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File: 1610848926030.jpg (67.53 KB, 1300x975, 27899703-strange-word-meaning-…)

No. 715719

Ever met someone, even just briefly, that comes into mind out of remark of how interesting or strange they were? A weird story about a rando? Interesting first date? Or perhaps you began chatting with someone you knew was weird out of a morbid curiosity and found out more about them than you ever wanted to know? Tell /OT about it.

Strange & Interesting People Categories:
> Online, dating, in person, etc. but you must have interacted with them in some way even if it was just a message on a board etc.

It can be creepy, amusing, funny, happy etc. as long as it's of intrigue.

My Examples:
> met a girl on OKC who had a weird hobby of shoving really large things inside her vagina and would often use multiple hairbrush handles. Including her (female) roommates things.
> I ended up on a date with a girl who was also a lolcow farmer, we both had no idea.
> In highschool there was this one loner indian scrote who I was the only one he talked to in history class (likely in the whole school tbh because he was way off) because we both read philosophy books and he randomly got up one day when the teacher was gone and wrote out the whole "god is dead" paragraph from Nietzsche (I was the only one who knew what it was) and another kid clocked him out for being anti-religious. But drawings were discovered of weapons and plans of stockpiling. He also had drawn a sniper target on a chair. tl;dr he was planning a massacre (and this is back in 2010 if I'm remembering correctly…)

Spill your tales anons

No. 715724

File: 1610849377880.jpg (141.82 KB, 896x1280, 10-3398-t-shirt-model-front__7…)

(samefag op with another one i forgot)

In college, there was this obvious autist-y weirdo white dude in my humanities class with long hair and really bad psoriasis. Day 1 he scratched and got his manflakes on me and I almost screamed. He had long nails and a neckbeard and always wore wolf shirts.At first I thought he was being ironic then slowly it occured to me he wasn't (pic related, exactly this shirt but picture it on a slightly overweight neckbeard)

End of semester we had to give a presentation. The dude gave an entire presentation on anthropomorphism. It all made sense then and I was biting my hand knowing exactly where this dude was going. As suspected, it slowly delved into him revealing he was a furry and him showing us his fursona (a red and black wolf). He knew he had fucked up from the looks in the room, I was the only one in the room who knew what a furry was and the second hand embarrassment was killing me. But it was a powerpoint and you can't edit past those so he quickly scrubbed through the end of it but I'm almost certain I saw a part in there about sex with other anthro animals.

He never came back to class after that.

No. 715726

I met a girl while going to uni who was a huge anime fan, she would wear anime y-shirts, she was really nice. Her grades were good as well and she would always hangout with me and my group even though she also had her own group. We ended up becoming a huge group of people with artsy and theater kids.
She was amazing.
This girl who was my “best friend” she was quite gross because even though we were teens she would always look at random guys or men and tell me that they were looking at us and that they wanted to rape us, all of this while smiling.
It was so. Fucking. creepy.
She would also ask me if I wanted my crush of the month to rape me and I was always like
>bitch what the fuck. no.
She would laugh and then try to change the theme of the conversation, it was always so awkward and creepy.
A girl who always wanted to shove her breasts on everyone’s faces. It was really, really awkward.
>extra awkward
A guy who always smelt like shit, he was dating the girl of the boobs and he would do weird shit like dancing for money in the middle of recess and eat gross stuff too.
They went to my house once because I think it was my birthday or something, they almost fucked on my bed. EW

No. 715733

My best friend in highschool lied to me about having a terminal illness (inoperable aerotic aneurysm that could burst at any time) for over a year in a very detailed way, and I only found out because I mentioned the illness to her mom and she had no idea what I was talking about. That girl put me through the WRINGER- I thought that any time she was absent that she was having health issues and I'd get very worried. She would also run really fast in gym class and exaggerate how her heart hurt and say gloomy stuff like "It sucks I won't be able to see my little sister grow up…" Also, she was the class president, very popular (had like 3 guys that wanted to date her but she refused to date "until college), was very politically/community active, and had it all "together". When I found out about her lying about being terminally ill we stopped being friends and she had no explanation for why she lied to me except that she was a psycho. And nobody at school believed me because she had such a good reputation and I found out years later from somebody else that she spread lies about me to make me seem worse. Like a few years after HS she sent apology letters to my parent's house (one to my mom and one to me) I guess for what she put me through? I didn't live at home anymore and I told my mom to toss it. the end!

No. 715746

Anon thats insane… Thats such an elaborate lie… Any idea why she did it?

No. 715769

Omg I wouldn’t be able to suppress my laughter in a situation like that

No. 716065

No idea. I think she was just a compulsive liar and liked the attention and the control it gave her over me. The letter probably had some explanation in it but you can tell I was pretty much over it. The way I saw it, reading the letter would just give her the satisfaction of getting inside my head again

No. 716434

This story made my whole night. rofl

No. 716577

I met a dude who thinks he's native american. I'm really not sure if he is or he isn't because he tend to hear voices but he made an entire new alphabet for native languages and wanted me to be his secretary for some kind of native embassy thing.

The thing is he gets triggered when his father tells him he himself is not a native. Like the guy is delusional and gets upset when the father doesn't conform to his view of himself. He has near break downs over it sometimes.

He's also racist as hell and tells me whites and blacks have no real culture because it's not as old as native culture. He's actually fun to talk too outside of this so I enjoyed the time I spent with him.

No. 716595

In high school my friends and I did an essay on transgender people. One MTF (out of the dozens we contacted through NGOs but ignored or ghosted us) finally gave us an interview. Everything was going well, then he starts talking about how he was a prostitute and he enjoys it, he starts "showing off" that most of his clients were police officers and married men and the cherry of the cake? He explictly invited us to spend a night at the red zone to see how it was like
I swear I'm not making this up, we were all underaged girls and now looking back I see how much he was enjoying the attention and felt like some type of goddess. We did the interview in a park and he even got to sit on a bench while we sat surrounding him on the grass. Creepy

No. 716609

Thats really fucking funny, what tribe did he say he was from???

No. 716615

I have a series of stories (and pictures but not sure if i can post) of agp troon & his bpd gf whose now his wife that I worked with who including but not limited to:

> Had 18 cats (all abused/neglected) with his gf

>Explained their neo vaginal depth to be like a belly button that they bought after a relative passed away.
> Had a bpd gf they abused… Like used to beat and blamed it on "a demon" posessing him. Granted the gf was insane too.
> Gf showed me a cat with a weird leg i asked about it and she said that she stepped on her leg while drunk and it refused like that….
> Used to lock gf into the house when he went to work. Like never went anywhere without gf. Their shifts HAD to be together or else they brought their gf to sit in the break room like a retarded child
> 100% convinced everyone wanted to fuck him or his gf
> Did "magick" and was totes a witch
> Stole regularly or made gf steal for him
> Never showered… They STUNK and were greasy af
> Literal sociopath and naturally a hulking size non passer
> Obsessed with Game of Thrones and tried to control things in the workplace like the show.
>Had like a weird drug/theft ring they did through work

No. 716619

Maybe I'm retard but what is NGOs?

I worked with an ex pornstar who was kind of a famous MILF one. She got her career ended for calling a black dude the N word publicly.

She had a false persona which was friendly but was clearly kind of dead inside from all the years of porn work. She had gotten fired from previous jobs when they figured out she was a pornstar.

No. 716626

Almost a decade ago, I worked a brief stint at a restaurant chain for a few months. One of my coworkers was one of the cringiest edgelords I've ever met in my entire life. We were the same age, 21-22 at the time. At best, he was really annoying and weird. At worst, his behavior veered into psychopath territory.

