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File: 1594219235233.jpeg (43.46 KB, 660x370, 119959.jpeg)

No. 581191

Since we have a thread similar to this(ugly women with hot men).

Let's discuss it here.

No. 581196

File: 1594219823204.jpg (37.76 KB, 696x503, anne-hathaway-adam-shulman-696…)

No. 581197

Ugh, I don't wanna be reminded of this phenomenon here too. Isn't that what incel boards and reddit are for?

No. 581200

File: 1594220397941.jpg (143.82 KB, 805x1222, 5bd042396caf7cc2949cfbc67704ee…)

He literally has no lips. That must be like kissing all teeth.
In a way it makes me feel better knowing that the reason I cant get a cute bf isnt only because I'm ugly. Attractive women usually cant get one either. Its comforting in a weird way.

No. 581207

File: 1594220666103.jpg (329.84 KB, 950x1741, seth-rogen-lauren-miller.jpg)

I hope she cucks him often

No. 581212

File: 1594221056841.jpg (716.16 KB, 2000x2400, 9032293.jpg)

No. 581213

File: 1594221191483.jpg (468.03 KB, 809x1024, 2017102419086e2b87d8173256.jpg)

Why queen???
Haha wtf he looks like snapchat filter

This thread is basically most hollywood couples…

No. 581218

File: 1594222208398.jpg (221.22 KB, 1400x846, Lil-Wayne-and-Latecia-Thomas-4…)

No. 581220

File: 1594222371464.jpg (66.81 KB, 800x600, image_galleryuuid4d268e04-2dea…)

Idk, I see plenty of hot guys with average-looking girlfriends where I live. I can't come up with any famous examples but I've been noticing it irl. And I think >>581196 are pretty much on the same level. I never understood the Anne Hathaway hype tbh.

Buuut anyway, I don't want to spam this thread with OT shit or start an infight. I couldn't think of a couple where the man is much uglier off the top of my head so I just decided to google some celebs. For some reason, I thought of Krysten Ritter, because she's one of the most beautiful actresses imo. So I googled her. This was the result.

No. 581223

File: 1594222773115.jpg (590.48 KB, 2400x1844, 2-format43.jpg)


No. 581236

File: 1594224697922.jpg (1.49 MB, 1920x1080, WhitneyHoustonBobbyBrown.jpg)

I always thought she was way too pretty for him.

No. 581238

Idk, man. I think he was pretty cute looking back then.

No. 581239

File: 1594225100200.jpg (39.08 KB, 918x516, f60350b3-christina-hendricks-g…)

This thread is fun in a very superficial way

No. 581241

File: 1594225150919.jpg (103.19 KB, 660x372, geoffrey.jpg)


No. 581242

File: 1594225185736.jpg (73.65 KB, 1024x759, rs_1024x759-191017142805-1024-…)

No. 581243

File: 1594225287465.jpeg (811.86 KB, 4500x3000, ea66868d-7688-4cac-8960-568e3a…)

No. 581245

File: 1594225352229.jpg (87.15 KB, 996x563, katewinslet_nedrocknroll.jpg)

His name is actually Ned Rocknroll.

No. 581247

One picture would've sufficed.

No. 581256

These are balanced imo

No. 581270

File: 1594227562289.jpg (93.25 KB, 1024x759, rs_1024x759-141204160144-1024.…)

I immediately thought of rosamund pike and her husband. I read that she loves how she can have intellectual conversations with him because they're both super smart and being fulfilled in that area of a relationship is important to her. I think the reason he looks quite so haggard is because he was a drug addict

No. 581271

I dont get why women marry men for their personality alone. You should find them attractive too. Why not just be friends with ugly men?

No. 581278

Men are persistent and after a while you might just decide to settle with a guy who seems absolutely smitten with you, it gives you a bit of power in the relationship too.
Our standards for men are really on the floor.

No. 581282

>Our standards for men are really on the floor.

True but theres one aspect of it that people dont mention much. I think some women feel some kind of moral thing when dating ugly men(idk how to say it), like they're doing some kind of charity. They feel like good people by saying "I chose a man because of his character and not who he is on the outside".

No. 581284

The stupid part about that logic is that the men chose them for their looks first, and their character second.
Sexual martyrs, lmao.

No. 581294


No. 581297

Fuck, he has zuckerberg's ugly reptile eyes.

I don't think this is true. It's difficult to remain super close with a man as friends, especially once they get a wife of their own and start families. I believe sometimes the women marry their ugly male best friends because the company is just that good. They tolerate the ugliness, esp considering ugly people tend to go ham on pleasing their partners to compensate. I don't see anyone self-martyring to look virtuous, what virtue is there in marrying someone you're not sexually attracted to?

No. 581303

Their looks difference offends me so much because she's so beautiful, insanely rich and powerful, can have literally any man she wants, yet she ends up with a Jim Crow caricature with a cheating problem.

No. 581306

He was grooming her since she was 17.

No. 581308

I'm googling actresses off imdb and look up their spouses; turns out most of them are actually with some pretty handsome dudes. The ones who are married to uggos are definitely a minority.

No. 581309

File: 1594232233052.jpg (53.5 KB, 634x1024, rs_634x1024-190807141213-634-m…)

Looking for pictures I was surprised that I didn't find him that hideous after all but then I realized it's because my expectation for men's looks couldn't be any lower

No. 581317

Literally what the hell are those eyes? They look haunting.

No. 581320

I don’t think he’s that ugly but his grooming is terrible.

No. 581321

File: 1594233168834.jpg (61.47 KB, 650x728, adrianalima-and-mark-jaric_650…)

His eyes look photoshopped like a joke

No. 581342

How do you determine if a black person is ugly or good looking? Take this picture for example >>581212 i don't see any contrast in beauty there.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 581347

File: 1594237425050.jpg (591.12 KB, 3000x1904, GettyImages-818771424.jpg)

No. 581350

wtf, this must be bait

No. 581352

Come on, Kate isn't significantly more attractive than her man. They both have that boring rich white british person look.

No. 581357

It is.

No. 581363

File: 1594239604630.jpeg (463.19 KB, 2310x3000, E1B3C9F6-826F-4A9B-AC59-C77222…)

he used to be so fine, ageing is a bitch.

No. 581365

Oh but according to scrotes men only get better with age lol

No. 581371

holy shit how many years apart are these two photos? he looks like a completely different person, wtf

No. 581377

He would look better now if he just said fuck it and shaved his head. It is like he thinks that shit is going to someday grow back lol. That fucking 45 year old office dad look brings him down.

No. 581379

File: 1594241845231.jpg (60.89 KB, 624x600, moby-et-natalie-portman.jpg)

And there are still scrotes saying women are too shallow

No. 581380


If I was bald and also a prince I would wear a fucking crown. Checkmate, society.

No. 581382

File: 1594242093490.jpg (366.12 KB, 1024x576, 167413__front.jpg)

>same level
Nta but…???
Does she have grey hair? No. Is she balding? No. Does she have tiny, red and wrinkly eyes? No. Does she have yellow snaggle teeth? No. Would she be able to work as an actress if any of the above applied? No.
You seriously have to check your standards for women.

I nominate Leonardo and all his barely legal girlfriends.

No. 581383

File: 1594242153376.jpg (94.03 KB, 634x951, theweakend.jpg)

No. 581385

File: 1594242327610.jpg (Spoiler Image, 69.13 KB, 634x1024, rs_634x1024-200624152916-634-E…)

No. 581386

File: 1594242397269.jpg (1.13 MB, 2275x2700, 5f7f116b99d51a217eef8710d2115a…)

No. 581387

File: 1594242430994.jpg (422.85 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20200708-140434_Duc…)

>>581379 what's even more gross is that they didn't even date, he just fabricated it in his book for drama and apologized to Natalie.

>>581200 where are his eyelids kek

No. 581388

File: 1594242778402.jpg (267.07 KB, 2000x1332, Metin-Hara.jpg)

Idk why she keeps dating fuggos

No. 581397

white people genes are tragic(racebaiting)

No. 581398

Looks like Markiplier.

No. 581400

File: 1594243809648.jpg (65.23 KB, 847x565, jonas-brothers.jpg)

Doesn't matter that Priyanka is older, the Jonas brothers are overrated midgets who lucked out.

No. 581402

I now ship Sansa with Priyanka bc they look amazing next to each other.

No. 581406

Hard agree.

