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File: 1571676524554.png (829.47 KB, 537x565, travelers notebook.PNG)

No. 475318

Post about your journals and journal inspirations here!

Some icebreakers:
- What made you start?
- What kind of notebook do you write in?
- Where do you get your journals?
- How often do you write and do you have a preference with what you write with (favorite pens)?
- Do you decorate your journals? If so, with what and how?
- Any favorite stores/companies to get all your journals and journaling goodies from?

No. 475321

File: 1571676693043.png (538.06 KB, 536x539, gfxb.PNG)

Reposting this from the dumbass shit thread:

I started maybe about 4 years ago, because I saw one of my favorite artists constantly post her journal entries from her hobonichi. I picked up a random small spiral notebook and I would just jot down things that happened that day. I was living in Japan at the time, and to this day I regret not starting sooner because I think it really would've helped my depression at the time, and also I just want to recall things with better accuracy! It bounces between being a place to vent (I like to think that when I'm writing depressing thoughts down, that the feeling is leaving my body through me physically writing it, so it's kept in the pages and out of my body lol it's lame but it helps me!), to just a place where I record things that happened (mundane or not) because I think it's fun to read these in the long, long future! I decorate all of my pages with washi tapes and stickers (I have a pretty good collection of tapes and friends will frequently buy me stickers as gifts), I think it really makes the pages pop!

>Whan kind of notebook do you write in?

Aside from my first and third journal (I'm on my 4th one atm!), I try my best to buy from indie artists. I used to attend a lot of conventions and would buy there, but etsy has so many too. There's no real reason for it other than that sort of… special exclusivity that I like. Like, a notebook that's a bit harder for others to find and most people I'll run into won't own it, so it's very special and unique to me. Nowadays I'm thinking of buying from my local stationary store just to make my life a little easier. I'd love to write in a hobonichi, but the pages are too thin and I write too much lol.

>How often do you write?

I try my best to write daily! I went through a period where I would only write if something happened that day (an outing with friends or something very unusual) because I wanted to save pages in my current journal that's very nice but only 56 pages, but it feels like a waste. So many days unaccounted for!

>How do you write about you day coherently?

If it's a really mundane day, I'll write about what I did in the morning. I have a dog so I'll write down if she was being really naughty or really cute or something. Then I'll just sort of write out everything else that I think is worth noting/can bother to remember. If I actually did something that day, I'll only write about that. If it's a vent, I'll just write out my thoughts. Sometimes it can be a combination of all three and then that day's entry can span like 5 pages or something lol.

>Do you worry about someone reading it?

Absolutely. I write a lot of meaningless stuff, but I also write down a lot of things that others might think is concerning, or I'll write really ugly vents about friends or something that might make them upset so of course I don't want them to read it lol.

(New) Attached picture is from the artist who inspired me to start journaling! I own a few of her washi tapes and my current journal is also from her.

No. 475325

Oh man I wish I could journal regularly, I've tried all my life but just can't stick with it. I always start a new notebook too, I have like a dozen diaries with 20-30 pages of text, and the rest is blank. How do you guys form a habit out of it?

No. 475327

don't force yourself to write on the daily. I'vé been writing for 10ish years and I don't. I just write when I feel like it. Sometimes I write daily for weeks or months, sometimes I don't write for weeks or months. I don't mind the gaps at all because that in itself says something about how I felt/my life at the time.

No. 475330

>What made you start?
I wanted something besides my phone to write down thoughts and things that I needed to do. It helps me set goals or remember good/bad things that happened.

>What kind of notebook do you write in?

I use a Stalogy 365. I tried using a daily planner at first but I don’t write all the time so it was wasted. The one I use is kind of small so next time I’ll go a size bigger

>Where do you get your journals?

It was either amazon or jetpens

>How often do you write and do you have a preference with what you write with (favorite pens)?

I usually use prismacolor or stalogy fineliners and write a couple times a week

>Do you decorate your journals? If so, with what and how?

I will draw sometimes or use washi tape. Or tape drawings I made on other pieces of paper. I also have a tiny photo holder that attaches to my journal cover and I stick things like trading cards and pencil boards inside

>Any favorite stores/companies to get all your journals and journaling goodies from?

Not really, I just google around for items and pick from the store that has the best deal

No. 475339

I just started a travel journal. I have memory problems and it's really sad that I can't remember previous trips that I've been on. So I just started describing what I did each day and I'm going to paste in things like tickets, cut outs from brochures etc. It's really juvenile like "Today I went shopping. Last night we ate pizza." but whatever, maybe I'll get better at it. I'd love to get a Polaroid camera and be able to put photos in too but they're so expensive, I'll have to research options.

No. 475358

File: 1571684246417.jpg (54.35 KB, 474x610, Dated Journals #writing #daily…)

Anyone using a moleskine? Or any other higher end notebook? Is it worth it? I've been writing in cheap notebooks for years but I kinda wanna treat myself to something nicer for once.

No. 475367

Honestly don't recommend moleskines in particular. I do have one as a school planner just now and the paper is very thin, if you write with gel pens then you will see a shadow on the other side of the page. Same with their cahier ones (had one as a sketchbook 2 years ago - literally 70gsm I think!). Maybe their standard notebooks are different but I haven't tried!

No. 475370

I while ago I came across "k-pop journals" videos (didn't know that was a thing) They're extremely cringy just for their topic but also very aesthetically pleasing lol

No. 475388

File: 1571691007357.png (39.2 KB, 500x342, thishadaweirdfilename.png)

I don't decorate my journals at all. Blank notebooks are the best

No. 475389

File: 1571691035734.png (20.73 KB, 290x290, what.png)

No. 475395

I started journaling because I have issues
Mainly with being obsessed with a crush and not being able to stop thinking about them
I write down things to track what sorts of triggers I have, though I’ve only been doing it a week so no patterns just yet
I wrote:
What caused the thought
What did I think
How it made me feel
What I wanted to do
What I did instead
And what the result was
It’s really good if you have negative thoughts in general

I also started writing down stuff that makes me feel good and how I feel after doing them
Just to track all the good stuff in my life and see if there’s any way for me to keep it up

No. 475424

I just write rambling stuff about whatever entertainment media I've consumed lately and write down interesting dreams.
Once I finish the last page in my current diary I'm actually going to go back and fill up the rest of the pages in this Lisa Frank diary I got when I was 8 that I never filled up.

No. 475435

i had a therapist laugh at me one time because i used to write in a composition book. i want to get back into journaling but i feel so messed up from that. so stupid. i used to go through like 4-5 journals a month and it felt so good but i really couldnt afford anything nice or expensive at the time cus all my money went into therapy and medication go figure.

this thread makes me want to get back into it. i have a really pretty journal i have held onto for almost a decade that i have been wanting to write in.

No. 475439

I love my Hobonishi Techo, and use it mostly to write about what I did each day. I'm kind of more into making it look nice rather than vomiting bad feelings into it, because decorating pages and reminding myself the good things that happened in the day is relaxing to me.

Recently i've really been into Korean journal Instagrams and all of the cute indie artists that make stationery. This girl on yt makes pretty cute and colorful journal spreads.

No. 475597

What the fuck was wrong with your therapist??

When I started journaling, I bought whatever the fuck I could get from my local convenience store. I couldn't make it as pretty and nice as my current ones, but it's a journal that holds so much worth to me despite how bland and plain it looks compared to all of my current ones.

I really hope you start again anon! And don't let the fear of finishing a really pretty journal and then not being able to write anymore in it stop you from filling it up!! My favorite thing is looking at my journals when they're closed and half filled, and I can see all the pages I've written and decorated in become more adn more bulky and messy vs the clean and crisp untouched pages, and slowly the decorated chaos takes over the whole book. There's nothing more satisfying to me than seeing a journal treated well and used to its full extent. I'm sure if it was alive it'd be happy too! I love to look at new journals but my rule is that I can't buy a new one until I'm almost done with my current one (otherwise I'd have a neverending growing collection of new ones lol), but I loooooooooove journal shopping so much.

I really wanted a Hobonichi as a journal but the pages are too small and thin for me to enjoy it as one. I use it as a daily planner for work though and love it for that!

No. 475732

I have a real problem with writing down stuff I'm embarrassed about or don't really wanna think about. I guess I'm in denial about such things and don't want to have it "confirmed" on paper or wanna read it back and cringe about myself.

Is this really weird?

No. 475740

I don't think it is! I was like this for a while. I used to keep a journal only for my vents and before I used a journal for just regular everyday writing. Sometimes I still won't write down bad or embarrassing thoughts because I don't ever want to have to read back on them and remember. I don't think there's a right or wrong to it, it's ultimately up to you. Nowadays I'll occasionally force myself to write down my bad feelings irregardless of whether I'll like that I'll eventually read it in the future or not because it helps me process the emotions and thoughts but I'm selective in what I'll write (I'll leave out certain details or I just altogether won't write down the vent if I think it'll be so bad for my future self to relive/think about).

No. 475964

Idk if it's the same thing but all the people seem to like kpop but I watch bullet journalling vids and their set up s are gorgeous - always the nicest handwriting, washi tapes and so on

No. 475967

that's kind of messed up that they laughed at you. tbh who cares what you use to write in? it's what's inside that counts!

No. 475969

I just looked up Hobonishi Techo and the prices (at least in my country) have me weak, they're £75 for a notebook and cover. a couple are as much as £130. is this usual? they are gorgeous though, some lovely art on the fronts.

No. 475980

File: 1571841686739.jpg (174.21 KB, 972x1100, Screenshot 2019-10-23 at 15.39…)

I have 2 journals at the minute

one is for gratitude journalling which (when I started) I wrote the things I was grateful for daily. the other is for therapy related things from self help books including CBT exercises and the odd entry about how I'm doing in relation to my mental health. lots to do with positive affirmations too

both my notebooks are just simple lined notebooks both from TK Maxx. I like how I can pick up a cute notebook from there for like £5

I write a couple of times a week and at the minute my favourite pen is the sakura pigma micron fineliner in .02. I do like to use my lamy safari fountain pen too

I have quite a few cute stickers and washi tapes but I never use them cause I'm a perfectionist and don't want to waste them (as both my journals are pretty messy) I plan to use them soon in a bujo .I'm going to start a bullet journal soon and plan to buy either a dingbats dot planner or really splash out on an archer & olive one, not sure yet!

No. 475983

File: 1571841796682.jpg (99.12 KB, 1080x1302, 151f4c2c7da3c32da21834f34f2c71…)

I should just mention if anyone is looking to use watercolours in a notepad then, from my research, the archer and olive notepads are the very best with 160 gsm paper. in tests I've seen the paper holds up better than any other when it comes to watercolour. might be useful info for someone!

No. 476007

>What made you start?
My boyfriend journaled frequently in his youth. When he told me about his journaling escapades, I got inspired and decided to start some myself at 22. I have regrets not doing it in my youth because journals really do capture the past, and I’m all for nostalgia glasses.
>What kind of notebook do you write in?
>Where do you get your journals?
I want to get really nice journals but I’m stuck with dollar store crap. If anyone has recommendations, I’m all ears! (Goes for pens too. I usually use Bic)
>How often do you write and do you have a preference with what you write with (favorite pens)?
I write frequently, maybe every other day. It’s turned into a weight loss journal lol
>Any favorite stores/companies to get all your journals and journaling goodies from?
Someone give me ideas

No. 476022

I have journals from 13 to 17ish, they scream teenage angst throughout. I've genuinely thought about burning them.

No. 476065

Where do you usually get your stickers and washi tape? I want to see some stuff you anons consider cute/tasteful.

I used to collect stickers as a kid and although I should probably doodle more, using them sounds fun.

No. 476068

I use composition books and scratch paper, but I'm looking to get a nice journal. I'm not sure if I want a bullet, or narrow ruled lines. It'd be great if there was a combo. I like to sketch. I also want it to last, so being bound by leather or some other quality cover would be nice. I'm carrying it all year. Any recommendations that don't cost me my soul? "Good" journals are $20-50 and they still feel shoddy, plus I hate the designs. Most leather covers are those weird wraps that let the paper inside get misshapen, anything with a cute design is blurry printed and the cover is falling off in the store - poorly bound card-stock. I might make my own. I want it to be yellow and paint sunflowers on it if I make it myself.

No. 476075

File: 1571854915727.jpg (46.63 KB, 570x570, il_570xN.1913507389_1wv6.jpg)

I've bought a lot of tape and stickers from etsy. I've bought a lot that I just found cute (like little planner stickers of shiba inus haha) and at the moment I'm thinking of getting these from mt by Asanoha Karekusa

I used to collect stickers too, I'd buy sheets of the really bright, gharish and sparkly kind. so much fun

No. 476080

Midori has leather covers with refillable/replaceable notebooks. They offer different types of paper for different purposes and I believe you can also put in more than one notebook into those leather covers. (so you can have a blank or bullet one for sketching and one with lines) They're a bit expensive but it's worth looking into.

No. 476081


You can also get washi tape at Hobby Lobby, that is where I usually get mine at

No. 476091

If you're a britbong, try hobbycraft and paper chase, overpriced but can get some rly cute ones, otherwise tbh amazon is good! They often have like big multi packs of cute ones. Also can try your local weeb online stores for more uwu ones but that can be pricey and shipping will cost you.

No. 476096

I journaled from about the age of 12 up to age 21ish. I stopped because I wasn't enjoying it anymore. I'm a mentally ill shut in with no friends so I didn't have much to write about. It just made me sadder and I wasn't finding any catharsis in it.
I kept a bullet journal in 2016/17 and it helped me mentally a little bit but it felt like a lot of effort for not much payoff so I stopped using that too.
I've had a few hardcover ones that I've tried to journal in but I find them kind of stiff. I have a big, soft cover one that I like to write notes, lists and doodles etc. in but I found the paper kind of thin for journaling. It's a shame because I find them aesthetically pleasing.
that was fucked up. I wish I could write at that kind of length. My favourite journals that I have are the €2 A4 notebooks I got in my school bookshop as a teenager.
I got a bunch from aliexpress. I know they're probably knock offs but I was really broke while I was still using my bujo. There's a massive selection and they're really cheap.

No. 476098

File: 1571858878131.jpg (772.95 KB, 2048x2048, EBSns0pUIAEGHzf.jpg)

Thanks for this anon!! Gonna look into one of these as my next journal!

