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No. 66719

Dump what you got

No. 66726

File: 1454813673229.webm (381.07 KB, 480x480, the_grinch.webm)

Does lolcow support audio webm?

If it doesn't, I'll delete this post

No. 66779

File: 1454825617251.png (1.28 MB, 1024x1387, 1452126702121.png)

No. 66882

File: 1454830296808.jpg (303.01 KB, 937x799, 1449521011930.jpg)

No. 66946

File: 1454832742641.webm (2.95 MB, 640x360, OP is a phaggot.webm)

oh shit, I didn't know that

No. 66956

File: 1454832923986.jpg (76.38 KB, 463x600, 3fIzmKj.jpg)

No. 66979

File: 1454833706195.webm (5.06 MB, 640x360, fembot.webm)

perfect for the robot thread

No. 66984

>posting that here and not in the robot thread

what the fuck is wrong with you

No. 66989

File: 1454833954728.gif (491.42 KB, 497x254, milk.gif)

No. 66996

File: 1454834205151.webm (6.16 MB, 640x360, game_of_thrones_VHS.webm)

this is the generic media/image thread

No. 67012

File: 1454835399027.webm (345.19 KB, 640x360, its_not_up_for_debate.webm)

No. 67014

File: 1454835642128.webm (852.91 KB, 704x384, come_on_pussy.webm)

No. 67017

File: 1454836331481.webm (5.89 MB, 640x360, whats_a_furry_convention.webm)

No. 67018

File: 1454836405188.webm (1.08 MB, 640x360, true_nature_of_pol.webm)

No. 67019

File: 1454836509256.webm (4.52 MB, 320x240, the_front_fell_off.webm)

No. 67020

File: 1454836555774.webm (3.77 MB, 632x352, pol_learns_the_truth.webm)

No. 67021

File: 1454836761436.webm (4.89 MB, 616x344, god_bless_capitalism.webm)

No. 67022

File: 1454836899121.webm (2.91 MB, 372x158, 21st_century_man.webm)

No. 67024

File: 1454836986862.webm (6.53 MB, 640x360, machine_overlords_reveal_thems…)

No. 67027

File: 1454837276985.webm (6.76 MB, 640x360, zach_galifiankis_thug_life.web…)

No. 67028

File: 1454837342621.webm (1.86 MB, 320x240, maury_gets_the_goods.webm)

No. 67029

File: 1454837486768.webm (4.04 MB, 720x720, surprise_motherfucker.webm)

No. 67030

File: 1454837514400.webm (2.52 MB, 364x360, traffic_in_uk.webm)

No. 67032

File: 1454837568048.webm (4.38 MB, 587x330, ms_skeletal.webm)

No. 67033

File: 1454837655458.webm (3.99 MB, 480x360, wild_pup.webm)

this one's less amusing and more cute
i'm done posting

No. 67035

File: 1454839388521.gif (914.81 KB, 320x155, Hildog.gif)



No. 67040


>wild pup

Foxes tend to be wild.

No. 67065

File: 1454857347513.png (82.62 KB, 255x260, nein.png)

No. 67067

File: 1454857395646.gif (547.23 KB, 250x250, Seinfeld-Laughing-with-Cigar.g…)

No. 67071

File: 1454857686099.jpg (36.54 KB, 500x366, 1431950083784.jpg)

No. 67072

File: 1454857698159.jpg (48.25 KB, 500x375, ball13r.jpg)

No. 67073

File: 1454857730100.jpg (9.42 KB, 330x259, B-fzOabCUAA2Nfm.jpg large.jpg)

No. 67074

File: 1454857880293.gif (499.5 KB, 480x343, lloyd4.gif)

No. 67501

File: 1454890280108.png (233.56 KB, 500x378, 1429810506218.png)

No. 67511

Is this from Mission Hill?

No. 67600

File: 1454905699312.jpg (41.24 KB, 479x351, tumblr_inline_noexp4q7pr1qgl6q…)

No. 67601


Travolta is so gay for that alien.

No. 67603

File: 1454906122685.png (119.29 KB, 402x564, dats_heresy.png)

No. 67618

File: 1454907914906.png (282.56 KB, 625x941, 1450031893964.png)

No. 267532

File: 1531430041480.jpg (119.34 KB, 982x934, 6356025_screenshot201711301444…)

No. 267535

File: 1531431317719.jpg (39.9 KB, 1280x720, 1529857585401.jpg)

No. 267536

File: 1531431352026.gif (1.84 MB, 424x240, giphy.gif)

No. 267538

File: 1531431369375.png (155.96 KB, 540x363, 1530720736018.png)

No. 267539

File: 1531431406660.jpg (10 KB, 221x287, CdJZUOhWEAAygSR.jpg)

No. 267541

File: 1531432356492.jpg (50.47 KB, 480x480, 1479789531202.jpg)

Since anon necroed the thread, I though I'd contribute

No. 267542

File: 1531432373889.jpg (41.15 KB, 720x960, 1482052063339.jpg)

No. 267543

File: 1531432389363.jpg (35.79 KB, 481x325, 1495827604509.jpg)

No. 267544

File: 1531432401080.jpg (221.94 KB, 680x680, 1507472691619.jpg)

No. 267545

File: 1531432411896.jpg (53.58 KB, 640x617, 1512237066970.jpg)

No. 267546

File: 1531432421131.jpg (163.33 KB, 768x1024, 1512680772830.jpg)

No. 267547

File: 1531432431319.jpg (61.57 KB, 464x464, bananas.jpg)

No. 267548

File: 1531432444512.png (691.24 KB, 720x960, Bone app the teeth.png)

No. 267549

File: 1531432455100.jpg (85.71 KB, 720x540, comf o r t a ble.jpg)

No. 267550

File: 1531432472438.png (411.25 KB, 1110x727, Donuts.png)

No. 267551

File: 1531432488479.jpg (17.1 KB, 526x335, fupa.jpg)

No. 267552

File: 1531432508511.jpg (41.64 KB, 640x360, Happe.jpg)

No. 267553

File: 1531432534068.png (1.56 MB, 2533x1453, hmmmmmmmm.png)

No. 267554

File: 1531432567956.jpg (6.3 KB, 234x275, Luigi.jpg)

