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File: 1452316252185.jpeg (18.83 KB, 511x346, image.jpeg)

No. 57389

Similar to the vent thread but with (hopefully) less melodrama and sadness.

Confess things you can tell your family/friends/followers here, or stuff you just want to admit to but don't want to be associated with.

No. 57404

I'm scared.
I'm 5'7" and I just hit 105 lbs

I spent two weeks without weighing myself and thought I had gained weight because I was sure my body was bigger, legs fatter, my shorts were tight. But I hadn't. My ribcage and hipbones poke out of my skin even if I don't suck in or contort my body… and yet I'm sure I look normal. I still have fat in me. I'm not fat, I know that, but I don't think I look particularly skinny either, not as skinny as you'd expect from someone with these stats.
The only time I feel I might be thin is when I take lewd pics to send my bf and I see my legs have no shape to them, they're… straight (but not stick-like because they're still thick), and my body doesn't look very sexual.

I think it's because I've been this weight for a good while now (over four months), I've gotten used to it, so instead of the "I'm thin! I'm thin!" rush I got when I first hit 105 and still remembered what it was like to be fatter, I now see my body at this weight for what it is, not in comparison with bigger. And what it really is is "still fat".

I'm scared because seeing emaciated girls who still wanted to lose weight used to boggle my mind, and now I have first-hand experience on how very possible it is to think that, and how it happens.

And I can't tell anyone about this, I don't want them to know, they'll think less of me. I know this kind of shit tends to get hate here, but lolcow is honestly the most acceptable place I can share this with, since on the forums for eating disordered people you need to actually create an account and have something like an identity (and /adv/ is too oblivious and would tell me to go eat a burger). So, um. Sorry about this. I'm just… terrified.

No. 57406

>that pic
Damn another farmer reads Ualberta Confessions?

No. 57408

Oh no! You're scared! Fer fucks sake, man; get some counseling, go to an eating disorder program, regain a healthy relationship with your body and food. This isn't your proana forum. A lot of girls here are recovering too but are past the talking about it.

No. 57416

I can't feel normally about people. Tumblr apparently has a term called autochorissexualiy that's the most similar to how I am, but no fucking way in hell will I identify myself with some idiotic, made-up term from that cancerous website. I don't accept it either, it's clearly an unnatural dysfunction, but I wish I knew how to fix it. Imagine myself, instead of faceless bodies, in sexual fantasies until it becomes ingrained in my mind that it should be ~me~? Affirm 10 times a morning and 10 times a night "I want to have sex"? …Actually go out and have sex? It's not that I want TO have sex, I wish I wanted to want it like a normal person. But I think about it and I can't find any interest in doing anything myself. If I were told today that I will spend my life celibate with only my hand to use, I wouldn't even have a problem.

No. 57621

I never really had a healthy relationship with these things so "regain" is a poor word for that. I have plenty of (distorted, yes) reasons not to look for treatment, and a non-distorted one (being a poorfag).

I don't really get why people started understanding depression and some mental illnesses but not others, tbh.
>it's hard for people with depression to seek help, and that's ok but you should still try!
>what do you mean you can't eat/are addicted just go get a therapist what the fuck stop playing the godamn victim

A common part of being eating disordered is not wanting to get better.

No. 58044


These are less "confessions" and leaning more towards cents IMHO. A confession is more like "I've secretly been texting the guy my BFF is trying to date" or "I joined tinder to find a BDSM partner" or "I saw a guy steal a car but didn't report it". Factual things, not feelings.

No. 58065

Sorry, no. I just grabbed it from Google images, no idea where it's from originally.

No. 58071

File: 1452420951331.jpg (708.23 KB, 1079x1600, 005.jpg)

I love my husband more than anything, he is a perfect guy for me in every way…except sex. I've been cheating on him for about 5 years (about three years with one guy and two years with another) because he can't turn me on. He doesn't know. I also have this HUGE fetish for NTR he can't possibly satisfy.
We tried everything, but…just no. He doesn't needs sex as much as I do, so going for a few weeks without any sexual contact is completely normal for him. He doesn't cheat on me, I keep track of his accounts/phone whenever I feel suspicious. We don't go out much, so it's basically just two of us and two or three friends.
I don't even feel guilty anymore.

tl;dr - I love my perfect husband, but I use fuckboys to satisfy urges he can't.

No. 58072

That's..just awful anon. If you loved him you'd respect him enough not to fuck someone else. Get a vibrator?

Checking his accounts is really lulzy though tbh, like you're paranoid he's cheating and that's not okay.

No. 58073

Wow you are awful.

No. 58077

Tell him and let HIM decide if he wants your awful arse or wants to work on it if you fucking stop and work on this issue WITH him. With honesty and no more cheating.

You should consider yourself lucky if he forgives you.

No. 58087

While I was engaged to my husband I met a really rich old man who I have met a total of 3 times. I was bored in a different city and saw a listing in Craigslist for a guy looking for a girl to come with him to a fancy casino. I have never been in a casino before and I thought it would be fun.

Turned out he was a short old man in his late 60s. I wanted to back out but I was really scared and didnt want to bring attention to myself so I just went along with it. On the way to the casino he commented that he hated my shoes and took me to the casino's mall or mall with casino, IDK what to call it. He asked me to try on a $1300 pair of shoes but I was panicking and overwhelmed and said no. So I ended up grabbing an $80 pair of shoes. We went to the casino and turns out he was a regular there and would blow hundreds of thousands on various games. It was there he introduced me to some people who were obviously very rich businessmen and they started talking about certain politicians they would mock or talk about funding. They were polite people in their late 40s to 60s and they seem to be all indifferent.

I wanted to escape but I was too scared and felt out of place. The next thing I knew we were in a room in that hotel. He started undressing me and I didn't know what to do. You all probably think I am a dumbfuck but I wont refute that. I think so too. You know that feeling where you are not in control of anything and you're just too scared so you just follow?

We didnt have sex but I ended up giving him a blowjob because he asked me to and I obeyed because I was just too fucking scared. He said I was too scared and he didnt like that. He told me that I was too innocent and what the fuck did I expect? He thought I was just playing innocent and shit but he realized that I really didnt know what I was doing and was just stiffening.

He gave me money, around $800, after that and sent me back to my hostel.

No. 58088


A couple of days later he called me on my phone and said he wanted to go to lunch. Since he was kind of nice to me and he gave me money, I felt obligated to have lunch with him at least.

He took me to a fancy restaurant and across it was a really expensive watch store. He asked me if I wanted a fancy watch. I can choose whatever I want no matter how expensive it gets. He also told me that he liked me. I was exactly his type and he liked that fact that I wasn't a money hungry bitch and that he was testing me at the shoe store and at the casino. He liked the fact that I dont like gambling and refused to gamble.

At this point I have to mention that the $800 he gave me the other day was forcibly given to me and I tried to give back but failed.

He proposed to make me his "woman" and in exchange he's going to take me to vacations anywhere in the world and for starters he's going to pay off all of my debts and deposit hundreds of thousands in my bank account and give me more money and designer shit in the future.

He then drove me around the city and started talking about his life while growing up and how his business started and how much of a bitch his wife was. He said his wife and him were not on good terms. The only time his wife would talk to him was to ask for money. The latest being a few days ago wherein she took $8000 to go to an international volleyball match happening in the city with 20 friends and she paid for their tickets. Prior to that she was in Tokyo for a shopping spree.

He then went to a fancy motel and made me give him a blowjob again and gave me $800 again.

No. 58089


I felt so disgusting and dirty afterwards. I really needed the money and I had debts to pay off and my life was a mess that time. I spent the whole night crying and thinking about suicide and called some friends but I didnt give them the whole story, just the summary that an old man wanted to make me his mistress and I actually thought about it. I skipped the BJ and money receiving part.

In the end I decided not accept it. I met him one last time and told him my decision. He was upset and told me I could have just told him over the phone but I said that I needed to give him the courtesy of saying it directly to his face and be upfront about it since he gave me money that is going to help me out with my current situation.

We shook hands and he walked away first, I called him to ask where I could get a taxi but he ignored me and just kept on walking.

2 days later he texted to ask how was my trip back home and that he missed me. He said he wanted me to go back to that city and he'll pay for my flights and pay me money again. All for a blowjob. I refused of course and then he said if I ever need anything I should just text him since I know his private number.

I never texted him since.

Thinking about it, he was just a very rich, very lonely man who just wanted someone to talk to and to be with.

No. 58095


Huh, did you really find that all that disgusting?
After I'm done with my education I'm going to be in tens of thousands of debts too, so for me that kind of exchange doesn't seem like such a bad deal.

People think of this stuff as disgusting, but financial support in exchange for sex? Well, it's physicality exchanged for an act of physicality. Money is worth something but at the end of the day your vagina is worth nothing.
Both can help you move forward in life however so it's good to acquire one early and the use the other one early.

That being said, it sounds like the guy might have been genuinely interested in a conversation partner as well, not just some fake prostitute who's pretending to like him for his wallet.
I'm a pretty lonely person too so I don't think I would mind this kind of arrangement.

Oh well at least you got some new shoes.

No. 58096


I did. Considering the fact that I was in a relationship that time it was.

>inb4 you answered a craiglist ad for someone to go to a casino with

My plan was to go see what a fancy casino looks like then bail out.

He offered to have a trial for 1 month. Because he was going overseas for an operation. I thought hard about it but in the end all the money in the world wont be worth ruining what I have with mu current husband. I have never cheated on him before and I guess that counted as cheating. I was in a bad spot in my life and I was vulnerable, lonely, angry, sad and stupid. I was lucky it ended like that.

No. 58098

Sugarbaby-chan, more stories pls

No. 58101

Does your husband know? He deserves to know that he's married to a whore.

No. 58103


I dont have any more stories and aside from that incident, I have never been with another guy during my relationship with my husband. That was the only time I ever cheated or kind of cheated during a relationship.


Grow up salty chan.

No. 58106

Whore-chan, when you finally grow up you will realise that it's morally wrong to lie to your SO and that cheating is wrong. Enjoy your relationship, because it's not going to last.

No. 58107


Oooooh you were in a relationship already! Okay I forgot that part.

Still, I won't judge too harshly. I've lived in poverty before and been homeless. The desire for financial security makes us consider things we would previously never have dreamed of.

I almost became a camgirl because of my situation, but in the end I just couldn't do it to my partner.

No. 58108

>m-muh morals

lol gtfo you semen guzzling cocksplash.

No. 58109

File: 1452442248238.jpg (112.38 KB, 1368x1680, glenn.jpg)


>dat projection

No. 58110


It's a man; we should ignore it until it goes away.

No. 58167

I don't think you really love him if you could do something to hurt him like that.

No. 58171


I can tell you've never been poor before.

When you're in a really shitty situation with your partner you would do near enough anything to get them out of it in order to see them thrive and be granted opportunities that weren't previously avaliable to you before.

Money can give you that.

No. 58174


She's talking about the cuckloding wife not the one who met an old man at the casino. Those are two different people.

No. 58176


>>58071 and >>58087 are two different people

No. 58189

I'm in the same boat as you. Except I've never cheated. My boyfriend is perfect except for the Sex. I think one day I will have to fuck someone else. But, ill get his permission first. We are ridiculously open like that.

No. 58190

That's so sad. Does he have any fetishes you could satisfy maybe?

No. 58212

My crush of almost 10 years finally asked me out and I refused.I told him that "we wouldn't work as couple" and made up excuses but the truth is that I can't be sexually active without feeling horrible.A relationship without sex wouldn't work and I can't tell him the reason for my fear because it sounds absolutely retarded.I'm afraid he'll think it's just another excuse.
And now he is upset and I am upset.Just fuck my shit up fam

No. 58213

I want to break up with my boyfriend. It's never felt like being in a relationship, just like a close friendship. We don't do anything sexual despite having been in a relationship for close to three years now. We don't even kiss because he's uncomfortable doing it.

I've asked if he's just disinterested in sex or asexual, he's said no.

Problem is he's very sweet and kind and I know breaking up with him would destroy him, and my whole friend group is centered around him because I'm socially awkward. There's other guys in the group I'm attracted to too which really doesn't help matters (never cheated on him with one of them or anything, but I get the feeling at least two of them might be attracted to me back and they're both more physically and financially attractive than my current partner).

My huge collection of video games is also mostly at his house, and if we couldn't end it amicably for some reason I don't want to lose my games.

TL;DR I want to break up with my boyfriend but don't want to lose him as a friend or make things awkward in the friend group if I try to go after another partner. What do, farmers.

No. 58230

Is he depressed? That is the only other reason I can think why he is disinterested in sex. Or maybe a hormonal imbalance. You guys should talk about this among each other, especially since you both have been in a relationship for years. Maybe he might need to see a doctor.

And there isn't much that can be done if you do break up and that makes things awkward for your friendship. Sorry, anon. It honestly isn't the best idea to date friends you want to keep, as there always is that possibility of losing them after a break up.

No. 58242

unless he's a delusional/entitled mollycoddled manchild, he should absolutely expect to lose his woman after three years without sexual/romantic contact.
a girl has needs.
if he doesn't want to lose anon, she has to make her expectations clear. if he doesn't want to change (or if he says he will, then keeps on with the same shit) then that is a perfectly acceptable reason to end the relationship.
If he tries to keep her shit, make an appointment to collect it. Just be fucking adults about it instead of doing something drastic like breaking into his house or something.
(that sounds unbelievable, but an ex of mine did that to me after we broke up. the really funny part is that he stole back what he'd ~given~ me, but kept my game system and much of my vidya collection. literally the only way I got it back was when a mutual friend pretended he wanted to play with the ex & then caught a glimpse of the stolen hoard. once confronted with 'hey, isn't that so-and-so's…? and there's my copy of etc.' he caved under the ~social pressure~ and gave most of the games back.)

No. 58246

Why not just tell him the truth? It sounds like you both have feelings for each other.

No. 58276

He's not depressed, at least not from what I can tell. He just seems to be completely disinterested. And we have talked about it, and despite him saying he'd try harder it awkwardly lasted for about a day before he gave up again. This was probably about 6 months ago and I've felt too bad to bring it up since.

No no I'd never break in to steal someone's things like that. Really he doesn't seem like the type of person who'd suddenly go crazy and refuse to give my stuff back, but who knows how people will react to a breakup. But I have dated a guy who freaked out and demanded everything back he'd ever given me before, so I'd prefer not to go through not being able to get some of my very expensive and hard to replace games back.

No. 58332

How old are you both?

No. 58334

We're both in our twenties.

No. 58335

Still not acceptable to cheat. If she can't take it, then she just needs to end the marriage. Simple as that.

No. 58370

when i was 17 a little over a year ago i really wanted more lolita dresses. my parents would absolutely not let me get a job because they wanted me to focus on school. my only money was $100 per month to my bank account (to spend on whatever i wanted). i would usually save it up to $600 and then buy a dress and save the leftover.
but i got tired of having to sell dresses to buy new ones or waiting forever to buy a new one. i was so selfish.. i made a post on tumblr to pander to the sjws, saying that i was trans and i needed help. i got $800 from that post.

No. 58385


Well played Anon. Well played.

No. 58481

I want my mother's husband to die soon. He's already 70 and both my mom and my brother have a very good, steady income (they're good people on top of that, plus I'm dirt poor) so I'm pretty sure the inheritance will be mine.

The money I'll get just from renting his apartment is more than I'll ever earn on a steady job (am going to be a teacher). Fuck this.

No. 58485

Fuck me, this is a genuinely good business idea. I wanna try this too.

No. 58486

fucking hypocritical dude. I know it's a confession but seriously, every bitch here is always raging about the cows who do this kind of shit.



No. 58487

I mean, it's just typical scamming. You could say it's for a good cause because you're scamming retarded SJWs, but it's still unethical.

No. 58664

I stayed with a terrible boyfriend because he was an experienced ho and I wanted to try anal my whole life. I loved it.

No. 58762

Dude, that's what Tinder is for.

No. 58768

I always look down on middle-aged people who have basic/minimum wage jobs, except if they're disabled or an immigrant.

No. 58775

I'm a social worker but I think morbidly obese people, junkies and lazy uneducated fucks are scum and barely deserve any support.

No. 58821

I want to try light bondage(?) with a guy who will be dominant with me in bed. And when I say bondage I mean like spreader bars, restraints and bed straps with blindfolds and gags, idk if I'm getting the terminology wrong. Problem is I have a very dominant personality and guys I date/hook up with always interpret that as "I want to make all the decisions in bed and call all the shots 100% even when I say I don't" and it fucking sucks. My last FWB, I asked him several times to tie me to the bed and fuck me senseless but he just… Wouldn't. And I don't want to use tinder anymore since FB forces me to switch back to my legal name (small town + retail job = EVERYONE KNOWS YOU). I'm tired of being the leader, I want a guy who can and will pull me down to the floor and fuck me on a whim without me having to tell him to do it/initiate intimacy.

No. 58842

I finally found a really good guy I like after 23 years with no bf. but I'm afraid he'll find out about all the yaoi and slash fic I have on my phone and think I'm disgusting

I'm an extreme normalfag irl, I don't even do alt fashion or anything. no one must know

No. 58854

omg, i live with this fear, too! but i can't stop reading… it is my guilty pleasure.

No. 58857

Never had that issue as I'm not into yoai, but my boyfriend got into my phone a while back and saw all the r18 cd dramas I have on there and he thought it was the funniest thing. I think you should be okay though, as it isn't a big deal.

No. 58865


I can agree with you because as a support worker you have probably seen some shit.


No. 58867

I haven't seen my extended family in like a year because I think I'm above them. They always have me shit for being different. I'm intelligent and was into weaboo and darker shit growing up, and they always accused me of trying to be white(or what I will call first gen American). This year I got accepted to one of the top colleges in my state and traveled to 4 countries. These experiences have made me distance myself more and look down on my cousins who are of the same age and younger who are on welfare, have children and no baby daddy or a scumbag baby daddy, and generally don't bother with trying to change their situations.

No. 58875

Children in houses with needles/crack pipes/bongs/baggies
Similar houses but also full of trash and animals and excrement
I'm guessing you're after the really fucked up stories so ill leave you with this: 8 month old baby has gonorrhea, herpes in mouth.

No. 58888

Since when does inheritance go to the one with the least money? You don't seem to be related by blood, so I don't see why you'd get anything really.

No. 58909

I am honestly annoyed with my boyfriend.

>He is 23, one year older than me

>studies, but he is almost finished so he has very few classes left to attend and almost no exams
>lives alone, parents and grandparents pay his rent and expenses
>he doesn't work part time
>he barely has any money
>we can rarely go eat out or go to the cinema because he has no money
>probably not be able to go on vacations because again, no money

I'm a lazy student as well, but I still need to attend classes 4 days a week. I have part time job that requires work on Wednesday and Friday evening, usually on Saturday too so I haven't that much time- when we see each other in my free time all we do is watch Netflix, play vidya etc because of his very limited budget.
Somehow, this whole situation doesn't feel very "adult" to me. Not that I'm that much of an adult to begin with, I'm still young and poorfag enough to live at home, but still.
I wanna go try some reastaurants, I want to travel, I want to go on vacations, I don't want to be worried to much about the $10 we spend on tickets for the cinema. I want to be invited for dinner too, I want to have nice presents.

Call me a spoiled materialistic bitch, but this is going on my nerves. Sometimes, I want to scream at him to grow the fuck up and get a fucking job.
But how could I ever tell him? "Go get a job to fulfill my materialistic needs"? He seems to be content with his situation.

No. 58910


Hmmmmm, I'm at college/university myself and there's no way in hell I could hold down a part-time job and keep up to date with my work. Maybe his workload is a lot heavier/more difficult than yours?

At any rate being in your early 20's and being poor is something that goes hand in hand. If you're not interested in that kind of lifestyle break up with him and find a sugar daddy or something.
If you loved him enough money shouldn't even come into the equation tbh Anon.

No. 58911

It'd go go my mom because he has no children and, well, he's her husband. She wouldn't keep it, she'd give it to me (at least most of it).

No. 58917

>Maybe his workload is a lot heavier/more difficult than yours?
It really isn't, that's the problem. If he had loads of exams, papers, uni work and so on, I'd totally understand him not wanting to hold a part time job! But he has very little work and about 4 classes left to do.
I'm not even rich myself, I only have a minimum wage part time job that earns me maybe $300-400 per months depending on my shifts. I have no great expactations, I don't want him to constantly buy me expensive dinners or jewellery or anything. But I work hard for my money in order to save up to do nice things like eating out once in a while or having a small vacation trip, and it saddens me that we can't really share that because he's too lazy to pick up a small job- despite having more than enough time to do so.

I also don't really feel comfortable with his expectations that whenever he needs something expensive, he'll just whine to his grandparents until they give in and buy it for him/give him money.
We're about to gradute within the next two semesters, and afterwards there's no more cuddling like University was. I really do love him very much, he is sweet and kind and gentle, but sometimes I'm afraid to build my future around a man who can't seem to be bothered even with some small part time job and constantly expects his family to pay everything for him.

No. 58923

I'm at this point with my current bf. Honestly I think you may have to break up with him down the line.

It's not a matter of being materialistic, it's the fact that you're on two different roads. It sounds like you're ready to mature and take on more responsibilities as an adult, you have ambitions and realize that money is needed to reach them. He's complacent and doesn't sound like he wants to grow up. He doesn't see the point in getting a job because if he can ask his relatives for money than he has it made. Unfortunately he doesn't seem to realize that you're not complacent wih that sort of lifestyle. If you haven't brought your problem with this to him yet you should.

There's many other men out there though that that have goals and ambitions rather than taking the easy lazy life. That's why I prefer dating older guys who have matured a bit more and figured out how to be an adult. Think of how amazing it would be to have a partner who you could go to the movies with and not stress about a damn $10 fee.

No. 58933

This is why I broke up with my first boyfriend, among other reasons. It's the being complacent and not doing anything better to uplift each other's situation/life/as people. A relationship is a partnership where you bring the best out of each other. Where you always have a cheerleader on deck. Someone that shares your life goals. Otherwise, you will be on different paths.

No. 58948

i don't think you should have a bf, not even cause cheating, you're just obviously not mentally stable enough.

No. 58959

the hell you can't. you need to fix you first, break away and live in a women's shelter or something. you've victimized yourself and become a leech.

No. 58982

Thanks friend. I appreciate it. Thank god I have lolcow to judge me for the vile person I am.

Another confession: I don't contribute anything of value here, so I'm going to stop posting. Not to say I will stop lurking. But I don't have anything interesting to say. So I'll just contribute less cancer.

No. 58988

Are you seriously suggesting someone in a somewhat stable living situation should voluntarily become homeless and seek aid from a women's shelter when she has a roof over her head and probably food to eat? That's such shitty, childish advice.


You really should try therapy the moment you can afford to. You are living under so much stress and there is help out there (to those who can afford it, unfortunately). Have you tried looking into your county's health services? I know mine offers six free visits to local therapy/counseling clinic if you meet certain financial limits.

No. 58989

she just baww'd about how she can't afford therapy because she and her bf have 'tied finances' she's just a little bitch who never grew up.

No. 59010

So in your opinion, becoming homeless is her best option in to help her become a successful, contributing member of society? You need to grow up if you honestly believe that. She needs more stability in her life, not less.

No. 59013

Last post, I'd just like to clarify this. I'm poor and can't afford treatment because I've never ha medical insurance/ect. I have a job and I support my boyfriend financially. I wouldn't want to leave him without anything. It seems like you're projecting, tbh.

Thank you for your support. I will try to find a way to help myself. I want to stop being a crazy unstable person. I don't want to have any excuses, I want to be a better person. And I realize that means treatment. Thank you for genuinely trying to help me, I will turn my life around.

No. 59014

I was going to commit suicide yesterday. I had planned to jump into the highway near my home. I decided I wanted a coffee for the last time before I did it. The barista must of saw something in my face because she was very sweet and complimented my jacket and told me about her cat.

I couldn't do it after. I thought about how I'd never get the chance to own a cat if I was dead. I broke down and went home to cry insteadd. That barista doesn't know it but she probably saved my life

No. 59015

This always sounds like bullshit, but there is a way out and it's not through death anon. When I was at my absolute worst, I always reminded myself that I would be more of an inconvenience at death to the poor soul that had to clean up my mess. Or the fear of not being a completed and ending up in a vegetative state with no way out. Then I pursued treatment and am getting my shit together and it feels great. Nobody appreciates life more than people like us. I hope you get there someday. Please seek help.

No. 59016

I think ESAs are bullshit, but my cat legit saved my life when I was suicidal a few years back. I knew he was depending upon me for his survival so I had to habe my shit together enough to ensure he had food and shelter.

I hope you get the help you need, anon. I know you're in a shitty place right now, but I'm rooting for you. I hope you're able to have a sweet cat one day.

No. 59017

I think I will wait until I have graduated, and see how it goes. Maybe once he's graduated and off the student life, he'll get a bit more serious about this.
Since he is pretty mature in many other ways my hopes are up. I love him and I hpe I can stay with him, and that we can solve this.

No. 59024

Honestly plenty of students are like this and once they graduate they grow up. I think you're right to give him time, but talk with him about your concerns, too. It's good if you're both on the same page versus having an arbitrary deadline for him to grow up or else. Not saying that's how you're looking at it… that's just the vibe I get off a few of these comments giving you advice.

No. 59231

He might grow up when you graduate, or he might not. I've seen this in a few of my own and friends' relationships and in all honesty, when a guy has it all paid for and his parents are going to pay for him anyway, he probably won't cut the apron strings and earn his own money. Because he hasn't earned his own money, he doesn't see the value and so won't understand your approach to saving and spending when you have the occasion to do so.

It's also worth remembering that as you get older, you do earn/have more money but you'll also spend more of your time at home watching netflix because you have to work, so doing nothing special with your evenings is more "adult" than you think!

There's loads of good free stuff to do even if it's just going to a nature reserve, or exploring a different part of town, fun doesn't have to cost money if you're in the right company…

No. 59232

Samefag, but I meant to actually make a confession: I don't understand the love for David Attenborough. Yes, his voice is soothing but that is all surely?

No. 59283

Don't be a coward. Tell him.

No. 59289

Hes an educated man with a deep interest and respect for the natural world. Hes also incredibly devoted and humble about his work. Plus who wouldn't want to run off into the wild with such a charmer?

He gets girls so hot because we feel that Davids impeccable genes should be spread throughout the human gene pool to halt the rapid decline of the modern male.

No. 59548

I broke up with a rly well known tattoo artist bc he had a small penis, much older than me, shorter than me, and was literally the most emotionally needy person i had ever met, women included. complete fucking psycho, really awesome, convinced i'm "an angry person" when i could not take any more of him.

was warned most/literally all tattooers have some fucking weird complex and are hiding such a shitty personality but wanted my own experience.

he's currently hoeing hard on instagram and if only those thirsty girls knew.

No. 59588

I'm living at home while going to college, and my grandma has started having bad dementia, so she's started to live us. I know it's awful, but I honestly don't like her very much and wish she wasn't living with us. I know it's the right thing to do but it's awful.

I don't want her to die but…I want her to be gone.

No. 59592

I'm in a similar boat with my grandpa. He doesn't live with us yet but he stays here a lot and if he didn't flat out refuse to move here I'm sure he'd be living with us. He's incredibly racist and homophobic and pro 'traditional values' and hearing some of the crap that spews out of his mouth really bothers me. My mother is always way worse about her own backwards views when he's around too. Whenever he's here I try to get out of the house as much as possible.

No. 59593

Had the chance to block and delete my ex from Facebook and didn't take it. It sounds so stupid, he deactivates it randomly but he reactivated it today apparently. I don't know why I'm hesitating to block him since I've blocked him from everything else.

No. 59598

You can't reason with people when they're from another time like that. It's really hard sometimes to deal with it. Especially in public.

When I think of how my views might be considered really backwards some day even if they are pretty liberal and accepting for now it scares me.

No. 59607

considering all the shit sjws are contributing to our 'views' you're 100% right.

No. 59617

File: 1452840593794.jpg (29.1 KB, 540x359, 11863467_10153296719557529_475…)

Holyshit anon, I just went through this EXACT same living situation 4 years ago. I lived with my grandmother at the time and my GREAT grandmother who had bad dementia came to live with us because my grandmother is a piece of shit and basically wanted to keep her in a room and cash her checks. I loved my great grandma a lot but it was tough. she'd get up in the middle of the night (usually 2am) and stand in front of my bedroom door talking to herself. It was the hardest two years of my life and I felt bad for her. I spoke to her and fed her and cleaned up after her, but she needed a nurse and my grandma was too greedy to hire help or put her in a resting home.

Finally she did towards the end of her days and she died peacefully at age 99. I do miss her. my grandma was a cunt for doing that to her own mother and I'm glad I moved out.

I dunno how old your grandma is, but chances are she'll die soon or be put in a proper home. Hang in there, anon!! It's hard as fuck now, but it will get better and you can look behind you and sigh.

No. 59622

My grandma is only about 78 or so, but she's in the hospital 2+ times a year and has had a lot of strokes…It's really an emotional roller coaster. Thank you for your kind words!

No. 59862

I want to sign up for Tinder but I'm scared I'll be recognized at work and I sooo don't want to use my real name. I would use another app that doesn't force you to use your real name, but I don't know any as popular as Tinder (more users=better variety).

No. 59872

Just make a second facebook account with a fake name and upload your pictures to it.

No. 59894

I tried that, it was a huge pain in the ass and it didn't even work- it kept trying to sign me in with my FB account that's tied to my phone, the one most of my contacts are from. Apparently you can't just log into whichever profile you want while you're on an iPhone with a primary FB account.

No. 59937

I'm so sorry anon. Mine has late stage alzheimers and is in a special home. The crux was when she started defecating in random places and covering herslef in it, running away at night and hitting people. At a certain point they need specialised medical help so they don't hurt themselves and others.

No. 60108

I don't think I can have fun without drinking anymore. And when I do drink, I always do it to get drunk, which cause me to drink much more than even my bf because my meds make it harder for me to feel inebriated. Recently I got so trashed that I ended up blacking out and apparently hitting my bf. I feel extremely suicidal and fucked for being such a piece of shit. I wish I wasn't so impulsive about my consumption.

No. 60119

Don't you also need at least 50 friends on your facebook for tinder to not ask your phone no.?

No. 60121

its hard to just meet someone and say lets do bondage, with how often "rape" gets thrown around. men are afraid of approaching that line. plus its expensive to get into. you could probably do something off of fetlife

No. 60123

I have 41 and it didn't ask me for mine.

No. 60124

File: 1453014271607.jpeg (60.22 KB, 640x714, image.jpeg)

I alread have some wrist cuffs, a spreader bar, a set of bed straps, and pic related. I know how to find the good deals. Just not the good men.

No. 60144

You're just going to have to find someone at a munch (most people will be older) or just date someone who is open and non-judgemental about sex. There are plenty of websites that explain BDSM to guys who might be hung up on it. Just don't spring it on them all at once.
You'll most likely find somebody, being a female sub is normalfag-tier in the grand scheme of things.

No. 60165

I've been catfishing someone for 2 years.
At this point i don't know if i should confess to this when breaking up or just break up without telling.

I don't want to leave mental scars.

No. 60176

>2 years
Holy kek, how stupid could they be?

No. 60183

Please don't tell. That would be a million times worse.

No. 60186

I've never been able to orgasm with a partner i can always manage it thru masturbation and i pretty much have sex with my boyfriend and it still feels nice and everything and i do it cuz i like making him happy and it's fine but he never seems to believe me when i say it's okay that i don't get off. Like it really is fine.

No. 60190


I'm exactly the same and I've talked to a lot of men about this both IRL and online and they can't seem to mentally quite grasp the concept of good sex without an orgasm.

Like they really can't wrap their brains around it because they equate the penis to the vagina in terms of basic anatomical response and function, and obviously for them sex isn't complete unless they reach orgasm.

My boyfriend finally gets it now but it took many years of explaining to get it through to his head. Sometimes if I'm still frisky after sex I'll finish myself off whilst he cuddles me or plays around with my body, and this works out pretty well for both of us.

The vagina is inherently more complicated with the penis. When explaining it to men I always liken it to a Rubix Cube, i.e. in order to unlock orgasm you need to follow a precise and delicate order focusing on various different spots at one time, but one bad move and it's very difficult to reverse and you often have to start right from the beginning if you fuck up completely.

