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File: 1607635805042.jpg (196.79 KB, 1242x1641, 1605378094531.jpg)

No. 691728

Containment thread for all the art salt you could imagine. And sometimes, people ask for help. Stop getting pissy about that. Vendetta-chans and twitterfags need to leave. Don't feed the trolls that visit, for fucks sake.

Discuss the shitty art and even shittier attitude of artists

-Talk about Art Youtubers

-Ask about art supplies

-Discuss trashy art trends

-Instagram bullshit

-Art theft!

-General Art Bullshit



Articles about useful resources for improving one's art:


Tried and true books on perspective, anatomy for artists, etc:
1. Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling
2. How to Draw by Scott Robertson
3. Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre
4. Figure Drawing by Andrew Loomis
5. The Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery JM Bougery
6. Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis
7. Figure Drawing by Michael Hampton
8. Force by Michael Mattesi
9. How to Render by Scott Robertson
10. Color and Light by James Gurney
11. The Skillful Huntsman by Scott Robertson/Mike Yamada/Khang Le/Felix Yoon


previous thread: >>667950

No. 691750

File: 1607637205292.jpeg (298.38 KB, 828x1258, F927D503-C27B-44A7-A5F6-D8FD04…)

What do you guys think of this?

No. 691758

the anons from the Baylee Jae thread in /snow/ are going to gag when they see her here

No. 691766

File: 1607638676562.jpg (691.37 KB, 2428x1281, trashart.jpg)

The video is literally represents Youtuber-artists, uncreative, sloppy and a rush job.

I noticed the part where they were showing off their "art" their proud of and that shit is middle school level of skill

I hope in 2021 actual artists who do youtube as a hobby, phase out these hacks

No. 691767

samefag she appears at 3:35 by the way

No. 691774

Between baylee and nerdcrafter Idk whose face im more sick of seeing.
Does nerdcrafter always have to make the same stupid face. It'll get stuck like that if she keeps it up

No. 691776

File: 1607639448820.png (553.88 KB, 742x413, yt.PNG)

Cupquakes art was cute imo. I think Lavendertownes segment was also creative and her art style worked for it. I didn't watch the full video though, it was honestly a little corny lol

Also, can someone please explain wtf pic is supposed to be? A salt shaker with a youtube logo?

No. 691858


I thought it was kinda cringe at some part but it was mostly just boring. The Among Us part was dumb and pointless, just a complete non sequitur that had felt completely out of place. If it had been to segue into Among Us fan art then at least it would have made sense. The ending was awkward too. It just kinda stopped then went straight into outtakes lol the entire thing felt sloppy. I think she was aiming for something like ZHC's 2018 Artist Rewind but her production value is always terrible. If someone more skilled been in charge of putting it together then it actually could have been a neat little video.

No. 691909


She has this persona called SaltECrafter who usually pulls that stupid face. She also calls her fans (salt) grains, and it's a running gag that she and her fans breath salt or smth. Salt is her theme that's why she has the salt shaker as logo. (Better than her Pokemon ripoff merch.)
I liked the segment when she showed off her sculptures bc her smile was really genuine, every youtuber had a fake smile. I really laughed at Rae, she was even trashier than Baylee.

No. 692047

not sure why but I can't stand most of these YT artists, probably because their art is not very good

No. 692070


I love how in the description they basically blame Minnie Small and Alphonso Dunn refusing to participate for the fact that there are no black artists on the video. I really wish that the SJW crowd will see this and try to cancel them so that we can see Jackie explain again how she can't be racist because she's half African

No. 692078

I would refuse to participate in this cringefest too if I was an actually skilled artist and tacked on to be a token poc for their shitty video.

It shows their lack of diversity especially a majority of them live in North America and how closed off the youtuber artists circle jerk group is, harping how they care about blm but can't find a single black artist for their video

No. 692085

Yeah, is no one in the group friends with black artists that they could ask to join if they care about diversity so much?

No. 692091

>Minnie Small
>Alphonso Dunn
Don't they realize that this artist main target audience are not kiddos? I mean imagine if they invite Sinix or Ahmed Aldoori

No. 692252

Literally wtf was she thinking putting that little blurb in? How is it that not anyone is pointing out that is actually more racist for her to be saying that? “sorry we couldn’t get our token black people! Hopefully they’ll participate in our degenerate shit video next year :(“
I havnt watched these two artists Minnie and Alphonso before. Alphonso seems alright but Minnies work and content is leagues above most art you tubers.

No. 692262

i am scream laughing at how awful this image is

No. 692273

I posted this in the previous thread but I expected this, when I started seeing clone high become more popular online I knew this would happen
With the setting of clone high they can head canon as many serial killers as they want, I expected Bundy and Dahmer

No. 692299


I know their content is mostly aimed at children but it actually amazes me how skilless almost all of these famous people are. Literally kid-level artwork and no original ideas.

No. 692381

File: 1607711260616.jpg (1.83 MB, 4000x3000, fxjcocla8x751.jpg)

I just remembered this show I watched as a kid and googled it and they changed the art style so drastically, I feel ill.

No. 692383

File: 1607711282785.jpg (80.98 KB, 480x300, unnamed.jpg)

Like, I'm sorry what is this?

No. 692390

File: 1607712462030.jpg (88.37 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I actually like the 'couture' style, ngl. I just wish they didn't create the newer seasons (everything after season 3 I believe) with a younger audience in mind. They completely rid the girls of any personality.

One thing I hope they'll never do again are those 3d models, so incredibly ugly.

No. 692391

Still better than the GODAWFUL Winx live action movie netflix is making.

No. 692392

I don't use the word lightly, but it's cringe. Really brings to light the astounding difference between kids art youtube and professional art youtube. Can you imagine James Gurney pretending to have fun playing Amoung Us?

No. 692399

File: 1607713829544.gif (679.29 KB, 220x220, 2937361781.gif)

>James Gurney pretending to have fun playing Amoung Us

Anon I have to laugh

No. 692479

File: 1607722477115.jpeg (590.01 KB, 1125x1511, 470D600B-85BB-4DC9-9C19-0B1A89…)

Kaneblob who was outed for tracing finally released a statement months later


Notably she only apologized to popular artists she copied and ignored the other accusations.

No. 692481

Oh shit, I liked her OC.
It seems like this year many popular anime artists get called out for tracing

No. 692559

I cant find any posts about her copying / tracing with proofs. Where can I find them?

No. 692573

File: 1607729887894.png (3.11 MB, 1697x1200, 1599877727374.png)


I'm still trying to find individual posts but this was a big example at the time.

Left - > original pic by rei_17
Right -> the piece Kaneblob made for a Pixiv x Studio Trigger collab

I remember allegations that Kane either traced the entire BG to be almost identical or just flat out photobashed it and just added some small details.

TBH you can find a ton of proof if you google "Kaneblob traces".

No. 692576


Samefagging but only now I noticed that the wolf guy's reflection's perspective in Kane's picture looks all sorts of wrong. rip.

No. 692582

Wow they even copied the different reflections thing. People who copy photos to a T like this are so weird to me

No. 692583

File: 1607730325087.png (1.97 MB, 700x1613, 1599882469301.png)


Samefagging once more (last time I promise).

No. 692584

I don't really think Kaneblob is a hardcore tracer (although that case with rei_17 was true tracing or photobashing) BUT Kaneblob does some heavy referencing for sure, to the point some of the pictures looks uncomfortably close to the original.

I wouldn't call them a tracer, just someone with very little creativity and who depends too much on referencing others' artworks and ideas.

No. 692611

lol I saw, Shiro's feet don't even align with that of his reflection

No. 692698

Muh heavy referencing lmao girl >>692583
is plagiarism and extremely embarrassing. Doesn’t have to be 1:1 tracing to be theft.

No. 692699

Alphonzo is an IRL teacher and has years of experience with art. Other than some minor drama around alleged plagiarism earlier this year, he's relatively lowkey. Minnie is skilled as well, but she's younger and more appealing to the minimalist art hoe crowd. Genuine and professional-level skill intimidates kids and beginners, so they flock to those who either have 'fun' personalities or approachable art.

A lot of, if not most, good black artists on YT tend to be industry professionals or at least skew towards an older audience. It's probably because black artists can't exactly gain a big audience on annoying personalities or their appearance alone. Not in the same way a white woman could.

IIRC, but the girl to the left of Stella is supposed to be Aisha, right? She looks more whitewashed than Flora. Lol Winx should have ended after the first series.

No. 692704

I'm pretty much sure those who calling out Kaneblob for tracing are either jealous of her popularity who want to cancel her.

I see some similiarities in the BNA promo artwork she did with Rei17's art. While other artworks, i dont see many similarities unless the gwendolyn from odin sphere as well as princess mononoke and Haku from spirited away do look like an overused composition/concept.

No. 692705

File: 1607740832057.png (621.54 KB, 941x1920, static-assets-upload1192538230…)

Yes that's Aisha. Atleast Fiora was already light, but I have no idea who thought it was a good idea to lighten Aisha that much.

No. 692707

>I'm pretty much sure those who calling out Kaneblob for tracing are either jealous of her popularity who want to cancel her.
Whether or not that's true, it wouldn't erase the fact that >>692573 is a very obvious copy. The other ones look heavily inspired, and imo it looks kinda shady that they're being so inspired by that one particular artist.

No. 692711



ah yes, i bet everyone is SO jealous of the fact that kaneblob traces or at the very least heavily copies concepts and compositions to the point pixiv actually removed her piece from the collab it was doing with studio trigger after it was outed as a copy of rei17's work and some of the japanese artists she "heavily referenced" actually stated their discomfort in the pieces' similarities.

wow everyone is so jealous.

No. 692714

Lol remember the one who called her out getting called out too for manipulative and abusive?

No. 692717

Again, that wouldn't change what Kaneblob did.

No. 692726

You can't really say that any of them are are whitewashed none of them are actually fom earth so they don't fit into human ethnicity. Also Flora looks like a normal white girl with a tan in the og as well. The new art is awful though.

No. 692730

The original Winx style was fucking ugly and so is this one, just a different breed. It absolutely didn't need a revival

No. 692776

Flora might look like a tanned girl, but she's canonically latina.
It's such a weird cast choice, netflix puts all variety of poc actors in their series all the time.

No. 692832

She’s been doing this for YEARS. Ever since she was 17. Sit down

No. 692835

Meant to reply to the replied post about >jealousy


No. 692872

Bruh you don’t have to defend her when she admits to it in her twitlonger.

No. 692873

>The ol 'they're not from earth so they don't correspond to earth races' excuse.

Don't be daft. They may not be from earth but it's not like they're from some sort of alien fairy race. They're obviously supposed to correspond with human racial phenotypes and the creators have verified that certain characters are of non-white races. Musa is east asian, Aisha is black and Flora is latina.

People can hold others accountable for their fuckery without being jealous. You don't have to hate somebody to know when they've done something wrong.

No. 692895

>You can't really say that any of them are are whitewashed none of them are actually fom earth
No offense, but this reminds me of when neckbeards say shit like "Weeeelllll technically, she's not a loli because she's really a 1,000,000 year old dragon mage vampire succubus". They still are meant to look like humans lmao.

No. 692923

This is the internet… Nobody could ever forgive someone once they already did something wrong like Kane.

No. 692931

File: 1607769136561.jpg (80.74 KB, 600x621, blue arms sonic.jpg)

i'm so tired of everyone on the internet including people on here being autistic about the slightest change in a character's skintone like it matters… and in this case >>692381 she's still markedly darker than the other ones.
that's chris-chan tier "sonic doesn't have blue arms" discourse.

No. 692949

That doesn't even look remotely like the same character, it's not a slight change dumbass. She's barely even a shade of brown at that point. No one would mind the changes if they actually looked good and kept with the personality of other characters.
Imagine being so stupid when it comes to character design you actually have to mention CC because you're too autistic to understand the basics of why it's visually ugly and unappealing.

No. 692978

>That doesn't even look remotely like the same character
anon… have you seen the comparison… none of them do… that's called a style change…

No. 692988

Nah. One of them is supposed to be an obvious black girl, and they cancelled that, lmao. Of course people will be angry. Stop pretending you don't see the problem.

No. 692995

File: 1607779245406.png (319.78 KB, 813x597, seethe.png)

Instagram artists have a huge victim complex, the never STFU about " the algorithm "and now that Instagram is gonna test disabling story shares for posts they're seething and pissing all over themselves because their only audience is from S4S and shares in general and can't take the idea of building genuine audience without having to beg for shares and likes on everything, they legit always say "Instagram is not a place for artists" or "Instagram is against artists" IDK what's stopping them from going to any other actual art platform other than them knowing they can't get as much followers and interaction as what they already have.

I can't wait until story shares are gone for good so I don't have to go through 40 stories that are just shares or have to thank people for sharing my stuff along with other 39 artists.

No. 692997

No shit retard, no one said you couldn’t forgive her

No. 693003

She's not a latina, because being latin means that you originate from latin america, and she is literally a fairy from another dimension. She can be played by a darker skinned woman or a tan woman, but she is non latina.

No. 693006

Yeah they are meant to look like humans, but latin people aren't the only ones with tan skin, and african people aren't the only ones with dark skin. They aren't human and can't correspond to the human ideas surrounding race because race is something arbitrary that we made up. There are so many ethnic groups with overlapping phenotypes, and someone from africa may have more genetically in common with someone from europe than with another african person.

Race in this situation is ambiguous, since there are a shit ton of ethnic groups that can look like flora. If you want to cast a woman of color is doesnt even really matter whether she's half black or latina, as long as she just looks like the character.

No. 693008

Are you blind? Flora still looks like Flora outside of some tiny visual things that get lost in the style change. I can still tell who she's supposed to be. Same with the other girls(mostly). Aisha doesnt look remotely the same or have any of the same elements outside of being barely darker than everyone else. Are some of you being this draft on purpose lol

No. 693014

I never understood why artists are "supposed" to use instagram. I know it's all images but that's it. they aren't full size, they have to fit in the screen. You can't enlarge them afaik and since it's mainly for mobile they're smaller. I liked the days of tumblr where you could full view images, see every detail as it should be. Maybe insta has improved things and ik there's a desktop version but it's a primarily mobile app. why should my art be made and cropped for such a small screen?

No. 693051

their compression algorithm is disgusting too, whenever i view my insta from desktop the colors are super ugly and the image looks like a 200px jpeg.

No. 693193


There really isn't a good platform for amateur artists atm. Artstation is for professionals, dA is full of weird ass shit, tumblr became much less popular and the artists went onto twitter and IG; twitter sucks if you primarily want to look at pictures and IG has sucky quality and a superficial F4F community.

I've grown a decent following on IG despite tHe AlgOrItHm. Still think that IG culture sucks for artists. It rewards you if you post the same aesthetic stuff daily without any change in your style. Good luck improving when all you draw is portraits of white girls with the same features and some flowers sprinkled on top. But it's still true that a lot of less than mediocre artists think that the only thing standing in their way is the algorithm when they are just not that good.

No. 693199

The energy they put into this crying shit could be put in better places. It's so exhausting to see; my jadedness is turning into pity. People are so hung up on numbers, they overlook more dedicated and specialized places to use; niche audiences. More for the rest of us, I guess. It's slow, but rewarding.

IG hasn't improved anything beyond ads and tools for small businesses and influencers. It's good for quick consumption visuals. IG has its place in the world, but these people fighting for likes and proper shares need to stop and re-evaluate their priorities. I think it's okay for an artist who does quick to make, easy-to-digest artwork, and is just up for the challenge.

I do wonder if the lawsuit against FB, who owns IG, will effect things.

No. 693315

it's a popular site, and honestly the fact it's images only makes it a better space than twitter. It's not free of drama of course, but twitter's system actively encourages internet slapfights.

No. 693331

File: 1607827799948.jpeg (233.92 KB, 750x1105, 3EF5BF41-B116-49E2-A270-96F447…)

how to draw detailed hair: trace. guess at least she’s not hiding it.

No. 693552

File: 1607859239727.png (175.28 KB, 1080x853, Screenshot_2020-12-13-09-18-59…)

Art is okay but the caption turns me off from even acknowledging the art is okay. Why social media artists are like this.

No. 693554

Just the way it is. Play the game, network, try to shill your art. I used to find it undignified by now I say just do whatever you can because there is someone out there with less shame than you that's marketing their work.

No. 693555

yeah, and there are only these two black artists on youtube, no one else, so it's their fault of course…

No. 693556

The YT rewind video made me wonder, who are your favourite smaller (under 50k subs) art youtubers?

No. 693573

Well, I liked the option because I could share art of people who aren't popular (Like 100 followers or someyhing) or just random post not related to art. But you're right, it's truly annoying to go through tons of "This artist does" and shit

No. 693613

sorry it doesn't count (he was at lower than 50k just last time I checked but apparently he's exploding and got to 100k, which is good) but CurrieGOAT? Makes stuff that is very different from the usual watercolor/copics youtuber, I really enjoy his craft and editing style.

No. 693623

>Robert Laszlo Kiss
-Teach Construction Fundamental in fun way, Rare species in art youtube

No. 693663

File: 1607878900274.png (1.06 MB, 750x1334, 0863C0BD-7F5C-4AC8-A17D-F1563D…)

so I was browsing through my regular instagram feed and came across cyarine’s story posts

I don’t really care about repost accounts, but the way she was talking about these accounts having “hundreds and thousands of followers” while she already has a million on ig, making her one of the most followed artists on there, just rubs me the wrong way.

i know low-effort content is looked down upon, but I see repost accounts as fair game. no one ever complains about twitter/tumblr repost accounts?

No. 693667

I have to disagree with you lol
they aren’t “hacks” their videos are geared towards non-serious hobbyists
they aren’t the types of yt artists that show you a fine art graphite drawing timelapse, what brushes to use, or how to properly construct a face, because those are too intense for beginners
that’s the problem I have with people looking down upon tiktok artists, because their function is to make art easier for those who only want to use it for fun or personal enjoyment

No. 693674

You see repost accounts as fair game but artists don't have to. I think it's stealing, and no matter how much i don't like someone or how many likes they have - noone should take their work, repost it and make content out of it.

No. 693684

Copycat cyarine has a point here though, there are so many Instagram profiles that just repost artwork by others without their permission, often without even giving credit and sometimes they just take the artwork from other similar pages so the artwork becomes completely orphaned. These accounts aren't sharing creations by artists they love, they're content mills using art to grow their platform big enough until they can profit by selling promos and feature ads.
Just search any kind of adjective and "art", there are thousands of these pages.
It's true that the same thing used to happen on Tumblr, but I'm those cases there wasn't money being made through it and Tumblr had a culture that was more supportive of giving credit to artists.

No. 693705

NTAYRT but he's amazing and lot of fun to watch his process. Seconding this.

No. 693714

The second episode of Helluva Boss came out. What do you think of it? The writing was okay, the crude jokes still feel jarring and is awkward.

No. 693732

I'm pretty mixed on it tbh. Like… I know that the animation as far as Indie goes was pretty decent and the song number while very random, was nice. But I dunno, all the excessive swearing and just atmosphere of it all didn't really pull me. It partly comes off as middle school, edge-lordy and awkward. I can sometimes like edgy tone like for example, I really liked Becky Primm but Helluva Boss just feels like it's trying too hard if that makes sense?

Overall it's not completely terrible but it wasn't my favorite.

No. 693751

Khan Taya and Amuiiart. It's a shame that amateur artists that draw like middle schoolers (cough baylee jae cough) have more subscribers than artists that are actually talented

No. 693754

At this point idk how “indie” this whole thing really is. It def isn’t bigger than Disney or Warner Bros, but for an “indie” project it’s pretty big. Able to promote itself, hire staff/get “big named” actors and singers, establish contracts with everything. Where did they get the money/how were they able to promote themselves at large for a 4 episode small “indie”?

No. 693759

Could be because of connections/networking, maybe? Vivziepop is pretty big, established animator with widely popular projects (such as the Die Young video) plus her Hazbin Hotel not only exploded in popularity whether you like it or hate it, but a studio even decided to pick it up. I'd say that at this point she must have some good connections in the animation industry after all of that. Good enough for her projects to receive a decent push like what's happening with Helluva Boss.

But yeah, Vivziepop's projects are slowly leaving the "indie" bracket for sure.

No. 693778

Oh right. Yeah I suppose you're right that it's not really an indie project anymore since they have so much financial backing enough to hire big named actors and singers with established contracts. So fair point is. I'm sure that there is some flaws in the animation but it was serviceable enough to not be much of an issue, at least not for a casual viewer.

It's just for me personally the tone is just… Not my taste which is weird for me to say because as I mentioned in my other comment, I usually can appreciate some edgy-ish tone in cartoons but it just comes off a bit tryhard with Helluva Boss.

No. 693832

Honestly. If you take out the “”shock humor””, it could be a kidshow- at least that’s how it comes off to me. It’s like it wants to be the next Rick and Morty but falls flat hard and ends up being all very amateur with it’s “good father” cheating on mother, can’t even explain to the daughter that he doesn’t even love her mom and get a divorce because ItS sO DeEP. All in all, just not my taste

No. 693835


about helluva boss' tone i think it's the same issue with hazbin hotel's tone. both want to follow the 'looks like a kids cartoon but WOAH this is really adult and deep!' formula, but the writing kinda sucks so it ends up feeling forced with excessive empty edgyness.

No. 693883

File: 1607906023231.jpeg (420.64 KB, 1125x1767, BAC306E3-D49D-4E4A-9C0D-6E71A9…)

Idubbbz girlfriend got upset when people critiqued her “art”, so to prove that she’s an artist she “referenced” a character from the very obscure studio, Ghibli.

No. 693886

File: 1607906146680.jpeg (438.79 KB, 2667x900, 6F907037-480A-4223-AE2E-497E7B…)

Her rant on insta before she deleted

No. 693896

a heroine who personifies childhood innocence and slowly becoming your own person, cumbrain-ified. yeah. that'd make a great tattoo. god i hate seeing women be such pickmes.

No. 693914

Thank god she deleted, her comparison is so retarded. The least she could’ve done is edit her initial post and state her reference instead of kissing her own ass about how “original” it was

No. 693962


That’s nice idubz gf, but you still suck. You need more practice. Like the original message you got said. Cry about it.

No. 693974

Why has clone high become such a huge autism magnet?

No. 693987

Same anon who you responded to. Yeah exactly. IF the shock humor was more toned down or removed, I could appreciate it more and it could definitely pass as a kid show though I'm okay with adult animation as well, I just hate things that try to be in your face with it's shock factor, it comes off as childish and appeals to the lowest common audience and if you enjoy it, that's fine. I wish I could share in the love for it but I just can't, at least not yet anyway.

Yeah same though I'll be honest that I gave Hazbin a pass because it was the first I watched of Vivziepop's. Still felt forced but I was able to kinda push it aside but then we got Helluva Boss and it's following the same tone shtick that Hazbin had and it's just obnoxious. And it's not like Vivzie isn't capable of balancing things, her Unlucky Jacky short was actually pretty balanced I thought and it'd be cool if she could do that with Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss.

I asked this in the last thread and from what I saw, it's mostly for 2 reasons. 1 because people are drooling over the character JFK for some weird reason and 2, because it's apparently getting a reboot and the news spread like wildfire with these obsessive kind of fans.

No. 694000

File: 1607921245483.jpg (24.95 KB, 369x369, xNEcQOYt_400x400.jpg)

idk where else to post this but I think other people need to see this

No. 694002

I think this is more of a dumbass shit kind of thing, anon. But why.

No. 694006

Actually, my tinfoil theory is because it has gay/bisexual characters, I know it's a vague statement but usually woke kids get into shows with even just a tiny possibility of ~Gay shipping UwU~ and then the whole thing unravels into either the thing on the thread picture or said woke kids trying to cover the original source material under a coffeeshop AU with their LGBT bean holding hands or something.

No. 694007

all of this persons art is like. racist edits like this. I don't understand woke culture enough to understand it

No. 694037

"-they're referencing is drawn from photo references and art fundamentals"

I don't think she knows what fundamentals mean or what they are, she really loves to pull it out from her ass

No. 694051

anon why did you make me look at this fucking thing. He was already Chinese, wasn't that POC enough for them?

No. 694055

File: 1607932925123.jpg (96.43 KB, 720x1163, lublibe.jpg)

>wasn't that POC enough for them?
absolutely not. the idea that lightskinned east asians aren't "real" poc has been around since ye olde days of tumblr.

No. 694063

I loved this more than the pilot and the first episode, and I think the characters in Helluva Boss feel more fleshed out than the ones in Hazbin. The middle school humor is still there but maybe it kinda balanced out with the plot here. Or maybe I just like the owl design (which isn't completely red or pink), the voice actors and the animation in some parts.

It's because he's too white (and we know pale asians cannot exist) and normally doesn't look like a racist stereotype.

No. 694083

File: 1607941272095.png (1.02 MB, 881x1640, Zhongli.full.3142504.png)

Spoiler that shit anon

Here is a good Zhong Li drawing to refresh you eye

No. 694088


No. 694091


It doesn't help that a lot of white people think that they are the global standard and insist that an anime character who lives in japan, speaks japanese and has a japanese name is actually white because they have big eyes and pink hair.

No. 694095

File: 1607943078158.jpg (52.53 KB, 1024x598, 176.jpg)

Anons this is a joke edit like picrel. it's not serious

No. 694102

Helluva Boss is completely indie, they use patreon and merch sales to fund it, also fair to vivzie that she can network.

No. 694113

Independent project literally means that you get your funding independently outside of major film studios and don't have a million stakeholders supervising your work. In the grand scheme of things it's not big at all.