I love Muji pens so much. I get the thinnest ones (I think .37) and change up what color I use for each entry.

I own a handful from Michaels and Daiso. Most of them I get from anime cons or from artists I find on twitter, the upside is they're very unique and pretty (gold foil washis are my foil heh) the downside is that they are usually crazy expensive. I'm usually selective and picky about the tapes I buy otherwise I would buy out my entire Michaels… My very first set I bought on ebay, it was a set of like 22 tapes for around $23USD for a bunch of beautiful, varied, floral tapes. I can try to dig up a listing if you're interested!

No. 476119

aah I really want to try all that cute muji stationary, but it isn't sold here :(

No. 476153

Great thread! Does taobao or aliexpress sell nice stationary?
Also, I bought my first few dotted notebooks but I can't figure out how people colour their drawings without bleeding through the acidic papers dotted papers tend to have. Halp.
Actually, people with no friends can journal a lot better because they have more time and room to be actually themselves, most normie journals seem to be just another facebook or instagram update but on paper. And it's still possible to have a fun day alone actually, but it's definitely a learning curve. But you shouldn't be forced of course, and everyone who journals takes breaks regularly.

No. 476221

Some of the nicer covers can definitely cost that much. I've had my same cover for 3 years, and with a plastic cover protector the actual cover is still perfectly clean. I got one of the cheaper covers though, so was about $40 USD plus shipping. It's definitely a bit pricey, but the paper quality is really nice. It's thin but holds up to pen ink well!

No. 476223

I bought my first journal since I was a kid yesterday!
It was from Kmart but it's cute, maybe i'll post a picture later.

How do you deal with the idea of people potentially snooping through your diary? I'm not sure what I want to write in mine, but the idea of someone coming across it and snooping really puts me off the idea of a physical journal (I might be a very paranoid person due to being stalked for years).
I was thinking about writing only positive things that happened that day, so if people snoop through there would only be random positive stuff and no real dirt. Would this be helpful if I was mostly interested in keeping a diary due to anxiety/depression/memory loss? Or should I suck it up? I was thinking maybe in the future I could get another diary for negative ranting but I feel like it'd always just end up turning into suicide notes.

No. 476238

File: 1571891417951.jpg (239.56 KB, 1200x884, D8a332HUIAAXvO6.jpg)

idk why but recently I really like Japanese stickers of food/household items. These ones by MindWave come in the cutest vending machine packaging!

Some of my fav places for stickers/washi tape/cute supplies:

No. 476305

I learnt that to not mention the book people will think it's another school assignment notebook if the rest of your stationary is cute. After a while they just don't care anymore. If you have roommates however, rip because they will take a peek, not gonna lie about that. Lock your door if they are brainlets and don't know how to unlock it with a spoon.

I think using a notebook to write suicide notes constantly isn't necessarily unhealthy though, but if you're afraid it ruins your cute notebooks just get a separate one for garbage thoughts.

No. 476344

They have different cover types so the ones that cover their larger journal size or have real leather on them are very expensive, and then there are collaborations followed by the plain color covers. Some Etsy sellers have the covers alone and that makes it a little cheaper (Hobonichi site sells them separate too but the shipping is high.)

Idk if they are made in China but it looks like knockoffs are on Etsy and eBay with the same stitching and pockets for a lot less.

No. 476400

File: 1571934539555.jpg (110.98 KB, 600x400, 141462.jpg)

The roterfaden stuff looks interesting because you can carry around multiple sketchbooks and notebooks, swap them out- but the price is 70€ for these covers, oof

No. 476406

ohh!! that looks very interesting.

Does anyone know of more of these "multiple note/sketchbook in one" brands?

No. 476450

Look up “travelers notebook”

No. 476476

File: 1571942125902.jpeg (65.64 KB, 1000x622, image-asset.jpeg)

ahh I hate the shape of that notebook. It's so odd, I'm not sure if I could get used to that.

No. 476605


That's a dangerous road Anon. I get all my washi and stickers from Aliexpress. They're super cute or vintage, whatever you need and stupid cheap usually about 60p for stickers and a £1 for a nice 10m washi tape.

No. 476623

File: 1571971203961.jpg (221.72 KB, 720x720, 1541807273975.jpg)

Has anyone used their bullet journal as a notebook for journaling as well? I'm considering making a month of weekly pages and then use the following pages for journal entries, although I've been writing less since doing this

No. 476649

File: 1571976951228.jpg (38.68 KB, 384x406, 1510503130017.jpg)

how do you guys get over the feeling of embarrassment after you write down your thoughts and you realize you can't even express yourself without sounding like an overly perky idiot, and for what?

No. 476745

What have I been doing with my life? I regret buying it at a store. Ok alipill me about the pens and markers now? (very important) What about snailmail supplies? Artsupplies? The dotted/grid notebooks itself? Sorry for the questions, I just want the cheapest alternative.

No. 476746

What have I been doing with my life? I regret buying it at a store. Ok alipill me about the pens and markers now? (very important) What about snailmail supplies? Artsupplies? The dotted/grid notebooks itself? Sorry for the questions, I just want the cheapest alternative.
by not caring lol

No. 476747

What have I been doing with my life? I regret buying it at a store. Ok alipill me about the pens and markers now? (very important) What about snailmail supplies? Artsupplies?

No. 476795

Is that a real cat? Is it okay?

No. 476810

It probably got stung by a bee

No. 476861

let yourself be an overly perky idiot, anon
who's judging you except you?

No. 476866


The pens are really good too, smooth writing and inexpensive and nice designs too they're usually a fine tip. The white gel pens are priceless they're really opaque. Watercolour markers have nice brush tips and the alcohol markers are cheap but don't tend to have brush tips.
Not sure about the notebooks but the memo pads are great for the price too 70p/c or so. Wooden stamps are stupid cheap for really pretty designs.
It's just really addictive because it's so cheap you end up with a dragon style hoard of stationery that's incredibly cheap but still feels special.

No. 476939

I haven't gotten a dotted notebook from aliexpress, but the ones i've seen aren't much cheaper than amazon. I know the sketchpads aren't great quality paper. Honestly, the notebook itself is the only component I'd spend a lot on. You can't really tell the quality of things from ali until you have it in your hands. Leuchtturm and Rhodia are two good quality, reasonably-ish priced brands you can get on amazon.
>It's just really addictive because it's so cheap you end up with a dragon style hoard of stationery that's incredibly cheap
>but still feels special.
I just feel overwhelmed by it, and I don't even have that much.

No. 476951

I looked it up and woah, you weren't kidding! I think I'm going on a AliExpress stationary haul soon.

Those stamps!!

No. 476966

sorry for going slightly off topic but this really makes me wanna get a penpal to send ~aesthetic~ snailmail to

No. 476993

Just a thought, what if we did a penpal thread?

No. 477009

ntaryt but I would love this!!! i have some stationary goods and i'm always so weak for snailmail and handwritten letters…!!

No. 477015

That'd be cool!! But is it safe?

No. 477023

nta but why wouldn't it be safe? just contact eachother online at first and confirm eachother's identity.

No. 477045

Ay thanks for the answer(s)! I'll try ordering on aliexpress soon, good thing I dodged that cute store today to avoid buying another overpriced stationary haul.
I think it'd be better to just go on instagram for that, though. But maybe the ones who already made friends with each other through the discord (?) could just ask if they'd be interested in snailmailing. I feel with the lurking men here and whatnot it wouldn't be safe and it'd be one big paranoiafest, but I may be wrong.

No. 477135

what is the shipping to the uk like with alliexpress? do you have to pay import tax? where do they ship from?

I'd like to make an order but I'm concerned because I have no experience with the site.

No. 477136

which stamps were you thinking of getting?

No. 477293

My first thought was considering it's highly discouraged to post selfies on here should I really exchanging addresses with anons from lolcow? Obviously I wouldn't throw my address straight into a thread here, but still. Is this a dumb train of thought? I'm just cautious there might be people with ill intent using this to doxx lolcow users.

How would you confirm each other's identity?

No. 477316

File: 1572090333588.jpg (434.63 KB, 750x1362, 10472320259_1597187969.jpg)

I really wanna get some of these pretty botanical stamps!

No. 477317

File: 1572090392255.jpg (429.96 KB, 750x1213, 9749639393_1057887383.jpg)

No. 477322

this is a really good idea. i have sort of the same problem anon, i'm obsessive and jealous over this unattainable guy to the point at which i've ended up hurting myself over how attractive his wife and daughters are, or whenever i know he's been speaking to people who aren't me. i know need serious help but i can't get it. maybe journalling would be a good way to start challenging these invasive thoughts. i'd die if anyone found it though.

just wanted to say thanks anon, i love these but didn't know what they were called. i've ordered one and some inserts. can't wait to start using it. i'd been using a fake moleskine type thing for all my work notes but i found increasingly i was just spending meetings writing about my fee-fees and drawing, so it'd be nice to have something more personal/personalised…

can i ask what anons generally journal about? i know it's probably a dumb question and you can journal about anything you want but it annoys me when start writing and it's always an unstructured, unreflective mess. i want it to be like an actual diary, just a chronicle of my life at this point i guess. how do you structure your thoughts? how do you write in a way that doesn't make you cringe later? what's worth writing about and what isn't?

No. 477324

I journal to get all the mess in my mind on paper. The goal is to empty my mind and through that achieve peace and structure in my mind, if that makes sense? So whatever I write on paper doesn't have to be structured or cohesive, that's not the goal.

I also don't believe there's such thing as things that are worth and are not worth writing about. But if I really had to differentiate between worth and not worth writing down: anything you might forget is worth writing down. And that's a lot, the human memory sucks.

No. 477332

File: 1572094755101.jpg (39.78 KB, 540x355, tumblr_inline_ombv31jWn61sodrs…)

whenever I try to write I always cringe so much when I read it back that I want to tear the paper to pieces and I feel so embarrassed
How can I get over being so judgemental of myself?

No. 477338

I'm the same, my embarrassment mainly comes from the fact that I'm afraid that someone would read it.
So I downloaded a cute journal app on my phone, so that I can be as cringe as I want and will be sure that no one will ever see it. I can also get rid of it very easily.

No. 477353

ooh those are really nice

No. 477369

you just gave me an idea
and i will be downloading that now

No. 477398

Instead of buying one of those expensive travelers notebook covers, I think I'm just gonna sew one myself! I think it'd be pretty neat to make a custom one and it'd save a lot of money. It's going to be faux leather though because I don't have the tools or knowledge to work with real leather, but still. If I make it the same size as those travelers notebooks I can just buy those inserts.

No. 477477


Don't read your entries back once they're written they're out, not a problem anymore you don't have to read them, I don't reread mine I just need the opportunity to let it all go.

No. 477549

File: 1572144227824.jpg (70.05 KB, 600x400, 167771.jpg)

The Midori traveler's notebook is so convenient for a planner and writing whenever, but I really hate using a surface that doesn't lay flat. Anyone know of refillable books that lay flat? The hobonichi techo is tempting but I like how traveler notebooks can have separate planner and unlined sections

Also Apica makes refillable stuff albeit in B5 size

No. 477588

There's the jibun techo that comes with an empty notebook, but I think most people will consider it an awkward size.

No. 477677

I did a similar thing. I use awesomenote to just got down my thoughts and then I can just delete them at the press of a button instead of wasting ink/paper. works well for me

No. 477678

if you do end up sewing your own please post pics! I'd love to see it

No. 477679

File: 1572179456694.jpg (202.96 KB, 828x1118, Screenshot 2019-10-27 at 12.27…)

I've been wanting to start a bullet journal to help me with my goals and general organisation and I'm gonna start this november. I just ordered this notebook (dot grid) from lemome. it's supposed to be real cork but a lot of the reviews were dubious about how true that is. either way it looks nice even if its just printed fabric! I'm looking forward to starting it. I ordered a couple of those muji gel pens too since people rave about them

I'm gonna watch a bunch of vids from amanda rach lee for inspiration. I like her vids cause her setups aren't too perfect and I like the way she rolls with little mistakes in her setups plus she's just nice to watch/listen to.

anyone else use a bullet journal set up?

No. 477680

>I love Muji pens so much. I get the thinnest ones (I think .37) and change up what color I use for each entry.

I couldn't find the 0.37 but I ordered one of the 0.5 and the 0.38 to see which I prefer. I just got one each in black before I commit to more colours. thanks for the recc!

No. 477828

I tried bullet journaling but I didn't like it. I'm not sure why but it just didn't work for me.

No. 477834

I do, but I also have random pages of brain dumps and long personal entries to mix it up. I find it relaxing to organize my tasks and map out my months with this set up.

No. 477840


Aww hell yeah I love me some Muji pens. I use mine to draw with rather than write but I feel like it's nice to have that range (0.38 - 0.5 - 0.7). The varying boldness in text is satisfying. I find the pens don't leak through paper and glide smooth as well. Although when they start running low they do skid a bit.

No. 477842

I think I'll probably include brain dumps and vent pages. the good thing is with the notebook I chose it has perforated pages so I can tear out anything I later regret without making a mess

No. 477843

I'm gonna doodle with the them too, interesting what you said about the varying line width - I can imagine that'd look really cool

No. 478899

Sadly i'm horribly uncreative, any pinterest boards, blogs, or images you guys use for inspiration and tips? I wish my journals could look like aliexpress samples

nta but thanks for sharing these shops!

does this thread belong in /g/ more?

No. 499476

File: 1577722655030.jpg (46.58 KB, 800x600, IMG_0559_26ba7dda-78a0-4c71-bf…)

I went to my favorite stationary store to pick up a hobonichi refill before they went on break (closed for like 2 weeks into the new year lol), and I made the mistake of looking through their other products. I came out with 3 new rolls of washi tape (took so much self control to not buy their entire stock), and looked through their pen collection. They have a limited edition one by Sen Handmade that is exclusive to their shop, but it's a hefty $140 so maybe not… I almost came out with a $20 pilot pen though. Those extra fine lines really fuckin get me. They have a lot of kaweco pens and now I'm itching for one ugh. I use a lot of the stationary I buy and it really brings me joy to use them and make my journal and planner fun and pretty with them, but FUCK they're so expensive.

