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File: 1621020997089.jpg (60.24 KB, 500x621, 0b20b65f958114689dc5f6fea23591…)

No. 806718

Doing dumbfounding dumbassery daily

Drevious dhread: >>>/ot/798772

No. 806722

File: 1621021261744.gif (640.63 KB, 360x183, Why.gif)

When I see stan acc justifying their questionable behaviour

No. 806765

File: 1621024008158.jpeg (61.82 KB, 500x655, DBFC3EEE-3EEC-4C5A-9BBB-368448…)

The semester is finally fucking over
Now what to do

No. 806770

File: 1621024367903.jpeg (58.94 KB, 353x320, 5C38C2EC-5344-4323-B255-DC0E9E…)

A special hello to the wonderful and beautiful farmer who is very cool, awesome, lovely and amazing

No. 806771

File: 1621024455657.gif (1003.45 KB, 500x335, 161550EA-754D-42C3-BB17-CE0B1F…)

For anyone wondering who she is, she’s the farmer reading this of course!

No. 806775

File: 1621024760266.gif (999.02 KB, 500x243, 6A01C925-36A2-4191-AB13-29FD74…)

No. 806779

Trannies LARPing as women, cringe.

No. 806780

I'll never get over the fact that kin and neo-pronouns are things people are pushing as something to be respected now, when even tumblr out of all places used to make fun of them

No. 806782

Urgh, get outta here sourpuss. The door is over there, go touch some grass.

No. 806784

File: 1621025230298.jpeg (64.83 KB, 750x608, 0BB385E8-8C76-4D6A-98AA-D999F5…)

Did I actually get accused of being a fucking troon for NANA & “the girl reading this” posting? Is this what I get for not doing it in the positivity thread?

No. 806785

Jesus shut the fuck up already

No. 806786

File: 1621025286186.jpg (389.2 KB, 1680x883, hero.jpg)

So America is getting it's own "eurovision" next year, reactions are mixed but I for one can't wait to see all the microagressions between liberal and conservative states as they compete

No. 806787

KEK this reply pic
I’m >>806775 and happy to report I’m not a fucking troon either I’m so sick of unhinged troon hunters

No. 806788

File: 1621025336924.jpg (109.77 KB, 750x883, dump him.jpg)

Friendly reminder that Takumi is a disgusting whore, Hachi should have never touched him with a ten foot long pole, and he deserves the death penalty for existing. Fuck Takumi.

No. 806791

How can America do Eurovison when it's just one country. Is it between the states? That seems no fun idk

No. 806794

Samefag nvm I'm a terrible reader. Still, seems like no fun. For me half of the fun comes from watching countries I know nothing about perform.

No. 806798

I'm an eurofag so it's gonna be the reverse for me, I love watching the countries I know and love for Eurovision and now with USAvision I'll get to experience what you guys always had, so I'll get to see people from places I know nothing about do their best to represent. Tbh two big song contests of this format in a year instead of one sound just fun to have.

No. 806803

Wouldn't this just be X-factor? Anyway I've never watched Eurovision, but I'm not excited for this.

No. 806810

No I'm Eurofag too, I'm from West-Europe so I know countries like Germany, Spain, Sweden etc. pretty well, but then there's countries like Bosnia & Herzegovina, Slovenia, Montenegro, Belarus.. Countries I know nothing about except for where they are on the map and idk I just find that fascinating and fun.

I completely forgot to watch Eurovision this year btw, is the finale tonight or tomorrow?

No. 806814

Finale is next week's Saturday! I'm thinking of setting up a thread here on LC if there's any interest.

No. 806820

File: 1621027259432.jpg (30.65 KB, 736x523, 98be6a7516d6d7f524fbe3022298fe…)

I think that the best compliments that I ever got was after doing presentations (college or otherwise) and people would compliment my public speaking abilities or the presentation itself and/or say that I am naturally funny. It always bright my day.

No. 806826

I wish my insulin pump at least had like centipede or brick breaker or something

No. 806827

I made a presentation in college about something really interesting and I worked hard on it and then later 5 different people told me it was amazing! One girl said my topic was so interesting she told her mom and then her grandma all about it. And then even the smart nice tall and handsome guy said it was great! I feel so happy again remembering it thanks anon for reminding me

No. 806829

My stomach hurts and my cat keeps stepping or trying to step on it with approximately 200lbs of pressure per little paw

No. 806833

That's awesome, I'm glad you got to relieve those happy memories reading my post!
Last presentation I did was in 2019, I hope I can get back to it once things normalize again here where I live.

No. 806834

File: 1621028375773.gif (716 KB, 310x155, ackshually.gif)

ACHSKCHUALLY pounds are a unit of mass not pressure

No. 806835

sucks when i want to complain about things but it's very specific things that no one else cares about so no one listens or relates

No. 806836

File: 1621028466248.jpg (9.82 KB, 270x270, f37ccd5b-c893-49fd-ac3f-5d1f8d…)

I'm sick of working. I just wanna be a stay at home wife and do nothing but cook and clean while my husband is being the one being exploited by his company.
Free me from the claws of capitalism, sisters.

No. 806840

File: 1621028744054.jpeg (35.28 KB, 460x345, 14A5ABA6-FEC8-4F3B-A821-033AFD…)

No. 806854

this will crash and burn, the States just don't have that extra awkwardness that makes the original Eurovision charming.
Sorry burgeranons I'm actually not sorry

No. 806872

File: 1621031014163.jpg (20.46 KB, 275x274, 1617107182991.jpg)

I kinda want to cut my hair really short, but I'm scared I won't like it and have to suffer for a while till it grows back

No. 806886

Just spent like five minutes trying to figure out why the threadpic says meat on it before I realised it says neat. Truly a dumbass.

No. 806893

I experience this post on a monthly basis, every time I'm on my period I have the strongest urge to cut my hair, why am I like this

No. 806894

My sister is an utter normie with a nice life, a wonderful husband and adorable baby girl. She generally seems to have grown out of her narcissism and calmed down a lot since we were younger and I wish I was more like her. I’m definitely successful and fine in my own right, but man, she is just so offline about internet trends and memes, overtly political things, etc. It seems nice.

No. 806896

I had the same urge, but then I finally dreamed that I dyed my hair in some shitty colors and had to chop from waist length to ear length and kept crying in my dream about it, and now it's completely gone lmao

No. 806905

I had short hair before, when I was like 10 and a tomboy and wasn't so self concious
I'm guess I'm just desparate for some kind of change

No. 806911

sometimes I lurk Kiwifarms and they'd have a thread on the front page about Ice Poseidon Community or whatever the remainder of his "Gang" is called.
It's always the most crazy shit. Last I checked they were spraying water or random women and that shit pisses me off and gives me anxiety. I hate all the dudes that stream that shit

No. 806951

I wonder whatever happened to necessaryspeed4

No. 806956

my workplace is lifting the mask mandate for customers and not for employees
I do not look forward to this, why is burgerland so retarded

No. 806967

I'm gonna start telling mfers I'm agender so my dumbass SJW friends quit using me as the butt of their "teh cishets" jokes. Which is retarded because I'm not straight but they're all in relationships with members of the opposite sex. But they're "genderfluid" and "nonbinary" so that somehow makes them better than me. They also engage in performative femininity constantly.

No. 806969

I don't like that Maine's abbreviation is ME.

No. 806972

Your friends sound stupid and terrible

No. 806973

i was playing the windtrace event for genshin and sadly it’s the most fun I’ve ever had in awhile

No. 806975

all this time i was like, why is this mask so impossible to breathe in, how are all these fatasses walking around just fine like this. then i discovered the costume mask i had from before the coof was like, extra extra thick cotton. so i bought a breathable chiffon one. and then the next week suddenly masks are over.
iktf, feminism was a mistake. like what can i do now, vote? why? i've cried like dozens of times at work. that girl you hated in high school? a 50 year old version of that is now your manager, have fun.

No. 806988

File: 1621042811056.jpeg (130.17 KB, 750x396, 6C06C90D-3A9E-4683-9FD1-CAB60F…)

if only I looked like this
instead I have a brown face, big nose, dispropportionated forehead, circles and prey asymetrical eyes

No. 806989

File: 1621043089213.jpeg (66.72 KB, 500x454, 345F4EF0-31BB-4C00-AB1A-050CD0…)

i love transporting to different worlds

No. 806996

so many hot guys looked at me today. they looked at me with interest in their eyes. I feel good about it, like I could go out and fulfill my sole physical purpose if I so chose to. will I? of course not, if they're not perfectly submissive, buff and tan gentlemen who are undyingly devoted to me. and they never are so here I am on lolcow dot farm talking about how good it feels to think about the potential men could have if they were just a fraction of what you think they could be

No. 807010

File: 1621044766470.png (399.88 KB, 484x560, 58be760adb9492a37ccbf557791faf…)

if only I looked like this
instead I have a brown face, big nose, dispropportionated forehead, circles and prey asymetrical eyes

No. 807017

You know what? I'm just going to stay up all night tonight watching movies and reading and eating mac n cheese.

No. 807024

Anon that's a drawing

No. 807035

File: 1621047507446.jpg (32.45 KB, 506x337, 1602085654505.jpg)

if only I looked like this
instead I have a brown face, big nose, dispropportionated forehead, circles and prey asymetrical eyes

No. 807049

File: 1621049690059.jpg (71.39 KB, 630x693, c5d29ce5045bf7e878d580500379bf…)

if only I looked like this
instead I have a brown face, big nose, dispropportionated forehead, circles and prey asymetrical eyes

No. 807052

File: 1621050054933.jpg (23.3 KB, 650x425, Elephant-Shrew-4-650x425.jpg)

>Of only I looked like this, instead I have pale face, small weak nose, proportioned forehead, squares and predatory forward facing eyes

No. 807056

File: 1621050707521.gif (134.97 KB, 150x150, gengar_xy_sprite_by_beavercop-…)

if only I looked like this
instead I have a brown face, big nose, dispropportionated forehead, circles and prey asymetrical eyes

No. 807058

File: 1621051100083.png (697.67 KB, 598x600, 53463625364562.png)

if only I looked like this
instead I have a brown face, big nose, dispropportionated forehead, circles and prey asymetrical eyes

No. 807064

sometimes you think about the quandaries of the quad. the faarquaad that is. the quaad

No. 807067

File: 1621052362987.jpeg (144.88 KB, 828x428, 8753D657-F836-461B-BB79-E9EA02…)

i am cleaning out my phone pic library and why the fuck did I not do this years ago

this isn't even close to the amount i need to delete, this is just getting started

No. 807068

Wow me too!
I love performing, but I'm very shy

No. 807072

haha thats the weed number

No. 807088

My cats name is Milk and I think of lolcow when I call her sometimes. My bf named her and he hates it but I love it lol.

No. 807089

Why doesn't he like her name if he named her?

No. 807091

Nta but it's easy to pick a name quickly and regret it later but still want to respect the name you originally gave them lol

No. 807119

States literally have no fucking sense of self deprecation, friendly competition, anything else that makes Eurovision fun. They absolutely cannot stand looking silly or not being #1. Every state is gonna end up being butthurt about a million aspects of this thing. This show is going to fucking suck.

No. 807120

sometimes i feel like a damn boomer because i dont use social media, im only 23 but i guess im old now in internet years. why do people bother putting pronouns in social media if they actually conform to the gender of the sex they were born as? like i understand genderspecial people that look 100% female and want to be called he/him putting that shit in their profile if they want to or whatever the fuck, but why do normal female born women feel the need to put she/her in their profile when it’s already the default assumption people will have? if i used social media, the thought of me actually putting she/her in my profile seems extremely cringe and unnecessary but it seems like most younger people including a lot of people my age do it? it’s so fucking weird.

No. 807123

I think he hates the lolcow assosiation, not the name itself

No. 807128

>why do people bother putting pronouns in social media if they actually conform to the gender of the sex they were born as?
Genderspecials pressure them into doing it. They've harassed actresses over this shit too.

No. 807131

Take me with you, queen.

No. 807134

File: 1621070512282.gif (931.03 KB, 301x240, 1616076931345.gif)

i like my small boobs, no you don't understand, I unironically am in love with my small boobs

I'm "supposed" to have breast envy but I don't

my boobs look the cutest in a blouse and my chest is probably the best part of my body because it balances out the rest of my features so well

if I had big boobs I would just look hella chonky and not like I want

I can't lie and pretend I'm ugly when I'm not, god I love my diminutive boobies my heckin brreasterinos

I love my big boob women but I live being myself and none of us are superior to the other. peace

No. 807136

this made me feel better about my own, thanks anon. I'll try to love my small boobs more as well.

No. 807138

i love my boobs too anon
I wish our big boobed friends didn't have to go through the suffering of being sexualized for their boobs, I wish we could all just be happy with our natural food making stations!! Their purpose is so pure yet society corrupts them so much

No. 807143

File: 1621073818418.png (16.93 KB, 326x221, 1.png)

you know people always mention waifu/husbandofags/shippingfags when discussing fandom autists but ime people who obsessively hate specific characters/ships/etc (not just regular dislike or lack of interest) were way more autistic and were usually "no fun allowed" types who take things too seriously or the type to take things literally and treated fictional characters as if they were real people. They're always the ones typing angry giant, mega essays over the smallest things. The closest equivalent I see from waifu/husbandofags and shippers are analyzations which can at least be interesting at times. people who just like what they like seem at least a little self-aware about it and happier. (generally speaking, I know there's exceptions. mainly male waifufags)

pic isn't an extreme example but I thought it was funny. the more obvious examples are on the sites that start with T and even /m/ sometimes. now looking back on it, my own post looks autistic with all these words.

No. 807148

File: 1621074049418.png (20.18 KB, 242x87, 1614471952618.png)

My yesstyle order finally shipped

No. 807169

File: 1621078314690.jpg (154.91 KB, 800x600, FavouriteCoverArt.jpg)

Anon please make that Eurovision thread! I would do it myself but I have not kept up with Eurovision at all this year.

No. 807186

i can't look at pics or videos of people's faces when i'm shitting because i feel like they're watching and judging me. "diarrhea again, huh?"

No. 807200

I'm so autistic that even when I'm watching stuff on a screen I realized I don't look at people eyes.

No. 807203

I use the most fucked up noungender pronouns available to make the libtards I follow on my art account respect them, I am now nya/nyan/nyanself and catgender. Nobody has even questioned it. Clown world

No. 807212

File: 1621082904422.jpg (152.96 KB, 1080x1081, ag28k.jpg)

based cringe

if clown shit be flying what does a handful of cat shit even matter anymore tbf
keep being you nya

No. 807218

I think I made loud sex noises last night and now the thought of seeing my neighbors ever again makes me want to die. I want the ground to swallow me up.

No. 807223

I never bothered to try to understand … what do the pronouns do? What's the point?

No. 807224

i'm trying to delete my myanimelist (i know) account but i cant remember the password or the email attached to it. fuck

No. 807225

I actually have no idea, it's made these people refer to me as "they" though when talking about me, despite me looking inarguably female.

No. 807227

They find it HIGHLY offending when you accidently ~misgender~ someone. Of course for the average person you can tell that she's a she and he's a he but genderspecials wanna be called something they often objectively don't look like.

No. 807233

I was playing Elevate this morning, and the audible vocab game used the word “dilate.” I started laughing and couldn’t explain why to my bf.

No. 807235

As a person who is learning a language that doesn't have any pronouns, I still genuinely feel surprised that people make a huge deal out of it.

Sadly, my homecountry's teenagers (the ones who spend time on twitter for a long time, thinking that everything that's written in English is true etc) are trying to push the pronoun weirdness into my native language, which honestly sounds really silly and hilarious, because we've got only two pronouns, and when they try adding a "third" one it sounds terrible, out of place and ruins the sentence completely because it stops making any sense. Even worse is when I saw someone with "meow" pronouns.

No. 807238

Dating men is kind of embarrassing. Thinking back to the men I let fuck me and men I chased makes me wanna die.

No. 807244

File: 1621086921345.jpeg (113.25 KB, 750x548, 910F8D1A-E7E1-4363-9D25-BD5EAC…)

No. 807248

File: 1621087282461.gif (1.77 MB, 500x371, 93E34D5D-5D14-4F0D-8764-C19DE1…)

>she emotionally manipulated boys online

i don’t think you can manipulate nature’s sociopaths at all but mkay

No. 807249

I've reached the point where I wouldn't mind if all languages just had one term that covered all living things and removed all the pronoun talk. I feel like the appeal of becoming a 'they' is probably that we have this weird underlying vibe where men are 'the default sex' and women are just men but with extra eyelashes and a dress and a habit of giggling at everything. You see caricatures of gender from a young age in media and it sticks around in the back of your mind. Those weird associations are hard to break. I kind of get why teens take those confused feelings and run wild with them.

I'm not too feminine and when someone in a store tells their kid to "watch out for the lady" I always have a moment where I'm like wait… am I the lady? The word doesn't feel like it applies to me at all.

No. 807255

omg does anyone know what anime is that gif from. gorgeous art

No. 807262

same. like I can't help but want to track them all down and snuff them out one by one just so I can negate my shame kek

No. 807271

holy shit guys i just saw the fucking personification of twitter in real life. a literal caricature. i cannot believe this person exists. oh my god.

No. 807296

I love this post

No. 807298

go on

some people really are NPCs

No. 807300

Based anon, especially because this phrase is always used to refer to some onlyfans e-thot scamming male coomers out of their money.

No. 807308

File: 1621095396005.jpg (98.39 KB, 564x750, RAT.jpg)

i wanna be like these rats in this picture

No. 807310

I’m the one on the left!

No. 807318

yes, please do tell

No. 807323

Eating a grilled cheese with homemade bread, mozzarella, and sauerkraut while I wait for some croissants to finish baking.
In quiet times like this life feels good even as a braindead autist

No. 807342

File: 1621098363725.png (229.83 KB, 680x450, dd0.png)

God I just remembered about that goals/self-improvement thread I wrote and I'm sure I did none of that shit

No. 807360

I feel ya. I'm bilingual and my other language only has one pronoun and it's gender neutral. I've always preferred it that way. I don't like that my sex is constantly brought into how people define me. I love being a woman but I don't like the reminder that all people see about me is still my sex first and not things I had control over.

No. 807362

What is your other language?

No. 807379

The gas station at night is extremely romantic and surreal and carnal

No. 807381

File: 1621102567687.jpg (49.11 KB, 496x305, 3.jpg)

It's so easy to zone out at a gas station late at night. I've had some of my most insightful conversations there.

No. 807384

Once as a kid, I asked my mom to buy me a york peppermint patty because I thought it was a klondike bar. Never mind that klondike bars are ice cream and would've been in freezer, not by the cash register, but my mom bought it for me anyway because she thought I wanted it. I bit into it and was very disgusted and upset and even as I grew up and learned that I like chocolate and mint, I never wanted to buy york peppermint patties because of that one betrayal I had as a kid. Kids are dumb kek.

No. 807396

its pretty funny to see guys lose their shit over fitgirl being an actual woman or not. they nitpick the smallest stuff like speech patterns or the avatar pic to prove its 3 fat dudes in a trenchcoat when it doesnt even matter

No. 807397

they want to know whether or not to simp kek

No. 807402

It literally feels like you cross over into a different dimension for some reason

No. 807408

did anyone else realize since early childhood that their body isn't actually theirs and that you belong in a different reality? i think this is why i dissociated so much and hated people saying my name or acknowledging me at all (plus was incapable of doing it myself), and also why i felt like i was supposed to die early. i'm not supposed to be here, there was a mistake. this is why i believe in stuff like timelines and different universes.
i feel like only nonnies into woowoo stuff would understand, the rest of you will probably misinterpret my post.

No. 807410

Maybe because they all look the same so wherever the specific gas station is, you are transported to some kinda hub space almost. It's the same place, no matter where.

No. 807417

I'm pretty sure I'm just some depressed undiagnosed tist but I had these feelings of 'being alien to this world' as a kid, thought I'd been sent here to maybe observe things for 20 years or so and return home again. I once destroyed all the photos that existed of me because they werent really me..

Are we talking about the same thing, probably not

No. 807418

That’s such a good point, that’s very true and it’s like that even in different countries as well. Gas stations look very similar everywhere in the world.

No. 807426

I cannot feel bad for rich people for literally ANYTHING. I don’t care how valid it is. They deserve to be unhappy for not giving me a million dollars.

No. 807427

well not alien-like specifically, more like i'm not actually here and none of this is real? idk how to explain it. i think my mind was meant to be placed in a different being, or not be here physically at all, or that i was supposed to die after a certain time

No. 807431

turns out i'm not the only person in the world who ships my ot3… too bad this other person's blog is in Korean and so is the entire platform in itself and i can't even right click or select the text to run it through a translator

No. 807438

nonnie is this a psyop

No. 807440

If you're using google chrome, doesn't it just translate when you click the translate button on the right side of the url bar?

