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File: 1604845625717.jpg (79.97 KB, 607x362, lolcow.jpg)

No. 669357

Post your dumbass questions here

Previous thread:

No. 669360

I've been thinking about making an ornament thread for quirky/interesting ornaments, but idk if it'll be a good idea since we already have a toy thread in /m/

No. 669367

What film is the thread pic from?

No. 669370

Why do hairstylists also cut hair vertically with scissors?

No. 669371

Variation. Don't want your hair to look like a broom

No. 669381

I think it might be from Itazura na Kiss: Love in Tokyo

No. 669383

Is there an extremely quick epic way to immediately get rid of food smell from nails? I can't stand my fingernails smelling even a bit of food and even if I sometimes wash hands 5 times with soap, the smell lingers. Making me suicidal.

No. 669386

wash your hands with vinegar and then soap and water

No. 669392

Wash your hands with lemon juice

No. 669396

Stainless steel soap bar.

No. 669398

File: 1604850755895.jpg (18.26 KB, 490x625, thanku.jpg)

Thank you.
Woah, didn't know that was a thing.

No. 669401

How do I research and write a 5000 word dissertation in a day?

No. 669402

By emailing the teacher and telling them you've fucked up and there was a last minute [insert important event here], weep, and pray that they let you have more time to write it.

No. 669403

File: 1604851476440.jpg (22.07 KB, 480x480, 90241_XXX_v1.jpg)

Gets rid of oniony hands too.

No. 669404

Find a foreign dissertation on the topic, throw it through google translate, correct it and hand that in.

No. 669405

File: 1604851583939.png (486.27 KB, 795x613, 1569882973788.png)

hello lolcow clinic how the fuck do you cure/lessen food poisoning? i got home sick yesterday, took a digestive pill before going to sleep, took another one after i woke up. still feeling it
what do you mean farmers aren't doctors?

No. 669408

If you have a stainless steel sink you can also just rub your hands against it lmao. That's what I used to do.

No. 669415

Think of it as a liquidation sale for your digestive system, pun intended. Your body doesn't want it there for a reason. Get electrolyte water with slow sips, and don't touch anything with sugar. Mix Mylanta (unflavored) with desitin to make a paste for your ruined butt. Go to the Urgent Care clinic if you feel like you need to.
god, I need to get the fuck off here and finish my own paper

No. 669419

honestly didn't expect an honest response due to how much i poked fun at myself for asking this website for medical advice, but we'll see if this follows through. since i've typed that post my blood pressure has dropped, so a puke is probably incoming soon, i knew it was going to happen but i decided to post on lolcow anyway. farmers probably are going to tell me to eat lead but it'll be fun to watch and it'll distract me!
dammit doc go finish your paper you have more food poisonings to cure!!!

No. 669420

unless it's something severe there's not much you can do other than wait it off. Food poisoning usually lasts like 3 days at most, or 4 if you're unlucky. don't eat shit with a lot of fat or sugar, go instead with your typical bland hospital foods (toast or rice for example). when you start recovering start eating stuff that will give some electrolytes back, like peanuts or those salty crackers (that last one is a personal favorite, idk if it actually works or it's just placebo kek).

No. 669423

Not medical advice, anon. That's why I said to contact UC if you're feeling real shit (kek).

No. 669429

oopsie daisy. also this statement makes me realize just how many close calls i've had. i should have definitely called an ambulance when i started having heart attack symptoms during a food poisoning episode. it immediately went away after i puked a few times, but i think back to that often.
>like peanuts or those salty crackers
past experiences with food poisonings put little salty crackers at the top of my list, i don't think they're just a placebo. i think they're just easy on the stomach and keep you sated enough to stay away from other foods. orange and lemon juice help a lot too with the general feeling of nausea.
thanks for keeping me company anons.

No. 669472

Anons what can I expect from trying shrooms for the first time? My brother thinks it will help with my anxiety and I think it's worth a shot.

No. 669477

I bought a scented hand sanitizer spray, mostly for the bottle so I can refill it with plain ethyl alcohol, but now I'm wondering when I refill it, would adding a few drops of scented essential oil produce a similar scented same effect? The only ingredients on the bottle are ethyl alcohol, water, glycerin, and parfum. It smells really good but I don't want to keep paying for new bottles of it rather than just refilling with plain alcohol.

No. 669483

it should work, just make sure you put it in as part of the water ratio when you dilute the alcohol!

No. 669492

Not entirely true, this is what I hate about the drug community is this propaganda. There is always a chance you could have a bad trip or that it can make your anxiety worse. Some studies have suggested that it can make mental illness worse for a while or forever in small cases but like anything it's a possibility. Bring water, go somewhere safe, and from experience, shrooms are more random than other types of drugs in this category so I would be ready for any type of trip. Shrooms will make you temp retarded so don't do anything that you need a full cel with while high.

No. 669497

try not to have expectations for the trip for sure. Try to be prepared by having comfy clothes, lots of water, and some chill music. Have fun anon!! Also my first time taking shrooms I didn’t take enough and barely felt anything except a nice fuzzy feeling but it was really relaxing. Have a Gatorade chaser on hand to wash away gross shroom taste after consuming.

No. 669504

> Some studies have suggested that it can make mental illness worse for a while or forever in small cases but like anything it's a possibility

Please provide some proof? I don’t believe this is the case with shrooms. Even bad trips help people deal with trauma.

No. 669522

I mean, any psychedelic can trigger latent schizophrenia etc, always a risk. Hell of a time if you don’t tho lmao.

No. 669529

Does therapy really work for depression? I'm failing to see how just talking to someone is ever going to help me enjoy stuff again, have some energy and feel more than numb or sad all the time.

No. 669536

really depends on the therapist and if you engage with it anon

No. 669537

Does anyone know any ways to get money online easily that aren't related to sex work? I really need the money.

No. 669539

There are various approaches but basically on the topic how just talking to someone could help - a therapist could help you identifying the source of your depression and work a way on how you could convince your brain to not react the same, intense way every time the trigger happens. Ofc this is a very simplified explanation.

No. 669541

Therapy ishust how they lure you in to get drugs
The therapist won't allow you to talk about what "you think" is the problem, and force you to go back literally to when you were a fetus and dredge up every shityy thing that you ever forgot about
That's how they get you to keep coming in, they literally make your life worse so you end up dependent on them
It's all about money, like every facet of medicine

No. 669543

Is it considered plagiarism if I use the same source as one of my sources for a different point in a research essay?
Like, if I wanted to use a quote from one of my sources that's actually quoted from a different source, and I cited both separately, would it be bad?

No. 669544

So what's going on with Pixyteri?

No. 669545

Sell some stuff online

No. 669546

No, you're only concerned as far as your sources. They are responsible for citing their own sources.

No. 669547

Really dangerous thing to write, even if you maybe had a bad experience, this is not the truth and scaring away someone from getting a help they need can have consequences. Of course not for you but still, think before you post.
Also, at least in my country, therapists are not allowed to prescribe medication, only psychiatrists.

No. 669551

Okay, my bad assuming everyone in the thread is also in America
But I've tried 5 different psychiatrists, and I want to say 11 total therapists, and this has been my experience with each one
Except for the one who said the answer to my problems was going keto, but you know

No. 669552

I aways try to do whatever they ask, but it never seems to work, and it's been a few years already so i'm just wondering

True, we identified some stuff that was probably the cause. But this never did anything, i'm still feeling the same and my brain just never picked up on feeling excited about life again. Is there something else missing anon? Is cbt the right approach?

Slightly schizo but you're right that they care about money first, patient second. All doctors are like this tbf but they still help.

No. 669554

I'm the one you called schizo, but if you want advice that actually worked for me that no one ever told me; the only way you'll feel better is if you change
You know deep down what the issue is, you just have to face it, no matter how fucking horrifying it is.
Once you face that shit, once you know what was wrong with it, then you can figure out what you need to do to get the fuck away from it.
Shitty childhood? Move out of state. Eating disorder? Stop talking to the people you're talking to.
The miserable truth is that the answer are all in you, and becoming well is less about being happy than it is about not thinking about shit
You gotta just run.

No. 669556

I personally suffered depression based on my circumstances, and so even with a therapist my depression really didn't get better until my situation did. That said, therapists are humans. These humans studied and did clinicals to get a piece of paper that says they're allowed to listen to you and give you advice for a fee. Like any human, your interaction with them will only be as beneficial as you feel that they're trying to really understand you and give perspective in good faith. I think it's a lie to tell you every therapist is good, and that many don't just see you as a dollar sign. The truth is like any kind of relationship with other people, you need to seek out therapists that click with you. No one here can make promises that if you sought a therapist tomorrow that it would be amazing. It's a lot like having to vet for a good doctor, obgyn, lawyer, date, etc. It's going to entirely depend on who you filter and what you do with that time.

No. 669557

I attempted it a few times and gave up whenever my childhood was brought up, some sort of trauma there that I couldn't stand to go near. Tbh IME I aged out of my depression around the time I hit 30. From my teens til then I found that very little seemed to take the edge off of the lows.

Give all your options a decent try though, sometimes a lifestyle change helps too, getting away from a person that upsets you or moving out of a bad area or away from a monotonous job.

No. 669563

I had a bad trip the first time I took shrooms but it changed me completely and forever, in a good way. I would advise you to just be chill and listen to music, stay close to nature etc, but if a bad trip hits you anyway, try not to judge it, just let it be. Listen to some Alan Watts, it might alleviate the trip.

No. 669573

File: 1604871566355.png (11.31 KB, 517x463, tumblr_545b8d02088780dcac9f4bb…)

It's ok anon, i'm a bit schizo too when it comes to this because i have been burned by many psychs before and now refuse to take meds. And i agree with you that they do care about money way too much.

Thanks for the words, it's harsh but motivating and maybe you're right. I'll be reflecting on them.

That really seems to be the most important. I think i click better with my current one, not ideal but it's what insurance offers so this might be why it's not effective too. Or i just need other changes like you and other anons said, i'll be thinking about it. Thanks.

Yeah, i'm holding out hope that maybe this might happen. Kind of hard to make those huge changes when nothing excites you though.

No. 669574

Depression is a horrible thing to deal with and I am very sorry you have had to deal with it so long. Honestly, I would say therapy can only do so much for you and can only give you coping skills for when it gets hard. They will give you grounding techniques, if you have unresolved trauma you may work through it, they can teach you how to work through negative thought loops. Obviously, it's up to you whether or not you utilize them in an episode.

I have made peace with the realization I am going to have bad days, bad weeks or months but I will also have good ones. Some days I am so sure that I am going to kill myself. It's up to you if you can work through that or if you give in. That's the experience most people will have. Set small goals, keep a small list of what you are living for. Give therapy a genuine shot and don't expect to have a great therapist the first time around, no shame in shopping around. The most important thing is not going into therapy expecting them to fix you.

No. 669598

>Therapy ishust how they lure you in to get drugs

IDK about non westerners but if you're lower class then they really push you to get on antidepressants. Shame real hard, and only once you get on them do they give you a recommendation for a social worker/psychologist.
Even after you get off them, lots of ppl have permanent emotional numbness and reduced IQ and concentration. The only really helpful meds are gatekept for richer customers.

>force you to go back literally to when you were a fetus and dredge up every shityy thing that you ever forgot about

Basically retraumatizing you. Unless they're the top psychologists then they usually do nothing/do harm. All the strategies and coping mechanisms are out there o the internet, and if you're self awareness enough to understand the problem then you can do it by yourself. I don't understand this 'just get therapy' sperging. It's like the modern 'just go pray'.

No. 669602

Honestly anons, therapy does retraumatize you and they make you get on meds that change your brain chemistry forever, and don’t actually change your situation at all. Sometimes therapy can be helpful as far as recognizing behavioral patterns you need to change, but that’s it. Try not to let them push drugs on you and don’t let them force you to talk about childhood trauma you aren’t comfortable talking about. ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE PTSD!! It will send you spiraling, with your wounds ripped open, and then they push more meds on you and just keep rescheduling appointments. I’ve been addicted to antidepressants since I was 12 years old and I honestly know my brain didn’t develop properly compared to my sisters who went through the exact same experiences, same MDD and PTSD but minus the meds. I can’t cope without medication because my brain will not produce serotonin correctly now. I constantly feel numb and have memory problems but it gets worse when I taper off meds, and I mean it just won’t go away.. the only thing that has truly changed my life for the better drug wise was LSD. I only did it twice, but I truly resolved and came to peace with more in my life than I ever did with years of therapy. I found God and accepted everything that’s ever happened to me with an outside perspective. I’m not trying to advocate drug use I’m being honest about how it helped me. ALSO working out and eating healthily seems to really help manage my depression the most. I’m still working on lowering my SSRI dosage because I really would love to function without it someday. I will just keep trying and warn others about how it really just makes your actual brain chemistry worse than it was before. Don’t let them tell you it’s “non addictive” because that’s fucking bullshit.

No. 669606

OT but as a westerner from a country with free healthcare I would feel the same way if I lived in ay part of the world where doctors only have the incentives to keep you coming back. Our doctors want us to get better so they'll leave them the fuck alone.

Therapy has helped me but it's going to work out differently for different people. Faking it until I made it has been the most helpful thing, like eating and sleeping and working like a normal functional human should.

No. 669610

my friend who is experienced with shrooms told me you shouldn't take them if you have lot of negative baggage or anxiety since it could turn the trip into hell

No. 669613

Roach in ear anon if you’re still out there… how you holding up?

No. 669617

Just to share my experience, also a free healthcare country but i've only went for a private paid appoinments; I know it can be bad as some anons are saying and there may be people who will just want to take your money but in my case I feel like it was the opposite; once I told a new therapist I will be leaving in +/- 3 months but I want to continue meetings and he advised right off the bat I don't do that and rather focus on finding a therapist in a new place, which was really nice because he totally could keep making money off me for these three months, and other time, when I was looking for a new therapist after moving, really expensive visit one told me she doesn't think she can help me and I should try someone else. My point is, there definitely are therapists that actually have people's best interest in mind too, so it's not all hopeless.

No. 669622

Thank you for the kind words anon, it means a lot. I did give it a shot honestly, for many years, and i'm still doing it but now it just seems like it would be best to try to cope like you described and if i can't, it's not like they can help with that. At least they didn't until now, and i'm still going because it's scary to be alone with the mental illness i guess.

No. 669623

File: 1604878473077.png (511.76 KB, 500x500, 510e7896d6b9013244a8850d88bd4c…)

I have a lot of depression and anxiety but I only ever had a bad trip once. And it was because another friend was having a bad trip so it freaked me out.
Shrooming won't cure you from anxiety but it may reveal a perspective that you need. The afterglow from psychedelic experience is amazing, I like it more than the trips themselves. I feel so rejuvenated and motivated. Of course I lapse back into the habitual depressed bitch mindset eventually but for a couple weeks after I got to feel good and get things done.
If you go into it feeling ready and comfortable you'll be fine. Pre-trip preparation is everything.
- be in an environment where you feel safe, ideally have the option to go outside and stay indoors, I know many people alternate between wanting to be indoors and wanting fresh sky air
- be around people whom you know will not judge you!!!
- have a trip sitter, sounds like your brother has experience, he'll be able to guide you through it and be a point of contact with reality
- have weed for the comedown, it will help you sleep, the mental exhaustion of the trip can be discomfort if you can't fall asleep
- Anticipation nervousness is perfectly normal, don't psych yourself out thinking you have to be perfectly zen or you'll have a bad trip, just keep it a positive type of excitement, I sip a beer or two on the come up
- Surrender yourself to the experience, you are not losing control, it is simply letting your ego take the backseat
- Have music playlists. A change in music is powerful, if you need your mind to take in a different direction, just put on a different song. It's so cliche but honestly happy Beatles music is my comfort soundtrack when I need a break from the more trippy psychedelic type beat
- I personally love touching water lol we would have a kiddie pool out in the yard 10/10 I couldn't stop laughing, the feeling of water is hilarious
I'll stop as to keep my post from getting too lengthy lol have fun and let us know how it goes!!!

No. 669635

> free healthcare… Our doctors want us to get better so they'll leave them the fuck alone.
Maybe with therapy but not necessarily with drugs. My country has an excellent free healthcare system but doctors have quotas to meet when prescribing drugs and investigations reveal drug companies bribing. Also funding is an issue and the doctors will probably give you drugs that are inexpensive even if more expensive ones would be better (especially an issue with drugs that are not yet allowed to be manufactured under generic brand)

Of course it’s preferable to not having access to healthcare but still there are massive issues with free healthcare systems. Doctors may want us to get better but the system doesn’t always allow that

No. 669638

Is it bad if I give money to charity instead of saving up? My parents have supported me and they don’t like how much money I give away. But I feel like if they give me money they shouldn’t care what I do with it. I think they threatened to give more money to my sister instead because she doesn’t give it away (but isn’t otherwise more financially responsible)

My dad randomly gave me $200 because Trump lost and now I want to give away $50 to the World Wildlife Fund or some other non profit. It’s not really financially responsible but I feel like I should pass something like that on. Is that bad?

No. 669649

Don't give away everything, it's good to have some savings so you don't need to rely on charities yourself; otherwise you do whatever you want with money you're given, and you don't have to tell your parents about your every spending, no?

No. 669673

File: 1604882028375.jpg (155.39 KB, 1200x630, pop-tart-kellogg-tripane-today…)

Does anyone even enjoy these flavors? The strawberry milkshske and vanilla milkshake flavors too, I tried almost all of them and they're disgusting.

No. 669675

As someone living alone with no parents to fall back on I just think 'how many hours of work is 50 dollars?' It's easy to give away money if it isn't earned but if you think about it like that maybe your dads feelings on it make more sense.

No. 669676

>I tried almost all of them
that's the only part kellog cares about

No. 669685

It's not bad it's just irresponsible. Lots of charities don't donate all your money, it would be more effective to just volunteer, or give money to someone you know is struggling.

No. 669693

File: 1604884646114.jpg (10.19 KB, 260x194, PDI7gJQ.jpg)

It's possible to become a real Manic pixie dream girl?

I don't think that I'm pretty or cute, and I feel like if my personality is quite annoying, but more than once I have been in situations were it seems like if I am living that trope with my male friends. They think that it's cute and quirky, and I don't know how to feel, I've never had a bf before and I get kind of nervious when they think that I'm flirting, when I was just… being friendly, I guess.

I don't know, if anyone has similar experiences or something, I will also like to hear them.

No. 669698

Have fun being used as a host for a parasite who puts you responsible for his will to live and entertainment.

No. 669701

File: 1604885506461.jpg (107.54 KB, 1000x1000, 848444d0362d538b13bae40d2ef86f…)

I know what you mean anon, I would like some tips too
Pic related is the one I mostly relate too

For what I've seen tho, being a manic pixie girl just means being yourself, being happy, not talking about anything too complicated (like, politics, because they might be annoying to people), getting happy and excited unapollogetically, wearing natural makeup and normal but flattering clothes, not being a hoe or doing things for show, and looking like a cute tomboy

It's not about being dumb or mindless though… it's about chosing to be healthily optimistic, bright, and happy. Because other things are bothersome, idk if I'm explaining myself, sometimes I can achieve this and sometimes I seethe too much about trannies, sjws and scrotes on here lol
I hope I can become a nice genki tomboy girl in the future, since I already kinda have my nice moments like these lol

No. 669702

what do you mean anon? explain

No. 669704

isn't that the girl from that game that commits suicide?

No. 669708

yes exactly, I'm extremely depressed and have tried to commit suicide in the past but I can also have my happy nice moments, just like Sayori does

No. 669709

After getting wisdom teeth out, how long does someone need to be looked after?

No. 669711

Yeah she straight up tells the player she has depression and fakes being happy for others sake, i don't know how anon is ignoring that lol

No. 669716

I just wanna dream of not being depressed and actually being happy

No. 669720

And you can do it, you can be happy and get help. But just pretending to be genki won't work, take sayoris example, eventually the bad thoughts catch up and you don't have the energy to pretend anymore. Just be yourself, try to get help and don't limit yourself to a character type anon, you're more complicated and that's ok, you can still be happy.

No. 669722

Samefag but you can make an effort to be positive, happy, cute and all that you admire, just don't limit yourself please.

No. 669723


Thank you anon, I was actually kind of worried, I don't know I just feel somewhat nervious with how people see me, but I will also like to find happiness and just be myself, haha.

I love you anon, take care! ♥

No. 669735

Who is this character? I see it floating around the internet a lot.

No. 669738


She is Yui Takanaka from Megazone 23, I actually didn't know either.

No. 669742

For like 5 hrs to be safe, for the drugs to wear off. Though I guess it's longer if you're fully being put to sleep for the procedure.

No. 669744

Not too long, maybe 30 min to an hour once they’re home? Also depends how well prepared you are ahead of time. Like if someone already has soft food to eat, access to liquids, pain meds and cleaning supplies then they should be set. It obviously helps to have a person around to remind you to take meds but you can set timers and such. The person will mostly just want to lay down in the dark anyway so nothing to do for them aside from make sure they’re comfortable and well supplied.

No. 669757

File: 1604892670484.jpeg (109.79 KB, 750x951, 22021CDB-EE61-4187-A654-7284E0…)

How do I start reading again? I used to be the kind of kid that would buy a bunch of books every few weeks and that would enjoy reading a lot. Now I can’t even read manga without being completely distracted by other random shit. I also can’t seem to be able to read when I’m relaxed? I can only read when I have other things to do like uni assignments and such.

No. 669769

Holy cringeeeee

No. 669777

If you have to be remember on this site by a single one of your posts, and being reffered to by that post, which one could it be?

No. 669784

The anon that confessed to picking my nose and eating my boogers.

No. 669786

The husbandofag anon that wants a body pillow and a dildo to stop caring about 3D men.

No. 669789

All my posts are unmemorable drivel. 502 error messages have more character than my posts.

No. 669791

the time a scrotetroll said he was going to come to my house and kill me and I told him to hurry up

No. 669798

posting mariahs lack of voter registration, or posts on the metal thread

No. 669801

Would you guys spend Christmas alone or with a family member you don't get along with because FAMILYY?

No. 669811

Kek I'm not that anon but that anon is me.

No. 669812

Alone. It's not like you don't have the internet. Join a stream or chat where other people are doing the same that day

No. 669815

Mynah bird husbando.

No. 669816

Unironically posting Ben Shapiro in the /g/ men you’re ashamed to say you’d fuck thread.

No. 669820

I work at Walmart, careergoals amirite and I walk around all day it’s exhausting but it keeps me on my feet I guess. My question is why are some of my coworkers who are always on their feet so fat?

No. 669824

Can't outrun a bad diet, walking around all day won't counteract a tonne of high calorie fast food.

No. 669829

It depends. If you can be among each other without really interacting, I probably wouldn't mind the background company, if that makes sense. If you're really expected to have dinner or activities with said family member, I'd probably rather spend it alone.

I had a summer job this summer where I was on my feet everyday as well and I also had a lot of fat coworkers. Have you ever watched what they eat? The first thing my fat coworkers did when they got into the canteen was go to the coffee machine and get themselves one or two cups of chocolate milk. Next they pull out something sweet or calorific left overs like pasta from last night's dinner and eat that, even before lunch. And it goes on like that all day. They just have terrible, terrible diets.

No. 669856

Depends on how they medicate you, I guess. I had all of mine out with local anesthetic and was never loopy or light headed afterwards. Took public transportation/walked to and from my appointments both times. Never had an issue, beyond getting a little swollen when to took too long running errands afterwards (and even then I just put on a mask and tried to avoid situations where I needed to talk to shop staff). Zero pain during the entire process, and for about and hour afterwards. Good luck anon! Hope your experience is as easy and pain free as mine were.

No. 669862

Same, I used to be a heavy reader as a kid, now I spend all my time on my phone or my computer. You could try turning off your devices, quitting cold turkey and force yourself to read.

No. 669865

Seconding this. I'm lazy as hell and I exercise like once a week if at all, but I'm still thin because I don't snack and I eat decent food. You'd be surprised by how much weight people gain just by drinking soda and eating fast food. My mom lost like fifteen pounds over the last five months because quarantine forced her to eat only home cooked meals.

No. 669868

reposting from the vent tread because no1curr

Is it bad to stop wanting to be friends with someone because they don't really add anything new to your life? like they are stuck and you wanna go futher beyond
Plus they don't offer "anything" if you know what I mean? Plus this friend is honestly annoying because she gets annoyed with me all the time and treats me as if I was stupid

plus shes my ex

like she's a nice girl who cares about me but something feels off, I don't feel a connection or a vibe or whatever, even if we're super close

No. 669870

Lol just leave her behind, the fact she's your ex should tell all. She's still immature and you want to mature, don't let her hold you back.

I recently dropped a big group of mutuals I've held for over five years because they were very immature and classist towards people who make less than them. No regrets, I feel like I took a weight off my shoulders.

No. 669875

whos responding to every ot thread with the stupid fucking invasive bug hippie band again

No. 669876

Why did you spoil the most important information? Anyway let the friendship die with time, it's happen by itself gradually if she's not too clingy.

No. 669884

Am I overreacting for thinking it's in bad taste for this dude I'm talking to, to refer to some woman in his college he very barely knows as a bitch? Well, he did say 'she's a bitch to everyone' rather than she is a bitch… I don't know. Left a bad taste in my mouth. She didn't even do anything egregious except talk to him a few times and (allegedly) is interested in him. Even after calling her a bitch, you're still talking to her, why? Am I overthinking this? Are my standards for a partner ridiculously high or something where this is making me less into him? I called him out on calling her a bitch and he just brushed it off.

