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No. 75196

Since white people also suffer daily problems like the rest of us I think we deserve a thread. Lets post the problems we face daily!

No. 75197

No. 75198

No. 75199

No. 75201

No. 75202

No. 75203

No. 75204

File: 1456844430488.png (47.25 KB, 972x596, 9iiio.png)

Dear Tumblrina who somehow got lost on her way to PULL

What is your problem?

Why do you hate whites so much? You do realise whites live in poverty and suffering too? Or does russia and eastern europe not exist to you? Do you genuinely think we have no poor white people in the west? What about the opiate and drug problem killing the american working class? What about human sex slavery of girls as young as 4 from eastern europe?

Do you think the irish slave trade was nothing? Do you think we never had wars or tribulations? Genocides, wars, communism, famines? Do you not realise that it was the arabs and other africans that SOLD YOU to white slave owners?

Why do you hate us so? What have we done? My people have never even seen a black person, I am one of the first generations to even interact with blacks, and frankly I'm disgusted by all the hate and violence blacks show towards whites and even asians. My ancestors did nothing to you, and yet you have a huge chip on your shoulder towards me.


Why bother asking? You won't give me a square answer, just mockery.

No. 75276

Nigger plz I believe white people are superior in every single way, but we have some flaws like…white people problems. Admit that we complain about little silly things. Its not as bad as what other races do but its bad enough.

No. 75281

thanks for the kek
such nice
good much anon

No. 75343

Are you so insecure, that you get triggered by a meme? Do you get triggered by First World Problems and justgirlythingz too? White people problems are funny af, you know we do all kinds of lunatic shit sometimes.

No. 75356

So do blacks and asians. Whites don't do incest more than blacks (look at the stats) and a lot of other 'white people' things.

Facts above feels. Always.

No. 75357

No. 75358

No. 75365

I'm so sorry this thread hurt your fee fees and facts

No. 75376

If stormfag threads are allowed, this is too tbh.

No. 75380

this is so hard to fucking watch, idk why though. fucking waste of resources.

No. 75382


No. 75444

I'm going to make a "black people problems" thread then. Since it's allowed.

No. 75470

No. 75471

No. 75504

racism doesn't make sense, I genuinely don't understand how someone can actually think one race is superior to another

No. 75507

You go anon, you show em.
But seriously, why did you go for the jugular? Why black people in particular? Do you believe a black person started this thread?

No. 75516

I'm asian-american and I grew up in an "asian bubble" where being in All pre-ap/ap classes/extracurrics/after school tutoring is the norm. Yes I acknowledge that the academic and cultural pressure within our community is a real thing but enough with all of the condescension from white liberals that try to "white-splain" and patronize us in NPR styled exposes of "concern" but really it's moral panic and a way to feel self superiority in the Goldilocks race theory of "Black too dumb, Asian too weird, White is Right".

But White America have their own disturbing behavioral patterns in their communities.
Why can't there be exposes written about the very American white phenomenon of prison-like school systems, mental illness among all ages, repression and unhealthy messages from pop culture that leads to high school students OD-ing on heroin and shit (heroin nowadays is mostly used by whites) so that way we Asians can condescend and patronize on white Americans for lacking self control and being stupid and emotionally volatile?

No. 75553

No. 75556

No. 75634

I think this is an everyone problem. Furries are disgusting.


No. 75650

>I'm asian-american and I grew up in an "asian bubble" where being in All pre-ap/ap classes/extracurrics/after school tutoring is the norm. Yes I acknowledge that the academic and cultural pressure within our community is a real thing

How is that a bad thing?

>But White America have their own disturbing behavioral patterns in their communities.

You´re comparing meth heads in West-Virginia with WASPs in MA. White people are a huge and diverse population, as opposed to Asians.

>Why can't there be exposes written about the very American white phenomenon of prison-like school systems

That's mostly blacks.

>mental illness among all ages

Mental illness happens to everybody, pretending they don't exist is stupid.

>repression and unhealthy messages from pop culture

This is not exclusive to white people, it is in fact far more common among black people.

No. 75653

No. 75659

>mental illness among all ages

still waiting for exposes that shows uptight rich asians literally ignoring mental illness and things like autism, dyslexia, etc. in their young school aged children because they think it means that their kid is just rebelling.

Or some of the more poorer communities that are brought up in the black community that have a shit ton of their own special problems.

But yeah, whine some more about your poor upper class life and all those scary white people

No. 75666

White people problems tbh

No. 75667

>not the most autistic race in existence

No. 75671

This is the white people thread though and not the asian people thread

No. 75673

the other anon started talking about Asians.

No. 75693

She got a lot of problems but her butt aint one. Nice ass!

No. 75723

I have a friend that worked helping autistic kids. Mostly white tbqh.

No. 75726

In all seriousness, the unemployment in parts of the rust belt alongside a complete lack of any industry/manufacturing has hit whites in those areas hard. There's also the issue with opiate abuse that someone else has mentioned, and the fact whites are far more likely to commit suicide.

No. 75727

Also heroine and meth. Idk how many docs I've seen full of white people addicted. Not to mention Intervention.

No. 75730

No western country really has strict anti-drug laws unfortunately.

I guarantee you that if America adopted Singapore style laws, you'd see traffickers genuinely scared of the US justice system again.

No. 75732

But that'll never happen cause muh freedom. We can't even get stricter gun laws. How the hell are they gonna control shit like that, especially when people can have their own on site meth lab.
Idk if I'm for that anyway cause muh acid and coke.

No. 75734

Drugs aren't protected by the US constitution, so don't compare them to guns.

>Idk if I'm for that anyway cause muh acid and coke.

Are you a girl? If so I'm disappointed in you.

No. 75984

You and me both. It's no better than arguing about which fruit is better than the other. I can't believe something as ridiculous as which race is superior is still a hot button issue. I guess its human nature to argue about stupid shit.

No. 75993

>racism doesn't make sense, I genuinely don't understand how someone can actually think one race is superior to another
So then, the NBA and NFL actively discriminate against players who aren't black? Or could it be there are actual genetic differences? gb2tumbler

No. 76090

Is being black a requirement for playing in the NBA? I forget.

No. 76092

There is no superior race. We're all disgusting human cockroaches.

No. 76161

There are differences for sure
West Africans have more fast twitch muscle fibers which gives them a slight advantage in terms of quick bursts of speed. They also suck ass at long distance though whereas East Africans reign supreme in that area. Same with how Caucasians have an advantage when it comes to swimming and tasks involving upper body strength while Asians are proven to have a higher potential for quick reflexes
Training goes a long way and obviously a white guy in track and field will easily beat a random West African in a sprint, but when you get to the professional level and everyone is at their max potential then those small differences add up and give certain players a small edge which is enough to set them apart. I'd also say Black's presence in football, and especially basketball, is at least some part due to culture too.

I remember reading into this a few months ago and during NFL tryouts for the draft or something (I dont follow football too closely) the top 45 or so out of 50 top players for running were black and the inverse for Caucasian players and strength exercises

tl;dr there are small genetic differences by region that give pro players a slight advantage when everyone is at their max potential

No. 76215

But is being black a requirement for playing in the NFL or NBA? I forget.

No. 76216

>still actively avoiding stating whether or not you think discrimination is the cause of the massive race imbalance in certain professional sports.
>still trying to create a strawman because you're too desperate to avoid acknowledging the truth
confirmed for being btfo

No. 76226

Race isn't causing an imbalance if it isn't part of the criteria for entering the NFL. Correlation is not causation.

Are white people not allowed to play in the NBA? Are they legally prevented from that? Is there an official NBA requirement that says that only black men can play?

I forget.

No. 76234

File: 1457031920095.jpg (248.38 KB, 947x717, dav_oath.jpg)

>But White America have their own disturbing behavioral patterns in their communities.

We acknowledge this, our culture isn't based around "face", the problem is it's difficult to agitate on behalf of your own group if you're white since white racial identity is verboten.

>so that way we Asians can condescend and patronize on white Americans for lacking self control and being stupid and emotionally volatile?

It's that emotional volatility that makes our culture superior. It's the reason our architecture hasn't been wooden curvy roofs for two thousand years repeated ad nauseum, that our literature encompasses as diverse figures as Moliere to Hemingway to Homer, it's the reason we produced the finest musical composers who ever lived, it's the reason everyone knows who Shakespeare is but doesn't give a tinker's damn what Beijing "Opera" is.

Our more emotional culture just speaks to a wider range of people on a much deeper, more profound and also more abstract level than Asian culture. If anyone doubts this they can work their way through the Dream of the Red Mansion, a tome-like work of classical Chinese literature which manages to be lengthier than a Tolstoy novel while communicating nothing more than an dry, annalistic history of a rather boring family.

Asian high culture is shit-tier. You may think your virtuoso piano playing is proof of your superiority, but at the end of the day you're still playing the works of European geniuses, to whom your own composers are nothing but moths in a flame.

It's an absurdity for Asians to claim cultural superiority to Whites, while playing the works of European composers, watching European stage plays, reading European novels, admiring the paintings of Titian and gawping like peasants at St. Peter's Basilica. It's your own arrogance that precludes you from seeing this, since to massage this uncomfortable fact out of reality you've, like most non-whites, deracinated white culture from the people who created it, living in a fantasy land where it is "universal culture who belongs to no one" instead.

"What's water?" said the fish to the fisherman.

No. 76238

Can't you just post this to stormfront so you can get the circle jerk you want?

We don't care. We just don't. But pol and storefront love talking about white pride/hating other races you might get a better response there.

No. 76240

Why do you guys always write so much.

Can't you talk about your favorite season of Vikings or something?

No. 76242

Yeah, yeah. >>75516 race-baiting is fine, but the reverse outrages you? Fuck off.

No. 76268

>still more strawmen
>still avoiding the question
>still btfo
stay btfo anon, and go look up the term disparate impact to get even more rekt

/leftypol/ plz go


No. 76277

Because guns being in the constitution makes fucking sense in today's world. Just like it did 10years ago, he'll, we still living in them revolutionary times. It's stupid to defend something just because "it's in the constitution."

No. 76278

Show me the rule that says only black men get in to the NBA first

No. 76279

Well guns actually have a constitutional purpose, namely to act as a deterrent to tyrannical government. I'm not sure how you can compare that to drugs.

