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No. 55495

Post and discuss things that tumblrinas have ruined for you and everyone else.

No. 55496

Personal responsibility. I can be a total dick to people and play the race card now.

No. 55497


No. 55499

anime. to be fair it wasn't great to begin with.

No. 55502

Unnaturally colored hair

I get the association between having colored hair and tumblr, so I don't deny it exists. I'd like to dye mine, I'm young and figure this is probably the only acceptable time to do it, but don't want to be assumed to be some kind of walking Minorities Defence Force

No. 55513

Just keep it to one or two colors, not ten, and don't change it even month. And don't be pastel goth. Or wear nerd shirts.

Tumblr just ruined fandom. I feel like it's a very impersonal place and I never made friends there, compared to lj or forums.

No. 55514

Same. But I must admit, it has helped me to get away from arrogant people lately.
And even if I'm being a shallow asshole, all the people I meet last year with pastel colours in their hair have been whiny passive-agressive bitches… oh, and a "they/them pronouns plz" tumblr specimen.

No. 55526

Hamilton. It was obvious though, but still. I loved that musical, but in tumblr they mix it with real historical facts, and it's disgusting. And Les Misérables. Jesus, people have some weird ass headcanons about Enjolras being a tranny, or basically every fucking character being a tranny.
Actually, tumblr has ruined everything. Apparently every fucking human being was problematic for some shit that happened decades ago, in a different time with a different kind of morality.

No. 55527

Tumblr always seems cold and narcissistic. There's some really childish and self absorbed people there.

No. 55550

I have light pink hair and dress (non-pastel) goth. I was on a train in Japan and heard some white guy start explaining trans tumblerinas and their hair to his friend. It was a shitty feel thinking that convo might have started from me. I don't mind being talked about since I do look obnoxious, but dang… the idea of being associated with sjws made me really uncomfortable.

No. 55554

I wish I wasn't the type of person who starts disliking series when the fandom gets out of control but it keeps happening every time something I read gets an anime adaptation. It's kind of weird going from getting into shows because they're popular to discovering a good manga series and witnessing its fanbase turn into some lovecraftian tumblr monstrosity as soon as it gets animated.

I have a feeling Bungo Stray Dogs is going to get raped next season, it's not a series I really even care about but people are going to go batshit over shipping bishie japanese novelists.

No. 55559

Same experiences, anon. I've been dying my hair bright colors since i was 15 (29 now) and tumblr definitely ruined unnatural hair colors for me. I'm always afraid if I dyed my hair purple again with my current short hair, I'd get mistaken for a tumblrina, even though I'm not fat. Ugh… hate them so much.

No. 55563

File: 1451712197110.jpg (9.68 KB, 660x330, Undertale-logo.jpg)

Even though I tried my best to ignore the "fandom" of this game, it got ruined for me anyways.
Now everytime I see it, I can't help but to think of the obnoxious tumblr fan.

No. 55566

File: 1451713997637.jpg (109.59 KB, 600x467, 1445583874096.jpg)

yeah I'm with you anon, I feel like it's mostly the underage fans who fuel that. I honestly can't stand people who fight about Frisk being "gender neutral, use they/them pronouns when referring to them!!1! or else your oppressing them/and us!!" or those people who hound artists; "when you draw frisk don't make their skin yellow because that's racist!1!!". And not to mention all the awful cosplays and headcannons floating around

I mean as obnoxious the fandom/tumblr can be, it's churned out some really nice fanart at least

No. 55569

I'm about to buy this game on steam and play it for the first time. Is it at least a decent game?

No. 55571

File: 1451715427027.png (780.28 KB, 1280x860, yume_nikki_effects_by_sect_a-d…)

Yeah, it's pretty great (if you're into games like Mother/Earthbound/Yume Nikki/ OFF you'll probably like it)

No. 55573

Different anon, but that's good to hear, as I just bought it on Steam. I do tend to get put off when something blows up because my friends tend to latch onto trends, and although there's nothing wrong with that it often results in them basically trying to tell me how I will feel about said trend when I finally experience it, even though that could only end in disappointment. I like being pleasantly surprised, and I've managed to completely steer clear of the fandom so I think I'll end up liking Undertale just fine.

No. 55574

On the topic of colorful hair, girls with short hair have been ruined for me as well. I have a friend with short hair, she just recently dyed it purple and it's hard to look at her and not be reminded of horrible SJW shit. Doesn't help she recently put on a little weight and has tattoos + a septum piercing. All of that aside thought she's a total babe and herself hates the Tumblr SJW/"feminism" bullshit.

No. 55575

File: 1451719422253.png (288.59 KB, 500x523, thisgamejustdoesnotgetenoughcr…)

I'm glad to hear that!
This game is a thousand times better when you experience it for yourself and for the first time

(lets plays honestly don't any of it justice, it's really disappointing knowing most of the fandom hasn't actually played the game themselves but oh well)

No. 55576

Adventure Time
Kids cartoons in general
Art classes/majors
The art world in general
All alternative subcultures (Tumblr fags are all about the fashion)
Free speech
Emotional expression in music/art
Emotional expression in general
Indi music
Trannies/cross dressing

No. 55578

You're making me so excited to play it!!

More on topic, tumblr has definitely ruined indie music for me. I like a lot of fairly basic indie/rock bands (Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, etc), and I feel like people assume I'm a tumblspaz when they see me wearing any of the merch. Not to mention all the "shipping" stuff I see, which is great when it's dealing with characters, but when people are shipping ACTUAL PEOPLE it just gets weird and uncomfortable.

No. 55583

File: 1451726151941.png (16.95 KB, 496x456, 1318378394610.png)

I'm a big Yume Nikki fan!! It's actually what attracted me to the game. YN was really trippy and sad and just.. great game. So I thought Undertale would be similar, but stayed away from it since it exploded on tumblr so badly.

No. 55584

I have a preference for woman with short hair. I hate tumblr so much. Obviously they didnt create that look, but so many of them do it.

The best thing your friend can do honestly is get in shape and lose the cow ring.

No. 55587

> I wish I wasn't the type of person who starts disliking series when the fandom gets out of control but it keeps happening every time something I read gets an anime adaptation.
I'm the same anon. Every time my favourite series gets an anime adaptation it's just forever ruined. The worst case being Hetalia, I used to be a huge fan of the manga and the fandom was very small and sensible, if you could believe that looking at what a monstrosity it became.

But back then it was like this at its worst

>"omg these two are gay don't you dare say otherwise REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"

Now it's

>"these two are translesbians, this is nonbinary, she is a transwoman, they are aromantic demisexuals, she's an asexual, and he's a demiboy, she's canonly overweight AND black and if you disagree you're a transphobic racist bigot and we will drive you to suicide with callout blogs, hate anons and emails to your employer uwu"

And if you like the wrong ship, you'll get called out for being a supporter of abusive relationships and whatever. I fucking hate what Tumblr did to fandoms, I didn't think they'd turn worse than they already were.

No. 55590

I loved Yume Nikki too which is why I thought I would love Undertale. But nah, it was mostly like a kids' cartoon with internet memes and pretty much no creative, creepy and trippy stuff you'd find in games like Yume Nikki or Ib. I'd say you're not missing anything, I was pretty disappointed with the game because I was expecting the horror stuff that never came.

No. 55591

File: 1451729306690.png (143.19 KB, 750x614, ut_yn__frisk_n_madotsuki_by_lo…)

>You're making me so excited to play it!!
haha I'm glad!! I hope you enjoy the game as much as I did

Yess Yume Nikki is the shit! I'm glad tumblr never really got a hold of it
Well you can always wait for the hype to die down, and give it a chance

Well it might not be Yume Nikki/IB levels of creative but it has it's charms

No. 55592

>And if you like the wrong ship, you'll get called out for being a supporter of abusive relationships and whatever

This exactly. There's a character in the video game Life is Strange who, to sum it up, is an abuse-victim-turned-kidnapper who has done some seriously fucked up stuff in the game, and there's a section of the fandom that really liked him – mostly because there were very few male characters in the game, and they thought he was cute – and people on tumblr were constantly hating on his fans, saying they (the fans) were going to get themselves killed/raped one day because they had no sense of self-preservation, because obviously it's impossible to separate fantasy from reality and like/be attracted to a character who you would never associate with in real life.

No. 55597

I was literally just thinking about this:

Dyed hair.

I used to want pink hair and to try a rainbow of colors, just to be experimental. I used to think normal hair dye was kind of boring, but now I refuse to go outside it. Pre-tumblr it was actually kind of rare. The most I'd ever see is the occasional cosplayer or someone alternative like a goth with bright red hair or something.

Now it's just fucking everywhere. It literally has become the symbol of someone being crazy and it's actually true. Literally everyone I have met with dyed hair has not just been terrible, but crazy. Just batshit and insane in their worldviews and stances. I think it's just narcissism from having a special snowflake dye, partially.

I also hate people that say they look "so anime" but they're SJWs who also hate anime and shit. Hipsters and SJWs ruin everything.

No. 55598

File: 1451735757881.png (93.12 KB, 600x381, 44098770_p18.png)

I was going to say the same thing, although I watch anime since I'm a child and I feel like tumblr is mostly ruining recent anime. Then again I've unfollowed so many shitty blogs that maybe I'm missing the ones ruining fandoms nowadays.

It's the same thing for video games. I noticed with the Megami Tensei series: Persona 4 and Catherine are talked about avery often because of their problematic content (transphobia and homophobia in both, which is wrong, the serial killer being /r9k/ incarnate in p4, and talking about this like they're not even spoilers), but as I'm playing more and more of the previous games or less-known one, and there aren't any sjws talking about them, only people who like the games for what they actually are. It feels great not having to see posts about how someone likes a character "but not because they're [insert problematic things here] it's because they're well-written I'm not [insert same problematic thing here] I swear!!1!"

Another unrelated thing, tumblr totally ruined the concept of "love yourself, treat yourself" and self-acceptance/self-confidence. These people don't know how not to seem like annoying show-offs instead of confident people. It's the most visible during "blackout" days or any similar days for other minorities. Sometimes they even show off because of other people's accomplishment who are unrelated to them, except for being from the same minority as them. I'm not sure how to explain how and why exactly it pisses me off so much though.

I barely know anything about this game but I think you might be talking one of my friends' favorite character from this game. She complained about something similar once when she tried to convince me to play Life is Strange or to watch a playthrough.

>but they're SJWs who also hate anime and shit
You mean people who dislike anime ironically or the SJWs who hate almost every anime ever because they held them to American standards of what's politically correct?

No. 55600

>but don't want to be assumed to be some kind of walking Minorities Defence Force
>I'd get mistaken for a tumblrina
Where do you all live? Dyed hair is just dyed hair here, the average person knows nothing about Tumblrinas, SJWs and transtrenders and wouldn't make that connection. If you got short dyed hair, you'd get mistaken by bigots as a lesbian at most.

No. 55605

It's mainly recent anime that has been ruined, you're right, but not only. I mainly follow blogs that rarely interject their personal opinions into things (and when they do I agree with them) but it's mainly when I go actively searching for new content that I see sjw "Misato is a sexual predator!" "Don't sexualize the Evangelion kids it makes me uncomfortable uwu" while simultaneously obsessing over Kawoshin because it's a canon gay couple, even though they're still 14/15 years old. Fetishizing gay kids is TOTALLY FINE though because the person who owns the blog probably identifies as gay since they are a genderqueer girl who is into boys.

They always seem to forget that all of the characters are Japanese and stories take place in Japan unless stated otherwise so they will draw characters as black/South Asian/Indian/anything that is not white or Japanese doing things in not-Japan thus erasing their precious POC characters in favor of having other, more oppressed POC characters. The same people who talk about cultural erasure will go on to erase all semblance of Japanese culture from their fav anime, maybe because certain aspects are problematic to them, or maybe because they are so Americentric that they think any character with white skin is white. Or maybe they feel like they are appropriating Japanese culture by drawing a girl in a yukata or something.

Any pairing you like that is not 100% light and fluffy or same-aged people is supporting abuse. And also every character is an asexual demiboy because like…they didn't have sex in the show or something? They wore pants once? They made a joke about wanting to be the opposite gender once? All tomboy characters are now trans as well.

But in general the thing that bugs me is just how overbearingly into the shows tumblr fandoms tend to be, but on a completely SHALLOW level. Like, please write tons of theoretical essays about an anime or manga for me to read, or analyze some seemingly unimportant detail, or something. I love that shit. But I don't care about headcanon #63726 that deals solely with gender and sexuality of characters. If that is all you got from the series then I don't know what to tell you. Look at what the tumblr JJBA community looks like. A series with decades of lore and yet tumblr just wants to ship them all and call them trans because they are flamboyantly styled.

I realize all of this can apply to most things tumblr gets its grubby hands on.

But as I said it rarely actually pops up and bothers me personally, and there are plenty of great artists and blogs on tumblr. And it's certainly not JUST tumblr that has made me generally avoid other anime fans. I think as someone who has been actively into anime since the mid to late 90s it's been a bit frustrating to watch things evolve as they have. Yaoi fangirls nyaaaing all over the place and cosplaying their yaoi schmex used to be the shame of the anime community but now we have this shit.

No. 55606

>all tomboy characters are now trans as well
This shit makes me so mad. The same applies for effeminate men like Kuranosuke. I see people complaining that their favorite shows would be improved if all the crossdressers were really trans gurrrls and not normal GNC men. These people uphold gender roles and stereotyping as much as the conservatives they hate.

No. 55607

Thank god I learned very quickly how to avoid the idiots in the Jojo fandom once I started the anime. I find it amazing that so many tumblrinas like the new trendy animanga even though these series have a bunch of things they hate in them, like fanservice with underage character for example. I'm only counting NGE and JOJO because of the Rebuild movies and the recent anime adaptation, respectively.I wonder if it's because they're trying to stay relevant or if it's because they genuinely like these things but they don't want to seem problematic for loving something that isn't 10000% in the eyes of some of the craziest bloggers (you know, the ones who make a lot of callout posts because somebody reblogged a fanart of a character who is the evil antagonist or something).

No. 55612


Probably because half of tumblr is IN Japan anon

No. 55613

Were any of you guys around online in fandoms/forums when it was 2003/2004/2005?

I remember any angst fanart/fanfiction used to revolve around either domestic violence or self harm. Those were the big things.

Now it's all about rape, being genderfluid, transsexual, POC, asexuality…. all the other weird tumblr bs.

I wonder what the next bandwagon will be for the future teenagers?

No. 55615

Dangan Ronpa. It was a pretty cool game that was brought to light in the west by a Something Awful member but Tumblr fucked it up so bad when the anime came out. None of them even knew what SA was or that it was originally a game and just hyped it because of the anime but then they caught a hold of everything eventually. Rip

No. 55617

I've been surfing the fandoms actively since 2000. There were no limits back then, nobody got called out for being a transphobe/racist/whatever and you could write just whatever sick stuff came into your mind and people either ignored it or laughed at it. I honestly don't remember coming across crazy SJWs back then on the internet until like 2011 or 2012. Sure there were shipping wars and headcanons but the headcanons back then were pretty much limited to "he's gay and he likes this guy". Not "he's an asexual PoC transboy". Nobody gave two fucks about video games being "sexist", the girls played them just the same and never felt attacked. We just liked the jRPGs that had pretty boys catering to us.

The callout culture existed before the 2010's but it was mostly for those that were actually considered to be whacked, like the people who were otherkin and 50 shades of crazy. And the "callouting" was limited to a thread on Something Awful or a humor article on some other satire site like Encyclopedia Dramatica. It ended there. Nobody was fired or attempted suicide, people just laughed at their shitty Sonic OCs. Pretty similar to what we have here on Lolcow now. Not "this bigot tweeted ableist slurs, SJWS ATTACCCKKK".

And this is what fucking kills me. After over 15 years of being online and relying on the Internet to be the ultimate zone of free speech and expression, you see people like fucking Shmorky siding with the SJWs and coming out as a genderfluid. Plebcomics is doing stuff that's a LOT tamer than what we had in 2001-2006 and she gets shadowbanned on Tumblr and tons of hate anons who got her fired by harassing her employer.

So yeah, tumblr is ruining the whole internet for me. I'm thankful for places like lolcow where things can be kind of how they were since most places are now either coddling to the SJW feefees or the gathering of the most paranoid /pol/tards blaming jews for everything.

No. 55621

Is it just me or were there also way more furries around the Internet in the early 2000s? It was like a fad that died once they started getting slammed by SA and 4chan.

No. 55625

>trannies/cross dressing


I enjoy traps because they are boys in dresses, that's all about it. Not some alternative genderfluid transgender xD bullshit.

I have some serious personal grudge against that place. It ruined several of my friendships and relationships. I can't go talk to my close friends about some subjects at all that I would had debated with them before because tumblr brainwashed them, and I know they'll answer me with tumblrina buzzwords. It confused one of my boy friends into thinking he is a girl when he doesn't suffer gender dysphoria (because for tumblrinas if a boy is not a horrible person or masculine then it means he is a girl). I'm legit worried about a girl I know because she started a hormonal treatment and it gives me vibes what she's going through it's just a phase and she's gonna regret it in the future. I had also this girl I knew that was kind of a (forgive my weeb) senpai to me. She had been in my main fandom for years before i got into it and she was super reliable. I didn't talk to her very often, yet she was that person you know you can say something to her at any moment and she will answer you back. She would even give me advice if she saw I needed it sometimes. Tumblr fame turned her into a self-absorbed cunt. She's unrecognizable compared with her self of 3 or 4 years ago. It hurts me even remembering about it.

No. 55627

There are still a shit ton of furries around, but nowadays there "otherkin"

No. 55628

In moments like this I wish I was my current age in the 2000s in order to enjoy oldschool's fandoms and internet.

No. 55632

I'm a big fan of the classic SMT games myself and used to participate in the fandom on Tumblr back when I was totally naive to the site's userbase. Other than a few people they're all batshit insane too and a lot of them never even played the old games, they just watched LPs and claim to be fans for some kind of RPG hipster street cred. It's really weird. Absolutely nothing is safe from Tumblr.

I miss when we could just have fun together.

No. 55633

File: 1451760637442.jpeg (297.86 KB, 2027x1662, DSC_0756.jpeg)

Online art scene/cliques
Wouldn't be so awful if twitter users hadn't started adopting the whole asspats/clique system as well
IDK, as an artist I feel like I've never had any clique of other artist friends that I can communicate with for support or concrit, and now it's virtually impossible to find normal art people to befriend because you need to follow certain trends (ie the most appealing/acceptable, safe art style, constant fanart for one particular fandom, a gimmick, etc.)
The struggle is real

No. 55634

I'm the complete opposite, I have a thing/love for reverse traps (girls in boy's disguise), and have considered pulling off that sort of thing, but now I feel so bad about it because of tumblr and the notion that "oh, well you wear [insert gender] clothes, so ur a trans/nonbinary/genderflux sweetie :)"
no bitch I just wanna go all Ping from Mulan for a day, I don't wanna get surgery to change my tits/genitals

No. 55637

This so much. I had the stupidest argument with someone on tumblr a while about Joan of Arc not being trans. You think that they'll start changing history books?

No. 55639

A couple of my friends study history and they say it's absolutely filled with SJW types, it's basically inevitable that they will try.

No. 55642

Something Awful went to shit during 07. Thank Ozma and her catlady brigade / beta orbiters of her fat ass for ruining that site.

Callout culture got it's traction in the LF days and from there, it's been a real scourge of the net.

No. 55645

It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when.

No. 55647

I didn't know English yet at the time but I was still on the Internet a lot. I feel like it wasn't all that different in French fandoms and in the English ones, headcanons were also all about who was in love with who/who was gay. Teenagers were more on skyblog than on myspace too. This makes me feel nostalgic.

Dangan Ronpa are fun games, I wanted to check it out on Something Awful but once I had enough time to do that they blocked the translation or something because of the people from tumblr spamming. I decided to play the games instead and before I could do that a bunch of fuckers wouldn't stop posting spoilers without tagging it as such because they wanted to point out the transphobia or ableism in the game. They didn't spoil everything though so it was still worth it but I'm still salty.

No. 55648

Holy crap, even the older games? And I thought it was too obscure. I blocked a lot of blogs that annoyed me in the persona tags and I filter my search results carefully on tumblr so maybe that's why I missed them. To be fair though, maybe some people only have European consoles and can't play all the games because of this (like me for example, I fucked up, no Raidou 2 and for me), but I really doubt this is the case for most fans on tumblr. What I do these days is talk about the games on /smtg/ and talk about which games I'm going to start or finish on my blog, so I think it helps avoid the idiots too.

No. 55652

File: 1451765338848.jpg (108.09 KB, 500x439, nishiki-mangalonghair.jpg)

I bought myself a PS Vita just to play the DR games and I REALLY enjoyed them both, much more than I thought I would. The fandom is disgusting cancer though. Why are there so many young 14-16 year olds into it? Kinda urks me. I'm in my late 20s and love horror games and consider the DR games horror in its own right, but it's sad I have no one to really talk to about it.

No. 55687

Let's hope that they won't be as annoying once DR3 will be out, or that they will loose interest in the series.

No. 55712

File: 1451774386103.png (1002.93 KB, 1244x1200, 1445384164102.png)


I think maybe that's why art like pic related have been showing up, people try so hard to appeal and please tumblr for followers/e-fame/recognition that a lot of their originality starts to disappear and becomes very cookie cutter. It's a shame really

>Other than a few people they're all batshit insane too and a lot of them never even played the old games, they just watched LPs and claim to be fans for some kind of RPG hipster street cred. It's really weird. Absolutely nothing is safe from Tumblr.
fucking this

Also, I think Lets plays are becoming cancerous, well mostly their fanbases. Especially because a lot of people on tumblr practically worship these people and even go far enough to cosplay them. I mean personally I only like two best friends because they're chill, genuine and their fan base is tame. But channels like GG, Markiplier, cryotic etc. always seem to have the most insane and obnoxious fans and do play a part in attracting them to certain games/fandoms

No. 55715

Honestly, for me? Dragon Age.

I thought it was a fun kind of dark game before, but after bioware started pandering to SJWs they've just been shoving that shit into their game.

Not only that, the SJWs still aren't satisfied… they make hour long essays on why the elves are being mistreated by Bioware as a company, yeah, that's right. Bioware is being oppressive towards the elven race in their own game.

Fuck this shit

No. 55722

I love Two Best Friends as well, because, like you said, they are very genuine. Even when they're being complete assholes to each other or fucking up royally in an LP, they have never tried to pander to anyone, whereas I think other LPers like Game Grumps tend to be sort of SJW-y to appeal to fans without actually caring about social justice themselves. There's also a ton of creepy, sexualized fanart of LPers on tumblr, which is another thing that you don't find much of with Best Friends fans.

No. 55723

I hope bungo stray dogs doesn't get fucked up. I know a friend who is really into it and she'd be so devestated.

Please don't ruin this for her tumblr.

No. 55724

I remember seeing a fight on tumblr about a character from Dark Souls (Gwyndolin) who, it is stated in the game, was born male and raised as a daughter, and now appears feminine (wears a dress, etc). That's pretty much all that is directly stated, because Dark Souls is known for having vague lore that is up to player interpretation, and there are people on tumblr who think that if you interpret Gwyndolin as a very feminine male as opposed to a trans woman, you are taking part in trans erasure. I always interpreted Gwyndolin as a boy, but now the way I view an already-vague character in a video game makes me "problematic". SJWs just want everyone to feel bad about themselves.

No. 55729

I love everyone in this thread. Seriously. You give me hope that there aren't all idiots in this world and that I'm not the only one who feels this way about these idiots.

No. 55731

File: 1451777223296.jpg (260.01 KB, 1380x776, Cleric_beast_concept_art.jpg)

Also, there was a girl on tumblr who was sexually attracted to the Cleric Beast from Bloodborne, but since she's a lesbian she became convinced the Cleric Beast was female (because wanting to fuck a boy monster would be too weird, I guess), despite the fact that it looks like pic related and clerics are historically male, not to mention there are plenty of canonically female beasts within the game. She would get actually angry at people who referred to the Cleric Beast as male.

No. 55749

typing in lowercase. it seems kind of anal to even mention it i guess, but if you think to back before tumblr got big, this was just a normal way to type. conveyed a bit of informality and a relaxed, casual tone, that's it. now the association with tumblr is too strong to bear…

Which could be why, in my opinion, various websites (particularly the chans) shifted towards using uppercase properly. Or maybe I'm just looking too deep into it.

No. 55750

Typing in lowercase as well as saying "u" and "ur" are heavily associated with tumblr for me now. I used to follow a university/education-centric blog who typed like that, and someone said "Hey seeing as you're an education-related blog, can you spell check/use proper grammar?" and she said "THAT'S ABLEIST!!!!"

No. 55751

you've got to be shitting me! Then again, I've seen enough people complain about words like stupid, foolish, idiot, cretin etc. because ABELIMS*

*don't judge me I'm dyslexic!

No. 55752

Dangan Ronpa, especially with the whole Chihiro is trans bullshit.

No. 55754


I completely agree with this.

The thing that really irks me about it though is that these people can sometimes draw very well- but they don't put their talents to good use, and instead draw the Game Grumps fucking each other in the ass. Some of them clearly have skill but choose to draw fandom-related or 'Tumblr safe' (ex. fat trans girl in pastels).

But hey, you don't get asspats being original anymore. Gotta draw Usagi as a trans person if you want to rake in those reblogs.

(btw, wish more artists were like Terrible Terrible Terrible. There's not enough comics like theirs)

No. 55755

It's the same for me. Or when I see hundreds of punctuation marks, e.g. typing like?? this? or ur so cute anon!! omg!!

