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No. 572462

Last thread: >>>/ot/562526

No. 572464

I am very judgmental of people who need to go to Disneyworld every year. I last went in middle school and while I wouldn't mind going again, especially if I had kids, I don't see the appeal of being obsessed with a theme park when there's so many other things to see in the word. People who are obsessed with theme parks come off as extremely consumerist and sheltered to me. Not really a good look.

No. 572467

ATLA is not that good
It only seemed comparatively good to its 70 IQ contemporaries

No. 572468

naruto is good

No. 572470

mousy hair is cute

No. 572479

I love Disney but I tend to agree. There are so many wonderful places to see in the world. Going to Disney every year seems boring after a while. But if they’re happy with it then whatever.

No. 572483

And ridiculously expensive. Traveling and theme parks in general are expensive but Disney is especially expensive.

No. 572484

I hate the 'women are naturally more sensitive' meme. I've seen how sensitive men are when they're in love while my heart is hard as a rock.

No. 572496

i hate being braless. even though i'm pretty flat it's uncomfortable to have them bouncing around and i don't like the feeling of my nips rubbing against my shirt

No. 572498

I used to shit on the kpop fags here but the weebs are so much worse.

No. 572503

Eh, if they want to waste their vacations on that, it's their choice.
I am, however, super judgmental of annual passholders who think the world revolves around them. They're currently freaking out about not being able to go to Disneyland whenever they want because they're requiring reservations to keep capacity low.
They keep whining about how they "paid for access" when most of them are on monthly payments, and there's still a month until it opens so Disney could announce a deferral of the pass or something.
But god forbid they can't go and get their aesthetic instagram pics holding themed food! It's not like there's a pandemic or anything!

No. 572524

How so?

No. 572587

The Last of Us 2 sex scene was not sexy but it wasn’t horrifying either. Just kinda boring.

No. 572591

I don't see how anyone finds it appealing and thought, "Weee, I need this kind of sex scene in my action video game." Did the first game have anything like that? (I'm assuming no)

No. 572626

Mathematics, especially when the answer is tedious to find, is really fun.

No. 572633

hard agree!

No. 572634

hhheeeelll yeeeeeeaaaah I don't understand all the OMG IT'S SO HARD AND BORING bitching, it's like a fun puzzle to solve, maybe they need to get a better attention span

No. 572636

Maybe they don't like it.

No. 572637

agreed and i can't believe this has to be an unpopular opinion.
liking cartoons, dolls, vidya etc is fine even as an adult, but spending thousands on theme parks and merch for yourself is beyond embarrassing. that also goes for harry potter, though these are even more cringe because they are pretentious on top of all of that.

No. 572644

I cannot relate when people talk about enjoying chilling around their house naked when they're home alone, sleeping naked, etc essentially choosing to be naked when the situation doesn't require it. Is this actually as common of a thing as it seems to be or is this just a vocal minority? I'm very touch sensitive and being naked is just a terrible sensory experience. Really don't need my skin brushing up against the rest of the entire world.

No. 572654

i dont have sensory issues but the longest i can stay naked is maybe like 30 minutes while laying on my bed before/after a shower. i just don't like it. if anything i spend my days in an oversized shirt and panties on. anything less is weird to me.

No. 572661

Going to Disney seems so empty to me. There's nothing else in the rest of the world worth seeing or doing?

No. 572663

I went to disneyland for the first time recently after being slowly tortured my whole life seeing all my classmates go and rave about it - I thought I was dead inside for feeling nothing. It was really cute, the boat rides and all, but like.. why would you ever go more than once. Also, universal studios? TRASH. Only good thing was the hollywood tour.

Are Orlando studios and Disney world any better?

No. 572672

I've been to Disneyworld twice in my life and I remember the second time I got bored real quick because nothing changed from the last time lol. Even the first time we went, we went through all the rides we wanted to go on at least once or twice. I went on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride like 6 times in a row. That's how empty it is lol. I remember the more exciting part was the food.
I would like to visit Disneyland at some point, but I'm prepared knowing it'll be small and not much to do.
Overall, amusement parks are boring. My dad is a rollercoaster freak and would take us to Six Flags almost every other week in my teens. We even visited some out of state Six Flags and even then, they had a ton of similarities between each other. A lot of coasters were the same, just colored different and given a different name. I wish I had memories of going to national parks as a child.

No. 572673

that's the thing, when you're raised going to six flags regularly and taught that it's normal to hang upside down 400 ft in the air while going full speed (also Raging bull? BITCH) everything lesser in size and adrenaline is a waste of time.

No. 572767

If you're a Disney fan it's fun, and the theming is really well done.
It's also a lot different if you go with a kid. After taking my godson, I don't think it will ever be the same. Seeing the wonder they have and believing everything is actually real and they're meeting the actual characters from the movies is pretty magical.

No. 572788

File: 1592677614967.jpg (460.02 KB, 2048x1365, merlin_137029152_aa4f1816-a22b…)

I'd rather have an almost guaranteed to be fun and enjoyable vacation experience, in a completely engineered and artificial environment like Disney than see the overrated cultural sites across the fucked up actual world.

No. 572792

Guess you would rather eat chicken tendies. And lmao that you think the only art museum is the Louvre.

No. 572805

you can visit paris without being a stupid tourist. same goes for every single city.

No. 572811

At some point I must've liked a disney related pic on Insta cos for a while there it kept showing me accounts of disney obsessives.. a whole new world!.. of developmental delays.

No. 572814

File: 1592679908462.gif (1.62 MB, 320x256, k.gif)


Same here, but I'm self-aware enough to acknowledge that it's party cause I'm super jelly. People who bring their stroller babies can go fuck off though

No. 572843

This is embarrassing. Did your parents get married at cracker barrel.

No. 572844

Bitches would pass on a trip to see the pyramids or northern lights to take a picture with a 30 year old dressed up as Elsa and eat a 20 dollar corn dog for the 10th time………………

No. 572855

People who post their relationship issues on social media and or will literally fight with their SO on social media are so fucking far gone and stupid. I can't believe the lack of self and societal awareness these grown ass adults have.

No. 572859

i thankfully don't know any idiots like this but this bitch i was friends with at some point tends to post her bumble finds and "crushes" (only if they're not white though, cuz she has to announce her wokeness) and i feel like the day she finds a boyfriend she will screenshot their convos and post crying selfies in her closed friends story lmao.
why does /everything/ have to be a spectacle with people like that?

No. 572865

lol yea i too love looking at shitty old rocks in 3rd world sexist countries!

No. 572867

Corpofags never cease to amaze me, like spend your money however you wish but what the fuck

No. 572868

Gib it back

No. 572869

I'm an English Lit major but I fucking hate poetry for the most part. I'm not denying that there are some great poets/poetry out there but a lot of it (especially the contemporary stuff) is just navel gazing pointless bullshit and be as abstract as you can. Just tell me the fucking point, Jesus. I'm probably just salty rn because I have to read a memoir for my class by a guy who keeps describing himself as a "poet" and he describes everything in the most eye rolling and pretentious way. Call me uncultured, stupid or whatever. I'll accept it. Still think poetry is overrated.

No. 572870

Are you wearing a confederate flag thong? Did your uncle buy you it because he said it matches your sunburnt ass?

No. 572872

I'm not against sex scenes in video games (the one in GTA V when Trevor is introduced is funny because it really hammers home on how trashy Trevor is) but what was the point of that specifically? Did it contributed to the plot in anyway? Maybe I should hold my judgement because I have yet to play the game but it seems like they just did to stir up controversy. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Also they make out for like 15 seconds and he then penetrates her. That seems really unrealistic and unappealing in general.

No. 572880

what an embarrassing logical leap. you sound like the type of person who thinks being cultured is having a "word a day" calendar.

No. 572896

you sound like the type of person who calls every country besides America a dirty third world country and pays 20 dollars for a corn dog and poses with a 30 year old struggling actress dressed in an elsa costume.

No. 572898

>logical leap

so you agree with anon kek
How are you going to make jokes about word of the day calendars and culture when your ass is literally riding a corporate amusement park's dick like your life depends on it and trying to pass it off as smart investing? Just say you're a bigot and have no taste.

No. 572899

i'm not even american. i'm not even white.

No. 572900

Men who openly cheat/flirt with other girls/disrespect their girlfriends and wives make them targets for abuse, manipulation and disrespect from others because it makes the woman look desperate and vulnerable for predators, I've seen so many of my friends let their boyfriend flirt and cheat just to get targeted for manipulation from other men. Men don't know the dangers they put women in when they do that

No. 572901

>being capitalist is the same thing as being a bigot.


No. 572902

good one.

No. 572903

People who defend themselves against every anon on here who doesn't like what they say and flood up the thread trying to defend their anonymous honor are really really really sad and have no self awareness.

No. 572906

>People are actually having heated arguments on people who they never met are having their vacations every year

The absolute state of lolcow

No. 572908

>lol yea i too love looking at shitty old rocks in 3rd world sexist countries
>n-not a bigot though!

No. 572911

File: 1592695327482.jpeg (27.46 KB, 391x389, 6077262D-4133-4B85-9F0E-13C7EC…)


So true, these quarantine bitches are so salty

No. 572913

Girl if you are still in college, get out of that major NOW. I was an English major and I regret it horribly. It was probably the worst thing I ever did in my life. Thousands of dollars spent on a degree that is basically worthless and only slightly better than a high school diploma. In 10 years you will hate your life making poverty-tier salary and agonize over your poor life decisions. Unless you plan to go to law school or something (and even then you should probably just switch to poli-sci), GET OUT NOW.

No. 572917

I mean a lot of majors can be useless. If you switch to a bio major then you will have a lot more work and your job prospects won't be much better (unless you want to be a doctor).

No. 572918

There is way more you can do with a bio degree (or any STEM degree) than English. Sorry, but the ability to analyze literature is absolutely not a marketable skill. Writing is, but the truth is you can improve your writing in almost any major, since most majors require a lot of writing. If you love to read you can do it in your free time. Or you can minor in English if you love it so much. But the reality is, unless you want to be poor and depressed for the rest of your life, switch your major now.

No. 572919

Sorry anon I don't really understand, do you mean it makes them vulnerable to more dysfunctional relationships, because abusive men see that they will put up with it, or do you mean like they're getting targeted by stuff like loan sharks and pyramid scams?

No. 572925

Both really, it also affects how other people socialize with them and a lot of these women aren't able to advance in their careers because people in long term relationships guide others on how to treat the SO. If a woman's job, friends, family, etc all see her boyfriend constantly flirting with other women and shitting on her then that's what they believe she's okay with and it makes her more of a target for manipulation

No. 572928

Haha you have no idea how things work. Bio bachelor degrees are really not that marketable. You can be a lab tech for near minimum wage without more education and that's about it. And good luck going to grad school if you're not passionate about biology and you didn't get good grades because you don't have an aptitude for the subject.

You can succeed with any major. Networking and spending time applying to shit outside of classes is way more important.

No. 572929

I must be stupid because I still don't really get what manipulation you mean but I would have thought that when people see a married man flirting they assume the wife is a pushover or lying to herself a book her scumbag husband rather than being okay with it imo

No. 572930

I’m not against sex scenes either, but I was more talking about all of the GAMAERS!!1 who are losing there absolute shit over thinking Abby isn’t fappable enough. If they had slimmed down her arms and made her tits bigger these Cumbrians wouldn’t care if the sex scene was awkward.

No. 572933

Exactly, people who know people are pushovers often take advantage of them. That's why women like shoe0nhead get targeted for manipulation from all types of manipulation. It's not just her boyfriend but a lot of people around her manipulate her because skeptic displayed to everyone how much of an easy target she is for manipulation

It's a man's job to protect the woman he is in a relationship with, if he can't even do something as simple as basic relationship respect in order to protect her he isn't a worthy partner

No. 572937

You said manipulate 4 times but I'm still none the wiser lol I give up there must just be a hole in my brain or something, thanks for trying. Fuck cheaters either way.

No. 572939

The thought of people being naked makes my physically sick especially considering some don't even wash their butt hole properly ior at all

No. 572940

This my entire body is so sensitive but especially my nips/tits kek

No. 572963

It's gross imo. I don't want my vag to be exposed to random surfaces like that tbh, even though my apartment is clean and I don't sit around in my outside clothes (personally immediately change into "home clothes" as soon as i enter the apartment) I don't find it clean enough to rub my pussy all over my chair lol.

No. 572973

+1, and the reverse is also a potential concern- unless I've just showered or used a wipe, I might be making my seat dirty. Not that I'm particularly unclean but I still pee from there, various fluids come out sometimes, I prefer the security of underwear just in case.

No. 572975

Abbey looks and acts like a big burly man with the violent tendencies of one too.

No. 572981

Ah okay. That’s true though. I doubt most of the Reddit crowd would give a shit if she was conventionally hot.

No. 572985

Abby was literally designed to pander to trans people lmao

No. 573028

Male posters coming back to lolcow is really disappointing. Maybe this is it.

No. 573039

they mean that manipulators/abusers/whathaveyou can detect weak minded women, especially if they’re being disrespected in front of other people.
if a woman sees her husband flirt with a woman and says nothing, a man with bad intentions will notice it and use it to his advantage.

No. 573045

My unpopular opinion is that being a weaboo/koreaboo/any equivalent isn't necessarily a good or a bad thing. If I meet someone who's a huge nerd for Japanese pop culture and they're not being retarded when they're adults or disrespectful then they're ok. I don't get when Americans of all people shit on weebs when the entire planet is expected to be a population of americaboos.

I don't know about Disneyworld or any of the parks except Disneyland Paris, and I agree with you, you don't really need to go there on a regular basis unless you live close enough to a park to get an annual pass and use it enough for it to pay off.

>while I wouldn't mind going again, especially if I had kids

>especially if I had kids
Depends on how old the kids are going to be if you ever plan to bring your future kids there. I went there as a small kid, then as a teenager with my family and then way later as a young adult with friends and I found it so much better to go with friends it's just not even comparable. I feel like kids can only really appreciate it once they're like more or less 10 years old. I don't get anyone who brings their babies and toddlers to this kind of places.

No. 573056

Here's my personal experience regarding male weebs. Literally every male weeb/kpop stan I've known has been a very out of shape, social failure. My university had an anime and kpop cringefest of a club and they held biweekly meetings. Of course being a closet weeb myself, I never signed up but it didn't stop me from passing by the meeting rooms just to glance and scoff at these pitiful abominations. Plus they were really obnoxiously loud so I could overhear all the conversations. And would you believe it was uggos complimenting other uggos and saying how they could cosplay as these attractive anime chars. The delulu was real. So it's no surprise for me when ppl shit on weebs.

No. 573057

File: 1592730957412.jpg (47.73 KB, 750x744, zpnleaqx11651.jpg)

Just hold out and keep ignoring them/shitting on their taste, hopefully the lack of validation + hell week will be enough to purge them
It IS really annoying though… They're shitting up my favorite threads nonstop…

No. 573058

i agree for weebs but (as a non american) the only male kpop enthusiasts i've met irl were gay guys, who usually took care of their appearance. the other men who said they enjoyed some kpop just wanted to ogle AOA or twice.

No. 573059

I still dislike intense fujos

No. 573060

> I don't get when Americans of all people shit on weebs when the entire planet is expected to be a population of americaboos.
Burger here who likes to make fun of cringy weebs. I do think it’s stupid that America has dominated the rest of the world regarding pop culture and I wish it wasn’t like that. I do generally agree with what you’re saying though. I just think people who romanticize a culture to a ridiculous extent (like weebs and Kpop tards) deserve to be mocked regardless of where the come from.

Speaking of which, do you guys remember those Britboos (idk if that’s the right word) on Tumblr in 2012 when BBC Sherlock was airing? I got so much second hand embarrassment from them.

No. 573085

Water is gross when you drink it with a full meal. It's fine with small snacks but for stuff like lunch or dinner it tastes so off putting and I need something else to go with my food

Lol I remember, that was when everyone was obsessed with One Direction, Doctor Who, British dramas and actors like Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston etc and always went on about how cool British accents are and how they'd love to live in London and ride double decker buses and drink tea all day. It lasted until like 2015. Funny how it seems completely forgotten about nowadays

No. 573087

what do you drink with a full meal then?

No. 573091

y'all drink with your meals?

No. 573092

No. 573094

i siphon the leftover oil in the pan

No. 573096

I gargle with pea water

No. 573100

Anything else really, especially juice. It's more varied with its flavours

No. 573109

Wtf? Juice is sugary and acidic, ruins meals.
The right answer is soup, drink a light soup with your meals.

No. 573111

interesting. i love juice but if i drink it with a meal it feels like it ruins the flavor of the food. i'd rather eat it with dessert or a snack if anything.

No. 573113

I like to cut my juice with water, then the flavor doesn't overwhelm. With the exception of Oj anyone who waters that down is a degenerate

No. 573123

I don't wtf I did not know people have drinks with their (hot) meals

No. 573129

Right?? If you drink with your meal then your food is dry sis lmao

No. 573136

i like having water even with moist food. but i'm one of those "drink water every 30 minutes uwu" bitches so idk if it's just out of habit or what.

No. 573141

In more formal settings such as eating in a restaurant or a family dinner most people will have a bottle of wine. The wine is usually selected to match the flavour of the food. Red wine goes with red meat and white wine for chicken and fish. I usually get given shit in these situations for refusing wine because I don't drink alcohol.

No. 573144

I think soda is also acceptable but it’s seen as a childish thing to do where I’m from

No. 573150

Fellow non-drinker here, I hate the flak we get for not drinking wine, esp. at weddings or the like. My mother in law made the biggest fuss out of me not drinking the wine at my brother in laws wedding. She made me drink sparkling water that was wine coloured.

I wish there wasn't such a ~~culture~~ around drinking.

No. 573152

I love water so much, to me it's unironically the most delicious thing on earth, I drink on average 5 litres per day (if not more), before meals, during meals, after meals, it doesn't matter, even while I eat ice cream or soup, I always need it.
Any drink with flavor is disgusting and also unneccessary, you need water to survive, if you want taste, that's what food is for.
This is such a modern/first world problem, I know so many adults who are borderline throwing tantrums because "I just don't like water, it tastes sooo baaad!" and insist on either having something else, or on adding something to water, or they somehow convince themselves that they can only drink a couple sips per day ("I get sick otherwise!")…? Most children are more reasonable than that.
If it tastes bad when you have either a foul mouth which infuences the water's flavor or there's something wrong with your water pipes/tap. I don't understand how so many people can be so opposed to something so simple and essential.

No. 573156

>there's something wrong with your water pipes/tap

You underestimate how common this actually is though and it's completely valid. When I lived in my hometown we had water taken from a major body of water and so the reservoir water tasted crisp and clean. But when I'd visit my father in the country, where he had well water and it smelled like rotten eggs, was super hard, and had an off color. So unappetizing. I moved to a city and the water here is frequently overchlorinated and doesn't taste clean, and we basically know it's not that squeaky clean either so it's pretty weird to want tap water to drink. Lots of people buy bottled or buy filters or add in flavorings.

No. 573158

You definitely aren't drinking 5 litres a day. I drink like 1.5ltr a day and adults are recommended 2ltr. More than that could actually harm you.

No. 573169

It pisses me off that there's always an expectation that people must drink alcohol and if they don't they're boring and no fun allowed. I don't stop other people from drinking and me not consuming alcohol doesn't have any impact on anyone else.

No. 573172

Shit, they were allowed to come back? This explains why threads have been so godawful lately

No. 573177

Admin basically said she isn't gonna really enforce banning them anymore unless they're outright posting in cow threads going something like "MALE HERE OMG SNOWFLAKE'S TITS SO HOT POST OF, GIVE ME FREE PORN!"
And you can't accuse scroteposters anymore w/o being banned for "hi scrote."
So yeah, we're fucked.

No. 573182

admin is an mtf scrote

No. 573185

Lol I definitely do, anon. Just because you only drink 1.5 doesn't mean that I can't drink more. I have a one litre bottle which I refill at least 5 times every day.
You probably heard horror stories of people dropping dead after drinking a lot but that can only happen if you'd attempt to down like 10 litres in one sitting (e.g. during stupid competitions). Spread out through the day, as an adult, 5 litres or more is no problem at all.

No. 573190

Nta but that's a lot to have to pee back out every day

No. 573192


No. 573215

Knew this was gonna happen
I want based PP admin back

No. 573216

Didn't she post her arm or something?

No. 573218

really explains why this site has been so annoying lately, thought it was newfags

No. 573226

I don't think men frequent this site. Like, they come here to troll sometimes but I don't think they come here actively. They have their own forums. I do think there are troons and maybe some gay men tho.

No. 573229

The lolcow discord is filled with men and they certainly feel comfortable and at home outting themselves in certain occasions without thinking they would get any backlash. There certainly has been a change ever since tranny admin has been hired.

No. 573233

File: 1592762570612.jpeg (196.16 KB, 750x392, B49D7D92-3840-4602-9523-223D2C…)

Don’t lie they love this shit

No. 573234

It's stupid and creepy for e-mail services to require phone number verification.

No. 573236

Is the tranny admin why we don't have pinkpill threads anymore?

No. 573238

Ughh fuck scrotes, i hope i havent replied to his feel posts

No. 573241

Can you please elaborate? Since when does lolcow have a tranny admin?

No. 573245

One of em sperged out in the dating thread in /g/ last night cause an anon dumped her bf for being cheap. Scrotes mad LOL.

No. 573246

Can an old fag give some background info on the different lolcow admins?

No. 573247

Tbh any scrotes that lurk and post here must have a degradation fetish.

No. 573252

When this is going on, what logically even separates Lolcow from Crystal Cafe anymore?

No. 573253

not anymore tbh with the surge of pick-mes and 'hi scrote' trigger happy bans(while doing shit all about the rest of the site), in 6 months we'll be telling them how brave and stunning they all are

c.c is unironically more based now, femcels there are still allowed to tell scrotes and trannies to neck themselves

No. 573255

LC RadFems are only RadFems when it comes to transgenderism which makes them less RadFem and more pink-pillers.

No. 573256

>what separates Lolcow from Crystal Cafe anymore
You can still pink-pill sperg in crystal cafe

No. 573257

fuck i really liked lolcow, might just push me to leave the last imageboard i still use if it keeps going to scrote tranny hell

No. 573258

crystal cafe is full of scrotes, tradwife types and tfw no bf bullshit. reeks of underage, even in this state lolcow is superior

No. 573259

>surge of pick-mes and 'hi scrote' trigger happy bans(while doing shit all about the rest of the site)

I've noticed this too. I don't have a problem with the hi scrote/hi cow bans but I've noticed how quickly farmhands will ban people for that while leaving up obvious bait, gore, unspoilered nudes.

No. 573260

This has always been the case. A separate radfem thread was made because HM and GC thread anons didn’t identify as rf. Tranny jannies changed the narrative to boogeyman radfem invasion.

No. 573261

This. PP and GC anons were always separate from the RF. Some of them even hated each other which is why the combined thread was shit. It's the same tactic as the SJW communists on Twitter who scream "TERF!" because of a controversial opinion on troons.

No. 573262

Thinking that mtf people aren't women makes you just as anti-science as antivaxxers, climate deniers and flat earthist. You can't even claim ignorance when you screetch about it with such vigor.

I find the ppl who cherry pick examples to support their world view the worst tbqh(bait)

No. 573263

>trannies literally denying biology
I'm offended we deserve better bait

No. 573266

File: 1592766922173.gif (90.93 KB, 200x200, 1589073909040.gif)

i am the monky man!
are you the monky man?
i am!

No. 573267

I feel like some people just post shit so that they can get dissenting replies and have people they dislike banned. Like, I remember in one of the previous threads, someone kept insisting being a pedophile is the same as being LGBT, and after no one took the bait "correctly", they started screaming about radfems "hi scrote"-ing even though no one even called them a scrote.
They even said "Just say the two words and take the ban".
It's actually pretty nefarious, and I can't imagine why some people want to "colonize" this site so badly.

No. 573269

Is this babys first bait? Doing a bad job sweetie

No. 573272


it's true, i also notice anons 'hi scrote'ing anyway in cavalier fashion
so i bet they just ban evade later, hard to care about rules when they feel rules no longer protect the userbase

No. 573273

It's because men think women are stupid and that baiting women is easy, so when it doesn't work out the way they wanted it to, they become aggressive. Also, they're the biggest attention whores unironically.

No. 573275

I think it's pretty easy to bait men on 4chan into replying too, the difference is women tend not to be that obsessed. Scrotes have a reason to come here and upset women who won't give them attention and sex lel.

No. 573276

I don't think there's anything wrong with being a koreaboo besides the fact that it's cringy.
Weebs however deserve to be purged.

No. 573283

>t. kboo

No. 573285

I find the term "boo" pretty useless as well. Nobody calls me an baguette for reasing Franco Belgian BDs but god forbid you tell people about manga.

It's more varied than that I think. I honestly don't care about replies on 4chan, reddit or facebook anymore. I have to change the platform all the time since the attention I get don't give the zap you know. I bait people because it's an addiction and I feed it by changing sites and finding different people.

I mean posters and etiquette is pretty different on 4chan, reddit and lolcow even if they're both imageboards.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 573286

No pinkpill and no GC

No. 573290

i have japanese ancestry and while i don't care if ppl are interested in the culture it makes me uncomfortable how it attracts the lowest and weirdest beings out there.

No. 573303

Fatass who loves pasta here. I love the op image and want some spaghetti right now.

No. 573304

File: 1592772391757.jpeg (278.63 KB, 750x608, B0FA5624-D7A7-450D-961E-C13DB3…)

same anon, I'd probably lose some of my gross skinnyfat flab if I didn't like carbs so much but I wouldn't want to give them up for the world

No. 573305

>the attention I get

This is why I can't relate to baitposters and attention seekers. I just don't see how text on a screen is true "attention." It doesn't feel that way, it doesn't even feel particular towards me because I'm anonymous and no one knows who the fuck anyone else is.
Sometimes I don't even respond to my replies if I don't want to because I tend to get very little out of the interaction.

No. 573306

If people want to kill themselves, they should be able to without being shamed, talked out of it, put on 72 hour hold. I think it should even be assisted with a certain level of counseling done beforehand to see if they 'qualify'. I just think there are a lot of people who were born into the wrong circumstances who decide the just don't like life or have any interest in continuing it. If someone has no interest in living in their early 20s to the point where they consider death as the best solution, why make them live another 10 years and possibly snap and end up in an even worse mental state. I'm not talking about people who become depressed about a specific situation, I'm talking about people who are biologically depressed and or have had a consistently hard time in life.

No. 573307

>Bilogical depression
But that's what depression is. Your brain chemicals are out of whack.
I think the difference between addicts like me and you are that I get a dopamine high kick of it. It doesn't last and I'v gradually build up tolerance but it's there. I don't really care about the nuances either, I just get a zap in my brains and a tingly feeling that feels good

No. 573308

But that would be bad for capitalism anon. What would our lords do if the exploited work force started offing themselves and they had to spend le millions to get replacements?
Think about the economy anon.

No. 573310

Kay then just kill yourself without telling anyone, plenty of depressed people do it every day, it’s not illegal to die you know. Idk how you think you can expect people to react differently? I understand suicidal-chans have diminished empathy but jesus people don’t want to be burdened with the feeling of responsibility for your death. Of course they’re gonna try to dissuade you, even if they do it poorly. Just call the local euthanasia clinic instead of your friend in the middle of the night and expect them to be like “ok good luck”.

No. 573311

Watched that one euthanasia doc that had a relatively young woman with a difficult depression and selfharm habits, like nothing had worked. Once she was accepted into the euthanasia program (wtf to call it, a procedure) she started showing signs of progression for the first time in ever I guess. I think the stigma should be removed and truly, if someone wants to die endlessly, 247, why not let them just because relatives and friends might suffer? Then again, how to keep that ethical and shit. All I know is that once people have the information that they have a painless, clean way to go, it does lift a certain burden and their minds kind of clear up at least a bit. I wonder what happened to the documnetary girl though.

No. 573312

There is situational depression (someone getting bullied or losing their job or loved one) and then there are those who are biologically depressed and or have depressive/mood disorders like dysthymia that they are born with. Situational depression can be fixed when the situation is fixed whereas the latter can't.

