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No. 501843


This is a thread to talk about serial and mass killers, the crimes, the cases, the victims, their lives, and everything surrounding it.

No. 501844

File: 1578362440040.jpg (312.04 KB, 1905x2834, Alieen.jpg)

I feel bad for Alieen and I'm sad that the media portrayed her as a madwoman yet portrayed the other male serial killers as smooth, calculating psychopaths.

Granted, she still killed, but she felt like a victim acting out against her abusers more than anything.

No. 501847

I wanna hear more about female killers. The male cases are repetitive and boring to me at this point, they’re all the same.

No. 501848

There is also a general true crime thread here >>>/m/9088
In case anyone wants to revive that

No. 501851

there's already a true crime thread on /m/

No. 501880

My thing with Aileen is that she killed johns who - whether you believe her claims of them trying to rape her or not - wanted to hurt and exploit her. She wasn't a bundy or a dahmer who went looking for innocents to torture and desecrate. She should have gotten a life sentence or been sent to an institution for the criminally insane, there's no way she should have gotten the death penalty.

No. 501892

im so tired of people sperging about her being just as bad as the male killers. like >>501880 said, even if they didnt try to rape her, going to a prostitute is inherently exploitative and abusive. those men went to her to hurt her and she defended herself. idc how bad it sounds, im not going to cry any tears for these victims because imo to a certain extent they had it coming. and going by how high the rates of rape and abuse for prostitutes are, her claims that they tried to/actually raped her are relatively believable she should have gotten a life sentence at most, but a mental institution would have been the best option. she was clearly extremely unstable.
its fucking infuriating that cunts like edmund kemper get to twiddle their thumbs in a jail cell and then get remembered as some poor misunderstood genius even though he committed multiple premeditated murders, while she was executed.

speaking of kemper, does anyone else feel like hes lying about some of the things he said about his mother? from what ive read he was a psychopath who abused his sisters and killed and tortured animals even at a young age, and yet he acts like his mother drove him to do everything. i think hes over exhaggarating some things about his mom so that people put some of the blame off of him and onto her like so many other psychopaths do.

No. 501893

The reason Kemper didn't get the death penalty cause he was in California, in any other state he would have gotten the chair

No. 501895

I don't think we can necro threads on here

No. 501896

Good god, yes to everything what you said. I find it so obnoxious that people apparently have no sympathy at all for Aileen and called her a crazy bitch, ugly, psychopath, ect, yet can muster up all the sympathy in the world for Ted Bundy (though he is more vilified than the others after this), Jeffrey Dahmer (suspecting because all his victims were male minorities), and Edmund Kemper (suspecting because like half of his victims were minority AFs). The true crime communities on reddit is the worst with this, since its full of scrotes who have latent misogynistic tendencies who just need to excuse every man in the book.

I really find it confusing how we're supposed to condemn and hate on Aileen for killing her johns who often times rape underage girls and trafficked victims but feel bad for Edmund because his mom was a "bitch" and he ended up raping her throat or some stupid shit..

No. 501897

Oh yeah and I agree that Edmund probably twisted the facts and highly likely just made up shit.

No. 501908

Agreed, most true crime aficionados cream themselves about "the research" that comes from the fanatic attention serial killers get, but surely by that logic it should have been vital that Aileen be kept alive to interview? We have so little studies on female serial killers. The truth is that her case is bleakly realistic, it's not kinky or outrageously gruesome so nobody cares.

As long as you're posting content for discussion then it's totally fine. From my experience the necro rule is just to stop people bumping dead drama threads with noncontributing shit posts.

No. 502243

I agree about aileen. she was victimised her entire life, her early years were filled with hardship and abuse (she even spent time as young teen sleeping in a fucking forest) and was most likely underage when she first had to turn to prostitution. she snapped after years and years of abuse at the hands of men. the men she killed we're all johns who, even though she admitted lying about certain murders being in self defence, were stilling fucking johns and like you said, probably did most of what she said they did. I don't have sympathy for them. I feel sorry for their families though.
I also agree how she should've been sent to a facility for the criminally insane or something, as you said, she was incredibly unwell, that was obvious from interviews.

No. 502285

Hard agree with everyone saying that Aileen Wuornos didn’t deserve to die. Sure, she deserved jail time, because murder is murder, but she wasn’t killing random people over some fucked up complex or just for the hell of it like most male serial killers and as such should’ve been offered resocialization and another shot at better life, which I think she would gladly take.

I’d also be interested in reading a well-researched study on female serial killers. What I find interesting is that they generally tend to kill family or people in their care, as opposed to male serial killers who mostly kill strangers and majority of whom are sexually motivated in some way.

I tend to believe Kemper, but only because bad mother-son relationship is sort of a common theme in serial killer biographies. Just goes to show how easily male psyche can go haywire. You dont hear of women murdering because of daddy issues nearly as much.

No. 502453

Wouldn't be at all surprised if Kemper exaggerated the stories of his mother to some extent. I can't recall if there's hard evidence on what he did to mommy's head or if it's just his own testimony, but I wouldn't put it past him to exaggerate his own alleged actions as well. He seems like the kind of guy who might do that.

On the subject of female serial killers, I recommend looking up Belle Gunness. Quite the lady, Norwegian immigrant in the US who made a living wooing and killing likely dozens of men during the 19th century. No sympathy for her though, unlike for Aileen.

No. 502610

Can't stand Kemper. He tries to paint his mom as some evil witch who hated men and unjustly locked him in the basement all night. He got locked in the basement because he was killing cats and attempting to rape his sisters. Everyone who knew/met his mom, her own daughters, said he was a lovely woman.

What's more annoying is comments on YouTube videos shit talking his mom as some monster. Way to go, you believed a serial killer, who lies to make himself the victim to fit his narrative.

No. 502936

It's pretty telling that everyone jumps to defend him and not the woman who was of course brutally murdered and isn't around to defend herself. All of this also ignores that he killed his own grandparents even though by his own admission his grandfather at least did nothing wrong. It's one thing to listen to what he says about why he killed but it bothers me that people ignore how hilariously biased he is in trying to excuse himself and make him self look good when he murdered a bunch of innocent people.

Also an important note about the Wuornos case is that the first guy she murdered was a convicted rapist. I also think this is relevant:
>During an interview with filmmaker Nick Broomfield, when she thought the cameras were off, she told him that it was, in fact, self-defense, but she could not stand being on death row—where she had been for ten years at that point—and wanted to die

No. 502946

he didnt try to rape his sisters. his mom had reason to be concerned though at that point anyways. i wouldve done the same.

No. 503019

I noticed in the true crime community for the past 5-8 years (I mean, it's gotten worse since the early 2010s considering before TCC discussion was mostly followed by females so it was a different tone/level completely) they always make excuses for white male serial killers and clearly empathize with them the most. It's honestly really fucking disturbing and skeeves me the fuck out. I KNOW its not popularity because Richard Ramirez doesn't get (male) (or non fangirl) defenders like this despite suffering legitimate brain trauma and other abuses before he became a serial killer. Really WEIRD shit.

No. 503052

I remember reading somewhere that prostitutes are raped on average of like 10+ times per year give or take. If that's true it's not at all statistically unlikely that she could have committed of those murders in self defense.

No. 503063

I don't disagree that he's an unreliable narrator, but it is possible that both things are true. Let's not forget that the people raising children at that time were all tremendously fucked up by WWII, and were raised by WWI survivors themselves. It just doesn't really surprise me that some of the most prolific serial killers (Gacy, Kemper, Bundy, Manson, DeAngelo, Zodiac) were raised by the fallout of WWII in the midst of the Vietnam War. Doesn't justify their actions in any way, but it was just trauma birthing trauma birthing trauma at that point.

No. 519102

File: 1582895448535.jpg (21.36 KB, 640x352, D2huTV0U0AA4T2r.jpg)

Has anyone else here really shamefully felt attraction to a serial killer? Not in a ~he was MisUNdErsTOod~ stan way, but an involuntarily attraction that you feel viscerally disgusted over?

