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No. 666816

All the other ones are super old and locked so i thought itd be cool to start a new one!
>what hobbies have you been into/are planning on looking into?
>skill wise how far along are you are you prioritizing skill or just doing so for fun?
>what hobbies are you interested that for whatever reason seem impossible for you to get into?

No. 666820

Cute thread!
> what hobbies are you planning on looking into?
I'm planning on learning how to draw and in a near future I'd like to start piano, I've loved it since I was a little kid but for some reason never really tried it

No. 666835

crochet and sewing my own garments. i was kinda good at sewing a few years ago cause i did my own costumes for dancing shows, but now im rusty as hell. i hope i can get back to it

No. 666838

I've been knitting again after a month or so of not doing it. Currently, I'm knitting a pair of mittens for a friend and after, I'm going to knit a hat for my friend. I do plan on knitting a sweater in the near future because I want to expand my skills and I can't keep on making hats or mittens all the time. I really want to get into tango/cumbia but atm it's impossible because it's a social activity (also covid). I want to pick up weightlifting again but I live in a covid hotspot in my country, so I am very wary. I feel like my possible plans have been ruined or delayed by at least 1.5 years because of covid. Big sad.

No. 666954

I got into garage kits a week ago. It's been helping curb my boredom by giving me something to do. I love it! I'm excited to take pictures of her when she's finished. I just got done spray painting the body, need to make the wig cap and do the faceup and ill be done. Haven't decided on the clothes yet, was thinking about sewing together some bullshit but I think I'm too lazy to go that far lmao This is all new to me, wish I had an airbrush to speed up my progress.

No. 667886

File: 1604641912826.jpg (32.3 KB, 550x347, rowrowrowyourboat.jpg)

I've had a myriad of hobbies over the years - some sports, some art, some music, some games…

My latest favourite pastime is rowing. I love spending time on the river. I've been a member of a rowing club for about 4 years, but it was closed for much of this year because of the pandemic (boo-hoo).

I'm looking forward to learning Bridge soon (I wrote about this on /g/). I found a nice bridge club that gives lessons for newbies. I've already played Whist a lot in my youth, I'm looking forward to levelling up to a more serious card game.

No. 667893

Drawing was my main hobby for a long time. I still do it because I (stupidly) turned it into part of my job, but I’m not sure if I could consider it a hobby anymore.

I started getting into surfing earlier this year, but due to some medical reasons I’ve had to stop for a while. I’m ready to get into it seriously when I’m able to again though, it’s a really great workout (I’m probably going to fold like wet tissue if I don’t manage to keep my legs/core in shape though).

No. 667895

I ended up having to move right after I took up surfing but those couple months were the coolest I ever felt lol. I hope you get back into it anon. I would love to live somewhere it could be a viable hobby.

No. 667898

I really want to draw again, but I have such trouble staying motivated when my skills don't progress how I want them to. I've always wanted a drawing tablet and I miss doing dumb shit in photoshop. Should I do it anons? Pls hugbox.

No. 667907

You can get one of those wacom bamboo tablets for super cheap on Amazon, I’d say go for it anon! Screen tablets are cool and it feels like everyone has been shifting over to them recently, but after years of using them I honestly feel more comfy going back to my shitty little bamboo. It took me a couple of weeks to readjust to it, but I love that it’s light weight, wireless, and cheap. I never have to worry about scratching it either because I’m not staring directly into the drawing area (and it was something like $40 USD brand new).

Try not to stress about what tools you lack, regardless. Becoming more innovative and working with what you have will increase your skills faster than people who constantly cover their lack of skills with excessive texture layers and expensive tools.

No. 667929

Nta but I bought my wacom CTL for 12$ in my country, surprised how much they rised in prices all of the sudden.

No. 668101

File: 1604677145211.jpg (17.1 KB, 316x386, 273738292.jpg)

I want to get into needle felting. The shit you can make with it is so cute it's unreal.Also Also sewing, quilting, embroidery, making my own plushies… I just want to make adorable things.

