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File: 1597956297074.png (869.96 KB, 1083x1079, AE757BF2-E707-4858-9D54-214BB9…)

No. 609757

Reddit, the hugbox for libertarian snowflakes, suburban white dudes who think they are oppressed because women won’t suck their dicks, and a variety of other losers suffering from unmitigated autism.

Notably, several female orientated subs like Female Dating Strategy were banned recently as reddit is convinced anything pro-female is anti-male, but shitty male orientated subs with violent misogyny are totally okay and not a cause for concern.

No. 609768

I should have said similar to FDS than like, poor choice of words. My bad.

No. 609789

Yeah sis I almost had a heart attack thinking it had been banned overnight lmao. I'm honestly shocked it hasn't been but it seems like most of the anti woman sentiment is oriented towards protecting trannies from evil lesbian genital preferences, not men who want to date straight women.

No. 609826

I apologize!

FDS is claiming they may go under at anytime, so we shall see what the future holds for them.

No. 609872

Wait what were the other subs similar to fds?

No. 609886

I know the femcel subreddit was made private/taken down, if that counts

No. 609891

File: 1597966395447.jpeg (689.42 KB, 828x1272, 447D5A6D-6C76-4C3C-8BC1-31FBD6…)

No. 609928

I kind of wondered why they didn't just quarantine all the female subs like they did MGTOW and all the other incel-like subs, but besides being sympathetic to male problems, I think Reddit knows it would be a shitshow if they banned them altogether. Brigading, harassment, doxxing, etc. It's also probably a honeypot at this point to detect any future mass shooters.

The GC/Pink Pill women are unlikely to start an online harassment campaign against anyone or plan any mass murders. No need to be afraid of them or make it into a honeypot. Angry feminists just aren't scary, there's no leverage to not delete.

No. 610062

Honestly if I ran reddit, I would ban FDS as well, along with the porn/fetish subs and every vaguely political subreddit, I'd make reddit the ultimate normie subreddit only used for fandoms and niche hobbies

That's what reddit should be

No. 610068

File: 1597981834336.jpg (180.15 KB, 1079x900, Screenshot_20200821-063257_Chr…)

There's way too many examples to post a screenshot of a post. This sub is disgusting.
Way too many people who don't show even a sliver of remorse for what they've done. Actually, I don't think I found a single post/comment where someone showed remorse. It's mostly just excuses about how they themselves were abused during childhood or just brushing it off like "I fooled around with a teen when I was in my 20s".
Someone even said how looking at cp is a victimless crime.
It's like they're not sad they did something, they're sad they got caught.

Redditors always like to say shit like

>"B-but rsos are usually people who got caught peeing in public!!"

>"False accusations!!!"

If you take one look at a few posts there you'll find that's definitely not the case.

No. 610081

Yeah well, women always get everything they want all the time anyway. They don't know what it's like to truly suffer, like me, M/17/White/USA. Why would I care about their sub when no one ever gives me compliments? They can talk about makeup somewhere else.

No. 610097

I regret taking a look.

No. 610112

Don't act like that non-white men seethe at FDS as much if not more then white men, plenty of black women have made comments on fds about black males that have been tagged as hate speech

No. 610119

Sorry wasn't trying to make it about race, just the Reddit demographics and the fact that no one ever tells me, teenage male, that I look beautiful or buys me drinks

No. 610126

File: 1597984063669.png (140.59 KB, 1436x588, tf.png)

>Does anyone know if these are jobs RSOs are eligible for/ has anyone had any success in getting a position with a service like this? Thanks in advance

Married and having a child with a sex offender. Dear god. Fuck this woman's comment history is insane. Her husband got caught in a sting sending nude photos to a cop posing as a 16 year old girl - and she says oh 16 year old girls are old enough to know what they're doing if they seek it out, it was entrapment, he was in the military, he was drunk so he didn't know what he was doing, yada yada yada. God imagine defending a fucking sex offender. They should all be chemically castrated at a minimum.

No. 610131

this is terrifying…

No. 610134

File: 1597984650317.png (139.28 KB, 1430x476, disgusting.png)

>considering having children with a registered sex offender

No. 610143

File: 1597985854959.gif (3.28 MB, 480x270, 1596892734220.gif)

>mfw this sub is allowed to thrive
I wish someone would talk this idiot out of doing that. She's only putting her future kids in danger.

No. 610158

Reminds me of an anon here who talked about how she's an "anti-moralfag" and is friends with a sex offender. She was like "I don't have any kids for him to molest, so I don't care". Gross shit.

No. 610178

Lord jesus i am triggered. Sounds like he babytrapped her cause he has no earning potential otherwise, and shit only went south because she was furloughed. Like what was his employment before she got pregnant? And he didnt even have the initiative to ask about work on that sub himself, she had to do it for him. Lmao. Pickmes were a mistake.

And on a slight OT note, the temple of tcap forums keep track of the offenders and some of them seem to eventually get married post-offense and i cant wrap my head around it. Just why.

No. 610180

File: 1597988385678.png (366.24 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200821-103929.png)

Female RSO who had sex with a underage 16 year old boy is now married and has kids

No. 610231

I can't access this sub (page not found), has it been nuked or am I unable to re-type links into search bars properly?

No. 610249

Can't access it either anon, may've been banned? I don't think private/quarantine subs give that sort of error, but I could be wrong

No. 610253

It feels really weird that so many people on Reddit are getting mad at this 'cuties' film and claiming 4chan is this morally superior place because they banned posts about the film. Im just looking at it like, this is the thing everyone chooses to get THIS mad over? I also hate that the comments relating to it are all parroting the same thing, it almost feels like Im in a simulation watching the exact same arguments (sometimes word for word) play out in each comment thread, nobody has 1 original thought on that website.

No. 610281

It's something that has managed to trigger the entire internet and oddly unite it, for various reasons both right wing and left wing see what they want to see with this film, I'm not defending it btw

No. 610289

Weird, I can access it just fine.
Try this link: https://www.reddit.com/r/SexOffenderSupport/

No. 610347

File: 1598000213033.png (246.91 KB, 1332x962, 19930419.png)

Yes, how dare they protect their daughter from a registered sex offender! If I caught someone I know is a sex offender talking to my daughter, I'd beat their ass too. I don't care if "he may have been wrongfully convicted", he has no fucking business talking to her.

No. 610350

No. 610359

This is gonna sound edgy but they honestly should just kill them. I wouldn’t mind having less rapists and pedophiles on the planet. Fuck them honestly

No. 610361

If they did that, there’d be a lot of empty seats all over congress and various powerful government institutions.

No. 610367

Maybe we'd finally have some more women in positions of power.

No. 610369

They would never allow it, but I like to dream about this world too

No. 610370

I know I shouldn't but I can't stop laughing at this post, he's acting like being a registered sex offender is like being a persecuted minority

No. 610374

Damm the dad is hot

No. 610398

File: 1598004526339.png (167.85 KB, 1336x694, whinybitch.png)

No. 610402

I love the idea of this pedophile pacing the floor and killing himself with anxiety, almost as much as I love the idea of him just fucking offing himself

No. 610408

What I find really enraging about this subreddit is that no one actually has the guts to say what they were convicted for, it's only ever mentioned in vague terms.

No. 610471

File: 1598013711991.png (73.85 KB, 916x760, ghfghfkjkklkkkk.png)

This rubbed me the wrong way. It's one thing being a quiet person and then there is just being rude or having some sort of developmental problem. Why do people find this wholesome?

No. 610474

It isn’t. I think in a different world with different values, we would realize it is better for our species to not have extremely violent and sadistic people running around, potentially passing on their genes. A lot of our problems could be solved by some selective and purposeful choices, but we idolize these freaks and in many ways confuse a lot of psychopathic behaviors as admiral qualities to have, especially when someone becomes a powerful business person or politician.

No. 610476


The wholesome part is people not being a cunt to them about it. I mean this isn't a joke this is literally it.

No. 610479

I agree with you. Kinda it but the 4chan thing is the literal definition of virtue signaling. The site always takes down actual CP for legal reasons, but there is pedo pandering shit all over it and especially when I used to lurk tv a couple years ago people would always post disgusting shit/sexualized images of underage actresses. Anyone acting like 4chan is ~so noble~ for it and not just banning that content because they have a hate boner for le evil sjw Netflix is deluding themselves. I also think the promo image Netflix used was creepy, but that doesn’t mean /tv/ deserves any praise.

No. 610484

Set a timer for 30 seconds and feel how long that is. Not normal

No. 610485

People were, of course, totally missing the point of the film, and being reactionary…the film is supposed to be gross for a reason. Ugh. Bet you one cookie they were qanon cucks. This is why we can’t have anything interesting or challenging, everything has to be the same for these stupid fucks.

No. 610486

>the film is supposed to be gross for a reason
you're still showing underage kids twerking in skimpy outfits without letting people know loud and clear what you're trying to say, whether there's a message behind it or not.

No. 610487

I mean I'm not full on eugenics that only the super elite should be allowed to produce children, I do think that the vast majority of the population should be allowed to have kids but certain individuals who have physical and psychological illness that can be passed down shouldn't be allowed to breed

No. 610490

Right? Pedos don't care about your message or art or whatever. Children definitely need to be protected.

No. 610491

You need to watch the movie to get the message.

I don't get why netflix picked this promotional picture for the us thought.

No. 610492

>my life hasnt changed during quarantine lol
Hate when redditors constantly bring this up when people discuss feeling sad during lockdown. Not my problem your life is boring.

No. 610513


They really show how pathetic they are when they say that. They're only okay with lockdown because they can sit on their fat asses all day playing games and binge watching Netflix, not considering it's made most other people's lives hell. And then they say the pandemic made them "take precautions" and be more healthy while they stuff their faces and lay in bed all day lmao

No. 610579

I am all for it if it makes our lives just a little bit better, lol. I know we are not noble or selfless enough to do it without being pieces of shit but just imagine that maybe, just maybe, it wouldn’t be our fellow humans who are standing in the way of a better world. I am weird so I am all about pod babies and other crazy sci fi technology because of my bittersweet idealism.

They forget they were living boring ass lives before quarantine lmao.

No. 610633

I'm just sitting here doing a fucking double take because of that subreddit name. They shut down /r/gendercritical but fucking /r/sexoffendersupport is a-okay? What the fuck?

No. 610812

File: 1598037973818.png (125.02 KB, 850x726, thiswhinyasscrap.PNG)

So came across this post in Openoffmychest. I get everyone can express an opinion but this dude has some serious fucking problems.

No. 610813

I got so distracted by the rhymes, it’s like some sort of sad boi rap.

No. 610823

Yep. Misogyny is a myth, anon.

No. 610825

>i am going to take my sexual frustration out on some slutty cunt

ah yes, can't imagine why girls think you're creepy. i don't care how frustrated you are with dating. if you objectify and don't respect women deep down, we can tell. and we don't like it and won't date you. i don't think these type of men understand that, and i don't think that they realize how terrible they are.

No. 610831

>the only girl I can get will have mental issues
This dude is a picture of mental instability and still too good for "crazy girls" kek

No. 610836

This is basically what most reddit men mean when they claim they have crippling depression and also that women can't know what actual depression feels like. Don't even think about looking for mental health support on reddit because this type of retarded neurosis is all you're gonna encounter.

No. 610840

File: 1598040149820.jpeg (791.66 KB, 828x1653, A0EDFE9B-54EA-4F1B-B9CD-91C0F7…)

Curly subreddits:

>look at me I have curls and I am male give me updoots please

>why is my hair so greasy? Where are my curls reddit?
>person with 1c hair using products for 4c
>all I use is shea moisture




No. 610843

The amount of time he said the words girl or girls, it was giving me that thing where if you hear a word long enough it starts losing any meaning.

No. 610850

I am personally pissed that /r/curlyhair is so shit. Truly no place on Reddit is safe. The wavy-haired idiots with greasy frizzy limp hair who think they should pill on products because they have one corkscrew curl are hilarious.

Shea Moisture is ok though, widely available and not crazy expensive. They keep discontinuing their best lines (rip lo-po line…) for some reason.

No. 611290

Same with makeup subs. 40+ year old male with smudged half assed eyeliner will always get praise. Meanwhile the cunts at mUAcurclejerk will never dare make fun of him nooo

No. 611467

Right? Even the stupid spouses of sex offenders gang they’ve started up mention the crimes in the vaguest terms and how he’s totally different now, like fucking a guy who owned child porn or raped a girl at a party is fine because he did it 20 years ago and she changed him.

I also hate the idea that someone who did sexually assault a child or something is on there vagueposting with people who peed on playgrounds and feeling a sense of community. Sorry for the rant I just hate the idea of …. well any sense of communities for these freaks lol

No. 611470


Women are the reddit of gender(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 611478

Men are the niggers of gender

No. 611479

>being an ok looking man isn’t enough

Kek tell that to /g/. Why are moids so whinyyyy

No. 611480

The "put on the sex offender registry for peeing" is such a bullshit cope that reddit pushes. You have to actively be showing your junk to another person to be put on the register. Half these moids that claim they're on the register for peeing just tried to use it as a defense in court after being caught flashing their dick near a school.

Also, men need to learn to hold their fucking urine like women do. No reason for them to be pissing in public. I don't want to see it.

No. 611488

>The "put on the sex offender registry for peeing" is such a bullshit cope that reddit pushes
I mean, people can (and have) been put on the sex offender registry for innocent and/or unintentional acts. Back in 2016 a Utah woman had to go to court and was almost put on the registry because her stepchildren accidentally saw her breasts in their own house. Not saying that's the majority of cases.

No. 611491

It's such a small number of cases it's not worth talking about. Don't give these moids a scapegoat on an issue like this because they will take it.

No. 611492

you said yourself she didn't even end up on the register.

No. 611494

the son probably got autism.

No. 611495

Indeed, she didn't end up. Being charged for the incident and going to court was part of the process of deciding whether she would have been put on the registry or not.

No. 611518

So what? Judging by those threads most of them are guilty and having a robust system to deal with it is good. It's concerning how so many feel it unfair and want to change the laws. Fuck them all, let it be a deterrent

No. 612149

why is there a hate thread for reddit and not 4chan/8chan?

No. 612159

>taking things on the chans seriously
Reddit has usernames for one thing so the retardation is easier to trace

No. 612176

Go make one and show us the milk.

No. 612388

File: 1598170316581.png (285.91 KB, 1484x930, Screen Shot 2020-08-23 at 1.12…)

Aight which one you y'all posted this?

No. 612405

File: 1598173670729.jpg (70.58 KB, 828x657, EdYgpEhXgAE3Rs7.jpg)


Is anyone else really tired of these obviously made up "empowering stories"? So this mother posts the story in the link and the writing alone sounds like it's a spergy teenage girl making shit up for internet clout, but then she had to post pic related too. I love reading wholesome stories of kids coming out to their parents and them being protective of their children but these fabricated, cringeworthy posts people share with "YASSSS QUEEN I STAN" captions make everyone look like a goddamn retard.

No. 612414

Same, it's very clearly writen with perfect awareness of how to behave to get brownie points, not an actual confused parent (who btw i sincerely doubt would that in a moment of distress would be like, time to post on reddit); seeing all the comments who ate it up really makes me cringe.

No. 612419

File: 1598178448244.jpg (55.86 KB, 750x464, EdZbVvnUEAAqiA6.jpg)

And of course the evil mean homophobic father in the story was calling the mom a whore and cheating on her, and the mom herself confronted him with a baseball bat. To top the story off she herself realizes in the end that actually she's ~bi y'all~ herself. Honestly I get why people say "who cares if it's made up it's still a good story!!!!" but people legitimately thinking that this happens in real life and drawing influence can have repercussions and I don't know why this is admirable in the first place because it's bordering on psychotic behavior. The user deleted their account right when the story was gaining more traction and people were offering them advice on mortgage and other legal issues and naturally they hightailed the fuck out.

No. 612439

File: 1598182362079.png (124.07 KB, 719x761, gross.png)

No. 612441

God, it’s so painfully obvious that this was written by a 14-year-old girl pretending to be an old woman.

No. 612464

the most annoying thing about these posts are how the women see all the misogyny and are this close to understanding that reddit is a shit gutter with no value, yet still continue using that god-forsaken place because reasons

there are no gay ppl on r/lgbt lol. only genderspecials

No. 612498

So close… Here they are whining about misogyny, but when someone in the comments mentioned all the GC subreddits being shut down while violent porn and incel shit are still up no problem, they called the person out for being twansphobic and told them they're no different from incels. Then perish, I guess.

No. 612505

>I looooved Obama and I love many things about the culture.
Translation: "I don't care that much about Obama because I don't care what race the President is, and I like rap music that plays on the radio", lmao. What, is it 2008 again?

No. 612875

I have no idea if this is a whiny boomer or a teen larping as one.

No. 613314

For a sub that’s supposed to be about spotting photoshop, r/InstagramReality sure is filled with retards. I posted a picture of a woman who had photoshopped her waist impossibly small, to a little less than the width of her face, and was met with “this is normal if you wear a corset, blah, blah, blah”… except she was wearing a bikini and you could see the sand behind her visibly warped in towards her waist. I posted a different picture of a woman who had completely photoshopped her nose off and some simp posted a bunch of threatening comments, so the mods completely removed my post instead of punishing him. Smh.

No. 613317

r/InstagramReality is a userbase of men (the same kind of men who call women who wear makeup "fake", "sluts", "whores", etc.) who want to judge and dehumanize women as people solely because they edit a few of the pictures of themselves they post online, not a userbase of women who can simply spot the difference between how people online depict themselves and how they actually are.

No. 613993

File: 1598304362374.jpg (154.53 KB, 651x960, 116909258_2814475055442385_315…)

There are a lot of women in the "That's It I'm Facetune Shaming" Facebook group who also use r/instagramreality and they can't tell jack shit between a super photoshopped picture and reality either.
Pic related is a picture that someone posted in the Facebook group and all of the comments were calling OP a cow with a vendetta because this is normal looking and clearly not edited in any way.

No. 614087

File: 1598308974139.jpg (129.16 KB, 720x937, ea3c6a34b0356_bd672bc1_1280.jp…)

>quit asking me to link the video
Ugh, supposedly he was arrested and charged at least

No. 614091

I remember seeing this thread live. It was disgusting seeing scrotes screenshotting this post and posting it to cumbrain subs to see if anyone had the link. There was such a huge movement of scrotes looking for the video that the topic got banned in almost every sub, even cumbrain ones. Proof that men are disgusting and animalistic to the core.

No. 614099

I hope they all fuck off and die. As if she wasn’t going through enough

No. 614139

>It was disgusting seeing scrotes screenshotting this post and posting it to cumbrain subs to see if anyone had the link. There was such a huge movement of scrotes looking for the video that the topic got banned in almost every sub, even cumbrain ones.
how do you know any of this without being subscribed to these cumbrain subs in the first place?

No. 614144

u r joking anon

No. 614149

NTA, but that's from a few months ago and it got a lot of attention and discussion in other subreddits (probably other sites as well) because of how awful it is. You don't need to subscribe to cumbrain subreddits to follow the discussion.

No. 614163

this omg, I'm learning how to style my natural wavy hair and thanks to that sub I'm always hyper aware of how it looks and how much producut I'm using because I've seen so many delusional wavies (and tbqh straight haired girls thinking they're wavy) on there

No. 614411

I'm the anon you replied to. Joining a sub isn't the only way to see content from said sub, you know.
I saw it because people who were disgusted by the posts were screenshotting them and posting them on other subs. The cumbrain sub posts also garnered a lot of attention outside of Reddit in a "look how disgusting Reddit is" way (and rightfully so).

No. 616599

Was Reddit always this bad? Because I remember lurking there like six years ago and I swear it wasn't this retarded, sexual and overall unbearable, even in the popular subreddits. I think once it really started gaining popularity and the twelvies flooded it with low effort memes it started going downhill. Even in the less populated subreddits it's not safe from the culture. I tried looking through the top posts of this small singing subreddit and it was filled with all these annoying and stupid memes that would've been better written down in a text post? Like why do they do this? It isn't funny or clever or original, it just limits actual discussion of the topic.

No. 617759

File: 1598635746453.png (409.45 KB, 518x880, braindead.PNG)

>I(31m) am in equally love with both my wife (32f) and my co-worker (21f). I f hate 2020.
I can't get over the retardation of this guy thinking that because his coworker a decade younger than him is nice and polite to him that she will want to be in a relationship with him while he is married to his poor unsuspecting wife.

No. 617762

File: 1598635839368.png (452.45 KB, 671x866, even more braindead.PNG)

pt. 2. And of course he is letting his wife be the last to know, after he already tells the other girl he wants a relationship with her, so if she does feel the same he can use that to pressure his wife. This is one of those posts where you hope OP's partner finds it and divorces them asap.

No. 617780

I love how he's framing this as some sort of lgbtqia+ polyamoree alphabet soup issue instead of him just being a cheating scrote. Disgusting

No. 617813

>wants to cheat on wife with coworker
>huge creepy age gap between him and coworker
>"it's okay guys i'm poly"
Let me guess, absolutely none of the top comments address the fact that this girl is fucking 21 years old?

No. 617823

File: 1598637937762.jpg (172.02 KB, 1280x720, Chika Not Happy.jpg)

Holy fuck I hate poly bullshit so much. Literally just a tool for scrotes to cheat in a ~woke qweer~ way. I hope his wife and the coworker cut ties with him.

No. 617826

21yo underlings are perfectly normal to oogle when you have a fucking wife you're own age at home! They're nice (by obligation), they want your dick of course.

No. 617828

Samefag but also kek at him acting like being "secretly poly in a religious and conservative environment" is equivalent to being gay. Just say porn exposure and woke twitter culture has rotted your brain and go.

No. 617876

Exactly, and he takes for granted his wife being progressive about LGBT stuff means she will just accept this and not see him for the cheating asshole he is

No. 619268

File: 1598800258351.png (28.11 KB, 915x248, 343445.PNG)

Watch woman LARPers, pick mes, and reddit delusion combine into critical mass with "Ladies of Reddit - what is the most sexiest thing an overweight gamer has done that made you immediately want to have sex with him/be his girlfriend?"

No. 619274

File: 1598801099345.png (560.23 KB, 683x881, l0ax4m7t2tf51.png)

Did you guys see the /r/animememes meltdown?
Hope this doesn't get derailed with GC discourse, but what happened was the mods banned the word 'trap' on accordance with it being a slur. The subreddit didn't like that so they started posting memes against it. The mods responded, but that ignited the flames more. The 2 sides went at it until some of the mods were doxxed forcing the subreddit to go private and 90% of the mods to step down and purge their reddit history.

No. 619387

File: 1598810926235.jpeg (621.1 KB, 828x1336, 8CF44795-E59F-484E-8110-983C37…)

Ok I understand some aspects of FDS like having higher standards, recognizing red flags, etc but I just don’t get what’s the big deal about splitting bills

No. 619390

Holy shit that might be the most reddit sentence I've ever read

No. 619400

Well, read some of the comments to find out.

It's one thing to split bills assyming: You're both working the same hours, have around the same pay, and are reasonable adults who clean up after yourselves when you get home so the domestic labor is 50/50 as well. Maybe you and your partner both contribute equally to childcare.

Obviously the majority of men don't operate that way in reality. Most of them earn more money while working less hours, and leave all the domestic and familial responsibilities up to their women and STILL expect them to hand over half their paychecks when the extra labor is over. It's about showing women that our labor is appreciated and a commodity worth pay.
If chores are free non-hassle labor, then why does it cost money to hire cleaning services and pay for products?
If childcare is free non-hassle labor, then why do we pay babysitters and daycares and after-school activities?
Men who don't adequately contribute yet expect you to fund half their lifestyles are parasites who would throw you away in an instant to save themselves because you are second rate and replaceable in their eyes.

No. 619417

r/subredditdrama is choc full of faggots, i hope the animememes chodes swat them too

No. 619439

The main idea is that women spend more on general upkeep than men (clothing, hair, makeup, skincare, mani/pedis, perfume, etc)

No. 619508

File: 1598823577474.png (19.04 KB, 542x220, srted4y6r7f55tjgjhgfds12.PNG)

i really hoped that was going to be a joke thread but, alas, all of the replies are serious. the women in there are settling HARD for men with personalities of a stale bread and goblin looks that have nothing to offer besides "he is nice and makes me laugh". truly appalling read. reddit women have no standards whatsoever

No. 620084

Right? He’s most likely some lame 4/10 loser too. They did this study that showed men greatly overestimate their attractiveness.. probably what’s going on here..

No. 620118

File: 1598901533353.jpeg (72.55 KB, 750x520, C6E3A251-AB79-41B3-B3BC-BCA765…)

The op of that comment is a woman too. What a fucking pick-me.

No. 620536

File: 1598966854651.png (289.12 KB, 750x1334, 9318136C-5B34-4B51-B972-6A1B21…)

Men one/subredditdrama complaining about r/femaledatingstrategy being sexist and misandrist because they’re “female incels” ignoring that there’s a huge difference between male and female incels because they got their feelings hurt by women actually having their own space to discuss men’s shitiness. I found this particularly comment comical. Reddit probably will end up banning femaledatingstrategy, as they have banned most subs that don’t cater to men and are “sexist”

No. 620541

lol, amazing.
So, should we make a list of the names they use in their subreddits to talk about women or nah?

No. 620574

Imagine being so fragile that you become distraught over men being referred to as "scrotes".
>misandrist, sexist hellhole
lmfao. Men could absolutely not survive one day being a woman.

No. 620609

Meanwhile guys make posts about how women are too fragile when they’re called bitches or cunts because it’s totally okay when Australians say it

No. 620624

Redditors just love saying r/femaledatingstrategy is exactly the same as redpill subs and r/mgtow as if those subreddits don't advocate for killing and enslaving women because some chick didn't like their crusty asses back in high school.

