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File: 1612848151330.png (749.63 KB, 592x616, 2907y0fh.png)

No. 734314

Please don't take this thread seriously. If you're an actual human with a scrotum stay away from this thread.

For some reason, even the most silly, small and insignificant thing can get you labeled as a scrote here. A lot of anons also complain about some people here having "scrote-like" behaivors. But do we, really? Post anything you might think would label you as a scrote if you were to share it.

No. 734317

Are you the anon who had a meltdown after being called a scrote and threatened suicide? I love your work.

No. 734323

Making this thread, definitely

No. 734325

Why do threads keep getting locked and then unlocked

No. 734326

I like ass stuff. I feel like anything related to anal could get you labeled as a male here

No. 734329

I say “jerk off” because all the “female-specific” terms are grosser, and idc if it makes me sound like a scrote

No. 734334

i unironically have a waifu

No. 734340


i love anorectal violence too. i don't know why. it makes me horny.

No. 734344

hot sauce

No. 734345

I mostly think it's good thing for farmers to be critical of scrote-sounding posts and not tolerate the idea of scrotes posting here. To a certain extent it helps to keep the site from getting ruined by an influx of male posters.
That being said, people have called me a scrote before and it was mostly for defending or even just not outright shitting on a cow. Especially male cows or those who have a simp following. I understand calling out overly whiteknighting or thirsting posts, but apparently only scrotes could ever think that a man isn't 100% evil or that a woman isn't unfortunate looking somehow.

No. 734347

File: 1612851570658.png (214.56 KB, 639x479, ns8gtuIwYk1uctltao1_640.png)

No. 734348

Thread pic is so troon-like, yikes.

No. 734358

kek it's kinda ironic to agree on this thread, but it's so true. if you like media that mainly appeals towards pornsick men, can you really blame others for assuming you're a scrote?

No. 734361

File: 1612853312645.png (277.07 KB, 800x800, __yumemi_riamu_idolmaster_and_…)

I like riamu because she's cute and crazy, like me
not a troon

No. 734363

Making cringe passive aggressive threads and using shit tier anime images

No. 734377

I'd say making cringe passive aggresive posts that have nothing to do with you is even worse

No. 734379

My taste in women has gotten me labeled as a scrote on multiple occasions, even outside of lolcow

No. 734388

Not commonly accused of one but usually any disagreements here comes from people misreading my posts

No. 734397

File: 1612858752329.png (139.93 KB, 479x352, 6pxcyhm5qhf61.png)

It's testosterone stank we're measuring anon, not post quality. Try and keep up.

Also I can't fucking do makeup or style myself for the life of me. I literally dress like a tranny. The tisms has got me down horrendous.

No. 734398

same, it doesn't help that a lot of my interests are weeb related and i don't post selfies

No. 734575

File: 1612882158154.jpg (75.13 KB, 659x704, 53c36f3da71d3db21c19a7200e0129…)

Oh god a thread made for me


>Plays popular scrote MMO
>Horny Dom ( for girls)
>Likes giving anorectal violence
>Likes traditionally attractive girly women sometimes borderline bimbo stacy looking. Dislikes dykes and tomboys are meh.
>Loves fake tits and super fetishy looking girls and thot looks clearly meant for scrotes (not egirl shit tho)
>Loves cringe, cursed images, copypasta
>Browses shit i hate ironically
>history-sperg (bronze age and iron age mostly but also Japanese history)
>Philosophy-sperg (mostly ancient but i usually do it to hateread it with my female gaze however on a base level it looks scrote)
>Loves Quieten Tarentino
>Reads/loves Chuck Pallanuk (he unironically wrote the best cringe story ever)
>Reads/loves Hunter S Thompson
>Loves debating and metafagging
>Knows how to weld,metal work etc.
>Autistically deep dives into hobbies
>Plays games that are just Map
>Plays text rpgs
>Rick & Morty, South Park, MLP etc.
>Understands scrote logic like when your friend is showing off and you feel the need to jump off of a roof because brain says "well you gotta!"
>Majority scrote friends (female friends are all based PP'd radfems tho kek but nobody knows this on surface look)
>Completionist in games
>Sometimes will use imageboard speak irl…
>Draws femdom fetish shit
>Former (drawn) futanari lover troons ruined it
>Owns anime tiddy figures
>Large anime figure collection actually….
>Paints garage kits and model kits likes mecha robots and shit.

My scrote friend has this game where he doesn't hint im a girl and talks about me to his friends anr they always label me scrote kek and tfw.

Not autist either so no excuse. I grew up only with scrote friends so I feel i just got socialized into understanding it despite now being a killjoy feminist.

No. 734577



No. 734578


No. 734587

File: 1612882642812.jpeg (24.81 KB, 218x500, 8046A498-4048-4491-AFC7-C9D5E6…)

I love big tiddie animu girls ♥

No. 734590

what is the cringe story by Palahniuk?

No. 734593

>reddit spacing

No. 734599

there's no such thing as reddit spacing in lolcow lol

No. 734601

being interested in philosophy and history is not scrotey, it’s only scrotey when you use it to defend mra beliefs or whatever.

No. 734603

i can't tell whether i should hate you or not

No. 734610

>Tfw no cool scrote-ish gf to enact anorectal violence on me

No. 734611

Alright here I go
Not greentexting cause that's for PUSSIES

I'm bisexual, only ever dated women
Fantasized about having a dick and shoving it inside vagina
I watch porn and read hentai (embarassing to admit that it's kind of an addiction)
I like looking at videos of women peeing outdoors to jack off
I unironically say jack off and fap
I'm very masculine when I'm with my scrote friends
I feel intimidated by dainity and pretty women (not in a bad way, I'm just awkward)
I used to want to transition into a male
…God I could keep going but nevermind kek

No. 734616

I think I'm in love with you

No. 734618

I want the tea on this, what happened?

No. 734619

File: 1612885150053.jpeg (57.3 KB, 749x714, 7CA17DB6-085D-4783-9868-3527EB…)

Idk about you but I thought about it…

Why is it scrote-like to like big breasts? Does lolcow not know that lesbians and bisexuals exist? Lmao

No. 734622

Don't worry I'm meltdown anon and I'll just say that I was called a scrote for liking anime and then I was having a bad depressive day with no sleep and so I felt like killing myself but everything is fine now!

No. 734623

holy shit you reminded me of my ex girlfriend, I wouldn't be surprised if you were her, if you are hi I hope you are doing well.

No. 734627

ok let me see
>huge fujo but only for bara
>footfag and other scrote-tier fetishes, especially when it comes to men
>sexually submissive but in the selfish scrote way
>overall scrote-like taste in both men and women
>violent video games like doom and grand theft auto
>loves pop music but in the obnoxious gay scrote way
>edgy, shock-value humour
>rude and blunt
>obsessed with computers and the internet and everything regarding them
>still doesn't know how to apply make-up

No. 734629

is only liking femme/feminine girls that scrotey? i feel like not liking dykes/butches is pretty common between bisexual women (myself included), but idk, maybe this is just a cope kek

No. 734631

I don't automatically think it's scrotey to like big breasts, but the way women talk about their attraction to them vs men is very clear. Also, most often women know how uncomfortable having big boobs can be so you aren't as vocal about it, maybe because women see other women as actual people so you don't scream about it. I like all kinds of boobs though, I don't get the saggy boob hate, all boobs are actually great, but I understand not loving your own.

No. 734636

File: 1612886385267.jpg (6.94 KB, 275x274, 1596507118711.jpg)

why anorectal violence and foot shit is scrotey? i dont get it.

No. 734637

i'd say liking feminine women is not scrote-y in itself in either bi or lesbian women, it's just those who act like butch women are inherently disgusting just because they aren't their type who do sound scrote-like

No. 734642

File: 1612886881517.jpg (64.83 KB, 933x933, 1612455160488.jpg)

There's no hope for you anon

No. 734643

I think they just happen to be very common things for men to like and bit more rare for women. (I like them too lol.)

Yeah the "Im a LESBIAN why would I want someone who looks like a MAN???" type seem scrotebrained.

No. 734645

>Loves visual novels, I don't play galge too much anymore but I have a soft spot for them
>Still an evafag in 2021
>Athiest and a Satanist simultaneously
>Obsessed with Higurashi
>Has a bunch of anime figs
>History lover, especially ww2 and miltary history
>Loves metal, pretentious as hell about it
>Gatekeeps the hell out of my interests online and irl
>Mall ninja
>Constantly starts fights on tumblr with SJWs
>Anger issues (At least I've calmed down in recent years and don't punch drywall anymore)

No. 734647

I love idol anime and I have a waifu

No. 734650

File: 1612887595251.jpg (574.26 KB, 1209x753, 83228069_p0.jpg)

I unironically love im@s. I've been into it for years and it's so fun if you ignore the EOP cumbrain scrotes.
Riamu is a pretty fun and interesting character too, I wish more people would read her commus.

No. 734652

thiis she's so cute

No. 734654

I love tomboyish girls and normal looking girls, and I dislike bimbos, quirky alt egirl types, or very attention whorey types.. But when it comes to super masculine girls, the ones that act like super scrotes and are misogynistic… idk about that fam, otherwise I don't have a problem with that

No. 734658

>Im a LESBIAN why would I want someone who looks like a MAN???
actually that's based

No. 734666

mika is best girl

No. 734714

File: 1612894615823.png (118.04 KB, 297x512, 4085EE26-F136-414A-87A3-95B3F4…)

Probably liking madoka, even the recent game, it was fun to play even if the transformations went full retard with the naked scenes and coomer designs plus the coomer pandering. But I still love my magical girls and they deserve better treatment.

No. 734720

Basically this, it's okay to not to be into butches/tomboys but the line is crossed when you start sperging about how disgusting they are and how they should start being ladylike like ~real women~. That's when you cross over to scrotey territory tbh.

No. 734722

makes me happy to see anons here who like idolm@ster, especially when the western fandom is just troons and weird men

No. 734731

I watch exclusively bj and deepthroat porn.

I remember I used to say "schlick" how absolutely embarrassing of me. Nowadays there's no context that I'll mention but I use "wank" if the occasion calls for it.

No. 734732

File: 1612896132890.jpg (64.55 KB, 500x500, tumblr_95319a56bb946e8a42e5b85…)

remember when liking madoka was normal and unisex

No. 734733

>remember when liking madoka was normal
I don't recall

No. 734744

File: 1612897067401.png (84.53 KB, 250x250, tumblr_pfw606Fjg51x5pzo6o2_250…)

then recall harder

No. 734745

File: 1612897085298.jpg (643.42 KB, 2234x1643, madoka.jpg)

Seriously. Even the original character designs have a very "for the girls" vibe. I didn't even know the original designer was a woman (Ume Aoki), but it's not surprising at all. It's cutesy, but also very female gaze. There are all these little details men wouldn't think of or put together in such a way.
Also, the animations by Gekidan Inu Curry, the thought put into the Witch's Labyrinths, etc. So many things cooomer lolicon scrotes wouldn't/couldn't really appreciate. If you compare Madoka to something like Prisma Ilya (actual shit for scrotes), there's a stark difference IMO.

No. 734747

The show was seen the same as Shugo Chara but the thing is, it fair better. I didn't know it was consider scrote to love the story that seemingly was marketed towards females? Like the designs are great, I love all their designs because like you said they have fine small details a woman would typically think of

No. 734752

File: 1612898008985.png (627.76 KB, 1076x585, 6349DFB7-DCCD-4EFE-8A74-86E20B…)

basically nlog: the thread but I'll contribute!
I like anime girls and memes of them, including scrote-made ones (if it's not pornsick). sometimes farmers complain about these things but I generally enjoy the ones posted here (again, unless it's some pornsick hentai panel).

I also liked madoka and got into touhou for the girls and memes. I wish it didn't make me look like a lolicon scrote because it's not sexual for me. but I understand tbh we have to be on guard.

although sometimes I enjoy art of sexy anime girls but they have to be well-drawn and not be children

No. 734767

>Seriously. Even the original character designs have a very "for the girls" vibe. I didn't even know the original designer was a woman (Ume Aoki), but it's not surprising at all. It's cutesy, but also very female gaze.
Really? When I first saw Madoka, I thought the Ichigo Mashimaro pedophile was involved with the designs. The artstyle legitimately looked early 00's lolicon inspired.
Honestly all the costumes are male gazey as fuckz except for Madoka's who looks like second coming of Chibiusa to keep up the "it's a normal maho shoujo show! no really!!!" facade.
Madoka is like Nanoha 2.0 but with more edge, are you guys gonna argue that Nanoha was an unisex anime or made for girls?

No. 734783

File: 1612900520238.jpg (580.88 KB, 1406x1000, indjex.jpg)

I don't really see the similarity, Ichigo Mashimaro's style is oval/egg-shaped as fuck, while Madoka is square/"wide".
I haven't watched Nanoha precisely because I always thought it looked scrote-ish (seriously, wtf is this), but I don't see a similarity to Madoka's style, either. Are you just talking about the plot/story?
I think Madoka was targeted at both female and male audiences. They understood the market in moids, but at the same time, you see official Madoka perfumes, rings, necklaces, earrings, etc. A ton of objects obviously aimed at the female fandom. I don't see things like that for scrote-targeted/coomer anime.

No. 734790

Did we watch the same anime? What about the designs are for scrotes? Uhhh??? It's about young magical school girls. Legit same as other ones in that area that had merch for females like sailor moon or shugo chara even card captor. I don't see what on earth you are talking about, they aren't sexualized to me at all or made for scrotes.

No. 734795

This bait is so obvious that it's pretty cringe to see. Seriously go outside more, what a retarded take to spew out

No. 734796

nta but mami's design is kind of bordering on it, doesn't help that 90% of art focuses on her tits. and kyouko got a few ass shots.

No. 734798

File: 1612901449493.jpg (111.73 KB, 600x600, R-4644458-1370890739-7756.jpeg…)

I love cirno because she's just cute and she looks stupid and I have a fond memory of the old iosys songs. I got into touhou from an early age although I've never been hardocore into it, I always saw them as cute dolls to play with (I was like 11 when I discovered this). People treating everything like it's for scrotes here makes me think they have such strict gender role standars and that if you're female you're only supposed to like a handful of female-oriented stuff… it's so fucking sad

No. 734799

Yes but WE are not scrotes so WE can like them however we want to.

No. 734803

ok but I'll judge you if you sexualize them

No. 734807

Only god can judge me in this forsaken farm.

No. 734808

File: 1612901844521.jpg (56.19 KB, 939x390, 01.png.jpg)

>madoka is for scrotes only
explain this then

No. 734810

File: 1612901874271.jpg (62.66 KB, 600x800, ut.jpg)

If anything, I'd liken aspects of Madoka to Utena. Also, lolicon was literally made by scrotes directly copying the art styles of female mangaka who were making shoujo content (aka content for young girls).
Men are obsessed with "borrowing" media from women (and children, in cases like this and various cartoons), corrupting them, and then acting like it's been theirs all along. Even if Aoki changed her art style, someone would probably still liken it to some scrote BS hentai drawing and imply that it belongs to him.

No. 734813

Tbf you guys seeing those as sexualized is pretty scrote. I just see Mami as a big chested girl who is 16. Her outfit is legit covers everything and not to mention, her design is based around her weapon?? Gun > Western inspired outfit?

No. 734816

I read hentai to get off because I hate real porn, I generally like weeb shit, that's why I'm always so sad when anons list liking anime as a red flag. I also love black metal and Warhammer 40k, and I like lurk on KF more than here.

Touhou has an unisex fanbase, it's apparently pretty popular among grade schoolers in Japan. It helps that the universe is not sexual at all and most of the designs are very cute. The coomer shit comes from the fanbase, ZUN has done nothing wrong.

No. 734818

Madoka is not even lolicon…

Can people please stop trying to say madoka is some evil revenge trauma porn or something? it's not, it's really not. I really can relate to the struggles of the girls through the story. Maybe you're confusing it with something shitty like Mahou Shoujo Site so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

No. 734819

It's not so much the designs alone, but certain camera shots.

No. 734820

Are fourteen year olds not allowed to look like the children they are? Am I missing something?
They actually look their age….

No. 734821

File: 1612902390983.gif (5.04 MB, 1078x670, 6iQ8mPj.gif)

>noooo the ebin camera shots!!!

No. 734824

File: 1612902563416.jpg (605.81 KB, 2011x2000, jgRkResowCtWwOX25zrPDNrcGvpeJa…)

> scrote music taste because of dad–my favorite bands are primarily 90s grunge or alt rock but I often listen to rock bands from other decades
> semi scrote movie taste (see picrel for an idea), my fav movie is Gattaca. luckily I hate Tarantino.
> favorite show is breaking bad, I've seen it 4 times and can be an autist about how it's the greatest show ever just like the scrote-infested fandom would
> am in a male-dominated field that's not often talked about on here (I might legit be the only farmer here who's in it and is a female)
> shock-value scrote sense of humor
I'm pretty sure this is it, I don't talk about my preferences for music/movies so I don't get accused of being a moid typically. Normally I'm talking shit about men and how much I hate them.

No. 734825

I'm not saying it is, I was referring to >>734767 claiming it looks "early 00's lolicon inspired". Even if that's a "valid" argument, that's not even a real style - it's just males copying female artists, so the point is moot.
I agree about the story/characters, but I didn't go into that because it's a bit harder to explain in just one post IMO.
And yeah, I really wanted to give Mahou Shoujo Site a chance, but it's just a shitty knock-off made by some scrote who didn't understand what made Madoka so good. I dropped it after I got to a part in the manga where they have the MC's friend almost get raped by a giant black guy, just as a "funny but dark xddd" plot device (and it wasn't even the first time they used attempted rape for plot purposes).

No. 734839

>am in a male-dominated field that's not often talked about on here (I might legit be the only farmer here who's in it and is a female)
What is it, anon?

No. 734840

Nobody is saying this. Madoka is for scrotes mostly though.
Yes, I was talking about plot and the premise aka 'magical girls but serious as it's a series for scrotes'. And with underage yuri bait.
How is me going outside supposed to change my outlook on a seinen anime?
I think you should go outside more since you are so pressed to prove that Madoka is for girls. It's okay, you can still like it. Who cares.
Hilarious since women are socialized their whole lives to sympathize and understand male POV. Just look at a literary canon that is being taught at schools. It's men who have trouble understanding women.

No. 734841

I hate that picture. I know many women who like those films. And breaking bad.

Some of you are listing less what gets you labeled scrote at lolcow and more stuff that will make men think you are a man. Because moids think women only like stereotypically feminine things and everything else belongs to them.

No. 734844

>Yes, I was talking about plot and the premise aka 'magical girls but serious as it's a series for scrotes'.
Do you really think only scrotes can like serious content or sad/dark stories?
>And with underage yuri bait.
So, are Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, Tokyo Mew Mew and Revolutionary Girl Utena also for scrotes? They have "underage yuri bait", too. I really don't understand your outlook, there's nothing about Madoka that's really male-centered.

No. 734846

File: 1612903502417.jpg (48.51 KB, 200x275, 89082.jpg)

Basically Cute Girls Doing Cute Things, I find the artstyle of these animes really cute and slice of life is my favorite genre. I'm a really casual fan in everything so I tend to like comfy themes so of course cute anime girls make it better. Also I have a really naive way to view things so the sexualization (if there's any) often flies over my head.

Lucky Star is one of my favorite anime

No. 734848

I'm the same with movies, I even like some lonely scrote books like Steppenwolf.
These themes just really resonate with me and it makes me quite sad to think that some people think of them as exclusively masculine.

No. 734849


No. 734854

File: 1612903937497.png (1000.42 KB, 840x776, 15145.PNG)

You must have not watched a lot of magical girl animes then…

No. 734872

Fight Club

No. 734873

File: 1612905184684.jpg (49.76 KB, 610x457, 6438902640320462304623.jpg)

I like stupid "meathead kills lots of shit" games, especially God of War. Originals only, hate the recent dadcore shit. He's obviously the typical scrote power fantasy and not catered to the female gaze, but I still think Kratos is hot and while the gameplay isn't difficult it feels good and cathartic. The QTEs may have been lame but the fight choregraphy during the more cinematic portions looks great and some of the boss battles are still iconic. The level designs are beautiful too and feature some of the most imaginative representations of mythic Greece. Overall a really enjoyable series to play and watch, though yes, it is a guilty pleasure due to the brainlessness, violence and misogyny (sex minigame, anyone?)

No. 734876

File: 1612905552507.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1795x2600, AEA5AB62-0302-4603-A3B6-992176…)

I’m pretty girly irl but my taste in a lot of media can be considered scrotey, especially literature and philosophy. I remember when that FDS judging men by the books they like list went around, I felt really attacked kek
> likes LOTR, Dune, Pynchon, Roth, all the mopey Russians, tons of classic lit that might get criticized as having shitty female characters
> Really into philosophy, but mainly Kant, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche. Nietzsche especially seems to be seen as a fake deep scrote red flag
> Likes gangster movies, Von Trier, and Tarantino (though the footfag shit is too much for me). I like other directors more tbh but if I was doing a top 10 or 25 some scrote classics would be included
> Encyclopedic knowledge of NGE, obsessed with Asuka (bc I relate to her, not bc she’s my waifu or something)
> I only really read manga nowadays but I do like cute girls doing cute things shows. I find them calming as long as there isn’t a lot of fan service
> Loves the Sopranos, Mad Men, Breaking Bad
> formula 1 fan (bc cute boys)
> My music taste isn’t too scrotey either just bc it’s pretty broad. The most male-coded things I listen to are Steely Dan, doom / drone / stoner / sludge metal, southern rock, prog rock and early 2010s trap like Chief Keef

No. 734880

Okay i meant this one which is the most scrote told story ever and makes you cringe because of what happened to him as a coomer trying to Anorectal Violence himself. but yes he wrote fight club


No. 734886

i mean this as respectfully as possible but believing any of the shite the manlet turbo virgin kant said should be illegal. mans was like 5'3 and never got over it and you can really tell

No. 734888


Funnily enough i have rad fem leaning ideas and an immense hate boner for men. Sex work is never woke and it only promotes degen, porn is terrible, scrotes are terrible, don't do troonery or gender shit, women are better without men, i dont shave usually i edit my pubes because period blood and sometimes shave if it begins to annoy me, i dont stan makeup culture like i wear it i am a goth but am not clutching my sephora bag when a based woman says "makeup bad". Also fuck "choice feminism".

I unironically feel like women are superior to men in every single way and women have cockholm syndrome from female socialization.

Also i don't hate butch women or studs unless they act like scrotes call women "females" etc.etc. because imagine being born in the superior sex and downgrading your personality to scrote and pretending like you're different. Its NLOG shit for lesbians.

I want women and girls everywhere safe, i entered into a field to work with criminal or coomers with pedo tendencies to help protect them from the worst of the worst. Someone's gotta do it since we can't an hero them and just have to wait until the Y chromosome shrivels and dies like the genetic mutation it is

Also I did greentext because its a scrote thread also this is an imageboard….

No. 734890


Ayrt Anons pls come over and be my gfs… we can anorectal violence and 'mire my figure collection and history sperg.

No. 734891

Im the longpost philosophy anon above and I cannot express enough how good you make my scrote taste in philosophy look.

No. 734893

Same anon as >>734824 I forgot to add
> I love watching baseball and am a die hard fan of a certain team, moreso than my dad is and he actually played baseball (I didn't kek)
Econ :(
You're right, I wouldn't assume an anon was a scrote if she had the same hobbies, women are so diverse but scrotes generalize us because they don't even try to understand us. It's usually when anons automatically question a woman or side with a man that I think they're a scrote. Not always, it depends on the context. I would say I'm pretty good at recognizing scrote thinking/behavior because I've pulled off some fake accounts pretending to be a dude with no questions as to whether or not I was a guy. Funny thing is I made an effort to be casually misogynistic and entitled as fuck which just goes to show how men actually act/think.
As for the scrote interests, I hate how moids try to compliment you when you have stereotypically masculine tastes in music or movies. I get that it's nice to share the same preferences as someone but the amazement is so obviously rooted in sexism.

No. 734895

File: 1612907660717.jpeg (63.05 KB, 480x558, 6E7836F1-B3EE-4166-8198-8A56D2…)

AYRT and you’re right, he’s the volcel poster child. By all accounts he was kind of a lame person. It’s not about “believing” him per se, he’s just very rewarding to read, understand and critique/defend.
I’m also mainly interested in his metaphysical work/the critiques, not his moral and ethical works, though I’ve read a fair amount of both

No. 734902

Samefag and AYRT but I’m interested to hear what you’re into now lol!

No. 734906

just say you're close minded and go.

No. 734911

I've gotten called a scrote on here for being too cutesy while talking about my body. Fucking AGPs take everything from us, on god.

No. 734916

File: 1612909907332.jpg (27.58 KB, 441x335, oaa2Q7Akj9EyK7uzY8hvghUzRbP8Zp…)



>Epictetus (but mostly i kek at him because he is the most scrote ancient philosopher ever)
>Pythagoras (he actually educated women tho in philosophy)
>Slavov Zizek and so on and so on and so on… Hes my fave tfw
>Hegel no i don't understand him but nobody does

No. 734924

Isn't this guy a pedo?

