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File: 1584455971915.png (23.34 KB, 616x376, dkokoek.png)

No. 526765

Vent about scrots here! Share your experience with terrible, worthless, pathetic men here. Share advice on how to avoid and deal with shitty men.
No whiteknighting or NAMALTing
No racebait
No inciting violence
No larping.
As always please do not respond to bait, doing so will result in a 3-day ban. Just report the bait.

Previous thread >>No. 514463

No. 526768

Don't we have a thread already?

No. 526771

it surpassed 1200 posts.

No. 526775

File: 1584457918354.png (405.22 KB, 1389x1900, Screenshot_20200228-040757~2.p…)

finally a new thread

No. 526776

File: 1584457950443.png (813.53 KB, 2048x1389, Screenshot_20200308-112317.png)

No. 526796

OP sucks but another thread was made.

No. 526798

the other thread is literally retarded sperging about reptiles.
Gtfo anon. This one is better/more decent

No. 526818

these threads make me sad now that they're dead. oh well

No. 528335

File: 1584641387514.png (18.4 KB, 583x304, Capture.PNG)

All these losers do is think with their dicks.

No. 528422

I feel like men seethe that they cant use single moms as a insult or a way to make women feel bad, because many women feel neutral that they're single and focus on caring on their kid.
The "eggs" argument comes to mind as well, that women dont have occupied lives and need to focus on reproduction.
They try to claim women are behaving like this but we all know its men who cant cope with being single

No. 528677

File: 1584695097391.png (306.64 KB, 1349x702, male lizards btfo.png)

Late response but the punchline of the lizard posts is that the females of that species are capable of reproducing asexually, rendering the males obsolete. >>>/ot/526515

It's the pinkpill thread, where men are the butt of all the jokes and we talk about how we don't need them. It's a little esoteric, but it's a good joke.

No. 528741

I've been seeing a lot of deformed men on YT recently and they always have these girlfriends or wives who are way out of their league taking care of them or helping them with their channel.
It just sucks knowing men will never be that way for us, or if they would it wouldn't be hot men devoting. Only women are conditioned to be caretakers in that way, and maybe do it out of fear of being called shallow and mean if we don't. I honestly can't think of one example of a hot guy being caretaker to a chronically ill and needy gf or wife off the top of my head.

No. 528749

There's a disabled anon in the Corona thread talking about his caretaking bf

No. 528752

>his caretaking bf
Weird slip.

No. 528786

I've noticed this too, full time helper gfs. It's a vulnerable position to be in, building a channel with someone but knowing that ultimately they own it.

You break up and you'll have nothing to fall back on and nothing to show for your years spent helping the man. Keep a seperate job and let him hire an assistant if he needs to.

No. 528884

So the 4 scrotes of the Delhi gang rape bus case have been hung finally! 1 already killed himself before the trial and the other is free since he was a teen (17) and a minor technically so all he got was juvie. Some media outlets tried to interview his family and claim he's "remorseful uwu" and needs a chance at life despite killing a girl who was going to be a doctor and infinitely more valuable as a person.

Hopefully his new identity is discovered

No. 528901

"At least the pornsick men I find want my porn sick dick!"

it's funny how they pretend it's women's fault they are having gay sex, not themselves for…being attracted to a dude. It's also funny how "traps are not gay!" is woke, but homophobic as fuck. So much of this shit is homophobic, I remember when two men fucking was gay. Now we have to actually discuss if it's gay based on what clothes the bottom is wearing.

Newsflash dude, you are just into fem men, transwomen or bisexual. More then likely into it because you are porn sick and men are more likely to fuck you if they are too pornsick and gay men do have a lot of casual sex.
It has NOTHING to do with women and everything to do with you.

I love how outright homophobic and self-hating so many losers are online, and it's considered "woke" to think this way.

No. 528979

This was mentioned in another thread but this is what the tranny fetish is based on, pornsick coomers believe "shemales" are nymphomaniacs who only exist to serve their dicks.

No. 529002

The women I know put more effort and thought into their relationship than their dumbass boyfriends ever will. Spending all day sharing relationship memes and pictures tagging their boyfriend who will never do or say those things the meme/pictures say. Expect to fall in love with prince charming but you end up with some loser who plays video games all day, instagram liking other women and ex girlfriends, and does the bare minimum to kept around. And sometimes they admit their man ain't shit but stay with them anyway. Their parents were shit to them, didn't go to college, didn't leave their home town, have no skills so they work low wage jobs, so they simply let their man be the most important thing. I hate seeing women I grew up with be like this.

No. 529006

>Some media outlets tried to interview his family and claim he's "remorseful uwu" and needs a chance at life despite killing a girl who was going to be a doctor and infinitely more valuable as a person.
Of course a fucking man would get his ass kissed by the media for raping and murdering a woman. Piece of shit deserves to rot in prison.

No. 529115

I followed that story months ago and it broke my heart. Everything that woman did to fight to survive. All she wanted to do was be a doctor and help people. you can't tell me there isnt any sexism (which men always do) and not see this as a hate crime only because she's a woman. i wish infinite painful deaths 1,000 x over for those garbage men, but it's india and the fact she got no reak justice, or it even happened at all says a lot about that country.

No. 529134

The Rules never go out of style. Best advice I ever got on dating and now the only dating advice I’d ever offer other women tbh. Let the man chase YOU - otherwise you will spend the rest of your life crying over unanswered texts and nagging fat fuggos about diapers and chores.

No. 529138

No the fuck it isn’t.Please fuck off moralfag this isn’t the time or the place to defend human filth. Go back to Reddit.

No. 529148

The case got a lot of ground because it happened in what is considered a safer part of india. and the fact she was lying on the ground , covering in blood and no one helped. fuck, if this can get more news out of the situation, then why not?

>she was young and attractive

honestly, fuck off. this was a woman who wanted to be a doctor and tried to go the bare minimum to go to school. her story is important to tell as anyone's

No. 529149

yeah, indian men are pornsick, but this is also part of the culture of women must obey the men no matter what and women are literal objects to be married off as prized cows.

No. 529154

>There are also elements to consider like what role to porn play in giving these men a completely false sense of reality - that for example the woman 'wanted' to be raped, or their failure to understand that they were inserting an object into her which would tear her insides?
Stop infantilizing her murders with this shit. Porn plays a large in disseminating a violent view of sexuality, but it's largely in demand because men already wanted to treat women that way. You really want us to believe that they were too stupid to know they were causing harm? That's just a lousy justification and you bought it wholesale.

No. 529155

>not believing in death penalty
Go away reddit, lynching rapists is based as fuck

No. 529163

>by a mob
That’s just good ol murder then retard
>I’ m pro-porn
Oh it’s a scrotoid, opinion discarded

No. 529164

the most viewed type of porn features so proclaimed teenage girls, but nice try.

>it's very hard to limit it to "rapists", right?

explain this slippery slope bs

No. 529166

>Hanging people isn't the solution
I agree. Hanging is far too kind. Violent rapists need to have their genitals removed with bolt cutters and be left to bleed to death.

No. 529170

>far more sadistic and brutal ways
They raped her with a tire iron and pulled her intestines out and she survived in agony for 7 days after that. And they had no remorse and said she deserved it because she fought back. Go back to reddit with your whattaboutism

No. 529172

that's not what it means but ok.

>You sound like a posing male.

so basically "no u"

and what's the point of the last paragraph lmao go take a nap. idk if you are the same anon who sperged about trans women in the reddit thread and in the coronavirus thread bc y'all do these weird spaces. maybe it's a retard thing

No. 529173

>So a woman burnt to death by her husband who survives for weeks after isn't a worse case? Or a woman macheted to the point that her skull splits open while she's still conscious for hours on end knowing she will die but having to live for hours with her brains oozing out of her face isn't a worse case? You sound like a posing male.
Treating violence like it's a pissing contest is ironically a very male thing to do. You already tried to argue that the rapists weren't fully accountable because of porn and stupidity. You're either a confused libfem or another male rape apologist from reddit.

No. 529177

File: 1584751668049.png (Spoiler Image, 1.23 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20200320-191038.png)

I just got done watching this Pretty Much It video where they watch Contagion and I'm disturbed by one of the jokes they made.

It's during the part of the movie where Kate Winslet's character dies from the virus. The camera goes from her losing consciousness, then a sharp cut to her face in a body bag.

One of the guys says immediately, "Is this one of her kinks?" And the other responds, "I was just gonna say! This looks like a PornHub thumbnail!"

What the actual fuck. A corpse in a body bag looks like PornHub thumbnail… I don't know what makes me sadder - the fact that they're actually right about thumbnails looking like that or the fact that they can say and post that publicly and no one will think it's weird or disturbing. How can anyone deny how misogynistic porn is when even normie dudes like this openly admit to seeing it full of this kind of shit?

No. 529178

If you don't believe all rapists should be lynched, I think we can meet in the middle here.
There's always the option of cutting off their genitals. It might be a good idea to remove even more than one body part, depending on the situation and how dangerous they are. Maybe they should also have some sort of permanent, visible branding (that can only be accurately done by the authorities, to avoid anyone faking it) marking them as a rapist. That way, if they get out of jail, people know to keep themselves safe. This would be especially useful in countries that don't have a sex offender registry.
They get to keep their lives without demoralizing rape victims, they're given a heavy correctional lesson on what it means to destroy someone's bodily integrity, they burden no one, and their chances of causing even more harm to people are minimized. Fair?
>Most porn doesn't depict that sort of violence, most of it is consensual or even emphasises elements of male non-consent such as femdom, older women seducing younger men, etc. I'm pro-porn.
You should read about the horrors of the porn industry. "Most of it is consensual" is a myth.
Male non-consent isn't a good thing, unless you believe males should be raped (which is a very "scrote with a fetiish" way of thinking).

No. 529185

>I've had three exes who would all be getting off to this, so you're just giving men what they want.
What are you talking about? Men jerk off to ceiling lamps. What they fetishize is useless, what matters is how to deal with rapists. Please stay on topic, actually address the points, come up with a constructive argument and try not to be so acerbic. You sound a bit like a hysterical, angry male, no offense.
Be honest about this: Do you think it's really that bad if women get raped? Do you think it's much of an issue worth solving, and that rapists should face punishment? In your eyes, is rape as much of a problem as many people make it out to be?
We're all anonymous here, and your answer is important because it determines whether you can reach common ground with anyone in this thread, or if it'll just go in circles.

No. 529186

That's fucking disgusting, even for a joke. Reminds me of when I was watching a video about a film called the Autopsy of Jane Doe (a movie literally about autopsying a womans corpse) and at least half of the comments were about Jane Doe's boobs and one comment said "my necrophilic tendencies would come out and I would molest Jane lol".

Men turn every situation into being about sex, then get upset and triggered when women think all men think about is sex.

No. 529188

>I've had three exes who would all be getting off to this

so ur a tranny chaser lol

No. 529197

I was gonna comment earlier and say how happy I am that at least India treats violent rape with an iota of seriousness compared to say the US.
Just imagine male outrage here if we put a violent rapist to death. Ho! And of course there's a scrote in here trying to minimalize the situation to try to justify his stance that women's bodies don't mean shit.

No. 529199

Nta, I'm 25,and I believe you need to let him chase you if you want him. Men are bored if you're too easy in their opinion (when they are slut themselves), they need to feel some difficulty or they'll take you for granted. It's not really a passive stance, it's more knowing when to advance and when to take a step back.
Sensitive and shy boys who can't make a move at all are the worst imo, they expect you to baby them.

No. 529203

>No society is ever […]
Societies have cut hands off for theft, rape, etc in history. Castration has also been used as a form of treatment for sex offenders. Feel free to Google it. It's important to read before making sweeping statements like this, or you might make yourself look uneducated and aggressive.
Once again, what do you think is the solution, then? What do you have to say that's meaningful? Do you have any actual thoughts on this subject, or did you just come here to defend the hypothetical rights of rapists to people who want them gone?
>but do you know that sometimes women, especially young girls, are raped in a context where women are participants or even perpetrators?
Did anyone ITT argue that female rapists shouldn't get the same treatment as male rapists? I get the sense that you might secretly think that yourself, based on you trying to frame male non-consent as a good thing.
Aside from that, males make up the lion's share of rapists and violent criminals in general. Statistics reflect this.
>Yes it is an issue worth solving but I don't advocate punishment for anyone or anything.
Yeah, you're not going to reach common ground with anyone here. There is no "solving" anything without punishment for deliberate wrongdoing, and not penalizing rape is spitting in the face of victims.
>false accusations
1-3% of all rape cases. Statistically irrelevant and unrelated to the subject of dealing with actual rapists.
Fun fact: Men are many times more likely to be raped than to be falsely accused of rape. Also, men rape other men more often than women rape men.
Many people use this "False accusations though" argument to derail discussions of male-on-female rape, thinking it helps them, but they're actually throwing male rape victims under the bus, and affirming that rape is largely a male-on-female issue.

No. 529217

I was about to read every part of this post and respond to it, but then my eyes skimmed over and I got to
>I'm a vegan
Holy shit, lmao. You're that vegan anon who took offense to calling male abusers "animals" in the coronavirus thread.
I had a slight suspicion it'd be a waste of time discussing things with you, and now I've had my suspicions confirmed. Thanks for this, now I know this is definitely a fruitless argument and will no longer waste my time.
I have the slightest suspicion that you're also the 49 year old woman who blogged in that same thread, started a new thread before it had reached 1100 posts, and then got into an argument both there and on /meta/ about your behavior, but I have no way of proving that, so I'll just stop here. If this is some elaborate persona to ragebait anons and mess up threads, you're doing a great job.

No. 529218

>The second heterosexual boy I dated was obsessed with the eroticism of female domination and social rule, including brutal enslavement by women. I then introduced this to two of my subsequent boyfriends.

what the hell are you doing on this thread? degenerate fetishes don't belong on pinkpill

No. 529219

Shes right. You are just ignoring the problem when you go for harsh sentences. We hanged for people for stealing for apples and people still stole them

No. 529220

File: 1584755222930.jpg (329.04 KB, 1080x868, 1576721594496.jpg)

>social justice

No. 529225

File: 1584755594961.jpeg (26.87 KB, 275x267, 779CE71D-1C8F-4DD2-ACEE-998D88…)

>outs self has having the worst taste in men
>coomer, probably sells nudes
>rape apologist
>unironically uses veganism to virtue signal
>brainlet wistful “what ifs” and “muh female rapists”
LMAO Holy fuck don’t you have a cock to suck thot

No. 529226

>I have the slightest suspicion that you're also the 49 year old woman
That's what I thought too, glad I'm not the only one lmao

No. 529227

One non-harsh way to go about this is to put males on curfews so they can't make public places unsafe, but that wouldn't effectively tackle the issue of rape between people who are close (which make up the majority of rape cases).

No. 529228

Thanks for the pic, anon. Saved.

No. 529231

Have you read the Rules? I’m 25 like >>529199, who sums it up perfectly. Honestly, in the age of Tinder, younger women probably need to hear this more…

Letting the guy chase is not at all passive. The idea is that men need to feel like they are choosing you, and if you let them chase (while ignoring the fkbois who don’t call back) you will attract men who are truly interested and invested in you.
Yes, there are shy men out there…but men, regardless of how outgoing or timid they are, WILL find a way to reach you if they’re truly interested.

If you are the one hitting him up all the time, it’s waaaay too easy for a guy who doesn’t really care about you to keep passively stringing you along because of the easy sex. Also, ffs, don’t sleep together right away!! Get to know each other first! God I feel like an old aunty but I could go on and on.

No. 529235

I really don't understand self described feminists who engage in femdom, like I somewhat get it, beating and humiliating scrotes as a coping mechanism against all the bullshit they do but at the same time it accomplish literally nothing cause the guy you're beating up still is the one with all the power, he's their because he wants to be their and can leave anytime he wants, he can also waste the woman with his bare hands anytime he wants to

ultimately you can call someone a dominatrix, escort, or a sugar baby, but at the end of the day It's all the same - women prostituting themselves and men wielding the power.

No. 529236

I'm not a fan of the death penalty for rapists, but this is less about prevention and more about the fact that they deserve to be severely punished. Tbh violent rapists should be forced into solitary confinement for many, many years as they lack respect for boundaries and other people's bodies.

No. 529245

Yeah, that's my issue with it, too. Men who are into femdom usually don't even respect women, they just have brain problems and mommy issues.
Also: That first poster turned out to be a scrote. I guess he didn't just sound like a hysterical, angry male, kek. I'm glad even the libfems on Lolcow aren't as brain dead as a typical scrote, after all. Hope he gets castrated soon, or at least gets a case of porn-induced ED so bad that he has no choice in life but to contribute to the male suicide rate.

No. 529247

I somewhat hope that corona epidemic gets so bad that it kills incels and sjw libfem culture for good

No. 529251

>he's their because he wants to be their and can leave anytime he wants
It’s almost as if femdom women aren’t psychopathic rapists who genuinely enjoy hurting those who genuinely don’t enjoy the sexual acts

No. 529252

>Hope he gets castrated soon, or at least gets a case of porn-induced ED so bad that he has no choice in life but to contribute to the male suicide rate.
You cracked the code, anon. We don't have to waste any time or resources because they're already chemically castrating themselves through porn addiction.

No. 529253

That's not the point I'm trying to make, Im saying that whether or not the women is the dom or the sub in bdsm she's still being exploited

No. 529259

Wish the cake added only death tho since that's what they deserve. One of them in an interview back in 2015 said that she deserved her rape and brutalized attack for not being at home, that girls are to blame for their attack more than boys. But I do think towards the end they were scared as they tried to push back their execution date so that makes me happy. Them having only to look forward to their death and feeling fear.

Well corona is killing more men then women, anon

No. 529260

Samefag and (un)popular opinion but women who willingly get involved with self-proclaimed sub men are still cucked pick-me’s as those males are statistically the most mentally unstable, cumbrain, selfish lovers. Either subjugate your perfect vanilla bf or it’s nothing uwu
I see what you mean since 99% of femdom content are by males for males. The dommes are usually doing all the work while getting nothing in return. Portrayal of women getting sexually worshipped is as rare as life in space.

No. 529264

Im not in to worship or maledom, I'd just like if their more content featuring a truly attractive man putting in time and effort to pleasure his female partner

No. 529265

Most straight relationships nowadays involve this
>Man mooching off the woman
>Man cheating on the woman and avoiding her of anything other than money or pics for them to judge because they love the idea of judging women's bodies more than they actually like women's bodies
>Getting nowhere, all talk no bite
>Women can't even look at other men but are expected to deal with constant flirting of other women
>Women are expected to be naturally perfect 24/7 but men can be greasy bags of fat who refuse to even get a decent haircut and it's okay

No. 529269

try the FDS if you're interested on tips to search for a high caliber man, though avoid the sugar-baby stuff(my inner socialist feminist soul can't bear it at times)

No. 529399

Why is it somewhat acceptable for a dude to behave immaturely and be a total manchild but looked down upon when a female behaves the same way?

Asking as a closet womanchild who’s immediate family only knows and is afraid of losing control of her composure in public

No. 529403

>Either subjugate your perfect vanilla bf or it’s nothing uwu

wait, what are implying here ?

No. 529407

> Asking as a closet womanchild who’s immediate family only knows and is afraid of losing control of her composure in public

Are you talking about being a full on neet or just having anger problems?

No. 529417

This described my last relationship perfectly. And I thought he was better than most men I know. The bar is so low.

No. 529420

This. So much this. I'm so sick and tired of seeing femdom being rebranded as basically cock worshiping.
>uwu my sub bf totally loves it when I forcibly give him blowjobs, peg his ass and overall focus on serving him while getting nothing at all in return because he's a lazy, entitled asshole, I love femdom!

No. 529428

This is what bothers me about it, too. How is it female domination if the woman is the one doing all of the hard work and performing all of the sexual acts on the other person? It should be about him doing what she says which means she should be the one getting pleasured at his expense. It's so twisted. I hate how all of those wimpy guys are into this simply because they are too lazy to ever do anything in bed.

No. 529436

idk if that's meant to be sarcastic but that's ideal…

No. 529437

see point here >>529264 like I don't care if this femdom or maledom or whatever bullshit term, I just want a truly attractive male to lovingly pleasure his female partner with thought and effort, like is that too much too ask are men this dumb and not realize how easy it is for them
well even being dumb isn't an excuse cause even dumbasses put some effort in, I dated a man who had an intellectual disability and he actually listened to me and learned on how to have right sex despite being a virgin at that time, so the average man really has no excuse if a man with an IQ lower then 80 can be the best lover I have had

No. 529457

Every single time..EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME you fall for the bait.
There is a horny scrote every fucking thread who derails and baits and you fall for it every time and end up talking up femdom every thread.

No. 529458

>I just want a truly attractive male to lovingly pleasure his female partner with thought and effort, like is that too much too ask

Yeah this. And by please also generally. Being thoughtful and helpful and sharing tasks in daily life.
Have you all seen the Role Reversal sub on Reddit? It's just men wanting a big mommy who takes care of them. How is that role reversal? A man doing the emotional labour, that would be true reversal.

No. 529462

File: 1584789089530.jpg (37.57 KB, 800x512, a0239-1533596999-800.jpg)

I just want a kind, nurturing attractive man who isn't either a cumbrain, a jockbro, a sjw chapocel, or alt-right retard, just a kind simple man who listens and takes care of himself and takes care of me

No. 529466

I wish he’d fuck off and die

No. 529471

I hate men. Here's my list why of the most common things and not the big reasons:

>they can't clean after themselves

>they don't cook unless forced to
>they eat shit diets
>they have terrible hygiene
>their dicks smell bad
>smelly socks and shit stained underwear
>they sit around doing nothing like playing vidya nonstop instead of doing something enriching
>they don't take care of their looks and have shitty hair and messy sloppy clothes
>they don't give during sex
>they expect to date a virginal girl but want her to be a whore in the bedroom
>they can't find a clit to save their life
>they never try to better themselves on their own and expect their mommy or gf to fix them
>they hit on young girls and scare them
>they take advantage sexually of sleeping women and children
>they would never help anyone unless it's someone they are fucking
>they talk down to ugly and older women
>they are only nice to good looking women because they see them as objects to stick their dick into
>they don't care if they are ugly leeches
>they have temperamental meltdowns when things don't go their way but have the audacity to say women are irrational
>they are selfish

There's so many more but that's all for now. Sorry for boring post I just hate them so much they just talk in circles and say the most boring shit and they are such idiots that can't think for themselves and only parrot what other men say. I hate them I never want to work with or date another man again.

No. 529475

File: 1584791478340.jpg (34.32 KB, 297x475, 46138967._SY475_.jpg)

I used to think that I loved men and would also NALM, but the truth was I loved fictional men, I had so many crushes on men from fiction and on actors that I thought those type of great selfless, kind men might actually exist IRL, they didn't

No. 529491

>stay at home because I had cold symptoms
>go out to the grocery store after keeping isolated for 2 weeks
>grocery store has a bunch of signs saying stay at home if you're ill and don't cough at people
>middle-aged scrote shows up next to me in line, sneezing and coughing freely

Fuckers aren't taking responsibility, even when they could infect others with a fatal virus.

No. 529493

Went out thismorning and my town was like a ghost town, especially considering it's a saturday. First person I see is a man leaving a store and stepping onto the path next to me about to enter his car.. but first he stops to cough and hack up a lung.. right next to me in an otherwise deserted town, lovely

No. 529495

Absolutely disgusting. I had a scrote tell me today with certainty that corona virus isn't airborne and that poor people would all be getting $2,400 checks soon because Trump is the man or something. Reality: poor people are squeezed out and get half the check a better off person would be getting and corona is a respiratory illness which means it is indeed airborne. But I'm just a dumb woman what do I know.

No. 529500

my uni has a public forum, currently 90% of it is men discussing how to get a vpn to make it seem like they're in italy so they can get free pornhub premium. its absolutely vomit inducing that instead of being ashamed of it, they're gleefully posting about on a public site.

No. 529502

They can't even fairly pay for the porn they consume, not that porn should even be a priority during a pandemic but they can't even help themselves from masking their views that women's bodies should be free commodities for the taking.

No. 529503

It's airborne for mere minutes. That's why the whole kick about disinfecting surfaces and washing hands. It's only aerosol in certain medical conditions like intubation.

No. 529504

they could have at least hid it with the 'netflix only has Rick and Morty on their new zeland VPNs". Thats ignoring the fact a normal VPN cost 5-12 dollars so they might end up paying more than pornhubs 9 dollars.

No. 529532

It's so weird to me how commonplace it is to talk about Pornhub, even on SFW sites. The videos on the front page are always some trashy "teen step-sis gets used hard" kinda shit.

I never thought I had a problem with porn until I saw what was considered mainstream.

No. 529554

File: 1584806436706.jpg (50.38 KB, 960x586, e7bz3la725l41.jpg)

what is wrong with pornsick men

No. 529558

>I want an attractive man that isn't a cumbrain
This all just reminds me of men wanting some blonde virgin. They're all such ageless memes.

No. 529560

Can someone explain that measure for me? I've seen people praising Trump for that, especially "leftists".

No. 529561

Are your "leftists" the scumbag left? They've all got a weird boner for trump just to be contrarian. Supposedly based on income tax (not sure how it works for those on welfare), you'll get one or two checks for up to $1,200 or as few as $500 just to pump money into the economy and keep us out of recession, which seems like a pretty good way to make inflation get crazy high. The leftists are praising how Trump seems to be more economically progressive than Obama, by halting evictions in low-income housing during the pandemic (versus seeing furniture piled on the curb every day in 2008). Who knows how this'll actually play out though, this is such a crazy rapidly changing situation.

No. 529563

File: 1584808947178.png (55.96 KB, 1033x630, 2435.PNG)

Don't forget no matter how much reddit claims it's facebook morons spreading corona it's actually a bunch of 'I don't buy into this corona hype.' contrarians

No. 529570

File: 1584810906457.jpg (123.46 KB, 640x640, 1541268104862_640.jpg)

>talked to a guy about video games
>he likes league of legends
>asked him abt the recent drama about how a female artist allegedly got her design ripped off
>showed him a kotaku news article on my phone that mentions the drama and have a brief glance of sexism in the gaming industry
>he doesnt read it, just scroll through it, said he doesnt care.
I hope no girl landed on this catch, you dont have to be a full blown feminist but at least be mindful of these injustices around you, although this seems a little too hard for them to grasp since their favorite gaming company got exposed kek.

No. 529572

Who ripped what?

No. 529576

This is the kind of situation that I wish I could lie about and reverse the roles, say some man got ripped off by a girl and shes getting all the praise and credit he deserves because of affirmative action or what not just to see guys like him get angry.

No. 529589

do you think maybe he just doesn't give af about art theft in general? a lot of people don't, especially non artists. "nothing is original!11" and all that. not trying to wk the dude and it was still rude for him to be dismissive like that

No. 529595

They're all shooting themselves in the foot with this too. There are ads for ED pills all over because the companies know these men are inadequate and infertile at this point.

At least the comments were accurate

No. 529637

I want to break up with someone but I really want to make it sting too. Whats the best way to hurt a guy?

No. 529640

I fail to see how any of what he's doing is somehow progressive, but oh well. Let's see how everything unfolds.

No. 529657

By breaking up cleanly and unemotionally then cutting all contacts and living your best life

No. 529732

Unironically this
Men love when you give them attention

No. 529749

those things aren't comparable, wanting a man who takes care of himself and other's shouldn't be on par with wanting a tard Madonna whore

No. 529757

How is that the same thing at all? Men have it so easy when it comes to standards. Yeesh

No. 529777

The men that come back here time and time again to try and divert the conversation are fucking worthless parasites. I hope they all die miserable and alone. I hate handmaidens too but tbh not half as much.

No. 529796

Anyone else think pro lifers do more worse than good? As a potential mother I dont think I should give birth in a age where people get murdered just because they make friends online. The mentality of "give birth because you're pregnant" and no logic makes me anxious

No. 529864


I've searched for 10 years

doesn't exist

No. 529871

there was an article about pornhub on the front page of yahoo today. you can't escape it.

No. 529874

File: 1584837278850.jpg (1.91 MB, 2550x2550, assprinter-01.jpg)

nooo don't make a corona onlyfans!! stop commodifying yourselves i'm losing moneyyyyy

No. 529894

did a real person write that? it's one of the most pathetic takes i've read in a while

No. 529924

Imagine being offended at people being desperate for money instead of the economy making people desperate for money

No. 529925

Is this written by Shayna?

No. 529926

That's hilarious
>you'll fail and won't make any money so don't even try
is clearly code for
>please don't do what I do because I can't hack the competition and will lose customers because men value novelty and better looking girls over my """hard work"""

No. 529933

i saw just the text on insta with the profile cropped. not sure who wrote it

No. 529936

They're just afraid to lose their dwindling base to fresh meat.

No. 529994

>>529732 Break up over email + block, that's what I did lmao one of the best decisions I made last year. He'll always remember you as the one who dumped him over gmail and got away.

No. 530039

I can't stand how intellectually dishonest men are. ALL of them are like this. I have not met one that was not. Not one. There's literally no point in speaking to them ever because of this. They are incapable of discussing ANYTHING in good faith.

No. 530044

> They are incapable of discussing ANYTHING in good faith.

Especially the disclosing of trauma or mental health struggles.

I see so many on here saying they found a wonderfully supportive bf to listen to all their trauma talk.. months into dating. Dishing up your most vulnerable shit in the few months of knowing a guy isn't it, generally it backfires spectacularly when it gives them all the ammo needed to gaslight you later on.

No. 530048

I hate the pickme sex worker bitches in the pnp and dolly threads. They just parrot the same garbage that we come here to avoid. Nasty cunts.

No. 530049

Wow, such heroines, what would we do without e thots worshipping the pathetic chodes of coomers online, or the ddlg whores making pedophillia cool? Or the hoes turning a blind eye to trafficking and misogyny so that they can be “empowered” in their coddled and sheltered lives. If you can’t hack the competition you’re probably fucking shit at it anyway.

No. 530230

Posting a reminder that when a man tries to pull bullshit on you, he should be called out on it. Don't be afraid to look cold or bitchy when it's clear to anyone with two brain cells what's going on. The only exception is when you're in a situation where he would cause you grievous bodily harm, especially without immediate repercussions. If that's the case, don't even bother, just exit and don't look back. If applicable, warn others about him.
If you don't call him out, the male will mistakenly assume he's smart, and continue the same behaviors. You will suffer for his actions, and he will gaslight you about it.
As a sidenote for heterosexual anons, men actually like it when women are bitches to them. It gives them the goal of impressing, subjugating and/or simply getting to the soft side of the woman in question.
Most men don't understand kindness as normalcy, only as a reward for excellence. Don't trick him into thinking he's already excellent when he's not. They're delusional enough already without you stuffing their egos like they're prized pigs. If you're going to spend time associating yourself with males, make them work for your favor every day of their lives, or they'll never appreciate you.

No. 530235

What would be the appropriate time frame, anon? Aside from never.

No. 530286

File: 1584901738489.png (106.48 KB, 770x222, MenareVirus.png)

So this scrote has spammed almost all the boards with this.
I guess poooor autstic freak got bored of derailing and larping.
Either way i find it funny how men and especially the kiwifarms autists love complaining that this imageboard exists and that we are so ''vile'' and then they come here and they spam us with rape/pedophilia/beastiality…
And most of the weird posts here are also the scrote larpers.