No. 519105

not me personally, but who are you attracted to?

No. 519131

Ted Bundy, which makes me feel even more gross about it.

No. 519135

literally will never understand it. he was not attractive. i don't even see the charisma thing either. he looked crazy and weird looking, i don't think he was that well spoken, either. did you see "falling for a killer"? i always thought he was pathetic but it really highlighted how pathetic he was, to me. highly recommend it if you haven't seen it. one of the most well made tc docuseries i've seen imo. not sexual or romantic but i see richard kuklinski in a slightly sympathetic way precisely because his killings were not sexual and he wasn't a womanizer, just really fucked up, and he didn't really derive any real satisfaction from killings. guys like bundy were so loathsome.

No. 519137

A couple of his victims were kids, one of his victims was found with a pile of shit next to her dead body cos he used some random object to rape her ass so violently her bowels emptied…

No. 519142

File: 1582903176103.jpg (14.16 KB, 220x293, hhholmes.jpg)

honestly h. h. holmes is pretty attractive imo, I'm also a sucker for period pieces/old timey looking stuff so it makes sense. modern killers not so much. its purely a physical aesthetics thing though, i'd never wanna be his creepy accomplice or the one to "save" him like so many fangirls of serial killers are

No. 519145

GOD Im so fucking tired of Ted Bundy even if this sounds really "scummy" or whatever he's nowhere near the best looking, charismatic, intelligent, or even prolific in his M.O as a killer. I fucking haaaaaaaaaate the media for reviving his story because people wont stop fucking talking about that mediocre piece of shit everywhere i go that slightly mentions anything to do with true crime and i fucking haaaate how people just wont let his story GO. i fucking hate it even more how people in the tcc somehow still manage to find ted exceptional in ANY way.

When will people realize Ted is only viewed the way he is because of his media pr and the victims he chose? I know for a fucking FACT that faggot wouldn't be nearly as talked about now if he chose anybody else as a target which speaks to his "prolificness". God it makes me sick

No. 519148

I meant to reply to this >>519131 and deleted the other shit because no one wants to see that

No. 519210

I think you need to look through the lens of the 1970s to see how he would have been considered attractive. Burt Reynolds was considered attractive at the time. There are some flattering photos of Bundy in the mid-70s where he's obviously not hideous. When the evidence wasn't as clear (in the earlier trials), he dressed better and smiled less freaky. He was obviously able to gain the trust of his victims to some extent, so he was probably perceived as charismatic. He had girlfriends and wasn't a complete loner like other serial killers.

Obviously knowing what we know now, we look at him much differently, and there are a lot of photos of him with psycho eyes, but I can see how at the time people thought different.

No. 519212

File: 1582914250098.jpg (34.55 KB, 558x600, ted-and-molly-558x600.jpg)

but burt reynolds is very normal looking and 'masculine' in a not so freaky way. he was just hairy. at best, this looks like an average dude. not handsome at all. yeah he gained the trust of his victims because he pretended he was disabled, not because he had trustworthy eyes. he had snake eyes and a weird smile.

No. 519213

File: 1582914300564.png (2.31 MB, 960x977, 960x0.png)


No. 519217

Anon you're entitled to think whatever you want, but no amount of braying will change the sexual preferences of the 70s lmao. Reynolds was essentially a sex symbol in his day.

No. 519218

did you actually read my post at all, or what? i said burt isn't weird looking like bundy. the only complaint that can be made of him now is that he was hairy. that's the only difference. he was masculine in a not freaky way. it's easy to see why reynolds was attractive, as he'd still be considered attractive today. the uber hairy masculine styling is the only thing out of place now. bundy, not so much.

No. 519219

File: 1582915310811.jpg (70.5 KB, 862x575, 10764702-3x2-xlarge.jpg)

I'll agree to disagree, anon. I get why you think he looks weird, but I think he was perceived differently at the time. He definitely looks normal to me in the first picture and could be considered attractive in some angles (pic related). I think it's mostly the unibrow that makes him look bad in a lot of photos. Objectively, I think he would have been considered attractive at the time.

Also, here is a random rundown of popular 70s actors that I googled for you to compare: https://reelrundown.com/celebrities/Handsome_70s_Actors

There are a lot of guys there who are obviously not conventionally attractive. I'd even say Bundy shares a similar "look" to a lot of them.

No. 519231

>Serial Killer thread devolves into arguing whether Ted bundy was hot or not
why am I not surprised

No. 519253

Little off topic maybe but Dahmer looked geeky and awkward as fuck in half of his photos and then in others he looked handsome and like a completely different man.

I've noticed that documentaries on him vary from 'he was a socially awkward loner' to 'he was a fetchingly handsome man with lots of admirers in the gay bars'

No. 519382

File: 1582948428311.jpg (326.72 KB, 1024x685, gettyimages-965702130-1024x102…)

I'm getting so tired of apologetic tards like you who say "LOOK THROUGH THE LENS OF THE 70S!!" like people in the 1970s had absolutely abysmal standards of what was considered attractive because the people who say this saw a few overly hairy looking men or greasy people. I don't even know what the fuck this comes from considering many 1970s stars (both female and male) look genuinely more attractive w/ a better bone structure and presence than many stars do today. There's a shitload of male celebrities and singers I can mention from the 70s-80s that absolutely shit on Ted aesthetically and in every way. Pic related is from the 90s but they were famous in the 70s.

Ted was only considered so attractive as he was because he lived in bumfuck Midwestern cities with boring people who weren't used to anything better and that's also who the women he was around, as well. Ted wouldn't be able to compete with men in cities like L.A, NYC, San Fran, ect at the time because he was basic in every way. Most of his girlfriends weren't that cute either and he was very awkward in getting them, and only could engaged in some strange borderline violent sex with them.

No. 519383

File: 1582948804093.jpg (73.52 KB, 1080x1166, 2020-01-12-04-58-01.jpg)

Lol you're fucking delusional if you think that list is what was considered a heartthrob by women besides so maybe really trashy women who put more trust in "manly" aesthetics than beautiful aesthetics. Ted was """attractive""" in the manly, wrinkly "trustworthy" "goodboy" way not the heartthrob, pretty, stunning bone structure and gorgeous way that young women and normal women actually felt enamoured with and liked. Actually Ted looked "normal" not devastatingly handsome or stunning which is why it was so "shocking" at the time. Get your facts straight and stop revising the 70s for your stupid agenda.

No. 519386

Personally I'm tired of basic (obviously WASP or some type of anglo identification, cuz they're obviously always are and i never see the girls on LSA 4 example say ted is attractive because he's fucking ugly or plain at most by their standards) women saying ted is so hawt when he's just a 5 or 6/10 at most even in serial killer-land lmao.

And if we really wanna go far his victim's beauty is also very exaggerated for a racist and classist agenda as well. Every time I see a girl obsessed with Ted Bundy she looks like she could be one of his victims, or an older version of them. It reeks of ego masturbation and projection. It's disgusting.

No. 519391

i thought it was commonly agreed that ted was considered hot in the 70s just because people were unfamiliar enough with serial killers that they thought serial killers must look like horrible unhinged monsters you could spot a mile away so they were surprised he was even halfway average. "he looks pretty normal for a killer" turned into "he's so handsome for a serial killer!" via tabloid exaggerations and the halo effect.

No. 519415

Not to derail but which serial killers are anons referring to that would be deemed more attractive then bundy? Besides him, Richard Ramirez and maybe Dahmer I can’t think of any serial killers period that weren’t hideous.

No. 519418

Paul john knowles, rodney alcala, paul bernando are the ones off the top of my head

ill argue with anybody if they disagree

No. 519425

File: 1582969580210.jpeg (22.66 KB, 480x360, F4319CD1-0FBF-4A48-B5D0-18A6D4…)


I’m open to hearing your opinion , but anon are you serious with Rodney alcala. He is literally a composite of every ridiculous fashion and beauty fad that didn’t transition out of the 70s: that horrible dated feathery poodle hair, open disco shirts, weird gender nonspecific (not in a hot way but in that 70s fleshy way) longface, ect. Are you a super huge 70s disco culture fan? Lol

No. 519451

alcala was better looking than bundy, regardless. i'd say even kemper was too, dahmer, ramirez, happy face killer, andrew cunanan.