No. 734928

>point break and dead poets society
I have to laugh, the homoerotic subtext is deafening and I know many men who refuse to watch these because of that. Scrotes gatekeep themselves to be the mannest of men is pure popcorn fodder

No. 734931

File: 1612911065586.jpg (79.23 KB, 653x653, 617960cfa3101bf2ed6ca9501f63b4…)

Is this thread a bait for NLOGs? Kek
This picture triggers me so fucking much. I'm a cinema autist and those movies are so entry-level, almost every european kino that inspired some american movie is better and has more artistic value than the latter; Rocco and his Brothers is better than The Godfather, Le Samourai is better than Drive etc., but most /tv/fags never even saw those, and they "would never ever understand" them either, because they're too slow. I was into american gangster cinema and Tarantino when I was 15 but then I grew out of it. Scrotes are pathetic, they have the taste of a 15 year old. I go on /tv/ to have a movie discussion but there's no one to discuss movies, except for a few anons in arthouse threads.

Being into video games and anime is so mainstream and basic I won't even mention it here and I don't think it would label you as a scrote. LOTR is almost seen as girly now. I think I can only mention my autistic levels of knowledge on wrestling and soccer, especially FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, Top Gear being one of my favorite tv shows and my autism forcing me to expand my knowledge on cars. Humor like South Park and Rick and Morty. I also I have higher than average testosterone levels and anger issues, and some ideas that would be definitely labeled as misogyny and "victim blaming" on lolcow, but for me it's just really blackpilled version of feminism (radical feminism is not enough and never will be).

Idk if that would happen here but I was many times accused of being a scrote on crystal cafe for advocating antinatalism and efilism (according to women on CC only scrotes and trannies are anti-life and anti-birth because they're jealous of women's ability to pop out babies). I'm not some retarded nihilist but I'm a heavy pessimist, I like the writings of Cioran, Zappfe and Ligotti. Scrotes love the philosophy of Rust Cohle from True Detective but most of them don't know it was heavily inspired by Ligotti and they only larp as Rust to be edgy. I think for most scrotes being anti-life and anti-birth is just an expansion of their incelism and bitterness, they don't understand the deeper, greater meaning behind the philosophy, which started with buddhism and gnosticism, and they don't truly value human suffering, except the suffering of their dicks, so I don't agree there's anything truly scrotish about the mindset.

No. 734932

No hes very anti-pedo and has wrote on why xyz statements by other philosophers such as Dostoevsky who i like because he's interesting not because i inherently agree are shit because it can promote pedophile culture in the church (he inverted "if there is a god anything goes" in a publication to prove his point) . He has articles and talks he did on making churches talk about it and asking hard questions about faith etc. because its so engrained in the very culture of it…So that might be correlation if you saw it in news which if you're a eurofag you likely did

No. 734935

>I'm a cinema autist
We can tell

No. 734944

kinda ot but i was called a tranny for drawing the catboy in the msp thread, kek.

No. 734950

File: 1612911792900.jpeg (429.65 KB, 1080x1080, DC5959E8-1366-407A-B0CB-A3CC40…)

I always want to self insert as the dominant male sexual partner in my sexual fujo or straight fantasies (maybe that’s more troons fakeboyish than scrotey)

Gross fetish of impregnating someone else

I love ara ara / milf / m-mommy milkies type women

Eh, maybe my penchant for gross / edgy humor.

No. 734955

File: 1612911975935.jpg (118.02 KB, 1080x1355, 1609059547981.jpg)

>bayonetta is my waifu
>own lewd figures as well as tons of other anime figs because im a degenerate
>YUGE fucking weeb that has a body pillow
>reads hentai
>love stupid scrote action movies like >>734824 listed
>listens to dad rock and metal
>dresses like a complete slob half the time
>debated transitioning
>uses gross out humor
>regularly go to 4chan because I hate myself
>always assumed male because of username choices and the way I type

I find it funny that none of this at all is really that special, I've had female friends with the same autist obsessions and way of conducting themselves. Like someone else said earlier in the thread, scrotes just claim anything that isn't archetypically girly as their own.

No. 734956

File: 1612912017477.jpg (86.28 KB, 800x649, d5f.jpg)

Is this a containment thread for me? I fucking love Touhou project. The girls are all badass monsters/gods, non-sexualized(at least not in the canon), and no men. If you can get past them looking like dumpy lolis with garbage on their heads then it's actually a pretty enjoyable franchise. Just avoid /jp/ at all costs and you're set.

No. 734959

isn't it super irritating that scrotes have all but dominated the touhou cosplay scene? it started as a meme and now they get super angry if you dont have a dick

No. 734963

Dont troon out Queen just stay you

No. 734971

Touhou scrotes are on the same level as vtuber scrotes, which is to say most of them are incels. Just don't participate in the fandom at all and enjoy the cute girls. Scrotes and trannies mad that only women can go to Gensokyo.

No. 734972

File: 1612912835462.jpg (89.63 KB, 640x556, FB_IMG_1603154889190.jpg)

Nice, I was going to post about ancient Greek lit and Hegelian marxism so I think you sound interesting anon. Zizek and Alain Badiou are two of my favourite thinkers

No. 734973

i listen to shit like this

No. 734977

>Gross fetish of impregnating someone else
How tho? I have plenty of pregnancy related fantasies involving other women, but never impregnating others.

Also to contribute, unironically liking and reading shounen manga/anime. Mostly because it's literally marketed at young boys.

No. 734978

pls dont troon out, you're fine as you are

No. 734983

File: 1612913597265.gif (57.79 KB, 312x238, 0110.gif)

No. 734985

i like touhou and anal

No. 734987

No worries, I like my boobs and like having a vagina, being a biological female is where it's at. I think it was more the pressure by outsiders who saw my likes as too male, and my attraction to females as a definitive "oh you must be totally trans!", completely ignoring the things I do enjoy that are traditionally feminine. It was gross and uncalled for, but in a way it did help me embrace my true self and figure out who needed to be culled from my life.

No. 734995

File: 1612914847945.jpg (2.6 MB, 1500x2086, Touhou.full.2000716.jpg)


Based and pinkpilled. Gensokyo is for women only.

No. 734996

AYRT, this isn’t an embarrassing list at all! i love Dostoevsky! Zizek is probably one of three living philosophers I’ve read, and I don’t have an authoritative opinion on him or anything. I like the memes though and I liked what I read. Also everyone I’ve met who’s really into Zizek is a woman so I never really associate him with men
Hegel was sooooooo hard for me to read, I was thinking of including him in my list bc I’ve read so much that he was influenced by/stuff influenced by him but I’d never pick up anything of his again outside of the classroom unless absolutely necessary. Outside of Nietzsche, Hegel is def one of the main philosophers that scrotes like to talk about without understanding at all. Unfortunately, unlike Nietzsche I don’t understand him well myself so I can’t correct them without probably being even more wrong

No. 735002

I can't believe lolcow got me into an unironic polycule. This site is destroying me and I love it

No. 735003

I hope anorectal-kun doesn't read this thread; he's going to be so disappointed in us.

No. 735013

i guess my one scrote trait is that i listen to goreshit too

No. 735017

File: 1612917087548.jpg (554.61 KB, 1024x1790, venti.jpg)

i'm obsessed with "traps" and "femboys" and all that degenerate crossdressing garbage, only 2d though. (irl crossdressing scrotes and trannies are repulsive.) i'm pretty sure growing up on 4chan has irrevocably fucked up my sexuality.

No. 735027

>huge fujo but only for bara
Ew why. I've never understood the appeal in bara, thought only gay scrotes like that shit.

No. 735039

based anon traps are really cute and fashionable

No. 735095

Let's be friends, anon

No. 735096

File: 1612924806703.png (218.7 KB, 294x442, 1606326377835.png)

Are you me anon?
/tv/ is just worthless at this point, don't loose your time there. I'm slowly realising that the rare good takes on movies that I was seeing on the board were probably mostly made by other women.

>those movies are so entry-level

Hard agree! I also get so triggered by the fact that this "essential women will never understand core" list includes the outsiders which was written by a women when she was still a teenager. I also feel like they were dying to include American Psycho but couldn't because of the director kek.
What movie recommendation do you have anon?

Also, you sound like you had a Nietzsche phase kek. Please keep on being a weirdo, you sound edgy but in an intersting way

No. 735097

Drop the last 10 songs you heard (similar to that one) right now or I will anorectal violent you. I need a new playlist.

>Likes futa, loli, big boobas

>Beign absolutely direct about liking women or something about the female in question
>Every pretentious 2deep4u anime and manga (because real "fappers" fap to the same text about how reality is just a perception over and over again and must consume it daily)
>Dating sims because I will never touch a real female hand
>Parenthood is the only chain that restrains me from going ballistic and buy every figurine of my fav underage anime girl

No. 735098

Based. Rin was also a top tier girl before Deresute and the anime released and the fandom cannon was that she had a smell fetish though kek.

No. 735130

Tbh same, I love denpa shit which is full of loli propaganda, I blame rhythm games for this kek. Also as I grow older, so is my affinity for cute shotas. Also enjoy moeshit anime.

No. 735131

Anon I also love goreshit with my entire being because his songs were for me in very long depressive episodes. I just hate the association with loli so fucking much. Shit, he's a good musician.

No. 735135

I usually hate loli and shota shit but these songs are cancerous bops.

No. 735136

File: 1612928509680.gif (305.53 KB, 1024x1024, 1611421001577.gif)

I'm radfem-ish, gender critical and pink pilled and I just want you all to know that I don't mind you girlies being like this at all, personally speaking. I think the notion that women should act a certain way is oppressive so I cringe when anons here police what women can and can't like. Even if you like weird coomer stuff I still respect you and regard you higher than I would any fucking scrote in this planet. You do you and like what you want to like, just do it with some critical thinking. That's all.

No. 735147

Based. A woman enjoying immoral chinese cartoons will never be the same as a scrote. She's at worst a NLOG, a scrote at worst is a pedophile. The only reason I'd shit on someone proclaiming their degeneracy here is because I don't want lurking men to feel welcomed to LARP as one of us.

No. 735158

The only issue I have with it is that a lot of scrote internet culture grooms girls into having internalized misogyny or becoming an egirl SWer. But if you're able to think critically about what you're consuming, go for it.

No. 735165

same here! music like goreshit has got me through a lot of bad times. it's amazing how rancid and smelly he looks irl though haha

No. 735188

File: 1612932041022.jpg (298.94 KB, 1329x2048, 1564661461010.jpg)

Lolicons are pedophiles though, regardless of sex.

No. 735195

File: 1612932524259.jpg (65.53 KB, 600x600, Cardcaptor.Sakura.600.3175417.…)

I think there is a difference between thinking lolis are cute and consuming loli/shota hentai or something like that. A lot of them look similar to dolls and are cute. Like I think Sakura is cute but I wouldn't read lewd doujins of her or anything, that's haram.

No. 735209

File: 1612933583537.jpg (259.23 KB, 1332x850, 1654654564.jpg)

Yeah this. I can't fucking say I like the loli/shota archetype without being inferred that I want to fuck them. Since men made sexualising those characters as default and apparently women cannot experience things independently from the male gaze. Certain loli/shota charas are super popular with asian women, are they really all pedo[hiles.

No. 735217

The word itself is usually applied to sexualized versions of those characters, idg why not just say young girl/boy? Like normal art of those characters usually aren't tagged with loli/shota, but sexualized art is, so it has that association.

No. 735218

*tagged with the words

No. 735222

Bruh it's way more creepy to say you like young girls and boys lmao at least weeb words denote 2D

No. 735223

brainlet here, what's so bad about dostoevsky, i like his books too

No. 735283

File: 1612940742332.jpg (35.72 KB, 500x500, 512OcwNZw9L._AC_.jpg)

This thread makes me curl my upper lip. Half of these posts read like:
>have interests
Maybe on 4chan these interests are memed as male interests, but irl, I've known as many women into history and film as men are, for instance.

No. 735300

Seek help if you think that frame from CCS is meant to be sexual.

No. 735301

File: 1612942989088.png (671.62 KB, 728x711, 4673209463026408326432759.png)

Nta but I love bara as long as the guys aren't too hairy. A lot of women seem to like skinny feminine dudes and they have their moments but I fucking love muscles especially thicc asses and pecs. And bara tiddy is a thing. You can't get the full scope of the experience unless you've been with a muscular guy but grabbing a man's pecs and feeling how smooth and cushy they are and then when he moves or flexes they turn into absolute fucking rocks with this layer of soft fat on top is fjiodjsfns holy fuck I love sucking and biting on them. Also domming an absolute beast of a man who could hurl you into the next room yet willingly submits to you is empowering to the point of giddiness. Highly, highly recommend. Himbo bf is truly the dream

No. 735306

how can one woman be so based? bara ftw

No. 735307

File: 1612943812617.jpg (69.83 KB, 900x474, back_muscle_main.jpg)

I like Hairy Chest in men feels nice to rest my head on well developed Pec, though I can understand why some would like it smooth, what I really like however are men's back muscles, I think it maybe a byproduct of watching to much Shonen anime but either way I really like well developed back muscles, epically the one's that make a face like pic related

No. 735308

I'm crazy about femboys but hate troons and men who like them. That's probably my only scroteish trait and I hate how men seem to think that it's an open invitation for them to come talk about how they like to crossdress. I don't care about your 3D pig fetishes, jesus men are disgusting.

No. 735312

File: 1612945144229.jpg (260.77 KB, 1200x1684, 1200px-Jordan_Peterson_June_20…)

i like jordan peterson

No. 735316

File: 1612945426844.webm (1.26 MB, 640x360, jordan_peterson.webm)

but he is sexist anon? How do you deal with this aspect of his content?

No. 735318

i just sort of ignore it. i'm radfem so i don't agree with anything that he says about women. i find a lot of value in his messages in regards to overcoming nihilism / depression (he's helped me a lot) so i tend to just focus on that side of his content.

No. 735320

I'm sure you can find some better philosophers to overcome this, especially when he is ripping off a lot of other philosophers in the first place. But I'm glad that he is helping you though

No. 735323

so you need a mom, not jordan peterson

No. 735324

I hope you're not that same anon who is just a conservative that calls themselves radfem cause you hate troons

No. 735326

File: 1612946162468.jpeg (Spoiler Image,434.36 KB, 900x1280, 2653A191-8B9F-4728-8C7B-545A42…)

Same. I’ll make some exception for hairy baras, not hairy asses though. What I truly hate is when bara has titties like this. Why?? Stop it.
Anyway, nowadays plenty of women author bara content, you can usually tell by how pretty they draw faces, I favor those authors.
Yaoi drawn by men are either comically buff and grotesquely hairy bears or it’s little boys rape, there’s no in between. There’s never any story either, just hentai. Gay or straight they all have shit taste.

No. 735334

it's true i could probably find better sources of wisdom but idk he dumbs stuff down a lot which helps me. i do read other philosophers (kierkegaard, camus, sartre etc) as well though. my life is going much better now thanks to his videos
no? i mean i do hate troons but that's not the only thing i believe lol.

No. 735336

File: 1612947170889.jpg (432.68 KB, 715x850, o002_214-e1583943969727.jpg)

I really love all of asano inios work. I know punpun is depression porn but I read it during my formative years and it impacted me I guess. I grew past punpun being my favourite manga of his but I still hold it dear. I wouldn't trust a man that liked punpun too much and recently I've been seeing people say that inio writes very male like stories but I kind of disagree with that.
His art is so nice to look at, I love the way he draws characters and his sense of humour.

No. 735344

I like watching top gear (not the matt leblanc bullshit) and movie essay videos

No. 735353

What’s scrote like about that? You just like boomers and spergs.

No. 735367

i have a severe madonna whore complex

No. 735369

Jesus Christ, the cringe. This is the shit you guys think you're NLOGs for liking?
>Rick and Morty
>Ancient history
>Breaking bad
>Pop music (???)
Go outside, I've met many women who like these things. For fuck's sake, some of these topics have threads here. Also, liking philosophy doesn't mean you're a scrote, it means you're a pretentious turbo-autist.

No. 735372

Yeah, I didn't want to kill the chill vibe of the thread, but some of the posts ITT are really just
>have hobbies and your own tastes in things
If anyone on LC called you a scrote for liking rock music, video games or history, I think we'd all agree that they're a fucking nutcase and probably a deranged tradthot.
It makes me sad to think about it, too. If all these interests are truly so "male-coded", what really is "for us" and not scrotes? What the fuck do we get to have to ourselves? TikTok and yoga pants? Please.

No. 735377

I guess we have Animal Crossing, the Sims and other games scrotes call "for babies". AKA not rooty tooty point and shooty = ew bad

No. 735378

Agreed, genuinely embarassing

I don't consider any of these male interests, have they met any girls irl?

No. 735384

i posted here too because i've been mistaken for a tranny online on quite a few occasions (weirdly enough, not on lolcow, and no, i wasn't showing my face) and i was trying to figure out why people would think that.

No. 735386

I'm sure most of us know that many women share these interests, it's just on lc we get called scrotes for liking this stuff

No. 735392

File: 1612954440519.png (485.35 KB, 1000x1000, ria.png)

Oh no, I thought LL is full of tranny perverts and IMAS, the only good idol anime is trannie-free… But I suppose that's because of Riamu? I thought trannies weren't invested in this franchise, and only posted memes with her while knowing nothing about her. Makes me feel good about never looking at ENG Idolmaster community.

I do not think i'd be outed for enjoying IdolMaster, because it's a nice and wholesome franchise which I love, but Riamu always bein w 'troon memes' is alarming. I love her character and the story behind it because of how goofy she is. Each character in imas is unique and i love them all, that including Kirari. I love it how Kiari is a great, caring mom friend who appears to be the tallest of them all, but she grew to like her height and she wears all the cute stuff because she wants to, instead of making copycat characters like Love Live does.

No. 735395

Like >>735386 said I don't consider myself an nlog and I'm aware other women share these interests, but because a lot of these things are basic and popular (nothing wrong with that) and have been deemed men's "property" due to loud male fanbases, when anons sperg about them it can come across scrote-ish precisely because men often center their entire personalities around stupid interests. I don't see anyone in this thread saying "I'm speshul and superior for liking this" just expressing frustration about toxic communities and gatekeeping, which is the exact opposite of what you're complaining about.

No. 735406

Idk which anons you are, but people think you're a tranny because you're socially maladjusted and overshare about your weird fetishes. It doesn't have anything to do with the music, games, or movies you like.
That's why the whole premise of the OP is retarded. Anons thinking you're a scrote is 90% about your behavior and maybe 10% about whatever shit you consoom (and even then, it's usually something like ecchi or lolishit.) No one is going to accuse you of being a scrote for liking Lord of the Rings, good God.

No. 735412

>memed into male interest
Try to say that you like any of the things mentioned here inside a thread and act a little harsher than usual and you'll be labeled as a scrote by a few anons.

No. 735415

File: 1612957409175.png (272.23 KB, 824x280, mado.png)

the same can be said about madoka then.

No. 735416

He's a good artist and mangaka, even if I have a hard time accepting that I like some of his works, like girl on the shore. That manga is good but it leaved me feeling empty and maybe a bit grossed out. Still really good author

No. 735417

how is that coomer angle

No. 735419


In lolcow you get called a scrote for liking MADOKA of all things, where were you when anons were calling each other scrotes for simple things like that? nobody called them nutcases, everyone jumped in. The vibe of a scrote is so particular that it's just obvious when they post, yet 1 bad word (like saying jacking off instead of masturbation) throws you under the scrote radar. Some women, specially inside imageboards, are just used to writing in an unisex or harsher way, deal with it. Unless they say shit like "hi cum-guzzlers and femoids, you need to shut up and gobble on my dick" or shit like that then liking stuff doesn't make us into moids.

No. 735420

Exactly, anons are saying this is coomer and it really isn't. The only coomer thing about madoka are mami's tiddies and she's killed early off, so…

No. 735422

> I don't see anyone in this thread saying "I'm speshul and superior for liking this" just expressing frustration about toxic communities and gatekeeping, which is the exact opposite of what you're complaining about.

This. I think honestly the girls here who scream SCROOOTEEEE to other anons are ultra retarded, but not guilty. They're probably a bit traumatized by everything if they think even something this girly is for scrotes, and it's understandeable. It's men, it's always been men's fault for making women feel lesser and gatekeeping things. Fuck men.

No. 735443

The animeposters we get are often scrotes from other sites (I like anime but it's why I don't use reaction images from it much here), but there's nothing male about enjoying the medium itself.
>nobody called them nutcases, everyone jumped in
Doubt this. One anon tried to claim Madoka was a scrote anime in this very thread and pretty much no one took her side.
Also, we're literally saying those things don't make you a scrote, so I don't understand the rest of your post, lmao. When were you called a scrote because you said "I like LOTR"? Link the post/thread, and literally everyone will agree the person's a fucking schizo.

No. 735448

Nietzsche is absolutely fantastic (apart from a small amount of problematic stances which are not at the core of his philosophy), I really don't get why he is associated with 'fake deep stuff' because he is actually very deep. The deepest philosopher (as in: the most coherent, complete and original thoughts) of all philosophers I've read.

No. 735450

I seriously doubt you have been called a scrote then, because whenever I have been called one, multiple anons come and say "yeah this anon is sus" and shit like that. Don't blame you if you haven't experienced it, but you doubting things doesn't mean it hasn't happened.
>people defending maodka in this thread
Well this thread is the "things that make us look like scrotes thread", so of course people will call bullshit on sight, not so much on other past threads.

No. 735451

the scene in GoW3 (i think) where he saves an half-naked, abused sex slave and then lets her get crushed to death (despite her begging to protect her) in order to open a pathway makes me want to kill whoever was responsible, or myself. this is so fucking disgusting and vile. same with Kratos using the dead body of Hera that he just killed to solve environmental puzzles.
IDK how you can overlook this shit, but people have different sensibilities. Not intending to shame you, especially since I myself enjoy some scrotey shit.

No. 735455

File: 1612960868111.jpg (180.17 KB, 1069x1249, EFLaxY_VUAA1_WW.jpg)

Very based. The only thing I don't like about bara is that the faces tend to be ugly and cartoonish, except for a few artists. Himbo masochistic sub bf with a pretty face is the ideal.

I hate how some artists draw pecs like literal titties. Why are gay artists so straight sometimes?

No. 735460

No I agree anon, I remember those scenes and it’s why I brought the games up in the context of this thread. I overlook it because there’s just so much extreme violence overall and it really doesn’t distinguish between any characters based on sex, stature or any other factor. You pummel Hercules’ face until it’s crushed into a pulp, tear Helios’ head off, slowly sever Hermes’ legs. By comparison those deaths are honestly mild, and while I don’t like the slave’s treatment, she’s just another bystander victimized by Kratos’ rage (hence it’s not personal and they don’t show/participate in her prior sexual abuse). Simply destroying everything/one around you in the games was the point. You’re a self-centered antihero at best and an outright villain at “worst,” but I found that freeing as there are few games where there isn’t some sort of righteous moralizing despite killing hundreds of enemies in your path. Which is why I dislike the push to retcon Kratos as a good guy or have him be redeemed. Just let him be an asshole.

I had a pretty ragey period as a kid and as I said, it was cathartic getting to indulge in that without being guilted about it. Never had the desire to hurt any real people but aside from physical activity this was another fun outlet for me.

No. 735474

sage but i love this doujinshi

No. 735478

Source please!

No. 735510

File: 1612965615103.jpg (90.77 KB, 1280x720, 46546456456.jpg)

>What movie recommendation do you have anon?
It depends what you're interested in. I like many different stuff, Au Hasard Balthazar is one of my favourites, also Kieslowski's Decalogue and Almodovar's All About My Mother (there's a tranny plot point but I still cried lol). As for female directors, I think The Ascent by Larisa Shepitko is an obligatory recommendation. Idk what you like so I'm just throwing whatever.
And yep, I had a Nietzsche phase, but I felt it wasn't "enough" for me. I think I would currently describe myself as a pessimistic humanist (I made that up, I know). In my eyes, the best solution for the human race (and life in general) is to go extinct. I'm also into gnosticism but I don't bring my personal spirituality into philosopical discussions.
I never understood how can Jordan Benzo Peterson help anyone when he can't even help himself, raise a daughter right and get rid of his benzo addiction, he's the best example of "do as I say, not as I do". Everything he says is pretentious and empty and he's such a coward he still didn't answer the Solzhenitsyn question. And during his debate with Zizek he exposed himself as a total ignorant. Of course, there are better philosophers than Benzo Peterson, but even listening to redpilled women with no higher education like Black Obsidian on yt helped me more with finding my inner strenght than listening to Peterson. Someone like her can help women more than most scrote philosophers (if they're ready for actual solutions, not just intellectual masturbation). Above all, looking for different sources of inspiration is the most important thing.

No. 735511

True, scrotes have a weird ass socialization and it shows.

No. 735534

well i mean his advice isn't for everyone but it helped me lol

No. 735649

His works are extremely overrated, dull, fake-deep shit and he cheated on his wife with a middle schooler.

No. 735657

Source of him cheating?

No. 735659

I said I liked Madoka and got compared to a scrote, it wasnt because of my behaivor

No. 735665


you know, i have some weeaboo likes i guess. i'm not crazy about anime or manga, but i can enjoy it. anyways, i'm not mega into manga but i read punpun for several days. i heard it was the greatest thing ever and that i was going to cry and shit. i read a bunch of it. didn't feel shit. it was entertaining kinda. but i was waiting and waiting for the point where it was going to get good and i was going to start caring and cry. and it never happened. guess i'm not as weeaboo as i thought.

