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File: 1609476661149.jpg (127.82 KB, 736x736, b7bc98093912094fd2127482b08d93…)

No. 706391

Twitter is sjw hellhole, Facebook is controlled by anti-vax moms, Instagram algorithm sucks balls and Tumblr commited sudoku. Youtube and Tik-tok are useless for those that don't have desire to create videos. Deviantart became ghost-town, other art sites seems to not have community aspect. Fanfiction.Net is only a shell of what it used to be, LiveJournal is only a legend now, not sure about Ao3. Reddit and Discord is hard hit or miss with communities and don't have profile aspect to it.

Also seems like most of the bigger sites are super aggressively pushing ads (looking at u Zuckerboy). Honestly, social media is getting seriously tiring and unenjoyable.

Do you think that there's left any non-dead social media/internet community that's worth using? Any hobby centered sites and forums are good too!

No. 706393

ao3 is super active and a very well designed platform but I don't consider fanfic websites to be social media or proper communities, I think most writers/readers go to tumblr or twitter to actually interact.

No. 706406

>still using mainstream social media in 2021
We going back to niche forums, personal blogs and imageboards ladies! BLESS all the otaku women who still run their Wordpress, I love you.

No. 706422

What is all this about tumblr being dead? It's the only big name social media site worth using anymore, and it's only gotten more tolerable since the coomer exodus. Granted it's tumblr so it's always going to be a bit shit but it's still the best thing going imho.

No. 706511

I can't stand tumblr anymore. The moment SJWs left, the edgelords took over and no offense, I can't stand them outside of imageboards.

No. 706522

Sjws didnt leave they are still there. I honestly wouldnt have a problem with tumblr if all my aestethic blogs didnt constantly reblog shit about american politics and rando's gofundme's

No. 706554

I'm glad somebody else noticed the edgelords who moved into tumblr. I'd rather have SJWs than them.

No. 706618

I use xkit's blacklist to hide keywords they use and its still tolerable, like: ko-fi, venmo, paypal, #boost, homeless, no income … etc. its really helpful to not see ebegging

No. 706633


You mean like the gore and trevor brown art type of aesthetic that the site started out with originally? or is it something else. Either way I am way to old to even entertain having a tumblr, it seems shameful and disgusting for an adult over 25.

Instagram has a big aesthetic/art community that is much less investing in advertising in the political swj shit, but the GUS is shit for obvious reasons, you have the disgusting explore page (aka ads) which is impossible to opt out of, instagram determines what you see ect.

No. 706647

It depends on what tags you follow/communities you are in.
NTA, it's the trolls and shitposters. Also, Instagram is not a good alternative if you don't post your own content and only want to discover content.

No. 706847

A site called Pillowfort is opening on January 15. I've been wondering if it'll get some people on it because I'm tired of all these other sites.

No. 707208

File: 1609616012845.png (103.97 KB, 640x360, ad2ca2e24867_screenshot-nosite…)

It reminds me of how social media sites used to look in the early 2010s, which I like. I'll check it out once it opens.

No. 707622

File: 1609691328215.png (543.17 KB, 1905x981, 1.PNG)


Checked it out, seems like a chonkier version of tumblr, the site definitely needs some design improvements, now it looks something student would make, especially those thick scrollbars, some unnecessarily big buttons. Thought, I like that they put different tab for discussions. Also it would be fun if they let customize the profiles, for now it seems you can change color scheme, add profile picture and set desc.

If anyone is interested you can sign in as demo user and test it out, no need for registration.

No. 707636

I don’t get this idea that Twitter is full of sjws? I feel like you can find communities of pretty much any political leaning

What kind of trolls are there on tumblr? I went back recently and haven’t seen any edgy posts so I’m surprised. I feel like it’s the most tolerable of any of the platforms currently.

No. 707637

Wow, I just remembered I made an account there back in 2018. Signed into it and it still works, even if it was completely innactive for two and a half years! Now what should I do with it…

No. 707650

Everyone there is either insane SJW or insane alt right type, both racebaiting faggots

No. 707721

Yeah, I think I'm gonna get a pillowfort account, although I get the feeling it's gonna be a SJW hellscape. Luckily, it has a blacklist feature, so I'm just gonna tune out anything annoyingly political.

