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No. 849990

General conspiracy thread. Discussions surrounding government coverups, entertainment industry secrets, predictions, political intrigues, ect, are all welcome here.
Previous thread >>>/ot/636795

No. 850006

Cute thread pic

No. 850067

File: 1625881289032.jpg (27.5 KB, 620x349, smiling-poop-header.jpg)

Oh you crazy conspiratard, they're not gonna require vac passports don't be silly!
>At a news conference Thursday afternoon in Montreal, the minister said rather than locking down sectors of the economy, the vaccine passport will be used limit access to places like bars, gyms, contact sports and other activities deemed "high" or "moderate" risk.
>While he said it is people's right to choose not to get the vaccine, he said those who choose not to get immunized might be required to self-isolate, get tested, or "not have access" to some activities.


No. 850111

i honestly do believe the "CIA invented crack" thing. it's less crazy than MK Ultra and really not so far fetched, also it's something the paranoia-led US administration would do.

No. 850334

>be CIA
>declassified docs admitting mk-ultra and project paper clip
>it’s just tinfoil bro

No. 850373

It makes me so mad when they lie like that. At least be honest if you're going to go full authoritarian, fuckers

No. 850443

File: 1625922893609.jpg (11.01 KB, 597x596, sad5.jpg)

I'm the previous anon whose family registered my name on the vaccine list. Welp, looks like I'm forced to take the covid vaccine in the end. Gonna be taking Pfizer next week. Wish me luck Anons. Hope I won't be unlucky and fall under the adverse reaction group. I still wish I can hold off taking the vaccine until next year but my family members are getting hysterical and panicky since I'm the only one who hasn't taken the vaccine in the family. I'll begrudgingly take the vaccine so my parents won't worry themselves to death. Bye anons… see you guys on the other side of God knows whatever future we as a human race are heading towards…

No. 850447

I don’t want to shame you but why are you so scared of a vaccine? Even in the worst circumstances it’s way safer than getting the real virus, I don’t get the panic.

No. 850450

>Even in the worst circumstances it’s way safer than getting the real virus

No. 850452

Fuck, you lot are dumb.

Don't get vaccinated, whatever, it's your life but I just wish you'd learn how to count already

No. 850453

in what world? its not a problem for young adults at all. long covid is a meme and I do not know anybody who had that after being sick but I know people who got shingels after the vaccine. they also just now confirmed heart problems related to vaccines in the news as well. so wtf.

No. 850454

I mean that the adverse reactions from the vaccines are statistically not as frequent and severe as the reactions to a full covid infection.
pls elaborate

No. 850455

nta but getting covid can have long term side effects such as heart inflammation, asthma-like symptoms, neurological problems and also long covid.
there really isn't a winning scenario, you either risk getting long term side effects from the virus or get vaccinated.
if you're scared of the vaccine, go read the covid thread, many anons talk about their side effects and whatnot

No. 850458

samefagging but i'm convinced that everyone that claims they know no one that suffers from side effects from the virus are either neets or don't spend time with many people.
most people that i know who have gotten covid in the past have really bad long-term side effects like having troubles breathing for months, and having to take breaks after walking for a while.
it's really shitty, but at the end of the day, it is your choice whether you want to risk the virus or the vaccine

No. 850459

My parents and my brother were sick, they were sick for a month and now are totally fine. My best friend and her family was sick recently, her father even had pneumonia and he didn't need to go to the hospital and recovered well. An old as fuck teacher of mine had it too and is fine right now too. What the fuck is long covid, is that maybe the normal shit you feel after getting sick with influenca? cuz that's normal for any infection, you will feel weak for a few weeks and be fine. it's not long at all.

Idc if people get the vaccine or don't get it but long covid is bullshit.

No. 850463

isn't long covid a term used when someone has long lasting side effects from the virus? or maybe i'm mistaken idk
i'm mostly talking about heart inflammation, lung damage and nerve damage which all are side effects of covid
i'm glad your family is okay, my dad also had it and he is fine now, but i know many others who aren't so lucky.

No. 850465

For me personally? I just don't trust the pharma industry and like some anons stated in the previous thread, we don't know what is the long term effect of the rushed out covid vaccine. Doesn't help that some people experienced severe adverse effect such as blood clots, bell's palsy and myocarditis. Plus, the current vaccines won't even be that effective against the new covid variants and I've read in the news that we need to get booster covid shots in the future. Personally, I don't want to pump chemicals into my body every single time there's a new covid variant. Yes, I acknowledge the fact that some people are affected very badly with the covid virus but I rather trust my own immune system in the long run. I think a healthy human body is resilient and capable of fending off the virus. Whatever happened to the "building herd immunity naturally" that some groups were advocating during the early stages of the pandemic?

This is just my personal opinion though. Tbh this whole thing is a "damn if you do and damn if you don't" kind of situation. If you get the vaccine, you might experience adverse effect. If you don't get the vaccine, you might experience bad covid virus effect. Good luck picking your poison everyone!