No. 581411

File: 1594244732510.jpg (730.61 KB, 1440x1417, 20200708_174402.jpg)

deelishis from flavor of love

No. 581415

File: 1594244933742.jpg (61.13 KB, 341x512, unnamed.jpg)

"Do you have any spare change, mam?"
Imagine thinking you marry one of the biggest pop stars, the dream guy of millions of teen girls and getting a depressed (druggie) slob instead…

No. 581423

File: 1594246100864.jpg (87.51 KB, 650x1000, 17afb7f9964b4c93406217db4bcd7c…)

>Implying that they're not both dope heads, It was the same as him and Selena

No. 581431

Just shows her (And Selena’s) genetic superiority, these women could be smoking crack and still look leagues above their men

No. 581444

File: 1594249632991.png (49.75 KB, 1082x148, Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 4.07…)

No. 581445

whatever sheer socks she is presumably wearing make her look like she has the world's worst tan lines around her ankles

No. 581450

File: 1594250587314.jpg (86.93 KB, 1050x700, 769079cfdb134f5be7cfe30ab046b6…)

damn markiplier lowkey fell off

this thread makes me feel better in a very shallow way lol, like i really lucked out being semi-cute and getting a bf on the same level as me to where me saying he has a "good personality" isn't an a veiled insult

anyway here's one of my favorite examples because you could say this about literally ANY of his past girlfriends

No. 581460

remember when pete davidson dated ariana grande, their relationship ended, and he was with kate beckinsale within weeks

No. 581465

him and mgk do not match up with like anyone they've been with lol

No. 581467

File: 1594252632723.jpeg (442.47 KB, 2000x1333, image.jpeg)

No. 581472

File: 1594253138389.jpg (91.76 KB, 878x1192, ap121932881366_s878x1192.jpg)

No. 581475

File: 1594253651865.jpg (113.91 KB, 800x800, ERW_river (1).jpg)

No. 581477

File: 1594253782007.jpg (99.48 KB, 460x706, aQR8bjd_460s.jpg)

No. 581479

File: 1594254283800.jpeg (40.57 KB, 600x705, D7D13855-DF88-4BC8-B160-A7DC8D…)

Literally reminds me of the shitty lion taxidermy with those eyes holy shit

No. 581483

File: 1594256095873.jpg (161.84 KB, 1080x1350, Did-Emma-Stone-Secretly-Marry-…)

No. 581487

File: 1594256607483.jpg (96.42 KB, 1080x1345, Kelly-Piquet-and-Daniil-Kvyat.…)

No. 581488

He's not even ugly and she's really not all that attractive kek.

No. 581494

File: 1594257268706.jpg (692.47 KB, 1362x2048, MV5BMjI4NjM1NDkyN15BMl5BanBnXk…)

if you think they're in the same league you're probably jewish

he literally looks like the happy merchant meme

No. 581497

Is that Cameron Dallas?

No. 581517

File: 1594260531716.jpg (243.79 KB, 1280x720, owo-whats-this.jpg)

he looks like the grinch kek

No. 581575

I think thats a F1 driver daniil kvyat

No. 581690

File: 1594306111514.jpg (88.85 KB, 682x1023, lars and jessica.jpg)

No. 581713

>be literal prince
>still don't have hair plugs or invisiline

They really like to keep the royal inbreeding on full display huh.

Pete must have a dick of gold.

No. 581721

IMO this isn't a good example. Pete might not be conventional Hollywood attractive, but he falls into a certain type that a lot of women do find really hot. I love Ariana, but she's absolutely curveless, her body is proana lite, and her face is nothing special without makeup. As for Kate Beckinsale, she's beautiful, but she's 20 years older than him.

No. 581722


oh my god I just watched this season of fol, deelishis was one of my favs


poor evan. how does manson snag all these beautiful women, I don't understand

No. 581725

I'm sure even within the coveted category of grimy skinny tall white boys with butthole eyes there are more attractive examples that Pete Davidson

No. 581734

She must be a necrophiliac, cause he look like the fucking crypt keeper.

No. 581735

well pete is confirmed to have a big dick though……… so

No. 581740

Women can find ugly dudes hot so. He’s objectively fugly.

No. 581839

(Kinda off topic) It seems to be a thing for the British royals that you can't look too attractive, other than in a natural "English rose" type of way. I feel mean about this, because she's a teenager, but they dress one of the younger royals (Louise Windsor) like she's a middle aged lady.

No. 581856

There's definitely a rule that the royals have to dress boring as fuck. Anyone who think Kate Middleton/Megan Markle are style icons are the most basic women you will ever meet

No. 581870

I can’t believe this is the guy she ended up saving her virginity for

No. 581916

>that fucking tracksuit or whatever that is
I would refuse to go for groceries with a man dressed like that, not to mention a fucking gala.

Sansa's partner looks okay, though, even if he's a manlet.

No. 581931

File: 1594342021200.jpg (471.07 KB, 2000x2400, 9397513.jpg)

on the same level imo also both are equally annoying so

100% agreed with this

macaulay culkin & brenda song - not horribly bad and they seem kinda cute together but definitely a surprise bc shes very pretty

No. 581939

Wasn't she with trey cyrus in the past? She's got a type

No. 581946

I'm white and I simply cannot understand why so many of my friends and colleagues who are beautiful women of color, go for these absolutely mediocre looking white boys. He looks like the crust that forms around the lid of a container of sour cream after like 6 weeks in the fridge.

No. 581961

File: 1594348810403.jpg (52.72 KB, 700x350, dolphgrace.jpg)

I hope this doesn't get counter as racebait but its usually east Asian and Indian women who go with mediocre looking white guys, black women seem to date actually attractive white men

No. 581963


I’m biracial and I’ll only go for white men who are at least decent looking with a job and money. Same goes for mixed men, East Asian men or whatever. Make sure he’s got his own things…

No. 581964


Probably wants a bit of that cutesy Christmas Kevin for her own kids. Shame they’ll end up looking like a blinded Quagmire.

No. 581969

Like I said black women date white guys who are actually attractive, its not too uncommon to see a black woman dating a white man but if they are dating white men, they are always attractive white man

No. 581970

yes but i try to forget that lol

very true

No. 581977

I enjoyed when we had the reverse version of this thread but the content turned to this thread almost instantly because men are on average just objectively much uglier.

No. 581991

File: 1594353863941.jpg (151.84 KB, 660x452, jce7afpoao701.jpg)

80's Dolph was A+++++. Grace was not settling

No. 582005

Both were perfect human specimens. The sex between those two giants, probably broke all the furniture, and windows in the house!

No. 582010

Damn Rose really went for it with that dress huh

No. 582015

File: 1594356165089.jpg (69.05 KB, 440x554, dolph-lundgren-grace-jones-snu…)

I'm sorry anon, I'm the OP of >>581991 and I thought you were insulting my waifu so jumped to his defense. I did not read to original post correcty

I've had a few

No. 582024

kate beckinsale obviously isn't ugly by any means but she's always given me a gross vibe. and something about her look in her eyes has always unsettled me kek. i think she only dated him because she has a fetish for very young guys tbh.

No. 582027

File: 1594359914308.jpg (66.21 KB, 720x980, BBXMik6.jpg)

his nose is big but it's really not caricature-big, it fits his face fine. Idk they seem evenly matched to me.

No. 582051

>Attractive women usually cant get one either.
This has been making me chuckle since yesterday. I keep thinking about your post. Thanks, anon.

No. 582061

I think the same.
If I just saw them on the street, I certainly wouldn’t think ‘Oh noes, what is she doing with that uggo’
Evenly matched.

No. 582108

I don't know who this woman is, but damn her body is amazing.

No. 582110

Does anyone feel that most men are low-key not attractive? I'm 100% straight (or nearly that) but women just put so much more work into themselves than men. A lot of women find a haircut that flatters their face shape, if they don't have eyebrows they fill them in, they learn what clothes compliment their body type, etc.

Men roll out of bed, throw on whatever T-shirt is nearest them, and expect to be given the world.

I had a good chuckle swiping through my bisexual friend's Tinder, seeing the difference in men and women's profile. A lot of the women also had good lighting, angles, and cute backdrops. Men would post a meme as their first photo, or a selfie taken from below in bad lighting.

No. 582117

I don't understand how anyone finds this bag of bones with a social disease fuckable. What is wrong with young straight women??

No. 582118

>Ugly men with beautiful wives/gfs
so basically all of them

No. 582119

He's still uglier. I wouldn't be shocked either because it's normal to us. Even when a couple matches look wise, the girl always look better.

No. 582127

File: 1594384522497.jpeg (216.12 KB, 1462x2000, kd.jpeg)

>all the anons ITT stating "These are evenly matched!" and "These are balanced!" to couples that clearly aren't
Why are straight women like this?

No. 582148

Those anons just think the woman is overrated and don't like her personally

No. 582149

Grace and Dolph are the only evenly matched couple in this thread and they are both out of this world.

No. 582271

File: 1594407904027.jpeg (561.37 KB, 2606x3000, 01fa95bf-d3a4-43b5-a068-7d1be3…)

Howard Stern and his wife

No. 582277

I agree in most cases the woman is more beautiful, but I wonder how much this is skewed because famous women have makeup artists and more plastic surgery than men?

No. 582299

File: 1594412113262.jpg (379.76 KB, 1200x857, ariana-grande-before-and-after…)

I agree with what you're saying, but celebrity men definitely get plastic surgery. It's usually just filler/botox instead of actual surgery. And actors wear makeup, but I'm not sure if they wear it during public appearances.

Either way, women are always gonna be more attractive than men, and even without PS. For example, Ariana before PS with minimal makeup is still out of Pete's league.

No. 582315

File: 1594413338429.jpg (47.07 KB, 567x561, Frn6TOS.jpg)

Aside from Doja Cat lol

No. 582318

I'd like to see what this guy looks like with a different hair style before I declare him ugly tbh…he looks like he could have potential.