No. 707756

That reminds me that I have a wordpress but barely post on it. I should use it again.

No. 707822

File: 1609708027588.jpg (23.92 KB, 300x300, fu8f4334gh.jpg)

I think eventually a website is going to come out tailored towards people who have these sort of observations. It's impossible to have good community on a mainstream social media website with the way technology is designed nowadays. I think like this anon said >>706406 obscure forums are going to make a comeback.

No. 707840

I'm so incredibly starved for that old-school forum community that I started hanging out on gaiaonline again.
Whenever I try to figure out how people today make friends online the answer is usually either tiktok or instagram, and that makes me kind of sad - those are places where you are judged by how you look or any possible talents you might have, it's not really the same as discussing your interest on an open forum.

No. 707872

I forgot to add this in my post, but if you know interesting blogs could you post links?

No. 709744

I think Tumblr is still fine, probably even better than before since the porn ban and most of the crazy sjws started to flood Twatter instead. Of course you still get your fair share of embarrassment but it's pretty easy to avoid - it's always been my go-to place for great gifsets and pictures and interesting blogs. I don't really get why people are saying it's dead, it was never super popular anyway (I've always been glad of that) and there's still plenty of content. Reddit is sort of the same, it's a shitshow if you pay attention to the things that go mainstream but you can still manage to find chill subreddits to make the site bearable.

Other than that, social media is pretty terrible and I always go searching for forums and blogs to browse instead, especially for casual conversations or things that interest me. I find it really sad how many communities have been lost over the years on the internet so I'm always happy to stumble upon a forum that's still going strong.

Btw - does anyone still use Livejournal? I've never had an account on there but I like scrolling through the communities dedicated to shows and fanfics, but most of them have been abandoned since the mid 2010s.

No. 709746

Highly agree about the tumblr part. I use tumblr to relax. The thing about the discourse on Tumblr is you can see their whole dumbass post. They don't really have to condense their initial statement down to a short clickbaity tweet to make you click and waste your time. You can see a full paragraph of bullshit and quickly scroll away, and for milk, you don't really need to check all the replies unlike twitter, most responses/drama will be in the post.

But overall, the advertisements (to me at least) are just the least invasive. Posts are funny, users are unique and weird, unlike on Twitter where everyone is racing to say the same thing and stealing content and then advertising some shitty keyboard slime.

No. 709747

Yeah the humour on Tumblr is legitimately funny, and it doesn't really shove the trending topics in your face like Twitter so you can just stick to the blogs and tags you follow and avoid unnecessary drama. And there's so many diverse and different topics on the site so there really is something for everyone to check out. It's just a chill place to be really and I'd be legitimately sad if it really did die because it's the last decent place on social media

No. 709756

People I follow on tumblr keep posting TikToks of insufferable e-girls talking about rejoining tumblr. Idk if it will stay a safe haven.

No. 709765

Tumblr is the only social media I really enjoy using anymore for these reasons. The funny thing is that despite everyone saying it’s dead I seem to always see randos on Twitter reposting stuff I’d seen on Tumblr like the week before? It’s definitely improved since most of the userbase left - kind of want it to stay that way but I’d also be sad if it was shut down for inactivity lol

As for other communities, I tried using Neocities for a while, but most sites there are essentially carrds (ew) or personal sites. Definitely some cool stuff there but it doesn’t 100% feel like a community

No. 709788

Pillowfort still exists?
>plurk still exists

No. 709795

Which sites are the best for art rn ? Also no I will not touch Twitter that shit is ground 0

No. 709798

Try arena! I'm not sure if sign up was in beta and it's closed now but it's a nifty site.

No. 709801

Link ? Icant find it anywhere

No. 709802

No. 709810

No. 709841

tumblr is great for radfem or weird political stuff

No. 709892

Add me to a wholesome nice community please. i need it so bad but can't find it.
My life depends on it, anon

No. 709990

why do you have to pay to register? that's so weird. it already looks pretty dead on arrival and it'll definitely stay that way if they try and force people to pay to use their site

No. 710209

if you follow the right people twitter can be alright. radfem twitter can be a shitshow but if you find the mature feminists who aren't single issue GCs, then the people who are more laidback it can be nice.

