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File: 1453490403175.jpeg (118.88 KB, 750x856, image.jpeg)

No. 61892

Exactly like it says on the can. Post art that you find unbearably ugly.

No. 61909

File: 1453493352550.jpg (282.27 KB, 686x777, image.jpg)

suippumato @ tumblr

No. 61910

File: 1453493375085.jpg (129.07 KB, 453x611, image.jpg)

No. 61912

File: 1453493448524.jpg (23.17 KB, 185x275, image.jpg)

No. 61978

File: 1453501464484.jpg (33.55 KB, 258x400, tumblr_inline_mu0ez1DIvh1r9ttx…)

These things are bad, but I at least like that they're colorful. You guys need to look up SJW pandering fanart or celeb fanart. It's such a goldmine.

No. 61981

File: 1453501648723.png (69.88 KB, 500x422, tumblr_m1df52qlxz1qkpphbo1_500…)

No. 61982

No. 61983

i actually kinda like this

No. 61997

This stuff makes me feel nostalgic for being like 11 yrs old and impressed by every anime ever and every "artwork" on DA that stole anime bases and drew horrible hair and clothes on them haha fuck

No. 62000

Someone please post that terrible SJW Love Live body type chart.

No. 62005

File: 1453504335464.png (149.22 KB, 600x846, 4-Page034-wnfcj.png)

No. 62010

File: 1453504880442.png (45.1 KB, 1024x691, cute_girl_base_by_creepy_choco…)

Go to deviantart, search something like "loveless" and pick "undiscovered". Too easy

No. 62012

File: 1453504904220.png (113.27 KB, 1024x726, foxy_the_pirate___by_creepy_ch…)

quality base

No. 62016

File: 1453505168956.png (1.21 MB, 800x800, ______well__it_could_be_a_lot_…)

sasuke the cotton picker

No. 62020

This actually made me laugh. I could make a whole damn fanfic just surrounding this picture.

No. 62023

Please do. I just keep laughing at this.

No. 62024

File: 1453505714747.png (129.26 KB, 500x612, tumblr_nkrod6Dbfz1tpelqio2_r1_…)

doesn't get much worse than this

No. 62039

the artist actually has like a 300page naruto doujin

No. 62049

File: 1453507448149.png (119.44 KB, 250x276, tumblr_l65bf4dRIL1qajrnmo1_400…)

No. 62064

is this supposed to be brendon urie?

No. 62068

Holy shit lmfaooooo

No. 62069

File: 1453508747415.gif (872.54 KB, 400x225, tumblr_ma69fkGNiW1rdutw3o1_r1_…)

Sweet lord have mercy…

No. 62070

File: 1453509001286.jpg (38.32 KB, 570x398, measfuck.JPG)

I fucking love bad panic art. Always so hilarious.

No. 62077

File: 1453510028070.jpg (41.4 KB, 500x310, image.jpg)

Just waiting for my old DA account from when I was 13 to show up tbh

Slightly OT but: does anyone else feel paranoid that thtey are going to end up on lolcow? Maybe in a cringe thread, or a personal lolcow thread, or even something like this?

I hope it won't happen to me.

No. 62078

>mfw my fans are partially blind.

No. 62080

Nope because I don't post my shit publicly and even if it were to happen, my work is trash anyway.

No. 62082

Me and some internet friend would play a game where we'd all click "random deviation" we had a proper scoring system for things like furries, sonic, naruto. all the usual shit. Good fun tbh

No. 62106

File: 1453517465966.jpg (195.79 KB, 780x770, e2e.jpg)

That's actually fairly good improvement for like 3 months. Decent proportions, improved hands and arms, even better hair, like she's starting to move away from symbols and into thinking in 3D

No. 62111

File: 1453518299443.jpg (171.24 KB, 647x888, 8XOcBtl.jpg)

No. 62113

Haha, I was thinking the same thing! I'm assuming someone younger drew that, but regardless, for three months of practice there is some really tangible improvement there and I honestly can't hate on someone for trying to improve and better themselves.

Me too! Only it involved booze.

No. 62118

starting left to right, it's oldest piece to newest btw

No. 62129

Who is this person? I went to crazyress and their tumblr doesn't have art like that that I can see.

No. 62137

File: 1453521074918.png (973.42 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_2016-01-22-19-48-38…)

Ig is toughcreampuff, the "artist" is also a huge tumblrtard following every tumblr trend that exists

No. 62138

File: 1453521136391.png (468.16 KB, 1280x586, Loveless! School Idol Rejects.…)

Here you go


No. 62140

File: 1453521373570.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1150, Screenshot_2016-01-22-19-54-36…)

Some more of their art, obviously it had to be Steven universe related

No. 62160

File: 1453522581848.jpg (101.66 KB, 540x762, beach body.jpg)

No. 62183

Did she get her legs waxed in a beehive or

No. 62192

>those arms
She must be flying squirrel-kin.

No. 62196

that's fucking funny.

No. 62206

File: 1453526667127.jpg (180.32 KB, 691x421, 456874956456.jpg)

Fukcing christ those JJBA abominations

No. 62207

You can find hideous art everywhere you look on the internet. I can go on DA's anime/fanart section, sort by new, and dump every single image on the first 10 pages. Is it really having a thread on?

No. 62208

worth* having a thread

No. 62210

I honestly don't mind the sincerely crazy looking ones. and not following crapshit tumblr trends helps.

No. 62211

ok and I clicked through to sukebanana's tumblr. I retract my statement on their behalf, fuck.

No. 62213

Either contribute or fuck off.
If going to DA and using the first picture you find is lazy, then you're even lazier for not bothering at all.

No. 62216

File: 1453528922048.jpg (267.21 KB, 960x1280, ^24DE0AFBFD188FB760329EDDA6CA1…)

I know of her from a while back, but don't know anything about her other than her ugly art and eyebrows
(I posted this in the ugly bitches thread as well cause it fit)

No. 62221

File: 1453529513972.png (320.67 KB, 1280x512, nico nico no god please no.png)

No. 62224

Their skin tones get progressively darker as her artstyle worsens, you can practically see the exact moment her blog transitions into full tumblrmode

No. 62226

Im gonna explode

No. 62242

wow calm your tits bitch

No. 62244

>move away from symbols and into thinking in 3D
I don't see that at all

No. 62245

File: 1453533701832.png (326.54 KB, 685x574, tumblr_nzmogwA7vY1r7fmp5o5_128…)

this is suppose to be dojima and adachi from p4

No. 62253

OP here.
That's it this thread is over. You win. This is the ugliest shit I've ever seen my whole life.

No. 62256


>Hanayo is a man

>Eli is a giant
>Nico and Nozomi are midgets
>Nozomi and Umi are black


No. 62260

who isn't a man in this tbh

No. 62261

I am in fucking tears over those brows.

No. 62273

That Nozomi is some A+ tumblr gold. Can't stop laughing. Thing is built like a damn midget brick.

And lol at that Eli.

>all those hairy legs

No. 62300

File: 1453544517006.jpg (187.95 KB, 700x502, image.jpg)

This is supposed to be Steven Universe

No. 62301

File: 1453544577275.jpg (159.91 KB, 769x694, image.jpg)

the same artist also drew this masterpiece

No. 62302

File: 1453544594251.jpg (68.23 KB, 500x451, image.jpg)

No. 62327

This makes me fucking furious for some reason. Get your nasty black hands outta disney.(wrong thread for that, friendo)

No. 62328

No. 62330

File: 1453550285832.jpg (12.39 KB, 251x242, 1451133410387.jpg)

No. 62343

>Pocahontas is visibly hairy
>pure-blooded Native American women have verrrrrry little body hair

Plus her outfit is completely wrong. Disney was more historically accurate ffs.

What the fuck is Mulan wearing?

God damn, there's so much wrong with these. If you're going to do this MUH DIVERSITY tokenism bullshit, at least put some effort into it.

No. 62350

No. 62368

File: 1453567244634.jpg (99.13 KB, 608x884, image_girl.jpg)

Get your assholes ready for a dump

No. 62369

File: 1453567278997.jpg (79.26 KB, 500x508, 7416549.jpg)

No. 62370

File: 1453567322903.jpg (63.59 KB, 500x569, image.jpg)

No. 62371

File: 1453567348730.jpg (73.99 KB, 540x540, tumblr_nevs96MoHX1reeapso1_540…)

No. 62372

File: 1453567394423.jpg (76.58 KB, 800x1280, tumblr_o14j345uFs1v5z9s2o1_128…)

No. 62373

File: 1453567426811.jpg (312.28 KB, 1280x1024, klk.jpg)

Everyone's fucking favourite

No. 62374

File: 1453567462781.png (201.2 KB, 797x590, tumblr_ns11rryTxx1s5j070o1_128…)

No. 62375

File: 1453567486272.png (331.94 KB, 529x529, a84076da6092ffbb6b2b6c29041724…)

No. 62376

File: 1453567511906.png (238.34 KB, 525x515, e794370eebc9f01648a14c9f976286…)

No. 62377

File: 1453567554454.png (235.95 KB, 424x505, 576f14d3511a96dce0ec58fe16e9bd…)

No. 62378

File: 1453567572212.png (194.62 KB, 500x388, tumblr_inline_moxq3hEzKF1qz4rg…)

No. 62379

File: 1453567603304.png (592.45 KB, 1280x960, r5LSVNl.png)

No. 62381

File: 1453567645845.png (547.09 KB, 510x517, 3f3528239d4dcbde50f98efbd31509…)

No. 62382

File: 1453567688849.png (243.62 KB, 634x408, tfmjeb7.png)

Last of the dump for now, I may return with more.

No. 62383

Do they know you can make them diverse without them being fucking ugly?

No. 62386

>Tumblr artist draws Jojo
>Used to seeing pretty gay Jojo Fan works
>Makes it gayer than is normally acceptable.

Jesus. Christ.

No. 62389

File: 1453569557471.png (157.44 KB, 500x708, tumblr_nmd8h77ClD1sr4raqo1_500…)


No. 62393

i fucking love odlaws art

No. 62394

>makes all the white Disney princesses non-white
So tumblr it hurts

No. 62395

File: 1453571040553.jpg (445.06 KB, 600x527, ppg_by_muura-d7sr38q.jpg)

No. 62396

File: 1453571071090.jpg (Spoiler Image,126.21 KB, 600x652, hairy04_600.jpg)

No. 62400

i actually like this one.
the weird thing is that most of these tumblr people can actually draw, they're not bad artists, it's just…what…they draw that's so off-putting and urrghhh.

No. 62401


No. 62404

File: 1453575715994.png (1000.32 KB, 1280x912, 1451915687997.png)

tumblr needs to stop

No. 62405


In terms of technical skill this is not bad. I actually like it.

No. 62422

No I am not afraid. Everyone who posts here actually deserves to be humiliated.

No. 62443

… this is supposed to be a mtf, right? Because I'm a hairy hippy and still, I've never grown chest/navel hair. I've only seen that amount of noticeable hair on men and trannies.
Agh fucking gross.

No. 62450

This being worse than the ugliest thing I've ever done gives me great hope for myself.

No. 62457

Maybe the artist is portraying someone with PCOS. Fat women tend to have it.

No. 62471

What is that pink thing coming out of the pink haired girl's butt…? Don't tell me it's…

No. 62475

no one in lolcow knows how to calm down

No. 62479

It just wouldn't be lolcow if we weren't all overreacting bitches

No. 62480

File: 1453591198288.jpeg (87.08 KB, 577x1024, image.jpeg)

i used to be friends with the artist, she doesnt look any better than her art

No. 62481


No. 62487

Her underwear? Such an awkward pose.

No. 62488

I like jasmines outfit

No. 62496

>tfw mulan was wearing period correct clothing in the movie

No. 62500

These are pretty

Someone save these poor artists from the tumblr hivemind

No. 62529


What's wrong with this one?

No. 62550

Oh man I am actually in tears right now from laughing too hard.

No. 62555

Why is that Ruby such a fatass?

No. 62568


God I hate this generic tumblr art. It's so damn annoying. I have a friend at school who draws very generic tumblr art but he can easily draw in other styles and hes amazing at it. Hes stuck in the circle jerk of furry art though.

No. 62573

mean-dog's art is the worst

No. 62575

>all these noses
>all this black appropriation
>either youre a white spic or a blackface caricature


No. 62576


I like the idea of an East Indian Rapunzel because it makes sense. But a lot of these are so cringe, especially the mexican snow white??

No. 62588

File: 1453639906650.png (264.42 KB, 1280x901, tumblr_ngr4546enZ1tpelqio2_128…)

I swear this artist either gives characters horrible dsl or make them look like they've spent too much time fake tanning

Everyone has a clown looking nose here holy crap

No. 62592

Yeah, I like the idea of Rapunzel being a different race. It reminds me of how Eats Indian hair is used for wigs and extensions because it's pretty strong. I like most of the others too.

Ariel doesn't make sense though. How would a bitch at the bottom of the ocean develop darker skin?

No. 62597

>Ariel doesn't make sense though. How would a bitch at the bottom of the ocean develop darker skin?
The same way not all fish are translucent and white tbh. Mermaids aren't even real, though, so I don't think it's a big deal.

No. 62607

I actually kinda like this? At least the ones who are canon pocs. They look very nice and the art style is cute and colourful.

>Ariel doesn't make sense though. How would a bitch at the bottom of the ocean develop darker skin?
I think she is supposed to have a tropical theme?

What bothers me though is taking characters who stem from a European background, like the Grimm fairytales or Hans Christian Andersen, and crying how they aren't poc!!11 Well duh, no one in Germany or Denmark cared about that or even really knew much about poc. These stories come from a white European centric background, so of course this will influence the characters' looks.
Wanna have pocs? Why not support some fairytales and stories actually written by them? I bet there are quite a few good stories around with nice poc characters that don't get enough attention. But nooo, muh European Disney fairytale princess!111

No. 62608

>those faces
I don't mind these bitches doing this to already ugly western shit but for fuck's sake could they please keep out of my animus?

No. 62610

but who needs melanin at the bottom of the ocean?? I guess it makes sense for Ariel though because she was busy stalking landlubbers on the surface

No. 62614

They use a lot of caribean instruments in the music and Sebastian has a Jamaican accent. The only other accents used are British and french. Which then gives the general suggestion of it being a caribean colony which means there should be poc in the bgs at least, and there don't seem to be any.

As someone with medium skin I tan faster in water then out of water. Ariel can be any color honestly, even weird fish colors, while in mermaid form. In the original fairy tale she's recognized for her eye color and nothing else, and the prince meets someone else with her eye color. As long as she looks human while human the rest is bs.

No. 62615

>Many bottom-dwelling fish display demersal coloration, or patterns of mottled spots and splotches that mimic or resemble the bottom substrate, such as stones, shells and algae. Consider the many variations of dots and splotches among the Synodontis catfish species or the muddy colors of North America’s Ameiurus bullheads. Banjo catfishes (Bunocephalus spp.), with their wide, lumpy bodies and slender tails, go a step further; one could easily be mistaken for a clump of stones or a chunk of rotting wood.
I want a vitiligo mermaid now.

No. 62620

Vitiligo is not cute or quirky, what the hell is wrong with you? Just because this skinny bitch who happens to be a model has it it doesnt make it automatically ~byooteeful~ or ~unique~ for everyone else who unlucky enough to has it.
Go back to you god damn circlejerk on tumblr.

No. 62621

abloo bloo

No. 62622

What the fuck is wrong with you? Who pissed in your cereal? No one called it "cute or quirky" or mentioned any models, but it's not something to have a conniption about, either. Jesus Christ, stay off the internet if someone mentioning vitiligo triggers you so much.

No. 62627

File: 1453653716326.jpg (141.64 KB, 1000x578, Town-in-The-Little-Mermaid.jpg)

What the fuck anon. Does this look like Caribbean to you?

Back to tumblr with you.

No. 62628

Not that anon but I think she was talking about the world under the sea with the mermaids and the fish when she said that. Correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 62632

The one goddamn generic song that had caribbean instruments because Disney composers associate them with the sea theme doesn't mean it's modeled after some caribbean colony with uwu precious poc characters uwu. Does Hercules having gospel for music mean Greece is full of black people?

No. 62635

Fam, I know you probably live in the caribbean but did you ever play assasin creed?

No. 62640

Oh yes, because the Caribbean of the 18th century is filled with European style clothing and architecture and white people with blonde hair.

No. 62641

I need to see a Naruto x Roots fanfic starring Sasuke as Kunta Kinte. Make it happen, anon. Make my dreams come true.

No. 62644

Stop giving them ideas.

No. 62646

>Does Hercules having gospel for music mean Greece is full of black people?
Well, the songstresses at the start, middle and end WERE black…

No. 62647

You're so adorably mad, it's precious

No. 62651

This sentence is so Tumblr.

No. 62661


>used to

Why not anymore?

No. 62668

these are the same people who support transgenderism. pick a side.

No. 62689

File: 1453672239638.jpg (346.21 KB, 1024x1478, _Susi_Way_Quad_Ref_2010__by_Ni…)

My thread!

No. 62690

File: 1453672280040.jpg (229.44 KB, 677x679, CodyKitsArtwork001.jpg)

No. 62691

File: 1453672521267.gif (304.51 KB, 333x331, C1qkpphbo1_400.gif)

A rare bad art gif.

No. 62692

File: 1453672566960.jpg (Spoiler Image,26.62 KB, 500x500, 2qkpphbo1_500.jpg)

No. 62693

File: 1453672582675.jpg (43.75 KB, 500x650, harhorse.jpg)

No. 62695

File: 1453672625159.png (154.99 KB, 500x333, E1qlaqbgo1_500.png)

No. 62696

File: 1453672714153.png (152.63 KB, 900x437, cat_claws_base_by_kieer09-d4hf…)

No. 62697

File: 1453672744335.png (247.14 KB, 900x1317, come_fight_me__by_rose_319-d3e…)

No. 62698

File: 1453672807008.bmp (2.29 MB, 757x1055, jamesjealous.bmp)

No. 62702

File: 1453672886202.jpg (65.34 KB, 400x400, littlewolffist.jpg)

No. 62703

File: 1453673039719.jpg (110.83 KB, 540x680, 1653.jpg)

Antique ugly.

(It's George Washington)

No. 62704

I was about to post that!
Anyway, why does Tumblr likes Love Live? Idol industry is problematic.

No. 62705

File: 1453673097239.jpg (42.92 KB, 500x724, yaoianatomy.jpg)

No. 62706

File: 1453673254119.png (591.04 KB, 1280x570, eTaxel1.png)


No. 62722

This reminds me of Brad Neely's comics

No. 62733

It does look like it could have been done by him, actually. This must have been a Federal-era ancestor.

No. 62747

These look like something I would have made when I was middle school-aged with access only to MS Paint, and been so proud of.

No. 62758

I wonder how they'd react if someone called them racist and told them they were erasing Japanese people's identities lol

No. 62819

b-but eli isn't japanese

No. 62956

Can we actually post tumblr-tier retarded art rather than deviantart shit made by 12 year olds? There's really nothing funny about making fun of shit art made by newbies.