No. 735683

Damn some of you got that insecure about being called scrote on lolcow by one or two anons?

No. 735696

I got called a scrote a couple times but it was definitely due to my socialization and not any particular interest I have

No. 735700


yeah, when i first started using the website i got called a "robot". realized i was taking scrote like and started interacting with anons differently. it's fine to be catty here, but not a dick. it's hard to find the line to some though.

No. 735714

Wow I wish we could be friends tbh because I want to broaden my horizons and you sound just the ticket. I mean maybe not because I've never enjoyed a scrote who loved top gear, don't know about women but i'm skeptical.

I used to fume when males would treat basic, basic shit as this elite thing women couldn't grasp. I left /tv/ once the "films women wouldn't understand" threads picked up and they named my favourite, Synechdoche New York.

The blatant pedo cunny shit shouldn't do it, but that did, kek.

No. 735759

the manga Reiraku lmfao

No. 735782

Yeah this. I get the thread was meant for laughing at yourself in a self-ironic way like "I like nasty futanari coomershit guess I'm a scrote" or something but bitches trip over each other rushing to brag how liking ~philosophy~ and ~history~ totally makes them like men. Lmao some of you grew up on 4chan and never had female friends in your teens and it shows

No. 735799

The chances of it being true are pretty high considering the sheer amount of male authors who use their works as thinly veiled confessions and turn out to be actual creeps. It happens way too often.

No. 735823

File: 1612989643210.gif (124.01 KB, 500x450, 1452377717235.gif)


No. 735856

I missed the “go outside” posts last night but as one of the anons whose interests were listed I just wanna say I know my interests aren’t just for men and I know women into all of them (except prog rock kek though they surely exist). I just listed them bc they are things that have been criticized as anti-feminist, are memed as being stereotypical or even red-flag male interests, or have vocal scrote/coomer dominated fandoms that turn women off or actively shit on their opinions (e.g. Skylar from breaking bad who was massively hated in the fandom for being…a normal person?).

Late response sorry but I’m AYRT and I agree Nietzsche is amazing and has a way with words that 90% of philosophers lack. He writes negatively about women but respected women in his life as equals apparently and supported their education. The Nazi connection is unfortunate and makes him tough to talk about with others sometimes. Considering both the fact that that connection came about due to his sister messing with his works after his death and his writings on Jewish people and German chauvinism, he would not have been a fan, which is actually a widely held view now. But like you said, neither of those things are central to his philosophy. I just listed him bc I love his crazy ass and I’ve met a lot of men who read zarathustra bc edgy and try to act like the supreme authority on his thought while ignoring my opinion completely

No. 735866

I don't like (liberal) feminism.

No. 735874

Honestly, same. I don't dislike everything about it but it's plenty.

No. 735895

It kinda annoys me when I see anons put so much emphasis on the demographics of weeb media. Every type of popular media has a demographic that they market to (including western media), it doesn’t mean x is for scrotes only.

Code Geass for example was popular with men and women and the spin off mangas ran in seinen, shojo, and shonen anthologies. Nodame is a josei that was fairly popular even with male readers. Emma ran in a seinen anthology and was popular with women. Obvious girl shit like Angelic Layer originally ran in Shonen Ace. Popular anthologies like Shonen Jump have a lot of female readers and most readers are over 20 (iirc) so it’s hardly just a “boy” magazine.

Most action/sci-fi series are gonna be aimed at males because they probably think that’ll be the majority of their audience, it doesn’t mean the writer said “gotta make this only for men.”

No. 735899

Anon, you're not alone…

No. 735901

>Black Obsidian
I was wondering if anyone else on here watches her live streams, I want to get into what she’s into but I’m not really familiar with all the spiritual things she talks about.

No. 735912

You just sound very bi and Christ get over yourself. You sound more like 'not like the other girls' than any butch I've ever met. You really sure you're not autistic?

No. 735913

that's fine, I hate liberal feminism because I like radical feminism more, even if I'm not a radfem

No. 735915

File: 1612995589431.jpg (599.6 KB, 1280x720, portada_made-in-abyss-3.jpg)

Ok girls but how do we feel about this one? Asking for real

No. 735921

great story, awesome characters and interesting lore. too bad the author is pretty much a pedo and his weird fetishes sometimes bleed into the story

No. 735922

I say “tiddies” and I’m not a troon and you’ll never make me stop

No. 735927

I didn't know it was a scrote thing to say tiddies on here? I like saying tiddies.

No. 735945

Pedoshit under the guise of *~depth~*. The manga's even more blatant, the edgy shit is just being used as jerk off material for the author rather than storytelling with the way it's presented. It gives off the same energy as film directors putting erotic rape scenes in their work and then going "n-no it's just part of the story! ackshuyally it's a metaphor for blah blah blah" The author draws actual loli porn too.

No. 735946

i'm a huge sucker for tragic/depressing storylines, so i love this anime/manga, but am really not fond of the illustrator. his drawing style is fantastic and unique, but i could really do without the sexualization of prepubescents/obvious fetish shit he peppers across his work.
i just want to protect all the characters; they're really precious, innocent, and sweet… especially faputa after the most recent chapter, i was on the brink of tears the entire time i was reading.

No. 735947

Isn't tiddies a black southern slang thing? My mom has said that since the 90s and I heard it said like that as far as the 70s. How is it something only trannies do now?

No. 735949

I agree so hard. I think we should just naturally agree that unless you're some kind of exceptionally fucked up individual, women don't tend to sexualize these things. I just don't like when the kids suffer, it makes me feel like shit, but I like the story. I like some of the drama too. And I love nature, biology, and adventuring, so this manga is like… wow, extremely creative with that. I just wish people knew you can like one thing for different reasons than other people and different reasons than disgusting scrotes.

No. 735951

Nta, but I'm black and southern and I've never noticed that before? Idk, but tiddies > titties

No. 735956

Saying tiddies is fine. Titties though? Unless you're a child, it sounds like you're trying to say titty skittles (hormone pills).

No. 735959

Might just be my family then but people like Richard pryor definitely said that in that way before though . I also seen it used on predominately black forums

No. 735965

Sometimes it's hard to not be skeptical when the pedo stuff is so obvious and hard to ignore. I've had too many weebs recommend blatant fetish series and sometimes outright haremshit to me and claim that it was "deep" or that they unironically watch it for the plot or how it's different from other fetish shit but then it turns out the "plot" is flimsy or nonexistent and the writing is exactly the same as other shit in that genre and the "depth" was
>"but the characters cry sometimes!"
>"but they have tragic backstories!"

No. 735966

>Because moids think women only like stereotypically feminine things and everything else belongs to them.
I hear you so much on this. Admittedly, men have a majority in some communities. I don't have a problem with that, but they cause so much drama and disruption about women one way or another especially male feminists.

If it isn't

No. 735970

Econ isn't male dominated, at least not in my country. It's on par with law.

No. 735971

Misery porn is never deep.

No. 735974

Based on what I've heard about Made in Abyss, it's just nasty pedoshit disguised as something deep.

No. 735975

i think you replied to me, but i deleted my post to correct some grammar. i 100% agree with you, anon. only scrotes (mostly, as you said) take it to the next level by sexualizing children already in an absolutely horrible situation.

No. 735981

I love Black Obsidian even though I don't share this particular type of spirituality, but I can "feel" what she's talking about. You can just focus on the videos where she talks about separatism but if you really want to get into the spiritual stuff, just start from the books she talks about, like The Great Red Dragon by Hotema etc.
If you want other redpilled takes but without the spirituality part I would recommed Sekhmet She-Owl.
Also let's not forget this gem kek

No. 735997

I like it. But I am an edgelord who loves suffering. I think the art is very beautiful, but yeah its criticisms are well deserved. I don’t pay to read/watch it anyway.

No. 735998

It could be so much better only if the characters were just 5 years older. The author is so blatantly a pedo he's not even trying to hide it, his fetishes are also all over the place, he probably has a thing for diarrhea. On the things I unfortunately like, the world building is nice and the monster designs are cool, Ozen is a neat character imo and I'm ashamed to say I found Bondrewd kinda hot

No. 736006

File: 1613001142633.jpg (855.09 KB, 704x1000, 6cd.jpg)

i love cute art of pastel anime girls, even when they're in lingerie. i used to collect anime artbooks as a young teen and i didn't realize they were actually made for male coomers until recently. im sad because now i realize this was all made for men it's tainted it all for me a little bit.

No. 736044

File: 1613004155568.jpg (96.38 KB, 800x600, kabutomushi-beetle.jpg)

Hello ladies its >>734575 again and I'm back because I thought of more moid-isms. Also most of these arent just "interests" but actual weird scrote shit I blame being raised in scrote heavy environments and only having scrote friends with being able to buy into their mindset despite always being held back from full retard because of XX chromosomes and internal hate boner for sexism and never denying i was a girl. Then basically became GC radfem leaning.

>Loves historical wars (not wwii)

>Daily battling my coomerisms (however my reasoning is for women where most scrotes just want to larp normal)
>Imposter syndrome
>played too much league of legends
>finding glory of battle
>Harem anime
>loves cr1tikal (on breadtube)
>easily swayed by hot girl
>Long great wall of text rants or insights sent to friends
>loved wrasslin and battle violent play battling as a kid so friend battle
>Lan parties
>Understands how males just need to go play video games or basketball with the lads to get honey nut feelios out and having heart to hearts.

Scrote shit that could just be because I'm Japanese and had Japanese Osaka scrote dad. (Majima Goro is Osakan for reference to reel in anons on this)

>Recovering salary-man

>Wanting to be a provider and depression around when i can't
>Samurai lover
>honor codes for company and family
>Loving beetles and insects (
Japanese scrote stereotype, pic is kabutomushi rhinoceros beetle isn't he cute?)
>Horseplay with moids
>Cue adult men playing games with adult me scene lounging around in pjs taking it easy.
>Loves rakugo (its an old man hobby that until recently was scrote dominated)
>Loves japanese swords (was old man hobby until based Fujoshi toukenranbu fans revived hobby and saved history unironically)
>Haikus (scrot-ish)
>karate and other weapon based martial arts (irl brothers had no interest only me wanted to full retard kick ass)
>The levels of hobbyist i get. I'm legit the only girl in some circles ik.
>Dreams of getting drunk with cute geisha and maiko and playing games with them tfw (they were invented for scrote gaze from the Oiran)
>High interests in a lot of artisan stuff that is mostly male dominanted
>Always wanted to be a kabuki lead (kabuki is scrotes only art)

Seethe harder kek.

No. 736047

…You're just a turbo autist. Your scrote trait is being an attention whore.

No. 736053

LMAO this is copypasta. Saying "scrote" 100 times doesn't make you blend in.

No. 736058

I uhhhhhhhhhhh used to think TDK's Joker was the coolest thing ever and basically used to kin him before kinning was a thing. I got my cheeks pierced and tried to act edgy and chaotic. Embarrassing scrotey neckbeard behaviour.

No. 736060

> he probably has a thing for diarrhea.
god thats so fucking true

No. 736061

File: 1613004862776.jpeg (15.43 KB, 373x373, d5a.jpeg)

No. 736062

Samefag i have adhd and thus think in retarded lists.

No. 736063

the same applies to anons who call others scrotes on baseless assumptions then
tldr but I stan an autismo queen!

No. 736065

File: 1613005151548.jpg (39.4 KB, 483x512, a91a707731f90a8e5e7fada5b0ef5e…)


Thank you queen.

No. 736066

File: 1613005212741.jpg (126.65 KB, 1280x1276, 2d613cdd-c7f0-40e4-ba1b-94d4fe…)

>be me lvl 6
>slap mom in the face
>she asks why did I do that
>reply with "you have to start somewhere"
Just for reference, my mom wasn't beaten by my step dad, I just thought it's funny to slap women and girls, but I also liked to dominate boys and wrestle with them. I already knew I'm attracted to girls and I wanted to eliminate boys as romantic rivals (but still keep them as main friends). Then from 11 to 15 I larped as a boy on the internet in order to hit on girls, I was even in a "relationship" with one girl, wrote poetry for her and shit, but then she found out I'm a girl irl and she hated me and stopped talking to me.
Kek same. Unfortunately I did the same thing with Joker 2019. I remember walking around my room and reenacting the studio scene where he shoots Murray. I still remember like 98% of the dialogue from the entire movie and I've seen it 5 times at the cinema.

No. 736067

oh my lord you sound adorable

No. 736073

Nothing about this is scrote-like, what's going on with all of you?

No. 736074

you sound so weeby lets be friends

No. 736076

Thanks nonnie

No. 736079

>I wanted to eliminate boys as romantic rivals

Lmao based.
I also saw Joker in cinema repeatedly and bought it immediately, it was like the highest point of my life that year, even joined. Also kinned him to lose weight, because it was so much easier to admire a guy's body then a chick's (just clarifying I wasn't anachan but it was just helpful).
I'm so glad its not just for scrotes.

No. 736080

furthering my confession I also kinned Harley Quinn which was max cringe, I'll post it in the cow yourself thread sometime

No. 736081

Nta and I agree with you, but I display many behaviors mentioned itt and people always told me I'm not girly enough. So maybe it seems normal to us but not to normies? Idk. I live in a conservative environment though.

No. 736082

Good ol NLOG and autism

No. 736084

Harley Quinn is based, I love all the Gotham city sirens.

No. 736086


No. 736091

plz can we be friends I think I really like you

No. 736106

>Harem anime
>loves cr1tikal
Disgusting. But otherwise you sound cool anon

No. 736112

File: 1613008610341.jpg (77.8 KB, 720x1280, k8jceksu5mj21.jpg)


Anon… How can you read his lobster theory and not have your brain melt out of your fucking skull.


>Ignores his sexism

What level copium is this?

if you watched him get owned by Zizek and didn't wanna kys idk what to do…pic related

No. 736113


Not to sperg but the only thing that makes you a woman is born with XX chromosomes…. Having weird scrote interests is just people being different. Its your mindset behind a lot of things you like or do that makes it nlog or scrote.

No. 736119

Harley Quinn is just DC's attempt at a trendy version of Tank Girl.

No. 736128

I don't think Harley Quinn is anything like Tank Girl.
Harley Quinn is like a mentally abused pornsick child dressed like Tank Girl maybe.
but she's cuter
and blonde

No. 736129

She's annoying and worst girl

No. 736131

>only watches cam girl porn
>uses "jack-off" in refence to female masturbation.

That's it those are the only scrote sounding thing I do.

All of the other things I see on here just sound like nlog shit no one is going to call you a scrote for watching south park or bojack horseman. Some of you guys need to talk to other women in real life.

No. 736133

File: 1613011319039.jpg (77.56 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Welp maybe you're just worse girl then.

No. 736136

The anons who accuse others of being scrotes maybe should also talk to other women in real life.

No. 736147

File: 1613013240405.jpg (172.5 KB, 1190x1454, 71nv4uG734L._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

I'm seriously considering buying a Dakimakura. I'm just lonely as hell, long pillows look comfy, and Miku is cute. I don't like the lewd ones though.

No. 736150

i have one, it's worth it

No. 736153

File: 1613013835925.jpg (37.25 KB, 600x600, e1fc497d7a81aad420bc45672ff053…)

Aren't they all lewd? Ngl, I thought that was a loli pillow at first. I would rather get one of the pillows that pregnant woman use cause it looks a lot more comfortable, but that's just me. Imagine watching tv and napping in this bad boy

No. 736160

File: 1613014518381.jpg (81.54 KB, 414x640, external-content.duckduckgo.co…)

I sleep with this one every night. Never have had sleep problems since, 10/10.

No. 736163

File: 1613015432777.jpg (12.13 KB, 425x289, 41rJuVg-NJL._AC_SX425_.jpg)

I don't have one of those but my friend got me a big ass Jinbesan for my birthday and being able to cuddle something so big and squishy is so fucking good you'll hate having to sleep without it

No. 736177


with you 100% as a radfem who enjoys jp despite his sexism. it makes sense to me that he would develop an ignorant worldview regarding women given his rural canadian male upbringing. i don't expect much of scrotes to begin with, so it's easy for me to overlook that part of him and still find value in his self help and motivational work. i also appreciate how emotional he is. it's pretty counterculture for men to allow themselves to cry on television and i really respect that he can go there without shame. it's important for dudes to watch each other cry and normalize expressing emotion like that, and i wish more male public figures would do the same.
but yea, he does say some stupid ass shit about patriarchy and women, but i think he gets ripped to shreds enough about it so it all balances out in the end.
"take what you like and leave the rest"

No. 736182

ew anon

No. 736183

big fat massive cope

No. 736185

I draw lewd art of women.
Also enjoying moe anime shit like others have posted.

I was also quite bitter and incel-ish about being lonely in the past but am much better now.

It is the worst insult.

No. 736192

I already posted earlier, but I guess another thing that could get me branded as a scrote is that I like nsfw anime shit sometimes. I've never gone as far to masturbate to hentai or anything, but It's specifically the boobs that get me.
What kind of lewd art? I admittedly like malegaze-y stuff, but there was one female artist that was shared in the NSFW Artcow threads that makes really great fantasy/medieval, lesbian art that I looove.

No. 736201

Being called a scrote is maybe worse than being called a slut

No. 736203

nta, I fap to hentai all the time and it's so ridiculous and makes me feel super wrong

No. 736205

Nothing I post anywhere, and mostly just women having a good time, often in cute outfits. The only standout thing is my love of size difference.
All things considered, pretty tame and vanilla. But using the skills I've cultivated over the years just to draw sexy lady with boob is kind of scrote-y at face value.

And I'm sadly with you on the love of anime tiddies. They can be kind of aesthetically sexy?
Also will have to check that thread again, her work sounds interesting. I like the idea of historical lesbians across all sorts of cultures.

No. 736207

Shit, I read it, and if even half of it close to reality, now I despise him more than I ever did
also I remember he was trooning out, which is no wonder - being that narcissistic - I wonder how's that ended

No. 736211

Wut I didn't know he wanted to troon out, but yeah he did want to. But he still looks like a guy, I think he didn't do it in the end cause that was in 2013

No. 736212

File: 1613021130965.jpg (Spoiler Image,238.63 KB, 800x1035, EPfJ8SFU0AIP15o.jpg)

The artist is https://twitter.com/alexisflower. Pic is one of my favs. Her nsfw are "messy" and they appeal to that side of me that just likes seeing a bunch of bodily fluids, as gross as that sounds lmao

And I agree! Anime boobs are just kind of "perfect" and I think that's kind of what makes them hot.

No. 736264

i'm glad that my shame is something other people must bear

No. 736273

I love JBP. But im not a radfem. Im not trad either though

No. 736274

File: 1613027242799.gif (455.61 KB, 458x384, tumblr_ospfo5HeEk1und06qo1_500…)

I like brown fictional girls and I'm not afraid of it.

No. 736277

…why would this get you called a scrote?

No. 736297

File: 1613030451877.gif (830.02 KB, 237x237, 0b751d3e00fd026e21ed333c1ea1a4…)

because im a coomer for brown fictional ladies

No. 736298

File: 1613030538183.gif (1.02 MB, 500x280, 1cd2b47c580791f46fbdd6ea2b9eba…)

samefag but oh my god

No. 736300

AYRT that's exactly how i think about it. i'm glad to know there are others like me.

No. 736312

Cant we scrotes and cunts get along, acting like a cunt or scrote should not be an insult by itself, only incels and redditors would think so(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 736329

this is not the thread for you, scrote.

No. 736390

Christ this is 100% someone larping as "japanese"

No. 736413

only troon I stand is Kat Blauqe

No. 736419

that's sad

No. 736426

I watched her poly lifestyle vids for a while just out of morbid curiousity. I was in a weird kink scene when I was young and stupid so I was waiting for her to one day snap out of the lifestyle and see it for what it is. It didn't happen so I got bored and unsubbed at some point.

Then lately I was watching some totally unrelated vid and she had commented on it, someone pointed out that she spams other people vids with comments always just talking about herself…she got all pissy with them and insisted her experiences and input are always 'valid' Skip a couple days ahead and again I found her commenting talking about herself on another random ass vid. I saw what the other person meant. I feel bad that the person got dogpiled with defensive comments because my god was it true. Talk about making everything about yourself.

I realise I said 'she' throughout, I call people whatever pronoun just comes out. Don't have a go at me lol

No. 736448

I dislike Kat as a person but his story is quite sad and some of his BDSM are really interesting and shed some light on the dangers of the BDSM community. I like that he is honest about how degenerate and fucked up people in it are.

No. 736459

Diff anon but yeah the vids talking about creeps in those lifestyles were good. That and the ones talking about how many men go out and fuck transwomen or crossdressers but are so anti-gay and anti-trans in their day to day life (esp around their gfs) I enjoyed that slice of reality. The men out there screaming about gays and trannies the most are the ones buying their services for the night.

No. 736460

I have a body pillow from Walmart that's just solid blue. They're good for certain sleeping positions.

I can't even think of one I tolerate outside of ones I know personally. The ones that get "famous" through the internet or media are almost always some shade of pervert or narcissist. A lot of the average everyday ones are, too, but at least those ones are sometimes polite and amicable.

No. 736485

Contra is my favorite YouTuber

No. 736490

No. 736491

My scrotey traits are
>I fantasize of being the sole provider in a relationship even if my partner is a man
>I adore Asano Inio and feel like I've never emotionally related so much to any mangas, especially the "broken" jaded males (I am not like that irl though)
>The overly wordy and preachy way I tend to reply to anons on forums

No. 736492

>I fantasize of being the sole provider in a relationship even if my partner is a man

not a scrote take. incredibly based and i wish the best for you anon

No. 736497


You and Jordan Peterson-chan have both single handedly outscroted everyone ITT

No. 736501

please get better taste

No. 736539

Good job sweaty, you obviously ignored the blurb underneath my list in >>734955 where I said none of that made me special and I knew other women just like this. Get better reading comprehension.

No. 736549

File: 1613060759342.png (532.09 KB, 1597x1600, bait.png)

>>734314 pic rel

>>735369 Based
>>735372 Based
>>736047 Ultra based

>>736497 /thread

No. 736551

I own a dakimakura and plan on getting more.

No. 736561

My interests are what some people consider male such as history (military especially), anything dealing with tech, black metal, and a few other things. I've expressed those interests on lolcow and never have I been once called a scrote for it but I have to be honest that most women I know are not interested in those things. I think that imageboards may attract a certain type of people. However that's not to say that most men irl are interested in those things either beyond the superficial level but since they might be predominant in certain niche interests, you're going to have a hard time finding another woman to talk to about those irl.

No. 736576

File: 1613063114904.png (347.11 KB, 587x384, a.PNG)

Forgot to mention I really enjoy Kirinodere's feed and his life is quite goal.

No. 736596

You poor thing.

No. 736600

>I unironically feel like women are superior to men in every single way and women have cockholm syndrome from female socialization.
Don't they out compete women in virtually every video game and sport that isn't long distance swimming and targeting shooting to the point troons in sports is a problem?

No. 736608

>video game and sport
Well done men.

No. 736612

>Lmao some of you grew up on 4chan and never had female friends in your teens and it shows
that's true and it hurts, at least one thing i can say is i never sought validation from men on 4chan and lurked mostly because i was too shy even for that
im trying my best anon, although im not one of those anons you mentioned kek

No. 736614

Thinking back to the time I'd ask for advice and they'd say tits or gtfo and I'd comply, oof

No. 736619

>and I'd comply
If you were my sister I'd cry my eyes out.

No. 736620

>women are superior to men in every single way
>women running slower, throwing shorter, lifting lighter, and so on physical challenges imposed by the sport
>even when physical challenge is eliminated (video games), men still dominate
If you're really better, then represent. It just sounds like you're ignoring the areas where men exceed women despite shooting estrogen and chopping off their dicks.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 736622

I'm not the original anon. I was passing by and I made a joke.. ffs

No. 736625

>Thinking back to the time I'd ask for advice and they'd say tits or gtfo and I'd comply, oof
I seriously hope you don't do this. It's always better to leave them hanging and shouting TITS OR GTFO to the point they derail their own threads.

No. 736642

I unironically used to love derailing perfectly good 4chan threads by just subtly implying I may be a woman. Scrotes gonna chimp.

No. 736646

yes men excel at three things:
-caveman physical strenght

b r a v o

No. 736663

She was one of my favorite trans youtubers but either I've grown out of her style or she's more formulaic? Back in the earlier days I really enjoyed the incel etc videos, but the past 2-3 or so have been awful imo. The latest JK Rowling one I had to turn off within 5 minutes because regardless of what she said that nasally voice grated on me so much.

I also agree with this. I watched a couple of videos and was heavily side eyeing how she was so nonchalant about blatant red flags when getting to know people in the BDSM community.

No. 736747

No. 736753

Agreed. I kind of feel bad for Nat, I have a feeling her stuff would have stayed high quality if she wasn't praised so much / put on such a pedestal by the media while simultaneously having a third of twitter wanting her head on a platter. Must be a weird feeling. I'm hoping her quality will improve now she's off opium, too.
Kat Blaque is just boring and smug, tho.

No. 736757

Nta but I often refer to kinda passing trans people as whatever pronoun they read as to me, then on here I resent having to get corrected on pronouns just as much as I would resent an enby or poorly passing tranner correcting me. Stop correcting pronouns on both sides please lol

No. 736763

File: 1613077834985.jpg (58.81 KB, 1280x720, 1608760384441.jpg)

>kind of passing

No. 736770

I wasn't talking about contra?? I don't particularly know their vids. I said I'm not that anon and I'm talking in general.