No. 807443

I think it’s weird when total strangers ask what your race is before even asking your name, I think usually the intention is completely harmless but it makes me feel nervous

No. 807446

File: 1621107358546.gif (28.03 KB, 500x281, 1509841135.gif)

No. 807447

i'm using firefox…

No. 807448

what's your ot3

No. 807449

My personal cow retweeting a toilet paper shitpost when she has been involved in three major toilet-paper related spergouts, two of which resulted in her suicide-baiting, one of which took place less than a year ago, my fucking sides

No. 807451

Does anyone else feel like taking stimulants helped their social anxiety/autism slightly? I find it a lot easier to engage in conversation

No. 807453

Use this addon:
Works for me.
Also thanks for using Firefox, based nonita.
We need more Firefox users.

No. 807455

joon-gi han, tianyou zhao and seong-hui from yakuza like a dragon

No. 807457

I have a friend who has the same issue, she dissociates a lot and she’s kind of tired of feeling left out and stuff, I wish I could help her because she must be undiagnosed with some mental issue, and the only thing I can do is just listen to her, not really understanding what is she going on in her head, nor not knowing how to reassure her that she’s real.

No. 807460

Nta but the first thing I did when I got my new laptop was download my beloved firefox and make it my default. Firefox is the goat browser.

No. 807466

United we stand, nonny. I had to download Firefox after Chrome tried to blow my computer up. Safari also just lacks good add-ons/extensions.

No. 807468

Yes. Tried MDMA at a concert and went from an anxious pessimist into a confident optimist. I think just knowing that I had the potential to feel that happy gave me a more positive outlook on life. Now it's much easier for me to talk to people and just have fun in general.

No. 807471

I love the feeling when I have like an internal seething autistic parasocial hatred of someone who is generally liked and then one day other people randomly start complaining about them and disliking them as well

No. 807516

When I was younger my dad went on a work trip to Switzerland and bought me and my little sister these weird small toy keychain beaver/mouse/rat or some kind of rodent idk and you pressed it’s stomach and it played this long yodel song like ‘yo de lay a hee yo de lay a ha’ and at night I would open my sisters bedroom door and press her one and throw it onto her bed and she would start screaming because once it started singing you couldn’t turn it off and had to listen to the whole thing. I would then run back to my own bed and hear my mum or dad come charging up the stairs to see what the noise was

No. 807541

hey um…you guys wanna see my whisker collection?

No. 807547

No. 807548

This was beautiful I visualised it all and sounded the yodelling aloud
I love these snapshots into other people's lives

No. 807550

Hey Lana please can the next album be better okay thanks

No. 807554

File: 1621115744016.png (11.23 MB, 2500x1875, whiskrz.png)

tag yourself

No. 807557

No. 807558

No. 807559

49 and I better not see any doubles.

No. 807562

dibs 12

No. 807563

Lil 77

No. 807564

No. 807567

I like the 10

No. 807569

63 is the best

No. 807570

I’m 38, who wants to be my 39?

No. 807575

I thought my mom and my two sisters were getting smaller until i noticed i was the one getting taller?? Now I'm 5'7??? wtf i was 5'3 last year how the fuck I'm still growing? I'm 18yo so i think it's normal but surpassing my family's average is very impressive.

No. 807576

How are you just gonna do that to 37? I thought you guys had something special…

No. 807583

37 was being clingy and toxic, nonnie, we have to move on.

No. 807592

I love this too. Also love pretending to be neutral when someone starts talking bad about them, acting like they have to convince me. What’s wrong with me

No. 807593

Alright. Can I at least get a refund on the engagement gift I bought you then or?

No. 807600

AAAAAA I just realized I left one unlabeled…that's the one I deserve to be

No. 807612

Same tbh, haven't noticed a necessaryspeed4 post in a while.

No. 807613

why are people 'debating' lauren southern again? why not just let her continue to fade into irrelevancy

No. 807614

Fine then, I will send everything via PayPal, I love you, but this has to end now.

No. 807620

Despite the extensive list of shitty things he’s done I would actually probably be more shocked if keemstar turned out to be a groomer than most other influencers

No. 807621

Mitski and bjork are artists most men wouldnt get

No. 807624

I've got Scarce high on the "least likely to be a groomer" list

No. 807625

I kind of feel that way about Tori Amos, I think bjork has quite a significant male fan base.

No. 807626

so relieved im not the only one weirdo collecting whiskers of my pet

No. 807630

What does mania feel like?

No. 807640

File: 1621124797407.png (734.33 KB, 542x616, c1bfc9fcb56784b7adcee85a818232…)

I'm tired of playing this normie game. I wanna be a freak again. I wanna do crazy shit and be the life of the party & paint my face like a clown in public and not give a fuck about what the other bitch-ass normies think about me because my best friends are also freaks.

No. 807643

I feel like an insane horny monster right before I ovulate

No. 807665

Hell on earth, when you know it's going to be followed by a depressive downswing

No. 807676

So it only feels bad because of the looming crash? Is it nice having all that energy in the moment though?

No. 807677

Kek do it anon, it always makes me happy to see weirdos unashamed to let their freak flag fly. Well, women at least. Scrotes can keep that shit to themselves.

No. 807681

i genuinely don't understand how there are people on here who read the anons rip into the cows and suddenly also start feeling bad about their bodies and selves. if a random anon is calling erin a fat bitch then i just laugh, move on with my day and continue reading the thread instead of having a semi breakdown and feeling affected by what they say lol i think it should be common sense that anons will nitpick the living fuck out of a cow

No. 807682

Same, honestly I don’t get why someone who’s that sensitive would even come here.

No. 807683

It's great that you have such high self esteem but it makes perfect sense that a less secure person would feel hurt if they read a bunch of comments insulting a feature they share with a cow.

No. 807685

i never implied that i have an extremely high self esteem you retard. i am just saying that it's stupid to feel affected by what a random anonymous person on the internet is saying about a cow - someone who's milky and usually an attention whore for a reason. anons will go as far as nitpicking someone's asshole and vaginal flaps so why even take their comments to heart when you know the person receiving that nitpick is a bad person and you're not

No. 807688

Idk that much about her but she randomly came up on my fyp on tiktok and I don’t get why anons hate Anisa so much I feel like she seems ok

No. 807696

Yes, if you can do something productive with it. Sometimes I feel more guilty knowing that I spend that time doing something dumb

No. 807697

She used to be a hilarious hypocrite about boobie streaming, looked down on others who did it, but called it "a social experiment" when she did it herself. It was really funny.
Nowadays people just scrutinize her tattoos, I don't see how that's milk and I stopped following that.

No. 807701

Chill out jfc. All I'm saying is that if you see a feature just like yours being called ugly and your confidence is low, it's easy to assume that people would also consider yours ugly. If you don't react like that, awesome, but it's really not that irrational a thought process.

No. 807702

I though Meghan Markle was a lot younger than she is

No. 807733

Just found out alexa can hear whispers and can whisper herself.

No. 807735

File: 1621135337679.jpeg (267.51 KB, 800x931, 84BE497C-1709-4754-B47A-006B54…)

what happened last night

>be mundane

>get comfy on shitty ass mattress
>closes eyes when very sleepy and brains pops up bizarre image with something spinning with legs
>paranoid searches demon with legs
>sees this disturbing image that makes my brain itchy

are demons visiting me at night? lol

No. 807741

Wait for real?!?

No. 807743

Revolutionary dicovery. I don't want to annoy the ones below me lol

No. 807744

That’s crazy Anon. Alexa kinda creeps me out tbh

No. 807747

As far as demons go Buer is a pretty solid dude. He teaches about philosophy and plants and also heals infirmities, so not a bad one to have stop by!

No. 807748


No. 807769

I refuse to use the ones that are in my family's house. Same with Siri. Something about talking to a disembodied AI voice deeply unsettles me

Reminds me of when I was a kid and I'd swear my electronic toys were possessed cuz they'd randomly go off at night

No. 807770

You reminded me of my baby brother's Big Bird doll that would say peek-a-boo in the middle of the night without anyone interacting with it lol

No. 807777

Buer is creepy why does he have so many legs

No. 807778

Siri doesn’t creep me out too much but I have her turned off atm She doesn’t really give me answers right away

No. 807789

Hey maybe you'd be okay with just two legs but having a few extra only seems fair when you're a disembodied lion head

No. 807794

hopefully some of those legs function as posable limbs!

No. 807806

interesting dilemma, me and my Nigel moved to an area where there is no public transportation. I can drive, he can't. Part of me wants to encourage him to drive because otherwise it's always my responsibility…but part of me kinda enjoys being fully in charge and also being able to basically 24/7 monitor him (he WFH) It's been funny when he get into a fight and he wants to storm off somewhere but he can't go anywhere KEK. What would you all do? Encourage his freedom or relish his dependency?

No. 807814

Being that incompetent and dependant as an adult is a massive turn off, and wanting to control and monitor your partner at all times is scary and potentially abusive. He needs to grow up and get a license, you need to stop being a creep.

No. 807815

File: 1621148325086.jpeg (62.98 KB, 599x712, 2B37CCF3-6F7D-4007-AA25-4CF54A…)

Haven’t looked at Naruto since I was 16. Decided to restart from beginning, fillers and all. Having so much fun binge watching with my best friend, even makes us cry sometimes. Wtf I love Naruto. Something about this dumb flawed shounen just hits different.

No. 807821

He needs to get his license. It's not about ~encouraging his freedom~ but about his responsibility as an adult to be able to get around without someone else's help. I'd side-eye a guy who relies on his gf for transportation really hard.

No. 807822

His inability to drive also reflects bad on you btw, you're the one choosing to date such an incompetent ass.

No. 807826

he wasn't incompetent when we started dating in a big city with public transport though! I'm not legit going to discourage him from learning to drive, I agree that would be creepy - it's why I posted in dumbass shit instead of relationship advice. I just thought it was a funny thought but maybe it's … dumbass shit only.

No. 807838

File: 1621149960480.jpg (99.54 KB, 1200x600, 38502.jpg)

Baby it hurts to see people with shittons of money and absolutely no aesthetic taste

No. 807839

Imo every adult should have a license but I suppose we disagree on that. Anyway you don't wanna be the girl who has to drive her bf around because he can't be arsed to get his license, that's embarrassing, so make sure he gets his license. And even if you think it's cute now it'll probably get annoying in the long run. I also think it's a bad sign an adult man is comfy being driven around by his gf any longer than necessary. Has he shown no initiative of his own to get his license?

No. 807859

File: 1621152064992.gif (1023.63 KB, 218x228, 1485237814315.gif)

So i was passing my coworker at work, and she was saying stuff and laughing. I thought she was talking to me but i had no idea what she was saying, so i literally just forced laughter and pretended like i knew what she was saying.

Right after that i realized she was holding somwthing in her hand,, and i think it was her phone. I think she was talking into her phone which would make… So much more sense. Now i either look fucking stupid oemr just like an unhinged psycho. We passed later in after that and she gave me such a weird look. I literally cant stop cringing. FML someone fucking shoot me already

No. 807893

Sorry nonna but I think I broke something laughing at this mental image

No. 807911

underrated reply

felt this way about the bag thread op kek

No. 807914

File: 1621157436540.png (20.08 KB, 240x160, dejiko bully.png)

i am unable to be mean online. i delete every rude post i make on here. earlier i roasted someone in ig comments over throwing "cringe" bricks from their glass house so bad that they changed their icon and bio. i felt so bad i went back and told them to have a nice day. i would never commit to such cuntery before the pandemic. i am out of control.

No. 807922

File: 1621158002806.png (271.87 KB, 578x357, speak to me pomelo.png)

sage for samefag but i really wonder if adventure time ever got some kids' parents worried about them making up fake words like no other. imagine making up some stupid word like your favorite tv show and your parents are thinking you might be showing beginning signs of schizophrenia

No. 807938

>felt this way about the bag thread op kek
I don't want to be a judgemental bitch but man that bag wasn't worth all that money ( I do wish her the best though and I'm happy that she is happy with her bag )

No. 807946

A while ago I looked on lookbook.nu for the first time in years and on the front page was a girl I used to be friends with for a little bit when I was a teen. We lost contact when I moved away. I used to look up to her back then because she was funny, outgoing and spontaneous, basically everything I was not. I didn't know she liked fashion. According to the location she's abroad now and seems happy, I'm happy for her.

No. 807950

Children make up words a lot without any tv show inspiration too, i don't think it would make anyone worried

No. 807960

KEK I love you nonnie

No. 807977

one of my favorite genre of drunk stories is the european "accidentally ended up in another country while drunk"-stories

No. 807988

My mom told the story of how I cried because she made me a pink skirt instead of a blue skirt when I was a little kid, and I always feel bad and apologize to her, but this time I started crying even though I've heard the story a thousand times, I feel like a real crybaby lately it's pathetic I don't know what to do about it

No. 808002

I was looking for period pads in DM store through internet just to discover a Reddit community that's selling PICTURES OF USED PERIOD PADS. What the fuck is this

No. 808005

I am seething i am fuming everyone always decides to pipe up only when i decide to fucking masturbate it was quiet and serene a minute ago but as soon as I touch my clit my family decides to have a loud conversation in the living room fuck off and fuck your bonding i am going to kill you i am going to murder you there are more important matters at hand right now

No. 808006

A kink?

No. 808007

I live alone but my neighbors manage to ruin my masturbation sessions so often that I'm a little creeped out by the perfect timing

No. 808035

File: 1621174033462.png (133.77 KB, 329x290, ms.png)

I legit feel like Michael Sheen ages 5 times faster than any normal human being

No. 808040

Idk how my fakeboi cousin can look me in the eye and talk about how letting her body hair grow out really helped her feel masculine but she feels more comfortable shaving her armpits while I am chilling with my unshaved pits in full view kek

No. 808043

I stopped shaving during my time on testosterone, watched the hair grow in, liked it. Eventually I left my retarded gender phase behind but kept the hair.

I still resent that I used to be able to go out in public all hairy legged without getting hassle, and now I can't. I can be hairy at home but need to cover when out. That's bs

No. 808057

How do they ruin it?

No. 808067

Do strangers approach and harass you because you don't shave your legs?

No. 808068

File: 1621177535901.png (11.02 KB, 255x191, SEASIDE.png)

I bought the beach house on Nintendogs

No. 808072

A few months after coming off hormones I had to accept that yeah I live in a rough area and scummy teens and men shout shit at you

No. 808074

congratulations, now throw a party and you have to invite us

No. 808076

You're making me want to load up my nintendogs but the nintendogs have out lived who they were based on and ill have a mental breakdown.

No. 808078

I might wipe the data and pretend it was God.

No. 808105

My pits get sweaty and then smell bad if I leave the hairs on. My legs do not have that issue. Maybe it's like that anon.

No. 808112

File: 1621180513640.gif (1.21 MB, 375x342, 9AAA7BAB-C24C-455C-9505-49A592…)

lalala you’re dumb as shit what do you do? post on here when I could be drawing or writing my story or summoning demons, anything a regular girl on a boring sunday could be doing

No. 808116

me too nonnie i need to get stuff done but here i am eating chocolate and browsing

No. 808132

get ur stuff done bitch the sooner you do it the sooner you can slack off and be lazy and comfy

No. 808158

go summon a demon first to keep you company and talk cows with

No. 808167

I unironically want this but I'm not retarded enough to go down the tulpa route
I wish I just had a friend to chat with me whilst I do chores or crafts. I have a live in boyfriend but he does his own thing unless we're actively spending time together

No. 808198

I always wanted the universe one

No. 808211

im almost done! thanks for the motivation anon

No. 808215

Ugh I just had a vision of a hot spiky demon sitting next to me and commenting on lolcow posts with me, I wish demons were real and friendly and we could summon them so they can relax from their work in the demon realm here with us or vice versa

No. 808267

File: 1621190292416.gif (10.23 MB, 253x480, giphy - 2020-08-11T152833.436.…)

This gif is epic. I hope you all agree.

No. 808275

what are those things?

No. 808278

constipation givers

No. 808280

poppy seed with light dill cream cheese please

No. 808281

I have had enough bagels for today.

No. 808282

Love it

No. 808283

I can almost smell them

No. 808288

File: 1621191104289.jpeg (32.82 KB, 680x457, 1C9FE6C8-140B-4E01-ABB5-1CCCA8…)

I’ve got an immense crush on someone overseas and I don’t have intention of stopping

No. 808295

Damn same except he's someone I see in passing every 2 weeks or so at work.

Anyway, gonna try writing erotica featuring us tonight.

No. 808318

File: 1621193704039.png (370.69 KB, 587x511, Screenshot_20210517-002545.png)

I swear I remember dad bod used to mean a completely different thing like a decade ago, it used to mean a physically fit build due to chores and moderate exercise but still having some slight excess fat due to the lower metabolism due to age and dad stuff, not perfect shape but not out of shape
now Dad bod is just polite way of saying middle aged fat ass

No. 808331

the standards for men get lower every year.
Soon a middle aged blading obese guy will be called a hunk/stud

No. 808333

Vin Diesel is used a lot by bald men as a cope. He makes me want to vomit.

No. 808348

I heard some men bitching about how 'body positivity leaves men out' lately and I was just like…. you've always been allowed to be fairly overweight tho? You need to be an absolute whale before people even apply the word fat to men. And yeah dad bod used to be on par with a 'yummy mummy' as in a parent who is still pretty fit even by non parent standards. It morphed over time

No. 808365

I mean I don't expect 99% of men to look like Chris Hemsworth, but they can alreast look try to like this >>808318 its very doable for the average male

No. 808405

File: 1621198643062.jpg (121.02 KB, 735x983, 1619485574358.jpg)

I want the grub featured in this picture.

No. 808412

I hate that wall. It doesn't even look speckled, it looks like a dirty bathroom mirror.

No. 808417

Anon…idk how else to tell you this, but that's a filter. I think it's supposed to emulate old film/polaroids. You can even see it on the table and couch.

No. 808421

Oh my god, I'm an idiot! You're right anon, my apologies. The whole photo still looks like a dirty bathroom mirror tho.

No. 808425

File: 1621199529267.jpg (86.83 KB, 990x350, guinea pigs.jpg)

Humans would look so much better if our hair had the same patterns and colours as guinea pig fur

No. 808427

Hehe at least we're already in the dumbass shit thread, right? And oh, absolutely. I've never understood it either. Kinda reminds me of those floaters you see in your eyes after you rub them too hard. It's a really popular filter/effect on editing community apps like VSCO and WeHeartIt though.

No. 808429

Anon I never thought about this but you're absolutely right

No. 808434

this looks so cozy

No. 808437

Due to a genetic blip, my niece has a white streak in her hair like the middle guinea pig. I wish I was half that cool.

No. 808438

I want to be a guinea pig, snuggled in a pile of other guinea pigs

No. 808452

File: 1621202365552.jpg (39.85 KB, 450x450, pompomposting.jpg)

I want a thread dedicated to pictures of people using computers and we can call it the "posting" thread.
>Also I've been reading lolcow in girltalk exclusively for about 3 years so a little while ago I started calling greentexting, redtexting and now I can't stop.

No. 808454

Yeah that's a nice relatively normal body for an older man. Most older men in Hollywood really don't have an excuse to get as fat and flabby, especially considering how much easier it is for them to keep weight off than women. Leo as one of the saddest examples, I don't know how he got so large but jeez the man gained so much weight in his belly. Must be the alcohol. The alcoholics tend to bloat while the pill junkies and druggies tend to shrivel.

No. 808465

Why does ground beef so bad so quickly? That shit goes bad in like two days

No. 808467

the pic is so cute ahhh the berry logo!!

No. 808469

GirlTalk is superior, other themes are inferior.

No. 808476

Nonas, what do you think of the statement that your partner should also be your best friend?

No. 808480

"Should be" is a stretch imo. If they are your best friend, that's fine, but I don't think it's necessary. Also, what if you already have a best friend? Maybe I'm just a semantics person, but having more than one best friend never made sense to me, and I wouldn't kick someone out of the spot just because I get a boyfriend.

No. 808483

I personally agree.

No. 808484

why did everyone act like that when xxxtentacion died it was so bizarre. truly it felt like it was almost on the level of that france dancing plague mass hysteria thing.

No. 808486

Because he sucked

No. 808488

No I agree but that’s not what I mean like every single celebrity was acting like it was the worlds greatest tragedy

No. 808489

Because he was a god for all the sadbois

No. 808491

The best relationships are built on the foundations of friendship. I don't know how some people can have a bf but at the same time never trust them with the kind of stuff they tell their friends. Or do any of the same stuff with a bf as they would with a friend like gossip or spend non romantic time together.

Not to say that your bf can be your only close friend but jesus some people seem to have less attachment to their bf than they do with an acquaintance

No. 808492

I feel like people who didn’t even like him before started acting like that too

No. 808494

My bf and I were fighting but now we are laughing over Oliva Munn sexts

No. 808500

That's because men aren't people.

No. 808513

File: 1621207710562.jpeg (20.7 KB, 190x265, EFEE894E-FEED-41DA-A495-202CEF…)

This is Paris Hilton’s fursona.