No. 519592

Why are women obsessed with serial killers?

No. 519607

File: 1583009045732.jpg (24.75 KB, 700x394, young-rodney-alcala.jpg)

he's not my type, but he had a jim morrison look when he had longer hair

i'm into weird looking men so somebody like david berkowitz when he was young would've been my jam, but i'm not attracted to losers who go around shooting people.

women are the primary victims, i guess we want to know more about the men who try to hurt us and learn strategies for not being victimized. also society as a whole loves violence and tragedy, hence why true crime clashes with celebrity culture a lot

No. 519612

File: 1583009849770.jpg (43.89 KB, 567x598, image0 (1).jpg)


ted is a solid 6/10 at best, he was neither hot or hideous. especially in the 70s, being in shape and groomed was just generally expected, so he was not special even looking back through the era's eyes. people like mama cass and john belushi used to be considered disgustingly obese in the 60s/70s, yet they're average today.

i have tons of screenshots of bundy obsessed women i've encountered online. most are not attractive and are extremely delusional about their and bundy's looks. Dahmer obsessed women are even worse especially since he was gay. someone should start a hybristophilia thread on /snow/

No. 519616

I guess if you mean alcala was like the cool Fuckboy “art photographer” in yeezy sneakers vs bundy’s average bro in jeans and old vans… then I get it. Physically I can’t see it, but the only serial killer I would class as truly having potential was Dahmer so maybe it’s a question of taste

No. 519621

File: 1583010802969.png (1.86 MB, 1466x1920, newspaper.png)

>he's ugly because of his fashion!!!

anon are you fucking serious? besides the fact he changed his style (like everybody else between the 60s and 70s) with the trends. ted also has 3x the head/face as rodney too lmao

No. 519623

File: 1583011229459.jpeg (82.6 KB, 615x438, AC5C2309-3F5B-4671-87FA-B066AD…)

I can’t tell if your arguing for or against me but as these photos clearly show, like a lot if people who peak in their early 20s he did not change his style lol

No. 519626

File: 1583011438771.jpg (24.32 KB, 643x378, youtube snapshot.jpg)

i'm talking between the 60s and 70s obviously not after he was incarcerated also Alcala was 36 in my post so point proven lol

No. 519629

not to sound like a serial killer fangirl but i honestly don't get how you could find bundy/dahmer significantly more attractive than alcala at all. alcala, unlike what people make up for bundy, could actually pass for a singer or someone in the hollywood scene while bundy and dahmer looked like ordinary, averagely attractive white men. im guessing its a racial preference thing at this point because it honestly makes no sense to me lmao

No. 519630

File: 1583012112636.jpeg (1.07 MB, 766x1269, F77B973C-A3E4-448A-9831-91BB68…)

OT but, since you brought him up…Andrew Cunanan really gets under my skin more so than a lot of serial killers. I just finished reading ‘vulgar favors’ and the guy legitimately had so many opportunities (that most people are never afforded) and he still managed to squander and fuck up every single one of them. He had a 147 iq, went to a prestigious high school , could’ve went to any university had he applied himself, had a sugar daddy that was worth hundreds etc.
His pathological lying was the catalyst to most of his relationships falling apart, he created this otherworldly facade that he couldn’t live up to , he started iv’ing crystal meth and lost his mind.

His childhood was also pretty bizzare to read about, his parents were batshit insane and raised him to believe he was the second coming of Christ, they gave him the master bedroom and bought him a sports car before he even had a license (they were not rich). His relationship with his dad ‘Modesto’ was really creepy and many speculate that he was sexually abused by him but it was never proven. He didn’t have the typical prerequisites of a serial killer, but at the same time it isn’t all too surprising he snapped.

In V.f it is stated by multiple sources that he had met Versace and they were seen together on at least on occasion in the early 90s, I wonder if that was it..
If meeting him one time was enough to to plant the seed in his head or maybe the crossed paths more than once.

No. 519633

Damn, he looks pretty solid as far as body goes and he's showing it off
But of course it's for a dude and not for a woman. Why are straight women so unlucky smh

But thanks for the write-up anon! You're greatly appreciated and it's very interesting!

No. 519634

File: 1583013608980.jpg (15.08 KB, 182x250, jeffrey-dahmer-13.jpg)

nta but alcala is pretty white passing imo, so idk how much of their taste has to do with race. alcala definitely had better facial structure than bundy, so did ramirez. dahmer had nice facial features. as far as serial killers go, i think he was the most conventionally attractive, personally.

No. 519639

yeah he flaunted his body a lot. pictures with his dick out and such, too. probably good that he wasn't into women, the dude was fucking evil and retarded. i don't care what his IQ is, or his knowledge of certain architecture was. if you can fuck up your life that badly when everything has been handed to you to the best of your father's ability, you're a major dumbass.

No. 519641

Ed was worth Hundreds of millions *

No. 519646

File: 1583014669065.jpeg (52.21 KB, 415x568, C830F818-8B68-45F1-ACFE-8E524F…)

My ideal is a basic/wholesome white dude, it’s even a downgrade if their are too striking/attractive (I.e lucky blue Smith) I totally accept its prob some racial fetish thing cause I look racially ambiguous myself. Alcala I just think is unattractive by today’s standards, and enjoyed a moment of popularity back then merely because he was lucky enough to be born into a time when it was instyle to be a super skinny underdeveloped features androgynous guy with long hair, whereas bundy is a universally average looking guy who was average 6 then and would be average 6 now.

No. 519648

>My ideal is a basic/wholesome white dude, it’s even a downgrade if their are too striking/attractive

And there it is. To absolutely nobody's surprise the only person who would make such a statement is someone who has a strong preference for basic looking North European features to begin with, lmao. I don't think Alcala is unattractive by modern standards at all. His features are considered universally attractive no matter what era he's in. High cheekbones and "hunter eyes" have always been considered aesthetically pleasing in a man since the beginning of time. You're delusional if you think Dahmer could pull more girls than Alcala in any century.

No. 519649

File: 1583015183835.jpeg (174.59 KB, 1140x1503, 0B785CC0-3868-416B-B3BA-3AE685…)

Speaking of weird crushes, I know he is not technically a serial killer since he only had one victim, but Stephen McDaniel was clearly on his way to becoming a serial killer, and I’ve always thought he was mildly cute. Like I would take notice of him if I was in the subway but would prob leave w/o saying anything. He was a necrophiliac incel who murdered and chopped up his dorm mate after stalking her over a period of months, then found out live on camera while being interviewed by a local news station that parts of her body had been recovered and had a nervous breakdown live on tv.

No. 519651

File: 1583015444743.png (3.32 MB, 2392x1360, rodney alcala.png)

Alcala is white as he's south european descent, but it's not the "good" type of white to delusional people who worship anglo and nordic features

Dahmer is indeed attractive and has good facial features but in no existence is he mogging Alcala to oblivion.

No. 519652

he looks too autistic to me tbh

No. 519653

File: 1583015558511.jpg (19.36 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (1).jpg)

again nta but i'm almost exclusively attracted to middle eastern men and idk alcala had high cheekbones, yes, but something was a little (excuse me in advance for using this stupid term) "derpy" about his face. something about it looks retarded, like string emil. for this reason, i think he's less attractive, though his features themselves are nicer.

anon, you must be dating some bizarre looking dudes.

No. 519659

File: 1583016553787.jpg (43.81 KB, 640x480, IMG_8054[1].jpg)

bro, first of all I wanna say you're so wrong for that LMAO kek

secondly, all serial killers, each and every one of them, look like they have something "wrong" with them because they're literally sexually deviant psychopaths. Again, you say this but I legit don't see how you can't look at Ted or Jeffrey's face and see it looks possibly more retarded or even odder.