No. 694135

File: 1607951715910.jpg (173.28 KB, 1175x1467, EoLcnZFUUAAUqyv.jpg)

the durag is a joke, but this person is 100% serious about blackwashing in their shitty edits and art (@alterego on twitter)

No. 694141

Nobody with a brain does that anon.

No. 694163

Using references for drawing and copyright issue

Do I have to credit the photographer if I use their works as a reference for posing? I don’t think so?

No. 694173

If you are doing a study or really copying most of the photo, yes. Just a posing reference, no. You can't copyright a pose.

No. 694215

The actual law depends on the country, but a good rule of thumb is that if you can recognise the photo from the drawing then you should reference the photografer. If it's just the pose that you reference then you're OK, but if its also facial features or clothing, then you absolutely need to credit.

No. 694280

File: 1607964977891.jpeg (427.7 KB, 750x1031, F18136D4-E587-43DF-A21F-343B30…)

An artist named Bustingshirts was called out recently for drawing a racist caricature of ddawnniee’s OC and was also called out for stalking them. Just want to know what your opinions on this fellow anons

No. 694282

File: 1607965079248.jpeg (359.12 KB, 750x1065, BC76C788-AF19-45C8-93D8-249437…)

Samefag this is the drawing in question

No. 694292

idk why scrote artists to this. what's up with the stalking?

No. 694294

The lips aren't any garish bright colour so if you told me this came from a woke Tumblr artist like >>694055 I would believe you

No. 694295

Gross. I’m not amused by some pornsick freak stalking someone online to pump out coomer fan art.

And I thought it was proper twitter artist etiquette to ask before drawing someone’s OC? I think @ddawnniee’s design and drawing are pretty bad, but even I’d be grossed out/offended if my stalker redrew my character because he found it fap worthy.

No. 694306

the original artist is probably just mad she's not kawaii anymore.

No. 694320

File: 1608030354675.jpg (33.88 KB, 728x412, XFqHtXEg.jpg)

No. 694332

File: 1608033097338.jpeg (359.5 KB, 1125x791, 21C5067F-AF55-4436-831E-58C824…)

Now she’s claiming that it’s “adult Kiki” fan art lmao

She really thought she could take an iconic Ghibli character and slap OC on it

No. 694350

Waffles new video was actually pretty entertaining. I'm surprised she did something that was actually interesting, even if the finished piece wasn't great. I think it would have been a lot better if she had freedom with her supplies though.

No. 694355

File: 1608034884873.png (537.94 KB, 705x413, space.PNG)

No. 694358

>hype beast Kiki

This bitch needs to take a break from the internet.

No. 694381

Disgusting bitch.

No. 694386

It's hard to point out when does making caricature starts. But it looks like just art style to me. Maybe I'm wrong

No. 694387

This person is literally a moron

No. 694389

>Back -

It hurts, why would you format the text like this

No. 694404

File: 1608041447688.jpg (322.66 KB, 620x981, alterego.jpg)

Stumbled across this person's account today and saw this rant. I could sympathize if it weren't for the fact that she's comparing herself to an artist way above her skill level, and the reason why she hasn't blown up as much as that artist despite drawing the same things is because her art sucks, that's all there is to it. In fact, she has 8k followers and that's already WAY more than I would expect for the mediocre stuff she puts out.

No. 694406

File: 1608041496301.jpg (754.59 KB, 1212x809, comparison.jpg)

For reference, her art vs the art of the person she's talking about (lovelyrosebun). Truly puzzling as to why they don't get the same amount of clout.

No. 694430

Looking up this bustingshirts person on twrt I found this masterpost about him https://m.imgur.com/a/IcV7s. In short he does stalks, harass,and is obsess over other artist for not giving his fanart attention.

No. 694469

I've seen a huge deal made out of lovelyrosebun "pretending to be black" but is it true? All I've read is she started drawing mostly black women since BLM as a marketing move, which is utterly bizarre.

No. 694514

I was wondering what prompted the whole #imreallyblack hashtag and now I know. Doesn't seem like she actually tried to present herself as black, it's just that everyone assumed she was and she chose not to correct them.

No. 694543

This person just sounds awfully entitled and attention-hungry. Going 'UGH HOW IS THIS NON-BLACK ARTIST SO MUCH MORE POPULAR THAN ME' when the other artist is LEAGUES above her skill level is just sad. Admit that you're not good enough skill-wise and move on to try to improve yourself.

Also is it just me or there are more POC artist support hashtags popping up on Twitter lately? Almost every day I see a different hashtag to promote POC artists roaming around. I'm not complaining, just curious.

No. 694552

File: 1608055417687.png (753.73 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201215-180251.png)

Thank you anon this is a whole thread in itself. I just assumed this was another RacistUncle type of coomer trying to become notorious by trolling, I had no idea the guy was so delusional. I've never come across this specific type of mental illness
Pic related was a personal highlight

No. 694576

yeah for sure this guy as a huge case of the 'tism. It's sad to see someone destroy themselves like this

No. 694579


That's something only to think not to type out. And roasting a genuine follower at the same time… lol. Hope, they lost that follower.

No. 694614

That hand is the most broken thing I’ve ever seen

No. 694636

One thinks they're entitled to a bigger following because they're black despite having shit art even though they have lots of followers; the other is someone who's better skilled, but is shameless about cashing in on a movement and using styles and aesthetics they've seen in popular black art but don't understand the context behind. The absolute state of social media artists. Both of them need a reality check.

I think it's just a lot more noticeable these days. This #imactuallyblack one is an unfortunate mess because it puts identity over hard work and talent. I get it, and it's a tag even I could participate in. But this isn't the way. Getting people to follow you because you're a token and not because they appreciate your talent isn't sustainable. Who you are should be secondary, not a marketing point.

No. 694718

File: 1608067376269.png (158.9 KB, 660x452, EpPx1hhUUAIEUnl.png)

lovelyrosebun (the artist being called out?) put out this apology. I am so tired of twitter culture.

No. 694725

I seriously doubt this person is black. Their obsession with being black and saying "My fellow blacks-" every second is so weird and forced, also they didn't post a selfie for the "Imreallyblack" thing like literally everyone else, I wonder why

No. 694730

samefag, ive been on twitter, and the amount of stupidity there is insane, she never said she was black, people just assumed she was, and while it is sus that she started on drawing black people this year, theres nothing wrong with making money off of prints or patreon or some shit because she draws black people on there as well. I hate twitter so much, and like this is the reason people don't even want to draw other races because the amount of shit they get for th most mundane crap is insane

No. 694762

Okay but aren't they shooting themselves in the foot here? Like, if you're all saying that this other artist was blackfishing and you all thought she was black, then how are you complaining about the double standard and how unfair it is that this other artist is more successful? If everyone thought she was black then both of them would have in the same position. So either was wan't actually blackfishing, or you're being whiny and can't handle others succes.

No. 694868

File: 1608079586076.jpg (278.82 KB, 2048x768, 20201216_084144.jpg)

Can concept artfags tell me if there's any significance to this ratio (extra wide) in concept art? I see it a lot with different artists idk if it's just their preference or an industry standard

No. 694875

Horizon lines are easier to manipulate in ultrawide than other formats without loosing the 3/5th magic rule.

No. 694878

Isn't this just the cinema format without the black bars? Or it could be that they are expanding the scene, so that they have a better idea about whats going on outside of the scope of what'll actually be shown on screen.

No. 694968

What's this guy's current account? His most recent is suspended, judging off his past behavior I assume he will resurface at some point.

No. 694975

afaik his current acct is @bustingshirts on twitter

No. 695029

I can kind of understand the argument. If a black artist draws art depicting black people, they are often ignored and neglected. But when a nonblack artist draws black people, they are praised for being amazing allies and "brave" for diversifying their art. It's frustrating for many because nonblack artist are profiting off black bodies while not enduring any significant racism or barriers in the art world. The hurt is real.

But in the context of alterego, their art is just plain ugly. So, it is no surprise lovelyrosebun has garnered a following.

No. 695038

how does that argument work if rosebun is catching shit because people assumed they were black?

No. 695065

Nta, but did rosebun ever respond to anyone who assumed she was black? Idk very much about her, but if she was purposefully being vague about her race and not correcting people who assumed she's black, then she's definitely wrong for that.

No. 695079

Yeah, the backlash is because she didn’t correct anyone.

No. 695083

Well yeah, then she's in the wrong. I could understand if for some reason she didn't want to share her race, but it doesn't take much to correct people and just be like "Thank you for the support, but I'm not black". She was probably trying to ride off of the movement of supporting black creators, considering this apparently started after BLM this year. I know it's bad to assume but, the truth is is that it's mostly black artists who draw a majority of black characters. It's pretty fair to assume that someone drawing mostly black people is black, and that applies to other races. Artists tend to draw people that they identify with. Some anons may write it off as just some retarded twitter thing, but it is genuinely weird if she didn't correct anyone knowing people thought she was black.

No. 695128

If she corrected someone then she would have been called out anyway, just earlier. Maybe her intentions weren't even bad, who knows. It could be that she's exploited the BLM movement just for clout or the BLM movement made her realize that she didn't draw black people before and so she began doing that. Then she sells the prints because honestly they're her drawings, they're not disrespectful and she just can.

Anyway the answer is to just draw white people if you're white, because someone is always going to find some retarded reason to cancel you otherwise.

No. 695134

Anon, I hate to say this but, if she clarified whatever her race is before then no one would have called her out. Her art is cute and no one has an issue with artists drawing in-offensive black characters. Look at imawonder for example. She's a pretty big ig/youtube artist right now, and I've yet to see her being called out when drawing black characters. You can draw anyone of any color, but like I said, if you draw mostly characters of one race, then people will assume you are of that race. Either way, whether or not she had bad intentions, If she knew people thought she was black then it's weird to not clear that up.

No. 695160

Yes, she would have. Maybe not on ig or youtube, but on twitter for sure, especially if she started to draw black people around the time the protests were taking place. Tons of in-offensive white artists who draw black people get called out for literally everything, even more so if they have a lot of followers like lovelyrosebun. She's get accused of taking the attention away from black creators, for exploiting the blm movement, cultural appropriation and all that. That's just how twitter is.

No. 695171

File: 1608117203939.jpeg (396.4 KB, 1164x1074, D373A05A-3A22-47C1-94F5-B7CC2A…)

Official Genshin rewteeted KaeLuc from an artist, cue antis losing their shit

No. 695173

Can we have more context? What's the big deal? Not all of us play GI

No. 695175

File: 1608117361644.png (1.15 MB, 1200x1957, 43474E9F-2DB0-4E3C-B76B-A43B65…)

No. 695176

Diluc and Kaeya are adopted/not adopted brothers

Essentially, they are in no way blood related but many of western twitters audience believes they are. An artist drew the ship, KaeLuc, and official genshin retweeted.

Cue antis losing their shit

No. 695213

isn't that the english translations call them brothers but in chinese versions they are described "as close as brothers"? Anyway twitterfags at it again getting mad for no reason

No. 695228

And a few hours later we will have the official account of genshin impact bending over and apologizing for retweeting some neat fanart.

No. 695242

File: 1608126756845.jpg (13.78 KB, 220x260, _gif__raging_wojak_by_byrdh_28…)


No. 695252

more specific clarification: kaeye and diluc are not adopted nor blood related brothers, they were called "sworn brothers" (official english translation of the manga) which is a specific chinese cultural thing that's not really something you can translate into english in a few words, but basically they are close without any kind of familial bond. antis are just making shit up once again without researching and acting mad for nothing and annoying everyone else sane.

No. 695263

They wont,they even liked a tweet calling the people bitching about quote retweets crybabies and they have another incest situation in another game,paimon doesnt give a fuck

No. 695293

Unrelated but is Genshin Impact the new FGO at this point? Like I saw so many eastern artist draw it. I'm not mad tho

No. 695300


Eh I don't think so. GI doesn't pump out the same degenerate amounts of coomer fanservice to reach FGO's level. It's just the popular japanese gacha rpg of the season with pretty waifus and husbandos like Arknights or whatever.

Gacha-wise though GI is actually worse than FGO lol

No. 695343

*chinese, but i don't think it will reach the same kind of player base as fgo because it attracts a decent amount of normal people for it's pretty good gameplay.

No. 695349

she also took part in blacktober now that I think about it.

No. 695364

It does attract plenty of degenerate creeps tho a bunch of them are in this thread

No. 695369

no lol they have tons of loli characters too they're gonna pander to coomer fujoshits too

No. 695370

>respond to anyone who assumed she was black
Does this mean people were directly referencing that they thought she was black? Or are we expecting artists to just pre-emptively state they are white in case someone mistakes them for being black without saying so and then likes their work because of it?
I started drawing more racial variation just to avoid sameface and so I want to avoid anything like this happening.

I don't post selfies, and writing "white" on my bio sounds like some KKK shit.

No. 695402


gi doesn't have the same amount of coomer content fgo does but it has a ton of stuff to pander to lolicon degens and a bunch of generic pretty anime boys to attract horny fujos to start shipping them.

but i can see where >>695293 is coming from, usually fgo fanart from eastern artists is like the top breadwinner but gi is starting to threaten its position. just look at pixiv's top illustrations of the day.

No. 695429

I guess this is what kids are doing now, screaming at some boring ass fujoshit content. someone please get these kids some hobbies

No. 695433

It wouldnt matter because even if you state your race, people are still going to throw it back at you because of bad faith assumptions. Obviously, if people think you are black you should correct them. But it shouldn't be an issue unless you are overtly in the spaces meant for black people such as blacktober

No. 695444

File: 1608142471142.jpg (Spoiler Image, 616.01 KB, 2896x2896, 789753.jpg)

Pixiv Global Ranking this week. So many GI fanarts.
>Spoiler for some Coommer art

No. 695451

I think this is blown way too much of proportion, but rosebun drew black people CONSTANTLY and just after BLM. Plenty of white artists draw race variation, and no one made assumptions, or called them out for 'fetishization' (it might happen if you draw native americans tho, any art of them can be controversial)

No. 695505

Ayrt, that part of my post was a question lol. I'm assuming people were directly referencing that they thought she was black based off of what other anons said. No artist has to automatically state what their race is, but if someone assumes what your race is you can just correct them.

No. 695681

Have a cartoon avatar of a white character if you don't want to show your face.

No. 695744

File: 1608164081171.png (249.72 KB, 601x749, e2584e771b34b3e04600e34ba61420…)


honestly, i dont think they give a fuck, so good for them (this micka person was complaining about the 'incest')

No. 695789

File: 1608168154865.png (576.66 KB, 587x900, 3x.png)

why are all male-to-female genderbends so fucking bad. why does no one even attempt to make them look like the original and not a sexified version with double-d's popping out of their clothes

No. 695819

File: 1608172986332.png (866.87 KB, 1080x1920, D5661571-FB26-4019-9204-F6AE30…)

patreon only. Posts it right away on Twitter. ok then.

No. 695829

File: 1608174210066.png (494.8 KB, 650x900, bee.png)

this is based on a licensed toy vynil

No. 695846

Well Zoe Stanley is a porn artist who draws mostly hyper so…

No. 695847

Can someone explain to me the importance of the #drawingwithadhd hashtag? Im confused. Some of my twitter mutuals are upset because it came shortly after #imreallyblack, so people are arguing that it was inappropriate to start now

No. 695850

who knows. all i know is that most people in that tag most likely dont have adhd and are self diagnosed. just another attention seeking tag to appeal to the same exact crowd that non binaries are overrepresented in.

No. 695851


Twitter artists are desperate for validation and exposure but without the need of having actual good art skills and the easiest way to get that is through artist hashags where they can go 'I AM POC/NEURODIVERGENT/QUEER/WHATEVER ELSE NOW LOOK AT MY ART AND GIVE ME LIKES OR YOU'RE EVIL'.

I haven't heard of this #drawingwithadhd tag yet though?

No. 695860

that doesn't disprove my point and still looks stupid

No. 695873

With no respect, that's the dumbest thing I've heard all day as someone with adhd it's not like they're drawing with no hands or building rockets so why do they need asspats isn't it enough to just feel weird for being an art kid? From my experience the majority of art students all have a learning disability or mental health issues so it's not even rate.
I hate this timeline of pity Olympics, I want out.

No. 695874

I'm just really hoping that these hashtags will get increasingly more obscure. Like, #ArtistWhoOwnHondaCivics or #ArtistsWhoseThirdCousinJustDiedRecently

No. 695877

File: 1608184131284.jpg (39.81 KB, 680x310, Universo-Nintendo-Eizouken-ni-…)

Please stop making mental Illness as a trend and use it as career clout. Please stop Social Media user, I'm begging

No. 695893


No. 695900

Was that all there was to it? No commentary or extras? Was it posted “early” on Patreon?

Making studies Patreon exclusive is something I haven’t really heard of.

No. 696061

If the art project is completed and the room around it looks organized at all, don't wanna hear fuckall from the ADHD colonizers

No. 696079

Using mental illness as a marketing ploy and fashion statement is what it is. The mentally ill are all someone else's accessory to wear, we don't deserve respect apparently.

No. 696100

I've seen this case more than once. Artists are addicted to frequent posting on public socials, and it does hurt their chance of having a working patreon. Problem with ultra frequent posting is, your work is seriously undervalued when you crank it out so often.

No. 696167

This video's been floating around in my head for weeks now and I remembered this thread exists.
Every time I'd rewatch it I'd notice some new little detail. She's just so mad over a single stupid comment. I'm sure it's exaggerated for the camera in some attempt to be funny/cute tho

No. 696169

anon have you been on r/fakedisordercringe because i feel like you're really gonna hate it

No. 696215

I get that every artist can charge whatever they want, but I really don't understand why other people get so defensive over it? Sometimes things are really expensive for something really simple or basic, or even really bad/rushed or sloppy work.

"Artists need to pay rent too!!11!". Ok so get another job like everyone else, until you have the audience or skill to be able to support yourself fulltime. I see so many artists quit their jobs to be freelancers and then bitch about not being able to afford rent, and their prices are really high for what they are producing, and then they are suprised that next to no one is buying from them. Arists need to eat and pay bills, that's fine everybody does, but other non artists work two jobs, or have a side hustle in order to make money they don't get from their primary position.

No. 696318

We've had this convo dozens of times of before but what ev I guess.

In my opinion yes artist can charge whatever they want for their work, after all art is a luxury item. If people are willing to pay $1000 for furry porn then that artist's work is worth $1000.

Now I do agree with you that some artist basically price themselves out of making money but that problem may not entirely be attached to the quality of the art itself so much as a small size of said artist's audience.

This topic has popped up so many times I feel like there isn't much more we can add to the debate that hasn't already been brought up multiple times.

No. 696462

I just want to understand why an artist overpricing themselves matters. Does it affect the market? Does it affect other artists? I don't get it

No. 696463

File: 1608252531127.jpg (Spoiler Image, 642.5 KB, 720x1080, EpdNUBvWMAEeK6s.jpg)

I know that Sakimichan's artistic decline is far from a new topic and everyone and their mom has noticed her pieces looking duller and lazier by the day, but what baffles me is how some Sakimi-clones look so much better compared to her own art.

One example is Zumidraws. Sure, it's still coomer fap material with questionable anatomy but compared to Sakimichan's art this looks WAY better and more polished. Hell even the anatomy looks less ridiculous. Am I the only one noticing this? Why do people still give a shit about Sakimichan if her clones are starting to pump out art that look superior?

(Spoiler for coomer art)

No. 696465

those long ass hips ruin everything about this photo

No. 696468


The anatomy is kinda fucked in some placed but I can see where you're coming from yeah, this looks more interesting to look at than everything Sakimi has produced this entire year.

I actually like the rendering on the wings and the hair.

No. 696469

Thought it looked nice(r) for a moment but literally the only thing that makes this look decent is the photobashing that makes the image look more high in detail. When you look at the areas that are actually paiinted it looks like melting wax, especially vere noticable in the hand. Sakimi has really fallen but I wouldn’t say much effort was put into this either because half of it are just pixelated images slapped on top.

No. 696494

well his progress video for each work are way longer sakimi
but his full figure pieces are a bit stiffer

No. 696508

imo it let’s you know that the artist thinks they’re at a higher skill level than they actually are. It doesn’t really affect anything, it’s just annoying to see.

No. 696517

gelbooru. com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=5713705
The original Pixiv link is listed here!

No. 696536


Artists "overpricing" is actually good for the current internet art market. It raises the average price for commissions and you get less artists unfairly underselling themselves.

But eh, that's an old topic everyone is tired of.

No. 696600

I like the POC artist hashtags if you are black/asian/hispanic/etc and looking for others, not a bad thing if you are looking for a community. The hashtags aren't the problem, it's individuals. Artist hashtags are no different than tagging a fandom or something generic like "fantasy art", it's a categorization method to make searching twitter easier for people looking for your type of art

No. 696688

Anyone else see this? Michelle Phan teaching us all how to side hustle with out ipads. Is she going to become an art youtuber now?

No. 696832


Wtf is this hand. Ruins the entire piece for me bc it‘s too close to the face and I can‘t skip looking at that hand.

No. 696833

File: 1608302602742.jpg (232.19 KB, 1080x549, 093944.jpg)

Oh come on now.

No. 696840

File: 1608303792513.jpg (8.85 KB, 181x279, schu.jpg)

is there a #creatingwithautism hashtag yet?

No. 696843

File: 1608304139485.jpg (396.28 KB, 1080x757, 20201218_160556.jpg)

Why do twitter artists like to beg so much

No. 696847

you can make it a thing

No. 696849

sounds like she's really into art and actually wants to improve (even though it kinda has that generic insta look). good for her, honestly.

No. 696851

They feel like that having a large following means that you are entitled to beg for anything you want such as free retweets

No. 696853

>free retweets

What. Y’all are just being ridiculous at this point.

No. 696863


This person is starting to become a personal cow for me. Her and her group of friends are always in twitter discourse no matter what

No. 696871

What do you wanna bet she's white and completely fine mentally irl. She's so obnoxious

No. 696884

Honestly? I wouldn't be surprised. They are claiming that theyre latine/asian/black, which I never questioned before (we were mutuals). But seeing that theyre claiming they have DID, I wonder if they picked these races to have a say for things. Im not saying it is impossible to be all three races, but the way they go about their race is odd.

They refused to post a selfie for #imreallyblack too, which adds to my suspicions that they might not be black.

No. 696893

Has she ever posted selfies in general? Seems like someone fun to dig into

No. 696900

File: 1608309443552.jpg (588.97 KB, 2048x2048, 20201218_083506.jpg)

Not that I know of? Even for their artvsartist meme, they use a brown animal crossing character. Which is ironic because two artists (babs and rose) were called out for blackfishing because they used their animal crossing character to present themselves with darker skintone.

Alterego and her friends (teachiko, sa1ntcake, etc) called them out for this

No. 696904

File: 1608309792030.png (531.67 KB, 1067x1635, Screenshot_20201218-084056_1.p…)

Same anon, but I noticed that they used a lighter skin for a picrew meme… Now I am really suspicious if this is a white artist

No. 696905

Oh my god, her art is so ugly. Some pieces look alright but others are so unpleasant. The cartoony eyes slapped onto a realistic face, or with the Miku picture the realistic nose onto a perfectly round face and cartoon mouth… It's vaguely uncanny valley. At least the bottom left looks cute?

No. 696908

File: 1608310041001.jpg (493.18 KB, 1080x1470, 114611.jpg)

No. 696911

File: 1608310213780.png (18.82 KB, 519x219, lmao.png)

I thought it was fake oh my god

No. 696912

At this point Im guessing Alterego is a white latine. This one artist I used to follow (periciaris or whatever) is a white latine who would post selfies but comment how the filter makes her look too white. That she isnt white!! She swears!! But she is obviously pale/white passing.

A few other latine artists I follow have similar insecurities of being too pale for some reason? Im not latine myself, but does anyone know why?(racebait)

No. 696914


I'm a white-passing latine, but I don't have any insecurities regarding my skintone.

My guess about those people is that they're afraid that if they're too pale, other people/Twitter won't believe that they're latine and will just write them off as white/caucasian? Like they don't want to be seen as white for whatever reason. Idk, weird Twitter logics.

No. 696915

File: 1608310578776.jpg (455.84 KB, 810x1808, 115450.jpg)

What does the part about being robbed at "virtual gunpoint" even mean

No. 696917

???? are they implying that they're black, asian AND latine?? there are nipo-latines and black/afro-latines but not all three. i hope i'm just reading this wrong.(Racebait)

No. 696918

Maybe each of her personality/alter is a different ethnicity

No. 696919

I feel ill.

No. 696920

Honestly I wish she could have her own thread, she's involved in discord and saying dumb shit every single day it seems like. Also her not posting a selfie because shes fat and mexican when that would only give her clout like .. ???

No. 696921


No. 696923

I just started following this girl on tiktok about a week ago and had to stop after a few days because her personality is so goddamn annoying

No. 696924

I won't spam the thread, but her entire twitter feed could be posted here. I don't even know where to start.

No. 696925

it all makes sense now

No. 696926

I would be 100% interested in a separate thread for her but im not sure if shes milky enough? All she has is perpetual victimhood with possibly racefaking

No. 696929


I'm really interested in seeing more of her shit but don't want this thread to be spammed so idk

No. 696931

it could go in the art cows thread

No. 696943

Kinda off-topic but what’s the point of doing an art vs artist if you’re not even using a pic of yourself? I get not wanting to show your face but that’s what the meme is for. Guess she just wanted to use the hashtag or something.

People who are actually afraid of oppression would see being white-passing as a good thing, but then you can’t virtue signal or beg for pity on the internet. If she looks white then she’s not afraid of being bullied for being POC, she’s afraid of being bullied for looking white.