No. 76281

Tell me more about the horrible discrimination that you feel from the nba

No. 76282

File: 1457034788764.jpeg (25.58 KB, 600x300, image.jpeg)

How has that worked out for America?

No. 76283

>still more strawmen
Here, let me hold your hand like the retard you are and state it again, do the NBA and NFL actively discriminate against players who aren't black? And because you're too retarded to google a term, here a link. Do you need me to quote the summary for you too?


No. 76285

I'm not American, I'm explaining the theory. You're comparing apples and oranges but comparing guns to drugs dude. Pick a more appropriate analogy or fug off.

No. 76287

File: 1457035002647.jpg (1.26 MB, 2448x2448, IMG_20160303_135516.jpg)

Perfectly fine. The murder rates for white Americans are comparable to western europe. Its niggers which have the gun problems.

No. 76288

You can have something be in the constitution but still make it more strict. It's easier to get a gun than it is to buy sudafed in some places. It's in the constitution but it doesn't mean we have to have some laws like we're living in bedlam.

No. 76290

That wasn't an analogy to begin with. I never said you were American but that confirms that you don't know the state of the country and what that has done to it.

No. 76291

> It's easier to get a gun than it is to buy sudafed in some places.
You clearly dont know what a 4473 is.


No. 76293

By gun problems you mean?

No. 76297

Wouldn't a huge chunk of US violent crime be removed from the equation simply by removing Mexicans and Blacks from the equation?

I'm not joking. White people in Switzerland seem to handle guns generally quite responsibly. I do agree they're too easy to get, from what it seems like anyway, but I think attributing it purely to guns and guns alone, you're ignoring the degree to which your population is made up of a huge number of literal third world races alongside the fact your pop-culture increasingly reflects this (a good majority of your "musicians" are basically just negroes rambling on about drugs and guns and their homies).

No. 76299

No. 76301

File: 1457035469476.gif (13.75 KB, 516x328, su6001a14f.gif)

>Wouldn't a huge chunk of US violent crime be removed from the equation simply by removing Mexicans and Blacks from the equation?
Yes, pic related. As I said before, we dont have a gun problem, we have a nigger problem.

No. 76303

That's astonishing.

If there were one thing worth getting onto the streets and getting outraged about, as an American (and this applies to us too increasingly in Europe), it's the fact that large parts of your urban centers have essentially become third-world.

You tolerate levels of criminality from these "people" that are unthinkable elsewhere. And the worst thing is? The worst thing is that it doesn't have to be like this. This isn't normality, no matter what liberals say. It isn't normal to allow recidivist rapists and murderers out of jail again and again to commit crimes again and again. Fucking hell the liberal love affair with criminals makes me mad.

No. 76304

File: 1457035597803.jpeg (68.83 KB, 800x711, image.jpeg)

No. 76305

Aren't the majority of spree-shooters non-white, or at least a disproportionate amount?

It reminds me of that whole "whites are more likely to be serial killers" meme, when in reality the reverse is true. Whites are underrepresented as serial killers in proportion to their part of the population.

No. 76306

>Aren't the majority of spree-shooters non-white, or at least a disproportionate amount?
Not that anon, but i'm not sure. I know for a fact school shootings are again definitely a nigger problem. I worked for 4 years in District 202 in IL and another year for the Chicago Public School system. The number of cops, security guards and metal detectors is inversely correlated to the number of white and asian students in a school.

No. 76309

File: 1457036022840.jpg (174.19 KB, 786x795, TalsOcI.jpg)

Makes sense, here's the serial killer evidence.

Blacks are significantly more likely than other groups to be serial killers.

No. 76310

File: 1457036106317.jpeg (77.66 KB, 573x367, image.jpeg)

No. 76312

Even that graph sugarcoats the situation, as it uses gross numbers rather than the per capita rate. Nowadays whites out number blacks ~4:1, 100 years ago the population gap was even greater.

No. 76314

The numbers in red are the black proportion of the population according to the US census of the time.

Not only are blacks more likely to be serial killers, they have been becoming MORE likely to be serial killers as time has gone on, lol.

No. 76316

No they do not discriminate against those populations

No. 76317

I wonder if whites are more likely to be the ones with crazy stories behind it, or are more intimate/cruel with their killings. I mean, how many non-whites have stories like Alcala or Gacy or Dugan, as opposed to just shooting up a place or knifing people? I used to watch a lot of Cold Case, Snapped, and similar crime shows as well, which is what I'm kinda drawing on.

No. 76319

Assuming you're the same anon i've been arguing with, so then, if they dont discriminate then explain the disparities. It couldn't be genetic could it?

No. 76320

There are just as many blood-curdling black serial killers, you just don't hear about them because the media is anti-white.

Ever hear of the Zebra Killings for example? Despite the fact some figures in the FBI think they were the most prolific racially motivated spree-murders in US History?

I'm guessing you haven't.

No. 76322

Is forcing people to drink so much bleach that they have seizures good enough for you?


No. 76323

sorry, drain cleaner.

And the best part from the Hi-Fi murders, were the NAACP saying they were good boys who dindu nuffin

>Following the handing down of death sentences to the defendants, the NAACP and Amnesty International campaigned to commute Pierre and Andrews' death sentences.[13]

>The NAACP demanded that Pierre and Andrews' death sentences should be revoked because of racial bias at the trial. They noted that the defendants were both black, and the victims and jury were all white. According to Amnesty International, the sole black member of the jury pool was stricken peremptorily by the prosecution during jury selection.[14] Andrews also accused the judicial system of racism following the NAACP's request for reduced sentences. In an interview with USA Today, he claimed that he had never intended to kill anyone. This was later rebutted when detectives cited a statement by Andrews in which he admitted being the one to purchase the drain cleaner and bring it to the store on the night of the killings.[15]

No. 76324

Why are you guys so upset about a meme? Go to your stormfront thread to talk about ~niggers~

No. 76326

>Pierre then took Ansley to the far corner of the basement, forced her at gunpoint to remove her clothes, then repeatedly and brutally raped her after telling Andrews to clear out for 30 minutes. When he was done, he allowed her to use the bathroom while he watched, then dragged her, still naked, back to the other hostages, threw her on her face, and fatally shot her in the back of the head.[5]
>Andrews and Pierre noted that Orren was still alive, so Pierre mounted him, wrapped a wire around his throat, and tried to strangle him. When this failed, Pierre and Andrews inserted a ballpoint pen into Orren's ear, and Pierre stomped it until it punctured his eardrum, broke, and exited the side of his throat. Pierre and Andrews then went upstairs, finished loading equipment into their van, and departed.

I'm really at a loss as to what could motivate such cruelty in a simple pecuniary-motivated crime other than racial hatred.

The murders of Shannon Christian and Christoper Newsom are similarly brutal. As were the Wichita Killings.

Similar case here:


Blacks got hold of a 10 year old girl and sexually tortured her and then killed her. The NAACP intervened and said they wouldn't receive a fair trial.

No. 76327

>Why are you guys so upset about a meme?
dat projection. niggers being violent apes is a meme that has been around hundreds of years. Why are you so butthurt that we're pointing it out?

No. 76332

I'm not any of the races youre discussing. The autistic flailing in here is too high.

No. 76333

>Why are you guys so upset about a meme?
>white tears!

The way they effortlessly flit between bravado and theatrical displays of victimhood is honestly like dealing with a schizophrenic.

No. 76336

>I'm not any of the races youre discussing.
Keep it up with the strawmen butthurt anon.

No. 76343

I'm sure that it has to do with their athletic ability, training, access to recruiters, etc. For the NBA I'm sure height is a factor. For the NFL I'm sure strength and endurance have something to do with it.

No. 76344

Shit like this makes me fucking despise them on such an animal level.

Every time a white cop liquidates one of the sub-human motherfuckers, the Gods smile. They deserve everything bad that happens to them.

No. 76345

> athletic ability
So then, genetics.

No. 76346

Seriously. I don't get what they're trying to achieve. I don't want to join the race war or whatever the fuck they're aiming for. Like, I'm sorry that they feel discriminated since a lot of black people play on the NBA or whatever, but they just keep repeating the same shit over and over.

What'd the point? Just trolling? Because there are better places for the circle jerk that they are trying to create.

No. 76348

>I don't want to join the race war or whatever the fuck they're aiming for.

There's already a race war going on. Since the 1960s some 50,000 whites have been killed in violent crimes by blacks in the United States. Those figures are congruent with the description of a low-level guerilla war. Consider that in the same time period, the "troubles" in Northern Ireland killed a few thousand by comparison, and that was considered an insurgency.

No. 76350


No. 76352

I think you're painting it with a broad brush. If it was purely genetics, then any random black man would also be an NBA quality athlete. And that just isn't the case.

Correlation is not causation. National sports teams are such a small sliver of the population, of unusually gifted athletes. Are you saying that all black people have the skills to be NBA players? The entire black population? Because if NBA teams are your test population, then your experiment is flawed.

No. 76354

So are you trying to recruit here?

No. 76356

Because this is the white problems thread. There is a black problem thread, go there to sperg.

No. 76357

>genuinely wanting people to die is "edgy"

How out of touch with nature are you?

Were Julius Caesar, Hannibal, Sobieski and John of Austria also "edgy"?

>I don't want to join the race war or whatever the fuck they're aiming for.

Not the person you're replying to, but that's not how genetics work. There isn't a "gene for being good at basketball" that you either have or you don't, there are genes that regulate the fundamentals that govern your athletic potential. Likewise with predisposition to aggression and cognitive ability.

No. 76358

you sound like a fucking 15 year old nihilist lmao just stop

No. 76359

No, I'm merely here to correct mistakes. Sociopathic Black on White crime is, in relative terms, very commonplace in the United States.

No. 76361



>the rejection of all religious and moral principles, often in the belief that life is meaningless.

Pick another buzzword.

"Morality" != muh fee-fees say killing is always wrong and you should turn the other cheek instead!

No. 76362

>If it was purely genetics, then any random black man would also be an NBA quality athlete
Its called a bell curve.

>of unusually gifted athletes

so again, genetics

>Correlation is not causation.

Now you're just desperate by omitting the word always. If correlations were irrelevant than the entire field of statistics would be nothing more than pesudo-science.