No. 808514

Awww, I remember watching this show when my sister used to get me ready for school every morning when I was super young

No. 808515

Trueee. Brandy was the epitome of McBling. Queen.

No. 808519

I might be semi-consciously skinwalking that one girl I knew in highschool. Kinda messed up but w/e.

No. 808520

File: 1621208171608.gif (6.8 MB, 405x346, 1607903641606.gif)

love to see rotating food gifs

No. 808524

Holy shit you’re so based anon. I totally agree, romantic relationships and interests are inherently objectification and conditional. Friendship humanizes partners

No. 808526

I agree! I am sick of people deciding to randomly date a person whom they've known for only 3 months through internet

No. 808527

i eat every meal thinking about the next meal

No. 808531

I'm trying to figure out what I want my "aesthetic" to be and the website I'm using to browse through some is so unhelpful. Boo!!!

No. 808537

I think it’s true that opposites attract for more superficial things like your interests, hobbies, taste, fashion sense etc and I generally find that preferable than being with someone very similar to me because you can teach each other about things you may not have come across but for your core beliefs and values I don’t get how you could want to be with someone opposite to you or how that could work long term

No. 808539

Me too, sometimes I can even taste the next meal, completely forgetting about the meal I’m already having.

No. 808558

I miss cayleigh elise so much. I get that she didnt want to do true crime anymore but i really liked her narrating subscriber storytimes. I wish she would have gone into narrating audiobooks or something.

No. 808561

Shit, me too. I watched all of her good bye stream live and legit cried.

No. 808566

I loved her subscriber story times so much

No. 808569

I find Princess Love to be like the most beautiful woman in the world

No. 808589

Honestly I think Kiki would be an interesting person to be friends with

No. 808592

I care about age gaps way way less when it’s two celebrities bc I feel like the power imbalance is significantly lessened because of the amount of wealth and resources and power they have

No. 808632

File: 1621221976344.jpeg (30.46 KB, 510x498, 38ABC3DB-6393-4E26-9D60-6F706F…)

I love the 'taste' of water so much. I understand being neutral about it but people who claim to dislike water confuse the hell out of me. It honestly makes me kinda mad at them.

No. 808634

same I fucking love water, my favorite beberage

No. 808635

I love how water tastes too! I don't drink it enough, but I don't get people who say water doesn't have a taste.

No. 808636

I've seen this so many times, I love you torta nonna

No. 808638

It's summer here where I live rn so there is really no better sensation than glugging down water. Brilliant incredible amazing show-stopping spectacular

No. 808639

I love drinking water all year long

No. 808642

This post gave me water cravings

No. 808646

Water is great. If you drink it enough you will be able to tell apart different brands of water by taste. All waters taste different. Some are more "pure" tasting or sweet than others. Some taste kinda cloudy or slightly salty. Idk how to describe it.

No. 808647

Agreed anon, I don’t get it either. I’ve met people who genuinely don’t drink water (only juice, soda, etc) and I don’t understand how they’re alive.

No. 808648

I feel very blessed to live somewhere with award winning tap water

No. 808651

the chad H2O appreciaters
>good skin
>supple lips
>energy to go get more delicious water
>recognize that our body is 60% water and that's powerful
>don't need unhealthy beverages like soda, unless they choose to indulge it for pure enjoyment
>good vibes from a balanced lifestyle

the virgin hydration haters
>bad skin
>chapped lips
>no energy except to complain about the taste of water
>drink cuck alternatives like flavored water which can have high fructose corn syrup and acids
>often addicted to some nasty incel beverage instead like diet coke or pepsi
>bad vibes in general from being dehydrated as someone's driveway in arizona


No. 808652

I should note that for an alternative flavored water is probably not so bad. there might be decent ones out there. it just pisses me off for what it is

No. 808655

Sugar free power water is good although I only drink them in specific situations. Plain ol water is always better tho

No. 808657

I must admit I like some on occasion too. What I can't tolerate is people drinking it because they think water has no taste. It has various tastes but most of them are glorious, and what's perfect doesn't need to be improved or covered up.
hehe don't worry I'm posting again too

No. 808670


Though usually in my craze get very productive, start cleaning and cooking and shit. Though I'm with hypomania, so I actually get stuff properly done instead of starting new stuff every five minutes.

I'm on a lower dose of meds because the pharmacy/doctor fucked up with my prescription so I can't get them yet because it was the weekend and my doctor wasn't reachable and I was running out of the pills.

I've been up all night and writing my novella. Feeling good and riding the high, I hope I get my meds before I crash too bad. And I hope what I've been writing isn't too much of a garbled mess, kek.

No. 808672

I agree. As a water drinker, I think that flavored waters are nasty. Cucumber or lemon water is okay but they’re never drinking that lol. It’s just like candy water

No. 808678

File: 1621227142451.png (302.16 KB, 600x600, 6A3FAFED-D2F3-49F2-BAE6-E691DC…)

Yumejoshi is my newest favorite word.

No. 808681

I don’t get why jeans are considered a casual/comfortable thing and skirts and dresses considered formal. I’m so much more physically comfortable wearing a skirt than jeans or pretty much any kind of pants other than maybe sweatpants.

No. 808682

Jeans are so uncomfortable. I miss wearing skirts all the time and it not being abnormal since it was my school uniform. Also I like that they hide the area my bdd makes me insecure about, less worries existing

No. 808683

File: 1621228553378.jpeg (89.62 KB, 1280x720, A3ADE358-8D18-4B39-9DEF-DC3F9E…)

In a completely non-bulimic way, I kind of like activating my gag reflex when I’m brushing my tongue. I never throw up when I do it, and I hate throwing up anyways. That always hurts and makes me cry. But for some reason I kind of look forward to the gagging when I’m brushing my teeth? It’s like getting on a rollercoaster and waiting for the drop. Somehow I think it’s thrilling.

No. 808684

File: 1621228656355.png (443.59 KB, 845x476, mmm.png)

i had french onion soup today. was really good.

No. 808685

File: 1621228998084.jpeg (529.39 KB, 2115x1418, 6B1BF97D-0581-483C-8A16-7C1B87…)

Raw onions by themselves are surprisingly really good. They have the texture of an apple with a unique sweetness.

No. 808697

I agree, I mean I know it would be impossible to expect every man to he super fit and have washboard abs especially when their older but they can at least not be fat and do some exercise to be in decent shape

No. 808699

went to get my nails done as a treat to myself now that I’m vaxxed. i asked for ombré pink to white and somehow ended up with plain white nails. i think the tech knew exactly what they were doing too? but kept going and saying stuff like “this is better” and I was so confused

i’m non confrontational to a fault so i ended up calling my bf afterward crying in the nail salon bathroom because i spent $80 on something I hate. he talked to them for me and i’m going to get them fixed tomorrow but I wish I hadn’t gone in the first place

and none of this matters and i’m a stupid crybaby bitch. i feel bad because nail techs work hard but i let it ruin my day

No. 808704

Speak up next time, anon! If you're paying that much for nails, you should always make sure they're to your liking.
>kept going and saying stuff like “this is better” and I was so confused
I do my own nails, and she was probably just being lazy. Doing a plain nail is a lot faster then doing any design, especially if you asked for an acrylic ombre. Nail techs know they will do nail designs that they may not personally like, so the whole "This is better" thing makes no sense.

No. 808707

You had your boyfriend call the salon because YOU weren't satisfied with the service YOU got? kek this is all so pathetic, grow up

No. 808708

obviously i know it's a spectrum so there will be a lot of variation, even outside of that just differences between individuals as there would be with normal people, but i feel like a lot of autists don't actually lack empathy but they just process/express it in a way that's different to most people. i get why it comes off that they lack empathy but i feel like when you get to know and understand them it becomes easy to pick up on their way of expressing it, like i honestly feel as if a lot of autistic friends i've had have been some of the most empathetic people i've known but just in their own way.

No. 808709

It really ruins it for me when suddenly in a cow thread anons break the fourth wall and randomly start just being mentally ill and blogposting about their trauma or whatever. It's very jarring, atleast in /ot/ i'm somewhat prepared.

No. 808711

You need to learn to stand up for yourself from now on anon.. having your bf call the salon because you're too scared to do it yourself is a mother and little child dynamic.

No. 808713

I don't get how you're too anxious to tell them you didn't like your nails but brave enough back tomorrow after you called your boyfriend to talk to them for you, that would be way way more embarrassing to me.

No. 808719

Do you think your parents had a favourite kid?

No. 808723

For my mom, I don't think so; but everyone always said I was my dad's favorite.

No. 808727

I don't think, I know. There's tons of things my younger sibling gets away with that would've gotten me beaten and yelled at as a kid.

No. 808734

i'm an only child so i'm my parents' favourite whether they like it or not!

No. 808735

Hi. I'm BPD fag and it's my birthday and I'm in my 30's I feel I've been doing okay the past few years (6+) as in no desire for self harm through SI or SW or sexual misogyny etc. And people in my online friend group acknowledged my birthday so I'm happy but as always I feel empty and loss and it's extra rough because of covid-19 d isolation this year. I have pets & plants & plans to keep me going.
I had an infected hangnail yesterday to the point my finger was turning purple from the swelling so I had to pierce it to release the pressure and that kind of triggered a long lost desire to self injure but like I was so disgusted by pricking myself I almost passed out.
I won't hurt myself and I feel like understanding my mess is good but it's just really hard and I'm expected to live like this for another 30+ years?
I know it sounds like I'm Luna and that's shameful but I wish I was as drugged as her.
Tomorrow is Monday and I'll smoke a bowl and sleep well and pretend like things are ok for another few years.
It feels lighter to sperg all my icky feelings into this void.

No. 808737

Hi bpd fag, happy birthday!
Very cool you're not hurting yourself, we like our farmers unhurt.

No. 808738

I hate brushing and washing my hair. I wish it was more normal to just be bald.

No. 808748

My father very clearly favours my my sister, always has ever since I was a young child. I hurts a lot.

No. 808750

Same. My younger sibling always got away with everything and got pampered while I was being ignored & yelled at.

No. 808753

Same. I wish I had the headshape to just shave it all off.

No. 808770

Idk if it's being an Aquarius rising but I really want to hate fuck my ex. The tension always made us have great sex. I hate him yet crave him I guess i hate myself more.

No. 808776

File: 1621240177594.png (36.5 KB, 1093x180, nons.png)

Saying hi to all my nonnies out there

No. 808781

nursing and teaching seem to attract such an extreme kind of person where it's either genuine sociopaths who seem to legitimately hate kids/people (most) or one of the best people you ever meet who like changes your life and you remember them forever (very few)

No. 808783


teacher here. i adore kids. im sorry you didnt like your teachers/did shitty in school maybe you should get a therapist instead of blaming us?

No. 808784

will someone get matching hello kitty tattoos with me? thanks x

No. 808785

Every teacher I've known outside of school has had drinking problems. I feel bad for them. Overworked and underpaid

No. 808786

Nayrt but get a life. Most of us are the age of teachers and nurses now and our peers or ourselves enter these careers and are aware of the people in the roles. I know a few moids that always dated girls in junior high when they were seniors go into teaching. Some of them interned at their old highschool and were posturing in front of the female students and acting like spastics. A lot of absolute bitches end up becoming nurses. People that didn't get on with other students in highschool become teachers. There's obviously good teachers but honest to god out of the many teachers I had there's only a handful I recall their name or think they were actually a decent teacher

No. 808787

if you're rasied in povvo areas you're gonna get bad teachers, anon

No. 808788

I went to one of the best primary schools in my country and I recall most of those teachers tbf. I also went to a highly acclaimed grammar school and its there that I only recall a few teachers names without having to look them up.

No. 808790

I one billion percent look like a troon, I have to laugh sometimes when I see myself in the mirror or see certain pics of myself.

No. 808820

I'm my dad's least favourite. I'm an only child.

No. 808832

File: 1621249286162.png (565.1 KB, 720x1021, Screenshot_20210517-160047.png)


The female seahorses lays the eggs and The male seahorse has a POUCH(think like a Kangroo) that he carries the eggs and later babies in so they don't get eaten by predators

No. 808833

You probably look like the benchmark of beautiful for the 70s/80s, don't let the beauty industry meme you into hating your face

No. 808834

I was my moms fave and my bro was my dads fave. Always felt that gender divide growing up. My mom died and since then I almost feel like I'm parentless tbh

No. 808835

Look at that brave transman

No. 808848

I've got quite significantly varying responses about how painful giving birth is from women I know I wish there was a way to get an accurate idea before hand. I feel like if I ever got pregnant the anticipation would be worse than the actual birth.

No. 808856

Being horny is like a fucking short time curse.

No. 808857

>different brands of water
couldn't be me! true stacies drink tap water just kidding i know not every place has high quality tap water so obviously people don't drink it

No. 808861

Maybe it's just different for every woman just like with periods and you can't really know how bad it's gonna be for you?

No. 808863

no exactly that's why it's scary, like I just imagine that I would be so anxious the entire time of being pregnant which seems worse to me than the actual birth

No. 808865

After losing over 20kg I've noticed people staring at me less at the super market, feels so weird

No. 808866

File: 1621255091065.jpeg (233.35 KB, 704x694, 18DB2ECB-A098-4E1C-8EE3-E1F7F0…)

the spergiest weeb picture standoff is happening in the mtf thread and it’s making my brain wince

No. 808871

File: 1621255334158.jpg (368.75 KB, 1080x2041, 20210517_073705.jpg)

It's always funny when kiwifags pass their first undergrad psych course and sperg out like they're at the frontier of research. Capped half the post and sent to a few colleagues, they really have no fucking idea what they're talking about kek (and why does this bitch always italicize half the post? if ur going to pretend to be a cog neuroscientist at least write above a fifth grade level ty)

No. 808874

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rainbow Frog Army's italics

No. 808885

>still goes on kiwifarms

literally went on there and it’s just unhinged racists who keep knee-jerking the other retarded users to agree with them and failing badly, never take that website seriously with their 5 minutes of being a google skimming and plagiarizing better sources of information

No. 808890

Kiwifarms is fucking nasty and everyone posting on there is a racist male coomer or the occasional weird pickme straggler

No. 808903

My dad cut ties with me without a reason and keeps in contact with my twin brother, so I'm definitely not the favorite.

Outsiders say that I was treated like shit, even my brother says so. It is kind of funny since I was "the easy child", straight A's, quiet and obedient.

Now that I think about it, it's probably the way I was treated that made me that way. No need to explain, I've been to therapy A LOT.

No. 808908

I've always felt like people complimenting my makeup is passive aggressive, like they're saying I need it or it looks obvious that I'm wearing makeup? Idk probably just being paranoid.

No. 808937

File: 1621258270670.jpg (Spoiler Image, 110.35 KB, 1000x1000, BonerPlanterWhite.jpg)

I want to have home decor that celebrates my sexual orientation. I'm tired of being shamed by my family of not being a goddamn nun. Now that I live alone, I finally can express myself. Please post heterosexual ideas for home. Can be classy or quirky.

No. 808940

File: 1621258313908.jpeg (37.4 KB, 440x697, images (65).jpeg)

I used to really like seeing moids doing GNC shit; used to see it and think "hey, that's as dude that is very comfortable with whichever his sexuality is and doesn't care for other men's opinion, cool"
But now all I can think of is that he may eventually groom out, and it fucking terrifies me

No. 808942

The pickmes on that site are really bizarre. I can't remember the handle of that one mod who was dating another mod (which is tragic as hell honestly lmao) but it was always funny to me how she would come into threads on girls she envied and completely pick them apart only to be revealed to be a 500 hamplanet with shit blending skills

No. 808943

Meant to say troon out fuck

No. 808952

File: 1621258683030.png (Spoiler Image, 520.35 KB, 1904x985, rocking penis.png)

No. 808958

Just buy a bunch of realistic dildos and leave them laying around the place

That way you have lots of dildos too, never more than an arms reach away from one, win

No. 808962

File: 1621258925167.jpg (Spoiler Image, 866.79 KB, 1876x2000, 298077.jpg)

I think of framing this painting. Love the passion in it (spoiler just in case, IDK if we are supposed to art history nudity or not)
Thanks, where can I buy it and how big is it?
This is a must as well. I want to have both sex and romance to look around. I love being woman.

No. 808970

File: 1621259185363.jpg (197.06 KB, 2500x1781, 5f04b0a433aec.jpg)

randomly seen this on tumblr and unf, need me a strong man like this

No. 808983

File: 1621259655791.jpg (115.88 KB, 666x1000, JF5879-1000x1000.jpg)

Thoughts on this piece? Or are you looking for something more in your face?

No. 808985

File: 1621259694856.jpg (Spoiler Image, 57.68 KB, 720x960, 1601935144031.jpg)

forgot the spoiler first time round

No. 808991

Kind of gross, ngl

No. 809010

i downloaded fortnite a long time ago and never touched it. i decided to try it two weeks ago cus i was bored and waiting for another game to download. i ended up loving it and haven't played anything else since. i feel stupid cus my pretentious ass always judged the game only based on its fanbase and influence on popular culture and i thought it would be shit but it's actually really funny

No. 809013

Yeah I play fortnite as well, its really fun and the kids are nice as well, I'd rather deal with a bunch of kids who at worst can be slightly annoying then adult "gamers" who meme about hating and killing children

No. 809015

I've had sauerkraut, kimchi, and kombucha all before lunch

No. 809020

same thing

No. 809022

File: 1621261521873.jpg (Spoiler Image, 754.79 KB, 2116x3136, r87B8qjU4KoiNwqGlYBOcweqTpMzef…)

That's rape and gross anon pick something consensual but with a hotter man than pic related which is only on my mind because another thread mentioned religious imagery

No. 809023

I don't have it on my computer rn, but I think I have a pic of a classical painting of a cute guy. It isn't overtly sexual or anything, but having a painting of a handsome man could be nice

No. 809026

File: 1621261932030.jpg (83.2 KB, 704x807, impulsebuy.jpg)

I love when I go to aldi/lidl for my food shopping..thinking I'll save a bunch of money. Then I look at their random specials and I end up buying myself some stupid shit like a 17 euro pillow pet plushie just cause it's cute and it was there

No. 809027

File: 1621262004750.jpg (25.19 KB, 360x254, 987654567.jpg)

No. 809034

i don't have text or vc turned on and i'm not sure how to but it's good to know that people are nice

No. 809039

File: 1621262648621.jpg (Spoiler Image, 83.21 KB, 428x640, catherine-the-great-furniture-…)

No. 809048

I love marks and spencer's. I feel so safe among all the elderly people. If anything traumatic were to happen to me that's the first place I would go.

No. 809059

Wasn't there a whole scandal about them allowing male wankers into the women's changing rooms to try on lingerie?

No. 809061

We can't even have one nice granny post without a quick tranny post in response

No. 809062

all their changing rooms are like individual cubicles and they let trans people in them. this is not something i care about at all, i'm not gc or whatever. marks and spencers is the happiest place on earth.

No. 809067

No literal male man wankers, ones that get off on wanking into panties and take selfies in changing rooms wearing panties. I saw one guy posted that a selfie from M&S on twitter, it's hard to forget.

No. 809072

My favorite concert music show thing lineup would be like this (in order I guess)
Princess Nokia
Kali Uchis
Doja Cat
Ariana Grande

How about you nonnas?

No. 809074

File: 1621265151046.jpeg (84.85 KB, 750x555, 001890E3-F04A-4AE4-9CE9-823F7A…)

my mom is slowly turning into a muh bootstraps person and I should have known. she is now a capitalist enemy

No. 809075

Some of the bodily fluid/fetish shite that happens in dressing rooms is disturbing. There's also women who sell clips of themselves removing those sanitary guards from bikinis and underwear and smearing themselves on them..then putting the guard back on. That or fart porn made in a similar manner..and of course men pay for those clips.

The whole thing of wanting someones fluids on another person without their knowledge or consent.. pathetic what scrotes get off to

No. 809078

I don't think so, only thing I can find googling it is some right wing, christian, or gc websites running a story about a woman complaining about allegedly being in a queue with who they call a 'man' holding bras, no pictures or anything and obviously what you're describing isn't allowed anywhere, but I doubt you actually think M&S released a statement saying 'We allow people to wank into the panties' and I have zero interest in getting into some gc debate and even less interest in debating M&S, as nothing could ever turn me against them ♥

No. 809080

After learning about how common this is, and seeing all the female underwear reviews by men on M&S website, I think I'll just buy underwear in sealed multipacks from now on.

No. 809085

I love this! I'm a complete dumbass for forgetting this wonderful art. So joyful and romantic.
I was ignorant uwu. I like your art, but the man could be hotter, yeah…
I'm on a hunt now

No. 809088

random people keep saying my bf looks like spencer from criminal minds and personally my bf is hotter because he doesnt dress like a nelly but im flattered bc i have always thought people didnt like my taste in men

No. 809091

Lucky, I always stare at that guy when he is on screen he is so cute

No. 809093

Good choices! I love Kali. Will name the artists that I just listened while cleaning, because I'm too indecisive to make a bigger selection
Chloe x Halle, Rina Sawayama, Lexie Liu, Tei Shi, FKJ, Nathy Peluso

No. 809095

and he is so sweet and caring too

No. 809096

All great choices nonna!