No. 850467

There are plenty of people who still have lingering symptoms of covid after getting it months ago. It's common enough to warrant research by scientists. Your anecdotes don't mean that much.

No. 850470

Wish they would bother checking out the menstruation problems after vaccines as well, but hey nobody seems to give a shit about that.

No. 850498

Begone, shill, stop watching CNN

No. 850503

You sound like a scrote.

No. 850507

It's not just scrote behavior to distrust mainstream media right now, anon. You are in the tinfoil thread after all

No. 850514

I don't get it either.
By all accounts, I was supposed to be one of the people with bad side effects from the vaccine (re: woman, fat, on birth control, 30) but all I got was a vague hint of nausea and the sweats at night for a day. My periods have been normal since.
I've actually had a flu and it was horrible. I really don't understand the fear mongering. Most people who claimed "side effects" that I'm aware of just used it as an excuse to get paid sick time from work, me included because I took a day myself.

Here's my tinfoil:
I believe the people reporting long covid, and I'm convinced governments aren't going to do shit to recognize it as a long-term disabling illness because that's when the wallets will have to open for sick individuals.

No. 850517

Not speaking about long covid because it seems like a very specific thing but it took me three months to recover. I could breath properly for a months but I still had all the other symptoms the entire time after that, to the point were I was very underweight before recovering due to having diarrhea as soon as I ate literally anything for instance. It really depends on people, and the thing is, I'm usually healthy. I've heard about some NBA player whose performance was permanently affected after covid, and I saw that headline half a year after he recovered and he was most likely healthier than 99% of the world's population before that.

No. 850524

>wasn't even challenged, just "wat"
>got aggressive anyway
Lots of people are getting the vaccine and its wonderful side effects and the disease and dying, so don't forget you can have the best of both worlds while calling people dumb and refusing to read anon, kek:

No. 850548

I’m this anon >>850447, and the reply to >>850450 wasn’t mine, although I agree with the learn to count part since many seem to struggle with comprehending data or how to read into what (mrna)vaccines are or how they work. I’ve read the article you posted and I don’t really see where it illustrates the point that getting vaccinated is worse or even obsolete. Anyway this discussion is a mess and I’m not here to convince anyone to get vaccinated, it’s the fucking tinfoil thread after all. I just think that there is a lot of personal/anecdotal bias and hesitation to earn a broader understanding of the available data on the ‘no vac’ side. Anyway, thanks for the honest reply >>850465
and good luck to you too. In my observation it seemed that the ‘building herd immunity’ tactic wasn’t viable since covid has the sweet spot between mortality and infection rate which would force hospitals into triage, which everyone wants to avoid. See Italy at the start of the pandemic or india for example.

No. 850553

Wow anon, won't you feel terrible personally afterwards? Do you really want to just give in to social pressure like that, where everyone pressuring you explicitly knows your stance on the subject and thus completely disrespects your autonomy and ability to think for yourself?

No. 850558

Gtfo of this thread. We don't just take india or italy as portrayed on your derp news as legit examples of the effects the virus can have. In Bergamo, covid patients were put in elders' homes ffs.

No. 850585

I didn't say it was worse, I just think it's dumb to claim the vaccine is necessarily "safer" when both have drawbacks. Even the disease itself isn't life-threatening unless you're very vulnerable.
I'm fine not getting COVID, and also not needing to be vaccinated for it. Practice hygiene, eat healthily, don't go around licking doorknobs, public toilet seats or random people's faces. It's really not some black and white choice of death by COVID or getting a vaccine that comes with side effects that can still harm you (and you can still get fucked over by COVID and die, so…?).
Why is it so hard to be sane and reasonable?

No. 850603

From all the studies I've read the vaccine is about 95% effective and the the disease itself seems to extremely potent and infectious (obviously or there wouldn't be such a global effort to stop it).

From the data it reads that vaccines are currently along with continuous focus on handwashing and hygiene the most effective way to stop the spread.

A healthy population would be one with an effective enough immune system to eradicate the virus and reduce viable hosts and therefore the transmission from person to person.

Covid doesn't appear to be going anywhere, especially with new variants. So it's pretty much a certainty you're either going to catch it from exposure or get a controlled dosage via a vaccine that kickstarts your immune system to code for the antibodies that are successful in destroying the virus.

I think for the rest of our lifetimes we're going to be covid conscious. What that means in regulations etc I have no idea. I'd like to think we'd have improved technology and understanding of medicine and better management of disease.

No. 850606

jesus christ

No. 850655

Didn’t they straight up admit to mk ultra and the crack thing

No. 850664

What baffles me the most about this situation is people happily going to massive testing sites. Not for work, not for travelling, just testing sites our politicians put up because people were starting to realize the hospitals are empty, the restrictions aren't worth shit and most of the population is vaxxed which I personally don't believe have anything to do, I think it's a seasonal virus and unless you get natural immunity you'll get screwed next winter anyway
But I guess our dear leaders are too deep into contracts with the pharma and don't want to let go of their power so they're testing even animals to keep the narrative. Last week our daily average covid related (with, not from) deaths were ~20. In a 47 million people country. Yet the positive numbers are so high they're enforcing curfews and mandatory masks outside in fucking Spain where the temperature is 40°C during the day and you can't go for a walk before 10pm if you don't want a heatstroke. Yet people abide and get tested. I'm past the point of trying to reason with those folks, but I still can't believe I'm surrounded by so many idiots.

