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File: 1608286594676.png (211.97 KB, 417x589, E3C4F9E7-E825-4CD1-A33C-1BB54A…)

No. 696744

post cringiest screencaps from coomer moids freaking out about the pornhub purge of minors in porn

No. 696745

File: 1608286620902.jpeg (122.34 KB, 696x898, 6AF379F1-63B2-43BB-97A5-A05B33…)

No. 696746

>my yellow fever porn is gone!!!!
>my life has no meaning!!!!
how is he not embarrassed

No. 696747



unironicaly a good idea

No. 696751

> they can’t even have anything that is under age porn, trust me, I’ve looked for some, there are sites for it…
Pedos outing themselves. Jesus fucking Christ.

No. 696763

This whole thing is just so retarded. Isn't pornhub just temporarily taking down the vids to verify it's not fucking child trafficking porn? Ya'know, like they've been ignoring the past like 2 years? Plus, theres a bunch of porn sites that are still letting unverified videos through. It's not the end of the damn world

No. 696768

as most of these asian videos are probably uploaded illegally from dvds and other websites I doubt they’ll be verified. Don’t solve the problem, just Pornhub covering themselves b4 they lose big bux. These coomers are going to most likely delete their accounts and gravitate to other sites now all PH has to offer is multiple variations of “brother helps sister stuck under the christmas tree” kek

No. 696780

File: 1608292325455.png (317.38 KB, 1176x1198, waaaa.png)

>crying and shaking over muh coomer porn temporarily being taken away and saying that life doesn't have a meaning anymore
mento illness luv. How about using that downtime to get rid of the addiction?

Here's one gem of a troon camwhore bitching about how Pornhub's 118 child porn videos "aren't that bad" compared to Facebook having 84mil instances. Nevermind that FB's userbase is vastly bigger, a lot of the reported instances are things like family vacation beach photos being removed to avoid pedos getting their rocks off of it and people usually don't go there to enjoy the fruits of human trafficking and that they're also monitoring and removing tens of millions of content every time they manage to find it, while Pornhub straight out refused to delete that one video of a underage girl being raped. The thread just continues with a spergfit declaring that they "don't want a safe internet, they just hate sex workers and want them out!!!!".

No. 696794

Wasn’t one of the biggest problems with Pornhub them allowing people to post revenge porn / videos of women actually being raped and then not taking it down when the victim asked them to? Will this new removing “unverified” videos thing stop that?

No. 696813

>I'M shAkInG aNd CryINg RiGHt NOw

Over porn? KEK. The absolute STATE of moids.

No. 696838

File: 1608303643469.png (4.08 MB, 1242x2208, 3DDA679B-1925-4312-A319-1911A3…)

Ah, yes, the people who are against children being sex-trafficked in the first place are the brain-washed ones. This is the retarded take shared when it doesn’t even support/have anything to do with the message of intent of the original IG post. Why do they think people who don’t want images of trafficked and raped children/victims want them prosecuted for crimes of their traffickers? It’s almost as though they have to throw out some asinine accusation in order to protect the people who choose to coom over actual victims. (1/2)

No. 696839

File: 1608303672723.png (505.28 KB, 1242x2208, 9EA667BA-6EDE-4569-8637-4EDD12…)

OP of shared post. (2/2)

No. 696841

Now that you say this, something tells me that once they purge the “unverified” videos, they will go back to not giving a fuck.

No. 696842

Hard agree. Maybe they’ll have some sort of flagging system, but porn watchers aren’t going to have any moral fortitude to flag anything, and since all content is explicit, it’s not like they can autoflag things. Maybe they won’t allow any unverified accounts to upload or exist?

No. 696845

Porn watchers are also retarded and brainrotted, they won’t know the difference between a woman in her 50’s and a girl, they only know how to coom and which degenerate tags to pick.

No. 696852

Yes. I've read about this issue extensively and it is insanely hard even for minors to get Porn Hub to take down their videos. It's nightmarishly difficult if you're an adult trying to take down revenge porn, rape, or hidden cam videos.

No. 696856

Men really do think their sexual gratification is more important than protecting women and children from being sexually victimized. I mean… I already knew that. But Christ, if this isn't enough to pink pill a bitch, nothing is

No. 696858

It's expected, though. Seeing women get bent out of shape and/or defending PH is somehow more depressing and sick.

No. 696868

File: 1608306771133.png (40.59 KB, 596x381, crying_laughing.png)

So sad.