No. 669886

Honestly when a man is calling some random woman a bitch, thats a red flag for me. Or if he does nothing but calls his ex names and says nasty things.

No. 669888

Being known as the anon who wanted to send nudes to a youtuber with a gf and pull a ProJared lol

No. 669890

What does "check my IP" in the banners mean? Is it some kind of early lolcow days meme?

No. 669892

Yes, I feel the same. I bet now if I stop talking to him, I'm probably gonna be known as a bitch to all his pals too, kek. I feel I'm overreacting amd overthinking this. He hasn't talked shit about his exes, so that's good.

No. 669897

Because anons get annoying with the check my ip sperging during infights and on cow threads.

No. 669909

Tbf a lot of anons like to throw around false accusations and say anons are samefagging, or that they recognize them from another thread when it's actually probably multiple different people

No. 669911

My mother is acting quite manipulative and hypocritical towards her husband (cutting out and discouraging him from any way to be at least a bit independent/his own person other than being a working slave, shitting on all his potential ideas interests and hobbys, treating him like a kid, generally yelling at him for the smallest things, calling him dumb for not knowing some things on several occassions, turning him against the few friends he had etc) and I'm not sure if/how I should help. Then again, her husband is also kind of retarded (literally, he has small reading/writing disabilities) and snitched unnecessary stuff to my mother that she didn't need to know about on a few occassions. I'm also sure he 100% wouldn't try to help me if I was in his place (like in my childhood kek) and even defend her. What do?

No. 669922

Why am I hearing things other people aren't and why I keep waking up every night with nightmares? I'm not even an anxious person but I keep waking up every day jolting out of bed, heart 500miles a sec and sweating. Am I pregnant?

No. 669930

It can be really hard to watch dysfunctional relationships like that, but you've gotta remember you're not at all responsible for those two. The best thing you can do is recognise their mistakes and learn from them. End the cycle and be a better friend and partner/spouse despite the poor examples you had growing up.

No. 669948

That's not what a MPDG is
The whole point of that trope is that they exist solely to change or improve a brooding guy's life, and nothing else. They're a scrote's idea of a perfect girl.

No. 669952

Why are you jumping to that conclusion? If you're nervous about pregnancy, then take a piss test. You don't have to be a neurotic personality type to have some underlying unconsious anxiety, and the first helpful step would be to discover what it is.

No. 669954

> I'm also sure he 100% wouldn't try to help me if I was in his place (like in my childhood kek) and even defend her. What do?
for me this would be 100% enough reason not to defend him, and besides, they're adults. The man can stand up for himself, let them figure it out on their own.

No. 669974

Play white noise or relaxing music in the background and turn all notifications off and simply just do it

No. 669975

NTA but seems harmless and cute, you on the other hand seem rather boring anon

No. 669977

Be my gf please anon Sayori is my second favourite waifu of all time. Perhaps a healthier fictional example to follow for you would be Aerith from FF7 though, especially in the Remake. She reminds me of Sayori but she doesn't hide depression or anything.

No. 669980

Thank you anons, you're right. It just seemed to be that the most plausible answer would be the easiest one for me, so that's why I felt bad. Also to clarify, my mother treated me how she treats him now, but he wasn't around in my childhood. I'm just sure he would never stand up for me. When I once told him a situation she did to him was also exactly what she did when I was a kid, and that things won't easily change because it's a pattern, all he did was larmenting that my mom/him is a completely different thing and that his mother was worse because she financially milked her son to the last drip (you know, like my mom does now lmao), instantly making it some kind of weird competition when I just wanted to give him a subtle hint.

No. 669985

How do I know if I stink if I have no one else to ask? I smell myself, I smell ok, but I know some people smell different to others.

No. 669987

I too worry about this all the time even though I never feel like I smell offensive

No. 669991

Do you think it's worth it getting my hormones and blood tested? I just want to know what's going on but I also get worried I'm taking up precious doctor time which could be used on someone else more worthy.

No. 669998

It's always worth to test yourself, and it's not gonna take that much of anybody's time anyway.

No. 670043

Boring because I think it's cringy to wanna skinwalk fictional characters as an adult? Kek
They didn't even know what MPDG means. It doesn't mean being uwu quirky and having some scrotes obsess over you lol
Imagine aspiring to exist as (by definition) a vapid concept of a person aka male's fantasy gf. Just says "I base all my worth around being liked" to me.

No. 670049

is it harmful to sleep without washing away your vaginal fluids after masturbating? i just get so fucking sleepy after finishing i can't be bothered to do it

No. 670055

Really doubt it

No. 670069

you should at least pee to avoid a uti

No. 670073

My vagina kinda stinks if I don't wash up after masturbating so I have to. Idk if that's the case for most women though? I think you always need to pee after though.

No. 670075

that should be done after having a man ejaculate in you as sperm has a different PH and can cause an infection if not cleaned off; not a real risk with masturbation otherwise we would all run around with UTIs just because we don't change pants multiple times a day

No. 670076

pretty sure vaginal fluids are not meant to go up your urethra like they can if you really go to town

No. 670077

OP just gotta lie on her back during the whole deal then

No. 670078

Besides staining your underwear I don't see how that could be bad for you.

No. 670083

>you need to pee after masturbating
How is this a thing? I literally never pee after polishing my pearl and never had a uti during my whole adult life.

No. 670090

Yeah same, back when I used to masturbate before sleeping, I would just finish the job, fall asleep. It never became a problem. Maybe it could be a problem for someone who gets very wet?

No. 670092

What the FUCK is destiel??

No. 670094

>Boring because I think it's cringy to wanna skinwalk fictional characters as an adult?
Yeah tbh it's harmless chill out anon

No. 670095

Samefag, but my therapist actually said something along the lines of looking up to a fictional character and taking on behaviours of theirs can be helpful, I don't remember what exactly she said but something like that

No. 670097

I promise this isn't bait but why does it seem like certain slurs are used less frequently on here than others? Is it context-specific or has this site just been less prone to it? I'm definitely just being sensitive either way but I'm still curious.

No. 670101

Is it a supernatural ship for dean and castiel?

No. 670102

I never do penetration yet i always go pee after because i am very prone to utis. If you penetrate, there's a higher risk of spreading shit particles so that's why they recommend you always go pee after, so it doesn't travel up.

No. 670104

A lot of therapists are full of shit tho

No. 670105

What slurs?

No. 670109

File: 1604941008708.jpg (6.67 KB, 221x228, toosober.jpg)

nta but I want to try this so bad after reading your post. I wish I knew where I could get shrooms.

No. 670110

Anon, pee doesn’t come out of your vag. It’s a separate hole. Yes it’s a good idea to pee after in case bacteria enters your urethra, but it won’t make a difference to bacteria that enters your vagina through penetration

No. 670111

From what I've seen, the n word in both forms only shows up here and there and anons tend to censor themselves when they do bring it up. Slurs historically about gay people are used more frequently in their full form though. I guess it could be because a lot of anons here are lesbians/bi or since the f slur has a history in the terms/lingo on the board but I was also under the impression that there are quite a few Black anons as well. Once again, I'm genuinely just interested in what people's reasonings for this are.

No. 670112

File: 1604941749066.png (12.13 KB, 122x137, 1533951173122.png)

What is this thing and why do I see it in imageboard memes

No. 670116

Lolcow isn't racist which is probably why the n word is never used unless by some troll.

I'd use faggot a lot tho. I grew up when it was still common to hear IRL, but online I don't tend to think faggots = gay boys. It's essentially an umbrella catch all term for men. Kind of how bitch got reclaimed, we've now taken faggot to just mean men or that's how I've always viewed its context here

No. 670117

People probably don't say nigger/spic/etc a lot unlike on chans because it's frequently used with posts that tend to be racebaity which is against the rules, and also while not "sjw" per se this site leans antiracist. Seen plenty of economically right-leaning anons but no one unironically advocating for ethnonationalism. So while we don't need to censor ourselves, people here will probably default to other slurs over racial ones. Also maybe women use slurs less in general even online because we are used to being more soft spoken irl. All just speculation of course but that's what comes to mind for me.

This basically

No. 670120

These were both really helpful responses, so thank you! I'm just glad my question didn't come off as baity as I thought it would.
I guess I kinda ended up partially answering my own question since I acknowledge the f slur is pretty ingrained in this site and it isn't necessarily attributed to the actual word itself versus the n word which tends to keep its traditional meaning for the most part. Board culture overall is very new to me and seeing the stark contrast between how other chans/boards (which likely skew toward male perspectives) approach slurs versus this one has just been interesting. Thanks again!

No. 670124

I honestly just think some slurs (the n word in particular) are seen as more insulting than others without much reason. And it happens everywhere, not just here. Normally I would think words like faggot, cunt, whore or bitch are as bad as nigger and aside from this post I wouldn't like to say any of those. But apparently it's fine to yell faggot left and right but the n word needs to be censored. The reclaiming argument doesn't really make sense to me as the n word could also lose meaning like every slur does eventually, but what do I know.

No. 670125

No. 670126

It really depends on the chan. 420chan is anti-racist, "nigger" wordfilters to "Jolly African American", and racism is a bannable offence. Their rule 12: "Hate speech is forbidden. 420chan is a diverse and inclusive community".

No. 670128

File: 1604943403149.jpeg (59.47 KB, 720x464, 84765C85-FE89-4E28-ADB2-A21CD9…)

Her name is bury pink girl and it’s what happens when autism is condensed so much that it starts to create new stuff. It’s an edit for a really weird madoka porn picture that got cropped, some autist said “this is nice board” and then the rest started lapping it like thirsty moths.
i personally think it’s kind of funny

No. 670134

Original anon, and what I'm gathering is that it's really dependent on the circles you've been in both online and in real life. Because no one I know has a history with board/chans at all, so that could explain why I'm so unaccustomed to people using slurs, outside of the people who are "reclaiming" them. Even when I was younger, I only heard the n word (in both forms) from my Black relatives and it wasn't until I got older and on the internet that I was exposed to slurs being used in a derogative or "bastardized" sense. I hope this all makes sense. Thank you for answering btw!

No. 670136

Faggot, cunt, whore and bitch are basically feminised insults. Gay men got faggots for acting effeminate. Cunt whore and bitch are self explanatory and I think most women have claimed those terms back as men have been pretty sexist. In fact I think faggot got taken and used against straight men who are obnoxiously misogynistic. I would always be mindful to not outright call an actual gay man a fag or faggot because of homophobia. The n word is obviously used by racist and while I'm a women and understand sexism, bitch, cunt and whore do not offend me unless some faggot is intentionally trying to do so, but even then its not the words I'm offended by it's his intent. Like I can't see the n word being used in a non racist context unless it's used within the communities that have the right to claim the word the way women did with bitch.

No. 670195

I don't think I like coffee (or at least I didn't like coffee when I was a sugar-hyped 11 year old) but I want to try coffee again, what would you recommend?

No. 670202

If you like sugar, you can't go wrong with a latte. I'm a fan of anything with cinnamon, peppermint, or pumpkin in it. I'd recommend a cinnamon dolce latte from Starbucks if you have one nearby.
Frappes/frappucinos tend to be overly sugary imo, but I still like them. I can't stand straight up black coffee though. Too bitter and pronounced even when you put cream or sugar in it.
Also, I'd suggest trying caffeinated teas as well. They're not as strong, in my opinion. You can't go wrong with a good chai (once again, it's mainly cinnamon with some other stuff.)

No. 670209

File: 1604949953933.jpg (96.79 KB, 1000x1000, ur,mask_three_quarter,square,1…)

Could someone just dump on me a bunch of book recs on radical feminism ?

I wanna know a bunch of book recs on the subject, anything you can think of, but I'm as well searching for a book that might be easy to digest and fun to read, maybe even on the lightweight side… thank you

No. 670217

don't listen to anon, don't drink over sugary drink that are unhealthy and don't really taste like coffee. I suggest getting a good instant coffee (do your research, you could even maybe end up with a selection of options and try them all to see which one you like), making said coffee according to the instructions, and adding your own milk and your own sugar of choice. Start with 70% milk to 30% coffee, build your tastebuds up every time. Someday You'll be able to taste dark coffee. Alternatively, do this at a coffee shop: get some expresso and ask for milk and sugar on the side and add it on your own leasure.

No. 670220

Try the book thread anon!

No. 670221

Why would you purposely want to 'learn' to drink something that isn't good for you.

No. 670225

Tbh I can agree. I never liked using those words either. Unpopular opinion probably but I don't think "reclaiming" slurs really works. Also I never liked women using "bitch" or "slut" as like a friend thing lmao. It's annoying.
And people trying to reclaim "queer" are always either straight people disguised as they/thems or troons. Genuine (well adjusted) gay people just say gay or bi.

No. 670237

Coffee is fine for you as long as you don't drink 3+ cups a day. Anything is bad for you if you habe too much.

No. 670239

gender hurts by sheila jeffreys

No. 670240

Like I wouldn't call my friends bitches and sluts because I don't think being a slut is empowering but I would use bitch more in conversation or as like a filler word. They've been reclaimed as in the negative connotations are being desensitised. They're not seen as vulgar or inflammatory and if a guy calls a woman a bitch these it is easier to laugh off etc.

No. 670266

I would say just get one of those cheap plastic cones you put over a cup and some filters and pick a nice preground blonde or medium roast. If you get coffee from the grocery store, and there are any kinds that list the undertones of the blend, then look for ones that sound like foods or scents you like. Also, if you are getting used to coffee then a very small amount of a high milkfat % cream can go along way, and makes it sweet without any added sugar. This is how I enjoy coffee the most, and it gives a really fresh and less bitter taste without the cost of going to a cafe.

No. 670267

File: 1604955210466.jpg (205 KB, 1500x1500, coffee filter cone.jpg)

Samefag but I dropped the image I was going to attach of what the cones look like. You should be able to get them at the store or online for a few bucks.

No. 670284

If you live in the US, get a can of La Colombe in a mocha flavor. Don't shake it and don't take the plastic thing on the lid off. If you're addicted after this, I'm sorry.

No. 670286

Is your therapist a kinnie

No. 670292

Is French girl style something that French girls actually typically wear or is it romanticised bullshit?

No. 670293

Kek, fuck

No. 670299

not a frenchfag but it's definitely romanticized basicness

No. 670305

totally romanticized and fake. french girl style is actually boring af, the current uniform for a young french woman (spring/summerish) is those fugly sneakers ala balenciaga or adidas/reebok, cuffed jeans, a basic t-shirt and a long coat usually a sandy tan. add a ponytail and over the shoulder bag and you'll blend in. berets, striped shirts, long flowy skirts are instagram core. if you come to french cities in the winter and don't wear mostly black you stick out like a sore thumb

No. 670308

No. 670315

The french girl style I keep hearing and reading about is more associated with older women than the ones you described.

No. 670366

the main point of the aesthetic is eternal youth. 16 or 60 you’re suppose to be soft and flowery ala Bridgett Bardo, Audrey Hepburn, etc. That’s why it’s the french girl, not the french mother

No. 670411

File: 1604972233074.jpg (49.4 KB, 600x600, 3f18c1ca35250d1b4f4209e816c99f…)

in my language it's never called "french girl" but "french chic" and is not associated with youth but with elegance, which I think describes the style itself better as it's all about being stylish, not being young. Also I don't think it's soft and flowery, the basic idea of it would be simplicity, not overly accesorized, no more than one pattern, limited color palette. Sounds like you're mixing it up with something else.

No. 670458

File: 1604976001104.jpg (95.98 KB, 563x554, 1578847915755.jpg)

Is it possible to ever find god or religion if you were raised militant atheist form birth?
I've never had faith, I literally cannot conceptualize it, literally every religion hits my brain like any other story
I am so sad inside, I need something, nothing makes me feel better
It's just so quiet and sad in the world

No. 670464

Well to be fair most people who have a faith were raised militantly with religion, re: forced to go to a weekly worship, attend a religious school, dedicate a certain hour of the day to prayer, study scripture, etc.

Spoiler alert: But none of that will make you whole.

No. 670465

>none of it will make you whole
are you being cute? I'm literally at the bottom of the barrel trying to scrape up religion, you think I have hope here? lmfao, shit

No. 670466

You don't need religion to have faith, anon.

No. 670467

Okay, I don't know what that means.
Guess I shouldn't have asked.

No. 670470

If you really want to find religion, attend religious meetings, ask around for who is considered to be a good guidance, some charismatic / friendly religious leader, that would help you get in. I'm an atheist by choice coming from a christian family, had a lot of christian friends in my late teens that invited me just to hang out with them at some youth events and stuff and I've met a lot of young priests that had so much genuine passion and love in they teachings without being preachy and pushy, I could totally see how people can find comfort in all that. Basically, look for someone who will introduce you to the ideals, not just dry theory of what said religion is.
Even as an atheist I don't think it's a bad idea to seek comfort in religion, if you find someone smart and forward-thinking and a nice, active community it may really be helpful.

No. 670472

Religion is not going to save you. Instead of expecting your half-assed faith to solve all your problems, consider therapy and figure out something you can enjoy and work towards in life.

No. 670476

Why does soup just sit in the stomach like a massive food bolus that takes forever to move? God, I'm so fucking miserable from tomato artichoke soup.

No. 670480

Thank you. I don't really know what else to say; it would just be more fear that this won't work either. I guess you forget after school that there were always people like that around.

>expecting my half-assed faith
Literally. Said. I cannot even conceptualize faith. I am in therapy. I have a job, I got away from my family.
Do you seriously think that the first thing I considered was religion? Why and how would that ever be someone's first answer to a problem?
That is literally why I ask the fucking question.

No. 670486

I'm kinda annoyed seeing all of these dismissive answers you get while there's a reason humans from the dawn of time engaged in some kind of worship and rituals. There's comfort in being able to believe in something bigger, not everyone needs it, but some people do and there's nothing bad or wrong with seeking it. I hope you'll explore your options and eventually be able to find what you're looking for; in religion or not. These most forward thinking religious communities tend to get with the times and have online presence so you can start your search there, of course be careful about sects - not sure where you are from, in my country is a nonexistent risk but gotta stay vigilant anyway; maybe you have some friends from the past that you could reach out and ask for recommendations on what to do. Overall, good luck.

No. 670488

A lot of people don't change their surroundings and expect their deities to fix it for them. Since you don't believe in said deities and went through the process of fixing things first it's probably not as easy to conceptualize any kind of helpful creator entity.. and why would it be? You just did all the work, right?
Here's the thing, you're too grounded in reality. Many people place trust in gods because it's a cathartic way to feel like someone is there to share their burdens with them. How do you become less grounded and believe? You just do it. You create a pattern, you choose an entity/god and speak or pray to it, and keep doing that. It doesn't matter how ridiculous it seems.

No. 670489

I obviously meant half-assed as in how you can't get yourself to believe in it. I personally don't see the point in forcing yourself to believe in something you think is bullshit instead of continuing to try to improve your life in literally any other way, but if that's what you want to do, have fun with that.

No. 670495

Thank you again, that's exactly why've come to this, people have always sought this sort of thing, it's persisted through our entire history. It obviously helps some people's mental health, I hope to be one of them.

This is horrifying but seems like the most obvious answer, actually.

I don't know what part of, "I need to add to my life," got translated to you as, "I'm giving up on my career and working out and going to therapy to move back home and join a bare-footed, snake-handling cult," but also okay.

No. 670505

>I'm giving up on my career and working out and going to therapy to move back home and join a bare-footed, snake-handling cult
lmao, literally nobody said that. stop being so sensitive.

No. 670507

I think religion is so shit nowadays bc over time its been scrubbed down to function as a cope and control tool.

Personally I really like the mother goddess stuff, 'when god was a woman' is a good book. The things I learned researching this stuff just makes me happy because its (unironically) empowering and gives me hope.

No. 670508

god you're dumb, stop being pedantic you annoying ass atheist, no wonder she wants religion

No. 670512

Do you actually not understand or do you just need the last word that bad?

No. 670514

I think a lot of people are throwing preconceived views of dogmatic religion to you when most of the time atheists or gnostics who get into religion do so free of most prior dogma most of the time, it isn't a surprise theres such a notorious rise on paganism and old religions as it gives a more free exploration of what faith means on a very individual level, as you said it is something that has always been present as an aid to humanity and now more and ever you are able to explore what does it truly means to you, whether it takes a more "conservative" or going to the well know religions, going the pagan route or simply having faith as it is

No. 670521

>i said something dumb but you're not allowed to correct me!
is what you're saying, basically

No. 670532

if witchy shit floats your boat look at some radfem blogs who partake in these kinds of rituals, radicallyaligned talks about her personal spirituality being influenced by mother mary and other practices and it might be soothing.

No. 670533

being the coombrain anon who started the first "fetishes you're ashamed of" thread.
I forgot about 420chan. Is it still active?
Honestly, I like a darkroast, black or an americano (espresso and water). But I also like smoked porters, really dry wine, super dark chocolate, and black licorice. So my tastes are questionable and I don't like sweets. My boyfriend uses some oat milk creamer in his coffee and it definitely makes it less bitter.
I was gonna say I know a lot of pagans. I don't really talk to anyone about religion though, because it makes me uncomfortable. It seems like it's easy to start exploring. Or maybe eastern religions like Buddhism and Taoism might interest you, since they're more philosophical. In fact, I think Buddhism would be really good for your mental health.

No. 670547

>I forgot about 420chan. Is it still active?
Yes! It's 15 years old this year, unbelievable.
I've been on 420chan since 2007 up until a few years back. The only reason I left it and emigrated to lolcow is that they didn't adapt their imageboard for mobile use, and I mostly browse on mobile these days.

No. 670583

Why are my nipples suddenly lactating when I’ve never had kids/ am not pregnant? I’m going to call my doctor tomorrow I’m just really worried right now and I mean it’s a lot of fluid. It’s not clear it looks like milk. Could I be pregnant even if the test I took said negative?

No. 670586

You’d have to be pretty far along for that to start happening and even then, you usually get clear fluid before it becomes milky. Might be an infection. Either way, please see a doctor anon.

No. 670588

Have you started any new medications? A friend had similar stuff happening when she first started being medicated for bipolar.

No. 670596

I had a miscarriage this summer and I just realized that’s probably why it’s even happening. Either way, I’m calling my doctor in the morning. thank you for the replies.

No. 670683

You sound depressed and desperate, anon. (Good news if you really absolutely must have religion in your life: cults and religion love people like you! They will be happy to lovebomb you.)

Meaningful life isn't a thing that happens TO you - it's a thing you DO yourself. There's no magic fix to feeling like your life is pointless, but you can make a good start on it by putting new stuff in your brain. Start a new hobby that gets you out of the house. Volunteer! Take up exercise - 30 mins outdoors, every day, minimum. Read more books. Listen to music that you're not used to.

I promise you everything is not pointless bullshit. Sometimes we just need a major change, like an animal in a cage in a zoo - we get bored to the point of losing the will to live if we don't change our habitat and habits.

No. 670736

There was a raid in /snow/ last night?

No. 670740

I think so, there were some weird posts

No. 670744

please dont turn to religion instead of therapy. like another anon said, you sound depressed. i grew up in a religious home and when i had the lowest of lows in my life i obviously turned to "god"… worst decision ever, you start expecting things to get better on their own cause "jesus is gonna save you" and you end up immobile, unable to do shit for yourself. needless to say, im a raging atheist now. i hope you start to feel better soon anon. talk to your friends, family, a therapist… hell! talk to other anons here as well! there's something freeing about being able to say whatever the fuck you want/ think without fear of repercussion in here, and sometimes other anons have given me great advice and comfort.

sage for blogpost kek

No. 670746

If my mom had alopecia am I more likely to get it too?

No. 670750

Why do you need a religion?
There's already plenty of magic in everyday things that happen around us. Go into nature, watch some plants grow, read more about the incredible diversity of plant life and how so many have evolved to do amazing things. Isn't it already magical how little seeds grow into big trees and chubby caterpillars become butterflies?

We're already so lucky to have been born and live in nature's magic kingdom, especially as specimens of a species that can see and learn so much more of it than if we were a wild animal. Your time on earth is limited, and after your journey is over you will go back into the earth and your body will help some lucky trees grow very tall.

I don't know what more meaning people could want out of life. Enjoy the ride and be good to mother nature, make a garden, plant a tree. That's really all it takes.

No. 670774

what is a spam page/account?

No. 670776

Afaik It's where you post stuff very often but it's less interesting content or sometimes very personal posts that only your friends will care about. Then you save your the interesting stuff/quality content for posting to main

No. 670777

AKA- Something Shayna needs but won't use because she lives for attention.

Thanks anon

No. 670782

Please keep us updated, I'm curious !

No. 670810

Just wanted to add to say that non-private spam accounts can also be for posting memes or funny content. I follow some tbh

No. 670881

I don’t see them as often anymore but does anyone remember those posts on social media that would act as a PSA to women about sex trafficking? Like if you see a piece of tape on your car door handle it means that you’ve been targeted by a sex trafficker or if a woman with an accent approaches you and tries to take your photo it’s because she’s recruiting you. These posts always seemed like such obvious fear mongering and ~stranger danger~ tales. And now I feel like I often hear about towns being a sex traffickers paradise but i’m not sure how people get this info? I think i’m just confused because I always thought sex traffickers were something like pimps and just recruited from an already existing pool of sex workers or groomed at risk youth. Is sex trafficking in the way we speak about it in recent times actually accurate? Asking as a burger.