No. 710732

File: 1610144729473.gif (148.81 KB, 160x160, snooks.gif)

There's a website inspired by the old Myspace.

No. 710816

Oh I love Plurk. Ofc I keep mine 100% private and mainly use it as a vent space but still, very high control over what you see.

No. 710885

I love this, I hope this takes off and isn't just some gimmick that people use for a month.

No. 713180

For those who want the old web homepage experience, Neocities is pretty awesome.


No. 716028

File: 1610882465583.gif (749.1 KB, 400x400, avril.gif)

Just found out about https://www.friendproject.net/ too.

No. 719751

I hate social media because the whole world is on it and we were not meant to communicate on such a large scale. Many sites legit give me anxiety.

No. 719843

tumblr belonged to the edgelords first anon, you used to get bullied if you whined about all the irl gore

No. 719875

What about the sjw edgelords? the ones who send you gore if you "misgender" them

No. 722211


It's really cool and interesting but I don't think it's gonna be the same, I mean all the deranged trannies and twitter users have already infiltrated it I can tell lol

No. 722214

Why not give them a bit of competition?

No. 722459


oh goddam it. this pronouns shit has seeped everywhere.

No. 723637

I vaguely mentioned someone I was a terf on tumblr last year and they deleted their whole account lmao

No. 723641

God it's just gonna be full of sjw, trannies, kinnies, and political discourse

No. 723646

Just posting these here for anyone interested

For artists

For radfems

Also, yesterday I saw two websites catered to "free speech", but they seem to be flooded with alt-right and lolic*ns and who knows what. Since I advocate for none of them I didn't save them, but I know that kinda website exists now. It wasn't Mastodon btw, but yeah, this suggests that some communities will split and find nicher websites to avoid other people. Something about this both scares me and intrigues me.

No. 724321

Was it Gab? I also remember on called Social Club but no idea if it still exist, cuz all of the edgelords stopped mentioning it very quickly.
"Muh freeze peach" social medias are just cringey to me, wouldn't get anywhere near them

No. 724676

any spinster users here? is it any good? or is it just another "freeze peach" platform but less offensive because radfem? how is the community? does anyone post anything not necessarily radfem-related? i just want a place to shitpost and be stupid online and maybe share some real deep thoughts while occasionally dunking on troons and other scrotes and not having to worry about getting banned. or is there any social media site where i can do that?

No. 724729

You can shitpost and meme all you want on spinster. It doesn't have to be radfem.

No. 728128

File: 1612212772037.png (51.98 KB, 906x557, Capture.PNG)

Decided to check out pillowfort…kek

No. 729917

Anyone have predictions on the new app called Hive?

No. 729920

What is it?

No. 730012

File: 1612439889673.gif (369.56 KB, 500x288, 3dbfcef9bd7bfc4931a2da54305560…)

New social media app, apparently it's trending


I quess I will try it just for fun. I'm not a teen and I don't post anything suggestive, but I don't really like how my parents and family members can see most of my posts (instagram, facebook). Thanks to the algorithm I can't even create new account cause it will be instantly suggested to them anyway.

No. 730029

Time to download it and get a good name in case it becomes big

No. 730031

Nevermind it's only on iOS kek

No. 730037

File: 1612443214333.jpg (8.74 KB, 220x230, external-content.duckduckgo.co…)

Sage for not adding a site, but how would you anons feel about a hobbyist SS media site were you need to pass a test to enter, example a semi-professional art forum ask you if you can draw a box in perspective, submit a small portfolio. I know it could become a pretentious circlejerk, but I know a lot of artist who'd prefer that instead of being stuck on an art forum were the collective intelligence is low. Also most people already like exclusive forums because the whole "Small obscure forums are nice" are only nice because the sites smallness is a test. Anyone serious about the hobby could find it, but casual often doesn't. Anyhow an exclusive forum will never come up because sites make money off of the most people using their site.