No. 60201

I drop by this site and /cgl/ occasionally just to read and see what it's like when girls talk to each other. I don't post. Overall, y'all seem to be better communicators than guys but I find the subject matter to be not in my taste.

No. 60203

Just stop drinking for a while and see how it goes. After a few weeks your depression and bad thoughts should be somewhat improved, drinking makes those worse.

No. 60218

My bf browses lolcow from time to time, after I told him about it. I still wonder what he thinks about it.

No. 60293

I fapped to porn of the Free anime without watching it and now I'm afraid I'm pedo (since the characters are like 16 or 17)

Idk why, I thought they were adults cuz they were scientists and police officers and shit but that just turned out to be AU.

No. 60296

enjoy getting raided by the fbi you pedo

No. 60380

My fetishes are disgusting.

No. 60471

You plan to elaborate on that?

No. 60474

I'm a functioning alcoholic and the only reason why I'm considering quitting is purely because of vanity. If I could stay looking pretty while my liver dies I wouldn't mind.

No. 60484

I feel you so hard, anon.

No. 60486

what a fucking retard.

No. 60506

Wondering if I've settled.
My life has changed so much within the past 5 years. I don't even feel like myself any more.

No. 60594

I've masturbated since I was 5 years old, I was molested many times throughout my childhood. I don't think I'll ever have a healthy relationship in my life. I feel gross.

No. 60604

Ew that's disgusting

No. 60606

I think I'm getting progressively stupider and I don't know what to do.
I've noticed a drastic decline in my levels of free thought and meditative capabilities.

I might take up yoga or something, idk. I'm actually kind of scared.

No. 60609

Ok not to sound like a pedo, but it's not unheard of for some kids to masturbate. I think most accidentally rub their privates on a surface, notice it feels good, so they keep doing it.

Molestation though… I'm sorry. Maybe see a therapist? You don't have to let the past define your value.

No. 60611


I'm starting to think women are more assholes than men are. I'm starting to hate women, lads.

No. 60635

Go to therapy.. Seriously.

No. 60648

File: 1453180837972.jpg (532.71 KB, 1350x1300, image.jpg)

Being an asshole is a prominent part of being human. You only focus on women being assholes because you have false expectations for them to be nice and caring creatures. When in reality, we are asshole people like anyone else.

You are also on a chan site. More salt flows on chans than in the Pacific ocean. This includes male-dominated chans, unless you pretend men are not horrible assholes on those sites.

No. 60649


>You only focus on women being assholes because you have false expectations for them to be nice and caring creatures. When in reality, we are asshole people like anyone else.

No, it's because you guys are less honest about your feels and tend to use more social and mental manipulation about your discomfort.

Though all people are assholes, true

No. 60657

Who is to say if one is honest or not without proof?

Women are social/mental manipulators. While men just go shoot up a school or church.

No. 60682

Less honest? You need to lurk more bud. Posters here don't hid anything to the point that we can be a bit petty.

If you hate women so much then why come to a forum where women are the majority?

>hates kids works as a teacher.

No. 60693

I have yet to see a woman who is more bitter and says more spiteful things than men. Just my experience, but guys can be really fucking mean.

No. 60695

try (beneficial) drugs

No. 60710

Don't give up anon :( I'm into light bondage, SM and roleplay and by pure luck my current boyfriend started to get into it too after I iniatiated. And I'm quite independent and strong headed outside of the bedroom too.

I started really light by suggesting some hair tugging (though I might come off as too strong in the beginning, he wanted to take his time) and he never did choking, slapping or anything before. Now he's going to buy me a ballgag, choker and restraints.

Maybe try dating without suggesting it at first then coming up with light stuff ? I don't think that it's pretty rare to find guys turned on by this, most of them are just freaked out at first and have this weird idea that because it's featured in porn, it's degrading to any woman.

No. 60728

I think I am sexually attracted to cats.

No. 60730

No. 60749

Jrcach, is dat you?

Anon… The Onion is a known satire site.

No. 60774

They are very gullible and desperate.
Low self esteem etc.
When i met her she was failing most of her college classes.
I know what i've done is wrong (I was bored and my bitch ass found this a good enough way to not be bored)
Along the way i did start to care for her.
Not love but i want her to be ok and happy.

So after a few months when i wanted to break it off she was so attached to me and i did not know how to deal the blow so i kinda kept it going.
Meanwhile to make my guilt feel a bit better i helped her fix her studies and helped her get a job.

But whenever i feel like ok now is the time something will be up like she'll have fights with her family.
She has no friends and tells me everytime ''I wouldn't know what i;d do without you'' Which pisses me off because i just want to end this.

i think i owe the truth to her but at the same time i fear what >>60183
says and that it will fuck her over worse if i tell her the truth.

No. 60775


L-like what?

pls help me

No. 60776


>you only focus on women being assholes because you have false expectations for them to be nice and caring creatures

Wow this is so true.

No. 60805

How are you catfishing?
If it's through FB or something then it's a little harder, but if you're using an account on a forum or some shit then it's not too hard to wriggle out of.
Just kill the bait. Tell her that you can't do a long-distance relationship anymore, you've met someone else, you have to take a break from the internet because of your studies, etc.
then never talk to her again.
easy peasy lemon squeezy.

No. 60820

>Anon… The Onion is a known satire site.
Yes, and…?

No. 60827

Sometimes I feel this way too. Idk if it was all the drinking or drug experimentation or the lack of stimulation from external sources that has caused it. I'm quitting the booze to see how it goes. I have always been a responsible drug user and haven't done shit except weed for a bit.
In all honesty, I think it's just what happens when you grow up. My bf is older than me and I've seen the switch. He's less deep and more into relaxing after a long day crunching numbers.

No. 60854

My boyfriend and I have a decent age difference (14 years) and when we had first been developing feelings for each other, we had mistaken each other's ages for being a little closer.

I was kinda shocked when I first realized the difference but now it seriously turns me on like crazy. I keep having fantasies whenever we're sleeping together of being a slutty elementary/middle schooler getting off her young teacher. I'm naturally a very "sharing" sorta person when it comes to random thoughts that pick at my brain constantly, but I definitely feel kinda bad about this one. I don't think I can tell him (or anyone outside of an anonymous message board, for obvious reasons).

My poor boyfriend really loves me and occasionally mentions how he feels a little bad that he's not younger. He's scared of me thinking he's gross or a creep. He's always hesitant to take the lead in a lot of physical stuff because doesn't want to scare me.

I just want him to get super horny and molest me and call me his precious student :(

No. 61014


What the hell anon thats such a vanilla fetish… Just suck it up and call him your senpai

No. 61067

Teacher/student is, ageplaying as a preteen isn't…yeah I'd leave that one out, it wouldn't be an important part of the actual playing out of the fantasy

No. 61068

Same. I enjoy this place and can relate to a lot of the feels, and from what I can tell the tone of conversation here is much less combative than on other image boards, which is nice. It is slow and a bit lacking in dank memery for my taste, but I suppose quality is inversely related to traffic

I also secretly browse the bf threads on /g/ and feel very inadequate

No. 61075

I have an obession with serial killers. I don't think it's weird or anything, but when I tell people IRL they get creeped out about it. I was penpals with one when I was a minor and used my sister's info as a cover, the letters were sent to a P.O box. I still have the letters and I think they're my most valuable items. I've been thinking about getting another pen pal.

No. 61077

What is your obsession with them though? Is there anything other that monetary gain that makes their letters so valuable?

Honestly serial killers are degenerates with malformed brains who should be removed from society, why don't you write to some down syndrome kids instead?

No. 61097

I'm not going to lie the first thing that draws my attention to are the crimes. The next is the particular personality of the killer, usually they are pretty charismatic. The smarter the better, the dumb ones aren't very interesting. No, I'd never sell them or think about selling them. It's the same for me as a fan getting a fan letter from a star that they admire. It boils down to that I find them interesting. Hmm maybe I will.

No. 61115

I tend to agree with >>61067
Why not tell him you think roleplaying might be fun and then repeat your last sentence to him?

Irl people are probably a bit creeped out since like attracts like–birds of a feather etc.

Why did you stop corresponding with your previous penpal? Did they know you were a minor? (Would the prison even let an unrelated minor send a prisoner mail? Is that why you used your sister's name?)

Honestly I would be creeped out having a serial killer for a penpal, but I find your hobby in itself fascinating.

No. 61129

Exact same boat over here. My parents have always been extremely abusive towards me. Now my Mom has Dementia, and the other is struggling with the stress from it all. I'm moving out in a few weeks, they have no idea yet. I don't plan to tell them until I actually start packing things into the moving van, because I'm terrified of how bad they'll freak out on me. I don't want to get kicked out and have my Dad trash all my stuff. I know other members of my family are dying to pick a fight with me too, so I have nowhere to go if I get kicked out before I actually move.

She's completely dependent on me. I know that when I leave, she's pretty much fucked, but I CAN'T stay here anymore. Every aspect of my health is going rapidly downhill as I stay here.

I feel awful. I really feel like I'm abandoning her. Even worse is that I plan on completely cutting off contact with them - Because they have a bad habit of stalking and damaging the properties of family members they don't like - so I won't know when she dies, and even if they wanted me at the funeral I couldn't go.
I know it's what's best for me, but damn it's hard to ditch the only constants in my life, even if they've been a largely negative experience for me.

No. 61138

Best of luck, anon. Be safe.

No. 61179

if it helps anon, call the non-emergency line or your local police station and have them escort you into the house when you're moving your stuff?

No. 61182

I had a breast reduction 2 years ago and now I regret it… Because recently I discovered breastfeeding as a kink, so I'm devastated that I can't lactate/breastfeed because of my surgery. I always loved having my nipples sucked during foreplay/sex, but I always wanted more without knowing exactly what. It's hella trivial but in actually super sad about it, even though my tits now are so perky and small, I still wish I had discovered it before I got the surgery.

No. 61189

I'm actually a boy.

No. 61203

i dont know how to tell my bf that i live with that the reason i haven't tried to get a job is because im afraid to leave the house on my own. i literally get sick to my stomach when i think about it. i've been looking for new doctors who are closer to my apartment than my old one and the thought of having to go in for an appointment makes my skin crawl. i do not want to leave my house.

he has a car and could drive me if i made my appointment on a weekend but he constantly tells me "you're an adult, use the metro and do it yourself".

No. 61204

also, he makes enough money to support us both but i know he wants me to work. if only so i have something going on other than clesning and cooking and the internet.

No. 61205

kill yourself tranny

No. 61341

more than anything I wish I could just…. get money off guys online without having to do anything in return or meet them

I always wanted to get easy money somehow but what rly sealed the deal was when I googled it and came across this:


this bitch is ugly as fuck she has a himezawa nose and otherwise is the lower half or average, and she's making thousands off randos on the internet. I thought it would be easy peasy for someone like me seeing how I don't look like a sewer rat but…. I have no idea how to start, and if it's even possible to start
I can't be a sugar baby bc I just don't have time for it, I'd get waaaay too many questions about why I'm going out so much and the idea of fucking a 80 year old makes me want to puke

No. 61344

Yeah financial domination is a thing but it's extremely oversaturated. 99% of dommes exaggerate massively about their earnings and you'll be lucky to get more than a few 20s… and you'll basically have to work for it really. Maybe if you're into it. I love dominating guys but making them put on panties and pour ketchup on themselves on cam gets boring quick. Wasn't worth it.

No. 61348


that's also the thing tho (just realised I didn't rly make it clear in the first post, sorry)
I don't wanna talk to these gross ass guys who want me to make them poop their pants and macarena in the middle of a meeting or something, I just want to be able to make money off thirsty ass weebs or whatever, even old guys to buy my cosplay or lolita or just give me cash but I legit have no clue how, since its almost impossible to find any male on the Internet who doesn't live in his parent's basement

No. 61361


First requirement: Be white

Second: Be Korean or Japanese

You'd think I'm joking but no, I've seen white hamplanets with big noses get more attention than other races with smaller more feminine features

No. 61373

does half chinese half white count

maybe if I pretend I am actually a nihongo not chinese I can rake it in

No. 61592

I miss high school. Its incredibly pathetic. I was much happier then and things have gotten progressively worse in the 8 years since graduating.

No. 61595

this this this this

highschool was great looking back on it, i had friends, i did things, now… i have no friends at all. none. i only leave my apartment to go to work or to shop for food/necessities. i haven't hung out with a non relative in 6 years.

No. 61776

Shit anon, are you me?

No. 61837

Same here.

No. 61904

Alright, I'll go ahead.

I have a kink where I like to be felt up while sleeping. Obviously roleplaying isn't enough, and I put myself in compromising positions, and I've been doing it a lot with a poor guy recently. But his cock is tiny, so small, probably 3-4 inches? I've never been more disappointed in another persons body part.

Anyway, it's nice being able to get off, and at the same time being able to "wake up" and potentially ruin their life.

No. 61943

Are you saying you would actually ruin their life, or just that you like the thought of being able to?

No. 61944

>everyone on lolcow misses high school
Hmmm, I wonder why……

No. 61962

Eh, it's not like penis size can be helped. I've been with guys with small penises and I don't see the big deal. So much can only fit in anyway.

No. 61972

I know it's pathetic but it's not unreasonable.
In high school you're constantly surrounded by friends and you can actually do things, but your responsibilities are limited. Plus you have shit taste so stupid things seem amazing.

After high school you realize the world is far less bright and exciting than you though. And all your friends move and lose contact. Anime just makes it worse because it's all about high school. (Japan is way worse than lol cow in this regard) I honestly stopped watching because it made me too sad.

No. 62004

I Liked a girl and she asked me if I'd ever have sex with her, I said yes and learned she was allowed to have sex with any friend she chooses since she talked her bf into and let him have sex with 3 of her friends. But when we tried to have sex her bf stopped us. She tried to do this with me and my other friend a lazy 30 year old virgin guy with a small penis and lives at home at a dead end job.

Anyway eventually she took birth control and it switched her personality and libido off completely, and the sexual frustration turned her bf into a cuckold. He needed money and he said I could grope her in her sleep if I payed for something he wanted, I did and groped her in her sleep. Me and him planned more and I made a deal that it has to be exclusive, that my heart couldn't take it otherwise. She eventually allowed me to suck her nipples at a later night and grind my dick between her legs. Me and her bf planned many things but her libido destroyed from stress even after the pills didn't help. Tho she started to get horny again and one night we fapped to eachother with her ontop of me, her bf suddenly stopped her tho.

Flash forward and they were moving and in a few months id live with them for 3 months, and I was hard at work busting my ass off to get noticed in my career. When I moved in with them, it was nice at first, she was almost always naked around me, and let me draw her in erotic poses. But then I caught glimpse of her cell phone and learned that she had slept with that 30 year old guy who happened to be one of my 3 best friends Including this girl and her bf. I was heart broken and destroyed, it was 7 years down the drain, and I wish I hadn't looked at the phone, she never slept with me partly my fault because I was so desperate after that to reinforce my pride. Since nothing happened and all I fapped to for past half a dozen years was her, it has haunted me everyday. It is getting better but it taught me that no matter how hard you work, become better(I became less annoying, good at craft, lost a ton of weight while my friend gained and balded; that things may not go your way. I thought I was main char or important or karma was real till that point. Now I am lost and am bitter towards my used to be best friends.

I need to move and get new ones and never do something this stupid again.

TL;DR don't look at peoples phones ever, or don't get into swinging relationships

No. 62019

I know it can't be helped. But his dick is smaller than his middle finger. Only so much can fit in, but there's a point where's it's barely pleasurable, and he's at that point.

For the other anon, I just like the idea of being capable of it.

No. 62065

I was playing an online game and a guy would always harass me everytime i got on but then i found out his real name and facebook which was totally public so i got all his info and pictures and to get revenge i posted his info and photos on a gay dating site. Yaya im a bad person but he started harassing me first so meh.

No. 62066

i cant stop resorting to cutting myself. ive been doing it since i was 13 (now 21). i don't have any friends. i don't know how to make them, i try so hard.

No. 62088

I'm in the same boat, let's be friends.
I'm trying to manage my self harm and most of the time I'm good, but shit still happens

No. 62109

I relapsed into self harm again after almost a whole year of being clean :,^)

To be fair, my life is kind of shit right now and my mental health has deteriorated significantly. So it's not really surprising.

I hope that you guys can keep going in life without hurting yourself. This is the only body you get, so try to be kind to it. I know it's really tough to resist. But I believe in you!

No. 62126

cutting yourself quickly releases endorphins that kill emotional pain. endorphins are just endogenous opioids, so you could try taking morphine or heroin as a (barely) safer alternative.

though dealing with your problems is probably a better idea.

No. 62131

I'd love to be your friend. I was good for a little while but then started slashing again. I wish we knew each other irl or something so we could be there for each other.

Me too, anon. My mental health is horrendous and it scares me. I wake up crying because I wish I was dead but I can't kill myself because that would destroy my mother. I'm trapped.

It's just very difficult because I don't know how to deal with when I was raped in June. Among so many other issues that have destroyed my life.

No. 62146

things will very likely get better eventually anon. there are tons of people out there who would enjoy being your friend and help you get through things.

No. 62501

I found an online account of a guy I used to be involved with. It was disgusting. There was a lot of stuff about liking younger girls and buying underwear. He also wanted to roleplay as cousins with someone "the younger the better." And that was particularly disturbing because he has a young (12) female cousin he spent lots of time with.

I haven't told anyone and I'm not friends with any of his social circle or family but I kind of want to expose him. Not sure if I'm overreacting because I know him, or if it's something that he deserves.

No. 62561

I've already done heroin. Used to be addicted to it for a while. I wouldn't recommend it at all. It's much better to get at the root of your problems instead of becoming an opiate zombie, disappointing your friends and family, and eventually dying of an overdose.

No. 62699

I'm so sick of living at home.

I'm a student and I don't get any financial support from the government, so my parents would have to pay for everything. They asked me to stay at home because the Uni is close, and it saves my parents a lot of money. I do have a part time job but this is obviously not nearly enough to support myself. On top of that my city is one of the most expensive cities in the whole country so rent/living costs are extremly high.
I never used to be bothered by living at home. I get along quite well with my family too. I didn't want to ask my parents for money, it was comfortable, and I could spend all the money I earned in my part time job on friviolous things like expensvie J-fashion, make up and animu merch.

But lately I get annoyed more and more. I'm 21 now and I've been doing the same shit for the past 15 years: Wake up in the morning, go to some educational institution, come back home to the same room again. And I'm just so tired of this, the routine, my room… It feels like I'm stil stuck at High School. Not like a "grown up". Not that I think I am a mature adult, but as said living at home doesn't give me the impression that I am actually moving on with my life. It makes me feel like a child. It's gone so far that I never invite my boyfriend over anymore, because I can't bear the thought of having sex in my room anymore. It just grosses me out for some reason, because it feel sso unsexy to me.

Due to being a lazy student though, I'll need to add at least another semester. And I would hate to ask my parents for money to move out when I clearly don't deserve it.

Guess I'll have to live at home for at least another year, but I need to vent anyway.
I know I sound super spoiled and entitled, but I can't help myself…

No. 62725

Completely normal feelings, anon. Put your nose to the grindstone, save your funds for moving out, and continue to have sex at your boyfriend's. It may feel like forever, but a year will be gone before you know it.

No. 65398

Do it. Warn the cousin's parents.

No. 65405

File: 1454277886560.jpg (11.07 KB, 264x274, 1438833539476.jpg)

Try being in a similar situation but being in your upper twenties.

So many of my friends are long gone and being adults and I'm still fucking living in my parent's house because my job is shit and I can only take so many classes at a time. Feels bad, man.

Part of me is wondering if my parents don't want me to leave, though. I don't think they like the idea of living alone together.

No. 65416

I'm marrying a manlet and I'm fucking thrilled about it.
People who bitch about height are so petty they should prolly stay single.

No. 65418

Whenever I see people with 1000+ friends on facebook I assume they're an attention whore/histrionic.

I haven't been proven wrong yet.

No. 65421

people who bitch about a man being too short or a woman being too tall piss me off. I hope you're happy for many, many years, anon!

No. 65615

My friend has started "dating" this older guy. I met him when we all took MDMA a few weeks ago, and he started talking to me the day after. He was really forward and open so we talked a lot about sex etc. We both like BDSM and kinky stuff, but my friend is completely different. He asked about us having a threesome, and I told her, but she explained that he was just open minded and it's nothing to worry about. We've talked a lot since then, he's constantly joking about coming over and us having sex, and it's really fun and innocent to talk with him. But I feel kinda guilty because I wouldn't like my guy to talk like that to my friends, but on the other hand my friend says that's just the way it is. They aren't really dating so it's not exactly cheating either, or?

No. 65616

Ew. He sounds so shady.

No. 65618

Yeah he sounds like a creep. How is talking about sex and sexing you up innocent anon?

No. 65620

You're right. By innocent I mean nothing will happen except for talking, but that's only on my part I think.

No. 65623

No offense but I don't think it will stay that way, you sound interested

No. 65625

you're getting off the attention and the subject matter. even if you don't actually have sex with him, it clearly gets you off enough to keep talking about sexual stuff. even if they aren't "really" dating, why don't you respect your friend more and keep away from the guy? you said yourself you'd feel guilty if it was your man. even if he's not directly cheating and you're not directly homewrecking, you're still a really shitty friend if you can't keep your attentionwhoring in check. reality check: what you're doing is shitty no matter how you justify it to yourself

No. 65627

Boyfriend hits me pretty much every day now.

I have no idea what to do.

No. 65629

I have $1.67 in my bank account and almost no food but I somehow need to come up with $50 by the end of next week to spend on a bus ticket.

Fuck my shit up.

No. 65630

Not to mention anon sounds like they are trying to justify things by saying that "they're technically not dating"….I think you feel some guilt anon.

No. 65636

If you wouldn't like your friends doing it to you, don't do it to your friends. Have higher standards for yourself. Dude sounds like a fuckboy anyway.

Agreed. Seems like a waste of time.

Wait until he's out, pack up everything you own and get out of there. Don't stay to explain. If you need to explain yourself, leave a letter or a note. Tell your nearest and dearest what's happening. Don't let yourself be isolated. A support system and a group of people who know what's happening will be invaluable. Your boyfriend isn't worth shit. Even if he says he loves you, even if you love him, believe me when I say it'll be 10000x better when you're away from him.

Sell stuff on ebay and review things on SliceThePie. Buy cheap but filling foods to keep you going until you have more money. Ana chans are gonna hate me for this but bread, milk and fruit are fairly cheap and will keep you from going hungry.

No. 65638

Totally true, you guys are right! Chicks over dicks

No. 65644


Since you're so vague about their status it's hard to tell. If there's an element of exclusivity between them then there will be jealousy and an opportunity to ruin the dynamic of whatever those two have going on by a third party. Not that I expect anything good come out of this, but at least you won't end up with the blame.

>hurr durr cewl older dude

I wish I could watch a video of you interacting so I could go point by point how much he's got you fooled. kek

That's not to say I blame him. If young naive females are willing to exchange ass for some strained wit it'd be cruel to deny grampa coolguy reliving some of his distant youth.


I have no idea how you arrive at a point, where you don't know what to do with someone who's slugging you across the mug. Leave him. Nobody's parents die in a car crash daily to have an excuse every fucking day. There's a difference between losing control during intense drama and a mundane habit.

Report him, make photos of the bruises. Random men get fucked up by biased domestic abuse laws and when there's finally a use for them you're telling me you're too battered housewife syndrome'd to use them? Snap out of it.

Unless you're both mutually abusive and make each other go ape shit he'll probably reenact this on somebody else in the future. In which case you should feel obligated to leave some kind of mark in this individual's record, so when this comes up again the justice system will be able to see a pattern.


Uhhh, extra large bags of rice from farmers' market?

No. 65677

Not sure if this is viable, but sell your panties?

No. 65703

That's an oversaturated market too. Just check ebay for used panties and pantyhose, nobody buys it unless you're a porn star or kinda famous

No. 65736

Interesting. What about socks/shoes/etc? Appealing to the footfags? Is that an oversaturated market too? I'm sure there must be a weeb/fetishist market no one has tapped into before, but then again I'm no expert.

No. 65869

I had no idea where to post this but I had a dream where a girl I was milking, I couldn't find anything on her except her first & last name and her general location (street name), and in the dream I found out through her linkedin that her family ran a carwash/haute cusine combination where you would order fancy food and they would give it to youto eat inside the car while they washed it and I doxed her using that and confronted her IRL since at the time I was in the area.

No. 65934

I really miss living in Japan. I want to leave this place and find someone who will give me a marriage visa. I'm in school, have family, friends, and a boyfriend here in the states, but I would jump at the opportunity to move to Japan and get citizenship.

No. 65973


>live in safe prosperous US

>derp I wanna move to Chinese-rocket-crater-land before WW3 starts

Even if shit doesn't hit the fan during the next 2 decades - and mind you, the naval situation in the Chinese Seas just gets tenser and tenser - there's literally no reason for you to move. None.

No. 65974

I'm a guy who has lived in the far east (with a real job). Your attraction is just novelty appeal. It's not fun being a racial alien in any country after a while, especially ones as racially exclusive as East Asian countries.

After a while the novelty appeal wanes and you want to be with your own kind again.

No. 66009

Not the person you were quoting but

I can understand why they'd be interested in moving to Japan, especially if they've already lived there for a bit (military family?) but unless they already look like a Japanese person it could be difficult to integrate.

No. 66023

Lol I'm not even Asian but I always get confused for a happa or full blood East Asian. I think there's always novelty when you move to a new country, but I felt at home there.

No. 66025

Try living there for a few years.

Japanese culture is great, but at some point you have to accept the plain and simple fact that you aren't part of their group and never will be.

No. 66048

Oh, I definitely get that and understood that when I was there. I don't feel anyway about it because I'm an abnormal fag that never fit in anywhere. My baseline cnfort zone is being in the out group.
I would like to, I just don't know how to go about it without failing miserably and being homeless.

No. 66053

I fell for someone online, and idk how to tell my irl friends about him.

I honestly love him so much, and I want to move so that I can live closer to him and actually meet him, but a part of me is scared he's going to hate me irl, and that he's going to leave me. I just want to be happy, and I feel like I haven't been since my abusive ex and I'm just scared of the same shit happening all over again in a different location.

Oh well, rant over.

No. 66076

Real talk: go on vacation and meet this guy before too much longer. You need to let at least one irl friend know where you're going, who you're meeting up with, all travel details, his contact info, etc. and plan on texting them at least once a day using some type of code so they know you're still alive (or conversely, to call the police).

This guy could be catfishing you or a killer or the true love of your life. You owe it to yourself to find out as safely as possible as soon as possible so you're not wasting precious time.

No. 66152

I mean I've seen him on cam and we skype daily, and I've heard his parents talk to him more than once. But yeah, I plan on visiting him, or him visiting me, just got college to deal with atm.

The contact info is a good call though. Before I go I'll let someone i can trust with secrets know about it tbh.

No. 66161

Stay safe and good luck, farmer!

No. 67558

a friend of a friend committed suicide recently due to depression and tbh I'm super bitter/jealous bc I can't seem to work up the guts to do it myself

feels like they got out and I'm still stuck here

No. 67564

just have a fun life and die of old age

best way to die

No. 67610

Anon, lets go on adventures together so we can fight the urge to kill ourselves.

No. 67613

I'm broke af so it'll be a lot of hitch hiking

maybe some crazed psycho will end up fulfilling my death wish anyway?

No. 67614

I'm pretty broke too but we'll make it work. Somehow.

No. 67619

for real tho does that urge ever go away cause I'm constantly fighting temptation and it seems like a lot of keep up for 40+ more years

No. 67626

I have to fight it a lot too, though sometimes it's not as bad. I think, eventually, it'll get easier for the both of us and we'll be able to fight it off.

No. 67998

I can't stand my friend and her new boyfriend lately.

She blew off something we were planning 3 months in advance because her nearly 30yo bf can't stand spending more than, idk, 2 hours away from her.

He's an autist with no sense of how to interact with "normies". I nearly ended up telling him to fuck off the first time we met.

She keeps snapchatting his hideous mugs.

He keeps tagging along when we actually get the chance to hang out.

I would hold out until their breakup, but they're now talking about officially moving in together.

No. 68000

This is why adult friendships suck. I've lost most of my friends to shitty relationships.

No. 68002

I'm genuinely afraid that I'll do the same thing to one of my friends.

Or that I already have.

No. 68007

This is lolcow.farm so it won't be too controversial, but I still feel bad about it.

Polyamory disgusts me. Like the idea of it sounds fine, it's nobody's business what kind of romantic arrangement you have. But just knowing some practitioners IRL, it just induces this visceral reaction from me. They're kind of gross people in general, they're shameless about PDA, a little self-righteous, always offering to "share" partners and telling you about the goddamn orgy they had last weekend.

I know that regular monogamous people are obnoxious as fuck, too, but idk. I just get really disgusted with polyamory in real life. Like how Anne Rice was okay with BDSM until she met some actual members of the scene and realized they grossed her out. You know?

No. 68016

I dont think this is really too uncommon of a sentiment outside tumblr

I cant think if any friends of mine who want/would be okay with something like that

No. 68070

The concept of polyamory is fine to me.

If I knew poly people who were normal about it and not fat autistic freaks with primaries and secondaries, it wouldn't bother me so much.

It's kind of like being okay with homosexuality in the abstract but feeling disgusted by it IRL because all the gay people you know are idiot flamers who try to convert straight guys or self-righteous feminazi lesbians. :|

No. 68077

I think that the celebration of homosexuality, transexuality, and the whole "if-it-feels-good-do-it" mentality is crazy and slowly destryoing the values on which western society was build.

No. 68178

Hedonism has always been a degenerate and destructive philosophy to live ones life by. Yeah, it's fun and comfortable, but the most fun and comfortable things are typically really bad for us. That's why our society desperately needs to rediscover virtue. People can't comprehend the fact that they aren't inherently perfect, and that self-improvement and betterment of oneself as an individual is important, and a process that takes hard work and dedication.

If you don't actively work to make yourself a better person, and you constantly take the path of least resistance, never getting outside you're comfort zone, you'll end up weak, ignorant, and broken as a person.

That's why Aristotelian virtue ethics should be a core component of education beginning at the earliest ages.

No. 68180

I was going to make a joke about sjws and white male history/logic but decided it would be obnoxious.

I agree with you 100%.

No. 68188

File: 1455053714115.jpg (396.91 KB, 960x640, 9hujY4Z.jpg)

This, but with the whole BDSM 'community'. It just pissed me off how in denial they are. Nobody is abusive in this community >muh SSC, in fact we're better than 'vanillas'. I posted about how is was violated by a woman I met at a munch on plebbit's r/bdsmcommunity and most of the comments told me to stop blaming the 'community'.

They also blatantly deny that one's environment can influence sexuality, I'm sure the fact that your stepdaddy molested you has nothing to do with your kink.

No. 68193

I don't have any "BDSM community" experience but I agree with what you're saying about their denial of the role the environment plays.

It's also why a lot of them will just flat out deny porn can ever be a negative influence.

No. 68198

This is a very interesting topic.

Environment absolutely influences sexual preferences. (Some histrionics will gleefully misinterpret this statement as "you hate gay people you bigot!!!!!")

I think re:kinks, the primary issue is whether or not having and indulging in certain kinks is, on principle, immoral. If someone is raped and participates in rape fantasies as a way of dealing with the trauma (it happens), is that wrong?

No. 68200

I lost all my friends (like literally I dont go out anymore since I'm really scared of going out alone)
I met this guy and he are almost my bf, almost because I was with him when he had a gf and after 6 months (some of them we didnt talk because all the situation) but now we are together
He wants that I can be happy for myself so bad and god I cant do it, I keep promising tghat I will but I know that if I lost him I dont have any idea of what I could do with myself

No. 68204

File: 1455057588951.jpg (497.66 KB, 1280x1706, 1454975391877.jpg)

>It's also why a lot of them will just flat out deny porn can ever be a negative influence.

Oh yeah, I forgot that they also claim their porn (mostly kink.com) is superior to regular old brazzers shit, because muh consent. Even though kink.com hires a bunch of people from insex (which was shut down by the FBI and was notoriously abusive), that James Deen raped a buncj of people there and that they took the virginity of a nineteen year-old with a gangbang, so much so that the had to put aneasthesia up her vag. They'll point out that retarded gullible James Franco documentary.