This is just a bad argument i'm just tired of people saying bundy and dahmer was so hawt but suddenly alcala looks "weird" even though dahmer had 3 triple chins in some pics and bundy looked like a straight up caveman. Sorry nah not buying it. And I'm someone who pretty much mostly likes musicians or entertainers (in terms of famous people), and find e-guys pretty damn ugly and spergy lookng.

No. 519663

File: 1583017075772.jpg (74.29 KB, 534x720, 148b62e7fb22ac2e87218e6ae620eb…)

i dont think ted is more attractive at all. i'm not the anon you were speaking to about ted being attractive. dahmer 100% looks less retarded than alcala. and alcala bares a resemblance to younger string emil, especially the shooped version. something about his face just looks retarded. ramirez when he was younger and not making stupid faces looked like a normal kid with very striking features, not deviant (even after committing the crimes). ramirez, dahmer, and alcala were all more attractive than bundy. it's not a particular face alcala makes, he just looks retarded. dahmer had objectively 'pretty' features, it isn't a function of his whiteness. ramirez had very 'pretty' features too.

No. 519672

File: 1583018764942.jpg (16.79 KB, 252x300, ramirez_108a-252x300.jpg)

>dahmer 100% looks less retarded than alcala.

alcala had a very high iq and was very well-spoken so nothing about your observations reflects in the reality of their character whatsoever

>and alcala bares a resemblance to younger string emil, especially the shooped version. something about his face just looks retarded.

they have completely different facial compositions and face shape. the only similarity is the long haired, very 70s look alcala had in his pics in the late 70s.

>ramirez when he was younger and not making stupid faces looked like a normal kid with very striking features, not deviant (even after committing the crimes).

i absolutely disagree ramirez didn't look criminally deviant even after committing crimes. while very good looking, his face signaled a very strong predator/hunter look that's even apparent to people who don't know him.

>it's not a particular face alcala makes, he just looks retarded. dahmer had objectively 'pretty' features, it isn't a function of his whiteness. ramirez had very 'pretty' features too.

i just don't.. see how he looks "retarded" anon. I honestly am not understanding your perspective at all.

No. 519683

Op that anon replied to,
And yup…he was handed everything in his life,the retard even cut ties with his multi-millionaire benefactor because the man wouldn’t name him as the sole heir to his fortune in his will, but instead offered him a few hundred thousand dollars and to pay for his tuition (which Andrew rejected because he was delusional and felt entitled to more ). He was adept at absorbing information/trivia on a wide array of topics , but being a sponge is useless when you don’t have a conscience or a modicum of emotional intelligence.
Part of the reason he snapped (in addition to IV crystal meth addiction ) is that he fattened up and lost his looks lol… his shallowness knew no bounds.

No. 519684

File: 1583022002340.jpeg (133.78 KB, 750x795, 673C0AC8-68C4-404E-A0EC-76B43F…)


>high IQ

Lol anon,he was actually a full 10 points below Dahmer, although I question what any of those scores actually mean as iq tests have changed over time making it more difficult to achieve higher scores. He just had some superficial charisma and basic social skills whereas dahmer was like a alcoholic basement dweller. And if you want to talk creativity, dahmers human body alter was weird in an hr giger esque way whereas alaca is your basic creepy ig photographer, trying to convince attractive girls to pose for badly shot “art photos” (both are horrible people)

No. 519686

>that pic
lol anon those "serial killer IQ" pics oftentimes draw from conflicting and confusing sources. Jeffrey Dahmer's IQ was actually 117 while Rodney Alcala's tested at 135 and 140.

>And if you want to talk creativity, dahmers human body alter was weird in an hr giger esque way whereas alaca is your basic creepy ig photographer, trying to convince attractive girls to pose for badly shot “art photos”

hmmm ok, I don't blame you for not knowing much about alcala since there's much less info about him readily available online compared to the other killers but he didn't only kill women he wanted to take photos of, lmao. he was more of a torturer-sadistic sex murderer than anything. one of his victims was a prostitute he picked up and tortured for hours. considering he took pics and videos of his victims during and after their death and was in the hollywood scene he was probably involved in some other kinds of shit.

No. 519689

File: 1583022713808.png (2 MB, 1288x2216, comparision.png)

damn thats crazy

No. 519690


No. 519691

ok femcel. might as well join the true crime community on tumblr too

No. 519697

we get it though.
you all want to fuck/deepthroat/gargle the cum of these guys and your favorite killer is more attractive than the others. this is not kpop where you will defend your idols to death because "my idol is prettier than yours!!1!!", this is actual crime shit and you people are getting so annoying instead of keeping this thread somehow interesting.

No. 519703

Ok I'll stop.

No. 519704

ive been posting in this thread about their attractiveness and i have absolutely no attraction to them. im just judging them objectively because it personally irritates me that people claim certain serial killers are ~so handsome~ that are objectively not so. my contribution here is purely non-sexual and i assume some other anons are thinking along the same lines. like basically none of the anons who've posted seem particularly thirsty for them.

No. 519715

It started with the anon saying Ted Bundy was so handsome and could be a movie star, as you see around the net. It's about time that gets debunked

No. 519813

>and learn strategies for not being victimized
And does it work? It doesn't look like it

No. 519815

This. Girls creaming themselves over some of the most evil people on the planet, because god knows why.

Newish topic besides ~hawttness~, what do you think is the reason serial killers are mostly men? Because they get caught? Because if women kill its significantly less people?

No. 519828

>what do you think is the reason serial killers are mostly men? Because they get caught? Because if women kill its significantly less people?
because mostly men are the ones that kill people? hello? they're encouraged to be aggressive losers that should've offed themselves long ago, and they're also taught that they're valuable by virtue of being male, so they stick around instead of doing the world a favor. most men in general think they're amazing, fetishize sexual violence, and think the world owes them something. serial killers just take this to the extreme. almost all men have this vein running through them though, it's just amplified with serial killers. it's not surprising that mostly men would be serial killers when they're taught to possess all of these traits, either by other men, or women who worship them, and that they are good qualities to have.

No. 519840

And what would you say is the reason for so many of them being gay?

No. 519841

what's "so many"? most of them aren't gay, and being gay doesn't mean they aren't males socialized as males, it just means they're gay.

No. 519842

File: 1583074251370.jpg (35.18 KB, 600x400, 17554081_1454805721238468_2793…)

Half of them? At least the ones in the top 10 by victim count.

No. 519857

Gay men are degenerate

No. 519863

>half of them
… I just looked it up and it's 2 of them

No. 519876

I'm >>519131.

I don't think he's conventionally attractive, personally. I agree with the anons who say the hype about his looks back then was mostly due to the fact the idea an average looking guy could be a serial killer was so mindboggling. He's not even my type. I also don't ever find serial killers hot besides him. I will never know the reason for my attraction to him, but it is indeed my great shame.

No. 519908


I think a lot of female disordered aggression and power domination gets channeled toward their immediate environment. They poison their kids and we don’t class them a serial killer, we call it munchasen by proxy. They poison their husbands repeatedly and society will say it was for money, or they were evil and selfish women who couldn’t get a trad divorce because they couldn’t be bothered but not serial killers.They kill old people and we call it black widows, but with a lesser status then true serial killers. Aileen scared society so much because she brought violence into strangers in the context of sexuality which is traditionally the domain of man predators, but I bet you there is TONS of female killers that have just never been caught.

No. 519982

I finally saw the recent Ted Bundy movie, it was a damn good movie.

No. 519999

i dont think liz was involved at all in the making, yeah? i don't think ted was as fun as they tried to portray him as, and i definitely don't think he was anywhere near as affectionate. the guy said he couldn't show basic appreciation and never really did anything for her at all. they really made him seem a lot more decent than he actually was. liz was just low self esteem and kind of a sucker for his non-existent charm. no offense to liz, she seems nice, just gullible.

No. 520060

Yeah it was pretty off when they gave Ted “feelings” for a girl when he never really had feelings at all.