No. 670904

File: 1605026610955.jpg (76.59 KB, 794x570, dfgfg.jpg)

Do people still wear these kinds of hats? I haven't seen one in years

No. 670922

I met a guy for sex a few years ago and he showed up wearing the wolf version of one of these. He wasn't a furry but he talked about feeling the spirit of a wolf in him… ok. Anyway for some reason I still fucked him. Some of the best sex I've had, he was blessed with a big one. I wanted to maybe meet up again just based on how hung he was but his mental health seemed to quickly nosedive after our meeting. It turns out his wolf hat/wolf spirit talk was part of some manic experience he was having. Mania equals bad hat but good sex?

Sorry for the random story. I think the answer is that only mentally ill people do

No. 670923

So how do neodicks work? Do they actually get "hard", and if so how is that even possible? Is sex possible?

No. 670924

Some have a pump that's built into the 'testicle' you squeeze it and it makes the dick hard. I think it takes a series of surgeries to get that all done though. Some stop short of that.

No. 670925

Thank you for telling us this incident anon, I really enjoyed it. Glad you got some good sex. I hope he's doing well.

No. 670931

What is qanon? Tinfoilers who managed to amass a following?

No. 670933

clever troll larping as white house insider or sth like this, speaking in a very vague terms which anons on chans then try to decipher and fit to what they want to hear. I recommend a Reply All podcast episode on it (EP #166)

No. 670939

It’s definitely more on the kidnapping children and grooming them side. They require less energy to keep alive and can’t fight back. Kidnapping adult women for it is usually done by psychos who will eventually kill you, not sex traffickers. At one point the highest concentration of sex trafficking in America was in the state of Ohio, so it can totally happen in podunk areas and that actually might make it easier.

No. 670946

Do you think it's okay to flirt at work if you're in a relationship and your coworkers know that?

No. 670947

Schizophrenics fountain basically

No. 670949

If you want to perceived as trashy and easy, no. And that's besides what your bf/gf thinks of it.

No. 670952

Not past like highschool kek

No. 670957

This is probably the greatest replies I've ever gotten on this site. Thank you for the story anon. I hope the wolf man is ok.

No. 670970

So wolf hat equals fat dick? Got it, will save for later

No. 671009

i live in the Canadian rust belt and I used to know a woman who was trafficked. She went to my high school and worked at a local restaurant, she was completely average. One day, one of her then-recently-hired female coworkers invited her to a night of partying a few cities over, about 40 min outside of our hometown. The coworker paid for all of their expenses, and by the end of the night she told the girl that she owed her like 2k and demanded reimbursement. This girl said she couldn't afford it, so the coworker drove her to a strip club in another town nearby and told her to make up the sum that she owed as a dancer and then they'd call it even. They used some intimidation tactics to rope her into it, once she went inside the strip club they took away her cellphone and ID and she was basically sold into a human sex trafficking ring. They didn't let her leave, she was constantly under watch, they got her addicted to drugs, and they made her have sex with clients. She says that she explained her situation to a few clients and pleaded for help, nobody did a thing, except for one guy who helped her escaped…and then imprisoned her in a hotel bedroom for like two months. A lot of other stuff happened, in the end it took a few years for her to escape the situation. She's doing much better now. She gave a ted talk fairly recently about her experience. She got clean and lives a regular life. She is about 29/30 years old now.

No. 671013

nta but has he not been doxxed before? really curious about who's behind it

No. 671034

I’m getting my hair dyed tomorrow at a salon, I don’t do it very often. I washed my hair today and worked in some treatment oil out of habit, now I’m scared the oil I put in will affect how my hair will react to the dye tomorrow. Will it be okay or should I wash my hair again ?

No. 671036

Wouldn't they wash it at the salon?

No. 671039

The other times I’ve gone in the past, they didn’t wash it first. They just did the bleaching and dyeing part, then you had to wait an hour or so for the foils to work, then they wash your hair afterwards and style it.
I’m just afraid the oil I put in today will mess up how the bleach and dye will react to my hair tomorrow…

No. 671041

warn your stylist about it? just in case

No. 671048

Is there anyone who doesn't love watching people who were mean to them in school get fat/fail? Does anyone truly not even a little petty exist?

No. 671052

He sounds like an otherkin

No. 671056

Not acquainted anymore with them to know or care. Then again it's been almost 11 years since I graduated high school. My bullies were drug users and teen moms who got on my case out of jealousy in the first place. Last I knew they weren't successful but ngl I'd laugh at them if they were laughing at me for technically being fatter than them just cause I don't rock a meth bod like they do. Making fun of adult women for their weight seems like a thin straw to grasp at in the grand scheme of what makes a productive person in society.
That's just my perspective though. Actual successful people weren't mean to me in high school if not indifferent.

No. 671060

Always go into a hair service with hair free of product. It could have a reaction or not be able to absorb the bleach properly giving uneven results

No. 671062

I have no idea what most of those people are doing and don't care to either, I think I'd feel similarly to you.
>Making fun of adult women for their weight seems like a thin straw to grasp at in the grand scheme of what makes a productive person in society.
I was careful to say "people" because it goes for men too! In fact, ime definitely been more shitty men that have gotten fat since hs that I know of. They were all pieces of shit too, kek.

No. 671092

I was thinking of using spraying those anti-thumb sucking sprays that make your hand taste sour so that my cat stops licking me, is this a bad idea?

No. 671098

Just handle citrus, my cats hate it

No. 671135

Isn't there a better way to discourage a cat from certain behaviour?

No. 671156

Ah yes because productive and successful people never ever in their entire life would say anything bad about someone's weight never ever.

No. 671159

Why are feminine-leaning boys called femboys and masculine-leaning girls called tomboys? Why the -boys suffix for both?

No. 671162

Is it true that in USA every food is filled with corn syrup?

No. 671166

You know why.

No. 671202

I've made every possible attempt to keep from being found on social media by high school classmates. People that were shitty to me had their fair share of flaws anyway, and I'm certainly not a flawless beacon of success myself. I have come into contact with some of them since then, and it's never enjoyable to see someone working at a gas station or to have gained 80+ lbs from whatever shitty life circumstances they were dealt. I would rather just continue to avoid them, and they can get fat or be a doctor or whatever they want.

No. 671211

This is what I was wondering, and I really appreciate your perspective! I feel pretty similarly, besides the moids who were shitty getting fat tbh. It’s hard not to think about how cruel they were to girls just to be bald and fat at barely 30.

No. 671228

Outside of being called a bitch or whatever dumb shit they could come up with about my silly edgy ass appearance at the time, boys in high school were just kind of there. Any of them that made shitty comments, I'd relegated from that point to hoping they would get stuck in a burning building and be done with it. Men were retarded in high school, but god some of the girls there were out for blood. A girl I had been friends with before was attacked at her house while her dad was out by two girls, one of whom had brass knuckles. One of them was the waitress at a family dinner with my ex, and it was awkward as fuck.

No. 671229

I love seeing the judgmental, rich and spoiled bitches I knew from high school and university looking like they're successful until I find their personal, secret twitter or instagram accounts and they're currently unemployed because of the pandemic and current crisis and totally desperate because they can't afford their lifestyle without mommy and daddy's help or they already had to adapt and act like normal people for once. Is this karma?

No. 671307

Same. 20 years on from high school I'm still in contact with only one person and it bugs me that she seems to know what everyone else is doing and is telling me about it. I don't care. I hardly remember any of it now. I don't want to know who got divorced in their 20s or who lives in Paris now. I have no disposition to any of it anymore and it worries me that she cares so much about it. I think maybe it was the peak of her life, which is sad.

No. 671317

File: 1605057637034.png (189.09 KB, 291x419, huh.PNG)

Why the fuck are these calendars a thing and why do people buy them?

No. 671318

I don't care for them to be honest, I used to think of them every day in high school, why should I burden myself with that now?

There's some people that were nice to me I'd like to speak to again, but what's done is done.

No. 671321

The girls I hated are still thin unfortunately but I'd feel better if I didn't care at all tbh, I don't wanna be bitter a decade later about people who've probably forgotten me.

I like seeing nice people who've lost weight/got fit though, I'm always more impressed by that than someone who has always been slim. It's like a visual representation of getting your shit together.

No. 671328

Kek I actually got one of these at an office Secret Santa one year. The guy who bought it thought it was hilarious and kept showing it to other employees. Many a manchild laugh was had.

I truly don't know anon.

No. 671356

Does anyone else’s stomach hurt a little while after pressing their belly button? Like sticking your finger into it and pushing in. I did it once or twice when I was younger, not with a lot of force and because I was curious, but I ended up with a stomachache both times lol. Coincidence, or is there an actual reason for it?

No. 671358

Needless to say someone with a fair amount of work to do and places to be probably doesn't have much mental space leftover to dwell on the physical appearances of people from over a decade ago.

No. 671382

How can you tell someone has BPD? It gets thrown around here a lot

No. 671383

if you have emotions you're bpd


No. 671404

Me. I feel nothing when people get fat.

No. 671418

For the most part you can't tell if someone has BPD unless you're close to them. They often present as completely normal, well adjusted individuals on a day to day basis. But at their core they are terrified of abandonment so if you become someone who is important to them, especially a good friend or romantic partner, they will misconstrue every minor, inoffensive thing you do as an attack/perceived abandonment and will cut you off or hurt you before you can do any further damage to their non-existent self esteem. Then you (being a normal person) will reassure them that you didn't mean anything negative, and they will take you back, and the cycle will keep continuing until they either get help to better regulate their emotions (they never learned how growing up) or you can't deal with the tantrums anymore and leave.

Calling someone a BPD-chan has become trendy here for whatever reason, probably because BPD meltdowns can be absolutely astounding in terms of drama, intensity and willful ignorance. Around here that's just typical sperging, but apparently BPD has become shorthand for being a manipulative drama queen emotional vampire.

No. 671433

Whats the least painful way to kill yourself

No. 671435

dying of old age in a nursing home or something

No. 671436

Commit a crime so heinous you're sentenced to death by lethal injection

No. 671439

Everything is pretty painful anon and you have a relatively big risk of becoming braindead or disabled.

No. 671440

Carbon monoxide, it's pretty quick too but there's still a chance of fucking it up

No. 671442

pay someone else to do it when you least expect it

No. 671446

What are some stuff that are safe to order from Aliexpress? Safe in the sense that the quality is not completely shit

No. 671450

Thank you anon. That was an excellent and informative reply.

No. 671485

The guillotine is apparently the least painful way to be killed with, but good luck finding one that you can still operate.

No. 671492

Sleeping pills + coal burning. Warm comfy sleep is important to overcoming depression.

No. 671504

Do skinny people who post this kind of content have fast metabolism or do they purge it all out/take diet pills and not eat afterwards? She eats this kind of food and posts every 2-4 days and I don't get how it hasnt affected her health living this way.

No. 671507

these types of videos are fucking disgusting. watching someone gorge on pounds and pounds of food sound like a new type of torture

No. 671509

I hate those mukbangs SO much. Especially when it involves seafood and other meat. It is always skinny people doing it too. I bet they do probably purge after or don’t eat for like 4 days

No. 671510

I assume it's the only food they eat, so no food off-camera plus exercise.

No. 671511

Those sounds send me into murderous rage aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh
I was just thinking how they could play this video to Guantanamo prisoners. They'd give away all their secrets and beg to be waterboarded instead.

No. 671513

I shouldn't have clicked on the video, now I feel like bingeing.

No. 671516

A lot of them are fake, filmed to look like one sitting, notice the 100 jump cuts

No. 671517

I have 2 theories for every huge mukbang video: it's either the camera angle to make food look big (think people in same room but one looks smaller illusion) or yes they purge after.

No. 671518

Some mukbangers definitely purge after making their videos. I can't find his name right now, but I remember reading about one of the pioneer mukbangers in Korea giving it up because he had basically ruined his body from the constant binging and purging.

No. 671523

I don't think hers is. I looked at her account and saw that she posts every 2-4 days. She probably does the binging, purging and not eating til recording method.

No. 671525

File: 1605093676851.jpg (28.84 KB, 463x403, ec3e43ae-f4da-4424-93ee-083d9c…)

Any tech savvy anons that could tell me what I need to move windows updates to an external hard?

I'm running low on disk space on C but it won't let me use any external hards for updates. I tried googling but most of the answers are about moving the entire OS. Or is that the only way to do it?

No. 671543

Or both really. Most of them purge, for sure, except the obvious like that Avocado fag. It isn’t possible to maintain that thinness and do that many mukbangs, I think people who claim they have high metabolisms are lying.

No. 671547

God don’t mention avocado I throw up in my mouth every time I see him mentioned after stupidly clicking on the only fans spoiler images on his thread

No. 671590

I think it would be simpler to just move the entire OS. Is there a reason you want to move only the updates?

No. 671610

It's even worse than you think.
They don't 'purge' in the traditional sense, what's likely is that they have a spit out bucket off camera or slightly below the table so they're just chewing food and spitting most of it out between cuts.

Not exclusive to mukbangs either. Some thin women who star in food and cooking shows have been said to do the same thing in order to keep the appeal of them being able to eat greasey and hearty meals while keeping their figure.
It was rumor for years that Giada spat out her food but her rep recently confirmed it. The rep tried to save some face by saying that she only spits out the close-up shots due to how many takes they need to film, but we all can infer the truth lmao.
>Food Network Star Giada De Laurentiis’ Rep Confirms She Spits Out Food During Filming

No. 671611

Shudder to think how scrotes would either be upset or turned on if they realized that their cute tiny waifu who was dribbling melted cheese and hot noodles down her face actually kept a container of festering, mashed up food by her side while she was vlogging the entire time.

No. 671617

This is such a bizzare thing. It's so weird to think about. Why are mukbangs even a thing? It's self harm on camera. Even seeing the huge amount of food in the thumbnail made me nauseous. And now knowing perhaps most of it goes it waste… just for social media clicks and revenue. It's just depressing.

No. 671619

I don't get why people screech so hard for Eugenia Cooney to be deplatformed, but hundreds of mukbang channels are apparently ok.

No. 671622

Because the reality is anorexia of her level is way more comorbid than someone being fat and stuffing their face on camera.
Being fat might kill you in 30 years. Severe anorexia could kill someone in as little as 5. I agree that neither should be glamorized but it's very obvious why one is immediately worse than the other.

No. 671624

I think it's a fetish for some people. I can't really watch it.

No. 671626

The reality is there are far more fatties than anorexics, and there is a severe obesity epidemic.

No. 671628

What I find even more fascinating is that no one bats an eye at clearly obese people with a platform, who just as much have an eating disorder as Eugenia. But a woman with anorexia needs to be de-platformed because 'promoting' anorexia is a problem, even though morbid obesity is a far, far larger and widespread problem than anorexia is. It's like we're collectively choosing to focus on one minor problem so we can blisfully ignore the reality that most people are too fat for good health.

No. 671629

Ok but did you read the part about immediate morbidity? Did this fact hurt your feelings?

No. 671635

Anorexia isn't as widespread as obesity because the consequence of starving is early death, and most people without image issues find the process entirely unpleasant.

No. 671637

File: 1605107635149.jpeg (59.62 KB, 956x526, 2E4CAF59-AA12-40CC-B334-C6D190…)

No. 671643

>who just as much have an eating disorder as Eugenia
Comparing severe anorexia to obesity seems like false equivalency to me

No. 671655

It doesn't really matter why anorexia isn't as widespread does it? Far more people die from obesity than anorexia, making obesity the more pressing problem.

Why? A person doesn't eat him/herself so fat that they struggle to walk without an eating disorder.

No. 671656

Anorexia will kill someone quicker. It is the most deadly mental disorder.
This isn't a hard concept to grasp at all and I presume you're baiting at this point.

No. 671716

and obesity kills more people. That isn't a hard concept to grasp either. Also, obesity is more widespread because far more people become obese than anorexic, it's not that there's anywhere near an equal amount of people developing severe anorexia and dying from it.

No one is saying anorexia's not a problem, rather complaining about how normalised being obese or overweight has become.

No. 671719

File: 1605113536151.jpg (1.06 MB, 955x1022, H205d792d2a7e4f03a8cf9fc4ff565…)

Should I buy shit off aliexpress anons… My cart is currently at $60 and consists of

-3 pairs of tights (two are lined with thick fleece, one is not but still thick)
-2 different sets of washi tapes
-a case for my airpods
-pic related because I'm a weeb

I also had a fashion wig in my cart but opted to not keep it in the end lol. Shipping is only at $0.53 for the airpods case.

No. 671725

Yeah, as long as you don’t mind waiting and the items you selected have good reviews you’ll be fine.

No. 671726

Go for it anon! I have no clue what that cardigan is but it looks fine to me. You should go ahead and get those things!

No. 671728

I'm not weeb and don't know where that's from but I want one lol. What's the brand?

No. 671736

Thanks anons! I feel frivolous buying unnecessary things but time to treat myself hahahaha

Here's the link to it! https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000680468334.html?spm=a2g0o.cart.0.0.1c603c00W1Pdix&mp=1

I'm mostly just calling myself a weeb for wanting it because it's a haori inspired jacket lol. I found it while searching for haoris kek. The yellow one is so cute too and I love that shade of yellow but I'm worried about dirtying it so green it is.

No. 671745

Thank you so much! Now I need to decide between green and yellow haha

No. 671751

Right?! I asked a friend for their opinion and they said yellow would suit me better so now I'm getting that one hahaha. I have so many dark colored clothing and I'm sick of it so I'll throw caution into the wind for this!!

No. 671756

Spanish-speaking anons, which country’s Spanish is hardest to understand? Interested in both native and non-native opinions

No. 671759

When it comes to animal abuse why cats are usually the targets?

No. 671760

Non-native speaker here. I took Spanish for 6 years and I always found Argentinian and Dominican accents/cadences to be the hardest to understand. Dominican Spanish speakers are by far some of the fastest talkers. Spain and Mexico are the easiest for me personally because my curriculum revolved around them the most.

No. 671763

Less likely to seriously injure you if they fight back? Except for tiny little toy dogs, but they haven't got any meat on them.

No. 671803

native argentinian here and i agree, we talk fast, drop letters, merge words together and use a lot of italian words and our own "language" sort of speak (it's called lunfardo and we have seemlessly incorporated it into our everyday conversations to the point that younger generations dont even know those words come from our own dialect) i have also been told we sound like we are singing when we talk, but i gues that comes from our italian ancestry
imo chilean is worse tho, we cant even understand a word those weones are saying most of the time kek

No. 671812

Chilean, fucking Chilean Spanish is unbearable. My Spanish is Venezuelan, which can be difficult to get at times if you’re not used to people speaking as quickly as possible with some slurring of words, but Chilean Spanish is probably the most impossible to understand that I’ve heard until now.

No. 671814

Superstitions and the "uga buga cats are mean"

No. 671816

Does anyone know what happened to xiaxue’s blog?

No. 671841

do you guys think your gut feeling actually means anything? do you trust/believe your gut?

No. 671843

I think when we get a gut feeling about a person that our brains are picking up on subtle body language that is maybe not being registered with us consciously. So I don't think it's a 6th sense like some people say but yeah I listen when someone sets off that feeling in me

No. 671846

My gut has never been wrong ever.

No. 671847

Hold up, did she delete her shit

No. 671849

It's not so much a gut feeling probably than you've got a sense of values and your mind is subconsciously being triggered, maybe. But also then I guess people also get premonitions so idk

No. 671850

it should be trusted but be open to being wrong. its gotta be an evolutionary instinct to help us, but even those can misfire so it's not gospel. Still I think 9 times out of 10 you can trust it. that's your mind trying to protect yourself

No. 671859

What happened to crystal cafe?

No. 671861

Why do a lot of left leaning people dislike Kamala as VP?

No. 671863

She's not really much different from Trump, or any republican. She's just mixed race and a woman.

No. 671879

I saw redditors dislike her because she doesn't want to decriminalize weed and sex work, and doesn't want to allow transsexuals to transist in prison and keep the system á la dude for the crime, dude for the time.

No. 671895

I just can't stand pork

No. 671908

File: 1605123565790.gif (864.59 KB, 500x231, 43dd86505c5c58428a18d893cd1c8c…)

Why are straight, skinny and pretty white boys usually the biggest incels?every guy I've met who looks like that has an issue with women and is more verbal about it.

No. 671917

I can kind of see how it could seem that way online but irl I don’t find that to be the case. Either way I think this idea that most incels are ‘actually attractive’ is not true. They’re generally average/ugly.

No. 671919

IIRC she supported Proposition 47, which caused a massive uptick of theft in CA because it reduced shoplifting to a misdemeanor

No. 671921

I've met men in real life with that fem pretty boy look age 18-30 and every single one had incel tier opinions on women.

No. 671924

I wish they werent like that, the only way I'd go back to fucking guys is if I could fuck one that's not yet fat and hairy, or ruined by the really long term effects of testosterone.

How are they becoming bitter while still that young? Ruining their own peak attractiveness years with it

No. 671931

I'm gonna tell you something that you likely already know, but most men probably have those opinions. The incels just have less incentive to keep quiet about them

No. 671932

I honestly think boys are indoctrinated by other boys/men and their hatred for women is a side effect of being held to the supposed ideal of toxic masculinity. If you're a pretty, slender, artistic looking boy then you're likely going to get bullied and made fun of for being too soft and "feminine." They get a chip on their shoulder thinking that no woman would give them a chance. If they ever get rejected even in a kind way that's only going to confirm that everything they've been told growing up was correct, and double down on the self hatred so that they view themselves as undesirable and unlovable. Women become the scapegoat even though they've had little to no real interaction with the opposite sex. Typical that we get blamed for the damage other men have caused.

No. 671935

they ruin it for themselves and there's nothing even lost. they're unstable (something looks can't protect you from) and openly being an incel is a nice red flag for us to keep away. this dude I knew once got girls simping him regularly, but he always sabotaged himself. if a girl tried to flirt he'd even say he's an incel or something otherwise batshit. Idk that's seriously mental illness. it's not even involuntary at that point, you're ruining your own chances while paying egirls onlyfans instead. but yeah, even if he's cute there's a lot wrong with these guys it's not a loss.

No. 671941

File: 1605125382587.jpg (27.03 KB, 250x351, tumblr_nzqzf4Aho71tagoo1o2_250…)

And the pretty boy ones are more likely to claim white men are the most oppressed with white nationalist views or they are those fake feminist types who would still rape a girl if she were passed out. Even the cute scrotes are fucked up.

No. 671943

Where I live there was a case lately where a 39 year old man went around on a bike and in one evening I think he stabbed 5/6 female victims. All those women were betweeen 17 and 19. Soon as he was caught he was all apologies of course.. I immediately wondered what his internet activity looks like. He's that guy online spamming comment sections with shit about women being leeches and how you need to mgtow before you get your money stolen during the divorce etc. He's that guy trying to reach younger men and tell them.

No. 671944

Thank you all! I'm from Canada and only really focused on the big things, like the elections, so I never really got to read about her.

No. 671947

I mean from what I have seen Incels are actually surprisingly a very diverse community with whites, blacks, south asian and east asians all united in their contempt for women
As for the skinny pretty boys(I'm talking about pretty boys of all races), I agree with anon here >>671932 usually also fatter and uglier men call them feminine, demean them and destroy their egos from the very start. its rare to find an actually self confident pretty boy

No. 671962

how do you grow thicker skin?
lots of talk in /ot/ about taking things online personally. I can see that it's dumb but I want to ask thick-skinned anons themselves how you do it? what are methods to care less? it's really hard in practice for a dumbass like me, and I'm curious if it was a process for you or you were always thick-skinned.

No. 671963

also off-topic but who is the boy in the pic you posted

No. 671970

File: 1605127295102.jpg (73.03 KB, 928x523, edward_furlong-getty-h_2019__0…)

Edward furlong. He hit the wall though. This is him now.

No. 671972

Can confirm. My boyfriend has a nice mix of softer and traditionally masculine traits, yet he had no self confidence when we met. It was not due to women constantly berating him or turning him down, it was because other boys teased him for being "girly" which simply meant he wasn't a gross neanderthal. He ended up vastly overcompensating by trying to play the tough guy, abstaining from anything cute and creative (even though he's actually a sensitive person) and basically becoming this caricature of a meathead, personality-wise. Thankfully he never went full incel mode and I was able to call him out on bullshit and undo some of the brainwashing, but even after years of being together he still sometimes struggles with self confidence. Like >>671935 said, it doesn't even matter if their views are being directly contradicted by women. The core issue is that they're actually looking for acceptance from other men, and while the incel community is just a depressing echo chamber, they feel accepted and more self assured there.

No. 671974

Just imagine how pathetic the BPD-chan yelling shit at you on LC must be IRL.

No. 671975

Nta but it's a joke about her being a cop (i.e. pig/pork) from when she used to be the attorney general of California.

No. 671977

Oh I see. Thanks. Poor piglets.

No. 671980

>he always sabotaged himself.
This is something I've always noticed when it comes to incels. They're absolutely obsessed with being bitter, pessimistic assholes. Whenever people compliment them or try to give them suggestions on how to improve their lives, they shut it down and say it's impossible or that they must be bullshitting them. They insist every girl wants to be with a 6'5" white huge dicked Chad even when girls clearly say that they don't. And they constantly tear each other down. I've seen some actually decent looking guys post themselves on incel forums before and incels always tell them it's over and they should kill themselves, probably trying to eliminate competition lmao.