No. 499571

I can't imagine bullet journaling works for anyone, not even the original simplistic design, you gotta jot down tasks quickly and a ready to use template with dates and all is only the best, get a weekly diary, they usually give you enough space to jot down your entire daily tasks.

You can still decorate your weekly planner, I'd say go for scrapbooking or maybe decorate your personal diary? Or maybe snailmail.

No. 499585

File: 1577755405118.jpg (159.61 KB, 840x1012, anxiety-svh-thekit.ca-feature.…)

I really dislike my handwriting, mostly because I'm a lefty and write slower than most. Is anyone keeping a digital journal at the moment? I find that it eases my privacy fears and I get more written down faster (especially using speech-to-text), but I wish it was as cute as paper journals. I was thinking of doing mine in Microsoft Word as opposed to GOogle Drive (where it is now), but my student account is gonna run out soon, oop.

Any anons found a good balance between digital and highly personalized journals? My priorities are definitely on accessibility (through a cloud system) and efficiency.

No. 499593

make a wix site anon! it's free and virtually private if you don't share the link to anyone and it's very very easy to decorate and have fun with! you could make a blog and decorate it.

No. 499599

I wanna start journaling again, but I still live with my mom and she just doesn't give a shit about privacy. I stopped 7 years ago, back in school, when she decided to read my journal and ask me about it. I thought about using an app but I'm paranoid about data privacy. I'm thinking about writing in another language so my mom can't read.

No. 499611

I used to write in code in my diaries if it was something important (my mum/brother read my diaries so much I ended up burning them in the fireplace)
in my mums diares from the 70s she wrote in shorthand. looks pretty cool but couldn't understand it for the life of me.
i'm sure there's a simple code you can use/find online. I remember in Witch Week a kid wrote in his journal using cafeteria terms (i.e. potato for his principal, butter for his crush idk can't remember)

I wish I could remember the code I used, was so fucken simple if you knew it you could pretty much read at the same pace and not have to fuck around too much decoding.

I have roomates and want to start journaling too so I'm gonna look into it myself, will post back if I find something simple enough.

No. 499624

While I was looking for an easy code to use, I had an idea.
I'm not a kboo anymore but I still can read and write the Korean alphabet, so I'm going to use it. To be honest I thought about using hiragana or katakana first but hangul is more convenient. Thank you, anon, if it weren't for you I'd never think about this.

No. 499633

Another idea for a code is the phonetic alphabet. It's pretty easy to read and write, main problem is that some of the symbols look like the normal alphabet so it might be possible for someone to read it.

I used to use it for taking notes, just to practice.

No. 499645

File: 1577764659585.jpg (388.87 KB, 1000x1000, 27842006_c.jpg)

kinda wanna buy MD 1day 1page notebook because i find the layout clear and nice (monthly planner for uni shit, undated daily entries for dear-diary-tier whining and to do lists), however, i'm apprehensive about the soft covers… alternative is sticking with moleskine day to view planners but sometimes i don't have to write/plan anything for days at a time so i end up with blank pages.

any anons with soft cover planners, how do you cope, any tips/hints/tricks?

No. 499822


You could always put a cover on top for extra sturdiness. Since it's a standard size, there's a lot of options. Hobonichi covers might fit. You can also make your own hardcover to attach on top, which is pretty cheap and simple. I highly recommend Midori though. I'm not using the 1D1P this year but the paper in all of their notebooks is really nice.

No. 502188

File: 1578469270236.jpg (42.19 KB, 500x418, lechive-everywhere-113.jpg)

How do you guys store your journals? Throwing all of mine under my bed has made them get all bent and worn. I've been wanting to find something like a vintage metal box with a lock but have been trouble finding one nice enough that's also the size I want. Pic unrelated.

No. 502217

File: 1578482228008.jpg (2.63 MB, 4032x2268, 20200106_173258.jpg)

update, got this planner after all! and besmirched the cover with some stickers kek. despite the a6 size it's rly nice and yes, I do love the layout lol. having 2 bookmarks is nice too! the paper is on the transparent side but it's smooth and doesn't catch etc, plus my pens don't bleed. the soft covers do bother me a bit so I'll look into covers, ty >>499822

No. 502277

Journaled on and off since I was a young kid but never committed to it or filled any journals until I was in high school and I read the heroin diaries by nikki sixx lol the book is formatted like his journal entries and it’s what made me interested in starting my own journal. I don’t write every day, usually only two to four times a month but they’re long entries so i’ve filled about five journals since I started.

I usually buy them at bookstores but I’ve gotten two as gifts in the past year so i won’t have to for a while. I used to do a lot of collages and drawings in them but I haven’t as much recently. I want to get back into doing that because it made my old ones look so much cooler. I don’t really cringe looking back on my old writing so I like to read my old journals and remember what kind of headspace I was in at certain points in my life.

Also I’ve found I only like writing with black ballpoint pens. They’re cheap and reliable and look better than any other coloured ink imo.

No. 502284

Does it count as "journaling" if I only use the Pixels app every day (and also write a little info about what I did on that day?)

No. 502289

I've had the same journal since I was 14. I'm 25, now. I write a yearly entry in it if I remember, or I sometimes will journal every other month or for days at a time. It's still only 15% full because I want it to last my entire life. I keep it safe in a giant hollow book so my bf can't read it (even though he wouldn't I just feel safer). It has soft leather on the cover and lots of little doodles and scraps from my life taped inside, too. I'm not having kids or anything it's not gonna be passed to anyone but it feels nice to have. I can't read some parts of it though it makes me cry I wrote about a lot of trauma. It feels nice to see how far I've come, though

No. 502296

Yes! I like to think of everyone's preferred journaling method or reasoning or whatever as different sides of the same coin (or dice? lol).

No. 502357

File: 1578517654408.jpg (76.61 KB, 600x400, 149162.jpg)

Hobonichi anons how's the paper like? Is it hard to get used to? I'm thinking of getting Weeks but the pages look yellower so I might look for dot grid journal substitutes instead.

this is probably my fav thread on lc

No. 505860

File: 1579626981280.jpg (112.6 KB, 600x400, 146965.jpg)

Recently bought the Kaweco AL Sport in rose gold and I'm absolutely obsessed with writing with it! I told myself just one fountain pen, but now I want another one… I'm really eyeing the same pen in the midnight black color, or maybe a TWSBI pen so I can have a pen with a converter. Someone recommended the J. Herbin 1670 anniversary ink and it looks sooo beautiful with the gold sheen…

I have trouble thinking of what to write in my journal some days, but using this pen just makes me want to write whatever. Even the most mundane shit. I don't care I just want to write!!!

No. 505875

I didn't get a hoobo but I got the some other techo version of it by another brand and some nigga stole that shit when I left it outside uni for like ONE second.

No. 505884

File: 1579633807289.jpg (55.5 KB, 794x794, il_794xN.1927818817_7lz1.jpg)

i want to get back into journaling and recently bought a hardcover spiral notebook in light pink. then yesterday i found myself overthinking the color i have chosen, worrying it would get ugly over time. that led me to looking up planners/notebook covers. does anyone here know of cute planners/covers, preferably with a zipper? i did manage to find some cute ones from cocoapaper on etsy, which i probably will go for if i don't find other options

No. 505914

Does anyone know where to get this one specifically? I love the moon detail.

No. 505922

I've seen it on the Archer and Olive main site, just Google them!

No. 505942

found it! I think I'll start with a cheaper book first, get used to it before throwing down 25 bucks on it.

I'm excited to start though!

No. 505967

they're out of stock now but if you're in the UK misopaper.co.uk has an email me when back in stock option. not sure where else to get them over here though


No. 505998

File: 1579668010768.jpg (87.91 KB, 621x414, 99939 (1).jpg)

What do you guys use to write with? I've just been using a regular mechanical pencil but I hate how it feels and my fingers fatigue quick, and I feel like I have to press so hard. I like using ink better but I'm prone to mistakes and I take a lot of pleasure in making my shit look neat. Everyone seems to rave about the Palomino pencils, are they any different? They're pricy af too but if they're THAT nice to write with then I'd be fine with paying it.

No. 506031

They are nicely weighted and have soft graphite so you don't need a lot of pressure to get nice dark lines/words. Being that they are soft they are also very smooth to write with. My only thing with them is that they don't erase all that well, especially if you put down some pressure.

No. 506045

What do you do to make your journals pretty? Like with the tape/stickers etc. I'm always at a loss because I'm worried I'm doing it 'wrong' lol. Any resources? (like articles or videos? I've searched but a lot of it was really general like USE COLORS! BUBBLE LETTERS! etc)

No. 506056

I'm not artsy but my I write in different blue and black pens and that's worked out.
https://www.instagram.com/bluepapertrail/?hl=en some inspo

You can find cool ass accessories at jenpens.com too, I like the signo um [something something] pens in 0.5 or 0.3 mm but right now I use pilot juice multi colored pens for physics notes. They're also not going to write weird if I drop them.

No. 506088

File: 1579703407853.jpg (660.11 KB, 2048x2048, DqojKvIUwAETeWq.jpg)

Ameru (on twitter) has always been my journal inspo. I can't draw for shit but I love looking at how she decorates her pages. My default is to use washi tape on the edges of the page, but I change up their placement for every journal entry. If I happen to finish an entry in the middle of the page, I'll use washi tape to create a border between two entries. I try not to repeat using the same tape on two consecutive pages because I want to differentiate between them at a glance, and I also switch between pen colors between each entry. Sometimes I'll leave a chunk of space at the bottom of my pages and do a little watercolor painting of plants or leaves or some shit. My friends know I'm super into journaling so they tend to buy me stickers a lot and I'll decorate my pages with them too.

No. 506089

File: 1579703586199.png (792.3 KB, 531x534, fxkj.PNG)

Another example of Ame's journal but using washi tape this time too.

Even just a strip of washi tape down the side of the page, or as a border on the top and bottom give such a nice pop to each page.

No. 506109

File: 1579710566229.jpg (147.78 KB, 620x900, Maru.jpg)


Nta but I love her Journals too! Same with maruti bitamin (whenever they post theirs) I love the little illustrations they use to accompany their thoughts. I started doing the same in my journal and it helps me keep the habit of drawing often. I also tape in cute drawings/tags/receipts/notes from friends into my journal to help me remember what happened that specific day. Really spices up the journal!

No. 506373

Are there any nice journals with preprinted months and nothing else, or will I have to fully diy? I just want the 2020 months at the beginning of the journal, then the rest blank for daily pages so that if I miss a day it's nbd

No. 509633

>fully diy it
Just buy a blank paged journal and print the calendar. There are plenty of calendars online…

No. 514862

Are there pretty online journals or something? Or should I just use a google doc

No. 514969

I hate that y'all introduced me to alixepress for journaling shit. I just spent like 50 dollars on that fricken site

No. 514991

What did you get? I need to look into some journals with a lock due to paranoia

No. 515531

Dude, everything's 50 cents, how much stuff did you buy?! lmao (also, point me to some cute things thanks)

No. 522520

Which notebooks take best to marker (especially alcohol-based)?

Preferably white paper.

No. 522536

I heard Midori MD paper is really nice but I’m not sure if their notebooks are white. I bought one of their blank paper pads and it was available in white and off-white.

No. 523467

Any of you got recommendations for a simple, no frills undated weekly planner? I want to like bullet journaling so badly but I've tried multiple times and always fail because even doing simple set-ups take me forever, so I'm going back to premade planners. Unfortunately the only ones I can find that are undated are full of useless layouts and boxes for things like goals and meal planning that I don't need or have stupid "girl boss" decoration and quotes all over. All I want are simple weekly layouts (a monthly overview would be nice too, but not necessary).
The Mossery undated planners are cute but the prices are kind of steep. I would buy one but the $10 shipping has me hesitating, but I'm a lefty so the spiral binding would annoy me anyway. Any other undated planners that won't break the bank?

No. 523587

Muji has a simple undated planner, and the Midori MD notebook diary is nice too

No. 606886

File: 1597691495184.jpg (136.01 KB, 1024x1024, Ferris-Wheel-Press-Fountain-Pe…)

A friend of mine showed me these bottled inks and I want to buy them so bad aaa. The packaging is gorgeous!!!

I love switching between ink colors with every journal entry, it makes things so colorful and pretty lol.

No. 606906

Damn, I'd buy them just for the display because of that gorgeous packaging design.

No. 606962

They’re pretty but I heard they’re mediocre and difficult to get all the ink out of

No. 608734

does anyone use online platforms for journaling (a word processor or service like evernote/notion)? i used to use a physical journal throughout my childhood but stopped because using a computer was more convenient. i still miss handwriting stuff though

No. 609643

File: 1597948931355.jpg (410.37 KB, 2048x1367, Writing-with-a-fountain-pen-in…)

- What made you start?
When I was young I thought it was elegant and seemed like an intellectual thing to do. Now I do it to release emotions, gather my thoughts, remember something funny, or jog ideas. I don't go back and read anything, it's horrible.
- What kind of notebook do you write in?
I'm partial to the Leuchtturm1917 in A5. Hardcover, 2 ribbon bookmarks, usually blank pages, comes in lots of colors. I also want to try a Bindewerk notebook so bad!
- Where do you get your journals?
I used to get them at my college's bookstore. Now I get them online.
- How often do you write and do you have a preference with what you write with (favorite pens)?
I love fountain pens. I have pens from Lamy, TWSBI, and Kaweco as well as a Pilot Vanishing Point. I have various bottles of ink from Noodlers, Diamine, and Pilot. Never tried this brand >>606886 but fuck that's cute. I love Blackwing >>505998
- Do you decorate your journals? If so, with what and how?
Most of them have a few stickers from my travels to Europe, from artists, etc. No tacky Redbubble-tier shit though.
- Any favorite stores/companies to get all your journals and journaling goodies from?
Goulet Pens, JetPens, your local art supply shop

No. 609652

Yes, I do!! How do you layout / organize your journal anon?

No. 609697

I like OneNote and just plain Notepad++ for its tab system

You can't go wrong with a dollar store notebook for physical notes imo.