No. 542205

Just wondering, was anybody else here pretty obsessed with true crime as a kid/teenager in a morbidly fascinated way but now just find it horrifying as an adult, and are more concerned about the victims? Especially when they just appear as little blips on articles about the killer? Really shows how empathy is developed later in life, but maybe that's just me.

Earlier today I was reading about Ramirez and what really stood out to me was one of his last attempted victims, Bill Cairn. For those who weren't aware, Bill was shot in the head three times (with a smaller .25 handgun) and was able to survive at a heavy cost. A promising career, his partner, (she was raped by Ramirez and she looked after him for two years after the incident) not to mention his physical, mental and cognitive abilities.

Here's an 8-year old article about how he is now: https://www.ocregister.com/2012/09/30/after-3-bullets-in-the-head-he-still-cant-escape-the-night-stalker/

No. 542210


Carns*… been a long day…

No. 542259

Yup. I have a hard time listening to details of any violent crime now. I think it’s empathy finally kicking in.

No. 542332

I'm still interested in true crime, not actively seeking it but there are two podcast I'll tune in for every new episode. Main focus has to be respect for the victim and their story, not cheap sensation.

I definitely used to be obsessed with morbid stuff though and tried to read everything that was out there about serial killers until one day I found out about Tool Box Killers. They taped their killings and the recordings are so disturbing they're used in the FBI training, and if i remember correctly some people that had to hear these tapes at court ended up with severe PTSD just because of how terrifying the conent is. There's a transcripion of one on the internet, I remember I've read just a little of it and the realization it's true and that poor woman actually went through hit me so hard that it completely ended ANY kind of interest in finding more about stuff of this kind for me. Some people really are monsters.

No. 542371

In my twenties, I was fascinated by both serial killers and profiling. I was interested in how these both of these groups of people thought and why. But as I got older I began thinking about the victims a lot. The way true crime presents their stories is really reminiscent of hardcore pornography. It goes into all this detail and ultimately, whether you think it's the case or not, you're glorifying what these people did.

Peter Sotos is an author who talks about this hypocrisy in true crime circles. He'll basically admit that he uses it to jerk off but that most people try to cover up their interest with oh, but it's so fascinating! Then you see how chock-full the scene is with hybristophiles and it's just ridiculous and gross. I personally have zero interest in it now. I think that most people grow out of it, when you're in your twenties life is all about seeing how much fucked up shit you can handle but as life itself begins to throw real-world awful shit at you, the less interested you become in suffering in general, imo.

No. 542378

I think info about serial killers should be out there to serve a purpose, in how to recognize a theme in their actions so more killers can be avoided by civilians as well as caught by the police in the early stages, without losing so many lives.

People who just use it as entertainment and don't give a shit about the victims and their families can go to hell.

No. 542390

>as life itself begins to throw real-world awful shit at you, the less interested you become in suffering
Good take, I think that's it.

No. 542822

Reading about the Toolbox Murders made me really hate "true crime fans". They're a bunch of lying, deranged, mentally ill bitches who clearly get turned on and love these men. It's especially bad when you get BS documentaries like Making a Murderer that purposefully omit tons of material facts about the case so they can build a false narrative of "innocence".

Just wish we could execute these people within a couple of weeks of their trial, so these disgusting cults of personality and love letter relationships couldn't develop. Fuck true crime "fans", hybristophilic, nasty ass bitches.

No. 542823

Just want to add that it's disgusting how little attention is paid to these killer's victims. Bring back burning at the stake and public hangings. God knows a lot of these murderers deserve much, much worse.

No. 542827

I've noticed that when men kill a bunch of women you get very surface level discriptions of the victims like "oh she was so pretty" or "had a beautiful smile, was so young" and it just further treats them like objects. Tell me who she was, what she liked. List a single personality trait.

Most docs I watch are fuckin hours long and all you hear about the victims is 'pretty'

No. 542829

File: 1587224367161.jpg (100.4 KB, 1280x720, nh.jpg)

Alright this is a bit confession

I used to be really into the columbine shooters starting around when I was 16, that led me down to being obsessed with serial killers, starting first with Son of Sam and then Dahmer but my interest in him stopped when I learned when he was gay……….

anyway my serial killer obsession never went past that except for my on and off again interest for Jack the Ripper, thankfully I left my edgy phase after leaving high school and entering the adult world(necessaryspeed4)

No. 542831

I know, when I look at pictures of them I just want to protect them :(

A male detective working on the Toolbox Killings case killed himself after hearing the tape, and the Chief Prosecutor used to have nightmares about it for years. One of the killers died a natural death on Death Row at 79. Fucking Commiefornia…(:()

No. 542839

I prefer shows where they talk more about the victims, and interview their families. For example, I think the cold case files were pretty good with this. The victims are the most important people these documentaries should be talking about, they are the people that had to suffer and had everything stolen away from them. They are the ones that deserve to be remembered, instead of making documentary after documentary painting sadistic men as poor misunderstood geniuses, like how ted bundy almost has a cult following of both males who seem to think of him as some super interesting genius, and women who think he's attractive and that they could've "changed" him.

No. 542843

Other than feeling sorry for those murdered, I just feel so angry about the existance of subhuman scum like serial killers. Don't you all just get so angry when reading about those useless "humans"? Like they should have all just commited suicide to spare humanity their existance. It also makes me angry whenever I read about the police not taking cases seriosuly.

No. 542847

IMO, I was thinking exactly like this months ago, but then I realized how stupid of me to throw true crime away when general media is just as bad, with all the bottom of the barrel sex pests and psychopaths in the film/tv industry.

But I think the rise of true crime also comes as a distraction from the people like that, because society can dehumanize the average rapist-murderer , but can’t get their head around the seemingly “normal” famous or beloved people who do the same.

Sage for edgelording, but i think with this combination, along with the coronavirus fuelling our disillusionment, that there will be more assassins like Mark David Chapman in the future.

No. 542849

>all just commited suicide

Nope. They should be killed brutally in public squares. I'd like to see these hybristophilic morons in this thread venerate their "faves" when their "faves" have been hung, drawn and quartered.

No. 542851

>and then Dahmer but my interest in him stopped when I learned when he was gay…

I feel bad but that line made me laugh, I mean one of the first things that stands out about dahmer is that he was gay.

He's the only serial killer where I've ever connected the dots and seen similarities in our childhoods and personality to the point where a tiny part of me can just about empathize with parts of him. Obviously not a sexual thing for me but shit it's uncomfortable to relate to someone like that on any level.

No. 542858

Wouldn't those gorehounds love that though?

Lmao. Every single thread…

No. 542877

>A male detective working on the Toolbox Killings case killed himself after hearing the tape, and the Chief Prosecutor used to have nightmares about it for years
Source on that? I googled but maybe used wrong search term as I did not stumble upon this info…
>Wouldn't those gorehounds love that though?
also that's how you create martyrs lmfao

No. 542881

>also that's how you create martyrs lmfao
Stop this fucking squeamish bullshit. You're against the death penalty because you think civilization = anti-violence. You've subconsciously internalized that the idea that it makes the society morally superior to a pig rapist-murderer if they treat him nicely and give him life in government daycare rather than killing him. It doesn't. That's not being civilized, it's called being a squeamish person separated from the reality of the world.

God I hate people who are anti capital punishment. They never admit they're just pussies who hate the idea of violence and death (except when they're hybristophiles COOMING to serial killers and school shooters of course)

No. 542883

Who said I am against capital punishment?
For the fact, I am against unnecessary cruelty and making a show out of death due to how it demoralizes the society and people watching it. I am all for death penalty, but there is no need to torture the criminals. It's about efficiency and not creating more gorehounds.
>God I hate people who are anti capital punishment
You are just triggered AF so I don't know why am I even trying. You read all this shit into my throwaway comment on the topic.

No. 542885

What an edgelord lmao, that's something a twelve year old me would say.

No. 542886

>Wanting to execute sociopathic scumbags who rape and murder others

Happy to be edgy in that case.

No. 542887

>demoralizes the society
It's the complete opposite. I'd love to watch child killers die slowly in public.