No. 671982

Consider that people don't know you and don't have the full picture. Consider that if someone's mean to you that they're going through their own unique issues that you don't even know about which could be influencing them to act a way.

Some disagree with my philosophy: Everything someone else says or does, and how you feel about it and react to it, is predestined by factors that are outside your control and conscious thought. There is literally no point in internalizing it beyond a reasonable consideration because life is organized fucking absurdity and no one knows what the fuck is going on.

No. 671983

Them saying girls are shallow like that is just a projection because that's how they feel. Sometimes they do get female attention but it isnt the female attention they want.

No. 671984

I consider myself pretty thick skinned these days but even now there are moments where I find myself getting too invested in some rando's comment. Know that it's totally normal and don't be too hard on yourself. We all feel the same emotions, but it's how you observe/handle them after the initial rush that determines whether something will stay with you or not.

I'd say a combination of developing better self confidence and reading about Stoicism helped. When you fully understand that other people's opinions are products of their own fears, uncertainties and neuroses rather than having anything to do with you as a person, it becomes easier to dismiss things that don't serve you rather than wasting valuable energy. I recommend Aurelius' Meditations if you're open to reading, still very relevant today: http://classics.mit.edu/Antoninus/meditations.2.two.html

No. 671992

Has anyone ever had sex with a man and then they act annoyed at you afterward like they're angry that you let them fuck you? What is that? Post nut clarity?

Like they seem pissed off that you agreed to fuck them.

No. 671994

a classic technique thank you
I like your philosophy. for some reason I'm fond of thinking big picture when I'm anxious, how we're specks in the universe and all. Even imagining the size of me then the size of the earth then the size of the Sun etc and it extends, I feel a love for life then. People say that's depressing but I find it comforting and beautiful to dwell on. So thank you yours is an approach I want to try.
you're right, it is a normal response and it's about the degree of effect. Marcus aurelius himself was a ball of stress near the end of his life and the stuff in meditations kind of helped him stay sane, is what I've heard. thanks a lot for mentioning that, I have the book across the room and forgot to keep reading so I will!
sorry if turned into advice thread for a minute, it's interesting to learn how others do it though

No. 671999

Haven’t had the experience myself, but sounds like some PUA-esque retard that considers the dating scene a game where they get to “hunt” women for sex, then once they’ve gotten it they feel disappointed there’s nothing else there to validate their flimsy egos. Stems from self hatred and has nothing to do with the woman for sure.

No. 672010

File: 1605130807487.jpg (6.79 KB, 279x181, index.jpg)

Oh no John Conner, I was unbelievably in love with in Terminator 2

No. 672011

Never, are you talking about a ONS, early into dating or what?

No. 672015

Like early into dating. As soon as I start fucking them they seem like they hate me for it but still want it.

No. 672016

No. Just exhausted, maybe a little retarded and dreamy eyed.
Anon.. what foul scrote did you pick up? Or was he in a bad mood beforehand or something?

No. 672017

God damn Harry Styles aged like dogshit

No. 672018

Might be that they actually lose respect for you (not that they start out with much respect anyway)

No. 672019

Bitch, that's clearly Elon Musk!

No. 672020

Yeah its sad, really wish boys were socially allowed to be naturally pretty and it not be weird or related to any kink shit or gender non binary political statement bullshit
In the 2000's a lot pretty boys that could express themselves thanks to emo and goth fashion but even now that's shunned

No. 672022

Dump him immediately. That dude has Madonna whore complex. And/or he’s extremely insecure in bed and acting pissed off to cope with fear that you think his dick game weak.

No. 672025

Well was he a good lay or?
Some dudes get pissed because they're mentally sizing up the competition of other dudes you've fucked, and if they didn't pull much effort to sleep with you they figure other dudes didn't either. So they get pissy, devaluing you in their heads preemptively so that if you're not impressed with their dick then they can cope by not being so impressed with you either.

No. 672026

years of trauma, my child

No. 672033

I think thick skin is less about being so calloused that you don’t let anything in or pretending you don’t have ears. But it’s a conscious act of acknowledging the “personally attacked” feeling and letting it pass you by. Some twitterfag called me a twitterfag the other day and another bitch dared calling my husbando shit, it unironically triggered me kek
We can’t help the initial reaction most of the time but what’s important is NOT internalizing it. Sometimes you’re the retard, sometimes that anon is the retard.

No. 672042

What kind of grub should I eat guys? My stomach's rumbling. It's almost 6 pm for me, so keep that in mind.

No. 672044

Bless you, anon. Of course it’s hard in practice but you just need to stop giving a shit. I used to have possibly the thinnest skin in the world and let everything get to me. I would change myself when criticised by people who didn’t like me, who I didn’t even like. I fucking despised myself because no matter how hard I tried, I was never good enough. I get it.

Thing is, none of this worked. The only things that happened were 1. I felt shit and 2. I gave people power over me. Being thin skinned will only hold you back and allow people to hurt you. Of course some criticism is valid, but probably not some anon nitpicking you. Actually this is a great place to learn to be thick-skinned because it’s so impersonal. Anons know nothing of your life except what your post contains so why allow them to get to you?

Practice, go read some affirmations, realise how stupid being sensitive is. You’ll get there.

No. 672045

cinephile farmers how do i get into films?

No. 672048

I was always kind of like this but generally I do not care at all about praise or criticism unless I care about or respect the person offering it. I feel like criticism isn’t always bad, like getting criticised by certain kinds of people would actually be encouraging to me, and getting praise from certain kinds of people would be discouraging, it depends on the context. Random strangers online who don’t even know me mean nothing to me personally so things they say don’t impact me personally either.

No. 672050

Date a filmbro and get all your “taste” and opinions from him

No. 672054

no thanks

No. 672058

Honestly it was tumblr that got me into films. Following people interested in films, seeing random stills and watching those ones, reading film students blogs. It’s a fucking half-dead hellsite but the film and history sides are okay

No. 672063

You have to develop it in your own. Also I have the equivalent of a filmbro close to me and she gives me a bunch of recommendations 24/7 but nothing, I just can’t get into films.
Maybe try watching short films, then lookup the directors/writers and such, it might help you figure out a ”style” you might be into.

No. 672070

Nta but I know right, I usually don’t give a fuck if someone on the internet says that my writing is shit, but if my best friend says something along the lines of “this isn’t what I expected” i will fucking cry like a little bitch because that somehow hurts.
You have to basically understand that not everyone deserves a reaction, just think about it: why would someone who knows nothing about you, should be getting under your skin? Do you think they’re important? Why? If they’re not, then they’re worthless, their words are nothing and whatever they might say about anything is absolutely a waste of time that you could be making use of by doing other stuff that are more important, like chores or staring at the wall while dissociating, absolutely anything.

No. 672075

Film is such a broad topic that it will help to narrow down where you want to start. It's kind of like saying you want to get into history… so do you want to know about the Allies' role during WW2? What is was like during the Heian period of Japan? Post-republic Rome? Take a look at the major film styles (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Film_styles) and you'll get recommendations for movies that were innovative for their time and influenced others. You can also just search "influential filmmakers" in themselves. Oh, and the Criterion Collection is all about presenting films that are considered some of the most important and creative, so going through their stuff is a safe bet.

Arthouse films are great too, they get a bad rap as being pretentious without any real depth but often the filmmakers do have a clear vision and want the audience to think about the topics they're presenting and come to their own conclusions. Similar to a good book, really. If a film seems weird or confusing feel free to look up film analysis and see what other people have taken away from it. Getting to toss about different ideas and interpretations is part of the fun and can lead to great discussions.

No. 672076

nta, people on the internet are normal people just like the ones you meet irl. you can estimate how irl people really think from reading here because it's anon and they're more honest
inb4 not everyone is the same… eh

No. 672121

Why is there tv ads for tiktok?

No. 672131

dude just start by watching the IMDb top 250 movies, most of them are classics and should be watched at least once. don't start off with criterion or arthouse or any of that i promise you you will hate movies if you start off with that

No. 672162

What do you mean?

No. 672170

China wants to collect your data.

No. 672176

Given the US government's history with violating citizens' privacy and collecting citizens' information for private intelligence and military defense purposes, and the fact that I will probably never visit China nor is it likely a Chinese government agent will come to the US to visit me, I'd much rather the Chinese government have information about my online habits than the US government. Why is anti-China fearmongering being pushed so hard this year?

No. 672185

Kek, among all the genuinely bad stuff she's done there's that "trans women in prison uwu", I have a hard time caring for convicted felons, convicted troons can rot for all I care, especially since most of them have done heinous shit, they are not Laverne Cox in OitNB.

No. 672200

China is a totalitarian state that literally sends fishing ships to fucking Chile to steal their fish. They don't care about their citizens' well-being, about other countries' sovereignty, nothing. They just want to be new imperialist hegemony. Christ, they even believe in Han supremacy, see the Uighur genocide. What's nationalism plus socialism again? Yep, natsoc babe. I much prefer a Russian socialist state than whatever China is trying to do.

No. 672233

China is so backwater it's bizarre how often they try to portray themself as some superior country or whatever. Is TCM as widespread as the media makes it out to be? It's as if every other week there's a new story about some gook trying to use rhino horn to cure their cardiovascular disease.

No. 672249

Speaking of, didn’t Laverne defend some rapist or some shit?

No. 672253

Anons I've never lived with roommates outside of dorming, when it comes to stuff like utensils does everyone buy their own shit? I was looking to move into an apartment with 2 other people, it's not furnished. Do we share shit like groceries too? I know them through other friends so they're not complete strangers and we're still working out the details but I'm more clueless than I want to admit to them.

No. 672261

It's not weird to ask them how they want to split things and what they want to share, I promise! It's better to get the rules down first about this and how you want to tackle chores.
People don't normally share groceries but friends might share basic things like salt and cooking oil.

No. 672267

File: 1605150938770.jpeg (89.06 KB, 1280x853, 90D99402-98E4-4960-BF77-FAEFBB…)

Cope more burgers

No. 672268

Kys nazi

No. 672272


Totally depends on the group. I’ve had apartments where we share all kitchen tools and ones where we keep them all in our own cupboards. Large things that are I confident to have multiple of (mop, ironing board, toaster) are usually shared. My apartments have always been separate when it comes to food but I know some particularly close-knit apartments might share.

Prepare for any nonstick cookware you have to get scratched up to high heaven even if it’s kept separate from everyone else’s stuff.

No. 672274


*inconvenient, not I confident

No. 672278

When you take a shower, do you scratch your back and find a bunch of dead skin under your nails? I'm worried I'm not washing good enough…
Also, what are some good products to heal chapped lips? My lips have been dry and flaky my entire life.

No. 672280

it may be left over soap or shampoo/conditoiner residue, make sure your doing an extra rinse, if your shower docent have a detachable shower head just get a plastic cup and use that for rinsing!

No. 672289

Yes, I do. I use an exfoliating towel every 2-3 days when I shower and pay particular attention to my back.

No. 672290

You mad pangolin tongue didn't cure your micropenis huh squidward

No. 672297

Med anons pls help

Long story - I ran over a rabbit, stopped my car, got out, found out I only ran over it's hind leg and quickly brought it to the vet. Unfortunately the rabbit did not make it but as I was holding the rabbit a spot of it's blood got on my foot and caused a red bump which is now a small ulcer. I am having weird bruising in that leg as well as random bumps all over me

What could be wrong with me anons? I don't have money or insurance and I don't have any other symptoms like swollen lymph nodes or fever (just a headache which is normal for me)

It also scratched my boyfriend but my boyfriend is fine. What could be the issue?

No. 672304

Kinda sounds like scalp psoriasis, but I'm not a doctor so do the next best thing and just google that shit

No. 672321

make a letterboxd account to log your watches and organically discover recs from people whose taste you jive with. the lists there are decent too depending what you're into. certain film discord servers aren't complete cancer or filled with film bros. they can help you find rare films if you aren't on a private tracker. since it's impossible to go out and watch a movie in some countries, look up your local theatres and see if they're screening anything online too. you can get into film without relying on socialization but it's always fun to interact with and meet others when beginning a new hobby.

No. 672337

A genuine question from a socially retarded person: is there a manual or some other book about how to behave and what to say in social situations? I'm desperate

No. 672343

Not a dr but that sounds really worrying and you should get medical care and maybe take antibiotics, you don’t know what was in that rabbit’s blood, there are tons of bacteria and viruses out there.

No. 672350

Anon wtf, you definitely need to go to the doctor. It sounds like tularemia which is serious without treatment. Are there any cheap walk in clinics near you? They usually have a sliding pay scale so you don't have to pay as much if you're poor.

No. 672355

File: 1605167030030.jpg (29.2 KB, 435x551, 433.jpg)

are vpns any good to keep isp leeches from stealing and selling data? or is it just a meme?

No. 672358

just use adblockers

No. 672362

to add to this I'd also use a scriptblocker but idk what browser supports noscript except firefox or tor

No. 672371

File: 1605170810775.jpeg (48.68 KB, 1100x825, 57ec29fa077dccf2018b8c62.jpeg)

Thoughts on a relationship with 22 years age gap when the younger person is in their 20s?

No. 672374

Should I bulk (like 3 or 4 in one) buy a few plain coloured tees and pajamas? Or will the quality be too shit?

No. 672375

No. 672380

Bad, but late 20s slightly less than early 20s.

No. 672382

Get someone your own age

No. 672387

i use wipr to block ads/trackers, but that doesn't stop my isp from tracking my every move, does it?
what do you get out of a relationship like that, other than fulfilling a fetish? i look down on the old person in that type of relationship, there must be something wrong with them if they can't date people their own age

No. 672389

i'm surprised i got so many answers, i thought my question would be ignored lmao thank you for answering, it's gonna help a lot.
i'm curious now, to all farmers, what are your favorite films?

No. 672394

You already know what we think. Just don’t come crying to mommy, people in their 20’s should already know what kind of gamble they’re making. Literally deserve it at this point.

No. 672398

I once dated a guy 12 years older than me and it turned into the most abusive gaslighty bullshit relationship where I'm still paying for therapy.

Ask yourself why any grown person wouldn't want someone who is on their same level of life experience

No. 672403

Can confirm, my parents have a 30 year gap and the most dysfunctional relationship ever.

I think most men that seek younger women are narcissistic man-children in denial about their aging and seeking someone dumber that makes them feel powerful and special and the women that seek older men are afraid of taking control over their lives and want an excuse to remain acting like retarded teens dependent on adults instead of growing in their own person.

Both are shitty, but the one that has more power, experience, and money, is definitely the older partner.

Also, all children of age gap couples I know, me included lol, are messed up and need therapy.

No. 672406

File: 1605180041298.jpg (252.1 KB, 1080x963, 20201112_061900.jpg)

Is 36" band size for a bra really fat? What about 34"?

No. 672413

Why are you taking something that a backwater scrote said at face value? Anon get off of Twitter and join a club.

No. 672415

Naw, not really. Especially if you're tall and/or have a large ribcage. It really depends on your body type, but 36 is still within the average range.

No. 672417

It means you have 80 cm of torso. Whether that LOOKS fat or not depends on how tall you are and your body composition.

No. 672436

Not that anon but everything you say is true, saying this as someone whose parents have a 15 year gap.

No. 672440

I was a 34 back when I was an underweight teen, big ole ribcage on me

No. 672459

What should I fill this void with next, anons?

Manga, a new drama show (recommendations accepted), getting back into my pixel art hobby?

No. 672461

You're right, anon. I sat down with myself and realized I was really getting stressed about what some literal retard on twitter said. I'm going to start trying to volunteer kek

I'm a 34" too which is why I was getting all worried that the next size up from me was being called fat, but I also have a massive ribcage and wide shoulders so that makes sense.

No. 672467

Picking up a hobby that won’t kill you is always the right answer, so pixel art.

No. 672473

Thank you, anon! Gonna make the site mascot and will upload it later

No. 672474

>what do you get out of a relationship like that
Attention and validation I never got as a kid I guess. It's childish and dumb, I know. And you know what? I think I would be perfectly fine with a father-like relationship with an older male without any romantic or sexual component to it, but the problem is, I think men are not capable of such relationship with younger women. I'm always envious of guys my age who have father/mentor-like relationships with strange men, it's also a common trope in movies. Young women who didn't have fathers can't get that, usually. I didn't have any adult worthy of trust and I developed reactive attachment disorder because of it, and I was always looking for parental figures in both women and men. There was only one such "relationship" with a man, and he betrayed my trust. I had a teacher in highschool, he was like 50, he liked me, we would talk a lot about literature, movies and politics and everything else and he would give me his time after school, even invited me for a coffee, and I was naive enough to believe he sees me like a daughter, I never felt so validated and noticed in my life. Without getting into more details, turned out he thought I had "feelings" for him, and when I said that's not the case but I still want to see him and stay friends, he stopped talking to me. I probably never cried like this because of someone (except my mother and step father). I feel like a womanchild, I feel too old for my peers and I can't stop thinking about older men (also I'm still a virgin, too autistic to get anywhere further than awkward attempts at flirting). I also have this paranoid fear that a younger dude would sooner or later cheat on me with someone younger than me, I read so many stories about scrotes having midlife crisis. I feel that with a man who's already 20 years older than me the risk of cheating would be smaller.

No. 672476

>massive ribcage and wide shoulders
Same body type here. Just wear the size that fits you and don't sweat it.

No. 672482

I know we're in the wrong and anons are gonna correct us, but I relate to you. I feel like guys my age (young guys) are really annoying and immature even now. The idea of an older man in comparison is so much better to me. But truth be told it would be unhealthy and he'd probably be taking advantage of me. Also, being older doesn't guarantee he's not immature and emotionally stunted in his own way kek
I'm sorry about what happened with your teacher. That's not okay. I never experienced that but some of my high teachers were the type of guy I'd like to marry. I guess the unhealthy part is wanting to rush to a guy that age. No, I can find a guy my own age who will grow like that, or wait till I'm older myself I guess lmao idk

No. 672487

Its rare to find a man who is so much older than you and doesn't have any bad intentions, anon.
> I feel that with a man who's already 20 years older than me the risk of cheating would be smaller.
Oh, you sweet summer child.

No. 672492

My bf is 10 years older than I am, and I think it’d be hard for me to date someone my age again as well, though being 27, I could easily go for a 30 year old and still feel confident that he may be mature by then. Although knowing other 30yo men concerns me kek. Hopefully you can find someone either your own age or much closer that you can grow with instead of waiting to grow for you. I really do thing relationships of similar ages are far more healthy, if not less risky at least.

Holy fuck anon I hope you reported that teacher. That’s incredibly inappropriate since he initiated, and even if he didn’t, he should have declined. That’s never okay, never ever. I also hope you find what you’re looking for, but you do sound a bit vulnerable (though aware of it which is good). Big hugs and best of luck to you, girl. Be smart and never ignore your instincts.

No. 672497

Anon you have issues to work through and dating a 20 year older man isn't doing that

No. 672512

I know plenty of us make bad choices with men but lately it's like anons are ticking off every last warning box when asking for advice about a potential bf.

So, am I just batshit paranoid or do some anons make up stories and try to fit as many red flags in them as possible?

No. 672518

50/50. Men are unpredictable. It's hard to figure out which are stories and which are faked because men are simply that fucking weird and creepy. There's no issue trying to look around and talking and interacting with men, it's just that you have to be on guard. Don't believe some shit they say, don't be too comfortable around them. That's really it. Some anons treat men like they're a whole different species kek

No. 672519

It's possible, but I also think some anons really do have as terrible relationships as they say. They come across as very insecure and not all there mentally, and it's sad, but we all know that people like that exist in the world. Why wouldn't one or more of them find and confide in lolcow? But also, some anons asking for advice/ranting about their partner are doing just that, so of course they're talking about the bad only, and it seems worse than it is. Probably a mixed bag.

No. 672522

Should I go get some coffee, anons?

No. 672527

yes if you're healthy, no if you're fat/have pcos/dont exercise. drink water

No. 672528

Kek, love that. I'm definitely healthy so I'll get some, but I'll take the stairs back to my office to be safe. Thanks anon ♥

No. 672529

She can drink black with negligible calories.

No. 672539

Why shouldn't fat people drink coffee?

No. 672544

Caffeine fucks up iron absorption and can worsen hair loss bc of vasoconstriction in the head. Who knows what other unaddressed/unidentified health problems unhealthy people have?

No. 672546

Samefag, but there's also randomly putting your body in an alerted state and possibly messing with cortisol.

No. 672549

I drink about 6 cups a day

No. 672550

Congrats, fattie?

No. 672554

I'm thin but ok. What triggered you exactly?

No. 672555

It fucks up the absorption of many vitamins and supplements. You have to take vitamins at a different period of time. As far as hair loss goes, that's not a deterrent for the grand majority of women unless they already have a problem with it.
It's thermogenic, if anything it helps people to be more effective at burning calories.

No. 672556

If you're thin and healthy, are you replying to a post talking about fat and unhealthy people? Something unrelated to you? Attention-whoring that much?

No. 672557

I ended up getting black because they had little blueberry muffins and I wanted one. If no pastry, would have gone for a mocha or something.
I think anon assumed I meant a very sugary coffee which could be a reason to skip, I think!
I did that once when I first started an office job and there was a standing coffee pot. I thought I was going to die kek. Now I max out at 3 (black) throughout a day if I have any at all.

Anyways….apologies for instigating a coffee debacle omg

No. 672558

Nobody in the thread said they are fat, someone said 'should I get a coffee' and then fat sperging started out of nothing

No. 672559

Are you illiterate?

No. 672560

Nta but she's right lol

No. 672564

That's the three fave insults of fattie, attention whore and illiterate all knocked out, do you feel better yet or do you want to keep working through the list of popular insults while nobpody even cares enough to even throw em back at you

No. 672565

So another halfwit? If you're unhealthy you shouldn't drink coffee and that's it.

No. 672566

Read the thread, follow the replies. You goddamn dumbfuck attention-whore.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 672567

The thread is you calling people names. Good times. Great convo.

No. 672569

If you unable to understand that the reply chain started with anon asking about coffee, you poor soul.

No. 672570

damn, all this fatty sperging over a simple question. go get yourself some coffee anon kek

No. 672573

This actually isn't the first time I've seen coffee/caffeine start this exact sperging. Bet you didn't know but it's a touchy subject that attracts a special type of health preachy sperginess lol

No. 672577

Hope you enjoyed your coffee anon! I’m just about to pour myself a cup as well.

No. 672578

Diff anon but I'm going to make a cup now too, cheers girls

No. 672584

File: 1605194721020.jpg (85.25 KB, 534x548, 1603794921487.jpg)

this was literally over a cup of coffee anons, you can do better than this

No. 672586

File: 1605194903378.jpg (44.35 KB, 460x380, ayxDzbM_460s.jpg)

I did omg now please no more booly each other!

I have not. I'm baffled kek I feel bad.

LC coffee date! Enjoy, ladies!

No. 672590

Anon, face it. We're all dummy dumb dumbs and that ragey name-calling anon has seen the light. If you too give up coffee you can reach their level of sanity and passion for life

No. 672624

I love the cute photo of meiko and luka.

No. 672640

File: 1605200575007.jpg (23.4 KB, 454x456, 1603415526289.jpg)

i can't believe i fucking pre ordered a lolita dress the wait is going to be excruciating how does anyone do this

No. 672643

File: 1605200801912.jpeg (28.47 KB, 680x445, 02CF061A-DC92-4E3D-BB17-FDDAE1…)

enjoy the suffering

No. 672646

Which dress was it?

No. 672650

If your ribcage is 36 inches and your bust is 40 inches? Yes
Most girls due to commercial sizing in most stores are wearing the wrong bra size so hard to tell

No. 672661

Girls with ugly bfs how do you do it? I know you say you love them for their personality but how do you get turned on or feel butterfly's in your tummy when you kiss him?

No. 672663

You don't. No amount of denial is gonna make you attracted to someone you consider ugly. Been there, done that.

No. 672667

My last ex was older than me and a league below me, our sex life kinda died off and we fought about the lack of sex. The lack of sex being totally my fault even though I was the more attractive one and he still didn't put any effort in to get me off.

The butterflies fade quick, and uggos are just as entitled as any other guy

No. 672674

i admit there are hotter guys than my bf but i genuinely get turned on by him, i also masturbate to the fantasy of him fucking me when he's away. i guess feelings play a big role. but also i never really cared for hot people that much, like if i see porn with avg or below avg people i still get as turned on (or even more turned on depending on the actors' chemistry and the sexual acts they're doing)

No. 672675

File: 1605204435737.jpg (655.51 KB, 1365x2048, 1605173772610.jpg)

it's some cringe taobao dress that i'm not posting because i'm already getting roasted for buying taobao, it's not a shit dress from what i can tell, it's 90%+ cotton and the closeups look nice
that new baby dress is looking mighty good too though

No. 672677

Anon(s) where do you wear lolita clothing? Is it a daily and lifestyle thing, a con thing, or how do you decide? I recently saw a girl wearing a full cutesy lolita outfit complete with wig, beret, and fluffy pink dress just drinking boba tea with a normie friend, and it was adorable. (Midwest state college town).