No. 668119

Go for it, anon. The more you stress about how you're not progressing, that's less time you'll spend drawing and actually improving. That feeling is really debilitating and I know it's hard to get over, but try to let go of perfection and just draw for the sake of drawing.

And pick up a cheap-o Huion tablet. I've had Wacom Intuos tablets and the Huions are genuinely comparable.

No. 668123

File: 1604679039616.jpg (48.46 KB, 606x448, tumblr_o5hmavPK9a1qckhrdo1_128…)

Same here anon! Gave up needle felting a while back but was thinking on giving it another try. I want to learn how to make cute plushies like this. I was thinking of doing fruit crossovers of unpopular pet breeds. Have you looked into any patterns for your plushies or are you making them on your own?

No. 668125

Me too. But the felt can only be bought at special shops and it's expensive…

No. 668137

File: 1604680238404.jpeg (170.07 KB, 729x774, 476FF5DE-775E-42BC-A8ED-E20427…)

I wish I could learn pixel art so I could make cute shit like this but it seems kind of pointless if I’m a video game designer or something

No. 668139

*if I’m not a game designer

No. 668143

File: 1604680792913.jpeg (38.66 KB, 493x640, _.jpeg)

That's an adorable bannagator. I think I have the needle felting kit somewhere but the first time I used it I didn't get very far, I stabbed my fingers with the needles.
I am experimenting with patterns rn but eventually want to make my own.

No. 668146

File: 1604681290868.jpg (287.41 KB, 1079x1129, 1593570145059.jpg)

I really want to learn bass guitar but I'm a dumbass and paralyzed by the thought that since I didn't start learning at a really young age I'll never progress as fast as I want to. It's the same way with drawing, I can't cope with things not turning out how I want them to. I just wish I could turn my brain off and do things because they're fun and not because I want to be good.

No. 668156

File: 1604683061660.gif (35.61 KB, 941x675, nuit.gif)

I feel you sis, pixel art can be so fucking cute and whimsical. I want to get into it too.

No. 668157

That's a dumb reasoning. You're stopping yourself from having fun.
Just do it. Here have a tutorial.

No. 668160

I am a crazy person who wants to do everything.
My hobbies are painting, drawing, making cosplay costumes and props, and embellishing clothes (not sure if you can call that a hobby but I do it a lot).
I would like to learn how to sew my own clothing, to get embroidery supplies so I can embroider properly, to learn how to make music on a computer and I would like to make a game. I've been thinking about all the things I would need to do to make a game, and I am certain I either already have the skills or would know how to learn them. But it would take a lot lot lot of time. I dream big
You sound like my mother, she doesn't want to paint because she sees me and says, no matter how much I try, I will never be as good as you. But that is not the right way to think. You should not compare yourself to others, only compare your current state with your past. And what if you're a natural at playing bass? you never know. You just have to start learning or else you won't be able to do it ever

No. 668161

So instead of a video game designer be an artist who makes pixel art.

No. 668174

I wanna get back into drawing since it’s the only thing I’ve been doing since I was a kid but I haven’t had much motivation for a couple of years, even more so during this pandemic and my mental health going to shit during it. I’ve been struggling to get back into it, especially since I get the habit of comparing myself to other people so often then wonder why I’m not where I wanna be

Now that things are perking up a little, I went and got myself a tablet with a screen and it’s something I’ve always wanted since I started digital art, way back in middle school. I’m nowhere near where I wanna be and I’m trying to squeeze in some down time to draw, what with me working 40 hours weekly.

And I would look into other hobbies but nothing else really stick out to me as of now…

No. 668212

> I can't cope with things not turning out how I want them to. I just wish I could turn my brain off and do things because they're fun and not because I want to be good.
oh anon! i relate so much. sadly i dont think there's a way of doing that, you just have to force yourself to do it and embrace the frustration in the early stages of learning.