No. 573313

I'm not depressed or suicidal, so I'd rather not lol. I have empathy for those who feel depressed and or suicidal but if they are going to do it they shouldn't be shamed for it and told that they were weak and they should be able to do it safely.

No. 573314

anon i'll make some what sauce

No. 573315

But we can fix it with drugs much as we can fix cancer. I think euthanasia should be an option for both but not a first, second or third line treatment

You wish people with depression were productive.

No. 573316

can we though? I don't think time will ever be spent on making good pharmaceutical drugs for those with depression. Many people including myself don't respond to medication and have tried multiple.

No. 573317

Just butter. Usually don't like anything interfering with the taste. Though I could go for garlic and oil.

No. 573318

Meds cannot 100% fix depression, many just worsen it

No. 573319

okay fancy rich guy with ur 'sauce'

No. 573323

I don't want to sound smug but I personally responded to the first one though it still is a struggle. It's just that modern medicine in general doesn't work for everyone.

Current meds alone can't but many help even if they don't work for everyone.

No. 573324

Put some (culinary) sage along the butter. It will take it to another level.
Why don't you take a seat, it's almost done.

No. 573326

I love the juxtaposition of offing oneself vs pasta sauce right now. Literally going back and forth between the two subjects .

No. 573330

True, meds alone won't do shit

No. 573370

I drink water with my soups

No. 573379

I never once said that.
Still pressed over your "hi scrote" ban?

No. 573383

HunterxHunter and Naruto are both trash and I don’t see the hype

No. 573393

someone's gotta call out the obvious scrote if you wont

No. 573405

They're just boring if nothing else.

No. 573418

I don't care if men visit this site unless they're pedos, perverts or misogynistic. I feel like half of the anons here deserve a ban just for being insufferable.
Also if you look at the thread most of the problems involve men in some way or another so it should be nice if they had a take on that.

>inb4 hi scrote

Please spare me of that shit.

>but women get banned on male forums too!!1

Why would want to frequent incel forums? They're a lost cause. Do you wanna see porn and naked women? Cuz that's all there is in male oriented websites.

No. 573421

> Why would want to frequent incel forums?
why would men want to visit a female oriented board where the majority of the people bash on men all the time and don't like them? it's not like this is the only board ever, they also have other places available to visit

No. 573422

Most men are just going to lurk on drama boards or here because of r9k. What about people that come off as male? For some reason anons think we're a hivemind and any opinion differing on that immediately starts petty name-calling.

No. 573423

I like the idea of all men being banned and not understanding this site. I like having a male free space to talk and share our thoughts, just personally

No. 573425

There's incel imageboards out there?
I think I'm about to throw up.

No. 573426

2+2= pineapple

No. 573433

But why can't women have something to themselves for once? We always have to share with men and trannies or else we get held at gun point by the terf police. I don't give a fuck if i'm not wanted on a fucking incel image board.

No. 573434

>unless they're pedos, perverts or misogynistic
as if that isn't every man

>most of the problems involve men in some way or another so it should be nice if they had a take on that

i don't want to read male takes, i can read male takes literally anywhere else on the internet
also women venting about shitty men isn't an invitation for men to give their useless takes

>Do you wanna see porn and naked women? Cuz that's all there is in male oriented websites.

yeah so let's just invite that content/mentality here? makes sense

No. 573453

File: 1592809738619.jpg (294.77 KB, 1200x800, 1200px-Crocodylus_mindorensis_…)

I think crocodiles are really cute. They're just huge lizards lying there flat on their big bellies in the sun all day, with this funny sly smile on their face and these funny beady eyes. They're weirdly adorable

No. 573454

Is this really an unpopular opinion? I hate this sneaky slow change to basically enforcing it for even the smallest internet activity. Why not just go bold already and ask for IDs if they're going to monitor single people/collect data this hard. It's not even a tinfoil anymore.

No. 573455

Avocado is shit. Not tasty at all.

No. 573456

>unless they're pedos, perverts or misogynistic
You just summed up 95% of the male imageboard crowd.

No. 573457

I think they're horrifying, they look like what I imagine dinosaurs were like. They're huge and fast and dangerous af.

I did kiss a baby croc at a zoo when I was young though, they're cute when they're small.

No. 573459

i HATE avocado too but it seems like we are far and few between. how is everyone fine with finding huge slices of avocado in a sushi bowl…?

No. 573460

>most of the problems involve men in some way or another so it should be nice if they had a take on that
Everyone already knows about 4chan, wizchan, etc. If it'd be so "nice", anons would either just post their issues on those male-filled sites to begin with, or they'd post them both here and there. There's probably a reason that's not happening.

No. 573469

Avacado is nasty. And this is coming from a Califag

No. 573470

people with issues and baggage that repeatedly harms others should be kept away from other people if they have no desire to ever take responsibility and change
but that would be at least half the human race

No. 573476

Honestly. And they like to put the blame on anyone else but them. I know I have a lot of issues I need to sort through first before I try to go out and connect with people because I don't wanna hurt anyone because of my instability. It feels lonely but it makes me more determined to improve myself.

No. 573479


No. 573480

Maybe in pictures.

No. 573483

You're completely lacking any empathy. Why not give the chronically depressed people a chance to die painlessly and with assurance of having a peaceful death? It's far better than a botched suicide or a painful one.

No. 573495

Using virgin as an insult is really immature and dumb and sometimes kinda gross. You're not 10 years old on the playground anymore, grow tf up

No. 573502

If men are allowed to have “men-only” spaces, then why aren’t women?

No. 573517

Because men are the most entitled creatures on the planet, and think women must always accommodate them.

No. 573522

Nta but isn't that just pandering to the whims of the mentally ill? Kind of like what we do with trannies? (Kinda relative in multiple ways considering the higher post op suicide rates). I could imagine the rate going through the roof if we employed euthanasia for depressed. The thing is they're not in their right mind, therefore incapable of making rational decisions. I'm speaking from experience btw not trying to look down on anyone but all I envision is more regret, heartbreak and grieving families. That and sometimes you need perspective. There's people in parts of the world who live horrific lives but value them nonetheless, while we stew in our relative privilege considering what they would probably deem ungrateful. Modern society has really done a number on us kek.

No. 573539

Muh leg is broken but someone in other side of the world has 2 broken legs so i should just suck it uuup

No. 573547

Same. Also they have really cute fat looking elbows, kinda makes you want to touch them.

No. 573551

…No, it's more like "people in my country are jobless, starving and getting murdered, but I'm duhpressed because my art degree won't get me a job, my boyfriend said I was fat and everyone keeps misgendering me online :("

No. 573597

File: 1592849248577.png (307.67 KB, 316x553, Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 1.01…)

Considering it seems like he actually makes his music on his own for the most part and not with an entire team, I think the little shit in pic related is actually talented. His music is nothing revolutionary but I feel like people hate on him because his fan base consists of a bunch of horny teenagers and girls with yellow fever and not really because of his music. I'm not talking about his voice being talented but more so his song writing and production.

No. 573609

File: 1592850409674.jpg (120.06 KB, 558x1136, 29acede12badbbf2827278c6238007…)

I hate summer, I miss winter. Winter clothes are so much more comfy and look better on everyone.

No. 573616

When anons say he's attractive I feel like I'm in an alternative reality.

No. 573624

He looks kinda cute in some photos but that is a terrible pic of him

No. 573628

I love winter/fall fashion but I honestly hate winter aside from that and Christmas. I hate the weather. I hate how my skin is always fucking dry during that time of years. It’s cold as fuck. Snow is also a pain in the ass to deal with but thankfully I live in an area where it doesn’t snow.

No. 573629

he's genuinely so ugly and i'll never understand anons getting their panties in a twist over him

No. 573654

i feel like a hypocrite for agreeing because my mom and I go to epcot every year since we live in the orlando area. but i have co-workers who go at least twice a month while they also bitch about their car payments and bills.

No. 573697

I think people who want to fuck him can acknowledge he's not super conventionally attractive. it's one of those phenomenons where the more you like someone for their personality your brain starts to see their features as attractive. It's why so many hot girls end up with ugly ass guys and not just because the ugly guy has money.

No. 573698

I really thought he was hideous for the longest time and now I suddenly think he's cute, I can't explain it. I think I have just been seeing his face everywhere and the familiarity is making him more tolerable.

No. 573710

I miss the manhate thread even though I don't miss the infighting it caused. I'm not interested in starting up a war between the femcels, radfems and libfems but today I've read so much about abusive men in the art and music industry, and Twitter is calling out predators in my town. I have read a lot I would like to post about and it doesn't seem fair to trigger anons by posting about it in other threads, so I wish there was an appropriate containment thread. I don't even hate all men but I think it's unfair that the manhate thread got banned when this site runs on nasolabial nitpicking.
Let's not have an argument about this, it will only end in bans on either side.

No. 573722

I don't think that's ever going to happen. I keep seeing a surge in posts that totally stink of scrote posting. Some are obvious and some are less so. Like that thread in /g/ with anon and her bf's boss. I seriously can't believe that anons are actually falling for it.
There was a case in my country I just wished to discuss regarding a rape but putting it in any of the existing threads doesn't seem right. Oh, well. It was nice while it lasted.

No. 573744

How do you know they're scrotes and not just you pointing the finger?

No. 573748

Cashier's/Bussers/etc should be paid much much more. It's a stressful job physically and mentally. If you have to be on your feet and on focus the entire shift with little to no breaks and no knowledge of when you get off you deserve much more than minimum wage

I'm a busser for a restaurant that promised me good money and my biweekly paycheck was 125 dollars. I'm an adult with bills to pay and I have other jobs promising me 8-5 12/hr jobs begging for me to work for them next week. Why anyone would voluntarily work at a restaurant that isn't a chef, teenager or bartender is beyond me

No. 573756

At the risk of being called a scrote and since this is the unpopular opinion thread, I always thought the pink pill threads were just a 'hate all men' circle jerk and just a dumspter fire of a thread in general. It felt like anons were behaving like the incels they love to complain about. It could be a great place to vent but some anons just ruin it with outrageous posts

No. 573762

Stop lying. All they talked about were their abusive fathers, brothers, exes and posting crime stats. You make it sound like they were nitpicking poor mens heights and pectorals. There weren’t infighting unless someone pick-me drops in just to say exactly what you’re saying now.

No. 573781

i enjoy eating big plain pieces of avacodo whilst cutting them up to put on toast or in sandwiches. yummy little friends they are.

No. 573797

Wym? From my experience it was just women complaining about shitty men in their life and on the internet

No. 573799

it used to be better years ago. most of the posts in more recent threads were full of fearmongoring. i get wanting to share experiences, but a huge amount of it was full of extreme, sensationalized examples from the internet, not even personal examples. the older threads were definitely different and not full of people who actually hated men in the same way radfems do. there have actually been way more black and white thinking anons and threads on the board in recent years than before. the manhate threads are obvious, but there was a huge them vs. us dynamic that didn't exist as much before.

No. 573804

June/Shoe0nhead is exceptionally boring and I have no idea why she's had a thread on /snow/ for so long. Even her boyfriend's cowish behavior towards her isn't that interesting.

No. 573807

Are you serious? You must be new.

No. 573808

this is called the unpopular opinion thread for a reason

No. 573811

If you think she is boring then you obviously don't know about her history. So yeah, I can make an assumption about why you would have such a misinformed opinion.

No. 573813

Lolcow is going to go full /pol/ posting in the near future I feel.

No. 573815

the general tinfoil thread already has some /pol/ tier posting

No. 573824

You can't deny the 'all men are shit and we must hate them' mentality the thread promoted, like some kind of reverse MGTOW. IMO it was pretty damaging too see some of the shit that was posted there, such as rapists and murderers being put on the same boat as your dad, your brothers or male friends. It was extreme and not just some anons venting, you know that. If you don't, go check the last few threads before they were banned.

Thank you anon, that's what exactly what I meant. Didn't expect anyone to understand.

No. 573843

File: 1592879555296.png (2.82 MB, 2500x4596, synundtwsh151.png)

Holding men accountable for their actions =/= why can't I beat women??? Their poo poo stink :(

No. 573879

Nta but what does this post achieve? One example of a autist doesn't detract from what anon said? Like I genuinely don't understand what you're getting at, so sorry if I've misconstrued.

No. 573883

I’m so sick of someone screeching ‘tranny!!1’ and racebaiting every ten posts. This site was already garbage but it was fun, now it’s just a scrotes trying to twist every post through their own distorted lens.

No. 573887

1. It was funny
2. Most of pinkpill is just holding men accountable for their actions. Men get away with a lot for too long. The fact that a mild thread gets so much controversy because it doesn't pat men on their head and baby them says a lot especially since so much misogynistic shit goes around Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc unnoticed.

No. 573894

I think the people took the thread far too seriously. Sensitive people shouldn't even be in that thread. The thread only got banned because of "race bait" when it was just people talking about how misogyny varies from different cultures and how some men are able to get away with more shit because they can just scream racism or whatever. There was no hostility, just the mods being stuck up and ironically proving everybodies point.

No. 573897

You tradthots can literally go to your own containment site with your own mods and own rules.

No. 573898

They won't listen. They'll never listen, and that's why they'll die with regret in their hearts. I wish some of the women here spent more time loving themselves than trying to hate others.

No. 573903

Wtf, how am i a tradthot. I've already failed at that if that was true.

No. 573918

Girls who go on about how much they love sex and how kinky they are are desperate pickmes 99% of the time.

No. 573924

how is discussing the various shades of the shittiness of men tradthottery, you make literally no sense

No. 573926

First world commies are just lazy sheltered parasities that never worked in their life and would be crying and bitching if they lived in an actual communist/socialist country

No. 573941

What tradthot site? Are you just saying "tradthot" now because "hi radfem" is banned?

No. 573948

>t. tradthot
They really grasped at straws to shut the thread down. Women of color criticising their men is apparently racebait, I grew up in true to stereotype misogynistic Latin America, that made me mald most actually.

No. 573983

>putting it in any of the existing threads doesn't seem right
Just put it in the the true crime thread and be as objective as possible,although noone replies to that thread

No. 573990

100% a fact. They like to live a delusion thinking that if they only lived in a communist state they could lead a life of comfortable hedonism with all their needs being brought to them for free and that rich people would be abolished. In reality they'd be starving even more than they are right now and the rich class would still exist, only it'd be even more unattainable to the regular person. People like to bitch about how capitalism counts your value by your productivity but it's the same in communism, if you don't take part in maintaining the society then you get nothing. Nobody wants to pay you any more for simply for existing in communism than they would in a capitalist state. That's just how societies work no matter what economical ideology it leads.

No. 574039

This is true and this post hurts just a little bit because I was one

No. 574040

File: 1592926101433.jpeg (113.2 KB, 1186x900, boysaretheenemy.jpeg)

Ironic because I feel like hating men made me love myself way more than I initially did.

No. 574042

That's because most of these women are ugly or have no redeeming features about themselves. Attractive, smart and funny women don't need to make their personalities revolve around sex

No. 574044

I live in a socialist country that's so close to being Venezuela. The truth about countries like mine is that rich people leave to better, capitalistic countries and the only ones working and paying for everyone is the poor mid class wageslave that isn't too "oppressed" for the goverment nor too rich to leave the shithole. It's hell, i really wish i could trade places with one of those twitter commies that live in the USA.

No. 574045

I love you anon for posting this pic.

Anyway, I find myself hating on men an awful lot. It's not because men have done me wrong in the past. The way I see it is, there's only a few good men per thousand, so it's just too easy to hate on scrotes. I've always felt highly uncomfortable and agitated around them. I find them so revolting I actually hold my breath and distance myself in disgust as I pass by the uggos to save myself from breathing in their putrid air.

Also, bitch I fucking love myself. And I can't stop hating on scrotes. It brings me too much enjoyment.

No. 574046

Whilst I agree that people really should go see the World rather than the same place over and over but Disney World is great and are these people bothering you? You just come across as extremely jealous and bitter that these people are having more fun (and have more money) than you.

No. 574048

All these people hating on men and even admitting for no reason like, did Daddy rape you or something? are you dykes? Having one bad experience and hating on half of the World's population as a result seems pretty pathetic and retarded to me. Get a grip.

No. 574049

Did you come here to defend yourself?

No. 574050

Women do actually get raped by their fathers and it's not 'just one bad experience', dumbass. I know we're not supposed to "hi scrote" anymore, but jeez I can smell your grimy cheeto covered neckbeard from here.

No. 574051

Joji has always been ugly af, but people find him endearing cuz 'it's all an act,guys!' I bet he's like every other youtuber/wanna be rapper out there.

No. 574052

TLOU 2 didnt need a sex scene. That's the issue with a lot of these modern games. Instead of focusing on gameplay and actual story telling through it, they add in pew pew violence and sex. It's exhausting. RIP to the first game, which was kinda fun.

No. 574053

Same. It took a lot of resistance to make me face the cold hard truth that a lot of my preoccupations were an attempt curate a specific image of myself in their eyes no matter how much I tried to deny it (beauty, interests, tastes, sexuality, etc). My pickmeism was a defense mechanism to avoid making men angry ie they won’t hurt me if I’m perfectly likable and agreeable and cool. Tfw I achieved Stacydom and still filled with dread.
Pinkpilling allowed me to be my most authentic self. Esteem +100
I can’t believe we had gotten to the point of this being controversial. Pointing out harmful, often self-harm, behavior is met with “don’t slut shame reeee”

No. 574054

Greetings, fellow menstruator.

No. 574055

No. 574058

Worst thing is we're supposed to accept that shit and follow after it. I hate how women are expected to be open minded about sex nowadays so they don't get called prudes.

No. 574061

What separates us from 4chan then if male posters come back? This is bullshit.

This is why we shouldnt respond. Just report them and move on. Ignoring male posters pisses them off more.

>not anymore tbh with the surge of pick-mes and 'hi scrote' trigger happy bans(while doing shit all about the rest of the site), in 6 months we'll be telling them how brave and stunning they all are

I'm worried lolcow as our last majority women safe haven is gonna get taken over by men.

No. 574062

The cosplay community absolutely champions and pedestals damaged girls for their endless struggles with mental health, body health and abuse. The costuming aspect is just a side-show to these upset-high-schoolers-now-adults who use platforms like twitter to write a fanfic like take on their own life, complete with cartoony villans, endless "difficult choices". If you're too old to get attention for dressing up like a 16 year old, better start using every term, illness and kind of abuse possible to have a "personality". I am fucking glad I quit that shit at 23.

No. 574063

>I'm worried lolcow as our last majority women safe haven is gonna get taken over by men.
Sorry to break it to you but 40%, if not more, of the posters here are male, gay males so essentially women, but this has been the case for a long time. Hell, this website was created by a man. They just claim to be women to 'fit' in, hope no one notices or outright claim they are men but then get attacked. Given the whole push for gender neutrality and equality as of late, this place is very backwards. Even 4chan is accepting of trannies these days.

No. 574065

Eh, I'd say the gay male posters are more like 10% of posts. I prefer them over the normal 4chan scrotes though. At least they know how to integrate.

No. 574066

>gay males so essentially women

Gay men are not the same as women. Girl, what the hell

No. 574067

The cosplay hobby used to be really fun nerds just playing dress up and showing off their prop making, wig styling or sewing skills. I kinda fell out around 2015, but back in the early 2000s (like 2002 or 2003, for me) it was strictly hobby and you rarely saw attention whores. It was nowhere near as bad as today, with every e-thot having an Only fans and pervy photographers following them around.

No. 574068

>Girl, what the hell
That post isn't as "what the hell" when you reconsider the first part of that sentence, and think about who would want to convince us that nearly half of all users on this site are actually men (and that a large userbase of men would ever tolerate pink pill/MH threads happening in the first place). Those types really think they're smart, kek.

No. 574069

It's a shame that the community is so shit, but it really does seem like a nice hobby to learn how to craft costumes and sew. I have always admired the really skilled cosplayers.

No. 574071

I feel like Jessica Nigri is to blame for this, but she might've just been a symptom of a larger change.

No. 574076

Jessica Nigri was the catalyst for what cosplay is now, but Yaya kinda started the thot bullshit. Jessica just took it over and made it worse and made it way more mainstream. It definitely used to be a fun hobby back then.

No. 574077

Yeah, it sucks since cosplay is such a a fun hobby but sometimes it’s hard not to feel on edge with all the sexual shit and drama that gets attached to it. Tik tok certainly does not help.

Good ol Nigri. She basically opened the door to costhots. Her and Yaya. Speaking of which are they still cosplaying? I kinda forgot about both of them in the last couple of years.

No. 574083

>this has been the case for a long time
lol no it hasn't. though the percentage is up since a bunch of women left, which explains the nose dive in post quality
>gay males so essentially women
only a scrote says this
>even 4chan is accepting of trannies these days
No it isn't, even if it was, nigga sooo? is 4chan a marker for politically correct behavior?

No. 574105

This site was created by a man. 'nuff said.

No. 574136

He didn't bring his friends with him, he came to try and get a harem.

No. 574163

*he came to do the girl he was simping for a favor by tracking her haturz

No. 574199

No. 574224

It can be both at the same time, anon. Those who know, know.

No. 574244

I'm sad Warren Ellis is getting canceled because I'm currently watching Castlevania and loving it.

No. 574252

Always being late to things is not a personality trait or cute quirk , it’s pathetic and disrespectful. You’re telling me a grown adult can’t self-regulate their routine and behavior enough to make sure they are where they are meant to be on time? If I can make it on time than everyone can unless you have something happen out of your control.

No. 574259

I feel that one, or worst the people who say they’re on the way love 10min away but then take 4 hours to arrive with no explanation. Like wtf, I have things to do I do not want to wait around for you.

No. 574261

a whole show is made by more than one person, don't feel guilty for enjoying the artistry of so many!

No. 574262

this hurt my feelings uwu.but to to try and defend myself im usually like 5 mins late.But technically my friends are like 5 mins early so it levels out. Im trying lol but yeah i am pathetic and need to get my shit together lol

No. 574265

File: 1592958922461.jpeg (26.06 KB, 235x214, 19CE51C4-ADBA-46DB-A43E-76A5D4…)

No. 574266

I don't disagree with you, however I counter that it's annoying that people are still mad at me for being late even though I am completely honest that I will always and forever be running late. Like damn I tell everyone this is my fatal flaw don't be mad at me or expect me to change

No. 574269

Set all your clocks ahead 5 minutes so you dont drive everyone away with your self centeredness. Good luck with your career beyond retail.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 574272

Imagine you got hit by a car and the EMTs showed up 5 minutes after you bled out and were like, teehee, we are quirky.

No. 574275

damn who hurt you? lol

No. 574278

lmao how dramatic

No. 574279

Tried that, but thanks.
I have an office job, I stay late or work through lunch whenever I'm late.

No. 574294

File: 1592964867017.jpg (35.34 KB, 310x350, 1344741782001.jpg)

There truly are two types of people in this world: those who care an abnormally large amount about being on time, and those who aren't obsessive compulsive psychopaths.

Like holy shit, I'd understand being irritated if a person is consistently like, 30 minutes to an hour late, but 5 minutes? Calm the fuck down.

No. 574296

Agree, for hanging out with friends, expect them to be not on time lmao like who is on point with their friends' arrival time. That's retard logic, it's informal. You're not going to an interview or anything.

No. 574302

Yep, my solution to this is I just don't hang out with anal retentive retards who are going to penalize me for being a few minutes late.

No. 574304

is the entirety of east asian culture psychopaths then? being on time is extremely important in japan, korea and china, even to informal things.

No. 574313

No. 574323


As someone who gets very peeved by lateness (either when other people are late or due to unforeseen circumstances I end up running late myself) can you explain why or where this habit of being late comes from? Like to me it seems extremely simple to figure out when you need to be somewhere, how long it takes to get there, and how long it takes to ready and then set an alarm for the appropriate time.

No. 574324

Thank you, but also prepare for some bullshit. There's literally no reason to run 30 minutes late on a regular basis besides not valuing the time of others (i'm sure the other person would have loved to be chilling at home and taking their time getting ready instead of awkwardly in a restaurant alone) or the commitments you made with them.

No. 574326

Organisational and timekeeping issues.
It's one thing to say "I need to leave the house at 2" but the reality is that something distracted you so you forgot to put the oven off but now you have to find your keys and actually it takes longer to get there than you expected even though you swore you would be on time for once. Maybe you also don't have a great grasp of time itself, or have something specific that frequently delays you like a psychical impairment, children or OCD
Some people are actually just self-centred and lazy of course

No. 574329

these all work as a one to two time excuse. OCD (I have it) is not an excuse. Everyone has organizational and time issues, it's called figuring your shit out. Having kids is different however and not really something I can comment on. At the same time though I once waited on my cousin with 2 kids an extra 2 hours and her ass really just went "sorry, the kids and in laws were driving me crazy today" , sis that's in no way my problem and maybe give me a heads up as soon as shit looks like it's not going to plan.

No. 574337

>have organisational and timekeeping issues
>anon told me to just figure my shit out
thanks anon I'm cured I'll never be late again!

You asked and you don't get it and these kinds of people will never get you but that's fine, just don't be friends with people with these issues and it will be a blessing to both them and you.

No. 574340

kek I wasn't the one who asked and also why wouldn't you understand people who are on time or at most 10 minutes late? That's bad anon… You realize we're the ones who have to sit 30 minutes and wait on you time and time again and we are forced to make a joke about it and forgive you right? The least we're allowed to do is tell you to figure your shit out.

No. 574341

I can somewhat understand in cases of disability or where someone has some sort of disorder that genuinely affects their perception of time but if it's just a matter of getting distracted and not keeping your eye on the clock then I think there are clear solutions to that. Don't just tell yourself you need to leave the house at X, set an alarm. Set three alarms if you have to. If you end up taking longer than you expected due to random things coming up, losing your keys, traffic, then next time add 10, 30, 45 minutes of buffer time. If you find you're still getting off track then try writing down a morning routine/get out the door to-do list and continually refer to it so you know you're working on what you need to and have time for and not those things which can be taken care of later when you don't have a pressing engagement. Obviously these all might be difficult for someone with organizational and timekeeping issues but imo if you aren't making an active effort to mitigate the problem it does come down to being self-centered/lazy as you said.

No. 574343

Imagine being late all the time and also playing victim about it. I used to be late everywhere I went, and then I slowly but surely "figured my shit out" as I should as a functioning adult.

No. 574353

I never said to not expect people to try, sorry to blog but I actually do all of these things and I have definitely improved over the years but I'm still usually 5-10 mins late to everything, or as many as 30 minutes or even an hour in the most extreme cases. I always update my friends about how late I'm running, I apologize sincerely because I understand how annoying it is and I hate myself for it but it is what it is. You can force yourself through hundreds of self-help books and timekeeping apps but if you still suck then at some point you have to stop lying to yourself and everyone else that tomorrow you will magically be on time, instead be honest and upfront about it and just hope that you can find friends that can accept it and find a way to fit your lifestyle to accommodate it. There is no universal cure for being a chronically late bitch

I'm not playing a victim but congratulations on figuring your shit out anon hopefully it'll be my time soon

No. 574378

I'm on your side, anon. Late bitch life.

No. 574441

I agree, but when I was looking at asherahsgarden a huge amount of the posters said they found lolcow through her thread, so from that angle I can see how that kind of person would find her milky enough to keep the threads going

No. 574443

I agree I would actually rather have male posters than the posters the no men rule ended up attracting, but I think things like ‘male here’ (and obviously blog posting/ derailing) should be banned

No. 574527

LMAO no it isn’t. Where did you hear this, Buzzfeed? Tardiness is not anymore of an issue for a white collar commoner than it is in the west. Outside of the work place it’s just like anywhere else in the world, annoying but doesn’t result in public tar and feathering. Gaijin really believe asians are collectively a race of OCD autist perfectionists don’t they.

No. 574560

People overthink infidelity and make it into some bigger thing. It doesn't mean anything about you, you not being good enough, unsatisfying sex or even him being unhappy with you. Cheating is immaterial, it just happens. I would never ever cheat if I thought I might hurt my bf, nobody would.

The only thing that really matters is…can you deal with it?

No. 574600

i'm sure plenty of people have cheated on their cheating partner for revenge, so no.