No. 267555

File: 1531432583563.png (372.6 KB, 282x337, nice.png)

No. 267556

File: 1531432604380.jpg (55.49 KB, 640x640, XD.jpg)

No. 267600

>i don't-a feel-a so good, mario

No. 267601

File: 1531443746046.gif (819.88 KB, 480x270, tumblr_nbicroMAof1tuimdgo1_500…)

No. 267607

File: 1531445334992.jpg (36.9 KB, 275x155, 1480556806660.jpg)

No. 267622

File: 1531450242281.jpg (8.56 KB, 311x300, ahhh.jpg)

No. 267664

File: 1531462968917.jpeg (280.07 KB, 1242x1528, C25918FD-107E-4FEF-A5EC-DE24D9…)

No. 267665

File: 1531463171466.jpeg (87.31 KB, 600x399, 58CA5331-A2BB-4A1B-88DE-8B43DB…)

No. 267668

File: 1531463810593.jpeg (70.94 KB, 639x644, DC0E970E-6595-4262-8A6F-91CECA…)

No. 267710

File: 1531480777972.jpg (14.82 KB, 320x320, DVRDx0YW4AEbhb2.jpg)

No. 267712

File: 1531480893759.jpg (142.24 KB, 1140x1110, 1505563739865.jpg)

No. 267747

This is an important thread.

No. 267811

File: 1531509350046.jpg (33.7 KB, 564x457, ty.jpg)

No. 267812

File: 1531509402599.png (489.52 KB, 627x394, 89793434366.png)

No. 267813

File: 1531509469227.jpg (23.77 KB, 500x313, 1488332144061.jpg)

No. 267817

File: 1531510385867.jpeg (51.77 KB, 720x720, ECC5A511-B295-4C7B-8810-E22218…)

No. 267819

File: 1531510678414.jpeg (44.07 KB, 480x480, 668C0787-F0D9-4708-B0B8-010426…)

No. 267820

File: 1531510934717.jpg (92.14 KB, 310x214, benice.jpg)

No. 267822

File: 1531511036687.jpg (63.85 KB, 574x382, 1010287698021.jpg)

No. 267824

File: 1531511126690.jpg (289.22 KB, 1280x853, 16796548018762.jpg)

No. 267825

File: 1531511167730.jpg (314.31 KB, 1280x853, bitch.jpg)

No. 267826

File: 1531511208676.gif (499.12 KB, 320x236, 2ACC7C11-908B-4F15-B898-0376B6…)

No. 267873

File: 1531516010341.jpg (17.58 KB, 639x359, 636228841706591462797821534_IM…)

No. 267875

File: 1531516080300.jpg (18.17 KB, 677x479, 18739906_1349702718458071_5093…)

No. 267879

File: 1531516614038.gif (2.04 MB, 229x162, done.gif)

No. 267882

File: 1531517035651.png (131.49 KB, 249x250, 1462414522683.png)

No. 267944

File: 1531534579005.jpg (165.38 KB, 1269x1280, 94938493284.jpg)

No. 267945

File: 1531534593316.gif (1.62 MB, 375x282, 08098.gif)

No. 267946

File: 1531534637560.jpg (260.28 KB, 960x1280, reach.jpg)

No. 267947

File: 1531534792826.gif (1.94 MB, 342x360, 898594.gif)

No. 267948

rip trevor

No. 267953

i miss him, rip indeed :c

No. 267954

lmao i love Adum

No. 267959

File: 1531544713768.png (605.83 KB, 733x639, tumblr_os28q15ngP1qg3lgxo4_128…)

No. 267960

File: 1531544727728.png (211.69 KB, 456x344, tumblr_os28q15ngP1qg3lgxo1_500…)

No. 267961

File: 1531544736705.png (129.12 KB, 409x300, tumblr_os28q15ngP1qg3lgxo3_500…)

No. 267963

File: 1531544746058.png (217.55 KB, 482x389, tumblr_os28q15ngP1qg3lgxo2_500…)

No. 267964

File: 1531545018271.gif (561.99 KB, 500x382, giphy.gif)

No. 267984

File: 1531553768929.jpeg (76.65 KB, 500x448, A2D883ED-CEAA-4E8A-AD67-F06FC0…)

No. 267996

File: 1531558135408.jpg (40.73 KB, 540x528, 12.jpg)

No. 267998

File: 1531558314650.gif (1.54 MB, 230x230, 1516244886529.gif)

No. 268003

File: 1531559752934.png (128.83 KB, 325x281, 1525759210103.png)

No. 268004

File: 1531559762248.jpg (13.24 KB, 302x402, 1529969263523.jpg)

No. 268005

File: 1531559775297.jpg (13.92 KB, 563x503, 1528648316312.jpg)

No. 268006

File: 1531559791111.png (246.84 KB, 500x483, 1524943080035.png)

No. 268007

File: 1531559816529.jpg (80.84 KB, 720x720, 1524399156288.jpg)

No. 268008

File: 1531559862361.jpg (14.21 KB, 250x242, 1524803683925.jpg)

No. 268028

No. 268060

File: 1531586208189.jpg (20.53 KB, 284x284, 1531415164976.jpg)

This thread….
It was made for me…

No. 268061

File: 1531586233522.jpg (11.45 KB, 275x275, 1529950330329.jpg)

No. 268062

File: 1531586256031.jpg (79.98 KB, 1200x923, 1529562203031.jpg)

No. 268063

File: 1531586276826.gif (2.85 MB, 200x234, 384660345171853a6c0533d5dc8a52…)

No. 268064

File: 1531586332384.gif (1.41 MB, 580x433, 1528219117461.gif)

No. 268088

File: 1531589975874.jpg (58.88 KB, 749x441, Screen_Shot_2017-11-30_at_1.12…)

No. 268090

File: 1531590263765.jpg (79.81 KB, 456x386, mt5iz0gTcb1qde20s.jpg)

No. 268101

File: 1531592594547.jpg (53.5 KB, 499x374, hus.jpg)

No. 268103

File: 1531592634899.png (171.23 KB, 394x288, tumblr_inline_mpvlrdjDSM1qz4rg…)