No. 620628

File: 1598977718069.png (52.61 KB, 712x368, hicow.png)

>women saying men are trash isn't the same as the hordes of incel subreddits advocating for rape and violence and committing mass murders
>hi FDS mod

No. 620644

Fds imo is just a place for women to get rid of their pickmeness, to raise their standards in men and to keep their own money. And it made the male redditors seethe so uncontrollably kek

No. 620655

>welcome to reddit
Next to 4chan and the like, reddit is the most unashamedly, unapologetically misogynistic website out there. Men have absolutely lost their fucking minds. They'd off themselves if they had to live one day as a woman.

No. 620681

Okay, so I'm french and saw the movie in a local movie theater. it is not pedo bait. The young actresses obviously weren't cast for their attractiveness, other kids and adults are shown to find their dance moves ridiculous, and the hard choice between family tradition and teenage rebellion is well depicted. It's also gay as fuck.

No. 620741

Men just hate when the world isn't catered to them. They get away with cheating most of the time, get away with pedophilia, get defended no matter how much of a piece of shit they are and are allowed to be picky all while still being told it's them who are oppressed and need to be coddled

No. 621281

File: 1599053439917.png (14.05 KB, 920x155, circlejerk.PNG)

An AITA post before covid was a big thing. Reddits stance on topics is totally based off of logic and facts and not what the current circlejerk is. This didn't age horribly at alllll
>YTA, stop adding to the mass hysteria.
>Living in Buffalo, NY means the exposure to the virus your kids will be getting is incredibly incredibly low. As long as they wash their hands, they’ll be fine.
>YTA… So you're one of those people that think they're smarter than doctors. The masks don't help, and all you've done is limit the amount of masks medical professionals have on hand. You're part of the huge problem going on. And not only that, but you're dragging your kids into this. The school should be pointing out that it's wrong and that they shouldn't do it. This is like being an anti vaxxer. You're on that level.

No. 621286

Why do redditors speak in that condescending tone? They sound old and robotic and overall pathetic in the context of a dumb forum on the internet.

No. 621318

I honestly think Reddit is way worse than 4chan because they pretend to be ~inclusive and feminist~ while 4chan at least admits upfront that they hate women.

No. 621668

Any avid reddit user comes across way worse than someone who goes on chans all the time

No. 622128

redditors are the real boomers of the internet

No. 623779


Reddit is for people who think they're too hip/cool/mature for imageboards, simple as that.

No. 623783

File: 1599342256444.jpg (102.85 KB, 746x928, t4l3tygrtcl51.jpg)

Agreed. At least when men are open about how much they hate women you don't have to suffer through shit like pic related lmao

No. 623803

>sorry OP, I'm also a woman
That one is so real

No. 623821

I feel so bad for those pickmes, when will they learn

>be a desperate doormat for misogynistic fatasses who treat you like shit, don't buy you anything and aren't even good in bed

>b-but at least I'm not alone!

At least when you're alone your apartment is clean, you only clean up after yourself, you can travel wherever you want, you can relax or watch/play whatever you like without a smelly moid with bad taste bothering you or pressuring you into having a family… damn why do these bitches even bother, it's not the 50s anymore

No. 624107

File: 1599399837298.png (253 KB, 990x884, 978g.png)


No. 624111

kek, he thought she wouldn't notice the magically refilling bottle?
Litteray cum from brain.

No. 624116

>at least I’m not alone

Why do they act like getting one of these shit-tier scrotes is an achievement when they are the exact guys that single women are saying no to. They’re literally showing off that they have something that no one else wants lol

No. 624120

What are those rings? Hair ties? I don't get it.

No. 624122

omg the degree to which I hate men. This strikes me as something only an anime coomer would do

I feel so bad for her i would literally want to fight him and make his life hell

No. 624186

Which subreddit is this from? I seriously need to see all the scrotes in the comments trying to say 'w-well, you're not COMPLETELY sure that bottle if filled with semen' kek

No. 624219

No. 624285

A lot of girls defend men who buy cheap, shitty engagement rings, and claim they'd be happy with anything because it's the thought that counts. Hair ties are just an exaggeration of the ring shaped garbage they'd accept.

No. 624469

NAYRT but I’m not gonna lie, I thought it was some sort cheap cock ring from aliexpress/wish for some reason. I should go back to bed.

No. 624741

>Oh no don't ban rape, pedo and misogyny porn pwease it helps me "cope" :'(

>What reason could there possibly for so many rapists, pedos and misogynists to infest this site??

No. 625120

I'm considering making a misandrist reddit account ot point out pickmeism and thinly veiled misogyny. Would it be worth it? I think it might cheer me up at least knowing there's a opposing opinion when there are 100s of ocmments claiming FDS is exactly like redpill subreddits.

Or when a commenter is like "I'm a woman and yeah it's shitty if you don't let your man watch porn/receive his daily blowjob".
God I'd love to just give a good "fuck off" to all those people, it could be draining tho.

No. 625147

It won't make you feel better bc you'll be downvoted and "dunked on" by a bunch of retards. Accounts like these are only alright if you never check your notifications. Just drop the bomb in the thread and don't come back to argue with em.

No. 625266

It's your time anon, spend it how you like but just know that you're only likely to stand for your own principle rather than succeeding in changing anyone's mind there.

Sometimes I feel like starting an account to say shit like that too.

No. 625381

File: 1599584027878.png (127.31 KB, 722x896, tifu.png)

r/tifu has got to have the fakest, wildest stories besides the entitled parent subs. Why would you post this longass story (with multiple threads) to reddit in the middle of dealing with your psychotic girlfriend? How do they get all these awards?

He also has indoor cameras that caught all the craziness (but won't post) and the gf is also a methhead, of course.

No. 626148

Expect a lot of replies saying: "who hurt you" or "you must be fun at parties", or some other fucking catchphrase that reddit ran to the ground.

No. 628344

File: 1599865618800.png (203.93 KB, 720x706, _02-50-1.png)

Almost 100k upvotes, all men in the comments are saying how ~boob therapy~ is a legit way of dealing with depression.

I'll link this shit every time i see some post about how men have real feelings and real depression they don't get to talk about, how they don't want sex all the time and how women are the ones saying these awful things about them.

No. 628352

It’s not even clever or funny. This is like looking at a kids book as an adult and being like… wow this is aimed at people who are devoid of personality

No. 628357

>giving men access to your body will make them not want to be sadsacks


No. 628481

File: 1599883087136.jpg (134.01 KB, 640x925, vy5bbmc6xam51.jpg)

Muh power words

No. 628518

This is pathetic as hell but thank god for the comments. Even the people who were pointing out his age as creepy/pathetic weren’t getting downvoted.

The fact that he says she’s “so successful” at 21 says it all kek

No. 628535

>You should only be kind to ME and ME ONLY because I'm a BABY and a pathetic man!

There are people who really are like this. He couldn't get a girl around his age even if he tried with that childish personality.

No. 628557

He's a narcissist, I hope the girl gets out and gets herself a better man.

No. 628836

File: 1599936583834.jpg (162.57 KB, 750x1907, wtffff.jpg)

did anyone else catch this gem in incel tears? ok so the incel is gross as well, but this is a 20 year old girl proudly "providing" for a 38 year old man who refers to her as his "sugar mama". what the actual fuck is wrong with women on reddit?

>title: Posted a comment about my boyfriend(38) and myself(20) and the little incel couldn’t help himself but to PM me.

from the comments:
>My bf has definitely called me his sugar mama before lol. I like to buy us stuff like dinner or groceries a lot, and I even fill up his car with gas all the time. The first time I filled up his gas tank he said it was the first time anyone ever paid and filled up his car beside himself. So I guess I’m the one “betabuxxing” my bf lol
>When we started dating he didn’t have a job
>pretty much until this summer I was making more money than him cause he wasn’t working lol.

No. 628863

>30 year old man using 21 year old woman as his emotional support and throwing a jealous narc fit when she's supportive of her friends using muh power words
Many flavors of of yikes. What a pathetic, sad man. Hopefully his girlfriend wakes up and leaves him.

No. 631226

File: 1600213085257.png (99.74 KB, 736x810, 'niceguy'storyreddit.PNG)

Story of a girl dealing with a typical 'nice guy'

No. 631513

one albeit lame reddit post is not a reason to invalidate emotions and feelings for half the population chill

No. 631544

File: 1600257935336.png (408.03 KB, 861x1751, 1599702664103.png)

I thought my post was deleted but I had posted it to the wrong thread

I have never even read FDS but I came across this classic niceguy ranting about it in unrelated thread in a medication subreddit
>If you dated 100 men and they're all bad it's you that's the problem not men
>Women should make subreddits about how not to ignore nice guys instead of teaching each other how to avoid abusers
The punchline is that his post history included a redpill spin off subreddit

No. 631547

yes it is
sorry anon, he’s faking it

No. 631549

File: 1600258476309.jpeg (351.03 KB, 745x1175, C3ED4565-230E-4D5F-AE65-472EBE…)

Someone posted a screenshot from askdocs in the dumbass shit thread and I thought I’d check it out. This was on the frontpage. No spoiler since it’s just text but warning: it’s about a prolapsed anus.

No. 631554

Who thought fisting an asshole may cause some lasting damage???
Seriously, feel kinda bad for this coomer but he had it coming

No. 631557

My bet is that he hasn't even tried to go to a doctor bc he's embarrassed. Idiot.

No. 631568

It's not one post it's the hundreds of comments BY MEN agreeing that this is something that helps their "depression" and the one guy calling them out is downvoted and buried.

Idk if you ever had depression but seeing boobs does not help one bit. If it helps them they were not depressed.

No. 631571

Amazing how he manages to hit all the nice guy checkboxes in so little text.

No. 631575

It says physician responded, how did they respond?

No. 631601

No. 631622

He's spiraling cause he wants to avoid the embarrassment of having to explain to a doctor in person that he played with his ass and blew it out.

Men would rather kill themselves than be vulnerable and feel shame.

No. 631626

Yeah, it's wild how his ego leads him to assume there is no surgery to fix this shit and he jumps right to suicide baiting

No. 632288

File: 1600351759255.png (77.83 KB, 738x495, reddit.png)

No. 632318

File: 1600353971695.png (120.61 KB, 842x883, werewolffaggot.PNG)

Holy shit! this dude is fucked in the head. Some people are saying he may have postpartum depression. Honestly I think it goes WAAAYYY beyond that. The shit he says about his baby, and not just new parent speak either, downright like he never wanted the kid in the first place. His over all general narcissism. I suspect this dude will acquire some ass kissers too, despite how deranged he is.He has a youtube where he talks down about his kid too.

No. 632321

File: 1600354177010.png (193.79 KB, 948x844, bhjhjkn.png)

This is r/arethestraightsok material.
Sucks for the wife that she married and is financially supporting some werewolf autist manchild who wants to "upgrade" from her and ditch their kids. That's three children she's raising.

No. 632331

I fell down the rabbithole of reading his post history and watching his youtube vids… so many people confidently statng that he has post partum depression and just needs help "uwu men get PDD too!" Yeah maybe some do… but this guy's an asshole. His usual autistic werewolf fuckery schedule is being interrupted by a baby with reflux so his conclusion is to hate the baby and point out that his other son wasn't so shit..

They're right that he seems likely to harm the baby, but mr werewolf maybe has some pre-existing personality disorder at a push. He's shown more empathy towards his cat when you deep dive through his posts. His eldest son and his cat are okay but the wife and baby get shat on consistantly. Oh and he took time off work to work on his precious werewolf videos and it looks like he's about to get fired or quit. Dad of the year.

His fantasties around werewolfs, violence, power, dominance, killing cats (weird seeing as he love his own cat) all predate the birth of that baby. Love to see people using a serious womens issue like postnatal depression to let an asshole man off the hook.

No. 632372

Hahaha I bet he was upset when she took the baby and told him to clean up the shit. I bet he expected she was gonna halt her work to clean it up while he sulked in the shower corner from being "panicked" over baby shit. I'm glad she didn't let him shirk out of it.

No. 632388

>postpartum depression

um, what

No. 632449

there is no way men get ppd…what tha fck. how does that chemically make sense?

No. 632451

what an asshole! i hate men that believe they are "helping" with the baby… it's your fucking baby too jfc

No. 632453

Supposedly it’s scientific but I don’t buy it. More like entitled man baby syndrome, or spoiled brat who never learned how to deal with change

No. 632459

It's their second child.. my question is how is this issue only popping up now? Did he just never care for the first one?

No. 632469

Apparently he liked the first child more because their first wasn't difficult. I'm sure the mom was overparenting too as most mothers tend to do with their firsts. He probably enjoyed the lack of labor and involvement on his end and thought another child would be as easy.
Their second child has GERD and probably a host of other health issues because of that. Would explain the explosive poop. One of this guy's posts was hating his wife after criticizing how he was feeding the baby (likely because he wasn't feeding correctly to account for the baby's GERD). Surely the baby cries more, sleeps less, and is more fussy in general because of that medical issue but this stupid scrote doesn't fucking understand that. He's blaming his own child who can't help itself.

It's crazy that this guy bred his genes.

No. 632485

The baby isn't even old enough to hold his own head up and this man has already publicly declared over and over again that he loves his other child and quote 'feels no affection' for this one.

I feel sick at the thought that some poor woman out there is trusting him with that baby. Does she even know about all his online activity lately?

No. 632494

He made a whiny post that his wife doesn't trust him alone with the baby so she knows. She doesn't know about his post history but I'm sure he acts out irl enough for her to know she's dealing with a dangerous manbaby.
There's probably just too many hurdles to divorce and kick out that scrote at this time, plus if he's talking about them like he is now, she's probably planning a tactful exit. If she dared lay into him he'd likely retaliate and either escalate violence…possibly murder.

No. 632495

Surely she does now, and has plenty of evidence as grounds for divorce.

No. 632518

There's new info on the dude supposedly he bit his cat in his sleep because he was dreaming about being a werewolf? It's on r/subredditdrama.

No. 632523

File: 1600370588662.png (56.99 KB, 823x476, werewolffaggot2.PNG)

Werewolf douche talking about how he can't stand his son.

I've seen 10ish comments so far (across reddit and youtube) suggest he has PPD…what?? It makes sense for women to get it but a guy? I don't buy it.

No. 632534

Women with ppd, going through a hormonal shift, often breastfeeding around the clock, tearful, stressed, sleep deprived, anxious about stuff like cot death but sometimes also dealing with intrusive thoughts about harming the baby….

This guys 'ppd' is him being a selfish prick. "durr why is this stupid baby crying, grr doesn't it know I'm trying to play werewolf dress up!"

No. 632545

File: 1600372775997.png (8.11 KB, 644x80, dumb.png)

I hate reddit true crime subs.

unresolvedmysteries is good but that's because it's tightly moderated. But God damn every other one is infested by stupid scrotes.

Every time there's a crime with a female suspect they do this same dumb shit. They start crying about short jail terms and misandry. They don't understand simply laws, like if a male rapes a woman while another woman watches, the woman won't face as much jail time because she didn't commit as severe as a crime. But they'll harp on about logic while getting emotionally caught up. In the cases where the bf beats to death his gfs baby and she doesn't act they'll say it's misandry that the woman didn't get the same sentence. They want women to be charged with crimes they didn't commit just so they don't feel oppressed kek. You can't charge someone with murder if they didn't commit the actual murder and instead just watched.

There's not even a suspect in this case, it's simply a rumor. But other women have committed that crime so therefore she did.

The logical sex.

No. 632547

Can I just say as well, imagine if a woman said this about a rape case. They would lose their fucking MIND about no charges being filed and it just being rumors.

No. 632550

Youtube vids about true crime are littered with these comments too. Talking about how sadistic women are… When statistically women are not the sex carrying out most violent crimes. This new conspiracy about how women are always getting away with murder? Oh and we rape more than men too! That's my fave claim

No. 632553

Didn't you hear that women beat men just as much as men beat women, we're just not as good at injuring them so we get away with it? Men are so desperate to be oppressed. I wish women did beat their asses more often maybe they'd learn.

Also I love the line about how womens prisons are worse than mens prisons despite men spending their time raping/beating each other in prison kek

No. 632555

I love how men claim to be the logical sex, when they‘re actually more emotional than women a lot of the time. They just project their hurt feelings onto everything and everyone else and get aggressive.

No. 632559

I can't believe how much this guy is posting on reddit while he has two young children and a wife who works. He makes several threads each day and has a blog/youtube account, there's just no way he's watching those children like he should be.

I think these people don't actually look at the statistics, or they believe that men don't report their crimes when it's a female perpetrator. Those "hot female teacher/young male student" stories always get tons of attention too, so I think there are some people who believe female teachers are the majority of abusers.

No. 632560

Men are fully aware of how violent other men are.

No. 632596

You're right anon. I was giving them the benefit of the doubt.

No. 632747

I can’t get over this video. If you go through other posts it’s like they all want to look like fat third grade teachers:

No. 632988

Watching this is like have a sleep paralysis episode

No. 633285

File: 1600457875194.jpeg (362.77 KB, 1964x1080, 5DC84101-2D8E-4FEC-8B08-BB2DCD…)

Some girl kickstarted fruit ita bags and 60% of the comments are accusing her of dropshipping the bags because they're produced in China. They're seriously posting alibaba links to the bags on the right and saying they're the same bags. Men are so fucking stupid


No. 633405

File: 1600466518419.png (116.43 KB, 641x671, ugh.png)

Reddit in a nutshell

No. 633409

Agree that the pantshitting about the design is ridiculous, but it seems they're more pissy that the post is basically an underhanded advertisement for her shop. IMO those bags aren't anything special and just seems like anything designers source customized from China. It's where they get their enamel pins manufactured from too.

No. 633412

I've said it once, I'll say it a thousand times.

Men do this shit to make it clear to us that we aren't really welcome in their spaces.

>"Oh you're a woman?"

>immediately sexualizes you to degrade you as initiation

No. 633425

I've said this before but the only time I've ever been able to post on reddit without getting shat on for every harmless opinion or without attracting psychos that want to bombard you with a bunch of reponses to a single comment.. was by not revealing my gender at any time while posting. Keeping an account going where no hints at my gender ever popped up. Jesus that's depressing.

No. 633428

This is the case on any 4chan board that isn't cgl, too. You can pass as a guy without even trying and have a bunch of anons agree with you but as soon as you come out and reveal you're a woman, it makes your opinion absolutely invalid in your eyes and the "tits or gtfo" "shut the fuck up roastie" comments come pouring in, even though they were agreeing with you just a second before. It's really telling of how pathetic they are more than anything.

No. 633432

I like 4chan a little more than Reddit because there's no private messaging/chats the posters can use. There's probably a setting to block it but I hated people sending PMs about stuff I posted

No. 633612

File: 1600490012223.png (1.21 MB, 737x1696, lgbt.png)

I know the LGBT board is full of teenagers, but this concern about people expressing preference in a partner is so cringey to me. Why do you care if a lesbian only wants to date other lesbians? Calling people bigots for not dating x orientation is just a weird hill to die on. Imagine seriously telling a lesbian she has to date you or she's biphobic, wtf.

No. 633615

"maybe my "opinion" will change when a trans man wants to date me and … i can "look past" their biological sex"
this is so sad wtf, he feel bad for being gay in a lgbt space? this is conversion therapy rethoric and what homophobes have been saying for decades.

No. 633619

He's tripping over his words to not offend anyone or be labelled a bigot for wanting to date a biological man, it's definitely pretty depressing.

No. 633700

>However, I'm also interested in the biological sex (not gender), which is still (if I'm not mistaken) female of some sorts?
The amount of effort put into trying to make a very normal and understandable point not hurt people's delusions made me snort. Imagine having to deliberately blur the lines of biology just so you can be woke.

No. 633825

Wait idk. I kind of agree but only slightly. I feel like only choosing to date someone based on who they're sexuality interested in looks bad for you?

In the way that, you are not able to get over your partner's previous hookups or who they've loved in the past which is strange to me.

I wouldn't call it homophobia/biphobia exactly or get mad at someone for choosing that but it's just strange.

No. 633926

Idk, I've met women who are only interested in other lesbians, gay men who only want other gay men, etc. I'd never tell a lesbian she has to date me or she's participating in internalized homophobia, that's just bizarre.

Some people only want to date within their race, culture, religion, whatever. I don't see how it's anyone's place to dictate the preferences of others, and to call gay/lesbian people homophobic for not acting how you want them to is just shitty. They're using shame and accusations of bigotry to make people change their (perfectly normal) preferences.

No. 633974

am i reading the flair wrong or is she 13 years old? so a literal child who might not have even started puberty yet? scrotes need to be euthanized

No. 634009

No. 634071

It's threads like these that remind me of how many dumb children use Reddit. Outsourcing labor is standard when it comes to consumer goods, do they think all the bags they see in retail are made by hand??

No. 634138

Also can we talk about how r/serialkillers for example always talk about that toad Ted bundy? I think misogynistic and porn sick white american men who are heavily into true crime project onto him and Ed Kemper. Notice how richard ramirez and the other latino/black killers aren't posted much on there lol

No. 635230

File: 1600703080288.png (85.07 KB, 773x820, sbs.PNG)

Carrying over from the news stories thread after another anon made a good point about this, but this reply is to a thread about people doubting Avri Sapir's allegations against Pornhub. This guy really wrote this massive wall of text "as a victim of false accusations" himself, as a longform way of telling a rape victim he expected her to show him cp of herself so he would believe her abuse happened and was on PH.

Full thread is here: https://www.removeddit.com/r/NoStupidQuestions/comments/fyabdx/_/fo2um4n/

No. 635280

This is so retarded. If either Rose Kalemba or Avri Sapir were lying, all it'd take is for Pornhub to say "This never happened. We are suing these individuals for slander and libel". They will literally never say that, because it did happen and all they can do is try to cover their asses even though they know CP is rampant on their site at this point.
Even the Pornhub employee(s) on Reddit admitted that they had e-mail exchanges with Kalemba and had to take down a certain video.

No. 635503

File: 1600716926352.png (119.48 KB, 834x946, idiot.png)

>reddit woman's psycho exbf sends her new bf a bunch of revenge porn of her and insults the new bf's dick
>the new bf gets SUPER upset with the OP and treats her with extreme distance
>starts sleeping on the couch, won't have sex, whines about how inadequate he feels
>OP at the end of her rope, makes thread on reddit asking for help to make her bf stop treating her that way
>ends up following redditors' advice- gives him space for weeks while he gives her the cold shoulder and she cries herself to sleep at night
>finally, she gives him a big speech about how abusive her ex was, how much his big dick made sex suck (LOL), and basically begged him to stop treating her that way
>her bf doesn't respond to any of it, just turns the entire situation into being about him and how he should be comforted for his small pp insecurity and how people have made him feel bad about his small pp before
>OP immediately fawns and sucks up to him even more, rejects his flaccid apology
>he still won't have sex with her yet
As someone that was the victim of something similar was treated similarly by an exbf I can totally believe this. I think it upsets me so much because I remember feeling how she felt. Girl needs some self esteem..

No. 635513

Ah, another one of Grimes throwaways

No. 635725

I can only imagine she is staying because of financial reasons (lockdown and all). Couples have to work through a lot but if his reaction to something she had no control of is to go "THIS IS YOUR FAULT!!! (proceeds to treat her like shit and act like a child)" and she has to grovel to appease him, there is an obvious problem(no duh), and also an extreme power dynamic. Reddit is full of "zomg you need to leave that person!" when most times it's just OP being to cowardly to talk to their partners about what they are feeling. But this girl really needs to leave this guy.

Why are men such whiny ass babies?

No. 635744

>my bf told me just how bad it really was
>he's actually had people make fun of his size
Fucking lmao, what a big baby. Women get every inch of their bodies disparaged. Pancake tits, roast beef vagina, fridge body, you name the body part and there's a phrase to shit on it, but this dude is so uwu traumatized because someone made fun of his dick size? Kek.

I have no doubt this woman was in an abusive relationship previously, otherwise she wouldn't be dealing with this manbaby who gives her the silent treatment when he's reminded that some men in the world have larger penises than him. Most pathetic shit I've read all day.

No. 637420

File: 1600914178672.jpg (886.55 KB, 810x2347, 20200924_051615.jpg)

OP is saying in the comments that he would divorce his wife if she knew about the baptism beforehand.
Ffs it's a sprinkle of water that their child can't even remember anything about.
My parents had me baptized to please my grandparents who were scared I'd burn in hell and I didn't fucking suffer from it.

And comments are of course saying that he needs to get divorce papers ready if he finds out his wife knew about it.

I'd understand if he was muslim or jewish or hindu but he was raised christian.
And I understand it's a huge breach of trust but this has to be on of the stupidest hills to die on.

No. 637429

I mean, honestly? What the grandma did was narc behavior. Dude sounds like he grew up in a shitty home and is freaking out because he’s losing control

No. 637432

File: 1600916177778.jpeg (122.07 KB, 750x138, 192B1439-5BDF-4FE0-A078-6CFB8E…)

the comments in that post are insane

No. 637434

I mean yeah, it was narc behavior but the fact that OP unilaterally decided that grandma and grandpa can't babysit anymore and even considering a divorce over this shit is insane.

No. 637458

I don’t mind r/femaledatingstrategy but the “Queen” shit makes me cringe so much.

No. 637465

Can't find anything about him considering divorce.

It's also not just about what the grandma did , but the principle. If I give my hypothetical child to my MIL and say please don't do X with him, I'm really against it, and they decide that they "know better" and do it anyway, we have a problem.

No. 637467

Absolutely this, I agree with a lot of the views on FDS but the lingo is just so cringe inducing, I legit have to stand up and start pacing cause of how cringe it is

It's so forced and annoying

No. 637469

So they had a little make believe ceremony with the baby. Baby is unaffected by the whole thing… Dad wants to cut off the kids family over a little make believe ceremony .. yep it's definitely the baptism that's negatively affecting the baby?? Dad better freak out over this to fix the situation

He said neither he or his wife go to church. They were raised in certain religions but aren't practicing… That's usually code for being an atheist (with your actions) but just going along with pretending to have beliefs cos it's that deep rooted in families. I can't imagine why someone so non-practicing would even get this triggered. People stop practicing because they deep down don't believe that shit anyway.

No. 637479

>Can't find anything about him considering divorce.

I should have clarified. It's in his post history. He says that if there is a possibility his wife knew about it he would consider a divorce.