No. 530296

Scrotes proving our points again and again

No. 530301

I doubt this was any scrote in particular. I've seen it spammed across other image boards.

No. 530308

wherever it was any scrote in particular or not….it was still a scrote who was sharing links to women getting raped.
which other imageboards did you see this shared to?

No. 530312

The links mentioned in that picture i send them to google,ifw etc to get it reported for illegal activity and malware and phishing. If anyone wants they can report the links too.

No. 530317

Honestly, I wonder how many actual scrotes are on here and how many are just young women with scrotes for brains.

No. 530452

The poor man must have been scared when his internet army didnt post along with him eh? His mentality was probably "heh, kiwifarms will come harass this website with me just like they will harass this person I posted' he must have been shook when they didnt do it.

Unironically but Kiwifarms Is just as generic and boring as the people they harass, they're just as fat just as smelly and just as poor in money and sense

No. 530621

File: 1584934093542.png (393.55 KB, 654x794, download.png)

No. 530644

Great cut off their genitals and piss them off further

No. 530660

Why the hell is r/askmen on the front page of reddit every day

I know it's circlejerking and pity posting just like "unpopular opinion" but it grew so fast.

No. 530675

Why the hell does r/AskMen exist in the first place? Reddit’s 70%+ men on average, but I guess dominating r/AskReddit with their stupid toilet humor and cumbrain questions wasn’t enough.

No. 530689

Yeah, a blowjob question is on the top of askreddit now and the answers are full of women/larpers coddling men about how nice blowjobs are.

No. 530823

Is it bad to say that him dying is natural selections?
>>A man has put his family in severe danger after he contracted the deadly coronavirus while on vacation with his girlfriend in Italy, Mirror reports.

>>The unidentified man who is reportedly a prominent businessman in his late thirties confessed to public health officials in the north of England as to how he contracted the virus and is now under quarantine.

>>He is said to have deceived his wife by telling her he was on a business trip in the UK. But when he returned to his unsuspecting spouse with the killer virus' symptoms, he had to check himself into a facility after testing positive for Covid-19.

>>His wife in self-isolation now and he’s afraid she may find out the truth about where he’s been.

>>“This patient is the talk of public health officials,” a source revealed to The Sun.

>>“He’s in a blind panic, but more about his adultery being exposed rather than his health.”

>>While the man is likely to survive the novel virus, his marriage, and extra-marital relationship are up in the air.

>>“He thought he had the perfect alibi to carry out his affair but hadn't reckoned on the coronavirus meltdown,” the insider added.

>>“The patient is just relieved he got home before flights were cancelled – that would’ve taken some explaining.”

No. 530865

File: 1584978376630.gif (4.39 MB, 420x420, CharmingInfamousArmyant-size_r…)

>Is it bad to say that him dying is natural selections?
Lol no I dont think it is.

No. 530890

Hope he dies. his wife will definitely find out. what a stupid cumbrain

No. 530901

File: 1584983842758.png (58.93 KB, 253x195, nautin.png)

the fact that males are more likely to die from covid gives me peace

No. 530917

File: 1584986002143.jpg (14.3 KB, 275x269, 1578520506568.jpg)

Miehet: helvettii

No. 530943

File: 1584989374217.jpg (193.11 KB, 935x1200, IMG_1584988764501.jpg)

Was wondering if this should go here or in the reddit thread, but here's an AITA post of a woman who put a lot of time and energy into planning her bf a fun birthday activity, only for him to storm off crying about how no one thinks about him on his birthday. What an ungrateful cunt holy fuck.

No. 530944

File: 1584989408352.jpg (202.41 KB, 1200x1152, IMG_1584988766155.jpg)

No. 530969

I'll bet anything that at least one YTA on this post would be from some salty scrote who would agree planning a game for a man on his birthday is too much effort and labor to enjoy, so she should've just gifted him video games and gave him a bj, happy birthday!

I'm sorry but I'll never try again for scrotes and birthdays ever again unless they put equal thought into mine. I can't believe the shit I'd put on for my ex. A cake, getting his friends involved, and buying him extravagant gifts like a ps4 pro. Granted at least he never acted like a little bitch to me and cried about anything, but I also always got him nice shit because I made it my job to know him. Unlike what he did for me. What did he get me? Restaurant dinner. And I had to BEG for that on my birthday, and plan where to go and make reservations. He never did shit on his own accord. He'd wave the $150 bill in my face and act like a big man for having done so. He never got me a desert once for my birthday. In fact, I don't even recall a gift he ever gave me except on Christmas–but even then only because I'd badger with a list of exactly what I wanted and still only got one or three of the cheapest things.

It's really not about the money. Just the lack of effort and entitlement, and unwillingness to reciprocate fairly with thought. I'm still mad at myself for sticking around as long as I did and trying to salvage that relationship.
>tfw can never vent about this anywhere else lest I get called a golddigger

No. 530987

a 36 year old man… literally i have not met one man no matter their age that does not throw tantrums and act like a child over nothing. this is why i don't do anything for men anymore and never will.

No. 531011

>Actually believing dramatic AITA posts
How new are you?

No. 531014

>not believing adult men could stoop to such tantrums
Sorry, I'll take my life experience as enough anecdotal evidence to suggest men could be just as immature and petty to another woman. We can't make this shit up.

No. 531020

Nobodys denying that men are capable of that, but AITA in particular is infamous because a lot of the posts are basically fanfics done for karma and that picture is a textbook example. Dont get worked up over fanfics.

No. 531151

The scrotes and pickmes on kiwi farms are atrociously stupid. They think that the fluffy pony abuse comics are ~so evul~ but then they go ahead and make fun of actual cases of rape and abuse. They can’t think for thselves either and have unrealistic expectations, for example Ma Shartley of the Hooligan Clan was expected to what, smother her potato girls with a pillow? Or else she’s an abusive mother? They’re so over dramatic about the wrong things. and they think it’s edgy and cool to be racist, it isn’t, it’s tacky and immature. Just like most men are.

No. 531152

Just like everything else that affects them primarily, it’s their own fault. They tend to have higher blood pressure and worse lung functions due to not looking after their health as much as women.

No. 531154

When I see/hear of men behaving like this, all I want to do is beat them until they’re cowering in a corner.

No. 531177

I used to think guys having money isn't important in a relationship, but then I actually started hanging around them.

They're not like the loving, kind men in books, movies and anime. They have almost nothing to offer long-term besides financial security lol

Women are better friends and lovers by far. If it's companionship I want, I can just get a dog or cat. If it's kids, I can adopt or go for artificial means
Give me just one good reason NOT to be a gold-digger

No. 531180

File: 1585039656012.jpg (117.15 KB, 714x659, 1584983065587.jpg)

Saw this posted in /kpg/ and it really breaks my heart how less outrage it's got. I mean, I guess people has become so desensitized by extreme violence against women. But I hope these korean women can make a change.
Look at the amount of subscribers… men have no sympathy for women or girls.

No. 531237

>Give me just one good reason NOT to be a gold-digger
I…I can’t, anon. Other than the depression you’ll face having to deal with some stupid, rich prick.

No. 531241

Yeah, a lot of men are pretty my h fucking useless unless they have money to offer. They hate us for saying it but it's true and they know it which is why they're all so materialistic. I'm well off and the amount of men that pretend to be well off to date me is funny. Just cause I have money doesn't mean I'm going to settle for a work shy faggot. My highschool bf tried to do this and proposed to me shortly after I turned 21. When I was 23 I was about to buy a house with him thru my means and he had been unemployed for 2 years. I dumped him. Biggest turn off ever is a man using you for your resources. I've got emotions, a better wired brain and better prospects, men need to make something of themselves to prove their worth.

No. 531328

I'm so tired of every hobby I have being infested with sexists.

I've been into martial arts since I was a kid and while my trainer and the guys I trained with were nice to me, it seems like the vast majority of the people who are into such type of sports online are raging misogynists. Even so many of the professional athletes themselves said shit like women shouldn't train/fight and that makes me so sad. I know I shouldn't care but it's so hard to ignore when opinions like this get hundreds of likes. They're always justifying this by claiming they're doing it out of love and respect for women, so sometimes I even start doubting myself, although I know that they're wrong. Women are also always underrepresented, so it's not like you have many female rolemodels to chose from either.
I also noticed that the career of the average female athlete is a lot shorter than their male counterparts ("because females age badly!") and in traditionally female sports women are also judged much harsher, e.g. look at the number of girls with eds in ballet or female figure skaters having to retire before they even turn 18.
This is just my personal example, I know that it's the same in many other fields (not sports) as well, just wanted to rant because I am particularly down today.

No. 531336

>traditionally female sports women are also judged much harsher, e.g. look at the number of girls with eds in ballet or female figure skaters having to retire before they even turn 18.

I'm a ballerina and 100% this. There's tons of fat, ugly and short male actors, performers, dancers, etc. But God forbid a woman be anything outside of skinny

No. 531341

No wonder SK women kill themselves

No. 531343

I kind of agree with this, Kiwifarms users claim all their targets have made up stories of incest and pedophilia but their own experiences of being preyed on are real? Like people you hate cant be raped or a victim. They have the typical school bully mentality

No. 531344

My bf is physically abusive and I'm trying to find a way to leave him but my only option is moving to my mom. She lives over a thousand miles away and I don't want to get her sick right now. The women's shelters are closed because of the virus. I'm not sure if this belongs in the man-hate thread but right now I really feel scared and I'm angry and banged up and I wish I had never bothered trying to be in a relationship with a scrote. They are insane and out of control. I don't know any women that start beating their partner for asking them to hang up a towel. Better off staying single but I guess I'm preaching to the choir right now. My back hurts.

No. 531353

I'm really sorry for this. Please know there's no excuse for him to be violently physical with you. Try and stay safe and see if you can find resources online local to you. Phone your mum, let that bastard that hit you know you're not going to stay quiet and hide from others because of him.

No. 531407

>scissors in the vagina
Fucking hell I want to unread that. No wonder korean radfens go fucking hard, they're fighting this shit daily.

And SK scrotes kill themselves in the protest of legalizing porn.

No. 531428

File: 1585080668143.gif (1.17 MB, 540x304, f61f157579479adada0f4be.gif)

Corona-chan said no more men
It's their own fault for not being clean in the first place tbh.

>They have almost nothing to offer long-term besides financial security lol

Pfft they're not even worth the money. Get out there and find yourself a rich gf, anon. Be the rich lesbian aunts you deserve to be.

No. 531514

This is why is important to be financially independent and self-reliant as much as possible.

No. 531547

Do you ever just seethe about women who disagree with you to the point where you write an entire shitty, thinly veiled fetish porn novel about it? T.E.R.F War is the epic tale of men and awesome trans girls who fight against an evil TERF anime villain named, I shit you not, Lady Athena the Crimson Death.


The tagline is "How many will have to die before the terfs are satisfied?" with an evil witch terf facing off against an innocent trans girl. There are 20 plus chapters of this. How do men have the time to write cope novels about their political beliefs? Nerd men online write entire novels about physically fighting strawmen versions of other political ideologies. You all know what I mean by this. Is everything men do just a frantic rage against strawmen?

No. 531559

I genuinely feel sorry for men who waste their time doing dumb shit like this. Like holy shit dude go fucking knit instead of ruminating over women you disagree with. They'd be happier, but I guess men just like to make themselves freak out and be miserable over literally nothing.

No. 531576

File: 1585109082610.png (602.99 KB, 1200x1857, garbage reddit meme.png)

>Moids: RRRREEEEEEE why won't women go out with me goddamnit
>Also moids: post sexist, cringeworthy manchild bullshit like this

No. 531596

at this point, I doubt many of them are reeeeing that women won't date them tbh. They know what they are, they just hate that women can say no and have standards

No. 531630

y'know besides the period, the "Girlfriend" sounds EXACTLY like an incel.

No. 531637

The novel litteraly starts by this sentence:
>I stared into my tall bedroom mirror as I saw myself standing still, taking in the amazing sight before me.
The troon reverse BDD and narcissism is here lmao.

No. 531653

kek, they can't even enjoy their autistic hobbies without bringing this shit into it. and it's not even "a hint" of resentment under their star wars sperging, they have to go all out. they can never be happy.

No. 531660

>is likely to turn fat from mental turmoil

>terf villain Lady Athena the Crimson Death
that actually sounds fucking sweet

No. 531755

File: 1585151462817.jpg (211.23 KB, 750x738, original.jpg)

>well even being dumb isn't an excuse cause even dumbasses put some effort in, I dated a man who had an intellectual disability and he actually listened to me and learned on how to have right sex despite being a virgin at that time, so the average man really has no excuse if a man with an IQ lower then 80 can be the best lover I have had
what I wanna know is how and why were you dating a man with an IQ lower then 80 ?

No. 531790

Nta, but I know women like that. They hate intelligent men because they are "arrogant" and look down on them and are drawn to dumb men because they are "kind" (from their pov but imo they're assholes) and "down to earth" (uncultured and like to shit on people who value education/the men who look down on them).

No. 531801

Women date dummys on presumptions like what are mentioned in anon's post >>531790.
What you've actually got to watch out for is male insecurity.
Dealing with an insecure dumbass or an insecure smartass is about the same just with different contrivances. Insecure intelligent men have this complex where they can't accept that their female partner knows more than they do, because at the end of the day they have to feel superior to a woman in order to feel like men. Insecure dumb guys will grow resentful because they will feel like they can't measure up, and that their smart women will leave them for better men and that fact emasculates them.

No. 531921

Brazilian guy on 4chan going on about how the west is degenerate all the while going on how its okay to fuck 13 year olds. And yes he is saying because men aren't allowed to 13 year olds people become more sexually perverse looking for outlets.

No. 531941

Typical degenerate pedoscrote looking to project his degeneracy. They're all coming out of woodwork lately it seems. In the US, Alabama passed a law that will castrate child molesters which it seems almost all scrotes are against for reasons we all know why

No. 532003

anon mentioned that the guy she was dating had an IQ literally lower then 80, that's not just simply dating a dumbass its dating someone with a legitimate intellectual disability

No. 532019

Glad I'm not the only one who picked up on that, I didn't comment at the time but I remember being like wtf… is it even ethical to fuck someone with that IQ? Like, what sort of consent laws apply here?

No. 532028

It doesn't mean she was dating a drooling retard lmao. I knew a kid in high school who was very attractive and sociable, but had a lower IQ due to eating paint chips when he was a baby a la lead toxicity. Just meant he didn't do well in academics and couldn't emotionally regulate well sometimes, as far as I could tell. Someone can be low IQ but still adaptable and educable.

No. 532065

What? They literally ree about women not dating them 24 7. That’s what defines then as a group. They’re upset because they’re not good enough to breed.

No. 532069

>is everything that men do just a frantic rage against strawmen?


No. 532070

was he attractive at least

No. 532072

Call the police, tell them he is a threat and have him arrested. Show no mercy. That’s the mistake I made with the abusive scrote I dated who would strangle me within an inch of my life and use pressure point pain against me, was to show mercy. Get him locked up and fuck him over as much as he can, doesn’t matter if he spends the rest of this quarantine locked up in a box, make sure he comes back home to a trashed fucking house. In future always be financially independent or have people around you that you can run to. Always have an escape plan when dating a scrote, no matter how nice they seem.

No. 532073

This is what they will NEVER realise.
I watched videos about geladas on YouTube not long ago and scrotes in the comments where SO FUCKING ANGRY at at this female monkey for allowing a stronger, more active rival Male to fuck her, and at the narrator for saying “she is not monogamous, instincts drive her to the strongest Male around”
WHY THE FUCK can’t they realise? We aren’t your mummy, bring actual WORTH into our lives or we will disregard you for a man who does!

No. 532076

Mental retardation is under 70 IQ now adays which is like 2% of the population, 9% of people are at 80, it's not full retard, just an idiot.

No. 532081

still that's not normal, like do anons really want to sleep with someone like forest gump

No. 532219

File: 1585234093760.jpeg (115.03 KB, 750x921, 7C670086-8A45-4869-8B9D-779D2A…)

It is nice to know normies aren’t as degenerate as I thought

No. 532269

The irony of the stay safe hashtag. Yeah keep the precious wankers safe! Meanwhile what titles are on the main page right now

> I gouged escort girl’s anal hole

No. 532277

>that's not normal
Low IQ people smash each other all the time, it's not too far-fetched that women, who are already socialized for hyper empathy, will occasionally find a not smart man endearing. Forest Gump as a movie couldn't work if nobody would believe Jenny would ever hit that.

No. 532300

I'm seeing more and more people be anti porn like this while libfem sex workers are pushing for it harder

No. 532301

Dazed is trashy in the first place but those replies are actually pretty refreshing.
What's terrible though is that there are also people going "let's support sexworkers instead!1!!" lmao

No. 532302

At this point, i wear the term terf proudly, since it seems to go about any woman who is anti -sexism and not giving into trans delusion that men are women.

No. 532304

>And SK scrotes kill themselves in the protest of legalizing porn.

I wish they would just keep killing themselves and do our society a favor. Poor SK women. i honestly feel so bad they're programmed to be anti-feminist or silenced by others

No. 532306

This. Men have controlled women (esp in the 1950s -1970s) by holding them hostage with money. You have to be financially able to stand on your own in case any abuse in a relationship happens. It's sad, but too many women fall back on men to support them and just take it.

No. 532312

Am I the only person noticing that men have a hard time dealing with women who have emotions other than "happy"?

Anytime I've tried to Express that I'm miserable, lonely or depressed to boyfriends or friends they always disregard it because I'm decent looking and can get sex. None of them have ever taken it seriously.

No. 532317

Last year I lost a relative and my depressed boyfriend was like, completely incredulous that I was grieving a month later. He would throw literally screaming hissy fits over the smallest shit because muh depression, but lacked literally any empathy for people going through MUCH WORSE than him. I’ve also noticed that guys can have empathy for their friends, but then will consider their friends problems worse than comparable problems girls are having. They process other people’s emotions so fucking weirdly if, if at all.

No. 532318

Apparently, if you can walk into any bar and get easy hookups with desperate, standardless men, your life's on Easy Street and you have no reason to complain about anything ever.

No. 532321

The best example I have of this was an ex raging out on me because it was mothers day and I felt down seeing as my mom is dead… my low mood was too much but his rage was a valid reaction?

Wasn't even bothering him with my issue, was simply a bit quiet that day. Guess I'm a crazy emotional woman.

No. 532322

I forget where we are sometimes, like we have anon's who have sex with literal retards, you know this anon isn't the only one either

No. 532323

Having sex with any man is fucking a retard

No. 532325

I wish I could go back and have sex with a simple retard instead of having had sex with the worst abusive men who considered themselves intelligent. That's for damn sure.

No. 532330

This, I'd rather have no sex at all after experiencing > abusive men who considered themselves intelligent

Dumb doesn't sound so bad compared to a smartass narc of a man

No. 532332

If men like casual sex so much why dont they act nicer to their casual hookups or try to make the sex good for them?

They pretty much to scare every woman off then cry that they're not getting sex on the first date. Every girl I know who has engaged in casual sex has been traumatized by an experience.

No. 532337

Autism, a lack of respect or empathy for us, they get tired of the same pussy/one pussy isn't enough

No. 532338

Mental retardation is used as a insult mainly. And it's also used for people who refuse to do basic hygiene. I know because I got diagnosed with it because I didn't like water. Sorry for the blogpost but it's relevant to the discussion.

Intelligence or not many people get stuck in the life script. Refuse to use birth control or they just let things happen.

No. 532345

what the fuck.

No. 532349

I am laughing. It does sound like it was written by retardation, and it’s not because she doesn’t bathe.

No. 532360

Don't be dicks.

No. 532365

How the fuck, anon are you sure you're not just autistic

No. 532373

I had to 'shop around' for way too long before finding a fuck buddy I could look back on fondly, one good experience out of many not so great guys. Hardly seems worth it when the odds of truly enjoying it are that stacked against you.

If I got started telling all the bad stories I'd only be spamming up the thread, there's that many.

No. 532374

I've only had a handful of casual sex encounters and literally all of them have ended poorly, either the dude became obsessed, fuckin punched me during sex or tried to manipulate and use me after.

No. 532395

I've heard a lot of people talking about being active on dating apps these days. Even the most desperate loser bottom-barrel dudes and the codependent pick-mes who ignore the red flags are getting dick appointments due to the pandemic lmao

No. 532414

I haven't had a randomer walk up to me in the street and try to chat me up in years but it happened as soon as social distancing was introduced.. the guy kept joking about it too thinking that was the reason I kept backing away from him, It wasn't!

I swear the current situation is bringing out a new level of desperation in them. Weird priorities to have right now.

No. 532431

It's why SK radfems fight so much. They got a plague of men who want to see children mutilate their genitals. One guy is caught out of the 260k from the nth room. And all he had to say was "I'm sorry for the pain I've caused."

Hookup culture is toxic for women esp right now. They only see their pleasure that comes from violence and even then they can't finish due to ED issues.

Men generally lack empathy in general. Unless shit happens to them.

No. 532468

What idiots are dating right now? Any man that's seriously about meeting strangers and hooking up with them during a pandemic is fundamentally a loser. Not to mention the same type of dude who takes other risks no matter at whose expense.

Like the type of guy that passes on and lies about his STDs. He's also likely a violent low value man who disregards your well being as well as others, as long as he gets what he wants. Fucking yuck.

No. 532509

y'all need help, like men are trash but have some dignity and not have sex with retards

No. 532524

"Y'all need help"

Life changing advice anon, just tag a bunch of posts without even reading them. Very insightful.

No. 532525

Deadass. Low IQ FREQUENTLY means diminished ability to introspect, emotion disregulation and even lower empathy. Retards are more likely to be abusive than they are to be some lovable idiot.

No. 532540

Men lack all those abilities full stop

No. 532558

every man i know is like that though, literally every one. not all are physically abusive, but the rest of the traits? absolutely. and they're not veritable retards at all.

No. 532559

stop justifying your fetish for retards

No. 532564

My ex dumped me days after a relative of mine committed suicide, yet he expected me to be fully sympathetic when he was asked to upsale at work which everyone has to do. The problem is a lot of today’s men are still basically children, my ex was coddled by his mother, never told off, never had his behaviour corrected, no ambition pushed and she’d just let them fester in their rooms playing video games. A lot more work has to be put into raising boys so that they don’t grow up like a feral chimp. At least my parents pushed my brother to have drive and ambition even if he does lack empathy.

No. 532579

I don't have a fetish for retards, if I did I'd be trying to fuck you

No. 532580

And of course this thread goes to shit. Rip PP

No. 532583

What part do you mean vaguefag

No. 532587

Two days of one anon insisting that a whole bunch of different posters have a 'retard fetish' It's been shit for days.

No. 532595

It happens every pp thread without fail. I think we should have a new rule “no responding to unrelated instigating” or some retardely specific shit like that kek

No. 532636

Since the story of nth rooms is catching, I wonder how long it'll be until men start to break their dicks over finding those videos on porn sites

No. 532638

File: 1585289280674.jpg (40.08 KB, 640x801, ioazm9dr03p41.jpg)

too late anon

No. 532703

Don't know if it's has been shared already but there is a petition to shut down Rapehub for trafficking. So please sign, everyone.

No. 532712

File: 1585311217433.png (118.33 KB, 924x793, Screenshot (294).png)

Just when I was happy that already over half a million people have signed…

I wish someone influential would call them out with exactly this >>532638 There's no denying or excuse for that, it'd show everybody how sick this site and their userbase really are. All those media outlets who advertised them and think it's funny that italians get it for free or that many people (meaning scrotes) masturbate now, must apologize.

No. 532755

File: 1585317111366.png (147.59 KB, 972x827, Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 3.48…)

And of course when RapeHub announced their free premium offer, redditors lapped it up like the cumbrains that they are

No. 532777

This makes me sick to my stomach.

No. 532785

this is the problem i have with male socialization. so much of it is literally based around porn, bragging about how much they love porn, bragging about jerking off. it's unbelievable and so disgusting. so much male bonding is literally about porn.

No. 532793

Imagine how weird it would be for a woman to have external drives filled with endless folders of pirated porn downloaded at the expense of some men getting raped and trafficked.

This is what those men are doing. Men do this and it's okay. That's the statement society is making about men and their unethically sourced violent porn.

No. 532810

why do you hate me ?

No. 532812

I'm surprised that you guys aren't talking about what's going on in /meta/

No. 532813

It’s been happening constantly for months, triggered incels/trannies trying to dominate the site, they will never win but if they did who the fuck cares, this is not the only place I go to shit on men and trannies. I do it plenty irl with normie women and nobody stops me.

No. 532823

>"I will keep jacking off so long as I feel like it"
>having hard drives of porn

Knowing that they're ruining their dicks getting ED younger and younger and lowering their sperm count at younger ages is cathartic. They're only shooting themselves in the foot. There is no such thing as a loving healthy relationship with a loving loyal trustworthy man who also watches porn. It's just another fantasy of theirs

What's demonic is how men don't care if the content uploaded is a minor being raped or victims of human trafficking being forced on camera because it's only "the minority of content" like they can't comprehend that it should be fucking 0.

No. 532824

as usual, it's never enough for them. gc was closed and they don't stop. if admin and co don't acknowledge the entitlement of their demands and how nasty they get at the drop of a hat (and it is demands, never suggestions), then they're just acting in bad faith as well. if there is "spillover" (almost all of the time its presence is wildly exaggerated), it's because of a few things:
>anons complain in dating threads, annoying threads, vent threads about their abusive boyfriends, abusive fathers, how their boyfriends are destroying their self esteem with porn use and degradation, because their complaints do belong in those threads as well, tbh
>anons then talk about how this is not okay, how shitty many men are, and sometimes how they hate men
>this is said to be pinkpill/manhate spillage

i think it's also because more users are becoming pinkpilled, so it seems more prevalent. i see more and more anons saying "i never agreed with them but now i see what they mean", so i think that would explain more posts about how users now feel jaded and see this mistreatment for what it is. i appreciate admin keeping pp and her work, but she doesn't seem to see that these people aren't honest in their argumentation and the way they speak, at all. i think sometimes it's hard for anons to know which thread to put their grievances in because vent thread is for respective venting and dating problems for dating problems, like, i can understand if people don't want to make pinkpill all about their frustrations with their condescending male coworker and feel it belongs better in the vent thread or annoying thread, etc. women put up with men a lot, they are pretty much inescapable, i think it's a little weird to suggest their vents are not valid or every single one dealing with a man's abuse or whatever belongs in pp. then almost every post dealing with men of any kind should be in pp?

No. 532879

Let em bitch. So far the admin says nothing is changing.

No. 532889

yeah, i just hope she doesn't change her mind bc of their bitching…

No. 533217

>Ladies an gents
I hate Reddit for pushing the idea that most women actually do watch and love porn. I literally don't know any normie women who watch anything more than a sexy scene from a movie/tv show. Even the pathetic women who watch porn usually aren't searching for real rapes or incest shit.

No. 533393

File: 1585423022867.jpg (138.19 KB, 1242x1821, rhejw8k4gbp41.jpg)

Found the link to the thread: https://mobile.twitter.com/joe_lampton/status/1242693376111185921

Those three responses got roasted but there are still some scrotes who say dump her without that much attention. Shit posting or not, scrotes continue to prove women right about their depravity

No. 533397

Girls that say they like extreme porn or porn in general are probably the same twats that do those tiktoks like "thinking about him telling me to arch my back while he pulls my hair" cringe shit like that, thinking arching your back is extreme levels of fucking when it's for the ladies pleasure lol. Im saying theyre most likely pick mes

No. 533400

> I literally don't know any normie women who watch anything more than a sexy scene from a movie/tv show

Yeah my friend group are all pretty open about sexual stuff and the closest we get to saving 'porn material' is having a few fully dressed pics of a celeb crush saved in that private instagram folder.

Men think we're rushing to get free pornhub vids right now? lol

No. 533401

My boyfriend and I don't enjoy or watch porn because we feel it is a disgusting industry that exploits both children and women.

In some random Facebook group we are both in a person posted a TikTok of some girl who considered porn cheating and the amount of people that called her insecure was astounding. All I responded was that it is okay to have boundaries and if you didn't want to be in a relationship with someone who watches porn that is perfectly okay.

Some random dude ended up telling me and my boyfriend that we were policing what each other thought about while masturbating (which makes no sense whatsoever because how do you police a mutually agreed upon thing?). I don't understand how people, especially men, are so pornsick that they think it has to be an aspect of every relationship in order for a relationship to be healthy.

No. 533402

>pathetic women who watch porn
What if it's only gay porn?

No. 533427

I unironically hope all of the men saying these things kill themselves/die

No. 533434

File: 1585430926548.png (79.05 KB, 719x412, Screenshot_20200328-232638.png)

No. 533437

holy fuck this. I dated a guy a few years back and he was the first person I told about how I was raped. About a year into the relationship during an argument he kept referring to me confronting him as "raping him". fucking disgusting.

No. 533440

I hate men so fucking much. Jesus Christ, I will never date one ever. Being a withered and worn out cat lady is forever going to be better than giving my life and body these worthless excuses of shit. Kill them all.

No. 533472

>based corona is wiping them all out because hardly any man knows how to wash their hands and ass properly or take care of themselves
>"b-but women are so gross!"

No. 533478

>hurr durr PoRnHuB iS nOt ReSpoNsIbLe
Yes they ARE responsible for removing illegal content from their website. Pornhub consistently refused to remove illegal content when asked by the victims and they are thereby complicit in profiting from the rape, child porn, and sex trafficking videos on their platform. How is this a hard concept to grasp? Fucking coomers.

No. 533481

Males can't handle being in a caregiver position, especially if the position is flipped to them after years of being catered to

No. 533526

like that fucker Thom Yorke.

this is one of my worst fears though, that i'll get cancer and my partner will leave and i'll die alone. good to know it's not irrational, i guess.

No. 533531

>admits installing illegal cams in university where possible 16-17 y/os are (young graduates and minors)
>holding illegal content/possible minor content
all to prove 'women are disgusting' and commenting the men were boring but not the women, because sexual objectification. what a god damn joke this is.

No. 533573

What's really interesting is that gay couples were less likely than straight couples to separate over a serious illness, regardless of the gender of the couple.


No. 533640

>i think it's also because more users are becoming pinkpilled, so it seems more prevalent.
I agree. A lot of the spergiest manhate comes from freshly pinkpilled anons who have finally found out how much men suck and now are so overwhelmed by the fact that they're actively seeking support anywhere. A few years ago I was a TRA and had no idea how much misogynist socialization had an effect on me until I found these threads, and I went through a similar phase.

Anyway, I hope this is the right place because idk where else to go with it, but what's your stand on pansexuality? The narrative says that it's "woke bi" but to me it has always been straight people who want to bullshit their way into the LGBT scene by only fucking cis/trannies of the opposite gender (i.e. woman and man/mtf).

No. 533648

Honestly, I think "woke bisexual" sums it up. "Bisexual" has become a dirty word due to misuse, overuse, and general stigma against bisexuals.

I really hate the way bisexuality is viewed by our culture. For whatever reason, a lot of people just can't seem to accept that you can be attracted to both sexes. If you're a bisexual guy, you're just a "gay guy who hasn't accepted that he's gay," and if you're a bisexual woman, you "just want attention." Notice how both of those accusations just assume the person's world revolves around cock. The other one everyone gets is that they're "desperate." The thing is, I know that there's a core of truth to these stereotypes– yes, straight celebrities lie about being bisexual all the time– but that doesn't make stereotypes any less harmful. When you stereotype, you're judging a whole group of people for something the vocal minority do.