>Are you saying that all black people have the skills to be NBA players?

Keep up with the strawmen anon.

Niggers are a problem for white people.

No. 76363

Jesus fuck, tumblr and /pol/ are almost exactly the same, the target of the autism is just different.

No. 76364

is this what you do when you haven't shot up a school in 3 seconds

No. 76365

>there's no gene for basketball

That's exactly what I'm saying. Hitler Youth up there has been complaining for hours about how the NBA hires a lot of black athletes, due to genetics.

I assumed that he was saying that black people are predisposed to being superior athletes.

But if that was true, then any randomly selected member of the black population would also be genetically predisposed to be a superior athlete, right? They would genetically have the features that make them superior athletes, right?

But I know that isn't true.

No. 76366

>citing statistics is the same as redefining words to suit your argument and coming up with new words to make yourself even more a special snowflake
Remember goy, racism is power + privliege. Its impossible for a black person to be racist.

No. 76367

>I'm merely here to correct mistakes

Lol how noble. Thank you for your service.

No. 76368

>But if that was true, then any randomly selected member of the black population would also be genetically predisposed to be a superior athlete, right?
More strawmen. Still ignoring bell curves. Still this desperate to justify being a nigger or coal burner.

No. 76371

>people believe in things, that means they are exactly the same

On second thoughts, stay in this thread. You're fucking hilarious.

>is this what you do

Re-read what I wrote. I didn't write a sentence with an action verb applying to myself. Can you understand grammar?

You monkeys are the reason schools don't teach Latin anymore, too high-level for your primitive brain.

>That's exactly what I'm saying.

Did you just ignore the rest of my post?

Genes do not work in terms of binary "on" or "off" predilections. For example, it is androgen receptor genes that govern the level of baseline cortisol and cortisol response to perceived stress in one's physiology. But it's on a spectrum, it's not binary.

How dumb are you?

No. 76372

Correlation is not causation simply means that just because two events seem correlated, it does not mean that one event caused the other.

Have you finished high school?

No. 76374

>still omiting the word always
>still projecting your age on to others

No. 76375

are you dumb

do you post shit like this when you haven't shot up a mall in 3 seconds

No. 76376

You got to admit, that you sperg here just as much as a tumblrina would sperg in a woman problem thread about rapes and men and patriarchy and whatever. You're just as autistic.

No. 76377

You're welcome.

>Correlation is not causation simply means that just because two events seem correlated, it does not mean that one event caused the other.

Not him, but that isn't a rebuttal.

The way postulated explanations for reality works in statistics is that we postulate a hypothesis by which the observable facts can be explained, then we examine the correlation of that postulation/predictive factor.

If you think there's a more predictive factor, then cite it, along with its coefficient.

No. 76378

No, I'm pretty sure that's how statistically significant events work. If your theory was correct for the black population, then it would make sense that any randomly selected black person would also fit your theory.

No. 76379


No. 76380

File: 1457038581117.jpg (159.21 KB, 1023x675, 1452637156868.jpg)

>Here are these two things people feel strongly about, therefore these two people are the same

No. 76381

Well in biology, "correlation is not causation" is like a fucking mantra. So I guess we are looking at this from different fields.

I'm still not joining the race war though.

No. 76382

>implying women aren't raped by men
>implying the patriarchs dont exist
>implying niggers are the source of most crime in the US

>im geting btfo in a thread
>lets cry for mommie and daddy to rescue me so I can go back to my safe space

No. 76383

>niggers are

No. 76384

Seriously can mods put a stop to this whole "I'm paranoid about the race war and I must rant about it to the people of lolcow" thing?

How did it even start? Why us? Did we seem like a good recruiting ground?

No. 76388

Would it help if we just said "good job anon. Thanks for the info" so you can stop?

Because we have heard you. We get it. Thanks for the info.

No. 76390

It takes two to tango, if you insult us, we'll insult you right back.

The expectation we won't is peculiar. It's almost like you believe us to be more moral and ethical than you implicitly.

No. 76391

It's statistics, not "biology". If you understood any higher level biology like behavioral or population genetics you'd understand this.

No. 76392

I think most people are just tired of hearing about it. It doesn't fit the tone of the site. And it often bleeds into other threads.

We have heard you. Thanks for the info. There's no need to convince anyone that you believe what you say. I don't really know what you want.

No. 76393

Sure. Great. Thanks for the info.

No. 76395

You're not tired of hearing "it". If you actually bother to take a look through this thread, you'll see numerous race-baiting comments from non-whites, for some reason (and we both know why) you choose to direct your faux-ethical ire on whites who respond to this.

No. 76396

File: 1457039123519.jpg (1.24 MB, 2448x2448, IMG_20160303_150226.jpg)

>Did we seem like a good recruiting ground?
Why would we want to recruit women to fight a war?

>I'm paranoid about the race war

I'm not paranoid, i'm prepared.

>I think most people are just tired of hearing about it.
then gtfo out of this thread. l2hidethread faget

No. 76398

Ignorant European here.

What's the handgun you've got there anon?

No. 76402

Make a white power thread or something ffs, no need to shit up this thread about funny white people problems. Go make a SRS WHITE PRUBLEMS thread where you can share tips on how to kill muslims and asians and what ever most effectively. And remember, don't tell anyone about your autism. I don't think it fits the aryan race.

No. 76404

horee shit

No. 76405

File: 1457039484492.gif (1.07 MB, 272x198, tumblr_inline_npnieh88aJ1sxubq…)

>Let me shit-talk your race
>But don't respond in kind, that makes me mad and I'll put on a pretense of caring about board quality to defend myself

No. 76407

>why would we recruit women to fight a war

Then why are you here dumping all this glorious info?

No. 76408

FNH FNP-45 Tactical, Trijicon RMR RM09 MRDS, Surefire X400 Ultra Green light/laser, DPM Systems triple spring guide rod, JathTech aluminum safety/decocker lever, Dawson Precision base plates and extensions, Wolff custom length magazine springs, Blade-Tech WRS Level 3 holster. There is a pic of it here >>76287. Not pictured is a 40 Super conversion barrel. 40 Super is basically 45 Winchester Magnum necked down to 40 cal and cut down to varying lengths and ran at varying pressures depending on who you ask and how the stars are aligned. I have 3 different cartridge drawings for it and head space varies by more than 0.012", for comparison .308 Winchester - a much larger cartridge designed for even higher pressures has a min/max headspace of 0.010". If you dont know what head space is, if you have too much or too little your gun will blow up.

No. 76410

To btfo shitskins and liberals to kill time. Same reason why you're in here getting so butthurt.

No. 76411

Ok I think I have a white people problem I want to buy a 15 inch laptop instead of a 17 inch one because the 17 inch laptop is too big for my bag but the 15 inch one is more expensive
I think I will be able to buy the 15 inch one in a month ;___; but that feels way too long my life is terrible

No. 76412

>from nonwhites

It is a fucking anonymous image board. How do you even know? Bahahahahahahahahahaha

No. 76413

Who shit talked our race? I'm white too, you know. The only thing I found in this thread was when someone said that there are a lot of autistic whites. Then someone came in talking about muh shitskins and niggers and whatever. Loving the tumblr gif btw.

No. 76414

Okay. Thanks for the info.

No. 76415

is all that legal?

No. 76416

Okay. Thanks for the info.

No. 76418

Guns seem like a pretty cool hobby to have. Do you post on /k/ at all? What did you make of that trouble that erupted at the BLM protest between some /k/ommandos and blacks.

>you should change the filenames of images you find on google image search so as not to trigger me

Now who is autistic?

No. 76419

You dont want a 17" laptop, I've used the old 17" Apple Powerbook as it was too fucking big. Just buy a monitor if you need a big screen occasionally.

Why wouldn't it be? Its a handgun with more accessories on it, than it cost. Nothing illegal about dumping ~$3k on a handgun.

No. 76421

>Now who is autistic?

Us both, anon. I just sperg a hundred times less.

No. 76425

File: 1457040145716.png (1.88 MB, 3360x2100, ban.png)

> Do you post on /k/ at all?
There is a /k/ patch in my pic on my armor in between the handgun, and the EOTech on the rifle. But /k/ is a cancerous place which has been over ran with tripfags.

>What did you make of that trouble that erupted at the BLM protest between some /k/ommandos and blacks.

The /k/ommandos are going to get hung out to try to appease BLM. Wether or not they walk from the charges is dependent on how much money for jews they have. BlackPowderRanger (the shooter) is still in jail because he can't afford bail, pic related.

From what i've been told in my CCW classes, the use of force was certainly appropriate. By the protestors own admission they were physically attacked first, they retreated 2 blocks, where cornered, and only then opened fire in the mob.

No. 76432

>From what i've been told in my CCW classes, the use of force was certainly appropriate. By the protestors own admission they were physically attacked first, they retreated 2 blocks, where cornered, and only then opened fire in the mob.

Seems open and shut to me.

Are they raising money for bail anywhere?

No. 76433

>Are they raising money for bail anywhere?
Sadly not otherwise /pol/ and /k/ would have given them 5 figures already. I'm pretty sure they dont want the same type of comments we left on Darren Wilson's gofundme (or whatever) page

No. 76474

File: 1457042076106.jpeg (55.62 KB, 620x387, image.jpeg)

The sperging.

No. 76664

I love the silence after everyone gets reported.

No. 76813

File: 1457057212254.png (1.39 MB, 3360x2100, Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 8.03…)

>i dont know how to ban evade
>the mods wish they could afford cisco networking equipment, apple laptops, and tacticool pistols
Its pretty easy to determine who has lost a argument when they have to go running to mods. And the SJW mods are forced to ban people over racism even when it is explicitly allowed in the rules. As usual, stay butthurt and jelly anons.

No. 76816

wow, we got a real badass hacker right here

No. 76820

Lol if you feel like you won anything.
There are a wealth of reasons as to why you can get banned, read shit.

No. 76828

>There are a wealth of reasons as to why you can get banned,
Then cite what rule was broken? Oh thats right, none where, the same reason why no reason was specified in the ban. And I did win, I didnt have to go running to mods because of how rekt I got unlike you.

wow, we got a real poorfag right here

No. 76829

File: 1457057512961.jpeg (32.93 KB, 385x289, image.jpeg)

You go anon, show em how you can go full retard.