No. 542888

Stop samefagging lol.
I don't know what to tell you if you believe that cruelty for the sake of cruelty has a place in a civilized society. When you dispose of trash, you don't need to chop it up. What matters is that it's gone for good.

No. 542889

Do you actually believe that the people who would be in charge of executions are incorruptible?

How to desensitize a population to violence 101

No. 542890

>I don't know what to tell you if you believe that cruelty for the sake of cruelty has a place in a civilized society.

Is putting someone in a isolated cell with no human contact for ten years not cruel? Your issue is with violence, not cruelty.

No institution is perfectly incorruptible. By this logic no institution should be allowed to perform any function where there's even a small chance the decision could be flawed.

No. 542892

>no institution should be allowed to perform any function
Because getting braces is the same as killing someone

No. 542894

Funny how you don't apply the same "but an innocent person could be killed!" rigor to, you know, the terrorists who were released from jail early and killed more people on London Bridge, or the thousands of people who have been killed by convicted murderers, manslaughterers and those convicted of extremely violent assault and were released from jail.

The former: "Oh no, we need to make sure nobody innocent is ever killed by a court, even if it's one in a hundred million!"

The latter: "Collateral damage"

No. 542895

Why don't you start a catch the predator channel on YT where you kill the pedophile at the end?

No. 542896

This seems relevant: France banned public executions after seeing how they whipped up the public in a morbid frenzy.
>Rather then react with solemn observance, the crowd behaved rowdily, using handkerchiefs to dab up Weidmann’s blood as souvenirs.

No. 542898

Would be based, but unfortunately I'd be arrested by the state. Also I wouldn't be able to overpower most of them, I'd have to rely on my husband.

No. 542899

Tbh I'd do the same thing

No. 542901

>Is putting someone in a isolated cell with no human contact for ten years not cruel? Your issue is with violence, not cruelty.
I haven't touched on that at all. Solitary confinement is cruelty as well, as you noticed which serves noone. Just send them to electric chair if they are deserving. Though at least nobody is jerking it to people in solitary cells like they do to extreme violence.
Having said that, I do worry about people being given unfair trials and being killed of no reason. I guess that's why it takes so many years for an inmate to actually get executed.

No. 542906

Refer to:
>Having said that, I do worry about people being given unfair trials and being killed of no reason. I guess that's why it takes so many years for an inmate to actually get executed.
Innocent people die every day to violent scumbags released from jail.

No. 542932

File: 1587241682889.jpg (37.58 KB, 500x500, 4.jpg)

>I'd have to rely on my husband.
My sides. This whole tirade is hilarious but this one really got me

No. 542934

ok we get it louis xv of france you really want the kids to see someone get murdered in front of the local walmart

No. 542945

…..trying to steer the conversation away from infighting, and perhaps back onto the topic of female killers, anyone have any opinions about Rose West? She particularly stands out to me because she was so…evil. Aileen Wuornos was obviously an incredibly traumatised woman killing her abusers, but Rose not only stood by and let her husband rape her children, but helped groom them for sex, and took part in the murder of her first born, Heather and also killed her stepdaughter, Charmaine. And Charmaine’s mother, Rena. I saw her and Fred West mentioned when going through an old Shay thread and I’ve felt a bit queasy ever since. I just don’t understand a mother not wanting to protect their child.

No. 542966

The part of her story that confuses me is where she prostituted herself while living in their family home. Fred would have peep holes or hidden cameras in the room and some of the customers were policemen.

Always wondered how much she was truly down for that? Like she was evil but was she really enjoying the sex work. It was hard to tell who wore the trousers between her and Fred. Have read such conflicting ideas on that.

No. 542984

Considering Fred picked her up as a hitchhiker, he was probably considering killing her, too. I wonder what happened, like what kind of conversation did they have?

I remember a survivor said she was the sickest and disgusted her the most. Not excusing Fred, obviously, but Rose was a sadist, too.

No. 542987

like the other anon said >>542966
she is pure evil and irredeemable, i don't feel a shred of sympathy for her unlike aileen, and i hope she spends the rest of her days in misery.

but i do question who was in charge, because there are so many conflicting accounts of them, even though the media often portrays it as her being in charge and fred just going along with it. fred was already a piece of shit before he met her, while she was relatively normal until after she met him. she started dating fred when she was 15 and he was a grown man. he groomed her, and idk what he did to make her as sick in the head as she is.

i hope fred rots in hell forever, and i hope that rose will join him there soon.
I'm glad that most of their children managed to escape that nightmare. i wish them the best in life after all theyve been through.

No. 542989

Something I heard was that due to her mother receiving electroshock therapy while pregnant, she was intellectually impaired. And her father molested her which resulted in her molesting her younger brothers and eventually, hypersexuality and prostitution. I think sex was always a fact of life for her. Really sad, but plenty of children come out of csa and don’t end up as sadistic as she ever was.

No. 543011

fred west had an iq of like 75, so I guess she was the more intellectual one who had a clear idea of how to commit crimes. kinda same with myra hindley (I read a book about her recently, by carol ann lee, its very good), if ian brady didn't have her than it was unlikely that he would've gotten away with it for so long.

No. 543021

I’m on mobile so I’m not sure it’ll work but here’s an interview with Rena’s surviving child Anne Marie. Heartbreaking but I feel is an important watch. Social and medical workers really failed her.

No. 543035

Not trying to be edgy but I view serial killers like I view American adventures in the middle east. They don't hurt me but it's fun to read the reports and follow the aftermath of the bloody escapades. You get a ton of shit to watch from interrogations to the eventual trial and conviction, a huge media cycle with a lot of gory details.

It's just fun around, I'm glad serial killers exist.

No. 543040

>Not trying to be edgy
>I'm glad serial killers exist
Kill yourself.

No. 543046

What does it feel like to moralfag and tell others to kill themselves in the same sentence?

No. 543047

No really, just kill yourself.

No. 543051

No. 543052

Why are you still here?

No. 543054

Female killers are so boring, killing other women mostly unless they snap from torture inflicted on them by males.

No. 543055

So this thread either attracts thirsty femcels or complete edgelords. Neato

No. 543065

If they're so fun I hope you find one in real life.

No. 543067

I honestly don't get this attitude. Some things are just a fact of life, light up and try to enjoy them.

No. 543068

Why are there so few serial killers in the 21st century ?

No. 543069

I gave you the opportunity to become a hero and you have let me down.

No. 543072

A. We are only 20 years into it.
B. The active ones aren't caught yet
C. They're caught before turning into serial killers.

No. 543074

Go fuck yourself.

No. 543078

I think it's a lot harder to be one nowadays with the internet and all the surveillance. So they usually get caught early.

No. 543112

There's a theory that the serial killer boom in the 70s was a result of a generation of kids being raised by fathers who developed ptsd in ww2. I wonder if there were smaller booms with the kids of vietnam or gulf war veterans.

I'd say better awareness of their existence, advances in dna, phones and internet history making it easier to track people, security footage being digitised and therefore higher quality/harder to lose/more accessible all come in to it as well.

No. 543125

Let's not forget the rise and availability of pornography. Serial killers enjoyed violent depictions of sex, majority of victims being female.

No. 543126

File: 1587270326145.jpeg (331.32 KB, 750x764, 10E4C6F4-7B7D-4823-8552-CD44BC…)


I agree. I think many budding serial killers get caught on their first try and the story isn’t that attractive to report on. Like above pic, Jaime osuna. Steven McDaniel was also described as a future serial killer by the police who investigated him.

But I also think the nature of the news and law enforcement has changed, they no longer publicly report on random nurders that appear serial killer esque. I’m guessing it would freak people out way to much, and it’s probably to their benefit if there’s an ongoing investigation that the person have zero idea they are being investigated. There’s prob tons information on unidentified serial killings sitting in police vaults out there.