No. 68212

File: 1455058282194.jpg (844.19 KB, 2048x2731, 1453709434352.jpg)

Don't think there is anything wrong with BDSM per se. Plenty of regular people like being spanked or tied up and don't have any issues at all. The problem is once again the 'community' they take the principle way too far. They say there's nothing wrong with fantasizing about murdering or castrating people or wanting to be castrated. They normalise these fantasies when those people should be seeking help.

They also promote dangerous behaviours like 24/7 dynamics which makes abuse so much easier and difficult to spot.

In general they take a reasonable principle such as SSC and stretch it way out of proportion so it includes as many dangerous and retarded behaviours under the guise of being anti kink shaming and inclusive. It goes without saying that most are tumblrinas.

No. 68220

jfc, this is repulsive. That's awful.

No. 68225

It's a shame how fringe anti-porn voices are these days. They've got a lot of important stuff to say.

No. 68229

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like you're saying that 1) some sexual fantasies are inherently immoral regardless of whether or not they're realized IRL (or perhaps because they necessarily lead to real life shenanigans) and/or 2) that people with such fantasies are either immoral, ill, or both.

There's a lot of nuance here, so sorry if my writing is confusing to parse.

No. 68230

>They also promote dangerous behaviours like 24/7 dynamics which makes abuse so much easier and difficult to spot.

As someone who likes stuff that could be considered "BDSM" (just dominant sex in general), the lifestyle and 24/7 stuff I find honestly terrifying. How can anyone live with that and call it healthy, or think it constitutes a loving relationship? Surely these people have moments where they just want to cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie while being stupid together.

No. 68256

I want a loud and obnoxious dyke butch girl to bully me and take control of me.

No. 68259

I'm a closet conservative. (kind of. I've scored right libertarian on every political quiz I've taken. But nobody knows wtf that is anyway)

Most of my closest "friends" operate under the assumption that I'm a progressive. I don't have the balls to stand up for myself. A few years ago, one of them even managed to get me to volunteer for the campaign of someone whose politics I despise. (It's a long story.)

I once dated a guy for like a year and didn't correct him when he started namedropping the DNC and bitching about the GOP.

Even random people IRL profile me as progressive (live in Boston, not white, female, attended leftist schools all my life). I'm a member of an Alliance Française here and some guy at an event told me that Republicans never travel abroad. (If only you knew, buddy…) I was traveling in Chicago and a random grocery store clerk asked where I was from, then praised me for my choice in senator. (Why would you assume I voted for her?)

So basically I have no spine and am afraid of peer rejection. lmao.

No. 68274


Just break up with the lad if you're gonna slit around. Poor fucking guy

No. 68304

You should really stop while you're ahead.

Have you ever thought about what would happen if for some reason one of your side pieces got mad and decided to spill the beans to your husband?

tl;dr, I had a boneheaded affair with a married guy when I was a teenager. He had the same basic problems with his wife as you do with your husband. Sailing was not smooth and I nearly ended up doxxing him to her several times. Don't risk it.

No. 68316

Not going to lie, this triggered me:

>tl;dr, I had a boneheaded affair with a married guy when I was a teenager.

Do you have any idea how you made his wife feel?

No. 68318

>I once dated a guy for like a year and didn't correct him when he started namedropping the DNC and bitching about the GOP.
It's one thing to keep your power level hidden, but to keep on dating someone that doesn't share your values? Ugh.

I live in the Bay Area and just about everyone I know is moderate or left leaning. I also go around in stealth mode and only my closest friends know I own guns.
>At least the municipal shooting range is rarely crowded.

No. 68322

As far as I know, she never found out about me. He had been stepping out on her for years before I came along; the difference with me was that it was an extended emotional affair instead of one or two hookups whenever she/he was away.

No. 68323

Maybe when you get married one day, have kids and settle down and your husband starts to stray, shows no interest in you sexually or even intimately, is constantly on his phone and gone at weird hours.

Maybe then you'll realize.

No. 68326

Your political leanings are not that obscure. I'm a moderate libertarian and just vote for who I think will do the least amount of damage.

It's funny to see your view of things since you live in a blue state since I live in a red state and also don't usually feel free to speak politics with most people I know (though close friends and family are in the loop). I think it's really sad you felt uncomfortable talking about your feelings to your SO; that must've sucked.

Did you seriously never make mistakes as a teen?

Wow, are guns that much of a conversation killer? I assume at least 30% of people anywhere I go are carrying.

No. 68329

Is sleeping with married men as a teen really that common?

No. 68330

I get what you're saying, but this guy was good at hiding shit.

Contacted me from a burner account. Even used a burner Google number. So no weird phone/email records that could be easily traced back to him.

Only talked to me while he was at work (had his own office, so no nosy coworkers) or when he was otherwise away from wife.

…never told me his last name. I found out because I stalked LinkedIn. But I guess that means he trusted me/was dumb enough to tell me a lot about his professional life.

Again, I get your point. It was stupid and selfish on both of our parts. I regret it.

No. 68333

It's just depressing tbh
Even if you get married to a nice man, one of the few, there's always going to be some younger bitch trying to steal him away from you.

You just can't win…

No. 68334

Depends on how white trash your community is.

No. 68342

I really need to hit up the range soon! Yeah…stealth mode sucks. At least I can relax a bit when I'm back in the suburbs.

It's not so much that I live in a "blue" state. As it is elsewhere, the suburbs are more moderate. It's that I haunt Boston, particularly Jamaica Plain (land of the leftist mombies) and the people's republic of Cambridge.

Takes two to tango. If it was really just some bitch trying to steal your man, he wouldn't have gone along with it, would he?

No. 68347

Original closeted anon here again. For what it's worth, I dated a eurofag working in the US. The idea of civilians carrying firearms for any purpose at all completely befuddled him. I actually did pick a debate with him about this, but he dropped it pretty quickly.

No. 68366

I had a friend from Britain while I was in college. One day while we were driving back from another friend's house he asked me if I ever shot a gun. I popped open my center console where I typically keep a handgun, and just smiled. I'll never forget the look on his face. His baffled British brain couldn't compute.

No. 68370

Teens tend to have very volatile relationships. Add inexperience with romantic relationships and I don't think it's crazy to think a teenager in love/lust would do something they may regret later.

To answer your question more specifically: I don't think it's especially uncommon. I knew of a few girls who had an affair with our married teacher (he was a predator; he lost his job and his wife); I worked with a guy who had an affair with his neighbor's teenage daughter while he was married (he was a police officer; he lost his job and his wife); when I was in middle school one of my best friends was having sex with a 25yo (to my knowledge he wasn't married, but this is another one we can chalk up to teens in love making poor decisions).

It must be utterly and completely bizarre for people from cultures where civilian gun ownership is uncommon. I'm used to seeing people carrying and I know far more who don't flaunt it; it honestly makes me feel safer when I see people carrying guns in public even if it really shouldn't.

You gave him the best story to tell back home!

No. 68482

File: 1455089741782.png (153.99 KB, 540x264, 1447566262826.png)

I got kidnapped and semi raped when I was a kid, didn't talked about it with anyone. I feel like a half man all the time and always on alert when I go out because of this. It fucked up my interaction with over people and I can't talk about it with anyone because I'm ashamed.

No. 68483

File: 1455090400401.jpg (1.84 MB, 1479x1020, 1453027085828.jpg)

I feel a physical rage build up whenever I hear people or the media figuratively suck its cock. I just can't handle their smugness, must be because they're from San Francisco.

No. 68489

File: 1455091759680.jpg (180.39 KB, 1500x1000, 1451027239444.jpg)

I'm beginning to think this whole sex-positivity meme was created by the porn industry. Like BDSM it started with a decent principle (there is nothing inherently wrong with sex, don't be ashamed of liking it) but retards took it way too far and started implying that everyone who isn't into at least some freaky stuff is some kind of prude or misogynist. Once again they promote dangerous behaviour and have become just a terrible and judgemental as 'prudes'. They also think that you should break up if you have even slightly different sexual tastes. It's just used know to sell people shit. Just an example, in a post on plebbit (r/bdsmcommunity or r/sex) a woman explained that she was a rape victim, but that she had a great fiancé who helped her etc. Now she explains that she is considering ending the relationship because he waa hesitant and uncomfortable engaging in her rape fantasy. The worst thing was that the comment all implied that he was a misogynist with a madonna-whore complex and that he was 'kink-shaming' her. It didn't occur to them that some people (especially men) are not into pretend raping their gf/wife whom they know to be a rape victim.

There are so many more examples, but I'm honestly convinced of how toxic this thing is. I fear for my future children, I don't want them to be shamed into things that make them uncomfortable, and I don't want them to be raped. Yet all this shit makes it so much more likely.

No. 68497

I think itd be best to seek professional counselling. best of luck anon

No. 68500

File: 1455096327925.jpg (1.32 MB, 1119x1679, 1454857919801.jpg)

>1) some sexual fantasies are inherently immoral regardless of whether or not they're realized IRL (or perhaps because they necessarily lead to real life shenanigans

Indeed, some fantasies that are physically and permanently harmful or have a good chance of leading to emotional/physical abuse should not be acted upon.

>) that people with such fantasies are either immoral, ill, or both.

Immoral? Well that depends, that depends on how much you have influenced acquiring the fantasy, if it was something you got because you were abused or whatever then no.
People who have fantasies that sould never be acted upon should seek help, because they shouldn't be acted upon for a reason and keeping those persistent fantasies can be dangerous

I should also add that I don't have anything against regular BDSM, I'm into it myself, so I don't think you're a terrible person if that's what you thought I was implying.

No. 68504

File: 1455098750359.jpg (1.3 MB, 1119x1679, 1454182299066.jpg)

>As someone who likes stuff that could be considered "BDSM" (just dominant sex in general)

I am as well, and it's why I'm so frustrated with the 'community', especially with the femdom community which is even more awful.

I agree, those 24/7 dynamics, that are D/s specifically and long-term are just FWB living together. I don't know how you can do any relationship stuff like discussing things you like or find , cuddling and kissing, and just regular emotional support when some person is permanently above you.

I wanna say that this only applies to D/s long term shit. Some people have done things like making their partner be naked all the time around the house, but that doesn't make abuse easier and doesn't stop you from having a regular relationship.

No. 68557

Yeah im a fucken loser

No. 68584

File: 1455118537056.jpg (108.09 KB, 500x439, nishiki-mangalonghair.jpg)

>Now she explains that she is considering ending the relationship because he waa hesitant and uncomfortable engaging in her rape fantasy. The worst thing was that the comment all implied that he was a misogynist with a madonna-whore complex and that he was 'kink-shaming' her. It didn't occur to them that some people (especially men) are not into pretend raping their gf/wife whom they know to be a rape victim.

Man, that's awful. And you're right. There's too much harmful sex behavior disguised as something else. Real sex positivity is talking to your partner about what you want and not faking an orgasm to make them happy. The porn industry is messed up– and it's somehow worse now. I think a lot of men and women feel like they HAVE to be into certain sex acts or else they won't be normal. I don't even want to touch how pretty much all Japanese porn is rape or borderline rape. It disturbs me that this is how men see women there. And obviously with enough people watching it, it can influence the way certain men think.

I'm not having kids, but i have a niece that I love dearly and I feel for any parent in this day and age that has to deal with all the glorification of porn and sex and people like Miley cyrus.

No. 68590


I want to but I'm ashamed to talk about it irl

No. 68591

You have to do something, because trust me when is say it doesnt go away or fix itself. Therapy is normal for many people, especially people of sexual abuse. Just do it, anon.

No. 68606

I'm glad that Trump took NH. I don't even like him, but it brings me joy to see all the Sanders people so butthurt. Did they think a socialist would win New Hampshire?

No. 68613

Sanders wrecked Clinton in NH though

No. 68617

True, but their raging throbbing hate boner for Trump is what makes the defeat extra entertaining to me.

As far as I'm concerned, both are idiotic populists and its pretty rich for one side to feel morally superior to the other.

No. 68622

If I had the guts, I'd start a reverse social justice troll movement where people demand feminism, socialism, Marxism, etc., be censored on school campuses due to being triggering topics.

Use the same Alinsky tactics that campus protesters/social justice warriors use.

Throw it back in their faces.

I mean, it wouldn't do anything to make the tumblrinas any more self-aware, but it might be kind of funny.

No. 68623

File: 1455129047443.png (217.84 KB, 1615x797, democratic_party.png)

Hillary got more delegates out of NH
>The democratic party is democratic, unlike those GOP facists!

No. 68624

My last relationship happened when I was 17-18. It was a disaster.

I got together with a girl around the same age who seemed cute and relatively normal, but as soon as she felt comfortable around me it turned out there is something very… wrong with her. To this day I have no idea what was wrong with her exactly, but she was highly unstable. She had this normal "cute anime girl" act (which I thought was acceptable, we were both pretty weebish back then), was a bit too clingy, but nothing alarming. But then sometimes she'd turn fucking nuts, like an actual real life yandere - I hate using that comparison, but it's the closest one I can manage.
She used to say we're gonna get married one day. I thought she was saying that jokingly… but no. In her head she had delusions that we are ACTUALLY engaged and got FURIOUS when I pointed out that we're not because I never proposed to her. Then her delusions were getting even worse. She planned "our" entire lives in terrifying detail, which ended when she hits 25 - an age when "we are going to commit double suicide, because she won't be cute anymore". She was dead serious.
I was semi-interested in becoming a Lolita during that time. She used to constantly put me down, say I'm too old/fat to be a Lolita, that Lolitas are only allowed to be cute and I'm not, or that classic (a style she knew I liked) is for fucking whores with sugar daddies because only gawwffik (her favorite style) is kawaii enough. She basically trashed everything I liked. Constantly.

I realized I need to get out of this mess of a relationship asap, but whenever I tried to tell her there is a problem or even mentioned a break/breakup (not necesarily our own, just break up in general), she was immediately back into her crazy mode, screaming, crying, threating that she'll kill herself if I ever leave her. One time she even grabbed a fucking knife. So, I was scared shitless and a fucking moron, so I tried to separate her from myself very slowly instead of risking her hurting herself or me. It went worse than I planned initially.
I tried to mention her behavior to my friends. No one believed me. She was acting so perfectly normal in front of my friends. I probably wouldn't believe it myself. (Well, she was normal at least until she felt comfortable enough around my friends as well, and started having slight sanity slippages in their presence. Then they finally believed me)

The retarded process of slowly separating yandere-chan from my life lasted a couple months, but she had a few more crazy episodes during that time:
>she told me about being HIV positive. We were together for couple months, so of course I got scared shitless. We had an actual serious talk about her illness for at least 2 hours… only so she could simply tell me "Oh, it was a joke." in this flat, careless tone. No, she didn't understand why I got angry. And you know why she did this shit? Because I was watching a TV show SHE DOESN'T LIKE and she wanted to punish me.
>Later, she pulled the same shit as above, and told me a sob story about how she was raped at age of 13. Except… She told me the EXACT SAME STORY BEFORE, with no rape involved, a couple weeks before. Hell, she was bragging about that event. I pointed that out to her and she immediately dropped the act and pretended nothing happened.
>She accused me and my friends of wanting her death/possibly plotting her murder because my friend jokingly said "we thought you were kidnapped or something!" when she wasn't picking up our calls. She had a meltdown in a public place…
>I slowly realized that I am honestly not sure if I know this girl at all. She sometimes would tell me about her family, her siblings… Only to find out few months later she has no siblings. Sometimes she'd claim to have a sister, sometimes the sister changed into a brother, sometimes it was only a half-brother. It made me wonder how much shit she told me was actually true. And I felt sad for her parents, they were very nice people.

Finally, I had enough and broke up with her through text. I wanted to avoid giving her a chance to put on a show and threaten me with a knife again. I honestly don't care if people give me shit for being immature, I didn't want to see this crazy bitch ever again. I couldn't care less. She slowly moved out of my life over the course of months, after some text floods and showing up to the same events as me. I caught her standing on the street, looking at my windows a couple times. She gave up eventually.

This girl pretty much ruined my self esteem and gave me some serious trust issues. My depression returned. I decided to get my shit together and focus only on myself, not on future possible girlfriends.

I'm 24 now and I really can't imagine myself being with another person. I'm happy now, but at the same time I feel like I might lose at life because I'm missing out on something. Meeting girls is hard for me, so I don't think I'd have much luck anyway.
I just really wanted to get this shit off my chest.

No. 68629

Not going to work
SJWs are rampant across school campuses, and they see absolutely nothing wrong with censoring and silencing any viewpoint that doesn't confirm to current SJW dogma

No. 68635

>it wouldn't do anything to make the tumblrinas any more self-aware, but it might be kind of funny

No. 68636


Common misconception. What they've been doing for the past few decades is the "march through the institutions" of Antonion Gramsci. Began with people like Boas.

No. 68641

Well, it's all of that, but I was referring specifically to the idea of freezing/framing/attacking your enemies or wtf Alinsky called it.

No. 68662

File: 1455132164891.jpg (2.15 MB, 1500x1977, 1440356965406.jpg)

I really just fear for the future, because it´s on a path that can´t be changed. The left controls the zeitgeist, lolcow is contrarian but in five years people on here will agree with most of what we mock now. The only thing you can do to counter it is to hijack the left, just like the 'sex-positive' crowd did.

No. 68671

It's like a forest fire. It needs to be allowed to run its course and burn itself out. I suspect that will take another few decades, but the fundamental change will occur when the actual axiomatic principles that underlay liberalism itself, and have underpinned it for the past two centuries, are invalidated. Liberalism has been allowed to continue for so long because in spite of all the damage it has caused, the axiomatic foundation of it has gone unchallenged: Namely the ideas of individual liberty and equality as absolute goods (if anyone is looking for a quick "red pill", that's really it, those two ideas are the root of everything wrong with contemporary western society).

You can't run nations on principles that ignore reality forever. Sooner or later they destroy themselves. The rise of China is useful in this because it's a totally illiberal, ethnocentric and nationalistic power that is eclipsing western hegemony. It's challenging that inbuilt notion westerners have that the social changes we've seen over the past 100 years are somehow intimately tied to the growth in technology. The idea that LGBT and landing on the moon are someone contingently linked is dealt a pretty serious blow when the new technological superpower is essentially some giant Confucian superstate.

On that note: One of the things that turned me away from liberalism was the realization it can only ever really subsist in societies that are incredibly wealthy. Something about that struck me as unnerving, I gradually began to realize it was the fact we could use wealth to abstract ourselves further and further away from reality. For me, for a system to be good, it has to be able to subsist in all types of material conditions - But you can't just go around letting recidivist rapists and murderers out of jail over and over again in societies like Ancient Macedon or Germany. They're too in sync with the natural order of things.

>lolcow is contrarian but in five years people on here will agree with most of what we mock now.

You can already see it with trannies, or various other pathologies on tumblr - Farmers will say things like "yeah, not all trannies are bad. It's just that the bad ones get mixed in with the good ones!"

The heartstring pulling of the media/entertainment industry retards people's ability to form clear, red line based principled decisions.

No. 68681

File: 1455139833870.gif (2.84 MB, 276x244, giphy.gif)


tfw small benis

No. 68682

I'm sure it's cute anon.

No. 68686

File: 1455140892390.jpg (135.15 KB, 800x1043, 1432969999262.jpg)


it's fucking disgusting

No. 68690

Small doesn't necessarily mean disgusting. Not always. Are you slim? Excess fat makes penises appear smaller. Another thing you could try is to be very rich.

No. 68692


I'm fat yeah but still not sure how much I can gain after losing weight. Feels so fucking bad failing at being "man" because of something you can't control.

No. 68697

File: 1455143802429.jpg (Spoiler Image, 18.13 KB, 400x329, STEALTH PENIS.jpg)

>how much I can gain after losing weight
Multiple inches. You should research the anatomy of that area and you will be surprised.

Image is a related anatomical diagram.

No. 68701

File: 1455144170570.jpg (219.49 KB, 1058x810, eurasian_master_race.jpg)

I'm an Asian guy who runs in asian-american and fob circles (spent a number of years in asia), and consider myself in touch with asia. Lately I've been seeing pictures of adorable Eurasian kids, and even knew this half-japanese/half-french girl with blue eyes and blond hair (with asian features). Now a part of me is totally curious what my kids would look like if I married a blonde girl.

Now that would be totally racist if I married someone purely because of their hair color and eye color. It would also make me a total sellout since I've always disliked how Hollywood pushes Caucasian looks as the beauty standard across the globe. Nevermind that it will kill my mom since she's always asking me when I'll bring home a nice Chinese girl for her to meet.

>tl;dr: Chink feels guilty over recent obsession with waitu piggu

No. 68702

File: 1455144902411.gif (410.02 KB, 720x405, ALICE.gif)

I'm sure /r/hapas will welcome your future son with open arms.

No. 68703

I just found out my boyfriend is an Asian fetishist and I unknowingly caused a rift in my group in highschool.

I used to love being Japanese as a teen. Anime was just starting to get popular with my generation and I didn't have to feel awkward about not buying pizza during lunch and eating my rice. All the weebs surrounded me during lunches and eventually I joined the anime club. The attention was great at the time I won't lie, any teen getting attention and feel popular/or wanted would eat that shit up and I was no exception.

During highschool I started to go to local conventions with the anime club at the school. The attention would continue during the convention when I would speak Japanese.

During my last years of high school I got asked out by my crush (now boyfriend) and ever since we have been together. Going to the same university and all. I just came back down this weekend to catch up with our old group. We went to a nice restaurant and started to talk, eventually we got on the topic on me and my boyfriend because we have been together so long. In which one of the girls who apparently was his ex got all salty. She eventually talked over a friend who was asking a questions to me to say that my boyfriend was "a gross Asian fetishizer" and that I was awful for taking him away from her.

I was embarrassed because she basically yelled it and the entire area around our table got super quiet, so I just got up and left while some of the group followed suit to comfort me. They gave me the whole scoop that basically he left her because he always had a thing for Asian girls. He wasn't apart of the weeb group I was with, he did soccer and interact club in high school. I never caught that he was into Asian girls because all his exs were white, which is why I never thought I'd have a chance with him before he asked me out.

Then the others just chimed in about it the porn he used to watch with them, all asian girls. And other tales of that nature. Before I went home I decided to talk to his ex again about it, which she gave me her side of the story. I don't know if she assumed that I was going to in flames about it because when she was done she gave me a face as in "what are you going to do about it"

I love my boyfriend, and if he has some strange obsession with Asian girls then I will talk to him about it, but it just seems like a preference more then a fetish to me.

However ever since the dinner there's been a visible rift in our group again, which is honestly stupid because we are adults now like how is this still eating at her then she has to be comforted by people?

No. 68704

>BTW boyanon here xD
really? Can you just fuck off please?

No. 68706

>and consider myself in touch with asia

The fuck does this even mean?

You're in touch with Iran? India? Kazakhstan and China?

Whites are just better looking m8. Same reason you prefer white women is the same reason asian women prefer white men.

No. 68707


The only way your child could end up with blue eyes ( which its still slim) would be if you're a carrier of the blue eyed trait as well. So if someone on your mom or dad side had blue eyes then it's possible for your child to have blue eyes.

If not then it's impossible unless you make a designer baby and ask for them to make your child's eye blue

No. 68709

Nope, nope, nope. You did not cause a rift–your bf's ex needs to chill out about a failed high school romance. If anyone's causing a rift, she is. Also, your bf may be attracted to Asian women, but that isn't a crime or highly unusual and if it was just a sex thing for him you'd know it by now.

No. 68710

>all his exs were white

Doesn't sound like much of an asian fetish to me.

No. 68712

If that's all it means to be a man then you gotta get your shit together. Your value isn't on your penis. You're right, that's something you can't control and if you come across any idiot that doesn't recognize that, you're better off not dealing with them.

No. 68718

File: 1455146778413.jpg (326.49 KB, 1200x900, uyghur_girl.jpg)

I probably didn't word that correctly, but I'm literate and fluent in Chinese (with little or no accent), so I watch Chinese/Taiwanese shows without difficulty, and fobs always assume I was born in Asia, just like them.

Also I don't share your thesis that white girls are always more attractive. However, I've been in the US for too long, there's something off about Asian american girl fashion.

You cannot assume everyone in Asia have monolithic backgrounds. A sizable number of Japanese have Ainu backgrounds, and Chinese with Persian, Arab, and Turkic ancestry. My own eye color is bordering on hazel

No. 68720


I…never said it was? You yourself don't have blue eyes as you said, so if that's what you're aiming for for your possible children I'm saying there's no chance. Unless you have someone who had blue eyes, that's genetics.

No. 68721

>we also have blue/green eyes and blonde hair

I've noticed a lot of non-white people peddling this meme recently.

>uyghur girl

Yes. A very small proportion of Uyghurs, who aren't even Mongoloid people anyway, have lighter eye/hair colors, because of Indo-European admixture with the general Turkic admixture of some central Asian peoples.

No. 68723

>and Chinese with Persian, Arab, and Turkic ancestry.

Also this simply isn't true. 92% of China are Han (historically it has been even higher) and of the remaining 8%, 7.5% are other East Asian ethnic groups like the Zhuang. Hui have some very limited Persian admixture, but it's tiny.

No. 68724


You sound like the rest of the world who wants mixed children with blue/green eyes.

What the other anon said about the eyes is true, mixed children come out looking any sort of what. You don't know what you get until the come out.

No. 68725


No. 68726

I feel like my boyfriend has never actually loved me and our relationship is constantly on the verge of dying, but I'm too pathetic and attached to him to do anything about it. He says he cares about me if I bother him enough but that's the only time it'll happen.

I keep telling my family and friends that my relationship is perfect but it's the exact opposite and I have so much anger and jealousy in my heart for couples who are truly happy.

No. 68731


Thank you for that, I still want to apologize to her. Not because I feel like it's my fault he left her but just to shut her up and end the drama.

No. 68736


I don't know, I know I'm being childish but all these horror stories about cheating and shit for their husbands/bf's having small dick is fucking with my mind. I mean yeah I can just accept it and go on but I'll never excite my wife/gf on a primal level, I would just be "that guy"

No. 68752

Half Asian and half White babies are generally pretty fucking cute
I have a few relatives who have Asian SOs and their kids are adorable

No. 68754

Never breed.

No. 68755

You can add A LOT if you lose weight man

No. 68757

Tbh all the hapa kids are now are super well adjusted and even a few would fit the "Chad" archetype

I've never seen anything close to /r/hapas irl
His ex just sounds like a buttmad idiot tbh
If he finds Asian women attractive then that's how it is. I don't see how that's "fetishizing"

No. 68758

If she is as immature and emotionally stunted as her rude behavior in public suggests, an apology will not improve matters and may even make things worse since you'll be validating her and acknowledging your own guilt.

Do you feel guilty? Did you purposefully seduce your boyfriend away from this other girl and feel bad about it? Seriously, do not apologize to her. No good can come of it and who knows what she'll tell the rest of your friend group? ("Anon admitted it!!!")

She's still carrying a torch for your boyfriend and she's pathetic enough to drag old drama into public view after all this time. She says he's an Asian fetishist to hurt you while saying that you stole him from her… and she's not Asain. She is purposefully trying to hurt you, purposefully trying to stir shit up, and she should be apologizing to you.

This girl is not your friend and will do her best to take you down. Best thing to do is not engage with her as much as possible. Be careful of mutual "friends" who may come to guilt you about her.

You don't owe anyone any explanation or apology at all. If you feel you must say something, keep it simple and move the conversation to other things:
>BF had broken up with EX before we began seeing each other. We're really happy together.
If they try to talk about fetish/porn:
>I don't really want to discuss what my boyfriend likes or doesn't like sexually with anyone but him.

No. 68761

I've had depression for about 7-8 years.

I don't have many friends or get invited out anywhere even if I do the same, I think I'm more someone you say hi to than a friend.

I think I have some weird sacrficial complex and I always make decisions based on how they affect others rather than they do me because imo I'm not important so what does it matter.

I know it's my fault for all of this but I just wish I don't know that I had a easier life at times.

I don't want to tell anyone this in real life because they have their own problems and it scares me to worry someone and have them look at me forever differently.

I want to be wanted and I think the only way my problem will actually be sorted is if I do it myself instead of waiting to be saved by someone or someone breaking me out of my shell.

I think maybe just some people don't really get to be happy, like the way some people die young it's bound to happen and thats it.

No. 68767

Before my sister had her first child she would try to calculate the chance her child would come out with blue eyes, lol. To this day she still tells me because her child's eyes are not dark brown they have a "tint" of their father's color.

Her child is rather cute anyway, but IMO it's not because she's "half." I hope she doesn't grow up to think that she's only pretty because she's half-white but I feel like that's inevitable with half-breeds. The kid looks like my sister, anyway.

>tfw /r/hapas made me paranoid about breeding with whites

No. 68772

>88 readers
I really hope you don't actually take that subreddit as a serious indication over how most hapas are

My cousin married a Japanese girl and their kids have green eyes. Genetics are weird. I wouldn't say they look more or less like either parent. Pretty 50/50 mix to me.

No. 68773

I know how you feel, but I can't really give advice because I'm in the same boat. Just know you're not the only one who feels like that

No. 68774

Woops my keyboard got stuck
It's just a group of bitter autists who blame everything wrong in their lives on being half asian. You forget how many millions more are out there enjoying their lives and not making bitter posts on reddit

No. 68778

Misery is company I guess.

I hope you hold on too then

No. 68780

File: 1455154010400.gif (83.46 KB, 500x255, KAREN.gif)

Well there are quite a few trolls there too. I can confirm that.

No. 68781


Omg thank you so much anon, I really wasn't expecting anyone to reply because it ended up being so long.

You're completely right, I won't apologize for it. I'll just be civil and try to steer clear of her for the rest of the week before I go back. I'm hoping the friends who I care about in the group are still up for the plans we made.

I'm not going to let her make me second guess my relationship anymore, because I'm happy with him.

No. 68794

Hmmmm how do you know this?
Good plan. I'm sure you're far from the only one who thought she was extremely out of line

No. 68795

I'm so glad I could be helpful! I agree with >>68794 completely.

I'm sorry that a petty person made you uncomfortable. I'm incredibly glad that you're not going to waste more energy on her.

Best of luck, anon. I wish you every happiness.

No. 68797

File: 1455156237025.gif (289.69 KB, 500x255, KAREN.gif)

I see all and know all.

No. 68802

Just seeing this now
I hope it's robot bait. I really do

No. 68861

I am so sick of the whole prochoice/prolife thing. I feel like someone is waving a giant propaganda poster in front of my face every time I hear those words. Just call it pro-abortion/anti-abortion, you hysterics.

That said, I believe that in a cosmic sense, abortion is the wrongful seizure of a life. But I am also something of a nihilist and believe deep down that it's better not to be born.

I don't know enough formal philosophy or logic to tell whether or not these views are sound. I just really fuckin hate the life/choice angle that people put on it.

No. 68869

Eh I think abortion is bad which is why we need to make birth control a lot more effective and a lot more readily available instead of just telling people not to fuck.

No. 68894

There's plenty of birth control to go around. I get mine for $9/month out of pocket at Target. They stock tons of condoms, too.

Sex Ed is only part of the issue. It's more profitable for some teens to get pregnant and collect various forms of taxpayer-funded assistance than to get a job/go to school and stick it out. And they know it very well.

No. 68929

I want to try dating apps like okcupid and tinder but every time I decide to sign up for them, I always chicken out.

No. 68930

It has nothing to do with birth control. Some women are just put in difficult situations and abortion is an option that some have to do. Even if you think 'abortion is bad' that's fine, just as long as you don't vote to make it illegal, putting women in more dangerous situations, which is shit.

No one WANTS to abort unless it's their only choice usually. No woman should be forced to carry a baby to term that they do not want. I don't care how they got pregnant.

No. 68934

M or F?
I've tried a few sites and the only message I've ever gotten was from a tranny
Dating sites are a meme

No. 68938

I'm female. I feel weird about wanting to go on them too.