Seems to be instagram, but in their words "it aims to be similar to Instagram, but without the annoying ads and finicky algorithm". I don't have much hope for it because most seem to be joining it out of bandwagon and a lot of these "X site, but better" sites have a problem. X site might have had bad management, but more often than not it was market forces and users that forced them and the manager was just salt to the wound. Once Hive gets it's new server bills and algorithm exploiters it's going the way of Insta.

No. 730055

Not many reviews on the App Store and a lot say it’s buggy. It looks cool though and I miss feeling like I can post whatever on my socials (I feel the same as >>730012 about Facebook and Instagram now). I’ll try it

No. 730098

New sites always end up dying after the first few months anyway because people always go back to their main big sites like Twitter or Instagram. Any new social media platform trying to grow will fail unless they have something unique to offer that the other main ones don't (Parler is shit, but it's a good example of this; it had a pretty active userbase because the prospect of 'free speech' and a mainly conservative userbase was appealing as opposed to say, Twitter).

No. 746909

Reddit seems like a good site for hobby stuff but I hate the userbase. I can't spend more than 10 minutes there without feeling like shit. Is there an alternative?

No. 823742

File: 1622955190617.jpg (70.51 KB, 749x723, ythtrh.jpg)

I'm starting to feel really hopeless about finding any online space suitable for me. I hate both the edgy misogynist dudebro-dominated sites like 4chan and most old school BBS and the WOKE female dominated spaces like Twitter and Tumblr. I feel like everyone who is female and into same geeky interests as me (including fanfic and BL) is "they/them gay transboi BLM TERF do not interact". Even the less obnoxious ones post politics shit and I'm so tired of it. I'm way too anti-woke for those people and having to worry all the time what to say or post to not upset anyone is annoying. I've always been lurker but I don't even feel like lurking anymore.

I also hate that fandoms moved to Twitter, I want to be able to have long discussion about meta and such and there are absolutely no spaces left to do that. Tumblr is still the best format to me and it's decently active but it feels like sane people are all doing the same thing as me and just quietly lurking/reblogging without writing anything. It's like paranoia that if you wrongly assume someone is similar to you and they turn out to be raging SJW you are going to be harassed.

Ugh I can't believe how shitty internet has become.

No. 823761

I miss fun-motion forums…

No. 823768

I know what you mean. It seems like these days you can only choose between forums filled with manosphere /pol/tards or ultrawoke spaces often filled with 12-15 year old kids. I wonder where all the just average people went? The only places that seem "normal" to me these days are Facebook groups for specific hobbies, that are usually filled with older millennials/gen X/boomers who just want to discuss wildlife photography or coin collecting or whatever and don't allow politics.

No. 823805



IMO the internet has gotten considerably deranged with extremist opinions living little room for more laxed viewpoints to come in, even in ordinary stuff like video games. This shift happened somewhere after 2013 for reasons I cant explain. The internet is so completely shitty that you should only use it mostly for looking for good resources/information and not communicating to the braindead masses

No. 823819

Aw I miss deviant art
Some really iconic crazy cows came outta there. I did always like tumblr’s set up though. Was nice how you could choose themes and personalize your blog with gifs and stuff. I still have the icons that I saved in like 2012 for sticking in my tumblr blog.

I’m hoping a site comes up where we can get away from the twitter/insta/tiktok advertisement ridden hell holes.

No. 823825

Tbh I think those of who aren't extreme just keep quiet or don't use social media as much. Avoiding all political stuff, no matter what side, also helps a ton.

No. 823857

How do you find active forums?

No. 823858

this. on the most mainstream sites there's literally no way of personalizing more than an icon, a bio, and mayyybe a header. it's a bit sad, because on places like tumblr and whatnot, clicking on someones blog and seeing their whole set up was part of the joy and you could really gauge their style and interests etc from how they accessorized their blog. it was like a fun little personal space that reflected the person's taste perfectly.

No. 823900

I miss when Instagram was basic and fun. Fuck Facebook.

No. 823924

Same, I miss that so much. Maybe some other sites might introduce more customization some day since sites like carrd and toyhouse are popular with zoomers for the same reason

No. 823929

File: 1622982059154.png (10.29 KB, 320x320, tumblr_inline_mg8ddtFXHt1rx2fz…)

I'm so happy that I got the chance to experience tumblr from 2010-2012 bc this was the best timeline. Just scrolling through your dashboard for hours and witness all sorts of weird and funny shit, with cool photography and artsy-fartsy shit in between. No politics or woke garbage, I miss that.