No. 850687

Anon doesn’t know how to tinfoil correctly.

No. 850717

Of all the things for you to not understand I feel like testing ourselves makes the least sense. If you get sick you obviously wanna know if it's covid or what, and personally I'm curious if me being sick before the pandemic could have been an early instance of it. That would be good since I survived just fine.

No. 850724

I obviously mean people who are not sick, people with symptoms get tested in hospitals here. The government just put random testing sites so anyone who passes by can get one just because and they have massive lines.

No. 850821

I'm not a eurofag but the testing sites were put in here for people who cannot afford a hospital bill, or are wary of hospitals altogether. It is not unusual to have lifelong medical debt here, hence free clinics scattered everywhere for accessibility and outreach.

No. 850851

Please tell me why the covid vaccine is so bad?

No. 850853

They're gonna think you're a glownibber

No. 850879

Tell me why it's so good and valid?

No. 850890

It's starting already

No. 850897

The president of Haiti was assassinated
I wonder if it was to cover up for the Clinton Foundation and NGO's who were caught sexually abusing children in Haiti.

Read the last few posts of the last thread. I'm not doing a massive link dump again.

No. 850911

kys ameritard. we have shots in countries with free medicine too. have fun watching your baby die.
https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/629843/roald-dahls-letter-importance-vaccinations(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 850937

Damn, another Clinton victim? These boomers aren’t gonna stop until their adrenochrome runs out.

No. 850974

File: 1625977507978.jpg (476.47 KB, 1353x1353, conspiracy compass.jpg)

tag urself
>My parents and my brother were sick, they were sick for a month and now are totally fine.
It's a probability game, like any given bad event such as a car accident.
The pharma industry is very profit-driven and sketchy when it's allowed to be, but RNA vaccines are incredibly safe. If you've taken a molecular bio class and read about the mechanisms behind RNA vaccines yourself, you wouldn't be so worried. It's way safer than even traditional vaccines.

No. 850984

have to fess up that I fall in the blue, according to this dumb meme anyway. some of the others I just don't know about yet.

No. 851001

File: 1625982516442.jpg (75.55 KB, 526x530, 491a7834-c4d3-4a74-a381-57f53a…)

How can you even tag yourself if there's rubbish in every side?

No. 851018

People would snap if we did even another year of covid restrictions.

No. 851034

I would understand if that was the case. See, in Spain we have free (as in we pay a shitload of taxes) healthcare. Before covid hospitals were still overloaded because why not take advantage? So still no explanation.
I've also read and the authorities are making hospitals call random people to get tested. Not sick people or people who've been in contact with someone sick. Just pick random numbers from their database. We've got a full blown casedemic here.

No. 851035

> pumping “chemicals” into your body
Go back to school anon

No. 851050

>casedemic in spain
Elaborate please?
How sure are you of people snapping thanks to another year of covid restrictions?

No. 851060

I think giants were real lol

No. 851064

I preface this by saying that I believe child rapists are scum:
Do you think our collective hatred of paedophiles is socially engineered to an extent, precisely because it's used as blackmail amongst the rich and powerful?
We know that outed paedos get murdered, or at least the whole western world bays for their blood.

This universal intense hatred is reserved for paedophiles only. Not rapists in general, not even murderers.

No. 851065

Go back to 4th grade science, anon, what do you think causes how your body will react? Magic?

No. 851067

Nah. It's a biological thing, too. We want to protect children at all costs. Some fucker comes along and messes them up in such a scarring, horrific way, it triggers our primal urge of protection, combined with the social urge of revenge. Not just revenge for hurting your offspring, but revenge for someone who cannot exact it themselves. That's why Gary Plauché will always be a hero to me.

No. 851071

They're testing 5 times more than last summer at >45ct so our cases are soaring but the hospitalizations are very low and as I said above, the average death with covid number is 20 a day out of 47 million. Germany does a third of our tests, has a lot less cases but four times more deaths.

No. 851072

>Do you think our collective hatred of paedophiles is socially engineered to an extent, precisely because it's used as blackmail amongst the rich and powerful?
I don't think so. I think people are naturally drawn to protecting the youth because we were once young and can empathize easily because of that. What does seem to be happening is the opposite: they're trying to make pedophilia more socially acceptable with the whole MAP thing, maybe to soften the blows of pizzagate and to degrade society further into degeneracy.

No. 851086

I want societal degenaracy to end.
I want pedos to die.
I want kids to live a happy and carefree life.
But I know thanks to troons and gendershit this is just not going to happen. We're probably only at the start of 100 years of stupid degeneracy.

My tinfoil here is that they want to push genders onto us so when we are ready to become androids anyone can chose their genitals a la cyberpunk.