No. 609707

nothing special really. i just use blank documents on notion (a nice, minimalist writing app kind of like evernote and bear) where each page is a month. at the end of the month i upload the page to a drive folder and then start again. i haven't seen any fancy online journal setups the way people do for handwritten ones, which i miss
i use onenote for uni so that i can have individual notebooks for classes and then subsections for papers, assignments, and note taking. i used to be really into muji, moleskine, and leuchtturm notebooks when i used handwritten journals

No. 609720

File: 1597953872071.jpeg (222.82 KB, 1280x960, Fuck Yeah Notebooks and Journa…)

I've journalled since I was 6 semi-regularly but since coming to uni I've found it so hard to pick it back up, so hopefully this gets my motivation going again!

>What made you start?

I honestly don't know, but I used to like the princess diaries and barbie diaries as a kid so I guess the idea of spilling out my thoughts and secret into a pretty notebook really appealed to me. I got a diary with a padlock on one of my birthdays and I guess it went on from there.

>What kind of notebook do you write in?

My first one was a really shitty pink one with those generic padlocks that can be opened by loads of keys. I moved on to more and more sophisticated notebooks, eventually sticking to blank moleskins (which I no longer use because they are kinda overrated).

>Where do you get your journals?

Mostly any stationery shops or bookshops. For a while, I would get them exclusively from Paperchase because they had a specific type of blank journal I really liked - but my current one is just from WHSmith (stationery shop here in the UK)

- How often do you write and do you have a preference with what you write with (favorite pens)?
I used to write every day without fail and loved it. That being said I was really lonely lmao. Now I have a more active social life and less time to think about stories, shows/music I'm enjoying etc, I've barely been writing and I even started doing buller journal style stuff to "get back into the mood" of journalling.
The pen I use depends on the paper of the notebook - for thicker pages I LOVE Pilot G2 pens, if I want thinner ink writing I use standard Muji 0.25 ink pens and my current notebook calls for a ballpoint so I like the standard BIC ballpoint pens which are really good to write with.

>Do you decorate your journals? If so, with what and how?

I used to never decorate my journals except for little doodles to describe my writing. But then at uni I did a deepdive into aesthetic bullet journalling, which was fun for a while but wasn't quite fulfilling since I started micromanaging the spread design instead on focusing on the journalling process… I've banned scrapbook-style spreads for the time being in my journal and am focusing on the writing process now!

Wow I didn't expect to write so much on this, but journalling is one of the few things I've properly stuck to since I was a kid and I'm weirdly proud of it.

No. 609722

smh ignore my typos pls

No. 609732

how i "let go" and journal, anons? i'm too much of a perfectionist. i see all these artsy journal entries and stare at them with envy. there seems to be no hesitation or fear that it'll look like shit. i can't do that, i end up erasing it (if using pencil) to hell and back, or ripping out the pages (if using ink)

No. 609739

I tried journaling before but my handwriting, while not ugly is inconsistent and all the pretty photos of good journals makes me not want to do it. I definitely can't write a whole notebook worth of content without switching between cursive, print, and slanted print.

Usually, I write into text files on my computer since there's more editing flexibility and an option to print copies.

No. 609823

i used to write diary and journal and want to start again but i cannot reread my previous entries without either cringing or wanting to bash my head in. because of this i have no motivation to do this anymore no matter how much i want to. i resigned to just starting a commonplace book

No. 611766

honestly just remember that everyone has to start somewhere. i used to be really into the "studyblr" and bullet journaling communities on tumblr where it seemed like everyone had their lives perfectly organized with all of their class notes and journaling perfectly color coded and written with perfect penmanship. once i realized that stuff like that takes years and years of figuring out what works for you and what makes you happy, my own messy handwriting and less than perfect organizational skills frustrated me a lot less. it's all a part of the process i suppose

No. 650880

I’ve started journaling in earnest again today, feels good man. I bought a set of kraft card bound lined books (ten) so I’m hoping I can fill one a month for the forseeable.

No. 817258

File: 1622112862673.jpg (62.06 KB, 640x426, NaJoWriMo.jpg)

I need advice. I've been really struggling with being stuck between digital and analog diary. I'm much more comfortable expressing myself when I write on paper, however it greatly unsettles me that half of my journal entries from the past are digital only. I guess I would like to keep a digital copy of whatever I scribble down. The problem is that OCR doesn't work and taking pictures isn't the same as having text pasted in a note. So am I stuck with either sacrificing my writing quality for convenience or writing everything twice (in diary and typing on keyboard) or is there some other solution that I'm not seeing? It's stressing me out like crazy.

No. 817263

If it truly stresses you out there are some notebooks that are made for numerization, I think Moleskine has some but they are buttfuck ugly

No. 817267

Oh, you mean the Smart Pen and Smart Notebook, right? They are very cool. Certainly, something to add to my list of things that I would love to buy myself someday. Not sure how much it would fix the issue, since it's a bit like taking photo of my notebook but in much higher quality. I do love the idea, though. Maybe by the time I can buy it, more companies will produce this kind of set (including the Chinese, kek).

No. 817270

There are apps that write what you say, I was really impressed when i tried one to make my class notes digital.

No. 817312

How about scanning the pages so you have digital copys? If you don't mind that it wouldn't be text documents

No. 817322

Not really an answer but I have basically the opposite problem. I wish I could write my journals on paper but I can't write fast enough to keep up with my thoughts + get sore hands.

No. 817704

File: 1622153850657.jpeg (386.8 KB, 750x952, 35B69349-FDE1-4FD1-9039-608ECC…)

This is sort of autistic but whenever I journal I find myself sounding pretentious and try hard for some imaginary audience. Obviously nobody will read it besides me but does anyone know how to escape this and write more honestly/earnestly? I’ve heard that writing in a language that isn’t your mother tongue can help, but any other tips would be appreciated.

No. 817717

Write it directed at yourself, the only person is going to read it is you so know your audience. You already know you aren't cool so don't even try
I can keep stuff brief because I know my own references and have fun low key bullying myself but also write little love notes to my future self

No. 818287

Just let go.
>but that's easy for you to say and hard for me to do!
Okay then, but have you heard about morning pages? Mentoned it some time ago here >>>/ot/668209. You can get the ebook on libgen and just read the related chapter or google 'morning pages'. The basic idea is for you to write freehand (or type, if you must) 3 pages of text without looking back (so 500-750 words). It's super helpful when you doubt yourself!

No. 845868

I came across this 'botanical junk journal' and wanted to share it because it's so pretty. Do any of you do this type of journaling/junk journaling? I haven't tried it before but it looks fun.

No. 846061

Man, I really miss journaling
I had a journal, black hard cover that had some silly stickers on it, white thick pages. I used to write in english to practice and also cus I'm paranoid that someone would find and read that embarrassing stuff.. it was a dream journal. I would draw whatever I could remember too. Most of the drawings were so bad and wonky, shit like spaceships, aliens, monsters and robots, these were the most common themes of my dreams at the time. Also elevators.
It had lots of dreams that were very detailed and I later made a digital copy of the dreams I liked the most. Some passages were just a few lines though, the most interesting parts of the dream and bullet points so I could write the details later.. Don't recommend, you gonna forget all that shit unless you write it while it's fresh.

One day I woke up to find my journal on the floor. My cats decided it was garbage and used it as a litterbox, not even the hard cover saved it. It was open on a puddle of piss and the biggest shit you can imagine. RIP.

No. 846302

I wish i can keep a physical journal, but i keep circling back to posting on my private blog instead for some reason lol. Flipping through a physical book definitely feels more engaging but it's more convenient to just type away on my phone or computer sometimes. I think my biggest fear is losing the online one to technical mishaps (like if blogger ever shuts down for some reason), but a physical journal is also susceptible to getting lost or damaged.

No. 846531

The beautiful thing with the digital journal is that you can just back it up, multiple times if you want to. But I feel you about how it's convenient to just type on your phone or computer. I keep both a physical and a digital journal for that reason, I don't really care if I stick to one way or another for aesthetic reasons or smth.

No. 892552

File: 1629989352539.jpg (150.87 KB, 880x586, extra_01.jpg)

Is anyone getting a Hobonichi for 2022? Their full lineup is out now. https://www.1101.com/store/techo/en/lineup/

I'm tempted by the Inuyasha "successor" one, but the weeks format works a lot better for me and I don't like the cover for the weeks Inuyasha book lol. They also have an animal crossing one this year! I might get picrel, the "Dandelion Pappus" weeks book.

No. 892568

File: 1629992016112.jpg (325.74 KB, 1080x1071, Screenshot_20210826-172948_Sam…)

Aww geez, being a poor fag I've only every had bootleg hobonichi but pic rel is really tempting me. I'm a MOTHER fan too so I'm always wistfully looking at the Hobonichi shop…

No. 892571

I settle for weeks because I don't even really use a planner enough to justify the daily page ones (but when I need one around it's super handy). What bootlegs have you used? I was debating not getting a hobo for next year but my friend and I are going to order together since we unfortunately found ones we like lol. At least the weeks isn't stupid expensive but still…

No. 892574

>I'm a MOTHER fan too so I'm always wistfully looking at the Hobonichi shop…
Same! I really want a Mr Saturn one, but the cost is a bit… IDK. Maybe I can ask for it as a X-mas gift.
I second the bootleg question!

No. 892578

Someone jacked my hobonichi at uni be careful anon

No. 892585

That sucks anon, I'm sorry. Thankfully I just bring it with me to work and work in a very small office where no one cares about it, was far too poor to afford hobonichis in my university days (though it'd probably would've been a big help in organizing my life kek).

No. 892592

Sorry for this stupid question but what does hobonichi have to do with MOTHER? I've been out of the loop with MOTHER stuff for a while

No. 892594

It was created by Shigesato Itoi and you can get MOTHER themed covers.

No. 892601

File: 1629994257451.jpeg (23.94 KB, 554x554, stamp.jpeg)

This thread reminds me that I need to get back to journaling! I've been wanting to come back for a while now but kept pushing it due to my new study routine or lack of
I've bought some cute stamps to try and motivate me, they should arrive next month, I'm guessing. It's the acrylic type and I never used it before, hopefully I'm not too dumb to do it

No. 892612

I've been trying to write more! I've had my current journal since November of last year and it's not even 1/3rd of the way full… I'm trying to force myself to record more things down, even if it's just mundane tasks or about the weather. I want my future self to be able to read all sorts of things from the past, not just special events or days where something happened.

Where did you get your stamps from? I want to get some too, but I feel like it's just opening another new rabbithole for me (already own quite a bit of washi tape)

No. 892708

File: 1630001765773.jpg (330.81 KB, 800x800, -1173911246-1812399324.jpg)

AliExpress, but I've also gotten stamps from local stores, so that isn't of much help lol there are some stores here that make custom stamps, I've ordered some when I used to sell art with friends at events and such.
I believe you could find it locally as well if for custom stuff, but here's some Ali links!


Justified it to myself as a way to spend less on stickers lol

No. 892710

I’m going to try buying the Moomin Weeks if it’s still available. It’s being sold as an exclusive on another website so it needs a shopping service to ship internationally

No. 892730

Does anyone have a Midori? How do you like it?

No. 892775

Okay this is probably really stupid but I was reading this thread and earlier in the thread anons were talking about ink in inkbottles. But.. how do you use that? Do you dip directly into the ink?

No. 892780

Are they silicone or photopolymer?

No. 892782

No. 892783

I guess it depends on the listing, but the ones I've bought personally were silicon

No. 892784

File: 1630008553301.jpeg (29.94 KB, 600x416, glass_pen.jpeg)

Other anon's video is relevant, but if you have a dip pen/glass dip pen (pic rel) then yes you would directly dip into the ink bottle.

No. 892816

How does it feel to write with a glass pen? To me it seems it would be bit awkward and hard although normal pens are hard too. Looks so much cooler than a normal pen tho!

No. 892837

File: 1630013037450.jpg (39.77 KB, 1024x683, DSC_5354_1024x1024.jpg)

I read there's a learning curve but I haven't gotten to try one yet… I've been looking for one with a cap! My favorite stationary store has one but it's like $300 lol

No. 892856

bumping, watch out

No. 892907

File: 1630014121627.jpg (72.97 KB, 563x844, 16c280548fc801e2ed3d9a065095b1…)

Bumping because of the CP, scroll carefully

No. 892938

I almost bought a Disney princess diary from hot topic, decided not to because I recently bought another journal that I havent even used yet, it was cute tho

No. 892951

I used to have a Lisa Frank diary that had kittens in sneakers and it fucking lit up and I think my brother stole it and gave it to his daughter and I still think about it and get very upset

No. 892952

File: 1630014824170.jpg (50.48 KB, 400x400, s-l400 (8).jpg)

Samefag because I forgot picrel. I got this at a dollar store btw, now it's on eBay for 80 dollars.

No. 892983

Does note taking for classes count as journaling? I take mine in journals because I’m too lazy to turn on the computer and it’s not like I’m gonna turn it on later to see em.

No. 893028

Omg adorable. I am guessing Lisa frank doesn't exist anymore?

No. 893050

Nah she still makes shit but this particular diary isn't made anymore. The same kitten in sneakers image is in a bunch of other stuff, but it's also the fact that it lights up. I love light up shit. I wish they made adult light up sneakers.

No. 893054

>I wish they made adult light up sneakers.
They do, anon. It was a huge fad around 2013-2015. You can still find it on AliExpress and the likes, though

No. 893057

Well hot diggity darn

No. 893096

I just checked how much it would be and it’s almost $70 with all the shipping and fees, so maybe not

No. 893267

File: 1630058340040.jpg (293.18 KB, 1080x1070, Screenshot_20210827-114853_Ali…)

The bootlegs are Hobonichi covers you can find on AliExpress! I have one like picrel but with an MOTHER2 design (similar to the new MOTHER3 one that's coming soon).

Thanks for the vid, nonny!! I recently got a Platinum Preppy for dipping my toes into the world of fountain pens. Pilot Kakuno is so cute too… I'm interested in using waterproof inks for drawing, so this vid has been very usefull.

No. 893318

I beg you to give me the link to the bootleg Mother cover. I searched Aliexpress before you mentioned that and couldn't find anything

No. 893326

File: 1630066964405.jpg (375.46 KB, 1080x1795, Screenshot_20210827-135747_Ali…)

Sorry anon, it's not available anymore. I got mine more than 1 year ago. There's definitely way less Hobonichi bootleg on Aliexpress than there used to be. If it's any consolation, the material is ugly and bumpy.