No. 637674

File: 1600961280222.png (25.82 KB, 294x529, beautifulfemales.png)

I came across r/BeautifulFemales and it really weirded me out. A lot of the girls look very young, then I noticed the rules say posting underage girls is okay because "underage boys are on reddit too and they deserve to have someone their own age to look at," what? It also says underage models can't be posted in "sexy" clothes, but things like bandeus/tube tops are fine apparently.

One of the models on the front page is only 14, and there are some really gross images that come up when you google her. How is this allowed under the pretense of "we're just appreciating female beauty"? Ick.

No. 637697

I side with the husband, he's right.
>if they did something behind our backs then they can't be trusted to keep our wishes in the future
This is absolutely correct.
I say this as an ex Catholic: Baptism is the start of a slippery slope because it never ends with just one sacrament. If the baptism is excused, then next they'll want his communion. Then they'll want the kid to attend church. Sunday school. Then they want the kid to attend a religious school. Confirmation.
And you KNOW if they're alone with that child they're filling his head with all sorts of hogwash like eternal fire and brimstone, and teaching him all the fucked biblical stories out of a book that says slavery is okay.

His wife is a fucking idiot but I'm willing to forgive her cause it sounds like she has zero boundaries from being raised with religious narcissists.

No. 637831

Is this just a way to circumvent the r/jailbait ban? ew

No. 637837

File: 1600973488663.jpg (358.39 KB, 722x2048, b35f6d6b_e20fc956_2048.jpg)

has this been posted yet

No. 637846

Her one friend is a retarded bitch. The scrote blatantly said what he was gonna do with the money and used that in an attempt to try to blackmail his wife into allowing him to anally rape her.

She should root him in the ass. With a lawyer. And divorce papers. And making sure she gets a huge chunk of that stock market alimony without having to give anyone her ass.

No. 637857

They sure got around it pretty easily. It's gross seeing so many underage girls posted alongside 18+ models posing sexy, like wtf. To say they allow underage girls to be posted for the underage reddit users is so disingenuous.

Kek I checked this thread (already deleted) and there's quite a few comments saying she didn't "communicate" with her husband properly. "Did you ever tell him you didn't like anal?"

No. 637858

she's beyond naive if she thinks this scrote is going to stop after that $2,000 runs out lmao

No. 637873

Not that communication would have mattered, as he said he didn't want to be married to her if she'd never perform anal again. The scrote's needs are #1, not hers, and he wasn't willing to compromise.
Redditors are pornsick coomers defending their own. Imagine someone not loving you because they can't stick their dick in your ass.

No. 637877

istg reddit made me loathe the word communicate, i can't take any user who says that seriously anymore bc it's always for bs situations like these

No. 637884

File: 1600976565197.png (217.7 KB, 720x1025, Screenshot_2020-09-24-16-38-31…)

Oh this posts comment section was a mess! i remember some comments saying anal is a physical need for some men (one even cited maslow),that she lied to him, that polygamy is ok too, discussions if pain in anal is normal, wallstreetbets guys fighting and even some sex worker vs prostitute drama lmao

No. 637886

It's a term men explicitly use. Because they tend to be self-centered and possess no emotional intelligence so their partner has to spell everything out for them lest it becomes the partner's fault. They've grown accustomed to washing their hands of all responsibility of the abuse they cause to women if we women didn't tell them we don't want to be abused–even though we do already, although we shouldn't have to.

Plus I think it's a form of gaslighting. Adults shouldn't need to "communicate" basic decency. And we all know men can selectively forget what was communicated to them when it's convenient for them. I find it hard to believe OP didn't mention anything about not wanting anal anymore when she suffered an injury from it.

No. 637890

It really is. I cannot understand how they are not immediatly disgusted when seeing these girls ages, a 14 yo is still a kid to me.

No. 637892

LMAOOOOOOO I guess evopsych bullshit couldn't account for anal so they're going to stuff it into the hierarchy of needs instead, lmfao scrotes are so delusional

No. 637901

File: 1600977867082.jpg (157.95 KB, 828x1792, kpt1qvm7e5p51.jpg)

Apparently the mod only allows pictures of women he personally thinks are pretty and feminine enough. This girl in the screenshot got banned and muted for posting butch girls.

I really shouldn't be surprised since it's reddit but there's something really gross in that guy denying butch women and allowing 13 year olds.

No. 637910

Late reply but I'm a lesbian who dates lesbians because I want a relationship with a woman who understands that part of my life. I know a lesbian at the very least won't talk about how much she misses dick or make me hang out with her ex-bf so as long as a bi woman is not my only option then it's a hard pass.

No. 637915

do you… even know any bisexual people in real life or is the entirety of your understanding of them drawn from stereotypes?? bi women won’t make you be friendly with their male exes kek, that’s an individual issue, not an orientation issue. as for missing dick, i’d say that’s also an individual tact issue. no normal person in a relationship would talk about how they miss fucking their old partners. to me it honestly sounds like you’ve either had shitty experiences or heard them secondhand but none of the things you expressed are exclusive to bisexuals only. unless you’re one of those goldstars who only associates with other goldstars, in which case congrats i guess?

No. 637921

not every bi woman even has an ex bf though? you sound kinda dumb but if it makes you happy.

No. 637929

Damn, looking at that subreddit scrotes' definition of what constitutes as a beautiful woman has really been uniform in the past decade. Half of the beauty icons and sex symbols of the past century likely wouldn't be considered beautiful enough to these people because their features weren't smol and neotenous enough. I feel bad for women currently dating these days.

No. 637936

This is why we don't want bisexuals kek. Your community has been run over by ~queer wlws~ wasting our time as they slowly realize they don't actually like women and instead of taking it gracefully that we're hesitant to give you a chance you make cringe memes on reddit and try to blame it on us for being too mean. I'm not responding to this anymore.

No. 637937

I only recently joined reddit as I wanted to ask questions in a couple of subreddits. What’s the point in the rewards? I’m given shit and it’s like… nothing? People pay for that?

No. 637947

I know right?! I don’t get it, why are people paying for that shit? Also the karma, there’s people actually buying accounts with a bunch of karma for some reason.

No. 637951

Well you're not wrong
I'm really starting to fucking hate this word

No. 638313

I think it's a relatively new feature. It kind of reminds me of how on message boards like kiwi farms you can mark posts with certain icons/emojis that represent simple sentiments. It can be sort of funny depending on the content of the post.

Imo it fails on Reddit because, since it is paid, most people don't know or bother paying attention to their meanings. I think you'd have to be a pretty dedicated user to get anything out of them.

No. 638441

Discord reacts that cost money

No. 640591

File: 1601301520728.png (290.33 KB, 1466x956, 343902359034.png)


>My ex-Wife (F38) and I (M38) divorced because I was infertile and unwilling to use a sperm donor. How should I tell her that my GF (F24) is pregnant?

No. 640596

File: 1601302233676.jpeg (41 KB, 275x269, 2A9779B1-C206-4EC8-840B-BF36D6…)

Holy shit. this one speaks for itself theres so many things to hate here

No. 640600

Yeah, I was speechless when I found this. This scrote is literally worthless. At least he gets called out in the comments by a lot of people (which I was surprised about, considering that this is reddit).

No. 640603

I once dated a man 12 years my senior… all I can think right now is thank fuck there was no 'miracle' post-vasectomy baby.

No. 640606

It's so tragic what his ex-wife had to go through, but in the long run she dodged a bullet. If only they never married wtf. Scary.

If she still dreams of kids I hope she finds someone who actually cares about her to have them with. Imagine if she had this guy's babies after all. They'd grow up to learn their dad is a piece of shit, and their mom would be tied to this man permanently through their children. He'd probably still ditch her for a twenty-something. Like I said I hope she can heal and live the life she wanted in a loving family, with someone else. But she's already traumatized, so what a shitshow

No. 640619

File: 1601305875409.jpg (36.36 KB, 470x500, b69c9d4dde11f1b6da801265fdbb44…)

he thinks the baby's his

No. 640622

He said they tested the paternity and also tested to see if there's any abnormalities because his sperm has other issues going on too, baby is his and tests were normal.

Tbh like an awful lot of reddit posts I just think it's some weird work of fiction. He sure covered all his bases in making sure we knew it was his, we knew it wasn't deformed, we knew he was oh so caring about the ex wife but at the same time she has no current bf (also the insert about her sister calling him a toxic man was weird) Like look at me now with my bio baby and my wife is all alone!.. Which I take no pleasure in… Is it some divorced guy just fapping to the fantasy?

No. 640648

>Is it some divorced guy just fapping to the fantasy?

Yes it is, like 90% of these reddit stories are fake. Mostly it are just scrotes who try to cope by writing a fan fic of themselfs.

No. 640652

> My ex wife was a real girly-girl who wants babies..

Wow such depth, her whole personality was really elaborated on there, I buy it

No. 640661

File: 1601311273597.jpg (152.47 KB, 926x617, IMG_20200928_124222.jpg)

Found this gem in the comments

No. 640671

I saw the comments saying it was some bitter thing against men and just..? I'm early thirties, female and I would have no business dating that young either! He got with her at 22 and now she's baby trapped. She's being told this baby is 'a miracle, like hitting the jackpot' Yeah give us a life update in 5 years time lol.

Imagine the pressure you'd feel to keep a baby if you were told it's a miracle baby… would you feel like you even have a choice?

Again, if this tale is even real

No. 640674

I cant believe so many upvoted comments called out the age gap! normally its just hurr durr both adults 18y is the same as 50y

No. 640685

I guess bringing a baby into the picture helps people to see it as fucked up. I mean while he was already married and going through all his extensive fertility testing… was his future baby-mama in highschool?

No. 640693

This post bothers me the more I think about it. If a man tells you he got tested and is infertile and you still get pregnant, what do you do post-birth? Do you go on birth control or assume the baby was a one in a million fluke?

I'm terrified of pregnancy and this to me reads like a horror story

No. 640701

Anything that calls out disgusting behaviour is seen as an atack on men there: huge age gaps, sexualizing everything, punching walls… i think they just project on this creep because they're paranoid about doing something similar and getting called out.

No. 640703

I remember one post about a girl who had a childhood best friend of the same age she grew up around, and the moment the friend turned 18 her dad married her and got her pregnant. The poor girl just accepted and rolled with it, i felt so bad for her.

No. 640706

Holy shit reading this made me threw up in my mouth a little

No. 640710

I've seen so many girls around me get married to old ass men at 16-18 year old and just accepting it because they thought that's just how marriage is supposed to be; full of pain. OT, sorry.

No. 640714

Where do you live that you're allowed to marry minors and your biological children?

No. 640724

From the post on reddit, OPs dad married her childhood best friend as soon as both girls turned 18. So no blood relations or minors but still creepy to marry someone you watched grow.

No. 640738

NTA, but there are still several states in the US that allow minors under 18 to get married. Arkansas used to have a law that let any pregnant girl get married regardless of age, but I believe that was changed fairly recently. There are still lots of archaic laws and it's not difficult to get an exemption.

If you go to some poorer southern states, it's definitely not uncommon to see minors or young women already married or with children.

No. 640742

I think in my country the law is 16 for women and 18 for men, but people here still wed their 8 year old girls, at least in the rural, village areas. I live in southasia.

No. 648487

File: 1602060197118.png (116.91 KB, 739x824, Screenshot_2020-10-07 r Subred…)

No. 648488

File: 1602060220171.png (74.95 KB, 705x418, Screenshot_2020-10-07 r Subred…)

No. 648553

Like the other anon said, it's your time. I will say though, it can be therapeutic.
It's draining only if you try to change the mind of the people posting. Don't even consider their replies, honestly. We do and have done enough of that will all the shit that men post on the internet.

I do this sometimes. It wasn't a planified thing, I just got tired of seeing those retarded points and not being able to comment on my main account, so I made another. The point here is to express your real views instead of keeping them inside. The point is also to provide an alternative view for women that might be lurking. The point is not to change the minds of the men or pickmes you're replying to.

No. 649537

This is 100% some weird power fantasy about how young maidens in their early 20's are totally more suitable for spreading your seed than old hags in their 30's. And if this was real at least the ex-wife dodged a goddamn bullet with this creep.

No. 652866

Had the same thought anon, it just seems like more redpillmen fanfic

No. 658019

File: 1602961135997.png (181.67 KB, 720x1026, one.png)

Is it just me or does this read as some fake incel fanfiction? I know it's tifu but still


No. 658020

File: 1602961166505.png (209.14 KB, 720x983, two.png)


No. 658030


Most if not all of the content on TIFU is obvious fanfiction like this.

No. 658036

Top kek. Imagine being so painfully single that you make up a story about being broken you with.

No. 658040

>all of her exes had horse dicks

I have no idea how these kind of posts on TIFU end up on the front page, they're obvious fanfiction. If even a tiny bit of this were true, why would you make a long-winded post on a subreddit meant for funny situations?

No. 658069

It sounds semi-fictional but if true, megalol at him for ruining his own relationship with the weakest drug out there

No. 658073

>a fucking chad
obvious blackpill fanficion lol

No. 659213

such obsession with horse dicks, only a man could have thought that up

No. 659230

Yeah it's fiction, but people wanting to believe it will gladly do just that lol

No. 659270

File: 1603111899867.png (62.94 KB, 735x437, c91d603dbf6373881c7b7f6ef08b4b…)

How do babies like this even live

No. 659276

Is this faggot seriously put off by an author he likes wearing cargo shorts? Jesus fucking Christ

No. 659312

Okay, anons. Stop writing unless you’re some ugly neck beard who dresses sharp but not too sharp so you don’t look attractive.
That retard must be at least 12 years old to be typing stuff like that on the internet for the world to see.

No. 660549

omg no honey… this screams insecure, I actually feel bad for him (and that this is idiotic lol. was expecting some anti-problematic take)

No. 662350

File: 1603972402975.png (314.15 KB, 556x757, 10139.png)

Not sure if this was posted but i wanted to close the app after this one. Why the fuck does this gross bell have the breast cancer sign in it? have these people ever seen a breast cancer patient ffs you shouldn't make light of or sexualize it

Also if flashing "helps" your depression you're 100% not depressed.

No. 662353

I lost my mom to breast cancer that spread, she had one breast for the last few years of her life as a result of it.

haha flash your tits! hehe breast cancer awareness ribbon, lol

God I hate it

No. 662355

"Ring to see my botched by a bad circumcision dick" bell would maybe better my day but what the fuck is this shit.

No. 662374

It's really awful, i'm sorry for your mom.

This is also why i can't stand the save the boobies shit. How about you focus on saving the woman and on not making the ones who need mastectomies or other surgeries feel like shit after.

No. 662398

Because someone cooked up the idea that we could get men educated and concerned about a major women's issue by sexualizing it.
I remember 'Save the Boobies!' bracelets everyone wore in the late aughts.

No. 662420

I literally just made the most exasperated neutral face in the history of the world when I saw that. How do moids find this shit funny? This is literal soyboy-tier humor, and on top of that it's some strange sort of casual sexualization and satire… Am I missing something about this? :/

No. 662440

Why are redditors so obsessed with women lifting their shirt to flash their tits because they notice a man is sad? It's a really specific scenario I have only seen talked up by reddit, in multiple posts by different users. It's like they all have a single shared wank fantasy.

No. 662447

I think it's a cool girlfriend thing? And also lol bewbs fire up their lizard brains or something.

No. 662450

This dumbass slogan raises my blood pressure, who thought this would be a good idea when so many cancer survivors need life saving mastectomies and end up feeling like less of a woman or disfigured after? why focus on the importance of boobiez and not their health, most men won't even care either way

It feels manipulative

No. 662451

I always found that odd. They don't even talk about having sex with their gfs afterwards, which makes me think that their gf just stands there silently for like 10 minutes as her redditor bf jerks off, either that or she quickly flashes him for like 5 seconds and goes back to business as her bf jerks off to the thought of her breasts afterward. Both scenarios are very sad

No. 662453

This exact scenario in comic-form was on the front page a month ago, wtf >>628344

This has to be the most lowbrow humor I can imagine, like something from one of those cringey boomer comics where a kid tries to click a book. Man sad, man see boobs, man happy now. Haha cuz men love boobs amirite guys?

No. 662457

It's funny because the joke is that men don't really give a shit about women dying, even their own mothers. Just tits and holes. They don't care unless the pool of "fuckable" women gets smaller, and we should just get over it and try to work with it. It actually worked, too. The "Save The Boobies" slogan was very successful, and now we're seeing shit like this, almost like it wasn't actually that much of a joke as much as it was bleak reality.
I seriously don't get how any girl or woman past the age of like 14 can not be pink-pilled. It's all so tiresome.

No. 662512

File: 1603990851413.jpg (57.08 KB, 750x750, 11059988_906195752768125_57791…)

I hope this doesn't come off as a vendetta. I just have to get this off my chest since I have no one to talk to about this.

I know a guy IRL who is a mod for a very popular 2 million+ hobby subreddit. Known him since high school.

He's the most obnoxious person I have ever been around. Can't keep quiet for 5 minutes and literally yells when talking over everyone else at gatherings. The kind of person who thinks being loud and laughing at his own jokes makes him charming. He bragged several times to me about going to work while drunk as if it were something to be proud of. He even tried to convince me that my experience with sexual harassment wasn't actually sexual harassment and if men didn't approach women that way, then they'd all be single.

I have a very strong memory of him in high school. While at a movie night, he received a phone call from mutual friend who was having several mental health crises. She often confided in him. He set his phone to speaker+mute and let everyone hear what she was crying about. It was awful.

He's an extremely insecure person who comes off as extremely misogynistic. Complains constantly about not having a gf (gee, I wonder why) and has put on a ton of weight since I last saw him. I don't know what he's up to now, but he's been a mod of that sub for as long as I can remember reddit existing.

Other social media sites at least have an excuse of "That's how I stay in contact with person X, Y, or Z". You don't really hear people say, "I'm a Twitterer" or "I'm a Facebooker" because those are just tools in someone's social toolbelt. If someone identifies as a "Redditor", dear God, you will sense them from 10 miles away. Those kinda people seek to control everyone and everything around them with their self-inflated egos.

No. 662521

remember when people used to identify as tropers lol
also tumblr people, though I'm not sure if they named themself or just run with the 'I like your shoelaces uwu' code

No. 662523

does his name start with t?

No. 662527

No. 662531

nice to know there are more of these utter shit men floating around then. he sounds just like this guy i know.

No. 662537

Is he also a Reddit mod? lmao

No. 662542

I imagine most reddit moderators are some variation of the shit you described, most are insufferable and think their shit don't stink.

No. 662561

I used to love nosleep, but the subreddit exploded, and with it a bunch of pretentious self described "authors" took it over. You either get some lengthy ass story that spends 2-3 paragraphs describing a fucking tree, or you get some really poor grammatical shitfest that has 10K + upvotes. I thought the nosleepocc subreddit would be a meta subreddit, but it's filled with butthurt authors who cry when people don't like their retarded stories. God I hate that whole group.

No. 662567

Omg same. r/nosleep was the only subreddit I went on, and the stories were good. Around 2015 latest, but probably before, it got popular and started sucking ass. I don't have the patience to find a single good story, fucking sucks.

No. 662577

Whenever I find a good series on there, the authors either take too long to update or the quality of the narrative immediately takes a nosedive. Also, all of the one-off stories have started to fall flat. I'm tired of reading about security guards having to follow "super bizarre whacko" rules or else they'll die from something supernatural.

No. 662770

Yep. 2015 was when I really got into it as well. I just can't read the stories there anymore. They are so fucking awful.
I'm tired of reading "an impossibly large grin." It's so lazy and bad. Also, there was a time where there were too many sexual abuse stories. Fucking nasty.

No. 662794

File: 1604010801030.jpg (201.63 KB, 750x1070, domestic abuse.jpg)

This was posted a few days ago but it's still pretty fucked up.I particularly hate how he acts like it's her fault for getting the concussion, like he says 'apparent her brain thought it was a Mac truck', instead of just saying 'I hit my GF too hard and nearly gave her concussion'. That's not even mentioning the fact that he was domestically abusing her 'but it's alright because she consented uwu'

No. 662805

Reddit always reassures me being a febfem is the right decision. Also, why post this? Do people do anything on that site other than overshare?

No. 662820

>Also, why post this? Do people do anything on that site other than overshare?
pretty much but i also wouldn't be surprised if 90% of posts on reddit were larps, especially the "LUL SOMETHING WEIRD HAPPENED DURING SEX I TOTALLY HAVE SEX GUISE" posts like the pic anon posted.

No. 662888

This creeps me out on so many levels. Nowhere does he take responsibility or even say "I feel bad," instead he says vaguely victim blame-y words like "giving her what she wanted" and he even somehow makes it her brain's fault for getting a concussion. The whole post has this air of absolving himself while making it his gf's fault that he hit her so hard he gave her a brain injury.

And yes, I know like 90% of these posts are fake as hell, but even if it's fake, someone thought it was acceptable enough to write about, and other people on reddit found it funny enough to give awards.

No. 662946


I did this and got immediately banned from every sub so it wasn't really worth it ngl

No. 662961

You know he hit her hard on purpose. Men are fucked up. My younger brother would pinch me on the thigh with a creepy amount of malice in his late teens, the kind that would make you scream because it’s like they’re literally trying to tear your flesh off. Weirded me out and left these huge black and blue welts. One day I finally told him I know he’s a pervert and I’d tell the entire family and he never did it again. Every now and again I see other examples of this and it creeps me out.

No. 663150

Yeah, mods will largely remove any comments like these and they will go unseen anyway, so there's really no point. It's not like twitter where you need to delete your post on your own.

No. 664908

every popular sub will shadowban you if you don't have more than a certain amount of karma when you post on any one of their circlejerk subs
it's extremely gay when you want to just join in onto the site and be jovial.
even when you dispute the ban the mods will treat you with absolute disdain like you actually did something wrong when you just wanted to comment on how cute something was on r/pics.

No. 665180

That's why I gave up on using reddit, the minimum karma threshold for almost any active sub was insufferable. All trying to make reddit accounts has ever done is solidify my view that people on reddit have an unfounded sense of self importance.

No. 665325

What the hell is wrong with Reddit and shitting every thread with lame jokes, porn sickness and unrelated stupid shit? It doesn't matter that is about Covid fucking us or the start of another world war, everytime the most upvoted comment will be any of the cases I said before.

No. 665340

That is so true. And even if there is an interesting discussion happening, they are always going to bring it back to the same tired jokes in 8 reply comment chains just repeating themselves but just with a slight variation. Reddit is so full of smug scrotes that think that they are vastly more intelligent than the average person, giving each other pats on the back for knowing some slightly obscure reference or a stupid factoid (that are not that obscure, but the commenters want to feel special for knowing it anyway). It is so tiresome. Even on subreddits that are meant to be making fun of reddit culture, the comments are a filled with the same retarded jokes and references.

No. 665345

This stuff has poisoined every subreddit I used to love. That's why I loved Gender Critical and LGBdroptheT so much, they knew that there was a time for mocking around, also they were funnier.

No. 665527

File: 1604366187684.png (81.56 KB, 1318x368, Screen Shot 2020-11-02 at 8.15…)

Not sure if this belongs here or in the tradthot thread, but jesus christ this is sad.

No. 665537

Was this written by a woman? Incredibly pathetic either way.

No. 665552

from RedPillWomen so maybe

No. 665554

File: 1604368909865.png (6.4 KB, 274x98, psykos.PNG)

hahahahha I love RPW, hours of fun! until you remember they're actual people

No. 665622

File: 1604375985395.png (211.56 KB, 640x792, 102100102938301019228.png)

My life would be improved if this man stopped making comics

Just keep having your fun, they're almost all larpers anyway

No. 665987

File: 1604423887019.jpg (Spoiler Image, 856.87 KB, 3068x1444, 1566303031-yz1irw-l0gtdjstbefh…)

Reddit meetup 2011

No. 665990

Is this real? Why the tits out look?

No. 665994

so many sad titties in one pic

No. 665996


A lot can change in 10 years, I guess. It is 100% real, unfortunately.

No. 666007

I can smell this picture

No. 666086

White trash family reunion

No. 666087

The fact that all the normal-looking women aren't getting naked sends me.

No. 666096

I love that the ginger in the middle got her tits out but was blocked lmao, couldn't even get any spotlight when whoring herself out.

The 2 normal looking fully dressed women in the front are clearly regretting coming, wow.

And WHY is the woman to the left of the guy in white wearing some kind of see through lace outfit in the first place?!

Magnificent photo, thanks anon

No. 666113

I cant even make a joke anymore it's just too easy at this point. The deep freezer built bitches, the hambeasts that could crack the sidewalk pavement by walking on it. Stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason.

No. 666118

File: 1604433887087.png (60.74 KB, 153x143, Capture.PNG)

me looking at this photo

No. 666121

File: 1604434134835.jpeg (180.5 KB, 390x473, 36C161B8-0592-413F-89A8-810713…)

ain’t nobody gonna talk about this dude he’s melting…

No. 666125

The men have bigger (and saggier) boobs than the women. Are these the same men having their depression cured by boobs…because if so they can do that solo

No. 666129

This niggas tiddy is so long I don't want to see anymore jokes from scrotes about weird looking tits when they're running around with jump rope for pectorals

No. 666132

The massive side boob is sending me

No. 666141

Bet that guy spends his days giving celebs and porn stars ratings out of ten. Very rarely going above a seven.

No. 666205

Apparently this was in my state so guess I'll die

No. 666372

>Emilia Clarke is like a 3/10 at best, she's aging terribly and has pancakes tits. Would not bang.

No. 668298

File: 1604700783102.png (107.61 KB, 733x698, tifu.PNG)

This is so annoying to read; even if most likely a made up story as the majority of viral reddit stories, misogyny this person displays is disgusting.
> Looking for a specific flavor of validation, the kind that validated me as a woman. I kept it up, got on hormones, got my boobs, bottom surgery, a loving husband and lots of shoes.
Ah yes the essence of being a woman.