No. 55756

I dont see why the way i type has any?? effect?? on u??? like ur being problematic by assuming adults should have a basic understanding of grammar??? omfg anyway u can fuck off hunni because I type how i want as a strong trans-ethnic woman :)))) (✿◠‿◠)

No. 55758

File: 1451786905998.png (16.5 KB, 828x139, 1372976085426.png)

Yeah, even the old games. It's not super overt since the series is niche and most people just wanna reblog art, but I saw some random "Tamaki is trans" "Zayin is otherkin" type things. Then there's Raidou being a gay sex symbol even in Japan so things get kinda weird there. Most of it is definitely centered around more recent titles like Devil Survivor or even Digital Devil Saga though. I'm also referring to the attitudes of people in the fandom themselves. I got to know a lot of them and watch them spiral into insanity over a few years, so even if they aren't pushing any politics on SMT at any given time, they're still incredibly high-maintenance people I'd avoid. The ones who weren't like this were some posters who frequented /smtg/ back in the day. I'm not sure if any still do or even if they're still around since the general died out a while ago.

I definitely understand the suffering of the Europoors, but what I meant were the older titles that can be easily emulated and have translation patches, or games like Soul Hackers that got recent ports. There were a few times I wanted to talk mechanics or what demons someone ran with on a few titles, then they'd straight up admit they never played it and only said so to look cool or they gave up and watched an LP instead.

Look into emulating Raidou 2. I think like Raidou 1 it runs pretty well in battles and the overworld, just lags in the city. It definitely emulates better than DDS1&2 though.

Not even just YouTube LPs, but this one girl I knew only read those SA forum LPs that are just images with text. She had no idea how to play the games and had virtually no context for anything, then tried to act superior to people and make fun of them when they posted about struggling at whatever point in the game. She also took anything anyone from SA said as the gospel truth and got super angry if you even lightly criticized them.

Back before LPs became this huge personality cult I used to think they were nice for getting a look at a game before you bought it, or seeing any content you might've missed on a playthrough, or just looking up an old game you could never beat and seeing someone else fly through it. What the fuck happened?

No. 55759

Wanna know why they did that? Because they got tired of Tumblrinas coming to the forums and being very obnoxious imbeciles.

No. 55761

OT but before pixiv becoming popular, back when the megaten webring was really active there used to be a shitton of Raidou porn on the internet. I swear one of the first things I ever downloaded from 4chan was a folder from Megaupload that was a gigabyte of Raidou art and doujins, it's a shame it probably disappeared in the purge years ago.

I'm kind of glad I got into Megaten a while ago (even knew a couple people older than me that bought the ps1 games waaaay back when they were kids) because I finished playing through most of them before the internet fandom became a disaster.

Not to. Mention putting periods where they. Really. Don't belong.

No. 55763

>I always interpreted Gwyndolin as a boy
I think most people interested in history would assume the same because royal families having their boys wear dresses was a thing for centuries. Now I'm wondering if there are tumblrinas out there calling that "trans erasure" too.

No. 55772

File: 1451795716525.jpg (40.23 KB, 700x700, asdfasdf.jpg)

I always wondered why pic related did't become popular with tumbrl I mean it has all the things they like, gay couples, crossdressing, multicultural party,the bad guy is white, etc.

No. 55779

File: 1451799816352.png (90.47 KB, 275x211, 1434341583740.png)

my sister had been trying to get me to play that love live game for a while now, and i almost started, but tumblr makes me feel sick to look at it now. all the characters are trans lesbians and have horse faces… the fanart is all so fucking ugly. and the one sensual lookin one with the low pigtails? ALWAYS depicted as a potatofaced whale, usually with jungle legs. why? what fucking reason?

No. 55780

File: 1451800513248.png (430.3 KB, 1280x1025, osomatsu-san by tumblr.png)

Just don't let tumblr ruin stuff for you and go on Pixiv if you want cute art.

No. 55790

>that picture
no fucking way. i shouldn't even be surprised though. fuck.

No. 55792

and just when I thought it'd be safe from tumblr

No. 55797

I'm playing this game right now. Looking forward to it.

No. 55798

I used to watch Cryaotic a lot years ago- maybe three to four years now? Which seems crazy. However, his fanbase has grown to the creepiest fanbase I've seen that openly admits to wanting to suck his sick or masturbate to his voice. It's…ugh. On top of that, he seems to have become a bit sjw-ish. Lately, I've become really attached to Two Best friends because of their brilliant commentary and tame fanbase.

It sucks so much when a fanbase ruins something for everyone.

No. 55799

File: 1451806010322.jpg (171.64 KB, 418x600, Link.full.1849932.jpg)

That's so fucking dumb. I'm a lesbian and I've been attracted to fictional male characters. Nothing wrong or weird about that. I've spoken to other gay women who have had similar experiences. You can be attracted to someone without wanting to physically fuck them- and if they aren't even existing characters, then what the hell is this bitch upset about? I'm attracted to Link from LOZ. Don;t feel bad about it.

If a character is a canon male, it seems shitty to change their sex. I wanna slap this idiot.

No. 55823

But sssshhht don't tell them or they're gonna kidnap it and ruin it like undertale

No. 55824

I don't even play or watch love live and I find Nozomi really, really atractive. What they did to her should be punishable by law.

No. 55826

Most of the furries were men in their mid to late 20's and they've kinda outgrown it. They do exist though but not as numerously as they used to since the trendy thing for outcasts now is to be a tranny, not a furry.

No. 55828

Can't blame them for that.

>there's Raidou being a gay sex symbol even in Japan
>there used to be a shitton of Raidou porn on the internet
I can't believe I missed all of this. I'm kind of new to the games actually, since I didn't have a PS2 when the PS2 games were released and I didn't speak and understand English well enough back then, anyway. I finally got a PS2 though and I ordered DDS1 and 2 and Nocturne, but I haven't ordered Raidou 1 yet. I'm only playing the games released in Europe right now and I'll move on to emulating once I'm done with them, but that's because my computer is a piece of junk.

The games are so unknown where I'm from that I can only talk about them online, and now I know how to avoid the worst parts of "fandoms", so it could have been worse for me. I think more people are talking about the series now that SMT IV Final has been announced.

No. 55830

I got into DR a little after the initial hype died but before the anime came out and I loved it. The whole "chihiro and sakura are trans uwu" bullshit didn't make it into my vision until much later so I thankfully missed it. DR is all kinds of ~problematic~ with violence, murder, manipulation, mental illnesses and whatever, why are these people even into it?

And that's actually my main problem with SJWs. Instead of supporting things they like and feel comfortable with, they police around other people's interests and want everything to feature an obese transgendered PoC disabled person and a cast with only marginal minorities. Do you see bullshit like Gen Zed getting a big applause from them? No, because they won't be satisfied with anything they've given. They ignore it completely and instead focus on things meant for OTHER focus groups and demand them to change for their needs. This is because they don't actually give a shit about the social justice cause but their own need for self-importance. And because it's a profitable source now, a lot of people cater to them and give into their needs because they're the loudest and most aggressive, all the while ignoring the original audience who feel alienated by it. This happened with a game project called Mighty No. 9 which was a crowdfunded project by the creator of the Mega Man series, they hired a fullblown SJW bitch as the western community manager and she started banning everyone who disagreed with her SJW thoughts on the forums and tried to change the main character to a female avatar of herself. Thus, they lost a lot of support.

They're just a product of the generation that has been taught to demand their rights but not make any compromises. Maybe someday this bullshit will subside and video games, comics and anime will return to obscurity.

No. 55834

File: 1451828015975.png (2.79 MB, 2208x1242, image.png)

I feel so awful for normal Love Live fans. I would tear my eyes out if SJWs tried to police my iM@S waifus.

Luckily they'll never touch it because "wah wah pedophilia waahh" and they're too stupid to get into something like SideM because it's all in moon. I have to admit, I did have a small heart attack when then mobile rhythm game came out back in September…

No. 55835

>Les Mis
Same anon, same.

My latest one is Heneral Luna. It's a nice biopic and all, but man does it feel so incongruous going on tumblr (or on facebook, so many people at my school are tumblr defined and I've given up unfollowing them) and seeing people call national heroes, real soldiers "bae". What's worse is that the movie takes place during our country's war against the Americans and most of the fanfics (yeah, of course they make fanfics) and fandom stuff feel so Americanized, even going so far as to call this one man named Gregorio (who was a general and died in a historic stand off against the Americans) 'Greggy'. His nickname is Goyong. Most history books mention this. The movie itself uses the nickname. It feels so wrong calling a man who fought against the Americans an Americanized nickname, idk.

The thing that weirds me out the most is that they treat it as fiction but they take the entire movie as fact, even if the movie makes a disclaimer at the beginning that it's not supposed to be taken as such.

A sidenote: am I the only one that feels that tumblr has a certain American-ness to it? Even users who are neither American nor live in America have that air to them if they're the tumblrina type. I can't really describe it, just that it's most apparent in the lingo and the 'politics' (sjw stuff)

No. 55837

File: 1451829923732.gif (712.56 KB, 275x275, 1451729349405.gif)

Mental illness tbh. Because of tumblr snowflakes, i now cant help but judge someone when they talk about their mental ilness. I just assume its something they claim to have to seem special, until proven otherwise. I even feel embarrased to talk about my own illnesses online because of this shit.

No. 55838

I totally understand Anon. It feels so odd when I talk about being Bipolar, my depression and my anxiety. When I see people talking about it so causally it makes me cringe. I have a couple of IRL that didn't know I have these disorders until I had an really bad anxiety episode at uni. I wouldn't wish any mental illness on a person, so I can fathom why so many people want to claim it.

No. 55841

Not even the dead are safe from this faggotry.

No. 55842

Probably because it's too dark for them and it triggers them or something. I'm actually glad this flew under the radar and Undertale became popular instead, not to sound hipster.

No. 55844

I'm also a lesbian, and I must say, Link made me realize a lot of stuff about myself when I was growing up and reading the mangas/playing the games, most of them related to my love for the female body. To this day he's still my favorite vidya character, and with the latest design he's got hhnngh.
But of course tumblr ruined it all with "omg link looks soo girly! He must be a trans genderfluid polysexual fairy kin! Don't you dare saying otherwise or you're hittler" No, Fuck you and drop dead.

No. 55845

Then be happy because mighty no9 looks and plays like shit and people are demanding refunds everyday because how cheap it looks and because the game was supposed to come out in april last year but Inafune keeps delaying it.
Fucking 4 million all spend on useless low quality merchandise.

No. 55846

>they'll never touch it because "wah wah pedophilia waahh"
Is it just me or tumblr is sickly obsessed with pedophilia recently? Like if you're 18 and they're 17 they'll curse you to hell and back calling you pervert if you dare to call them out in their bullshit or just talk to them.
Like "ewww you're a grown ass adult, why are you fighting with an underaged kid telling me that 'i dont know shit'? eugh so creepy kill urself gross pedo" or if you ship something they don't like "omg this [tumblrusername] person is a paedophilia apologist, go burn them my minions"
Even if the character you're shipping are both adults but with a big age difference. It's mind boggling.

No. 55847


That's really nothing new. Before Tumblr it was goons claiming they had ass burgers and edgelords claiming they were so depressed and on loads of meds.

No. 55848


No. 55850

I like auron x rikku (from final fantasy 10) and once I drew some fanart of them hanging out being cute. I always highlight that this is an older 19 year old rikku.

I still get sjw hatemail. I get thinking it's creepy or whatever, but it's just a videogame, why do people care about what I draw? I should be able to draw whatever the hell I want.

No. 55852

Really? From my perspective it feels like there's less chatter about Final than there was compared to IV. This is even considering all the newcomers IV brought to the series, but it seems like interest just isn't there. Regardless, I hope you do enjoy the games even if you run into obnoxious people.

Just look at how they absolutely turned on Urbance once the project was announced. They got their all-POC cast, their all-gay cast, and the gender wars they have every day but it just wasn't good enough. None of them even cared about the animation quality, it all just came down to moving goalposts and whining about trans*@!pan otherkinsexual erasure.

I saw this one hilarious post by an 18 year old trying to lecture other "adults", and more specifically anyone over the age of 20, of what it meant to be an adult and how to be responsible on tumblr when you have so many precious, impressionable, clingy kids who hang at your every word around you. It boiled down to never talking to them about anything that wasn't an approved safe topic and don't talk to other adults about things only older people can do where the kids can read it because it makes them uncomfortable you gross pedos.

No. 55857

Also, I'm sure I'm not the only one who think that, but I think tumblr ruined comedy/humor/jokes/memes whatever you want to call it. Like, when I started using tumblr I found whatever silly posts on my dashboard funny, but now the humor changed. People became painfully unfunny by spamming the same shitty memes over and over again, and by trying too hard to stay politically correct or something. Once, I stumbled on some blogs run by stuck-up SJWs/fandoms, like dragondicks for example and they were all so painfully trying to be funny it was sad. It's like tthey're trying to stay relevant to some sort of unfunny audience on tumblr. It's hard to express, sorry if it seems vague.

Don't worry, I enjoy the games very much so far! I didn't follow the news for SMT IV because I thought that it would never be available in Europe so I can't say, but at least /smtg/ is more active since Final's announcement than before. Although some people think that Final will be a new edition of IV instead of the sequel/AU it actually is, that could explain it.

I'm going to vomit.
This artist looks like they could draw some great things if they want to. Too bad they obviously don't.

No. 55861

Tumblr is definitely americentric. I saw a girl talking about it, she's a bit of a sjw but not as annoying as the other ones. But yes, tumblr is too focused on what happens in the United States. All of the awful social justice they follow is based on the things that go on inside their nation, and the bad thing is they spread it to other countries. I had a twitter friend who was really into social justice (I was a liberal back then, but never a sjw type) and she began to see oppression everywhere in her country. She's only an example, there's a bunch of sjws in South America, most of them middle class young girls who think they're oppressed because a boy called them a name once.
And about Hamilton (i'm the anon you answered), I knew it was going to happen. I mean, all of the """PoC""" actors playing white cis males and females, it was a storm waiting to be unleashed. I still enjoy the musical, but the fandom is… repelent. Like, the shipping it's awful. Fucking John Laurens with Alexander Hamilton, or fanfics about Philip being the son of Elizabeth and John. It's repulsive, and frankly, really stupid.

No. 55862

Same. It's disgusting, and some of them do it in real life. I mean, I'm used to girls saying they're "bipolar", and I tolerate that, but others come up with things like "im depressed uwu i cut myself once with a small knife look at my scar!!1 im super broken!! i have depression anxiety bpd and paranoia!!"

No. 55864

File: 1451846923560.jpg (48.89 KB, 599x337, fucking bye.jpg)

I confirm, it's super focused on American issues, even when people talk about things that have nothing to do with America (be it the US or even North and South America). According to SJWs:
>North Africans and Middle Easterns are privileged white people
>although sometimes North Africans become honorary black people to further black americans' agenda, whatever it is
>think Muslims are an ethnic group, white or asian people converting to Islam are appropriating Muslim culture
>white people can't be victims of racism but Irish people and Italians were oppressed some decades ago in the US, so they aren't white anymore according to them
>same shit applied nowadays to Latinos who almost only have white European ancestors, they're fully PoC since white people can't be victims of racism
>All Africans are the same peaceful homogeneous ethnic group
>same shit with Asians
>only white people are violent according to history, even though every country and region of the world has been involved in conflicts to the point where it could be argued that humanity as a whole is terrible
>there aren't any PoC in Europe EVER! Good thing there are terrorist attacks in France, it's not like the PoC population will be attacked as well since they don't exist!!1!
>reading or watching animanga is cultural appropriation/problematic even though people watch American tv shows and movies LITERALLY ALL THE TIME AND ALL AROUND THE WORLD
>sexism is exclusively when men spread their legs while sitting in the bus and women are laughed at when they armpits are hairy, it's not like it's worse anywhere else (although sexism exists in the USA too I'm sure, my point is that it's most likely not damaging the way it is in other countries)

I'm sure I missed other things so add whatever you want to complain about. Sorry if it's not coherent, I'm a bit tired.

No. 55868

File: 1451848892835.jpeg (2.56 MB, 1672x1233, image.jpeg)

Big tits = land whale according to Tumblr. Tumblr had never seen a girl who's thin but still has large tits (large for her frame).

I can't be the only one tired of seeing Tumblr use hijabs as a kawaii pastel uwu accessory, right? I'm not Muslim but it's still just so dumb. It's all because there were girls on GirlsChan who thought hijabi lolitas were kawaii and then weebs picked up that "Japan thinks pastel hijabs are cute!" and now kawaii hijabs is a thing.

No. 55869

Cocteau Twins.

No. 55870

How are you able to be attracted to drawings? That's pretty fucking gross.

No. 55871

I've been raised by a Muslim family and follow some of the traditions out of habit and holy shit this picture is so cringe-worthy, I don't know if I want to cry or laugh. What's funny is that there are different interpretations of why women should wear a hijab (it's actually not a requirement) and one of them is to stay "modest" in the sense of not showing off wearing pretty, sexy or colorful clothes.So the whole idea of kawaii muslim girls uwuwuwu is stupid as fuck.

No. 55877

what's funnier is that I know cry from HS and he's not what they expect him to be.

At all, AT ALL. I'm waiting for the day someone finds photos of him, it'll be great.

No. 55879

This. I live in an area mostly inhabited by muslims and the ones that wear a hijab mostly wear modest clothes in general. The whole idea is to be modest with your appearance, not trendy kawaii pastel tumblrcore outfits with a headscarf.

No. 55881

I think they're just stuck-up kids who hate that they aren't being allowed to do what they want. "Ew, adults! Why can't you let kids be kids!"

I saw a post on tumblr where some self-righteous asshole said that there was no reason for someone over the age of 21 to speak to someone under the age of 18. Luckily there were a ton of level-headed people present to go "But teachers? Siblings? PARENTS?!?"

No. 55897

that's pretty fucking normal, weirdo.
people have been attracted to drawings since the stone age.

No. 55902

Na the original poster was right. Let those idiots figure life out by themselves and whatever happens to the them in the process is their own fault.

No. 55903

Apparently people never masturbated and porn didn't exist until photography was invented.

No. 55904

File: 1451859615574.jpg (19.5 KB, 474x395, tumblr_nxl85khGIG1r34ikio1_500…)

No. 55905

does the artist not know what haram means? lmao they clearly aren't muslim otherwise they wouldn't put a word meaning "forbidden/against islamic law/beliefs" in cute block letters

No. 55911

Why are all of them white? Not that I care, but you'd think the kind of person who would make or reblog an image like this would be all about muh diversity

No. 55919


are Muslim girls even allowed to wear leggings? That's not very modest.

No. 55920

I fucking love LISA. It's honestly kind of an unusual, uncomfortable creepy series, since it's always had those uneasy pedophilic subtexts to it.

Most SJWs are too scared by actual real world issues and would rather make up they're being oppressed, like being an otherkin or fake panic attack. They just roleplay that and can turn it "off" if they want. They often times appear bothered so they can feel special. LISA isn't a game I think you can fake feeling triggered over. It's "too real" for a lot of snowflakes.

No. 55926

Is it just me or do some on tumblr treat Bernie Sanders as like…some religious figure or something? I see so many posts about how perfect and humble he is and how all the young people need to vote for him so millenials can be saved from the oppression of the grumpy baby boomers or whatever. It seems kind of weird to me since he's an old white man (and we know how triggering white men are) and he wrote an article for an alternative newspaper about how women fantasize about being raped. Granted, that was like 40 years ago…but part of why they claim to support him is that he's never flip-flopped on issues like Hillary does.

Oh, and Trump is literally Satan Hitler.

No. 55992

I've seen some people call Saki Mizushima a trans girl, nothing is safe.

No. 56012

He's the only truly leftist candidate in either party. So, it's no surprise.

No. 56020

File: 1451877420902.png (125.01 KB, 400x305, team_7__konoha_s_rock_band_i_b…)

>I remember any angst fanart/fanfiction used to revolve around either domestic violence or self harm. Those were the big things.
I remember talking with someone how Naruto fanfiction had an inordinate amount of stories taking place in mental hospitals/asylums, and someone pointed out that the height of Naruto's popularity in 2005-2007 coincided with the insurgence of emo subculture.

No. 56023


A lot of the girls that wear headscarves in my city are actually quite pale. Not "white" pale, but pale for middle easterners.

No. 56024

That's what buzzwords do, anon. You see, a vast majority of tumblrinas are retarded commies who know nothing about politics and spit out things they've read online, most of which come from buzzfeed.
"Trump is Hitler" is basically a meme. A dumb meme, but they're stupid enough to swallow it.

No. 56026

File: 1451878813296.jpg (99.32 KB, 500x572, tumblr_np8h28568q1qavlq8o1_500…)

The sanders worship is truly amazing. And it shows how they play favorites since they completely ignore his rape article but crucify other celebrities for nothing.

No. 56027

No, it's not. It's fucking gross and weird. Pretty fucking embarrassed for you.

No. 56028

File: 1451879940502.gif (676 B, 44x38, 1449274231118.gif)

Aahh It's nice seeing other two best friends fans, I hope that channel stays chill and away from tumblr nonsense
Funny how Cry gets those even though none of his fans know what he looks like(I always liked to think he was probably ugly or maybe he just really likes his privacy)I'm sure Markiplier gets those often as well and I can bet most are from the under aged.

But yeah, fanbases(made up of a large tumblr audience) lately have been becoming more and more insufferable. Which is why Steven Universe ; the ultimate tumblr show, has a ton of problems within it's own fanbase. Which sucks because it's a really cute show but sometimes I can't stand looking at without being reminded of it's super shitty fanbase

maaaan I remember being obsessed with Naruto during 2007
I spent an unhealthy ampount of time watching amvs, Naruto fan flashes, and Naruto abridged

No. 56036

Different strokes for different folks? honestly, get the fuck over yourself.

No. 56037

File: 1451883100699.jpg (242.93 KB, 600x566, Link.full.1849933.jpg)

Awesome, nice to meet another lesbian who likes Link. I'm actually pretty excited for the new game, whenever Nintendo decides to release it.

No. 56039

What does he look like? I imagine he's fat at least.

No. 56040

File: 1451883760295.png (199.22 KB, 500x581, tumblr_mn5vn6l4051so2pvyo1_500…)

Yay for more Two best friends fans. Haha, Cry fans thinks he looks like pic related, but I imagine him to be a typical looking neckbeard. He sounds like he's really out of shape since he spends so much time on the computer.

And man, so did I honestly. I had a pretty big Naruto obsession during 2006-2008. I went to anime cons and panels and shit. hah, those were good times honestly.

No. 56043

Get over yourself. You're trying to defend being into a fucking cartoon. Yeah, for sure everyone are into different things but that doesn't make what you're into really cringe worthy. You're not interesting, just wack as fuck.

No. 56048

File: 1451886481002.jpg (164.11 KB, 600x800, bait.jpg)

Don't respond.

No. 56051


I imagine he's either a regular looking guy (the kind you'd pass on the street and not notice), or very unattractive.

High-school anon should pull out the year book.

No. 56053

Shouldn't you be fantasizing about cartoons?

No. 56057

If he really is uggo, then it was smart of him to hide his face.

I second this, high school anon. Dig out the ol' yearbook.

No. 56059

I third this. Take a pic with your phone, anon. please.

No. 56061

Depends on what you call modest, if you interpret it as "don't show off with your fancy expensive clothes" or "don't look too sexy or beautiful"

No. 56067

Who the fuck would even want to be muslim. Yeah, no thanks. I enjoy being able to have hair and style it… and expose it.

No. 56073

Well, some muslim women don't wear a
hijab because it's not mandatory, unless the law of some countries explicitly says it is, although it is recommended and very common. I'm that anon >>55871 and I didn't say that I was muslim myself because religion just isn't my thing, so I can't tell for everyone, but some women don't give a fuck about showing their hair or not, and some women still try to look fancy while wearing a hijab, in their everyday life or during special occasions. I live in a European country so it's different where the majority is muslim I guess. And things like family pressure or the community can force one to wear the hijab too or they'll try to ruin your reputation or some shit.

Also, lmao whenever people say they don't want to be muslim I always expect them to say that they want to keep eating pork and meat that's not halal. You made me laugh.

No. 56075

Too many unattractive men (like there isn't a single "bishonen" character, even the crosdressers have beards and shit), and a story that isn't some "the kids aren't ok" thing about mentally ill teenagers, or a generally happy fantasy world with a little bit of human suffering involved like Undertale.
Plus you have to make actual hard decisions, you can't be the "good guy" in this game and survive easily. All these things make it non-palatable for Tumblr audiences.

No. 56076

And now is when I'm truly interested on playing this shit. Thanks anon.

No. 56080

>too many unattractive men
>there isn't a single bishonen and even the crosdressers have beards and shit

And here comes another thing I find specially obnoxious about tumblr.

Have you noticed how they will demonize many male characters who aren't handsome or are unattractive?

Like, you have two characters. Two boys. One is handsome, the other is ugly. Both of them have acted like jerks at some point yet they have done good deeds as well.

What is gonna tumblr do? They are gonna put the handsome one into a pedestal ignoring the fact he's/has been a fucking jerk, only taking into account the good stuff he's done. They're gonna bash the ugly one to death ignoring the fact he's done good stuff, only taking into account that he has been a jerk.

Fuck those double standarts. Then these fucking hypocrites come bullshitting at you with their talk about body image/beauty standarts. This shit makes me so mad.

No. 56082

Like, you have two characters. Two boys. One is handsome, the other is ugly. Both of them have acted like jerks at some point yet they have done good deeds as well.