No. 696874

I've previously read at least 3 separate instances in the news where it was found that Pornhub had "verified" girls under the age of 18 as part of their "model program". If they're not also stepping it up with their verification process then CP will easily come back onto the site. Hell I'm sure there's still some underage girls who are verified on there and whose videos remain up.

Anyways, this was an amazing move and all cumbrains can rot in hell.

No. 696877

Sounds like a you problem, bro.

No. 696887

>the flag

No. 696888

I’m glad, I hope he never finds them again or shit similar to those, and stays unable to feel any sort of sexual gratification on his life.

No. 696889

>trans flag
>addicted to hardcore porn
really makes me think

No. 696955

I'm so thankful pornhub nuked lots of content. I saw a story of a teenager who got raped in a shed while the sick fucks filmed it and posted the video to pornhub.

No. 696958

>that flag
Of course

Just saw a mutual woman defending PH and it just fucks me up so much, like why do you prioritize men cooming over the safety of abused women and children? Can't relate to such pickme brainrot but then again it's most likely just straight out ignorance and being spoonfed the "t-this will destroy the livelihood of sex workers!!" discourse. If you really want to earn a living by spreading your asshole then go to onlyfans or something, jesus.

No. 696959

No anon, it was acting and totally consensual hardcore porn, that's all. You're just falling for the witch hunt! Someone out there totally wishes someone would do that to them for real, it's their super healthy fetish and you're a sex-hating conservative for being pro PH nuke. /s to be very clear.

No. 696961

Delicious, cumbrains die! The pickmes who defend this shit die too!

If you type in variations of the word "young" in arabic, hindi, thai, or chinese on any of these free porn sites including PH you'll get literal CP that's just there out in the open for years with hundred THOUSANDS of views.

Every SINGLE one of those 3rd world hidden cam videos are nonconsensual and illegal.

No. 696965

File: 1608315609433.png (399.53 KB, 720x855, 91CFBC06-F6F4-4655-BF4B-5CE304…)

I want to die.

No. 696973

File: 1608316698659.jpg (106.08 KB, 1080x494, Screenshot_20201218_193530.jpg)

>libertarian left flair
Why do leftist men think anything that hinders their cooming is fascism

No. 696975

I wonder if this happened because of FBI getting in, or just big porn companies complaining about copyrighted content.

No. 696980

I don't understand the "but what about the poor sex workers!" argument in defense of PH. Isn't it way better for sex workers if the culture around porn shifts more toward watching them get naked on camera in their bedrooms on Only Fans, rather than their health and safety being put at risk from participating in some extreme porn production from a big studio?

No. 696992

Everything that's slightly porn critical gets branded as harmful to sex workers, which is a term I'm really sick of hearing at this point, being a camwhore is not the same thing as walking the street ffs.

No. 697015

My friend sent me a text of one of his trans friends (online) bitching about pornhub but also going, "Most of these sites are transphobic, they separate trans porn, when trans women are women, so a woman and a man should be straight, even if she has a dick-" and a bunch of dumb shit about how Xvideos needed to be shut down because they don't "put trans porn on the front page" and use the term "Shemale".
All of this dumb shit but they are doing the, "it's not about the childern, it's about harming sex workers" when it comes to defending pornhub.

You have a million complaints, but you STILL want to cape for Pornhub? This person doesn't even use pornhub, they use onlyfans.

No. 697029

not to be a wet blanket but the most degenerate coomers haven't had pornhub as their go to for a while. they're still jacking off to depraved shit on other sites and are likely saving it to their hard drive now

I read a comment elsewhere that said this is actually a play for mindgeek (company that owns pornhub) to make a play into the onlyfans market. move to a verified-only model, peel off some performers in OF who might be enticed by the traffic on the biggest site you own, get lauded for passing the embarrassing low bar of literally not hosting rape videos on the site.

No. 697964

File: 1608457068366.jpeg (195.49 KB, 1125x1320, 7183D215-D703-47C5-9CD8-5A8ACD…)

this ones not so bad but still kek

No. 697967

Anglophone Western men are eerily obsessed with objectifying and racially fetishizing East Asian women

No. 697968

>I read a comment elsewhere that said this is actually a play for mindgeek (company that owns pornhub) to make a play into the onlyfans market. move to a verified-only model, peel off some performers in OF who might be enticed by the traffic on the biggest site you own
so it never was truly about protecting minors and victims of trafficking, rape, or revenge porn at all then. i can't say i'm surprised

No. 697969

ban porn and social media. its ruining culture and society

No. 697972

>Complain about media in a media site

No. 697973

so what

No. 697979

lolcow is an imageboard, not a social media website

No. 697998

I thought MindGeek was also nuking videos on Xvideos and their other free websites. I'm glad this happened hopefully all the big name sites follow and make it so coomers have to pay outrages amounts of money for porn again.