(I hate this new pressure to show your face online to “prove” you’re a certain race, not only is it stupid but also unsafe if you’re not prepared to have the entire internet know who you are… that’s a whole different discussion though.)

No. 696946

she cant post a selfie because she isn't as black as she's obsessed with pretending she is, but she still wanted the attention from using the hashtag. She's way too old to be doing this play pretend shit.

No. 696949

She's definitely white, a pale latina or a "white" with poc ancestry. The black/asian/latina/LGBT is most likely referring to her different personalities/ocs she likes to roleplay.

No. 696954

Is the art cow thread autosaging? I've never made a thread but should someone make a new one so we can move discussion of her over there

No. 696967

stop being a bitter bitch lmao it’s literally social media, that’s how you’re supposed to promote yourself

No. 696972

I hate those yellow drawings so much. So ugly

No. 696978

I’m starting to think that disorders are the new zodiac (as long as it’s an “”attractive”” disorder)

No. 696979

Se's obviously mix raced why does it matter what she identifies with.

No. 696982

In a twitter culture where she calls out artists race faking, its odd how hesitant she is to prove her own race, no?

No. 696985

Considering she loves to call out others for racefaking any possible chance she gets it is very sus that even in art vs artist things she will not show herself. Until she does prove her race, maybe she should stop attacking other people for theirs huh

No. 696998

Yeah. It's also not uncommon to call out people on things you're doing yourself. Like: tracer will call out another tracer because he knows exactly how tracing works

No. 696999

Kek of course she's a fattie.
You could be all three, if one of your parents is biracial or something.

No. 697001

How is the internet terrible to Asian people, lmao? Watch her turn out to be white.

No. 697007

Exactly, being black or fat etc on twitter is how you gain attention and clout, the only way it would be a hinderance for her.. is if shes white, huh.

No. 697014

don't be stupid, sure you get clout from other black people, but you also get a shit ton of harrassment, and racist shit from so many people. Being white and conventionally attractive will still get you more clout and you don't have to deal with people calling you slurs and sending death threats your way. The only threat white artists have is being cancelled on twitter but kinda dumb or legitamite shit, and that's bad but its not being harrassed and being called racial slury´s

No. 697017

I feel like you're one of her friends.
Twitter is extremely leftist, a white artist just got dragged to filth for being white and drawing black characters. Posting selfies to prove shes black would only bolster the amount of pity likes/retweets she gets. Being white would make her lose all of her followers because it would prove what a hypocrite she is. have you never used twitter or something? You have to be black etc etc to get attention. It only works to be white and conventionally attractive irl.(racebait )

No. 697018

Also, as someone who is actually black, I think I've gotten called slurs maybe twice irl, and never once online, because I use twitter, I get attention for being bipoc uwu~ So what the fuck are you even talking about

No. 697033

These posts sound very white. Everyone knows black people get harassed on Twitter, especially black cosplayers.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 697034

While its true black artists are forced to endure abuse and racism online, there has been a rising issue of nonblack artists blackfishing for attention. This is not a twitter exclusive issue, ive seen this brought up in lipstick alley, to twitter, hell– some black exclusive reddits ask you to take a photo of your arm for proof.

Even before twitter became popular, there had been many white folks on tumblr who would post things like ~as a black person~

Knowing this context, seeing alterego and her friends drag people out for blackfishing, at the same time seeing Ego refusing to share proof that she is black is suspicious.

No. 697039

The amount of times she says "Fellow black people-" "As a black person-" is fucking weird and "Hello fellow kids"-esque

No. 697044

Nta but I’m keking at this fucking spray tan looking hand stfu kys foadb etc

No. 697045

File: 1608324228283.png (46.44 KB, 713x319, 5ba28d2f6e409ecacfd3c3945f8c3a…)

also what does this mean

No. 697047

Wouldn't a spray tan cover up the scar on my hand. Is it really so painful for you to accept that poc are not a hivemind that all think alike and some of us don't feel the same as others. Not sure why it's so difficult for you.

No. 697048

Does anyone else feel like we have had way too many bait posts lately. Time to report every one

No. 697049

A white person sits in the dark, takes a photo and prays people will buy their bullshit, lmao.

No. 697051

NTA but holy shit. If (big if) you actually have black ancestry, you seem exactly like one of those mixed people who only call themselves "black" when it's convenient, and no one treats you the same as an actual black person. Just stop, no wonder you don't face racism.

No. 697053

I thought biracial people are still black but I guess we do the lighter than a paper bag = white or? What's the rule

No. 697054

>covered tattoo
>proudly shows off self-harm scars
Like pottery. You have bigger problems than Twitter.

No. 697056

How could I have covered the scars and not covered what I wrote.

No. 697057

using common sense
>I feel like you're one of her friends.
cancel culture exists and people do drag white people for dumb shit, but lets not pretend twitter is a haven for leftist liberals where racism doesn't exist.
literal celebrities like kelly marie tran received so much racist abuse on twitter that it made her quit social media.

you sound like one of those "white people are more oppressed than people of color nowadays" dumbasses. also nice samefagging, sage next time yeah.

No. 697058

Biracial people obviously don't face the same things as full black people.

No. 697059

>Also, as someone who is actually black
yeah sure lol

No. 697061

Did you really need to write on your hand and show Lolcow people your scars? What did you hope to gain?

No. 697062

Not saging just for you.
I am literally black and proved it but got "uhm ur white and spray tan" Because it's hard for white people who have never met black people to understand that we do not all act and think the same, I guess? It's super weird. I don't feel oppressed and I do not pass as white. But I should because you think I should?

No. 697064

Everyone on this site is a BPDfag/ED/Self harm person I don't really care.

No. 697068

Not them but
>Because it's hard for white people who have never met black people to understand that we do not all act and think the same, I guess?
This projection, kek. Do you feel better after trying to gaslight and downplay how actual black people have been treated?
Also, we don’t all have BPD here.

No. 697071

File: 1608326219056.jpg (624.36 KB, 1080x1595, 61539.jpg)

can we not derail the thread with petty arguing

No. 697073

File: 1608326296800.png (29.17 KB, 758x211, eheth.png)

Why do artists on Twitter complain about capitalism so much? As an artist myself, I don't understand.

If drawing for money sucks so much and all you wanna do is draw your OCs then get a common job and keep art as a hobby? Save for extremely specific situations there's nothing in life forcing you to work with art. This whining about 'ebil capehtalism' is so old and annoying.

No. 697077

They're mad they can't make money off their OCs alone.

No. 697080

Harassed? It's lolcow gossip, just block this site from your browser

No. 697083

Sorry, I should screencap posts with the date included. That post was from Nov and unrelated to this thread

No. 697084

Literally nobody talks about their own ethnicity like this lmao this is definitely either some white ass latine or a flat out white trying to convince themselves that they're POC for twitter points.

No. 697085

>still no selfie
Is this some sort of joke? Her drawings are like, annoyingly unappealing, too.

No. 697087

>capitalism hurts all art it touches
>the reason why art is a thing
>hurts art
Amazing. I hope she does commissions for free.

No. 697093

twitter artist is dumb but this is a terrible rebuttal kek

No. 697101

I do kinda agree, mass produced shit for profit, massively undermines artists. Especially hottopic and rebubble shit that steal artist designs.

No. 697105

so i actually like the concept behind this series and finding old supplies, but this is basically just an unboxing video? also notice how it's exactly 10 minutes long so that she can still put ads in?

No. 697110

Art existed long before capitalism, what are you smoking?

No. 697112

This thread isn't for race sperging. This isn't twitter.

No. 697133

Is she Russian? Cause that exact phrase is always being used by every Russian cosplayer and artist on her/his birthday

No. 697143

How do you get this good at rendering but suck so bad at anatomy? Like how is it possible? I don't fucking understand. I think the lighing, textures and shading here is absolutely gorgeous but jesus that anatomy and foreshortening is just horrendous even for coomer art. Someone please explain how this works because I don't get it. Do they offshore the rendering for some Chinese slave workers or something?

The anon predicting the #ArtistWhoOwnHondaCivics was too right

No. 697155

cause photobashing is easy.

No. 697162

this is a dumb question, but how does photobashing work for an art style like this? I understand how it works for concept art and landscapes but do they literally just take photos of real people, frankenstein them together and paint over them?

No. 697181

essentially. a lot. of the pic in question (like the background) is just photos of things (barely) filtered to look less real. look at how different things like the wings look from most of the leotard as far as detail. but also look at parts of the leotard that were clearly done by hand that show lack of understanding of fabric and light direction(near the bottom)

No. 697209

Wouldn't #drawingwithBPD be a redundancy in art Twitter?

That's what I thought when I saw her horseface Luka picture. Takes one to know one. Love how she's trying to prove herself with her bland art. Like it somehow works. If anything, it goes against her point.

No. 697222

File: 1608337941309.jpg (495.21 KB, 594x3272, 1.jpg)


An artist that called out lovelyrosebun for blackfishing, got called out now herself, and her account was suspeded. She was also racist towards biracial people and a big ol cow in general

No. 697224

File: 1608338158148.png (2.04 MB, 782x5478, 2.png)

No. 697231

It's a Chinese run company, they literally couldn't give a shit about weird anti takes or western community drama even if they tried. They only want your money and these broke ass twitter faggots probably aren't spending any or even actually playing the game.

To be fair GI has a much cleaner record when it comes to lolicoomer pandering, the few little girl characters are pretty nonsexual (albeit admittedly pandering). FGO on the other hand has multiple, shamelessly sexualized skimpily clad lolis in its character selection. Vtubers seem to be the most popular trend with cumbrains at the moment though, haven't seen much GI or FGO art around. Or maybe I'm just not looking for it.

>Wouldn't #drawingwithBPD be a redundancy in art Twitter?

No. 697298

File: 1608346093281.jpg (106.95 KB, 1006x836, EpYcHqoWEAAk255.jpg)

I guess we didn't have enough drama in art twitter this week, so why not make up some?

No. 697300

the link in't available anon

No. 697302

they deleted it, but if you click the archived copy link it works.

No. 697305


Stop linking stuff, make a screenshot.

No. 697309

This is why people hate twitter.

No. 697315

When are these retards gonna understand that everyone is going to do what they want and commission whoever they want.

No. 697377

>The only queer word I don't have muted rn is lesbians the rest of y'all are annoying as fuck rn
Kek, this one's not that wrong

No. 697503

I saw this tweet yesterday and wondered just how many people who retweeted it would actually buy art from the smol artists uwu who plugged their commissions in the replies, ALL of which happened to have bad art except maybe one. When will people admit the harsh truth that no one cares about ugly art and much less wants to spend money on it, and no amount of yelling "support small artists!!!!" is going to change that?

No. 697541

The art community sucks everywhere, I stopped being part of any community for years and I posted about it before, this year I got back but didn't join any community because all of them are awful, I tried joining some but I never carried through because they're mentally ill teenage girls and 19-23 men groomers, they're so hostile and cowish and they always have some sort of mental illness and sperg about seeing and hearing shit there is always infighting and thinking people copies them, moralfagging, victim complex, and cultish behaviour, it's the same as I remember it except the esthetic is now a little different and everyone is doing nsfw art and begging for shares and likes.

I truly believe there is not one healthy nice art community, I don't wanna join any online art communities again.

why are pedos such a big problem? probably one of the easiest ways to get groomed is to be a young female artist online

No. 697554

Imagine thinking capitalism invented art holy fuck anon

I think what he meant is a critique of how commercial art production is soul sucking, forces people into unreasonable deadlines which hurt art quality and creativity, etc. I think it’s fair, art generally turns out better if you take your time developing it instead of churning anime comissions every two days

Speaking of which, it cracks me up that beavs was criticizing cyberpunk 2077 for its themes and bad quality and the whole crunch thing, considering she bent backwards to excuse naughtydog when it did the exact same. And then replies to that same tweet about capitalism saying its bad for art and how she wishes she could just draw horses. Just- the cognitive dissonance of it all (for the record cp2077 is a bad, buggy scrote game)

No. 697555

File: 1608388308115.jpeg (1016.08 KB, 828x1792, F02FFBC1-895F-4719-BC3A-B83887…)

This is Non-milk but, wtf is this hand??

No. 697558

Tbh the chin bothers me more. Part goo person part sausage person

No. 697562

only the hand is your problem?
wtf is everything???

No. 697570

Was just about to comment that

Last person who did that got a serious amount of attention and deleted the post because ppl attacked them personally

No. 697596


This is genuinely so fucking funny. And then these people complain about how having a large following doesn’t equal getting jobs and having money…

No. 697612

File: 1608398582903.jpg (387.39 KB, 1080x882, 2200.jpg)

backpedaling now. I understand the original sentiment but people should know that having an opinion on twitter is a bad idea and will be taken in the most extreme, bad faith interpretation possible

No. 697614

best part is that this guy is a small artist

No. 697621

How many of you as artists run block chains or generally preemptively block users who like to start shit for no reason? Has it ever caused problems for you? I've noticed sometimes artists will get callout posts made for them for having "suspicious" amounts of people blocked before, and I wonder how common that is on twitter

No. 697631

>I've noticed sometimes artists will get callout posts made for them for having "suspicious" amounts of people blocked before
Tbh I never see a tweet about callout for "supicipous" blocking

But In Real Note, I blocked some of people in twitter because for safety and sanity reason. I don't want stupid people find my art account.
This also including some people who love to start shit with no reason

No. 697634

Pedos and grooming are a real problem in the art community, but I assure you there are groups of people who are good to be around. You just have to search a little and interact with the people that have similar tastes as you and that you like. Twitter and Tumblr tend to be shitty places, but I think that discord and DeviantArt (especially now that a lot of people left) can be nice places to share art and find your little group of people. You're gonna find toxic people everywhere, you just have to ignore and block.

No. 697638

> I've noticed sometimes artists will get callout posts made for them for having "suspicious" amounts of people blocked before
Are you serious? What does “suspicious” even mean? I can’t believe there’s people out there checking wether you blocked someone or not so they can try and cancel you, fuck social media.

No. 697641

I think what happens is someone realizes they're blocked even though they never directly interacted with the artist and, being the type that has a victim complex, decides to make a fuss over it. If the person making a fuss has enough of a following then other people may notice they're blocked too and it snowballs

No. 697662

it happened more than once in small fandoms that someone would get called out for "blocking too many pocs"

No. 697666

File: 1608408526359.jpg (143.79 KB, 800x450, ourexpectations.jpg)

Anon are you kidding me right?

No. 697721

File: 1608417215281.png (3.05 MB, 1334x750, 0192F89F-6C00-4DF0-B155-8DB543…)

So… Anyone wanna talk about Artbreeder and the impact it could have on the art world? I mean, there’s already been drama about people passing off AI-created art as their own, and the website even has a furry category.

On one hand it scares me that AI could become so advanced that it makes developing art skill pointless, but on the other a lot of the trending portraits are the same face over and over, since the people making them aren’t creative (or maybe just faceblind). Art skill can be faked much more easily than good ideas. We already have tracing and photobashing, after all. Or do you guys think that AI will never be able to replace the trained eye of a human?

No. 697724

We already had the waifulab, though it is interesting how AI can generate stuff like this I don't think it can get to the point of creativity humans have. No dynamic poses, no interesting ideas; just pretty things. Reminds me a lot of the instagram artists who draw nothing but DSL pretty woman with half lidded eyes; while techincally talented, pretty forgettable.

No. 697728

I just felt like my creative juices are running out and I can't think of anything cool or interesting lately. Are there any exercises that u ladies do to make your art more appealing?

No. 697741

Use different lighting. Different color palettes. Focus less on detail and more on composition.

No. 697751

consume good stories through books and movies. look through fashion mags for interesting poses and clothes, especially the indie fashion mags. look at photos of nature for color/light inspo. i would avoid looking at other people's illustrations, i find that looking at creativity outside what you want to make is more inspiring as you aren't subconsciously comparing yourself and won't be tempted to just copy their ideas

No. 697753

I think at a certain point, using ArtBreeder or things like it will be considered creating art the same way collages and photomanips are.
You're basically remixing a bunch of different images/styles, and the idea to mix them and how you go about it would technically be your own.
Obviously, actually creating art would be more valuable and respectable, but companies and individuals more preoccupied with getting things quickly might think differently, depending on what they want.

No. 697754

sorry anon im a dumbass i didn't read all the way thru to see you were asking for exercises and thought you needed help getting inspired lmao these things i said are still useful tho!

No. 697900

I do think artists are going to be replaced with ai, that's inevitiable. What bothers me is that they train the network on images that they don't own. From their TOS:

> Artbreeder allows you to upload images. You agree to only upload images that you own or for which you have the necessary licenses, rights, and permissions, or that are in the public domain. You agree not to upload any copyrighted image unless you have permission from the owner of the image or you are otherwise legally entitled to upload the image.

> You agree to license any images you create on Artbreeder under the Creative Commons CC0 license. This effectively releases any image you create on Artbreeder into the public domain. Such images may be used by anyone for any purpose, with or without attribution. If you use another user’s image, please consider providing attribution in the form of a link to the image’s lineage page.

It's so unprofessional. I hope somebody sues their ass

No. 697912

File: 1608441534131.jpg (326.53 KB, 778x597, lolcow.jpg)

Meet another asian/black artist who thinks that thanks to her "heritage" she's the perfect mangaka out there.
Some years ago she announced that she's gonna study game design in cologne and that she got a scholarship for it thanks to her talent. And now every year around spring/late autumn she talks about going to interviews for scholarships and that she's gonna start university. Or that she started university, but in Germany you need up to 4 years to finish your degree so it doesn't make any sense to switch university every semester. Unless you keep failing your exams.
Regular suicide baiting, she once had a gofundme to get money for her copics, because every artist needs copics.
She regulary traces popular fanarts and sells them. Fanart of Disney characters, Nintendo and other easy to trace stuff.
And she keeps bragging about having PTSD and anxiety and depression. And that she nearly had Borderline and Schizophrenia. And she loves suicide baiting. Likes going to the ER for stitches and get send home after a few hours.
And she's a published mangaka even though she never published a manga.

No. 697919

I actualy think art breeder is really dope, and i would totally use it to refine an image of a character. you shouldn't use it and just overpaint, but to create a kind of clearer image of what character would look like.

No. 697954

I can see it being used for coming up with concept ideas. Some concept artists already use ganbreeder for environments.

No. 698052

> because every artist needs copics.
It’s so fucking obnoxious when they think some art tools will suddenly turn them into davinci or some shit.

No. 698110

Her art's looking hideous

No. 698124

>stanning cumrag tifa in 2020

No. 698157

what are you smoking, they had 35k when they first posted the meme and now it made them jump to 38k, they are a big artist. this was totally just a publicity stunt, there was no way they agreed with their own message, and it being controversial just made it reach even farther so they succeeded in what they wanted to do.

No. 698210

>cumrag tifa
Shut your mouth heathen

No. 698307

is SVA (School of Visual Arts) good at all?

No. 698317

>obese Tifa punching herself
>wtf are those hands on that green-haired goblin
Such an amazing artist kek. She must be kidding. That level of confidence when there's nothing to show is not healthy.

No. 698327

if it means anything, it's the school where Jared Leto, Gerard Way, Rebecca Sugar and Vivziepop graduated from so I would say it has merit.

No. 698375

there are too many good artists on twitter who don't understand the concept of not flooding your media tab with non-art posts

No. 698425


Is it a good place to go if i want to learn animation but in like an anime style?

No. 698507

Twitter is such a shitty place to post art anyway, I'm sick of finding a new good artist and scrolling endlessly through food, pets and gacha rolls pics just to see one art piece.

No. 698610

Makes me really sad tbh how there is no Platform to post art onto and it actually being somewhat recognized. I know the market is oversaturated blabla but like … idk I just hate Instagram for example because you don’t Even have a Chance to get big anymore.

No. 698781


Dude same. Twitter just doesn't work that well for pictures imo. And instagram expects you to constantly shit out ~aesthetic art~ every two days or you get hidden in the flood of other art. Maybe artfol is going to be better but from what I've seen it's mostly kids on there so far

No. 698856

I dont know where to post my art either, deviantart is full of fetish, instagram blurry my work as hell.. I'm not really trying to get famous or anything, but it always a nice thing to be able to show your work to someone. I wish there was a good site for this.

No. 698889

There are still some smaller sites for showing off your work. Depending on the kind of work you make, you've got PaperDemon, NewGrounds, Pixiv. Though the last two may have the same issue as deviantArt, PaperDemon is smaller and has an okay community. There's also Tumblr. As long as you aren't constantly reblogging random memes to flood your timeline, it's a good way to link and share your work. The tagging and commenting system have improved a lot.

Your last option would be just making your own website to link to people. But honestly, while no place is going to be perfect, anything is better than relying on twitter's media tab to show your work.

No. 698963

thanks for the advices, I'll follow that;

No. 698992

PaperDemon is all furry and fetish garbage its like a concentrated deviantart

No. 698997


No. 699003

I'll admit that I haven't browsed PD all that much, but I just post art to it and don't browse. I use these places for their gallery functions and not their community.
That's why I don't really understand the complaints. You want a place to show off your work, but concerned about what others are posting. Why not just make your own website? I'm not excusing the gross shit, and I can understand being concerned about fucked up recommended art popping up in feeds alongside yours, but it seems like every art community aside from Artstation (and even then…) is plagued with this shit.

No. 699037

*I use these places for their gallery functions first and community second, if at all, I meant to say.

No. 699055

File: 1608582700193.png (77.47 KB, 728x819, wat.png)

What do you think

No. 699060

Except for "use an iPad," which is just based on personal taste and might be easier for an artist whose main goal is to get big on social media since it creates a better software-to-share streamline, they speak the truth. Work smarter, not harder. The old masters did it, and so can you.

No. 699065

Sounds good to me.

No. 699093

File: 1608585147500.png (442.63 KB, 749x1456, art_is_pain.png)

I believe "use an iPad" is a reference to the small discourse that happened in some art twitter circles today, unfortunately common mentality in art schools https://twitter.com/KerinCunningham/status/1340727280893644800

What >>699055 posted is the best take. Do whatever, as long as you don't take somebody else's ideas / art and it's legal; all that will ever matter is the final result.

No. 699115


Hm, depends on the viewpoint. I wouldn't wonder if those people complaining teach gallery art and not commercial art - which is also what >>699055 refers to. Sure you can use digital and 3d models and stuff to plan your piece before transferring it onto the canvas but I wouldn't expect a poster of a fully fleshed-out piece done in Procreate in an art gallery.

No. 699123

Shows you've never been to a contepmorary art gallery anon, digital art ends up there just as well as traditional. Especially when it comes to posters, barely anyone does them traditionally nowadays, given what this medium is supposed to be for.

No. 699159

This is an interesting context to consider. I guess it depends on the kind of art you want to pursue, but I can see how thinking "easy" can stunt your growth as an artist. You can still "work smart" without taking the "easy" route. Working smart still requires attention to detail and craftsmanship without wasting time reinventing the wheel.
That being said, do wonder the background of the teacher as >>699115 pointed out. I do wonder if it may be an issue of HOW it's being used, and not WHAT is being used.

No. 699213

I dont post my art online at all anymore its just depressing to see the same hideous garbage take over every new art platform

No. 699234

Anon, there’s tons of digital art in galleries and museums. It’s been like this for years.

I’m sure most artists have thought this way. It’s pretty easy to curate your feeds to avoid stuff that looks like shit these days, especially on sites like Instagram that have no share-to-feed/RT/RB functions. I find that growth on there is spectacularly easy after the Reels thing launched. I wouldn’t give up on posting work entirely, though I do hope for a new “fixed tumblr” type place eventually.

No. 699428

Y‘all right, I don‘t care about gallery art. Also it‘s not like there is no pandemic and my country is not in lockdown. Anyway, was just a thought why they might be thinking different.

No. 699439

Has anyone here thought about making a blog/ tried making a blog? I'm wondering how difficult it is to find success in a blog vs social media apps like instagram and twitter

No. 699488

I'd imagine blogs would only work if you have a social media presence to build off of.

No. 699530

A lot of blogs actually are well optimized to pop up in search engines based on the content of your individual posts, so you already have the ability to put yourself out there and be searched for, front and center, with the right keywords via Google. You can also use that as your base, and share your blog posts to social media with built in APIs and RSS feeds. This usually increases the relevance of your website. In other words, you can have a popular website without a social media presence, but the social media presence, if done through your website, is a bonus. You make people leave the social media and be immersed in your blog.
Keep in mind, however, that some social media websites are funny about outside URLs because they make money from ad revenue. Twitter is notorious about it, but the rest? Not so much.
If nothing else, look at making a blog more like curating something that's a part of your art vs relying on social media that just frames your art like cheap content. It's not either/or. Do both.

No. 699563

File: 1608624342829.jpg (1.57 MB, 1439x1493, 20201222_155949.jpg)

I think Dave Rapoza should stop drawing anime and go back to drawing skeletons and monsters and real people. This one and his Evangelion ones are UGLY

No. 699571

File: 1608626024120.jpg (521.46 KB, 936x936, VOzHg6V.jpg)

Ergojosh`s new NSFW Patreon

No. 699595

Aside from the face that's a bit fucked I think it's nice. Very good shading imo

No. 699617

File: 1608632847834.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1336x2000, EfLVSxfU4AAdH2w.jpeg)

okay but the Rei one is just perfect. He did my girl justice

No. 699636

the rendering is great but that face is fugly. something about his style that just doesn't go well with anime face

No. 699641


People pay for this? Huh.

No. 699667

this reminds me how a few years ago artists would rage about normies assuming the computer did most of the work for digital art. But if you proudly claim you use cheats, is that not true?

No. 699672

Lol do you really think stuff like using 3D bases or perspective rulers is "doing most of the work"?