Also this. I hate the entire trend of simplifying layouts and designs so much. Everything is marked towards apps now, so they only bother with shit that may look good on your smartphone. Web users are being left behind.

No. 823931

I remember being active in this lesbian kpop forum back in the day. We used to ban scrotes and straight talk wasn't allowed. Aaaah probably the most fun I've ever had on the internet if I'm being honest. I really miss it.

No. 823937

yeah, seriously why is that? it's not like less people are using pcs or laptops or whatever so why are a lot of newer things/updates so mobile-oriented?

No. 823943

Because way more people use phones than PCs. Especially if you're looking at the whole world, not just the western hemisphere.

No. 823944

File: 1622983679627.png (659.62 KB, 1280x852, tumblr_f96f6bc688be6563fdcce0b…)

Who of you had a poupee girl account? Freaking loved that shit until they included the two class system with jewels, this was the death of this site.

No. 823954

File: 1622985644218.gif (3.45 MB, 270x368, ImpishUnhappyFanworms-size_res…)

Tfw when I want to look at 9 pictures of glitter at once but I'm a terf.
I still scroll through tumblr but the discourse irritates me so much, so many kids "politely" reminding other people they can't enjoy something because actually the creator is fatphobic etc.
If I want to be social I message people I know, social media is more for entertaining or political content these days imo.

No. 823967

File: 1622986860628.jpg (14.34 KB, 236x258, 6c1249c76074b4f449613007fabc5e…)

is a fun place because there's a variety of users, from tik tok youths to boomers, people with varying opinions, sweet people, people with personality disorders, people with theories- EVERYONE. The variety of people and opionion is the best part of the website.

And just like other anonymous sites, you hear about people's inner and more secret thoughts, you will cringe, laugh, you will be shocked, and you are allowed to argue as much as you want. I love it even if it is a little dead these days.

If the lady who wants to turn her bf into the 'ideal obese dragon' is here, hi lol

No. 823979

I miss message boards and forums

>If the lady who wants to turn her bf into the 'ideal obese dragon' is here, hi lol
desperately need to know more anon

No. 823997

>>823979 Yes, forums are nice and tightly knit, some of them you recognise the users and it feels familiar. Other times you get stuff like this


>Ever since i saw the film the hobbit 2 as a child i have been gravitated towards dragons and fat dragons. I pretend my boyfriend is a dragon and mske him eat lots of spicy food to make him fat and breathe hot. He doesnt want to but i say i will break up with him if i dont.There is something about dragons, especially their toes that turns me on to the max, i like strong dragons and sometimes pretent they are dictators. Is this normal?

No. 824007

File: 1622990602542.jpeg (145.81 KB, 450x826, 61E4A2E5-5148-4BE9-A770-FF5A4B…)

YESSSSSS I was so addicted to that shit! I uploaded so many thing to my closet too kek it was so autistic in hindsight but I loved every moment. seeing everyone else's wardrobes was so cool.

No. 824190

I used https://endoftheinter.net for years and loved it. Biggest topic or conversation is gaming but if you like music, politics or art there is a group for you.

Usually you find your own clique of users which makes it fun.

There were only about 200 active users when I left because the admin was super strict about bad behavior. He did a ban wave of people who had posted pics of teenage girls. The admin was great, the mod team was not.

Biggest downside was it was male-dominated. Although the admin designated a girl admin to run private spaces on the forum for girls with very strict rules about sharing posts.

I ended up leaving because there were too many cumbrain males. Even if the rules were set up to protect girls on the site, it still felt toxic when I was constantly exposed to the way they thought about women.

It would be cool if a girl dominated space like this could exist. I’m a developer, so I’ve toyed around with the idea of making a private invite-only forum for women. It’s awesome to have a semi-anonymous space where you can really express yourself in ways you might not be able to when your reputation is at stake.