No. 893351

I'm still jealous. Maybe we will get bootlegs again. Do you recommend any particular notebook as a hobonichi alternatove?

No. 893393

File: 1630076117844.jpg (156.66 KB, 1080x1710, Screenshot_20210827-164816_Ali…)

Wholesale Product Snapshot Product name is General A6 journal sheets 128P dots/lined pages 10.5*15cm suit for normal journal DIY notebook

Whew, what a link. Usually I got this one in A6 with dots. It's just OK. These days I mostly use Leuchtturms197 B5 dotted notebooks. They're not too heavy. I like buying 2nd hand shitajiki/pencil boards from Mandarake to go along with my B5 notebooks but I give a lot of them away to friends when they realize how nice shitajiki are lol

No. 893642

File: 1630101346182.jpg (51.94 KB, 736x490, 8c06c673c314ddd655b7f368ea638d…)

>Be my parents
>Have a big fountain pen collection
>They are all the cartridge type
>No cartridges

Gah, I wish I could use them right now. I don't like cartridges.
Anyone here have a nice converter type of fountain pen recommendation from AliExpress? Nothing too expensive, I'm a noob so there's no need to be super fancy or anything.
I'm ordering some cartridges already though.

No. 893665

If you get a syringe, you can just wash the empty cartridges and fill them up with your own ink in the meantime.

No. 893712

stalogy 365 a6 size

No. 928242

Since starting my new job I picked up journaling in a daily planner again and I've noticed it helps me to be more … grounded? Idk. It definitely helps me to be more aware of how my upcoming days are going to be spent (I use Google Calender as well but it's just not the same). It's also fun to finally use stickers I've been hoarding for a long time now.

I also ordered a Hobonichi (Free Days) to try out next year! If anyone here wants to share their Hobonichi opinions I'd love to read it.

No. 928694

File: 1633212638131.jpeg (28.42 KB, 554x554, images (2).jpeg)

Bought myself a hobonichi on a whim (pic related) and fml that was an expensive whim. Anyway I feel like my life just isn't busy enough to really make good use of it, what sort of mundane planning/tracking do you guys do if you don't have real plans?

Though maybe it will inspire me to make more plans, that would be nice after all this time locked down.

No. 928701

You should use it to start new hobbies, set some career goals, or do self directed study! That’s a very cute journal btw

You could also use some room to keep a diary

No. 928740

Ty anon! And you hit the mark with the self study recommendation, reminded me I need to get back to studying Japanese. Maybe I can try write out some grammar or new words/characters each day.

No. 928775

The official hobonichi site has a free printout for learning vocab:

The free download page is worth a look (jpn only). Of course you can use these with any notebook,not just hobonichi…

It's nice you're learning Japanese too. my techo is in japanese so I'm thinking of translating the text for practice.

No. 930618

I use it to record what I did every day. My life is insanely boring, but it's very relaxing to sit down each night and decorate pages with stickers and stuff. I feel like it helps me appreciate little things even though my life is boring right now, like see a funny looking dog when grocery shopping or whatever. Also, cute cover choice!

No. 934164

File: 1633741656178.jpeg (29.3 KB, 600x400, 16BA785F-6998-4B47-B543-8F5872…)

What unpopular supplies do you like for note taking or journalling? I’m not a fan of the gel ink pens that everyone is obsessed with, I prefer ballpoint since it dries instantly and doesn’t dissolve or smear with water. I’ve been using Bic Atlantis pens. They have a multicolor pack.

I want some cute binders to organize all of the notes I take. I was thinking about those Kurifit binders (picrel) but with the price and ship time of the special paper refills I’m not sure if it would be practical. They’re also soft cover, which I haven’t tried before. Anyone have experience with soft binders? I really wanted cute hard binders but what is essentially a re-organizable spiral notebook does have a certain appeal

No. 934170

File: 1633742524129.jpg (11.34 KB, 300x300, PilotFrixion_lge_black_31550.j…)

I exclusively use erasable pens for any writing I do. Being able to erase mistakes so easily and neatly is a game changer, I don't care how it looks or feels (though it feels smooth enough).

No. 934172

I don’t like the screwy nature of these. All your notes disappear in the heat. If you erase something and write over it then put it in the freezer the erased part comes back.

No. 934176

I had no idea but I also can't see why I'd leave notes in either the heat or the freezer? They just stay in room temperature.

No. 934181

I take my notes with me and it’s hot af where I live. Ofc you put it in the freezer because all your ink disappeared kek

No. 934209

i'm lefthanded so i can only use pencils or ballpoint pens, anything else smears and if i tilt the paper my handwriting looks like shit. i finally invested in a nice looking pen and bought refills that i like (a lot of them say black but then turn out to be gray) and it was the best decision ever.

i can't think of anything else but i do have popular supplies opinions… mostly that moleskine and leuchtturm suck and the price does not justify that horrible, flimsy paper they use. i have two leuchtturm notebooks here, a dotted softcover one in the rising sun color and a ruled hardcover one in the bellini color. the colors are lovely, but the ruled layout looks so horribly cheap. i could get the same shoddy quality at any dollar store. i just hate how everyone hypes leuchtturm and moleskine when you get nicer journals for half the price off amazon.

No. 934210

I like erasable pens but I find that some colours vanish just fine while others just kinda stay there

No. 1004793

Anyone's got 2022 journaling goals? It's my goal to journal daily. I find it calms my mind when I journal regularly but always find it difficult to start.

No. 1005671

That's my goal as well nona! I'm also trying to give myself little progress reports at the end of the day based on my daily goals. If I did really good I'll put a little "good job" sticker in my journal for that day hehe

No. 1005675

I am going to try and journal at least 4x this year. I have been slacking so badly on my journal I even missed a couple years. Which sucks because those were hard years for me and I would have liked to look back on my thoughts. Teen me seems so far away in the beginning of my journal. I like looking back on entries that are more recent, but even the ones from like 2017 feel juvenile. I treat my journal like a check-in progress report, or I will write when I am worked up. Also I want to start a scrapbook so I bought a bunch of cute pages and I'm getting photos printed at the pharmacy. I am more visual so I think that's good to have, too

No. 1005677

I love journaling, but always failed to keep up with it since I tried bullet journaling. Just didn't work with me. So now I have a plumpaper planner for daily tasks, lists, calendar, etc. I love it so much. I use just a regular bound notebook for my journaling, and I have found that by not sticking to a regimen I enjoy it a lot more. I allow myself to draw in there even though I don't draw well. I write big long passages if I feel like it. I don't force myself to write or draw when I don't want to. I love it. It's such a great way to see my mental health/general personal progress over the months.

No. 1005906

what do you journal about. like what do you actually write in it?

No. 1005933

Has anyone completely given up on journalling? I did it for around 4-5 years starting when I was 13, I stopped because my mom was reading what I wrote in it and would get mad at me for it. Idk but I feel like I was becoming more negative when I journaled, like I would just ruminate on negative things

No. 1006299

Personally I write about things that keep my mind busy. Writing them out on paper helps me to worry less and organize/"finalize" my thoughts. I'm an anxious overthinker though.

No. 1008124

File: 1640770365622.jpg (26.34 KB, 640x553, 9o8cjvqs2nn71.jpg)

Im a poorfag taiyo matsumoto, Jfc i want the cat over kanda cover so bad but i cant justify paying the shipping costs from the official 1101 site. I hope my usual stationary store restocks it eventually. Where do other nonitas order their Hobonichi goods usually?

No. 1008157

this is so beautiful, now I crave to buy it too

No. 1008369

File: 1640797046673.jpg (129.05 KB, 548x976, mindwave corgi.jpg)

>I'm also trying to give myself little progress reports at the end of the day based on my daily goals

I do this! I write WDIDW (where did I do well) and HCIIT (how can I improve tomorrow). my planner for 2022 has a big space after each week so I'm going to just do weekly 'reports' from now on, as opposed to daily. I also like to use stickers, but am one of these people that think they're too nice to use/don't want to waste them kek I need to get over that, I've got these cute corgi ones I'm want to use in 2022 (picrel)

No. 1008380

I recommend asking your store to resupply it if you havent already!

No. 1008539

File: 1640806282386.jpg (311.76 KB, 1424x2048, louvre-4.jpg)

Matsumoto's Cats in the Louvre made me bawl like a baby,if you like this art please please read it

Thanks for the tip!! I know the a5 edition will restock in februaru on official 1101 shop but I will bother my fave webshop as well just to make sure

No. 1008565

Calling this "journaling" instead of "keeping a diary" - as if it's some magical new kind of self halp - is such utter self-flattery and goopiness. Such a flimsy excuse to buy more stationery you won't use. This isn't writing, this isn't productive, this isn't anything but buying things to feelike you have a "personal aesthetic". Sad really

If you think buying the pwettiest widdle notebook you possibly can will finally get you to keep a diary… kek

No. 1008595

File: 1640807763435.jpg (89.55 KB, 1500x807, 81fGkidpr3L._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

Are you 12? Diary/journal has always been interchangeable but using "journal" is trendiest, right now, and is the keyword to use for searching for one. Diary just makes me think of something like pic related. Which I did own because my parents love me btw, my secrets were SECURE.

No. 1008616

I am in fact autistic enough to actually utilize all the notebooks i buy, thanks very much!

No. 1008620

>Calling this "journaling" instead of "keeping a diary"
What's the difference, retard? Are you just cropdusting this board with your stupid takes in every thread, or…?

No. 1008645

i want to a-log you so bad it's gonna get me ip banned from every chan board in the western world

No. 1008815

Triggering flash backs woah wow holy cow I had that exact same girltech diary

No. 1008886

Is this you, talking to yourself, after having a meltdown over all the things you've bought that you never used? If so, no shame
Before you think I'm a journaler, I usually scroll past this thread. I'm just curious as to how something this innocuous could elicit this kind of reaction. Your post seems personal all over

No. 1009089

Based. I hate current year's culture. It's pathetic.

No. 1011631

File: 1641000327313.jpg (60.72 KB, 519x697, FE2y1_sVEAAycnp.jpg)

Does anyone feel like 'fancy' journals inhibit their ability to write? I just got a nicer journal (like 17 bucks but I usually use gifted ones and grocery store composition books)and I feel like I can't go all out insane schizo-ramble like I do when I'm writing in some cheapo throwaway shit. Like my want to make it cute and aesthetic-y is interfering with the actual expression it's intended for. Also its just hard to write in lmao

No. 1011633

My mom used to get ugly journals and go crazy writing and then go back after and make it pretty. Like highlighting different parts in different colors, adding doodles in the margins. She would leave blank pages every now and then and add collages of newspaper clippings and pictures she liked. She would stuff it with dried flowers and stuff. I liked that way more than I like the neat tidy aesthetic of bullet journals, personally.

No. 1011656

That's a good idea, I hadn't thought of going in afterwards. I think what mostly puts me off is the whole journaling social media culture around showing off your 'aesthetic' journal with zero actual substance to it. IMO journals are supposed to be soley for your own thoughts in a private space and showing them off/acting like its going to be shown off defeats the purpose. Decorating is cute tho.
Potentially even more schizo but I feel like by buying a journal with a pre-designed cute cover its 'not really mine' or something. I overthink things too much I'll probably just decopauge onto it kek

No. 1011856

anyone notice any difficulties journaling outside of their usual spot? i can write just fine when i'm at home but then i visit my mom and i never get the chance to write, and if i do, it's usually just superficial babbling. it's so weird.

No. 1011863

Does putting my random thoughts on a blog count as journaling?

No. 1012224

File: 1641066758335.jpg (122.51 KB, 1500x1500, 6minutediary.jpg)

I've been bullet journaling since 2020, and it's done an incredible amount of help for me in remembering recurring things/chores, but now they live inside my head completely rent-free and I realise that the mental load for women in a relationship is very real lel but I digress.

This coming year, I will be moving away from the bullet system and start writing day by day like I used to! I used to love journalling and write for hours and hours on end, I want to have a habit of recording a stream of consciousness and still bang some washi tape and cute winking cat stickers on top of it, the best of both worlds.

I love this place, it was so relieving to find that I'm not alone in feeling weird recording uncomfortable emotions.

I got a 6 minute diary before any of the bujo shenanigans and I think I'll be stealing some of the prompts for daily check-ins that help me inject positive self-reflection into the journal. (picrel)

No. 1012293

I think it's the nonny who always feels the need to precise that she is black in each one of her retarded offended posts. Saw her sperging on /g too

No. 1012327

Hey nonnas, how do any of you keep your journals secure from snoopers? I have nosy people in my life with bad boundaries but I can't get rid of them kek. I've seen lockboxes or safes suggested, but idk I'm looking for a small and discreet solution ideally.

No. 1012337

Maybe you could look into journals with locks? Amazon has a few: https://www.amazon.com/Journals-Locks/s?k=Journals+With+Locks

No. 1012375

I used keep my journal inside of a huge book like a dictionary or encyclopedia. My brother taught me that trick of cutting the pages so that my journal would fit snug in the book and I could pop it on the bookshelf without anyone even knowing it was there.

No. 1012380

>current year's culture
Please join him on the short bus and drive off a cliff

No. 1014568

File: 1641256469613.png (1.64 MB, 2482x1450, moid.png)

I hate seeing male journaling channels. Stop pretending you have deep thoughts and go to war.

No. 1014582

right??? like what do they have to write about? their favorite ball hair?

No. 1014595

>like what do they have to write about

they jot down their cooming records and why they hate their mom

No. 1014986

I refuse to believe men can do any kind of journaling except maybe bujo (since it's an organizer)

No. 1016171

I can assure you there are many pretentious men that have a lot to write about.

No. 1016204

I need to stream of consciousness journal because it's one of the only things that actually makes an improvement in my mental health but I can't bring myself to do it 99% of the time, it's like pulling teeth

No. 1016213

I don't know, but I don't think it matters what it is or isn't technically. If you enjoy putting your random thoughts on a blog you should do it.

I can relate to that. Writing it down makes you face things you don't really wanna think about, at least that's it for me.