> it just happens

nonnie, your clothes don't just fly off. hiding texts from your partner doesn't materialize out of thin air.

No. 574614

what even is the point you're trying to make? 'Cheating will happen so the only that matters is whether you can 'take it' or not'? Take it being…dumping them and moving on? Not caring at all? Not showing an emotional response?

No. 574629

File: 1593026756530.jpg (4.56 KB, 200x175, 1323925316003.jpg)

>it just happens

bruh that cope tho. Who hurt you?

No. 574657

What in the pickme hell is going on here. That, or you have serious attatchment issues or something. Just be single or join a haram if you can't keep your panties on for two seconds. Normal people don't like dramatic people like you.

No. 574681

>I would never ever cheat if I thought I might hurt my bf, nobody would.

What? Any normal person who gets cheated on is going to be hurt by it and I'm pretty sure the vast majority of people are aware of that, yet people obviously still continue to cheat so…yes? People would and do do that?

No. 574690

>I-I'm not hurt by cheating at all, really, I'm not!
Maybe it's anon with the cheating fetish again

No. 574720

What is even the point you're trying to make… I'm confused

No. 574771

I hate washi tape.

No. 574817

i only hate how unsticky they are in comparison to regular tape, but i do those love the patterns ahhhh

No. 574818

i like trisha paytas although she does weird stuff at times lol honestly i just wish her happiness and the best in life

No. 574826

nayrt but isn't washi tape specifically for making art and that's why it's not that sticky? I've only heard about people using washi tape for painting tbh.

No. 574845

No anon, you misunderstand me. Idgaf what Warren Ellis did. I just want him to keep writing for the show. I can separate the art from the artist but it seems like nowadays nobody can.

Cancel culture is going too far. At this rate, we'll soon have no entertainment left. Everyone has done shitty things ffs. Like, Doja Cat got canceled for… what? Going on 4chan? And now all these male celebs are being accused of rape. People give social media too much power.

No. 574849

File: 1593062236692.jpeg (16.55 KB, 208x210, 0EE64F05-07C0-449E-B3AD-270145…)

Anon you bring this up like twice a thread. Just accept you have a fetish and shut the fuck up.

No. 574858

File: 1593064980145.jpg (1.36 MB, 2560x1920, 20-06-25-01-01-04-672_deco.jpg)

These images piss me off so much. I find them the most offensive due to turning her death into a punchline.

No. 574859

It's like the "Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself" memes. Funny how the intent was to keep that in public memory, but now, nobody seems to care about that and no one's questioning the authorities anymore.
Anyway, if someone made memes like that about George Floyd's death, they'd probably get reamed for it. I have to wonder why.

No. 574860

"teen heartthrob" male celebrities now are a lot less good looking than their male equivalents in past eras. maybe it's the style changes and the fact that men don't take good care of themselves but I find that a lot of graying older celebrities who used to be considered handsome still look like they hit the wall less hard and at an older age than some of the male twenty to thirtysome celebrities today who've already hit the wall before they even turn 40.

No. 574863

absolutely agree on the first sentence. most teen celebs that girls obsess about range from not even that good looking to really average, it's probably because there's a lot more of them now, the standards dropped

No. 574865

I mean I feel like celebs of the past could also be conventionally "attractive" in a basic looking way but their features and styling were a lot more kept, and they took better care of themselves and aged better. nowadays it's like why bother, some of them are just downright meh in an unappealing dirty way, or fug, hit the wall at fucking 25

No. 574869

CDs > Vinyls. With CDs you can play them in multiple places, like in the car, and you can carry a CD player around anywhere, they're much less expensive, easier to handle and put together, they're a nice size, and they're fun to collect. The only upside to vinyl is having the album cover be bigger, but that's not even important. People way over exaggerate the "sound quality" and how it somehow makes you sit down and really listen to the album, like uhhh you can do the same with a CD, cassette, even streaming, so it's nothing special at all.

No. 574880


Vinyl can't be destroyed by CD eating fungus. CHECKMATE.

No. 574892

Agree but you’re not understanding that people buy vinyls to display. Any kind of physical form of music is irrelevant nowadays, but vinyls are way more pleasing to look at than CDs. So they’ll always have collectors / fans.

No. 574898

Honestly I think it’s all the nepotism. I was trying to figure out why Lucas hedges was being sold as a teen heartthrob (he was the gay kid in ladybird, he looked much better as the older brother in mid90s) and then I found out his grandfather owned hbo. Of course.

No. 574928

Probably not that unpopular here, but the Black Drag Tribunal in Chicago is hilarious, and I hope the infighting kills drag. Have fun getting a real job faggots

No. 574932

agreed anon

No. 574975

Other than look pretty, it doesn't seem to do anything well. Yet every planner/scrapbooking/"creative" site and IG account acts like its the greatest thing ever. I'll be glad when this trend dies.

No. 574993

Id say about 99% of Hollywood is nepotism anyways but I agree with the fact that a lot of these dudes are pretty fugly. Not even unconventionally attractive, but just straight up meh. A lot of them seem to be affected rich kids with no personality either.

No. 575018

After seeing some young girl posting nude pics and videos on Twitter and selling 'services' I honestly think slut shaming and bullying is ok. Also why do e-thots have to wear anime wigs and profiles everytime? Fucking degenerates

No. 575023

I agree tbh. This just reminded me of a 16 year old I saw on Snapchat again today who was selling her nudes and kept telling people to message her because her "services" are on sale like lol where the fuck are your parents

I also saw her house from her random videos before and she's indeed very rich and her parents spoil her a lot so I have no fucking idea why anyone would even do that, especially when you're as young as 16

No. 575034

I don't sympathize with addicts all that much. I think they're weak.

No. 575050

Penguinz0/Cr1TiKaL was better as a disembodied voice. I'm not sure if it's female thirst going to his head, or a then newfound will to maintain the YT status quo, but personally I think his content has suffered for it.

I'm prepared for the "small king" anons from the conventionally attractive males thread to come and take me to jail now.

Agree. SWs should perform their somewhat valuable services to society in the dark, without nearly being exalted for them, at the cost of their own lives and not other young/idealistic women's. Almost like we had it worked out before. Side note but China and Japan openly bully their small population of fat people, which potentially keeps the rest of the population in line… kek, maybe you're onto something anons?

No. 575066

I wanna bully that tiny nerd and make him whimper, breaking that stupid ass voice he does

No. 575068

Selling nudes and/or being a camgirl isn't cool or empowering, and a lot of women need to stop lying to themselves about it.
You already know you're fucked if one of your "fans" decides he wants to feel big and important, doxes you and makes sure your whole family, your school, your potential employer(s), any social circle you might enter, etc knows about your past. No amount of likes on Twitter, or pastel drawings of unicorns or anime characters holding placards reading "respect sex workers" will save you.
You also already know you're not going to be making millions off of it and living like a queen for the rest of your life. It's a fucking lie. Your funds will inevitably dry up, and you're going to have to settle for an ordinary wageslave job, except then you'll also have to worry about the aforementioned situation. That just leaves actual prostitution and becoming a porn star, which is on a whole other level of dangerous and seedy.
All of it is such a shitty deal, and it fucks with me how the internet wants to brainwash us into thinking it's progressive.

No. 575070

File: 1593116497886.jpeg (272.46 KB, 405x1365, CB9D0740-6E67-405A-A5BB-A7DC07…)

Please have some sympathy. This teen self-producing child pornography has been led to believe catering to pedophilic men is acceptable. Pic related is tumblr post about onlyfans (hopefully it's readable).

No. 575072

Thank you for that image, anon. Basically sums up my exact thoughts.

No. 575079

File: 1593117192272.jpg (44.45 KB, 750x750, 53632e70fad1bb36.jpg)

He has such girly eyes. No comment on him or his content, but I just noticed that.

No. 575092

YESSSS fuck I've never agreed more. I hate seeing people on Twitter of all places say that sex work is empowering.
Yes Linda, bending to the will of horny coomer men really IS empowering, like whaT??

No. 575097

I'm a woman but after the bait remark that male poster speaks the truth. That thread is riddled with attention starved anons using satire to seem mildly approachable/less demented. Imo that and our meet the famers thread is our slightly less embarrassing equivalent of the boast thread on PULL.

I doubt anyone disagrees or lacks sympathy. My take is it's more anons fantasising about a society that has negative repercussions for this behaviour thus preventing the normalisation and grooming that affects young girls such as this.

No. 575108

Yes, because every girl selling her naked pics online was somehow forced into doing it. Not like a whole lot of them do it for the attention and praises or because (the shock!) they like behaving like sluts. Just stop. Stop expecting ppl to coddle them just because they happened to be born in the same gender.

No. 575120

NTA but did you actually read the whole post in the image or…?

No. 575121

after reading this i still have zero empathy for people who pull this kind of shit because i don't give a single fuck about the feelings of some privileged little e-thot doing this for shits and giggles in her own comfy corner while there are actual trafficking victims and women who are forced to sell themselves to make a living

No. 575129

I don't feel sorry for them exactly but I do understand how easy it is for young girls to go down that path. Especially when the Bell Delphine sort of archetype brand of egirl has become so fashionable. As another anon said before, male validation is one hell of a drug.

No. 575132

>boomer icon
OT but this user looks like part of the edgelord "i'm not like the other girls uwu" 4chan wannabes part of tumblr and those ppl annoy me to no end

No. 575135

kek this post was circulating around ratfem tumblr

No. 575141

When posters use "ratfem", it instantly reminds me of k-pop spammers going on about "ratmys". Same energy.

No. 575158

Omg anon I was thinking the same!
Kpop fags are really something

No. 575171

Yeah I did, a bunch of excuses for whoring yourself online

No. 575173

1. I liked Pocahontas 2 more than Pocahontas 1

2. Sleeping without a bra is so uncomfortable (maybe it isnt for someone smaller but bro My back hurts if i dont use a bra while sleeping)

No. 575191

He looks FTM imo. Like if androgyny is your thing, you go girl. But for me this ain't it.

No. 575210

>He looks FTM
I literally thought the same thing, but I didn't want to say it out loud, lmao.

No. 575221

Lmao he totally does being 5’6 and all

No. 575254

I have no problem with Jenna marbles as a content creator. Knew her stuff back in 2010 up until now. Back then it was totally a product of the times. Back when =3 was super popular. That’s says a lot. That being said, the fact that she’s apologizing and getting so upset about “offending anyone at all ever” is a bit much for me. She took down her shit guys say and shit guys say because “boohoo some people deal with gender dysmorphia” she took down a video where she imitated nicki minaj because she had a tan and was making a comedy sketch in a pink wig. Apparently that was “blackface” since when is being tan and making a parody blackface? Either way it’s a shame she got too involved in Twitter politics and left a platform that she dominated for a long long time. I don’t agree that her being THAT upset about pissing off a tiny vocal minority should mean she can never speak her mind or be honest or make anything but G rated baby content if she returns. Fuck this stupid fucking group of people who feel this way. They/ them trans non-binary fuck nuts who spend too much time online. Go outside.

No. 575258

>1. I liked Pocahontas 2 more than Pocahontas 1

No. 575261

>tanning your face to impersonate brown people was totally normal ten years ago!

Lmao, anon I was in my early 20s and I don't remember anyone except attention whoring weirdos wanting to paint their skin to match the color of the person they were making fun of. I even remember /cgl/ fights back then about newfags wanting to paint their skin brown to cosplay black characters. It has always been stupid, and a generally bad idea at best.

No. 575263

I just checked my subscription feed and watched the video. IDK, maybe it's the quarantine getting to her, but the video seems so overdramatic like, I'm not on twitter but were people even seriously getting upset en mass about old, privated videos of hers? I'm tempted to say "no". Reads as yet another attention grab from a youtuber fading in popularity. And if she actually is legitimately upset, then oh well, I'm sure all those dollar bills make for good tissues. She probably has enough youtube money to live on for the foreseeable future anyway.

No. 575266

I don’t understand why people are now denying biology. “There’s nothing different between men and women” huh?

No. 575292

girl eyes or not i’d wreck that manlet

No. 575297

anon you're so behind, kek

No. 575311

Zoomer humor is painfully unfunny

No. 575314

jenna has been putting in zero effort in youtube for about 2 years and i think she's been looking for an excuse to stop having to pump a video out every wednesday for a while tbh

this way she gets glory for quitting

No. 575315


I agree, usually they think they're sooo different and quirky because their humour is rand0m but it's just obnoxious and annoying. And this is coming from a late zoomer

No. 575320

i'm bisexual and i really don't care if people describe me or bisexuality as "50% gay, 50% straight".

No. 575324

Red flags are very easily spotted but many women choose to ignore them because an abusive relationship is more thrilling than a normal one. Bonus points if the abuser is good looking.

No. 575325

Waiting for anons in abusive relationships to tell you about muh traumatic past

No. 575326

The generations of the last 30 years have become more and more afraid of maturing and obsessed with childish things.
Zoomer humor is extremely infantile.
It’s also uBeR rAnDom and non-sensicle because they’re afraid of offending anyone with real jokes that might turn out to be too non-pc or turn out to be someone’s random ass “trigger

No. 575330

You sound bitter

No. 575336

I’m glad Jenna Marbles is going to stop making content. She hasn’t brought anything fresh or new to YouTube in years. Nothing against her as a person, but 1000 dog videos is fucking boring and basic af. Also her boyfriend is insufferable

No. 575337

no im just a dumb bitch who hated herself and thought she couldnt do any better. they were ugly af too i was just boo boo the fool

No. 575342

Women ignore the red flags in relationships usually due to a super combo of loneliness and low self esteem. Not because they WANT to be in an abusive relationship and for thrillz~.

I do kinda agree with the second part tho, Only because it goes along with the whole “pretty people get away with everything” thing. Goes for both men and women.

No. 575351

agreed, I also think it's interesting how the peoples opinion on ''cancelling'' creators seems to have greatly shifted with this. Now it's all about "but she has grown and learned", I just see that as "but I actually like this creator so it doesn't count!".

A lot of them didn't care about growth/learning before this and ''cancelled'' people for one bad tweet and other minor things. I feel like this is a pivotal cancellation and might change how people view and do 'cancelling' in the future.

No. 575360

I haven't seen her content in years, but is she still with Julian? I always thought he was a closeted man taking advantage of Jenna's money and popularity.

No. 575369

I agree. I honestly think that people are increasingly lacking in morals. Within just a couple years the public sentiment somehow turned from "Having to sell your body is the most horrible fate, these poor women need rescuing." to "Sex work is a totally a-okay job for young middle-class girls, let women do what they want with their own bodies!".
Seeing the latest milk about Shoe0nhead also made me even less sympathetic about the involved girls, being young and stupid can't be an excuse for everything. How many more times do you need to tell them that there are other ways to make money, that they're worth more than that and most importantly that this is dangerous before they finally listen? They know exactly what they're doing, they have no problem with catering to lowkey pedos/fetishists for easy money and they'd have no problem throwing their own mom under the bus as long as it gives them male attention.
Trafficked women already have to deal with people having no sympathy or accusing them of being at fault for their situation enough, without thots loudly claiming how awesome selling your body is. Older women in about every single country on earth become invisible and then you have somebody like them playing up the uwu I'm so widdle and sm0l and so much prettier and more fun than all these hags, oh and did I mention that old men are hot daddies! teehee…
I hope this changes soon again, I remember around a decade ago there were some scandals about celebrities nudes being leaking and most people still said that sending nudes is stupid, meanwhile now you have supposedly completely normal girls posting their nudes on the internet for everyone to see and their families/bfs are okay with it. You don't need to be conservative or religious to be appalled by how degenerate society has become.

No. 575370

>Camille Paglia has entered the chat

No. 575380

>t. sjw

No. 575382

I view it as some rich unfunny lady who was typical cringy early 2010s youtube humor who had been dying on the platform and getting bored of it for a while looking for an excuse to get off and cry about it as opposed to just admitting she lost interest. >>575254

No. 575383

>Also her boyfriend is insufferable
I completely agree with this, anyone who threatens lawsuits that don't even make any sense and wouldn't legally work over throwing darts at a map is a fucking retard.

No. 575385

Based anon.

No. 575389


Aren't SJWs pro sex work?

No. 575394

That's the opposite of what sjw stand for, they're partly at fault for this shit happening, they shill selling your body as just another job or "empowering".

No. 575395

The "lacking in morals" part strikes me as sjw attitude

No. 575401

I think you don't know or understand what sjws really are, anon. Most of them are degenerates who are lacking morals, the opposite of what I was talking about. The "good old morals" is rather something conservatives might talk about.

No. 575403

agreed also tiktoks are not funny when i see anyone older than 18 using that app i think theyre babyish

vine started everything and anything similar that came afterwards is a flop

No. 575405

This. They use psudo-morality as a way to feel superior and to push their narrative others. That doesn't mean the classical definition of morality/degeneracy no longer exists.

No. 575406

same imo not even her early videos were good

No. 575411

The concept of holding a canceled person "accountable" has honestly become so flimsy and just an excuse for people to continue harassing others. Holding someone "accountable" should be just.not supporting their content anymore not making them delete their social media and harassing them into oblivion

No. 575412

>It’s also uBeR rAnDom and non-sensicle because they’re afraid of offending anyone with real jokes

So kinda like 2007 humor just without the edge? Does anyone have a good example of zoomer humor?

No. 575413

Nope, sorry anon. I stopped paying attention when memes devolved into air horns and that was like 5 years ago if not longer

No. 575429

except the granny and granpa tiktokers they are the older people i accept tiktoking

No. 575443

File: 1593183562279.jpeg (125.31 KB, 750x560, 83267E30-A2BC-4368-AF28-6D07CD…)

I think it’s true for the sector of women who have been around abusive relationships at a young age. Not so much seeking out men who’d beat them ~for thrills~ but at some point they wrongly learnt that relationships need to feel INTENSE, that love hurts and it’s not love if it doesn’t hurt. They were scammed into believing that tolerating “the worsts” of people is a measure of loyalty. That’s why I fucking hate the “if you can’t handle me at my worst” mentality that’s so thoroughly memed in media. I have no loyalty to scrubs. It’s a vibe these women subconsciously send out that is like blood in the water. Those who aren’t self-aware will forever feel dumbfounded and victimized of their continuous run-ins with abuse. Unfortunately pointing out that it’s their way of interacting with the world that is attracting abusers is often misconstrued as victim-blaming.

No. 575458

have you seen brittany ventis vids on this? she's brutal towards camgirls but i love watching her takes on """""sex work""""", sue me lol.

No. 575476

You know what fuck it I'm gonna say it. Forget the border at Mexico we need to build a wall around LA to keep those demons from escaping.

No. 575479

Ah yes, hammerhead NLOG Venti pretending she's better than other camgirls when she literally made her career being an attention whore on r9k whose viewer base continues to be mostly incels. I'm sure she has many hot takes about women who capitalized their attention whoring better than she did.

No. 575480

Despite what many pickmes say, court of public opinion is a good thing. Rapists and scumbags get away with anything so they should at least lose their job forever

No. 575487

hard agree, I thought only kids used it but all my coworkers who are my age (23) are on it and I definitely judge them a little for it. Especially knowing that tik tok intentionally buries content from people who are disabled/ugly/poor.

No. 575488


i'd hate to use the typical y'all sound great at parties line but local anons hate fun, more at 11 works too.
i can't wait for the day folks stop making widesweeping generational statements, it's such useless and whiny discourse regardless of if it's a millennial bitching about boomers or a boomer bitching about milennials or a millennial bitching about zoomers.

whatever "childish" shit you're shitting on the younger generation for doing is likely a word by word quote of the same shit said about you 5-10 years ago, or now by a boomer. everyone's scared of growing up to turn out like their parents until they log on the internet and get a chance to whine about what dumb teens enjoy doing online, even if it's as tone deaf and out of touch as a boomer making "tide pod eating" comments in 2020 towards someone who's 26.

another unpopular opinion: tiktok is nowhere near as reprehensible as folks over the age of 22 act like it is. it's obvious when someone has never used or even seen a video from the app, because they talk like a boomer about it and make whiny comments about how infantile it is for being videos of white girls dancing or shit memes. it's just like any other social media site, and honestly tiktok's algorithm for feed curation is more accurate than any other site I've used. whatever appears on your feed is influenced by what you've shown them you wanna watch, so if you see dumb or babyish zoomer videos, it's probably because you've indicated to tiktok that's the content you enjoy, orhaven't provided them with enough information to give you content you'd like. i see genuine opportunity and plenty of folks building careers out of nothing just from knowing how to work tiktok, so shitting on it for being the next vine or being associated with a younger demographic seems super out of touch (especially so for advertisers and online personalities).

No. 575489

Nayrt and ignoring this whole debate but
>tiktok's algorithm for feed curation is more accurate than any other site I've used
Is the real truth. It's scary, I can't tell if it's spying on me through my Webcam or if I'm genuinely an NPC because it figured me out so well. Haven't seen a dumb tiktok dance or screaming teenager on there in weeks.

No. 575490

100% agree with this. I think it was a combination of, she just wanted an excuse to quit, seeing cancel culture and the backlash Shane was getting for doing kind of similar things scared her that she was going to be next and she felt genuinely guilty. I think the "i don't want to hurt anyone" is.. kind of immature? I'm the same way, i want everyone to be happy and no one to be hurt, but it just can't happen. You can't please anyone, and tolerating everything or constantly being on the fence on things is just going to make things worse. She's 32, she should have learned and come to terms with it by now

No. 575493


it's that chinese spytech

No. 575498

I agree, just out of nowhere it started to show me very specific things I'm interested in, like most of the videos only have views in the 4 figures.

No. 575500

same here. i made an account and just after an hour or so of scrolling through the for you feed and showing them what i like/don't like, my feed was already hyper-specifically curated. like even showing up with videos where a certain kink is mentioned but the only thought I've had about that kink was reading an lolcow post about it earlier in the day. tiktok is scary af and the zip file it has in the app along with the other things it's able to access on the devices you download it to is definitely dangerous if in the wrong hands.

i was reading a thread about it the other day and someone mentioned sure, it doesn't matter if they build a huge data profile on you using their algorithm if you're just a "dumb teen". but what about when you start becoming an important figure? or get involved with politics? and suddenly not only do they have an in depth data profile on you and your device, contacts, messages, etc. but also on any of your friends who may also have tiktok. Scary as fuck.

No. 575502

thank you, tiktok is shady as fuck. I don't care about the content, the company behind it is so creepy and collecting a fuck ton of your data.

I don't bother telling friends not to use it because it's now viewed as vine 2.0.

No. 575510

It bothers me when people caption videos with "CW: food" or "trigger warning: food". Makes me question how I think about food and brings back negative memories, almost like it's something to fear, or I'm making a mistake by looking at it. It's especially stupid because videos tend to auto-play by default on sites like Twitter. No one is protected. Ironically, I guess trigger warnings trigger me.
If you can't bear to look at food in general (as opposed to specific, trauma-linked foods or something), you probably shouldn't be on the internet, honestly.

No. 575513

I think Chole Ting is an over hyped fitness guru and possible ana chan. Like it's painfully obvious she's on a severe calorie deficit.

No. 575526

i remember seeing somewhere that the "eat in small plates to trick your brain!" advice was anachan advice, but what else makes you say this?

No. 575536

>Twitterfag detected
>Read novel, suspect magnum opus
>A few good points
>Majority can be summarised as:
>Tiktok good
>Anons bad
>How do you do fellow kids

No. 575539

The fact that it took you like 3 tries and 20 minutes to make this dumbass post

No. 575540

This is fucking sending me anon

No. 575542

>writing a long-ass post just to defend dystopian-level Chinese botnet that discriminates/excludes people based on their race, sex and (dis)ability
>literal "just give them more information guys"
The absolute state of our pop culture.

No. 575554

I've never heard about discrimination like that happening on tiktok, did something happen? Although I don't use the app so maybe I'm out of the loop.

No. 575561

Yeah, there's a lot of articles about it. I forgot to add they also discriminate against poor, "ugly" and LGBT people, lmao.
Also, they have a habit of removing any content that's critical of China (and permaban anyone that promotes any TikTok competitors), but tend to leave up actual racist content.

No. 575575

>tiktok being anti LGBT
lol, I kinda want to bring this up with my friend. She’s obsessed with TikTok and always acts like the ultimate authority on and LGBT issues and insists she’s LGBT (in reality, she’s just a bored straight girl who has watched one too many episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race). I wonder how she would dance around the topic.

No. 575591

I think people thristing over him definitely got to him. He was better before the face reveal. Now he's all pompous, but pretends he's not. i cant stand his sexist ass. he used to be okay but now he's basically Cry 2.0. I wonder if he'll go down a similar route?

No. 575602

File: 1593212804355.jpeg (281.85 KB, 750x949, BDEF5594-1AD4-4EB3-BDE5-36BB8B…)

All this fucking hype about the Cryaotic drama and it fucking sucks, bargain bin Projared. Zero saucy Sailor Moon cosplays or sexy chat logs with children but 100x the newfaggotry. I’m actually pissed that I made myself wade through three threads of unsaged autism and boohooing about pronouns… .

No. 575611

>t. naive dumbass zoomer

Yeah I tried reading up on the drama because everyone was hyping it up as juicy as shit and it was just your run of the mill youtube faggot letting fame go into his head and sexting with thots. Fucking compelling right, it's not like this happens every goddamn week. Especially because that shit happened like ten years ago and the obvious attention whore pretended like it ~ruined her life~. Stale as hell and attracted the worst influx of newfag twitter pissbabies.

No. 575620

I can't bring myself to read through it, somehow the lack of a face to go with the names makes it completely uninteresting to me

No. 575643

After wading through countless books and documentaries about true crime I'v come to the conclusion that US & EU should legalize everything from hard drugs to snuff films and cp.

Not because of the tax money, economics, suffering brought by jailing offenders, freedom of choice, safety of users or even because ""cannabis is harmless"" but because the immense suffering we bring to the developing world. We are directly killing millions in the most poor parts of the earth when we outsource our drug production there. We subject countless of kids to rape by having ban on child pornography when we could solve the problem with Hollywood CGI, instead we encourage sex tourism into Asia. We practically made South Asia into rapists paradise and yet we ferry people there.

Millions suffer and the discussion around drugs is about "what happens to US". We could save countless of lives by creating our own highs instead of pushing the problems to someone else

Decriminalize everything.

No. 575645

I strongly agree with drugs, there is honestly no rational argument in favour of keeping them illegal and it causes a huge amount of harm. CP and snuff films I don't really know enough about to have an opinion.

No. 575648

I'm happy that America's police brutality crisis is under higher scrutiny, but I don't understand why there's this weird double standard where everyone is expected to vocally take a stand against it on social media, but not any other issue. Where was this pressure for everyone to speak out during the attempted abortion bans, including those that would have forced child incest victims to carry to term like the one in Alabama? Or any other extremely heinous situation that sparked nation wide outrage? Like I said, I'm glad people are talking about it, I just don't understand why if you don't say anything about it, you get shat on when that hasn't been applied to any other major social issue.

No. 575649

Another anon in another thread was saying how this much passion should have happened over the Me Too movement too, but blm affects men and that’s the difference. The issues you’ve brought up (abortion ban) are women issues. When you see which victims of police violence are brought up for blm, it’s almost exclusively men.

No. 575656

I actually totally agree with this as long as it's purely CGI with no actual humans being involved. On that note, I've always thought people who want loli hentai banned are fucking insane. Banning drawings is some hardcore thought police shit and I've never in my life heard a logical argument in favor of it, just "it's immoral and disgusting!" Their arguments are no different than the those of the people who tried to ban violent video games after Columbine.

No. 575661

Loli I get but cgi that's designed to look exactly like a real child?? Absolutely fucking not. That will just fuel their desires and eventually they'll move on to real kids.

If it's legal, it'll also be very easy for someone young to stumble across and boom, now their sexual development is fucked up and they'll probably become a pedo themselves when they grow up. So many pedos point to being exposed to cp as a kid as the source of their paraphilia. It's a terrible idea, as is the concept of "child sex dolls. If those started getting mass produced I'd straight up become a terrorist and bomb the factory. Vile.

No. 575662

This. There is barely a fraction of the amount of rage over Breonna Taylor even though her murder was even more unjust than George Floyd's and no one involved has been charged, just fired. Black women murdered by cops don't get anywhere near the same amount of coverage as men, even in cases involving children. Just another sad reminder that women are second class to men.