No. 809098

male troons are not always groomed or have hygeine at all

No. 809110

ikr I am disgustedt

No. 809117

No. 809141

Apparently it's 'international Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia'… I better not catch any of you being phobes today

No. 809143

phobe, phobe, phobe!

No. 809147

What about a- or pan- phobes

No. 809151

i am a claustrophobe does that count

No. 809154

I'm sorting out pictures in my laptop and I have so many pictures of my cat. But most of them are blurry.

No. 809191

Kek reminds me of any picture of my cat. She's black and ends up looking like a void

No. 809198

okay anon…I-I'll do it…I'll catch and pet a spider today, just for you…

No. 809207

File: 1621276764794.png (1.15 MB, 1130x892, f9231f5205f184d6c17662b51d.png)

unlikely friendship

No. 809208

stop why is this pic so cute to me now i gotta watch the video.

No. 809211

Hehe it's cute that her Pikachu is a girl

No. 809213

she has a girl pikachuuuu!!!!

No. 809214

pretty boys are just pre-t boys

No. 809224

The first few years that a man has testosterone in his system..he looks fine. Then after a few more years it's like their own hormones just ruin them. There's a balance there and I think that's why my dumb ass almost finds tranguys better looking than actual men at times

No. 809227

Aw, I really enjoyed KP in this video. It's such a katy perry thing to do at her age. She'll always a bit kooky, but she looks relaxed and comfortable with herself instead of trying hard to be eccentric for the sake of being eccentric. It makes me happy I guessss.

No. 809230

File: 1621277694054.jpg (17.66 KB, 474x315, 7d5a79a7afb55fe9f7b593a9465cc3…)

fuckin poetess of the century here.

No. 809234

I take back what I said about Bill Maher, I heard him say defiantly that all porn is rapey and gross and fucking up the kids
I like him now

No. 809244

File: 1621278861182.jpg (188.93 KB, 1118x2048, E0JgLqmWUAkBn7R.jpg)

HRT femboys are the future.

No. 809245

File: 1621278967290.jpg (127.51 KB, 1400x1400, 10010.jpg)

No. 809246

That explains why I look so fucking ugly

No. 809249

I don't know what that is but does it have a penis?… I like my men to come with a bonus hole

No. 809252

>Messy room and anime picture
It's always like that with those guys.

No. 809257

that might unclog the troonery if HRT was viewed as purely cosmetic on the same level as a nose job or something or not and make it worse

No. 809260

HRT makes men infertile and it also makes them switch sexual attractions.

No. 809262

Also from a health perspective low testosterone in men is the cause of a huge number of health problems including a few mental illnesses like depression and BPD.

No. 809263

>as purely cosmetic on the same level as a nose job
That's interesting. I could see that happening. Especially since everyone is such a narc nowadays.

No. 809265

How do hormones give you a PD?

No. 809267

File: 1621280088273.jpg (835.58 KB, 1536x2048, ExhnzGjXAAMnekJ.jpg)

You need some sex hormone to function properly, but estrogen works for males just as much as for women.

No. 809274

Hormones artificially increase some chemicals in your body that in turn affect other chemicals in your brain.
Anyway I was going to find a source on wikipedia when I found this little tidbit

>Falling in love decreases men's testosterone levels while increasing women's testosterone levels. There has been speculation that these changes in testosterone result in the temporary reduction of differences in behavior between the sexes.[58] However, it is suggested that after the "honeymoon phase" ends—about four years into a relationship—this change in testosterone levels is no longer apparent.[58] Men who produce less testosterone are more likely to be in a relationship[59] or married,[60] and men who produce more testosterone are more likely to divorce.[60] Marriage or commitment could cause a decrease in testosterone levels.[61]

No. 809277

>Falling in love decreases men's testosterone levels
How does this even work? And how do you test such results? This seems like some bad science.

No. 809278

File: 1621280702510.jpg (17.67 KB, 630x593, uni1457333757.jpg)

No. 809280

File: 1621280792696.jpg (8.56 KB, 192x155, 54646.jpg)

Just an hour after posting this I was brushing my teeth and saw in the mirror a huge spider crawl over my shoulder and toward my head at the speed of light I'm going to burn myself to ashes

No. 809281

>To fall in love is the first step in pair formation in humans and is a com-plex process which only recently has become the object of neuroscientific investi-gation. The little information available in this field prompted us to measure thelevels of some pituitary, adrenal and gonadal hormones in a group of 24 subjects ofboth sexes who had recently (within the previous six months) fallen in love, and tocompare them with those of 24 subjects who were single or were part of a long-last-ing relationship. The following hormones were evaluated by means of standard tech-niques: FSH, LH, estradiol, progesterone, dehydroepiandrosterone sulphate(DHEAS), cortisol, testosterone and androstenedione.The results showed that estradiol, progesterone, DHEAS and androstenedionelevels did not differ between the groups and were within the normal ranges. Cortisollevels were significantly higher amongst those subjects who had recently fallen inlove, as compared with those who had not. FSH and testosterone levels were lowerin men in love, while women of the same group presented higher testosteronelevels. All hormonal differences were eliminated when the subjects were re-testedfrom 12 to 24 months later. The increased cortisol and low FSH levels are suggestiveof the ‘‘stressful’’ and arousing conditions associated with the initiation of a socialcontact. The changes of testosterone concentrations, which varied in oppositedirections in the two sexes, may reflect changes in behavioural and/or tempera-mental traits which have yet to be clarified. In conclusion, the findings of thepresent study would indicate that to fall in love provokes transient hormonal chan-ges some of which seem to be specific to each sex.


No. 809294

File: 1621281503395.gif (6.2 KB, 220x161, 12991746-FF43-4DBA-B419-6AAAE3…)

really tired of looking at the millionth “muh big time crush rejected me time to hit the vent thread instead of brushing it off!” or the “my bf did (x) and” or the “my co-worker” or the i cant stand it i can’t stand it i can’t stand it i can’t stand it i can’t stand it the autism is starting to seep into my brain

No. 809301

you fuckers wish i blogged here more (even tho i post here a lot) just so you can make a million assumptions about me and make fun of my flaws to feel better about your own. i'll be made fun of regardless but you'll never have the satisfaction of being a fly on my wall.

No. 809306

File: 1621282116999.gif (570.88 KB, 800x800, 8Fpy5zgivfGA.gif)

Breakfast food is so fucking good. It's the best genre of food. I love eggs so much, but I never know what to make with them other than scrambled eggs or an omelette. egg salad is mediocre

No. 809308

Trying period underwear for the first time and after 6 hours, still no leaks or anything. Hell yeah.

No. 809309

File: 1621282365903.jpeg (12.71 KB, 264x191, 637E002C-7F07-49BA-9DA9-64E06E…)

Azealia Banks?!

No. 809313

>she thinks i meant that type of grooming

No. 809316

Azealia Banks is talented unlike 99% of the anons here who think insulting other women and collecting plastic crap toys and clothes is a hobby

No. 809318

Oh /pol/tard-chan. Never change, you dumb asshole.

No. 809321

Truly! I usually buy eggs with my weekly groceries once a month for breakfast and have them fried on bread (anything but white wonderbread type shit) with baby spinach. Spread isn't really necessary when you fry the egg in well spiced olive oil, but sometimes I use cream cheese. If I don't feel like having too many carbs first thing in the morning, I skip the bread and top the baby spinach with a thinly sliced hard boiled egg and sprinkle plenty olive oil, salt and pepper on top. I love egg!

No. 809324

Why do I always want to poop when I visit a new place is there a science behind that

No. 809325

No one fucking cares about your dainty ass food please

No. 809326

>3d "femboy"
Anytime I try to vent about something else I either get ignored or accidentally cause a fight

No. 809327

im programmed to poop whenever i go into any type of secondhand or thrift store. your poop problem sounds worse tho

No. 809329

I have this too, and read somewhere once that this is somewhat common. Don't know the science behind it, but apparently we're not alone.

No. 809331

marking your territory

No. 809336

File: 1621283384880.jpg (29.26 KB, 502x512, gayshit.jpg)

>collecting plastic crap toys
What's the issue

No. 809347

I could never get the hang of the building system, but the combat was pretty fun.

No. 809351

File: 1621284036171.jpg (621.08 KB, 1536x2048, Exu4F5EWgAM9UVq.jpg)

You like this one better?

No. 809360

are you selfposting? regardless, stop.

No. 809365

I had a crush on Joji for a while and then it just went away as quickly as it had started. Another anon used to post about him and they stopped. Did they snap out of it too?

No. 809367

The one where he cleans up his smelly room.

No. 809372

The face looks as if it got copypasted onto the body or the degnerate just chose a way too dark foundation. Either way it's fugly and you look like poop with fried hair that somehow still thinks it's 2008.

No. 809375

omg same, i was obsessed with him for a bit back when ff was still a thing

No. 809376

this is the dumbass shit thread

No. 809377

ew spoiler your posts

No. 809380

That wasn't me but I'm still alive and kicking with a crush on him.

No. 809386

He hasn't posted any new pics in forever, how are you holding up?

No. 809395

File: 1621286090564.png (73.22 KB, 275x192, sadcat.png)

I would say stan accounts are braver than the troops trying to get me my fix, but even they have gone mostly dormant. It's a hard knock life out here, nonny.

No. 809427

I didn't know babies could find the mother's breasts naturally, now if I ever have a child I would like to experience this

No. 809429

Samefag but I tried spoilering the video and it doesn't let me do so, sorry

No. 809433

Pretty sure all mammal babies can.

No. 809435

Yeah, but like the video said, babies are often taken from the mother and put away somewhere else; in this method they actually put the babie on top of the mother after birth and naturally it moves itself and finds the nipple to latch on
Now I wonder if the ideal breastfeeding position is laying down, I also saw another video telling the early cues of feeding time is babies touching their faces, their mouth, salivating, and stretching, then they cry, so if I ever had a baby I would immediately look for those cues so they don't have to cry and feel secure

No. 809436

disgusting, dilate, won't let my farm get full of trannie faggots

No. 809437

File: 1621289097415.png (4.64 KB, 196x196, bunny.png)

>see a woman talk about her body hair
>'I let all my hair grow and let it go wild lol'
>it's just a little bit of thin armpit hair
>little to no visible hair on arms or face
>you MIGHT see a shot of some stubble of leg hair
>posing in a heavily sexualised way

>unibrow since I was a toddler
>thick and coarse body hair all over the body
>hairy upper lip and peach fuzz all over my face

Get on my level, scrub

No. 809438

holy shit your spider literally teleported to my doorway. it fell into my coat rack of an abyss. idk where its carcass is r.i.p. meeeeeeee

No. 809440

File: 1621289506567.jpg (69.73 KB, 512x640, 5f9612160337205c406484e8f680b3…)

I miss running. I wish I could do it on a treadmill, in front of a big window, cause fuck dealing with moids and the weather outside.

No. 809443

I love looking at yummy cakes that I will probably NEVER eat

No. 809447

femboys are tiny and cute with girly features and small hands, not ur troony ass self, thick neck and your hard masculine features, you will never be a woman.

No. 809451

>normal skin on most of the face
>super oily right temple
I don't understand. I have a tendency to be greasy but why just that zone

No. 809454

He looks like a gay guy who hates women, kek.
Also his dick is probably sadly shriveled. If HRT could preserve young attractive guys without side effects or the gender delusion, maybe it wouldn't be a big deal.

No. 809455

I've had a container of kimchi sitting in my fridge since the beginning of this year. Do you guys think it's still good? It says it expires in about a week

No. 809456

Maybe you keep getting some hair product on it in the shower? I had weirdly oily upper back but ever since i started brushing it in the shower, all good. Must have gotten conditioner on it or something

No. 809458

Unopened? Definitely, that shit will keep for very long. Opened? If it was sealed tightly, surely it will be okay.

No. 809460

Yeah it's unopened, it even still has the plastic wrap around the lid. I have no idea why I bought it

No. 809474

It's gonna be okay then! Have it on some rice or ramen

No. 809490

It could be since I was kinda hurrying last time I washed my hair. Thinking about it it could also be because I stopped taking the pill a month ago

No. 809499

Creepy. I had a shower today and when I unfolded the towel to dry myself there was a huge spider inside.

No. 809502

Hiroko Utsumi be like "yeah, make these bitches have gay undertones or I walk" before directing any anime. I respect her so much for it.

No. 809506

File: 1621296456445.gif (109.99 KB, 320x426, JBrGej.gif)

that fucker fell into your goddam towel!!

No. 809528

All the spider talk is making me paranoid because I haven't seen a spider in my apartment in months. Where did they go? They used to chill out here all the time. Is there a bigger spider that took them all out??????

No. 809533

I wonder what nonas are talking about in the Brasil and Finnish and whatever other language threads we have right now.

No. 809538

based shit, according to the shitty google translator.

No. 809541

I accidentally translated the page once and felt kind of guilty for being able to read their posts kek like I was doing something I wasn't supposed to

No. 809543

Ugly millionare politician/druggie abused his bpd gf, a girl whose ex is an ugly streamer who is also now into crossdressing. Not even funny, just sad.

No. 809547

a tranny on the cover of marie clare in brazil

No. 809570

For some odd reason, it is almost impossible for me to imagine an authentic English accent when I'm reading a book with British characters. I say it's odd because I've always had a pretty good imagination, but on this aspect everything my brain comes up with just ends up sounding like an American doing a shitty impersonation of the Queen. I settle for giving British characters upper-class American accents.

No. 809583

I wish I was a cute finnish woman, I bet finland looks really pretty at night

No. 809587

File: 1621304919928.jpg (404.6 KB, 1752x1452, 8f5164a8h9w21.jpg)

I'm becoming nostalgic for this period of time… which is strange, because when this was the norm I still acted like I hated "modern stuff" and any popular music/fashion/media/pop culture, as if me and my Tumblr friends were just ~too indie~ for it all, even though I actively participated in it. Lol. I was nostalgic for the 2000s back then, if you'd asked me then I'd never thought I'd be nostalgic for the early 2010s. I guess the late 2010s felt so bland and dreary in comparison but I'll probably be nostalgic for that in 5 years when things get even more bland and dreary.

No. 809589

File: 1621305485371.jpeg (69.21 KB, 518x475, 7A5844EB-EAE8-4EC7-98FA-6ADC82…)


No. 809599

someone was replying to old threads on w with wojaks and it genuinely scared me some where scary wojaks like with a big mouth and black eyes

No. 809600

File: 1621306900808.jpeg (79.29 KB, 750x273, 31E5A5A7-9CA7-45F9-9700-BFD640…)

i found this weird caption in a pinterest post kek

No. 809602

There's a digibro thread on /w/

No. 809617

you're cute. it was probably that brainless scrote posting again

No. 809627

File: 1621310727655.png (39.77 KB, 300x249, 0AAA9C98-23DE-4BF8-818C-7D420F…)

some of y'all too horny

No. 809633

File: 1621311561231.jpg (494.21 KB, 1400x919, Florentine-pizza-LGH-2cc73fa2-…)

That sounds amazing anon! I also like having a light breakfast, but for me that's usually just avocado and egg. I'm a southern girl so I have to cook mine in butter lol.
It's 12 am where I am, so this isn't breakfast, but I'm currently eating a fried egg on pizza. So good.

No. 809634

all breakfast foods give me explosive diarrhea and/or constipation

No. 809636

Is this about /g/ as a whole or about that one anon on the caps thread?

No. 809640

the forbiddenfags have been hornier than /g/ as of late

No. 809642

File: 1621314928579.jpeg (582.87 KB, 1125x1808, C4002BF7-204B-4D12-A76C-31F794…)

my first thought was "good, people need to get off discord" kek am I a bad person

No. 809643

I love that nonnette because she goes to the thread, leave a couple of horny comments (or a really special, long one), disappears and then reappears only the hornypost again. At least those are the only posts I can clock kek
Not the hero we need, but the one we deserve

No. 809644

Some people genuinely use it for school now, discord is not just nazi furries and gamers anymore.

Sidenote, my eyes genuinely feel pain when seeing the new blue. Why in the fuck didn't they check on with ANYONE with visual impairments? I only have astigmatism and physically cringe with that blue takes up more than a small icon on my screen.

No. 809646

samefag but I mean they use it for classes, not just that but also study groups

No. 809647

I'm on mobile in dark mode and it looks the same, is it desktop where there's changes? Shouldn't there be a way to change it anyway

No. 809648

I haven't updated my app yet so I still have the old color.

If you update the app, it'll switch to the new color. they also changed the color on their reddit, twitter, etc

No. 809651

ah okay. if it's that universally bad I predict they'll change it back in due time

No. 809665

I really doubt it tbh. Companies do this thing where they force people to accept a change they make, regardless of the negative feedback, because "where else they gonna go?" Reddit did the same thing with the whole redesign.

No. 809669

Whenever I see really OTT activist snowflakes doing nothing but dropping dumbass hot takes on social media and being offended over every small little inconvenience like it was literal genocide I wonder what they're going to do with their lives. Like what profession will be taking, where they will be working etc. But then I realize that most of them are wasting away at home on a disability paycheck due to muh depression/autism, studying (and paying for) a degree that will never be of any worth to them, or get a job via friends writing idpol articles for an e-zine or something. Nobody sane likes these people and ultimately they're just taking out their frustration about their life by being so combative all the time. They're doomed to be losers and they're coping.

No. 809676

The ones I know personally are either rich NEETs in therapy, or people with really low-paying part-time jobs (like writing for e-zines like you said) still primarily dependent on their parents. I think the highest position I've ever seen any in are as part-time lecturers at the local university.

No. 809725

Chris Pines is filming in a town about 20 minutes away from me should I go ask him about Olivia and try and fuck Hugh grant

No. 809728

File: 1621332642216.jpg (1.02 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_04-27-07.18.51.jpg)

Go tell him he looks like a big mouth character

No. 809754

Ew why would you want to fuck Hugh Grant?

No. 809757

Just assume it'd be easier.

No. 809761

Idk why women get the stereotype of needing to have a bf. Men cant function while truly being single. Even the play boys who claim to be commitment phobic always have at least one pick me in their life they treat like a gf but without the title. I've never met one who can truly be celibate or single.

No. 809777

When I got with my last bf he was still getting angry texts from his ex.. I shoud've taken that as my clue that this guy jumps from one relationship to the next too soon. Fast forward a few years..things went downhill with us. This dragged on for too long but he broke up with me once he had a new woman in waiting. Given that we'd been on a slow decline.. I didn't take it badly. But he then got real petty and bragged about me being single while he immediately had someone new…dude you're a cheater. Your new gf is the product of you cheating on someone. You're scared to be single for even 5 mins and you'll cheat and screw people over in order to avoid that. Where's the brag?

That's the saddest thing to me, men who'll stay with one woman until they can line up the next. Tbh we should've broken up way sooner and both taken a break to clear our heads from it. That'd mean being single for a while tho…can't have that?? I often wonder what his family thought. He went from one live-in partner to another overnight. He had a son stuck being moved around through all this too.

No. 809788

Ugh, yeah I've had that happen. Was sleeping with someone else for 2 weeks before calling it off. Should have been able to tell how long he had been casually sleeping with his ex after their breakup, when he would had me lined up.

Honestly, even being a single parent now with no child support is better than living with a man. Being single and childless must be a dream life.

No. 809818

>Being single and childless must be a dream life
My kneejerk reaction to this was that yeah I'm living the dream life, but I live with my boyfriend, albeit in that cliche old married couple way. For a second I really believed I live alone, I can't tell if I need Alzheimer's treatment or a relationship counselor

Anyway imo you're going to be a really good influence on your kid, I think a lot of women feel like they need to be in relationships just because they saw their mothers hold together unhappy relationships, they never got to see the option of their parents thriving independently but that's getting better now that the myth of staying together for the kids is disappearing. I wish you the best whatever life has to offer you!

No. 809865

I popped a log so dry I think I ripped my asshole a little. Fuck my life.

No. 809886

I wish I was you. I gambled on some slightly stale pork chops and now my asshole is pissing independently of my piss hole

No. 809889

I think drinking a massive amount of coffee today somehow made my skin look better. Or maybe it's just because I'm more awake.

No. 809907

why the fuck is the eurovision thread locked?what about us eurofags?

No. 809918

shouldn't it go in /m/ anyway?

No. 809921

the thing is that is hasnt been moved,at least yet.and it was already on /ot for 3 days

No. 809923

Mysterious are the ways of the jannies. Sucks though, the timing is awful.