No. 76831

Kek. Sure, now you assume I reported you. Hack me fag.

No. 76852

so why was everyone reported? /pol/ outside of designated thread?

No. 76876

It's an identical thread to the white people thread, only the race has been changed.

If that thread is allowed, why not this one?

No. 76880

because the mods are butthurt SJWs

No. 76933

>being in the sex thread


No. 76934

You've only been banned for ban evasion, after your initial attentionwhoring ban.

No. 76941

File: 1457068185607.jpg (51.26 KB, 467x480, OH_LAWD.jpg)

No. 76942

>initial attention whoring ban
Cite the post and the rule. Go on, show me a screenshot of the ban page of what post you previously banned me on, and what specific rule I violated. Oh thats right, you can't, otherwise you would have already. All you can do is keep on pressing the ban button because of how fragile your ego is, because I proved that America has a nigger problem rather than a gun problem, and that just doesnt mesh with your SJW views. Well just to let you know, I have a Renew DHCP Lease button in ASDM, and by keep on giving my IPs lifetime bans, all you're doing is ensuring future anons who dont know about DHCP will never become users because they can't post. How about you just man the fuck up, accelerate the inevitable and blacklist all of Comcast's subnets. As always stay jelly and stay poor.

No. 76944

sup matt

No. 76945

hi jessica

No. 76947


Except that wasn't me

No. 76948

sure thing, anyways you have mail

No. 76949

It wasn't but ok.

No. 76950

File: 1457071363770.jpg (9.58 KB, 232x217, bob the builder can we fix it.…)

No. 76952

Being this desperate to be on lolcow. Now if only you were motivated enough to not be a fag.

No. 76953

Disappointed in your bait. Here is your welfare (You).

No. 76954

I'm not the mod, but I'm guessing maybe s/he was referring to this rule here?


Hope this links on lolcow.

No. 76955

But it worked!

No. 76956


FYI Sage with an uppercase "S" doesn't work on lolcow

No. 76958

File: 1457073344269.png (402.51 KB, 3360x2100, Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 12.3…)

>I'm not the mod, but I'm guessing maybe s/he was referring to this rule here?
Nope, they specifically said "attention whoring". And this rule is outright laughable

>1. Explicitly says, or appears blatantly as if they found this site through another website like /r9k/, /pol/, Instagram, Tumblr, Youtube, MPA, or elsewhere.

So absolutely everyone? Or are you really going to argue that everyone here got here because they randomly typed lolcow.farm in to their browser?

>2. Holds some extreme political, social, or religious view (e.g. a SJW or fascist).

Saying niggers have a gun problem isnt extreme. For fucks sakes I liked to the CDC's website as evidence.

>3. Contributes nothing or almost nothing to the site other than discussing their views in various threads, and arguing with people.

And again, absolutely everyone. Or does everyone here only speculate as to what other peoples views are, rather than their own.

What kind of retard would even write a rule like that? It is 100% if you hurt my fee fees I get to ban you for a arbitrary reason - the rule.

>To be clear, this is not a restriction on simply having far-right or far-left views, or arguing with people about them (as long as it stays in /b/ and doesn't derail other threads).

So since this is in /b/ and obvious on topic for the thread, it couldn't be this.

And pic related, 100% SJW mod butthurt confirmed. They are completely incapable of citing my supposed attention whoring post, and what rule it violated.

Here is another welfare (You) just so you can go to sleep without stressing over if you got one anon.

No. 76961

It stays out of laziness.

This that one dude that spergs all over b huh. I would say it's a rare encounter to experience it in person but dude is always here with the same dialogue.

No. 76964

>So absolutely everyone?
How did you come to that conclusion? Most posters here do try to blend in.

Rules are rules, even if you don't agree with them, lad. Have you posted about anything that isn't niggers, guns and similar /pol/-tier topics on lolcow? If so, you might have a case.

No. 76965

>Rules are rules, even if you don't agree with them, lad. Have you posted about anything that isn't niggers, guns and similar /pol/-tier topics on lolcow? If so, you might have a case.
Guns are /k/, not /pol/. How new to chans are you? And i've posted plenty that isnt /pol/ related. For fucks sakes I got a ban a few days ago for answering some guy (on /g/ I think of all places) what was the best way to shave his cock and balls.

protip: use a body hair trimmer first otherwise you'll end up bleeding

No. 76967

Right, I didn't read all of this thread so I have no idea if you were talking about gun rights but /k/ is strictly apolitical and second admendment discussions are banned there.

>And i've posted plenty that isnt /pol/ related.

That's great then. You should let the staff here know. I can keep talking to you but arguing the rules with me and only me won't get you anywhere.

No. 76970

>Right, I didn't read all of this thread so I have no idea if you were talking about gun rights but /k/ is strictly apolitical and second admendment discussions are banned there.
hahaha, no:
and OP's post:
>Current news:
>QC registry reinstatement. Govenment Petition Here, cutoff March 11. 38.7K and counting.
>AR-15 Petiton draft submitted to parlament, Cutoff May 7. 21.2k and counting.
>Petition to add property rights to the charter. Cutoff May 13. 3.9k and counting.
>Bill C-230 An Act to amend the Criminal Code (firearm — definition of variant) Status: Introduced

The only thing which is banned there are happening threads such as the Oregon standoff, or talking about the /k/ BLM protests. Because the mods are fags and dont want 4chan associated with more shootings.

>That's great then. You should let the staff here know.

Why? Its clear they're 100% butthurt SJWs considering they can't even cite posts or rules.

> I can keep talking to you but arguing the rules with me and only me won't get you anywhere.

It was your idea to bring up a rule to me, I was simply obligated to prove it wrong.

No. 76971

>/k/ BLM protests
/k/ BLM protest shooting

No. 76972

Seriously. He needs to take the hint and move on.

Like, this guy isn't just annoying with his fucking repetitive pol shit. He's apparently one of those guys who tales bans very personally.

It is getting embarrassing.

No. 76973


No. 76974

Okay, I was wrong about /k/. But you were indeed talking about gun laws then right? Guns are /k/; therefore not /pol/ is retarded reasoning.

>It was your idea to bring up a rule to me, I was simply obligated to prove it wrong.

As long as you're aware that this isn't productive.

No. 76975

>But you were indeed talking about gun laws then right?
Stop posting and read the fucking thread. I didnt start posting till the presumable OP asked how guns are working out for America to which I responded that the murder rates for white Americans are comparable to western Europe. We have a nigger problem, not a gun problem. And after that the butthurt SJW mod banned me, because apparently you're not allowed to cite CDC statistics here, or literally call a spade a spade.

>As long as you're aware that this isn't productive.

Who cares about productivity on a chan? You really think shit talking other /cgl/ grills is in any way productive? Its going to help your life and further your career? For fucks sakes this place is more shitposting than 4chan.

>Seriously. He needs to take the hint and move on.
dat projection. move out of this thread butthurt anon.

No. 76976

>one dude

Are you that same person who thinks anyone who expresses distaste with Asian / White relationships is one guy?

No. 76977

>Are you that same person who thinks anyone who expresses distaste with Asian / White relationships is one guy?
lel, thats not even me. A few hours ago someone was accusing be of being some British finance anon who hates porn too.

No. 76978

If this place is so shitty and unimportant, why are you so assmad about being banned from here?

No. 76979

I'm not banned though, I keep on posting because the mods are impotent and dont want to just blacklist all of Comcast's subnets, assuming they even knew how.

No. 76980

File: 1457077804434.jpg (95.62 KB, 900x900, 1456843414786.jpg)

>read the fucking thread
God no thanks.

I meant productive as in making progress in settling things with the mods. I get it, you couldn't give less of a shit about that anymore. I actually agree with you in that /pt/ and /snow/ both seem petty as fuck by the way. I also get that you contributed something other than /pol/ crap to this site. So what exactly are you trying to argue with me?

And just so you know you're talking to an asian right now.

No. 76981

I'm guessing because he was banned for merely responding to a race baiting post. I've noticed this trend a lot:

>lmao crackers all shoot up schools smh

>erm actually black people commit 7 times as much gun crime
>Modddsssss! /pol/ is leaking!

No. 76982

/pol/ doesn't do themselves any favors by being so damn easy to spot.

No. 76983

> I meant productive as in making progress in settling things with the mods.
As I said, the mods are butthurt SJWs who wont be appeased until every white man is a cuck.

> So what exactly are you trying to argue with me?

Fuck if I know, especially without poster ids here, originally the rule you cited, and now just satisfying my 'tism for (You)s I guess.

>And just so you know you're talking to an asian right now.

Um… ok, not really sure how this is relevant at all.

>/pol/ isnt allowed to post
>only /leftypol/ is

No. 76984

Are you actually autistic?

No. 76985

Only if you are.

No. 76986

People are annoyed with you because you are sounding like that kid on the playground who nobody likes, and when he's finally told to fuck off he says "it's a free country! I can play here if I want!"

Like, we still don't want to play with you.

No. 76987

Then why are you even in this thread? Go bitch at the admin for using the world's shittiest imageboard software that doesnt allow you to filter posters, have poster ids, or hide threads in the catalog. For fucks sakes even Wayne Lambright's shitty chan that he uses solely to spam 4pol with in hopes we'll make him president is more modern than this.

No. 76988

We still don't want to play with you.

No. 76989

I thought you disliked asians?

No. 76990

>I don't want to play with you
ftfy, stop assuming that anyone who posts /pol/ shit here is a single person, and stop pretending you're the lolcow emissary who represents everyone.

No. 76991

when did I say that? I've been complaining about niggers itt. Again since everyone here is retarded, /pol/ isnt a single person, and i'm certainly not the only anon in this thread bitching about niggers.

No. 76993

>/pol/ isnt allowed to post
>only /leftypol/ is
Do you even hear yourself? This is exaclty what I'm talking about. You people get so butthurt and take absolutely everything so sersiously and personally.

No. 76994

>greentext is serious and personal

No. 76996

Look at the first handful of posts ITT, then look at it when /pol/ started posting.

No. 76997

We still don't want to play with you

No. 76998

We still don't want yo play with you

No. 77000

That makes no sense at all. Me shit talking you is apparently serious and personal, and you respond with go read the first posts and look for when /pol/ started posting. Now you're trying to project any /pol/ related post on to me, because apparently /pol/ is a single person.