No. 575664

Trying to change the definition of a word to suit your argument doesn’t actually help you make your point, it just forces the conversation to devolve into an argument about semantics. Words are given meaning based on their widely accepted usage in society, not whatever makes you look better.

No. 575665

I agree with you that they shouldn't be realistic to the point of looking exactly like real kids because it could lead to too much confusion for law enforcement. They'd have to comb through all the content to make sure it was indeed fake and not trafficking victims somehwere.

>That will just fuel their desires and eventually they'll move on to real kids.

I don't think this is a valid argument, it's too similar tp "we should ban violent video games and horror movies because they can fuel the homicidal desires of mass shooters and serial killers".

>it'll also be very easy for someone young to stumble across and boom, now their sexual development is fucked up

Personally, I think kids should be banned from using the internet unsupervised at all for a thesis worth of reasons. Just look at how destroyed the sexual development of an entire generations worth of men is due to growing up woth unlimited porn access.

No. 575667

Abortion has had much more widespread support for a much longer period of time than BLM, which was viewed extremely negatively until very recently.

There was a huge amount of passion over the Me Too movement, there are also a lot of differences between the issues of police brutality and the Me Too movement outside of just gender

People don't care about the murder of BLACK women, BLACK women are second class citizens. Don't act like if a white woman was murdered in that way by the police and recorded with a cop kneeling on her neck for eight minutes it wouldn't get a immeasurable amount more attention and condemnation than George Floyd's death. Stop trying to lump yourselves in on a struggle you do not relate to. I wish the PP spergs would actually just leave like they've been asked to so many times. This website is so frustrating if you're not a white feminist.

No. 575669

>Stop trying to lump yourselves in on a struggle you do not relate to. People don't care about the murder of BLACK women, BLACK women are second class citizens. Don't act like if a white woman was murdered in that way by the police and recorded with a cop kneeling on her neck for eight minutes it wouldn't get a immeasurable amount more attention and condemnation than George Floyd's death.

Holy fucking projection. First of all, I'm half black. Second, learn to fucking read-
>Black women murdered by cops don't get anywhere near the same amount of coverage as men, even in cases involving children.
>Black women murdered by cops
>Black women

Where the hell is this hidden message complaining about white women being killed by cops you magically got out of my post?

No. 575670

>Just another sad reminder that women are second class to men.

I interpreted this as you expanding your original point about black women to include all women, but I take your word for it . It doesn't really matter if it doesn't apply to you specifically. There have been posts echoing this kind of sentiment (that people only care about racism because it effects men) in multiple threads, multiple times the past few weeks. Plus people going into the stupid questions thread with things like 'am I racist if I don't care about the racism men feel' or whatever. Plus people making posts like 'women are not capable of being dehumanising and cruel in the way men are uwu' like ANY non white woman will be able to tell you that they absolutely are. These kind of posts happen all the time and is extremely draining. The """feminists""" here are beyond tone deaf and ignorant, and constantly reduce everything to an issue of solely gender as if it is the only axes of oppression and are often outwardly racist under a guise of just 'hating men' or whatever.

No. 575671

>like ANY non white woman will be able to tell you that they absolutely are.

NTA but you don’t know the race of those posters, though. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean they’re white.

No. 575672

>Just make fake cp bro
Brainlet take you fucking pedophile
Are you fucking retarded? Video games don’t CAUSE normal people to become violent criminals but there have been cases upon cases of serial killers and psychopaths getting spurred on by media. All CGI loli faggots first started masturbating to 2D loli, they always escalate, don’t be this naive Jesus fucking Christ.
Go on Pixiv and type in 3DCG loli and tell me how this shit is fucking acceptable. What the fuck is wrong with you.

No. 575676

What are you fuckers even doing on lolcow? Just go back to 4chan if you want to cry about people who don't like you fapping to children, no matter if real, drawn, 3D or whatever. There's an idea behind it and it's disgusting. I'm so sick and tired of scrotes literally flooding /ot/, I honestly don't give a shit anymore about getting banned for stating the obvious.(hi scrote)

No. 575677

This honestly just feels like gaslighting and I'm not going to go back and forth on it. The demographics of the vast majority of radical feminists aren't a secret, neither is the demographics of this website. Sure in theory it's possible that the tiny number of non white people on this website just so happen to be the ones making all these posts parroting these racially tone deaf, nonsensical takes that I have heard countless times by white feminists and absolutely never by any non white women (let alone feminists, which a lot of these posters identify as) but realistically they aren't. Even if they aren't white (they are), it's still White Feminism so I don't care. It's still racebait and they've been told countless times to stop and to use their containment board.

No. 575678

No offense anon, but I'm black too and you sound like a larper who just wants to bitch about PP/GC again. I know a shit ton of black women with similar takes to women's rights and they're not even american. Nevermind the PP threads got banned because different brown women simply discussed men of their race, yet here you are defending that.

No. 575680

That absolutely is not why the PP threads got banned lmao. There was a lot of genuine racism and racebait in those threads that was not 'brown women discussing men of their race'. The posts admin linked were not the most representative sure but if you go back and read it there were plenty. I haven't said anything 'defending' it but I am absolutely glad those threads got locked because they ruined the site and it should have been done a long time ago.

No. 575685

Boo hoo they ruined the site, quit your bitching, anons still hate men and still """raycyst""" around here kek

No. 575686

Yup, seems like I was right.
And yes it absolutely is, judging by what was actually posted. Sorry if discussing shit experiences with men bothers you that much but pretending it's all white girls saying the things you don't like and only white girls can disagree with you (for example I fully agree that women don't light a candle to the amount of cruelty men can come up with) won't make it better. Just go cry on /meta/ again to discuss the same shit for the billionth time if feminists won't leave your head.

No. 575688

I love how some anons are always like "yeah WE actually fucking hate you PP spergs!!!!!! you ruin everythig!!!!!!! we keep telling you to LEABE this place but you never do!!!!!!!! fuck off!!!!!!!!" whenever someone mentions PP the tiniest bit. Truly a goldmine

No. 575698

>What are you fuckers even doing on lolcow?
Stop acting like the site is a hivemind, especially in the Unpopular Opinion thread of all places.

I am not male nor do I like loli. It sure would be nice if people could express opinions different from the norm of the board without being accused of being male, especially in the thread literally devoted to it.

This might shock you, but you can be morally opposed to something, but still not want it to be illegal.

>There's an idea behind it and it's disgusting.

I don't disagree that the motivation behind it is appaulling, but so is policing art work and people's thoughts.

No. 575704

ur defending an app chill lol also i am the same anon who said vine started it all and its not like i said vine was this "amazing, hilarious, untouchable app and ppl could never recreate such comical masterpieces now" in fact i find most vines really stupid but holy shit cant believe u wrote that much to defend a chinese app that spies on u and has cringe vids yikes

No. 575708

Yeah no, thinking those threads were only made up of white girls is delusional as fuck.

No. 575715

>We subject countless of kids to rape by having ban on child pornography when we could solve the problem with Hollywood CGI, instead we encourage sex tourism into Asia.
Yeah, just like sex trafficking has been stopped by (adult) pornography and prostitution being legal.
Never post stupid shit like this again, anon. Holy fuck.
>instead we encourage sex tourism into Asia. We practically made South Asia into rapists paradise and yet we ferry people there.
The solution to this is keeping tourists to poorer areas of the world under close supervision to ensure they're not exploiting locals, and also banning single men (or groups of men) from entering said countries if it's not an essential business trip and they don't have family there, but that conversation is too controversial and inflammatory for "some" people, lmao.

No. 575716

This. There were many moments in PP threads where non-white and mixed race anons (myself included) identified themselves and gave their two cents when it was relevant.

No. 575722

Ask me how I know "Everyone who disagrees with me is a white woman" anon is American, an avid Twitter user and middle class, lmao.

No. 575723

File: 1593236252435.jpeg (35.13 KB, 530x514, um..JPEG)

Ayrt, and I think you are getting way to defensive over this. I'm technically part of
Late Gen Z and I find the kind of surreal memes or pictures that just say 'stonks' really unfunny. The humor associated with Gen Z just seem like it's trying really hard to seem wacky and quirky. You do realize that people are allowed to have different senses of humor, right?

No. 575734

>BUt wHAt AbOUT MuH SoCIEty!!!11!
You might want to avoid coming into the unpopular opinion thread if you're this easily triggered(integrate)

No. 575735

>also banning single men (or groups of men) from entering said countries if it's not an essential business trip and they don't have family there, but that conversation is too controversial and inflammatory for "some" people, lmao.
To quote your own words: Never post stupid shit like this again, anon. Holy fuck.

No. 575737

Ok groomer

No. 575738

You are literally retarded.

No. 575739

I'm not, but keep getting angry instead of forming an actual argument. I'm sure you'll convince everybody one day.

No. 575742

>I'm not
Yes you are.

>but keep getting angry instead of forming an actual argument.

Right because dismissing someone as a groomer for not thinking banning all men from travelling is an appropriate solutiln to sex tourism is such a great argument.

>I'm sure you'll convince everybody one day.

LMFAO literally who do I need to convince? You're talking as though whether or not men should be allowed to travel is a controversial issue when no one has this insane take besides you and maybe like 4 other people on Earth.

No. 575744

>Yes you are
Anyway, I'm sorry to have triggered you by mentioning the group that's the main risk to children and how to deal with them, I hope you can recover soon. Also, I hope your reading comprehension improves, because if you read my post and interpreted it as a simple "ban all men from travelling", you must be drinking dumb bitch juice.
>LMFAO literally who do I need to convince?
I don't know, I guess I assumed you weren't posting out of some impotent "how dare you not be kind to the menerinos!!!" rage and actually had a point to make. My mistake. I recommend browsing some men's rights communities on Reddit so you don't have to read things that make you so upset, it's not healthy.

No. 575751

>She thinks banning travel works even after being tried for 15th time
Lol, ok commie

No. 575752

Do you just call everything "communism"? Travel bans have certainly worked to secure multiple countries from crime committed by outsiders.

No. 575753

No, just the idiots. Imagine banning travel from US to Thailand. First you hurt the poor by killing tourism and the criminals/pedophiles/whatever who still want to travel there just skip the border to Canada and buy a ticket there. What do you think people in Thailand will subside on after all legitimate tourism is dead?

I mean weren't you taught about the iron curtain? Travel bans never work.

No. 575755

>killing tourism
Right, because only single 40 year old men ever travel, and the US is the only country with an overrepresented count of pedophiles entering poorer countries to exploit children.
You don't sound dumb at all. The Iron Curtain is completely interchangeable with this, and the purposes are the same.
Thailand in particular is a very stupid example to use, because tourism far from its only income, and it actually has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world.
>Travel bans never work.
Look at your own country's policies on foreigners entering, you may be surprised.

No. 575757

>Right, because only single 40 year old men ever travel, and the US is the only country with an overrepresented count of pedophiles entering poorer countries to exploit children.
Oh, you want to restrict travel based on gender AND age? Hell would freeze first, it would never ever pass without being full blown ban.

Also it was just an example, I know the ban would have to be widespread
>You don't sound dumb at all. The Iron Curtain is completely interchangeable with this, and the purposes are the same.
Except they're not, you must be American if you don't realize how it worked. The curtain leaked like a sieve until men with rifles stepped in and even then it worked because every country was enforcing it. Iron curtain fell the day after Hungary said it would stop enforcing it, allowing millions to travel to rest of the Europe.

Don't you realize that travel ban works only if you restrict travel to the US or EU? That means no travel to China, Japan or any other place without the ban. It's lunacy.

>Thailand in particular is a very stupid example to use, because tourism far from its only income, and it actually has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world.

Yeah, but you do get the idea.

No. 575759

>Oh, you want to restrict travel based on gender AND age? Hell would freeze first, it would never ever pass without being full blown ban.
Thank you for clarifying that you did not fully read my post. The point is that visitors being monitored, and a certain, specific demographic known for illegal action being blocked from the countries they commit them in unless they have a good reason to be there (eg to visit family members or for business reasons) is a completely reasonable action to take.
>Except they're not, you must be American if you don't realize how it worked
Do you know what sarcasm is? And you're calling me American? Holy shit, kek. You've literally highlighted the very reasons they're not the same, but you're still applying a false equivalence somehow.

No. 575760

>Thank you for clarifying that you did not fully read my post. The point is that visitors being monitored
By who, the oh ever so corrupt police in some military junta?
>and a certain, specific demographic known for illegal action being blocked from the countries they commit them in unless they have a good reason to be there (eg to visit family members or for business reasons) is a completely reasonable action to take.
I'm sorry, I thought we were discussing solutions that would apply in the real world and not in your imaginary republic of Lolcowia. You have better chance to pass Jim Crow than ban white men from international travel because that's what it is. It's the rich country enforcing a ban on it's own citizen instead of solving the problem, just like we are doing with drugs. And don't even for a moment think the poor countries would advocate for it.
>Do you know what sarcasm is? And you're calling me American? Holy shit, kek. You've literally highlighted the very reasons they're not the same, but you're still applying a false equivalence somehow.
Bruh at least I'm not the one posting inane shit on cow

No. 575762

>Bruh at least I'm not the one posting inane shit on cow
That's pretty much exactly what you're doing right now. Like, what intelligent, valuable discourse have you contributed? "No it's impossible to happen because reasons"? It's funny, because I already said society isn't ready for that conversation from the very start, which any normal person would note and understand what I'm getting at. You seemed to have gotten irritated enough about it on principle alone to attempt to have the conversation anyway, and make a piss-poor argument with weak comparisons (the Iron Curtain, lmao), but then ultimately land on the exact same conclusion I made, which you're now trying to present as something new. Wild shit.

No. 575764

Whatever you say, queen of bad takes.
>I already said society isn't ready for that conversation from the very start
And until you dismantle the current system and become our glorious leader it will never be
>Dumbshit but society isn't ready but I'm sure it will be! Just ignore the issue until then!
Ok shitlord in chief

No. 575766

>this entire post
>that weird strawman at the end
>saying "shitlord" past 2015
I feel like you're either way too young to be on this site, or a confused boomer trying their hardest to fit in.

No. 575770

>every post unsaged
>shitlord in chief
You can stop embarrassing yourself now, newfag.

No. 575772

File: 1593248586207.jpg (17.99 KB, 410x273, kfn3sH3.jpg)

Nta but this kind of hard-line stance of punishing the majority for the actions of a minority has big Trunchbull energy

No. 575776

Not gonna lie, I genuinely feel like children's safety (especially in countries that don't have the proper resources in place to punish child rapists, talk less of rapists that carry status as foreigners from much richer countries) is much more important than men's fun.
I get that for some anons, this issue is happening so far away that it barely crosses their minds and seems extremely rare, but I see this shit happen far too often to feel the same way.

No. 575778

you don't have to sage in /ot/g/m

No. 575781

You don't, but a lot of anons do anyway out of habit. Some browsers even put sage in the email field automatically after a while. So lack of sage can be noteworthy even if it's not against the rules.

No. 575815

Alright then, using your logic of "punish the majority for the actions of the minority for the sake of keeping children safe"- we shouldn't allow women to be alone with their babies since women are far more likely to commit infantacide than men. We also shouldn't allow single parents to raise kids since children raised in single parent households do much more poorly statistically, and single moms sometimes let their boyfriends abuse their kids. I mean, think of the children.

No. 575828

>If I stretch something reasonable to unreasonable proportions, that means it's unreasonable
That's not how anything works, but nice try.
Also, the reason women are more likely to commit infanticide is because they spend more time with infants than men. If you look at how violent males already are (especially to their wives/girlfriends), it's sensible to assume that the amount of infanticide cases would soar if men were primarily put in charge of child-raising. Single parenthood isn't a good thing, but until the adoption/foster care system turns out better results for children, it must be dealt with. That, or men should stop walking out and leaving broken homes.
You really, really want to defend those poor men who just have to be alone in SEA, Africa, etc to "discover themselves", lmao. Gross.
Thinking about it, it's actually even nastier of you to compare them to parents, as if it's somehow necessary, in your mind, for them to be around children.

No. 575833

'Feminist' men are the worst. They're just a bunch of soy boys and I'd never date a guy like that

No. 575834

Men only claim to be feminist so they can get pussy or/and hide that they are some kind of sexual predator.

No. 575849

I honestly wish people would stop having kids already. It amazes me how many people understand the severity and timeline of climate change predictions, yet still intentionally procreate.

No. 575850

ding ding ding ! those are the men young women should be especially wary of. it's like a cheat code, you buy a "the future is female" hoodie and you expect other people to think you're a decent human being without having to put any of that into action

No. 575858

don't flatter yourself, trad men are not any better

No. 575863

That’s a given, though. You’d expect people who call themselves feminists to at least not be misogynistic.

No. 575867

Not only that but these guys are so beta they don't even feel like men anymore.

Who said anything about trad men? But at least they're not a pretentious and weak excuse of a male.

No. 575868

'Feminist' men always turn out to be extremely creepy and abusive but so do trad men. But then what the fuck kind of man should I look for? Someone who just doesn't give a fuck about these type of issues or something?

No. 575869

men who are self-proclaimed feminists often suck. i've found that men who don't outright identify as feminists but agree with many feminist ideologies tend to be cool

No. 575870

as usual, the people who actually walk the walk don’t feel the need to announce it

No. 575871

IME men who have strong respectful relationships with his mother and sister(not mamaboys of course)
For some reasons, purely based on anecdotes, men whose main father figure is his grandfather are better than having dad/step-dad. My theory is a grandfather is less likely to treat his mother like shit in front of him.

No. 575881

I know this is probably wrong to say but I 100% believe you can choose your sexuality (although for most it's natural), especially if you're a woman. I've never had any relationship with dudes (im 19) and thanks to seeing how man act, I decided not even to bother with them. I want a long lasting relationship and not dudes who think 20 year-olds are the hottest even when they're 40 year old balding men. I've downloaded a lgbt dating app and every interaction I've had was great. I'm slowly brain-washing myself into becoming a lesbian which is tbh the better option.
Also i feel like most women are already bi-sexual, and being bi-romantic/homo-romantic is not that hard with girls.

No. 575883

Behold! A 19 yo invents political lesbianism!

No. 575884

Lol ok.

No. 575886

I literally said it comes naturally to most people, just not me. im sorry that being 19 invalidates my experience, but i genuinely think i became a lesbian simply by not focusing on males. I stopped finding male celebrity crushes I had attractive, became more interested in women (especially 30-40 year olds) and i dont get whats the difference, emotionally in liking men or women - except i find women more pleasant to talk with. sex is not that improtant to me, so why is me choosing women =/= me being a lesbian?
I don't think lgbt is any less respectable despite think you can choose which gender you want. social stuff have influence, i don't think its all genes.
sorry if i offended anyone, its hard to express since im not a native speaker.

No. 575889

samefag, i've been a long time lurker but its my first post. i think its still "lesbianism" to choose women after every experience I've had with men. i'm sorry(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 575891

Oh how I wish there would be a word that would describe ability to feel attraction to both sexes, so sad it doesn’t exist apparently

No. 575892

tl;dr: anon is bi

No. 575894

You don't reply by adding the post number to the name field, just click on the post number of the post you're trying to reply to, it should pop up in the comments field. You can also type it out manually

No. 575897

fucking idiot, conversion therapy isn't real. if you've had genuine attraction to men and women then you're bi and if choosing not to date men, the term febfem (female-exclusive bisexual) was coined recently. It's usually used by radfem-leaning women but that's not part of it.

No. 575906

lolcow is getting overrun with sjws, good bye one of the last free places from that shit.

No. 575907

If you can't eat a salad without dressing or vinaigrette, you're a pussy.

No. 575917

Based anon

No. 575922


I had a friend who was a “male feminist” and attended women’s rallies and shit. Posted tons of fb statuses about walking drunk women home and overall “protect females” bullshit. We were friends for five years and would drink all the time, first time I drank too much and he coerced next into “cuddling” with him because he was arguing that I was deprived of physical safe touch because I was consciously abstaining from sex at the time. Moment we got in bed he tried to start feeling me up, I said no and he stopped, but then choked me over and over again.

Stay far the fuck away from men that claim shit like that. They’re not safe.

No. 575923

Jesus fuck, sorry that happened to you anon. Men too into online feminist discourse are always bad news. They just coat their degeneracy in wokespeak.

No. 575925

Are you a giraffe or koala? Those things eat dry leaves.
Cows (ha) eat dry grass. Are you one of those?

No. 575926

>Meet a guy in our circles who's woke as fuck, throws a fit over non-PC jokes and capes for trannies
>Every time were out drinking and he gets drunk he makes inappropriate sexual comments at me
Stay away from woke men.

No. 575933

Adults don't need their food to be all wet and mushy, anon.

No. 575935

There's a difference between dressing and salad soup.
Do you eat dry pasta? Plain white bread?
I'd say raw meat but you're clearly an herbivore.

No. 575936

This. Also those bisexual men who come across all effeminate like 'you're safe with me, I'm practically one of the girls'

I befriended one shortly after a bad breakup, he appeared to empathise with my situation of being stuck living with my ex for a couple more months before I could move out. There had been abuse in that relationship and I was struggling while waiting to move.

This guy had an active sex life with men (off of gay apps) so in my mind I almost viewed him as totally gay so I relaxed around him. After weeks of meeting in cafes and bars I finally had him over to my apartment and while sitting on the sofa he wiggles his eyebrows at me and then gestures to his erect penis… thank god I was moving out of that place literally then next week. He knew that I had just spent years being coerced into sex I didn't want.. Never spoke to him again.

No. 575938

Bread can be lightly toasted or used for a sandwich, and meat needs to be cooked for safety reasons. Neither turn soft or get slathered in the shit. Pasta is already soft, so sauces just compliment it. Vegetables are a different story, sorry bud.
Are you that one woman who obsessively puts ranch dressing on everything? Are you eating a ranch-soaked, soggy piece of bread right now, anon? You can tell us.

No. 575945

Jesus anon, I've been in a similar situation but the choking part still shocked me. Guess you know what kind of porn he was secretly addicted to while spouting his 'I protect women' crap

No. 575946

my dad was raised by his granddad and is best friends with his sisters and he molested me repeatedly as a child so tread carefully anons.

No. 575948

twitter's so bad not even they can stand it kek maybe they will make an sjw specific imageboard in the future

No. 575949

Can’t dox people if they’re anon though

No. 575950

I'm not your crush, sorry. Ranch only goes on salads and wings because blue cheese is nasty.

No. 575952

Climate change isn't going to kill humanity. The earth's climate constantly changes. Humans will do what they did before and invent new technologies to survive. Also climate change "science" has so far been wrong. In the 70s climate scientists claimed there was going to be another ice age by now, then in the late 90s they were saying the polar ice caps would melt and all coastal regions would be underwater and the current hot climate scientist opinion is that there's going to be a solar minimum.

With trad men you know up front that he's going to be a misogynistic asshole.

No. 575955

I see a lot of posts trying to figure out how you raise a man to not be a rapist, having a father present, not having one, having a strong female role, having lots of sisters… none of it seems to matter. Sexual predators come from broken homes, good homes, trash areas, rich families.

My molester is a family member with an intellectual disability, he'll forever be babied and seen as totally harmless.

No. 575962

File: 1593291507394.jpg (74.4 KB, 1280x720, na.jpg)

>ranch on wings
>ranch, period

No. 575978

Well shit, just kill them all

No. 576112

agreed smh i hope it doesnt continue tho

No. 576141

It's also being run by racists. SJWs and racists are funnily enough working together to destroy the culture on here of just being a messy but harmless shithead

No. 576149

im so confused are u calling me a shithead??? lol also debatable im p sure the "racists" are trolls

No. 576167

Skincare is damaging and a waste of time.

No. 576171

In a way I agree, it has been treated like a replacement for makeup. Skincare content with so many products. it shouldn't be that deep (though I get the struggle for people with acne).

But also we should all wear sunscreen and not get skin cancer, kek.

No. 576174

Yeah the industry is obviously built to make money off of you and clean beauty is apart of the sham but some things like vitamin c and certain derivatives have been proven to be anti-aging in plenty of studies.

No. 576179

Completely agree. I had horrible acne in my teens and everything I tried just made it worse.

No. 576182

I have genetic adult acne so I literally can't look nice without a routine. And dehydrated facial skin is uncomfortable and bad to look at.

It's a waste of time and money for people with naturally gorgeous skin for sure, but some people stand to benefit supremely from it.

No. 576188

While on the flip side, I've never and still don't take care of my skin in any way, yet my skin is the best physical trait I have. I always felt bad seeing my siblings spend literally hundreds on skin care products and medication and not being able to get rid of their acne, while I don't even make an effort to fully remove my makeup or regularly moisturize my face.

No. 576191

Thats why you dont have acne. You dont mess with your skin! Its better to leave it alone.

No. 576192

Yeah, no. Chronic acne is almost always genetic. Messing with your skin can make it worse, but the issue was already there to begin with.

No. 576193

Seriously. Puberty hit me like a truck and the first thing I got was painful cystic acne all over my face. I’ve had a skincare routine since I was 11 and it’s only now calming down at 24. My skin looks much better than it used to but it’s taken a lot of time, products, laser treatments, and diet changes to get there. And even then it’s only good now because I’ve stopped wearing foundation during quarantine. Some people have perfect skin without trying and some have skin that reacts to everything.

No. 576196

I feel you. I had perfect baby skin up until summer before my freshman year of high school. Suddenly, BAM. Pimples all over my forehead, horrible oily skin, pores noticeably huge, etc. Both of my parents had bad acne so it was basically inevitable. Thankfully I don't get acne anymore, just a few zits here and there around my period, but my skin is still super oily and my pores are huge. Literally nothing I can do about it. It's just genetics fam.

No. 576244

I agree with you anon, easy to say skincare is a waste when you already look good / have issues only dermatologist can solve but you refuse to go. I have problematic skin and it still is not perfect but it was much worse before i had an adjusted morning and evening routine.

No. 576248


Same here anon, except my dad has always had clear skin and I inherited my teen acne and need for dental braces from my mom. I distinctly remember my first pimple appearing when I was 11, which was also when I started my periods. I remember looking in the mirror and seeing this red mark on my nose and being like “ahhh, so it begins”. My skin was terrible through my teens; I tried hormonal birth control, antibiotics, and prescribed creams but nothing touched it. I didn’t dare to fuck with accutane though because of the potential strain on my liver and the evidence that it can really fuck with your mental health and make you suicidal. I’m in my late twenties now and I haven’t really had any active acne now since my early twenties but my skin is still v oily and I have enlarged pores. I think when covid fucks off I’ll look into intradermal Botox to try to fix that.

No. 576249


Oh yeah, forgot to add: pretty much as soon as my acne cleared up I caught adult chicken pox and that scarred my skin instead. Fuck my dumb life lmao.

No. 576339

Undereye circles are hot. On men and women.

No. 576344

The relationship advice thread should be in /ot/

No. 576350

agreed. heroin chic is coming back in style

No. 576353

Agree. Most skin problems outside of actual medical disorders can be fixed by eating an adequately nutritious diet.

No. 576397

I don't think it's an unpopular opinion. Skincare products are shilled so heavily so it's seen as a solution that people will spend money for when it's not.
The best thing I ever did for my skin was stop obsessively washing it and realize my "blackheads" were sebaceous filaments.

No. 576398

No. 576412

People that actually know about skincare know that sebaceous filaments aren't blackheads and those awful charcoal peels will only damage your pores. I do think a lot of normie skincare uses harsh ingredients that further irritate acne or sensitive skin.

No. 576413

Gosh if only. My skin only gets normal, not even good, if I go full keto with tons to fat and protein. It sucks that it's so unsustainable for me, but oh well genetics.

No. 576418


Did I write this and forgot about it?? This is literally me. When I did keto, not only did I lose weight and bloatedness, but I was surprised with the turn my skin took. It enhanced my skincare products x100. Again, not good, but I finally felt like my skin was normal. Too bad it's almost impossible to keep it at home, maybe if I live alone someday or if I work in a very well paying job.

I miss keto.

Do you have pcos as well?

No. 576419

I agree! It's honestly one of my favourite features someone could have, I also like when people have dark eyelids where it looks like they're always wearing eye shadow - I think it's pretty.