No. 68940

I'm not sure which gender is worse to be when going on dating sites
As a woman you'll be flooded with messages by thirsty guys while as a guy you'll probably get none, but if a girl messages you then that at leasts means she has some interest in getting to knoe you. Whereas if you're a girl your inbox will be full of every horny guy within 50 miles

No. 68945

You know r/hapas is something r/asianmasculinity came up with right? The entire forced narrative on there is that children with Asian fathers and white mothers are well adjusted whereas the reverse isn't the case. You'll notice r/asianmasculinity posting the same sort of shit on 4chan now and again. I actually remember one of them grilling a seagull about whether her dad or mother was the Asian one.

They're absolutely pathological.

No. 68946

Just to note that the idea relationships between Asian males and white females is somehow "better" or less based on fetish can be easily dispelled by a trip to /pt/ or /snow/.

No. 69100

File: 1455230925850.webm (2.71 MB, 405x720, 1455162987158.webm)

Seriously, are Asian males really treated that badly to justify such a hatred of whites abd Asian women?
That whole place is just a strange combination SJW anti-racist narrative and anti-white pan-Asian nationalism. They will justify any crime committed by the Chinese goverment simply because it fits their goals, which are still not entirely clear to me.
On the other hand it's hilarious that they think they're the fucking KBG psy-ops department because they spread a few memes to 4chan and some SJWs.
The comparison between them and TRP is easy to make, both feed off of extreme insecurity and projecting those unto a large enemy.

No. 69106

I think these dudes would be undesirable in Asia too. Except here, transplanted into the west they can project their hatred onto an outgroup, white men, rather than simply better looking Asians as it would be back home. More broadly how they think of getting white women as a way of getting back at white men for perceived slights is scary and creepy.

It's a good thing for white women to look out for imo. If you're dating an Asian guy and he suddenly starts going on a rant about white men with Asian girls then you know he's one of "those". The nice guy routine isn't exclusive to white dudes.

No. 69119

>The nice guy routine isn't exclusive to white dudes.
Does anyone actually think it is?

No. 69126

>pan-Asian nationalism

Weirdly enough, this is the thing that pisses me off the most when it comes to 2nd gen Asian-American brand of SJW. (I am Asian myself.) I get that they're making some kind of statement about how Asians as a group are viewed in the US, but it seems kinda counterproductive to their goals.

No. 69159

There are exceptions. One of my friends has 0 people in her family with blue eyes but yet she has them. The chance is just super minimal tbh (like the mutation for blue eyes happening I guess?), she freaked out when she learned that shit in school and was afraid she was adopted or some shit lol.

> just saying

On a side note hafu kids are a hit or miss to me.
But tfw asian bf, if we ever have kids i hope they'd be cute ;;

No. 69164

I went to Saturday morning language school. Tons of half-Asians there…and the majority of them were not attractive.

No. 69166

I'm still not over my ex. I've fucked 3 guys in an attempt to forget, but to no avail. I've turned down multiple offers from friends to introduce me to new men. This May it'll be two years since we split. I'm still so, so pathetically in love with him.

No. 69174

All anecdotal but most that I've seen were pretty good looking

No. 69186

I wonder if hapas are generally considered so attractive because people observe that they have genuinely attractive features, or if it's just the exotic combination of features that draws people in.

No. 69238

The more men you fuck the more jaded you'll become.

No. 69242

you fucked three guys to forget or you fucked three guys you wanted to be in a relationship with? because if the former, whyyy

No. 69246

Well, I agree with that euphemism because some women get raped and its good to let them know that they have the choice to keep the sack of shit they got. It's also good for retards that don't need to procreate. Those are usually the idiots that feel guilty about abortion and make everyone's races pay for their disgrace.

No. 69254

I have this theory that my antidepressants make me crave alcohol. I never sought the consumption of it this hardcore. Instead of using an extra day to study, I decided to waste it away binge drinking till I blacked out. I think I'm invincible at this point because I'm high functioning and nobody except my sister knows when I'm trashed.

No. 69256

I feel you, anon. I don't drink so much anymore but being high functioning, generally speaking, is a fucking curse. Nobody takes me or my psychological problems seriously because I always seem like I have my shit together.

No. 69400

I don't really see how it's counter-prodcutive, sure it's factually incorrect and doesn't reflect reality in Asia. But what they want an improved image of Asians and a better position in society than they do currently. If pretending that Asians are a homogeneous group or pretending they're all descended from 19th century railroad workers works then they'll do it. The only thing that's weird about it is that you'll get really pissed if people don't know shit about cultural differences.

No. 69411

>better position in society

Northeast Asians occupy a much better position in society than white Americans in America. They're uniformly upper middle class and they have nothing like appalachia tier poverty.

Asian American victimhoood is bullshit. Boo hoo breakfast at tiffanys was mean to us 30 years ago. Don't buy into it.

No. 69560

The word better doesn't mean they have it bad to begin with. Depending on the ethnicity Asians aren't particularly wealthier than whites. They just have Indians upping the average, and most Hispanics are counted as white in racial statistics. Even so I don't think Asians are some victimised race.

No. 69574

All anecdotal for me, but I don't know of any lower class Asians in America. They're all middle to upper class.

No. 69586

Just go to any Chinatown in a major city and see who's washing the dishes.
Many of those people lack high school diplomas are illegally overstaying their tourist visas/working under the table

Although most Chinese come in with pockets full of cash these days. They're buying up all the real estate on the west coast, and their kids drive better cars than their professors

For the most part I agree. However Asians remain completely invisible in US pop culture today. Other minorities have singers, models, actors, athletes, and other public figures representing them. I can count on one hand the number of Asians that are recognizable to the general public.

That's why I think black people complaining about the 'White Academy Awards' don't appreciate their privilege.

No. 69589

Actually, southeast Asians have a far lower average income. (The ones who have education and/or a decent job, though, are pretty well off.)

My fear, as a SE Asian who was fortunately enough to grow up solidly middle class due to parents who worked and saved money, is that we are becoming far too dependent on transfer payments. Which is only going to fuel more misguided social justice antics.

No. 69590

I cackled at that Academy Awards "controversy". Lol, Spike Lee doesn't give a shit about equality. He wants black people to take home every single award so as to stick it to whitey.

No. 69625

Not saying it's an either/or thing, but I'd honestly rather be top of the socioeconomic chain than be "represented" in pop culture.

No. 69656

I mean if it's in Chinatown I can expect Chinese people to be washing the dishes just as I can expect the restaurant owner to be Chinese…
I will agree that Asians get shafted the most by far when it comes to American media.

No. 69661

>I will agree that Asians get shafted the most by far when it comes to American media.

Very very few Asians go into the performing arts. Even proportional to population.

That being said, I doubt your average Chinese would be happy if every performance of 京剧 were as "diverse" as every performance as Shakespeare is here.

No. 69662

Am I the only person on earth who doesn't care about media representation? It didn't occur to me as a kid/teen that my role models were male and white, nor did I ever feel bad about being female and not-white. In fact, it empowered me. It literally did not make a difference until the SJWs got traction and tried to make everyone feel guilty for even being nice to white people.

No. 69674

Yeah, I've noticed NEAs on tumblr always retreat back to associating themselves with SEAs whenever the fact they're obviously more economically advantaged than whites is referenced, as if half of the faggots don't secretly hate flips and viets behind closed doors.

I guess my predominant issue with Asian SJWism/"leftism" has always been, following on from the above, that it's so transparently dishonest.

The question I always pose is this: Of the 75% of Asian Americans who vote Dem, how many of those do you suppose would be happy with Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China adopting policies like birthright citizenship and mass re-settlement of refugees?

I do feel a genuine sympathy for Asian Americans who really do want to become a part of America - some of the earlier Taiwanese KMT loyalists who emigrated to the US are a good example. But there's an increasing amount of animosity and even hatred between second and third generation Asian Americans and Whites.

The hatred goes two ways though. Whites have always regarded Asians as perpetual aliens. As much as white Americans have always condescended to and disdained the African in their land, he has grudgingly become accepted as part of the landscape. This has never really happened with Asians.

This isn't the fault of Americans alone of course - given how tightly ethnic and racial ties bind Asians to their homelands, Americans would be foolish not to be suspicious of them, especially considering historically how often Asians have been found to be carrying out espionage on behalf of foreign countries.

Too many Robert Kims.


Too many Wen Ho Lees.

No. 69678

You must be referring to old money WASPs and Jewish families right?

Asians are predominantly middle managers and corporate drones. Like most middle class and upper middle class, they are useful puppets of the establishment with the highest tax burden and no political influence whatsoever. Even blacks can get NAACP, Oprah, and Al Sharpton to throw a fit for them

No. 69681

>middle managers

That's where you want the bulk of your population to be, there aren't enough C and board-level positions to employ millions of people at a time.

It's a fact that Northeast Asians are wealthier than Whites, have less of a poverty burden etc.

More generally. Asians are CEOs of some of the most important corporations in SV.

>Even blacks can get NAACP, Oprah, and Al Sharpton to throw a fit for them

I assure you Asians have thousands of professional associations, activist organizations, political caucuses, pressure groups etc, all working on the principle of "what is good for my group?"

I'll agree Jews are more powerful though.

No. 69688

>Of the 75% of Asian Americans who vote Dem

I'm not disputing your overall point, but I'd add that there is a misconception that because most Asian voters vote Democratic, it follows that Asians as a group lean Democratic.

You know how people are always bitching that too many Asians don't vote…well, the ones that don't vote are often a) skeptical that state social programs actually improve things and b) as a result of that skepticism, prefer the Republican Party, though they're still too skeptical of politics in general to actually vote. (Or they might be genuinely apathetic, which obviously doesn't mean they lean Democratic.)

Also, screw all the "rock the vote" types, because 99% of the time they're just trying to get you to vote for their candidate and would rather you stay home if you didn't.

No. 69690

I don't really blame Asians for voting Dem. Multiracial democracies just work like that - The outgroups vote for the parties that promise to keep the borders open. I think if there were a significant presence of whites in South Korea, they'd be voting en mass for the DP.

No. 69693

Not sure I understand what you're implying, or if it's a just an aside and not a direct response to my comment.

No. 69695

It's not really a direct response, I'm just saying my comment about Asians voting Dem isn't motivated by spite.

Multiracial democracies are horrible, horrible things that always balkanize and explode.

No. 69698

I can see that being true among some groups. Maintaining ties to some distant ancestral land is not really something I can empathize with or fully understand (despite being an American with Asian background) so I'm hesitant to comment further on the specific point you're making re:assimilation.

No. 69700


This may be of interest to you.

>The day that I start hearing a lot of talk about being a credit to my race, I'm going to try and look into that wack skin de-pigmenting process that Michael Jackson went through, better to be a deformed wack than a token. This might sound strange, after all, brown Americans (South Asians) are well educated and affluent. The current perception about us is "positive." But the race hustlers are ever present, and there are those who didn't make it into medical school, law school, aren't engineers or don't own their own business, who have low self-esteem and so forth, and they exist as a resentful minority ready to spring into action when they can get the leverage they need. Right now they man the Minimarts and drive the cabs, their race does not give them any special opportunities. Those few with brains who end up in the humanities are already shiny prizes for their departments, a little-bit-of-color-in-the-vanilla, deconstructing forces and paradigm shifting atoms. These people are a minority, but they are active, and they exist in all "model minorities." While the passive majority is busy about their lives, they are aiming to create a corporate structure of ethnic identity, and of course, they are ready to take on roles of leadership as the CEOs of such diffuse bodies. Once the corporation of race goes public, everyone falls under its shadows, even those who don't buy stock. Perception starts to influence reality. Walls are put up, inter-corporate interaction becomes distorted, and the process begins to feed upon itself as the dividends of good behavior in the corporation begin to outweight dissent from corporate policy. Soon enough, even dissenters are co-opted in their own way, as they are viewed as exiles, but nonetheless, stamped by the corporation and so good moles and messengers by corporate "enemies."

No. 69701

Asians used to support GOP over the Democrats 55% to 31%. The Reagan era was the heyday of the Asian American Republican. And then Dubya had to fuck it all up.

I fully expect the pendulum to swingback this year, because neither Hillary or Sanders are really connecting with Asian Americans aside from a few SJWs

No. 69702

How did Obama cater to Asians in 08 and 12?
How are the GOP candidates catering to Asians currently?

No. 69704

That's just it though, ethnic interests creates a nation of tribes with their own competing interests.

This is an Empire, not a Nation. And an Empire needs an Emperor, a Caesar or a Pope, to govern by dictat to keep the peace.

No. 69705

Saw A Christmas Carol in Chicago over winter
They made Scrooge Black, Tiny Tim Biracial, the ghost of Christmas past a Muslim, and ghost of Christmas present an obese black woman
I don't think it's a huge deal, but it wouldn't hurt to have a few Asian leads
That being said I don't think every fucking film needs to have x number of nonwhite actors.

No. 69707

The thing is, East Asia as we all know already has its own almost 100% ethnically homogeneous media.

No. 69713

Thanks for the link, I'll have to look through the rest of the blog.

As much as I try to convince myself that I've abandoned critical studies, they keep popping up in my reading and thinking. (Maybe I'm not trying as hard as I could.) I despise race hustling but at the same time can't shake the thought that the more energy I expend on this issue, even if I'm fighting what I believe to be harmful, the more I'm perpetuating it. You know?

I wouldn't say that the XXX studies majors are universally unfit for college, but I do believe that many of them are wasting their intellectual capacity.

I'm one of them, and I paid for it in lost time and opportunities. Kids…don't ignore your math and science classes. There's a very real chance you'll grow up to realize that there's a glut of cultural/critical studies majors with no marketable skills aside from blaming the patriarchy, and that you really should have studied engineering or some other dynamic field that will allow you to make a far greater difference in the world.

No. 69716

Not all humanities are bad, classics is an example of a rigorous humanities subject for example. It's not as hard as something like physics, but it's genuine scholarship (learning two difficult ancient languages, having to understand grammar, rhetoric, archaeology etc).

>critical theory

What do you find compelling about critical theory?

>and that you really should have studied engineering or some other dynamic field that will allow you to make a far greater difference in the world.

Yep, even if it's just learning some basic HTML/CSS/JS - Or learning to use Adobe Creative Suite well, these things go a long way. It doesn't necessarily have to be engineering.

There are plenty of respectable professions in the west that are bloated as fuck and full of people doing nothing of any net benefit to society too - law is a great illustrative example. We have ten times the per capita number of lawyers as Japan in western countries, specifically anglo saxon ones, and it shows.

No. 69730

I didn't mean to imply that all humanities had no value; a classical education has tremendous value, and it's something I wish I had received. Philosophy is a formidable field, as well. (Average IQ of philosophy majors is up there with physics and astronomy, according to ETS.) I was referring specifically to the proliferation of identity studies.

I was originally drawn to critical studies as a cop out. I have attention/memory issues (untreated ADHD is a real treat) and as a result have constantly made silly arithmetic errors all of my life. This means that despite understanding larger mathematical/scientific concepts quite well, I could never quite get top marks in those classes due to screwing up my calculations. So, apparently bad at math, but above average IQ and verbal skills…oh hey, and I'm Asian and kinda gay…guess it's cultural/critical studies for me, then. Big mistake.

No. 69737

I see.

>big mistake

Not true, there's all sorts of less mathematically intensive masters programs (specialist business fields like shipping) or professional qualifications (accountancy) or hell, even small IT-related marketable skills you can build up.

I don't think I've ever encountered a gay Asian before. Are you a girl or a guy?

No. 69745

I'm aiming a little higher than that.

We can talk more off lolcow, to save everyone else in this thread the powerleveling.

No. 69750

Alright then.


No. 69760

How many Asian people do you know? It seems odd you've never met a gay Asian before… perhaps their sexuality just never came up in conversation.

No. 69835

I've been contemplating joining the military for the sake of living in another area and having a paid college education. At this point I feel like it's the only way I'd ever be able to escape the dead-end town I live in.

No. 69842

A lot of people do this, anon. You'd be in good company.

No. 69844

Africa and the rest of the world also have their own local films. I'm perfectly against people recasting Shakespeare and other classic Caucasian parts with people of color because SJW wanting to throw minorities a bone.

I'm just saying Hollywood is so adverse of casting Asians they intentionally whitewash roles written as asians in source material. (ex: Emma Stone playing a hapa in Aloha; whitewashing the Avatar: The Last Airbender; the producer of 'Make it Pop', a Nickelodeon show based off of Kpop saying he'll cast male asian actors over his dead body) But since Asian Americans are a 'model minority', SJWs believes it's okay to be racist against them.

>If you are asian and a SJW, you have a screw loose in your head. The Social Justice movement doesn't give a fuck about you, and we'll be next once they dethrone the evil 'cis white scum'

No. 69853


Are you me?

I've accepted for years now that I'm meant to be alone and feel empty. I don't ask "why me" anymore, I've just accepted it and it feels ok now.

I know to most people that probably sounds depressing, but I really do feel this bizarre peace at knowing that I'll always be alone.

No. 69854

you need to find good people and in order to do that you have to be a good person yourself. do some soul searchin' farmer. learn how to read people and discern personality. this is probably the last one you'll meet that you'll get duped on. trust me family I went through the same shit.

No. 69875

I've had a premonition of my own death. years ago when i was 15, i woke up with an overwhelming sensation that i was going to die on march 26th, 2018. I wake up everyday with that sensation.
for the past 8 years, my life has basically been a shit box. I'm terrified of my future. im terrified that i'll have lived the last moments of my life in the shit box im in now. You would think that knowing my supposed death date would give me the confidence to go kick life in the balls, but my fear is too crippling. I have confidence problems in general, partly stemming from my emotionally abusive father. Over the course of my life, he has always had a temper, and his profession involves a lot of physical labor, of which he asks me to help sometimes. I want to help him and be useful, but every time i always fail and he yells at me and makes me feel like an idiot. Sometimes i just cant take it so when im alone I curl up into a ball and start crying while calling myself a worthless loser that deserves to die.
I try to mask everything under a guise of humor and video games but due to my problems above, its no wonder why i haven't been able to attract a girl. For the largest portions of my life I was never really concerned with finding a girlfriend. I still found women attractive, and when puberty kicked in i would still masturbate and try to watch porno but i was never concerned with finding a girl IRL. Only somewhat recently I started feeling this way. Perhaps do to my premonition but i dont truly know. Eventually i was drawn to /d/'s gentle femdom and role reversal threads where i've been hanging around lately, shitposting with >tfw no gfd gf. It simple, but it coneys some of my deepest feelings. That I just want a girl to hug me and tell me everything is going to be okay.
thats pretty much my big web of secrets i keep from my friends and family

No. 69880

Im scared that the person i love doesnt love me back i havent seen them in ages and it tears me apart more and more and its incredibly shit im stuck because with her i have this problem atm but without her im alone without her and it fuckin kills me

No. 69965

>never met a gay Asian

…..are you sheltered or something? I don't mean that as an insult, do you just not know that many Asian people?

No. 69969

Ever since he used my tablet and didn't lg out, I have been reading all of my BFF's correspondance. I even asnwer some messages he has been neglecting. He's really absent minded it's easy for me to convince him he did it by himself.

No. 69979

i had a huge fucking crush on a guy i met when i was 16 and recently i haven't been able to stop thinking about him
i didn't want to add him on facebook because i thought it would look weird and creepy so i just made a fake facebook account so i can stalk his shit
now i feel pathetic

No. 69985

If you still like him, just add him normally and message him. It isn't that weird/creepy, as some people add even strangers. Stalking won't do anything but make you feel like shit and prolong your "what could have been" fantasies. At least by directly messaging him you would have tried to get something going.

Or learn to move on to the other fish in the sea.

No. 71168

I used to roll my eyes at guys on the Internet who told girls tits or gtfo, but since hanging out on this board and seeing all the male basement dwellers derail threads, I completely empathize with them.

Dick or gtfo, faggot.

No. 71181

You sure? I'm sure most guys here would have zero problems with it

No. 71189

Rather would see dicks than robots.

No. 71194

They would never do it on /fem/.

No. 71197

>tfw have a seven incher
>tfw it has only made me more insecure

No. 71199

get off the internet and date normal people. it does wonders.

No. 71200

i really want to know where this meme comes from. who told everyone that women have these cavernous pussies that require king kong shlong?

No. 71201

Dating and having sex is what got me insecure in the first place. Women claiming they didn't care about size and then telling me they loved my big dick after we became intimate.

No. 71204

That doesn't mean that they care about it. It means that they find you big for them and they love it.
I dated a guy with a long dick, most people would call that a big dick, i hated it.
I'm with a girthy average length guy. I call THAT a big dick and I love it.

No. 71217

Women need big dick to be happy though.

No. 71219

you sound like a real woman………great job, awesome job

No. 71221

My mother thinks that I got a job because I'm starting to recover from my depression, but the truth is that I got a job for the sole purpose of earning enough money to buy a shotgun that I could use to kill myself. She looked so happy when I told her about the job though that it just made me feel so fucking guilty, and now my resolve is gone and I'm back to pretending that I'm getting better again. I don't know how long I can keep the charade up. Now that I've bought the shotgun, I know how this is going to end when it inevitably does.

Sometimes I just wish my mother would be hit by a car or something so I could kill myself in peace and I feel even more guilty for thinking that. I know I don't owe her anything because she basically neglected me my entire life, but somehow the knowledge that she would be sad and probably blame herself is the only thing holding me back.

No. 71253

At the risk of being a faggot/repeating a cliche: at least one anon cares and would feel sad if you decided to go through with this.

Sorry. I had to say something.

No. 71254

You're right. but still, they grind my gears.

No. 71255

I'm 19 and an exchange student. I've been sleeping with disgusting old pigs for a year now. They buy me nice things and help me out and I tell myself it's ok but it's not. They are all nice to me but deep down, I hate them all, even though I do this all by myself. I have no freinds or a real life. I know that everything I've done is my fault, I screwed everything up. I want to go back home but I can't just go back and look my parents in the eye. I can't sleep or eat or or study, I'm so disgusted with myself.

No. 71263

If you've already begun doing this, then you have to try your best at your studies so that you won't have to rely on this "trade" later on in life. Might as well.

No. 71269

What would your father say?

I'm not saying this as some poor attempt at trolling. I'm asking you to genuinely ask yourself. If you had a dad who was there for you, who loved you, who thinks of you still (in some capacity) as his little princess… What would he say if he knew? don't you think it's likely he'd break down completely?

Please read this:


>In my twenties, I lived with two punk chicks who were lazy and wanted a job where they didn’t have to leave the house. They chose phone sex. Neither of these girls were molested as kids and despite the tattoos and pink hair, ultimately just wanted a nice boyfriend whom they would eventually marry and make babies with. Guess what happened. The job rotted them. I would come home after a hard day’s work and feel glares burning through the back of my head. I would turn around and find them staring at me like I habitually raped them both. “That job made me hate men,” one of them admitted to me years after quitting. “It messes with your head.” Their boss eventually convinced one of them to go to hotels and urinate on perverts for money. She recently described the experience as “damaging”—though she’d never have admitted it back then.

I at least care about you, even though you're a stranger. I don't want you to abuse yourself like this. You're better than that.

No. 71272

You're an exchange student where?

Please don't say an asian country…

No. 71280

I have this same mentality although I haven't traveled abroad or anything. It's all from my mother completing high school and college and becoming a nurse. My extended family sees our cell phones and cars and what not and call us spoiled because my mother could afford to buy us these things, whereas they're sitting in filth and poverty because they were "too challenged" in highschool. They've been working all their life, gotten nowhere, and it's almost as if they blame us.

Anyway. My secret is that I had sex with my ex's best friend. I never thought it would've EVER happened but it did and I loved it. The thing I don't like is that he won't fuck me again, and I know it's because he's thinking of our friendship being ruined, his friendship with my ex, his relationship with his ex, and my relationship with his ex also.

None of that concerns me, he was the best I've ever had ok.

Deleted this to add: i manipulated him for 3 days into giving it up.

No. 71286

I can't stand this mentality, either. My refugee parents worked, saved money, bought a house in a safe boring neighborhood, and gave me and my siblings everything that we wanted plus private school + university.

Last year I ended up volunteering in (for lack of a better word) the ghetto where tons of people from their country settled. My clients picked on me for being "rich". Seriously? Sorry my family works instead of leeching off the state like you guys.

I was honestly shocked that they considered it a viable, sustainable way of living. I'm not talking about people who are disabled and receive SSDI/SSI for a genuine illness. these were perfectly able-bodied asshats who thought they were entitled to transfer payments.

No. 71287

And yet I'm sure you still support open doors policy. So we know where your loyalties lie.

No. 71290

Are you…trolling?

I didn't say I was "open doors". And there is too much nuance to that clusterfuck of a national problem to even discuss here.

No. 71292


It doesn't seem to be "nuanced" to me. Either you keep your borders closed to mass immigration and only allow for high skilled immigration which, even then, is governed strictly by work visas and strict deportation laws.

Or you support what you seem to support (shallow appeal to the status quo by pretending it's too complex to actually change things and shut the borders to the scum you are describing).

No. 71295

you seem to be assuming a whole lot about my policy preferences based on one post.

I am in favor of significantly cutting back on social programs while leaning toward immigration policies that encourage more skilled immigration - but not "open door"
in the way that you seem to describe. Did you assume I was a leftist PoC activist or something?

No. 71297

To add: the leeches I worked with were all legal immigrants.

No. 71300

>more skilled immigration

Assuming you are from the EU, there are all sorts of visa programs for genuinely talented engineers already in place.

Sounds to me like you just don't like the idea of less of your own kind coming into whomever's country you're squatting in presently.

Majority of net inflows to European countries are unskilled, and no, a BA is not a "skilled worker".

No. 71301

I'm not from the EU…

No. 71302

Oh well, all western countries are comparably permissive wrt immigration and naturalization when compared to non-western countries anyway, so the point still stands.

No. 71303

Nice backtracking. Were you especially bitter about the Arabs today?

No. 71305

>assuming anon is a Muslim migrant to the EU because they mentioned parents being "refugees"

Look back farther in history and outside of your continent dude.

No. 71307


That's not backtracking, that's a fact. Look at the current debate taking place in America, where the general consensus among virtually all of the Presidential candidates is that 25 million or so illegal immigrants should be given some sort of route to citizenship because, you know, fuck laws and shit.

In China that would never happen. In Japan that would never happen. In Korea that would never happen. In the Gulf States that would never happen. In SEA that would never happen. Nowhere outside of the west does naturalization just automatically happen to any fuck who happens to turn up on your shores after a few years, regardless of circumstance.

I very much doubt whatever country they arrived in ultimately was the first safe country their parents crossed en route.

And yes, I'm bitter about my government's ineptitude to deal with millions of people just casually crossing our borders because they invited them here in the first place. I'm annoyed no liberal ever takes responsibility for the myriad rapes and other violent crimes (including murder) committed by them.

No. 71314

>doubt whatever country they arrived in ultimately was the first safe country their parents crossed en route

I'm not an immigrant myself, and you would be surprised on the other counts.

If you wanted to rant about immigration policy, you should have ranted about immigrant policy rather than projecting all sorts of things onto a random anon comment.

No. 71321

File: 1455664378929.png (279.28 KB, 1452x669, 1452365726557.png)

>and you would be surprised on the other counts.

What would I be surprised about? Look at the present "crisis", where only 25% of the nominal "refugees" are Syrian (probably closed to 15%)?

>rather than projecting all sorts of things onto a random anon comment.

Everything I say can be backed up by substantiated fact. Western countries, in general, have vastly more permissive immigration and naturalization laws than non-western countries.

That is fact.

No. 71329

Still not an Arab and the family has been in this country for 40 years, ya numbnuts. I don't care what your policy preferences are - and yes, they are perfectly reasonable. You latched onto the idea that I was a Syrian migrant who wanted others to start squatting en masse in the EU and started sperging.

No. 71362

I fucked my best friend's boyfriend a few years ago. She didn't find out but we drifted apart anyway. I am a piece of shit.

No. 71373

If it makes you feel better, I think feeling awful about it/being self-aware alleviates the situation.

No. 71433

Feeling bad about having done something awful does not make it okay. I can't believe I even have to say this.

No. 71438

I never said it made everything okay or acceptable. But in a cosmic sense it's better to regret and repent than not care at all, yes? I don't know if there's anything that anon can even do to make it up at this point.

No. 71451

Selection bias is real and all but goddamn I can see why robots think women are vapid whores–not that guys don't do this sort of shit all the time lol.

No. 71468

It comes from the sort of women who are likely to browse imageboards and be into cosplay and lolita.

No. 71469

Cosplayers and lolitas are whores, got it.

No. 71470

Well not all of them are whores but I've been noticing more and more girls going into the adult entertainment business are less Stacy and more Femanon these days, into video games and anime and all that.

Lolita is cray cray by design.

No. 71472

It is a kinda crazy view to have, logically speaking. I can feel that way sometimes though, and it's nice to know that some people can empathize. You could see it as the flip side of the crazy man-hating radfem lesbians. I want to be happy and don't want to go around hurting people though, it seems like a shitty mode of being.

No. 71476

File: 1455698100116.jpg (68.19 KB, 500x396, 1427564570780.jpg)

It was really rough finding this board because I was involved in some pretty fucking terrible drama with a moderate lolcow. When I was a minor (14) I met one of this lolcow's friends (18-19 at the time I can't remember) in a Skype group, and eventually they solicited nude photos of me. They said a lot of really fucked up things about me and people in my friend group, and eventually threatened to find me and kill me if I told anyone. They assured me multiple times that it wasn't a big deal before disappearing from my life entirely. I only learned that they were friends with the lolcow later, which sort of wasn't that important to me at the time.

Anyway, eventually I told the lolcow and there was some sort of confrontation between the two. I didn't get got luckily and LC invited me to be "friends" with all of them minus the creep. It grossed me out a lot that given what I believed to be the severity of the situation they were completely fine with it. I eventually deleted all of my social media for unrelated reasons and then a year after that told the creep's girlfriend he'd gotten and she was pissed. All of her friends probably just brushed it off and said I was full of shit.

I have pretty severe C-PTSD and developed borderline personality disorder so needless to say it's taken a decent toll on my life. I think about it pretty much daily and feel endless shame, like that gif of the guy at his computer where he cringes and goes "oh shit" and then waits a second and goes "I'm fine." Medication, therapy and what have you has made it slightly less bad, but on top of all of the problems I had to start with I can't keep jobs and pass classes. I'm in an infinitely better living situation but it sucks knowing that I am unhappy because I am struggling with issues outside of my control.

I can't give out too much information because that person and all of their friends know who I am, probably down to the name and maybe my phone number/how to find me. I wanna talk about it so bad and expose all of them for how nasty they are to accept someone like that but I don't want to get doxxed. I myself am pretty derpy albeit not in the spotlight so naturally I would like it to stay that way.

I don't know how big this forum is and whether or not it's a good idea to say it here, but here I am. :y I hope post deletion works if this causes issues for me irl.

No. 71478

I think the vast majority of women on here have probably given out nudes at some point.

It's sad. But understandable. Young women who end up on 4chan have abysmally low self esteem and are extremely gullible and desperate for the attention of older men.

I totally feel for you farmer, but stuff like this makes me worry a lot about having a daughter one day.

No. 71481

File: 1455698829618.jpg (23.83 KB, 276x268, 1429258861785.jpg)

Yeah. I didn't really intend to post any more about it but it creeps me out that an 18 year old had an active enough sexual interest in a 14 year old to perpetuate that kind of arrangement. Once in a blue moon I'll see an attractive 17 year old, and then they open their mouth and I'm just disgusted. Even college freshmen are too much.

What really sucks is knowing that the kind of people who are loud-mouth, pro-young-women, bra-burning, down with cis-het-men feminists are so quick to turn the other way if it happens to one of their own.

No. 71483

I've never gotten involved with a really young girl, but I've had the opportunity. I just know for a fact the damage that having sex with much older men at a younger age does to some girls because I've dated some of them later on in life, I've seen them break down and start crying about how they feel worthless and shitty and slutty.

It's so sad. I just hope you can understand why some guys worry now, not from a point of view of wanting all women to be eternally chaste hijab wearers but because younger women really do need an older male authority figure in the form of their dad.

No. 71509

IMO it's not really something that someone should be commended for, but thanks for not doing that.

No. 71510

I did with a legal but young girl who claimed she was older than she was. I probably ended up more damaged than she did by our interactions.