No. 77001

File: 1457079777296.jpg (Spoiler Image, 56.72 KB, 544x260, edrugstore-medication.jpg)

>dude is chastised on a small imageboard on the internet which he insists contains "more shitposting than 4chan" and harbors little but disdain for
>feels it necessary and supplemental to post pictures and details of his thick, shiny, strong, full phallic weaponry alongside his prior bans and posts to compensate for his high-pressure anal clenching
>calls site staff/whoever impotent repeatedly

Sounds like you're having a real white people problem there, anon. I've attached a question which you may want to consider asking yourself to help out with that.

No. 77002

>/pol/ doesn't do themselves any favors by being so damn easy to spot.
>You people get so butthurt and take absolutely everything so sersiously and personally.
>Look at the first handful of posts ITT, then look at it when /pol/ started posting.
Does it make more sense now? Likewise, I'd say you bringing up /leftypol/ when all I talked about was how obvious /pol/acks are when they make a post is pretty senseless too. Nice non-sequitur.

No. 77003

>I wish I could afford a hobby which is expensive as cocaine or hookers

No. 77004

I chuckled. Finally bringing the thread back on track.

No. 77006

Are you that Asian girl?

Why do Asian girls simultaneously moan about white people while chasing white guys?

No. 77007

look at the fucking thread title you dolt

No. 77009

In general it confuses me. All of Suey Park's ex boyfriends were white lel

No. 77011

Who cares?

No. 77020


No. 77068

It's like watching a live action white people problems post.

No. 77081

Cant speak for Asian women, but it seems to me a substantial minority of the activists and seemingly racist people who complain about whitey all day have almost a fetish going on. I'm sure it's probably the same for racist white girls though

t. White guy who slept with a black girl who I later found out was head of the Black Student Union
She was into really kinky and borderline slaveplay shit. Also slept with 2 Latina girls who werent heads of anything like that, but we're politically active and would go to marches against racism and border control kek

No. 77107

I just called my mother a whore because she told me to go to school (uni).

No. 77136


k i l l y o u r s e l f

No. 77212

So who are you then?

No. 77215

Kek i like you. I do admit the mods and janitors and sometimes admin-sama are leftists.

No. 77246

Prove it nigger.

Autism rates aren't higher among whites, it's just that white people actually care about our children and care for them if they have special needs while niggers hand it over to adoption, abort it, or abuse the fuck out of it until they get taken away. Go to any child adoption site and you will find lots of nigglets with serious mental or physical problems. Niggers, huh? Great people.

No. 77247

can't believe you had the nerve to call the Asian anon arrogant

No. 77248

Nigger shit up any white oriented thread on here, so no. Fuck you nigger. Niggers are the lowest race to ever exist and the fact that they get their own "safe spaces" and get coddled like children by society makes my blood boil. Niggers have no functional purpose as they are now. Niggers belong in chains. They import mexicunts to pick lettuce, but really it's the niggers who should be doing that shit. That's what we brought them here for. We gave you everything you have, you were sold as property. We, as white people, are paying a huge disrespect to our ancestors by letting our ancient rivals walk all over us. So no, you can't have your fucking thread.

No. 77250

If it hadn't been us to enslave you, it would have been someone else. Human history is nothing but bloodshed and endless conquest, with each generation growing and learning from the last. But whites can no longer learn and grown from our ancestors, because we are taught in school to hate them. The Arabs enslaved you as well, but they haven't been made to make amends for their sins as we have. Do you think the Chinese would have treated you kindly if they came across your kind back in the 1500s? You are damn lucky that whites were the ones to enslave you. We've done so much for the world, yet get no appreciation. Who do you think was responsible for ending slavery? Blacks in Africa treated slaves brutally. Slaves were bought so they could be sacrificed. They maintained their polygamy by killing the men of the villages they conquered and taking the women as slaves. How were Europeans supposed to look at your people and see you as human?

No. 77252

>white people problems
Oh boo hoo cry me a river Bob

No. 77254

Do you think all whites are anglo? Are you retarded?

No. 77259

Are you mayo with oregano spices mario? If so you are not white you sandnigger

No. 77261

What have whites done in the past;
Steal everything from every race, Steal black inventions, rape murder indigenous people, wipe out indigenous people, and you think you are better? The health of White males today are worse in history compared to other races alone. White women suffer from 100 different mental illnesses, suicide is highest among whites, and just by the way you talk you are a miserable nobody. Sounds more like whites are the pointless people, and maybe the world is better off without them. If it weren't for government control and whitewashing you wouldn't standing on your soap box. You are the most miserable rodent to piss this website. Whites can't do anything other than steal, kill, and lie. Now you've proven atheism is nothing but hatred, thanks.

No. 77262

What?! White men are number one! They're the top demo dying from AIDS.

No. 77263

Oh and to add white women have to resort to plastic surgery just to even be considered "attractive" without it you people are just basic and plain. Why are white people always sick? I can't even get through a simple conversation without them complaining about how miserable they are. They complain about everything, they are weak!

No. 77264

Chinese came from blacks, anyways, they only started hating everything once that dumb atheist Mao started killing off 80 million of his own people.

No. 77266

Now THIS is shitposting

No. 77267

No. 77268

Pls take your race talk to their respective threads. There is a black people problems thread in /b.

No. 77271

Niggers are white people problems.

No. 77275

File: 1457151798325.gif (373.23 KB, 400x250, 3023346-tumblr_mhu3ekiwk61qkgn…)

So? Cry about it

No. 77277

This whole thread is race talk idiot. Its ironic Admin keeps idiot racist chan around.
You're only here talking that way because you can't do it in PT. you clearly need to seek therapy for your depression, like the typical white person you are. You people are weak, look at how stupid you talk.

No. 77279

You are your own problem, because you are white, if it weren't for inbreeding you would be dark like the rest of the world. its only changing now due to edit brainwashing, and the idiocy that has come over the western world.

No. 77280

*media not edit Autocorrect

No. 77288

Actually the highest rates of incest are in africa.

No. 77289

I was referring to the royalists in the middle ages. In order to keep the white royalists from breeding wit moors, or people of another class they had to inbreed to keep white royalty. For example the hierarchy in englad is the result of inbreeding. Which is one of the reasons why they have horrible teeth.

No. 77291

sorry for the typos.

No. 77293

You mean monarchy not hierarchy. Please don't try to think about complex things, it looks horrendous. Your train of thought is like a half aborted fetus trying to crawl away from its mother's delapidated cunt.

Please come back to this site when you are at least 18.

No. 77294

the point is stop going on a white power tirade just because you can't flex your white supremacy. It's getting out of hand, and it's ridiculous. Literally racist chan hates "ni**" but dedicates his/her life to obsessively talking about them all day in every thread, then can't handle it and run for help.

No. 77296

You're no better, You sound like you live a horrible life by the way you talk. attempting to insult me won't prove a point with me, my beef is strictly with racist chan. back off

No. 77297

Back off? Or else what? Yo gonna pop a cap in my azz n sheet?

No. 77298

idiot I wasn't wrong still with my point, I already apologized for the typos.

No. 77299

sure whatever

No. 77300

You are very correct indeed. I'm sure you got that bit about the english having bad teeth from the renowned scientists over at family guy.

No. 77301

Maybe you should take your antidepressants first to numb the pain.

No. 77302

Nah, discovery channel.

No. 77303

Just ignore that insecure racist. You're a beautiful black queen an they're just jealous tbh. Btw we need a black girl apprecoation thread imho


No. 77305

Of course you don't read kek. But on a serious note, the bad teeth thing is partly cultural and mostly a stereotype, if you actually care. The stats show uk teeth are actually in better condition than is teeth. But that's assuming you care about facts. The likes of you don't care about facts, just your next fix of serotonin. I pity you.

If I were black I'd kill myself.

No. 77306

Every time, they make one it gets flooded with "cute" white girl threads on purpose. it's a winless battle. I just have beef with that one anon

No. 77307

File: 1457154053188.jpg (74.41 KB, 351x236, 1311298026508.jpg)

>In order to keep the white royalists from breeding wit moors

No. 77308

Yet there are africans that live in the middle of nowhere and they have perfect teeth. hmmm. You should have done it already, you probably didn't take 30 of your pills today.

No. 77309

No one wants to fuck a monkey.

No. 77310

You can't prove me wrong idiot, posting a picture doesn't prove anything.

No. 77312

You shoild make a new one! I will help post cute black girl pics, I have a huge folder of kawaii black girls and I'm itching to post!

But I don't want to be alone if that makes sense haha

No. 77313

No one wants to screw a weasley lab rat either .

No. 77314

I take a few vitamin pills every other day. You are right that I didn't take my vitamin pills. I'll be sure to take them lest I turn into a BLM protestor.

No. 77316

Okcupid did a study and black women were consistently the least sought out and responded to. We all know why that is.

No. 77318

oh dear, I feel so sorry for you… you've already forgotten your antidepressants? look out there ma be another shooting coming.

No. 77319

Most mass shooters are black, so I'll be fine as long as I take my vitamins.

No. 77320

So? I don't even use dating apps. as a matter of fact I don't know a single black woman that uses it, most of them are already married, or can actually get a boyfriend. OK Cupid is full of losers.

No. 77321

LOL your are stupid.

No. 77322

Are you surprised that most mass shooters are black? You should get into statistics, the world is so much bigger than fox news and sensationalism.

No. 77323

Look at how obsessed this lunatic is. If you hate black people so much, why do you need to obsessively attempt to harass and insult them? Why can't you just go on with your lonely miserable life. Try to get a life somewhere.

No. 77324

Ugh totally, they're like, such looserdz! The statistics don't show that black women are less likely to marry than any other ethnicity…Oh wait they do! Oh the facts must be wrong, let us use our feels. Feels before reals.

No. 77325

>ever getting married
well if obvious troll wasnt obvious before

No. 77326

File: 1457154625031.png (24.68 KB, 811x459, Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 12.0…)

No. 77327

File: 1457154644659.gif (857.26 KB, 500x230, tumblr_nimk8a4sij1skru9ro1_500…)

No. 77328

No. 77329

I am the white devil. A superhero that lives incognito as a BLM protestor by day, but at night transforms into coonhunter. I will not rest until every innocent black baby that steals cigarettes at gun points is killed. Some call me a monster. Some call me a hero. I simply say, you can't flim flam the zim zam.