No. 1023365

not sure if you're in the US but i was able to buy this on Amazon. It was like $40 but worth it for me

No. 1041077

File: 1643138157164.jpg (63.7 KB, 564x564, e72240a6cd90e0d795a628c052920f…)

Has any of you struggled with gratitude journaling?
I've decided to add this section to my bullet journal since everyone recommends it, including my therapist, but even when I'm writing things down it feels weird, I don't know, forced? I can't help but cringe re-reading them and when I feel bad they actually make me feel annoyed, not better. Is it something that requires getting used to or am I just too mentally ill to do and benefit from it?

No. 1041082

Yeah, felt like thanking Jesus for mundane positives in a day

No. 1041092

i stopped frequenting the journaling sub because it was getting stale, but even months later this scrote who only posts boring timelapse videos of himself writing navelgazy shit in a notepad every single day is still fucking at it. he pisses me off. i hate men.

No. 1041109

Not sure how long you've been doing gratitude journaling, but it sounds like you're pretty new to it. In the beginning it feels so cringeworthy and that's because it is forced to an extent; you're not used to thinking of very small things and actively acknowledging that you're grateful for them. It gets easier with time, and also I think everyone can benefit from taking a step back and being grateful for the things in life we so easily take for granted. You're not too mentally ill for it anon.

No. 1041146

Yeah, I've just started few weeks ago and wasn't very regular with it either. You explanation makes perfect sense, I'll not give up yet then, hopefully it becomes a more natural habit soon. Thank you!

No. 1041185

I have gratitude on my daily/weekly pages. Write one tiny thing per day I’m grateful
for. Can be as dumb as a warm blanket or vidya. Then, just never read it again, there’s no reason to. Having the thought in the first place is the only purpose to the practice

No. 1041304

That makes sense, writing in in separate days is a great idea too! For now I have it in one separate section so naturally I see everything I wrote before. I do it your way from now on

No. 1041394

Ive been journalling all my life, have diaries that go back to 2010 i think is my first one. I started bujo in 2020 alongside my regular journal, and its actually been really nice and helpful to me, but i do use some of the same kinda "methods" that are really popular in the community, amanda rach lee et al. for example, drawing a doodle of 30 different things that i can color in so that each day represents a mood, stuff like that. I have gotten to the point where its really boring, i dont do it every day, and it feels taxing to have to design it and incorporate stuff like that into my monthly spreads. i still want my pages to look designy and colorful and everything, just not so much effort/emphasis. does anyone else feel this way or have a suggestion that isnt just "dont do it then"?

No. 1041626

Use colorful gel pens and lots of stickers. It takes two seconds but looks really cute, yet not cookie cutter. I also get nice sticky notes and glue those on for week tasks or random reminders. I hate those mood trackers, and habit trackers that are bigger than a week though. Mood tracker can actually drag down your mood and the info is pretty useless.

No. 1041648

File: 1643170380809.jpg (298 KB, 1080x1532, Screenshot_20220125-221136_Ins…)

I agree with >>1041626 , I used to draw every page in my journal to decorate it, but it became time consuming and a bit overwhelming, so I switched to decorating with washi tape and stickers and it's become a much more fun process for me because I'm not stressed over drawing nice looking shit. You don't even have to go crazy with it, just a few stickers and matching tape in a simple layout can look very nice, picrel.

No. 1041796

File: 1643185688764.jpg (97.69 KB, 600x960, 20211026_071915.jpg)

Seconding >>1041109… gratitude journaling is so helpful. It's like a low effort version of CBT? Whenever I need to pick it up again is when I feel like doing it the least: when I'm in a negative spiral it feels pointless and stupid to focus on the positives. But I also know it's been immensely helpful in the past and it helps me reset these thought patterns.

However I dislike clogging my regular journo with gratitude entries so I bought a separate planner on sale for that purpose. Each day fits about 3 entries and it's cute, I love using it which makes it easy to turn it into a habit. Anyway I wish you good luck!!

No. 1041926

Glad to know it's not meant to just work out naturally with first few attempts, I appreciate more encouragement to continue! Do you ever go back and re-read that separate gratitude journal or find comfort just seeing it exists with so many filled entries?

No. 1042154

I'm starting a diary now to write pretty much any retarded shit I want without the need to go online for this. Hopefully it will help me avoid making accounts on social media. I will just use Twitter to follow specific artists, Instagram to stay in touch with normie acquaintances, and Linkedin in case I ever need to look for another job. Anything else will go into the journal. I have a shitty handwriting so it will look like shit but I don't give a fuck.

No. 1042193

good luck, nonny, this is the exact same reason why i started my journal! also once you start writing more, your handwriting will both improve and you will get used to it. i used to not write much because my handwriting was ugly so i also never practiced after i was out of school. but now that i'm used to my handwriting, i'm super neutral towards it and people often comment how pretty and even it looks. sometimes i still wish my handwriting was less curvy/round and more "grown up", but alas.

No. 1042328

I hardly ever re-read my entries. The important part seems to be re-wiring your brain to be more aware and focus more on the positives in your life. And knowing that I manage to fill out 3 entries a day is comforting!

No. 1042361

I write pages at a time, absolutely catastrophically dramatic schizo rants, no hyperbole there, very little formatting, then I delete those bastards

No. 1044931

I started writing, but my desk is a mess because I put my TV on it so my handwriting won't improve just yet I guess. I don't mind it actually but that does actually sound like a good way to practice my handwriting.

What do you mean by delete? You type on a computer or a smartphone instead of writing on paper?

No. 1045875

This is exactly the style I use in my journal. A few stickers there and corner doodles there but I don't kill myself trying to make the ultimate aesthetic bullet journal.
Also for when I scrapbook I use sticky tape where I can easily pick things up and rearrange if I look at it with fresh eyes later and dislike some aspect. It stresses me out less. Perfectionist tendencies suck, I get mired down. I am that girl that would sometimes redo her homework to look neater. I just decide I'm going to write and now I let it be

No. 1046586

What do you anons write in your journals? Mine is just schizo ramblings I wouldn’t dare put a sticker on

No. 1046591

I write about significant things that happened during the week leading up to the day I write. When and after I trip, I write about the thoughts and questions I got from it as well. My journals are from dollar stores and I hardly draw in mine because I'm not a good artist and I find I'm more expressive in writing than doodles. I don't put stickers in or on my journal either since all I'm doing is processing my thoughts on paper.

No. 1046592

for me it's a mix of writing down (important) things that happened and my feelings. sometimes i sit down to write about something that bothers me. i use washi tape to separate two entries if one ends in the middle of a page and the next starts right after. just to make clear that there's a cut here, so to speak. i rarely use stickers, unless it's to decorate the outside of the journal or the first page. i also decorated a double page to mark the beginning of 2022. in the beginning i would do some bullet journaling stuff too, like drawing charts or making lists and stuff like that. it doesn't make sense for me anymore though, since i often finish journals before i'm done with the chart or challenge i put in it.

No. 1046637

I just started mine so right now I'm writing about anything significant that happened to me until then. I'm basically reminiscing over a lot of different stuff. The first shit I wrote was a list of video games I've played and a list of what I've sold because I started decluttering my shelves in 2020 and it felt very cathartic. I think after that I'll probably just write about important events and about traveling because I would love to travel more.

By the way, I love taking pictures but I do it with my phone. Is there a way to make them into stickers, or do you just print them with one of these small bluetooth smart0hone printer and normal photo paper and put them in your journal just like that?

No. 1046643

I used to have a classical emo teenage diary back in middle/highschool, I stopped in college but I really want to get back into journaling. I finally started one for the Japanese words and idioms I learn each day, I also want to do one for all the things I see in exhibitions or museums, and another one for all the music I listen to, I really want to sperg about my favorite band somewhere. I'll probably keep it simple, no stickers, washi tape or anything, I can't draw and I suck at making aesthetic setups.

No. 1048589

I have many journals. One for writing and ocs, one for cooking and recipes, one for drawing when i feel it, one as a vent journal, another for scrapbooking and a bullet journal. Most are random notebooks, some are handcrafted (scrapbooking, vent, draws and ocs) but my bullet is a canson notebook with 120gr paper if i remember it well. Is pretty nice and it even holds posca pens without bleeding. i write in them when i feel it, mostly, with the exeption of the scrapbook that is an once-in-a-year thing where i do a collage with all the tiny doodles, notes, and random shit that i did that year. That scrapbooking journal is my oldest project, im doing it since 2015. The rest are from the last few years.
About stickers/decorations i even do my own ones. Now i stick to print stuff, but as a teen i even used to drawn them o or even use cuts from magazines kek. Also i did my own washi tape from a while. Is not that im a poorfag, i just liked to diy everything. I would still DIY all my decorations/journals if it wasnt for college. Nowdays i just ocasionally buy some washi and pre-made stickers, and print a bunch of stuff when i have time.

No. 1048642

Dont be a coward anon. I put stickers and doodles in all my shit, even schizo ramblings. My journals are for myself so why care about it, im not posting it on insta.

No. 1107089

File: 1647970482924.jpeg (43.96 KB, 450x450, 8C8D0BE3-C14A-449C-8F26-AFB2D5…)

Gel and rollerball pens are so grossly overhyped online. Why waste your life on pens that smudge and have all of your notes melted because it once rained outside the window where your journal was sitting in a desk? The worst part is when people insist on gel pens but don’t even use needle tip sizes.

Ballpoint all the way, I have picrel for fun color coding. The only gel pens I use are super bright and milky or glittery gel pens.

What oft shilled products do you think are overhyped? What unrecognized journalling supplies do you love?

No. 1107096

File: 1647971088126.jpg (91.31 KB, 600x400, 147233.jpg)

agree so hard. gelpens are seriously not all that. i think washitape cutters are the most ridiculous things that i always see in hauls, maybe not overhyped though.

No. 1107111

File: 1647972673630.jpg (63.3 KB, 800x800, H2f40edde2f36405ba0768f8c866dd…)

i absolutely agree. i'm a lefty and the ink always smudges for me, so my only choice are ballpoint pens or pencils. also agree with >>1107096 isn't the selling point of washi tape that it can be ripped without any scissors? then again, one of my favorite supplies is those collapsible japanese scissors like picrel. i love how little space they take up.

as for overhyped stuff, i don't get stamps and wax seals and stuff like that. i guess it's useful for pretty letters for penpals, but i'd be annoyed if the pages in my diary became bumpy because it makes writing difficult.

No. 1107112

I have journaled for most of my life and it was either in notebooks, "typical" diaries with a lock, and even word documents. What I use now and like having is a hardcover notebook without lines where I write/draw whatever the fuck I want in it depending on how I feel. I mostly write pages and pages of analysing thoughts that bother me or my emotions. I initially wanted to take the ~aesthetic~ journal route but it is so high effort while all I want to do is dump my emotions. I just write with a pencil and idgaf about colored pens, washi tapes, stickers etc.

I know this is just how the internet shows stuff, but the way journaling is presented online is like some sort of art project that has to look presentable and pretty and well-maintained and honestly, for me, this is a big waste of time. The problem with making things pretty and consistent is that it "feels" like it has to have a continuity and if you divert from it, it's just "ugly" and you have to start over or something. When I realised that the journal is for ME and not for anyone else and stopped giving a fuck about how it would look, it became better for me. I just want a blank page to be honest with myself(ok not TOO much in case someone finds it kek)but it's good enough for me. Idc about my writing looking ugly because, well, IT IS and it's not like my emotions are "pretty" most of the time anyway.

No. 1107140

I love having both ugly and cute pages in my journals. And cute is what is cute to me, not the aesthetic standard of online.

No. 1204052

Almost every supply is stationery hauls is bloat. No one ever uses all those pens and markers before they go bad and dry out. I feel journaling and bullet journaling has become an excuse to consoooom pens and notebooks and planners. Don't get me started on that japanese sweeper of eraser shavings

No. 1204081

I love journaling and buying all the little things to decorate my journal with but I wholeheartedly agree. I've slowed down on buying things so I can work through what I have but I think I have enough fountain pen ink/stickers/washi tape to last me the next 10+ years. I don't do aesthetic journaling, I just like to switch between pen ink colors every entry and use washi tape to decorate the borders of my pages or to split up a page to make something at least a little visually interesting but I've yet to finish a single roll of washi tape. I have about ~50 rolls of tape, which I know is a huge problem too. Stickers? God I hoard stickers. I always think "it would be a waste to use it here" like good god woman just fucking stick it on there, it's better on the page than gathering dust in the drawer!!!

No. 1232456

File: 1655696339894.jpeg (85.21 KB, 800x800, FF2149C3-85D5-44AC-98EA-974AAF…)

Just got these uni emott sign pens. The colors are really cute and they write so well!

No. 1232470

I’ve been wanting to get into journaling again, like some other users mentioned I ended up feeling pressured to “make it pretty”. My depression makes it difficult to be consistent in projects and I just end up feeling overwhelmed by how I want it to look and “have the ~aesthetic” and I end up giving up and just stopping after a few entries. It would be nice to pick it back up again, just for me, and not pressure myself to have that perfect Instagram aesthetic.

Oh these are cute!!

No. 1232481

You know social media is rotting your brain when you can’t even write to yourself in a private book out of the worry that it won’t look appealing enough to an online algorithm.

No. 1232488

Something that helped me was writing in all the colorful pens I wanted, instead of allowing that irrational voice in my head to stop me from using them except for headers kek. Another helpful one was leaving my journal open in a place I hang out frequently in the day, that way I can just pick up the pen and write whatever is on my mind for two seconds instead of waiting and then forgetting

No. 1232489

They're really cute, but I was disappointed that they don't write well in my Hobonichi, they sort of pool up in some places. They do look nice when I use a paper that's a little less smooth though!

No. 1232544

Yes, that’s why I want to fix it?

No. 1232622

Maybe just start dumping your thoughts onto the paper every morning with a regular ballpoint pen and just allow yourself to write and nothing else?

No. 1232728

I have never had good or pretty handwriting, never been that good with arts and crafts and I couldn't make a cute or ~Aesthetic header, let alone a whole page even if my life depended on it, so I just stopped looking at journaling instagram accounts and stuff. I have a boring black journal and I write on it with my boring (yet slightly horrible) handwriting with a boring black pen. I kind of enjoy looking back at my journals in retrospect since they consists only of rows after rows of black text and that's an interesting aesthetic on its own to me. Sure, I still look at my friends' journal pages they share and think how I could never come up with anything like that but my "black pen and nothing else" style is what works for me and I think that's the most important thing in journaling. I tend to have really long and bad depressive episodes so I know I could never keep up with journaling of any kind if it required more than picking up my notebook and pen.