NTA but by definition it's a social media site, even if we are anonymous we are socializing via this particular site.

No. 698078

lolcow is social media, ya hat.

No. 698287

i love not constructing major aspects of my life around porn

No. 698686

It's not some big brain villain plot to entice people on Onlyfans, the only reason why they took down the videos was because major credit card companies blocked them due to the child/revenge porn so it would've been a major loss of revenue if users couldn't renew their subscriptions.

No. 698923

The approval process is so easy to be verified. Its hold a piece of paper. It's baduc forum outting rules. Not even asking for card IDs to be uploaded. People could've verified themselves. I don't feel bad for any of these accounts losing videos they didnt own even though I know anyone can just upload with this easy verification too. Especially if you deepfake it. Honestly good on pornhub.

No. 698935

File: 1608572251272.jpeg (38.92 KB, 828x396, EQcxGD8UEAAnXmJ.jpeg)

Exactly, one of their "verified models" was a 15 year old child trafficking victim.
IMO, the fact that they made such a lax process, then didn't change it right after this happened and was revealed proves to me that they support CP.
Even if they "coincidentally" change it now, they have always known that this was a risk. They just don't give a shit.

No. 698942

wtf I would've expected they at least require some form of ID. A 13 year old can be made to hold up a fucking piece of paper.

No. 698985

File: 1608576734812.jpg (36.05 KB, 450x450, 3061742577_1_3_0NpkJeAF.jpg)

Exactly. Doesn't anyone remember mid to late 2000s site models and the impersonators that would photoshop these proof pictures?

No. 698998

File: 1608578406514.png (128.88 KB, 711x839, EpnXU3hWMAA8WJy.png)

This person is losing their shit over a new bill that will "devastate sex workers" by requiring platforms hosting pornographic content to make sure everyone involved is a consenting, verified adult, and ordering removal of any content posted without said consent.
I hope the bill gets passed, honestly. Imagine putting your income from OnlyFans above the lives of people victimized by revenge porn, CP, trafficking, etc. Coomers are morally bankrupt.
Notably, the OP insists Reddit has a "strong, ethical DIY porn scene", as if it's not the same site that hosted r/jailbait and still has a bunch of disgusting pedo-tier subreddits floating around. Lmao.

No. 699000

People are bitching about this shit on IG about their new TOS because of this as well. It’s really disgusting seeing how many people I follow are batting for OF tier sex workers and not victims, even going so far as to say “none of this is about victims, they’re just punishing sex workers!” So fucking gross.

No. 699001

File: 1608578668157.png (67.25 KB, 790x236, j3.png)

Samefagging, just found out the person who posted that Twitter thread was also behind this shit.
May he seethe forever.

No. 699004

I wish he was the type to join the 41% but he’s too full of himself. What a monster.

No. 699021

File: 1608580417563.jpg (65.06 KB, 1080x433, _38924321_1280.jpg)

>Reddit has a "strong, ethical DIY porn scene"
KEK what a fucking joke.
Trooner Coomers gonna coom

No. 699026

>you owe us unrestricted access to the most disgusting, victimizing genres of porn that exist because i have coomified myself into living a fetish developed from porn

No. 699046

How is any of this a bad thing? Most jobs are regulated due to worker safety, what's excusing sex work from it? Aren't they always going on about how trans sex workers have such and such high murder rate? All of these action points are sufficient to at least reduce the amount of child and revenge porn and even reducing piracy, how exactly are they ruining the livelihood of sex workers? yeah I know it's because they don't really care about human trafficking but are using sex work as a shield for their own lust for stepsister porn

I swear these sick fucks use their troonism to excuse any amount of degeneracy.
>I need porn because it's… (throws dart) … escapism from my crippling gender dysphoria! And it needs to be barely legal teens because uh, I never got to experience a girlhood or getting fucked on prom night growing up!

No. 699050

Join the 41% if it bothers you that much.

No. 699369

From what I heard it started when an article came out exposing what happened and credit card companies didn't want to work with them anymore.

No. 699858

They shouldn't be allowed to just get away with it by taking down all the unverified shit. The whole site should be seized by the po po and every trafficked minor safeguarded along with all the hidden camera/revenge porn victims.