>unironic MENSA member

>believed he was superior to anyone who wasn't able to provide proof of having a higher IQ than him
>would go entire shifts faking a British accent. Had a whole made up backstory about how he'd recently emigrated from Sussex if any guests asked where he was from
>claimed to have neuropathy, used a cane sometimes. this was a very on-and-off thing, like the British accent, so it was hard to know for sure if it was a legitimate diagnosis or not. he was also pre-med and openly popping vicodin throughout his shifts. it was like he was larping as Dr. House
>was fired from his last job as a waiter after intentionally serving a gluten-free guest something with gluten in it, then told the guy after he'd ate it that it hadn't been gluten-free in order to "prove to him that gluten intolerance is pseudoscience"
>was kicked out of the military. claimed that the reason was "too fucked up to discuss openly." was kind of hard not to believe this considering he'd openly told me he'd tried to poison a customer at one of his former workplaces
>apparently had made enemies with a bunch of his professors and classmates by being rude, argumentative and a generally disruptive dick during class. we were both on a break during one shift and he showed me multiple emails professors had sent him, essentially threatening to kick him out of class if he didn't get his act together. he seemed to find this all very funny and was like, "so, what lie should I make up to get out of this?"
>adds me on facebook shortly after this. immediately DMs me asking for my credit card and social security information. can't actually remember what his excuse was, but he seemed serious. refused to take him seriously anyway, laughed, and told him to fuck off
>he comes to relieve me at the end of one of my shifts, comes in with two big carriers of like 8 starbucks fraps to share with me and everyone. I don't trust anything this guy says or does at this point, so I politely decline. as it turned out, he'd crushed up a bunch of his pain pills and spiked all the drinks with it. everyone else drank them and felt the effects. is somehow never fired for this, despite myself and several others trying to get the manager involved by that point.
>eventually spontaneously quits the job and school to join the navy

So like two years go by. He adds me to a fb messenger group with a few other former coworkers from this restaurant job, claims he's back in town and wants to meet up with everyone for dinner. I guess everyone has forgiven him by this point because they all agree and seem psyched to reconnect with everyone. I'm reluctant, but eventually agree to go too, out of morbid fascination, I guess. Nothing really spectacular happens and he acts pretty normal throughout the night, for the most part, except that he is now claiming to be 100% asexual and gender-nonconforming which was…interesting.

Haven't heard from him since then. Around 2018, I checked up on his facebook, again out of morbid curiosity. He was still doing something related to the navy, had gotten married to a woman, divorced her within three months, and had posted several lengthy messages to his feed detailing uncomfortable personal information about his ex-wife and all the reasons why things hadn't worked out between them. I don't remember the specifics, only that nobody had liked or commented on the posts, which was really hilarious to me for some reason.

No idea what he's been up to since.

No. 716630


An absolute madman… What the fuck…got any more tales from the deepfryer? Did anyone else realize he was insane?

No. 716632

>At worst, his behavior veered into psychopath territory
I'm convinced that this person is a full blown psychopath.

No. 716633

Everyone thought he was weird, but apparently most of them chalked it up to being undiagnosed autism. You know, despite the fact that he'd literally poisoned people. To be fair though, the whole "I'm better than you because I'm a member of MENSA!!!!" thing was cripplingly autistic. I'd easily believe he was both a autist and a sociopath.

No. 716635

The man is a sadist and unironically dangerous… But please I want more of this horror show…

Did he ever have a girlfriend? I want to know LOL.

No. 716637

NGOs mean non-profit organizations! They were associations for transgender people to defend their rights, our professor gave us the contact
And damn, poor woman, I hope she's doing well…

No. 716641

Oh okay.
Did you have an opinion either way on trans people? Did it change after The Encounter? What did your instructor say while three underage girls reported what they did lol

No. 716642

Not in the amount of time that I knew him. All I know is that he had a wife at some point kek.

>But please I want more of this horror show

Hmm, well I remember at one point he shaved his legs and posted pictures of himself wearing high heels on facebook with some caption about being proud to be GNC. I think that was one of the first pieces of evidence that he was going that route, and I remember it was completely out of the blue.

I remember at one point I took a couple of screencaps of some of his weird rambling rants on facebook. I'll see if I can find them.

No. 716643

Samefag but her plan was to bag a rich husband so she was exercising like crazy and doing body work to stay good. She was pretty famous to the extent coomer men recognized her

No. 716644

Amazingly insane…. Please post them. Did he just love attention?

No. 716650

File: 1610951774660.jpg (99.18 KB, 446x394, asamemberofmensa.jpg)

This was the only one I could find. It's pretty tame tbh, but the first sentence just sends me.

Considering he openly bragged about posioning and pissing off everyone around him on a regular basis, I have to assume so, yes.

No. 716653


>My authorities

Top kek. If he posted all of his retardation he would be grade A milk

No. 716657

I was a total ~ally~ before The Encounter, there were ftm kids in my school already so I was comfortable with all these shenanigans but when he told us to go visit prostitution zones I was very thrown back. We didn't told our professor and the project ended with us teaching a class to younger students about the community and showed the parts of the interview that were clean
The kids didn't pay attention at all and the professor (lefty activist) loved it
Just a few weeks later I started reading radical feminism and became gender critical, maybe this weirdo contributed to it unexpectedly kek
My god, nothing more disgusting than coomers recognizing porn actresses

No. 716677

>citations in a facebook post

No. 716997

Just remembered, I knew an ana-chan who was a purger who used to keep her puke bags beside her bed… like that was her method for purging… also her cat used to shit in her bed.

No. 717019

File: 1610992921494.jpg (29.42 KB, 217x604, charlie.jpg)

when i was 19 i moved into a student dorm where i had my own room & own bathroom, but shared the kitchen w 5-6 other ppl. ppl would move in and out randomly, and studied at different universities.

>on one of my first days after moving in i randomly meet a guy in the hallway

>he's wearing raggedy long johns (picrel)
>learn he's in his late 20s/early 30s
>during our second convo he asks me if i know my dad (because im mixed race)
>claims he's my father figure now, but flirts w me & randomly tells me that other 30 yo guy we share a kitchen w me thinks im cute but too young (im like wtf do u think i want to know this)
>every time i was dressed up and about to go out he would catcall me
>argues that no drugs are dangerous because he has tried all of them and he's fine
>sends me weird ass messages in the middle of the night about sugar being as addictive as heroin after i said that hard drugs r dangerous
>i'm like "plz stop messaging me" while he's like "LOOL IT MUST SUCK BEING A SORE LOSER!!! [laughing emoji x4] ADMIT THAT U R WRONG! LOSER!" and sends me shady "sources" to back up his claims
>chronically overshares, tells me that his friend (who i've met several times because he'd regularly visit him) has liver failure cuz he's an alcoholic. i'm like .. ok….
>he has spent the majority of his time as a student studying weird alternative medicine shit and meditation
>while i lived there he was studying political science or smth
>writes weird long ass fb posts about the system being rigged and how he found school difficult as a kid and how everything is terrible
>last i heard he got fired from his part time job as a receptionist

No. 717025

ugh recently I had to kick someone out of my group of online friends because of general weirdness.
We're all pretty casual about sending pics of ourselves or our surroundings to the group and every time "she"'d send one it was always carefully angled so we couldn't see any shadows of her, or any reflections. Also her apartment was completely disgusting, animal hair/weird stains/piles of garbage in the background of every pic, would post sexually gratifying stuff about her "girlfriend" (would roleplay as her sometimes and about how hot and sexy she was kek) and was ~uwu mute~ so was never on voicechat. Would send us really unclear pix of herself as kid but they were always random kids with obviously no relation. Super fucking weird. We tried to get at least a semblance of the truth out of her before we told her to GTFO but no luck. Probably a skeevy troon preying on a group of young people

No. 717062

I only wish I had a picture to share of this absolute creature. This got long, it's a storied tale.

>I'm 13 years old at a private secondary school. Grouchy nerd, weird friends.