I think modern tumblr will claim the pretty one is an abusive trans boy; he's abusive and left with several mentall illnesses due to being bullied/abused by parents/society for being trans. They'll bend backwards to defend any of his shitty actions because he is a precious damaged snowflake; the other half of SJW will constatnly make call-out posts and sent death threats to everyone who dares to like or ship said character.

The ugly one will be drawn as fat.

No. 56091

Even more often than that, if the handsome one is shitty enough, they'll just use it to fetishize him.
We've all seen "I love [insert douchebag character here] I'm trash I've fallen so far" shit.

No. 56092

File: 1451911645947.png (17.1 KB, 637x227, cringe in the smt iv final tag…)

You were right, I haven't noticed back then but there are some stupid people in this fandom too. There's truly no respect for anything anymore. Can't wait to see her reaction when she'll see Nanashi's frilly dress used as an armor.

No. 56107

When it comes to fanart for anime/manga series, just avoid tumblr and stick to pixiv. Pixiv has a lot of really cute, accurate, Love Live fanart.

No. 56115


Love you too, bby

No. 56116


Incidentally, tumblr's ruined rape as well. As in, rape is now so commonly spoken about as well as fetishized (I can't even begin to say how many girls I've known that have tumblrs just dedicated to what's obviously something they get off to) that it detracts from legitimate, clearcut sexual assault.

No. 56126

This. Emos, scene kids, and edgelords ruined mental illness already. Tumblr kicked the cringe to a whole new level however.

Pls post yearbook pics if you have them. I want to see this monstrosity.

No. 56128

Have you tried going back to GBS? I find it's pretty fun and I usually agree with a lot of people say there.

Like this is a cool thread I found on the front page right now:


You wouldn't find that shit on the rest of the internet that's for sure.

No. 56133

This with Nathan Prescott from Life is Strange. I don't mind if someone likes a character who is reprehensible/has done reprehensible things, what I DO mind is the people who attack them for liking said character. People can't help being attracted to characters they find physically attractive, but I've seen so many people on tumblr bully other people for liking characters like Nathan, because they think everyone else has the same problem with separating reality from fiction that they do.

No. 56135

nice to see Fiend still shitposting after so many years

No. 56151

GBS only got decent after Lowtax dropped all the un-necessary rules and let people actually post what they wanted. It's been slowly sliding back to the old strict rules mainly because people (especially the D&D types) find non-PC jokes/opinions too triggering for them.

No. 56158

Every ~kawaii uguu~ aesthetic blogger now is a child sexual abuse survivor.

No. 56169

Oh my god I just want to add on to this. There was a crazy girl at my school who was the whole tumblr package, Muslim, middle eastern, "trans boy", "mentally ill", went by a Japanese nickname etc. but the best part was that she faked being raped. She'd be an absolute shitlord online, openly shitting on white people and cis people and then claimed she was doing it because she was raped. The problem is that she gave a specific date that she was allegedly raped on and there were no reports of sexual violence on that day. (Sexual violence against minors is also publicly reported in my city but there won't be any details like name or location, just the time). Then she deleted her blog last year and admitted that she faked being raped because she just wanted attention.

Way to devalue rape, rape accusations, and rape victims.

No. 56178

This is sad. I'd hate to accuse anyone of making up a rape or assault, but fuck, so many of those tumblr (and other social media accounts) seem to rely on the same exact, pre-made narrative on how to get attention, money, whatever. The same vague rape stories, the same 'sexy' mental illnesses, the INVISIBLE disabilities, etc.

No. 56182

This makes me so mad. I WANT to believe women who say they have been raped. I can't imagine being in that situation and having no one believe you. But there are all these entitled, attention-hungry assholes on tumblr and beyond who make that shit up for attention and make me doubt every rape-related story and accusation I hear.

No. 56188

File: 1451948783483.jpg (40.13 KB, 578x587, 1369768143244.jpg)

What an idiot. The same thing happened when all we had for Flynn was the back of his head and a silhouette. People just get interested if there might be a girl protag since Mainline has never had one outside of Tamaki, and even then she's just one of two choices who got canonized because she was Tadashi's waifu.

And always with the fucking Devilman avatars. You'd think all the graphic content would trigger them straight the fuck out of there. Why do these hypocrites even bother trying to take the moral high ground?

No. 56196

precisely. It makes me sick to my stomach.

But you can usually tell whether these people give a fuck about anyone else other than themselves. But still, it's so fucking detrimental to the overall cause and conversation.

No. 56262

File: 1451955551623.jpg (125.01 KB, 493x810, tumblr_nyj1s2mV7B1rbw3uvo1_540…)

I don't really think Sanders flying coach a couple times is that meaningful…

No. 56320

File: 1451958309131.jpg (21.71 KB, 500x375, Baymax_hug.jpg)

Please post anon. I highly doubt he looks like the fanarts on tumblr.

No. 56323

I feel like you're posting in the wrong thread. this is supposed to be stuff tumblr has ruined.

No. 56340

because people are either male or female, dumbass.

No. 56395

BL. Tumblr has introduced me to some of the most mouth-frothingly autistic fujoshits I've ever seen in my life.

No. 56495

I thought someone did post an actual picture of him a few months back? Or he posted one of himself or something? I don't remember which. People I followed watch him/freaked out about it, but since I never watched any of his things I didn't care enough to look.

No. 56513

File: 1451963831612.jpg (49.41 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Do you mean the ones that look like pic related anon? That's Scott Jund, not Cry. If you're talking about a different pic, I haven't heard of it.

No. 56529

I don't know for sure because like I said: I didn't care enough to look. All I remember is that people lost their shit and then said to
respect his privacy' blahblahblah.

If what you posted is what was going around, then these people need higher standards because he's not worth the freak out.

No. 56534

There was a pic that a tumblr blog called 'cry revealed' that posted, apparently, a real picture of cry taken from his mothers facebook page. I didnt see it directly from the blog, but in another post it was some overweight dude in shades.

No. 56539

File: 1451968222038.jpg (Spoiler Image,429.44 KB, 519x871, 437584936743.jpg)

>You'd think all the graphic content would trigger them
I'll post the picture under a spoiler because benis, but an artist deleted their tumblr account after making fanart of Ryo/Satan that wound up getting reblogged to a bunch of SJWs that harassed her for demonizing transsexuals.

No. 56571

Aren't devils more typically represented as cis males?

No. 56610

Tumble has ruined sexuality. WTF is a demisexual? I still don't understand how "not wanting to have sex with someone you don't get to know first" or whatever is an oppressed sexuality. It sounds like a bunch of straight people wanting special treatment.

Also, Rooster Teeth.

That's my favorite FFX pairing. I am so glad tumblr was not around when I wrote fanfiction though. I can just imagine what kind of anon hate I would have gotten.

No. 56613

File: 1452000441165.png (181.96 KB, 540x650, asahi.png)

Especially sports anime. Haikyuu doesn't deserve the shitty fandom it ended up with.

No. 56616

It just means that you don't want to have one-night stands, that you need a deep, emotional connection before you can be sexually active with someone.
It's fine for just describing your sexual preferences, but then they start talking about how they're UPPRESSD and shit.

No. 56618

That's what it means? Holy shit that's not a sexuality. A lot of people prefer to have some sort of emotional connection before having sex with someone. That doesn't mean they get some sort of special label.

No. 56622

Yeah, it's just a sexual preference. Idk why they have to get their panties in a twist.
Sexualities are: gay, straight, bi. That's it.

No. 56623

What about asexuals?

No. 56626

r u 4 real?

No. 56628

Not a sexuality. If and when someone genuinely doesn't feel sexual arousal, it's of medical concern, we're talking brain tumours and serious endocrine disorders here. It's not and and shouldn't be being lauded as a normal thing. Not feeling like having sex is how most of the populace feels on a day to day basis, it's not a sexuality.

No. 56649

So I should probably go to a doctor because I don't get sexually aroused by anything?
I mean, it hasn't been terrible for me. It's probably the easiest of the 'snowflake' sexualities to pass off in real life because you can just say you haven't found the right person yet or that you're not interested in someone that way.

No. 56677

Is teenspot still a thing? If so then can't they go there or something.

No. 56679

Tumblr also ruined the entire concept of "art". Now every tumblrina spits on their Wacom and calls themselves ~artist~. And oh are they overly attached to their shitty ~art~.
One time, last year, I found a nice doodle on Pinterest and saved the pic, there was no mention of the artist anywhere but I wanted to find him/her.
So I uploaded the pic on my tumblr (smol blog with, like 30 followers?) saying clearly in the description that I "do not own this, but since I like it and I'd like to find the author, if you know his/her username let me know so I can edit the post blah blah blah". People press like, people reblog, and finally the ~artist~ comes. Her reaction was baffling. "Ummm ur not allowed to repost other ~artists'~ work, you're not obliged to post here everything you see on the internet, if u dunno the source dont post it, it's not that hard, and even if you write the source it's still problematic since you may get more notes than my original post, so delete it"
Since I was a little bit surprised by this unnecessarily bitchy behavior I asked "Why so rude?" and reminded her that I don't get any money from notes, that there was no way that my blog could make more views than hers, and that she could've asked me to put it down politely, and what happened next? She basically capslocked something we could sum up in "PUT IT DOWN PUT IT DOWN REEEEEEEE TRIGGERED!" and sent her followers after me to inbox me other crazy mad shit. Bitch was crazy, and wasn't even the only one. Half of tumblr ~artists~ behave exactly like this, and maybe even more than half.

No. 56681

was this petitepasserine? i've lost count at the amount of times she's done this lol

No. 56685

For someone that likes to draw kawaii shit, she sure does have an ugly personality.

No. 56689

I posted a piece of art on tumblr that I found on 4chan, and was a total dumbass about it. It was even watermarked (subtly, so I missed it) but I just posted it on my blog and went "not mine lol". I got lucky though; the original artist was super chill and was like "Oh hey I made that, could you check for watermarks next time?" and some other person who got really mad at me initially cooled down pretty quickly when I messaged her and thanked her for keeping me honest. I've definitely seen other people go crazy over reposting art, though.

No. 56690

No, she wasn't… But as I said, it's a very very common thing on Tumblr to be like that, which is kind of sad because sometimes you're genuinely interested in their "work" (which 9/10 consists of simple, humorous doodles about some characters of some show/book/videogame), as simple as it is, but their personality just ruins it all and then you're like "Well, fuck"

No. 56692

Ugh. I don't go into the RWBY tag because everyone is drawn as trans/race bent/etc.
Like, Blake's race is already discriminated against in the show. There's no need to make her black on top of that. Do they make her black because her name means black? I don't get it.

No. 56695

I've made some "art" before and if I will ever go back on that route, I'm sure I would be super chill about that. I mean, just put on watermarks. And as long as the reposter doesn't claim your "art" as his or removes watermarks, I can't really see the issue. I think these tumblrinas are just bugged by the fact that other users could make notes with their "art". It's about possession, likes and reblogs. Just like when kids go like "Mine mine mine mine MINE"

No. 56703

That's a condition, not a sexuality.

No. 56704

Only if you want to fix it.

imho being asexual works nicely, less likely to do stupid shit based on my horniness.

No. 56705

why doesn't she have a thread on snow?

No. 56718

Fucking unbelievable. Even if they didn't know the source material, how hard is it to go to the original post and look at the tags?

In Devilman, that character in the drawing is Satan, who is depicted as a hermaphrodite in the manga.

It's always mediocre artists who flip out the most. When I used to drawfag, things I drew would get reposted on tumblr all the time and get more notes than any drawings I posted on my blog. It's not a big deal, very few people check out your blog when they see something they like anyway. And it's not like throwing a fit after the fact is going to change much. Messaging someone politely is much more likely to get their cooperation.

The artists who flip their shit about these things remind me of all those nasty girls who used to hang around oekakis back in the day. The deviantart scene sparkledog types. If you drew anything mildly resembling one of their 5000 wolf pictures, they'd gang up on you and rip you apart.

Something that always confused me about these types of people on tumblr too are the ones who wanted more than anything to get a hit post with thousands of notes, then when they finally got that, they'd turn around and complain about it and fake panic attacks about the post geTTtinG NoTES agAIiIN. Gotta double-dip on that attention whoring for all it's worth. Did anyone else ever see this sort of thing happen?

No. 56726

b-but Satan in Devilman has both genitals, doesn't he? I'm so confused by these idiots.

No. 56734

Flynn looks so weird without his fringe.

I haven't read Devilman but isn't that character supposed to be an angel, as in genderless? How does he have a "transfeminine body" then, if he(?) isn't a man or a woman in the first place?

They're not into anyone, right? They must be tired of hearing about all the """queer""" tumblrina going "i'm so gay" literally all the time, or at least most of them.

No. 56737

People on tumblr rarely read the actual source (manga,comic ect.) so they go on whatever other tumblr users says is true without researching it.

No. 56738

Pretty sure that if you can't be sexually aroused, even when you want to, it could be hiding some sort of condition. So I'd say go to a doctor to see if there's anything other than that. Also, being aroused isn't the same as being attracted to, iirc asexuals can be aroused (=body's functions and stuff) but aren't sexually attracted to anyone of any gender ever. Some of them can be in love with someone but still won't be sexually attracted to that person so they could go on dates and get married, whatever, but they'd probably dislike having sex with their SO. At least that's how I understood it and I think it makes perfect sense. When I used to read shitty women magazines there would always be these articles about old ladies (between 90 and 110 yo) talking about how they're virgins and were never married or even in love with anyone and they're glad they have always been single, I guess that's what you could call being asexual.

No. 56754

i was on instagram and found a random ass white girl wearing a hijab. Curious and hoping I wasn't just being racist, I went and checked her IG. I scrolled down to see that her pretend Islam came on randomly. She just posted a picture in a hijab and said something in Arabic. No previous pictures or captions stated that she had always been Muslim. In one comment she even told a guy that she couldn't speak Arabic.

The kicker is that she was a "pastel muslim" and would cosplay as well. Using people's religions for oppression points is just so sick to me. Like, the SJW's are more prejudice then the people they hate.

No. 56760

I get turned on by the way people dress and not actual people (or genitals).
I just want their clothes. But no sex feelings happen to me.
There's probably something wrong with me in the long run. I've had it too good for too long in the health department with little to no maintenance. I've never had the generic knee reflex that happens when you hit it in the right spot… but how do I go about checking these things? I basically never go to the doctor so that's foreign territory to me.

No. 56762

That reminds me of that chick who said she was raped and carried her mattress everywhere on the campus, even on fucking graduation then it was discovered that in fact she was a psycho stalker who went nuts after the boy who supposedly raped her rejected to have sex with her. She also made shit loads of money over her "terrible horrible experience".

No. 56765

Haha I know right?
Is like, when they draw Suzy and Arin from game grumps as slim, athletic and beautiful when we already know how ugly and fat they are irl.

No. 56767

Me too.
And when they make one of the boys a ~transboi queergender demiautistic bae~ I want to kill myself over that heresy…

No. 56773

File: 1452043017524.png (141.85 KB, 500x739, tumblr_nefmz4Tb6B1qf4eupo1_500…)

Wtf anon, I just left the Suzy + Game Grumps thread.

Just kidding, I could complain about Game Grumps all day. Her tumblr fans love kissing Suzy's ass and they draw her like pic related. She's nowhere near that slim or cute. And then if you dare voice your opinion about suzy, people on tumblr + suzy herself scream "SEXISM!!" because there's no way it's her personality, right?

No. 56774

>Now every tumblrina spits on their Wacom and calls themselves ~artist~.
Truth. We have more art majors than any other major in the humanities (my university is divided into different schools, humanities being one of them) and so many of them go on and on about how they're artists and shit. What's killer is that all their 'art' looks the same since they all do generic tumblr digital art shit, which is probably why a lot of them get culled after their second year (it's the painting-intensive year). Even my painter friend, who's an angel and is extremely non judgmental, admitted she found it hard to take them seriously.

ugh, I always thought digital art was such a promising medium but they've ruined it for me

No. 56807

Oh, you're right–I never noticed that they were trends, but I can see it looking back. A little further back, but my pet peeve was the glut of 9/11 memorial or response one-shots. Like, why the fuck would some of these Japanese characters be traumatized by shit happening a world away?

I wonder what the future will bring for fandoms, too, and what trends may crop up in the next decade.

I really miss old school fandoms. I know the internet has changed, but I'm still nostalgic for pre-striketrough2007 LJ. I wonder how the true old school fans (the ones who mailed fanzines back before online fandoms took off) feel about the evolution of fandom on the internet or if they've all just moved on. I wonder if one day I'll move on, too, but at this point I have been enjoying fanworks for most of my life–probably not going to stop any time soon.

No. 56846

It sucks. I've been into most anime and video game fandoms since the late 90s/early 2000s. I'm a big Berserk fan but that shit is popular as fuck now, especially with the movies that were remade and now another series or something coming out. It sucks man. Tumblr makes everything worse. Very few of the things I loved as a kid in the 90s is sacred anymore.

No. 56866

Ugh, such a waste of cute artwork.
That another thing that kills me, a lot of good artist have also the shittiest of tastes or the tumblr'est of opinions

No. 56871

I am a newbie Berserk fan (since last year, started watching the movies and then the manga) and I noticed that it really isn't that popular :/ What do you mean? How was it before? I'm just asking out of curiosity.

No. 56884

>especially with the movies that were remade and now another series or something coming out
You know what sucks? People only getting into series because of really shitty reboots, like the Berserk and Evangelion movies. It's actually difficult to find people who watched Neon Genesis Evangelion before Rebuild even though it was THE anime series in the english community for, I don't know over a decade?

I've heard that there are people who only watched the Persona 4 anime adaptations instead of playing the games, too.

No. 56887

At least for the artists who sell commissions, I can't say I blame them. Folks gotta eat and pandering to an audience works.

No. 56894

I watched Evangelion on TV way before the movies were announced, I was in middle school, this anime scared me so much because of some scenes in the last episodes. I noticed that more people were into it because of the third Rebuild movie and Kaworu.

I also discovered Persona and SMT thanks to the Persona 4 anime because SMT isn't popular at all were I live, but at least I played the remake. Some people write long essays and character analysis on Persona 4 even though they only watched the anime, it's so cringe-worthy.

No. 56901

To be fair, I don't really "control" the anime I get into, because it's shown to me by friends, so sometimes I'm introduced to series in the worst way possible. I understand that it sucks meeting a fan of something and realizing you have very little common ground with them in terms of that franchise, though.

No. 56902

I mean to say, I don't control EVERY anime I get into. I am capable of discovering things on my own lol.

No. 56928

The thing I hate the most about the P4 fandom is the fans who are like "ADACHI SO PRECIOUS DONT HURT MY CABBAGE BABY UWU" like no… this guy murdered people. Stop.

Persona 1, 2, and 3 are ignored. 3 sorta gets attention because of the movie but even then, it's only people who've played the game who pay attention to any Persona/SMT games other than P4.

No. 56930

>I've never had the generic knee reflex that happens when you hit it in the right spot…

classic symptom of endocrine disorders like hypothyroidism.

>but how do I go about checking these things? I basically never go to the doctor so that's foreign territory to me.

You go to the doctor now, or you wait until it gets so bad someone has to call an ambulance for you.

No. 56931

>white people can't be victims of racism but Irish people and Italians were oppressed some decades ago in the US, so they aren't white anymore according to them

Nah mate, they just straight-up deny that white slavery ever happened and call you a SLAVERY APOLOGIST!!!! for letting them know that it did.

No. 56933

I looked at symptoms for hypothyroidism, and the main symptoms I seem to have of that one would be dry/pale skin, mild depression, slight memory problems, and the whole no libido thing… but I feel like I could fix those by making sure I eat better?

No. 56936

Well, hypothyroidism was just an example. Your diet doesn't really have that much of an effect on your health unless you're severely lacking in a specific vitamin or mineral, and it's actually pretty hard to get in that state unless you're only eating one food day in day out.

No. 57021

File: 1452159908961.jpg (27.73 KB, 335x333, 1448069809216.jpg)

They ruined being mixed race.

You can no longer meet a person without them being either overly politically correct around you or shit talking you behind your back because they assume you're the type to pull the race card at every chance you get.

I'd much rather people didn't notice and point it out every time but oh well, At least i'm sexy as fuck and my friends don't seem to care when they're around me

No. 57022

Same I am not into this PC bullshit. If I have to wear a garnment from family's country for a special occasion they'll probably just think I'm appropriating because I look really white.

No. 57023

Thing is i get shit from both mixes i was made from and people constantly mistake me for random races because either i don't act/talk how they expect or I don't "look" it.

It's funny too cause i'm racist as fuck all the time to everyone and find it really disturbing when people chastity themselves around me and be all PC when i'm the type to throw around slurs like it's nothing

No. 57033

I look really white and can get away with people assuming I'm just white which is fine, but I hear you because as soon as I mention anything I get dumbfounded looks and BUT you cant be half African BECAUSE you are not black!!!! I have pretty much accepted long ago that most people are just morons.

No. 57045

>At least i'm sexy as fuck

No. 57088

there's nothing wrong with having high self-esteem, anon.

No. 57090

there is nothing wrong with having a high self-esteem, but there is something wrong with not knowing the appropriate situations to express it.

No. 57120

tumblr ruined fandom 10000%
I can't enjoy Doctor Who or anything now. Thy ruined sherlock and supernatural for me also. And most anime

No. 57135

Not too long ago I had an "are you fucking kidding me?" moment when a fic described a character teaching another character about demisexuality–I swear it read like the proselytizing you'd see in Christian fiction.

A few days ago I began reading fic for an older fandom. In a story written twenty years ago a character bemoans the "culture of victimization crap" she sees around her. While I'd like to be able to blame tumblr for a lot (and its echo chamber has deafened the better sense of many) it seems we have been slipping as a culture for awhile now.

No. 57141

tumblr ruined your life?

No. 57146

Different anon. How did you come to this conclusion? She said tumblr ruined fandom and some shows for her.

No. 57147


>I can't enjoy Doctor Who or anything now

you poor poor girl

No. 57149

Can you link this fic? I'm interested

No. 57150

Good. Superwholock is for basic bitches anyway…

No. 57151

Ha, just go to Ao3 to any popular fandom and see the tags.
Dangan Ronpa is ripe with "Chihiro explaining Oowada that SHE'S is ~TRANS~" stories… That ironicaly end in hawt yaoi shota smut.

No. 57152

Ah thank you Anon, but I meant the 2nd fic about the culture of victimization stuff, sorry I didn't specify! I'd just love to see how the author of that fic described the idea and what kind of comments they received

Is Superwholock an actual inter-show ship (like, idk, SherlockxDrWhoxDean triage?) Or if it's just for tumblrs that post content relevant to all 3 shows? Sorry if this is stupid, had my Sherlock phase ages ago and never really got into fandoms, always found it weird that these shows are so unrelated to each other

No. 57153

That line is almost a throwaway line from a minor character–a high schooler is arguing that characters in the school play shouldn't be interpreted through the lens of the "nineties culture of victimization" and then goes on to read a few lines of the play. Nothing deep or especially interesting by itself except that it shows there was at least the perception by some that there was an issue with how some people were always reading victimization into everything (which seems very tumblr to me). I was a kid in the 1990s so I don't know how widespread this was, but it makes sense that these ideas didn't just spring fully formed from tumblr and that they were touching online communities and fandoms (even tangentially) 20 years ago.

The fic is part eleven in a longer Gargoyles story: "Sterling Silver" by Christine Morgan. You can do a search to find how little of an impact that line makes on the rest of the story. Unfortunately, really old fics like this are usually hosted on webpages with no built-in comments sections–maybe you can find some commentary on the site its hosted on, but it's not super obvious.

OT but if anyone could rec some good Gargoyles fic I'd appreciate it. This story's not bad, but it's not really scratching my itch.

No. 57158

File: 1452217078010.jpg (101.32 KB, 600x475, superwholock_by_reapersun-d5cg…)

I'm pretty sure Superwholock just refers to the fact that Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock all got pretty popular on tumblr around the same time, so fans tended to make a ton of fanart such as pic related. The fact that the shows all starred attractive men is probably the main catalyst for the "phenomenon".

No. 57159

Also, this kind of fandom-merging is not surprising, seeing as Tumblr users tend to consist of "shallow" fans, in that they care very much about aesthetics and characters but not much about lore or the workings of the series world. It makes sense that tumblrinas would combines shows based on the idea of attractive males interacting, rather than the worlds or series mechanics interacting.

No. 57160

is it bad I recognized the pic was from reapersun before I read the file name? damn Gaia days.

anyways, yeah. As someone who was a superwholocker in the hayday (though not a spergy one), it was mainly because all three shows were popular and had relatively attractive actors at the forefront.

No. 57162

They also have very loose canon and can easily fit in fanworks and fan speculation/fanon without it breaking the suspension of disbelief too badly. Doctor who and supernatural more so than Sherlock are also really badly written, so even things like OP Mary Sue self inserts aren't too far-fetched. I think they also know their userbase quite well, so are very careful never to outright deny certain ships etc. that are popular.

Speaking of doctor who actually, I've never understood how not-British, and particularly American people like it? It's kind of accepted here that it's a campy show that's supposed to be bad, and the whole nation enjoys it as a nostalgia irony thing. Without that cultural context, it's just a badly written show with appalling special effects.

No. 57166

Honestly, I tried to watch supernatural because everyone was so hype about it. Maybe because of that hype I just didn't see the value. Could be that I was just expected more than it was but I blame tumblr regardless.

I do find it funny that everyone dropped doctor who when they got an old dude to play the new doc. Kek knew they were in it for the actors and not the show itself.

