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File: 1596338951429.jpeg (54.35 KB, 500x500, 48A6607C-210D-42B2-B16C-8FE0FF…)

No. 594912

Forgive me farmers for I have sinned…
previous thread: >>>/ot/573699

No. 594915

I miss when Onion milk was good. He probably gets off on whoever talks shit about his nasty ass nudes since he always accused his haters of wanting to fuck him.

No. 594916

i masturbated to the latest chapter of painter of the night. Im a filthy degenerate i know. But this is the one problematic relationship i know is horrible but cant help but love. It also felt good because the orgasm was so intense and for a while i thought my vagina was broken because when i have sex with a guy that im seeing I literally cant get wet anymore. Idk if its because of nerves or because his dick is a little small either way it felt good to finally get wet and know that it isnt me LMAO

No. 594922

I had a sex dream about my geography teacher when I was in high school and it still disturbs me to this day.

No. 594932

It’s okay, anon, at least it was involuntary. I used and sometimes I have sexual fantasies about a religion teacher I had during high school. He was just my type.

No. 594990

File: 1596355261060.png (3.94 MB, 828x1792, 0575DC01-A96C-4000-A529-465297…)

I have high functioning autism/aspergers and whenever I see these videos of people showing off their “stims” I actually feel disgust and extreme secondhand embarrassment. I don’t flap my arms around or have any “stims” and it really makes me feel like these people are playing it up for the camera or straight up faking it.

No. 594994

I don't even question whether or not they're faking it. They most definitely are

No. 595005

I'm not autistic but I do have ADHD , but I would never admit it cause of nimrods who try to make ADHD a part of their entire personality and mention it to everyone they meet, I don't wanna come across like that

No. 595044

my theory is that they're not faking it (as in, they do stim like that) but they're just autistic and don't realize how cringe it is.

No. 595055

File: 1596370581734.webm (1.33 MB, 576x1024, TarQbs0FdGBMv0pf.webm)

Ugh, yes. I 100% agree. I actually have ADHD and am looking into diagnostic test for autism.

I saw this video on Twitter with 400k likes and was just super irritated.

I'm obviously not an expert but I'm pretty sure women with autism don't act like, any sort of way on camera. Additionally, I checked out her tiktok channel. She doesn't act this way in any of her other videos. Eyes flickering, being super nervous… I mean, look at her here: https://www.tiktok.com/@jay_will_float_too?source=h5_m

and here: https://www.tiktok.com/@jay_will_float_too?source=h5_m

She's making direct eye contact with the camera and not at all how she does it in the "i have autism" video. "Excited lil hands" Good god. She's never done that it any of her other vids and it seems like her goal is to go viral

saged because sort of off topic

No. 595071

she's just trying to be cute

No. 595075

it says in the video she has sensory overload with her ears, that's why she has the odd arm movements and nervous acting

No. 595083

Right, the point is that sensory overload isn't some cutesy little reaction and doesn't cause your eyes to flicker here and there like that while smiling like that.

It's really not a good experience at all and doesn't feel good, shown here:


but that's besides the point.

No. 595084

File: 1596374398450.jpeg (322.96 KB, 750x690, E6ABEABE-D4F1-4D42-AC8E-3A7871…)

First thing I thought of, I don’t think she’s autistic either

No. 595105

She's not autistic, just a bad actor.

No. 595352

Yes, most of Nourisht0Flourish's food is disgusting, but some of it looks okay and appetizing to me (mainly the desserts). She gets a lot of interesting candies and stuff I can't get in the US. (I am anorexic myself so maybe that influences it… I would never actually eat that stuff, I just see it and think it looks good)

No. 595433

I find certain accents very soothing, especially Indian ones. There's a few people I follow on youtube just for their accents, this one woman's Indian accent can put me to sleep I swear.

No. 595513

I steal money out of the register at work

Just a couple bucks here and there, nothing crazy-its usually to buy food while I'm on my shift. If I worked for a big chain company I wouldn't feel guilty at all abt it (I shoplift a lot and don't care at all since it's never mom and pop shops) but they're a relatively small company and do good work in my city. But I'm underpaid for the difficulty of the work I do, so free food on the company dime is my personal bonus.

No. 595519

obviously it's different for different people and obviously having it happen to you unplanned is different from doing it a little to yourself on purpose as practice, but this is lolcow so yes of course social media lady big nasty liar

No. 595521

File: 1596416219557.jpg (41.38 KB, 672x788, CqEzr5NXEAE1oWF.jpg)

I don't want a "real job". If complete assholes who don't deserve it can make millions sitting on their ass doing nothing then I want to do the same because I also don't deserve it.

No. 595531

so, you're becoming an influencer?

No. 595571

I consider doing Onlyfans I look average but I could shoop myself. Idk I still want my dignity tho, I have to remind myself that I don’t have to stoop low enough just to survive

No. 595576

I've heard of girls who sell their underwear and I'm honestly a little tempted. I'm a butterface so I could take pretty good body pics to "advertise" i guess. Issue is i'm out of the loop and idk what platform would even work for this/ if underwear buying scrotes are actually as common as they seem.

No. 595577

File: 1596423611580.jpeg (18.36 KB, 235x210, 7F3FC0F3-3C6E-4E1A-BE77-571727…)

Sometimes I just want people to pay me for existing like how some “influencers” get paid for making lame comedy videos or for taking pictures of random stuff/their face.

No. 595587

Been spending too much time in unconventional male attractions bc I had a sex dream about Ben Shapiro last night and I really, really enjoyed it

No. 595604

I regularly browse incel forums. The posts there don't bother since I'm thick skinned and look at them with a mist of pity and disgust, sometimes even get a good laugh. Some posts do make me stay away for a while tho - the last one was a guy stealing three panties from his roomates and sharing pics. Stained panties from the laundry room. Barf

No. 595655

I've been really into incel podcasts lately, their comments and mindset is so damn interesting. Like I like to listen to them as background noise when i'm working on other things their mindsets and just overall conversation are so damn hilarious I especially love the in-fighting between different groups.

No. 595658

Any recs?

No. 595659

File: 1596443274299.jpeg (375.19 KB, 1242x1806, 2508D9B4-175B-4E02-9177-626DE6…)

Girl me too, I find them so pathetic most of the time that I don’t get offended.

Also some of the threads are really fucking funny

No. 595660

meant to reply to this post

No. 595679


Mask (1985)

No. 595686

I wish we had a thread about them. R/incels thread was my favourite on /snow/ years ago, and they are still hilarious. I even developed a crush on one of the posters (he is banned now tho).

No. 595705

several years ago,I had a dream about fucking my high school world history teacher named Mr. Wolfe. Now I’ve never really been attracted to him before. He had an Austrian accent and shy demeanor and was really tall and scrawny, but in my dream he was absolutely amazing with that dick. I could see myself getting railed by him and he was all hunching over with his back whilst jumping me just to look me in the faceAnd you know what they say about skinny guys I hadn’t really thought about it until I watched Beastars and Legosi reminds me of him.
I wanna fuck a tall, skinny dude. They are truly the best, idc

No. 595709

I shoplifted for the first time in my 20+ year long life. It was a notebook.

I've never felt compelled to shoplift anything, not even a pack of gum. In my mind it just wasn't worth it, and if I really can't dish out a few bucks for something I probably don't need it.

But I have a bunch of expenses lined up for this month and realized I could just…put the notebook in my bag. And walk out, since huge supermarkets rarely ask to check your bag (in this area at least).

It's kinda weird. I don't think I'll tell anyone because I don't think it's cool, funny or ballsy…

No. 595711

lmao you can have the tall skinny creeper who's stalking me rn then, i don't want him.

No. 595746

I saw this come up on my fyp on Tiptok a few days ago and I was instantly infuriated. So cringe.

No. 595753

The majority of people don’t seem to realize how MtFs never pass- they only see the Facetuned and carefully angled pics.

I’m cute/pretty, but I really feel like I could pass as a MtF trans bc of people’s warped perception- I’m tall, thin, have broad shoulders, long legs, and barely any hips. Part of me wants to become a trans influencer because
1) showered with undeserved attention
2) prob some brand deals n shit
3) free plastic surgery!
4) the seethe from real MtFs

It just seems like it’d be so fun, I think about it a lot. I’m a horrible person lmao

No. 595754

Most trannies don’t pass even in edited pics and after plastic surgery though. They just look too uncanny. But this would be such a hilarious scam kek. If I was a super manly lookin woman (not saying you are anon, I’m talking more about facial features) I might even consider posing as an american troon to get ffs for the lols and my own benefit.

No. 595765

Now this is an idea…

No. 595770

File: 1596468200281.png (1.34 MB, 1952x1306, 1586570596064.png)

I've actually thought of this before: can't you just LARP and cry for donations and see how much you rake up from people willing to part with their money with someone who they hardly know? It's quite common to see these donations that people "signal boost" on Tumblr/Twitter that always start with "I'm a gay queer trans man going through [insert situation here]".

Not saying you should but.. it's 100% something you can do and get away with.

No. 595950

Unfortunately, I have been blessed with a very average feminine face. Who doesn’t want a free nose job though? Lol

It’s so tempting, but if the truth got out, I’d be ruined. I work for a very liberal and progressive company, so my career would be fucked. I could say that I identify as a man that identifies as a woman… who are you to question my gender identity?!?!

No. 595968

>sign language, a visual form of communication
>for a blind girl

No. 596011

Based blind woman, keeping ugly men out of the gene pool.

No. 596017

When I was 12-14, I had an ED. I'm almost 30 and I'm pretty much over it and have been for over a decade but I still have some anachan tendencies. Like I still want to be underweight. I think it's partially because I suddenly gained a lot of weight in the last few years due to getting older and drinking a lot.

Thankfully it's not to the point where I starve myself or do other unhealthy stuff. I also get physically uncomfortable looking at pics in the Pro-ana thread scumbags thread. I feel like if I tell anyone this though they'll think I have an ED again though.

No. 596023

Anon, please stay safe. I hope he leaves you alone creepy long bitch

No. 596050

i applied to a job last week but then i looked up the company and it seems like a scam so i gave up on it

earlier today they called me for a phone interview and i took it, not because i have any intention of working there but because i'm so bored and lonely and i wanted to talk to someone who i wasn't related to

No. 596051

File: 1596492241637.jpg (180.4 KB, 798x1200, DDlKliTXcAASNBc.jpg)

I cut my own bangs and 99% of the time i end up cutting them too short

No. 596053

I always cut mine a bit too short on purpose. They grow fast af, I want them out of my eyes for a while and I don't hate the look anyway.

No. 596061

resists urge to scream NOT THE BAYANG

No. 596108

I'm so fucking creeped out by the movements dicks make when they come/leak/whatever. When I was younger, I used to get that same repulsed feeling when seeing maggots or movements under the skin in horror films but for some reason I can stomach both of that now.

No. 596138

…jesus christ if anything could possibly make me gayer it’s this comment

No. 596178

My friends and I used to make grindr accounts for teachers we hated in high school then show them to everyone to make them the school laughingstock

No. 596185

Interesting because I love that shit. It seems that I may be as straight as they "come". Badum tss.

No. 596187

I miss the pink pill and gender crit threads

No. 596190

I keep eating my bogeys and when I pop zits/ black heads I eat what comes out too. I hate myself for it but it's like this weird compulsion, what makes it worse is that i'm a super clean/ squeamish person in general…

No. 596199

holly brown will always be my fave art youtuber, most artubers do nothing for me (I miss d'angelo's old content). Her issues make the videos more entertaining. Idk if other webcomic creators have youtube channels but I haven't found another one yet.

No. 596201

I'm almost 100% certain that the only reason I have ever had full relationships with men is my super religious upbringing and being groomed by my first (older) boyfriend. Despite the fact I can love men, I'm not attracted to them but I feel like I can't date women now because I'm ruined.

No. 596218

holy shit i didn't realize d'angelo used to do art…his drama stuff has been on my feed lately. i felt like he looked familiar but now i realize i watched one of his art vids way back

No. 596224

File: 1596515764719.jpg (44.37 KB, 312x322, 1389306981833.jpg)

lol those things rev up my cum fetish. Give me all the dick pics.

No. 596240

My friend once said he didn't like the word incel because he was called that before, and it kinda makes sense since I've never seen him talk about women or be friends with one other than me. I have this male group of friends at uni and he's one of them. Idk how he truly feels about women but I'm glad he at least won't have the mindset that all women suck.

No. 596243

People giving their shibas asian names is so fucking cringy

No. 596245

Eh its an traditionally asian dog, I don’t see the issue

plus its a dog, you can name it Pickle King if you feel like it, Yosuke isn’t that worse

No. 596246

I'm so disappointed that he doesn't do art videos anymore. I hate his new drama channel schtick.

No. 596247

i can't have an enjoyable orgasm unless i have something in my vagina. im not even getting a purely vaginal orgasm, it's a clitoral one, but if i dont have a dildo in my vaj the clit orgasm is subpar and low key painful.

No. 596294

File: 1596527109940.jpg (87.31 KB, 499x731, tumblr_42c7b542fb38da05438de74…)

I've been talking to my ex more and more because I miss him and feel like my current relationship is going to go nowhere. I'm going to be moving to where my ex lives now within the coming year and ever since I told him he's been initiating more and more contact with me. Nothing flirty or sexual, but I'd say we talk every few days about our common interest.

A few days ago he sent me something that was 100% about the nickname he used to call me when we were dating, and today I found out he has a girlfriend. I'm not really upset though, I'm just confused because in all the time we've been catching up he's never mentioned her to me once. I asked him what he's been up to lately during quarantine and he detailed a bunch of stuff about his life out there but said absolutely nothing about her. He knows about my current relationship and even congratulated me on it but when I said they looked cute together he just liked the message and changed the subject. It's shitty of me and if we ever got back together he would just hurt me again but I kind of like it when he acts weird like this.

No. 596297

I’m the same way. I’ve always been super annoyed that most women preach the whole “no women get actual pleasure from penetration, clit stimulation is all you need, any woman saying otherwise just doesn’t know her own body” BS. Like I’m glad that works for you but we’re all built differently, shit for brains.

No. 596302

You're both trash and deserve each other. Good god this is a dumpster fire of a post.

No. 596304

I love poking at the misandrists in this site and making them sperg the fuck out. Nothing's funnier than watching people get angry on the internet over stupid shit that doesn't even matter.

No. 596337

The only cows I cared about have dried up so at this point I’m just making random posts and rereading old threads.

No. 596339

As an actual Marxist, the women in the leftthots thread disgust me. But it brings me joy to know I'm so much more attractive than all of them.

No. 596353

holy shit anon me too. I also prefer PIV to oral, not that I dislike oral, but if made to choose between I prefer the feeling of something pumping into me. Just gets me going.

No. 596355

This is the funniest thing I’ve read in this website

I currently have a really cute FWB and I’m so happy

No. 596372

I've seen your work.

No. 596377


be careful anon and stop while youre head. you get this confidence to you because its soooo fucking easy but getting caught is a reaaaal bitch.

did this shit at my job 10 years ago and after a few months they installed a pinhole camera and caught me. showed my manager the footage, got to confess in the back, fired and walked out by police.

All for some extra lunch and random things around the store.

No. 596380

i slipped up and hung out with my narcissist ex. predictably i got drunk and he tried to kiss me without consent and i feel awful and guilty about it.
then I learned he cheated not once but twice, i suspected the second time during the relationship but he said I was crazy and basically verbally abused me for trying to get answers (thats when we broke up). so turns out he did fuck her. yep.
so anyway I asked more about it and he proceeded to put blame on me just like the other time he cheated during that on/off 2 year relationship.

I'm mad at myself for letting him back in even for a second to take advantage of me but at the same time I realize how fucked toxic relationships are and how badly I need closure and how badly I want to give him the benefit of the doubt

but hes just not a good person
i hope ive learned that lesson permanently now and that this wont get out and become a subject of gossip thus destroying my life

No. 596389

I’m even ”worse” than you, as in the fact that I actively dislike oral. Not enough friction, don’t like the overly wet feeling and it’s awkward bc I feel like I have to act like I appreciate it. Whenever I say that, people think I’m insecure about how my pussy looks and my sexuality but I just don’t like the sensation. I just prefer a thrusting motion with more friction.

No. 596422

kek anon it’s not that hard to be more attractive than a possibly male babooshka

No. 596464

If I made an onlyfans it would succeed purely because so many people hate me they would pay to watch me degrade myself.

No. 596484


Look, here's the plan.

1. Become fake tranny influencer
2. Take loads of makeup and ootd pics
3. Build following
4. Make "GoFundMe" transition surgery donation page
5. Profit

You were born with masculine features in a world where women are scrutinized for not being perfect, u deserve this hun x

No. 596485

But then you can't make your fundraiser!

Who the fucks gonna find out anyway? Unless you go around with your vag on display, nobody knows you could have a dick down there.

No. 596486

File: 1596556697593.png (639 B, 48x40, e.png)

When I see something especially dumb on reddit (which isn't often as I rarely go there) I log into this account on incognito, reply, then never check the replies. I don't interact with the account apart from replying to a post. It's not worth it, scrotes gonna scrote. Every now and then I see my message count and I laugh so hard. I will never read their whiney moid ramblings kek

No. 596488

omg anon i also had an idea pretending to be a poc MtF and setting up a gofundme for ex cash. I legit thought of using a random face generator and photoshop to make it work kek. But im to lazy to do it. I would honestely try it if i were you.

No. 596491

File: 1596558133014.png (503.61 KB, 810x674, Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 7.28…)

i sincerely hope you end up doing it wtf you glorious bitch

No. 596496

I saw on facebook that this piece of shit girl I used to know is dropping out of college to "volunteer." I'm so happy since she was a total cunt.

No. 596498

File: 1596559588623.gif (529.42 KB, 500x281, f3e05e008d8d5e0eda6c0fa8f559ab…)

I had the chance to e-beg recently

I actually did need some money for college supplies because my grandparents had corona and the bills kinda racked up this month, i even said im not really that poor and im not going to die or anything and i would just have to postpone this semester.

People gave me money anyways.

I literally got all the money I needed for my supplies in like two hours.

It was surreal, i just couldn't fucking believe it.

I do have a decent tumblr following of like 20k tho

And I plan on donating the surplus to an animal charity because I feel so fucking guilty

No. 596502

I think that’s the only way to stay sane.
Arguing with men on reddit is an automatic lose.

No. 596503

you should be donating that extra money to trans poc folk anon =/ they have titties to build and vaginas to hole punch

No. 596505

I have to add, she was such a snob to me in high school but she was seething when I went to an Ivy league school.

No. 596507

Same anon, that’s why I don’t even want to sell feet pics.

No. 596520

I think NEETs on this board are pathetic. It's not that hard to graduate college and land a six figure job if try decently. Some people here are just lazy while having the gall to nitpick others.

No. 596534

bruh i can't even get hired as an intern at any firm with my college degree, how in any way is it easy to land a six figure job??

No. 596535

I was with you until six figure job. That shit isn't handed out like candy, but otherwise come on, 40-50k as a single bitch is attainable.

No. 596540

You're lazy, have a terrible major, or you can't interview/write resumes well.

No. 596543

File: 1596563322069.jpg (15.64 KB, 335x315, 54350281_2555220944552162_8426…)

No. 596544


Or don't know the right people. That's huge no matter what bootstraps-chan over here tells you.

No. 596551

Yeah bootstrappers like to conveniently forget this part.

No. 596554

Networking is something you're supposed to do in college, yes

No. 596556

kek I love this reply

No. 596559

networking? so you mean like sucking the recruiters cock in the hotel restroom during the college job fair?

No. 596562

so how much did your first job out of college pay?

No. 596565

It paid six figures. It's called reading comprehension.

Sorry you can't find a job like a normal person.

No. 596566

Yeah I'm sure some minger bitch who makes six figures comes to lolcow to make fun of NEETs in her spare time. Lmao, this is bullshit and you're all taking the bait.

No. 596569

You can have a job and shitpost. I'm working from home so it's not like I have anything better to do. Don't be so jealous.

No. 596570

No 1 curr

No. 596572

File: 1596565216687.jpg (24.88 KB, 359x478, da6248e1b8d3d2e68643bf93dfa5e1…)

anon irl

No. 596574

NTA, but like, my retarded friend has applied for hundreds of jobs this week and the only thing on her resume is McDonald's. Do you really think she'll get something even WITH a degree?

Myself, I joined tons of clubs and started interning and volunteering in college because I knew just a degree wouldn't carry me.

Jobs that pay well really want to know you're not just some dead end POS with no actual ambition. You only get to network when you already have your foot in the door. It's not about sucking dick, it's about actually getting off of your lazy ass in college and doing something useful for once like >>596554 said

NTA, but I make a little under six figures and shitpost here as well.

Why so many autists online thinking six figures means 600,000…

Anyone can make 100,000 and fuck around on the internet

No. 596577

samefag but I think six figures IS hard to land. It's not that simply dummy.

I landed a 90k job immediately after graduating but it's because I was super ambitious and joined a bunch of clubs and sororities to get accolades. If someone doesn't do that, their chances shrink by like 60%

No. 596579

I make six figures too yall. I own three lambos, and spill beef wellington juice in between my keyboard while shitposting about Shayna's ass zits and Momokun's lipo scars because I'm happy and fulfilled in my very busy life. Um excuse me but believe this or you're just jelly retards :^)

No. 596580

So, how do you network?

No. 596585

Six figures isn't that much money

No. 596589

File: 1596566646890.jpg (71.86 KB, 602x900, hand-pouring-salt-9234682.jpg)

See pic attached

Join any sort of organization that interests you, volunteer with local organizations (volunteering does count as work experience), and make sure that you join company mailing lists. Like, they'll say something like "Join our talent community" or "stay connected".

Get on LinkedIn, message recruiters with questions (even if they are meaningless question) regarding the company and the workforce, and let them know that you're interested in working there.

Add your volunteer experience and clubs/organizations to your resume.

Find alumnus from your college, see if they work at the company you're interested in, and ask them what they think of the company and if they knew of any openings.

All of this doesn't HAVE to be done. But it helps a lot. That's what networking is. Networking is not just kissing ass and being hired (unless you are in kahootz with big people), you also have to show you're ambitious.

No. 596590

do you think anyone here believes you? lol come on anon, this is sad

No. 596592

I took computer science which was possibly a bad idea in retrospection. The stuff that pays $100,000+ requires years of experience which I don't have coming out of college and trying to get my foot in the door.

I definitely have 5 years of working on my portfolio outside of class, lmfao.

No. 596593

nta I don't see what's so hard to believe. Six figures is not that much money and if you get lucky enough, experience in college could nab you that job easy.

No. 596594

give the figure and the job title

No. 596596

How was taking CS bad in retrospect?

I majored in CS as well. CS is not just about programming (which yeah, jobs that pay 100k require years of experience).

CS is an umbrella field with tons of tiny focuses that could get you paid really well. Software Project Managers, UX/UI design, etc.

But, it really depends on the college you go to so I suppose, yeah, you might have had better luck at a university that offered more.

No. 596597

I don't disagree, but you just said it yourself
>if you get lucky enough
OG anon was out here acting like the reason people aren't making 6 figures straight out of college is because they're lazy. And no, I don't believe they're making 6 figures anyway, their post reeks of shitposting to me.

No. 596602

Fair enough.

No. 596604

You can believe whatever you want.

No. 596606

I wasn't thinking of just programming. So the list of doubts were:

– Much can be learned online without having to pay tuition, for example the classes that teach basic programming. So that leaves mainly the computer engineering portion worthwhile, but even in-class we worked with a circuit sim.

– At the time, A LOT of businesses were using object oriented programming, which I think the overfocus reflected in class was a detriment.

– A lot of openings involve knowing a specific framework or language for such and such years which narrows the pool I can reasonably apply to.

Overall, I think I would be better off sticking with biology and then learning programming and computer science concepts to later branch out into computational biology or bioinformatics, as opposed to switching. (Not just thinking about all the job openings from biotech companies for the current pandemic.) The degree left me best fit to work with embedded systems, which I'm not complaining, but those companies closed off their entry level positions for the time being.

No. 596607

Definitely easier to get 6 figures if you've had internships at big companies and enough portfolio work. A lot of my classmates all went to SF/NYC for their full time jobs

No. 596608

linked the wrong post.

No. 596610

You’re right anon. I’m gonna stop talking to him.

No. 596611

So you get to be rich and we have to be sorry about being poor losers?