No. 77330

Yes and you are so happy sitting here obsessively arguing about how much you hate black people. I guess you are living such a wonderful life.

No. 77331

>I dont know the difference between gross numbers and per capita rates
Also only 72 mass shooting incidents in 30 years? Niggers engaging in mass shootings all the time. Why the fuck is this omitting drive bys?

No. 77332

no just a troll

No. 77333

LOOOL you just contradicted yourself, but ok.Anyway, I have a life, lover, and a family to tend to. Haha stop cutting yourself.

No. 77334

File: 1457155023999.jpg (136.94 KB, 630x596, shootinggraph.jpg)

There are more murders and rapes perpetrated by blacks in south africa in one day than in all of europe.

But if you want to stay in american la la land my ebony princess, I've a graph for that too

No. 77335

At least I'm not black lololol.

No. 77336

A lover? So he won't put a ring on it? He can't be that amazing. Prove me wrong.

No. 77337

Why do people think OP (me) is black? I'm half portugese half german

No. 77338

t. Alberto Barbosa

No. 77339

>i have all these things
>but am shit posting on the chans instead of tending to my life and family
sounds like typical nigger behavior

No. 77348

No idiot, it's designated for only white people. You guys have the sourest pussies. Get over the meme already…or not, it's good curdled milk.

No. 77349

Because the biggest enemy to the white man is the black man (see small ED dick problems).

No. 77352

File: 1457161882765.png (1.25 MB, 960x664, cucksforsanders.png)

You got that wrong.

The biggest enemy to the white man is the white man. Just look at all those SJW enablers

>I'm not even white and even I find it disgusting

No. 77353

>look at this photoshopped picture
>it represents my hate

No. 77378

It's weird how if you're a Southern European, non-white people try to claim you as their own and call you a "nigger" on the chans.

>Medieval England
>Significant presence of "Moors" (not even a race, just a generic term to describe anyone from North Africa)

Pick one.

No. 77380

He looks like a younger, uglier version of my uncle who happens to be gay

No. 77383

Thinking white people are superior until i moved to a non western country and realized they think they're superior and find white pellet entertaining. Mfw i literally become the target for racism. I realized every country is racist to minorities of their country and no longer enjoy white supremacy. Racism is aids

No. 77386

People* not pellet. But yeah guys my racist perspective got altered after becoming target of Racism while being abroad lol

No. 77387

>Racism is aids

Racism is antibodies.

Without racism you end up like Germany. With racism you stay like East Asia, with closed borders that keep such people out.

No. 77390

>Babby's first time in nipponland

I doubt a weeaboo can get Japan to embrace SJW, and it's better if they don't.

No. 77391

Yeah, it's weird isn't it?

Me going to non-western countries was revelatory in the opposite way, they're never going to adopt liberal principles, so why should we destroy ourselves by being good little liberals while they hold onto their ethnocentrism?

We need to be as ethnocentric as they are to survive.

No. 77448

The relationship between blacks and whites is adorable. Its almost tsurendere. Even if an asian is being racist about whites a white person will always blame the blacks and vice versa

No. 77458

If you're talking about an asian country, don't you think it's more of a love-hate relationship they have with white people?

No. 77462

What quality of Germany are you talking about?

No. 77463

File: 1457204941870.jpeg (19.54 KB, 260x194, image.jpeg)

Rich people piss me off tbh

No. 77465

File: 1457205041496.jpeg (67.09 KB, 634x421, image.jpeg)

How can she say that she is not white when she is clearly white? It even annoys me when biracials who clearly look white like her claim to be black.

No. 77466

File: 1457205120382.jpeg (70.79 KB, 493x335, image.jpeg)

No. 77467

File: 1457205279149.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 30.39 KB, 446x299, image.jpeg)

Whites are the only ones who would starve themselves on purpose. LMAO.

No. 77474

File: 1457206128790.jpeg (108.24 KB, 736x490, image.jpeg)

What is this thread? I thought whitey could laugh at himself since they only have first world problems.

No. 77492

She's not biracial though, she's 100% mayo white. Her parents confirmed her ancestry.

No. 77500

A white ex of mine once took off his shirt and his farmers tan was so bad/he's actually so pale that I thought he was wearing a white shirt underneath. That seems very "white people problems".

I think they mean multikulti Germany where you're so accepting of immigrants to the point where you turn a blind eye when they start raping German women, etc.

Anyway, I'm not white. But I'll continue to support white liberalism as you guys shoot yourselves in the foot and create more opportunities for people like me.

No. 77502

I agree. My liberal friends are stupid as shit, supporting the cause (as if) but they don't realise the cause doesn't support them. I'm enjoing all the free shit but once the cave neandethrals are out ,and they will cos falling birth rates, it'll be a black europe. We will have the last laugh.

No. 77509

File: 1457215431735.png (727.65 KB, 1146x1084, kangs.png)




The inferiority complex of none-whites amazes me. They know they've never accomplished anything that can compete with the glory of western civilization, so they steal our history and claim our inventions. Sad how they can't take pride in their own culture.

No. 77510

More shitskin lulz.

No. 77511

File: 1457216453160.jpeg (168.28 KB, 1024x993, CSDsaKNU8AAYiAY.jpg large.jpeg)

Black people problems
>Muh hair
>bitch touched muh hair so racist whaaa
>white gurls stole muh dance whaaaa
>My race is overrepresented in the media but I'm gonna bitch about every movie that doesn't have a black character anyways
>whaaa my son was smashin someones head into the pavement and he got shot dat shit racist yo
>I need a safe space in my college cuz white peeple make me so scured whaaa

White people problems:
>My daughter go raped by a nigger and no one cares
>The media ignores black on white crimes
>White victims of black violence don't get justice while blacks raise all hell over being arrested for committing a crime
>White women can't speak up against Muslims or niggers raping them because it's "racist". Cover up or get raped, slut.

No. 77513

Im gonna repeat it again: the complex relationship between the boss and slave is too cute. Whites and blacks are closer than you or they may think (even though the weebs among the whites and blacks like to think they are closer to the Japanese :^) ).

No. 77515

Take this piece of shit to the bpp dumb mayo

No. 77516

No. 77517

File: 1457217778905.jpeg (132.48 KB, 640x360, image.jpeg)

He is literally the reason why white people have problems

No. 77519

File: 1457217834673.jpeg (158.3 KB, 1118x759, image.jpeg)

Typical white man

No. 77520

File: 1457217889551.png (163.41 KB, 500x700, image.png)

He is unfunny but he is kinda right

No. 77522

File: 1457217981877.png (358.32 KB, 503x549, chrischan.png)

No. 77523

Mayo is such a shitty lame insult compared to nigger. I'm glad.

No. 77525

Im not a nigger you birdshit stop derailing the thread post white people problems or post nothing at all.

No. 77532

File: 1457218302882.jpeg (45.02 KB, 564x564, image.jpeg)

Immigration is indeed white people problems

No. 77533

This only applies to black people though. Every human culture has contributed something, the Asians, Indians, Arabs, South Americans… whether it's mathematics, astronomy, medicine and various inventions.
The only race that has not developed at all since the beginning of humanity are the people with the lowest IQ, the blacks.
The reason why they are the only ones complaining about no representation is because Asian Americans go and watch Korean dramas, Chinese movies… the Mexicans watch things in Spanish and can relate.
The Blacks have no writing system, no actual language or original literature. They are lost and aggressive and dumb. So they go complain to the white devil for stealin dem rights.
The Egyptians described them living in straw huts 3000 years ago. And today? Still the same thing. The only human race with no achievements or anything to be proud of. Also the ugliest and dumbest. Beware of Tyrone.

No. 77534

immigration is a social construct

No. 77538

File: 1457218670908.png (84.32 KB, 413x233, willyoustoplying.png)

>Im not a nigger

No. 77539

This is so funny, non-blacks can hate white people too. I dont hate whites but they are fun to trigger because they blame blacks for everything (just like blacks blame whites for everything).

No. 77540

Nope immigration is a white people problem started by white people.

No. 77541

tbf fam smh
The natives were nomadic. They didn't believe in owning land and they didn't have a united government. How can you steal something no one owns? Some tribes had good relations with the Europeans and others didn't. There was no united injun opinion on white people. Also, we won that land by right of conquest. If they want it back, they'll have to go to war with us. America was given to us by our ancestors, we need to fight to protect it and honer those who died for it.

No. 77542

File: 1457219288794.jpg (41.74 KB, 600x600, CR-NGmsXIAAdjoG.jpg)

>When people give you shit for "imperialism" when you used that imperialism to end institutional slavery in their country and gave them the lives they enjoy.

Prey tell me, what would your country of origin be like had white people not forced them to be civilized? Would you enjoy being an untouchable in India? What about a sex slave in a sandnigger Harem? A Eunuch in China? What about if you had your feet bound? The taboo against hitting women is solely a western one. We're also the only race where monogamy is the norm.

No. 77543

File: 1457219290029.jpeg (52.21 KB, 499x362, image.jpeg)

No. 77544

File: 1457219348177.jpg (56.91 KB, 596x388, CalNXz0UUAIUruT.jpg)

>When you're told you're responsible for being raped because you're white

No. 77545

File: 1457219417443.jpg (41.5 KB, 600x423, CSDAumIUwAADXml.jpg)

That's not a problem. At least try to keep to the true spirit of your thread is you're thread, unless you don't have any content besides unflattering pictures.

No. 77546

File: 1457219447095.png (228.83 KB, 500x341, image.png)

No. 77547

reminds me of some quote from a book
>colonialism wasn't 100 percent evil. More like 96 percent evil. Sometimes the colonizing culture actually made moral improvements in the native culture. I came to this conclusion while reading about the abolition of the Indian custom of widow burning. In pre-British India, a man's widow was burned alongside his corpse. The British colonialists put a stop to that. So yes, they criminally oppressed an entire people. But like a robber who fills up the ice trays while he steals the TV, they did a smidgeon of good.

No. 77548

Most rapists are men why doesnt pol generalize men for rapists?

No. 77549

Who tries to act like women rape more than men?