>We skype all the time after school. I bond with a very special freak I'll call Spittle. We talk about steampunk, emo bands, history, whatever 2011 type shit.
>Spittle is, IRL, despicable and gross. Pale, with a dandruffed mophead, thick chapped lips, and a bit of a hunched back. He was quick to adopt the teen pervert of the group role and he said a lot of Quagmire things. Overtly spastic for attention when he wasn't doing an absolutely horrible steampunk gentleman bit. In short: I definitely didn't want people to know that we were talking a lot.
>Over the course of about 6 months things seem to be getting stranger on skype with Spittle. He's, obviously, getting more flirty. I learn more about him; he lives with his mother who he calls by his first name. She brings him tea all day long and well into the night. She converted an entire room of the house into his Warhammer Room. And so on. Okay. Lots of weird incidents, he argued with her on call once and ended up REEEEEEEEEing and crying and I just went on mute. He shot a cat with an air rifle. He started writing a book whose main character essentially had my name, and made a facebook for her,and rp'd with it.
>Grow steadily more uncomfortable.

>Doing something after school with a few girls from the group. One of them I'm not greatly close with offers to go with me to a classroom to get some things we needed.

>"I know about you and Spittle."
>She explains to me that Spittle had confided in her that we were, in fact, secretly dating, but that I was too shy to want to tell anyone. So he had told this to everyone. That we were seeing eachother every weekend, making out, taking trains to the countryside and sucking him off on hills.
>I insist that this is not the case at all, at all. She appears to take me seriously, informs the rest of the group, and they are left to form their own opinion. I think most of them believed Spittle apart from my closest girls, but in any case, he somehow manages to cling to the group through icy relations. I absolutely hated it, but I was really scared of starting shit for some reason.

>Me and some others had gotten really into tumblr around this point. We were making internet friends that we would talk about one another, and occasionally introduce to a group chat. Nothing terrible came from that, until Spittle got on tumblr.

>He introduces to our group chat: a new friend! Her icon is an MCR album cover, she's American, and that is all we know. I'll call her Alex.
>Immediately sus. Alex joins calls, but does not speak. She only types. Spittle, meanwhile, can talk at the same time. Alex is obviously trying to form a connection with me and my girls - they aren't suspicious at all, so there were group chats sometimes, just three or four of us, and Alex would prompt us for emotional support, and tell us she loved us.
>One of the boys is hanging at Spittle's house. He actually mostly bullied him, as, given, everyone sort of did. We get an unexpected call from him telling us that, yes, Alex is just Spittle's iPad. Spittle was REEEEEing in the background of the call.
>The group now makes every effort to shake him off. One of the girls tries to fight him at one point. People are finally talking about what he did to me and asking me if I was really telling the truth.
>Spittle decides to homeschool with his weird mother before long.

>I still check his tumblr sometimes. He's a 24y/o NEET who spends all day and night fetishising women in period costume. He moved to the country with the mother and makes her take him to country manors. Every thirsty post he makes takes a year off my life.

It's a shame he's not lolcow material, the milk doesn't really flow, at least not to me.

No. 717083

>be me in middle school
>weird, fat kid keeps staring at me in morning period where we're grouped by last name
>our last names are one letter apart kill me
>he follows me to my locker, the lunch room, and whenever I see him, I run the other direction
>several weeks of this go by, don't say anything to school administration because I'm afraid of "causing a scene" slash I believe nothing bad is happening
>get a message on myspace from weird fat kid
>it's a full blown stalker love letter complete with what he thinks my schedule is, what hobbies we have in common, how he imagines our wedding, he goes on and on
>immediately freak out and start crying, what did I do to deserve this, fuck I'm so scared to go to school Monday
>confide in friends about fears, finally, one friend goes to talk to him
>she comes back and convinces me he's a harmless autist and didn't know that what he did was weird or creepy
>be a doormat and accept his friendship, invite him to table top games with friends
>he gets extremely angry when I ask him not to role play sexual abuse fantasies at the table and bitches about not being able to go into disgusting detail about rape and killing
>brings book of erotic fantasy to game unironically
>slowly remove myself from the friend group because I am pretty scared of this guy
>years go by, I find him on facebook
>he's fatter and neckbeardier than ever, is a NEET
>still be terrified that random men stalk me online occasionally, be extremely paranoid of people I don't personally know
>talk about weird, fat gross kid from my youth with my therapist to this day

No. 717123

In hs i would wait outside for a few hours for my dad to pick me up from his way from work. Anyways, this senior guy (i was freshman) approached me and grabbed me by the arm telling me to look at him. He told me he's going to talk to me everyday after school. Then just started telling me about shit i never asked for. Anyways, he would wait for his mother to pick him up and told me he goes to the strip clubs nearby as a "hobby". One day he just completely disappeared, but I will always remember how fucking weird it was that he would talk some 14yo (me) every day about his life. What a loser.

No. 717132

I posted this in the Disturbing Interactions on the internet thread but it fits here aswell

> So in my mid twienties I met a guy at a dating platform who just messaged me "Are you interest in a little thought experiment"? There wasn´t much going on for me so I agreed, at this point I was alreaddy eyerolling but I sometimes wanna see how far people are willing to go. So what he wanted me to do was describing the finest details of a scenario in which I would be swallowing him as a tiny person. So he would be in a glass of water, I would drink it and eventually swallow him. I tried to be detailed (I didn´t know wtf to write) bute it was never enough for him, he always demanded more detailed description. I was already writing LONG ASS messages and I could´t get into more detail like I didn´t even get to the point where I would be swallowing it. He was always asking for more but at the time he also took really long to reply like days… To this day I have NO FUCKING clue what he wanted. It felt perverded somehow.

No. 717155


Anon, hate to break it to you but it felt perverted because it was perverted: you were indulging his microphilia fetish and he was definitely masturbating to your descriptions.

No. 717157

he was probably getting off on it as I'm sure you've been told. sorry that happened, what a gross man

No. 717182

microphilia fetishist

Also if you never know what a male wants and it feels weird its something sexual for sure.

No. 717185

Anon that's pure milk tbh… the RP with himself who is "you" is UGH….also the ending I lold a bit

No. 717201

Do you remember what he looked like? Just in the specific way this was phrased I'm wondering if I might have met this guy online too

No. 717203

is this a copypasta

No. 717225

god, i can see this so vividly in my mind kek
i'm curious as to what his tumblr is like

No. 717257

Finally a thread for me. I'll rattle off a few. All of these people I'm not longer in contact with.

>Insect otherkin

>Hot yoga teacher (as in, 'hot yoga') that is really racist and molested a bunch of his students. Fled to India.
>Girl who did acid and tried to have sex with her dad. Literally begged him.
>Guy who went to rehab for shopping addiction. He spent tens of thousands of dollars on anime figures.
>Pick up artist: negs, mind games, calls other women ugly, uncomfortably touchy, anger issues.
>Middle aged couple that run a cult where they compel their followers drink cum and ban them from using ketchup
>Guy who suffers from a perfect memory. Can remember the clothes he was wearing, temperature, food he was eating, literally everything about any day he has been alive.
>Autistic guy who was addicted to getting handjobs at massage parlors and spent $30k in one year on them alone. He was really wealthy, obviously.
>Indiana trucker that believes he is being physically possessed and tormented by god
>Someone who killed someone and got away with it
>Girl who did anal with her cousin
>Girl who did meth before illegally night-riding her horse
>Actual billionaire
>Nazi guy that got kicked out at 18 for trying to sexually assault his own mom.
>Guy who never became fluent in one language, somehow knew like 6 and he wasn't good at any of them.

No. 717261

>Guy who never became fluent in one language, somehow knew like 6 and he wasn't good at any of them.
Kek was he trying to become fluent in them?

No. 717262


Anon you've had a hell of a life…i have a lot of questions but first one… What insect was he kin with?