No. 57168

>shows based on the idea of attractive males interacting,

I feel a little like a heretic because I don't think that's too bad in itself. I enjoy stuff for shallow reasons too (mainly shipping), so I can't really fault tumblr for that. Though what I find aggravating is they try to pass themselves off as the "truest" fan in the universe, shit on anyone else who doesn't know small irrelevant details or memes (that most likely they only care for shallow reasons, like the "purple shirt of sex" or something dumb like that). I wish tumblr was ready to just accept how shallow it is and get its head out of its ass.

No. 57172

Eh, crossovers were a thing before tumblr and there were a bunch of shallower fans on LJ–I think there's just more of an audience on tumblr or perhaps they just seem more in-your-face annoying about it.

No. 57173

rick and morty
somehow that show is deserving of critical sexuality and gender analysis. I've only seen it a few times though so maybe Im missing something.

No. 57174

So many fandoms have been ruined by the same fucking arguments being rehashed over and over again, the prime example of this being the south park fandom.

I've been in the fandom for 4 years now, and the same arguments get tossed around over and over again. "Kyman is problematic!" "Style fans are boring to Kyman fans!"

The thing is, all of that instantly goes away when we have any actual fandom drama or when the season is airing. Half the time it just seems like these guys pick fights out of a lack of anything else to do.

Also, the whole sjw infiltration is pretty terrible. The "prettier" character's flaws are tossed aside so that they can become ugu qt boishota's and the uglier characters aren't even given a shot at redemption.

I don't know why so many sjw's are into south park anyways. Do they even watch the show? Or do they just look for screenshots of Tweek and Craig holding hands?

No. 57176

All tumblr fandoms do is focus on shipping anyways, regardless of whether the series has any romance at all.
It's honestly annoying

No. 57178

File: 1452222319806.jpg (19.62 KB, 300x332, vampire_hunter___felicia_chara…)

tumblr doesnt gravitate to fight games. why do yall think that is?

No. 57182

I was there. It's because of the gay. It's always because of the gay.

No. 57190

I had no idea that so many sjws were into South Park. That seems so bizarre–you'd think they'd find the show too problematic.


No. 57194

I'm happy they don't. I can imagine them ruining Cammy by making her trans or some shit.

No. 57196

File: 1452225739254.jpg (156.01 KB, 1280x720, 1456175146479759944.0.0.jpg)

It might be that fighting games are pretty inclusive in terms of POC (the new Street Fighter character who's Brazilian for example was very well welcomed; her boobs are ridiculous but other then that she looks to kick much ass otherwise) even if in the past portrayals of various ethnicities were very much less then PC.

It's also probably harder to project onto characters when fighting games aren't generally very heavy on plot.

No. 57198

eh they typically reserve trans for hyper feminine characters like bayonetta or maybe sailor moon
>It's also probably harder to project onto characters when fighting games aren't generally very heavy on plot

good point

No. 57207

File: 1452228247281.jpg (982.09 KB, 1767x2500, bridget-acc.jpg)

Yeah it's kind of strange, especially since there's Bridget. Bridget could be their fucking mascot.

No. 57208

They probably don't know about Bridget. A lot of people don't know about Bridget actually… it's fun to tell them sometimes tho.

No. 57237

File: 1452255788717.png (794.91 KB, 1008x1320, street_fighter_bishoujo_poison…)

What about Poison. Canonically, she's a post op transexual (or newhalf, in Japan terms) and also hot as hell, like, she would be the poster child if tumblr were to give a fuck about games. Thank good they don't give a fuck about vidya. Poison has been my main for years now, I don't want them to ruin her any further, the fandom itself is pretty obnoxious already.

No. 57257

>poison is canonically a post op transexual

I don't play street fighter but that explains the awful lot of futanari porn i saw on her…..

No. 57258

File: 1452275041065.png (2.79 MB, 2096x4469, latest.png)

also what about erica from catherine? she's cute and canon trans. these people don't even try to research.

No. 57261

I've seen people say she's an example of transphobia in video games because her childhood friends jokes with her about her not being able to become a professional wrestler because of her being trans or something. Just because of a tiny dialogue. I didn't play the game because I don't have the right console for it but I liked her from the playtrhough I watched, she was fun.

No. 57263

>Sam is in boy
No, but Toby was.

No. 57301

What ruined Poison for me personally were all the basic bitches who cosplayed her because she's easy to do, well-known and attractive. I always wonder if they even know she's a post-op transgender.

No. 57331

I fucking love bridget, please make tumblr stay away

No. 57332

My hypothesis is that there's actual learning involved with fighting games. Accurate inputs, timing, and combos aren't intuitive, you have to learn how to do those. Tumblrinas aren't going to put the time and effort into learning one game when they could play easy to play games instead.

The fgc is also highly competitive and social (tournaments, playing online, etc.) and Tumblrinas wouldn't be able to handle it because muh social anxiety.

For anyone worried about their mains, don't worry. Tumblr is too lazy and anti-social to invade the fgc.

No. 57336

Oh and adding onto my previous post, fighting games aren't "Tumblr popular" so no one would get popular overnight by drawing fan art of fighting game characters vs. say Undertale fan art.

I'm so scared of the day Tumblr gets their claws on fighting games because my 2 of my mains are possibly sjw-headcanon worthy. (Poison, muh trans babe uwu and Amane Nishiki, muh pre-HRT trans woman eggplant baby)

No. 57338


They could invade, if fgc was a mainstream genre, thus a worthy target.

Compare to Mass Effect and Fallout - poking FPS/RPG wasp nest this large is a sure way to attract all that sweet sweet /v/ legionfag nerd rage clicks.

This is not as much as intention to invade and ruin the genre, as simply picking suitable niches with good drama potential to be further capitalized on, IMO.

No. 57339

Ya, Poison having a dick is an overused meme in the fanbase. Weird how in Japan people make lees of a fuss over it, most just draw her with a pussy and call it a day.
Still, kind of funny when you know that one of her strongest specials is a nuclear nutshot.

No. 57355

>"According to the book All About Capcom Head to Head Fighting Games and Final Fight director Akira Nishitani, the characters were originally planned to be female, but were changed to "newhalfs" (a Japanese term for pre-op trans individuals) after the game's release,[8][9] due to the suggestion that "hitting women was considered rude" in America and the concern that feminist groups would sue."


No. 57356

i thought this also. and most people who are seriously into fight games practice with friends online who they know irl…not to mention though most fight game communities are all male that can be kind of eh…

No. 57357

fgc is also one of the few internet subcultures where black and white guys coexist, peacefuly, and most importantly in equal representation.

maybe that would be trampling on sacred cows.

No. 57365

This is true. White, black, latino/latina, and Asian players are more or less all treated equally and coexist.
Tumblr wouldn't be able to handle that.

Of course the fgc is still majority male but it's not that hard to find female players at tournaments.
The number of female players who go to sessions near me is growing and it's really nice to finally have some female fgc friends.

No. 57377

File: 1452310899201.jpg (85.82 KB, 620x780, rs-natsu-ayuhara.jpg)

>I can imagine them ruining Cammy by making her trans or some shit
I could see that happening to Natsu from Rival Schools if the series ever comes back.

No. 57380

>In early developments of Street Fighter X Tekken, footage was shown of Ryu and Chun-Li's win quotes to Poison (i.e. "Your looks really can be deceiving. I'll be careful not to fall into your trap" and "You're not very lady-like at all! I felt like I was fighting against a guy…" respectively). Other characters were later revealed to have quotes along the same lines, some even worse, including Kuma outright saying Poison smells like a man and doubting she's in any way a woman. Sometime after the footage was shown, a prominent LGBT rights group contacted Capcom about the dialog, stating that it was highly offensive, ignorant and insensitive towards trans individuals. Capcom agreed to change the quotes

(sorry if the wall of text doesn't greentext all the way)

No. 57383

God I hate how every masculine woman has to be a man now. Why can't girls be tough and commanding? Oh yeah, because women are pastel aesthetic anxiety-ridden fluffy flower crown babies, apparently.

No. 57385

Oh my god, platinum proof that they can never be happy with any outcome. They fear backlash from men hitting women, so they make her trans. Then they complain that the quotes are basically akin to slurs.

No. 57386

File: 1452312355425.png (3.66 MB, 2634x1791, 6GMr75j.png)

SNES version of Samus's power suit mechanics makes me yearn for more commanding and powerful women.

No. 57399


Men also have to be pastel, fluffy shy flower crown shota babies too now. uwu

No. 57507

I'm a fighting game geek and they do have a lot of plot going on but people just ignore it most of the time. The characters have elaborate backstories all the time, and they're explained in-depth in all the spinoff things. Street Fighter has multiple mangas, animes and movies made about the characters and Guilty Gear XRD had like a 5-hour visual novel-like anime movie that came with the game. But of course watching fighting game let's plays isn't as cool as watching something like undertale because most tumblrites don't even play the game themselves, they just watch someone else playing and commenting on it.

No. 57509

File: 1452367321025.jpg (296.42 KB, 833x1115, 2241822-ghost_in_the_shell_mot…)


Urghhh I fucking know.

Bring back powerful, intelligent 80's-90's power women pls.

Characters like Samus, Xena, Brienne, Motoko etc. give me such a lady boner.

No. 57564

why did they make poison a tranny? There are other female fighters in the series, wouldn't the same concern of a man hitting a woman apply to them too?

No. 57565

I believe her and Roxy were the only girls in the original, and they even ended up being replaced by male characters in America anyways.

No. 57566

What about Chun-li?
And in tekken there's tonnes of female fighters. Maybe namco doesn't care about it as much as capcom.

Admittedly, I'm not as familiar with street fighter as I am with tekken.

No. 57607

Final Fight is older than Street Fighter, also they didn't just changed Poison to accommodate American standards, on the concept art the designer had write down that he wanted Poison to be a newhalf and Roxy to be a regular woman to reflect the wide arrange of thugs and people you can see downtown, it's even written down in the original Japanese game manual that she's post op. Now, when the game reached America, they just didn't take it and redesigned both Roxy and Poison to be generic male punks because "hitting women is bad".
Oh, and street fighter got censored too when it came out, they gave Cammy leggings since nintendo of america through her magnificent almost bare ass was too much for the kids to handle at the arcade.

No. 58034

I about lost it when they made Buttercup a transman. heaven forbid we have a bossy, no-nonsense female character.

No. 58042

Oh no, please. Don't remind me of that damn comic.
You know what I hate the most? That these shits say "its not a fetish, I just wanted to draw them as TRANS cuz representashium!" Then they draw a pin up of a boy in girly underwear or a girl binding her chest on inappropriate poses, then they proceed to sperg on the tags "omfg look at muh trans babyboo using his binder isn't he the cutest???????? "
Damn you tumblr, damn your hypocritical bullshit.

No. 58049

Very few people story mode though. People play fighting games to… well, fight and play with other people.
I'll admit that I have literally no idea what the lore behind Soul Calibur, Blazblue, and Guilty Gear are despite playing all 3 since I was a kid.
Street Fighter is a little easier to keep track of since each story is really personal to the character.
Tekken and King of Fighters both have really simple plots since the goal is just to win the tournament and then other story elements get tied into that.

Ugh don't even get me started on R. Mika's ass slap getting removed from SFV. I actually loved it since it's such an R. Mika thing to do. Capcom shouldn't have taken it out.

No. 58079

>most tumblrites don't even play the game themselves, they just watch someone else playing and commenting on it.

This is another thing that also inflates my balls about tumblrites. How from out of 3 times 2 and a half they won't play the fucking game they are talking about.

I have an irrational anger against let's plays and let's players because of this. Why the fuck would you care about a videogame if you are not going to play it?? I can understand sometimes you can't afford the game yet you want to know what's the fuss about, but I feel they got a lot of people into videogames who wouldn't care about them otherwise. And shouldn't care either. I dunno, I feel the last years' shitstorms involving videogames have been really influenced by this kind of thing.

No. 58082

So Wikipedia is wrong?

No. 58084

Nope, just incomplete.
I'm just telling stuff that came out after years of reading interviews, commentaries and bullshit from the designers.

No. 58085

Let's plays are good if you want to see if a game is worth your money or not, too. I try not to watch too many of them because I find it frustrating to watch a game I want to play even though I know I won't be able to play until a very long time (my best example is Bayonetta, I'd love to play it but I don't have any of the consoles for it yet). Sometimes I watch playthroughs of gaes I already played just to listen to somebody's comments on them, I almost always play things by myself now.

I agree with you on the shitstorms about video games these days. It really feels like the people complaining about sexism or the lack of representation of minorities in video games don't actually play video games or don't know shit about gamers/fanbases. In the West there are gamers of all age, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation but these people don't give a shit and try to make video games look like an evil hobby because they only sort of know one or two series.

No. 58086

File: 1452430723209.gif (1.98 MB, 480x360, 45f871429e06bb42ec5651008e993e…)

>R. Mika's ass slap getting removed from SF
Don't even mention it. I'm still crying.
My beautiful Mika…

No. 58105

Tumblr haven't ~ruined~ it, because it wasn't great to start with, but I have BPD and I hate that it's a Tumblr trend right now. I'm not some attention seeking dickbag who uses my disorder as an excuse to be a total jerk.

No. 58169

There are a few Let's Players that I love because I'm a gamer already, and they can be very informative regarding games I like and also get me interested in games I've never played. What I do hate is when people watch Let's Players purely because they think they're attractive and then consider themselves "gamers" afterward.

No. 58172

File: 1452450480155.jpg (87.72 KB, 389x750, tumblr_nmu2qyiUIz1th30hxo1_500…)

Do you mean this one? IIRC the guy who drew it is pretty chill and wasn't trying to force his trans Buttercup on anyone, that was just the way he wanted to interpret it. I was more bothered by the way he drew Bubbles as chubby lol. Fighting crime is a pretty good workout, I imagine.

No. 58178

My brother was ranting about this a while ago but I didn't really get the details, why are they censoring that?

No. 58182

Never mind I googled it.

No. 58196

I don't know much about the series, but the comic tells me this:
>wow, character used to play with cars and trains and likes to be a bit more rough and teasing others? And they grow up to like video games?? SURELY they must be trans, no way an ordinary cis girl would ever be this way, uggggh.

No. 58203

Yeah the stereotypes piss me off. Dolls and reading are for girls, and cars and video games are for boys. Obviously.

No. 58207

File: 1452454718250.jpg (32.02 KB, 600x600, 1452451356589.jpg)

Tumbr is ruining magical girls. I fucking hate how they take every single magical girl show and make it all about themselves, shove their terrible OCs in it and rage about their fave "being totally trans!!!1"

The Sailor Moon fandom is a mess. In order to get any attention or approval, you need to draw Usagi as a fat PoC disabled genderqueer autistic sparkling princess in a hijab, there are constant battles over the Senshis' sexuality ("they're all gay because duh, why else would the girls socially interact with each other?!?!!?!??!") and gender ("Makoto is trans for x bullshit reason!!!") and it basically attracts every kind of SJW.
Joke is, Sailor Moon is kinda progressive especially for it's time, and there are canonical gay/genderfluid/poc people but noooo, not progressive enough until you draw them all as 400 pounds morbidly obese red-nosed spaghetti limb figures.

Similar for the Madoka fandom (friendlly reminder that they tried to edit one character's gender to "trans" on the Wiki until the page had to be closed), and all the "OMG teh abusive friendshipppp ;___;" bullcrap is almost as bad as the constant gay/gender arguments.

Don't even get me started on any OCs.

And of course every tumblrina claims to have some special connections to magical girls; it's basically their spirit animal and they're sooo in love!! because they watched an episode of Doremi in the 90's. But since magical girls are "in" everyone tries to hop n the bandwaggon, from SJW to shitty (SJW) artists.
>yes, I'm mad
>pic related, from the ElleJay thread

No. 58220

I thought SJWs didn't even know Magical Doremi exists. And you'd think they'd hate Madoka because of some interview with its creators saying they're primary audience was supposed to be adult men among other things, I saw a lot of posts some years ago about how the Western fandom on tumblr was pissed that they had a completely different interpretation of the show compared to the creators'.

No. 58237

They've been infesting the Tokyo Mew Mew fandom lately too with transfatPOC bs.

No. 58279

File: 1452470517320.png (105.9 KB, 500x500, tumblr_ns7p32g6y81uagt16o1_500…)

yeah I feel this
Buttercup was always my favorite, ever since I was a kid but for some reason according to tumblr because she's a tomboy, she HAS to be a transman there's no way she could grow up as a regular woman like her sisters. And it's always buttercup too, it's never blossom or bubbles (they always make bubbles fat too for some reason)

No. 58301

Seconding this. Having been a Sailor Moon fan since the 90's I'm appalled at all the tumblrinas who make hijab wearing fat ugly translesbian Usagis and decide that all the girls are lesbians because they act like normal teenage girls and that Makoto is totally transgenderfluid because she's a tomboy uwu. The way they completely ignore the other characters makes me doubt if they have ever even watched the anime or read the manga. I never see anyone mention Fisheye (a canon trans), Kunzite/Zoisite, Fiore or pretty much anything else than Haruka and Michiru. And even Haruka has to be a transman even though she was inspired by the takarazuka revue.

God, NO. Not TMM..

No. 58324

Tumblr ruined Pixiv for me. Maybe it's not entirely tumblr's fault, but I just hate browsing for fanart of certain series and half the results are really bad illustrations from western artists with that certain tumblr style to their work. It's kind of funny that at this point I follow more Japanese artists on tumblr and twitter accounts compared to using pixiv anymore.

No. 58363

File: 1452479030148.jpg (64.46 KB, 497x750, haruka.jpg)

Haruka is definitely not trans. She's probably just an average woman, but if anything, Haruka could be interpreted as genderfluid/nonbinary. In the manga at least (my memory of the anime is more hazy) Haruka is publicly known as a male racecar driver and also at times wants to be seen as male, at least in the case of first meeting Usagi and intentionally keeping her sex a mystery for a while, though of course that could just be because she feels it's easier to flirt with Usagi that way. Also, at one point Neptune explains that Uranus has "the strengths of both genders." Obviously none of that actually means Haruka isn't really just a woman who chooses to masquerade as male when it can gain her something, but if Tumblrinas wanted to see special gender crap in the series, they could just look to Haruka without making any shit up about her being trans or other characters being shit they aren't.

It's just another case of Tumblrinas having a shitty grasp on the series they claim to like and preferring to pull things out of their asses rather than use what's much more tangible already existing within series.

No. 58465

Naoko says Haruka is a woman, is a lesbian and is a senshi. It doesn't matter what anyone outside of the creator thinks. Tumblerinas can shove it.

No. 58468

File: 1452488611525.jpg (39.73 KB, 374x386, 1435152306122.jpg)

>wasn't trying to force his trans Buttercup on anyone, that was just the way he wanted to interpret it.

literally for what purpose

No. 58470

people love to pretend Harukas look wasn't popular in the 90's…just watch the fresh prince or something you'll see plenty of women wearing those boxy-ish pantsuits with short hair. My mom wore the same shit and there was no GENDERFLUIDITY/GENDERQUEER whatever about it. its just clothes.

No. 58477

IIRC he's a trans man himself and he acted like/idolized Buttercup growing up, so he just likes seeing Buttercup as a "kindred spirit" of sorts. Idk I guess it's better than people going "OMG [insert character] IS TRANS AND IF YOU DON'T AGREE YOU'RE TRANSPHOBIC!!]

No. 58479

Sounds like a fakeboi

No. 58483

cute and bubbly = fat according to tumblr artists. also see humanized pinkie pie.

No. 58484

Lol I don't understand that logic at all. All the fat people I know are the opposite of cute and bubbly. Probably because their ankles hurt.

No. 58497

I get that Pinkie Pie does a lot of baking but she also constantly runs around constantly and jumps incredibly high and fast. But we all know 400lb girls who can jump up and down rapidly with total ease and unlimited energy right?

No. 58555

File: 1452516757427.png (1.02 MB, 1069x1038, why is it always zakuro.png)

No. 58556

tumblr is just enforcing the stereotypes they want to destroy. If you're boyish you're a transman (no woman could enjoy masculine things after all), if you're cute and bubbly you're a fatty (can't be happy if you're skinny!), if you're nerdy you're a lamppost (nerds don't exercise!!!).

No. 58566

Funny enough my brother is my best friend. We are very close in age, so were(and still are) close when we were kids. My bother would play with my doll/have tea parties with me and I would play video games/play cops/go lizard hunting with him. Now in our twenties my brother had tea parties with his daughter and I'm a pro-gamer. We aren't trans, but with the way tumblr reinforces gender-roles then we totally should be trans.

No. 58576

>POC Zakuro
what the fuck about her implies that she's brown she's as pale as a ghost and has a japanese name

No. 58592

You do know what POC means right? She'd fall under the POC just for being Asian. Kinda like how there were Japs in the Black Panther party. Weird I know.

No. 58596

The easiest way to filter out bad Pixiv art work is to stick to the {seriesname}1000users入り type tags.
E.g ラブライブ!1000users入り or セーラームーン500users入り

Either that or buy premium and sort by popularity.

No. 58599

Japanese aren't poc enough for most tumblrinas.

No. 58602

For some reason that made me laugh.

I think I need to stay off tumblr. Someone of the blogs there look like they could have been written from some Heaven's Gate survivor. I wonder how long before we can classify tumblr as a cult. It fits like most of the criteria at this point. Makes me want to do an official cult checklist.

No. 58609

>dat happy trail
Nooo, not Zakuro!

It is really annoying how Tumblr can't accept a character as is, unless they are fat, hairy, trans, or tan with an ugly man face. Probably projecting.

And Tumblr artists are talentless hacks that all draw in this same hideous big-nosed art style for some reason.

No. 58615

And they never even like or support the characters that are PoC/trans/lesbian/ugly/fat. They take the prettiest white characters and turn them into fat ugly PoC translesbians.

No. 58624

File: 1452530006636.png (450.63 KB, 905x800, tumblr_nzkkfb2v1U1ti8oupo1_540…)


No. 58626

Tbh I watch Let's players for horror games because I'm too scared to play it myself. I've almost broken stuff before from getting scared.

The ones that confuse me are for storyline games where there is social choices. Like The walking dead game or Life is strange.

No. 58631

W-what they did to zakuro….

They always draw the same because they are not talented enough to learn how to make a proper realistic face without drawing in some hideous cartoon shit style that not even nowadays cartoonists use anymore.

Ironically, they can learn all the bullshit colouring techniques and all the sai brushes you want, but take that from them, give them a pencil and a piece of paper and they can't do shit.

Holy shit they invaded pixiv too?? I've haven't been there for a while since I left I think the last fandom I used pixiv for (ironically, because a tumblrina infested my favorite tag with her shit and I thought it wasn't worth of browsering anymore). … Don't they see the japs couldn't care less about their horrible sytle??

No. 58635

But it is already a cult that moves through a mass-like mentality… If a post has shiton of notes it means whatever it says it's true because most of people say it. That shit is pandering to the most influenciable and gullible minds. I don't think young teens (or teens in general) should be there because of that.

Btw, take my advice and use tumblr only when there is literally nothing else to use. And also having in mind all the people there always moves the same, thinks the same and watches the same that is what is a trend in tumblr. I've seen people there who were supposed to be anti-tumblrinas/sjws yet ended up watching the same shows as them and doing the same shit.

No. 58636

Same, I love horror but horror games are too much for me to play without having to sleep with the lights and the TV on for the next two weeks. I like watching other people play them so walkthrough videos are a nice option.

However the tumblrinas who never play games instead of just watching let's plays can all go suck a cock.

No. 58639

File: 1452533476470.png (424.59 KB, 1280x736, tumblr_nxng72eE921qe8we7o1_128…)

The sad thing is, tis isn't even the worst of the worst yet. It's only the beginning.
Pic related (which is still one of the tamest beach pics around).

No. 58640

File: 1452533635594.png (106.63 KB, 217x239, screenshot_01731.png)

why this

No. 58642

File: 1452533795634.png (114.31 KB, 270x275, 1447966479527.png)

>the obese midget usagi
>the huge ass tranny tier makoto
>>>>>Rei's armpit hair

No. 58645

Oh my fuck I didn't even realize what this was until you mentioned Usagi. Fucking hilarious she looks like an autistic potato.

No. 58647

File: 1452534415812.gif (21.06 KB, 149x516, Manga-Makoto-Kino-Sailor-Jupit…)

Zakuro is a famous model, why would she be the one to have dark skin… JS that is extremely unlikely in Japan given their beauty standards. Purin is already naturally tan so why not just leave it at that.

Jesus Christ what is this? I didn't even know what series this was supposed to be until seeing Usagi's hair. Ami's body looks like something out of a horror film.
Minako and Usagi are supposed to be practically twins. Why is Usagi a deathfat dwarf and Minako looks like she powerlifts daily? And Makoto is an insult to her true character which is a strong fighter yet extremely feminine young girl.

No. 58661

File: 1452539100415.gif (83.41 KB, 245x200, internalscreaming.gif)

Someone I despise reblogged a bunch of fat Usagi pics with the caption:

"I've never watched the anime or anything but I see on here she's always talking about how she's fat so i think it's good to see her drawn like this uwu"

Like please stop. You realize that Sailor Moon was a manga before it was an anime, right? And that the artist's style was to draw girls with long, pale limbs? And that Usagi wasn't actually fat because she FUCKING SAVED THE GODDAMN UNIVERSE EVERY OTHER FUCKING DAY GOD DAMMIT

I hate tumblr so fucking much.

No. 58663

It's shit like this that makes me wish the 80s fitness craze would come back.

No. 58665

makota was supposed to be pretty insecure about her height/strength. drawing her in some kind of sporty bikini hefting watermelons just makes it seem like the artist never even researched the fucking series…

No. 58667

I wouldve thought Rei would be the strong one. I perceived her as more curvaceous than that damn

No. 58669

buttercup looks like little mac in this, christ.