No. 672682

I genuinely find them attractive.
Like with most people on this planet, there's usually something about them that's their "charm point" as Japanese people would put it, looks don't exist in a vacuum.

Later when the attraction dies down or we break up and I get over them I will usually look at them and think "ew I can't believe I had sex with that ".

No. 672685

Hot guys are kinda full of shit sometimes, well in my experience.
But like anon said in >>672682 the charm is a hook, line, and sinker for me.

No. 672691

it's really up to you. some people (like me) have no more normie clothes and wear it everywhere, while others only to cons/meetups.

No. 672692

i can only speak for myself since there's a million different opinions on this topic. i like using it to go to the shopping mall, cons, and somewhat upstanding restaurants. basically any place that has air conditioning and people are allowed to stand out. i don't fuck with pubs or supermarkets personally, but that's just me. some lolitas also straight up wear it at home, there's that too.
t.lives in hot tropical shithole that already doesn't like alternative fashion
>it's really up to you. some people (like me) have no more normie clothes
god i wish that were me anon, i've been interested in lolita fashion since i was 17 and only got the courage to buy my first ever legit piece 2 years ago at 25. i know the mid twenties working woman is the most common age group for this fashion, but i feel like i missed out on a bigger wardrobe.

No. 672695

Anon I wear taobao all the time too so no judgement here! But it's fine if you don't want to tell, I was just curious. I recently bought two of my dream dresses (Ap holy lantern zipper jsk in wine and violet fane asylum jsk in black) and I'm dying waiting for them so I know how you feel!

No. 672697

It honestly depends on how I'm feeling. If I'm up to putting a lot of thought into my outfit I will wear lolita out and about, sometimes for cons, always for lolita meetups. Me wearing lolita 100% is affected by my mood.

No. 672726

thank you for the understanding anon, i'm still not really sure if the dress i bought is shit taste or not, i guess i will find out in a month or two. it's definitely the insecurity seeping through
godspeed anon, the wait will be hard but it will be so worth it for all of us.

No. 672748

Is there some formula or way to know whether you’re overreacting or if your feelings are justified? Tired of second guessing myself but also don’t want to just assume I’m the problem.

No. 672753

Ask people

No. 672940

A recent discussion in the Confessions Thread got me thinking it would be fun to start a thread where we can discuss the celebs we've fallen into parasocial relationships with, the stupid shit we did during that period, and how we recovered from it. But idk where that thread would belong, here or /g/?

No. 672948

I sent a text asking a dude to hang out but I realized I sent it to the wrong guy. How do I cancel without telling the truth?

No. 672954

just tell him that something came up last minute? not too hard

No. 672964

I'm probably going to stay up all night to finish writing a paper, and I'm having mad cravings for salt and fat even though I just went grocery shopping and have plenty of nutritious food in the kitchen. Should I order cheap fast food?

No. 672966

No, greasy carb heavy foods will make you more tired. Drink some coffee and eat something high in protein, treat yourself to the tasty stuff tomorrow as a reward for finishing your work.

No. 672972

just be honest about what you did, avoids him thinking you want to be closer now

No. 672980

What are those y2k zoomer shirts that are open but held togther by a string or safety pins all the way down to the yummy?

No. 672981


I need ta know!

No. 672988

drink water

No. 672993

What’s the average amount of space between your upper lip and your nose and does anyone want to measure theirs for me…? I feel like I have a nose like Tati but the gap is only like a finger’s width. It feels way too small for my face ugh. Idk if I’m being self conscious or if I should save up some money

No. 673003

how to remove semi permanent hair dye

No. 673016

Weird coincidence, I just saw a post on that exact thing on reddit


But my advice is stop worrying about something so pants on head retarded and unimportant, jesus…

No. 673027

File: 1605251604226.png (11.66 KB, 224x207, no.png)

Most Autistic Reddit link of the Month
Stop being autistic.

No. 673029

I really wonder how this era will go down on history in 200 years.

No. 673037

Read the Knigge maybe?

No. 673046

Academic anons, how long does it take you to write 1000 words for a research essay? I'm an unmedicated adhdfag and it takes me about 10 hrs

No. 673056

Like 10 hours total, or do those 10 hours include the breaks you take? Because latter is fairly normal; former, you may just be overthinking/overworking yourself.

Personally it takes me one evening, maybe 2-3 hours, which includes the long pauses I take where I stare at the screen or look at my notes/references or look up a youtube vid for distraction. Honestly, there's no reason to be ashamed of how long you take unless you're pretty blatantly missing a deadline. If an instructor gives you a month to work on 1000 words, it's okay if it takes you all 30 days to write them.

No. 673057

also around 10 hours for me, not including the research
usually i split the work between two days

No. 673069

Are you even sure that an english version exists?

No. 673079

Let's assume that a guy likes me. And let's assume I like him too but also he really, really gets on my nerves. Should I go out with him or not?

No. 673083

How could you like him while he gets on your nerves? Like how?

No. 673094

No, unless you want some casual fun then maybe.

No. 673110

Would it be inappropriate to point out to my roommate/friend that I think she has a benzo dependency problem? I notice that the last few months she’s been taking her prescription every day “because the bottle says take as needed!”. Recently she’s been complaining of having insomnia and i’ve also noticed that her memory has gotten a lot worse. I don’t know if i’m just over sensitive to this because my mom was a massive pill head all my life and if i’m just projecting these things onto my roommate. I have seen first hand multiple people get completely fucked by Benzos but I also don’t think my roommate would see it that way because she’s very trusting of doctors. I think I might just be an oversensitive retard idk

No. 673113

is casual sex worth it? lately i've been horny af and haven't had sex in more than a year, but i'm not interested in a relationship, i no longer have the patience to deal with a scrote's bullshit every single day.

No. 673115

Maybe there is something going on with her life that is causing her to need them? memory issues can be caused by stress and anxiety too.

No. 673118

Why wouldn't it be? Just use protection.

No. 673120

I don't think it is, my personal experiences with casual sex are shitty.

No. 673127

If you are lucky then yes, but in most cases it's a resounding no.

No. 673128

Hello I hope this is not gonna ban me when I ask this because medfagging is not allowed but Idk where else to ask this when I already did everywhere.
Is it possible to have pseudo hearing loss due to severe mental issues?

I ask this because there are days where I hear perfectly 100% ok and those are the times I forget about my hearing aids/handicap (think: someone rings the door bell while I’m asleep in a room that’s a floor up and I open the door and hold conversations with them versus the usual routine I have planned and it’s always scheduled with 24/7 self pitying where I tell myself things adults/caregivers told me. (That I’m retarded, deaf, handicapped etc…)

Another example: I told my mom that I cannot speak or understand english because I’m deaf and I said this while watching a show and when I wanted to switch to a new episode I forgot to turn on the subtitles and I only realized near the end that I understood the entire convos they had in the episode LMFAO.

My mom and other good people in my environment keeps telling me that I’m probably not so deaf as the people that ruined my life by placing me in asylums instead of schools claim that I am and I always doubted her and them. Idk. Your take? Not possible at all to larp as deaf unconsciously or…is manipulation a bitch?

No. 673130

Thanks, you're right and I knew it but I just needed to hear it from someone else
It's easy, you know like those jerk characters in media that everyone ends up loving anyway because they acted like a normal polite person that one time

No. 673145

How do i stop being a doormat?

No. 673196

TLDR but auditory processing disorders can be connected to mental illness and can feel kinda like hearing loss

No. 673236

Start entertaining the idea that you are more valuable than the way you’re treated. Brainwash yourself, read loads of #bossbabe affirmations. Depending on your situation, might be worth educating yourself about narcs or emotional abuse if applicable.

I did all this for a long time and still didn’t stop being a doormat until eventually I snapped, so idk how possible it is to force it. Oh, also keep score. I gave people free passes until I started writing down all the shit they did and seeing it all in one place like that made me so mad that I started standing up for myself.

No. 673238

nta, won't that make you become a narc eventually?

No. 673242

Which part? It’s possible, doormat to narc would be quite the transformation but could happen. Anon should keep in mind their past experiences to stop them inflicting similar behaviour on others.

No. 673244

Standing up for yourself doesn't make you a narc. You are only a narc if you give people nothing in return when they show you kindness. You are not obligated to be kind to anyone who isn't kind to you past the bare minimum, and if someone is actively denigrating you and ruining your self-esteem you have the full right to fight back and return the favour.

Being selfless with people who are anything but will never make them love you or treat you with respect, remember that.

No. 673250

Any adult describing themself as a doormat is going to struggle to even get to a normal level of confidence, that work takes years. You don't just accidentally overdo it and end up in narc territory

No. 673252

lol no. That being said, >>673236 is overcomplicating it. >>673145 you just need to stop being afraid of saying no. What's the worst that will happen, will they try to kill you or something? I've had people try to pressure me into doing all sorts of shit I don't want to, but I value my comfort over their happiness so I say no. Who cares if they get mad, you don't get forced into something you don't want to do plus now you got some annoying fuck off your back.

No. 673255

I wonder this too. My mother has massive narcissist traits but once when she asked me to attend the only therapy session post-third-divorce that I've ever known her to have, she described herself as a "people pleaser" and legitimately believed that her only flaw as a human was being too generous. To her ex husband (who was a typical toxic male), maybe. Yet to me and other people that she looked down on (mostly other women), we were shit who only deserved her bare minimum if that. She kept scores constantly while bemoaning when someone else did. She would expect grand gestures in return and unending appreciation for menial and low effort things she did, and would make it known either through verbal tirades or body language how disappointed she was if what was reciprocated failed to measure up. I can't tell you how many times I was called an ungrateful brat after cascading her with thank yous, or having basic shit she did as a parent held over my head as emotional blackmail.

The thing is my mom is a total doormat for the right people: Her parents when they were alive, her brothers, and mostly other men but sometimes women who she sees as successful and able to bolster her image. I think this stems from her childhood of feeling the need to puppet performative, servile behaviors and being raised around misogynistic attitudes when she was young. Be that as it may, I do think it's possible for doormats to internalize toxic behaviors and may subconsciously act them out as revenge later in life when they find some status to do better.
But I doubt people with honest introspection and a desire to develop healthy boundaries would go down that road.

No. 673261

Any advise on what to do when you have an urge to hurt yourself? I would google it but I don't want google to collect stuff like this about me. All I remember vaguely from reading about stuff like this in the past is bullshit like "draw flowers on the arm instead cutting yourself" which obv is not going to work.

No. 673269

If you absolutely must hurt yourself in some way, flick yourself with your finger or snap a rubber band against your wrist?
I would really recommend just going out and taking a run or doing literally anything besides that though.

No. 673275

Realistically you should probably consider getting theraphy, but assuming you can't or don't want to: download duckduckgo search engine and search for answers there. Ddg is a privacy search engine so there should be less concerns while searching stuff compared to google.

No. 673287

Good ideas, I'll try that. I've already went out but my mind doesn't want to give me a break so I'm getting desperate

First consultation is already scheduled but it's not anytime soon unfortunately
Haven't heard about that browser before, could be useful for different things in the future too so thanks!

No. 673304

I replaced my own cutting with hair pulling because the pain provided some relief. Never try it on any spot where you want to keep hair but I rememeber I stopped shaving my legs specifically to have that back up plan there for relapses

No. 673305

File: 1605283496292.jpg (58.78 KB, 720x960, 12360375_817513125024028_35578…)

For all the toy collectors here, what is so special about the Blythe dolls? Why do they cost like $60-$2000 for one doll?

No. 673307

File: 1605283956924.jpg (26.74 KB, 232x296, 1596307184174.jpg)

Is it possible for your sexuality to change? I just realised that when I was in my early-mid teens I was attracted to both men and women and even had lesbo wet dreams and I consumed lesbian porn but I was in huge denial, now I'm just attracted to men and I can't feel attraction to women even if I tried but I still get the lesbo wet dreams and thinking about women together sounds nice to me I wish I could feel that attraction again.

No. 673309

It's normal in bisexuality to prefer one or the other (or neither) at different points in their life. You're fine.

No. 673325

I meant to post this in the vent thread also thanks

No. 673329

Psychosis is a condition that affects the way your brain processes information. It causes you to lose touch with reality. You might see, hear, or believe things that aren't real.

No. 673330

File: 1605285899849.jpeg (44.67 KB, 570x703, 06D68A74-9713-491A-ADC2-41698C…)


No. 673332

I am the deaf in denial anon but wow this really makes me think. Assuming you’re not a zoomer why didn’t your girlfriend apply for the james randy supernatural challenge?

No. 673337

people's guesses can be that accurate sometimes, it's normal.

No. 673341

can someone find me an online tool that let's you rotate a cube? I don't know how to draw one from some angles

No. 673342

Google "3d cube view"
Third link

No. 673344

Depending on the size of the cube just some tweezers or tongs would probably work, but honestly I don't think that's necessary, using your hands would be much easier

No. 673345

google is a hell of a tool, anon…

No. 673349

Dad, is that you?

No. 673360

I am legitimately convinced that any anons who unironically call someone an attention whore in a nasty way like this are scrotes and I’d love to see their post history to confirm. Yeah yeah “women can be nasty too!” but most anons around here are chill af and don’t get their jimmies rustled this hard. Fatty and anachan are one thing, calling someone a whore without a hint of irony is scrote tier.

No. 673367

>most anons around here are chill af

I agree though. It's always weird to me when I see an anon calling someone a slut or a whore.

No. 673368

>fatties and anas
No, no. Anons who use these are free to fuck off too.

No. 673369

There was a while where anyone complaining about having a baby face (and therefore being talked down to by strangers ie mostly men) automatically got attention whore screamed at them. I don't think it was jealous women. I think it was men seething at a woman not 'hitting the wall'

No. 673372

I remember like 3 months ago someone said they didn't like how their body was sexualized by family, and some anon just went insane and claimed the other anon was bragging and that they weren't jealous because they totally had a perfect thick hourglass body. It's crazy to see how much some people with seethe at the thought of someone else having the features they want.

No. 673373

I don’t think they need to fuck off in the same way, but they’re just always wrong and stupid kek. It’s funny.

No. 673376

gracias muchachas

how about you choke on an ice cube

No. 673377

What else do you call someone who's seeking attention?

No. 673378

Nta, but to me it’s not just that, but like. The aggressiveness of the response to totally innocuous posts is unhinged and very scrote like kek.

No. 673379

There is no attention seeking happening in the posts that trigger that shit tho. It's usually a big raging fuss over nothing.

Yesterdays trigger was 'I drink this much coffee' ?

No. 673381

Pretty spot on.

No. 673382

Lol chill mate, they were obviously joking

No. 673386

something that helped me when i did that: start writing what you feel in that moment, the thoughts that make you wanna hurt yourself and dont stop writting until you dont feel the urge anymore (it doesnt matter if it's just jumbled up spergs). then you can throw away the paper or burn it, it gave me a sense of "letting go" in some way, a sense of not being a victim of my own thoughts. i hope you feel better soon, anon

No. 673388

Yeah humblebrag accusers tend to similarly unhinged. You can say you were just harassed by a strange man in the street and you're stressed to bits after the experience… and you're somehow bragging about male attention and how cute you must be. I remember that a few months back too.

No. 673391

Any advice on growing out an undercut? I have pretty long hair on top that hides it very well. Should I cut it all off now/when it grows out a bit, or just hide it as it grows until I can cut it to a reasonable length?

No. 673394

When I was in France a group of guys yelled at from their car at me "bonjour, dora". French anons wtf kind of roast is that?

No. 673395

Do you look like Dora, anon?

No. 673396

no im black and i have natural hair. doja is looked at as mexican where im from so idk lol

No. 673397

No. 673398

How can I make myself more graceful in general? I'm so fucking awkward. When I walk, I shuffle my legs. When I sit, I could outhunch Quasimodo. I'm also clumsy and I knock down things or fall over stuff constantly

No. 673399

File: 1605291669547.png (15.67 KB, 801x519, brown.PNG)

kek! anon they were calling you "brown". like basically "hello brownie!"

maybe i'm misunderstanding but

No. 673402

File: 1605291902126.jpg (97.79 KB, 1200x667, borat-subsequent-moviefilm-rev…)

do people actually like sacha baron cohen's stuff anymore? i saw a poster for his new movie recently and wondered who would actually watch it kek

i understand why his ali g stuff was popular, and the early borat stuff - i remember thinking it was the same sort of energy as little britain and other sort of un-PC slapstick stuff, but i fail to see how his work has much pull now? the sociopolitical climate is really different now, i think by most 2020 standards his stuff just comes off as kinda dumb and offensive

tl;dr calling all borat fans: WHY?

No. 673407

the new movie was actually pretty good–his commentary isn't necessarily meant to be from an offensive standpoint (mainly because he is at least acting/faking it). for example, in the newest movie he goes and quarantines with two random hardcore trump stans and some of the things that they say are shocking but coming right from their mouths, no fake lines or anything. it's kind of like he purposely does slightly offensive things as an act in order for certain people to show their true colors.

also, i'm sorry if my words seem jumbled or spergy, just woke up.

No. 673408

Just looked it up and can't believe borat came out in fuckin 2006…

No. 673415

I really want to make my own comic but webtoons is very sensitive about nudity and gore, and any other very dark themes. all of which, I enjoy exploring in my work because I like displaying the rawness of human nature.

though because of webtoons limitations, I plan to make purchasable uncensored pages. so my question is this: how would I go about selling these pages? Would this even be allowed since the comic is still posted on webtoons? Should a I use patreon..maybe gum road and sell the chapters in bundles?

No. 673419

Ironic enough just practice good posture. Forcing yourself to sit up straight while promoting balancing exercises may help with coordination. Tbh tho who even cares anon it's probably cute you stumble everywhere nobody's constantly on the ball.

No. 673421


Tbh I wasn't going to see the sequel cause I thought the first was borderline retarded, but then I heard of the Gulianni thing and then saw this so now I'm going to carve out time to see this shit

No. 673422

File: 1605293965508.jpeg (31.03 KB, 750x416, EBE3DFF7-BC80-4122-88C2-A1419D…)

Please math anons… the answer is 9 and not 1 right? I don’t want to ask my math teacher relative for help on stupidly simple math problem again.

No. 673423

There is Tapas. You can upload your (mature rated) comic there with no worries. ( tapas.io )

No. 673425

Yes. 6 / 2 = 3. 1 + 2 = 3. 3 x 3 = 9

No. 673439

Parenthesis first.
Then multiplication/division from left to right.
Divide first.
Then multiply.

No. 673442

you have to just let it grow out. you’ll get the weird in between length but just let it happen

No. 673443

File: 1605295379276.gif (184.82 KB, 220x221, lol.gif)

yeah i figured as much from the google translate. ty anon

No. 673450

The issue with pemdas is a lot of people growing up weren’t taught the added left to right rule, just that you must follow pemdas no matter what. like >>673439 showed multiplication and division are essentially the same step it’s just whatever one is first in line will take precedence. 6/3 times 2 doesn’t mean you multiply 2 to 6/3, you would do the division first because it’s the furthest left in the problem. so it would be 6/3=2 then 2 times 2 = 4. Hope that makes sense.

No. 673456

As someone taking retard math in college, can confirm

No. 673459

It is 1, but unfortunately written awful.
6 : 2 * (1+2) =
6 : 2 * (3) =
6 : 6 = 1
It's a rule problem and not competence.

No. 673463

I hate these math problems, they just write them improperly to have people argue in the comments to get exposure for their page. It could be as >>673459 said but they shoild have added another parenthesis around 2(1+2). But it could also be the other way. Anyway the answer is there is no solution because the question is not properly defined

No. 673466

>Lightly snarked by all three anons for a fair reason
>Gets mad at the one who makes the most playful effort

You're no fun

No. 673539

For anyone in the EU, if I buy something from the UK rn, do I pay customs because they left the EU or not yet because of the transition period. Anyone know?

No. 673544

Why there's no hide button here? I really wish I could hide some specific replies.

No. 673546

No customs on my recent order from UK to Poland (cosmetics), so I'd guess not?

No. 673548

Not so long ago even anons who were the biggest scrote spam abusers would call other anons attention whore. It’s really a good thing but we’re getting less and less 4chan tier but the bad thing is that it makes us gayer and more twitter like.

No. 673554

>but the bad thing is that it makes us gayer and more twitter like
agreed. there's got to be a happy medium between 4chan scrotes and twitter wokefags, which are somehow more annoying to come across here.

No. 673559

That’s only if you assume 6 : 2 x 3 is the same as
2 x 3
Which without parenthesis around (2 x 3) I’m inclined to divide first then multiply from left to right. It’s 9 based on modern rules.

No. 673567

Ladies, how difficult is it to find a guy who doesn’t watch porn who is actually attractive?

No. 673576

I wish I knew why it can't be 6 / 2x3. Why?

No. 673588

Probably like a 1% chance if you're really pretty and like 0% if you are ugly or average

No. 673601

Pretty fucking hard, although fwiw I don't think there's much of a difference in usage along the lines of attractiveness. Also if you're open to a guy who only watches it rarely that can help (not saying you should change your standards if it's important to you though).

No. 673603

Do you reckon selena gomez is thrilled covid has prevented her from performing ice cream life with blackpink?

No. 673622

File: 1605304490619.jpeg (106.15 KB, 666x692, B9A78FDB-6707-4DC2-95D9-E4E2B6…)

Do you have any good sites not ridden with viruses to download books for free? I’m looking for a book series made by Dan Wells, but i can only find some translations and I really want to read it on English.

No. 673625

No. 673626

Libgen is my go to for downloading books. I've never had any problems with it so far.

No. 673627

Try downloading through Irc. Here's a good guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/Piracy/comments/2oftbu/guide_the_idiot_proof_guide_to_downloading_ebooks/

I've been downloading my ebooks like this for a couple of years now and it works like a charm.

No. 673632

File: 1605305486800.jpeg (25.31 KB, 328x328, F5BB49B8-8561-4F82-8858-E7B07F…)

Thank You, anons!

No. 673638

File: 1605306374976.jpeg (41.18 KB, 800x1000, KIC_159-2601-3250-900_model1.j…)

Anons… I know a lot of you are good seamstresses or generally know shit about clothing beyond "this looks good" so I kindly ask for some help…

I ordered this dress from Abercrombie (pic attached) and it fits beautifully, but it has some fold lines in it. How do I get these fold lines out of faux leather?

Here are the garment details:

Coating:100% Polyurethane / Faux Leather:80% Viscose, 20% Polyester / Lining:100% Polyester
Machine wash cold, with like colors
Only non-chlorine bleach
Line dry
Do not iron
Do not dry clean

No. 673642

Pro clothing sewing person here, idk what the internet will tell you but I usually just put a tea towel or an actual thin towel on the faux leather and iron it on medium setting. DO NOT STEAM IT. Also, don't touch it while it's warm, it will still take shape while it's warm. I have also used a hair straightener and a t shirt because it's "do as i say, not like i do" thing lol

No. 673644

*low to medium, but for very short amount of time, you'll need to check it often but it shouldn't take long at all! Labels usually have to just cover their asses saying do not do this!!! Because it MAY fuck it up, kinda like with washing directions, I wash shit like i know it can be washed, not how the label tells me. Finally my schooling is of use.

No. 673646

Crycry more dink. Ryncher

No. 673647

No. 673654

Thanks so much, Anon! I asked here first for a reason tbh. Idk if that's the right call but I trust weirdos like me over some random boomer internet sewing page, kek. Thanks again.

No. 673657

No problem! Let us know how it went

No. 673678

Do you ever lie, exaggerate or just fuck around in your lc posts?

No. 673679

yes. I posted something telling people to not be scared of std's once. It feels so stupid to be admitting this lol.

No. 673681

lol This is why I never reply with anything longer than one sentance whenever a post screams 'bit of an out there opinion'

No. 673725

Absolutely. Not meanly…..usually

No. 673774

How do people bypass bans with their phones (not here, but on other imageboards) after getting bans that were meant for someone else?

I've tried:
>airplane mode method
>turning cell data on and off
>turning cell data off for several hours
>restarting the phone
and none of it works

No. 673775

No. 673776

4chan blocks them all though

No. 673777

Have you tried going to a board, THEN turning on vpn and posting?

No. 673783

for 4chan you can try one of those obscure dvpns, i don't trust them though

No. 673785

Why do so many people trust that "Crazy Days and Nights" gossip blog that gets shared often in the celebricows thread? Was it correct about something/someone back in the day? I only learned it existed on here.

No. 673787

They've confirmed Wienstien and Depp drama and a bunch of other tea.

No. 673794

Did that, still get the message about the IP range being blocked due to abuse.

No. 673835

No. 673873

Hollywood and its residents are so fucked up I believe them, even if they exaggerate on some cases, and they tend to be open secrets in the business (like Bryan Singer being a pedo), so it's not like they are exposing secret informations.

No. 673895

Idk, I like Sacha's sense of humour and his political commentary. It's not profound or ground breaking, but I laugh able to get people to do/agree with bigoted stuff. I liked his "Who is America" series, but I like Ali G the best.
kek. Are you in statistics? That was my math credit in uni, because I never got past algebra 2 in high school.

No. 673896

Which app can help me to get rid of random junk from my pc and boost its performance?

No. 673897

I've been using CCleaner for years and it works fine for that purpose.