No. 582324

File: 1594413800395.jpg (61.39 KB, 1280x720, wM9iAPU.jpg)

No. 582332

fat cyr

No. 582342

jfc, the woman on the right is absolutely stunning! This is some tragedy. Damn right they lucked out.

Rose is an actual goddess. I'm glad she's away from Manson now

No. 582353

The better question is, why don't the men get makeup artists and surgery so they don't look so disgusting next to their partners

No. 582355

Where's the anon saying black women have good taste in white boys!

No. 582362

Shes not black. Shes mixed. Shes just as much white as she is black.

No. 582365

LSAfag detected

No. 582366

Stop being retarded. Doja cat is WHITE and BLACK. She is both. She also grew up in a white community which would have a huge effect on her dating preferences. You're out here arguing with facts Becky.

No. 582368

So she is black lmao you literally said "shes not black"
You gotta go back

No. 582371

Maybe it's the other half of her acting up, kek.

No. 582373

If you can call her black, I can call her white.

No. 582375

I'm the anon that posted her pic and I agree

No. 582389

I'm pretty sure someone is still a race even if they're only half that race. A Eurasian is still Asian even if they're only half. Stop with this reverse one drop rule shit.

No. 582390

>Remembers that really old ONTD post where she was "pregnant" with Trace's baby and it was filled with horse puns.
Say what you will about Macaulay Culkin but it's a definite upgrade from Trace Cyrus.

No. 582408

File: 1594425496522.jpg (39.7 KB, 450x450, custom_1582101380733 (1)-15821…)

KEK u make a good point

thought of another one!!!! i love this thread

No. 582415

I'm confused. They're both hideous

No. 582421

NTA but don't play dumb just because you don't like Taylor, she's conventionally pretty and thin. Meanwhile her husband is an absolute goblin, every time I see him I ask myself what the fuck is the point of trying to be attractive when that's the reward you get lmao.

No. 582438

File: 1594432830927.png (492.4 KB, 568x594, Screen Shot 2020-07-10 at 8.59…)

came here to post exactly this. Though I think your photo doesn't do it justice (Even though she did in fact fuck her face up with filler) I feel like this one more accurately shows the difference between them.

No. 582439

File: 1594433102751.jpg (12.35 KB, 400x225, s-l400.jpg)

he looks like he's wearing novelty eyeglasses

No. 582441

fucking lol anon

No. 582446

thank u kind anon!! honestly she did but i still have a soft spot for her


No. 582452

delusional as fuck.

anons you've really got to get over your hang ups on age (i've seen it several times in this thread). A decent amount of men think being older is a plus. It doesn't devalue a woman to not be in her 20s anymore. Get help.

looks like egoraptor kek

No. 582463

File: 1594435232964.jpg (150.27 KB, 1015x1200, ENUHdSfX0AESA_C.jpg)

they both look unflattering in the pic you posted, I think they both looksmatch

No. 582465

File: 1594435521710.jpg (130.35 KB, 720x792, original (1).jpg)

She was joji's girlfriend for like a year in 2017. I'm in the group who actually thinks joji is cute but…. let's be fucking real.

No. 582470

Gonna need a pic of them together to for better evaluation. I don't think joji is that ugly.

No. 582471

holy!!!! shes pretty who is she lol and uhh joji is ok but shes out of his league

No. 582475

File: 1594436599540.jpg (70.7 KB, 1080x1080, e13001a7999d2522200b6e5765fc9e…)

kek this is the only photo the've ever actually taken side by side. The rest of the photos are just them in the same exact locations as each, other wearing each others clothes, etc.

Lauren Tsai

No. 582477


No. 582479

Joji is only cute on account of being Joji, she’s wayyyy out of his league lookswise

No. 582490

At least they both get something out of each other. Yeah, he is ugly, but he is also rich, and we know Taylor has no marketable skills aside from being another cute white girl in Asia (who is unfortunately now irrelevant to society since she's 30+ - not my rule, society's rule.) Taylor gets to be a rich kawaii stay-at-home interior design dolly in whatever country she's in these days, whatever his name is gets a kawaii dolly white wife to screw.

On the other hand, I don't understand these very successful female actresses and singers getting with useless crusty white men. Imagine being worth millions of dollars and you choose a scrawny white dude with a greasy mullet who wears unwashed T-shirts. (I didn't say his name but an image popped into your head, didn't it uwu)

No. 582498

why is this a race issue. as many examples in this point other men are just as capable of being ugly

No. 582504

Sorry to break it to you, but the anons in these types of threads are incredibly superficial and see people 99% according to their physical appearance.

No. 582530

Is that on the left actually minimal makeup? I can't tell, pls no booly.

Shaming men is entertaining but all these industries do is line men's profits in the end. Plus, if they're a gross old man with a younger woman, makeup can't do much kek.

I just want to believe in a world where men bother to get flattering haircuts.

No. 582559

It looks like she's just wearing eyeshadow, liner, mascara and lipgloss. You can see her real skin so I doubt she's wearing foundation.
OT but the hairline on Doja's wig looks awful

No. 582560

I was pointing out that the looksgap isn’t skewed because women wear makeup and be catfish on purpose. It is so because women in the industry are expected to look fuckable at all times while men can just look like shit thus not needing makeup artists or plastic surgery.

No. 582576

Her awful fillers and extremely matted dog horrify me more than her bad taste in men, but maybe that's because I feel like he's probably the least offensive looking out of the ones posted here so far. Or maybe I'm getting too used to seeing chubby below average Asian dudes with cute import waifus.

No. 582623

I have nothing against Asian men or white females, its more about how these two specifically fetishize/use each other.

Idk how familiar you are with Taylor R but basically her only claim to fame is being a pretty white girl who modeled in Asia, which is a niche but prolific genre of YouTube. She had a whole weaboo "dolly" phase on youtube and has lived in various Asian countries for years, but never learned any of the languages. She doesn't do anymore much but film buzzfeed challenge type YouTube videos.

Her husband, Tom, is creator of some men's magazine in Asia. They did stuff like publish suggestive photos of under-18 white models to discuss their sexiness, so i have to believe there's some kind of race thing involved here. He is very rich so Taylor gets her dream of a luxury apartment in Asia (forget what country they are in now.)

There are asian male white female couples that are equally gorgeous but this ain't one of them. Sorry for saying the obvious.

No. 582626

lol she is ratfaced, they're made for each other.

No. 582628

Bruh, you're on a women's gossip website on a thread called "Ugly men with beautiful wives/gfs." If the content here disturbs you idk what to say.

No. 582663

File: 1594482457254.png (1.93 MB, 1600x1600, rose-ed.png)

Where are my 90 Day Fiance bottom feeders at?

Rose and Ed are the most notable couple, but this goes for any 40+ y/o incel on the show dating a 20 year old woman in a 3rd world country.

No. 582672

For what it's worth Rose did not put up with his disgusting behavior and respected herself, unlike some other couples where the foreigner is so desperate to date an american they accept all kind of abuse (for example Usman with Lisa)

No. 582675

I like Rose. She left his stupid egg-shaped self and now she has a youtube channel with millions of views. I hope she can afford a place with running water and an actual roof, she deserves it.

No. 582679

File: 1594486941740.jpg (50.12 KB, 640x642, ciara-and-russell-wilson-atten…)

No. 582809

He's a serious step up from the scrotes she was dating before. I'm happy for her. Idk if it is even possible for Ciara to be able to date her looks match because she's that hot imo.

No. 583056

File: 1594547541559.jpg (287.32 KB, 658x600, Senator-Chiz-and-Love-Marie-Es…)

This shit is so upsetting lol. her husband is on the left and on top of that he has two kids. Why…

No. 583365

File: 1594592528855.jpeg (54.01 KB, 1068x712, B10B3555-0213-4378-BCC9-7CA932…)

i don’t think this is as egregious as some of the others in this thread but i’d say these two are pretty badly matched looks wise

No. 583366

File: 1594593001775.png (171.19 KB, 307x301, CRIEKYn.png)

This..has got to be the worst one. I really don't understand how that happens.

No. 583900

File: 1594678116380.jpg (106.51 KB, 677x1024, a0693cbbec8b00dd3b68b02654001d…)

one more for the pile

No. 583907

he's not a looker for sure but he looks like basic trailer trash who just got addicted to something, right before it truly goes downhill.

No. 584014

that smile lol, you can tell shes dead inside

No. 584132

File: 1594732726639.jpg (104.01 KB, 634x1024, rs_634x1024-190315171126.jpg)

remind me this other trashy couple

No. 584168

I don't think they're mismatched, I think he's kinda attractive but also he's really tall and funny, so I get why she's with him, plus she's not that beautiful herself.

No. 584179

tbh shes not even that hot either. the trash part is right tho

No. 584182

Why does Bella Thorne always look greasy?

No. 584589

Can I ask a question here? If not please just delete my comment.

I am in the same dynamic as these women (though I'm single atm). I have a problem with undervaluing my looks and overvaluing men's looks. I'm a woman who habitually and unintentionally downgrades. I want to stop but I guess I just get giddy over male attention and my judgement is clouded.