No. 703429

File: 1609076950156.jpg (216.07 KB, 1080x1482, Screenshot_20201227_134728.jpg)

Bump cuz I saw in the tranny thread that this bill passed/is already approved. I know nothing of American politics, can't find anything online, anyone know anything?

Pic related, priorities of twitter users

No. 703430

what loophole are they talking about? sounds like bs

No. 703460

File: 1609080885909.jpg (234.08 KB, 1080x860, Screenshot_20201227_145308.jpg)

This bs is the only shit I could find on a 'loophole'

No. 703494

god I hate this picture.

No. 703655

This is stupid. Even if a state's age of consent is less than 18, isn't it illegal to upload content of anyone under 18 anyways? I mean, its illegal to sexually engage with minors on the internet and to transport them to a different state so you can fuck them, so doesnt the same apply to porn?

No. 703672

File: 1609104072926.jpg (22.52 KB, 288x379, 4920829b8abc3b86ed8374c90f5d22…)

It really makes me angry that coomers act like their life got ruined just because pornhub decided to delete their weird fetishes while theres literal videos showing children getting raped and abused on there. I think the child's life is more ruined than some sad old crusty ass coomers life that has no meaning whatsoever on this world.

Im happy pornhub decided to delete unverified users videos and get all the childporn off of their platform, no child should have their abuse on such a site, or any site in general. These scrotes can just fuck off and choke on a piece of wood.

No. 703715

Funny how coomers started caring about cp and 'loopholes' in muh porn only now. All the years of trafficking and abuse victims ceaselessly talking about it did nothing and now they are the biggest child protectors. Sit and watch them start moaning about minors watching porn too if it gets far enough to ask serious age verification to enter sites, when it's been 'boys will be boys' and 'porn is educational' up until now.

No. 704632

File: 1609230286967.jpeg (837.92 KB, 640x1460, liBBj3n.jpeg)

stumbled across this. love how they care more about making money than they do about the thousands (if not millions) of minors being trafficked.

No. 704633

samefag but also it enrages me how flippantly he dismisses trafficking victims, like sEx TraFfIcKInG ViCTiMs oR WhaTEvER. fuck off dude

No. 704634

Wait they're 18 and complainig their little sister can't make money from child prostitution under these new laws? And trying to make out like that's a bad thing?

No. 704635

Also the phrasing "turned her little life upside down" like we're talking about an 8 year old's dollys being taken away and not this guy pimping out his minor sister on a porn site.

No. 704642

This reeks of bait of some kind. Like someone made it on 4chan to spread around with the purpose of baiting out degenerates.
>little sister is implied to be underage
>noncon, femboy, blacked, futa
>"completely turned her little life upside down"
It's just too much.

No. 704643

This is obviously a troll post. "I'm 18 and my younger sister can't do her porn uploading", come on.

No. 704647

true but I actually found this on a subreddit for sex workers, and everyone there was cheering this person on.

No. 704662

I bet it's too long for them to read, so they just read the first and last paragraph. I don't expect sex work supporters to have much critical thinking ability anyway, they're too far gone.

No. 704671

I wanted to say I hope all porn becomes illegal but then I remembered South Korea where desperate coomers put spy cams everywhere and film their own mothers.

In 2021 I wish for a deadly virus that only targets and kills coomers.

No. 704777


Chemical castration by virus.

No. 706032

File: 1609435014468.jpg (147.45 KB, 1080x783, Screenshot_20201231_171232.jpg)

Why are coomers on twitter trying to paint anyone on the anti porn movement as a religious right winger? Is that really their only argument?

No. 706035

File: 1609435270571.jpg (122.95 KB, 1080x629, Screenshot_20201231_171147.jpg)

To add to this, why do Onlyfans "sex workers" care about Pornhub, surely they'd be better off too? Pic related some weird Onlyfans cope

No. 706049

do these people know you can care about multiple issues at a time, or..

No. 706512


Because it worked amazingly well for decades. Nobody is buying it now.

No. 706659

Saw someone comparing this to the burning of the library of Alexandria. My faith in the male population gets smaller everyday

No. 706705

You still have faith in them at this point? Damn bitch, wake the fuck up

No. 706761

If you like something that much then download it is all I can say.

No. 706814

That's pretty fucking sad.

So, why is pornhub going down some massive deal? There's about a million different damn porn sites left after that with the same gross shit they wrote blogs about on reddit.

No. 706818

They are mad at the idea of any potential porn access being taken away. It's not even about the existence of other porn, but on principle the idea enrages them. I'm sure they are worried about the other sites too, but overall any porn going away is a loss to their tiny, tiny dicks I mean brains.