No. 543133

File: 1587273512992.jpg (66.81 KB, 648x365, mary bell child of hell.jpg)

mary flora bell was an interesting little kid. she killed when she herself was still a child, choked a younger boy to death, mutilated his genitals with scissors, murdered another boy. she wrote very creepy letters about the crime and left them around her home, i.e. "We did murder Martain brown, fuckof you Bastard" and "Fuch of we murder watch out Fanny and Faggot" and, reminiscent of the zodiac, said, "I murder so THAT I may come back."

she vandalized the local nursery school. police got the hint something was probably up when she hung around the dead boy's house asking to see him. when his mother told mary he was dead, mary replied, "Oh, I know he's dead. I wanted to see him in his coffin."

mary's mother was a prostitute, and mary was sexually abused by various johns of her mother's throughout her childhood. mary's mom also tried to kill her a few times. it's not known whether mary's mom was munching by proxy or just bpd fucked, but even while she was in jail, mary remained close to her mom and always said she loved her very much. she escaped from prison a few times, ran off to party and fuck guys, got pregnant herself. she was released from prison at the age of 23. she had a child in 1984 and both she and her daughter were given new names. she is now a 61 year old woman.

she was considered to be extremely manipulative and dangerous by court psychiatrists. they thought she would murder again.

in industrial music circles she's pretty famous, there's a song about her which goes
mary bell
child of hell
one half wicked
the other half good
small strong fingers
go round his tiny neck.

"Murder isn't that bad, we all die sometime anyway." eleven year old mary, talking to her guards.

No. 543134

Jesus, well that was grim lmao

No. 543206

>A male detective working on the Toolbox Killings case killed himself after hearing the tape, and the Chief Prosecutor used to have nightmares about it for years
>Source on that? I googled but maybe used wrong search term as I did not stumble upon this info…

Detective name was Paul Bynum, his suicide and it's relation to tool box killers case is even mentioned in the wiki article about the case, in the "Aftermath" section. You'll find all the sources there as well.

No. 543229

You don't make any sense at all, strive for literacy please anon.

No. 543232

This is the sort of shit that gives men more ammunition to hate and stereotype us as crazy. Fuck the entire true crime coommunity. We all know the real reason you nuts enjoy it.

No. 543267

File: 1587313272187.png (6.93 KB, 306x179, Capture.PNG)


No. 543269

you took the time to screenshot the post instead of just replying. fuckin weirdos

No. 543275


wtf is this shit

No. 543284

>We all know the real reason you nuts enjoy it.
And that is?

No. 543295

>caring about giving men "ammunition" (as if they ever needed any)
Anon, they literally worship female killers. See: Nevada-tan, >>543267, the Japanese woman who stabbed her boyfriend, Alyssa Bustamante, etc.
I agree shit like >>543035 is trashy, though.

No. 543302

>This is the sort of shit that gives men more ammunition to hate and stereotype us as crazy

and this is a mentality that guarantees anxiety and misery. why the hell would you run around trying to control how women act to appease misogynists? non-sexist men aren't going to think their mom and gf are crazy just because of one woman, sexist men think we're crazy no matter what, and some women are actually crazy. do you want them to shush in hopes of proving that all women are acceptable? pathetic.

No. 543304

this is the post that angers you? oh boy

No. 543399

You're coomers who get off to it.

No. 543841

She killed a 5 and then 3 year old anon, they were babies

No. 543844

I truly feel sorry for her but at the same time there are so many little girls that survive abuse and don't take it out on other people - it makes me think she had a predisposition to do bad things. It's mainly men abused as children that start murdering and raping if you think about it

No. 543967

she was 11

No. 545263

File: 1587698664502.jpeg (1.57 MB, 1876x2723, CAO09rmJ.jpeg)

>On January 29, 1979, 16-year-old Brenda Spencer killed two people and wounded nine when she fired on San Diego's Grover Cleveland Elementary School with a .22-caliber rifle from her family's house across the street.

>Spencer, the original high-school rampager, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and assault with a deadly weapon and was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison. When asked why she did it, she said the often quoted: "I just don't like Mondays." At the time she also told negociators, "It was a lot of fun seeing children shot."

>In 2001 she accused her father of having drunkenly subjected her to beatings and sexual abuse. He said the allegations were not true. Spencer is said to have self-identified herself as "having been gay from birth."

>For Christmas 1978 he gave her a Ruger 10/22 semi-automatic .22 caliber rifle with a telescopic sight and 500 rounds of ammunition. Spencer later said: "I asked for a radio and he bought me a gun." When asked why he might have done that, she answered, "I felt like he wanted me to kill myself."

As one of the first school shooters in the USA, I think her case is pretty interesting. Do you believe her claims about her father?

No. 545268

if the abuse thing is real she should've shot her father not innocent people. i don't believe psychopaths.

No. 545269

my guess is she didnt like other kids having normal childhoods

No. 545287

what's up with inmates on the death row getting last meals of their choice? every time i think about how their victims died in pain and agony and how they must have felt i think these fuckers deserve nothing. being in prison until their last day on earth should be a living nightmare

No. 545295

I think it's to make fun of them, yes they get to choose their last meal but what's the point if they die afterwards? Irony at it's finest.

No. 545427

I can't imagine a reason why she's still behind bars.
Oh, America…

Most places don't give last meals and those that do give it out of tradition or as a sign of humanity in otherwise inhumane and cruel process nobody should be subjected to.

No. 545609

>inhumane and cruel process nobody should be subjected to
uhhh some people absolutely deserve being permanently removed from society.

No. 545613

Agreed. Its very similar to Columbine in that regard. >Gee everyone is bullying us lets shoot a bunch of people that are ALSO bullied instead of shooting popular kids/jocks that hate us so much.

Its indefensible.

No. 545683

About The columbine killers.

and I don't trust the Dave cullen account where he says Eric and Dylan were popular and got easy pussy. They didn't. interviews from multiple people talk about how bad they were bullied. We have video evidence of Eric in the halls cowering at jocks, failing to even keep a girl's attention.

really reading into it, Dylan was the one to come up with the idea of a 'revenge' type of scenario on the school. He wanted his classmate zac Heckler to join in. reading the 11k document, first hand accounts from those who knew them have said that Zac and Dylan were a lot closer at one point than Dylan was with Eric. With Dylan and Eric it was a typical "I'm your best friend, but you're not my best friend."

Eric was always angry and wrote shit lists on people and made his hate known which is why in interviews his 'friends' distance themselves from Eric. Where Dylan was WAY more secretive in his hate and gave off a 'passive' vibe to others. A girl who knew Dylan named Robyn, never knew till after the fact that Dylan wrote how he wanted to kill her. Also Eric left his journal entries which you could tell he wrote hoping they'd be read by a lot of people. Dylan left some shit online but he destroyed his hard drive.

I can understand dylan's mom pushing the blame onto Eric but that doesn't change the fact, and journal entries, AOL postings that Dylan was just as much, if not more to blame for the shooting than Eric. Lady, your son was not brainwashed by the short angry kid into doing what he did. They planned for over a year. He wanted to kill people.

Both are fucking shit heads though. I don't believe Dylan ever wanted to get back at the 'bullies' but everyone in general. Eric was bullied and just pissed off all the time anyways, felt unliked by his own friends so of course he was down. They killed innocent people that day.

Fuck them. I wanna say they should have been arrested but death suits them better.

No. 545687

I do wonder why they played up such a "Dylan was shy and depressed uWu and Eric was a militant nazi and if Dylan never met Eric he wouldnt have done this" angle. You are right in that they both were the perfect combustible storm to put the plan into action. Both were equally to blame and according to most witnesses, Dylan was the one who seemed almost gleeful in the killings and the taunting of people as he shot them.

No. 545701

Where did you see Dylan wanted to kill Robyn? Didn’t they go to prom together the weekend before going NBK?

No. 545743

It's in the 11k document and there was, could still exist the columbine forum that had the image of a email written by dylan talking about wanting to kill robyn, his friend since freshman year or so. He was pissed woth her because she stole zac away from him. They didn't make up (dylan was giving her the cold shoulder) till about 6 months before the shooting.

She is not the same girl he went to prom with. Though the girl he did go to prome with was infatuated with dylan.