No. 851121

So the sick and ederly get protected from the vaccine because of their bad immune systems? That, or they're the first test subjects.

No. 851133

Please watch this

No. 851134

climate change lockdowns guys

No. 851139

Because the sick and elderly are supposed to take the vaccine to protect them from a bad case of covid-19 even when they get sick. It makes no sense to not vaccinate them but everybody else when the vaccine doesn't protect you from getting sick but just lessens your symptoms. The sick and elderly are the ones who "need" it while everybody else does not.

No. 851150

I probably will anon. But I made a promise to myself, if the first shot makes me fall sick, even just a little bit, I won't get the second shot at all.

No. 851153

The problem only seems to be the second shot, from what I've heard and from what my family has experienced

There's something that happens with the second shot

No. 851160

All my reading tends to fall in the greens, but Alex Jones is Bill Hicks? Whaaaat? I need more info lol

No. 851221

>China! Communism!
>Scientist from GERMANY!
>Our freedom!
It's no wonder Americans are completely insane with this stuff being piped into their homes. Watching this made me want to go die

No. 851256

No. 851291

that's good. because they're still around

No. 851393

It's not much to go on, Bill Hicks and Alex Jones share a slightly uncanny resemblance to each other, both have good oratorial skills, the same anti-government mindset, explosive temper, etc. Hicks died in 1994, and Alex Jones was starting his tv broadcast at the time, but obviosuly he's been alive for longer, and there's nothing to suggest Alex had dissapeared or anything around 1994. It's more of a "Ted Cruz is the zodiac killer" meme that few people seriously, 100% believe, if any.

No. 851554

Here’s a better tinfoil: Bill Hicks and William Cooper were ritually sacrificed in order for Alex Jones to be where he is today.

No. 853224

Haven't watched the video but I can see it happening, my weather app started recommending certain days not to go out depending on bullshit like the "air quality" fuck you I'm going outside into nature

No. 855342

File: 1626427878534.jpg (49.39 KB, 640x451, e0d887db7f7d52c7de3754623994a2…)


No. 855350


Depressing economics. There aren't many anti-mask grandmas but tens of thousands of cp viewing scrotes.

No. 855368

Nta but I'm in Ireland and I get the train every day. Lately there has been a lot of older people just pulling their mask down for the entire train journey (while the 'please wear your mask' announcement plays every few minutes in the background) I get that they're likely vaccinated so they feel safe but we still don't know if vaccinated people can still spread it to others and young people aren't vaccinated here just yet. It's happening more and more. 3 months still seems like a lot though when yeah we have a noticeable habit of nearly always suspending child porn sentences..

No. 855387


It's also a weird case with the grandmother. She claims she doesn't even remember pleading guilty to doing it before. If she hasn't got dementia then she might be mental or being a stubborn asshole, hence the jail time. Jail for a woman would probably suck less than mental hospital.

No. 855468

Oh no anon I'm so sorry you have to endure these old, dangerous tyrants, perhaps try to involve the police next time one of those grandmas makes you feel unsafe now that you know they can get prison sentences

No. 855529

You took my post wrong. I wasn't saying to jail or even report granpa for his maskless train journey. I obviously get the train everyday and just wear my own mask. It's not a big deal. I was pointing out how lax people have become about it here which makes her sentance seem even odder. I see maskless people every day and then this one rando woman gets done for it. I was saying quite the opposite to what you seem to think I was getting at.

No. 855537

More evidence that covid vaccines aren't safe
>The EudraVigilance database reports that through July 3, 2021 there are 17,503 deaths and 1,687,527 injuries reported following injections of four experimental COVID-19 shots

>Fresh data out of the U.K. shows that injected people are three times more likely to die from the so-called “delta variant” than people who left their immune systems and DNA alone by just saying no

No. 855558

File: 1626454655442.jpeg (25.69 KB, 500x283, 37FC0CCF-4127-45D3-A118-C133A3…)

No. 855563

Guess I'll die when the new variant hits, thank you china.

No. 855581

Uh I see, I'm sorry anon, I did misread your post

No. 855599

Got mine yesterday and I'm sitting here, my whole body hurting from muscle aches..I'll browse LC to distract myself from the pai… oh

No. 855605

>Fresh data out of the U.K. shows that injected people are three times more likely to die from the so-called “delta variant” than people who left their immune systems and DNA alone by just saying no
Now compare the proportion of the adult population that's had at least one vaccine to the proportion that's unvaccinated, and then compare those two proportions among the most at-risk age group (65+). What do you notice?

