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File: 1586005081269.jpg (185.42 KB, 872x1172, shawmila.jpg)

No. 536373

What famous celebrities do you think are closeted or in fake relationships/marriages?

Do you think it's understandable to be hiding in 2020? Would coming out affect their careers?

Who do you think will come out this year?

No. 536375

File: 1586005383126.jpg (160.24 KB, 1200x1200, john-travolta-9509927-1-402.jp…)

Obviously. But he will never come out because scientology.

No. 536380

File: 1586006285245.jpg (85.97 KB, 1600x900, cronaldo.jpg)

I don't think there are any successful openly gay male footballers, at least in the European leagues. Don't know what the situation is like in US.

No. 536383

File: 1586006879815.jpg (56.11 KB, 600x406, queen_latifah368963ö2.jpg)

No. 536387

File: 1586007782747.jpg (134.48 KB, 600x795, 12.jpg)

Either gay or asexual. His marriage with Katie was arranged

No. 536412

A lot of them seem to be in forced relationships in general, even "personal" celebs. Their only motivation for the relationship is random bouts of loneliness.

No. 536426

She's literally married to a woman

No. 536432

I don't think CR7 will bother once he retires. There was a rumor that he was with a muai thai boxer some time ago and Georgina is obviously a beard.

No. 536450

taylor swift, and hugh jackman.
taylor does my head in, it's so obvious. also would smash even though she's a cunt irl apparently.

No. 536452

>also would smash even though she's a cunt irl apparently.
fuck off retard.

No. 536456

Christiano Ronaldo was literally in the news a couple of years ago for raping a woman.
And it seems like alot of you dont know that people can be bisexual too not just straight or gay.

No. 536460

who gives a shit about your sexual orientation. taylor swift won't fuck you, ugly ass mf

No. 536512

whats your problem weirdo? I just said that people can be bi too not just gay or straight. What has that got to do with Taylor Swift?
Also yes Ronaldo was in the news for raping a woman, look it up.

No. 536514

oh wait just realized that i quoted you by mistake and now i understood why i got such a angry reaction.
I was supposed to quote >>536432

No. 536515

File: 1586028865986.jpg (416.87 KB, 1200x1600, 0074317.jpg)

bradley cooper

No. 536525

File: 1586030515456.png (157.16 KB, 515x719, 4DD1FF6B-AC07-4EA6-A9E5-85EC52…)

>Taylor Swift
Right? Everytime I’ve said this to someone irl they tell me it’s just “wishful thinking”. I’m not sure if it’s cause she has a new PR boyfriend every week or because she’s ~too pretty to be gay~ or what but the way she is with her “boyfriends” and with the guys in her music videos just seems so weird and asexual. Veeery disingenuous. But when with the girls who the internet thinks she’s dated (Karlie Kloss, Diana Agron, etc) it just seems so …natural??? It just makes sense that she’s gay. Plus all that stuff tumblr dug up about that violin player from when she was first starting out seems pretty incriminating even though it’s tumblr and tumblr is tumblr.

No. 536527

she's engaged to a guy she has been dating for 3 or 4 years tho. her hiddleston and calvis harris things were obviously pr but given that she kept this one out of the public eye for so long kind of does give the impression that they're actually together. she's just a weirdly impassionate and detached person that gives the impression that she might be gay because she shows 0 emotion or something.

No. 536528

I remember a lesbian porn gif blog on tumblr pointed out taylors account followed her and tay even liked her post about it, this was before they yeeted all the nsfw content of course, shes at least bi

No. 536537

File: 1586031905779.jpg (443.42 KB, 1992x2656, 635711837837694882-GTY-4714586…)

Jeremy Renner is definitely in denial

Also I noticed any actor who seems to have zero chemistry with their romantic counterpart in films always end up being gay, such as:
Cara delevingne, Ellen Page and Neil Patrick Harris etc

No. 536540

Yeah. He's probably the most popular "not"-gay in universe.
There are also many Leo DiCaprio rumors

No. 536556

A few women have come forward with stories about threesomes and taking drugs all while he has his daighter in the house, that and an ex came out with abuse claims where he threatened to shoot her and then himself.. don't know what his deal is but he's struggling with something. Dates gorgeous women only to treat them like absolute shit.

No. 536600

There isn’t an ounce of romantic chemistry in this pic. They just look like a pair of sorority girls who act overly affectionate with eachother for male attention. My gaydar isn’t perfect but it’s pretty good, and I don’t sense even the slightest ping when I think about Taylor Swift.

No. 536639

File: 1586044992524.jpg (503.18 KB, 678x936, Simon_Cowell_in_December_2011.…)

No. 536640

File: 1586045052173.jpg (64.28 KB, 1100x619, 180315070622-kendall-jenner-01…)

No. 536654

>violin player
Wait what? I've heard about the shit with Karlie and Diana but what's the "incriminating" stuff?

No. 536659

The fucking LENGTHS this man goes through to present as heterosexual

No. 536691

File: 1586050788641.jpg (93.66 KB, 600x800, 343859.jpg)

No. 536696

File: 1586051505637.jpg (175.24 KB, 1500x1500, Chris-Evans.jpg)

Dunno why, but I think he might be bisexual at least

No. 536698

why though

No. 536703

I feel this entire thread is based on petty cliche-stereotypes, I mean 9/10 think I'm gay when I'm straight as an arrow, what's even worse are the people who want to help me "come out closet" and insist that I am a lesbian and that all my previous relationships were fake, its so fucking annoying

No. 536727

lol why her? i swear i remember her dating some old white guy and then all of these rumors came out

No. 536734

File: 1586058848129.jpeg (116.23 KB, 714x1244, 2C730C80-2C97-47B3-B907-331AA4…)

I have no idea why so many models are lesbians but obviously she is. It’s a shame about the lip fillers, she was so hot before.

No. 536738

>Remembers ONTD posts about him where they constantly talk about how gay he is
Lmao those were the days

No. 536742

why does everyone say she's a lesbian? they say the same about taylor. it seems like everyone says this about anyone who seems like an emotionless husk

No. 536743

god, what happened to ONTD at the end of the 2000s? i swear it turned over to SJWs overnight.

No. 536744

File: 1586059354726.jpeg (65.48 KB, 500x344, 4456A2C4-AFDB-4E4E-8E9A-175EA8…)

Before Taylor made it big she was always posting cutesy couple-ish pictures of her with this girl Emily on her MySpace. Emily was her “best friend” and she played violin in Taylor’s band. Taylor mentioned her in blogs a lot and they flirted in some of their posts (and there’s also pic related, that’s Emily to Taylor’s right). They even went on a vacation with each other to the Grand Canyon. But then for some unknown reason in 2008 she just got kicked off Taylor’s tour. They replaced her with some other violinist and Taylor never spoke to her again. People think she got kicked off cause Taylor’s managers thought other people would think she’s gay cause of Emily so they had to get rid of her.

No. 536745

taylor swift fans literally claim any picture with any woman is proof she's a lesbian. they're claiming she's a lesbian with camila cabello because of like, awards pictures and just normal-ass photos

No. 536761

i'm not sure. straight guys can be bitchy queens too. kind of like 50 cent

No. 536762

this is so sad. i feel like so many close female friendships get squashed because of lesphobia

No. 536787

He's Bi at most
I know River phoenix was his best friend but part of me feels like he loved him more than a brother

No. 536795

I've heard the rumors, but is there proof? Maybe it's just her momager spreading them to generate more views

No. 536811

File: 1586075566459.jpg (47.01 KB, 749x920, 920x920.jpg)

It wouldn't surprise me if Michael Emerson was gay and living in a lavender marriage, he's played in quite a few gay-themed projects and is a biiiiig supporter of gay rights

No. 536827

File: 1586077795929.jpg (254.16 KB, 625x415, pictures-of-gals-just-being-pa…)

it doesn't really happen, otherwise it would not be memed. We are not even sure if that's what happened to Taylor Swift and anyway celebrities are not representative of normal people anyway…

As mentioned in another thread, my type is Hideo Kojima (if he counts as a celebrity lol). He is at least bisexual. Also may be one of those gays who are so deep into the closet they actually have wife and a kid so nobody suspects a thing.

No. 536831

>Hideo Kojima
I thought I was the only one, but he defiantly comes across as closeted gay to me

No. 536840

Is he really closeted though? It's pretty obvious lol

No. 536852

File: 1586085114581.jpg (68.54 KB, 500x353, tumblr_p73gi8l7VN1rntha0o1_r2_…)

that but SnakexOtacon is without a doubt the best gay relationship I have ever seen, they literally raise an adopted daughter together

No. 536892

File: 1586097510353.jpeg (300.22 KB, 650x486, 9218082C-C687-45CA-8457-3AF70A…)

Jamie Oliver

No. 536893

File: 1586097545432.jpeg (2.97 MB, 1392x2064, 0CB5051F-A668-44C3-9AA9-77F0A8…)

No. 536922

wow lizy koshii

No. 536925

File: 1586103604951.jpeg (435.74 KB, 2000x1333, 832F8CD7-1536-4904-A14C-FF110D…)

No. 536930

Kanye West, Billie Eilish and Ras Kass

Wasn't he fucking Paul McKenna at some point?

No. 536933

File: 1586105027924.jpeg (40.99 KB, 340x435, 88C0319D-2529-406B-A030-C9B908…)

Tia and Tamera’s little brother Tahj

No. 536937

I could see 50 on the dl or as bi though.

No. 536938

File: 1586105389944.jpeg (75.8 KB, 700x360, 913BD256-4846-4528-93C5-CB0E8A…)

Not sure if he really counts as a celebrity

No. 536940

Same, he hates women so much it’s obvious

No. 536967

I would put money on him being bi, though he might have a preference for women. There was the rumored thing with River and he had a brief relationship with the tranny from sense 8, but he's also had relationships with women that weren't really in the public eye. He had a thing with ana de armas about five years ago. (Which was pretty creepy because he was literally twice her age.)

I swear he came out at some point?

No. 536988

I feel bad for speculating because she's so young, but I definitely agree about Billie Eilish.

A footballer of the german national team came out after his career ended a couple years ago and a few of his former collegues said that now they feel weird cause they showered with him. But doesn't Ronaldo even have a kid? I think he's just a narc who's insanely in love with himself and therefore spends so much on grooming.
>There was a rumor that he was with a muai thai boxer
Do you happen to know a source for that? I couldn't find anything.

No. 537007

Yeah I know he has a gf but very hard to picture him having sex with a woman.. unless he's getting pegged.

No. 537009

Nope, he did get ‘caught’ liking some half naked body builders ig pictures a few years back though so you may be thinking of that?

No. 537040

I can see Taylor being a closet case but the way people insist that it's true creeps me out. A lot of what they're saying also sounds like straight up fanfic as well.
Kek my mom thinks she's a lesbian too. I actually can buy it since she's the only Kardashian who doesn't have really public relationship drama.
It really went to shit quickly. It also didn't help that all the SJW posters were really cliquey and straight up bullies. It's better now although it's pretty much dead lol. 2007-2009 was the golden age of ONTD for me lol.

No. 537054

sorry, reverse image search is failing me, who is this?

i had a lot of fun on ONTD during 07-09. it was a magical time lol. man i used to go to LJ for everything until the SJW cancer began, look where we are 10+ years later.

No. 537061

>>536938 was just thinking about this today!

No. 537078

File: 1586121041429.jpeg (91.65 KB, 820x550, 834C4126-F0BA-4362-AAF7-2AC430…)

Again definitely not a celebrity but Nick Fuentes is so obviously closeted. I actually think a lot of MRA/ ‘no egirls!’ Etc types go down that route because they’re closeted and that gives them an ‘excuse’ to never pursue relationships (despite being ‘trad’ lol)

No. 537081

nobody considers him homosexual, especially since he has a wife and a son. Making lowkey gay media (on tumblr it would be considered queerbaiting as it's all subtext or noncanon) doesn't mean someone is out of the closet…
hard agree, I wanna look up some ff about them because I love their dynamics so much and there's a lot to explore

No. 537090

He livestreamed himself hanging out at an arcade and driving around for 4 hours being all cutsey with gay camboy catboy "lolisocks" he paid to fly to him, he's definately gay as hell.

No. 537091

Wtf is a catboy…

No. 537393

File: 1586188399529.jpg (376.21 KB, 1704x2560, Timothée-Chalamet-at-Little-W…)

No. 537411

The male variety of semi-furry weebs who wear cat-ear headbands and cat-tail accessories to be uwu kawaii nekos, this guys also an alt-righter who goes on about how cultural degeneracy degrades the white masterrace.

No. 537429

File: 1586196700613.jpg (Spoiler Image, 105.07 KB, 728x1043, timothée-chalamet-lily-rose-de…)

Nah, don't think so. That gay movie he made had zero chemistry too

No. 537680

fucking hell anons are we that regressive that we think that every non-conventionally masculine male is homosexual
this entire thread is just seems mean and offensive

No. 537681

>Kanye West
My friend and I used to joke about him being a top or a bottom for Riccardo Tisci. They definitely had something going on a few years ago, around the time Kim was pregnant with their first kid.

No. 537692

File: 1586221930081.png (126.78 KB, 290x337, tyle-model.png)

he's bi or gay for himself

No. 537693

>this entire thread is just seems mean and offensive
just like every celeb thread. theres literally one where anons nitpick to death women's appearance because they think that if they aren't attracted to someone, they must be ugly and unattractive to everyone else. jesus christ

No. 537695

I think this is personal to me because a lot of people insist that I assumed I'm gay cause I'm not conventionally feminine or people think I'm into kinky sex, like I'm just an average heterosexual woman

No. 537710

File: 1586226601394.gif (2.08 MB, 308x239, 27f0faf60a32e32478763ea6cbf740…)

There is a rumor about Ronaldo's baby mamas being surrogates. The first one allegedly got pregnant through a one night stand and after the baby was born, Ronaldo got full custody and the woman money in exchange. She also had to sign papers but the public doesn't know their content. Ronaldo is 100% gay. He also dated Irina Shayk who was also a beard for Bradley Cooper.

No. 537750

these pics always make me laugh lol looks like a hooker with a tuberculosis patient whose last wish was to not die a virgin

No. 537772

this was so obviously for pr, looks staged

No. 537787

are we in the 1950's, every vaguely feminine male isn't gay alright, you wanna gayship straight fictional characters that's fine but its not right when you do with real people

No. 537841

And what exactly makes him look gay to you? His twink looks?

No. 537969

File: 1586282359621.jpg (58.73 KB, 500x500, diana agron.jpg)

This. She also had a fling with Dianna Agron.

No. 537972

She obviously likes dick…There are proofs of her being with men - and no I'm not talking about PR stunts like Harry Styles or Anwar Hadid.
It's funny, she slept with more men than her sister but gets a pass because people think she's gay. Some people even call her "butch" bitch where?

No. 537976

File: 1586283464434.jpg (277.92 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_ph8bykLQFv1rcu041_1280.…)

Alright I wanna take this thread "temporally" in the opposite direction, what gay/lesbian celebs do you suspect are actually straight/bi

for me its strange aeons(I know e-celeb) she gives me huge bisexual flake vibes.

No. 537979

She annoys me with just how much she talks about her gayness, that and her catholic upbringing/school.

Like I'm gay and was raised in Ireland so I know what that's like.. but it isn't 99 percent of my personality

No. 537980

lol wtf are you talking about?!? that bitch is gay as fuck, seriously,if she is bisexual I am an attack helicopter android. I can think of many women who are fake gay like Onisions wife lainey, that girl that appeaed in Juno Ellen Page, Also ready to glare is def fake bi

No. 537985

>ready to glare
Ot but I liked her at first but got real tired of her after about a week of watching. Idk what it is either.

Definitely. I've seen him debate a few times and he always has this way about him that the whole nazi persona is a joke to him.

No. 537995

I'd rather she be bi because the world doesn't need more lesbians with platforms saying troons are totally welcome in when they're already safely hitched.

No. 538000

>>537980 ellen is married to a woman??