I've gotten to the point where I don't tell anyone what my sexuality is. Can't accuse me of being bisexual for attention when literally no one except the people I date know about it.

No. 533663

Wonder what he’s replying to…. How is installing cameras in the women’s room a solution to anything? I’m a bit astounded that Erik Johannson used his full name to admit recording women and men without consent wiping their ass. Only a moid ~

No. 533702

I hope farmers will be cautious about dating men once this pandemic passes over. A lot of couples are going to be breaking up because their relationship can't survive the distancing, or maybe because they couldn't tolerate being stuck together due to quarantine. There's already evidence that domestic violence is increasing, and I think we all can guess who the main perps are.
Bottom line is that men are likely to be incredibly desperate and fucked up after we're all allowed to socialize again. I'm sure their sociopathic dating antics will rev up to max power just to get validation and sexual gratification from many of us for the least effort on their part. If these men are abusive, they'll put on a strong act to try to cover that up. If these men lack meaningful employment and offer little, they'll blame the virus for as long as they can gaslight us into accepting their excuses. They're going to be making promises but it'll be mostly to get in our pants because they know how emotionally vulnerable everyone will be once this is over.
Be VERY careful about entering any kind of relationship with men after this.

No. 533705

>implying that the current social order won't collapse in a couple months and all our current concepts and cultures will die out

No. 533708

Think of it as the hypothetical timeline where we somehow turn out okay in 18 months and post-covid new world order still allows us to freely date.

No. 533711

That's a big If, without Chinese exports in the next 3 months my country literally doesn't have the materials that are essential for the country to run, my dad's already bought some guns for defense

No. 533736

I haven't gone on Lainchan in weeks is this what they're back up to now? Holy shit their admins need to get their shit together. First the pro pedophilia threads and now this.

No. 533781

I just went to check on the pornhub petition and i kept scrolling but couldn't find a single male name in the comments so i just gave up.
Men are the real parasites of this earth.

No. 533829

Im keeping you in my thoughts anon. Stay safe out there

From the rare ones I've seen, their comments were basically
>idc about trafficked victims I'm still gonna jack off whenever I want
>the real rape or cp vids are such a minority that the whole site shouldn't shut down
These porn sick retards don't understand that small minority is GREATER THAN zero. Or how they explicitly tell you they do not care about sex trafficking or the women who are abducted. They don't. At all. Women have to watch out for other women

No. 533894

I'll post my dumbass musings here because I don't want to risk triggering anti-pp anons. I think there isn't enough emphasis on how experiencing sexual pleasure varies a lot when it comes women's orgasms. A significant portion of women report a lack of orgasms during sex but what does that mean exactly? Is it mostly women who have trust/security issues with their partners, selfish lovers, or is it women with a strong preference for clitoral stimulation that feel pressured to orgasm during vaginal penetration? It's likely a mix of all but without enough specific data it's hard to pinpoint how much the latter issue plays a role into it. I can make myself cum within minutes through clitoral stimulation but I have accepted that I will never be able to cum purely from vaginal stimulation. It's a pleasant feeling but my pussy is just not set up that way.

I wonder how many straight women think they're weird or broken because they can't get off to some guy's boring jackhammering. Everything I've read on the subject points to the fact that it's common though. I hate how everything is so male centered and information on female pleasure is obscured.

No. 533940

I thought it was common knowledge that vaginal orgasms are impossible for like 99% of women and even most women who claim they get them are probably full of shit…

When people say they don't orgasm, I always assume it is because the man can't be bothered spending enough time on basic clit stimulation. It's quick when you know your body perfectly, have a lot of practice, and can constantly adjust what you're doing if it's not quite right. It's only natural that it will take men longer and they are impatient/selfish, so they will give up early or not even bother at all.

No. 533961


Personally I can't orgasm even masturbating, much less clitoral stimulation or penetration from another person, sometimes I wish i knew what was wrong but honestly touching my pussy in any form is just meh.

No. 533971

It would be tempting to assume they are lying because of fragile male egos but they don't really have that incentive on surveys. There's this correlation that women who have clits positioned closer to their vaginal openings have a much easier time orgasming from penetration alone, and the farther away it is the harder it is. I remembered reading about it so I looked it up. Apparently there are plenty of women expressing their frustration at the fact they can't cum from vaginal penetration and I am not surprised at all.

>Wallen is testing data that was gathered nearly a century ago by the great-grand niece of Napoleon Bonaparte, who suffered from what was then called "frigidity."
>Princess Marie Bonaparte, a French psychoanalyst, discovered that the optimal C-V distance is 2.5 centimeters, about an inch, or the space between the fingertip and the thumb.
>After collecting data and publishing a report in 1927, her story did not end well. She underwent two experimental surgeries to remedy her own situation, attempting to bring her clitoris closer to her vagina.
>She ended up scarred and abandoned finding a physical cure for non-climactic women.
Sad as fuck.

No. 533983

File: 1585532465387.png (107.05 KB, 720x833, Screenshot_20200329-204108~2.p…)

The bar for men is so fucking low, women have to feel grateful for not raping them.

No. 533988

i hate this. why do these fucking retards never get that it's massively UNDER-REPORTED and under-charged??? even if it wasn't, what a pathetic tweet.

No. 533992

somewhat related, is it weird i can only cum with BOTH clitoral and vaginal stimulation? i literally can not cum at all unless both are happening and it makes me feel like im broken because most women can easily just cum from clitoral only, i cant even feel turned on at all unless i have something inside me. part of me wonders if being exposed to porn at a young age conditioned me to have a strong preference for penetration? i still cant cum from vaginal alone though, so during sex i am usually using my hands or a vibrator which isnt a problem for me. im somewhat convinced vaginal only orgasms dont exist either because im pretty sure i would have had one by now.

No. 534006

I can cum really easily with my clit and anally if I do it just right, not vaginal though. Never came once to a man’s dick no matter sizes so interpret that how you will.

No. 534010

I don't think it's weird, some women will just have different preferences for what works and feels good. I started watching porn from an early age too but I still only cum from clitoral.
>im somewhat convinced vaginal only orgasms dont exist either because im pretty sure i would have had one by now.
There is a theory that most vaginal sensations originate from the clit anyway because it's a much larger structure beneath the surface, but we have minuscule information about female anatomy compared to male anatomy because lol fuck funding medical research about women's bodies amirite.

No. 534015

I can't really tell anymore if she's being ironic or she's just another fucked up pickme out here telling us how "good" we have it because she's so desperate for male validation that she equates male violence to male attention.

No. 534018

If she's not being ironic she's VERY delusional or sheltered, probably lives in a first world country
What does she mean with the non-human sex is rape part?
Animals normally don't go around raping each other, there's a thing called mating

No. 534019

She's not being ironic..
Fuck, we need a pickme or a handmaiden thread again.

No. 534034

I'm not sure if this belongs in here or if it belongs more into the vent thread, but I'm just gonna post this anyway.

I hate how I can't just be myself and do the things that I enjoy because of men. I know a lot of rad feminists are against wearing make-up or clothes that are revealing but to me make-up and revealing clothes are beautiful and they make me happy. I don't put on make-up at all times and what is important about wearing make-up is that you should not feel conditioned to wear it as a very large percent of women in our society feel. Make-up should be worn when one desires to wear it, not because they feel pressured by society to hide their insecurities. I have gotten over feeling insecure over my imperfections but it seems like it's never good enough for men. If I wear make-up then I am a lying slut and if I don't I'm a crazy girl that doesn't take care of herself.

I have the same experience with revealing clothing. I don't wear revealing clothing because I want attention from men or because I want them to sexually harass me. I wear revealing clothes because I like my body, I think it is shaped beautifully and I just like certain styles of clothes that would be considered revealing. I don't wanna cover up my body and not wear the clothes I enjoy out of fear of being sexually harassed!!!!

And again it's never good with clothes either. If I dress up and cover myself up completely then I must be unattractive and insecure, if I wear revealing clothes it must be because I want to be raped and any sexual harassment is justified because "I asked for it by dressing that way".

No. 534039

But radfems ask you to take a deeper look into why such things make you feel happy. Although it may be a "choice", the fashion and the beauty industry is still ran by men.

You are still able to put on make-up and wear whatever you want. You can just be yourself. It seems like you're just insecure about what other people think.

No. 534042

Plenty of women have their own fashion and makeup companies now. Support brands you believe in or don't wear makeup at all. It's not that hard.

No. 534043

I don't wear things that are produced by men. I even make my own make-up from scratch sometimes and I mostly use locally made beauty products from businesses run by women and I don't wear it daily. I have months when I don't put it on because I lack the energy and motivation from being too depressed and I have months when I wear it daily and it feels like artistic expression and putting it on calms me down. I also mostly thrift-shop my clothes. I really looked into it to see if it's just me secretly wanting attention from men and it is not. I love make-up and I love clothes that just catch my eye and I like cute things. I'm not even interested in men anymore or pursuing a relationship with a man.

It just has happened that I was harassed on the streets for wearing shorts and a crop top and I really liked that look and those clothes made me happy but when I got harassed it really made me feel disgusting and I panicked on the inside and thought to myself "maybe I should never wear clothes like these again in my life" but then I realized that would mean giving up on something that I love and something that makes me feel good because men feel entitled enough to sexually harass me just because I made a certain aesthetic choice.

Radical feminism covers a lot of interesting phenomenon of our society but I don't completely agree with certain instances and sometimes it just feel like radical feminism is used by insecure women to shit on women that like wearing make-up or feel good with their bodies and I do not think it should be used like that!! I think it should unite women and I think femininity exists meta-physically without it having to be sexualised and even female sexuality is more docile and gracious and artistic than that of men and I even see women's body as being a ton more visually pleasing than the average male body.

No. 534071

File: 1585557234438.jpg (37.55 KB, 540x405, tumblr_mjgqva64ui1s6aiaao1_540…)

>I think femininity exists meta-physically without it having to be sexualised and even female sexuality is more docile and gracious and artistic than that of men and I even see women's body as being a ton more visually pleasing than the average male body.
I agree with this, and that's why I find myself at odds with a chunk of radical feminism, even though I agree with a lot of it. I like beauty, and I don't see it as inherently oppressive. I don't like male gaze-tier bullshit, but the hard utilitarianism afforded to males is more boring than freeing, to me.
Don't get me wrong, it's great to not be made into a sexual object and have everything about you be significantly attributed to your looks, but at the same time, most men are fucking ugly (at least compared to women) and for me, not wanting to reason like they do falls hand-in-hand with not wanting to resemble them.
Women absolutely destroy men in terms of beauty, and it's not because men force the notion of beauty on us, we just exist that way by default. The most unkempt woman on earth still looks better than the most unkempt man. That's life.
IMO, the male concept of femininity is typically more vulgar, less detail-oriented and mostly about what makes their pee-pees hard and/or fulfills their power fantasies. The female concept is often more nuanced, artistically aligned and tends to be a blend of vulnerability and strength (one aspect sometimes being more latent or dominant than the other, or a perfect balance being struck between the two).
Most things made or interpreted by women are more nuanced and beautiful than if it was men behind them. This is why we need more female film-makers, designers, photographers, etc.
For one example, the costume design for Aeon Flux in the live-action movie versus the original design. Beatrix Aruna Pasztor was the designer for the former. Her concept is far less cumbrained, BDSM-tier and retarded, on top of being aesthetically sleek, sexy and stylish.
The movie itself wasn't very good (the director was a woman, Karyn Kusama, but the screenplay was written by two men, and 3/4ths of the film's producers were male), but the visuals were top-notch.

No. 534072

File: 1585557715751.jpg (478 KB, 1824x1080, Aeon-Flux-2005-1.jpg)

Found a direct comparison picture.
Honestly, even when women make BDSM-tier designs, their execution is better. Yeha Leung's work mogs 99% of male-brained designs.

No. 534073

The "I put on clothes and makeup for myself" is such a meme but honestly it's how I feel. It's at the point when male interest comes in that I feel disgusted. I don't want men to compliment on my clothing, makeup or hair, it makes me want to put a bag over myself.

>IMO, the male concept of femininity is typically more vulgar, less detail-oriented and mostly about what makes their pee-pees hard and/or fulfills their power fantasies. The female concept is often more nuanced, artistically aligned and tends to be a blend of vulnerability and strength (one aspect sometimes being more latent or dominant than the other, or a perfect balance being struck between the two).
Honestly this is just socialization. If you strip everything down to biology then you just get the female hormonal behavior during different phases of your period cycle, including heat, and the primal male need to spread their seed. There's no part in your amygdala that makes you love experimental french eroticism. If anything I feel like women should be given the right to be vulgar, horny and demanding their rights to the female gaze instead of being repressed to play into the whole "female sexuality is so tender and artistic uwu" thing that reeks of fetishtic tranny/dudebro narrative. I mean if you enjoy it then whatever, it's your thing, but this kind of mindset is used to keep women under male thumbs so they don't go around sexualizing men and putting them into vulnerable positions.

No. 534077

File: 1585559292987.jpeg (114.24 KB, 400x599, tumblr_o4lkdwE9IJ1qe9q2lo1_400…)

>this kind of mindset is used to keep women under male thumbs so they don't go around sexualizing men and putting them into vulnerable positions.
I don't agree with this, anon. Women, when left to their own expression, do that all the time, kek. See: the work of artists like Kaneoya Sachiko or Yana Toboso (of Kuroshitsuji fame), any fujoshit ever, anything on fanfiction.net or AoC, the "whump" tag on Tumblr, fan-art of male characters drawn by women, the fandom amassed by effeminate/beautiful men (most recently, it's "e-boys" like Noen Eubanks), etc.
It all disgusts and angers men. Women just have a better eye for things, while men have little to no vision or taste. Even sexually-charged, visceral displays often have good aesthetic principles when women are at the helm.
An eye for beauty and intelligence isn't weakness unless you have it in your mind that men are actually good at things, or there's much merit in their slackjawed work (there isn't much, the casual rawness loses its flavor when you realize it's not actually a choice, it's just all they can come up with, but they still get their heads blown up by other men who will LARP that they're geniuses).

No. 534079

AYRT and anon you're basically repeating what I was saying in my post, only in more detail. Men hate it when women sexualize them or express powerful or vulgar sexuality like they do when left to their own devices (such as doing fujoshit content). That's also why a lot of men are scared of homosexuals. Being sexualized and made vulnerable "like a woman" is terrifying to them, thus they force the "female sexuality is actually just flowers and softcore tasteful, virginal erotica" down every woman's throat. I've actually had to fight scrotes on this on multiple occasions when they keep telling me, a woman, how women actually like "suits and ties" more than a bare male body (again, vulgar, threatening content to them) or something because of muh biology. I used to agree before being pinkpilled because I simply had no options, there wasn't erotica sexualizing vulnerable men made for women so how could've I even known how much I'd enjoy it? Wasn't until I found out about this whole genre that I realized how much I had been playing into this tender female sexuality narrative.

No. 534080

I find it funny because what men target towards women as being sexually attractive is hairy chads with big muscles but as shown by the type of sexual attraction women have through the media they like, a lot of women like men with more feminine features. Long limbs, less body hair, cute to manly appearance. Men made the "chad" meme because they literally think that's what most women like sexually kek ( yes, it's an overgeneralization)

No. 534082


also leave my beautiful e-boys out of this, I like eboys because their beautiful and I want to have them, that's all

No. 534087

File: 1585560850161.jpg (48.88 KB, 750x600, twilight_moms_demote_by_grinde…)

I think we agree, then. It just seemed like you thought I played into the "female sexuality is more tender" meme. I don't, but I do find women's work to just be better-executed, less ugly/generic and more creative in general.
Men think pure eroticism is knuckle-dragger shit because they're knuckle-draggers. Primal feelings are just that, but once you're putting them to art, photography or on paper, you should be able to express something of merit. A lot of men just can't.

Pretty much. It's like they were projecting their own bisexual tendencies all this time with the "Chad" meme.
The biggest cope is when men insist they "age like fine wine", and that 55+ year old balding men with paunches are hot, while men with all the attractive markers of youth are "faggots".
I'll never forget how angry a bunch of men got at Edward Cullen from Twilight being popular with teenage girls and middle-aged moms. It must've really put a damper on their delusions.

I have like no sex drive these days, anon, and even if I did, I wouldn't have to make it into a radical feminist thing or even justify it (to who, and why? scrotes? lmao). I'm just comparing different artistic expressions based on what I've seen.
>also leave my beautiful e-boys out of this, I like eboys because their beautiful and I want to have them, that's all

No. 534088

certain women are attracted to masculine and certain women aren't, I'm attracted to both traditional masculine built male figures and skinny and tall e-boys, but I'm not at all attracted to normal everyday looking men

No. 534090

File: 1585561579993.jpg (186.6 KB, 1136x660, noen-eubanks-47.jpg)

foe e.g I'm attracted to both the guys on the left and right

No. 534091

I'm the anon that stated femininity is meta-physical and yes female sexuality is more tender because women don't go out raping men everyday and haven't been doing that for centuries. Their sexuality is also less degrading and dehumanizing to men, drawing loli boys and liking and sexualizing cute boys is nothing compared to the way men sexualize women from brutal gang-bangs to forced anal to them being pegged by women. A lot of women don't even have the fetish of pegging men and it's the men that have this fetish. Of course, sexuality is still sexuality but women have the feminine characteristic of their sexuality being more rational and less dehumanizing, femininity is not "flowers and submission", femininity is rationality and superior mental capacities from emotions to self-awareness.

No. 534095

File: 1585562257104.png (1.06 MB, 655x800, 443BDEF3-2A7A-49F4-BCCB-3F4F9C…)

Damn feels good to be a woman. Even after thousands of years of subjugation, we are still the superior sex. Damn.

No. 534101

This. If we stacked the sexes against each other and decided who should do what from a purely objective standpoint, 99.9% of men would probably be rock-smashers and sperm donors, while women would take on all the cerebral roles and long-term planning.
Never forget: Despite being excluded from education throughout history and in nearly every society, women are academically surpassing men to the point where MRAs are screeching that schools are "biased against boys".

No. 534107

best example of this would be black women, who outperform black men in nearly all educational and social fields, the only reason black women aren't more successful is because of forced loyalty to the black community

No. 534112

anons are just saying women want to lust after hot/cute men without shame, as for sex its self I think bdsm and new "feminist" sex positions are a waste of time, instead we should try to reclaim easy and base sex positions from men and the patriarchy

No. 534127

Thanks, this ruined my day. Her twitter is a mess
>I've always been focused on the social stigma behind sex work, with how men wont date sex workers being evidence. But I totally forgot to consider that men themselves are under intense social pressure to not date sex workers, they get hit with just as much social shameing.
Omg, why does nobody ever think of these poor men?!

In my country girls also already surpassed guys when it comes to higher education, yet instead of acknowledging that girls are simply more studious, everybody cries about there being too many female teachers who all supposedly treat male students worse than their female counterparts. Why is it that girls can still reach their full potential even without good female rolemodels, but boys either turn braindead or into criminals without father figures or male teachers?
When women weren't legally allowed to go to university they did everything to fight for that right. Males have always had all choices since the beginning of mankind, there's nothing that stops them from pursuing whatever career they want - nothing besides themselves, their own lazyness and arrogance.

No. 534128


I’ve been thinking for a while that this has to do with a certain percentage of men who have fundamentally impulsive, ADHD, aggressive personalities with low openness that make them essentially incapability with modern education. The beautiful nerds and calm, gentle men are doing just fine but MRAs don’t care about that.

No. 534129

>>calm, gentle men
Take me now

No. 534132

I do think plenty of men and women would take skill labor skills if they paid well, the happiest moments in my life was when I worked at Target arranging boxes, I do think that's somewhat genetic the vast vast majority of our ancestors were peasant farmers who had no idea about the world around them and only intense labor

No. 534133

I would disagree that such a job doesn’t potentially require thought- what about arrangement? Creating artful displays or problem solving spatial restrictions?

On the other hand, two failed consultants screaming at each over a conference call about muh account does not.

No. 534136

> I would disagree that such a job doesn’t potentially require thought- what about arrangement? Creating artful displays or problem solving spatial restrictions?

Its really not that complicated, for me it was just moving small boxes

No. 534138

>if I don't I'm a crazy girl that doesn't take care of herself.
who says this? I've honestly never seen or heard anyone saying that.

Also, you contradict yourself in your post. You say
>but it seems like it's never good enough for men
but then you say you want to do it for yourself, it doesn't add up. Care about men or care about what you want.

No. 534142

It's more that most women would rather turn that shit inwards instead of outwards. It's always been like that. That's why we have shit like slapping, choking, and ddlg normalized now.

No. 534144

call me conspiracy-fag but I believe that the vast majority of kinks are pushed by secret cabals, look up mindgeek(they own literally every major porn site)

No. 534164

>who says this? I've honestly never seen or heard anyone saying that.
I've had men make fun of the acne on my face/dark circles or simply make fun of my bare face and attribute the fact that I don't wear makeup at times to me being depressed and therefore crazy and unkempt.

>but then you say you want to do it for yourself, it doesn't add up. Care about men or care about what you want.

I have come to the conclusion that men cannot be satisfied, so there is no point in trying to appeal to them or centering your actions around appealing to them.Again, I do think they look down on both, women that wear makeup and are conventionally feminine and women that don't wear makeup and are not conventionally feminine.

No. 534174

File: 1585578119516.png (401.06 KB, 1080x1624, Screenshot_20200330-162101.png)

Why are scrotes so coombrained?

No. 534181

it’s in their inherent nature there’s no changing it sadly

No. 534193

a little OT, but that photo is cute and wholesome. I dont know why men love to put down women for their interests and hobbies, when they are usually fun and harmless. Meanwhile everything men get involved with turns into a disgusting sexual thing; look at My little pony NOW because of men! Makes me sick

No. 534194

All these porn sites are just extra gross during this pandemic

No. 534200

Just think. Men are so retarded that they need to be plied with porn to not go out and spread infectious disease.

No. 534205

I shudder to think what would happen if males didn't have accessible porn right now, pent up sexual frustration in men is fucking scary.

Slightly different topic, but does anyone think atrocities like assault and murder on women is going to increase with corona? We already know domestic violence is on the rise because of it, so I'm wondering if violent men wouldn't take quarantine as an opportunity to scope, stalk, and attack women who are going to be more isolated and maybe even live alone?

No. 534209

see point here >>534144 do enough digging and you'll find nearly all porn companies are owned by entity, doesn't that just seem a little suspicious to you

No. 534221

Do you guys think it's possible that a woman can be the head of a family and not the man like it has always been for millennia?

No. 534223

Women have been and are already heads of household just not by title and male ego.
Women are now expected to go to work for more than 40 hours, tend to children, manage the household, and hand over half if not pay fully the expenses because men aren't worth a damn anymore.

No. 534239

My mom is pretty much the head of the family since forever. My dad does nothing, he can't even fix things around the house and all he does is sit on the couch and browse facebook all day kek
I think it's like that in a lot of families, men that don't do anything and are useless

No. 534249

Yeah it seems to be that way in many families (even mine), and it is also a trend that seems to be increasing. I was just wondering how a matriarchal society would look like.

No. 534278

Check history and matriarchal tribes. Tbh it's sad that it will take years to repair the damage from marketing and crazy beauty industry lies.

No. 534283


…You realize these these are just unbidden self-promotion campaigns and not meant to actually do anything useful, right Einstein?

No. 534291

Imagine being this offended at men being called retarded.

No. 534304

Are you me? Jk but seriously, my mom is the exact same way; she literally does everything around the house including fixing what needs to be fixed. Dad is just kinda there

No. 534305

About the education thing, it's telling that when girls and women outperform boys and men in school they start screeching about how school is biased towards boys but then they will turn around and say that since majority of history's scientists are male that proves men are smarter than women and has nothing to do with the fact that women weren't allowed to study. Like suddenly they have the ability to see that environment affects how people succeed in the world when it comes to women outperforming men but patriatchy is a conspiracy theory!

No. 534307

>bf constantly tells me I look better without makeup and i shouldn't get plastic surgery
>Go to his ig feed
>All of it is women wearing 20 lbs of makeup, photoshopped to the nines, and obvious bbls and breast implants, lip injections, other face work, etc

Who do men really think they're fooling when they say this shit? Most costhots and ig models wouldn't even be making this much if it wasn't for makeup and surgery, just be fucking honest for once

No. 534310

my dad is the same, he won't do anything unless he's told in specific instructions.

women usually have run their households, don't get fooled by 1950s television, they're selling a false idea of what life was back then.

No. 534312

>not ex
What are you doing with some cumbrain who follows instathots?

No. 534321

>beautiful nerds
the wat now?

No. 534327

You can tell he's not really disgusted and faps to that.

No. 534334

madonna-whore issues. imagine dating a moid who orbits tho…

No. 534348

When men protest too much about something you know that very thing occupies that much space in their minds.

No. 534349

Seriously. Just quietly leave, block him on everything and better yourself. Anon deserves better than a cumbrain who cant understand that all instamodel photos are manipulated and edited to hell.

No. 534357

What are men's excuses for this shit, anyway? How do they make sense of it?

No. 534361

I really wish it was ok for women to call any woman whose conventionally attractive a "little girl", its a great cope. Men can take all their unattractive features and then claim they're manly and call every guy who is young and attractive a fag or "not real man". Imagine if obese women went around claiming "you only want her because you cant handle a real woman!", She would look delusional but it's exactly what men do lol

What women dont understand is that it's actually more beneficial to glorify being old because you're going to spend more of your life being older than you are being a 20 something. Men know this which is exactly why they do it.

No. 534365

Anon, fat women do say that to other women when they’re rejected.

No. 534366

Yeah but people laugh at her and call her delusional. This doesn't happen with men.

No. 534372


Having trouble on uploading screen shots. But this thread is on how pornhub had videos live and up on a toddler being raped and hardly did anything for a while. Took them longer to take down videos of children being raped too.

No. 534380

Fuck men like this. I'm so sorry you're doubting yourself and hurt because of this. Their dick-addled brains are so saturated with Porn and bimboification that their sexuality basically depends on it, and they use their gf's as stand-ins. This is juvenile cumbrain bullshit. What is the point of liking that type of pic? Why not just look at it and move on, if anything…? Do they really think the IG girl will give a fuck about who they are besides feeding off their faceless attention/money/likes lol. I guess that's a satisfying enough exchange for your fuckhead bfs to throw your feelings to the wind, pathetic.
Please leave them all; they're trash people who don't deserve the joy of actual romantic relationships. Only allow men with a semblance of balance and respect to get close to you like that. The rest should be shamed into loneliness until they realize how their blatant Cummies Activities affects their partners' trust and start acting right. Goddamn

No. 534399

So we are at "CP on Pornhub"

Yet men will refuse to hear a bad word about it. I look forward to when free porn is made illegal at some point.

No. 534402

Actually I adjust that statement:

It should be paywalled with many "free trials" so they can get a nice detailed history on these fucks to use against them later. But paywall is important to keep kids from being exposed to their depravity.

No. 534405

what ever happened to that other PP imageboard? did it die?


cp has always been on pornhub sadly, i wish pornhub was held accountable for their crimes

No. 534410

I had no idea, explains why they took so long to take it down. A website hosting stolen videos of rape, shouldn't be freely accessible by anyone with an internet connection, yet here we are. I hope it will be like movies/tv/music where they can turn it into some highly monitored and controlled "service" instead of the way it is now.

No. 534443

I fucking hate pornhub so much. When I see or hear it mentioned in everyday life on the internet/in convos I feel sick with rage. I want that whole company to crash and burn. I’m so glad people are openly criticising them now despite Cumbrian excuses and lies and bullying

No. 534445

If any other company acted this flippantly about the illegal content on their website people would be fucking outraged, but men need to coom so they will make an endless amount of justifications for why PH shouldn't be held accountable.
>b-b-but anyone can upload illegal content on other websites too! All websites have this problem!
Okay now imagine YT allowing cp and not doing anything about it for days, weeks, months, or years. Fucked up isn't it?

No. 534448



Sign this petition to ban pornhub and hold the producers accountable. I donated some money and sent it to people I know who will sign it, I encourage anons here to do the same whether it helps or not. This website is fucking this entire generation up, hurting women and enabling/encouraging men and boys to be sick and sadistic and dehumanising to women and girls.

No. 534478

This makes me fucking sick. I hate how many of my normie friends think Pornhub is "wholesome" for planting trees and giving free premium passes for the social isolation period and whatever, that's a very cheap bone to throw at people to keep their faces. Who knows how much illegal content they keep up intentionally until someone reports it.

Madonna-Whore complex. I've heard SO many girls tell this exact tale - their boyfriends will make fun of thots and their plastic surgery and slutty IGs, yet still follow all of them to keep their dick hard. Most men will never be able to see their girlfriend/wife being sexually attractive because they need to "respect" her, and they can't respect someone they want to fuck. That's the short and sweet of it. They want to marry the pure, virginal "Madonna" who will provide the maternal needs, but still fuck the "whore" who they despise yet find attractive. It's especially prevalent in men who have mommy issues.

No. 534483

It fucking works though, people are that stupid. I’ve seen people saying that on twitter in response to this like it somehow makes it better. Cumbrains are subhuman

No. 534487

AG? It's still up. It seems like they got a female owner now, which makes me a bit more trusting.

No. 534495


Imagine being so desperate to join in on the bandwagon that you say completely retarded stuff in the process and make the thread look dumber.

No. 534496

>doesn't deny being offended at males being called retarded
There's only one type of person who would be triggered enough by that statement to respond to it so angrily.

No. 534500

File: 1585648496329.jpg (134.92 KB, 515x1317, n5ozthjomso41.jpg)

Reading this, I can't help but think it must be hard to be the mother of daughters.
Even if you don't have any feminist leanings, you must notice these things and just quietly swallow them. I feel like there's a lot of cognitive dissonance required just to not rip your hair out at how poorly girls are treated from the jump. We're literally taught they belong in the backseat from the beginning.
The only alternative is probably homeschooling, since it's not like there are lots of (if any) female-oriented schools.
Some silver lining: Despite this kind of thing, girls (and women) still do better than boys (and men) in school on average. Do males even try? It's kind of crazy how women can have everything snatched from them and still surpass men in nearly every category, besides maybe physical strength.

No. 534501

It's pretty much dead so I hope the new owner is able to draw in more users, because discussion there is way more levelheaded than on LC.

No. 534518

>must be hard to be mothers of daughters
Maybe. Not every mother cares about sexism or the way it influences their daughters. Many are more than happy to tow the status quo. Doubly so if the sexism they uphold serves as a tool of control over their daughters. My mom combined with her religious ideals shoveled sexist platitudes in my head as a child to control me. As an adult however she wanted me to be stronk independent, but mostly so she could show me off to everyone as proof about what a great mom she is and so I'd never ask her for anything after. Some women can be oppressors for their own self interest.

No. 534529

I was lurking someone's profile for a laugh and she said in a post
>it's the radfem to tradwife pipeline
Imagine being this dumb.

No. 534538

Opinions on Brittany Venti and her stance on porn?

