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No. 687052

If you could go back in time, what steps would you want your parents to take to make sure that you were safer online and could avoid perverted scrotes?

No. 687056

Another creepy thread. Yikes.

No. 687075

I think it needs to be talked about. We have horror stories about the grand chunk of us being exposed to some layer of nefarious behavior online, so why is it creepy to talk about ways we wished that parents could have approached us to avoid it? This isn't talking about trauma, but solutions to future trauma.

No. 687118

Be decent parents and go to therapy for their issues so that I'd have been less likely to seek love, attention, and be susceptible to suggestion from men on the internet in the first place.

Sorry no child who does that has a happy home with no adverse experiences. Shit parents gonna shit cope.

No. 687120

I know some people who work on education and I'm pretty tech savy and interested in cyber security, I'm thinking on giving talks in schools about avoiding creeps, giving personal info, etc. Any ideas of what else I could talk?

No. 687129

Probably self esteem, parent/guardian communications or finding adults that are trustworthy for advice, how to know who can be trustworthy (which is tricky as fuck now), among other things.
What about when you have adults or even older teens pretending to be the same age though? It seems to run deeper than shitty parenting.

No. 687131

Boundaries on social sites. A lot of people seem caught up in the idea that being anonymous means you can say anything to anyone. But especially kids need to know that just because you’re anonymous, doesn’t mean you should tell your life story to whoever you talk to. Talk about how online relationships are unsustainable and the people you talk to will walk away with whatever information you told them in a handful of months when you move on. For your own safety do not link your accounts with similar usernames or emails. Do not let someone tell you something you would be uncomfortable hearing from them 1:1 in person. They owe strangers on the internet nothing, it’s okay to simply say “I don’t want to tell you.” and exit a conversation. If someone keeps pushing them to talk about it then they should not engage with them anymore. But it’s better to just not extensively talk to people online in the first place.

Also talk to them about having a healthy balance with their offline and online endeavors. Offline should take priority. The world online only exists until you shut the computer off, spending hours a day on it doing nothing isn’t healthy.

No. 687134

Some kids pretend to be older or younger just to troll people, some do it to get attention from older people and some of the oldest are just creeps

Yeah, I always try to tell kids to not share their names online (not using their name as nicknames, etc), not share their birthdays, etc but you post made me think that I can also tell kids to not share personal stuff to strangers unprompted because it makes people uncomfortable, they should also know when leave people alone and understand if someone doesn't want to talk to them.

No. 687139

I used to talk to scrotes on whisper when I was 14. I was bored and going thru rough times at home and alot of them were really old 30-40 and they didn’t care when I told them my age and would send me unsolicited pics of their dick it was gross. I wouldn’t let my kids have a phone until they were 16 and they would have to let me know what socials they were using and that they have it on private

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