No. 596619

File: 1596568898440.jpg (32.7 KB, 250x254, 1592106784894.jpg)

My little sister just told me she got engaged to her bf and I'm secretly worried about it. She's kind of a brat sometimes and doesn't know how to do basic shit like cook (as in, she doesn't know when meat is edible or is so raw you could get sick), how to use a washing machine, how often she's supposed to take down the trash, she never called the doctor to plan her appointments herself and always made our mother do it for her, etc. And her bf seems to be perpetually unemployed too, or maybe his situation is just unstable but still. I told her I'm happy for her but I'm actually not that happy. I'm usually not that judgmental. Then again it's just going to be a "religious" wedding and she'll get officially married a year after that, so in two years at the earliest, so who knows…

Also, there's constant family drama here so when my big sister will learn about it she'll lose her shit and get jealous again because she can't keep a bf (because she won't stop dating losers or guys who don't want to commit but who lie about it until the last minute, she's very unlucky), she'll probably try to ruin everything for my little sister. I'm almost glad I became a "failure" these past few months due to my sheer lack of luck because that means my sister will leave me alone and won't try to shit talk me as much as she shit talks our little sister anymore. And since now my little sister will probably be seen as the most "responsible" one among us maybe I won't be forced to help her with literally everything like when I had to correct her shitty essay when I was nearly dying of covid in a country at the other side of the planet so nobody could accuse me of preventing her from graduating. Actually because of the constant arguments with my family now everyone is bringing up old stuff and nobody wants to move on or admit their wrongdoings, especially my retarded, mentally ill parents. Now that I think of it it should go to the vent thread but it's something I wouldn't say to anyone else because I'd get disinherited at the speed of light.

No. 596621

Your six figure job clearly isn't making you all that happy if you're on fucking lolcow of all places being an elitist and complaining about neets.

No. 596623

You're projecting too much

No. 596625

I mean, the issue could be something unrelated to your job. Either way, you sound objectively miserable. I'd love to be making six figures but I don't think anyone here is jealous of you personally.

No. 596627

I work at hooters and my uncle came in and got mad when he found out even though he brought his kids in? Like if hooters is bad then why are you bringing your kids there

No. 596628

You can’t be professionally successful and on lolcow? I think it’s funny.

No. 596629

dem wings and fried pickles anon

No. 596630

My point was TA isn't happy even if they're professionally successful and is using their income as a cope.

No. 596631

How do I sound miserable? You sound miserable too then.

No. 596633

It’s weird as hell to me to hear about people’s uncles who think they have some sort of authority in their life. Like who the fuck asked you? You aren’t their parent or grandparent

No. 596634

can normies just stop shitting up this board. just go back to facebook or linked in

No. 596636

This unironically. If I made meaningful money and had fulfilling relationships I wouldn't need lolcow. During the peaks of my life I forget to even come here, no less would I give a shit if some of you work at McDonald's with biology degrees (no offense ladies).

No. 596642

Like I said I'm working from home and I have nothing better to do. And it's not like we can go out right now. You sound like a cow who thinks the only reason anyone can come on this board is because they're miserable. Unless you're one of those people who insist to go to house parties and bars while there's a panedemic going on.

No. 596643

Have you ever heard of a hobby, anon

No. 596645

Nah lolcow is a unique sort of interaction that isn’t easily replicated irl. I’ve never had irl friends get so horny they made their own dildos or fantasize about Ben Shapiro, I can only get that on lolcow. You’re probably an extroverted person, lots of introverts need time off from irl social interactions. Ime lolcow is a nice break from in person interaction.

No. 596647

File: 1596570986224.jpg (10.73 KB, 320x240, ben shamepiro anon.jpg)

>mfw referenced while lurking the infighting

No. 596650

I'm not pretending I'm not miserable lmao. Specifically, you sound cold, insensitive and pretentious. I've never known anyone with that attitude who wasn't cripplingly insecure and/or unhappy. People who aren't miserable actually act, you know, happy and upbeat. They have nice things to say about others. They're encouraging rather than disparaging. It's one thing to lose your patience with someone, but you literally came into this thread acting high and mighty and like everyone who isn't as successful as you has only themselves to blame. The tone of your post was confrontational. You were looking for a fight.

Honestly, you're only digging yourself into a deeper hole by continuing to make excuse after excuse as to why you're better/less miserable than everyone else here.

No. 596651

File: 1596571102808.jpg (14.64 KB, 275x275, 1555984964774.jpg)

My friend is moving abroad for a guy and they have to get married for visa reasons and I think it will end horribly just due to statistics but I can't say it or I'll seem jealous or mean. People don't understand that getting divorced can cost a surprisingly high amount of money, especailly if you're a foreigner.

No. 596652

she referenced me too oh fuck

No. 596653

File: 1596571193253.jpg (24.6 KB, 460x688, cutie.jpg)

anon, what are your thoughts on her?

No. 596654

>I’ve never had irl friends get so horny they made their own dildos or fantasize about Ben Shapiro
i mean, you never know..

No. 596656

dildo anon it's an honor to speak with you

No. 596657

So you're projecting hardcore. I'm bored, and I love watching poorfags like you seethe. So what if I'm miserable then? You're acting like it's such a terrible thing to be. Have fun being poor and miserable then.

No. 596659

she keeps popping up on my YT and my immediate thought was looks like what my friend's new wife would look like if she put an ounce of effort into her appearance. haven't actually watched her videos, though!

No. 596660

She spends so much money on YouTube ads and has crazy eyes in all the preview images. Her content is pretty lackluster.

No. 596661

samefag but i mask my shapiro thirst irl by joking about it and calling him a fucking moron with shit takes all things i would say to his face wilst domming him should i ever have the chance

No. 596662

Jesus, you sound insufferable

No. 596663

>six figure job
I like how there's no inbetween lol.

No. 596664

>So what if I'm miserable?
That's the point retard. You come in here talking blatant shit, then have the gall to try and start dishing out life advice. Why should anyone listen to you if the point of the post was just to upset people? The irony is that I'm not even poor, I'm just tired of narcissistic idiots like you using their income as a pitifully obvious cope.

But whatever. You've just admitted you're just a petty, miserable bitch like the rest of us. I guess that's all I was really looking for. Carry on now.

No. 596665

Mid level salaries don’t exist

Low key worried about how the job market will be affected by the ‘rona a year or two from now. What if the job market doesn’t improve? Ugh.

No. 596666

No one would give a fuck about her if she wasn’t Ben shapiros hot sister I hate that I find her so attractive in that video.

No. 596668

If you weren't so poor, you wouldn't be seething.

Yeah I'm sure you have a great personality and soooo many friends.

No. 596673

have you ever actually been out in the real world?
how much did mommy and daddy give you anon? and don't say nothing. I've seen attitudes like yours before. Mommy and Daddy always are bankrolling.

No. 596674

Anon there's no need to be so defensive, really. We are all miserable and hate ourselves here. You're amongst friends. Maybe you could actually get to the root of why you're so angry if you were willing to be a little bit more honest with yourself and us?

No. 596677


I'm actually not the same person with the miserable attitude that everyone is dunking on (I'm >>596589)

My mom is a single mother that does therapy for a living so obviously we didn't make much. My dad was in the military and that's the only way my college was partially paid for, I still owe over 30k in student loans. Why don't you, er, shut the fuck up and lurk moar? I actually gave meaningful advice. I'm not the bitch you wanna come after.

No. 596681

This is the dumbest argument ever. No one gives a fuck that you make 6 figures and are self-made, and no one cares that you anons aren't interested in networking and find it hard to get a good job. Shut the fuck up.

No. 596684

Therapists can make bank. Plenty of them make upper middle class incomes.
Has your mom been working in community mental health all of these years?

You first. I'm not that miserable but it's great you assume everyone has to be as miserable as you.

No. 596692

>Therapists can make bank. Plenty of them make upper middle class incomes.
Has your mom been working in community mental health all of these years?

You're omitting the single mother part. Single mothers have to work more, spend more (especially if there are multiple children). It's not rocket science.

Yes she's always been in the mental health community but she started out as a correctional officer, then started working her way into the school system to work with kids with behavior problems and then worked her way to becoming a therapist.

She still had to take care of 2 kids while doing that AND went back to school to get her Master's degree while doing that.

She probably makes a decent amount now but this wasn't always the case and certainly not enough to give me any sort of boost.

Most she did was give me 50 dollars ever week or so in college so that I could eat.

>inb4 no1curr

anon asked

No. 596697

I’m not judging you so this is kind of OT but damn anon. I spent $20 every other week (or week and half if I needed to buy chicken or something) when I lived alone

No. 596699

What is it about poor people that makes you upset enough to lash out at them and take pleasure in their suffering? I'm genuinely curious.

No. 596704

Tis what happens when you are in college and buy a lot of on-campus fast food.

No. 596707

This is one of those arguments where I'm… not even completely sure what is being argued about.

Do ya'll even remember yourselves?

No. 596725

An anon hates poor people and thinks they're better because they aren't poor. It's not really an argument, nor is the sentiment uncommon. I'm not really sure what the confusion is?

No. 596730

And landing a six figure job is like soooooooo easy and people making less simply aren't trying hard enough!
What a fucking lunatic if she's not altogether braindead.

No. 596734

Someone was attention-seeking and got it by bragging about their income anonymously.

No. 596737

She's a hypocrite, shames women for clubbing but goes to opera after parties (which are known to get wild), tells women to dress modestly while doing the opposite her self, so a typical conservative YouTuber

I don't agree with mrsmidwest but at least she actually practices what she preaches and that itself is a step above like 80% of conservative women

No. 596748

Because they're lazy and think they're entitled to whatever they want

kek :^)

No. 596750

I'm loving the mandatory mask thing because now I don't have to show my ugly broken teeth to people.

No. 596751

>they're lazy and think they're entitled to whatever they want
You have to be trolling at this point lmao. You don't have a nuanced enough understanding of what it means to be poor to warrant actually hating poor people if you really believe they're all literal welfare queens who have never worked a day in their lives, have six kids and terminal beetus.

No. 596755

same, anon

No. 596757

Don't forget the nudes/sex tape. Such a conservative trad lady.
To be honest, she's lucky she doesn't really resemble her brother. He's like an ugly dwarf version of her.

No. 596761

stop engaging with bootstraps chan. she'll realize the error of her ways when she spends her 50th christmas alone in her office, eyes glistening as she stares over the city alight with yuletide joy. she'll finish up her paperwork and look down wistfully at her cell phone. zero messages and calls. her family doesn't call anymore, and she never married or had kids. she has all the money in the world and no one to spend it on but herself. suddenly, she's visited by the ghosts of christmas past, who'll take her on a time travel journey showing her the truth in life. she'll realize that calling others poorfags was just a way to cope with being lonely. her six figures could never buy her true happiness. the ghosts teach her that money and success isn't everything, love is. coming to a theater near you.

No. 596764

You wish.

No. 596766

psst…they were trolling from the very beginning. Should've been obvious by their third post to you.

No. 596768

lmfao I would sell my loved ones if that would get me money

No. 596770

Fuck off with that trad nonsense, as if being single and not having kids is going to ruin anyone's life.

No. 596784

and tacky bolt ons
so trad uwu

No. 596786

Another anon. But I don't plan on marrying or having kids. I still wonder how I'm going to manage my later years if/when my health declines or where my assets go after I die.

No. 596794

You'll pay someone else's kid to take care of you with the money you've saved. I think it will take forward planning when you're still young enough, and I also think that the rise of childfree population will result in better services for old people who need an advocate.

Either way kids are no guarantee of support later in life, and I honestly don't think it's fair to demand it of them when they have their own lives to live. The irony is that if people think they need kids to take care of them when they're old, they could easily be too busy raising their own family to take care of their parents.

No. 596812

I agree completely, any nursing home worker will tell you that there are tons of old people there (likely getting abused or neglected, unfortunately) who have family members who just abandoned them.

No. 596820

>who have family members who just abandoned them.

There are so many factors that can lead to this that it's really hard for me to judge anyone without knowing the full situation. Some people literally cannot afford to care for an elderly parent, or don't have space for them in their own homes/apartments, etc. Some elderly parents are also nasty and toxic as fuck, and their children may understandably choose not to interact with them anymore. Nobody is really obligated to take care of their parents in old age, honestly, which is why federally funded nursing homes and in-home care is so important.

No. 596843

>beautiful city view
>no annoying ass man or shitty kids
>no one to spend money on but myself

where do I sign up?

No. 596885

>Some elderly parents are also nasty and toxic as fuck, and their children may understandably choose not to interact with them anymore.
I can relate. Kind of. I feel like I'm my parents' pet in the sense they make sure I have meals and that I'm healthy, but in every other situation I'm treated like I'm not even human. I can't talk to them about my troubles because that gets treated as a misbehavior, and even a suicide attempt that landed me in the medical center got me scolded over the phone (bills). I can't get out of their house either.

No. 596901

>Nobody is really obligated to take care of their parents in old age
What the fuck? I get if they abused you throughout your life, but otherwise this is depressing as fuck.
"You raised me, I got mine, so fuck you". My ex was Northern European and his dad just chucked his demented grandma into a nursing home and complained every time he had to go visit her. It's so heartless.

No. 596906

Parents choose to bring their children into this world, therefore they have obligation towards their kids and not the other way around. Raising a child well is the bare minimum when you decide to have one, not something they have to pay you back for.

Of course, providing there aren't any major issues most kids will love their parents enough to look after them in old age. My parents 100% agree with me on this, and I will still definitely take good care of them because I love them. But it's not right to go into parenthood thinking your children owe you for the basic decency of taking care of them, particularly to their own detriment (which aged care certainly can be).

No. 596928

I agree that it is depressing if your parents really did their best, and I think it's pretty unlikely that someone wouldn't want to take care of their parents in that case. I was just stating it as a general fact backing my position that home care for the elderly needs to be a mostly federal issue, and that the responsibility shouldn't fall upon family members.

No. 596954

I can’t stop reading self-insert fanfiction, it’s just neat, I might even write some myself, it’s nice to read porn something that isn’t directed towards men.

No. 596977

Parents are not doing their children a favor by raising them, it's not 50/50. It's their responsibility.

No. 596991

lol same anon, it’s fun

No. 597008

I like to say hello to flowers. I especially like to say hello to hydrangeas and pet them.

No. 597041

File: 1596594237746.jpg (11.65 KB, 226x223, 83189057_2491159841140039_1599…)

hnnng so cute anon

No. 597047

If someone legitimately offered me a brand new start in another country (job, apartment, documents, etc.) on the condition that I couldn't tell my wife or my relatives about it, I'd take it and leave without a second thought.

No. 597079

File: 1596596362640.jpeg (73.81 KB, 735x732, C6AC4680-B3F3-4A32-AEC5-3CA6F5…)

You’re adorable, anon!

No. 597083

File: 1596596999697.jpg (189.9 KB, 500x500, 1320497810003.jpg)

I discovered I have a kink for peeing my pants and now the act of peeing just arouses me, period. It started off with just peeing my pants once a week in the comfort of my apartment. I'd pee my pants and take my pants off then I'd masturbate in my peed in panties. The first time I did this was like some kind of spiritual awakening. I'd never been so turned on in my life and legit came about 5 times. I got basically addicted to peeing my pants as a sexual thing and started doing it every day. It's become such a problem for me that I find myself needing to masturbate every time I pee, like when I go to the toilet at work or school. Problem is I don't orgasm very quickly so in order to get away with this without people asking why I'm spending so much time in the bathroom, I was carrying a little lipstick vibrator with me at all times so I can get off more quickly. I'm so fucking embarrassed about this but recently I dropped the vibrator in a toilet while masturbating at 7/11. Idk why but instead of grabbing it I just tried to flush it and it was one of those shitty low pressure toilets so it immediately clogged. I tried flushing again and it started overflowing so I just booked it out of the store. It's not a big deal and I only spent like $10 on it but point being that I don't think I'm ever going to be sexually normal again after all this. I'm still a virgin and idk where I'm gonna find a guy who is okay with all of this and will let me pee on his dick. I'm 21 btw.

No. 597087

Sorry anon but this made me laugh. I know there are plenty of guys with a piss fetish but not sure if they'd make the best partners

No. 597091

she has no reason to worry. literally every guy I've ever dated seriously eventually revealed to me that they either wanted to pee on me, or wanted me to pee on them. it's either an extremely common fetish that most don't openly admit or i just have terrible taste in men

No. 597095

I- anon you must have terrible taste in men I’m sorry

I have no idea what to say. I hope than when the nuance of your fetish kinda winds down, you can enjoy it without feeling compelled to masturbate so desperately. That can’t be fun, but the fetish, when in a safe, container environment, can still be part of your life, hopefully. Just.. best of luck to you anon, it might be rough.

No. 597097

>piss fetish is common
it's not though?? wtf, stop dating pornsick coomers

No. 597098

Finally a real confession in this thread

No. 597099

anon you genuinely should see a therapist lol, it seems like you dont have any self control and there's something off here, besides the blatant piss fetish. i dont know how else to put it.

No. 597109

You're probably right. Honestly I'm just really depressed right now and don't have much else that brings me joy aside from masturbating. The piss thing would probably still be a kink of mine, but the obsession might just be situational.

No. 597113

i just used my credit card to buy $97 worth of strands of little red lights shaped like chili peppers to hang up in our kitchen and now my boyfriend is yelling at me

No. 597123

So you broke up with him?

No. 597125

But it's your money right? You're not even married yet jesus

No. 597126

He should be grateful you care enough to make your living space feel muy picante

No. 597128

You’re a gem anon this made me laugh so hard

No. 597129

yes but he doesn't like when i spend money "frivolously"

thank you for your support

No. 597136

I’m sorry your bf doesn’t know what frivolous means

No. 597143

that sounds adorable. It's your money. Why the fuck is he even mad… Break up with that ape.

No. 597148

File: 1596600708202.jpg (30.81 KB, 413x416, 1361850665002.jpg)

i've been on a bit of a shopping bender as of late tbh. he can still go fuck himself though

No. 597156

Same anon I'm cackling

No. 597174

i would appreciate you and those chili pepper lights more than he ever could

No. 597197

>t. nice gal

No. 597255

I've always wanted those lights! If it's your own money, your bf is a bitch

No. 597326

File: 1596637549567.jpg (30.43 KB, 372x480, f8ec11d51a4249ea2ebc17425b3708…)

I'm not a tradwife or anything but… I really fucking love the 1950s and 1960s. Not for the social norms, but for branding, fashion, mannerisms, architecture and the music. I just wish I could go back in time for a year or so to experience it all, I'd probably want to stay.

I shop for vintage dresses and buy vintage books, I look for vintage style homes (mid century modern) and buy vintage furniture. I also watch vintage films for comfort.

Ironically, the times would not have worked in my favor, but man… can you imagine living in California 1955, being at home all day chilling and waiting for your husband to get off of work and your kids to get out of school, you could just sit around and paint your nails and get all prim and proper……. and then invite your neighbor over and have hot lesbian sex and pretend you both were baking. I do love the idea of being that happy-go-lucky caring wife.

But of course, this is all just a fantasy. I hate men and would rather work male dominated jobs and I hate getting all fancy and dressing up. Fuck it… bout to go watch mad men for the 3rd time.

No. 597332

I'm here to confess my food sins. I use mayo as a dipping sauce for things as well as put ketchup in my macaroni. I once put peanut butter on my hamburger because I was craving both at once. I need help.

No. 597335

File: 1596638330911.jpg (1.56 MB, 2560x1920, A1xRoo4qZUL._RI_.jpg)

Same anon! The fashion is the main thing I love about that time period but everything else except for the obvious sexism and racism is beautiful. The only reason I wouldn't want to live in that time is because I'm black lmao.

Have you watched The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel? It's a really great show and it kinda addresses problems during that time period without making it pandering. You need Amazon Prime to watch it legally, but I'm it's available on putlocker or something.

Do you mix/bake the ketchup in your macaroni? Or do you just dip it in?

No. 597337

Not to shit on your parade but your husband would probably be fucking some other woman on the side, beat you up if you're not "obedient" enough and you'd be fucked if he died or left you because you never developed any skills of trade or got an education (and women were banned from getting many degrees), also you couldn't even have your own bank account to collect savings without your husband's approval or even a credit card. I get this fawning over the fashion and aesthetics that are largely cherry picked by people wearing rose-tinted glasses for the nostalgia that was never real but the actual lifestyle would be hell on earth for a woman.

No. 597338

Why are you saying this like anon doesn't already know that lmao. They literally talked about the misogyny and sexism in the 50s/60s at multiple points during that post.

The whole fantasy part of their post was literally that, a fantasy. We don't live in the 50s anymore so it's not like that could happen

No. 597340

I'm black too! lmao. That's exactly why I said it would be ironic for me to even want any of that stuff. I haven't seen that show but I'll check it out.

You're not shitting on my parade lmao. If I say I'm really into the culture, don't you think I'd know that other stuff too? That's the only reason I won't say "I was born in the wrong generation" because fuck alla that, but I do really like everything else about it and wish I could know what it was like. I guess this is why I posted in the confession thread, because I am definitely not saying it's a good thing to have lived back then.


No. 597342

I feel this way about the 80’s even before stranger things and the retro shit became a trend . I love it so much, I wish I existed back then sometimes. I’m not sure what was so bad about the 80’s maybe some classism and small issues but I am ignorant

No. 597348

File: 1596640686720.png (1.22 MB, 1200x944, tumblr_oq2fmnaQMZ1w6g6mlo1_128…)

Probably the rampant cocaine and burning neighborhoods in Brooklyn due to ignorant police and increased crime rates…

But otherwise, I feel you on that front. 80s interior designs were so cool.

No. 597353

I’ve been teasing and sexting this older guy just for the attention. I feel zero attraction. There’s an over ten years age difference between us. He’s in love with me and I find it funny.

No. 597388

Get some money out of it anon

No. 597393

been there. seconding >>597388 suggestion if you can.

however i wasn't able to bc he was needy as fuck and it got so annoying that even tho he offered an allowance i was like ehhh you take up too much time from another fuckin state. have at it though, anon get your coin.

No. 597404

Mix it in straight out the bottle anon after it was cooked.

No. 597495

I've been using some of the cows from the anorexia thread as references for art and I feel kinda guilty about it. I think their bodies aren't disgusting but cool in a freaky way. I just feel bad cause I realize they have a mental/physical illness and im kinda romanticizing it.

No. 597530

This is gross. Why do you think it's okay to use someone like this?

>inb4 'who cares it's a scrote kek'

No. 597531

you'd probably like the pizza mac n' cheese they sell at trader joes. i thought it was going to be disgusting but it's honestly pretty good

No. 597550

I'm the same! I just like old things, they are so beautiful. Also the fashion in the 50s and 60s were so beautiful and feminine, they are my favorite periods looks-wise. I've been on retirement for a few years due to mental illness (though now I'm ready to start studying to get into a very male-dominated job and kick some ass, kek) and I did not enjoy being the little wife-y. The fantasy is nice though but for me it was sort of embarrassing and isolating, not having a nice neighbour to trade recipes with and talk about the daily grind. But I've really come to enjoy baking and cooking and tidying which is nice

Not the anon you responded to but I've been meaning to get to The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel for like a month already!

I'm so happy, I picked up a 50s vanity yesterday with my husband and I can't wait to get to sand it and paint it pretty to paint my face!

Saged b/c off-topic and no confession.

No. 597558

I started a save in the Sims 3 in that one fantasy world and I made a self insert character and moved her in with an old healer witch type character and pretend I am her apprentice. Their home and garden is so wonderful that I started daydreaming about actually living there and making potions and practicing magic with the old lady, and that my crush is a werewolf who I have a secret romance with… I feel so embarassed about it, this is straight up a story from some cheesy young adult fantasy novel and I am wasting so much time thinking about it

No. 597706

I’m scared of men. It’s phobia level.

No. 597712

Are you the anon who posted the /adv/ screenshots?

No. 597716

No I’ve just been getting into true crime stuff too much lately

No. 597727

Stop it anon

No. 597732

I'd really like to be a parent someday and actually imagine what it would be like a lot, but I don't actually see myself ever being ready to have kids and would never make that decision without being 100% sure. I just life could have turned out differently for me. I wish I could have come from a different family, not ended up with PTSD which makes me an anxious wreck all the time and have to work at a slower pace than everyone else. I barely have my shit together at 30. I just can't realistically see myself being able to be a good parent when I'm still like this at the age I am now. I really love my boyfriend and I know he definitely wants kids. It breaks my heart knowing he will probably eventually leave me over this.

No. 597742

i've become hyper vigilant around male strangers ever since becoming familiar with true crime content, lol. i'm less likely to be polite around men approaching me and trying to get in my business. really want to arm myself tbh

No. 597745

Same but my cuck country doesn’t even let us carry pepper spray rip

No. 597782

I get a kick out of lurking general issues on /meta/ to gawk at the constant infighting on a thread marked "Do not use this thread to infight and instigate pointless arguments" in bold text.

No. 597813

Not only am I a TERF, but I am also just a straight up transphobe. I literally want to beat every tranny I lay my poor eyes on while also being so disgusted by those mentally ill eunuchs that the thought of being near their disgusting greasy bodies make me physically ill. I need to rest

No. 597823

This post is very suspicious.