No. 534549

> the only reason black women aren't more successful is because of forced loyalty to the black community
Not to race bait, but I have a feeling anti-black racism is affecting them too.
NAYRT but wearing makeup is often considered part of women's hygiene ritual and (male) psychologists will often consider women who don't wear it less well than the women who do (ironic because when I was a makeup cuck I had no self-worth but now I'm confident and happier without)
I understand PP isn't for everyone, but I don't understand why any woman would really be THAT annoyed by other women venting about men because ime most women who have to interact with men complain about them. Moids talk about all their violent eroticized hatred for us all the time, but we can't call them retard coomers?
Most men have a Madonna/Whore complex - you are his beautiful natural girlfriend whom he loves, and those are whores whom he can objectify.
As a skinny bitch with a cups, obese women already do that shit and it's infuriating and gave me a massive complex.

No. 534553

She's a self-hating /pol/tard who browses here and is constantly trying to balance her obsession with male attention (and bitterness/rage toward more popular, conventionally attractive female internet figures) with the wave of pink-pilling going on. She gives me big "I LARP as misandrist because that makes me special and not like other e-girls, n-now ironically pay for my onlyfans and ironically simp for me you dumb males tee-hee" vibes. It's cringy.
Everything anti-porn she says is pretty much a copy-paste of opinions from these threads, so her content doesn't do much for me. Plus, her entire "fanbase" is composed of racist incels and other pick-mes/tradthots who she'll never stop pandering to, so she's not really doing much to significantly turn the cultural tide.
I wish there were better public figures representing this outlook. Nothing about her is good publicity unless you actually hate yourself.

No. 534554

Nta but that's the point, if overweight women do that they're quick to get shut down by both women and men, meanwhile men get away with doing that all the time. This is not about your one personal experience but about the greater picture, you're not helping the cause by basically validating mens' general claim of attractive "skinny bitches" being on their side while all other women, old, fat, ugly, feminist, whatever, are bad and worthless. It's the same with young girls shitting on older women because they enjoy male attention - while completely forgetting that this is only temporary and soon they'll get thrown under the bus too because they "hit the wall".

No. 534555

Holy shit thank you.

No. 534563

venti's stance on porn i think has more to do with insecurity (which is totally fine) and in her case possibly predates her knowing specifically about the anti-porn sentiment here. gravy, shiloh, etc, are/were the same way, which, imo, has been the most based thing about these cow/flakes – asserting their value and right to be sexually and romantically respected in a relationship. venti obviously reads these threads now though. it's sad, she can meme and has potential but chose to pander to the worst people possible. you can't truly mock anyone else on the internet, save for zoophiles, pedos, etc, when you're pandering to racist poltards and whatnot. hopefully she grows out of it.

can someone please tell me what vid related is supposed to be? is she mocking fertility fags like molymeme, or wtf is this? it's really bad

No. 534569

This is why my feelings for her are so ambivalent. She's been a confirmed farmer since she used most of our receipts in her videos/livestreams on Shuwu. Since then I occasionally see what she's up to and watching her evolve has been interesting. Maybe one day she will fully shed the pick me persona.

No. 534581

Vanilla is real Sex. people are so brainwashed and insult each other being „vanilla“. I hate our porn-sick society. Even girls take it as an insult when someone is being called vanilla. I hold men responsible for this kind of twisted thinking.

No. 534591

Thank you. High incarceration rates, low education, poor income while bw are the most educated and statistically the breads winners in the relationship forking in majority of the income.

No. 534595

I’m proud to be vanilla. I want a loving, mutually beneficial relationship where I can pleasure and be pleasured someone that I cherish. I’m not a fucked up, self destructive coomette with a void that’ll never be filled.

No. 534600

Porn literally picks at women's insecurities so it's literally expected that porn makes women insecure.

Also the comments on that video are cringe. Imagine obsessing over if stranger women you'll never meet have kids or not, and all the reddit tier biology

No. 534610

I'm hoping she's serious, and that she actually believes what she's saying. Best case scenario is that she truly does care about how porn affects women, both the actresses themselves and those who aren't in the industry. But I don't think her motives are that altruistic, and more likely she's just using it to dunk on thots.

Kinda like most porn-critical men, they don't actually care about women in and out of the industry, they just want another reason to hate on women and shame them.

No. 534619

Does anyone think that petition will actually make changes to pornhub or no? The fact that it continues to exist after a myriad of incidents like this makes and that so many people still defend if even when they know me lose all faith in scrotes

No. 534621

File: 1585669676906.png (Spoiler Image, 1.1 MB, 1125x1924, 1585669565256.png)

I hope I'll never get a son if I have kids. Jesus christ

No. 534622

Venti is so fucking annoying because she is just a hypocrite and always trying to play both sides. She says she hates porn and sex work, but twitch girls who just talk on cam to a male audience are just part of soft prostitution and usually get into patreon lewds or nudes or camming. She has nudes of herself out there on 4chan she willingly posted so I don't really want her thoughts on porn and being wholesome.

No. 534624

Not that she's relevant (not even sure why you bring her up) but ditto what everyone else has said with the caveat that she will always put men first and pander. To not do so would jeopardize her collection of betabux and simpsimoleons, she makes a living being a pandering pickme prosi so her personal opinions don't matter.

No. 534625

holy shit anon even I am a nerdy guy woman myself but I would never refer to them as "beautiful calm and gentle", are you one yourself or what?

No. 534633

File: 1585672741230.png (128.84 KB, 610x725, shutupdude.png)

JK Rowling is tweeting a ton of wholesome things on twitter nowadays. And each time she tweets there is a beardy bloke or troon calling her a terf. All because she stood up for the woman who got fired for believing in biological sex a couple of months ago.

No. 534639

Wow what an irritating shit of a person. Number one, no one cares about some tranny's identity crisis right now cause LITERALLY THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE ARE DYING DAILY.
Secondly, does this bearded loser actually believe someone like Rowling has no idea what it means to "choose love"? She can love trannies fine, it doesn't make them biological women. They'll cry forever about this because facts don't care about their feelings.

No. 534646

Yeah who cares about people suffering during this pandemic, it's more important for men to pester a beloved children's book author on twitter for standing up for other women.

No. 534652

File: 1585675189273.jpeg (1.33 MB, 4096x3027, D-DeP7AWsAAIPrd.jpeg)

>Radical feminism covers a lot of interesting phenomenon of our society but I don't completely agree with certain instances and sometimes it just feel like radical feminism is used by insecure women to shit on women that like wearing make-up or feel good with their bodies and I do not think it should be used like that!!
Do you realize just how stupid, puerile, and sexist this reads? This is the usual libfem cope: "nanana I don't want to be told what I like may not be so good and it's actually damaging my self image, so I'm just going to pretend the totality of beauty industry criticism done by radical feminists since the 60s is compressed by what some jelly femcels say online!!"

I just don't want to look stupid by writing a serious reply to this post that reeks of either an underage girl or some larping scrote, so I'm just going to post the compulsory redkatherinee art.

>! I think it should unite women and I think femininity exists meta-physically without it having to be sexualised

It may, but I'm sure as hell it does not wear make up products, you insufferable hippie. lol, no comments.

No. 534653

fucking thank you, I wanted to write the same but got distracted lmfao.

No. 534678

Feels good not to play the make up game, though I feel worried for my sister who thinks she only looks pretty with eyeliner on and doesn't trust me when I tell her she's cute because I'm her older sister.

No. 534684

File: 1585677912200.jpeg (380.73 KB, 1697x2048, D-DeXkYX4AAG-Hg.jpeg)

Love the art/comic. She followed it up by pic related, which is probably even more relevant nowadays. But of course people don't get it…
>Have to say I love make up, and see no intrinsic wrong in it for sake of pleasure/art/ornamentation/fun.
>lol some girls like to wear make up and its ok
That's exactly her point: you're brainwashed into believing that you're only doing it for yourself - but you don't.

I myself also abide to beauty standards but I at least acknowledge that it's wrong (just incredibly hard or impossible to break free).

Another solution would pushing the same strict standards onto men too, but that's never gonna happen, instead we now even worship dad bods and long beards…

No. 534687

File: 1585678208058.gif (809.89 KB, 540x304, 36ae4c1393b00e48f007f566a04c6c…)

>nanana I don't want to be told what I like may not be so good and it's actually damaging my self image

It's funny how when it comes down to it, these women will choose to individually look "pretty" or "beautiful" instead of having actual class convictions regarding women as a whole.
They can't actually comprehend that spending money on beauty products is a fucking stupid tax that not only personally harms them, but harms women as a collective, not to even mention animals and the environment.

These women's personal desires are so boring and vain, it's laughable at this point. They're so consumed by the physical realm that they will contort themselves in their reasonings to soothe their egos and prevent uncomfortable realizations.
All for the sake of looking pretty and "artistic expression" (that somehow almost always aligns itself with whatever is trendy or is presently considered attractive).

No. 534689

File: 1585678327500.jpg (252.61 KB, 1080x1104, IMG_20200331_200629.jpg)

Supposedly telling women that they don't need to look like a sex doll is worse than little girls being brainwashed into thinking that ps, fake lashes, fake nails, fake tans, tight expensive clothes and a 50 step makeup routine is a must…

It's the same with the tranny rethoric, telling kids that they're not born in the "wrong" body is worse than cutting off their genitals, telling an adult man that he's not actually a little girl is worse than said men threating women with violence.

No. 534691

The makeup argument claiming that makeup doesn't exist to hide "flaws" and to fit a narrow beauty standard is asinine. So is that strawman about cooking. Radical feminists are not shaming women for being chefs or hobby bakers. They're only pointing out the gender-based disparity in domestic work and how women are forced to believe we can only find true happiness in the role of stay at home motherhood in subservience to a man who does not contribute equally to the home.

No. 534702

So since the topic of a woman-centered view of femininity has come up recently, I'm going to ask you guys to check out womenlovepower and tell me what you think about her take on feminine power, seduction, and soft persuasion. It's an interesting and refreshing perspective compared to the male-centered view of femininity we're used to but I'm not yet exactly sure what my opinion is from a rad-leaning pov. She uses a lot of esoteric and sprititual concepts btw.

No. 534705

Her video on masculine energy.

No. 534709

File: 1585679850842.jpg (138.83 KB, 1242x1121, no.jpg)

Am I the only one who thinks she looked perfectly fine before all the surgery?
Also I can't believe people are this dense and enable this shit with "HA you're just jealous". No one thinks about WHY she wasn't happy and thought she had to change.

No. 534711

File: 1585680313910.jpg (121.15 KB, 719x1340, 13685e8e.jpg)

Men can't stop being creepers lmao. Get burned

No. 534713

help anons, he's already 2 years old and I fear what's gonna happen when he grows up, his father is a nice enough guy but he has moments of male incompetence, but still I fear the porn sick monster he could grow up to become

No. 534720

> but he has moments of male incompetence

For a second there I thought you were saying this about the 2 year old lol

No. 534731

From my experience, those women who swarm certain twitter posts, defending these celebrities are usually very insecure themselves and think about how they want to get all those surgeries once they can afford it themselves. So they see this as an direct, personal attack.
There's plenty of that shit on twitter, especially when it comes to makeup.
Twitter is such a toxic place for young girls, seriously. It's filled with grown ass women who lack introspection and basic critical thinking skills and promote this shit.

No. 534733

From cute young girl to generic Kardashian clone #45038759. Sad!

No. 534736

I didn't realize how much I needed to hear this.

No. 534737

Why does it read sexist? I don't even care what liberal feminism stands for because I was born in a country that doesn't have the same political background as America. The right and the left are very different in other countries. I'm not a scrote and I'm not underaged.

>so I'm just going to pretend the totality of beauty industry criticism done by radical feminists since the 60s is compressed by what some jelly femcels say online!

I never said that, the criticism towards the beauty industry is totally valid. I only use makeup made by me or made by women so I'm not supporting men through wearing makeup.

And there's definitely women that use radical feminism to put other women down for wearing makeup see Brittany Venti.

I don't see what is wrong with makeup as long as it is not produced by men and it's not being worn to hide insecurities and used as a form of self expression. I don't put makeup on daily and I go outside and present myself in society without makeup and I don't feel afarid of my insecurities anymore.


I don't think I am brainwashed into doing it. I have looked into it multiple times and it is definitely something I do for myself. I'm not afraid of presenting myself in society with no makeup on my face and I do that very often without feeling any insecurity but if you choose to believe I am brainwashed only because I don't completely fit into the radical feminist rhetoric okay.

I don't care if I look pretty or not to other people.

No. 534739

OP is right. On top of that, she was ugly in the left picture and people who say she looked better before lie to support their anti surgery stance.
I'd even say that some are offended that plastic surgery has raised an average girl to the level of naturally pretty women.

No. 534741

I think you're in the wrong thread, bitches…

No. 534742

who cares if she's pretty, it's sad she had to go to such lengths to feel okay about herself

No. 534743

And I'm not a "liberal feminist" you American swine. I don't support sex work, I don't support the mainstream makeup industry, I don't support conventional beauty standards, I don't support narcissists that think they are women (trannies) but after some observation I have done online SOME radical feminists truly use the radical feminism rhetoric to put other women down out of very deep insecurity they keep within themselves.

No. 534746

>reee I'm not American and constantly need to mention that, you jelly ugly radfems!

No. 534748

I don't have a strong opinion on plastic surgery but in a way it's strange to think that when you get it that young you don't even know what you would've looked like with natural aging.

As a teen I looked liked my dads side of the family but by 30 I could clearly see hints of my mom in the mirror. Strange to think you'll never know what would've been.

No. 534749

>I don't see what is wrong with makeup as long as it is not produced by men and it's not being worn to hide insecurities and used as a form of self expression

Not the anons you replied to but why don't straight men use it as a form of self-expression then?
Also, not saying you're lying but pretty much every woman who doesn't wanna acknowledge that they wear makeup to feel about themselves gives that same argument.
The beauty industry, run by men, is profiting off of women's insecurities and the pressure to conform.
In most jobs you'll be seen as lazy, ugly and unprofessional if you decide to go back to work with a bare face. Ask a stewardess for example if makeup is really a choice or not.

As long as it's forced on women, and not wearing it comes with consequences, I cannot and will not support this choice argument.

No. 534750

Yes, I need to mention that because most Americans assume that the whole world and the politics of the world and people function like America does and if that's what you got from my posts that I'm calling you jelly ugly radfems you're wrong and you're probably one of THOSE jelly radfems.

No. 534751

/pol/ scrote roleplaying again

No. 534753

It's really dumb to make celebrities statement pieces for these issues anyway. Of course someone with unlimited access to literally the best of every kind of service imaginable is likely to come out the other side looking better than their previous. Their job is to appeal to masses, everything about celebrity plastic surgery makes sense in the scope of their career.
Who gets lost in these debates are the regular women who are still pressured to change themselves and be as beautiful as celebrities with less the income and less the resources. Most people who get plastic surgery aren't making drastic changes and the likelihood of them receiving botched procedures and complications they cannot afford are higher. That's why it's completely valid to question this virtue of saying everything is fixed with a bit of plastic surgery and money. The show 'Botched' wouldn't work unless there were poor sods out there who keep having to repeat these surgeries and still fall short of what they want despite funneling their money. It's unrealistic for the average person.

No. 534755

next they'll be saying burka is self-expression too

No. 534756

>after some observation I have done online SOME radical feminists truly use the radical feminism rhetoric to put other women down out of very deep insecurity they keep within themselves.

I love this take, and it's always made without fail.

It couldn't possibly be that women are actually holding other women to higher, more virtuous standards and expectations. It has nothing to do with rejecting the poison of this modern world that enslaves our minds and bodies. No, it's always because we are just so physically inept and insecure.

No. 534758

Don't you keep the high standards, well, high by getting rid of the bad apples? You can't be inclusive and also have high standards.

No. 534759

I'm not a scrote. I've been browsing lolcow for two years now and I used to frequent the pink pill thread.

What I said has nothing to do with burka or with that sort of indoctrinated practice that makes women suffer…

This is a reality and with every modern political take there's going to be narcissists and psychos that use that political take to take out their deep settled insecurities on others. I never said all radical feminists do this, because they don't. You can reject the poison of the modern world that enslaves you without becoming a robot that regurgitates other's opinions with no personal color.

No. 534760

Not to mention the women who say those kinds of things about radfems sound insecure and paranoid themselves and their habits. There is no mass conspiracy to undermine shaving razors and tubes of mascara ffs. Critical thinking threatens people apparently.

No. 534761

Hot take but you don't need radical feminism to validate your choice to wear make-up. One of feminism's functions is to analyze misogyny so of course make-up critique is going be intrinsically tied to how the beauty industry exploits women's insecurities. Who cares if you do it as a hobby, y'all always have some weird complex about being seen as less of a feminist.

No. 534763

Also if you truly are not insecure, why do you need to convince other people? Their opinions shouldn't matter to you if that is the case.

No. 534774

This. Obviously if you bring up gendered issues like makeup, a feminist critique is not going to be positive. But we're all human and susceptible to external pressures, nobody is going to take away your feminism card if you don't religiously follow every little critique. Many of the things that make our life easier and protect us from stigma/judgement aren't considered feminist, it's understandable if people can't prioritize their principles over their daily reality in every situation.

Shutting down feminist discussion and refusing to consider other perspectives because it hurts your feelings and makes you uncomfortable, however, is shitty and anti feminist.

No. 534786

File: 1585689880155.gif (297.15 KB, 220x148, tenor.gif)

>plastic surgery has raised an average girl to the level of naturally pretty women.

Alright, now I've seen it all.

No. 534788

Why? She looks good in that pic.

No. 534799

>implying Kris Jenner isn't fucked up enough pressure her daughters to altering procedures like surgeries for profit later

No. 534806

I think the problem here is how she overdid her plastic surgery to fit into the "bimbo aesthetic" that men love so much. She looks like a blowup doll now and I would say that's not even objectively pretty…

Too much botox in her lips and face, stupid boob job. She wasn't pretty before and she's not pretty now, but at least she didn't look like a monster before plastic surgery. Women need to be teached to distance themselves from the beauty standard that was forced socially because of men because that beauty standard doesn't even convey true beauty.

No. 534814

File: 1585694769126.jpg (153.35 KB, 720x720, 20200331_163403.jpg)

Did anyone else see this? Pretty cool imo. I know other states probably wont follow suit but it's nice to see.

No. 534815

There was a point before she overdid it on the surgeries when she looked fine, but I can't blame her for falling into that pattern when she has her older sister to look up to. Even Bruce followed Kim's lead and turned AGP lmao. Khloe also obviously has some body image issues because the media bullied her for being the tall, fat sister. Kendall and Kourtney look the most natural to me.

No. 534825

NTA, but I don't believe in throwing the baby out with the bathwater.
Women are naturally more beautiful than men. That's just a fact. The true poison is how men went on to invent beauty standards and objectification via commodification and "contests" to try and make us forget that, and think we need more. We're more intelligent, empathetic, mentally sane and physically beautiful.
Trying to downplay or forget this is falling right into their "Beauty is invented by men selling things and telling us we're worthless" trap. It's just nature. If anyone needs makeup, high heels and standards to reach, it's males.

No. 534827

great. Sadly we live in a world were the far left lib fems, tell women to shut the fuck up, use bullshit fake science and pretend they have no advantage, whenever women speak out about not wanting men in their sports.

After seeing how many transwomen flat out wish death on terfs and celebrate when one dies, I have little to no sympathy for the transwomen/women who support them/do this shit online.
Normal transpeople are fine, but yeah, I've been seeing a lot of peeking. Especially with trans childern, sports and Lesbians.

No. 534828

peaking not peeking

No. 534843

File: 1585701972789.jpg (174.45 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (5).jpg)

>I'd even say that some are offended that plastic surgery has raised an average girl to the level of naturally pretty women.
By what metric is the girl on the left average? Because IMO, the point of comparison shouldn't be other women, but the people she may procreate with. If we're playing the beauty game, I think it's a joke to make women compete with each other while men remain as they are. The only time comparing women really makes sense is if you're looking at things purely from a lesbian or bisexual woman's lens. Maybe a fashion designer, too.
So, here's the father of Kylie's child. Would you feel happy and fulfilled looking at this face every morning? Is the man in this photo as physically appealing as the woman/girl in either of the photos in >>534709? Taking both his looks and his life choices into account, does it make sense for any woman with options to choose him if she wants intelligent, beautiful, capable children? Or is it more of a toss-up? Does it make sense to pay money to drastically alter one's looks to ultimately attract this? You be the judge.
The "Men have resources" argument is useless in this scenario, considering Kylie Jenner comes from a wealthy family. Protection doesn't come into play, either, since we're not living in the stone age where we need a man to beat other men and animals to death just to survive (even if it was about this, I'd argue that Tyga looks physically weak).
In the same vein, a lot of middle-class women don't really need to choose a mate based on either of those things (lower-class or otherwise struggling women often don't have much of a choice, sadly), so what do men bring to the table? Why aren't they doing anything to improve themselves? Lifting heavy objects and putting them down doesn't really correct poor facial structure and defective genes. When I mention the latter, I'm still (very politely) not even taking mental problems and the sometimes catastrophic results of epigenetics into account.
Abuse stats or a simple trip to any male-dominated space will tell you their personalities aren't exactly sparkling, either, so what gives?

No. 534849

File: 1585702419328.jpg (39.02 KB, 660x370, 34678.jpg)

And if you compare post-surgery and pre surgery Kylie she's not even prettier post-surgery because she got surgery according to the male standard of beauty that is sold all over the world and that so many women fall prey to. In what world is baboon ass lips, disproportionally large breasts, a young face pumped with unecessary botox pretty? Not in this world.

Women botch their bodies to be appealing to what men consider beautiful and undergo life threatening surgery and then you have incels claiming all women only date good looking men.

You just have to open your eyes a bit to see the discrepancies between looks in couples. Most men date out of their league and women settle down to much uglier, older men.

No. 534850

Is it just me or does post surgery Kylie's eyes look lifeless? It creeps me out

No. 534851

>Does it make sense to pay money to drastically alter one's looks to ultimately attract this?
I constantly have to remind myself of this. I feel like women compulsively, automatically strive to maximize their looks without even really thinking about what they gain from it. People treat you better when you're attractive, no doubt, but to the point that it's worth tens of thousands of dollars, the pain and discomfort of surgery, the risk to your health and chances of a botching, and in my case, sacrificing my dignity and compromising my principles? Plastic surgery would really feel like giving into an unfair, misogynistic society.

I still catch myself thinking about it regularly but I have keep it in perspective. Because it's like, what would I really get out of being super hot? A better looking man? Maybe, maybe not. Chances are I'd get an ugly, older guy like beautiful women everywhere. He would probably also cheat on me. Best case scenario is I get a hot guy, who has even more options to cheat. I'll keep my money.

No. 534855

How do you guys pull yourself from this pit of despair of constantly feeling worthless/you're not good enough because at work I'm surrounded by incels and that type of rhetoric, and my boyfriend is really misogynistic (he says it's part of his latino culture lol..) and my two big hobbies/work is full of dudes shit on anything even remotely female (gaming/coding).

Like fuck me right, I purposely go for guys who fit my personality but are way uglier than me because I have major trust issues with guys who are even 5/10 after being horrendously cheated on by my first bf. But I swear, every dude I meet has incel mentality. The few guys I meet who aren't like that are dating someone else, or they just don't really vibe with me/share my hobbies.

I recently and shamefully spent 20k~ on a bunch of major/minor surgeries for myself because I like feeling good about myself (I already eat well and work out a lot). My job pays a lot, but it still took a while to save… I thought I'd be proud but…Maybe a part of me internalized all this bullshit (and yes I sound like an idiot here) and thought that maybe if I was the best I could be, guys wouldn't cheat on me/treat me like shit. Boy was I wrong. My bf is fat, lazy, doesn't clean after himself at all, still finds time to cheat on me, neg me, and use me.

Meeting another girl next week who he slept with while dating me because she wants to apologize to me in person.

God I hate men.

No. 534856

she was much better looking before. a lot less fake. now she looks like every basic instathot with ps except somehow even more exaggerated.

No. 534859


ah yes, well known radical feminist brittany venti

No. 534862

>make up imaginary radfems who "shame" individual women for cooking because you're too braindead to understand basic class analysis and social commentary
>"Thats just sexist. Maybe even more sexist than the things you want to abolish"
Yeah, an imaginary radfem who goes around apparently shaming women for liking to cook is even more sexist than the rape and abuse and patriarchal oppression that radfems want to confront. you're a genius. How do people get this stupid? And they always clearly think they dropped the mic when they say "well, mayb ur the sexist" like they just blew everyone's minds with their never-before-heard, irrefutable argument lol

No. 534865

>lib fems
please read a book i'm begging you. getting all your political info from the internet is clearly causing your brain to rot if you think "far left" and "liberal" make sense smashed together

No. 534867

How do you hate men if you give your time, life and body? How do you hate them if you let them step on you and even go to such extents to modify your body thinking that becoming prettier will make men less shitty?

>How do you pull yourself from this pit of despair constantly feeling worthless/you're not good enough

You gave yourself the answer in your own post and you know how to stop that. According to your post you are a woman that earns enough money to live comfortably by herself and you are probably in a first world country. You should be proud of yourself because you have a career and you are making enough money so that should be empowering. Also, seek therapy if you feel worthless and not good enough. Pandering to men and living to satisfy them won't ever make you feel good about yourself because men are never satisfied.

America has turned politics upside down and most burgers are very unknowledgeable about what the words they use actually mean.

No. 534870

File: 1585707580982.jpeg (112.72 KB, 900x1200, AD819AAD-203C-4929-9825-5BED21…)

99% of make up looks are to hide “flaws” and approach conventional beauty standards. Be it patchy eyebrows, dark circles, short lashes, thin lips or having fucking pores. The “I wear make up for self expression” screeching is pure lies. Just because you use tacky colors doesn’t mean you aren’t trying to appease convention.

Wear make up if you feel so compelled to in order to partake in society but stop lying to yourself and others.

No. 534872

Hard agree.

No. 534873

File: 1585708587912.jpg (3.59 MB, 3552x2368, 213813-3552x2368-nativebrazill…)

I think makeup would exist even in an only women society/world. I think it comes naturally for us to want to paint and decorate our faces.

The makeup industry is evil only because it is run by men, makeup itself is not and it exists naturally.

If women went to outerspace and founded a woman only society, I guarantee you they would still use makeup.If women created an only women society in space there would also be concepts such as pretty/ugly and conventional because these concepts come naturally to our species.

Wearing makeup is fine as long as you are not supporting male run businesses and as long as you are not doing it to hide your imperfections and can easily go out without it and present yourself socially without makeup and not feel insecure. The test to whether you wear makeup for the sake of others is going out on multiple occasions and seeing if you feel insecure or not without it, if you don't feel insecure without it then you are putting makeup on for yourself.

Keep calling me a scrote

No. 534875

This is your ex now right?

No. 534876

Forgot how ugly Tyga is Jesus Christ.

No. 534878

haven't left him yet. I'm trying to find the best way to leave him because I'm both really angry and sad and crap but I live with him and we also work together. Coronavirus made all this crap more complicated.

No. 534879

I understand completely anon, I felt trapped similarly when trying to leave my ex. Jsyk I never got a 'perfect' time, I was pushed to my last straw. But at least we didn't share a career and there was no fucking virus outside my door then. Stay safe.

No. 534880

thanks anon, really appreciate the words.

No. 534882

File: 1585711201425.jpg (48.86 KB, 440x440, power-of-makeup-selfies-half-f…)

The sad thing is that I got reee'd at and called a scrote in this thread and I have been told I must be lying to myself just because my opinion is slightly different. Please separate the evil use of makeup by men to makeup itself.

Not everyone that uses makeup being it conventionally or non-conventionally is doing it because they are a pickme, because they want male validation or because they are so deeply indoctrinated and brainwashed to do it.I'm not trying to shut down discussion about the way the makeup industry is abusing women worldwide.

Another worrying thing about the makeup industry is how it is trying to normalize drag queen makeup and how they are encouraging women to incorporate hundreds of products in their makeup routines. Makeup is supposed to enhance your natural features not overshadow them. And applying on 300 products in industrial quantities in the morning must be extremely tiring and unpleasant.

No. 534883

How is your pic related to how makeup is worn by modern women at all? No one is talking about decorative face painting, whichhh is usually only worn during ceremony and celebration or other special occasions, these women didn’t get shamed for not having patterns on their face in every day life. We’re talking specifically about how makeup is used by majority of the world to emulate arbitrary ideals set by (white) men. In a woman only world, we wouldn’t all be trying to look like Kardashian clones, or whomever worshipped as sex symbol at the time. The Hunger Games’ Capitol is ironically a place where people wore makeup and altered their appearance for self expression.

No. 534889

Some Amazon tribes still use makeup as a way to convey their social power and status. The more intricate the design, the more "important" they are. Not the best example.

Makeup has been around since at least the ancient egyptian times (not only for utility but also attractiveness) but that doesn't mean it's natural.

You can also be 100% confident and still realize that makeup is basically a necessity if, for example, you want to be hired for most occupations.

The only reason you would ever need to "enhance your natural features" is if your natural features arent enough, and therefore -need- to be enhanced. Which is exactly what is perpetuated by men….

Pic related has pretty eyes imo. However, men love big doll eyes and high cheekbones, hence why she felt the need to "enhance" by making her eyes look bigger, defining her cheeks with contour, and drawing her eyebrows higher to give a more angular illusion. Also a terrible example.

Tldr: you dont need to enhance anything about yourself to please anyone, and feeling like you do in any respect is literally the problem.

No. 534890

I’m not calling you a scrote or telling you your opinion is wrong, but objectively, most makeup is applied to make women look more appealing to men. Even if it’s just slight concealer, light lip gloss, or a bit of mascara. Women in certain (customer-facing) fields are all but required to wear it, and it sucks. I wore a full face of makeup every day for years and convinced myself it was my idea, and it partially was, but it goes a lot deeper than that.

I admire makeup artistry a lot, but makeup itself is a prison for many women who feel like they just can’t be seen without eyeliner.

No. 534892

File: 1585713524671.jpg (8.89 KB, 236x354, 408e9f955312dd5fe4568291c1c6a9…)

Makeup was originally decorative painting and makeup is a way of decorating our faces. In my original post I have just stated that I have a very close relationship to makeup and that I can easily go out without wearing it and not feel insecure then I got attacked and got called a liberal feminist, a scrote larping as a woman and sexist, got told I am lying to myself only for saying I still wear makeup AT TIMES (I have went weeks without wearing it and have presented in public with no makeup on and I don't wear a full face of makeup either.) and I have addressed this in my first post and in the second post I made I have addressed the fact that I buy makeup from small local companies that are run by women or I make it myself. I also would say I wear it unconventionally, or at least in a unconventional manner to what is promoted today as being "conventional" makeup. I like painting dots on my face with eyeliner for example. ~uwuuu special snowflake desu~~
I even said that I got shamed for my acne for years because apparently women are supposed to have perfect faces with no pimples while men run around me with their faces looking like if I got a bit closer to them, they would reek like sebum.