No. 538001

As a bisexual that's had relationships with men, bisexual and formerly straight women and lesbian women I have to say I choose the bisexual partner or formerly straight girl everytime. I find lesbians have this thing where their entire personality and hobbies revolve around being gay. Maybe I just had bad luck but the two lesbian women I dated were only interested in lbgt related stuff, basically all their humour revolved around it, they didn't like any of my straight friends and were just straight up annoying after a while.
Like I understand it's a huge part of who you are, but I believe there's so many other qualities than your damn sexuality.

That's totally the vibe I get from people like Strange Aeons or that weird Ash Hardell girl on YouTube.
I know Ash isn't technically a lesbian, she's a non binary fakeboi snowflake thing, but still, fucking annoying. I do think Aeons is an actual lesbian and not a fake lesbian bi, but I agree that she's annoying as fuck.

No. 538008

File: 1586288884546.jpg (78.66 KB, 615x1105, 2_Fantastic-Beasts-The-Crimes-…)

I am positive that Ezra Miller is straight. He doesn't call himself gay, he vaguely calls himself queer without specifying anything and gets tons of sjw asspats for it. I would be genuinely shocked if he has ever interacted with a penis other than his own.

What makes you think Ellen Page isn't gay? Even when she was a teenager she gave off pretty heavy les vibes to me.

Ash Hardell is a lesbian who is afraid of the word lesbian.

No. 538012

File: 1586289106231.jpeg (144.24 KB, 801x1200, 9440C7C0-7666-4A35-958C-858EBF…)

Jessie Paege, she came out as bi but her entire personality is based around being “queer” and having coloured her. Honestly I think she’s just a basic straight white girl who likes the attention.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 538059

File: 1586295295901.jpg (78.23 KB, 900x900, 43c6fd436314705f16f00b8c1c6515…)

Both are only gay for pay

No. 538094

Anyone who believes these 2 are actually in a relationship is just stupid.

No. 538096

Ellen Page seems p legit

No. 538100

Who are they?

No. 538104

This is the celebrity thread. Not the nobodies thread kek

No. 538113

They're SuSu and bunny, they're just cosplayers who pretend to date.

No. 538168

File: 1586303602660.jpeg (76.39 KB, 1024x576, 6BBCAFBC-D8CE-4CD8-B7D8-A3CB70…)

This seems obvious

No. 538173

yeah hes not gay he was just molested

No. 538198

No… not real

No. 538199


No. 538204

File: 1586309807534.jpeg (354.08 KB, 2207x1381, 62C733FE-7601-4D6A-B7FD-56EF98…)

kinda surprised he isn’t out yet tbh

No. 538212

What do you mean?

No. 538243

File: 1586315920828.jpg (64.91 KB, 720x897, 3hmrrhcst4d41.jpg)

she reminds me of this meme

No. 538244

File: 1586315973755.jpg (101.5 KB, 1200x800, gettyimages-1078573568-crop-15…)

and this is her and her longterm boyfriend

No. 538248

who is that?

No. 538279

Jameela Jamil

No. 538294

File: 1586323523905.jpg (90.62 KB, 1200x773, harry-styles-medias-2.jpg)

I am very confused by Harry Styles as of late. I thought the high heels and bell bottoms was a very cute look, very British and Beatle-y. Then you hear about his womanizing almost cougar attraction. How much is publicity and how much is real? Even in celeb thread there has been consensus he doesn't have much dirt. He reminds me of Ezra in the way he keeps shoveling dirt.

No. 538309

Can you please add the names of the celebrities to your posts? I don’t regognize half of them

No. 538345

James Blake has never not looked like something just took an oily shit on his head.

No. 538346

He's hinted plenty times at being bisexual, without truly coming out. I think a lot of the early cougar chasing stuff was PR coverup for the fact he was dating (or getting groomed) by Nick Grimshaw. His more recent flings with VS models seem more legit.

No. 538347

Megan Thee Stallion. I know she's been with guys, but she seems a lot happier and content twerking and grinding on women than she does men. Bisexual at least.

No. 538350

super woke woc dating a generic white man is my favorite trope (she says while also in relationships with a white man)

No. 538386

What do YOU mean? Not real.

No. 538395

File: 1586345191177.png (152.88 KB, 540x408, tumblr_78fe904408c67cf4a4aba4b…)


Taylor Swift is lesbian is my favourite conspiracy theory because unlike most conspiracies it's harmless and not antisemitic.
Finding hidden messages is the best part of the community.

I'm 100% sure that she dated Karlie Kloss. Some fans think that they are still together but it's just hopeful thinking imo. I love femme lesbian couples but I'm not invested in any ships. Just here for the Easter egg hunt.

If someone is as pathetic as I am there's some reading to get you started:


The infamous powerpoint:

Someone actually wrote a damn book of the subject:

About bearding in Hollywood in general and Taylor's arrangements:

No. 538409

I could buy him being bisexual. But I also wouldn't count out the possibility that he's straight and just very comfortable with his sexuality and at some point realised that by leaning on it he can be crowned a lesbian icon or whatever bullshit that was and use it to propel his solo career.

No. 538412


Guys like Ezra Miller and Harry Styles seem like a narcissitic non-masculine guys who think they're too specail and unique for gender roles and social norms to apply to them. That's why they present as non-binary genderqueer polyester resin so they can sleep around with women, play dress up, get attention, do as they please and not answer for any of it.

No. 538417

I wonder why in current year many celebrities are still closeted, especially with Hollywood being preachy about social justice. Ffs, Truman Capote was openly gay in the 60s, when it was still illegal.

No. 538424

Because actually gay celebrities want to lead quiet and private lifes without being expected to talk about their sexuality in every single interview and flouncing around like fake gays/bis like Harry, Ezra or Miley.

No. 538430

i've slept with him, he's not gay

would fully buy him being bi or also just pandering to the larry audience he built up

No. 538438

u w0t m8????

No. 538467

Thank you for your helpful deep dive tips anon, I also have no interest in Taylor as a musician or a person but have always enjoyed the speculation around her using 4chan. There's just something about the idea of an otherwise boring person holding an interesting double life.

No. 538472

Isn't the industry still run and funded by complete boomers though? Abusive, narc billionares that parade barely legal girls on their arms for prestige and abuse underage would-be stars of either gender behind closed doors.
Lgbt can be a marketable gimmick but it needs to fit their script eg funny fat gay man.

No. 538501

how was it

No. 538515

it's because of china. literally.

No. 538534

kinda off-topic, but i never got why dudes that do this are automatically crowned as icons. aesthetically they just look gross

No. 538567

File: 1586378952251.jpg (83.54 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Edwin is gay, i just feel it

No. 538571

File: 1586379890103.jpeg (121.95 KB, 640x960, C9FDFD66-DF03-4164-B6DF-80B596…)

No. 538572

I agree

No. 538573

I think it's because so many male celebrities turned out to be predators, so girls cling to the idea that if a man looks different because he likes (or pretends to like) something that women like too (makeup, heels,…) that means he's on their side and won't betray them by being violent or a creep. Like "How could he be bad and sexist if he likes traditionally feminine things? He surely is the opposite of Weinstein and Co." Wishful thinking.
Also, media glorifies the idea of having a gay best friend, meaning if they claim to be bi like many do nowadays, fangirls can either chose to still lust after them or to think "He's just like me, he understands me, we could be besties!". Two birds with one stone, twice the support for them.

No. 538582

Srsly? She's slept with more men than all the women in /g/'s prostitution thread combined. If anything I'd argue that Kris Jenner's the family's dyke.

No. 538584

when I started watching him - as some of his videos were popping up on my youtube feed - I was CONVINCED he's gay. Eventually weeks or even months later I end up on some stream and he mentions his girlfriend?? Most confusing moment to be fair.

No. 538586

what happened to louis? if anything he was the gay one in 1D

No. 538603

he had a long term girlfriend and got a fangirl pregnant, if he's gay hes doing a cracking job of hiding it

No. 538635

I actually think louis has a higher chance of being gay than harry, mostly because harry tries to hard to seem gay or bisexual while louis tries too hard to seem straight. Like they're both overcompensating for something.

No. 538644

File: 1586392801333.png (434.95 KB, 386x547, Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 01.3…)

he got ugly, had a baby with a groupie, and bought bad surgery for his long term girlfriend who continues a failing career as a influencer model

No. 538768

They're in a long distance relationship though, so it doesn't really change anything. He only has to pretend to like women at most one month of the year

No. 538784

File: 1586421437534.jpeg (52.99 KB, 500x269, 4924F386-84FD-4625-AEAF-C81825…)

Gaylor Swift is my favorite

No. 538854

Idk he seems pretty open and has talked about kissing boys and stuff before, I don’t feel like he has any reason to hide if he was gay. I think he’s straight but just feminine.

No. 538893

Don't tell me you haven't found his sudden transition to low rent Gallagher brother convincing.

No. 538897

louis was always ugly though, i don’t know who anyone thinks he’s kidding. he’s always had gross shit mop hair, steve buscemi eyes and papercut lips.

No. 538901

File: 1586446183813.jpg (209.01 KB, 1080x1080, original (1).jpg)

I think a lot of celebrities are closeted bisexuals. But I don't really know why they wouldn't say it if they could even profit with that. i.e jameela jamil (which I think she is not bi at all)

Frank Iero from My Chemical Romance. He is married with a woman I think but he seems very bisexual.
Also, Ryan Reynolds gives me that sensation too.

No. 538912

File: 1586447025434.gif (1.59 MB, 500x279, IbPGYG0.gif)

>i've slept with him

No. 538939

File: 1586452025856.jpg (46.77 KB, 489x585, c9b2d548cfa600fe83f794fdded3d1…)

I'm actually surprised how almost all of the guys from that scene are heterosexual and married now. I think Brendon Urie from Panic! at the Disco later came out as bisexual but he's pretty much the only one? Is Pete Wentz openly bi or is he the "I've slept with men and women but only date women" -type? Can't remember.

At one point I fully believed that Gerard and Bert McCracken from the Used hooked up and that's why their whole fall out after Gerard got sober was so bitter. Kinda still do, lol.

No. 538946

>Why are majority heterosexual males, heterosexual ?

It's not that hard

No. 538968

He's not gay in the slightest. He's ALWAYS writing songs about women and very much gives straight vibes. As >>538412 said, it just seems like way to stay relevant and woke with his gay support and "hinting" that he's bi bullshit. It's like straight girls who say they would kiss a girl.

No you haven't lol.

No. 538972

Brendon Urie came out as pan or queer or something stupid a year or so ago, back in the emo days Pete Wentz said he’s “bisexual above the belt”

No. 538977

i mean…gay men have dated, married, and had families with women

louis set off my gaydar from day 1. it's his affect lol

No. 539039

she's not in the closet though. she's out

No. 539042

everyone gay

No. 539054


No. 539071

>I'm actually surprised how almost all of the guys from that scene are heterosexual and married now.
Me too. Although I think a lot of them are bisexual at least I think didn't say anything because it wasn't that accepted or "cool" as know. I mean, a lot of the guys in the 'trap emo' scene are very open about being bisexual but of course, they don't say bi, they say pan but whatever.

And yes, Gerard and Bert definitely had something else. I always had this theory where Bert was more into him but Gerard just seemed it as a fling. Isn't 'Pretty awesome awkward' supposedly about him?
And same hat with all stuff that happened with his guitarist. I mean, even though they were doing it as a stunt or whatever, fooling around that much has to make you catch some feelings at least lol

I'm a big fan of Harry for a lot time but this whole 'queer' stuff is so off and a mere stunt to catch some woke points. I gotta remember that he is just a white guy.

No. 539074

>I gotta remember that he is just a white guy
lmao exactly. he really is faking it and it's so sad that people are eating up his narrative and speculating that he's bi because he vaguely mentioned possibly sucking dick in a song when it could've been a lie or meant anything.

No. 539214

File: 1586493958949.jpg (74.33 KB, 960x540, EErtyJBUYAA6zFm.jpg)

I don't know if this counts but since the quarantine I decided to watch the BA videos and Chris Morocco apparently is straight? Before getting into the videos I saw some memes with him and immediately I thought he was gay.

No. 539225

No. 539249

yup. he's straight and has a kid. tfw you're so meticulous and anal that it reads as flaming fag

No. 539250

OMFG RIGHT?!?! I audibly went "no way" when he mentioned his wife in the coffee in quarantine video.

No. 539264

Christ, are y'all really that regressive and judgmental

No. 539266

It's natural to make assumptions about people. I love him and his videos, but the reality is that I thought he was gay.

No. 539330

I thought it was just a rumor that Keanu dated/ had a thing with that transwomen has it ever been confirmed? Edit- The only thing I found was a blurry video of a kiss on the cheek, I think they were friends.

And Harry Styles has just gone hollyweird, he's just like that Lady Punching "Queer" dude whose name I can't remember. They are just GNC men who think because they are feminine it means "I have to be one of the letters in the LGBTQ+, because why else would I wear make up and heels?" it's annoying.

Is it bad that whenever someone comes out as anything other then gay/bisexual/lesbian that I roll my eyes?
It always feel like it's a celebs "brand" when they come out Pansexual or "queer" in fact, those words mean to me, "Pansexual- I fucked a NB woman before, I was attracted to a transwoman before, I have a fetish for transwomen but will never date one"
and Queer is just bullshit to me. It's any guy who throws on some heels and kissed a guy once.

If this video is about him fucking transwomen then he's not in the closet, he's bisexual.

(sorry for the huge block of text)

No. 539370

where the fuck did the idea that you can't be both effeminate and a womanizer come from? Mick Jagger and Rod Stewart and almost every other glam rocker was doing this shit back then. It's not a new novel concept

No. 539374

File: 1586537111561.jpg (54.46 KB, 800x450, bonappetit_christina-makes-hot…)

Honestly, what made me thought he was gay wasn't his delicate persona. I just assumed it since the majority of men in BA are gay.

I also think Brad, Sohla and Amiel are bisexuals, and Christina is a lesbian.

No. 539380

Sage for samefag but:
>Is it bad that whenever someone comes out as anything other then gay/bisexual/lesbian that I roll my eyes?

I feel the same way anon. Especially with the 'queer' etiquette since it can mean absolutely anything but still makes the 'woke' community so happy and 'proud'. Like, if kissing a guy one time or fool around with makeup is a struggle. It really makes my skin crawl since who uses that tag the most are white rich guys like fucking Ezra Miller. For real I have mad respect for celebrities who comes out simple as bisexual/gay/lesbian since they seem to be such bad words nowadays.

No. 539387

are you not familiar with him? his voice sounds like a gay accent.

No. 539394

jesus, this is like reading fanfiction
y'all really put a lot of faith on her cliché songwriting, huh?

No. 539410

File: 1586543036656.jpg (43.96 KB, 750x422, rebecca-black-comes-out-as-que…)

another "gay" celeb that is obviously straight

No. 539413

She’s essentially exclusively been in long term relationships with women..

No. 539415

File: 1586543555971.jpg (128.65 KB, 681x383, todd-chrisley.jpg)

Todd Chrisley anyone?

>TIL Rebecca Black dates women.
Weird that I've also been thinking about her today too. Mainly because it's Friday and I've been singing her song lol.

No. 539417

File: 1586543609585.jpg (8.77 KB, 261x193, download.jpg)

Lady Gaga is supposedly bisexual, but I always thought it was for woke points

No. 539418

Didn't she recently admitted she was straight? IA though. I feel like she just "experimented" in her early 20s.

No. 539421

File: 1586544031494.jpg (151.7 KB, 634x951, had to find myself.jpg)

Todd is like the second coming of Jessica and Ashlee Simpson's dad, and we know how that turned out.

No. 539422

File: 1586544068507.jpg (13.93 KB, 197x256, download (1).jpg)

Tess Holiday is an obvious faker. She'll do anything to stay relevant.

No. 539425

shes openly supporting creep biden too. she revels in gay culture and muh feminism because it means $$$

No. 539431

She's as straight as a pole, no matter how much she tries to pander to the lgbt community.