No. 576420

I might have, I'm not sure. I used to get monstrous periods in my teens, not so much now.
I'm kind of afraid to go to the doctor to see if I have it or not, the last time I went the gino prescribed me super strong birth-control meds, for my skin, that gave me awful migraines but apparently my hormonal levels were normal so I don't really know what's up.

No. 576437


hard disagree. i'm cringing imagining how much oil must be lodged in the pores of someone who doesn't wash their face at least once a day. by no means do i advocate overuse of skincare products since that can be as equally damaging as ignoring your skin (and yeah a lot of skincare can be replaced with a good diet, exercise, hydration) as someone living with a licensed esthetician there's definitely genetic skincare issues and everyday skincare problems that would need products/treatment to treat best (blackheads, cystic acne, etc.)

everytime i get a deep facial i cringe thinking about people who just walk around with all that oil and dirt and dead skin just sitting in their faces, ok with it, either because they don't notice or they're not breaking out yet

No. 576443

I think Ariana Grande looks better after the fillers she had over the past year or so. I know most people think she looks botched but I really don't see it, I think she suits it, especially because she's always had kind of a cartoonish look.

No. 576448

As a bi woman, I would never date a bi guy. Seems like hard to find one that isn't just coming out as bi to later turn gay.

No. 576465

I am obsessed with stupid property shows. Location location location, a place in the sun, escape to the country, give me all of it. It's the visual equivalent of a depression meal for me.

No. 576469

Why is keto unsustainable? I've been eating low carb for over five years.

Most people shower daily.

No. 576470

Ultimately you're entitled to have any dating preferences you want, but as another bi woman I implore you to think about the biphobia that's kind of inherent in that preference. How is that different than a man telling you that he wouldn't date you because too many bi women are faking it for attention/sluts/cheaters/will leave for a woman etc etc? Like, biphobia hurts you too girl.

I agree that men going from identifying as bi to gay is a real phenomenon, but how many female-leaning bi men will stay in the closet forever because they don't want to be seen as less desirable or secretly gay because of bullshit assumptions like yours? I know this is the unpopular opinion thread but we have to stop feeding into these problems. I really hate sounding like such an sjw but I don't mean it in that way, this is just really dumb. You don't need to date anyone you don't want to but you really should think about that preference and if you must keep it, it's honestly not something to share or be proud of.

No. 576471

The phrase “my heart is full” is gross. It reminds me of indigestion. If I’m happy I don’t feel full, I feel light and airy so I really don’t understand the connection.

No. 576472

I feel the opposite, there are multiple reasons I would probably be more inclined to date a bi guy

No. 576478

lmao anon i'm with you on this, i'd wake early specifically to watch homes under the hammer

No. 576506

You guys are weird but I love Nothing to Declare so much I watch it on youtube so that makes us allies

No. 576508

Trauma is at the root of all mental illnesses.

No. 576509

How is that an unpopular opinion?

No. 576514

I've only really ever heard people acknowledge this for disorders like BPD or anxiety. I don't tend to see people make the same claims for schizophrenia or bipolar, for example.

No. 576525

Trauma, neglect and overcoddling imo

No. 576529

Leftist(esp supposed whistle allies) trying to use racial violence against people of color that dont agree with them aren't allies and are just finding excuses to justify racism honestly

No. 576530

I kind of agree, sometimes I see things from them and I just feel like they absolutely do not care about any of these issues or people, they're just edgelords obsessed with talking about killing people and found a more socially acceptable way to do it.

No. 576541

I find majority of dumb bitch memes unfunny and disgusting

No. 576544

Same especially the Sanrio ones
They were funny at first but now they’re just kinda annoying

No. 576553

They’re extra cringy and tacky
IA but I think this is a pretty common opinion outside of Twitter. At least I hope it is.

No. 576555

I love them but the DDLG-adjacent ones creep me out.

No. 576582

the sexual ones make me wanna vomit

No. 576585

I find muscles on men unattractive

No. 576589

File: 1593418705578.jpg (218.72 KB, 1200x1500, edd2b246862777196629a35fe5874a…)

i don't find her attractive at all.

No. 576594

Same and whenever people say they do I feel like they've been brainwashed to think it

No. 576595

She looks like a transvestite

No. 576596

I agree. I only wash my face now with the soap I use for the rest of my body, Ivory body wash. I don't wash my face daily, or else it'll freak out, but it's been way reliable compared to adding skincare products that are a hit or miss. The most I have to deal with now is a single pimple every now and then. My junior high school years were a wreck, lots of cystic acne, possibly from the many products thrown my way from my parents. Save your money. I tried Japanese skincare too and it only lasted 2 months before my body started rejecting the 2 products I used.

No. 576602

I'm glad that Jenna Marbles is leaving social media. I've liked her recent low energy content (earlier shit with her yelling at the screen made me uncomfortable though) and probably placed some unwarranted emotions on her since my dog died, but I think she's too sensitive of hurting peoples'feelings to have such a large platform. Maybe she felt at risk of the small complaints on her videos boiling over and wrecking her reputation with all the recent callouts, but idk, someone who does a 2hr apology video on her improper goldfish care seems too sympathetic to be so tactical. I do think that she doesn't want to hurt anyone, and with such a massive audience, someone's going to be offended by any 1 thing. It was just a matter of time and I'm glad she saw herself out before it was involuntary. Sucks that she fostered such an open and caring environment in her audience and it feels like because of that, she was held to a stricter standard than most to be unproblematic, I think.

I mean, you see absolute shits getting away with things because they just don't give a fuck, so they thrive. I hate it.

ALSO, fuck the fact that women in general seem to be cancelled way more because they're likely to repent and all that if they're attacked. That doja cat stuff was straight up bullshit.

Most, as someone on tiktok though I think some of it can be very funny. I also like that scrote behaviour and mannerisms is joked about way more often than millenials ever did, I'm proud of it.

Same, especially if you can see veins. It looks like they're about to burst.

No. 576609

File: 1593423817340.jpg (74.83 KB, 564x846, 667beeda7dda1d17601ba067760129…)

I kinda agree but at the same time she looks really stunning on the runway with her facial structure, massive kudos to her surgeon for creaing a perfect high fashion model.

No. 576611

Gatekeeping in hobbies is a good thing.

No. 576612

Idgaf if someone “appropriates” my culture. I’m not gonna yell at some white girl for wearing a cheesy Darth Vader sugar skull t shirt. Or bitch about how inauthentic Taco Bell is. Or not enjoy Bleach Bc it misused Spanish words and made Chad kinda lame etc etc
I always look at things with some basic criteria like

What is the historical context?
What was the intent?
Does this feel mean spirited?

There are real race problems out there that need to be addressed and I just don’t feel like censoring an old ass cartoon of Donald Duck wearing a sombrero is going to solve any of the real world problems happening right now.

No. 576621

I feel like Doja cat did literally NOTHING wrong. Not that it 'wasn't that bad' or it was 'exaggerated' or 'sad because she must be insecure' or whatever but that there was literally zero wrong doing on her end. No one has provided any evidence that those people were racist incels they were literally just white and ugly and people ran with it. A young girl being sexual or cringey or whatever isn't problematic or really anyone's business at all.

No. 576632

This is a common sentiment here but we already knew about her history, it's the zoomers on twitter that flipped out. Lipstick alley was upset about a mixed girl acting the way she was.

No. 576633

>for schizophrenia or bipolar
I've heard that most schizophrenics have serious childhood trauma from actual mental health professionals and bipolar is really just an umbrella diagnosis.

No. 576639

Posting edgy vent art uwu on your public social media is attention whore-y and dumb. Keep that shit to yourself.

No. 576646

Schizophrenia typically only kicks off in your late teens to twenties, even thirties. Seeing it in kids is extremely rare

No. 576676

I know anon, I meant that the people that get it during their twenties usually had untreated traume in their early infancy.

No. 576733

Sofia Coppola is a massively overrated director

No. 576882

I really like her movies bc nostalgia and I just like the personally but objectively I agree.

No. 576892

Thank you for this. The cruelty inherent in denying the role of trauma in fucking people up weighs on me every day. I'll be spending the rest of my life trying to convince people to break away from psychiatric medicalization of mental health and look at it in basic, common sense, human terms. It is stunning and appalling how few people realize this.

No. 576946

No? Sometime people can grow up fine and still develop mental illness

Then why does schizophrenia have a huge genetic compnent?

No. 576957

I think that medication can still be helpful to people even while acknowledging the role that trauma plays in the development of mental illness. What really does bother me is mental health professionals who don't acknowledge this and just make you feel like there's something inherently "wrong" with your brain.

I think that as a whole, the mental health industry is getting better about this. Or, at the very least, there are a lot more therapists that take a trauma-approach to mental health. I didn't have these things available to me when I really needed them as a teen and early 20-something struggling with severe anxiety and depression due to a family crisis that left me so traumatized I could barely function. My trauma just got worse due to poor treatment by counselors and psychiatrists who just kept slapping unhelpful labels on me and weren't interested in actually learning anything about my history.

You realize that trauma can happen to a person at any stage of life? Also, of course mental disorders still have a genetic component. People are all very different, and certain inherent characteristics are more likely to lend themselves to specific mental illnesses. Almost all people with a Bipolar diagnosis are very creative/artistic, for example. I just don't think it helps to focus on mental illness from a genetic perspective because then the person doesn't have the opportunity to recognize how much their environment has played a role in their issues, thereby making healing much more difficult, if not impossible.

No. 576959

A cow having an "unattractive" body isn't milk, and it's annoying when someone nitpicks about something like that.

Also, Momokun's thread wouldn't have lasted as long as it has if she wasn't fat.

No. 576962

I agree tbh. I never got the momokun thread, she's really boring.

No. 576968

Nta but I remember learning about different attachment styles lately, they're pretty much determined by parenting in the first four years of your life. Learning about the long term effects of insecure attachment.. it sounds exactly like bpd, almost made me wonder why the term bpd needed to exist. If bpd is already heavily linked to childhood trauma and it's marked by consistent relationship difficulties that's just insecure attachment under a different name?

There were studies done on a style of parenting that was popular years ago where you'd just let your baby cry and always ignore it in an attempt to toughen it up and make them independant..it's linked to emotional outbursts and weirdly enough violence later in life. I think alot of people are walking around carrying the effects of those first four years of their life. You can't remember what happened but a type of trauma is present from either a lack of bond or from the 'just let them cry it out' method.

I do think schitzophrenia and bipolar have their own genetic/chemical causes and genes contribute to depression. It's P.Ds that seem (to me) to just be new labels on oldschool trauma.

No. 576972

Man this shit right here is why I could never have kids, I'm afraid I'd fuck them up and create another horrible, broken person.

No. 576976

Yeah this is why I don't want kids either, in addition to the fear that I'm going to end up resenting them for taking up so much of my time.

No. 576985

I had a very similar experience and I'm only recently realizing that and trying to figure out how to heal. And I think many, many people do too and never realize how deeply their humanity is neglected and denied by the system. Consider how much is said about how difficult mental illness is to fully treat or cure, and how long people spend struggling even with treatment. Perhaps it's not that we're not inferior brains but that the treatment itself is rooted in false assumptions?

You are right on. The more I've learned about trauma and human development the more obvious it becomes that so much of mental "illness" comes from that (and also a whole host of societal factors). And early childhood trauma is the most insidious of all because people literally can't remember it and aren't likely to get accurate recollections from their parents.

People don't seem to understand that for human beings, social belonging and attachment is a biological survival need on the level of food and physical safety. We are an intensely social species and we have developed extremely complex social behavior which is what has lead us to become the dominant species on the planet. Having one's access to social belonging fucked up is inherently traumatic. When it happens to you as an infant, the trauma becomes deeply ingrained in your worldview in ways that I think we're only scratching the surface of understanding.

My dream is to educate myself much more on these topics so I can properly articulate all the problems with psychiatry and the mental health industry and start writing about it, even if it's into the void. It always means so much to see others who are willing to question all this.

No. 576997

>And I think many, many people do too and never realize how deeply their humanity is neglected and denied by the system

Fucking this. I've spent the past few years healing from trauma of just being raised in the family I was raised in, and am only now starting to recognize how much my experience of being a woman trying to exist in this society has fucked me up. Ffs I'm almost 30 and still avoid doing almost anything alone out of fear that I'm going to be harassed or leered at by men. I don't even go to the gym by myself.

No. 577000

>Ffs I'm almost 30 and still avoid doing almost anything alone out of fear that I'm going to be harassed or leered at by men. I don't even go to the gym by myself.

Anon, it isn't only you. I used to run a 5k everyday in my OWN neighborhood before I got stopped by creepy men trying to coerce me into their car. It's crazy how much feer can cripple you. I was in the healthiest shape of my life and now I'm too scared to even go for a jog outside.

No. 577010

Diff anon, similarly I had (thankfully only one) man come up and pester me and completely change my comfort levels being able to walk through my (usually quiet) town.

Dude commented that I tend to wear one color of clothing fairly often and it must be my fave color…I had no idea who he was and he'd been watching me for a while. There was a massive age difference between us, it was already absurd that he'd be approaching me and asking lots of questions including where I work? He asked for my number and when I said no he repeated 'Why not though' over and over like a mad man as he followed me. One shitty run-in with a man affects you for a long ass time. Looking back I wish I had screamed and made a show of him.

No. 577099

4th anon chiming in to say this shit happened to me too.
I was walking to the train station after university and a guy came up to me and would not stop pestering me and asking for my number. I told him I have a boyfriend, he says "whoa, I just wanna be friends!". I told him I don't need more friends, he says "but do you have any guy friends?". I told him I have guy friends, he tells me "c'mon, you just gotta get to know me". He even asks me where I'm going and at which station I'm getting off and I lie and say I'm heading to my parents at X station. Eventually I get in the train, he follows me but I get in a different train compartment than him. He keeps staring at me during the train ride through the window and then after I get off at a different station he RUSHES OUT and asks me why I got off at this station and not the one I told him I'm getting off at. I got out at a different station because I actually ended up deciding to really go to my parents in case this nutjob follows me home so my dad could've beaten him up or something lol.
I ended up taking a different route home just so I wouldn't meet him again for the remainder of my time at that school.
Epilogue to this story is my insane ex bf accusing me of cheating on him with that guy after I told him about this shit. Men are fucking scary

No. 577100

I live in a relatively safe neighborhood and a few months ago I got smacked on the ass by a stranger on a bike. I rarely walk out on my own now and if I do, I bring a knife. It bothers me sometimes. I don't bring this up to my boyfriend because he tries to understand, bless him, but I know he won't fully get it.

No. 577122

It's crazy how it changes the mood, I was having a super fun night with one of my friends, dinner and movie, we were both laughing and joking together, guy shouts at us from his car, instant silence and awkwardness. The fear we had for that split moment that completely drained the fun we were having. Eventually we were being chatty as usual but it was at the back of my mind for a while

No. 577125

this. nothing ruins a day more than random men negatively inserting their entitled asses into womens lives

No. 577172

I like J.K. Rowling and think she's a good person.

No. 577175

One of these days, if we're lucky, I'm really gonna lose my marbles and go on a man hunt for these pieces of shit. I'm fed up with having to be on edge every time I have to walk home from work or go for what is SUPPOSED to be a relaxing stroll. I hate it. It's not fair. And I want them to pay for the mental toll they take on us.

If there are any scrotes reading this, just know the next time you decide to do this shit to a woman, she could be me, and you might get a bullet in your head before you have time to react. Fuckers.

No. 577179

That is a genuinely unpopular opinion, well done.

No. 577181

People who are child-free are irritating as fuck.

It's fine to not want children, (infact, it's amazing since there are so many people who have children that shouldn't, and i'm glad there are more people that realize having kids shouldn't always be the ultimate goal in life) but no one cares about how much you hate kids and how you will never have them. and the same goes for parents whose only personality trait is the fact that they are a parent

Also, I don't even have kids, but people who call children things like 'crotch goblin' bothers me so much. It's usually said with so much spite. Kids can be absolutely horrible, but imo there is no reason to despise them that much.

Strong agree. She only gets backlash because the world is going through a phase where licking transgender people's boots is a trend. And because anyone who speaks about women's rights, and how it's not offensive to say the word "women", is evil.

No. 577186

I feel like this is unpopular on the surface but deep down a lot of women agree with her, they just have to pretend to support tranny rights or they'll lose their job and have their life ruined because hormonally unbalanced men are insane and spiteful

No. 577189

You sound paranoid schizophrenic. Normal women aren't losing their job for disagreeing with her, everyone who says they disagree with her isn't lying under duress. If anything if anyone actually felt that way they would just say nothing.

No. 577191

Agreed. I hate both mombies and people who have to make the fact that they’re child free their entire personality. Want/already have children? Great! Don’t want kids! That’s awesome. But why do you have to bring it up every five seconds?

No. 577196

No. 577201

File: 1593482052400.jpg (156.11 KB, 2250x1500, -methode-sundaytimes-prod-web-…)

kek are you retarded???? a woman got fired for saying that you can't change your biological sex, she's not the only one, women are regularly doxxed on twitter because they're critical of trannies. if you post that you agree with jk rowling/gc on a public twitter account with your name on it you're a few steps away from them emailing your boss and having your entire professional career ruined. if a tranny asked me if I agreed with jk rowling I would absolutely pretend I didn't because I wouldn't want to get murdered by a unbalanced psychotic ma'am.

lolcow has become overrun with trannies, christ

No. 577204

This one famous example is not indicative of some overwhelming amount of normie women being fired for 'agreeing with JK Rowling' lmao? Plus this is so disingenuous and you know it. I'm not going to go back and forth and derail the thread but there was a lot more to this specific case than just her saying that which lead to them not renewing her contract, not firing her.

No. 577209

File: 1593482622052.jpg (89.87 KB, 1200x699, 36163eecbe293fcb7003ca40b2875d…)

Go help your boyfriend dilate

No. 577215

No. 577216

File: 1593483106132.png (56.69 KB, 1430x254, 7568399274.png)

I can't exactly give you every single example considering the main subreddit that housed them was fucking banned kek. if you really think you can express disagreement with transgenderism with no backlash, the hormones have gone to your brain.

No. 577218

why are so fucking many of them furries and pedophiles?
i just wanna know

No. 577221

i dont care for her but i think the amount of backlash she has gotten is crazy! the amount of talk about "hate speech" in the media is very concerning to me as i really think that opinions like "trans women arent women" will start to get censored/lead to a ban. nowadays contrary opinions (just expressing them not even hatefully) is one of the worst things u can do

No. 577223

Same reason they're all weebs and coders. A huge overlap with autism.

No. 577225

mental illness

No. 577230

File: 1593484137482.png (13.66 KB, 468x349, 0392AC6F-E1DE-4D54-99DC-44FDDE…)

Coom and autism

I hate the way they sexualize every single fucking thing. The amount of reddit posts dedicated to tr00ns having “transphobia” kink…

No. 577262

>I'd cut your dick off, but I know you'd want that, so no


No. 577372

You pretend cancel culture doesn’t exist all you want. Then again you think trans women are real women so I’m not surprised you lie to yourself about reality in general

No. 577375

File: 1593514543040.jpg (224.47 KB, 1080x1350, a1kmp.jpg)

I think gals who condemn us meeting/marrying older men for money are just jealous. Most of the couples I know and see are normal people, not pedophiles or abusers farm makes them out to be

No. 577379

File: 1593515192960.jpeg (7.49 KB, 228x221, 1589041109180.jpeg)

yeah anon! it's exactly like a lana del rey song! do it! i believe in you! if he starts hitting you just right, make sure to come to the vent thread about it!

>Most of the couples I know and see

you still have no idea what happens behind closed doors

No. 577380

if you fuck someone who could be your parent/child you probably have some issues

No. 577381

Fuck off, old men who lust after young women (sometimes teen girls) are absolute degenerates. There is a reason no woman their age want them.

No. 577382

File: 1593515421161.png (73.55 KB, 666x262, age.PNG)

For me - and I'm sure I'm not alone in this - it's more of a veeeeeery general issue with the way society perceives men and women and how that impacts people's behavior. Old women, that would be simiar age of these men are always called out for every wrinkle and always deemed undesireable, making only the very young ones perceived attractive; while old men can be as old as they want and they'll still be praised everywhere for how good they look and age. Two consenting adults being together is not an issue, especially if they treat each other with respect. It often feels though that rich, older men want to have a young partner that will be perceived as beautiful and desireable by others a bit like a status symbol; and it became so normalized that when a known person dates someone that is close to their own age it's suddently so weird it makes headlines everywhere, see Keanu Reeves for example.

No. 577384

I agree that they aren't all pedos or abusers, but they are certainly pathetic, and the women who fall for that are weak. Have fun wiping your geriatric husband's ass until he dies.

No. 577392

File: 1593516227782.jpg (220.12 KB, 1125x2046, 0wnk1co234731.jpg)

Right, because the couple from your pic is the norm…
Most people wouldn't see it as that big of a problem if he was really rich, taking care of himself extremely well, treated her very well and if the girl was well above 20 if not 30 and somewhat normal/classy, but that's simply not the case on average.

No. 577394

I found multiple photos of myself in a bikini in my dad's porn folder, then he married a girl the same age as me. Nobody understands why I think it's creepy because they're "SoOoOo nOrMaL!!!1!111" and they never believe me when I try and tell them all the reasons (and I've got many besides just the porn folder) why he's a fucking creep. People "seem normal" when they're not all the damn time.

No. 577395

I mostly just judge because it's ugly and desperate.
There's nothing aesthetically pleasing or charming about a wrinkly, hideous man with a beautiful young woman, and I'm tired of women with parental issues and creepy men trying to convince the whole world there is. Do you think the story of the princess and the frog would've been better if the frog never turned into a prince, too? Just an even uglier, fatter toad covered with warts? Because that's what all this shit is telling me.
I also just cannot for the life of me imagine being so broke and eager that I'd sleep with some ugly old fuck and donate my youth to him for a bit of cash. It's too disgusting.
Don't bother trying the "They may not be the most attractive, but they're so mature and they have such good personalities tho!!!", either, lmao. They're just as bad as the scrotes of our generation. They fucking raised them.

No. 577396

Are you a man because most women that go for an older man like in that photo are clearly gold diggers? Normal people actually care about things like love and attraction, I'm sure if anyone seems envious it's most likely about the fact that a young woman has married for money and to be kept.

Then there's the obvious gross relationships or the ones in which the much older man acted like a father figure and now they're fucking. Totes jealous.

No. 577403

Holy fuck, I'm so sorry anon thata fucking awful

No. 577406

I will never give the satisfaction to men who think they "age like fine wine opposed to women". Women who date older men just reinforce that idea that men deserve a younger woman.

No. 577410

You're debasing yourself by wasting your prime years with an ugly old fart who's using you for his mid life crisis status symbol. You admit you wouldn't even be with men like that if they were broke.

By the time you're through, either because the man dumped you for fresh meat or all the money in the world wouldn't compensate for tolerating his bullshit, you're a husk of your former self then everyone knows you as the woman who sold out and got what she deserved.
Please stop feeding the entitlement of older men accessing younger women's bodies. There's no dollar that will get your dignity back.

No. 577436

I don't go every year but I've gone more often than most and have a lot of Disney merch can't deny that I'm a consumerist and sheltered though so you're probably onto something.

No. 577438

I'm not exactly a golddigger but having dated an older man with a healthy income at a time when I was on disability and broke.. I thought it was great at first that he paid all of our rent and my quality of life was good in that sense, weekend dates he paid for, always bought gifts when we went shopping and a couple of holidays a year…but dudes typically expect alot back from you.

If they are paying with their cash they expect you to be sexually available no matter what, open to any weird kink they hit you with and they will scream about money in any argument because they do resent it and will only pay for shit if they feel like they gain in terms of sex and control over you. That's the sad reality.

No. 577439

Wait, what? You mean gc? Holy shit

No. 577442

You're right, my male friends always complain about how much they had to spent on their exes and gfs. I asked them what do they receive in return you can guess what it was.

No. 577443

why do you have friends like that

No. 577448

I've got a gold digging step mum, the relationship is so fucked none of my siblings or mother even know what age the woman is. She absolutely despises my dad's kids and I'm his only daughter. She treats me as if I'm another woman. I think she's raging because my dad supports his kids and we don't have to debase ourselves or whatever the fuck this woman is doing. He has to keep separate bank accounts from her that she doesn't know about, he keeps her on an allowance she's like another of his kids. It's gross and I'm aware my dad obviously encourages it since he dumped my mum for a younger woman. I just find it funny how much hate is directed at me the daughter, bitches couldn't make it more obvious they've eyes on the resources only.

No. 577452

>but no one cares about how much you hate kids and how you will never have them.
I agree with this 100%. I wouldn't mind as much if they didn't act like they were some sort of genius who's beyond other people just because they don't want kids, the worst ones are the ones who obsess over their dogs instead and go 'uwu better than a real baby'.

In general I think our culture places too much hate onto kids, especially young ones. I get that they can be gross and bratty but they're still kids at the end of the day.

No. 577453

Yeah thing is even if their gf fulfills their every sexual desire..the moment they break up (or just have a fight) all they remember is the money they spent. Then they act like they totally weren't benefitting from buying some gifts or paying on date night. They have short memories and love acting like you owe them money back once it's all said and done lol

No. 577459

I don't understand golddiggers who go for men with kids? Kids cost money (even adult kids if you're that kind of parent) and then there's the massive isssue of what he puts in his will.. surely kids get a massive chunk of that, they at least should.

I've dated a guy with one teenage son and it's a lot to deal with, I feel like you have to truly love the person or else the whole family dynamic turns toxic and every one of you ends up miserable.

No. 577461

gold digger is a term made by broke scrotes. men like hot women, women like money.

No. 577465

Agree. She was shagging my dad knowing he had young kids at the time. I know of him even sleeping with other woman around that time, he cheated on my mum with a lot of woman when he made it I wonder if my step ma even realises. Then there's my step dad who has made enormous effort to blend our families and even invited us to the wedding, unlike my dad. My step dad was eager and proud to introduce us to his family and even helped my mum with debt he had no obligation too. Some people marry for love and others for money, I know I'll be far more jealous of a loving family than some whore with cash

No. 577475

File: 1593527274648.jpg (252.65 KB, 896x604, scout_tran-1-web.jpg)

I don't even think this is an unpopular opinion, it just seems unpopular because the minority are very, very loud and annoying. Like >>577186 said many women not only fear losing their jobs but even friends and family members for speaking out. Trans people show up to protests with baseball bats and cardboard guillotines shouting about injuring anyone they consider a "terf", the fear of violence for speaking out is very, very real. So you're not alone, the majority of us still love Rowling.

Pic very much related, male violence against women.

No. 577477

Oh my fucking god hard agree. I joined the childfree subreddit for support during my husband's vasectomy and it was so fucking cringey at times. The sub was very helpful for me overall, but the rant posts were so obnoxious. Like, people would rant about things like how they were having extremely inappropriate conversations in restaraunts and parents would ask them to be mindful of the fact there's kids around. And the rest of the sub would shit on parents and sperg about "muh free speech!", and downvote the shit out of anyone who tried to tell these autists the parents had every right to ask them not to discuss sex/drug use/swear in earshot of children.

No. 577481

This image is bringing back memories of when the Phoebe Tickner thread was active.
>Punch terfs in the face
>Tories can all eat shit
And all her other phrases that she proudly put on badges in her fucking etsy store. There was one literally demanding that some UK politician be killed?? These bats scream etsy to me, look like they'd be sold next to butt plugs in the trans pride colors, hell some of those baseball bats are probably being used as butt plugs by these lovely folk lol

No. 577487

Yeah my company prides itself on being inclusive and progressive, my ass would be out the door so fast if I even so much as liked a tweet defending JKR. A lot of my friends are vocal trans supporters and probably have no idea that I'm not with them expect a few of my closest who agree with me and are just as stressed out as I am. I'm sure there are a lot more out there who just can't speak up.