No. 717267

He was trying to prioritize spanish fluency but he was already about 30 years old so I don't know.

Silk moth

No. 717279

Were you a part of the cult at any point?

No. 717289

No, I was never in their cult. I got roped into a separate cult at a different time, though they weren't that interesting or crazy. I also separately have been banned from scientology, somehow.

No. 717290

File: 1611028050323.png (70.78 KB, 500x278, cpim0106-fig-0001-m.png)


>move into apartment that already has 2 girls living there

>one of them is ratgirl (23)
>will not emerge from her room
>if you knock on her door she will pretend not to be in there, like a rat
>have to knock on door continuously for at least 5 minutes every time in order to annoy her enough that she gives up on the hiding act
>still will only crack door open & peek head out
>this is because she is trying to hide her hoarder rodent den
>is a rat, so is stupid and leaves door unlocked. i peek in there after it starts smelling and bugs start appearing
>floor is nonvisible
>every type of trash known to mankind on every surface
>used menstrual pads on bed
>i call management
>management deems her a public safety hazard & threaten to evict her
>here comes rat mommy
>rat mommy comes over to clean her ratlets's room for her
>i say hey can you also clean her portion of the fridge? the produce you bought her 4 months ago has liquified into soup in one of the drawers
>ratmother does not
>once, ratgirl spills entire container of peppercorns on the floor in the kitchen, what she was doing with peppercorns i do not know, because she only ate instant mac & cheese every night in paper bowls
>proceeds to not clean up the 12,000 peppercorns and scampers back into her room
>a few hours later I walk out directly onto a footfull of peppercorns
>do the ritual of knocking on ratgirl's door for 5 minutes. she pokes head out.
>"ratgirl did you spill peppercorns?"
>closes door
>i find her reddit account (long story)
>only posts about the inferiority of black people

too many other rat antics to detail here

No. 717294

>too many other rat antics to detail here
please do, i love this

No. 717296

This is so fucking funny please tell more stories about this creature

No. 717301

Your writing style is beautiful. More rat girl antics please

No. 717305

Sounds like me, minus the reddit part. Thank god I live alone

No. 717309

I want to bully her

No. 717311

Plz more. Rat girl is now my favorite cow.

No. 717315

File: 1611029718268.png (1.02 MB, 1128x903, ratden.png)

Her other antics are just more of the same stuff about being gross and ratlike. i dug up a picture of her room i took though, this was early on before she started accumulating full bags of trash along the walls.

the walls were very thin in the apartment so i could hear her alarm go off in the morning and it was funny because you would always hear BEEP BEEP BEEP and then the click and fizz of a coke can being opened mere seconds later

No. 717316

Jesus that's depressing. I'd feel sorry for her if she was able to keep that shit relegated to her room only. Not cleaning up after yourself when you share a space with others is unforgiveable and she needs to get it together.

No. 717320

wasn't expecting the racist reddit. for some reason it explained everything. wow. do you think she used 4chan (or even lolcow?) I can't imagine her not doing that.

Thanks for delivering on the pic, it's like a hidden objects puzzle… haven't spotted used tampons but I see pill bottles. Whole pic is le epic fire hazard

No. 717327

She probably browses /pol/ and pick-me's there.

Tbh the whole room could be cleaned in less than an hour, it's mostly trash which is easy.

No. 717331

yeah, the fact that most of that wouldn't be hard to clean just shows that she has no standards or respect for herself. that's exactly how my room looked up until my early 20's when i decided to get my shit together kek

No. 717339

Back when I was a teenaged weeb I made all my friends online. I decided to meet up with this one girl who lived close to my city. We went to the movies, shopping etc.
Suddenly, in the middle of the mall she tells me she's in a complicated relationship and I asked her to elaborate

>"I'm dating my ex boyfriends ghost. He wants to get married but I don't know if I'm ready to tie myself to someone who's undead"

I thought she was joking but nope. She was totally serious.
But that's not all.

>"I can only talk to him because I'm a daughter of a demon. I don't want to be evil like my dad wants me to be, but I have to so I don't lose my demon powers. That would mean I wouldn't be able to talk to my boyfriend anymore"

She told me all kind of weird shit and her behavior got even more frantic. I tried to change the topic a few times but it mostly resulted in her saying something more weird and even louder. At one point she even started crying.
I pretended to be fine and chill until it was time for us to depart and basically ghosted her.
She was definitely mentally ill and I hope she got help.

No. 717354

>i find her reddit account (long story)
>only posts about the inferiority of black people
Why did this make me laugh so hard? /pol/tards, every fucking time.

No. 717363

This is typical for severe, purging anorexics. They have so little energy (because they keep vomiting it all out), they can't get out of bed. They're desensitized by the throw-up, so they don't care about keeping it where they sleep. I can't imagine living a life like that.

No. 717414

It's VERY long, new to greentext sorry. Called the guy "the egg man" but it doesn't begin to encompass it.
>staying in school dorm. one end of our hall is males, the other females. thanks to a male friend, I was filled in on a new happening on their side.
>text from friend while he's in the men's bathroom "wtf I think someone's cracking eggs in the next stall"
>"are you sure…?" "yes, there's a carton on the floor. expensive whole foods kind"
>losing my shit when he sends "OMG ANON HE LEFT EGGS IN THE TOILET"
>ask for picture, which arrives, sure enough 3 eggs cracked in the toilet
>freak out. friend returns, not sure how to feel. do we laugh? worry? pity the cleaning lady later? one thing's for sure, we are hooked. why would a college student waste pricy eggs on a prank?
>also the guy was breathing weird. maybe a mental breakdown?
>days later, friend encounters him again in the next stall. same shoes, same bag
>but this time it's raw meat on the floor
>it's in the trash when he leaves. I forget why we didn't catch him
>why the fuck do you bring raw meat into the bathroom
>why the odd breathing
>start speculating, is it a fetish? never heard of it, again we're baffled.
>other guys start noticing as time passes
>in fact everyone's complaining about the raw meat stench you can smell from the girls' end when it happens. whole floor knows now.
>gets mentioned in the floor chat, because it's repeated and awful. we're all begging the culprit to stop
>happens again and we're pissed. he has to be in the chat so he's seen our pleas. whole floor smells like rot, so we instantly know about it
>does he hate us? I imagined some bastard expressing his rage in a twisted prank. seemed the best explanation. little did we know what was coming…
>late night in the dorms studying when friend texts
>another guy informed him that the culprit's in the bathroom, raw meat on the floor
>my friend and him are waiting outside, fed up. knowing I won't have a chance like this again, forsake my studies and join them
>get filled in, same story but the guy's been in 20 min. waiting for him to leave but he holds his ground
>we're trying to whisper but it's frantic. if I ever felt manic, it was then. we've got him. we're not leaving our spot. who does he think he is, why does he hate us?
>our talking gets loud and others join
>soon half the floor is outside the men's bathroom. we want to see who this fucker is. it's super late but when we explain the situation, each person's mouth shuts and eyes widen.
>floor unity moment
>this size group can't be quiet. soon we're at normal volume. guy has been in there 40 minutes no way he hasn't heard us. at this point we are bloodthirsty. we want to scare him straight, he deserves it for this bullshit especially affecting the cleaning lady
>a guy goes in every few min. they emerge with the same update, "he's still in the stall. he's scared, guys, we got him." he has to come out some time and face the music. "i'll stay here all night if i have to"
>"definitely his shoes and bag"
>the bag in which he smuggles raw food for unknown purposes
>some of us retire til a handful remains. wonder who it is because everyone we know we'd seen already. what is coming guys
>hear stall open
>oh shit
>excitement crescendos, a guy with us goes to the door
>as he opens it, culprit steps out
>I've never seen this man in my life
>he looks completely average
>he apologizes for bumping into the other guy. glances at us all
>heads down the hall with his bag. he walks slowly, confidently. it feels like a lifetime in a minute
>hold our breath as he enters his room
>door shuts
>we explode
>all exclaiming "who was that?" "do you know him?" "i've never seen him before" "what the HELL just happened"
>occurs to us: check the bathroom
>guys race in, girls on their heels. "holy shit in the trash"
>it's not just any raw meat
>premium steak in the trash, already emitting a foul odor
>this man has no shame
>why is it a good cut of steak
>belated "guys he's my roommate" everyone swarms this guy who's as confused as us, knew nothing about him. he never suspected he was the egg/meat guy. no idea where he hid them, I think it could have been a fridge only he used
>poor roommate is shaken, scared to go back to the room
>anyway we decide it was a fetish, with the breathing and the amount of money he spent on it
>man was jacking it to raw food, not even feeder fetish it seems
>no one is truly sure it's the reason, but fortunately we scared him off it for good. we saw who it was and report him to the RA, who scolds us. it was mean to corner him but this guy tormented us all. RA says he'll talk to him, doubt.jpg
>never happens again. other guy confronted him, no explanation but promised not to do it again.
I don't know what else to say but I guess it was a fetish. I can post the initial eggs picture if you want but I'm paranoid to do it. Sorry it's so long.