No. 539433


No. 539435

they were still considered weirdos/not straight and rumors have floated around since then they were all secretly blowing eachother and fucking fish and shit. rod stewart even had the stomach pumped because it was full of cum from sucking dick rumor going on even until this day.

No. 539436

She claimed to be bi back when Poker Face came out but a few years ago she said she’s a “straight ally”

No. 539457

File: 1586551596558.jpg (Spoiler Image, 99.76 KB, 2400x1350, 1005563493-lady-gaga-2ea.jpg)


Gaga did the bi thing for attention, baited for the woke points as much as possible. Also anybody remembers when she also pretended to have a dick and then acted all bitchy when she got asked about it?

No. 539536

His what?

No. 539585

File: 1586569692788.jpg (136.32 KB, 700x700, 08-halsey.w700.h700.jpg)

To the anon who keeps posting AI-generated faces in this thread that has nothing to do with them: why? Are you okay? There are plenty of threads to spam this shit, you fucking weirdo.

>>537976 I would say Halsey falls into this category. She talks about being bi but has only seemed interested in men and guys before she got famous and up until now. She's done the stupidest shit for woke points before, so it wouldn't surprise me if this is another case of that.

No. 539588

Halsey seems like she'd pretend to be bi and have threesomes to keep cheating bfs interested

No. 539589

Yep. She's a cheater herself though kek I remember coming across her Harry Styles stanning/anti-Taylor Tumblr posts before she became relevant. They emitted lots of insecure straight girl energy (not to say that that still isn't the case with her).

No. 539596

File: 1586570890271.jpeg (219.32 KB, 750x897, 410C5003-9930-4263-B456-460656…)

i remember her being so proud over being "bisexual, biracial and bipolar" and thinking it's funny because all of them start with bi bi bi. i agree that she's just straight and mostly pretending to be bi. and all the lyrics she has on her songs about women seem so fake woke and so forced in

>Got a girl with California eyes

>And I thought that she could really be the one this time
>But I never got the chance to make her mine
>Because she fell in love with little thin white lines
>London girl with an attitude
>We never told no one but we look so cute
>Both got way better things to do
>But I always think about it when I'm riding through

please shut up already halsey

No. 539635

Allegedly her and G Eazy had a threeway with a pornstar named Kendra Sunderland.

No. 539652

I've known females who fuck other girls during threesomes for their musty men but one friend in particular admitted she wasn't even bi or attracted to women at all. Gay for pay or gay is a thing.

No. 539728

>relationship with ana de armas
doubt.jpg Receipts?

Gay af and everybody in Hollywood knows:

Hugh Jackman
Jake Gyllenghal
Bradley Cooper
Harry Styles
John Travolta
Taylor Lautner

Might not be 100% gay but definitely likes to buttfuck teenagers (like that one that almost died from running away from him in his italian home)
George Clooney , and his bff Randy Gerber (Cindy Crawford's husband)

No. 539732

I think he's a pornsick Bi male, whose probably had relations with men
>Hugh Jackman
or maybe he's just a good partner who chooses to stay loyal to his wife
>Jake Gyllenghal
>Bradley Cooper
>Taylor Lautner
Have never ever gotten that vibe from any of these guys
>Harry Styles
As anons have mentioned he's likely just queerbaiting like ezra
>John Travolta
that's the only I agree with

No. 539826

File: 1586630050639.gif (3.83 MB, 200x326, giphy.gif)

there's paparazzi photos of them on vacation together and she posted instagram pics that were taken in his pool. it's possible that their relationship is platonic but I don't think I'd ever go on vacation with a 50 something male friend.
I'm undecided about Lautner but I could see it. The sassy hand motions gif is the first thing I think of whenever he's mentioned anywhere.

No. 539832

>Jake Gyllenghal
He's regularly seen dating 20 something year old women. This is like when people say Leo is gay. They're obviously not.

No. 539834

The reason why I think half these men claim straight but may or may not fuck other men or trannies is because, they don't see gay sex as "gay".
They may be only into the same-sex sexually, so because they aren't romantically involved with men/trannies I think they don't see themselves as anything else than straight.

I don't see a lot of men in this thread as "in the closet" or gay. Some of them just seem bisexual, they only want to date/marry women but are sexually into the same sex (transwomen included) only for sex.
Usually, bisexual people lean heavily towards one sex ( i know I do). While I do think there may be some men who are deep in the closet,

I think a large number of men in Hollywood don't take same sex-sex as something serious or that changes their sexuality. They aren't in the closet but they just don't see themselves as anything but straight because it does not mean more than getting a nut.

I hope this makes sense, It comes off autistic.

No. 539872

Kanye is definitely pornsick and Bi
Ninja says when he and Kanye were hanging out and they watched anal porn together
>At 7:06

No. 539885

I wonder what else Kanye is into? Pornsickness turns the mind to mush. Kanye would probably fuck and watch anything at this point.
The dude needs help, i don't think he's in the closet, I think he prefers women but is, well porn sick.

No. 539887

lol so many crazies here. no less different than the conspiracy thread

No. 539891

Also, I've heard stories of him showing porn to other people as well, I forgot who it was but they said they met Kanye and he put on porn. He's obsessed with anal.

This thread is very problematic, entertaining, interesting but very problematic. I hate that im even here. I do think some of the "he's gay, look at how he's moving his hands!" shit is dumb though.

No. 539936

File: 1586647835973.jpeg (174.85 KB, 1111x1111, BECFBBA8-0C3D-4784-A51E-DD2274…)

I feel like the online right in general has a lot of ‘political heterosexuality’

No. 539940

> He's regularly seen dating 20 something year old women
So? They could be beards couldn’t they? What does their age have to do with it?

No. 540103

The other anon has it right. They have beards. All the ones Ive mentioned are well known to be closeted, just google about it if you don't believe me. LOTS of witnesses and stories.

He likes to frequent gay clubs

Yeah maybe some are bisexual. My uncle had a friend that used to be Ricky Martin's bodyguard AGES ago and I asked him if he was gay like it was rumored (obvi this way way before he came out , when he was supposed to be 100% straight) and he said "he's not gay but he gets bored of just having women so….."

No. 540107

um…because being photographed in the company of a woman is undeniable, 100% certain proof that they are straight, right?

No. 540140

what makes you think he's gay?

No. 540143

I know a few "gay" guys like that. It's the same as the "stright" guy thing I spoke about.
Some gay/straight claiming men find opposite/same-sex sex so meaningless that they just don't call it what it is, "Bisexuality" they just don't consider it to mean anything at all.

The "gay" guy who produces empire does this, he calls himself "gay" but has said he sleeps with women.
I don't think people like that do it because they are in denial or scared, it's just those sexual encounters mean that little to them.

No. 540168

File: 1586714903246.jpeg (255.85 KB, 2164x1232, 85EE42FB-92EE-4FA3-938B-D4F6F4…)

Sometimes I think Emma Chamberlain but I also do think I could be totally off with this one I’m not sure

No. 540177

she's the definition of straight white girl

No. 540197

I totally think it's possible for these dudes to be closeted but do y'all really go online and read stories and believe them?

No. 540206

She seems so gay to me to anon. She’s a no makeup, messy bun, soccer lesbian to me.

No. 540219

File: 1586722801265.jpeg (186.86 KB, 590x590, 95BE2E02-B0A7-4688-A364-C3ED6D…)

No. 541405

File: 1586975208025.png (1.49 MB, 779x776, 84354543435.PNG)

this thread is officially delusional

No. 542113

File: 1587100005446.jpeg (200.79 KB, 768x1024, F02EFA20-B36A-436F-9C55-6C7D28…)

Do you think every single lesbian or bi woman out there just looks like ‘the bitch in question’ or something?

No. 542121

i think emma is straight but you never know

No. 542336

t. the anon who described her as a “messy soccer bun lesbian”

No. 542762

File: 1587214070951.png (3.75 MB, 1762x1746, 1D524B65-FC3A-4B25-BE6D-D328F8…)

Zendaya, especially during this phase

No. 542783

omg i deadass thought she was a stud

No. 542788

I do not get this thread, Zendaya is the most basic straight girl I can think of

No. 542791

File: 1587217229957.jpg (21.5 KB, 1509x23, Screenshot_2.jpg)

I agree, she has no chemistry with male actors. Blind items also seem to suggest that she's les

No. 542793

File: 1587217546770.jpeg (112.58 KB, 990x941, 8C607890-08FF-49F8-8938-F7A74E…)

Idk the only people I know who take pics like this are studs

No. 542800

that's just late 2000's/early 2010's fashion, I used to dress like that and I'm straight as an arrow

No. 542824

she has no chemistry with male actors because she's a shit actress

No. 542907

>actually believing blind items
c'mon those sites are full of shit.

No. 543465

Not that anon but she still dresses like this after that period of time. You're also an exception to the rule.

There was also that one pic of her dressed masc and saying something along the lines of "your girl calls me daddy to." Can't find it again but I wouldn't be surprised if she were bi or something.

No. 543669

File: 1587396679279.png (170.48 KB, 416x397, tumblr_843df81977b1113c3b0c861…)

No. 544003

File: 1587465961060.gif (497.66 KB, 476x279, gway.gif)


lmao I literally clicked this thread JUST to see if they'd been mentioned yet. I went down this huge nostalgia rabbit hole of old late 2000's crackhead mcr/ mcr-affiliated theories a couple years ago when I started lisetning to a bunch of y2k emo music, and obviously idk how much of it is actually true but i think it fried my brain so much that I'll never really look at gerard/ frank/ bert the same way again lol. also if i remember correctly there was also a ton of evidence about mikey way and pete wentz having a fling??? around the same time as frerard/ gerard and bert. but again, like, who knows how much of it was stagegay and fans looking too deep into the angsty post-mcr lyrics

No. 544027

I think Gerard and Burt from the Used had something going on, but they didnt try to hard to hide it.

No. 544058

I definitely think Pete and Mikey had a secret relationship, even more so than Gerard and Frank. They always seemed to have a long friends with benefits kind of thing going on

No. 545581

File: 1587757694284.jpg (208.09 KB, 1200x1600, Twentyone_Pilots_at_Press_conf…)

No. 545594

One is married and even has a baby.
Other one is engaged.

I see the kind of Joshler trash you are.

No. 545595

Yes also I love her

No. 545596

File: 1587759775005.jpg (19.77 KB, 340x334, Harry_Styles_Louis_Tomlinson_2…)

Does this thread also count for celebrities you thought were genuinely gay and together? A few years ago, I was seriously so convinced that these two are in a relationship and will come out once they are free from their management or whatever. A lot of people (back in 2015-2016) said they'll come out in 2020 too. Harry is obviously gay or at least pretending to be for some woke points but Louis is just your average straight man who likes beer and tits. And the entire "Larry Stylinson" fandom was a cult imo. We would go great lengths to analyze every single movement of theirs and then come up with those "uwu poor Louis just wants to kiss his Hazza but homophobic managment won't let them!!1!".

Still baffles my mind to this day how convinced I was.

No. 545612

gerard and bert had that same bam margera and ville valo vibe going on
bonding over drug/alcohol use and literally encouraging one another to spiral until one of them wakes up and tells the other person to fuck off, which usually doesnt happen

idk how bert is doing and dont really care, but gerard seems ok now, as is ville while bam is still a whole pathetic mess of a person

No. 545624

god he's fucking ugly, sucks at acting and is an all-around douche, why is he still around? how does he date beautiful women?

No. 545669

IIRC Zayn said in an interview months after leaving one direction, that Harry and Louis both hated the rumors/fan speculation of them being gay. Said it made them really self conscious of even being near each other.

so, you're in a band, you become friends with a guy in said band to help cope with the stress and people mistake any interaction as 'loving affection' yeah I can see why they hated it.

Harry is doing the gay shit for woke points. Guarantee he smashes pussy left and right more than ever thanks to it. He doesn't need to do it but woke shit sells and low self esteem women fall for it. Louis is that typical, like you said anon, beer and tits guy.

Not saying you anon but I liked a theory I read on this situation. Basically it was a bunch of ugly girls, who knew deep down that Harry or Louis would never sleep with them, so to help lessen the blow, made them gay to justify why they wouldn't sleep with them.

Because of money and status. Any guy in power in history, be it a war lord or some rich count will always get women. Is said war lord and count ugly? fuck yes they are, still won't stop majority of women.

No. 545680

File: 1587778446134.jpg (21.02 KB, 260x300, th.jpg)

It's the Gay Vlog Squad threesome!

Each one of them has had a beard to date and I'm pretty sure they've all been together too.

Also reckon David Dobrik is gay.

This video here shines some light on Jeff and Todd's gayness and how Todd uses alcoholism to cope with being in the closet and sucking dick for tv gigs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yJWRfrPOPk

No. 545681

the old one who pretended to date trisha paytas gives me gay vibes too
sorry cant remember his name
and i was shocked that ugh its joe had a gf tbh but it seems he plays up the gay shit for the camera and its an actual character, which is probably what most of these losers do honestly

No. 545682

Jason gives me pedo vibes rather than gay vibes. He worked with Dan Schneider and was an 'extra' for Drake and Josh. He also has been inappropriate with Tana Mongeau and pretty sure he's been inappropriate about Emma Chamberlain when she was 17. Also completely unrelated, but he's been talking shit about his son recently and making a lot of slights about him. The son seems like a talented musician and his kids hate the vlog squad.

Joe can play up being gay cause he's actually got a committed stable relationship. Jeff clearly is overcompensating for having plastic surgery and being a faggot. There was a video where he was on the phone to his dad and calling him "Daddy" etc. There's also that clip where he was at Coachella and he did a gay little dance move at the camera and immediately wanted David to delete it.

Even in that personal conversation video Todd posted there's a lot of stumbling over what they can say and they stop themselves a lot. There's a lot of closeted guys in Hollywood and the vlog squad seems to centre around those guys or kid's media.

No. 545692

Also to add on to David and Scott being gay. Liza and Kristen appeared to be beards. I think that's why Kristen and Liza were close because they knew the score. None of their relationships ever showed chemistry. I don't know if it's because I'm slightly older than most of them but they all are so disingenous that no wonder they prefer inteacting with teenagers and kids. David saying the best award he ever won was a Nickelodeon one when he tries to rip off being another Jackass crew. Home boy should at least be aiming for some type of acclaim on MTV rather than fucking Nickelodeon.

I think other members of Vlog Squad are branching out and going to move on eventually. I don't understand how David sells merch to kids and then gets a woman to sit on Jason's face and also Jeff, Todd, Scott and Zane are all cokeheads.

Corrina Kopf also seems to be a professional beard. Didn't her last boyfriend get outted with James Charles? And Todd is gay. No wonder she lays it on thick with David, he's probably scared of vaginas as well.

Also isn't Madison Beer also a go to beard. Honestly.

No. 545698

I’m so glad bandom was brought up, there was so much gay shit in the scene.

Brendon has come out ~pansexual~ but were him and Ryan Ross actually together/hooking up? I think so considering how far Brendon bent to try and keep him in the band before he left and then how extreme the stage gay with Dallon was early on.

Also Gabe Saporta was a slut that fucked everyone lmao

Oh yeah the amount of evidence especially those pics of Mikey and HeyChris, purely taken to make Pete jealous.

No. 545699

Damn…HeyChris is a throwback. Wish lolcow existed back then because he and everyone that hung out in that circle were cows of the utmost level.

No. 545714

lol this, the only time I can remember her talking about men is saying "idk why people think (x) is attractive???" Her love of campy musicians is suggestive as well. I call girls like her "(I)'m not (LIKE) other (GIRLS)" lesbians

No. 545780

File: 1587793210309.jpeg (13.99 KB, 259x194, F721A09E-A051-4395-AF34-8FE518…)

I know he’s married and has a child but I bet you he’s bagged some men

No. 545781

File: 1587793818633.jpg (41.12 KB, 638x425, no regrets.jpg)

with Nev I get the feeling he's never loved anyone as much as he loves himself

No. 545788

Right, what kind of straight dude has a fucking tramp stamp

No. 545791

it's not just the fashion though…it's the way she's posing in those pictures.