No. 63215

this makes me angry

No. 63260

>Umi's skin color and hairy ass legs
>Fat Honoka
>Kotori looks like Pearl from SU
>Eli has a manjaw
>Nozomi is fat and black
>Rin is I don't even know
>Hanayo is fat and missing a tooth
>?? the fuck is that
>Maki is an angsty PoC

It's like they are deliberately trying to piss people off. Which they probably are.

No. 63261

I thought this looked okay until I saw that fucking leg and almost choked on the water I was drinking

No. 63266

File: 1453705244917.jpg (Spoiler Image,12.97 KB, 168x228, no.JPG)

jesus man

No. 63270

I fucking laughed so hard

No. 63272

so, are they supposed to look like they're from SU? Or is this just the current art trend of tumblr atm?

Seriously, did anyone notice the shift from Adventure Time style of Steven Universe style?

No. 63273


No. 63486

Eww, it really looks like a mtf axe wound. I can almost smell it from here God damn.

No. 63499

i'm so.. disturbed..

No. 63638

File: 1453759878675.png (136.89 KB, 795x800, tumblr_o0mutyOKYc1rf0k1vo1_128…)

>Have ugly as sin art style
>Make skin ten shades darker than canon
>1000+ notes

No. 63639

File: 1453759921176.png (439.33 KB, 665x1850, tumblr_o1j1cs2xuP1uwvokqo1_128…)

No. 63645

File: 1453760814070.png (794.93 KB, 871x900, disgust.png)

Literally everything odraws produces looks disgusting and I hate looking at it

No. 63679

Something about Luffy with black skin specifically feels like blackface. Someone should make a post calling it out as that and watch what happens.

No. 63680

Sauce on this. I need to terrorize my group of friends with the whole comic.

No. 63689

No. 63690

Worst ship.

No. 63738

is that ned flanders…? WTFUCK is going on in the bottom pics???

No. 63819

ned looks like a stereotypical pedophile in this

No. 63840

My god, I used to know this girl. I didn't know she was still around but it seems she hasn't turned for the better.

No. 63871

File: 1453805560125.jpg (33.17 KB, 600x323, hairy02_600.jpg)

No. 63879

File: 1453809600284.png (398.21 KB, 500x676, tumblr_nwjvarj9og1tpelqio2_500…)

This person just came up in my follow suggestions on twitter.
What the actual fuck is this? Why would you draw Johnny fat?? He's a fucking jockey???

No. 63895

File: 1453817240868.jpg (442.23 KB, 502x720, 111.jpg)

I drew this ages ago.

I'm so sorry…

No. 63898

File: 1453817791411.jpeg (254.87 KB, 496x322, image.jpeg)

Actually, yes. Because it was colonized by Europeans. they wanted to stay PC so of course they didnt add some black slaves/native american slaves. Actually they did, that slave was Sebastian.

No. 63950

people have already called that out but i guess no one was listening. but im going to wager its more important to them that everyone be fat and I guess japanese people dont get fat

No. 63951

>those proportions
they dont look right.

No. 64088

Why is that artist trying so hard to draw her disgusting fetish when she can't even draw faces.

Do artists like this one actually get commissioned? Not counting their friends I mean.

No. 64117


I would have never had guessed that was Johnny unless someone told me haha. Both characters are so unrecognizable here.

No. 64129


I'm gonna get some shit for this but I actually like this artist's stuff.

The colors and details are interesting. Their faces are kinda hit or miss. It's probably just me, but I'd rather look at something ugly with tons of details to see than something clean and average.

No. 64130

if you look around, you'll find there are several 'classic' fairy-tale stories that have retellings/roots in other cultures.
I think Cinderalla is one of the most well-known fairy tales in the world. There's a Greek, Jewish, Native American, Egyptian, Chinese (footbinding, anyone?) version, and even at least two historically verified IRL 'Russian Cinderellas' where the kings were like 'fuck this beauty pageant, i'ma marry a servant'.
…idk, Disney was writing for an American audience, though. Admittedly, at a time when most cultures around the world were pretty strongly xenophobic. So I understand why they took it in the direction that they chose.

No. 64149

File: 1453848313159.jpeg (81.31 KB, 640x691, image.jpeg)

Okay so this artist on Tumblr is 68bears. There is so much shit to choose from but I can only choose one

Apparently all the LL Girls are trans girls what a surprise

No. 64158

does she seriously think these are people?

No. 64160

wtf does footbinding have to do with cinderella? you'd be an idiot to think that.

No. 64161

i think you're confusing the cut and dry fairytale with the idea. cinderella is a nice idea that can span across many cultures.

No. 64163

File: 1453849463121.jpg (60.13 KB, 500x495, 1234849300000.jpg)

>someone drew this thinking it was genuinely cute and endearing

No. 64166

File: 1453849963132.png (110.4 KB, 248x239, 10384923.png)

No. 64169

Why do terrible artists think people want to buy their shitty art?

No. 64218

>a foot so small that it's the only one which can fit into the glass slipper, while her sisters try to cut their heels/toes off to compensate

have you never read the original fairy-tale or what

No. 64222

but that has fuck all to do with footbinding. if anything the story is taken -from- footbinding.

No. 64223

footbinding started in like 1000AD…

No. 64231

Haha holy shit, it looks like she's trying to copy this one artist I follow but instead of drawing characters that fit into the ugly aesthetic she's drawing cute idol girls.

This is the artist, for reference: http://odraws.tumblr.com/

No. 64232

Which race put a stop to it out of interest?

No. 64237

I think his (?) stuff is interesting. It's a bit messy but the artist is a complete wreck mentally and emotionally so it makes sense. Ugly art doesn't mean bad art, and they seem to understand art conventions pretty well.

I also like how he puts a spin on stuff based on his own life. I'd rather have an actual poor Latino person who grew up that way in a poor city inserting characters into that narrative than some white tumblr snowflake from a hipster town doing it.

No. 64262

Man you guys are seriously more savage than /pol/ and /fit/.

No. 64297

File: 1453864948705.png (1.02 MB, 1280x902, b6e1000f-5403-4e32-b93e-ea05c7…)

No. 64300

Are you saying you thought that nasty pussy drawing looked nice?

No. 64303

File: 1453865763305.png (596.89 KB, 1280x760, ef2c7112-5c5f-4e48-9e8d-b46a9a…)

I'm glad Zamii is starting to feel better after that shitstorm, but her art lately is so… bleh.

I used to really like her art, too. It's a shame.

No. 64317


Jeezus, Pearl's hands.

No. 64322

File: 1453872557892.jpg (37.43 KB, 638x658, 2YdvmUK.jpg)

No. 64323

I'm sorry what

No. 64327

File: 1453874422977.jpg (254.29 KB, 900x1318, rock_on_minion_by_inkartwriter…)

No. 64337

white people probably. it's really cruel and disgusting. can't imagine chinese stopping footbinding because it's cruel since they still torture animals and eat other people's pets.

why does everyone always draw nozomi black? none of them are black ffs.

No. 64340

File: 1453884464788.jpg (Spoiler Image,299.59 KB, 707x739, rcs.jpg)

When I look at my old art from DA I like to think I have grown from it. Enjoy some of my old art. (not sure if it would make everyone cringe, but it makes me at times.

I mean most people grow from it so its not that big a deal.

No. 64344

File: 1453885094672.jpg (223.01 KB, 555x1091, ugh.jpg)

Even older art

No. 64345

File: 1453885137905.jpg (158.76 KB, 600x1003, god why.jpg)

No. 64347

Fuck I saw that one on tumblr when I was trying to find mermaid art. Most of it looked like that…

No. 64349

File: 1453889146858.webm (76.24 KB, 269x152, startled cat hides.webm)

No. 64351

>struggling to make 12 fucking notes on tumblr
>this shit gets 1000+ notes

why do I even care

No. 64352

that's depression

No. 64353

I-I know right? Shes a good girl that just wants to draw what she likes and being liked by everyone but.. Ugh does her style has deteriorated throughout all these years.
I think it mostly reflects her mental state too, I mean shit was pretty fucked up, and then how people tried to justificate her suicide attempt and keep making fun of her and pestering her family, dayum… I would be highly disturbed too.

No. 64354

Wait wait wait… This nastiness is a fetish now? What. The. Fuck.
Does she draws only hairy fatasses?

No. 64372

Look at your settings to see if it's possible to find your posts in the search pages as opposed to the pages for tags. Maybe you disabled this option a long time ago and forgot about it? And see how you tag things, the first five tags are the most important ones iirc.

I guess that's the case, a lot of artists who draw that kind of shit always try really hard to make it seem like they're challenging beauty standards or gender stereotypes in their porn when they just draw their fetishes. Or maybe that hairy girl is a self-insert because the artist is sexually frustrated and too ugly to have anybody care about her.

No. 64382

Well thats just sad.

No. 64385

Fucking this. Like I wouldn't mind doing a few bandwagon like drawings(as in shows not pandering to shit like >>64149)

The tagging things are the hardest to pick.

No. 64435

There's also the "Chinese Cinderella" fairytale called Ye Xian (叶限) that's about 1,000 older than the original European story.

sage for OT

No. 64437

File: 1453930360117.png (23.61 KB, 200x200, Ek6jgeF.png)

Actually, efforts to cease footbinding (by the Chinese) began as early as 1644. I will give you that foot binding wasn't actually fully stopped until the 20th century (though the horrific process should have been stopped so much earlier,) but it was mostly Chinese reformers that put an end to it, not white people.

Not all Chinese people are the same. Not everyone from America is in the KKK.

sage again for being a faggot

No. 64438

I wouldnt want anyone looking at me like that

No. 64440


Ooooooh, is there another East Asian history scholar on lolcow?

No. 64465

oh man, this is repulsive.

No. 64466

>gender isnt real
Yes it is
>gender roles are bullshit
this I actually agree with, however dumblr are the first people to say that if a woman is wearing a hat and a button down shirt, she's trans.

No. 64468

They look like orges with those gigantic comedy looking noses.

No. 64476

Yeah, that kind of pisses me off beyond words. sjws needs to leave One Piece alone.

No. 64477

OMG TRANNY CONFIRMED. ROFL No woman is this hairy. damn. I don't shave normally, but come on. this is tranny or pcos bullshit.

No. 64478

I wouldn't go as far as to call myself a scholar. Maybe just a glorified Chinaboo with an interest in East Asian history. But it's cool to see someone who is involved in it too!

No. 64485

You guys are both wrong just so you know, the manchurians tried to stop footbinding but Han Chinese people continued it to express their culture during manchurian rule.

No. 64487

Sorry for not specifying that it was a Manchu Emperor that tried to put a stop to it in 1644. But mostly I just wanted to correct the person who said that white people were the ones who stopped footbinding, which obviously isn't true.

No. 64490


>you guys

I didn't say anything?

No. 64519

File: 1453943987325.png (167.71 KB, 558x664, wtf.png)

How One Piece manages to attract these kind of people when there's an island filled with ugly tranny rapists, I can't understand.

No. 64583

Why? What? Who? Was this even drawn by a sane individual?

No. 64602

He failed. Whites put a stop to it in concessions and made the government take a harder line.

Same with sati. Whites just treat women better

No. 64604


I actually like this one. Looks like a teen cartoony animu show from 2005.

No. 64627

The years is right, but it was my highscool weeb days.

No. 64635


Pocahontas was clearly a two-spirited non binary queer MtF trans, you opressive shitlord

No. 64674

But like do you really want attention from the people on the internet who ship characters from The Simpson?

No. 64705

I don't think I've ever laughed so hard at a piece of ''''''''art'''''''' before

what even is this
why does this exist

No. 64709


I kind of want to scissor you all for posting these to be quite honest with you desu senpai.

I'm literally in tears

speak for yourself

No. 64737

File: 1454018867167.jpg (8.31 KB, 213x236, images.jpg)

>Neck tattoo
>'Left 4 Dead' Bandana
>Rose ribbon
>Gold bangle
>Brown spots

No. 64740

File: 1454020374548.jpg (38.53 KB, 599x656, QcWJ2QG.jpg)

No. 64762

as an artist i literally want ANY attention

No. 64771

File: 1454028401562.png (517.68 KB, 500x636, tumblr_n4zki5sV1V1r15lebo1_500…)


No. 64799

Oh god dammit, I'll say it here and everywhere I go, I hate LTF and her mediocre pandering bullshit, and not for the sjw reasons everyone on tumblr does. She's just a spineless manipulative scammer and I wish her ex boyfriend to expose her as the piece of trash she really is.

No. 64804

Oh, and after the whole kickstarter scam, and after a shitty half assed explanation/sob story, she opened a patreon now.
What a fucking surprise…

No. 64810

You can go.

No. 64827

File: 1454038091176.png (581.17 KB, 640x480, 1453401626278.png)

This bitch clearly has no respect for the heart of the cards and I am genuinely angry about it.

No. 64828

File: 1454039467470.jpg (276.26 KB, 600x701, tumblr_nlxzrs1Qty1rn2dmao1_128…)

No. 64830

File: 1454039586793.png (397.38 KB, 1024x1587, kenma_kozume_the_nek0.png)

Jesus Christ

No. 64831

File: 1454040763744.png (907.66 KB, 900x1200, tumblr_ny9xur1uQ71um08xao1_128…)

No. 64832

File: 1454040820194.jpg (81.12 KB, 540x404, tumblr_o1bc47jxSy1um08xao2_540…)

No. 64864

this would have been okay if it wasn't for the merkin on it's head.

No. 64897

Problem is, the hair is part of the character and Kenma is not a fucking genderfluid demigurl with cheesy fashion sense. He's just a regular boy.

No. 64899

Grandpa?! I though you were dead! (seriously what even is that art style)

No. 64915

So ugly. And I suppose we should never assume that any of them are biologically female.

No. 64919

This is actually pretty okay, hell I would even go as far and call it cute

No. 64939

What the fuck did the artist do to you Alfred, who hurt you?

No. 64976

File: 1454104318383.jpg (372.79 KB, 500x610, tumblr_nhfc0iEeAG1rn2dmao1_500…)

Just wait until you see her England…

No. 64985

File: 1454105815577.jpg (301.29 KB, 1280x857, tumblr_o1l3wobTlr1rqo5qwo1_128…)

If we're gonna talk about shitty APH art, aphenderine is the queen.

No. 64986

File: 1454105875758.jpg (479.72 KB, 1280x1708, tumblr_o1fth3KSlp1rqo5qwo6_128…)

Also, looks like they're eating each other here, Jesus.

No. 64990

>last panel
weirdest and most random crossover ever

No. 64993

File: 1454107588989.png (419.27 KB, 1024x860, leijonss_by_zamii070-d8zhd77.p…)

she was the only one that could kinda pull off that shitty tumblr artstyle (agruably)
like it was atleast aesthetically pleasing to the eye

No. 65021

I just can't stomach tokimekiwaku's art. I can't.

No. 65055

I really like this style.

No. 65056

Her stuff is really generic tumblr anime shit. Not bad, just boring as hell.

No. 65067

this looks like a hetalia/osmosis jones crossover, ew

No. 65095

>no mention of their gender/sexuality/trigger list
>no donation button
>no special snowflake terms
>has OCs that aren't a 100% shitty
>refers to this Undertale character that everyone cries "trans!!!1" as a male, just lie he was intended
>no fat POC genderbend shit

Maybe my standards got lower, but I can't even see the problem aside from the fact that art is personal and subjective and can't please everyone.

No. 65102

anyone have a link to her gore account? her stuff would be really good if the style wasnt so tumblr

No. 65108

the way zamii draws hands fucking slays me

No. 65118

banana fingers

No. 65134

To be fair, the Cinderella type story is pretty basic so it's not surprising that multiple writers could've thought of the idea independently of each other.

No. 65136

Why do tumblr "artists" fuck with skin colors like this? Do they have terrible eye sight or something?

No. 65139

In canon it looks like blonde hair dye growing out.

No. 65147


Not how fairy tales work, anon.

Sage for the pointless autism

No. 65154

Oh well it doesn't look that bad… I dare to say, I like her wide variety of characters and shit, I like when people use such thin lines to draw, so the color takes over the drawing. And as >>65095 without any of that bullshit shes just another alternative animu artist on tumblr, good for her.
Did she do or say something shitty? Like maybe its her personality or that shes a raging sjw or anything. She seems pretty generic so far…

No. 65155

Still not something to bully her about like all her haters want to believe. Is not like she choose to be popular too, she just draw homestuck comics and shit.
All those "receipts" blogs always picked on her shortcomings and her "undeserved popularity" but at the same time they could be completely transparent about their jealousy
>lmao look those weird fingers I can so totally do it better than her lol
>omg did she used the mirror tool?? How can she call herself an artist, I can draw details with ease and without using shortcuts unlike this transphobic bitch
>r u fuckin kiddin me? +1000 notes in three days? I posted a sketch that was better than this piece of trash weeks ago and it barely has 2 notes UUUUUGHHH she can even draw and shes racist af!!!1!

No. 65159

I don't think what they did was right but they did point out a lot of valid criticisms with her art. Zamii would copy/past and mirror up to about half the content of her drawings sometimes. Not in the sketching phases (which imo is okay because you're going to be drawing over it anyway) but like she was flipping and mirroring completely finished arms/legs in drawings. She also really does not know shit about anatomy or how to draw things in an aesthetically pleasing way. From an objective standpoint her art is a 3/10, maybe 4/10 at best.

But I agree that a lot of those receipt blogs had some weird jealousy shit going on. Zamii isn't great but they took shit way too far.

No. 65210

File: 1454186975743.png (263 KB, 790x967, 234c8f0f-8774-4700-9b99-afc870…)

No. 65229

….Now that you mention it, aren't the arms in this Nepeta mirrored?

No. 65352

Why is this so fucking hilarious.

No. 65372

Literally everything except for the hair, face, and symbol on her shirt are mirrored.

Hat, mirroroed
Horns, mirrored
Sunglasses, mirrored
Shirt, mirrored
Arms, mirrored
Legs and pants, mirrored

It's like 75% copy, paste, and flip on Nepeta.

No. 65377

File: 1454261236788.png (269.7 KB, 540x453, tumblr_nyd7mj4iJG1uty3b0o1_540…)


No. 65396

File: 1454272182934.jpg (225.35 KB, 900x811, __sparkle_dog___outrageous_by_…)

its a sparkledog, they were HUGE in the furry community on deviantart/youtube back in 2008-2009.

No. 65399

oh man, i had forgotten about those deviantart draw your own meme things.
I remember there was a yaoi one.
08-09 was a terrible time

No. 65400

cruel's yaoi art meme

No. 65401

it just gets worse and worse. i remember browsing DA on the "literature" section to read shitty yaoi between even shittier OCs in 08-09. what a time

No. 65422


No. 65428

File: 1454286983295.png (792.63 KB, 967x837, tumblr_o1j7sm1ODz1uh0fmto1_128…)

No. 65429

File: 1454287640442.jpg (164.81 KB, 375x550, 1341649216744.jpg)

I fucking love EAH and MH this hsit needs to be set on fire.

No. 65433

Is that supposed to be Alistair and Bunny…? It looks nothing like them! If that hasn't been a reply about EAH, I would have had no idea who they were.