No. 597824

I swear I'm not a tranny lol. I admit I'm very radical and should probably do something about it, but I can't help it.

No. 597826

Hi tranny or male, literally no one cares about you that much we just want your degenerate agp asses out of the mainstream and bullied and shamed like they should be

No. 597829

Girl you're letting them have power over you. Just laugh at the lunacy like everyone else does and move on

No. 597830

NTA, but the weird thing is, I just hate males in general that try to get a second chance at life being a woman. They expect everyone to just accept them as is and "if you don't like it you're a disgusting woman". MTF are the bane of my existence, absolutely dumbfuck attention craving daddy-issued pricks. Troons are so fucking gross and disgusting fetishists.

I will say, however, that I am actually somewhat supportive of FTM with the STIPULATION that they are also NOT misogynistic but those are very hard to come across. I would match rather see a woman succeed in a man's life than a man try to squeeze himself into being a woman.

My ftm friend is just very suicidal and I feel bad for him but he's also lazy, e-begs, and is a moocher so lol, I don't feel THAT bad. I truly wish him the best in life.

No. 597833

Ummm OK lol. I thought it was the confession thread? It's not like I'm proud of it?

No. 597837

My biggest issue with MTFs is that they get away with so much more than that women get away with while trying to present themselves as a "better" version of women

They already get proportional breasts with hormones, they don't want to that though they want big round perky tits and try to convince everyone they "need" it for the sake of their mental health yet flat chested women get fake speeches on loving themselves
Begging for nose jobs, implants, all kinds of surgeries as well as makeup and wigs and the fact they don't get any hate for it is astounding to me, on top of that you'll never see them get shit for having less than perfect skin, being chubby or too skinny, not being curvy enough, having body hair, etc

Nikkitutorials for example is passing and didn't come out about being trans until later but she always got shit for how she looks but pulling the trans card was like a magical button and now no one even says a word about her flaws

No. 597838

You just came across as a larping scrote chill

No. 597839

I'm confused here, what about that made her sound like a larping scrote? Was it her emotions or…?

No. 597840

I definitely agree with you. I think my hatred mainly stems from all the time I've spent reading about the worst of the worst, that I now just start projecting shit onto innocent people who just want to live their lives in peace, i'm definitely not proud of it.
I also have nothing against FtM, yeah many of them get on my fucking nerves but at the end of the day at least it seems like the majority isn't creepy anime-loving pedophiles thinking women live the easiest lives ever and all you need to do is literally just start an onlyfans and open your legs uwu.

No. 597842

It was just very bait like

No. 597847

I've never met a MTF that was nice to me. Even since before I started reading GC stuff they would always be super nice to me for a little while and then suddenly turn and get real ugly. Does anyone else have experience with this? Is it just basic tranny stuff or do I keep meeting the real crazies?

No. 597850

Basic tranny stuff. They only emulate what they see of women in media and they think being bitchy and jealous is womynhood, apparently

No. 597852

Transgender people have high comorbidity with Cluster B personality disorders, especially Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

No. 597856

It’s comorbid with other mental illnesses. The charitable take is that the stress of dysphasia makes the person act out. There are obviously less kindly interpretations. IME most I have met have been nice but I did meet one that was so threatening our entire class had to change location and time covertly to avoid an MTF student that was threatening everyone.

It’s also going to vary online vs offline. The most well adjusted are busy with full social lives. They aren’t spending time online much. Those that do are the ones who don’t have much going for them and poor social networks to keep them occupied. At least that’s my theory for why online lgbtq culture is so crazed.

No. 597858

The fact that you said "TERF" tells me you're just an SJW larper.
I feel like women that hate FTMs for supposedly being "misogynistic" are the most misogynistic and make weird assumptions about how they think.
>inb4 you make assumptions too
It's stuff that I've already seen.

No. 597861

I've never been to a concert.

No. 597862

I smell it too

No. 597864

I cut the calluses off my feet sliver by sliver using nail clippers.

No. 597925

Bc older men who go after young women deserve it.

First off, who the fuck do you think you are, some middle management nobody deserves someone hot and young? Get bent loser, you have nothing to offer but some $$.
Secondly, it’s predatory and creepy. The older I get, the more disgusted I am. 18 is a fucking child when you’re 40.

>I wish the age of consent was half your age + 7, swear to god

No. 597949

File: 1596718970792.png (637.56 KB, 794x607, kboo.png)

I think im slowly becoming a shitty ass asiaboo, I keep catching myself thinking "what if i moved to asia tho" and watching asian fashion youtubers and wanting to mimic their style, consuming mostly asian media aside from music.

Idk man I feel gross, im in my twenties its not the time for this cringy bullshit.

But I basically feel culture-less, my country is a shithole with a culture that I fucking hate, There's literaally nothing in my country I identify with and basically the only good thing i get out of it is being able to use being a third-worlder as a trump card in internet discussions, I hate everything about it, even the good things like music and literature I still can't like because they are just not my style.

So I have the shitty daydream of oh to be a college student in korea uwu, I know its not a perfect place, there's alot of shitty stuff but I think I would be happier than here.

No. 597952

Do words mean anything anymore, 18 isn't a child

No. 597953

it's not, but the anon you replied to said they were 40 and comparatively 18 is very young, especially if they have actual children around that age.

No. 597954

it is when you're fucking 40

No. 597957

I like to make fake accounts and catfish Tumblr troons (in either direction). I've been doing it since I was 12

No. 597962

I want a finnish friend so bad, I used to have one but she disappeared from the internet forever and everyday I feel like it was my fault

No. 597982

i love u anon

No. 597996

wtf is with all the finnish stuff recently

No. 598000

Bc some girl made this post in the vent thread, which was then posted into the funny posts thread because some anon thought it was funny that another anon recognized where she was from even though it was not brought up in the original post. Which then started a whole discussion on why finnish people are such drunk nutcases.

Or are you reffering to something else?

No. 598001

File: 1596724562993.jpeg (874.62 KB, 1146x1302, ED30835F-3F9D-44A8-AA17-75FB2C…)

No. 598002

Tell us more. Why do you do it? What are some of your more fun encounters/better stories?

No. 598003

One hot mess anon in the vent thread happened to be Finnish and they've taken over, apparently

No. 598029

File: 1596726973207.jpg (62.41 KB, 762x574, deebly-goncerned.jpg)

pls someone b my finnish frien

No. 598078

I'm Finnish and had an internet friend from the US and because of life I just disappeared and I regret it so bad. Tried even making contact with the friend by sending a message on fanfiction.net and apologizing my dickbag move but I don't think she uses that account anymore. I just miss her so bad, she was so sweet and deserved better.

No. 598094


Let’s just make a finn friend finder thread anons

No. 598095

I met my finnish friend on cgl and we kept contact through tumblr. I really loved her, she was very sweet but depressed. I'm not from the USA, but I understand you anon. Wish we could be friends lol

No. 598119

File: 1596731273589.jpg (38.27 KB, 600x510, 120_-_benis.jpg)

I agree with this please let it be a thing

No. 598134

File: 1596731664612.jpeg (34.55 KB, 320x320, E6D6104E-B11A-40C8-9B23-B8F17D…)

The finnanon who started this whole thing is crazy though. Bc thats me

No. 598139

STOP shitting up all the threads please

No. 598140

Finnanon I want to be your friend!!!!

No. 598148

Oh my god fuck off already

No. 598150

Sorry </3
Plz let me be ur friend anon

No. 598151

how can we be frens

No. 598161

lol wanna add me on discord?

No. 598164

sure post your discord real quick and then delete it so no one bullies you lol

No. 598168


I dont care if people here wanna bully me lmao, I hardly even use it anyway

No. 598170

No. 598182

It started as just trying to mold myself into being a person people liked, but then one day I realized I was basically a completely different person online so I made it into a roleplay blog that didn't disclose it was a roleplay blog, basically.
I've always been an obsessive person, and when I found a blogger I got obsessed with, I made a character I thought they'd like and made friends as them. Sometimes I got in too deep and thought I was the character when my mental health was worse but it happens less now.
Most fun encounter happened when I was about 13. Tumblr troon, C, was about 15 and had just broken up with 'me' after 5 months of e-dating. The friend group fell apart and she broke up with 'me' because I chose the friend group over her (they were more dramatic and therefore more entertaining). C had given me her tumblr password while we were dating, and was talking about a person in the friend group on her blog. We'll call her D. (D was actually the person I made the character for, and was milky in her own right, she had 5 callouts at this point afaik.) D and me got on Skype call and I screen shared logging in to C's Tumblr and editing all of the posts that included D's name into random nonsense. We then went through all of C's messages (this was very recently after the Tumblr instant messaging feature was installed) including a conversation currently happening. I replied from C's account and obviously then she realized someone was on it.
C changed her password, and sperged out, calling us (me and D) ableist and saying we were just as bad as people IRL, who were kinphobic, ableist and transphobic.
C then went to her settings page and tried to 'doxx' me (post my IP / hometown), but posted her own. Bare in mind, we lived in different countries and I have no idea how she even made that mistake. D freaked out for C's safety and made her take it down.
Typing it out makes me sound sociopathic, but it's all good fun. I miss older Tumblr days, people were more dramatic. I've been thinking about catfishing on Vent, as that's where all the really wacky Tumblr people migrated to.

No. 598303

I want boobs. Not implants but the boobs I feel I'm owed. It's so stupid but living my whole life as a flat chested woman has given me some kind of napoleon (nipoleon?) Boob complex. I'm not smol nor thicc, I'm a tall skinny Asian woman with zero breasts. I can't fill out any dresses and the small amount of breast tissue is annoying wide set because of my godzilla rib cage and made worse by my long torso. I even bought a breast plate for drag queen but its crazy uncomfortable and I only use it for cosplay obvs. I feel like caving and getting BA but I'm afraid of breast implant illness/cancer/looking worse when I inevitably have them removed. I just feel like women with normal or average chests get treated better by burger society.

No. 598316

File: 1596743300949.jpeg (57.48 KB, 735x520, E0C8DD33-EC99-4BEA-9B4D-1A0251…)

I love you mexican mitski anon

No. 598326

pls don’t get a BA your body type sounds gorgeous and it’s not worth the health complications. I know this doesn’t count for shit but I love tall girls with small chests, it’s totally my type lol. obligatory “I am not a scrote”

No. 598360

At least you're not fat with a flat chest like me.

No. 598365

I want rib removal but I might have something wrong with my heart and in that case I need all the rib I can get.

No. 598370

Why the fuck would you want to remove your rib is the first place?

No. 598378

For a smaller waist. I like to think I'm a pear shape but my waist is kinda square-ish.

No. 598386

Well, you know…

No. 598397

Why don’t you try doing stomach vacuum exercises first to cinch it in?

No. 598405

Oh wow I've never heard of that! They're like kegels but for the stomach it seems like. Ty anon.

No. 598407

What an insanely stupid idea. Imagine being so vain and image obsessed you would remove a perfectly healthy, functioning bone for the sake of it… get therapy instead.

No. 598443

You can literally say the same thing about any ps, but if me being insecure about one part of my body makes me "image obsessed" then so be it. If I was that vain then I would have went ahead and removed it instead of waiting to see if I have a serious medical condition.

No. 598506

it's a long story but basically when I was 17 I had sex with a 30 year old man on vacation in a foreign country while I was high on e that he and his friends gave me but I didn't know what it was, my friend was with me too and they did the same to her. she was older than me and thought it was fun. we stayed with them for 2 days they were staying in the luxury part of the hotel and I barely remember any of it because they gave me so many drugs. I wrote down his name from his id and looked him up when I left. he and his friends worked for goldman sachs and lived in new york he was engaged and was on his bachelor party trip. I never messaged his fiancee or anything because why would she believe me… I still look him up sometimes and they're still married and have 3 kids. I dont think I will ever be able to trust a man because of this, imagine if you found out your husband cheated on you with an underaged girl. and that was how I lost my virginity too, I guess it was rape I dont know

No. 598511

Holy shit anon, fuck that monster

No. 598516

Fuck anon, I lost my virginity in a very similar way you did, it really fucked me up, thought I wasn’t worthy of being loved for many years and now nearly a decade later the effect of that still takes hold on me. I hate men like that, they ruin lives and they don’t even know it.

No. 598520

yeah I just always wonder if his now-wife has gone through life thinking he's a stand up guy. I mean i've always told myself it probably wasn't the first time he cheated and she probably knew he was like that but idk. he has 2 daughters and a son

No. 598599

let's be honest. i am way too drunk right now, and i've got better things to do with my life. but fuck if i am not enjoying this.

No. 598611

Plastic surgery is extremely creepy tbh.

No. 598612

I would say it about any other PS/body modification hat extreme, not all procedures are equally invasive. A doctor shaving off a bit of bone on your nose after doing it thousands of times to other noses is a bit different to completely removing a rib. It's more on par with leg lengthening surgery or eyeball tattoos or some other crazy shit.

No. 598616

I'm 22 and my dad still brushes my hair when I wash it

No. 598619

That's sweet.

I can hear David Attenborough's voice in my head "here we see two primates from the same family bonding though grooming like many other primates do, even though this particular species has evolved to be nearly hairless everywhere but the scalp"

No. 598670

File: 1596790524634.jpg (40.79 KB, 478x473, 1596200298975.jpg)

my first ever celebrity crush at 6 years old was, of all people, sean kingston

No. 598693

it’s called having body dysmorphia. get help.

No. 598702

File: 1596799724811.jpg (58.81 KB, 1280x720, 1589949791706.jpg)

Oh my god anon, lmao. That gave me a good laugh. I always thought he was corny as fuck.

No. 598703

i feel violent disgust when i see elderly people with advanced dementia. i don’t react like that to regular retards. i just can’t imagine anything more disgusting than an adult who was completely normal a few years before babbling and pissing themselves. their brains are literally rotting away. i get an urge to smother them with a pillow

No. 598706

All my grandparents had dementia and one developed into full blown alzhiemers. I am extremely offended by this lol, and let me explain why. Dementia is not a choice. It's a severe form of depression and can see a person stuck in time, disassociate (literally, not the fake uwu type) and can become lost in time too. Their brains are not rotting and you can't fucking catch anything from them. You're going to get old some day anon unless you die early by some unfortunate circumstance have a bit of fucking compassion.

No. 598712

dementia is not a 'severe form of depression', it’s a physical neurodegenerative disorder, what are you on?

No. 598729

I've saw some studies showing links with depression and I guess with my family history I've just conflated the two. MS is prolific in my family even tho it's not hereditary, but I live in a country with high incidences of mental health issues and just it has been a point of interest that the side of my family more affected by the civil conflicts where I'm from suffer a lot of neurodegenerative diseases so I dunno. Depression is a killer and with the mapping of specific genes and signalling pathways there is more research coming out showing the psychology of the mind results in physiological issues.

Just from speaking with my grandparents they'd always get trapped in a traumatic experience (E.g. My uncle killed himself and grandparents kept having to relearn this information and getting stuck in that time. Or even just other times from their lives that were traumatic) yet I was able to comitnue to have meaningful and joyful conversations at other times. I always did think it was severe depression because of how I've saw it manifest.

No. 598746

Said this in the previous thread without realizing this is the new one
If someone gave me the option to transform my bf into a woman I would do it instantly
Man has a great personality but the lack of a vagina gets to me

No. 598829

where tf were your parents?

No. 598898

they didn't go on the trip my friend's parents took us but our room was separate from theirs and they were at a conference during most of the trip

No. 598910

File: 1596819719446.jpg (58.36 KB, 933x1052, EBbc8LtX4AAk5p7.jpg)

>tfw want to compliment all art anon's art but don't wanna make a giant obnoxious post replying to them all
keep drawing pls

No. 598912

I fucking loathe koreaboos and k-pop culture but I love the fashion. Mainstream stores in my country started bringing k-fashion items and I feel joy in shopping again.

No. 599211

I hate everything about koreaboos and k-pop culture and especially the fashion and the abuse of the idols and all but I like the music unironically. I'm well aware of being garbage

No. 599327

I un-ironically like vid related. I don't care if it's trash. I wish we had rappers doing more weird shit if they are just going to say the same things over and over.

No. 599348

i added myself to a /soc/ discord thread out of boredom. i expected a trainwreck but it's been fun and the guys seem fine.

No. 599353

you must have super low standards. Everyone from /soc/ is boring as fuck and has no idea how to make good conversation

No. 599358

well if you have a better idea of where to meet people i would love to hear. i think i tried the friend finder thread here but i don't remember anyone messaging me.

at the very least this feels like a step up from normies online dating.

No. 599362

>t. no one responded to me

No. 599365

i agree. I made a discord and shared it on /soc/. 50 people joined and all they could do was sperg out. Voice chat was fine and I enjoyed talking to the 10 or so that joined VC for a week or so and then it got quiet when the spergs got bored of sperging out.

No. 599367

Samefag but the only reason so many people joined was because I advertised it as being for black people to see if I could get a good thing going and of course that brought out the /pol/fags

No. 599404

I like the smell of my own vagina when it’s dirty

No. 599407

I like the smell of my period blood

No. 599414

I like how it smells when i leave a bandaid on for too long

No. 599415

I like to eat, eat, eat, apples and bananas

No. 599417

Boys browse this site! You are just going to drive the boys crazy!

No. 599420

My bf and I are babysitting my mom's dog. We baby talk her and our pet snakes but we've slowly devolved into baby talk with each other. (Well not baby talk but like talking like Adam Sandler in Water boy).I wanna break this cycle but also it's cute when we do it like we'll pretend our snakes are talking and talk for them.

I'm scared we'll never stop tho lmao

No. 599424

Shut up tranny(hi troon)

No. 599425

Here come the femcels

No. 599428

i like to ate, ate, ate ayples and banaynays

No. 599437

yeah it's incredibly hard to get /soc/ to respond to you. gtfo newfag.

No. 599440

there's for sure a dirty moid going thread to thread pointing out "femcel" behavior. This is like the 5th time I've seen this stupid ass response to someone making a normal comment for here.

No. 599441

Stop tinfoiling any time baby ♥

No. 599445

File: 1596864190996.png (5.94 KB, 769x113, 1.PNG)

This is you, huh? (And before you accuse me, no, I'm not the anon you're replying to.)

No. 599447

No, it isn't. Again, stop tinfoiling any time.

No. 599452

I like to oot, oot, oot, ooples and banoonoos.

No. 599453

File: 1596866135100.jpeg (732.32 KB, 1242x973, 097F7535-8605-4062-9918-C50355…)

>mfw when I post my nudes and discord on 4chan and instead of horny messages all the guys mostly console me about being a mess .

No. 599454

kek. i got told to go back to /soc/, that i had 'big milky mommy titties' (i'm literally a b cup) and called out for 'devil nails' and tattoos.

No. 599455

I hate and love that sugar dating made me highly critical to average

Like these men pay for my dinner, take me on vacations and shopping, do gentlemanly things like open doors, don't expect sex right away, and i can fuck other people all while getting paid, but the average man can't even act decent

No. 599457

Oh I got good comments about my looks lol. The mix of ”wtf is wrong with you, please seek help” and ”I wanna suck your toes” is just weird

No. 599459

>posting your nudes on 4chan
>posting any identifiable information about yourself on 4chan
>for attention
How do you reach this point?

No. 599460

Here comes the fun police kek. It only took 2 replies. I wonder what anon's political views are. Lighten up

No. 599462

Have fun being a mess for depraved men lol

No. 599464

Translation: girl, people there are trash tier. Why are you treating yourself like that? Theyre worthless

No. 599465

It's just so annoying when women are talking about a shared experience and you guys come in and moralfag. We get it, we're trash, now let us talk about it without trying to derail because you just can't let it go kek

No. 599467

File: 1596868283829.jpg (96.15 KB, 1194x638, blow.jpg)

If you aren't that sort of person, once you are in the industry you find out who you know and workplace politics matter far more than silly things like competency or merit.

No. 599469

Me too. The only reason I know any idols names is because I look at their outfits

No. 599471

Wow scrotes can be based sometimes who woulda thunk, /soc/ whores btfo

No. 599474

i like to ite, ite, ite iples and bynynys

No. 599475

Same here. Kpop gave me several decades worth of pure, undiluted bubblegum pop, there's a lot of trash songs and trends I hate but still a LOT of bops if you're into that sort of thing.

No. 599483

i like to irt, irt, irt, irples and brnrnrs

No. 599494

i like to ort, ort, ort, orples and bornorners

No. 599513

Why would you post this on lolcow of all places on the internet, a site founded on making mockery of pieces of shit like you? Did you want ass pats? How could you not expect moral fagging? You are as stupid as you are a trashy whore. The scrotes should do worse things to you.

No. 599516

File: 1596877061813.jpg (83.33 KB, 583x777, me_.jpg)

my housemates have terrible attitudes towards mental illnesses. they are two extremely privileged late 20s men who have been born into wealthy & supportive families and been coddled all their lives. as most of my fellow farmers, i'm mentally ill and have been suicidal (i come from a somewhat poor family and was abused by my parents growing up).

at the start of the rona pandemic i was extremely upset because of the strict lockdown. how did my housemates react? they made jokes about me hanging myself. although they don't know that i'm mentally ill their "jokes" were really gross. i was too shocked to properly react back when this happened, i think i just left the room or something.

now i'm trying to find a way to reveal that i'm mentally ill while making them as uncomfortable as possible. i only struggle with depression and anxiety, but they got visibly uncomfortable when i mentioned that my uncle was schizophrenic and what they were saying about schizophrenia was wrong when they were having a convo about it.

No. 599517

You should read the cow yourself thread. Most users here are cows themselves tbh.

No. 599520

This. I'm fucking flabbergasted over the amount of anons who post text walls describing them practicing the most trashiest ratchet behavior ever and then being hurt over anons telling them off.
>lighten up bitch kek why yall gotta be slut shamin ya im trash what about it uwu
Girl get help for your daddy issues and personality disorder. I don't want anyone here telling how empowering and ttly relatable!!! it is when you post nudes on 4chan during a manic episode for a cheap fix of validation on the internet or something. That sort of self-destructive behavior should not be encouraged ever. It's not a light-hearted oopsie woopsie story, it's actually describing a level women should never have to sink to.

I still feel like that thread was started as a honeypot to do user profiling because attention hungry bitches can't resist a chance to gain sympathy.

No. 599521

It's weird to think that if they had just a little bit more of a social media presence, we'd see more threads about cows who are probably regular farmers themselves. There was a thread a year or two ago on crystal.cafe where OP was claiming she had a /w/ thread about her, she never said who she was. On a similar note, I didn't realize how many farmers are/were pickmes until the Former Pickme Thread was made, I'd sort of assumed the reason farmers were so quick to call others pickmes was because they, well, weren't one? Guess I was wrong.

No. 599525

it was prolly just spoony, she got outted posting all over c.c.

No. 599526

I just want a normal life. I'm not trying to be famous, or popular, or have some insanely impactful job. I just want to find some who loves me, have a group of friends, have a good relationship with my family and have grandparents who care. I literally just want some normalcy. It's not that my life is horrible or that I'm estranged with my family (I live with them), it's just that everything is so off with everything in my life. Nothing is exactly normal and I realize that when I go on instagram and see people posting stuff with family,relatives,friends regularly.

No. 599530

Sometimes I fantasize about creating a cowsona, and just letting my trainwreck hang out.

No. 599534

Same but I'm scared shitless of being doxed. I keep a low profile on sm and don't go anywhere near drama.

No. 599536

I’m the anon who posted her nudes on 4chan sooo.. I’m not even afraid of people irl knowing what a tard I actually am, just don’t want weirdos to harrass and doxx me.

No. 599537

But I also have no social media aside from facebook, that I used last time so long ago you cannot recognize it

No. 599540

I'm the opposite lol, no facebook but "secret" accounts. Only gmail has my name but it's not attached to anything.

No. 599583

I thought I lost her forever!!
Alina if you're here my throwaway email is kirbkorb@gmail.com

have another mitski song anon

No. 599595

I think we all are afraid of getting doxxed to be frank. I also have no social media presence even though my field of work would require me to make an instagram or some shit like that

No. 599610

I’m jealous of teen social media personalities for making so much money. I don’t think they deserve it but I also think they don’t know they’re throwing their chance of a normal life away so young. I was an idiot online as a teenager and got a ton of shit for it. I wish I could have made money using my stupidity but I was too early for corporate internet.

No. 599624

I'm strongly considering keeping plucked eyebrows / nail clippings / excess hair from my hairbrush and stuff in a jar or box because throwing them away makes me feel really guilty and empty. It wouldn't be too gross, right..? I know I'm clean.