On another note, while I was in high school I had this classmate that was incredibly overweight and had absolutely terrible acne and greasy hair and everything he had to do to be deemed attractive and get compliments and a gf was losing weight and not being extremely overweight, only slightly. He still had terrible acne, greasy as fuck hair and his breath stank while everyone was like uwuu you're so beautiful since you lost weight. I was weighting 60kg at 165cm and I would get called fat (by males). I have PCOS and excoriation disorder and I had one class mate that would ask me if I'm doing meth on a daily basis just to piss me off because of the scars I have on my face. I only got praised when I would wear a full face of makeup and while starving myself and becoming anorexic…

No. 534899

>I don't even wear full beat like those silly bimbos
>I only got praised when I would wear a full face of makeup and while starving myself and becoming anorexic…
Yeah uh… so obviously you have issues and using makeup meant you were less derided by others for things that were outside of your control. So instead of resenting the way that society constantly reinforces your need to hide your scars, you still shill makeup, but in a NLOG way. Like you see it as a way to feel better about yourself because you were shamed. Btw blue liner and quirky dots aren't unconventional, that picture is still conventionally attractive, just more editorial. You can continue to project your own cope on all women but reality remains that the large majority use it in a performative way.

No. 534905

I have been comparing my friendships and realized how shittier men are when it comes to being friends. They are flaky, manipulative and most of the time have ulterior motives. Most of them never reach out and straight up ghost. And whenever we do talk, they feel like an answering machine. My bond with my female friends is very strong, they make me feel appreciated and their words are meaningful. Even when my male friends try to be nice, their words feel empty most of the time. The only time I ever feel them is when they are either horny or distressed. I'm dumping all of them and staying with my girls.

No. 534910

Does anyone else enjoy watching predator catcher channels on youtube? I like ones like video related where the man is trying to run away and flee the scene like a panicked gazelle. I picture the panic and years of trauma that they would have inflicted on their girl victims had they gotten the chance so it feels good to see those tables turned. Men are so degenerate.

Agreed. I can't think of one consistent male friend who's ever been in my life whose ulterior motive wasn't to get in my pants. Meanwhile my female friends have been consistently involved in my life and have done selfless things for me, some not all but still way more than men.

No. 534913

>> Most of them never reach out and straight up ghost. And whenever we do talk, they feel like an answering machine.

I'll never forget the day i got fired over the phone (this job was shady and fired me for basically whistleblowing .) My male friend saw me crying after the phone call and just say there with a blank expression. he didnt even attempt to ask me what was wrong. my female friend hugged me and told me she'd buy me dinner and everything would be okay. why the fuck are men so stupid and useless?

No. 534915

Fucking dump him, holy shit. All your problems stem from the delusion that you must always have a bf for some reason, no matter how trash he is or how miserable he makes you.

It is fully possible that all men are cheaters, or ugly, or treat women like shit etc. The only solution is to grow some balls and BE SINGLE.

No. 534938

Anon, referring to post over here: >>534478 . Men who have Madonna-Whore complex will never find you attractive after they've caught you in a relationship. You can go under the knife until you're nothing but plastic and be the perfect doormat to your ugly ass boyfriend, he will still cheat on you.

No. 534946

>my boyfriend is really misogynistic (he says it's part of his latino culture lol..)
>My bf is fat, lazy, doesn't clean after himself at all, still finds time to cheat on me, neg me, and use me.
Anon, why are you dating someone like this? What does he bring to the table?
>My job pays a lot,
Please don't tell me he's leeching off you.

No. 534954

I'm sorry you've gone through so much, anon. Your parents are a huge issue, especially the way they enabled your brother. I had to get away from my father as well, esp after my mom passed because he became even worse of a shitty narcissist and sexist trashbag.

>Being a woman is so hard but I’d rather be the superior gender than the stronger gender.

You are both superior and stronger than men. All women are. I hope you can get through this time and move forward. You deserved to be loved and you do have self worth. Be safe, anon

No. 535003

Please everyone if you haven’t already, sign the petition to ban pornhub for good

Share with your friends, let’s get to 1 million !

No. 535005

File: 1585741455424.jpg (54.19 KB, 686x579, scrotes and pornhub.JPG)

>The butthurt scrotes in the comments
Good god.

No. 535022

This is the result of Kylie being in front of a camera from such a young age and being referred to as the ‘ugly sister’. She didn’t become a household name until all her plastic surgeries, which is evident of how a patriarchy ruled world treats conventionally attractive and unattractive women differently. I can’t imagine the pressure she must have felt with all these comments on her looks and with older sisters that have had cosmetic procedures done too. She must be mentally fucced. I think it’s really not her fault, I doubt that Kris Jenner allowed her the time and space to be young and carefree without all these expectations on her. And now she’s a mum too. She’s everything the patriarchy wants out of women, and men still complain about her. Goes to show that pleasing men only makes them hate you more.

No. 535023

no offense but do you guys even lurk… this was discussed 5 days ago

No. 535047

I don't believe this will change anything

No. 535051

File: 1585756360373.gif (3.58 MB, 362x200, ED619E60-2612-468A-96F4-D99218…)

Thanks anon, god bless, I hope you’re doing ok now.

No. 535053

I think she meant psychically anon

No. 535056

You'd need to start a petition about lowering men's sex drive

No. 535058

I'm 30.I sometimes wonder if men dont care about my feelings or if they just treat all women like this.
Sometimes I blame myself. Maybe I'm too stupid. Maybe I'm too ugly to be respected. Idk.

I did the smart thing and stopped being a pick me. Deleted all my dating apps. Blocked every guy I've ever had an emotional or romantic relationship with. With every guy I just feel like I'm worthless, no guy has ever made me feel like I'm good enough for em. I feel like I'm not even a human but just an object put on earth for their pleasure. I'm only as important as the amount of Instagram followers I have or how many orbiters. I dont even have a female support system to turn to. I'm black and I stopped wearing wigs to let my natural hair grow back and stop trying to hide behind a mask.
I feel so alone and lost.

No. 535063

The modern man is disastrously flawed anon, it's not you. I could've written your post almost word for word. As women, we were socialized to be introspective and blame ourselves whenever there's a problem.
The reality is that men are selfish and would sooner skip out on having to perform any kind of emotional labor required in a healthy relationship than seek it out. On top of that they have many unrealistic expectations and double standards. Whereas men today are often bitter and jaded, they expect women to be beaming bubbles of sunshine always and never have a complaint or hold any negativity ever. They don't want to chase, they want attractive pickmes to queue up to suck their dicks and pay their rent with zero effort on their end. And even if a woman is all those wonderful things, men will still take her for granted or cheat on her anyway.

Tbh men are shit and I'm glad I can use coronavirus as a valid social excuse to not date at least for the next year. Cause guess what? Men lie about being ill and having stds just to sleep with us too.

No. 535072

It's not you, it's the scrotes.

No. 535088

Sometimes I get in these moods where I blame myself. I've given guys money, food, cooked for them, give them sex, take care if then. I felt like maybe I didnt work hard enough but I do have a coworker who is a really perky white girl who acts like her ex bfs maid, filling up his drink when he needs more, cooking for him and doing his laundry and he wasnt even her real bf…he was her fwb. He recently single mommed this sweet girl and now shes alone with this baby.

No. 535096

Sucks. Feels like she was a pick me, red pilled chick and is now dealing with the harsh reality that men can leave woman at any point in time with no real consequences. Men will bitch about child support when women go through 100x worse being a single mom

No. 535100

>cooking, cleaning, fucking and doing his laundry
>he wasnt her bf, only her friend with benefits

wow, what a dumb bitch. I only feel for the child in this situation

No. 535101

I think it's men's fault but at the same time I can't help blaming women too and wonder why they coddle their men so much
They give up on any friendship over their boyfriends and husbands I don't get it
Maybe cuz I don't have a soft side and always treated female friends like princesses and men like disposable things

No. 535104

Yeah shes tiny, pretty, perky, white and submissive. Likes anime(she actually draws really well)and cooks. You would think she would be the kind of woman a man would want to stick with and she still ended up a single mother. Her fwb or bf or whatever moved to another state and blocked her. He claimed she tried to trap him with a baby but he made the choice to fuck her raw…

No. 535105

She's at fault for being an idiot too. I dont understand these women who depend on men so much for validation

No. 535118

>what a dumb bitch

If men weren't such unreciprocal rat bastards none of that would have happened. Don't put down generosity and compassion because you wanna make excuses for how these shitbags behave. No wonder men fuck us over, society doesn't punish the men you all just ridicule the women who are victimized by their callousness. You should hand them the pass yourself.

No. 535126

Nayrt but it is my first instinct to side with the woman too but then I realized most of types like her would never do the same for ugly abrasive male-haters like us. They will just dig their heels in deeper and resent the woman who “stole” their man.

No. 535133

>I realized most of types like her would never do the same for ugly abrasive male-haters like us
Even if you knew her and this would be the case so what? Males are getting away with this and their culpability is minimized when you call women who treated them well "stupid bitches." This is why they can act so entitled. Male narrative is that women are suckers, and you're towing their line by implying she deserved it.

No. 535135

At what point can we hold women accountable? At what point can we criticize and hold women up to a higher standard? At what point can we expect intelligent women to take responsibility for their involvement with degenerates?

Isn't this a major problem with males? That they are unable to criticize their fellow men and have no standards for one another?

No. 535138

Men criticize other men, they just don't do it in front of women. We should do the same.

No. 535140

File: 1585769254796.jpg (129.71 KB, 1023x630, hpv.jpg)

Does anyone get surprised at how many amazing female scientists there are and how so many female scientists are making new discoveries in science and medicince…yet big media outlets and news articles never report on this type of stuff but if it was a man making these discoveries ever fucking news and media outlest would be talking about it.

Its so harmful how the media and the news outlets act like women in science dont exist and they only post about women if they are celebrtities,singers,prostitutes and bauty gurus…

Pic related: Is a Female Mexican scientist who discovered a very effective way to treat women with HPV. The discovery was in 2019.

No. 535142

There's a difference between being compassionate and a complete retard.

It's more offensive you're treating women like toddlers who don't know what's good or bad for themselves

No. 535145

You must be a LARPer or extremely sheltered because if you were a grown woman you would know that you never escape catching blame for shit because women are blamed for everything. Even for, evidently, being nice to their romantic partners. We aren't "babied" which is why after laboring to be good partners to men we're punched again for having been good to men. Victims are blamed and criminals receive validation.
Fuck this gay earth.

No. 535146

NTA, but I think we can criticize with compassion. Only scrotes can't voice criticism in love. We don't need to call her a stupid bitch for a male taking advantage of her good heart and desire to be loved.
That man completely used her, but this is also why giving men your 100 when they offer 50 or even less (FWB? Really?) is such a bad idea.
He completely fucked her over, but she probably was convinced he'd come around. She still might be, and it's sad.

No. 535150

Can the two of you just shut the fuck up.
This thread always goes to shit because there are always some catty idiots who want to derail and infight and dont want to contribute anything to this thread other than sperging.
And due to your sperging good posts also get ignored because anons are too busy watching the shit show of two retards who always argue here.
The admins need to take infighing seriously for this thread and give of harsh bans to infighters.

Looks like it has a pretty good succeed rate if you look at the article. She has also been working on it for 20 years that alot of dedication.

No. 535151

What? I'm >>535146, how am I infighting? I literally said we can criticize unwise actions without being assholes about it.

No. 535154

i hate that discussion is always called 'infighting' tbh

No. 535158

why are relationships nowadays so miserable ?

>expected to cook for him

>expected to push him into his career and education while being able to keep up with your own
>expected to keep your body up for him and he is allowed to eat shitty and be lazy and it's your fault for not pushing him
>do all typical housewife duties
>also expected to support him, you'd be lucky to find a man capable of supporting just himself
>be faithful to him
>expected to be fun and entertaining in the bedroom and put out whenever he wants
>the moment you ask for anything from him like complete faithfulness you're an evil manipulative cunt with issues

I honestly dont know what the average woman even gets out of relationships anymore tbh

No. 535160

parents approval…? but for real, every relationship i've had with a man always goes like that and imo there's no reason to go through any of that. you could have a more fulfilling time by yourself doing the things you want to do than wasting your energy on a useless guy.

No. 535162

File: 1585773451664.jpg (157.65 KB, 1080x1940, 0848660ef1fbe69e56f885980f962e…)

Don't forget you're supposed to 'fix' him too. And that's not a recent thing. Women have always been expected to do that.

No. 535164

What a retarded image. Why would an enlightened being co-exist with a depraved and degenerate aberration?
All this is image is saying that women should embrace being dragged down and think nothing of how their relationships limit them.

No. 535181

File: 1585776455187.jpg (340.07 KB, 1241x1592, IMG_6300.JPG)

Reminder that all males that are 12 or older are porn addicts

No. 535186

Ironically this tweet is from a tranny

No. 535198

he's right though, gotta say

No. 535206

This is more of a relationship issue i had, but also kinda regarding men who abuse and or force women into an uncomfortable situation. Basically i had this ex who would constantly force me to send him nudes, i was underage at that time and he was about 19 years old almost 20. He also constantly blamed me for things and threatened suicide which messed me up later on. He also used abusive language, told me mean things and threatened to murder me if i left him.

Right now, im in a better relationship, a more loving one and my husband is the sweetest. I feel safe for once. I still suffer PTSD and issues with self esteem, depression and anxiety due to the abusive relationship i had once.

I do not hate all men, i know there are good ones somewhere out there, but i despise men who treat women or other men like shit, abuse them etc. to the point where someone doesnt feel safe anymore or just feels terrible.

Honestly, im not sure if hes with another woman again and if he is…i feel so sorry she has to now put up with his abuse.

Its never okay to abuse.

No. 535213

This has got to be negging and trying to get her attention, that girl is gorgeous without makeup and has perfect skin.

No. 535215

she's pretty efamous now, so probably not. doubt she gives a shit or would even read that tweet

No. 535220

I was looking up that dumb "torturing feminists in red dead" controversy and I found the dude uploaded this video.
>"Arresting Prostitute & Watching Her Hang"
Jesus christ

No. 535225

Evidence that the y chromosome is defective. They love to hate women like prostitutes but demand that all women should put out and be sexual for them. Can't have it both ways so they're frustrated and take it out on stupid video games

No. 535235

File: 1585787256101.jpeg (30.81 KB, 400x400, sy9KfN4A_400x400.jpeg)

I'm looking through old interviews of Epstein's victims. There are too many "hur she was 14 not 7!" "when are women going to take responsibility for themselves" and other vile comments in a similar fashion.

These rats probably fantasize about having their own lolita island.

No. 535236

>"when are women going to take responsibility for themselves"
Leave it to pedophiles blaming children for being trafficked and raped

Then women do exercise causion around men like by avoiding them or carrying weapons, they throw fits and call it "rude and discrimination"

No. 535265

File: 1585796079073.png (319.88 KB, 384x365, I_won't_hesitate_.PNG)

I'm starting to believe there are a lot more pedophiles out there than most people think because holy fucking shit at people in the comments saying that 14 year olds should "know better"
and calling her a prostitute. They're fucking KIDS and were groomed on top of this.

No. 535281

Man, I'd rather just ignore that shit and live my life… There are things that happens in this world that make me not wanna live in it anymore. Like every time I see cute children I smile at their pureness but then can't help thinking about the monsters that might be lurking in the shadows, looking at them with desire in their eyes… fuck, that makes me so mad. I've never suffered any trauma in my life but recently read something that left me in shock and still keep thinking about it from time to time… pedos should burn to death

No. 535282

I don't doubt there are a lot more pedophiles in the world, however at least part of it is just the old damn misogyny. I was raped when I was 8 years old by a man who was in his 50's, and my mother (who is not a pedo) said this same kind of thing to me, that I should know better, it was my fault for somehow seducing him or whatever, etc etc, meanwhile "obviously" (to her), a 50yo man couldn't know better wtf he was doing and was "obviously" a victim of a lusty 8 years old.

No. 535286

Im so fucking sorry anon I hope he burns or perishes by corona

No. 535312

Trying to understand wtf is wrong with the male psyche is genuinely perplexing. Male depravity is like a bottomless pit. We may never have a solid answer for this.

No. 535399

I’m so sorry you had to go through that, hope you’re doing better now
I’m angry that your mum could say that to you, it was NEVER your fault. Hope he gets prostate cancer and dies a slow and painful death with no friend and family around him. Fingers crossed.

No. 535497

nice job anon I hope we reach that goal in no time

but why is violence not allowed in this thread
and how else are we gonna to deal with scrotes

apologies im a newfag here

No. 535498

i can feel your pain i hope you survive this pandemic anon


No. 535499

That's a disgusting outlook for your mother to have, I hope you never internalized it for even a second.
I hope you're healing, and that the man who took advantage of you is driven to suicide (or is taken by the pandemic, in the most painful way).

No. 535506

There's a lot of movies for kids where the girl falls in love with the ugly guy bc of his personality instead of his appearance, (like Shrek, The Princess and the Frog and Beauty and the Beast) but not the opposite.

No. 535510

Mothers like this is why having children needs to be fucking regulated, Christ.

We had to read Lolita for an English class I took in college and the class discussion turned into a debate on whether Delores or Humbert was the real victim.

… a middle school aged child… who a pedophile married the mother of to gain access to, and was appointed the guardian of when said mother died… this was up for debate who the "real victim was"…

I'm sure it will sadly not shock any frequenters of these threads to hear over half the males in the class said Humbert was the true victim.

No. 535514

Their entire brain is programmed to fuck at the least amount of effort. Some find manipulating and raping children their easiest path. Whatever a man does on life, it is usually in one way or another to get more/better pussy, or to distract from the fact that they don't have any pussy (the case of hikkis & mgtow). The only possible exceptions are Omega autists like Tesla, who regular men love to hold as an example of their superior gender despite the fact that he was nothing like a typical man in any aspect, especially in this age.

No. 535515

Ugly women to the rest of the world are subhuman

Shrek however does something different at least, where shrek sees fiona as beautiful

No. 535517

Reminder that the only thing capable of inspiring love in a man is appearance. Nothing you do for a man matters. A man would rather have his balls crushed by a beautiful woman than be catered to by a woman of average looks.

No. 535521

In regards to Shrek, Fiona stayed an ogre and he still thought she was beautiful. Lord Fuckwad, who represents our entitled generation of manlets in the dating pool, was the one who took issue with her ogre form even though his own midgetness is undesirable.

Shrek was based af.

No. 535544

About this, I've seen a post that was like "this is why people save cute kittens from a fire but no one would save a rat"

No. 535553

Shark really was based. He didn’t kiss “sleeping” Fiona, he wasn’t interested in her until the fighting scene when he started to see her real personality.

Unfortunately he devolves into a whiney entitled douchebag in shrek 2 and it only goes downhill from there

No. 535607

The double standards hit me really hard today.

>husband abruptly decided to quietly drop (ie ghost) his best friend of almost 10 years

>was super vague in explaining "I just outgrew him"
>had to use his phone for internet browsing this morning because I temporarily misplaced my charger and my phone was dead
>get a FB text from husband's exbff
>could see in preview it was an apology, read it because I'm nosey
>turns out reason husband dropped him was because he said he couldn't believe my husband was willing to put up with how fat and unattractive I had gotten
>husband pointed out the reason I put on so much weight was because I was having a really horrible time coping with grandma's loss and turned to unhealthy coping mechanisms, and he would never leave me no matter how much weight I gained
>asshole says that's not a valid excuse and husband deserves better since he's so fit, that it's "rather telling" that I would allow myself to gain so much weight despite how much he keeps himself in shape
>husband tells him they can't be friends

I'm happy my husband defended me and I'm not mad that he lied to me about why they're not friends to spare my feelings, but I'm still extremely upset by this because of the blatant double standards. Women are villified so hard if they won't date someone 5 points beneath them in appearance, we are expected to disregard weight, age, balding, hygiene, financial stability, and pretty much everything you can name. Yet, my husband is being treated like an abuse victim because I gained 60lbs the year my grandma died because burgers and booze were the only thing that numbed the pain. I have been very open on holding myself responsible and have lost 10lbs recently so far and cut out a lot of the contributing factors to my weight gain, but I guess I just don't deserve love and my husband should walk out of a 6 year long relationship because how dare I not be perfect when my husband has a 6 pack.

No. 535609

I’m so angry for you anon. As someone who struggles with weight and also lost my grandmother last year. but good on your mans for sticking up for you, I feel like most men would be bitching to their friends about you behind your back. I hope you’re getting back into a good space and good riddance to that asshole.

No. 535611

This is a incel technique where men do this to men in happily married relationships so they break up and then they can feel happy that they are not the only one miserable and lonely.
This is very common in incel communities where incels shame other incels when they get a girlfriend because they are jealous.

No. 535617

i've said it a million times: men cannot have friends. if you do magically find a decent man, any friends in his life, especially male, will seek to corrupt him.

No. 535618

This x1000. The ex friend is jealous and salty. Maybe the fact that he considers weight gain as a form of spousal abuse is "rather telling" of why he lacks a meaningful relationship himself so as to be up in everyone else's business like that. Men are such sorry fuckers.

No. 535620

I don't get to say this often on lolcow letalone the PP thread… but you married a winner sis, congrats.

Anyway there's always been a pervasive attitude that a man dating a woman out of his league is lucky, successful and awesome, and the woman is praised for not being shallow. A woman dating someone out of her league is shamed and pitied, and so is the man. Shit like that is by design, because men are always trying to increase their chances of dating someone way too good for them. Hypocrites.

No. 535623

that's nowhere near enough information to congratulate her on marrying a winner.

No. 535625

He defended her, dropped a 10 year friendship because someone insulted her, understands her situation with her grandma, doesn't value looks above everything else or resent her for weight gain? That's more than 99% of men would do and shows real love and respect.

No. 535636

that's the absolute bare minimum for any functional and real relationship and it doesn't constitute "winner" status. just because almost all men are horrifically shit doesn't make someone a "winner" for doing the right thing once. we have no other information about him. you have no idea what he's like outside of this. this is why standards for men are so low. in the pink pill thread of all places, there's trumped up congratulatory claims for absolute bare minimum actions with absolutely no other information. women are already told that almost any boyfriend they have is wonderful, just any guy, just for being a guy. you have no information about him beyond this. he could be awful outside of this. you have no clue. it's jumping the gun too much to figure he's "a winner". i'll guarantee you this wasn't the first time his friend revealed himself to be shit and yet he kept him. "10 year friendships" don't mean shit. he's married to her. of course she should come first??

No. 535660

OP here, I actually agree with you 100% that this is the bare minimum that women should be able to expect. It's sad that's not the case for most men. He is definitely a gem in general, though. Any valid complaints I have about him were fixed years ago or are extremely minor, like always waiting an extra couple days longer than he should to take out the trash. He definitely goes above and beyond for me, and I find it very tragic what some anons are willing to put with from men, when there are good men out there happy to treat them like queens.

No. 535673

No anon please sprinkle your stories ITT, I ain’t got nothing better to do

No. 535701

Divorce is always the first point of theirs.

Women endure rape, torture, sex trafficking, violence all over the world. Marriage with men served men being forcing women to serve them as maids and broodmares. Even now women who leave marriages are faced with more problems like finances
Men: b-but muh divorce and alimony and child support

Also can mgtows make any content without plastering general stock videos and photos of women. They can't leave women out of their minds whatsoever

No. 535748

>they cant keep women out of their minds
That's because mgtows and "mens rights" activists do not care about men. If they did they would try to stop men from being raped and murdered by other men but they don't. Violence against men by other men happens way more than any other injustice towards men yet they only want to talk about the so called injustices that involve women like divorce laws. Yet the same people will argue that cops killing black people isn't a problem because "black on black crime" happens more than black people getting killed by racist white cops. They truly do not care about other men. They just hate women and yes they are obsessed with muh divorce/child support/alimony, its literally the only talking point in most mgtow videos (other than "the wall")

Reminds me of how there use to be a website (that might still exist, Idk) called theantifeminist.com that claimed to be about mens rights but it was really about repealing consent laws and said that consent laws were just made by bitter feminists to police mens sexuality. Oh and that website also said that people like Paul Elam and the people who made the Red Pill ruined the mens rights movement.

No. 535787

>She's a self-hating /pol/tard
doesn't that make her also like SargononAkkad, he's also not fully white but tries to play to the /pol/ audience

No. 535794

> They can't leave women out of their minds whatsoever
They really can't. I browse a female-centric board that regularly gets incel raids and they honest to god come to the threads to announce how all men should follow the MGTOW movement and how women are useless but refuse to leave this female space. Men going their own way, more like "men bitching and moaning until they have personal female sex slaves".

>they are obsessed with muh divorce/child support/alimony, its literally the only talking point in most mgtow videos (other than "the wall")
Don't forget the male suicide rate (nevermind how women attempt suicide more but don't have an access to guns like men do, thus surviving them) and how men have a bigger death rate at their jobs (stats skewed by military which barely allows women). Those are CLEAR signs of how oppressed men actually are! Oh, and did I forget about men experiencing domestic violence just as much as women do (while women are many times more likely to experience repeated victimization and to die from it)? That shut you up, huh stupid roastie!!!!

No. 535795

he's not fully white? what is he?

No. 535797

I'm sorry for what happened to you. Your post reminded me of a book I read some time ago about a pedophile and his victim. Overall, it made me feel like it was trying to excuse his actions due to him being abused when he was younger, and it is written by a woman. I know a lot of cases like yours, mostly women and even when they are scarred for life they NEVER hurt anyone. But ppl want to excuse a fucking pedo for having a rough childhood when there are women who went through the same and still don't go after little children. Why is it always men that get abused and end up hurting others as an result?

No. 535806

File: 1585896423344.jpg (447.55 KB, 982x1022, Image1.jpg)

>ppl want to excuse a fucking pedo for having a rough childhood when there are women who went through the same and still don't go after little children
This is always so true, I can't believe how pervasive the 'uwu hurt people hurt people' bullshit is. You'd think they'd apply a little logic, like… who is most commonly abused? Women. Who is least like to abuse someone? Fucking women.

The 'he was abused as a child' excuse is the #1 myth in Why Does He Do That.

No. 535814

I was reading Mindhunter by John Douglas and he talks about how women are more often victims of abuse but that doesn't turn them into perpetrators of violence, while men externalize their negative emotions. If they feel bad they have to make others feel bad too.

No. 535818

same as Venti 1/4th black, which is white enough for most conservatives but not white enough for Nazis

No. 535829

File: 1585901073297.jpg (121.84 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

thanks for letting me know. I had no idea he claimed that. looks like he lied (unsurprisingly) . here's his totally half black dad, kek

No. 535858

First of all, they have no right to bitch about unfair child custody because that's just reaping what they sow. The patriarchy are the ones who fought tooth and nail to push the agenda that women are just naturally meant to stay home caring for the children, to justify forcing us to be glorified bangmaids and raise their kids while they have fulfilling careers and come home to zero domestic responsibilities. They do not get to bitch when the OBVIOUS outcome is the woman being assumed to be the better caretaker, and thus being granted custody. They are literally mad that on occasion the logic they use to oppress women works against them.

As for alimony, in most progressive states the woman gets nothing unless it was a long marriage and she sacrificed having a carreer to domestically support the husband and is at an age where it's not realistic to start one. And it's a lot harder to get if you don't have kids. Plus, this isn't based on gender, it's based on who makes more money. Given how most MRAs and MGTOWs barely break minimum wage, this is not something they have to worry about.

One of my friends divorced his wife and she wasn't entitled to anything of his because she was only 26 and thus totally capable of working. Not to mention, there's these things called prenups if you have enough money to warrant being that scared.

Like previous anons have said, they don't actually care about men's rights, they only care about shitting on women. There are tons of actual problems men have, but they're not women's fault, so they see no point focusing on them at all.

No. 535860

Is that guy still around? I thought he had lost some popularity.

No. 535872

This is legit the worst thing I have ever read


>Why African Americans seem naturally redpilled.

>I was asked by multiple people to make my reply to a comment into it's own individual post. So here it is.

>Redditor: why do black American seems to be naturally redpilled?

>My Reply: Cause black men are exposed to the Tyranny of women from an early age. Now, not every black women is toxic, buttt it's like literally 1 out of 100. And even the none toxic black female still likes the thuggish, Tyrone and the Peacock type of guy. A lot of these black males come from single mother homes, where they are exposed to authoritative matriarcharies. And outside the house, a good chunk of the black women are just flat out aggressive and hostile.

>Black women have been trying to out compete their men for decades. So it should come to no surprise that they are competitive. And the black American female has came up with quite the reproductive strategy. A few years ago the "I'm a strong independent black woman who don't need a man" meme was all over the internet. Probably one of the most dominant memes of the 2010 decade. However, the phrase has been around for a long ass time. And we all know how it goes when women say they don't need men. The men actually leave. By saying "i don't need a man" to a generation of boys, you've told them that's it's okay for them to abandon you. Now one the baby daddy that she shares with 3 other women had left her, the black female reproductive strategy kicks in. They want to make their own money to use on themselves and their kids(that ain't yours), while spending your money. A black women fucks and has Tyrones kids. Then she get a job making decent money. Probably more than Tyrone Jr's dad. Then she wants to find another guy to spend his money of her and the bastard child, while she saves her own money for whatever she wants. It's the ultimate female reproductive strategy. She gets everything she wants. The cc, the bad boy, the badboy's son, her own money, the rich guys money, the career and she gets to say it was all done through her abilities. It's a feminist wet dream. City Girls, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Megan thee Stallion, and various other female rappers. They all make songs advertising and glamorizing this idea. They literally sing, rap and dance to the idea of cucking men. The black youth are exposed to it early on and it shapes their thoughts. In a way it allows black males to hear through music what females are really trying to do.

>Not only that, black woman pick the bad boy types like it's the only answer on the test. They fuck with tyrones exclusively in their younger years. Even the regular black girls who aren't hoodrats, still chase the Tyrones. It's never just a normal guy who just isn't in the picture. It's always a "my baby daddy is deadbeat" or "my baby's father is in jail". They all like to share the same baby daddies. It's not uncommon for a black male to have multiple children from multiple women. They share and cycle through the same trashy guys. The more face tattoos and baggy pants the better for them. Deadbeat? Criminal record? Cheated on last gf? Beating their last gf? Has other baby mommas? Impulse buys a nice car with a shit ton of miles? Takes money from your purse? Can't get a job? Sells drugs? Carries a gun around illegally? Buys clothes they can't afford? Likes to flaunt and show off everything for everyone cause theyre extremely vain? Dropped out of school? Rapper? These are the characteristics of the men that black women have decided should be passed on to the next generation. Those are the characteristics that they reproduce with and then they act surprised when their kids do bad in school.

>Black women have been willing to throw hands and domestically abuse their guys for decades. And yeah, these chicks will throw closed handed fist and still expect you not to hit them back. And the African American female is not the little, petite, delicate and flower type of girl you see from other races. These punches can have some weight to them. Black males are taught early about the absurdity of not being able to defend yourself against weaker opponents, unless you be labeled toxic to society.

>And then there is the trash talk and insults. No demographic alive can talk more shit and throw sharper insults than the African American female. They'll be hitting you and daring you to hit them while calling your mom and sister a bitch and claiming how she told all her gfs that you got a baby dick, how your kid isn't yours, and how she fucked all your friends. If there is a button a black woman will find it and push it. In there is a line, they will Cross it. As a matter of fact, they are habitual line steppers.

>And when black women do date, they think it's the man's responsibility to make sure they look good. Black women are well known for asking their bfs for money to get their nails and hair "did" or to buy themselves some new shoes or a dress. This is how black women got labeled as "high maintenance". Black women literally see their dudes as an atm. A sperm deposit into a black women is synonymous with a bank deposit. Whether it be casual dating, a long relationship, divorce alimony or child support. They will come after you for money.