Does anyone have any advice or personal experience with this? I need to break the cycle with downgrading tremendously–I'm actually terrified to date again because of it. If that seems dramatic please understand that my ex was legitimately hideous in comparison to me and I didn't realize it until months after we broke up. I'm even embarrassed to admit to new platonic girl friends that I dated him–yes, that's how bad my judgment has been.

No. 584772

If you're at the level with your girl friends you feel comfortable admitting to this you could ask them for a second opinion on dudes before pursuing anything. Alternatively just ask for opinions from them on a picture of a guy without context, which may be even more honest with no clouding judgment of "oh but is he niiice? give him a chance" etc.

No. 584803

Not to be a jerk, but you should ask yourself what you care about. If you just want them to be attractive enough that you don't feel embarassed with a looks-gap to your peers and family, just ask your peers and family how they think he looks. Do what makes you happy, and date who makes you happy. And don't force yourself to be attracted to people you will eventually find ugly and push away. It's not healthy for either of you.

Saged myself for OT.

No. 584805

File: 1594834545303.jpg (86.22 KB, 1280x720, kirlyam90d.jpg)

Contributing Kirlyam and Alan from 90 day fiance. They're one of the most infuriating examples to me not because Alan is so hideous but because Kirlyam is legit drop dead gorgeous and deserved so much better (and younger).

I'm the same way anon. It took a year of being broken up and multiple people straight up telling me to realize that my ex was seriously very ugly.
It definitely has to do with insecurity, at least for me. If there's an obvious gap in looks I don't worry as much about not being good enough for him or him leaving me. It feels 'safe', even if that's not something I consciously realize when getting into the relationship.
To some extent this doesn't have to be bad, if you're more comfortable with a guy like that and you don't mind his looks that is. But if you find yourself wanting a more handsome bf or even repulsed by him during the relationship, it obviously has to change. The same goes for feeling embarrassed to show people your bf or to be seen with him.

Honestly I don't know if asking your friends for a second opinion is the best solution, since tastes are very personal. Other than that though you can't do much except trying to actively remind yourself of this problem and eventually working to better the underlying insecurity.

No. 584839

I actually checked out her instagram last late autumn, and they seem to be doing very well, she is fluent in english and has nice, loving kids with him and they seem pretty wholesome. I was afraid she would end up being thrown in the trash but I am happy she wasn't.

No. 584935

common now, she's waaay hotter than him

No. 585051

He always gave me such creep incel ~buying a russian virgin bride because american women are whores~ vibe. Cant remember if that was confirmed to be the case or not but iirc it was, more or less.

No. 585087

Howard Stern is legit super awful personality-wise too. Rich men can get away with anything.

Dang, Doja Cat looks really different without makeup although she's still better-looking for sure

No. 585452

ok ppl lets be real they both look awful (although i guess outfit-wise she looks semi-better bc i hate seeing his hairy leg POP out those ripped white jeans)

No. 585459

lmao she dating egoraptor?

No. 585464

> If there's an obvious gap in looks I don't worry as much about not being good enough for him or him leaving me.
Continuing with this, ugly men cheat and are still capable of being evil. By dating an ugly man, you're not "safer" from cheating or treated better. Regardless of how you feel about FDS, plenty of women there mentioned dating uglies who treat them like shit.

I wouldn't care how "objectively" hot a guy is when dating him, sure we have this thread but who cares. As long as you're sexually attracted to and not embarrassed by him then it's fine. Sounds like you have general self-esteem issues, consider talking to someone about that.

No. 585483

File: 1594960613931.png (167.74 KB, 719x505, 3603421.png)

Dont date ugly men. This is what they think of women.

No. 585619

Both him and post Malone ugly slobs, but ngl I love their music.

No. 585627

File: 1594994814222.jpg (102.39 KB, 944x1100, a8ffe75008c776f6184f6e54f01fff…)

they are broken up but still. shaking

No. 585637

Wtf? He looks like the Ice Age baby.

No. 585673

He looks like a human Yoshi.

No. 585674

He looks like kiwi kek

No. 585679

File: 1595001522991.gif (22.75 KB, 96x90, laugh.gif)

No. 585690

Ugly men are way worse than pretty guys in my opinion. They cheat more and treat you like trash due to their resentment of women, and thinking they can and deserve better than you, even though you are leagues above them. Pretty guys can get whatever girl they want, so dating them means they actually want to be with you, so they don't cheat as much.

No. 586279

File: 1595125494849.jpeg (64.09 KB, 1140x700, CC206FE6-A555-490F-B219-CD6D2B…)

No. 586296

Holy shit, i didn't remember him being this ugly. It's like he's holding a tennis ball in his cheeks.

No. 586316

this is really sad.

No. 586353


OT but why does she have what looks like multiple cuts on her arm/wrist?

No. 586356

Always felt guilty for thinking this because i'm just reinforcing women's unrealistic beauty standards but she would be STUNNING with make up on

No. 586397

File: 1595152442301.jpg (98.78 KB, 972x1390, chinese-pianist-lang-lang-and-…)

As a child Lang Lang was my number one idol, now this old pig married a woman barely older than me, how disappointing…

I would argue that when a man takes care of his appearance this means that he has realized that just he himself/his personality on its own is not good enough which at least shows that he's somewhat aware and critical of himself - contrary to e.g. dear Ethan >>586279 here who believes that literally everything about his gross self is a gift of god to women.

No. 586432

This thread is depressing

No. 586443

This is so upsetting because it's like wow my average looking ass has no business being as picky as I am when it comes to men if people who look like this are settling for genuinely ugly people.

No. 586448

>choosing your partner because of how conventionally attractive they look

the fuck? there is more to humans being attractive than their looks. I would never ever have a relationship with a person solely because of their looks. Whats inside the head is what makes humans attractive imo.

No. 586449

to clarify, rich old men having trophy wives is disgusting regardless

No. 586452

This thread made me even more picky with men. If completely deformed guys deserve beauties then so do I.

No. 586457

You have all the business to be picky.
Accepting ugly dudes 100% guarantees you won't ever be with a cute one. At least when you're single and looking the likelihood isn't zero.

No. 586574

Do they have a cat because that's what my arms look like

No. 586622

madison beer dated an ftm?

No. 586710

It's possible, anon. I think we all probably have in real life examples we can think of, and there's an opposite thread to this one somewhere if you're feeling bad.
Also don't date old men thinking they will be any better. And never settle, because everyone I know who settled seems miserable eventually.

No. 587110

File: 1595268529434.jpg (168.19 KB, 860x1075, nick-jonas-priyanka-chopra-860…)

I'll probably get shit for this, but I think Pri is slightly less attractive than Nick. Maybe it's the heavy lipstick and contacts. I hate contacts; they look uncanny valley.

No. 587187

You've awakened my deep hate for this bitch. Her botox lips and fucked up rhinoplasty always make me question how high Nick is to want to marry that

No. 587201

Does he have a medical condition?

No. 587211

Yea it's called being fug ugly

No. 587219

File: 1595285083826.gif (970.28 KB, 400x400, nickshrug.gif)

She's an insanely well known Bollywood actress with a $20 mil. networth despite coming from India. I've read somewhere her dad is wealthy too. She was set to become an engineer before she supposedly got a serious modeling offer. She seems very intelligent and she's loaded. Sets Nick for life, so…

No. 588150

>and there's an opposite thread to this one somewhere
And it's exactly the same as this thread kek.

No. 590636

File: 1595784055929.jpg (998.95 KB, 828x1935, fac6125.jpg)

No. 590639

who the fuck is that uggo douechbag

No. 612163

not so subtle racism thread

No. 612172

Why did you bump a month old thread for that?

No. 612174

shut up faggot

No. 612202

File: 1598144640286.jpeg (621.97 KB, 2467x3000, AA6C8059-4050-40D2-BF10-DF7D89…)

No. 612234

… is that perez hilton? i thought he was gay

No. 612239


No. 612262

guy looks like he had his features photoshopped to his face

No. 612272

Russell looks a little fat but I think normally he looks better. And he seems like a decent guy and is an NFL quarterback so I think it's an equal pairing. I can't remember the last song Ciara had so…

No. 612279

Girl weighs 300 kg and he’s rich so it’s an ok match.

No. 612283

he looks like that monkey they put a different monkeys brain in

No. 612287

Who’s he? Ugly ass couple. They look like youtubers. Ew.

No. 612291

lmao that's h3h3 (a youtuber) he is like the worst kind of anti-sjw and his wife/gf/whatever gives me mad mail-order-bride vibes.

No. 612294

he literally met his wife through an Israely dating program. his parents sent him to Israel to "find a good Jewish girl". 100% a green card thing, I used to be into them in highschool and even then I noticed they had nothing in common.

No. 612301

no kidding? i only know them because my dumbass former friend likes em. nice to know i was right on the money. some people feel bad for her but she seems just as obnoxious and cringy.

No. 612309

Really? I thought they met in Santa Cruz when he was a pot dealer or some shit. Hila is kinda odd looking for me. She can be attractive at times and has really nice eyes, but she's also really tall and thin (and not in a graceful way either). Her presence is a bit awkward too but I'll cut her some slack because English isn't her first language. She's still way out of his league though.

No. 612311

Pretty sure they had a video about meeting at a Holocaust museum in Isreal. I think the weed thing was from after she moved to the US.