What about Cedar and Ginger? They're dark skinned girls. Are they not good enough for fanart? Race bending is so annoying. It's basically like saying that the black people who already exist aren't good enough.

No. 65436

File: 1454298981589.jpg (2.44 MB, 2560x2560, 16-01-31-22-52-16-389_deco.jpg)

It's like all of these people just don't exist to them.

(A couple of these can these are kinda ambiguous about whether or not they're white, but at least they're darker toned.)

No. 65438

>fatty on the left
those fucking SU lips

No. 65463

File: 1454310077558.png (80.6 KB, 540x515, fuck.png)

There's no greater sin than drawing bad JoJo art.

No. 65481

I've said it before and I'll say it again - SJWs don't care about PoC characters, they care about feeling self-important and special for bitching about white characters. You could give them a cast full of PoC characters and they couldn't give a shit because they're more interested in picking apart the shows that don't have them. You see them supporting shit like Gen Zed? No, because they love complaining and policing others more than getting their way.

No. 65495

Lol, this is worse than any bad repaints.

>You see them supporting shit like Gen Zed?
Thank God they don't because Gen Zed is so terrible even the dumbest SJW won't support it.

No. 65498

File: 1454348735356.png (131.93 KB, 403x392, 1429985841584.png)


No. 65513

File: 1454360168605.png (156.42 KB, 500x552, tumblr_npvhisTqsk1rm7kqjo1_500…)

No. 65520

No. 65524

What in the scorching blazes of hell is that unholy abomination? I can't even distinguish who that is supposed to be.

No. 65551

The weird thing about this body positivity bs is that half the bodies drawn are wackadoo nonsense that don't exist.

No. 65552

This is a fucking reach, but this supposed to Ramona Flowers? I'm literally grasping at straws trying to figure out what in the hell I'm even looking at right now.

No. 65553

>**is this supposed to be
What is English

No. 65560

It's supposed to be some guy from yowamushi pedal, but I can't remember who

No. 65567

File: 1454388890001.jpg (300.85 KB, 500x729, 3049472234235.jpg)

The character is Doubashi, artist is Pissfreak. They think everyone is a transgirl… in a manga about a male sports team.

No. 65582

Unfortunately it's password protected rn.

No. 65653

I was into the blatant race bending and body type bending (?) At first when only a few artists were doing it. I saw it as a "fuck you I do what I want look at how easily art enables me to piss people off lel" kinda troll art and I could appreciate the lulz, and the sorta social commentary with making shit more diverse ("dis anime has zero face diversity so this is what the series would look like if it did")

But now just fuck it's just a cheap bandwagon that's everywhere and it comes off as try hard and fucking smug. it's such a smug approach to Fandom.
>>original character designs exist
>>"haha so I made this one tall, that one trans, this one hairy and the rest brown! FTFY it's way better now :)
>>gets all self righteous and mad when people ask who the fuck the random black guy amongst the SNK characters is OF COURSE IT'S CONNIE you racist fucks he shaves his head therefore coded as black

Instead of fucking with the source material until the characters are unrecognizable just make some fucking ocs, even Fandom ocs fuck you.

>>I used to draw myself… just the thought of a tumblrina making fanart of my twink OCs transformed into ~totally closeted transgirls uwu~ rustles the shit out of me

I thought these were some qt OCS :(

No. 65654

File: 1454455208399.png (251.5 KB, 540x669, fc178d14-19ae-440d-a3de-a66232…)

No. 65671

File: 1454460014997.jpg (211.75 KB, 723x1280, tumblr_o12cz2rWzh1qfetc8o1_128…)

this is supposed to be gyro zeppeli (and yes it's a 100% serious drawing) http://brieland.tumblr.com/

No. 65675

File: 1454460065110.jpg (212.4 KB, 1067x1280, tumblr_o1w2w3kaCu1qfetc8o1_128…)

And this is supposed to be Totty from Osomatsu-san

No. 65689

sweet lord

No. 65692

File: 1454468323546.jpeg (37.91 KB, 250x266, image.jpeg)

F-frieza, no…

No. 65693

I think it can be interesting to play with race, body type, gender, ethnicity, etc. of a character. Re-imagining characters is a good creative exercise.

But insisting that those designs are how the characters should be in canon, or that those designs are somehow better, is too much.

I also don't get the rage about gender bends that tumblr is always in. If it's okay to imagine a character as a race that they are not, then why is it not okay to do it with gender? I just can't wrap my head around how that's transphobic.

No. 65695

File: 1454469618713.jpg (240.98 KB, 600x429, The_Twits.jpg)

I kind of like this tbh. Reminds me of Roald Dahl

No. 65739

File: 1454504729657.png (888.61 KB, 758x1096, 1400852908354.png)

No. 65743

Aaag this is such a waste of good lineart.
Seriously, the composition of the lines and color is lovely, but REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Please let it be a troll.

No. 65744

File: 1454506455457.jpg (34.41 KB, 599x338, CT8uwjCUEAE0XY9.jpg)


No. 66409

File: 1454702233660.png (605.98 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_nwyd8cm8ir1qj0qimo1_128…)

I used to follow tearzah in about 2013/2014 until I realised her art hasn't really changed much and has gotten worse.

… then I found out she was friends with petitepasserine so now I see why.

No. 66411

Its so fucking flat and dimension-less. I hate art that noticeably lacks effort. Like shit, at less fool me into thinking you tried while drawing this. The fact that just looking at this is making me angry is making me even angrier.

No. 66454

File: 1454710864474.png (526.5 KB, 1280x1422, tumblr_nuq8pgWJVE1qluf27o1_r1_…)

Okay I may sound like I'm assblasted at this, in which I sort of am, but petitepasserine's art gets so many notes and I am just like why.

Everything that she does looks like the same person but with only small tweaks or pastel shit that is definitely not comfortable to look at. And of course no one is straight, of fucking course. Same with agent-lapin or nich0lael.

Case in point.

No. 66475

It just hits a certain aesthetic, and once you are famous it doesn't even really matter, people will like and reblog your stuff anyway. She just knows how to appeal to her tumblr audience, and to draw what's "in" right now.

I can understand why you are mad that 5 min Photoshop vector art in pastel colours and made up genders get thousands of notes, but honestly tumblr notes aren't worth anything.

No. 66494

She had this nun character in a really slutty fake nun outfit who had some kind of lesbian sex affair with another character and I sent her an ask saying she was appropriating Catholicism and she deleted it :/

No. 66497

>appropriating Catholicism
You are not seriously that butthurt about a slutty nun outfit. who the fuck cares.

No. 66501

It wasn't just the outfit, it was the sex stuff too. Btw I meant she deleted my ask not the post.

No. 66504

>appropriating anything
go back to tumblr. like really. please go.

No. 66509

please tell me you're joking

No. 66523

>muh religion is not a costume
I'm a catholic though, and I think you did well, anon. Give them a taste of their own medicine, after all, why do moslems get all the fun?

No. 66537

Lol, she's talking about being posted here on her private twitter.

No. 66547

File: 1454740799288.png (673.63 KB, 950x1920, tumblr_nyliglmkGJ1rf3yiyo1_128…)


This person right here. I've been lurking their tumblr (won't dignify them with another follower) for quite some time. Sometimes their stuff is just on the eh side of bad, but often it's so bad it's hilarious. Pic related.

No. 66557

that kind of looks like bad shmegeh fanart

No. 66605

Any screenshots of that?

No. 66611

Does she Google herself or what… Shit was fast.

No. 66612

What the hell is that?

No. 66618

Probably browses this board herself.

No. 66682


No. 66683

No. 67048


No. 68478

File: 1455089120073.png (381.38 KB, 600x750, STAR_zpsb1kx6q8z.png)

Maybe not so much that it's "bad" but its super tumblr. Anyone know the artist?

No. 68605

File: 1455125547462.jpg (44.78 KB, 900x675, Yukapee.jpg)

Here's a drawing for you. Yukapee. Thankully this is a really old picture.

No. 68608

File: 1455125619828.jpg (57.13 KB, 900x675, beckiicrueldrawing.jpg)


They also drew Beckii Cruel. Again old picture, hopefully they won't be so far up Aidoru asses by now.
The size of the eyes and nose makes me kek

No. 68638

What happened to Beckii?

She seemed like one of the few wannabe aidorus who actually called out creepy behavior from Japanese men and had a decent family behind her.

Did she turn into a lolcow?

No. 68676

Beckii mellowed out a lot from her weeby years. Now she's your run-of-the-mill beauty guru on YouTube. Not really lolcow materal.

No. 68969

Why. I've also seen askblogs with poc vocaloids.

Just stay the fuck away from them, tumblr. You've already ruined this fandom enough.

No. 68971

i know that feel.

No. 68976

File: 1455197133657.jpg (326.85 KB, 1024x1388, tom cruise.jpg)

"The story so far" vid on her yt pretty much explains it all.
Nothing about why she deleted all her dancing vids. Why? WHY

No. 69134

File: 1455236610577.jpg (91.59 KB, 960x946, 12711204_351078961682519_17294…)

this art isn't necessarily hideous but does anyone know Cyarin?

I follow her on fb because I like her colouring technique but her subject matter is hella generic loish-esque.
One of the things that's been annoying me about it lately is she always draws her hands clenched.
I should have made a collage of it to really drive the point home but I'm lazy.

No. 69148

I don't see anything wrong with that art, it's pretty cute

No. 69150

I acknowledged that as the first thing in my post.
I didn't really know where else to post it. I didn't really think it deserved a whole topic mildly bitching about art.

No. 69157

This is actually well drawn and adorable.

No. 69162


Why are these bad? You guys have no taste…

No. 69165

they are either drawn in the most generic/boring pastel tumblr trash style, or just plain gross.

you have shit taste, tbh.

No. 69180

File: 1455245681796.png (764.14 KB, 800x800, tumblr_mm0yj4euBw1s5jjtzo1_128…)

>you guys have no taste

No. 69181

File: 1455245738877.jpg (38.76 KB, 496x567, tumblr-shinji.jpg)

This girl's art is some of the ugliest shit I have seen in a long time. Every single one of her EVA prints are godawful.


No. 69190

File: 1455248230590.jpg (603.94 KB, 1280x1620, tumblr_npukmmNyuU1r0isubo1_128…)

i can't help it, I absolutely loooove her art and art style. reminds me of little aliens

No. 69263


I don't think there's anything wrong with her art, it's just a style she developed.

If you don't prefer the style then okay but she's aware of color composition, and her proportions are good.

No. 69266

Likewise! I love that art style too!

No. 69323

File: 1455287933131.jpg (8.84 KB, 181x279, download.jpg)

No. 69324

File: 1455287967199.jpg (5.39 KB, 211x160, download (1).jpg)

No. 69331

OMG! I'm not into the dolly things but I so love this drawing <3

No. 69334


Not saying that you're wrong, but you're wrong.

Pander harder.

No. 69956

File: 1455386277830.png (175.33 KB, 439x400, tumblr_inline_nv97ecxAZN1qehh6…)

>Her vitiligo character is called Coco

No. 69974


No. 71764


It's not racist, anon! it's spreading diversity uwu.

No. 71994

File: 1455824807397.jpg (77.36 KB, 500x667, wh...what.jpg)


No. 71995

File: 1455824857798.png (181.74 KB, 500x647, tumblr_o2gyqziOfH1rctl5bo1_500…)


No. 71996

File: 1455824901360.png (734.75 KB, 1280x853, tumblr_o2hwm7Y1CL1uoj7ovo1_128…)


No. 72013

File: 1455828358255.png (57.46 KB, 500x426, tumblr_o2of6lNPCm1v8qzk7o1_500…)


No. 72014

File: 1455828395028.png (596.16 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_o2k1e2MWOl1rb6loxo1_128…)

No. 72015

File: 1455828443055.jpg (85.06 KB, 500x554, tumblr_nvkt3xKcoL1qfetc8o1_500…)


No. 72023

I don't really know what this is but why do I have a feeling that it's from JJBA?

No. 72029

File: 1455831594279.jpg (349.85 KB, 1304x1337, 1372624749650.jpg)

No. 72103

File: 1455856894798.jpg (166.02 KB, 1280x517, tbh__i_shouldn_t_have_made_mys…)

think this web comic is worth looking at

No. 72105

File: 1455857526869.png (112.43 KB, 1244x912, Lol-Meme-02.png)

Not exactly ugly…but made me lol

No. 72106

File: 1455857811659.jpg (183.85 KB, 1024x583, gem_wars_by_sithvampiremaster2…)


No. 72109

artfag here, and this is actually pretty good imo. Obviously tumblr-tier, but places like calarts actually want people to put a few fatty-chans and uggo's into their portfolio's to show that they can draw a wide range of things. This one actually seems kind of realistic, despite the tumblr nose and cheeks.

No. 72111

first pic is ned flanders and lovejoy, second pic is lovejoy and reverend putty.

No. 72142

why do people dislike petitepasserine?

No. 72185

>somewhat realistic face
>shoulders disproportional
>animu hair
Should you really put this in a professional portfolio? Genuine question.

Some just don't like her style, and many find her overrated. Also Tumblr is always a popularity contest, so people get pissed when a mediocre-tier artist gets so overrated while a lot of great art remains unnoticed.

I admit I don't dislike her, but it is frustrating to see her put out a 5 min Phoshopt doodle that gets tons of notes because she's well known, while your own work barely gets any notes no matter how hard you tried. But that's more a problem of the blogging system and not her fault.

No. 72188

File: 1455889985746.jpg (140.93 KB, 681x1024, hairstyles-for-round-fat-faces…)

Anon, the issue here isn't that she drew a fat ugly woman. The issue is that she's shoehorning her own subjective ideals into a character made by someone else and loved by a fanbase just as she is.

Also, it isn't realistic. It's a very caricaturish drawing. Nobody has facial proportions like that. Google chubby faces on google and see for yourself.

No. 72189

File: 1455890940593.gif (1018.37 KB, 343x205, 1453753849582.gif)

>posts art that's made of piss-vomit colours and melting faces
>"that artist is best shut up ur so wrong it luks so good"

Just let me hate her in peace.

No. 72267

File: 1455918890967.gif (612.17 KB, 500x368, usagifat.gif)

It cracks me up whenever I see anyone draw Usagi fat. There was a whole episode where she got upset because she gained a little weight. She would never reach landwhale status as much as fatties wish she were their size.

No. 72274

Even her precious Tuxedo Kamen remarks on her weight.

No. 72290

What do you expect, it's just calarts…

No. 72308

File: 1455937272346.jpg (415.4 KB, 2000x1000, my bed.jpg)

There are a lot of shitty art out there. This thread just screams "everything Tumblr does makes me angry so I'll keep going there and get angry like a retard".

It's like women-hating robots insisting on coming to a board full of women.

No. 72313

And your point is..? Dude, that's like, your opinion.
You could say the same about us coming back again and again whining about old af cows for years now, but you know what? Thats why this board exist, to bitch and get angry at nothing, specially on /b/ where the cancer that doesn’t belong anywhere else ends, if you don't like it you can go away.
Or is it something else? Did someone post your artwork here or what? Don't be so bitter about it anon.

No. 72322

>implying we don't hate tumblr here

No. 72323

OP here… my art isn't even from tumblr lmao. If you're gonna whine, you might as well contribute while you're at it.

No. 72325

I don't hate tumblr anymore than I hate reddit actually, I follow a few tumblrs for webcomics and actual good art.

No. 72330

>Don't laff at my favorite site whaaaa

No. 72529

File: 1456085881031.jpg (143.92 KB, 1046x355, 1456002921399.jpg)

I can't believe I haven't posted this classic

No. 72531

File: 1456088442813.png (214.52 KB, 500x647, tumblr_o2cwoxAR8f1rctl5bo1_500…)

because it is

No. 72533

Who reproduces in their world if everyone is goddamn gay ?

No. 72535


No. 72541

this was ok till i saw the texts

No. 72544

uuuhm excuse me but people in gay relationships can still reproduce :) boys can have a vagine, and girls can have dicks, so it is totally possible! Check ur privilege you oprressive cis-lord :)))))

No. 72545

I did contribute. Reverse search the image you fucking nignog.

>reading comprehension? What's that?

>how dare someone ask me to have common sense! Th-they must go on tumblr themselves!

No. 72550


No. 72563

how can asgore and toriel have a biological child if their sexualities collide REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

No. 72574

Pssst, hey Anon-kun, theres no need to be upset <3

No. 72651

Uuh, and why were you mad again? Really your complain sounds fucking pointless.

No. 73256

who cares(no one)

No. 73259

you're getting the hang of it.

No. 73263


No. 73305

So which shitty picture is yours? If you think any of the art here is good, that probably says a lot about where you came from.

No. 73352

>Uuh, and why were you mad again?
Uuh, why is OP mad again?

>contribute or fuck off!

>contribute or fuck off!
>contribute or fuck off!
>contribute or fuck off!

No. 73606

File: 1456530418819.png (177.59 KB, 540x540, tumblr_o2atrvalW31rxy3d8o1_540…)

I don't mind this but… that nose…

No. 73607

What the fuck. No one in their right mind would think that nose is attractive unless self portrait…?

No. 73617


What tumble is this?

No. 73618



No. 73678

File: 1456586269099.png (960.2 KB, 1280x965, tumblr_o1n2hvxNk01rxy3d8o1_128…)

Mini dump incoming from the same artist

No. 73679

File: 1456586286179.png (Spoiler Image,91.01 KB, 400x479, tumblr_o363yh1vin1rxy3d8o1_400…)

No. 73680

File: 1456586309110.png (Spoiler Image,1.25 MB, 1280x1356, tumblr_o2ghkpRcZk1rxy3d8o1_128…)

No. 73681

File: 1456586355253.png (1.86 MB, 1280x1673, tumblr_o2mefu5mVH1rxy3d8o1_128…)

Whoops don't know why that last one was spoilered

No. 73682

File: 1456586376490.png (1.02 MB, 1280x1280, tumblr_o2t5alMqVD1rxy3d8o5_128…)

No. 73683

File: 1456586398302.png (686.77 KB, 1280x1312, tumblr_o19lf5ywly1rxy3d8o1_128…)

No. 73685

it's not even that it's unattractive, it just does not resemble a nose by any means and is just two wringing hands away from an antisemitic caricature

No. 73697

File: 1456596050311.jpeg (53.82 KB, 640x793, image.jpeg)

No. 73698

File: 1456596081966.jpeg (60.64 KB, 640x626, image.jpeg)

No. 73703

>Go Crazy And Kill Everyone
>you laugh because i'm different, i laugh because you're all the same

No. 73706

i hate the noses, i hate the arms, i hate those fucking hot topic shirts.
i hate everything about this image

No. 73724

>you laugh because i'm different, i laugh because you're all the same
This is so pathetic, do people still say this unironically anymore?

>Go Crazy And Kill Everyone

How very funny, haha, so edgy, much coolness, very funny meme edge


>fat as fuck

>still perfect hourglass shape

>small boobs
>small non fat looking face
Gotta love the tumblr crowd.