No. 668494

You dont sound crazy, just fun and creative. I think a lot of those hobbies are similar but unique in their own way and I also enjoy a lot of the things you listed. What kind of game would you like to make? A visusl novel would be a good starter game if you want to focus on story. Alternatively an RPGmaker game would be a good first if you want to focus on gameplay.

No. 668515

File: 1604729556138.jpeg (76.83 KB, 717x486, 1559523194071.jpeg)

I mainly sew, make accessories, do beading, jewelry and embroidery. I also draw, sing and write a lot of analysis type of stuff for fun. I would like to be able to do digital art but most of my friends are actual pros and it gives me such a bad imposter syndrome, I just do not enjoy it enough to learn rn. I love editing photos and making e-collages though, but that's not really anything, is it?
I would like to pick up knitting, I never learned even in school and I mostly do stuff to do with fine needles so it would be nice to see if I could learn that stuff without losing my shit, nothing fancy, maybe like a little vest for my car or something. Eventually I would like to be able to make a huge wall hang thingy, with intricate beading and embroidery, maybe even some rug techniques. The more intricate the making, the more I enjoy it! I went to school for this kind of stuff but I don't think I am at a point where I could comfortably take money for my work, except for the jewelry and the occasional clothing repair.

No. 668542

File: 1604734115422.jpg (54.56 KB, 765x765, catsunset.jpg)

I also want to learn pixel art, it's so pretty. The nostalgia factor is huge, but the artstyle is incredibely cute in itself already.

Other than that I bike a lot, am learning traditional art and I want to learn programing since I'd love to eventually create a pixel art otome game.

No. 668557

>eventually create a pixel art otome game
I'm rooting for you anon. I'd love to see something like that

No. 668592

That would be good for a start, but I aim way too high. I want to make a completely 3d game where you play as a flying chimera, because that's the kind of game I always wanted to play. I am bored of all the games that make you play as a humanoid, why would I want to play as a humanoid when I could be a monster right?
I'd like to be able to fly around the world and to hunt animals, and I imagined that you start the game as a newborn and you are being raised by a dragon, every day you go out into the world and trigger a few cutscenes and at the end of the day you talk to your dragon father about it and learn new things from him. There could be some story when you grow up depending on how much humans like you. I'm not sure yet about the gameplay but I know what sorts of characters I'd like to have.
I am not afraid of the programming because I am good at programming other things so I am sure I could learn to program in unity because there are so many resources online. I am not afraid of 3d modelling or animation either because I am good at other visual arts and I am learning blender. What scares me is making choices about the game mechanics and story; like, should I have stats and items, should I create this or that feature which will surely take a lot of time, what will the story be like, what sort of cutscenes to make etc.
I don't want to make money, so I don't mind if I never even finish the game or if it takes 20 years, I just think the process of making a game is like a game itself so I want to do it. Sorry, I wrote a bit too much.
Me too, good luck anon it's going to be great!

No. 668596

If you are really serious about your gamedev dream, start with something small, like >>668494
suggested and I seriously cannot stress it enough. I also recommend taking part in game jams to learn how the process looks like in it's most condensed form and what kind of issues you can't expect. Everyone is making fun of yanderedev and rightfully so, but in the end development-wise he didn't end up where he is now because he's lazy but first and foremost because he's inexperienced; making games just is incredibly complex.

No. 668601

Thank you, I sure don't want to become yandev. I'll try to make some small 3d games first, oh and I remembered this game when I read your comment (it's not really a game but it's so cute) https://unnamedcollective.itch.io/balloon-tank I'll try to make something simple like that first.

No. 668609

Yeah, this is a perfect example! You have your priorities in place then, good luck!

No. 668628

My primary hobby is sewing but I’m also into knitting and needle felting, plus crochet and embroidery to a lesser extent. I used to be really into drawing but haven’t done so in ages and have become so rusty that it’s just depressing to try. I’d really like to get into millinery but I don’t know where to start. Local classes are very expensive, at inconvenient times and mostly cancelled for obvious reasons. I’d also probably need a hat block or two since I’d want to make felt hats and those things are really expensive.