No. 599627

id recommend this site for more information https://www.goodtherapy.org/find-therapist.html

No. 599635

I’m such a lazy employee. I’m sitting in the Starbucks drive thru in my bosses truck while on the clock kek

No. 599647

im not. its really not that big of a deal, a quick way to scare someone acting stupid. but i dont have anything going on in my life that hinges on a clean reputation.

but i do think i remember a user on encyclopedia dramatica that had another user send massive amounts of cock pics to his moms work email and got her fired. but i think that kid was being generally pretty annoying

No. 599651

I think anon was referring to that no one on the friend finder thread was messaging her

No. 599652

No. 599657

File: 1596899927489.jpeg (86.15 KB, 596x955, 6A379C57-ADCB-4924-AF7B-BF4A46…)

I deal with this too and I’m considering mixing my “items” into potting soil and growing plants with them. Or burying the stuff so I wouldn’t feel guilty about feeling this guilt in the first place. This way no one would know and my things would be going toward growing another living thing instead of taking up room somewhere decomposing

No. 599901

Thank you for making me feel more normal anon

No. 599907

File: 1596926370763.gif (3.89 MB, 480x360, kms.gif)

Guys, I'm pathetic and a literal fucking clown. I have feelings for someone who I know nothing about looks-wise or even voice-wise, save for a few physical characteristics. Other than that I've been talking to him for 2 years as a friend, and I feel pretty close to him. I want to tell him how I feel, but I'm afraid that I'm blind to this scarlet red flag of not knowing what he looks like, and what it means that he hasn't shown his appearance yet.
The smart move here would be to continue being friends with him and move on, but I'm an autistic NEET so I don't really know how to live a real life, and I don't believe I'll meet a person that I've connected with this much. This is a cry for fucking help, any advice slapping me in the face telling me to get an iota of common sense is very much appreciated.

No. 599908


If I was at a friends house and stumbled on a cache of brush hair and nail clippings I’d be absolutely horrified. Keratin is pretty resistant to decomposition too so if you mix it into potting soil and wait a while you’ll probably still have potting soil plus hair and nails.

Short term, if you want to bury it outside then whatever, but don’t be storing it and if you do then store it like it’s your deepest secret.

Long term, consider some therapy or else risk becoming a poop hoarder in 40 years.

No. 599921

My ex LDR was kind of a catfish as he got seriously fat from the pics he had floating on the internet. (Not a true catfish cause he just never posted another one). But I got past the looks tbh and loved him truthfully. But if he was insanely butt ugly maybe I’d cry lol

No. 599926

I quit social media because I was a bit obsessed and since being on /ot/ I love it here. It’s weird to be anon and have nowhere to type my random thoughts like I used my SM for but it’s freeing tbh

No. 599928

I don’t think it’s a good idea to imply a relationship with him, you could find yourself in front of a person you don’t like physically at all and it would be a huge turn off.

Sure, you could give it a shot, i mean, you know that person for two years, it could workout.

No. 599940

Thanks for not being brutal lmao
Tbh he does landscaping for a living (so probably in shape) and he's tall, plus I'm his type. Fuck, you were supposed to convince me the other way towards the reasonable direction, guys.
Maybe this is going beyond the original confession but I'm so fucking sick of repressing my emotions and not taking them seriously that I might actually imply something more w/ him.

No. 599962

Same here anon, it’s much better to get my fill of online tardation here

No. 599963

File: 1596930824835.jpeg (54.86 KB, 540x555, F450E75D-AB18-4E8F-A943-8D0310…)

You can do it, anon! I hope it goes well!

No. 599970

Of he hadn’t shown you a picture in two years he’s ugly or not serious about ever meeting you

No. 599991

Honestly though loving this for my future. I’ll just bury them. Archeologists will be quaking

No. 600321

File: 1596985768742.jpg (21.64 KB, 541x398, 1rdwxz.jpg)

I have a serious crush on my neighbor. Which is kind of insane since we've been fighting for years now. I feel we're at a stalemate of some sort and just tired of fighting. This happened to me once before a couple of months ago when I fantasized about us fucking but I subscribed it to projection and unhealthy attachment.
We only ever meet when we're fighting, in passing in the stairwell or at the front door and it's always awkward. We're strangers and this infatuation is largely based in my imagination.
Lately, he's been putting on a lot of really sad, romantic and sexy songs equalized in a way that I can hear them clearly. Usually, it's just a wall of dull, indiscernable sound and bass. I look them up and listen to them or look at the lyrics and write down the names just in case I can spot a pattern.
The other day he put on ASAP Rocky - Bad Bitches and it turned me on and I wanted it to be about me and I looked at the lyrics and there is that part that just snatched my whole life right then and there: Ooh, I know you love it when this beat is on / Make you think about all of the niggas you been leadin' on / Make me think about all of the rappers I've been feedin' on / Got a feelin' that's the same dudes that we speakin' on, oh word? / Ain't heard my album? Who you sleepin' on? / You should print the lyrics out and have a fuckin' read-along.
On God, I have never felt this called out in my entire life.
I guess the bottom line of all of this is for me that at the very least, I'm not mad anymore and over the fighting

No. 600335

I swear I've read a fanfic exactly like this. They did end up fucking at the end though.

No. 600343

If I had money I would run to the nearest plastic surgeon and get myself a brand new face

No. 600399

You guys just need to hate fuck in the stairwell. Do it anon. Do it.

No. 600567

tbh I'm afraid I have covid symptoms. but they coincide with similar symptoms to me having a terrible allergy attack, and today I woke up with cold sweats, was okay for a few hours. after going to work started feeling severe bodily fatigue, developed a migraine. feel like I'm snorting dry snot clods. is this symptomatic of covid? maybe? is it also symptomatic of me having a really bad allergy attack? yes. if the problem doesn't subside by tomorrow I'll say fuck it and go get tested

migraine makes me feel like I'm in a lucid dream. I have to get through the rest of my workday with minimal customer interaction. which is next to impossible. I don't wanna be here, I'm on break and I dread going back out

No. 600580

I've been a vegetarian for 5/6 years but I've been cheating a lot recently. My mom made chewies with eggs and I snuck some bites. I ate frozen waffles, and now I'm tempted to eat some rice krispies (gelatin), but I know I can make some later if I wait. I don't know why I'm doing this cause I can make all of this. I literally have a waffle maker and pancake mix is always egg free. The chewies were delicious, but my mom offered to make egg free ones for me.

No. 600582

It’s called being ill, anon. Do you think all the flus and colds and bugs that were around before suddenly disappeared?

No. 600637

I started slowly ghosting and cutting off the people in my life who don't have their shit together. I'm not saying you need to be 21 with a big house, a brand new BMW, and a six figure salary. It's just that so many people I knew were in this cycle of hating their lives because they're NEETs who could stand to use some of that Discord time making a new resume or just in this cycle of shitty retail jobs that don't give you enough hours or respect. It was so draining because I'd get asked how I got to where I am and they'd just expect some miracle answer when it was really just work hard, push your anxieties to the side, focus on the goal, oh and work hard. I'd spend all this time trying to help and went out of my way to research good, free resources for learning in-demand skills but I swear some people are happy being miserable. I feel like a part of me should feel bad about removing these people from my life, but I don't feel bad at all. It's such a relief to be honest. If you don't want to get out of your situation, fine, but don't waste my time pretending like you do.

No. 600655

you should look if there are any ethical pastures in your area that sell eggs. the eggs i get are from a gorgeous, huge open pasture where the chickens just get to live like normal chickens so i have no guilt about enjoying eggs. its more expensive of course but worth it.

No. 600673

Ty for the suggestion anon. I've thought about getting a chick before. They seem so sweet and plus free ethical eggs. I'll try to see if there are any pastures that I would be able to buy one from.

No. 600899

After 2 years of walking on egg shells and being drained emotionally mentally financially, and one physical assault.. I put my abuser in jail today

No. 600900

I'm happy for you anon. I hope you can feel some peace.

No. 600901

I'm honestly with you OP. Wish I could do the same for my best friend who's staying at my place. It really pisses me off.

No. 600906

Thank you sm anon. Feeling like I can finally move forward with my life now. Feelsgoodman.

No. 600907

I really want to die

No. 600910

Congrats anon I hope you can heal

No. 600911

I wish my ex-best friend would dump her narc bf but she literally can't because she's so preoccupied with how others perceive her that a hysterical narc who requires everyone he interacts with to worship him is exactly what she wants. We're in our mid-twenties now and it doesn't seem like her life is going anywhere else for a while, but I'm one hundred percent sure he'll dump her in another five-ten years because she doesn't want kids and he does. I think she'll kill herself when that happens. Either that or he'll find a way to convince her to accept his impregnating some much younger other girl that she'll have to tolerate because she'll be carrying his child. She's already cray cray about intrassexual competition now, I can't imagine what that will be like - but one of those two scenarios will definitely happen, because he's too fucking narcissistic not to breed.

I feel bad for her, but I don't think there' anything I can do about it. She won't even listen to any criticism of him, as that would require she stop worshiping his boring dick for a bit, and she won't talk to me because I dared not to worship his dick and call a narc a narc.

I'd give all the schadenfreude of being right about this away in exchange for her not to end up like this, but I'm pretty sure she will.

No. 600939

Tried adderall for the first time this weekend and ladies, I’ve found god

No. 600943

File: 1597043747297.png (433.51 KB, 592x572, image0-11.png)

I love making simps out of cs/swe boys. I will NEVER stop. However, I cannot help but simp myself for a woman I would trade my gang of simps to run away with lesbianly ever-after with!!

No. 601000

I realize now why I've always felt so sad in life. I've got ok parenting, love, education and a budding carreer, relative wealth, live in a good country, even tried drugs to see if it's what I wanted.
But there's nothing. Nothing I want. I'm a empty husk and all I really want is to vanish. I've made lists and lists of purposes I could try out but I can't make myself do it. It just feels fake and meaningless.
I wish someone who could appreciate it all more could have my life. It's wasted on me and the gigantic void I have inside.

Now for a confession I've never told anyone : I know my mom wanted more kids. She couldn't, she had a hard time having me and then had a bunch of miscarriages that were very hard on her.
I wish she lost me and the other ones made it. I think she does to.

No. 601004

I'm a piece of shit

No. 601021

On lolcow, you're not alone.

No. 601024

I hate the phrase 'protect at all costs' it's fucking cringe.

No. 601041

You can add:
Spread this like wildfire
Found in the wild

to the list

No. 601053

I find Foodie Beauty's (Chantal's) intro really calming.

Oh? Tell me more. I'd like to try it in the future for studying purposes.

No. 601059

Every time I piss, it wets my thighs. I don't know what to do to learn how to piss correctly

No. 601061

Ever been to a gyno? If it bothering you, it looks like it can be fixed : https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-5157403/Should-worry-wee-sprays.html

No. 601062

I read this post to the tune of this song

No. 601063

File: 1597059951043.jpg (315.84 KB, 1080x900, 1581459692789.jpg)

(Before Covid)I'd keep an extra sweater, extra pads,vag wipes, and individual Tylenol packs on me at all times. It made my bag kinda bulky but I refuse to let any woman suffer a period accident in public.
Especially at school.

>I find Foodie Beauty's (Chantal's) intro really calming.
Same. Her and Peetz are a bit strange but seem like nice people. Just wish she'd help herself.

No. 601068

Yesterday I brushed my teeth with toothpaste for the first time in a year. PTSD is a motherfucking bitch.

No. 601070

I unironically enjoy leafys videos and hate myself for it, I have no real feelings about pokimane (maybe slightly jealous of her for making so much money tho), but I just enjoy listening to his rambling about shit.

Another one: I sometimes feel like I can predict small things that will happen in the future (but not specific events).

tldr: I'm fucking delusional.

No. 601072

File: 1597062068977.gif (271.91 KB, 220x144, E06AE148-03B6-4C01-89F3-F8D39E…)

No. 601073

Proud of you bitch

No. 601074

Do you have PTSD for brushing your teeth or for toothpaste in particular?

No. 601076

Thank you Anon I laughed super hard

No. 601078

ntyart but ,from my limited knowledge on PTSD, PTSD triggers aren't just things like 'blood' or 'gunshot sounds', things like colours, smells, tastes, and even general things/ places like bathrooms can be a trigger. It's possible that the smell or taste of toothpaste remind OP of her trauma

No. 601079

I have been but never brought up the issue, I never thought it being a problem only annoying. The article says it could be due to sexual trauma, which might be the case

No. 601085

I have a suspicion that I've gotten way too 'pinkpilled'. This is not bait at all, I just realized it today because my cousin pointed it out to me. She was talking about her friend who 'lured' a taken man, and I said that if he was weak enough to be lured into cheating then he isn't worth it. And she argued with me a little over it and said that I unhealthily support women even if they are wrong and distrust or hate on men even if they are in the right. I once told her something like 'most men aren't worth it, best to just suck them dry' or something. But I don't really think I do support bad women, I mean I come here to hate on some women lmao and I don't really hate all men, but maybe she's onto something?

No. 601091

The sensation of toothpaste reminded me of the trauma. Couldn't handle those few minutes afterwards of just mint and flouride in my mouth. I was able to overcome it a few years ago, but I had a big setback recently and it was like I forgot what I taught myself.

No. 601093

for that specific situation, i dont think its pinkpilled to shit on the guy. sure, the woman is also bad if she tried to "lure" a taken man but its his responsibility not to cheat.

although i agree that some anons on this site are way too pinkpilled. maybe you guys spend so much time online where its easy to see toxic males, but most of them are ok. its not like 70% of men are misogynistic incels.

No. 601094

nah, sounds more like you just hold men accountable for their actions, which many see as 'hating' them. Her friend is terrible for willingly pursuing a taken man, but he's responsible for his own decisions and he decided to cheat with her. He deserves your ire.

No. 601097

I feel like most men are misogynist but not in an overt way. Like, they are mostly unknowingly sexist. I have yet to meet a man who hasn't said something sexist. But then again, I like in a third-world country so it's a little different than say, the US.

No. 601098

>Holding the man responsible for cheating instead of putting it all on the EVIL succubus LURING this innocent guy in is "too Pinkpilled"
These are the fucking standards we have to live by ladies

No. 601112

File: 1597068126551.jpg (110.46 KB, 375x465, 51 - dFPJPx7.jpg)

I just went to pee and when I finished I touched my foot a little further back on the floor and it was wet.

Turns out my pussy was scooted so far forward when I pissed that I peed on the floor a little. This is so embarrassing wtf.

No. 601116

You were right the first time, unless the man is claiming that it was not consensual for whatever reason then he's weak and responsible for his own actions and isn't worth shit. The friend's standards are low for wanting a taken man but we don't live in the 1400s anymore, it's not man hating to accept that succubus witchery isn't a thing.

No. 601121

>shit posted a "secret" about a hobby group member, her relationship and her gold digging or being horrible with money.
>she blamed her best friend for it
>best friend didnt post it but said "well its not completely wrong"
>broke up her friend circle
>none of them did it; she extends to accusing other group members specifically the mods
>tries to get the internet to bash local hobby circle
>gets kicked from hobby circle
>turns out shit post had more truth to it. Partner was cheating on her and she was spending money to cope.
>months pass
>someone from my hobby circle remembered it and mentioned to me
>"yeah i know.. Thats crazy how all that stuff progressed and now shes banned… who even posted that?"

No. 601128

My stomach drops when I see gay men. I'm genuinely not a homophobe but it seems my body definitely is lmao

No. 601157

When I was a small kid and watched Kylie Minogues music video to the song "Can't Get You Out Of My Head"
on TV for the first time, I thought that she was wearing a dress made out of toilet paper.
It was only recently that I stumbled upon that music video on yt again and realized that she wasn't wearing a toilet paper dress.

No. 601163

It sucks that you feel that way.
I think I feel that way towards trannies, but it’s both my body and my mind kek

No. 601205

I am the opposite, I find them attractive. And I feel pretty weird about this

No. 601262

are you me, anon?

No. 601271

I did this in the school bathroom once. I always sit as close to the front of the toilet whenever I have to pee in public, so it'll make less noise (im an anxious peer) and one time I simply just let it all go on the floor.

No. 601356

I've been crushing hard on a friend from discord for months now. She's started gaining a ton of traction in the Persona 5 art community, and I want to give her all my monies but at the same not because that would make me a bigger simp than I already am. Also awkward if I confess.

No. 601415

Been secretly following this bitch I used to know for years. She fucked over a few of my friends by basically playing them all, and our friend group ended up freezing her out entirely, she even had a mini-breakdown and deleted her social media. But a few years ago she resurfaced and I've been keeping tabs. Turns out, she's doing really well. Like, really well. Job, social life, hobbies, everything she shares is what I wish I had. And she even seems to have a good relationship after fucking with my multiple of my friends hearts. I'm honestly envious and it pisses me off that someone who I know is a piece of shit has just moved on to a better life.

No. 601423

Honestly, good for her. Time for you to get your shot together as well. Take notes

No. 601424

anon you sound seriously depressed. You really should speak with a doctor about this - because you aren't your apathy. Somewhere inside there is a human that wants to live and experience life, they're just being silenced.

No. 601429

it's fucking bullshit and I can't not be pissed off about it. She lied and cheated and broke trust, and yet she's out there smiling away. I want to watch her life implode, I hope it does one day.

No. 601433

Life isn’t fair, let it go anon. Jeez. Besides you aren’t aware of what her life is really like beyond what your lurky ass comes across.

No. 601450

Honestly, I don't think you're mad that she did awful stuff to your friends, I think your just mad she did bad stuff and still is happy, successful and possibly a better person now.

Idk how to articulate this properly but, stop hanging onto the past waiting for her to be miserable like you. While you stalk her instagram and seethe, she's going to keep being happy and you're going to keep rolling around in misery. Do you think she thinks about you? Probably not because she's moved out. She's out of your life, so stop caring about her and get your life together.

No. 601451

Normally I'd say "good for her", but she sounds like a terrible person.

No. 601456

Good for her kek. Who hasn't messed with a few people's hearts as a teenager/young person. It sounds like you're still thinking about what went on then because nothing has happened in your life since.

No. 601458

I date people based on teeth. I hate long rat looking teeth. They can be the sweetest but if I don't like their mouth, I can't.

No. 601459

she was! and I don't think she ever repented for her actions, so I don't believe she's suddenly a good person. She doesn't have a right to be happy after the damage she caused.

No. 601460

what did she do, cheat on your friend? you're acting like she's a rapist

No. 601463

yes, she dated the guy I liked behind my back and lied to my face about it and then cheated on him with someone else anyway. She's a terrible person and it kills me that she has the kind of life I want.

No. 601466

My god anon, you need to work on yourself and let this shit go. Keep being bitter about it and you’ll waste your youth away. Just stop stalking her and focus on your own life.

No. 601467

i can totally understand why you're bitter about it because i'm in a similar situation right now and it honestly sucks. but the best thing you can do is stop lurking and focus on doing better and achieving the life you want.

No. 601469

why don't you fuck off and let me vent in the vent thread?

No. 601470

nta but this is the confession thread

No. 601471

fuck, guess it's turned into a vent but still, I didn't post here to get random advice telling me to move on

No. 601476

Cuz maybe taking some of the advice we’re giving you will help you out? You obviously need some relief from what you’re feeling and focusing on yourself instead of bitches you hate is step numero uno.
But you’re right, it is a vent thread so you don’t have to take it if you don’t want to.

No. 601477

Scratch that, turns out this is not vent thread kek

No. 601480

This is honestly one of the funniest posts on this site

No. 601481

File: 1597094252621.jpg (333.45 KB, 1024x768, ab096e9d4e5790332fdebf29dfab0b…)

>Who hasn't messed with a few people's hearts as a teenager/young person

No. 601497

No. 601605

File: 1597102009139.jpg (93.43 KB, 750x1334, ef03d51ab0491a0491b866b0a92431…)

I love him AaaaaaaaaaAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I just can't help it FUCK

No. 601620

Enjoy anon

No. 601865

im so happy

No. 601866

Sincerely wishing y'all the best. I hope you guys get along and can make it work. I know people have a lot of vitriol towards poly/throuple couples (for whatever reason) but if it fulfills you and also fulfills all those involved, you should be happy about that and maybe you can even make a point to the people who would oppose you just for your romantic choices.

No. 601893

I still sleep besides my mom and cuddle with her and kiss her breasts even though I'm 18. She touches my butt sometimes which I find uncomfortable but whatever. My first kiss was my mom.

No. 601895

Paging Dr Bates, Dr Norman Bates

No. 601903

You think that's embarrassing? 18 is practically a baby do not worry. I am 25 and I sleep next to my mom sometimes when I am extremely emotionally distressed. Do not worry girl, it is normal especially in cultures where we are more intimate with our moms.

No. 601904

Ah, thank you! My friends always make fun of me for it but I just feel safe with her. It's really sweet you sleep with your mom when you aren't feeling the best, it can be comforting.

No. 601913

Anon please say sike

No. 601922

This has to be a larp or a bait

No. 601926

anon did you not read the "kiss her breasts" part?

No. 601937

It isn't bait jesus. It's just my mom is a single woman with two daughters she loves. I'm the younger one so I guess she is more lovey dovey with me. Except the ass grabbing part, it reminds me of when I got assaulted, I hate that but she doesn't listen to my complains about it so I tolerate it.

No. 601945

Omg Lillee Jean I love your thread ♥

No. 601956

Nah this is definitely bait

No. 601965

>person has experiences which are different from mine, she has to be baiting because my normal is the only normal!
Maybe we just have cultural differences, anon.

No. 601981

File: 1597144821322.jpeg (17.26 KB, 499x500, bait.jpeg)

youre kissing your moms tits and get your ass grabbed while cuddling her. thats not cultural differences, its just incest you nutjob

No. 601989

Lol anon kissing your mother breasts is too much. I also sleep with my mom but Jesus have boundaries please

No. 601996


>Aint it cute how my mom grooms me y'all.

[Y i k e s]

No. 602000

File: 1597146740943.jpg (260.82 KB, 919x733, 20200811_075152.jpg)

No. 602002

>Maybe we just have cultural differences, anon.
You from Alabama or something girl?

No. 602003

Why are you obsessed with the kissing breasts part? I did not mean that she is naked or anything. They are clothed breasts. You guys sucked on your mom's nipples for milk as a kid okay.

No. 602008

I live in a country in south asia anon.

No. 602019

Kiss her on the fucking cheek (face) not her breasts Wtf

No. 602024

You didn't need to clarify cheeks on the face, anon.

No. 602219

Each time I think about wtf the people who came across Zombie Boy's corpse must've thought it gets funnier.

No. 602222

Fall Guys is fucking boring, minigames in general are shit.

No. 602228

oops, this was supposed to go into the unpopular opinions thread lol

No. 602235

This is very funny

No. 602271

i've watched this video of Primink giggling at least 10 times today. idk why but his laugh is so attractive.
how weird is it to rub my clit to a guy's giggles?

No. 602274

Judging from the comments he gets, you're not the only one tbh. Not that weird.

No. 602311

Get better taste anon, he's on par with an eighth grader

No. 602361

idk it sounds forced to me, like the laugh you make around old folk when the conversation gets awkward

No. 602409


Everything streamers do is forced.

No. 602539

I started dancing for exercise when I can’t go outside, but I don’t know how to dance so I just sorta flail around while listening to idol or rap music

No. 602541

Oh man, I do this too. I follow along with Kpop dance videos and I'm horrible at it but it's so fun.

No. 602625

Haha no shame in that, dancing is fun and great for exercise even though I'm shit at it. I just make sure to only do it at night in my room in the dark so I don't embarrass myself too much lol

No. 603268

I’ve been dating a guy from tinder who is 20. I told him I’m 23 but I’m really 30.

No. 603275

I love trolling the tinfoil thread

No. 603278

Well, that’s mighty uncool of you anon.

No. 603289

why? i get 20 year olds and I'm 31.

No. 603295

Idk I figured he would act weird if he knew my real age

No. 603298

might act weird now that youve hidden a 10 year age difference lol my boyfriend is 10 years younger than me and we've been doing great. age gaps can work out.
>inb4 age gap b8 posts

No. 603343

I worked hard in hs to get into a good college where I worked hard in order to get a good job where I work hard in order to not die on the street and I’m at the point where I’m so tired that I can’t foresee myself continuing to work like this for the next 50 years. I guess I have low stamina. There’s no way to sugar coat it— the only alternate option is death. I think it would hurt my parents more to see me crash and burn and never get up again than to just tragically lose a child. Sure, it’s horribly sad, but I have watched a few of my parent’s friends’ adult children fall into self destroying substance abuse, volatile relationships, and a general chronic inability to function in life and it’s clear stuff like that is infinitely more painful to have to watch than to just have a child who dies. Sorry mom and dad.

No. 603345

If you've got a good job with a good salary there's no reason you need to work 50 years. Lower your expenses, up your savings rate, invest as much as possible as early as possible, and you can cut decades off your career.