No. 736796

Samefag, but this might be scrotey in itself. I crush on mostly butch women and sometimes transmen and I post about it regularly cos it's not like I'm ever going to meet one that looks like that top 1 percent of em. Me sharing my sexual frustration over wanting ftm pussy is about as scrote level as I get. Then I always get corrected because I call them 'he' while talking wanting their holes lol

No. 736819

I feel like a lot of the times that people respond like that, it's less about correcting the anon but more because >she/>her is a meme thing.

No. 736822

Look I’m not gonna go “not all men” at you but I do think misandry is stupid., and I feel that would label me as a “Scrote.” This really applies to any form of prejudice but having a resentment over an entire group, especially if it wasn’t a choice feels dumb to me.

Also the word “scrote” is pathetic. It’s like your trying really hard to create your own “slur” but since only lolcow uses it, it loses all “power” and just becomes petty nonsense. Also, why are trying so hard to copy incels? You of all people should know they are awful.

No. 736835

I've been seeing scrote used on other sites now. Most people dont use roastie but that doesnt stop people on 4chan from saying it.

No. 736837


oh cmon you're offended that we use the word scrote now? seriously? you think it's misandry and slur like? this is an image board. everyone uses slurs like faggot all the time, it's part of the culture. now we're not even using a real slur and you're offended? i don't know scrote, image board are never that serious. that's the point. maybe try to chill it could help.

No. 736845

Nah ‘scrote’ is fantastic and it’s a drop in the pond compared to the amount of female-coded derogatory words that exist. I introduced it to my friend group who afaik don’t use lolcow and they seem to prefer using it to ‘fuckboy’ which doesn’t have the same slap to it.

No. 736848

idk about other anons but I don't actually hate men I just exaggerate for the meme. They make sexist "jokes" all the time so why shouldn't we do the same? They need a taste of their own medicine

No. 736850

Clearly scrote is working and I'm glad we have it, then

No. 736873

File: 1613084700552.jpg (209.38 KB, 850x1147, __shimamura_uzuki_and_yumemi_r…)

I'm OP of this thread and I love misandry! #yesallmen

No. 736874

I hate men as a class but the individual man I treat with respect deserved of all humans and general apprehensiveness. Won't stop me from going on lolcow.farm and calling a scrote a scrote.


No. 736875

No. 736876


No. 736878

Probably because i play League, and mostly play male characters, which is only a male thing apparently and according to people females only should play female characters and support as a role.

And probably also because i like anime girls with big thighs and breasts, but thats a male only thing too and i guess women arent allowed to like that.

And generally liking boy things more than girl things, im a tomboy so i dont really like overly feminine stuff.

No. 736880


No. 736882

I call men scrotes on here because the men that come here to post are actual walking ballsacks that pop in to talk about child porn being ok or they spam walls of text about female anuses needing to be perfect.. making it hard to talk to each other between all the butthole spam

It's not that deep outside of here for me.

No. 736884

Apparently only having one male gay friend because everyone else is embarrassed to be seen with you and being bullied by girls in school makes you a scrote.

No. 736889

File: 1613085307814.jpeg (351.29 KB, 750x863, 584D9351-F39D-4388-AF69-D7F9A1…)

>t-totally n-not bothered by being called names btw
Not hating men is cringe Penelope-chan. Try going on reddit if you need asspats for defending men’s honor.

No. 736891

File: 1613085337069.jpg (55.54 KB, 473x470, 1064b7efb8f348e09baba17368ff8f…)

I'm OP of this thread and I think anyone who sympatizes with men should get mentally checked and maybe pink pilled. The reason why I hate being called a scrote is because for me scrotes are almost always subhuman pieces of shit, so being called one is a greater insult than being called a bitch, a cunt, or a whore. At least those are female insults, but being compared to a man is super degrading to me. Imagine wanting to be like a man, couldn't be me. Women are superior, and the only reason men are stronger is because they have ape-like levels of testosterone that make them go retarded. Society would be better away from men, who make wars and are slave masters and just love violence and rape.
Do I think there are nice individuals who happen to be male? Of course! I have nice sweet male friends. But that doesn't exclude them from their male traits, male fantasies, and male behaivors. They were socialized as male, after all. Fuck scrotes, and any girl who has ever been compared to one deserves better.

No. 736893

kek that image is exactly how they act though

No. 736894

Is it? I'm ESL so that's something I might be missing.

No. 736897

File: 1613085521006.png (152.63 KB, 1297x343, 1.png)

why do you delete your funny reply lol

No. 736898

I usually don't swoon over internet strangers but for you I'll make an exception nonny

No. 736899

tbh i'm really conflicted seeing such a pink-pilled attached to this image, but I guess this was the point of the thread to begin with. you do you, sis.

No. 736901

I'm not sure where "Penelope-chan" came from, but I love it. Perfect term for a "pick-me".

No. 736903

It's funny when scrotes get mad about being called scrotes.

No. 736908

I wanted to use another image, but I couldn't find it in the end lmao. Glad you liked it either way

No. 736913

jesus this thread should've stayed locked

No. 736916

File: 1613086260091.jpeg (86.1 KB, 891x477, ABA1FF84-5570-4192-8363-E012C5…)

I unironically love Nagatoro, I too want to make twinks cry.
Although the bullying gets so watered down half way through, I still think the relationship is cute
I seethe knowing that normalfags and e-thots are gonna ruin it when the anime comes out.

No. 736921

File: 1613086824475.png (213.08 KB, 1300x975, 8cx2j6hdbbs31.png)

NTA but I assume it's from this meme
I hated on you upthread but you're alright. Makeup kiss? <3

No. 736933

oh it's shoe

No. 736953

File: 1613089752250.jpeg (483.61 KB, 750x622, 1613075613390.jpeg)

mentality and mannerisms, i guess

No. 736967

I used quotations for a reason. Of course it’s not a slur. Even cracker is more of a slur than scrote is. It feels like the people who use “scrote” are jealous of incels ad their use of roastie, foid, and shit, and instead of thinking “wow these people suck” you think “man I really wish I can do that but the genders reversed”

No. 736969

WTF you're all scrotes??? I've been bamboozled!!!

No. 736970

kek how are we supposed to act? how does one post in a feminine way?
>other female spaces
do these retards think women's default form of communication is twitter meme speak? This is why we need to keep bullying them

No. 736971

>noo wamen hate each other
Anon, that's literally troon propaganda. Nobody hates women more than men.

No. 736972

I'm mean as shit on here so I'm a woman, safe! Kek T do be giving them brain damage

No. 736973

I think it's cute too, I just wish it wasn't so fanservicey with the bath/beach scene.

No. 736975

Men are so autistic they think the entire world mimics 4chan and not that 4chan is infested with low self esteem normies.

No. 736980

File: 1613091016434.jpeg (279.89 KB, 750x466, D78EBB8C-3106-4997-B7A7-D214BD…)

Yes. They unironically believe that.

No. 736981

I can't get over
>either they're perfectly mimicking males or they are males
doesn't even cross his mind that he might be wrong about women, or that the world doesn't revolve around them

No. 736983

KEK moids are so fucking stupid, pls just KAM already

No. 736988

Actual brain worms. Who even comes up with this shit

No. 736990

The amount of stupidity right here is supporting my personal theory that first world societies are flawed in that they keep retards (men) alive. Our advancement overrides natural selection and now we have so many idiots that are currently alive but would absolutely die in any other environment. Just think, this moid is fucking retarded yet also has access to the internet, which the majority of people who live in third world countries don't have access to. Humanity was a mistake.

No. 736992

File: 1613092222373.jpeg (139.1 KB, 851x828, E745A862-B9B6-4B1B-97DE-BBE912…)

Hahahahaha this is your brain on misogyny, actually it's just your brain as a scrote I guess

No. 737010

>kek how are we supposed to act? how does one post in a feminine way?
According to them, the female brain is incapable of independent thought and can only consider sex, makeup, and how to best torment poor beta males. As such, a woman's post always has to sound like either Regina George or Zoe Quinn. That's the two types of women there are with nothing in between. If a post dares to sound like its writer has conscious thought and a personality, it couldn't possibly come from a woman.
This is unironically what these scrotes think like.

No. 737029

Good, hopefully that means they'll fuck off and leave us alone.
Who am I kidding? Most of them are probably trannies themselves who come here, having already convinced themselves we're the same and that they're in good company.
Hope they off themselves soon.

No. 737048

Women and girls have always used internet forums, what do you think people did before social media sites took off? Even when I was an 8 year old girl I was using anonymous internet forums and chatrooms to talk about Club Penguin hacks and Sailor Moon.

No. 737062

They were in the kitchen obviously ha gottem there’s no females on the internet /s

No. 737075

the fact that zoomer shit-brained guys will believe in and expect girls like this

No. 737082

File: 1613100081526.png (18.45 KB, 1291x178, Screenshot.png)

It annoys me when people take some personality traits and say "this is a male trait" / "she acts like a male". It doesn't matter what it is, I don't support this.

No. 737098

The fact that zoomer baby pickmes try their damnest to mold themselves into these 1 dimensional cartoon characters

No. 737113

OP ngl you seem like a tranny trying to do a "solidarity" with the girls

No. 737120

i kinda suspected op to be one after they described themselves like this >>734361

No. 737127

File: 1613104638613.jpg (2.62 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_20210211_223458.jpg)


Come on, shut up. Here's my fatty mexican hand. I've had that princess CD player since childhood, my mom gave me that kuromi when I was in middleschool and got that my melody as a gift on my bday.

>inb4 you're a fatty weeb

Well at least I'm not a tranny scrote

No. 737129

File: 1613104945058.jpg (2.78 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_20210211_224136.jpg)

this is my favorite corner in my room

No. 737130

…anon are you fucking serious.

What is with all the anons posting themselves? We had boobie anon, drunk anon and now scrote anon.

No. 737132

But I'm not a scrote, and that's the proof

No. 737133

Samefag, let's not forget about that one anon who posted a bunch of pics of herself then pretended an ex bf posted them

No. 737134


I guess hand pics are just the official LC method of verification now, kek. I really like your ditto plushie OP and you seem like a cool person

No. 737136

fair enough anon i stand corrected
i can't understand anons posting boob when there are scrotes lurking, but is posting hands really that weird?

No. 737138

Thanks, I got that as a christmas present for myself!

No. 737139

It's not weird, but I'm just wondering why so many anons feel like it's necessary to post themselves recently lmao. I mean drunk anon was drunk, but the other ones did it just cause. I personally wouldn't just cause I can't bring myself to care enough about an imageboard to post pictures of myself, even if it's just a hand.

Anyway, nice art prints >>737129

No. 737141

Cringe magnet threads

No. 737142

Thanks and I had to prove I'm not a tranny scrote lol sorry everyone for the pictures.

No. 737143

File: 1613105583753.png (207.35 KB, 446x473, 3kk9xq.png)


anon can I squish your hand, pretty please, I think chubby hands are so fucking cute

No. 737145

File: 1613105631582.png (154.84 KB, 480x640, okay.png)

My desktop is completely filled with pics of cute athlete girls. Also I draw coomer girls for a living.

No. 737147

File: 1613105806795.jpg (6.99 KB, 626x128, xXwSkl9h.jpg)

Who is the top left print by?
>Also I draw coomer girls for a living.
Pic rel. Everyday, more and more, I realize my dream artist career is to just draw a bunch of nsfw shit.

No. 737155

File: 1613106386382.jpg (78.32 KB, 684x1024, f8573e21edf8e1969a1dcc0dfa04da…)

Oh it's by a mexican artist that I met on an artist alley!! Here's her instagram
I love what she makes because she puts creepy + cute things together but they have a personal message in them I believe. I admire her a lot, I hope I can be just as good in the future, cause to be honest being called a scrote so many times for liking creepy + cute things has made me stop drawing. But like I say, for me a woman will never be like a scrote.
God I love this volleybal player, I wish I was as pretty and athletic.

No. 737170


Are you me, I saw the Japanese Olympics volleyball team a few years ago and it was literally the only time ever I've been interested in sports. Something about how short they were compared to the other girls but so powerful was really mesmerizing and beautiful to watch. I also like soft butches and fuuuck they look so pretty and cool.

No. 737197

So anons who want to close ot do have a point, hmm.

No. 737199

go bitch about that on /meta/, king

No. 737208

I never thought ot was cringe or cancer until retards started posting themselves right here, right now. Do you really want to defend that? Self dox and all?

No. 737223

You newfags really thought this wasn’t commonplace back in the days. If anons get doxxed, just point and laugh at them. Calm tf down.

No. 737225

>muh newfags
Defending doxxing on a site with eternal archives just proves you're a shit person, bpd-chan.

No. 737227

tbh this thread was already doomed from the beginning. just waiting for the part where nonnies dump their unspoilered loli futa hyperboob porn, with commentary by jordan peterson

No. 737228

derail but that is a nice ass wall op

No. 737232

Ain’t nobody doxxed though? It’s looked down upon and cringe but muh nuke /ot/ energy is reading very /meta/ tranny to me.

No. 737233

it's not about defending, it's more like no one cares

No. 737234

Still ain't as retarded or cringe boring as the autistic nitpicking on pt and snow boards

No. 737237

this is stupid. /ot/ is good for trannies because this is where they can come to talk to women.

No. 737239

they're easily spotted and ignorable by the way they post though

No. 737242

File: 1613118078496.jpg (302.28 KB, 988x1144, 1603316152744.jpg)

stop derailing and infighting, you guys act like anons haven't showed her own hand before

No. 737248

Can’t believe you are this mad and it’s not because there’s a fat bitch on my Stacy website.

No. 737258

I have a friend that had the luck of having all male influences in her life be actually good, healthy men. Her brother is awesome, her boyfriend is really nice, her father is great, her mixed group of friends has legitimately fun and kind male friends etc.
But you know what? She's the only woman I ever met that had that experience. So sure, not all men. But the large majority of them kek

No. 737261

ah yes of course
gender is not defined by genitalia
gender is defined by purchasable commodities

No. 737267

wait does that look like a scrote's hand to you? it looks too small and soft to be one imo, then again i'm not a hand expert

No. 737268

I don't know if this is the saddest cope ever or if he legitimately has brainwashed himself into believing this. I wonder what sort of a relationship these people have with their parents.

Nah anon, all women do is ignore each other unless it's to talk about makeup or a man. Women aren't real people with insightful thoughts or ideas.

No. 737272

I'm not going to show my pussy or boobs, stop. I'm not that stupid.

No. 737273

no, retard, I'm saying posting your fucking baby toys doesn't prove anything

posting your fat weeb hand is cringe, and if you feel that you need to prove your gender to a bunch of literallywho's on an anonymous nowhere website that bad, you may as well be a troon because that's how insecure you are in your gender identity

No. 737275

No, you're definitely fucking stupid

No. 737277

I'm not a troon, it's proven, and I really don't care about posting my hand because it's just a hand, and tbh yes I'm very stupid I give you that, but seriously?

No. 737279

No. 737280

Stop bullying the chubby hand anon, she learned her lesson

I love how all of these are basically tranny larp stereotypes with outfits stolen straight from Aliexpress catalogue photos and not representing real women. It's actually pretty telling.

No. 737281

holy shit

No. 737282

you know there's a whole toy thread on /m/ right? why don't you also go complain there?

No. 737284

Stop samefagging you fucking retard

No. 737285

Idg how anyone's hands are supposed to prove anything. Not saying OP or admin is a scrote, just that all hands look gender-neutral to me.

No. 737286

I genuinely didn't expect her to chimp over a joke
Yes, obviously her fat hand is female, but my point isn't that, my point is it's pathetic to think you need to prove that, and that explaining your fucking toys means anything

No. 737288

File: 1613121552398.jpg (129.68 KB, 1200x1200, C5Xn-2VUoAAfF3s.jpg)

but kuromi and mymelody are cute

No. 737289

What does that have to do with anything, what the fuck is your problem?
I feel bad making fun of you now because I'm starting to think you might genuinely be mentally handicapped

No. 737293

File: 1613121800928.jpg (37.83 KB, 326x322, Riamu needs to take her antide…)

Well idk you have kind of a point there, I don't mind being a bit retarded

No. 737296

Um actually, handposting has extremely deep lore, tru farmers have handar, how new are you?
Avatarfagging is still against rule, fathand-chan ily but please dial it back. I’ll chimp out if I keep seeing your shit ass kinnie.

No. 737299

ok sorry no more riamu

No. 737302

File: 1613122418866.png (124.2 KB, 239x295, 1573864683880.png)

>sanriofag is a cow

No. 737313

cinnamorollfags are based though

No. 737315

Do scrotes have a typical typing style you can detect? Sometimes I see other anons mention how scrotes type a specific way (as if they're trying to be feminine), but I haven't really seen any examples of it

No. 737317

Get better taste in IM@S characters anon

No. 737318

File: 1613125088456.jpeg (95.79 KB, 1300x932, D0BDDF19-C237-41F4-84E7-6A6392…)

Yeah they type stupid and masculine kek

No. 737321

They can't hide their masculine aggression and entitlement behind their girl larps no matter how hard they try.

No. 737323

oh fuck yes anon. love goreshit. gnb + Blue Girl on Sunday are my fav albums from him, and Beautiful Loli Thing got me into him specifically. I've tried to move away from him bc of lolicore being a noncey genre but I can't help myself

No. 737324

>always condescending in tone
>use lots of big words to try to seem smarter
>never end sentences in ?s or !s even when it'd fit
>doesn't use emoticons, emojis, or expressions like lol bc they think it makes them look gay

No. 737325

Nobody uses emoticons or emojis here? It's literally a bannable offense

No. 737326

I dunno. That makes a lot of us men sis

No. 737327

ahhh i'm dumb i thought anon meant in general not just on here…

No. 737329

I'm the last two so guess I'm half scrote. I just think it looks childish and associate it with weeb roleplayers.

No. 737330

the typical reddit style, very formal and condescending

No. 737377

File: 1613132151198.jpg (194.56 KB, 1056x1120, fd92f622-3f5c-4a85-a834-09067f…)

I find Gypsy Crusader funny

No. 737380

God this thread is such a shitshow, I love it. Locally sourced milk.

No. 737394

>She was one of my favorite trans youtubers
You like more than one of them? Jesus Christ, love yourself.

No. 737404

I enjoy listening to Cum Town

No. 737409

I kek’d. How is he so bad at putting on th he make up tho? He looks like a 10 without it but paints the make up on like a 5th grader and it makes his facial structure look weird

No. 737435

>He looks like a 10 without it
Love yourself anon

No. 737446

My humor and the fact that I enjoy hentai artists (not fanservice anime though).

No. 737457

>a nazi
>is literally a gypsy
When will someone tell him he's not white either and that nazis were putting gypsies in camps with jews kek

No. 737459

he's not actually a gypsy, that's just the name he's taken on for some reason. he's just some sort of white american.

No. 737460

Well he doesn't look white to me and I'm pretty sure nazis wouldn't consider him Aryan at all

No. 737466

I like toilet humor in general

No. 737520

File: 1613148574755.jpeg (125.38 KB, 750x750, 763D00B2-295A-4A41-945A-7697E9…)

That I like wearing feminine underwear with lace and stuff, now that I think about it, it makes me sound AGP-y, but I really love wearing underwear that might be unpractical and talking about it too, it’s just nice.

No. 737526

??? Are you smoking crack, only an AGP thinks wearing lacy lingerie, a concept psyopted into women for 100 years, is AGP

No. 737537

File: 1613149774682.jpg (23.93 KB, 466x473, a9253422473ba86d20b0956be7180d…)

God save you unfortunate women. Its fucking lingerie, most of us like wearing it

No. 737545

Anon pls. Plenty of women like wearing lingerie and lacy underwear. Literally most of us have at least one pair in the closet.

No. 737552

File: 1613150609308.jpg (42.63 KB, 615x601, 112775061_1400285617027125_619…)

this thread was a mistake look this dumb NLOG what the fuck are u even implying? im hiding this shit fuck you all but you and the other dumb wall-text green arrow sperg especially rot in hell.

No. 737566

I mean, I guess I can see how you would look like a scrote if you jumped into a thread like "OMG I looove wearing lacy bras and panties fellow females uwu tee-hee".

No. 737579

Exactly, it looks scrotish, which is why I avoid talking about pretty lingerie in here.

No. 737582

dick/poop humor, and i don't inherently mind men saying whore/slut/bitch, depending on the context of course. even men have labeled me as having either a crass old man's humor or a 13 year old horny boy's humor.

also cough if i posted my hands like the admin did i'd be labeled a tranny. women can have big ugly hands too, anons!!!!

No. 737606

41% pls

Omg anons it's my time to shine!!!! /not a joke because I literally never see this asked but it's one of my own personal talents/
I have had fake man accounts/personas online since maybe middle school(?). If it means anything, even guys will say "that sounds like a man" even in the case where I've pretended to be a man who is pretending to be a woman kek. I've written about it before in the dumbass shit thread, here's my insight because this sums up my findings pretty well:
> My success is based upon assuming a misogynistic and narcissistic worldview–always siding with other men, only thinking of myself before others, and assuming the worst of any woman in discussion by default. Always bringing up sex whenever I can. Always making some reference to porn or games whenever possible. Always displaying a limited understanding and empathy towards non-white male experiences, especially in regards to women. There's other tidbits like short sentences, no "I think/I feel" statements (say everything with absolute certainty even if you aren't certain), and the retarded unfunny slang that men on the internet use. Maybe this will help a girl who is like me and enjoys making fake accounts for fun.
If you think this sounds incredibly simplistic, that's because it is. Men are incredibly simple-minded despite trying to fool us for centuries that they are the supposed superior sex.
IME women can pretend to be scrotes but scrotes never ever pass as women. They always sound like caricatures and the only women who fall for it are absolute idiots who probably aren't pink-pilled or actualized about scrotes' true behavior and nature. Men will show themselves even when it's just typing; they may try to use dumb phrases like "yas kween" but their male logic becomes evident. Scrotes are so accommodated towards as males that they can never fully empathize and see past their own perspective as men, which imo is key to passing as another identity. You literally have to assume that perspective and get into character, which men cannot do with women unless it's some fictionalized porn-star type of woman who obviously doesn't exist IRL. Even on LC, when men enter female spaces they might pass for like a solid 5 minutes until they inevitably lash out at a KAM joke or try to take a rapists' side. It's just the logic that always comes through even when they're trannies who type like this uwu c:
If you need an example, in the last YT General thread there were a few obvious male anons who kept spouting irrelevant bullshit about the Gamestop thing, ignoring and disregarding the input from female anons who were responding to them with some actual knowledge in finance. Of course I couldn't respond to the male anons or else I'd get banned but if you go and look at the YT General thread you can probably find them and notice how annoying they were in derailing the thread. Those anons kept ignoring actual financial advice in response to their hot takes and derailing to show their own superior logic by posting 'proof' of literally one dude who made bank off of GME while ofc the rest of WallStreetBets pretty much lost their life savings.

No. 737707

File: 1613161098957.jpg (144.5 KB, 1604x1197, 8243e6b616ff9cf258bce37e6d97e3…)

>but I really love wearing underwear that might be unpractical
No lingerie is practical for the most part, bras are unhealthy etc. I never wear any underwear unless I'm on my period and I need to attach the pad to something. I love walking bare assed

No. 737729

>bras are unhealthy
NTA but this isn't well substantiated and depends heavily on your cup size. The only thing concretely related to saggage is exercising without ample support.
>I never wear any underwear
Ew, that means you're getting discharge all over your pants. I 100% understand not wearing a bra, but not wearing underwear is just plain gross.

No. 737734

I rarely get any discharge, probably because I don't fuck men so I don't have any dirt in my pussy.

No. 737740

stop it you're gonna make me cry idiot

No. 737742

File: 1613163585438.png (180.73 KB, 400x300, dw look.png)

Clear discharge doesn't mean your pussy is dirty dumbass. It's supposed to happen when you're ovulating, and it's how your vagina maintains its pH levels. It's normal for all adult women regardless of their level of sexual activity.
I know it's ironic to accuse someone of being a scrote in this thread of all places, but your lack of understanding of how vaginas work is disconcerting as hell.

No. 737743

queen of not understanding vaginal hygiene

No. 737744

… that's some incel logic right there

No. 737745

sis u think we fuckin plants?

No. 737749

>tfw kissless virgin and still have a dirty pussy

No. 737753

KEK this can't be real

Really interesting post anon. Great observations on male/female socialization. I'd say you're generally right, though I have noticed some autistic women act that act like men. Why do you make fake accounts btw? Is it just for funsies? Can you detail your process a bit more, is it kind of a roleplay for you, do you interact with others/catfish, what social media do you primarily use to do this? I've always considered doing something similar as a social experiment/boredom online LARP.

No. 737755

Don't listen to that anon. (s)he's retarded. If you shower every day and clean the area with warm water, your vagina is fine.

No. 737759

Doesn't change the fact that women who fuck men usually have bigger problems with discharge and sperm ruins your pussy's pH and fucking men raises the risk of getting cervical cancer. Scrote science doesn't put enough emphasis on how much dicks ruin women's health, we were not meant to fuck men as often as men want that.

No. 737779

If you think discharge is caused by sex, you need to have your head examined. Are you seriously trying to spin this nonsense as feminism? Also, people don't choose their sexualities, political-lesbian-chan.