No. 77550

File: 1457219725589.jpeg (59.17 KB, 587x590, image.jpeg)

The ancestors of the whites gave them scars with their whips but the white teenage girl loves to give herself scars to cope with her white people problems.

No. 77552

File: 1457219792330.png (277.64 KB, 450x320, CU3RaQ5UEAASWfX.png)

>When mainstream culture teaches your children that they must appropriate "black culture" to be cool
>black culture is drugs, crime, abusing women, street gangs, and jail


No. 77553

Why doesnt pol hate men then?

No. 77554

File: 1457219874568.png (113.85 KB, 871x614, image.png)


No. 77555

Because they are MRA losers. Real nationalists want to protect women from shitskin barbarism.

No. 77556

>>77378The Moors were initially of Berber and Arab descent, though the term was later applied to Africans, Iberian Christian converts to Islam, and people of mixed ancestry.

No. 77557

Luka Magnotta. Ted Bundy.

No. 77558

File: 1457220049438.gif (947.69 KB, 318x162, image.gif)


No. 77560

Kek. Of course you wouldn't see it if you can relate. Doesn't really matter f you find the content relevant. There's a whole bunch of butt hurt shitposting that isn't about #whitepeopleproblems

No. 77563

File: 1457220925417.jpg (274.94 KB, 500x299, JAlw9Xl.jpg)

No. 77564

File: 1457220992270.jpg (1.82 MB, 245x200, oKfA0Nd.jpg)

No. 77565


That's MGTOW you are talking about, all of them happen to be MRA but far not every MRA is MGTOW.
MGTOW dislike women, but MRA itself don't.
Just a little info for knowledge.

No. 77566

File: 1457221134104.jpg (83.18 KB, 200x150, Kqk4kDI.jpg)

No. 77570

File: 1457222582219.jpg (95.17 KB, 853x640, 249999_514139228614367_9209025…)



I love their mental olympics.

No. 77572

Ancient egyptians are more black than they are white (they are neither but js)

No. 77573

Wow you sure showed whitey who is boss with those assorted tumblrina gifs.

No. 77574

That is simply incorrect.

No. 77577

Middle eastern people would be mortified if you tried to call them black. Thex call blacks slaves to this day and are hugely racist against blacks, They dont see themselves as "mostly black"

No. 77578

File: 1457223606371.png (3.09 KB, 400x300, image.png)

TLDR: people post memes; crackers rage.

No. 77586

File: 1457224743966.jpeg (51.3 KB, 500x428, image.jpeg)

Come together! Right now, over me….

No. 77587

Erhm, yes we worship whites etc… (It isnt strange since whites are currently at the top) But that doesnt mean a lot of us dont have black blood.I dont look west african but you definitely can see it. Many middle easterners are a mix of both but ancient egyptians were more black than they were white, whether they or you like it or not. You can check out egyptian art, they are obviously way too tan to pass as white but their features werent completely west african either. Look at Nefertiti. Back then there were no spray tans or sunbeds. I am not calling them black, but I am also saying that they were more black than they were white. Cleopatra is a whore.

t. Egyptian

No. 77588

File: 1457225331804.jpeg (178.34 KB, 640x920, image.jpeg)

No. 77589

>black people cuisine is better than French, Greek, Italian and Spanish
>black people having a cuisine in the first place

No. 77590

Why do shitskins literally eat with their hands?

No. 77593

They're just being eco-friendly. Poo in designated shitting streets, wipe with hands, use hands to eat, enjoy recycled spices from poo.

No. 77595

File: 1457227486936.jpg (136.19 KB, 600x199, mOab18Z.jpg)

The sun is really strong in Egypt, don't you think that back in the day the white people had tan skin? They was no sunscreen around. And us Meds get tan easily and it's longlasting, sunburns are rare.

No. 77596

the seasoning they're talking about is obv the 11 secret herbs/spices

No. 77597


No. 77608


they can have all the white landwhales they want. We sure won't miss them.

No. 77609

No. 77612

File: 1457230176299.jpeg (116.52 KB, 1200x1200, image.jpeg)

Eh…italians cant tan that much unless they have arab blood…
I am egyptian kek. You dont like it when an egyptian says that blacks (eastern africans) are more egyptian than whites (southern europeans). In fact compared to the average somali even the average italian has nothing to do with ancient egypt at all. Just because we're racist against blacks doesnt mean ancient egypt wasnt african or wasnt genetically part black. Dominicans hate blacks too but they have black blood too. Pic related is the average "med". Topkek!

No. 77615

Also you're posting a pic of mixed nubians and pure nubians. The guidos in your country wish they were this tan, if they would ever achieve this color naturally they would die of skin cancer.

No. 77617

Now we know why white children disrespect their parents so much!

No. 77620

Dunno about other black populations around the world, but AFAIK the latin american blacks have never claimed the kangz 'n' queenz bullshit some african-americans love to spew. Seems more like identity crisis of illiterate people living in a first world country.

No. 77622

European sumo wrestling in whalemart

No. 77623

No. 77624

Latin american blacks are barely black thus irrelevant

No. 77626

File: 1457232316490.jpg (459.52 KB, 1920x1080, quienes-son-los-afro-mexicanos…)

Samefag, also I guess why they (fortunately) doesn't behave like entitled brats unlike american niggers. Our government did well not spoiling them with gibsmedat and the programs.

sure they aren't,huh?

No. 77628

File: 1457232383171.jpg (246.03 KB, 1600x1067, Afromexicanos.jpg)

totally not black

No. 77630

File: 1457232476639.jpg (10.02 KB, 275x183, descarga.jpg)

Barely they are

No. 77633

Nice nitpicking.

No. 77634

No. 77636


Not my fault you can't afford to travel there m8

There are entire black villages in Mexico south coasts. Nicest people I've met.

No. 77650

White people problems: being ungrateful to your parents because they wouldnt take you to disneyland. I shit you not I hate my mother for this.

No. 77656

Egypt was ruled by what we would consider to be whites during the later periods. Cleopatra and her family were Greek.
Ya, no. There is no such thing as "more black" or whatever. Arabs and niggers are two different races.

t. you're a nigger.

>No spray tans!!1

That's what we call an Arab dumb cunt.

No. 77663

I think black latin americans just believe they are part of latin america so don't have to go to WE KANGZ N SHIT to prove their ancestry/identity to people.

I think the biggest problem with the american black community is that they effectively have no heritage. Those descended from black slaves have no way to look back and know where exactly they came from. Many of them turn to popular subculture, and I think the alienation arises from the lack of knowledge about black culture outside of that. There are celebrated black artists, especially from 1950s Harlem, etc. but how many tumblrinas talk about them? Virtually zero. And even then all of those authors, artists, etc. talk specifically about their alienation in mainstream America/slave narratives, whatever. Lately the trend to so be as "in touch" with your foreign roots as possible (muh 1/26th Japanese, etc).

This might be reaching, but I think this kind of lack of significant cultural identity is what makes people believe in "Black People were the first Chinese"/WE KANGZ/blacks were hebrews whatever.

No. 77664

mayo asspatting crusty charcoal mutt stfu and talk white people problems WHITE PEOPLE PROBLEMS

No. 77666


and that's why no one likes your kind m8

No. 77668

>my kind
I'm not a kneegrow tbh

No. 77669

>pretending to be white
>can't provide timestamped pics

No. 77738

No. 77829

You latinos are just the white mans and asian's lackey. If you stuck with blacks you'd get far in life becuse our cultures are actually similar, but NOOOO you have to go lick whitey's mayo encrusted ass.

No. 77831

>latino and black culture are similar
Do you only hang out with Cholos or something?

No. 77834

Wait, are you mad at the Hispanic blacks that don't consider themselves black over Hispanic? They realize they're dark but why would they side with American blacks? They're usually proud of their home country/nationality, not being "black."

No. 77874

>no one wants to be black
>not even blacks

No. 77907


t. Arab-speaking Muslim who is part of a group that systematically subjugate the only group that have any real connection to the Egypt of antiquity (Copts)

cool story ahmed.

No. 77909

your nails are disgustingly yellow, either wash hands or go get that checked.

No. 77928

File: 1457306277868.jpg (54.08 KB, 500x375, bronyfail.jpg)

bronyism is white people problems.. just weird…

No. 77930

Better than spending all your money on weave and raising your children to be thugged out lil niggas.

No. 77931

File: 1457306472019.jpg (42.03 KB, 400x305, KingTut.jpg)

Get over yourself, early Egyptians were obviously black they were wiped out and forced out by surrounding nations in conquest. Why does this dumb argument pop up?

No. 77935

File: 1457306832952.gif (142.34 KB, 360x270, lol.gif)

>>77930Better than spending all your money on weave and raising your children to be thugged out lil niggas.

lol What?

No. 77938

File: 1457306980982.jpg (73.13 KB, 575x442, mummy-scan.jpg)

>>77572Ancient egyptians are more black than they are white (they are neither but js)

How brainwashed can you be?

No. 77939

there were brown pharaohs but the majority were african semites

its funny that people try to argue that if they weren't black, they must be white, though

No. 77940

Honestly, I'm tired of the bs I see being strewn through tumblr by much of the black community. That being said, those that I've followed have mentioned black people who have made a difference in American history. Despite those whose ancestors were enslaved not knowing about their ethnic background/, culture and traditions, they created their own in the U.S.

The truth of the matter is that blacks directly impacted and influenced american culture, politics etc, be it through music, dance, art, language, etc. It may not always be positive, but it certainly not all negative.

I wish that they would realize and stfu with the woe is me bs. The other day I was speaking with my black coworker about me feeling that black people weren't the most oppressed group because they have access to certain privileges that others don't and can be racist (native americans are virtually invisible and children of undocumented workers brought to the u.s. as infants are separated from their families and sent back to a country that is unknown to them. Not only that but race is mostly thought of as only black and white in america, rarely considering asians or native americans). She didn't get up in arms or call me a mayo loving white bitch like some of these tumblr retards. She politely disagreed with me but said she also thinks that blacks can be racist.

Also, to add to your other point, I live in nyc where there are many black latinos and like other blacks from the Caribbean and south america, they identify with their culture more than anything else. Americans identify with race or region more than anything else (i.e. being southern or from the west coast).