No. 577492

God, this. I have a lot of childfree friends who keep calling children edgy insults "crotchspawn" and "sex waste" etc. like it was the freshest thing ever. It's so fucking cringy and I have a hard time believing anyone over 17 would say this shit. I get that they don't like being told that "you'll change your mind" (which they often do, let's be honest) but them going off the racket bitching about children is exhausting and makes them seem like spoiled brats themselves. Kids can be annoying as hell but they didn't choose to be born into this world and they're not responsible for their upbringing, don't take your anger out on them for crying out loud.

I've noticed that a lot of them either had a shitty childhood and are projecting or were the golden child who was taught that all other children but them were worthless. They never really learned to relate to their age group as a child or didn't have the chance to be treated with care so they regress into these annoying adult children whenever they're expected to take kids into consideration.

No. 577517

Honestly before transgate I thought she was pretty pandering and a sellout, but I've changed my mind now that she stuck up for her view which wasn't popular and didn't back down because there were consequences. I respect her now.

Crotch goblin is a hilarious term to describe unruly brats and should absolutely be used when appropriate, but not every child deserves to be blanketed and peppered with that phrase, no.

No. 577527

File: 1593535157934.jpg (47.21 KB, 600x338, soup.jpg)

The consistency of thick soups is disgusting. You can't just "drink" it like broth, but you can't really chew it either. I really can't eat it in large spoonfuls like some people do because it'll just trigger my gag reflex.

It has nothing to do with the taste though, in fact I just had some tomato soup that tasted great. I just couldn't eat it by itself, I had to have some bread to dip in it.

No. 577572

I don't believe in soup… drinking calories seem so stupid compared to actually eating something. I hate the sloshy feeling in my belly.

Thicker soups are much better cause it feels like actual sustenance or a meal.

No. 577579

I wish their was a funny or at least good female equivalent to comedy/shock jock rappers like lil darkie or London yellow even if their lyrics aren't funny to you personally theirs beats and flow are at least tolerable to listen to most shock or comedy female rappers at least from what I've heard only ever make gross shit about their pussy it's pretty tired

No. 577584

Rip Jenna marbles King Kong ding dong

No. 577598

Why do you type like that

No. 577601

No. 577606

actual unironic autism

No. 577613

The shane, tati, jeffree, james situation is so retarded and embarrassing on all sides. They're all embarrassing and mentally ill and I'm embarrassing and mentally ill for ever taking it seriously and for still keeping up with it despite not taking it seriously anymore.

No. 577616

BIG MOOD. It’s the shitty toxic drama I’ve been craving after the world has been nothing but constant depression and what the fuck. Between this and shoe’s birthday breakup this site is getting back to its fun that I’ve been missing!!

No. 577640

Came here to talk about this too. It is disgusting how these people act and their dumb followers egg it on.

Like, why is James their scapegoat? When will Jeffree aka Lucifer finally go crawl back into Hell? When will Tati realize you that Steven Spielberg is not going to knock on her door anytime soon? Why does Shane Dawson even have a platform. Legit these people need to go to church or something, get some morals.

No. 577641

What the hell, shoe broke up with greg? Took her long enough, jesus christ. I haven't kept up with the thread in almost two years but I need to go read about this right away. Thanks for the drama tip, this is going to be amazing
>Preg loses some weight and gains more ego, thinks about starting an OnlyFans
Holy shit I'm going to love this, god I wish Metokur would stop sucking his cock and actually make fun of this dumb simpy fuck already

No. 577644

File: 1593553694917.jpg (Spoiler Image, 205.58 KB, 500x334, nasty.jpg)

Chicken is disgusting. The smell and texture of it makes me gag. The idea of eating avian meat nauseates me…eating anything with a beak and greasy little feathers is weird. this pic makes me want to dry heave

No. 577646

hard agree. if I see jeffrees haggard corpse one more time I'm gonna throw up. or butterball pedo

No. 577697

supporting "black or poc businesses" means nothing on apps like poshmark, depop, or even ebay because everyone there wants to make a sale no matter the reasons they have + it doesnt help in the broader scheme of social justice purposes like ppl claim it does

No. 577699

chicken is good but wow u couldnt have chosen a grosser picture of chicken… if thats the only chicken u have been faced with i am sorry for u

No. 577727

Occasional attraction towards other women isn't bisexuality, it's within the spectrum of heterosexuality.

No. 577736

Isn't that what being bi-curious means? Curious to explore relations (sex) but not wanting to pursue it further romantically with another woman?
Not making fun, I'm actually curious of this

No. 577744

The term "Pick me" has become somewhat misogynistic. It used to be a useful term to refer to a women who adopts extreme and harmful political views for male validation. But now its used against any woman with slightly conservative values or any woman who disagrees with another womans life choices.

No. 577745

interestingly enough my friend one time had someone ask if she was black on depop (she had pics of herself modeling the clothes) and when she said yes she was the model they said they weren't interested anymore kek. ot but depop is a cesspool

No. 577749

WTF LOOOOOL thats so stupid honestly agreed it is theres some weird ppl there (like u noted) even foot fetish people and brandy melville obsessed ppl (another one i dont understand at all). there are some good people in the mix but i really dislike ppl who overprice their stuff bc theyre popular on the platform/elsewhere or in general. also if ur pretty and u show ur face chances of selling are way higher (makes sense but still kinda sucks). i love it just bc theres some fun finds and its the platform ive had the most selling success on haha

No. 577754


I agree, but sadly I kinda expected this to happen tbh. Any insulting word that becomes popular on the internet gets way too overused on really anything or anyone someone doesn't like. It's the lazy, go-to buzzword when you don't have an argument.

No. 577755

so true. its like boomer, it was kinda funny at first but its been overused to death the meaning is pretty much gone because people will just use it against any person who disagrees with them (also it sounds really cringey and when ppl make shirts with a phrase on it, you know its dead)

No. 577760

My parents unironically say ‘boomer’ and ‘Karen’. It’s awful. I’ve been over boomer after the first 3 weeks and advocating for the death of Karen for years. It was so close to dying then came back into popularity because of all these conservatives not wanting to wear masks. I don’t even think they’re offensive terms I’m just annoyed by the people who use them thinking that parroting the same phrases over and over makes them le epic roasters xD.

No. 577763

it's annoying as fuck when people just say "ok boomer" because they don't know how to argue for the point they're trying to make anymore. wow you really pwnd me there!

No. 577775

There are only two genders

No. 577782

This is not even unpopular on here but I think what you really mean is gender are societal expectations of the sexes while there are only two sexes.

No. 577787

If I see one more post or discussion on here about troons or gender identity, no matter what side of the debate an anon is on, I am literally going to jump out of my window and onto the freeway outside.

No. 577798

File: 1593580137762.png (445.13 KB, 660x382, Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 12.0…)

I don't think he's ugly by any means (cute face but too fucking scrawny) but I don't understand how viewers tend to swoon over matt and not ryan. Ryan gets all the jokes about being too chubby and being a hot mess, but he isn't even big? If he toned up and stopped smoking I feel like he would be considered a lower tiered chad. Maybe I need to be diagnosed but I think he's hot, meanwhile Matt is concerningly and off-puttingly skinny.

No. 577800

I saw bad reviews for those sex toys where you clone a dick, and I have to say, it's pretty awesome. I am very satisfied having a literal clone of a specific dick whenever I like. So many reviews for various brands complain about how hard it is to complete the steps properly, but it's literally so easy with two people.

No. 577803

"Karen" bothers me so much. Every woman over 30 who dares to have an opinion has become a Karen, it's sad

No. 577808

I don't know if this is an unpopular opinion here, but I really don't like Billie Eilish. Literally everything about her annoys me. I hate her grumpy face, and her dumpy clothes, and her stupid, try-hard personality. Her music isn't all that great either. I want to stop seeing her everywhere already.

No. 577809

It seems to be used by men to make fun of women for existing on the internet, period.

No. 577810

I love soup lmao. I could eat it with almost every meal. I feel the same way you do with soup about other foods, though. Like, I really dislike the consistency of bananas, even though I like the flavor. I have to force myself to eat them if I can't put them in a smoothie or something.

No. 577813

whaaaat I hear people swooning over Ryan all the time. they both fit into two very different types lol but I see them both getting a pretty equal amount of love

No. 577819

who IS that? The one on the left is super cute

No. 577826

Left is Ryan Magee , right is Matt Watson. They have a youtube channel called Supermega

No. 577832

No. 577848

Nta but most "gatekeeping" is just having basic standards or rules. I've noticed some communities that try too hard to be anti-gatekeeping are overrun with people who are barely interested in the main subject/hobby to begin with.

No. 577868

File: 1593597059417.jpeg (13.7 KB, 197x256, E16EC9F9-4493-4CBF-A961-ABC60A…)

I understand the basic sentiment, but I kinda don’t agree.
The only people I ever see quoting this are people that don’t want real jobs.
Too many people think they deserve things handed to them by virtue of their existence without realizing that productivity is needed to keep the world up and running. They like to say a perfect world would have people getting paid to be who they are and do things they like without realizing just because you enjoy doing something, doesn’t mean anyone else enjoys it, much less wants to pay you for it.
Wannabe youtubers, artists, musicians etc don’t understand why a hobby is a hobby. If everyone did what they wanted, important things would never get done.

No. 577871

Ryan is goddamn cute but so damn insecure, they have wholesome convos about their looks on their podcast all the time as well. Refreshing.

No. 577872

Tbh I always see people thirsting for both of them. Makes me wonder how they and their partners feel about all the thirst lol

No. 577875

Hard agree. I hate how unpopular this opinion has become in the recent years when people go on a wild goose chase to grow their hobby in size in order to not feel left out. Not to go all gamers rise up on here but as a video game enthusiast I fucking hate how games are pressured to be ~inclusive~ now so that making hard games is ~oppressive~ to people with "learning disabilities" i.e. having a fair and balanced challenge which requires you to learn how the game works. So now developers are occupied with making games that are basically Press X to finish type interactive movies instead of games. I get that video games becoming mainstream has caused people to feel like they're missing out and normies can't deal with that as they have never had to in their lives, but demanding a "movie mode" where you can skip boss battles and just run through everything is a fucking insult to the people working hard to design the mechanics. Before you start reeing about my autistic gaymer ass it's not even just video games, a lot of hobbies requiring some amount of dedication have been ruined by the abolition of gatekeeping. The same happened to cosplay, the state of the hobby is in the depths because every narcissistic cunt was allowed to thrive and now nobody cares about it past social media recognition and money. You don't even have to be talented, you just have to be loud and rude. I've heard of other not-that-nerdy hobbies experiencing this as well.

Imagine baking a cake and someone just eats the frosting on top of it, refusing to touch the rest of it even though you worked so hard to make it perfect. Sure there are people who appreciate your effort but it still makes you feel like you could've just offered a bowl of frosting instead and get off easy. To make it worse that person says they don't even like cake but came to the bakeoff just because it was trendy and they wanted to gawk at it so they can write a shitty think piece on it, then they start insulting and attacking everyone who asks them why they didn't even have a taste. Before you know it this person has driven you out because they found an offensive tweet you made 10 years ago, all artisan cakes have been replaced with store-bought pound cake with tons of frosting because that's easier and more palatable to the bigger audience, the guy who poopoo'd on you first is now recognized as a cake guru and it isn't really even a bakeoff anymore, you can just bring your sex toys to the table and show them off. All of this could've been prevented if you just told that piece of shit to leave in the first place.

No. 577880

This. I hate chickens when they're alive and I hate them when they're dead.

No. 577882

re: belle delphine's videos vs her photos
I'll never understand why the sh00p has to be so hardcore? not to blogpost but every friend I know (female or male_ who sees the is like "wow so edited" and asks how it isn't obvious to everyone.
stretch marks/cellulite are becoming more acceptable as they should, and the positive comments about the video showing a more authentic figure seem to outweigh the simps on instagram frothing the filtered version. she's a pretty girl with a fine figure, and the whole ballooned up sexdoll look is the opposite to the pedobait flat chest aesthetic, it's hard to toe the line. both becoming so oversaturated that I feel like the inbetween might get people appreciating a more natural figure. idk the nitpicks on her body are kind of justified when it's fine but she still edits to look animu.
just all around disappointing, sad when someone like shayna is unintentionally more authentic but both are still trying to pander. "uwu so smoll" and "thicc gf" should hopefully migrate into "i'm healthy and attractive"

I wish she would put some nail hardener on and stop biting/picking. it looks like she bites her nails and picks her toenails, which I can sympathise with. it looks painful and uncomfortable.
if this seems really awwe poor belle it's more jfc I'd hate to be a young woman on the internet in 2020 taking this path. it seems like a nightmare.

No. 577895

These types of sentiments are generally intended for overachievers and people who've burnt out, but get co-opted by people who just want an excuse to be lazy. I know people who genuinely feel like they're worthless trash if they don't spend every waking moment doing something productive and they sometimes need to be reminded that it's okay to relax and do nothing once in a while. Most of the people reposting these images aren't like that though and so they get associated with the types of people you describe. It's the same with "you deserve to treat yourself" and people with borderline shopping addictions.

I’ve been feeling this with sewing and other crafts. Of course amateur crafts aren’t a contest and people can feel proud of the work they’ve put in even if the end result isn’t flawless, but the communities I’m in are at a point where any type of constructive criticism, advice or even self-reflection is considered “negativity”. I’ve gotten yelled at for briefly mentioning at the end of my posts what aspects of my project I wasn’t satisfied with and how I am planning to improve on them in the future because it made other people self-conscious. Wanting to improve is now elitist gatekeeping.

No. 577934

True, at the very least for video games when big, successful companies are trying too hard to grow an even bigger customer base they make their games more and more boring or easy. Like how Pokemon can sell games like hot cakes just thanks to their brand name, so the mainline games are getting so easy because developers don't even bother to add dungeons and puzzles anymore, all because of shitty online communities where normies want to be included and feel like hot shit because they downloaded Pokego once and hypocritical nerds who state that complaining about expensive video games' quality makes you an embarrassing nerd.

No. 577950

>any type of constructive criticism, advice or even self-reflection is considered “negativity”.
The worst trend hands down. When I want to vent out my frustration at something I made not meeting my expectations I get berated for ~breeding toxicity~. I'm supposed to love everything that I do and think anything goes as the bar doesn't exist anymore, we can't push ourselves to improve and learn new skills just because some insecure buttholes want to stay in baby mode for all eternity.

>hypocritical nerds who state that complaining about expensive video games' quality makes you an embarrassing nerd.
I seriously don't know which one I hate more, these types or the casuals whining about how gaym b too hard boo!!! If I pay 70 dollars for an AAA title I also buy the goddamn right to complain about it being shit and analyze it in depth. I fucking can't stand how genuine interest is now dismissed as being "lol 2 nerdy liek why do u care u womanchild lmao", whether it be criticizing something or applauding it. Everything has to be an ironic interest or just "idk man i just like the pretty pictures" tier surface level attraction because everything past that is too weird to normies and their bootlicking sycophants are obsessed with wanting to look "not like those other gross geeks" in their eyes.

No. 577953

I'm pretty well travelled and I still prefer theme parks over almost everywhere. Especially the Disney ones. Some people just reallly enjoy theme parks and Disney.

No. 577981

There is absolutely an epidemic of harmful coddling culture and it needs to stop.

I just saw a post going around talking about how we shouldn’t mock kids who hissed/acted like animals in response to bullying. No, we should, because humans need to be taught acceptable social behavior. I did some weird ass shit and if I hadn’t been checked by my peers or my mother, literally telling me that behavior is weird and unacceptable, I wouldn’t be as socially adjusted as I am now. There’s a line between allowing a child freedom and telling them how to act.

I recommend looking at “geek social fallacies” for a great read and some insight on this problem even if you aren’t really in nerd circles. Sure the ultimate problem solver would be to abolish bullying, but that simply isn’t how life works.

No. 577984

I think Ryan’s the “chubby” purely because Matt is so skinny. They have the contrast people love in duos.

Im p sure Matt has a gf but I thought Ryan was single? I understand why they keep quiet about those things now though. Matt’s ex STILL gets comments about him on her Instagram even though I’m pretty sure they broke up like 2 years ago. Poor girl lol.

No. 577988

>No, we should, because humans need to be taught acceptable social behavior.
But not the bullies? Maybe when kids are treated like circus animals their brains throwback to primitive behavior when attemmpts to verbalize their fear and pain are routinely ignored. When words fail, people often lash out from pain and there's a whole philosophical study about that which you should read.
The truth is you were traumatized by what people did to you and acted out accordingly. When you went to your family and friends for comfort, you were treated like the problem and they blamed you for your own victimization. Now you're trying to cope by saying that you weren't "coddled" when in reality you were humiliated and received a second wound from your loved ones who should have supported you. Which is why years later you remember this and feel bitter towards any kid who receives the support that you didn't despite not reacting with how you were taught was the "right" way to react.

If you think taking the moral high ground, ignoring, or trying to reason with bullies is the proper way to handle it then I've got bad news for you, because the real world (at least for kids) doesn't operate like that either. I tried that with my high school bullies but I realize as an adult what they lacked was a severe ass beating and setting a concrete example that what they did to me wouldn't have passed. How's that for "not coddling"? Bullies shouldn't be talked with as if they're misunderstood, they know exactly what they're doing and deserve a fat knuckle sandwich! Hiyaaa!

No. 578002

Honestly, if they scare the boolies away more power to them.

No. 578003

Literally same. She's basically a clone of my old roommate– slow as fuck, constant need to emphasize how crazy something was, try-hard toughness.

Her Hot Ones video… People in the comments were like, "wow she's so deep," what are the fuck are they talking about? Did we watch the same interview? She sounded like she had a massive headache throughout the whole thing but surprise it's just her personality.

No. 578004

I mean I've seen bullies 'coddled' too. I worked in a school where any time bullying was reported they'd have a quiet word with the parents of the bully and inevitably find out that the kid came from a broken home or 'was having a hard time at home lately, struggling adapting to a stepparent' or some shit. Oh okay then spread the misery kid! Can't possibly give out to the kid cos the poor thing has 'home problems'

No. 578027

This seems to be an unpopular opinion on this board, but I really don't give a fuck about trans people existing. I don't believe that most of them are "dudes larping as women," but there probably are a small minority that do. Either way, who gives a fuck? Crazy people are going to be crazy. Those people will never be able to behave professionally or achieve true success because they're mentally unstable and odd, not because they're claiming pronouns that don't match their biological gender. I don't see the use in sperging about all of this constantly. I also think it's outright childish and immature to ignore the preferred pronouns of trans people who are clearly passing and put a lot of effort into doing so.

Idk, this is literally a non-issue to me and I'm always so confused that so many feminist circles latch on to the notion that being transgender is just outright bad and wrong.

Pretty much the only thing about the transgender movement that concerns me even a little bit is the idea of parents pushing their children to transition at a young age.

No. 578037

>Which is why years later you remember this and feel bitter towards any kid who receives the support that you didn't despite not reacting with how you were taught was the "right" way to react.
Hits deep man. I still have this mindset and it's hard to get over it. I used "I deserved it" as a cope for years because I was an autistic retard in my pre-teen years but honestly no kid deserves to be left alone when they're being bullied. And the bullies shouldn't be coddled either. It's not at all humane to settle your differences by abusing someone and they shouldn't get away with that. By not addressing both sides accordingly the bullies grow up to be narcissistic adults who will end up pissing off the wrong person and the bullied grow up to be broken, dysfunctional adults with a life-lasting trauma. My dad was bullied in middle school, he's in his 60s and still not quite over his social anxiety. In your early teens you're especially receptive to outsider influences as your identity is starting to form, and those scars will be much more likely to follow you to the grave than the shit you experience in your adult years.

No. 578038

This could've been written by me before I peak transed after experiencing first hand how misogynist the whole movement funded by big pharma millionaires is and how it's dominated by white, abusive, heterosexual men.

No. 578041

Do you have a source for this? Also, if true, how is it the fault of actual trans people? I feel like that's the same as insinuating that mentally ill people are all abusive and horrible just because they take psychiatric medication pushed by big pharma.

No. 578042

Well, it's annoying as fuck if you're a woman in a public bathroom or gym changing room and you see a tranny coming in and acting like this is meant to be his place to begin with. I've experienced it twice in my entire life and it left me with a massive hatred for them. Truly a horrifying and uncomfortable experience.

You do you though, I don't want to force my beliefs upon you.

No. 578044

That does sound uncomfortable and horrible, but I'd still argue that it's more symptomatic of a toxic and narcissistic individual, rather than whatever gender they're claiming to identify as.

No. 578045

No. 578046

Transvestites and transsexuals existed long before big pharma. Most of them were hookers.

No. 578047

I could eat tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches every day and not be sick of it.

You should give a fuck. All this trans bullshit impedes heavily as women's rights. Saying shit like femme hygeine products and vaginas and pregnancy are harmful and anti-trans. fuck off. Women are always treated like shit and trans propaganda doesnt help. Also, transmen make me really sad because they're always self hating women or lesbians.

No. 578051

Yes, they did. But the trans movement was nowhere near as big and influential before as it was then, and most of the individuals identified as crossdressers and transvestites, not trying to deny biology. Big Pharma came into the picture when hormones prescribed to menopausal women were being studied and the results found out that they were a massive health risk to the people using them (such as breast cancer and strokes), so they needed to rebrand it and sell them as something else: for hormone replacement therapy. Coincidentally this happened just before the trans movement suddenly started gaining traction and the amount of patients experiencing gender dysphoria skyrocketed. In around 2009 pharmaceutical company Pfizer purchased Wyeth, the company producing the drug, and essentially whitewashed their products and lobbied them to be prescribed more often. The trans movement started growing exponentially in the early to mid 2010s. This is not a coincidence.

Seriously, read this article. >>578045 It doesn't matter if you believe or don't believe in ladybrain bullshit or any of that because it's a fucking fact that medical companies are selling products and procedures detrimental to health and lying about it. It's a rabbit hole that goes very deep and opened my eyes to a lot of open questions I had about the trans movement. They sell Lupron to children and advertise its effects to be "totally reversible" when all studies suggest this is not at all the case, quite the contrary as it causes severe health effects such as sterility, insufficient bone density and even messes with the child's brain development.

No. 578052

I don't like that a lot of them harp so much on people not dating them, be it lesbians or gays. And shame them for not wanting to fuck them. Other than that, how absolutely wack it is that everything is transphobic, you can't say "ah ladies, periods suck dont they?" without some tard coming in to sperg about how "NOT ALL WOMEN HAVE PERIODS". And using words like 'mensturators' or 'people with uteruses', shit like that. Some of them recruiting easily manipulated children into their 'club' or whatever. Believing in and reinforcing strict gender roles like blue for boys and pink for girls. But like, if they chilled a little, I wouldn't really care about them much. I don't really mind gay transwomen unless they are extremely sexist.

No. 578055

>this is literally a non-issue to me
Must be nice to be privileged. They’re not “JUST EXISTING”. They’re actively bullying women and wishing us harm. Trannies,
>Why can't you just shut the fuck up and live normally?
>Why is it okay for trannies to make misogynistic homophobic jokes but police everyone's language and tone?
>Why do you constantly need so much fucking asspat and """validation"""?
>Why the fuck are you constantly comparing your """oppression""" to that of black women?
>Why do you feel fucking entitled to my tax dollars for your tit job and jaw shave? What makes you more qualified for those procedures than a BDD person?
>Why are you all hypersexual porn sick degenerates who literally cannot go 5 seconds without talking about sucking dick and getting fisted?
>Why is it so fucking important that you can shit and piss and get naked in our immediate vicinity?
>Why is it so fucking important that you get to be in the immediate vicinity of traumatized women?
>Why can't you just fucking organize your own competitions and award your own scholarships instead of robbing from girls and women?
>Why the fuck do you think ANYONE, especially gays and lesbians owe you sex?
>Why the fuck do you think you get a say in issues exclusive to female like PCOS and reproductive rights?
>Why are you threatening women with violence when men is THE SOLE SOURCE of violence against trans individuals?
>Why are you chemically poisoning children? Why are you lying to teens and public at large about the extent of risks regarding transitioning?

No. 578057

I'm reading the article now. It's really enlightening so far. Tbh, even without the article, all of what you're saying sounds completely plausible to me, seeing as similar things have happened w/Big Phrama.

No. 578063

Joji and his music is overrated

No. 578064

I like his music so long as he's not collaborating with some boring fuckboy. He's too much of a normie now. I get the need to distance himself from the filthy frank persona, but I wish he could have landed somewhere in the middle rather than doing a complete 180.

No. 578069

I like a handful of his music, but every time I play Pink Guy out of boredom, it really goes to show how his new music pales in comparison. His old pink guy raps were absolute bangers and fun to listen to despite how crude the lyrics could be lol.

No. 578071

File: 1593632239157.jpeg (381.62 KB, 680x677, C3281385-F100-49CD-BB28-1D016D…)

This is what I get for casually sexing bi girls but damn they’re terrible lays. If only you’re half as eager to please as with penis.

No. 578072

I follow him on insta and the last few things I saw him post were
> Stay home, wash your hands covid post
> Screenshot of his donation to BLM
> Long text post about how he was wrong for wanting to emulate a black rapper when he was a little kid
> Rainbow flag, happy pride, pro gay post

No. 578074

why would you expect casual sex with anyone to be that good anyway

No. 578076

if she's new to same-sex relationships, she's probably used to being pursued and taking the backseat role
communicate what you want/need and maybe you'll both have more successful encounters in the future

No. 578085

Why do people known for a long history of offensive comedy suddenly do a complete 180 and become the wokest motherfuckers alive? It feels so disingenuous and desperate.

No. 578088

Because they usually are disingenuous. I believe people can grow up and change, but i side eye guys like Joji until they prove they arent fake woke. It's always on extreme or the other

No. 578107

File: 1593636011391.jpg (123.38 KB, 1200x1200, grimes_elon_musk.jpg_150149240…)

i don't know anything about her music, politics or opinions. i know she is dating and has a cyborg baby with an actual weasel.

despite all of this i find her hot. everytime i see an advertisment with her in it i can't help but focus on it. she's objectively awful. even so, i love looking at her. what is wrong with me?

No. 578111

She's fun to look at. I'm not attracted to her but I really love her style, and she is genuinely pretty even though she doesn't have conventionally attractive features.

No. 578114

Joji's humor as FF was clearly exaggerated and actually making fun of incels and people deep in imageboard culture, though. Do you think he's actually racist?

Like, I agree that he's probably not the wokest of the woke, but we're living in a timeline that if you don't show support to these movements as a celebrity, you're socially castarated and in danger of losing your fanbase. It's simply not a good PR move to stay silent if you're as popular and well-known as he is.

No. 578119

She used to be my biggest inspo back in 2012. I'm still weirdly fascinated by her unconventional features. She's probably pretty fucked in the head but hey, I can't really blame her.

No. 578139

I think she's pretty, not attractive but pretty in that "aesthetic" sense. But I guess I'm influenced by her style/persona, she would be ugly as a normal person.

No. 578145

I just remembered he had that song about small dicks where he was like 'black lives matter too..their dicks are way bigger!' lol

I do think he was already pretty left leaning, he had anti trump songs talking about white men getting away with rape because they come from rich families. He voiced opinions on issues like that all the time but then some of his autistic viewers couldn't interpret what the real joke was

No. 578153

pink guy was fire. i just wish he did more stuff like that without being too ironic. i hate all his sadboy shit.

do people forget that satire is a thing?

No. 578156

1. ot, g, and m are the best boards. Especially ot. I love all the different topics and conversations, and the occasional spergouts from anons here.
2. w is the dryest board, and probably shouldn't have even been made. Most of the cows are boring asf.
3. Anons shouldn't post cows nudes. unless they're an camgirl or whatever obviously

No. 578162

I'm on the same boat as you, anon. I think it has to do with how much confidence she has which shines through in how she styles herself. Especially when she has her hair in dark colors, they suit her so well whereas pale colors make her look washed out.
She just really stands out a lot despite not being conventionally attractive by celebrities's standards( or maybe that's exactly the reason she stands out, so many celebs get the same surgeries that they are starting to blend in)

No. 578176

>ot, g, and m are the best boards.
I think one half of the userbase frequents those three boards, and sometimes the cow-based ones. The other half that's here for the milk visits the more on-topic boards more often, and it seems to me they can be quite funny, but somewhat toxic as well. I feel there's a slight dissonance of these two types, since the messages of both board groups conflict so often. Sure the board's not a monolith, duh, but it's weird that both board types are on the same type, to me.
/pt/ is dry as fuck, too, even though that's already been said.