No. 612324

No kidding? No wonder she always looks so odd and uncomfortable around him.

No. 612349

This thread made me realize all of my friends look better than their partners even if they're not that pretty. I'm not mad tho, shows they look beyond appearence and the guys are also genuinely nice to them

No. 612364

File: 1598163081811.jpg (105.95 KB, 750x937, laura-clery-stephen-hilton.jpg)

I think both of them are cringy and not particularly good looking, but she's still much better looking than he is. He seems unkempt and dirty at times.

No. 612417

>he literally met his wife through an Israely dating program.
Not true though? They were both (separately) doing the Birthright, which is a trip organized by some non profit organization for young Israeli people to discover their heritage and stay connected to their roots. Not a "dating program" at all, though obviously being a two week trip for youth people will end up meeting a partner there.
Hila seems like an awkward person overall and Ethan is obnoxious but they always seemed in sync to me, similar sense of humor and so. IDK why people really want their relationship to be fake.

No. 612446

File: 1598183027300.jpg (109.02 KB, 580x600, Bobby Lee and girlfriend.jpg)

I feel like most hollywood couples are at least somewhat okay, with not too big differences, but all those new types of "celebrites" like youtubers, instagrammers, streamers, also rappers, and so on are always horrible. The standards for women to be super hot and perfect are even higher while scrotes in those fields are allowed to downright brag about how lazy and filthy they are.

No. 612451

They both look creepy tbh. They could be siblings.

No. 612461

File: 1598184908308.jpeg (84.85 KB, 568x564, 49E43378-1254-446A-8ACF-DCF89B…)

They’re split up now but always wondered why so many beautiful women end up with guys who look like this

No. 612462

Birthright was literally created with being a Jewish matchmaking service in mind, they let the kids go party in Israel in the hopes they’ll pursue relationships with other Jews. The guides are IDF so they can meet young Israelis. I think it’s a super cool program imo and everyone who can go should, but it’s fact it was established for the purpose of creating Jewish relationships/families lol

No. 612465

Yea, the whole shtick is to keep that blood running clear kek

No. 612480

Kek it's called "Birthright" so young Jewish kids who would have otherwise never set foot in Israel feel entitled to that land

No. 612481

I'm not saying all black women have low standards with white men, but the black women who are 'down for the swirl' definitely punch below their weight.

No. 612484

I usually agree but not in this case, her head is scarily gigantic.

That's definitely the case, just see how women interested in mixed relationships on lipstick alley tear down leo dicaprio's barely legal model girlfriends for supposedly being not good enough from him while he's looking like a pile of shit… But it's the same way for yellow fever too: most women are simply clueless on whether men of other races are actually attractive and thus are happy to date the ones way below them.

No. 612503

Onision eyes

No. 612534

File: 1598196835132.jpg (51.16 KB, 540x558, 1cab90218e34d11c0799e2ac42b7ad…)

I thought these two were both considered attractive in their own right? They don't look mismatched at all. The guy is not my type, but he's not ugly or 20 years older than her.

No. 612540

I agree she's probably out of his league but he's a conventionally attractive man for as far as I can tell (no clue who he is/they are) in this one picture. I guess the lightening makes him look washed out.

No. 612554

No he is not.

No. 612580

I think he's pretty fucking hot tbh.

No. 612586

he is conventionally small town attractive. she looks like a model. he could just be unphotogenic though.

No. 612599

File: 1598205264164.jpg (110.7 KB, 634x603, Screenshot_15.jpg)

Gong Li and Jean-Michel Jarre

No. 621719

File: 1599090798914.png (1.15 MB, 661x969, 50.PNG)

50 cent's gf is out of his league

No. 621774

Yeah…. idk i’d still fuck him though

No. 621788

ngl i think they look cute together

No. 621802

she's def prettier than him but he's not bad at all

No. 621867

At first glance I thought that was his own tiny ass hand

No. 621959

Do we live in the same world, she's a solid 10 and he's 8, they lookmatch

No. 621988

You been around too many ugly white boys

No. 621990

What's a good looking white boy in your opinion then?

No. 622013

There are many hot boys threads around here anon

No. 622015

What are you trying to even say ? Their both good looking people

No. 622019

I’m saying that dude is NOT 8/10. He literally looks like Raven Spark’s husband but rich. That fuckboy haircut accentuates his neanderthal forehead, caveman brows, and sunken eyes that are too close together. No amount of shitty beard and /fa/ tier clothes will deceive me.

No. 622028

Kek, you serious? You're the one saying that he's an uggo and that whoever thinks he's a 8/10 has "been around to many ugly white boys", so I want to see what you'd consider a good-looking one.

No. 622032

I don't know like he seems to have what I would consider a generically good looking face, some people like that and some people don't, besides this is a thread for ugly men dating attractive women and while I understand his face isn't for everyone he's not in any way ugly

No. 622053

We need to stop grading men on a curve

No. 622102

i always thought beyonce looked staggeringly plain, i don't know why her of all women is held as a "queen" by many. with that said jay-z got hit with the black genes hard, he looks like a camel

No. 622115

File: 1599142493196.png (117.88 KB, 307x324, 1594577808996.png)

Ladies, no need to fight. Truth is, all men are ugly.

No. 622129

File: 1599144806814.jpg (56.45 KB, 750x718, 20200520_175856.jpg)

If it has the essence of a man, it is ugly in one way or another

No. 622176

No. 623625

lmaoooo that my bf told me their story, something about she saved his life cuz he was depressed or something.

My bf also told me this couple was like us, I do like ugly man tbh and chubby

No. 623629

Really? I've always thought the exact opposite, that most female youtubers/streamers considered 'beautiful' are very average. I also feel like most famous male youtubers/streamers have average/below average girlfriends compared to traditional celebrities.

No. 624668

File: 1599497763331.png (1.49 MB, 790x1056, whib.png)

No. 624669

File: 1599497790103.jpg (75.04 KB, 615x855, Deryck-Whibley.jpg)

No. 624680

kek knew he'd end up looking like a nasty hobgoblin

No. 624689

Meh, they're short but I feel like besides that their wives are basically looksmatches. Joe Jonas & his wife are hot people. Priyanka is somewhat hotter than Nick but mostly due to surgeries

He's a good looking guy but that woman is literally stunning

WOW LOL. He wasn't attractive to begin with but he really doesn't carry that weight gain well. The struggle of being a short person.

This whole thread is proof male incels have no excuses. Women can, to an extent, increase their "sexual market value" with makeup and surgeries, but men can increase their value by cultivating a great career/persona. This might be more difficult than applying makeup, but imo is also less limiting if that makes sense

No. 624692

He looks like her mentally handicapped preteen son

No. 624706

He is ugly, but this pic is him dealing with severe alcoholism. He looks a bit better now, but still not good looking.

No. 625658

File: 1599605358254.jpg (78.59 KB, 914x1200, DemSOq3UwAAaR-_.jpg)

>blinded Quagmire

No. 625684

Shit why do we still keep making humans when we reached perfection with those two

No. 625819

File: 1599625458379.jpg (117.74 KB, 380x285, emilysebastian.jpg)

Because most women are beautiful and most men are ugly, I also feel like ugly men are significantly less picky about looks (wanting a hot girl, not just wanting a certain type of hot like how most men insist on exclusively dating blondes, asians, skinny short girls, curvy girls, pale girls, young girls, etc) and I also feel like these men are more accepting when it comes to personality flaws and actually put in effort to get these women

Average 4-6.5/10 men have some egos and try to exclusively date a certain "type", so when a beautiful woman is giving them a chance they'll try to pull the whole "I only date ___ girls" card. Which is why you see so many objectively ugly men with objectively beautiful women, funny enough attractive men aren't as picky either, it's always average looking men who got the most to say

No. 625865

you're forgetting fugly men who think they are hot shit.

No. 625867

True that's a thing unfortunately, I've seen ugly as sin men treat beautiful girls like they're the ugly ones, but they still date them when given the chance, average men on the other hand will only date women with whatever trait they're fetishizing at the moment, leaving them with ugly or average women who have the trait but less than attractive features

No. 629748

This shit haunts me. Who would cheat on Beyoncé? I’m not even really a fan of hers but… it’s fucking Beyoncé. She’s beautiful and talented. Jay-Z is lame in comparison. Like, the only reason I can figure is because he couldn’t stand being with a woman who was equal to him, or honestly greater than him. Even worse, how could she possibly forgive him?

No. 629752

>Like, the only reason I can figure is because he couldn’t stand being with a woman who was equal to him
Come on anon, that's thinking way too deeply about it. Men just want to stick their dicks in literally everything, novelty is more important to them than how beautiful and amazing a woman might be. If they're married then they want to have their cake and eat it too.

No. 629765

File: 1600041130010.jpg (23.57 KB, 493x275, Cheating_5f72ab_5590065.jpg)

Ugly men get ego trips when beautiful women give them a chance, every single objectively attractive woman I've met who dated a guy leagues below her got cheated on with ugly women

No. 629782

I don’t agree. Some of my incredibly gorgeous friends are with uggo guys who adore them, maybe due to some validation that they, despite being ugly, can attract a hot woman. Though I’m sure plenty of uggos do have your mindset, plenty don’t.