No. 737782

I didn't mean all discharge and you know it
Aren't you hetties tired of accussing any woman who doesn't fuck men of being a polilez? Smells like cope

No. 737784

lol people have a hard time picking up sarcasm over text, after lurking here for a couple days I'm sure anyone who already knows imageboards could make posts here that don't stand out at all
I would estimate /ot/ is like 65% women, 10% trannies, 5% tourists from /r9k/ and /pol/, 20% men not retarded enough to out themselves and probably like a slower conversational board bc it's on average less hostile if you're not discussing milk as the pic in >>736953 notes

No. 737789

>I didn't mean all discharge and you know it
>I rarely get any discharge, probably because I don't fuck men so I don't have any dirt in my pussy
Pick one, autist. Also, not everyone who disagrees with you is straight, get a grip. You can absolutely get BV, yeast infections, and UTIs from oral and fingering as well.
Your vaginal health is probably abysmal, seeing as you're bone dry and expose your vagina to all sorts of weird clothing fabrics instead of just wearing cotton panties like a normal person. Also, you wear pads, which means you're sitting in your own filth for hours on end. You are in no position to be criticizing other women for their vaginal health.

No. 737791

Calling women “females” deserves an instant scrote ban

No. 737796

Unironically hate pretty women, yes I know internalize misogyny blah blah, but I can't help it. Seeing how much better they're treated irl has made me bitter.

No. 737798

>pretty women treated better
I'm around women I consider pretty. They seem to get treated like shit by scrotes too. I think acting like a bad bitch means more than just being pretty. I have friends who look like 10s but scrotes treat them like 5s because if how they act.

No. 737805

Tbh I used to have this same issue, also perceiving beautiful women as 'catty' etc when I realized they were most likely only standoffish towards me because I was treating them the same way. Once I put in effort to talk to a lot of these women properly, I realized a lot of "Stacy" types are pretty cool. Men treat them horribly too like >>737798 says, trust me. Befriend straight Stacys for long enough and they tend to have many complaints about the usual scrote shit.

No. 737806

That hasn't been my experience at all, the only pretty women I've seen be treated badly were extremely mentally ill and chose to stay with abusive partners.

Everyone seems to be hypnotized when they speak to those girls, and people are always willing to offer help and support.

No. 737825

Yeah they're nice at first. Men dont think "oh I got a pretty gf I will cherish her!", they think "hmmm it's been a year I'm bored. I got this hot chick, If I can get her i can probably get better"

No. 737829

Same fag and scrotes dont give emotional support to women they cant fuck. When a hot chick is suffering they are joyous about it because it's like seeing the cheerleader that would never fuck them in highschool "get what she deserves".

No. 737830

Sorry you dated shitty men anon

No. 737834

It's not even about men I've dated. Take a look at celebrities like britney spears. She was hot, sweet and young and scrotes despised her. Straight scrotes usually take joy in seeing hot women destroyed.

No. 737841

yup. your level of attractiveness only affects the way scrotes express their hatred for you, not the amount of hatred they feel towards you. they see ugly to average women as punching bags and attractive women as objects or sex toys, there's no winning either way.

No. 737843

I dont actually think it is the pretty women who have it easy, but those who are confident, assertive and have lots of friends. (Yes looks affect how easily you can achieve this, but I know just average looking women who are like this.) The shittiest kind of scrotes who enjoy dominating and abusing women are scared of them. Pretty but insecure women on the other hand are easy prey for those assholes.

No. 737847

It’s not that hard to looksmax. Maybe don’t be a lazy pos then you won’t be balding from the seethe.

No. 737852

>using the word "bitch"
>Karen jokes

No. 737855

I feel this, but I've been trying to make a conscious effort to not let it affect how I treat other people. When I reach out to attractive women I'm jealous of, I often find that they're actually quite kind and struggle to make friends as adults because people are intimidated by them or think that they're shallow.

No. 737856

nta and while i agree that everyone should take care of themselves, looksmaxing can only get you so far if you are legitimately ugly

No. 737859

Also it's really expensive. People praise women like Gewn Stefani for not aging and having perfect skin, but that's because she has access to the best skin care money can buy. It's a lot harder to have nice skin for instance if you have a strong genetic history of it and are working with a Walmart budget.

No. 737861

>seeing as you're bone dry and expose your vagina to all sorts of weird clothing fabrics
I expose my vagina to air mostly as I wear dresses and longer skirts for the wast majority of the year lmao. If you change pads often enough they're not a problem, and tampons or cups are not an option for me, I never inserted anything inside of me and I never will.
HPV causes 70% of cervical cancers and pre-cancerous cervical lesions and I'm going to be bold enough to assume that women get this from sex with males most of the time, not from other forms of sexual activity.

No. 737866

Everyone else has trashed you, just take the L and move on.

No. 737873

Not an argument.

No. 737874

idk if this would label me a scrote or not but crippling depression, feeling of loneliness, and desire to be accepted eats away at me like a rot. i can't find peace with myself and try to find contact-acceptance in the form of let's plays and streams.

i'm not far enough down the loneliness rabbit hole to give them money but i can see it from here.

is that scrote enough?

No. 737876

>i never inserted anything inside of me and I never will
you'll have to get a pap smear and deal with a speculum at some point (yes you still need to get a pap even if you don't have sex.)

No. 737887

Not that anon, but I'm 27 and never gone to a gyno. Will I die?

No. 737891

NTA but it's probably not a bad idea to go at least a couple times in your 20s.

No. 737893

Unless your female family has lots of issues then I wouldn't sweat it. The standard of how often you should go is just there to get the most profit.

No. 737895

Will you sage your derailing, please?

No. 737896

Not necessarily die but you can get complications. I know a ton of women who didn't go to gyno and then found out they had a cyst or a tumor in their ovaries or a myoma of the womb wrecking havoc. They're much more common than people like to think and they don't start showing symptoms until they're already grown huge. Pap smears are also life savers, if there's a good way to detect cancer before it spreads you should take advantage of it.

No. 737909

You're supposed to get your first pap smear at around 21 or 22. You need to see a gynecologist, anon, especially if you're sexually active. You don't need to go more than once a year, though, and some women have their annual checkup with the GYN so the pap and physical are all one copay.

What the fuck, no. This is horrible advice. Don't listen to this insane bitch, anons. She thinks having discharge makes you a dirty slut and puts her bare vagina on bus seats and park benches. Crazy hippie, probably an anti-vaxxer, too.

No. 737912

That post >>737893 wasn't mine, I'm not against getting pap smears lol

No. 737926

File: 1613178299490.jpg (48.15 KB, 680x514, alright bro that's it totally …)

>discharge-chan's sperging

No. 737976

she's like a bizzaro world/reverse version of the actual discharge-chan kek

No. 738095

i have man hands

No. 738098

the only hot thing about men is their hands anyways so that might not be such a bad thing

No. 738123

If a man has good proportions and works out (which is rare) it's also his thighs, ass, belly and shoulders, sometimes even face if he's lucky. But most of them look like bald apes

No. 738127

File: 1613212828106.jpg (36.9 KB, 1032x774, i16gzig0xigs.jpg)

I got called a scrote for intentionally using the most unfunny "ur mom" jokes in response to a thread I liked and participated in getting derailed by heavy infighting regularly. The jokes were only marginally better (for me) than the retarded infighting and I further derailed so it was pretty retarded of me aswell. I promise you though I'm just a humble retard without a male reproductive system, cheers

No. 738137

even infighting is better than your jokes

No. 738140

…pls love yourself

No. 738144

nta but not really.

No. 738293

File: 1613232871670.jpg (100.63 KB, 768x1024, ChN8CAKUYAA15vm.jpg)

I want to do this to someone but I'm 150cm and autistic

No. 738298

you can do it to me i'm 146 and even more autistic

No. 738299

Find someone who's 149cm and also autistic

No. 738350

I'm 5'0" but I'll bend down a lil for you queen

No. 738354

It's still dokidoki inducing if the shorter person does it with confidence, go for it

No. 738363

I like Ayesha Erotica. With no shame.

No. 738379

Im 176 but I can kneel

No. 738403

i love hyperpop

No. 738436

I make fake accounts out of boredom. Usually I do it as an experiment among a group of people that I'm curious about. It's never been romantic, I try to see how far I can go before they pick up on my behavior. I've used Facebook, Reddit, and fake phone numbers (for texting). My first one ever was a fake email in response to my best friend's babysitting ad (yes I was a terrible kid/friend).
I can't say I recommend it bc it makes me seem like a loser. But it if you have nothing better to do, as long as you aren't nasty and aren't actually harassing the person, then it can be all in good fun. My process is just to keep some kind of record of the facts behind your LARP so that you're consistent and don't mess up which could potentially expose you. If you have any questions about Facebook specifically I can answer them, my main advice if you're joining groups to troll (since a lot of people are doing that nowadays) is to not add anyone and keep your friends list private. Otherwise if you get locked out of the account, FB will ask you to identify your friends and you'll be totally lost. And random people don't actually help with looking legit because they never like your statuses or pictures anyways. Lmk if you have any specific questions.
Just earn money and get plastic surgery. Complaining about how much pretty women have it better won't help you. If you want to reap the same benefits, just remember that you're not ugly, you're poor. Even celebrities are average without their plastic surgery–a lot of before/after celeb accounts on IG have shown that.
I'm conventionally attractive but I still put in effort to look good.
Although I have no idea what the fuck you're talking about here:
> hypnotized when they speak to those girls, and people are always willing to offer help and support
A lot of girls growing up hated me for literally zero reason that I directly caused. I was actually bullied or picked on because I was an easy target since my personality isn't the outgoing type (otherwise I wouldn't be here and talking about making fake accounts). Now since I'm perceived as aloof I'm told that I'm intimidating to other people. So in summary there's definitely also a personality that's also needed for being an attractive popular woman. Otherwise people just perceive you as a bitch that they hate because you have RBF which obv means you look down on other people and hate everyone.
But if you want to reap benefits like higher pay or better chances of landing a job then you can fix that yourself. Just look at how many celebrities were average looking before they had work done.

No. 738441

Also should add that I'm not perfect looking myself by any means and I plan on getting some cosmetic work done in the future myself. It sucks to be a woman but we might as well try to benefit the little bit that we can under patriarchy since it's not changing any time soon.

No. 738457

I posted some porn screenshots.

No. 738512

File: 1613244469046.jpg (217.8 KB, 1436x674, 1585657847570.jpg)

I do the same thing with multiple accounts
but I don't do it because of boredom, I do it because pic related.

No. 738534

despite sucking at fighting games, I still love them even with all the dumb design decisions they implement.

No. 738540

same tbh.
they make the most unfriendly match-up systems possible with some of the worst communities imaginable and expect everyone to mix together and then wonder why only 30% of players ever even touch online and that's not an exaggeration because here's SFV's achievement stats on steam:
>30% of people ever played 10 or more multiplayer games.

its so frustrating, every fighting game is like this, it should be some kind of wake up call that they need to fix their games so people stay but it's not.

No. 738703

Where do you find pictures for the fake accounts without them being too obviously catfishes?

No. 738740

No. 738759

File: 1613260420864.jpg (507.1 KB, 1024x1024, image.jpg)

>clicked the link
yo wtf anon

No. 738760

File: 1613260550105.jpg (490.5 KB, 1024x1024, mfw.jpg)

Isn't it scary? It's a facial recognition algorithm that, instead of being given a face and finding it through its database and algorithm, is instead going the other way and using its database and algorithm to generate a face.
It's not perfect because it can't distinguish multiple people in its dataset but it's terrifying how good it is.

No. 738762

File: 1613260645336.jpg (187.89 KB, 512x512, kitty.jpg)

Also the basis for my second favorite site on the internet

No. 738764

haha thx

No. 738767

File: 1613261594107.jpg (455.24 KB, 1024x1024, image.jpg)

his friends are not feeling well

No. 738770

this is about how I remember high school

No. 738777

Imagine using this picture to catfish, I wonder how long would it take for the people getting catfished to notice the lads at the back.

No. 738783

File: 1613263258871.jpg (422.05 KB, 1366x768, Age-of-mythology-for-mac.jpg)

Same, but for me it's RTSes. I love RTS games even though I'm terrible at them.

No. 738788

Why tf would I look at this before sleeping

No. 738798

This is so cool anon, ty for sharing!

No. 739013

im the anon you replied to
i have a moderate hand fetish and despite having man hands they are one of my favorite features kek

No. 739027

Slightly ot but /m/ reminded me my handwriting would be considered a scrote's probably

No. 739031

The screencap about the "tomboy that got away"? I thought the same, kek. Anons telling that it's a guy's handwriting, and here I am with my awfully ugly squiggly handwriting. I don't know why even women think girls must have neat handwriting.

No. 739376

my handwriting is so fucking ugly, god. multiple people in high school have told me that they thought my handwriting was a boy's

No. 740422

I used to find really random people on Facebook and change the picture enough with filters and flipping that they couldn't be traced back. But I would suggest this >>738740 and creating morphs via FaceApp if you can.

No. 742846

Anon we're no longer in the 90ies just get the HPV shot like a normal person.

No. 742935

>interested in WW 1 and 2, military stuff and other scrote associated stuff
>like violent films and games
>edgy scrote sense of humor
>read/watched most of >>734824 pic related and more
>raised on dadrock, still enjoying it and its derivatives
>INTP, borderline schizoid
>technically straight, but I like looking at women more than men, especially feminine curvy women with long hair
>I keep listening to Metokur's old streams, because he's funny and I like his voice, even though some of his takes are absolutely, embarassingly retarded. RIP
>I've been told I sound like a teenage boy when I laugh
On the other hand, I was unimpressed with Madoka and all that "qt girls doing qt things" genre was always mind numbingly boring to me.

I guess a lot of it stems of me trying to emulate my father as a kid and the fact that I'm genuinely more like him in terms of personality and autism and only later letting myself become more like my mum.

I look and dress in a stereotypically feminine manner IRL, at least until I start sperging about niche things in public and end up revealing myself as an enormous autist.

I get your point, but I've seen a lot of posts here claiming you're an undercover scrote if you like military history/politics/fucking One Piece. People here are understandably paranoid in the face of robot/troon invasion, but the way they stereotype is absolutely ridiculous at times.

No. 743241

Thinking """pretty""" boys are ugly or just disliking them in general apparently. I don't like manly macho types either though.

No. 744757

Liking kinky sex and swallowing cum. Sorry uwu.(uwu)

No. 744863

i like anime traps a lot

No. 747308

I'm smarter than you. Sorry.

No. 747342

File: 1614145774784.jpg (102.62 KB, 683x1024, 149864_08big.jpg)

I love milfs

No. 747347

I like bokurano, if bokurano came out today everyone would be calling it fucked, "they're minors", and "scrote torture porn". I'm tired of applying this mentality to everything
And not to defend scrotes, but many people can like 1 same thing for diferent reasons other than being a fucko.

No. 747405

>Imposter syndrome
more like dunning-kruger.

No. 747513

Late but same, I never go to the attractive men thread on /g/ because I'd be tempted to call them all ugly.

No. 748132

this is old but this post is just chef kiss and I want op to know I love her

No. 748983

>even when they're trannies who type like this uwu c:
Fuck I do this too But only with my very close online friend were we can be retarded together

No. 749159

File: 1614294353141.png (518.52 KB, 1124x1660, IMG_7136.png)

i like collecting cute anime girl art

No. 749161

Show us the cutest one you have

No. 749177

File: 1614295027904.jpg (156.37 KB, 647x805, tumblr_opqvkzGJwr1wnhpsco1_128…)

hehe look

No. 749183

Idk who she is, but this is very cute! Thank you anon

No. 749475

>41% pls
Late, but anon, did you say this because you thought I was a scrote?
I read your scrote RP guide and thought "That sounds kind of complicated", but maybe I'm a natural at it after all, lmao.

No. 749721

File: 1614356943328.jpg (52.48 KB, 720x901, GWGy8Gi.jpg)

Having a folder full of HD coom art. It's for reference I swear, some of these assholes do be talented and I hate them for that.

No. 749870

As long as the anatomy is good and it's no pedo shit, I love coomer art, it's the only thing I get off too (real porn is too fucking disgusting).

No. 749928

I have that too, but I use real life porn pics instead of 2D. Pinterest just compresses images to much for me to reference, but so much HD porn pics exist online of woman and men just standing naked in different poses

No. 761668

rough sex and anal

No. 766963

Posting fat people

No. 767399

I like waifubait characters more than husbandobait. Not all of them, but some of them are at least likable, sympathetic, or relatable while husbandobait guys at best manage to be more boring than waifubait or at worst act like 3D tier scrotes/borderline psychos. I don't mind the idea of appealing to the husbando crowd, I just can't stand the execution and how the love interests (and self-inserts too for that matter) act, some of these characters almost pissed me off more than generic waifu shit kek.
Somewhat related but I don't agree when people say that anime guys are more well written than girls cause most of the examples they show are shitty shounen characters, they're written like a 12 year old's mary sue OC. I get liking them for other reasons but they're not interesting in the slightest. Even with Naruto I'd say Sakura would've been a more well written character than like half the males (but especially compared to sasuke and naruto) if it weren't for the ending.

No. 767609

fuck imma month late so you probably won't see this but i recommend just listening to goreshit /lolicore playlists and going ham. it's a wild jungle of music out there

No. 767996

I like shitposting hardcore and saying scandalous shit I don't actually believe in order to start a shitstorm. Does that count?

I also like extremely fucked up fiction and don't see a problem with it.

No. 768992

File: 1616642518326.gif (7.16 MB, 520x520, 1616639429746.gif)

you can't post a funny and harmless banjo kazooe meme or else you'll be called a scrote, no, I have to post bratz dumb bitch memes so I can prove to everyone I have ovaries
so sad

No. 768998

you’ll evolve from your pick-me phase anon

No. 769001

how is liking videogames that I played from my childhood being a pick me? I don't get it

No. 769003

Anon, did you even check who they were replying to?

No. 769006

This is super true and I say this as someone who had husbandos. It's true that the way female fans write them and their self-inserts is pretty bad to the point of sexism and enjoying traits that hurt us irl (I distinguish it from fiction though). I don't think I could ever say husbandos > waifus with that knowledge; it's hypocrisy. Also like you said, most husbandos are bland or fake deep. Not that we can't enjoy them, but scrolling through /m/ threads like whatever otome games there are, it's the same quality level as waifus. Oh and I enjoy the waifu characters too sometimes because they can be endearing and funny. As long as the waifu traits aren't too sincerely overdone, I like them too. Actually if it's extremely overdone I kinda like them ironically since it becomes a parody of itself. That said the largest amount are in the middle and genuinely cringe to behold. As much as I hate misogynistic tropes, when anime girls act stupid it can be endearing to me and it's not related to their gender or sex appeal in my perspective (as opposed to many moids'). It kinda feeds nostalgia for me and female friends doing dumb shit (wow this became so damn spergy). Tl;dr agreed and I have too many thoughts.

No. 769041

I don't interact with male weebs so idk where you're getting "pick-me" from.

No. 769177

Stop watching scrote pandering coomer shit and pandering shounen crap, anon. Bitches out there watching moid turds and then complaining about how wish-fulfilling waifus are so much more better than the self-insert stand-ins for male viewers.

No. 769302

I was mostly complaining about guys in otome and shoujo works though. I only mentioned shounen cause everyone uses it as examples of "male characters are better than female characters". I've never seen supposedly "well written" males even in other demographics and genres.

No. 774332

I dislike how lolcow has such a narrow view of women sometimes

Even though the majority of us are radfems who supposedly know that women can be different from one another, you can't deviate a little from the norm

I'll make my own imageboard for all women to be welcomed then, even /degen/ ones

No. 774333

>stop watchin something that makes someone happy
what a crappy advice

No. 774336

Arts and crafts anon, we get it. You want to make your own imageboard. Just do it instead of posting about it all over LCF.

No. 774345

The forbidden man, apparently. Even though he has a sizable female fanbase.

No. 774346

I always felt that on average woman on reddit are more neurotic than men on reddit. I know this is heavily affected by how men get away with more neurotic behavior and woman get away with less, but even accounting for that the woman on reddit seem off.
Like I can see the average guy saying "I use reddit", but not the average woman. To add on every woman's sub has a high amount of traumatized people, beyond the normal trauma of being a woman, when compared to male subs.
What I'm trying to say I guess is that a woman who uses a male dominated site as their main one 70% had something go wrong in their life.

No. 774500

File: 1617323221778.jpg (3.85 MB, 6160x3695, pixlr_20210319013238669.jpg)

Kek same

No. 774527

Both are cringy

No. 774544


No. 774639

I didn't get it till you spelled it out. Anon, the genius is too much.

No. 774875

>loves XXth century military history, world wars, yugoslavia, rhodesia … not a /pol/tard though
>huge weeb, owns like 100 figures
>has a waifu, (Rei Ayanami of course)
>dysphoric bio female, won't ever do anything about it
>loves traps/femboys
>drinks beer
>favorite movie is Taxi driver, I also love gangster flicks, Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino are my fav movie directors
>browses 4chan
>likes thicc girls
>mostly has male friends, they never hit on me : I'm ugly and still am prepubescent because of a medical condition

No. 774878

>>has a waifu, (Rei Ayanami of course)
excellent taste, same

No. 774885

Ew what the fuck?

No. 774889

>huge weeb, owns like 100 figures
figures aside, I feel like most posters here like japanese culture to some extent

No. 774896

>drinks beer
What era are we in?

No. 774906

Asuka > Misato > Rei

No. 774920

The pickme era. The list isnt even scrotey. Oh wah I have mostly male friends, and so? Browses 4chan, i'm sure a large percentage of farmers do too.

No. 774936

Thank you for liking my stupid visual pun, you can use it in your future psy-op missions

No. 775047

All of them are great (and Ritsuko as well!). Why make a contest out of it like an Evageek retard? You probably relate more to Asuka and I to Rei, no need to dunk on any Eva girls except Mari Sue It's just a matter of preferences.
I call her my waifu but nowadays I mostly strongly relate to her. I used to have a major crush tho as a NGE obsessed teen. IRL I find people with aethereal look and quiet personality attractive partially because of her.

No. 775593

i love this russian asmr youtuber who makes constant scrotebait videos and roleplays. i think she has a nsfw patreon too where she posts "racier" asmr videos. i find her videos relaxing, rewatch them a lot.

usually i loathe thots who get into asmr but for some reason i love and cape for this one. also, maybe it's because i don't speak a lick of russian but i find her genuinely hilarious at times? she has a video where she plays a sega genesis game and i love it, she can be unironically funny with her reactions.

No. 775654

I didnt know until reading this thread that liking LotR is considered a "guy" thing

No. 775664

I'm bisexual and a tomboy so some of my interests are riddled with scrotes, such as the Custom Robo video game series. I don't have that fujo lens when watching/playing a shonen/seinen series (except for Yakuza), so I'm even more in wienerville.
Also, the girls I like have small boobs so I get labeled a lolifag even when they're clearly of age with jobs & shit kek.

No. 775666

I’m kekking. Imagine being the literal reddit wojak they make fun of on 4chan.

No. 775671

File: 1617484978079.jpg (1.12 MB, 2480x3508, 5c400e601547b7146601870ce8ca44…)

time to expose myself on multiple fronts. hope i don't get banned.
anyway i:
>am genuinely fine with depraved/"problematic" fetishes and kinks…so long as they don't leave the realm of fiction
>sometimes get off to degenerate things myself if they're drawn well enough/involve characters i like (think loli, shota, incest stuff, rape kink, etc.)
>almost solely use anime reaction images

thought i had more but that's pretty much it

No. 775674

I wish this thread got deleted lol

No. 775678

File: 1617485202394.png (144.84 KB, 325x432, 00000000.PNG)

wait, fuck, forgot: i also really like traps, femboys, gnc dudes, whatever they're called…but once again, only when drawn. no shade to gnc men irl but i generally only know them as frail, greasy-looking yt boys.

i also like to refer to men as "3dpd". i don't know why but i love anime dudes but find real men disgusting, kind of similar to how intense weebs (supposedly) feel about women.

No. 775680

It won't

No. 775681

I feel this exact same way about an ASMR titty streamer. Feels guilty when I get thirsty for her though.
I’ve seen multiple farmers admit on here to have crippling addiction to fucked up hentai. Though resigning to degeneracy is pretty scrotey. Men are literally 3DPD, I don’t think that’s controversial.

No. 775687

>crippling addiction to fucked up hentai
i don't think it's "crippling". i mean, it isn't something that leaves my computer/the confines of my mind, and it isn't like i'm unable to enjoy sex irl without one of my fetishes being included. quite to the contrary: i've never done anything "weird" with another woman

No. 775692

File: 1617485752654.jpeg (33.33 KB, 250x250, A6E9EE1E-F68B-4E0C-8588-145F07…)

Die seriously

Like I can’t keep defending this thread anymore lmao

No. 775698

I don't know. I'm not really shocked considering there are female cows that are into similar or worse things. Anons were you exposed to porn at a young age? genuine question.

No. 775703

Let nonny confess to being fucked up in peace please

No. 775705

I was groomed and exposed to porn from age 11. And then when I hit 13, I got molested inside my own house, and my mind turned to lolicon to cope with it. I quitted lolicon quite recently because in my mind, looking at those pictures relived my trauma (when I was molested, I got wet and horny. I don't blame myself for that anymore). It has been a long journey but I'm slowly healing this shit.