No. 268105

File: 1531592680043.jpg (19.35 KB, 500x333, tumblr_mgcotbxqxz1r12oofo1_500…)

No. 268116

File: 1531598111390.jpg (12.58 KB, 260x203, 12yrs.JPG)

No. 268167

File: 1531615846143.gif (880.67 KB, 244x160, https://78.media.tumblr.com/5b…)

No. 268202

File: 1531631118468.jpg (22.84 KB, 285x333, 1508645554565.jpg)

No. 268209

File: 1531639959249.gif (548.82 KB, 177x177, tumblr_oh4qr8i4Ov1tdcf5ko6_250…)

No. 268211

File: 1531643105218.gif (1.6 MB, 498x273, tumblr_inline_ovofeteCvB1v2pfv…)

No. 268302

File: 1531674160082.jpeg (74.99 KB, 532x561, 335751F3-761D-4937-84DB-91260C…)

No. 268305

File: 1531674707966.jpeg (100.33 KB, 567x563, B7D36DD5-1829-4917-A06F-D8852D…)

my time to shine

No. 268306

File: 1531674721433.jpeg (97.71 KB, 750x420, BB805D62-6646-49E8-86C1-8BE7FB…)

No. 268307

File: 1531674736517.jpeg (53.63 KB, 567x319, 1C2F0030-EB99-432F-BCF0-63B2CC…)

No. 268308

File: 1531674751100.gif (1.19 MB, 360x166, 87D856C3-C369-48A2-B9A7-7CF9D7…)

No. 268309

File: 1531674772960.jpeg (124.11 KB, 567x567, B3452756-026B-4414-BF50-69D793…)

No. 268310

File: 1531674794950.jpeg (63.12 KB, 640x575, F2E50170-6542-433B-915A-E58CB2…)

No. 268311

File: 1531674811097.png (793.17 KB, 740x405, F7922077-2DD1-43F3-8D1E-7B44BC…)

No. 268312

File: 1531674827009.jpeg (104.06 KB, 640x635, B8CFB12F-8BA5-4030-902C-7A6A14…)

No. 268313

File: 1531674846683.jpeg (68.02 KB, 749x531, 5F1C124D-F2EA-493D-99B8-761024…)

No. 268314

File: 1531674896999.jpeg (57.26 KB, 500x472, BF3B5EA3-C29E-418A-AC8E-0A2322…)

No. 268350

File: 1531683652950.png (894.26 KB, 876x1728, ty2.png)

No. 268351

File: 1531683671322.png (1.48 MB, 1440x1828, ty3.png)

tfw taeyong

No. 268367

File: 1531686565924.jpeg (51.05 KB, 640x573, 71601E2F-5FA0-4DFE-80D9-7B1C40…)

NCT have a goldmine of reaction pics.

No. 268368

File: 1531686605693.jpeg (115.04 KB, 640x581, 7C2965CD-9274-440F-980F-C0FFEB…)

No. 268370

File: 1531686698997.jpeg (66.92 KB, 640x640, 1BA77E2E-290F-42EC-889E-A9E4B2…)

No. 268373

File: 1531686887535.jpeg (105.02 KB, 612x408, B33E41BF-3F57-486B-A311-582DB7…)

No. 268380

File: 1531687732729.jpg (233.71 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_20180628_144405.jpg)

No. 268381

File: 1531688091174.jpg (67.33 KB, 1080x1054, IMG_20180617_121830.jpg)

No. 268396

File: 1531691960847.jpeg (87.45 KB, 1200x910, C558049E-607E-443A-BD91-A413BF…)

No. 268397

File: 1531691982293.jpeg (45.84 KB, 723x469, 781E0911-0C8B-40F6-A265-B46772…)

No. 268406

File: 1531692794517.jpg (9.99 KB, 297x169, 1492959787999.jpg)

isn't that just the vent thread in one image?

>pic related is unrelated lol

No. 268408

File: 1531693372866.jpg (28.86 KB, 352x338, 86868.jpg)

No. 268409

File: 1531693381179.jpg (19.13 KB, 419x430, DhyweX1WAAAtYoU.jpg)

No. 268410

File: 1531693401706.jpg (20.58 KB, 554x533, Dh9Lk9lVQAAR3Hb.jpg)

No. 268411

File: 1531693414448.jpg (28.62 KB, 479x428, j49qusdgk9311.jpg)

2018 version

No. 268412

File: 1531693426892.jpg (24.18 KB, 622x498, DiK6Kt5W4AASTFG.jpg)

No. 268413

File: 1531693445711.jpg (28.69 KB, 480x480, 1508082160404.jpg)

No. 268414

File: 1531693457128.jpg (53.86 KB, 597x640, fightign_haeyadwae.jpg)

sorry for starting the flood of nct spam kek, promise these are my last ones

No. 268415

File: 1531693472639.jpg (10.75 KB, 250x250, IMG_20180707_021833.jpg)

No. 268416

File: 1531693497415.jpg (40.52 KB, 640x570, IMG_20180701_085207.jpg)

No. 268417

File: 1531693522599.jpg (100.16 KB, 440x492, 1500348274733s.jpg)

No. 268418

File: 1531693533929.jpg (43.08 KB, 597x597, IMG_20180705_035248.jpg)

No. 268419

File: 1531693580179.jpg (152.74 KB, 898x1024, 15w.jpg)

No. 268421

File: 1531693844641.jpg (24.85 KB, 433x427, tumblr_inline_pbnuma2HjS1ssrei…)

No. 268423

File: 1531693938200.jpg (41.65 KB, 750x677, 220644.jpg)

No. 268424

File: 1531693954027.jpg (129.51 KB, 1026x1026, 204457.jpg)

No. 268426

No. 268428

File: 1531695138904.jpg (43.28 KB, 1024x576, 63adf05cd6ecb62e50594474c5d8ad…)

these weren't all posted by the same person, stupid. you should expect this trash on a website full of young adult women.

No. 268434

File: 1531696883953.jpg (13.2 KB, 400x400, 37483745.jpg)

feel free to post your own reactions to offset them

No. 268439

Please kill yourself. Or at least go outside and lose your virginity so you can stop obsessing over these guys.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 268441

File: 1531697843558.png (272.1 KB, 540x443, tumblr_inline_pbmt4b1bDC1rn86b…)


you also don't have to be a retarded obsessed fangirl to laugh at the reaction images, but go off I guess.