No. 71511

I went to type up a snarky "I'm pretty sure you didn't" post but now I'm curious. If it's not too invasive to ask, how has it damaged you? Like no sarcasm, just genuinely want to know.

No. 71516

Thank you.

I'm scared whenever anyone exhibits remotely similar behavior of talking about suicide (even though what she did was basically threaten it) or otherwise trying to emotionally pressure me. It's good in the sense that I actually can spot people like her (even though I tend to be attracted to them despite it being bad for me) and possibly avoid them. I'm scared that most women are like she was, and if I even think/imagine that I see parts of her in others I will become absolutely calloused to them. I don't know how to fully articulate it. But yeah, I started using drugs and wishing I was gay after her because things felt hopeless. I was not prepared.

But yeah the person who started this post chain sounds nothing like that please don't feel like I'm comparing you to this girl!

No. 71520

I'm surprised you think that. But yeah it takes a lot of self control. Not going to lie and claim I've never found underage girls attractive.

No. 71525

Surprised? Seriously? Oh wow, you made the decision to exercise basic respect for young people and were able to wrangle in your dick at the same time. You took on your moral and legal responsibility to not commit statutory rape and potentially fuck up the lives of other human beings––human beings, mind you, who don't have the mental and emotional capacity to process what they're getting themselves into.

Good on you. That must've been hard and heartbreaking. Truly outstanding. I cannot imagine having to shoulder the same burden as you have. All in a day's work though, huh?

No. 71527

you can't delete after the post has been up for 4 hours, sorry.

No. 71529

But I've still slept with and perhaps taken advantage of if you want to view it through that lens, women who had that done to them and worse. They were well above legal age but what they experienced in youth led to their seeking of negative attention in adulthood. That and all of my fantasies are sadistic and a few abusive.

Incidentally it was those experiences that helped me empathise with women fully. Problem with that empathy is that you start to see women as weak and helpless and in need of constant protection.

No. 71532

I liked you a lot more when you were talking about not taking advantage of women. I think you should have stopped there instead of subjecting me to all of these edges.

No. 71534

It would be dishonest just to play up the times I have exercised self control.

No. 71596

Frankly, anon, he probably gets his rocks off arguing with random women over the Internet about this topic.

Just ignore him. The more people berate him, the more justified he feels taking advantage of girls who are not fully mentally there.

No. 71598

I grew in an a remarkably dysfunctional household, and yet it never fully hit me until recently. We were able to mask most of it due to being solidly middle class and not actually physically harming each other, but it seriously screwed me up.

To this day I have severe avoidant tendencies (parents screaming at me for random reasons) and anger/frustration management issues (also due to parents screaming at me for random reasons). This has impeded my ability to make friends and thrive at school/work. And I have no clue how to fix it.

No. 71603

>the more justified he feels taking advantage of girls who are not fully mentally there.

This is just embarrassing. Not fully mentally there? Because I dated girls, all of whom were above the age of 20, who had abuse issues in their past despite only finding out about this maybe 3-6 months into the relationships?

No. 71604

Out of interest, what about femdom? Femdom literally feeds and encouraged the deeply embedded low self-esteem of a lot of men on places like 4chan, yet I doubt you have any problem with that.

No. 71606

Semi related but I vaguely recall a tripfag from /cgl/ into that shit who actually raped a guy.

No. 71607

I have huge problems with it. :|

No. 71655

>Femdom literally feeds and encouraged the deeply embedded low self-esteem of a lot of men on places like 4chan

speak for yourself fam

No. 71659

I was following the story of a killer on the loose for the last few days. Something about checking for new articles several times a day made me happy, like having something new to look forward to. And every new article with even a tiny bit of info was fun to read, sorta like following a murder investigation in real-time.

Well, the guy got caught now and I'm a little sad about it. Life got boring again. I know, I'm a shitty person.

No. 71673

Fucking same. I withdraw from people at school/work because I don't want to lose my shit at them, but it hurts to see them walk on eggshells around me. I want off of this
cycle, but I have no idea what norMal human interaction is.

No. 71674

You're basically the reason why they make those stories and in that fashion.

No. 71677

File: 1455742226872.jpg (9.41 KB, 246x205, 1455741036126.jpg)

what is this thread and why are all the confessions so weak, pathetic, and tumblr-esque? I've seen edgier shit come out of a poorly-drawn scenewolf's asshole. Seriously? Anorexia complaints? How about you donate that food to a third-world country, you spoiled lardass.

well let's go down the list of what I've done…


shot a police officer in the leg, i think it was specifically the knee, when i glanced back. and the leg was like, barely holding onto her from the impact.

snorted (almost an OD) of cocaine on a multitude of times, my buddy had to literally shove an IV into my elbow because i was losing so much water and i couldn't go to an actual hospital, y'know.

raped a 12-year-old chick when I was 19 and they still haven't pressed charges, I'm 30 now, so case is probably cold and stiff as fuck.

member of a cartel on the FBI's most-wanted list. (not the leader, though, but i'm well-on-my-way)

No. 71678

File: 1455742426089.jpg (74.87 KB, 900x675, tumblr_inline_o2m4n43Mwc1rupec…)

I think nearly all my interactions/attempts to befriend people have a cycle
>start off okay, making jokes and talking for a while
>then I stop interacting with them because of my own self doubts/depression
>don't really speak to them that often again
Because of this I only really have 2 legitemate friends, and even then they're just my collegues
And this is making my attempts to make a move on my crush even worse

No. 71679

>m-my issues and bagagge are better than yours!
what did you honestly expect, this is a site populated mostly by women
also nice bait

No. 71680

File: 1455742661064.png (223.73 KB, 372x325, now-thats-what-i-call-edgy.png)

No. 71681

File: 1455742828029.gif (1001.92 KB, 296x248, tumblr_inline_n8vm8dmpGt1rse7o…)

Wait… Mostly women? Yeahhh, I'm out…

No. 71682

File: 1455742936567.jpg (4.53 KB, 200x200, eae5e8f9e5fb41239f8e0b3921fd22…)

>tumblr filename
of course

No. 71689


>being insecure over a 7 incher

Try having a 13 cm noodle then you can talk

No. 71690

I have the same problem.
I'm also horrible at making small talk and keeping in touch with people.

No. 71696

Ye, I know. I don't feel weird about enjoying reading the articles, I think a lot of people did, but I do feel a bit weird that I'm not happy he got caught or something. I wish he managed to escape or something

No. 71781

Are you fucking literal Amazons? 7" is enough to nearly puncture a cervix in average women. Seems like you should worry more about girth.

No. 71793

>size doesn't matter anon


>holy fuck I love your big dick

That's what made me insecure

No. 71794

you shouldn't be insecure about your personal sausage if they ended up calling it big…

No. 71795

Seeing a white girl with an asian guy actually triggers the fuck out of me these days. It's worse than seeing her with a black guy. I've really began to hate and despise white weeb girls who love asian men on a visceral level.

They're so fucking loathsome. At least applemilk grew up. These cunts are locked in perpetual arrested development.

No. 71797

Gtfo other people's threads and start your own if you really hate amwf so much, robot

No. 71798

This is a secret thread

No. 71800

You don't seem to make it a huge secret.

No. 71801

File: 1455778980865.jpg (674.14 KB, 2400x3045, rvVRb9e.jpg)

No. 71802

File: 1455779060358.jpg (51.24 KB, 400x600, W8swKO4.jpg)

No. 71803

File: 1455779117322.jpg (53.77 KB, 458x456, bpVA2fp.jpg)

No. 71805

File: 1455779176461.jpg (35.19 KB, 640x360, rmAjDPH.jpg)

No. 71807

Not the thread for picspamming

No. 71808

wtc everything she is wearing tbh

No. 71809

File: 1455779403318.jpg (95.25 KB, 500x277, tmp_6009-table4racistwomen-139…)

No. 71811

Not the place for derailing every thread with how much you hate white woman who date Asian men…

No. 71812

This chart is literally illegible but nice try. Also please stop this edgy shitposting.

No. 71813

For those who can't understand, this is a dating survey that controls for attractiveness. Asian men are at the bottom for every female cohort.

No. 71814

They're trying to trigger/troll anon, not say that whites love Asians. Not this shit again.

No. 71815

Shouldn't that make you happy instead of raging on the Internet?

No. 71821

No white women should date them. Asianmasculinity should he provided with as little ammunition as possible. Regardless of what confucius and ho chi ming say.

No. 71829

This is exclusive in America/Western countries bruh. It's common sense in psychology that the most attractive race is determined by what the majority is in a country lmao.

No. 71839

File: 1455783513868.jpg (14.14 KB, 300x200, white-man-Asian-woman-300x200.…)

So I don't understand the logic where WM+BBC makes you happy yet the once in a blue moon AMWF pisses you off. It's nowhere near as common as the ever so popular WMAF relationship.

>Does it have something to do with a weak pathetic loser beta guy being able score where you failed?

No. 71846

Southeast Asia disagrees.

Especially the Philippines lol.

No. 71847

>So I don't understand the logic where WM+BBC makes you happy

It doesn't.

>yet the once in a blue moon AMWF pisses you off.

They both piss me off. It's just that I don't encounter black male spammers and shitposters nearly as often as I encounter Asian American male ones.

That and the fact it doesn't make black men nearly as mad when white men date and fuck their own women as it makes Asian men, who are among the most hypocritical on this subject.

No. 71848

I can remember how shocked my Chinese ex was when I told her there were a small number of white women who liked Asian men. She seriously didn't understand why. Always makes me laugh.

No. 71849

If anon is so butthurt by white women dating Asian men, wouldn't hard data that Asian men are "bottom of the totem pole" (or whatever he said) satisfy him instead of apparently forcing him to spam the chart on a random imageboard?

No. 71850

White guys get butthurt because they know everyone else wants their women and no matter how many Asian girls or whatever that they fuck, virtually all white guys want a white girl to marry eventually. Everything else is settling for second best.

I can't speak for others but the rudeness that Asian families treat white women with is a bit annoying too. There's always the expectation she integrate to his culture and not vice versa. It's just a lack of respect towards all of us.

Finally, non white men are the most likely group, anecdotally, to engage in "love the women, hate the men" attitudes anecdotally.

t. European

No. 71851

Ikr. What's the endgame with this shit? What does he wantnus to say so he will stop bringing it up?
>our women
>their women
I think you guys have some issues that you need to sort out

No. 71852

Why do you care so much about the hypothetical sexual relationships of strangers?

Let's pretend I entered crazy town, and everything you're bitching about is true. So what? What's the big issue that I'm missing?

No. 71853

>Why do you care so much
It's lolcow. Everyone here cares about shit that has nothing to do with their lives and doesn't affect them at all in one way or another, you and myself included.

No. 71855

>I think you guys have some issues that you need to sort out

It's accurate. No group of men is happy about a foreign group taking and fucking their girls. Hell it has spawned an entire discourse in "asian American studies". They call it the interracial dating disparity.

That being said I don't object to the term our women and their women. Not only could western culture not exist without white people, but white women could not exist without white men. I mean that quite literally. Groups and their cultures are dependant upon endogamy to survive.

No. 71856

Do you feel that white women have some sort of allegiance to white men that they aren't living up to?

Why does all of this make you so angry? Just say you hate "race mixing" instead of dancing around it, and acting like you're trying to prevent the downfall of civilization.

You sound so overdramatic
>sometimes white women date…Asian men!!!!
Well call the fucking authorities! I am just clutching my pearls in fear of this debauchery!

No. 71857

What if I told you that these white women aren't dating non-white men to piss you off, or promote any agenda?

What if they don't consider themselves "your women"?

What if they never thought about you at all?

No. 71858

Lolcows are interesting and funny. Laughing at them doesn't mean that I believe in any bizarro conspiracies.

Unlike this guy, who seems fixated on the dating history of white women, as a whole. He seems very invested in convincing us that…something is happening that we should be outraged about.

No. 71859

Typical lolcow strawman crap, sigh.

I never said I didn't dislike race mixing as a rule. I do.

I merely pointed out that the existence of white people is contingent upon endogamy. Or do you think you and your oppa are going to make white children together?

No. 71860

Why do you assume that I even want children?

Why should you care what my hypothetical children look like?

No. 71862

I didn't assume. You missed the point and you're getting increasingly pissy because you're a white woman who prefers Asian men and thus this thread cuts deep.

No. 71866

I thought my tone was very pleasant. I honestly have no dating preferences that center around race.

Do mixed-race babies upset you?

No. 71867


Butbwhy do you care what my hypothetical children look like?

No. 71868

I don't. I'm pointing out the fact white women literally cannot exist without white men.

For the most part I'd rather white women with mixed race kids stay in Japan or Korea. If Japanese and Korean men are so wonderful then it seems logical to live in a society created by them.

No. 71869

>white women can't exist without white men

No one said otherwise. I mean it makes sense that since I'm white, my parents are white.

No. 71870

So you think families with mixed race Asian children should relocate to their phenotypic-matching country?

What if the parents were born in north america?

No. 71871

Then understand the concept of "our" in this context. We belong to the same group the continued existence of which hinges on endogamous fertility.

It doesn't mean "omg ur trying to own me fuck you dad!"

No. 71872

Robert Kim was also born in North America.

No. 71873

>I don:'t

Okay but this:
>Or do you think you and your oppa are going to make white children together?

Made it seem like you were somehow concerned about my hypothetical children's race.

No. 71874

I don't know who that is.

Or how it answers my question.

No. 71875

I believe they should relocate to the fathers country for the logic outlined and because mixed race kids identify with the father's race nine times out of ten anyway.

No. 71876

A dog born in a stable is not a horse.

An Asian born in America is not in any way less ethnocentric than any other Asian.

No. 71877

But what I'm saying is that I don't see how I could be "your woman" in that sense, if I don't subscribe to values where the race of my children is relevant.

I don't make my romantic decisions based on race. I don't believe anything you're saying, so when you go on about white women being "our women" I'm all "lol ya I'm not a part of this race war, so don't assume that I'd associate with you because we're both white"

No. 71878

And if the father was born in america?

No. 71879

Lol you're acting like north america and Asia are in different galaxies!

No. 71880

I'm sure people who were born and raised in america, regardless of race, are able to participate in that society just fine.

No. 71882

Well you can't control who people have children with, or where they live so you're going to have to make peace with this and move on.

No. 71883

Still applies.

Culturally they are.

>how I could be "your woman" in that sense, if I don't subscribe to values where the race of my children is relevant.

1) I never said you were my woman. You're some Asian's woman.

2) Race is relevant whether you think it is or not. Conceptually and biologically it exists apart from you.

The irony of a bunch of self professed "don't see race" Liberal white girls fetishising men from some of the most ethnocentric societies on earth is palpable incidentally.

No. 71884

Yeah. Asian American espionage totally isn't a thing.

No. 71885

>don't fuck Asians…they could be spies.

No. 71886

>you're some Asian's woman

Why do you assume that?

No. 71887

I never said I don't see race. I just said it didn't factor in to what I look for in a relationship.

No. 71888


But you can't control who people have children with, or where they live. So you're going to have to make peace with that and move on.

No. 71892

The fact you're on lolcow compounded with your obvious taking of offense.

>if somebody is born in a country that means they are loyal to it

You may want to look into the various Asian American legal funds and who they've bankrolled.

"Fuck you dad" tier strawman.

No. 71895


But you can't control where people live or who they have children with. so you need to make peace with this and move on.

No. 71896

Lmao. Child. Go fuck your oppas two incher

No. 71898

File: 1455796287229.jpg (359.2 KB, 788x720, 1455431217918.jpg)

>tfw being a closet Tory/UKIP voter in the UK

No. 71899

If I did, there would be nothing you could do to change it. So you need to make peace with that and move on.

No. 71900

I'm content with watching the trainwrecks that are white women into Asian men play out on /pt/ tbh.

No. 71901

My boyfriend doesn't last long in bed, to the point where I never come, and sex is just boring for me. I don't mind having sex, so I do it for him, but it isn't enjoyable anymore.

I don't really know how to help him last longer, or how to bring it up without making him feel bad

No. 71905

You've got to get him into foreplay anon. It'll make sex less boring for you and if he can get you close, or even get you off, with that it won't matter if he finishes early.

No. 71916

There are some times where I just want to be left alone, so I would ignore any phone calls or social media messages outside my work time, either from family or close friends, and go into hiding without telling them why.

There is a reason for this though, whenever I explain that I just need some time to myself, they would look at me like I'm the crazy one and often goes with sayings like,"Why do you want to be left alone? You can't do anything by being alone you know, the more the merrier!" I know friends and fams, but personally I find being around people all the time really exhausting, I need to be alone to recharge myself. Personally I'm also tired of explaining it to them over and over again, because they just don't get it.

There were times when they worried sick about me though, like they legit thought I was kidnapped or murdered somewhere, and I sometime feel guilty about it, so I made up stories like,"My phone is having some error and I just get it fixed. Sorry loads of emojis"

No. 71937

Alone time is the best time. I just don't understand how some people can't possibly need time to unwind and relax from being around people. Maybe you can put an automatic reply on your phone that says you're taking some down time or me time and will be back shortly? Think of it as an out of office alert but from social life.

No. 71939

I basically did all of this ( especially when I was dealing with deep depression ) and when it was done to me by someone I truly cared about, I finally understood how shitty it feels. I knew it was wrong eventually, but I didn't really get it before then.
My reasons for lying about it was that they either wouldn't understand or I didn't want to hurt them and made them think it's about them, that they're doing something wrong. So since then I always tell people that I'm doing my alone time and whether they understand it and still stick around ( a lot didn't, I can't blame them for finding it weird for someone to disappear for days or weeks ) is up to them.

No. 71948

Doing it just because you 'don't mind' all the time, when you're not enjoying it, it's putting him before you.
If he needs to get off you can suggest he jerks off. If your want to get involved you can give him a time limit or allow him a nice view when he does it or if you want you can talk to him about what might improve xex for you but it's not right to put his desire for sex over yours. It's not your duty.

No. 72060

Facial hair is killing my sex life.

I am absolutely 1000% not attracted to guys with facial hair. I even put it in my Tinder bio. And yet I met this super cute guy with the most gorgeous shoulder length red-blonde wavy hair and the cutest smile and a great sense of humor, none of his 5+ pics show him with a mustache/beard combo, but then after chatting and doing a pic swap he looks nothing like that shit. He's got a dark orange mustache/goatee combo, and his hair is about 8 inches longer and is a dark orange unkempt curly mop. When I pointed out how he looked nothing like his Tinder pics he got all defensive and shit, "well idk what I tell you, they are real pics of me :(". He also wouldn't tell me how old they were, Iin fact he stopped talking to me. The last fuy I met on Tindee looked like his pics, no facial hair, was cute and funny and cool for a while, but then out of nowhere he decided to grow a godawful 70's porno 'stache (and he's a baby faced Asian guy, which made it worse) and refused to shave it even when I stopped having second with him. He tried to argue the point that his coworkers and his guy friends all thought it looked good, to which my only response was "okay, then why don't you get one of them to suck your dick? Because I'm not gonna do it."

And yes I know, Tinder is a shithole, but I just want to bone some cute guys not get married and have kids or any of that shit. Yes, I know it's a petty and superficial thing to bitch about, but I think I deserve to be physically attracted to a guy I intend to have sex with at the very least. But it's spreading like an STI and I can't get away from it, unless I wanna date guys younger than me which is a huuuuuuuge fuck no.

No. 72061

Sorry for all the typos, I kind of stopped giving a shit about them after having to retype all this shit for the 4th time on my phone. Thanks, lolcow. /sarcasm

No. 72062

Are you actually upset that people put up selfies on their Tinder profiles to make them look good?

No. 72063

No, I'm upset that people put old ass selfies they know they don't look like anymore and try to pass them off as current. Idk exactly how fast hair grows but for it to go from about shoulder length to below nipple length is too long for you to be pretending you still look like that. That would be like a fat girl using pics of herself from when she was skinny and had different colored hair and saying it doesn't matter because they're still her pics. It's bullshit.

No. 72066

You sound like a spoiled dumbass brat and it's not even about you disliking facial hair.

No. 72068

Sorry not everyone likes your hipster beard boy fetish, no need to let it offend you so much. It's just a fact, not every guy looks good with facial hair, and not every girl is attracted to it.

No. 72071

You just seem so obnoxious is all.
>no man, shave that shit off
>but my co-workers love it
>i no give u dik suk
>but bby
Toppest of the keks. I mean, do you share this shit with your friends irl? In the exact bratty way you posted it? Cause that's some comedy behind your back gold. It has nothing to do with what looks good on someone or what you're attracted to, just how you come across.
In any case, anon, I hope you find your clean shaven prince and thanks for the laughs.

No. 72074

No, that's not how I talk about shit IRL. That was me being frustrated plus supremely annoyed at having to retype my post 4 times because lolcow kept redirecting me to the home page. And is cute how hard you're trying to bait me because I have a preference you disagree with. Sorry, that shit is ugly and I'm not gonna have sex with a guy I find ugly, because unlike the hordes of desperate cunts with daddy issues I actually have standards. I'm not just gonna fuck a guy because he'll put his dick in me as some sort of validation, because I don't need it to feel good about myself.

No. 72096

I just overheard my father said that he didn't even want me born because he thought having my brother was enough. I…don't know how I feel about this. He has never been awful with me, but hearing him openly said about that…I…don't know…my feeling right now is like a mix of 'crushed' and 'don't give a fuck about that because action speaks louder than words'. But I seriously…don't know…maybe I need to stay away from my family for a while…just to clear my head…

No. 72098

Having kids is stressful and expensive.

No. 72102

From what I gather he just didn't want at the time. It worked out and I'm sure he loves you very much now. The past is the past

No. 72120

>using tinder

for what purpose?

No. 72130

Kek. I repeated twice what my point was. I'm not baiting you. I'm going to repeat it the third time. It has nothing to do with what your preferences are, it's how you go on about it. Only this time you've added a little
>I has standardz, I no need to suk dik of dem beards to feel validation
which is only adding to the funny.

Because IRL you can actually not be deceived by a pic and who needs all that jazz, amirite?

No. 72131

You may want to not tell any future LTR about this hooking up. It would put him off.

No. 72132

>It would put him off.
Pretty much although if the guy isnt lying to himself, he should be able tell that she is a dumb whore. And no, I wont tell you how we do it.

No. 72133

I think you linked to the wrong post. Did you mean her >>72060 hooking up/not telling it afterwards?

No. 72134

You're the tinder user right? I mean you.

No. 72135

No, no. I'm the one replying to her. It was basically a half sleepy sarcastic comment. To me it would make more sense to find people for hook-up's IRL if you're into that since it's such a huge problem when she gets disappointed over Tinder pics not being up to her expectations vs. the real person ( because of facial hair ).

No. 72138

Sorry anon. Tinder is fucking disgusting imo. It's just depressing.

No. 72140

I wholeheartedly agree. I've never used it myself. But since it seems to be her thing for hook up's, she's just making it weirdly harder on herself judging by what she posted.

No. 72567

File: 1456102310560.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 33.4 KB, 225x300, image.jpeg)

I want to sell my used panties to Japanese men online ever since I found out used panty vending machines were a thing in Japan.

I know there are websites to sell/auction them to everywhere from America/Canada to Europe, but I don't think they have a lot of Japanese buyers. I think JP buyers would pay more, since I buy "cute" underwear much more than sexy silky underwear or thongs (which are more popular to western buyers).

I think it will satiate my pervy kawaii kink nicely without having to be a full blown loli nymphet camslut, plus at $30-50 a pair and up to $250-350 for a 7 pair bundle I could buy more useless weeb shit and use my paychecks for adulting and stuff.

>yes I'm a slut idc uwu

No. 72570

File: 1456102623694.jpg (21.45 KB, 600x400, Heather-Dewey-Hagborg-self-por…)

See, I would totally do this, if it weren't for the fear that someone is going to run my DNA and build my face from it like that artist in NYC.

No. 72572

Wow thats weird. But what are the odds of that ever happening??

No. 72573


This reminds me of a post I saw a log ass time ago on /cgl/ where a girl said she was too scared to sell her used panties because she was afraid someone would plant them at a crime scene to frame her. I wonder how a person can function with that much paranoia.

No. 72577

You know you don't actually make that much from it, right?
Girls in Japan are already supplying in Japan, so it's not like they need to import. I've given you the benefit of the doubt that you now know panty vending machines aren't a thing but your business plan is really flawed.
If you sell in the Western world you make hardly any money unless you do 'extras' like photos of the pants worn, videos, running a photo blog etc. Just pants without any extras is like $15.

I have no problem with it, but I just don't feel like you know what you're talking about at all.

No. 72581

>You might be better off using reddit.



No. 72592

I fucking absolutely loathe the majority of asian girls i meet because they treat other girls like shit and are the most judgmental people i've ever fucking met. I fucking hate when people fetishize their own races, and I hate how some people cry racism when they openly hate other races and are greedy and fake as fuck.

I obviously don't think everyone is like that but going to an expensive school with foreign students that don't even bother to learn english and spend the entire class talking shit, and having a best friend stab me in the back who was from japan who told me straight up how those girls think/the shit they talked in class - I don't give a fuck.

Tumblr politics ruined me.

No. 72601

I've thought about doing this when I hit my almost underweight mark and sell them as "trap panties" to sick gay men all over the world. They'd probably ask for sick shit like skidmarks and exercise panties drenched in sweat, anon.

No. 72605

Are you Asian? I completely empathize with the hypocrisy of complaining about racism from some of them.

No. 72625

What do asian girls whisper about all the time?

No. 72632

What did the Japanese girl tell you?

No. 72672

File: 1456174829963.jpg (61.96 KB, 682x1024, badtoutch.jpg)

Not very interesting but I actually have one of those texture/sound hypersensitivity bullshit things. You know the type of shit "autistic" tumblrinas like to moan about and how it makes their life so hard that nobody thinks is real because the aforementioned make such a huge deal of it.

I can deal with it generally but for example, listening my bf currently opening up millions of cardboard boxes ( he ordered some stuff ) is killing me. I hate the both sound ( scrape cut cardboard against cardboarddnnnghh ) and feel of cardboard, makes my skin crawl like hell.

And I can't moan about it in peace because I feel stupid for it.

No. 72695

I had sex with my second cousin..

No. 72696

be warned, this contains twd spoilers:

fuck guys I forgot how to spoiler text, it's been a long day…

I don't like Richonne

No. 72698

I have sensory processing disorder too and it fucking sucks. Do you ever get sensory overload?

No. 72707

I laugh on the inside at almost all of my friends who tell me they are non-binary.
Not transgender, non-binary. Like, they want to be xir/bun/ey pronouns.
It's really hard to keep up this facade.

No. 72711

I haven't met someone whos non-binary in real life, or who subscribes to much of the tumblr bullshit aside from believing that there should be a gender non conforming bathroom as that third option for the people who feel uncomfortable around cis people and vice versa, and I'm from nyc so I'm surprised.

No. 72715

File: 1456185550531.png (27.54 KB, 502x179, theyythem.png)


I know one in real life.

She still dresses and acts like a woman too, kek.

No. 72719

I have no physical interest in sex. Have never masturbated.

Have had sex with 2 dudes before. Did absolutely nothing for me. Didn't hate it, didn't love it. I'd rather spend my time on more productive things. Even kissing and hand-holding and that kinda stuff is meh.

Well, then comes guy #3. And suddenly sex feels…..really good?! Like I could easily go without it and don't crave it, but I am enjoying it which is WEIRD AS HELL. It's crazy and I'm not sure what to make of it, and I don't wanna mention it to anyone because I doubt I'll find anyone who will be understanding about it

No. 72720

I don't think I'm that suicidal but I'm one of those people that can't imagine themselves living past a certain age (apparently it happens a lot with people who grow up in abusive households). The movie Kamikaze Girls has that one infamous scene with the girl saying she wants to die in a Baby dress and it made me want to put aside money for a funeral outfit.

No. 72726

I used to feel this way too. When I turned 19 i kept thinking I wouldn't make it to 30. It was at the most depressed period of my life. Since then a lot has improved and I have planned a lot for my life in my after I turn 30, so your current circumstances play a large role too.

More than anything I see it as not wanting to live past a certain age as opposed to not making it there for whatever reason (as I've commonly seen it been phrased)

No. 72748

The more physically attractive a guy is, the better sex will feel and the more likely you will be to orgasm. There are studies backing this up.

No. 72752

I've heard of people having success with using brain training programs for auditory processing. They do stuff like play a tone and you have to figure out if it's going up in pitch or down in pitch and it gets shorter and shorter. There's a bunch of other stuff, but basically the idea is to help your brain maps become better differentiated so that one sound doesn't trigger a bunch of areas in the brain, it just triggers the one that it's supposed to. I think a company called posit science has done some research on it. Might be worth a shot.

No. 72775

Same here. I've felt this way since my early teens and keep getting surprised I'm still alive, despite the fact I go out of my way to avoid things that put me in any sort of danger or any kind of risky situation so it's basically like living in an eternal state of ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 72807

Not very easily, thankfully because I know how to avoid Muh Triggers but very occasionally I have days when I "hear everything" and I pretty much just plug my ears and rest for a bit.

Hmm, I'll have to try this. I figured I'd get better with the other therapy ( DBT ) I'm doing but I'll definitely look into this, thank you!

No. 72829


Yep, Chad always wins.

No. 73406

me 2
I was so disappointed

No. 73432

really i don't think it's just cis people making them uncomfortable but rather that some people get unecessarily violent

for example, that video of the trans woman getting beaten in baltimore. idk

No. 73482

i'll confess something. when i was 12-ish, i broke my brother's anime dvd accidentally without him knowing and i remembered being so scared of him because he's sooo angry and saying something like,"I won't forgive anyone who broke it!" when he found out. my brother was 15-ish when this happened. i was planning on apologizing to him though, but seeing him angry like that, i decided not to tell him…he still don't know who broke the dvd, now he's reaching his 30s.

No. 73504

Well this is something I've never told anyone online and definitely not in real life

I slept over at a friend's house when I was 8 and he had an older brother in high school who was all his friends liked. We all thought he was the coolest guy.
Anyways at one sleepover with just my friend and his brother (parents were gone a lot including this night). My friend fell asleep and it was just me and his older brother playing videogames.

Anyways I was watching him play GTA he asked if I knew what a blowjob was, I didn't but said I did. He then went to talking about how there was really no difference between a girl or a guy giving you one. I still don't know what it was, but I didn't want to look like a kid despite being 8. Kid logic. He gets to talking about other stuff like that and I'm just nodding in agreement and before I knew it he had told me to close my eyes and I was stroking his dick. I hadn't hit puberty yet, so I didn't recognize what was in my hand was a dick or what even the purpose of it was aside from pissing. He just guided my hand and I was just limp the whole time doing what he said (still hadnt opened my eyes). I had zero clue what was even happening and didn't register it as sexual at all. He then laid down and said I should blow him, so I actually blew on his dick and he started laughing and I opened my eyes and realized there was a dick in front of my face. It still didn't register as sexual in any way to me though, I was more weirded out that his was so dark (I'm white and he and his family were black). Looking back he really wasn't packing much of anything either which might be why he went for a kid kek.

I was just going with what he told me and eventually had it in my mouth and I remember it just feeling like a hunk of flesh in my mouth. The whole time even at this point I was just completely neutral/braindead just doing what he said. Obviously an 8 year old kid isn't the best cock sucker, so I was just sucking in like a candy cane. Anyways I sucked so bad he eventually just stopped and jacked off for a few seconds under the covers and said for me to never mention this. Then we just went back to videogames for a bit and went to bed

I really don't view this as particularly scarring and I've about forgotten about it a few times. I just remember every few months or so, "Oh that happened"

I thought maybe it was a contributing factor in why I'm such garbage with women and have managed to have zero intimacy/friendship with any of them. I thought maybe that made me gay or something, so I got with a gay guy who I explained my situation to and he said he'd help me find out. Limp as a noodle the entire time and we just stopped and parted ways after about 10 minutes. So there goes that excuse

I don't think it's particularly damaged or scarred me considering it only pops up into my mind every few months. Not a big deal I don't think. I wouldn't dare tell anyone because I'd be labeled a faggot probably

No. 73508

Dude, I'm sorry to hear about this. Sometimes it helps to let stuff out anonymously.

I was molested at your age by my older brother. I didn't really understand what had happened until years later, but I was a lot more fucked up about it.