This probably depends heavily on where you live but there’s a possibility you can get undyed fleece for cheap from farm shops. The bulk of your piece can be made from undyed fleece with only the outermost layer using the more expensive dyed fleece.

No. 668676

File: 1604757482306.jpg (43.85 KB, 569x569, 719qTGnkWML._AC_SX569_.jpg)

Bought a lyre an arrived a few days ago, I have 0 music knowledge but I feel like it's a very forgiving instrument as I can pluck 3 chords and its sounds pretty!!! Im thinking of buying those ancient replica ones in a few years, apparently they sound better though they go from 450 EUR up so it's quite an investment…

Does anyone knows if I could in theory translate piano chords to this? Theres like 0 actual information in how to play the lyre and the classes are like $99

No. 668793


yes you can play chords. your diagram shows a lyre that is tuned to the key of C major (which is effectively all the white keys on a standard piano)

If you find a song in the key of C Major (i.e. it only uses the white notes on a piano) you'll be able to play along. If you want to play a song that isn't in C Major, you'll either need to transpose the song or tune your lyre differently.

You can play chords by either blocking out strings that you don't want to hear with your left hand and strumming with your right hand, or just by plucking the strings that you do want to hear.

So the chord of C Major (which is related but different to the key of C Major - maybe watch some videos on this concept) has the notes C E and G in it. You can press your left hand fingers on the D and F notes to mute them and then strum from the C string to the nearest G string, or pluck C, E, and G individually.

Anyway like you noticed the lyre is pretty forgiving. If you get bored of plucking around in a major key you can try tuning your lyre with alternative tunings (e.g. pentatonic) which will give the music a different feel

No. 668977

Thank you so much anon!! I never was good at music in school but I'm actually really excited about this, your post helped me a lot in knowing what to search for so I don't feel too lost now! I think I'll see if there are some basic music theory books out there so I can actually know what I'm doing lol

No. 669172


pas de problème!

the lyre is an interesting choice of instrument to learn music with. Because it doesn't have frets you're restricted to playing music in the key your lyre is tuned to, which means that it's harder to pick a song at random and play along(which is imo the best way to begin learning music - playing along to songs that you enjoy)

eventually you could learn how to play harmonics which gives you access to more notes, but it's a more difficult technique than just plucking open strings.

I wouldn't worry about getting a music theory book. at this level it's not really important to get bogged down in the rules of keys and clefs and rhythms. the most important thing about learning an instrument or any skill is to practise a little each day, and it's a lot easier to do that when you're doing something that's fun. so i'd recommend you just find a song from this list that you like that isn't too fast or complex and try to play along in a way that sounds good to you.

No. 669199

If it gives you fulfillment and happiness you should go for it. Do it for yourself

No. 669236

I draw but do it so often and as a default that it doesn't even feel like a hobby. It feels more like self care that creates art as a byproduct.
My proper hobby is embroidery, and I've also become interested in making desserts (like ice cream and chocolate bars) because of my diet restrictions.

I'd love to learn how to sculpt someday, learn basic programming, sew, and play the piano.

But my ultimate goal is to create a webcomic. No money involved, true labour of love. It may be unattainable since I always psyche myself out over it.

No. 669964

I used to really love drawing, even though I never was particularly good at it. Drawing vent art really helped me. I sort of want to get back into that.
Anons, how do I get to the level of Luna-tier doodles? I just want to draw sad animu girls and cute pets and not rip my hair off.
I absolutely do not want to be a proffesional artist btw since I suck at drawing. I just want to reach a level that will allow me to express myself and enjoy coloring with (shitty) markers.
Should I do the Loomis books? Fun with Pencil and so on?