No. 809927

File: 1621357642596.jpg (448.42 KB, 1227x1073, happycheetah.jpg)

i only got 3 hours of sleep yet feel more wide awake than ever i can't remember the last time i had this much energy

No. 809931

One of my favorite things about women is that when women get rich they don't automatically blow it all on Lamborghinis, vacation homes, jets, etc and all the pretentious stuff, they invest, donate to charity, and sure they'll buy themselves a bag or get treatments they want done but they're much more smart about it

No. 809933

No women will do worse. They’ll spend it on scrub men, fund their man’s ventures just for him to cheat on her in a few years.

No. 809945

File: 1621359587982.jpg (27.19 KB, 750x620, Pearl-Royale-vibrator-1.jpg)

And as a lesbo I'd blow it all on dildos. Only the finest of silicone cocks and bejeweled vibrators

No. 809946

That's the magic of the deep sleep stage

No. 809950

Looks like something from Queen Victoria's drawer.

No. 809961

And blow it all on plastic surgery to keep said scrote

No. 809965

I'm not sure if I'd want that up my vag, they look vaguely threatening

No. 809971

File: 1621360832582.gif (6.02 MB, 540x385, Tumblr_l_45645465577534.gif)

Everybody shut the fuck up and discuss tiddies on men

No. 809975

Didn't care much about them before but I've been converted.
Tiddies > abs

No. 809978


No. 810022

Users here are so easy to bait, even if done unintentionally. You can reply to an anon using a joke or a meme and they'll go on a tl;dr rant about how everyone is stupid and how so not affected they are, could be a one word sentence and still get butthurt over it. It's quite ridiculous.

No. 810025

imagine slicing those babies off and using them as house pads. nhami

No. 810032

I'm trying to figure out just how much milk I can consume before I start to get the milk farts.. well it's less than the amount of milk I've had today. Noted.

No. 810049

ok, but don't expect any cerebral discussion. I look at that physique and my brain goes to mush.
Here's my contribution:
It hot, me horny

No. 810055

This hair, someone tell me why

No. 810056

How brilliant to bait people when they're venting or being already emotive. That must have took some extensive testing to crack.

No. 810067

File: 1621367863834.jpeg (73.91 KB, 750x750, CBD8296D-1069-47A8-B073-DB1B57…)

POV: rich asian girl in high school obsessed with blonde ed sheerans getting ready to call me a stinky n-word

No. 810068

This is a good example I guess

No. 810073

hi vendetta-chan
nta but what are you talking about? her reply was two sentences, hardly a tl;dr butthurt rant

No. 810077

you’re that asian girl aren’t you, you probably spray febreeze near black women when we didn’t even do anything to you guys

No. 810079

I'm really tired of people talking about Donald Trump in-depth (like full-on paragraphs or speeches), whether it's to complain or praise him.
Shut up. He's over.

No. 810083

is that beabadoobee

No. 810084

File: 1621369351973.jpeg (106.09 KB, 1080x991, 9566225B-EA71-4EB0-9ABE-541D7F…)

No. 810095

It's true and I for one am sick of it
But also I know some anons enjoy infighting so maybe they're genuinely pretending to be retarded we will never know

No. 810096

File: 1621370083155.jpeg (134.02 KB, 780x1922, 5fdd1eb58dd1c.jpeg)

She nothing wrong and also it was fake. The acct is a white man larping.

No. 810097

ntayrt but nah that's Babymeia, some ig model

No. 810098

>Users here are so easy to bait, even if done unintentionally.
Yes. I think there's just a lot of really young users that are naive.
Or maybe a lot of autists who don't realize that you don't have to respond to everything. It seems especially easy on LC to troll though.

No. 810111

File: 1621371435488.jpg (47.13 KB, 700x705, c42f980c011c6591f9fa5d9cad6a27…)

Why is it so hard for me to imagine shit with a first person pov
Whenever I imagine myself in situations, it's almost always in third person but I feel like if I managed to do it in first person it would be more immersive

No. 810114

I always thought they looked weird.

No. 810116

File: 1621371949070.jpg (17.28 KB, 274x274, 20210518_160422.jpg)

POV: rich latino girl in elementary school obsessed with mayonnaise inbreds getting ready to call me a chink
The way some of you are obsessed with black people, please seek a counseling psychologist.

No. 810117

ccc is so shitty. imagine closing a thread just because of a little infighting

No. 810119

File: 1621372931655.gif (624.43 KB, 512x512, 6.gif)

>pronounfags in the astrology thread
p o t t e r y
it's the exact type of people who'd be into that anyway lmao

No. 810122

File: 1621373223305.jpg (10.45 KB, 242x251, 1613674349857.jpg)

I wonder what this girl in picrel is doing now. I know the guy was dead before the pasta even debuted. I also wonder if the people who wrote some of the iconics pastas feel a sense of pride.

No. 810124

What is this schizo nonsense

No. 810125

Not into astrology, not into pronouns, just anti-shaming people into behaving your way.
If your way is right for them, people will approach it without you shaming them into it.

No. 810126

My prounouns are sag/saggy/sagittarius

No. 810127

dafuq go back to twitter please

No. 810129

With that kind of mentality we can get rid of laws altogether

No. 810130

I bet men get butt hurt about astrology because it's all about birth charts and we all know who does the birthing on this planet. Amirite ladies

No. 810133

>I bet men

No. 810134

No. 810139

I've been here since forever, newfag.
Gossip is eternal, ideology is transient.

No. 810141

File: 1621374801305.jpeg (74.74 KB, 401x800, E5F440CC-6C37-4CAB-B7B3-3AD6EB…)

let’s just cut the bullshit I’m waiting so long for the eula banner to release in NA server and it’s taking so damn long

No. 810143

That was just a phase.

No. 810147

File: 1621375433692.jpg (81.6 KB, 640x960, ee8.jpg)

>Gossip is eternal, ideology is transient.

No. 810155

Haha, but seriously Lolcow has developed an identity crisis that will shape the future of this site.
Is this a gossip site or a gc circlejerk?
I know which one I want. And I know which one is the winning choice.

No. 810159

yet here you are, in a non-gossip thread on a non-gossip board

No. 810164

File: 1621376274087.jpg (17.08 KB, 353x334, dbdffb1cf2a2c528573848f2010539…)

>i kNoW WhIcH oNe i wAnT
>i kNow WhIch oNe wIlL wIn

No. 810167

File: 1621376566768.png (417.43 KB, 796x524, idiot.png)

No. 810168

File: 1621376728250.png (76.22 KB, 360x640, 3B870125-08A6-4527-A9CD-C6D6B5…)

Thoughts, anons?

No. 810175

I don't recognize this post format as usual for lolcow. I wonder where you came from.

No. 810176

File: 1621377141004.jpg (49.63 KB, 600x600, C.-elegans.jpg)

When I first scrolled past I thought this was a model of a nematode. Reminds me of fluorescence microscopy they do in lab with them, picrel.

No. 810183

this isn't that wojak scrote is it

No. 810185

When I first scrolled past I thought they were sex toys, tbh that's cooler

No. 810188

kek I thought you meant the ayrt's pic, like some kind of tapeworm sex toy

No. 810214

>watching random youtube video
>"join my discord, we have a channel for sex workers to promote their onlyfans"
why are scrotes like this allowed a platform

No. 810221

File: 1621380857601.jpg (185.85 KB, 1002x1444, 5469a26633bc0be1ce139a7da50388…)

>working abroad for the first time
>met a male housemate living next to you
>he says hi and smiles
>the same evening you play blackpilled feminist podcasts like black obsidian and sekhmet she owl
>males are retarded females and their dna is incomplete and society is collapsing and it's a good thing and shit
>the walls are pretty thin so he can definitely hear it, just like you can hear his dumb podcasts
>the next day he looks at you weird, doesn't smile and doesn't speak anymore
>mission accomplished

No. 810227

File: 1621381652902.jpg (102.84 KB, 362x632, 1621235519726.jpg)

No. 810231

Lmao anon, what a power move.

No. 810232

God i wish that were me

No. 810233


No. 810238

Are you living in a paperhouse? Even in our flat I can hear voices, but I'd never be able to identify more than that. Doesn't change the fact I love you, nona…

No. 810242

Oh Hi antinatalist-chan! Hoping you're doing well, that's a based move and based pic.

No. 810275

i have to be careful watching anime because the pretty bishounen anime boys make me go slightly crazy … i’m so ugly TT

No. 810277

you can imagine yourself as a cute anime girl!

No. 810291

play a reading of the SCUM manifesto next

No. 810307

I thought it'd be fun making a lolcow version of guess who but it would take too long and I don't even have friends to play with anyways

No. 810323

Applied for a job I really wanted a few days ago but I just realized that I forgot to include my references info…which means my application won't be considered since it'll be marked incomplete. Ugh i'm gonna jump of a bridge, can't believe I fucked up like that

No. 810331

there's this anon who posts roblox images sometimes. I wish I could play roblox with her, I appreciate you my bloxxy queen

No. 810339

File: 1621399785285.jpg (47.98 KB, 800x800, 1611812768983.jpg)

what if aliens landed on earth, and we were all scared, but then they thought we were adorable and everything worked out fine

No. 810340

i want an alien bf

No. 810341

No. 810342

Somehow this got in my YT recs (was watching real Indian dances) and I clicked to see the cringe of a bunch of white hippies awkwardly dancing out of sync to Indian music, but I fucking wheezed watching the girl on the far left. Not only is she by far the worst and they stuck her in a darker-colored outfit as if to explicitly distance her from the rest of the group, but you can see her furtively stealing glances at the other girls to remember the moves lmao. By the end I almost felt sorry for her and wanted to tell her she'd get it eventually

No. 810343

We'll make great pets!

No. 810351

Whenever I see whales somewhere I remember this one whale that sung in too low frequencies to have any whale friends and was always alone because of that, since other whales couldn't understand/hear/whalecommunicate it, and then get sad for a bit. I wonder what happened to it.

No. 810356

That's fucking sad, I remember that too. Maybe someone ended that whale's suffering and made it into japanese food
very cute lol

No. 810357

Kek this is dumb as fuck

No. 810359

I wanna kiss this doggy's head soooo bad, he's so cute aaaaaa

No. 810387

Does this song sound extremely old to anyone else? I heard it as a sound on tiktok and assumed it was from like 2007 or something, I was surprised to see it was recent.

No. 810395

snub nosed monkeys scare me. Actually, let me be clear: snub nosed monkeys absolutely terrify me. The video shown here is less than 30 seconds but I couldn’t watch it all. The fact that these creatures don’t have any substantial nostril covering is horrifying. I honestly don’t think they’re really primates, I don’t think they’re from this world at all. They’re unnatural. They resemble a skeleton to a degree that I feel fear. I don’t think it’s a coincidence. Snub nosed monkeys are beings from the underworld who forgot their origin. That’s the only explanation. I would never feed one and would never allow myself to get close to one. Why does it stand like a person in a monkey suit? Its arms are too long and its hands look like furry gloves. The blackness of its eyes coupled with its nose hair pattern and single line for a mouth is actually scary. I feel a lot of fear right now. When anons say they saw “something” or someone without a face, this is what I imagine.

No. 810400

I'm just terrified of any monkey because how aggressive they are tbh

No. 810406

it's really giving me brokencyde 2007 screamo vibes

No. 810409

I've never seen a monkey like this before, but it does look uncanny. And the pattern on its face make it look like a white skull

No. 810413

I almost totally forgot about these gross spongmonkey things but now I can't stop thinking about them and our collective memory hole, although this was 17 years ago.

No. 810416

The same plumber who knocked during my masturbation session last week just rang in the middle of this mornings session..I swear I don't just lay around flicking all day

No. 810418

File: 1621413303360.jpg (41.12 KB, 355x500, 51LLXkurWGL.jpg)

No. 810426

If a workman interrupted my session it would take all my will power to not ask him to finish me off. Unless he was very ugly of course.

No. 810432

I don't understand why people are so pressed about lockdowns, I live in Canada and the restrictions never bothered me. Do people need to go to restaurants or bars that badly? I also like masks, it's nice to feel kind of anonymous in public and I think they can look cool.

No. 810454

File: 1621418355137.jpg (Spoiler Image, 214.49 KB, 1170x1149, Tumblr_l_612274359152724.jpg)

After looking at these comments there's no way you can tell me most scrotes aren't lowkey faggy. Tbh i feel like most of them are somewhat bisexual, it's all in the coom brain

No. 810459

Bisexuality IS coombrainery in both males AND females

No. 810460

I think males are just predispositioned to be coombrained and it takes a more highly evolved male to treat sex with respect.

No. 810470

jannies spoiler this, my eyes are committing sudoku

No. 810476

For me the only problem was not being able to go to the gym. I have no equipment and no discipline at home. And gym rats I know were more bothered by restriction than bar hoppers in my experience.

No. 810478

Why am I seeing more men wearing nail polish? Who told them it looks good, it doesn't.

No. 810481

I'm not a fan of polish on anyone, unless it's a really pale nudey shade

No. 810492

File: 1621421640479.jpeg (61.33 KB, 567x417, 6B54BAFE-9F44-4C47-854C-B06AA8…)

Loud and wrong.

No. 810493

What kind of nail polish? Black polish is used by metal/emo/goth retards and if it is bright, they are closeted troons.

No. 810497

you just know they aren't applying a base or top coat

No. 810499

If they are really going to go that route they should just get French manicures done. Bright tacky colors don't look good on anyone's nails, even women's.

No. 810512

File: 1621423199128.gif (366.78 KB, 231x320, 158057335343.gif)

Ahahaha. Jokes on you, nonnie. I only drink "aguas frescas"

No. 810515

I'm sorry but as someone that loves a strong masculine hand, see light blue polish is horribly off putting. Polish looks nice on women because it tapers the finger and women tend to accessorise correctly.

I hate black nail polish and guy liner etc too, but the person that inspired the OP was Matt King. I usually like his big tall frame and nice hands but it was jarring to see his nails painted. I know his manger is living with a musician but it does not look right.

No. 810521

I don't get the 'uncanny valley' effect at all, if anything I feel like I often find things like CGI/dolls/heavily photoshopped images that are on the cusp of almost looking fully human but something being just slightly off very visually appealing/intriguing

No. 810523

Basada aguas frescas kumatora anonita

No. 810525

They do it because they think it will give them more sex

No. 810530

i think with like 99% of trends most people just do it because other people who are considered fashionable/attractive are doing it, i don't think it's really usually a thought out thing

No. 810544

File: 1621426754036.png (582.82 KB, 860x633, rimi.PNG)

I wanted to play yesterday but I refrained so I could do work I was supposed to do, but ended up doing nothing at all. And now I'm too tired to do either

No. 810548

File: 1621426975944.jpeg (51.42 KB, 512x307, BE770FDB-4195-4AB0-BD85-E43B90…)

>doesn’t drink Tizana
Stay deshidratada y falta de vitaminas, anonita.

No. 810553

File: 1621427284981.png (375.13 KB, 800x800, EFE988A0-1B8E-4399-8406-9BBA12…)

I wouldn’t mind men wearing nail polish if they cared to know how to fucking apply it properly, I swear the pictures I’ve seen are full of chapped and improperly applied nail polish and it really, really annoys me, I wonder just how does a professional manicurist might feel.

No. 810557

I think with the eboy types they want it to look messy/chipped, like how black chipped nail polish has always been common with egirl/alt types

No. 810561

I'm all for it, men's fashion is boring so they should be allowed ways to play with colour, and persuaded to take more care in looking after their hands. It's probably just a trend but if it sticks then they will eventually work out how to make it look nice.

No. 810565

Doing just a small amount of exercising and stretching a week will save you from pain and from spending your hard earned money on physical therapy in the future

No. 810566

i found out my autistic fujo friend from middle school is an Aiden now and i'm unsure how i feel about it. part of me wants to just kek but truly i feel upset/disturbed about it. i don't understand why i'm so hung up on it and i just wish i hadnt been told

No. 810569

this is someone you haven't been friends with since middle school? why on earth would you care?

No. 810574

Nta but is always sad to see women fall for the trans cult

No. 810578

It really isn't to the majority of normal people but agree to disagree I guess. Either way I think a grown adult feeling 'truly upset and disturbed' about someone they haven't spoke to since they were in middle school just seems like they need a hobby or something to focus on in their own life. It seems odd to be affected to that extent hearing about someone you haven't spoken to in like a decade.

No. 810579

Idk about getting this invested over a random anon's vague rant without knowing all the details just seems like they need a hobby or something to focus on in their own life. It seems odd to be affected to that extent reading someone's random post

No. 810581

File: 1621429330703.jpg (25.64 KB, 254x346, IOYKHBTRA.jpg)

>It really isn't to the majority of normal people

No. 810589

File: 1621429635188.png (107.94 KB, 357x347, exhausted.PNG)

When I'm just listening to Nighttime Pod's interview with Lindsay Souvannarath's biggest fan in the background and she starts talking about KF and lolcow

No. 810599

File: 1621430032426.jpg (178.25 KB, 2048x2048, tcba4682w1q61.jpg)

Hello good morning lolcow I hope we have a fun day today

No. 810601

That lettuce has its vag just hanging out

No. 810604

Maybe a leaked onlyfans pic?

No. 810617

File: 1621432303622.jpeg (27.58 KB, 275x275, 9DDA424F-95EB-4BF0-9BAF-823356…)

Proud of myself because I managed to take a shit while on this muscle relaxer

No. 810619

Good for you anon, the constipation from those things is no joke

No. 810636

File: 1621434040711.webm (2.58 MB, 1280x720, 1618439919754.webm)

No. 810642

>why on earth would you care
i don't know! that's the whole point

No. 810650

File: 1621435477010.jpg (26.52 KB, 328x509, ada driver.JPG)

is that the borzoi man in drag(driversperging)

No. 810662

now that demi lovato is themi lovato what celebrity do y'xll think will troon or enby out next

No. 810669

Don't you know that lockdowns are a sign of oppression, a literal genocide of muh freedom and values?? Fucking Bill Gates microchipping the vaccinated sheeple now has control of such people!!! Reeee lockdowns bad, covid not real!
very obvious sarcasm
Like the other anon said, I think a lot of people getting super antsy with the government and their wishy washy messaging. For example, in Ontario, the Conservative government said that they were closing outdoor amenities until June 2nd but backtracked to say they may open them before June 2nd, or something like that. It's all just very confusing and you'd think that the government would have listened to the doctors and public health officials who recommend something other than heavy, heavy restrictions.

No. 810670

Honestly I thought the trans trend was dying so it'll be some c or z lister trying to remain relevant and failing to do so because the trend ain't hip anymore.

No. 810677

>that red text
Fucking kek

No. 810701

You should never get hurt by ghosting. The funny thing about men ghosting you is that they're not doing it because they dont like you, they're just putting you on the back burner for when another girl doesn't work out. Its bizarre still getting texts from men who ghosted me like a year ago kek

No. 810705

What about non romantic/sexual ghosting, like girl friends?

No. 810707

File: 1621440877086.jpeg (95.63 KB, 1024x567, EmMCOkAXIAEwmEj.jpeg)

What are the celebrities that you think do use lolcow or that at least could use it? Aside ffrom the obvious choice, Azealia Banks.
Bonus points if you say what threads they'd post in.

Picrel. Doja used to visit 4chan, so lolcow is just around the corner. She told Ariana about it in between recording or music sessions.
I can see both using the celebricow threads (the only gossip that matters to them), a lot of /g/ threads, this thread here and Doja could use the shitposting thread as well

No. 810709

There's already a thread for this. you should bump it now that this obvious migration of newfags is taking over

No. 810711

File: 1621441199236.jpg (23.35 KB, 360x360, am i disabled.jpg)

I was today years old when I found out you have to apply a clear base coat when painting your nails. Fuck

No. 810712

Been happening since the start of the pandemic, anon

No. 810714

seems like lately since kids are out for the summer, there's been a massive influx.

No. 810715

It depends on the length of the friendship and how close you were.

No. 810719

YouTube keeps recommending me vids where men react to other men who own these crazy big sex doll collections. Thousands of dollars worth of limp, big titted fuck corpses. Freaky shit but..men judging other men for their coomer ways.. hmm feels weird. Like a performance lol

No. 810729

babe you can just call it a-logging

No. 810733

Is RDJ the only hollywood pretty boy who's aging gracefully? It's funny because I can't think of anyone else who used to be a pretty boy and who now looks like a handsome middle aged guy, it's either one or the other, and in his case that's despite the fact that he was a crackhead since he was 6 years old and no that's not a typo. Tom Hardy still has his perfect dick sucking lips though.

No. 810735

Which? The thread that used to exist was solely for fictional characters, not real people. Although I was thinking of bumping it anyway lol

Or is it the celebricow one? Cause it's too off topic/deraily. I don't see the problem in posting this ITT cause it is dumbass shit.

No. 810738

>Which? The thread that used to exist was solely for fictional characters, not real people.
oh my bad. remembered it wrong….