No. 673923

No. 673925

No. 673931

seconding CCleaner

No. 673932

Agreed with CCleaner

No. 673943

File: 1605362400558.jpg (92.37 KB, 680x680, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7f485…)

This is gonna sound weird AF and I apologize for it, but… Do any of you know some kind of a video game that from a certain POV can be appealing to a child grooming creep in the same way as Leon the Professional? Best if it was released up to 2010.
The only example that comes to my mind is Rule of Rose, but this game DOES NOT deserve being written about in such a context. Especially since it was already slandered as 'cHilD pOrN' in Italy even though it's anything but. There is also Clock Tower, but it also doesn't fit what I have in mind…
The other example is so fucked up and NSFW that I could not refer to it in my story cause I don't want more people to play it. I am afraid even if the title wasn't mentioned, someone would figure it out.
>in b4 do your own writing research
I did and I even am ATM, but since nothing comes to my mind I decided to ask farmers.

No. 673952

Why are you looking for this game though?

No. 673953

I need it for a plot point in my novel. I can obviously come up with a fictional example, but I find those much less compelling then an actual pop culture reference.

No. 673958

I feel like you guys are gonna hate me for this question but, why do lesbians seem to get so mad when a bi person is in a straight relationship? I just don't get the big deal cause they're bisexual so…..

No. 673962

Probably because girls with boyfriends love to talk about how they like women as some dumb social bait or make jokes about how their boyfriend ~said they could get a gf~.

No. 673965

But is their attraction to women suppose to cease when they get in a relationship with men? I can understand how the second one is really really weird.

Idk. As a straight person, it just seems dumb to complain about a person attracted to both sexes being attracted to both sexes.

No. 673968

I've seen it explained as lesbian women getting upset because it's statistically more common for bi women to choose to male partners in the end and that it seems like they use bisexuality as a way to seem cool, woke or get oppression points when they're "straight presenting" in public. Also I guess the association they have with bi women who are in relationships with dudes asking lesbians to have threesomes with them.

No. 673973

Because bi women have privilege that they dont like to acknowledge, especially in a straight relationship.

No. 673974

>bi women who are in relationships with dudes asking lesbians to have threesomes with them
These are the ones that piss me off. Been there and it feels like they view you with the same predation as any man. No I, a lesbian, will not fuck your bf or have sex with you while your bf jerks it next to us. It is not okay to ask a lesbian to do that.

I also know alot of 'bi women' who just have never done a thing with a woman. At first it was like okay you're young and at some point you probably will. My friend group are all in their 30s now and it's amazing how many bi women make it to this age without kissing a woman.. lol. Not mad but I'm kinda waiting for the day they drop the act.

No. 673978

If your ok with redownloading some stuff: Back up your files to a drive and completely reinstall windows (i mean with a usb stick don't reset it in the windows settings, that doesn't do jack shit) There's some stuff that CC-cleaner can't fix, this gives you a completely clean slate.

No. 673982

That makes sense. I can definitely see how asking lesbians for threesomes is exploitative. Thank you anons.

No. 673983

I'm an ignorant straight woman here, but saying hating bi-women because of their "straight-passing" privilege still seems funny. Bi women do not oppress you or are the origin of homophobia, and it shouldn't be victim-olympics anyway.

No. 673984

Don't they pose an additional std risk to you guys too? And ime, they're all promiscuous as fuck, so that in itself is telling how well they stay in relationships.

No. 673990

I see your point but a lot of lesbians who feel this way also hate straight people because of this "straight privilege" so it really is the oppression olympics for a lot of them lol.

No. 673993

>bi women are promiscuous
Oh honey, that's fucked up of you to say that and far from the truth. Just a stupid stereotype you heard from salty dykes and are just regurgitating.

No. 673995

Unfortunately kpop is terminal, you're just going to have to put him out of his misery. My condolences

No. 673996

They're a kpop group. They post no threat to you other than he probably cums on their pics, which is not really a threat to you. It's one thing if he ever had a chance in hell to meet or interact with them.

No. 673999

That's not something I'm regurgitating. They're not quiet about their sexual endeavors. Every woman I've met that's bi makes an identity about it.
I've been hit on them as a het in several extremely uncomfortable situations. They're grabby, always made comments about my body and just generally didn't give a shit about boundaries. This isn't something that happened on tv, it's happened to me with 4 women that I can think of off the top of my head.

No. 674000

Anyway, there's nothing wrong with listening to Kpop on its own, but if he is literally in love with one of the members and neglecting you then I can understand your concern. But to play devil's advocate for a second, is that actually what's going on here? Like, is he literally obsessed with this girl or is it just a "I think she's pretty/hot" kind of thing and in that case do you ever ogle cute guys other than your boyfriend? I'd just talk to him about it and see what he says if it bothers you that much. But really ask yourself if it's as serious as what you're saying it is.

No. 674001

Nta but I doubt that's actually true. That's just a stereotype cause I guess being into both sexes makes you a "slut" or whatever. Also, how did you know all of these women were bi?

No. 674004

File: 1605368154363.jpg (34.47 KB, 500x495, ea6338ebd38e2bf45e6ca2879aaa7b…)

About to pull the trigger
This dude has the lowest libido ever, girl i am horny i need dick and hes wasting away his nuts to some chick with a mullet

No. 674007

What, so he's masturbating to her and not having sex with you? That's a problem then. Either talk to him about it or just break up already.

No. 674008

Of course you remember the handful of "bi" women who are grabby and hypersexual, probably in places where men are around, too, lmao.
The bi women who aren't that way probably won't tell you their sexuality, and you most likely assume they're straight.

No. 674009

Does anyone else hate wiping their ass? I mean I'll do it but it's fucking gross as fuck.

>inb4 eurofags and japfags with their bidets

that shit is gross too. nasty shit water spraying everywhere. If given the option, I would not use a bidet in a public restroom or even in my household with other household members. Eugh.

No. 674010

Well, two of them were strangers that were at my male friends' house and talked about it. The other two are friends that for whatever reason I dismiss. You're acting like they don't fucking say it constantly. It doesn't appear to matter whether they're around men or not in some cases.
I honestly don't give a shit if you believe me or not. The fact that you would likely eat someone's sexual harassment story involving a scrote without question, but don't want to believe me because you just can't fathom bi women as being predatory is fucked up.

No. 674014

NTA but you said they're all that way, and you expect everyone to just accept it?
Imagine the hell that would break loose if someone went on about "predatory lesbians", goddamn.

No. 674015

>The fact that you would likely eat someone's sexual harassment story involving a scrote without question, but don't want to believe me because you just can't fathom bi women as being predatory is fucked up.

Yeah I guess I expected misogyny from you

No. 674016

>it's fucking gross as fuck
Kek. As opposed to what, not wiping your ass?

No. 674017

No, as opposed to shitting immediately before a shower and then letting the high jets get between my cheeks kek

No. 674018

If it's considered misogyny to not want to be grabbed at and treated like fucking meat by other women, consider me the master of it.

Literally never had this problem with full blown lesbians.

No. 674019

>Imagine the hell that would break loose if someone went on about "predatory lesbians"
Nta, there was a poster saying this shit on repeat a while back. As a lesbian (that didn't grow up in the current lgbt times) you kind of are numb to hearing it.

No. 674021

It's considered misogyny that you speak so low on our intelligence like we'd believe any woman telling us about sexual harassment if it "involved a scrote". That's just shitty to say. The second shitty thing you've said today, you're on a roll.

No. 674022

It's funny because bisexual women are literally more at risk of sexual assault and violence, but het-anon thinks it's important to push this tired, ugly "bi women are all sexually harassing me and they're all promiscuous whres!!" stereotype.
Yes, it's misogyny.

No. 674025

And just for the fucking record, you didn't call them "predatory", you said they were promiscuous. Do you know the difference anon? How'd you change up your narrative midway just to stay on the defensive. You called bi women all sluts. Now they're predators? Which is it?

No. 674027

Ayrt, I never said I don't believe you dumbass. I meant I doubt it's true that bisexual people are more likely to pass on STD's. I don't have an issue with believing that women can be predatory.

You're experience with bi women doesn't mean that all of them have STD's. Infact, you didn't even get an std from any of them (assuming you didn't have sex with any of them) so I don't even know where you got that assumption.

No. 674028

>bi women are promiscuous
>that's fucked up and untrue anon
>yeah right, you'd probably believe some scrote harassment story over a story about a bi women being a predator

where the fuck did that even come from.

No. 674032

Diff anon and not taking sides in this but bisexual men do get shat on here aswell and called whores, degenerates etc. I saw it posted just yesterday, and the day before lol

No. 674033

samefag, and I know they can overlap, but that wasn't your initial statement nowyoure bringing up them being predators despite your original statement was just calling them promiscuous.

No. 674035

Men are universal whores, regardless of sexuality.

No. 674040

This. It's funny that whore is such a female-coded word when it really is so much more applicable to male behavior.

No. 674041

I keep seeing people with big noses having trouble with with masks not staying put whilst talking. Big nosed anons, is wearing a mask difficult to you?

No. 674042

Ok, because bi women also sleep with men and penetrative sex with men can increase chances of STDs vs a lesbian that has lower risks of STDs across sexually active groups. So even a bi woman that weren't promiscuous would potentially be exposed to something that could be spread to a lesbian partner, because the scrote was fucking around.
My experiences with predatory bi women put a bad taste in my mouth, but the rest is literally just how it is. Fuck scrotes, and you're at risk by default.

No. 674046

Not a big nose anon but those blue disposable masks just don't fit my face at all. They slip upwards and affect my line of sight. I think my face is too small.

No. 674049

That happens to me too, try twisting the elastic before putting it around your ear. But then there will be a weird fold in the side of the mask and it won't sit properly.

No. 674052

lol bidets are not all that common in Europe, we still mostly just wipe our asses. You can use wet wipes if you feel like dry paper isn't enough.

No. 674054

My nose is a little wide, and the disposable masks work fine for me. They have a little wire so you can bend it to fit your nose better. They only problem is the masks always ride up my face, so I gotta pull them away from my eyes. Idk if that has anything to do with my nose though.

No. 674055

Again, you never got an STD from those women, so I don't know why you think your experience means bisexual women are STD spreaders. Also again, promiscuous ≠ predatory.
>penetrative sex with men can increase chances of STDs
Is this even true? Genuinely asking, because I'm pretty certain swapping bodily fluids in general is putting you at a risk of stds.

No. 674060

File: 1605372988313.png (13.88 KB, 616x416, T1.png)

I learned through an anatomy course during the discussion on STDs. But here.


No. 674068

Is it possible to become a good dancer if you're not naturally talented at it and haven't been doing it from a young age?
Also, what exactly makes a good dancer? I can tell when someone's really bad at it, but I can't really tell when someone's good. Like when people shill a certain dancer as the best, it's hard for me to see how they're better than another decent dancer. I'm guessing part of it is probably subjective or dependent on how their technique meshes with the style of dance they're doing?

No. 674072

Depends on what kind of dance. Really physically demanding dances like ballet and ones that require acrobatics would probably be impossible, those dancers spend a lifetime on it and have insane flexibility that can only be acquired by training for it since childhood. I assume you don't want to make a carreer change, so does it really matter if you're good?

No. 674077

No, I'm not looking to be a professional dancer, but I've become more interested in trying it lately and was just wondering if it was possible to get decently good at it. I'm mostly interested in hip-hop dancing and stuff like that rather than ballet, which I know phases people out really young.

No. 674079

I have that too due to small nose and face but I just tie the things but I have now made my own masks that fit snuggggggg so no issues!

No. 674081

File: 1605376431714.jpg (82.24 KB, 794x794, half ponytail.jpg)

Is there a way to do updos in a way that would be suitable for a person with large ears but a round face? Normally I have to keep my hair down to cover my ears and the sides of my face, but I want to experiment with some actual hairstyles. I sorta think something like pic rel could maybe work but Idk how to do a half ponytail without showing my ears

No. 674082

Is it a bad thing if someone asks me if i went out to a sunbed? I didn’t BTW

No. 674084

I don't think so, you must look tanned?

No. 674087

Is mousy/ash-blonde hair actually that ugly or is it just considered ugly because it's common?

No. 674089

I feel like it's actually in right now

No. 674090

Why would it? As a palefag, for me it would mean i look healthier and like i vacationed lol

No. 674093

I’ve seen multiple people here ask how to get that color, and as a dishwater blonde myself, I’ve had more people in person say they like my hair than ever before in the past year, year and a half. Dunno why but it does seem to be “on trend” lately.

No. 674094

As you say, talent is partly subjective but you can typically tell apart newbies from trained dancers by looking at how seamless their movements are. I’ve also seen professional dancers who had skill in a technical sense, but weren’t very good when it comes to artistry. It’s kind of like music. You can play a piece perfectly and that will make you good, but it’s your own interpretation of the song and the unique flourishes you put on it that make you stand out. And to answer your original question, yes, you can become a good dancer as an adult with practice.

No. 674095

Every hair color on the planet can look good as long as the hair itself is nice and healthy

No. 674100

I feel weird about it. Any women of color with light eyes that get asked the same question?

No. 674105

In my experience the only type of people who seem to take his blog seriously are conspiracy theorists.

He's some middle aged divorce lawyer living in the middle of nowhere. He accepts pretty much every submission given to him, even troll submissions. For every blind that ends up being correct there's a million more that are wrong. tl;dr he's no more knowledgeable about Hollywood secrets than your average gossip enthusiast.

The Weinstein stuff was known long before CDaN existed.

No. 674117

>Any women of color with light eyes that get asked the same question?
Ah. I agree it's weird.
This reminds me of a time this black girl I knew went to Bulgaria (or some other E. Euro country) with a friend, they were at some beauty place and one of the local males was like "She doesn't need to tan" while laughing with his friend.

No. 674139

File: 1605383441878.jpg (93.27 KB, 452x653, 1._20Half-Up-Half-Down-Hairsty…)

>I need it for a plot point in my novel.
kek it's so true that a writer's google search history looks the same as a criminals

>Idk how to do a half ponytail without showing my ears
When your hair is just lying flat, pull from around the middle of your ears and make sure it's loosely tied so it hangs over them like pic rel. Alternatively pull from behind your ears so the hair in front stays where it was. You should really just have a go trying stuff out, it would be obvious once you try.

No. 674140

How do I break it off with someone I am not even dating yet? Like we are in the 'talking stage' and met like once and I don't like him. He is nice, but too self-centered and can't stand the convo not being about him. Well, it's turning me off hardcore. So, how do I initiate it? I have extremely bad social skills so I don't know what to do and this is the first time I'm in this situation. And ALSO he is always like 'i'm so weird and annoying' and I assure him that'z not true or whatever so I'd feel even bad breaking off because he is, in fact, annoying.

No. 674144

Any lolicon visual novel, I guess.

No. 674147

bonus points: it will hurt his ego more than just a breakup

No. 674153

This, or fade. Just reply less and less and never initiate or make plans to hang out, then eventually stop replying all together.

No. 674157

I'll try fading, I think I'm already kinda on it because I haven't talked about myself at all, even a little for like a week, and he hasn't seemed to notice a thing, I'll just reply less and then just fade out to nothing.

No. 674173

File: 1605387641454.jpg (88.24 KB, 574x864, 20201114_143930.jpg)

I've actively been avoiding doing anything that plays into my beach stoner look but I can't take it anymore I'm finna buss. Is it selfish to ask my s/o to go on a little trip to the beach for a weekend? Really want to go surfing but the whole pandemic and shit is keeping me from going through with it. What do you anons thinks?

No. 674196

Call me selfish or whatever but I went on a beach vacation with my partner a couple months ago. There were already quite a few people in the little tourist town even then, and the hotel and store owners were relieved because obviously the influx of visitors was supporting their livelihood. People were wearing masks in stores/restaurants but we mostly spent time on the beach, so there was plenty of room between everyone. Neither of us got sick. Just wear a mask if you're gonna be close to other people, otherwise go and have fun.

No. 674197

File: 1605390919454.png (338.14 KB, 1080x911, IMG_20201114_223637.png)

Is it some kind of tranny month or holiday or something? The dodo is just a wholesome animal channel it doesn't make sense for them to have a trans profile picture

No. 674202

IIRC in the YU-NO VN the MC ends up with his daughter (and her mother was a retarded mute, so double creep). There's also the tsukihime fandisk with the eternal loli route for the rapist MC.

No. 674209

If she’s actually black-black as in actually african american then that’s even weirder to say wtf.
I guess my face is caucasian or whatever so i get it on my part tbh but still you don’t get to ask people if they went sunbedding even if they did it’s no one’s business smh.

No. 674214

nah bro if your dude is harshing your vibe that's totally not sick, especially if you're missing out on some gnarly sets and you're stoked on getting out there and just carvin' bombs. sounds like a real kook tbh

No. 674218

Transgender Awareness Month.

No. 674240

If I returned some items to a store and the transaction went successfully, but more than 12 hours later the money hasn't come back into my account, should I be concerned/call the store up?

No. 674242

Nah, sometimes, especially between different banks it can take up to 2 business days

No. 674252

What's a job that's legal, will result in you being socially ostracised if by peers, friends, family, and strangers if you're found having this job, that causes the worker to be at risk of getting life-endangering diseases and maybe risks trauma/PTSD and physical pain that isn't sex work? The only thing I can think of is army-work but that's not really an apt compariosion

No. 674255

Sorry this is a little late but thank you! I really appreciate your answer.

No. 674259


No. 674261

I have frozen soup dumplings from the local restaurant, normally I'd use a steamer basket however I threw mine out after it broke and never got it replaced (been lazy). Is there any other way I can make them? Thank you

No. 674265

bioharzard(places where people have died, crime scenes, abandoned buildings, morgues, hospitals etc) clean up crew.

No. 674268

Where do fujos and other weebs roleplay nowadays? Especially the non-fandom/OC Donut ones. I've looked up the website I used to play on but every single one of the few active fujo ones is omegaverse garbage.

No. 674271

Garbage men.

No. 674272


No. 674281

File: 1605405963196.png (602.28 KB, 2052x1274, b1.png)

Am I just a retarded virgin, or does the highlighted text in this read like a rape scene?
The book kind of continues on like it's fine (it's written by a dude, btw), and the professor for the class I'm reading it for described it as "completely and entirely consensual".

No. 674283

Is this 50 shades or just some other shite?

No. 674284

It sounds like it was written by a virgin whose only exposure to sex is porn. The language used sounds rapey but the author’s intent is probably closer to “ooh she’s so tight and shy about sex”.

No. 674285

Brooklyn by Colm Toibin

No. 674287

Reads like rape. I understand the writer who is a male is trying to convey that the male came inside the female because she tightened her vagina and tight vaginas make penis go woowoo but it reads like shit sex and rape especially when you read the next paragraph and they were both in a state of dress like the male in the passage really did just insert himself on the female who describes it as painful

No. 674289

How to get engagement on twitter? I absolutely hate that site but if I want people to read my fic, I need to promo it somewhere. Except promos don't work with 2 followers.

No. 674291

Use hashtags and interact with other people in the fandom?

No. 674292

Oh no.. And how does one find the right ones?

No. 674315

should i get a watch with a silicone band or a leather band? which one lasts longer? which one is easier to clean?

No. 674316

How do I stop myself from sputtering and my voice from warbling when I'm nervous?

No. 674320

Take deep breaths and speak slowly.

No. 674360

romance adjacent topic sounds more /g/ material to me

No. 674366

Do y'all think the law of attraction works?

No. 674370

No. Why would it?

No. 674371

Depends on the day you ask me. It's a no from me, today. If you ask me on a day that my bf just so happens to text me while I'm thinking about it, then yes.

No. 674373

Does anyone else get a weird feeling of displacement or like everything is wrong despite everything being "fine"??
For example, I often feel like most of the people I know are lying to me about how they feel about me or hiding something from me. Even family, partners and friends. Sometimes it feels like everyone knows something I don't. Like they're strangers (as in, have a side about them you don't know) or hiding evil motives.

idk I just feel very unloved and like everyone is lying to me despite everything. I really need help

But please tell me someone else feels this way sometimes

No. 674374

Yep, I've felt this way before. It's not exactly healthy though, might wanna look into therapy if this happens to you often.

No. 674375

I do, but not in a magical sense. When I was deeply depressed, everything sucked and other miserable people were drawn to me. When I started attempting to look on the bright side, I was able to appreciate the good things I had and less likely to continue putting up with "energy vampires." That made space for better people and opportunities to come into my life. It works because sad people tend to be pessimists and dismiss potential positives before they even give them a chance. Happy people tend to be optimists and look for more happy things even in objectively tough situations.

No. 674378

May or may not involve ostracism depending on what you're covering and how, but war correspondent or journalist focusing on more taboo topics or cultures.

No. 674389

Where do you draw the ling between someone being a sadboy/sadgirl for the aesthetic or attention and them having a reason for perpetually depressed ?

like there was this guy at work I thought was just "mopey", cause he always looked perceptually miserable and seemed to just stare off the distance but then I learned his younger brother had been kidnapped and to this day has never been found and that loss fucked him up, so I guess he has a reason to be perpetually depressed

No. 674393

Does smoking actually relieve stress? I probably shouldn't start for obvious reasons, but I really need an outlet rn and meditation/mindfulness stuff has never worked before.

No. 674395

How do I ask a friend I'm interested in whether he watches porn or not, or very little? And before you say all men watch porn, my ex didn't and I got him into it when I was a pornsick pickme.

No. 674397

Where the fuck is everyone getting these cute linen dresses with the puff sleeves? I want one!

No. 674398

You know what else is a good reason to be depressed?
Mental illness and fucked up brain chemistry that causes it. None of which can be perceived by you.
It's not your bussiness to judge if someone has the 'right' (wtf) to be depressed or not. You can never know what's going on in another person's head and what they've been through. The example of your work colleague should have taught you that, and yet you are back to square one.
You sound immature and ignorant. Focus on doing some growing up yourself instead of gatekeeping mental illness (or 'sadness').

No. 674400

The line is whether they expect to be coddled for being sad.
Anon above is right about one thing: everyone has the "right" to be depressed. However, that doesn't give them the right to demand to be treated differently from anyone else. If they use depression to dictate how others behave, that's crossing the line.

No. 674402

Depends on what you want to do with you watch, do you want it for sports or physically intense hobbies (like gardening)? Go with a silicone band, it's easier to clean, and leather is very sensitive and can degrade easily because of acidity of the sweat (especially if the leather is not super high quality). If you want a watch to wear casually at work or for special occasions, leather is good, careful not to dip it in water, it can be ruined instantly. I recommend metal bands as well, I think they look classier and are generally more durable than the other two (and they are made of stainless steel, you can safely go into the water).

No. 674404

What does breast milk taste like?

I asked my sister but she offered me to taste it straight out of the “gallon” instead but I was creeped out and chose not to. Maybe I should’ve asked her to squirt it in a cup…

No. 674408

If he's currently a friend it feels weird that you would ask him

No. 674410

Anon above and I agree with you but OP's post was infuriating. Maybe it was just a bad phrasing but it sounded more like OP was more concerned about gatekeeping people she deemed not good enough to be mentally ill than worrying about being manipulated.

No. 674411

Sounded overbearing, like let me be the judge of whether you're good to act like that.. Just mind your business lol

No. 674412

I remember a biology teacher of mine back in school once said it tastes disgusting to anyone who isn't a baby. He said he knew from first hand experience with his wife kek

No. 674413

Yeah, that's just it, what's going on in someone's head is none of your business unless they make it your business by expecting you to adapt to them.

No. 674414

What are the best tips for doing laundry? My mother would always do the laundry in such a way, that all of my clothes shrunk, lost their soft texture and bright colors. Nearly all of my white items of clothing became grey after the first two washes, and many sweaters started to feel like hardened paper maché, as opposed to soft wool or cotton. I know it isn't the clothes, because in my stays at the houses of others, my laundry was perfectly lovely afterwards. What I could learn from them I did, but it was not enough apparently… Because of this, I never learned a different way of doing the laundry, and I was wondering if any farmers could offer advice on how to properly do the laundry, or little things I can add to the routine/change?

No. 674415

Read the labels on the clothes, they tell you everything about how they should be washed and ironed.

No. 674417

Said guy I was talking about does work well others and even has a girlfriend, I just never understood how someone can like literally never smile or be happy for like even one moment the day

I have never seen that man a smile or chuckle or make really anything

No. 674421

I guess. I've been smoking for 12 years and was a retarded teenager. I smoke more when I'm stressed, but I associate cigarettes with breaks from doing shit and there's the relief of nicotine.

You could try shisha at hookah lounge and see if you like it. If you do, maybe get a hookah and you can smoke at home. It's like having a drink occasionally and I don't think you'd get addicted.

No. 674430

it's worked more for me than a literal lifetime of therapy has

No. 674437

Since we have so many Latin America anons here, can someone answer me why so many Brasilians especially spam Portugese everywhere? Like I see them commenting in their own language to Asian artists or cosplayers who don't even speak English and speaking to foreigners in online games despite being told nobody can understand them, why do they expect literally everyone in the world to speak Portugese? I never see other nationalities doing this shit. I can understand people trying to communicate in English because that's basically the current common bridge language of the world but why Portugese?

No. 674438

>I never see other nationalities doing this shit
I can't comment on the brazilian part, but the russian do this shit all the time. They'll comment in russian, or enter any chat and start spamming "kto russkij??" (I'm lazy to switch to cyrillics now). They also do this IRL, and I'm not shitting you, they're coming into European countries as tourists (pre-COVID times), and are flabbergasted that no one can guide them around or speak to them in russian while they refuse to learn even the most basic shit in english.