No. 545818

are you me? I was in this deep and I'm rightfully truly ashamed of it today.

No. 545886

who is this?

No. 545917

Joanna Cedia (I think that's her name), a random Emma Chamberlain esque YouTuber who got famous in a week

No. 545921

File: 1587836305794.jpg (100.04 KB, 990x577, original.jpg)

blackpink in your area

No. 545923


No. 545926

File: 1587837620557.jpg (35.75 KB, 450x750, 02a517537a6e71066c86aeb27a6906…)

No. 545935

no proof so im sure i'll trigger some anons, but ive worked with hollywood contracting regarding relationships. a lot of celebrities are honestly bisexual and have sex with either sex easily and when they marry, 9/10 its because its good for image, power move, or lonely af.

a ton are in the closet though (meaning they are still bi but prefer one over the other) and wont ever come out. heads are still boomer so no matter how progressive shit is, i would be shocked if any came out. also so many of them marry and have kids and are gay as shit. being married/having kids means absolutely nothing nowadays.

a lot of the contracts are super depressing and most celebrities are depressing as fuck i.e. regarding love life. its mostly just super sad. do sometimes regret though i didnt get more into it, because my boss was involved with some super fascinating shit he dropped. and a few were 'supposed' to come out officially but because of covid19 aren't anymore. no idea if this is true or not.

No. 545936

also doubt if anyone cares but can confirm (again no proof so) that hideo kojima is super in love (or more likely, obsessed at least from my opinion) with mads mikkelson. like its funny but also VERY strange in person.

No. 545950

I can believe this. Even with the guys in the vlog squad, the ones that seem closeted might just be bi too. I also think those in the industry that got into it young might have a confused sense of their sexuality due to the predatory nature of the adults around them. The only reason I think some stay in the closet is because they need to bank on idiots forming stupidly intense crushes on these people for marketing purposes

No. 545980

File: 1587844819245.jpg (136.57 KB, 1024x1620, 3d67075f29834c58f88de9769f1fcd…)


I thought that this was a well known fact about kojima.

No. 545981

File: 1587844904005.png (334.54 KB, 540x604, c62.png)

No. 546025

you met Hideo Kojima?!

No. 546026

I love jesusfags fanfiction but idk they act awfully straight

No. 546050

i'm around a lot of japanese ppl and when they get about something or someone they become total otakus, it doesn't mean he's gay. but he might be, who knows.

No. 546051


No. 546073

I still remember that story about how he punched a girl. Those douche vibes you're having aren't wrong.

No. 546082

no can confirm, again no paper proof but, while speaking to friends in connections, hideo is so fucking bizarre in a way that makes even japanese nerds major freaked out. i would not be shocked if hes tried to fuck him. there was a moment (that i think there is even confirmation online) where mads went missing and it turned out fucking kojima essentially KIDNAPPED him. like not legit, but kept mads 'busy' enough that his agent was flipping out.

no idea if mads is into or not nobody seemed to bother with that. he seems very polite, hear nothing but glowing things of them and how hes very chill so maybe? its just something that i remember when discussing it more kinda laughing but the more my coworkers spoke of it was kinda sobering like.. oh wait no he wants to fuck this guy and might even kidnap him to get the dick.

No. 546086

all i'll say is, the best actors are 100% bisexual and have either had intense sexual or even deep mental homosexual relationships. its really fascinating when i noticed the relation to a very good actor and their genuine bisexuality. theyre also the ones that either got married young or are always in a straight relationship- when youre dating its far easier to do what you really 'like' and is usually recommended.

the 'out and proud' actors are usually in two camps- theyre acting on their own ideas thinking it'll boost them or theyre trying to impress someone they want to be with/are with (as in actual confirmed lesbian/gay actors and those 'queer' identifying ones.)

their are a few deep closets who are living double lives, as in they have a married spouse/kids but another house a street over with their long term homosexual partner. everyone in LA knows but nobody really gives a shit far more interesting stuff going on.

also the best way to tell those who were molested? they are ALWAYS doing something, like constantly, be in photoshoots, magazines, insta is always updating, movie after movie, tv shows. those that never seem to stop have been through some awful shit. i know that seems stupid vague and pointless but again, little thing i noticed. sometimes i wondered if it was because stopping means thinking or maybe the predator keeps them busy? who knows.

No. 546090

I think so too, but then when you notice how much gay stuff there is in MGS it's easy to think things just add up.

No. 546093

This just made me think Leo dicaprio is gay. Didn't his mum get him into the industry at a stupidly young age. I remember having to watch What's eating Gilbert Grapes for a course I was taking and how young Leo was

No. 546101

File: 1587869396255.jpg (90.23 KB, 1007x551, IMG_20200412_203738.jpg)

V and Jimin from BTS. I legit feel like Jimin came out when he said that back in the day he pretend to be someone he wasn't, and now he is more comfortable by not pretending to be always masculine.
As for V, he also used to say homophobic shit but now he is just so sassy and quite feminine himself in his mannerisms, same as Jimin. I know I'm appealing to stereotypes but coming from two Korean men it's different.
Also all their solo songs are allegedly ambiguous and talk about being caught in a lie, committing a sin and being rejected from family due to that and recently, about struggling with identity but now that they grow he has accepted himself.

No. 546105

i think you're right about v, but i just can't see that about jimin…

No. 546106

why do you think jennie?

No. 546107

kpop just keeps on leaking everywhere now huh

No. 546111

that sounds very disturbing. mads seem as straight as it gets, has a spouse and two kids. it's disgusting to think kojima'd chase him that way

No. 546113

leo has had a lot of fun and probably still does. i honestly dont think he was as fucked up (in terms of abuse) as most. not a lot of people talked about him, aside from how the older he got the more deranged he got. and in weird ways, like very subtle. im 100% he was given the oscar to keep him from killing someone method acting lol.

oh yeah it was super weird. i personally think from what ive heard, kojima is gay and its fucked him up as he's gotten older (being unable to act on it) therefore it manifested in him being nuts. im fairly certain if he'd done something more from mads we'd for sure, or at least my friends, wouldve spoken. i honestly think mads was like whatever. i hear hes such a chill and lax dude- idk if thats his danish personality or just him! a friend worked with him and said he was just a super nice dude and you would never know he was famous the way he chilled with you.

No. 546114

jesus fucking christ go back to twitter you 13 year old braindead army. jimin likes to fuck ugly european whores in clubs and bts all hate each other. they'd probably gag at the thought of being in a romantic relationship with one another.

the kpop thread was bad enough, stop spreading your autism.

No. 546120

>for 2 Koreans it's different
They literally make a career selling lies to retarded faggots like you.

No. 546128

what do feminine sassy mannerisms have to do with being gay?? google visual kei. Being hairless and feminine is the young straight girl's ideal for men over in Korea and Japan, the "bishounens", there's literally nothing homosexual about BTS at all

No. 546130

This is the reason why I don't think Harry Styles is the same as Ezra, his friendship with Nick Grimshaw since he was 17. He comes across as bi with a preference for women, don't see him ever marrying a man or even dating men publicly though

No. 546164

Everything these men do, from their songlyrics to their fashionstyle to their mannerisms is a product of the kpop industry. There's literally nothing real about what's shown to the consumer.

No. 546212

>girl wearing snapback = gay
>hideo kojima/mads mikkelsen fanfic
>bts are gay and in luv guis!

can't tell whether this thread got retarded or hilarious.

No. 546286

I have never heard about Harry Styles and Nick Grimshaw lol! Any more info about it that is wild

No. 546429

File: 1587937028321.jpg (41.42 KB, 480x347, megan-thee-stallion-captain-ho…)

I'm begging at this point, plus she is always talking about playing around with women but it comes off as a bicurious thing… hopefully one day she would say it explicitly.
The captain hook video and lyrics? Megan bisexual

No. 546442

Anon I so fuckin agree - the first time I saw her I thought there's no way she doesn't have a gf or hasn't dated women

No. 546467

I agree but idk if I would describe her as closeted?

No. 546843

File: 1588031852126.jpg (74.45 KB, 620x758, 1677685.main_image.jpg)

nick grimshaw became friends with 17 year old harry styles not long after he moved to london. lots of interviews about him sleeping over, etc, taking him out partying with kelly osbourne etc

there's also the weird thing where he was living in his music video directors house and started converting to judaism. 17 year old harry styles was around a lot of weird clingers who were all 10-15 older than him

No. 546861

You could even count Irving Azoff today. Elderly married man, head of Harry's management agency and the biggest Styles obsessive you'll find anywhere.

No. 546866

She likes using men for sex but probably is more romantically drawn to women. I can relate.

No. 547198

File: 1588122920359.jpeg (106.86 KB, 720x720, C45987FB-7037-4EA7-8677-73ECFB…)

I would put money on it.There is NO doubt in my mind…

No. 547206

There really is something very Rosie O'Donnell Jr. about her

No. 547210

hard agree

No. 547217

File: 1588128190443.jpeg (413.28 KB, 1200x1560, 808BB1F5-9A0F-4951-B19F-2F1FF7…)

No. 547218

are you also the type of people who think every effeminate young boy is gay and every assertive young girl is a lesbian

No. 547219

No I just think Greta gives off that vibe

No. 547221

File: 1588129024983.png (743.79 KB, 603x677, oji.png)

No. 547222

What about Jojo Siwa is assertive?

No. 547225

Literally nothing idk what they’re talking about

No. 547229

File: 1588130205040.jpg (85.15 KB, 750x1334, e07719394abdfa631ba18e20792cae…)

>“fucking hell anons are we that regressive that we think that every non-conventionally masculine male is homosexual
this entire thread is just seems mean and offensive”

No. 547231

I don’t get why this thread would be mean or offensive unless you view being gay as an offensive and bad thing. I feel like there are people who watch this thread just to comment when anyone is posted that it’s stereotypical, the person is wrong etc, maybe that troll who kept posting the AI generated faces idk. Like if you find the thread offensive just hide the thread.

No. 547235

it's more like the people who post here think it's offensive and bad. and tbh saying "this person looks gay" is pretty insulting? it's like saying ew they're not normal.

No. 547236

Idk if you’ve just never been around gay people but saying someone ‘looks gay’ is definitely a thing gay people do, again I don’t see why this would be insulting unless you view being or ‘looking’ gay as something bad. No one thinks everyone who is gay looks or acts a certain way but stereotypes do exist for a reason and if you ever have any actual involvement in the lgbt community other than like tumblr you will hear this a lot

No. 547237

sounds like you're the one who thinks seeming gay is offensive, anon.

No. 547238

Go cry about it on tumblr. Plenty of people constantly theorize about closeted or gay celebrities, it's something gays have done for years before more people were open actually.

No. 547241

The post you quoted was obviously sarcastic

No. 547244

It's stupid af because a) it's not an insult to think someone seems gay, and b) stereotypes exist for a reason. Reasons like
>only gay people are willing to embody stereotypes because straight people are scared of being called gay
>it helps to signal to and identify other gay people
>it's a result of emulating more visible, openly gay people in the media
just for some examples.

It's not that all gay people are stereotypical, obviously loads of them aren't, it's that most stereotypical people are gay because only a particularly brave straight man would choose to come off as effeminate or flaming or w/e.

No. 547248

Exactly. Even though I think a lot of the people who complain in this thread don’t genuinely care or think it’s offensive to gay people they think it’s offensive to straight people and that gay is an insult.

No. 547266

File: 1588138927188.jpg (24.71 KB, 400x400, f3fHClE.jpg)

I don't think she's lying about being gay but I do think hbomerguy pretends to be bi for woke points.

No. 547282

I don't believe he's bisexual for a second.

No. 547283

Yeah, his whole online persona is just pandering. I’d think of him as bi if he dated a tranny (since he simps for them so much) but I can’t see him doing that.

No. 547347

just watched his sherlock sux video and was surprised how much he ripped into andrew scott, a gay man, playing moriarty as (gasp) gay
i agree w/ >>547283, at most he'd date a trans, but probably just b/c he's been brainwashed

No. 547365

I don't think he or Shaun ever would. They talk a big game but they don't walk the walk.

No. 547372

speaking of e-celebs what is hontras sexuality btw? he used to identify as straight before his fetish took over his life, in some of his videos he talks about sucking cock and having relationships with men and now he's in a relationship with some other tranny

No. 547384


Autogynephiles have fucked up sexualities, anything that makes me them feel like a womyn uwu makes their dick hard.

No. 547393

his last video, at 42 minutes long, is discussing nothing but his sexuality, here's the quick rundown

>obviously bisexual AGP dumps his boyfriend to admittedly guilt trip and pester another AGP who was dating a cis "lesbian" into dumping her to start a relationship

>comes out as "lesbian" (but still, and I quote, "has some erotic fascination with masculinity possibly from my pre-transition failure at masculinity" and was "only interested in men since they desire me as women never have") after feeling deep shame in not being straight
>this is after coming out as "straight" aka into men (after coming out as a bi (after coming out as asexual (from taking t-blockers (after coming out as a "gay trans woman" (after coming out as non-binary before the AGP really kicked in (after coming out as a drag queen when he could first afford costumes for videos (after coming out as a gender non-conforming straight man before queer theory gave him a socially accepted way to harvest attention indefinitely and repress his internalized homophobia)))))))
>explains how "female" sexuality is confusing since "we" don't watch porn, are "demisexual" and are "generally meh about male bodies"
>blames all this on stigma about transwomen being fetishists (despite admitting anime catgirl transbians are extreme cringe), which cis women also suffer, as evidence by 50 shades of grey, but which you shouldn't feel "feminist shame" from enjoying
>admits he'll never understand straight women… "as a gay woman"

all this through slurred speech and even dribbling from facial paralysis from feminization surgery and alcoholism, whole thing was an accidental exposé on how badly TRA ideology melts your brain

No. 547400

my current theory: straight or maybe bi with a preference for women. He's now calling himself a lesbian because only women can be lesbians and he finds the label validating. I think he's genuinely into women, and if he is bi he was probably too ashamed to sleep with men as a "cis" man. it's hard to tell. I don't think he even really knows.

No. 547843

I used to follow a few ftms on youtube and half of them claimed a 'shift in sexuality' from taking hormones. As far as I know they experiment during their second puberty and then feel embarrassed afterwards when the phase passes.

Don't know why contra announces shit so quickly. He's been every letter in the LGBTs by now. It's called identity disturbance.

No. 547864

He apparently has an homophobic family, to me he is a repressed homosexual due to his upbringing. He tried to convince himself he was straight before trooning out, and now, he identifies as whatever every two weeks. He is definitely not attracted to real women though.

No. 547962

real shit, I don't believe anything contra says and the only reason he does not go for women is because women don't go for him. I find that a lot with these people, they start off as straight porn sick men, then they end up transbiens, then they realize no true lesbian wants to be with a transwoman and barely any women do, so they start messing with men because not only is validating but it's easier to get sex and attention, then they realize these dudes don't date, then they end up with transwomen or transmen.

Contrapoints sexuality is whatever he wants to fuck. The dude is a fucking mess and no one should take him seriously. He's either going to detrans, get a neo-vag and truly fuck up his life or kill himself.
I could see him getting a neo-vag because I heard his dick is basically useless.

No. 548230

Idk if Contra actually is into women but the recent coming out video resonated with me. The slow realization and some of the thoughts Contra described were spot on for my own journey. I'm a cis lesbian who realized she is gay in her mid 20s.

No. 548238

Contrapoints has his own thread on /snow/ >>>/snow/537938
Take the discussion there

No. 548278

This is a random child wtf? Why would she be gay?

No. 548279

lol that's jojo siwa and she's 16. also kids can be gay

No. 548280

My lesbian friend said the same thing but then again, most of us gay women can relate to a man's attraction to women.

No. 548324

>calling an underage girl "a bitch"
very cool, very progressive

No. 548334

It’s a meme from twitter

No. 548335

No. 548414

Ah Tyler Bacteria

For sure he is not 100% dude bro straight as much as he tries to come off.