No. 668303

idk it sounds like classic tranny mindset, I didn't even notice because I already expect misogyny

No. 668309

I've followed detransition stories for a while and noticed detrans women are usually pretty quick to start doubting their 'journey' Mostly they realise their mistake within the first couple years and they delay coming off hormones again mainly out of fear of people reactions. I do mostly read FTMs stories but have seen this before where where MTFs take actual decades to hit the same realization.

15 years living as 'I own lots of shoes' and he finally realises he's subscribing to some 2d bs version of womanhood? if that's real it's sad.

No. 668340

>trans subreddit question about why transgender people get shit on for liking anime
>start typing giant response about the unrealistic qualities of anime (traps, character designs, relationships in BL manga etc) influencing people into making their decision to transition
>delete and close tab before posting it because no one there will read it or just get up in arms about it

No. 668348

I hate /RoastMe and all the "cool girls" posting pictures of themselves in full makeup and cleavage commenting stuff like "theehee, ur so funny, I'm actually laughing right now" to the most generic jokes that can be made about their appearance.

There's a recent one just now of a girl posting a second picture of herself thanking the subreddit because the last roast made her fix her eyebrows.

What the fuck is the appeal about willingly subjecting yourself to being called all manners of the word "slut" by male redditors?

No. 668509

They're collecting simps who would fuck anything, including the girl that gets validation from reddit.com

No. 668516

File: 1604729607565.jpeg (694.57 KB, 828x1338, 140FA07D-2101-4262-A003-3BC5D2…)

Pleas for attention lol

No. 668519

File: 1604729667966.jpeg (291.76 KB, 828x857, 2116CA3B-95C7-46BF-B69B-C6A388…)

No. 668523

File: 1604729927600.jpeg (227.41 KB, 828x566, 57CF0345-6DFF-4526-A415-7CE9D6…)

No. 668573

I can feel the "pickme who is desperate for male attention and hates other women" aura from this picture alone. With all this makeup she still looks 4/10 to me.
> Wearing a black bra on white sweater so men you could get karma for breasts

No. 668578

My fucking sides anons

I'm getting the same vibe. Somehow that stare is unsettling, like it feels like she's doing this as some bizarre form of self harm.

No. 668591


I was just scrolling down and… okay, I'm sorry if this sounds mean, but there's something about this picture that just makes me angry.

I guess it's the teeth as >>668523 says but something about this is making me so uncomfortable, even without the context of the subreddit.

Also, the whole "Black bra under white shirt" is sending me to an edge, like I know why it's there, but it just heavily annoys me as the clothing nitpicker I am.

No. 668595

>rating a woman a whatever/10
lame and gay

No. 668597

>she still looks 4/10 to me
You sound like a redditor.

No. 668598

Right. There’s something funny about browsing lolcow and calling an average girl that takes care of herself better than most of our cows a 4/10 just because you’re mad she wanted simpbux.

No. 668724

File: 1604766069327.png (426 KB, 720x976, aaaaaa.png)

Can't even browse a damn spongebob sub in peace.

You would think this guy spent his life being denied care for being a man but it's just a 15yo sad because nobody cared when they cried at school but they cared about some girl? Big fucking deal, the same thing happened to me, almost like depression annoys people no matter what gender you are.

No. 668796

I'll never understand the fuss that some people make about eyebrows. Like how it's considered a scathing critisism to have bad eyebrows.

No. 668920


They're used in a lot of non-verbal communication so when they're fucked up or botoxed it weirds people out.

No. 669588

File: 1604874161135.jpg (43.91 KB, 614x960, tjd6b551ytx51.jpg)

104k upvotes on /r/Whitepeopletwitter

No. 669597

if a real woman would sadpost like this about wasting her life on males for validation and regretting not spending it developing her skills and career, people would just blame her and have no sympathy, call her ungrateful etc and talking about how she hit the wall and should have kids maybe. but since this is a dumb ass troon it gets 9k likes.

No. 669599

It never fails to make me laugh my ass off when men reveal their great trauma and it's some minor rejection from when they were 14. They really have no clue

No. 669961

it's wonderful to have trichotillomania that mostly makes you target your eyebrows. thank god bangs exist cause my eyebrows pretty much don't atm

No. 670023

All the JD stuff for the last week has been so unbearable because they don't understand (or willfully ignore) that the case he just lost was not a ruling saying that Heard did not abuse him, it was a defamation case and he lost because the journalist who wrote an article about him did it based on the info available at the time and could not be proven to have had defamatory intent.

No. 670244

Why do they never post pictures?

No. 670319

File: 1604962235754.png (107.15 KB, 870x678, sociopath.png)

I can't be the only one who thinks shit like this on r/childfree is sociopathic right?

No. 670322

File: 1604962420674.png (64.38 KB, 743x346, calm down.png)

Idc if they don't want children but why are they so triggered by other people's babies kek just scrioll past the introduction like the rest of us

No. 670325

funny how women are the ones getting judged for having children. i bet these clowns also think they are woke as hell

No. 670326

It's so weird when people hate kids this much. It's got to be rooted in something deeper if even remembering kids exist makes you fly off the handle.
(Also never want kids btw, though I do love them)

No. 670331

I think most of these people were abused by their own parents and are just projecting that onto other children. As in, talking about those kids the same way they felt they were treated when they were kids themselves.

Also, plenty of them are just bitter and don't like to be reminded of the fact that happy families exist.

No. 670344

What is the “skip to recipe” button.

No. 670410

It’s so unsettling to see people actively hate kids like they do. It’s one thing to dislike being around kids or feel uncomfortable about kids and pregnancy, but to demean children and spend your time bragging about how much you hate them is really creepy.

No. 670460

I kind of doubt the majority had a bad childhood, unless you count the two times they were grounded for something or maybe yelled at. It's usually entitled little fucks that have been spoiled and thinks the world centers around themselves that feel this hostile towards anything that could possibly disturb the attention sphere around them.

No. 670479

I'd be annoyed as hell if I was trying to do my job and some annoying ass coworker forced attention to be about her preggy belly during a shift. What is wrong with you farmers? The 20 year old is acting like an attention starved idiot. Not appropriate conduct at all.

This person sounds like an actual boob though. Guess they never heard of SEO and why people write blogs on their recipe pages in order to get more clicks.

No. 670568

Big agree anon, I do not want to participate in anybody's family planning hype. How is that my business? I hate when people expect me to give a shit about their engagement or pregnancy. Good for you but I don't want to pretend to be excited about it. Leave me alone!!

No. 670576

File: 1604990353899.png (45.6 KB, 640x473, r1.png)

I sorted by new and found this person. Enjoy.

No. 670577

File: 1604990381554.png (14.19 KB, 546x116, r2.png)

No. 670579

File: 1604990411715.png (40.22 KB, 641x438, r3.png)

No. 670581

File: 1604990444663.png (62.03 KB, 629x581, r4.png)

No. 670591

how common are sociopaths again? I imagine lots of them use reddit
yes he doesn't act on it but mentions jail as the reason. like is that all?

No. 670594

It's really not specific to pregnancy, more to being annoying and self absorbed. If she wasn't pregnant it'd be something else.

If the only reason to hate it on is that it involves pregnancy then that's a bit weird. But it seems like it's that it's annoying and distracting.

One of the flaws of being young is being self absorbed like that chick. Another flaw is being spineless and too polite in a passive aggressive way. If someone is being annoying, it's very simple: tell them to stfu or avoid being around them. If that doesn't work then sure, I can understand having a bitch, but if you don't even attempt to solve the problem before bitching to the whole world about it then this is just the classic bullshit culture of reddit.

So much of life gets better when you learn to tell people to fuck off or know when you should fuck off, but instead everyone wastes their time making subreddits in order to get madder and madder while getting less done and meanwhile the pregnant co-worker goes on thinking she's being cute or quirky or interesting with no feedback to the contrary whatsoever. And r/childfree goes on believing this is specific to breeders, as if they're not just as tedious and annoying.

No. 670598

this guy's problem is zero empathy. he might not hear that from reddit's userbase kek. of course even they should be shocked by this. guy's going through the motions of being "nice" with no concern for others feelings, at all. as he admits its the contrary, the only thing stopping him from torturing someone to death (jesus) is the law. Are you really "nice" if you don't care for anyone? instead relish their suffering? only holding back for "meanwhile"… until you can get away with it? it's sociopathy luv

No. 670604

The first story is not true (like most things on reddit) or grossly exaggerated. What's retarded is that this person has so much disdain for pregnant women that they would make a story like to post in a subreddit that hates on children. Also, being a restaurant expo (whatever that is) is not brain surgery, they need to relax.

No. 670606

It makes sense, since men usually don't even talk about their kids unless they want cookie points or time off for being a "good family man". Then they go back to not really caring about that part of their life, since the kids are "mom's job".

No. 670607

If you feel the need to call yourself a "nice" person, you're probably not a nice person.

No. 670718

I feel like these people just aren't getting laid and that's the difference between 'I'm just not a baby person' and 'I'm raging at your pregnancy' The fact that their insults centre around calling a baby a semen demon, a crotch goblin or pointing out that having unprotected sex doesn't make you special… why are they always so weirdly wrapped up in the act of conception itself?

I'm not a baby person but I also don't think of crude sexual insults when my coworkers are excited.

No. 670773

I think this is it. I’ve only met a few people who really seemed to hate kids enough to go on about semen demons and shit, but they were all self-absorbed and immature. It seems like they just hate not being the center of attention.

I get not liking kids or being annoyed if your family is pressuring you for grandchildren, but their visceral hatred sounds very much like an angsty teen upset at getting less attention because of a new baby.

No. 671781

File: 1605117280752.jpg (91.59 KB, 640x916, zqp4142umhy51.jpg)

Someone made a post under r/wellthatsucks claiming their "sister" baked picrel for a wedding and was angry that the bride said that it was "the ugliest part of her wedding."
OP was anticipating that people would jump on the bride for being a Karen, but then deleted the post when a bunch of redditors agreed that the cake was fugly and amateur at best lmao.

No. 671787

I'm by no means cake conaisseur but I can't see what's so ugly about it, maybe except the unconventional color palette that still fits the background? It definitely doesn't look amateurish to me at all.

No. 671789

I don't see what's so bad about this, it's not that ugly. How much was it? If it was like absurdly expensive and/or looked nothing like what was promised, I could understand.
Can you post a link to the thread? I wanna read the comments.

No. 671791

I'm with the other anons. I'm not a professional baker either, but I don't have any qualms with the cake besides the marble effect being a little wonky. The draping/ruffling looks pretty technichal.

No. 671799

pro baker here.

i actually think it's a bit ugly. fondant and icing work are bad as well as the tree/marbled design layer is horribly done. fondant also looks too soft which is why the floral/geometric pattern is drooping so much.

No. 671805

It's not ugly but it's also not that nice to look at. Especially the color.

No. 671807

The rundown is
>bottom floral pattern looks like pastrami curtains that are not well placed
>piping on top of floral layer is uneven
>fondant layers are patchy and uneven
>marbling is painted on making it look more like tree branches
>The W insignia is smooshed and crooked
>the floral pattern on the type layers look like vulva, or oysters
>sprinkling is a mess
>color choice is generally ugly
Bear in mind someone likely paid over a thousand dollars for this.

No. 671809

vulvas everywhere

No. 671815

File: 1605119281220.png (189.56 KB, 916x838, 7878.png)

Only sort of related, but what the fuck is with these stories? Didn't expect to get blackpilled on marriage while reading a cake thread, ffs.

No. 671819

I'm not surprised that the kind of person who spends $40k on a wedding overlooks marrying a literal faggot.

No. 671828

File: 1605119853483.png (93.35 KB, 966x438, cake.png)

Waaait, so the bride helped design the cake?
Now I'm starting to think she just wanted to get a refund, or escape paying for it. I agree it's not the prettiest, but if she literally decided on this instead of a more conventional design/color scheme (especially after seeing the baker's skill level before ordering), this outcome is kind of on her.

No. 671837

Even if you take OP's word that the bride was there at every step to design the cake, the quality is still dubious. Would you really want a fingerprint smudge on the monogram which is literally where most of the attention is drawn to the cake? That's pathetic.

No. 671848

I get the sense that she probably chose this baker as a cheaper/more convenient option than a real professional, and just hoped for the best.

No. 671851

I'm trying to glance through the comments to see if OP mentions a price, but I don't see it mentioned which is sus. I'm sure it's shameful.

No. 671854

Americans… Just get a normal fucking cake and enjoy the company. Christ.

No. 671865

It’s a wedding anon.

No. 672118

A person has to have some kind of obsession with sexuality to see vulvas in that cake decor, seriously. I guess all bouquets of roses that were surely there too looked like bouquets of vulvas as well?

No. 672935

File: 1605235880172.png (114.68 KB, 719x1110, psychopath.png)

No. 672962


I know. I hate when people get big ugly cakes like these for their weddings too, tbh

No. 673028

File: 1605251760097.jpg (169.13 KB, 1125x1604, 20201112_124706.jpg)


No. 673082

absolutely pathetic

No. 673098


I find it sus that a subreddit like this is allowed to fester where it's basically multitudes of spergs insulting women for having children and intensely reacting to their behavior by calling them misogynistic and dehumanizing slurs based around their female anatomy. At the same time radfem and gender crit subreddits are stomped out for being "hate speech" so this really doesn't sit right with me at all. Reddit is basically telling you where its loyalties lie and what's ok.

Literally almost all of these types come from Northern American cultures where it's ok for people to brag about their life's story for you for brownie points (hence the mom talking about shit to a stranger she thinks would care to listen) but where it's not ok to be honest about your feelings so you get a really repressed and psychologically twisted kind of person in these cultures. I would actually not be surprised if 90% of these people are American.

No. 673100

U.s Society encourages perpetual adolescence and a lot of people here are batshit insane.

No. 673106

File: 1605267612159.png (90.87 KB, 730x737, 1605163373706.png)


Imagine getting an extensional crisis cause your gf doesn't want to use shit stained sex toys on your nether regions

alos kek at calling him and his gf a lesbian couple

No. 673114

Kek, I hope his girlfriend refuses to enable him and kicks him out

No. 673122

I mean I gotta be honest, he has a bit of a point.
Imagine your partner telling you they only want one specific type of sex you don't want, and also making fun of your genitals.

No. 673133

Imagine being straight, being told by your partner they're transgender now and expected to peg them. His gf should leave him; some other people might be okay with all that but from what he's describing she clearly is not and didn't sign up for this.

No. 673148

Lets say I guy I was dating for a long time and liked very much gets testicle cancer and loses his Penis, if that were to happen we could have sex a number of ways and both get pleasure
I wouldn't expect for me now to do all the work in end all of a sudden and shove a dildo in his ass so that he can get pleasure

No. 673156

So she sould've just broken up with him if she isn't ok with him trooning out.

No. 673164

>morning the death of her boyfriend and needs time to grieve and figure out if she's even attracted to transpeople

Lmao troons are so self centered their brains go critical and meltdown to mush.
He just needs to admit he ruined a decade old relationship and go find a partner who's willing to root him in the ass and participate in his lesbian larp.

No. 673187

This. It's hardly even a relationship at this point. The girlfriend >>673106 should've broken up with the OP a long time ago. Not sure who's the bigger retard.

No. 673237

No he doesn't kek. Yeah, she should leave him, but he can also easily leave her instead of uwu crying because "my straight girlfriend doesn't want to LARP as a lesbian with me." He had a perfectly functioning dick for 10 years, and he chose to break it to fulfill his fetish, and his gf doesn't want to entertain that. They both need to move on, but him crying about a problem he created is pathetic and, again, not a point.

No. 673753

File: 1605321789910.png (55.22 KB, 739x500, Screenshot_2020-11-14 r truech…)

Even the "nice" childfree sub has unhinged people. Who calls kids abusive?

No. 673768

Jesus fucking christ, imagine acting as some kid's parent for 8 years only to deem them "horrible humans" instead of stepping up to actually parent them. If they're bad kids and they're only 8, that reflects more on you than them.

No. 673772

I mean this is a grown woman who chose to date and marry a redditer, clearly she's unfit to be a parent

No. 673784

I think you guys misread this. She says that some of her step-kids have children (one of the step-grandkids is 8), so her "children" are likely adults (one is at least old enough to have an 8 year old). She isn't shitting on literal children, she's saying her adult step-kids are abusive to their mom (her ex) and she (OP) is tired of them and her ex making excuses for them.

It doesn't sound that unlikely tbh, but most reddit stories have unreliable narrators anyway.

No. 673988

>my lizard and snake
People who own reptiles are always fucked up.

These freaks ruin the sub. Most posts reading ''children are abusive psychopaths!!!'' etc, visit their user profile. They'll have posts about their BPD, autism, transgenderism, you name it.

No. 673998

>People who own reptiles are always fucked up.
wow fuck you bitch not seriously

Me and my three snakes will dance on your grave.

No. 674086

>Who calls kids abusive
To be fair, kids can truly be abusive.

No. 674098

Yeah if the step grandkid is 8 and she spent 8 years being a step parent the "stepkids" are grown adults or late teens.

I don't think kids have the capacity to understand and abuse adults anon. Some may be difficult, manipulative and be awful for the parents mental health but i don't think they can comprehend and reflect on just how much it affects others and still do it like an adult can.

No. 674138

She mentions she had 3 step kids and one grandkid, as well as a 7 month old and an 8 year old. Either the 7 month old or the 8 year old has to be one of the step kids since there's only one grandchild, unless she forgot to mention something.

No. 674162

being abusive doesn't require you to be doing so consciously.

No. 674207

File: 1605393150162.png (54.92 KB, 695x432, Screenshot_11.png)

I looked for more context out of curiosity, it's not super clear because the OP seems to confuse a 7 month year old and 7 year old (?), but it's obvious she is referring to her ex's adult children who have their own kids. She probably referred specifically to the 8 year old step-grandchild because she had more of a role in minding that particular child, but it seems like all of her step-kids are old enough to have their own children.

Maybe she changed the ages slightly to make it more anonymous, but she's definitely not ranting about little kids, she's ranting about her adult step-children. She did say her one step-grandchild was out of control, but that's really mild and more of a complaint about her step-childrens' parenting.

No. 674335

File: 1605417072859.png (39.15 KB, 1065x319, 8tng1hke11p41.png)

Even a broken clock is right sometimes

No. 674344

why are the mombies sperging about this person disliking her adult step-children.

No. 674418

call me crazy but i’ve noticed it’s also kind of a north american attitude, or tends to be, because almost everything in NA society tells you that drawing any kind of attention to yourself in public is rude and annoying automatically. even if it’s a little kid. this is something that was told to me by someone living in a different part of the world altogether and kinda makes sense imo bc other cultures seem to take the “it takes a village to raise a child” mentality a bit more to heart, where multi generational families are more common and thus childcare isn’t seen as nearly as big of a burden. a lot of the childfree people on reddit are painfully obvious social rejects with fuck all to do and that’s why they even have the time to write these weird ass misogynistic fake stories about pregnant women. less than 5% of them sound like normal people and plenty of them value animals over human life so they’re pretty much the most insufferable type of people.

No. 674502

It seems like a NA culture thing to you because reddit is mostly north american but i guarantee you other cultures have little bubbles of people who hate kids just as much, even in cultures where drawing attention to yourself is not a sin and where multi generational families are common you just haven't found where they congregate.

Also keep in mind places dedicated to hating (or loving) something will aways upvote the extreme views and the crazy stories, the dogfree sub is the same way: most people who don't like being around dogs are chill, but lurking that sub you start to think all of them are psychopats who will kick a puppy on sight because no person mildly annoyed by dogs will join a place dedicated to hating on them.

No. 674520

I'm from Eastern Europe, and believe people hate other people's kids just as much, even if they have a family of their own. Hell, when I walk or run in the park on the weekend, I'll think about how annoying all these screaming kids are around me. Except I don't run and write an essay on reddit any time a kids might have accidentally bumped into me kek.

Also if anything NA seems way more lenient on being individualistic and loud, collectivist societies and ones that mostly just fight for survival are way more punishing for attention whores.

No. 674530

File: 1605458030945.jpg (364.65 KB, 1080x1604, Screenshot_20201115-113157_Chr…)

I understand not liking pets and thinking they're a waste of money, but this person is mental. They've been posting on petfree almost everyday about horrific things pets have done. If you hate them so much, why do you keep focusing on pets?? Pic related. User wants to move to an Eastern European country to avoid dogs. Lmfao what kind of shitty nuclear option is that if you can't stand seeing a dog or two outside? https://www.reddit.com/user/reachingoutfromavl

No. 674578

Uh… why is /r/petfree a thing anyway? There's no social or familial pressure to get a fucking dog, unlike having children. Moving countries, because you don't like dogs is autistic as hell.

tell this person to move to Germany kek

No. 674691

Holy fuck, this person is obsessed, just went through their profile and it's just from /r/petfree. Also, I genuinely wonder if she is "Eastern European" or just a Burger with an eastern European pedigree. Like, so many americans on reddit are so retarded about their "nationality", as if the fact that your grandparents came to US from x country makes you x. Really annoying.

No. 674988

This is probably my favorite post in this whole thread. Who would move to another country just to be around less dogs? I legit cannot think of a dumber immigration reason kek.

No. 675049

File: 1605511560162.png (120.75 KB, 1152x336, Screenshot 2020-11-16 at 4.24.…)

>everyone dictates you to get a cat or dog

what world is this person living in

No. 675116

lol if she thinks Eastern Europeans don't have pet dogs, she's really up to a rude awakening, especially since she probably isn't planning on moving to a rural middle-of-nowhere belorussian village where pet ownership is seen as sort of a "urban mental illness" (and some household still have dogs). Also, this person doesn't even know what Eastern Europe is if she thinks the Checz Republic is there.

No. 675119

Prague is now a Slavic country, you heard it on Reddit first!

No. 675120

OT somehow this kind of stuff is eye-opening. It really shows you should choose your battles.
It's like a metaphor for anxiety and mental illness, where you tear your hair out over things that actually don't matter at all

No. 675133

Kek I was born in Eastern Europe and besides lots of people owning dogs there were also a fucking lot of stray dogs who attacked people.
Idk if it's still the case but I would recommend him to move there just for laughs.

No. 675146

My country gets a lot of American/British right wing loonies and sexpats and they all last a few months before running back home. They all make shit up about Eastern Europe and eventually start to believe each other's stories, don't know why else this keeps happening.

My hometown is full of tiny Maltese dogs and stray animals, I swear to god every family has either a Maltese or two semi-stray cats. Don't know why people think we hate dogs, it's the exact opposite.

No. 675149

I think it's just burgers being autistic. Heard lots of them say they're Italian/Indian/Chinese/Eastern European/Swedish when they actually mean they're Americans whose grandparents emigrated from these places. When you correct them and say "no, you're American with x heritage" they look at you as if you grew a new head and say that's exactly what they meant. They don't understand the concept of an Italian and Italian-American not being the same thing, they think in stereotypes and to them liking pasta and being olive skinned makes you just as Italian as someone who lived their whole life in Bologna.

No. 675554

istg, burgers keep believing weirdest shit about Slavs. Are there some trolls out there feeding them this nonsense? Is that why those Roosh and Null types keep coming here?

Anyway, there are tons of dogs where I live, half my family has some, and none of us live in rural area. My parents had two until recently and my dad isn't even that fond of dogs.

No. 676048

>My country gets a lot of American/British right wing loonies and sexpats… They all make shit up about Eastern Europe and eventually start to believe each other's stories

>burgers keep believing weirdest shit about Slavs… Roosh and Null types keep coming here

Share your stories please! Is there an English-speaking Eastern Euro thread?

No. 676171

File: 1605649474217.png (399.32 KB, 640x898, x5c2f615buy51.png)

I saw this on FDS (yeah yeah I know) and I found it funny how all this her replies were defending porn viewing, saying it's totally normal for men to look, etc, but as soon as she said she might secretly post nudes for a confidence boost, "that's totally wrong, not fair to her bf, she would be cheating, there's a difference between viewing and creating porn," etc.

I've seen some threads before with a male OP who said he found out his gf was doing secret sex work, most comments say to break up since that's cheating. It's okay to look at nudes, that's totally not cheating, but posting nudes is?

No. 676183

I find it sad how the female OPs always have to defend themselves and justify their completely reasonable discomfort and fear.
Whenever they say anything that might suggest that they were "snooping" through their bf's phone in the midst of cheating suspicions, even just looking in his general direction as he was typing, people will descend upon her and start screeching how it's an invasion of privacy and completely ignore the fact that he might be cheating on her because "she doesn't trust him". Then they use that to cape for the boyfriend and say it's no wonder he's cheating because she's controlling or manipulative.
Meanwhile a male poster doing the same thing is told to lawyer up, hit the gym and plot revenge against "the bitch".

No. 676219

tbh they're semi-right on that one, sending nudes is actually sexually interacting with someone else, obv it'd be way worse to say catch your bf sending his dick pics to other people rather than just looking at random reddit nudes (not that you can't still set a boundary on that if you want)

No. 676220

>replies were defending porn viewing, saying it's totally normal for men to look, etc, but as soon as she said she might secretly post nudes for a confidence boost, "that's totally wrong, not fair to her bf, she would be cheating, there's a difference between viewing and creating porn."

You know I never made this connection but this is 100% correct. Granted there are degenerate scrotes who would be okay with their girlfriends and wives doing porn, but of course no person with self-respect would ever tolerate that. It's so obvious. Great point.

Safe to say most men on reddit are cheaters and don't want women to get any ideas about looking into their activities and questioning them about anything. Isn't it funny how they bring up trust knowing they're doing the very same behaviors that also violate trust? They might as well be saying "W-well what about you?!?!?" Lmao.

No. 676235

In this context, I totally disagree anon. The OP wasn't talking about sending nudes to specific people/sexting, she mentioned the desire to post nudes on certain subreddits to get a confidence boost.

These subreddits would presumably be similar to the ones her bf is already subscribed to (and maybe posting on), why is it okay for him to subscribe to NSFW subreddits and enjoy other womens' photos but she can't post her own? What's the difference here? Why is it worse for one person to share pictures of their body than for another to sexually lust after others? In this context, the OP wouldn't even be personally lusting after anyone else, she would just be enjoying the simp attention.