No. 717432

>Girl who did acid and tried to have sex with her dad. Literally begged him.
Yikes how would your relationship with your dad ever recover after that, do you know if they had to continue living together after that? I'm glad as a girl she couldn't do much more than beg unlike that incestuous rapist story in the mtf thread

No. 717438

is she ana-chan? does she live on cola and no food?

No. 717455

Why are "these" people always wasting time and money on stupid fetishes?

No. 717458

I honestly still question what it was, because I've never heard of a raw food fetish. If so it seems to consume their life for some reason. Maybe anons can shed some light on whether this specific one exists

No. 717481

I’m stuck on the part about him hobbling with a cane and popping Vicodin like Dr House, I bet it was caffeine pills tho. Hilarious.

No. 717506

Ty for reading anons lol. His tumblr is a new fake name, he/she pronouns (he grew out his dusty mop), lots of I'm so bi, horny, if you have a crush on me duel me, and corset cleavage. You wouldn't know how much of a mentalist he is from looking.

No. 717863

Nah, it was real vicodin. He had a prescription and was actually selling it to some of my coworkers. I think he had some less addictive pain meds that he popped too though, like tramadol.

No. 717989

The fake British accent really gets me, that’s how I know he’s clapped. It was always the uggos that would fake a British accent because it was the only thing that gave them any intrigue.

No. 718305

Post the Tumblr!!!!

No. 719113

Once, when I was standing on the subway platform, I was suddenly approached by a bald scrawny man who was approximately 28-35 years old. He was wearing a business suit but it looked kinda cheap and crumpled. He asked me if I'd be interested in joining "a community of beautiful and smart ladies and gentlemen" and gave me a piece of paper with a link to his website. He also did it in a funny way, he was sitting across from me in the subway car as he was writing the link down, but he waited for his station so that he could quickly give me this paper bit and go, rather than just give it right away. I was intrigued.

When I checked it out, it became clear that the guy was trying to start a cult or something. But he wasn't a clever malicious narcissistic type, just horny. The site had only one page, it was more like a blog with poorly written posts. At the top of the page was a picture of a car for some reason. There he tried to describe his utopian ideas about perfect society: the one where people trust each other and share everything with each other. There is no property, no locks on the doors, but most importantly, no monogamy. He described one of his fantasies there: a man is walking and suddenly sees his wife, she's surrounded by other men that are giving her compliments and presents, kissing and hugging her, carrying her in their arms etc. He's happy that she's so beautiful and everyone loves her. He comes up to her and starts kissing her with everyone else.

So, this guy probably wanted a community of "beautiful people" (he would also pinpoint that they should be polite) so that he could have orgies. Given the extract about happy husband, I'd suggest he also has a cuckold fetish. It's so funny to me because it's so typical when a man simply craves sex with multiple women and it drives him to make up whole ideology or something that basically kind of "makes" women sleep with him. I don't know what he was trying to achieve with that site because no one else could post there, as far as I understood, and I don't remember if there were any contacts. I doubt he succeeded in finding people for his community. After some time the site stopped working.

No. 719130

This one girl who was in a random Discord server and she constantly bashed stuff like Lolicon/Shotacon at any chance she got to the point where people ignored her ramblings to talk about something else. Always made spergy post over her hatred for it, how as a CSA victim she hates people who are into that more than anything, bla bla. You get the drill. Turns out, she was actually very heavily into Lolicon but acted like the moralpolice 24/7 for some reason I don't know. The member she got close with (and e-dated for a month) ended up spilling everything into the server after she confessed it to him. She deleted her account before even explaining herself.


To be quite honest, the people I always find interesting end up being actually very boring a few months later when I'm no longer in a delusional mindset. I guess I need to start looking into crazy places like Tumblr, Twitter, etc. to find someone truly interesting.

No. 719271

Couple I met while homeless refused to drink anything other than Powerade. Talking to the wife and she claimed plain water "makes them sick" kek. I'm surprised they were still alive, rest of their diet wasn't much better even for being homeless

No. 719291

>meet a french guy online
>he had a bad accent for french and speaks the most jargon english I have ever seen
>posts schizo twitter posts and unironically believes them like it's his bible
>Claims to hate women and have zero friends in real life
>hates coomers
>dresses like a vampire
>has an insane mom who hate chemicals
>gets tilted when the girl he has been interested in 2 years was complaining about him
>copes by saying he never liked her despite having thousands of messages about how much he likes her and messages saying good things about her
>thinks he is the smartest person in the room
>Makes really bad judgments of people because he goes by stereotypes(believes in hot chip and lie meme)
>He is wanting to become a manager over people so he is majoring in that because he failed engineering

No. 719302

>500 pound 20yr old larper when I was a kid
>Otherkin otome agender pansexual girl who knowingly rp'd hardcore nsfw with kids
>6'1 Guy who wanted switch genitals with me
>Legitimate school shooter
>6'5 300 pound JD-esque troon stalker
>a dozen lolicons because I look like a kid
>trucker convicted pedophile
>a guy who attempted to cannibalism
>legit necrophile
>troon heroin addict from aussie
>the leader of a cult for runaway teens
>Guy who did coke off his mom's tits,
>girl who let a dog lick peanut butter out of her asshole
>girl who had a relationship for 2 years b4 finding out it was her cousin

No. 719963

File: 1611331326798.png (125.9 KB, 450x335, 1543085562058.png)

Years ago, I met a guy my age with really severe autism, and who acted like a legitimate kid most of the time. At first, I was really interested in what he had to say, because he genuinely believed he was in a world filled with faes and creatures of mythos. He had entire world-building exposées to make about this world inside his head, and honestly, it was pretty fascinating.

He liked to show me his "secret lair" which was a hidden backyard where he made weapons with rocks and built shelters with wood. There was a flag, food, security systems, stuff like that. He loved to suddenly scream "ATTACKERS!" and run around.

Things started getting sour when he got a bit more mentally unstable. He started going on about getting raped everyday, people trying to kill his dogs, everyone abusing him, and most of the time, going on 20 minutes tirades randomly about this in front of people. Also, he liked bringing weapons and being in military costumes in public.

One day, I realized he may have had a crush on me. I didn't really share this feeling because to me, he was like a kid. I tried distancing myself a bit because he wouldn't stop following me around. At one point, I got a boyfriend, and he completely lost it. He said to everyone he'd kill both me and my boyfriend pretty much everyday, threw a fit and then the police got involved.

I don't resent him or anything, but I know autistic men can be dangerous sometimes. Oh well. I hope he's better now. I haven't seen him years though.

No. 719971

>Legitimate school shooter

No. 719972

yeah, you cannot just drop a bomb like this on us and leave. do we know him from tv?