No. 77944

I see a lot of people on tumblr call out dominicans for "hating blacks" but when you ask them they either say they're latino or black. In the U.S. they say they're not black because they consider that to mean african-american in terms of culture.

No. 77946

But see that's what I was talking about? If you latinos had any common sense you would identify with the black struggle and black culture more because we can take many under our wing like we have borne the weight of slavery, injustice and civil rights on our shoulders. The asians and the whites won't help you but we will. Mexico is undergoing a recession now, and we would be more then ok accepting mexicans here to work, it's the white people who are against you. Not us blacks. Get your facts straight.

No. 77947

>The truth of the matter is that blacks directly impacted and influenced american culture, politics etc, be it through music, dance, art, language, etc. It may not always be positive, but it certainly not all negative.

The vast majority of it is negative. Let's actually look at what black "culture" promotes:

- Simple, rhythmic music.
- Promiscuity.
- Single motherhood/matriarchal family structures with no fixed male presence.
- Hostility to rule following.
- Cellulite asses.

There are objective measures we can use to conclude that North America would be a better place without a black presence. For example something like 60% of all armed robbery and over 40% of all homicides would disappear if black Americans disappeared tomorrow.

No. 77950

>children of undocumented workers brought to the u.s. as infants are separated from their families and sent back to a country that is unknown to them

Every country does this to illegal immigrants. In fact most, outside of Western Europe, do it far more harshly than America does.

No. 77953

I think you're being ignorant on purpose. Every african country is different and the people look different, yet each are still considered black. For example a Nigerian looks completely different from an Ethiopian. Yet we can still agree they are black correct?
Whites don't want blacks to be Egyptian because it shows they had a level of power (even though it was short-lived). Its just like the black holocaust of the 1920's. Whites and any other racist group, are hateful of blacks with any kind of success, which is why brainwashing is in order to keep it separate, and the people divided and confused. This was even admitted by Margaret Sanger. You people are happy to say "they aren't black" simply so you can sleep at night, when the evidence is obvious.

No. 77954

That is only recently due to media manipulation, There were thousands of african inventors, politicians, and others who have brought success to the west. Just do simple 5 min. research instead of being in denial and you will see.

No. 77957

File: 1457308717574.jpg (45.63 KB, 352x487, afrolatina.jpg)

dominican people don't want to call them selves "black" like other cultures because of the stigma behind it. Because whitewashing is so strong, the world associates black as being "bad", not realizing how stupid it is.

No. 77958

It's due to the fact 60 years ago American pop culture was white, so you abided by white standards and norms. Now American pop culture is black, so people abide by black norms like promiscuity and degeneracy.

No. 77959

You do realize that latinos are comprised of any/all racial groups, right? Why would they identify with one ethnic/racial group just because they face similar struggles in the U.S.? Plus, consider the fact that many non-latino blacks discriminate against latinos.

No. 77960

>>77947 Simple, rhythmic music.- Promiscuity.- Single motherhood/matriarchal family structures with no fixed male presence.- Hostility to rule following.- Cellulite asses.
as if there are no other people in the world like the stupid traits you just posted. So should I post pictures of all the dumb ugly, poor, whites I can find? You sound like you my have a bit of schizophrenia or psychosis.

No. 77962

Oh I'm not saying anything against America for doing this, I'm saying it's something that blacks don't have to deal with to such an extent

No. 77963

they literally call themselves black in Spanish

No. 77965

60 years ago poor whites at least had decent role models and moral standards to abide by, these days what do they grow up with?

Lil Wayne.

No. 77975

Only thing photoshopped is the cucks part. That is the same guy.

No. 77977

Yes there were nubians in Egypt, so what? Ever thought about it that Egypt may have different races? The ones with mayo skin were in the minority, then the ones with datk skin and then the ones with..brown skin. Just like now.
Mayo do not claim egypt or I will ship you off to ISIS. KEK christianity is just as shit as islam, both abrahamic semitic religions that do not belong in Egypt. Allahu akbar and may allah grant you a sunburn. Also Mike you are on a girls' board so give me a butiful Arabic Egyptian islamic name like Laila or something. Or Isis :^).

No. 77978

Also this type of hair is found in egypt even among those who are not black. Sadly I have this hair.

No. 77985

Oh I forgot to respond to this post
This 100% correct. The earliest Egyptians were black, however in the era in your pic related their population as a whole were already mixed.

No. 78008

>If you latinos had any common sense you would identify with the black struggle

What black struggle? Your ancestors were the ones who actually struggled, after segregation oficially ended majority of the new black generations keep sticking to your "only black" "safe spaces". After that you got govt. handouts and whatnot. unlike latino workers who were treated like scum (not talking about maras,narcos and such, they deserve the worst). You got almost everything to get out your crime holes and show everybody else that you were smart, hard working guys worthy descendants of those who sweated blood at the cotton fields, but noooo, better keep wallow in eternal resentment and perpetuating the worst stereotypes about your kind.

As a latina, I respect black people, but I hate niggers.


This so much.

No. 78012

We dont care that you are latina, what kind of latina are you? Also blacks are racist as hell against latina but non-black latinas treat black latinas as dirt even if they have blue eyes lol so dont pretend all latinas are united or something.

No. 78015

we may make fun of cholos or overly white latinos, but when we find ourselves in overseas, we treat each other as family. So uhm yeah, your point is invalid

No. 78017


oh wow god forbid I state what's my ethnicity, sorry for triggering you anon. I've never said we were the most lovely people ever towards each other. But don't tell me negras treat any better mixed black girls lmao

No. 78048

why are you so hellbent on getting latinos and "african americans" to group together and sing kumbaya?

blacks have their own issues to deal with within their own ethnic group (idk how many times I've come across a black person demeaning another black person for the shade of their skin, features or how mixed they are)

to think that somehow building a relationship with latinos, specifically those that are likely to be mixed such as those in brazil and the caribbean, is gonna improve that makes no sense

dude black people discriminate on latinos for being latino. Latinos discriminate against blacks for the treatment they receive and not because of the fact that they're black, being that there are so many blacks in latin america to begin with.

Idc what race anyone is and hate how insecure black people are regarding white people. News flash a lot of you are self hating, it's not just us who have an issue with you lot. Love yourselves first and maybe you'll care less if whites wear dreads or latinos are not raising their fists with you.

No. 78051

"not all blacks are thugs
but all white people fuck dogs lmao gross ass bitches
Black lives matter, and white people deserve to die"
why are people on the Internet so dumb. Why can blacks fling shit like monkeys but expect whites not to fling it back?

Why do you guys want segregation? Can a black person answer me this

No. 78052

File: 1457326339946.jpeg (41.47 KB, 849x453, image.jpeg)

No. 78053

>mfw im not american or black

>its because of the treatment niggers gave us bawwww

You're an idiot to not realize I hate all ethnic groups who try to belittle others just because they think they are better than the other. Also, you keep pretending that latinos are united. Afro-latinos and african americans are culturally and racially more united than a mestizo and afro-latino.
>inb4 how do you know this if ur not american
Its 2016
It's so funny how you pretend latinos are so innocent when they are doing this "hurrdurr whitest features" shit too, are just as criminal as blacks, just as fucked up, just as slutty and just as ugly! Well, maybe not since there are some blonde white latinas. The mestizo and black latina is so damn ugly, you should know that!
>a lot of you are selfhating
Who is you? I am not black or american like I said. I just find it hilarious when a monkey calls a monkey a monkey.
also if you see someone defending a negro it doesnt mean that they are neccesarily black, it could also mean that you're just wrong.
>make fun of cholos
The english make fun of chavs, so what?
>overly white latinos
Because mestizos and afro latinas are jelly of their features because ugly people wont get featured in magazines.
>latinas see black latinas as family
HAHAHAHAAHA! Thats like saying a white racist american is immigrating to france and sees his african american brother as family.

No. 78068

Reading comprehension at its finest lmao

>I hate all ethnic groups who try to belittle others just because they think they are better than the other.

>belittle others just because they think they are better than the other.

But isn't that, like, the whole premise of the BLM?

We are like 2 or 3 different anons you quoted. No one of us belittled your beloved american negroes, just stated facts about their peculiar inferiority complex that lead them to behave like, well, niggers. Except the anon from >>78015, no one else said latinos were dovey lovey towards each other. There's indeed a lot of hate among us, yes, but american blacks in particular doesn't seem to get along with anyone else. They purposedly isolate from other ethnicities, unlike blacks from other countries.They're like feral animals who doesn't want to be touched, but have no problem accepting food from humans. I don't know why this is so hard to understand to you.

I really really hope you're not the same anon from >>77946 because you'd just contradicted yourself

No. 78079

lol white people are string cheese lol fucking MAYO MAYO MAYO
that's all you are to me cunts
oh you don't like that? aww hell no well
now that hurt yo fucking bitch ass fee fees? I love stamping on white people feels it's so funny now u know how black people feel it's okay to hate white people cuz they call us niggers and shit so MAYO
we should send you cunts to africa so my people could spread you on bread
white people dont use seasoning and shit

No. 78081


No. 78084

lmao that's pretty funny because schizophrenia diagnoses was once disproportionately applied to non violent black people (and still is heavily racialized today)

but yes, i suppose skinhead-chan is Totally Insane for saying something that you don't want to hear

No. 78085

No. 78142

File: 1457352523810.jpg (481.89 KB, 390x359, vhw0eg7.jpg)

Why do white people like to pretend to be a race they are not? Why do white men want to be 16 year old Japanese schoolgirls and why do white women want to be an exotic qt? Is it sexually satisfying?

No. 78159

I think that >>78053 is a different anon

anyway I'm not putting down any race, just don't understand why >>77946 expects latinos and american blacks to get along just because they're both discriminated against

No. 78160

All caps really made this come together.

No. 78171

I'm pretty sure it's just cheetos

No. 78174


is this autism?

No. 78180

File: 1457366055908.jpeg (31.92 KB, 320x320, image.jpeg)

I'm guessing you mean the cheesy type

No. 78198

Why do black women wear hair that looks nothing like their own? Do they really think they're fooling anyone with that straight weave?

No. 78199

lol stop smoking

No. 78201

No. 78443

I'm glad no one's fallen for this bait yet

No. 78777

there is a containment thread for black people problems. Stay on topic.

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