No. 1232789

I started getting heavily into the Korean deco style of journaling over COVID and amassed a huge collection of stickers, memo sheets, and etc. I've since stopped buying (or attempted to stop) because it turned into consoom and I realized how overwhelmed and unhappy I was every time I tried to even find some stickers to put on an entry.

Not feeling like doing a theme or having the stickers for an entry lead to me searching for stickers rather than just putting down whatever and writing the damn entry.

I haven't turned writing into a full regular habit again yet (much like others here, I can fill half of a composition book in a matter of a week but I struggle when it comes to doing something 'nicer') which is pointless because I don't even use social media.

This thread was inspiring.. I'm going to try and relax and just write in whatever. I'm weak for pasting things down but I have plenty of stickers, print outs (I print sticker sheets that I like and cut them out rather than buying them at times kek) and so on. I don't need shit.

I just need to write and shut up.

This is an amazing thread. Please,, let's keep it up.

No. 1233546

File: 1655789287751.jpeg (137.37 KB, 861x1300, 2271AE09-D5DE-42EF-9AE6-7AF07F…)

> my journal consists only of rows after rows of black text and that's an interesting aesthetic on its own to me.
Zoomers, I swear… bet you think brushing your teeth in the morning is an aesthetic too, huh?

No. 1233603

File: 1655797946162.jpg (75.62 KB, 1000x667, Watermarked.jpg)

Is there any digital app (preferrably for PC) for journaling? I know people keep buying iPads but I wonder how reliable and -worth it- it is in the long run (I feel like I am surrounded by people with them which disturbs me, its nothing but aesthetic nowadays). I am just looking for a digital journal that would let me customize or at least draw stuff on. Even if I would get an iPad I would mainly use it for my artworks or studies.

No. 1233638

Instead of an ipad, you could get a cheaper Samsung tablet with the same functions, like this.

No. 1233801

I love cute stationery and notebooks but I work best for freeform thought in just a plain composition book.

Like others have said I think it's just easier and feels less stressful than trying to feel like my thoughts are "worthy" of a nice notebook or something.

No. 1233818

This post made me laugh. So true.

Loving this thread, just got into journaling and I feel my pages are a bit plain, so I think I'll decorate them all cute since I have a bunch of leftover stickers from my consoomer days. (divorced myself from buying so many cute things I definitely don't need but I'll cherish what
I have)

No. 1233905

>I kind of enjoy looking back at my journals in retrospect since they consists only of rows after rows of black text and that's an interesting aesthetic on its own to me.
I also like how that looks. I like simplicity.

No. 1297607

reading through some older journal entries and i cannot believe i was that schizo. but then, i feel like i have nothing to write about when i'm doing well kek

No. 1297624

Literally same. When you’re stabilized and medicated and doing what you’re supposed to it’s like looking at a foreign language omg. I was speaking in freaking Wingdings.

No. 1297639

and if you asked me at the time i would have sworn i was doing perfectly well. hindsight being twentytwenty and all that. though the dates do line up with when my friends started asking me how i was doing mentally lmao

No. 1297648

Yeah you never know how crazy you are until you finally grasp hold of yourself. I feel much better in many ways but at the same time it’s hard not to be angry at how long it took me to stop being negligent of my own health and well-being. I know it’s just part of being schizoid but I do even look at it now and wonder if it really does like, redirect your brainwaves to some otherworldly frequency. Not in a special way clearly but in a very destructive way. Because when I delve into all that shit there is some stuff that is almost prophetic in nature lol. I don’t think I’m special but I do think being a schizoid can create a pathway between limerence where you just know some shit but are too crazy for it to matter or be of any use or substance.

No. 1297838

90 of my journal entries are movie and book reviews. My life is pretty empty, I guess.

No. 1297885

Based. I always write a short review and reflect on movies, shows, and books, in my phone diary. I like to wedge them into the end of my daily entry

No. 1333921

What are journaling apps that I can use? Something that I can sync to both my phone and computer, with a simple but friendly user interface. I don't mind paying for it as long as it's not subscription based. Physical writing is too much work and I'm afraid that someone in my household will come across my journal and read it (my family has no concept of respecting privacy).

No. 1334382

Evernote? It lets you have apps on devices or use the website. You can make notebooks. Search them and make pages. You can also put in pictures and audio clips and such if you wanted to.

No. 1347658

I've bought a lot of gen pens in every color during the pandemic cause I was bored but I only used blue ink. I also have a ton of highlighters drying out.

I want to start a "use it up" challenge, like project pan.

No. 1360846

File: 1664700978559.jpg (24.27 KB, 750x512, LAMY-joy-Set-AL-black-BM01.jpg)

i love journaling but i hate the way my entries suck because my hand immediately cramps and i have to take a break after like every sentence. i finally decided to give fountain pens a try again and bought picrel. i love the sleek design and i think my mom had a similar one when she was a student? wish me luck, nonnas, i'm left handed and it'll probably be disastrous. i never managed to not smear my ink, even when i tilted my notepad in the weirdest angles.

No. 1361211

No one understands our lefty struggles, nonnie. Are you an under- or over-writer? I love fountain pens but I'm an under-writer so I don't smudge as much.

No. 1361316

i'm an overwriter, sadly. i've been experimenting with paper angles all day and my handwriting is absolute shit that way. it looks a bit better when i tilt it on one direction so the letters lean forward, but when i try to underwrite they look like they're falling off the lines… we'll see how this goes, i guess. i seriously wish i was right handed though, kek. i can't even use scissors properly sometimes.

No. 1361350

left handed notebooks exist, thankfully

No. 1361397

they don't help at all when your problem is hand/paper positioning. add to this that those left handed products are usually way more expensive than regular products.

No. 1361687

Get a pentel energel

No. 1370737

File: 1665502332572.jpg (7.95 KB, 257x196, images(9).jpg)

I always write in 1 euro notebooks and whatever ballpoint pen is laying around, I wanna treat myself to a nice journal, pen and some ink for a change. Any recommendations for pens and ink that are good for writing? I'd prefer to get a pen that uses bottled ink over ink cartridges because having to buy fitting cartridges seems annoying?

No. 1370747

This might be a long shot but have you tried writing from the elbow rather than the hand/fingers/wrist? You move your whole arm up and down as you write as opposed to doing all the manipulation with your fingers. I had the exact same problem and even switched to fountain pens because I thought pressure was the issue but it was the way I was using my hands. I also mostly wrote sitting in my bed or on the couch, sitting at a desk works so much better and contributes to uniformity.

No. 1370748

Pen: TWSBI Eco/Eco-T
Notebook: Rhodia or Leuchturm, Moleskine is a scam

Most cheap fountain pens take cartridges/converters, but the TWSBI Eco series is piston-filled and retails for about $30 something in burger money. Plus, they're demonstrator pens, so you can see how much ink is left. I like Noodler's, but basically any good fountain pen ink that people rave about will do. Be aware that you will need to write on thicker paper if ink bleeding bothers you - something like 120g/m^2 or more.

No. 1370749

File: 1665503159174.jpg (85.15 KB, 736x920, 96f1ae23e2a397c05f9ebd2b4afe97…)

I'm not particularly partial to any specific notebook brand (used a Clairefontaine for my last journal, currently using a Leuchtturm1917 one right now, used random ones I bought from artist alleys before this), but I do switch between Muji pens and my kaweco fountain pen. I have a lot of Jacques Herbin inks, some ink bottles (their anniversary inks) and some in cartridges (normal colors, and they fit my kaweco). I also have a kakimori rollerball which I will put my fountain pen inks into for when I feel like using a more traditional pen but want to use one of my fun colors. I'm not so well versed in inks/pens to tell a difference in quality, but I love using all my pens kek.

My only gripe is (and I found out this was an issue others have) some of my kaweco nibs just fucking suck. They feel scratchy. When they're good, they're good. Smooth as fucking butter. But when they suck? Ugh, awful. There's really no telling whether you've got a good nib or not until you write with them. Not sure if other brands have this issue. I want to buy a TWSBI and a Sailor pen, but I have a lot of pens already so it feels too indulgent to own so many kek.

No. 1370955

File: 1665516219276.jpg (93.5 KB, 1200x1200, twsbi-eco-pennino-di-ricambio.…)

Thanks for your detailed posts, very useful! I looked up the TWSBI and saw it has different nib sizes. What do you recommend? The fine or extra fine look nice to me.

No. 1370956

I have really small handwriting, so I usually get always extra fine/fine.

No. 1370967

File: 1665516876074.jpg (199.44 KB, 1200x635, ferris-wheel-press-85ml-inkbot…)

Also I forgot to mention! I also have some samples of sailor manyo inks, and I love them and recommend them. If you're like me and just love using lots of different colors to write with, I'd recommend only buying ink samples. Goulet Pens sells 2ml samples and you can get quite a lot out of a single sample. My other favorite store is Yoseka Stationery, and you can pick to either get 3ml or 5ml from them. Even though I have a couple of bottles of inks, I do kind of regret buying them because I literally don't think I could use them all up in my life time kek. I only get samples now.

High recommend against Ferris Wheel Press inks. I almost bought them because the bottle/packaging is nice, but I've heard very mediocre things about their inks.

No. 1375322

how does that work? like i genuinely do not understand how you are supposed to write from the elbow? should i not rest my elbow on the table or something? please explain nonna, i feel so stupid for not understanding this.

No. 1375398

Nta, I think anon is saying you write by moving your arm around rather than rotating your wrist. Try to write something while keeping your wrist totally immobile as if it were in a cast and you’ll understand.

No. 1375426

Ayrt, check this video out to get an idea of what I meant. This guy also has a playlist about fundamentals of writing from the arm.

No. 1429810

File: 1669990925640.gif (844.66 KB, 300x186, 1640919347946.gif)

I'm going back to journaling. In February I bought a nice looking notebook and wrote a few pages, then had no time to write more, and when I had more time to do it again I just put it aside for next time. I just started writing a new entry to vent about a lot of shit and plan things ahead for the next year. I even bought a few stickers and a washi tape months ago and yet didn't use them yet but I'll do it soon I think. How do I stay motivated to keep writing on a regular basis instead of writing super long texts once a semester? Because it's not like I'm gonna keep whining on social media all the time given how they're declining more and more, and I want to be able to go into details whenever I want.

No. 1429826

What helped me ease my way into it was either making the journal very accessible (out of sight, out of mind), or making it really easy to journal a ton at once. I had a very small journal the size of my palm that I'd stick in my pocket/bag. I also use a voice recording/transcription app when I just want to vent and dont want to write/type it all.

I've also fallen off the journaling wagon but I'm starting again (fingers crossed), and definitely hopefully will break my journaling streak less in 2023!

No. 1430001

I really want to start practicing this, my hand cramps up so fast because I'm an under-hand leftie. Has anyone tried to correct their writing from wrist to elbow, and how long did that take? Is it second nature now or do you find yourself still going back to wrist sometimes?

No. 1430060

Can you pls write about lolcow habibi

No. 1430083

kek I will my child. I've been on lc for so long now it's an important place for me.

No. 1430096

Why would you want to journal if you have to force yourself to do it?

No. 1430147

I haven't perma-corrected it, but I found it easier to stop writing with my wrist if I first thought of it as moving just my shoulder joint at first. You still use your elbow a bit w that n then after some time moving p much just ur elbow comes easy

No. 1430148

I want to do it but I forget.

No. 1431975

right now i have 2 notebooks and 1 app to journal with. 1st notebook is a planner with the month/day lines already drawn, 2nd is a regular notebook to write emotion stuff in, and the app is for quick vents/check-ins with myself. it works well when i use it, i just have to keep using it consistently… i also have a habit tracker paper that i tape to a wall and mark off the days i did x habit that i wanted to keep
i admit my system can be a lot, and i dont do them all every single day. they're just there for when they're relevant
other nonas, how do you journal? i'm curious to know!!

No. 1432041

File: 1670154693109.jpg (992.25 KB, 1200x1200, oc22_itforest.jpg)

Love your idea of taping the tracker to a wall! I don't think your system is too much.

I don't use an app, but consistently use:
1. an a6 dated journal to write a summary of the day… I hope that it helps keep me grounded a bit.
2. an undated one to write "precious" memories and events. things that I want to recall in the future. i like printing&pasting photos in there too.
3. vent throwaways. i just use whatever crap from my notebook hoard and do not ever read these again.

Also I'm a sucker for Hobonichi (pic rel is my cover) but I'm also looking into Kinbor since I don't think I need fancy Tomoe River Paper for EVERYTHING.

No. 1432053

>What made you start?
I had a journal in childhood that lasted a few years, I came back to journaling in high school because I thought it’s a good way to preserve some memories. I also liked the idea of writing more and decorating the pages, as it’s a different thing than writing a blog.
>What kind of notebook do you write in?
Just some bigger notebooks I find in shops near me.
>Where do you get your journals?
Usually in one of the shops in my country that offers various stuff, ranging from books to stationery, games and gadgets.
>How often do you write and do you have a preference with what you write with (favorite pens)?
It depends on the period, sometimes I write very often, sometimes I make longer pauses if I don’t have time to write. I don’t usually write everyday but there were times when I could do it more frequently. I write my notes with black pen, occasionally I write some words with colorful gel pens (such as quotes, titles of books and movies, something that should stand out in a particular entry).
>Do you decorate your journals? If so, with what and how?
Yes, I use stickers and washi tapes. I also make drawings inside sometimes. My diaries are also filled with various magazines clippings. These clippings are about media I like or some events related to the entries. Sometimes I also look in various magazines or advertisements for “aesthetic” pictures. A few times I made themed collages from these.
>Any favorite stores/companies to get all your journals and journaling goodies from?
Most of my journals are from Paperblanks. As for the writing stuff, I don’t have a favorite company, it depends on what kind of pens and other goods I like.

No. 1432162

I didn't know Hobonichi so I looked it up and their prices are insane. But their stuff looks good. I already have what I need but I'll keep that brand in mind.

No. 1432171

>40 euro for a planner minimum
holy fuck what does this planner do that my 2 euro planner from the supermarket doesn't do?