No. 824192

Also it would be neat to find communities centered around art and music for once, cause while i like gaming I find the discussions around gaming redunant and super autistic because of the crowd it attracts vs music / art / ect kinds of discussion. Female dominated would be great. Imagine a LSA or lolcow without the retarded drama hags

No. 824196

File: 1623003765636.jpg (61.75 KB, 800x600, TimeCompressions.jpg)

That's exactly how it is, feels like it's necessary to choose a side between two extremes just so you wont be thrown out of the community for saying something "wrong".

Yeah I suspect this too. I use Tumblr only to lurk and I have a lot of mutuals who are the same, post no politics and never interact or say anything. I suspect they have the same anxiety and just exhaustion about having to walk on eggshells

Yeah social media nowadays is literally just grey mass without any individuality. Everyone's page looks the same, their profile has the same stuff, they write in the same way and repeat the same canned lines etc. It used to be that being unique was cool and got you attention, now conformity is awarded.

I don't know any either. Seems like all female geeky/media spaces are now woke and 24/7 drama.

No. 824206

I hate that I can’t find any active forums for my hobbies, especially localised ones, because absolutely everything has moved to Facebook or Instagram. I’ve tried keeping accounts strictly hobby-related and posting zero identifiable information but family members and vague acquaintances still find me every time. Idgaf about them knowing about my hobbies but they always expect ~engagement~ and get prickly when I don’t like or comment on their selfies or life updates. Ignoring their friend requests isn’t always an option because these are people I run into IRL. The only reason I even have an account here is because I want to talk to other dumb nerds about sewing David I sincerely do not give a fuck what restaurant you went to for your anniversary! And anyway stop letting your dog shit in the middle of the sidewalk, asshole.

I miss LiveJournal. If you were interested in someone’s personal life you could manually go to their profile to read and comment but none of it was shoved in your face upon logging in, and it was perfectly normal to just be active in specific communities and ignore everything else. Nobody was keeping track of who did or didn’t wish someone they barely know a happy birthday.

No. 824209

I made a discord server for only studying art. I don't see many y study groups for art. Most of them are social and now that ig and deviants are bad options you can only use Twitter to grow as an artist… whyyy

No. 824213

The gen x and boomers on wetcanvas are still going but they recently had some kind of site update that put off a large portion of their user base. I feel bad for them, they were struggling so much to understand a new layout so there is no way that they will ever be able to shift to something like discord or tiktok if their forum croaks
That will be us oneday nonna

No. 824216

how do you even find art on twitter? I've tried to find fanartists there but it's such a pain in the ass with how many people don't tag anything. seems like you just have to stumble onto them and a lot of really great artists don't even get many notes.

No. 824221

Use zerochan
And look at good fan artists likes
They will follow people who are also good
I hope that helps
Never heard of that site, I just hope someone will make a good art social media that would be great. Wetcanvas does sound boomer like…

No. 824222

I've noticed that people with big followings don't even use hashtags on Twitter or Tiktok anymore they just rely on their audiences to carry things, which is so weird to me. Maybe it's a kind of flex,too?
I guess modern internet's search functions are so broken by advertising and hashtag spam that they have been completely abandoned

No. 824229

File: 1623007701351.gif (13.99 KB, 77x142, by asime.tumblr.com.gif)

I still have this one! back when TV heads were a fun and popular new thing

No. 824230

File: 1623008093238.png (21.88 KB, 1093x781, ClipartKey_518486.png)

Also these accursed things that were basically like the Dragon Cave icons, where everyone I knew in 2012/13 had them on their pages. And they'd link to a friend's profile, which looking back was a really cute idea.

No. 824243

That's pretty cool, I have a spacehey account, I would definitely do that if I had friends. By the way I recommend opening a spacehey account to all nostalgic people

No. 824474

File: 1623032071211.png (1.17 MB, 1280x720, old man.png)

>look at good fan artists likes
That's how I was able to find a lot of artists, too. Finding smaller artists was always fun.
>clicking on someones blog and seeing their whole set up was part of the joy and you could really gauge their style and interests etc from how they accessorized their blog.
The old YouTube and Twitter (before it became the cancer it is today) used to be like that.

I don't want to go back in time for personal reasons.. I just want the old internet back. Curse these boring, modernized websites that want to look more professional.