No. 629784

File: 1600043381429.jpg (33.96 KB, 600x850, BBZj7ud.img.jpg)

Remember in the 90s when Hugh Grant cheated on Elizabeth Hurley with some hooker? Not even saying he's ugly, but she was obviously way more attractive. Imagine having a 10/10 wife and still paying for prostitutes.

No. 629787

I settled for an ugly guy once. I remember we were walking thru town and he admired our reflection in the windows and I cringed. Anyway he cheated on me loads when out with his ugly older mates. Actually walked in on him chatting up this very visibly autistic woman in a local dive bar. Guess that's karma

No. 630044

Men will cheat regardless of how hot their partner is and how ugly the hook-up

No. 631704


It's almost like new pussy is better than old pussy. kek(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 631710

They want variety, even if it's technically a downgrade from what's at home

Part of me understands it because when I'm with a partner I'm prone to losing that initial spark really quickly, sex with a new person is more exciting in some ways. That being said, I've still made it to my oldfag age without ever cheating

No. 631712

oh but he's ugly

No. 631731

Honestly my theory is that in these cases a big factor is the fame and fortune. They have a higher, easier access to other successful, attractive people who are all probably trying to get in each other's pants, 24/7. When I read about actors cheating with their costars, I just imagine them on the set with all these flashy looking people swapping each other around, eyeing the new meat. Probably meeting them on the movie set, flirting and shit makes it ~exciting.~ When I think about this Im kind of not surprised. Its depressing though that given the opportunity seems like most people would go for it. Idk, cheating is bad and makes my heart hurt.

No. 631733

samefag but it being a prostitute makes it dumber and worse but I guess with all that money to blow… that's where it heads

No. 631765

I think that's true for most competitive workplaces. I used to work in finance and being beautiful and desirable was really important, not in a bimbo way, more like just another thing to be competitive about.

No. 631968

It would make sense but the thing is normie ugly men are doing it too

No. 637043

File: 1600877855573.png (1.29 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200923-211605.png)

She's actually pretty average but she could get much better then this

No. 637044

This is their wedding also btw

No. 637060


No. 637063

This makes me feel a bit better knowing that even if I was pretty I most likely would not get a qt bf. Even beautiful women are normally with uglier men and that comforts me.

No. 637073

It's the opposite for me, no matter how much effort I put into my looks, the guy I'll get to date will always look uglier…and I don't want that lol

No. 637116

I know no matter how much work I put into it I will never fit societies ideal beauty standard. It comforts me knowing yes I'm not blonde, yeah I dont have white/clear skin and yes I'm not cute but girls like that have ugly bfs too and the ones with cute bfs are mbeing cheated on. Its sick but it makes me feel so much better. It feels good to know we are all on the same shit boat.

No. 637131

Haha, couldn't be me. I know you're all up in your schadenfreude but I'll never be happy about women getting the shit end of the stick every time. Like it's not just about the man being unattractive, but also being complete shit on the inside. You said it yourself that even the "best" men cheat on the "best" women. And it doesn't stop there, the majority of men expect women to wipe their asses and call themselves a catch for doing the bare minimum such as cooking and cleaning after themselves. The standards are truly so much lower for men, not just appearance-wise and my pity goes out to all straight women who put themselves through it just for a crumb of smegma dick.

No. 637139

Oh anon I saw that too. I don't know what I expected the creator of those twisted webtoons to look like, but I didn't expect "obese 80s uncle with pedostache."

Not sure about their wedding as it's being kept hush, but if that picture hints that it was a drab beach wedding with him looking that disheveled…yikes.

No. 637146

Is this your parents anon?

No. 637147

Who's this?

No. 637149

MeatCanyon. I liked his take on the J* drama.

No. 637150

Thanks, he looks vile. I'm not even talking about his face or weight, the haircut alone is awful.

No. 637181

i'd be scared to have children with him knowing they'd probably end up with eyes like his lmfao. i wouldn't want to put my kids through the existence of closely-spaced eyes, it would be shit on their self-esteem.

No. 637195

He looks…special.

No. 637216

oh shit i saw this too and I was baffled.

No. 637532

This is the first time I’ve seen Howard stern without sunglasses on

No. 672915

File: 1605233273264.jpg (93.19 KB, 745x1024, wed-4.jpg)

No. 672916

File: 1605233372944.jpg (85.93 KB, 960x960, DzXBJocXcAAeBBA.jpg)

No. 672919

Eww imagine being kissed by this thing. Why do attractive Asian women always seem to date subpar white dudes

No. 672923

Is this the north korean lady?

No. 672928

Yea she got pregnant by an ugly dude and moved to usa

No. 672929

Rip i guess, an upgrade but at what cost

No. 672934

Hes probably rich they have a nice house

No. 672994

This guy looks like a mushroom dick in human form.

No. 673064

File: 1605260781493.jpg (30.43 KB, 480x482, gettyimages-1194390974.jpg)

No. 673084

wrong thread anon

No. 673105

It absolutely deserves to be here. Chop off his hair and see him for the Neanderthal descendant he is

No. 673143

the woman should always be the more beautiful one in the relationship so this thread is pretty shit

No. 673146

No, I'm tired of being expected to be ok with dating ugly scrotes.

No. 673149

no one said "ugly"… who's forcing you to date people you're completely unattracted to

No. 673151

Why should the woman be more beautiful in the relationship?

No. 673152

>the woman should always
Cool opinion

No. 673153

Hes better looking than her

No. 673155

from what i've noticed, both partners tend to feel more content that way. she has the upper hand based on her looks, she doesn't feel insecure or jealous. he feels lucky to have her and doesn't stop putting in effort as quick.

No. 673157

Isn't this a bannable statement
> this thread is pretty shit
read the rules

No. 673158

No, men still cheat on pretty women. I'm assuming you're a scrote?

No. 673159

no i'm not, but i don't even need to assume that you're a legbeard. good luck i'm sure you'll find your handsome prince lol

No. 673160

I'd rather die alone as a leg beard with 67 cats feasting on my dead corpse before I let an ugly man or someone shorter than 6'1 breathe the same air as me

No. 673161

It's better not to engage with tards, asking them questions only invites more sperging

No. 673162

Hard agree. It just looks more natural to the eye. I'd rather see a very attractive woman with an okay man than vice versa.

No. 673163

that's great, your dream will definitely come true. keep it up proud of you

No. 673165

>someone shorter than 6'1
lmfao i will never understand this sperging over men's heights

No. 673166

I just wish more men took better care of themselves so that this wasn't a problem.

No. 673167

Fucking a man my height or shorter feels like having sex with a child.

No. 673169

probably because you're obese and you will physically overpower him anyway

No. 673170

If I have sex with a man with a dick small than 8 inches and shorter than 6'1 I might as well be a lesbian at that point

No. 673171

>fucking a man my height feels like having sex with a child
lol k

No. 673173

why are you simping for short men? they should be phased out

No. 673176

Don't reply to scrote bait.

No. 673180

you're right, eugenics for short men and tall women! just like how hitler wanted

No. 673181

Cope. Please stop dating ugly men and telling other women to date ugly men.
The future is attractive, looksmatched couples. No more attractive women downgrading to show mercy, no more pathetic pity fucks, no more "Oh but he's a nice guy, even if he doesn't wash his ass", no "Umm actually the woman should be prettier" BS. Enough of that, it just creates generations of incels.
No more scrotes punching above their weight 2021. They don't "appreciate it more", they just waste time and destroy entire genetic lines. Nobody wins. The only exceptions are the ones who are truly 1/10000 in personality, but we all know those are rare as fuck, and they still shouldn't be reproduced with.

No. 673182

tldr please get a life you freak

No. 673183

If at least one of your parents (probably your mother) had dated within their own league, you wouldn't be here right now seething at women for having standards and comparing them to Hitler for it.

No. 673184

Agreed. Also, men do not appreciate pretty women more. They get with a pretty woman and get their confidence boost then start believing they can do better.

No. 673185

Sorry, forgot being a pick-me and/or an ugly male also comes with a low attention span.
Tl;dr: Go away, ugly men are gross and unfuckable lol

No. 673186

you know damn well that most of the women posted ITT are dating within their own league in one way or another and that not everything simply comes down to looks, or if it does then these women feel comfortable dating men "below" them in that way. no one is forcing them to be in these relationships. just because you got cheated on by some ugly guy it doesn't mean your ugly ass is gonna get some model retard and everything will work out because he's not ugly, or whatever you have imagined in your head.

No. 673188

>n-no you!
ok lmao, go feed your cats cinderella

No. 673189

>you know damn well that most of the women posted ITT are dating within their own league in one way or another
Stopped reading here. They literally aren't, lmao. What is this delusion? It's almost like you're the one who needs to get a life.

No. 673190

File: 1605274250215.jpg (59.82 KB, 1000x562, marie-kondos-husband-drives-he…)

No. 673191

Not that anon but you seem extremely pressed at the idea anyone could be attracted to a shorter man. It's okay to prefer taller men yourself, but getting this mad over other people's preferences is not healthy, kek.