No. 73729

File: 1456614208986.jpg (38.42 KB, 404x396, msn.jpg)

>you laugh because I'm different, I laugh because you're all the same

I'm actually laughing so hard right now because that's exactly the sort of quote I would have put on one of my edgy "emo" deviantArt pictures when I was about 13. It also reminds me of the type of thing I would have used as an MSN picture.

No. 73730

holy shit I love these, I want a thread full of just bad mid-2000s myspace/xanga/LJ avatars

No. 73732

There is a thread on /g/ for old school graphics. Hasn't been used in a while, but you can revive it if you want.


No. 73733

File: 1456615900366.png (19.76 KB, 166x200, oh god my sides _fdbfd46e04e7a…)

What's funnier is that most Tumblrtards all look the same, too.

No. 73734


Lol I used to use all that shit too! I thought I was so edgy and cool. Now I just cringe

No. 73735

File: 1456616058103.jpg (194.53 KB, 508x397, Felly.jpg)

No. 73745

Duude someone remember the stamps of deviantart?

No. 73749

File: 1456620326820.png (1.27 MB, 1000x1300, 1454617898502.png)

No. 73789

Oh shit I remember those. My DA was covered in them. Stamps and those :icon___plz: faces.
Now Tumblr uses stamps unironically and pull uses the ___plz faces unironically.

No. 73790

File: 1456641625370.png (5.38 KB, 99x56, 8971234_9.png)

dang man i was all over the stamps and :___plz: in the TESIV:Oblivion fandom. what an awkward but wonderful time in my life.

No. 73792

File: 1456642527509.jpg (324.08 KB, 945x1920, pimpledickstiles.jpg)

No. 74703

File: 1456729580850.png (279.58 KB, 1024x819, humantale__the_grillby_family_…)

reminder that this is a real blog and i am now dumping it
you called down the thunder, buddy

No. 74704

File: 1456729594530.png (329.68 KB, 1024x768, ask_humantale_1__how_everyone_…)

No. 74705

File: 1456729619371.png (326.3 KB, 1024x633, ask_humantale_3__napstablook_a…)

No. 74706

File: 1456729636169.png (1.23 MB, 900x4050, ask_humantale_9__how_tori_and_…)

No. 74707

File: 1456729669423.png (410.6 KB, 900x1350, ask_humantale_10__is_tori_or_u…)

No. 74708

What the hell is going on with its crotch?

No. 74709

yo is this gen zed???

No. 74734

It's Undertale.

No. 74784

File: 1456770075313.jpg (89.76 KB, 1300x866, 3272575-close-up-portrait-of-b…)

Why…why tumblr? Why do you have to ruin Undertale? I cringed so hard while reading the comic

No. 74789

File: 1456770602650.jpg (43.34 KB, 800x453, 25jd1s4.jpg)

I found this hideously bad picture I drew in MS Paint when I was 14. So much cringe.

No. 74820

I'm so reluctant to get into Undertale for fear of attracting spergs. I have this irrational fear that I'll end up liking it and have nobody to confide aside from autist timblrinas.

No. 74832

…… why

No. 74895

I dont understand why people have problems like this.
Like, I played the game months ago and it was great but I don't feel the need to go full apeshit with others preaching "hOW zomg GOOOOD" it is. I really don't see the appeal on the whole fangirling thing? It's annoying and it attracts shit people, why would anyone want to do that when you could just "like" something and stay away fromball the fandom related drama?

No. 74898

I dunno why, but those smiles she draws make me really uncomfortable for some reason.

No. 74965

File: 1456792887602.jpg (8.68 KB, 262x193, Him.jpg)


Maybe because it looks like their frame of reference for a smile is him from the power puff girls. They're vaguely sinister to me.

No. 74986

File: 1456799937819.jpg (123.96 KB, 540x762, jfc.jpg)

knb fandom

No. 74998

i know these are old but they remind me of those 'schizo episode' drawings…

No. 75001

I was reluctant to play it too but it was more that I didn't want to play Tumblr: The Game than attracting the fans. It's a pretty good game, don't let the fans detract you.

No. 75003

File: 1456804093671.jpg (68.59 KB, 411x750, tumblr_o0v0ki8KU71sea3w5o1_r1_…)

this is a 2nd year private art school student.

No. 75004

File: 1456804128655.jpg (18.03 KB, 250x279, tumblr_o1wqg0D0mV1sea3w5o1_250…)

these are like beyond a level of tumblr noses.

No. 75005

File: 1456804168120.jpg (50.27 KB, 783x831, tumblr_o1wqg0D0mV1sea3w5o2_r1_…)

why are their lips so dark?

No. 75010

These aren't amazing but they really aren't that bad.

I smell vendetta

No. 75014

it's not vendetta, but are you kidding, they're tumblr as fuck and >>75003 looks like they're 3ft tall. the stuff seems so tryhard.

No. 75050

Having a tumblr-esque art style doesn't inherently make them awful though. Yeah they aren't the best art but this is a thread for awful art, not art that you have some nitpicks over

If you want an art critique thread you can make one.

No. 75053

Feels that way to me too. I actually like the way they do faces. This doesn't really look super tumblr, more like "I was really into drawing anime like then I started to explor other stuff".

No. 75217

No. 76001

File: 1456975939110.jpeg (180.58 KB, 750x750, image.jpeg)

This feels so crowded and too sparkly

No. 76046

File: 1456992614490.jpg (101.38 KB, 540x540, why.jpg)

Not necessarily bad in terms of ability, but why do Tumblrinas have to make everyone fat?

If you couldn't tell, this is Honey from Space Dandy.

No. 76048

>Honey from Space Dandy.
this looks nothing like Honey. None of her features, not her hair, nothing. Her fatness is nothing compared to her face.

No. 76056

Don't you know, Anon? More sparkle and unneccessary details = more talent and quality art!

If you think this is anywhere near the worst, then you don't know what tumblr consideres "fat". If you called this "fat" on tumblr they'd probably go apeshit and call you to check ur privilege.
But alas, it still featurs classic tumblr logic- no matter how much you weight, you still have dat hourglass figure with a small waist, cute perky small boobs and no arm fat. Yay!

No. 76078

Also perfect small face, and perfect legs, no cottage cheese blobs were your crotch is supposed to be or fupa, no sir, don't you see fat gurls are goddesses???

No. 76133


Seeing this makes me wonder, sometimes I don't get several tumblrinas logic. If a skinny character is drawn rather thick, it's okay with them, but when a thick character is drawn sliiiightly skinny, they'd rage. the recent big case i heard was the Steven Universe Rose Quartz fanart. Afaik, the artist who drew Rose Quartz skinnier was harassed so bad, it drives her suicidal.


Like, what happen to freedom of art the tumblrinas always take pride of?

No. 79752

File: 1457681442658.jpeg (184.12 KB, 667x588, image.jpeg)

The art is actually really gorgeous but the Tumblr faces ruin the entire piece for me.

No. 79793

Fat girls are oppressed, therefore drawing a fat girl as thin = erasure.

No. 79796

Damn that colouring is really gorgeous, I'm actually jelly, but christ, the faces and proportions are fucked. They obviously could be a very good artist if not for MUH STYLE.

No. 79803

File: 1457704539371.jpg (131.7 KB, 614x774, 10313552_10201961239775253_112…)

No. 79892

File: 1457724216050.png (253.38 KB, 540x686, tumblr_o3pbniXtZX1vnankbo2_540…)

More EAH bs

No. 79893

File: 1457724228719.png (213.73 KB, 540x683, tumblr_o3ngo7hi5b1vnankbo3_540…)

No. 79912

File: 1457726425506.png (271.86 KB, 540x720, tumblr_o3lu9rUvfC1u4np6wo2_540…)

No. 80034

This is absolutely hideous. Who in their right mind would look at this and be like "this looks beautiful"

No. 80035

File: 1457763373993.png (221.41 KB, 500x500, tumblr_inline_n50sl0JuPL1qeeyj…)

As a fan of MH and EAH this kinda art always kills me. None of the characters are fat. NONE

No. 80195

>but why do Tumblrinas have to make everyone fat?
projecting and forced inclusivity. i enjoy a variety of body types and faces in artwork – it shows your breadth and skill as an artist – but all these tumblr turds have done is swapped one idea of beauty (conventionally attractive) for another (conventionally unattractive).
i shrug my shoulders at it, though. for every tumblrina that's drawing her hairy, man-shouldered fatties, there's another person drawing their big-titty'd, moe sex dolls with 18-inch waists and 40 inch hips.

i love this except for the noses. i am sick of every character looking like they have terrible allergies or a cold.

i agree – this completely looks like a white person shoehorning in MUH DIVERSITY and getting it wrong. noses like this do not exist in real life. this was drawn by someone whose never interacted with or seen a semitic person IRL.

this looks like Ivy Winters. (Shout out to any of the other RPDR fans lurking.)

No. 80261

File: 1457830088011.jpg (32.18 KB, 403x416, steaben.JPG)

yeah I'm glad she's ok
but man I can't stand her art it's ugly as fuck

No. 80862

File: 1458010810707.png (93.92 KB, 250x406, 2303888.png)

Snooped around in her tumblr to find her characters. Jesus fuck, what the fuck does it mean to be "Demiromantic"??? A normal fucking person? All i've seen is demisexual, i didn't know this was a thing. I mean, i didn't know what i expected from some other cancerous fuckwad that stills draws trap yaoi with little boys in dresses, god, can't fujoshis fucking die off already?
Her art is pretty nice though… aside from the same face syndrome and pastel.

Pic related

No. 81236

File: 1458106685399.png (351.53 KB, 1075x1379, junko.png)

No. 81245

This is actually kinda cute. Too bad this character is dark skinned specifically to pander to SJWs and is probably a grey-asexual genderfluid demiromantic plantkin who dissociates when he sees carrots or some shit.

Now this is just disgusting.

No. 81336

Oh god that's just

No. 81356

Art is cute

No. 81367

PFFFF that looks like a caricature of an mtf or some shit, agh I can't even stare at it

No. 81373

wait, so she's a sjw who uses alternate sexualities unironically but also draws trap shota shit??
Isn't that like completely contrarian with these fucks morals? You know the whole "ew gross pedo pandering uuuughh also sooo transphobic to draw traps UUUUUGH STOP FETISHISING HOMOSEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS UUUUUUGGGGHAHAGJS

No. 81384

File: 1458164775071.gif (118.12 KB, 350x478, Squirrel1.gif)

No. 81385

File: 1458164846183.jpg (58.72 KB, 640x261, squirrel2.jpg)

No. 81387

Shit, is this thing still going?
Why marvel, why!?

No. 81407

File: 1458169272708.png (510.92 KB, 1016x1066, 1428366806801-2.png)

This bitch is gonna be at Emerald City ComiCon.

No. 81411

>unironically saving a gg reaction image

No. 81413

File: 1458169712174.png (68.91 KB, 195x140, bleh.png)

Just look up "Mamabliss" for a good time.

No. 81414

i usually feel like this is knee-jerky but get back to tumblr.

No. 81415

File: 1458169986687.gif (1.88 MB, 356x200, 1431106221577.gif)

>unironically saving a gg reaction image
Yes, what's your point?

No. 81418

no dignity

No. 81419

>bahaha silly gamergoober ammirite u guys?????
I think that was anon's point.

No. 81421

>on lolcow

seriously? you're in the wrong place.

No. 81422

Aw, go suck on Brianna wu's shriveled girldick.

No. 81423

i'm trying

No. 81425

Very edgy of you Katy Perry.

No. 81440

File: 1458173846879.png (11.89 KB, 500x294, anon's bait.png)

No. 81443

File: 1458174242408.jpg (112.51 KB, 894x894, dhdhdfhdfh_by_rosataciti-d9lxm…)

No. 81444

File: 1458174300599.png (736.56 KB, 866x923, amathyst_the_babiest_by_rosata…)

No. 81445

Looks like a man in drag.

No. 81451

this one is actually cute, though
everything else looks fucking monstrous though

No. 81454

File: 1458176354447.jpg (43.29 KB, 500x282, tumblr_inline_nytnzfY53o1s74ps…)

SU gets some of the worst fan art.

No. 81455

File: 1458177786567.png (74.77 KB, 480x280, 5(149).png)

for some reason that's what pisses me off the most. why did she give her a mole? there's already a character in this game who has a mole under her mouth, and she's best girl.

don't tell me she hurt best girl too…

No. 81464

File: 1458179312093.png (621.87 KB, 1280x713, tumblr_o32ikcqZZV1ssomt9o2_128…)

The rest of this person's art is great, but this piece is just so ugly.

No. 81466

File: 1458179343855.jpg (11.87 KB, 204x247, korrasami_tiny.jpg)

No. 81468

Dobson-sama would be proud

No. 81487

Holy shit I laughed way too hard at that nose

No. 81492

File: 1458188012578.png (280.41 KB, 530x460, tumblr_nwpwioS9nv1so44j7o1_540…)

No. 81552

what's with tumblr's obsession with short stacked brown girls? I see it in almost every redraw of characters like that LoveLive thing

No. 81557

It goes against the norm. Since "tall, thin white girls" are the "zenith of beauty", Tumblr aims to buck that trend by glorifying the complete opposite.

No. 81589

It's not like SU looked good in the first place.

No. 81592

Probably because it's one of the most cancerous fandoms on tumblr, right there with Undertale.

No. 81594


is that mlp?

No. 81605

idk what happened to fluttershy but she needs medical attention.

No. 81607

File: 1458212109808.png (854.87 KB, 1280x1664, tumblr_njfb79HWP91tpelqio1_128…)

>"once i figure out how to make prints this will probably be the first one"

No. 81611

File: 1458215717624.png (354.89 KB, 463x570, Nico.png)

>Paki Maki

No. 81627

Rarity looks like fucking Prince.

It's like they think 'how can I make these characters look as ugly as possible?'

No. 81628

There's so much disrespect for everything that is Dangan Ronpa in this single picture, I almost ca,'t believe what I'm seeing.

No. 81772

oh my god i hate you.
>giantess shitting everywhere

you'll have to go on without me anon

No. 81774

File: 1458267914730.jpg (26.14 KB, 435x326, absolute-disgust.jpg)

WHAT the fuck!

No. 81794

File: 1458275935928.png (528.2 KB, 960x444, moon over june.png)

A true Internet classic.

No. 81803

you should've seen the cancer arc on slipshine

summer has cancer, gets a double mastectomy, turns goth, starts smoking pot then tries to fuck the nanny

No. 81804

File: 1458279027665.png (416.42 KB, 786x317, Demfaces_moonoverjune.png)

I read somewhere that MOJ was meant as a parody (of sorts) and was never intended to be taken (or fapped to) seriously.

Reading your description of the Cancer Arc just makes be believe in that rumor a little more.

No. 81835

I'm hoping this is a parody? I was looking between the first few comics and the latest one. Their proportions got way better…kind of. Faces are still fucked.

No. 81838

File: 1458296581063.jpg (262.42 KB, 658x1024, official sanic art.jpg)

No. 81866

File: 1458304362295.jpg (96.56 KB, 460x750, 9b5.jpg)

Pic related. A foolproof method of becoming famous in the Tumblr special snowflake art community.

No. 81880

File: 1458309793110.png (1.78 MB, 1280x1795, ccd2ae45-8f0f-4a88-b995-149b61…)

No. 81883

File: 1458311273658.jpg (230.73 KB, 1080x1080, 1173229_1566343693679761_12466…)

No. 81893

I love how she looks like something out of Steven Universe. Kek.

No. 81894

this is awful

No. 81907

File: 1458318461688.png (671.62 KB, 777x671, Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 17.2…)

I know it's stylization, but I can't help but feel the skulls are completely deformed, almost horse-like
The distance between the noses and the eyes is staggering, putting the same elongated face on every character you draw, even when you're trying so hard to be "diverse" is pretty lazy as well

No. 81922

>Black Rarity
Into the waste receptacle it goes.

No. 81923

File: 1458324683178.png (359.38 KB, 893x732, tumblr_ng43ajirXo1rnvzmbo1_r1_…)

The art isn't /that/ bad but the choices this artist has made is questionable


No. 81924

File: 1458324698483.png (267.47 KB, 1280x704, tumblr_ng43ajirXo1rnvzmbo2_r2_…)

No. 81925

File: 1458324806779.png (216.64 KB, 600x881, tumblr_ng43ajirXo1rnvzmbo3_r1_…)

No. 81926

File: 1458324836604.png (234.18 KB, 916x791, tumblr_ng43ajirXo1rnvzmbo4_r1_…)

No. 81927

File: 1458324891450.png (299.84 KB, 1280x671, tumblr_ng43ajirXo1rnvzmbo5_r2_…)

No. 81928

File: 1458324921164.png (198.13 KB, 767x600, tumblr_ng43ajirXo1rnvzmbo6_r3_…)

No. 81929

File: 1458324955103.png (224.68 KB, 1138x886, tumblr_ng43ajirXo1rnvzmbo7_r2_…)

No. 81931

File: 1458324980029.png (345.37 KB, 1280x710, tumblr_ng43ajirXo1rnvzmbo8_r5_…)

No. 81932

File: 1458324996477.png (342.82 KB, 1280x770, tumblr_ng43ajirXo1rnvzmbo9_r4_…)

No. 81933

File: 1458325050850.png (100.17 KB, 800x683, tumblr_ng43ajirXo1rnvzmbo10_r8…)

And last one for now (which is the one I really like, along with the Muses, Ariel, and Mulan)

No. 81936

who the fuck is pinkblue hair girl

No. 81938

Who is that girl supposed to even be?

No. 81939

This one isn't too bad. Lilo is already short and kinda chubby with tannish/brown skin, which is all things Tumblr creams themselves over. So the artists don't bother to fuck her up, like they do with other Disney characters.

No. 81940

File: 1458326240197.jpg (108.78 KB, 960x854, image.jpg)

perhaps? i'm not sure either

No. 81964


Sure, these are very tumblr, and some have a questionable anatomy, but they're not awful, not even bad or ugly

No. 81969

Are these characters from something? Like a tv show, movie, book or some shit? One of them is speaking my language (Polish) and I'm trying to understand what's the purpose of this when I'm pretty sure whoever drew this picture doesn't even speak all those 3 languages. Is this a new tumblr trend to pander to different 'cultures' by using random languages for no reason? Is English officially the language of oppression?

I have a nasty urge to make a tumblr and call this person out for "cultural appropriation". Damn I'd roast this fucker.

No. 81974

Ngl I actually kind of like these. Shit taste confirmed I guess.

They're redrawn Disney characters and I think the Polish one is Wendy from Peter Pan? I'm not sure which one is the Polish one so sorry if I get it wrong.

No. 81989

Okay I should have only posted the ones that should be in the thread but I figured to show the whole thing would be better cause not all of it is shit

No. 81993

I think the only ones that belong here are Tinkerbell, Snow White, and Merida. Maybe Kuzco (Kuzko? lol) too. The rest are fine imo. I actually like how she portrayed the Muses.

No. 82086

File: 1458370893554.jpg (84 KB, 900x654, 131899861586.jpg)

No. 82185

D-dude, I think she snapped her neck.