No. 268444

Yes you have. Anyone who isn't 12yo or a socially stunned virgin thinks these are fucking cringe.

No. 268445

I can assume you that you absolutely do have to be a pathetic fangirl to think random asian boys making random expressions are in any way funny, stop shitting up the thread with it. You probably tell people to listen to BTS on unrelated music videos if you think otherwise.

No. 268447

File: 1531698325997.jpg (53.83 KB, 493x353, 1530345541996.jpg)


yeah this thread was kinda good till the kpop fags got in, they should stay in their containment thread and shut up >>268368 >>268419 this is 14 year old stan twitter shit. i know its summer but c'mon, integrate, this is not stan twitter or facebook.

No. 268449


No. 268450

Yet another thread ruined by K-pop.

No. 268452

File: 1531699335023.jpg (13.81 KB, 256x256, ssa.jpg)

as if most reaction images aren't just people/cartoons making random expressions out of context uhhh ok.
> using virgin and 12 year old as insults
did I miss a rule change where you can be underage to use this website?

No. 268456

When random people and cartoons are used as reaction images it's because they're actually funny to an unbiased audience. When kpop idols are used it's because their fans like their faces and overestimate how funny unbiased non fans find it. Stop defending your trash posts.

No. 268458

anon you (and anyone else spamming kpop images) were being obnoxious by spamming the thread. I posted a few kpop reaction images too and nobody ree'd at me because I posted other pics too. like jesus christ at least try to conform to board culture.

No. 268459

File: 1531700180075.gif (596.01 KB, 210x160, 616BA5AA-D866-49C0-B117-EC40E5…)

please just stop. It was spam.

No. 268467

File: 1531701568078.jpg (40.9 KB, 480x495, 7nkok9b41uc8x6so1.jpg)

It was obnoxious, anon. >>268396 has potential but the others are horrible. I'm sorry you have such a hard time accepting this.

No. 268474

File: 1531702367430.jpg (10.02 KB, 236x214, C_vEN0eUwAEwufU.jpg)

>as if most reaction images aren't just people/cartoons making random expressions out of context

You're right about that but if all your images in a row are from a fandom that a lot of people don't give a shit about or find gross, it gets annoying. It's like if you went to a jukebox in a bar and set the playlist to 20 nickleback songs in a row, and then when people complained you went, "what?! it's music! everyone else is playing music too!"

No. 268477

File: 1531703205560.jpg (22.2 KB, 354x271, 1531537045279.jpg)

No. 268478

File: 1531703320128.jpg (21.66 KB, 247x264, zsBa9ul.jpg)

No. 268479

File: 1531703342575.gif (47.14 KB, 336x250, 1559.gif)

No. 268480

File: 1531703382104.jpg (25.39 KB, 532x502, aNjX2lw.jpg)

No. 268481

File: 1531703554326.jpg (20.48 KB, 620x400, uldzyvrfedrr6l5mj9x8.jpg)

No. 268482

File: 1531703778070.jpg (45.47 KB, 640x480, 3rHta8O.jpg)

No. 268483

File: 1531703802508.jpg (5.07 KB, 236x191, 8DbWC0J.jpg)

No. 268484

File: 1531703882125.jpg (7.8 KB, 320x320, gPVeia6.jpg)

No. 268491

File: 1531705917302.jpg (21.39 KB, 750x629, 19424525_1894109094164583_1463…)

No. 268492

File: 1531706092489.png (140.11 KB, 415x310, 29.png)

No. 268493

File: 1531706232148.jpg (15.07 KB, 540x293, 17991778_10155052162255490_774…)

No. 268494

File: 1531706308332.png (189.73 KB, 464x262, 31.png)

No. 268496

Settle down, a-log. I only posted 7 pictures, why does k-pop trigger you so hard?

No. 268498

7 photos of the same cringey shit that nobody finds entertaining except for you fucks.
take your shit over to the kpop thread, nobody wants it here.

No. 268499

File: 1531706975780.jpg (12.7 KB, 720x379, 19113988_1900030390240543_3430…)

No. 268500

File: 1531707042533.png (223.44 KB, 465x470, 45.png)

No. 268501

File: 1531707123267.png (255.19 KB, 524x399, 18.png)

No. 268502

File: 1531707191340.jpg (28.73 KB, 327x560, 18921869_1655556997787845_7904…)

No. 268503

File: 1531707229733.jpg (94.97 KB, 1200x1183, 1523344026973.jpg)

It's 100% on topic, so it doesn't really matter if you want it here or not. Stop ree-ing about it.

No. 268504

File: 1531707372755.png (104.37 KB, 248x230, Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 12.0…)

No. 268506

i just don't get how you faggots post the same shit and don't realize how cringey it is.
how do you post all this cancer and then when people tell you your shit is cancer, you just post more of the same cancer.

No. 268507

File: 1531707913195.jpg (704.1 KB, 980x490, Stop-Signs.jpg)

How about everyone just stops and someone can go make a K-pop reaction thread?

No. 268509

File: 1531708613135.jpg (23.84 KB, 500x500, bart1.jpg)

No. 268510

File: 1531708718292.gif (173.72 KB, 299x240, laugh.gif)

No. 268515

File: 1531709035097.gif (2.82 MB, 480x270, n9dxvze6z0zz.gif)

…because we can? We're posting reaction pictures in a thread about reaction pictures. How do you not get this, edgy double didgit iq-chan? gif unrelated

No. 268517

Just stop posting these cringey twinks.