No. 810783

I think Brad Pitt is aging nicely.
He wasn't a teen heartthrob, but I guess it still counts

No. 810785

File: 1621446491555.jpg (179.75 KB, 720x1312, 54b85cf0a205d540507111da28fc0d…)

Nothing will convince me this shit isn't a grooming op. "Wholesome", non-sexual pissfags. Lmao.

No. 810793

first "nonsexual" abdl, now this? what's next? platonic scat?

No. 810808

Lol where did all this clit talk come from. If you've got a big clit that's fine, if you've got a small one that's ok too. We get enough shit from men about that sort of stuff, let's not add onto it

No. 810810

It's bait and I guess everyone here loves to be baited

No. 810812

File: 1621448747650.jpeg (403.88 KB, 1242x1991, FAFB7078-7549-4517-BCF2-9DB8A2…)

>platonic scat
I wouldn’t be surprised if someone tried to push that onto others.

No. 810813

File: 1621448887107.jpg (42.04 KB, 720x849, lovebutton.jpg)

No. 810816

r/bigboobproblems be like muh beige bras and can't wear certain shirts
r/smallboobproblems are literally being abused in their relationships because of their boob size

No. 810818

I forgot who Robert Downey Jr was and read your post as being about Richard D James and was momentarily very confused

No. 810821

Look at this! More bait!
Don't be retarded nonnas and ignore it for fucking once

No. 810823

Don't be unhinged. You can say just don't like what I have to say and go.

Also you can literally look at both subreddits, the first few top of all time posts on the big boob problems is just complaining about bras and clothes but small boob problems are complaining about emotional abuse, perverts, humiliation fetishists, people comparing them to children, etc

No. 810826

File: 1621449486636.jpg (187.37 KB, 832x1000, EUPHORIC CONFUSION.jpg)

No. 810827

Weakest bait, but I'll answer. Big chested women also get sexualised as fuck and humiliated too. Let's just admit that all biological women got the same problems thanks to the way society treats us.

No. 810828

Victimhood fetish

No. 810830

The 2nd top post is someone exposing a scrote for pretending to be a woman who got dumped for small boobs. Not actual women being lE oppResSed and aBusEd for being flat.

No. 810833

The only sane take.

No. 810835

Anon men will sexualize everything they possibly can and everyone deals with problems. I'm just pointing out an observation. I didn't take a side. I didn't say which one is worse or that whoever is victims. The fact that I pointed out the small boob problems redditors are being emotionally abused and immediately got hate for it says everything. The fact you and others are this offended at people speaking out about an issue should say enough

No. 810836

If big boobed problems were equally or worse than the most popular posts on that subreddit would be relating to that. I'm sorry I don't think "this shirt looks weird on me" isn't on the same level of "my boyfriend emotionally manipulates and cheats on me because of my small boobs"

Go ahead, scream bait, scream victimhood, but it won't change this

No. 810838

No. 810839

File: 1621450125777.png (79.28 KB, 875x438, take-your-medication.png)

No. 810840

nta but it's sad you have very little attention retention

No. 810841

Then fucking post a link or screenshot. There's nothing of the sort on the sub, just man larping and infighting over who has it worse.

No. 810845

If your big issue is what the tranny LARPers and pick-mes post on Reddit, you must be living a very nice life lol.

No. 810846

File: 1621450494655.jpg (1.41 MB, 2400x2400, RDT_20210519_12514263421879100…)

I've been on both side of the spectrum due to eating disorders and pregnancy. My boobs are fairly large right now. I honestly have to say small boobs have it much worse socially and women with small boobs tend to end up in toxic relationships a lot more and are usually treated badly by other women

If your boobs are huge huge than that's a medical issue, but it's very uncommon so I don't see why people shouldn't speak up about this

No. 810847

Okay anon women don't exist apparently it's all trannies. Thanks MGTOW

No. 810849

So retards on twitter act like retards on twitter and suddenly flat chested women are more prone to being abused kek? Great trolling nona, i'm having fun.

No. 810850

>Sperging over boob sizes again.
Time to take a break while you shit up the board if.

No. 810851

File: 1621450711990.png (3.65 MB, 4984x3144, 1512168059454 (1).png)

>your boyfriend abused you because of your boob size? Haha first world problem
I can get more empathy from incel forums

No. 810852

>Everyone who I disagree with is one person
Replace "small boobed girls" with "black" or "Jewish" and it's evil and a very real problems Jewish people or black people need to deal with, but I guess it doesn't matter when it comes to small boobed girls(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 810854

File: 1621450973750.jpg (26.51 KB, 625x626, 936.jpg)

No. 810855

If you thought it was bait you'd just report my post and move on. You just don't like what I have to say and have no other defense. I've seen you bitches scream "bait" for the most mediocre things possible. You'd think you'd learn from that

No. 810856

Where were anons fighting about clits? I just wanna see lol

No. 810857

I have nothing to add to this but once a boyfriend told me he was a tits person when my body favours my ass over my small chest. Hurt my feelings but he had a tiny dick so c'est la vie

No. 810858

Nonnatellas what are your favorite snacks?

No. 810859

Racebait isn't allowed. Black and Jewish women would instantly get banned for posting about their struggles the way you constantly sperg about tit size. Even besides that
>Having small boobs is the same as being black or Jewish!
Fucking kek

No. 810861

Two seperate subs connecting over shared experiences. Why are you pitting them against each other?

No. 810862

I like smackin' on chips, ngl. Any kind, really. Especially sour cream and onion. Also, ice cream. That's my favorite food.

No. 810863

Was there a breach in the plastic surgery containment thread?

No. 810864

Shoulda told him, "It's okay, I'm a big dick person!" with no additional elaboration.

No. 810865

I like how you twisted my words because you have kindergarten level English. Women can't help their boob size outside of surgery, just like how black people can't help being black. That's what makes them similar

I'm asking you, what makes hating a group of people for their genetics, different from hating another group of people for their genetics?
People are people, and you can't use the "they're joking" excuse either. If some racist retards on Twitter hated people for their genetics they're evil and if blacks or Jewish people got offended then it's valid, but somehow it doesn't matter to another group of people who are hated for their genetics because "it's just retards". What makes them different?

No. 810866

I'm not reading all this shit. Go to an incel forum.

No. 810867

>Black and Jewish women would instantly get banned for posting about their struggles the way you constantly sperg about tit size. Even besides that
This is a lie and you know that. I've seen people do this several times and never got banned

No. 810868

Chips are pretty based, I'm a sucker for homemade cookies, only when someone else makes them tho kek.

No. 810869

>You're lying
>No this is why
>Well I'm not reading that
You fight like a trump tard

No. 810871

No. 810873

Seaweed (sticks)

No. 810874

By the end of the relationship he did push me enough to tell him as much. He was always comparing me to other women and past gfs so I thought he would be interested to know my ex before him had nice big girthy dick.

No. 810875

Can you at least answer my question without being a retard?

No. 810876

File: 1621451831435.jpg (326.93 KB, 2556x1184, FightOverMe.jpg)

Round one - Big clit vs small clit
Round two - Big tits vs small tits

No. 810877

I watched a cute episode of "Tales from the Dark side"
It was about this weird guy, who came with a shitload of gold to pay the director and actor of a old black and white tv series that was cancelled to finish it. I thought it was going to be dark twist, but turned out the guy was just a alien whose planet somehow found the series, watched it and wanted a ending, so they sent a Alien (who looked like a human) to go to earth to get the producer to finish it.

No. 810878

File: 1621451909061.jpg (63.22 KB, 500x500, nutella.jpg)

"Nonnatellas" reminded me of Nutella. I haven't had it in forever and now I want some. Thanks, anon.

No. 810881

Nta but what are you going on about? How is a subreddit about chest sizes devolved into you equating it to racism what

No. 810882

Round three - Wagon asses vs flat asses

No. 810884

Nutella makes me fucking sick

No. 810885

>Waiting for an anon to start sperging on how Nutella is the least based of chocolate spreads

No. 810886

File: 1621452109385.jpeg (370.35 KB, 1242x1242, 66447DDA-32CB-4B86-8F07-4654F5…)

Now I really want a waffle with Nutella and almonds.

No. 810888

>What are you on about
I'm not spoon feeding you or repeating myself. Easy to take things out of context when you don't read

No. 810889

What the fuck? That looks like it would have a horrid texture

No. 810890


No. 810891

File: 1621452177729.png (122.03 KB, 288x294, 2.PNG)

are the almonds photoshopped on that picture? Anyway, here's white Nutella.

No. 810892

It's hard to comprehend retards. Enjoy your life of miscommunication cause you're a weirdo one brah

No. 810893

I like Nutella (and I love Belgian waffles and almonds, holy fuck) but I really hope those are not completely filled with Nutella? Nutella is best as a thin spread.

No. 810894

Samesies actually. Do you prefer hard cookies or soft ones? Personally, I like when the edges are crispy but the middle is softer. Surprisingly, Subway makes some of the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever tasted.

No. 810895

>Graphic design is my passion

No. 810898

This would be like if someone handed me a golden Oreo instead of an original one when I say "I want oreos rn." I'd likely eat and enjoy it, but I'd still silently sulk.

No. 810899

I love pizza bagels

No. 810901

You can't trust something like that in a world filled with scrotes.
>mayonnaise eaters please dni

No. 810902

Samefag, but that pic literally looks like an ice cream sandwich, but with a ton of Nutella instead of ice cream. What the fuck, anon

No. 810903

Soo good yeah

No. 810904

Okay fine.
We can all agree that people can't help their boob size just like people can't help their race, correct? Great glad we're on the same page
Therefore if someone saw a bunch of Twitter or reddit posts hating people of a certain race then it would be considered bad, right?
Now that we have that established, then people of that race would be valid if they were upset about said posts, right? Great

If you could agree with all that, then hating someone for genetics they're unable to help is bad, and it is okay if people express their feelings if they see hate against things they're unable to help

I went out on the limb comparing it to racism because I should have known that none of you would have read or thought about what I said and just skipped to insulting me or wrongfully paraphrasing, that's a fault I'm willing to admit to

But anyway, my question still goes; what makes hating a group of people for genetics they're unable to help different from hating another group of people for genetics they can't help?

No. 810905

The subreddits aren't slabbering about the different chest sizes. It's about issues people have regarding those sizes.

No. 810906

>Muh small tits are like being black
So you're a nigger and mad chestlet too? LMFAO fucking kill yourself retarded scrote larper(may 2021 retard award)

No. 810907

Wtf is this shit

No. 810908

this is fatgirl shit, but I love making a Pizza Bagel on Cinnimon bagels, it's so good to me IDK why.

No. 810909

File: 1621452735685.png (178.49 KB, 393x421, 1.PNG)

No. 810910

I wasn't talking about the subreddits but just posts in general bashing girls with small boobs

No. 810912


No. 810913

File: 1621452863335.jpg (Spoiler Image, 29.14 KB, 200x300, unnamed (5).jpg)


No. 810914

File: 1621452940968.jpg (590 KB, 1080x1443, Want some.jpg)

Eternal based snack for movies

No. 810915

>>810904 you chestlets are so fucking sad, you literally prove everyone right the more you post! Just shut and leave you dumb chestlets hopefully you can kill yourself out there too

No. 810917

Holy shit game changer. No no anon I totally understand why the cinnamon would work in this scenario. It’s like sweet crust or something. Kek thanks queen you’re making my period more tolerable.

No. 810918

File: 1621453003905.jpeg (100.7 KB, 735x735, 70675903-515E-435D-AB36-1F1E8D…)

No. 810920

This is not peanut M&M's so try again!

No. 810921

I'm literally fucking dying at this fucking chestlet in this thread. This is hilarious, he's baiting, all of you are taking bait, this is comedy gold(quit sperging)

No. 810922

No one said anything deregatory about small chests apart from trolls trying to instigate infighting.

No. 810923

M & M with no nuts should only be in cookies and trail mix, anything else is illegal

No. 810924

DON'T REPLY TO CHESTLET BAIT(samefagging racist chestlet anon)

No. 810925

File: 1621453106839.jpg (13.4 KB, 258x258, tumblr_bb05347b8560f93d1761745…)

Uh oh, the scrote who was posting his porn folder is back

No. 810927

Peanut butter M&M's > all other M&M's

No. 810928

What about unconventional snacks tho tell me the weirdest combinations you got

No. 810929

What? I literally posted two screenshots of several people bashing small chests
>No one said anything bad about small chests but they're just saying bad stuff about small chests
What? All I'm saying is that people are allowed to express their opinions on things or point out if there's a big problem with lots of people bashing something

No. 810930

Who are you talking about?

No. 810931

No. 810932

Chips ahoy > oreos

Fucking fight me bitches

No. 810933

Scroll up. Pics like that kept getting spammed in the celeb thread when it was moved back here

No. 810934

You cunts are fucking retarded and hilarious. Imagine being this upset over someone liking big tits. I've not once posted porn on lolcow, you're just pissed off that not everyone thinks like you and can't handle the fact multiple people don't think you you. Go back to comparing racism to being a chestlet fatty(samefagging racist chestlet anon)

No. 810935

nta but probably the retard in "things that you'd get called a scrote for"

No. 810936

File: 1621453370754.png (Spoiler Image, 501.85 KB, 2175x2126, Breast-Asymmetry.png)

I have stupidly asymmetric boobs that are like one cup of difference from each other so I really have no side on this fight

No. 810937

They were ok. The peanut butter to candy coating ratio was off though.

Famous Amos >>>> any other store-bought cookie.

No. 810938

File: 1621453469827.jpeg (21.01 KB, 202x249, DA5454E8-F8DA-4818-BB59-E87FA6…)

I like having cassava chips, they’re delicious, I kind of want to make some at home one day, maybe with pistachio oil.

No. 810939

Dammit I clicked on the spoilered image wanting real boobs, you tit tease

No. 810940

File: 1621453517703.jpg (64.82 KB, 450x305, 90679236-waving-flag-of-switze…)

No. 810941

File: 1621453625086.jpeg (23.86 KB, 259x194, FA6DA51A-7783-4477-BE16-016B94…)

They’re not like they used to be, I get so disappointed whenever I buy some, I end up giving them to someone else because the texture isn’t exactly right.

No. 810942

anyone notice how the oreos that come in the smaller packs of 6 or 4 always taste better then the ones that come in the full pack?
I'm not a fan of either, I'd rather eat maybe 2 soft COH over Oreos anyday though

No. 810943

My thoughts exactly. You can tell by the sudden sperging about black women that it's the same guy too.

No. 810944

File: 1621453721167.jpg (70.58 KB, 1000x750, Tumblr_l_433035417259495.jpg)

I love my airfryer so much anons

No. 810945

Anon patrician taste you got there you're the most BASED around here

No. 810947

Sorry nonny lol

KEK took me a while

No. 810948

They always reveal themselves, that's why I don't trust anons who call everything bait. It's a common tactic in 4chan but I tend to see scrotes show their true colors later on(samefagging racist anon)

No. 810949

Tbh all cookies are kinda hard for me to eat, but you're right. Chips ahoy are better simply because they have none of that overly sweet filling that Oreos have

No. 810951

It's not a snack but more fat shit, I like putting cheese and a little sugar on my spagetti, thats why I don't eat it often because that shit have me in a coma afterwards.

No. 810952

File: 1621454062597.jpg (19.71 KB, 680x356, c56.jpg)

No. 810955

Samefag, but which flavor of Oreos do you guys think is better? I've had the Red Velvet ones before, and they didn't taste too different from the Choco versions. If you lemon Oreos are good, you're dead to me

No. 810959

File: 1621454225416.png (348.77 KB, 448x420, orange filled.PNG)

No. 810961

It is a convection oven, but I think it has stronger fans or something?
I never tried it, but people say oven fries come out better in them?
Can anyone confirm?

No. 810962

Fries do come out better imo and bacon. I make chicken patties, hamburgers, sausages and chicken nuggets in mines.

No. 810963

File: 1621454551529.jpeg (3.19 MB, 2400x2400, 77de6a6a-5073-4575-b938-d862a6…)

Literally god tier.

No. 810967

Look at all that food I can't have cos it's not available in my country

No. 810969

No. 810970

Frozen fries are so much better and you don't even need to put any oil in them. For some reason I can't get the hang of regular fries so if anyone has tips?
I love it for cooking roasted veggies like asparagus and brussel sprouts. I use it for baking too because my regular oven sucks and everything comes out 10\10. I'm baking brioche buns on it tonight!

same, the most special oreos I've seen and the ones covered in chocolate lol I really like the thins ones tho

No. 810971

I've always wanted to eat some because of Gintama, but I never found any that weren't like $3+/100g. I did up my strawberry milk consumption for a bit while I was actively watching it though.

No. 810973

So I get banned and all my posts tagged but chestlet baiter doesn't? Worst mod team possible, I didn't know lolcow was made up of black chestlets who can only dream of being a big tiddy scandi like me

No. 810978

File: 1621455253134.jpg (53.13 KB, 768x639, strawberry-vanilla-cupcakes.jp…)

About to attempt to make cupcakes even though I am horrendous at baking and have no idea where any of my measuring cups are. Please pray for me y'all! I wanna do whipped cream as the frosting, but I have no idea how that will work without the whipped cream melting

No. 810979

I believe in you! Hope it'll go well

No. 810981

Are waffles really any different from pancakes?

No. 810982

Samefag, I just realized whipped cream frosting is not the same as whipped cream! Absolutely insane

No. 810984

You cute

No. 810985

For homemade fries I find Maris Piper potatoes cook the best in an air fryer. But, if you can’t get those then you should parboil your potatoes before you air fry them. (The Maris Pipers never need parboiling though for whatever reason, that’s why I say they are superior.)

No. 810986

Samefag, I forgot to say to parboil for 4-8 minutes depending on the thickness of your fry and don’t forget to pat them dry with kitchen towel before you cook them.

No. 810987

And they crisp up in the oven without being coated in some fat?

No. 810988

Not really, the only difference is the texture, you can easily get some pancake batter to make waffles.

No. 810993

whipped cream as frosting > whipped cream frosting
literally 10/10 imo

same batter, different (superior) texture

No. 810996

Oh, I dunno. I always use a lil bit of oil. I don’t see why you couldn’t try? If you are going to go without, maybe drain but don’t pat the potatoes dry after boiling so that they have some moisture.

No. 811002

I'm talking to a japanese guy that seems to have a westerner fetish. I heard about weaboos, I didn't know there were asian men fetishizing white women.

No. 811003

Don't know where I can get that type of potato where I live, but I imagine other type of floury potatoes will be fine?
I boil them and coat them with a bit of cornflour so they're crisper, but they long, thing shaped ones don't come out nearly as good as cube ones imo

No. 811005

We also have a gaijin hunter thread in /w/ >>>/w/10958

No. 811015

File: 1621459074301.png (9.37 KB, 705x60, 00.png)

The more you know, huh. He seemed like a cute guy too. What's is wrong with moids?

No. 811018

>What is wrong with moids
I ask myself every day. It seems to be by design.

No. 811022

Yikes… At least good thing is that he showed his true colours before it was too late. I'm sorry anon, it's depressing.

No. 811039

He was cute but he was also manlier than, say, Johnny Depp or Leonardo DiCaprio to begin with. I guess the trick to age well as a guy is to pray to not become bald and have the perfect balance between cute and handsome?

I have no idea who this Richard guy is and I'm too scared to look it up. Is he a normal celebrity or a weirdo?

No. 811041

File: 1621461270075.jpg (255.44 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_2021-05-19-18-52-59…)

Kek wtf is this shitty image, Blind Gossip?

No. 811056

File: 1621462800090.png (152.29 KB, 500x374, 1588326401321.png)

So I understand Cantonese and whenever I listen to someone talk in Vietnamese or Thai I feel like I'm having a stroke, cause it sounds like my language but I have no idea wtf they're saying

No. 811058

I was looking for something about istang (Chechen rugs), and found this instead:

No. 811077

So I gave the "nice guy" a chance. He's completely geeking out over me. It's kinda cute but he throws me off. We had plans for tomorrow and he texted me today "are we still going? Wanted to make sure you didn't forget about me and make plans with some other guy."

Wtf do I even say to that

No. 811084

Just say that "you know, actually yes, thanks for reminding me". Seriously what a fragile ego. It's ok to be insecure but if he already feels like it's ok to say sth like that imagine how will express his insecurity about other men if you actually date him long term.

No. 811085

Block and ignore. If he's already accusing you of making plans with another guy now, imagine how he'll be in the future. Entertaining him further would be a terrible mistake.

No. 811088

If it was me ie call him a fruit.

No. 811100

kek "thanks for the idea"

No. 811101

I have no idea abot Thai but I do think that Cantonese and Vietnamese do sound similar.

No. 811104

Sometimes I think about the fact that my sister would ask me to piss in a cup when i was like 9 and give it to her so she could bring it into her drug tests to pass. Then she'd buy me mcdonalds for giving her my piss in a cup. Has anyone else experienced shit like this?