No. 933586

File: 1633670587307.jpeg (269.31 KB, 1280x1093, 20180329-cI3kMfBeB6j0e2cXrF00.…)

Dreamwidth is a LiveJournal code fork created by some ex-staff of LJ for those of you that miss it. Pretty sure the majority of users there are LJ refugees already.

Also, remember The Palace? it's still around, sort of. There's a guy who developed a new client and the servers are still up. Looking through the directory it seems pretty dead, but full disclosure I haven't tried it out myself. There's also The Manor which is supposedly really similar.

No. 933617

>goes to spacehey
>it's just a bunch of "queer" teens larping as 2008 emos

No thanks

No. 933634

File: 1633676152929.png (97.02 KB, 697x218, net manifesto.png)

No. 933640


Seconded. Probably my favorite Neocities site so far.

No. 933666

I remember reading this zine.
Speaking of, the neocities community has 2 main archetypes. Either the free speech 4chan incels or the zoomer nya/nyaself trannies. There are some nice blogs to follow if you look hard enough though but as a woman you pretty much have to fall into the second category, unless you want to read about some incels mommy issues.

No. 933683

>Either the free speech 4chan incels or the zoomer nya/nyaself trannies.
What if I told you these are actually the same people

No. 933690

File: 1633686127039.png (3.97 MB, 3000x1841, neocities.png)

There is an overlap for sure when it comes to sissified /pol/ coomers, but this specific brand of hyper woke zoomers is something else. They also have a very specific aesthetic, it's not fully y2k nostalgia as it uses a lot of soft looking shapes with harsh colors. Idk how to explain it but it looks like a weird mesh of y2k and these absolutely fugly neon transparent divs. Pic related is just me browsing through the latest global activity tab. There's a lot of better late 90s/early aughts webdesign copycats on neocities, this tranny style kind of grew into an aesthetic of its own. I can't really explain it well.
On the other hand you'll also see a lot of "edgy" zoomers that have no issues with throwing slurs around and writing really fucked up shit, but they'll have an obligatory "fuck TERFS" blinkie in their about section. Often they'll be obsessed with mass shooters or some other brand of horror. Those are really lulzy but they invoke some kind of nostalgia in me because they're the image of a typical edgy "nobody understands me I'm so brocken </3" teen.

No. 933691

I am so fucking excited to make a website, this is super inspiring. I a pumped up!!

No. 933696

This is so nostalgic! I like it.

No. 933735

I accidentaly run into this blog some time ago and I'm shocked that it doesn't belong to me. What the fuck(imageboard)

No. 933811

File: 1633704879639.png (3.33 MB, 1920x4166, screencapture-iamiamiam137-wor…)

One time I don't post a screencap and I cope a ban after 5 minutes or so? Ok. Hope mods ban as quickly people that don't post screencaps in cow threads.
Anyway enjoy the screencap

No. 933815

There's a >subreddit called /r/internetcollection that has a curation of old and interesting websites and posts from the days of yore. It isn't updated much anymore, though.

No. 933817

they do you fuckin tard. it's an imageboard, next time post images. nobody wants to click on your stupid link without knowing what it is

No. 933818

You're right- the real value of web 1.0 was in the sincerity that people had when creating content; they were sharing themselves with the (at the time much smaller) world with little regard for current trends, growing an audience, or how others would perceive them. This seems to peel some of the aesthetics from that era but it's still zoomershit at the end of the day.

No. 933820

As I said, I forgot about it once as I dropped the link in a hurry, I do it 99,9999% of times. I've seen anons in cow threads at least not get redtexted, so IDK if they get banned. I sure hope so.
>they were sharing themselves with the (at the time much smaller) world with little regard for current trends, growing an audience, or how others would perceive them.
This. I want to do this so much but at the same time I feel pressure about 'doing things the right way', so getting attention, growing audience, following ~aesthetics~ (I hate that this became a thing). Is there even a point in running a website like that anymore (except for yourself, as a diary)? Who would find it nowadays?

No. 933824

>Is there even a point in running a website like that anymore (except for yourself, as a diary)?
It might be liberating for you to be able to express yourself without having to feel that pressure or wonder whether anybody stumbles across your little corner of the internet (and feel a sense of curiosity when someone does). It could be worth trying!