No. 855611

lmao what in the fuck are these news sources

No. 856288

Anyone here who still wants to draw differences between right wing fascists vs liberal left human rights loving anti fascists


No. 856577

File: 1626559632061.jpeg (345.46 KB, 1125x756, D9529DF0-00CC-4C8D-8E42-5F678D…)

I did some light reading on the company that Brandy Vaughan used to work for and found this, no surprise (screenshot from wikipedia, source linked below). There's articles coming out now about doctors who are hesitant about the vaccines (because of their patients having side effects) being threatened for losing their jobs and funding. Behind the scenes there's worse as what happened to Vaughan is extremely sketchy. This is all so crazy, these vaccines are still in experiment mode and yet anti-vaxxers are the most hated public menace. Despite the over 99% covid survival rate… Why did any of this hysteria, come to think of it even the lockdowns, happen? Feels like I'm becoming blackpilled fast


Heard about this, so fucking grim

I honestly blame capitalism for all of this. I'm not really a leftist or identify with anything, I just observe, but there's no doubt this is happening in pursuit of profit (and power but the two go hand in hand)

No. 856615

Why did you delete your other post? it was interesting to read.

No. 856616

>I did some light reading on the company that Brandy Vaughan used to work for
lol what does the vioxx scandal have to do with vaccines or this facebook boomer?
>these vaccines are still in experiment mode
The mechanisms behind the RNA vaccines are extremely well-understood though. If you've ever taken a freshman-level biochem class then you'd be able to understand how it works.

No. 856619

>says the PHE report backs up their info
>the link to the PHE report doesn't actually link to the report but to another antivaxx site instead
>doesn't actually list PHE in the source list
>cherrypicks numbers and takes them out of context
>excludes info, charts and tables from the same report that don't fit the narrative
>points out that more people over 50 who had the vaccine died than unvaccinated
>completely ignores that fact that the UK has vaccinated the majority of over 50s and the vaccine is 90-96% effective
>ignores the fact that statistically you're actually more likely to die of the variant if you're unvaccinated
>doesn't seem to realise that a smaller number of deaths overall doesn't mean a smaller risk as it's actually a portion of a smaller group overall, making it a higher percentage of said group
>ignores that fact that their supposed source (PHE) has come out and said that the vaccines make deaths from the delta variant less likely

No. 856692

You might be referring to mine, sorry I should stop doing that but I thought in the end it was unnecessary

It's not about understanding the mechanisms but rather the side effects (especially long-term). Personally I am happy to accept that it will be fine for most people but one reason I, and many others are uneasy is that instead of letting those of us who are extra cautious simply wait and see how it goes down, the media and governments are having a major chimp-out saying everyone has to get vaxxed and some advocating by force. Also censorship of anyone expressing caution, even those reporting vaccine side effects. The whole thing is weird

THAT is why I find the Vioxx scandal so interesting, as it relates to a lack of ethics in the pharma industry. Not that we need that revealed when there's also the entire trans movement literally only being supported by pharma because it makes money (and who knows why else). Personally all of this makes me and lots of people naturally skeptical towards everything going on right now in the medical field

I don't even think having hesitance around this is that fringe or tinfoily, but the media and lots of people act like it is evil not to get the jab for an illness you have over 99% chance of surviving. Isn't the info about long-term side effects from the vaccine still forthcoming? And then there's the lockdown and masks which turns out the latter barely do anything. I actually think a good amount of normies are a little hesitant to vax yet, I've met plenty including my neighbor who's a registered nurse. I also know people who got covid a week after the vaccine and died, their relatives are wondering what is up with that. But anyway TL;DR, the shitty handling of this pandemic and big pharma's cloudy ethics are reasons many are uncertain about the vaccines. I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out okay, but waiting for more to come out

No. 856909

This has been the problem with the left as well
Whole idea of left is to FORCEFULLY snatch/take something from someone who they think is evil and has stolen resources from them
Doesn't matter how true it may be or what's the philosophy involved in it, left is inherently controlling and for some subjugating
And remember this whole lets ban hate speech lets ban racist speech came from liberal left discourse
Not saying right is good here but don't pretend liberal left aren't directly involved in government today and are responsible for a lot of bad and draconian laws
Like islamophobia hate speech banning
Tranny hate speech banning etc
Liberals are not good either

No. 857700

Agree, even if they are happy those things are being suppressed, they won't be happy down the line when big brother's eyes turn on them and anyone dissenting

No. 857854

Its laughable when they say down with fascism and happily go along when right wing or conservative rights are being trampled, like how retarded can they be

They seriously think all these governments around the globe and all innocent billionaires like soros, bill gates are with them (these leftists who believe no one should be a billionaire) when they trample no so popular movements of right wing Conservatives

No. 857857

They happily submit their dna their physical money in favor of e-currency

Also anyone who says liberals are the good ones should remember they are mostly concentrated around rich parts of society, they won't have any consequences when Technocracy dystopia rolls in

No. 859092

File: 1626813137627.png (296.14 KB, 598x593, deepbezos.png)

This video is obviously a deepfake. They are releasing so many deepfake videos now thinking we're too dumb to detect them.


No. 859097

Samefag, his entire "space trip" is probably fake too.

No. 859150

File: 1626818478153.png (1.18 MB, 1222x1208, Screenshot 2021-07-20 at 23.00…)

Women maybe. Men think this woman is real. I weep for all further generations, I'm being serious.