He spent time in New Orleans trying to be an 'Actor' and he was pictured a lot with his 'manager' Most imagines have been scrubbed but one still exists. His old Manager now manages another youngish male.

No. 549101

bert and gerard were def involved same with pete and mikey, I think ferard was stage gay but frank caught feelings G always struck me as the same type of queerbait/flamboyant but not actually gay as harry

I think bert is prob legit bi cause he went on record and said some of the love songs on that first album where about his guitarist

It's weird looking back on this stuff because it's so in your face I thought I was remembering it as more over the top than it was but really just that gay, no one could get away with doing that kind of shit today. This iconic video has no heterosexual explanation 15 years later

oh my god u just awaken something in me, remember those pictures with billy Beckett and mikey? jeffree star used to be all over him too he had so many incriminating candids, bislut archetype

for a normal contribution I'll say I also think meg is into women and not just in the doing it for men/attention ig baddie way

No. 549679

So there's been a few rappers confirmed to be with exposed/caught with transwomen-
Young Buck
Bobby Valentino
and not a rapper but that guy whose married to that playboy girl, Hank something and Eddie Murphey was caught with a trans prostitiute.

Tyga has had some rumors and some trans pornstar exposed him a long time ago, of course a few transwomen came out and started saying he was messing with them, I don't know if it's true or not.

I find it weird that in most cases of them being exposed the transwomen always have video proof, which is very fucked up. Do you guys think Eddie Murphey is gay or bisexual? I know young buck is just a gay man indenial and Bobby just comes off as a rich dude who got bored and will fuck anybody.
It's always so weird how they get caught more with transwomen then actual men, maybe because the transwomen always try to expose them and they might actual have real relationships with men and/or have a fetish for post op transwomen.

No. 549680

Oh and Malik Yoba who is probably a bisexual/fetishist is into transwomen as well, claiming he's "Straight". At least he's honest about it but I'm positive like every male into transwomen they are into the dicks. I've never seen a dude caught with a tranny with a neo-vagina.

No. 549810

yeah that's exactly how I feel re: mcr theories. frerard was def not as serious as gerbert (…..that video you linked unearthed so many repressed memories of watching all those fuse interviews. like. THE FRAMED PHOTO LOL) but i think when you look at how insanely flirty, not even just stagegay, that they were revenge era, up to how angsty it got during like projekt revolution after gerard married lynz backstage, there was at least something there. frank seems more like the one who caught real feelings at some point but it obv was never gonna work out well and you can kinda sense them keeping more of an active distance once danger days rolled around. do any other mcr anons remember the f.t. willz theory??? that shit was wild if true

No. 549894

if he was honest about it he wouldn't be larping as 'straight' and would call himself bisexual or pansexual or queer or whatever. he is ashamed and disgusted by his same-sex attraction and was obviously blackmailed into that whole media circus

No. 549935

When Yoba came out with this a large majority of black men were like "hell the fuck no", the only people who were agreeing looked exactly how you'd expect.
I have a friend who is a sex worker. She told me that famous men who get caught up with transwomen are usually gay/dl/bisexual and/or into some freaky shit and that they know they can't get away with doing it on a man or woman.
She told me that some transwomen sex workers are so desperate that they think fucking these men mean something. That they often brag, share notes/names, and love to blackmail. She said they'd share rappers names of rappers they fucked for other transwomen to fuck. She often told me that the men who aren't "tricked" usually want the biggest dick tranny, which is why they always are caught with pornstars or very manly looking transwomen.

She said that whenever someone gets caught with a transwoman, "it made her feel good, because it lets people know that rich and famous men want us" it's fucking sad. Elle Bradford and her painfully gay boyfriend do this, Elle loves to brag about all the rich men who want her. I find it odd that transwomen think being a fuck toy for rich men/washed out rappers/actors is a good thing.

With Eddie Murphey, I think he's gay and he hates women, the way he treats his baby mom is horrid. The common theme of dudes being caught with transwomen is they are usually fucked up famous people.

No. 549986

>Do you guys think Eddie Murphey is gay or bisexual?
I think he's a chaser with a fetish who considers himself straight (topkek)– so a closeted bisexual.

Same as >>549680

All forms of homosexuality are still incredibly stigmatized in the Black community, and most people don't "get" bisexuality, anyway. The public generally thinks bisexual women are attention seekers waiting to jump back to dick, and that bisexual men are actually gay men who refuse to ""fully"" come out.

>She told me that some transwomen sex workers are so desperate that they think fucking these men mean something. That they often brag, share notes/names, and love to blackmail. She said they'd share rappers names of rappers they fucked for other transwomen to fuck. She often told me that the men who aren't "tricked" usually want the biggest dick tranny, which is why they always are caught with pornstars or very manly looking transwomen.
it's """"validating"""" to be treated like a piece of meat, because, duh, that's what women are!

No. 550306

I'll probably get banned for "No1curs" but I work in a place with a lot of transwomen. One of them came to my friend bragging about fucking Yusaf Mack, saying she was going to try to get some money and she had dick pics and everything.
It was so fucking retarded it took two mintues for me to google the dude, find out that he's openly a sex addict who fucks transwomen/men and he did a gay porn. Everyone has known he was bi since 2015 and everyone thinks he's really fucking gross.
They get a crumb of something and run with it. Then the transwoman who accused Tyga of being with her and Colin Kapernick is a known liar.
The also had this gay man tell me he fucked trey songz which I believe because I believe he's in the closet or bisexual.

No. 550309

Also the funny thing about Yusef is he has a shit ton of childern like eddie murphey. It's funny how these gay/dl/bisexual men have like 20 childern.

No. 550728

Kind of ot, but is the girl in OP pic Molly Soda?

No. 551965

Data Lounge has a HUGE list and they are usually right.
They outted Aaron Herndez and Malik years ago for being tranny chasers/bisexual. They also outted Charlie Sheen way before we heard about it.


No. 554085

can you post a link to it?

No. 557159


Very OT but would you be interested in a bandom thread?

No. 573858

Camilla Cabello(sp?) pretty sure

No. 573880

Suppressive person kek?

No. 574212

Anon I swear

No. 574484

File: 1593004476729.jpg (173.29 KB, 1024x1024, fS9gYNjr.jpg)

ben mulroney… man was a host on one of those entertainment celebrity shows and he just looks gay

No. 575355

Yes please although it would probs unearth some v embarrassing memories

No. 576195

Apparently many people believe he is. His wife also has affairs constantly with other men which doesn't help his case kek

No. 576262

He looks pretty and kind, rip the human race that all pretty and kind looking men are gay-coded by default. Generally any man who differs from the norm is assumed to be gay. Seems like a conspiracy to keep the normies having all the breeding power.

No. 576548

>He looks pretty and kind

I watched a few videos of his just to get a feel for him and he just seems relatively chill, especially for someone working in tv and around women, too. I also like how he lets his hair grow out gray.

A couple of the other dudes in this thread like Chris Morocco seem more shy and awkward than gay. I usually get more suspect when men try too hard to come off masculine, like rugby players to me always look like they be touching each other in the locker rooms or something.

No. 581941

File: 1594344154061.jpg (49.27 KB, 458x400, thumb-AP-mike-pence-800x400.jp…)

No. 581979

late but Hideo Kojima's obsession with Mads Mikkelsen posted here made me go "Hahahaha - …Oh" and now it's just insanely creepy to me. Wtf. Hideo seems pushy and obsessed

No. 581994

Speaking of lefty youtubers, I snort every time Lindsay Ellis calls herself bi when she's clearly a basic straight girl who married the most generic looking dude on earth.

No. 582012

He's 100% gay.

I don't understand people that insist they're bi when they never date the same sex. Who needs to know you're casually attracted to the same sex sometimes?

No. 582076

>I don't understand people that insist they're bi when they never date the same sex.
That's like saying a virgin can't know if they're gay/straight.

No. 582120

>boring straight women never pretend to be bi for woke points and male attention

No. 648960

Kayne is for sure. Chicago knew.

No. 648967

Do u think Virgil is his bf?

Sometimes I wonder if Jonathan cheban and Kim Kardashian are in love? He's in the business and suggests who she dates.

No. 649068

File: 1602110223243.jpg (23.05 KB, 660x371, jb.jpg)

>who do you think will come out

Honestly? I don't know. But I can tell you who I think definitely isn't straight.

>Tom Hardy (bi)

>Ariana Grande (Kinsey 1 pillow princess attracted to women who look very similar to her)
>Justin Bieber (more like BIber amirite, and before you ask yes this one is completely serious)

No. 649074

File: 1602110574541.jpg (10.86 KB, 336x437, gun.jpg)

She'll be one of those bi women with a same sex preference who turns into pic related when you mention some lesbians have never so much as kissed a man.

t. genuine biscum who can smell it out

No. 649106

Ariana seems like the straightest woman who has ever lived…

No. 649277

Kanye has been known to casually play porn videos in front of guys on his tv, specifically videos of guys having anal sex with women. Kind of sus.

No. 649321

unless her constant relationship hopping and cheating on men is somehow all fake

then again the people who theorize this might be the same ones who insist t. swift is 100% lesbian and all her men are beards

No. 649343

she was sexually abused by men since she was a child, and her cope was clearly 'friend' out of 'fight, flight, friend, freeze, or flop'
I would be willing to bet she doesn't really know what her sexuality is, it was decided for her before she even hit puberty, she probably never considered it much

let me take this crinkly hat off now, it makes me project

No. 649550

File: 1602142537282.jpg (25.64 KB, 308x185, 33231218-0-image-m-8_160021327…)

I think Paris Hilton is lesbian, bi, or maybe asexual. Leaning toward lesbian. I just get that vibe. I watched her documentary recently and the relationship with some generic dude just felt so forced. This is a sad speculation, but those awful troubled teen schools she was sent to have a lot of overlap with/often double as conversion therapy camps.

No. 649559

Ariana Grande is definitely straight, but I can see Justin being gay

No. 649622

I refuse to believe Brendon Urie actually likes dick

No. 649628

I agree. Maybe he did it for wokepoints, like pansexuality? Seriously? Act like an adult. Doesn't he have a wife too?

No. 649631


Wokepoints, as well as catering to the 99% fujo bandom

No. 650094

File: 1602179477229.png (192.08 KB, 500x363, tumblr_bcd2a12ba290311200c17a7…)

I kind of get this bi vibe too. Her family is also super conservative and maybe homophobic so who knows if she's hiding anything.

No. 653792

File: 1602535815289.png (452.25 KB, 620x530, kc.png)

I'm old but I always got gay/bi vibes~ from Kelly Clarkson. Maybe now she's getting divorced she'll reveal she always liked pussy, even if only a little bit.

No. 653794

sorry for wk-ing but in his defense he never actually said he was pan, he just said he didn't care much about gender and twitter turned it into pansexuality

No. 654070

not caring about the other person's gender identity is pan though.

No. 654731

shut the fuck up

No. 722226

File: 1611576874400.jpg (105.89 KB, 646x1200, EsXTShAUYAAqUYF.jpg)

she came out

No. 722239

Replace Sanic Totem with >>547198 Who's with me?

No. 722243

Gaydar on point
but really I’m so happy for her ahh

No. 722278

Finally. I knew that shit years ago. A little girl with a voice sounding like my gay aunt. Plus watching her on Masked Singer it was super obvious.

No. 722279

>masked singers
OT, But Wow, i didn’t know that was a thing, looks pretty cool!

No. 722287

It's an amazingly fun show if you're a music fan. The hosts are a bit corny but I love trying to solve the mysteries of it!

No. 722349

Why did this thread get necro'd and what happened with the one in /snow/

No. 722362

Random but who’s the other girl in this picture. Is it Adriana Lima? It looks like Adriana Lima?

No. 722390

2 months is not a necro, especially with milk provided

No. 722422

google reverse image search says it's lindsay lohan

No. 722435

Ignore other anon, that is not lindsay lohan t. Team lindsay

No. 722453

File: 1611604494086.jpeg (28.38 KB, 457x671, images - 2021-01-25T165402.851…)

It does look a lot like Adriana, that's my guess too

No. 722471

wow that anon was so spot on its almost suspicious…………………………

No. 722474

Are you trying to imply that Jojo is a farmer?

No. 722475

Nta but it wasn't really that big of a reach, me and all my gay friends had her figured out ages ago no matter how gross that sounds

No. 722482

No way it's Adriana anons wtf

No. 722486

Mike pence is definitely not gay. He's so heterosexual he doesn't meet with other women out of respect for his wife lol

No. 722494

>ywn have a based mikepencebf that doesn’t even meet other women
why live.

No. 722514

No. 722525

No. 722967

Definitely not her. Looks like Bijou Phillips, they used to be pals

No. 723383


No. 723395

File: 1611704190192.jpg (95.29 KB, 700x437, lesbian.jpg)

She is a lesbian

No. 723399

Agreed, she also seems religious so I guess we ain't gonna get a coming out

No. 723402

This is old milk but one dude paris hilton dated always seemed very gay to me, that river viiperi dude. Paris has always given that gaydar flicking vibe of "idgaf" with men, does anyone know what I mean?

No. 723413

File: 1611705840001.jpg (260.36 KB, 1080x1440, 49480.jpg)

When will Pedro Pascal come out?

No. 723415

Yeah she's a total lesbo. Got major vibes during her documentary.

No. 723421

Janice Dickinson once said that all models are lesbians

No. 723433

As a former fashionfag, can concur that most female models were into women

No. 723438

Hyperfixating on them being gay is pointless tho. They fuck each other and then marry some rich oil man and have a bunch of kids, usually.

No. 723505

Comes off as Bi tbh

No. 724731

I’ve been converted by Gaylor Swift conspiracy theorists. I also thought her relationships with men came off as weirdly fake, but I assumed it was just because she was so calculating and image obsessed. Her being a lesbian, or at least a bisexual who prefers women, is pretty plausible tbh.

No. 724744

even if she is not bi or les, she should come out anyway. the gayspiracy is the only remotely interesting thing about her. she should be thankful for retards that started this theory

No. 724746

I always thought she came off as frigid because she was so deeply traumatized by the scrote who exploited her with the sex tape and all the extreme misogyny the press heaped on her afterwards. Literally no one acknowledged that she was 100% the victim in that scenario and treated her like she deserved it, that has to warp your attitude towards sexuality big time.

She’s probably a sex repulsed person because of all that, regardless of the sexual orientation she naturally has. But if she does feel attraction to women I hope she can accept herself and find a healthy relationship.

No. 724751

lmao imagine if this was all another PR stunt, her fan base is so easily manipulated by all the “clues” in her music that its also not unbelievable

No. 724777

i wish, the schedenfreude would be so delicious. Gaylor stans are completely unhinged in their belief that she is a poor gay shoved into closet by her bad agency or something

No. 761885

File: 1615807981477.jpeg (210.17 KB, 1036x1300, C88C5D4A-D2DA-48D2-A498-DB2FA1…)

No. 761905

Idk, she caters way too much too scrotes

No. 761906

No she’s aggressively straight. It’s a damn shame because she’s absolutely gorgeous.

No. 761907

That’s kind of what makes me think she’s not straight. Like it’s seems so performative. Also just her general energy and the fact she went to an all women’s college and did her dissertation on menstruation.

No. 761920

Who is she?

No. 761921

the kid gave half of NYU chlamydia and it seems like it was mostly women, so.

No. 761928

sometimes you just see it from kids too. like that "i'm in my mom's car, brumm brum" girl from vine. knew from the start that she was gay and later her dating profile was found where se sought relationships with women.

No. 761938

i feel this way about Blue Ivy

No. 761939

Dasha from the leftcows thread

No. 761961

She’s fucked 70 men anon. She’s straight.

No. 762608

File: 1615896431376.jpg (101.29 KB, 731x894, Screenshot_4.jpg)

Margaret Qualley. Idk, it's just a hunch. She was also seen hanging out with Cara Delewhore

No. 762790

File: 1615912473283.jpg (8.19 KB, 300x168, jamie.jpg)

Jamie Foxx got pretty obvious when he started messing with the well known beard that is Katie Holmes.