>And black women have never had an issue getting government aid and child support to buy their kid the latest pair of Jordans. And they the main ones who will ask their baby daddy for child support for the kid and then go spend it on her nails so she can wrap her new nails around another Tyrone's dick. Probably where their younger generation got the idea that they are entitled to other people taking care of them.

>kanye's gold digger song was made about black women. One of the most traumatizing things a black male sees growing up is his father being chained and shaken down for child support money from the mother or the government.

>In addition to Tyrones, black women love them some peacocks. A dude who wears expensive brands, drives a nice car and always appears to be well kept and showing off all their money. Despite appearing to have so much money, they are still broke. These are the type of black dudes who like to look better and more dressed up than their women. They are the eyecandy in the relationship. And as long as they appear to have money, a African American female is going go for that dick. So black males are taught that they have to flaunt and appear to have money to attract females. They are exposed from an early age that money brings bitches. No single black moms are out there telling their sons to be nice to girls to get girls to like them… African American women care about money. This is probably one of their redeeming factors, because unlike other races of females, they wont lie about it. They openly state that they don't fuck with broke guys. Another one of the things highlighted in modern rap music by females. Broke dudes arent worth shit when black women want to settle down.That's why the African American has to peacock himself so much.

>And now that black women are finally making more money and earning more degrees than their male counter parts, they are flat out nasty about it. They spit and laugh in the face of any dude who makes less than them.

>All these deadbeats tyrones knock them up. And then all of a sudden they expect to find a rich, handsome and successful black man to save them. Like a Tyler Perry movie or something. However, the successful black men know better. They know what comes with a black women. That is why most of these basketball players, nfl players, actors, celebrities and everything else be so quick to date outside their race. And black women get very angry and bitter about it cause they feel entitled to those men's resources. And there's not enough successful black men for all these "college educated black women" and regular black women too. Literally 100% of women competing for 10% of men here. They'll get knocked up by a Tyrone or a black male Peacock, but they want a educated, tall , handsome and hvm type to settle down with. And the issue is those high value males are too smart to date a sm or a African American women who has that attitude and disposition that black women are so famous for.

>The black men left the plantation long ago. Every black man who leaves his mom's house has left the feminist plantation. Everything you might dislike about feminism is in a concentrated form in the black community. By the time they leave their sm nest, they're calling women bitches, hoes, sluts like it's another term for their gender. And they're already got it in their head that they are going to do whatever you they want to make themselves happy. Even if it's at the expense of others, cause they they think they deserve it after seeing their only parent act in a similar fashion. After being exposed to true female nature, matriarchies and feminism, nothing stops them from leaving. Not a marriage, not a kid, not religion, not financial responsibility. Nothing!!!

>If you want to see what female lead households lead to look at the black community. You can literally point out a black boy who had a dad in his life from one who came from a single mother home. The difference is astounding. The effects of a matriarchal households can be seen by looking at the deterioration of the black community. And over the past few years, it's not just them. The white and hispanic single mothers are raising boys and girls who are just as degenerate. Female lead homes are why these new generations are so fucked up and cant do anything for themselves. Just like their moms they feel entitled for someone to take care of them because all they saw growing up was female behavior that showed entitlement. They think they can break the law and take corners and do whatever they want. They think the world revolves around them because that's what they saw their moms displaying They never saw a hard-working man in the house to teach them responsibility, work -ethic and the value of a dollar. Feminism has them all fighting in the Victim Olympics. It's not just a black community problem anymore. Feminism and being raised by single moms has these males trying to do everything to get some money except working harder. They're thinking like females. They all think the world is too tough and that they deserve help. These new generations aren't even really poor. They just don't have as much money as they THINK they're entitled to.

No. 535876

Everyone that has Telegram needs to delete it asap if they haven't already after the Nth Room case

In Italy: https://twitter.com/mirapluie/status/1245838625205452807

Men are sharing pics of underage girls, pics of random women on public transport, asking for videos of rape attacks, have chatrooms titled "I'll rape your sister", guys talking about selling their daughters, etc.

No. 535879


He typed this essay while knowing his entire group is basically infamous for being abusive, broke and absent fathers.

I feel so so bad for black women having to deal with this shit. The only men worse are probably Indian.

No. 535900

Black woman here. I'm genuinely not trying to race bait, but your average black man's attitude toward women (especially black women) is honestly indecipherable from a white conservative's. I have never understood why other black women typically refuse to date outside their race. Upper middle class black men are usually fine, but ghetto types are almost always trash and no self-respecting woman should give them the time of day.

No. 535902

File: 1585921241660.png (285.96 KB, 886x796, Screenshot (2).png)

The singer of Rammstein released a collection of poems and some are more than just questionable…

>"While you're asleep"

>I like sleeping with you while you're asleep, When you don't move at all, Mouth is open, Eyes closed, The entire body is calm, I can touch you everywhere, Can totally lose self-control, I like sleeping with you while you're dreaming, Because you miss out on everything here, And that's exactly how it should be (that's how it should be that's fun), A bit of rohypnol in the wine (a bit of rohypnol in the glass), You can no longer move at all, And you're asleep, It's a blessing.

Of course his fans are now whining about "triggered" sjws, defend him by saying that this is artistic freedom and that he always wrote songs about taboo topics. This is not just "provocation", there's no social critique behind it, this is blatant worship of rape. People also complained to the publishing house who thought printing something so disgusting would be a-okay and they justified it with an extremely condescending letter which basically only says "you have to learn to distinguish between the author and the lyrical narrator". Thanks bro…
I actually liked their music but this goes too far. It's especially hypocritical because the band always makes sure to label themselves as anti-racist, anti-fascist, liberal leftists, but appearantly us women, 50% of the world's population, are not deserving of the same respect. Keep in mind that these guys are the most famous musicians in Germany, they have a huge audience. In the US celebrities could get cancelled for much less.
Plus the poem is itself is shit too, took me less than 5 minutes to tranlate. Reads like it was written by an edgy 13-year-old.
I feel sorry that I felt sorry for him when there were news about him being hospitalized due to corona.

No. 535908

>This is not just "provocation", there's no social critique behind it, this is blatant worship of rape.
My thoughts exactly. Where's the message? Who is he trying to piss off, people who don't like rape? Lmao.

No. 535917

I also don't wanna racebait. but black women themselves are perhaps the biggest pick-me's of any race, I know pickmeism infects all cultures but it is without a doubt worst in the black community, like without exaggeration black women literally hold up the black community and earn more collectively then black men, which is unheard of any race(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 535918

Dating out as a black woman doesn't magically make things better though. Seriously, when you see slanderous, hateful shit about black women, you have no idea what race the man could be, because all men of all races tend to hold negative perceptions of black women. It would somewhat increase your options, but overall every man has to be dealt on a case by case basis and you really have to keep your guard up higher than any other women since men ain't shit.

Of course. For black women, your option are pretty slim and many of them have low self esteem because of it.

No. 535922

Why would you feel sorry for rich ppl?

No. 535923

shitty scrotes can be black, white, brown, whatever! However, however the particular brand stockholm syndrome that black women have in regards to black men is very community specific. So many of us feel guilt when we seek love outside of black men

No. 535926

>So many of us feel guilt when we seek love outside of black men
This. Not to mention the insane double standards when it comes to dating outside your race. If a black man dates a white woman, it's "dating up", but when a black woman does it she's a race traitor. I've gotten so much shit over the fact I married an upper middle class white guy, meanwhile the same black men talk about getting with white chicks like it's the ultimate status symbol.

No. 535945

And the worst is when they say you dont support us black men. So its my job to raise you and give you a participation trophy for showing up to society. I get its hard as a black man, I get the struggle is real my brother but dont get it twisted that its now my burden to shoulder to single handedly make you feel worthy all the while you trample all over cause I dont support you being a sound cloud rapper. Whew no thanks bro.

No. 535947

honestly the best dating options for black women are other black women, which is why i'm glad i'm bi. I know there are a lot more bi black women, but they only stick to men because religion, homophobia, traditionalism, a weird general sense of loyalty to black men, etc.

No. 535953

>>If you want to see what female lead households lead to look at the black community. You can literally point out a black boy who had a dad in his life from one who came from a single mother home. The difference is astounding. The effects of a matriarchal households can be seen by looking at the deterioration of the black community. And over the past few years, it's not just them. The white and hispanic single mothers are raising boys and girls who are just as degenerate. Female lead homes are why these new generations are so fucked up and cant do anything for themselves. Just like their moms they feel entitled for someone to take care of them because all they saw growing up was female behavior that showed entitlement. They think they can break the law and take corners and do whatever they want. They think the world revolves around them because that's what they saw their moms displaying They never saw a hard-working man in the house to teach them responsibility, work -ethic and the value of a dollar. Feminism has them all fighting in the Victim Olympics. It's not just a black community problem anymore. Feminism and being raised by single moms has these males trying to do everything to get some money except working harder. They're thinking like females. They all think the world is too tough and that they deserve help. These new generations aren't even really poor. They just don't have as much money as they THINK they're entitled to.

This is such a gross mentality. It isn't the single mother's fault a lot of men turn out like this. But once again, no one is blaming the absentee fathers. Always the women are at fault. And fuck this shit, my mom raised my and my sibling single and was the hardest working person on the planet. Once again, no dad in sight because men can just bounce whenever they want with almost no consequences

No. 535976

File: 1585935062221.jpg (319.99 KB, 1080x1252, Screenshot_20200403-122240.jpg)


>Women initiate divorce more

>Single mothers struggle to raise children

It's like when men blamed women for giving birth to girls, they don't realize their own sad irony.

No. 535999


As another fellow black woman, I'd like to add my experiences to this topic. I really do not mean to racebait either, but I think the misogyny and machism in the black community is on another level.

Growing up in an afro-carribean family, I had the privilege of seing how black men can be incredibly misogynistic, thus I swore to myself to never date black men again. It's not because I hate them, I love them, but I hate the way they treat us. We have to give them our unshakable trust, loyalty, devotion, love, are expected to be wonderful wives who shower them with adoration and care, and be the perfect nurturing mothers who have to take care of the children by themselves, and give up our jobs in order to raise them. And what do they give us in return? Paying the bills? Their watered down vision of love? Offering gifts? Those are all material things. They are not able to give back the same amount of emotional labor we put in the relationship, and they expect us to worship the floor they walk on, and be perfect in anyway.

They expect us to support them in their financial instability and "help" them to rise, but beware of a broke black woman, they would never blink twice at us.

We already suffer the trouble of being anxious that we might not be attractive to another race, and we have to take this shit from black men as well, comparing dark skin to light skin, and then light skin to white women. (I have no hate towards white women, I just dislike how black men put us down, to glorify white women) We will never win.

I once dated a black man who would mock the fact that I'm congolese and "jokingly" call me 'fatoumata' (a traditional Malian or Senegalese name for girls) as if it's some sort of slur, make fun of my natural hair, or of fellow black women wearing wigs, say of how he liked fucking with white girls…. Well yeah, he was a fucking jerk, but it is not uncommon for black men to be self-hating pieces of shit.

Here's what toxic masculinity, misogyny, self-hate does to this community. We, black women, literally have to carry the whole community on our backs and never complain at that. I'm tired.

Sorry for this wall of a text, but I'm kinda glad to see other black women on lolcow speaking about this ambiant misogyny in our community.

No. 536017

>Here's what toxic masculinity, misogyny, self-hate does to this community. We, black women, literally have to carry the whole community on our backs and never complain at that. I'm tired.

that's the thing that irks, we do literally carry the black community(which is something unheard in sociologically) while at the same time doing domestic duties, its all the worst parts without any sort of benefit

No. 536018

us black women have to literally shoulder the burden of raising families on our own, actually trying to break generational curses and trying to become more educated in society.Black men dont have that burden because tehy dont have to because they have mommy to coddle them if shit hits the fan and whitey to blame when they end up like broke losers. Its really fucked that not only are we looked down by other races for having the audacity to be born with dark skin but we are looked down upon by the men who are supposed to understand and protect us. Not to race bait but honestly at least other races of women have men that protect them and dont openly bash them on public platforms and in songs etc. Its gotten so bad that even white and latina girls make fun of us and how our own men treat us. Like wtf. Black women have to fight tooth and nail for men that would NEVER do the same for us. I would love to date a black man and marry black but honestly id rather be alone. It makes me fucking sad. but im also so happy that there are other black women on here. HI LADIES!!

No. 536020

Tbf black women are also the most pink pilled. It’s just the pendulum effect, this polarization exists in communities with heightened misogyny, my SEA hellscape is like this too.

No. 536024

Are you Indonesian, I have spoken to some based Indonesian feminists

No. 536026

most just seem to choose to date out, white men aren't any better then black but a smaller % are shit and their's a larger poole to choose from,

No. 536031


THIS. Women of other races do have men who bring them down, but they do not bring them down for their race. Like damn, I've never seen this shit with non-black people! I know that this is the influence of past colonialism and shit, but I wish grown ass men would stop using this excuse to avoid any accountability.

Hi sis! It would be great to have a discord where we can discuss more about theses issues within our community, I don't want to derail the thread too much with racebait.


They're not better, but they are less worse, if that does make any sense lol.

No. 536032

They're literally showing themselves here everything that's already been said. To them, it's "sjw" to be against rape and showing basic human decency like speaking out against it should be shunned and humiliated. They despise empathy and decency so much.

The song is just male-ness. There's nothing "deep and meaningful" about wanting to rape someone that trusts you.

And it's always rock/metal and rap that are the worst genres with its attitude towards women.

No. 536034

It makes sense and as said their's a larger poole to choose from

No. 536084

It's not a song by the band, it's a poem by the singer. But yeah, disappointing. There is nothing edgy whatsoever about that, it's just mundane rapist misogyny.

No. 536089

Speaking of no empathy…this twitter thread and it's male responses

No. 536091

>Women of other races do have men who bring them down, but they do not bring them down for their race. Like damn, I've never seen this shit with non-black people!
Not in the past, but during the last decade there was an explosive rise of white males who are getting more and more vocal about "roastie westerners", who use statements like "white women age like milk" and who lust after "submissive" asians.
And lately I also see non-white men copying those opinions too.
Same as it was when black men started copying racist white's descriptions of black women.
I think asians are the only men who haven't turned against the women of their own race (yet!)

No. 536095

Unfortunately there's communities like r/asianmasculinity that hate asian women for supposedly always choosing white men over asian men.

No. 536098


Women can never win. Ugh

No. 536103

What about Arab/Middle Eastern/Mediterranean men?

No. 536120

File: 1585949784616.png (93.93 KB, 1028x384, 1kf.png)

>look at r/TruFemcels
>read one of the posts venting about being unattractive
>check the girl's account
>she's a camgirl who regularly posts NSFW selfies with her face showing in misogyny fetish subs, raceplay/race fetish subs for herself to be degraded, etc
The biggest kicker is that she was actually conventionally attractive. I'm convinced the posters on r/TruFemcels and other subs like it are mostly just average/above average women who have been convinced that they're ugly monsters.
So many girls and women in society are encouraged to hate themselves, and then mentally self-harm under the guise of self-empowerment.
I almost miss when I was a dumb tumblrite who would've been like "Wow, good for her. I'm sure putting her body and face on full display to strangers (who may or may not be evil enough to doxx her and ruin her life, depending on her luck) and working through her self-hate through degradation kink will help build her self-esteem and improve her life" completely non-sarcastically. Reality is too crushing. I can't stand this shit.

No. 536126

Btw who even told them that camming is supposed to be easy? Anyone with a half a brain and no interest in harming you or using you can tell you that making porn isn't easy on a person mentally and won't make you happy.
I guess I answered my own fucking question there.

No. 536129

I understand feeling ugly but what kind of cognitive dissonance does she have to still identify as a femcel despite doing porn?? This is similar to the kind of body dysmorphic attitudes that's prevalent with incels, but I guess beauty standards are so high for women that even a large amount of attractive women don't feel good enough. I'm glad I never found internet communities to enable my weird worldviews and eventually outgrew my depressed teenage edgelord phase.

No. 536135

sorry but i don't buy it. if you really think you're ugly, you want to be invisible. given that she's in a saturated-ass field that's hyperfocused on looks, obviously she's going to feel insecure, but she doesn't think she's ugly. probably fishing and just being hyperbolic.

No. 536136

Maybe she's one of those people with "reverse bdd" lol, as in she's ugly but doesn't want to accept it

No. 536140

Yes. Or she doesn't even know how to express herself or understands what she feels. I don't think she knows what genuinely thinking you're ugly means. Like, refusing to be in even one photo cause you hate the way you look that much. She's using it lightly. Like saying you know what depression is cause you were in a little slump for 3 weeks a couple years back but then it all worked out. Lol, no.

No. 536149

File: 1585953955203.png (100.56 KB, 642x870, Screenshot (4).png)

>why are these women always trying to insert themselves into our spaces
Replace "women" with "men/trannies" and these would be evil terf/radfem talking points.
>we are not here for your enjoyment
That's what we tried to tell men for centuries already.
>straight women taking gay terms and culture
Like "fishy"…?
>you are not welcome in our spaces
>you have caused us so much trouble
>straight women making gay men uncomfortable
>straight women turning our culture into a spectacle for your entertainment
>they can't possibly think of anything not being for them
Back to you, same goes for you.

I am sorry, be we are not mocking you by dressing up as bimbofied versions of you while acting out every offense stereotype ever and then proceeding to call this our culture where you have no place in, otherwise you're stealing from us and making us uncomfortable..?
At first I thought this would take a turn, but they're dead serious.

No. 536153

She's admitted to having an eating disorder like twice in her post history, so I do believe she hates her appearance, but uses the camming to feel validated.

No. 536171

>I'm sick of straight women turning our culture into a spectacle for your entertainment
HAHAHAHA you've GOT to be fucking kidding me. Drag is a fucking mess of a spectacle of turning men into bimbo characters meant to represent women while everyone laughs at how cartoonish they look. It's not deep or profound or artistic. They aren't preforming some Oscar worthy performance. They're literally just pretending to be women

No. 536172

>complaining about straight women doing drag when it is literally men dressing up as straight women

No. 536177

File: 1585957569578.png (51.99 KB, 494x537, who.PNG)

I hope this person is a troll because holy fuck

What exactly classifies a woman as a femcel? It's thrown around so often at different things I'm wonder if there's a proper meaning.

No. 536184


So this dumbass is acting like trannies and sissy gay men aren't trying to pathetically behave like stereotypically obnoxious bimbos, in order to emulate their fucked up vision of "feminity"? Aren't they the ones who use our expressions and mannerism in order to imitate us? And then acting as if we stole their slang and shit? Lmao fuck outta here. They just feel threatened by us, and think they can compete against us in order to gather the "cis" and straight men attention. Not only do they think they're better than us at being women, they also think that they can replace women. Straight, gay, "cis", "trans", those are just males being males.

Kek, stay mad. We are the original, and you are the piss poor imitation.

No. 536262

File: 1585971411954.png (370.22 KB, 831x893, mryirz4gu8k41.png)

This is one of the mods of r/AskTrueFemcels, an average looking woman with low self confidence who doesn't like wearing make-up dating an average guy

No. 536272

This is literally just a woman making cute fun videos about cats and some of the comments had things like "me and my cats when I'm older" and those comment threads ALWAYS had scrotes replying angrily that women say this. They hate that women aren't forced into marriage and kids because they're convinced that every woman had never regretted that ever. And not to mention, you can also have that too? Cats and a family? None of those comments were like "I hate men cats are better" either
Instead they were just silly jokes about owning cats in the future. Yet it still triggered those scrotes

I just don't fucking get their vitirol for women who aren't bothering them. Especially if cats are involved? Not so much dogs. Like Ive never had a cat but from when I've been around them they weren't bad, yet men have this deep seeded hatred for women who have pets or make jokes about having pets in the future.

No. 536275

Off topic, but Claire is living my dream life. Scrotes can't stand a life where they are not needed are wanted. They need attention to fill their disgusting egos that they have no business having. The types of men who get mad at this are usually the worst kind of losers imaginable who really are better off dead.

No. 536281

"You'll die alone with cats!!" is the most common threat/scare tactic men use to convince women to lower their standards and settle for losers just to avoid being single. When women aren't afraid of being alone, men lose power over us. And since they literally cannot fathom women, who they believe solely exist for men to use, living happily without men, they react with anger.

No. 536284

Hahahaha next time I pet a cat I'm going to enjoy it that much more knowing that somewhere out there some fat MGTOW is seething about lonely cat ladies. At least if you care for cats and respect their boundaries they'll love you and enjoy your company. You could wait on a man hand and foot and he will still hate women. Actually he'll think less of you for it.

No. 536342

its so fucking obvious when men post on this site, they're so intolerable, why does anyone want them here

No. 536344

I swear men hate cats because they make you work for their affection. Cats readily walk away from food if they don't like you. Even if you had a cat for years, it still will not be told to stay or rollover if it doesn't choose to. Women who are cat-like in this aspect make men incredibly insecure. And so the cat lady trope was born, out of PURE PROJECTION, an embodiment of males' fear of being unwanted and unneeded.

No. 536377

This makes me sad what happened to the r/femcel sub…..it wasnt like that in the past.
I was a user at that sub in 2018 and let me tell you that the sub was completely different then,most of the women there were actually femcels and we all were like a small community, we would consatntly get raided by both men and women and would be gaslight,we even ended up on r/inceltears and they accused us off being transphobic.

And now in 2020 when i look at that sub…i cant believe its that same sub i used to visit in 2018….its changed in a bad way and now its all just attention whores.
Not even the mod is active anymore because she is disgusted at what the sub has become

No. 536388

>In actuality men are “reborn” from men and are taught many important things such as that woman are dangerous and emasculating. Strangely enough the women are placed in a situation where they are isolated by their husbands, who are much older than them. The youths are now the targeted ones who the women want to use to fulfill their sexual desires. The men however, are not concerned about falling for these women. They have been taught well about how women can be dangerous to men, especially the younger adolescent men who can even die from heterosexual intercourse.

Why do men come up with these retarded masculinity concepts in all sorts of tribes? On a smaller scale it's present in western culture too, keep getting fucked over by old rich men.

No. 536392

In the early 2010s, I remember MGTOWs saying feminism is older women teaching younger women to be bitter lonely cat ladies like they are out of envy and spite. In hindsight, it seems like the opposite is true. Older men teaching younger men that women are spooky and should be avoided. Maybe it's because they're bitter or maybe it's because of sexual competition. Or both.

No. 536403

Being brown (Indian), I’ve heard my whole life how dark skinned women (like me) are dirty and unwifeable. Brown men make fun of us for having moustaches or facial hair. If you’re a brown guy and you get a white woman you’re a chad. If it’s the other way round, the brown woman is a whore for white cock and brainwashed by ‘western values’. I remember as a pre teen being on the internet, seeing men of all races share a meme about ‘black girls pussies’ and I thought…mine looks like that. Men hate women and will use any reason to.

No. 536405

File: 1586013227619.png (48.6 KB, 720x801, fam.PNG)

stop unquestioningly believing some of what MRAs say. There is no family court bias towards women being granted custody. Women simply ask for custody more, so they get it.

There may be a bias TOWARDS men getting custody in family courts but the source here is a study from 1990, I didn't look into the methodology so I don't know


No. 536409

>Insecure throws a tantrum and stops speaking to his teenage son and starts emotionally abusing him, because his son beat him in a wrestling match


>My husband and teen son were the best of friends, getting along so well I sometimes felt like the third wheel in their close relationship. However, a recent incident fundamentally changed their dynamic and has put me in a difficult situation. Much of their bonding has revolved around being athletic, and my husband has always encouraged my son to become stronger. He took pride in his kid’s accomplishments in the gym until the day he found his son had surpassed him in strength. Both of them were wrestling around in the backyard, something they had done since my son was old enough to walk. In all those years their wrestling was a friendly game they played where a much stronger man was encouraging a boy to deal with the feeling of defeat whenever he got pinned.

>But then the moment finally came when my son was able to pin his dad. It was of course inevitable as my son got bigger and my husband aged, but I think it came a little too early for a man who always prided himself on his physical power. After that day my husband became stern and even a bit cold with his son, making quite blunt statements about looking forward to the day he moves out. While I think this is a normal attitude (most parents want to see their children leave the nest), it has been quite a shock to my son who has not connected the change in his dad’s behavior to the incident in the backyard. He feels he lost his best friend and instinctually blames himself without understanding the underlying psychology of my husband feeling emasculated by his own “baby boy.”

>I expressed my concerns to my husband, but he defensively denied my interpretation without offering any sort of explanation for his behavior. Now I feel torn between a husband whose pride is wounded, and a son who feels estranged from the most important person in the world to him. I am conflicted in my duties as a loyal wife and a loving mother. Do I tell my son the theory I have as to why his dad is so different, or do I not embarrass my husband further by exposing his frankly ridiculous issues with masculinity?

No. 536459

Ah so female brown skin is dirty while male brown skin is just how it is. Of course the women would get shit if they date out. They wanna abuse you but still feel like they own you. Any white woman who decides to get involved with an indian man is naive and needs help. Imagine not having to do anything with them, but choosing to. Insane.(racebait)

No. 536471

Why are Indian men this way? Has it always been like this?

No. 536482

>the singer of Rammstein

Isnt a lot of Rammstein's music about fucked up shit like sex with corpses and cannibalism? Are we really surprised?

No. 536483

Rammstein's lyrics are about dark stuff in general but Lindemann (the singer's other project) seems much more focused on misogynist themes, disappointing.

No. 536484

you're right and you should say it. Why are they so different from women with daddy issues?

No. 536492

nta but
mommy issues -> woman haters
daddy issues -> man haters

No. 536496

No one cares about you crying over women in this thread

No. 536499

I have mommy issues and I don't hate other women, soooo…

No. 536502

I immediately judge "househusbands" or men who just let the woman do all the work, especially couples where the woman gets little to nothing out of it

Unfortunately that's how couples are evolving nowadays, and men think their smelly chodes that can't cum are worth millions

No. 536520

I typed this huge blogpost about my ex and how he wanted an arrangement like that but I deleted it because it's not even necessary to get my point across. "Househusband" is manspeak for "Male with few to zero responsibilities." In the case of my ex, it would've meant all day playing video games and all night doing the same plus beer. Fortunately my esteem never dropped that low.
Unless a couple has had children that an adult staying home beats the cost of daycare, "househusbands" are a bullshit concept that exploits women. I've yet to see men developing habits where they are domestically knowledgeable and competent. It doesn't help that society enables men to continue to be low effort by giving kudos and asspats for every little thing they do whereas women are more likely to go unacknowledged or receive criticism for doing the same things and more. I hate those social media posts of a man posing with a baby and everyone is sucking his cock in the comments because the caption is like ~*ChAngEd JuNioR's DiApeR aNd wEnT tO thE PaRk #bEsTDaD4EveR*~like holy shit can we stop giving participation trophies for the bare minimum just because a man did it? Can we raise the bar a smidgen? Do men really need to be rewarded with blowjobs and sex for doing chores that should just be the default for grown adults?

No. 536541

> like holy shit can we stop giving participation trophies for the bare minimum just because a man did it?

This extends to after the divorce too. I dated a guy with one son from a previous marriage. He saw his son for two days out of every fortnight and he wanted people to pat him on the back for bringing his own son out to do anything fun or for cooking him dinner.

Meanwhile he bitterly downplayed all the actual day to day parenting that the kids mother supplied for 26 days of every month.

No. 536543

mommy issues -> nah fam I just hate my mom not other women sorry

No. 536567

Lol I've met men who believe that lifting a finger for their girlfriends makes them kings who are worthy of being worshipped, that's why you have so many men barely even willing to travel to meet women, pay for dinner, etc. Also women need to stop putting out so easily and allowing this to happen, too many libfem types do and encourage sleeping with tons of greasy men just for the heck of it, it has these men thinking they're gods and shouldn't put in effort women

No. 536568

have you met any of the cows on this site? Their mom was mean to them once and suddenly all women are bad.

No. 536587

I’m not black but I’ve seen “black women appreciation” on social media and it’s just how hot they are and most black women share that shit or reboot it because it’s the only way they feel validated, it’s sad. And then when a man prefers black women, it’s a fetish because ~heavens no, you can’t like black w*men as people they’re just some sexy lusty objects. Black women are dehumanized and nobody ever wants to talk about their accomplishments //not racebaiting just an observation

No. 536589

if men who get falsely accused of rape get scholarships, money, sympathy, etc etc, why can't women who get falsely accused of lying about rape get anything?

No. 536596

File: 1586039228427.jpg (527.75 KB, 1440x1215, 20200405_062558.jpg)

Kek, refusing rape is a privilege.

No. 536599

>i'm not black

Should of just stop typing there tbh

No. 536682

Well I’m not some white girl im hispanic, I know like half of the struggle. Sage for no2curr(no1curr)

No. 536710

File: 1586055366009.jpg (119.6 KB, 789x972, kx268qmlqrq41.jpg)

Here's the thing, India doesn't exist, before the British came it was divided between a dozen or so kingdoms, hundreds of vessel rules and thousand of ethnic groups, I'm someone from the north east India, out people are linguistically and ethnically Sino-Tibetic and have had no interaction with what people consider traditional Indians but we were forced to share a country with them, we also have one of the lowest rapes In India by state as well

No. 536805

Tell him to grow the fuck up or he can leave. Ugh. Why must women relentlessly coddle their husbands/bfs.

No. 536846

File: 1586084251658.png (170.25 KB, 356x678, 89uo9.png)

>check /r9k/ for the first time in months
>see this shit
If I say anything now, I'll be the evil misandrist feminazi, lmao.
Even worse than the OP is the fact that 90% of the replies are telling her to either just deal with it and be quiet, or "get him help", as if his cooomer bullshit is her responsibility.

No. 536848

This is why Corona-virus kills off our current culture(all of it)

No. 536850

Why do you even visit /r9k/?

No. 536853

Same reason I visit Reddit. To be disgusted.

No. 536864

I’m from south east India so I’ve got more of the stereotypical ‘Indian’ experience. In my culture, it’s seen as though preferring lighter skin over dark skin has been the norm since forever, but idk if that’s the truth or not. However, white women are seen as whores. So, what these guys really want is a light-skinned Indian woman who will worship them. No one wins.

Btw, those clothes look cool as frick

No. 536866

Even if this is a troll it's a shame because girls, who are probably more open to the power of suggestion than average on the basis of being r9k regulars, will actually think it's normal to be both coolgirl and mommy to their boyfriends. Real subtle conditioning there.

No. 536871

File: 1586090185554.jpg (173.63 KB, 1080x1350, 1f735688073e76c5a1ab5491b2d50d…)

yeah their attitude towards white women is absolutely bipolar, they lust after them so much and probably only ever watch pornography of them but they hate them so much

As for my own culture its without doubt patriarchal, the man is the head of the household and must defend his family at all costs e.t.c, but at the same we don't have shit like catcalling and creepy facebook pm's, hell the majority problem from males primarily comes from "Indian" tourists who are the absolute worst(Europeans who come here are better)

No. 536894

File: 1586097798774.jpg (254.97 KB, 1440x880, 20200405_222629.jpg)

Men can do literally anything. Just go to your room and sit quietly for a minute. Play Fornite for gods sake. But no, they have to kill women.

No. 536896

Someone was on here lately bitching about how the guy in the next apartment is always screaming for hours at his gf and how it's worse now that she's stuck in quarantine 'having to listen to them' like damn. Domestic violence charities predicted a spike in deaths as soon as this started.