No. 82188



they all have either butch or tumblrina hairstyles

No. 82189


Fuck sake

No. 82190


Cos Ariel is obviously a cripping and Medina is an obese ging

No. 82191


Tinkerbell had to be a midget…

No. 82194

lmao I think it's supposed to be belle.
Also, why did they make kuzsco a tranny?
o wait.. tumblr.

No. 82195

You know you can put all of your replies in one post, right?

No. 82204

Holy fuck, is that princess and the toad? I'm a little rustled.

No. 82220

File: 1458429719930.png (360.65 KB, 1024x651, powerpuff_girls_by_haodan-d9ud…)

this is a pretty good drawing
i dont know why
why do people waste their talents on this bullshit

No. 82222

I have a soft spot for crippled human ariel since I saw a criple girl doing a really cute cosplay of her as a mermaid.

however >cutting merida's glorious red mane into a tumblr look

No. 82223

>bubbles is fat

Why is it ALWAYS the bubbly ones that are portrayed as fat? ffs tumblr at least start being original with your stereotyping

No. 82225

because "bubbles" are round, duh

lame joke but i had to do it [spoiler]i wouldn't be surprised if something as stupid like that was the main reason to tumblr to be honest[/spoiler]

No. 82244

File: 1458437128503.jpeg (186.16 KB, 780x1011, image.jpeg)

I don't know, a lot of the art in this thread is bad, but most of it is pretty okay art that people are calling bad just because it looks like it might have come from tumblr

I understand if someone drawing white skinny characters as ethnic chubby people because they're anti-white/skinny/etc., but people have different styles. I honestly thought this thread would be more along the lines of shittly drawn SonicxHomestuck fan art or something or over-the-top try hard sjw, but a lot of this is rather tame, not at all 'hideous'. A lot of the anons ITT are being rather nit-picky and are judging the art based on how shit the person is rather than the art itself

But eh, it's all a matter of opinion anyhow

No. 82265

File: 1458445813286.jpg (223.64 KB, 1080x1080, 11.jpg)

No. 82266

File: 1458446098360.png (491.88 KB, 500x636, 1407738308.cometthemicroraptor…)

No. 82274

WHY??? I'm actually triggered by this.

No. 82277

Shitty art is subjective, anon. Personally, I'd find a thread full of the same reposted autistic sonic fanart boring because it wouldn't challenge anyone, it wouldn't need an opinion to be branded as shitty, it wouldn't even be worth your opinion. To me, this >>81607 looks horrible when technically it requires a moderate skill, but it doesn't follow the source material and takes way too many liberties clearly just to pander to the creator's preferences and most likely to score them points in the community. That makes it shitty art.

And you seriously can't claim stuff like this >>72529 isn't OTT try hard SJW.

No. 82280

File: 1458461091712.gif (3.44 MB, 350x212, large.gif)

No. 82338

It's been probably 10 years since I've seen the show but wasn't Bubbles really obsessed with baked goods and candy? If I'm remembering right then that's probably why, because loving candy usually = fatty.

If not, then I have no fucking idea lmao

No. 82466

Merida would never cut her hair what the fuck

No. 83374

File: 1458959681689.jpg (95.85 KB, 580x937, GVVeBWn.jpg)

jesus fuck
when i saw those love live pics, i thought like
"oh this is just a really old tumblr picture! its ok!" like an old artifact of tumblr art.
then i see this on my dashboard and im immediately fucking triggered. i am absolutely livid. these people are active and spewing garbage daily. fuck. drink. some. fucking. bleach. PLEASE.

No. 83379

File: 1458960908240.png (340.33 KB, 580x836, T3NK2fw.png)

also can anybody explain to me how is this a 'headcanon'? like this headcanon is wrong right off the bat… what am i suposed to imagine? love live girls can transform into fat black transgirls whenever they like? really faggot?
i guess this is the high price i pay for using tumblr, i see nice art but i also see this.

No. 83389


They made them look so OLD! The one in the middle literally looks like a zombie. What the fuck.

No. 83391

What's this artist's obsession with making every character's skin brown??

No. 83392

>"hire me to make your cards less disgusting!"
>literally made the cards way worse

No. 83393

>My waifu Kotori

fuck this. Not to mention you are taking someone's official art and ruining the characters because they aren't enough blacks and trans people in anime made in Japan for the Japanese audience??

No. 83398

Not to mention the characters are actually "POC" (i.e. not white). Someone really needs to remind her that she's erasing the identity of canon Japanese (and therefore "POC") characters.

No. 83399

File: 1458978486296.jpeg (28.32 KB, 228x400, image.jpeg)

You ain't seen nothing yet

No. 83400

File: 1458978774129.jpeg (68.19 KB, 400x560, image.jpeg)

No. 83401

File: 1458978798293.jpeg (167.26 KB, 1280x883, image.jpeg)

No. 83402

File: 1458978826796.jpeg (166.77 KB, 1280x1007, image.jpeg)

No. 83403

File: 1458978858930.png (61.16 KB, 400x255, image.png)

No. 83404

File: 1458978891025.jpeg (537.68 KB, 1280x1450, image.jpeg)

No. 83405

I'm not understanding this skin tone. Why the green undertone? Is that.. thing supposed to be a mutant, or is it sick?

No. 83416

File: 1458991373333.png (74.49 KB, 606x576, 1417165827432.png)

No. 83417

File: 1458992362471.jpeg (28.9 KB, 420x409, image.jpeg)


Why is it always Rin that they do this to?
Tumblrinas seem to think "Short hair? Sporty? More confident in shorts than a skirt??????? MUST BE TRANS"

No. 83437

Because, despite all their "gender roles are stupid!", tumblr reinforces gender roles like nobody else. Girl with short hair? Trans male. Guy in a skirt? Trans female. Wear androgynous clothes? Male and female at the same time. They don't accept girls doing traditionally male things or boys doing traditionally female things unless they can assign them a label. I think it's part of the reason there are so many people on there who say they're trans even though they have no dysphoria and are totally comfortable with the gender they were born with.

Sage for rant

No. 83459

File: 1459013828325.jpg (59.26 KB, 509x711, AKwyz4h.jpg)

why did they make her black

No. 83460

File: 1459013841140.jpg (47.13 KB, 513x703, ceQLyNe.jpg)

No. 83461

File: 1459013868081.jpg (36.61 KB, 515x656, 4DpumoW.jpg)

No. 83462

File: 1459013890570.jpg (47.12 KB, 511x802, jx2IOLK.jpg)

No. 83463

The anatomy in the original pictures is pretty bad, tho. The butt-chest-pose needs to die already.

I will NEVER understand why some tumblrtards insist on having such shitty anatomy in their art. Fuck. It's like they ran out of paper and had to squeeze the legs in. Disgusting.

No. 83465

this artist is actually pretty good in my opinion, they have their own style, but whyyyyy they decided to ruin these Love Live! characters??

No. 83473

link to artist please

No. 83495

I really fucking hate this stupid trope of "big boobs? Must be fucking fat" on Nozomi.
Damn you tumblr.

No. 83509


If they find a thing with a varied POC cast, they start bitching about LGBT representation. If the thing has both POC and LGBT, they start bitching about a lack of demiromantics, asexuals and nonbinaries. And when there's actually a character of undetermined gender and sexuality, they start raiding everyone who dares imagine them differently then the tumblrinas precious headcanon.

Can you guess why I no longer tag my fanart on tumblr

No. 83516

doesn't look black to me

that aside, for some reason I don't get upset when I see these alternate versions of characters, no matter how good or shitty the style is because I know we won't actually be seeing them in animes (idk about American/other Western shows). They try so hard to push this diversity bullshit on animes, which doesn't make any sense considering the country that produces it is largely homogenous. They're trying too hard, to the point where it's unrealistic. If a series was taking place in a location like NYC and they were showing scenes of different places, it'd be ok, But frankly, people tend to stick to their own, not just racially. They want the world to be inclusive and completely open to all types and for everyone to be forced to have at least one friend thats from every background imaginable to make sure that everyone is open minded. It's such a joke.

Anyway, since they want to live in a bubble and draw ugly characters (not because of race), and don't actively try and spend their time trying to bring this into fruition irl, im ok with it.

No. 83525

File: 1459037115604.png (58.78 KB, 500x700, tumblr_nxm85wPOyD1srzi8ko1_500…)

Why is BB a racially ambiguous shade of brown with a completely different face? Because Tumblr of course!

No. 83526

File: 1459037147155.png (382.36 KB, 640x480, Bb2.png)

(Pic related. What she's supposed to look like.)

No. 83529

I actually kind of like this. The face is a personal thing to the artist I find. Its just their style, but the skin toNE idek

No. 83532

Honoka looks like all her body fat went down to her calves.

No. 83533

I think it's because just about every fatty who's into Love Live cosplays her since they have big tits.

No. 83534

Those look pretty similar though. Her skin is a little more yellow-toned in the artist's rendition but the color palette is also different and sometimes you need to play around with stuff like skin tones to make it look good in an image. They're about the same darkness-wise though so I don't know what you're complaining about

Also yes the face looks different because the artist didn't directly copy the style of the show so it's going to. That's how art styles work.

Honestly the biggest critique I have between the two images (I don't even know what it's from so I can't say anything aside from what's in front of me), is that the hairstyle the artist drew is pretty far off from the show and that it would have been more interesting for them to do what's in the show but stylize it in their way.

This seems like a vendetta because that art is not bad at all, nor is it doing anything tumblr-esque

No. 83564


No. 83565

File: 1459063473172.png (90.61 KB, 800x600, stereotypical tumblr bullshit …)


(By the way, that's supposed to be Chiaki Nanami from Dangan Ronpa.)

No. 83567

File: 1459063668401.jpg (52.85 KB, 518x654, 38534_1451526181607_6038168_n.…)

>second year highschool
>girl in class asks to draw portrait
>consent is given
>the result

No. 83568

File: 1459064158500.jpg (37.26 KB, 535x720, grey.jpg)


apart from that she was pretty well known for her sexy character design in class.
A little risque at the age we were if I might say, girl was sex fixated, into furries and shit.

No. 83569

File: 1459064256050.jpg (40.32 KB, 554x720, foxylove.jpg)

classic cliche shit nothing special

No. 83570

File: 1459064665224.jpg (41.69 KB, 504x720, discoverychannel.jpg)

one more but you get the picture
>like shes not bad just not embracing her own thang, a common problem
>but what even is colour guys
>god i hate graphite pencils.
>probably as much as I hate self proclaimed artists who utilise WACOM tablets alone.
>get off adobe fucktards with your layers and copy/paste bullshittery, go buy a pencil and a piece of gaddamn paper, because you cant update what cant be outdated.

>im done

No. 83582


So what happened? She didn't want to date you? Or was she prettier and more popular than you?

No. 83583

>probably as much as I hate self proclaimed artists who utilise WACOM tablets alone.
>get off adobe fucktards with your layers and copy/paste bullshittery, go buy a pencil and a piece of gaddamn paper, because you cant update what cant be outdated.

Oh my god you're shit at art, aren't you

No. 83585


>get off adobe fucktards with your layers and copy/paste bullshittery, go buy a pencil and a piece of gaddamn paper, because you cant update what cant be outdated

Kek I studied traditional and fine art at college and you can still go swallow a bag of dicks. There are people who utilise tablets and digital software exclusively that have more talent in their sebaceous filaments than you and I have in our whole bodies you pretentious, hipster fuck.

Please post your own "art", I need a laugh.

No. 83610

>someone is better at art than me
>must be because of this bullshit technology!!! Adobe pretty much draws the perfect picture for you itself, does you taxes and sucks your dick while REAL artists only use pencils!! ;_;

No. 83614

You have to be 18 to use this board.

Seriously, sorry this chick stole your boyfriend or friendzoned you or something but these are all completely fine for a 15/16 year old

No. 83618

It's true, this person must have great work by now

No. 83624

I don't know how digital art got the reputation for being piss easy because I'm good with traditional mediums but the only thing I can make with a tablet is like a technologically advanced cave painting but with less pizazz. I'm in awe of the people who can digitally paint something good from scratch. Digital art people obviously made deals with the devil imo

sage because I'm a jealous bitch and want those digital skills

No. 83629

What's going on with their feet?

No. 83640

>you cant update what cant be outdated.
what the fuck is this even supposed to mean in this context?

No. 83642

Getting used to digital art will take some time and practice. Don't worry anon, just keep practicing and check out tutorials online on different techniques and you're good to go. Having background on traditional art also helps.

No. 83643

That last part sounds like you're just bitter because you tried using a tablet and realized it didn't magically make your art amazing and now you can't use it as an excuse for why everyone else is better than you.

>get off adobe fucktards with your layers and copy/paste bullshittery, go buy a pencil and a piece of gaddamn paper, because you cant update what cant be outdated.

What is environmentally sustainability anyway? It's like with people complaining about nooks and kindles ruining books…

No. 83648

same anon, just be careful that you don't lose touch with traditional stuff. I spent so long trying to get to grips with photoshop this year that my pencil sketches got out of practice, but my digital stuff still looks basic.

No. 83649

I think it's that there's always new versions coming out with PS, PSP, etc, with new and exciting tools added, rendering older versions obsolete, but paper and pencil is a timeless classic?

No. 83652


Why are you responding to me with this? Misclick?

No. 83690

That image of Merida is my personal trigger.
Absolutely hate everything about it and I sperg out everytime I look at it. GOD.

No. 83705

holy shit, DR already has a pretty diverse cast, no need for this shit.


No. 83722

No it doesn't have a diverse cast anon! No one is a butt ugly dark skinned POC demiromantic grey-asexual genderfluid-but-mostly-trans-man. See? No diversity at all! Ugh these stupid Japanese character creators making characters to pander to cishets! They don't understand what their REAL audience wants!

No. 83723

This reminds me how people always complain about Japanese video games because the artists supposedly pander to fellow white cis het gamers, even though it's not the case most of the time, like Bayonetta actually being a Mary Sue because the female character designer thinks she looks cool and sexy, or Sengoku Basara and a bunch of JRPGs that have a mostly male cast because it attracts a lot of fujoshi, etc.

No. 83724

File: 1459185101662.jpg (134.43 KB, 640x800, image.jpg)

This just made me so angry, WHY ALICE?

I'm done with tumblr.

No. 83752

Mari Shimazaki really loves her some cool or sexy characters and her designs are always top notch too. I love her art but yeah I've heard a lot of tumblrshits say that her art is pandering to cishet men.

w-what do you mean not everyone is a fat ugly piggu?

No. 83755

Dafuq's wrong with Enoshima's teeth?
Dafuq's wrong with Ishimaru's face?
Dafuq's wrong with Kirigiri's everything?

No. 83759

File: 1459207057266.png (514.61 KB, 1280x1399, tumblr_nn09ksoRXv1tpelqio3_r1_…)

If Sukebanana and 68bears had a contest to see who could fuck up fictional characters the most, who would win?

Trick question no one wins in this scenario.

No. 83762

I'm not even of middle eastern blood but I'm offended with all these huge noses and stereotypical features and clothes.

Have these guys never seen an actual non-white person? It truly looks something out of some racist propaganda flier.

No. 83763

File: 1459208178348.jpg (65.09 KB, 308x917, image.jpg)


For those who don't know, this is the original.

No. 83775

File: 1459210574926.jpg (18.9 KB, 480x360, frank odlaws.jpg)

How else would you be able to identify a characters's race (which is totally what their entire identity revolves around) without falling back on cultural stereotypes?

No. 83793

File: 1459214059860.png (725.52 KB, 1280x1920, holyfuck.png)

Guess who

No. 83796

I was happy to see people drawing more brown girls , but you why do they race change already DEFINED characters. I'm pretty buttblasted after I saw her deviantart and realized who this is supposed to be.

No. 83797

File: 1459216124689.png (Spoiler Image,117.94 KB, 300x300, why.png)

No. 83799


are you fucking kidding me.

she should have just made that an OC

No. 83838

Someone's butthurt. Time to reverse image search and let the artist know there's a weirdo jelly of their art. Hopefully they don't know you in rl.

No. 83839

File: 1459244382836.png (458.72 KB, 1121x1320, image.png)

>this is supposed to be Trigun

No. 83842

Why don't they just draw actual brown girls? There are matching characters out there, how come most people won't give them attention? And why is Miku not Asian, if anything at all?

No. 83849

These people are just too fucking lazy and untalented to a) make their own fucking utau (and make it black) b) notice that there exist brown/black vocaloids like merli or ruby. And Lola if she counts.

Absolutely disgusting

No. 83850

this artist could do amazing art if she got rid of that hideous tumblr style…

No. 83862


According to tumblr, she/he/they/idk is 13 years old and a proud feminist so its definetly a phase.

No. 83873

Wow really? Impressive skills for a 13 year old. Besides that hideous nose it's actually a very pretty drawing

No. 83889

besides the obvious concept/freckles tumblr shit at least it kinda looks like milly and meryl unlike this which is just too far a stretch

No. 83909

File: 1459282087651.png (257.82 KB, 516x662, zim and dib.png)

No. 83910

Zim looks high as balls. Also are they supposed to be sitting down? I can't tell.

No. 83913

>that Jasmine
Why dumblr preaches being open minded and all that but then draws fantasy Middle-Eastern princess with hijab that she did not have in animation. Because you can't be muslim I guess they think she is muslim without covered hair right?
Also drawing beautiful Aurora to be a slob is triggering me so hard.

No. 83920

tbh some Muslims think wearing a hijab is a requirement and others think it's only recommended. But I never saw any fanart of a Muslim female character without a hijab (maybe these ms.Marvel comics, but it's official and the mc is a teenager) or even a Muslim man because tumblr artists are actually narrow-minded that they cannot draw things using clichés that aren't even accurate. A man or a woman who doesn't wear a hijab is probably white-passing and thus a traitor to them or some shit, idk.

No. 83921

*cannot draw things WITHOUT using clichés
Looks like I'm too tired tonight.

No. 83930

>Buttercup is ftm
>because obviously all tomboys secretly want to be dudes
>tfw ~progressives~ are too retarded to realize they're reinforcing gender roles

No. 83933

File: 1459292962120.png (689.54 KB, 885x628, tumblr_o3ujpaDCgp1ufmrt8o1_128…)

Today on please stop giving My Little Pony characters hijabs


No. 83936

File: 1459293223137.png (161.73 KB, 500x278, tumblr_n9lvthIo0S1rel37qo1_r1_…)

The person who drew pic related was also responsible for >>72529

No. 83954

File: 1459308664651.png (251.22 KB, 573x778, 4758-1444117262.png)

Fucking up Miku when there are beautiful black UTAUs/Vocaloids.

Macne Coco might be cheating since she has a white and black version but she's still cute as hell.

No. 83990

isnt this kinda racist considering the artist is white?

No. 83991

>Rainbowdash is sporty so OF COURSE she's a he!

No. 83994

>fat Rarity
yeah ok

No. 84000

Why is she moldy?

Damn I was going to guess that one E4 girl from Ruby/Sapphire

No. 84002


I guess so, fat and ugly Alice Liddell just really upset me.

No. 84013

File: 1459356551701.png (975.38 KB, 1280x1273, mayonetta.png)

Yeah, I like Mari Shimazaki's style a lot, everyone in Bayonetta looks so stylish. I know that some female artists (not even always hetero) draw fanservice things with female characters just because they like it. There's Kumiko Suekane for example, she loves drawing female characters with huge breasts because she's a pervert, not to pander to an audience.