Don't get me wrong, I think it's stupid to go after scrote attention since they'll wank it to anything, but I found their quick change of opinion pretty funny. Consuming porn in a relationship is fine, but god forbid if your property posts a picture of her tits for other men to see, that cheating whore!

No. 676244

I agree with you anon. I don't think posting nudes on reddit is smart or that she should do it, but the worst she will do is read a few compliments, maybe get a boost or get creeped out by the coomers, and move on. Meanwhile her bf is subscribed to these subs so is looking at and probably jacking off regularly to dozens of other women's nudes.

No. 676254

File: 1605657357015.png (Spoiler Image, 263.88 KB, 1080x1380, Screenshot_20201117-234159~2.p…)

Spoilered image for Queens Gambit

I just wanted to read some discussion after finishing the series but even of course after watching a series that was low-key sympathetic to the struggles of it's female characters I forgot that Reddit is full of gross cavemen who always out themselves

>To women hot men are romantic and all ugly men are creepers
>Think it's acceptable that men only think of sex
>Thinks it's a weird if a man doesn't want to bang every attractive woman

No. 676367

File: 1605673184064.png (17.6 KB, 853x181, 20201118.PNG)

"muh communication" really is a reddit meme kek and also wtf at the
>this means he thinks it's a casual thing, which it is
watching porn, as pathetic as it is, being casual i can accept, yeah, but right next to your partner while idling on the couch? glad i saw at least one person also just being like "where do you live"

No. 676388

This is bullshit. Watching porn next to people who didn't consent to view porn? Men are such a shitty meme.

No. 676479

damn, my ex asked me about my favorite male porn stars… I don't watch porn, so I said I have none. And then he wrote this long ass message about his favorite porn stars and kinds of porn he's into, and it was the longest message I've ever received from him, it's crazy. This relationship didn't end right after that lol but it was really short.

Also even though he had 10 or so sexual partners, he clearly doesn't really know how to please a woman, and just roughly gropes you… After that, I definitely won't deal with porn lovers (I was more lenient before)

No. 676494

File: 1605700418198.png (24.32 KB, 804x562, embarrassing.png)

so i regularly lurk fighting video subreddits, and i found this lovely comment on a fight in front of pub. the fight is pretty entertaining, but everywhere you look it's posted on subreddits like pussypassdenied. the title on this post is interesting too. bunch of tough guys in the comments

No. 676496

File: 1605700624518.jpg (42.19 KB, 625x886, ajhgqh83vyz51.jpg)

I fucking hate these memes


No. 676515

File: 1605705789028.png (246.12 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20201118-182216.png)

No. 676528

File: 1605707918521.png (17.87 KB, 799x229, faggotry.png)

i love the smell of angry troons in the morning

No. 676585

I love how they always have to act intentionally obtuse over which sex is targeted for FGM and pretend they don' understand the point so they can moralize about other things

No. 676627

Forgive me as I am in a weird mood, but can these idiots just simply get to the fucking point for once and stop twirling their mustache.

No. 676641

For those dont get what these dumbasses are saying their actually arguing that young girls in east Africa who have their genitals mutalted still posses Cis-privilege the same way a poor white man In America who doesn't have home can still have straight white privilege

This Is why people hate the modern left

No. 676645

>trans rights have nothing to do with female breast ironing
But when anyone brings out womanhood, they’re literally killing them on the streets.

No. 676707

Weird that you put cats there and not the incredibly more obnoxious DOGGO PUPPER GOOD BOYE dog-obsessed people that are far more vocal on leddit

No. 676714

The fucking hand-wringing liberals do when it comes to female oppression on Africa disgusts me so fucking much. They clearly don't give a shit about women when they claim talking about FGM in African countries is anti-Black! Especially when they say Black capital B as if the horrors those women face is in any way equitable to American idpol. They literally are going "hmm… these suffering women are also dark skinned, better relate it to the current issues Black Americans face because i get all my news on Twitter and want shame anyone who genuinely has empathy for these victims." They are Fucking dead inside.

No. 676718

>A very real problem showcasing how women are still oppressed around the world for their birth sex, not because they identify as women
>"H-how dare these terf karens weaponize poc suffering to prove how biological womanhood isn't spinny skirts and cute shoes!!!!" wrote the comfortably middle class white American male in his 20s to 30s

No. 676745

yeah, "terfs" weaponize it by actually caring /s because you never know

No. 676761

Sadly there do seem to be a lot of tifs and cis-libfems on that sub

No. 676967

File: 1605741653431.png (16.33 KB, 680x113, wahwahwah.png)

Why are these whiny "men can't share their emotions" threads always on the front page with like a million awards? I swear I see some thread that's basically the same shtick every day. "No one listens to my feelings because I'm a man, I'm a man so I have no value in society, everyone distrusts me because I'm a man, it's so hard being a man." Even TwoX had a thread about these whiners.

I've never had a friend group that wasn't dominated by men sharing their problems and using the women like therapists. Wtf are these threads talking about? Is it just a thinly veiled complaint that women aren't doing that as much anymore?

No. 676972

TwoX is garbage since it became a default sub. full of scrotes pretending to be women.
>I've never had a friend group that wasn't dominated by men sharing their problems and using the women like therapists
And if you don't act like their mommy then you're an intolerant radfem bitch.

No. 676987

I’d argue that men sharing their emotions is pretty normalized in society, it’s either their own insecurity or their refusal to understand that not everyone is going to care and/or provide them emotional labor that’s stopping them from doing so.

No. 676994

>Why are these whiny "men can't share their emotions" threads always on the front page with like a million awards?
because its reddit. They OP's of those post are farming karma and faking sympathy for epic upvotes and reddit gold. They couldn't give a fuck about people and their problems.

Most guys talk about their problems with close friends or their girlfriends from what I've seen. "men not sharing their emotions" is a meme. Its just radfems being retarded and making sweeping generalizations about men and how they are raised even though they have no idea what its like to be a man or be raised as one. Identity politics belongs in the dumpster tbh

No. 677013

I don't mind these posts but when it descends into "men suffer the most because they have to keep to themselves!", I'm out. Men are very comfortable sharing shit, they just never share shit that might make them look weak. If they stopped shaming each other instead of venting in a reddit thread, it might be better.

I know it's hard when you're expected to be masculine and strong all the time, but they put that expectation on each other and for reddit of all places to act like they can't speak up? This is the website that has people messaging cum tributes and rape threats to random strangers and posting wild controversial opinions. If you can do that, you can say you're feeling a bit fucking blue, Brandon.

No. 677040

>Its just radfems being retarded and making sweeping generalizations about men
That's not even remotely true, radfems are fully aware of the amount of emotional labour men force women to do on their behalf, and at the very least know gender steretypes like that exist for men's benefit. It's a libfem thing, they always use the 'uwu men are so oppressed by the patriarchy, feminism is for them too!' argument to make feminism more palatable for scrots.

No. 677152

do you smoke crack or are you just a retarded libfem? radfems know men don’t keep that shit in and use women as emotional punching bags like >>677040 said. male stoicism is just another scrote meme meant to trick women into coddling their feelings, and radfems know better than that.

No. 677297

Remember when TRAs viciously attacked a black woman victim of FGM on Twitter? I do.
It's hilarious how they now pretend they give half a shit about black women, and how they try to turn it into a "Y-You're racist" retarded ass "argument". They can go fuck themselves with a cactus.

No. 677312

File: 1605797524119.png (916.18 KB, 736x673, ffre.png)

I just want to browse a bullet journal subreddit. I hate this sugar daddy shit being normalized and leaking into everyday life. It's not cute.

No. 677336

>"men not sharing their emotions" is a meme. Its just radfems being retarded
Uhh anon, I think it's pretty much the macho culture men cultivate that claims this shit.

No. 677338

Imagine being flattered by that to post about it. If she's not lying to cover the fact that she has a sugar, I would be so freaked out if a man exchanging goods for sex favors was inquiring about me and wanting to send me shit. Yikes.

No. 677341

I work in a restaurant and reminds me of this customer who comes in on the regular who hits on all the female employees. He's obviously some rich oil typchoon and likes to flaunt it. he's married, but still likes to throw money at any woman who would give him attention. it's so disgusting. Trying to normalize that kind of behavior is sick and detrimental to women.

No. 677342

>"men suffer the most because they have to keep to themselves!"
Literally had to deal with a man claiming that women are living in easy mode because they're allowed to cry and talk about their feelings. What the fuck do you even say to that?
>If they stopped shaming each other instead of venting in a reddit thread, it might be better.
This. It's 100% a male problem and I hate how they try to make women the scapegoat for their own toxic male culture they created.

No. 677344

rofl exactly. Any man who complains he cant cry and share his feelings are retarded. There is nothing stopping them. And it's not a woman's job to solve their male issues.

No. 677353

>Boo hoo us men can't share their feelings without being ridiculed and told to "man up"!
>ugh why do these nasty feminist women of the current year only want soyboy cucks who talk about their feelings and shit, fucking faggot pussies
But it's always somehow the woman's fault.

No. 677375

>I hate how they try to make women the scapegoat for their own toxic male culture they created.
Ntayrt and I agree but wanted to add that MOST of the times when men ever opened up to me about their emotions, it was to manipulate me about something. So of course women aren't always sympathetic even if they do because men only seem to remember their vulnerabilities when they need an excuse, or use it as a shield as to why women can't be mad at them for something they did. When's the last time a man opened up to me without a preface of having been a piece of shit? They expect women to be their unconditional therapists and cheerleaders.

I'll never forget confronting a guy who deliberately led me on for his self-esteem boost and tried to bring up his Tragic Past™ backstory as to why he couldn't be commital to me even after saying he would because he couldn't admit he lied for selfish reasons since that would make him not the nice guy. I sent a laugh gif react because his manipulation was SO OBVIOUS but he went around and told everyone that I laughed at his Man Emotions™ to get sympathy and paint me as a bitch cause I saw through his bullshit. Same guy who when I told him I was uncomfortable with him making late night visits to his exes if he was serious about wanting to date me, berated me about my "trust issues" and tried to gaslight me into accepting that behavior. He's a very Nice Guy™ who I'm sure is telling everyone a mean, nasty woman made fun of his emotions once.

No. 677397

You hit the nail on the head, anon.
Every fucking time I see a discussion concerning issues that primarily affect women, there is some fucking dunce in the comment chiming in with
>but men also have problems UwU mah suicide statistics and muh men can albe be raped and abused UwU
And a fuckton of handmaidens sucking their dicks in the subsequent thread. Somehow, those boys cant grasp that sometimes it is not about them and that feminists are not obliged to strike their cocks. Women being responsible for men's feelings, tale as old as time.

No. 677487

File: 1605810365697.png (169.43 KB, 734x981, Screen_Shot_2020-19.png)

I thought this thread from TwoX addressed it pretty nicely. It's less that "nobody cares about our feelings" and more "I hit on girls by saying I'm going through a tough time and they're not falling for my bullshit" kek

No. 677490

https://www.metafilter.com/151267/Wheres-My-Cut-On-Unpaid-Emotional-Labor huge thread on this topic, that was condensed into a PDF to be shared amongst British mums. Just dropping it in case anyone wishes to read it.

No. 677525

Nta but reading through this I realised that as a woman with the social skills of an autist (tho not literally one) I don't do alot of the typical emotional labour other women do…but damn do I now get why men were always lashing out at me for 'lacking empathy' when I didn't bend over backwards for them.

It was always men calling me rude over neutral interactions where I simply was short on time or wouldn't do them a random favor. My thought process has always been "would I ever ask the same of you and feel that's reasonable?" It doesn't get more fair than that.

No. 677544

Good to read this. I know a guy like this that I used to reply to purely so he didn't throw a tantrum in my IMs and start calling me a stuck up bitch. He would spend the whole time talking to me complaining and hitting on me and trying to force me to meet up with him. I stopped responding last week for good and removed him from everything.

No. 677717

I'm a shy and awkard doormat, and I've had several occasions where, for some fucking reason, someone would dump their entire life story and misery in my ears. From complete strangers to colleagues to fucking tinder matches. I listened to all kinds of umprompted shit: suicide, deaths, cheating, depression, divorce, job shit, insecurities, estranged kids. It's annoying as fuck.
But whenever women did this to me, they would remember that another person was listening, and would then offer their ears to me. Men never fucking do that. They bitch and moan about never sharing their feelings and shit. Yeah, they don't share, they just dump their shit on the invisible women, ie the women they don't see as fuckable. They act all strong and supportive to the women they want to fuck, and then get pissed when they are "friendzoned", but they do the exact same shit. Except they don't even see other women as friends, just as free therapists. They never reciprocrate, they never care if someone close to them needs help, they only care about who they want to fuck, and only in order to fuck them.
I would pity them if they were not so fucking vile.

No. 677927

File: 1605876193123.png (32.55 KB, 686x187, wut.png)

A post has been put up on unresolvedmysteries about a missing 19-year old called Sage Smith. The one thing missing from the write-up is Sage's sex which the author outright refuses to give, going so far as listing Sage's sex as "trans/non-binary". They are also planning on emailing the Charley Project to get Sage's pronouns removed from the missing persons listing.

The poster says that "Sage didn't like labels" but they are MISSING and ENDANGERED. I wouldn't like certain information about me posted around but if I'm missing then do what you gotta do.

Am I wrong in thinking they are actively hurting this persons chances of being found? I had to go to the Charley Project page to find out this person was male, which the author is now trying to get taken down. It seems so sinister, like this person saw a chance to push an agenda and will happily do it at the expense of a long missing and probably dead teenager.

Charley Project: http://charleyproject.org/case/dashad-laquinn-smith
Post: https://www.reddit.com/r/UnresolvedMysteries/comments/jxal8x/a_date_night_turns_into_a_missing_person_and_a/

No. 677932

>Am I wrong in thinking they are actively hurting this persons chances of being found?
No, you're right. They can disagree that a trans(woman)/non-binary person is actually a man, but surely even they must realize that strangers knowing Sage has the body of a male, would improve the chances of someone recognizing him?

No. 677949

Yeah, it's going to make it way harder for a stranger to recognize him/provide helpful information if people are expecting a woman or just don't know the sex of the person they think might match the missing description at all. I remember seeing the same shit about this case being hashed up on twitter as well.

No. 677981

most people I know (im black and they are black) have never even heard of "Non-Binary", they know what transgendered is, but they are probably going to assume it's a man in a dress or something.

Has this person spoken to the family? Are they close to them? If not they can fuck off trying to remove IMPORTANT information.

No. 677989

I looked through the post and the users history and it seems like just a random person.

This article says Sage Smith identified as female and uses she/her throughout so I guess no one knows. Do people really not think this will be confusing to the public? Using "they" one second and "she" the next?


No. 678000

> a chance to push an agenda and will happily do it at the expense of a long missing and probably dead teenager.

This is exactly the case and it’s fucked up because it suggests the ideology matters more than the individuals. But what’s the point of defending someone’s pronouns if it could obstruct the investigation and lead them to harm? What is the ideology for if it doesn’t serve the people who identify with it?

No. 678014

Samefag, looks like Sage was murdered but until their body is found it’s inconclusive. If they were trafficked, do the gender specials think the traffickers would allow Sage to remain trans/NB? That’s shit straight out of Soren’s trauma narrative.

I fear for any trans/NB females who get trafficked because they’d have no hope of being found if this shit continues.

No. 678807

File: 1605979897265.png (318.57 KB, 1080x1536, Screenshot_20201121-165400~2.p…)

Another Reddit deep dive, another moment of gazing into the cognitive dissonance of incels.
A simple Google search proves almost every point wrong, I thought incels liked statistics and logic?

No. 678814

Hes right women do have more options in dating but most of the options are shit. Doesnt matter if you have an abundance of food if all of it's been pissed on.

No. 678823

These men love whining about the same issues over and over but I've never seen them actually discuss how to fix them or ways to help unless it's some vague "this is women's/feminism's fault so they need to fix it for us".

No. 678825

>this is women's/feminism's fault so they need to fix it for us
Imagine if women said some shit like this about men lmao.

No. 678831

I mean we've been trying to for years, unless that's what you meant kek

This post makes me so mad though, even if they believe this stuff out still contradicts itself
>Men are thought of as wife beaters as child abusers
>Women can just get married and taken care of

No. 678833

They want to fix it through "enforced monogamy" meme.

No. 678864

>they get hired ahead of male candidates because of diversity quotas

Hmm I wonder why such quotas would even exist, surely not because the company has been hiring too many men before?

No. 678931

It is so saddening that men cannot grasp the fact that minorities (and I’m including women) getting priority in valid candidates picks is because for literal decades they’ve been discarded as candidates based on being a minority. It is undoing the damage, for f u c k s a k e they are experiencing the tinniest amount of what minorities face everyday. They are such pathetic creatures.

No. 679229

Men really hate that women can just decide to not fuck them and there's nothing they can do about it. It just makes me laugh so much. All that typing and still no woman touching your pee pee kek

Where is this happening though? Men always SAY it is, but I've never experienced it. Maybe this is happening in the cities and giant companies, but it's not my personal experience or those of other women I know.

I graduated with a CS degree with hons. and the highest GPA in my class and watched males that barely graduated fall into jobs right out of school because of their buddies etc. I'm TOLD daily that this is all easier for me because I'm a woman, but I applied for a job and got rejected because the old Indian scrote looked into my background and didn't want to work with a divorced woman. Another job I got rejected form because the 60 year old obese incel scrote didn't think I could lift 30lb computers. Another job I left quickly because the owners son wouldn't leave me alone and said he was going to take me to Turkey to marry me.

When do all these doors open for me, and not just the ones that do because some moid wants to fuck me?

No. 679248

The diversity hire doesn't even work how they think, it's that the company aims to hire qualified people from marginalized groups, not that they'd just hire some inadequate loser who doesn't know how to do their job. And even then it's rarely carried past employment, I was actually a diversity hire (something I found out later in passing) due to being a woman in CS but still treated like shit and lesser than my male coworkers with no basic respect whatsoever despite exceling at what I do. My fellow male students from uni all got jobs too, even the absolute slackers I wouldn't trust any project to.

No. 679256

Didn't a woman conduct a test on how true this myth is? She made some automatic script to reply to every male that contacted her dating profile or something and turns out majority of the men who contacted her never replied past their initial "hi" and out of like hundreds of started conversations she only landed a couple of dates. I wish I could find that article because it was fascinating but I literally can't remember where I saw it.

No. 679259

>I graduated with a CS degree with hons

i was so confused for a moment because at first i thought you mean you graduated with ugly non passing trans women until i realized hons means honors in this context

No. 679261

NTA but kek I thought that too, either meaning would be appropriate when talking about graduating from CS

No. 679273

File: 1606051290517.jpg (18.8 KB, 600x315, bruh.jpg)

No. 679342

Fuck, I thought the same before you explained it lmaooo

No. 679552

File: 1606081138656.png (225.46 KB, 848x834, tgjlegno3.png)

>see this on reddit
>think to myself "Gay men don't talk like the OP. How do you go from calling yourself a minor to a man in the same breath? Also, the person talking to them sounds like a 30-50 year old ESL man trying to get nudes from an obvious fakeboi"
>scroll down in thread
>turns out OP is 17 and the person who DM'd them is 18, but they're calling the person a "pedophile"
>scroll some more
>OP agrees it's probably a man, and briefly complains about being sent "transphobic shit"
>check "his" profile
>they posted similar shit, some ESL weirdo with the text "This is what I get for being trans and underage"
All my biases, confirmed. Why the fuck are trannies so clockable, even in text?

No. 679569

I always love how these people aged fucking 17 consider themselves on par with being a literal toddler. You constantly see these terminally retarded "I was groomed as a 17-year old minor by a 19-year old pedophile" type of posts.

No. 680003

File: 1606154863669.jpg (772.52 KB, 806x2357, SS_B.jpg)

Religion has got some women so bad that they feel forced to stay with their husbands who haven't been faithful to them since the start of their marriage, allow their priests to tell them they can't divorce, and feel shame for wanting an abortion for a pregnancy they do not want.

Catholicism is a fucking disease.

No. 680006

No. 680846

File: 1606239893693.jpg (577.26 KB, 1080x1471, 20201124_124404.jpg)

I know this is five years old but…does this man think his wife is stupid? Does he think people online are going to believe that he has no clue? People in the comments believe him

No. 680849

Seems like he was fishing for people to answer with plausible excuses and talking points to deescalate his wife with. The idiot who would leave his affair's lingerie in the drawer is the same type type of idiot who would need reddit to brainstorm a way to lie.

No. 680861

This took a lot of effort to get into but I'm glad I did

No. 680882

Retarded blogpost, but I used to go to a laundromat and got some guy's underwear (briefs, mens' socks) mixed in with my clothes one time. I didn't notice immediately because everything else was clearly mine. It's obviously an unlikely scenario, but I feel bad for anyone who's had it happen and has to explain it because most people won't believe you, especially if you happen to only get someone else's underwear mixed in.

No. 680889

Someone in the comments actually mentioned a similar laundromat scenario but OP said he has his own laundry appliances at home.

No. 680892

>detrans lesbian
is that your tumblr, anon

No. 680912

So this is like the girl version of straight guys who shit up lesbian online spaces with their coomer fantasies? The more reddit threads about dramatic personal stories I read the more it becomes clear most of them are bait for upvotes or some autistic roleplay.

No. 681218


Haha, that reminds me of a time during a long visit to a third world country that I picked up my clean laundry from the town’s laundromat and found some extra undies and socks in there that weren’t mine. Walked them back to the place and the lady got a good laugh out of it because they were hers. Afterward it got me thinking of how many people’s dirty underwear mine had unknowingly rubbed up with over those past months.

No. 681561

File: 1606328490269.png (185.38 KB, 719x1148, 20201125_181958.png)

>dude makes an r/tifu post about a failed joke
>calls a 10yo "Karen" in the same post, also as a joke
Can't some people just shut up?


No. 681592

Kind of weirded out that a teacher dealing with 10 year olds needs to share this much detail about them for a few reddit upvotes. Coming from 'a line of karens'…. calling the mom and getting the full backstory on the dead dog which he also shares for our entertainment. Why do teachers post this shit to reddit?

People in the comments are diagnosing this kid linna with 'either ASD or she's just a bitch like her mom' .. don't you want your kids teacher to post this trash in his spare time! You're a bitch, your kid is a bitch, your dog is dead. Your kid has autism. Dude stfu gossiping about other peoples kids.

No. 681644

File: 1606335363675.png (119.38 KB, 736x491, download28.png)

Everyday I lose hope in humanity.

No. 681651

I can't…why did she have to clarify that she doesn't have a problem with porn? It's having this massive of an effect on her whole ass family and marriage. What a massive piece of shit, I hate men.

No. 681652

Why the fuck did she let this scum put a fucking baby in her…

No. 681667

*multiple babies. I don't understand it either. Some people might think they're complicit or doormats for procreating with them, but I imagine they either didn't know, or the average woman is socialized to ignore shit like that/don't realize how bad it is or gets until it's too late. And men are soulless monsters who think with nothing but their dicks, so. I feel so genuinely awful for these women and wonder why they don't leave their husbands.

No. 681701

The fact that even there, she had to say "Btw I don't hate porn!!! (please don't attack me)".
I bet she got sperged at by coomers regardless, and received some nasty messages calling her jealous.
Reddit is hopeless for women.

No. 681707

I can understand these types of dynamics when the women are super young and don't have kids yet but…she's an adult woman and a mother. She is going to be setting an example of what's acceptable in her relationship to her children. Why the fuck would she stay with a man who'd drop her for a worthless thot like Belle if she offered when she's the mother of this man's children?! This manchild is undervaluing his own family to obsess over a woman he will never have.

Holy. Fucking. Shit.
Worst of all this kind of conversation gets redirected to be about women being "jealous" of porn, instead of the lack of manhood being displayed by these pathetic excuses for sperm donors. Too bad it's too late for her to abort and run.

No. 681736

She probably can't, where would she go with 2 small kids and i'm willing to bet she's on pregnancy leave and will be recovering for a few months, so all she can do is try to make it work and cope with just thinking he's a normal dude who can be saved

No. 681748

How the fuck does this woman have 2 kids and an upcoming baby with this coomer piece of shit. Girl needs to love herself a lot more.

No. 681760

I saw this earlier and it really weirded me out. Why is he going into such detail about his 10 year old students? A 10 year old kid is a Karen because she's "intelligent and accomplished for her age"? Most little kids are a bit arrogant, wtf. Whole post skeeves me the fuck out.

No. 681796

File: 1606347650591.png (60.68 KB, 954x384, ge3.png)

It sounds fake, like it was written by some amateur writer. Good to know that grown men on Reddit enjoy calling 10 year old girls bitches, though.

No. 681808

It's probably fake or highly exaggerated like 90% of r/tifu, but the fact that he wrote it and so many people upvoted/awarded it makes me nauseous. He talks about the first girl in detail like she's a literal angel, and somehow the second girl (who's apparently really smart) is a Karen. If this story is actually based on his students, it's fucking weird.

No. 681904

I've read endless stories of trash husbands disrespecting, neglecting and abusing their wives but somehow this one makes me feel despair like I've never felt before. I just… the sheer fucking AUDACITY of that man, and the complete and utter lack of any backbone, dignity or self respect on that woman. Her solution is to get rid of the router, not the whole man? Oh my god.

No. 682026

Sad how she had to justify herself but it’s Reddit, so she’s afraid of scrotes coming for her, accusing her of being prudish and whatnot.

No. 682050

I cant stand this pretentious language. Calling a ten year old a Karen aside, I think him gushing about the other child really weird. Also, how fucking convenient for him that in his classroom he has one literal angel and the other a walking misogynistic stereotype. It is so tiresome in reddit stories, when one of the characters is blatantly a positive hero and the other only has negative traits. I can't. Stories for little children have structures like that.

No. 682055

If I had kids I wouldn't want some coomer Reddit loser teaching and obsessing over them. We should make their fantasies reality and ban men from being around young children, especially girls. The way he describes that one girl set off alarm bells in my brain.

No. 682109

Yea, exactly, and then posting a story about it on the internet. Redditors are the actual worst.