No. 811108

I'm an only child, so no, but what the fuck

No. 811110

At the time I didn't think much of it but now I'm remembering it and I'm just like what the FUCK? I gave clean piss to my cousin once too and he microwaved it for too long at 7/11 right before the drug test (I guess if you give them cold pee they get suspicious?) and it exploded in the microwave. I hate my family

No. 811129

i can't be the only one constantly reading AI as Al (as in the name short for albert) tech articles are vastly confusing to me & i blame this

No. 811133

how can anyone care what some scrote on social media thinks about anything
anyway honey bbq chips>all other chips

No. 811178

File: 1621480844598.jpg (126.55 KB, 855x768, 1621420127378.jpg)

National personification of nations is really cool and gay

Italia and Germania 1828

No. 811179

jalapeño tho…

No. 811180

File: 1621480916609.jpg (342.93 KB, 870x644, 1621419461204.jpg)

Italia acquires Libya

No. 811182

File: 1621481030568.jpg (50.09 KB, 376x594, 1621435120883.jpg)

Marianne and Britannia start their friendship

No. 811183

File: 1621481223921.png (1020.39 KB, 720x1058, 1621419563921.png)

Efígie reunites with her sister - 1922

No. 811184

File: 1621481317428.jpg (360.58 KB, 834x1390, 1621436734756-1.jpg)

Northern and Southern Italia unite to kick out the Austrians

No. 811189

File: 1621481490372.jpg (1.08 MB, 1500x997, 1621439859856.jpg)

Here's a whole bunch of them

No. 811190

I truly don't understand how some anons can get so upset over scrote accusations or their favorite anime being mocked or whatever that they need an entire thread about it.

No. 811191

File: 1621481593305.jpg (87.13 KB, 444x688, 1621437099854.jpg)

And my personal favorite, Italia and the republic of Fiume unite

No. 811197

>tfw my country doesn’t have a beautiful representation, it’s all shitty anime or ball fanart.

No. 811219

before was was, was was is

No. 811220

I need to befriend or date someone with vr because I really wanna try flight simulation vr and I will never be able to justify saving up and dropping that much money on something I might only use every once in a while

No. 811222

I wish the friend finder thread wasn't dead so I could meet some like-minded anons. Oh well.

No. 811225

File: 1621487064946.jpg (68.1 KB, 220x670, 220px-Espana_y_Filipinas_by_Ju…)

FUCK I love this motif too. Here's my personal favorite, España y Filipinas. Not a big fan of the Occupation, VERY much a fan of the lesbian personification

No. 811239

is it dead? I wanted to use it too:(

No. 811251

File: 1621490067051.jpg (187.8 KB, 800x1214, 1621435929486.jpg)

Man I wished female personification of countries never died out, anyway here's mommy Germannia

No. 811256

How similar are Cantonese and Mandarin?

No. 811264

nta but they honestly aren’t.

No. 811265

Anon humans are the most common irritant in most peoples lives I don't know why you would go to the vent thread and expect something else.

No. 811266

Then do Cantonese Chinese and Mandarin Chinese consider themselves different nations?

No. 811270

oo i like this a lot, thank you

No. 811272

File: 1621494421361.jpg (452.01 KB, 1280x854, 25470330881_3375e34c2d_o-X2.jp…)

One of the worst cosplay trends was those Zach Fischer designs. The guy who was making these WoW inspired overrendered "sexy warrior versions" of different popular characters and all the costhots were jumping on them or commissioning their own (like Disney princesses and Pokemon gijinkas) because despite being detailed they were still stupid easy to make following worbla armor 101 tutorials and patterns you could get for next to nothing. They always looked like dogshit up close but through overfiltered photos taken further away you could make them look impressive with minimal effort.

No. 811274

Why would they? Language doesn't determine nationality.

No. 811278

Those photos will be so fun for the cosplayers to look back on when they're old. I wish I had a photo of me with a body like that, dressed like a fantasy warrior in impractical armour with all my friends. How nice for them.

No. 811279

File: 1621496530501.gif (143.66 KB, 220x220, 4573467568.gif)

I've always had mixed feelings about the SCUM Manifesto and never finished reading it because a part of me thinks it's too extreme but on the other hand…

No. 811286

File: 1621497674647.jpg (83.72 KB, 1024x751, depositphotos_9137811-stock-ph…)

Everytime I say or think something something related to it happens lately is this manifestation I want to have a boyfriend and friends and find a school and be happy

No. 811288

Laughs in Seraiki speaking Balochis who live in Sindh

No. 811296

So…Hetalia for muh morally superior who don't watch weebshit nonnies?

No. 811299

File: 1621499710027.jpg (665.05 KB, 1143x1515, 1621496542278.jpg)

Germania is pure boss bitch

No. 811301

File: 1621500296532.jpg (385.41 KB, 766x1000, britannia colonia.jpg)

Gosh I'm loving 19th century lesbian Hetalia.

No. 811303

Reading some of the doghate thread they sound unhinged, but whatever just reminded me of that weird monkey abuse videos shit that was happening on YouTube. I don't know why, but I completely ignored it when it was going down a couple years ago. I wonder how many other strange communities are flying under the radar on youtube.

No. 811307

I'm still convinced the monkey videos are a cover for something seedier, like a pedophile ring or something. The people commenting had public profiles with names and photos, the way they all specifically hate one species of baby monkeys and congregate on youtube is just next level bizarre, there are plenty of freaks out there who enjoy sick shit like violence against animals but you wouldn't expect it to be so consistent.

No. 811310

Agree, it's way too organized and bizarre to be something innocuous (or as innocuous as wanting to hurt baby monkeys can be). It's so specific and monkeys aren't an exactly common animal to be found in the wild around the regions people watching them post from so it has to be a cover for something nefarious.

No. 811324

>Age: 35
>Kids: Want some
>What I'm looking for : Haven't decided yet
A freestyle poem about the modern dating scene moid

No. 811330

That sounds insufferable, why would anyone put themselves out there if they don’t even know what the fuck they want.

No. 811335

to be fair, macaques are awful creatures

No. 811342

File: 1621508967371.jpg (474.69 KB, 1541x1151, zx06e.jpg)

i cant tell if i want to start dating again because i actually want to or if its because i feel like i should want to. i've been volcel for four years and it's starting to get to me

No. 811349

Macaque hate thread when?

No. 811351

File: 1621510751859.jpeg (649.96 KB, 1242x1501, 17535EF4-9A38-406D-9220-D2F746…)

I love this


No. 811358

I'd start one but I don't want anons tinfoiling about me being a pedophile. I don't even dislike the babies, moreso the ugly juveniles. lol

No. 811369

Are you me? I found relationships a hassle that just made me act like a worse person because my autistic self had no idea how I should act or relate to a boyfriend. Now I don't know if I even want love, or all men could be replaced by a warm pillow with a low level general AI with a dildo-dock.

No. 811372

different anon and god I just did something similar related to that a minute ago lol, I don't want to date I'm just seeking affection

No. 811412

File: 1621517455922.jpg (Spoiler Image, 21.58 KB, 1244x642, judgment___shirtless_yagami_by…)

i never realized he was this shredded when i played the game

No. 811422

I wish my hands weren't so ugly veiny and bony. They look like tranny hands

No. 811447

My right hand is more wrinkly than my left. It looks 10 years older. I also hate my hands

No. 811453

I feel this. I had one good relationship thst ended amicably enough and then had a train wreck of one where I couldn't act right and now I don't know if I could ever be bothered again lol.

No. 811505

Midsommar and fight club are both really good films but the people who like these films are Idiots who really fucking miss the point of both films

I used to thing it was just men who were incredibly dense who missed the whole point about Fight club, but then I watched women miss the whole point of midsoomar and I guess that proves women are just as dense as men

For those who still don't get it - Fight Club is a critique of Toxic Masculinity and petty male hierarchy, Tyler tells the members the their slaves to the system but in the end their literal slaves to Tyler

Midsonmar is how about a cult exploits and manipulates vulnerable people, by the end of the film Dani is literally part of a murderous cult and has lost her mind

Fucking hell people are retards, I Still like both films BTW, Like I really fucking love the aesthetics of Midsoomer, but I know majority of the people who like both films are likely to be Idiots

No. 811520

It's been locked by mods unfortunately. I'd love for it to open back up again, especially since things have settled down now.

No. 811531

File: 1621529084829.jpg (71.37 KB, 500x650, 24eabf55f8b752b2b30bc24baa9e9a…)

The farm is baitastic today huh

No. 811595

It make me irrationally annoyed when (I see this mostly with zoomer musicians) musicians use all lower case for their artist names, album names, and song names. I don't know why it is, but it is what it be.

No. 811605

this zoomer vs millennial shit has been getting autistic lately

No. 811606

I love you anon, you're 100% right

No. 811612

I know it is about a cult and shit but still I wish I was Dani

No. 811617

I hate this too, Ariana Grande does it, Billie Eilish does it, it's annoying

No. 811618

True, but I don't see as many millennial or older artists with the same thing I described. Just an observation, not trying to bait or stir drama.

No. 811634

Hear me out: honey butter chips

No. 811649

damn you anon for awakening a craving in me that is impossible to satisfy any time soon

No. 811657

Just cause you had a shitty boyfriend, doesn't mean being manipulated into joining a cult is a better alternative

No. 811673

somebody wrote headcanons of my husbando having a chode dick and i'm still triggered even tho their writing was fine

No. 811680

Weirdly enough that happened to me too. It made me oddly angry.

No. 811683

Who's the husbando

No. 811684

nope not telling

No. 811689

File: 1621537937475.jpeg (182.83 KB, 688x796, 2694BEA4-CE7F-411F-9656-F62C78…)

>tfw my husbandos hasn’t been tainted by the theylets or chode chasers, yet.

No. 811694

…what's a chode dick?

No. 811695

File: 1621538389695.gif (660.92 KB, 220x405, 4FADA9DA-DD33-4D9B-8913-F0641F…)

me causing controversy and then swapping faces and pretending to agree with the angry anons

No. 811696

people are so mean to other people who don't deserve it and it makes me wanna cry

No. 811714

A very small but thick dick.
Imagine like 7cm long, 10cm girth

No. 811722

File: 1621540320470.jpg (11.66 KB, 672x372, ZODIANZ-PISCES-AND-LIBRA-2016.…)

I'm so love struck to the point I'm matching me and my crushes star signs and I don't even believe in that shit

No. 811738

I got called a belle simp and it's still making me kek.

No. 811746

But are u, nonita?

No. 811748

lmao, no

No. 811794

is there any thread to post silly fanart of the cows or is that illegal i made a shayna and i want to show the classroom

No. 811822

I really want to make a second latte, it's so fucking delicious, one wasn't enough fuck…

No. 811829

I'm just now finding out that male Chick-Fil-A employees are known to be creeps/sexual harassers and the management does nothing. Connected with them having to hire people to drive around their property to make them look busy, they're not prospering. Serves them right, kek.

No. 811834

File: 1621551512386.jpeg (310.17 KB, 750x681, 16972B5B-D39A-4071-94D4-99314C…)

>uneducated scrote that blah blah

which anon wrote this shitty ED article?

No. 811839

Of course they're creeps. Most of them are Bible love Christian men with Good Values. Then they take you in the closet and massage your shoulders while telling you they love your work ethic.

No. 811840

Some rando old woman was wearing the same perfume my grandma does and it caught me off guard and nearly made me cry. She's been stuck in another country since this whole thing started

No. 811841

Back I'm the early 2000s I was considered too fat at 120 and now I'm considered too thin lol

No. 811844

I messaged this scrote to call him out on being a liar and now he's asking me for advice on how to cope with his situation. Why do men feel so entitled to womens' sympathy and emotional labor kek

No. 811854

trashy films

No. 811857

Why do alt-right scrotes get with Asian women yet wouldn’t fuck with other races besides white probably?

No. 811861

Because they are mentally still babies.

I spent 3 years listening to my ex complain about his job and offering him advice. The subject came up constantly. During an argument one day he said “you never support me with work!”, his exact words. I’m still mad that my emotional labor was considered to be so low-value that it wasn’t even acknowledged. Fuck scrotes.

No. 811881

I past my peak hair days and the sad thing was I didn't even know I was living with them at the time and it happened before I peaked with my eyebrows. At least I didn't ruin my eyebrows with bleach.

No. 811883

Grammatically this is terrible but I'm high and its not the first time it's happened today. I apologise.

No. 811886

Ever heard the story of that chick who was thrown in the dumpster and had raw chicken juice thrown at her because the male employees didn't like her? Yeah, they're all creeps

No. 811887

I would thank fat acceptance for that. But I would still like to lose 10 pounds myself

No. 811917

This song has been stuck in my head all day

No. 811944

Am i the only one who gets kinda sick over Seth McFarlene's sarcastic singing voice and humor? It feels extremely annoying for some reason kek

No. 811969

File: 1621571075571.jpg (26.55 KB, 361x436, 51JsrJSG5tL._AC_SY1000_.jpg)

On the topic of my other post, what is going on in the world of forks???

No. 811974

Not trying to racebait but does anyone else recognize that each race has a different smell to them? A natural smell?

No. 811979

walmart brownies are better stale

No. 811980

I've only ever noticed that black men tend to smell vaguely sweet

No. 811981

I heard it's due to the food.

No. 811987

It sucks, My Husbando since I was 13 has been Link, but since around the release of Breath of the Wild, there's been so much sissy rule 34 of him that Its almost impossible to avoid
Most of the husbandos I have are some what feminine and fujos and coomers always ruin my husbando

No. 811990

if others can mar your husbando in your eyes, you are weak and it was not meant to be

No. 811993

It's 1 am where I am, so why the fuck can I hear birds chirping…

No. 811994

it's me anon, me, squee squee, i'm in front of your window squee, letmein

No. 811998

because they claim they're ~~more submissive and traditional uwu~~ without realizing that you can't reduce an entire race of women down to a stereotype, since they're retarded moids. they also think somehow they're doing "right" by marrying someone who's not of their own race by making biracial babies or something. it's really sick and twisted and surrounds denial of their fetishization and desire for control over women

No. 812004

I downloaded the Goodnight app to call strangers with. A couple people thought I sounded like a child and hung up. One guy coomed to the sound of me reading words from a thesaurus.

No. 812020

They do the opposite for me. If you're from Ireland, American men on the internet talk to you like you're a sharp tongued sassy "lass" who takes no ill from a man, and stands on windy hills holding a bucket with my curly hair in the wind, and past a harsh exterior we're actually soft and want 12 kids.

They have 0 idea that we are normal women

No. 812032

Black girls smell distinctly sweet to me

No. 812033

No. 812042

i get my wisdom teeth taken out in about 11 hours so i'm eating potato chips because i know i will miss eating crunchies when my mouth hurts. bliss

No. 812057

Out of curiosity, how would you describe the smell of each race? I've noticed Indian women smelling like curry, but it's because of their diet

No. 812070

I find the fanarts featuring main character and the deceased author so cringe stop it

No. 812107


No. 812113

Just need it to be known that Ariana is my fav pop princess and you can talk shit about her but I won't listen.

No. 812114

There's a rooster living right across the street from my window and every single night he decides the morning starts at 3 AM and this is the ideal time for deafening crowing until sunrise.

No. 812117

TAYRT, it's actually nearly indescribable. I will say that I've noticed Mexican ppl smelling strongly like…. Uhhhh…. Hmmm… Fermented clay/earth? and white people smell like… air?

No. 812119

I thought having roosters outside of farms were looked down upon for that reason. Are you able to call and report it?

No. 812121

Hachi a stupid bitch, but he used her and manipulated her and Takumi is awful.

No. 812122

Judging by my playlists, she's my fav too

No. 812125

You're correct

No. 812128

I haven't personally noticed any common natural smell in any race, but maybe some of it is genetics. Like how some East Asian (I think Korean?) people have a gene that prevents them from having body odor. I assume that other races could have a gene that affects their natural scent

No. 812132

Well, it's a fenced patch of grass containing a rooster and two goats, which apparently is legally a 'petting zoo'. So I'm afraid there's not much I can do.

No. 812154

what are you trying to imply with this lol

No. 812156

/meta/ never seizes to disappoint me, the actual complaints thread is the funniest thread out of all the boards

No. 812158

You're right and you should say it.

No. 812163

> squee squee
Ma’am what kind of native birds have you grown up around

No. 812173

File: 1621598273299.jpeg (192.23 KB, 1280x1103, EE6297BD-FE9D-4EF0-A94A-54B8FF…)

Nta but probably this type.

No. 812175

Idk what thread to post this, but does anyone know of a contraceptive pill that doesn't make you put on weight. I am looking to go on the pill due to heavy periods/night sweats/hormones blah blah bleh. I am a ukanon if that makes any difference to what kind etc

No. 812182

Consider an IUD instead.

No. 812203

It depends on a person; I took Mercilon and Vines and neither made me gain weight.
Doesn't IUD make heavy periods even worse?

No. 812216

I'm so fed up with the lack of decent options of dating in your 30s. I miss having good sex. I'm so frustrated and the only person I can think of is my gross ex so I don't want to act on my desire to masturbate. I just want a fucking knight in shining armour to discover me, take me to bed, have a good time with me and not be a weird awkward fuck. God!

No. 812218

IUDs are known for getting rid of periods, actually. I've not had a period since starting kyleena but I have occasional spotting. I'm also very sensitive to hormones and am shocked and how little it's affected me, unlike the pill. This is not me shilling btw, just speaking from personal experience.

The copper one (paraguard) is apparently the only one without hormones that causes painful periods. Sucks cause I didn't want hormones at all but already had heavy painful periods so I didn't want to deal

No. 812219

I didn't gain weight at all while 7 was on the pill, it may make some people bloated or have cravings I suppose, but it can't make you just pack on the pounds on its on. Maybe IUD but all my friends have had awful experiences, but you'll never know

No. 812225

Ah, that's right, thank you for clarifying. I was talking with a gyno some time ago about IUD and remember not going for it because I didn't want worse periods, but yeah, it was about the copper one.

No. 812227

You could try the progesterone-only pill? It made my heavy periods worse for 3 months but then I stopped having them almost completely. The ones I did have were manageable. I didn’t gain weight and according to NHS online that’s not a common side effect. I don’t think you need a reason to request it over the standard pill but if they ask, say you get migraines or have a family history of deep vein thrombosis. Obviously do your own research but I’d recommend it.

No. 812236

> men seriously think and discuss that women can grind against a beanbag, all because they saw women grind against pillows
I can't

No. 812240

Yeah, you're right about Paraguard. I have it and am sticking with it for its whole lifespan and all, but if anyone already suffers a heavy/painful period they should definitely think twice about having it inserted. Mine were already heavy and painful, and since getting this thing they have not only been worse but also on average about two days longer than they used to be. I wish Paraguard sucked less because it's a really nice idea, I was excited to have an option without the hormonal factor at first.

No. 812245

File: 1621605666994.png (107.58 KB, 350x316, nervous.png)


No. 812246

File: 1621605835417.jpg (32.38 KB, 627x682, 1620765700230.jpg)

Some weeaboo forum. Checked a random topic just to end up seeing this dialogue and it keeps going…

No. 812254

I've only been in 2 relationships but both times I was the one that got dumped. The first guy was just like 'k bye' after we'd spent 4 years together. The second left me for someone else.

I know it's only 2 times but I have such a complex about always being the dumpee and not the dumper. Makes me feel like a loser.

No. 812263

File: 1621608324864.gif (208.45 KB, 370x296, 6a0ead42d3907b1310e67c33cb6382…)

> ordered food, set delivery time to 17:00 so I could get a ride home and the food will stay warm by the time I reach home after a hard day
> they deliver it at 16:30

I haven't eaten all day and all I wanted was some freshly warm meal…that only time when I am mad that they delivered early.

I know I can put it in a microwave, but I reached my hunger level when I am angry at everything. And in the end microwave's warmth is not the same.

No. 812281

It's just how you think about it. I've been cheated on by 3 boyfriends, but two of them were before i was 18 so very minor in the scheme of things. I just look at it if a relationship was worth saving it wouldn't have ended.

No. 812284

I don't get how people can spend months or ever years on dating apps. It's been a week, and I realized that talking to strangers online is a chore, I don't want to answer questions like "sooooo…what do you do in your free time?". No surprise ghosting is so prevalent.

No. 812287

Exactly, the advantage of meeting someone in person is that you can instantly tell if there's chemistry or a connection. Online dating is full of small talk to see who is less likely to become problematic if you meet them.

No. 812304

late, but Mandarin has more shi shu cho sounds while Cantonese has more harder consonants that're similar to English, like go ga di. Mandarin has half the amount of tones that Cantonese does, and generally Mandarin speakers speak in a higher pitch like Japanese speakers. If you listen to Mandarin, you'll notice they're more trill (vibrations) than Cantonese, which uses more bow-like sounds.

If you listen side by side, you will definitely notice the difference in vocab and inflection, and it will become very obvious to you that they are as different as French and English, although they share a written language (though Cantonese generally has a lot more strokes per character). The Chinese people you meet in the United States are generally Cantonese speakers (Hong Kong + Southern China) but international students usually speak Mandarin.