No. 775707

NTA and my tastes are probably not even the most fucked up ITT, but I developed them because of too much internet exposure. Some of them come from childhood, but not even pornographic shit, just cartoons. I think most furries (which I'm not, just an example) also developed it from being socialized more on cartoons with cartoon animals than with other kids.

No. 775713

File: 1617486790442.jpeg (Spoiler Image,147.43 KB, 1056x1073, 44DE3725-C7FE-47F3-A915-9CACF6…)

I know many women like guro and reverse ryona so scrotes don’t own being an edgy retard. Though women-made contents usually have strong overlap with fujo demographic. So the abuse is often male-on-male. I want more female-on-male guro and ryona.

Normalize women being unapologetically edgy and grotesque without pickme NLOGing for dicklets attention.

No. 775715

File: 1617487046831.jpg (27 KB, 435x245, EsbrMH_XIAIwVal.jpg)

i was. i semi-distinctly remember searching "sakura boobs" on google images, and it all went downhill from there.

was maybe like, 14 at the time.

unless of course we're counting those "lemon, yaoi, don't like don't read, e-rated" ff.n fics as porn. then yeah maybe a bit earlier

No. 775718

Based as fuck, there's a lot of boy guro on tumblr, I draw it sometimes too but I never show anyone

No. 775737

Honestly, you should not confess to weird shit on here if you are worried about being judged.
Nta, but I was exposed to porn at a young age and I think the only fetish I have is somewhat being into bdsm. It is interesting how differently it can affect everyone.

No. 775742

I love male guro so much, I even remember when I was even more autistic than today, during my first years of uni, talking about cute guys with their guts out for the world to see, my best friend sent me the best happy birthday picture ever of an anime guy with his guts spelling “happy birthday” I felt a connection, I want more stuff like that.

No. 775857

ive been exposed to porn ever since i can remember because i quite literally grew up on the internet (i swear someday there's going to be studies linking childhood computer access to personality disorders)
i remember being obsessed with the anime "kodomo no jikan" which is 100% pedo shit, it's about a traumatized elementary-schooler who "flaunts her sexuality" because she's in love with her teacher. i'd already been sexually abused and at that age i really connected with the main character, it didn't really click with me that it was lolicon intended for adult men. ten years later i look it up again after finding old childhood fanart still not realizing what it was and i'm totally disgusted. why couldn't i just stick to sailor moon lmao

No. 775901

Haha holy fuck multiple separate yahoo chatroom pedos showed me KnJ. They really wanted me to believe it was a beautiful heartwarming love story. And I believed that for awhile.

No. 775905

There was this morbidly obese chick on DA that used to dicksuck in the comments of an artist I really liked. She tried to start an argument with me after I said KnJ wasn't a cutesy romance story. She justified it by claiming that the teacher cared for the main character and waited to have sex with her until she was 15. Also her gallery was full of poorly-lit selfies with titles like "Nymphet" and "Barely Legal Stripper". The bitch was deranged.

No. 775907

I listen to a lot of Joe Rogan

No. 775909

I mean…some would call him a himbo

No. 775918

I got exposed to porn in the most retarded ways that there are.
My first encounter with porn was looking at those Nintendo magazines and trying to understand what the sms codes thingys were for. Some were really explicit for a child, I think, my brain blocked that because I didn’t understand just what was that for.
Then I got another encounter while watching anime, that’s when I started looking into other stuff, but mostly yaoi because I just didn’t find women sexually appealing, i was always thinking about guys and getting a boyfriend.
It was kind of funny, I guess, animax had this commercial about shoujo-ai, my brain, instead of thinking it was interesting, just went straight to “if there’s shoujo-ai, there must be shonen-ai!”
Then I used the internet for other than cute Barbie/bratz games, I used to read yaoi manga on YouTube at 9, hell, my first yaoi manga was about a bunny boy getting on with a wolf guy.
I’m glad it was harder to interact with others and talk about such things in Spanish, I don’t know, I feel like it was a mix of me being a kid, awkward, introverted and somewhat self-conscious about talking to strangers on the internet.
The thing is that after that I found loli porn, I was like 12, i only read one manga because it was about a teacher and his students, i was more into reading yaoi and shotacon because I liked more the idea of looking at guys than looking at girls that I didn’t truly related to.
To me, porn was escapism, I wasn’t in the story and I never really wanted to be part of anything that happened in there. I would fabricate my own stories with my own husbandos, but I would end up writing about gay guys because I just wasn’t in the picture.
I also never watched anime porn because i was always sensitive to sounds and because I was somewhat being monitored, I mean, I only started watching porn with sound at my 23 years old, then I dropped it because it’s boring as fuck, my brain was weirdly rotted.

No. 775925

i love math so much :[ im a math and philosophy major(:[)

No. 775945

Are you from latin america? do you mean club nintendo and the channel animax?

No. 775946

that's not something farmers would think is scrotey

No. 775947

That’s right! Such weird times, I don’t know just how did club Nintendo get sold to children tbh.

No. 775954

I think the advertisements for the SMS shit (marca al 777 y llevate los mejores tonos etc) were just everywhere back then, the people who owned those companies must had been fucking rich because they were on canal 5, tv azteca, televisa, and almost every single magazine.
Magazines sustent themselves on ad space alone, most of the time, and you can't say no if it comes from a higher up. I suspect Club Nintendo (Mexico) came from and was financed by some Televisa company that I'm not aware of (even if Mario Wiki says that it's "officially from nintendo"), and so they couldn't really say no. Plus, idk, in latin america we didn't had that much "protect children" kinda deal until recently. We still don't, look at mothers that let their kids play shit on their tablets so they can leave them alone. I also remember how animax had a "las chicas mas sexies del anime" segment on it kek. I guess it was to attract adult audience to the channel… which is something that adult swim also does and tbh I find creepy. But like. Remember how xxxholic was considered a sexy anime girl show because it had "xxx" in the title and they showed it alongside actual tiddie anime? kek

No. 775957

The fact that anon thinks us feeble brained women could never comprehend the enjoyment of intellectual subjects like math is what makes them seem like a scrote more than anything else

No. 775960

Wow! I never looked much into that, now it makes sense, and yeah, back then it was more like “oh, it’s about videogames, what could possibly go wrong?”
The crazy thing is that at my home, my parents were quite wary about anime, but my cousins and a neighbor of mine just showed me the pretty characters and it was just impossible to get their quite autistic child off the anime world.
I know right! I don’t know just why can’t they try to find other ways to distract the kids, whenever I got to talk with my little cousins I would try to make sure they’re far away form anime brainrot and other weird internet shit, but It’s just impossible, the internet is quite strong when mixed with kind of sorta neglect.
Animax was so autistic, I never understood how they could post the infamous lollipop commercials during the day when it was basically softcore porn.
I swear it was impossible to escape porn, I’m so glad cartoons nowadays are just blobs of color and sexless.

No. 775967

Fucking exactly. The emoji makes me feel like it’s bait. Like let’s just ignore that girls overall perform better than boys in math at school. Most dudes fucking hate math, science subjects, and think reading literature and philosophy are fucking boring. They only like those things when they come in the form of layman YouTube videos.

No. 776508

File: 1617604688679.jpg (63.76 KB, 976x549, _115637820_chappelle1.jpg)

A lot of male comedians like Eric Andre, Aziz Ansari, though my favorite is Dave Chappelle. He's said stupid shit but I'm in the camp of "if you make me laugh about something I wouldn't normally laugh about, you get a pass." And I think his monologue on LGBT is funny as fuck

No. 776968

Actively hating femdoms and getting squicked out whenever I see femdom sperging outside their containment zone in /g/. Occasionally it's humorous, but most of the time whenever I see mentions of pegging I just want to click away from the thread. I'm a pretty submissive/vanilla person with a few fucked up tendencies and fantasies, but I don't like seeing it. I've had a few anons call me a pickme for it, or accuse me of being that necessaryspeed sperg, I don't really care.

Although I would say this goes for most overly sexual posts outside of their containment zones. At least use a spoiler if you're going to be that gratuitous

No. 776972

Did you just use this thread as a soapbox to say this? Why would hating bdsm make you labeled as a scrote?

No. 776978

NTA, I guess because femdom is seen as "empowering" or some shit

No. 776982

who would peg you as a scrote for that? they'd just make fun of you for being so anal about what is more than likely jokes

No. 781543

if anything pegging is really frowned upon on lolcow, and that is actually what I came here to say I'd get "pegged" as a scrote for enjoying doing it kek

No. 803253

nice wrists brah, routine?

No. 803254

I'm racist, mainly against black people and jews(global rule #7)

No. 803255

he's 30% indian

No. 804074

File: 1620721988670.gif (64.24 KB, 220x220, 940.gif)

>having nostalgia for katawa shoujo
>liking league of legends female champs like Sona, Syndra, Lux, Ahri, Nami etc. for their designs
>hating huniepoop and huniedev but appreciating Audrey Belrose as a character (or even knowing what audrey belrose is)

No. 804083

oh man, are you me? katawa shoujo and audrey belrose stay in my head even if it had to have been 4+ years since i've played either of those games

No. 804091

>liking league of legends female champs like Sona, Syndra, Lux, Ahri, Nami etc. for their designs
This is the norm though. Even for a lot of characters with coomerish design. I'm not even sure where the whole 'women hate attractive female characters in games' came from

No. 804100

File: 1620726299994.jpg (116.82 KB, 600x820, c9515c0f2af31d19626ee698fc1333…)

I really relate with Rin a lot, but I do recognize that it's like, not only do men like to ogle my body, they want to ogle my mind too if I can serve a similar purpose in their personal biography. It's a bit of an existential dread. I really like the other characters too.
And Audrey Belrose just idk she broke me for real

No. 804104

What are women supposed to play in League then? Kayle and Annie? I have no idea what new characteres got added in the past 3-4 years
It'd be more scrotish if you mained Garen, Zed and whatever else male designs with no cute factor.

No. 804247

>I really relate with Rin a lot, but I do recognize that it's like, not only do men like to ogle my body, they want to ogle my mind too if I can serve a similar purpose in their personal biography
Played Katawa Shoujo years ago and enjoyed it for what it was… I think I only did Hanoko and Lilly's routes. Maybe I should give Rin a shot.
>And Audrey Belrose just idk she broke me for real
I will never play Hunie Pop and I've read the wiki, but it doesn't explain too well why Audrey is such an emotional character. IDK if you would feel like talking about your feelings and thoughts about her? That's so interesting. It does seem like her portrayal is supposed to be kinda realistic take on a party girl, but there's not much to go on without playing the game.

No. 804767

>ywn experience the feeling of playing katawa shoujo on windows xp again
why even live anons
i played it when i was way too young and i miss the sense of being new to anime/internet culture more so than the game itself, i promise i'm not a scrote

No. 808694

File: 1621230648986.png (250.79 KB, 400x400, descargar.png)

I love waifu generator

No. 808715

it's fun periodt

No. 809084

I keep seeing people in this thread saying they like lord of the rings, dune, dostoevsky etc. yet I have seen plenty of discussion of those things on lolcow before and I never saw anyone getting labeled a scrote for it

No. 809189

I liked a certain kind of porn enough to actually pay for access to it.

It was years ago but it was transguys getting fucked by normal guys. Went through a whole phase of being into that

No. 809195

So basically you're into straight porn where the woman is hairy.

No. 809200

Actually paying for porn is pathetic. I don't care that you have a vagina. It's still pathetic. Sort yourself out.

No. 809204

Women are naturally hairy dumbo

No. 809215

>pathetic. Sort yourself out
>It was years ago

One of the final scenes I remember watching had an actual established gay porn start fucking the ftm.. must've felt very validating. Months later the gay dude switched over to only doing straight porn. I always remember that. He changed his performer name and just switched teams. Had only been gay for pay and he used the ftm as stepping stone on his way back.

No. 809291

i unironically enjoy anal. I truly wish i didnt but i just do. Maybe its the guy that i do it with but I just like that pressure of being fucked but my vagina is left alone where I can have full access to my vibrator lol. I

I feel gross for enjoying it and try to supress it but there have been times where I would subconsciously tell the guy to press his thumb there because that pressure just sends me to another dimension.

I'd probably never do it again with anyone else just because i feel like i lucked out with the guy not having a giant dick because that would've probably changed my perspective on it.

I know im whats wrong with women. I probably enjoy it too cuz i grew up reading BL so that probably plays a role. (i get it im warped)

No. 809299

Liking anal does not make you a scrote. It's not even that bad, jesus christ

No. 809300

Someone once called me a scrote on here once because I said I prefer to shave my pubic hair

No. 809304

How many times have you done it?

I had anal a handful of times and only enjoyed it once. I have now retired from it. I kinda consider myself lucky that I never shit on a dick. I'll fondly remember that one good time but vaginal sex is good every time so I'm not tempted to roll a dice on 'maybe good' anal

Scrotes are often too pushy about it but that's on them not you. This feels like misplaced guilt

No. 809340

Same here. I started wanting to shave my pubes pretty much as soon as I got them, which was well before I even knew porn existed much less that it was "fashionable." I don't like the feel against my underwear or having it extend out past them.

No. 810399

Today I was called a troon because I said I don't want to be a pickme/doormat and I'm confident in my female body and don't hate myself anymore

No. 810403

I shave mine off because I have trichotillomania and I would feel tempted to pull it otherwise. However I hate when people act as though it's gross for women to have pubic hair.

No. 810408

File: 1621411290192.gif (9.61 MB, 540x500, 1611838417462.gif)

i love her

No. 810411

As much as I hate the coomer hype surrounding her, I adore her character design. I'm also strangely glad that her appearance is just isolated to the first portion of Village and that she isn't a recurring villain throughout the game. I feel like any more Lady D than what we got would have killed the charm, idk.

No. 810421

Yes, sadly. I remember being like 6 or 7 and we were cleaning out old CDs in our living room and found one called Bible Black. I was supposed to watch it with my cousin because we both liked anime but I got home earlier and watched it by myself. I vividly remember the girl with the glasses stripping down and I shut off the TV because I got scared

It lead to some weird drawings I had when I was young and my mom got mad when I drew a mermaid with her tits out lmao

Honestly? same. Her character design is simple but memorable and she's very attractive. I also agree with the anon who said it was a good idea to have her not be in the game too much.

No. 810441

File: 1621416326398.jpg (93.69 KB, 1400x700, Resident-Evil-Village-Lady-Dim…)

I swear Lady Dimitrescu is TOO GOOD for the coomers and scrotes to have as a character.
I adore her character design and the way her model is executed: she looks very alive and natural for being a vampire, her skin and its creases are on point, her expressions are magnetizing and her face is dynamic, she's voluptuous but it's pretty evident that her shapes aren't overly polished or smoothed out into boneless hour-glass mass, it's like she has actual buttocks, arms, breasts, muscle and fat tissue

and she is so beautiful. She is absolutely captivating. And that's just the physical/visual part.

The average scrote will never understand why she's so great. If you told them to come up with something similar, they'd just make a taller tifa lockhart.

No. 810444

File: 1621416753252.jpg (224.25 KB, 850x1200, sample_0a4e737f7eee52445f397cd…)

i love bigtitted anime girls lol

No. 810455

File: 1621418460501.png (791.15 KB, 840x1116, Temptress_Heket.png)

heck yes even in games

No. 810522

File: 1621424890127.jpg (212.5 KB, 750x900, EcQDzKyWoAUAU5g.jpg)

There's truth to your words. My take is that men would be more tolerable if they didn't think they're the arbiters of reality. Men will 100% act like something isn't real or doesn't exist by the sole reason of themselves not being able to fully grasp it. Biggest example would be something like men acting like they're more connected to God than women are, when in reality having faith (not just in God but in fellow humans) and being ride-or-die for superhuman concepts is a distinctly, if not exclusively, a strong feminine trait. Women are more spiritual but men will act like it's just madness and nonsense, then turn around and worship insane political ideologies, replace their entire personalities with materialistic economical systems, siphon feminine energy out of actual women by reducing our gender into consumables and try to create supercomputers to do all the moral navigation for them because they can't be fucked to use their 'superior male brain' for what it was intended for: being reasonable, humane and in tune with reality.

Just one example of how men as a class brutalize culture, tradition and humanity. Sage for megasperg. It's just that this shit goes deep.

To return to the topic: I wish having monotheistic belief wasn't considered scrotely. Because it is not.

No. 810615

She is a very stylish, creepy and interesting character, but all the coomers see are big boobs. They're half blind and mostly braindead. I wonder if she would've gotten all this attention from them if she wasn't curvy.

No. 810668

File: 1621437302025.jpg (44.13 KB, 564x822, stockings.jpg)

> I like stockings (I have ugly legs due to ingrowns + have muscly legs in general and these hide them)
> I like wearing thigh highs (stripey socks are ugly and too pedo/fetishy looking though)
> compsci major (my classes are 30/70 though so i think we're closing the gap!)
> im a sub sexually… so fucking degen, i'm trying to fix myself, and had "vanilla" sex and stopped watching porn for like a year but unfortunately i relapsed in everything.

No. 810672

t. lesbian who can’t stay in the /g/ lesbian thread

No. 810682

omg i love stockings too! they are the only thing i feel like flatters my chicken legs. Everythign else just makes me look like a popsicle LMAO.

No. 810977

The only scrote thing is the last one, nothing special tbh.

No. 811317

Tinfoil. But i bet all of the anons who are defending anal in this thread are probably also the ones who ree about femdom.

Like the other anon said, the only scrote-y one is the last one. No one here is going to call you a scrote for liking stockings? That's not a thing as far as I'm aware. Also ive seen lots of anons here say they're compsci majors and they never got called scrotes for it.

No. 811370

i think they're all troon characteristics and it makes me feel uncomfortable with liking these certain things. especially when i go on /r/redditlaqueristas and a very masculine looking person posts their nails, i look at their profile and it's always sissy stocking stuff or programmer socks stuff. shrug

No. 818288

mega tim samefag trying so hard, I would have assumed everyone could smell your rotting hole before you got ITT but nvm, so many fooled(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 959816

Have different opinions and not being a meek little stereotypical bitch online

No. 959878

This. You act a little aggressive and you’re a scrote. Everyone has to be nice and welcoming and sweet and accepting.

No. 959883

If you show too much attraction to any woman you're instantly labelled as either a scrote or a forever alone lesbian especially if it's a conventionally attractive woman and you admit you'd fuck her. Get it right losers, I'm a forever alone bi and I want Remy Lacroix's butthole on my face.

No. 959885

You sure it's not the butt stuff that's getting you accused?

No. 959887

I've admitted to rimming a man in the past and nobody accused me of scroteism then.

No. 959899

Enjoy catching e coli.

No. 959916

I love how one of my posts is on here and I'm just now seeing it because of the bump kek

No. 959954

That is so sad.

No. 959956

i went to a jav actress meet and greet event in japan, the kind where you have to buy a few dvds to attend. i won't be more specific than that because i might possibly be the only western woman to ever do that.
is it even possible to get more scrote-y than that? and that's not to mention literally everything else about me

No. 959959

How are those events like? Do you really just shake their hand and leave?

No. 959968

this one included multiple photo shoots depending on the amount of dvds purchased, i got to take pictures of the actress 1 on 1 and a picture of myself with her, there is a handshake and autograph included and at the end there was a show but the most nudity shown is just breasts and you are allowed to take photos during it, just no video. the director was there also and he is fairly well known and i had a nice time talking with him even though he didn't speak english and my japanese is bad (some guy attending helped me translate and was very helpful). nobody was really weird to me either, just normal and friendly, probably because they knew i was there for a woman lol

No. 959983

Saying that I like piv, like sorry you don't have a gspot.

No. 959986

And if you dare call someone a stupid ass who shouldn't have invited a stranger moid to her place then you're a victim blaming scrote. Like no sorry but if you keep doing straight up dumbass shit then you're going to get burned and it'll only be your fault. Keep getting assaulted until you learn that men aren't to be trusted, I guess.

No. 959989

no one would label you a scrote for that, weirdo

No. 959990

But… why?

No. 959992

On lolocw? kek c'mon

No. 960001

They did, apparently they didn't want to believe that some women have gspots so they don't need clit stimulation to come.

No. 960016

That is definitely something I never thought I'd see on here ngl.

No. 960020

Honestly women who willingly do this should be publicly stoned

No. 960032

File: 1636076328303.jpg (54.97 KB, 400x299, 1490672810566.jpg)

Shitting on people who take zodiac signs/astrology seriously
I get second hand embarrassment watching anons get defensive about it

No. 960040

I tell men I don't want to talk to anymore it's because of their sign.
So it's useful for that.

No. 960119

tbh that's fine

No. 960153

because i like the actress and happened to be in japan at the time of the event? not all of us are heterosexual, also she is definitely a milf not young looking teen type or anything, probably around 10 years older than me more or less not sure if that makes it better or worse lol

No. 960503

it's porn either way

No. 960624

huh, honestly kind of sounds like a fun time if you are familiar with the actresses (morality of the porn industry aside, not sure if it's as exploitative in Japan as it is in the US). Hope you had a good time nonita!

No. 960846

This just feels like something a scrote would ask so he can lurk and post here undetected

No. 960848

What is?

No. 960849

you are part of the problem

No. 960939

CC is losing to lolcow because of so many reasons, the main reason to me is because you have to walk on eggshells to not offend mods and users, constant boob fights and bodyshaming, especially towards women with small breasts, anons freak out over the littlest things and then defend or excuse obvious moids. It was a good site when it first started IMO but now anytime I go there it's just constant boob discussions, anons defending men being abusive and pedophiles, and anons getting offended over literally nothing

No. 960940

Lolcow has been dead for a while. At this point they’re both the same

No. 960943

Lolcow isn't dead since we still have posts every few minutes or so, CC is dead to an extent but the only people who go there anymore are moids with weird big boob superiority/small boob shaming fantasies and easily offended anons and mods. At least anons here have humor for the most part, just seems like having any sort of personality on CC is considered offensive

No. 961031

Lolcow isn't dead

No. 961126

Every time I go on cc, the threads on the top have like 40 posts. LC has threads that are almost full at all times. I feel like it's obvious that LC is busier, can someone explain how anyone can stand CC regarding the slowness, I usually go on b - am I going on the wrong board?

No. 961129

based because it makes them seethe and sperg about how chaotic women are

No. 961416

speaking as an ex user, the deadness never bothered me until we got raided by moids and people looking to constantly start infights. On top of that one thing I use to like about CC better is less banning/deleting of posts and now I see several normal posts get deleted for no apparent reason but moid and troll posts stay up

No. 963007

CC had potential but it keeps constantly turning away any new users because of things mentioned like here >>960939 >>961416 if I had to guesstimate there are mainly 14 active users five of them are married sad losrs who come to post about their sad married life, three are trannies, two are fat femcels, two are discord ethots, and two are larping moids.
I don't like twitterfags or pullfags but they keep the site alive and somewhat fresh and they have a potential to assimilate.

No. 965546

I think Billie Eilish is cute even when you take her body into account. Like I know she has a gut and scrawny legs, but I don't care, I still think she's kind of hot. Particularly in the loose outfits, for some reason I find those more attractive than her more recent looks.

I don't listen to her music or anything like that, I've just seen people post about her on SM and here.

No. 965548

could you link posts from all 14 users?

No. 965599

God I hope the one who is in love with her brother is a larping moid, it has to be, right?

No. 965826

the only users ive met there were trannies and discord e-daters (possibly underage) who kept crying about their e-bfs

No. 974739

>you have to walk on eggshells to not offend mods and users
I did a double take to make sure you aren't talking about this site instead.

No. 982699

Does anyone else think that yosuga no sora's soundtrack is very beautiful and calming? It gave me a nostalgic feeling even when I just first heard it. The ambiance of the show's setting gives me nostalgia as well. I also thought that Sora and Haru's relationship/arc was cute. Kinda wished they were just super close childhood friends where Sora has a jealousy problem and is too shy to confess her feelings instead of them being twins, but still cute nonetheless. Probably the only cringy harem anime that intrigued me and am fond of. It must also be because of how "emotional" and "sad" it is kek.

No. 1018216

I think the Genshin female designs are fine as they are and don't need any censoring. It's stupid to play an anime style gacha game and not expect fanservice to both genders. The girls are pretty and I like them, yet the Genshin thread in /m/ is almost constant complaining about the female characters and it's tiring. It's fine if they're not your thing but liking them doesn't make me a scrote and I don't know who'd want to complain about them almost every thread. I wish more people could like one thing without bashing another, and I wish I had more actual female friends who like typical moe anime girls like I do.

I guess this could also go in the unpopular opinions thread but I'd be labelled a scrote there anyway.

No. 1018219

File: 1641498841883.jpeg (86.81 KB, 884x526, C41339BA-2444-47ED-80A6-C0F340…)

Today I will remind them

No. 1018222

BASED. Genshin impact characters are not even sexual compared to other MMMOs that have loli characters with huge hips dressed in revealing clothing

No. 1018228

And that's not including trannies that won't admit to being male

No. 1018308

I like vaporwave and war/belic movies (not really in for the bloodbaths but the strategy/history aspect)

No. 1018422

I got Kenshi in the winter sale and it's my new favourite game ever. I also have 1000+ hours in both Rimworld and Mount and Blade: Warband. And I really enjoy Dwarf Fortress and CK2 even though I suck at both. I feel like I have scrote taste, every 'woman' I've ever seen in the communities for those games was a troon.