No. 674441

No. 674443

I think it works in the sense that your mind starts recognizing smoking as a (mental) break. You can invoke that stress relieve with other less-damaging habits.

No. 674444

I got one from Asos earlier in the year. They had a lot of different styles and most were pretty affordable. I haven't looked there in a minute though, so I don't know if they still have any for sale.

No. 674445

Agree with >>674438 that Russians do this shit too. It seems to be a big country thing, maybe that explains some of the self importance? I would say it’s probably because most never expect to / want to go abroad so it’s silly to learn a new language just to use online, however a lot of people do study another language for this reason.

Though I would argue that saying “who’s Russian?” or “like this if you’re Brazilian” makes more sense written in the respective languages rather than English as it’s aimed at people who speak those languages.

No. 674446

The average Brazilian can't write or understand the most basic English.

No. 674452

God I fucking hate russian tourists, since they are rich they are so haughty and condescending, and the fact they utterly refuse to learn even one word of english is infuriating. Even japanese tourists, notable bad english speakers, know how to say "hello, this one please, thank you and goodbye". Brazilian tourists tend to be nice, so they still have that over the russians and the chinese.

No. 674453

How do I know that the emotions I am feeling are legit or are just exaggerated because I'm pms-ing, because I have been crying extremely hard over something for the paat hour but I don't know if I am being ridiculous or whatever. I feel stupid.

No. 674455

Get a second opinion, or reflect on it when your pms is gone.

No. 674457

I mean if you describe the situation on here you'll usually get some blunt answers on whether you're overreacting

No. 674458

Okay, well if anyone can provide a second opinion? I was asking something because I was confused about the instructions, but they misunderstood it as me being rude, how i'm always in a bad mood and am rude and inconsiderate, and it made me cry really bad and i started being in a nobody love me sort of mood, cried in the shower, came back and was being quiet and that was again taken as me being a rude bitch like always and if i didn't reply to a sentence it added to the huge pile of evidence of me being a stuck up bitch and it made me cry more because i was replying in short sentences so i wouldn't cry and look manipulative and I tried explaining i am not being rude and i didn't have any intention of being mean and so I have been crying for the past hour and they are mad at me. Writing this out i am realizing it is probably exaggerated emotions due to pms and i will have to make it up to the person for being so dramatic.

No. 674460

Probably overreacting but it sounds like the other person is too. You both need to chill out then talk to each other without dramatics or judgement.

No. 674461

>expect literally everyone in the world to speak Portugese
That's not it, it's more that they can't understand that people can't understand portuguese. They also mainly keep to their own portuguese-speaking internet (I know, hard to believe, but what you see is just a small percentage of all BRs) and tend to only venture outside of it when linked from there, so they kind of expect to still be in the PT-speaking part of the internet with other BRs. They're stupid and lost, basically.

No. 674467

NTA but I understand that they might be clicking links to websites not in Portuguese but suggesting they don’t understand that others don’t speak Portuguese is pretty wild.

Even really ignorant Anglophones concede that not everyone speaks English, and that’s a much more widely spoken language.

No. 674469

You do seem a bit low if it's affecting you this much but in fairness the other person being mad is an emotional reaction too, I feel like people often forget that being quick to anger is being overly emotional too. I can see a bit of both here.

No. 674480

I need to know if this u
Is normal behavior
>be me
>be 30 year old out with two other 30 year olds
>they're a couple
>my friend gets up to use the bathroom and her bf tells me he likes me hair and that it's cute
>we were walking back to the car and she was joking how being in a good relationship is making her gain weight and that stress makes her lose weight
>he puts his hand on my waist and says "ok Ashley let's stress her out!"

I'm a shut in autist but is this normal behavior for ppl?

No. 674483

this is stupid questions, not "absolutely retarded questions that you already know the answer to"

Anyways, no. That's not normal, what did you expect us to say?

No. 674484

Tell him that shit is fucking weird and to knock it off right there in your friend’s presence you pussy

No. 674486

Nah that's not it girl. Mostly bc Brazilian people like to find other Brazilians that enjoy the same content they do and bc of some meme probably

No. 674489

I'm just not gonna chill with them anymore. Idk why she always needs to bring her bf.

No. 674496

I’m sorry for the girl who will find herself with a lame bf, cheated and fatter.

No. 674498

Idk maybe this is how normies joke. He has two baby mommas and hes only 33 and she still chooses to be with him, not much can be done at this point.

No. 674499

I mean men being social tards is kinda normal. If you really want to keep your friendship with them make it very clear you're not a touchy person. Nip that shit in the bud

No. 674505

Is Poppy a tranny? I'm getting huge Kim Petras vibes.

No. 674506

Doesn’t mean we should excuse and accept their retardation imo. What a shitty thing to say. I bet that girlfriend is thinking about it.
Not gon lie, that bf sounds like he negs her constantly and is the kind of guy who gets jealous if the gf goes to hang out without him, even with female friends.
If you’re non-confrontational, just get in her DM and say you want to touch base. How you thought he was being kind of rude to her and how he lowkey flirted. I’m sure she’d appreciate you checking up on her. If not, you’ll know for sure you don’t want to chill with them again.

No. 674507

I think it's simply because learning english is still a priviledge for those who go to a good school, can pay expensive courses or have time to be self taught and the average huehue doesn't have that.

They're not dumb and know not everyone speaks portuguese, but a lot of the content online is in english thus they end up there and the only choice they have is to speak the language they know and hope there's another brazillian or portuguese person around.

No. 674517

>Doesn’t mean we should excuse and accept their retardation
No and I wasn't saying that, the only thing is if you directly call him out you likely will upset the gf and become the the bad guy. That's why in those situations I usually say "I'm just not a touchy person in general" I generalise so their bf can't get butthurt or say I'm accusing him of anything.

It's a tough situation because the gf is likely to view him through rose tinted glasses so will resent you telling her otherwise, ime

No. 674522

What is the best way to get rid of an upcoming cold sore? I can feel my upper lip tingling. I don't have any kind of cream or medication

No. 674527

I agree with this 110% and I cannot STRESS how much I wouldn't confront the girlfriend with absolutely anything. Just dip out and that's it.

I was in a situation a couple years ago where a guy I knew (sort of had a history with but nothing serious) went to a festival at the same time I was there. He had a long term serious girlfriend at the time and he tried to hook up with me while we were there and she was back home. I of course turned him down, and when I returned home I went through the trouble of messaging her, getting her number, and calling her to tell her what he tried to do just so she knew. Of course she viewed him with rose tinted glasses and didn't dump him or anything, she kinda resented me after that. He ended up cheating on her for real with someone else not long after and they broke up.

Moral of the story is just don't intervene in people's relationships for fucking anything.

No. 674539

There is no home remedy that can substitute the cream or medicated disks unfortunately
They usually happen because you're not getting enough sleep, stressed or run down so try to take care of yourself

No. 674547

File: 1605460503400.jpg (63.52 KB, 564x1003, futch-esque.jpg)

lesbian anons, please educate me. Would you guys call pic related a futch or something else?

No. 674549

Shes cute but why categorize this shit

No. 674550

just curious

No. 674564

File: 1605462283375.jpg (128.31 KB, 612x612, 5oHIDQJ.jpg)

Naw she used to be a normal looking girl

No. 674572

It's just an uwu aesthetic they both have, Poppy is obviously not a tranny even with her weird looks.

No. 674577

I would call her ugly and smelly because she looks like it.

No. 674586

PMS but also you probably would have still been upset at what that person did. They're assuming the worst about you for some reason. If that person is your friend then I'd seriously question why they don't assume good intentions.

No. 674587

File: 1605465210544.jpg (32.84 KB, 728x500, 4mhi0o.jpg)

No. 674595

futch isn't a thing
and like anon above said why even categorise it?

No. 674599

Kek for real

No. 674611

What is it with scrotes and dragon ball z

No. 674615

this whole futch/soft butch etc categorization seems really new and if it really is then it probably came from autistic troons since they are the ones that love to use these stupid terms

No. 674621

>this whole futch/soft butch etc categorization seems really new
this post claims otherwise
I know
but that's the only post I found that provided evidence all together

No. 674622

This post actually makes me a little sad to think about. A lot of LGBT history/terminology is completely unknown in books and media.

No. 674624

how many of you have no friends from college time? i have some people i talk to and all but i doubt we will keep contact after uni or become friends. i am cs major and lots of people there are introverted/shy/awkward and i already have a hard time befriending ppl in general so doubtful that the situation will become better when lockdown ends/next year

No. 674625

Not a scrote and I love DBZ.

No. 674637

how do people in relationships ever end up moving in together? the concept is so foreign to me because i've been lonely so long and never in a serious relationship. does the guy just end up asking you one day if you wanna live together?

No. 674641

ime, you stay over at their place alot (or they stay at yours) and you eventually realise you're paying stupidly high seperate rent for a place that you never sleep at anymore so it makes sense to just drop one of your places.

>does the guy just end up asking you

Why would it be the guys decision? Its 50/50, you both discuss it

No. 674642

My bf and i where in a ldr so we kinda had to move together. On our first -kinda date- we talked about what we expect like: no kids, having a dog and moving in with a significant other. So no proposal for moving in

No. 674648

>does the guy just end up asking you one day
That sounds very old-fashioned but I guess that still happens, I'd hate to wait around for someone to ask me.
Imo it usually happens when a couple is spending so much time together that they may as well live in the same place, or when they are in a serious relationship but don't see each other enough because of work or LDR so they do it so they can at least see each other when they come home. Also common is when one of them is looking for a place anyway and the other half just says "why don't you just move in with me?", which can work out but is also why so many broke people end up trapped living with bad partners.

Imo people should live with friends before they live with a partner so they learn what's normal

No. 674654

I've been in two long term serious relationships and the first one we lived together for years. We were already dating for a couple of years and then we both were complaining about living under our parents and discussed renting a place together since we both had a wage.

Second relationship it was discussed but our situations never lined up. We worked miles away from the other and the commute time would never have worked. He never wanted to compromise on location or picking a midpoint between the two so it pretty much let me know convenience was more important to him than the person.

No. 674656

What the FUCK is going on in the Taylor thread???

No. 674660

Anons, is there any way I can make my facial bones more… prominent? I have high, visible cheekbones and a good jaw but they are not as sharp as I would like them, is there anything (except surgery) I can do to make them more prominent? I am already a few kgs underweight so can't afford losing more weight.

No. 674673

This is going to sound dumb even for this thread so please be patient anons. So you know how lips are kind of made up of two parts - the fleshy part that makes them stick out from the face, and the coloured part which covers the flesh? My coloured part is slightly too small for the flesh part, so I have a slither of lip that is skin-colour. Is there anything I can do to hide it besides overlining my lips?

I didn’t even realise it was a thing until I saw a woman who had the same issue because of filler injected badly (I have never had filler so this problem is natural in my case).

No. 674689

File: 1605471776679.jpg (49.87 KB, 500x700, 2e1a98c81adf900d3cd4c3111f95bb…)

>the fleshy part that makes them stick out from the face, and the coloured part which covers the flesh
Like pic?

Tbh I think you should provide a photo cause it's hard to visualize what your issue is. But if your problem is what I'm imagining, then those staining lip balms and lipsticks might help. You can just get one to match the color of your real lips. Makeup tattooing might be an option if your willing to do that.

No. 674690

I have that too, also not from filler, just natural. I don’t worry about it usually, it’s not noticeable, but otherwise, I do line it with lipliner or fill it in properly with lipstick is all.

No. 674692

samefag but, I think that part is called the vermillion border

No. 674694

Exactly like the pic! Thanks anon, I was finding nothing on google. Makeup tattooing is a good idea.

Yeah it’s not a big deal but I find it looks weird on me now I’ve noticed it, probably wouldn’t even register it on anyone else

No. 674705

Is it wrong to wear fantasy/nature-inspired clothing and crystals if I'm not actually that outdoorsy, and also don't practice witchy/magic things?
I just think the aesthetic is beautiful.

No. 674708

No? Why would it be?

No. 674720

Not really, magic isn't real, so it's not like some fairy is going to get mad and curse you.

No. 674721

According to radfem theory, could wearing makeup be alright if it's bought secondhand (thus not supporting the makeup industry), not used 'to cover up flaws', and isn't appealing to men? e.g. just putting on some blue eyeshadow and nothing else

No. 674722

I mean…no? Outdoorsy, witchy, fairy aesthetics aren't exclusive to witches.

No. 674727

Samefag, but crystals are also not exclusive to witches.

No. 674743

Is this a rhetorical question or are you wanting to actually know for yourself?

No. 674748

it's a hypothetical question, I don't wear makeup at all

No. 674751

Ofc not, don't forget the current witch trend is mostly girls on Tumblr putting crystals and herbs in their rooms, it's not even close to "traditional" magic (if you even believe in it).

No. 674756

Not everything you do has to be feminist. Wearing make-up never will be because it does not help women achieve liberation. By wearing make-up you still send a message to your fellow women that makeup is a necessity and you are still conforming to patriarchal beauty standards.
Wear make-up if you like, but don't try to twist it into a feminist (-friendly) decision. That's peak libfem choice bullshit.

No. 674763

Why does it seem like everyone on LC hates corpse husband all of sudden, like I get he got too popular all of a sudden and his SIMPs are annoying but he doesn't seem like problematic in anyway, hes like an inoffensive normie

No. 674767

>inoffensive normie
Anon have you heard about whatever that cringe rap he put out was? I don’t know anything about him and don’t care either way, but seeing that, he’s cringey at the very least kek. I think that gets you made fun of a lot here, especially as an internet culture scrote.

No. 674775

he's a wannabe daddy dom, not normie in the slightest

No. 674783

There’s going to be a storm coming eventually. Corpse husband is a sex pest.

No. 674812

He also used to collab with Cryaotic a lot, so his creepy obsession with "uwu she wants me to choke her" makes it even worse.

No. 674829

What should I do if I dont like the company of others but I also dont like the company of myself?

No. 674845

File: 1605486153535.jpeg (27.43 KB, 400x400, 82A72432-E783-4FED-9CD0-115E84…)

Does anyone remember what this girls name was? She had a thread either here or on PULL

No. 674848

I say this sincerely with love and care, try to identify what makes you uncomfortable with each respective kind of company and work on it. Don't like people because they're shallow? Judgemental? You fear rejection? Give them a chance to prove you wrong, you have nothing to lose.
Easier said than done, I'm in the process of trying to do this and it's uncomfortable but people can and will surprise you. Same with your own company.
It's either that, or an hero.

No. 674849

No. 674850

Thank you!

No. 674853

Would it be possible to lose 20 lbs in less than 2 months if I'm 5'6 at 120lbs?

No. 674854

Don't go the anachan route anon

No. 674863

Possible but extremely not good for you. Be kinder to yourself. As long as you eat and take exercise in moderation then you're doing everything right. You probably look great anon, work on your mind instead.

No. 674864

>5'6" at 120 lbs
Why would you want to lose weight?

No. 674871

Losing weight that rapidly always seems to make people's faces look like a deflated bike tyre.

Why not do it slower?

No. 674878

You'd have to burn a bit more than 1000 calories every day if you wanna do it in 2 months exactly. Not impossible but very, very bad. That's more than half your TDEE unless you're pretty active, and if you are, you won't be for long if you eat that little.

No. 674895

Where can I bulk buy 5 pounds of bananas in the US?

No. 674897

… sam's club?

No. 674903

Anywhere? Foodlion, Publix, Bi-Lo, Piggly Wiggly, Lidl, Trader Joes, Costco etc… Just google grocery stores in the US. Not walmart though, their produce is trash.

No. 674963

Is something wrong with men now a days? I swear most of them either cum in like 30 seconds or they cant get it up at all.

No. 674978

it's the porn

No. 674981

How does porn make them cum so fast? I'm genuinely curious. I would think jerking it all the time would make em last longer

No. 674989

Porn doesn't make them cum fast, it makes them inadept to get hard

No. 675004

File: 1605504573035.png (6.83 MB, 2436x1125, 97484B2D-B9B7-41C5-9552-EBEB74…)

Are sparkly dresses out of season after January 1?

I want to wear a modern take on this for my sister’s quinceñera which is on the 16.

No. 675021

Does anybody else's cat try to eat their ass? I cant fart around her because she'll try to find the source of the noise, and when she does that's when the teeth come out. I feel entitled to pass gas freely and unmolested in my own home. I work hard not pooting in public and at the end of the day if I come home to unwind and maybe break a little wind that's my god-given right, the last thing I want is to always be looking over my shoulder to make sure nothing is stalking my bunghole. I dont even know why, whether it's the sound or the smell, but something about it just makes her so aggressive and it's very stressful, she's usually so sweet otherwise.

No. 675029

Lmfao I have nothing to add anon but I’m fucking dying. Is your ass not protected by whatever you sitting on so your cat can’t attack it?

No. 675031

so I’ve texted a guy that I had some dates with but he rejected me after the third one. It‘s been 2 months but he had his birthday last week so I thought I could try it one last time.
He‘s busy with work so I asked him if maybe he wants to meet up because I’m coming to his city this week an he replied with „ idk I can’t tell you. text me when you have time maybe it‘ll work spontaneously“

do you think I should give it a try and text him one evening or did he just write that to not be rude? I really don’t want a relationship or even a date, I just want to talk to him

No. 675033

Anon if he wanted to talk to you he would have made the time. it's never 'spontaneous' when they're legit interested

No. 675035

I know he’s not really interested. That’s why he rejected me in the first place. But still, I really want to see him so I’m wondering if he just wrote that to be nice and he will just say ‚sorry today doesn’t work‘ or if he is open to the idea of meeting again

No. 675037

Idk lol she just snags whatever I've left hanging out, plus I like sitting sort of reclined with my knees up, or even worse laying on my stomach. I guess I could just always have a modesty pillow handy, but even then she really is maniacal in her pursuit, trying to get right in there like one of those gross sniff memes

No. 675038

File: 1605508775171.jpg (12.58 KB, 480x455, 1605360738917.jpg)

If he wanted to he would. Repeat after me IF HE WANTED TO HE WOULD.

No. 675041

nope, cut him out

No. 675042

>I’m wondering if he just wrote that to be nice and he will just say ‚sorry today doesn’t work‘ or if he is open to the idea of meeting again
what does it matter, if he was open to it he would have said something other than 'idk lol'. seems pretty straightforward to me, just take the hint and keep it moving

No. 675061

No, they're always party appropriate. Most stores with evening wear carry them year round. Carry on.

No. 675067


thank you. I think I know this deep down I just don’t want to accept it

No. 675079

You say you respect the demisexuality thing despite your own feelings on the word… Yet you've to listen to him rant about people with different sex lives to him. Bit unfair that you respect his thing and in return he preaches and gets a big head about being a pure demi. You can live your own way without bitterly shitting on others living differently to you or declaring you're the one in the right.

Ironically enough, I hope you haven't let this guy inside you..don't fuck bitter fucks after they feel entitled to rant about what other women should do with their holes. I guarantee he has a host of emotional issues.

No. 675082

Samefag, don't know why you deleted but I hope you still read.

No. 675101

What is the male version of the pick me?

No. 675103

Simp, cuck, white knight

No. 675104

this is infact the superior technique.

No. 675105

A beta male? Although that's sort of TRP/pickup-artist technology. The ones that in TRP tales marry the disillusioned woman who just uses him for money.

No. 675107

Pussywhipped, white knight, simp, I'm sure some men would say faggot even though that would make no sense

No. 675108

I deleted it because I thought it would fit /g/'s relationship thread more. But thank you for your perspective anon, I feel similarly to you and this isn't the only instance where I've felt he thinks himself morally superior and has used crude words to describe people/actions he doesn't like. I think I know what I gotta do now, we aren't compatible, as much as I wanted us to be. Thank you again anon.

No. 675109

Does anyone here lurk the Vent app? I haven't been on there in years but I remember thinking the userbase had serious cow potential. It's basically a bunch of tumblrites whining about their upper-middle class sorrows, like kin drama, transphobia, and e-dating.

No. 675110

Is there any way I can prevent books (especially sketchbooks and diaries) from yellowing?

No. 675111

Keep it in a dry environment and away from light.

No. 675112

Lmao you don't even have to go on the Vent app for that, you can just go onto Tumblr or Twitter.

No. 675114

i lurked there earlier this year.
>tumblrites whining about their upper-middle class sorrows, like kin drama, transphobia, and e-dating.
still the same. we could have an entire thread to laugh at them

No. 675121

crying because a friend uses it and it is exactly that. I wish she would get past those things already. Life would be so much better (for her) but nothing I can say that wouldn't be seen as insensitive & ignored

No. 675122

I used it briefly a few years ago and remember users often going mental if someone used the ‘same’ reaction on their post, publicly attacking them then blocking so they couldn’t respond. Not even on really specific, detailed posts either - even on posts like “I’m so sad today”. The gatekeeping was insane.

No. 675124

sounds like mental illness

No. 675125

That just sounds like the vent thread here tbh how would that even be milky
Wait nevermind that does sound bad

No. 675132

This. A lot of users had other really specific posting and interaction rules. Like some insisted you had to "ILY" all their posts. Others would skin you alive for the same interaction.

Don't even get me started on the attention whoring and e-begging.

No. 675140

they also list the mental illnesses they have (self diagnosed i presume) like it's a list of interest or hobbies. they're proud of being mentally ill. this kind of behavior stop people from getting better

No. 675143

it's like walking into a damn virtual mental asylum, what the hell. why would anyone like to round up mentally ill people in one place
t.tried joining a support group for ptsd on fb and it was full of "twitter and videogames gave me ptsd" and "dad took away my iphone and it gave me ptsd" types who screamed at anything and everyone with more serious issues

No. 675144

File: 1605529001651.jpeg (112.93 KB, 1242x343, C48C6F1C-B6F4-41B9-9B77-61DEB4…)

No. 675147

>"dad took away my iphone and it gave me ptsd"
oh god I know what you mean but sadly I still have issues from seeing my mom take and look in my sibling's phone. I was so scared she would take mine and discover un-christian stuff (or whatever she deemed satanic then get me prayed over). I take a lot of measures to protect my secrets still. Fuck ok blogging but damn i feel called out, i'm sorry
I still didn't use vent like my sibling did kek, who fits your criteria to a T. I don't know if we are really "valid" or just babies. Stupid question for another day

No. 675152

Not that app but I follwed an bunch of accounts on instagram lately where people post pics of my fave singer/crush. Quickly figured out I'm way too old to be following them and reading about their tiny fucking problems.

I've never had to read about so much mild depression, painful boredom, parents being 'narcs' or my fave lines
> I need a mental health break guys so I won't be posting for two days
> I got a hate comment, there's sooo much hate in this community, I'm about ready to leave, I might delete my account, just like I threatened to do last week too

No. 675166

i'm sorry anon, in that case it's completely understandable. that person in particular just got their phone taken away because they were caught playing games in class, nothing really especially traumatizing.

No. 675168

>I need a mental health break guys so I won't be posting for two days
I wish it was only teens that did this, why do so many adults think their followers are going to be gravely concerned if they don't post any inane stories for a couple of days?

No. 675171

Sounds like emotionally neglectful parents who didn't respect your privacy or teach you proper boundaries. Not the worst thing in the world, but it clearly had a lasting effect. Hope you can move past the lingering issues, anon.

No. 675173

thanks for your kindness. I shouldn't have blogged and may sound like a hypocrite on this but holy shit that's funny. I guess that's what happens now when we're raised on our phones. it's being discussed in the millennial/zoomer thread but, a lot of these are 'young person' issues. We only see so much due to social media, vent and fb groups designed to air out their stupidest problems. I wonder what historically would get posted on vent. it's like a public tantrum in that case you said

No. 675174

thank you as well I think you're right.. I'm getting there! You know part of why op's point stands is because, it makes it harder to tell if some of our issues are real, when you see these people exaggerate theirs

No. 675179

same anon for the last time. sorry I need to correct: I didn't mean a ptsd group is stupid, I was lumping the twitter peoples posting in with vent. >>675166 I am also sorry about your ptsd anon, I had help for mine with emdr (OT but worth looking into?) but some of it stays with you. I hope you are doing better now than then at least

No. 675207

no worries anon. i should definitely look into emdr considering how many times it's been recommended to me, since just going to regular old talk therapy isn't helping.

No. 675241

File: 1605538589228.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.14 MB, 1920x2560, IMG_20201116_154403.jpg)

I asked sanic and he said maybe. I can't ask my friends because they're normies. So I am asking strangers on the internet, should I shave the sides of my head? My hair looks like this.

No. 675248

Nah Sasuke I like your hairstyle

No. 675250

No, it'll look like a bowlcut

No. 675254

samefag actually it might look like a mullet. Either way leave it.

No. 675261

Is it truly wrong to be a neet during a pandemic? t. neet, not that I enjoy it or ended up willingly like this. I want to provide for myself so badly but a disabled family member would be endangered by covid. along with other factors.
I don't understand if someone judges neets right now

No. 675267

Thanks you flatter me
Alright I will listen to you, but I think mullets are cool

No. 675270

Do iiiit dystopian chic

No. 675282

Do it!! what is there to lose?

No. 675314

In my head the word partner means serious bf/gf, like probably at least living together. But on here I see it used when talking about purely online relationships or 3 month long ldrs.. real early stages.