No. 545847

File: 1587815786167.jpeg (29.64 KB, 352x293, 2700F327-AED6-4F15-944C-357A5C…)

Damn Dylan looks ugly asf here but I don’t think you’re correct, this is him and Robyn at prom?

No. 545848

yeah, the other anon is confused af. It's the same Robyn who bought them guns.

In regards to >>545613 you have to remember that Columbine was never meant to be a shooting, but a major high school bombing (the survivors were supposed to be shot). Nobody was meant to survive as the idea was to destroy the whole CHS and start a revolution against schools in general. Columbine was a failure and for that reason it ended up a shooting with only 13 (15 w/ perps) victims.
It is still insane and mindboggling that Dylan decided to single out minorities and vulnerable students instead of getting revenge on hus bullies. I can't believe retards see Klebold and Harris as guardian angels of the outcasts when the kids they killed were outcasts, not popular ones.

No. 545854


Yeah it's incomprehensible to me. Like you said, it was supposed to be bombing and they failed, I guess they were dissapointed and decided to do whatever at the end. But then- Dylan had multiple occasions to harm/kill jocks he hated, and he didn't. They actually let few people go for no reason but killed totally innocent kids. So what was the plan? Who knows.

No. 545855

Which is a completely different thing.

No. 545856

>going to a prostitute is inherently exploitative
That's impossible, only things that you are forced into can be abusive. There's a reason underground police officers aren't allowed to encourage and lure people into illegal things just so they can make an arrest.

If you make an offer to someone it can't be abusive for them to say yes, unless your pimp is forcing you to do it. Even then it's not the customer's fault.

No. 545894

So, do you think Aileen Wuornos was a prostitute for fun?

No. 545906

Yup my bad lol her name was devon. Was getting them confused.

Devon dated zac heckler and dylan wanted her dead. She had no idea till after shooting. She is one of those people who is still "poor dylan uwu" she knows what they did was bad but still thinks eric told him to do it.

Yes robyn went to prom with him and was super into him. He by accounts was not into her.

Dylan hid shit well let's just say that.

No. 546064

So Dahmer is obviously an atrocious person but I'm extremely interested in the motive he gave for killing. He claimed he took no enjoyment in the act at all, unlike pretty much every other male killer. Dahmer's goal was essentially to create a living "zombie" who he could do whatever he wanted to, but since his plans for this involved drilling into their skulls and pouring acid into it they ended up dying.

Are there any other serial killers like this? Ones who did not specifically go out trying to kill someone but ended up doing it regardless? (Don't think I'm some TCC nut trying to stan him or act like he's "less bad", I just find his inner workings so weird. He's like an autistic alien.)

No. 546066

Samefag but adding he also wanted their bones mostly, and was attracted to skeletons, and not into the actual murder/life-taking itself.

No. 546068

File: 1587864020393.jpg (46.03 KB, 654x441, 5eea8f22a7e220511fe81a072a32db…)

He had some moments where he looked kinda normal and ok but most of the time he looked very…odd? Like he had some sort of undisclosed syndrome or something tbh.

No. 546409

dude was straight up ugly lol Tall, lanky, huge ass nose on a long face.

I hate that he gets the sympathy card. Dude was an asshole. Hit a coworker because she reprimanded him. Was just standoffish and gave off a "fuck you" vibe. He liked making people scared of him. oh yeah and he killed people.

I get the vibe that Dahmer was largely ignored during his childhood and not just his teen years. It was obviously worse as a teen. Mom favoured the youngest while dad was probably thinking "He is a man, he can fend for himself."

For both parents to straight up leave the kid in that house by himself was neglect. I get he was over just over 18 by that time but could his dad not say during the whole divorce situation "Okay, you better go look for a job and save up, I'm leaving soon and no one is gonna be taking care of you. Fair warning." It seems they just expected their social awkward, maladjusted alcoholic son to slide easily into life.

Also judging from the comic my friend Dahmer and other accounts dude was a loser.Bottom of the social ladder in school. I can imagine he made no effort to get to know anyone and I doubt anyone him. He obviously craved having someone.

I don't believe he didn't like killing.

I have no sympathy for him. Yeah sucks he was a loser but a lot of people were in high school. I think Dahmer is one of those cases where he was always going to end up killing.

No. 547862

File: 1588259939372.jpg (30.38 KB, 360x270, Rondo_hatton_in_the_brute_man.…)

jesus. did he have acromegaly? dude looks like rondo hatton.

No. 559397

File: 1590579865736.jpg (304.57 KB, 1080x955, 20200527_134329.jpg)

Guys did you hear about this? I don't know if there is anything to discuss at this moment but that's scary

No. 559401

Do you think he has a wife?

No. 559405

Manfredonia isn’t a serial killer, why are they trying to be so intentionally vague.

No. 559456

I read Dylan's diary some time ago and he was obsessed with some girl and the way he wrote it was like no one'd be able to love him ever. Knowing a girl liked him at some point makes him seem so much like an incel, only the girl he liked wasn't some stacy but an introvert probably

No. 559461

File: 1590595183074.jpg (28.37 KB, 667x375, Atlanta-Missing-and-Murdered-T…)

Did anyone watch the HBO documentary on the Atlanta Child Murders? What are your opinions on Wayne Williams' guilt? The doc is very sympathetic to Williams, but I do think he committed some of the murders. Hearing him talk was like Ted Bundy levels of narcissism.

Parts of the documentary were so absolutely infuriating. There was a clip of a lawyer who BLAMED the children who were being victimized by local pedophiles. Fucking heartless.

No. 566697

He probably did kill a few kids, but it was obviously a result of internalized racism and racial PTSD due to white supremacy. It would be ignorant and a mistake to compare him to white serial killers, who are not oppressed and thus much worse.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 566708

Is this bait? This is such a retarded take.

No. 566709

yes anon, hence the instant ban

No. 566726

What’s this about?

No. 566729

Peter Manfredonia
He went on a rampage in Connecticut and killed two people. When he was a student at UConn he wrote a bunch of threatening stuff written on the walls of his room that other students found but the school didn’t do anything after it was reported.

No. 566809

This is an obvious bait but that's a similar response you get whenever you show crime statistics niggers commit. Somehow most minorities do fine in any society except for gypsies and niggers so you get institutionalized racism and whatever other excuse the media can come up with to make them victims.
It's kind of hilarious.

No. 566810

Sorry, I forgot to add arabs and south asians and pakis and afghans who are only a few steps above niggers and gypsies to the list. In general, you can't go wrong with putting muslims on the genocide wishlist.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 576598

File: 1593421037990.jpg (19.8 KB, 357x450, Beria.jpg)

Not into serial killers, but I'm into history.

Why don't you hybristrophiles and True Crimers ever bring up people like Beria or Uday Hussein? Is the appeal lost when they have legal power?

No. 576613

same reason Stalin and Hitler aren't discussed in the community

No. 576617

Because serial killers are not the same as genocidal political maniacs who don't really profile their victims or feel any personal attachment. I will admit international murderers aren't as documented, serial killers in Brazil make Bundy look like nothing.

No. 577233

I mean, the reason I brought up Beria and not Stalin was because Beria stalked the streets of Moscow at night in his limo, preying on women and underaged girls that he took a liking to. Uday Hussein crashed weddings and raped brides, he was a prolific serial rapist and murderer and was well despised in Iraq. They both were "serial killers" in a a literal, hands on sense. They weren't like Hitler who just signed death warrants, but never did anything personally.

No. 579464

Because history is boring.

Jk; Beria did kill women, tho. His villa is nowadays a Turkish embassy or something and during renovating gardens in the 90s they found several corpses of young women buried there.

However, Che Guevara has his fangirls, and a Heydrich fangirl was briefly discussed on LCF (I'm aware of several others). I also remember stumbling onto a Mengele fic a long time ago, lol.

I was always surprised Leopold and Loeb don't have their fangirls, since they kinda fit the fujo target profile: a pair of pretty, rich, intellectual gay boys and their tragic story. But maybe this case is too old and obscure nowadays.

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