No. 682121

File: 1606397081714.png (97.5 KB, 719x739, clap emoji.png)

Redditors are about 5 years behind

No. 682128

this is obviously ironic, anon.

No. 682131

Yes anon, I know. It's still cringe though.

No. 682160

> what if i'm asian
maximum kek

No. 682179

Wow, a fucking novel with unnecessary narrative to explain that he told a joke that a kid wasn't in on and got sad. He should have been the creative writing teacher.
Not even a major fuckup. Sounds like a mediocre man who just wanted to exaggerate his importance to reddit cause he thinks he's raising a classroom of girl tech prodigies when they're only like 10.

No. 682183

File: 1606404957377.png (198.2 KB, 788x801, Screenshot (23).png)

Scrotes mad

No. 682186

File: 1606405016847.jpg (159.26 KB, 1080x1826, fds.jpg)

No. 682188

Well if men had to make decisions to abort as often as they masturbated and desired sex, abortion would be legal and widely available without question.

No. 682191

If you want to make abortion illegal, make masturbation illegal for scrotes.

No. 682213

reddit abortion takes are absolutely hilarious
by the way, the term paternal abortion makes leddit abortion discoursers extremely mad and thank god for that

No. 682233

>no one wants to fuck me, and I can't legally force them to, so women shouldn't be able to get abortions
The mental gymnastics are insane

No. 682293

redditors have been making up stories with the exact same wording and format for 6 years

No. 682323

I was 30 years old before abortion became legal in my country, I spent a good deal of my twenties celebate because of that fact. It simply wasn't worth the risk.

I do love seeing men think that a lack of abortions will somehow benefit them. Bit short sighted

No. 682885

There’s no way this is fucking real I want to kill myself.

No. 683166

Yeah no this has got to be fake

No. 683772

I always try to point this out to them. I explain that hookup culture will be much more difficult to access for men if abortion becomes illegal. They bring up condoms and birth control. Birth control fails! So many women wont even risk having sex with men they are not married to if abortion is illegal because of birth control not being 100%! They are so delusional.

No. 683786

That wont work anon, they are convinced only chads benefit from hookups and want virginity until marriage back. Of course, women just wont marry them either way since we can work now but they dont think that far.

No. 684162

I like to browse different AskXY subreddits while commuting, and often visit the most general AskReddit one. How much fucking men-pitying gets recycled lately is starting to get obnoxious.
>Men, when did you last get a compliment of your looks?
>What did you do to help a men's emotional baggage during COVID?
>How can we help with male mental health?
>Why is society so mean to men about XYZ?
And I'm not saying that men don't need to address their emotions, but it seems like its on a constant fucking loop now, and doesn't even feel organic. It's like someone's pushing this issue very hard.
But my most favorite (bleh) question will always be the "what did your uninspiring SO do to pick you up?" which devolve into pickme-olympics and thirsty men throwing all their money on awards because someone said they're dating a neckbeard.

No. 684168

Yea, it is so obnoxious. But if the question was posted to women, there would be a milion comments asking "what about men reeee" from scrotes and handmaidens alike. Never the other way around, I could actually bet that the comments are full of "wow that is so important to take care of men, they are so overlooked uwu".

No. 684170

>What did you do to help a men's emotional baggage during COVID?
>How can we help with male mental health?
Why don't men just help each other?
I saw people calling women sociopathic for not wanting to deal with men's emotional baggage, and saying that men "just insist that we have morals". Bullshit. They're emotional vampires.

No. 684179

Nta, but I feel like it's cause of "toxic masculinity", which I understand completely, but also men who don't have that mindset should be encouraging each-other to change. If you can't help yourself then no one can. Women don't experience that kind of thing, so it's stupid to expect us to fix them. side note but, it is common for mothers to tell their sons to not do certain things (like cry) because they are boys. That is very wrong, but I feel like that's the only thing women can do to change stereotypes about how men should be or feel. Everything is pretty much their own fault

No. 684278

Where is all the help for mentally ill women? At my worse ibwas just ignored and the only people willing to "help" were scrotes taking to tale advantage of me for sex.

No. 684294

>how have you helped men’s mental heath?
If someone asked me that IRL I’d completely flip my fucking lid. The audacity.

No. 684351

Women being expected to collectively do emotional labor for men and be available for it at all times, more news at 11. The "women get all the emotional resources" thing is a bullshit claim anyway, their feelings are always attributed to useless drama/PMS bitching and not validated at all.

No. 684611

Reddit just pink pilled me like fucking crazy. Three way they EXPECT so much from women collectively makes me just despise men. Once I stopped going on it I realised I could stand to be around them again.

No. 684730

Whenever I go on Reddit I leave feeling intense hatred for men. I just looked up the r9k bianca case and the way they defend the person who killed her is just…wow. Psychotic. They really do try to make things easier for men to abuse and kill women. They love it. It makes me never want to interact with men ever again.

No. 684798

Me too lmao I limit my reddit use to only hobby subs (which are mostly female) and only when I've got absolutely nothing else to do, and I feel like I'm free again

No. 685313

File: 1606816126551.jpeg (84.35 KB, 575x767, CA9CA55F-F36D-4A9E-94F5-4126A7…)

I fucking hate /r/GirlGamers. 50% of the posts are just showing off pastel pink and/or purple backlit “battlestations” and splurging on pastel pink items like picrel. I HATE the pink gaming chair, the headset with cat ears, the pink keyboards, and that ugly butt mousemat everyone seems to have. Since shayna decided to larp as a gamer girl I think of her everytime I see this shit now too!!

And I don’t get people’s obsession with becoming a twitch thot. I did twitch briefly when I was 18 and the abuse was not worth it. But maybe times have changed idk.

I don’t fucking care if people like pastel pink shit but I hate how it’s half the subreddit. As if buying pink pc parts and streaming on twitch is inherently part of the female experience.

No. 685320

This stuff is just the most disgusting shade of pink too

No. 685322

it's at least 70% trannies

No. 685323

Hard relate. Most women I know who I used to be able to connect with over games have turned into twitch-thot wannabes. They’re basically just carbon copy lemmings who think they’re so special and unique for have an ugly pink chair and cat eat headphones?? Like what

No. 685326

File: 1606819021682.png (169.75 KB, 675x749, larp.png)

How can people believe these stories

No. 685328

It's an issue with reddit in general only upvoting pictures of stuff and not actual discussion, normal pc gaming subs are all pictures of black and red monster pcs with some sob story about how op is 9 years old and collected garbage everyday to save for it.

No. 685329

Almost all hobby/fandom/subculture subreddits are just endless photos showing what waste of money consumerist cringy collectables they've ordered off of amazon and they rarely get any engagement which makes it double sad.

No. 685332

I bought that mouse/keyboard combo (not a gamer, just wanted it to match my room) and I hate it from experience. The rubber sides of the mouse came off completely within a year, the keyboard lacks a number pad and it starts to look dirty quickly because of the light colour. I'm back to black now thankfully.

No. 685337

I always wonder what they do with all their stuff when they aren't into it anymore. Seems so wasteful.

No. 685416

I think ask subs that aren't related to hobbies or careers suck. The only one I like is AskWomenOver30 but even that one can be annoying at times. I wish there was an ask women but with all questions related to men and relationships banned.

No. 686537

File: 1606946205705.png (105.58 KB, 1232x492, Screenshot 2020-12-02 at 20.52…)

So many posts in askmen about popping boners to sobbing women. Always starts the same, "I guess it's just my pRoTecTiVe InStiNcTS, gUys??"

Then one "BRAVE SOUL!!" admits it's distressed women are a turn on because they're easier to manipulate.

No. 686550

Fucking hell men are disgusting.

At the same time, my boyfriend always gets boners after I have crying fits and he cuddles me to comfort me. Not sure why that is but he says it's due to "being close". But we're close all the time…

No. 686594

I'll be blunt: They think a woman's vulnerability is hot because they know she will more likely brush aside her emotions to sexually perform to feel validated. Benefits a scrote without saying. It's the power of suggestion.

No. 686635

I've never heard of this before, does he get hard all the time when you hug or just when you've been crying? I guess you could argue that it's a bodily stress response following on from period of being incredibly worried about someone, but then it's not like I've ever seen a guy get an erection after witnessing a friend fall over or when they talk about family issues. I don't think I would be able to cope with my main source of emotional support popping boners whenever I cried, I hope he grows out of it.

No. 686649

I hate men. They are fully aware how disgusting it is but at the same time cope/downplay/wave it off. You're not clueless animals who can't help it or have ~protective instincts~. You're just shitty people who probably watched too much porn.

No. 687116

Reminds me of the time a coworker at my old job told me "you are absolutely radiating right now, you have never been more beautiful!" after he caught me crying from stress and wouldn't stop attempting to flirt for a few weeks after it. The fact that it started with me crying gave me those kinds of icky vibes, yuck.

No. 687138


nah they just are pornsick coomers. thats it. that is the shit they are masturbating constantly so that's where the boner comes from

No. 688013

NTA, but
>men are pornsick and masturbate so much that they constantly get boners
>men can't get boners during sex because they only get off to porn and only masturbate
Farmers really should pick one at this point

No. 688060

Both dysfunctions and both true. Like anything, porn can affect men differently.

No. 688728

All men are like that, sorry.

No. 688777

nta, it's not that he gets a boner because he masturbates constantly, it's that he gets a boner because he likely masturbates to porn where the women are crying, so he associates a woman's tears with his own sexual arousal.

No. 690838

A woman posted that she's glad she didn't report her rape and god why are scrotes so lacking in empathy. Saying hopefully future rape victims will be less cowardly and report him. Just absolutely not even acknowledging how traumatic the process of reporting is and placing all blame squarely on the woman.


No. 690921

File: 1607534648958.png (20.6 KB, 893x285, Screenshot_2020-12-09 Don’t le…)

from a Muslim sub, regarding anex-muslim woman who defected to the US and choose to compete in a chess tournament without a Hijab

No. 690923

File: 1607534684203.png (38.27 KB, 915x531, Screenshot_2020-12-09 Don’t le…)

No. 690926

File: 1607534831177.png (56.76 KB, 917x675, Screenshot_2020-12-09 Don’t le…)

No. 690928

File: 1607534982091.png (55.57 KB, 842x713, Screenshot_2020-12-09 Don’t le…)

No. 691005

I will never understand why males are so unempathetic and so eager to put a blame. They see from a totally outside perspective, and a perspective that does not count the trauma of assault. Men be saying that we should put aside our trauma to deal with them while they can’t even do the bare minimum of what women want. Men are fucking useless to us for our betterment.

No. 691096

File: 1607552358594.png (385.41 KB, 612x701, ugh.PNG)

I really hate how misogynistic Reddit is but I also hate how fucking corny they are. Every "wholesome" post that gets to Popular is so cringe to me, especially when it's some random bullshit like an old man singing and they all go "my life is now perfect, protect this man uwu".

Redditors also have the fucking lowest standard in men I've ever seen, they'll hype any scrote as handsome. Especially if it's a nerdy fat youtuber. I know saying Rich from RLM is cute is a meme but I kind of feel some actually believe it? Of course they'll rate the most beautiful women like 4/10.

No. 691101

I especially hate any wholesome shit that's about cuddling men ala "men need hugs too cry face" or something like that. Fuck off losers.

No. 691160

tbh the pregnant lady in question sounds fucking annoying

No. 691163

its all the same cookie cutter shit, do any of them have any sort of personality that isn't copying whatever is trendy it's kinda depressing

No. 691165

Reddit wouldn't exist without political shilling. Have you seen r/politics?

No. 691170

This shit is so annoying. Even disregarding the trauma of reporting, people poking holes in your story, calling you a slut, etc., there are plenty of open and shut cases with tons of evidence where the rapist still got off with very little or no punishment.

There's some reposted story on the front page every week about a woman falsely accusing a man of rape, but no one mentions how rape is the most underreported crime and how so few rapists even see a prison sentence. Reddit really pushes the "women are all lying because they regret consensual sex" angle.

No. 691237

File: 1607570105616.png (235.9 KB, 1650x872, Screenshot 2020-12-10 at 02.48…)

Just want to vent how much I hate these stupid, sexist crybabies. Looks like they didn't get hit with the ban hammer though they've spent years doxxing and harassing Asian women. See here for a hilarious thread on these Azn autists: >>>/ot/195991

They should do a better job covering their tracks tbh. I easily discovered the identity of one AznMasc mod. He inadvertently revealed a lot of about himself in a post. All I had to do was google his first name plus 'vancouver ubc finance' and it led me to his linkedin page. His school and employment history checks out and I checked several times, confirming he's the ONLY possible candidate based on the details he gave kek. What a fucking idiot.

According to him his female peers are 'ugly dogs'. I won't post his pic obviously, but rest assured he's as ugly, incel and inbred looking as you're probably picturing him to be.

Important note: the username in my pic is NOT the mod I'm referring to! It's a whiney post from a random user, submitted a few days ago. It was difficult choosing which thread to screenshot, all are melodramatic. My recent fave is probs the autist furious that a Guy Richie film wrote an "emasculated" Asian character when NATO tensions are high (as if these two things are related), or the guy who admits he pretends to be a woman and spams (sorry, "promotes") a Big Asian cock sub whenever redditors crack a little willy joke.

No. 691242

>I won't post his pic obviously
Why not? It's not doxxing. Tease.

No. 691252

File: 1607571663156.jpg (175.52 KB, 720x422, Rulesforpt.jpg)

As long as he's over 18, it appears to be fine.
These are a partial set of rules for /pt/, but there weren't any specific to /ot/, so if I'm wrong I apologize.

No. 691260

My ex had erectile dysfunction that magically went away if I was ugly sobbing because of his bullshit. Rock hard then.

No wonder they all hate themselves so much, they know they're disgusting empty people.

No. 691285

File: 1607576614680.jpg (189.6 KB, 1242x1582, EowNevtW4AEoh3Q.jpg)

I want this to be real

No. 691287

File: 1607576656651.jpg (65.16 KB, 680x654, EowNevsWMAMdc-D.jpg)

No. 691289

File: 1607576837142.jpg (24.84 KB, 680x471, EowNewRXcAI_1M4.jpg)

No. 691298

this one joke makes the entire thread worth it

No. 691300

File: 1607577824024.png (180.91 KB, 354x443, woeme.png)

Probably one of the most self serving posts I've ever fucking read.

>Admits he never loved his wife

>resents their sex life for not being there….when she quit her job to raise their kids and be a stay at home mom
>talks about how she never grew or changed as a person except you know she was busy with kids and he probably did nothing in the relationship or helped at all
>pretends he wasn't a shit husband to her while fawning over his crush for over 10 years
>complains wife had no sexual desire for him

FUCK and everyone in the comments is just praising him for going through this????? the guy literally says he married his wife knowing there was no passion and that he truly didnt love her. He doomed her to a shitty fucking relationship because he's a little bitch

i hope he dies soon and without his dick working

No. 691301

No. 691307

I'm not a minority so maybe I don't get it but it must exhausting to constantly get angry from discussing interracial relationships like these men. I wish I knew where to read more about how Asian women feel about Asian men like this. Also kek at "vancouver ubc finance", because of course.

No. 691341

No. 691348

Imagine your dad dying and he spends his last few months of life pining over another woman instead of trying to make memories with you or make sure the family will be able to get by without him. The disregard for his children says it all.

No. 691354

i hate how the only thing that convinced me this is fake is that the mistress reciprocated his feelings

No. 691369

I'm absolutely losing it

No. 691371

Yeah, I sorta believed it up until his “friend” was ~shaking and crying~ and also in love with him for several years. It’s definitely fake, but the thought of being married to a man like this is awful. Your husband is going to die and all he’s concerned with is some woman he wants to fuck while his wife and children are an afterthought.

No. 691377

The thing that also gets me is him being mad his wife said "what are we going to do?"
Like even if it were real, of course she's going to say that. You have to plan out appointments, payment, and the like. She fuckin asked him but because she didn't do it at the start is him being a huge fuckin baby. I don't believe this at all like most stories on reddit but it's laughable how sensitive men are when women don't act like how they want them to.

No. 691406

My interpretation is that it's a guy who's actually in a loveless marriage, who visualized a fantasy that he's dying and thus has justification to say fuck you to his family and responsibilities he has taken on himself, and run off to confess to his old friend who in his fantasies is also in love with him. A lot of these fake stories seem to have a grain of reality, buried in a creative writing practice, just so the OP can get positive comments about how they wouldn't be at fault in that specific scenario, from which OP somehow derives that they're not a shithead IRL.

No. 693527

File: 1607855015282.png (148.55 KB, 1125x863, Screenshot 2020-12-13 042117.p…)

I'm addicted to r/breakingmom, even though I hate this subreddit with a passion. This is one of the most extreme examples I've seen, but the majority of these posts boil down to "In the age of infinite knowledge at my fingertips, I decided to have a kid without doing that much research and now I hate my life." I had a terrible mother and this subreddit is like what I imagine her inner thoughts must have been.

Honorable mention: https://www.reddit.com/r/breakingmom/comments/kc2rgt/i_dont_want_to_be_a_mom_again/

No. 693533

File: 1607855764698.png (73.58 KB, 711x571, 1.png)

So the /r/curlyhair mods are reverting back to 2014

No. 693534

I agree that breakingmom is a shithole full of women who refuse to leave shitty husbands even though they can. But I don't see a solution here aside giving the kid up for adoption.

No. 693540

Do you really think giving up a 6 year old for adotpion is that easy?

Are people just supposed to not have kids or something?

No. 693545

These people should not have kids, yes.

No. 693547

Why not? If only perfect parents were going to have children then almost no one would be a parent.

No. 693550

>Do you really think giving up a 6 year old for adotpion is that easy?
I don't, that's why I said in my post I'm not seeing other solutions? What can she do, dump the husband, give him custody and try to get another job while struggling to pay custody?

No. 693551

I used to think "reddit isn't that bad, the subreddits I go on are populated by normal people with common sense" until I saw this. Which is sad because r/curlyhair really is a great resource, but it leaves me with mixed feelings whenever I go there.

No. 693553

Men dump their kids and wifes all the time. I wish we could do it too without being burned at the stake.

No. 693557

these types of moms are 100% the moms of people who'll end up posting on r/raisedbynarcissists in a few years

No. 693561

That sub is another shitheap in itself, too many people begging for pity and asspats,often using fake stories.

No. 693564

Consider: the men should be burned at stake too.

No. 693565

Someone complaining about their kid on reddit means that she should leave her family

No. 693585

Posts like these are strangely comforting to me because they confirm my own suspicions about my mom that she never had the balls to confess. If my mom was a parent during the internet age she'd definitely had been one of these anonymous complaining about how having a child didn't save her marriage, that parenting is soul sucking and difficult, and that she didn't bond cause she didn't like me even though she luved me. It's just not kosher to admit as a woman that having a kid fucked her life because she ought to have known better, and kids are indelible mistakes.

It's shitty but I wish more parents were this honest with themselves if not to alleviate the guilt their kids feel when they see that they don't have the kinds of relationships other kids have with their parents. And I wish becoming a parent was seen as a more serious life decision akin to taking out a major high risk loan with little return, rather than this natural thing that will guarantee fulfillment and happiness. Just imagine how great the world would have been if more people reflected first before they fucked another human into existence.

No. 693592

I agree. The world would be a better place if only 10% of people had kids and the rest were sterilized.

No. 693593

There's a difference between being a perfect parent and someone who clearly can't handle it at all.

No. 693666

I stumbled across an article written in the 90s by a white woman that used the term 'pickme', in the same sense it's used today. The piece was written as if readers would be well acquainted with the concept. I wish I had kept the damn thing. Reddit and LSA have had full-on breakdowns over the recent ApProPriAtiOn of this term kek.

No. 693687

File: 1607884994875.jpg (188.42 KB, 1200x630, razer-pro-type-OGimage-1200x63…)

The white/silver version of that keyboard is actually so much nicer.

No. 693984

Yeah I wish breeders would meditate more on the fact that it's a crazy kind of power to be able to bring a new locus of consciousness into the universe, to suffer and die like the rest of us, and so rather than doing it for the instagram stories, you have to wield that power with a sense of massive obligation to your kids, try to make their reality worth it rather than your own gratification. I don't know for sure how many people wouldn't have reproduced then, I can't read minds, but I bet it'd be a lot.

No. 693996

What the fuck when did they come out with this? I literally have this keyboard from like 3 years ago but it was from Amazon, some random logo and $60 lmao.

No. 694012

>Spending $60 on a keyboard
No offense but what the fuck

No. 694027

Good mechanical keyboards are worth it. 60 is really cheap, especially if you're buying from Amazon. A friend of mine has an artisanal mech keyboard and he really loves it. Definitely a nerd/programmer/gamer thing though.

No. 694108

File: 1607946074167.png (45.74 KB, 806x380, 151256161.png)

Coming from r/unpopularopinions which honestly is just r/popular opninonsthatareslightlypoliticallyincorrect.

Redditor doesn't understand what hypocrisy means, and then describes it perfectly. Some comments call him out on it, but there's an alarming amount of people that can't see how hilarious OPs statement is. Also a lot of intellectually dishonest redditors that pretend that not wanting your daughter to end up as a porn star is the same as not wanting your son to do some low prestige job (like being a garbageman).

No. 694129

Top upvotes are of course comments defending OP.
Real annoying are the responses to the rational comment on how it's unethical, along the lines of "even if porn industry was safe, amazing and not degrading I would not want my daughter in it"… like you can even imagine how society would be like if that was the case

No. 694133

>not wanting your daughter to end up as a porn star is the same as not wanting your son to do some low prestige job (like being a garbageman)
It's exactly the same and the reason is that they do not respect the people who do these jobs. They don't respect the women they get off to, they straight up admitted themselves.

No. 694136

Kek I saw this yesterday and rolled my eyes. Yes, if you objectify someone else's daughter but don't want your own daughter objectified, I'd say that's pretty hypocritical.

Amazing how only women get trashed for being in porn, but men watching it is ~uwu natural~

No. 694137

I don't think it's the same. It's similiar, in that they are looked down upon, but feeling uncomfortable talking about your son being a garbageman (or truck driver or whatever) is different from being worried your friends will come across (or even intentionally look up) porn of your family members after you bring it up.

No. 694138

It’s kind of funny because the guys whiteknighting porn are the kind that must surely watch those teenage barely legal 20 hours compilation of step daughter fun times which is why they wouldn’t mind seeing their actual daughters doing nasty shit for the world to see.

No. 694160

I babysat a kid that fits her description to a T, but she had mental issues as well as FAS because her mom had her at 50 and obviously drank during pregnancy. It can't be "just" ADHD.

No. 694170

>unpopular opinions
I can't get too mad, at least they're aware when they've got a garbage take most disagree with.

No. 696373

File: 1608247722421.png (127.25 KB, 1310x490, Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 6.26…)

Coomer reactions to Pornhub's recent wiping of unverified videos are pretty hilarious.

No. 696379

This is like reddit's 9/11, it's great.

No. 696389

men are so insufferable. imagine being into porn, let alone being into porn THIS much. "defending" porn is an underestimate here, they would probably kill their own mothers if it meant they got all those videos back.
how did it get to this point? i saw a comment that i definitely have to agree with, about how it's all about novelty and shock value to these pornsick coomers. i suppose it's one thing for someone who is completely sexless to be this obsessed with porn, because it feeds into their fantasies and artificially "satisfies" one of the most basic human needs… but there are men out there who have access to women, to their girlfriends, to their wives, who would drop them in a heartbeat in favor of porn. it is completely mind boggling

No. 696391

What was that dating subreddit that was banned because it had too many people complaining about trannies?

No. 696402

This is why spanking exists.
No, but kids at that age only respond to the physical, they don't respond to the rational.
My cousin wasn't spanked, and I was. She was absolutely the model brat that ruined a marriage and eventually her life because she was so hard to rationalize with by anybody.
Meanwhile the worst that happened to me is that I got a mild fetish

No. 696419

No. 696431

Well I mean you still ended up on an imageboard advocating for people using force on their children to get them to do what they want so…
You don't need to speak to a child like an adult for them to understand right from wrong. Even if they're neurodivergent as well.

No. 696436

> only respond to the physical, they don't respond to the rational.
True, but that response is not desirable.

No. 696439

>I had a terrible mother and this subreddit is like what I imagine her inner thoughts must have been.

Same tbh. I was actually a really tame and nice child with zero issues, despite going through her divorces and being diddled. I still picked up verbal cues and body language all my life with her that she secretly resented me. Later in life it was like I owed her. Oddly it makes me feel better cause it just solidifies how it wasn't my fault. These women are truly broken people.

What they probably don't know is that their kids are acting out because they know their mommy doesn't like them. Secondly, the MAJORITY of their issues are because the men they bred with aren't worth a damn in the help department. The bitch in this story admits she does the majority load, and my mom was a single mom. What's the common thread here? Taking their mental and physical exhaustion out on their kids because they're too cowardly to put their men to task or admit THAT is where their issues started. But then they'd have to blame themselves and not their innocent children who didn't ask to be born, so.

No. 696930

sage for obvious reasons! Anon, thank you for saying all that. Grew up in a similar situation, normal kid in terms of temperament. Not diddled but mom let other adults abuse me, hitting, interrogation like yelling, also would watch kids at school bully me and did nothing about it. Also knew from a very young age she hated me. She was an over stressed single mom with two kids with two different fathers. Never had the guts to take them to task when the courts would have fucking sided with her easily. But like you said, with women like that, that would mean they would have to admit they did something wrong.

This woman is a fucking monster. "ZOMG my kid isn't a pliable little doll like I thought she was going to be! I can't easily mold her into whatever the fuck I want because she has problems. I also am too tired to deal with it!" This mom would be one of those gross moms who would milk the shit out of her child having cancer. The gifts and donations would go to the mom.

No. 697102

File: 1608328717705.jpg (108.71 KB, 920x1363, Screenshot_4.jpg)

94% upvoted

No. 697119

I have been waiting for this day for so long! It's just as wonderful as I imagined it! ♥
Cry coomers!