No. 812314

Not everyone is attractive enough to meet men irl. I'm for sure not.

No. 812320

I'd guess it's more of a thing of how much social life you have than pure attractiveness. Like how is being represented only by pictures going to help? Unless you edit your photos to hell I guess.
I'm more surprised you can stand the mindless small talk. I tried making a conversation hook on my profile, but I played myself, because after that I got tired of the puns and the same started questions, like are all men a hivemind?

No. 812324

I have like 0 friends and rarely go out but I've been on online dating for like two years. Yeah it sucks, I for sure dont like it. Good for people who can meet semi attractive men irl. Every dude on online dating just wants sex or they have extremely high standards(which is why some men will have the same profile online for years because they're looking for stacy on a dating app kek). They all say the same thing because most of them are just looking for sex so they are low effort.

No. 812333

Samefag and a lot of men on apps arent seriously going to be friends or date women on apps because they see "dating app girls" as a different species of human

No. 812334

It's more a matter of opportunities. A beautiful straight woman whose classmates, coworkers and friends are almost only women is less likely to meet a potential bf than an ugly woman who has more mixed friends or coworkers and who goes out more often to social places or events like bars or nightclubs or whatever.

No. 812337

What's the logic behind that? Do they think all app girls just treat them like cheap dick or something? I saw a lot of "I don't need friends, I have enough friends, so don't try to be friends" type of stuff, but it just makes these men seem miserable.

No. 812339

recently there is a rise in newfags using emoticons, wtf is going on? or is that one newfag that doesn't give a fuck about bans and continues doing whatever she wants

No. 812345

Because they see dating app girls kind of like how they see porn stars, prostitutes and cam girls. Kind of like a step up from masturbating, not like a full "human"? Idk how to explain it lol They give off this vibe that they are entitled to sex/flirting because you are on a dating site and once they have put you in the sex doll category nothing you say or do can change their mind. They also assume theres low key something wronG with you if you're on dating sites since most women meet men in real life. They Cant think about why a woman would be on a dating site on a deeper level since girls on dating sites aren't really human to them. Well that's just my experince and other girls I know.

No. 812346

Sam's fag basically I think men on dating sites have the same thing going on in their brain like when they're on a porn site…

No. 812349

Everyone is so fucking boring on dating apps that I usually delete my account about 3 days after creating one. No one knows how to have an interesting conversation and it feels like pulling teeth. Plus I don’t like being represented by a shitty small bio and a few pictures. It feels like I’m something to buy off a menu. IRL connections are where it’s at, you just have to be patient.

No. 812355

I realized I'm actually in love with my favourite youtuber/streamer. He has never showed his face or revealed his name or anything about himself, he's just a disembodied voice and the only thing I know about him is his dry sense of humor and weird taste in video games. But I'm in love with him anyway.

No. 812356

I bet they're all finns, emoticons are a part of finnish board culture.

No. 812357

Anon, don't do it. You know that it's probably another chubby ginger molesting 14-year olds, all video game related youtuber moids are.

No. 812361

oh anon godspeed, i crossed the same path last night in my sleep- ive NEVER been attracted to this content creator but i had a dream about them last night and boy am i beyond help. pray for us ladies.

No. 812369

I keep reporting that shit in the finn thread all the time, that shit id just ingrained in our rotting brains.

No. 812371

Don't do what? I'm not actually talking to him, he doesn't connect with his fans at all. I do comment on his videos sometimes but he doesn't reply to comments. But yeah I bet he is ugly, I know he must be in his late thirties by now so probably balding too kek. I never want to see his face or learn his name, it'd break the illusion.

It's a weird feeling, I never thought I'd develop a parasocial relationship with a content creator but here we are. Praying for you nonnie.

No. 812382

My younger sister is going out and came into my room to ask how she looked and I said the looks very nice and she looked at herself in my mirror and she said yes I know I look stunning! kek I wish I had even a little bit of her self confidence anons

No. 812386

It's normal to develop parasocial relationships with someone you listen to for a long time, just remember that you only know their "online persona" and nothing really about them.

My SO is a content creator and it is really weird to see the kind of images the fans have in their heads, it's like they all got their own little person created in their head of who they think the person is and they send weird e-mails like "I noticed you seem down lately because you said X and Y… in my personal life I am experiencing similar stuff" it is really weird and cringe to witness from the other side.

No. 812420

File: 1621624227021.jpg (79.51 KB, 600x1066, d49e37dc4c2a60b5abe46dddd042ab…)

I should be solving a problem for school or writing a report but instead I've found inspiration for a new costume even though I am already making one but I'm so excited for this other one and I've been thinking and researching how to do it for hours and wasting time damn it damn it just kill me for I'm too stupid but I just wanna be yoshimitsu right now

No. 812425

File: 1621624707322.png (238.68 KB, 481x271, capture 1.PNG)

i was looking cute fur covered furniture cc for sims 4, I typed "furry furniture" and I scrolled and found this. I should've known better.

No. 812427

cringe but they don't look terrible so I can't be mad, they must have worked hard

No. 812431

yeah it's ew but the amount of work people put into Sims 4 mods is kind of crazy.

No. 812453

Today I witnessed a woman falling just outside of a store entrance. She wasn't old, there was nothing that she tripped on but she still but tripped over her own foot I guess..in spectacular fashion. Her bag went flying, things in her hand too. She got up slowly. Had to dust herself off while people stared. I really felt bad for her.

My day went to shit soon afterwards and my first thought was 'I'd happily swap places with that woman if deals like that could be made'

No. 812482

This reminds me of the time this guest at work just slow-mo tripped over a rope barrier. Not like, over the rope, but over the stanchion.. Her whole body almost went upside down. I was so shocked that it took me longer than usual to ask if she was okay

No. 812494

File: 1621631922964.jpg (41.08 KB, 622x549, 1615826144759.jpg)

I work retail and helped a scrote today. Later coworker tells me he was staring at me the entire time he spent in the store. On one hand, I am disgusted. Never being able to escape getting sexualized is really fucking depressing. On the other hand, he was a proper dilf, tall as shit, slightly greying, with a beautiful roman nose. The mix of an ego boost and disgust I'm feeling…starting to think I actually have brain damage nonas.

No. 812495

I'm hard sperging here but one of my favorite LoL streamers was asked what his main champ's personality was, and despite the lore for this char being quite well built on he still has it wrong! I realize it's severely autistic of me to be so attached to the lore of a fictional being, but I can't help being peeved by scrotes with high influence stating things as facts when all the lore is so easily available, some of it even mentioned in game as you play!

No. 812496

You can see how well this worked out for Cryaotic stans over at /snow/

No. 812497

Which champ? Pls sperg I used to love LoL lore.

No. 812501


No. 812502

i was tired (sitting too long there, ofc) and forgot the correct onomatopoeia, and when i remembered it, the post was already 34 minutes old

No. 812507

god I wish most of the scrotes that visited my store weren't fugly, I don't even know how they've almost all got wives either. whenever an attractive usually older one comes in I'm genuinely surprised he'd be in there

my standards are too high and most men are too ugly, I'm contented with that until I can find one, until then I hate having to look at them. I actively love to avoid looking scrote customers in the eyes, esp if they're ugly

No. 812519

Ayrt, most that come here are balding manlets too. This is an extremely rare occurrence. But like that matters kek, both types are coomers ogling women while we're just trying to earn a living.

No. 812522

First I want to say thank you for understanding kek. The lore is what keeps me interested in this game moreso than the gameplay honestly.

Anyway the champ is Jhin. I just get so hard peeved cause he's obviously a villain character so scrotes like to use him to project their unhealthy power fantasies with. When those who are perceived to have the most knowledge of the character give their takes, and it's wrong, it just makes me cringe into myself cause it's not like this is a basic character with no personality. It's just sad seeing the lore taken for granted I guess.

I saw the post last night and can't find it again today, but I remember one part they said something about how Jhin clearly wears a mask because his face isn't as symmetrical as his outfit and I just… The char literally has a line in game where he says "symmetry is so boring". The mask itself is asymmetrical with the carvings on it plus one of his eyes is covered. His whole fucking outfit is asymmetrical, and that's the entire point of the silhouette!
His actual face in the written lore is said to be so average that he blends into crowds easily, which implies he probably has a fairly symmetrical face. He's not scarred, he's not weird looking, he's an average dude that no one would ever assume anything about in public and that is what makes him terrifying among the obvious murderer things lol.

This man has it so backwards for being someone who plays him hours a day, hearing all the voice lines etc. I could rant all day about scrotes and their bad takes on various champs, but this one was extra annoying because he's got a bit of influence in the community.

No. 812533

Oh, I don't know much about Jhin but for some reason I also thought he was all about symmetry kek. Dunno where that came from. I do love his visual design though, one of my favorites from the newer champs.

No. 812542

>for some reason I also thought he was all about symmetry

It's an honest mistake if you don't know much about the champ because his whole schtick is "perfection", which is easy to attribute symmetry to at a glance. I'm just sperging cause how can you be the face of this champ in the streaming scene and not even know the basic lore of the character?
Anyway, sperg over. Is there any way we can talk more about LoL lore sometime, anon? I have no one to sperg to about this stuff but it's so fun kek. Maybe burner emails or smth? It's ok if you don't want to, just figured I'd ask!

No. 812561

bf just tattooed my name onto his thigh lmao

No. 812564

I love the smell of rain it makes me feel euphoric and energised and connected to the earth it’s one of the main things that makes me want to keep living

No. 812565

Ah, good luck with the curse

No. 812566

File: 1621638120724.jpg (168.53 KB, 600x400, 5.jpg)

I'm constantly haunted by the fact that we only know about 1% of history, and yet our entire perception of history, the planet, humanity, and how we act in/mold the modern world is based on that 1% with no regards to the 99% that was lost to time. When we discuss "history" we're only discussing 1% of what happened, and yet that's the best we can do, because we'll never be able to retrieve that 99%. I just wonder how much we think we know about the world around us would change if we were to suddenly gain access to that 99%, how many misconceptions and ideologies and would be swiftly disproven despite how logically sound they might've seemed. Insane.

No. 812567

I never really thought about that before, but I think that's really important and profound.

Now imagine all those people before who lived ordinary lives just like us…
and imagine all the women and things created by women lost to time…

No. 812569

what curse anon? were in love

No. 812572

File: 1621638630710.jpeg (366.63 KB, 674x667, 1566689522992.jpeg)

You're bout to break up, anonita

No. 812580

>and imagine all the women and things created by women lost to time…
Exactly. How much have women contributed throughout history, and yet their contributions just weren't preserved, leading the succeeding generations to think that women couldn't or didn't ever make history? How many of our female ancestors lived and died providing for their family, spending time with their friends, smelling flowers, writing poetry, painting, listening to music, working to provide goods and resources for the masses, and yet we'll never know a single moment of what they did in their life, not even their name? What if the lack of preservation of women's contributions (probably motivated by sexism, of course) throughout history is part of what exacerbated sexism to the point where it became commonplace, even important to certain societies?

And that's probably the reality for any group of people that were once (or are still) marginalized. I think that what we don't know (and may never know) about the past is far more important than what we do know, but alas, we have to go off of what we know.

No. 812586

File: 1621639882136.jpeg (50.1 KB, 640x640, 8CF8E1D1-E443-42F3-A80E-805ECA…)

I didn’t want this blackpill, nonnie.

No. 812587

Sorry, it genuinely wasn't meant to be depressing. It's just on my mind. I think it can be freeing to realize it.

No. 812605

Wow I love Linnanmäki

No. 812606

Yeah, I think about this a lot. It's depressing.

No. 812608

all i want us for a moid to lovingly run his fingers down my happy trail

No. 812614

Bitch i kept wondering how i vaguely recognized this, olispa lintsi

No. 812624

Being discriminated against for being pale because i cannot find any pantyhose that match my skin colour

No. 812625

have realized dating apps will never work for me bc I crave an enemies to lovers slowburn. I hate myself

No. 812627

Omg I've been inspired instead of wanting a tattoo I can just wear jewellery.

No. 812638

I crave general dysfunction, a specific type of dysfunction I'm not going to find in some dating app scrote

the unceasing pain of it all

No. 812639

go for stark white

No. 812640

Wait, does jewelry replace tattoos? I thought they replaced piercings.

No. 812654

do the anons who act shocked and appalled at teens having lines on their face ever go outside

No. 812660

ot but does anyone know who this lady is and where she's from? The Mento illness lady from the meme

No. 812662

You know they don't

No. 812664

Her name is yourgirlfriend22/ Jessica Cannon. Iirc, she's actually from Southern America, not the UK. Kinda shocked me lol.

No. 812717

>she's actually from Southern America, not the UK
I wish I never fucking learned this

No. 812730

worst job you’ve ever had, anons?

No. 812750

i don't know how to explain this but does anyone find it weird that rats and mice exist? I feel the same way about crocs and alligators.
I just found out they can't breed with eachother and i'm like "WHY?"
i used to think they were the same thing

No. 812751

I have forgotten like, everything school has taught me. I still feel like a child, but I'm an adult. But I still feel like a dumbass. Does this feeling ever go away? Or am I forever doomed to just pretend I know wtf I'm doing?

No. 812757

I like emoticons :). Mods can redtext me all they want :P(as you wish)

No. 812771

Emoticons (not emojis) should be allowed imo

No. 812772

Fucking tell me about it, anon
I didn't even use to mind the emoticons, but the newfag influx is making me fucking hate it reeee

No. 812775

are kaomojis allowed?? ( ^-^)ρ(╯^╰)(no)

No. 812778

Welcome to the truth of adulthood, no one actually really knows what they’re doing and are more or less just winging it pretending to know shit.

No. 812779

I hate how like every good film is now considered a “male manipulator” movie or whatever and the only films women are expected to like or identify with or relate to is gone girl/midsommar

No. 812781

I fell asleep holding my phone last night while reading lolcow and had a dream that they instilled a post upvoting/downvoting button. It essentially ruined the site when people went from making regular observations to outright always trying to Get The Vote and you could tell the userbase was pretty much replaced at this point.

No. 812783

the entire site would look like a 12 year old weeb chatroom if that happens
what kind of "good" films?

No. 812835

The emoticon ban just reminds me of the early 4chan mindset whith rules 1 and 2, like it was some kind of super sekrit exclusive cool kids club for people that are soo different and soo much more mature than the other kids who use emoticons. Idk I'm just like why should I care? Why do some of ya'll get so triggered over something to trivial, I will never understand.

No. 812836

Lmao I know. This is probably a huge cope but the fact that the youtuber I'm in love with has never shared any, and I mean any, personal info during his 13 years of making videos makes me hopeful that he never will and there will never be any drama surrounding him. I think his mysteriousness adds to his charm and I want it to stay that way.

No. 812838

For the same reason Italians screech when you put pineapple on pizza. People who love their culture/subculture uphold it.

No. 812839

File: 1621668420656.jpg (85.14 KB, 1080x773, rawr exdee.jpg)

It's cringe and attracts worse posters than usual. What's wrong with wanting a sekrit club?

No. 812844

For me it's just a way to try and stand out on an anonymous imageboard. For the same reason anons with very distinct formatting can get a ban.

No. 812846

kill him

No. 812849

The reason I hate anime and have never watched it: I had a weeb friend when I was 14 in school and she would always passionately talk about what anime she was watching or what manga she was currently reading. It sounded interesting, so I said “I want to check it out, can you suggest a website or something to watch anime on? what’s a good manga to read?” She said something along the lines of “sorry but I don’t want to tell you. Anime is my thing. You’ll have to go and find your own hobby”.
I not only hate anime but anyone who watches it. I just wanted to watch a cool cartoon tbh, but she acted like it was this secret club that I was too inferior to get into.
She’s fat now so that’s karma as far as I’m concerned.

No. 812852

even if she told you it would probably be garbage like most anime recs. weebs rarely recommend good series.

No. 812854

This. I automatically think lesser of people who still unironically ecks-dee in current year.

No. 812855

I hate it when bands add ä,ö,å,ø in their names, but only for the visuals

No. 812856

you're more powerful than i am nonny, i had a friend like that and ended up becoming a weeb out of spite

No. 812858

This is literally how every anti-weeb on this site operates lmao
>I had a cringey ass autistic weeb friend when we were 14 and never got past her!!!! now I lose my shit at anyone who posts an anime reaction image or confessed to being a weeb reeeeeeeee

No. 812885

sometimes i think back to when i joined a discord server linked here and how odd it was. the users there invited an anon (finnanon i believe ?) to mock her, deleted all their messages shittalking her before she joined and made sure she couldn't access the channel where they'd continue to make fun of her. but then i guess they came to like her because they completely stopped the shittalking and acted super friendly and empathetic with her but never let her know that she was initially invited to be made fun of kek. i kind of wonder how that server's doing now, i left months ago but it comes back to me here and there

No. 812894

Has anyone ever used usenet before? I never have but read an article about it and now I’m so curious about it, do people still use it? Am I missing out on anything?

No. 812898

>the users there invited an anon (finnanon i believe ?) to mock her, deleted all their messages shittalking her before she joined and made sure she couldn't access the channel where they'd continue to make fun of her.
That sounds incredibly immature and highschool-ish, but this is LC so what do I expect

No. 812900

nta, I never had a friend like that and I watched Anime when I was a child (Sailor Moon, DBZ, Pokemon) but I grew out of it, like a normal person does.

We don't need to have cringy childhood friends to hate adults who watch sexualized kids cartoons and act like the characters and push that shit in everyones face wherever you go. Weebs make people hate them because they are retarded, obnoxious and degenerate.

No. 812905

That's so stupid. You sound as stupid as your friend.

No. 812912

You let a dumb friend ruin a (potential) source of entertainment for you for a stupid reason so who's the real dumbass here

No. 812913

I remember that server. They were the pitbull spergs too, among other things, kek.

No. 812921

that server was full of bitchy twitterfags kek.
some bozo from that same discord later pretended to be some poor girl in the friend finder thread and shitposted as her to embarrass her, then she got called out on it by her friend who recognized that all the information was wrong.
i don't know if i remembered everything correctly there but they've been a steady source of cringe for the past year, they're behind all the forced memes on here too.

No. 812922

The server is so shit and the admin is so god awful I’m honestly convinced that they’re a troll or male undercover. I remember them talking about how their voices are “high-pitched and cute uwu~”even though all of them are in their mid-20s to 30s. They love projecting their obvious insecurities of being old by talking shit about a boring dead cow like Sh0e who is also insecure about being almost too old for the shit she currently does. They also love talking over one another and belittling other people passive aggressively (shitty Mean Gurls roleplaying). Since now they started to add voice verifications which is the only way you can properly access the other channels, I don’t think it’s going to be as drama or lulz filled as before. Sad

No. 812925

That server is fucking retarded. Not surprised they are the ones who shat up /ot/ with their forced memes. I wonder how they're doing and if they've eaten each other alive at this point.

No. 812952

so what if i have a saviour complex? it’s nothing unfixable

No. 812961

I tend to browse online and read shit while simultaneously listening to podcasts or YouTube vids in the background. Every now and then I'll hear and read the same word/phrase at the exact same moment. The synchronicity feels kinda cool.

It's more impressive when it's a lesser used word or a whole phrase but just now it was the word.. suck

I feel ya invisible higher forces communicating with me, It do suck

No. 812992

File: 1621691382647.jpg (48.75 KB, 500x373, 30fc5460-832b-4438-8204-8bb7d8…)

I just managed to log back into my old we heart it account.

What a memory trip…

No. 812995

File: 1621691665470.png (14.38 KB, 256x256, Tumblr_l_16384525030623.png)

>we heart it still exists
I feel like I'm back in 2012 wonder if my account still has all that galaxy hipster shit lmao

No. 812997

File: 1621691679604.png (169.59 KB, 534x380, crocs.png)

Recently realized I've never paid money for crocs (my only pair was bought for me and they're fake kek) so I went to look up their actual prices and now I have to ask: nonas, would you pay $55 for these bad boys

No. 813003

Allegedly they're the best shoes to have when you have a job that requires a lot of standing/ walking around, my mom is a nurse and says they're worth the price.

No. 813016

Keep an eye on eBay and you can probably get them from the outlet store for 1/2 price

No. 813018

No they gave me blisters when I wore them as a kid! dumb ass crocs

No. 813020

i have to fart anons

No. 813024

File: 1621694952014.jpg (22.56 KB, 440x365, 206984_94S_ALT140.jpg)

I posted bc I find them funny looking but I won't knock anyone who finds their comfort useful; respect to your mom tbh

I live in a country where I can get brand knockoffs for 80% less, I'm good kek

On a related note I'm still on the website and I have to admit I find these genuinely cute, wouldn't pay $70 for them though

No. 813043

>Allegedly they're the best shoes to have when you have a job that requires a lot of standing/ walking around
until your foot gets caught in an escalator

No. 813044

well did you?

No. 813050

I don't think most jobs require you to be around escalators a lot if at all.