No. 699768

tracing things, yeah. Using a 3d model of a room with a 'cartoon lines' effect as background, yeah.

No. 699856

Another "I'm aN aDuLt aNd yOu dOn'T uNdErStAnD kIdS" crap.

Honestly maybe this is just me but I get really tired with her thinking that teenagers ages 15-19 are still "children". Like dude, no. I understand that the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child states that anyone under the age of 18 is considered a "Child" but just the way that Twisted always whinges on and on about how teenagers are still children because she's older (and most her friends are still in this age range, let's be real), it just comes off as annoying and the self-righteous attitude is nauseating.

Again I'm not saying that teenagers are adults or anything like that and I get that your brain is still developing till about the age of 25 but I suppose I'm just annoyed with how Michie goes about it when she talks about this kind of stuff.

Oh and she needs to fuck off with the "non-binary kids" BS. There's a section in the video where she doesn't know what to call kids who are "enbys" and It irritated the fuck outta me. Just call them "Children" you dingus.

No. 699900

He "critiques" and "roasts" their artwork

No. 700057

I see what you mean with the head, but I still think it's nice, overall. It reminds me of good 00's game art, and that's probably what he was aiming for.

No. 700099

People have been tracing reference stuff forever, long before computers were even a thought. Look up graphic illustration tools, and tools the old masters used.

In the case of backgrounds, a 3D model that you legally obtained for the purpose of saving time, or even one that you built yourself is fine. If you're a hobbyist who enjoys reinventing the wheel over and over or just enjoys making backgrounds from scratch, that's totally fine. The rest of us need to eat, or enjoy the problem solving/drafting process that comes with creating. The 3D stuff is amazing for worldbuilding, especially if you're working on a comic and you want your setting(s) consistent. The effects applied to the models still have to match your style. Learning how to work with shaders takes skill; the computer won't do it for you.

I guess by the same logic, when you draw a straight line with an actual pencil and a real ruler, the ruler is doing the work for you. You're not doing anything at all.

No. 700354

I don’t know who he is but what’s wrong with this? It’s good for an artist to try something

No. 700422

You’re 100% right about this. Before computers, and sometimes even still, illustrators and comic artists would use pre-made perspective grid sheets with a lightbox. It’s not even ancient history, you can still buy these things at craft stores.

To a trained eye, more obvious assets look like garbage, but most readers don’t pay too much attention or simply don’t care. That’s why there are those capeshit floppies that are basically rendered entirely in Poser. If an artist wants to make them more “fluent” with their art, for lack of a better word, it absolutely still takes a good amount of skill and understanding.

No. 700545

Is it unethical (lol) to use 3D models as pose reference? I find it can streamline things a little, but nothing can beat understand actual figure drawing, anatomy, etc. But really, would you be able to tell if someone posed a model and traced it? You would think after years of "muh spine," there would be some sort of movement towards combining 3D and 2D. I've done backgrounds and props with 3D assets I've made, but not necessarily with figures.

No. 700561

There's a lot of combining 3D and 2D especially in concept art work, since there's just no gain spending additional time making sure given character has exact same body / face proportions on every image - and 3D model base will ensure it does.
Additionally, the video attached shows very cool thing that can be done in Blender, I see no reason to not use a handy tool like that if available.

No. 700575

Am I the only one who actually likes using custom brushes made by other artists?

because I feel like sometimes with the basic custom brushes from photoshop do not give you a certain feel or look that you desire for your digital artwork and personally I already feel like it’s hard enough to find tutorials on how to make your own personalized tools

i don’t think using another artist’s tools will replicate the same “essence” of their work

No. 700643

Honestly, I never hear that custom brushes are bad, normally it goes the other way, like:
>you need this said custom brush, because this artist uses it, and it’ll make you a better artist if you use them like them
Personally I just use the default brushes and mix them up when colouring lol

No. 700658

File: 1608706391736.jpeg (308.77 KB, 2048x1547, 1B8F203B-164E-4A97-9B94-0EE4FB…)


His anime portraits are fine anon, you just sound salty. Plus, he puts a lot more effort into his work than most of the people mentioned here.

No. 700686

Yeah, I'm just looking for ArtStation but more for hobbyists. I don't care about getting non-artist followers. I just want to meet people with the same hobby as me, dammit!

No. 700700

File: 1608711436010.jpg (137.86 KB, 759x664, 20201223_161116~2.jpg)

Yeah because this is monsters and shit, the thing he's actually good at and got famous for. When he applies his style to anime face it's weird looking

>you sound salty

On the artist SALT thread? I would never

No. 700701

This really isn't a good example because the face in this one looks fine imo. Even the snake girls face in >>700658 looks good.

No. 700704

can you tell that it's Shinji

No. 700706

I literally did not know who he was, but after googling the character, if I knew who he was beforehand then I would probably say yeah.

No. 700707

imo anime face just doesn't work well in 3d/realism in most cases, everything looks pinched and disproportionate. And then of course is the crowd of people calling you racist because you didnt draw the character as ethnically japanese.

No. 700760

A lot of semi-realistic stuff of anime characters looks bad from western artists but I think Rapoza's pretty good at it tbh. Shinji looks just kind of like a rendered Disney character here while keeping his resemblance to his original design, I think it's a pretty good balance or stylization and realistic forms and rendering.

No. 700765

Yeah, and? What’s your point? Are people not allowed to branch out and draw what they please? He doesn’t have to just stick with what made him famous, you realize that right? Besides, he isn’t throwing out hot takes to rile up twitter so I don’t get your beef with him asides from “it looks weird”.

No. 701114

You say it looks bad because it looks western and yeah, if he was going for a more anime look then he failed. But the rendering is very good, and he can render faces well some times like in the Rei picture another anon poster above. He's not a bad artist.

No. 701391

File: 1608766095617.jpg (325.43 KB, 1821x826, PhotoGrid_1608765441444~2.jpg)

The comments in this Clip Studio commercial are comparing Michelle Phan's art to Meyoco

No. 701500

this isn't really salt but do you ladies have any tips for gaining followers on twitter? It's by far the platform I get the most commissions from, but my follower count has been stuck at the same place for almost 6 months now

No. 701537

But Michelle Phan only support asian creators.
And that other one is propably cheaper than Meyoco

No. 701581

>Draw HoloENs, the new trend that's conveniently made to last a while unlike the new Pokemon gen or Helltaker.
>Oops, the girl you just drew isn't there to check their hashtag rn.
>Say fuck it and become a shut-in who's actually good at art or form parasocial relations of your own by stepping into artist Twitch D*scords.

No. 701582

Kek at plagiarism. Meyoco doesn't own this style. Stans are brain-dead as always

No. 701679


I think a lot of you might not know who Michelle Phan is but in her ad she's pretending she drew the work that she commissioned for her comic cook. You can also see her trying to draw in certain points of the video and it looks fucking horrible. So I'm sure that drink art isn't hers either.

She used to use copyright music all the time in her videos and get away with it because she was a big youtuber back then when they were beginning to crack down on it. Not that I care just showing she doesn't gaf.

No. 701840


Giveaways, fanart and drawing art for new releases (like fanart for a new movie that’s just come out).

Also meme redraws, people love silly comics that take like 2h to make but get a good chuckle out of people.

No. 701922

why hire a beauty youtuber for an art program promo?

No. 701973

File: 1608827980950.jpg (418.68 KB, 810x1517, 021831.jpg)

No. 701988

lol does this person not know how memes work?

No. 702057

>>Only poc can use tags and make memes and NO ONE ELSE!!! IF YOU DO YOU'RE RACIST!!! WE'RE THE MOST OPPRESSED!!

No. 702068

Probably to hit that Art Hoe crowd. You know, the ones who are more into the idea of being an artist than making art.

No. 702169

Surely she popularized those motifs and general aesthetic?

No. 702188

This is always funny to me because the whole “drawing while black” hashtag showed up way after the one for filipino artists/artph and the creator of dwb moans and cries any time any other race has made one since.

No. 702224

Not salt, just discussion: anons who have a portfolio, what types of work (ex: studies, paintings) do you put in there and how many examples of each? What are some artists that have nice portfolios in your opinion?

No. 702228

File: 1608866459848.jpeg (104 KB, 779x900, F9B8E90A-A2DB-4BA0-8755-291C50…)


No. 702340

Honestly if you showed me this art with no context I would think it was Meyoco or one of the many meyoco clones on ig.
who cares about stupid hashtag drama? it's low tier twitter like bait. it belongs in the twitter hate thread, not here.

No. 702440

michelle has been an "artist" for a pretty long time now, im surprised nobody has brought it up. she had/has (i didnt check) a webcomic or webtoon too. her art has always been pretty bad i think.

No. 702444

File: 1608901318410.png (1.37 MB, 1427x654, Screenshot 2020-12-25 at 14.03…)

doublepost to add the image

No. 702544

christ, it's so mediocre. I get that influencers are good for marketing but her skills don't really show the potential of your software

No. 702551

It's that "put together enough to tell what's going on," but "not so good it threatens aspiring artists" style.

No. 702803

omggggggg that art isn't even her's she commissioned an artist to make that comic. You posted that she's an artist like three times even though if you watched her dumb ad you can clearly see she doesn't even know how to draw a cat that actually looks like anything resembling a cat.

No. 702954


Do art raffles for milestones or anything else. Bc people would love more free high quality art better.

The higher risk would be an either copic/cintiq/ipad giveaway, that might boost your clout to the degree you wanted. However keep be careful on choosing the winner though

No. 703044

im sorry for not being that deep into the michelle phan webtoon lore i suppose? the webcomic was promoted like she drew it and thats all i remembered, so even if someone else actually drew it the connection still makes sense as to why she would appear in an art related ad.

No. 703052

> she's pretending she drew the work that she commissioned for her comic cook
never knew this, source? i only read a few page of her comic bc it was pretty bad, but i remember she was getting back to drawing and her artistic side with that comic. she seems like a snake tho

No. 703199

File: 1609021284873.png (57.39 KB, 509x631, Zatanna Cancel.PNG)

Oof, there goes JDL's latest project

No. 703409


post shit art here, talk shit here

No. 703414

kek what's the story behind this?

No. 703542


I wouldn't be surprised if the pandemic completely plummeted the sales of comic books, which were already struggling quite a lot before.

No. 703676

File: 1609104423689.jpg (962.83 KB, 1500x1100, Zatanna preview 10.jpg)

DC comics is heavily cutting their lineup going into 2021 and JDL's graphic novel was one of many titles that got hit. By the look of the preview images no one is really missing out on anything.

No. 703681

File: 1609104995465.jpeg (86.22 KB, 740x547, Zatanna preview 4.jpeg)

No. 703685

File: 1609105461210.jpeg (209.74 KB, 740x1053, Zatanna preview 2.jpeg)

No. 703693


Honestly, it's for the best. Zatanna deserves writers and artists that will do her justice and this wasn't it.

No. 703754

The whole thing reeks of IG aesthetic tropes and nothing feels like the character, not even as a re-imagining. Drawing what you know, I guess.

No. 703759


She probably thought this was her chance to draw her same face ig witch-girl self-insert into a big IP. Imagine if this got off the ground. All her art looks the same. A new audience would be so confused if they chose to follow her art.

Clearly perspective isn't her strong suit. Neither are faces with anything other than a dead expression.

No. 703760

File: 1609119584947.jpg (152.25 KB, 600x910, 6246620-f2f2969737c960bc5c4b90…)

Had to look up this character, wow if I hadn't known that jaquelines art was supposed to be zatanna I would've never guessed

No. 703782

Jesus jiminy cricket those broken wrists. How in the ever living fuck did this girl get that much of an audience. Can’t draw facial expressions, horrid perspective and the same damn face.

No. 703786

File: 1609126211878.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1242x1516, 381CA3A1-CFB0-46D3-818B-657F85…)

This dude’s combover is sending me lol

No. 703925

diversity hire, probably

No. 703932

Comic book sales are abysmal at the moment for both DC and Marvel. They're hiring anyone who produces content that could sell to zoomers in theory but in reality nobody bothers to buy this crap. Manga series like My Hero Academia and Demon Slayer are absolutely annihilating them in sales in the west so they're just scurrying trying to throw shit at the wall to see what sticks instead of hiring competent writers and artists.

No. 704197

File: 1609173055385.jpg (118.97 KB, 1280x853, 116434540_3194461254007407_295…)

Im currently consider picking up a part-time job since my art is still isn't good enough for me to take commissions, but that also limits my time working/practicing my art and I also attend college full-time too. Im in quite a pickle here…any of u art anons been through the same? How do you deal with this?

No. 704219


You can try more 'passive streams' of income like setting up a shop, making more generic/cute-sy art that sells well as merch, opening a youtube channel for the ad revenue/sponsors (tho that takes ages).

Though honestly if you need the money and your art isn't good enough to make any money just get a job. There's no shame in it.

No. 704237

File: 1609177627136.png (498.29 KB, 626x350, Bildschirmfoto 2020-12-28 um 1…)

I really enjoy Heikala's art, and I know she's never been very detailed when it comes to faces, but I feel like with her last few artworks, the faces keep getting weirder and sloppier too

No. 704250

My eyes went immediately to those wonky hands though.

No. 704287

File: 1609181952294.png (4.33 MB, 2492x2210, Untitled195_20201228143723.png)

Thoughts on this artist? Apparently they are a gachatuber that does Gacha versions of the Zodiac Signs personification and cause of that they got 100k subs so far. However, I am not really a big fan of their artstyle and character designs.

The thing that bothers me the most is that they draw slight nsfw and implented r*pe and sexual/physical abuse ect. into the Zodiac signs character backstories while using Gacha club which have mainly children attracted to Gacha videos.

(In one of their community post, they had Capricorn "ROASTING" Aquarius by literally insulting her abusive past, quote "says that one that got kidnapped by a god and used as a sex toy and alchohol slave," and keep in mind most of their fans are under the age of 18 and some of the top comments are thinking that Capricorn is savage. I'm sorry, saying shit like that is not cool it is highkey disrespectful and rude and I'm ashamed that the Gachatuber wrote somebody's trauma as "roasting") Idk their age but if they are like a minor that will be really weird. Hopefully somebody could talk some sense to them or at least make it so their content ism clearly not for kids.

No. 704312

This art is hideous. You are either retarded for following them or this is a self post.

No. 704319


It does sound fucked up, but since you are mentioning that they are apparently a minor maybe they will grow out of this phase by making fucked up things. Their art is certainly not a masterpiece, they do seem like they have potential tho.

Again, they will grow out of it somehow, still them being a minor doesn't mean they are immune to criticism. Also as the anon above me said, you're either retarded for following them or that this is a self post basically.

No. 704328

just need to vent here a little bit. I was friends with a popular artist for a while (around 5ish years) and he was always much better at drawing than I was, but he had this habit of constantly telling me he'd always be better at drawing than me and he liked to randomly send me my art and "critique" it without asking. (really it was just an excuse to roast me when he was in a bad mood) I'd always see him making posts on twitter about how important being nice to people and being a positive influence is and it sucks knowing behind closed doors he's an asshole and nobody knows.

No. 704337

Drop the asshole's name anon

No. 704339

File: 1609187089655.png (783.86 KB, 462x685, cut.png)

her strength is painting nature. Her human figures have always been a bit wonky, but you don't really notice until she draws more complex or dynamic poses.

No. 704344

Leak the screenshots, anon. Choose chaos.

No. 704354

Why are you censoring the word rape, this is not twitter where you can get banned for writing certain words?

No. 704369

I would but I know he searches his name in places like this and he'd immediately know it was me and probably put me on blast about it. All I'll say is he's been posted about in here before by someone other than me but all they talked about was the quality of his art, I don't think he's secretly an asshole to everyone and I was just treated as his personal punching bag most of the time. Anyway sorry I know lolcow isn't my online diary!

No. 704394

>won't post his name
why would you post fake stories here instead of somewhere where people will actually give you sympathy points and asspats? lol.

No. 704422

Drop better hints
Post screenshots
Censor his name.
Don't tease us with skim milk, give us full-fat whole.

No. 704474

It's not about banning. Some people would genuinely get triggered once they heard that word. I'm just being considerate(newfag)

No. 704501

Do you know what site are you on.
Drop the @ anon, provide milk.

No. 704543

Twitterfag alert
You do know that rape was originally censored on twitter because phrases can be searched and found, right? Not because the literally spelling of r*pe “doesn’t triggervictims. Jesus, both the artist that op posted and op themselves reak of underage that need a break from the internet/twitter

No. 704572

It depends on what you need the money for. If you're trying to reduce college debt or paying for rent/food - get a job. If you just want fun money, it's better to use the free time you have to develop skills for future employment.

This last bit of advice is less applicable to college students, but more for later on. Don't feel like you have to choose between a job and art. Realistically you aren't going to spend 8+ hours a day drawing. Some people can, but most will burn out or injure themselves. You will have plenty of time to both work and draw once you're done with school.

No. 704638

Thank you for the information. I never knew it was originally from Twitter. I thought the word was meant to be triggering. I could have never thought of it

No. 704669

These are from the actual book? I guess this is what happens when you hire a social media artist but damn these are bad.

No. 704675

This is the most twitterfag post I ever saw. The art is shit, your milk sucks, end of story. Try again when you're over 18.

Lmao do you think someone who gets "triggered" over the word rape doesn't realize what "r*pe" stands for?

No. 704687


To be fair, it's only marginally worse than Georges Jeanty's "art" and he's been doing comics for decades


No. 704739

I’m really tired of seeing this woman’s videos everywhere. She seems to think shading is just outlining things

No. 704768

File: 1609253194438.png (336.31 KB, 750x599, 1609192930155.png)

everything about that comic is awful

No. 704771

This is what no pussy does to a mf

No. 704778

I like that he got fat and stayed ugly. Portray coomers as they are.

No. 704789

I don't know anon, I like it better when they're at least upfront about being coomers instead of trying to come up with some big brain deep reasoning for drawing anime porn. Saves me the trouble.

No. 704798


Agreed, I respect the honesty. He may be a coomer but he's still better than those type who pretend to be all about female empowerment and then start creeping on you when you start to feel comfortable around them.

No. 704799

It’s nice that he actually drew himself ugly as shit. I like honesty when artists draw themselves

No. 704800


No. 704804

File: 1609259322440.jpeg (33.76 KB, 225x345, 26B9D3CB-F0F5-4523-8CCE-298311…)

On the topic of artists drawing themselves, what do farmers like? I noticed most people do things like drawing themself normal (sometimes more attractive or uglier), use an animal or sometimes a weird thing like an object. I think I like animals the most but sometimes they look ‘off’ like Dobson’s blue bear

No. 704832

File: 1609263521028.jpg (77.1 KB, 1080x594, 2wfka4jxozk31.jpg)

see, this is a good question. There's some sort of goldilocks zone between trying to come off as too #relatable or overcompensating for something.
(pic related is how kimetsu no yaiba's author draws herself)

No. 704833

File: 1609263643312.png (10.02 KB, 1310x90, 1525615550763.png)

No. 704837

No wonder manga is getting more and more popular each passing day. The bar for comic art can get really low. This should be depressing but it kinda makes me feel good about the crap I draw.

No. 704841

The comics industry is incredibly corporate and every action and micro action Is ruled over by higher management, and yes while yes the big 2(DC and Marvel) have been losing popularity its actually been great for indie comics this past decade, you'd never find more popularity indie comics have had then this past decade

No. 704872

File: 1609269451853.png (15.46 KB, 400x400, One's_icon.png)

the best self representation is honestly ONE's, he is just an egg headed man

No. 704876

actually you're right anon this is as good as it gets
this is music to my ears, more talent is likely to get exposure and that's great. heads up maladaptive daydreaming anons

No. 704903

i don't appreciate the honesty, if anything it disgusts me more. they are too comfortable with themselves.

No. 704906

Is it just me or does the one on the left look creepishly underage? Like something about it just looks so pedo-y or 12 year old ish. Its kind of one of those "lets give this girl all features of a 12 year old but slap on some ti ties and maybe some hips" the one on the right isn't much better.
good for him just monetizing his practice studies however.
Gotta say I'm really tired of seeing art youtubers preach and preach about how you can make money as an artist and yet they don't even know how, they just are monetizing their 15 seconds of fame

No. 704908

This is fuggin beautiful. I think its digital but can you imagine this as a real oil painting? its lke Bob Ross and evangelion fucked and had this beautiful baby

No. 704909

he just screws up with proportion and makes the head too big
I don't think this is a study
since it has way fewer body detail compare to his studies

No. 704910

saged bc it's a dumb question from 5 days ago, but what you put in your portfolio should be determined by what kind of work you want to do (and like to do). it's nice to have a variety of things to show range, but it should still be cohesive. i've heard to put your best one first, then the meh stuff, then better stuff at the end. or, in chronological order, if that makes sense for you. don't make it big enough that it takes a while to get through, but don't make it small enough that it doesn't show off your skills. other than that, don't sweat it. your art should speak for itself.

No. 704911

Hard to say because it's so stylized.

No. 704916

i think it looks fucked up because he ripped off the Disney sameface of recent 3D movies like Rapunzel and Frozen, which are associated with little girls
definitely gives me underage vibes too.

No. 704935

I don't think she looks underage tbh. When I look at her I see a girl in her early 20s

No. 705050

File: 1609294174550.jpeg (97.01 KB, 697x990, 61B8EB26-6653-4D00-8770-813D5D…)

I find it funny that the one comic artist I adored as a middle schooler went from drawing American comic book covers to making illustrations for Japanese books and BL. Can’t say I blame her for doing that instead.

No. 705052

I think ergojosh seems like a really nice guy and I like his filming setup and aesthetic, but yeah all he does is sketches and studies. I kinda think it's because he's not drawing what he truly wants to so he never finishes anything. And his skill seems high based on the "sketches" but he can never push past that stage.

However he has definitely cornered the "art advice and inspiration from Youtubers" market and does it very well.

No. 705087

>Thinking winx club was ever good.

No. 705097

File: 1609298873790.jpg (1.09 MB, 739x743, q8EmdJO.jpg)

speaking of heikala I always think coco__glez's art is heikala at first. I don't know if its just because they all use watercolor/inks but artists like heikala, and maruti_bitamin a lot of their work seems to share the same type of imagery and simple deformed anime figures as the focus.

No. 705099

aww thats really cute chin chan fanart lamo

No. 705106

Still not on the level of Japanese Manga Industry but its doing well, This year alone I have read series about rural Redneck vampires, A former Chinese bandit in the old west and a series about psychics which has a hard-magic system

No. 705133

File: 1609303232760.jpeg (46.57 KB, 640x479, images (12).jpeg)

How he draws himself

No. 705134

File: 1609303265418.jpg (95.73 KB, 1280x720, 1586203374296.jpg)

And what he actually looks like

No. 705137

Pretty generous with the amount of hair no?

No. 705139

These posts about Dobson are like watching grandmas try to understand dabbing. Drama on him is so boring/old/stale. Get with the times

No. 705143

File: 1609305876525.jpg (30.73 KB, 220x328, 220px-Miki_Falls.jpg)

I remember seeing a friend read this shit. Their faces are goofy as hell.

No. 705144

I guess im reminiscing it was easy to make fun of him, cause of the he was but he stays in his corner of the internet i.e. his Facebook account where no one bothers him

No. 705146

Holy fuck I remember this guy came to our school to talk about this. I’m like. 2005 or some shit. Holy fuck that unlocked a memory I didn’t know I had.

No. 705200

Who is this anon? The art's very beautiful.

No. 705210

Jo Chen

No. 705216

Mike was my God on youtube when I started to get into drawing manga. Can't believe he hid his hands and drew blob faces like that, no wonder my art stagnated for so long.

No. 705333

Gonna need the names of those series anon.

No. 705392

File: 1609342068373.jpeg (626.35 KB, 750x855, CEAFBE85-C4F3-46BF-8F18-8F0602…)

thought oceans patreon print for the month was cute till I saw the gremlin hand and skewed fingernails.

No. 705400


No. 705403

It looks fine? Looks like a standard anime hand

No. 705421

nayrt but are you guys blind ? it's a whole ass hand that looks distorted and weirdly wrinkly, certainly traced with no understanding of anatomy / adjustments to anime style. it's too bad bc the artist seems to know how to render
not to mention people paid for this…

No. 705424

It doesn't look wrinkly though. I pretty sure those lines are just to show the joints. If they weren't there the hand would look flat, like it's not bending at all. Looking at it again, the pinky finger looks weird, but because it looks like its chopped off instead of bending back. It looks fine otherwise to me.

No. 705480

it looks weird but it's still a nitpick. It's a minor detail that's pretty much unnoticeable.

if you have to point it out for it to be noticed or it looked cute otherwise, there's an 80% chance it's a nitpck.

No. 705490

File: 1609354604282.jpeg (61.12 KB, 755x540, ada-lovelace-release.jpeg)

not all drawing styles need to be structured or anatomically sound like you're drawing for animation. look at quentin blake's illustration style. pointing out wonkiness in a face or hand while ignoring the entire feel of an illustration isn't a good critique. these simple styles work because they're appealing. anatomically correct drawings aren't inherently appealing, a wonky face isn't inherently unappealing.

if you want to talk about how all these artists styles are carbon copies of each other with the same boring overused themes i'd agree with you

No. 705514

It just looks like a hand in perspective? Many anime artists draw hands more realistically than any other part of the body for whatever reason.

No. 705543

we /ic/ now

There’s a lot of skilled draftsman talent in indie circles these days, and they often get scooped up by animation which actually pays more than comics (unless you’re in traditional publishing by a big name, but even then)… that’s if they’re not endlessly whining on Twitter, of course.