No. 707994

File: 1609727074631.jpg (275.28 KB, 1080x1027, 20210103_212357.jpg)

what the fuck is this troon trying to say with this post?

No. 708004

that's always been a weird argument I've read so much OF content is re uploaded by random ass dudes that buy it then upload on to PH the women that make the content see 0 money from the distribution. If anything all camgirls should be rejoicing at the fact that PH deleted all of their unofficial content.

There's so much jargon in this that I don't even know if they know what they're saying.

I thought that's always been the pro-SW message that if everything is legalized and has more restrictions set in place it would be easier to help victims of human trafficking. But now this person wants to shame that and make it a wasteland when there is actual statistic evidence to prove them wrong? What the fuck is wrong with these people?

No. 708259

Does anybody know when the SISEA bill will get implemented (as far it's already passed, right?) If any informations on it exist, they get drowned out by the sheer amount of We've Gotta Stop This, Guys!!!! articles for me.

No. 708304

File: 1609787765790.png (204.93 KB, 984x1328, fvlskvs.png)

Does this person not realize that "normal people" (or rather, men) are the main consumers of porn and the sex industry? What do they think, porn and sex work have nothing to do with child abuse? Did they completely miss how many children are made into sex workers, or sites like PornHub okay'ing actual CP and "verifying" child trafficking victims?
Pic related, from the same person.
>stealing all of your possessions
Oh, there it is. They don't care about child abuse because their money is the biggest thing to them. Pure fucking greed.

No. 708306

I have yet to see any evidence that SISEA will prevent people from publishing their own nudes / sexual content. Why are they making this argument, what the fuck is it based of? Do they just think all porn is now banned?

No. 708407

The only kiiiinda reasonable-ish justification I've seen is that platforms like Twitter and Reddit might completely ban NSFW stuff now, so these people have less mainstream platforms to advertise themselves. I doubt there won't be a competition of sites who'll try to be the first to provide a platform where everything gets managed all according to the bill and make bank on that though.

No. 708417

Shouldn’t those platforms be banning that content anyway when their minimum age to sign up is 13? I don’t use reddit but afaik they at least restrict the NSFW stuff. Just browsed sex work twitter while logged out and saw basically full nudes. Shouldn’t a site that allows minors to join (and screech about how they are minors, kek) want to distance themselves from this?

I don’t know, the internet blurs real world boundaries but imo they should either ban this shit or make the sites 18+.

No. 708426

File: 1609802723110.png (42.91 KB, 954x611, you don't even have to change …)

NSFW stuff on reddit is barely restricted, it's just hidden behind a blurred "Show NSFW?" screen and that's it, and even that's something a 13-year old would have no problem deactivating in settings. I don't get it myself, either, really.

No. 708725

Reddit should definitely ban all the porn, it's a cesspool. So many actual degenerate shit.

No. 710980

File: 1610196919228.jpeg (70.24 KB, 796x793, ErM2GP8XcAE03nU.jpeg)

Yes, porn for kids sounds great.

No. 710981

File: 1610197079985.jpg (301.51 KB, 1080x1253, Screenshot_20210109_125633.jpg)

Infamous pedophile defenders Salon have also decided to defend pornographers, what a twist.

No. 710983

File: 1610197384349.jpg (236.24 KB, 1080x1219, Screenshot_20210109_130046.jpg)

One extract of many that is hysterical but also depressing. Won't someone think of the pornographers?!

No. 710991

>the only problem with porn access for kids is that it's not diverse enough
Give more asian tranny porn to kids! They also better be morbidly obese!

No. 710995

Oh god, why do they think this is a good idea? It’s like saying it’s okay to let kids look at gore footage, maybe we should have a website that can be monitored by parents so kids can watch people get murdered on camera safely.

No. 711107

I like how their problem is not that porn is disgustingly violent or that it feeds child trafficking, but that there aren't enough "queer poc" children being debased on screen. Because kids literally need porn, we can't let them be children!!!

No. 712002

File: 1610358043658.jpg (321.17 KB, 1068x1748, Screenshot_20210111_093849.jpg)

BBC News jumping on the bandwagon,why are mainstream Media pushing this? Getting paid off by Mindgeek?

No. 712017

I’ve been trying to wrap my head round their argument and I can only vaguely make sense of it. I can sort of sympathise with women who were relying on it as their sole income, but when you rely on a website that is not yours, you have to prepare for any loss of money if your account or the whole website suddenly gets terminated. It’s not a porn actress thing only, it could be the same for people having their business on etsy for example.