No. 58672

plus every other fucking teenage girl always complains about being fat even when they're not.

No. 58673

Honestly I don't mind if people don't play video games and only watch LPs. Maybe they don't have the consoles or equipment or PC specs for the games they want to play, or maybe they like having games in the background as they do other things…i don't care. Just DON'T call yourself a gamer! I see girls do this sometimes – they just watch LPs and say they're a gamer. You wouldn't call yourself a singer just because you like listening to music, would you?

No. 58687

of course the fatty is being bought food by an attractive guy.
Every tumblrina's wet dream.

No. 58688

well you know anon, Rei is Japanese, and everyone knows all japanese women have shapeless 12 yr old boy bodies.

I love how tumblr's desperate attempts at being as inclusive as possible almost, everytime, reinforces the racist/gender stereotypes.

No. 58690

File: 1452548089495.png (57.5 KB, 219x166, 2aglycx.png)

The guy looks like a Moon Over June character.

No. 58691

The manga depicted her as a lazy teenage girl who loved food and vidya, and the anime did even more so. I wouldn't mind her being drawn a little chubby, it would fit the canon. As much as I love Sailor Moon, just because Naoko Takeuchi can't draw more than one generic body type doesn't mean there should only be the canon of a 14 year old with boobs and the body of a fully grown adult.

But of course, tumblr can't draw anything under 200 pounds because muh represantation!!!!11

Haha yes because who'd want an unattractive guy?!?!!? Eeeew, am I right?

No. 58692

yeah the artist's style is shit, but she obv tried to portray him as a good-looking guy.

No. 58704

Well that's alright, I mean you obviously have your reasons for thinking that way because you've see the manga and watched the anime. I agree with you in a lot of ways.

But what pisses me off is people who haven't watched/read SM at all, but are forcing obese land whale versions of her everywhere they can just because they've seen a few screenshots on dumblr of her saying she was fat. Fuck this world, tbh.

No. 58725

Notice practically all rhetoric on race on tumblr basically is about US blacks in the end. For all the talk on POC being all nonwhites, I've slowly noticed latinos start to be called "honorary whites" by blacks on tumblr and East Asia is started to get shit on. Dare I say it, nonblacks being included in the POC banner only happens if they want to include a few more easy-to-score points in whatever arguments they're making.

I only say all of this because it freaks me out how Americo-centric all of this is, and trying to force it on other countries in the world, most of which are by definition singular-nation-states, seems like it will end in disaster for the USA.

No. 58733

tbh I think it's usually blacks, SE Asians and people of middle easterner decent that usually post in POC tag. Also, a lot of the whites in tumblr tag their personal stuff as white passing, so both sides do it just in different ways.

No. 58734

That's so annoying! Their art sucks and sticks out like a sore thumb, even next to shitty art by Japanese people, and they don't even try to use the language through Google translate. It's so rude. Every JP artist I've seen on majority English-speaking websites at least have an apology somewhere for needing machine translation to communicate.

No. 58739

Tbh it just seems that more people outside the USA are just being subjected to our dirty laundry, fam. I agree with you that most of the race-related talk on tumblr is black America centric. I think this just shows a high proportion of tumblr's visible userbase is American and that America's still having issues with race relations. Tumblr has been an easy, semi-anon place for likeminded individuals to converse without fear of actual racist dickheads. While annoying to fans and passersby, I'm glad that tumblr provides a place to let off steam for the people who need that. I think most SJWs grow out of it when they eventually come across an argument that doesn't make sense to them and they're turned on by their former comrades.

No. 58748

Don't be fucking ridiculous.

No. 58760

kek. but jeeze the way she's seated like a dog or something with her mouth open for food - that looked more degrading than cute

No. 58881


tumblr could never ruin them - what makes you say that

No. 58893

I once had a discussion with a girl on tumblr who was 19. As soon as she found out I had a job (didn't even tell her my age) she posted on her wall "omg I'm being bullied by a literal adult"
wtf? It's not because she is too much of a lazy shit, people of 19 can't get jobs.
And even then, 19 = adult

No. 58903

I had a job since i was 17. Albeit part time, but still a job. What does that make me?
Certainly not an adult sorry.

No. 58913

Mourning one of my music idols, David Bowie. Fuck tumblrinas trying to say he was a goddamn pedo.

No. 58919

and they're trying to say he's a racist too from an out of context quote? he was married to fucking IMAN for over 20 years.

No. 58950

Are you serious? I might not be a David Bowie fan, but this is just disrespectful. I beat none of these kids even know who he was.

No. 58961

People who are taking advantage of a celebrity death for attention, pretending they were huge fans of David Bowie, are just as bad as the fuckers that are using the tragedy as an opportunity to find reasons to shame a successful white man simply for being successful and white.

No. 58964

No. 59109

The Wiccan Religious. My Religion is a Fucking joke Now.

No. 59112

How have they ridiculed your religion?

No. 59115

no they're not and saying stuff like "yeah I really liked David Bowie" or just posting something on your facebook wall about it isn't pretending to be a huge fan for attention. It's just respect.
Or are you mad you're not a unique snowflake who's his sole fan? Almost everyone loved this guy, what do you expect?

No. 59116

>implying the Wiccan religion was ever not a joke

No. 59120

This is so legit.

Stop projecting.

No. 59130

Sorry I wasn't clear. I actually made a post elsewhere defending supposed "band-wagoners", saying that just because someone doesn't talk about something 24/7 doesn't mean it doesn't affect them, either now or in their past. What I meant were specific instances of people saying things like "the candle of my life has been blown out knowing that [x] has died, I have loved [x] for years" despite having not known about/actively trashed on that same person. And I was kind of exaggerating. The ones shaming David Bowie are definitely worse.

No. 59131

oh I'm sorry, I didn't realise you're obviously the one and only David Bowie fan

this I do agree with

No. 59166

>still projecting

No. 59190


Also this brings back memories of when I was in primary school and me and my friends would "LARP" as TMM characters. I was always Lettuce and every time we always had to transform and attack whoever was the enemy (and by that I mean they pretend to be hurt).

No. 59214

File: 1452710387037.png (1.27 MB, 1155x1920, why.png)

Haha my friends did that with W.I.T.C.H. in elementary school.

No. 59218

Shit man, me and my prepubescent friends did that too. I would always fluctuate between Cornelia and Hay Lin (Cornelia because she was so pretty and Hay Lin because I wanted air powers).
We were REALLY into it.

No. 59219

File: 1452712472372.jpg (77.38 KB, 500x364, goku_ssj_sad_dbz.jpg)

>tfw born 1991 so kids in my era roleplayed Dragonball Z
>too many kids wanted to play, not enough characters to go around
>I had to play being Dragonball V or some shit
>had to go behind a tree and curl up into a ball and wait for kid Goku and kid Krillin to come find me, pick me up and put me in a pile with the other ball kids

No. 59222

>Haha yes because who'd want an unattractive guy?!?!!?

this shit is so true though and it just epitomizes why neckbeards and leg beards are the opposite sides of the same coin

>i'm a wonderful gentleman m'lady, i don't have to work out like all those chads and anyone who doesn't like my fat greasy, real man self, is a whore!
>also don't be fat, i only want the most prim and proper woman to make my sandwiches!

>i'm totes not liek the other girls! fuck those bitches and whores, i'm a beautiful curvy full figured woman!
>i don't have to work out! HAES! i also don't wear makeup or dresses cause fuck gender stereotypes if you don't accept me you're just part of the fatshaming cishet patriarchy!
>i only want a super sexy guy, no gross misogynistic nerds, make you a sandwich i'll make you a sub lol literally! xD

both are just equally cringy as hell, yet they think everyone else is.

No. 59229

this picture just ruined my childhood, thanks

No. 59233

Vintage clothing.

Now everything is fuck expensive and shit, and people mutilate old pieces of cloth for "vintage art projects"

Thanks, tumblr and steampunk fuckers

No. 59408

File: 1452785173263.png (112.64 KB, 703x909, oh my god just fuck offfff.png)


Went through a shipping tag and it's being spammed with posts like these.

This never happened back in my day, what the hell is happening with this entitled attitude?

No. 59409

This is why I wish fandom would go back to using journal sites like LJ.

Back in the day every ship had their own (usually locked) community, where everyone was free to discuss and write whatever they wanted.

Now the ship tags on Tumblr are full of tween fandom police, and theres no way to kick them out so if you ship something "problematic" well sucks to be you cause your ship tag will be spammed with gore, hate, everything really.

Funny how they don't care much about "triggering" when the victims are shippers of EreRi or FriskSans or Reylo.

No. 59418

File: 1452789214402.jpg (62.42 KB, 640x668, 1452735792707.jpg)

Saw this little gem today.

No. 59419

I wish her mom was a lesbian.

No. 59424


That's Kylo Ren and Rey, correct? Do…do people get hate for that? Really?

No. 59425

It's like you've forgotten LJ Strikethrough 2007–arguably the reason fandoms have mostly abadoned LJ at this point and become scattered. I was in the Harry Potter fandom at the time and it was godawful: so many authors and artists' accounts deleted for "CP," so many communities lost and works deleted.

On another note, in response to the post you ss: I have no idea how old Frisk is supposed to be or which fandom this is for, but part of this argument is fundamentally flawed: it assumes the artists are pedos viewing the kids through an adult gaze. As someone who was going through puberty when HP made it big, I was a young teen viewing the characters and ships from the younger person's eyes… maybe that's the case in tgis fandom, too. Saying all shippers are pedos is a bit extreme.

No. 59431

Yep, apparently its "abusive" and "rapey" and "incest" (even though nobody knows whether they're even related or not)
I know LJ isnt perfect by any means, but I do think locked communities are the answer to many of these problems. A lot of kink memes are on Dreamwidth now, maybe that could be a solution?

No. 59432

Fun fact, a lot of these women are completely straight, and they "struggle" with their attraction to men the same way repressed gay people struggle with their sexuality.

No. 59434

so what if it was pedo, anyway? Its wrong to fuck children, not be attracted to children. Loli and shota besides /ss/ wigs me out, but I dont think its somehow like actual bloody child abuse.
I want to learn to draw and make a manga where I make a 5 year old and a 25 year old bang and write in it:

No. 59440

What could be an alternative to both tumblr and LJ? I never used livejournal myself but I lurked a lot back when my English wasn't good enough to post anything, but locked communities seem much more fun than posting something in the tags and only have people react by insulting you because of some shipping war or whatever.

No. 59445

File: 1452801802542.jpg (73.86 KB, 540x720, tumblr_o0nepsVz1J1uzijspo1_540…)

I'm happy to say that South Park doesn't get to much PC shit in the tags, but I have been noticing (and not with just SP) the trend to make clearly WHITE characters black/tan. People would get all pissy if you made a brown character white so why fuck with that shit. Im sick of tumblrtards diversing everything.

Pic related I thought it was fucking Token for a sec dressed as Craig.

As much as I love all three shows, and have been watching from the beginning, the fandom on Tumblr can be pure batshit. It's really fucking hard finding sane people to talk about them without wanting to talk about their ship from the show or some other dumb shit.

No. 59446

File: 1452801832551.png (202.81 KB, 540x712, tumblr_o0bnvhmwm91txbmtpo1_540…)

No. 59448

calm the fuck down.

No. 59452

ugh, this artstyle looks pure tumblr.

No. 59453

lol, this dumb cunt. She's trying so hard to be gay but really isn't gay. The worst kind of person. You are either gay or not. You can't force yourself to be gay just like you can't force yourself to be heterosexual.

No. 59454

I'm not upset. The sage wasn't like an insult or a 'This is shit! Grr!!!' thing, and the all caps is just how Id imagine it being written in a disclaimer page in the comic.

No. 59479

I think most people ended up at Dreamwidth or InsaneJournal following the Strikethrough exodus. The problem with locked communities is gaining and keeping momentum.

Sounds odd. I have no reason to disbelieve you, but this seems very strange–how did you come by this "fact"?

I can't think of anything, really. They are very different platforms–what kind of platform are you envisioning?

No. 59520

Ech, I hate this shit. They're even harrasing fanfic writers because "omg this content is totes pedophilia/abuse/rape/extortion eww how dare you take so much time writing something i don't like u filthy sick fuck i'll report uuu!!" It's fucking unbearable. Some even pick a story without reading it just to bitch and moan to the author about the tags they use and go nuclear. "How dare you write rape/non-con on this don't you realize it's a serious issue???? There's like, minors in this page???" On a fucking fanfic community… With a completely functional tag and filther system.

No. 59521

Some people are so embarrassing. Don't they have anything better to crusade against?

No. 59527

Lol, I got for shit for telling a minor not to send anything to my ask. I was speaking to a friend and we were doing the reblog + notes thing and they got offended by a conversation that had nothing to do with them. Didn't know telling some kid to not speak while the adults are talking would be so triggering. How do these kids make it through the day.

No. 59530

"You have to think of the imaginary children!

No. 59546

It really is a stupid argument. Honestly, most of the time children aren't even written like actual children in media. Writers seem to have a hard time with it,so you either see them acting more like adults are way younger then what they are supposed to be. But even then, they are still fictional. I can see it being a tad bit creepy if you wrote fanfic based on a way young character in a live action series, and even way over the line to draw porn of said actress.
But when you're discussing this sort of matter over a character that is literally pixels, that's when it is ridiculous.

No. 59574

Ironically, the stories they so critique and shit on, are better written than their shitty call out comments and have a lot more of depth and sometimes the plot of the fanfics is more complex than the original series, also some are really long and with a decent amount of followers. They don't give a shit about the stuff the bitch about, most of the time they're just fucking jealous, it happens the same with fanartist "omg how daaare this shitty animu fanart have so many notes while my drawing of trans Steven universe has just one!!?? I'll accuse them of drawing CP, they're going to regret it"

No. 59585

Preaching to the choir.

I enjoy reading fanfiction. As you say, many stories are incredibly complex and beautiful. Sometimes these stories deal with difficult issues, like a character grappling with betrayal and dealing with the aftermath of being raped. I don't particularly look for stories with noncon, but I have discovered that I like my beloved characters to suffer terribly before they perhaps get their happy ending. I like fics which make me cry; they're cathartic. That's partially why I find the idea of blanket bans of certain literature to be repugnant; who are they to judge something based on a tag?

Even if a rape scene is just for titillation, is it really hurting anyone? Maybe if it was a how to guide on kidnapping, raping, and murdering children I would support it not being easily shared far and wide, but that's probably not the case for most noncon-warning fic.

No. 59586

Honestly, I'm slowly going back into my super weeb phase since tumblr ruined everything. I don't know why, but now I'm back to being a little more carefree and over enthusiastic about things. It's actually really fun! I was heavily into tumblr during the superwholock phase, and I felt so negative all the time. I still like those shows, but I just enjoy them with my friends and family instead of underage weirdos. It's a sad day when 4chan and its derivatives are more positive places that the supposedly "inclusive" tumblr.

The only decent fandom on tumblr is the Shall We Date fandom, tbh.

No. 59587

>Even if a rape scene is just for titillation, is it really hurting anyone?

I find this a little weird, since tumblr is fine with alternative sexual orientations so I figured they should also be against kinkshaming. You'd think they would know that fiction and real life are 2 different things, instead it's like they're literally going back to the whole sex policing thing they're fighting against. Next thing you know, creating and consuming pornography will go back to being a crime.

>but now I'm back to being a little more carefree and over enthusiastic about things.

Spoilsport here, I'm jealous. Sounds fun!

No. 59589

It's great, I'd highly recommend it. Jamming out to anime ops in the car, drawing fanart, watching mid-2000s anime, collecting merch…it's so good. I never had friends in the first place so might as well have fun!

No. 59600

Ugh anon, I wish I had a friend like you. I miss being a weeb, I ended yo giving it up and hiding it because anyone else into it was a nucleur mess from tumblr. Nobody could just be a chill weeb who also acted as a decent and functioning human being with a job, social skills et c

Mid to late 2000s Fandoms were the best. Maybe I have nostalgia goggles but it seemed like Fandom wank was an outlier, not the norm.

No. 59619

I really, really like noncon and aftermath tragedy stories if they are written well. Sadly, you have to sift through so many badly written shit to get to the good stuff. I don't mind it since it's fiction, even if words can be powerful.

No. 59620

They really don't. Even if I don't like certain doujins and comics, I'd rather just not read it. I'd rather these idiots use their time to help real victims of rape/abuse and leave fanfic writers and doujin artists alone. jfc.

No. 59621

Anon, if you were in the northern east coast of US, i'd totally be your friend. I have no shame about hanging up my old anime wall scrolls in my bedroom.

No. 59628

>I really, really like noncon

Shit, me too. Dubcon and (some) noncon is my shit

No. 59629

I'm in the northwest, unfortunately!

No. 59642

This is where I miss having a large active fandom the most: all the rec lists! Doesn't help that some huge archives have been deleted, too. So it goes.

I'm actually rather fortunate since snarry is one of my favorite ships–it's always attracted an older crowd and a generally higher average writing ability–less shit to shift through.

Dubcon are some of my favorites, too.

No. 59651


>snarry is one of my favorite ships–it's always attracted an older crowd

Hm, yeah. Wannabe pedophiles.

No. 59653

You're gross. It's attracted a lot of women sexually attracted to Severus Snape/Alan Rickman.

No. 59656

>This is where I miss having a large active fandom the most: all the rec lists! Doesn't help that some huge archives have been deleted, too.

Not into HP myself but I've seen that happen a lot on fanfiction.org, I wish people would transition to AO3 already

No. 59660

I said an alternative to tumblr and LJ because of how fandoms are/were important on these website, not because of their features. Communities on LJ seemed to work pretty well, and it's hard to start any sort of discussions on tumblr, so maybe there are other websites that are sort of popular with fandoms and make discussions easier, and with less SJWs obviously. I don't know if I'm making sense here.

No. 59662

Holy shit, this happened to me. I was talking to a friend about something I saw on twitter and since she has many followers and rebblogged the post I mentioned her on, they started rebblogging it by their own and kidnapped our conversation. They took it completely out of context, and the funny thing is that I didn't even tag it to avoid precisely that. Lucky enough it didn't went viral and the notes stopped soon. Tumblr is just so obnoxious to use.

No. 59664

File: 1452874877770.jpg (47.89 KB, 500x534, c71a6cf7bf4657a8cbca619c215f7f…)

Star Wars

No. 59665

Wouldn't be surprised if the point of the new messaging feature is to avoid that kind of things.

No. 59701

Aaand there we go again…

No. 59735

I never used LJ back then, it was too intimate for me

No. 59738


god i fucking hated her back in the gaiaonline days

No. 59749

AO3 is vastly superior to FF.net–I have no clue why some people are hanging onto that site. That said, the lists on the latter site tend to be of dubious quality. I really enjoyed rec lists like those of painless_j, who had rec lists subdivided by categories and others who maintained meticulous themed rec lists.

I'm sorry, anon–this is one thing I am nostalgiaing hardcore.

You're making sense. I misunderstood you; thanks for the clarification.

I have no idea what alternate site may be good, but I am generally encouraged that others miss discussing their interests in longer, ongoing conversations.

No. 59760

Slightly OT but omg why am I seeing tumblr tags on AO3. I soon as I see tags like that I avoid the story.

No. 59776

Old habits die hard maybe. Regarding AO3 tags though, I don't even mind the tumblr-tier shit, I just hate how there is no limits to the relationships tag. FF did it right by limiting it to two

No. 59779

But what about threesomes, foursomes, and moresomes?

No. 59791

I dunno, but more and more fics I've been trying to find have shit like "*transBrendonUrie" and "omgitssocuteicanteven" as tags and I want to kill myself. fucking hell…

No. 59809

Why are bandoms so creepy? There was a blog dedicated to trans bandom headcanons and a Tumblr tag for trans k-pop stars headcanons. The trans POC disabled headcanons were bad enough in regular fandoms, but these are real people ffs.

No. 59811

Seriously. I'm really into Arctic Monkeys/The Last Shadow Puppets and Alex and Miles are constantly getting shipped by tumblr fans. I mean, the two of them are kinda touchy-feely but when people write straight up pornographic fanfic about them, it's just gross.

No. 59826

I know this is an old post, but Natsu was my main. Fuck yes, I loved her!!

Rival schools is still a game I play with friends every now and again. Bless the ps1.

No. 59827

This breaks my hear that Nintendo basically RUINED Samus; the only strong female character they ever had. I will break out Super Metroid and just sigh and play it in the way Samus' games should be.

No. 59828

Perhaps because they're real life people with actual feelings and relationships? I know I'd be super wigged out if I came across written stories about me fucking my best friends, siblings, and/or coworkers. It's creepy. On the trend to portray real life people as trans: can you imagine coming across literature describing your personal relationship with your body and gender? Skin crawling!

No. 59836

>people who write about real life musicians being trans because tee-hee

fucking WHY

No. 59860

They probably feel entitled to their lives. No caring that there are real people.

No. 59928

I don't completely throw away FF.net because 1) in my mother language, which happens to have quite astrong presence in fanfiction, AO3 just hasn't such an strong presence as ff.net had in its days 2) some of my ships and old fandoms have a lot of more material there than in AO3 and 3) for what >>59760 mentions. Tumblr shit has somewhat a presence on AO3 and ff.net is a way of avoiding them.

No. 59936

Is it as bad as projecting any other characteristics on a musician tho? People frequently do it

No. 59949

Holy shit you don't know how bad it is. I'm very into the "bandom" scene so to say, have been since I was a teen in 2006, and it's so fucking bad. People will get angry at you and call you transphobic if you say that Gerard Way isn't trans (apparently because he said he had gender issues in the past and he likes feminine things it makes him trans). The whole thing is fucking nuts, back in 06 it was just about talking about your bandom husbando and waiting for new music, but now everyone is obsessed with trans and mental illness "head canons". I fucking hate it.

No. 59958

Yeah. It's all very weird to me. I personally don't think people should write fanfiction about real people. It the equivalent of writing about a friend or professor who do they think they would react upon seeing it? Probaby negatively, so should it be different just because they're famous.

No. 59961

Because they get off to girldicks and boipussies obviously, they don't give a fuck about anything else.

No. 59969


FF.net was the first one I signed up to back in 2005 and yeah, it's dying out. AO3 IS taking out.

I do wish there was a site where authors could make money off their stories tho

No. 59970


Agreed mid 2000s fandoms were the BEST

then it changed when 2010 came

No. 59971

I was watching Jeremy Kyle this morning Brit-fags and I shit you not it was about Bi gender people.

This ep

It just screams tumblr. Not against what the girls doing but isn't Bi gender just drag? Like choosing to be a guy or girl one day then meh the next? It just seems like drag to me.

"Genderfluid" was even brought it and I even said "tumblr" aloud

No. 59973

>I do wish there was a site where authors could make money off their stories tho

Fanfics authors making money off it? Ohoho, that's copyright hell

No. 59977


50 shades is a rewritten fanfic of twillight and look how much that made

that's all fanfic writers need to do in order to make money off their shit, change the names and obvious details, and voila, you have a bestselling romance

No. 59980

I agree. I know anon was just making a wish, but all I heard was, "All fanfiction has been officially outlawed and DMCA requests have caused all fanfiction archives to go black."

That said, I wish I could've tipped a few authors back in the day. There were a few stories which were soul crushingly good and I would've liked to have paid the author for a bit of their time.

No. 59983

The best fanfics are so perfectly integrated into their source material's universe that this is difficult to do. I think it's much easier with shit like Master of the Universe.

No. 59993

I know it's possible to donate to artists on a website called patreon, I have no idea if fanfic writers could received donations the same way.

No. 60015

No. 60019

>jeremy kyle show
that show is for chavs

No. 60050

This. Every fandom has those one or two top-tier fics that everyone knows by title alone. I actually love fans who love something so much and also write well on top of that. Man, I miss the early to mid 2000s era of fanfiction. 2008/2009 is kind when it all died for me.

No. 60090


Now on Ao3 every character is genderfluid or deminisexual

and I just cringe

No. 60106

>Every fandom has those one or two top-tier fics that everyone knows by title alone
I don't think my fandom has this. Or at least if it does, I don't see what's so well written about them. I've read anonymous fill on kink memes that are much better than the long running ones known by everyone.

No. 60127

I miss anonymous fic memes. I don't see them as often anymore, and the few that exist rarely get fills and ban a lot of topics because of Tumblr's moral crusade.

No. 60130

Are kink memes hosted on tumblr nowadays? If it's LJ I don't really see why would a russian website give a shit about Tumblr's moral crusade.

No. 60137

That sounds so sad. Is your fandom relatively new or obscure?

No. 60139

Mostly on Dreamwidth. Site admins aren't doing anything, it's the kink meme mods forbidding prompts with sensitive subjects like noncon or underage, because liking a 17 year old character that in no way acts like or resembles a child is apparently a horrible act of pedophilia.

No. 60141

How is it sad? My fandom is pretty old. I just don't find the popular fanfictions to be any good at all while there's a couple of titleless kink meme fills that are dear to my heart.

That is stupid. But even before the whole social justice thing got big in LJ scanlation circles you had to be friends with and answer ridiculous questionnaires about BL doujin scanlators in order to get access to their material. Even then if you dare share it elsewhere you bet your ass you'll never get anything from any of them again. I think it has just as much to with power tripping and pettiness as it does with social justice.