No. 705721

I looked at her stuff and wow, she really seems to be a heikala clone. There are just so many elements that are very similar

No. 705814

If another art focused platform was made, how do you prevent it from being filled with furry fetish art and other dumb shit? You could have a 'no NSFW art' policy, but then you would likely lose a huge part of the userbase (i.e. tumblr).

You could also have a "professional work only" thing going on but then you would just end up with another ArtStation. Which many feel intimidated by to post on, and are years from reaching the skill level of artists who post there. Plus the entire userbase is made up of other artists, and is not a very social platform.

Instagram would be decent if it didn't bring down the quality of files so drastically.
Follow 4 follow is also annoying af, but how would you even combat that?

I am highly interested in actually launching a site for more amateur artists, but some of these issues seem unavoidable without pissing off most of the userbase through overbearing, stupid policies/algorithms.

No. 705817

>You could have a 'no NSFW art' policy, but then you would likely lose a huge part of the userbase (i.e. tumblr)
Sure, but did you ever need them there? I think instead of a blanket no nsfw, maybe no pornographic imagery might work instead. Also, what's wrong with alienating furries? They have lots of furry-only communities. Let there be one community they can't infest.

I personally don't see the issue with a site being by artists, for artists. If people want to get hired, there's ArtStation. If you want to be seen by the masses, there's social media. There's no where to really just connect with other artists. I miss that 2000s deviantArt community vibe.

I don't think F4F necessarily needs to be combated. On any site, there will be the people who live only for the numbers. Let them be.

You didn't mention anything about it, but I think a daily/weekly art showcase would be nice to have as long as it was manually selected instead of relying on things like likes/favorites/follows.

No. 705837

I don't get the gripes about artstation. there is plenty of amateur stuff there

No. 705863

I am not sure if Dollightful counts as an Artist but I'm confused about her having to make an apology about making a Wendigo doll? She says in the video it is insensitive to have made it but isn't it just a mythological creature?

No. 705868

afaik it was disrespectful because you were/are not supposed to depict it, especially as nonchalantly as in the form of a doll, a repainted monster high doll at that. Even though wendigo is not a revered god of creation, I think it makes sense if you consider the kind of backlash she would get from orthodox jewish communities if she made a “yahweh” doll. And if you take into account how respectfully native people and their cultures are treated in canada (which objectively isn’t adequate at all,) a serious part of a culture was further disrespected in her depiction.

No. 705870

It's dumb. If she was apologizing for not making the doll look faithful enough I'd understand it but this is another round of that "reee cultural appropriation don't soil our holy imaginary beast" bullshit. She put an actual effort into that doll and it looked pretty cool and respectful, people were just creating controversy over stupid crap again.

No. 705899

I don't understand why something imaginary should be protected. I'd understand if it was an inaccurate portrayal of an actual person or tradition or was harmful but who cares about imaginary bs lmao

No. 705902

Possibly controversial opinion, but a wendigo is a non-existent thing. Imo anyone's free to take the idea, the concept of a non-existent thing and do with it whatever they want.

No. 705924

It's completely retarded. I wish I had a woke virtue signaling filter on my life so I never have to see another perfectly respectful creator grovel to a hoard of NEET internet addicts obsessed with creating new kinds of fictional victimhood.

Now she's proven she can be bullied and they won't stop. Next she'll be taking down all dark skinned dolls for racism and all light skinned dolls for white supremacy and all fantasy dolls for myth appropriation, and the unicorno repaints because unicorns create unrealistic standard of beauty for horses. This shit is a losing game.

No. 705953

It's just a mythological creature. So by that logic no one should ever draw Egyptian gods, dragons, banshees, elfs, dwarves, etc .. this is seriously dumb

No. 706000

So is it an issue of no one can make an artistic depiction of the wendigo,or is it that only aboriginal people can?

I don't understand the backlash,but i guess its not my culture so i cant say anything.

I do wish she kept the comments open though. So i could see what people were saying.
Wouldn't it be better to have people in the comments "educate" us? Because i feel like it would be beneficial.

No. 706004

If people are ready to reee and sperg about wendigos then I expect them to do the same about angels, greek gods, egyptian gods, satan/hell/devils/demons/djinns, shinto gods, celtic creatures and all those other things. Otherwise they're all hypocrites who think that native mythology is more important than any other for some stupid ass reason.

No. 706010

I mean, would you say this about depictions of Mohammed, or a Yahweh doll like the other anon said?

No. 706020

Nta and I'm also agnostic but, I think the difference is Muhammad and Yahweh are religious figures, but Wendigo is just supposed to be a scary myth(afaik. Maybe she does have religious significance in Native American culture? Idk but I don't think she does)

No. 706023

Samefagging, but I do agree that Indigenous people are disrespected, so I understand why it's offensive to make a wendigo doll. But I also feel like it's ok to depict other myths (greek gods, angels, elves etc…) In art so idk.

No. 706031

I think the main difference is that the people who originally genuinely believed in Egyptian gods and dwarves and such are long dead, whereas indigenous cultures are still alive and present in the modern age. And the wendigo specifically is something that, like Mohammed, isn't supposed to be depicted, and means more than a just "a spooky myth" to indigenous people(iirc, that's my canadafag education).

Still think that the situation is a bit overblown, but understandable I guess

No. 706033

Hasn't she also made a demon goat doll based on European folklore? I guess by following this logic that video has to be deleted as well and her dragon videos to kek

No. 706043

That makes sense! We don't learn a lot about indigenous culture in America so, I really wasn't sure how serious wendigo is to them. I don't think she shoulda been attacked for it but, it's nice that people are trying to be more mindful of other cultures.

No. 706050

I'd respect someone making a doll out of Mohammed since they're pretty much risking their lives if they do that.
I think these slippery slopes to censor art are quite dangerous, but also natives have barely any cultural power at all, I feel for them. It's a more complex situation that the usual "cultural appropriation" bs because religion is in place.

No. 706053

If European people said they didn't want depictions of that specific demon, yeah. Why shouldn't they be respected? I don't get this logic.
It's not like it's the law, but understandably, people from that group will dislike it and see it as distasteful, and that's their right.

No. 706055

In the creator's position, I'd just make content with inspiration from a bunch of different cultures, and not explicitly name the Wendigo.
I'd just call it a "forest demon" or whatever. That concept is present in pretty much all cultures.

No. 706057

I think the solution isn’t to outright ban certain groups, but to limit users’ exposure to groups they’re not interested in. One of Deviantart’s huge problems was that fetish art regularly made it to the front page. If you don’t want to ban furries or porn then you’d have to work on the algorithm so that people don’t see shit they don’t want to see.

I personally wouldn’t have a problem with banning furries but I know it would cause a lot of drama, and also debate about what exactly counts as a furry, such as catgirls or cutesy children’s book illustrations of anthropomorphic characters. Banning porn and fetish art might be a better idea. Tumblr’s problem was that it already built a reputation and userbase centered around porn, and then banned porn. And then non-porn posts started getting deleted because they used some shitty algorithm to auto delete stuff.

No. 706067


I’ve met Jo Chen twice at Fanime. Very humble and kind woman! Signed her prints for free too.

No. 706073


This is exactly what she should have done because her doll doesn't even look like what the wendogo myth describes. The problem is artists jumping on the trendy bandwagon of copying the "wendigo" creature from popculture without bothering to learn sbout the real myth.

No. 706079

and it's the right of whoever this person is to make culturally inspired dolls that may justly or unjustly seen as offensive, european or native or whatever, however classless it is… at least you don't have the double standard.
i hate how it's normal and expected now to be a weak bitch that bends under the pressure of the woke mob.

No. 706088

Sure, it's their right but that doesn't mean that they're not wrong or that other people can't call them out for it.

No. 706092

>respecting people's cultures when you use them for your art
>woke mob
Nah, anon. That's just basic decency and consideration to those around you.
Woke mob is when someone spergs out at an artist for not drawing a non-binary bigender pansexual disabled trans woman or something. The two aren't the same.

No. 706099

Yes, if there wasn't the risk of literally being killed because of Muhammad kek
Guess what, Gods can be depicted by people who aren't part of the religion if it's nothing disrespectful. And even if it is, who the fuck cares about some lady making a doll of it.

No. 706112

This was already posted, and we've been talking about it.

No. 706113

woops i'm fucking blind and didn't scroll up. welp i deleted the post to not clog the thread, but my take is it's simply retarded.

No. 706115

are there any art courses, free or paid, that are good?

No. 706153

>>> So is it an issue of no one can make an artistic depiction of the wendigo,or is it that only aboriginal people can?

My bad if your question was already answered in a way, but native/Algonquin people as a collective aren’t making wendigo dolls nor are they selling wendigo merch. >>706031 was exactly right. There is no properly faithful way to depict it because the most respectful thing in this situation was to not depict it at all.

As for general art depictions of entities of significant cultural/religious importance there’s so much Irish folklore that could be focused on. The neverending trend of Greek gods needs to come to a fucking head so Celtic mythology can have a turn.

Proko on youtube has a lot free video lessons.
Their anatomy and facial features playlists have been good for me.

No. 706205

I love Meet The Artists but god those likes and dislikes. Of course you dislike depression, Dobson, no one was under the impression that you like it. Also aren't most of his comics negative gripes about meaningless shit?

No. 706215

>The neverending trend of Greek gods needs to come to a fucking head so Celtic mythology can have a turn.

Have you seen Wolfwalkers anon? I think you'd like it. It has a really good art book too, if you like the style.

And I agree. There's a lot to be inspired by in Celtic mythology. Plus a lot of the Greek mythology inspired stuff only scratches the surface of the mythos, usually without exploring any of the more niche characters and myths which can be interesting as well.

No. 706303

As far as I’ve seen, most people only focus on a WAYYYY watered down version of Hades and Persephone (and I’m not just talking about Lore Olympus). I’d love to see some other Greek myth characters get the spotlight, but also other mythologies too. But maybe people just want to avoid the problem of accidentally pissing off other cultures, since it’s socially acceptable to do whatever you want with Greek gods. There’s also the option of just making up your own myths, but that circles back to original storytelling…

No. 706353

Thanks for answering,I really was confused over what the main root of the issue was.
I hope that the people telling her to take it down did so nicely, as it seemed she didn't intend to do any harm.

No. 706412

Art anons, I want to get into painting with oils but i've never used them before. How do I use them, what are the basics I should know and any advice/ tips/ resources to create amazing oil paintings?

No. 706455

Back to twitter with you

No. 706476

Am I shithead if I go look at this girl's art and get a big kick out of the fact she hasn't seemed to improve in ages? The only reason it makes me feel good is cause she thought she was some legendary artist and instead she just…isn't. She has cool concepts but man she hasn't improved since high school I feel like? She used to bully the shit out of me about how I wanted to be as good as her and shit because I too liked art and we had similar interests so we'd end up drawing similar things quite a bit.

No. 706482

No. 706559

I had a similar feeling about someone I imitated back in deviantart days; I guess it's okay for a bit but don't cling on it too much, it can ruin you
Clinging on bullying experiences forever will make you bitter

No. 706572

This might sound nitpicky, but even for an art supply haul this just seems really boring, like oh gely roll pens and a canvases? Idk also wouldnt it make more sense to buy something luxury and goodquality for more money rather than a whole bunch of mini supplies for under 10$. it might also make a better subject for a video.

No. 706577


Rae built her reputation around cheap art supplies, it‘s one of her go to concepts. On the other there are the Most of X videos like the one about the goldest paint (which she praised but looked like any better than the compared gold paints) or blackest black, the fucking over priced ballpoint pen (she fucking painted on with gold paint). Rae tries so hard to be classy but she will always be that broke ass bitch who burnt money for an useless oil painting degree.

No. 706579

you got a lot of anger built up lol? i think most of her videos are kind of lazy and low effort. in a standard 40 hour week you should be able to spend maybe 24 hours(3 days) on art and then 12 hours editing, or the other way round.

No. 706682

1. Why did she buy two identical sets of R&L flat brushes if she's "not hoarding". They are affordable, ok, but buying identical brushes in bulk generally hints that you expect them to deteriorate soon, yet she praises the quality ("so bomb")? Am I just overanalyzing?
2. She calls 1 inch flat brush "large", but her canvas pannels are A3 at leats. Huh.
3. My personal trigger. Regular cheap mannequins are and always were such a waste of money and recommending them for studies is a terrible advise in a world where internet and photographs of actual human beings exist. How the hell is anyone supposed to practice anatomy with that junk? "You can get them any pose that you want" they can't even raise their arms above shoulder level or, well, sit.
4. I kind of hope that in regular art shops in US one can actually buy a single pencil eraser (though I'd recommend koh-i-noor's over Faber Castell's, they seem softer, more efficient and make less dust) or a set of gelly rolls without those disposable blister packages, it seems a little wasteful.
5. For me 4$ for two charcoal pencils is a ripoff unless you're buying Conte a Paris thick core pencils. Why are they so expensive if they're made in US? Any other item seems somewhat reasonably priced.
6. God bless strathmore it's so hard to get where I live.
7. I dunno, crayola's pencils are ok, but a golden standard for school grade pencils, really? Perhaps it's a thing of accessibility, but Giotto's, Lyra's or Steadtler's products are much better quality-wise.
8. I know she's not a beauty guru, but her lips are giving me Kim Possible vibes.

No. 706790

I love giottos I have a set of the 12 double sided ones I had to order from Italy lmao

No. 707001


I suspect she uses her brushes just once or twice and then throws them away. She heavily implied that's what she does with the mixing trays.

No. 707017

not to mention she's bought like 5 brand new sets of crayola pencils in the past year when she posted like what, 5 drawings on instagram and her last 10 videos or so have maybe 3 paintings in them… where are all the supplies going rae?? are you eating them?

No. 707134


Probably hoarding until the next „Extreme Cleaning My Art Room“. lol

No. 707629

File: 1609691705857.jpeg (209.84 KB, 1448x2048, EqRZNh9UYAEBZ_M.jpeg)

Kristia/megat0nraid/raiko/whatever the hell everyone knows her as has long stopped tracing it seems.

And holy fuck does her lack of skill for tracing for 30 years show.

Good on her i guess.

No. 707632

It's good if she's not tracing and acting like an anime villain anymore but those eyes still look traced to me, the rest is super wonky though.

No. 707662

think she just learned how to draw persona character eyes from 3/4 view from all the tracing she did, and nothing else lmao. this is why every time i see people here advising tracing as a learning method, i tell them to just go out and copy real objects, tracing doesn't teach you anything, it's a shortcut.

No. 707680


lol His hands don't grasp the cup and pot.

No. 707800

This goes to every person who says tracing is a great practice. Amazing.

No. 707923

tracing is good practice, if you actually bother to try to learn from it.

No. 707933

as i said, tracing doesn't teach you anything expect for the very specific thing you're tracing over, and even that not very quickly. you aren't examining the thing you are tracing, thinking about how it works and how it's put together, you are superficially outlining it. how would tracing a cube be anywhere on the same level as studying it, thinking about how it works in perspective, or tracing over a composition, you won't think about how the different materials of the objects play into how light interacts with them, at most you'll internalize what shapes shadows take on some very specific objects with very specific lighting conditions.

No. 708016

File: 1609733129981.png (264.84 KB, 720x1134, 20210104_110845.png)

Theres been some drama with this artist on insta. Shes been called out for making a nazi oc that based on a real person Reinhard Heydrich which the oc also has the same name of and is shipped with a british prisoner oc and her story takes place in ww2. She been accused of romanticizing this and has made 2 posts addressing it. She deleted jewish comments who expressed their critism in the matter

No. 708059

there was an ex-lolita in the develv thread obsessed with that same nazi. I remember looking into a skilled fanartist's blog history to find they also shipped nazis… edgelords gonna edgelord?

No. 708074

>nazi oc that based on a real person Reinhard Heydrich
Oh god damn it why can't these people chill out

No. 708077

Yeah, god i remember that

No. 708079

File: 1609742376498.jpeg (22.3 KB, 642x477, images (1).jpeg)

Same anon, a pick i found about them btw

No. 708101


There's also a fanfiction writer called ars_belli who was obsessed with Heydrich

No. 708128

Why is there always so many mediocre internet artist that's obsessed with nazism? They really can't find any other way to be edgy or?

No. 708169

File: 1609766376272.png (5.71 MB, 2000x3000, degenerateswithnotaste.png)

I have absolutely no words.

No. 708178

File: 1609767491477.png (646.83 KB, 720x814, 20210104_213749.png)

I dunno anon but this artist is pretty try hard edgy already

No. 708179

She looks like a shopgirl trying to upsell me some shit at the till in that thumbnail, I think it's the crayola supplies that's doing it. Why does anyone watch art supply videos? Just research brands of whatever thing you need (watercolor, paper, pens, whatever) like these kinda videos are so random and useless.

No. 708182

Some people peak early and get to ride on the uwu so talented train…kinda sucks for them that they never improve. Though I see many artists who improve and become amazing in ten years. It depends on your personality and ego I think. Smaller ego = work hard to improve.

No. 708184

>Now she's proven she can be bullied and they won't stop.

I think Mykie dealt with this the best (offtopic except makeup artist I guess)
Textpost pinned apology on Instagram and then went into hiding. Making a video apology, usually to tards who weren't real fans in the first place/just randos who want someone to attack today/were hater stans waiting for a moment to strike: feeding the trolls

No. 708220

Eh, I'm good at online research but still like watching art supply vids. Some materials just aren't on your radar and it's also good to hear people's impressions of things.

No. 708267

damn I really need to figure out how to network on social media, because if this can get almost 30k followers so can I.

No. 708291

this really just seems like the average material you'd find in the deviantart goth art scene

No. 708325

File: 1609790590344.png (1005.77 KB, 696x700, d2wxq7t-330ddeff-812e-4d5a-ac4…)


oh god, this reminds me of Phobs. They were really popular on dA some years ago? They used to be obsessed with WW2 and often drew Heydrich and Himmler, pic related is 'a sketch of dying Heydrich'.

No. 708372

Contemplate indie vtubers, they might be boring but the void that is their fanart is an opportunity for anyone.

No. 708408

I remember this guy
he reupload Telepurte video and get tons of views and subs then pullout and posting his own art and promote his twitter
pretty cunning tbh

No. 708429

If you need to try that hard to learn from it, might as well do a study. Tracing isn't practice, it's a useful shortcut in the right hands and a crutch in the wrong ones.

No. 708443

Phobs, as in the same Phobs that does (or rather did) those Morgoth/Sauron fanarts?

No. 708473

Damn nothing depresses me more than an artist with decent coloring but horrible anatomy. Although I guess rendering gets you more popularity if that's what you're going after.

No. 708474

File: 1609810443854.jpg (264.54 KB, 464x4000, 472746337e0f6b4a965e1bd40a117e…)

Yes, i remember she did a loooooot of nazi (fan)art back in the dA days, found someone's pinterest board where they seem to have collected all/most of them

No. 708476

followers can be bought on instagram…i genuinely don't think this person has this many real humans following them

No. 708481

This art looks a lot like the artist that does the TF2 comics who used to fi Harry Potter fan art on dA.

No. 708496

>tfw remembering old DA shit like Branca, Snapesnogger and Phobs

No. 708546

I miss those days.

No. 708583

i think these kinds of videos are more for entertainment rather than for anyone actually looking to buy supplies. i'm saying entertainment loosely here though, because i couldn't care for these barely artist art vloggers.

No. 708587


Haul videos are kinda the shopping equivalent of mukbangs. People live through them vicariously if they can't afford to buy stuff themselves.

No. 708594

File: 1609834834296.png (34.47 KB, 681x374, eda.PNG)

Let's just not draw anything that may be similar to or inspired by native americans at this point.

No. 708604

File: 1609837444131.png (442.66 KB, 600x740, d5r8t9j-1bf96875-104f-443f-b91…)


Yep, same one. For some reason, they have scrubbed off dA more of the lotr/silmarillion stuff than ww2 stuff which is kinda interesting

No. 708636

Phobs did a lot of nazi stuff, but +10 years ago no one called her out on it

No. 708668

Well im guessing its because times were different before

No. 708672

I thought phobs was a dude. Or did he troon? I always got a gender special vibe from him, even before that was a thing

No. 708678

Series like Hetalia and Hellsing were also very popular 10+ years ago. I also think younger people had less access to digital art tools compared to how easy it is to get a cheap tablet + sai/photoshop crack now, so if popular artists drew weird shit they weren’t criticized as much

No. 708702

Phobs is a russian woman. And Sarah (the girl who recently got called out) is from/still lives in latin america if I recall. Usually girls who are comfortable with nazi imaginery without being outright neonazis (like SS, the american girl who costantly drew Hitler in lingerie on dA and admitted of being a neonazi on tumblr a few years later) are not from the western sphere. They think it looks 'cool, edgy and elegant'. They don't really grasp how its offensive, just like many westerners who take communist symbols.

No. 708753

Hopefully artists won't be too sad that some people from a group that were nearly wiped from their own country don't want to risk people bastardizing or uwu-ifying their culture.

People don't need to draw wendigos that badly.

No. 708775

Do you even know who the artist is? They didn't draw wendigos, they make colorful and beautiful art and take inspiration from native american culture and miths as well as old wild west stuff. Is taking inspiration from a culture and making well done illustrations bastardizing and uwu-ifying now? Everybody knows about what native people went through and nobody is downplaying that by making drawings. Artists will put what they appreciate into their art, it's pretty fucking simple.

No. 708779

very weeb neet way to say "no positive representation isn't good neither"
we should let native culture just completely disappear then, and just keep drawing european cultures only, right?

No. 708796

File: 1609868123897.jpg (167.02 KB, 1079x1246, 20210106_013159.jpg)

An Instagram artist got over 9k+ followers in a month, claiming she "changed her style a little bit". After she got exposed that the artworks are stolen from a chinese artist from weibo she deactivated

No. 708807

so what are the names of both artists?

No. 708851

File: 1609874308591.jpg (310 KB, 504x582, 20210106_013151.jpg)

Miuverse and the original artist is xizijiang. She had 1k followers until she deleted all her post and became chinese with a new style

No. 708897

Jesus, how do people stand themselves making art this derivative?

No. 708945

this looks like coomer /ic/ artist tier art work lmfao

No. 709080

File: 1609897731984.jpg (43.42 KB, 540x226, 20210105_194616.jpg)

So no one create art from any culture that isnt yours because you're just a bitch that wants to use the culture and beliefs of another. You're obviously looking to exploit these peoples by making money off their works.

No. 709081

What an odd comment. Why would anyone type like this.

No. 709090

File: 1609899578411.jpg (26.7 KB, 540x224, 20210105_201924.jpg)

Idiots type that way.

No. 709091

Theres no real reason why they're just morons that wanted to express their rage in the most colorful way

No. 709092

I see a lot of twitterfags and instafags type like this now and it screams infant onset dementia I swear to god

No. 709094

File: 1609899996411.jpg (64.45 KB, 540x304, 20210105_202618.jpg)

Intelligence is not their strongsuit

No. 709105

what the hell does this even mean

No. 709108

I honestly think they’re trying to catch the attention of whoever might be passing by the comments not really giving a fuck about the drama people are making up.

No. 709165

File: 1609916076453.png (33.69 KB, 660x289, racism watchdog.png)


it's probably a (misused) reference to the racism watchdog twitter account that retweets posts with racist dogwhistles in them going BARK BARK BARK.

No. 709185

Nice theory but they're probably just retarded autistic furries. The last one just starts to type in weeb japanese? and emojis.

No. 709195


Its used both as a reference to dogwhistle / dog that barks at racism/paedophilia, and as a way of expressing excitement, which can be fucking confusing. Basically its one of those Young People things and the best course of action is to just pre-emptively block everyone you see using it.

No. 709222

That's hilarious because Telepurte follows them lol

No. 709228

sage for no milk i just hate when an okay artist gets incredibly popular while there's better more complicated art with 10x less acknowledgment. i always repost the underdogs bc of this. instagram is full of these mediocre artists with 30K+ followers because they are hot and post selfies sometimes. good for them but fuck this algorithm. i wish i knew how to amass their followers without attention whoring.

No. 709238


Same. On one hand I hate when artists feel entitled to followers and attention because people just like what they like but it bothers me how overrated some people are. Frankly I'm probably just lowkey jealous

No. 709239

File: 1609934616552.jpg (257.05 KB, 1080x1338, screenshot.jpg)


Samefagging but I guess it's also a skill to market yourself on social media, maybe I shouldn't be salty about this. Sara Faber does the same kind of mediocre portrait every time and she has over 360k followers and 1200 patreons so what's our excuse, at least it means almost everyone can make it

No. 709241

They were more innocent days. Lolcows were just autists and retards with weird obsessions and not genuinely horrible people, scammers, and woke virtue signalers.

Does anybody remember Torture-Device? She was a natsoc bottle blonde aryan ftm who wouldn't shut up about how much she hated anything that wasn't white and male and drew edgy Warhammer fanart.

No. 709270

what about that spongebob rape smut artist? i think her name had the word tampon in it

No. 709275

I think it's because the mediocre artist isn't as intimatdating to the average person as the highly skilled artist. Instagram also has a lot of kids and I've noticed kids tend to gravitate towards artists they can realistically draw like(same with youtube). On twitter I see more talented illustrators with follower counts in the hundreds.

No. 709290

Maybe because yeah, IG is being swarmed with little kids or pre-teens that shared only interest to simplistic mediocre art that only involves portraits, with meyoco-ish clone aesthetic, they found that to be relatable and achieveable in some way

No. 709321

I think a lot of artists buy followers, her like count is pretty low for that amount of followers. Most of this type of art plateaus at 30k likes per pic.