No. 669983

I don't think there's a knowledge in these books you can't get easily online for free but if it would motivate you more to have physical guide, it will definitely not hurt to get these! Otherwise get a sketchbook, go on pinterest, doodle everything you see there and like; study your favorite artists and redraw their art to pick up ideas for yourself and don't get too preoccupied by grasping all the basics since you just want to have fun. Your main focus should be just on drawing a lot and figuring out fun shortcuts that you can make part of your style later.

No. 669986

>study your favorite artists and redraw their art to pick up ideas for yourself
that's the problem, I suck with redrawing things. I've even tried to do the exercises in the Drawing on the right sight of the brain book, but I stopped at the beginning, when I was supposed to draw an upside down tree. My mind literally crashed from all the lines. IDK if there is a way to make me suck less at drawing things as they are.

No. 669994

I started learning blender some time ago and stopped but want to start again, just opened the program and don't remember much. I also tried to learn sewing but broke the needle, sigh.

No. 669996

File: 1604929306619.jpg (103.5 KB, 960x720, slide_4.jpg)

You mean this kind of exercise? I think it's pointless unless you aspire to be able to perfectly copy something realistically; and even if you do, it's a pretty hard one if you don't have the basics already established. Much easier exercise aiming for the same goal is simplifying shapes and using grid, like in this example:
You look at where given small element is supposed to be on the grid and compare it to where you've placed it, very easy way to see your mistakes without getting lost with the bigger context.
Also, failing once doesn't mean you'll continue failing forever, take a step back, in the upside-down exercise you can try picking a simpler reference (as for example, a simple house shape instead a tree), try drawing it a few times, see if that works better for you.

Something on a more technical side but very helpful is doing good warm-up and improving confidence in your lines, for that you can try Lesson 1 with lines and ellipses from drawabox (https://drawabox.com/lesson/1/2), literally just draw one page of these exercises before you start working on anything else and you'll see how much difference a warmup makes.

No. 670001

I really love watching films, I browsed /tv/ for years but it's gotten to the point where I have no place to casually discuss movies because the scrotes there have completely gone insane with /pol/tv/ crossposting. I'm not even ~film student~ tier or anything, I just want to talk about movies with people that also really like to watch movies, without people speeding about jews or because they saw a black person in the movie for 5 seconds. Fuck

No. 670025

Just draw and keep drawing, and have fun.
There's no other way than repetitive practice. Learning how to do some basic shit is important (eg. knowing what to study, how to break down forms, basic colour theory, some techniques), but the meat of it is drawing and drawing and drawing and drawing and drawing as often as possible.
Establishing a base "drawing muscle" will make it far easier to understand and do more serious studying later on if you choose. Enjoying it is the most important step or else you'll give up. It's just like math or exercise.

No. 670254


go to letterboxd

No. 670298

Are you using the newest version of Blender? I learned on the previous version and I’m pissed because the newer version looks so much more user friendly for beginners.

Even if you’ve done it before, just step-by-step run through one of those YouTube tutorials that teaches you how to make a donut or a coffee cup or something. It should jog your memory/give you a good refresher for the basics. (Also if the tutorial is a pain to listen to, try changing the speed to 2x. For whatever reason the majority of people posting tutorials talk obnoxiously slow and say “uhhhhhh” every other word even if their info is good)

No. 670388

i would like to get into sewing and making wearable art for fun. everyone around me does it though and it's annoying to see it plastered all over social media. i'd keep it to myself
none of the basketball courts around me have nets? they got taken down in covid??? so idk where to play at.

i learned bass on my own in high school, this is actually a really easy hobby to pick up and really fun but i understand that frustration. i had motivation when i learned it lol

No. 670553

same, I miss the IMDb boards, the big boards were full of retarded spam but they had a board for literally every movie/show/game ever released
letterboxd is one of these sites like tumblr or instagram where it's awkward to have a public conversation back and fourth, you can just leave comments and hope the other person sees yours, so almost no one ever bothers and just yells into the void and leaves

idk why message/image boards are all being killed off since they're the best way to have an actual discussion with randos online

I guess there's still reddit but the upvote system encourages an obnoxious culture where a thoughtful long post gets buried but the rick and morty script line copy and paste gets a hundred replies

No. 670564

It's high time Millenials and Zoomers rediscover the old Internet. Listserv mailing lists. Usenet. It's all still there.
You can have great discussions on any subject there, free from upvoting, advertising, and other unwanted web 2.0 features.