I would have found it just as insulting if the artist wasn't white, actually.

No. 84014

OT but I keep noticing anon(s) saying this in comments and it's starting to grind my gears
A lot of /cgl/ are art students so I figure it's the same here, so boasting about it seems tryhard

No. 84019

>drawing sandniggers the way they look is racist
>Drawing them idealized is whitewashing

No. 84022

But Anons, how is the world supposed to know how open minded and not opressive these artists are if you cannot clearly identify them drawing muslims?? How, oh how?

No. 84028

You must live inside a /pol/ drawing to believe these people look anything like they are portrayed.

No. 84037

can we stop with the fucking race debate buzzwords? it already fucked up the tumblr thread, can we not have this thread without it being shat up too?

No. 84104

Now that's some fetish bbw bullshit right there.
Fuck that "muh representation", some people just want to draw skinny characters as obese because it turns them on.

No. 84105

I sense a rustle in the jimmies.

No. 84106

File: 1459384229812.jpg (9.24 KB, 225x225, fat usagi.jpg)

No. 84108


Of course Tuxedo Mask is still a slender, buff, handsome guy…
The hypocrisy is tangible.

No. 84125


No. 84126

File: 1459397956641.jpg (28.09 KB, 636x358, 18sqkzga6cy7bjpg.jpg)



No. 84128

goodness, your pic scares the hell out of me

No. 84130


it's not real. some kid on the internet drew it. lol like yeah lets laugh at goofy stuff but why would it 'really upset you'. why is that upsetting.

No. 84131

Why am I not surprised at this? The whole art just screams fetishization.

Figures that her OWN characters are white.

No. 84133

File: 1459401632232.jpg (142.77 KB, 607x743, 46C78E12-D6EC-437D-B5EB-CCF82E…)


No. 84139

Considering the title is the Powerpuff Girls and not the Powerpuff Siblings, Buttercup in that drawing is most likely still a tomboy female and not a FTM.

No. 84147

Of course they'd use the original name of the show, it would get the most hits.

No. 84158

dang fucking right i am rustled. every fucking day i have to watch people argue about race shit on facebook, tumblr, youtube, even the chins. can we not have one fucking thread without buzzwording? REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

No. 84182

Yeah, it was tagged as such on tumblr by the op. Not SJW art but still terrible art.

No. 84184

File: 1459448823482.gif (317.98 KB, 245x180, tumblr_m3kkaudHDI1rr3prko4_250…)

Holy shit that is ugly. Also if they want to draw someone fat from Sailor Moon they should draw the character known as Usagi's Fat Friend

No. 84242

File: 1459495331765.jpg (98.99 KB, 540x545, eww.jpg)

A strong independent wymin who needs no man? of course must be a PoC!

No. 84249

Still truer to the design and not wrecked the way most art in here is, at least

No. 84250

looks good to me

No. 84259

who is this supposed to be?

No. 84260

Battle Angel Alita

No. 84267

Alita/Gally is POC. She's Japanese. I assume she'll get properly white washed in the movie that may eventually get made but… she's supposed to be asian.

No. 84269

>left out one of the few canon fat characters

No. 84271

File: 1459527373452.jpg (155.52 KB, 320x482, tumblr_mhajqp6W621re2qz3o6_400…)

Is this person not aware that those costumes are fairly accurate to what irl female idols would wear?

Lets not pretend that Love Live isn't being aimed mainly at idol wotas.

No. 84273

Why would an AI choose to be overweight?

No. 84293

The mere fact that it's a Gummn fanart which is rare enough, and that Gally doesn't look deformed prevents me from hating it tbh.

No. 84294

File: 1459538240196.jpg (Spoiler Image,29.95 KB, 405x466, sQSbV8o.jpg)


No. 84303


>that nigger nose and dark as the dark side of the moon tone on pinky pie.

don't they realize these generalizations on how people of other races actually look can actually be considered racist?

way more racist thend not having P.O.C on the shows?

No. 84321

File: 1459571824947.png (376.66 KB, 500x667, tumblr_o4tv0puFLI1tbubkro2_500…)

No. 84322

charlotte, no! you've turned into big lottes!

No. 84327

The character is already POC you dumb fucking idiot

No. 84328


unless I'm missing something. last time I checked Gally always is depicted with pale or yellowish skin, not like a fucking nigger.

you may have a point there, at least they didnt made her fat or muslim or trans-something

No. 84330

File: 1459581887104.png (8.62 KB, 401x367, 1441036158284.png)

>All POCs must have dark brown skin!

No. 84335

File: 1459592938843.png (162.29 KB, 540x585, tumblr_o4xmae8DBE1tiqrbbo1_540…)

Why Luna…
Those fucking noses. Why do they do this? If it weren't for the nose I would even like the style

No. 84336

File: 1459592966128.png (102.51 KB, 540x720, tumblr_o4xmae8DBE1tiqrbbo2_540…)

No. 84350

File: 1459600780047.png (356.21 KB, 920x730, 1453004425168.png)

N-not Luna..

No. 84400

File: 1459624915832.jpg (77.34 KB, 540x405, tumblr_o4dbf1WUak1uv2w55o1_540…)

did..did someone finally get it?? Body Types that dont JUST resort to borderline obese?
praise jesus

No. 84427


"She MUST be POC" and "She MUST have dark skin" are completely different phrases tho. One doesn't equal the other

No. 84483


No. 84533

That is fan art of The Winx Club
And they're actually all basically Barbie figures in the show

No. 84577

when fam think i dont know
its a better reimagining of it tho and actually considering what these characters skin tones and ethnicity attribute to their body types and skin tones.
What I find confusing about Love Live fanart making them poc is it is heavily applied they are japanese. You can keep them in their ethnicity and change their body type/skin tone to fit those of the Japanese. I dont understand why they slap on a different ethnicity and darkened skintone and the excuse is "more realistic!! :^)))" nah fam
if you want to head canon fine. whatever.but these are starting to become borderline racist.

No. 84627

She looks like she's got some goblin in her family. She also looks mentally challenged.

That tumblr nose ruins everything. How did it spread? It's like a disease. Just give everyone a raging gin blossom and call it style.

No. 84628

t h i s
i remember seeing love live art where the artist decided the cast wasn't diverse enough and drew nico extremely hairy and said she was of ainu descent

No. 84801

>and said she was of Ainu descent
That's so rude to the Ainu

No. 85008

File: 1459950665270.png (544.45 KB, 749x1066, time to burn my eyes.png)

I think this should be a thread both about hideous art but also tokenism

No. 85028

What the fuck please tell me that isn't Rick Sanchez. It's hideous

No. 85053

File: 1459968122549.png (513.5 KB, 891x695, 1459961719361[1].png)

thought you guys would like this. it's not 'hideous' but it's absolutely disgusting.

>anon traced(poorly) imai kira for a /cgl/ drawthread of all things

No. 85054

>"more realistic!! :^)))"
This annoys me so much. Would it kill them to do 10 minutes of research on what real Japanese idols look like? A quick look at any group shot of AKB48 or Morning Musume would show them that most of them are 100% Japanese, have the same pale-ish skin tone and are slim.

In terms of how the Love Live characters look, the only way to make them more realistic would be to change their eyes to brown and give them black or brown hair.

They need to take a step back and realize that they're trying to make things more "realistic" based on their American standards.

No. 85055

No. 85064

File: 1459980261117.jpg (59.19 KB, 453x439, 1456530381063.jpg)

No. 85065

Rick would fucking send whatever tumblr bitch that drew this abomination to a different dimension. Preferably the giant spider one.

No. 85086

File: 1460005406605.png (364.52 KB, 673x680, 0be.png)

Oh shit, is that who this is supposed to be? I couldn't even recognize him. Knowing this makes the drawing 1000x worse.

No. 85105

This is what gives digital art a bad rep. Thanks Obama

No. 85190

File: 1460066973825.png (368.53 KB, 1280x1691, eew.png)

No. 85193

is this thing supposed to be Honoka?

No. 85195

File: 1460067896027.png (131.69 KB, 512x720, honoka.png)

Isn't it obvious?

No. 85196


close enough ,
why is she missing a tooth tho

No. 85199

File: 1460070077760.jpg (28 KB, 320x320, whyisthispopular.jpg)

Multiple teeth. Because all famous idols must have huge horse mouths with teeth knocked out.

Also contributing more of some artist posted before because holy shit

No. 85212

How in the fuck did the artist think "Yep this is all well good and done. Time to post on the internet."

No. 85214

Why did they make the colors so ugly and muddy?

Just because you're a lazy slob and can't clean your clothes properly doesn't mean everything is like that, Jesus.

No. 85225


No. 85230

File: 1460092694968.jpg (165.02 KB, 1280x720, jjsc27brothers.jpg)

No. 85727

Lol, this is on the front page of Reddit rn.

No. 85786

links anon

No. 85802

No. 85804

File: 1460344992534.png (211.01 KB, 540x687, black canary and green arrow.p…)

No. 85806

this picture is confusing me, it almost looks like they poorly traced some yaoi shit and then added their faces onto it

No. 85982

As if Black Canary would ever let herself get fat. Besides, I thought SJWs hated comics?

No. 86026

i feel so sorry for these people if that's really how they see the characters..

No. 86030

that made me smile

No. 86122

File: 1460505291343.jpg (134.75 KB, 900x1200, w4vtml0.jpg)

so i found the artist behind >>84321 and it's gewurlfa on tumblr, and their art is the living stereotype of fat lesbian tumblr art dear god

No. 86125

File: 1460505378129.jpg (202.66 KB, 900x1200, mOw5GlE.jpg)

it's Gerwulfa, minor mistake, not gewurlfa

No. 86128

File: 1460505477594.png (Spoiler Image,258.56 KB, 500x667, 4wYjAeE.png)

"my nohr my gorgan and her husband xander"
dear god

No. 86129

holy fuck, thanks anon. and its my exact screenshot so somebody else posted it there, i thank you for that.

No. 86602

File: 1460787272441.png (315.86 KB, 540x675, tumblr_o5gakaqZzB1re128io1_540…)

Dat fucking nose.

No. 86603

File: 1460787358796.jpg (88.04 KB, 540x393, tumblr_o12db2EhFp1usd5h7o1_540…)

Pig nose Bull.

No. 86604

File: 1460787612678.jpg (145.37 KB, 911x687, tumblr_nnn63vqCuh1s56u1qo5_128…)

No. 86616

File: 1460807660192.jpg (104.44 KB, 200x315, ur2slo.jpg)

No. 86667

File: 1460843230233.png (437.36 KB, 1000x1000, 156_by_champagne_papi-d9w3h56.…)

Time for a deviantart dump. And yes these are all "serious" drawings

Warning: Edgy content

No. 86668

File: 1460843250202.png (190.18 KB, 418x579, acne_by_realelfman-d9x4avd.png)

No. 86669

File: 1460843275174.png (62.03 KB, 697x386, art_trade_for_zitronensuchti_b…)

No. 86670

File: 1460843312223.jpg (99.73 KB, 575x980, bb_my_bby_by_vomitcult-d9z2jw8…)

No. 86671

File: 1460843334512.png (172.3 KB, 1024x1185, cats_dont_eat_eggs_by_neopetz-…)

No. 86672

File: 1460843363902.png (451.07 KB, 761x699, dressfriends_by_watab-d9wjpqw.…)

No. 86673

File: 1460843415727.png (136.88 KB, 1024x1565, ghggggg_by_ham_egg-d9rm154.png)

No. 86674

File: 1460843433978.png (143.26 KB, 470x673, trying_to_be_holy_by_lulushu-d…)

No. 86675

File: 1460843465189.png (265.81 KB, 1024x1603, periperi_by_dirtchurch-d9cbgf3…)

No. 86676

File: 1460843544486.png (3 MB, 1870x2189, oooooooo_by_seadrown-d9qj4y6.p…)

No. 86677

File: 1460843573741.png (25.13 KB, 658x553, pearl_by_realelfman-d9p9kr3.pn…)

No. 86680


I don't have a problem with these.

>>86676 has a cute design and good colouring, and >>86677 is entirely proportionally accurate tot he character.

No. 86682

wh-what the fuck?
are those meant to be eyebrows?

No. 86684

File: 1460848385688.jpeg (Spoiler Image,186.51 KB, 640x827, image.jpeg)

kill me

No. 86686

They're fucking /eyelids/ for some reason

No. 86687

I will never understand why people think it looks okay to draw incredibly detailed stuff from the torso up and then just completely fucking give up for the legs and shit.

Those shoes are completely unacceptable from any artist who's older than 13

No. 86689

File: 1460852610031.jpg (457.89 KB, 1200x942, tumblr_o5p8sieVO11rn6c38o2_r1_…)


>kill me

What's wrong with this? This is pretty damn decent. Their colouring is better than mine for sure.

No. 86694

people dislike gunkiss cuz the style is bloated and swollen. they also draw a lot of fat chicks, i guess.

No. 86740


Okay but I gotta say, somebody drawing something you dislike a bad artist does not make.
I'm an artist myself and when I was in college in our life drawing classes my FAVOURITE types of models were always the obese ones because drawing in every curvature and fold was a delight. And getting to get down and dirty with all those details… stretchmarks, cellulite, sagging, the way the fat on a bottom splays out when sitting… oh god, fat people are so fucking great to draw.

That being said, I actually really disagree with fat acceptance and abhor HAES.
Imperfection is more fun to recreate than perfection though.

No. 86741

File: 1460895424153.png (131.78 KB, 540x467, help.png)

guess the crossover

No. 86743

>I'm an artist myself
This is so embarrassing, just say you yourself draw or something. Half of this site probably does something creative.

No. 86745

Osomatsu and Littlest Pet Shop?

No. 86772

I have to say, looking at so many 13 year old who draw abominations like the ones in this thread and call themselves "artist", the title has lost all it's significance to me across the years.
I also draw stuff but I'm just freelance and still learning, I would never call myself an artist just because I know how to draw some lines on paper.

No. 86773

Nobody cares about your fat fetish.
Move on now.

No. 86775


If you had the choice between drawing a perfectly new, smooth, flawless tree sapling or a grizzled, gnarled, scarred, decrepit 200 year old oak, which would you choose?

You're retarded if you think the latter preference comes down to a fetish. Back to your chairgrave Bonelord.


This tbh.

No. 86787

File: 1460928950951.png (897.6 KB, 1280x1251, steven unvierse of course.png)

I can't stand this persons art. It's on my dash all the time and the artist is annoying too.

No. 86788

The shading is really nice, Garnet and Steven look super cute, but Pearl and Amethyst look like they came out of a horror movie and have only bloodlust on their minds. Idk if it's ugly so much as freaky.

No. 86789

Its hit or miss, really. Wish they'd use their skills for good rather than create horrifying anime / realism hybrids.

No. 86791

kiwi is fucking annoying and their art borders on gross/uncanny valley a lot of the time, but they're 16 yrs old and i'm interested how they'll grow artistically. they also have room to mature personality wise too.
however being young and popular they might get a big dumb head and become even more shitty.

No. 86793

File: 1460935450481.png (757.15 KB, 1036x1730, hamsteaks.png)

No. 86809

I hate her art so much. She's always shading with black and overusing the burn/dodge tools, which is a big mistake (and usually one only absolute beginners make). Also I really hate artists who rely too heavily on the blending tools in Sai. It's fine to use stuff like that to get a certain effect, but artists who use it to cover up a lack of actual skill really grind my gears.

No. 86823

Actually now that you bring up her age, several months back on kiwi's youtube her age was listed as 13. Wish i screenshotted it but didnt think when I'd check back a few months later she somehow aged three years… Hm.

No. 86824

gonna call bullshit on them being 16 tbh.

Especially after seeing this >>86823

It wouldnt be the first time an artist lied about their age to seem more impressive. Especially more babyfaced ones. She admits to shooping selfies and the ones that arent shooped she looks 18 at the youngest tbh

sage for not actually art related

No. 86825

Don't these kind of tumblr artists usually lie about being older than they really are? I've never seen anyone lie about being younger.

No. 86831

File: 1460981504460.jpg (213.33 KB, 1280x781, tumblr_nuagkrLnQJ1rn6c38o1_128…)

Literally fat trans lesbian disabled black vampires. Holy shit the edge is strong with this one. Everything she draws is a LOOK HOW DIVERSE I AM shitshow with shinies and fat people. Tumblr eats that stuff up I guess.

No. 86836

Tons of artists lie about being younger, it's been like that for a long time, especially on deviantart.

Being older doesn't give you "WOW YOU"RE SO GOOD FOR YOUR AGE!" asspats. But changing that 20 to 15 certainly will.

No. 86837

Damn, their art style and coloring is actually good though. This shit makes me sad.

No. 86842

I hate to play devil's advocate but have you ever considered that draw these things because they like to? While their art definitely checks off most of the tropes that certain people love, it also has pretty complex and interesting designs to it. It's more interesting to draw variety and since these aren't preexisting characters that they're trying to diversify I really don't see why there's a problem with them drawing what they want.

Drawing the same cookie-cutter people who all have similar traits, features, and body types is boring. Drawing diverse characters is a great exercise in your skills and while I'm not a biggest fan of the artist's style they clearly have these skills down pretty well.

No. 86844

Their whole artblog just reeks of pandering for the sake of it. Diverse chars is FINE and great and I like seeing different shit but this is just the trifecta of oppression points Olympics for me that screams 'LOOK I DID SOMETHING DIVERSE GIVE ME ASSPATS'

Sorry but that's what it says. The design itself isn't bad the style…eh…but fuck me the amount of pushing bullshit into one character is just annoying as fuck. I bet one of them even has headmates at this point.

No. 86846

>Sorry but that's what it says.
That's what it says TO YOU but you aren't the ultimate authority on art. Unless the author comes out and says this is what they were doing it probably isn't even their intention.

I don't even see what's so "jam-packed with diversity" about these characters. If they were white and the middle one didn't have an amputated arm they'd be pretty standard designs for vampire characters. Literally the only thing I can see that's even slightly verging into social justice territory IS the amputated arm on the middle one. The other two look pretty normal considering what they're supposed to be.

No. 86860

>chubby joseph
>removing one of the most iconic elements of the series


No. 86873

Too lazy to draw good art. That's why

No. 86878

File: 1461019124016.png (326.77 KB, 1280x1018, powerpuff.png)

No. 86879

Why does Blossom have vitiligo?

No. 86881

File: 1461020626189.jpg (528.35 KB, 630x935, tumblr_nylb6uPJgI1rn6c38o1_128…)

who the hell would lie about being older? Artists dont lie about being older unless.

my issue with gunkiss is that EVERYTHING is fetishized. It's not 'here's this chubby person just doing whatever' it's ' Look at every roll, gotta draw them ONLY in tight clothing here let me slather them in makeup because they HAVE to be sexy. She ALWAYS draws these characters in full makeup. Like even the skinny flat chested one has cleavage???