I know that you say you're not damaged or anything, but maybe you could talk to a counselor or something about it. You might have some weird underlying issues that you have repressed that are causing you some confusion in your life (that was definitely my case.)

I wish you the best, man. Shit happens. Don't be afraid to open up about it if you trust someone. If anyone judges you for something like that, then they're a fucking loser.

No. 75184

I'm choosing subjects for university at the moment, but my social anxiety is so bad that I'm completely avoiding subjects that have speeches/group presentations as assessments. I feel like I'm never going to be able to interact with people without seeming like a massive autist.

No. 75216

That's messed up. How old was he? Why didn't you tell anyone about this pedo piece of shit? You need to, to stop other girls getting molested.

No. 75280

I'm sorry to hear that. Like >>73508 said, a counselor could help even though you say it wasn't scarring. There were things in my life that I thought I was okay with but that actually messed me up. I never realised until I spoke to a professional.

Anybody who reacts as though there's something wrong with you is a fucked up individual. The older brother was at fault, not you.

No. 75289

I think anon is a guy, so it's not just about protecting little girls. Also he was a confused child that wasn't even sure what was happening.

No. 75517

I know how you feel
Once I figure out how to get over it I'll let you know kek
He was like 16 at the time
I stalked his facebook a while ago and seems to be doing alright with a gf and a job. Doubt he'd be doing that anymore. Probably just couldn't get a girl at the time
Thanks anon

No. 75519

File: 1456878588542.jpg (99.61 KB, 250x370, W6XZggG.jpg)

If it weren't for the Internet, I'd still be a hugless, kissless virgin at age 23.

And I'm a girl.


No. 75520

Story time

No. 75523

Not much of one. I got desperate and went to Craigslist (lol) and found a decent guy. Had a reasonably good time but really just wanted to lose my virginity. The point was that I was too much of a retard to get laid at a party or bar or by a real boyfriend like a normal person.

No. 75526

I am a female khv at 23, and don't care. No one is interesting enough/I like enough to have sex with.

No. 75528

There's nothing wrong with being a KHV if it's by choice. But I couldn't even get a guy to look my way :/

No. 75532

Unless youre very morbidly obese I really doubt this was the case

No. 75533

>decent guy

No. 75539

I think you'd be surprised. Not everyone lives in Buttfuck, Podunkia, where the majority of the population is overweight and inbred and possibly a convicted felon.

Unless you are saying that anyone on Craiglist - regardless of physical appearance or success or personality - is by definition a desperate sleazeball, in which case I might agree.

No. 75541

Regardless, I got zero dick during high school and a large part of college.

No. 75549

I dont mean to sound /r9k/ here, but if you're even ok looking and went to college and weren't getting dick that was entirely on you probably having too high of standards. Relationship is one thing, but getting dick could not be easier than as a woman in college

No. 75560

Did you read my other comments?

The point was that I was literally too retarded to get laid the normal way. The fact that I am female compounds the retardation factor about 10x.

No. 75731

Goddamn this is slutty as fuck.

No. 75736

Honestly this is no different from tinder or grinder. I think it's just more low key. Problem is because it is so low key, you're lucky if you get to walk away with all your organs. So OP is a confirmed retard cause god damn bitch, didn't you hear about the craigslist killer!?!?

No. 75738

Tinder is slutty as hell too.

No. 75740

who cares

No. 75745

Agree. Anon acting like they get their water supply from OP's pussy. Prudish fag.

No. 75746

You know why they call him the Craigslist Killer, right? Because there are a million killers out there who don't find victims on Craigslist.

By that logic, stay out of Boston, or else the Boston Strangler will get you. (Actually there has been a weird string of deaths of young men in Boston in the past several years…creepy stuff) Milwaukee too, because Jeff Dahmer will come back from the dead and cannibalize your ass. Forget Wichita, remember BTK?

Has anyone used Tinder to kill/rape yet? It will happen eventually.

No. 75747

How many men have you slept with?

No. 75751


Man I just read about those "smiley face" thing right now, creepy shit.

No. 75763

Polite sage for OT.
I don't put stock into the smiley face thing, but anyone who's curious about the Boston deaths: https://cryptidantiquarian.wordpress.com/2016/02/20/bostons-mysterious-vanishing-men/

The author is pretty woo-woo (idk if anyone is into that here) but this is a good article.

No. 75771

I get really turned on when I imagine all of my friends husbands/boyfriends secretly flirting on me, hitting on me, trying to fuck me. I know that makes me a shitty friend and I would never act on it, but damn just the thought of that makes me go wild lol

No. 75778

I kind of do the same thing but it doesn't turn me on. It's just a fantasy ego trip.

No. 75783

And this is how men are tempted to stray, don't push it.

No. 75808

I have the same fantasy as other anon, but it really just a fantasy. I would never actually cheat or have an affair, that's gross. What other anon said it's just an ego trip.

No. 75811

As a man who has struggled to stay truly faithful in the past, thanks. It's so hard to when women are rubbing sexuality in your face.

No. 75813

File: 1456946109086.jpg (65.28 KB, 400x300, rKGX9Nh.jpg)

No. 75820

Not him but what's the issue with what he said?

No. 75823

> It's so hard to when women are rubbing sexuality in your face.
He is retarded and blaming women for his own lack of self-control. No different than a fatty blaming everyone and everything for being fat instead of the fact that they are the ones who chose to shovel down three meals in one sitting.

It takes two to fuck and be unfaithful. If he struggles, then he will likely cheat again regardless if the woman is "rubbing sexuality in your face" or not.

No. 75825

"When women are rubbing sexuality in your face"

Sounds kind of like the opposite of a radfem thanking men who, for once, don't pull out their penises 24/7 to rape women

No. 75826

He probably defines "rubbing sexuality in his face" as "being female and not wearing a burka"

No. 75827

I just think what he means is that he appreciates women not flirting with him and making sexual advances. Not to say its solely the woman's fault if he has issues staying faithful, but it probably doesn't help him

No. 75828

I put myself in those situations, or at least I used to in the past, mostly meeting girls online who I knew would become flirtatious and "slutty" in time. It was an ego boost, I just wish women were more respectful of a guy being in a relationship or marriage.

No. 75831

I think people in general don't respect that someone is in a relationship. Guys flirt with girls in relationships and women do the same with men in relationships

No. 75833

I wish women loved marriage and kids like they used to.

No. 75835

Hey anon, what do you do for a living?

No. 75836

I wish men loved supporting their families as much as they used to.

No. 75838

>I put myself in those situations
But why, if you are in a relationship?

No. 75839

Something related to finance.

I think most men do.

No. 75840

I never actually cheated, but came close on a couple of occasions.

No. 75841

Finance guy, apparently so attractive that women are throwing themselves at you, and yet you hang out on a shitty imageboard? Nice life choices.

No. 75842

betcha this is the same guy who dates abuse victims and hates Asian dudes with white chicks.

No. 75843

That is not much better. You ask for women to value your relationship, yet purposely put yourself in situations where you struggle with faithfulness and were tempted to cheat. Maybe you don't value your relationship much.

No. 75844

Finance != Lots of money necessarily, if you're working in the origination department of an investment bank with a PhD in Mathematics, then yeah. But there's plenty of guys in mid-office on average, or rather above-average wages.

Plenty of front-office failures too who fold.

>women are throwing themselves at you

Literally only online. Most girls I've slept with I've met online.

No. 75846

>women throw themselves at him
>but only online

this explains a lot

No. 75847

>and hates Asian dudes with white chicks.

Does that even happen enough for people to "hate" it? I've honestly only ever seen it at anime cons and on imageboards.

No. 75848

confirmed for same guy

racial dating chart incoming

No. 75849

lol ok

No. 75850

You seem to have stronger opinions about this pairing than I do. Why?

No. 75851

Don't you remember that guy who kept derailing random threads about how much he hated AM/WF couples?

No. 75852

File: 1456949444893.jpg (221.81 KB, 919x900, 1430618140124.jpg)

But why do you have such strong opinions about it?

All I said was that it doesn't seem to be that common and that outside of very selective demographics, white girls don't seem to be attracted to asian guys and you sperged out at me.

No. 75853

I wish there were a way to block specific anons, because I'm tired of the same guy coming in to brag about his damaged goods kink.

No. 75855

I'm not the other anon.

No. 75856

No one brought up "damaged goods" ITT.

No. 75860

Someone's onto you. It's not that hard to pick out specific people here, esp if they claim to be male or have very specific topics they like to sperg on and on about.

No. 75863

Ok, but nobody brought up "damaged goods".

I do agree you can pick out specific people here though. There are a few old /cgl/ shitposters who are obvious, but who cares?

No. 75864


Who are the other ones?

No. 75867

Shhh. Don't give yourself away by admitting you date abuse victims.

No. 75868

- A few /r9k/ers.
- That Turkish guy who posts interesting photos.
- A few /pol/acks, including a couple of girls.
- Some old /cgl/ posters, including a couple of britfags (Spoony and some others), as well as Tim, the artist alley girl.
- Some PULL members who came over.

not the person you're replying to. That's all I can think of in terms of specific people.

No. 75870

This isn't really a secret but I haven't told anyone. I have a feeling a person I used to know online for many years ended up killing themselves, I've got good reason to believe they did despite not knowing their real name and it makes me wonder how many people on 4chan have ended up committing suicide over the years, it's probably quite a high number. Sad to think about really.

No. 75872

File: 1456951121475.jpg (4.12 MB, 2816x1880, dolmabahce.jpg)


>That Turkish guy who posts interesting photos.


No. 75877

Can we be penpals? Turkey is to me as Japan is to an otaku lol

No. 75878


Sure m8, I don't mind.

No. 75896

wow- that is beautiful!

No. 75899

Did anyone hear about that artist who traveled the Middle East to show that love exists and stereotypes don't? They found her dead in turkey by gang rape.

No. 75900

What does that matter?

No. 75901



I'm so fucking ashamed of stuff like this. I fucking hate this country most of the time.

No. 75902

There are lots of good Turks I've met over the years.

Just Islamism is the problem really.

No. 75905

Because thinking Tinder is bad news/slutty is normal, not prudish.

No. 75908

Normal. Ok, let's all subscribe to YOUR idea of normal. Did you know that in Japan it's normal not to talk on the phone on the train? So everyone else who does it is a barbarian. GTFO.

No. 75910

I just thought it was ironic af, didn't mean to make you feel bad.

No. 75911

Actually quiet carriages are common everywhere, so it's not particular to Japan.

I'm not a typical robot on that question, but Tinder represents everything wrong with modern dating.

No. 75912

File: 1456955312004.jpg (116.44 KB, 960x960, 12805900_10207957313626600_342…)


N'ah man, it's cool. Hopefully our people will leave their subhuman ways someday.


Everything will be good after this guy goes and we get another secular president.

No. 75913

It's amazing how things have been getting more Islamic in the Middle East right? Especially in a place where drinking a small glass of raki was no big deal to the vast majority of people.

Even in Egypt the idea of the vast majority of women wearing hijab in a place like Cairo 40 years ago was absurd. I guess it's partly demographic change too.

No. 75914


We had our problems but everyone was friendly as hell when I was a kid in 90's. Now people kill each other out of retarded reasons like alcohol. I really dislike what my country has become but I don't think this is the thread to discuss it.

No. 75931

i'm 17 and I've never really paid attention to boys sexually before recently and I think I'm just confused
But anyways my family has always been really physical with play wrestling and stuff but as me and my brother have gotten older its just naturally died down i think. But still sometimes i fall asleep on the couch and my dad carries me to bed and tucks me in and sometimes tickles me if I'm awake and will sometimes kiss me on the forehead. I hate myself for it but I've come to terms that i have been gettibg aroused lately because of it. I try not to indulge in the thought, but sometimes he just butts into my fantasies and I feel dirty and disgusting. Its not something i want to feel at all but i do and i dont think i have any control over it. Hes super nice and everything and i hope for a boyfriend thats pretty much a younger version of him. I hope these feelings go away(underage)

No. 75940

Not really but ok.
Well you're out of your containment thread and your in over your head. Your first problem with that is the fact that you don't realize that society adjusts itself and doesn't stay stuck In The 1950s. And from what I've heard, it's mostly looking for a fling, not serious dating.

No. 75942

>i'm 17
you have to be at least 18 to post on lolcow

No. 75949

No. 75953

'Not really but ok' what? Quiet cars on trains aren't common? They've existed on every system I've been on.

No. 75968

File: 1456966960825.jpg (519.72 KB, 4160x3120, RYO1xuT.jpg)

>I'm 17 and

No. 76008

I just got a new job working retail and today was my first actual day working.I have to biggest crush on this extroverted guy who is just started as well. I'm extremely shy and even though I can come out of my shell to ring up people on cashier or help customers I never know what to say around him. He's so nice and I feel like he's probably just friendly with everyone and I doubt I have a chance, but seeing him while I work definitely gave me a boost when I was feeling a bit stressed on the cashier

No. 76223

Okay, I have a confession. I'm confused with my sexuality, and this frustrates me because I'm an adult, I should have figure this out by now. My main concern is that I like guys romantically but I don't have an interest to pursue sexual relationships with them. Like..don't get me wrong, I've dated some guys that I genuinely love and they love me too, but somehow I just can't seem to get physical with them. Every time we do it, my heart was just not there and mostly that's the reason why my exes broke up with me. But it's different with girls. If they hit on me in a sexual way and I like it, I'd do the sexual relationship in a heartbeat. The strange thing is, while I'm down for sexual relationship with girls, I can't never seem to be romantically involved. Just pure physical. I've tried though, really tried to maintain a relationship with this nice and amazing girl, but…I don't know how to explain it with the right words. The feeling I felt when I'm with her was just somewhere along 'like', but never as 'loving' as when I'm with my guy exes. This was the reason why she broke up with me, she said that while the sex was good, the affection wasn't there. Very strange, right? I questioned myself everyday, "what's wrong with me? what does this mean? Am I a bi or a lesbian? Or I just haven't found the right person?" For now I just stay away from relationship things since I'm afraid I will hurt anyone if I decided to pursue one again. Also, I'm thinking about talking to a professional about this, but to be honest, I'm still in doubt, so I'd let it out here for now…

No. 76227

(inb4 gb2tumblr)
Your sexual and romantic orientations are mismatched. You're homosexual but heteroromantic.

It's rare since most people's sexual and romantic orientations point in the same direction. But when it happens, it sucks.

Sorry for no real advice but it might help to know that the issue is a real thing.

No. 76231

this sounds normal tbh. most people are down for a heterosexual romantic relationship to some degree (not necessarily sexual relationship) because you've been raised since birth to want/expect that. I know that can sound like bullshit, but every bi and gay person I've ever known has gone through exactly what you're describing. It's honestly very hard to overcome.

I don't ascribe to all that hetero/homo/sapio/whatever-romantic" etc crap orientations… you either want to fuck someone, or you don't. The end. Everything else is friendship. Sorry to anyone's 12 year old furself that can't handle reality.

I'd say still try getting therapy if you can, it might help just to hear yourself talk w/ someone. This is probably something you're going to have to just work out over time.

No. 76239

I'm in the same situation, anon, although I'm also sexually attracted to men (to a lesser degree than I am towards women.) I've just accepted that and began calling myself pansexual. Pan because I am sexually attracted to transgender and agender people. No discrimination here. You don't need a label, but call yourself whatever you want if it'll make you happier. You really just need to find the guy (or girl) that will accept you. I have a boyfriend who knows that I'm more attracted to females than I am to him and it's fine. Whatever. We even joke about it sometimes. He loves me, so a sexual relationship with me isn't a big deal. He's up for threesomes, though. (Throwing this in there, we've been together for 3 years and just had a baby.)

No. 76243

What the actual fuck is agender

No. 76246

Once again do I have to remind you that your experiences does not mean it's a universal rule? It's normal to have child brides in some countries, that's their experience. Do you find that normal too?

No. 76251

Be careful. Life is hard once you shit where you eat. I did it once and luckily dude was fired.

No. 76261

Some tumblr tier word she just made up to feel like more a special snowflake.

No. 76262

Do you have anxiety? It is common to get anxious during sex, like performance anxiety. Maybe that is why you are willing to get romantically involved with men but not sexually. Women probably don't scare you as much so you are willing to get involved sexually, but you may not feel strong enough about them for a romantic relationship.

That's just my view, though. Talking to a therapist would definitely benefit you a lot.

No. 76401

I'm going to assume you're both not retarded.
A=no gender=gender
There are people who don't identify as male or female. Yeah, the ones spreading selfies online are probably tumblrina fake bois, but there agender people do exist irl. Now, you are no longer ignorant, congratulations.

No. 76406

Smells unnervingly like a highly subtle troll.

No. 76422

Go back to Tumblr and take your retarded terminology with you.

No. 76424

Lol, no. Fine, agender people aren't real. I made it up. Trans people aren't real either.
All I was trying to say is that if I am attracted to someone, then I'm attracted. I don't care what they identify as. I don't care what race they are. As long as I find them visually appealing, I don't particularly care if they're male/female.

No. 76426


No. 76428

>Trans people aren't real either.

It depends what you mean by "trans" people. If you mean people who have serious sexual pathologies that need treatment as a disorder, then yes. I agree they exist.

No. 76435

Is this board completely anti-trans or is it just the same few loud people again and again?

No. 76436

So being non-mentally ill is now /pol/?

No. 76437

I can't speak for anyone else but there are a lot of girls here who don't like the idea of guys with dicks coming into places like women's changing rooms and women's shelters.

Understandably so too.

No. 76448

Probably just some manlets from /r9k/

No. 76452

File: 1457041059671.jpg (37.02 KB, 640x295, yJfCHtZ.jpg)

I try to help others. When someone needs something, I spring to action because that's what I'd want others to do for me. But I always feel so dumb, like I'm desperate for approval or something. It's hard to explain. I really do want to be a connector/help others, but I'm horribly inept and feel like a pathetic phony when I offer help. My worst fear is that I'm not just ineffective, I'm completely the opposite of helpful.

No. 76453

>There are people who don't identify as male or female.
It doesn't matter what they identify as, they either male or female. Its stated clearly on their birth certificate.

>Trans people aren't real either.
Its not that they're not real, its that they're mentally ill and are pretending to be something theyre not to avoid reality.

Sadly yes, its is politcally incorrect to point out someone is bat shit crazy. Did you know that homosexuality used to be defined as a mental illness in the DSM, and was only removed after they protested it for years.

/pol/ and i'm 6'4"

No. 76461

So…are you anti-gay too? I find it weird that people are anti-trans because it's unnatural but a-okay with gays, even though by that same logic, homosexuality is just as unnatural.

After all, it doesn't matter what you're attracted to, you have to consider your sex. So you're a man and attracted to men? Reproduction is male/female, sorry, clearly you are mentally ill and need conversion therapy.

If you actually are anti-gay AND anti-trans, then I applaud you for your consistency.

No. 76462

Holy shit. Are you my boyfriend? Srs question…

No. 76463

Buck Angel is more of a man than they'll ever be lol

No. 76464

I love you.

No. 76465

Here's what I think.

There's the transtrenders and tumblr faggots + whatever idiots on tumblr trash tv on MTV, like Nev's new show. This may also include lonely, questioning kids/teenagers who are going through things, like most others have and do, but who unfortunately met with the wrong people online and now they're a tree frog. May include a legitimate mental illness.

Then there's people like Chrischan and Laurelei and whatever idiots and/or abusers who "become women" because either they couldn't get women to like them as a man, so they're trying this out; they are abusive or perverts and want to get to vulnerable people or gratify themselves through getting special access to women; and/or they put women on a pedestal and think everything will be all hunky-dory if they are a woman. Guaranteed to include a legitimate mental illness.

Then there's people who are seriously, truly at odds with themselves and they way they feel, they way they see themselves. It could include intersex people who were raised a certain way basically on a gamble. It could include people who were abused and "took to" the opposite sex because of the abuse. Undeniably includes a legitimate mental illness.

I've read a lot of stories from people who detransistioned, including people who actually had surgeries, and I'm a lot less "live and let live" about this and more "they need to see people who will take them and their issues seriously, which does not include pushing for them to undergo surgeries/hormones because that is not therapy, 9/10."

No. 76468

Yes and no. Yes for obvious reasons, no because a lot of fags I meet take care of themselves a lot better than I do, so them being out of the dating pool is a plus for me in that respect. Bi-sexuals are the worst imho, they want to have their cake and eat it too.

No, unless you're that grill from lolcow i've been hitting on for the past few weeks.

James Yeager plz go, no one wants to hear you shill your side business.

ty anon

No. 76469

>homosexuality is just as unnatural.

Is it really though?

I'm right-wing and I don't agree with the normalization of homosexuality in the media, but I think there's a difference of kind between fucking another man or woman and destroying your own genitals and taking a potent mix of chemicals to make yourself grow fake breasts.

Just saying.

No. 76473

>homosexuality is just as unnatural.
And to address this. I dont consider it unnatural, if you've ever owned animals, especially if they non-neutered males, they'll fuck whatever is in front of them. My objection isnt that its unnatural, but that its abnormal and detrimental to society. The normalization of it in recent decades simply exacerbates the problem.

No. 76475

Similar to me. I think homosexuality has a genetic component to it like most human behavior, but I also think that like most human behavior it also has an environmental component and that there are people through exposure to pornography and with the more permissive climate fuck other men when they probably wouldn't have in the past.

No. 76478

Why do you care, though? What is the "normalization of homosexuality" ruining for you? How does it affect you, personally?

No. 76482

File: 1457042367852.jpg (103.67 KB, 800x533, gay-pride-parade-2013.jpg)

>How does it affect you, personally?
I previously said it benefits me personally here >>76468. My complaint was that it was detrimental to society.

>What is the "normalization of homosexuality" ruining for you?

pic related

No. 76483

Well we don't live in a vacuum, the weaker my nation gets, the less competitive it gets, the less fecund it is, the less strict it is against immigration and settlement - the worse off I am. Inter-generationally it also means my nation ceases to be my nation (and those of my descendants) and becomes the land of those who were allowed to enter and settle because of successively permissive governments.

All of these things I reference, in some small way, contribute towards the health of the nation. Healthy breeding patterns are a huge part of future success.

No. 76487

Kill yourself, homophobe.

No. 76488

Try harder next time faggot, i'm disappointed in your lack of bait.

No. 76490

Obviously, banging someone of the same sex doesn't have the lasting consequences that undergoing hormone therapy/genital surgery does. I find the logic (it's a mental illness! It's unnatural!) behind the pro-gay but anti-trans sentiment here inconsistent and temperamental.

It's kind of like how some Catholics (where I'm from, anyway) are suddenly all right with porn and gay people because the culture they're in condones it, and perhaps because they enjoy porn or have a gay friend. They haven't actually applied critical thinking to their change of heart, just went along with the tide.

And so that's the way I see a lot of these posters here, assuming they're genuine and not trolls. Okay with gay people at large because their society is okay with it. Not okay with trans people at large because the idea of transsexuals is weird and new and frightening.

Also, there are multiple issues here. Do people oppose the legitimacy of transsexualism, or are they opposed to losers like Chris-chan rubbing oestrogel over his man boobs? You have to be specific and explain your core assumptions. (Sadly, most people are not willing to explore their own thoughts and opinions all that deeply)

Sorry if I don't make sense. It's been a long week.

btw, I'd bet I'm more right wing than you.

No. 76493

>Same sex couples don't affect you.

Your problem is that you can't conceive of harm on any level beyond a totally linear one, in other words, one person coercing another person in a direct, obvious way that subverts their "consent".

You don't, or more properly can't conceive of the idea of the influence environment plays over people, and that the more permissive the environment in general, the more everything gradually declines.

I'm not pro gay.

>It's kind of like how some Catholics (where I'm from, anyway) are suddenly all right with porn and gay people because the culture they're in condones it

Porn is horrendously fucked up, porn creep by itself is fucked up and the fact nobody seems to be talking about the way it is warping an entire generation's conception of sexuality is scary. It's just another elephant in the room we all ignore for the same reasons mentioned above ("if everyone consented, that makes it moral!")

No. 76494

Since you're actually bothering to bring some bait this time.
> They will always be the minority and all they want are to be treated like human beings with the same rights as straight people.
Its great to hear you're on board. And yes I think they should have the same rights as straight people including being hospitalized for their mental illness.

not that anon but
> I find the logic (it's a mental illness! It's unnatural!) behind the pro-gay but anti-trans sentiment here inconsistent and temperamental.
We've already brought up how homosexuality is a mental illness and was only removed from the DSM after lots of protesting.

No. 76495

Are you a Brit?

No. 76497

Regardless of what type of Western European I am, the pattern of racial replacement through mass immigration is the same.

No. 76499

Yep, know who you are.

No. 76501

Personally I just don't see how it's helpful for the mental wellbeing of these people to accommodate these desires. You're being a party to hurting them, physically and mentally.

No. 76503

Is there some sort of context I'm missing behind these images you see at pride parades?

I really hope there are homosexuals who disapprove of it, because in front of kids it's too much.

No. 76504

Where is the /pol/ containment thread? Anon needs a space to rant about racial purity. And the degeneracy of porn. And maybe the fact that he has a fetish for women with daddy issues, too.

No. 76506


It's not a matter of being "pro" or "anti".

No. 76511


You'll grow out of it when you get your first boyfriend. I won't say it is common, but you've probably had limited exposure to guys in general and you sound like you're really close to him.

This reminds me of a similar case I remember of a girl whose father and older brother were extremely prohibitive about her being allowed to see guys while she was at school and even afterwards, so she ended up developing a crush on her older brother.

No. 76533

I met a guy in class the other week, we started texting casually and he seemed reasonably thoughtful and respectful.

Long story short I discovered the name of one of his accounts, poked into it more, and find out he thinks Asians are all scum overpopulating the country.

I'm Asian. At least he was polite to me? Frankly I'm not sure what to do next or what his motivation in talking to me is :|

No. 76536

Do you live in CA or something?

No. 76539

Maybe he's all talk but has a fetish, like I suspect many people on lolcow.

No. 76549

I once pushed my cat down the stairs when I was a kid.

No. 76553

Not even CA :|

So he's either trying to breed Asians out of existence or trying to perform an action that may actually produce more of the people who he thinks are overpopulating. depending on how you look at it.

Haha? :/

When I think about it, he did ask me some weirdo questions like "what do your sisters look like" and "don't you think western society is too sexual". Back then I gave him the benefit of the doubt but now that I know what he's about, wtf?!

I don't know what to do. It's weird to keep corresponding with someone who thinks I'm scum but who is basically still civil to my face.

No. 76557

Stop reading into it too much. I'm sure there's lots of BLM types who rant about whites who'd fall heed over heels in love with a blonde white girl if she showed interest.

No. 76565

Although having said that there seem to be a number of /pol/acks seem to have Asian girlfriends. They're more the type who have given up on the west and worship East Asia than people who hate Asians though.

No. 76604

I think there's a divide there. There's the "white race is dying" /pol/, which depending on just how much their words reflect their actions, will either date/marry only white chicks, or date absolutely anyone who looks their way, and then there's the MGTOW or TRP-esque /pol/ that wants Asian, Eurasian, or Eastern European women because, in their minds, they'll let Mr. Strong White Male control them like the "good 'ole days before all western women became sluts".

No. 76605

Can you post an example of something he said?
If he actually is saying shit like this then he probably falls into the same category as much of /r9k/ and /pol/ who would drop their meme beliefs about women and race at the drop of a hat if someone showed interest in them. I don't see many /pol/acks turning down a qt girl of another race if she showed interest in them

Honestly I'd talk to him about his posts tbh

No. 76627

Not sure which camp he falls into, because he apparently can't stand Asians in the US (based on what I found) but also seems to worship what he thinks are Asian "traditional" values (based on the things he has told me, ew)

I never wanted to date him. Even before realizing what he does on the Internet. So much for platonic conversation with a person of the opposite sex.

I feel weirded out revisiting what he's written but it's not too far off from what the nationalist right wing guy/troll from upthread said. But then he turns around and craps on "Western" culture when talking to me, so what's his deal? Trying to bait me?

I'll probably just make up a scenario where someone else does this to me and gauge his reaction.

No. 76725

Probably best to gauge his reaction
Based on what he's supposedly posted I wouldn't get your hopes up for friendship or anything else

What site is this account on? Is he posting this shit on reddit or something? Are you 100% sure it's him?

No. 76871

My friend I recently learned is well equipped down there. I really want to have a 3 some with two guys but the other guy has to be someone my boyfriend could possibly approve of. Now I can't stop thinking about me just randomly slamming him against a wall and having a hot make out session. God.

No. 76873

>wanting to fuck a guy solely based off of his rumored penis size
How old are you?
Not judging

No. 76884

23. And it's not a rumor since he showed me. I won't go into details.

No. 76889

>now I just need to find a way to justify cheating on my boyfriend to myself
>cucking him will certainly work

No. 76891

Why to trans people make real girls feel bad for being beautiful?

No. 76893

File: 1457061492573.jpg (244.73 KB, 400x600, EHui5cj.jpg)

No. 76894

It was on track several hours ago

No. 76896

Learn to quote, faggot

No. 76897

Do you realize what this thread is, you fucking chode?

No. 76898

I had no need to quote a picture

No. 76899

"Why do trans people make real girls feel ugly" isn't worded as a secret or confession, ya chode. Here, try again.

No. 76900

Is it really that big of a deal what they wrote? Shut the fuck up.

No. 76901

File: 1457062277561.jpeg (149.78 KB, 1024x632, image.jpeg)

It's not a secret or confession. Why so mad?

No. 76902

You seem like someone who would get cheated on, or thrown into a locker, or something.

No. 76903

I thought this was a secret thread or whatever relax man. Also my boyfriend is open to this? pls.

No. 76904

…you're the one that lashed out. Calm down.

No. 76907

File: 1457062657583.jpg (170.96 KB, 600x323, V9E7MS9.jpg)

You all need a better hobby.

Confession: I grew up with parents who hated each other (not from a divorcing culture) and always tried to pit me and my siblings against the other parent and use us to spy on each other. As a result, I'm pretty screwed up with major trust/intimacy issues, distancing behaviors, and general passive-aggressiveness and have no idea where to begin to fix myself

No. 76908

I can't tell if it's the same person being a retarded spaz all over the board, or if there's several freaking out over this past week in particular.

No. 76910

>you shouldn't judge peoples secrets
>my boyfriend is a cuck

No. 76911

Looks like anti-porn finance Brit guy is back. He shows up like clockwork whenever someone mentions this kind of thing.

No. 76912

This isn't /g/, the obligation to be civil is out the window afaik

No. 76913

no shit. which is why I was mocking the anon who is planning on whoring it up and cuck her boyfriend.

No. 76914

Not my fault you're undateable and your personality is doomed to be cheated on.

No. 76915

What is happening in this thread

No. 76916

and no, you must just get in a lot of fights because you accidentally put your tampon too far up your asshole.

No. 76917

Fee-fees are full of boo-boos

No. 76918

Someone is mad because someone (me) who doesn't speak english very well wrote a confession that apparently isn't one?

No. 76919

Yo I'm pretty sure that I was agreeing with you on some level but that's ok, we're all posting under the anon name

No. 76920

My english is terrible, I'm sorry.

No. 76921

It's fine, doesn't matter

No. 76924

To be honest, most of the native speakers here have terrible English. You're way ahead.

No. 76928

>he showed me
So have you already slept with him then?

No. 76930

Thank you anon, I just read some medical journal and apparently hetero-romantic is a real thing. I haven't found one that is close to my case though.

I have talked to several friends that are either gay/lesbian/bi about this and although they are heteroromantic at first, they realized their sexuality and romantic interest at the same time (time varies), hence that's why they identify as gay/lesbian/bi. I agree about fucking, but I don't know about 'everything else is friendship' though. Personally, I know what it feels to fall in love, so it's hard not having both of the romantic and sexual interest at the same time, for me.

Thank you for sharing your story anon, I really appreciate it. Oh and congratulations about your baby! :)

I don't have anxiety as far as I know, at least in sex. But your view is possible, maybe I should look into it more.

Thank you for your views and stories anons. I'm glad to know that my problem is real, it helps me a lot. I will try to talk to a professional about this.

