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File: 1617196570106.jpeg (297.35 KB, 1188x2208, 599915E2-1414-4D4F-9682-1BBA68…)

No. 773405

Pic related—tried making macarons for the first time in my life!
Post cooking tips, recipes, pics, hacks, fails—even your retarded fad diet(>>>/g/59005)

No. 773408

Copy pasting my reply because you made a double thread:
Those look uncooked, we also already have cooking threads on /g/ and check the /ot/ catalog too or just post it on the mundane thread

No. 773411

They are ugly

No. 773414

It's your first time and I think you're on a great path. Just keep practicing. Macarons are really hard to master.
What is your problem? There isn't a food cooking thread specifically for posting what anons made. If this thread dies, it dies but it's no different from the nth variation of dumbass random shit threads we have on /ot/.

No. 773415

Gosh, tough crowd tonight I guess. I don’t know if this will end up locked but macarons are really difficult, I hope yours turned out well!

No. 773417

My problem is nothing? I'm saying they look uncooked because the do look uncooked. And I'm redirecting her to the appropiate threads. I'm not wishing death upon her or anything. You're putting ill intention onto my words, grow thicker skin maybe?

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