At the end of the day, their argument is
> I know Pornhub has CP and revenge porn BUT it’s the biggest platform I decided to bank on so it’s very lame that now CC companies have decided to hold them to higher standards and that impacts ME! Who could have seen that shit coming?

At the end of the day, you’d think that if PornHub decided to comply to the new rules, those hoes would be pretty happy (no more re-uploading videos they took off, no more leaked content) but I guess when your moral compass is set on dollars sign, you just want the status quo to be restored and fuck them kids being raped on the platform right?

No. 712020

This shit is making me depressed. Fuck these whores for selling themselves and other women out.

No. 712028

Not to mention that the company that owns pornhub leveled the industry through willful piracy, then took over production themselves, which lead to lower fees for talent because there's no longer such a large number of producers.

They are complaining that they're unable to sell content via the company most responsible for them being unable to make a better living from porn in the first place.

No. 712033

fuck the bbc retarded troon loving libfem crap

No. 712046

Let me guess, all of these whores are still IN the industry?

Who even cares about whores and their human right to be paid whores anyway? Like sorry you might have to go and get a shitty real job. Not like you’re earning as much as you should be anyway.

No. 712047

Exactly! Why is this never being mentioned?

No. 712048

This is so horrible. I want to leave this godforsaken planet.

No. 712068

Exactly. There’s probably a correlation between women who decide it’s a good idea to do porn and women who can’t think past the money dangling in front of them now.

As some point they will retire, and some asshole is probably going to steal and re-upload their content to make money off of their sorry ass. Well then good luck getting those videos down since you were so intent on campaigning for not proving your consent and ID (if they’re even aware of it). Please contact PornHub team I’m sure they’ll be super easy to deal with and will correct the situation ASAP!

No. 712102

Because once you start investigating who runs these companies, how big their web is, how much influence they have on social media, you get shut down.
The amount of societal and government influence they have is disgusting.

No. 713682

File: 1610566642090.jpeg (830.02 KB, 1242x1456, FC54307D-9932-4BF4-AA75-E45B3C…)

pathetic why is this news?

No. 713727

There should be more negative stories like this about online sex work. The only time I see stories about Onlyfans camwhores, the article presents the work as being easy and high income. “Just post nudes and make money, so easy!”

No. 713735

Is of cam-based? Can you actually "sell nudes" on there?

No. 713742

this, props to them for not glamourizing sex work like so many other news outlets do

No. 713745

File: 1610572749307.jpg (171.52 KB, 1080x792, Screenshot_20210113_211822.jpg)

Meanwhile on Twitter

No. 713746

File: 1610572870495.jpg (264.92 KB, 1080x1099, Screenshot_20210113_211838.jpg)

Bonus reply.

Imagine sitting in a TRAFFICKING SEMINAR and thinking THIS.

These people are disturbed.

No. 713750

File: 1610574091909.jpeg (924.63 KB, 1125x1215, E4A1E1F8-A0E7-4B14-9E3A-BD5A00…)

I had to sit thru a pro-sex worker guest lecture this year as a women studies undergrad. The lecturer started off as claiming she was pro-sex worker, but very clearly it turned out she was pro-sex work, period, and never really said anything substantial about human trafficking other than that anti-trafficking organizations REMOVE WOMEN FROM THEIR ONLY MEANS OF INCOME IN SOME COUNTRIES. I asked her during the q&a how she could reckon being pro sex work with human trafficking— pic rel is a text I sent to my friend abt the q&a

No. 713751

Yes I'm sure that Romanian girls trafficked to work in German brothels are victims of white supremacy, colonialism and transphobia.
American wokes need to shut the fuck up and read a book, in that order.

No. 713752

sometimes i cannot fathom how these people are able to be so fucking selfish. your ability to charge $3 a month for pictures of your asshole does not take priority over trafficked women and children. why does it seem like all e-whores lack basic empathy

No. 713759

to be honest, the white supremacy/colonialism argument quite makes sense when talking about Native American women who do indeed also suffer from alarming rates of trafficking. however, most indigenous (and i do not mean the 1/73746 crowd) feminists i've heard were very anti "sex work"

No. 713762

Whorephobia, what a story Mark

No. 713766

It might make sense in some circumstances but it isn't the main driving factor behind sex trafficking.
Japan has always had huge issue with trafficking girls and women from poorer countries in SEA. All forms of slavery are still happening in the middle east and even in Europe working class white girls are used as prostitutes by muslim men. The major factor here is poverty and profit not white supremacy.