No. 268520

File: 1531710240740.jpg (45.58 KB, 750x500, perro-cara-hinchada-por-comer-…)

No. 268524

File: 1531710677154.jpg (4.03 KB, 82x82, bd2ee1a2-2aa2-4a56-87f4-6e8040…)

I would've earlier but every time someone cries about it I just want to post more of them

No. 268525

File: 1531710783596.gif (152.74 KB, 275x211, 1523279905195.gif)

Shit, those are cringe. And this is coming from someone who knows all these groups. Also, pic for ants

No. 268526

File: 1531710901504.jpg (72.5 KB, 888x1024, jyov6uqc1qmz.jpg)

No. 268527

File: 1531710918841.gif (2.89 MB, 177x177, tumblr_inline_pali2kQoZI1rsett…)

No. 268528

File: 1531710925769.jpg (66.82 KB, 1200x740, e93.jpg)

No. 268529

File: 1531710942936.jpg (48.38 KB, 500x602, tumblr_inline_pb73jmycDb1uelv7…)

No. 268530

File: 1531710973597.jpg (5.95 KB, 250x230, 1503133458950s.jpg)

No. 268531

File: 1531710976021.png (222.85 KB, 512x547, tumblr_inline_pbcqt5jKjS1s2nyi…)

No. 268532

File: 1531711065324.gif (948.07 KB, 245x219, giphy.gif)

>"those are cringe"
>posts a poptepic gif

No. 268533

File: 1531711117553.gif (4.82 MB, 512x288, 45345.gif)

No. 268534

File: 1531711153353.gif (2.95 MB, 300x235, 098089.gif)

No. 268535

File: 1531711186423.png (212.89 KB, 500x400, 1500399996727.png)

No. 268536

File: 1531711203415.gif (456.88 KB, 500x270, 54d037fb73d328b09947d1d1657d5a…)

No. 268539

File: 1531712007220.gif (937.28 KB, 255x163, eb76ba02-103e-41cb-ab65-a9935b…)

No. 268623

File: 1531727996687.png (152.55 KB, 320x262, F6254F7C-6238-4508-925C-8B9866…)

No. 268628

File: 1531730708029.jpg (42.43 KB, 686x660, DiMYoUiVQAAM7tt.jpg)

No. 268629

File: 1531730941939.jpg (28.41 KB, 563x702, 27aa027d624b916c6cdc6ab9ec5163…)

fucking same

No. 268648

File: 1531739570529.jpg (53.32 KB, 500x375, Thank You!.jpg)

No. 268649

File: 1531739601638.jpg (38.83 KB, 630x478, good.jpg)

No. 268650

File: 1531739610757.jpg (76.76 KB, 750x857, Kill me.jpg)

No. 268651

File: 1531739643364.jpg (121.38 KB, 531x471, yee.jpg)

No. 268652

File: 1531739669394.jpg (12.66 KB, 720x774, hewwo.jpg)

No. 268653

File: 1531739707793.gif (698.75 KB, 155x275, nu uh.gif)

No. 268654

File: 1531739718632.jpg (Spoiler Image, 31.01 KB, 600x589, nyoom.jpg)

No. 268655

File: 1531739730306.jpg (29.19 KB, 722x349, pain.jpg)

No. 268656

File: 1531739757250.jpg (235.94 KB, 810x807, snout.jpg)

No. 268657

File: 1531739774052.jpg (24.6 KB, 512x384, steamed hams.jpg)

No. 268669

File: 1531745003674.png (300.88 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_20180716-154336.png)

These two photos fit so well

(Saged for spam)

No. 268670

File: 1531746132645.jpg (6.27 KB, 226x223, ferret_in_tube.jpg)

No. 268737

File: 1531759077889.jpg (63.72 KB, 750x547, DiNdOyDW0AINJmY.jpg)

No. 268740

File: 1531759603910.jpg (53.57 KB, 564x559, e881f74439d4cc4183afae3bcd0980…)

No. 268742

File: 1531759692303.jpg (26.15 KB, 500x375, f02fdeb594b2cd9e6b441469c00c08…)

No. 268743

File: 1531759738990.jpg (20.76 KB, 449x449, 4767a17ccc890e499db94bdc365515…)

No. 268774

File: 1531771647456.jpg (209.21 KB, 700x525, 8gW9N.jpg)

>posts a tumblr tier reaction gif
Back to your oppa tags, legbeard.

No. 268796

File: 1531777248502.jpeg (31.71 KB, 300x250, 3B2A2068-E803-4646-B89B-94BB89…)

No. 268797

File: 1531777291852.jpeg (89.74 KB, 612x612, 325BD6E0-C1A5-4F4D-8F1A-50D685…)

No. 268798

File: 1531777358843.jpeg (95.26 KB, 750x750, 563D1CC9-49B3-4BC4-9672-84F6EC…)

No. 268799

File: 1531777407646.jpeg (68.63 KB, 750x710, 9F48D879-8013-4CAE-BC49-26A30A…)

No. 268818

File: 1531782648962.png (1.12 MB, 1313x1175, ye.png)

>tumblr teir
if you say so, poptepicfag. why are weebs so easily triggered?

No. 268821

File: 1531782973303.jpg (49.73 KB, 540x234, tumblr_o2ksfcR6ac1qzykwko1_540…)

No. 268822

File: 1531783078246.jpg (214.19 KB, 966x1300, 32059616-ancient-roman-head-st…)

Can we please just agree that everyone on this board is a fucking loser and get on with the thread?

No. 268823

File: 1531783138895.jpg (40.99 KB, 477x720, tumblr_inline_paecuxA6cN1qfpsc…)

No. 268835

No. 268836

File: 1531786941879.jpg (3.76 KB, 221x228, 983984958.jpg)

oh fuck off anon they were long done. at least sage your link-collection bitching in the future please.

No. 268849

File: 1531793579702.jpg (15.02 KB, 604x438, c67.jpg)

No. 268853

File: 1531797841288.gif (1020.86 KB, 182x179, fuk u.gif)

>reiterates a previous post without contributing anything
>no sage

No. 268856

File: 1531800631426.png (375.98 KB, 618x439, 5.png)

No. 268857

File: 1531800655236.jpg (13.31 KB, 258x195, jotoro.jpg)

No. 268890

File: 1531819683025.gif (767.71 KB, 300x118, iYLtbYYC8PaBx_L-JgyAFSZ8lawkzM…)

No. 268907

File: 1531827770945.jpeg (87.23 KB, 450x449, C363A822-4D98-4F81-B76F-9BA2DE…)

No. 268982

File: 1531850122148.gif (1.33 MB, 245x160, 8EAE5CD1-3354-4819-A3ED-EF742D…)

No. 269044

File: 1531865375208.png (154.24 KB, 454x267, 13.png)