No. 933828

My autism tells me that if I want to run a website, it has to be perfect (whatever that means). Maybe it would be nice to add something of value (?) to neocities

No. 933841

File: 1633708663048.png (692.15 KB, 1260x934, randompage.png)

The good thing about personal websites is that you can do whatever you want, strictly for yourself. It's hard to get into that mindset as we got so used to curating a perfect version of ourselves to present on social media for others to see. But here you really don't have to go with that route. I have a pretty personal blog but I remain anonymous. I don't link any of my social media. I talk about the things I like into the void. I left a throwaway discord and mail for contact, and I have a guestbook. I get people commenting like once a month and that's enough engagement for me. For a while I was talking through e-mail with some lady from New York that does tarot because she liked my site. It's not hard for me to be "lonely" on a website as most of my youth I was just a lurker and I didn't seek a lot of friendship online so I'm content with this.
Neocities adds a bit of a social media component as your site can gain followers and people can comment under your site updates. I don't really care for that much, but the added bonus is that people are more likely to read your stuff once they see you updated something which is nice. You also have the option to completely turn that off, and basically disable your neocities profile while still having a personal website.

Outside of that, there really isn't much of a point to it. It's good for artists to share their art and commission pages, but that's it utility wise. For me it really is just a diary, as I'm really bad at leading a physical one this proved to be really successful for me.
Another thing that goes with what >>933828 said. Your website will never be finished. Something will always be in progress, you'll constantly have ideas of what to improve, add, remove, change and so on. But that's the fun of it. Your site will be forever changing just like you are, and it will grow with you.

No. 933916

I love this but tbh I'm terrified of the fact that a. The government watches what we do online and b. These sites have a record of what we do and say. I guess I just don't truly feel private on a "private" blog no matter where it is on the internet..

No. 933928

Man I want to make something on neocities so bad but I don’t even know where to start. There are all these possibilities but all I know how to do is some basic HTML I learned in middle school.

No. 933946

what website is this?

No. 933950

neocities, particularly koinuko.neocities.org

No. 933962

The government doesn't care about your bad breakup feelings or love for doggone ropa, anon

No. 934004

Just say that you don't know how or have a clue about decentralized alternatives.

No. 934057

File: 1633731262552.png (232.5 KB, 1200x895, basic-web-design-with-html-css…)

Honestly I find it kind of refreshing when I come across one of these basic html personal websites these days

No. 934059

I agree, anon. I feel like a lot of websites just have too much going on these days, but it may also just be the 'tism.

No. 934337

Look at w3 schools to get yourself familiar with css and html you forgot about. My first page was actually a bit more complicated but after I noticed a lot of these decentralized internet fans hate js my new layout is completely html and css to make it more simple.
No matter how familiar you are with web development you'll always be googling things and testing things out so don't worry about it. Start simple, learn mainly about how divs and classes in html work and also position and display css properties. The rest you will learn by actually doing it. Also I recommend you edit your page in vscode/brackets with live server extension, so each time you save you'll see the changes immediately.

No. 934601

Your search history isn't private nonny

No. 938165

If I started a blog where I talk about random shit like the craziest shit that happened at my job, which video games I like and where I travel would you read it? What would you all like to read about in general if blogging becomes a thing like it used to be?

No. 938208

Probably but it kind of depends on if our interests and sense of humor were similar. That's partly the point of a blog though, to find "your people." Overall I really miss them. Stuff on social media is too short and curated to hold as much meaning, and there are decent think pieces sometimes but they're usually stand alone articles so you don't get the same continuity and sense of growing to know someone.

No. 938209

>would anyone read it
Is a deal breaker for you, don't bother with it. The best blogs I used to love had practically no readers for years before they blew up. If you want to write because you enjoy it, just go for it. The audience will either come or it won't, it's not a guarantee. I think you should only do it if the process itself is fun and satisfying to you.

No. 938439

to add to this, I think "blowing up" also depends a lot on having a lot of blog already, so that when people find it there's a lot of stuff to read through already.

No. 938704

It's not what I meant. I said "would you read it" as in, would the anons in this thread be interested.

No. 939792

Sure, sounds fun.

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