No. 713775

File: 1610576014348.jpg (247.75 KB, 1080x1051, Screenshot_20210113_220928.jpg)

Why are trannies and gay men so upset about Pornhub?
I wonder if it's because their sexuality and pornography is literally their personality… And thus more important than removing literal child porn.

No. 713776

of course, i just meant to point out how US-centric these people are, using buzzwords while not fully understanding the context. i guess xenophobia overall also plays a smaller factor, men who pay to rape women of different ethnicities are probably less likely to be as approving of women of their own ethnicity being trafficked, let alone doing "consensual sex work"

No. 713780

File: 1610576215907.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 134.19 KB, 755x581, 1_V0EEpsgQ9ppZIHkDBAiJQQ.jpeg)

Reminder this is what they are protesting against. Pic related, censored PH thumbnails.

No. 713782

saged for no contribution but h o l y f u c k if i wasn't already against the whole grouping gay ppl with trannies and calling us the q slur, i want even less to do with that shit reading stuff like this. fisting piss blood like wtf you sick degenerates, leave gays and lesbians alone ffs and stop trying to associate us with your pornsick coomer fetishes

No. 713792

>B L O O D P L A Y
Excuse me, what? So in their ideal world they want people to be able to go into their PCs and find people on the internet fucking while bleeding/covered in blood/finding ways to get blood on themselves. I’m sure they’re not talking about period sex, that would be too normal for their gross brains.
>fantasy dildos
So thinly-veiled zoo stuff, good to know.
I can’t wait for all of that shit to get banned forever.

No. 713804

These titles all make me want a shower.

No. 713826

Good to know the man who shoved a banana up his ass and dripped hot oil on his penis for all to see is standing up for Pornhub.

Says that what people watch doesn't make them a degenerate (ironic coming from him)
Men should be allowed to get off to whatever they need to as long as it doesn't "hurt anyone" ("fake" rape videos, women being asphyxiated with plastic bags etc. Are absolutely fine with him)
Other than that, Sam old coomer arguments as seen in this thread

No. 713833

>tfw I recognize one of these videos because I masturbated to it before I was anti-porn
I regret being such a huge degenerate in my young adult years.

No. 713844

At least you learned anon….

No. 713845

>Says that what people watch doesn't make them a degenerate
Lmao. Literally how does it not?

No. 713857

Sage I guess, but don't feel too bad, you obviously feel bad about it which means you must have learnt from your mistakes. How did you justify watching those things when you were into them? Do you think watching those things affected your everyday life? I only ask as I literally don't understand how these videos are watchable, let alone popular. Would be good to get a different perspective on this

No. 713860

I see many anons on here struggled with porn addiction but make conscious effort to overcome it and it really warms my heart because I still struggle sometimes

No. 713862

God stop acting like LGB people are all sick freaks, most of us like normal sex. It’s mostly kweers that are fucking weird degenerates.
You can overcome it, anon. You’ll get there. ♥

No. 713865

The titles and thumbnails we do see just make me sad. What a fucking state the world is in that this is widely considered normal sex now, and I mean that even amongst normies to an extent.

No. 713867

Thanks anon. It's fucked to grow up on the internet around girls who are barely older than me that run these cutesy rape porn blogs and glorify (pretending) being a coomer 24/7 as if it's a quirky personality trait.

No. 713895

>How did you justify watching those things when you were into them?
Libfem and libfem propaganda. Porn and sex work is great and empowers women etc.

>Do you think watching those things affected your everyday life?

Yes. I was a huge pick-me and let my exes treat me horribly while constantly trying to please their weird porn-sick, BDSM kinks in bed even though I hated it and it made me feel like crap.

The PP and radfem threads on here actually helped me a lot. kek…they're gone now though. I appreciate them for what they were.

No. 714039

These pickme whores are something else. Pornhub is literally the downfall of their industry, the reason why these girls are used and spit out after a few months of poor pay. (Not that porn has ever been a good industry, but at least they got paid before mindgeek owned all producers and streaming sites and thus could steal from their own employees). All for a drop of male attention that don't even pay for their work because they watch it for free stolen on pornhub. How can people be so literal retarded to be against something that protects children and women, and also helps them economically?

No. 714044

Whores lack higher thought processes, they hear anything negative about “porn” and just see it as a personal attack on their terrible life choices. Who gives a fuck about human trafficking and child rape. Literally can not look passed their own ego to see it as a business opportunity. Oh if they had just gone to business school kek

No. 714057

Same, anon. It's been almost three years since I stopped watching porn (mildly relapsed a handful of times) but I feel like I recognise one of the videos.