No. 670572

Man I really really miss the IMDb boards. I like old/obscure films and I loved looking at the individual film's message board after watching, there was always some interesting discussion or bits of trivia, even if it was posted in 2003. The threads for shit like the Roundhay Garden Scene were hilarious. RIP

No. 670787

Yes anon, that was EXACTLY this exercise! Except you had to draw a tree instead of a guy. My head hurts just from looking at all the lines in your example. My mind just goes DOES NOT COMPUTE and shuts down lol.
>using grid
I have a stupid question: do I have to draw the grid every time I start drawing or is there some kind of shortcut? I like this exercise, except for having to draw the grid all the time. Maybe I should try on computer, though I don't have a tablet…
I will check the other exercise, never heard about it! It seems very helpful.
Thank you so much anon! I miss having fun with art supplies so much. I hate that everything now has become so performative. I gave up on drawing because I realized that I will never be a professional artist that can draw anything and it made me feel ashamed. Now I just want to draw to express myself and capture my feelings and memories. I am afraid of being frustrated by my lack of skill, but I want to try again! Even though I'm so confused by how everything works lmfao

No. 670790

>IMDb boards
The first time I ever witnessed two autist scrotes arguing back and forth about a fictional situation (each absolutely determined to have the last word) was on the IMDb boards. I remember you used to have to click to read each new reply one by one… and it was just neverending. Memories lol. You see that autism everywhere now (reddit) but back then it was new to me.

No. 670798

>You can have great discussions on any subject there

No. 670799

>I miss the IMDb boards,
Same anon, I used to love looking at the discussions after I watched a new movie. There was always such a great blend of trivia and nitpicking.
Reddit film discussions are so boring, everyone has such similar perspectives and only big or recent movies have long discussions

No. 672903

File: 1605231819947.png (2.71 MB, 1073x1182, masa.png)

>what hobbies have you been into/are planning on looking into?
i learned tufting with a punch needle, i wanted to learn for so long and i love it, its easy and fun
>skill wise how far along are you are you prioritizing skill or just doing so for fun?
i try to prioritize skill, is an embroidery technique so you have to know how to do it well but my style is kind of childish so maybe if people saw my work they would think that i'm doing it just for fun and that i don't mind skill so much
>what hobbies are you interested that for whatever reason seem impossible for you to get into?
ceramics, i enjoy it a lot but is messy and i don't have much space for that kind of work at my apartment also graffiti it seems fun but i would be so scared of the police

photo from one of my fave punch needle artist

No. 672905

File: 1605232258862.jpg (189.52 KB, 1024x692, bc72e8edb3951cd0156d0dc6e3f676…)

The best and creepiest graffiti is in more abandoned areas, I like to do it in sewer areas or in abandoned buildings since my town is essentially filled with ghosts. Don't let the law stop you from fulfilling your criminal dreams kek

No. 672924

Oh shit I've been wanting to try tufting, is it fun? Care to share more about it, like what you have made and cost of materials and so on?

No. 680428

sorry for the late reply
it's fun and easy! i literally learned all from yt and i find it really therapeutic tbh

i use barlup and the punch needle only cost me like $5, it came with 3 different needle sizes and 2 threaders so its not expensive at all , you can always find good prices with recycled wool but if you plan to do large work the wool prices can easily add up thats why i mostly make small work 53x40 cm has been my largest project

give it a try! you won't regret it


ty for the tip anon! i would look for those kinds of places when i finally feel brave enough

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