No. 1018433

i spent 1 day on CC and I felt such immense tranny/scrote presence. You will see avatarfags using loli images and the type of self indulgent whining and vocabulary that only incels who arent even liked by other incels would use

No. 1018445

I like most of those games too. You may like Thea:the awakening

No. 1018451

I havent played in a while but I love rimworld too! you're not alone nonnie

No. 1018473

File: 1641510857517.jpg (628.42 KB, 1347x2128, 915sRfi3ZwL.jpg)

I love Stephen King and consider him a favorite author of mine. I'm very aware of his flaws and he can't write about women for shit most of the time, but I feel like the good outweighs the bad for me. I always go to his books for a surefire comfy read when I'm burnt out on reading.

No. 1018509

Good for you nonny. I like some "problematic" authors too and fuck it, let me live. We're not allowed to look at anything with nuance these days. Just because I find some of their work entertaining doesn't mean I personally identify with everything they've ever said.

No. 1018539

I'm a yurifag. I know that there are other women who like it, the majority of JP twitter artists I follow for yuri art/pairings are female and it's very easy to distinguish content made by women versus men. But in English weeb communities it's scrote central (with a huge portion of them being troons for obvious reasons), so I can't really blame anyone here for thinking I'm a scrote if I were to ever bring it up.

No. 1018626

Same. I love his style of writing. It makes me feel really invested in some of the characters.

No. 1018739

File: 1641532667044.jpeg (322.23 KB, 2048x1188, C1070D81-5611-4DDA-BEAA-E687CD…)

Me too nonnie
If you could only pick one, what would you say your favourite yuri ship is?

No. 1018819

I completely agree with you, sometimes I think that anons overreact for the desings, and the way many of them keep repeating "Big booba milkers" is creeping me out. I know that they say it as an insult, but it still makes me feel uncomfortable

No. 1018856

File: 1641543871472.jpeg (55.89 KB, 225x350, DF0791E2-7BEA-40D6-A2EA-BBF17B…)

i like gore threads and looking at gore, especially of faces and penis

No. 1018866

>I wish I had more actual female friends who like typical moe anime girls like I do.
Literally 80% of the Genshin fandom, shouldn't be too hard to find likeminded people. Anons complaining about the Genshin thread bashing the female designs and acting like a bunch of victims for it are so petty it legitimately pisses me off because it's the only place I've ever come across where you can complain about the coomer female designs without a bunch of gamerbros and e-girls screaming at you and QRTing you to hell for bashing their waifu. You can go literally anywhere else on the internet to talk about how much you love staring at Noelle's ass during her underskirt shots or how mad it makes you that Jean's cleavage was censored.

No. 1018868

File: 1641546050633.jpeg (282.9 KB, 1051x562, EA283CCB-92E6-4AF8-A17C-724FA4…)

Me too. I don’t blame anyone calling me a tranny if they saw my hoard of yuri art. I think I do romanticize yuri relationships more than I should because I’m undersocialized with women and only had intense but short lived romantic experiences. I wish it was like in the cartoons.

No. 1018872

Who else would women horror fiction fans read? I don’t think anyone would call you a man for reading arguably the most popular author on earth of the genre.

No. 1018926

File: 1641552492210.jpg (83.4 KB, 1080x1003, sibwt9e04ho61.jpg)


I guess that is most scrote interest of mine.

No. 1018928

File: 1641552554338.jpg (Spoiler Image,136.87 KB, 2048x1142, jtwuhe7vc6h51.jpg)

No. 1018934

File: 1641553519331.jpg (63.68 KB, 945x896, 231001119_540104047412243_5670…)

Me too! But I feel like, similarly to gaming, it's one of these interests that, when it comes to fans, is almost evenly split, men and women, especially in case of F1 after Drive to Survive

No. 1019129

>Literally 80% of the Genshin fandom
80% of the Genshin fandom are also typical "what are your pronouns" annoying children who I don't want to speak to.
Your typing style is confusing as hell nonnie I have no idea if you're agreeing with me or disagreeing with me or what you're even really saying tbh.
>and QRTing you
I don't think anybody above the age of 18 should be interacting with people on Twitter, kek. It's the internet's shithole.

No. 1019133

I just really love ass, ok?

No. 1019134

File: 1641570593291.jpeg (363.94 KB, 1920x1280, 8F2C3B35-E411-4CD6-9644-696003…)

>she doesn’t think Ferrari boys are hotter
Carlos and Charles are the best boys of the whole ass circuit and you can’t change my mind because it’s the absolute truth.

No. 1019202

File: 1641574475905.png (2.82 MB, 2000x2000, 399498.5000000015_158988493499…)

Liking history, warfare/military (see: the /k/ thread) and/or politics. I guess I can't blame people here for associating those with cringe incel LARPers like in picrel, they're everywhere online.

Didn't read everything but I hope your femdom stuff is for women ("femgaze" as people here call it) and not for scrotes. If not then stop wasting your art skills on that.

No. 1019214

I like fixing up old cars.
But it’s just a stereotype, there are plenty of girls who do it too.

No. 1019224

These are unironically my least favorite scrotes, which is saying a LOT. Imagine basing your political and religious beliefs around shitty strategy games. Actual history autists can be cool tho.

No. 1019260

I think my spaghetti western obsession would make most people assume I'm a scrote, that or my taste for action flicks and boomercore in general (I'm a fan of those type of films because I watch them with my dad, I need to find things that he enjoys)
I also use internet slang that I learned on 4chan when I was younger and I can't get rid off because its a bit ingrained in me.
I also used to like Love Live, I still kinda do. I thought it was for girls when I first watched it, but then I found out a large portion of the fanbase was… male.
I saw some anons above saying that they'd be labeled scrotes for liking popular tv shows like the Sopranos (which I love) or russian lit, but that makes no sense to me, same with gangster films, but I guess someone could say the same about me saying that I think my movie taste could label me a scrote.
I just find it sad that philosophy and classic literature is associated with scrotes, when they don't even read it and they just pretend that they do to seem cool online.

No. 1019323

Same, nona. I'm a huge history sperg, though to be fair I don't really care about modern history, I like ancient roman warfare and stuff like that instead. I actually haven't met many scrotes who are into that kind of warfare, most of them seem to be into world war stuff. But I don't really hang around many scrotes so I don't really know.

No. 1019580

You’re hot

No. 1019805

File: 1641603120748.png (1.48 MB, 960x720, 5AFA90A7-A255-4332-86E6-B97BC5…)

>spaghetti westerns
C-can we be friends nona

No. 1019816

I'm glad there's other nonners like me out there. Shine out.

No. 1020279

>used to enjoy fiction (classic lit, shitty spy novels, and sci-fi) but now only reads non-fiction books on history, politics, and current affairs
>works in a lab
>listens to Russian doomer music playlists
>likes Chapo Trap House
>enjoys brutalist architecture
>art sperg
>hates romantic movies
>loves westerns, sci-fi, and spy movies (not mainstream/Marvel/Star Wars)
>favourite films: Blade Runner, Solaris, Pan's Labyrinth, Incendies
I guess I'm cringe.

No. 1020750

I shave everywhere. Minus my head. I once asked for advice on /g/ about how to avoid razor bumps and got called a scrote

No. 1020849

There's a Red Scare podcast joke in here, somewhere

No. 1020856

that's weird, may I ask what thread it was in? because there's multiple hair removal threads in /g/

No. 1020897

Y-you're kinda hot a-anon

No. 1020911

I probably don't like you as a person but I can respect your taste

No. 1020919

I like big boobies and I cannot lie. Yes I know they're painful on the back and sweaty and uncomfortable. But I want a gf with big boobies.

No. 1020926

File: 1641687290291.jpeg (Spoiler Image,106.88 KB, 640x640, 08F92666-0E15-42D7-9F7F-D97021…)

I love these scrotey cute anime girl blob figures a lot and would love to have a collection of them but it’s just too embarrassing.

No. 1020940

>Chapo trap house
I'll be honest and say. i don't understand the controversy behind Chapo, it's like a normal podcast compared to red scare and cumtown. or is it the fanbase?

No. 1020947

i hate the word scrote, it's vulgar and cringe

No. 1020949

agree with you, it's the most tolerable of the 3 too imho. the fanbase is largely male though. i would say cumtown is way more scrotey tho.

No. 1020950

I hate scrote and moid. It all reminds me too much of incel lingo and I don't want to be even slightly connected to it. It's wildly cringy to me. I'm aware that most men are shit so I just call them shitty men.

No. 1020955

i especially hate moid

No. 1020956

File: 1641689780199.jpg (65.53 KB, 800x507, DcTGoYQV4AAdNkk.jpg)

I'm a big fan of traps/femboys and hentai about big tiddied anime girls going "ara-ara." People used to think I was a moid on /a/ because I liked Zero Two x Hiro as a pairing lol.

No. 1020966

>It all reminds me too much of incel lingo and I don't want to be even slightly connected to it
exactly this. People came up with scrote and moid as an equivalent to incel lingo, they were funny in that context and i dont think they were supposed to be used unironically

No. 1021002

I’m ayrt and I honestly think it’s the fanbase. I don’t use Twitter or Reddit but they’re pretty rabid to the point even CTH makes fun of them. The hosts can be kind of cringe at times but are also pretty funny in a dumb kind of way. I tried Cum Town and Red Scare but I found both podcasts too overbearing. CTH, True Anon (also cringe), and Mont Icons are about as scrotey as I get in terms of podcasts. The last one is actually good if you can get past the bored male millennial Australian accents and extremely slow pace.
Bonus green text:
>low key obsessed with contemporary maritime law

No. 1021039

i wish the chapo trap house people would find another name for it, to be honest. it's a really bad name, i think that has a lot to do with it.

like, the podcast is edgy and scrotey, for sure, but the hosts are generally pretty reasonable and measured when they discuss serious topics.

i harbor a secret hope that a silent majority of the fans aren't that bad and it's just the ones on reddit/twitter and the ones who go to the live shows (like seriously what kind of person hears 'live podcast show' and thinks 'wow that sounds fun')

No. 1021049

Everything is fine except Chapo Trap House. Stop. I’m saying this for your own good.

No. 1021052

why is chapo worse? most podcasts are shit anyways. chapo is not good but it's far and away better than its peers/rivals

No. 1021072

I love history and warfare as well. I’ve spent my teen years reading about ancient warfare and it remains a love for me, especially ancient Greek warfare and Anatolian warfare. I used to be really into ancient biological warfare and I think lots of nonnies would enjoy reading about it too—there is just something that has been so pervertedly fascinating to me since I was a teenager about being killed by the land itself. Wielding nature in your arm, twisting this incessant and unceasing green growth into a deadly, ugly, brute weapon, and letting it go loose and half-insane. It’s absolutely riveting. Especially because of its unmoving cool: nature doesn’t give a fuck about you. It was not made to accommodate you. It’s completely and tirelessly indifferent, and I’d say it’s superior in its ugliness, because ugliness is a quality that lasts and maximizes. It’s not transient nor highly coveted, like beauty, and it’s stills itself against time dutifully and reliably. Its effect can beat down generations upon generations, all stubborn and relentless. In this way, ugliness will be always superior to beauty. But I wouldn’t say nature is completely ugly; it’s neither this or that, it just is, and it is in a very brutal and unforgiving manner. It can slowly bring men to their doom and feast on them like a parasite, killing them off one by one, completely indifferent and uncaring. And at the end, it is there, coiling beautiful flowers around the carcasses of once hopeful dead men. They were so alive a few dsys aho and they’re underneath a hazel grove, where all time seems to stop and goes treacly, all honey and thick and still! Came from nothingness and back to nothingness. Almost poetic, to have sprung from a womb where time doesn’t beat, and then return to the one metaphorical womb of the entire entire earth, that promises rebirth again and again.

Anyway, I also really used to be into the Mithridatic Wars, they were really fun. You reminded me of a few books I had on my booksheld.

No. 1021087

>I love women with big asses, but not obese, slimthicc if you will…
>Footfag (only asian men)
>Yellow fever
>Favorite movie is Taxi Driver
>Relates to Travis Bickle and his loneliness
>Favorite Weezer album is Pinkerton
>Listens to Weezer
>Likes ecchi and yuri manga
>Berserk, Gantz and Prison school are my favorite mangas
>Lives in a cold bare room
>Military uniform fetish

No. 1021091

kek, this anon wins it

No. 1021094

Just taking a look at some of the older posts and this random bear made me lose it

No. 1021100

Being better than its already shitty rivals doesn’t make it good.

No. 1021101

>Favorite Weezer album is Pinkerton
Wait, that’s moidy?

No. 1021110

Fuck you got me on some of these and I wanna be friends

No. 1021112

AYRT Not the album but I have seen anons here discussing about weezer and how it's a band for troons and moids with yellow fever.

No. 1021117

File: 1641702002507.jpg (45.14 KB, 530x800, 38dcxynsioq71.jpg)

okay but Travis Bickle is a pimp and pedo killer and therefore a feminist icon

No. 1021127

pinkerton is like their most praised anyways so that line gets a pass. but yeah weezer is seen as a moidy band because rivers cuomo behavior/preferences in general

No. 1021134

Any book recs?

No. 1021135

>Footfag (only asian men)
This made me kek. Why only Asian men? Do they just have better feet than men of other races or is it just the yellow fever?

No. 1021147

KEK ayrt, it's just the yellow fever, anon.

No. 1021252

File: 1641715547938.jpeg (432.05 KB, 828x812, C1B662C1-C5F4-4D6A-B3E5-B0F894…)

Fucking same.
I don't give a fuck how many people say she's overrated, Zero Two is cute and her dynamic with Hiro is hot.

No. 1021262

are they both guys?

No. 1021270

>I enjoy crappy movies with trash tier humor, especially from the 90s-00s
>enjoys many tarantino films
>watches rick and morty and finds it chuckle inducing
>generally possesses vulgar crap humor
>not an ounce of sexual dominance in this body
>eat lots and lots of junkfood
>has no sense of organization and lives in a disgusting sty
>>>1018473 similar to this anon I read authors who I know I probably shouldn't but if I enjoy their writing style or characters I enjoy them

No. 1021272

Obviously not

No. 1021749

Greek Fire, Poison Arrows & Scorpion Bombs: Biological and Chemical Warfare in the Ancient World by Adrienne Mayor is a pretty good entrance to the topic. It’s really fun to read as well. I’d recommend A Higher Form of Killing with it as well. Polyaenus’ Stratagems of War is interesting too.

No. 1021750

She kind of looks like a guy with long hair in that picture.

No. 1021753

thank you for backing me up but i asked only cause the rest of her post was about femboys and traps, then she said people thought she was a moid for liking this pairing. i have no idea what's moidy about this pairing so i assumed it related to what she liked, femboys and traps

No. 1021754

File: 1641763833239.jpeg (60.34 KB, 346x450, 155C56E5-E341-47CD-B860-662D45…)

Me too, I like the whole “short and insecure guy with tall and assertive girl” pairing types, they’re really nice.

No. 1030175

Penis… I genuinely get turned on by my boyfriend and his genitalia, and I love performing oral on him. But I know that preferences like this are considered transgender-like

No. 1030182

this is bait right this sounds completely normal and untroon like unless you're a male troon but i don't want to accuse of being a scrote itt but maybe you're just stupid

No. 1030183

joe rogan. my mom can't seem to understand why i watch him so much but i find him and the way he interacts with his guests fascinating. he isn't smart and doesn't claim to be, his podcast is good because he's the perfect idiot who gets to ask people who really have shit to say the dumbest layman questions. a lot of guests are shitty but i highly recommend his episodes with jewel (esp if you have a narc mom or grew up in traumatic circumstances) and with leah remini.

No. 1030184

I don't hate small dogs but I fucking hate small dog owners, especially Chihuahua owners. They always tend to be the most annoying fat white girls on the planet, weenie dog owners are all fat attention whores as well, especially if they also make the weenie dog fat. Yorkie girls are fucking toxic psychopaths and German shepherd owners are all white supremacist pickmes. Pomeranian owners are also all pedophiles

No. 1030188

ntayrt but a few anons who said they enjoyed giving oral to men ofc got called pick me, larping scrote, tranny, etc

No. 1030195

I feel like everyone you know must be a terrible person and/or you're crazy, but I do support shaming people who make their pets fat

No. 1030210

oh hmm thats strange… i know some girls don't like doing it but personally i thought they might just be lesbians or sexually repressed (i dont mean this mean) but i think its perfectly normal for a straight woman to like penises, male bodies, giving a male oral, etc

No. 1030220

I agree, I think it's part of being a heterosexual female. But like
said, on lolcow it's considered "scrote" or rather tranny-like to be attracted to men and enjoy pleasuring them sexually, even though it's just female biology.

No. 1030239

All dog owners are insufferable. I hate how they call cats selfish while holding their pugs with eyes popping out.(dog hate containment breach)

No. 1030247

you have no choice but to degrade yourself to suck dick so it's not surprising someone would get called a pickme or faggot for enjoying it

No. 1030248

My appearance. The only thing that stops me from going full cow online is knowing that if I ever achieved efame, my thread would be 100% full of trans speculation. I don't like scrotey things but I do think I have a scrotey way of interacting. I've also been told every girl I'm attracted to looks just like me, so I could see some AGP speculation there maybe, or something.

No. 1030285

I don't see what's degrading about it when you love somebody and feel attracted by the sight of their body, especially their genitalia. I don't think it's degrading for a man to pleasure a woman and vice versa. We use our mouths to kiss and show affection, so it seems natural to do the same in areas that are sexual. It isn't degrading when you're in a normal and function relationship.

No. 1030288

>said, on lolcow it's considered "scrote" or rather tranny-like to be attracted to men
This part is normal

>and enjoy pleasuring them sexually, even though it's just female biology.

This part is not. You really do sound like a man when you say women biology is about pleasuring men when in the nature, male animals need to impress females to have intercourse and breed.
Humans are the only species that have pickmes, kek.

No. 1030293

I don't think it's inherently degrading but if you're sucking his dick and he hasn't even made you cum first then that is embarrassing. Men don't even have a difficult time orgasming from vaginal penetration like most women and certainly don't need oral to have pleasurable sex.

No. 1030297

>This part is not.
What I meant by it is that it is natural to be aroused and sexually attracted to your partner. It is also natural to want to show them affection and be sexual towards them. You misinterpreted my comment. I wasn't talking about impressing your partner, solely about desiring intimacy and closeness with them.
I agree, it can make you feel really dissatisfied if sex is only pleasurable for one person. But in my experience, when you love someone and your relationship is healthy, you will enjoy pleasuring them orally too even if it doesn't physically stimulate you. I'm not saying you should be intimate that way exclusively, as it seems unhealthy. But I like making my partner happy and I like his body. I like touching it. Oh well, I'm being a bit too defensive lel…

No. 1030304

Meh, you're fine, anon, and everything you said makes sense. You're on lolcow after all, where nuance goes to die.

No. 1031097

Some dog owners are good but it's rarely fucking rare. People work all the time and think it's okay to leave a lab in a crate and wonder why it lives for 5 years. I swear to god some people are unbelievably stupid.

I also hate the pet owners who think every single reptile, rodent, dog, etc deserves a mansion with gourmet food and 18 hours of play every day. If you want a dog so bad that you'd ~die~ without one get something like a senior shih tzu or something oh wait it's not a cute little puppy to show off on Snapchat. Dog owners are undeniably more selfish than cats or cat owners

No. 1031103

My sense of humor is fucked, sometimes I laugh at stupid shit like reddit memes, I self insert into yuri/yoai

Also I hate Sex and the city and my family acts like you aren't female if you don't like this shit

No. 1031112

Sage because I’m about to sperg on a picture that’s almost a year old but, why is the outsiders film on this list lol?
Do scrotes not understand that the original book was written by a woman?

No. 1031128

A scrote trait I have which I'm not proud of is that I browse and post on /pol/ regularly. I enjoy the extremely vitriolic atmosphere.
It did blackpill me on men though. I got the confirmation that XYs are not to be trusted, not even your boyfriend, not even your father, they're all sick in the head.

No. 1031131

Lolis. Not anything sexual but they are so cute and I want to be their big sister and kiss their heads and dress them up. That's why I bought dollfies. Happiest i have ever been. They bring me warmth. They are so full of joy and colorful while the world is so bleak

No. 1031140

Loving dolls or cartoons depicting children in a big sister/mother way is sweet and well-meaning. Males fantasize about raping and hurting children, drawn or real. You're fine

No. 1031148

I say edgy shit that would get me banned from this website.
I unironically still visit 4chan.

No. 1031149

I wouldn’t be such a big deal if the term wasn’t a pedo term made by pedos for pedos. Hell, when we get raided with CP, the tittle has “Loli” in it.

No. 1031159

>I enjoy the extremely vitriolic atmosphere
Same and i'm not even white, their autism and rage is just too hilarious lmao "THE JEWSS" kek

No. 1031197

I also browse /pol/ from time to time (although I do agree with a few things they talk about).

No. 1031201

I’m in the same boat but I don’t like saying “loli” because of the disgusting sexual connotations. A lot of characters and shoujo animes with cute small girls, they’re so endearing and I want to protect them as silly as that sounds.

No. 1031294

the amount of rick and morty clothing i own

No. 1031322

I cringe every time I see people here throw around the word pickme at every woman they dislike. Hell it doesn't just happen here now. It's pretty much lost its meaning at this point. I believe in the concept of it and everything but Christ people act like one out of every three woman are pickmes. It's just become the new bitch and whore to describe a woman when she does something you don't agree with

No. 1031429

i don't like the dumb bitch type memes, i have a really retarded and probably offensive sense of humour. i way prefer having clean nails to any nail polish (i don't like fake nails at all either). i like a lot of sleazy violent films. abel ferrara, shinya tsukamoto, 80s-00s ero guro anime, exploitation films, etc. these are all things i don't usually express to people though

No. 1031520

Except for on here and lsa, I only see pick me bitches calling non-male identified women pick-me to impress men. Fucking ironic

No. 1031645

>non-male identified women

No. 1031662

How casually I treat sex depending on the context. How I hate purity culture. How I think women should sexually behave more like men–that is, selfishly. How we should use sex as barter and lie about exploits when it benefits us.

No. 1031689

I'm the same with all of this except the movies because I'm just not a movie person. The dumb bitch memes annoy me.

No. 1031690

means not a pickme or nlog

No. 1031695

Not wanting children and hating to be aligned in any way with motherhood.

No. 1031699

i unironically love the hololive vtubers, i think they are so funny and cute. i want to be friends with all of them.

No. 1031703

Me too nonnie. I'm a basic bitch and even after becoming invested in them all, Korone and Gura are still my favourites. They're the most popular for a reason. I like Fauna too, she's comfy.

No. 1031715

I farted under the bed covers last night and I forced the bf to inhale all of the gas

No. 1031720

I just spat bits of chewed up cookie all over the place and it's your fault

No. 1031722

This is my exes fetish.

No. 1031728

I can see why he is your ex

No. 1031805

I wouldn't use the term loli but I agree, I always wanted a little sister or daughter that I can play dolls with and stuff

No. 1033264

I'm waifufag.

No. 1033494

But who is your waifu

No. 1033533

Being interested in and believing in evolutionary biology. Including biological gender differences in psychology and cognition.

No. 1033552

Women don't lose for having sex with men and that our sexual appetites can equal or be greater than men's.

I respect you virgin nonnies tho, I think in general people pass judgments on women based on them not fucking or fucking and so I'm sick of seeing it. Considering the same doesn't really happen to men.

No. 1033588

Liking tomboys and big milky titties
Pls no bully, I like the tomboy genre but only because of how much I love women with short hair and nice fit bodies. I know it’s scrote catering but it’s the only place where they don’t troon them out or make them enbies.

No. 1033591

Same I hate those memes too, they got old real quick.

No. 1033616

Tentacle stuff… There's no ugly bastard to offend the eyes, it doesn't talk, and gives the girl lots of orgasms.

No. 1035352

he found a woman with lactose intolerance

No. 1035588

I have super scrote taste in music and media, I unironically think NGE is the best anime of all time, I build Gundams, and I like books like "A Clockwork Orange." My brother and I were saying how it's quirky for girls to like these things but it's a red flag for men to mention these lolol

No. 1049506

>>If you're an actual human with a scrotum stay away from this thread.

Damn they weren't kidding about this being the site for catty bitches. Too bad your words do nothing to stop this scrotum haver.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1049507

do not engage with the human male. ignore it, it will go away

No. 1049510


same I feel like my anime taste is so scrotesque. when I was 13 I was obsessed with Haruhi Suzumiya and read all 11 novels. And I feel like I can't even talk about it with other fans because I'll come across as a pick me or something.

No. 1049512


No. 1049513

someone ctr+f'd "scrote" in the catalogue, kek
anyway, my thing is that on the inside I'm lowkey still a reddit tier atheist, but I keep it to myself at least

No. 1049530

File: 1643769516977.jpeg (59.61 KB, 622x602, 2BDBBC21-48F5-4536-8EBC-CE1ED0…)

>>1049520(don't engage the scrote)

No. 1049536

Nona I just saw this but absolutely!! I need a friend I can talk about boomercore with, and to sperg out about my cowboy films…

No. 1049572

Sensible amount of interest in exploitation films. 99% of the times I don’t find them good or have artistic value.