No. 1438314

I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle, nonas. I want to make journalling a more constant practice but I have a lot of trouble with it after allocating time and energy to everything else. I'm someone who likes to have a nice, quiet atmosphere to write in so I'll think of things throughout the day to write about but forget them all by the end even if I take notes.

Does anyone else have this issues? What do you do to stay on track?

No. 1441018

Maybe you can focus on writing more frequently when you have periods of more free time? Don’t force yourself to write when you don’t feel like it or don’t have best atmosphere for you.

Maybe you can make shorter notes and reflect more on these activities in your longer entries. Or you can have a separate space for short notes, to not forget something, and then make a proper entry based on it in your journal when you’ll have time and energy.

Personally I’m not writing everyday but I enjoy making more meaningful entries in good atmosphere too.

Maybe you can set yourself some basic things to write on, as a small summary if you really need to write frequently. Otherwise, you can just relax and write more when you are able to do so.

No. 1447642

File: 1671150569407.jpeg (76.94 KB, 605x567, animals-dont-let-you-read-8__6…)

I'm happy I found this thread! Had to delete + repost because I forgot to greentext the last question.

>What made you start?

I needed a place to vent my feelings and also write poetry in, so I got really into it in August. Having a shitty crush also kinda exacerbated my obsession as well. It's now my little comfort hobby that I love the most.

>What kind of notebook do you write in?

A limited edition Moleskine with a lucky cat on it. I really like how this journal has held up over the past few months, aside from cosmetic damage, so I'm probably going to stick with the Moleskine brand.

>Where do you get your journals?

I got mine for $12.99 at TJ Maxx, which is a pretty good deal.

>How often do you write and do you have a preference with what you write with (favorite pens)?

I write every single day. Poetry, lyrics that inspire me, summaries of how my day went, some deep thoughts I needed to get out… I'm also a zoology/entomology major, so I have some random insect-related stuff written down, like field notes, pinning tips, facts on certain species I come across, etc etc etc… I use just regular ballpoint pens, but my true obsession is with highlighters. I LOVE the Zebra Kirarich glitter highlighters, my only gripe is that they have to dry for a minute or two or else they smudge. Stabilo Boss highlighters are nice to grip and they don't bleed through. I recently caved in and bought 20 of the Zebra Mildliners and I love them so far. They make journaling so much colorful. I swear most of my leisure spending money goes towards pens and highlighters.

>Do you decorate your journals? If so, with what and how?

My journal is white and super dirty, so I put stickers and decals over it to personalize it and distract from the scuffs and marks. Never get a white colored journal nonas. I have this gigantic "Don't panic!" sticker on the front, which is fitting because my journal is like my personal Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Mega autistic, I know.

>Any favorite stores/companies to get all your journals and journaling goodies from?

Michaels and Staples for pens and highlighters. Hobby Lobby is amazing for tiny stickers to decorate with. I might start ordering more stuff from Amazon. This thread is a good place for me to find more stuff to eventually purchase.

No. 1447647

Nta but having a quality planner is good if you can afford it. Fucking hate the ones that rip apart as soon as you look at it

No. 1448287

File: 1671201077382.png (1.78 MB, 922x955, hobo.PNG)

Also nta but it's no different than opting for a $1 knife vs a $100 specialty knife, or a ball point pen vs a fountain pen. You don't need the more expensive version and it won't really do anything for you, but for people there's a definite difference in quality and something people are willing to pay for.

All hobonichis have tomoe river paper iirc, which just feels soooo smooth to write on. It's especially great if you like to use fountain pens- you never have to worry about the ink feathering or bleeding to the other side! The paper is very thin, so you can see the writing through the pages, but it's never bled through for me.

Paper aside, the bulk of the cost of hobonichis comes from their covers. You can pay upwards of well over $100 for a leather cover because… well, it's leather. There are cheaper ones too. You can just buy the planner books every year and swap them out using the same cover if you'd like, but I know some people who buy a new cover every year too. They also have big collaborations. This year it was One Piece, last year they had Animal Crossing and Inuyasha, and I think there's always some Mother pieces thrown in too. It's very much for a specific market.

I write in a leuchtturm journal but I have a hobonichi weeks to keep my life in order kek. I'm just used to it, and I like the format and size, plus I love using cute things so I always look forward every year to what kind of cute covers they'll have.

No. 1456181

>You can pay upwards of well over $100 for a leather cover because… well, it's leather. There are cheaper ones too.
I just take a paper grocery bag and cover mine like a grade school textbook

No. 1460054

I know this sounds silly but do you have any tips for a beginner? I've always wanted to keep a journal but I'd always forget about it after one or two entries and get discouraged because of ugly they were. I love arts and crafts but decorating pages and writing neatly is something I struggle with. Whenever I try to take pretty notes or have fun with scrapbooking it ends up looking hideous.

No. 1460064

Don’t get discouraged if you miss a few days. The first year I tried journaling I stopped after a month and felt too dispirited to keep going, but I’ve been able to be consistent with journaling for a few years now. I think changing the type of planner/journal I was using also helped. If I was trying to draw or decorate I would make sketches and spend an afternoon filling them in.

No. 1607800

File: 1686838454516.jpeg (34.47 KB, 750x634, IMG_1959.jpeg)

Nonniiiies what stationery have you bought lately?? Debating on one of these

No. 1607966

Are dippens nice to write with? Or are they scratchy?

No. 1612299

I use binders and 3 hole punched printer paper kek. I use it as a planner (which I like dated paper), journal, and sketchbook. I write the date large on top of the page. I prefer dates to appear on top like that and when I purchase planners/journals like that, and I miss days, the blank ugly pages feel like they are screaming at me. I learned if I use loose leaf paper and put them in a binder, I will never have blank or ugly pages. Ive never journaled more now and I have 5 or 6 three ring binders filled with chronological journal pages, schedules, and sketches with no interruptions. So satisfying.

No. 1612305

I misplaced my cheap fountain pen and have been using a Kaweco All Star, it writes better but the cartridges hold less ink. The ink I refill my pens with is Platinum Classic Lavender Black, it’s super nice.

No. 1612619

File: 1687243139431.jpg (374.73 KB, 2181x1606, books.jpg)

>What made you start?
This is really embarrassing, but diary of the wimpy kid made me start journalling and speaking more in general as a child, I started at 9. I have a diary for each year till I was 11. I dropped it because cringe but went back to writing on and off again when I was 16. I have 7 books in total from different parts of my life now.

>What kind of notebook do you write in?

I always prefer notebooks that are A6 to B5 size. When I was a kid I would use books with ring binders, when I got older I hated using them. Picrel is all the books I've used over the years. I had a complete notebook when I was 16 that I liked but wanted a campus one that I couldn't find in store at the time. Same with the graphilo notebooks I got in 2018 and 2019.

>Where do you get your journals?

My local daiso, primarily.

>How often do you write and do you have a preference with what you write with (favorite pens)?

My kid notebooks all use pencils or mechanical pencils except for the one when I was 11, that one used any random pens I could find lying around. I regret using pencils because they're a little faded right now. But from when I was a teen onwards, I ONLY use the same black pilot signo pen. Line thickness varies based on what's available in the store however.

>Do you decorate your journals? If so, with what and how?

Never, they're as plain as day, just black text handwriting on white. I've never been able to make pretty journals or notes…

>Any favorite stores/companies to get all your journals and journaling goodies from?

Daiso, because cheap Japanese notebooks are great.

No. 1612680

kaweco is great, i own a few with different nib widths and they're some of the best fountain pens i have

No. 1612735

KAWECO SPORT, not All Star oops

No. 1612787

>What made you start?
i always wanted to but i have a friend who journals regularly and she sort of inspired me
>What kind of notebook do you write in?
usually A5, i like high quality notebooks because they usually last me a few months each
>Where do you get your journals?
online usually or from waterstones
>How often do you write and do you have a preference with what you write with (favorite pens)?
for the past few months i've been writing every day, but there have been times where i'll only write once a week or just a few times a month. i don't think it matters too much, pressure to write every day turns a lot of people off of journaling i think.
>Do you decorate your journals? If so, with what and how?
i will sometimes stick photos in at the front or back but otherwise no
>Any favorite stores/companies to get all your journals and journaling goodies from?
paperblanks! their journals are so cute and high quality. they're expensive admittedly but i spend months with each one so i think it's worth it. i don't spend much money otherwise and i only buy them one at a time when i've almost finished my current one

No. 1621157

Currently on volume 11 of my diary, which I started 16 months ago.

No. 1621165

volumes as in notebooks? You will up almost an entire notebook in a month? how?

No. 1621171

I use composition notebooks, sometimes wide-ruled, so they fill up pretty fast. I probably only write 2.5 pages a day on average, but I do write daily. It all adds up. My life isn't even interesting.

No. 1621230

File: 1688143687959.jpeg (65.58 KB, 612x612, 2ac48b29-c910-45fd-bb9f-e625f9…)

Fuck!! I lost one of my fave FPs recently (Pilot Prera) but luckily the yen is weak now so I just ordered a new one.

Fountain pens can be such a consoomerist rabbit easily (as evidenced from the fp subreddit) but I'm glad I purchased my grail pen early on so I don't feel the need to buy more lol

Any nonnies here have have/want s specific grail pen?

No. 1621253

Do any other anons make in-character journals when they're doing a long term RP? I did one for my 2 year DnD campaign years ago, now I want to start for the new ESO character I'm playing. I'll write down my loot, new plants and recipes I discover, calculate my fictional finances etc. with little illustrations, it's very fun!

No. 1621262

I have that with inks instead.

No. 1621264

By the way how do you order from Japan? I would be interested in getting some Sailor inks.

No. 1621317

File: 1688151821010.jpg (101.85 KB, 1080x1534, FB_IMG_1688151141132.jpg)

I use Wise to create a digital CC which I use to order from Amazon Japan!

Any Sailor inks you like in particular? I only have Studio 970 but it's one of my favorites!

No. 1622791

File: 1688292429645.jpg (45.96 KB, 800x800, sailor-sailor-manyo-haha-50ml-…)

Thanks! I've had a good dozen or so Sailor samples, but I definitely lean towards the paler and pastel colours. The #1 I really want is Manyo Ha-ha.

That said I can't figure out how to use amazon japan for the life of me. But I realized I have to pay customs when ordering from outside the EU so it probably won't be cheaper down the line anyway I think.

No. 1626056

File: 1688638027041.jpg (54.98 KB, 737x1000, 51EGG2x36ML._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

That ink is absolutely stunning!!!

Amazon JP calculates customs beforehand and you pay them up front. Most items are cheaper ordering directly from there even accounting for shipping and customs… But it's always great if you want to support a more local biz instead of Amazon.

However!! I will most certainly be ordering picrel Midori Planner there at the end of the month. The illustrations on the inside are so cute. There's many other designs too, including a really adorable dog themed one.

No. 1626095

File: 1688644819755.jpg (284.38 KB, 1000x1414, Review TR.jpg)

Oh, I love that ink! It's so pretty but I dislike wide nibs so the range of colors barely shows in my writing. With my medium nibs and good paper it still looks very pale and barely legible. I still want to get nekoyanagi one day though

No. 1626698

>What made you start?
I've been trying to get into scrapbooking and fell into journaling from there. I really wanted a place to make my feelings tangible, so my rants wouldn't just remain trapped in my head. End of last year, I was rearranging a bookshelf and found a little journal I bought years ago. This thread really helped me out too! I've been journaling regularly since the beginning of this year, and in the time it took me to fill one small A5 journal(3 months), I had quit my previous soul-sucking job I was at for 2+ years and started a new one! I'm going a little bit slower with my second one(Clairefontaine), but I'm doing a lot more to get my life moving forward.
>Where do you get your journals?
Just the local bookstore. I love writing in the A5 size, though.
>How often do you write and do you have a preference with what you write with (favorite pens)?
I was writing every other day, but now I've slowed down, my frequency changes, though, just depends on how much I want to rant. One rule I keep myself to is filling a full two-page spread for each entry, and if I go over, I have to write through the next full page spread. I use it to keep some consistency in my journal. Also, I just use whatever black ballpoint pen I have at the moment.
>Do you decorate your journals? If so, with what and how?
Not really, I'm still just focusing on getting my feelings down without stressing over design. I have the supplies and want to get into, but I haven't yet. One bit I do to encourage me to draw more is to draw one rabbit per page (two rabbits per entry) because it's year of the rabbit. I plan to do the same in 2024 but with dragons.
>Any favorite stores/companies to get all your journals and journaling goodies from?
I listened to you nonnas here and bought all my washi tape from aliexpress.

I typed this out and then realized I misread your post. I don't RP as a character, but I give my journals silly names and refer to them when I'm writing like they're my unwilling therapist.

No. 1627470

Is that a planner you put in a travelers notebook?

No. 1628240

File: 1688833809344.jpg (257.62 KB, 1500x994, 91jNR8e5JcL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

This is the peak pen for me (in black color)
Uni-ball is just SO SMOOTH and thick and visible, and doesn't break through the papers I use for uni or journaling

I tried pentel energel, but it's kind of grayish and the pen I have penetrates the page more with its tip and leaves traces on the back of the page.

Pilot G-tec C4 gets a honorable mention, the only issue is that the ink distribution isn't even.

No. 1628309

File: 1688840861690.jpg (36.09 KB, 1000x1000, midoridog.jpg)

The mini planner fits in the Passport sized Midori Traveler's Notebook (I just tested it myself with my TN dupe).

But you don't really need to do that since the planner comes with its own cover and loop (picrel).

Jetstream supremacy!! When I'm in Japan I always buy a ton to gift to friends and family kek

No. 1628428

Oh it's so cute! Do you like your (faux) travelers notebook? I've been eying the passport one but the prices of the refills is putting me off buying one.

No. 1628979

Hmmm, my dupe is really old and it's just recently that I started using it again, but I just use it to carry around my passport+the mini planner+a tiny sketchbook. So far I really like it!

No. 1629351

no but me and my friends often rp in journals or sketchbooks, like irl tegakie. None of us are good but it's fun kek

No. 1630581

Can anyone give me ideas/lifehacks for pencil boards? I considered making one, but the edges would be sharp from cutting because I only own scissors and scalpels.

No. 1630722

My friends and I used to do that! It was so much fun and it helped us hone our creative writing skills.

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