No. 673192

take care of that inflated ego before you call others deluded

No. 673193

>WKing ugly men
>seething at women not dating ugly men
This is either actual bitter femcel shit, or "gargoyle who never leaves his mother's basement and horrifies all actual humans if he ventures into the town" shit. Choose one. Also, Cinderella was actually pretty and gets with a handsome prince, not an ugly pauper, kek.

No. 673194

I wasn't the anon shitting on short men. I just saw this thread bumped, noticed the delusional person insisting we should all be dating ugly men, and decided to try and get a laugh.
I don't hate short men, my boyfriend is 5'10.

No. 673197

yeah good job love, the whole point was you're NOT cinderella lmfao. maybe if your entire existence wasn't on the internet you wouldn't be this big of a freak, concerned with whether people date in their own league or not.

No. 673199

>my boyfriend is 5'10

No. 673200

I don't feel like reading that because I can already tell it's too salty, but like: No woman who doesn't absolutely hate herself would ever touch a hideous man with a ten-foot pole, and she actually shouldn't. Ugly men should be politely left out of the gene pool for everyone's benefit. Good luck.

No. 673201

I'm not trying to shit on you but how is 5'10" short
And the Amazon returns.

No. 673203

Nta but 5'10 is short for a man.

No. 673204

no one is advocating for you to date ugly people, literally no one should date people they are not attracted to in some way, nor was that ever mentioned or implied. if that's what you got from this (or chose to talk about because you can't think of anything relevant to say) then whatever, more power to you?

No. 673205

Yeah, I know it's unfortunate. He's saving up for leg extension surgery so he doesn't humiliate me in public. He's not the tallest, but he has a kind soul and he's very considerate. I wish more men would follow suit.

No. 673206

No. 673207

Depending on where you're from, I guess.
Shit bait.

No. 673211

honestly… i agree with this. you can all fight me on it. women just tend to be better looking anyway

No. 673212

5'10 is tall for a girl. Under 5'11 is short for a man. If a girl who is like 5'6 puts on high heels or platform boots, shes going to be about the same height as her 5'10 bf. If when I put on heels and I'm the same height or close then I consider that man short.

No. 673228

that's exactly what you said, and idg what bothered you so much about someone not liking ugly people in a thread about ugly people that you had to keep going on for multiple posts

No. 673233

>not realizing it was sarcasm to begin with

No. 673239

>implying people in this thread like the yikes girl don't actually believe this shit

No. 673243

It sure smells like seething scrote in here.

No. 673251

I guess he sparks joy in her

No. 673253

File: 1605279939237.jpg (223.31 KB, 768x1024, 898889.jpg)

Idk if they are still together but jesus.

No. 673263

Is that a trans woman?The only way this makes sense is if that is a trans woman.
Or he must have money? I'm not even saying the girl is all that cute or attractive but it makes no sense.
Who is this guy?

No. 673267

Whoever these people are they deserve each other

No. 673273

Like other anons I don't know who these are but they give off the vibe of being trash

She looks kind of nasty tbh. I suppose she could style herself differently and look well. He's just a write off

No. 673279

Wait, I think this is one of those guys from the soundclout thread, I'm guessing he has money or clout to get a generic build a body insta-thot.

No. 673336

File: 1605286327563.jpg (487.13 KB, 2048x1536, 4324324.jpg)

Its a rapper by the name of Fat Nick, so maybe for the money.
Not a trans woman, just a generic ethot

No. 673380

I think they're equal. Hes probably a little cuter.

No. 673393

you're brain damaged

No. 673411

I agree with >>673380 tbh. He's not attractive but neither is she and he's not revolting to look at like >>673253 this guy is.

No. 673426

File: 1605294042222.jpg (27.73 KB, 480x480, ccb5bd8d978ee509b138dd8fcb527b…)

I wish this meme would die. She looks beautiful next to that reptilian.

No. 673434

File: 1605294648362.jpg (31.95 KB, 400x600, 0a275f3ddd942704aafa0ee6b3a6f6…)

You used a shitty picture of her at first. Yeah shes prettier than him but not by much.

No. 673460

>I wish this meme would die. He looks beautiful next to that reptilian.

No. 673503

Not by much? Do you have eyes. She's a 9/10 easily and he's…a 5 if I'm generous

No. 673507

>not by much.
This just confirms that there is something wrong with all the anons in this thread

No. 673508

100% why don't men slag him off for looking like a foot and leave actual pretty boy Edward Cullen alone

No. 673513

Your rating of him is so generous

No. 678413

File: 1605922805534.jpg (87.15 KB, 800x609, 62297d04-5d16-4429-adc6-8f39b0…)

Imagine going from Ryan Gosling to this.

No. 678425

File: 1605923835920.jpg (298.71 KB, 940x705, 1499474_052cffabeb898660af63c9…)

It still makes me furious. The looks gap, the age gap. And despite being together for a few years and having a child, he never loved her as much as he loved Brigitte Bardot, Birkin was always the "second" one.

No. 678431

File: 1605924308894.jpg (45.7 KB, 600x386, karina godard.jpg)

also worth a mention

No. 678475

File: 1605930147823.jpeg (123.06 KB, 634x953, 1DC5D7CE-81AC-4EDF-A1C1-2D1ED5…)

I hate his guts.

No. 678547

pedo pos

No. 678787

And Jane Birkin is infinitely more attractive than Brigitte

No. 678791

File: 1605978449374.jpeg (205.74 KB, 1199x1200, 5FD61A65-D175-4725-BA62-561726…)

I’m not saying Hila is “beautiful” but my god is she out of Ethan’s league

No. 678792

Who even are some of these people?
I wish anons would type their names if it's not already in the filename

No. 678794

Not when they first got together. Ethan and her were on the same level. Obviously she was still prettier, but nothing jarring.

No. 678798

I honestly hate Bobby Lee, his gf puts up with all his shit and he is gross and a slob. He also constantly shits on her for being filipino. Why be with a guy who is an ugly slob if he doesn't at least worship you, wtf

No. 678828

Yeah it's fucking gross. Also, imagine divorcing Monica Bellucci kek

No. 678832

As a MUA I wish I could work on her face. She's really pretty for not wearing makeup and I can imagine she's look hot as hell with some sultry makeup

Ethan is a gross retard in more than just looks

No. 678930

She just seems unhealthy to me. The dark circles under her eyes make her seem ill, and she always looks anachan thin to me instead of "naturally thin" if you know what i mean. Maybe if she got healthy i would consider her out of his league, personally

No. 678953

Bitch you look at fatty MUA instagram too much

No. 678956

I think the dark circles are just her face anon.

No. 678984

>she would look so much prettier with makeup!
scrote logic

No. 678998

Nta but anon said she was a MUA. It’s literally her job to believe in that lol.

No. 680032

ok dumbass. godard is not ugly gtfooh.

No. 680419

File: 1606194609789.jpg (65.15 KB, 640x640, olivia-wilde-and-jason-sudeiki…)

Kind of outdated in that they broke up this year, but they were a couple for this entire decade and have two kids together.

No. 680427

File: 1606195192632.jpg (78.64 KB, 640x640, 13737012_1041071715987942_4661…)

God I hate him too. The contrast between them is hilarious

No. 680431

Ew, jesus christ.

No. 680470

I thought that was filthy frank at first

No. 680677

Whom was also infinitely out of his league

No. 682982

File: 1606508584329.jpg (158.55 KB, 720x730, IMG_20200507_112237.jpg)

I know sssniperwolf's personality knocks her down a solid 5 points on the 10 scale, but still…

No. 682985

I don't get it. Does she think he looks good or does she see that he's ugly but doesn't care?

No. 682987

Tempted to save and repost this photo every time I see an anon obsessing over saving up for laser hair removal or worrying about getting a close enough pussy shave..

No. 682998

I look at this, and remember the totally-not-male anon from 2 weeks ago who said women being attractive and men being ugly is how things "should" be, and was sperging out at women for wanting to date attractive men.
In their mind, that picture makes sense. Imagine living in that world, lmao.

No. 683010


How can men tolerate being so repulsive?even if not to impress the opposite gender I couldnt stand to look at myself if this was me

No. 683012

File: 1606510966802.jpg (86.04 KB, 1024x683, rs_1024x683-160224070059-1024-…)

No. 683016

It's pretty apparent from a consistent pattern of behavior over the years that she has dire insecurity issues. I have a hard time believing that isn't the main reason she's with him.

No. 683020

Kek. That's some peak cope. Scrotes will tell themselves anything to feel better about their lot in life.

No. 683041

She looks gaunt and sick. Not surprising if she is ana, considering her husband thirsts over pedo pandering teens right after her pregnancy.

No. 683042

Every couple ever

No. 683046

Anons are blinded by their ugly crush, she is MILES out of his league.

No. 683051

Wow he’s super gross also holy shit she’s wearing a lot of make up

No. 683063

ok I know I will get the "love yourself" comments but I think he looks good I can understand if she does too

No. 683074

Anon I think you might've had a stroke.

No. 683082


I get this. Cute chubby funny boy. Charisma goes a long, long way, and if you're a chubby-chaser on top of it you're in love.