No. 269045

File: 1531865409555.jpg (22.81 KB, 622x464, 19396625_10155485315239973_677…)

No. 269046

File: 1531865475354.png (72.84 KB, 500x314, 28.png)

No. 269047

File: 1531865586717.jpg (42.24 KB, 702x702, Cqz4YfWW8AAv97i.jpg)

No. 269079

File: 1531871907669.jpg (42.68 KB, 413x550, questionablebeard.jpg)

No. 269080

File: 1531872096284.png (31.9 KB, 302x225, 0f81caa9-b57d-43d8-83a9-a775b7…)

No. 269285

File: 1531937675336.gif (948.07 KB, 200x200, 1531546330631.gif)

No. 269570

File: 1531989292678.jpg (11.25 KB, 500x279, T8OUu4j_d.jpg)

>kpoop legbeard projecting

Even reddit bottom text memes are funnier than your k-mongs contorting their flat mugs.(racebaiting)

No. 269594

File: 1531996461155.jpg (33.9 KB, 640x480, 1492266574621.jpg)

It's been three fucking days, you absolute sperg. When are you going to stop bitching about this? Did you only stop yesterday because you got banned for >>268439 ?

Also, your autism and overuse of the word 'legbeard' makes you sound male. Are you? It would explain a lot.(infighting)

No. 269631

File: 1532007370148.jpg (54.52 KB, 875x1250, CYSM_BodyShaper_Fajate_612_neg…)

why do weebs bitch so much

No. 269632

File: 1532007497337.gif (772.82 KB, 260x221, 1530640045355.gif)

If you have any reaction gifs featuring him please post

No. 269662

File: 1532011611304.png (2.19 MB, 1242x1232, image.png)

>implying I'm >>268439
>still coping with the fact that everyone is cringing at her kawaii oppas
The absolute state of k-speds.

No. 269663

File: 1532011694320.gif (254.59 KB, 220x220, th.gif)

don't have too many taehyung gifs, but i'll post what i have

No. 269664

File: 1532011826355.gif (3.09 MB, 268x298, 322cce7bffffec8b729702ec37266f…)

No. 269665

File: 1532011868501.jpg (153.79 KB, 976x977, 101101001010.jpg)

guess that's all i have. oh well.

No. 269667

File: 1532012064216.gif (1.04 MB, 245x374, tumblr_inline_omzc6x599I1uuqvx…)

Great taste anon.

No. 269670

File: 1532012340511.gif (1.31 MB, 178x322, dc35338db1c2b9740b539b92bd6d46…)

No. 269675

File: 1532012483845.gif (1.19 MB, 500x281, tumblr_nxm6cnzjll1tmc4kmo2_500…)

No. 269676

File: 1532012539769.gif (1.55 MB, 268x375, 8be7fa33-6a8d-4224-b45d-be5fbb…)

found one more

No. 269680

File: 1532012693090.jpg (114.22 KB, 730x905, 1524609866759.jpg)

No. 269681

File: 1532012765598.gif (2.95 MB, 268x268, men_sugar.gif)

No. 269719

File: 1532019583008.jpg (16.54 KB, 400x400, RJcPHW3G_400x400.jpg)

No. 269721

File: 1532020454941.jpeg (13.9 KB, 300x250, 8397EFDA-A526-4434-86F1-87FEA5…)

Can we please cool it a little with the cringy kpop posts?? There are several threads you can post this stuff in, does it have to weasel it’s way into every thread?

No. 269724

File: 1532020732721.jpg (21.48 KB, 357x357, sugar_2.jpg)

just ignore it. it's on topic.

No. 269728

but they aren't reaction pics to everyone sane. they're just screenshots of a face.

No. 269729

nta but look at half the thread. i don't like kpop or whatever myself, but you can stop being so triggered by it.

No. 269731

i'm also nta but no one is posting screenshots and gifs of every time an american celebrity ever makes a facial experession itt

No. 269732

oh well. they are still reaction pics and my point still stands.

No. 269733

there's a lot of that, look again. this thread is subjective anyways, stop bitching about shit you don't like. i don't like fucking 1000 anime girls making poorly drawn faces and you don't see mee reeing every time one is posted.

No. 269734

File: 1532022029725.png (84.59 KB, 600x600, 1531471863502.png)

just lol ok anon

No. 269735

File: 1532022055065.png (549.23 KB, 716x498, dsb.thumb.png.55b326c3d522c16b…)

That's because the superwholocks who do this with white celebs have been beaten into staying on tumblr where they belong, as opposed to permanently asspained k-spergs.

No. 269782

File: 1532032814671.png (190.89 KB, 540x304, gumballl.png)

>telling farmers to ignore things they don't like

All this sperging/infighting about a couple of images really is embarrassing tho
less fighting more images pls

No. 269783

File: 1532032834380.jpg (73.86 KB, 200x200, 2s74.jpg)

No. 269784

File: 1532033045669.jpg (17.82 KB, 293x361, 645689.JPG)

No. 269785

File: 1532033072127.png (127 KB, 305x179, 2ju4.PNG)

No. 269786

File: 1532033126618.gif (1.98 MB, 245x220, 1483586958217.gif)

No. 269788

File: 1532033274979.jpg (20.15 KB, 470x614, 661208181_104144259_n.jpg)

No. 269789

File: 1532033322111.png (1.34 MB, 1280x1326, 1489129976166.png)

No. 269836

So ugly, why is his hair all gross

No. 269855

File: 1532057442020.jpg (21.08 KB, 361x352, bowlcut.JPG)

You don't find kpoop fashion absolutely dashing, anon?

No. 269999

File: 1532116144349.jpg (5.87 KB, 204x204, 15665711_980068238760694_23641…)

No. 270000

File: 1532116160655.jpg (8.25 KB, 211x275, 1496451445764.jpg)

No. 270001

File: 1532116194698.png (232.13 KB, 448x360, d1b.png)

No. 270005

File: 1532117138587.png (32.07 KB, 226x176, 1.png)

No. 270006

File: 1532117156526.jpg (95.51 KB, 939x704, 2.jpg)

No. 270007

File: 1532117168584.jpg (56.16 KB, 960x902, 3.jpg)

No. 270044

File: 1532126486353.png (151.23 KB, 293x314, 1531580546041.png)

Maybe we could have a kpop shitpost containment thread? There's two kpop discussion threads already, but they'd get derailed by this kind of thing. Maybe a third is pushing it.