Also EVERYTHING she draws has 'black' features. Every single thing. I dont care that she's apparently 'latin american' but I think she purposefully hides the fact that she's 'white' and thin because then people would actually call her out on racist bullshit like this. If ANYONE ELSE drew that shnoz on Stevonnie they would be lynched but gunkiss gets away with it and it's that kind of hypocritical shit I cant stand

>sage for ranting and saltiness

No. 86883

WTF the nose looks like an eggplant strapped to her face and her mouth is completely sideways yet drawn in too realistic style for it to be just a cute cartoonish quirk, what is this

No. 86884

that face makes no fucking sense?? her face barely fits into her head. who looks at that and thinks it's ok? the sideways mouth thing is cute if it's anime or cartoon, but there's just some quirks that just don't translate to a more realistic style. LIKE THAT FUCKING NOSE

No. 86887

why did they give fucking KINDERGARTENERS hairy legs and arms

No. 86916


THANK YOU. god that bugs me too. Also that face and anatomy. Hiding behind shiny colors essentially.

Also I find the whit lighting of her in this thread hilarious fuck. She's an about sjw artist who uses fat and poc to get tumblr points. Come the fuck on.

No. 86917

*white knighting freaking auto

No. 86939

File: 1461065088737.jpg (493.39 KB, 900x1391, moon_princess_by_noflutter-d8a…)

>Hiding behind shiny colors essentially.
Pretty much this. Her style has potential though, so maybe once she stops heavily pandering and will focus more on improvement than tumblr notes she can be a great artist.

I think there are much worse people out there who get praised by tumblr for nothing. Look at people like noflutter for example. She might not really pander to SJW, but she panders to the popular animu/movie/comic/whatever crow with essentially the same bullshit over and over and over again. But since she hides her lack of diverse skills, anatomy and sameness behind some nice colours, steampunk/same outfit design and other things stolen from better artists she can get away with it.
Sorry for sounding so salty, but it baffles me how she can pretty much draw the same pic over and over again and get so much praise for it.

Pic related, I'll be honest and say I'll take >>86831 over this anyday.

No. 86956

it always confuses me how much her drawings just remind me of mlp ponies instead of real girls.

>dat anatomy tho

holy shit man her legs huge. they're almost wider than her chest.

No. 86976

File: 1461079195637.jpg (180.94 KB, 1080x1080, 12556103_134043893642995_60085…)

No. 86982

File: 1461081604613.png (129.32 KB, 753x472, x4JCQMN.png)

Kinomatika is a good artist, and i personally like their comic and their characters and such… my only beef is that when they put a non binary character in their comic, they made it THE WORST tumblr stereotype. Of course it's a fat, black non binary with the tumblr glasses and colored hair.

No. 86997

File: 1461091239510.gif (149.93 KB, 458x507, stevonnieedit.gif)

Made a 5 minute edit, it's still not gorgeous but what a difference…

No. 86998

Good job on making it look human

No. 86999

Great improvement. Their art really does have a lot of potenial

No. 87002

So they she should only draw white people? I do agree that diversity would be nice but in the end their work is the least offensive as far as SJW artist go.

No. 87011

Dat nose still ruins everything. Why do SJW's want everyone to find ugly things pretty? They just want to ruin the human gene pool, they're like parasites.

No. 87015

File: 1461096312554.png (682.34 KB, 1920x1080, Stevonnie_Awkward_Stare.png)

Err have you seen that actual noes on Stevonnie?

No. 87018


Anon it's supposed to be an Indian nose.

No. 87030

File: 1461105774302.png (370.56 KB, 728x303, stevonnie.png)

quick shoop to show the level of bullshit (aka so that her drawings was more accurate to stevonnie). On a show that already exaggerates the features her level of BS is disgusting.

No. 87033

Realistic Stevonnie looks more Pakistani than Indian. That aside has anyone else noticed that sjw artist seem to emphasize certain stereotypical racial features in their art. Like the noes thing with Stevonnie or of they are draw an actual black character they'll emphasize certain things. Idk I really only thought about this after seeing a really off picture of Rocket that bothered me more than it probably should have.

No. 87046

File: 1461118076675.jpg (94.72 KB, 500x625, nOF5aya.jpg)

Everything on this persons blog is just eugh, but this post in particular is a real gem

No. 87051

File: 1461120548691.png (94.46 KB, 600x750, 3.png)

Holy shit the accessibility transcript for this shit.

>A White plus sized trans man in rollerblades glides happily along, his outfit reveals nice, luscious, fat thighs

No. 87053

I hate how every character in that show is a shitskinned fatty. How can people watch that shit and enjoy it? Especially considering what a massive cunt the creator is.

No. 87059



lmao, you don't know what you're talking about

>Especially considering what a massive cunt the creator is.

you sound more of a massive cunt than the creator is

No. 87060


I like curvy women of all sizes. I think fat women and skinny women are hideous abominations who should be killed. Except if they have curves and look decent.

But bloated belly, or waistless hipless skinny? Naw. go kill yourself

No. 87062

Write that again I can't see your point.

No. 87063

I never understand the use of they.
Hell I never really understand all that nonbinary bull either.
But isn't it more dehumanizing than just go for a gender?
Also if that's how they look irl, I hope they use a hat outside.

No. 87069

Its because "ethnic features are beautiful" and black people always have flat wide noses and curly hair and to DENY THAT MEANS YOU ARE WHITEWASHING!!!1@1 Also, why not its just drawings lolz /s

No. 87101

Read it again and you'll see my point, you lazy whore.

No. 87140

As a girl with a huge shnoz I quite enjoy drawings with that feature exaggerated

No. 87156

It's bothersome. I'm black and while I do like natural hair on other people it's really not for me. Lol, it's kind of enforcing the all black people look a like stereotype but whatever I guess as long as their being PC it doesn't matter much? Tumblr logic I swear.

No. 87480

if you need shitty racist art to make you feel better about yourself you really need to reevaluate your life.

No. 87486

The anatomy is indeed horrendous but to be honest I'd rather look at mindless, pretty anime crowd pandering art than have to constantly look at disgusting bullshit like this >>86878 kind of stuff that only exists to make the artist feel good about themselves for being so ~progressive~. When someone tries to be more clever and unique than they really are it just backfires into a spiral of second-hand embarrassment and frustration that serves as a distraction, and not in a good way either. That's why I'd take generic pretty art any day over a Tumblrina doodle.

No. 87487

Well, they're only treating being nb just like tumblr does - as a fashion style. A fashion style is made of certain ways of dressing and certain accessories of choice. So in order to be trans you just NEED to have shock coloured hair, shaved sides, thick eyebrows and cat eye glasses. That's how you know it's a cute trans prince uwu

No. 87488

Huge noses don't look good on women. Sucks to be you.

No. 87489

I want the people who draw this trash to hurry and die.

No. 87490

This is absolute trash.

No. 87497

Please Anon show us your masterpieces.

No. 87498


No. 87500

Oh, you're one of those 'if you can't draw, you can't critique' people, aren't you? At least if I could draw, I wouldn't draw trannies and amputees.

No. 87503

No I'm not, but out of all the art posted her that is one other of the better one. Yes the artist is pandering to sjw(or hey they might legitimately like drawn trannies and disabled people) but compared to some of the other thing posted in this thread it can hardly be considered trash.

No. 87505

I've managed pretty well so far actually, real life is not like the farms by a long shot

No. 87506

Lel, it's cute how that Anon thinks that their standards of beauty are universal. So precious!

No. 87513

File: 1461327450773.jpg (49.09 KB, 736x873, c876633aaa1dad6c30ab1a97817173…)


You're kidding right?
There are so many female models whose nose is part of their "look".
Erin O'Conner for example, enormously popular British model from the late 90's-2000's, when she was considering getting rhinoplasty her agency legit turned round to her and said "if you change your nose we will drop you".
You sound basic af tbh.

No. 87523

But you're also acting like your standards of beauty are universal, so what's your fucking point?

No. 87524

File: 1461339477444.jpg (206.82 KB, 800x1034, lindsey-wixson-by-zoe-ghertner…)

I think there are plenty of beautiful women with bigger than average noses (may be biased though because I have a wide nose) and it really does come down to the individual + the personal preference of whoever is looking at them, but you gotta admit models are often chosen for features that will be seen as striking, eye-catching and quirky on an otherwise "perfect" face. Doesn't mean irl the average person is lauded for it

No. 87526

But at least i don't have a huge hook nose.

No. 87531


No, you're just morbidly obese.

No. 87533

Please tell how I'm doing that? Where did o say that this or that feature is and should be considered as the universal standard of beauty?

No. 87535

Her large nose does not look "good", but it makes her already beautiful face look unique.
She reminds me of Pearl from Steven Universe.

No. 87554

File: 1461354535598.jpg (56.35 KB, 600x419, erin_oconnor.jpg)


>her large nose does not look "good"

Subjective m8.
You say it does not look good, I say it does. You don't get to set the boundaries.

No. 87561

calm down geez

No. 87562

They seem pretty calm to me.

No. 87563


I am calm but they are definitely going to accuse you of being me lel

No. 87567

AAAAA PERFECT FACE UGLY NOSE WHY?! She could have been such a beauty!

No. 87569


I'm sure she's crying all about it when she's reclining in her London apartment with no obligations, opening a magazine and seeing her face adorning the latest Radley campaign, and generally just being richer, successful and more fulfilled than you.
Honestly I feel just terrible for her too. What a dreadful fate.

No. 87573

What is your problem with big noses? Why does it bother you that much? Do you have some kind of Rhinophobia? Do you want to talk about it Anon?

No. 87574

Lmao did you think I'm underaged or something? Of course I know this. Also why do you get so offended to the point you personally attack me? I mean I think she could be pretty but I just dislike her nose. I dont think they chose her because she is pretty (she is) but because she has a normal face with an ugly nose and it is…ehm…conspicuous…and not in a good way.

You're right about me but due that nose even Kendull Jenner is 300 times more succesul than her.
>latest campaign
But I dont see her face lately anymore though?

No. 87576

I'm the anon you responded to but her nose isnt even that big though?….it's just deformed. That's why her nose is ugly. Like Rihanna has a big nigger nose but it suits her face and this is why I'm not bothered by her nose (although rhinoplasty would make her drastically prettier)

No. 87577

I responded to the wrong Anon. God I hate myself for this comment (as I try to keep race out of things), but what's wrong with Rihanna wanting to an ethnic looking nose? I have no problem with Himezawa taking pride in her nose (my problem is her attitude). No everyone want a tall European noes it's not a hard concept to grasp (and I'm all for plastic surgery).

No. 87589

Stop derailing about noses and get back to talking about shitty art ffs.

No. 87695

File: 1461408768486.jpg (177.5 KB, 956x836, arkham_city_redesigns_by_otter…)

The art is actually kinda alright (apart from Poison Ivy's anatomy) but they redesigned Poison Ivy to be fat and Catwoman to be black because the original Arkham City female characters weren't ~feminist~ and ~diverse~ enough; apparently that's because there were fanservice-y female characters but not male ones. Because if everybody can't be sexy, no-one can be!

No. 87699

File: 1461416856706.png (844.34 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_o4xs12tbhU1v89bayo1_128…)

I mean, it's not as bad as "Down With Cis"…

No. 87700

File: 1461417571019.png (205.86 KB, 540x562, eh.png)

why does tumblr draw nya-chan fat… she's an idol

No. 87704

File: 1461422573225.png (309.38 KB, 601x595, d72.png)

No. 87739

is this a rare pepe

No. 87772

No. 87820

File: 1461504958473.jpg (761.73 KB, 928x1543, 1.jpg)

No. 87829

File: 1461512923633.png (151.67 KB, 640x400, 1451251197138.png)

no this is

No. 87851

I don't see what's bad about this one? The art style is pretty cute tbh

No. 87932

Have you had your eyes checked recently?

No. 87950

I mean yeah they drew a chubby girl but they still made her look cute. It's nowhere near the hideous mounds of rolls and flesh that most tumblr artists draw

Unless this is supposed to be some character I don't recognize, I don't see the problem with it.

No. 87953

The character is a male from HunterxHunter, Chrollo.

No. 88001

Oh, didn't know that.

No. 88108

The Primal Ree.

No. 88173

Don't tell me… This has a trans headcanon attached to it?

No. 88306

>making the thief black

No. 88312

No. 88358

File: 1461655219048.png (213.28 KB, 540x382, sailor moon.png)

No. 88359

File: 1461655266221.jpg (176.29 KB, 1280x1413, hideous hamsteaks.jpg)

No. 88368

who the fuck is that on the left

No. 88380

I actually thought this was okay for tumblr pandering standards, but then I saw the file name. Jesus wept.

No. 88474

I'd look like that too if that… thing was trying to touch me.

Seriously, the dude on the right looks like he's fucking crying lmao

No. 88572

File: 1461730468987.png (130.01 KB, 500x333, huniecam.png)

No. 88577

The last one on the right was so confusing for awhile. Her lips are sideways.

No. 88578

I can't if her mouth is shaped like an '0' with the bottom half circle being a lip, or if she just has some fucked up funky oval lips

No. 88589

File: 1461747493759.png (600.1 KB, 1000x1000, tumblr_o4mjigZdhX1vp0alxo1_128…)

I don't understand 1 or 3's faces. Is 1's mouth open or are those lips? Which direction is 3 facing? Is that white thing a bandage, lips, or an open mouth?

Pic is from the same artist, and is creeping me out.

No. 88663

File: 1461777143594.png (387.23 KB, 1280x649, BpcVroc.png)

Hello darkness, my old friend

No. 88669

Is vitiligo really that common for people to keep including it in fanart?

No. 88676

It's uncommon enough that the only people with it that most people have seen is Michael Jackson. In fanart it's just used so widely because it's trendy and "fun".

No. 88679


Ah yes, the heterochromia of 2010's fanart.

No. 88684

File: 1461785794397.png (319.05 KB, 500x620, tumblr_o6azfr4Fd01qgs01fo1_500…)

No. 88690

Winnie Harlow popped up and drew some more attention to it.

No. 88700

File: 1461789206942.png (466.78 KB, 750x1165, areyoufuckingshittingme.png)

I also found this little… gem from the same artist. I honestly sat here for a few minutes trying to find any semblance of the actual characters from Friends. There is NOTHING that shows their recognizable personalities. It just looks like some standard Tumblr POC "comic lineup".

No. 88723

werk it Ross. Dat thigh gap.
This picture is basically thinspo.

Joey looks like a gaybaby

No. 88725

>this is what the cast would look like if they didn't look like the cast

No. 88737

I'm sort of willing to forgive this because it genuinely looks like an elementary schooler created it

No. 88759

protip: all of them are trans

No. 88793

but if all of them are trans then they can still have oppressive P in V sex.

No. 88814



No. 88860

>I'm sorry, we only hire artists

No. 88945

File: 1461931025049.jpg (563.71 KB, 3840x1490, wololo.jpg)

No. 88954

Ariel in a wheelchair does make sence because in the original story, she couldn't walk on her legs because it was too painful.
Dyke Merida with short hair is bullshit though.

No. 88958

File: 1461939839210.jpg (7.34 KB, 290x174, tem.jpg)

No. 88959

No. 88960

File: 1461940217883.png (242.6 KB, 500x473, tumblr_inline_o5yxr2V7f31qfw32…)

I have no idea how anyone would think "yes, this looks good."
Here's the artist http://scrumss.tumblr.com/tagged/my%20art

No. 88961

I dont mind this one tbh

No. 88998

File: 1461964196490.png (820.41 KB, 540x764, medic.png)

No. 89008

i didn't think it was that bad and then i realized it was supposed to be apollo justice

No. 89011

I'm not sure why this is bad, unless it's meant to be medic from tf2.

No. 89136

Yes. It is horrible.

No. 89188

I don't know why I keep coming here just to get upset with this stuff.

No. 89192

File: 1462094414144.jpg (75.82 KB, 540x405, poorunfortunatesoul.jpg)

No. 89230


How inappropiate placement of that cup. Looks like he/she/it/xir is shitting on it

No. 89446

File: 1462168456311.jpg (157.32 KB, 909x960, 1469780_455902887863206_845416…)

No. 89456

who is that supposed to be

No. 89485

File: 1462186436910.jpg (56.57 KB, 534x692, peppermintginblossom.jpg)

Peppermint Patty is not a lesbian. She's always had a crush on Charlie Brown. Just because a girl likes sports, has a close female friend and wears pants that doesn't mean she's a lesbian.

I don't think the Billie Jean King connection holds water with Marcie either. She was still married to Larry King in 1971 and her relationship with her secretary was not publicly known until Larry King outed her in 1981 during a palimony lawsuit.

Anyway, I hate this gin blossom trend. What the hell started it? It's like a brush fire that can't be put out.

No. 89489

File: 1462187718875.jpg (10.19 KB, 244x325, I think she looks like chincha…)

No. 89490


No. 89491


This made me laugh way too fucking much lol

No. 89493

God.. what an unfortunate face…!

No. 89498

i thought the same thing.

No. 89821

Dude the whole "Peppermint Patty is a lesbian" thing has been around since like at least the 80s and is not a SJW thing

Girl was totally gay

No. 89957

Even though I don't like the drawing, unfortunately it's prettier than her…

No. 89965

I know someone who graduated from art school who draws like this. Well, a little worse than this. It's kind of sad.

No. 89966

SJW are fucking stupid, I get it, they draw them ugly so they seem more "realistic" so they won't feel as bad for being ugly themselves, but what the hell is their deal with Muslims? I get it, christians bullied you for drawing and liking cartoons whatever, but, guess what? Muslims are even worse! all Abrahamic religions shunned down figurative drawing, but it is a fucking SIN for muslims to do so!

If they hate christians they should hate Islam as well since it is Christianity on steroids.

No. 90034

File: 1462307927933.png (389.7 KB, 540x720, tumblr_o5t12nuGzp1umnufso1_540…)

They hate Christians because the majority of them were raised as middle class Protestants, so they know that Christianity is like sooo oppressive omg they treat women like cattle smh, meanwhile their only knowledge of Islam is from Buzzfeed articles. Pic related: Lord of the Flies fanart

No. 90037

Just fuck me up man.
Aren't those kids around 10-13?

No. 90039

File: 1462309364341.jpeg (30.38 KB, 400x400, 6395cb24dc09c37c938ffc541d0290…)

No. 90047

Ugh, this is almost as bad as the ones who draw South Park yaoi

Not even because of how they're drawn but they're children for fuck's sake, stop drawing shipping art of them.

No. 90058

I studied this book in English and I can't even tell who most of these characters are. Why is Jack (?) smoking? Why are some of them black? The whole point is that they were British school boys. Also they were all at least younger than 12. Nasty.

No. 90107

File: 1462342092640.jpg (20.3 KB, 320x320, 1455682452765.jpg)

I hate everything about this.

No. 90324

File: 1462498205850.png (189.37 KB, 500x695, fat cowsagi.png)

No. 90326

This looks like the artist found a fat fetish model and drew a Usagi costume on it. That should have nothing to do with Sailor Moon, ever.

No. 90329

Honestly, I'm just happy that none of these fat Sailor Moon fans have ever tried drawing the transformation sequence.