No. 683083

File: 1606516284398.jpg (36.01 KB, 600x338, pp4ta80vkqo31.jpg)

Thanks for making me not be the only one thinking so

No. 683101

>He also constantly shits on her for being filipino
Wtf how is that something you shit on someone for?

No. 683111

No idea who is that, but they look cute.

No. 683118

File: 1606525244115.jpg (106.06 KB, 800x800, d189feb9e26065d0e8c289ad840676…)

I don't understand why Megan bothered dating this guy who on top of everything, shot her.

No. 683126

File: 1606526680418.jpg (105.69 KB, 1024x1024, image_gallery-12.jpg)

I always thought she was so pretty and was shocked she married this guy but then I remembered she also dated Adam Durtiz. This guy is an improvement. but still. lol

No. 683135

Here anon
Sage because is just pure autism she should dump him.

No. 683138

equally yolked

plus gunshot wounds dont work the way that she had lol

No. 683145

Samefag. Nevermind this is that anon.

No. 683243

IDK besides him being short and fucked up, in terms of looks they are equal.
Plus megan has the WOAT taste in men anyway.

No. 683613

File: 1606597468628.jpeg (58.71 KB, 720x1061, 5d77b4943b00002a74d0c52f.jpeg)

tbh bella's too long faced to be really beautiful, and he looks cleaner recently

No. 683721

>bella's too long faced to be really beautiful
This sounds extremely nitpicky tbh.

No. 683783

File: 1606610007372.jpg (490.94 KB, 1982x2547, Melissa-Theuriau-vacances-au-s…)

do these two count? Honestly I love Jamel Debbouze and can see why she finds him charming

No. 683801

He looks like he'd make sexist and racist/colorist posts on an incel subreddit and bitch about his height, lmao.

No. 683832

Of course they count, he’s fun but not cute in the least

No. 683905

File: 1606638182413.jpg (127.28 KB, 640x960, 37xpgqsf73261.jpg)

Fresh from the reddit frontpage.

No. 683919

Christ he looks like a fucking troglodyte not long crawled up out of the swamp in the form of a mudskipper

No. 683929

Someone tell this guy the beard won't migrate to his scalp.

No. 683958

File: 1606648889067.gif (484.27 KB, 220x220, FCB3EF8A-1014-4CE2-84FF-5207FB…)

Not even a generously frosted cake pushed into his face would improve that mug. Truly he has ascended from the pits.

No. 683976

File: 1606650675678.jpeg (24.93 KB, 640x480, received_376578633571631.jpeg)

Julia Vignali (presents the French version of Bake off) and Kad Merad. 11 year age gap ofc.

No. 683991

Give this gif to the anons in the Dumbass Shit thread, they'd probably appreciate it right now.

No. 684014

File: 1606655612074.jpeg (95.63 KB, 828x524, C5B715E6-29E9-4BB4-96DE-471098…)

Idk if this was posed but I was shocked to my core when I saw Yeonmi Parks husband

No. 684110

Yup, he was posted.

No. 684247

File: 1606680034148.jpeg (59.76 KB, 1090x1300, 76E73970-494A-4ADC-A364-AC864A…)

No. 684707

File: 1606736747410.jpeg (176.39 KB, 1500x750, 29A3D447-EFBC-4CF7-BD08-786DBB…)

No. 684744

wow what a massive autistic piece of shit

No. 684766

Wasn't she with him because he pretended to play as her in all of her videos/lives since she actually can't play?

No. 684878

No. 694996

File: 1608093600548.jpeg (61.02 KB, 900x600, 631b76c1965f4f29a9e09ca62daa1c…)

No. 695156

Who are these?

No. 695378

The girl is an ex member of the kpop group t-ara

No. 695439

Imagine being that beautiful, successful and I assume rich and still downdate that much.

No. 706570

File: 1609525073934.png (1.13 MB, 854x1054, Screenshot 2021-01-01 at 18.17…)

she's moved onto another ugly one now, kelly piquet continues doing charity work

No. 737150

File: 1613106032083.jpg (782.82 KB, 1784x892, 1417741326_452659164_rosamund-…)

Ugh why

No. 737175

>thread title
so, every het relationship in existence?

No. 869281

File: 1627827099988.jpg (14.17 KB, 375x490, kate-gerbeau-people-in-tv-phot…)

English TV presenter who married…

No. 869283

File: 1627827191363.jpg (35.94 KB, 302x450, good-morning-britain-tv-progra…)

…this fat French goblin, who believe it or not is only three years older than her. Oops, sorry I didn't realise Kate's pic was blurry.

No. 869284


How much he got? And is she in the will?

No. 869285


It’s like dropping a diamond into a turd


No. 869286

File: 1627827424572.jpg (19.72 KB, 750x422, pierre-yves-gerbeau-9f43a20d-a…)

god this has made me angry. look at this fucker!!!

No. 869287


No. 869301

Eh? Diamond? She's a bit better looking, but derpy too.

These people are well-matched imo.

No. 869309

File: 1627831103631.jpeg (85.3 KB, 468x568, 24FE2E60-2C1D-4B5B-8CC5-30EC6D…)

Are you kidding me? She’s no 10/10 but she’s married to Shrek. Actually, scratch that Shrek is cuter.

No. 869311

I smell a scrote.

No. 869358

Lol no, the anon I replied to was talking about this couple >>684014 Scroll up and there's more pics of them and she is prettier, but a bit dorky looking like him. I agree Kate is way out of his league, she's very intelligent too. Shame.

No. 870348

File: 1627941592154.jpg (673.82 KB, 1080x1080, 20210802_175942.jpg)

No. 870349

File: 1627941682163.jpg (384.91 KB, 912x1065, 20210802_180105.jpg)

That black girl who went to japan to become an idol a few years back recently got married

No. 870358

File: 1627942364821.jpg (173.87 KB, 1600x1200, cate-blanchett-qui-est-andrew-…)

Damn Cate..

No. 870363

i was better off not knowing this shit. horrible.

No. 870472


Is that the one Micky and Angela can't stand?

Good for her I think? A sugar daddy is what they all wanted

No. 911930

File: 1631651807933.png (512.87 KB, 510x503, cameron-russell-with-boyfriend…)

No. 911937

She looks scared in every photo

No. 911939

Yeah that's her lol unrelated but I think rune-midgarts also married an uggo white dude.

No. 912697

File: 1631709963972.jpeg (104.47 KB, 940x626, Kylie-Jenner-and-Travis-Scott.…)

Also Kylie and Tyga

No. 912717

holy shit this dude lost hard at the genetic lottery. he looks like he's wearing a fatsuit or wearing 100 shirts.
don't even get me started on the hedgehog hair oh my god his noggin looks like a sea urchin.

No. 912726

God I know nonny, I reacted the same when I looked him up after learning she had a kid. I couldn't believe it.
A beautiful, thin, mentally strong and smart girl who has been through hell and back. You think she'd deserve something more than…this. Hopefully she's happy, kek.

No. 912867

Its what she deserves for being a racist grifter

No. 912935


Don't worry, they're divorced now

No. 913024

I’m relieved, nta btw I’m >>684014

No. 913406


Lorde isn't pretty at all

No. 913428

That’s not even her real face though

No. 913800


KEK this is a 10/10 evaluation im gonna save this post

any idea why?? i had no idea she was even married

good point i was thinking that as well

No. 913866

File: 1631812338764.jpeg (185.64 KB, 739x986, 36B7519A-0E28-4565-942B-7AEAE1…)


No. 913883

File: 1631813149144.jpeg (182.04 KB, 853x1024, 1619075420011.jpeg)

God she's 23 years younger then him, also I saw a pic of her dad and he looks like strikingly similar to Braff

No. 913889

File: 1631813328578.jpeg (67.8 KB, 576x1024, ESUsXysUUAIuj7P.jpeg)

its … odd

No. 913903

They look like they could be brothers, what is wrong with that girl

No. 913905

File: 1631813902770.jpeg (287.09 KB, 640x831, 21536DD7-EE19-44E6-BC04-D644CF…)

This nigga is wearing a toupee I am utterly sure of it

No. 913909

NOW that's the milk

No. 913914

File: 1631814339110.jpeg (319.95 KB, 1500x1000, 672C8D29-C77D-4BCC-B008-8AB29F…)

>she's 23 years younger then him
yeah it shows

No. 913920

>not wanting to get Braff'd every morning

No. 913928

The only thing that could possibly explain this shit is she was a massive scrubs fan growing up.

No. 913930

ew. love yourself

No. 913936

This guy's face always make me lose it
What's wrong with his eyes

No. 914300

she should've dated a different old scrote there's way better looking men in hollywood who're his age

No. 915265


I hate that fat fuck. And he had the audacity to cheat on her multiple times. At least she's dating Taylor now who is a considerable upgrade.

No. 920140

Why is the hot guy ugly gf/wives thread locked but not this one? I have a few examples I was going to post.

No. 939217

getting real kenshi vibes

No. 939218

he looks like an aunt

No. 939231

also maybe not date a man whose old enough to be your father and also looks like your father

No. 939281

File: 1634303622060.jpg (83.7 KB, 1100x745, sofia-suitman-2-2-160468739873…)

his proportions are so weird it becomes uncanny

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