No. 709360

This is a tiktok meme/culture thing. It kinda started with people saying "bark at men who harass you" and now they're just barking at everything not politically correct or "offensive". The extra retarded one >>709094 is of a trendy tiktok song amongst weebs. It's from the anime yarichin bitch club which apparently makes quoting the song "funny" cause it's sexual.

It's basically retarded gen z weebs.

No. 709370

Is it worth it to buy from Wacom anymore? Huion and xp-pen seem like decent alternatives, but maybe they don’t last as long? But then again, I’ve always heard wacom’s prices were severely inflated, so idk

No. 709381

Does the whole iPad+procreate trend kinda feel like a bit of a trap to anyone else? Just seems like a lot of money to drop on something that probably won’t last as long as a traditional setup, given apple’s whole planned obsolescence thing. For hobbyists, it’s probably okay, though

No. 709386

it's definitely a trend. Apple just fished a new market to sell a rapidly dying product (smartphones killed tablets almost immediately). People will swear to god it's revolutionary because they invested so much in it already and feel offended if told "you wasted money". It's not as reliable as a tablet. If you want to use it on pc, you have to buy a 3rd party app. If you want to draw on it with a decent program, they're all subscription based. You can't use a pirated copy of adobe programs on it. If you want to transfer your files to pc, it's an headache. And as you said, you're dealing with a company that kills their own products after less than 5 years.
Then again I do both digital and traditional, I don't feel the need to draw digital everywhere.

No. 709388

I just use my phone if I’m out and about and feel the need to draw. Have a decent stylus and autodesk sketchbook (which is a great little free program but nowhere near a replacement for clip). But that’s mostly for sketching. I honestly can’t imagine doing a full on piece while on the go, even with an iPad.

No. 709392

imo yeah, i think even digital artists could benefit from just carrying a sketchpad and a couple of traditional tools instead of insisting on digital art 24/7. obviously if you need it for commissions etc then it might be different, but otherwise feels like a phase.

No. 709394

yea my cintiq has been lasting me over 6 years but I wouldnt lie if I said I dont want an ipad for the convenience. But it is definitely a trap, so many people who shouldn't be jumping in and buying such an expensive equipment end up buying it while they could've started their art journey with more affordable tools. I am probably salty though, I have literal classmates admit they do not know how to use layers in procreate even though they've had the tablet for a year or so

No. 709400

>don’t know how to use layers in procreate

Honestly if they can’t even figure that out, just imagine them trying to use something as basic as Sai, not even clip or photoshop lol

No. 709402


Yeah semi-professional illustrator here and while I use my iPad for drawing on-the-go it's not the same as a Cintiq (or other screen tablet) and the selection of software you have on PC. I think it's nice to have but many social media artists nowadays act like you NEED an iPad and procreate to do digital art or just art in general. Most people don't get the base model for drawing and an iPad pro plus pencil is going to be more than $1000, you can get a good screen tablet and CSP for much less.

No. 709403

nah Phobs is a somewhat ugly shorthaired girl with buck teeth

No. 709406

Goddammit, I really like her art. Idk maybe she’s changed

No. 709414

tbh I think the people hating on Wacom and calling their products a scam are just bitter that they cheaped out and bought a knockoff instead. Wacom's products have an insanely long lifespan and I've used all of mine for years with zero problems, their screen tablets are worth every penny. Competitors might have similar hardware but Wacom offers way better manufacturer support, pens and they build their products sturdy enough to last through a nuclear war. I'd say that Wacom is definitely still worth it.

No. 709416

I've always thought so, particularly because it's not simply the input device, so it's impossible to upgrade. A traditional tablet can be plugged into any computer, and shouldn't really break unless you abuse it. I know people with absolutely ancient wacoms that still work just fine. Meanwhile even if you take the best possible care of an ipad it will eventually become obsolete. There are also more parts to stress/wear down, and on top of that as you said, the whole planned obsolescence thing.

No. 709425

What the fuck.

No. 709428


>>Wacom's products have an insanely long lifespan

Seriously. Up until August of last year I was using a Cintiq 12wx (which was released in 2007 I believe) with no problems. I only upgraded myself to a 13hd because my original computer died and the 12wx wasn't properly connecting to my new one for whatever reason

No. 709433

What year did you get it?

No. 709438

it's in my head rent free lmfao, it's tragic and I am admittedly salty but who am I to tell em how to spend their money

No. 709444

Anyways, as an illustrator I enjoy being able to work on the go or downstairs away from my desk if I choose to. It's nice to have a digital sketchbook that fits in my bag when I don't feel like doing trad work.

No. 709461

On a talk about wacom tablets, I have heard 13 cintiq wacom is horrible, while other screen wacoms are nice. I am thinking of buying myself a screen tablet from wacom later, but I am not too sure where to start with it. Which wacom screen version do you guys recommend?
Agree with these anons. My tablet from 2014ish is still doing well and I never had issues, however its an old wacom bamboo.

No. 709468

I can confirm wacoms longevity. My dad bought me one that's not even made anymore from 2006 and still works perfectly today(still use it, Intuos 3 ). I also found the replacement nib heads for my pen on eBay for super cheap too.

No. 709525

Kek, I do. I remember that was the first time I found out what a neo nazi was because they pandered so hard towards it and were so up their own ass with their art being better then everyone else’s even though all their drawings looked like melted wax. Old DA was so good, I remember the butthurt brigade and how out of hand it got and DA had to make new rules on groups specifically because of them before banning the fun.

No. 709527

All of the criticisms in this thread are valid, though I will say I enjoy using my iPad as a professional creator. I’ve had it since 2018 or so, and it’s helped me make several moderately-sized projects both in my studio and on the go. I am also fond of the Procreate app, I think the simplicity of it makes for a good digital sketchbook which is to say you can just open it up and start scribbling away without having to fuss too much with interface. If you’re on a budget or don’t need the portability, I think you could get a different screen tablet for your computer. Huion, XPPEN, Ugee, etc have sales kind of often and you can get a decent Cintiq if you’re good at eBay hunting.

The 13 inch is fine, though it feels a bit cramped if you’re used to drawing on paper. Maybe a 16 inch would be a good place to start, and if you find the glass screen too slippery you can always invest in a matte protector.

No. 709550

It's possible but she averages 10% engagement. It should be less if they were bought

No. 709551

I'm still using my Bamboo Pen and Touch from 2010. It's working flawlessly. Though I've heard their more recent tablet series (like the Intuos Pro and some Cintiq models) have had much shorter lifespans.

No. 709568

I admit as an artist who use both wacom + ipad, procreate kinda sucks compared to CSP or SAI. Procreate isnt bad, it's UI is lighter than CSP although procreate's kinda wonky when it comes to magic wand/selection tool as well as layer limits

No. 709571

It's the price that got me. Wacom MobileStudio Pro 13" costs around 2,7k EUR while I got the iPad 2018 11" for 850 EUR last summer. Also, I already own an old MacBook Air (ca. 2013) which still works fine (just needed a new battery early 2020) and to exchange files I just use Dropbox. All the while, my old Intuos doesn't work because there's no driver for it anymore.

No. 709696

Yeah same the price was just right when I needed it. I feel like anons arent taking into effect that if you choose wacom: you are still paying for a faulty product. So many artists have had to constantly have tablets in rotation or repaired because wacom has become shit over the years. Sure you can use other brands but I'd be lyin if I didnt say wacom feels the best out of all of them imo

No. 709838

I hate Wacom just because it was like a virus on my pc and wouldn't let me install another tablet, I had to use a file shredder program for their Wacom drivers after uninstalling them, so I could use my new tablet after ditching their one. imo Wacom are overpriced and I get years out of my Huion tablets for way less money.
I wanna get a Huion screentablet at some point.

No. 709851

>I will say I enjoy using my iPad as a professional creator. I’ve had it since 2018 or so, and it’s helped me make several moderately-sized projects both in my studio and on the go

Alright which Youtube artist is this?

No. 709895

A lot of tablets are like that afaik. Usually tablet drivers are incompatible and having multiple can cause bugs with the tablets.

No. 709912

I bought a ipad last year and within a few months it got bent by me stepping on it. Apple wanted me to pay $800 for repairs so I left the store lol. The pencils are flimsy as well and aren't comfortable to hold. I wish my intuos wasn't dropped in a parking lot or else I'd still have a good tablet to use.

No. 709919


Well, that's bad luck. But I agree with you that their reparation fees can be insanely high – which every other tech company also does. I usually always have a protector on my phone but the one time I took it off, it fell and the LCD screen broke. Buying a new screen was around 300 EUR, so I decided to wait a few months for the newest iteration and just get a new phone instead.
No tech is made to work for decades nowadays. Even old school landline phones break at some point. It's just up to everyone what they need and which money they have. The only rule of thumb is that whenever something sounds too good for its price or the price sounds too high for what it does, it usually is. Just get the best you can afford and get the ball rolling. There's always time to upgrade or change tech.

No. 709968

It was in the rough wear OtterBox. I'm just terrible of keeping my electronics intact. I think I'm going to start saving up for a Wacom cintiq that I can mount at my desk. Don't trust my clumsy self at all.

No. 709975

File: 1610052611960.jpg (407.19 KB, 1080x1234, Screenshot (21).jpg)

Kiki: is a literal 13 year old japanese girl

Technically skilled artist with sameface syndrome: let's just give her the face of a white instagram model with several rounds of lip filler and bedroom eyes

No. 710023

What do you guys think about yukibuns? Ngl, I kinda like that super polished anime style, but I realize it’s not everyone’s cup of tea

No. 710033

Thoughts on @ohayouclothing ? She's late delivering on a Kickstarter that ended 1.5 years ago. Her Twitter is full of her trying to manipulate people into feeling sorry for her being "so busy uwu" while her mentions are full of people asking her to reply to their emails from weeks ago. She keeps using covid as an excuse but it's been 1.5 years.

It was recently discovered that she had stopped bothering replying to emails or delivering rewards in favour of becoming a VTuber (VTuberBerri) instead.

Any more tea on this girl? Anyone ever seen her in the UK con scene?

No. 710058

I'm trying to paint a mural on my wall and goddamn is wall paint expensive. Even the cheap stuff is pricey. Is there anything cheaper I can use?? I just wanna have an aesthetically pleasing room instead of the nasty girl cave it is rn.

No. 710070

Who even are these nobodies some anons ask about? You can't even bring yourself to post their art in the thread, let alone milk on them.

Do you have any receipts?

No. 710076

File: 1610067053636.jpg (2.21 MB, 3416x1920, inCollage_20210108_004906105.j…)


These are tweets from January alone. People complaining of not receiving what they paid for, items arriving stained, items missing. She literally made £103,000 and can't even be bothered to reply to emails kek.

No. 710078

File: 1610067652129.jpg (288.99 KB, 1000x1462, EbtH_2RXkAA6ryn.jpg_large.jpg)

This Yukibunns?
Yeah I think her voice is very quiet but I did enjoy her story about her LDR bf since I was in a similar situation myself kek.

No. 710079

Ohayouclothing's VTuberBerri Twitter is pretty cringe, here's her singing in japanese and ~giggling~ to try and make it cute. Not cute when you've been lying to your supporters for nearly 2 years while they pay for you to be a neet

No. 710086

is there a reason you can't use acrylics? my mom painted my bedroom as a kid with little fairies and bunnies and just used acrylic

No. 710100

Idk much about painting on walls, but you could probably just use acrylic and then seal it. I would recommend Krylon to seal, but idk if it'll be good on walls, and it's definitely not good to spray that shit inside.

No. 710117

You don't really need to seal it unless you want it to last for a decade, you could just put a layer of pva over the top instead of anything expensive
If you use acrylic just make sure you water them down or buy thin body, acrylic can dry thick and bumpy which means when it comes to repainting it all white you will have to sand it all down to make it smooth enough to get your deposit back. Also do not use anything water soluable like poster paint or anything oily/waxy.
Wall paint is always going to be better with high opacity coverage and self levels better. It's water soluble enough to clean up from carpets but not so much it can't be painted over or run down the walls, wall paint exists because they designed the perfect paint to go on walls

No. 710126


I backed her bird ita bag last year, but I was sick of her making excuses for delays so I asked for a refund. And she would make a point of complaining and guilt tripping on her private Instagram about it.

She used to be a nice, humble creator but as soon as she started making big money, she just got up her own arse.

Plus I'm sick of all the bird merch. We get it, you've got a bird. Stop making bird merch.

No. 710150

I’ll be whoever you want me to be, anon.

No. 710171

File: 1610083316796.jpg (249.99 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2021-01-07-15-34-22…)

Someone who has over 250k followers and 20k likes a post despite her art being boring means her "insta is dying" apparently LOL

No. 710185

its funny watching you guys fall out of touch with society. it functions like keysmash used to i.e. reacting in a "feral" way; barking isnt catcalling or dogwhistle or furry related lmao.
It is on trend but ipad pro/procreate offers a very tradigital media, and a comfortable drawing experience that my surface pro/csp can't quite manage. it'll only run you about $400 these days as opposed to a professional or clunky setup. they also work fine for school and movies so its the same as any laptop you have to replace in 3 years.

No. 710202

I agree with you on the iPads. I personally don’t own a desktop computer and a refurbished iPad and pencil was what I could afford and it works well for what I’m doing for my art business. I honestly don’t get why the topic of iPads enrage other anons here other than popular IG artists using them. It’s a tool like everything else.

No. 710211

Thanks. Would I need to do multiple layers just like when you paint a wall or just seal it with pva?

Also, should I prime the wall with gesso? I already drew the pencil sketches.

No. 710217

I'll gladly "fall out of society" if it means not understanding autistic zoomer screeching. And "going feral" is definitely furry related and has always been.

No. 710220

No one here is acting enraged by them. All people are doing is answering the question, which itself isn’t even inherently anti-iPad, more just an observation

No. 710221

Past threads would beg to differ whenever the subject was brought up.

No. 710237

Well tbf it’s not like everyone on these threads is brightest of the bunch. When you look back far enough people here rage against everything that is not traditional art. I’d say these threads have gotten a lot better in that regard that those elitists are actually getting some pushback now.

No. 710262

Is she the same bitch a couple years ago who got her name stolen because someone else made a website using ohayouclothing and was pretending to be her or?? Her name looks so familiar. Just checking out her bio and seeing the “bird bags will be available… soon” looks so fucking shady and unprofessional lol

No. 710302

what did I tell you about people who buy ipad being super defensive about it, anons

No. 710353

File: 1610114833797.png (514.64 KB, 1080x832, Screenshot_20210108-135818~2.p…)

I saw that! The public sulking about people asking for refunds as it's making her "lose money". Maybe you should have ordered the bird bags in September 2019 when the project ended, instead of booking your November trip to Japan and ordering the bags half way through 2020?

Pic related: she only just got the pins (Kickstarter extras) last month. You know, the one's everyone has been complaining weren't in their reward packages.

No. 710354

File: 1610114907495.jpg (1.75 MB, 2560x1920, inCollage_20210108_140411165.j…)

It's not her fault anon, it's DPD postal service and emails playing tricks on her.

No. 710355

File: 1610115051075.png (92.12 KB, 1080x386, Screenshot_20210108-135331~2.p…)

More manipulating her bird bag followers to feel sorry for her, despite taking £100k. It's incredible how much ohayouclothing talks about crying on Twitter, it's honestly pathetic. I'm sure she's in her late twenties.

No. 710356

File: 1610115122116.jpeg (259.69 KB, 750x987, F26E64BD-2491-4AED-9623-B3BA7C…)

Has anyone heard/been affected by this?

No. 710359

File: 1610115281407.jpeg (257.7 KB, 750x966, F220E0B9-53D7-4BF4-A421-742731…)

This is an official artist who was affected

No. 710369


Or just use wallpaper if you don't own where you live. Easy to apply, easy to rip off when you have to move, only needs a base layer otherwise the paint will be soaked in by the paper. Or paint on a huge blanket.

No. 710377

File: 1610118942821.jpg (475.85 KB, 1080x1193, 20210108_160638.jpg)

It's not so interesting but this girl got 1.5 followers first time she posted and it turned out she was stealing. Original creator told her to delate it, and she did, but i think they went too easy on her because (not even) week later she started posting not her art again.
Was told off and started crying that she want 300 followers again. Probably mentally unstable. She's changing her username constantly. Now she posted her real art (I think) and twitter totally forgot about all that shit she did.

Twitter artists are so pathetic.

No. 710378

What mangas do they own? I find it really stupid on their part if it's true

No. 710380

What do you mean "official artist"? An artist employed by Shueisha? In that case, there are tons of rules around what you're allowed to post so you don't accidentally represent official art. This is has fuck-all to do with amateur twitter artists.

No. 710381

I think the main problem is pages/information from manga are being leaked before they’re officially released, publishers have been getting stricter about that. The artist may have posted something that contradicts the contract they have with the publisher. Like how a lot of animators like making fanart for the anime they work on but they tend to delete their posts or use separate accounts for that art,

Fanart is generally not targeted in the east (I know some old school NGE hentai artist was contacted recently but the studio that messaged him apologized for it) but I wouldn’t be surprised if western artists get C&Ds since they’re far more into producing fanart for money

No. 710383

Looks like Dragonball, which has a couple artist working on it instead of the original creator. So it’s likely he did something the publisher doesn’t want him to do with the characters

No. 710443

iPad pros are like 1000 bucks. Idk where you’re getting 400 from, unless you’re referring to a regular iPad. Also, replacing a laptop every three years seems hella wasteful. They last a lot longer than that

No. 710531

You can get an older model or refurb ipad pro for a lot less than $1k. I bought one three or so years ago for $700sh

No. 710550

I’ve gotten a refurbished iPad Pro 12.9” 2017 model from Amazon for $500 so it’s not that unheard of. It still works fine and gets the job done.

No. 710613

I’m probably just a cheap bitch, but I honestly can’t imagine paying 500-700 dollars for a work tool that could get bricked with one software update. Obviously anything can in today’s world, but phones and tablets are way more susceptible to that sort of thing thanks to the rapid release of such products.

No. 710656

>Also, replacing a laptop every three years seems hella wasteful. They last a lot longer than that

not if it's a macbook kek

No. 710797

just don't update your apps, problem solved lmao

No. 710814

I'd rather have a clunky setup than a $1200 iPad pro in a rugged otter box I broke by stepping on it LMFAO. Do huion's last a long time or should I stick to my word by saving up for a Wacom cintiq?

No. 710850

I've had the ipad pro and it is kinda invaluable to just be able to travel and paint on the go, if you spend most of your time at home then its not worth it but if you don't then i'd suggest getting an ipad and not acting like a dumbass like anon and stepping on it

No. 710881

its easy to not step on expensive electronics lol. like why was it somewhere it could be stepped on to begin with

No. 710919

dude I'm so bad at keeping electronics in decent working condition especially portable ones like cellphones. Last month I posted a photo of my old switch and was laughed at because it was literally falling apart. Also my ipad was on the floor next to my mattress because I didn't have nightstands or a bedframe at the time. Now that aside can someone please tell me which they prefer huion or wacom.

No. 710922

If you’re looking for a cheaper option, do xp-pen, not huion. The quality is a bit better

No. 710939

don't buy hobby electronics before a fucking bedframe you fucking gorilla

No. 710940

If you dont care about money enough to keep your electronics safe, there's no point in buying a huion or wacom because your just going to break it too. Learn to take care of your shit before even considering buying some new toy for yourself

No. 710949

>>710919 How about you buy a nightstand or a desk first, anon? If you're going to break the tablet that easily might as well spend the money on places to keep your eletronics safe first, otherwise it's useless in the long run

No. 710971

you make me feel very accomplished for not stepping on my ipad for years

No. 710976

Thanks for the advice, anon I'll keep my eye out for future sales once I got some money saved.
Y'all really out here thinking I still live like that. At the time my OLD room was so tiny that it could barely fit a queen sized bed.

No. 710982

File: 1610197345881.jpg (54.52 KB, 1367x876, 61e0Xs-7lhL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

What do you guys think of the Wacom one display tablet? It's the cheapest Wacom display tablet and I always wondered if it's any good. I'll probably save for the 16 inch cintiq tho.

No. 711012

who puts queen sized beds in tiny rooms and what does the room size have to do with storing electronics where you can step on them

No. 711033

File: 1610207625371.png (3.31 MB, 2048x1999, Screenshot_20210109-085225.png)

I hate shit like this. Overly saturated line art hurts my eyes.

No. 711037

>>710976 Room sizes have nothing to do with stepping on eletronics (I've had to keep laptops in small shared tents where we slept before, amoung other smiliar scenarios, and nothing ever got damaged) but let's move on before this gets boring. Where's artist drama when we need it?

No. 711047

I know it's probably not that serious and is just a dumb aesthetic choice but my tinfoil is that this shit is intentional so you don't focus on all the little stuff wrong with it. since you literally cannot focus on it for longer than a minute

No. 711049

Nta but it makes sense, looking at it for too long is hurting my eyes.

No. 711051

File: 1610211680258.jpg (345.41 KB, 1091x1721, edalog.jpg)

Reminder to never ever draw anything that is from marginalized culture etc stick to drawing whities if you're white. This is what it gives you if americans find out.

No. 711053

I miss enigmatic artists. you know, the ones that are very private and only post their artwork. no selfies, no political opinions, MAYBE a photo or two of their cat on Christmas or something. I know they still exist but they seem harder to find than ever. every artist I find nowadays has a bio like "27 | THEY/THEM | LATINX + INDIGENOUS | DISABLED buy me a ko-fi! read my black and white life comics where I jerk off to how sad I am today! donate to my paypal so I won't be homeless!"

No. 711057

Yay! Art segregation! That means that latinxs shouldn’t draw white/asian/black characters because it would be a fetishization of their cultures.
Just what we needed.

No. 711060

Yeah also Native Americans and Ainu are similar, wouldn't that make Hunterxhunter racist because it references Ainu (Kurapika)?

No. 711061

With how social media works nowadays, it's more profitable to be a real approachable person now unfortunately. There are some very private artists and they usually have very low following regardless of their skill.

No. 711063

You can still find them. Most of them can't spesk English that's why they don't interact tho.
You gave an extreme example, but i personally think that artist who don't talk to their followers are boring

No. 711064

Did elihal deadtivate?

No. 711067

Bless hungry clicker.

No. 711068

File: 1610214048147.jpeg (298.9 KB, 1280x720, F9D6BE21-61E7-4E3A-80BB-0D5A73…)

There’s also stuff like Quetzalcoatl, the kawaii waifu with gigantic boobs who is a pedo. I mean, anime should be canceled if you look for examples of misrepresentation of other cultures.

No. 711075

is deviantart a dead website? what's the crowd like nowadays? I kind of miss it

No. 711078


No, their handle is actually eiihal

No. 711082

File: 1610216382240.png (833.01 KB, 796x932, 49278.png)

The funny thing is that the "native people" complaining about the art and "non-natives" are mostly LARPers who got like 1% on a DNA test and appointed themselves the President of Not Being White.
Exhibit A.
>@eda_log Hey, as a native American I'm asking you to please stop. You drawing this style is extremely disrespectful to us. Idk if you don't understand because you aren't from north America, but it's highly inappropriate.
Meanwhile, from their profile, pic related. I'm so sick of white savior tier SJWs flexing their non-existent minority points and making actual people from the groups they LARP as look bad.

No. 711094

Artists who barely talk and don't post personal stuff are so easy to find especially Japanese artists. I don't even know how you guys run in the "they/them" artist crowd unless you're actively looking for them. Their art styles are always so bad and only appealing to each other.

No. 711100

Funny how the supposed "natives" are never to be questioned about their identity, but any of other non-offended natives are either token racial shields or posers. Hm.
I get the argument that native peoples were systematically bred out and our numbers massively thinned on purpose, but this shit is so fucking embarrassing. This bitch is Canadian, isn't she? There's actual fucking ethnic cleansing going there and native american women going missing left and right but she's worried about this?

No. 711105

post some them

No. 711106

i promise the "them" was unintentional lol

No. 711109

This does bring up an interesting trend I’ve noticed….why the hell do so many Twitter artists seem to be going through personal emergencies and need you to donate money? I feel like it’s almost a meme at this point

No. 711115

There's a ton of good fandom artists who go by they/them (99% being girls), the Tumblr artist style is mostly a meme, they exist but they are not popular. Tbh I get annoyed everytime I see people with pronouns listed in their bios even if they are normal ones, you know these people have the dumbest takes.

No. 711118

I hate that grifting has become so normalized. if you're an artist and can't pay the bills, have some dignity and get a normie job before you e-beg.

you just know they're not asking people they know irl for money… wonder why

No. 711122

fuck it I'll answer myself

I don't think these people are in true financial need. if they were as desperate as they claim they would swallow their pride and ask their family/friends for a loan. there's much less shame when asking online considering everyone does it all the time.

No. 711127

Tumblr style is still a bit popular I mean you can look at instagram and see yourself

No. 711150

File: 1610223768875.png (1.66 MB, 1415x2048, Screenshot_20210109-122226.png)

The quote rts on this post is a fucking mess

No. 711187

Hm, maybe're right. Tho i always thought it just easier to write your pronouns even if you're cis. But just calling everyone "them" is easy too.

No. 711225

It's dead unless you're into furries, ponies, and/or weird fetish shit.

No. 711227

go to newgrounds instead. It's pretty active

No. 711233

Lmao why are twitter famous like this, it's like logic and moral on twitter only move in a loop.