No. 603348

I do not have a high, or even decent paying job and I likely never will without racking up more insane debt for another degree. I was stupid and went into a field where salaries rarely top $34k USD a year in the highest paying areas. I can’t go back and change the decisions I made as a naive 17-20 y/o.

No. 603356

I can't wait to lose weight then I can be like those thoty e-girls I seethe at on a daily basis

No. 603369

I'm going to tell you a lifehack. Your degree doesn't actually matter. What matters is whether or not you have one. Get yourself a skill that's high in demand and lead with that (Javascript, SQL, Python are all high in demand and free to learn online) with the fact that you have a degree being the cherry on top. My degree has fuck all to do with my job but that's what I did. You'll likely have to work in a small business or as a contractor for the first 1-2 years to get some experience on your resume, but so do most people who didn't graduate with an internship let's be real. You're anxious because it's all coming at you at once, but take a breather. You'll be fine.

No. 603440

I smoked all my weed last night and planning on giving up daily continuous smoking. Wish me luck. I'm even quitting tobacco. I want to go back to carrying about having money to spend on clothes and activities than shitty weed. The last bag I bought was over priced and shit quality so I think it was a perfect time to sort my habit out

No. 603456

I’m doing the same so know you’re on a weed break with an internet rando and not alone. Luck!

No. 603457

I'm a radfem but I'm cool with Trump. Wish more radfems would be behind him instead of falling for libfem shill propaganda.

No. 603459

File: 1597318959874.jpeg (12.12 KB, 200x200, 7B72CDC7-CFDD-4859-BC14-37A80B…)

No. 603464

I'm radfem and would choose trump over biden. Better to have a maybe senile rapist than an obviously senile childmolesting rapist.

No. 603465

We've got this! At least next time we have weed shit deal or not it's going to hit like a tonne of bricks and I will be ready.

No. 603503

completely agree and same

No. 603515

>more radfems should support this pro-life rapist.
I think the fuck not kek.

No. 603529

yeah thanks for the Pro Tips about going into tech and doing more lifeless work among a bunch of scrotes lmfao but I’m just going to kill myself

No. 603615


Radfems for trump wasn't a hot take I was expecting even in 2020. Russian IP?

No. 603686

Most people on here and other image boards are actually kind of close minded I've noticed. Judgmental, 'I hate you if you're not like me' type attitude, etc. Of course I'll still browse here because there aren't really many more active image boards left, but I'm always hesitant to post here now. I just disagree with a lot of things, I suppose.

No. 603692

Years ago I was drinking with my friends and my highhschool ex joined us. For no reason at all he spanked my ass hard in front of everyone but I was so shocked I just giggled. I got drunk and spent the rest of the night talking to him because I'm a stupid hoe and then ended up staying over at his to talk all night until we fell asleep. We have partners so nothing else happened and he hasn't talked to me since but my friends never asked about it so I'm sure think we fucked but I'm too ashamed to ever bring it up to them.
I became that pickme girl in one night and I feel like my friends will never respect me again. Even worse is he smelled so good that I would do it again someone please kill me

No. 603695

I can't stop laughing over this

No. 603710

Imageboards are like tumblr's evil twin tbh, same attitude different ideas

No. 603711

Not saying that the other is less evil

No. 603716

…Where did you ever get the notion that imageboards were open minded, tolerant, everyone is welcomed space?

No. 603730

I think most people on image boards pride themselves on being 'open-minded' because they're not too commonly used. At least from what I've seen.

No. 603736

Not really lol tf

No. 603741

That’s a pretty good description

No. 603745

I tried sucking on my nipple today because I thought it would feel good and honestly? Doesn't feel good. 0/10.

No. 603766

Go back to the tinfoil thread

No. 603772

It's like trying to tickle yourself or suck your own dick (more likely than self cunni). Of course it doesn't feel good, you're on the giving end in this situation, not receiving.

No. 603796

Licking em feels better than sucking them

No. 603803

When I was young I was attracted to older men and slept around with a few. Now that I'm in my thirties I'm suddenly really into younger men but I'm like.. nah I can't really fulfill that fantasy and feel okay doing it.

No. 603833

File: 1597350811462.gif (664.85 KB, 200x200, 79AEC50C-A42C-4E62-9484-5C5191…)

No. 603851

I think physical perfection is boring in people, yet I can't help but strive for it myself.

No. 603853

I’m hyper aware of how I look at all times. It takes me at least an hour to get ready to go to the closest grocery store. I just want to be perceived as hot at all times.

No. 603917

I secretly fantasize about becoming some type of a social media ”celebrity” at times but I feel like if that happened I would become a lolcow or people would make fun of me..

No. 603919

Opposite here. I moved into a new area and within a few months I had a couple of very unwanted and clingy older men that took an annoying liking to me.. I now try to look as 'meh' as possible before leaving the house.

I also try to be flat and have no personality when approached by either, help.

No. 603930

People here don’t really talk to strangers, unless it’s friday/saturday night or at a club tbh. And I have kind of a resting bitchface anyway.

But that sounds obnoxious to deal with, old clingy men are the worst.

No. 604045

i hate chris brown as a person but his songs are catchy and fun so i listen time to time and wont automatically change his song if its on the radio

No. 604051

File: 1597370126318.jpeg (296.13 KB, 2592x1944, 4E5A8A61-03D9-4F2B-865C-DAA0B2…)

Sometimes i think about filling water balloons with shit and vinegar and throwing them at/near people or places I don’t like.
I probably would never do it bc you’d need to do some literal shit hoarding and that’s too extreme for me in my present state

No. 604054

You could just use your pee instead of poop?

No. 604060

If you wanna make someone vomit use deer repellant

No. 604090

j-fashion is and always has been so goddamn tacky, I understand that people self express through clothes and wear what they like but its not gonna stop me from judging you.

No. 604105

Very cool, thank you

No. 604120

I have pica (thing where you eat inedible stuff) and when I think about all the stuff eaten it messes with me.

Lotions, nailpolish (dried), plastic, my used contact lenses, toilet paper, a condom, paper, packing peanuts etc etc

No. 604127

Anon…. Is there help you can get for this?

No. 604130

It’s not very bad anymore, that was more as a kid. And I have not eaten them in large quantities. To be fair I have had literally every other eating related mental issue so..

Therapy I guess?

No. 604135

This is often a symptom of anemia, per my understanding. Have you had your iron levels checked recently?

No. 604150

it's weird seeing blue ticks on twitter using my art as the pfp. blue ticks never credit. but what's it's even worse when i see absolutely dumb, awful takes with my art as the pfp. makes me want to message them and revoke their right to use it lmao

No. 604152

*what's even

No. 604158

They have no right to use it and are genuinely creating bad associations with your art if it's posted alongside their bad takes. You should ask them to remove it. Or Twitter cancellation "I don't agree with the use of my art for these profile pics" Quote Tweet if they ignore that.

No. 604251

I love that manga and your bf’s grandparents rock.

No. 604279

File: 1597403842172.gif (991.04 KB, 410x308, tumblr_o2ps4re9Zw1uqe8iio1_500…)

Ngl anon this is right up there with that incel who posted he was smearing his own shit on door handles just to give the normies at his school a bad day

No. 604365

File: 1597414516152.png (600.21 KB, 1051x802, 1553653519052.png)

like a third of cow yourself thread is just me posting my OC's

>tfw some people actually try to out-crazy my outlandish characters kek

No. 604372

File: 1597415703852.jpeg (107.04 KB, 748x914, E938270A-1EEC-41E5-9F02-606823…)

Noo don’t make me realize that everyone here is actually not as crazy as me

No. 604376

Get a life anon

No. 604384

nayrt but creative writing is an acceptable outlet and I would rather believe some posts on this board are fiction

No. 604448

This is the funniest fucking post I've seen here in a while and gave me a good giggle, I hope you do well with your mentally ill babies

No. 604756

go back to plebbit

No. 604802

I always thought the girl in the spoiler pic was really hot (from what you can see) before finding out it was pt

No. 604803

File: 1597455661844.jpeg (45.02 KB, 400x405, 8F001610-F0F4-47B5-828D-6855D0…)

I block any underaged retard that interacts with me in any shape or form, I just feel pure disgust whenever I see a kid on the internet.

No. 604807

File: 1597456094096.jpeg (89.57 KB, 1212x820, EcqbI-HXkAAGw3C.jpeg)

wtf those other anons getting salty for. this is amazing, keep doing you bby

No. 604813

Oh thank god!!
I guess they‘re upset there aren’t 100 deranged e-gorls on lolcow

No. 604826

A girl that is in 2 of my classes (online, zoom) is aggressively trying to be friends with me for no reason at all. I made small talk with her once last year before class but that's it? And she seems like a completely normal person, so I'm double confused. She literally looked me up on our school email list and emailed me her cell phone number and I've just been sitting on the email for 2 days like an asshole.
I guess this would sound like a non-problem to most people but I'm kind of at a loss for what to do. I can appear socially normal if I want to, but I honestly don't like expending the energy, especially virtually. I have no friends after 3 years of college because I'm too lazy to interact with anybody. It's not that i can't, it's just that I don't like doing it and prefer being alone. So it's like, I don't want to lead this girl on with meaningless chit chat when it would only feel like a chore to me and she would be wasting her time that she could be spending on someone who's actually interested in making friends. Like what do I even do, text the number she gave me like "hello, girl I know nothing about. what is up."
I guess this sounds like massive autist behavior but unfortunately I don't even have that as an excuse, i'm just weird. That's my confession.

No. 604834

Maybe she likes you. Maybe she’s also a closet weirdo who somehow sniffed out her kind, maybe she saw you browse lolcow kek But I get it about not wanting to open up. It would be nice of you to text her and see what she wants though. Maybe she’s just trying to sell everyone in class some pyramid scheme.

No. 604836

This is so autistic and like, just do exactly what you said. “Hi ___, sorry I just saw your email, what’s up?” Or ask her how she’s been over her pandemic. “Leading her on” with chit chat is impossible, friendships aren’t binding contracts like relationships. If she’s boring to talk to, at any point you can just stop talking to her! At least start though, this post made me sad cause someone is going out of their way to be your friend and you are still rejecting her— maybe she noticed you have no friends and wants to try and befriend you for that reason!

No. 604841

No. 604842

That girl is probably normie cute so anon feels threatened and wrote her off as unfit for friendship in classic judgy loser fashion, no one is good enough for their gloomy self-loathing existence

No. 604847

>anon wrote her off as unfit for friendship in classic judgy loser fashion, no one is good enough for their gloomy self-loathing existence
You're misreading my post a little. It's actually the opposite–she's perfectly fit for friendship, I just am not, and the dilemma is I feel bad about not being able to live up to normal people friendship standards.
Yeah, you're right, I probably should at least try. I tend to overthink digital communication, I'm much better at interacting with people in person. Also this is a bit unrelated but she and I look pretty alike so I've been joking to myself that she's trying to get close to me to figure out if I'm her long lost twin, lol

No. 604850

This stinks like projection.

No. 604865

must suck to find out theyre living a life similar to a made up personality meant to be cowish

No. 604885

Ok this reminds me… sometimes I'll post fake opinions on here or opinion that I really don't feel strongly about , but are still not baity in any way or out of left field, and wait for literally dozens of people to attack me. It's just funny because they think they're winning but the gag is I was never trying to compete.

No. 604886

File: 1597468746276.png (567.68 KB, 600x616, E11480BE-78AD-4A8E-8646-78348D…)


Yea, get a blood test if you haven’t already, anon. For MANY years my mom thought her liking eating ice was just a character trait, eventually figured out it was anemia.

I have a history of trichotillomania and dermatillomania so I can emphasize somewhat. But also I wonder if your gut is full of plastic bits like those photos of dead seagulls.

No. 604913


>i was only pretending to be retarded

lol compete and winning what …? is posting shit takes your way of getting any interactions ? genuine question

No. 604920

Nah, I think some of us would just like posts about personal experiences here to be real and not random streams of thought from some bored anon. There are plenty of other places to flourish your writing abilities or whatever.
This is the internet though so I am aware I should not have even a minimum of expections of anyone on any platform but a gal can dream.

No. 604963

I would absolutely kill my ex-best friend if I had the chance.

No. 604965

I was really active and thin growing up but my food was very controlled at home. All food locked up, all portions dished out by someone else, no junk food for me but the obese adults in the house would eat fast food and candy in front of me constantly. I think it seriously fucked me up. I developed a binge eating disorder for the only foods I had constant access to which were peanut butter and juice powder. As soon as I moved away and had freedom you best believe I was making up for everything I felt I was deprived of. It got so out of control at one point that I was eating 2 subway footlongs and one 6 inch as a regular meal.

Even though I have it under control now I wish I didn't fuck up my body and put on so much weight so fast.

No. 604968

Damn, that sucks. A very similar thing happened to my mom. Her mother (my grandma) was always overly focused on not letting her have any unhealthy food and openly berating her when she'd accept a cookie offered to her when they visited family.
When she left home she instantly started to compensate by binging on chips and m&ms all the time. She gained a shitton of weight and only succeeded in losing it relatively recently. So good job on getting it under control! It's so tough to do that when you grow up with an unhealthy relationship to food.

No. 604974

same, fuck underage spergs

No. 604976

get therapy

No. 604989

I used to do it too at some point when I was still on twitter.

No. 604990

I used to care about my friend but she got insufferable at this point. I don’t even want to talk to her anymore, sometimes I wish I could scream at her how she will end up alone (indeed) and it’s not because the world’s sooooo bad and her life is sooooo hard, she will be alone forever because there’s not a single thing of her to like.

No. 604994

What did she do

No. 605009

A friend of mine is trooning out. On top of that she has bpd. She's been fucking insufferable but I'm staying friends with her because I revel in the drama she creates. She's only just realising that lesbians won't fuck her anymore cuz she's a "man" now, so I'm expecting a complete breakdown in September when she inevitably wants to go back to being a woman but feels like she can't reverse the process and I can't fucking wait… Maybe I'm a sadist but I simply don't care. I'm hoping that tolerating her shit pays off when hell breaks loose lol

No. 605010


Please provide milk when it does.

No. 605027

When I used to post on 4chins, i browsed /r9k/ Because even though I was 19 at the moment, I expected to find robotics’ discussions, not depressed scrotes.

When I see an anon on here saying they want to kill themselves, i want to help them.

But when I saw an anon on 4chan saying they wanted to kill themselves, I used to encourage them on doing so.

No. 605041

insufferable how? and if there's nothing about her to like why are you still friends with her? i know its not that black and white but maybe you should scream at her. it might give her a much needed wake up call.

No. 605042

i recently went on /b/ for whatever sadistic reason and there was a guy deciding whether or not he should kill himself and one of his green text points for why was “into loli” and i wrote a paragraph detailing very convincing reasons why he should. don’t feel bad and hope he went through with it and i hope the idiots you encouraged did too. way too many disgusting, pathetic men in the world.

No. 605055

God I distinctly remember this cringe memory. I was 9 and came home from school and went to my room to change, didn't lock it because no one comes in anyways and took off my pants to examine my coochie with ease and my mom came in the room with my coochie in full view and she just told me it sure stinks and I should wash it more thoroughly. I mean at least she didn't beat me up for touching the no-no bits, that woulda fucked a kid up. She is a religious gal too.

No. 605069

A friend from high school reached out to me. I always thought she was really annoying and arrogant about academics While I went to lunch with her she told me she was working for a non-profit and getting paid minimum wage. The entire lunch I styled on her by having an actual adult job that pays well. lmao

No. 605070

Tbh she probably was just being mean. Theres no way your vagina smelled so bad she could smell it without being right next to you.

No. 605072

Same here anon, my mom was a diet fiend who snuck food around my dad who actively encouraged her dangerous dieting. She then put her bad relationship with food on my sis and I. Now I’m with a pseudo anorexic man who literally makes me change my eating habits so I can get skinnier in dangerous ways.

No. 605080

This is giving Single White Female anon

No. 605086

ntayrt but what does this mean?

No. 605092

I’m literally her only friend and I’ve been supporting her for more than five years now. Nothing in her life ever goes right and it’s mostly her own fault. She only knows how to complain but when she has the opportunity to change some things and deal with others, it’s just not happening. I think she only knows how to dwell in her own misery. Hell, I even offered myself to pay for her therapy but of course she wouldn’t go because some professional would tell her to get a grip for once and then her personality wouldn’t evolve around her sadness and her problems.
I’m sorry if it sounds harsh but I know if I cut her off, she would be alone in this world. And that’s what makes me so frustrated, thinking she’s too blind to see that not anything has to be about her.
She’s the kind of person that makes me think “this is why we can’t have nice things”. I tell her about meeting up with some other friends and I instantly see how her face changes but when I offer her to come with us, she always has an excuse ready. Then of course will be an awful afternoon thinking she’s all alone and miserable when truth is she seems to enjoy this.
I get it, she didn’t have too many friends and the ones she had used her as they wished but c’moooon, I was bullied too, I thought the world was against me too and I had the victim complex. Once you realise maybe it’s you who has problems, everything can change.

No. 605093

Yea anon you need to dump his bony ass

No. 605131

I want to be an anachan again, tired of quarantine making me feel fat

No. 605166

I was irl friends years ago with someone who made a guest appearance in one of the snow threads. The last I heard from her a couple of years ago she’d got into crack. She’s disappeared off the internet over a year ago now without a trace. I’m worried she’s dead.

No. 605176

File: 1597515212602.jpeg (57.2 KB, 533x600, imgs_touch.jpeg)

Leave her now. She needs to be alone. I've been in this scenario. It sucks but you're wearing yourself thin and this person clearly has no respect for you. Take your pleasant memories and block her. It's not easy but you'll be banging your head into a brick wall forever for this person.

No. 605177

It's a movie. Watch it

No. 605198

I think a friend of mine lurks LC.

No. 605206

how do you know?

No. 605222

She lurks other gossip boards and I saw a post a few months ago that included info that is almost identical to an ongoing situation with her ex-bf

No. 605225

My bf is sending me pics of him and his baby niece and for the first time in my life I feel like I want a baby. Lol fuck off brain!!

No. 605230

Why is everyone on this board so against having kids? It's normal to want kids. Just because you aren't ready for it now doesn't mean your future prospects can't change.

No. 605235

i think i met a nice guy a few months back but my brain decided to sperg so i ghosted him i kinda regret it now but at the same time men are so uninteresting im probably really gonna die alone now

No. 605240

there’s a strong antinatalist sentiment among the users here

No. 605245

I like kids a lot and would probably really enjoy being a mother but health stuff won't allow it so it's not something I ever really dwell on. The pics made me think about it a little though.

No. 605247

You'd still be putting your kids in a shitty world that's only going to get worse from here on. I know it's natural but most of our lives aren't natural anymore.

No. 605248

Yeah I know a lot of people irl like this as well. Like just admit you're afraid that you won't make a good parent and stop projecting your insecurities on to everyone else, or acting like wanting to be a parent isn't normal. I just think it's really odd in general that young people (<25) are so set on the notion that having kids is wrong because "the world is going to shit and will never recover" (it's not, you're angry and depressed and it's clouding your worldview), or that they'll never want any themselves. You have no idea how much your prospects can change in 5-10 years. I have much more respect for people who are just like "I can't see myself having kids," or "I'm not ready to have kids right now and don't know if I ever will be," as opposed to being weirdly militant and absolutist about it.

No. 605249

most parents are bad at raising kids tbh

No. 605258

there are too many people who suffer, though. if people really have to have kids, it should be only an extremely small % of the population.

No. 605259

Some parents are worse than others, yes, but literally nobody is going to do the job 100% perfectly. Like even if you and your partner do well, the kid could still end up being bullied in school for things they have no control over, which can mess them up to a certain degree. Or, you/your partner could suffer some personal tragedy that you don't have any control over, and the effects of such might inhibit your ability to be the best parent possible for the time being. There's also no possibility of you never losing your patience with your kids and lashing out at them in an inappropriate way. There are always going to be struggles and set-backs. Part of being a parent is recognizing that even doing your best isn't always going to be good enough, but that principle can be applied to most things in life and shouldn't stop you from trying. It shouldn't be an excuse not to have children at all if you actually want them. Deciding you shouldn't have kids because you don't think you would make a good parent is one of those things that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. You bring that into existence by clinging to the idea. It's not a fact in itself.

It's dangerous for people to idealize the idea of being parent and believe that it's going to solve all of their problems, but I also think it's toxic and stupid to act like there is something unethical about having kids at all, projecting those issues on to other people and judging them for their decision to have kids, etc. Deciding not to have kids because you think the world bad and is getting worse is usually indicative of issues that go much deeper than the concept of whether or not procreation is morally acceptable. It's also, imo, a sign of the times we're living in, where everyone is plugged into social media outlets that spam you with bad news and sensationalized headlines 24/7, making it much easier to believe that things are worse than they actually are.

No. 605263

I just don't want kids. I've never desired to be a mother and I don't think that desire will ever be there, but I know I would be a good mother if I were one. Not everyone's bitter or insecure.

No. 605264

I found out from my friend that our mutual friend who I grew apart from has no female friends at her college and everyone at her school hates her because of her political views (she’s active in the republican club at a very liberal college lol). Part of me feels bad because I guess other students have harassed her for her views but another part of me is like almost satisfied that she’s unhappy because she’s pretty unlikeable, a huge pickme, and very privileged. Tbh I’m kinda glad that something went wrong in her life for once. Am I evil?

No. 605265

>she’s pretty unlikeable, a huge pickme, and very privileged
>Am I evil?

No. 605266

I mean, you're literally the type of person I described at the end of the post, so everything I said wouldn't apply to you kek

No. 605267

I mean that’s just my opinion of her—some of my friends still like her and some of them agree she’s annoying and it’s no wonder she’s bad at making female friends. But I’m just not sure if she deserves to be harassed like that.

No. 605271

This made me feel a bit better. I know a couple of girls like her (think of zoomer versions of Phyllis Schlafly) and they're unfortunately doing just fine. I hate pickmes with a passion.

No. 605284

the smug delusion here is amazing. ah yes, the SOLE REASON for every single person not wanting children is because of the sheer terror of not being a good parent. no other reason could possibly exist. get a hobby or a job instead of policing people who simply don't want kids maybe?

No. 605293

I think about cheating on my current partner because they don’t give me any attention sexual or otherwise.

No. 605294

You know when gender critical radfems here talk about not being able to complain openly about troons fearing they'll be judged as terfs and shut off by ppl? Same thing.

No. 605295

You realize people can want kids and decide against having them anyway right?
Worrying that you as a parent won't be able to fend them against the shit in the world is a perfectly valid reason. Better than retards whose only drive is existential fear of not leaving their special skid mark behind.

No. 605305

Talk to them or just break up, cheating is kinda lame

No. 605311

I know but he’s alright in every other aspect. Just he doesn’t seem to compliment my appearance or anything. It makes me think he’s the one cheating but I’m too scared to confront him about it.

No. 605313

You don't deserve to feel like that but I can assume you'd just feel even worse cheating, trust me I am thinking of your feelings and not his. Maybe you could try the relationship thread?

No. 605330

>bf doesn't give any attention, sexual or otherwise
>thinks about cheating on him
>thinks he's cheating
>no trust in each other (rightfully)
>"he's great in every other regard though!!!"
just break up

No. 605484

My new bf is a head taller than me and I love to be a smoll bean next to him

No. 605486

heh heh same

No. 605518

Have you talked to him about it?

No. 605589

I wanna get spitroasted by two extremely gorgeous, long-haired men. And then they make me cum a few times afterwards. Please god, please.

No. 605603

I kinda lowkey want to make two men believe that's what I want and then drug them and cut off their balls and dicks when we're somewhere private. Would be a laugh.

No. 605608

….you do you anon

No. 605609

I want this too, make them really tan and muscular so they can hold me up against a tree as one focuses on the lower half of my body and the other focuses on the upper. Then we go back to wherever for a huge meal, no dicksnips in this fantasy

No. 605612

> no dicksnips in this fantasy
Shame, you're missing out on the best part (and the only good part)

No. 605614

Men with deep voices give me anxiety, just hearing a neighbor or random dude at the street with one of those deep super manly voices makes me want to flee.
Idk why, it just sounds wrong and threatening to me.

No. 605639

Same,I used to get fullblown anxiety attacks if i heard random low male noises outside my flat due to that good old childhood trauma + a crackhead who slept and hid in my hallway BUT I did get over it. At least mostly, because that's no way to live. Still just plain old makes me annoyed and I am happy I don't need to spend time around men in my house kek

No. 605640

These things are best kept to fantasy. It would never work out the way you want it irl. One will cum prematurely and spend the whole time awkwardly fondling one boob while the other is going to overcompensate and beat your cervix into a pulp. You will leave alone while they high five each other and tell all their friends they fucked a random freaky slut and made her ooze buckets.