I discovered this board after 4chan and realised my pickme ways were absolutely pathetic, so there's that to thank, if anything.

No. 578183

Unless a woman has gone through a miscarraige, infertility is a non-issue to me. Boohoo you can't get pregnant, well there's countless children in the world in deperate need of a home. Pick one.

Oh wait, I'm sorry, I forgot the underlying motivation behind wanting kids is typically narcissistic and a kid without your DNA is pointless to you.

No. 578186

Eh, I feel for them. I think it's a fair assessment that a child would be better suited with a parent who it was hormonally and chemically bonded to for nine months, not to mention the postpartum bond. Adoption is okay for those who want a child no matter what, but adoption itself can be a shitshow with the biological parents sometimes returning to demand 'their' child back, or the child developing a whirlwind of mental or physical problems that the adoptive parents had no way to prepare for due to not knowing that child's familial history. If they choose to adopt older and not a newborn, then there's a really fine line they walk cause they're basically trying to gain a stranger's trust to be parented. It's a decision that requires a lot of weighing is all I'm saying, perhaps moreso than having a biological child requires.

No. 578187

I have sympathy up until the point they start doing ridiculous things, like surrogacy or spending tens of thousands on IVF. Children are not a human right.

That said, adoption is not the easy solution some people like to think it is. I'd have the most respect for someone who chose to foster kids, but that takes a special type of selfless person who's genuinely in it for the kid's sake and not their own.

No. 578228

i don't want a retarded FAS russian reject baby

No. 578246

People who don't know how to cook are stupid. What's so difficult about following a list of ingredients and a set of directions? I think it's a matter of laziness and unwillingness to make an effort instead of not actually not knowing how to cook.

No. 578249

Kek I wrote this exact post before. It has to be peak millennial/Zoomer culture to watch a thousand ASMR cooking videos while eating instant mac n cheese.

No. 578250

>Oh wait, I'm sorry, I forgot the underlying motivation behind wanting kids is typically narcissistic and a kid without your DNA is pointless to you
This is such a childish opinion and ignores so many factors that make adoption legitimately difficult. Most people who think this way are child-free to begin with, so it's not like you're going to be adopting a child anytime soon. Why bother trying to shame other people for being "selfish" when you don't even practice what you preach?

No. 578255

agree 100% with #1, u got it anon!!!!

No. 578258

>this level of projection
I'm actually a fertile woman who wants adopted kids over bioligical ones, but go off.

No. 578259


They may have said it in a “triggering” way but plenty of people have selfish reasons to have kids.

“I want to see how much they will look like me”
“I want someone to take care of me in my old age”
“Im unhappy with my partner but I don’t want to be alone. A baby will help”
Usually the reason starts with I
Not that there’s anything wrong with being selfish at times.
But why do you think so many terrible people reside on earth ? Not many make children with the greater good of society in mind. They make children with their own wants and needs in mind.
I love my sister but she was told by doctors that our genetics basically suck. She still went and had a third kid for the sake of trying for a “normal” one.
All 3 of her kids are severely autistic.
I also have muh shitty genetics and am supposedly sterile due to abnormally large fibroids.
I would be greedy to try to have kids knowing it would likely be a miscarriage, ectopic, or severely autistic
Also I know I will have to help care for my niece and nephews so I wouldn’t afford to have my own anyway.
Having children can most definitely be a greedy act.
It’s not exactly selfless to dedicate your life to raising and caring for someone you llove and who is a physical extension of you. It’s basically nature, just ensuring the future survival of one’s dna

No. 578262

shut up whore

No. 578263

Oh god this. My genetics are riddled with mental health issues that I'd never wish on anyone and intentionally having a biological child would be horrifically irresponsible of me. Not to mention this world is arguably a terrible place to bring a child into.

No. 578264

Women with children from multiple men are ACTUAL greedy and irresponsible whores but go off

No. 578266

What do you imagine your adopted children will be like? How old when you adopt them? Will they be disabled? Did the mom drink or do any drugs? What race will they be?

No. 578272

You mad not even one male will fuck you?

No. 578274

NTA but why are you so triggered kek

No. 578278

Probably a typical terrible mother angry at being judged for her selfish and irresponsible choices and fucking too many of the wrong men.

Not a very intelligent person, judging from their last insult.

No. 578280

Reminds me of this dumb bitch I went to high school with who hated pro-choice and purposefully had a baby a couple years ago that was tested positive in utero for a fatal renal disease or some such. Well the baby died after like a day or so in the NICU, as predicted, and all this bitch has been doing for the past few years on the anniversary is rubbing in everyone's face about how it was HER CHOICE so we best fucking clap! Yeah, it was her choice to be a selfish twat because she had a point to prove about how she was above abortion and wanted to gamble with someone's life so she could be a special exception. In addition to how self-centered and annoying she is about it on facebook, she does those god damn balloon releases every year that hurt the environment, just to rub salt in the wound. She pisses me off.
Not to mention she has one child already, is on welfare, and hasn't had a stable relationship with anyone for more than five years so far. She does not need to have any more children she can't provide a nice life for.

You're hard evidence it isn't difficult for women to get fucked by some dirty scrub. Having sex isn't an accomplishment.

No. 578281

>this world is arguably a terrible place to bring a child into

This world is no better or worse than it always has been. Things get shittier in some areas, while other areas improve. It's a constant ebb and flow. You're too focused on the negative if you truly believe this.

No. 578286

um.. no this world is unarguably getting worse. Yes there's a yin and yang to it but the bad really is outweighing the good recently at least in western countries.

No. 578315

>How I wish it was like the good olden times when people believed in magic, hunted down witches to burn them at stake, brutal wars were raging, diseases could wipe out 20% of humanity and human rights and sexual equality weren't even invented yet!!!!
No, every barometer says the world is becoming a more peaceful place. Just because you overreact to social media news exaggerating everything for clicks doesn't mean the world isn't improving.

No. 578322

imagine needing to bring up issues from quite literally the 1400-1800s in order to dickride for modern society. Maybe reel your examples in and compare the economic and humanitarian climate now to say… the past century?

No. 578324

I would say things picked up after the 1960s and started slowly going back downhill around 2010. Since 2010 shit has been rapidly going downhill in terms of the economy and politics.

No. 578329

Okay, if you want examples from recent decades here you go:
>Women couldn't open their bank accounts until 1975
>Rape in a marriage was largely considered not rape until maybe the 80's-90's
>Hate crime laws didn't exist until the mid to late 80's
>PMS wasn't considered a real thing until the 00's and women suffering of it were told they're being histrionic
>Being gay was considered a mental illness until the 80's-90's, gay people couldn't marry until 2010s and in some parts of the western world still can't
>Companies were allowed to pollute all they wanted before, the western countries (i.e. not China) have steadily been cutting their CO2 emissions down since the 2000s, renewable energy sources are becoming cheaper as the technology is advancing
>In 2019 the Ozone hole of the atmosphere had shrunk down to the smallest it has been in its observation history, most likely thanks to human actions
>Extreme poverty has been cut down significantly, From 75% (1950) to less than 10% (2017)
>Global child mortality has gone down to only a few percent compared to around 20% in 1950, likewise life expectancy has been rising significantly thanks to better living conditions and advanced health care
>More and more countries have a democratic regime instead of dictatorship, amount has almost tripled from 1950 and global GDPs are growing
>The amount of people getting an education has doubled from the 70's
>Conflicts and wars are almost nonexistent compared to the 20's-80's
>World hunger has decreased significantly between 2000 and 2017
>Using child labor has fallen from 16% (2000) to 9.6% (2016)
>Diseases are being treated, Ebola finally got a working vaccine that's around 90+% effective and the Guinea worm is steadily disappearing
>Homicides are on a steep decrease in the US and most OECD countries
But yeah keep on being a retarded ungrateful doomer if that's your thing. Not judging here because according to the statistics in 2020 global political freedom has improved to the point that you're allowed to wallow in your nihilistic diapers all you want.

No. 578333

File: 1593679048653.jpg (50.06 KB, 640x641, h9p76gfnuyu01.jpg)

Based anon coming with facts. We have long ways to go but people who glorify the past are unbelievably naive. If things seem worse now, it's because we have 24/7 instant global access to a massive amount of information, both news and anecdotal. Obviously we are going to be acutely aware of all the bad things going on, but that doesn't mean it isn't generally better than before.
>Rape in a marriage was largely considered not rape until maybe the 80's-90's
1996 specifically it became illegal, I happened to read that today

No. 578334

people who are this determined to be right on an imageboard scare me ngl. Did you ever stop to think that maybe the original anon who said this world was shit actually experiences the world in a different way than your statistic loving ass? Some people are part of these statistics you know, living in poverty stricken and misogynistic communities , therefore want to make what they think is a responsible decision in not having children that will experience something similar, but I digress. I'm impressed you wrote this thesis up 20 min after anon responded to you though kek.

No. 578336

lmao that anon SPECIFICALLY asked for examples from the last century, don't be mad someone thoroughly delivered. NTA btw.

No. 578337

That anon is free to make decisions based on her own experiences but when she makes sweeping statements that are demonstrably false for most of the world's population, of course people are going to argue with her.

No. 578339

>omfg all those numbers r u a nerd or smth????? smh
You have to be over 18 to post here anon

No. 578354

Lol this is the most pathetic post I’ve seen in a while

No. 578357

File: 1593690430961.jpg (120.32 KB, 1920x1080, 283906c6-03bf-4885-8a42-aeff95…)

Chris Redfield looks like a chav.

No. 578368

File: 1593694793845.jpg (65.79 KB, 640x759, EHBPMecWoAEciH8.jpg)

>Those people will never be able to behave professionally or achieve true success because they're mentally unstable and odd
Yeah, it's not like the person who dismantled the rule that decrees women must be represented in a democratic political space is a "woman" who literally had "her" boner peeking out of "her" dress the whole time "she" was announcing "her" victory.
Oh, wait.

No. 578369

>gay people couldn't marry
Btw only lesbians should be allowed to marry.

No. 578370

Jfc when the fuck did this happen?

No. 578373

No. 578384

I don't think Pornhub or other major sites have illegal material on them, it's too easy to filter that stuff with hashes

No. 578387

They literally had actual cp anon

No. 578389

This is so depressing, I had no idea something like this happened. Jesus christ. The fact that this abomination in a dress made the notion pass is solid proof that we're living in a fucking clown world at the moment. People need to stop thinking that they are "just harmless lunatics who can't get anything done".

No. 578398

I've had a nasty male coworker say something like he wants a son before he gets too old so he can pass on his 'legacy.' A lot of people think like this. they want a mini version of themselves. That's why a lot of men are named after their fathers/grandfathers etc. it's all narcissism.

No. 578399

File: 1593701002355.jpg (54.12 KB, 540x448, chrisre5.jpg)

He looks disgusting and i wish they would stop revamping him to look worse each game. RE5 was the last game he looked good in.

No. 578402

You people are so tiring. Do we need to spell the whole "pornhub bad" thing out for you every single time? They've had CP before and they still probably do, like every other porn site. They even confirmed a 14 year old girl as an official actor even tho she was getting raped and held against her will by an abuser who also made her get an abortion afterwards. It's genuinely not hard to look all this evidence up. Porn sites have done so much shit and contributed to the rape and trafficking of young girls over and over.

No. 578410

this is disgusting. This is literally a sissy boy with a fetish. More like moving backwards and bending over for men. i hate men so much

No. 578425

This is the unpopular opinion thread, not the wilfully ignorant thread. There’s been hard evidence of illegal material hosted on their site, you’re gonna flat out deny that? Fuck off

No. 578430

Nah, this has to be bait. What's next? You think large companies as a whole never lie, or do anything bad/wrong, and that's just your opinion?

No. 578431

File: 1593706822529.png (3.81 MB, 1574x2066, 1593706599.png)


Those nails lul

No. 578432

File: 1593707002100.jpg (159.97 KB, 1080x1349, d923ddccefb6db3e52a7f9bed288f1…)

>statistic loving ass

This. They can never get his face/body right lmao.
At least Leon's are more consistent.

No. 578433

Is he an alcoholic in this game?

No. 578436

File: 1593707581919.png (331.88 KB, 654x913, i didn't choose to be a woman!…)

They very easily can. Just grow up as a male, enjoy all the privileges, knock up a woman, get yourself elected and then at age 40+ reveal your "true" self…

No. 578438

>She had known her true gender identity for over a decade
God. In some other article he said he "discovered he was a woman" when he "put on a dress" ten years ago. You just know this is some Wachowski type degenerate who contacted someone who got him into sissyfication and he wanted to start living the transvestite lifestyle fulltime after frying his middle age crisis brain with kinkster shit.

As a woman who works in a male-dominated industry and has had to fight tooth and nail to be accepted as a professional these "late bloomers" piss me off the most. They get to enjoy decades of male privilege, gotten into positions of power by networking and being taken seriously due to having a dick and then when they're nearing 50 and have accomplished all they wanted put on a wig and start redefining womanhood. Absolutely despicable.

No. 578443

>Either way, who gives a fuck?
I do, because the vast, vast, vast majority of them are trenders. People with actual problems that need transitioning to fix are so tiny as to be almost invisible, and the internet isn't the doctor to treat them with these problems.

The vast majority of them that you see on the internet are >>578436 are people who do it purely for political reasons. They don't care about justice, equal rights, etc. They want to have a voice that's louder and stronger than a feminist voice in this era where being a cis white woman makes you a TERF.

Don't forget that they want to be able to tell you that they're the "oppressed" ones despite all of society, all at once, lining up to shine their shoes after they 'transition' (read: put on a wig and make no real changes)

No. 578450

The funniest thing is that this lovely young lady was fucking 20 at the time those pictures were taken! kek
Imagine being a hag before you're even legally allowed to drink, of course he's jealous of women.

On another note, how often do we read about college aged girls reaching such high positions and immediatley managing to change rules? Literally never. But if you're a bloke with your cock out like dear Emilia here or of course also Lily Madigan it's an easy feat.

Look at the way the older dude is hugging him. Do professionals in politics hug people of the other gender? Usually no. And if he had to he'd only place his hand on her back or waist, and not throw his arm around her shoulders like good old bros. They all see him as a man, they simply prefer a degenerate fetishist over actual women.

No. 578452


>green party

this shit says it all. The german green party is batshit crazy. It's the same party that said that it is ok to have a relationship with minors that are 14 when you are an adult.

No. 578460

german political groups are always so exceptional i s2g

No. 578468

File: 1593715206340.jpg (76.6 KB, 600x536, Girls.jpg)

>she hasn't hit peak trans yet

No. 578482


agreed. the constant sperging and purposeful missing of the point/misinterpretation of things when people are transposting as well is annoying to see as well.
i've sympathized with actual trans people more than ever upon actually meeting and interacting with them, as opposed to sitting on the internet playing a role of a spectator based solely on anti-sjw tumblr era strawmen.

the excessive need to shit on trans people for even the slightest shit, not even cow behavior, is kind of offputting. they're super aggressive about being anti-trans and conforming to that narrative otherwise you must be a scrote or a fakeboi or a they/them.

yes, there are plenty of trenders, mtf misogynists, abusers who try to use the title of trans as a pass, and plenty of other toxic bullshit in the trans community, literally just like any other community of varying different people from all across the world. they aren't a hivemind and treating their identities/beliefs as such based on such obvious strawmen arguments and preconceived notions based on internet lolcows and trenders is bullshit.

lmao what does "acting like the bathroom is his place to begin with" even mean? can you be less vague and describe the behavior rather than a perception that sounds like it was already coming from a place of bias? i've never interacted with someone in a bathroom to the extent of being made uncomfortable, i typically just take a shit and go.

this. and even then, a lot of the time i find that the ones bitching about using gender neutral language for womens products and stuff aren't even trans themselves, but are they/thems or cis liberals doing it to virtue signal.

so are you going to point to the individual you're referring to or do you continue to think every person who self identifies or you assume is trans is a part of some global conspiracy hivemind to take down women? is it funded by soros too?

i feel lke if the main source of someone's viewing trans people or seeing how they live their lives is the internet, it's already going to be biased as fuck towards you seeing a vast majority of trenders anyways. it's the internet. everyone is a million times more radical, extremist, and a piece of shit, especially if they're putting themselves enough in the public eye to where you would take notice. Interacting with trans people IRL, especially ones that don't radiate red flags, is a completely normal experience at least in what I've seen since I stopped being as radically anti-trans and GC as I used to be.

What do you mean by doing it purely for political reasons? And how does that relate to not caring about justice or equal rights? Wouldn't a trans person involved in politics be more likely to be the one advocating for justice or equal rights? You at least have to be minimally palatible to have any sense of a career in being a politician. Does this include activists as well?

No. 578497

Are you seriously slacking off with TERFs on lolcow instead of diligently affirming stunning trans womin on twitter on a week day? Do you want trans womin to DIE??? TO THE GULAG.

No. 578503

>H-how do you do f-fellow g-gendercrits, h-have you ever considered that… you're transphobes??? t-this is exactly why i left the movement!!
I give it 1 out of 5

No. 578519

>Do you want trans womin to DIE??? TO THE GULAG.

No. 578547

>lmao what does "acting like the bathroom is his place to begin with" even mean?
I don't know if you're dense or pretending to be dense.
Nevermind, you're just braindead.

No. 578558

>Wouldn't a trans person involved in politics be more likely to be the one advocating for justice or equal rights?
No, not really. Quite the contrary actually, as you can see right here lmfao >>578373

No. 578560

Yes, the magical hashes that can tell if someone is being raped/drugged/coerced/threatened and that can also tell if someone consented for their material to be posted publicly.

No. 578569

No. 578605

Your whole post is full of strawmanning, but you accuse others of doing just that, and you've been bitching about "muh anti-sjw strawman" since at least a week or two ago, like some kind of brainwashed cult member who was given a list of things to say.
>Wouldn't a trans person involved in politics be more likely to be the one advocating for justice or equal rights?
You typed all that shit, and jumped right over the post that basically destroyed this particular argument (>>578368) because you know you're being disingenuous.
Nope, they're not for equal rights and justice. They are just mentally ill people, especially the biological males, who are documented as having high rates of comorbidity with narcissistic personality disorder.
When you give people like this positions of power, at best, they will be incredibly selfish. At worst, they will exploit and abuse.
Wake the fuck up, the girldick's staring you right in the face. Go suck it if you're into that, but don't try and force everyone else to do the same.

No. 578697

beyonce has bad music

No. 578713

Her sister Solange has way more actual talent. Listen to A Seat at the Table, you might like it

No. 578716

ah a fellow woman of culture
definitely agree anon, pity she doesn't get the same attention bey does

No. 578737

File: 1593762027374.jpg (372.67 KB, 1080x1852, Screenshot_20200703-173358__01…)

The general public's response to this letter is frightening. Instead of disputing any of the main talking points people are shouting "dog whistle" or "you don't need to address something so absurd". If that's really case shouldn't a deconstruction of the claims be as simple as a few sentences? Kek at how it's under review, it only serves to bolster the statements made within the letter.


No. 578751

She seriously lacks hits for someone so famous and popular, she goes years between anything people actually like but it never affects her reputation.

Anyway Destiny's Child was way better.

No. 578760

I don't care for her music since I'm not versed in pop music to judge it, but her fanbase is super cringy, they act like she's this feminist juggernaut who will save all the women. Also, they have "Single Ladies" as their anthem, none of them are single lol.

No. 578761

Brave New World is a shit book. Fucking wasted my time reading that trash.

No. 578762

Someone who called me a whore for having had sex with a middle aged man (36 or something) at 14 or 15 is sad about the pedoes in the supersmash community who had sex at 18 with a 15 year old.
I feel powerless and internally I don’t care anymore about mean girls that have sugar daddies. They can go fuck themselves.

No. 578765

Kinda agree. It was an interesting read for me but it's also blatant spiritual propaganda. Both Brave New World and Island had that "if you don't believe in higher powers you are a shit person and you will be unhappy" vibe.

No. 578774

Very interesting read, anon.

I’m always wary of any group or movement that insists on bullying people into silence.

“The first amendment is only acceptable for views I myself agree with. Everyone who DARES challenge my views of the world should remember the THREAT that you have freedom of speech but not freedom of consequences.” is basically what it sounds like to me.
Even if they disagree with this person’s perspectives, nothing they said was hateful or intended to incite violence.
Being unable to look at an extremely complex issue from more than just one angle, closing off the ability to have a discussion will keep people from being able to find common ground.
Threats can force someone to bend the knee, but they won’t change what’s inside someone’s mind.

No. 578837

She can't sing. Her voice is so nasally that I can't stand to listen to it. But I have learned over the years to keep that opinion to myself. Her fans are kind of rabid.

No. 578842

I think a lot of anti-wealth sentiment is absolutely true, but some of it really does come from a place of envy and mistargeted frustration. I see a lot of people hating on others just for growing up in financially stable households and having parents who could afford to help them pay for college, especially in my friends group. Like, sorry your parents felt they were entitled to have kids even though they worked dead end jobs and couldn't afford to adequately support children and you ended up suffering as a result of their bad decisions? But maybe when you see people who aren't struggling as a result of the situation they were born into, don't misdirect your frustration about your own upbringing onto them and just accept your parents kind of fucked you from the beginning by having kids they weren't finacially prepared for?

No. 578844

I agree, her fanbase is annoying as fuck on top of that.

No. 578850

Yes, anon, because telling people "just accept it lol" will work. Have some empathy.

No. 578852

I liked her songs from the beginning of her solo career way more than the more recent ones, they're boring or forgettable imo. Her fans are either normal people who just like her songs a lot or rabid, crazy fuckers who need to calm down and stop using social media, there's no in-between. Also, Destiny's Child >>> Beyonce' solo career.

No. 578853

I honestly have no problem with it as long both parties understand theu're using each other. My husband ended up inheriting hundreds of thousands of dollars from his grandparents and it has made my life unspeakably better. I don't have to work while I'm in college or worry about paying for school. He treats me to things like expensive gaming equipment, top of the line electronics, luxury skincare and makeup, clothing hauls, and we get to start building a decent house soon and will still have plenty in the bank. I married my husband strictly for love and would stay with him if he lost everything tomorrow, but after experiencing this lifestyle, I think it's absolutely valid to marry for money as long as your intentions are upfront.

No. 578856

I miss the 90s and early millennium when it was still taboo to openly comment and ask others about their means. I don't think their should be an out of reach financial threshold everyone should aim for before they have kids. Inequality obviously is a massive issue tho so the sentiment towards those that seem comfortable during periods of austerity isn't shocking. It is pointless directing anger at like your neighbours etc. Governments intentionally make finances and economics complex for laypersons and implement arduous processes that wouldn't favour the financial backers of whoever the fuck got elected.

Wouldn't everyone use the channels available to them to advance themselves? Governments get let off the hook so much and people lament the companies owned by private individuals, as if they were the ones that stood with manifestos promising this and that. People are completely blinded by envy. I don't get the socialists and communists either that recognise the corrupt financing of government but believe in handing more powers to those governments. Do you trust them or not?

No. 578857

I am by no means saying it's easy, my opinion comes from having to accept the ways in which being raised by a mom who got pregnant as a teenager fucked me over (although for me it was less about finances because my grandparents helped her a lot, and more about being raised by an immature womanchild). Trust me, I know it's hard to accept, but misdirecting that frustration at others is not the solution and needlessly toxic.

No. 578859

File: 1593790057537.jpeg (6.79 KB, 301x168, download (4).jpeg)

>I married my husband strictly for love and would stay with him if he lost everything tomorrow
Then why not have gotten with a penniless old man still mooching off his parents as long as he was nice to you and treated you lovingly? You know exactly why.

No. 578861

what is it with anti-trans spergs and always bringing up sucking girldick? nice projection. also i don't think this anon was talking exclusively about mtfs

No. 578863

I think the majority of farmers are laughably pretentious and embarassingly lacking in self-awareness.

Like, we're on a website dedicated to venting your parasocial hateboner for cringey internet personalities. How can you be so full of yourselves?

No. 578864

You both acknowledge that wealth disparity is a problem and yet you don't think it's actively happening for people to be angry about it?
Pick one sis. None of it is misdirection, wealth disparity and societal issues are bigger than "hurr underage McDonald's worker parents decided to smash and have kids they couldn't afford." Yeah it doesn't help, but in other progressive countries at least the peasantry can afford to get an education, seek healthcare, and live a decent life. The wealthy take advantage of our system on the backs of people who work harder than them and it's outrageous.
Maybe the middle class who broke out of being working class (like you and me) aren't the perpetrators who keep the poor under our thumbs, but this meritocracy attitude about how they or the sins of their fathers did something for them to remain perpetually poorer is a load of shit. People are gaming the system and profiting while the poor who play by the rules get screwed. The billionaires have trained you well.

No. 578865

People with strong opinions gossip too.

Who spit in your bean curd?

No. 578866

growing up poor can really easily make you a bitter person. personally i never act that way towards someone who was more privileged than me growing up unless they're being a knobhead about it/extremely out of touch.

like I'm not gonna shit on you for having parents that pay for your college and take care of you but if you live in the white suburbs and i was raised in the ghetto and you proceed to ask me some out of touch shit like "when your grandparents gave you Christmas money did they give it to you in cash or on a check?" I'm going to roll my eyes because I live in a pretty wealth divided area where income inequality isn't a surprise and it's considered a privilege to even get Christmas money, let alone have your grandparents give you a big check for it. it just depends on the way the person with more wealth acts towards others who aren't as privileged

No. 578867

We're know better than to be cringey internet personalities, that's why.

No. 578868

This is a lot of weird assumption making. He was not old (he's a little younger than me actually) nor was he mooching off his parents, and we got married before he inheritted the money.

No. 578869

>weird assumption

You replied to a 3 day old post SPECIFICALLY stanning for young woman/older man relationships for money you stupid, incorrigible, DONKEY!

No. 578873

The point is that if you're choosing to spend your time on a chan site dedicated to obsessing over lolcows, being pretentious over dumb shit is quite ironic. Like when girls on here shit on people for not being cultured because they go to theme parks. It's hilariously ironic coming from people who choose to spend their time on a website where peak culture is nitpicking some Twitch thot's breast augmentation.

No. 578874

We're not a hivemind on here and not all of us spend the entire day "obsessing" over lolcows. Do you do that just because you're posting here too? Golly gee. You fucking twit.

No. 578875

File: 1593791706878.jpg (21.02 KB, 220x292, 220px-Risperdal_tablets.jpg)

You forgot these

No. 578876

Calm down, anon, it's all gonna be okay.

No. 578878

File: 1593791885741.jpg (59.61 KB, 430x346, lobotomy icepick.jpg)

Thanks! Now here's yours.

No. 578879

You two are married now, just fyi
God bless this awful website

No. 578884

File: 1593792675616.jpeg (46.52 KB, 612x680, EHzms_9WwAEGofe.jpeg)

>anti-trans spergs
Maybe because MtFs and their supporters won't shut the fuck up about trying to make everyone do so, both as a cry that people are "bigoted" for refusing to touch them, and as a very masculine insult.
Check your own before crying "projection", kek. Don't get mad when your shit is thrown right back in your face.
>also i don't think this anon was talking exclusively about mtfs

No. 578886

>you stupid, incorrigible, DONKEY!
I don't know why this made me laugh. I like you, anon.

No. 578900

I fucking hate the use of Latinx by woke Latinos and non-latinos in the USA. Why do I have to use Latinx when Latino is gender neutral term in the first place? If I say Latino instead of Latinx I am going to get weird looks.

No. 578906

Latinx and Latin@ were obviously coined by people who don't speak Spanish. Yes, "-o" is masculine, but it's also gender neutral. A group of boys are niños, a group of girls are niñas, and a group with a mix of both is niños. I feel like if someone started saying "latinx" in Mexico or SA they'd get made fun of.

No. 578916

I think the difference is that, although I may be cringe and a horrible person in a lot of ways, I don't document my miserable existence online. Cows are only cows because they put their rank smelling shit online for everyone to see. You have to be self-aware enough to keep your dirty laundry out of the public eye.