No. 711237

I follow a lot of artist, and most of them happen to retweet and like those kind of artists. Sadly lately I'm seeing more and more Japanese artist retweeting American politics and hot takes too

No. 711413

File: 1610268360898.png (609.63 KB, 720x900, EZenmTLU4AAGDql.png)

"Ugly ass art" bitch you're a jealous white ass girl. I want to see this bitch go after Pokemon company for making Rayquaza inspired by the Quetzalcoatl, after Dreamworks for making Spirit not having an entire cast of native voice actors, Yume Nikki for having native-like aesthetic, Atlus for having the Thunderbird and the Wendigo in their games and so on. They just go after white or japanese/korean/chinese artists because they know no one will accuse them of being a retard and the latter can't fully comprehend their screeching most of the time so they just end up apologizing for nothing. Picrel looks fucking amazing.

No. 711415

even if the art was inaccurate or whatever, why the fuck would that be such an important issue…native-americans go through very real struggles and hardships and arguing with a japanese person on twitter won't help any of those issues.

No. 711455

You don't understand, these bitches HAVE to flex the 1% they got on ancestry, 23andme or whatever the hell

No. 711484

It's not meant to be accurate, and it's okay if it is so.

No. 711490

these people learned the term "fetishizing" and never shut up about it, let alone learned what it actually means.

No. 711495

File: 1610287712538.jpg (373.89 KB, 1540x1252, eiihal.jpg)

Her own art is actually ugly as shit. I don't think link would look like a middle aged man as a native someone pointed it out too and she started a whole ass drama about it. But I guess in the end she's the winner because she got 1.4k likes

No. 711497

Looks traced too and the background is just a screenshot of the game.

No. 711499

This small Artist is accusing Peter Draws of copying her work. I'm not a huge fan of abstract art but I could tell hers and his apart when she showed the bits in black and white quite easily. In the end to me they're both just squiggly lines on paint.

No. 711505

She just removed everything that makes link, link. If she’s so worried about representation, why isn’t she creating new characters that are relatable?

No. 711520

>personally think that artist who don't talk to their followers are boring
Why? Isn't the art what you're following for? I'm genuinely curious on your reasonings

No. 711522

because to be a "full time" twitter artist means you're privileged enough to not have a full time job. my best guess they're living comfortably with their parents/roommates and with a good enough part time job that pays their portion of bills and rent and tons of disposable income they won't set aside for such emergencies because they haven't had to do things independently, so that personal responsibility and knowledge on budgeting is absent.
their hand is held at all times, by their roommates or their parents. and they attach some sort of victimization in their bios to justify themselves.

No. 711558

i know i've seen other anons bitching and arguing about which drawing tablet is "the best" but it's really fucking hard trying to decide on many choices

i'm searching for one that's reliable and portable but apparently iPads aren't as "elite pro" as Wacom and i'm pretty overwhelmed give me some recommendations

No. 711571

File: 1610298993785.png (202.11 KB, 286x289, 5.PNG)

tfw I want to contact the artist(s) about potential stolen artwork but I have no way to contact them but to create a twitter account they were probably commissioned but I doubt the dude made them aware he'll be selling them in tee fucking sping

sage cuz either blog or no one care (but still salty)

No. 711577


If you must have portability and can't keep your butt behind a working desk: Ipad

If you want a good drawing tablet and got money: Wacom

If you want something to work well but don't have the cash: Xp.pen

No. 711600

File: 1610301923360.jpeg (713.2 KB, 750x1108, FDFD2C20-7037-4CE8-85A8-3BC251…)

I’m not someone who believes in “style theft”, but ngl I thought this was Baylee’s art for a second. It’s like if someone copied one of her drawings, but was even worse at coloring and shading. Artist in question is halalela art

No. 711606

I mean, both are ugly beginner tier art.

No. 711612

This is just a personal pet peeve of mine, but does anyone else hate when copic artists outline every strand of hair?

No. 711613

kek isn't that deranged legend or whatever he is called? Dude is weird as shit and always says "oh it's a show my sister would watch" whenever he reviews a girly show.

No. 711615

it's very 2006 deviantart marker tutorial

No. 711618

File: 1610304001275.jpeg (262.28 KB, 750x971, CFDD04BF-4C34-4E48-9391-9E82B9…)

Her website is even worse

No. 711622

for everyone in this thread complaining about political or non-art related retweets from artists they follow, you can mute people's retweets by going to their profile and muting them.

No. 711704

Do you anons have problem with drawing in one style only?
My every drawing looks different because I can't draw in one style. It is normal? It's quite frustrating.

Also how much you should help yourself with reference photos? Do you stop using them after some time? It feels weird having to look at the reference photos so much to draw the correct anatomy/proportions.

No. 711728

ok be friendless then
obviously dont go directly to the apple store, people sell newish ipads on mercari all the time. I usually buy various tablet PCs because cost less at once and I just love the coolness of new tech. theres no reason to hang onto a 6 year old laptop.
dude wtf is wrong with you. you personally shouldn't own any delicate tech lmao
I guess you mean cartoon characters? you need to look at references for every real figure composition but if youre drawing anime girls it literally doesnt matter

No. 711754

I'm trying to watch it but her voice and teeth are pissing me off

No. 711767

some bitch known as squigglydigg got exposed as a racist.

No. 711773

That's normal. Just keep drawing, don't worry about cultivating a style because it will come to you naturally with practice. Don't force it or it will look awkward.
It's also normal to rely on reference photos, especially for anatomy. That's the best way to learn, and again, it will come naturally to you eventually if you keep practicing.
Don't give up!

No. 711810

Thanks anon! I will keep practicing!

No. 711862

I don’t post my art online (yet) and pretty much draw for myself, and every few years I end up completely changing my art style. Despite what social media wants, I think it’s good to experiment before deciding on something to stick to. I guess it’s more of a problem if you’re after followers, though.

As for references, I’ll use them for studies but not if I’m casually sketching, unless there’s something specific I want to include that I don’t have a lot of practice with. Industry artists use references all the time, so it’s not a bad thing, but of course you should be able to draw somewhat decently without one too. A reference can take your work to another level but you shouldn’t be over-reliant on them (at least, in my opinion).

No. 711901

anti-immigration, to be precise.

No. 711904

Is there any point in even trying to make money from art anymore honestly? It just seems like the market is over-saturated with plenty of artists who can draw well enough to justify a price.

No. 711909

That doesn’t make someone a racist anon. You’ll have to be more specific. sage

No. 711911

File: 1610338229857.jpg (218.11 KB, 1920x1080, Elx0h5oWkAIPnNx.jpg)

didn't mean to imply it's racist to be anti-immigration, my bad. This is the post.
Also lurking more, I found out this is the same person who went viral a few years ago on animation twitter for saying Lilo from Lilo and Stitch is abusive.

No. 711922


The best way is to get an oil painter to teach you IRL.

Just from a safety standpoint, you have to learn how not to poison yourself with solvents or set your home on fire with your paint rags, and get fully dedicated, a well-ventilated studio that's not your bedroom/kitchen/living space to paint in. Wear gloves and preferably a mask unless you like breathing in solvent fumes. If you're used to acrylics, remember not to sand your painting. Get informed with your local hazardous material waste center how to safely dispose of used solvents/paint residues/materials that have been in contact with either. That's just from the top of my head, but there's more of that without even getting started on technique.

Sorry for sperging, friends worked in an art store for a while and taught me how pretty much every art supply out there is going to kill you (but especially oil paints).

No. 712042

I mean, she's probably a genderspecial and a cow, but she isn't completely wrong here…
Unfortunately for her now being against illegal immigration also means you're racist, so yeah.

No. 712072

that's way OTT

No. 712091

anime girls are very much affected by anatomy. most manga artist know basics.

No. 712117

i'm just listing workplace safety standards with hazardous materials, but you're free to snort solvents if that's what you're into buddy.

No. 712186


Thx anon. The whole safety stuff is the number one reason why I always stayed away from oil paints. Too much of a hassle to use at home as a hobbyist.

No. 712225

Or you can just buy water soluble oil paints and ignore everything that the anon above said.

No. 712260

It's really not necessary to bathe in solvents and eat lead white to paint with oils. I'm aware of the health hazards of the various materials used but your description has elements of fear mongering. House painters and cleaners probably have a much higher occupational risk than fine artists these days.

No. 712269

True, but it's useful to know a bit about pigment toxicity when picking colors and how to dispose of your paint water to minimize harm to yourself and the environment (that applies to using watercolors, gouache and acrylics too, imo). And not, like, sleep right next to drying paint LOL.

I think a bit of fear mongering is needed. You'd be surprised how common it is for both hobbyists and established professional painters just flush their turpentine down the drain, pile up their oil paint rags into a fire hazard, or work with cadmium or titanium white pigments without a mask on.

No. 712367


Not on Twitter but on Youtube some non-obnoxious personalities : Iraville, PearFleur, NOMA, Chris Hong Art, CCARMIN, CurrieGOAT

No. 712808

You definitely have a point about proper waste disposal not being followed enough but you don't usually need a mask or gloves for cadmium paints. Rags are a danger if you use linseed oil but so far I've never seen any instruction material that fails to mention this.


"However, during the paint-making process the pigment is fused with sulfides and coated in the particular medium’s binder (oil, acrylic, gouache or watercolor). This process renders the cadmium insoluble in water, which greatly limits absorption by the human body. The cadmium does remain fat-soluble, so it’s still possible for us to absorb it if we constantly get a lot of it on our hands or ingest it. (Once again, don’t eat it!) But I’m not typically a messy painter, so I don’t bother with gloves. And cadmium paints don’t give off any dust or fumes, so no worries about inhalation either.³

With that said, you DO need to use extra caution if you’re sanding dry cadmium paint or spray-applying. If that’s you, make sure you wear a NIOSH dust respirator to eliminate the chance of inhaling cadmium particles. (Or any other harmful particles / dust.) The same advice applies if you work at all with dry cadmium or other pigments. (For example, if you like to make your own paint.)"

No. 713268

This is more artist discussion than artist salt, but Audra Auclair left YouTube a couple years ago and is back now. Sounds like yet another artist suffering from previously undiagnosed mental health issues. Any other anons here that really liked her art? Think she'll stick around?

No. 713288

File: 1610512405191.png (218.38 KB, 590x1158, Screenshot 2021-01-12 202951.p…)

I'll be honest that I am jealousy, all she need to do was type "I'm broke" with a link to her Kofi without any context and a list of donator flooded in, she deleted the tweet now. I wish I can do this someday…

No. 713290


No. 713319

Yeah that's fair, it's hard because in order to do this you'll have to build a following but on social media that usually means sacrificing doing actual good artwork.

No. 713322

I'm late to the party but I feel bad for how badly you're getting roasted and wanted to let you know I'm the same. I've destroyed laptops by dropping or standing on them and my wacom has a protector sheet that needs replaced often and the pen is cracked from being dropped so often but I still cry every time something breaks. You're my people anon, it's us against the farm

No. 713330

>I've destroyed laptops by standing on them

No. 713355

i think she means stepping?

No. 713357

maybe you should child proof your house if you're such a klutz you goon

No. 713420

>Last month I posted a photo of my old switch and was laughed at because it was literally falling apart.
This is ridiculous, people shouldn't be pressured to get rid of old electronics just because they're old and ugly. If it works that's more than enough.

No. 713443

Not that extreme but I feel that.

No. 713455

I don't wanna sound hateful but people who are so lightheaded are outright annoying. Learn to take cre of your expensive shit, it ain't quirky

No. 713522

Do laptops and tablets not cost a lot to you? Most people are careful with expensive stuff, because if they break they may not be able to take another one right away. Why would you leave expensive things where you can step on them? Do you just leave things on the floor? This feels surreal

No. 713700


nta but my room is a mess because i'm a depressed slob and have memory issues, so i leave shit like my inks and tablet on the floor, usually to move something on my desk, get distracted, and forget i put it there. many a ruined painting i've stepped on while it's drying because of this.

No. 713721

I just saw the video lol.
Michelle actually has been wanting to be a manga artist since she started her youtube career actually. But becoming a make up artist made more money more than being an anime artist at that time so she changed route. It's kinda touched me that she is still trying get back to it even though she's way past her early 30ds now.
Although I wont ignore the fact about her whole drama in the make up community.

No. 713729

I'm not even judging you for breaking electronics because I break every damn thing no matter how expensive it is, but please keep it off the floor. Get a case for your tablets and laptops and phones and keep them on your bed or even anywhere in your house that isn't as messy.

No. 713764

I'm also a depressed slob but electronics are the things that I'm most careful about because breaking something expensive makes me even more depressed. Everything else can be a mess. If you have memory issues, wouldn't making it a rule to put every device you can break in a safe place as soon as you finish using them help?

No. 713852


Sounds more like you have a lot of stuff and nothing has its place. Put some nails/ screws/ hooks on the walls and hang bags on it where you can put stuff like your electronics if you‘re broke too. There‘s mess, and there‘s being unorganized because you‘re lazy and/ or have not enough storage.

No. 713878

File: 1610589315586.jpg (493.35 KB, 2707x1920, inCollage_20210114_014346492~2…)

Ohayouclothing is currently sucking up to her fans on Twitter for being patient waiting for Kickstarter bags. You know the bird bags people had to wait 1.5 years for while she went on holiday to Japan and played world of warcraft like it was her full time job.

She's so manipulative already sucking up to everyone trying to get them to support her again with her next project. 4 days ago, she tweeted about how she can't do another kickstarter for a while bc she needs to 'boost her reputation back up first'

4 days later: starts going on about a new project already. UGH. Such a greedy liar and so unprofessional, I can't with this bitch.

No. 714117

Sounds like expected result.

No. 714118

I know she’s controversial here, but I like Waffles. She’s at least not afraid to make ugly art, and I’ll take that over generic anime pretty girls anyday t b h

No. 714120

I have one and while I have nothing to complain about, you get what you pay for. A screen tablet for $400 is going to be just that, so if you're a hobbyist contempt with the smaller screen and no controls then it'll serve you well. But if you're a bit more serious about art I'd recommend saving up for a cintiq because you're going to want one after using this. But if you're on a budget or just looking to try it out I would say it's okay for the price. It's extremely light and compact compared to the cintiq though so it's a great choice for those who travel a lot.

No. 714140

honestly i do too, shes not scared to show her process from start to finish with even minor drawings or practice included. i get the vibe that other tubers avoid this because they worry someone will easily replicate the same thing.

No. 714176

Ngl, I don’t see the point in buying Wacom anymore. Their quality has gone to shit, you might as well just buy one of the “knock-offs”

No. 714177

>t. bitter poorfag

No. 714192

Is there a good way to break into porn commissions? Idgaf about morals. I just want to make some money.

No. 714215

Seems like men's names (she says with suspicion)

It's only a few dollars but men generally hold their financial contributions against you. Selling products is much safer since the transaction is transparent.

No. 714217

Nta but I probably drop my laptop or whatever at a rate of twice a year, never drop a screen, my cheap screenless tablet and pen gets thrown around a lot though. I can't imagine the series of events that lead to directly standing on tablets and laptops.

No. 714222

>so i leave shit like my inks and tablet on the floor, usually to move something on my desk, get distracted, and forget i put it there. many a ruined painting i've stepped on while it's drying because of this.

I have memory issues but never break anything touch wood don't come near me sanic and my method is to carefully pile whatever expensive shit I'm moving on my bed, propped up on pillows, or safely away in another room. And take breaks when you're moving stuff.

No. 714243

For a start, some variation of this question is asked every thread and over at /ic/ every day so maybe look into that
It's the same as any comission situation. You put out lots of content for free, usually fanart, then when you have a reasonable amount of followers you start advertising your commission rates. If you draw for a popular niche you will have to compete with good artists charging pennies, if you draw for a gross niche you can half ass it. Have fun drawing degenerate stuff for the sake of building a fanbase of people you hate!

No. 714259

NTA, but why is this always the first assumption?
I use graphics tablets instead of display pens, so my account is different. The Intuos nibs wear down a lot faster compared to the past, and Wacom drivers are still a mess. I had the options to get what I wanted, and wanted to try something different. I can't speak for the other brands, but I've been enjoying my XP-Pen and very surprised by the quality and haven't had issues with the drivers.

I heard that the color calibration wasn't the best on non-Wacom display pens. It's something I'll keep in mind if I decide to go the display pen route. But, just like how the non-Wacom pen tablets were horrible before they caught up in quality, I won't be surprised if their display pen's color calibration improves in the future.

No. 714340

Oldfags who can’t cope with Wacom not having a monopoly on the market anymore. The only reason they released a $400 tablet is because companies like Huion and XP-Pen are putting substantial pressure on them

No. 714351

What’s the drama in there?

No. 714617

File: 1610695140766.jpg (296.15 KB, 1024x1024, 1610621054825.jpg)

if you don't care for morals and want some quick buck you should aim to do graphic design illustrations like pic related. Make some example pics, put them in a portfolio, and send it to a bunch of emails of tech companies. I've done both porn art and graphic design and the second one is still less soul sucking. I grew to fucking hate furries and coomers

No. 714645

I don't know where this garish blocky generic style came from but I see it everywhere and I fucking hate it. Facebook and other apps are the main culprits and I hope this style dies in the next 5 yrs. It's a fucking eyesore.

No. 714656

fakeboi artstyle, but make it corporate

No. 714765

Do people still use photoshop for art anymore, outside of professionals? Just seems like everyone has transition over to Clip. And those that haven’t are still on Sai

No. 714768

People still use Sai?

No. 714770


Honestly clip studio is a great software for drawing and painting. It has a similar nice blending quality and line stabilization that drew people to SAI while having a lot of extra functionalities like PS. Plus it's a one-time payment and really affordable on sale. I work as an illustrator and would make the switch to clip if they introduced a liquify option.

No. 714797

What do you guys think about certain art styles reading as really dated? You think there is such a thing as a more timeless style? I feel like some styles can be really classic, in that they never really look bad?

No. 714798


I think way more important than style is genuine quality. The artists whose style is timeless (Moebius comes to mind) are usually also amazing artists with a great eye for all color, composition, perspective, etc.

I think if the quality and effort is there, you can draw any style from 80s shoujo manga to classic european comics, and it will hold up.

No. 714801

Idk if any style can truly be timeless because it will always contain echoes from the time period it was derived. That being said, some definitely age better than others. Peak example: most Instagram art is probably gonna look dated as shit in a year or two.

No. 714805

god that pic is so fucking cringe
>toxic masculinity recycling plant

No. 714838

Yes, and honestly it's still very good. I find the blending to be superior to that of CSP, though people seem to be attracted to the latter because of the many brushes and extensions.

No. 714867

Thank you anon. You're my favourite kind of anon as well. It's us clumsy bitches against the farm.

No. 715009

Not Waffles firmly stuck in her comfort zone of bright colours and cute girls and whining about "torturing herself" by doing a landscape in the beginning -that doesn't look half as bad as her bucktoothed deadeyed characters- No sir!
>let's do a portrait keeping in mind the spooky vibes of the palette
>gives the just-standing-there-awkwardly character a ball cap
Ah yes, the epitomy of spookiness, turtlenecks and ball caps

No. 715057

Ngl, the standard brushes clip comes with, without any retooling, kind of suck for blending/digital painting in general.

No. 715059

I think I like her better as an Instagram artist. Her paintings are pretty, but I don't care much about her as a person, which is what Youtube is all about. Maybe that's me, but bad mouthing her doctors so much seems kinda tone-deaf in the middle of a pandemic.

No. 715067

I think waffles is one of the less annoying trendy arttubers but it's so obvious that she can't leave her comfort zone. For someone who tests out random products, she doesn't seem to enjoy anything but colourful alcohol markers.

No. 715068

File: 1610756390935.jpg (83.14 KB, 711x711, kUvBsNj.jpg)

It's a hame Rae stopped really refining her skills because she has some really nice drawings. Does this happen to all youtube artists because if so whats the point of even doing that as your career. You're not actually doing art, or at least good art.

No. 715190

All she could do was copy shit, she doesn't seem to have her art fundies down at all. So now she's become even lazier and it's super apparent she never had much practice outside of copying photos

No. 715195

File: 1610772986953.jpg (346.13 KB, 1037x1038, Screenshot_20210116_124559.jpg)

At least Lavendertowne bothered to give her version of Earth a decent looking vitiligo. Moonvika_svet really just slap some blue spots on random places and called it a day

Also why did she think changing Neptune's design was a good idea? Like the comments said it, now she looks like a knockoff version of Raven from TT

No. 715448

her sketchbook video disappointed me. she started off by admitting that she hasn’t been doing any art this year because she’s been in a funk, announced that she’d be making a sketchbook to get some practice, and then spends the entire 3 days drawing eyes and lips and cherries because that’s all she ever does.

she framed it as a way to flex her creativity and the result was just as uninspired as everything else she does

No. 715489

she started off with actual studies. Imperfect, but hey, a study. Day two she continued with studies, but using Luminance pencils to cheer herself up I guess, because studies weren't too satisfying. Day three she gave up on practicing and hoped to doodle her way out and the cherry on top was her glueing polaroid pictures to fill the pages somehow.

No. 715653

Same here, she's too whiny for Youtube. It's always OOOHHH WOE IS MEEEE and always blaming someone else for her shortcomings (mental illness, period related issues, doctors, that company that was supposed to print her artbook, etc.) She does that on Insta stories too. Her art is beautiful tho.

No. 715660

God this style is so ugly

No. 715750

Why do you think it's ugly anon? It's a very simple style, but it's still cute, imo.

No. 715776

It's completely devoid of any character or flavor. It makes me feel nothing. I could look at that film of a paint drying for 6 hours and feel more than I do looking at that drawing. It's so obviously calculated to be the most palatable style it can be and I find it bland, like eating blank paper.
Also the noses look like pimples and the hands look like bizarre flippers, and the way the eyes are drawn looks really weird to me.

No. 715780

I guess it's just a matter of personal taste then. I personally don't think all artwork has to have a ton of personality, and I like cute "pretty girl"-ish drawings (although pretty girl drawings CAN have personality), but I completely get why you don't like it.

No. 715787

modern equivalent of clip art

No. 715799

An art trend im tired of, the over blended colorful background with stark black silhouettes in the foreground. I'm seeing this everywhere on tiktok and its coming onto instagram more. It just looks so boring and flat most of the time.

No. 715800

This is an imageboard, post examples

No. 715804

File: 1610861431237.jpg (24.63 KB, 364x512, CwhcjAq.jpg)

You mean like this?

No. 715895

File: 1610869263887.jpg (339.6 KB, 1080x1065, Sheraknockoff.jpg)

Something about the way she draws poses and emotions just rubs me off. They're so stiff and lifeless and reminds me of paper dolls. As >>715776 puts it, it invokes no emotion.

Other than that, she's not that bad as far as Insta artists go. Clout chasing, insincere and unoriginal, but not cow material.

No. 715920

that's because she mirrors her work a lot. It's so evident in your image

No. 715925

File: 1610871195214.png (96.2 KB, 860x449, 32.png)

it's the 17th and i have still not sent my 43 patrons their December rewards. sorry, i'm depressed, and the days just seem to fly by. 5 days ago feels like yesterday. anyway, how worried should i be about how pissed they are? should i apologize and give them an excuse, or just say "here it is, thanks for supporting" and not even mention the fact that i promised to send the rewards "before the 5th of each month" and it's now the 17th?

No. 715931

I agree, her art is lovely to look at, but I can barely listen to her talk. In her sketchbook tours she sounds bored and annoyed and she has hardly anything interesting/genuine to say about her own artwork

No. 715932

well you definitely should acknowledge it, if i was a patron i’d be put off by someone being late and just totally ignoring it. just apologize and give an excuse, they should understand imo

No. 715971

personally, I don't think you need to give an excuse. just be sincere and say you struggled to deliver on your promise for personal reasons. that seems sincere and heartfelt to me and better than an excuse. noone has to know why or needs an excuse. take care and good luck

No. 716004

I'm pretty sure that >>715925 was being sarcastic. Or maybe I hope they were.

No. 716008

i don't see how you can read that and find any sarcasm.

No. 716021

Given it's lolcow and not a support group I assumed it was a pastiche on overprivileged social media artists. It had all the ingredients; lots of patreons, mental illness, unreliability and unwillingness to take responsibility. I could be wrong though.

No. 716027

no i'm real. i just have no other place to vent to anyone who would even know what i'm talking about, and lolcow is better than /ic/. 43 patrons isn't much though, it only pays for my internet and phone bill, and maybe one subway sandwich.
>unwillingness to take responsibility.
can i ask that you elaborate?

No. 716031

no that anon but the fact that you are over due on your work and haven't said anything might be what theyre talking about. I get that Patreon isn't like a regular job, but imagine working one and being overdue and not telling your boss, or idk ordering something and it being late without any response or info from the seller.

Being in a shitty place is a good reason for not being able to do the work, but remember that these people are paying you for a product and you can't just skip out on that because youre in a bad place. If you can't do it, refund them for the month, or send them double on the next month.

either that or you temporarily close that tier.

No. 716033

I am the anon
>should i apologize and give them an excuse, or (…) not even mention the fact that i promised to send the rewards "before the 5th of each month
Your patreons are the people who made the decision to support you, so apologizing for the delay and a little explanation sounds like the first and smallest thing you should do to show them some respect.
Maybe 43 isn't much to you, but each one of them sent you their own money and you should not take them for granted.

No. 716053

stop whining and ship out the rewards asap. patrons rarely complain, they will just quietly stop being your patron when you fail to fulfill your promises. when i was on patreon i only had a tip jar without physical rewards. physical rewards are too much hassle to do every month when you want to focus on your own projects. you get less money sure, but it's easier to manage. unless you're making your living on patreon putting too much effort into it isn't worth it

No. 716247

This is just an art vent but I've allowed myself to become completely memed by the tablet craze even though I can't justify the expense of one. Every day I see beautiful artwork on SM that makes me want to start up drawing again but the thought of sitting at my computer with my chunky non-display tablet is so unappealing, I already spent so much time in front of the computer working from home that I don't want to be near it in my own time. I want the freedom of digital painting so traditional isn't interesting to me either, I want to draw in full colour on a single device from bed!
I know people create amazing artwork with just a computer mouse so I should be grateful for what I have, and I did used to be happy with my tablet, but now I'm so jealous of young beginner artists who are making leaps and bounds because they're constantly on their tablets.