No. 859153

File: 1626818646193.jpg (211.63 KB, 1080x1350, 7ikm7o08d6c71.jpg)

samefag. This one too."Is this photoshopped? Looks weird to me." Seriously, they are so fucked. How are we supposed to combat sophisticated deep fakes when they can't tell this is shooped?!

No. 859290

They see only what they want to see.

No. 859327

men are so fucking retarded

No. 859528

File: 1626863745010.jpeg (204.21 KB, 640x697, DF156FEA-5449-406D-9425-3E3DBB…)

modern pharma and psychology are SCAMS. There is information not made available to the general public because money. If medical science isn’t an exact one; we test subjects should be paid for these experiments labeled as “treatments.” Im sick of Industries and even individual doctors trivializing avoidable mistakes that can result in further pain and even death in patients; as not so much as another paycheck to the industry. A more obvious example of this practice of profit over ethics can be found in the construction Industry: recent bridge, mall, and condo collapses, all avoidable if project owners adhered to warnings/advice/repairs. I’m not saying every doctor or construction worker is purposely putting people in danger! just the shareholders.

No. 859615

I agree with this sentiment. See also Boeing and how they trashed security standards for that new shit jet

No. 859879

>eyes literally don't move

No. 859882

Duh anon why do you think herbal remedies are ridiculed as "essential oil karen" and naturapath dr's mysteriously "dissapear". America is just a bunch of scams held togeather by silly string.

No. 859917

The left is just synonymous with mental illness these days.

No. 859929

I don't understand, what's even the endgame with this? What does people not going outside change in the big picture when industries are still running and polluting the earth with the way the produce?

No. 859933

I have a theory that the search history of content creators influences what shows up in your recommendeds. This, inadvertently, allows you to predict who is going to make a video on the topics being recommended to you

It's happened to me several times in the last month.

I caught on to it when I kept get recommendations for The Walten Files (something I had never seen or heard of) blowing up my YouTube recommendations and then suddenly Nexpo drops a whole 1+ hour video on it.

I kept this in mind when I started seeing a bunch of memes and clips from Coraline show up. The movie is years old and I have donw nothing to bring it to me. I knew someone was going to make a video- and then within 48 hours BionicPig did a 30 minute review of Coraline.

I think it works like this: they assume we will have overlapping interests with the people we follow, which is correct, and so shares what they search for thinking it will appeal to us, but instead of showing us searches for things that content creators watch casually they're accidentally showing us the things that they are researching to make a video on.

No. 860138

Read 1984 anon

No. 860142

Just google the new world order and you'll all get your answers.

Agenda 30 was supposed to happen this year but they got back tracked.

This shit has been planned for years. Every elite and cunt fucker politician is in on it.

Also depopulation is the next step. Hence the vaccines, they even have the birth rate set to drop in the next decade.

HAARP and CERN are a thing - wait they're the actual cause of climate change. Lol

No. 860145


Im sick of telling people about the vaccines. They do not listen. The trial is set to end in 2023 and by then it'll be time for SPARS which is the next pandemic even Bill Gates of Hell said it himself. Also the last couple of years, videos showing birth rates dropping and the mass deaths. Also lets not forget camp FEMA and their plastic walmart coffins. Millions at a time.

Yeah - something is about to go down.

No. 860147


I read it

Also read 'Brave New World' it's basically the same.

No. 860148


The kids aka Gen Z anxiety and depressunnn hate righties because they aren't as enthused by being gay and supporting the perversion of troons

No. 860154


Agreed, anon. Agreed. These are worrying times that are ahead. Trash humanism is on the rise.

Fuck up everyones gender, make everyone gay, expose kids to pedo shit and force them to have a sexuality at 3/4. It's all deranged.

No. 860168

File: 1626920040489.jpg (117.17 KB, 1080x1143, RDT_20210721_10113241478939221…)


No. 860175

I saw a kid in the supermarket (it was an upscale, super expensive one) still wearing his mask. And his mom was laughing and joking about it to some soyboy, saying, "He's used to it!" Good job, dumbass, your kid is a cuck.

No. 860176

found an interesting bit of history
>"an international order friendly to our security, our prosperity, and our principles."
>"advanced forms of biological warfare that can “target” specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool."
>"Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor."
and most strikingly this
>In 2006 former executive director of the PNAC Gary Schmitt said PNAC had never been intended to "go on forever," and had "already done its job," suggesting that "our view has been adopted."
kinda wacky

No. 860180

Give me the basic gestalt, nonnie

No. 860270

holy shit, the primary author of the report that talks about the biological warfare is a fucking troon.

No. 860290

File: 1626931417761.png (1.3 MB, 1920x1080, 00D02734-89BD-4A09-B4F9-4504A7…)

Holy shit good catch

No. 860521

Omfg kek

No. 860529

What I don't understand is why they would want to kill their voter bases, since most people really enthused about the shots and not just taking it because they have to for one reason or another are also the same ones who support the current elites. Why do they want the only people left to be the ones who are most against them and their plan? To make them easier to keep track of?