No. 60189

I think it's the complete opposite, sometimes the fanfics who receive the less attention are fucking supreme. All my bookmarks and favorites are full of them hidden gems. You see, I've read popular fanfics that are just lots of fanservice or smut, have more that 30 chapter and the plot is bullshit. Like, so completely vain and simple yet everyone seems to love them and call them "masterpieces". And on the other hand I've read fanfics that are complex, funny, the characters are on point and just hnngh but barely have any recognition because it just isn't appealing to the fangirls who just want two characters to fuck each other and don't want to read more than three paragraphs.

No. 60206

File: 1453059388024.jpg (94.05 KB, 570x352, main2.jpg)

Yuri. Genderbending and making certain characters trans. I think the one that pissed me off the most was SP, the headcannons were so stupid.

No. 60208

Trying so hard to be progressive that it becomes conservative. LOL

No. 60212

Their fucking lesbians. Why did they feel the need the genderbend or make them trans. Just so they can enjoy it? Just because they want a girldick doesn't mean everyone does.

No. 60232

Ugh, I remember the power tripping BL scanlators. It got so ridiculous when they shut everything behind seven locks and you'd basically have to sell your soul to them to get an access and god forbid if you ever did as much as used a panel somewhere. I understand that it takes time to translate shit but geez, if you don't want to share it with the fandom, why bother doing it in the first place? It's just as ridiculous as those scanlation groups who ragequit and delete everything they've scanlated because someone else started translating the same series.

But to stay on topic the SJW rules are pretty much the same type of powertripping. They rarely think it's actually pedophilia or "problematic", they just want to be in control and abuse their power to feel important.

No. 60234


I get so tired of always seeing smut in fanfics. I actually prefer fluff but it's like you can't have a good fanfic without fucking. There NEEDs to be fucking.

No. 60236

B-but Anon!!! If you don't get off to girldicks then ur transphobic and the tumblr police may come to your house at night to molest you!!1!

No. 60237

Ironically, BL/gl fangirls like to preach "eww, het pairings are so gross like, its all about sex and nothing else, my gays are better"

No. 60244

I wish there were more fanfics with non-descriptive lewd scenes. I don't mind them mentioning it happens, I just don't need a 2 chapter long description on how thick the dick is.

No. 60247

I'm the opposite. I lve good smut stories that are detailed. My problem is the ones that are aimed to be non-binary. Their confusing and pretty much a waste of time. Those are the ones that should just cutout the smut.
He put his member in their hole

She inserted her fingers in their entrance.
When I want to read yoai/yuri/hetro I want details. I might be the minority here…

Also wtf is with the pegging in fanfic I've been seeing. Maybe it's just me, but are that many people into that? Ugh.

No. 60270

I don't mind smut in fics, but I like a lead up to it and it should be well written. I actually enjoy when the two characters are fleshed out instead of jumping into bed with each other because reasons. badly written sex scenes leave the worst taste in my mouth.

I do believe there is a place for PWPs though for people who just want to write sex and get off.

No. 60271

Kink memes on LJ were the best, esp in 2009 and 2010. Fuck, I miss those communities. I've read some amazing fics in responses to strange requests.

No. 60283

>I've read popular fanfics that are just lots of fanservice or smut, have more that 30 chapter and the plot is bullshit
>>60106 here and these are my sentiments exactly. I basically next any fanfic with more than 8 chapters because you know the story is just going to keep getting worse and worse because the writers never plan ahead.

No. 60315

I thought people found het pairings to be gross because they're het, not because of sex?

No. 60320

It's so annoying. These are the same assholes that write SI/RI with the same gay ass characters. Take Guts x Griffith fans of this pairing will overlook all the shit Griffith has done (I'm super salty about him raping Casca) and even overlook that Guts x Casca is canon. If you question them jfc do they resort to acting like kids.
I used to write Guts x Casca fanfiction all the times but I would get flamed a lot by Guts x Griffith shippers. I put the pairing in the summary, so they knew what it was. I don't get the point on leaving a stupid hate review just because you hate the pairing.

No. 60324

I thank the stars my pairing is the most popular in my fandom and that my fandom isn't nearly as toxic as yours.

No. 60343

You're lucky. I'm to the point that I wish they'd kill Casca off…you know you've reached rock bottom when you want your favorite character to die just so people would leave her alone.

No. 60396

Some of my favorite fics are from kink memes. People were truly allowed to be free there.

At least my favorite fandom still has an active kink meme.

No. 60417

Remember in 2004-2007 when self harm in fanfics was trendy?

No. 60434

Which is ironic because the majority of published BL will have sex scenes. finding a BL series with decent art/plot that doesn't just feel like an excuse to see two guys fucking is nearly impossible.

No. 60437

Funny, I've had your same experience, but as a Guts x Griffith shipper (with Guts x Caska shitlords flaming). Tumblrinas hate Griffith because blah blah he's problematic and a rapist blah blah (eh, there was a discussion about Berserk in another thread and there were made interesting points on his behavior) and Guts is too manly to be homo blah blah. I stfu when people ship Guts and Caska (even if I don't like them together they're canon, and I don't give a fuck about what people ship anyway), but if someone chimps out when I reblog Guts x Griffith doujinshi and starts raging I disintegrate the fuck out of them, because GxG is canon too (even if not really in a physical way unlike GxC) and I won't care about their childish triggers if they can't even understand what they're reading. Yeah, Berserk fandom is the shit

No. 60439

I on the other hand love smut and graphic kinky sex scenes in BL but it's always written in a really tame way while avoiding icky words like "penis". Shitty sex is worse than no sex.

No. 60441

I'm sorry that happened to you. I wish people would learn that you don't have to be an ass just because someone ships something different than you. Personally, I hate Griffith because of what he did to Casca. She's my favorite character so of course I feel some type of what towards him. That being said I wouldn't harass someone that likes him or ships Guts x Griffith it literally doesn't effect me, so spend time seething over a pairing. They should just spend time fawning over their OTP. I miss the old hate the ship don't hate the shipper meme.

No. 60444

I'd like the fandom 1000x times better if they were all as chill as you

No. 60475

Dangan Ronpa. There's a lot of fictionkin in the fandom for some strange reason, and the "Chihiro is trans uwu" bullshit is STILL going on in 2016. (Check the Chihiro Fujisaki tag on Tumblr, it's a fucking trainwreck.) Since the third game, the new anime, and the Steam releases are supposed to come out this year, I fear it'll only get worse…

Also, Neko Atsume. Somehow, SJWs have managed to push their headcanon bullshit on a mobile game about cats.

No. 60485

What's with the big red nose trend? Everyone looks like they've got a raging sinus infection. Everyone is just copying the same ugly style.

I'm glad that most of the games I like are too old and/or obscure to get ruined by tumblr. At least I hope they won't be.

No. 60519

It's awful when you're a fan of a series or a pairing that has few fics, find some, get excited and then realize they were all written by the same fucking author who always writes one of the characters as trans or nonbinary or some other shit. It's always the more flamboyant/feminine characters, too.

>Forever bitter about Terence/Vanilla Ice and Shuu/Tohri fics with retarded pronouns and/or anatomy that shouldn't be there

At least the stupidity hasn't spread to Pixiv

No. 60545

File: 1453166904608.jpg (109.33 KB, 1280x960, OH FUCK NO.jpg)

>>60475 >>60485
I'm just gonna leave this here for you.

No. 60577

>Neko Atsume headcanons
w-what? please post an example, anon. I haven't seen this yet.

No. 60579

It's been around for a few years, at first it was people on deviantart copying the nazi fanartist Phobs (who IIRC doesn't even draw like this anymore) and it evolved from there

No. 60585

Wait… Was Phobs really that relevant? I discovered her less than a year ago, and I had no idea she influenced tumblrtards that much.

No. 60586

File: 1453174120875.png (276.31 KB, 564x660, 2016-01-18 22_27_00-(99 ) expe…)

The blog made a big deal out of it, too.

No. 60655

What's sad is that, despite Chihiro himself saying that he's male, the "chihiro is trans uwu" bullshit still goes on to this day.

No. 60665

This looks like one of those joke blogs that make fun of genders.

Remember that whole thing about a Japanese trans woman saying that Chihiro is a male and then Tumblr ran her off saying that she's wrong?
Tumblr tries so hard to be a kind space where everyone is accepted uwu but really they're super backwards and have no problem talking over people to enforce their headcanons.

No. 60703

They don't care what actual Japanese people have to say about their own media. If one trans person says they think a character is trans that's enough "evidence" for them, even if other trans people don't share the same opinion. Just like how trans people that disagree with the Tumblr view of gender are considered self-hating and brainwashed by the evil cissies.

No. 60706

They tried this. The only problem is that the creators explicitly state Bridget doesn't want to be female. zoomingames didn't get that memo though.

No. 60707

This is so fucking annoying. If they want trans characters they should just improve their skills. Then make a story with trans characters instead of trying to commander others work. Like for fucks sake people do some damn work of your own. Can't the keep their shitty "fan" art in their safe space. They clearly aren't fans because if they were they wouldn't go against the creators wishes.

No. 60735

File: 1453211353480.png (2.35 MB, 1536x1152, photo-original.png)

The tumblr fandom of this comic is so fucking stupid.

At one point the artist uploaded a drawing of one of the character's (who is a minor in the comic but was aged up in the picture) in a somewhat sexual pose and tumblr lost their fucking shit. They went on this huge witch hunt, called the artist a pedophile and had her deviantart suspended, all because "THE PICTURE MADE THE MINORS IN THE FANDOM FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE!!2!!1"

Even though the comic is rated M so minors aren't even suppose to be reading it in the first place.

No. 60737

Ah deviantart another waste of space.
These kids are infuriating.
>don't talk to me if you're an adult
>goes on an adults page
>check archive since they're into the same fandom
>omg triggered
>harrasses said adult
>adult either ignores or makes snarky comment
>kid gets butthurt and makes dumbass call out post
>adult is harassed by more kids that don't bother checking the facts

These kids are so damn entilted. Wasn't there someone who was doxxed and they retaliatedbaby getting the cops involved or something. Does anyone remember that?

No. 60738

File: 1453212739930.png (490.77 KB, 500x647, tumblr_inline_nm2z962XU91qmd5d…)


I just looked it up and this is the piece apparently?
It doesn't look sexual at all though, I don't understand…

No. 60740

I guess it as due to her breast? I think the cloth is suppose to thin as it outlines her nipples…? It just looks darker there as the rest of the bodice is a consistent color aside from those two spots.

No. 60741

File: 1453213413254.jpg (92.18 KB, 636x834, dolce_vita_by_retrofashionista…)

The piece I'm referring to is this one but the one you posted got shit on as well because of the sheer fabric.

Also, lots of people have called it abelist because the characters use words like dumb and crazy.

No. 60742

I guess it's because her nipples are kinda showing through the bodice. But this is what I fucking hate about Tumblr, people are actually restricting a creator's rights to their own creation. Nobody's obligated to change their creation to fit an audience if they don't want to. To add to it, it's rated fucking M so what the hell? The way tumblrinas also twist and turn characters someone else created all around to fit their own headcanons and throw a psychotic fit when the creator ruins them also shows how they have zero respect for other people or their efforts.

No. 60746

I always feel so bad for the creators when their work blows up on tumblr. It's pretty much going to go downhill.

No. 60748


Hang on, I thought SJW Tumblrites were pro-free the nipple? wtf the hypocrisy is palpable.

No. 60787

is her hand supposed to be backwards?

No. 60798

Oh my god, I remember that, even the SJW I used to follow at the time and who used to say that "people who think that Chihiro is a transgirl just want representation, leave them be you bigot uwuwu" were shocked that she was driven off tumblr after being bullied so harshly by other SJW weebs.

No. 60807

Most tumblt DR "fans" have probably never actually played the entire game.

No. 60809

Of course not, at most they're the ones who made SA more of cesspool than it already was, the dangan ronpa tl thread got invaded by "how dare you use" He/his" for chihiro when she is canon trans bby uwu shitlords like you should die… Now keep translating the game for my shitposting…"

No. 60813

I remember this one post that said "people denying that Chihiro is trans when the oficial art be like >proceeds to show all instances of Chihiro with girl's clothing during the original hope's peak Academy semesters… You know, those two years in game when nobody knew he was a boy yet so he keep up the act

No. 60966

why would anyone think she's trans.

No. 60980

cause he wears dresses and dresses are for ~giiiiiiirls~

>friendly reminder that clothes have no gender!

>also friendly reminder that if a boy wear a dress/skirt "she's" trans

No. 62043

I once found a Dangan Ronpa fanfic for an unpopular ship that looked amazing from the summary, but then I looked at the tags, and it said "trans girl Chihiro", so I didn't even bother.

No. 62257

Im thinking a combo of exactly what you just said, and that they seem to like pulling shit out of thin air rather than going with whats already spelled out.

No. 62272

tumblr ruined many genres of music.

No. 62425

I guess I never went looking for anything music-related on tumblr. What did they ruin for you?

No. 62609

Three words: Dragon Age fandom.
The amount of sjws and dumblrinas in there is shocking. Even the "artists" are lolcows (like liocommanders or mmthemayoarts), pretentious and crazy.
Tumblr really was a mistake.

No. 62611

Anyone that insists on Chihiro being trans is really just outing themselves as someone who doesn't actually care about the game or the characters.

No. 62631

What's good with these people is that they're very vocal about it, so it's easier to find who I should block. They don't post very interesting things in the first place and spam the tags anyway.

No. 64455

I actually like both Guts and Casca and Guts and Griffith, but it pisses me off how many people will run to defend Griffith's actions about him raping Casca and mind breaking her, as well as murdering his entire army of friends. You can't even deny Guts x Casca isn't canon since it's basically printed in black and white in the manga and anime. I swear newfans(movie only fans) are the ones spewing this garbage mainly.

No. 64456

I just wish Miura would do her character justice. She was one of the strongest female characters in the series and he basically ruined her for Guts' storyline. I hate it.

No. 64460

Damn, this art is actually nice though. I hope the artists keeps going and ignores the children/sjws.

No. 64462

This. this. this. Chihiro's entire character is based on him being too scared to stand up for himself, so he hid away in a female persona. It's such a big difference than being trans, but like many said, these assholes never played the games.

No. 64472

File: 1453936524632.jpg (84.36 KB, 700x349, pic.jpg)

What would you call galaxy themes, chunky shoes, dyed hair, sometimes shiny tight fabrics, and the whole kind of "tumblr aesthetic"/hipster style before it was even called that? The closest I can think of is it was a little vaporwave (don't know if that came before or after tumblr) and maybe a bit 80's inspired. Did it have a name before tumblr just claimed it for itself?

I'm really sad because I could grasp that style, maybe a milder version of it, long before tumblr ever hijacked it. You'd see it on CD covers and music artists would style themselves with it, and occasionally it'd show up in fashion. Was anyone else like that and wanting to experiment with something akin to the style, and now feel like they can't get near it?

No. 64481

I dunno what to call this. It's very harajuku madness that I see a lot in kera, fruits, etc. I love it to be honest and can be done right if you just look away from tumblr and follow more JP blogs, as well as doing makeup/hair that suits your look personally. I'd say go for it, anon. tumblr edgelords are easy to point out irl and if you aren't one, you'll be fine.

No. 64489

Closest thing I could think of is probably uchuu kei. /cgl/ has threads on it occassionally.

Not sure if that;swhat you're looking for, but based of what I've seen, uchuu is planetary/galaxy/alien/astro– inspired. I'm not going to provide pics because I don't want to choose the wrong one..You can search in the /cgl/ catalog/archives and see what you get though–

No. 64491

I think the photo in your post is supposed to be seapunk? If you search "seapunk" on Google images, you get similar things. The Wikipedia page for seapunk mentions celebrities wore this aesthetic before. It also mentions it originally came from Tumblr.

The other style you are talking about (platform shoes, galaxy prints, etc.) the closest I can think of to it is 2011/2012 nu grunge, which is like a hipster trendy version of the 90's grunge style. I remember lots of people on Lookbook.nu dressing like that. A lot of those girls had blogs too.

idk, both styles were pretty Tumblr-centric to begin with. I wouldn't let the association to Tumblr stop you from experimenting with fashion, though.

No. 64495

Its just 90's fashion with new tumblr names and shit.

No. 64497

Thank you all! It's really encouraging to hear that it should still be tried.

No. 64499

I wish people would stop drawing what they consider to be white characters as "poc" (especially if it's an anime character thats obviously not a foreigner. They'd be Japanese and according to tumblr, a poc if they went anywhere where the majority of the population is white).

I find it so fucking retarded to repeatedly make someone like Usagi a black character. Once or twice is ok, to see what she'd be like as another race, why the fuck not? But to then go and say shit like she should have been black or that you wish she was so lets constantly draw her this way? No.

Make more black characters then. Make awesome ones so they'll become popular and then you wont be able to get enough of them because they'll be available everywhere.

(lol it would be hilarious if then someone made their black characters native americans. They'd flip their shit even tho N.A. have the least representation/visibility of any ethnic group in the us.)

No. 64518

>kids think they're mature enough for M rated comic
>freak out when they see cartoon booby

No. 64917

So many teenagers were so proud of themselves because they strated to read and watch porn early on because of fanfiction.net, the kink memes on livejournal or pixiv some years ago, I can't believe teenagers now (not even the 12-14yo ones, like the ones who are nearly majors) act like seeing a 2d picture of a half naked woman is offensive and triggering. It's even easier nowadays to avoid seeing things like that.

No. 64923

Or that the artist who draws porn are "zomg exposing minors to porno! Thats so pedo so gross so immoral!"

No. 64941

What bothers me is even when there are black characters in things (comics/games/ect) they then want to speculate that they're trans. I saw the stupidest argument about Jacqui (and Cassie) being trans on tumblr. I've seen this happen multiple times with characters. It isn't enough that the have a POC (whatever race they are) they have to be POC + trans just to make tumblr have a representation.

No. 64961

I think changing a character's canon race, no matter what is really gross.

No. 64970

Yeah, I think the same. Like if you like a character what's the deal with their skin color? If they're cool why does the exterior matters?It could be like, trying to tell your best friend that they could be better with darker skin or whatever, it's just weird, and it's not like they can change it anyway .

No. 65015

File: 1454113964646.png (353.4 KB, 599x457, 0357.png)

Late to the party, but the most idiotic thing about the uproar over this image is that the main characters are all supposed to represent each of the deadly sins. This character's sin is lust. What the fuck were they expecting

No. 65029

I read that series a while ago but she fucked off for ages and now i'm disintrested in continuing. how does it have such a large fan base for not much actual plotline?

didn't know there was drama regarding it though.

No. 65557

File: 1454387018946.jpg (62.79 KB, 503x755, 6ba327e1-1680-4745-97aa-bc92cb…)

no idea where to put this, but since i found it on tumblr this seemed the best choice.

appearntly rowling is telling everyone that all the students at hogwarts have CIRCLE JERKS all the time. i grew up wanting so badly to go to hogwarts. but reading this, i'm glad i couldn't.

No. 65561

File: 1454387554814.gif (702.42 KB, 400x160, frodo-ultimatedigust.gif)

>no sex-ed because conservative
>conservative …. at a wizard school
>group jerk off sessions

Is this real? please fucking tell me this isn't real. I'm a huge HP fan and it was the better part of my teenage years, leading into early 20s and I cannot read this without wanting to cry. What the hell is JK doing to her fanbase?

No. 65562

that was my first reaction, too, was wanting to cry. it made me so deeply disappointed.

can you imagine being a kid and going to hogwarts for the first time, all excited to learn magic with friends. and then when you walk into your dorm everyone is all huddled together going at it with each other. i'd be traumatized. i'd want to go home that night, i wouldn't be able to sleep there i'd be so sick. what is wrong with rowling?!

No. 65563

and another thing, do teens actually do that? if they don't have sex ed at school, do they all just get together and go "well, we didn't have a sex ed class. guess we have to do THIS now." is it a british thing? is it even a thing anywhere?

No. 65565

Fake. Rowling is fucking up her own series but she's not that much of an idiot.

No. 65566

File: 1454388472149.jpg (100.23 KB, 500x285, VAeA885.jpg)

she sounds like this

No. 65570

File: 1454394578513.gif (4.84 MB, 512x288, 1TdHj1y.gif)

No. 65571

Just looked it up, seems shooped, nothing comes up about Rowling ever saying this

No. 65572

Fortunately this isn't true. It's a collegehumor joke post, she didn't actually say this. Thank fuck.

No. 65600


ya'll are so fucking retarded

No. 65602


>nobody understands a joke

Seems like the farmers have become the cows.

No. 65604

Maybe the farmers have always been the cows

No. 65610


No. 65722

No. 65724


a deathfat hairy trans PoC in fishnets and cock cage

No. 65753

Well, that's a relief.

No. 65767

Casca is not a strong female character, she's never been one. She knew how to fight, yes, but was a mediocre fighter (actually, looked like a damsel in distress many times). At first she was psychologically dependent on Griffith, she was obsessed, just wanted to please him and was always salty with Guts because "he was taking Griffith away from her". Then she started having better taste and choosed Guts as a love interest instead (but was still really attached to Griffith), Guts had to rescue her multiple times for the silliest reasons (standing on the top of a cliff ready to jump because "so tired"? Wat)… Now that I remember that, she was so annoying
(Sage for OT)

No. 70416

I HATE TUMBLR SO MUCH but a lot of my friends use it so Id like to clear some things up. I am genderfluid, I learned that term from youtube and google, and I REALLY hate all the association with tumblr and that word. Secondly, if youre just there for the porn and gore, and block all the hate blogs, it's not bad. My friends dont share all those stupid fucking tumblr opinions (Bernie Sanders, POC and fat everything, I have no fucking clue what queer-baiting is, uwu, social justice makes us laugh, classic memes are v nice, and our favourite shit is a as "problematic" as possible), and Id just like to say Tumble tries to act accepting, but as soon as you say youre genderfluid, or even that you ship this one thing, youll get hate, death threats, and literal children telling you what's right and wrong. (sorry I forgot my point)

No. 70426

>I am genderfluid, I learned that term from youtube and google
Stopped reading there.

You use the same bullshit terms. You categorize and self-diagnose yourself based on bullshit you read online. Your retardation is clearly as bad as Tumblrtards. Leave lolcow and never come back.

No. 70427


Now I can't even trash celebs without 15 yos screeching at me about "privilege"

No. 70429

File: 1455483036163.png (40.97 KB, 300x305, watertribe-avatar-is-sick-of-y…)

Legend of Korra
Shit's fucked.
but I still love it

No. 70433

File: 1455485677042.jpg (245.17 KB, 495x247, 1727d15e-7a01-4655-8f29-01ac98…)

>I am genderfluid
>classic memes are v nice
>our favourite shit is a as "problematic" as possible

No. 70435

File: 1455485730732.png (156.03 KB, 283x362, 1432480741734.png)



Just stop with the made up bullshit already. You're no better than the rest of them if you actually believe shit like that.

No. 70436

File: 1455485809013.png (602.57 KB, 833x767, thisbitch.png)

I know this could be bait, but it's too good.

No. 70457

Why are y'all responding to clear bait?

More on topic: I am seriously grateful that MS Gundam Wing's peak was pre-tumblr. It was bad enough how many people feminized Duo in fanworks back then just because he had long hair; I can only imagine how badly the trans brigade would be mangling him today.

No. 70462

Holy shit, GW was my introduction to slash fiction. I can't even begin to imagine how badly fans today would mangle it lol

No. 70463

Mine, too!

Tumblr would probably turn 2x4 into trans lesbian trash.

No. 70465

2x4 was my jam. I really don't care about what they'd do in the realm of fanfiction (after all, the pilots weren't gay and we slashed them anyway). I just get a migraine thinking about the weird trans demigirl demiboy agender headmate system thing…

No. 70476

I love fanfiction and am reading GW fics again for the first time in years. You make a fair point, but all it would take is an influential fan starting the trans train for the trickledown effect into other works to begin. Glad we dodged that bullet.

I was a boring 1x2 fangirl, but now that I'm older I really wish there were more well written 2x5 fics.

No. 70479

They ruined people's brain cells and turned them into zombies who can't seem to stop complaining about Tumblr.

No. 70483

Haha, I was guilty of neglecting Wufei. :(
1x2 wasn't my favorite, but it was the most popular, so I went with it. I wish 3x4 had been as popular. Such a sweet pairing.

No. 70487

I think that was 3x4's downfall–too sweet, not as much material for drama as 1x2. Recently I read a story with a friendship dynamic between Trowa and Duo that made me think that 2x3 could be interesting. I don't think I've ever seen that pairing before.

No. 70491

Hm, I don't remember seeing any 2x3. I'm a big fan of contrasts when it comes to slash (my OTPs are some variation of quiet guy/brash guy), so I'm surprised that it didn't even occur to me.

You're right that there wasn't nearly as much to explore with 3x4, but it's so sweet and makes me feel warm inside to this very day haha.

No. 70498

Hah, I did a search and found a bunch of 2x3 fics.
>Ask and ye shall receive.
Guess others weren't as oblivious as we to the appeal of this pairing.

Thanks for chatting with me about the GW fandom. It makes me nostalgic and it's been nice to reminisce.

No. 70502

Oh man that was my jam.
I was weird though I was one of those 13x5 ppl

Honestly hate to admit it but I used to be crazy about gravitation yami no matsuei and the like in my lj days

No. 70504

:') Likewise. Those were good days.

5 was always so ignored haha. And yep…I was one of those Gravitation people, too, though I dropped it once Murakami went off the deep end. Never got on the Yami no Matsuei train.

No. 70518

I always thought 13x5 was weird, but as an adult I can sort of see the appeal. I'd like to read a 13x5 fic one day.

Speaking of weird, I always thought the clearly deliniated seme/uke notation of the GW fandom to be rather odd. Guess I'm not too fussed with who's fucking whom as long as they're fucking each other. It seems a charming quirk in retrospect.