No. 605662

Sounds like you've been through some tough shit anon. I will be keeping it a fantastly only for sure because I know men are shit and will think of me as lesser and not deserving of respect because of it. And I also don't want men to be happy.
Posted again; misspelled sage

No. 605792

File: 1597602272802.jpeg (4.56 KB, 184x274, download.jpeg)

First time on this site and probably last as I'm quitting all social media but coming from 4chan I've got to say you lot are so civil and nice to each other, I haven't seen the the N word, cuck, beta, or any other buzzword that is constantly said on 4chan, here it looks like you can have an actual discussion without having to argue with some random dickhead, really impressed, I thought it was gonna be a ravenous bearpit full of the same buzzwords and tedious discussions but no, I wish they had the same mentality over there.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 605795

shut the fuck up scrote

No. 605797

File: 1597602475252.jpeg (115.08 KB, 680x385, 1594709567913.jpeg)

No. 605799

we have our own triggers. call a troon by their preferred pronoun and watch the foaming-at-the-mouth fallout. it’s wonderful.

No. 605801

you clearly haven't been here long enough

No. 605803

>a crackhead who slept and hid in my hallway

I think we shared the same crackhead

No. 605860

My bf is a simp for Sharla in Japan

No. 605883

I fucking hated that shit, he would just fucking hide when I would leave in the morning and I was calling the cops every other day for months on eeeeend

No. 605888

With no respect: why the fuck

No. 605954

I’ve spent literally all day on here.

No. 605962

same anon. we retarded

No. 605974


Bet we’re not the only ones too. Love you, kindred tardanon x

No. 606011

Its quite addictive actually, it also means that i have no life but i digress

No. 606013

I’m so sorry anon

No. 606032

I feel like the only gal on lolcow who isn’t into anime / video games.

No. 606034

hey. big anime hater here. wassup

No. 606038

When I was a kid, I used to repeatedly hit myself in the nose so I could make it bleed because I liked seeing the blood and also sneezing was kinda fun. I would get my friends to do it too.

No. 606052

File: 1597615124280.jpeg (43.98 KB, 500x614, ECE47B40-8F4F-4C54-B997-E9BE08…)

it’s ok anon we still love you

No. 606064

I hate anime and weeb culture also

No. 606080

Are you the same anon who keeps posting this exact "why are there so many weebs here I hate anime" shit in every thread in /ot/?

No. 606090

Bitch me too, I would basically stab myself in the nose and calmly wait till it would bleed. Felt weird and blood was pretty. Could never do that now.

No. 606097

I'm ovulating, and so when I woke up in the middle of the night, I fantasized for an hour about scenarios where the man is trying to impregnate his female rival, instead of my regularly scheduled enemies to lovers fantasies.

No. 606098

nah that's me actually

No. 606114

I’ve never posted about it but I think weebs and their weebshit are lame, so that makes at least three of us with the sentiment. I scroll past so fast whenever someone talks about their ~ lolita fash ~ so I don’t cringe. Got farmers looking like pixyteri and shit.

No. 606123

Disgusting normalfags should leave and go be disgusting normalfags literally anywhere else.

No. 606142

I’m so fucking horny rn but I really shouldn’t masturbate rn because I have work tmr and I’m gonna feel like shit if I do

No. 606143

Not a normalfag, just think grown women look retarded in burando </3 you’ll live

No. 606155

it doesn't make you a normalfag to not like anime you fucking newfag, and I say that as someone who does like it

No. 606167

File: 1597626106887.png (6.63 KB, 165x127, 9303_7c12e8be_250.png)

Dunno about you anon, but lots of my normie friends seem to think lolita fashion or weeb shit is cute.
At this point I don't think it's an exclusively normalfag thing to hate anime. Especially since anime is becoming a lot more popular with normalfags themselves.

No. 606177

I also think it’s less hate for anime itself and more turned off by some intense anime sperging. If anime changes everything about the way you act and present yourself you kind of just look supremely special needs.

No. 606362

Bald men makes me nervous sometimes.

No. 606366


Wow I’m this anon, to clarify I don’t hate either, they’re just not my personal interests so I don’t interact in those threads.

No. 606368


I watch a few anime series here and there but i do not get gaming/video games, like at all. The whole culture is foreign to me

No. 606371

I love my boyfriend, but he's kind of out of my league looks-wise. We both know this. It's not an issue for him for the most part. It doesn't usually bother me either, but he's sort of let himself go lately. We stopped going to the gym and getting haircuts because of COVID. Even though barbershops have opened again, he's decided he's going to keep trying to rock his long hair. It's a pretty awful look on him. He's got super unruly, frizzy hair that won't obey no matter what product he puts in it. I really want him to cut it because I'm finding myself less attracted to him physically lately, which was already a very slight issue that's just gotten more magnified lately. I wouldn't dream of breaking up with him over something so stupid or anything but it's really made me realize that sometimes I sort of resent the fact that I'm not dating someone more attractive.

I don't know if it's appropriate to tell him I want him to cut his hair because I'm not as attracted to him like this, or if I should just learn to be a less shallow asshole.

No. 606375

Why not just communicate that directly? Not in a hostile "you look ugly now" way but in a "I really miss your short hair look, you look so hot with it" way.

No. 606378

I've tried that. Hasn't worked so far lmao

No. 606755

Sometimes I feel like there’s no good guys out there. It’s like every guy I meet at college is either a frat bro, a pretentious artsy kid, an ultra woke male feminist or a gamer loser.

No. 606756

There's an ugly pickme girl in my friend group we just keep around to laugh at her cow antics. She also has no other friends kek so we are really doing her a favor

No. 606761

You and your friends are traaaash kek

No. 606764

Im lookin in my crystal ball and I see she’s gonna end up fucking all you & your friends groups’ bfs

No. 606766

That's not a friend group, watch em all turn on each other eventually

No. 606768

I was thinking the same thing. Usually in these scenarios, everyone of them talks shit about each other behind their back..

No. 606771

In my experience guys with longer hair either let it get greasy or they put greasy products in it… either is gross to me so I've been blunt in the past and said either you keep your hair clean every day or you cut it. They cut it.

No. 606775

They're talking shit about you too lmao.

No. 606785

When everyone turns on anon she's probably gonna cry here about how she was betrayed

No. 606794


this. when people start shittalking others to me i take it as that they will talk shit about me too.

No. 606828

lmao you sound like a pickme

Why? Sh'es ugly

No. 606837

My boyfriend is the perverted catholic stereotype and god i wanna fuck the shit out of him every time I think of some lost catholic soul who was a virgin until the age of 30.

He grew up so sexually repressed and I grew up so much the opposite that I love the idea of corrupting him.

No. 606840

I keep thinking about where id be if my current relationship had failed, if id turn to online dating or even more casual relationships. I never got to use dating apps and im kind of jealous.

I dont think i could do better, but part of me wonders if i would have or could have.

No. 606852

I was raised strict strict catholic and I still wasn't a virgin til 30, I certainly don't know any men that were either. Can't really blame that on being catholic

No. 606854

Not Catholic but I wish I could find a hot man who would date me and try to corrupt me, that sounds so good.

No. 606862

You sound like a pickme. Those kinds of men are almost always rapists

No. 606870

I'm the exact opposite of a pickme, it's just that I fantasize about finding the love of my life who I could have sex with for pleasure and not to have babies without having panic attacks and wondering if I'll go to hell over it. I'm not even religious but that's how I was raised.

No. 606878

I drag on infighting here by samefagging both sides of an issue what's wrong with me

No. 606883

No. 606884

Can you point out where I said that had anything to do with being Catholic?

Jesus did you just use this as an excuse to talk about yourself? Like, do you want a cookie for being raised Catholic and having sex? Congrats

No. 606920

did you read the wrong reply, retard?

No. 606940

Anon learn to handle light hearted posts without sperging out

No. 606942

No, retard.


No. 606946

Extreme boredom

No. 606947

you clearly did. your entire post was you sperging about media interpretations of catholics.

No. 606949

kek anon here thinks her friend has to be pretty to fuck her bf. Scrotes are dumb bitch Ofc she will, especially if she’s cow material

No. 606956

???Bitch what the fuck are you talking about?

>me: god i wanna fuck the shit out of him every time I think of some lost catholic soul who was a virgin until the age of 30.

>anon: I was raised a Catholic and wasn't a virgin until 30, can't really blame that on being a Catholic
>me: ok, where did I blame being a virgin on being catholic?

what the fuck are you on about? take your dementia meds and lurkmoar

No. 606958

sorry about your mental retardation. you're the one associating 30 year old virgins with being catholic.

No. 606961

30 year old virgin males are fat or socially retarded, enjoy that anon. OOh so hot and kinky!

No. 606966

Mods think you're a faggot.

No. 606974

>caring about what the mods think

No. 606993

Ew he’s prolly a virgin since 30 cuz uggo and could only get your spergy slut ass kek(infighting)

No. 606996

Why do you talk like a retarded baby

No. 606999

Why do you hang out with ugly Catholic virgin scrotes? Don’t tell me; cuz they still make you feel sexy after you’ve been used up

No. 607000

KEK I'm not even TAYRT. You just sound simple-minded and retarded

No. 607006


If I'm gonna be a social retard, I'd rather date a social retard as well.

Thanks, the relationship is fabulous, we just bought a house. Cheers.(infighting)

No. 607026

I love checking the Facebooks of all the "popular" girls from middle school and seeing them bloat up and get fucking hideous. I also like seeing the ones that got pregnant or fail at finding a job. It'll never not be hilarious to me.

No. 607032

I refuse to believe anyone on here is that thin skinned about virgin jokes, tell me you're a bored troll

No. 607044

Not a troll, just bored.

No. 607321

This is not my confession, it is a plea for one of you anons to confess to something.
I run an old, tiny, irrelevant personal tumblr blog with less than 8 active followers, and one of you just sent an anonymous ask to said blog wherein you revealed you recognize me from lolcow. NGL I'm a little freaked out.
Anon, confess. HOW? it would be great if you could keep any super specific identifying details out of your reply if you want to do it here instead of on tumblr

No. 607339

I am SO sick of fucking twitch girl streamers faking their voice to be higher and being soft uwu always nice girls. I know it's my fault for fucking watching twitch but what the fuck are you doing? Trying to be the perfect male ideal of the passive soft spoken innocent girl and they all eat it up, no one calls them out and it makes me sick.

No. 607346

i find shoe's ex, armoredskeptic or whatever the fuck his name is, super hot. I think its because he looks kinda a white version of my bf. im ashamed

No. 607358

Not the anon you're seeking, but I find this really interesting. I often wonder if I know a farmer irl and whether they could identify me from any of my tmi posts.

No. 607361

you sure you didn't post something here? art maybe? leave your info in a screencap?

No. 607362

Just get better taste in girl streamers lol

No. 607369

I have posted art here, but none of that is on my blog. never posted screenshots either. I have probably posted about similar things at similar times once or twice, but it still feels crazy that someone could have found me from that since my blog is completely dead follower-wise (posts get 0 notes, all my followers are deactivated accounts from 4+ years ago) and has been for a couple years now. What’s throwing me is anon must be someone who is following me or at least regularly checking my blog, because the topics which I’ve crossposted about aren’t particularly unusual, just life stuff, so they couldn’t have come across it from searching google/tumblr.
This is just super weird and leaves me with so many questions.

No. 607400

No. 607433

Is your art style recognizable enough for that anon to just see your art and recognize it could be you ? It seems like the most likely scenario.

No. 607436

File: 1597741000413.jpg (5.8 KB, 244x206, images.jpg)

I fantasize about my boyfriend having sex with and pleasuring other women, like cute ones that are way more conventionally attractive than me. I guess I'm a cuck. I would never want to act on these fantasies, but nothing gets me off harder than thinking about my boyfriend making another girl cum and vice versa.

No. 607439

I'm not that anon and I don't know you but I hope you'll get your answer!
I think I recognized someone from Instagram on /m/ once, in the Husbando thread. She posted about some anime hunk I've never seen before on Instagram and suddenly someone posted the same one in the thread an hour later. Vague, but possible.
I've always suspected her of being a farmer anyway, because every time I look at some cow's Instagram account, she already follows them.

No. 607440

Ain’t no maybe about it. How cute is ur bf btw?

No. 607442

Pretty cute. He has a 10/10 face but with a dad bod. I, on the other hand, have an average face and am built like a mini fridge.

No. 607447

it might be hot in fantasy but would hurt in reality anon

No. 607456

Damn, no, I would never go for an open relationship, threesome or anything of that sort. I don't have any desire to act on these fantasies at all, it's just hot to imagine it.

No. 607457

I get off thinking how he fucks uglier women. Ew

No. 607511

i never had a relationship but i'm scared that if i get into one, i'll probably end up emotionally cheating (not phsyically though). it's just that the guy i wanna date (i liked him for a while now) is kinda ugly. like double chin, jowls, hairy etc. but i like him for how respectful he is. although i keep thinking that if we were to date, i'd eventually fall back into my habit of thinking about cute boys. crushing platonically on good-looking guys in my college etc.
i never thought i'd be an emotional cheater but maybe i am. i shouldnt date anyone.

No. 607512

Being a human even if you're deeply in love with someone else doesn't mean you'll ever stop noticing attractivenes of other people. As long as you don't get emotionally involved with them it's not cheating at all.

No. 607523

I don't think noticing other attractive people is considered emotional cheating, chatting and flirting with others would be.

But the way you're describing this guy it sounds like the attraction is really not there and you're trying you're hardest to overlook that. If he's already unattractive in your eyes then this will only go downhill. You need attraction. Don't settle for 'ugly jowls' guy just because he's halfway respectful.

No. 607529

Anon. Respectful is the bare fucking minimum in a partner. Love yourself.

No. 607531

Thank you all anons. I keep slipping into this mindset of "oh he's not exactly fun to be around and im not attracted to him… but he's also not bad?" I guess i just assumed i'd find him attractive once we start talking because it happened a lot before. Like there are youtubers i watch who i think are so arttractive despite them being unconventional. But i started growing into their looks once i started watching them since they were interesting. I guess i expected this to happen with my crush, but turns out he isn't that interesting? And also i like guys who are a bit dumber than me or on the same intellectual level but he's below average in that area too.
I guess i got scared that he'll turn into an incel if i stop talking to him because its clear that he doesnt get female attention with his level of social awkwardness. Thanks anons, its better to end it now i guess

No. 607549

I'm actually a really nice person. I just come on here to see who's being a jackass on the internet and leave. Even then it's just in passing. I chuckle a bit and leave it at that I don't wish most of the cows on here harm and genuinely wish that they eventually get there shit together. I can't even talk that much shit about them really.

No. 607569

When I was a little girl I thought my moms gray hair was really cool looking, I told her I couldn't wait for mine to get gray streaks in it too and she insisted that I would change my mind about that.

My mom died when I was 20 but now that I'm in my early 30s I have my first proper gray hairs coming in.. and I love them. I'd give anything to laugh with her about it.

No. 607571

Thanks, now I'm crying. This is so beautiful

No. 607572

this is so self-righteous. you're probably not as nice as you think.

No. 607574

i'm sure she'd think they're pretty on you anon! grey streaks are so beautiful

No. 607575

the dad bod automatically makes him uglier than you

No. 607580

>10/10 face but with a dad bod
So a 5 out of 10 tops

No. 607581


No. 607582

>fridge body

No. 607585

>I don't wish cows harm
Lmao. How low is the bar for "nice" exactly? It's not like mentally healthy people wish harm on cringey strangers they don't know in the first place. I'm an utter bitch but it's not like I'd enjoy seeing cows suffer and die.

No. 607593

Sending you love anon. Congratz on your grey too, they are so cool!

No. 607603

right? anon admittedly watching cows means she's not a very good person in the first place. plus it's pathetic she's posting that itt.
>uwu teehee i don't a-log so i must be sooper nice!
she's just jacking off her own ego as a confession.

No. 607646

Cope. My "friend" is a cow who is ugly, a pickme, no career, terrible social skills. She thinks she is hot shit because she went to a fancy university and isn't like other girls. Oh and her bff is a tranny. She is literally a cow who would be laughed about in any social circle. We are doing her a favor because she wouldn't have any other friends otherwise.

No. 607648

you're not doing her a favor no friends is better than fake friends, especially as you've just admitted she has a bff anyway. You're a rancid bitch and convincing yourself you're doing something 'nice' is very pathetic kek

No. 607649

A whole day has passed and you repeat the same thing you posted yesterday, cool. Let's not shit up the thread two days in a row.

No. 607654

I think someone would rather have a genuine friend than a fake one.

Your "cope" is that you keep someone around to feel better about yourself but try to frame it like it's a favor. Eat shit.

No. 607657

It always eludes these types of people that they wouldn't have any friends either if they didn't accept people who openly talk shit and look down on them behind their backs. Do cows ever have self-awareness to know they're cows too? Hell no lmao.

No. 607672

At this point I'm starting to think you're secretly jealous of this person or something. Or are you the same anon who comes here every few months to sperg about your roommate.

No. 607675

They instantly reminded me of roommate sperg anon

No. 607681

When I secretly check on people I knew from university thanks to their instagram or twitter accounts and see that they're jobless, don't have their degree yet or have huge doubts over their future it makes me feel way better about myself because at least I'm not the only one who's struggling. I can sympathize for them but it makes me feel less like shit, even though the only reason why I don't have a job now is because of the pandemic.

And in some specific cases I even feel great about it because some of them were spoiled brats who were given a lot of chances their whole lives to have easy and well-paid jobs or who were rich enough to study whatever they wanted wherever they wanted so maybe they'll finally understand that no, bad things don't only happen to others and life isn't fair for everyone.

No. 607686

Reading this reminds me that holyth3firm reads Lolcow. She's relatively popular on Tumblr, so I don't think you're her, but it's kind of weird seeing her reference shit from here on her public blog.

No. 607774

Why would I be jealous about this person? Tell me what is so great about them

We're the only ones who tolerate her. She only talks with her "bff" on discord

We are doing her a favor. Otherwise she would have no female friends.

No. 607790

File: 1597776636975.jpg (44.9 KB, 1000x750, jghldsafs.jpg)

cope harder skank

No. 607792

There must be something good about her since this is atleast the second time you've brought her up in one day. Seems like she lives in your head rent free honestly. Plus the fact you keep replying to people with "cope" and calling people pickmes reads as projection.

No. 607795

can you put your friend on instead? we want to talk to her

No. 607797

Yeaaa unlike those anons who a-log and cowtip, because there are no rules about that /s
You’re not nice because you’re only passively partaking LOL you’re cowardly and can’t own up to your cattiness

No. 607802

she's better than us anon, ok? She's just floating by chucking softly at us jackasses. Live, love, laugh.

No. 607827

I used to piss off this sexist asian manlet who I used to work with in a healthcare clinic by talking about my "free dinners" with my Tinder dates. He'd get so mad because he didn't think I should be able to get asked out by anyone cause he thought I was too fat, and no less have a meal paid for. Meanwhile he'd seethe from every woman rejecting him, and the best he could get was a woman's breasts pressed against him during an awkward hug, or getting a peep at a pregnant woman's vagina during delivery scares. Such a creep.

The sperging in unpopular opinions reminded me of this. Scrotes and pickmes mad.

No. 607842

>getting a peep at a pregnant woman's vagina during delivery scares

desperate men are something else

No. 607846

>The sperging in unpopular opinions reminded me of this. Scrotes and pickmes mad.
tbh it just looks like everyone is misreading everyone else's posts

No. 607849

Men are actually subhuman parasites

No. 607894

i sent you an anon ask on tumblr explaining it, i feel bad for making you freak out like this,sorry orz if you want i can come off anon

No. 607986


if you can do so without giving up personal details, would either of you be ok with explaining how this happened? sorry for being nosy, i just find it really interesting and i know that being 'found' on here is a huge fear for some anons.

No. 607987

no1curr that people pay for your food, it's sperging just because someone says chain restaurants aren't the devil

No. 608006


No. 608011

File: 1597786144454.jpg (30.72 KB, 480x314, vEdystU5OVHKjdjb8jlQ-1W-uGWdqG…)

>you're using an abuse tactic over an online forum

No. 608013

I don't get why anons bother to lie as if no one can go back and see what actually went down lmao.

No. 608014

then enlighten us with quotes about how anons were soo upset pickmes over men paying for food

No. 608041

File: 1597788155886.png (285.26 KB, 789x791, daddyf.png)

i've never met my bio father and the various step fathers i had were pieces of shit. my grandfather (a wonderful & loving man), who died a couple of years ago, was my father figure growing up. i miss him dearly, but have realized that i'm attracted to men who resemble him appearance-wise and have his personality traits. although these traits are positive, i'm still creeped out. the other day i saw a guy and only thought he was cute because he had the same eyes as my grandfather.

No. 608054

Maybe I'm a degenerate but I wouldn't blame you for having those feelings. Realizing your male family members used to be attractive back in the day is okay, there's a difference between knowing someone is attractive and fantasizing about them lol.
That being said, the Westermarck effect didn't completely perform its function, but it's main thing is to prevent incest. If you only go for guys that look like someone you know is a kind and admirable man (who unfortunately happens to be your grandfather) it's understandable - it's not like you're literally fucking your granddad. Unless the guy you think is cute has an veeery similar appearance. In which case, it's weird.

No. 608156

i've been dating this woman for 6 months. i love her, i do, but i've found myself forming 2 (platonic) relationships that give me more satisfaction than she does. i meditate on dating them while we shoot the shit together. idk if i should break up.

No. 608192

I've heard it's not entirely out of the ordinary to be attracted to people that resemble your family or people you view as family. Doesn't make you incestuously attracted to them, but it is weird. The last few years I've noticed I've been attracted to men and women (famous, non famous, etc) who ever so slightly resemble people in my family in at least one way, personality or appearance wise. Especially dudes who look more like my father. And my family are all assholes, my dads just the one I get along with the most. I fucking hate it the more I notice it

No. 608197

Familiarity is definitely an aspect of attraction. It might not be your subconscious saying "he looks like my grandfather he is hot," moreso "he has the same eyes as my grandfather therefore he must also have x trait/be trustworthy/etc."

You're also likely to be subliminally attracted to your own physical traits reflected in the opposite sex. So maybe you have these physical traits as well!

Interesting article

>That parental preference may seem a little creepy, but it’s not problematic or even particularly surprising, Lehmiller says. It’s likely a completely subconscious process that taps into our natural associations with what’s pleasant and appealing, he says. “These traits might come to be seen as comforting,” he says. “They’re familiar to you.”

No. 608204

I feel like if you had a good father figure it’s normal to be attracted to men who remind you of him but for some reason it’s much creepier if a guy is attracted to women who remind him of his mother. Idk why but those scenarios feel so different.

No. 608247

Are they really giving you more satisfaction or is it because they are exciting and new? I struggled with something similar though early in my relationship, and while I probably could have gone on to date a couple of those people I'm glad I didn't break up with my partner. I hope you find what is right for you to do anon.

No. 608285

It's probably sexist to say that but I feel like women that are looking for men that ressemble their fathers (if the father was good) are doing so so he is a good father to their children, while a guy looking for a woman reassembling his mother strikes me as looking for another mother figure for himself.

No. 608399

File: 1597831144873.jpg (39.38 KB, 657x657, 3458234569.jpg)

I'm face blind and whenever I watch movies, my bf has to tell me when an actor changes their hairstyle/makeup/clothes because I can't recognize the characters or follow the plot otherwise.

No. 608449


Fucking sucks, man. It's hard enough living in Britain where so many people look like identical potatoes so I can't imagine.

No. 608499


Prosopagnosia crew - I dig this struggle.

No. 608509

File: 1597846474644.jpeg (51.43 KB, 512x468, 70808971-3812-49EF-B82A-587D3F…)

I have an aversion to women who wear glasses, especially small glasses and especially brunette white girls with glasses. About every girl I’ve met who fits that description is either weird or annoyingly arrogant. (Also I think they unconsciously remind me of sjws)

No. 608513

but anon i need them to see

No. 608521

Sometimes I'm late for work because I lie in bed after snoozing my alarm several times because I dread having to prepare my appearance. When I went remote for a few months I was always punctual at my computer because I didn't have to worry. But now that I go back in, even with the grace of my face half covered with a mask, the amount of effort it takes to make myself not look like a beast is awful.
My hair sucks. It's thin, greases if someone looks at it funny, the ends are frizzy from no discernable cause of damage, and it overall has no shape besides bedhead curl if I attempt to product and style it short of heat tooling the fuck out if it which I can rarely do because of said sensitivity.
My skin is horrendous even with a heavy duty acne routine, I'm trying to cope with having adult acne just like my mother.
My body is a blob from birth control and stress and I don't even have kids to account for this mom bod. I'm lucky to get compliments about my clothes cause no one ever says I'm pretty anymore.
And then finding clothes, I'm ashamed that I have a closet full of clothes but over half aren't summer appropriate and I only ever have several outfits at a time that I like and have deemed safe. I'm like a character from Hey Arnold! with how comically ugly I am and wear practically the same clothes all the time.