No. 90330

This reminds me of that time that Tumblr tried to animate an episode of Sailor Moon:

No. 90335

I thought this wasn't meant to be taken seriously. The animators just did whatever the fuck they wanted for fun. Not in the same league as HAES sailor moon

No. 90337

I actually like this. It's kinda funny.

No. 90344

File: 1462514508638.jpg (9.54 KB, 236x236, 4382e1487b484e2f347ebd1aaeccaa…)

what's wrong with her face?

No. 90345

this honestly isn't hideous. like it's obviously supposed to be sjw pandering shit but it's not as bad stuff like >>86878 or >>83759.

No. 90356

Is that Mom from Proud Family/Mrs Incredible cross over? The rest of the guys art doesn't look tumblr race bendy

No. 90359

No going to lie…that would be a pretty nice crossover.

No. 90367

Oscar would make a perfect Frozone. I want Sugar Mama as Mr Incredible.

No. 90520

Yes to all of this. It shouldn't be left in the hands of tumblrinas though.

No. 92723

File: 1463457379680.jpg (163.84 KB, 540x764, tumblr_o5861qndI91tblc6ao1_540…)

Have some medic.

No. 92756

how dare tumblr ruin my favorite tf2 class
i didn't even realize it was medic until you said so

No. 92757

how come they never draw chubby guys?

No. 92820

File: 1463505051598.png (463.42 KB, 880x1025, CYkUYbnUAAAWMAJ.png large.png)

I love when my tits start to float away from my body

No. 92821


Looks like a puffy sleeve for an asymmetrical dress.

No. 92849

Wow, bad design choice. Other than that I personally find the art very beautiful.

No. 92852

Because they know that fat guys aren't attractive.

No. 92903

Because why should they have to settle for sub-par looking men???

No. 92912

File: 1463521353007.png (131.49 KB, 249x250, 1462414522683.png)

I only realized it was supposed to be Medic because of the "I Am FULLY Charged <3" written on his stomach. Complete with classy arrow pointing towards his dick.

No. 92970

File: 1463541231901.png (828.42 KB, 972x1282, a3fa1791-fb45-47d5-9aee-0f1643…)

holy yaoi anatomy, batman

No. 92979

File: 1463542144073.png (725.94 KB, 715x1116, _commission__wintry_by_agent_l…)

It's really a shame, Agent-Lapin used to have such a pretty style. Then she gave up painting because it apparently took too long? And now everything she makes looks so ugly.

No. 93007

…the same artist drew these? The guy picture looks like such a degeneration. She's done herself a horrible disservice. Pandering to 13yr olds on tumblr is apparently more important. Christ.

No. 93009

File: 1463551916906.png (695.52 KB, 1239x1134, halo_by_agent_lapin-da2cvuw.pn…)


Holy shit, you're right. I can't believe these were drawn by the same person.

No. 93024

I love this artist. It is a huge pity she decided to not keep going with this other style

No. 93039

>>yaoi anatomy

No like seriously is this a tribute to some 90s era yaoi manga? If that were then case she nailed it

No. 93042

If she kept investing time and effort into her pieces like this she could have built an actual career out of art.

No. 93052

File: 1463575708803.png (701.41 KB, 933x857, _commission__pawn_by_agent_lap…)

agentlapin used to have alot of her old pieces up on her deviantart but has since put them in storage.
such a shame

No. 93053

File: 1463575737393.jpg (58.09 KB, 736x861, a8afa29536f7210c5d37e102eaef3b…)

No. 93054

File: 1463575751086.png (594.22 KB, 885x902, _vip__kumita_by_agent_lapin-d6…)

No. 93055

File: 1463575837071.png (64.77 KB, 1051x760, angel_by_agent_lapin-d9xll86.p…)

she can still use this style so Im confused why she doesnt? The other is easier/cheaper to use for commissions?

No. 93056

File: 1463576037980.png (109.32 KB, 886x901, adopts_2_by_agent_lapin-da26z6…)

most of the time her chibis are what sells…

No. 93080

Those are chibi? Isn't chibi like the super squishy pinchable type?

Damn, this is actually good. I don't get why she's going backwards with her style.

No. 93085

What went wrong?

No. 93087

That piece is from a few weeks back, it's clear she still paints. Has she just decided the petitepasserine look is better?


No. 93088

Her current style may be more lucrative to put it simply.. not every artist wants to pursue a serious art career or go beyond what's comfortable.

>>source: I myself enough basic drawing talent that if I went to school and developed my skills I could pursue a career in art, but I'm in no way interested in the art/animation/illustration industry so I'll just draw for fun occasionally and stay at the same okay skill level for a long time probably b/c whatever.

No. 93111

These are pretty ugly but it's understandable why they sell and why someone would like them. They still have pretty looking elements to them, and I'm sure they're easy and cheap to crank out so more people will buy them.

You can make more money by doing elaborate pieces like her old stuff, but not as many people are willing to fork over the $60+ they will cost. And, since they take longer and cost more, you're more likely to face harassment over deadlines and any minor mistakes.

I do commissions and I really only use my cheapest and easiest style. It's much easier to churn out 5 $10 pieces in a crappier style than one $50 in a really good style.

No. 93149

File: 1463614426924.png (723.02 KB, 1000x1500, cashmere_by_agent_lapin-d8z63x…)

Things that piss me off about this artist…
>Stupid balloon tits she puts on every single one of her female characters.
>Thick retarded eyebrows on every male character, complete with weird black eyelids
>Stupid square head chibis
>tumblr core slut fashion

The way she draws eyes in general also sort of pisses me off.

No. 93151

Holy fuck all of these are >>93149? That's so depressing. I always see my friends rt their shit and it makes me want to kms. Those eyes especially.

No. 93170

File: 1463639643578.jpeg (285.52 KB, 1920x1080, image.jpeg)

She's planning on printing posters of these and selling them…

No. 93171

File: 1463640016690.jpeg (2.19 MB, 1800x2400, image.jpeg)

It's less time consuming for her to draw in her tumblrcore style and tumblrinas will throw money at her to be drawn in her ~yoonique~ style. It's a win-win for her

That's part of her design but I thought it was a floaty boob at first because of the lack of wrinkles.

No. 93195

What's with those random moles? So lazy. What a shame.

No. 93216

Honestly, it just looks like she gave up, and started pandering. And why not? It's a smart thing to do if you wanna sell art via tumblr. Tumblr doesn't give a single fuck about your abilites and quality. They'll eat up all the shit as long as it's pretty soft colours, sparkly, SJW, and the same safe cookie cutter OC or fandom stuff that everyone else draws.
And as >>93111 said as well, people are fucking cheap, especially about art, so if you wanna sell to tumblrinas who refuse to pay more than 20 bucks on an art piece, why would you spend much effort on it?

Obviously she probably still is improving her more serious art style like >>93055 but since this will rarely sell or get noticed, why bother for tumblr.

Eh, I wish we could revive or start a new art thread that's more about talking art/commissions/etc in general. Would anyone be interested in that?

No. 93219


Throw in advice for artist alleys and I'm down for that

No. 93223

random beauty marks fucking everywhere are all the rage these days with the pastel posse

No. 93259

Op of the pics posted and yeh I gathered that. It's just a crying shame as she seemed to care and now, not a toss cuz tumblr. One thing I like about deviantart is it encourages change and improvement. People want to follow you for you improvement over the years.
Tumblr if you change your style slightly people will just unfollow you. It wants you to stay in one small box or become a pandering art machine. Which some can do, some can't. I've seen many artists run to Twitter tho in recent years where you can just post whatever.

would be down for an advice thread for selling art/making your art more sellable.

No. 93272

File: 1463693232235.jpg (104.89 KB, 264x750, tumblr_mpmgtpmWZE1s9qf2po1_500…)


Made a thread!

Also pic to contribute. It's almost harmless by today's standards but it's the most fitting image for this thread I have right now .

No. 93287

I actually kind of like this. It's scribbly looking, but it seems like the artist at least sort of knows what they're doing.

No. 93437

File: 1463780466771.png (462.14 KB, 860x899, https://65.media.tumblr.com/d7…)

I found someone that made Onyx from Trollz (the pasty goth one) a strong black lesbian with a bad case of Tumblr nose lol

No. 93438

File: 1463780496440.png (216.32 KB, 597x581, https://67.media.tumblr.com/ec…)

(Part 2)

No. 93439

File: 1463780628101.jpg (37.21 KB, 432x324, Onyx.jpg)

(Original version from the show)

I wish we could attach multiple images to posts…

No. 93498

this one's cute

No. 93505

wait, isn't she supposed to be vaguely asian?

No. 93522

File: 1463840223562.png (37.63 KB, 454x528, cindy_by_choco__boom-da2wzcs.p…)


No. 93523

I'm not sure - I think Sapphire was the asian one but she's definitely supposed to be far pastier than the Tumblr rendition.

No. 93543

These look so fucking nice. What the hell happens to a person who goes from these to this >>93149 and >>93009 ?

No. 93568

I thought SJWs hated South Park?

No. 93571

File: 1463876679864.png (204.9 KB, 512x512, image.png)

They're in art school apparently but still draw the ugliest shit

No. 93579

They don't actually follow the series they're only after the animu renditions and the smut fandom

No. 93599

Aren't they always in art school?

No. 93601

This. They NEVER watch anything they're a fan of tbh, they consider seeing gifsets on tumblr watching the show. And with south park they pretty much just see the fanart and maybe let's plays of stick of the truth and that's it.

No. 93603

Ugh this fixation with vitiligo. I guess they're trying to be inclusive and put in "flaws" for "representation" but it's usually just the cool and literally skin deep stuff. Like "This one is chubby, this one has brown skin, this one has vitiligo, I am so progressive!".

And of course when it comes to their original stuff it's always the less important characters, the main characters are always white, cis and conventionally attractive. A lot of SJW-slanted comic artists that I follow can't shut up about media having more trans/gay/aro/poc/whatever representation, but most of their own characters are always white, attractive/average, cis and usually straight or gay/bisexual and only to be paired with another attractive character. Probably the only PoC that can be considered a main character is Asian and even that one's drawn in a way that makes the character look white. Occasionally they throw in an one-shot character that's black or sometimes draw their female character a bit chubby in a character sheet, but just make them curvy in the actual comic. ugh.

No. 93606

No. 93634


They probably go to one of those art institute placed. You know the artist sucks if they don't name the school they go to.

No. 93671

File: 1463970119281.jpg (256.21 KB, 869x922, tumblr_nv248klnhQ1ug7rxjo1_128…)

Fuck this pit guy. I fucking hate bimbofication art. So awful.
I don't care if it's your shitty fetish, I will literally kinkshame you to hell and back.

No. 93672

File: 1463970276811.jpg (110.14 KB, 894x894, sailor_uranus_body_inflation_b…)

Same with inflation, honestly.
The worst. People complain about minor character design tweaks when shit like bimbofication and inflation exists and people actually pay for such horseshit.
Racebending is also bad.

No. 93673



No. 93674

File: 1463971480216.jpg (27.04 KB, 576x431, CicWbfsWwAEQXW3.jpg)

Welcome to hell. where drawfags age up children to be sexualized as fug, and rarely retain any canon characteristics that made them special.
cough cough /aco/

No. 93677

This is sick…really fucking sick.

No. 93683

I honestly didn't realize that they were supposed to be the Powerpuff Girls. I thought it was Ariel, Cinderella, Jasmine and some other character I wasn't familiar with.

No. 93730

dont like the tryhard adventure time thing, but the noses from your examples look fine

not gonna lie, seeing tiny little > nose gets boring

No. 93734

I don't mean to sound annoying or sjw-ish or anything, but as long as it's not trying to force itself down our throat, I don't mind seeing black characters with big noses/lips because I guess its not something I see very often outside of exaggerated ethnic characters in movies (I watch a lot of them, I work at a theater)

>>92820 however is sort of nice to see because she's being potrayed as someone as cute and such without going overboard, you know? I mean, sorry if I sound a little unreasonable, but it probably makes a few other people feel better when they get to see features that aren't seen as attractive on someone other than a shitty side character that no one is really going to like or respect

It's kind of refreshing, I guess

No. 93748

Who looks at the powerpuff girls and thinks, "ah, if only they had bigger boobs…"?

No. 93810

THIS is the shit I can't stand. Yeah tumblr art is cringeworthy and can be ugly, but this is just disgusting. Bimbofication in general is one of the most demeaning fetishes I've ever seen and doing it to characters who are literally 5 year old girls is just sickening.

No. 93886

While it sure is ugly and demeaning, I don't think it is that different from tumblr art, at least some of them. Is it demeaning, sick fetish art? Yes. But look at pics like >>90034. How are those any better? It's literally exploiting underaged characters for your personal fetish. Might not be bimbofication, but the race-bending, SJW ego stroke and FUCKING GAY SHIPS of fucking ten year old students (or younger) from a dark, twisted story makes me want to vomit.

Lord of the Flies is a clever and dark book about human interaction in extreme situations, and showing that even the well behaved, white middle to upper class little British boy from an elite school can turn into uncivilised cruel creatures. The characters' whiteness and being privileged is the reason why the story (especially back when it was published) is even more controversial, because the story alone is enough to proof that yes, everybody can be a shitty person, even well behaved white British elite school students. The book didn't need to shoe-horn in a vitiligo character or sexualisation of little children for that.
Sure the book is not flawless but God fucking damn it, how can you take such a book and water it down to kawaii shota SJW bullshit and thin it's not only okay, but totally the right thing to do.
Same with all the South Park shit to be honest.

The fetish art is shit, but at least it's just for fapping. The more extrem SJW art thinks it has not only a right to exist, but is delivering an important message.
Sorry for the autistic rant.

No. 93890

>the characters whiteness

It has nothing to do with their "whiteness" you stupid fuck. Have you even read the book? It's about the fact they went to a top tier public school.

Why is their so much tumblr creep on lolcow?

No. 93891

>It has nothing to do with their "whiteness" you stupid fuck. Have you even read the book? It's about the fact they went to a top tier public school.
Calm the fuck down. All I meant to say that there's absolutley no need to shove in your shota fetish and some SJW crap that's popular right now, like vitiligo or race bending. And if you read the comment properly, you would notice that yes, I know it is about them being little British boys from a top tier public school, that's not very subtle.
To me, it just pretty much means they're probably overwhelmingly white, 'cause that's what I associate with upper British class. Sorry if that triggers you. And I can't remember any character being explicitly defined over their skin colour or race. They had a prominent fat character but of course that wouldn't make cute tumblr art.

No. 93938

I hate the style and the idea of this so much. Not only do I hate the idea of the PowerPuffGirls sexualized but the anatomy of all four characters is just horrible.
Usually men who fap to bimbofacation are beta as fuck.

No. 93942

I love the allusion to Conrad at the end of Lord of the Flies:

>Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man’s heart, and the fall through the air of a true, wise friend called Piggy.

No. 93979

File: 1464132965366.png (484.57 KB, 1280x1266, tumblr_o6icqgTTVE1qluf27o1_128…)

How can something be an eyesore and yet so boring at the same time?

(This was a $20 commission)

No. 93988


I wish Tumblr artists would stop making Vitiligo look like some edgy & unique quirk that their OC has that makes them feel special inside. It's a shitty skin condition to have, especially as a dark skinned person where it's highly noticeable.

No. 93992

true. i was on a plane ride this weekend and there was a teenage boy with vitiligo on my flight, when our eyes met he gave me this harsh look and all I could imagine was how awful it must feel like to be stared at all the time like you're some kind of walking medical exhibition. :/ it's not cute or quirky. i mean, most artists have their OCs, but it's always weird when someone without a disease chooses to glamourize it because ~!!so~unique!!~ uwu

No. 94000

Jesus fucking christ. You can tell there's zero effort in this and I bet the dumb girl who commissioned it creamed her panties when she saw it.

No. 94028

I thought she had cream or something on her face at first. Then I saw the patch on her chest.

Is this the finished piece? With one eye not filled in. Is she blind in one eye too? Holy special snowflakes.

No. 94039

I think these would be cute if the bodies were more proportional to the heads. They look like they have massive skull deformities and Monster High style bodies. It's very weird.

No. 94255

File: 1464240586566.jpg (429.94 KB, 606x858, mahou1.JPG)

This is so ugly.

No. 94256

The boobs are supposed to be the main focus but all I can see are the trout mouths and muzzles

No. 94272

I hate this giantmuzzle 'art style.' neck up they look like mid transformation animorphs.

neck down is its own disaster.

No. 94315

Raita used to draw more women with smaller boobs or big boobed chicks with more muscle and it looked okay, and then around the second Valkyria Chronicles game (or maybe because of those mahou shoujo doujins getting popular) shit started getting weird.

The back-snap hungry skeletons with banana titties is awful, especially with knowing that he is a decent artist and just chooses to draw that way.

No. 94329

File: 1464276110363.png (1.09 MB, 1000x1250, image.png)

I like his stuff when he(?) isn't drawing people. Pic related is actually kinda cool.

No. 94342

File: 1464281996269.jpg (122.44 KB, 500x595, ugh.jpg)

gotta love those undertale AUs

No. 94352

File: 1464287043896.jpg (80.04 KB, 634x645, 1373165751511.jpg)

No. 94355

What even is that??? The anatomy is bizarre enough but then they have old man faces.

No. 94363

Picture is making me life while giving me nightmares

No. 94370

I don't understand why and how anyone would find this appealing. There's just so much wrong with it.

No. 94374

what the actual fuck anon

No. 94377

Where did you find this? I have a strange urge to see more.

No. 94390

is this that one fucking artist who can only draw busts and girls making the same face

No. 94407

Are they ok?

No. 94411

their knees look like deformed penises

No. 94414

Oh, but tumblr loves that kind of unwanted attention. How else are they supposed to say they're oppressed and troubled?
When heterochromia wasn't special or noticeable enough they chose skin conditions and shit that people actually take notice irl.
Even if it's an oc, they get off to the hundreds of "omg ur babe is botiful tee hee" messages they receive form it, an also it boost their morale because they're giving "representation" to a minority or an oppressed group.

No. 94554


I fucking hate this artist if its who I'm thinking of. They draw tons of vitiligio and princess peachie loves and always reblogs their shit

No. 94593

File: 1464415266311.jpg (415.03 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_o7so9fpaFY1tysrm1o1_128…)

No. 94594

No. 94595

File: 1464415445780.jpg (147.65 KB, 813x648, ss (2016-05-27 at 11.03.45).jp…)


their art suffers severely from same face

No. 94626

anyone remember the contest they had and the grand prize was a promo?

No. 94627

File: 1464434703928.png (452.51 KB, 1280x1670, tumblr_o7mzee1UkR1qluf27o1_128…)

Made me laugh.

No. 94630

by 'their' do you mean Nic0lael and Passerine? I'm confused…

No. 94676

not too bad

No. 94730

the hell, everyone looks exactly the same

No. 95016

File: 1464571339346.png (359.85 KB, 762x1048, https://65.media.tumblr.com/16…)

This is supposed to be Victor and Anita from The Secret Show. Apparently?

No. 95159

File: 1464619587334.png (158.72 KB, 1000x720, tumblr_o7jxljB69w1tctu4lo1_128…)