No. 719974

wtf tell us more anon, has he been on the news or anything?

No. 719983

>>719971 I knew him through a couple of friends. They introduced me to him, and we became acquaintances. We weren't close or anything, but I had him as a contact and we chatted a few times. (I thought he was kinda cute.) He was surprisingly normal, a bit introverted and pessimistic, but he seemed like a genuinely cool guy.

I don't have cable so I don't know the extent which he was covered on TV, but the incident had articles. His picture did circulate.

No. 719998

I wish you straight up told us who he was. He's dead (or in prison?) anyway.

No. 720667

met a guy with a nazi femdom fetish. he wanted me to stand on his dick, call it small, all whilst dressed as a nazi. the poor bastard was also a massive autist so i take it that nazi’s were his special interest - when we met up his was wearing full reinacting uniform.
I also knew an incel. he straight up threatened to kill me when i declined his offers. went on a sperg about how women only want chad etc etc.
I can’t not include the group of furries from my old 6th form. we baso had no dress code so it wasn’t uncommon for them to be in full furry/bdsm-esque attire. I’ll never forget the time one of them asked me to rate their fit - memories<3
I’m a former anachan so I’ve met a fair amount of crazies through ip. I still have a shit stick and poke from one of them which i oddly cherish
there’s so many I could talk about kek I’ll come back if i remember any stories

No. 720673

samefag but i can’t not bring this up. i dated a guy who fully pretended to be schizophrenic. he got incredibly fucked and aggressive at a party - legit trying to hurt people. i confronted him in the morning and he started sperging about “muh psychosis” which was forgivable, albeit naturally concerning. upon this concern, I decided i’d make the school aware so they could offer him some form of support. they arranged him a psychiatric assessment and everything. it was later this day that his mum contacted me and asked what the fuck was going on. “name is a healthy, normal boy!” I was obvs shocked - i’d been looking after for this retard for way too long, i would stay on the phone to him all night and talk him through his “psychosis.” concurrently, nothing came from the psych assessment. I figured that it was a massive horny ploy - i’d mentioned prior to any of this that i’d had an interest in the ontology of schizophrenia so i reckon that he through this would get me to like him. like god, I wanna study schizophrenics, not fuck them. it’s still mad to think about the intricacies of his larp. the meds, date of his diagnosis, symptoms (although these extended to the first results when you google schizo symptoms). In conclusion, whilst this guy was not clinically, diagnosably, mental, he was a bloody mentalist.

No. 720684

last one I promise. a girl who murdered her sister. unlike the guy in my previous story, this one was an actual schizophrenic. she would draw Jeff the killer shit in her text books - I thought she was just an edgelord but god I was wrong. she was very quiet, scars, stayed in the library. now she’s institutionalised for life

No. 720753

I posted a bit about this lady in the DID systems thread. She's someone with real non-tumblr DID. She was one of the older in-patients at a women's rehab center, she had lived a horrible life, was rescued and kept there permanently by some rich person, she wasn't on the internet - basically there was reason to believe that she had a legit disorder. If not for the doctors telling me she had DID I never would have figured out, although she was a little aloof she was friendly, didn't obviously "switch" and acted nothing like DID larpers on the internet. The most memorable thing about her is that apparently not all her alters have the vocal talents that we knew her for (I was there with an org that sings and plays church songs with drug addicts, don't judge). One day she started singing weird, like she couldn't stay on tune and she didn't know how to breathe even though we knew her to have great technique. I thought she was messing with me until the employees there told me that no, that was just her DID.

No. 720795

No. 720810

>ontology of schizophrenia

Can you not use words you dont know the meaning of?There's no fucking ontology to a mental illness.

No. 720845

yeah I got the wrong word english isn’t my first language. get over yourself

No. 720849

No. 720851

>> I ended up on a date with a girl who was also a lolcow farmer, we both had no idea.
Hey i tell people i go on 4chan haha. Tell us more about it OP, nobody cares about the indian or the coomer girl with a 60 cm diameter puss.

No. 724522

>guy in my year at sixth form who I had a crush on until I found out he was on the sex offender’s list for having anal w his 14 year old girlfriend (after which she apparently explosively shat all over him)

>made friends w a girl in my first year of uni who genuinely thought she was part wolf and could speak to wolves. This girl would genuinely howl at the moon. We were art students but she would just draw wolves over and over again. She was really nice otherwise, though

>lived w a girl who would never put her food packaging in the bin, even though it was a metre away from the shared kitchen table where she kept her wrappers

>got asked for a light by a rough-looking older man outside the train station in my uni city. He starts talking to me about how he’s just been released from the prison in my home town but that I don’t need to worry, bc he’s not “going to chop me up into little pieces and stuff me in his freezer”

>university lecturer who, on the last day of class, took us all out to the pub but then cornered me and spoke at me about Japanese porn actresses for an hour. I was still waiting on essay feedback so I had to sit and nod and pretend to be interested

>another uni lecturer who I thought was cool turned out to fuck around with students he met on Grindr…in his office. I’d heard rumours but the one that made me believe it was when a classmate told me on the do she’d walked into his office before and caught him blowing some guy. She insisted that must be why he’s so strict about his office hours

>actually went to the same uni as Spoony for a while, spoke to her maybe once and couldn’t believe when I found out she was a long-term self-poster on the farms years later. She was so…plain?

>met a friend of a friend who on first meeting made a “joke” about how he likes to spike his mates’ joints with mamba

>shitty tween girls are running around local corner shop, trying to hide from the guy whose windows they’d smashed. One tried to run past me and, annoyed, I grabbed her by the hoody and handed her over to the store clerk where her friends were waiting for her, already caught. An hour later, some huge middle-aged skinhead is trying to bang down my door. Later that night, he returns to try and throw his phone through my window. One month later, he tries to run me over. Waiting to see what happens next tbh

Then there was the psycho bpd-chan I had to live opposite (and threaten several times, despite me being the most chill person ever) who accused us of taking her kids off her after she came crying to us about her daughter’s dad abusing their child, which turned out to be based on a complete delusion she’d had, and we called the police bc we thought it could be true. Whew, lad.

No. 731597


Anon you absolutely have lived a life….I'm positive you have more don't be stingy now…

No. 731616

>2 years ago, manned a booth at a job fair. One girl walks up to the booth, staring directly into my eyes. I say hello and smile, she says nothing. She takes a tote bag and walks away backwards, still maintaining eye contact.

>Man at a bar comes up to me just to talk about alternate reality and shifting realities. He didn't look very drunk, just crazy

>Man with his FACE MISSING walking around my neighbourhood. Just a hole where his face should be aside from one eye. Smelled horrible, looked dirty.

>Old man in a white bikini rollerblading around my campus in the middle of Arctic winter

>Girl in my elementary school class who was kinda fat and would always invite everyone to have watermelon in her front garden, at least once a week. Obsessed with watermelons in her garden.

No. 731627

I swear to god nothing on this website has ever made me laugh as hard as the ratgirl saga

No. 731729

And yet she has an Eames chair. Life is strange.