No. 1210600

For making a thread about a legit issue women go through society: infantilization.

No. 1210628

I use "females" to refer to women, fucking sue me, it's a hard habit to break. I simply do not get why it's such a big deal and automatically makes people think you're a scrote

No. 1210633

Before GC talk got big and we had to define women from trannies by sex, “females” was mostly used by MGTOW and the incels. It’s just different Internet culture clashing because most people have it burned into their brains in a nasty context. I wouldn’t sweat it anon.

No. 1210648

I used to do this a lot and refer to men as males, kind of cringe looking back on it but I don't think it's scroteish just kind of stilted.

No. 1210649

Lmao, I also mostly use "female" now, and at least on this site I don't think anyone would think you're a scrote for using it.
In my case I started to use "female/male" instead of "woman/male" because of troons, and then it just became a habit.
If someone finds it weird I blame it on being ESL lol (which is true anyways so it's not even a lie)

No. 1210652

>liking sex
>drawing a woman that is slightly sexy
>liking video games
>being against calling women bitches and whores
>reading erotica
>liking women sexually and not just in a tumblr cottagecore aesthetic handholding way

inb4 scrote, pick me bitch rree

No. 1210653

File: 1654318190943.jpeg (23.53 KB, 555x552, images (49).jpeg)

She was part of the reason I realized I was bi and it's fucking embarrassing.

No. 1210667

You just sound like a lesbian gamer. I'm the same kek

No. 1210673

>being against calling women bitches and whores
I've never seen anyone get called a scrote for this

No. 1210692

I like her too, usually those flavor of the month anime girls that coomers obsess over don't appeal to me at all but I have a soft spot for her

No. 1210696

does not caring about what my vagina looks like count? i occasionally check down there to ensure its not falling off but i don't care at all about pornified standards or what my coochie lips look like. is that an abnormal or scrotey thing? there's a lot of anons who hyper focus on how unattractive they think their vaginas are and i don't really care what mine looks like

No. 1210697

But most women care because of what scrotes think, not caring is based and the opposite of scrote think

No. 1210704

There is literally a thread for each of these on here soooo

You guys realize this isn’t thread for “things you think make you not like other gurls” right

No. 1210705

I'd love to understand why you think that's scrotey

No. 1210708

File: 1654322624991.jpg (Spoiler Image,8.05 KB, 195x259, download.jpg)

Finding certain scrotes funny and not taking them serious. Like I find Null to be entertaining while realizing he's a piece of shit. Same forDr. Umar Johnson he's a idiot, he says dumb shit. As a black woman I don't agree with a lot of his shit, but I find him so fucking funny. I know it has no place on here because people will be like, "Nonnie you watching that scrote?" even if it's just me laughing at shit.
I don't know maybe this wouldn't get me labelled a scrote, but I feel i'd be accused of some things. I sometimes feel like some nonnies can't feel like you can't laugh at idiot scrotes saying doing dumb things. Sometimes I can't get mad, I just laugh. I feel like it's betraying my nonnie sisters but at the same time…I don't know.

No. 1210711

Oh, so my retarded brain is getting it backward. Anyway I've been with some absolute duds and absolute pieces of shit. They would insult me, but never about the way my vagina looked. I have not met one man who cares about the way my vagina looks at all.

My other blanket thought which some claim makes me seem asexual or scrotey is that genitals aren't a good looking part of the body to begin with. I'm bisexual but all I can think is why do people hyper focus on the appearance of genitals when the rest of the human form is much prettier

No. 1210724

I really, really, really don’t like loli or shota but also I don’t think it’s anywhere similar to pedophilia; to me it’s like liking furry shit without being a zoophile or enjoying violent video games without being able to stand the sight of blood irl.

No. 1210749

File: 1654325039514.jpeg (34.5 KB, 452x471, images (4).jpeg)

I can't believe this thread was necro'd again

No. 1210755

Troon paranoia here is annoying since very little of the raids are actually troons it's just moids posting bragging about traumatizing us. In fact I feel like the "blame the troon" approach is a cover up since most people are going to just attack trannies instead of the fat gross men who are actually raiding us

Oh and that's not to say troons are innocent, most are mentally ill and take pleasure in raiding places for women, but very little trannies actually exist and they can't ALL possibly be raiding lolcow and saying any sort of controversial thing on here

No. 1210758

But they post on Bunkerchan when they are going to raid us? They're moids so they like posting about owning da ebil feminazis.

No. 1210760

They also post when they get posted in the mtf thread, even the most recent ones were bunkertrans and one posting about forcing terfs to suck dick because they're men who hate women.

No. 1210761

They do which is why we need to be smarter about hunting them down, we aren't going to achieve anything by thinking every Twitter tranny is posting here when it's fat neckbeards

No. 1210763

Trannies are fat neckbeards?

No. 1210767

>responsible about hunting them down

No. 1210777

They are the same. Troons are fat gross men.

No. 1210831

But she was like the number 1 pick-me
She's based on Lum who at least wasn't holding back from beating her loser MC's ass

No. 1210833

It's literally both troons and neckbeards

No. 1210834

This, it's very fucking telling because they spam both the MTF thread and /ot/ with tranny related shit. I think that anon is trying to gaslight us into welcoming trannies.

No. 1210835

I know this post is ancient
>my fav movie is Gattaca
Lmfao bitch you mean the movie with pretty guys and an unrequited gay romance that's about breaking the perceived restrictions society puts on us due to economic and genetic differences? Kek that movie is female gaze as fuck

No. 1210837

Weird take

No. 1210841

That movie is about drooling over Jude Law. There's a plot too, but I was too busy drooling over Jude Law to pay attention to it.

No. 1210842

hmmm Jude Law crawling on the floor and the stairs.

No. 1210855

I'm bi and while I'm of course attracted to most women no matter their style, I find myself being really attracted to "bimbo"/ wannabe barbie girls. Maybe it's because they are always way more confident than I am. I just hate it though cus I'm basically enjoying the same thing that moids do that harms and objectifies women.

No. 1210860

>Maybe it's because they are always way more confident than I am.
Yeah, right, you're attracted to their "confidence". Funny way to spell "big tits".

No. 1210862

>You guys realize this isn’t thread for “things you think make you not like other gurls” right
Oh damn sorry I forgot to add "NLOG" to the inb4 list kek. Maybe I come across like that, but those are things I literally have been called a moid over here (video games was a bit broad, it was modding games that has a huge moid fanbase to be specific). And I'm not a NLOG, I'm just a good old LOG kek, it frustrates me because women enjoy those things I listed but get called a moid for them here.

Check 2X

And a woman attracted to women can't like big tits because..?

No. 1210864

Where did I say she can't? I expect that from her. I'm bi too, and I don't fool myself it's the "confidence" that draws me to my type.

No. 1210878

Sorry, I misinterpreted your post nonna

No. 1213190

I apparantly objectify men like a gay moid. I love looking at bulges and big fat shlongs, I love big bara tiddies, I love groping and oogling bubble butts.

I've been called a moid for that here, and irl men say I act like a faggot.

I think I'm a pretty normal girl I'm just straight lol

No. 1248577


this is funny ive never thought about that

No. 1248586

What is the difference

No. 1248590

>Considering the same doesn't really happen to men.
I know this post is old but doesn’t it tho? Moids make fun of eachother for being virgins all the time, that’s why that annoying virgin/chad memes exist.

No. 1248595

Same I’ve been called a scrote in /g/ many times

No. 1248608

a huge issue i have with anons here is that they say this shit doesn't happen to men, rather than acknowledging it does, but it's less important. then they actually believe it doesn't.

No. 1248613

I think I used to be the same and to an extent still am, maybe it just comes from pornsickness and/or wanting to out-pervert scrotes out of spite, which I admit is true in my case (not anymore because I've been slowly getting over those two things).

No. 1249201

sucking dick

No. 1249286

I think it's pretty cool that you build Gundamns. I don't think I have the required autism or money to do that, but I still enjoy the series as long as the fanservice and other blatantly sexist bullshit is kept to a minimum. I just want to look at the cool robots and watch the fights

No. 1249424

Sperging about 17th century armor and weapons, especially guns and muskets and carbines

No. 1249464

Probably just how nasty I am. It's not just depression, I'm just a lazy fuck and most of the time I can completely ignore living in a heap of clothes and trash. I've also been spoiled as hell in a way I see more common with eldest sons, not the "princess" treatment. That's why I have zero tolerance to male bullshit when they pretend they don't know how to do housework and unable to keep it in mind, I know how easy their lives have been, and know exactly how to manipulate "caretakers".

No. 1250020

Yes, I relate so much to this post.
I don't talk about all of my favorite media because I know I'll be accused of being a scrote even if a couple of other people here like it too. But, on the other hand, this has allowed me to do two things: be more critical of said scrotey media I like, and step out of my comfort zone and discover media and hobbies that other women are into, which I had missed out on due to spending more time with males and being a pickme when I was younger.
One of my favorite anime of all time is Kill la Kill, and I know other nonas here like it as well, but too many people are too vocal about hating it, so I don't bring it up anymore. Granted, I haven't watched it since I was like 19, but I do have many fond memories of it. If I watched it now (which I might) I'll probably enjoy it less because I don't tolerate malegaze fanservice anymore, but I dunno.

No. 1250034

Been told I'm a scrote or tranny for being visual and enjoying pics of sexy nude men and for thinking the wrong guy was cute according to them. It was weird BTW and makes me wonder if those anon themselves were ugly jealous scrotes.

No. 1250259

File: 1656899691709.jpg (914.81 KB, 2048x2865, Tumblr_l_283091049585445.jpg)

>im@s and touhou fan
>reads hentai
>degen fetishes
>no empathy
>edgy/stupid sense of humor
>stereotypical male taste in women, big boobs, big hips, no body hair, etc.

sorry nonnies im autistic

No. 1250268

I enjoy drawing noncon porn.

No. 1250322

File: 1656907488238.jpg (702.67 KB, 2000x938, __moriya_suwako_and_yasaka_kan…)

Not a cosplayer but I was going to mention this too. Tons of female geeks who are into Touhou cosplay the characters because their designs are so pretty and colorful. In fact, that's why I got into it, because I saw that Bad Apple!! video where they show you the characters alongside their silhouettes and I thought "holy shit these characters are so colorful and cool". To me it was similar to Hetalia, which I was obsessed with att, since both were franchises with huge fanbases and there were a shit-ton of different characters with unique designs and different colors and personalities, so I was into that kind of autism. I distinctly remember thinking Yukari and Ran looked imposing and like they were very powerful, like strong bosses in a game, and later found out that I was right. I also liked the fact that the fandom was so massive and dedicated, and I still love the arrangements of official tunes that they create. I had a huge folder for Touhou fanart that was neatly and autistically organized into sub-folders. My favorite kind of Touhou art is anything that isn't sexualized, but especially spell card fanart because all the girls look badass fighting and shooting waves of colored bullets.
But most of the time when I see Touhou being discussed here, it's along the lines of "isn't Touhou loli shit for coomer scrotes? so gross" so I don't bring that up either because I know I'll be called male for liking it. What the hell happened? Many women on imageboards liked Touhou in the past, a lot of Touhou fanartists on Pixiv are/were women, and you can tell when that's the case. I fucking hate how so many things I used to enjoy are now ruined because of male troons and the normalization of porn.

No. 1250336

touhou is so wholesome too, it's sad.

No. 1250337

File: 1656909618599.jpg (2.26 MB, 2126x2953, e5521d81ed898d842c6232b5fe106b…)

I love Touhou as well, it was what initially got me into doujin music and I'm so fond of the characters and universe. It's a shame when people just assume it's coomershit because of the fanart moids make, when there's zero sexualization in the actual games. I try not to let men ruin it for me though, fortunately it still has a sizeable amount of female fans and there are lots of artists who never draw coomer art.

No. 1250338

same here, anon! also if anyone wants good doujin music check out canoue.

No. 1250339

nta, me 3

I love touhou rock & metal covers

No. 1250344

I draw coomershit of anime girls and anime girls only, no males because they're ugly. The kind of art that would get endless bitching about degenerate scrotes here kek

No. 1250370

File: 1656913363620.jpg (36.28 KB, 540x405, hwgzlo1_540.jpg)

Being violent (rip)

I genuinely love it too! I just fucking hate that there's so many autistic scrote trannies interested in it too. It's all so tiresome

No. 1250385

I've liked touhou since I was a pre teen and I never thought of it in a sexual light I just liked the feminine character designs and music vids, I'm glad you ladies appreciate touhou as well!

No. 1250673

I think period sex is absolutely disgusting

No. 1250849

Creative, vulgar insults. I once made up an insult for people who worship racist, misogynistic moids, and one anon lied that she "knew a scrote" who said it (there were literally no results on Google for the phrase, I made it up on the spot)

No. 1250889

File: 1656959504611.png (103.92 KB, 526x329, 5oxwqk.png)

Horny posting, there were a few anons that were convinced the monsterfucker thread was infested with scrotes because of a few images there

No. 1250917

Just watching an anime that has a character with big boobs, even if there is no fanservice

No. 1250933

File: 1656960911143.jpg (206.08 KB, 1920x1080, 225609.jpg)

Girls with guns. I love the idea of girls and women looking cute/beautiful while still knowing how to handle a big weapon and able to protect themselves and the ones they love. Military gear is good, but I like it even better when they're in a cute outfit or even something like lolita. Unrealistic, but I love to see it nonetheless.

No. 1250936

Same except real girls not anime because I'm not weird

No. 1250939

I like both but I understand why you wouldn't like the anime variety.

No. 1250960

File: 1656963347204.jpg (194.74 KB, 952x768, women_gun_Two women conduct ma…)

same but with all sort of weapons, I have a whole folder full of it kek, I also love old medieval art of women beating the shit out of men kek

No. 1250987

Loving big boobs and horny art of boobs, curvy and chubby girls
Mostly because heroin chic was the look when I was a teen and I like wanting to feel desired/attractive, and yes I am smart enough to separate fiction and value myself enough to not go for scrotes who legitimately see us thick girls as fetish fodder, but you wouldn't know that seeing my Sonico collection

No. 1251011

File: 1656966683296.png (101.92 KB, 275x275, 1654759498776.png)

yeah ngl the scrote accusations in that thread are fucking annoying, I don't really understand why anons would get mad about horny posting in an inherently horny thread. It's the same with the horny threads in /g/, I've seen some scrote accusations there and it's just…ugh. It's one thing to have actual proof that there's a scrote posting in the thread and another to accuse an anon of being a scrote because she's expressing sexual attraction to males in a way that other anons don't approve of. Which is just mind-boggling, like the vast, vast majority of women are attracted to men, expressing sexual attraction to a man doesn't make you a gay moid ffs. I just find it really weird.

No. 1251303

Hell yes.

No. 1251394

I find grotesque and dirty humor hilarious. Fart jokes, dick jokes, morbid stuff, and worse. I'm reading Rabelais right now and was doubled over in laughter when I reached the chapter about the various things Gargantua tries to wipe his ass with(a noblewoman's dress, fine pearl necklaces, the roof of a barn, a live goose, etc).

I sort of wish that discussion of men on /m/ was banned, with the obvious exception of male fictional characters. There's even sperging about moids in the Pokemon thread, it's so damn tedious. I don't want to shit talk farmers in general because I think it's only a couple of people doing this, but there are definitely some nonnas who need to learn to shut the fuck up about scrotes for five minutes.

No. 1251405

Based based based ugh based so based fuck I wish I had the skills to draw noncon porn fuck fuck
You read Don Quixote? I bet since it's full of that kind of humor, lots of pants shitting and bedsheet tossing.

No. 1251407


No. 1251442

literally everything

No. 1251444

File: 1656992787093.jpg (88.12 KB, 550x629, Russia Degtyaryov.jpg)

I think the problem with those pics is that they were moid porn (very explicit rapey hentai with focus on the woman and detailed boobs and crotch area, instead of focus on the monster or on the monster pleasuring the woman) at least that's what other posters in that thread said.
NTA but I don't like pics of anime girls with guns because they're usually moeshit (often with pedo undertones) and obviously drawn to appeal to autistic scrotes who are into weebshit and guns. Military anime girl art that is just cool instead of moe is very rare. I prefer real photos of women with guns, and 2D anime art of cute anime boys with guns designed to appeal to me, but apparently that's too much to ask for. I miss Hetalia.

No. 1251448

File: 1656993591607.png (567.2 KB, 600x800, shamrock.png)

I like these figures

No. 1251451

File: 1656994303050.jpeg (111.27 KB, 578x680, 3119977C-0D12-4028-8771-C358C0…)

>I don’t shave
>I actually hate men (and don’t just say I hate them and still date and fuck them)
>I think white women can be socially harmful towards other women (no offense nonnas it’s true)
>I don’t care about roe v wade
>I don’t enjoy most “sexyman” husbando fodder or yaoi
>I think fujoshis are plain disgusting and are the female equivalent of coomers who cream their pants over the clown from ace attorney. Shit taste
>I respect biological women who transition or have eating disorders because I realize it’s a giant ‘fuck you’ to the world
>My typing style is admittedly annoying and aggressive in a scrote way
>I actually like the female genshin characters
>I find male characters more relatable than some female ones (because they’re written better than the neglected female ones)
>I hate the types of people in the celebricows thread and think they are sloppy bitchy PULLfags

No. 1251453

>I respect biological women who transition
Go back to twitter.

No. 1251454

The only words you picked out kek. I’ve never had a twitter account in my life keep dreaming

No. 1251455

You dont sound like a scrote but more like you have NLOG syndrome lol relating to well written male characters, liking coomer tier female characters, saying that you respect people with eating disorders kek you from edtwt? People that say no to calories or binge do it as a way to either cope with their own trauma or as a way to fulfill the image they want, it isnt a “big fuck you” to society

No. 1251456

you just sound annoying

No. 1251457

Wdym by "respecting women with eating disorders"? If anything it's playing into social conditioning, to the point of a mental disorder that takes it too far and hurts yourself, right? Honestly same with transing, though I can see how you could frame it the other way… but not eating disorders. Ironically the reason I respect fujoshi is that their behavior is also a 'fuck you' in some ways to society but yeah it's gross often times.

No. 1251459

>I find male characters more relatable than some female ones (because they’re written better than the neglected female ones)
me too anon, travis bickle is someone I related to more than any other character.

No. 1251461

Who do you think caused their trauma? A ghost? Stop being retarded.

No. 1251466

Wahh wahh, I don’t care lmao. Also that’s not even true in the slightest men only fetishize, they never appreciate. If they like skinny women it’s not out of appreciation or respect and they also like thicker or fat women. Men in general just don’t like women but what would I know, I’m not a mouth-breathing whore like you that still finds them attractive

No. 1251467

I think you just don't belong here.

No. 1251468

File: 1656995870177.jpg (163.41 KB, 768x1024, 1385323475156.jpg)

tbh I can understand why people may find yaoi/BL gross but it really is and was a big fuck you, especially to japanese scrotes. Jap Scrotes hated yaoi so much they brought in lolicon to specifically chase women out of comiket back in the 80s for having yaoi content.
Scrotes can forever get fucked

No. 1251470

Nta but how on earth is damaging your own health a 'fuck you' in any practical sense? It's only fucking over yourself even more

No. 1251472

ily anon i swear they think that this is what men relate to but a lot of girls admit they are like the female version of patrick bateman or tyler durden from fight club

No. 1251477

You thought I was going to play nice with you because I’m a woman? I have to type my words “softly” and “feminine” like what the actual fuck is your problem? Not everyone who types aggressive is a moid, being neurotic and extra for absolutely no reason gtfo of this thread with that shit. Get a grip

No. 1251478

let me guess your peak choice is regina george with her cavewoman forehead? hits too close to home right?

No. 1251479

Ntayrt, by the things you've said I believe you're a woman but you seem to have mental issues if you hold all these opinions at once. That and the way you refer to other women in general is starting to sound like actual NLOGism and self-hate.

No. 1251482

Because I’m not like every other girl, that’s the point of this thread tbh kek


Shut up and eat a cinnamon roll

No. 1251484

I cards though

No. 1251485

File: 1656996523468.jpeg (84.04 KB, 750x964, 1652081362355.jpeg)

This is the genshin-frequenting antifujo sperg isn't it? Of course it would be a matter of time until an actual scrote shits up this already shit thread lmao.

No. 1251487

Fair enough answer
>You can be a dyke without constantly trying to make women feel like shit on an imageboard for gasps women.
Oh my god kek, if you're OP/the anon who's been seething at women all over this board for being straight then please go say this to yourself in the mirror.

No. 1251488

I don’t know I’m so different and unique I can’t help it!

No. 1251491

How is this thread shit? Why do you guys pretend and act like you don’t call people who disagree with you scrotes intentionally just to see them get banned like the malicious fucks you are? Moids live in your heads rent free.

No. 1251492

File: 1656996714165.jpg (48.84 KB, 1200x680, predator_handshake.jpg)

I love you too anon, don't listen to these basic bitches that probably relate to characters like tomie

No. 1251496

Don’t you think your attraction to two men is a little weird considering you’re a straight woman?

No. 1251499

There is nothing worth being attracted to men, stand the fuck up now!!!

No. 1251500

Nta and I think you're wack but you're right about that, kek.
No it's my bad anon, it's cool.

No. 1251502

So you got so far you were banned for being a scrote and think that is something worth pitying?

No. 1251504

kek thanks for that confirmation

No. 1251505

Acting like the typical freedom-hating european soy drinking SOCIALIST you are by banning people you disagree with you who want to exercise their god-given, liberty filled right to speech. All of that hettie dicksucking has gone to your brain

No. 1251506

Idk based on your opinions I would've expected you to "respect" fujos, considering one side of them become fakebois and the other side is old/sane enough to be blackpilled that real men are shit compared to their made-up yaoi men.

No. 1251512

File: 1656997385256.jpeg (43.7 KB, 511x616, D13403D7-DC0A-465C-9053-A58AA5…)

>it was bait the whole time

No. 1251514

File: 1656997488189.jpeg (89.29 KB, 749x529, 6DCC984F-0E2C-4CE8-A058-F0E331…)

I personally think fujos are gross and are hypocritical if they don’t find the boyfriends webcomic good enough for them tbh it’s basically tailor made and catered to them but they’re disgusted by it because it’s like bringing a clump of garlic to a bunch of vampires, exposing its obvious weakness that their kink is just meaningless voids of stereotypes fucking each other.

No. 1251515

God damn it I have to go suck 5 cocks now to cope

No. 1251518

File: 1656997612007.jpeg (27.77 KB, 625x626, 4AD929C3-0F0F-402B-A07C-445565…)

This entire thread kind of exists for bait doesn't it

No. 1251520

Nonna our home"girl" is a few posts up there calling other nonnas whores, sperging about soy and some incomprehensible /pol/ shit, lying about not insulting women constantly in other threads including TiFs, being utterly triggered about fujos and telling us how women starving themselves to death is totally a great fuck you, fellow females. I know what thread this is but c'mon now. All that's missing now is a spam of soyaks or gore and I'd have a bingo.

No. 1251521

I just don't like trannies, annoying ass nerd voices and dialogue that sounds like it was written by an alien.

No. 1251523

None of them are trannies, the nerd character is intentionally made to be annoying because the writers are just that masterful and creative with their writing, and the dialogue is a mock satire of shoujo anime directed towards fujos like you. You wouldn’t get it of course you’re too focused on the actual dialogue when you’re usually focused on the shallow sex scenes

No. 1251524

being antisemitic, racist and liking BAP type guys that make working out their personality

No. 1251525

Nta, but the goth one IS a tranny, an ftm, and the comic is written by an ftm, who self-inserts as the goth one.

No. 1251526

get the fuck off scrote

No. 1251527

File: 1656998107733.png (Spoiler Image,107.92 KB, 364x534, troon.PNG)

>None of them are trannies
The goth one is

No. 1251528

himbos that don't care about anything other than having fun in the sun and don't fall into societal jew conditioning are the only moids that aren't completely insufferable tbh

No. 1251529

You’re being so incredibly insensitive. They literally aren’t a tranny, in their backstory they were in a car crash and that’s why they have those scars under their nipples they had to do invasive heart surgery before they died, that’s why the preppy retard is so attached to them because it happened during their childhood. Learn to read the backstory before you correct me nonnie

No. 1251530

nefeli is that you..

No. 1251532

Why do some women stan this so hard? I'm not even against BL, but this is like when you're a kid and you play with Barbies or something. It reminds me of My Life Me. I think I might have liked it if I was 11 and if it was on TV (we didn't get much anime), but knowing that this was made/written by a grown woman (FtM) who's watched a lot of anime, read a lot of manga, and has the art skills/resources and creative freedom to put together an animation with literally anything, and she just makes this is kind of disappointing. Or what, is it made to softly introduce BL to younger audiences?

No. 1251537

Most women with EDs are victims of sexual assault anon. Most have bulimia or anorexia and consider it as a way to keep their abusers at bay because they’re “not attractive being so fat/skinny” and that this will stop the abuse

No. 1251540

I think women who have EDs are also SA victims but women can have EDs outside of that as well. I was just thinking about Eugenia Cooney as an example because she really does not give a fuck about the people concern trolling about her current health condition even though they’re clearly trying to get her banned so they don’t have to look at a decaying person right in front of their eyes, they want her to die in obscurity. Her keeping her channel is a giant “fuck you” to many people, that’s just my interpretation.