No. 578921

I've always seen just "latin" used as the gender neutral version of latino/latina. As in "we have white, black, asian and latin students in our school". Latinx sounds like what happens when a tiger crossbreeds with a lynx or something.

No. 578925

Bootlicker is just a term thrown around when someone wants to dissagree with someone else who defends other thing/person/group but instead of giving a real argument is just easier to call them a bootlicker.

This doesn't have to be the case, I've seen some cases where the term is actually pretty true but just like most popular terms, it lost its meaning some time ago.

No. 578926

>Why do I have to use Latinx when Latino is gender neutral term in the first place?
They're not used to Latin languages at all, whether it's Spanish, Portuguese, French or Italian so they're making up new rules that make no sense. I bet even German would make them have a heart attack.

No. 578927

Bootlicker is to describe a person who uses appeals to authority in the face of criticism instead of providing an actual argument. There are a lot of bootlickers online currently.

No. 578936

Ok so I read the article.
So there's a powerful trans lobby. I don't doubt that. How do you think gays got accepted? Powerful gay lobby. What did change in my life since the gay lobby got what they wanted? Only positive things.

Look, I'm old by lolcow standards. I've personally witnessed changes brought on by the dreaded "gay lobby". Civilization didn't collapse, nothing bad happened, my life and lives of those
I love got better.

What else can I say? Live, love and see for yourselves.

No. 578953

I agree you, but I think most of this is going to fall on dead ears. The hate on here is primarily directed at trans women because they're biologically men. Most of the user base here think that everything men do is to the detriment of women, including identifying as trans. It's coming from a place of hurt, hate and paranoia, not of any legitimate criticism of the movement, like that article actually delves into.

No. 578972

Do you not see how lesbians are being treated by transwomen? Do you think it makes sense to encourage children to go on hormones/blockers (a disproportionate amount of them being autistic, but having said autism be conflated with gender dysphoria)?
I'm kind of tired of people comparing gay people and trans people. They aren't the same.

No. 578983

>but think about the women and children! How can you expose them to this!
…and you ask how people conflate anti trans and anti gay… not the same my ass. It's exactly the same rhetoric I've been listening to for decades.

No. 578986

Being gay and taking substances as a child that can render you sterile or cause other health complications are the same now? You really just sound like a homophobe at this point.

No. 578990

File: 1593806867718.png (568.38 KB, 686x491, Screenshot_2020-07-03 cremated…)

I don't buy makeup, I don't even know how to do eyeshadow, and I'm definitely not a JStar fan, but I thought the Cremated palette was cool as shit and genuinely something that stood out to me in the incredibly oversaturated makeup market. I've seen what feels like hundreds of trendy palettes come and go, and people really knocked this one for having "all the same colors"? If you makeup fans know so much about beauty and artistry or whatever the fuck how do you not see the value in having subtle different undertones and shades?

The phenomenon of people acting like something is shitty just because it's associated with someone they don't like is so dumb, you can just ignore it and still shit on the actual problems with that person instead of making yourself look stupid and petty.

No. 578991

anon I'm not convinced you even been alive for decades

No. 578993

No. 578995

File: 1593807147528.jpg (33.17 KB, 600x600, immortalisPDPHero_600x.jpg)

Not when this palette exists. That palette has little versatility and is in need of serious condensing. But you're entitled to you opinion.

No. 578998

Another thing, eye shadow isn't comparable to something like makers wear the minor differences in shades are super noticeable. It was obviously made because of the venus pallete.

No. 579003

I can imagine them being an ignorant boomer. The kind who does things for likes on FB, to seem the most progressive and "cool".

No. 579007

Typical Zoomer, thinking "likes" motivate me.
Naw, I'm to old for that to tickle my serotonin receptors.
I speak from experience. You'll see.

No. 579015

Yeah, replies on anonymous imageboards created by and for the same zoomers you like to condescend to (especially on issues that most likely don't affect you) are more your speed, huh?

No. 579021

If Zoomers can dish it they can take it. It's all in good fun anyway.

No. 579061

>Powerful gay lobby.
The what?? Gay people had to fight for their rights for literally decades, for trannies it took only a few years to start steamrolling over gay, especially lesbian, communities and feminist efforts. That's literally the starting point of the whole article and why the author was inspired to research why this was the case. Like I don't doubt there's some illuminati tier underground gay community normalizing pedoshit or something when you see all the plentiful evidence around this happening in Hollywood but they don't include lesbians or women so the point in this context is moot.

No. 579079

I unironically watch and enjoy the Nostalgia Critic. His recent stuff definitely isn't as good and I avoid his collaboration videos like the plague, but there's something weirdly calming about him to me.

No. 579083

File: 1593820126247.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 223.2 KB, 1242x1868, 1591638564669.jpeg)

Anisa's personality is disgusting, but she herself is hot.

No. 579089

hole up is this board mostly zoomers? i thought we was mostly millennials

No. 579091

Judging by the cow culture thread, it seems like most people here are in the 25-30 range, so I'd say mostly millennials.

No. 579092

I actually like his old videos too anon. I found the early videos to be amusing with their low production value and dumb gags. I'll still go rewatch them on occasion

No. 579095

Yeah I don't think it's uncommon for people to like his old stuff. His new stuff is nowhere near as good, but it's still decent enough for me to justify continuing to watch it. He can still get a chuckle out of me.

I also give the guy props for managing to keep producing content despite how much shit he gets these days.

No. 579118

How does one even apply nail polish to get that result?

No. 579122

Funny thing is that this isn't the only one. Last year my city was plastered with an about 50 yo fat man with long unkept hair, claiming to be the first transgender candidate of my city.
I ignored them but germany really had quite the rise of men claiming to be trans within the last year or two. I actually started seeing trans women daily when I had a busy schedule. Most did the absolute bare minimum to pass too and just looked like caricatures.

No. 579127

Some anons just find cows interesting and entertaining. It doesn't always have to be about hate or feeling superior or something.

No. 579138

I wish a meteor would crash into earth. I'm so sick of men larping as women and being accepted in society. they're all mentally ill. All of them

No. 579139

I honestly miss Destiny's Child. Jumpin Jumpin was such a bop

No. 579142

How do you think we should be treating them instead? Serious question.

No. 579144

spray them with water eveytime they misbehave

No. 579147


No. 579148

No. 579150

I think she's barely at the level of passably pretty, but I can see the appeal for others and think the anons who sperg about how ugly she is are delusional.

No. 579155

you joke but having pepperspray made me feel 10x better in general. this dumb scrote tried to threaten me when i was walking my dog, pulled out the spray when he began to walk towards me and damn did he turn heel quick. feels nice to level the playing field a bit.

all women should carry something to defend themselves with. I think there should be laws that allow women to carry weapons in public but not men due to how often men commit violent crimes and that they are mostly aimed at women.

No. 579156

Well for how much bitches like her pay to look that way it would be a shame if it didn't amount to anything.

No. 579159

I haven't read that one yet but Fahrenheit 451 is dogshit and 1984 isn't anything to write home about either. On the subject of unpopular book opinions, I also hate The Picture of Dorian Gray and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

No. 579160

Me not liking 90% of classic lit is why I dropped my English major and switched to something else kek

No. 579162

Men are like three times more likely to be assaulted in public (by other men of course kek).

No. 579165

Ayrt, I do enjoy reading classic lit as a hobby, but a lot of the really hyped ones tend to underwhelm me. I probably wouldn't want to do it as a major either though since having to read in a school setting tends to kill my enjoyment of it. Hope you found something you enjoy more anon.

No. 579178

I liked it despite how shit the ending was. The book I abhor is Catcher in the Rye. I wish I could have punched Salinger in the gut for that abomination.

No. 579191

I love catcher in the rye. I also love how people either adore it or hate it with a passion; no in between.

No. 579192

His old videos (pre-2013) are comfy as hell and they still make me laugh out loud. I'm sort of embarrassed by this because everyone thinks he's a dweeb (as do I to a certain degree) but honestly he's a pretty good comedic performer. Even now whenever he drops a video that's just him performing without his stupid side actors and skits it's still enjoyable. His Demo Reel project was fucking awful though and I'm glad he quit it.

A related opinion: The "Change the channel" drama was cringeworthy and mostly untalented, petty people being jealous of not being as popular as Doug. That one HR chick was abused to hell and back by the company CEO but most of the remaining complaints were along the lines of "wahhh doug got more attention than I did".

No. 579193

yes which is why they shouldn't be allowed weapons, slow anon. lmao

No. 579224

Acrylic nails look tacky most of the time. Especially if they have jewels and shit glued on.

No. 579227

I'm subjective here but I don't think she's pretty, she looks homely/low maintenance.

No. 579229

this is probably not unpopular but i hate those "commentary" channels on youtube who try to act like they're not your average drama channel that reports on every little thing that happens. they're exactly the same except they're more annoying with their superiority complex.

No. 579230

Commentary channels like Cody Ko, Kurtis, Danny, etc you mean? I agree with you, I don't find them entertaining, they basically pick low hanging fruit and get views off of othet people's works/content.
I kinda like Jarvis only because I think he's really cute lol

No. 579231

hard agree

No. 579240

I would never go to a male gynecologist. The way I see it, there's just no good reason for it if there's a female one around. I've heard a ton of fucked up stories about male gynos being horrible to female patients, too.
I also don't care if some anon whose dad/uncle/brother/best friend/boyfriend/husband/alternate personality is a gynecologist comes in to screech at me for not wanting him to look at my pussy, lol.

No. 579252

Honestly men should be banned from being gynecologists because it's nothing but uncomfortable and awkward as fuck

No. 579256

i miss the kpop and gender critical threads

No. 579260

My mom always says male gynos are more gentle but I am not going to some scrote who doensn't even have these organs to get awkward.

No. 579262

My mom said the exact same thing. She works at a hospital and says they are taking more steps than female gynecologists to avoid complaints.

No. 579276

only one of those is an unpopular opinion

No. 579286

I know what you mean, I don't even like his old or new videos personally but I just have them in the background a lot. I guess his voice can be kind of good background noise when he's not yelling? He really is stuck in 2008 however.

No. 579296

>gay people have been fighting for their rights for literally decades
>trannies steamrolled their efforts

lmfao what? have you done a google search for stonewall? or read any pre-2000s lgbt literature? even a basic summary of gay history will detail trans or gender-nonconforming efforts as a part of the lgbt movement historically. Negating gender-related efforts as "trannies steamrolling other's efforts" is disingenuous bullshit and you should know that if you have any idea how the LGBT rights movement got to where it is today.

No. 579299

dude, shut up already

No. 579300

Anecdotal I've know two male gynos and two female gynos (moved around a lot), one good one bad each. Both good ones were gentle and explained everything, the bad female one was rough as fuck with me, explained nothing and didn't take my concerns seriously, while the bad male one was creepy and made comments about 14 year olds' vaginas to me.

No. 579303

Non-gender-conforming people aren't trans you fucking dumbass. The person who started the stonewall riots was a fucking butch half-black lesbian but trans organizations have erased her existence and transed the gay drag queens claiming them to be these "brave poc trans women" even though Martha Johnson even stated before his death that he's not a woman. Now fuck off.

No. 579310

Sauce for the he's not a woman part pls

No. 579312

Here's a fucking documentary on him you can watch for free. https://vimeo.com/41327842 Marsha was a Drag Queen character Malcolm Michaels Jr. was playing.

And here's a summary of it in case you're lazy and don't feel like watching it:
>Johnson was interviewed once again, on June 26th, 1992, nine days before her death. Johnson refers to herself throughout as a ‘drag queen’, ‘a boy’ ‘a gay’, ‘a homosexual’, and a transvestite. The word transgender is not mentioned by Marsha, who also discusses other queens, but not herself, taking hormones in the 60s. The interview is featured in the 2012 documentary Pay It No Mind: Marsha P. Johnson.

And another account from "Stonewall: The Riots That Sparked The Gay Revolution":
>But Robert Heide recalls another side to the childlike Marsha, who could be both helpless and charming. He sometimes saw a demon emerge, especially when Marsha was in his male persona as Malcolm. “I think we all have that to some degree, but apparently in Malcolm/Marsha’s case there was this real duality and it would take hold. There was a schizophrenic personality at work, for Malcolm Michaels could be a very nasty, vicious man, looking for fights. You could say hello to him and if he was Malcolm that day, he might not recognize you or you might be in trouble or a fight might even ensue.

I'm surprised they never decided to trans Storme DeLarverie despite her being a gay PoC but because she's a gender-noncomforming lesbian woman I guess she needs to be erased instead.

No. 579316

Claiming to be an abuse victim is like this generation's teenagers cutting.

No. 579317

Oh look, here's more food: https://makinggayhistory.com/podcast/episode-11-johnson-wicker/

>Marsha: The way I winded up being at Stonewall that night, I was having a party uptown. And we were all out there and Miss Sylvia Rivera and them were over in the park having a cocktail.

>I was uptown and I didn’t get downtown until about two o’clock, because when I got downtown the place was already on fire. And it was a raid already. The riots had already started. And they said the police went in there and set the place on fire. They said the police set it on fire because they originally wanted the Stonewall to close, so they had several raids. And there was this, uh, Tiffany and, oh, this other drag queen that used to work there in the coat check room and then they had all these bartenders. And the night before the Stonewall riots started, before they closed the bar, we were all there and we all had to line up against the wall and they was all searching us.

As for Sylvia Rivera, here's an essay she/he wrote: https://untorellipress.noblogs.org/files/2011/12/STAR.pdf

> I thought about having a sex change, but I decided not to. I feel comfortable being who I am. That final journey many of the trans women and trans men make is a big journey. It’s a big step and I applaud them, but I don’t think I could ever make that journey.

>People now want to call me a lesbian because I’m with Julia, and I say, “No. I’m just me. I’m not a lesbian.” I’m tired of being labeled. I don’t even like the label transgender. I’m tired of living with labels. I just want to be who I am.

All in all: Marsha Johnson OR Sylvia Rivera weren't trans women, they both said they were drag queens and/or transvestites. And they didn't start the riots, they came there when they were already ongoing. Oops. I wonder what other lies the trans activists are telling?

No. 579320

bpd is kind of a meme diagnosis

No. 579322

Dear god just go dilate already, this has been dragged on for days now and you won't convince anyone here. It's always the same.

No. 579323

Chill, i'm not the anon you were fighting with. Thanks anon!

No. 579329

I worked somewhere where the label was slapped onto any woman in her twenties who kept coming in with persistant depression, cool

No. 579333

Marsha saying he's a boy:

No. 579346

I'm convinced it was invented to stigmatize women with abandonment/childhood trauma. You don't see men with any of those issues getting diagnosed with BPD. It's steeped in misogyny and an absolute bullshit diagnosis. C-PTSD is a better alternative but it's not in the DSM.

No. 579434

And Seattle wants to name a public school after this guy…

No. 579442

when did anon say gnc people were trans? they might not be trans under your definition but depending on the definition used they can definitely fall under the trans umbrella. i also disagree that marsha and sylvia were transwomen, they're widely known as drag queens. but tbf the confusion makes sense considering the language of "transgender" didn't exist and "transsexual" was a more widely used term socially and medically.

it is bullshit that people always harp over them starting the riots, when that's been disproved time and time again. it doesn't matter WHO specifically threw the first brick, the work they did after that matters more

also I'm not too deep into the politics around stonewall but everytime i see marsha brought up in activist spaces i also hear storm delarverie being brought up as well for being a gender nonconforming lesbian? so i don't know what communities you're a part of that actively erase her. she's definitely not as widely spread as marsha or sylvia, but she's still widely known and credited for the work she's done afaict.

No. 579458

Stonewall is not the alpha and omega of gay rights (especially for non american people) fuck off with the propaganda.

No. 579601

For someone that goes on here almost every day, I wouldn't go anywhere near most of the people on here if they were just random people in my every day life. Sometimes I'll read something written by a weeaboo or furry apologist or autist and think "what the fuck am I doing on here" and leave.

No. 579605

You probably wouldn't even be able to tell if someone you knew IRL was a poster here.

No. 579607

Big asses aren’t attractive. I don’t get the obsession with being “thicc” or bottom heavy, I mean if you’re naturally built like that cool. But proportion is always better imo. Not saying a flat skelly ass Is the best but I don’t like thicc asses

No. 579615

The main reason why it's popular is because men jerk off to it, so it , for the most part, disregards what is aesthetically pleasing

No. 579619

I am thoroughly enjoying the crappy English dub of Yu-Gi-Oh on Netflix.

It’s hilarious, I love Joey’s weird Italian accent and all the lame business man related puns he bad guys spout. My brother and I used to love making fun of this show after school.

No. 579621

i think hourglass shapes are the most attractive, if you have a big ass then you need a small waist and big bust to balance it out

of course those dramatized kim k asses just look ridiculous

No. 579622

I think acne is cute. It sucks when it's painful, but when it's not, it's like a facial randomizer. I find it really interesting that we're able to wake up and have bright dots form on our faces over night. Maybe I'm bias because red is my favorite color, idk.

No. 579626


No. 579628

aw wait this actually made me feel better about myself

No. 579636

Are you me!? Yugioh has one the most amazingly cringey dubs in existence it’s so comfy!! Joey is the real star of the show his voice is ridiculously campy for no reason lol. Also it’s funny they gave him an American name just off the strength he’s blonde LMAO. 4kids was lowkey the greatest anime dubbing studio they took so many random liberties it’s fucking crazy. Also the comebacks from Seto Kaiba are top notch. Dude was a shady queen lol

No. 579639

I like acne scars on cheeks, I find it adorable and rugged.

No. 579647

imo asses (and humans) just look dumb most of the time. I don‘t get the obsession over specific bodyparts/attributes in general. I mean we all are retarded less hairy apes after all.
these super short hot pants where half your asscheeks hang out for example. even if the person has a ´nice assˋ it just looks awkward and somehow pathetic, walking around with half your ass hanging out. Everytime I see something like this I can‘t help but imagine silly trumpet sounds playing in the background

No. 579813

>Everytime I see something like this I can‘t help but imagine silly trumpet sounds playing in the background
Good god I busted my sides cracking up at this for like five minutes

Anyway I agree, I never really find asses that interesting. They always look either comedic or just bland.

No. 579863

Hard agree. There is no reason at all other than creepy fetishes or sexual shit that a man wants to look at vaginas all day. Male gynos are never ever to be trusted.

No. 579881

26+ is the best time for women to lose their virginity. By that age we are mature enough not to end up abused, having shitty sex and ending up with low self esteem becuz of sex.

No. 579883

I don’t mind male doctors in general but I would never go to a male gyno
I blame the Kardashians for popularizing this. Fake asses are disgusting

No. 579886

aww anon thanks this makes me feel better
also what's great about having face freckles is that they look indistinguishable from small acne half the time

No. 579893

you and me both sister

Speaking of, now I realize that all of my long term doctors have been women, that explains why I've never hand any miscommunciation problems in the first place. Thank god.

No. 580020

sorry for being a prude but i don't agree with sex work. i hate how it's becoming a trend now for young women to post their nudes online for money and for them to have creepy sugar daddies. it's so socially acceptable now for this to be your lifestyle. they make being a sex object a job and they're being told that it's empowering somehow. it doesn't make any sense.

No. 580028

Agreed, I hate how people are making it seem glamorous. I feel like for 95% of sex workers have a bad time and the 5% who are the most popular have a good time and post about it. I think sex obsession is just bad in any context, especially if it's your entire career.

I also think it is going to push women into doing extreme stuff because of market pressure and fan culture. I have already seen girls turn from 17 to 18 then start an OnlyFans immediately, it's so disgusting.

No. 580037

I feel like 25 is the cutoff date for sites like this. Once you turn 26, I feel like you need to take a long hard look at yourself….

No. 580040

Honestly, I've always found the "door" body type to be super attractive and I wish I had it myself but the "thicc" trend sort of made me appreciate my own body type more because the "skinny" ideal of the previous decade is not very achievable for me. So I guess I feel lucky that it's trendy now and I know it's partly to do with coom-brained men but even seeing attractive women with similar features as myself online has definitely helped me feel less insecure.

I'm a >25 anon and I disagree. I don't see how posting on imageboards has any correlation with age. Plus, I like getting the perspective from people of different generations with more life experience.

No. 580043

Have fun stopping yourself from doing all the things you enjoy when you turn some arbitrary age, don't forget to start dressing like your mother and pop out a kid before you hit the wall
I'll be skateboarding joyfully into the sunset with my embarrassing merch, outdated memes and accounts on apps that I don't quite understand but still enjoy, smell ya later!

No. 580046

the projection…..

No. 580048

lol, you're in for a nasty shock when you hit some arbitrary 'old' age and realise you haven't suddenly become super mature with better things to do than whatever you enjoyed when you were younger.

If anything, the older I get the more I use sites like these. I was busy with friends and parties and boys when I was young, now I just want to kill time online while working and prefer relaxing at home on the internet to being busy.

No. 580052

I didn't say anything about following female societal expectations or stopping doing the things you love but go off tumblr. I just don't think imageboards are a particularly normal place to be once your brain is fully developed. I read shit on here and I hope to god it's not written by 30 year olds, or that 30 year olds aren't the ones wasting their Friday night falling for obvious bait or complaining about how troons are society's number one threat. I agree to disagree though. It's called an unpopular opinion thread for a reason. I knew I would get this response considering I'm shitting on half the user base.

No. 580054

who doesn't like a cute plump butt?

No. 580056

while I agree with the sentiment, the cringe vibe from this post is just too much
>smell ya later!

No. 580062

you are an absolute legend anon

No. 580066

Lmao, how old are you, 16? Just you wait, girl. Just you wait.

No. 580067

>I just don't think imageboards are a particularly normal place to be once your brain is fully developed
It's never been normal.

No. 580068

Once you reach your 20s and 30s, you will realize that 30-year-olds are actually little babies.

No. 580070

Well guess it’s time to change my insurance plan and get off image boards.
>turns into dust

No. 580077

So cows can be older tham that but farmers can't. My mid 20yo bones are rattled, child.

No. 580079

Me, butts do strictly nothing to me, whether they are on a man or a woman.

No. 580096

I'm bi and quite turned off by big asses on anyone. I don't know if it's partly influenced by the fact that I grew up/hit my teens in the 90's and back then having a big ass was generally seen as unattractive. Weird seeing how body trends change.

No. 580099

I think it's so dumb how so many anons think having nudes online really affects career prospects in 2020 like sure you can't be a public school teacher or government official, but you really some stale 9-5 office job cares about it? Do you think Kroger really checks all your social media accounts before hiring you to scan groceries? Maybe co-workers will find them and tease you for it, but no one's getting cancelled for having their pussy out.

No. 580101

I think age of consent should be at least 21

No. 580108

Amazes me how you can film yourself doing all sorts of sexual shit for the world to see at 18 but can’t even drink or smoke yet (in the US)

No. 580111

I lost mine at 19 and yeah if I could take back all the sexual decisions I made between then and 26 I honestly would.

No. 580112

Not gonna lie, this kind of reads like a cope. Even if it were the truth, I don't think most people would want to live their lives subsisting only on grocery scanning all because they let the whole internet see their holes.

No. 580120

Nta but plenty of people spend their whole lives working retail jobs anyway

No. 580123

I knew people who worked as grocery cashiers at my first job for like 20 or 30 years, and afaik they didn't show holes on the internet back then. I mean if you stick with a company long enough, making 20-25/hr with no major responsibilities isn't so bad for a person with no education.

No. 580126

I'm so glad to read this because I'm 27 and never had sex, I thought I was weird for no pursuing it, but I was such a mess in my late teens/early to mid 20s that I'm glad that I've waited and that I didn't rush into bad relationships. I'm at this point in my life where I really appreciate my face and my body and I know my worth, so nobody will be able to put me down by insulting me.

No. 580129

But how many of them wanted it, and didn't just have to do it for lack of better options for reasons that were beyond their control?
It just seems counterproductive to literally railroad yourself, and have the permanent threat looming over your head that someone spiteful and bitter enough might stalk you and send your nudes to your family, any friends you might have, your children (if you have any), your partner, etc.

No. 580141

>Maybe co-workers will find them and tease you for it,
There really isn't anything funny or progressive about this. This shit can easily lead to sexual harassment or general bullying. You really think people are going to "tease" you over having your pussy wide open?

No. 580158

If you choose your filters wisely tumblr is still pretty great for scrolling through nice art and aesthetic shit

No. 580171

I don't recall what I thought of it except I shipped Bernard and Helmholtz and looked for fanfics about them.

No. 580175

Agreed. Most of the retards fucked off to Twitter, too, so it's a less cancerous experience overall.
Honestly, anyone sperging about Tumblr banning porn is whiny and dumb.
You can go to so many other sites on the internet to share and view that sort of content, and one (1) platform disallowing it is the end of the world for you? That's addiction luv

No. 580216

People who claim pets like cats or dogs won't eat certain food brands are really just types who project onto their animals cause in reality they'd eat anything if they were hungry enough. Same principle applies to kids but making sure a tiny human isn't sneaking food between meal time is harder.

No. 580232

I hate people who refer to their cats or dogs as their children. It's insulting to real mothers. My coworker got butthurt when i was excited for her to tell me about her children, then she pulls out some cat photos on her phone. I said 'those are cats…' and she was upset i couldnt see her furbabies are her children. Also, people who use 'catmom' as a hashtag are cringe

No. 580239

Yea kinda like a person would eat their own shit if hungry enough, they just don't need to and if ppl have the money for other stuff, why not.

No. 580242

I agree it's cringe af but insulting…? come on now lol

No. 580245

Eating the chicken flavored food instead of the preferred beef flavored food is totally like being forced to eat shit. I stand corrected.

No. 580246

I'm just annoyed by farmers pulling the "how will [cow] ever work??" thing in every e-thot's thread. You guys really never discovered Greg in accounting's underwear modelling pictures or your personal trainer's onlyfans? It's so naive.
I didn't say it was funny or progressive. If it snowballs to harassment you can go to HR though. I'm just saying that it's dumb for anons to act like nudes are going to ruin someone's life or impact your career options unless you're trying to find success in specific fields.

No. 580247

What kind of mother is so wounded by the challenge of having to take care of a child she chose to have that someone calling their pet a "child" is insulting to her? Parents like that are pathetic and need their struggles to be the center of the conversation.

No. 580250

Greg is a straight white man. Personal trainer isn’t a white collar job. Whatever helps you sleep at night though.

No. 580251

This, salty mombie energy.

No. 580270

Most Americans are positioned to better their economic situation, they just don't want to. It's insulting to those who are genuinely disadvantaged to a point they can't do anything about.

No. 580276

>personal trainer's onlyfans
holy hell, is this a new normal?

No. 580279

My personal experience is that most women I know who call their pets their children have suffered miscarraiges. Just something to think about before being weirdly judgemental about something so trivial.

No. 580288

It's cringy but to say it's actually 'insulting to mothers' is equally cringe.

No. 580290

Idk how common this actually is but to a certain extent, yeah. You would be shocked at how many seemingly everyday hot people have started OnlyFans. Being a personal trainer usually means you're self employed too so there would be no need to worry about getting fired for having an OF side hustle and you'd have more incentive to build another stream of income.
I actually heard about OnlyFans a while ago before it got super big because my bi male friend follows tons of hot gay dude IG thots, many of whom are personal trainers or similar, and a lot of them started making OnlyFans and he told me about it. Always have been jealous at how much of a genius fucking business idea it is.

I think that standards are going to have to change for how people treat those who have nudes on the internet/have done some form of sex work just because it's becoming SO much more common, but who knows how that will go. I still wouldn't bank on not having a SW past come back to haunt me at this point in the game. I agree with >>580246 to an extent but to be fair I feel like every cow on here has other reasons to worry about their online past affecting their future than just regular SW kek.

No. 580296

who wants to hear about stinky fleshbabies, you should be thankful she showed you her cats

No. 580302

I hate feigning interest in babies but my whole Insta account is just so I can look at strangers pets. Show me your hamster if you want, any animal is good.

No. 580340

this genuinely terrifies me, thanks for your perspective. if time travel becomes real i will strangle hugh hefner. i'm sure men have some creeps, but it's obvious it's women whose personal lives and careers will be fucked by this cultural grooming.

No. 580341

shitting out a child is not an accomplishment

No. 580377

lmao my sides

No. 580386

yeah, pretty much this.