No. 76936

It's great that you're open to all sorts of advice. I'm not sure why more people don't distinguish between romantic and sexual preferences, tbh. Feeling sexual desire for someone (or a group of people) doesn't necessarily mean you have the pair-bonding drive with that person (or group of people).

I know one guy who admits to liking the occasional gay hookup but has no feelings for men whatsoever; I know yet another who is also romantically hetero and fine with receiving BJs from guys but gags at the thought of actually kissing them because it's too intimate; and other romantically homo guy who really digs vaginas but would never date a woman.

I don't know for sure if this is the situation you're in, but it's something to think about.

No. 77142

File: 1457128199055.jpg (15.84 KB, 330x244, WsLNSc8.jpg)

I am terrible at speaking. I stutter, jumble up words, and mispronounce things all the time. This is due to the fact that I'm a retard who says like 50 words out loud a day (mostly to people I have no choice but to talk to, like cashiers at the store) - I don't get much practice.

So I pretend to be foreign and fake a generic accent. If I stumble or can't think of a word, I have an excuse for it and it doesn't sound as painful or embarrassing.

No. 77223

don't care enough about other posts to keep linking

you're either gay, straight, bi, or asexual. that's all there is.

you either want to fuck a certain group of ppl or you don't.

there aren't any other super special categories (eg "sapio-romantic," "'queer' but in straight relationship, "pan" etc.)
Those aren't real things that exist. They're only labels you apply to feel more special and important.
it's 100% normal to question your own sexuality and to experiment, but that doesn't create some new super-specific sexual orientation.

stop drinking the tunblr kool-aid.

No. 77351

I want to be special and unique though ;__;

No. 77371

I can't wait until my mom finishes the book she's on. She rarely reads books, this is kind of an exception, so I expect once she's done she's not gonna read anymore so I can have her e-reader…but she reads so slowly (literally a few pages a day I think), it's like she'll never finish it.

No. 80022

I wish I was single.

No. 80026

This tbh
Then while you're single you'll wish you were in a relationship
Just how it goes. We can never be fully satisfied. Grass always has to be greener somewhere else

No. 80038

Not really. I've never been one to stay in relationships, but somehow I've been in one for four years. Once the novelty wears off, I want to experience another person. My mom pretty much raised me to be socially inept as well as independent, so I don't really know how to be in a partnership.

No. 81632

>My mom pretty much raised me to be socially inept as well as independent, so I don't really know how to be in a partnership

Me too…

Sadly this applies not only to relationships but also to friendships/platonic companionship as well. Thanks mom & dad for teaching me that the world is full of molesters and scary people and never letting me hang out with friends, now I'm an introverted retard.

No. 81638

Fuck, that too! They did the exact same thing to me. My mom also convinced me that I don't need friends, as if they were not a necessity. As in adult she wonders why I came out to be so "defective."

No. 81668

>As in adult she wonders why I came out to be so "defective."

lol story of my life. I know that as an adult I need to take responsibility for myself, but seriously, I can trace all of my dysfunction back to my parents. I wonder if they realize this.

I find it nearly impossible to open up to people because every time I tried to ask my parents about anything even vaguely controversial (I was a naturally curious kid), they freaked out and assumed I was up to no good. Example:

>11 yo me: hey dad what happens when a teenager gets pregnant?

>dad: Y U ASK R U PREGNANT????
>11 yo me: okay face.jpg

So lol now I am repressed as hell and go to the Internet whenever I have problems instead of talking with a human.

No. 81711


This is very similar to me. Whenever I even suggested doing something like for example, riding my bike on a trail or walking in the forest preserve, my mom would tell me stories about how some lady in a a nearby down was attacked by some guy and yadda yadda and good thing she knew self defense because she would have probably died.
It came to the point where I just stopped wanted to do anything. I already didn't have any friends, literally zero, so I just stuck to the computer, tv, and video games.

About 4 years ago I wanted to sign up to this charity 70mil bike ride that I knew a few people were doing as well. In the span of like 3 minutes I managed to go from being really excited and about to sign up, to angry, frustrated, and crying in public because she kept saying things about how it's probably a bad idea and my bike isn't very good so it'll only cause me problems (ignoring the fact I already covered 300mil the previous month around my town) and how I probably couldn't do it without some sort of issue/threat to my life or comfort. Then once I started crying and ran out of the building to cool off, she was like, "Oh I'm not telling you you can't do it" but I was way too upset and thought screw it. I was an adult at this point so it wasn't like I was 15 and wanting to spend two days with a couple dozen strangers 50 miles away from home.

I got into a fight with her once two years ago(?) and brought up about how she would always try to talk me out of things because I might die or whatever. She finally FINALLY stopped. Then last year, my uncle was talking to me once and it came up that I spent some time in the city recently, and he asked if I had a knife or pepper spray or something, my mom said something like "She gets mad when I tell her to be careful". Fucking seriously?

No. 81714


Eventually my mom got so overbearing about how everytime I step outside on my own I'll probably get raped that I stopped going outside.

now she wonders why I have no friends.

No. 81722

I hear ya and get it completely. In my fight I remember saying something very close to: "You're trying to make me scared of everything and about everything, even if all I do is mention 'There's a bike trail over there' when we're in the car. So yeah, who knows WHY I don't go anywhere or leave the house."

This is actually pulling up a lot of feelings right now, I am so upset over all this still, I didn't even realize it. Maybe my life would have been different and better if I wasn't "convinced" to be a recluse during my formative years.

No. 81723

We need a support group.

>Maybe my life would have been different and better if I wasn't "convinced" to be a recluse during my formative years

I know for a fact that this is true for me :/

Also, I'm at the age where extended family are starting to bug me about boyfriends/fiancés. Maybe I'd be in a stable relationship by now if mom/dad didn't chimp out every single time a guy stood 2 feet from me during my teenage years.

No. 81745

Holy shit. Are we all like this? I was obsessing over how I was also raised to be a reclusive retard with no idea how the outside world works yesterday. It's frustrating because even if I do things outside of the house, I freak out because I was never allowed to do things outside with people until my friends could drive, go to sleepovers, or have people over for non-special occasions. On top of that, I'm an only child. People look down on me for being a social retard even though I'm trying, I really fucking am. It's supposed to be natural, but people like us never got a chance.

It's just so frustrating, they even did it to our dogs too. They locked up their prized purebred puppy in a kennel since birth. They were locked up for around seven years. If I brought it up or tried letting the dog out my dad would get pissed off so I gave up after a while. They were only allowed to get out of the kennel last year because the parents died. Now the dog is a nervous wreck and doesn't run around and explore or bark or normal dog things and my parents don't understand why. I've never told anyone outside the house about this because they'll just blame me for not doing anything, even though I can't even take care of myself correctly or be anything but a shitty NEET.

Are there any forced recluse success stories out there?

No. 81749

Yes, omg.

By the time I was able to (barely) break free, everyone was drinking and having sex and staying out late and going on trips without their folks. Since I never went to sleepovers or school dances as a kid, I had a lot to catch up with. I still am. It's a struggle.

Human interaction is largely a mystery to me, and so is surviving in the world. I have a meltdown every time I think about the sheer amount of responsibilities we have: go to school, find and keep a job, save money, find shelter, pay bills, make friends, find a partner, feed yourself, clothe yourself, navigate your city/town…I can't fucking deal.

I'm not completely friendless, but I am a socially retarded recluse with zero close friends who I can call on when I need help. I have no idea how to make friends IRL on my own - mostly I just get introduced by someone else, or make contacts online where communication is asynchronous and there's less pressure.

Your dog's story is sad, but it illustrates perfectly what happens to innately social beings when they grow up in isolation.

I wish we could all give each other hugs. At least we're not alone.

No. 81751

My parents dropped the ball on that shit too. I think they thought "keep it alive & don't let it get raped" was all that was necessary. I'm learning everything about being an adult and managing my day/time/work from my boyfriend. I hate having that parent-child relationship with him.

No. 81752

He sounds like a good guy. It's good that you have a non-family member to learn from. Every relationship or pseudo-relationship I've had with a guy has been screwed up due to me not functioning like a normal person my age. :/

No. 81823

I work retail and like most retail jobs your manager will force I mean "encourage" you to sell some sort of card.

For our store it's basically a credit card. Clearly not a lot of people want that so ones pitching/sales skills/conversational skills must be on point. I sell my cards no problem in fact I do better then those who have work here for years but because of that I have to pick up everyone else's slack.

I use pheromone spray to help sell me more cards, a friend online who also does retail suggested it. I know pheromones isn't a bunch of hocus pocus but finding one that was legit for a reasonable price was another. I bought one with high reviews on eBay and let me tell you my retail life has been WAY better. Customers overall are less demanding or troublesome in the fitting rooms and sales floor. I've been selling 4 times the normal amount id succusfull get in a day. Usually I can atleast get 2 everytime l work but recently its been 8-10 every shift.

I haven't told anybody my secert at work, not because I don't like them but because they probably would believe me anyway.

No. 81825


> wouldn't


No. 81829

Please tell me where to get the stuff you're using. I'm trying so hard to find a new job because my current one sucks so bad, te owners run it like shit and the customers take it out on us, and for some reason me especially. I even had a lady scoff at me and say "well, aren't you fucking special?" last month when one of my coworkers mentioned that it was my birthday (and not even to her, to another employee.) Completely unprovoked, like wtf lady? I'm just so sick of being treated like dogshit because how dare I work a job other people don't find super glamorous or interesting or unique. /rant

That stuff sounds like it could help with job interviews too.

No. 81844


Of course anon! I'd do anything to make someone who works retail/shitty jobs a bit easier.

I have 2 in total right now, the initial one I bought was PheX upon the first day of using it people over all where just super nice. I'd get compliments but I'd been in sweats with messy hair from leaving gym or random people will approach me just to talk.
So far this one had been the best for work. And everyday use.

I also have the channel one which is obviously more expensive but I prefer the smell more, I use it only on special events.

The pherx comes in a spray and oil, I have both but I started out with the spray. It's cheap on Amazon right now so try to cope one soon! If you don't like the smell you can just use a perfume/cologne/body spray over it.

I wear makeup and do my hair everyday for work, I also took debate and was in the business academy in school so I fell that factors in I why I'm doing so well but there's no way people are that nice too me just cuz of looking pretty and talking well.

No. 81868

Not anon you replied to - I'm very tempted but very skeptical. I wish there was someone who would agree to split the cost of a bottle with me for science's sake…

No. 81872

I left my phone on a shared table in my house not realizing that the screen still on to whatever I was looking at before. My dad called me from the hallway saying my screen was still on, and I was like "uh okay," and I didn't realize until I went back to my phone why he felt the need to point that out

I had just loaded lolcow and the banner of PT mouth-loving a corn dog was on display

On the bright side that gif is pretty much the same level of of lewdness of the porn ive caught him watching (lucky me) so we're totally even now. Thanks, lolcow!

No. 81875

Samefagging because I need to confess something else: I feel like I'm an unnecessary person. I feel like I've never been able to make a positive impact on someone's life, like at best I am ineffective and at worst I actively bring down everyone that I come into contact with. I simply can't fathom why anyone would like me outside of obligation or pity.

No. 81909

Omg, thank you so much! I'm absolutely gonna give them a try.

Yeah, $33 is kinda pricy for a bottle that size, but if it's anything like perfumes that aren't watered down it'll last a while since you onl use a drop or two at a time.

No. 81915


I don't blame I was a bit skeptical myself, but with the raise I received from the job and commission money I had money to fool around it. Finding a friend to split the cost it a great idea, and also you both can give updates on how it's effecting you both.

I suggest trying it out for errand shopping and bars before everyone is drunk. Dress casual with no makeup. That's what I did for a week testing it out before using it at work


Your so welcome! And yes you're not suppose to use a lot! It's like argan oil a little does a lot. Only a little, just open the bottle and tab a little on yourself! If you want to just spray it just do one. I wish you good luck on your job interviews!

No. 82479

I can't stand my friend's boyfriend and friend group. The only reason I stay on good terms with them is because they're my only source for drugs.

No. 82499

I feel the same way. It's like I was dropped into the world just to fill that year's birth quota.

People say I'm depressing, boring or cold when I try my hardest to be "normal". The me that I am just doesn't seem to fit in with anyone. It makes me feel like I should shut myself in to protect the world from my inherent awfulness.

No. 82596

I try to hide my alcoholism from my bf but since he's is out of town for work for two weeks I've been getting hammered every night at home. I haven't had so much fun in ages.

No. 82602

try switching to weed?

No. 82607

This is going to sound so tumblr but here it goes: I wish I could hurt him the way he hurt(s) me.

No. 82619

What do you mean, I mean I get it but a little context would be nice?

No. 82638

I wrote out a long answer to this and then my phone decided to reset the browser and I was so pissed off lol.

Anyway, I was in a complicated relationship with a guy under very peculiar and fucking weird circumstances, and because of that, I ended up sacrificing far more than he did and left myself extremely vulnerable. Long story short, he repressed the caring/romantic part of himself due to some past messed up relationship that he didn't bother telling me about until a year after we ended things - and as a result, treated me overall poorly. But I still love him (for whatever reason) and can't see myself having the same feelings for anyone else.

We're (ostensibly) still friends. He called me this weekend after basically ignoring me for months, and I freaked out so much I made up an excuse and told him I'd call back. I never did because I was so nervous and probably subconsciously hoping that he'd finally "get" how it feels to be ignored. But I did feel guilty and apologized via text, asked if he was free to talk tonight. He said no, some other time, and I just went berserk lol. :( So my attempt to hurt him just hurt me even more.

Sorry for the incomprehensible text vomit. I'm pathetic. Video related, this song describes me perfectly

No. 82640

you don't love him you're just stupid. calm down, move on and stop trying to make your life so dramatic.

No. 82643

tell me something new.

No. 82714

Nah, never been fond of it and my bf would be even more disapproving of drugs instead of alcohol. Not sure why since alcohol is pretty damn destructive. I'm having fun killing my liver. Cheers!

No. 82792

How is a non binary person meant to dress?

No. 82801

i, like many on this forum, have had mental issues since iwas little. I also went to gifted schools, full ride to uni, etc. but i stuffed that up due to my mental health issues.

I eventually turned to finding a sugardaddy and did that while smoking weed and not eating for like 2 years. I spent all day online and eventually met a guy, he came to my country and we moved to his, a couple years later and my mental health issues are mostly better, I'm working normal jobs, being a normal person etc. the only thing 'wrong' is he won't be In a relationship with me because I was a literal who're and i also lied about it for a while, which fair enough was terrible of me.

Problem is its SO BORING. Seriously everyday life is dull af. How do people do this?

I am starting to fantasize again about just up and going to another country and finding a sugar daddy and just doing my own thing again. I'm only getting older…

But I know my mental health would go down the drain. But this is so boring. I hate it either way.

No. 82802

I do this with alcohol, I will literally take swigs from a bottle I keep hidden somewhere while I'm doing chores or cooking. Sometime's i'll be blackout drunk and he will have no idea. Apparently it's hard to tell.

No. 82843

I love my family, but they are too overprotective. For the record, I'm an adult and I live with my parents because in my culture, it's the norm. I understand that they were doing this because they care, but somehow I wish I were born as a boy so my family don't have to worry about me every single time I go out. I say this because of my older brother (also lives with us). He goes out until midnight? It's okay with them, they don't even ask about where he goes. But me going out after work just a liiiittle bit past 6PM even though I keep them (including my older brother) updated about my whereabouts? My phone rings 50 times and text messages over 20. I've talked about this to them all, and I understand where they are coming from, but I just wish at least they can tone it down a little bit. I even take self-defense classes so that they would worry less about me, but no…they still do it. I kinda suspected something bad happened when I was little, that would explain their overprotective-ness, but I don't think I have any traumatic experience, as far as I remember.

No. 83024

Here is where I confess all of my sins and admit I'm going to hell forever.

I've been cheating on my boy friend for a while. I stopped loving him after I realized that he has pretty much half-assed this relationship. I wish I could leave him but he's so unstable and codependent at this point. He's threatened suicide everytime so I just try to keep him happy. I've been seeing someone else on the weekends. I don't want to sleep with this person, I just find them very cute. I don't consider us dating, we just go out to dinners and shit.

I have been lying to all of my friends. I lie to my mom about my job. I don't have the heart to tell her that I support her on money from whoring myself out. (sugar daddies) I will forever lie and pretend I'm normal and capable of love but I'm so sick of living in poverty. I work 2 jobs and go to school and deal with two boys not including the random men who pay to see me. I'm a fucking husk of a girl and I'm not even 20. I know that everything I'm doing is wrong but I just can't feel anything anymore. I'll accept all judgement. I know I'm well deserving. Greed has consumed me to the point where I almost feel unable to let go. I just want to see my mom happy and leave everything else behind. When I have enough money I'm moving us far away so we can both start everything over.

I can't change what I've done, but I think God is truly merciful if he can find himself forgiving me.

No. 83027

Dump your boyfriend. It's manipulative for him to pull the "oooh I'll kill myself" card. You can't stick with somebody just because they say shit like this. If he was truly suicidal, no offense, but I don't think your relationship would be enough to keep him hanging on, especially when you say he's half assing it. He knows exactly what he's doing when he threatens suicide and what he's doing is emotionally blackmailing you.

Plus, cheating on him is hardly going to cure his instability anyway so sticking around is doing him no favours. Tell his friends and family he's suicidal and your relationship is over so that they can look after him, get him some help and peace the fuck out of that relationship. It sounds harsh but staying in a relationship just because he's unstable isn't healthy for either of you and sometimes you've just gotta lay your cards on the table and let the chips fall where they may.

Knock together some resumes and hand them out to better paying jobs. Do as many as you can. Apply to jobs that you don't even think you have a shot at. What's the worst they can do apart from just saying no? It sucks that you're working two jobs and living in poverty and it's hard to get out of that, but it never hurts to try.

Tell your mum you're struggling. You don't have to tell her about the sugar daddies, but tell her that things are hard. Talk to her, stay close to her. You sound like you love her a lot and talking to someone that matters can make you feel more human.

No. 83028

I thank you for your advice, anon. I'll give a shot to the applications but I worry about breaking up with him. I've been trying to get him to see a therapist and make new friends so he has a net of communication to fall on if he gets lonely or needs someone to talk to. I realize that pushing this through is bad for the both of us, but I know that if he succeeded in suicide I'd hurt forever. But thank you so much for your advice. I'll give it a go.

No. 83038

I get weirdly desperate for attention online, particularly on imageboards. I've got a shitty habit of shoehorning interesting but completely irrelevant facts about myself into posts, in the hopes that somebody will ask about it. I love whenever somebody asks for a timestamed pic, and usually drop what I'm doing to deliver. I started a popular thread here a few months back and samefagged when it would slump for a bit.

I hate how fucking desperate I get for attention. Even right now I've got the half hope someone would recognize parts of what I'm saying and call me out.

Do I just need to grow up, or could there be something else at play?

No. 83056

Dat u Spoony? Go away

No. 83114

Anon are you still here? I'm another retail slave and seriously considering pheromones if there's even a slight chance it'll make this hell easier. Can you tell me which PherX spray you got? There's a bunch of different ones but they all seem to be made for attracting either men or women, is there something more universal? Like less for attracting someone and more just making everyone chill out. Or will the "Perfume for Women (Attract Men)" work?

No. 83148

I was in a relationship with a guy who abused me for 3 years. I'm in a super loving relationship right now, but I can't dissociate sexual pleasure from pain/humiliation. My boyfriend is super normal with a very mild interest in sex (we only have sex every few weeks), and I don't even know where to start discussing the things I want during sex. I would love him to pull my hair, tie me up and choke me, but I'm pretty certain that he would never be into it and outright refuse or do it just to please me.

No. 83152

Give him time to get used to it gradually, maybe start by suggesting he grab your hair, and eventually work up to more. Most guys end up getting into that sort of thing to some extent even if they are incredibly vanilla to begin with.

No. 83153

I think an issue you have to consider is that, depending on where you are in your relationship, you'll want to eventually explain to him why you like rough sex. Are you worried (maybe subconsciously) that he'll become concerned and refuse to participate?

I have a similar issue where even though I was never abused, I've had a history of being with guys who didn't really care about me, and as a result, the only type of sex that I was able to feel anything emotional from was rough sex. So it's always on my mind how I'm going to explain it if/when I'm with someone who has genuine love for me.

No. 83158

I have been thinking of doing that, but the problem is like >>83153 described I think. He knows I have been abused and I think he would have a genuine issue with doing "bad" things to me because of that and indeed refuse to do it forever. I'm also scared he will think I was with my ex boyfriend because of the abusive sex.

No. 83159

Also, anon I hope you will find someone who really cares about you someday. It has been really strange for me to finally date someone who really genuinely cares about me, but I feel really blessed.

No. 83164

Well, I think the best thing you could do is to explain to him thoroughly that he's not actually hurting you with rough sex, and that it is not equivalent to abuse. At the same time, I do think it is reasonable for him to be uncomfortable with acting out things that your abusive ex did to you. It depends on how important the sex is to you.

Thank you for your wishes, anon. Yeah…it will be weird to date someone who genuinely cares, but I hope I get there. I'm glad that you did.

No. 83223

File: 1458868560894.jpg (371.51 KB, 1200x1750, [DPG]NGE_Groundwork-1-103.jpg)

A couple years ago at a relative's jack and jill party I won a couple hundred dollars in a 50/50 raffle they had. The reason I won was because the person who was giving out the tickets didn't realize they gave me an extra, and that was the one picked in the drawing. I've never told anyone about this because I feel guilty about keeping the money.

No. 83224

What did you spend it on?

No. 83226

I used it towards some repairs my car needed, so it's not like it went to complete waste. It just made me feel awkward because I found out later that some families don't consider it appropriate/call it unfair for people in the wedding party to participate in the raffles.

But what's done is done.

No. 83227

OT, but do you know of any easy way to stream NGE? I was admiring the shinji sketch you posted.

No. 83228

File: 1458871366027.jpg (401.02 KB, 1200x1750, [DPG]NGE_Groundwork-1-056.jpg)

I don't know because I don't really watch anime streams and I have the platinum DVD set for NGE. One of my friends said waoanime is pretty good though, because it has some high definition videos. Maybe it's there?

The pics are from the Groundworks of Evangelion books.

No. 83229

thank you anon, will look into it. are the dvd sets worth it?

No. 83235

The platinum series is the best dvd-wise but it's been out of print for a while so the prices are pretty high. It'd probably be better to download a torrent of the show and wait for a new release, the series is so popular I can't imagine a company passing over re-licensing it.

No. 83236

Gotcha, thanks. Torrenting makes me paranoid nowadays but I'll find something.

No. 83247

I think it's reasonable of him too to be cautious about being rough with me, and Im also a bit conflicted about myself because I'm not sure if it's healthy sexuality. I just don't feel a lot during vanilla sex, it doesn't arouse me that much.

Anyways, thanks for the advice and responding anon! Much appreciated

No. 83265

this seems like a scam and that the effects are psychological. you know you have this magic pheromone spray, so you present yourself more confidently.

people are attracted to confidence.

No. 83329

Secrets, like something nobody knows? 'kay, I'm afraid of plants. Like, not really afraid, just disgusted. It's probably because when I was a baby my dad was careless when rocking me to sleep and did it near our ficus benjamin (an house plant with tentacle-like branches and leaves, tall and full) and my head always ended up wrapped in leaves. Weird story, I know. Also roots disgust me, when I was like 8 I picked up a flower from a lawn because I thought it was beautiful, but then these fucking 7 inches white dripping roots came out and I was like eww abort abort

No. 83342

I was raped a year ago on my birthday by a person I knew, I haven't told any one because right after the rape I moved away to a new city and just wanted to forget about it.
But I just bursted into tears after sex with my boyfriend because it reminded me of the rape. I feel so terrible for crying after sex or even thinking about it. I haven't told him and I don't want to but I don't know what to do what if this happens again.

No. 83343

If you feel comfortable enough with him, please tell him anon. Even just knowing will take a lot off your shoulders. I'm sure he will understand.

No. 83346

I know, it just seems so wrong to tell him about it now, I never feels like a good time or what if he treats me differently or something. I just wish I could forget it, I don't even know how to evenz start the sentence 'hey bf I was rape, let's not talk about the details I just want to pretend it never happened but don't worry I had all my std test came out clear so I am still physically heathly' seems like a weird load to drop on him then let him process it out.

No. 83418


Hey anon! I'n still here just busy,I apologize!

I have oil and spray. I use the spray( PherX Perfume for Women)more the the oil (I kind of use the oil as back up until I can buy another spray bottle if my funds are low.)

I suggest starting with the spray, just unscrew it and tab it on your wrists and such. Little goes a long way, if you're too lazy/clumsy just one sprits will do.

You can look at other pheremone sprays if you're not into this one.

No. 83419


Samefaggin, sorry anon I don't believe there's a universal one. You're going to just have to use all you're social/customer service skills on the ladies/men. I work at a retail job that caters a lot to men ( the male section is the biggest) so I got a spray for them in mind.

No. 87242

File: 1461184069604.jpg (211.38 KB, 1280x977, 0x6o11280.jpg)

I had a really vivid sex dream involving Worf from Star Trek. I'm not sure how to feel about this.

No. 88549

I have the biggest girl boner for my coworker, he's been flirting a lot with me today and I don't think I've been so happy. He's been calling me "buddy" and " friend" a lot instead of my name. Which made me happy but sad that maybe he was saying that because he's just actually wants to be friends but today he called me "lovely" and "wonderful" and I felt like I could just die from bliss.

I want to go for it I really do but I guess I'm just scared. The place I work has a strict dress code so I do dress my usual ~edgy~ self. I guess I'm afaird to make a move or if he makes a move he might just not like me after all. Sorry if this seems stupid all my friends coworkers so I can't tell them..

No. 88556

Well, he likes you for your personality not the way you dress. But can see where there might be hesitation since your aesthetic may not really appeal to him. Still, unless you think there will be problems in the workplace with inter office dating I say go for it! Maybe just tone it down a little on the first date if you're really worried about it.

No. 91521

I run a mailing list. nothing big, just for a local hobby group. I once completely ignored someone's request to join just because she was a student at the school my ex went to. I have painful memories and lingering bitterness revolving around that campus and didn't want to potentially interface with a student there out of self-preservation.

No. 91538

Go for it, anon. If he doesn't like you for the way you are (your "edgy" self, basically), then I don't think he really is for you.

Just give it a go, no use just masturbating to him instead.

No. 91744

Worf is probably really good in bed. He's also best Next Gen character next to Data and Picard, so feel good about it.

No. 91770

I have some psychological issues I guess that I can tell nobody about.
I'm afraid of darkness because I see eyes looking at me that are not actually there at night. Sometimes I hear voices calling my name and I can't watch TV because I think I'm getting brain washed. Same with listening to music. I'm afraid to go out of the house because I think I will get raped or abducted when I go too far away. So basically I have close to no social life, I get really jealous when I see friends going out together bc I will like I will never have something like that. Lost all faith in humanity and just feel miserable all day and drown myself in self-pity. My looks are OK I think people tell me I'm pretty bit my personality is too nice very naive. I just stopped trying to convince myself that I'm OK or building up any friendships. Outside I look happy but I'm just a mess.
I've used "I" too much right now I'm sorry if it sounds self absorbed.
The reason I can't tell anyone or go to a doctor is because I can't do this to my mother. She is literally the only normal person in our family and she is always so proud of me because it seems like I have my shit together. Everytime I tried to tell her about this she just changes the topic and says it's a phase. I hope she is right. I don't want to disappoint her or be a burden to her so I just shut up. Turkish-German fag here so please excuuuse my grammar

No. 91895

I think I like a guy for the first time in my life (I'm in my mid 20s so it's kind of a big deal for me I guess) but we're moving home from our exchange studies to different sides of the world in two weeks. Noone knows and I'll never act on it because it's too late and we'll probably never meet again.

No. 91923

I've been tumblr stalking the same girl for 5 years now. I don't have any particular attachment to her and she's kind of a really horrible person but I just like to drink her milk. It's like my own personal lolcow. She knows someone has been stalking her tumblr because she makes call out posts all the time (she uses statcounter) but I could care less.

No. 91928


I've been following a massive trainwreck of a furry for 5 years. Like you said, I don't have any attachement to him either, but the sheer amount of poor choices he makes in life makes me so happy. He's an utter dipshit and whenever something actually works out for him, I am both mad for him to feel satisfied with myself but also rub my hands in glee for when it will be taken from him.

I have never interacted with him. Only read his blogs.

No. 92010

Please please please go to a doctor anon. When I had delusions about the TV they got worse and worse and I lost my shit. Your mom wants what's best for you, I don't think she wants you to lose your shit either.

No. 92120

You may have schizophrenia. See a doctor ASAP.

No. 92121

Thanks a lot for replying anon. This sounds so weird but my mind is so f'd up I think I will become a drug addict from the meds… could you tell me about your experience with the treatment?

Oh dear probably. Schizophrenia is common in my family… thanks for replying.

No. 92124

so do i have schizophrenia too if i am afraid of the dark? i see demons in the dark always because my eye sight sucks. am very chaotic too.

No. 92127

It's normal to see faces and signs of life in everything, that's how our brains work.
If you're scared by it, and so "seeing scary demons or ghosts" etc that means you're a more anxious person but as long as you know the aren't real then you're fine. It's normal for people to be scared of the dark, it's normal to get scared something will "get you" and to develop little rituals like keeping entirely under your blankets, it's just not normal when you entirety believe in your hallucinations and rituals to the point it's greatly impacting your life

No. 93162

File: 1463627524417.gif (1.99 MB, 329x359, 1461750739799.gif)

Oh boy here we go

So this one guy in the TF2 group I'm in is kind of a prude(or sexually repressed idk what y'all would call it). He's finishing his major in theology, his online usernames have mildly christian undertones, and he has this whole thing against lewdness that it's kind of ridiculous. Recently he admitted to our group on discord that he "discovered" some TF2 SFM porn subreddit and that it's a "dark place". He's done this several times with other vidya/cartoons, the group tried calling him out on being a hypocrite about lewd shit but he keeps on saying he found this stuff on accident lol

I dunno, I think that's it's kind of fucked up for me to think that him feeling squeamish about stuff like this is kind of cute. It would definitely be pretty hot making him my sub and help him in sexually explore himself ~#and maybe get some gentle pegging in tooミ★

No. 93175

He's mine. Could I have a link to this group?

No. 93200

I don't want to marry my bf because I have no friends to invite, nobody to be my witness. How pathetic would that be.

No. 93208

File: 1463651763690.jpg (55.6 KB, 538x584, heh.jpg)


If the group wasn't only 7 people and I didn't see his cousin on a nearly daily basis for being in the same uni program as me, I would. Here's proof that he's real though.

No. 93214

I liek tf2. What about linking me to his username instead? He'll have no way to know it was you and I wont say a word about you.
(I'm being pushy, aren't I? I'll stfu now I promise lol)

No. 93221

Gee what a thirsty whore

No. 93224

I wanna kill myself and the only thing holding me back is that I am afraid of what will happen

No. 93225

It will suck, it will be painful and there's risks you'll do it wrong and end up the hospital. Maybe you'll get sectionned, they'll prob you and humiliate you.
Don't do it. It's not worth it. I'm sure you can feel better.

No. 93229


Out of respect to my classmate no but I'll update if he cracks and admits the need for sub training

No. 93236

i know a girl irl who is pro-ana and i found her on mpa. i go on her content page every so often for laughs.
>shows up every few months w BMI 23+
>"im relapsing"
>disappears after a week

No. 93609

File: 1463914610706.gif (365.99 KB, 370x200, image.gif)

My long distance bf has very few friends and one of them is an ugly older girl. I have a really intense jelousy towards their relationship because she's a little too friendly with him and she can't shut up about her sex life (people in this country are pretty open about sex). The girl and I hate each other because I act really cold when I'm around her. I feel like I have no control over my emotions and I really hate myself for it, my bf and I fight over one thing and it's this stupid girl.

No. 93625

go to counselling if you can't control your emotions, coz all you're gunna do is drive your bf away. just trust that he won't cheat on you and work on your self esteem and stop being so insecure. get some hobbies to distract yourself. if it comes out that he's cheated on you with her, then oh well, nothing you could or couldn't have done.

No. 93636

I'm pathetic.