No. 860693

That's not it. They'll make ppl sick with the vak, and also with the engineered disease (long covid causing lots of complications). It doesn't matter what you do at the end, get vak or not. They just set up the two "sides" to keep ppl distracted and infighting so they can easier change laws and restrict rights.

No. 860741

are there only government conspiracies to this degree in the US? i find it interesting that there aren't more EU/Asia conspiracies, just a bunch of paranoid americans.

No. 860782

Yes there are. German gov't. conspiracies are big, especially about trafficking. Calling everyone here a paranoid American just makes you look retarded.

No. 860794

i am american, i just want to hear about conspiracies from other countries as well, christ.

No. 860803

there are a lot of conspiracy theories that are similar to the US ones here in europe, such are nwo, illuminati, shadow government/elite controlling the world, etc.
another big one is 'the holocaust did not happen' and 'the jews want to control the world' so i'd say it's pretty similar to america lol i don't it would be too exciting to talk about
my country also has a website which is basically the same thing as infowars and they mostly talk about local politics

No. 860828

File: 1626985583571.png (16.79 KB, 398x242, Untitled.png)

oop samefag, but i just remembered the sewol ferry disaster that happened in south korea. there are a lot of theories about it and its connection to salvation sect, which is a cult that the previous president was a member of. they say the ferry disaster was a sacrifice, and the cult was also investigated after the tragedy
here is a blogpost about it i just found in case someone is interested:

No. 860989

Wonder what other Asian consequences are out there besides the Chinese triads (gangs) and Yakuza being connected to various occult families whom may have connections to the European elite.

Sorry for being ot but I do wonder what East Asia’s part in their plans for world domination.

No. 860998

That actually makes a lot more sense, I was misunderstanding. Thank you for responding

No. 861015

No one brings up Lana del Rey when talking about how they are trying to normalize pedophilia, but she is definitely one of their biggest agents.

No. 861058

From reading this blog, sounds like this Choi lady and her father were Park’s handlers.

No. 861156

I’ve seen people try, myself included, and it either gets deleted or stans viciously attack. You can’t ignore it when she straight up has a song about cp where she says “come on you know you like little girls”.

No. 861164

The song is about Sally Horner. Doesn’t matter if she released it under a different name/persona… she still released it and sent it around on a mixtape to producers.

It’s not about an adult, but let’s say it was: calling yourself a little girl sexually is pedo-pandering. It’s absolutely sick either way.

No. 861167

Are you younger? This was daily discourse about six years ago when the Tumblr nymphette thing was happening, along with that trend of teens keeping blogs about their teacher crushes. It got boring after a while because it was all the same points repeated over and over again until Lana wasn't relevant to teens anymore
Then it restarted when Melanie Martinez happened

Iirc there's a nymphette thread in the catalogs of one of the boards here, you might find some relevant stuff there, or in the older Lana thread

No. 861599

No scrotes listen to Lana. She's not normalizing pedophelia, she's normalizing women infantilizing themselves.

No. 861888

Old/new milk but relevant to the thread:

Netflix released a documentary series on the son of Sam based on the interviews David Berkowitz did back in the 80’s and 90’s with Maury Terry.

(Spoilers, but not really:) Netflix, like the pedo-enabling and liberal (nwo) propaganda-pushing cucks they are, dismiss Terry’s findings as drunkard tinfoil slander when the documentary presented evidence in his findings.

No. 861889

A good amount of Lana's fans are men, most of them gay. Lol.

No. 861960

File: 1627134508050.jpg (135.02 KB, 975x650, Alexa Chung for Superga 1.jpg)

I agree. I've become more sensitive to it as I've gotten older and my sexuality deepened too. Like picrel of Alexa Chung really creeps me out now, although I might be overreacting? Does that look infantilizing/lolitaesque farmers?

No. 861966

It looks scary to me because of the anachan-ness, otherwise it just looks like a normal girl chilling in a car

No. 862388

Yes they do and they're either gay or old or a mixture of both. Look at any of her shows online… it's a sea of scrotes.

No. 862389

>she's normalizing women infantilizing themselves

For men. Let's also not ignore a large chunk of her fanbase used to be / is very much underaged.

No. 862433

File: 1627174324719.jpg (69.42 KB, 620x927, -stupid-human-1341484115.jpg)

I've noticed that even in the tinfoil threads, there's a reluctance to broach the topic of Jewish involvement even when discussing the affairs of the elite, media sowing dissent in the masses, etc. Why do you think this is?
I mean, some anons have mentioned it offhand and distancing themselves, I think the fear is that it will increase hatred of individual Jews, which is why it's suppressed as best as possible in society.
But it's an issue that can be talked about responsibly and on the collective level and not promote violence.
What I mean is, most people are aware that Jews, mainly male, are overrepresented in finance, news, policy.
It doesn't mean they control it in lockstep necessarily, just that there might be something cultural in the way they are raised to seek out careers where they'll be able to influence a lot of people. academia (lol) has already given us the context for criticizing this: for example, white history has a heritage of racism and sexism, so white people are asked to take reparative attitudes and renounce their privilege. It can be said just as well that Jewish history has a heritage of seeing themselves as exceptional (to Gentiles) and placing self-preservation over the greater good. This does not mean that there is a problem with being Jewish, but it would be healthy for a Jewish person to reflect on if their community expectations promote any sort of aggressive and over-competitive scroteishness.