NTAYRT, but when I was a coomer, I never even really thought about the women in the videos, probably because I started watching porn at like 9 or something because my parents didn't really monitor my internet usage. I grew tired and disgusted like five years ago, only watched porn a few times a year after that and decided to quit in 2018 because of human trafficking, porn industry taking advantage of vulnerable women and my own body image issues. I feel like I'm definitely fucked in the brain because of porn. I used to have some really degenerate kinks and thought that I needed to do harmful things to make men happy because of all the violent porn. I definitely still fight the urge to watch porn, I wish I could just get rid of it somehow.

No. 716598

sage for OT but how can you get rid of a porn addiction. I was exposed to it accidentally at age 14. And I lowkey was addicted to it for a while. And my bf has an addiction how can I help him with it? He doesn’t want to be a coomer anymore but it’s hard for him to stop.

No. 717423

Advice needed.

No. 717428

There’s no easy way around it except to just stop. Treat it like a drug addiction because it is. Doesn’t matter how much you say you want to stop, you have to actively make the decision to not use every single day. It gets easier with time and practice, that’s it.

No. 717435

Try distracting yourselves if you feel the need to look at porn. Start playing a video game, engaging in a hobby, watching something you like, anything that will take your mind off of porn. Remember that being horny sometimes is normal and you as a couple have each other which is a healthy outlet as long as what you're doing is consensual.

No. 717437

You can’t “help” a scrote with a porn addiction, they are already damaged goods. Dump.

No. 717584

A woman with a porn habit is one thing but I don't think you can honestly trust a scrote to give it up. They lie, they learn to hide it better, you can't know that they've actually stopped when they promise they have.

I'll always remember a post in /g a while back where a woman had spent years dating an anti-porn scrote. They were both passionately against porn and well read up on all the fucked up parts of porn. Well you can guess what she found out he had been hiding. The most anti-porn man who'd have deep convos with her about how fucked it was and was on her same wavelength… You just can't put that faith in them to be truthful when it comes to porn.

No. 717597

There's nothing you can for him because he can only do that for himself.

Tell him to join a support group and pick up some new hobbies. He can only distract himself and go cold turkey. There's apps to track progress.

OT but I remember being like 7 and coming across bdsm websites. I truly wish porn was locked behind a paywall like it was before. There is genuinely no reason it should be free and barely regulated like it is now.

No. 719357

so literally just molest a kid??? is that what this person thinks is good for society? this is exactly what happens when someone is trying to groom a child for molestation or rape. jfc.

No. 720303

File: 1611359602729.jpg (293.4 KB, 1080x1537, Screenshot_20210122_235331.jpg)

Wow thanks teen vogue!!!!

No. 720307

File: 1611360021768.jpg (214.42 KB, 1080x1193, Screenshot_20210122_235535.jpg)

These are the types of people in the "Pro pornhub" movement even though they are "Pro sex worker". "hentai is sex education"

No. 720314

>Hentai IS Sex Education
h e l p

No. 720367

He's an ugly looking fuck, big surprise he's obsessed with sex. We covet what we can't have the most.

No. 721073

File: 1611452261368.jpg (228.41 KB, 1080x1200, Screenshot_20210124_013502.jpg)

If you know the absolute misogyny that "girls do porn" pedalled, then it's a small but moral and justified win.

No. 721121

This is gross how is hentai sex-Ed. I mean technically it’s a bit better than regular porn because no real women are being exploited it’s drawings. But it’s not educational at all. Does anyone else think porn will no longer use humans and will rely on artificial intelligence/ technology to do porn instead of humans?

Teen Vogue has gone downhill. This shouldn’t even be an article.

No. 721249

I read the european Bravo Girl teen magazine as a tween which had fellatio tips in the early 2000s, so I can't even get mad at this. At least they seem to admit there are problems with porn.

I'm pretty sure the future is photorealistic 3D/VR as the technology gets cheaper. Of course not because of people's concern for trafficking and the sad state of worker's, but because producers see the many legal risks and the costs they can cut when the physical is out. It's probably too early though, but we'll live through it. Also I don't think it'll help to lower sex trafficking of real humans anyway, it'll just be a niche avenue.

No. 721416

lol the regular german Bravo magazine even printed pictures of naked teens aged around 16 and had an interview with them. That went on for a few years and nobody had a problem with it, until it was taken down eventually.

No. 721435


Apparently the reason Italy was a big part of the fashion industry was (is?) because the AOC is 14. Those 'scouted' 14 year olds got fucked there.

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