I might've posted this before but I was fearing for my safety this time two years ago (living with a rager) I once spent a few snow days at home with him and he resented my very presence in my own home. I feel for any woman currently tip toeing at home. No doubt there are many.

No. 536905

I feel sick thinking about all the domestic violence happening at the moment. Also did anyone hear about this? Boxer makes a joke video “showing” men how to beat their partners and he’s possibly losing his license

No. 536907

I can’t imagine being in isolation with my abusive ex, we where in a tiny flat together with hardly any windows and no garden. He was really, really paranoid and would be OTT about any sort of health and safety issue, so chances are he’d refuse to let me out for even one walk a day.

No. 536909

I'm from Turkey and this is unfortunately true.
No matter where you go, you'll always get ogled and even men as old as your own father will stare at you with lust and sure, it's not as bad as in other countries (See: India), but it's still such a terrible thing. Men here think they have every right to behave that way and think women are literally their property as soon as they get together or they start having feelings for them. Tradition, religion and parenting plays such a huge part in the way they behave, my own parents (especially my mother) butter up my brother's ass nonstop 24/7 and say that he's allowed to have a girlfriend, but when they found out about my boyfriend they made me break up with him immediately and beat me a few times because you know, "a woman who loses her virginity before marriage is impure and no one will marry her". I've never even slept with him but they immediately assumed that I did. I love this country and its traditions!

Sorry if this is a retarded blogpost, seeing that in the news a few hours ago and also seeing it here made me kinda emotional.
My heart goes for all the women who had to live through this.

No. 536912

The fact that so many couples living in cities are cramped into small apts more suited to singles really can't be helping the situation.

I lived in one with my abusive partner and it was impossible to 'stay out of his way' when he was in his moods. Can't believe how much money I spent on rent only to feel unsafe with no quiet room to even escape to. Women are living in pressure cookers right now.

No. 536932

Yup. I had to Google him and alot of people didnt like him already. So this stunt gave him a bit of attention but made more people dislike him and good. So such of males trying to hammer in how they're "superior" in humor yet it's this type of shit.

I'm sorry anon. But parents are completely retarded with their logic. He's allowed to have a gf but how can he if supposedly all girls must stay single until marriage

No. 536941

Why are men so terrible with finances? I know men who are practically begging for money, but when they get it they spend it on clothes, video games and fast food

No. 536965

Never had the context to post this, but this video talks about the difference between how men and women spend money. Women tend to be more conservative with money so they end up better long term

No. 536972

I buy this to an extent but I don't think most men are bad with money in that they don't realize what they're spending it on, they're damn well aware. Notice how they criticize women for our spending habits, after all.
No, the reason why many can be so irresponsible is because of their conquest and sucker mentality. Why should they pay for food? That money could go towards video games and they can take for granted that mom, gf, or wife will provide the food for them. Why bother getting a promotion at work to earn more? If nothing changes they don't take on the extra responsibility and have family, roommates, or partners to split the bills. Men just want the most for the least effort, they realize earning more money also brings more responsibilities and many aren't up to task for that.

No. 536980

Men don't learn impulse control or risk averseness the same women do because they get to be emotionally stunted manchildren who terrorize the people around them, and women are held to higher standards to be responsible. I've noticed that fathers can spend money on their hobbies, but mothers are criticized for it because that money could go to their household costs.

No. 537002


Scrotes are depraved and we will see posts of them whining about their erectile dysfunction due to too much porn sooner than later

No. 537015

As soon as quarantine was announced pornhub jumped on the oppurtunity to have their free premium, men haven't shut up about it since. I'm seeing articles about pornhub everywhere and men oversharing their love of wanking as if anyone asked. Also though.. women are monsters for ordering dildos while stuck in lockdown! Needs like that suddenly aren't important

God men are so fucking intimidated by the availablity of toys for women.


No. 537020

Let's face it, if you have to resort to violence to win an argument, you are essentially the retarded race.

No. 537021

>automatically assuming you've slept with him even when you haven't, and then shaming you for it
Ugh I wish I didn't relate to this.
Secondly, how are you supposed to get married without having a boyfriend first?! So sorry your family is like this, hope you have a safe quarantine.

No. 537022

Remind them their whole "culture" is copying 20th century cis-women celebrities.

No. 537029

Pornhub is currently panicking because of the stories coming out about cp and rape going unchecked and uploaded on their website(s) (all these sick fuck sites are owned by the same company Mindgeek) so they're sicing "women" profiles (I think it's just a bunch of male interns at corporate going to twitter/reddit) for these victims and calling them liars and doing damage control. These allegations have been apparently verified already with evidence but pornhub doesn't want to lose their paypig cumbrain scrotes. I seriously hope we see this age of porn fall and men are left with their broken desensitized dicks. I'm already seeing tides change

No. 537039

No, we should use porn in a way to trap and get rid of men. It isn't enough that they get ED, no gf, nor is it good enough to get rid of porn. I wish that we could have one great final purge that takes away all the pornsick men and porn and we can enter a golden age of productivity and safety. (Obviously joking this is impractical as fuck)

No. 537059

I'm extremely saddened by the survivor's stories but hopeful that this could lead to a change in how the porn industry is seen and treated, with justice for it's victims. Make it feel unacceptable to use sites like Rapehub. And shut them down.

No. 537072

I've hardly seen any stories about this on mainstream websites, but there are always tons of positive stories like "Pornhub donates surgical masks," "Pornhub donates to sex worker relief fund," "Pornhub gives free premium videos," etc. There's usually something positive about Pornhub on Reddit's front page.

MindGeek's other websites don't have the same appeal. They really devote a lot of time to PR and making Pornhub mainstream.

No. 537108

Thank you so much anon. I hope you have a safe quarantine too and I am very sorry something like that happened to you as well.

My parents are supposed to "pick" my husband and I have to marry him without even getting to know him properly first (maybe know him for a week or two then immediately get married). My mother believes that everyone is a drug addict/abuser/rapist out there and wants me to marry someone she knows, which is so fucking weird because I'd rather die than marry some cousin or relative just because people in her own family do it. And one thing she refuses to believe is that the people she knows could turn out to be a drug addict/rapist/etc. too, but of course she knows better than I do. Honestly even if I end up marrying some random dude and he ends up abusing me, I hope the guilt will consume her whole and never make her forget the pain she put me through.

I'm 19 now and their ideal age for marriage is around 24-25 so I think I have plenty of time to save money and then run away and move to another country.

No. 537116

Sorry for cringe youtube commentary posting but have teenage boys always been this predatory? Do they all have the instinct to be a creepy faggot, even the conventionally attractive ones?? Imagine this is the type of boys little girls are imprinting upon.
>tfw glad af I only ever had crushes on boys who skate and write poetry

No. 537139

There's no hope for any pickme who enables edgy scrotes on their manospheres like 4chan or reddit, especially if they're cumbrain rapists or pedos. I honestly can't see any of these fucks as human beings. Just fucking die.

No. 537154

it's kinda a trend now for those e-girls, especially the "big titty goth gf" ones on instagram, to act like some 4chan gamer gurlll who totally understands scrote humor le kek epic kek :3 and they all have anime icons and try so hard to act like some uwu little small loli so that they can have the bf of their dreams like that one girl who got beheaded because she also seeked out to them

No. 537161

File: 1586132780999.jpg (Spoiler Image, 200.48 KB, 950x695, EU2jyRbWoAEi5Ry.jpg)

The hell is wrong with men?! Dating sites keep getting worse and worse.

No. 537205

You'd think they'd take what happened to that girl as a cautionary tale, but of course they all think they're all special and unique and they don't realize the guys that they're after are just like the guy who murdered her.

Also kinda related this weird e-girl trend, someone posted on twitter this totally normal looking girl on tik tok calling herself an incel and clearing trying to appeal to 4channers. Why are these young gen x girls going for the bottom of the barrel? What happened to them?

No. 537228

File: 1586146812483.png (108 KB, 682x627, kill him.png)

No. 537382

I used to be kinda like this when I was in my late teens/early 20's, until I dodged a very serious bullet who ended up being a confirmed rapist. Luckily, I saw the red flags that he was clearly predatory before ever being alone with him IRL, but that shit shook me to my core. It's been a decade and I'm still freaked out by it.

>Why are these young gen x girls going for the bottom of the barrel? What happened to them?

A lot of them truly do relate to these men on some level. My high school years were honestly no different than what your typical weeb guy goes through, so I related a lot to these types and felt like we were kindred spirits. What I didn't understand at the time, however, is that ability to relate is one-sided. Their misogyny/female privilege myth clouds their logic so much that they simply can't compute the idea that an average or above looking woman woman could understand what it's like to be a nerdy outcast.

No. 537431

File: 1586198837620.jpg (113.04 KB, 960x980, carolebaskin.jpg)

anyone else see that new Tiger King documentary on Netflix lately? Nearly all of the people featured and interviewed are awful and irredeemable monsters who have hurt and exploited vulnerable people - see the polygamous sex slave cults of both Joe Exotic and Doc Antle - but I've noticed a large amount of animosity from viewers targeted towards Carole Baskin, who also happens to be one of the few female leads the documentary focuses on.

While Carole is not without her own flaws, it almost feels like everyone is siding with the crazy, meth-headed, gun-toting, animal-hoarding egomaniac scrote Joe Exotic who actively wanted her murdered? For what, wanting to end the illegal trade and trafficking of endangered big cat species in the United States? And allegedly being responsible for the unconfirmed death of her missing husband? Goes to show that you're free to be as batshit insane as you want as a man, but God forbid you even exist as a woman, and suddenly you're a "crazy psycho bitch" and made out to be just as bad as the people who conspired to murder you.

No. 537435

The show didn’t bring it up but she met the millionaire husband while prostituting and they both cheated on their spouses.

No. 537437

I'm not siding with anyone but I liked how submissive her new husband is, idk if he is different behind the scenes but I wish I can tame a man like that.>>537431

No. 537440

If my high school experience taught me anything, it's that people are more quick to judge unlikeable women.
Is Carole technically morally superior to Joe, Doc, et all? Yes, but people see her hypocrisy and self-serving reasons through her passion for tigers and see someone hiding behind a savior complex. It doesn't mean she's treating the tigers more poorly, or that she's treating her volunteers as badly, or that she's actually done anything illegal. She's a strong personality who's showing power and domination over men and for that alone she'd be resented, let alone for her egoism.
I don't like her and I think she's a snake, but she hasn't done much to warrant any kind of strong reaction like the rest of that ilk.

No. 537441

Thank you for this post-i have heard about this doc everywhere and how even cardi b is apparently trying to get joe out of prison. I wasnt going to watch it but after what you said i probably will- i really didnt know what is was about all i know is how apparently carole is the most evil person alive according to the internet.

No. 537443

Carole's weird and kinda goofy but Jesus Christ I HATED how the "documentary" forced the carole-killed-her-ex-husband narrative and totally ignored all of the incredible work she and her organisation do not just in taking in and caring for abused animals in a way that is approved of by major zoological and animals welfare groups but also in their huge efforts around changing legislation and working with conservation groups for reintroduction and rehabilitation of indigenous American wildlife.
I find her personality a bit exasperating, but the people bashing her work and her organisation need to do a drop of research about what they do. Also "she doesn't pay the people who work for her" bruh it's a non profit volunteer run organisation, all BCR's IRS records are public, she does actually have salaried employees as well. I think she does great work and it's such a shame that people have come out watching the show like "wow tiger cool Carole evil", but that's what sells.

No. 537448

Some of the guys I know send each other memes about Carole killing her husband as if it's the funniest thing ever. They told me how bad she is while not batting at eye at all the men involved. They were obsessed, stalking, drug addicted, and cared more about the "power" of owning a man killing animal than anything else. Carole isn't an angel but now those men are being loved on the internet when they ain't shit. Men can do wrong but god forbid a woman do wrong.

No. 537449

yeah i blame the documentary producers because they focused on that narrative and brushed all the other insane stuff aside, she is actually trying to stop exotic animal trade and they attack her because she is a threat to their source of income, she also ended lynx fur farms in the US. she is bad but not as bad as the other ones.
wtf is wrong with people? I thought the whole free joe exotic was a meme, why do they wanna free someone who killed and tortured many animals, plotted to kill a human, and ran a sex cult by luring young straight guys in with drugs and convincing them that they're gay? at least carol runs a volunteer group but joe and doc underpaid their workers who work there 60 hours a week. doc and joe are way more messed up.but its fine because they're men and joe shed a few tears so he is an angel now.

No. 537457

This is annoying me as well. I don't like her because her volunteer ranking system is very cult like and she could provide better care with the money, but the Doc guys was FUCKING REPULSIVE.

Why are people just accepting this guy had young women living in shit conditions and working 24/7 and eventually forced to change their names and have sex with him? Not to mention the creepy virginity thing.

My theory is because women are easier to attack, you don't feel threatened or like it's a big deal.

No. 537477

Kind of funny that you don't hear "feminazi" being used these days.

No. 537481

carole was raped as a child and "cheated" on her abusive husband. what an indictment of her character. the sheriff on the don lewis case has said he was involved in sexual relationships with very young girls in costa rica.

No. 537482

Getting somebody to work a whole day on Christmas for free is just weird. Then again, there are weirdos. But the documentary is really trashing on her.

No. 537483

it should be noted that the documentarian, eric goode, who made "tiger king" runs a "turtle conservatorship" and her trafficking bill would likely impact him and whatever he's doing with breeding turtles. he's a former nightclub owner, but one with a bit more "class" than the scumlords featured in the film. carole's bill was not just to do with big cats. pretty sure he had axe to grind there and i don't know how legitimate his turtle shit is. i can't watch a fucking thing about this stupid show without people trying to claim carole is just as bad as these animal abusers and animal murderers. fucking insane.

>her volunteer ranking system is very cultlike
no, it really is not. they're working with deadly animals and they need to quickly know who is suited to each job so they wear pink, blue, etc shirts based on their experience?? how is that cult like? do you guys understand how volunteering works at all? the cats are kept in 1200 sq ft to 2.5 acre enclosures that are not meticulously trimmed for a reason, which is that these cats live in wilderness? they don't want a manicured lawn free of foliage. the shot of that bobcat in the "tiny enclosure" was a part of a larger enclosure.

No. 537485

i don't think you understand animal sanctuaries. volunteers work on holidays, yes, often because they want to. the volunteers at big cat rescue are only required to work there 4 hours a week. again, not uncommon. they have a fuckton of animals and responsibilities. animals don't stop requiring care because it's christmas, and a lot of these volunteers love these animals and want to be around them.

No. 537486

I haven’t seen watched the doc yet but in the podcast that wondry produced they interview a YouTube guy who said people were dropping off stray cats to Joe, thinking he could help rehome them but he actually was cramming them all in one cage without food in the boiling Florida sun because he wanted to starve then so he could feed them to his pet reptiles, to save money on food. The guy (who was being interviewed) ended up splitting and stole the cats as he was driving out. Was that in documentary? People don’t give a shit about wild animals but when it’s their mr. marshmellow they suddenly care a lot more.

No. 537492

none of the bad things joe did were in the documentary. the only thing they mentioned was him "putting down" old tigers. they didn't mention starving those poor housecats, they didn't mention that he took in a woman's horse as she was begging him to care for it because she couldn't afford to any longer, he held her and promised her he'd take great care of her and as soon as she drove off the lot he shot it in the head and laughed maniacally after taking its life, because somehow that's funny. or that he'd repeatedly killed tigers and big cats he didn't like, not to "put them down" and would laugh after killing them. or that his animals died of heat and dehydration many many many times. these people are all sick. carole is the only decent person here and there's literally no evidence she had any involvement in the disappearance of her shitty husband. and either way, she's not the one bragging about wanting to kill animal rights activists for the grevious crime of not wanting baby tiger cubs to be dragged around malls and harassed by assholes while they're suffering from dehydration and diarrhea, not being able to see a vet, all for their profit.

No. 537493

What was the motive behind the documentary anyway?

No. 537494

I wouldn't care if someone "wanted to" work for me unpaid on a holiday, my principle would be to pay them or at least offer the money in a physical paycheck that they themselves could decline if they truly didn't need it. She's a millionaire, she could afford to do nice things for those volunteers but instead she takes advantage of their good will with cult-like behaviors. She's not some hard up woman living on scraps to fund an animal shelter, she's living on high hog from her divorces and getting her cult fundies to do her bidding for the great 'non-profit' if you really want to believe that woman isn't pocketing and spending on anything extraneous under its name.

No. 537495

Joe and doc are a shame to humanity and joe is most likely the one who burnt the studio shed and the alligators. he can rot in prison, hope he dies an awful slow death.

No. 537496

I couldn't agree more. First of all- there isn't enough evidence at all to justify the public acting as though she definitely did it. The detective interviewed straight up said there were no suspects. I get the ex-wife and daughters were convinced she did it, but let's not forget these are women with a very strong ax to grind against her (what with the whole Don abandoning them for her thing). Also, his kids were entitled AF when it came to his estate. 10% is a totally normal amount to leave your children when your spouse is still alive. Many estates leave it all to the spouse, so they can cry me a fucking river that they "only" got 10% of an estate estimated to be worth about 7 mil.

Also, even if she did do it- boohoo a man who left his wife of 30 years for someone half his age got murdered by the trophy wife he treated like shit. Forgive me for not autisticly screeching over the ~injustice~ while "stanning" an 8 time tiger murderer who used meth to get straight men to sleep with him.

No. 537501

there is certain protocol required for a 501(c)(3). she has salaried employees and i don't remember if that woman speaking was one of them, but there is certain protocol for them. we have no clue if she compensates them privately. it's absolutely not weird for volunteers or salaried employees to work christmas when working with animals. did you even see her home? it looks like absolute shit. her ex husband's disgruntled family looks as if they're the ones enjoying their money far more than carole is, not saying that carole doesn't have money, but i do know she is a donor still. there's a lot of confidence in that particular rescue by investigators tbh, so.

tbh i didn't believe them. he also had 4 kids, i don't know if that daughter was saying she personally received 10% (i believe she probably was saying that to make it look the most greedy, they didn't seem trustworthy), i personally believe that's the case, but as you said, 10% isn't uncommon. i looked up the daughters in our state's record search and he deeded numerous, numerous properties to the daughters a few yrs before he died. highly doubt they were scalped by carole. the granddaughter is all over tiktok praising joe exotic for "undermining carole's authority". that's how you know none of these people are honest and whatever their motivation is (profit seems most likely), guides them more than decency does. if any of these people said shit like "i really respect what carole is trying to do with these poor animals, but i have personal problems with her" etc, i would be more willing to believe them. they always try to make her seem as devillish as possible and don't give any credence to what she's doing. a lot of misogyny at play here that people can watch that film and think she's a huge problem.

No. 537502

It legit makes my skin crawl that people are spewing so much hatred at one woman and calling her husband a simp becauseoof their dynamic while the other guy owns a sex slave cult and forces them into surgeries and no one bats an eye. I really hope this is not the way the general public feels about hetero relationships.

No. 537506

>I really hope this is not the way the general public feels about hetero relationships.
It's not, outside of the internet, unless you consider teenagers.

No. 537508

Yeah, I really felt like everyone involved in the documentary had a vendetta against Carole, so learning about the turtles confirms my tin foil. It really irked me that the documentary subtly tried to paint it like she was ~no better~ and doing the same thing as Joe and Doc, but they conveniently didn't point out the key difference that SHE WASN'T BREEDING OR BUYING TIGERS. All her tigers are rescues and she doesn't do abusive shit like have a trillion people pet them or bring them around the country to make money off of their appearances. And most importantly, shes not a fucking sex predator.

I'm not trying to act like Carole is a saint, but acting like she's no different than Joe Exotic and Doc Antle is just plain inaccurate for so many reasons. It really shouldn't be this hard for people to come to this conclusion, but of course people love hating women, so they can't help but irrationally turn her into the true villain of the story.

No. 537511

I actually went on reddit and most hate is, refreshingly, directed at Doc. But on twitter I see young girls just spewing hate on Carole to get replies and a lot of woke teens want Joe out of prison, ugh.

No. 537512

not really? out of the top posts rn most of them are about carole.

No. 537514

Cody is love. Also
>even the conventionally attractive ones
You do realise these are the primary ones right? They just benefit from the halo effect.

No. 537550

Twitter is invested with awful takes. But the fact is men don't give a flying fuck about other men and that men's right activists are a huge joke. You got an animal abusing man who drugged and raped straight men in some rape cult yet the anger is directed towards a woman who is speculated to hell and back on having apart in her shitty husband's disappearance. Amazing.

No. 537552

It's the whole hatred towards middle aged women showing.

No. 537587

The manosphere/MRA take on John and Travis is repulsion toward them. They're not concerned with the fact they were vulnerable teenagers who were groomed with hard drugs by a man 30+ years older than them.

No. 537610

This is why I love lolcow. No one I know irl seems to feel anything other than contempt for Carole. I actually really like her and good on her if she got rid of her creep ex husband. The fact that Carole said that if she was killed, it would help push the exotic animal rights in the US further forward made me like her even more. She really seemed like she cared about the animals (hey all you cool cats and kittens)

No. 537669

didn't the founder of Turkey literally adopt literally adopt a number of orphan girls and put them in high social positions to prove that women are equal to men, how did things get so bad
Turkey was the first country to give women the right to vote

No. 537682

A tough pill to swallow is that as women's income increase and compete with men in the job market/schools, hostility grows instead of the inverse.

No. 537688

If I wasn't 180cm tall I think I would be pressured into surgery. People speculate that I'm a transwoman all the time because of my angular features (mixed race) Pornsick scrotes would still think I was a man if I got surgery because I'm tall so I don't give in. I hate this shit. Just let me live.

No. 537690

all his daughters had jobs though, nearly every Turkish citizen has Ataturk as their profile pic

No. 537691

i don't get why even right wing turkish expats love him?? how does that work??

No. 537697

Yes, Atatürk adopted seven girls and one of the daughters called Sabiha Gökçen was the first female combat pilot in the world. The men and people who also trained with her believed that she wouldn't make it because of her gender, but in the end she did and it makes me so proud. She's even a role model of mine.

To answer your question: The president aka Erdoğan ruined it all. He just spouts nothing but shit after shit and people lap it up so much, thinking he is right and only wants the best for the people.

That is also true, but also back then Atatürk used his position and power and literally forced them to accept Sabiha in the pilot school despite them saying no to females.

I have not heard about the right wings who love him, but I know a lot of people who bash on him and prefer the president though.
Most of them believe that Atatürk was "islamophobic" when all he did was tell people not to blindly follow a religion whose language they don't even understand and he was also against the social norm back then. Have no idea how and why people hate him. You clearly have to be stupid somehow to pick some shabby dictator who is nothing but an extremist over the man who founded this country and put special emphasis on the education of girls.

Sorry for this retarded history sperg, btw.

No. 537700

File: 1586222979474.jpg (208.12 KB, 1540x640, krx3aicyz9ky.jpg)

Its clear that he was an atheist, but he lessened the hostility towards Islam as to not upset the populous

No. 537735

I will never understand how Erdogan managed to become so popular, he sounds so dumb and uncharismatic?
I live in Germany where also a lot of turkish citizens live who still are allowed to vote in turkish elections. At the last one 65% of them voted for Erdogan and because Merkel didn't allow Erdogan to personally campaign in Germany, in some cities pro Erdogan demos with up to 50k people were held. Like wtf, you have a cushy life in a democratic country with equal rights for everybody, but neverthless vote for mini Hitler so that people in another country have to basically live in a dictatorship?? Honour killings are also a problem, now and then there's cases of turkish dudes not being able to deal with the fact that their daughter or sister can do whatever she wants here and then they (try to) off her.

No. 537736

I mean, it sounds like the standard view of hetero-patriarchal relationships to me, unfortunately.

No. 537814

That sounds like "The Iron Dream", kek

No. 537847

File: 1586265115474.jpg (57.95 KB, 528x710, 30i904930843.JPG)

relating to yesterday's talk about the hate carol baskin faces because she is a woman, PH tweeted this meme… this is how you know it's bad. pornography enables hatred against women.

No. 537864

I wasn't a fan of any of the tiger owners shown in the series (including her tbh) but seriously one guy had set up a life with what I can only call 'hot young slave wives' and I haven't seen anybody making memes out of what an obvious shithead he is.

Where's the criticism of him? One of his ex partners outs him as an abusive, controlling creep and I've not heard a peep out of anyone concerned for the women being held in their own cage of sorts. He gets them fresh out of highschool too.

No. 537877


eh i think it depends who you surround yourself with/what online circles you're in. every discussion I've seen about this show has mostly brought up Doc Antle and the problematic power dynamic between him and his 'girls'. People are of course going to focus on Carol because it's a documentary about Joe trying to kill her / her feeding her husband to tigers.

No. 537883

>every discussion I've seen about this show has mostly brought up Doc Antle and the problematic power dynamic between him and his 'girls'

I'm glad it's happening, I hadn't seen it myself. Seeing the Carol memes just about everywhere.

My heart goes out to those women. I know how scary it is to even think about leaving and starting a new life from scratch after that.

No. 537893

File: 1586269270968.jpg (484.13 KB, 911x2646, which way white woman.jpg)

Now choose

No. 537894

Googling Doc Antle I see a bunch of articles published on him in the last 24hrs, They must be on his abuse surely? No

‘Tiger King’ star Doc Antle on working with Britney Spears: “She was a darling”

Talking about some performance from twenty years ago and making him sound cool and macho for handling tigers. Great guy!

No. 537897

Not white, but I've dealt with #3, it sucked.
But on the flip-side, if you refuse to take bullshit, #3 will either get upset, fuck off and leave you alone on their own volition (success), or they'll actually self-improve and be halfway tolerable.

No. 537898

Good one.
I've also dealt with number 3. I will never enable one again by listening to their draining bs - the guy needed a therapist.

No. 537907

Loling hard at the connection he has to the county I live in right now. A blogger connected him to the tanimura and antle ag farm (make a shitload of lettuce) via the bud antle hat he was wearing and you know, his last name. The funny thing is, the local University named their library after that farm. I wonder if they will change it due to it's connection to a n abuser/rapist/guy probably getting inheritance from them. probably not knowing how people are.

No. 537910

dated a version of 3, luckily he went to therapy so he had some one to vent to, other then that really quiet most of the time, overall it was a very lonely relationship because neither of us ever engaged in conversation or ever really did the things couple should do, only thing we ever did right was sex and majority of the time I used to engage it, I will say that he was my best boyfriend(take that as you may

No. 537921

Men's relationship with hentai and erotic pictures of anime girls is not normal. they always have to read the weirdest shits and tend to apply what they read irl. the entire hentai culture or whatever is tiring too, at least have the decency to read these things quietly because nobody care, why do they need to proudly display their kinks everywhere ?

No. 537924

The girl that speaks against him in the documentary was never in a relationship with him and even says so herself. She never said she had sex with him, she said she thought she could try too. Behinds those “slaves” of his get a free house to live in and to work with exotic animals I don’t think their suffering. They are getting a lot out of being there and look very happy. I followed his family before tiger king, he’s literally just an old man. He has three kids and a bunch of grandkids who basically make up his whole staff. They made some dumpy old dude look like a pimp kek

No. 537928

He made them legally change nanes for his cringeworthy power fantasy and pressured them into plastic surgery, just an old man, okay

No. 537930

It's telling that loli is the among the most popular genre

No. 537933

How do you know they didn’t want that at the time, people do weird things all the time. The woman around him are all 40 plus. He’s not fucking virgins like the documentary tries to say, he’s fucking the same 3 old bitches he’s had for 20 years who obviously really enjoy living there. Not to mention the main people who run his business are actually his children which I was shocked to see not speak at all in the film. And no one still talks about them! You can’t force someone to get plastic surgery anyways. The editing in the film is the prime example of pick and choose. She was able to leave and move on, that’s not very cultlike. And they don’t even state why she left! She got pregnant with some other dudes baby and decided to be a mom. I don’t think the guys a villian or rapist. I don’t think Carole is a villain. Joe is definitely a horrible person who deserves to be in prison so does Jeff.

No. 537935

Eh, I think he's still a creep with a weird balance in power dynamics who paid his workers piss poorly and says he gives them the "opportunity" to live there and slave for almost nothing. Forget what the woman said, the things HE said incriminate him and I hope they dig up enough dirt on him because he's obviously doing similar shit to what Jeff did in Vegas.

No. 537938

But it’s the same as Carole getting volunteers to work for free. But with docs they would get free housing, food, electricity and a (yes small) payment of $400 a month that they can choose to save or spend. And when he says “you can’t go to holidays” he is saying, and you have to really try to imagine how this lifestyle is, that the ANIMALS are and have to be the most important thing in your life. If you are going to own a tiger, you can’t just go on vacation or have someone baby sit it. It HAS to be your life. People are getting him misunderstood because yes it sounds intense but that is tiger ownership. These aren’t zookeepers they are trainers and owners which requires 24/7 365 day care. He’s not meaning you have to suck his dick and not see your family, when he’s talking about not going on holiday he means the commitment it is to have one of these beautiful animals. His power dynamics may seen off to you but I think it’s just probably way more intense to own and care for animals, especially if you are trying to do it the best, than we can imagine. Like you don’t want a situation like Saff getting “his” arm bit off. But you can always see what he does with the Cubs also, he has a system were he seasonally breeds as his oldest tigers are passing.

No. 537942

I was watching videos talking about how stupid 50 shades of grey is and yes it is stupid but look at most of the stupid porn men watch…50 shades of grey seems more realistic than the average porno men watch

No. 537943

Sorry gray. English ain't my first language

No. 537944

It deserves to be shat on. It's not only badly written but about a completely abusive relationship. I don't understand why it's popular, there are a ton of slightly less badly written fics on the internet people could read instead.

No. 537945

We're under an r9k raid, so I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume that's a scrote, because no farmer would try to delude themselves into thinking Doc's forced boob job tiger cult harem is totally fine.

No. 537946

Yeah I know it deserved to get shat on but at the same time it's a sexual fantasy. If anyone was to call out how cringe a lot of porn is men would lose their shit.

No. 537950

We should of course call out how cringe and shit male porn is at every opportunity too.

No. 537953

ok, dude

No. 537955

No I’m a female, who really does not believe he has a forced harem. Because again, same 3 old ladies. I don’t get how that’s weird or wrong. How does that equal forced harem when the woman who “got out” doesn’t have hatred or even an actual abusive thing to say about him let alone that it was “forced” boob job. You can’t force someone to do that. She never even said anything remotely worrying that’s true, he doesn’t have young women around him. It doesn’t make sense to say oh he likes young woman and than he doesn’t even have them around him. Obviously somethings can’t be true than.

No. 537956

>I'm a female
Never saw a woman introduce herself like that aside reddit pickmes, cringe

No. 537958

Sorry same anon to say I’m way more enraged by how Jeff treats his wife than how doc treats his alleged girlfriends. He literally says to her “let’s get that baby out so you can go back to the gym” and shows the camera a beautiful woman and tells us “oh she’s wants a baby I need a hot nanny” like WHAT THE FUCK. (Not saying at all that didn’t enrage you guys) I just have a hard time believing shit when obviously doc has SOME respect for woman, the woman there get a lot out of him come on, and than ol Jeff’s over here literally spitting on his WIFE.