No. 270051

File: 1532128260530.gif (697.19 KB, 248x186, 1476675953336.gif)

No. 270057

File: 1532130674743.gif (950.62 KB, 500x384, dc5.gif)

No. 270465

File: 1532215427909.png (396.97 KB, 427x610, dog.png)

No. 270466

File: 1532215450566.png (76.25 KB, 421x179, 1400921r87856.PNG)

No. 270467

File: 1532215476344.gif (336.97 KB, 480x270, 1515290385479.gif)

No. 270482

woah, i didnt know riley j dennis was in an anime.

No. 270497

File: 1532228090400.png (164.56 KB, 327x316, 1531480336527.png)

No. 270563

File: 1532243605913.jpeg (278.37 KB, 645x756, 86713B3E-5DA9-4016-8F06-56B0DC…)

Rare avant-garde wojak

No. 270575

File: 1532249159516.jpg (44.8 KB, 380x376, 1437255525716.jpg)

No. 270576

File: 1532249272378.png (252.76 KB, 540x402, b1qmfnw5o2_540.png)

No. 270577

File: 1532249476149.png (212.7 KB, 600x496, 661.png)

No. 270578

File: 1532249549233.jpg (174.53 KB, 683x797, 1485728880859.jpg)

No. 270579

File: 1532249613373.gif (1.68 MB, 332x332, 1493503105893.gif)

No. 270582

File: 1532249784031.gif (3.12 MB, 320x180, 1512315918118.gif)

No. 270803

File: 1532308121537.jpg (21.59 KB, 600x293, CRZkqsdU8AEUx31.jpg)

No. 270868

File: 1532322566617.jpg (308.5 KB, 977x718, Screenshot_20180709-180415.jpg)

No. 270872

I feel this one

No. 270897

File: 1532332287750.png (198.93 KB, 422x354, 81a53a81-406c-4f2c-8b98-f612de…)

No. 270901

File: 1532334118471.jpg (11.05 KB, 407x286, AApdTRP.jpg)

No. 270904

File: 1532334169711.gif (1.27 MB, 244x272, umdafuq.gif)

No. 270907

File: 1532334252606.jpg (54.84 KB, 500x281, 28533251-500-281.jpg)

No. 273369

File: 1532863040161.gif (1001.44 KB, 200x200, tumblr_inline_pbdrlofaiA1txfor…)

No. 274313

File: 1533050364816.png (331.2 KB, 583x437, call me shamu one more time i …)

No. 274314

File: 1533050627717.png (131.82 KB, 402x270, what.PNG)

No. 274315

File: 1533050641715.jpg (57.95 KB, 724x662, hes here.jpg)

No. 274316

File: 1533050658565.jpg (27.91 KB, 500x276, i expect nothing.jpg)

No. 274317

File: 1533050717226.jpg (41.96 KB, 640x480, begone.JPG)

No. 274320

File: 1533050996687.png (154.41 KB, 338x271, 1526575949095.png)

No. 274321

File: 1533051005520.jpg (61.25 KB, 609x668, 1530665712655.jpg)

No. 274351

File: 1533056490489.png (236.03 KB, 500x455, ben.png)

No. 274561

File: 1533105663690.jpg (45.68 KB, 500x375, Crying_meme.jpg)

No. 274563

File: 1533105692000.jpg (65.29 KB, 422x341, IMG_20180714_231748-1.jpg)

No. 274564

File: 1533105728414.jpg (79.41 KB, 1080x508, IMG_20180704_094813.jpg)

No. 274565

File: 1533105753811.jpg (35.14 KB, 960x668, 1527228674385.jpg)

No. 274566

File: 1533105794118.gif (132.05 KB, 201x200, 1502755164560.gif)

No. 274567

File: 1533105834467.jpg (16.3 KB, 500x500, FB_IMG_1524186401952.jpg)

No. 274569

File: 1533105873936.jpg (74.54 KB, 490x500, IMG_3503.thumb.JPG.9b81f8b7096…)

No. 274570

File: 1533105909618.png (64.73 KB, 265x257, Screenshot_2018-05-12-17-38-08…)

No. 274571

File: 1533105926394.jpg (4.38 KB, 150x128, 7579c4da-b811-41c5-a77f-0a734d…)

No. 274572

File: 1533105959439.jpg (25.08 KB, 275x206, 1516388086680.jpg)

No. 274574

File: 1533105987356.png (272.8 KB, 720x506, Screenshot_2018-05-21-15-19-08…)

No. 274575

File: 1533106044565.jpg (29.3 KB, 600x315, IMG_20180323_221754.jpg)

No. 274576

File: 1533106078653.jpg (75.75 KB, 750x753, 1526860395586.jpg)

No. 274577

File: 1533106110501.jpg (35.77 KB, 622x589, 1529785033910.jpg)

No. 274578

File: 1533106142034.png (898.26 KB, 720x842, Screenshot_2018-05-01-10-34-59…)

No. 274579

File: 1533106206813.jpg (7.44 KB, 275x178, 1520531352226.jpg)

/end of dump for now

No. 296802

File: 1537208206441.jpg (412.36 KB, 506x459, 54vhr745vfrtu.jpg)

No. 297338

File: 1537332380576.gif (4.8 MB, 200x113, 00CC755A-FE36-4765-A87E-A22CCA…)

No. 297342

how is this a reaction image? you should've just posted the full video with the yoshi noises.

No. 297742

File: 1537392175431.jpg (152.83 KB, 1219x1300, 29088759-mujer-mayor-enojada-h…)

No. 297745

File: 1537392219262.jpg (41.5 KB, 800x687, old-woman-pointing-white-backg…)

No. 297746

File: 1537392241704.jpg (44.65 KB, 450x449, stock-photo-old-angry-woman-th…)

No. 297753

File: 1537393551924.jpg (77.73 KB, 787x1024, depositphotos_42865953-stockaf…)

No. 297767

File: 1537396204343.jpg (64.49 KB, 800x839, old-woman-pistol-white-backgro…)

No. 297807

thank you anon

No. 297832


LOL, thanks anon. What the fuck are these? I thought the point of stock images is that they'd be useful in a variety of situations. When would anyone ever think "Quick! I need a pic of angry granny caressing a gun next to her cheek right now!"