No. 697123

Woah anon, that's very scientific! I enjoyed your analysis very much, especially when you compared yourself with another girl that grew up in a different environment than you did. Certainly there is no personal bias and no other factors interfered. Brb physically assaulting my kids as we speak!

No. 697146

The only acceptable physical punishment that can be used on kids is timeout and after they calm down, you just explain what you need to explain to them.

No. 697345

File: 1608356488744.png (956.62 KB, 731x833, dudebro.png)

I hate how any female artist who takes a picture like this gets called an attention whore and the comments say she "only got upvotes because girl" and a bunch of other shitty insults.

The painting is nice and all, but is it really that interesting? This shit would get torn apart if it had a girl on the right.

No. 697348

Will no one mention that the guy looks unwashed and homeless?

No. 697351

Sorry but this looks like a shitty stoner metal album cover

No. 697358

There are a few negative comments, but the overwhelming majority are super positive, praising his skills, asking where they can buy his art, etc. No way some greasy-looking woman would get treated like that.

No. 697361

Yeah, he's definitely a Tool fan. And his art sucks.

No. 697368

File: 1608360112912.jpg (368.44 KB, 1080x1744, 20201219_004037.jpg)

Oh, look. It's a pickme ass bitch.

No. 697374

I remember stumbling over a sub where they crossposted posts like these, where men were standing with their creations, to point out that comments like this never happen to them but always to women like a year or two ago but never saved it and for the life of mine can't find again, it's sad lol

No. 697382

She's replying to every comment in the most cringe way possible.

No. 697398

File: 1608363785686.jpg (345.54 KB, 1435x455, kupka.jpg)

this honestly looks like vaguely ripping off kupka

No. 697400

If you look at some of this dude's other shit on reddit, it's pretty clear that he's actually copying Alex Grey. The guy who did some Tool cover art and who has a general "psychedelic" art style.

No. 697424

>there is so much stigma around guys UwU
Not only is it for good reason, but also pretending as if women were always portrayed positively is deluded. Holy shit, I hate that crap.
Also, I hate how ingrained it is in society that women need to uplift men every time women are being praised. Because otherwise "men are being overlooked" and we wouldn't want that UwU.

No. 697455

Well she definitely sounds like one. Shit kinda read like a damn fanfic

No. 697512

What is it with reddit and calling pretty much any girl or woman a Karen?

No. 697626

File: 1608401260261.png (126.03 KB, 1300x544, Screen Shot 2020-12-19 at 1.04…)

I looked at that sub the other day and there were so many manosphere-esque posts, it was insane. I'll find them:
> sidenote: "oppressed dudes" LOL
There was a post yesterday when I was browsing called "regret is not rape" and it was full of serious responses from obvious male virgins. Here's a post made in response in which the OP gets hounded by teenage misogynists:

No. 697630

Gen z males are told they're allowed to have feelings and the only thing that changes is that they threaten to kill themselves every other day

No. 697637

men hate FDS because FDS is right and exposes mens manipulation tactics, it makes him suicidal because as FDS and it's behaviors mirror into society it scares men that they'll live in an evil future where they're actually expected to put forward effort into relationships, be decent people, have hygiene, and no string along women

No. 697651

males trying to claim fds is full of femcels are so fucking funy and delusional. the whole point is so learn how to AVOID toxic/abusive/misogynistic men (which is about 90% of the reddit userbase which is why theyre so mad about it lol). do they actually think expecting your bf/husband to take a shower, not beat you or rape you, and actively participate in the relationship is toxic lmao.

No. 697652

No. 697653

>and ladies you stay away too that is a super manipulative sub that could make me suicidal stay away please
lmao pathetic, just die already then

No. 697663

Didn't r/FDS get banned at some point? I just went to it and it's working, so I guess they brought it back or something recently.

No. 697707

File: 1608415416139.jpg (55.53 KB, 564x942, 70de8fa7f5c1960a0cea472f77a87c…)

>it made me believe i am worthless i had suicidal thoughts and stuff

No. 697710

But anon, expecting a guy to buy you a dinner or two to demonstrate some actual interest is clearly being a manipulative gold digging bitch! Even lolcow is full of anons who think it's expecting too much, like… it's a fucking symbolic gesture that might set a guy back $100 at most, not actual financial dependence on a man.

But yeah, aside from the highly controversial gold digging strategy of not accepting walking/coffee/50-50 dates, 99% of the advice is geared towards avoiding shitty men and men who aren't that into you. Not trying to manipulate a guy into being with you, not trying to get as many men as possible to want you, literally just filtering through the many options most women have by default. Men can't relate as all their strategies are specifically to deceive and manipulate women into doing what they want.

No. 697746

I personally dont understand why broke men even want to date. I would feel embarrassed to not offer dinner to a girl even if shes just a booty call who I plan on never seeing again.

I'm a woman so I'm not expected to spend money I guess but even I feel embarrassed to date/hook up with guys knowing I'm broke and live in a shitty apartment when I have more important things to focus on.

No. 697773

there is literally no reason to ban it. it's not a hate sub. there's a pinned post detailing that it's there to help women avoid toxic males. if reddit faggots were to ban it there'd be a riot.

No. 697782

I guess it's not the one that I was thinking of, then. I just recalled they banned a couple primarily female subs when they did the purge of t_d and chapo.

No. 697788

in the past it started to become a little more militant until mods stepped up the rules to be anti-male hate. they just hate low value men aka shitty abusive or entitled men, which is why the sub also posts examples of men going above and beyond to treat their women well, and men telling other men to step it up.
they're really not expecting much. some of the "fds handbook" stuff is silly but overall it cannot be classed as a hate sub

No. 697936

I wish it were a gay dude writing this instead

No. 697959

>this sub is manipulative
>if you go there I might kill myself

No. 699135

File: 1608587534244.png (22.97 KB, 746x195, evilwomenrapeme.png)

Why does it seem so out of place when the word "rape" is used this way? No, I absolutely don't think men can be raped by women. There's not even close to the same psychological and physical scars involved for them.

No. 699176

The thing you have to understand is that they're lying. Men can always fight off women. They all think that if their SO snaps at them it's the same as the DV that women experience and that saying they have a microdick is a hate crime, so I assume that the 'rape' they're talking about is more bullshit. (Got their wallet raped, maybe.)

It's very in right now to horn in on oppression that you don't actually experience.

When men are raped 99% of the time it's by other men. They never post about that, but I see posts about this constantly. This is just a thread of misogynists all high-fiving each other for hating women.

No. 699191

When I was 28 I had a 21 year old dude accuse me of sexual assault because i was drunk and he was hard so I just got on top. The reason being was I'm almost a decade older and he didnt like me. A few months later he hit me up trying to have sex with me again despite accusing me of sexual assault previously. Men have a loose definition of sexual assault with women.

No. 699231

This is why men screech that all rape accusations are just women regretting sex they had afterwards; it's the only level of danger they actually experience.

All men are gold medalists in the Projection Olympics.

No. 699233

No offence anon, but he was hard so you just got up on it?? Did you rape him lol

No. 699237

Yeah everytime we would fuck he would whine about being used and act like I'm some old grandma who took advantage of him. Everytime he would call me for sex I would remind him that he accused me of "raping him" then he would pretend he didnt say it.

No. 699267

Can the old whores and their rape ass fuck off from this website? Scrotes are a no but hags are a bigger no.

No. 699271

I think it's interesting that she responded to you and then deleted it.

No. 699273

You'll be an old hag one day aswell

No. 699275

what did she say??

No. 699276

Hag is not an all encompassing term. If anon you replied to doesn't go around raping people I reckon she's safe

No. 699279

It was some guy I met on tinder and we were watching a movie and I was all over him. I pulled his pants down and we fucked. He regretted it because he had a gf so then he tried to claim I raped him.

No. 699285

you also said in your first post he didn't like you. you just sound like some desperate woman trying to fuck with younger guys for a self esteem boost. you also mentioned you've fucked a couple of times and the first time he claimed rape and you still went back. fix your self worth girl.

No. 699286

Why does it matter if he likes me? Most people dont like the random people they fuck on tinder.

No. 699288

speak for yourself lol, attraction matters. you sound predatory.

No. 699289

Yeah if I'm gonna have a hook up it's going to be with a 6'2, young cutie. Why would I have a one night stand with some balding old guy?

No. 699290

Didn't you say he was too drunk, still was hard anyways so you just hopped on? I still don't think men can be raped similary to women but that shit ain't cool, anon. You're kinda nasty, happy holidays though.

No. 699291

hows it a one night stand if everytime you claim you had sex he cried about being used, and also he had a gf?

No. 699293

Hold up, YOU were drunk. That's somehow even more pathetic.

No. 699294

She said HE was drunk. She took advantage, she had to be all over him, his agency doesn't seem to come into the story so far lol, maybe in the post she deleted idk.

No. 699295

He said he felt like he was being used for sex and he didnt literally cry. That's not rape, men pump and dump women all the time or use them as booty calls.

No. 699297

No I said I was drunk. He was 100% sober.

No. 699298

Still don't understand how you class someone you fucked several times a one night stand

No. 699299

So you were drunk and when you sober up he tells you it was rape and you're just like sure whatever lol, ok.

No. 699300

He said it was rape because I'm older than him by a lot. He was using twitter logic.

No. 699302

That's what he said to you? He said because you are 7/8 years his senior it was rape? Nothing about you being all over him, taking his pants off and just going on top because he was hard?

No. 699303

So now we are just supposed to be rapey because muh men are too, no sis. I dislike scrotes, but this is creepy.

No. 699305

Yes thays exactly what he said. If he was actually raped why would he keep contacting me for sex?lol
If a man raped me i for sure wouldnt go back to be raped again.

No. 699307

Why would you go back to fuck a guy with a gf that also cried rape the first time you fucked him? Don't you have any self worth?

No. 699309

Yeah, I get most anons here are radfem or whatever, but this whole "Women can't do anything bad like men" thing a lot of anons seem to believe is just…wrong. It's facts that men rape A LOT more than women, but to act like the reverse is something that never happens, and like there are no predatory women out here is just retarded.

No. 699310

Fucking a guy with a gf doesnt make me a rapist.

No. 699312

Didn't state it does? Just trying to understand your logic. You claim he was a one night stand, but then also mention you've fucked him a few times and he's complained about being rape and used. You're very desperate. If I had younger brothers I'd tell them to stay away from you, old hag anon wants her kicks by any means necessary!!

No. 699313

Nta, but you and the dude are still dogshit for going behind his gfs back though. Anon is still right though, if someone (who is not single) accuses you of rape why would you even wanna se them again?

No. 699314

It was a one night stand at first then we became frenemies who fuck
Because he was cute with huge dicl. I dont need a reason. The bottom line it wasnt rape.

No. 699315

Yeah, I am radfem not into men but there's absolutely women who prey on men, usually younger/weaker ones. I am not calling anon a cold hearted rapist hag, but it is gross.

No. 699317

you need to fix your self esteem and stop going round to young men's homes, getting embarrassingly drunk and throwing yourself at them. Think it's telling the dude stayed sober and you were drunk af, he needed to keep his wits about him lol, then you just mount him. Not saying it's rape, but fuck me anon (don't!), get some self respect

No. 699319

You sound like an unhinged scrote lol(Hi scrote )

No. 699325

Yeah exactly it's not rape. That was my point kek

No. 699348

I dunno if this story is even true since it keeps wildly changing, but mounting a dick because it's hard and the guy calling you a rapist later kinda sounds like rape. You don't need to insert anything to rape, he didn't offer himself to you or come onto you based on the information we have in this thread.

However scrotes absolutely take "she's hot and in the same room as me therefore sex" as sound logic. So anon is using scrote logic to make some kinda point, but it's still shitty. Wait until he tries to stick the dick in you first next time.

No. 699353

considering it was posted on the teenager sub, this just makes so sad for her. I hope she unlearns this behavior and loves herself

No. 699356

god youre sad, please respect yourself more and get help

No. 699357

I'm getting MTF vibes from this post, something about the phrasing and sentence construction is a little erratic, like screenshots from the MTF thread in /snow tend to be.

No. 699359


I can tell he's a gamer from that art, it looks like a pixel art forest scaled up.

No. 699384

Idk anon
>grown-ass man vs drunk woman
He could've literally just pushed her away, why didn't he? And why stay in touch and keep coming back for more?
If she was the drunk one and he was completely sober, that's even more incentive for him to stop her because she's not in her right mind.
Doesn't sound like rape to me, just two damaged people.

No. 699771

that is full-on eugenics anon, maybe you shouldn't be allowed to breed

No. 700008

File: 1608659407467.png (38.92 KB, 976x211, amandatodd3.PNG)

was listening to a podcast about amanda todd (the 15 yo girl who got blackmailed and committed suicide) and for reasons that are unknown even to myself i decided to google what reddit had to say about her. worst mistake of my fucking life, i dont know why i expected even a lick of empathy from the scrotes in reddit
made me so mad

No. 700011

File: 1608659483385.png (57.92 KB, 985x446, amandatodd2.PNG)

No. 700013

File: 1608659509228.png (49.86 KB, 966x258, amandatodd1.PNG)

No. 700563

Redditors really think a girl making bad decisions when she’s young warrants death. Fucking psychotic.

No. 700796

File: 1608727071958.jpeg (494.46 KB, 750x1150, A976F5DD-D5A4-4EAD-9D39-308A8A…)

I don’t disagree with FDS, but this sounds straight up delusional, comparing it to feminist movement that gave women first rights? I frequent the sub and I never see any feminist discussion or the like. Why are women in the replies calling FDS feminism when it is not, just shitting on libfems doesn’t make you a political activist. Am I being the delusional one and just imagining this post

No. 700805

File: 1608728227149.jpg (20.2 KB, 400x400, 9a3590681ca9efd3c2c578e944e3ce…)

No, no, you're completely right. I also like FDS and subscribe to the general philosophy, but sometimes posters can be so cringe.

I remember going on a mod's profile because of some weird comment they made, and, get this, they're an autistic fat NEET who can't even interact with people normally. And they're a mod for a subreddit that encourages being a HVM?? Like… how are you a mod and claim to be versed in FDS? Seems to me like all this girl does is reeeee about men instead of living her best life. I mean, go off, reee-ing about men is fun and they suck, but don't be a mod and advise people on social questions you don't understand. If a lifestyle subreddit is gonna have mods, is it not unreasonable for them to be expected to be, not necessarily experts, but capable of following and giving advice about the lifestyle in question?

No. 700819

reddit scrotes are on another level of demented to be talking like this about a dead child. it's a relief that most of these retards are going to die alone so that they won't have wives and daughters to screw up

No. 700848

I have mixed feelings about FDS, I do appreciate the message and goal but its incositant, its not filled with femcels rather older women who made some very dumb decisions and younger girls who have never even kissed a boy, I do think there should be more effort to seperate age categories, also theres way too much black libfem twitter speak on that board
Anon remember hes dumb teenager, no

No. 701054

FDS is shit and nobody who subscribes to it is even qualified to give advice to other women. Learn2love yourselves anons

No. 701057

File: 1608751336950.png (666.66 KB, 1054x669, roastme.PNG)

>unsuccesfully attempting to fit in with the bitchy girls
the few girls that use reddit are pickmes? imagine my shock, anons

No. 701058

god I hate posts like these.

No. 701062

A lot of the stuff on fds is bullshit but also a lot of it is right. For example the coffee and walk dates. Men actually do take women on cheap dates like this because they just wanna fuck without spending too much money on a girl they dont want.

No. 701065

i disagree with this, my bf committed to me and he never took me out on "expensive" dates (not that i'm pining for them, anyway). i suppose some do it on purpose for the reasons stated but i think a lot of this insecurity stems from women who think money/gifts = he loves me(!)

No. 701066

A decent date with thought put into it doesnt need to be expensive. There are exceptions to the rule but usually if a man wants to put the least effort into thinking about a date he doesnt like you that much.

No. 701067

You are unironically using the same excuses that men use for buying into theredpill nonsense. It doesn't matter how many sprinkles are on top of the bullshit you're eating, you're still eating bullshit. If you treat relationships like games or puzzles that need to be unlocked then you will become a miserable person.

No. 701068

Nah, walk dates are just cause tons of dudes are broke, especially dudes under like 25, most of them can barely afford their rent. It’s little to do with wanting or not wanting the girl

No. 701071

R/roastme is so cringe to me, moreso because of the people who comment.
Anyone I've ever known who is a redditfag & participates in that subreddit has incredibly low self esteem themselves, it's like a free for all for losers who put others down to make themselves feel better

No. 701072

Why would you want to date someone who cant spend 10$ on you for dinner though? Even I had that at 19.

No. 701073

It's not a puzzle it's a way to figure out who actually like you. I had a scrote who wasnt very self aware tell me "let's go on a walk date first because I wanna see if we get along before spending any money". A lot of guys are scared of being used for meals or they dont wanna waste money if they aren't going to get laid.

No. 701074

>why do poor people exist
this is unironically gonna devolve into another "poor people aren't allowed to be in relationships" infight again

No. 701075

If you are so poor that you cant spend $10 dollars on a date then you shouldnt be dating. Clearly you have more important things to worry about.

No. 701077

>If you are so poor that you cant spend $10 dollars on a date then you shouldnt be dating

That's literally a braindead take but ok.

No. 701079

No it's not. If a man can afford weed and fast food he can afford to spend 10 dollars on you. If hes in poverty to the point he cant even afford a meal at mcdonalds he needs to be focusing on other things, I would say the same about a woman aswell.

No. 701085

Why don't you figure out whether a man likes you by, you know, figuring out whether you both have a strong connection? I don't understand how this is so difficult. If you are enthusiastic about someone, can have an easy conversation, and share the same values and that person seems enthusiastic about you and doesn't send off red flags then they're probably worth pursuing. It's really that simple.

No. 701086

Agree. If a man is anyone worth dating, he'll at least have basics like somewhere to live (his own place), car or a reliable transit system, a JOB, and financial ability to provide for himself. Anything less than this is a red flag that he's probably looking to leech off of your resources and I can guarantee that he's only gonna be a subtraction on your life happiness. I had an ex like this and my life is so much better without the dead weight even if he did provide sex and "love" and w/e. Sage for blogpost.

No. 701087

If a guy is enthusiastic about you hes not going to care about using his brain to think about a decent date. You think if a guy came across a girl who looks like a young megan fox on tinder he would have any issue spending 15 dollars on a meal and actually putting in some effort into the first date?

No. 701088

Honestly rather go on a walk date in a scenic place than have a guy pay for a 10 dollar dinner. I mean what is that, like fast food? On a first date? Gross. At least with the way you get exercise and fresh air

No. 701091

There are tons of decent mom and pop restaurants with great food that dont cost more than 20 dollars a meal. That's an excuse kek

No. 701095

jesus christ, you go on the date and figure out if you connect DURING THE DATE. It doesn't matter what the actual date is unless the guy explicitly says that he's not interested enough in you to spend money on you or gives other indications that he just wants to get laid. This is making me unreasonably angry.

No. 701096

ignore them, they get their talking points from r/FDS

No. 701097

Of course poor people are allowed to have relationships, they can date other poor people.

No. 701100

>see if you have a connection

Spending 10 dollars on you at a resturant on the first date is the bare minimum. Like I said. If a guy found a girl who looks like a 20 year old megan fox on tinder do you think he would need to "see if we have a connection!" Before spending a dime on her? The answer is no.

No. 701102

NTA, but generally, broke men shouldn't be involved in dating. They need to focus on building decent income for themselves before adding a +1 to their lives.
If you can't afford to take a girl to dinner, you're obviously having problems and need to get off Tinder until your shit's sorted out. Or, get a sugar mommy I guess, lmao.

No. 701103

Exactly. And even guys deep down inside think women who date then while they are broke are pathetic.

No. 701104

of course. now tell that to all the chicks with prostitute mentalities and how they wanna be "taken care of" financially lmao (i promise you they're reading this post rn)

No. 701106

Damn so asking a guy to spend $10 on you is being a prostitute? You need some self respect kek

No. 701107

expecting anything monetary from anyone just for having you in their presence is prostitute mentality period. you can have a good time on a date whether he spends on you, he doesn't, you split the cost of the date, you walk, whatever. it's not really about the $10, it's about fulfilling the expectations you have of what a traditional date is supposed to be

No. 701108

calm down geez stop acting like a triggered redditor not everyone thinks like you let it go

No. 701117

>the few girls that use reddit
Uhh don't a lot of women use reddit? It's not as "mainstream" (for lack of a better word, it's mainstream, but you get what I mean) as Instagram or twitter, but it's still a big website. It's not like reddit is obscure. It's literally just another social media site. There's a reason why FDS has 118k follwers.

No. 701118

Those are like 3 different people you idiot

No. 701119

No it is not. Men are always looking to get free and easy sex on dating apps. Men are different from women mentally, I was dating a guy and he was "so broke" with me, yet when some cute red head came around suddenly he could afford to buy her all this food and games. They want to spend money on and take care of girls they want. Even if they might not be rich they will give the girls they like what they can afford to give. That is just how it is.

No. 701121

Let's say that's the case. Did you really need a subreddit for autists who can't have healthy relationships to tell you to avoid cheap dates?
It is just astounding to me that people buy into this crap. You're all going to end up in shitty relationship after shitty relationship because you're relying on cynical minimaxing advice from fellow losers instead of cultivating and relying on your own judgment. If you try to treat human connections like this, you will fail. Simple as.

No. 701128

Nta but I was always ending up in shitty relationship after relationship paying 50/50, net flix and chilling and taking walks dates. Helping guys out financially just for them to leave me for some blonde stacy when they get their shit together. No thank you.

No. 701131

Yeah and getting them to pay for everything will surely make your future relationships not trainwrecks. Promise me when I say that if it's shitty relationship after shitty relationship, that you're the problem.

No. 701133

This. From what I've seen, it literally makes a guy happy to financially support you or get you gifts if he actually likes you. Even if they're not rich, it makes them feel fulfilled, on top of all the emotional stuff. It's just an expression of love to care for someone financially.
I don't know why some women internalize the idea that men don't like spending money on their lovers. It's just not true. The whole "split the bill" 50/50 thing is a huge turn-off and reeks of two kids on a play-date or something, lmao. Shit's not romantic, and the guy is either messing around, or he's going to walk away because he's not into you and doesn't want to waste money on a placeholder.

No. 701136

Reddit is 99% pure shit, endless circle jerking and recycling tired jokes. The users who unironically need to neck themselves the most are

>anyone who pays money to give "awards" to posts

>anyone who participates in a comment thread on a popular (non-niche interest) sub
>anyone who posts on AITA
>anyone who posts their childrens pictures

It's a shame the communities for small interests has to be attached to the larger cesspool of reddit.

No. 701138

Hum no, understand that men and women are not the same. Men want to spoil and take care of girls they really want. That's why men will leave the girls who were there for them when they were broke when they get money and immediately go after their "dream girls" who only use them for cash.

No. 701141

Look I'm sorry your bf dropped you for his dream girl but you need to stop

No. 701142

Need to stop what? Having standards?kek

No. 701143

You realize that you don't have to make men pay for everything, but wanting a guy to pay for a nice date isn't wrong right? People can treat each-other in relationships

No. 701145

Being a salty weirdo. Go back to FDS

No. 701147

I'm not salty. I'm just not going to date guys who cant even spend $20 on a meal. If all they want to do is come over and "cuddle" for free and take walks then no thanks. If that's what you like no ones stopping you sis. People have preference.

No. 701149

It sounds like the issue is your shit taste in men, not the act of sharing financial responsibility. You're not solving the underlying problem by making up arbitrary rules about what a first date should look like.

No. 701150

Exactly, and the anons are right when they say men like to spend money on women they like because it brings them joy to see them happy. Personally, I think it’s all relative to the money they actually have- but they should spend a good portion on you and try to make you happy. My boyfriend is a broke student but spends so much of what he has on me (which feels good! men should do this!) whereas my friend had a boyfriend from a RICH as fuck persian family who would never spend a dime on her. He would literally make her split the bill for his groceries when she’d visit for the weekend and spend $30 to come see him. I’m not saying you can’t treat each other, but gift giving and spending money should be primarily on the man.

No. 701152

>anyone who posts on AITA
AITA is fucking stupid, every post on there is a situation where the user is clearly NTA and/or obviously written very one-sided to imply the user is NTA. Weird people looking for validation that they are always right from strangers on the internet, lower than those people who post their personal dramas on facebook.

If both/all people involved provided their side of the story, that might be something? For people fixated on the minutiae of strangers’ lives at least.

No. 701153

>you had shit taste in men

Yeah a guy who wants to do 50/50, netflix and chill, not buy me anything on holidays is a shitty man. You arent wrong.

No. 701158

What do you expect from a partner? Seriously? A dude that constantly just buys you shit? This constant flip-flopping between "men who won't spend $10 on a date" to "men who won't spend a chunk of their income on me" is getting a bit funny

No. 701160

File: 1608757303418.jpg (50.34 KB, 550x413, applebee-s-neighborhood.jpg)

I don't completely agree, I think both parties should treat eachother equally and I don't think it's wrong to split expenses not date bills though, but as long as he can pay his bills then there is nothing wrong with a guy spending a lot of his money on you. I haven't read this entire conversation because I've seen this happen a couple times before, but it's not crazy to want your significant other to spend a lil money on you. Everyones love language is different but lots of people buy nice things for people they love. It's not high maintenance to want that like some anons think it is.

No. 701161

No, I dont expect him to constantly buy me shit. I expect at the start of our relationship that he pay for all the dates. I expect gifts on holidays as well. He should prove hes not a scrote looking for a free hooker until his perfect disney princess gives him the time of day.

No. 701162

While it'd be ideal to have mods that are capable of being advisors or experts, mods on reddit are just jannies doing it for free, so it makes sense these roles are often taken up by NEETs, stay-at-home-moms and bored low level IT guys.

No. 701163

You've been salting this thread all this time mad at anons for wanting a guy to spend just $10 on a date. Go back to r/pickmes or r/RedPillWomen, lmao.