No. 762833

quick question; how accessible is lolcow for people using screen readers to navigate the site?

No. 762838

Go to meta

No. 763231

god I wish

No. 763467

File: 1615984937178.jpg (159.28 KB, 1000x1500, Alexa-chung-hair-first-look-at…)

Alexa Chung. She 'dated' Alexander Skarsgard, just like Elliot Page

No. 763471

Dream girl

No. 763481

She also dated Alex Turner for like five years

No. 763507

iirc that girl is transitioning now
another lesbian lost

No. 763526

File: 1615992323176.jpeg (106.69 KB, 645x1024, alexachung.jpeg)

I've been gay for Alexa Chung since middle school. In my eyes she was the it-girl of 2008-2011. sage for ot

No. 763571

Tish Simmonds

No. 763624

File: 1616003331892.jpg (193.72 KB, 1080x1080, EtJ8xI0XIAQRqdm.jpg)

Has Bill Kaulitz been discussed here? I heard rumors that it's discussed in his new book (picrel) but all the articles about it are in German and I don't speak the language

No. 763627

how can you be closeted if you're the epitome of flaming homo lol

No. 763628

Wow, I would be down for book spoilers! Hope someone translates the juiciest parts

No. 763631

Eh, if anything, he is bisexual

No. 763636

Ze German here to help you out

In this article it says also in his new book he doesn’t disclose his sexuality or preference.

> Auch in seiner Autobiografie "Career >Suicide – Meine ersten dreißig Jahre" gibt >er darüber keine Auskunft.

He says though he had a poly relationship with his friend and his girlfriend because he was in love with his guy-friend.


No. 763638

Mystery solved sort of. Thank you, danke schoen (sp?)

No. 763645

Everyone talks about how Kendall Jenner is lesbian but imo she is not the gay one in the KKK
For those who don't want to watch
>'I want people to know we are more than that [best friends]'
>'I can't wait to lie in bed and write my wedding vows tonight…let's write them next to each other'
>has a Peruvian wedding ceremony with Jordyn
>exchange wedding vows
>'I hope to spend my time with you in all my next lives too'
>exchange rings
>put them on the ring fingers
>'oh wow, they have a really special bond, what great friends'
>Kylie saying "I care about her like I care about…a girlfriend"
>Kris Jong-Un literally dying inside the whole time and yelling 'besties' 'best friends' while those two dance together

Come on, I can't be the only one seeing this as absolutely gay

No. 763647

Yeah it was strange and i felt like some sort of tension there not only teehee I’m marrying my bestie like

No. 763743

the part where she talked about writing vows together in bed had the same energy i had when i slipped up around my first gf's religious family kek

No. 763768

He's just a slut lol. Men, women, trans, he fucks everyone.

No. 763932

>Kris Jong-Un

No. 764004

source? her twitter bio still says "Girl" in it

No. 764238

File: 1616090148890.jpg (57.31 KB, 517x900, incomprehensible.jpg)

That is actually how Kanye calls her

No. 764411

i don't get this thread, is this just headcanons? how do the people posted have a gay "vibe"? what does that even mean?

No. 764525

I have it on good authority (from a makeup artist who does shit for Hollywood) that George Clooney is gay.

No. 764564

Basically yes but I have to ask, are you gay? Gay radar is a real gift kek

No. 765109

ot, but I always found that story about the dead 15-year old boy that allegedly was running away from Clooney's house as legit. Idk why, but that man gives me creeps

No. 765150

What? Never heard of it. Are there blind items or is this some creepypasta?

No. 765584

her tiktok is @tishsimmondsofficial
she talks about it there more but I cba to find which video, you can see the he/they pronouns though

No. 768403

File: 1616577668291.gif (2.78 MB, 260x260, ezgif.com-gif-maker(1).gif)

Lauren Tsai

No. 768420

File: 1616580794875.png (88.18 KB, 686x756, CDAN.PNG)

It is a blind item.
I have seen this discussed about him several times. I have tried, but can't find the original item the CDAN post refers to right now. Maybe some other anon can get more receipts but the story goes that a 15-year old was running away from Clooney's house """party"", only to fall off a cliff and die (or maybe he was thrown off)

No. 768454

File: 1616584786103.jpg (539.41 KB, 1080x1661, IMG_20210324_121955.jpg)

This one?

No. 768997

File: 1616642906038.jpg (671.33 KB, 1050x702, 6h5D6pU.jpg)

100% Liza Koshy

No. 769008

File: 1616644057847.jpeg (495.46 KB, 635x797, 6CF7F6A6-1130-48C8-A02B-0FFC65…)

wat anon didn’t you know already?? she said she was a brown bisexual woman of color in AMERICA almost forgot that part

No. 769010

I used to think so too but now idk

No. 769011

I can't tell if this is sarcasm or for real but I am laughing anyways

No. 769411

I can honestly see both of them being gay and that their relationship was just for views

No. 769833

File: 1616733374889.jpg (29.02 KB, 500x333, A-6665006-1535192394-2596.jpeg…)

idk who primarily wrote the lyrics for kinoko teikoku but every song feels gay

No. 772550

I normally do not give a shit about celebrities, but I am obsessed with t.A.T.u. and am 200% convinced they were an actual lesbian couple and broke the duo up when the couple broke up. Nothing can change my mind. I will die on this hill.

No. 772555

If only it was true…

No. 772576

I’ve always wondered if Lil Nas X could maybe be gay. At least bisexual, he’s a little fruity

No. 772584

Anon, are you a troll or you happen to live under the rock? He came out as gay three years ago and it's his whole personality.

No. 772586

File: 1617091527222.jpg (109.78 KB, 640x686, tumblr_puujcbfkSH1smjm41o1_640…)

Wishing won't change the fact that the whole concept was Ivan Shapovalov's coomer brainchild. I love t.A.T.u but the dynamic was so toxic and Ivan was outright abusive to the girls, who were underage when recording the first album. You should watch Podnebesnaya, the reality show documenting the recording of their second album. You can find most of it subtitled on youtube. It demonstrates the exploitation of the girls very clearly as well as Ivan's general shitty attitude towards everyone he was working with.

Still bummed out nothing came out of the anime project. picrel

No. 772596

File: 1617094123883.jpg (Spoiler Image, 17.41 KB, 236x377, 1b1ee4590f10299342d9ff3a92cd90…)

Nta but they were my childhood idols (their music was too good) and I decided to look at their old photoshoots out of nostalgia and wtf is this. I kept seeing other photos with them being sexualised too, especially in Japan where some Japanese man would grab their chest.

I had no idea things were that rough for them

No. 772599

I'm the same anon, I love and miss t.A.T.u so much but damn wtf is this photo??? I remember I was looking at the music video's not too long ago and was shocked at how young they actually were, it's crazy to think they were only 14. They seemed so much more adult to me since I was younger then the when I first started listening to them, truly a lesbian awakening but fuck the scrotes that took advantage of them.

No. 772608

Aren't yulia straight? I thought they only make for entertaiment and lena was bisexual, also i heard that yulia was come out as homophobic

No. 772609

kek anon

No. 772615


Yulia have always been a huge bitch, she hates Lena a lot and most likely herself because of the amount of plastic surgery she gave to herself. Now she looks like the russian version of a tradthot girlboss Karen. Lena, on the other hand, is super chill and she tried reviving her music career few years ago. Irc she had a concert in Dubai or something.

I do not have any hate for Yulia, really. It's pretty sad how she ruined herself with plastic surgeries, but she also had to go through cancer in 2012 and during her surgery she allegedly lost her singing voice. Poor woman.

No. 772616

Samefagging, apparently they sang a song together on Olympics games in Sochi (2014), and fans were happily thinking that the duo will reunite again just for Lena to make a whole YouTube video about it, saying that 's not going to happen because of drama between eachother.

> **

Hi guys! Due to incorrect behavior on the part of Yulia towards me, I have to report that our further cooperation has become completely impossible. In addition to the many rude, offensive, and public statements addressed to me, Julia gave me an ultimatum. She refused to continue to collaborate with me on the Ta.Tu project if I did not obey her and her team in all matters relating to Ta.Tu. Otherwise, she will find another red-haired curly girl to replace me.Moreover, threats were addressed to me that Julia, using her close ties with the leadership of Channel One, would close my solo project in Russia. In this case, I consider our further cooperation impossible. As well as communication. I am very sorry that the hope of many fans for the reunion of the Ta.Tu band did not materialize. But I hope for your understanding and I want to thank you very much for being near you, for loving you, for you always supporting me. Thanks you! **

No. 772619

One of their music videos (Prostye Dvizheniya) featured 17 year old Yulia masturbating, allegedly forced. I don’t remember seeing it at the time and I’m glad I didn’t because wtf.

No. 772633

I'm not here for neverending fanwars, and we are getting slightly off topic, but just to burst >>772550 's bubble even more and to close this discussion I really suggest you watch the Podnebesnaya material on youtube. Yulia grew up to be a completely insecure person because of her treatment in t.A.T.u., she was forced to do an absurd amount of takes for the screaming parts of the songs which permanently damaged her vocal chords. If she didn't comply with Ivan's requests they threatened her with a possible replacement, an Estonian girl whose hair they cut and dyed to resemble Yulia's.

The only real thing about this conceptually sapphic pop culture moment is Elena Kiper's songwriting, which is the heart of 200km/h in the wrong lane. She is very briefly featured in Podnebesnaya, and visibly dissatisfied with Ivan Shapovalov, just like anyone who's ever worked with him.

I've linked the first to a series of subtitled highlights of Podnebesnaya. Give it a watch, it's a must-see for any t.A.T.u. fan.

No. 772636

Samefag, but just to reiterate: these are 16-year-old girls made to perform as a lesbian couple in their underwear. In a circus arena. The background dancer with short dark hair is the Estonian one they wanted to replace Yulia with.

These are not closeted celebrities, these are exploited young girls living the aftermath of a very traumatic youth.

No. 772670

there's concert backdrop from the Prostye Dvizheniya leftover footage and you can literally see Yulia's nipples

No. 772675

There was literally an interview in which Shapovalov admitted to Tatu being a project based on popularity of kiddy porn (of the naughty schoolgirls kind). He judged the girls on how fuckable they are. I think the same editorial implied that he fucked Lena when she was like 13.

No. 772685

File: 1617110319370.png (171.86 KB, 589x2089, Untitled.png)

this isn't even the article that I had in mind (the longer and even more scandalous was for The Sun I think and it got scrubbed from the internet - I have managed to access it on wayback machine some time ago)
>former child psychologist
>admits to watching child porn and making a pop group with underage girls based on it
if this doesn't make you wanna scream, I don't know what will

No. 772690

this is vile, omg

No. 772692

>The exclusive interview was given by Shapovalov together with Yulia and Lena in order to underline an untraditional image of the group. Actually, his confessions reveal his unhealthy tendencies for exploiting young girls, who desire the fame"- thinks competent British media.
>Idea of Tatu was born from the exploration of the market- says Shapovalov- Majority of people search through Internet for pornography- especially in relation to the underage people. I realized that their necessities are not satisfied. And, as it became clear later, I was right. But it also corresponded to my personal desires. I also prefer the underage ones. Cynical manipulations of Shapovalov with the young girls were revealed during the "hearings". Elena Kiper- , ex-author of Tatu songs and ex-lover of Shapovalov,- asserts that he (Shapovalov) regularly slept with those girls, who dreamt of being stars. It was confirmed by the very Shapovalov, even though he avoids to mention the age of the girls: I do it constantly. Constantly! In such way I am looking for a bride".
>Elena also testified that Shapovalov slept with Yulia, when she was only 14 years old. And even though based on Russian laws it is not considered to be an act of crime, in the West it can harm the image of the group. Elena left the group an year ago as the sign of the protest against filming of excessively blunt video.
>- Ivan told me once that he would want to sleep with Yulia. Then, he said that he "took" her during one of the dates - it happened at the back seat of the car. Certainly, Yulia was just a young girl from a poor family, who dreamt of fame, and Ivan convinced her that this the way to reach everything she wants. In a couple of weeks after that night in the car we put together the group Tatu, and Ivan told me:" Yulia- is an excellent choice. She is slightly dumb, but is very sexy. We f**ked really well". Yulia was attracted to Ivan. During the tours I and him already lived together, but in the mornings Yulia would knock on our door, because she wanted to be with him. She didn't know that I was already there.
>Shapovalov and Yulia deny everything. Yulia became strongly enraged:
>- You can think whatever you want to think, but I am telling you, that this is not true. He is a likable, pleasant person. For me he is a friend and a producer and nothing more. Yet, Elena testifies that Ivan knows children's psychology very well and is capable of winning children's favour:
>- He is a psychologist and knows the methods, with the help of which it is possible to win the child's favour. And during the process of selecting the girls he would find tens of those, who would be ready to fulfill any fantasies of his

No. 772704

This is disgusting. I knew Ivan was a fucking creep, but I didn't know it was this bad.
He literally admitted to grooming and having sex with Yulia, and no one cared?

No. 772705

File: 1617112527853.jpg (69.63 KB, 1024x768, comeback.jpg)

lol what the fuck, there was a Tatu fanfic called Come Back, written by the old man (a fucking politician named Aleksey Mitrofanov) featured on the cover of the book, about two girls who run a Tatu fansite and fall in love. This atrocity also spawned a movie called You and I. Anton Yelchin is in the movie as the star male character.
looking back at how the adults revolved around these girls is insane, how was this okay?

No. 772707

Probably because Russia. Maybe The Sun not being especially reputable also made less people give attention? IDK how this shit flown even though I'm aware that the societal awareness of sexual abuse and pedophilia has come a long way in the last 20 years. If the grooming story is true (and I think it is), Yulia could have her #MeToo moment… of only Russia wasn't so backwords that it would condemn her and rush to defend Shapovalov.

No. 783881

File: 1618468355174.jpeg (27.83 KB, 330x330, 475632D6-2A0C-4156-9C3C-0CD9E3…)

Bhad Bhabie is 100% a lesbian

No. 783885

For sure

No. 783922

out of interest, how do you know? i have zero gaydar

No. 783924

It's simple, whoever makes their pussy wet must be gay. Gaydar explained.

No. 783927

I couldn’t have less of an attraction to her it’s but it’s just obvious. Idk how to explain it.

No. 783929

thanks anyway anon
that's funny and all but anons got jojo siwa dead on, and i think they're right about paris hilton and ivanka trump too. i'm mystified

No. 783934

Maybe Bhad Bhabie and Jojo staged the fight they had for publicity, and came to this agreement when they where secretly DATING???

No. 783941

she acts butch

No. 783942

I don't know, Bhad Bhabie just acts like a lot of "white trash" girls I grew up around that were completely straight, but placed a lot of value on being 'tough' or badass. There is a certain bravado that reads as machismo on girls like that, which could seem gay? I don't think she's gay though, personally.

No. 784053

It's so weird, because I saw it right away in jojo siwa, paris in her docu made me ping, and Ivanka im like 50/50. But for danielle… ehh it's more like she's just not the submissive type.

No. 784550

File: 1618556488860.jpg (453.6 KB, 1600x900, l-intro-1605735440.jpg)

Exactly, I get no lesbian vibes from Bhad Bhabie. I hardly get anything more than the most rudimentary "could kiss a girl" bi vibes from her. She's just seems like the kind of girl who values being seen as a 'bad bitch'. Jojo makes perfect sense in hindsight and Paris definitely gives off some vibes (I noticed it in Simple Life, just when she briefly dropped the act and her true personality was kinda giving a specifically lesbian, I don't give a shit vibe) but yeah I don't see it with Bhad Bhabie.

Mila Kunis used to set off my radar on that 70s Show. Even in this picture she's wistfully looking away from Ashton. I don't know, just get a vibe. And before the pussy wet = gaydar alert anon arrives, I was more into Donna.