Even if tumblerites shat on the fandom, I would enjoy a resurgance in popularity if I could read more good 2x5x2, 2x5, 5x2, 2+5, 5+2, 2+5+2, or any other permutations on that theme fic.

I really enjoyed Gravitation's manga and anime, but never liked any fanworks I happened across back in the day. The series hasn't grabbed me enough for me to want to revisit it. Never got into YnM at all.

No. 70533

>I always thought the clearly deliniated seme/uke notation of the GW fandom to be rather odd

ngl, the seme/uke thing had serious implications on my understanding of sex as a tween/teen.

Seeing as how Murakami drew her own doujinshi (some of those remixes were downright wrong), I'm not sure the Gravitation fandom was in much need in that regard.

No. 88934

File: 1461909827780.jpg (335.66 KB, 900x1104, 900full-naoto-shirogane.jpg)

Honestly, tumblr ruined Persona 4 for me.

80% of the tumblrinas in the Persona fandom draw Naoto as a trans male so they literally missed the whole point of her character smh

No. 88941


I know how you feel, anon. I finished the game and was so excited to be able to participate in the fandom but I quickly realized it was a shit fandom. The whole Naoto thing and everyone mischaracterizing my waifu Yukiko got to be too much.

No. 88943

I had one follower send me an ask telling me to tag pictures where Naoto's chest isn't all flat or screenshots referring to her as "she" as it triggered them. I'm so glad I finally decided to delete my blog so I won't have them ruin P5 for me as well.

No. 88946

I run a guro blog and everytime I go on a search for new people to follow, I end up on blogs of underage, pansexual, demiromantic trans boys (they/them pronouns!) who also ALWAYS seem to be both otherkin and "neurodivergent". Guro/gore blogs are probably popular among this kind of crowd because the stuff can be seen as edgy, but man. I just want to look at pretty pictures without all the snowflake drama.

Also, being leftist in general. People seem to be forgetting more and more that normal left-wing people exist. Tumblr is completely ruining our reputation and it pisses me the fuck off. I'm a socialist, that doesn't mean I'm a green-haired fatty/feminist/transtrender, or pro trigger warnings or any bullshit like that. I'm a normal fucking person and I respect republicans as our adversaries and believe they have the right to be heard.

BBC Sherlock, too. I don't think I'm even going to have to explain this one. Both the fandom and the haters are equally disgusting.

No. 88949

We are the same person anon, I swear.
I miss when tumblr used to have decent edgy guro blogs that were pretty without being ott actual gore photos, but didn't sweat the small stuff. Now it seems completely random whether a cute guro themed illustration will hit it big or whether the artist will be attacked for glamorising self harm or abuse or something. Whatever happened to ignoring things you don't like?
I s2g I'm not a serial killer, so let me look at pretty pictures in peace!

No. 88950

A bit strange, but they've ruined universities for me, especially some of the more ~prestigious ones like Yale/Oxbridge. Too much SJWs trying to turn everything into an argument about feminism/LGBT and how oppressed they feel for being white chicks who got looked down upon once for having ugly dyed hair and shitty body mods. My university is, unfortunately, flooded with them.

No. 88955

It's a loud minority, which might be tolerable if it weren't for the fact that that loud minority believes they have the right to fuck your shit up for not marching in complete lockstep.

No. 88971

>Also, being leftist in general. People seem to be forgetting more and more that normal left-wing people exist. Tumblr is completely ruining our reputation and it pisses me the fuck off.

This is my main gripe. I filled out this questionnaire on this roommate finder site last night, and under political, I just put "centrist" because I couldn't bring myself to call myself "progressive - environmentalist - green" or "left-wing - liberal - social progressive", out of fear a potentially great roommate will see that and think I spend my free time bitching on tumblr about stupid shit.

No. 88974

Gawd, now you guys know what it's always been like to be even the slightest right of center.

No. 88978

File: 1461950074280.jpg (46.35 KB, 567x335, 1457557590566.jpg)

i'm not sure how to describe it, but a lot of the communities/fandoms i was involved in consisted of whateversexual/kin 'uwu' sjw snowflakes who loved to brag about being suicidal and always threatened to kill themselves when no one paid attention to them. it's not that they were glamorizing mental health issues and depression, but rather they just took it too lightly.
my mother was clinically depressed and had bipolar disorder and it took us years to figure it out, because she did NOT want people to know. but then tumblr flakes with the same disorders brag about how fucked up they are and how much they want to die? it makes no sense.
there was a seriously unhealthy group of people i associated with and being around them made me feel like shit, but they'd find a way to guilt you into sticking around. i made sure to avoid readmores like the plague.
i've been unlearning that attitude since i deleted my blog and cut them all off because tumblr also made me into an obnoxious sjw brat and i look back at the 5 years i spent on that site and cringe.

No. 88981

You can't be bipolar and depressed at the same time.

No. 88983

i used to have a tumblr back in 2010 and it was a great resource for finding new manga/untranslated titles that people were discussing and looking at, but as soon as this trend of using the site as a platform to advocate for incredibly effervescent political causes started to bleed over into fan translation and manga analysis i just had to fucking dip

i consider using the site every now and again because i know there's good blogs on there that put out good content/are a good resource, but i just cannot stomach the site anymore

No. 88984


i ended up getting followed by some guro blogs on my old tumblr because i posted some tokyo akazukin (which is great if you haven't read it) and i've always kind of been of the opinion that tumblr is just a really terrible platform for guro/other transgressive content, just because one of the things tumblr excels at is decontextualizing content and making any discussion of such content precautionary and reactive

No. 88987

They probably just meant that they found out their mothers depression was actually bipolar disorder. Some people with bipolar get misdiagnosed with depression because they mistake their mania for "normal" functioning and only report their depressive episodes

No. 88988

File: 1461957244114.png (601.4 KB, 1024x731, would_hustsuru_his_mustsuru.pn…)

Ugh, undertale has really caused a shitstorm with the whole Frisk thing, same with the skellys.

Osomatsu-san has been taking a lot of the tumblr shipping heat lately
I've visited multiple matsu-related blogs and almost all of them had "I DO NOT support Matsucest/please don't ask me why" or something similar written in their main description, hell even nsfw fujo artists who drew naked matsus had the same thing on their blogs. I thought that was really interesting, I mean I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but I'm under the suspicion that they're just really afraid of the backlash they might get if they did like it.

I'll never get why tumblr feels the need to attack or even threaten shippers over FICTIONAL characters
like, why is bullying artists/other fans on tumblr a thing?

No. 88989

File: 1461957451693.jpg (130.78 KB, 960x544, 1340015511729t5g0c.jpg)

If it makes you feel any better, most of the trans-naoto crowd have given up after they got BTFO by Persona 4 Golden. All the fetishy binder fanart on Tumblr can't deny these boobs.

No. 89012


Make a twitter and follow Asian artists instead, there's an abundance of amazing Love Live fanart out there. I get that we're shitting on tumblr here but it's really easy to avoid this kind of art.

No. 89013

I'll be honest, some of the younger idols in Cinderella Girls and their official art make me uncomfortable. Though it's less their outfits or whatever, I think they're cute as fuck, but I can't help but I can't shake the feeling that there's some guy in Japan jacking off to a bunch of fictional kids in cute outfits.

No. 89025

it's funny because it's actually a thing that naoto has the biggest tits out of all of them.

No. 89051

admittedly i don't browse tumblr so i don't know the climate, but i thought they would be anti-kinkshaming or w/e so more accepting of matsucest or whatever. and i mean, they're all cute

No. 89422

Nah, tumblr are the biggest prudes when it comes to kinks (except when it comes to fetishise trans headcanons and shit like that, then is "acceptable" because is "representation" and that is never wrong, let alone if they only get turned on by the idea of boys in panties and masculine looking girls, nah it's a-okay when we do it!)
Let alone if you're an artist, they'll even call you a pedophile, an abuser, an harasser, and make blogs about you and "your sins" just because you drew some porn featuring some fictional character who happen to be siblings.
Ironically there are tons of rp blogs (or kin blogs, whatever they're called now) that love to make long ass fanfics full of matsucest.
It really is a clusterfuck in that website.
I don't know why anyone would want to post their art there too, it's such a messy layout.

No. 89441

The most absurd part for me is they will present themselves as moral guardians and patron voices for victims of some sort of abuse in denouncing things that normal people would just wrinkle their nose at and call disgusting or stupid.

They can't call something out for being simply gross without having being self-serving. Instead of "sexualizing kids is bad" it's "You're perpetuating abuse and I'm helping victims by telling all my followers!"

I highly doubt people who create or consume undertale porn are neighborhood pedophiles. They were probably young people and teens raised to be accepting and liberal on sex like many of their detractors, so how is it a big surprise they fucking go on to create shotacest or whatever the flavor of the month is.

No. 89727

Being white lol(wrong thread)

No. 89853

I think I should move from there. I have friends that don't want to click on my blog because it is tumblr and they don't want to support tumblr in any way. I had no idea tumblr was terminal cancer when I made that account. I'm constantly afraid I'll post the wrong thing and get hundreds of hate notes for upsetting some safe space babbies. Or the classic "I'm a minor and you are making me uncomfortable".

Then get off the internet kid.

No. 89881

If you stay away from the circles that have those types of people, you should be fine. One of my side blogs has a decent following and I've only gotten 1 anonymous messages trying to tell me a post I made was somehow offensive. Just ignored it and nothing else came of it. The people who get mobbed are generally people who blog in or about that space itself. But if you can find a better site free of that worry it could be a good move anyway.

No. 89956

Anything popular has been ruined by them, in my opinion. Like that Love Live! Illustration where they changed the character design completely to POC and thin, tall, fat, curvy girls. I can tolerate genderbend, but why the fuck you should change everything else?? Love Live was set in Japanese with Japanese people in it, why ruin that??

No. 89974

love live was always shit

No. 90515

MY JOJOS ARE TRANS WHAT, it's been a long time since I entered into tumblr, just why.

No. 90544

I deleted tumblr a long time ago so I don't often get bothered by shit on there, but I am fucking mad at their trans/genderqueer/aromantic/asexual/etc etc bullshit constantly popping up in fanfic. Sometimes I'm halfway through a fic (in the m/m category) when I realize the male character has a fucking vagina, it drives me nuts. The other day I read a fic which was, for all intents and purposes, just a regular romantic pwp about two people desiring, having and enjoying sex. But oh wait, one of them is actually asexual, cue a tonne of comments about how great it is that the author understands asexual people can enjoy sex and want to do it and blah blah. What's the fucking point of writing asexual characters in pwp in the first place, let alone if you write them as normal sexual people?

Everything they do is for brownie points and whatever smug sense of self satisfaction they get when they write what tumblr likes. It's telling that they don't just dump anime and go write actual female or trans or whatever characters, they only want to write about cute male bishounen like everyone else.

No. 90569

File: 1462579147024.jpg (167.28 KB, 800x715, 52022665_p14.jpg)

>am reading GW fics again for the first time in years
Oh man, me too although I'm actually just decades late to the fandom. It's great that we don't have unfortunate trans headcanons for any of them but at the same time, I feel like older fic/fanart is too quick to make Duo bottom because of his hair. I don't think he's girly at all but people seemed much more inclined to write him as feminine and submissive. I think if GW got popular now it would be more balanced, people don't seem to get too caught up in the uke/seme thing.

Goddamn I really fucking love Duo though, long haired boys are the best.

No. 90572

One time I had found a fic where a canonly cis male had "ey" pronouns.

No. 90585

I'm glad a lot of my 1990s/early 2000s anime series haven't been ruined by tumblr. (Duo is best boy.)

Was never a Sailor moon fan, so I could care less what they do to it.

No. 90962

File: 1462753505474.png (357.88 KB, 1280x1920, tumblr_o0i7uwy6Cc1rra77go1_128…)

>fat trans Jotaro

No. 90970

I saw less people with "mental illnesses" in fandoms as well, now it seems wherever I go they've got a string of random mental disorders in their profile descriptions. I don't even know how it's relevant to fandoms.

No. 90976

I don't even like part 3 but damn, Jotaro doesn't deserve this shit. What the fuck.

No. 90986

File: 1462780357580.png (832.22 KB, 680x850, 84717b7a96c61aa9c9a34a56c26cec…)

The trans shit is bad enough but it's fucking blasphemy to turn a Jojo fat. Fucking hell, why are they even interested in a series that goes out of it's way to glorify attractive, masculine and/or modelesque bodies?

No. 90990

File: 1462787401090.jpg (173.32 KB, 972x1296, 15.jpg)

>lolcow getting this triggered by drawings in this and the bad art thread

No. 90992

Oh yeah, totally, Hmm-hmm.
Comedy Gold.
So anon, which trans headcanon is yours eh? Did ya get posted on the hideous art thread too? It must be tough.

No. 90993

Rise to the b8 m8.

No. 90999

File: 1462791525986.jpg (51.53 KB, 716x724, 1462478232406.jpg)

>I got nothing except for an ad hom attack
Time for some self reflection, retard. You and tumblr merely are two sides of the same coin

No. 91428

Are we not allowed to find bad art ugly anymore?
Not the anon you replied to, but if you can't see the difference between this thread and tumblr, you either don't go on tumblr or need to re-read the thread.

No. 91466

I'm sorry somebody made fun of your art, anon.

No. 91509

>you either don't go on tumblr
I don't. But I don't need to in order to see that you're getting triggered by pieces of drawings.

>waaaah, this shitty drawing ruined my shitty weeb fandom

Wow what a tragedy you drama queens. Tell me exactly how you're not upset so easily, exactly the thing you make fun of tumblrtards for?

Wow, another great comeback. You're so good at arguing. I've posted my art here: >>42722 Does that look anything close to tumblr?

No. 91524

personally I don't hate tumblr for overreacting. I think more people have a problem with the sjw stuff. We're not /r/tumblrinaction. I mean I'm sure if I scrolled up in this thread and looked through all the posts here I could find someone hating on tumblrinas for overreacting, but those people and the people flipping their shit over stupid trans fanart are not usually the same people.

No. 91568

goddamn this so much. i remember the first dragon age: it was fun. people had fun. now it's all about muh oppression, muh mage/elf rights, muh trans characters etc. etc. you literally cannot enjoy it anymore, it's seeped into the games themselves and moreover, if you dare even mention you have a character who is not a trans non-binary brown elf neurodivergent dragonkin , i hope your inbox is closed because lord help you

No. 91570

File: 1462978675737.jpg (25.36 KB, 480x360, fat-pic-Luna.jpg)

I don't get triggered by someone else's art. I'm more fascinated at how deeply some artists skew a character to suit their own vision that it barely resembles how the character looks in canon.

No. 91582

I personally avoid DA fandom as much as I can, I just follow two or three DA themed fb pages that behave in a very chill way and just post fanarts.
But there's this famous page, Dragon Age Hell, I had to run away because god admins are really sjw-y sjws, the cringiest type. You could see rants about muh elves oppression, admin that claimed to have ptsd and so "indentifies with Fenris", rants against people who uses mods, all on a daily basis. Plus they ban and delete comments like crazy, I got banned for simply stating a different opinion in a non-rude, non-sarcastic manner… then I understood why every single one in the comments section agrees with admins lmao. It's funny how sjws are always the naziest nazis of them all, but never allow these people to ruin your fun. Yeah Bioware panders a little, but the games are still enjoyable.

No. 91612

File: 1463001597360.jpg (76.66 KB, 820x764, 1462936366666.jpg)

You seem upset.

No. 91614

Feminism. Tumblr went too far with feminism.
Only radicals were highlighted over banal shit like the "bossy" campaign and "women in media."

Now if you're actually concerned about equality in reproductive issues, domestic violence, overseas violence against women, etc. you're automatically thrown into the gigantic garbage heap of feminazi swill.

No. 91646



No. 91647

The worst thing is the intersectionality.

If you want to be a feminist these days, you basically have to buy into the whole BLM, black victimhood, asian micro-aggressions and a plethora of other crap.

No. 91650

I mean, both black and Asian women are still women, so intersectionality does make sense and issues that affect women of those groups would be valid. Unless you're trying to imply feminism should only apply/cater to white women or something.

No. 91651

No, I'm "implying" that some old white couple asking you where you're originally from isn't a "feminist issue". Nor is attempting to gloss over the obvious issues both African American and Asian cultures have with women, and I mean, quite explicitly here, that their men are far worse than western men are and their cultures far more misogynistic.

I've noticed this is something Black and Asian women hate admitting, which I'm guessing is motivated more by ethnic pride than anything else - hardly "feminist".

No. 91652

Why exactly should white women care about black and asian women when these groups, at least within feminist circles, basically mock any white woman's complaints as "white tears"?

I've seen these sorts of people literally lay into a white girl who complained about the harassment she received in Latin America as "racism".

No. 91692

File: 1463021555727.png (145.17 KB, 359x330, 1452747202708.png)

You seem blown the fuck out. I'm sorry my post was so right on the money you have nothing to say to it except for "u-u mad!"

No. 91706

tbh they're all asshats.

No. 91732

What are you even talking about? You just brought up unrelated shit.
>the obvious issues both African American and Asian cultures have with women, and I mean, quite explicitly here, that their men are far worse than western men are and their cultures far more misogynistic.
This actually is a feminist issue, and fits into the category of interesectionality quite nicely. If you have a problem with instersectionality, then you would be fine with this being glossed over because you'd have no idea about it.

>loud minority acts retarded
>this justifies racism
No. I never mentioned any group "caring about" the other, either. It's just stupid and somewhat reprehensible to think a movement that is made with the female gender in mind should only be for one type of woman, or only address issues related to that group all because someone on the internet insulted you.

No. 95234


I mean the leading cause of hypothyroidism in later life is iodine deficiency, so you might be onto something there.

IIRC a lot of foodstuffs in the USA have iodine artificially added for this exact reason.

Definitely worth going to a doctor about though. Those are all the classic symptoms of endocrine illness.

No. 96704


No. 96739


No. 96744

don't take the bait, it'll bring another whole delairing about the rapefugees and yes sweeden

No. 96749

The issue I have with "tumblr feminism" is that they're way too inclusive. Feminism used to be reaching for the gender equality by supporting women in their struggles, now feminism is more about babying sexual/gender/ethnic minorities and constantly looking for things to be offended about. This bullshit about how "you're not a real feminist if you're not a lesbian/don't include transwomen" is infuriating. Modern feminism is all about picking up a fight and trying to fight first world guilt by being a "minority ally".

No. 96758

Tumblr gets too bogged down with details instead of the bigger picture. They'll spend three weeks complaining about a little thing instead of focusing on the cause of the thing.

I think the inclusion thing is a problem mostly because it's very extreme. I have no issue with the inclusion of trans women but I hate that tumblr says things like "if you wouldn't sleep with a trans woman, you're transphobic." That's not inclusion, that's creepy pandering. I don't like that a movement that should really be anti-rape and anti-sexual offences tries to guilt women into sex they don't want. They do it with a lot of shit and tumblr feminism shiftered from "equality and choice" to "snowflake olympics and guilt trips".

No. 96922

>any feminism that isn't the radical kind

No. 96939

>the ones concerned about banal shit and not violence and reproductive issues

are you fucking serious

Where do people in here drink their feminism kool-aid from jesus christ, from facebook, twitter and tumblr?

No. 96989

Has anyone else noticed a lot of posts about anti-semitism or tumblerinas of jewish heritage going on huge rants about being jewish?

I have an acquaintance with a tumblr account and they recently reblogged a post about "the goyim" not appreciating that the western (cape)comic industry was founded by jewish artists with a lot of characters based off of figures from their religion, like Superman = Moses. There were so many points in it about the stupid ignorant goyim that I thought it was a satire or troll post at first, but it wasn't.

They're like the antithesis of /pol/ shitheads

No. 96990

Really? I always had the impression tumblr had anti-semitic tendencies as well. Like basically the whole anglo-saxon left and everyone who considers themselves „anti-imperialist“

No. 96992

She's actually right. There's a burgeoning subculture on tumblr of Jews attempting to re-assert their whinority status, personally and for once I think it's thankfully a fool's errand.

Jews are just too obviously and plainly extremely wealthy and powerful for the average person to accept their victim status. It is slowly being eroded.

No. 96996

I just found the weird post if anyone wants to read it. Sorry if the greentext gets messed up from pasting it.

>i’m so tired of being used by goyim!

>our diasporic history is fantastic inspiration for goyim. we inspired tolkien’s (not as flattering as he believed) portrayal of dwarves, we partially inspired bioware’s elves, and we for sure helped inspire their quarians. these species aren’t super flattering to us. we played a pivotal role in building up the film industry, seen as awful dirty place that needed a catholic man’s intervention when it first started out, and after all that, we get almost zero positive representation these days while goyim snicker about us controlling hollywood. and i mean zero. even the story of passover was taken over by white gentiles.

>jewish men built the comic book indistry back when there was no glory in it. superman was a moses allegory. his earth parents should have been jewish, but that was a no go in the goyishe world. he is now jesus, apparently. magneto is a jewish man who said “enough”. goyishe film creators have no idea how to portray his jewishness. his children have been turned into lily white christians, erased of their romani jewish heritage. ben grimm has been made irrelevent. kitty pryde has been erased from her own storylines.

>steve rogers was created by jews as a way to speak out about the nazis. joe simon and jack kirby were threatened for his creation by nazi supporters. and now he’s always been a nazi!

>i’m so tired of goyim ruining everything that involves us!

It seems like they're angry about some of the more recent Marvel films? There are some other posts like this about them but I don't watch/read capeshit so I'm not very caught up with any of those.

No. 96997

It's just the whole Jewish historical narrative of Jews as helpless victims of tyrannical goyim. Growing up around Jews you grow used to this sort of nonsense.

Jews are just like any other ethnic group. Sometimes they've been in positions of relative privilege and lorded it over others, often cruelly, sometimes they've been victims. But Jews conceptualize themselves as a people unique among all others, it's basically religiously codified racial supremacism. Tikkun Olam and all that.

Best way to deal with it is to remind Jews that they're just like any other ethnic group, this is what they hate most.

No. 97004

>> pogroms in rome
>> forced conversions and massacres during the middle ages
>> anti jewish violence during crusades and the inquisition
>> being accused of causing the black death epedemic
>> jews getting kicked out of spain
>> pogroms in eastern europe
>> 19th century: a whole movement creates the name antisemitism. antisemitic parties all over Europe. Even the french and the germans agree on hating jews
>> world war two
>> stalin
>> sometimes they've been victims
>> just like every other ethnicity

Yes, almost every group has experienced violence but not many other groups have been hated by so many others this consistently throughout centuries. The only other groups with a similar history are snit and roma and Armenians. But I suppose these are all lies made up by the evil powerful jews like the Rothschilds.
Btw, calling jews powerful through history completely ignores the history of litvaks and eastern Europe in general but whatever.

>>it's basically religiously codified racial supremacism

Sure mate. Accusing jews of racial supremacism is the number antisemitic argument. Every religion considers itself superior and chosen by god. Christians were pretty pissed that jews didn’t approve of jesus. And before you say : But they could convert to Christianity and they would have been fine !!!! look up the spanish Blood Purity Laws 1391. That’s actual religiously codified racism before the term racism even existed.

I’m not a jew, I’m catholic and I'm going to hide this thread now because I know this discussion is going nowhere.

No. 97007

>Btw, calling jews powerful through history completely ignores the history of litvaks and eastern Europe in general but whatever.

Jews pretty much ran the slave trade in the Ottoman Empire, which partially explains Eastern European aversion towards them.

>Every religion considers itself superior and chosen by god.

Christianity and Islam are not ethnoreligions though, they are universalist scripturally and for the most part, in practice too. Conversion is discouraged in most branches of Judaism and the Chief Rabbinate of Israel frequently declares conversions null and void for this reason.

>That’s actual religiously codified racism before the term racism even existed.

The oldest anti-miscegenation laws on earth are from China. Fuck off with your horse shit.

>jews getting kicked out of spain

Because they sided with the Muslim overlords and enjoyed a position of privilege and power over Christians in the period when Iberia was ruled by Muslim Emirates.

Don't be retarded. There is nothing unique about Jewish suffering, I could conjure up a similar sob-story about the Greeks, but the marketing budget there isn't as large.

>calling jews powerful through history

I didn't say they were powerful throughout history, I'm saying contemporary American Jews have a hugely disproportionate amount of wealth and power and that whining about fly-over state hicks not liking them (despite half of them being Christ-tards who have been duped into believing the greatest ally narrative) is absurd.

American Jews are by far the single most powerful self-defined ethnic group in America, bar none.

>I'm catholic

Sure thing Ruth.

No. 97023

Are you not aware of the genocicide that they are commiting on Palestine right now? One that most Western countries are supporting?

No. 98703

There is literally no genocide against the 'palestinians'

No. 98717

Jews are the ultimate self-victims and martyrs next to black-americans.

No. 98787

File: 1466694220538.png (25.78 KB, 527x409, 1455760821403.png)

No. 98796

I'll never forget that blog from some kike called "goyim tears".

Tumblerinas just don't live in the same world than us

No. 98797

>Because they sided with the Muslim overlords and enjoyed a position of privilege and power over Christians in the period when Iberia was ruled by Muslim Emirates.

Basically fucking this. I could go on about how jews were suspected of many stuff, included making it easier for muslim conquests to enter into Iberia and Europe but I prefer not to start a discussion about this subject on here.

Fuck off kike.

No. 99601

File: 1467047626316.png (92.56 KB, 634x427, tumblr_o80pdfcpJc1u6s3yxo1_128…)

It's sad that most of ONTD's members are in their late 20s-30s acting like this and starting race/sexuality/gender arguments and oppression olympics in every post now.

