all the symptoms of PCOS. Fuck man I hate this shit I might just go out and buy it myself instead of suffering in anxiety and confusion.

No. 470919

im so done with my mom and grandma treating me like im an alcoholic. i have maybe 1 drink every few months and its usually during social situations. ive overheard them gossiping on the phone about how im a disgusting shameful alcoholic because i had one (1!!!) glass of wine at a family memebers birthday party, and today my grandma got pissed and yelled at me, saying how its inappropriate to be drinking during a weekday and im not going to be able to wake up tomorrow morning because i was drinking a can of fucking karamaltz, which for those of you that dont know is a non alcoholic soft drink.

No. 470921

Families are the fucking worst. You two deserve to be treated better.

No. 470923

I hate it too, it's so try hard-y. I was just watching a streamer who was talking about how he was getting bashed by some viewers for not being active boycotting some issue he's aware about, like let the guy live his life, he's got a daughter to care for at the end of the day lol.
I just hate it when people go after random friends & family members and act all condescending about it because all of a sudden they just expect too much out of everyone. It's so narcissistic.

No. 470946

Not sure why it happens to me either, but I figure it's just the way I look. I don't get the halo effect benefit as I just look like an annoying/bitchy/punchable person so people attribute negative qualities to anything I do no matter if I do good or bad.
As long as I do my best, that's what I care about, and I'm extra proud for what I achieve despite the disadvantage of being unfairly judged a lot.

No. 470962

Completely agree. I've unfollowed/muted a ridiculous amount of people recently because they keep doing this garbage. They don't even practice any real activism and barely research the subject they're rallying for before making a snappy take based on muh feels and unsourced social media posts. The fucking worst part is how they might rally for one socially dubious thing but turn around and defend another problematic trait because it's ~more woke~ by some stretch of mental gymnastics. The horseshoe theory might be a meme but they're a living example of it.

I've decided to ditch those people from my life completely though. Have fun being miserable 24/7 and thinking you're a better person for supporting the social media canceling of the week without even knowing what it's about. Maybe you'll wake up one day and realize what a toxic piece of shit you are and get a real life with real life problems.

No. 470983

File: 1570662476885.png (96.87 KB, 689x473, 1522551208393.png)

Dunno fam, I'm basically in the same boat (5th year of uni, no friends despite various approaches, khhv, resting bitch face, promising child, mediocre adult etc etc), my most profound condolences and I pray we both manage to graduate! Honestly I think that whole "find fulfilment within yourself" thing is a massive meme as I'd much rather just have 1 decent friend lol, but sometimes I do feel almost normal when doing solo activities so maybe try dabbling in a new hobby? Maybe sometihing very left field that you normally wouldn't even consider? Also, if possible, maybe consider working part time to maximise your odds of coming across someone who would love to be your friend? Like my only social interactions throughout the week are my elderly coworkers, which is bit sad ngl, but also I genuinely love talking with them, they're unexpectedly funny, especially the 50 year old Stacies kek

No. 470995

I live in California right now but I'm from the East Coast. People here are absolutely fucked up in general but I'm so sick of people bitching about these fires. If you don't know, a power company (PG&E) is shutting off all power due to high winds, since they were sued for the fatalities/damage of the last few fires, so the majority of counties here have areas with absolutely no power (unless you have a generator).

I acknowledge that PG&E is responsible for not maintaining power lines but blaming PG&E for absolutely EVERYTHING is dumb when it's also your fault for continuing to live here. There's been quite a few fires caused by private utilities, like literally a faulty HOT TUB WIRING that caused fatalities and thousands of acres and millions of dollars of damage. It's time to admit that there's other places to live in the US other than this fucking matchbox of a state.

I'm unfortunately stuck here because of my shitty ass college (couldn't transfer out, big mistake) but I'm graduating in May. Thank god. Fuck California.

No. 470998

depends who it is. I'm talking to a youtuber now and there's a reason his content is the way it is (a lot of reddit/4chan based stuff). he comes off as an autistic neet and is really really hard to talk to. shares his girl problems and whatnot but it's hard to help when it's just his personality lmaoooo
but yeah idk see how it goes talking to them first, you might end up wasting your time on a robot. god speed anon

No. 471012

File: 1570669400955.png (327.8 KB, 1280x720, 33d.png)

bitch are you talking to daniel? stop it

No. 471017

If you don't mind me asking, what did this person do that caused the emotional trauma?

A girl who was overall 10x better than me once made it her mission to steal my boyfriend of 3 years. She took him in as little as 2 weeks, I was devastated. They didn't last long but I had to uproot my whole life and move across the country back to my parents'. I still check her social media every day.

I hate how she's prettier than me. It's like self-harm looking at her and feeling powerless. Often I dream about her coming out and stealing my current partner away

No. 471020

Why every so often is there a retarded scrote making a thread on here?

No. 471023

Color me shocked that the same people who usually talk so progressive on environmental and climate matters can't go without electricity for the sake of not causing unnecessary environment damage a la fire.

Just goes to show how some people are all lip service.

No. 471026

Because they’re greasy, lonely, virgins who are desperate for any type of female interaction.

No. 471031

8ch died
kiwi is dying on account of recent user data leaks
scrotes are trying (and failing) to flee elsewhere

No. 471039

When my friends judge me about everything in my life I think it says more of them and the way they are than of me.
I used to be so scared of their opinions but I opened my eyes and I realised they are just jealous because even when my life is a mess, it’s better than theirs and always will be.
I can’t stand insecure people who make others feel bad and inferior just because they need to convince themselves they’re far better than anybody.

No. 471045

thank you, anon.

No. 471047

there's nothing wrong with an adult show poking fun at puberty, its just that big mouth isn't funny

No. 471050

I bought a new car the other day and in the process of checking my credit they submitted 7 separate hard credit inquiries, and also apparently submitted my information to financing companies even though I told them I wouldn't be financing and would be paying upfront, leading to 4 more hard inquiries. My credit scores dropped 200 points basically overnight, I'm fucking pissed… probably will have to spend all day tomorrow writing to Equifax and Transunion to dispute. In general i'm so sick of stressing over my credit score 24/7!