No. 731739


I want the story on how OP found her /pol reddit

No. 731892

Obsessed with the fact that you put a little girl who really likes watermelon in the same list as a guy with his face blown off stalking your neighborhood and a crossdressing old man on a skateboard

No. 731999

Rollerblades, anon, rollerblades

No. 732010

File: 1612653315483.jpeg (5.3 KB, 150x150, 31DDDA9E-DEE8-44D2-B96E-01CE6C…)

this is more than anything just sad

new job, huge crush on one of my bosses. say nothing for a year, then finally say fuck it and tell a coworker that knows him and will absolute tell him. im 23 he's 33. he adds me and we talk for a few days. we meet up and fuck finally. this happens for about two months. everytime we have sex, sex again, then he goes for a smoke and chats about his life

>he's from a very small town

>when he was a kid his father beat up his mom and him constantly
>when he's like 8, they're having dinner and he pisses off his dad (don't remember what he did). his dad beats him up so badly he passes out, starts bleeding on the floor and needs to go to the hospital.
>cops put his dad in jail
>his mother finally decides to leave his father after this. his grandpa from his dads side pays to get his dad out of jail
>he shows me the scar (it's underneath a bit of hair, in his forehead) and it's so fucking sad cause it's still very very noticeable and it's been so many years. he says he'll never forget that day cause he sees that scar on the mirror everyday
>mom goes to live with her parents who sell vegetables and fruit. his granddad also beats him up constantly, basically has him as a slave working day and night when he's still a child, but he still thinks fondly of him
>when he's like 12, his mother is barely making money and needs help. during the divorce, his father he says is going to pay her, but he never ever ever does. his grandfather (dads side) during the divorce signs a contract saying that if his son can't pay her, he will. her mother goes to his grandfathers house to ask for some help because she doesn't have money and his ex isn't paying her a dime. the grandfather says to her (and he's 12 standing next to her in the doorstep) he ain't paying shit and closes the door
>anger issues cause of dad and grandfathers
>in high school, he gets mad at a teacher, and starts shouting and saying he's going to kill her, and he's know for getting into fights and he's just very threatening and weird
>he gets expelled for saying he's going to murder his teacher to her face, screaming
>never goes back to finish high school, to this day still doesn't have diploma
>he gets junkie friends and becomes addicted to coke at 14
>he tried robbing his grandfather (dads side) for coke money but got caught
>worked in a tortillería at 16 (this is mexico and it's a small town). one of his closest friend chopped three fucking fingers in one of the machines. blood everywhere and one of the fingers gets stucked in the machine. they get all the fingers but in the end they can't put them back on at the hospital
>worked as a factory worker in this small town for most of his life. this town is very poor, and there was a particular era in mexico where drug lords would fight each other all the time and kill civilians, this was a nationwide thing. it was bad. he has some fight with someone related to drug trafficking. days later his girlfriend is murdered by this local drug gang
>becomes very suicidal. attempt suicide and fails
>he told me that girl was the love of his life. keep in mind this happened in his early 20s and he's now early 30s. says he's going to stay single forever. hates hates hates drugs cause of this, even weed is something that pisses him off
>decides to leave his small town and move to a big city (where i live) and make real money and have a better life
>his best friend since he was a kid also moves to the city and they're still very close. but his friend has more money and lives in a nicer part of the city. his best friend is a hiker.
>his best friend and his wife get lost hiking one day. they don't have a lot of water and theyre fucked. they end up finding them, the woman is hurt but his best friend is in critical condition
>they're at the hospital
>he's going to visit, but he has issues with alcohol and gets wasted and doesn't go. second day, he has work till late and doesn't go. third day, he's literally on the way to the hospital, but meets up with old friend, decides to grab some drinks and gets wasted
>that night his best friend since childhood dies. he didn't visit him at the hospital once
>he cries when he's telling the story and feels embarrassed and says he'll take a shower
>he has a lot of anger issues still and doesn't mind getting into drunk fights still
>he tells me: there's someone i want to kill. i assume it's the guy that had her gf killed but he doesn't say. he says it's really bad, he dreams about it and plans ways to do it. says some days he really can't help himself. he sits in his car and is ready to get back to his old town in the middle of the night and kill this guy. but he says he manages to control it the best he can. says he'll start therapy because it's not right and i agree
>one night when he's drunk texting me i ask him: why do you trust me so much? you don't know me very well. and i could get you fired easily.
>he says: cause you're as fucked up as i am.
>(i did also tell him very personal shit from the get go)
>he says he's not doing well and hasn't for a long time. that he's very sad and wants to feel loved. then he tells me he's going to bed

he ended up going back to his home town for the holidays and we were still texting. then he just ghosted me. he's back in my city and wanted to meet up but i couldn't, and he just ghosted me again and didn't try to talk to me again. Kinda sad cause I considered him a friend because we shared a lot of awful shit from our lives to each other. whatever.

No. 732012

Don't take this the wrong way anon but every man who fucked me and didn't want to actually be serious with me cooked up similar sob stories to seem damaged and emotionally unavailable to let you down softly. The ghosting could be a coincidence but it lines up with that kind of behavior. The guy sounds like a coward who just didn't want to be seen as the bad guy who had no problems taking the sex but rejecting your feelings.
I mean, I guess it worked out for him since you consider him a tragic character instead of an asshole.

No. 732018


oh also forgot, again his dad was an asshole but as i said but fuck he is very much still an asshole

>he's in the city and lost his job and is finding a hard time finding a new one. keep in mind, he doesnt have a high school diploma and getting jobs is incredibly difficult

>he has no money. absolutely no money for food.
>he calls his dad for the first time in years and years. my ex boss in his mid twenties
>he begs him for some money to get by for a few days cause he has nothing
>didnt want to call his mother cause he loves her so much and knows she still struggles with money a lot
>his father says yes, ill put something in your bank account tonight just wait
>he waits
>calls his dad and nothing
>he doesnt eat for two or three days i believe. just water. hes very weak and again has no money whatsoever
>he spends this three days trying to call back his father so many times but nothing. eventually the phone just doesnt even process the call and realizes his father must have blocked him or something
>cries and feels like shit cause this is the only time in his life that he has asked his father for anything
>his roommate finds him and asks him what the fuck is going on
>tells him he has no money at all and cant buy food
>my ex boss is very macho type so im not surprised he didnt want anyone to know. getting ghosted by his dad must have hurt his ego badly
>roommate gives him food and helps him and he finds job quickly after this
>says his father is no one to him and i cant blame him

No. 732020

is it bad that i want you to get together with him?

No. 732022

Yes sadboi ~damaged~ scrote using nonnie as a fuck when she was 23 and young and he was 10 years older and in a position of power is fucked.

No. 732027

File: 1612654582044.jpg (52.2 KB, 749x784, male compass.jpg)

scrotes have a bad habit of treating girls they fuck like therapists. I'm not saying his issues aren't real but it's pure moid of him to do this which is why anons are cringing.

Pic related broken scrote is bottom right.

No. 732030

Doesn't this sadboi/softboi shit make you wanna vomit?
What's worse is that most know precisely how manipulative they're being so when women call this shit out for what it is, they play victim and tell everyone how evil the woman is for seeing through his bullshit and even go so far as crying about how ~men aren't allowed to be sad and cry uwu~

No. 732043


since the first time we fucked he said he wasn't looking for a relationship and i told him i wasnt either. so, it wasnt like he pretended to love me to get sex or something. since before we even met at his place we were very open about the fact it was just going to be sex. he never pretended it was something else.


as i said at the start, i was the one who had a crush on him and he never approached me. i told a coworker i wanted to fuck him and she told me straight up he was going to tell him (she was his friend and i didnt know him at all) and i didnt mind cause i did indeed wanted to fuck. he didnt tell me sad stories to get me to sleep with him, i was the one that told him i wanted to fuck. we fucked. and we would both talk about shit like this. but he never told me he wanted anything more or use the fact he was my boss to get me to come back.

i hate scrotes, and he is not a good scrote i know this now, but he didnt approach or pressured me into coming back, i had a crush on him. hes an asshole for ghosting me but he didnt pressure me for sex


this is a hot take in my real life and in lolcow too apperently lol. my best friend right away told me he didnt trust him cause he was a scrote with anger issues and didnt want him to hit me. which never got even close to happening, we did arguee but he was never violent to me. but my best friend truly trust no scrotes and still wanted me out. my other friends thought he was fine, till he ghosted me and they all started hating him. i do have two friends that are still like, eh, hes an asshole for ghosting you but if you ever want to fuck him again its your choice and its fine. this because i did indeed anon………. catch some feelings……. but not cause of the tragic stuff, he was literally my type of man hmmm thats why he was my crush he was physically everything i liked. and he was also very funny and nice to hang around when it wasnt 3 am and he started talking about the death of his best friend. i liked him cause he was fun, and physically he was everything i liked. i did get feelings but i never told him and when he ghosted me i realized it was best that way.