No. 701168

Nta but why can't you just alternate paying for dates though? Like, I feel like this whole "one partner should pay for all preliminary dates before a relationship" is arguing "men don't actually value my time if they don't pay" versus "women are just gold diggers; always asking men to pay for the dates". It's two sides of the same coin, imo.

No. 701175

Because it is the mans job to prove himself to the woman at first. Women have more to lose in relationships and dating than men do. I'm not doing 50/50 shit within the first 3 months of dating.

No. 701177

I don’t know about this, like some rich dudes out there literally just buy shit for women they’re dating even though theyre cheating or planning on leaving at some point. If a man loves a woman he would want to live with her and marry her, not just drop her an expensive purse on holidays and shit

No. 701181

File: 1608757986767.jpeg (76.82 KB, 686x476, 2E705175-0BB8-4EAD-9846-72CA95…)

No offense, but you must be older, because this sentiment does not ring true for most young adults. College-aged adults in the dating scene (I can only attest to the U.S. btw) are not worried about what they have to lose when going on dates. You're in it for the fun and the possible prospect of dating. Sorry you've had a handful of bad experiences though and sorry for whatever contributing factors caused them. Hope you find the right guy for you. Or don't, if that's what you want too.

No. 701184

You say you don't want scrotes to use you as a free hooker but the "I'm not going 50/50 until 3 months pass" sounds like a viewpoint that sees relationships as mainly transactional- what are you bringing to the table in that timespan?

No. 701185

>most young adults

No, this is not true at all. There are 18 year old boys who become love sick puppies over girls and give them anything they can. Age has nothing to do with it. A guy might say hes just having fun and not ready for a relationship with you then a week later you see him with a gf kek

No. 701186

>what are you bringing to the table in that timespan?
NTA but uhhh time and company? I believe what that anon says. A woman definitely has more to risk when dating a scrote as well as needs to do more. I don't believe in not doing 50/50 in the first few dates but that doesn't mean women don't bring more to the table than men simply by existing.

No. 701187

Samefag and what I mean by "women have more to lose". Is we are at risk for being raped on dates, murdered and taken advantage of. One wrong date with the wrong scrote could have you in a ditch somewhere.

No. 701189

She's obviously bringing her vagina hole. These women seriously think they're a godsend simply for existing. They think a man spending money for them means they're not gonna get taken "advantage of" aka they are literally hookers who want to be compensated for sex

No. 701191

See >>701163
A "vagina hole" is still infinitely more valuable than a penis hole, sorry.

No. 701192

>shes bringing her vagina hole

Men can't survive 3 weeks without attention from women. Have you ever heard of a woman going on a killing spree because she cant get a date?

No. 701193

Oh, no you're definitely right there. Don't you think that's kinda rare though? In my experience, I'd be more likely to see a relationship like that not only primarily online, but also short-lasting. I thought anons in this discussion were talking about irl dating for the long-term, in which case I don't see full on puppy love like that these days. I'm not denying it happens, because that's how my current relationship started, but rather it isn't the majority of relationships among young adults. Hookup culture's big these days anyway, so maybe that's skewing my thought process. My main point is that there's definitely a middle ground when it comes to early dating and relying on just one person to "prove themselves" financially when you should also bring finances to the table, since you're already sustaining yourself (hopefully), is not my cup of tea.

No. 701194

I agree that does happen, especially with rich dudes. But I do feel when it comes down to men who aren’t rich, when they spend money they could be spending on themselves on you, it is a good sign. My biggest pet peeve is men who refuse to splash out financially on the women they “love”- but maybe that’s cause I’ve always seen that from my own parents. I would even be okay splitting bills potentially while getting to know them, but I think men should spend money on women they love and it’s weird to me if that doesnt make him happy.

No. 701197

>Bitchy girls in computer engineering
Never knew that field was the go-to place for staceys. Huh.

No. 701202

File: 1608759101618.jpg (133.93 KB, 1200x689, neckbeard.jpg)

Now, who could possibly be this angry enough to make such posts? It's a mystery.
Lmao actually it's not. Go home incel

No. 701203

Younger men love hook up culture because they can treat women like disposable garbage and no one can call them out on it.

No. 701206

File: 1608759213925.jpg (58.51 KB, 800x450, 1593835114315.jpg)

I'm so happy we ALL finally AGREE a man should spend $10 dollars on the first date with NO EXCUSES because WE ALL THINK THE SAME MAN ARE NOT HUMANS.

No. 701208

Yes, based

No. 701211

>reciting literal incel rhetoric
Moids need to leave

No. 701212

Women are expected to be perfectly shaven, hot and ready to fuck on the first date but men cant do the bare minimum of taking a woman to dinner?kek

Damn I should've been born male.

No. 701213

But a man spending money on you wouldn't stop him from raping or killing you though? I don't even think it's wrong for a man to spend money on his gf, but those things have no correlation. Men have killed their wives, gfs, etc… before. If he wants to kill you he'll do it even if he spends money on you. Not only that but, him spending money on you would definitely not be a good pay off if he ends up killing you. Like getting raped would not be worth a date I didn't have to pay for lmao

Anyway, this argument should probably die anyway. At this point it's not even ot.

No. 701214

I didnt say it would stop him but dating is more of a risk for us so it needs to be worth it to take the effort.

No. 701217

I get wanting nice gestures, but if your idea of a quality man/how much a man is into you is centered around how much shit he buys you, you're going to attract the types of men who are okay with being treated like a wallet/gift dispenser, which probably isn't going to work out so well…
How tf is that incel rhetoric? All she's saying is that money doesn't factor into how well a date can go.

No. 701218

But anon a free meal or whatever is not worth getting killed or raped. wtf. Why would that make it worth it?

No. 701219

It's actually horrific that this "woman" is equating something as serious as rape and murder (things woman are disproportionally faced with) with getting free meals.
>my safety is dependent on this dude paying for our dates
Absolutely bizarre

No. 701223

Samefagging but like, a free date and whatever gifts he buys isn't gonna heal you from the trauma of getting raped (and possibly pregnant?) or bring you back to life

Like I said, I agree that if you gotta partner, drop some cash on them and vice versa, but please do not go on a date with a man who you think is a threat because "Weellll I'm getting some stuff out of it so it's ok if I get raped or murdered."

No. 701224

So if I'm not doing any of that for a first date, is he allowed to not pay?

I feel like the biggest problem for FDS-types is that they go on too many dates to begin with if they worry about shit like this. You should preselect harder before agreeing on dates instead of going on a date thinking "at least I'm not spending money on this". But then again, I haven't been on a date for the last 4 years, and I refuse to go near any online dating platform ever again.

No. 701225

That is not what I said. I said there are more risks and threats for women during dating/relationships. Men are also more emotionally draining in relationships with women. At the end of the day women have more to lose so you cant put man and women on the same scale.

No. 701226

Anon, didn't you hear? Men with money never abuse women. We all know men who but things for women don't ever use that as a way to pressure them in to sex

No. 701229


Why split your posts like that, samefag scrote?

No. 701230

….That is what you said
>dating is more of a risk for us so it needs to be worth it to take the effort.
>women have more to lose". Is we are at risk for being raped on dates, murdered and taken advantage of.
You're literally saying a man paying for a date would be worth the risk of getting raped, murdered, abused, etc… You're saying those are the things we could lose, but that a free date would make it worth it.

No. 701231

DAMN some of you are like >>701057 and it shows. Moids, kys pls.
Nah, men paying for dinner is justifiable considering 1) we put in WAY more money to get ready for a date (don't even dispute this, it's FACT), 2) gender pay gap, and 3) safety risk of going out with a man. It's just manners to pay for a woman's meal like it is polite for a guy to hold the door; no one is saying you have to take a woman to Ruth Chris's steakhouse. Then again this is probably a scrote since you're freaking out so much about men spending $10-20 bucks on a woman. Maybe that adds up if you go on a lot of dates but to be fair, if you're a guy who's going out on dates constantly then that's just weird to begin with (probably a fuckboy/player type who's hot tbh).
Anon I was like you and I got walked all over by my leech of an ex because I prided myself on not being superficial. My advice is to be superficial because women's standards are pathetically low by default. Anons go for attractive guys, guys with stable finances, and keep to your standards always. Don't listen to scrotes about needing to lower your standards. You'll weed out men easily and you won't waste time on men who would have been disappointments.
Don't apologize for having standards, again: 1) women spend far more than $20 to get ready for dates, 2) we get paid less than men the same work/job, 3) safety risk for women.

No. 701232

No, that isnt what I said at all. You are just choosing to play dumb and act like you dont understand common sense.

No. 701234

Fuck off schizo

No. 701235

>there can't possibly be more than one person who disagrees with me! this must be the work of a single scrote!
take your meds

No. 701238

>we put in WAY more money to get ready for a date
lol what does this even mean? taking a shower and putting on clothes costs money?

No. 701240

I'm two of the anons you replied to (>>701218, >>701223) and sorry to disappoint but, I'm not a man. Like i said, I don't think it's wrong for anons to expect a man to spend money on them, hell that's what I expect, but acting like that's worth any risks is retarded.
The greentext are literally, word-for-word, your posts. Maybe you need to word your posts better then because, that's pretty clearly what you said imo.
A man who courts you and spends money on you could still be a threat though. There are plenty of guys who have killed their wives and gfs. I'm pretty sure they had to court them at some point.

No. 701242

I'm surprised this conversation went on for so long and 1) and 2) being mentioned for the first time just now. These seem like the most obvious reasons lmao.

No. 701243

Tbf, men are not expected to put on makeup and do their hair, so it is more time consuming for women to get ready. Women are just expected to look more presentable, but if the guy is worth your time he should be putting in that effort anyway.

No. 701244

Can we stop sperging about FDS related stuff? There's a thread for FDS in /g/
The farmhands lately have been really ban heavy so I don't wanna alert them here but I do have to admit that this is in need of some moderation.

No. 701245

It's ok if pick mes are out here accepting walk dates and are ok with men who wont even give them a dollar store birthday card and are happy with that, that's fine. At least they wont be torturing some woman who wants more than that. End of discussion kek

No. 701248

Well now you've just outed yourself as a moid. Not even a pickme would say this. Men suck so hard at LARPing as women, funny how easy it is for us to LARP as you all. Enjoy your impending ban, scrote.

No. 701249

if you feel expected to do that shit i feel sorry for you. i wear my hair naturally (mostly to avoid excessive damage due to bleaching) and i don't wear makeup either other than eyeliner IF i feel like it kek. all of these expectations are down to you; you either want to do them or you don't, it's your fault if you feel pressured to go on a date with 50 layers of makeup. i'm using "you" in the broader sense here btw, no judgement to you personally

No. 701251

read the post below yours freakazoid. you're so brainwashed it's not even funny. just do what you want and stop being so bothered, it's like your brain is going haywire trying to balance sticking it to men and pleasing them at the same time

No. 701253

Makeup doesn't always equal "50 layers of makeup".

No. 701255

I'm not a moid, I just view dating differently than you do. I'm 23 and currently living with my parents because the economy is in the shitter here, and I recognize it's like that for a lot of recent college grads…I don't see the issue with a coffee date when first getting to feel out somebody's vibe

No. 701257

Alright anonettes do not interact with this scrote unless you want an infighting ban.

No. 701259

I think we're all gonna get one anyway lmao

No. 701260

sorry you feel like you have to put in so much effort, but don't take it out on me.

No. 701264

lmao okay, i'm a scrote because i don't think women have to go through hoops getting ready to go out on a fucking date. take your medicine

No. 701269

File: 1608760839117.gif (16.34 KB, 220x197, shut the fuck up.gif)

No. 701272

I guess now we know why you're so unsuccessful with men that you need dating advice from reddit- you're nuts!

No. 701273

File: 1608760945578.png (881.7 KB, 1158x1128, Screen Shot 2020-12-23 at 5.00…)

Well, ANYWAYS…. I was scrolling through r/all, leave it to Reddit to upvote some post of a 'sexist' comment against a guy with anorexia en masse

No. 701274

No. 701275

you are unironically very low intelligence

No. 701277

Seething so hard your LARP didn't work that you had to samefag and project your failed relationships lmao

No. 701281

so you're low intelligence and a paranoid schizophrenic. keep it coming retard-chan

No. 701283

ofc they are gonna upvote this shit because we need to protect men!!! look this poor guy getting bullied by this random ass person on the internet we need to protect and listen to his feelings!! always reaching too far only to prove a dumb point disgustang.

No. 701286

You didn't even deny being a scrote. Good thing your shit genes will die with you, broke-ass whore.

No. 701287

File: 1608761403402.png (162.86 KB, 1282x816, Screen Shot 2020-12-23 at 5.04…)

> Being judged for your emotions as a guy is so hard
> Meanwhile men's anger is just commonplace while 'Karens' complaining over a wrong fast food order go viral on tiktok
> And the Manosphere is linked to terror attacks and various hate crimes, yet is somehow equivalent to GC/"TERFS" who at worst are petty
> All in all, the people who shame men for showing emotion are…….other men
Yet another problem that they impose on themselves yet they have to play the victims to shut women up about our issues. Jesus christ.

No. 701289

>apparently only women and gay men can have anorexia
Yeah and wanna know who says that most the time? Other men.

But anyways, male anorexics are HUGE narcissists. Dated one for a hot minute in my early 20s and he was a needy closeted gay who never touched me and always wanted me to blow him. Wasn't hard to dump him. Ten years later he solicited me to echeat on his sugar mommy wife because he needed the validation so badly. Talked all sorts of shit about her to me and told me he wanted to leave her for me. Ran back to her when I told her, he probably cooked up a story that him sending his dick pics to me was all my idea.

But yep, typical attention seeking male anorexic shit.

No. 701290

i denied being a scrote several times in the posts you replied to before with your moronic tinfoiling. i'm not going to feed into your delusions you spastic fuck

No. 701291

>Us guys gotta lift each other up, no one else is gonna do it for us.
Finally. What we've been saying for ages. Thanks.

No. 701292

I hope they realize that comment was most likely made by another man. They're their own biggest enemies, but Redditors will bitch and moan like it's the mean old feminists hurting them instead of their dads and bros

No. 701293

Sure, Jan.

No. 701295

lmao, I'm in an 8-year relationship. We buy each other gifts, and oftentimes I pay for dinner. :^)

No. 701296

> it’s super depressing to be seen as a threat by half of the population and simultaneously have my emotions invalidated.
Girls who's gonna tell him how super depressing it is to be biologically weaker than half of the population, with the majority of attackers being in that group, and yet still getting called an uptight bitch for daring to protect yourself so that you don't get raped again or murdered?

No. 701298

>when even the fantasy scenario is sad

No. 701304

don't bother, she hasn't taken her meds today and everyone is a samefag if they disagree with her shit take

No. 701307

Based anons i love my sisters fuck scrotes trying to demonize us

No. 701310

Same anon, derailing but am I the only one who literally doesn't understand why the fuck men don't just express themselves/their emotions? The best way I can describe it is that they don't feel as deeply as women do which is why they can only repeating the same old "I love you" instead of having something something actually thoughtful to say to their so-called beloved partner. When it comes to other things as well every perspective that men say is not as thoughtful as what a woman would say. The most 'thoughtful' that they get is those ENTPs (myersbriggs fags waddup) who play devil's advocate in a debate just because they want to piss people off.
Why are men so empty-headed, emotionally and creatively?
/inb4 some scrote cites famous art, music, or books as an example of men being more creative, don't even try this argument

No. 701313


kek you are so bad at this

No. 701314

>inb4 someone gives valid examples as examples
Is this bait?

No. 701319

They don’t express them because they literally just don’t have them. Those redditfags are just ugly “nice guys” who want to think they’re not like other dudes.

No. 701323

Bitching again, scrote? Go play in traffic.

No. 701332

If you don't think creating things like art or music is a way of expressing creativity and emotion you're literally a dumbass autist. God you hate boner bitches have the weirdest mental gymnastics

No. 701336

>oftentimes I pay for dinner
i know you're crying behind that verboten emoji, let him go anon
males are literally retarded, trying to understand why is futile.

No. 701342

How many men get into music or a creative because they think it will help them get laid

No. 701478

File: 1608771293367.png (909.67 KB, 1458x706, gingerbread.png)

Samefag, just wanted to illustrate my point (only took 5 days kek). Ugly guys posing with mediocre art get to the front page all the time, but anyone posing with art while female is accused of attention whoring.

Even if attractive women do get more attention, wouldn't that be because Reddit is a primarily male site and they get upvoted/awarded by other men? Why do so many of these guys act like they're jealous of women for getting attention? It's so hypocritical and I see these examples every month. As soon as there's a picture of a woman with her art, I can almost guarantee what the comments will look like.

No. 701480

Had hopes and was impressed by reddit for once when all was downvoted, but then TheTrueBlueTJ came along kek

No. 701510

As someone with a bit of an obsession for the predator novels I just found my eyes more drawn to the left side of the image.. I mean it's really not that hard to just focus your eyes on the art.

If I saw that woman in a line up I wouldn't be able be able to pick her out, because she's barely showing herself. The absolute butthurt of these guys.

No. 701514

These need to be put side by side and posted somewhere. Please tell me which subreddit this applies to because I will post it myself.

No. 701528

>I'd be curious to see how the same post by a fat neckbeard would perform
Well that wouldn't exist in the first place because we all know the gluttonous cheeto dusty couldn't wait long enough to sculpt something out of gingerbread before he was dislodging his jaw like a snake to eat it and then washing it down with some mountain dew.

But no doubt redditors would cup his greasy, dead balls while patting his head for finger painting his waifu with his KFC diarrhea.

No. 701533

File: 1608775945612.jpg (44.9 KB, 604x453, 3d63630b318df6669017b1aca7d899…)

>I'd be curious to see how the same post by a fat neckbeard would perform
wow same stupid argument use by every man on earth to downplay an achievement of a woman,it's funny how they really think they are doing something posting this disrespectful unfunny sentence over and over again
i bet the only thing they can do with them nasty pig hands is furious masturbate kek

No. 701550

It's because men are jealous of the fundamental fact that women can use their bodies to earn money and attention from men whereas they can't.
And she did nothing to ask for it. The sculpture is absolutely amazing, her title says nothing about being a woman, but because she's in the picture as a woman (fully covered, no tits out) they have to point out that she's getting attention from other men. Straight men are oddly so envious of women receiving male attention. Makes me wonder if these are the types of guys that come out as trans later, which actually seems to be a phenomenon within men who frequent nerdy spaces on the internet.

No. 701553

Trust me anon, these particular screencaps are just a drop in the bucket. There are tons of posts like this and they almost always play out the same way.

I didn't save it last time unfortunately, but I've seen people reply to the negative comments with a big list of male artists happily posing with their work, it doesn't change anything though.

No. 701577

File: 1608780219387.jpeg (291.03 KB, 750x1283, AFD2162C-A938-472A-AE17-DC32F2…)

Reddit on SISEA. Do you all think the anti-SISEA crowd is successfully going to get the bill struck down? It’s legit terrifying potentially how many people (men) will freak out and harass their senators because like 90% of men watch porn and they believe that this bill is going to ban porn altogether. The bill didn’t even mention voluntary sex work once so I know that these people didn’t read it, and it’s genuinely concerning how many of them will spam US senators to prevent the bill from passing.
Idk, you ladies tell me—am I just on Reddit too much or is there potential here?
/side note but look at how they never actually post the link to the actual bill, just the twitter thread created by that massive creep acvalens…this post alone has 6.4k upvotes and a ton of awards

No. 701584

File: 1608781178065.jpg (585.5 KB, 1079x1867, Art.jpg)

Just saw this on r/all.
So there, fat neckbeard who looks like he stuffed his last chromosome in that White House just got his lego """art""" to the front page while having the audacity to occupy half the shot.

Men have no room to complain. Periodt.

No. 701590

Please tell me you linked that post to them kek

No. 701593

>nobody will see this
fuck off

No. 701603

Realistically the risk to it passing will be the massive money behind the porn industry pushing back at it, not the minority of coomers who have even heard about it never mind actually contact politicians about it.

No. 701689

>Straight men are oddly so envious of women receiving male attention.
Tbh I've noticed this too and I don't understand it. It really does seem like so many of these guys are legitimately envious of women for getting male attention. The passive aggressive comments like "guess nobody will care since I'm not a girl" or the favorite "nobody will see this" just feel so bitter.

It's especially weird since sites like Reddit are clearly male-dominated, so no shit most men are going to give an attractive woman more attention than a regular looking neckbeard. I doubt most of these bitter guys are leaving positive comments for other men anyway, but it's like they put all the blame on women for existing and stealing away the attention. Why don't they call out the other guys who act thirsty and fawn over any random woman who posts 1/4th of her face?

No. 701703

/r/averageredditor would be good

No. 701737

File: 1608797542074.jpg (320.09 KB, 1080x1347, 20201224_021059.jpg)

They're probably all too lazy to call their congressmen or do anything about it, they're all retarded anyways because there's nothing in the bill that could lead to the apocalyptic downfall of porn.

No. 701949

>tweeted by acvalens
Isn't that the tranny from that horrific tweet about "forcefully breeding cis women"? Figures.

No. 703146

File: 1609012448317.png (314.62 KB, 750x1334, AE942564-F758-400F-B690-35DB37…)

On a post about a woman whose boyfriend smells lmao WONT SOMEONE THINK OF THE STINKY MEN?! (1/2)

No. 703147

File: 1609012481918.png (312.95 KB, 750x1334, 7A0C31FD-38E0-410D-B004-BB5587…)

No. 703149

File: 1609012694161.jpg (9.63 KB, 263x134, IMG_20201226_205739.jpg)

LMAOOO can't make this shit up

No. 703161

>after a 14 hour shift of standing and serving customers in a food court he smells bad
Fair enough.
>he's exhausted so a shower is the last of his priorities
Sit in the shower and cry then. Also hate this whole nonviolent communication bullshit. It actually makes everything sound even more judgemental and aggressive.

No. 703226

>Be on the same team with him and work it out together."
What's there to work out? And which part of it is together? Brother, you smell, go take a shower and the problem is dealt with, no need to talk anything of that through if you're old enough to work 14 hour shifts oh my god.

No. 703426

This is the dumbest shit I ever heard. I've worked plenty of long shifts in food service and I'd almost always shower immediately when I got home. Is this guy just going to bed smelling like a sweaty kitchen?

There's no compromise with this kind of stuff. Not everything is 50/50, take a damn shower wtf.

No. 703450

File: 1609079588750.png (770.48 KB, 640x871, a5qgxp4dkn761.png)

I cant stop laughing at this, this Is the worst anti-suicide argument I have ever seen, and it would be enough on its own but the fact 80 people actually up voted this makes it hysterical

No. 703453

That whole post made me want to kill myself. Pathetic.

No. 703455

I mean the last paragraph is correct and I understand the argument but the first paragraph is just…cringe

No. 703461

this post made me realize I have nothing to live for

No. 703468

Imagine consuming and buying media to make someone else rich as the only purpose of keeping yourself alive. Ngl I've had shower thoughts like these but you'd think there would be greater things to see through than sitting in front of a tv and crying about fiction.

No. 703620

Why not though? Better to invest yourself in popculture than lose any interest in carrying on. The reddit post is a bit cringy but the sentiment is touching, OP misses his friend and thinks of all the things he likes and wished they could share. I don't know where the idea that life has to have some "higher purpose" to be worth continuing comes from.

No. 704444

File: 1609198155948.jpg (228.04 KB, 1080x1135, Screenshot_20201229_000724.jpg)

this absolutely cursed comment section of a post on r/subredditdrama reeeing about a bunch of zoomers daring to say that liking dick is gay
>the sky is blue
>bro the color of the sky is not yours to define bro I say it's purple so what?? you don't know shit about how I see the sky!!


No. 704445

File: 1609198220973.jpg (345.11 KB, 1080x2078, Screenshot_20201229_000338.jpg)

No. 704447

File: 1609198292876.jpg (86.24 KB, 1080x387, Screenshot_20201229_000745.jpg)

no comment

No. 704461

I'm going to assume whoever wrote this has never been pushed to the point mentally where they want to commit suicide, that could be the only explanation for this level of tone deafness

No. 704673

I'm pretty sure the terms of service say you need to be 13 to create an account, so not even Reddit thinks his kid should be visiting a site full of very niche porn communities and navel deep politic discussion. Who would even encourage a kid to post about his life on reddit? That's how you get your kid groomed.

No. 704691

It's ironic how they keep yelling ~transphobe~ while being ridiculously homophobic themselves.
>yeah I like getting dicked in my holes what about it, it's not -ew- GAY if it's attached to a woman!! I'm not a nasty HOMO you transphobe!!
Like is being gay the worst thing you could imagine or something? Grow the fuck up.

No. 704750

To be "non-binary" at 12 year old means that he/she's already gone through some grooming.

No. 704790

File: 1609256667927.png (49.47 KB, 1106x326, Screenshot from 2020-12-29 16-…)


No. 704801

>16 years old
checks out

No. 704875

File: 1609270127757.jpg (442.64 KB, 828x1619, 50de34005831eeec731e5d7f65464c…)

This is hellish, lmao.

No. 704880

File: 1609270651519.jpg (32.05 KB, 288x325, 1591342162330.jpg)

No. 704881

How the fuck do these women agree to have these scrotes in their lives? I've seen way too many women on Reddit complain about their loser Nigels giving their paycheck to e-thot onlyfans while effectively ignoring their girlfriends, wives and even children. I'm praying for this story to be fake.

No. 704889

Her standards and self-respect must be in the gutter for her scrote to spend $1000 on whores while pinching her for money.
How sad that she doesn't see how unloved she is. She's just a roommate bangmaid.

No. 704893

holy shit. I really hope this is fake

No. 704901

Whenever I read shit like this I think we have to start educating teengirls about self respect and recognizing red flags in relationships.

Even if it's fake there's undoubtly plenty of women in similiar situations

No. 704928

File: 1609277548634.webm (531.68 KB, 202x360, reddit moment.webm)

No. 704981

File: 1609285396533.jpg (6.65 KB, 256x270, 123139246_1017276588736488_468…)

>He finds the women on this site help with his anxiety
Ok,how? can any anon here enlighten me?
I hate this reality i want to wake up