No. 297835

It's perfect for an annual joint NRA and AARP meeting.

No. 298866

File: 1537625409074.png (12.69 KB, 300x250, 43567.png)

No. 298867

File: 1537625430925.jpg (50.95 KB, 400x400, 14234.jpg)

No. 298868

File: 1537625450192.jpg (53.53 KB, 600x600, 3546.jpg)

No. 298876

File: 1537626619304.jpg (87.39 KB, 672x767, pbSKhHoiupXPhdlbYi8Z_B3wzHdLKl…)

No. 298877

File: 1537626630161.jpg (70.29 KB, 775x768, xWwJVNc8JaxVC6ZYAJE-NrQZJ44HZF…)

No. 298878

File: 1537626635652.jpg (40.7 KB, 500x391, NgZ44juwdVOwW4hxfV15CVSHTIRjVW…)

No. 298879

File: 1537626642680.jpg (42.02 KB, 720x649, w6RGScc.jpg)

No. 298880

File: 1537626652994.jpg (55.25 KB, 500x580, _KpUIgEQCvyFAuPWulH0eQO-7Pmmrm…)

end of degenerate meme dump

No. 298882

File: 1537627257221.png (173.42 KB, 540x339, t. snake.png)

No. 298886

File: 1537627533513.jpg (199.09 KB, 960x720, cow.jpg)

this isn't really a reaction but…

No. 298979

File: 1537646462241.png (21.17 KB, 100x100, 39562620.png)

No. 299115

File: 1537685034632.jpg (51.99 KB, 720x678, FB_IMG_1535978226553.jpg)

No. 299117

File: 1537685082124.jpg (79.43 KB, 1024x852, IMG_20180508_180839.jpg)

No. 299472

File: 1537766438056.jpg (25.73 KB, 540x330, mfw.jpg)

I sure wish I could freely post on-topic kpop images ITT without getting yelled at by Closed-Minded individuals :T

No. 299473

File: 1537766538840.jpg (26.73 KB, 540x376, 10d.jpg)

No. 299474

File: 1537766635550.jpg (69.11 KB, 1122x1122, toad.jpg)


No. 299601

File: 1537809837431.jpg (34 KB, 720x717, FB_IMG_1491731186050.jpg)

do it anon, who cares

No. 299605

File: 1537809948240.jpg (12.73 KB, 480x360, 4d12677d34a550c7ff8752fbefaf67…)

No. 299607

File: 1537810192138.jpg (24.75 KB, 512x384, FB_IMG_1492540097713.jpg)

No. 299608

File: 1537810232979.jpg (14.57 KB, 450x428, FB_IMG_1486907740372.jpg)

No. 299609

My guilty pleasure, my prince

No. 299902

File: 1537857524369.jpg (143.96 KB, 824x767, furfagremoval.jpg)

No. 300047

Thank God Putin is here to save us

No. 352658

File: 1547181727883.png (1.4 MB, 1366x768, 1530634450177.png)

No. 352927

File: 1547238639880.jpg (196.87 KB, 750x573, e09.jpg)

No. 352928

File: 1547238797229.jpg (13.01 KB, 275x254, 1521647059826.jpg)

No. 352929

File: 1547239016949.jpg (219.42 KB, 887x900, 1546188341428.jpg)

No. 352930

File: 1547239211223.jpg (483.26 KB, 1280x720, 1477002672533.jpg)

No. 352933

File: 1547239338496.jpg (146.2 KB, 770x1001, 1447908-7.jpg)

No. 352934

File: 1547239455876.png (1.08 MB, 536x1039, 1535479304343.png)

No. 352942

File: 1547241454448.jpg (12.92 KB, 275x248, 1541554804702.jpg)

No. 353384

File: 1547330667245.png (327.48 KB, 563x561, HPdf01Q.png)

No. 353448

File: 1547341355449.gif (2.96 MB, 436x342, arthur.gif)

what is that from

No. 353459

File: 1547343729160.jpg (324.29 KB, 407x611, for-smithsonian0001.jpg)

lookup catacomb saints

No. 353988

chill bud, i hate kpop too but some of these are funny on their own

No. 353990

File: 1547434096379.png (418.06 KB, 492x493, 8c1.png)

No. 353994

File: 1547434887513.jpg (66.96 KB, 736x716, 1532129216864.jpg)

No. 353996

File: 1547435047736.png (539.07 KB, 630x435, JV1pcHg.png)

No. 353997

File: 1547435175254.jpg (179.04 KB, 1108x1108, tumblr_p4eavc1RTC1u1i1ueo1_128…)

No. 353998

File: 1547435276168.jpg (64.64 KB, 500x271, tumblr_phirl4InOP1r2ykdk_540.j…)

No. 354007

File: 1547436715155.png (969.59 KB, 829x820, d4jyfJB.png)

No. 354009

File: 1547436780305.jpg (21.58 KB, 275x268, 1544229276450.jpg)

No. 354010

File: 1547436931510.png (25.74 KB, 642x539, 1544989078194.png)

No. 354434

File: 1547510558349.png (1.24 MB, 1606x900, absolutely disgusting.png)

No. 354450

File: 1547514009776.jpeg (231.35 KB, 1920x1080, 0F184687-583E-4763-A238-86A637…)

No. 355749

File: 1547843517949.jpg (87.56 KB, 512x512, 0fb22dface7ebe777d34d9c4c3ce2a…)

I feel like some variation of this would be great

No. 355751

File: 1547843640154.jpg (47.55 KB, 504x504, Zac_Efron_and_Dave_Franco_1024…)

No. 385833

File: 1552394500669.gif (1.04 MB, 320x216, UZp2UCM.gif)

No. 385836

File: 1552394638327.gif (3.65 MB, 455x262, dancing cows.gif)

No. 385837

File: 1552394744129.gif (1.98 MB, 268x268, jdean.gif)

No. 385838

File: 1552394907916.gif (6.64 MB, 416x318, kurtangle.gif)

No. 386181

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