No. 732051

>so, it wasnt like he pretended to love me to get sex or something
Methinks you'd still be less inclined to fuck him if he told you he didn't even want a casual friendship with you, though. He faked you out and the proof is the fact that he ghosted.

No. 737430

Don't catch feelings for him anon, he's a piece of shit
Amiga date cuenta

No. 738000

File: 1613190086520.jpg (46.27 KB, 500x375, 1535703865454.jpg)

I really value serendipitous connections and try to learn as much from the people I meet as I can. I'd recommend just talking to people when the time seems right and hearing what they have to say if you are absolutely sure that have a good danger radar. Here are some of my more cherished fleeting encounters:
The Haight Man-
>be a dumbass 15-year-old
>go on a local trip to Berkeley with photography class
>peel off from the rest of the class with friend who has a hot tip about where to get a real good shoot
>go to People's Park and start taking pictures
>homeless residents get extremely pissed off and start grilling us until they realize we really are just dumbass kids who weren't CIA agents and didn't know we should ask for permission to photograph
>they become somewhat friendly and point us to a guy who they thought we should really photograph- the Haight Man
>According to local lore, he was a genius who understood how to solve the global fossil fuel/pollution/energy crisis
>We are taken to see the man, he is sitting lotus-position on a woven rug as an indie journalist couple interviews him and briefly sings his praises at us
>Once the journalists leave, he turns to us, two young morons with hardly an understanding as to how lightbulbs turn on, and starts describing with great intricacy his 'Skymass' plan to create fully renewable energy out of landfill waste
>I still don't know whether he was describing perpetual motion machine-type woo or an actual method for creating sustainable energy
>The picture I ended up taking of him was incredibly mediocre
The education researcher-
>on a long flight for whatever reason
>end up next to a somewhat unkempt older, overweight guy with deeply-yellowed fingers and a messy white beard
>he's a talker (usually not great but when they're good they're GOOD)
>somehow start talking about education; turns out he was a tenured physicist who became passionate about K-12 education and sacrificed his academic career and associated prestige to pivot into industry education research
>he spends the next few hours detailing how and why the way US K-12 education is taught conflict with evidence-based methods
>discussion is interwoven with info about his personal life as a chain-smoker, widower, and parent of adult children
>plane lands, we say goodbye and part ways
The Iraqi immigrant-
>be poorshit, heavily depressed, borderline alcoholic nonfunctional grad student
>bubbly woman opens falafel place down the street, we quickly become friendly with each other
>restaurant owner eventually hires young woman from Iraq to work evenings
>Iraqi woman can barely speak English but is clearly deeply homesick and heavily depressed
>come in near closing from time to time, we can barely communicate with each other but we sit quietly and keep each other company while she puts Arabic music videos on TV
'___ the Crazy Indian'-
>be at the end of my non-functional grad student era, twitching from malnutrition at this point
>be on the Vancouver skytrain for whatever reason
>a guy hops on with a grocery bag full of diapers, takes a seat across the aisle from mine and starts talking to the guy in the seat next to his
>the guy he's talking to changes seats, he eventually starts talking to me
>introduces himself as '[name] the Crazy Indian'
>tells me he's going to his friend's baby shower
>starts spilling his life story, is clearly an incredibly kind person who was brought up in an extremely unstable environment and trying to DIY healthy coping mechanisms for his emotions after spending his entire life surrounded by domestic violence
>thanks me for listening and we part ways

No. 738040

>go to panel called 'Fandom and Coping' at con
>expect it to either be something more academic and potentially interesting or just standard "I was being bullied and I found a supportive group of friends through fandom" stuff
>not much of a presentation, just panel host inviting people to talk about their experiences
>girl goes into detail about how she writes Yuri on Ice rapefic to cope and shows it to her therapist
>sit in stunned silence as I try to suppress my probably horrified expression

No. 738049

Im too tired to respond with anything but this was really sweet and interesting anon.

No. 741423

I had a friend who became a drug addict because of her favorite tv show. I'm talking heroin and coke. She was always kind of weird.

She'd have an interest for one month, spend all her time and resources on that interest and next month she'd declare that interest boring and be on the next thing. It wasn't just "this month she's really into painting and next month yoga". She'd spend half her salary on that new interest, throw away all the things from the other one even if they were useful, expensive, or even if there was a possibility she'd be interested in that again later.

It was usually something she saw on tv. Once she decided she loved horses because one of her favorite celebrity at the time did and spent shit tons of money on equipment and classes only to drop that interest in two months.
Other time she got really into punk girl groups and wanted to start a band and tried to emulate one of her favorite singers.

Conversations with her were never boring because she genuinely did her research, was passionate even if briefly and I always learned something new and we did all sorts of new stuff together.
But more often it meant her personality changed somewhat so sometimes it felt like I was talking to a whole new person.

We fell out of touch after the whole drug thing but I always wondered how she handled the fact that drug addiction is not a brief hobby or interest she can drop next month when she watches a new movie or reads a book.

No. 741485

File: 1613539403485.jpg (692.77 KB, 1245x1600, 1553615925799.jpg)

I made friends with a local hobo once and he was interesting to say the least
>had seen this guy around near the local train station playing his guitar
>older guy, around 60, long beard and hair, very unkempt looking altogether
>he would hang out by the bus waiting area, chatting to people, playing bits of songs, drinking
>so one night I get off the train, it's 2 AM and the next bus isn't for another hour
>as I approach the waiting area I hear a familiar singing and guitar
>so I sit down next to him and we start talking
>to be honest half the reason I was carrying on the conversation is because he was smoking and I wanted to bum a cigarette off him
>he asks me about my studies and stuff, eventually starts talking about himself
>when he was young he got a philosophy degree at the nearby university
>instead of working he just decided he was happier being homeless and just living his day to day life strumming on his guitar
>especially since the government had it out for him and would be able to watch him too closely otherwise
>you see, he had discovered that a certain type of cell(?) interacted with a hormone to cause depression, but also passive, docile behavior in humans
>the Rothschilds would possibly use this to better control the population
>for this reason he knew the government had their eye on him so he had to be smart about where he went
>talks some more about the Rothschilds, there was also some stuff about Hitler and WWII which was confusing enough for me to still be unsure what side he defended
>so at this point I've been nodding and generally asking interested questions for a while, and I asked him if I could maybe bum some tobacco from him to roll a cigarette
>he says sure and grabs the paper I'd already laid out, rips open the rest of the cigarette he'd been smoking, redistributes the tobacco into my paper and rolls me a new one
>I'm struggling to thank him, I had no idea that was all he had and I feel really bad for taking a homeless guys only cig
>he says no problem
>he talks some more about mental health and how they had misdiagnosed him with paranoid schizophrenia which was obviously wrong
>my bus arrives
>we say goodbye and he tells me 'you actually get it and see through it, not many people can'

I've seen him at the station a number of times since, never for long but I always make sure to give him a cigarette if I have one with me

No. 741493

File: 1613540448559.jpg (57.33 KB, 548x574, 60331413_588507045002812_17112…)

There's a weird old man, not sure if he's homeless or what, who rides his bike throughout my town during the summer. He wears a smiley face mask, no shirt, and no shorts and just cruises down a main street waving at the cars passing by. Of course whenever you try to look for him he's nowhere to be found. He's been popping in and out of existence since the early 2000's and I wonder if he's a local eccentric or an alien who does this for fun on earth. All I know is I always wave back.

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