I have actual problems from childhood trauma, but they've all come out in the form of crushing on a guy online. He's basically my oneitis but my therapist refers to it as an addictive relationship.

The gist of it is that we've known each other for maybe 3 years but recently became close last fall. I totally crumbled and just fell in love or some gay shit, I can't even explain how or what or why. I deluded myself from January to April and was diagnosed with GAD (my doc says it's most likely just a brain pattern I need to break and not the real deal). Anytime he talks about deleting his blog, I panic even though we talk on Skype. Anytime he talks about moving into his new apartment, I panic. Anytime he mentions something where it seems like he's referencing another girl, I fucking panic. We'll talk some days in a week and sometimes only once a week. He regularly posts about how he's unreliable. Idk. It's so weird and unhealthy and I hate it i hateitihateitihateitihateit. Ive had 2 serious break downs over him. He probably knows I like him but has no idea of the extent of my feelings.

We've had convos about getting married, starting a family, etc shit like that. None of it being for real obviously (I'm not that delusional) but obviously it made me think he miiight like me a bit? Also all the times he said talking to me was familiar and comforting.

Idk. He's moving on and…and I know why it hurts. I know exactly where this pain is coming from. I know I'm scared if he leaves I'll be left feeling nothing and having to fixate myself on someone else. I'm scared of the emptiness and loneliness that'll follow.

I keep it all inside. No one in real life besides my new therapist knows. I really hate myself because its not him, its the shit from when I was a kid coming back to haunt me, but I just wish I'd never met him. And I'm terrified of feeling lonely this summer but at least I'll be volunteering and working to keep me busy.

No. 93642

Gonna vent about cows

Dakota Rose: Disappointing because she had all these chances to do things right and interact with her viewers from the doll niche. She's a lazy fucker and I hope she fades out soon.

Venus Angelic: Obviously it was all down to her cunt mother that she's turned out warped and unsure about life. But I'm sick of farmers licking her ass, she's false and bleak with not much personality. She seems decent, far decent than her mother. But I don't think she deserves 1M subs for her videos because they are shit. She's basically the kawaii problematic version of Zoella who is another cash cow and puts on a fake smile for views.

Lolcow: I hate the layout of this site it's ugly

Kiki Kannibal: I hope she never returns

DDLG: I hate this shit so much on the internet right now, it's fucking gross.

Tumblr: Needs to go

Felice Fawn: I don't get why people ever wanted her body? It's sickly looking and she's a cunt anyway

Jvloggers: Majority are AMWF couples who just want validation and are hungry for views, I'm sick to death of them. The videos are nearly all the same. Boring.

No. 93648

There are only like three or four amwf vlogger couples. I do agree they're fucking obnoxious but there really aren't that many.

If it makes you feel any better something like 90% of "international marriages" in Japan end in divorce.

Penus is penus. The fact there are people on lolcow who think going to Japan on a whim and marrying some random on a whim is a good thing to begin with is a little depressing but I chalk most of it up to underage idiots.

No. 93649

I think the underlying issue that a lot of 4channers or even farmers miss about cows, be they cosplayers, lolitas, or just "vloggers" is that girls, or at least white girls who watch anime are like this because they've become myopically attached to a form of media where lewdness is just incidental and fine. A lot of the younger ones consequently misread men and assume that men don't react to blatant sexual provocation in this way (because the guys in anime usually don't, at least not aggressively).

I know this is sounding kinda abstract and theoretical but look at it like this: White female weebs are fucking crazy, they're crazy to a degree that they make male weebs look like pretty cool, well-adjusted people. You doubt me? Look at TexanInTokyo, look at Kanadajin, look at Yukapon. These are people in their 20s, they're still like this, they didn't even move to Japan with a JET program job lined up. It was purely motivated by fantasy and whimsy.

I'm not quite sure how to expand on it beyond that, but there's just a baseline level of general insanity among the sort of girls you see in these couples, or on Youtube "vlogging about Japan" that goes above and beyond the sort of general unsocialized neckbeards you'd meet at Pax East or wherever. They're a special caste of crazy.

No. 93651

Sage for continuing. But I think another good reason they continue in this ultimately self-defeating way for so long is because of the positive reinforcement the vaguely good looking ones get; be it from people back home, other young, impressionable weeb girls, Asian guys desperate to see any sort of AM/WF couple and so on.

This complete lack of negative reaction, beyond say a few token youtube comments, never gives them reason to take stock of what they're actually doing and where they're headed. It's the equivalent to being raised as a child with no conditioning as to what sort of behavior is dangerous.

No. 93666

This isn't really a secret, just something I need to say somewhere. Feel free to ignore it.

Existential nihilism cured my death anxiety. It used to be so bad that I'd have panic attacks at night before going to bed imagining being dead or in hell or in an abyss of some kind. Nietzsche honestly gave me peace.

No. 93802

Sometimes I wish I was single so I could be an alcoholic without worrying anyone.

No. 93911

Have to vent this one as I'm feeling a bit bad about it.. conflicted really

Was out on a night out, but my friend was working the bar and it was busy I got talking to another girl I know vaguely who had got ditched by a girl I fucking hate. so even though I wanted home, had every intention of coming back and getting a lift home with my friend. I went with her to some random polish guys house. They barely spoke a word of english, but I could tell by their tone they were being slezy and insinuating. about us. and I know the polish word for "whore" so I go to put my shoes on and head back. I try and get the other girl to come with me but by this point I realise I've probably lost my lift home. Now the guy who was trying me sort of jumped on me as I came out the bathroom and he was kind of gross and and absolute cocky little fucking arsehole, but I was drunk and probably n ot going anywhere so I sort of just kissed him back, went to give him a blowjob and he got really violent about it. choking me etc so I think.. well, I got genital warts last year and I think i'm maybe still contagious so I have made a point of not sleeping with anyone becausd I dont want to spread it.

but he was such an asshole and the amount of disrespect he showed pissed me off enough that I just did it. shittiest sex of my life but I really hope he gets warts.

I don't know if I feel bad about it. I don't think so. He was such a scumbag

No. 93912

lol no. That's okay I think. You could have got something from him though

No. 94018

Have you read Camus' The Stranger? It sounds like something you may like

No. 94034

Converted nihilist anon here, I have not. Thanks for the recommendation, though! I'll have to check it out.

No. 94048

It's pretty short, you'll probably be able to get through it in a day or two. It's not exactly nihilist (I think it's "absurdist" is the term), but the thought process and theme seems like it may be something up your alley. Good luck!

No. 94172

The only thing I would worry about is that you might have pretty much assured him that yes, that kind of behaviour will work, and if you have successfully managed to give him warts then he might pass them on to other girls that he pressures into sex, but that's also a really slim chance. But I wouldn't lose too much sleep over it, everyone does something they're not exactly proud of once and a while. Next time you're in a situation like that, just piss over their entire bathroom and leave quietly or something instead?
Maybe get yourself checked out like other anon said in case he gave you something new

No. 94198

In general I think my dad's not equipped to function in a family unit. He puts everyone on edge by yelling at random, or suddenly being pissed by something that was fine for years beforehand.

No. 94382

Despite being straight I often fantasies about buttfucking a twink/trap til he breaks.
I wouldn't get any sexual pleasure out of fucking a dude I just feel the need to dominate in all aspects and dominating girls eventually gets boring and I start craving heavier shit.

I hate my girlfriend and despite my attraction to her I can't help but cheat on her every chance I get.
I'm currently fucking this asian uni student I work with and pretty sure shes suspecting me.

I stay in contact with all my exes and act super friendly to them not because I like them but because I enjoy the occasional flirty messages they send.

No. 94388

No. 94389

Just break up with her you fucking idiot.

No. 94392

easy there anon chan.

Why break up?
I've noticed that the fact I'm in a relationship with an attractive girl makes me seem more appealing to whomever I try to fuck.
I also enjoy having someone to fall back on at the end of the day so I see no downside to having her around besides her draining my bank account.

No. 94394

I hope she drains your every cent. If you haven't noticed, dumbass, this board is almost entirely made up of women. Dick pics or gtfo.

No. 94397

I'm not understanding what you are trying to say.
Why so bitter and angry anon chan?

No. 94398

File: 1464305258186.gif (490.15 KB, 245x160, ohhoney.gif)

>Despite being straight I often fantasies about buttfucking a twink/trap til he breaks.

No. 94402

I know it sounds like I'm in denial but I feel no attraction to men not romantically or sexually.
The act of dominating someone though is pretty great to me.
It could be from fucking a twink, beating someone half bloody, or manipulating their loved one to cheat on them.

Did it with a "friend" and had his girlfriend send lewd pictures of herself in the shower before showing it to him.
He got a panic attack over it despite them only dating for like a month.

No. 94403

Of course you don't understand what she meant by that, you have a dick. Having a penis is known to be strongly related to the inability to understand other people's words.

Post a picture of the little buddy, which is the only thing you're good for, and then kindly fuck off.

No. 94409

File: 1464309332962.jpg (26.14 KB, 435x326, absolute-disgust.jpg)

>I hate my girlfriend and despite my attraction to her I can't help but cheat on her every chance I get.

Kill. Yourself.

No. 94412

You just need a good dicking to understand why you act like such a bitch, i can do it for you

No. 94423

So I discovered this girl I've never met but who I know about through mutual friends is a cam girl. Just came upon her secret Twitter by accident and recognized her. I creeped her cam Instagram and there's a picture of her on what looks like a private jet(?) and she posts a lot on Twitter about betas spoiling her with stuff on her Amazon wish list.

I keep thinking about doxxing her but I don't think I should do it. She isn't doing anything wrong/illegal but it still bothers me. I don't know, something about how she is getting easy money using her pussy and has no social repercussions for it (pretty sure most if not all of her circle has no idea).

Also she advertises with her real name as housesitter and says she "only requires a speedy internet connection because I work from home". Which just seems so wrong and disgusting to do in another person's home without their knowledge (if that's what she's doing.. idk maybe she's just posting on Twitter when she housesits)

I feel kinda guilty for even thinking about doing it. It would probably fuck up her life.

No. 94429


What are you planning on doing; tickling her vulva with your porkneedle?

No. 94435

It's none of your business what she does, quit slut shaming her(kek).

In all honesty though I don't see why you'd get pissed over someone taking the easy way out. It's not like it really effects you directly now does it??

Why are you so hostile? It's not like what I do with my life effects any of you in any way.

No. 94442

do it

No. 94443

Please die in a fire. Amen.

No. 94444

Domo arigato Mr. Roboto.
Just leave the bitch alone. Like you said, she isn't doing anything wrong, she's just getting those wage cucks.

No. 94445

Don't do it. A friend of mine used to do this for a while because she was broke as fuck after her dad abandoned her and shit. You don't really know why she's doing it.. I doubt anyone would be a cam girl just for fun. Or maybe… who knows.

No. 94446

File: 1464339537846.gif (1.58 MB, 400x304, 3230903824.gif)

S t a y s a l t y A n o n c h a n

No. 94448

>Also she advertises with her real name as housesitter and says she "only requires a speedy internet connection because I work from home".
That's disgusting. You still shouldn't dox her, though. Leave her be.

No. 94467


Anon you're a fucking scumbag. What has what this girl does in her private time got to do with you?

No. 94642

Why would you do this? Like what reason at all would you have to do this to her?

Quit being jealous because you're too ugly to make money the same way she does.

No. 94686

I don't think camming requires you to be pretty… Otherwise Charms and OC wouldn't do it.

No. 94692


Charms was pretty when she first started and OC is passable.

Ugly bitches don't make it far unless they cater to a fetish like that one weeb camwhore.

No. 94708

you can't read.

No. 94710

this whole thread has now just turned into feminist ramblings


back to the secrets

No. 94711



No. 94712


Simple anon. Just sell your own fanny and be on with your life

Tbh gonna be evil here

dox secretly just to see what happens key

No. 95122

My boyfriend is turning into a goddamn land whale. He disgusts me. I can't just leave because I've put too much time into this relationship and I do want to be with him, but idk if I can be with a guy I'm unattracted to. He's gained 100 pounds since we got together. Like, his job is physically demanding, but his diet is shit and he eats huge portions. I feel like I'm being verbally abusive when I tell him he needs to lose weight. I just think it isn't fair that I'm expected to accept this. Yet, if I were obese or even just a bit overweight, his friends would probably tell him to leave me. He's shallow enough that he might, idk.

No. 95124

You should probably sit him down and talk to him.
You can also suggest him that you both try to get healthier or start cooking for him if you can.

No. 95126

It sounds like he is set in his ways and has no motivation to change. What kinds of things are keeping you from breaking up with him?

No. 95157

His job is an away type of job. He's only home for a few weeks, then he goes to work for a few weeks about 6 hours away. I don't really have a way to monitor what he eats.

Mostly, I just feel like I'll never find another person I get along with on such a friend level, but also a romantic level. Our personalities mesh well. We have a lot of the same interests, but not enough that it's too boring. I love him and don't want something as stupid as weight to come between us. BUT I'm not sticking around to be his caretaker when he qualifies for that show "My 600lb Life."

No. 95182

What does he say when you tell him he should lose weight? maybe you can calculate his tdee for him (see /fit/) so he's aware of what his daily limit should be. also, tell that fat fuck to stop drinking soda or you'll never suck his dick again. lol.

when you bring up the fact you want him to lose weight, try paying careful attention to your tone. you said you feel potentially abusive, so you probably are. men do not like being told or threatened to do anything. if you approach it with a whisper, holding hands and touching foreheads, he'll probably be more receptive. make it something he CAN do for you, not something he MUST do for you. if he's as romantic as you say then that should trigger him a little.

No. 95185

I have a stupid longing for becoming a famous youtubers/streamers gf.

I think it'd be fun to have a partner that does what I love to do for a living, so I wouldn't be considered childish or wasting time if I spent time at home playing games and watching animu. If it happened I probably wouldn't have a larger online presence than I already do, except maybe appearing in my boyfriends videos a few times, but I dunno. Just that part of the internet has always seemed fun and relatively carefree and it's always looked appealing to me.

No. 95306

If we don't get some kind of Bait Recognition seminar on this website we're all truly doomed.

No. 95364

I can kinda see the appeal!
But honestly, there are so many downsides to being a Youtuber. First, you're not going to play vidya and watch animu all day. You'll have to edit videos, do voiceovers, upload stuff, keep up with your social media, check out the newest content, contemplate which vidya/animu your viewers might like… Even if you don't plan to do any videos, still your SO has to do all the bullshit, unfunny parts that I just mentioned. And everytime you appear in a video, you'll get tons of hate, "OMG SLUT/WHORE/BOMBO!!" comments, everyone will talk about your weight, make up appareance. Same with your SO.

Not to mention I always find it difficult in reagrds of future employers. What if the YT/stream thing doesn't work anymore, any you need to get a different job? Your whole past life is plastered all over the internet, and I doubt many jobs consider "made some YT videos and appeared in some vidya streams" as a worthwile experience. Uness you go for entertainment or mrketing maybe, but even then I guess it could be quite difficult and depending on your fame, actualy experience and so on.

Just get a normie bf who isn't a piece of shit and respects your hobbies and interests.

No. 95659

Fuck all of you daddy's girls. I have to deal with a very manipulative girl who constantly makes it so "daddy" feel sorry for her. She's got nothing to require any sort of psychological support. I hate seeing her father waste his money on this little shit.

No. 95673

When I was like 9 I pretended to fuck my cat

No. 95702

If a guy I have a crush on is into something, then chances are that I'll become into it. My problem is that I have a ton of shit I'm potentially interested in and could pursue, but I'm too lazy to pursue it unless my "prize" is my crush. :| I feel like I have no clue who I am, I always define myself in terms of other people.

No. 95707

hello ann perkins

No. 95891

File: 1464862842179.png (2.23 MB, 1920x1080, 139837033058.png)

I'm CIA.

No. 95899

You don't seem like a big guy

No. 95932

Same, anon. I'm in the same boat as you. I'm trying to get myself out of that place so I trew myself into something I'm hoping I'll enjoy but I feel like I'm going to burn out on that interest in a month.

No. 95933

For you.

No. 95944

I don't know if it'll help, but it helped me; you're not anyone's mirror. It's natural that we want to 'be the person' our friends, family and lovers see us as. They want to see some of them, the best part of them, in you. And the also want to see the 'ideal' you, the 'happiest you can be' you, all the time. Which is stupid and unrealistic. You aren't anyone's mirror and you aren't obligated to show them the fantasy you they want.

No. 96069

just binge ate all day today
lived out my true fatty potential
debating if throwing up should be done but i think id feel just as shitty after

No. 96073

no shit, retard. bane is the big guy.

No. 96081

Since i only work every other week, i sometimes end up not showering for 5 days, unless i'm going out or meeting my family. I know it's disgusting and probably not good for your health, but deep down i don't even give a fuck.

No. 96099

File: 1464968674885.jpeg (35.87 KB, 323x455, image.jpeg)

I'm really considering becoming a sugar baby or something like it, or a future trophy wife/mistress. I don't really care about real relationships. I get disgusted when I think about living with a guy in a shabby place, living lower middle class, boring life, boring kids…

I want to be rich but my only semi decent talent is fucking anime art and makeup, and that is not getting me anywhere at all. I'm not even 20 yet but I'm considering committing suicide already just because my future looks so bleak. Ever since I was a little girl I was terrified of just being a nobody who works to pay off debt their whole life and that no one would care about or remember. I feel like I sound like such a shithead (cause I am one) but I want to be rich and prove to my family I'm not as useless as they think I am, even if it is just from sugaring.

The problem is that I am really inexperienced. Seriously. I'm still a virgin and I have issues with being assertive. At this stage there's no way I could do what I want, because I get too scared and I'm a pushover. I wish there was some way I could overcome it.

I have made accounts on these websites before and I don't know if it means anything realistically, but I get a lot of replies even when I haven't been active. I want to travel all over the place and I would fuck an old dude to do it. I don't see why you wouldn't.

My dad and his side of the family would hate me for it. Mum and her side would be more like "out of sight; out of mind" about it. My younger friends would really be disgusted with me I think, since one of them looks up to me and I think she hates the idea completely, even though I haven't told her. My best friends would support me though.

Feel bad, and I'm not sure if it's even possible. But I wouldn't care if I had to be some Chinese businessman's mistress/wife for the rest of my life, because I can't seem to find myself attracted to any men my age I meet.

No. 96100

I work in a call center and whenever a customer is mean to me i sign up their email for tons of span and fetish newsletters you can't unsub from

No. 96101

I'm sure that's how you feel now, but do you think you'd feel the same way in a few years? Don't do it. It's dangerous, stupid and much more respectable to just make something out of yourself. If you do it though, don't expect people to never find out and don't expect to live judgment-free. I grew up in a gated community with well-off people. The trophy wives you strive to be stick out like a sore thumb. They are usually full of plastic surgery and all xanax-ed out. But whatever, not my place to say. Just please stay out of California kek. We have too much of this shit

No. 96104

You're not going to get rich being a camgirl. You won't even get rich being a pornstar. At best you'll get enough cash to buy designer goods now and again. At worst you'll get dragged down into ever more depraved activities to fuel a drug habit of other addiction.

Men do not respect women like you. They aren't going to leave their wives for you.

No. 96105

Why a Chinese businessman? Yellow fever?

No. 96107

China is full of rich people and has much more men then women. It's also standard to "buy" and bribe a woman to be your wife.

No. 96111


where did she say she wants to be a camgirl?

No. 96118

I'm like you sort of. I've had "real relationships" with guys but eventually many of them have accused me of "being only into them for sex" just because I made it be known that I don't see them as "future husband material". and I really don't. The thought of having to be stuck with any of them living a lower-middle class life on credit is too bleak but I know it would have been inevitable extrapolating the situation at hand- my exes don't have any sense of money management skills, normalized a daily habit of something(one liked weed, another liked concerts and going out), downgraded their college majors, and have personality issues incompatible with being able to "make it to the top". I adored them I really did and I wish them the best of luck in their future relationships. I hope one day they find a girl who will be moved romantically by the fact "they're trying" and will stay with them through financial hardships because I know I definitely wouldn't and I am actually disgusted by that feeling "of being trapped" whether by debt or whatever.

I think I noticed those unhealthy habits because of the fact while my family lived modestly, they early on taught me the value of money and dad was into investing. You might envy the glamorous rich people but consider that many of them are upper middle class but financing their lifestyle through credit and trade-offs.

Consumer trends state that millennials prefer to spend their income on experiences and travel not material possessions. However take not by following this line of thought, those "experiences" and "travel" will only rise in price to meet consumer demand. Do you really want to travel? Or do you want to "travel" and wear images and tales of those travels in order to impress others?

My 2 cents is to think about why you think "sugar baby" is the best route. because i feel the same fear over being in financial ruin thanks to some irresponsible guy but I don't think sugaring is the way to pull yourself out. if you want to gold dig though I might have some advice…

No. 96120

Most of them don't speak English and the cultural differences are huge. What the hell is wrong with you to want that sort of existence? Do you have no respect for your parents? Or realize the sort of shitty upbringing any children you'd have with a random Chinese businessman would have psychologically?

It's astonishing you criticise the sorts of things they say on /r9k/ and then go and confirm their worst stereotypes of women in the same breath.

As for your despondency. Are you a high earner? Are you particularly beautiful? No? Then why are you so unrealistic about what your hypothetical equivalent is?

Unbelievable. I really hope some of you are trolling because this is penus or kanadajin tier delusion.

No. 96130

I'm not going to be specific, but I think I've made some huge mistakes and my life is completely fucked forever. I'm doomed to be a poorfag with a monotonous life till I die.

No. 96134

Most things in life are fixable anon. Just don't be like >>96099
and you're good.

No. 96136

I work in a "respectable" profession. While some things are nice, like being able to afford trips abroad and good consumer goods, owning my own apartment etc, don't be fooled by it all. Fact is we still have to work long days, often on weekends etc.

The only people who the "money = happiness" thing applies to are people who are independently wealthy. People who can afford to work at their own pace, take weeks off at a time, or even months, buy property on a whim etc.

No. 96164

File: 1465012589707.jpeg (46.26 KB, 322x457, image.jpeg)


>>96107 isn't me. But they explain it pretty well. The reason I know about the "Chinese businessman" thing is because plenty of my older relatives who have either already died or still live in China were exactly like that. Had a wife but 15 different mistresses.

You seem to be angry about this, but I don't know why. This is a confession thread, and I confessed what I thought. I probably won't go through with it and shoot myself before I turn 30, but even if I do; who exactly here does it affect here other than myself? Who actually care what beta dipshits on the internet think, because even if there was only 1 golddigger left on the planet out of all the women on earth, they would still hate women.

No. 96165

Anon, as a fellow ricefag, you do realise that your old money relatives are a completely different ballgame to the nouveau riche ones, right? The nouveau riche country bumpkins are even worse.

No. 96168

another ricefag but i'm not >>96165
you're actually in a great position because your peers are asian-american men. you have a great opportunity to be in a relationship with men who have great earning potential but will still treat you as a equal.
hyper capitalism has grossly regressed heterosexual relationships into age/class brackets in china. the women of the communist era became billionaires along side the men but it is the older rich men who benefited. young chinese women now have dwindling economic opportunities and some see no other choice than becoming a mistress for rich old chinese businessmen while the young chinese men are left to be NEETS who will have to import wives or die alone.
go to a flagship state school, join an honor society or a club with many asian members and date normally like people our age. my advice is find an asian american guy. you won't be living be able to live like Singaporean old money but you'll be a yappie who can travel and live in urban cities.

please don't listen to western mainstream propaganda. just because they portray asian women to be whores and gold diggers doesn't mean you are one or that you should/can fulfill one.

No. 96171

File: 1465019221390.jpeg (41.41 KB, 323x455, image.jpeg)

I'm not actually American, I'm Australian, but there is a HUGE Chinese population here, especially in the city/area I live in. A lot of the time, you'll see more Chinese than any other race, and they're not just tourists. There are several large towns/almost cities that are known for basically only having Chinese and other Asians in it, and no surprise, that's where most of my family lives.

Thank you for your advice, it's actually pretty encouraging to hear that and I kind of feel like I have the beginnings of a goal to work towards. But I have a question… If I'm actually half Chinese and not full, what does that change? I wish I could say I knew, but other than my family I haven't had a lot of time with any Asians at all. The small towns I went to school in have almost exclusively been white people, Indians and wogs, so I have no idea how other Chinese see me. Obviously my family treats me well, but that doesn't really count. It's probably different in America.

No. 96172

Ricefag from >>96165 again. I'm also Australian and am friends with other ABCs, go to a major university etc. I think I can chime in.

Right off the bat, you're probably not going to be attracting any guys from the mainland. Most of them already have girlfriends from the mainland or get into relationships with girls from the mainland. Students from the mainland clump together in little circles, and it's going to be extremely difficult for you to fit in with them unless you're fluent in Mandarin.

In terms of ABC, I think you being half white is somewhat of a disadvantage. The hard truth is, you're not going to be fully accepted as an Asian. For all the half white girls I have personally known, they have been treated more as a white person than anything else, even if they aren't white passing. They have predominantly white people in their social circles. Almost all of the ABC guys I know are in relationships with ABC girls, and they are mostly first generation immigrants with the typical traditional background.

If you're seriously considering doing this to get rich dick, enrol into a business school, and aim for the major ones. I can say the business school at my university is by far made up of an Asian majority. You could also try for science, but that's a harder game imo. Also, you're going to actually need to try here. If your marks are shit, they'll pick up on it and it will lower their opinion of you. Maybe you don't need to be successful as they are, but you need to be at least somewhat impressive.

No. 96190

So can all you chink experts help me with my problem in the vent thread? I could use any help I can get

No. 96193

If you hit it off with some married Chinese man, something tells me the wife would be more mad you're 混血. And believe me, the wrath of Chinese women towards mistresses is well documented all over the internet. For some reason they don't blame the husband.

t. Lived in East Asia. Speak Chinese. Am white.

No. 96238

full asians will see you as exotic and be fascinated by you especially if you fit their idea of "eurasian beauty" like Angelababy. it's a 2nd round of overcoming being trivialized and objectified after overcoming white people's perception of asian women.

hmmm well there's a common saying in that America is like a melting pot but Canada is a mosaic. it's true that many asian-americans lose their culture and are seen as foreigners by both mainstream society and asian nationals. with asian-americans, chinese-americans and korean-americans and vietnamese-americans can all be apart of the same friend group and share common life experiences whereas with 1st generation immigrants, they stick to their own nationality. with chinese they even stick to their own regionalism. the peers to asian-americans are also other 2nd gen americanized youth like indian-americans, arab americans, nigerian americans etc so I don't see why the fact you're half chinese would exclude you from your true peers: other people of color who grew up entirely in Australia. these include more westernized ABCs who have better earning potential than the locals because their parents instilled those values in them, but they do feel ennui in being more familiar with australian culture than "chinese" culture. whether you go for an ABC(because other ricefag is right, 1st gen chinese tend to be cliquey and date their own), another type of westernized 2nd gen immigrant, or just a plain white person; you should go for someone your peer rather than an old man which will result in a very unequal restricting relationship.

or maybe I am being naive and Americans sing Kumbaya too often; go to a college campus and you'll see interracial couples of all types everywhere so your mixed race wouldn't deter anybody here, all you would have to do is set your sights on guys who have the right university major.

No. 96241

mhmm i misread. ABC means Australian born and raised chinese? or like 1.5 gen? what's the equivalent to 2nd gen asian-american?

No. 96301

>people of color

Stop using that term. Stop insinuating there is some sort of MO of anti-whiteness that unifies all non-whites. When Mao began issuing student visas to Africans, Chinese in Nanjing rioted because a few of them started dating Chinese girls. The oldest anti-miscegenation laws on earth come from China. The idea that this bullshit idea of "anti-racism" is an axiom that unites all non-whites is fucking absurd.

No. 96314

I fucking love The Jeremy Kyle show and binge watch it on Youtube.

No. 96319

I don't know if I'm in love with my boyfriend. I adore him, find him attractive, and he fits a lot of my criteria for long term relationships, but I think I'm just too rational-minded to feel it. I don't mind it, though it does make me feel a bit guilty since saying 'I love you' does seem a bit hollow to me.

Is it just brainwashing from years of sappy Disney romances and shit that make me feel guilty for not acting in that way?

No. 96331

Yeah, it probably is. There's no such thing as "THE ONE GOD MADE 4 U."

No. 97366

Hey /b/, I'm a lonely alcoholic and sometimes I just want to make an online profile to just chat and flirt with some guys without the commitment. Do you think that's Ok? Or am I a POS for wanting to flirt online with someone without actually meeting them?

No. 97498

lol the yt is mad

No. 97500

the axiom the unites all non-whites is the fact white people as a group have raped the land, people, and resources of every non-white country and become ferverously mad when its mentioned as historical fact.

No. 97505

File: 1465857129981.png (146.26 KB, 625x626, 1400720294110.png)

No. 97528

Idk if I'm the same as you guys, but when I was younger, I was generally the weird, shy kid that I was loner a bit, once I got to middle school that changed yet I never really was able to hang out with friends, go places etc. I mean, I wanted to go to the mall with some friends when I was 13 and my mother wanted to come, I couldn't understand why she was wanted when all the other girls could go alone with each other. So finally I told I just wouldn't go anywhere at all and that's what happened. I got sick for a really long time which led to not go to school for five years. I finally was strong enough to go and ended up actually going out with friends except had a huge argument because my mother wanted to meet my friend's parents…I'm 19 years old. I haven't gone out again due to it because she'll make another huge fucking deal about it. I'm now just constantly at home, before I've never really felt freedom. She said/says she never controlled me, that I was the one that locked myself in because I didn't want her to come so therefore I couldn't go and now that I'm older she complains I have no friends, that I'm a shut-in, that all I do is play on my computer and talk to "internet friends which aren't real" I feel no urge to grow up, do things on my own in terms of being an adult, I'm scared of just basic shit. I feel like a child completely, sorta like anxiety but I don't know if it's just me or is it because of my mother.

No. 97542

I'm pretty sure it's your mom.

No. 97544

girl move out

No. 97552

Ok…it's not unusual for a parent to want to monitor their kids around that age. I have stepchildren in their teens and preteens and they would never be allowed to roam around the mall by themselves at age 13. We aren't super restrictive it's just that we know that kids have access to the internet and no matter now much you monitor, or try to control it, you can't. It's so fucking easy for a kid to get in touch with a predator now so we tend to be more careful. The thing that's weird is your age in regards to your parents actions. They really have no right to try and control you anymore. I get that they may be having a hard time letting go, since it seems you've been super controlled all your life, but they still don't have any right to it at your age. You're an adult now and like it, or not, you will be dealing with some difficult shit for a while. Some of it will be due to the way your parents treated you but some of it will also be due to the way you just tend to react. I'm not trying to "victim blame" or anything but after a certain point you need to try and take control of your own life. It's the best revenge against someone who tried to sabotage you into thinking you're a worthless person.

No. 97581

Your mom is a bitch. I was never allowed out either even when I would let her come with me. It got to a point where I was just embarassed and ashamed of myself and would just try to hide because she relentlessly took out her anger on me.

Anyway, I know it hurts that she won't even acknowledge how horribly she treated you. I started seeing a therapist and have been prescribed things to help level out my mood. It's only been about two months but I can see such a difference in my mood already. Whenever you are ready I highly recommend it.

No. 97591


holy fucking shit. this is literally my life. I'm trying to grow up but it's hard. I am 21 and I am also a shut in, my parents isolated me and made it extremely hard for me to have friends/did not allow me to go out/would shame me/punish me for talking to others they didn't approve of (everyone lol) so I just lost the want to go out. My mom always wants to meet their parents and interrogates anyone who would come over, wouldn't allow anyone in my room (so we would have to sit in the kitchen the whole time lol). If you want to talk maybe we can all get a KIK so we can all talk about this stuff. My mom was also abusive (also my dad) but I am not sure if this was the case for you as well, but if it is I'm sorry.

No. 97597

That's really normal. Just make sure you are upfront about not being ready for a relationship/meeting if anyone tries to initiate one.
Are you sharing pictures and cam? If so get used to how anything you give will not be kept private, so be sensible.
If you aren't sharing pictures then people might either get angry (entitled lol) or if they accept it it might be because they assume you could be faking who you are, and they themselves are probably doing the same. If you're just in it for the fantasy then I'm s