No. 716270

File: 1610911090183.jpg (144.44 KB, 720x813, Screenshot_20210117-181214_Ins…)

"Hehe, surely if I just stick a bunch of random extra shit into the new version nobody will notice that I actually got slighly worse"

No. 716296

The comments are saying that the artist has improved and that it’s just they’re “style”. Either they’re blind or liars. There’s a phrase for this I think:
crab in a bucket mentality

No. 716297

File: 1610913174464.jpeg (43.29 KB, 622x393, E5FCE975-01DA-4FC4-B8C1-7840DB…)

I feel like they traced the old one

No. 716335

Oh no it's her again. Seriously what's even the point of posting it

No. 716355

Who tf cares? Bad artist gets worse, redraws like this are so common nowadays

No. 716469

Is this a case of being in love w/being an artist but not the creation process itself? I've never seen my tools as a "need" beyond streamlining my processes. And even then, I still bounce around to different things depending on the need that needs to be fulfilled, the end result I'm looking for.

Even if you did get a tablet, who's to say you won't start complaining about having the newest device that comes out next year? Or not having enough followers? The wrong brush set? And so forth.

No. 716513

Are you a kid? I don't mean to belittle you, it's just that you seem to have this weird idea of the creation process. Tools aren't meant to be appealing, are meant to be tools, ofc brand new and more advanced tools can look "appealing", but the creation should be the appeal, not the tool. The bed is a terrible place for drawing, you will fuck up your back and posture.
It's not about being grateful, there is no problem in wanting a display tablet, plenty of professional artists use both, display and non-display tablets. It's simply the way you are describing you issue makes it look like you don't enjoy drawing as much as you enjoy an imaginary ideal of creating.

No. 716628

Not quite sure if I'm allowed to ask this here so I'll sage, but any of you anons, have you ever just stopped liking/doing art? Ever since quarantine and also uni started, I just haven't felt like doing art or even like drawing anymore. How do I fall in love with making art again? Like, I look at some artists art now and don't feel the craze I used to feel before. Like, I would look at their art and feel motivated to draw, but now I don't?

No. 716631

>>716628 same anon, I'm fucking stupid I wrote sage in subject and not in email now its not saged FUCK

No. 716638

It's just ot, not a big deal

No. 716729

So, what’s keeping you from upgrading or learning to better utilize the tools you already have? Take a break from the internet anon, as an aside, because none of this really makes any sense- I think you’re stressing out over shit that doesn’t matter.

No. 716755


Just start drawing lots of porn and if it's good people will flock to it. Bonus points if you include two to three kinks at once like inflation kink, vomit and MLP.

No. 716828

File: 1610967985930.jpg (105.96 KB, 1024x898, Dhr7YWdUwAATh01.jpg)

I struggle with it every since art college that ruined all the joy art gave me before I've decided it would be cool to pursue what I love. It's kinda on and off now, I think the basis of why is different than in your case but one of the things that helped me and maybe could help you was focusing on some specific new thing, be it technical or general, finding artists that do it well, analyze why and try to learn that myself - for example: I like how leaves look, how to stylize them with line and color to have a cool effect? research, many artist do this, the more I look the more inspired I feel to try myself.
Other thing would be watching good art instructors on youtube, both advice and watching their process tend to be very motivating. Following specific step by step tutorials when possible is good too because it gets you to warm up and leads you precisely to some specific result you're pretty much guaraneed to achieve if you follow well, and completion still gives almost the same level of satisfaction as doing your own thing, which helps with rewriting your brain to remember how it was to feel good about creating.

Often times it's good to hang out with people who are more driven as it can inspire you too but somehow, even though I've tried joining art discords and all, it never helped me but always worth a try.

Hope someone else would have some more advice, good luck to you!

No. 716896

Also ot and kinda related to that tablet question, but do you guys struggle with posture because of drawing too?

I noticed that when I used my ipad a lot I would always crouch over and it seriously hurt my neck and back. I know people praise it for its portability and being able to draw anywhere and I kinda agree but only if you keep it short, when I want to draw for multiple hours I always need a proper setup on my desk.

The most ergonomic option would definitely be nonscreen tablet + monitor that's high enough so you can look straight on. For my work I use a 22in cintiq and it's better than the ipad because it's big enough that I don't have to look down as much but as a professional artist who draws hours every single day I'm worried that i'm fucking up my back long-term.

No. 716903

File: 1610979663566.jpg (153.24 KB, 720x880, 20210118_132115.jpg)

Do many of you know Limeona?
I used to like her stuff, but then she started drawing her characters with these dumb goofy noses that really ruin a whole piece for me.

Fortunately it seems recently she only does that on about half of her drawings. Hopefully she'll realise it makes her art look like goofysonas and stop it soon

No. 716908

oh, definitely. i had a cintiq pro 13" for a couple years and it killed my neck if i drew for extended periods of time. about a year ago i upgraded to a cintiq 22", bought an ergotron arm, and the difference is night/day. i do miss screenless tablets as my posture was never an issue, but drawing with a screen tablet is just a lot more efficient (for me at least).

perhaps you could look into smaller ergotron-type arms for an ipad, or a stand that elevates it to a more comfortable position?

No. 716910

Maybe you're right but I'm not normally that kind of person who just moves from one excuse to the next like that, it's not about having the latest brush packs and I'm not motivated by online popularity, this really is just about having a display tablet instead of sitting at the same computer where I'm chained to for eight hours a day.
I understand what you're saying, but doesn't it just seem so appealingly effortless to have one device, no cables and sit wherever you want even outdoors? By bringing this topic here I've just made myself want it even more kek
I'll try to rekindle some love for my old setup, hopefully this is just a phase

No. 716958

Its the same fucking picture. It irks me that this cheap insta artist gets 300k. If they can do that so i can

No. 716963

not sure how relatable or helpful this is, but i also found myself frustrated during quarantine because i never had motivation to draw, and so i switched to other creative projects. bleaching and tie-dying shirts, making melt-and-pour soap, vintage embroidery kits, stuff like that. it was satisfying to have those creative outlets while taking a break from the kind of art i usually make. i still have ideas floating around in my head, but i'm not pressuring myself to commit them to paper. personally the "i should be more productive" thoughts are what makes my art blocks worse, so just having fun with other projects loosens me up a little, and makes drawing less of a chore when i get back to it.

but other than that, i agree with >>716828 in that i've always found other artists to be strong motivations. watching someone else's process can be really inspiring. i love watching artist documentaries because hearing them talk about their thoughts and philosophies on art can be just as if not more motivational than watching them actually working (highly recommend the illumination of jim woodring, a weird guy making weird art, but obviously you should find artists with styles or materials you're interested in)

No. 716993

Yep, a good posture tip is to pull your shoulders back for 30 seconds everyday, should help you a lot to keep your posture straight.

No. 717103

I was about to suggest something like this. Other creative outlets are great. At worst, you learn a creative skill you don't have to take seriously and just enjoy on your own. At best, you develop a new way to adapt your artwork into something tangible or with a new take on it.

I've also found taking this route made me re-think how I approach my drawing and rekindle my love for it, since I was prone to overthinking, which would cause a hangup, which was passively fueling a burnout.

Also seconding watching other artists. Even things as basic as speedpaints and craft videos helped me out a lot.

No. 717161

>appealingly effortless to have one device, no cables and sit wherever you want even outdoors?

Yes, but it does have limitations like every tool. Personally I've had a few tablets through the years, I still use my Intuos 4 to this day, it never failed me in almost 10 years of use. Eventually I did get a display tablet but I fucked up by getting a cintiq companion, at the time it looked like an amazing idea to have a display tablet + a computer together. Turns out it gave me way more problems than solutions. It's super heavy , heats up like crazy and has a charging issue that had me sending it to be repaired once or twice a year, they could never fix the issue and discontinued the model. Ofc these are all very specific issues of this product, but even when it worked perfectly the experience of drawing in the display tablet was much different than I had in my head. After all this issues I was reluctant to buy the Ipad, so I've borrowed from a close friend for a week to test it out. It was kinda nice, but the program was very limited and weird to my tastes. It didn't go well with my way of doing things, so I ended up giving up on it. Sorry for my blogpost but I'm just trying to put out my perspective and experience on the subject.

All that aside, you might be the complete opposite to me and love it. If you really want one can't you save up to one? Is it too expensive for you?
I really recommend you try the product out first if you can. You don't need to borrow it, but go to the store when you can and try it out a bit, look up different reviews, especially negative ones so you know all about it. In the end, if you love it I see no reason in not considering buying one. It might require some saving up, but if it's a significant improvement to you then it's worth it.

No. 717235

If you have negative associations with computer use, and associate it with work, using a display tablet isn't gonna change that.

Digital art is boring anyway, everyone does it and it's easy to "advance" quickly when you paint over photos. If you want to actually enjoy making art, I suggest going traditional so it's nothing like your work process. Getting physical materials will likely be cheaper than forking out for a screen tablet which you might hate using.

No. 717237

Since the Western Animation thread is dead,what do anons think of this newly released animated plot?
I have mixed feelings

No. 717328

I think its piss ugly and the designs are way too overcrowded

No. 717395

File: 1611040412096.png (290.71 KB, 680x383, bw.png)

I like it a lot as a concept, the art style reminds me of 2000s cartoons. The quality of animation varies a lot, you can see which shots were done by whatever beginner they could hire online. Poor timing to release this too, right after the japanese artist who draws natives diatribe, now people are going after this pilot because of pic related

No. 717419

Oh my god shut up. It's fine if anon doesn't like working on the computer and digital art may be boring and easy to you because you probably got as far as painting over photos with it.

No. 717525

Neat design but a pain in the ass to animate or market toys for

No. 717590

There's just no pleasing these types. This design is being labeled as "overly sexualized" and I just can't freaking understand it.

No. 717605

Anon is probably just baiting some retarded discussion about digital x traditional. I swear there is one every other thread.

No. 717672

File: 1611073400416.jpg (69.96 KB, 375x500, 1571450429892.jpg)

The Creators Tara Billinger and Zach Bellissimo, its clear that they are totally self inserting but unlike vivziepop they have actual experience in the animation Industry

No. 717701

Wow, is it still 2005?

No. 717704

I think this was them from 2017 or so

No. 717747

File: 1611079825613.jpg (Spoiler Image, 36.04 KB, 500x702, long gone coom.jpg)

tbh I think she's cute and she's at least voiced by a Native VA (often Native characters in 3D media aren't even portrayed by Native actors lmao), but can see that people could be wary since she's given no specific cultural background and has potential to fall into being the ~mystical~ and ~spiritual~ archetype. Also….the name Buffalo Wing, though they apparently have changed it to just BW because of complaints.
It's definitely too early to see if it will be respectful like ATLA/LOK, at least regarding character issues.

However, complaints about sexualization seem to be about fanart and specifically the official blog reblogging coomer art like pic related. The reason people will be upset about this is because of rates of sexual violence against Native American women and disregard for MMIW by law enforcement. It's a soft spot.

Overall my useless 2c opinion will always be that any people of X group disturbed by representation should make their own rep. This is even indie so there's no excuse. I assume most people who care are also Indigenous artists and it'd be awesome to see Native cartoons made by Natives.

No. 717751

Its supposed to a monster of the week episodic series in a weird west setting, I don't think it's supposed to be that deep

No. 717764

I loved this, imo it's nice to see a world and characters with more detailed, varied and abstract designs instead of more bean-mouth. The animation style reminds me of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.

No. 717778

The character designs could use some tweaking, but overall I really enjoyed this. Reminds me of Cliffside but with better animation and humor, and unlike Hazbin I can actually tell what’s going on in a scene because the colors don’t blend together. I kind of hope this gets picked up.

No. 717798

File: 1611084656247.png (37.23 KB, 620x537, Screenshot_2021-01-20 Zach Bel…)

well the creators have actual experience, They both have extensive resumes in the animation Industry and have worked on a number of animated shows

No. 717849

No. 717962

File: 1611102946793.png (15.5 KB, 512x512, unnamed.png)

Has any anon here been on artfol before? What's the community like?

I was considering going from instagram to artfol, not because of the algorith cuz I don't give a shit about that, but because the insta UI change was such dogpiss it still pisses me of sometimes.

I wanted to know what type of people is artfol full of. Tbh I assume it's probably just instagram and maybe deviantart "refugees"

No. 718049


I've seen a lot of people on my instagram hyping it up and anticipating the official release and I'll probably check it out then. I just want something that's a chill community for artists like deviantart was >10 years ago instead of dumb follow4follow games on instagram. From what I've seen it seems like mostly young anime kids and less good artists who are unsuccessful on instagram that seem to be there but maybe that'll change when the app rolls out for everyone.

No. 718130

I'm on artfol currently and its full of furry art and kid drawings (very little quality art to be found). And the way they do certain things like the trending tab is actually just recently uploaded which is frustrating but im hopeful it will become something good eventually

No. 718166

I lost interest over the summer of last year I got a new tablet for christmas I still haven’t touched it yet and I refuse to get back into drawing

No. 718191

Looks fun, reminds me of flapjack! The voice acting bothers me a bit, idk how old the protagonists are supposed to be but the girl straight up sounds like Tommy Pickles which is off-putting.

No. 718220

It's okay. It's very clear the app in it's early stages. It's clunky at times and usually you scroll faster than it has time to load more pictures. After idk but i feel like the quality for upload isn't any better than instagram which imo is downer. But like another anon said not much high quality artwork. Lots of furry and middle school// high school level drawings.

No. 718223

This is something I actually discussed at one point with the mod on discord. He basically wants to promote newest works over popular works while I was worried it would just lead to another ”guantity over guality” app where the artist focusing on guality would get shunned by the algorithm.

No. 718261

That's the thing with targetting instagram artists. They're too entitled to consider maybe humbling themselves a bit and that maybe the reason they don't get that many likes is just cuz their art isn't that good.

I'm a bit hesitant of going on artfol cuz I'm afraid the revolted insta kids will all migrate there and simply find some other contrived way of complaining 24/7 and make it annoying

No. 718270

File: 1611144910116.png (24.48 KB, 877x303, Screenshot_2021-01-20 E G Dail…)

>the girl straight up sounds like Tommy Pickles which is off-putting
that's cause she is voiced by the exact same voice actresses

No. 718282

I know her more from her eighties song do you want my love

No. 718287


Huh I thought the point was to explicitly NOT have an algorithm but to have the posts shown to the followers and users in chronological order, like it was the case for dA and tumblr. It's interesting because apparently it's hard to write an social media algorithm that doesn't value frequency/quantity to a larger degree.


So true. The average instagram artist will always blame "the algorithm" instead of reflecting for a second if it's maybe their content that's the reason. It's definitely true that instagram favors basic boring aesthetic art of pretty girls but that's what most basic instagram artists do anyway so?? If anything you can actually benefit from the non-chronological feed because if your followers keep liking and interacting with your art you will be shown to them more. But chronological is definitely better for people who don't have the time to post multiple times a week.

No. 718293

What I was suggesting or more like what I would've wanted would've been the kind of algorithm in pinterest, I know some don't like pinterest but honestly the "more like this" feature is pretty amazing. I basically suggested making an algorithm that would promote works based on what people were already viewing, yanno furry art for furries, anime art for anime fanatics etc etc. It would help bring fans to your work and even if someone was popular, with this kind of algorithm, your work, if done well could easily be promoted next to someone who's works get shit ton of views just based on the fact that the content is visually similar. My idea wasn't really liked though, because it was apparently too similar to what IG already had though from my experience the IG discovery page never reflected on what I liked but what the community as a whole liked and I wanted it to be more individual user focused. I didn't bother arguing about it tho. Personally I would love any art site with pinterest kind of algorithm, because I always get really good suggestions there and when I do get something I don't like, I can just tell pinterest to stop showing it to me.

No. 718295

Does anyone follow / know of any interesting 3D artists? I've always had an appreciation for 3D art, but my God the overwhelming majority of it is just warrior women designs or head busts as some kind of study. I'd like to find 3D artists that actually have their own style and aesthetic, but the platform I know of (ArtStation) is mostly the content I just mentioned.

No. 718309

File: 1611149883494.jpg (307.73 KB, 1920x1457, EkXNKcqXYAAIvKj.jpg)

Ohhh that's my area of interest, too bad you didnt specify what aesthetic interests you specifically. I love stylized lowpoly 3D, twitter is actually a very good place to find artists doing things like that, I'll give you a few I really like and if it's up your alley it will be very easy for you to find more because they tend to exist in the same bubble, retweeting and supporting each other, making discovering more very easy:


No. 718314

I can see why some people wouldn't completely like your idea, but that really could be fixed by having posts ordered differently by different tabs, like a "things you may like" tab, a "(actual) trending" tab, a "most recent" tab, etc… although to be fair I understand that may be a bit too much to expect from a small project like this in the short term. Maybe in a longer term they would consider it.
The other people completely dismissing you kinda makes it seem that artfol might depend a bit too much on people with hateboner tho

No. 718318

Yea I don't blame if the idea is hard, I just think back to DA where the recommendation algorithm is absolute shit. my idea is nowhere perfect ofc but I don't think any artist wants to see shit like furries in diapers, vore, 100 anime eyes like they do in deviantart frontpage. I'm worried that having no algorithm at all like artfol seems to plan on would result in a total mess where every work gets drowned out because people have no way to customize what they would prefer to see. It would hurt everyone in the long run. And yes your idea would ofc imo fix a lot of problems with this kind of system.

No. 718329


Anon you responded to here, I was talking about not having an algorithm on your main feed where you see the stuff from people you are following. When it comes to something like an explore/featured page I definitely agree with you that some kind of algorithm and preselection would be needed.

I think the artfol developers are REALLY playing up their appeal to people who are fed up with instagram though. Getting personal suggestions or just having high-quality art featured (like the old dA frontpage) is good for good artists and art viewers. It's not so good for bad artists though because their art doesn't have a target audience but they still want it to be shown to others, so artfol's "everyone has an equal opportunity to be seen" is really appealing to them. As someone who doesn't care much about my reach and likes looking at good art I don't think it's a good idea either.

No. 718331

ntayrt but omg it's gorgeous anon, thanks for sharing!

No. 718334

>the overwhelming majority of it is just warrior women designs or head busts as some kind of study

ugh so true. for me the biggest coomer that does this is YanSculpts, all of his models lately have been samefaced big boobie girls. i know this video's from a year ago but it was so funny to read the comments talking about how boobs don't work that way, and him only liking the comments telling everyone to shut up about it KEK

Also: a youtuber whose tutorials are actually easy to follow is Cherylynn Lima (her yt is mostly cute low poly characters, but her artstation has a bit more realistic or painterly models)

No. 718335

Yea I completely agree with you, if I do follow someone, it's because I DO want to see their art so the whole "prioritizing" amongs the people you follow is dumb as shit.

and I think you hit the nail in the coffin with that, because from what I saw from the developer, well to put it nicely he's not exactly a good artist himself so I can imagine that even for his personal benefit, having a system that prioritizes quality is not ideal. Of course I'm just pushing for my own benefit too. I'm not a wonderful artist but not a beginner either, so what I care is also seeing beautiful works that can inspire me to get better, if it comes with followers on the side that's only a plus. I don't think I would care to stick to a platform that doesn't offer me anything worth to see.

No. 718337

thanks so much for sharing!

No. 718384

File: 1611161947624.jpeg (151.2 KB, 750x902, 95B2799B-DCD0-4608-A1E6-341483…)

this showed up on my instagram feed and I felt the second hand embarrassment right away

but that man chose violence lmao

No. 718391

they didn’t even say the things she quoted..

No. 718395

File: 1611162896474.jpeg (141.97 KB, 750x607, C24C5827-9025-4C2C-971D-E1213F…)

same fagging but also this

I wish for a day where I get to have fans who have to defend me to the death despite me possibly being immature and wrong when handling conflicts

No. 718401

File: 1611163257888.jpeg (63.33 KB, 548x260, 36B39A55-F9A6-4647-A1D9-D02FDA…)

same anon. i’ve never laughed so hard in my life

No. 718410

File: 1611163897763.png (338.28 KB, 493x726, Cyarine anatomy.PNG)

>She has more followers than you so that makes her right!

What planet are these kids living on?

also lol, she should've just ignored his comment if she was just going to agree with the guy anyway: https://twitter.com/Cyarine/status/1351687976355586055

No. 718415


Cyarin is one of those overrated artists who have let their "fame" get to their heads because they have an army of minions that will blindly defend them even when they're in the wrong. But she always came off as a narcissistic loish copy to me, at least loish seems pretty chill and humble mostly

No. 718474

Honestly all she really has to do is lengthen the legs and it wouldn't look so weird. Top part isn't that bad

No. 718500

And torso. That drawing has orangutan arms

No. 718502

It’s because she started off as a loish clone- hence her popularity, especially in her earlier days where she did speedpaints and tutorials for free(before loish created her artbooks and patreon)

No. 718621

File: 1611181963614.jpg (1.96 MB, 783x2304, d2z5dgh-09565030-d367-430e-a9b…)

Sage cause this is suuper old milk, but the discussion of old DA cows reminded of overlord Bob, I'm sure most anons don't know about him but but he's this guy with a high amount of disposable income who decides to create a fetish universe and comissions dozens of artists, for over 12 years now

>Overlord Bob is an evil overlord that put his hands on a magical scroll that shows how to defeat any hero that cross his path.

>It just involves turning them into TG maids or cat girls

And to this day after over a deacde and hundreds of commissions he's still commissioning more with the exact same premise

No. 718704

Does anyone know sites for gesture drawing, i would love a site that would change the picture on a timer
Croquis cafe had good videos, but they have deleted almost everything (because naked = bad i guess)

No. 718733

File: 1611190569794.jpg (47.5 KB, 1194x275, 20210120_165402.jpg)

The creator of the #transmascartists wrote a series of tweet implying how lesbians are trans phobic and it blew up. A lot of people got upset before they peddled back saying I mean cis white lesbians. Then implied the reaction to their thread (now deleted) was because they are not white

No. 718735

File: 1611190716703.png (1.63 MB, 1261x2048, Screenshot_20210120-165836.png)

No. 718778

Holy shit that’s a lot of buzzwords.

No. 718799

post his/her/their art

No. 718831

File: 1611196842529.jpg (563.42 KB, 1364x2048, Eq1kOuuXMAIFjgf.jpg)

I feel like their stuff has been posted before on the ugly art thread

No. 718835

File: 1611197116133.jpg (94.59 KB, 801x611, god.jpg)

Didn't spend too much time digging through their twitter and I don't want too much of their shit on my computer. it's mostly whining and RTs anyway. This person is so entitled like most Twitter artists.

No. 718846

File: 1611198616779.jpg (333.63 KB, 1080x1145, Screenshot_20210120-220731_Ins…)

Excuse me but isn't this pedo? Even if she's 18+ when they do sexy things, isn't it grooming/incest if you met her at 7?

No. 718849

It's them shipping their sims 4 OC with Caleb, just let em' have it. And it was discussed before.

No. 718851

File: 1611199391689.png (Spoiler Image, 2.55 MB, 1308x1178, 43322.png)


No. 718857

Yeah, this is definitely a fetish of some sorts. The comics where they compare their relationship when she was a child and he was raising her, to their relationship to where he's now dating her, does it for me, lol.

No. 718872

Probably something he said in the replies

No. 718879

File: 1611202149470.jpg (64.91 KB, 720x897, 1588127801913.jpg)

I don't know this woman but I 100% believe that she is likely straight and dating a white man, they always do

No. 718906

not only it's a fetish, the comic you mentioned is incredibly cringe also. Imagine uploading your weird fantasies for everyone to gawk at. urgh

No. 718935

not this shit argument again from the drawings rights activists

No. 718951

how is it pedo if she is 18? this is so fucking dumb. pedos dont find adults hot wtf

No. 718952

Hes a pedo because he adopted her as a child. Raised her as his daughter and then started fucking her when she was 18.

No. 718957

Parent figure literally evolved into sex partner

No. 718958

Okay, Woody Allen.

No. 718967

this seems like the type of fantasies girls have for older men. Which makes me wonder, how does it fall morally when it's girls self inserting as the little girl, instead of men self-inserting as the grown man? There's a small fandom called cedfia whose fans are grown women who self-insert as a 6 yrs old girl.

No. 718980

sorry for non salty content but for those of you who have sold merch before, have you found it more or less stressful than making your income through commissions? I tend to psyche myself out taking commissions and end up spending 2x long on a drawing than I normally would, and they also kill my motivation to draw, so I'm considering closing commissions and becoming a more fanart/merch heavy artist. I guess I just want insight into if the switch was worth it and at what size following merch becomes more efficient than taking comms.

No. 718985

>when they do sexy things
The fucking kids in this thread…

The characters are cringe inducing, they look like 2003 deviantart OCs.

No. 719000

this is brought up once every thread lmao
it's kinda interesting to see anons' reactions on it tho, they're always different

sage for ot

No. 719007


Croquis Cafe moved to vimeo, they have a lot of their videos there.

No. 719048

No one should care tho. They’re oc’s and fictional first of all and second of all, thiswas discussed already, old milk let’s move on.

No. 719100

Maybe line-of-action.com?
I also like to use posemaniacs, since they have 3D Models that can be shown from basically every angle. The original site doesn't work anymore because it used flash, but I was able to find this