Why even bother bringing the Tumblr mentality onto a celebrity gossip site in the first place?

No. 99641

Imo because there's a lot more pressure on LGBT regular Joes now to buy into the whole SJW thing than there ever was before. If you're late 20s-30s and frequent any big social media type site you've gotta get with the times (i.e. acting like a 16 year old retard) unless you want to shrivel up and become a real old problematic gay.

No. 99645

I don't understand why you'd bother trying to be PC on a site for shit talking people. The whole concept is "problematic".

No. 99647

i've seen that user post a lot of annoying stuff. their ugly anime icon and the fact that they're ~nonbinary~ makes them seem insufferable.

No. 100302


here's what I dont get.
they act like there are more than 2 genders in this world. that you dont have to conform to them, but then immediately call themselves he/ she/ they/ it/ ze/ what the fucking ever
because they felt like wearing a dress, but still want to be called a boy?
its called crossdressing.
its not like any of them go to get their genitals mutilated through surgery, and then have tons of psychothereapy on top of it all to cope with their transitions–it's just a trend to them, and its kind of disgusting.

I mean every fucking day I go on instagram SOMEWHERE on my explore feed its like:
picture of person with dress on
tons of cleavage is showing
makeup, long hair, tons of bows or sparkles

Caption: He/ They pronouns please uwu

This makes no sense to me, since, if you are crossdressing or crossplaying for that matter, you'd want to be the sex you are portraying, right? What the fuck? I dunno, I'm just really fed up with this shit.
I feel horribly for all of the actual transgendered people out there, who have a hard time accepting and living with themselves since they feel so horrible.
whatever. fuck tumblr

No. 100303

One of the reasons I love my country and the native language - there are no gender specific pronouns, you'll get the same shit as everyone else and you'll deal with it.

No. 100313

File: 1467487894222.jpg (33.72 KB, 372x527, 1467418474646.jpg)

In my language there are 3 genders (he, she and it). Everything has genders. Even genders have genders.

Feels good being the living embodiment of tumblr and kebab cancer, if only we didn't actively encourage them by sending fat lesbian twinks to Eurovision for dem sweet oppression points.

No. 100315

File: 1467489102058.jpg (16.97 KB, 329x270, sad gorky.jpg)

Well, in exchange we have like half a dozen ways of saying "you". That's a whole different level of fun.

>dem sweet oppression points

What, you want it to be about the songs? Don't be silly.

No. 100317

ONTD is so PC until it's a celebrity they don't like and then suddenly they can say what they like. I've seen plenty of female celebs called whores, sluts, ugly, too fat, too skinny, etc, but if you make those comments in a post about somebody they like, you're doomed.

They also flip flop when it comes to celebs they do like. Suddenly they're not SJWs and the'll defend anything from racism to abuse.

No. 100319


I remember a girl on YT complained how Japan uses specific gender pronouns and how it was discriminating and oh so wrong lol.

^ It's scary because those fuckers are going over there to live there

No. 100338


I think a big majority of the influx on social media is due to cosplay and anime influence. people just want to be a kawaii fuckin fuckboy uke desu whatever the shit.

this is the same shit we've had since 2000.

I periodically see handfuls and handfuls of people on instagram getting testosterone when theyve been seemingly 'trans' he/they/him uwu for about 4 months. do they not get that this shit is permanently going to do /damage/ to their bodies? once the fads die and they grow up a little, they might have done some irreversible shit to themselves.

its usually girls => boys and not the other way around for some reason.

I dunno. I want everyone to just shut up and keep it to themselves. its your life, so deal with it privately. If youre so tormented by your body image, why do you have 300 instagram posts of your selfies every day? It just doesnt make sense. Validation on instagram is fucked anyway. if I see one more fucking cosplayer with a face full of caked on makeup and caterpillar brows, followed by the hugest amounts of mascara and eyeliner wings claiming to be a haikyuu special snowflake au of some masculine muscled high school BOY I am going to delete my account.

No. 100419

File: 1467597997837.png (42.76 KB, 640x492, Neo-classic-neko-ftms-gettin-a…)

Haha this reminds me of that one yaoi loon from back in the day, that Neo-classic-Neko chick

No. 100420

File: 1467598271196.png (38.81 KB, 470x404, Neo-classic-neko-naruto-porn.p…)

No. 100426

Ao3/Fanfic. Honestly, I love fic. Every since the golden age of HP fics. But now it's like wandering into any damn fandom, "crossgender/genderbend; _____ turned into a cat; translesbian" bullshit. I do not give enough shits about how someone wants to fuck up a cannon character to their whims. I just want to read some nice fluff interspersed with some good smut. Ao3 is the worst of it too by having those damn fucking tumblr tags and 190442 ships allowed. Like goddamn. I can't even search for a fucking fic in Ao3 with my ship without coming across some weird ass tumblr bullshit.

tubblr really ruined anything relating to fact checking for me– because almost all of these people's posts with "facts" are either bias by the author or not fucking true facts.

And then it ruined PC and universities (and the kids that went to uni are ending up in schools teaching little kids all this "they/them/xir/alienkin/demitransqueersexual" bullshit.)

No. 100441

The number of time when I found fics that were about some of my favorite slash pairings and one of them was actually a "trans guy" and acting like a stereotypical uke according to the tags in ao3 is just frustrating. I guess it depends on fandoms and pairing but once you sort fics by kudos it's a bit easier to avoid that shit.

No. 100443

I feel you. Thank god my favourite slash fodder series ended in 2012 so they didn't rape it with trans!mentally ill!gendersexual!queer!AUs as much, and you can still eke out some relatively fresh content every now and again.

But fucking hell even in 2012 I had friends who were full on SJW fangirls of the show and would still manage to find fics where the main character is a magical intersex creature or something.

No. 100464

I think the fanfic writers who almost always write these kind of things are actually a very vocal minority when I think about it. Like I said, sorting fanfics by kudos/likes or comments makes it easier to find fics that are well written with character that don't act too OOC and without all the SJW bullshit. I don't think writing characters as trans is SJW by itself, but the way it's often done makes it look like mostly SJWs writes them. Even in kink memes, from what I've seen, requests about making cis characters trans for no specific reason and weird SJWs shits are mostly ignored. So there will always be good fanfics I think.

Even in kink memes, where you can request sfw fics, I've seen someone complain about how one request was about a character who is a minor even though the request was completely safe for work and it was a fic to give more background to the character and nothing else. A bunch of anons told her to shut up and gtfo because she was a newbie and it was obvious that all types of stories could be requested as long as it wasn't illegal. Honestly, I could go on about how tumblr ruins fandoms all the time by trying to police artists and writers among other things.

No. 100479

Agree, I just want to read some nice slash like in the old days, not your melodramatical projection on body issues and one sided binder erorica.
I remember my first encounter with "trans!character" was when I was searching for dangan ronpa fanfics some years back. I started reading not minding the tags and then, before I know it the characters are spewing some mechanical sounding "eugh cis people are gross" noncense for 5 lines straight and basically something that said "even boys are best at being girls that girls" at the end I was so fucking confused.

No. 106802

What about "Sweeden"?

No. 106862

File: 1470606262399.gif (798.49 KB, 245x135, tumblr_inline_o953lmzJI51sqxv3…)

Yeah, I've started writing fanfic recently and I know I'm not a very good writer but god damn if I'm not better than at least 50% of the weirdos who are just using the characters for tumblr bullshit.

No. 106929

What's interesting is that they have not ruined my polls.

No. 106947

Why have I been seeing so many idiotic strawpolls lately? Stop.

No. 108119

My sisters. Another lesbian who loves Link reporting in.

No. 108170


okay but how can you be into those type of things and not be a total tumblerina lol

No. 108190

File: 1471925118727.jpg (24.09 KB, 600x451, b4f.jpg)

Maybe because hair dye has existed decades before tumblr? Fuck off.

No. 112300

Do it if you like it, anon, don't let it affect your life like this. Plus, personally I don't associate short bangs with sjws… I think more about the "grunge 90s post acid vhs Mathilda" thing

No. 112319

>Unfortunately, no matter how normal you dress, with short bangs you're gonna be 100% identified as tumblr sjw.
I don't know where you live/what kind of people you deal with but no. It just looks bad on most people, people in your screenshot included. If you act like a normal person you will be regarded as a normal person, especially if all you have is short bangs but otherwise look normal. If people treat you like an sjw you might actually be an sjw.

No. 112325

I have short bangs and dress vintagey/pinup and it works well. I don't think short bangs really work unless you do some sort of vintage fashion. Even cute 80's (think Nancy from Stranger Things) fashion works with short bangs imo.

Do what you want, I think mine make me face look less round and more defined.

No. 112329

people who frequent the internet often will associate it with sjws. people irl will think you just got a really bad hair cut at the dressers or cut it with a lawn mower.

No. 112349

hope you know that people think you look ridiculous and costumey.

No. 112351

Sounds pretty. Nancy is adorable.

No. 112363

I firmly refuse to let tumblrinas ruin anything for me.

As far as hair goes, I love undercuts and unnatural colors. They've been punk/goth thing for a very long time (got mine first time on the nineties) and if some retarded teens decide to make them a trend for awhile, well, I'm all out of fucks to give. Ok, I hope people don't mistake me for a tumblrina, but life's too short to make such a big deal out of what other people think.

SJWs bringing their stupid, uninformed politics in fandoms is more troublesome. Meta discussion used to be fun and interesting, now it's just whiny shit about oppression. They could, you know, do something to real life problems and keep their retarded politics out of my escapism.

No. 112431

Not directly related to the thread but I stayed on tumblr for years and I'm about to delete my account because fandoms just aren't fun anymore. I found tumblripper so I can save all the good fanarts I reblogged really fast, I feel stupid for not finding this before since it has been months since I want to delete my by account.

No. 112436


I was posting about someone who was believed to have had an undiagnosed case of autism. I was very respectful about this person, who had died fairly recently. I wanted to make the point that his autism may have affected how people perceived him and why he was rather misunderstood. But I tripped the auto flag warning with "autism".

I was not too surprised with that since the word can be used abusively. But it had been awhile since I tried to post a no-no word. So I didn't know that the auto flag warning had been updated. I remember it just saying that you were free to make the post but your post would be auto flagged for review by a moderator and that you could be warned or banned if you were found to be trolling/abusive.

What I got was a warning message saying that the term "autism" could be seen as triggering and problematic. Along with the usual spiel about having my post reviewed if I chose to post it.

Triggering and problematic.

I knew right there not to even attempt to tempt fate. So i just used the term "spectrum disorder". Which felt wrong. But GameFAQs moderation has always been kind of bad and I've never trusted the mods to make the best judgements. To be honest I think it's a circle jerk of oldbies at this point.

I asked a friend later and they said they made a similar post some months back and were warned for it despite not using it abusively at all.

So I was right not to tempt fate. This was not on a game board so it wouldn't have been off topic. But I never thought tumblrisms would creep onto GameFAQs.

Normally when I post something that will be auto flagged I leave a note to the mods clarifying what I meant. So far it's never failed to protect me from being warned. But after my friend told me about being warned for using the word in a similar way I am glad I didn't even try to explain myself. Methinks there's some kind of zero tolerance policy against certain words regardless of intent even when you are allowed to post them.

What it really does is make conversations difficult and forces you to use weird wording that might be seen as more disrespectful then the correct words. And if people keep using "on the spectrum" it will be added to the auto flag list anyway as a censor bypass.

But what really got to me was being told that I was triggering and problematic. Nice going GameFAQs. Makes me wonder if it really has something to do with CBS Interactive and if all their sites enforce the same thing with the same warning.

I'm super careful on the site now. They have me paranoid.

No. 112459

I think shorter bangs (not super straight like that) are pretty cute and as someone with a potato nose it really helps.
Just make sure to cut by your face shape

No. 113061

Stranger Things!

No. 113085

>as someone with a potato nose it really helps.
No, anon, it does not. Have you learned nothing from Orange Citrus?

No. 180698

File: 1486324047499.png (13.49 KB, 520x300, FICTION IS REALITY.png)

Sorry for bumping such an old thread, but Tumblr's Voltron fandom ruined the show for me. With all the shipping drama (shipping Shiro = pedophilia apparently) and their insistence that Pidge is "so totally trans!!11", I've been turned off from the show. I was so hyped for season two back in summer, but now I don't even want to bother. Pic related.

No. 180710

College. Thank God I was off-campus this past fall but I am not looking forward to going back in a couple of months

No. 180712

Gravity falls
Nasty ass insect ships.

No. 180718

Is it really that bad at every college? The stuff that makes the news is pretty bad but surely it's not like that at every school. Right?

No. 180727

How can someone say something like this and then think their words deserve credence.

No. 180740

>policing people over fictional pairings
>have probably never done a single thing for actual victims but crusade online
>this on top of insisting an underaged character is trans


No. 180756

I only know the 80s cartoon. But it looks like the newer one has a really toxic fandom. I had heard it was canon that Pidge was a girl in this version. Is that true or is that people from tumblr just making stuff up?

Tumblr also had a bitchfit over that new M. Night Shyamalan film, Split. As you can guess it's mostly self diagnosed DID kids.

When I am uncomfortable with a work of fiction I just avoid it. I don't understand why tumblrinas can't just go that route and respect that a writer or artist has the right to explore their own creativity any way they want. I'm sure if you told the tumblrinas that they couldn't draw fat, hairy legged, big red nosed, vitiligo suffering versions of normal looking characters they'd have a meltdown.

I wonder how they feel about documentaries and serious dramas concerning pedophilia and abuse. Sometimes these subjects need exposure to raise awareness. You can't just ignore and condemn all the time. That doesn't make things go away.

No. 180768

Not at most colleges in traditionally conservative states.

No. 180783

In the reboot, it is indeed true that Pidge is female; "Pidge Gunderson" is the fake male identity she used to sneak into the Garrison to get information about her missing family. Her real name is Katie Holt. She even tells everyone that she's really female. Tumblr took this as her being trans, and if you ever mention her gender, prepare for a shitstorm.

No. 180785

I heard the public universities in even traditionally conservative states were pretty much overrun by sjws. I'm assuming that most universities regardless of location lean that way, especially since academia positions remain limited yet more and more graduates, often from more leftwing areas of the country, are vying for them. So maybe it was true at one point, not so much now that these schools are importing tons of _____ studies majors with no real world skills.

No. 180826

It is true that the few SJWs that live in these states can be found on college campuses, but they are in no way the majority.

No. 180827

Tumblrinas have ruined Harry Potter for me. You can't browse the tag without seeing shit like "hermione is so totes canonically black and if you disagree then you're RACIST!!1!!11" or "jk rowling is a homophobe for not making my gay otp canon!1!1" or some other post trying to put some SJW message in the series. I swear, even the ship war hell that was the fandom in the 2000s was better than this shit.

No. 180840

I MISS the shipping war days. Harmony fans versus Romione fans getting at it was hilarious and fun. Some people were mean spirited but it was harmless fun. Now if you don't agree with every racial/trans/genderspecial/random LGBT headcanon you're a bigoted shitlord and should off yourself. I grew up with this series and I'm sad to see the fandom has turned to shit.

No. 180845

What's really obnoxious is how angry they get. "My pronouns are x/y/z and I WILL correct you" is such a common thing I see on accounts and videos. I know people want to share on social media but holy shit is it really that important to put your sexuality and pronouns?

>mfw girl starts taking testosterone and dresses like a guy but says refer to me as they/them idgi

No. 180857

I'm not really a Tumblr person and none of my friends likes it either, so tbh I've never spent a long time around it, but just from browsing lolcow I feel embarrassed just to think about Lolita and Nabokov. He's one of my favorite authors and that's one of my favorite books for over 10 years. Now I feel like people will judge me for liking the book or the author, and that I romanticize abuse somehow. It makes me feel bad and angry, all at once

No. 180858

And it's been*
I'm sorry, I'm a bit drunk.

I also forgot to mention that they pretty much ruined school shooters stories, lmao. I like reading about famous crimes and now there's a ton of cases I can't read about or watch anymore without thinking about fucking tumblr and girls who romanticize teenage mass murderers

No. 180860

I'll never stop being mad about people ruining Lolita and making their gross misunderstanding a fashion statement.

Child rape isn't cute but you can't tell these women that without them acting like you're harassing them. Like okay bitch enjoy your pedophilia worship I'll just leave you and the rest of the less-than-forty-IQ club to rub one out over molesting girls

No. 180890

Bit late but same. I'm really worried it won't be as popular due to not having any ~trans pocs~ uwu

No. 180897

File: 1486567507701.jpg (62.54 KB, 300x444, Are_All_Men_Pedophiles_Correct…)

well tbf thats no a tumblr thing thats a general thing, because of how the fashion is interpreted a lot of people confute lolita with that, maybe if they had picked a different name it wouldnt be.

No. 180903

File: 1486569530857.jpg (32.36 KB, 640x745, 3453453.jpg)

Bands and music, in general.

I'd really love to look up stuff about my favorite bands, but as usual, Tumblr turns everything into a fandom, yaoi shit, or tries to make shit too PC.

God, I just want to read stuff about Ghost without Tumblr writing gay fanfic about the band members or giving them all dumb as fuck nicknames like "smol".

No. 180905

people who write fanfic of real people do my fucking head in.

No. 180919

My favourite band is constantly shit on by Tumblrinas for being 'spoilt, sheltered, racist tories kissing David Cameron's arse'. They're Brummie hipster chavs whose one (1) comment in an interview was taken widely out of context.

No. 180935

File: 1486624673322.png (675.74 KB, 667x763, 1486610131509.png)

this. the tumblr ghost fandom is so creepy, i remember reading a text post about how someone was sad they knew who cowbell ghoul was under the mask because they couldn't imagine them having sex anymore.

i would delete tumblr entirely if it wasn't for the fact that the Ghost subreddit moves at a snail's pace and there's not an official fan club or forums.

No. 180937

File: 1486631537959.jpg (36.83 KB, 400x400, welcome-to-nightvale-podcast.j…)

Welcome to Night Vale and all those Rip-off Hipster Horror Podcasts. Like you think SU as a fandom was bad? WTNV was pretty much that fandom that was never called out. Not even once.

No. 180954

This is weird but tumblr has killed my will to draw brown characters (im a brown grill too) i hate that ~ tumblrinas artisus ~ only draw brown/black characters for the inclusive points, not only that but they seriously draw them fucking ugly. It's almost offensive to see a line of drawn characters & the nonewhite one is a hairy fat monstrosity… and it's only drawings with brown ppl drawn like that get any form of attention. I get that diversity is needed, but damn why do tumblr artists butcher brown characters like that??
// sage for semi blogpost

No. 180975

They think they're being "realistic", when in reality, they're actually being offensive as fuck.

No. 180993

This. I also feel like Tumblr influenced Nightvale as it went on too. In the beginning, Cecil(?) had a deeper, more monotone voice and his attitude about the weird and strange was normal.

Now his voice is higher pitched, he's perky, gushes too much about the scientist, and now finds the strange thinges in this town as weird.

Not to mention the additional voice actors get annoying because half of them can't act. (Tamika Flynn being my biggest peeve. Shes supposed to be a young teen but sounds like a 30 yr old) It's fine of you get one or two voices once in a while because the appeal for me was Cecil being the only voice we heard and played as them.

I feel that the tumblr fandom influenced these changes in the show as it went from creepy and neutral to flamboyant and cheerful. Nightvale died after the Strex Corp incident ended.

No. 180994

Fucking same but for another reason too; When I drew a dark skinned character people would ask if it was supposed to be me. This is annoying as hell.

No. 180995

Well, it wouldn't be the first time Tumblr has influenced one good stuff. Case in point, Supernatural and Once Upon A Time.

Both started out as pretty decent shows and now seem to just pander to whatever their Tumblr fandom wants. Especially Supernatural.

No. 181086

what happened with Once Upon A Time?

No. 181115

I've never seen this documentary, but the cover makes me rage. Making Lolita look like fucking ageplay, fuck off

No. 181427

Homestuck. Not a fan, but the fan base seems bad (or was, since it's not really as big as it used to be)

No. 181429

File: 1487290947015.jpg (75.29 KB, 620x420, 445454.jpg)

I stopped watching right around season 5 because it felt like the writers had started pandering too much to SJW/fanfic shit. A lot of people felt there was some sort of lesbian thing going on between Emma and Regina and it felt like they kind of played that up a little. They also started introducing some gay characters, which is fine to do, but not when it felt like they were shoving it in your face for the sake of being "progressive". It didn't feel natural and organic. I also felt like the whole Frozen schtick was kind of pandering/milking the Frozen train and really lessened the overall plot of the show.

Pic related, feels like LGBT pandering between Dorothy and Ruby

No. 181592

a lot of the metal gear solid fans on tumblr are pretty cringey. they all try to defend big boss even though he's a piece of shit and a war monger but according to some users "he's just had a tragic past he cant help it uwu".

No. 181645

File: 1487600483035.png (806.79 KB, 1200x675, 1484259885202.png)

who cares? he's a video game character. you can like characters even if they are "problematic".

No. 181646

i'm pretty sure that anon ment that that side of tumblr doesn't see Big Boss as ~problematic~ because they wave all his ill deeds away, blaming it all on his pats. which isn't accepting, liking, a character, it's making excuses for him, to fit their moral standards..

No. 181665

Happens pretty much with every villain character to be honest. I'm sick of people being like "noo they're not problematic they just had a rough childhood!!!" because they can't admit that they like a character who is "problematic".

No. 181672

Pretty dumb when we could all just say "yeah I think this villain is badass and that's fine because fiction is not reality" but that's not good enough for them because they actually believe that every single little thing in fiction has the same or more weight than real-world events.

No. 181708

I wonder how tumblr would feel about Cutie honey, which is also a magical girl show but full of boobs and nudity.
Also Fancy Lala, where there's a canonically gay character, strong female characters and a stay at home dad.

No. 181709


No. 183379

>mfw girl starts taking testosterone and dresses like a guy but says refer to me as they/them idgi

I'm doing the same thing, tbh.

In my case though, it's because I feel like a freak who was never a woman but will never be a real man either. I'm what you might call a "middle of the road" person when it comes to gender, but the brain constantly screams that the body should have been male anyay.

Dunno if that makes any sense or not, but it's my two cents.

No. 183416

Do I have a story to tell you ladiess! now grab a bag of popcorn because this is about to get real. Okay so I dated this guy for over 11 years right we met online (blah blah blah) mind you he is transgender but hasnt come out of the closet so he is basically a "lesbian" yes I am in to tranny men for some reason (I know I am disguting) anyways so my faggot ex gets on to tumblr and he became a TOTALLY DIFFERENT PERSON like he went completely normie on me like he started to go out and do all this stuff and little by little he started to leave me out of his life. I blame tumblr he said because I didn't understand him nor his gender and that we didnt had the chemestry and that my atitude was very triggering and closed minded. I now hate tumblr with all my fucking guts I wished each of those fucking tumblerinas would get raped. I am not even joking, also turns out that he has been seeing one of those individuals and it turns out she is just an ugly cow low rent version of myself. the excuse? that him and her had more similar tastes than we ever did. so there is my story if there ever was a tumblr raid I would so part take in it. I wished that site just died already like myspace did.

No. 183421

oh shit that sucks so what your saying is that tumblr basically ruined your 11 year relationship with this person?

No. 183423

File: 1489094674987.png (76.36 KB, 500x443, KsKUVby.png)

yup basically :/ I honestly miss him and I love him but fuck him and his new tumblrina girlfriend or whatever.

No. 183435


a website filled with 14 year old girls posting cutesy feminist quotes ruined your life? nah m8, your lack of communication ruined your relationship. your lack of interest in the interest of your partner ruined your relationship. my SO and i don't have the same political opinions, but its not a big deal if you act like a grown up about it.

> I wished each of those fucking tumblerinas would get raped.

see this edgy shit is probably why you got dumped. i doubt she would be happy to read that, let alone dating someone who spews shit like that. fucking move along anon, you clearly weren't compatible. it ain't tumblrs fault that your ex had different interest as you.

No. 183436


he's just not into you anymore anon, lol.

No. 183437

we dated for 11 years and things were fine actually, I was the only one that accepted them as who they were I remember his friends would always make fun of him because he would say he was trans but never did anything about it so they kept calling him "she" I was there when he needed me the most so I guess youre right spewing hateful words wont make my situation any better but I am so angry, I probably need some anger management.

No. 183439


>we dated for 11 years and things were fine actually

I guess you do have a point there if they wanted to leave they would have left long ago.

Listen anon, I think you need to forget about this person and move on already, drinking poison and expecting the other person to die isn't gonna help you in any way. You need to chill and think about what you want to do with your life, clearly we dont know what really went on here in regards of your relationship, but you're pretty much acting on anger atm, so let it go fam, they sound like a piece of shit for leaving you for something so petty but you do need to work on yourself as well, chill and wish them the best because that's what someone mature does, so grow up anon.

No. 183440

> cutesy feminist quotes

tumblerina detected! beep beep beep

No. 183449


i didn't meant that the quotes were cute. i just meant that they do this thing where they make pictures with quotes in a pastel pink and fill everything with cutesy things like hearts and 8bit shit. i don't know how to explain it, you'd have to see it, but its what all those ""scary"" feminist blogs post so.

No. 183452

>i didn't meant that the quotes were cute. i just meant that they do this thing where they make pictures with quotes in a pastel pink and fill everything with cutesy things like hearts and 8bit shit.

this much effort…

>what all those ""scary"" feminist blogs post so.

you mean the blogs you follow, lets face it you're from tumblr and don't deny it because if you werent from tumblr you wouldnt even know these "cutesy feminist quotes"

2/10 for effort

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