No. 608527

I have the same thing but it's more triggered by the fat pinup or alt girls with glasses.
Hypocrite because I wore glasses myself as a child.

No. 608532

>Hypocrite because I wore glasses as a child.

you were problematic as a child and should be cancelled for such abhorrent behavior anon

No. 608536

Why bother then honestly? Just find a hairstyle like a simple ponytail or bun that works for you, let the mask do its thing, and dress nice. Maybe drink lots of water and clean eat (though I don't know your diet and sorry for being presumptuous, I just know I can get snacky and drink lots of sugar at my desk if not careful!) to make you feel good internally. You don't owe it to anyone else to look good, just keep yourself well and be polite and good at your job. ♥

No. 608555

anon there's so many women who wear glasses wtf
sometimes you can't wear contacts because your eyes hurt from consistent contact wearing or the prescription is so high contacts don't help as much

No. 608576

i'm a legit stalker

i got really obsessed with this guy at work and spent months finding his birth records, all his previous addresses, his current address, his family's social media accounts, planning applications with his name on, i even took a train to see his house when i knew he was home. i ended up cutting myself so badly i hit an artery when i saw how beautiful his daughter is.

i thought about contacting my doctor but i was too ashamed. i'm not dangerous or violent but i am objectively probably quite scary. lockdown has been really good for me and i've managed to get over it but i'm worried about going back to work and going nuts again.

i don't check anything to do with him anymore and i feel faintly disgusted by him now. i think i'm going to have to freeze him out completely when we go back and i hope i'm strong enough to do that.

No. 608581

reminds me of my stalker story.
>see guy one time (when i went to my high shcool's other campus)
>someone calls his name so i knwo his name, god he's pretty and shy looking. looks down when talking to people and shit. hear him talk about something hella feminist despite being with his guy friends, an icon
>find class lists to look at people with same name.
>look for every single ____(his name) + surname on instagram
>he's not there :(
>a year later, watch the graduation ceremony uploaded on youtube to see his face again. learn his surname when he's called.
>search name, learn the college he's in

obviously im not a creep so i didnt go there but i still think about him. god i sewar im not autistic

No. 608583


This is legitimately terrifying behavior. Why did you girls did this…

No. 608604

thanks for sharing. glad i'm not the only one but also hope you manage to control it in future

i know. i feel really awful about it.

he was my teacher at one point and he took a shine to me. a couple of years ago i got a job alongside him with his help which is when it all started.

not to sound like a victim because i know i'm in the wrong here, but by way of explanation, i lived through a lot of abuse and bullying and violent relationships. when he was my teacher, he was the only person i had ever met who had treated me as somebody with inherent worth and dignity without expecting anything in return.
then he found out i had some serious issues with depression and psychosis and he made me promise to take my medication, and kept checking in with me. he noticed when i hardcore dissociated for a few weeks and contacted the crisis team because he said he could tell i wasn't "in there" anymore. nobody had ever expressed that much concern over my well-being before so i felt a special bond. then he got me my dream job working with him, and kept being nice to me, and it got out of control.

i think i thought i was in love, but i realise now it wasn't that. it was more like hero worship, i was so grateful that i felt like i owed him my life. i started to want to be him - i started dressing like him and acting like him. i think people thought i was harmless and a bit dumb, styling myself as his protege, but i don't think anyone noticed i was legitimately insane over it.

i feel like i've "woken up" from it now. everything is painful, and i realise he was just doing his job as a teacher/just being a nice person. i did things that are probably illegal and definitely terrifying just because he was nice to me. how pathetic is that?
i am deeply ashamed and depressed and it feels like my life is empty but i've experienced this before and i know it's part of the healing process. i feel like it'll happen again if somebody is kind to me so i'm better off not having close relationships with people

No. 608605

I love "traps" and "femboys" which is such a stereotypical repulsive neckbeard/delusional tranny weeb thing, I'm incredibly ashamed of myself. I hate the obsessively fetishistic discourse about them online (duuhh girls with dicks lmao), even though it's probably hypocritical of me to say. (They're also unicorns irl, mostly gay, and age like shit, so I've relegated it to staying a fantasy. And non-pretty men who try to crossdress are just gross to me.)

No. 608614

(im the 2nd story btw) i stopped doing it. i know its fucked up and creepy which is why i never tried to actually reach to him (like adding on linkedin and stuff). this is the confessions thread so im obviously disgusted by my behavior hence confessing. its just that at the time i thought "he doesnt know im doing it, its a victimless crime". i deleted insta and other social media to stop my urge to stop. i suggest the other anon to do the same. the curiosity never goes away but at least you stop being a creep.

No. 608620

I still make edgy OCs well into adulthood and ship them with canon characters.

No. 608626

I like them only in anime because I like seeing male characters being vulnerable-like but chasers and "he's TOTALLY like me" troons always ruin it. IRL ones are always cringey and ugly though.

No. 608645

honestly you do you anon.
i still think up stories for the angsty af OCs i made in middle school. it helps me fall asleep lol.

No. 608673

i post on here way too much. especially in the vent thread. it's embarrassing but getting my retardation out online helps me be less obnoxious irl

No. 608675

I regularly catch myself kind of 'projecting' on here. As in I went through some cringey and not so great phases in my teens and twenties. I had a series of harmful events in my childhood and then no real guidance after that. My early adulthood was an emotional shitshow.

Now when I see others behaving similarly I just want to call them out and shake some sense into them.

No. 608687

me too, I should probably write in a diary but here there's the feeling of sharing your feelings with someone else

No. 608695

yea exactly. i do journal from time to time but it isn't the same. idk how to explain why.

No. 608711

Lately I've been aroused by art the act of drawing. Every time I sit at my desk and start photoshop I get the urge to masturbate. I'm not sure if this is a bad thing.

No. 608713

*art and
also, I don't draw porn so I can't think of how this started.

No. 608725

Of all the social media sites I love stumbling across peoples Pinterest accounts. people usually use them just for personal interests/hobbies and sometimes it reveals an unexpected side of people that you wouldn’t know. For example I found a friend-of-a-friend’s account and she a has board dedicated to gravity falls with more than 1000 pins and she also has a (recent) phineas and ferb board. Like, wtf. Anyway that’s why my Pinterest doesn’t have my real name and all my boards are private

No. 608794

>identical potatoes


No. 608813

I'm a total normie and I'm around these places mostly for the anonymity.

No. 608919

What's your opinion on anons who aren't normies here?

No. 608921

i don't even know what normie means and at this point i'm too afraid to ask

No. 608961

same. Lc was my first and only imageboard, and after visiting 4chan once I plan to keep it that way

No. 608970

came to the realization that I'm basically a closet bisexual and it makes me really sad that I could never openly date a woman and have my family be approving of it. both of my parents are christian homophobes. not sure if they would disown me but they would be veeerrrryy unhappy..

No. 608989

File: 1597884893059.jpg (37 KB, 736x710, aac1f4d98e723ef451d8c2685c42d2…)

My only personal achievement this year is being quoted in the funny thread 6 times. Even though I wasn't joking for most of them.

No. 609011

at least you made people laugh..

No. 609262

it's been at least a month since I've been drunk and I am enjoying my wine drunk so so much

No. 609282

>there are normies on this site too normie to know what normie means
The Onision threads truly ruined this place

No. 609290

I can only assume anon was overthinking things and expected it to be some obscure meme, rather than something as blindingly obvious as 'normal'. It's not like you actually need to be familiar with any imageboard culture or even pay much attention to the context to guess the meaning.

No. 609341

correct. i was mostly joking lol. i know what it means but, like, i've seen different places use it for different things and i wasn't sure if lolcow's meaning was something more specific as well.

No. 609369

I had dog meat and thought it was pretty good

No. 609391

I’ve had camel meat and that shit slaps

No. 609400

Where were you in the world and did it remind you of anything else? I think the "strangest" thing I've had was alligator.

No. 609435

I love returning things. I have bipolar II and as much as I try to temper my impulse spending, sometime I don't and buy a TON of stupid shit or multiples of things that I do not need. When it happens, instead of getting upset about it anymore, I get excited about returning the items and getting my money back. I bought 3 cartons of iced coffee from Aldi the other day just because they were new and there even though I told myself I would regret it, and now I'm thinking I'll return the two unopened ones after wiping them down. Plus have to return some clothes and a rug. I'm dumb but I cant wait to get so much of my own money back.

No. 609437

Simply would love to stalk randos. I kind of want to just follow someone around today

No. 609450

I forgot to reschedule my dentist appointment, so I will just call them tomorrow and say I'm sick cough cough

No. 609453

good for you anon!!!! love that mentality

No. 609465

I literally just met this dude I work with and his demeanor, his voice and the way he talked and stuff idk it was just so cute to me and the top half of his face looks cute too but I haven’t seen him without a mask and uh…. I have a fucking boyfriend. Someone snap me out of this

No. 609500

It was in South America and the texture is close to pork. Alligator looks …chewy, was it good?
Damn I’d like to try that

No. 609509

> the top half of his face looks cute too
kek just covid things

No. 609512

It was alligator jerky and tbh it just tasted like jerky kek

No. 609517

When I look at a beautiful and intelligent girl with a boyfriend or husband, I want her to leave him. It makes me physically sick knowing how undervalued she probably is and all the shit she puts up with. Leave him

No. 609518

No. 609519

Lmao same, that bit made me kek

No. 609527

nta but same. yall have no idea how many boys i fell for in the grocery store despite only being able to see 35% of their face.
not seeing any guy in the last 5 months except in a supermarket really made my horny brain rot dammit.

No. 609529

based x2

No. 609536


No. 609537

based x4

No. 609540

No. 609545

I was 22 the first time someone came inside me, days later my pussy was smelling like fish, I didn’t know I was supposed to clean the jizz out of it. lmao. 4 years later still won’t let anyone come inside.

No. 609547

File: 1597942500924.jpg (61.56 KB, 870x565, bastingturkey-istock.jpg)

No. 609556

My abusive ex once negged me and made me feel like shit because he came inside me one night and then got grossed out the next morning when he tried to fuck me again but my puss smelled like expired cum and not fresh rain.

Pussies at least clean themselves, men can't stand it when we tell them that their cum smells and doesn't taste good.

No. 609565

I really hope you don’t wash the inside of your vagina. That’s really bad, cleaning the outside is fine. It’s more likely you got a bacterial vaginosis from that gross guy which is what caused the smell.

No. 609573

This happened to me as well with my boyfriend when he came inside so he just stopped doing it. It smelled so fucking rancid lmao. If you can help it, don’t let dudes cum inside you, generally not a good idea.

No. 609575

Nta but I refuse to taste, smell or have cum on any part of me where the smell could possibly reach my nose. It has to be one of the worst smells on earth but I rarely see other women saying it. Making a guy cum is hot but semen itself is just nasty.

Your ex is a dick, congrats on not being with him anymore

No. 609576

File: 1597944498570.jpg (78.68 KB, 600x466, 9043797543204.jpg)

There were a lot of things wrong with my ex, and for the longest time I didn't even want to think about him because of how angry I was. But now that it's been a while, I realize I actually miss some traits he had that aren't present in my current partner. I feel bad comparing them like that, and of course my boyfriend has a lot of qualities my ex didn't have that make him a better fit, but… I don't know. I guess I selfishly want a partner who has it all.

It always feels like I'm making huge concessions in some respect. I know I'm not perfect either, but goddamn if I don't always seem to have my shit together far more than the people I end up dating.

No. 609581

I always just sat on the toilet afterwards to pee and let it drip out. I don't let guys come in me anymore though, there definitely is a nasty smell when both fluids mix together. It's too much hassle, grossness and risk.

No. 609584

File: 1597945148098.jpg (101.87 KB, 1242x1027, tumblr_9e598e0bb9fc09d6d916f73…)

I feel strangely guilty about starting up a secret romantic/sexual relationship with someone my best friend thinks is like, somewhat retarded. Like actually "this man has issues" retarded though distinctly above drooling mong retarded don't worry, I'm not brain damaged buff guy fetishizer anon. dude is pretty smart, he's just… kind of special in ways. I'm sorry sister, he's hot and the internet memed me into liking himbos.

No. 609588

File: 1597945529014.jpeg (31.4 KB, 748x439, CD96FB8F-698C-446E-BB76-3FAF1B…)

Have fun while it lasts sister

No. 609590

File: 1597945670433.jpg (82.45 KB, 1080x1080, qwlbe5qcqjh51.jpg)

I will, this is my fetish. Will update if he says anything particularly stupid and sexy.

No. 609592

Kek enjoy your himbo anon. Directioner, btw.

No. 609602

File: 1597946605342.jpeg (50.77 KB, 720x674, im watching.jpeg)

I'm extremely tempted to try to rekindle a friendship with a guy who happens to be my mom's alcoholic ex-bf's son just because his dad is eerily similar to one of my celeb crushes. But that's way too fucked up and both the dad and son probably have issues, to say the least.
But also I've been extremely lonely/bored/horny since March so the temptation is really there.

No. 609606

I didn't know this was a thing, how do I get rid of the cum afterwards? How do I clean it out? Does it always smell?

No. 609609

Anon, it's not just them that has issues, stay away from your mom's alcoholic ex jesus

No. 609618

I had/have no plans for him, just his son. It was just a thought, anyways. I still have a sense of decent judgement… I think.

No. 609621

Nice try necessaryspeed

No. 609624

You can't clean it out really, you sit on the toilet hoping gravity will help, then you push down with those muscles and hope you don't fart with your partner within earshot lol. You can't douche cos that creates its own issues.

It's easier to just have him pull out and cum on you, I do that and any guy that helps with the clean up.. always wins points with me too.

No. 609692

The amount of complexes evident in this post is astounding.

No. 609693

I actually like some of the cows whose threads I lurk on /snow/ and genuinely wish the best for them.

No. 609701

Which ones, anon? I feel the same way, and the reason I get so mad at them is bc I want them to do better kek

No. 609702

I feel so bad for pixy and i just want to hug her right now

No. 609708

Right? I want to donkey punch Deb so fucking bad for hurting our queen.

No. 609712

Who’s the celeb crush?

No. 609744

fuck both lol

No. 609756

Mostly shoe0nhead. I've never disliked her as a person and feel like she's not even actively doing anything cowish at this point. She's just really insecure, lazy, relies too much on male validation and has no strong opinions about anything. None of these things are irredeemable in themselves, but it's just like, at what point are you going to recognize that this is bad for you and makes you look incompetent? It's so obvious that she's never had to suffer seriously or work hard for anything. She has such a defeatist attitude that is evident in virtually everything she says, does and believes in.

Hell, she's actually said in videos before that she hates herself because she was "handed everything and still failed at life" or something along those lines. It's so pathetic. You have the awareness that this is an issue for you, yet you do nothing about it. Why don't learn a new skill? Go back to school? Get a second job that isn't based in dressing up like an e-girl for internet validation? Like, just fucking put effort into something other than making lazy youtube content and sperging on twitter. She has literally no excuses at this point.

PnP is way worse than June and is 100% a cow, but there's something weirdly endearing to me about her. She really needs help and it's sad that she'd rather just self-sabotage repeatedly and make dumb excuses as opposed to actually getting her shit together. I guess in that regard they're pretty similar. I don't follow her thread as closely though, so there may be some things I don't know.

In general, I feel like the only cows I really don't like are those who are actively causing harm to other people, like onision or anyone with a history of scamming followers. People like shoe and pnp seem like more of a danger to themselves than anyone else.

No. 609782

Revenge of the sith era Ewan McGregor

Christ no

No. 609785

I have the phrase “punani Dasani” stuck in my head and have for like 4 days

No. 609786


ok simp

No. 609794

File: 1597957983591.jpeg (194.78 KB, 1242x789, 32C2B74D-A079-4290-95D8-A5DA98…)

Shoe is one of the ones I like and want to succeed as well. I’m glad she got rid of pregory bc he never deserved her. I know nothing about PnP so can’t speak on that, but yeah, I straight up quite like June actually.

No. 609801

PnP truly is a mess and I fully understand why she has a thread. Shoe's is mostly nit-picky and reeks of vendetta at this point. If she starts dating vaush like people are predicting, she'll be milky again. It was way harder for me to like/sympathize with her when she was dating preg, especially during their first few years together. It's kind of hard to know for sure if she's learned anything from dating him since she's kept so quiet about the break-up.

No. 609803

me too sorta. i don't really like any cows, but there's a few i feel bad for. i know a lot of them are walking cluster Bs who just want people to feel bad for them, but i still feel way too much sympathy for these cows posting about how lonely and sad they are.

No. 609806

People defending shoe like she doesn't hate women and encourages her incel followers by being not like the other girls tee hee.

How is she gonna succeed when she's 30 with no education, never worked a day and doesn't even know where what she believes in unless a man tells her.

Honestly I think people here that defend shoe see themselves in her and that's just absolutely pathetic

No. 609809

dead ass, she'd never cape for you bitches lol

No. 609814

can you explain what's not milky about spending years on the internet making fun of "lonely feminists" and women over 30 only to get dumped on the week of your 29th birthday so your bf can go e-flirt with an uglier version of you over twitter solely because she's 18?

She's literally dressing up as a school girl in her apartment in the middle of nowhere, where she knows no one, that she moved solely to because he fiance didnt want to move in with her. That shit is funny.

No. 609818

she got dumped though lmao she'd take him back in a heartbeat some of you are delusional when it comes to shoe

No. 609829

This. The fact that she harasses people (while having a platform as big as she does, too) should be enough to make her disliked, but her fans ignore it because there's nothing wrong with it, apparently.

No. 609830

and if someone with a bigger platform than her calls her out she will delete the tweet real fucking quick. The girl is a coward and genuinely unlikable.

No. 609835

Cum makes your puss smell weird and gives you BV (infection that makes you smell like rotten fish) because it changes your pH balance.

The vaginal environment is fairly acidic, at a pH of around 3.8 to 4.5, while cum is neutral to slightly alkaline at pH 7.1 to 8.0.
The vaginal flora are mostly Lactobacillus, which eat sugars and produce hydrogen peroxide.
So if your guy has a dirty dick and cums in you, he not only weakens your natural defenses against infection (acidity), he introduces a lot of unwelcome germs.

I use a baby syringe and diluted 6% hydrogen peroxide in order to ward off infection, because I get thrush and BV all the time anyway. You can use boric acid capsules too but I find it more effective in liquid or gel form.
Durex also make a lube that they don't market as a lube, it's an 'intimate hydrator' or something, but it's just lube that's been pH balanced and it's really useful.

If anyone does cum in me I just sit in the shower with a tap running and just like..swipe my finger around inside myself and then rinse my fingers and repeat until it feels 'dry' in there (nt dry obviously, but like water instead of cum or vagina). The I use the pH balance lube to rehydrate inside.
This is just for emergencies because obviously repeatedly douching with tap water is going to fuck you up.

No. 609837

>I think people here that defend shoe see themselves in her and that's just absolutely pathetic
This is a normal thing that literally everyone does, particularly if you see a past version of yourself in that person. We actually tend to be indifferent to those we don't have much in common with. It's also normal to hate traits/behaviors in others that you don't like about yourself, meaning it's technically just as likely that those who obsessively hate a cow and believe them to be irredeemable are just projecting their own feelings about themselves, meaning that they also see themselves in that cow and are just less aware of/willing to own up to that.

>making fun of women over 30
When has she ever done this, specifically? This sounds extreme even for past shit she's said and done. The vast majority of milk you're insinuating in this post is several years old at this point.

>only to get dumped on the week of your 29th birthday so your bf can go e-flirt with an uglier version of you over twitter solely because she's 18?

You can't be serious. In what universe would this situation make ANY woman milky, rather than her ex?

>She's literally dressing up as a school girl in her apartment in the middle of nowhere, where she knows no one, that she moved solely to because he fiance didnt want to move in with her. That shit is funny.

You are clearly every bit as nasty and petty as the type of woman you're proclaiming her to be. The hypocrisy of calling one woman out for making fun of other women, while simultaneously dragging that same woman through the mud and laughing at her misfortunes yourself, is just fucking astounding.

No. 609838

Sometimes I think about antagonizing my bf to the point he physically attacks me. It's so fucked up. He's never hit anyone in his life. This isn't even a sexual thing, I just want him to kick the shit out of me. I grew up in a physically abusive environment is it because of that? These thoughts make me feel sick and hate myself more.

No. 609841

NTA but she did it first so she's fair game.

No. 609842

File: 1597961153972.jpeg (86.75 KB, 828x1168, 1597693513443.jpeg)

you're obviously new here because you're asking basic af questions but no one is going to spoon feed you. Go to shoe's thread if you want to see what a hateful bitch she's consistently been.

Anyway, someone calling shoe a retard on an anonymous imageboard is not the same as her using her platform to spread the hateful shit she has. Go whiteknight elsewhere, sperg.

No. 609843

You've been taught to associate love and protection with physical violence so it's not really unusual you would feel like that. You feel uneasy because the love is here but the violence isn't, so it must be coming soon and you want it over with.
It's ok. This is just a new type of relationship you have to learn about.

No. 609844

anon i grew up being physically abused as a child and have felt the same. it was explained to me it's because we associate the violence with love. they're no better than intrusive thoughts. I'm sorry you're feeling this way. it gets better.

No. 609845


Ew. Penises literally ruin everything they touch

No. 609849

>The hypocrisy of calling one woman out for making fun of other women, while simultaneously dragging that same woman through the mud and laughing at her misfortunes yourself, is just fucking astounding.

why are you here? where do you think you are, retard? sorry you're a pathetic pick-me that can ~~relate~~~ to shoe but that's your problem, not ours. I would be angry too if I saw myself in shoe kek

No. 609851

Understandable. I thought it would be a terrible celebrity

No. 609878

NTA but your sperging and obvious samefagging throughout this thread for the past few hours is embarrassing. It's not a personal attack against you if someone doesn't hate the same cow as you, or disagrees with you about someone being a cow. Calm down.

No. 609883

>only one person hates pickmes

No. 609888

for the love of god please shut the fuck up

No. 609903

lmao i'm not even the anon you responded to

No. 609925

File: 1597970310997.gif (5.2 MB, 540x300, 29a10bbc-6d57-423b-a8ed-478736…)

Developed a crush on Jim Carrey as Dr Robotnik only because of his coat outfit, because I am a huge sucker for coats. Drowning in shame as I start reading imagine fanfictions while being accidentally high off medicine… Anons… Thinking of getting the same outfit for my bf…

Hope you are having lovely night!

No. 610025

I am addicted to trolling people on social media. Quarantine is really bringing out a weird side of my personality.

No. 610028

Please just make sourdough bread or something anon. There’s nothing fulfilling about “I was only pretending to be retarded!”

No. 610031

watch out anon kek he may be charming in that role but in real life hes awful

No. 610034


No. 610043

File: 1597980319403.gif (454.55 KB, 500x329, tumblr_lst4mjp1Wf1r2pza0o1_500…)

No. 610048

>she's never pulled a prank before

No. 610155


are you super hot, anon? how do you get into these arrangements.

No. 610189

File: 1597988945993.gif (1.83 MB, 498x264, Hocus.gif)

>when you're a pickme and you still get broken up with on your birthday and immediately get replaced
It's funny every time. And she STILL hasn't learned her lesson.

No. 610202

NTA but this was obviously a joke. There's much more damning proof of shoe's bitchy side out there, but it's all pretty old at this point. Like that ig pic of her standing next to a fat girl and she straight up tagged it #landwhale or something. I'm not about to defend shoe but tbh I kinda agree with the other anon that she's stale milk at this point.

No. 610207

I'm white and I browse Lipstick Alley from time to time, just out of interest in seeing what's discussed there. I first found it when I was searching a topic on Google and read a thread about it that popped up in the results, but I didn't click the homepage so I didn't realize it was just for black people. I later found that out through posts about LA here. The more popular topics discussed there don't interest me much and obviously I don't agree with everything said there, but the entertainment I get from Conspiracy Alley is unparalleled. It's everything I love about /x/ and /ot/'s General Tinfoil ramped up to the extreme. On occasion there's some really good career & financial advice there, too.

No. 610255

Tbh I'd love to know more about it because I feel like media blurs out A LOT of things about him… I found out about the entire saga of his ex suicide only last year, but what else?