No. 784556

Just a dumbass question from an ignorant closet no: how can you tell a woman is a lesbian by her personality? I believe it 100% just wondering how. Of course sexual attraction impacts a persons behaviour.

No. 784559

Preface this by saying I have been wrong it's not like a 100% science, and there are plenty of straight women who also behave like this. It is stereotypes but some of them exist for a reason. But for me there is a certain no shit given attitude lesbians have. The "comfortable shoes" trope but applied to a person's personality, so like…a lesbian wouldn't martyr themselves for another person's feelings the way a lot of straight women do. Straight women are a bit less straight forward and tend to couch their negative opinions or personal beliefs in a lot of obsequious language. Like "sorry, but I disagree with that." instead of just "I disagree". More direct, more to the point, not AS concerned with other's feelings but not to a nasty level, just a more pragmatic level. That's my read.

No. 784560

Yes I agree. I’d also imagine they do things which would subtlety attract the attention of women, as opposed to men. As sexual beings, we all want the people we desire to pay attention to us, so of course lesbians would have slightly different behaviours to straight women. I’m just interested as to what those would be. I think a lot of those “not sure” women are perhaps just bisexual, therefore signalling attraction for both.
Either that, or they’re trying to hide it completely.

No. 784575

but the culture and socialization of all straight women isn't the same
I mean I'm sure you've heard of the "Is she a Lesbian or just from the Midwest" term, and it exist for a reason, women in those areas where its more socially acceptable for women to have more outward masculine appearance even a more direct attitude can be somehow mistaken for them with them being lesbians, the same way hood girl culture in ghetto spaces can appear Lesbian-esque

No. 784589

I feel like in the last 10 years or so it has become that much harder to judge it tbh. You have all this gender exploration stuff somewhat muddying some of the old reliable signs. There's just alot of reasons why women might accidentally set off a gaydar now compared to years ago. Reading into those signs was never too reliable to begin with and its only getting harder.

Even the lesbian thread here is full of posters crushing on what they thought was a gay woman.. only to find out theyre an asexual non gender whatever that hates men, dresses male because of trauma and discomfort in their body.. and still fucks men anyway. The driving force behind someones expression isn't that easily interpreted.

No. 789051

File: 1619118549114.jpg (979.68 KB, 2336x3504, Megan_Fox_2014.jpg)

Megan Fox

She says she dated a girl when she was younger and had crushes but the story just seemed made up on the spot (liking a girl from a store or something).

She was compared to Angelina Jolie a lot so I feel like her PR made her say those things. The hot tomboy "bad girl" with tattoos and "interesting" past.

She also said she wouldn't want to date a girl who has ever been with a man. She acknowledges that it's hypocritical. Not sure what that's supposed to mean.

No. 789068

This image is very unsettling

No. 789094

Fox is openly bisexual

No. 789095

I remember reading that bit about not wanting to date bisexuals. I really hope it’s out of context or something because that makes no sense, she’s only dated men and even had children with men. The guy she’s dating now looks like an STD animorphed with a crackhead who loiters outside 7/11.

No. 789126

Fox has strong misandrist vibes it could be a drive in wanting a lesbian gf

No. 789137

It's still in her Wikipedia page sourced by an interview she did with a magazine.
>"I have no question in my mind about being bisexual," she goes on in Esquire. "But I'm also a hypocrite: I would never date a girl who was bisexual, because that means they also sleep with men, and men are so dirty that I'd never want to sleep with a girl who had slept with a man."

Does she? What else has she said?
I can see women in Hollywood being misandrists. Especially ones that were always sexualized, and especially at a young age.

No. 789139

She has three children with a man, and is literally dating one right now lol what

No. 789159

File: 1619129125641.jpg (2.55 MB, 1895x1775, megan fox quotes.jpg)

>Does she? What else has she said?

"I'm so suspicious of boys-slash-men. I just don't like them or trust them." - FHM

"Women hold the power because we have the vaginas. If you're in a heterosexual relationship and you're a female, you win." - Cosmopolitan

she's quite the mad lass who seems to just say whatever she wants in interviews

No. 789192

What's your point?

No. 789194

She's not wrong in some but I still think she was influenced by her management a lot. A lot of these responses seem immature.
I guess I'm more inclined to believe she is bisexual now, or like Paris, being careful with guys.

No. 789197

My point is that
>"I have no question in my mind about being bisexual," she goes on in Esquire. "But I'm also a hypocrite: I would never date a girl who was bisexual, because that means they also sleep with men, and men are so dirty that I'd never want to sleep with a girl who had slept with a man."
is dumb

No. 789318

Strong lesbian vibes, despite the pure hypocrisy

No. 789402

File: 1619167657729.jpg (389.52 KB, 1200x630, sufjan or sure jan.jpg)

I'm going to get roasted like peanuts because everyone seems to take it for granted that Sufjan Stevens is gay or bi but I can't find any confirmation about it, only speculation, and my gaydar was damaged during childbirth, gaydar palsy, so I've never been able to tell.

No. 790827

He seems fully gay to me.

What celebrities do you anons think are lying about their sexuality?

No. 790832

major gay vibes. It's in his eyes

No. 790847

>image title
>gaydar palsy
I like the cut of your jib, anon

No. 790895

File: 1619304152397.jpg (41.5 KB, 400x400, hila klein my bby.jpg)

definitely gay as fuck

No. 790905

She remarkably resembles my (gay) friend's wife in both looks and mannerisms

No. 790920

File: 1619306179411.png (1.1 MB, 618x996, Screenshot_20210403-010536.png)

You gotta wonder…

No. 790934

exactly, she is so gay anons. honestly think she’s coping with ethan

No. 790938

I might be biased since Hila is one of my top 3 gay crushes, but she sets my gaydar off pretty aggressively.

No. 790975

I dated a big ugly fat man for years before I realized or came to terms with being a lesbian
It's called "fruit-blindness" in men, I dunno about us

No. 790987

her husband wasn't fat and ugly when she met him and his weight clearly bothers her

No. 791005

he was always ugly and hairy

No. 791026

Interesting, I can see that. Ethan is not as attractive as her but was kinda funny and lived in the US (might've been a draw for her?) Not for nothing but the two Israeli women I've known in my life were also very 'macho' and kind of acted like Hila, and were ostensibly straight. Do always wonder about a woman who seems to express NO jealousy in her relationship with a dude, and Ethan is such a coomer and rubs it in her face with Belle Delphine and shit, and Hila just accepts it. If you don't get jealous a lot of the times it indicates a lack of investment in a relationship. I think if she is gay she's really deeply closeted because of conservative culture in her home country and her desire to have a family not really aligning with her sexuality.

No. 791224

>conservative culture in her country
Sorry for the possible ignorance, but I thought Israel was pretty gay friendly?

No. 791810

Israel is less homophobic than the USA, but it's still not perfect. There's a lot of pressure for women to find a nice Jewish man to settle down with and have babies with, especially from your family. Sure, you might be able to walk down the street holding your girlfriend's hand without fear of repercussions, but you still have to worry about deeply disappointing your family.

No. 791819

>Not for nothing but the two Israeli women I've known in my life were also very 'macho'
I mean, women are mandated to serve in the military for two years there, so it's not that surprising they come off a little butch.

>tfw no Israeli military gf to give orders

No. 793850

File: 1619617435722.jpeg (373.39 KB, 1200x1317, 791EC06B-7793-49D0-94F1-85E8B5…)

I think Jamie Oliver is gay but like deeply repressed and will probably never come out

No. 793858

i think elon musk is asexual

No. 793867

why do you think that, anon?

No. 793868

I think Kiki is a lesbian or at least bi. I feel like all the relationships she’s shown publicly seem so performative and she doesn’t really seem interested in them, like it comes of like someone who’s never been in a relationship pretending to be in a relationship but I also think it could seem that way bc she’s autistic.

No. 793870

File: 1619618384596.jpg (44.23 KB, 800x1035, Tom_Scott_avatar_by_Matt_Gray.…)


No. 795128

File: 1619755195241.jpg (344.66 KB, 1500x1513, HR-3.jpg)

was henry rollins mentioned yet? he always denies being gay and says he's just not interested in relationships or sex or anything but i find that hard to believe

No. 795133

File: 1619755647984.png (286.39 KB, 681x383, taylor lautner.png)

He hates turkey twizzlers which are widely considered a quintessential heterosexual food

Picrel always gave me "gay vibes"

No. 795136

Oh yeah he’s a gay as hell aspie and in denial of it all

No. 795150

Not really, he seems similar to my dad who was just an aspie guy who uses self discipline to keep himself from sperging out, but it results in him acting kinda weird and unusual

No. 795154

your dad is gay

No. 795163

Pretty sure he loves my mom, I do think there are human beings men and women who just like being alone, even Henry Rollins was gay he still wouldn't have a partner or lover cause of the way he is
I'm also really getting tired of this tumblr-twitter trend of gaywashing every single historical indivisual who didn't conform to current standards of heterosexuality and gender norms

No. 795167

I find that hard as fuck to believe, there's a scene in "He Never Died" where he eats a dude and it buttered many parsnips, if you catch my drift.

No. 795169

Wait I don't think he ever eats someone in that film directly, the end scene where he takes down an entire criminal gang and rants about how much me wants to die was pretty cool

No. 795170

I'm 40% sure he'll troon out actually.

No. 795171

I coulda sworn there's a part where he bites a dude's throat.

No. 795175

Why do you think that ?

No. 795205

File: 1619768437387.jpg (96.78 KB, 880x668, Screenshot_7.jpg)

Yep. He did a quiz thing with Greg Davies and the sexual tension between them was unbearable. Also, his girlfriends have all been women he worked with and they always broke up when he moved on to a new project. He's also the only ex Taylor Swift didn't write a bitter song about

No. 795432

File: 1619796711702.jpg (121.1 KB, 1178x1200, EXvWOl5X0AI6GvY.jpg)

Mostly based on his pre-YT fame appearance tbh. I just know too many transbians who looked like this for a good long time. It's just a guess for fun and I'll be happy to be proven wrong

I hate you so much for telling me about this Greg Davies interview anon. My life will never be the same

No. 795609

Greg davies himself has the biggest bi energy

No. 795700

don't you mean… 41% sure? kek

No. 795927

>Mostly based on his pre-YT fame appearance tbh. I just know too many transbians who looked like this for a good long time.
I disagree, I live in the UK and it's just how some males look like here.
You're trying too hard to draw a parallel

No. 796028

I wanna know do farmers think carti is actually in gay? Did asap bad touch him?

No. 796503

By that logic almost everyone on this site is a lesbian despite being attracted to men (just like fox)

No. 798158

File: 1620086776442.jpeg (76.47 KB, 1024x683, EAD4E3B2-63BE-41C5-8997-5F6C56…)

I think Eminem is gay and/or asexual

No. 798160

nah he just hates women
partly mommy issues, partly cultural, partly mens innate hatred of women

No. 798168

Why though?

No. 798170

nta but me think thinks the rapper doth protest too much

No. 798172

Some people just seem gay. There’s not always like a specific reason just a vibe they have I guess, but also what >>798170 said is part of it with him.

No. 798175

On his diss track The Warning he said he premature ejaculated with Mariah Carey (he could be lying about being with her though,) but I've heard other rumors about him not being able to get it up with groupies and even his ex Kim said he has to take an enhancement pill or he's just useless in bed. Maybe he's just your typical male who iron gips his dick to porn and sucks at sex, but it's possible the he could be closeted.

I absolutely loathe this man. The biggest manchild in the music industry by far.

No. 798183

File: 1620089924326.jpeg (715.27 KB, 1545x2048, 8ECBFF17-65B2-420D-BD0B-8FA1D9…)

No. 798198

It's the dainty lil face for me.

No. 798204

File: 1620092180423.jpeg (229.02 KB, 1200x822, 1CA4C634-2174-4885-8434-5B936F…)

Sometimes I think Kourtney Kardashian seems gay or bi. think she comes of as gay more than Kendall who a lot of people seem to think is a lesbian.

No. 798211

I don't think any of that clan are lesbians, they're all far too invested in male approval.

No. 814237

File: 1621835202824.jpeg (208.98 KB, 1400x1400, A9AC3A30-4CF3-4EBE-A74E-83633E…)

No. 814238

what if ariana grande lesbian

No. 814239

Please, she gets completely and utterly dickmatized on a regular basis

No. 814242

what if you-know-who gay

No. 814244

You’re not the first person I’ve seen say this but I feel like she seems like one of the straightest people ever

No. 814346

she's clearly a victim of comphet

No. 814680

The guy with the thread? If he's gay I'll eat my whole wardrobe

No. 816829

>implying comphet is a real thing and not just bullshit some polilez came up with
Lmao ok

No. 823689


Hila is so obviously gay. Just very closeted from her conservative Israeli background and probably just staying with nasty ass Ethan because she wanted kids. She was blushing and giggling like a legit les over Belle Delphine and doesn't give a fuck when her scrote husband thirsts over random thots and asks Trisha gross questions about her sex life.

No. 823697

Keep explaining, this is interesting

No. 823731


I won't sperg for too long, but watch videos with female guests on H3H3 if you can bear it. Vid related is them interviewing Belle Delphine and Hila is literally blushing and giggling like a schoolgirl. There's some other examples of her being very obviously attracted to female guests on H3H3. And her clear lack of attraction with Ethan, which tbf could be explained by the fact that he is greasy and fat, but I have never seen her express any attraction to him literally ever. Also yeah she is definitely a big butch and the lesbian vibes can't be denied imo.

But yeah, pretty sure Hila is a closeted lesbian with no attraction to her landwhale chode husband with mommy issues.

No. 823746

File: 1622955376219.gif (2.12 MB, 360x360, 1461168085253.gif)

what if Ethan flirts with/likes twitter posts from girls that he knows Hila likes?
what if he doesn't realize she's a gay and thinks she's just being cool about shit?
these are the questions

No. 823747


Guarantee Ethan just thinks Hila's a cool girl who dgaf that he simps over the likes of Belle Delphine and other internet thots when they're thirsting over the same women.

No. 823753

Honestly I think it maybe a cultural misconception, where I'm from girls and guys hug, hold holds and kiss members of the same sex all the time, in fact its considered weird for a girl and guy to hold hands outside, its not that were more enlightened then the regressive west or anything, its just even the Idea of Homosexuality is so despised that Its not even thought of by people that anyone could ever be Gay
and women getting more open with each other is also a common sight, but an outsider might view this as being flirty
TL;DR American men are just as ignorant about other cultures as American men

No. 823758

File: 1622958798856.png (927.27 KB, 1032x558, fcwdferweg.png)

Oh my god the way she looks at belle….

also ethan looks like shit.
Can't wait for them to divorce.

No. 823759

>mommy issues
wait what?

No. 823760

File: 1622959012662.png (973.65 KB, 1032x578, lol.png)

and this is how she looks at him

No. 823762


Literally looking at her with heart eyes. Ever seen her look at Ethan like that? Nope. Lmfao.


Hila looks deadass like a carbon copy of his mother, so lots of anon speculate he has some sort of weird mommy issues going on (hence why I wrote that).

No. 823766

i mean, he has a shit ton of songs about gay love so

No. 823767

No. 823769

Jesus, Ethan looks like a cancer patient

No. 823772

File: 1622960292136.jpg (369.19 KB, 1536x2048, E2gn_sKVEAA934B.jpg)

she's pregnant again though

No. 823774


They did fertility treatments. He jizzed in a cup. They talked it about it on Frenemies. It's why they're having multiples. But gay people in marriages can still have sex with their spouses and not like it/be into it.

No. 823788

I don't know if I fully buy the theory that Hila is a lesbian, she definitely gives off vibes - but anyway yeah, the fact that they used IVF doesn't make me think she's LESS gay. Obviously they could have 'fertility issues', but the issue could also be she really doesn't want to have a lot of sex with Ethan.

No. 823891

I could believe she's bi. Like I'm not doubting she could've been attracted to young Ethan, but holy fuck if there's a WallTM then Ethan crashed into it. It just strikes me that she really really wanted a family, so she'll stay with him for family reasons no matter how ugly he gets.