No. 537959

No. 537962

Samefagging again, I know I’m annoying it’s the apocalypse fuck it; but black girls refer to each other as females allll the time just saying. Sorry.

No. 537965

Excuse me, but do you live in Europe ?

No. 537966

Every one of them was bad, even the gay guy was shitty to his multiple partners and used money as leverage to keep em around. They all relied on exotic animals and money to suck partners in.

No. 537968

This. Doc’s relationships were weird, but Joe and Jeff were much worse in how they treated their partners

No. 537983

File: 1586284953410.png (479.24 KB, 640x796, 7ap3wu6kifr41.png)

100% THIS

This looks to be from the 50's but its kinda appliable to today.

No. 537993


Fisher describing her experience with Doc Antle, published in 2017 so while Doc came out lately and literally called her a "crazy child" in response to her appearance on the docuseries.. her story has been consistent

>One day in the middle of August I wasn’t feeling well, and we got the OK from Antle to go. We packed our things in my car and drove away. I still remember the feeling of leaving. I was crying, but my heart was filled with absolute joy. There was a baby in my belly that felt like a guarantee that I would never have to return. When I told Bhagavan about the baby he said I should abort it. He said he would put herbs in my tea when I wasn’t looking and I would thank him later. I wasn’t sure if he was joking or not, but as we left, I remember feeling the baby fluttering around in my belly and being overcome with relief.

No. 538002

doc pushed and pressed them to get implants… the only difference between doc, joe, and jeff, is that doc is more intelligent than them, and is, i guess, a little more refined than them, so he seems less disgusting. how he regards them is similar though, i'm sure. him saying that women are sheep is especially telling, in combination with the rest of his offenses. jeff is a domestic abuser though and needs to be locked up and have the key thrown away.

No. 538013

This floored me when I saw this part of the doc. My bf and I literally screamed WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT??! You could tell that even though his wife was used to being "just another girl" when he said that and showed the nanny she looked distraught. She was clearly trying to keep it together but you could tell just by looking at her that fucked her up. TBH I hope that guy dies like… what a horrid thing to do.

No. 538023

You're in the wrong thread

No. 538034

What are you talking about? It's on topic with the current discussion. Every other post right now is also about this

No. 538137

NGL I think a tiger king thread could be really interesting, just to dig up stuff about these characters. I'm especially interested in the role the producer guy has in the exotics industry and how he lied to Carole and BCR about the nature of the documentary to get them to participate. Would be great to have all this info compiled somewhere, and if there are any other zoology/conservation fags who are pissed about the portrayal of BCR it'd be awesome to have a place to discuss. What do you guys think? Would /ot/ be the best place for it? Or does this fall under milky?

No. 538155

File: 1586302873075.png (8.5 KB, 729x133, 2020-04-07 20_41_03-Window.png)


No. 538175

yeah, feel free to make one. misogyny is a huge part of it but there's so much to talk about with how shady the nature of the documentary is and goode's vendetta.

from his interview in vanity fair:
>Goode says, “The real takeaway should be to give your money to conservation programs around the world that are really working hard to save tigers in their range countries, and not give your money to sanctuaries, which are really, effectively, just caging tigers and cats.”

of course his intention was always to demonize carole and actual sanctuaries in general. how he's trying to villainize sanctuaries for taking in these animals by rescuing injured and exploited animals that are already here, already captive born and bred, and already not in their native environment is insane to me. many of them are injured and need lifelong care, and even if they didn't they can't just be released back into the wild. he's just trying to encourage funding to go to his breeding "conservatory" shit and similar stuff like it, and encourage that no one donates to orgs invested in caring for animals that are already here and need immediate care.

No. 538201

Other anon is clearly either ESL or a bit out of it, no reason to nitpick

No. 538209

A thread could be good if people post too much about it here.

I had a dream about taking care of tiger cubs last night and took it as a sign to finally watch it, I'm only about halfway through and so many of the men are garbage. I'm team Carol and doubt she killed her husband. Shit, even if she did I'm still team Carol. She was raped at knifepoint by 3 men, abused by her first husband, picked up by an old men twice her age, then cheated on by said old man who had another girlfriend, and sent a shitload of death threats by a hick who just wanted to keep abusing animals. The creator of the documentary is also garbage for trying to frame her as 'just as bad' when it comes to the treatment of animals/staff, she is clearly leagues above the rest.

Also I'm up to where they're introducing Jeff. I fucking CAN'T at these 10/10 supermodel looking girls in Vegas banging a nasty old man for photo ops with tigers. They're cute but wtf!! Are the likes really worth it??

No. 538210


Glad there's some interest! Just about to head out to work, might put one together later today, but if someone else wants to take the reins in the meantime they're more than welcome to.

No. 538217

Okay so I read through this whole thing and again, there’s really no abuse really being told. She’s just being a pseudo intellectual acting as if hard work equates suicide bombing which is kind of offensive. I get that suggesting abortion is horrible I guess but again it comes back to the huge amount of work taking care of these animals requires. She signed up for a “for life” kind of gig and she knew that. It really sounds like she just couldn’t hang. She says so herself that she loved the people but couldn’t handle the amount of work. Never says this Doc man tries to fuck her, if anything it says he was dismissive of her. I know some of y’all are going to hate this post because I’m not taking a radical fem opinion of it but taking care of tigers is a huge fucking commitment that I tip my hat to Doc and his people for taking so seriously. This girl just seems like she couldn’t handle it and has some resentment towards Doc for being her boss.

No. 538221

File: 1586312443848.jpg (391.77 KB, 724x1216, turtle.jpg)

Not only is the creator garbage for that, I did some digging and apparently his organization has allegedly rescued countless tortoises and turtles, who he now has live in small tanks and small enclosures. He has literally thousands and thousands because he keeps breeding these animals, yet he says this of Carole and BCR:

>But he said he worries that Baskin — who calls herself a big-cat rescuer, but also keeps lions and tigers in cages — isn’t being fair to the animals. “Sometimes you wonder whether or not one should humanely euthanize these cats instead of [letting them] suffer in cages”

He's also apparently invested, much like Joe, Doc, etc, in having these animals touched and exploited, for a fee, of course. Really nice of him to flex by literally sitting on his tortoises in designer suits and showing off a titty mag with tits literally out, all while taking aim at Carole as being "just as bad as Joe". Truth is he's just as bad as Joe, not Carole.

So not only does he not want people to donate to sanctuaries and to instead donate to his org, he also clearly uses his animals as literal props, and to prop up his own status. Apparently it's only ok for him to "rescue" abused animals. Carole needs to kill hers though. OK. How are people falling for this shit? It's obviously all vendetta and misogyny tbh.

No. 538240

>of course his intention was always to demonize carole and actual sanctuaries in general. how he's trying to villainize sanctuaries for taking in these animals by rescuing injured and exploited animals that are already here, already captive born and bred, and already not in their native environment is insane to me.
That was the thing I hated most about the show. Why can't people understand that the animals bred to live in captivity are bred for a life of suffering, and sanctuaries are doing the best they can to create stimulating environments for them? The only other option is euthanasia, and I can understand people who think that is the more ethical option, but there are so many people thinking that BCR is literally the same as Joe's roadside zoo.

No. 538241


No. 538242

>have frequent miscarriages due to severe and rare type of endo
>bf made me late to an appointment for treatment and bc shot, which led to rescheduling, which led completely canceling until may/june because of covid 19, ie more endo pain and shitty endo symptoms
>was feeling light-headed and unable to speak, bf goes on a rant about how "I'm pushing him away" and kept ranting about how I'm so hard to deal with as I'm fainting
>invites friends over, kicking me out the room for two nights, forcing me to stay in his insanely dirty sisters guestroom that's filled with dog poop, got tired from work and couldn't sleep due to smells + his friends being loud, slept in my car for the night while dealing with pregnancy pains
>goes on rant about how I'm so hard to please because I'm not happy go lucky every second of the day
>completely ignores my physical and mental pain from miscarriage to pause and freak out because he saw miscarried fetal tissue as I was washing clothes
>we went maternity clothes shopping, I put the pregnancy stomachs on they had in the dressing room and he hit me in it as a joke, ended up making me internally bleed, then goes to cashier and makes jokes about shrek, when I told him that he shouldn't do that because I don't like how it presents us as a couple to other people he went on a rant about how we shouldn't care what anybody thinks
>hasn't had a job for months, when I sent him a listing for a few online jobs he kept putting it off until they expired
>previously got out of an insanely abusive relationship, anytime I mention certain triggers to him he rants about how "he can't do anything!!", the only bad trigger I have is getting burned/slapped/hit/etc, insulted, having my food habits made fun of or mentioning sex with other women in the past

Just a vent, and inb4 "dump him" anons, I'm from a strict family where I was taught since day one my entire life needs to revolve around getting and having a husband, my family would literally disown me if I left him. I plan on either killing myself on doing the whole change my name and run away deal

No. 538250

If your reply is to me, I didn't say anything about abuse or give my opinion either way, just a link and saying there are other writings out there to show her story hasn't changed over the years.

No. 538251

>have frequent miscarriages due to severe and rare type of endo
You should not be having frequent sex with this scumbag for this to happen in the first place. Get some self respect.

No. 538252

your family sound like retards, disown them first

No. 538253

No, I was not replying to you directly as like you said, you did not give any opinions or statements in your post.

No. 538254

You have frequent miscarriages? Are we talking actual miscarriages? You have fetal tissue on your clothes and you're maternity clothes shopping while already miscarrying? Are you mixing up miscarriages with heavy Endo bleeding?

You're from a strict family that values marriage but you're unmarried and miscarrying constantly.. this just isn't adding up.

No. 538255

each of these events happened in different time periods so it may seem a little off

as for unmarried and miscarrying, my people believe in hiding pregnancy until the 5th month, knowing that I will have several miscarriages before an actual baby basically the plan is to hide it and if I don't miscarry by the 5th month he will marry me

my life is a mess

No. 538257

I agree, the stories that anons have been posting lately just seem like badly written creative writing. I wouldn't put that past autists here, I think some of them have very dedicated character sheets for all the personas they larp and get a kick out of seeing who reacts to them. Could be males doing it too, as they tend to have the poorest understanding of female anatomy which would explain bizarro gonzo details like multiple miscarriages and fetal tissue in the underwear.
Redditors do something similar actually. The karma farming is so delicious that they have excel documents full of their character details to keep track of their narratives that they post for upvotes. I think often we're on the receiving end of some anon's fiction. For being hellweek there sure is a lot of sperging going on.

No. 538258

Why is marriage dependant on you already being pregnant? Feed me more stories.

No. 538260

Massive dramatic posts don't exactly help them blend in. Can only imagine the effort that's wasted on this shit.

No. 538261

I'm 21 and he's 20, we plan to get married in the future but we're going to make it faster if the pregnancy holds out. Most of it revolves around pleasing my family for the marriage part since he doesn't really care much about the time of marriage but respects my wish of being married before I have a child

most of my stories just revolve around him being selfish and him thinking that not caring what others think somehow makes him better. I honestly don't care if anyone believes me at this point. Obviously it could be worse but my life is fucked and miserable and I've numb myself to the point of only feeling apathy and annoyance

No. 538262

>the poorest understanding of female anatomy which would explain bizarro gonzo details like multiple miscarriages and fetal tissue in the underwear.
>fetal tissue in underwear is bad anatomy
umm where exactly do you think babies come from? how is fetal tissue being in underwear "bad anatomy" how are multiple miscarriages "bad anatomy"??

No. 538263

At least sage your bait.

No. 538267

>muh sage in /ot/ out of all places
>genuine questions as to why you claimed such a common thing was "bizarre anatomy claims"

you got nothing. You, for whatever reason, think this is bait and everyone on lolcow is out to get you, you makeup claims like saying having multiple miscarriages or miscarried fetal tissue in the underwear, the place that holds stuff where fetuses come from, is "bad anatomy" when asked to explain you just call me bait and use the saging excuse as if anyone in ot cares about saging. What are you doing?

No. 538268

Is everyone here a fucking newfag? This is what we used to call "trolling".

No. 538272

Again, I genuinely want an explanation as to why you think this is trolling, and mostly as to why you think extremely common things are "bad anatomy". If you can't explain then you have nothing and you're just being an ass and nobody should take your claims of bait seriously

No. 538275

I remember when trolling used to be funny and the most convincing were the ones who did a bit of research to know their subject matter.
No, I won't clue you in as to why your story is ridiculous because you don't deserve to be spoonfed just to be more obnoxious for later.

No. 538276

well, who do you think is the troll then? miscarriage anon or "fetuses coming from the vagina are bad anatomy and anyone who questions is baiting" anon? I'd like to know

No. 538280

>I won't clue you in as to why your story is ridiculous because you don't deserve to be spoonfed just to be more obnoxious for later.
what a weird way of saying you have no explanation

anyway, unlike you I will post proof because somehow basic knowledge is bad anatomy
fetal tissue in underwear

Multiple Miscarriages

Now I am begging you, please explain to me how fetal tissue in underwear and multiple miscarriages are "bizarre anatomy claims"

No. 538303

Anon is whiteknighting a guy in the pink pill thread, obviously doesn't belong here

No. 538308

File: 1586327296282.jpeg (563.72 KB, 828x3046, ECED7F80-4DFC-4708-B966-652FA5…)

I was just browsing /adv/ when I saw this. The lack of self awareness.

No. 538310

File: 1586328057836.jpg (305.27 KB, 784x1024, gettyimages-887759568-1024x102…)

they're so fucking mentally ill and delusional. this is her. these knuckledragging nobodies seriously think they have a chance with these women. why are they so painfully retarded?

No. 538315

Men are so unfunny it hurts and they all act like a fucking hive mind

No. 538320

The petition to take down pornhub is getting dramatically closer to 1000000 signatures every day. I truly believe their day’s are numbered.

No. 538334

File: 1586332559729.png (43.26 KB, 1058x609, rre.PNG)

>The only other option is euthanasia, and I can understand people who think that is the more ethical option,
I can too, but Eric Goode obviously doesn't believe that. He rescues turtles and tortoises to allegedly live out their lives just as BCR does, so this is clearly a separate issue of Carole cutting into his business model. He apparently sells his bred turtles and tortoises to paying private members, not approved by the USDA, who then pay $2,000-$6,000 per endangered turtle, not to mention the zoos he sells to. This is an issue because it appears that the revisions within the Big Cat Safety Act would prohibit anyone not approved by the USDA from purchasing and transporting these animals.

No. 538338

File: 1586333117795.jpg (199.67 KB, 1300x730, 1579317850254.jpg)

>he literally pays her to be nice to him and thinks he has a chance
I cannot imagine being so sad and delusional.

No. 538340

Why isn't anyone talking about this? Also they left out Joe's racism and other 2 husbands out of the show, I feel like they wanted people to like him just to poke Carole

No. 538348

File: 1586334544462.jpg (23.63 KB, 399x388, 1580014012694.jpg)

>Angry moralfag betas who advocate a bullshit ideology and believe they are being victimized by a group of evil people who control the world's money, governments, and the media.

This thread is literally /pol/ if you swap out "Zionists" with "patriarchy" and "jews" with "men".

>But muh shitty lazy abusive ex

Your suffering is not a license to hate 49% of people just like getting mugged isn't a valid reason to hate the ethnicity of the person who mugged you.

>But I live in society where women have no rights

Sorry you live in an illiberal shithole society anon, move to Canada.

>Porn is evil and exploitative industry.

Pretending the clothes you wear and the rare minerals in whatever kind of computer you have aren't also made with human suffering. The only difference between those products and porn is you use those products. Giving a shit about stuff like that is pointless.


Imagine being this much of a christcuck

Awaiting ban, because yall are hate fueled nimrods with nothing valid to say.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 538351

Is this satire? Your bf is trash and your family is trash. Get your own money and leave.

No. 538353

retard bf retard family. im so sorry anon. men are disgusting

i dont like being slapped/sex with other women in the past mention either

No. 538365

Satire of?
And ah yes I'll just press the magic money button on my computer and leave. You sound sheltered

No. 538366

File: 1586337060989.jpeg (59.68 KB, 700x395, 9B632BB2-6995-419F-BAE3-5C0866…)

No. 538375

>the fact that the word moralfag is even a thing
Only men would shit on people for having good ethics, only fucking men

Another reason they shouldn't be in charge, not only do they refuse to care for ethics, the environment and other people but the also shit on people who do

No. 538380

>Despite being 51% of the population 76.5% of reported crimes are perpetrated by men which are most likely to be violent crimes blahblah

Men are full of shit and won’t look for unicorns, thank you for your attention.

No. 538383

you're giving him what he wants. just report and ignore

No. 538384

Went to visit family in the middle east recently and had my uncle tell me I couldn't walk to the grocery store that was 2 minutes away because I was a woman. A day later we all went to a resort and he did the same thing when I decided to go back to my hotel room , except he did it while sitting and "chatting" next to a half naked women sitting by the pool, despite being a married man and despite his own children being 10 feet away and very aware. When I tell you that middle finger when up high that night. All M.E men are trash, besides my dad who is honestly an angel on earth but I digress.

No. 538437

One is about social structure, the other is about conspiracy of evil shadowy cabal that controls everything and is everywhere at all times.

No. 538444

This. The hatred for the patriarchy is not a "OMG I GOT REJECTED BY A MAN!!!" thing. We're not talking out our asses because female oppression is a cultural, social, political structure. An incel's hatred for women and jews is completely irrational and straight up influenced by conspiracy bullshit.

No. 538461

>The hatred for the patriarchy is not a "OMG I GOT REJECTED BY A MAN!!!" thing.
Its projection on their part because men think women turning them down/not wanting to date them is oppression. Its why incels and mgtow exist, they are so pampered to they scream bloody murder when they find out women are not born to cater to their needs.

No. 538470

I just stumbled into a video about incels in my native language and I swear to god, the amount of comments reinforcing the idea that those men are just poor misunderstood babies hated by society is scary. Especially considering the video itself mentioned the murderous incels as well.
Like I've always known the men from my country, like all other men in the world, are sexist in a way or another, it just hit particularly hard today because they now also know about new ideologies that came from the internet. To top it all, I found the video while I was watching true crime content regarding femicide… ominous

No. 538480

I'm gonna reeee, I fucking LOATHE pakistani scrotes, oh my fucking god. None of them are worthy of anything. The illiterate retards who beat their wives to the rich educated scrotes who think they're superior because they quote retarded 4chan bullshit.
I wanna get out of this shithole and marry a woman, is that too much to fucking ask?
rant over(racebait)

No. 538507

Reddit's newfound obsession with amber heard is giving me a headache.
They literally all seem to get off of that case.
I can't even put into words how dumbfounded i am by all this false equivalence that is used to finally unleash their misogynistic selves and write paragraphs about their ~struggles~ as a scrot.
They sure know how to not eat each other up and stick up for their gender when it comes to women.

No. 538543

Girl, if this Doc person can't run a zoo like a normal zoo is run maybe he shouldn't fucking run a zoo? You say they aren't zookepers but he is running a zoo.
Imagine if all zoo-keepers had to fucking work for nothing and not get holidays?

No. 538574

imagine thinking she's not below average

No. 538581

They’re supposed to be animals trainers, he has animals that were on stage with Brittney spears and in movies.

No. 538594

>subbing to a chick on only fans
>giving her expensive gifts and money
>expecting her to be his girlfriend
>being this delusional and retarded

KEK!! my fucking sides, oh my god.. is he for reals? lol serves him right, this guy deadass thought this famous adult content creator was gonna drop everything to be his girlfriend because he bought her a few things, wow men are fucking retarded, lol I love it!

No. 538649

Is anyone else watching Unorthodox on Netflix? It's so fucking horrible. Religion is a pox on women. The men in this show are real fucking nasty.

No. 538688

I finished it yesterday and I was honestly enthralled by it. I'm really happy the way it ended but I really wanted an update on how she's doing since it's based o a true story.

No. 538809

Moralfag initially was supposed to refer to people who get all holier-than-thou over dumb shit like smoking weed or pirating music from multimillionaire artists, but now it's been warped to mean "anyone with any semblance of moral compass".

I blame the "geeks get the girls" trope for deluding these men into thinking they have a chance with women who looks like this. Men have been conditioned by media to genuinely think they have a shot with any girl at all, no matter what they look like or how much money they have.

No. 538820

See: Paul blart mall cop

No. 538838

File: 1586435590148.jpg (85.24 KB, 755x562, Untitled.jpg)

No. 538839

I would love it(absolutely love it) If their were 10-20n comedy films very year, that feature average looking female actresses being paired up with truly attractive and compassionate males, sorta like this but with a more plain actresses

No. 538858

UGH paul blart mall cop brings back cringy memories. And that movie was even a famous blockbuster….
But when a movie exists for women and it becomes famous then it gets shitten on by everyone and like its the worst thing to happen in the world (because god forbid ugly women want to feel better about themselves).
Just take how everyone took that tall girl movie so seriously and maliciously.

No. 538863

That actor in general and everything he's in is actually the epitome of male privilege. He was also in that shitty series called the King of Queens with a similar premense where he was an average joe who got the 'hot girl' and lives a good life where she lives him and is devoted to him even though she can do so much better.

Same thing with Deborah from Everything loves Raymond. She isn't gorgeous by most standards, but her love and devotion is similar. Like you said, when women get a movie for them or a series they love, it's shit on non stop from these pathetic men with stupid egos who cant handle women having anything to themselves. It's not men cant ever let women just have their own thing or be happy. They always have to be involved.

No. 538871

There are super talented and hot female actresses losing their careers just because they are over the age of 35+

>>That actor in general and everything he's in is actually the epitome of male privilege. He was also in that shitty series called the King of Queens with a similar premense where he was an average joe who got the 'hot girl' and lives a good life where she lives him and is devoted to him even though she can do so much better.

Yet we have shit male actors who are ugly and fat who are given lead roles and their careers basically exists because of that.

No. 538876

File: 1586442320676.jpg (23.06 KB, 634x166, 4019544E00000578-4485462-Say_w…)

No. 538878

already a gross age gap between them but even that's not good enough. unbelievable.

No. 538880

File: 1586442477771.png (192.86 KB, 1200x633, Screen-Shot-2017-05-08-at-2.03…)

No. 538881

File: 1586442615208.gif (739.09 KB, 448x250, giphy (3).gif)

No. 538882

File: 1586442749446.gif (866.21 KB, 500x245, giphy (5).gif)

No. 538888

Allowing men to take up almost half the population was a mistake.

No. 538894

File: 1586444887136.jpg (82.88 KB, 750x562, 5ad60344facba896328b45f1.jpg)

Adam Sanedler and his friends groups are the worst group of Idiots making films in hollywood, Kevin James, David Spade, Rob Schneider and Chris Rock, all starring in the same generic story of a loser male who wins the hot woman at the end of movie
Chris Rock deserved his own category because he actually produces similar movies with more or less the same plot just with a loser black male who gets the attractive lightskinned black woman at the end

No. 538900

im surprised kevin hart is not mentioned
Speaking of kevin…ugh that movie ''the wedding ringer'' that he was featured in (basically a movie a about a troglodyte jewish man getting all the hot girls, vulgar humor that only a 12 years old would find it funny, and a really gross scene that involves a dog…) was such trash i shudder thinking about it.

No. 538907

File: 1586446641045.png (152.43 KB, 340x398, HalStewart.png)

Is it coincidence that almost all of these men who play these ''ugly incel with low wage job gets a supermodel girlfriend who worships him'' roles all look like Hal Stewart/Titan

And its even more ironic if you watched Megamind because they describe this guy as a pathetic incel who rages and tries to kill everyone after the women he liked rejects him.

Megamind was so based. 10/10

No. 538913

he's part of that Chris rock crowd of films only black people see featuring loser black men getting attractive light skinned women who are way above their leagues

No. 538920

>Megamind was so based. 10/10
Fucking hell this. Didnt see it until a few months ago, wanted to know what all the fuss was about and one of the few "kids" movies that surprised me. Nice to see at least one movie callout the BS and tell it like it really is.

No. 539040

I fucking hate Adam Sandler, he's easily one of my least favorite men in Hollywood. I can't stand his movies largely due to the unrealistic romantic leads he always gets. It's so insulting.

Spade only gets the girl in Joe Dirt and Dicky Roberts, and his match in Dicky Roberts was fine because it was an appropriate age difference between the actors, not a huge looks gap (at least IMO) and his character was really sweet to her.

No. 539151

Most films directed and starring Adam Sandler in the post 2000s. He has a legitimately warped view of the world and seems like a huge misanthrope that loathes and hates everyone around him. His supporting characters are either stereotypes or caricatures of people who are usually minorities or have some kind of disability that's meant to be a punchline for a joke. And he always plays the only "normal" character in his own movies as the protagonist that is usually burdened with something or has to begrudgingly help someone against his will. And when he was making the ridiculous six there were alot of reports of native American actors walking off set because it was so degrading for them.

No. 539226

Why are men so boring. Every guy I've dated has the personality of a paper cup and everything relates back to video games. They always relate shit back to games, it's like they don't realize that a lot of the themes are based on classic literature and old stories/movies. It's so boring it's like can we talk about something without it being the same as your stupid games. I know this is a specific complaint and not really that bad but fuck I'm so damn bored when I spend time with them.

No. 539228

I think that's more "basic" rather then boring, I get along better with people who are considered "boring" by people and don't have much mainstreams interests

No. 539229

I feel you anon. I don't even play vidya so I seriously have nothing to talk to them about. Nothing wrong with liking vidya but I just internally groan when another one of them brings it up to me or tries to get me to play with them. For so many men their only "hobbies" are gaming and watching porn.

No. 539241


I enjoy videogames but avoid men who make GaMiNg a personality trait. I'm repulsed by the amount of "men" I've heard in games having a screaming child in the background while they sit and keep playing

No. 539268

lol this
I can literally just make a male convo bot and get the same experience as literally 90% of gen z and y men


>playing [video game]
>what are your interests
>video games, anime, porn [if you're lucky gym, wwi/weapons/etc or if you're super lucky then a single sport or art]
>do you have a career or future plans?

they're carbon copies of each other, don't even get me started on men who lie and manipulate

No. 539293

This is why coomers deserve no respect.

No. 539295

>It was my age
>Not the fact that I look like a raisin.
Ok honey.

No. 539297

That's just young men anon. Older men that did not grow up with vidya are not like this.

No. 539299

File: 1586516233990.jpg (272.96 KB, 1215x826, EVOsYHJU0AEwDly.jpg)

WILL THE MADNESS NEVER END. FFS why are males so fucking selfish-putting their own egos over womens physical needs ffs.

No. 539300

Yeah, but those men are too old for pretty much everyone on this board.

No. 539302

Not everyone here is in college anon. Also some of us prefer men, not boys whose brains are not even set yet.

No. 539304

Ugh, are you a scrot trying, as they always are, to convince young women to fuck old men? I sure hope so because it's even worse when women try to brainwash each other.

But yeah, sure, keep caping for old men who don't give a fuck about your maturity and prefer 20 year olds no matter how dumb or immature. Funny how your logic only ever applies to men, not women.

No. 539306

nta but I actually prefer young(20's) eboys and goths over 40 year old "masculine" males

No. 539307

Obvious LARPING scrote is obvious

No. 539308

>If you don't like the men I like you are obviously a man
Get a grip. Also I am not that young myself, not that this is really that relevant.

Hey, you do you anon, more power to ya. I was suggesting what I was as an answer to the other anon complaining about vidya.

No. 539313

We're under an /r9k/ raid and no woman on LC, especially in the PP thread, would randomly suggest dating older men to a young woman complaining about her boyfriends being boring. That's such obvious scrote behavior, I'm clutching my sides that you really think we're gonna buy that you're female.

No. 539315

>Woman complains about bfs having vidya interests
>Another one suggests that men that grew up without them don't have them
>It's gotta be a scrote
Also I couldn't care less what you think, m answer was to the op.

No. 539316

Old men are ugly and boring. I have a lot against women who date men past 50 because even if it's just money they boost their wrinkly ass egos and that's why there's so much inequality when it comes to age between genders. Please just stop dating men who are 10 years older than you and more.

No. 539319

Why does everyone online have such severe mommy issues these days? What happened to these people? I know a few people who don't speak to their mother/parents because of abuse but they don't hate every woman around their mother's age because of it.

No. 539320

File: 1586521256083.jpg (39.99 KB, 480x270, giphy-facebook_s.jpg)

>suggesting dating older men instead of just avoiding gamers
>totes not suspiciously scrotish behavior

Just avoid gamers altogether. They're inherently toxic.

No. 539321

>Avoiding gamers
>As a zoomer
Good luck, maybe in Pakistan that would work.

No. 539322

My 25yo husband isn't a gamer or a weeb. It really isn't that hard to find one.

No. 539323


No. 539324

If you Google Gen Z age range, every site considers the cut off to qualify as a zoomer to be 1995 or 1996, so a 25 year old would either be a zoomer or one year off from it. The point is, it's not that hard to find a man in his 20s who isn't a gamer, not sure why arbitrary generational label matters?

No. 539335

Tons of guys aren't obsessed with video games actually. Not to say they don't have other obsessions.

No. 539339

Zoomers are post 9/11fags anon. They just turned 20, big difference. And all of them play vidya, to varying degrees, because they were raised on ipads. Finding a zoomer who's not engaged in retarded meme culture is the true hard mode.

No. 539342

I was born in '98 and they were already calling us Gen Z when I was in high school.

No. 539344

Gen z starts at 1997 ends at 2012. I’m 21 born in 1998, I’m a “zoomer” I guess, I’m new to that term.

No. 539350

This entire "generation whatever" thing is such bullshit.
Millenials born in 1981 (meaning people who are nearly 40 and very likely already married and a parent) grew up spending their childhood playing outside, while other millenials born in the mid 90s already had internet, social media etc starting from their preteens. Same for zoomers, a 23-year-old born in 1997 didn't grew up any differently from the youngest millenials, while somebody born in 2012 probably knew how to use an iphone before they even learned how to walk.
When people shit on "millenials" as them being snowflakey internet addicts they usually simply mean people born in the 90s/people in their 20s. And zoomers are the usless tiktok crowd in their mid to late teens.

No. 539366

My ex-bf's dad was in his fifties and literally sits all day playing vidya while his wife works and his adult sons also stay home playing games all day. It's not just a young man problem, they are all boring shits. I think the main problem with men and their hobbies is that they are autistic about one thing for life and it makes them very dull to have a conversation with if you don't like that one topic. That's why so many women try to like the same interests as the man they date; they just want to have a good conversation and the man is unwilling to even budge on his autism. Funny how they will say the same thing about us though. Like oh women are so BORING they can't even autistically ramble on for an hour about vidya and then draw a blank at any other subject, omg why are the womenz so DUMB. The projection is intense.

No. 539381

Yeah, I'm among the youngest millennials and my generation definitely has more in common with older gen z than older millenails. These "generation" labels are fucking dumb.

No. 539383

not sure where you're getting that info because a quick Google search confirms 95/96?

No. 539539

File: 1586566332903.jpeg (286.17 KB, 1242x1131, 9D193E0C-45DB-4775-9D58-1CEFAF…)

No. 539623

There's really never ending hostility and racebait with this thread. You had a lot of chances and you had to fuck it up every single time. Luckily you have options and a brand new board with a brand new admin https://asherahs.garden/
Attempts to harass or intimidate staff and derailing in other /ot/ threads will leave you subject to a ban.

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