No. 610493

anon if you're there, you're a true hero

No. 610514

File: 1598018745398.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 82.34 KB, 897x1024, FC5239F2-999A-4940-86E3-E46102…)

I want to be NEET I’m not built for this life

No. 610527

If you read about the suicide of his ex, she mentions in her suicide note that he had a woman with the initial T, "lie on the stand" for him, meaning he's been in at least one other lawsuit that the media doesn't know the fullest extent of. If there were a way to unbury the T lawsuit and any others i feel like it'd decimate the hell out of his career, especially if Twitter got ahold of it

I doubt it'd turn up anything to try and find transcripts, kind of wish there was a way to, but if they exist it's likely under one of his aliases, assuming he wasn't smart enough to pay to expunge them in the first place. In the Cat White lawsuit one of his aliases was revealed to be Arthur King and the other one I heard about, though not confirmed, was Jose Lopez. Two super basic names.

admittedly anons I really hate that a part of me still finds him fuckable. At least physically. I hate myself for having daddy issues

No. 610529

File: 1598019724318.jpg (56.93 KB, 1600x900, cover6.jpg)

No. 610533

I want my simps back. i had a whole Simp Ranch but that was COVIDerated. Now I have nothing to simultaneously feel disgusted by while bolstering my self esteem

No. 610544

i just got a message from my best friend of 21 years with the first lines "so you and me… i think we should shack up…" but when i opened it, it was just a queerbaity invitation to a platonic dinner date
we haven't spoken about our sexualities. she knows i've been with women but i know she likes masc men. i haven't worked out my feelings for her but let me tell you anons, i was so disappointed it wasn't a confession. my heart nearly exploded out of my chest, i can still feel it racing.

No. 610587

Why straight girls do this :(

No. 610592

nta but i remember there being some discussion about shit he's done in that last celebricows thread (#13) i was honestly really upset hearing about it because i used to really like him.

No. 610612

Could she possibly be teasing you on purpose? Maybe she IS interested in hooking up?

No. 610627

not like the reporter here is particularly great, she is invasive, but he's acting like a pretentious asshole in this interview. he's probably under the influence here but I can't help think that it's somehow reflective of his truer colors. post 2015 (after his girlfriend's death) he had multiple instances of erratic behavior, even got into a fight with Mussolini's granddaughter on Twitter

he has severe mental issues and a drug habit. he claimed years ago he stopped taking medications for his "depression". it came out after his ex's death he hoarded a ton of ambien, propranolol, and percocet (oxy) that she used to kill herself. I wouldn't be surprised at this point with all the insanity he's demonstrated in the past five years if all the blinds about him are true

and I say all this as someone who was a fan. this career revival shit may allow the truth about his nature to come out eventually… but it's going to take someone brave enough to come forward and people backing them up. he's got a lot of power and it's sadly been proven that he can survive career death. I shouldn't even say I'm surprised by what a cunt he is. the industry turns men into scum if they aren't scum already.

No. 610654

Yeah, maybe she's testing the waters.
How about you seduce her and then break her heart

No. 610689

maybe because they're lacking intimacy and romance on account of the fact they exclusively date men. i sound salty because i am right now, sorry straight anons

i don't know, she's in pretty serious with this guy but i have this nagging feeling she doesn't actually like him all that much.

thanks for the support anon. if i were devastatingly attractive, maybe i could pull that off. unfortunately, i'm a bridge troll and have been celibate for seven years lmao so i don't even know how i would go about it

No. 610886

Why would anyone openly admit to something this embarrassing

No. 610887

It's a confession thread, embarrassing/uncomfortable things like this are kinda the point.

No. 610890

i think an anon posted this quote a few threads back, and ive been thinking about it for the past few hours

>If you flow with the horny, the horny will flow through you and away from you, so to speak. Don't deny your thirst, it will only make it stronger.

this site needs to stop reminding me im horny

ot but that suit he's wearing in the video is so nice.

No. 610891

The tone of the post kind of seemed like she was bragging about it

No. 610899

I haven't been able to enjoy sex for almost a decade now without pretending I'm someone else, and even then, it's nowhere near as good as I know it could be. It's like the feminine/submissive side of me just completely shuts off when it comes to intimacy. I had an ex who I used to have really good sex with, but he used it as a weapon and I ended up so traumatized by that relationship that I basically stopped wanting sex altogether. I think my brain/nervous system just equates good sex and hornyness with severe danger.

No. 610918

I’m a female coomer but at least I don’t watch porn, it’s all in my head. Rip.

No. 610954

Like, you have a lot of sexual fantasies? That's actually not bad, anon. Most studies actually indicate that the more sexual fantasies you have, the less likely you are to experience sexual dysfunction.

No. 610962

I'm the same - you're just horny, and that's pretty normal. There's nothing wrong with having a high sex drive.

No. 611022

I lost my job back in March due to COVID. I have profiles on multiple job sites and have gotten a ton of offers that I've purposely ignored so that I can continue to collect unemployment. I'm still in school and it's honestly nice not having to worry about working in addition to all my classwork. I actually have time for my hobbies now.

No. 611028

Being horny doesn’t make one a coomer jfc

No. 611031

Cold showers make me feel powerful lol

No. 611043

File: 1598058285022.jpeg (8.89 KB, 225x225, images.jpeg)

Bruh I was being nosey at peoples profiles who I went to high school with, I somehow found this girl who would call me fat and ugly's tumblr and it's just her complaining about how she's clinically obese yet totz anorexic also shitting on all her friends "cuz they don't understand my problems uwu". A part of me wants to feel bad but I just don't, guess you could call it karma.

No. 611046

cutting was so much better when i was thin, now its fucking gross to cut into so much fat fs

No. 611052

I love my bf so much but I can't stop fantasizing about my anime husbando. This is making me feel very guilty because I'm a chronic daydreamer and I've been fantasizing about doing shit with my 2D boy since 2017 constantly, so it feels weird to have someone irl to do this shit with. Its also so safe because he only exists in my head so I know he wont hurt me like men do in the real world. I'm so ashamed

No. 611072

Don’t be ashamed. There’s literally nothing wrong with this. You just want some comfort.

No. 611077

Don’t feel bad. 3DPD will never compare even if we love them.

No. 611106

I see the horny is flowing through this thread. It's always reaffirming to know I am not the only horny farmer. I think it, misfortunately, makes me hornier

No. 611110

I got turned on by Shayna’s porn once. It was lowkey traumatizing.

No. 611114

You don't want to have the opposite problem, trust me.

No. 611116

Oh god, which one? I’ve watched quite a few and haven’t felt anything but disgust or cringe kek

No. 611221

I've been living off my current bf for about year, while I mostly sit on my ass at home and do nothing. He doesn't make anywhere near enough to support the both of us (or even just himself, tbh), so I "have" to have a job. But I keep quitting everything I get.

I've been blaming it on my anxiety/depressing, but tbh I think deep down I'm just so lazy and resistant to working the kinds of jobs I can get that it's what really triggers my panic attacks.

It makes me feel shitty that I'm basically just using someone else to survive, but it doesn't stop the same cycle from playing out over and over again. I've been through about 20 jobs in the past year. It's fucking insane. I'm fucking insane, or at least a worthless grifter. Don't know what to do with myself anymore.

No. 611223

What kinds of jobs have you been working? Do you have a degree?

No. 611227

Just get a richer bf, great improvement for me

No. 611230

I have one lone chin hair that grows and I can't find my tweezers. It's driving me insane knowing it's there!!!!

No. 611232

Factory, retail, fast food, etc. The kind of jobs that anyone can get. My resume is a cobbled together with half-truths and only leaving in what I think sounds the best, because the truth would fuck me over for the rest of my life. I've been employed anywhere from 2 hours to about a month.

I don't have a degree, besides highschool. That was when the depression and anxiety really hit me hard for the first time. I went from straight A's to D's and F's, then back to Straight A's by senior year. I cycle through being functional and broken constantly.

No. 611235

what happens at work that makes you give up

No. 611241

Minimum wage jobs aren't meant to be worked forever. They're soul-sucking, pay virtually nothing, and there's typically no chance for growth within a company. Minimum wage jobs are what you do on the side while you finish school, pursue certifications that will put you on track for an actual career, etc. That being said…

>I've been employed anywhere from 2 hours to about a month

That's preeeeeeetty bad anon. Do you just lie about the amount of time you've worked previous positions on your resume? You're right that most people would not employ someone with a track record like that.

>I don't have a degree, besides highschool. That was when the depression and anxiety really hit me hard for the first time. I went from straight A's to D's and F's, then back to Straight A's by senior year. I cycle through being functional and broken constantly

How old are you now? Have you ever been to therapy for any of this? Been medicated? Do you live somewhere with an abundance of job/school opportunities that you could pursue if you wanted to?

No. 611245

I am sexually attracted to men similar to my ex only. I didn't have a type back before meeting him but now I can't imagine dating a guy who don't have similar traits. Ngl, felling awful about that.

No. 611246

How long have you guys been broken up?

No. 611248

A lot of shit that's minor tbh. In retail or fast food, it's usually whenever I get to the point where I have to deal with an angry, "screamy" person. And that person could be a customer, someone I work with or even a boss. What they're yelling about doesn't matter, it's just being yelled at at all shoots my adrenaline through the roof. I've literally ran out the door and to my car before.

Factories are usually different. I've had the same issue there, but sometimes it's also just been that once I start doing the job, it winds up being way more than I can handle physically. But I think that's just my lazy-ness talking, maybe, because sometimes I could've pushed through and maybe gotten to a place where I could handle it. But I usually worry myself to death that I'm doing badly and I'm going to get fired anyway, so it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The more I talk about it, the more I sound like a shit person, huh?

No. 611250

It's been more than a year since we broke up. I went no contact with him and blocked him everywhere.

No. 611251

Nayrt but you don't sound like a shit person, you sound like a person who needs therapy and/or medication for your mental health issues. Get some help, anon. Wallowing in self pity is not going to help you one bit.

No. 611252

I had the same issue until the illusion finally wore away. Then finally it was like a fog cleared and then men with his characteristics annoyed the living hell out of me and made me sick. It was freeing.

No. 611256

>What they're yelling about doesn't matter, it's just being yelled at at all shoots my adrenaline through the roof. I've literally ran out the door and to my car before.
Yeah, that's called a trigger. I was raised in a really verbally abusive family and I have the same problem. It wasn't to the point that I ever left a job entirely, but being yelled or even just dealing with an angry customer could fuck me up for weeks. I usually dealt with it by shutting down and dissociating rather than running away. Hospitality and retail-type jobs are rife with this type of shit, unfortunately.

What was your family dynamic like growing up? How does your boyfriend treat you?

This. All of this. There's nothing wrong with you anon. I promise that all of these thoughts and behaviors, regardless of how dysfunctional and self-sabotaging, served a purpose at some point in your life, even if they aren't working for anymore. Nobody ends up like this for no reason. Please seek therapy, preferably from someone with experience treating people with trauma.

No. 611258

>That's preeeeeeetty bad anon. Do you just lie about the amount of time you've worked previous positions on your resume? You're right that most people would not employ someone with a track record like that.

I absolutely do. It makes me feel even shittier to do it, but I can't just "not" work, and yet I'm the one causing all this trouble for my self in the first place.

At the same time, I've been to so many interviews at this point that I usually can figure out what lies are "good enough" to mix together with my stretched-employment dates to pass as a normal person. And yeah, the fact that they're shit jobs helps a lot, since they're not going to call to check references or anything.

>How old are you now? Have you ever been to therapy for any of this? Been medicated? Do you live somewhere with an abundance of job/school opportunities that you could pursue if you wanted to?

I'm a month or so from turning 24.

I went to maybe 5 therapy sessions before, and 3 of them were in the past year. I went to a couple sessions while on a psych hold for a suicide attempt, but my family didn't "believe in" therapy so that stopped very quickly.

I just got back on Zoloft in the past few days, it did me a lot of good the last time I took it. I think I could say it's one of the big reasons I recovered my grades and some of my mental health my senior year. Really hope that holds true this time.

And yeah no lol, unfortunately I'm in the Bible belt, in a town of about 10k people. There's McDonald's and Walmart, for the most part. I feel like I've really gotten myself stuck here forever now too.

Oh, and I know it's probably very obvious by now, but I've had mental health issues since I was very young. I would go into detail, but I don't know how to without writing an essay here that no one wants to read.

No. 611269

I'm a bit depressed Onision is basically in hiding at the moment. He has the best milk. He used to be so interesting.

No. 611271

use pliers or something rubber to get a grip

No. 611274

i hate giving/receiving affection and compliments and physical touch. im the worst fucking girlfriend ever

No. 611422

Why do you even date then

No. 611424

Who's your husbando?

No. 611429

File: 1598088459177.jpeg (238.29 KB, 1067x738, BA8970BB-407B-453D-9F4F-4989FA…)

It be like that

No. 611447

If you were at a point where you had to choose between being on the street or work, I think you would be able to keep a job. I believe in you!

No. 611458

I like looking at women walking and watching their breasts move with every step… god, I wanna squish them. But then I think what if someone watches my boobs bounce too? I'd feel so gross right? And then I feel guilty and avert my gaze. I would find it ok if it's a woman watching, but not a man.

No. 611483

I gotta know who the husbandos are

No. 611485

Sometimes I really dislike food and really couldn't be bothered taking the time to eat a meal. It's like I have no patience or energy for it and i end up getting disgusted by whatever i put in my mouth. I kinda hate myself for this

No. 611533

zaboomafoo and robbie rotten from lazy town

No. 611536

File: 1598101604713.jpeg (229.87 KB, 875x1258, B9ACB075-2EFA-4C82-8749-F9C6AE…)

I felt that, and it’s shit because the cool husbando will never be real, men are too retarded to be like my husbando.

No. 611538

I am an awful person. Today my close friend of many years revealed she had HPV. She's someone I deeply respected because she's so pretty and single for a very long time. Anyway upon this revelation, I felt so betrayed and started thinking rly fucking horrible things in my mind like "HOW COULD YOU SLUT?". We're still good but the reason she's stayed single for so long makes sense now. I have lost some degree of respect for her and myself, but I cannot stop slut shaming her in my mind. Here I was hoping she'd come out as a lesbian so we could date… But my day was fucking ruined and my disappointment is immeasurable. And I just feel bad about the whole thing.

No. 611540

>upset about something 80% of sexually active people have, that can be transmitted non-sexually
>quoting ReviewBrah unironically
weak bait

No. 611541

you're trying too hard
My guess for the manga woman was Light Yagami. He was a retarded edgelord but he was hot.

No. 611543

I think I know how you feel sans the lesbian feels i guess it’s kind of like losing a single comrade pal who knew how you felt as well. I had two friends telling me on separate occasions they had sex and at first I thought “wow, rude” but it’s just how ilife works, they will fall in love/ do something retarded and stop being that cool image we had of them.

I hope you don’t hate her, because she probably thinks of you as someone really amazing.

No. 611548

Go fuck yourself

I don't hate her at all. I want to hug her and tell her she doesn't have to go through this alone but my prejudice and being a judgmental bitch n all is preventing me from doing so. Also I am afraid I might catch her HPV. I know I am a lunatic and I hate myself.

No. 611562

okay HPV-bait-chan

No. 611576

honestly anon get over it, you should be worrying more about how your dear friend you had romantic feelings could even escalate to cervical cancer from the HPV rather than the fact she went out to screw someone else.

No. 611578

just found out that one of the members of 100 gecs is a troon. genuinely disgusted and upset over the fact that i'm kinda supporting a gross man who larps as a woman by listening to his music. i guess this is what i deserve for having a shit taste.

No. 611586

who cares theyre not some predator eNcrOaChiNg on wOmEns spAces theyre making music in some basement

No. 611587

it's shit music tho

No. 611593

I googled their picture and I can ensure you these people physically cant be predatory to women because one look at them tells you they do not leave the house

No. 611597

That's how I felt when I found out Mom/Black Dresses was a troon. I like the music on bad days but uhhhhh

No. 611627

I sometimes curse my lesbianism cause I live in an uber conservative and homophobic country, but this thread of replies is making me think that I might have lucked out after all.

No. 611636

I have a huge fear of my future husband becoming bald. If he starts balding before 60 I honestly don't know what I would do, probably make him get a transplant or sth. I feel bad about it because it's so superficial and meaningless but hair is so important to me, I could never be attracted to someone balding.

No. 611638

>before 60
I promise you aren’t going to give a single shit by the time you reach 40

No. 611639

Yes you are.

No. 611642

it's the principle. i never said anything about him being a predator, he's just one of those stereotypical gross troons with greasy skin and hair. i'd rather support real women in the alt music scene.

No. 611643

You can get hpv very easily. You don’t even have to get it sexually…
You’re kind of retarded if this isn’t b8, you sound very exhausting to be friends with

No. 611648

t. female neckbeard

No. 611652

HPV is gross tho. It has the same vibe as doing crack behind the gas station or something.

No. 611656

80% of sexually active people are infected with hpv at some point in their lives. That is a real statistic. Grow up you fucking baby lmao

No. 611660

You can get it without fucking, you do know that?

No. 611670

Exactly. Growing up I had a friend who lived with her grandma, and I guess one time when we were like 11 she used her grandma’s razor to shave her legs really quick because we were going to a water park and she didn’t have any. She had no idea her grandma had hpv. Inb4 gross we were literally 11, she still makes jokes to this day about getting hpv from her grandmas rarely used schick intuition cartridge.

No. 611674

If it's so easy to catch then How do people with HPV deal with long term relationships with non HPV partners? Do they never share drinks/kiss?

No. 611676

Most people who have hpv have no idea they have hpv because they show no obvious symptoms. Your s/o could have hpv right now and you wouldn’t know.

No. 611679

yet another reason to stick with anime boys tbh

No. 611680

Being scared of hpv is silly. Doesn’t like 2/3rds of the population actually have herpes? Who cares.

No. 611684

>everyone has it so it's okay

No. 611685

Bitch literally. God damn.

No. 611686

I wish both of my parents died of covid. I want to see them choke slowly for my enjoyment.

No. 611696

40 isn't that old, balding at that age is still a turnoff

No. 611700

Girl I promise when you reach 40 you aren’t going to give a damn, you’re probably like 20 in here hyperfixating on a future you don’t even know about acting like you’re going to be just as uptight about your supposed spouse when you yourself aren’t going to be looking as great as you used to. He’ll accept your pancake tiddies and you’ll accept his detective stabler ass hairline.

No. 611706

i lost wight, grew my hair, bought clothes i actually enjoy, cleared my acne, and left a hoarders house
it feels like i stole someones body and life even though i've been working on all this for months

No. 611713

nta Why even bother at that point? A vibrator is just as good if not better and won't leave nasty shitstains in the toilet every morning.

No. 611720

I get takeout almost every night. I am put together in my life in almost every way apart from cooking seems to take a back seat and so I get takeout pretty often.

No. 611721

>why even bother to stay with someone you married because you considered them the love of your life because they go through the natural aging process you are also going through, instead of just rubbing one out on the opposite ends of the house like the rest of the world you should settle for a messy divorce because your spouse doesn’t want to get hair plugs
I love me some pinkpill but anons are so damn dramatic sometimes lmao y’all be like “ladies if he said he wouldn’t love you if you were a worm then leave his ass!”

No. 611722

Some couples grow old together and settle into that comfortable accepting kind of love but if that was always the case then divorces and affairs wouldn't happen so much. Nayrt but my 40s is only 10 years away for me and I expect the saggy dad bods and drooping balls but I sure as hell won't be fucking any bald men


>ladies if he said he wouldn’t love you if you were a worm then leave his ass
kek gonna go ask my bf this

No. 611724

Sorry I deleted that first post I was struggling with tenses lol.

The “would you love me if I was a worm” meme is probably the most poignant we have at the moment.

No. 611756

I like listening to music and daydreaming about my well established dream universe at least 30 mins each day.

No. 611825

I'm not calling anyone else a pickme, just my friend. She really is a pickme though. She sent links to FDS to laugh at the women there but then didn't realize we were laughing at her instead. kek

What is so appealing about talking to a rando awkward pickme?

You cope

No. 611829

Why do you keep coming back? We do not care anymore!

No. 611847

You must be over 18 to post here.

No. 611867

>have a brain and thyroid thing that makes it impossible for you to be at a normal weight no matter what
>still hang here
>feel dumb about it constantly

No. 612070

Becoming a misandrist is both the best and worst thing that has happened to me as a horny straight woman.

No. 612075

>4 day old posts
Kill yourself whore

No. 612088

I wear wireless headset at work to listen to music to help my anxiety at work even tho I’m not supposed to and everyone seems to have this unspoken acknowledgement that I’m hard of hearing and I have no intention to correct them. People leave me alone more and it’s baller

No. 612353

I will hide garbage in places it doesn't belong even though my apartment is small and the garbage can is literally a few steps away. I only do this in my own home and it's never food or anything, just wrappers or paper things. Why do I fucking do this? I am aware when I am doing it, I know I am making it harder for myself when I clean up… yet a cannot stop. I try to be on top of it because I don't wanna escalate into a weird(er) garbage hoarder.

No. 612363

are you a squirrel

No. 612366

I'm really glad prime video has the actor x-ray feature because of this. You just scroll over and bam, it tells you who the hell is in the scene.

No. 612604

this comment reminds me of the last celebricows thread when someone said "80% of people get at least type i herpes in their life, why would a girl have killed herself over her partner giving her herpes"

because std's are gross and painful and they shouldn't be normalized. if your partner's an ass who gives you an std of course you're going to be mad and depressed about it. doesn't matter if "80% of people" have had it, it requires money and medical care to treat, there's a stigma attached to it, esp if you're a woman, and it has lasting health effects

No. 612608

No. 612610

>herpes shouldn’t be normalized
67% of the population globally has herpes, and that only accounts for herpes simplex 1. That is more than half of the world. If you want to kill yourself, kill yourself over your boyfriend giving you aids or something. Never mind that, just kill him for giving it to you. HIV is even treatable now. Sure it’s depressing but you. will. live.

No. 612625

If 67% of the population started eating shit, would you accept that too just because it's common?

No. 612761

I feel like a loser for not going anywhere in my life during the last 2 years due to health issues and my friends dismissing my self hate for it with the "but you have an actual reason for it" makes me feel even worse. Also thought mental pain and illness was worse than physical, not anymore haha

No. 612764

Ive met up with guys off of 4chan and they were more pleasant than my bumble dates

Still would not recommend tho

No. 612785

i have fandom friends that basically moved to a new fandom without me and im actually slightly happy about that but how do i get them to leave me 100%

i just want them to ghost me…

No. 612791

Yeah, some men on 4chan are honestly ok, but you have to sift through too many coomers to get to them.

No. 612797

I used to be a trans rights activist but J.K Rowling's statement made a lot of sense. It made me realize that the gender juice is all a load of horse shit. But I have very few friends and the few friends I do have are on that "sex work is real work uwu" nonbinary gender shit.

No. 612912

I just cannot feel sorry for girlfriends/wives/mothers who get themselves into relationships where they are totally dependent on the man financially and can't leave when he's being horrible to them. Or like even worse, when they CAN leave but they don't want to give up whatever standard of living they've grown accustomed to. Obviously I'm going to still listen and act concerned whenever this happens, but for fuck's sake, you knew how this would end. A thousand movies, books, and tales from other women have told you all your life how this would end. He gets you in his trap and now he can cheat, yell at you, hit you, whatever. Why did you think you were the exception? I feel horrible for thinking like this but there's my confession I guess.

No. 612920

I somewhat agree. I have this sentiment when I see some bitch on here post 1000 word essays about how miserable she is but when anons say dump him, she just comes back with excuses. The relationship advice thread is exhausting to read. Women do really get actual brain damage from male exposure.

No. 612921

ok anon

No. 612923

I've started browsing 4chan since discovering my half brother does it. I expected it to be bad but other than a lot of weebs and incels it seems kinda nice

No. 612927

what boards u on?

No. 612933

You should read a book called The Gift of Fear (PDF can be found free).

I read it after my 7 year long abusive relationship. Maybe you'll get some perspective.

Though I will agree if the guy is just some fat piece of shit who is NOT abusive but just shitty and a horrible guy.

No. 612935

That's actually one of my favorite books. My mom gave me a copy after that Oprah episode (how the hell was that 12 years ago?). I think part of why I get so easily fed up about this is because I go into relationships being hyper aware of all of the things that could go wrong and it's always been really easy for me to stick to my guns when it comes to things like remaining financially independent, having a safety fund, etc. even in long term relationships and I just struggle to sympathize when I'm faced with someone who just…hasn't done any of that. It sounds horrible but I think I just get frustrated thinking that someone thinks of themselves as being above being abused? Like it could never happen to them so why prepare sort of thing. It's really unhealthy, I'm not debating that part at all. There's a reason I'm here in the confession thread of all places. I would also never say this stuff to someone's face. I try to be as helpful as I can and give a shoulder to cry on and advice when it's welcome, actual help if it's an option (like a place to stay for a little while) but it's so draining sometimes.

No. 612936

ok we get it, you're bitter.

No. 612939

…how is anon for bitter for pointing out that a lot of your predicaments are actually kind of pitiful? I’m in a healthy relationship and I agree lol