No. 826063

I agree with the lot of the people posted in this thread but I get that impression with Hila. To me Hila really seems like this very specific genre of person that straight people always think are lesbians but aren’t.

No. 834621

“celebrity” being a loose term here, but david dobrik is so incredibly repressed and gay. always thought this, but since the whole liza koshy queerbait thing, wanted to know other people’s opinions

No. 841915

Late response but I totally agree

No. 845565

god it's so obvious nobody ITT knows what words mean

No. 848563

File: 1625721915564.jpg (39.42 KB, 474x674, 5cf93ace84856d94d1166c74c675a8…)

Anons, is it me or Tom Hardy has bisexual vibes? I haven't seen any rumors about his sexual orientation though. Wdyt?

No. 848579

hasn’t he literally said he’s fucked men in the past cuz he was curious but it wasn’t his thing? Or maybe that was fake

No. 848581

File: 1625723391034.png (74.52 KB, 1081x493, Capture.PNG)

he's not closeted lol

No. 848669

So he comes across as a Bi guy who fucks whoever's willing, I suspect many men are like him

No. 848753

these hila is lesb conspiracy theories are so dumb.
She was obviously attracted to ethan when he was skinny, it looks like she lost interest in him when he became fat.
she always negs him to lose weight too.

No. 848877

>I'm done with men except I need a gay man in my life because of shoes

No. 848890

That looks like a joke tbh. I mean it's unusual for a man to admit having "feminine qualities". If it isn't a joke then definitely he was fucked in the past and not he has fucked someone lol

No. 852700

File: 1626168458503.jpg (30.48 KB, 1125x561, E6JKjgPXIAEJKfE.jpg)

>lesbian flag
It's fucking happening babey

No. 852703

Oh shit, wasn't she married with kids though?

No. 852746

I’m so proud of her

No. 852778

But is this an actual coming out or she just posted it out of solidarity? Or she just posted it to confuse people? Or maybe her latest music video features a lesbian couple and this is how she chose to promote it? I have too many questions kek

No. 852785

She's releasing a new single this month, and a new album next year. It's the perfect time to come out. It's happening babeyyyyyy

No. 852788

File: 1626177900877.png (47.8 KB, 300x226, thumb_theres-a-she-wolf-in-the…)

It is indeed happening yes it is I can feel it, I know it

No. 852791

File: 1626178136883.jpg (10.37 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

No doubt

No. 852801

wouldn't that make her bi or is she one of those comphet cases? Anyway happy for her, pretending to be het and married must have been hell if she's not into her scrote

No. 853579

File: 1626235290562.jpg (41.46 KB, 734x761, gun.jpg)

You have reminded me of the anime and for that I will never forgive you.

No. 854081

Some gay men have a fetish for shoes, especially jock fetishists. Idk how common it is but it used to be a meme I would see gays on tumblr post about.

Sneakerheads have a huge subculture that’s mostly straight bros tho so I don’t really understand why he has to mention that unless he also likes to smell and nut on them.

No. 854093

It’s cause she’s hot/good bone structure but hella frumpy. Like even when she’s all done up with dyed hair or make up and girly clothes she’s not a glam sexbot. That’s why people call her butch when shes obviously not too.

I’m into girls like that so I would prob go for her and I don’t know anything else about her but if shes been married for years with a bunch of kids she s probably not gay

No. 854956

I don't think it's her appearance. It's more that she seems extremely disinterested in her own husband which comes across as gay.

No. 855790

File: 1626480897843.png (9.81 KB, 800x400, dl-default-og.png)

how much do you guys trust datalounge? tbh i believe them 80% of the time. yeah, it's all anonymous, but i remember they accurately called zachary quinto, kevin spacey, colton haynes, matt bomer, and tom daley (and more…those are just the ones i cared about). glass closet cases, but somehow it cemented them in my mind as a pretty reliable source.

No. 857490

File: 1626646876971.jpg (79.84 KB, 464x634, grimes.jpg)

it's hard for me to think of grimes as straight non botoxed pic because why not

No. 857502

sadly for you anon she's very likely very straight, she only had boyfriends.

No. 857514

they've "called" plenty of straight people too, it's just confirmation bias

No. 857572

Not much. I have greater trust in LSA, that's the site I'd recommend.

No. 857683

Their stories about Taylor Hanson are so insane but highly detailed it's hard not to believe them.

No. 857703

the message convo with Azealia chan made her sound like the straightest girl there ever was

No. 857935

Do you have any screenshots?

No. 858117

File: 1626721266037.jpg (72.33 KB, 1245x208, Taylor Hanson Power Bottom.jpg)

I remember doing a deep dive on all the threads about him on DL (after he had his 7th baby) and there was a lot of information.

No. 866163

File: 1627511680282.png (2.09 MB, 1241x918, taydome.PNG)

taylor lautner is definitely bisexual, not gay. he lives with a woman named taylor (lol) and they seem cute and in love

I think he's a Kinsey 3, and it's just much easier for him to be with women

No. 866165

File: 1627511754774.png (1.53 MB, 1461x714, tcute.PNG)

he just seems like he doesn't care about performative masculinity or if people think he's gay

No. 867242

File: 1627613780066.jpg (44.56 KB, 594x450, 54f6079e81924179677b4c7302f326…)

No. 867244

File: 1627613879688.gif (488.53 KB, 232x322, tumblr_lzh39kh27e1qd9vcjo1_250…)

No. 867331

Kek I went to school with Taylor. She was acquaintances with his younger sister at some point in time and that’s how they met. If anyone would be a beard, it would be her attention seeking self. He dated a lot of men quietly before her. Could be bi but most people that grew up around him aren’t buying it.

No. 867443

omg this got me excited for a sec because i thought it was ryan phillippe and reese getting snuggly with him (instead of some guy who worked on a movie with them)

No. 867590

File: 1627654615927.jpg (Spoiler Image, 327.26 KB, 750x1496, image.jpg)

pretty sure grimes is bi. i think she mentioned having dated girls before on twitter

No. 867604

File: 1627655141996.png (1.14 MB, 924x816, Screenshot_2.png)

and her new album will be about a lesbian romance

No. 867623

This sounds awful.

No. 867986

whoever that is looks too fucked up to consent

No. 868111

Well at least she knows her market of scrotes and fakebis

No. 869049

File: 1627795504156.png (443.13 KB, 763x1123, wow.PNG)

hes open secret hollywood bisexual, like all wes andersons buddies. his little crush on tom hiddleston is pretty cute

No. 869071

If Elon comes out as a transbian I'm killing myself.

No. 869111

Owen Wilson is a sex pest that would do anything and everything with anyone and everyone. He’s gross. Brother is cool though.

No. 869236

Kek that picture is peak male attention seeking, go into any bar near you and you'll eventually see female friends pull the same shit and leave with men. If she's mentioned it on twitter before it would've only been for a crumb of attention.

No. 869571

File: 1627855141746.jpg (184.78 KB, 710x1000, 15023959845_67803f82ae_b.jpg)

Maybe this is wishful thinking but

>only a convincing actress when she's making love to another woman onscreen

>all her prev. boyfriends look kind of gay
>did an architectural digest interview where she said she HAD to drape her leg over her kitchen counter while she was eating, compulsively
>never stops talking about prev. female costar, cheek kisses and handholding at events, they tell each other 'I love you'
>very outdoorsy interests
>Scientologist, possible Cruise/Travolta style coverup
>CDAN blind items exist about her current husband being stalked and lured from his previous fiancee towards her - so like a coerced beard? Only one picture of or from their wedding exists anywhere

No. 869579

Samefag but when I looked up interior photos of her last real estate listing (where she lived alone) it was full of 'artful' female nudes

No. 869581

an anon in a previous celebricow thread posted a blind about an actress in a secret relationship with an ex-radfem 10 years her junior that some speculated could be about her

No. 886854

File: 1629455750654.jpeg (49.06 KB, 655x369, FDED975F-2628-4421-9218-7C422E…)

wonho who used to be in the kpop group monsta x gives me major gay vibes mainly due to his workout obsession. idk it just reminds me of bara manga.

why did he leave monsta x again?

No. 886859

God he's hideous.

No. 887104

please no fucking Korean shit, I hate everything to do with that country but what I hate even more is anyone whose into Korean shit

No. 887335

No one hates Korea more than this guy kek. Enjoy. https://klownisms.wordpress.com/

No. 887723

maybe if lolcow let us have our kpop containment threads back in /m/ we wouldn’t have to post about it in other threads

No. 887727

No. That attracted a bunch of twitterfags. Go away.

No. 887728

Or you could just not be an autist who can’t mention korean people or content without chimping out over kpop shit. He could have been described as a famous korean celebrity without mentioning kpop at all.

No. 887741

Nta, but in all fairness, he is a Kpop guy. It's not like anon mentioned that out of nowhere.

No. 887742

or maybe you can just not be so sensitive at reading the word kpop that you sperg out about it. i was just being accurate by describing what industry he is in. and i definitely wouldn’t consider him famous now that he’s not in his group and just spends his time posting thirst traps on instagram.

No. 887782

Lmao I don’t understand how this guy was able to live there for 9 years. Then again, it was most likely the amount of time spent there that allowed him to see the reality past the facade. I see it happen to ex-weebs all the time

No. 887853

His obsession with working out definitely makes me think closeted, especially these kind of pics that attract gay men more than women.

No. 887865

That Chrisley guy with a dumb TV show

No. 887883

File: 1629527138706.jpeg (1.75 MB, 1772x3189, https___bucketeer-e05bbc84-baa…)

I'm like 99% sure that Graham Linehan is a repressed tranny. Most men who hate trannies also hate other minority groups, but what makes Glinner unique is that he solely focuses on trannies. It doesn't even make sense, considering that trannies don't affect men whatsoever. It's not like FTMs are competing in women's sports, demanding access to men's bathrooms/locker rooms, or pose a physical threat to men. Needless to say, I don't know what the hell he's going for here, but he certainly doesn't actually give a shit about women or how troons hurt them. I don't know why so many radfems simp for him. I hate men and I hate men who claim to be feminists even more.

No. 887895

Lol why do you think he's a repressed tranny? I always just thought that he was the typical attention whoring male feminist type who loved to be showered with praise for saying shit that women have been say for years. Boomer GCs love to wax poetic about how brave he is for speaking up for women uwu. He's unfunny and cringe af I have no idea how he wrote for so many successful comedy shows.

No. 887903

what doesn't?

No. 887911

spoiler this shit jfc

No. 887939

Is that thing really 29? It looks 59 what the fuck

No. 887971

No, he is mocking troons on dating apps.

No. 888007

The fact his wife left him because he became so consumed by tranny shit is a big red flag IMO. I'd bet anything he's at least a crossdresser. Reminds me of cafebeef from the femboy thread, hates trannies but they're all he can fucking talk about. He goes on about being Not Like Other Trannies but deep down he's aware that he is just like them. Same shit with Linehan's Not Like Other Men act. Oh you sure care about women alright, Glinner. Just like Ed Gein did.

No. 888019

It's a joke he's in his 50s.

No. 888038

File: 1629546991159.jpeg (31.03 KB, 400x400, BAF6B098-E2F6-4AEC-99B0-47737A…)

No. 888070

spoilered because kpop sperg
wasn't it rumoured to have dated a trans girl? I've always gotten closeted gay/bi vibes from him too kek
he left because based queen han seo hee exposed him for smoking and being in debt with her girlfriend iirc

No. 888142

agreed nona, he's the epitome of a male feminist "ally" who orbits actual feminists only to be our mouthpieces bc it gets him asspats

No. 888143

I hope so. Jenny is adorable and so smart imo, I could fangirl for an hour about ha

No. 888174

i thought he was rumored to have dated a fakeboi but i’m honestly not sure. could have been a femboy or a trans girl honestly

No. 888188

I don’t think he’s repressed trans but he is definitely addicted to the internet. What did he say about his wife leaving him? “Money problems”? Lmao it’s more than that.

No. 926917

i headcanon elon musk as asexual and a virgin whose kids were all test tube babies

No. 927024

at the very least we can tell he doesn't fuck. there are no fuck muscles to be seen.

No. 927171

that man has to be a reptilian I swear there is no sex appeal or humanity or sex at all there's just inhumanness

No. 927461

I highly doubt she is straight. I can see her being asexual though cause she comes across as somewhat autistic.

No. 928140

File: 1633143851215.jpg (441.51 KB, 2148x3000, 569200387.jpg)

some women i think are bi or at least curious are

>phoebe waller-bridge

>brie larson
>ariana grande
>lily allen
>olivia rodrigo
>kathryn prescott
>fiona apple

No. 928147

lol half of these women have pr teams who have carefully crafted a plausibly deniable bi image around them

No. 928154

which ones?

No. 928160

aoc, ariana, grimes, olivia rodrigo, probably brie larson too. it's to cater to people (read: straight white girls and white gay men) who think being gay is some sort of fandom that makes them worthy of adoration, absolves them of any wrongdoings, and makes them different from all of the other boring straights. you can probably find stan accounts for each of them on tiktok, twitter, etc saying they have "bi energy" or some shit

No. 928167

Grimes has zero love for women. Trust me.

No. 928171

admittedly it is hard to imagine any of them eating pussy

No. 928201

they are all straight women who are chained to dick, none of them would ever be caught dead eating or rubbing pussy

No. 928217

There's a rumor that Phoebe Waller-Bridge is gay. I can see it

No. 928235

can see

idk about the rest
didn't aoc say she was bi or was that just something I heard

No. 928477

This just feels like lesbian cope, for most of those women being bi/lesbian would improve their image even more
lolcow.farm convinced me that lesbians can be incel-lite just like scrotes, lol
also brie larson is like the dictionary of straight white woman who "wishes" she was a gay or whatever

No. 928481

wasn't Fiona dating a woman at some point or am I mistaken? also Lily Allen did admit to hiring female prostitutes.

No. 928518

ayrt and i’m bi actually, just making an observation

No. 928586

File: 1633203717296.jpeg (31.94 KB, 807x380, 9935EEDE-AA3B-4423-B0AE-A54566…)

Fiona is super straight/femme all her music is about dealing with men, mental illnesses or both

No. 928646

>Lily Allen did admit to hiring female prostitutes.
What the fuck, gross. Bad enough we have men objectifying women and using them as masturbation tools, somehow it sickens me even more when "our own" do it

No. 928660

my point is that they're exceedingly straight but want to cultivate an image that they maybe could be bisexual to the right people

No. 928915

This, being bi/les would literally help "their" brand among "sapphics" or faghags

No. 928967

Fondly remembering that story about her stalking David Blaine after he broke up with her. Def super straight and super neurotic as well.

No. 928993

Didn't know she was such a pickme, I feel like I've always heard about her as some feminist icon. So much for that. When and how did she end up stalking Blaine? I tried searching for it but couldn't find much except for "they dated"

No. 929000

It was an old blind item, but if you've read anything about her it sounds very much in character. She also wrote a romantic song about being the other woman and says things like "“Boys can be mean but it’s just kind of stupid mean. I’m not traumatized by boys bullying me. I’m more traumatized by girls rolling their eyes at me. I got silenced a lot. I silenced myself because I was afraid of the other girls saying I wasn’t cool."

No. 931604

Lily Allen is just straight up a bad person, cheats on her spouse and then gets mad when they talk about it. No remorse. It's not surprising that she's a john since she's obviously just another selfish rich woman

No. 931635

The worst part is that she acts like this was a feminist act. It bothers me that so many women engage in toxic behaviours commonly associated with men can just get away with saying #girlboss and will never be held accountable for their fake feminism.

No. 939956

File: 1634346794937.jpg (96.75 KB, 563x682, tumblr_3553ef4ad9cd7657bef579e…)

No. 939979

Come on, you just want to stir up chaos

No. 940299

ngl in her recentish documentary she seemed at least extremely uninterested in men, and her involvement with them struck me as very comphet.
all of these people are aggressively heterosexual

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