Is that retarded or is my definition off? I see it often enough that I'm wondering.

No. 675317

I think the definition changes from person to person. I also use partner to mean a serious significant other (so husband/wife or bf/gf) but I think some people just use that word to mean someone you're in a romantic relationship with, even if it's not that serious.

No. 675330

File: 1605543601044.png (29.6 KB, 300x150, 553C7104-4660-4E06-B852-712679…)

Girls this is so stupid but please listen. There is this girl in my class who I find drop dead gorgeous and I can’t stop staring at her. It’s not even the cute oh I find myself unconsciously drawn to her stare, it’s a full on creepy stalker joe from you vibe. In fact I stare at her so much that I’m doubting whether I am actually straight. I don’t know, I don’t want to skinwalk her, I don’t want to have sex with her, heck I don’t even want to be friends with her, I just want to stare at her beautiful face all day, everyday. Is it a normal heterosexual behavior? or am I gay as fuck but just in denial? Even more confusing thing is while I find her out of this world beautiful, none of my friends think she is anything special and is very much annoyed by me sperging about her constantly. Please help
In before underage, I was just raised very very sheltered okay

No. 675334

Girl…you're as straight as a slinky.

No. 675341

You might be bi. Straight women can appreciate other beautiful women for sure, but I'm bi, and when I've felt this way about other women, it was from crushing hard. Plus if you were sheltered and this is your first little crush on a girl, it's presenting in a way you don't recognize. That's just my two cents, though! Straight anons may offer a different perspective.

No. 675347

As a straight women, it is normal to find acknowledge how beautiful other women are. I admire other ladies looks all day everyday. What is not "normal straight behavior" is obsessing over her. You're infatuated. You might not want to sex with her at least not yet cough but that doesn't mean you for sure don't have a crush on her.

I can't tell you what your sexuality is, but imo there's a good chance you're bi or gay.

No. 675360

I'm sorry to the reasonable anons above but I listened to you and I am really happy. I can also put my hair down and it looks the same as it did before cutting so it is a bonus hidden hairstyle. I feel more grown up somehow now

No. 675378

are you sure you’re not sexually attracted to her or are you just suppressing your feelings?

No. 675383

Ily anons. Maybe I’m not straight after all.
I hope next time I crush on someone who doesn’t have a boyfriend and you know interested in women

No. 675396

I don’t know. If I’m sexually attracted to her and not innocently girl crushing on her then that makes what I’m doing creepy and predatory, isn’t it? I feel so gross. I’m so fucking gross. Maybe I’m suppressing but I swear I had no dirty thoughts. God is my witness

No. 675400

Samefag just in case someone take it the wrong way, me being creepy stalker is gross. Not me being gay. Sorry

No. 675401

Anon wtf are you doing other than staring at her? Sure that's kinda creepy, but it's not predatory. Literally most people have a sexual attraction to people they have crushes on.

>girl crush

Is it a girl-crush if you're not straight?

No. 675403

To me it sounds like you're just temporarily infatuated with something beautiful, in the same way you can be infatuated with a piece of art or a song. It just so happens to be that this beautiful 'object' is a woman. If you experience no sexual attraction then you're not into women, it's that simple.

No. 675405

Is it normal to have suicidal thoughts before your period?

No. 675406

What is sexual attraction? I never get any clear answers from google about it.

No. 675407

No. 675409

When you want to have sex with someone.

No. 675411

I think it's not uncommon for people with premenstrual dysphoric disorder. That's not the average experience for someone with a "normal" cycle though, no.

No. 675412

"god I want to fuck you and maybe even lick you all over"

No. 675417

If you're not already on an SSRI type medication your doc will likely put you on one if you describe that. I used to take one, felt weird taking meds every day of the month just to avoid 2 bad days but it was worth it.

No. 675432

How often should I talk to someone about myself? Like, you know, it's always said when meeting someone new you should ask them questions about themselves and generally keep the convo to their interests etc. But I feel like I can never get a closer bond with this technique and people quickly get bored of me. But if I start talking about myself a little, people would get annoyed because obviously they don't care about me so what should I do for a person to enjoy talking to me?

No. 675435

well it's hard to explain… it sounds to me like you're not naturally socialized? typically if people want to talk to you the conversations just flow because they also put in effort. if you're the only one making effort then obvious the convo dries up

No. 675442

Try to find a common interest or a shared experience, something from the news or just something relevant to both of you

No. 675451

>it sounds to me like you're not naturally socialized
That is true, I've never had any close friendships with people, I do okay in groups but it's much harder in one-on-one conversations. It's okay if I'm talking to someone in a casual way with no intention of closeness, I ask them about themselves and from then on we can talk about anything that clicks with me too while the focus is mostly on them. But I imagine, in close friendships people talk about their problems and feelings? I have never done that with anyone because I've never gotten intimate enough but I would like to. I just have a dumbass need to be listened to. This shit hard to navigate
I can do that fairly well but it hasn't ever developed into a good friendship where the other person hits you up just because they want to talk to you and not because they need some help.

No. 675454

How about asking someone you've had some nice conversations with to do something outside the context where you've met them? If that makes sense. For me, I've made most of my current friends in uni. I easily talk with a lot of people there but only the ones I hang out with outside uni are the ones I'm really friends with.

No. 675469

Okay, thank you anon. I will try this the next time I feel I and the other person have been enjoying our conversations. I appreciate your help a lot because I'm so retarded at sociaLizing.

No. 675510

i think starting with shorter books (150 to 200 pg) was what helped me a lot. i used to get overwhelmed by hugeee ass novels that seemed like to much effort to read. with novellas and shorter books i found it more enjoyable.

i also got back into reading because i was having issues sleeping at night and reading helped me get calm and cozy before bed time.

just gotta figure out what works for you

No. 675518

you're right, people in close friendships definitely talk about their problems and feelings. just talking about all kinds of things really, things that happened to them that day, random anecdotes, problems, something that's pissed them off, something that made them happy. do you have conversations with yourself in your head? try to apply that to others

No. 675545

File: 1605562423732.jpg (150.33 KB, 978x1270, IMG-20201116-WA0013.jpg)

The fuck was this?

No. 675576

Who the fuck uses Tor to browse lolcow?

No. 675579

Apparently a lot of people use Tor or VPNs because they're ashamed of the things they post on here lmao

No. 675586

Nta but really? I still post embarrassing shit from my own vpn cause this place is anonymous.

No. 675595

Inspired by the short discussion that took place in the things we hate thread three hours ago: Is having something done with your nipples during sex common? Touching and liking to look at somebodys breasts I still understand, since they're so extremely sexualized, but like, licking and sometimes biting as it was mentioned in the thread (and having read that myself sometimes in books or fanfiction)? Does this really commonly happen? Sorry for the stupidity kek

No. 675601

>my own vpn
It's okay to ask what a vpn is

No. 675604

I knew I used it wrong lol. I know vpns change every once in a while and all that.

Basically I don't bother to change my vpn to post embarrassing stuff

No. 675608

Yes. I've seen a lot of anons talk about it before. You can also notice it by how many anons show off ban screenshots they get when they're switching IPs on here.

No. 675609

I understand that but Tor? Lolcow is in no way associated with mass killing or anything. FBI isn't gonna start tracking people who use this site. I guess I just don't understand why they'd need Tor. VPN I get.

No. 675611

Y-you mean IP address, nonnie?

No. 675617

Oh shit you right

No. 675619

Some people feel shame on the level of committing a federal crime by even looking at Lolcow, I guess.

No. 675628

You already got corrected but I laughed so loud at this, you sweet thing. You have a good day or night!

No. 675635

Do people use the Hide saged posts? I perfectly understand why this function is here but I like to read everything, I think by using it you would be missing out on some stuff.

No. 675646

sage is kind of silly thing to have in /ot/. sage should be reserved for cow threads mostly, unless it's a tangentially cowlike thread that's not in one of the cow sections (example: artist salt, or celebricows before it was moved to /snow/). since the entire point of this board is "off topic" posts how much more off topic could you get that sage should be an option?

No. 675681

I still don't get why anons here bitch at each other over not using sage unless they're necro'ing a thread from a million years ago. But because of them I always sage just to avoid their petty infighting.

No. 675707

What side of the bed do you sleep on? When you are somewhere that's not your bed, do you usually go for the same side?

No. 675709

Whichever side is closest to the wall.

No. 675718

What's the best way to meet new people online? And don't say Discord bc I have no idea how to work that joint. I've tried those friend making apps, but they're pretty slow moving these days and I don't want to use Tinder bc that's more of a dating app and I already have a bf.

No. 675722

What are your hobbies? Find websites tailored towards those hobbies and start talking to people on there.

No. 675751

File: 1605583043853.jpg (29.38 KB, 400x533, tumblr_ot7gs0Hc5q1w1v0z2o1_400…)

why do i like lighting candles so much?

never thought i'd be one of those basic hoes who likes candles. im only having one or two until theyre out, that's my rule, but still. even sniffing them when theyre unlit makes me feel happ

No. 675752

I just kind of use this place to scratch my social itch.
If you go to college/university, you could start there. Another anon mentioned interest-specific forums.

No. 675755

I love candles. There is just something so cozy feeling about them.

No. 675789

Is fashion sense something that you have to be born with or can it be cultivated?

No. 675806

No one is born with a fashion sense, or course it can be acquired by copying your mom/sisters/older women or just by having an early interest in it. Of course a good eye for aesthetics doesn't hurt, but it can always be learned, and most importantly, is very easy to copy.

No. 675825

File: 1605600693057.jpg (158.43 KB, 909x1200, 08_DDF.jpg)

How the hell do you learn how to stay focused on one thing? With art in particular. I'm constantly picking up new things, one week I want to draw semi realistic pretty girls, the next I want to have a dynamic cartoonish style, next week I want to do whimsical pixelart, next I want to learn how to create comics. And in the end I never get better because I can't stay focused.

No. 675865

does anyone else here feel really tired during the week before the period? i feel so exhausted but i didn't do anything. it happens every month and i never linked it to pms

No. 675882

What about liking candles makes someone basic?

No. 675892

I want cool discord friends but whenever I join any server it's so overwhelming. People already all know each other, messages come in too fast and I can't keep up. Anons help me out, how do I find discord servers that I can fit in and how do I communicate in such a fast environment?

No. 675894

I would also like to know!

No. 675895

maybe discord just isn't for you

No. 675904

Why are sanics answers so shit lately?

No. 675907

He's displeased

No. 675910

He's a trump supporter

No. 675953

Here's my discord guide, claim a persona and stick with it, this can be anything even yourself, the point is to be consistent with it so you can be remembered easily. If you're looking for actual friends find niche hobby server that is to your liking, communicating via voice chat is way easier. Don't feel like you have to read all text conversation. Stay regularly active.

No. 675964

>stay regularly active
The amount you have to stay active to stay on top of things on Discord feels impossible if you have a job or a life ngl, at least the times I've tried it.

No. 675970


Some of them film hours or days apart and edit the footage to look like its all in one sitting. Trisha Paytas was slamming some other mukbangers for it on the frenemies podcast.

No. 675978

coming late to this but i read that it is because cats are associated with the feminine, so many men who grow up to assault women start with cats first.
i think cats are more common in terms of the sadism-for-sadism's-sake type of animal abuse, but dogs are more commonly abused because of widespread things like dog-fighting. they'll use puppies and weaker dogs as "bait dogs". that's a real problem in the UK, at least where i am.

No. 676031

>often trusting enough to approach random people
>wander around a lot, so no one's even looking them if they're not back a few days
>less dangerous than dogs

I think seeing anything else into it is overanalyzing it, when it's just the most common domestic animal you encounter on the streets without its owner.

No. 676101

File: 1605640504218.jpeg (35.67 KB, 500x377, E850EACA-483C-48C8-93B5-2E24A5…)

how to make getting, staying out of bed less of a struggle? even as my depression gets better this is so hard

No. 676106

What sort of characteristics entail 'mommy issues'

No. 676113

If you tend to do things other than sleeping in your bed (like being on your phone), ban that. Ideally your bedroom should only be for sleeping if your living situation allows that.

Try to keep to a routine, add fun things in to motivate you like drinking a nice coffee or doing something you enjoy for a few minutes.

No. 676117

Needing constant attention/reassurance. Needing someone else to do simple things for you like cook and clean.

No. 676119

thank you these are definitely gonna be worth trying. Hate being like this

No. 676130

if you have issues with oversleeping and chronic fatigue, practicing good sleep hygiene (as anon above said - no TV, phone, eating in bed. reserve it for sleep and try not to sit or lay there too much outside of that so you begin to subconsciously associate it with sleep. try to keep clothes and clutter off of your bed if you can, too). if you do have fatigue, a lot of that can be caused by certain deficiencies (anemia, vitamin D, etc) which can be tested for and treated through diet changes (more foods with those nutrients) or supplements. this isn't always the case, but frequently enough that it might be worth looking into
in terms of getting and staying out of bed, setting a loud alarm and leaving it somewhere out of reach can really help. there are apps where your alarm will go off and you have to get out of bed and take a photo or do a puzzle before it will turn off. i used one where i set it so that i had to take a picture of my bathroom to shut it off. this ensured that i'd get my exhausted ass out of bed, go to the bathroom to end the alarm, and then while i was in there it was really easy to wash my face and brush my teeth which helped me feel more awake, too.
if that's too much work for you, leaving it on a dresser or in your closet can help. get out of bed when it goes off, turn on the lights or open the curtains, turn it off and do some stretches or move around a little. getting your body moving really helps to wake up, but it doesn't have to be a set routine or tons of effort. just whatever gets you going in the mornings
you can prep some iced coffee or lattes or tea in jars in the fridge on weekends, or a big batch of oatmeal or whatever. if you have an automatic coffee maker, you can put the coffee and water in the filter and tank the night before so you only have to press the button in the morning. then you've got something to help wake you up and get some food down with minimal effort after you've gotten out of bed and woken up for the day
it might sound like a lot on paper, but they're just a few suggestions if you're having a hard time finding what works best for you. you don't have to try them all, or any of them. good luck!

No. 676137

where do you buy good clothes? please give actual examples, am dumb and dressed like a freshman

No. 676143

thank you anon this is so so kind and helpful, many good points to try. I think I know an app called alarmy my friend used that I better get, it has those features you mentioned. If anyone else has this issue let's both try the app.
You're right about sleep, worst but most crucial part is maintaining a routine. It's hard because I hate having to go to bed at the same time that is relatively early for me (and others), like sometimes you want to stay up or do something in the moment. But it takes discipline then I can do those things the next day maybe. I feel so awake at the evening and night, when it gets dark, that's when I want to do things. Partly because with everything winding down it feels more "free" to do what I want. Ugh but anyway I am going to implement what you said, and the other anon's advice. No mercy for myself lol (in terms of sticking to it, but I will drink some hot cocoa) otherwise I know I'll lapse.
I really am tired 24/7 but lifestyle is probably part, I'll get those levels checked again as it has been a while and I did have deficiencies. Thank you so much for these thoughts and glad you seem to have had success with it yourself

No. 676153

Honestly, my best pieces are from thrift stores or vintage shops, mostly because they've already stood the test of time. I have great quality jeans, skirts, linen pants, sweaters, blouses, things like that with older/vintage tags. The newer/trendy stuff is usually already tattered by the time it's at Goodwill kek, but it's a fun way to get trendy things too.
But! If you don't have time for that, which is understandable, my sweaters from American Eagle have held up well, they have comfy, pretty decent jeans, I love the cross-front chill leggings they have rn (most flattering thing ever). Madewell has cute, well made stuff, but it be spendy. Hope this helps, good luck!

No. 676157

thank you anon! when you say older/vintage tags, what do you mean? just wondering if that would help me easier identify the good stuff. thrifting is fun but sometimes my mind goes blank during the search

No. 676192

They won't let me near the candle aisle at work because I like sniffing the candles so much. But I don't like taking down my mask so I do it really hurriedly and in my haste, often drop the candles. I have broken four different candles so far. My boss has started calling me Candle Menace and even some of the new seasonal hires have been taught to call me that and not my real name.

No. 676216

People who eat crawfish: seeing the face doesn't bother you?

No. 676225

I don’t know what I should get my sister for Christmas. She’s a minimalist, vegan and doesn’t eat sugar. She basically got everything that she needs to survive. Any anon got some suggestions on what I should get for her?

No. 676228

New bamboo toothbrush? Idk anon this is hard, would she prefer being gifted an experience? Maybe it’s best just to ask.

No. 676229

Vegan candles or a reusable shopping bag

No. 676232

Does she like to cook? (i'm assuming she does since she's minimalist). Maybe an air fryer, a juicer or spiral vegetable peeler. I'm vegetarian and those are just things on my wish-list lol. Convertible backpack tote, a essential oil diffuser, a houseplant or succulent.

No. 676243

File: 1605656608736.jpg (9.49 KB, 278x173, dbzfdg.jpg)

Does she have a tofu press? Getting one of these totally changed my vegan cooking game.

No. 676246

Honestly i usually just get a piece of crap from the target "dollar spot" and throw a ribbon on it. I'm not really into giving but sometimes they have succulents there

No. 676247

If she's a minimalist wouldn't it be safer to avoid getting her anything that takes up space? I'd stick with money or gift cards, or an experience (like taking her out somewhere, if possible depending on covid).

No. 676270

anyone here have sharp/dull tight pain on left side of chest once a year? could it be a heart attack? i just had my second one this year and im starting to worry maybe it was a heart attack or mini heart attack? i was laying down so it's even weirder and im 102, 5'5", so far from obese. i'm also 21 so surely too young?

No. 676295

It happens to me too at the same frequency as yours. I don't think these are heart attacks, there are other symptoms associated with it like shortness of breath or sweating, these piercing pains happen randomly without warning and go away instantly. Given their position they might be related to the heart, but I feel we just have to deal with it. I haven't searched for their meaning though, there's probably an answer somewhere.

No. 676385

Anons, do you think I "false memoried" myself into thinking I was sexually abused?

I struggle with OCD. I am worried that this is turning into an obsession even though it is something I have always thought about since I was a kid.

some things that are red flags
>deep fear associated with someone
>very vivid dreamlike memories associated with that person. Though I don't remember it as well as I did as a kid.
>The memories aren't recently recovered, they have always been there. I was never sure if they really happened or not.
>brother told me that the guy was also a creepy dude.
>My mom told me he wasn't nice and that his family went through a lot. My godparents may have brought me around his family when they babysat me.

other things that make me doubt it
>would have to had to happen between the ages of 4 and 5. I feel like at that age I would be able to be sure it happened.
>mom told me that I would have told her at that age.
>have similar memories associated with a cousin. He is now married with kids. I am sure he didn't do anything.
>could be a dream induced by the fucked up horror movies my parents let me watch as a kid
>my home life was generally horrible, domestic violence was very bad. I would sometimes sleep with my mom and my dad would come home drunk and hit my mom with me in between them. I wonder if I processed this in weird dreams.
>any csa symptoms that I have also appear in those who witness domestic violence as kids.

No. 676394

Why is it that when I have breakfast then I go back to bed then I get up to make lunch my heart is beating really fast?

No. 676395

so excited for ur next meal

No. 676424

What is a programming language that us useful to learn? If I already know CSS and html

No. 676442


No. 676446

you looking to work in front end? or just trying to learn programming in general

No. 676459

yes to front-end

No. 676487

Do fake introverts exist? How do you know if you're just an introvert or if you actually have bpd or whatever?

No. 676495

you can be both

No. 676499

File: 1605702718246.jpg (49.17 KB, 640x405, fucksdihfjsdjklf.jpg)

is dyscalculia a meme or is it a thing
i've struggled with anything math related since middleschool and i've tried pretty much everything and i'm still bad at basic calculations. my old tutors must have thought i was legitimately retarded
t. passed every subject with flying colors except math (physics and chemistry sometimes too) since middle school and in and out of college

No. 676504

Why would it be a meme? I have your issue as well. I have to spend hours on math equations sometimes. I always end up having to repeat the problem out on paper multiple times. One of my common concerns from teachers was how I constantly would put very different numbers in my solution than the original problem.
Ex: equation would be 7(5x+8) + 6x+9
I'd write the 8 of as a 7 and repeat the 6x twice, so I adjusted to constantly having to repeat my equations. I was granted extra time in HS and MS. But no one understood how I was so good with other subjects but tripped up on math. It's kinda fucked up but I ended up having to teach myself how to read numbers and repeat my equations over and over because I did not understand something was wrong. I thought it was just the gay people dont do math meme lol

No. 676509

I am so confused at this question

No. 676513

Try looking into flutter and javascript (and react), they are quite easy to learn and pretty useful

No. 676517

thank you thank you

No. 676518

Anons who work from home, what's your job?

No. 676519

Do you guys wash your facemasks every single day?

No. 676521

Might be gross but I don’t. Depends where you’re wearing it, how long etc. I wear mine for 30 minutes max a day. They’re mostly to protect others, not yourself, so unless you’re really bothered by your own spit or make up I wouldn’t bother. Exception would be if I was ill, partially for the germs and partially because it would be covered in snot.

If your skin is bad then probably best to wash your mask everyday.

No. 676529

Not always, but I have lots of masks that I cycle through. Like >>676521 I don't usually wear mine all day, so those I'll reuse for an extra day or two. If I do wear one all day, then it goes into dirty laundry. But I also might change them up daily depending on the colors I'm wearing kek it just depends.

No. 676538

Do you feel more energetic when you’re around people or do you need time alone to recharge? If it’s the latter, then you’re an introvert.

No. 676543

I wash mine every week, but I don't wear makeup underneath and I wfh, so I don't typically wear them for long stretches of time. When I do, I reach for a clean cotton mask. I have sensitive skin but haven't suffered any acne from wearing these

No. 676545

Is it possible for an alcoholic to get sober for the sake of someone they love? Especially if they were caught and admitted to lying about it previously?

No. 676550

No but I don't wear them daily and only shortly at a time. If I did wear them daily I'd just get multiple, wear a clean one every day and wash a bunch of used ones at a time.

No. 676553

No. I know it's bad cause all the corona is just sitting on top of the mask (and I keep it in a case of markers and shit so it's on there too), but it's one of those blue disposable ones, so I'm kinda scared if I wash it it'll fall apart. I don't go outside that much anyway.

Thank you for reminding me to get off my ass and buy a cloth reusable mask.

No. 676563

Addiction isn’t that simple. The person might really love who they’re trying to get sober for, but that’s often not enough. Not a good sign if they’ve already been caught lying. Try to get them some professional help if possible, or at least advise they join AA.

No. 676567

Ugh. Unfortunately, I'm legitimately asking for a friend (even though I feel I know the answer), and she doesn't like/believe in AA… I hope things work out this time, but I'm doubtful. I just don't want her to prolong her suffering for a fucking useless alcoholic moid.

No. 676569

to be fair AA is christian based.

No. 676577

That's exactly why she doesn't like it actually. But the thing is, he is Christian, so maybe that would work for him. She's staunchly atheist, though, and I guess wouldn't want his sobriety so heavily influenced in that way? Idk. I feel really awful for her, she's my best friend and very blinded by how in love she is with this guy. :(

No. 676583

Yes, AA is Christian-based which may be an incentive for him, but it’s still helpful to non-Christians. It’s also traditionally centred on men but I have girl friends who really recommend it.

If she loves him so much, why doesn’t she accept his faith and use it as a tool to help him? I get that it can be annoying dating someone with different beliefs but wouldn’t she rather put up with his god-bothering than see him suffer and potentially lose the relationship?

If she insists on staying, she might as well make a decent effort to help.

No. 676584

File: 1605712557418.jpeg (77.98 KB, 749x659, EmMAA4LN.jpeg)

Does anyone know what brand these shoes are or what keywords I could search with? I've tried "y2k platform shoes" and stuff like that but I'm too stupid

No. 676587

it sounds like unstable angina minus the shortness of breath, sweating, and dizziness, so it's most likely pericarditis. it doesn't go instantly away for me, it lasts a good 10-15 minutes. Yeah I'm sure it's nothing too serious now, just that it stops keep increasing in frequency.

No. 676588

Have you tried "ugly shoes"?

No. 676590

I've heard that this is caused by a nerve getting pinched and that it's nothing to worry about. I don't have source or anything but it reassured me

No. 676595

try side release platform shoes maybe anon

No. 676597

side release buckle*

No. 676598

I agree that it's helpful to non-Christians, they use "higher power" instead of God specifically if I recall correctly. I went to a meeting with my best friend in college who was struggling with alcoholism herself, and it helped her.

I agree with this, but she is very, very stubborn. I'll float this idea to her again since. Ya know, recent events have transpired, and he hasn't tried AA yet. To be fair, though, she has put SO much effort into helping him and being supportive, etc. It's not like she's said he's not allowed to do AA, she's just expressed it's not her favorite method/something she thinks works, and I guess he used that as an excuse not to go–after all, it's still on him to decide to go. Thanks for the reply and replies overall, anons.

No. 676604

Are cute pink slippers with reindeer horns a good Christmas gift? I also thought of mixing it with small blanket or socks, or sleeping mask.

The person to whom I am giving is a sloth type who spends most of her time in her room

No. 676605

Go for it anon! It sounds cute and if she spends a lot of time in bed then it's a pretty thoughtful gift.

No. 676632

That’s an amazing idea! You should go for the socks to pair them with the slippers, pictures with paired socks and slippers always look great!

No. 676636