I don't mean to over-scrutinize, but I think it's sus how hushed all the criticism seems to be, which only makes suspicious people dig deeper. It can only be talked about in good company (which is hard to find) so pushes every curious person onto the fringes when it doesn't need to be that way. Jewish anons fell free to chime in

No. 862434

File: 1627174615048.png (220.25 KB, 1130x968, Screenshot 2021-07-14 at 01.01…)

in their own words

No. 862435

File: 1627174640233.png (354.13 KB, 1108x1444, Screenshot 2021-07-14 at 01.03…)

No. 862450

She's (as much as the term is annoying) romantizising it. A good chunk of her songs sound like teens acting sexual/seductive and fucking older guys is the coolest most romantic thing ever. I like her songs but almost every lyric in Born to die has some retarded reference either to Lolita or underage relationships with older guys, it's like some kind of bingo.

No. 862463

Can it really be said what it's about if no official interpretation was ever revealed and the lyrics are vague? The LDR wiki claims it's straight up about Lolita (without any proof… I mean OTTR isn't about Lolita, even though it contains strict references to the novel. It's about Lana's most likely imaginary gangsta ~soulmate~), and it may vaguely fit the theme. However the song comes up next after Bright Lights and I was always under impression that it's the next part of the same story. "The film is fading, look at me" turns to desperate pleads to "put (her) in the movie". Seems like the character has succeeded in getting in touch with the person she's been "look(ing) for in magazines" while "taking off her wedding ring".
If there are direct references to Sally there, please let me know. I'm only vaguely aware of her story. I've always found the song dusturbing, but didn't consider it to be about literal pedophilia. It especially fits the 50's theme when you keep in mind Marilyn Monroe called at least one husband daddy.
I wish people acknowledged she has moved on from the uwu daddy themes. IDK why are we still talking about her like BTD was recent or she has released it over and over again. Personally, I'm happy to never hear about daddies ever again from her lmfao.

No. 862479

File: 1627180105985.jpg (1.56 MB, 1500x1875, Yata.Misaki.full.1291877.jpg)

>be me
>used to be a weeb back in the day
>have a 64 MB USB with hundreds of all kinds of anime and vocaloid songs
>is reading about missing person cases
>plays all songs on shuffle to avoid being too spooked before sleep
>is reading about a recently solved Jane Doe case
>murderer is now in jail
>Immediately the song ten sho sho ten sho(?) by kikuo starts playing
>Song about getting revenge on someone by cursing them on the afterlife
>reads about a case of a suspected victim of domestic violence who went missing
>song about being betrayed by a loving one plays
>reads about a suicidal pact
> a song called "a happy death" plays (edgy vocaloid song about double suicide)
>reads about missing person case
>Anime song "Wild Crow" about the character Yata Misaki (pic rel) starts playing
>"well this a cheesy song, no way it's related"
>victim disappeared from a skate park
>this is just a few times a remember this happening

are death people sending me messages? i'm a little disturbed..

No. 862505

All this tells me is vocaloid and anime songs are all a little edgy

No. 862512

It’s still discussed because her first few albums are her most popular and she still performs those songs. She’s still trying to be a uwu babygirl at almost 40 (look at her damn birthday cake this year and ridiculous album covers).

You admit that most of her songs have direct references to Lolita which took inspiration from Sally Horner’s life story but want to focus only on her talking about wanting to become famous. They can be about both topics. It’s increibly obvious what she was doing before BTD and those themes continued up until extremely recent in her music.

No. 862517

Why is it so hard for you people to see/accept that Lana used BOTH Lolita/naive little girl and wannabe starlet themes? Come on, reread what you wrote. You acknowledge the direct references but want to say it’s not about that because Lana hasn’t given an official statement on it? Come on. Nabokov “officially” said Lolita did not take inspiration from Sally Horner’s story yet it very so clearly does so it’s not like an official statement on meaning would mean anything anyways when you have it there in black and white.

She wanted to be seen as the uwu daddy’s girl that would do anything in order to be famous and it worked and she really did anything she could to become famous. She wound up being one of Weinstein’s girls and did a rape scene for MM. No normal person sends around a demo tape with a song titled “Little Girls”, let alone one with that title that plays right into their sick fantasies innocently with no ulterior motive. Her music was never some great commentary on society/fictional storytelling… it’s what her twisted ass did to appease gross old record producers like David Kahne and Bob Leone.

No. 862551

Lana stans, man. They’re all over the place!

Is she even relevant to those old dudes anymore? Like one anon said, she’s almost 40 and her body is aging like spoiled milk, surgeries won’t be enough for her at this point. That and teenyboppers are moving on.

No. 862566

I've had this kind of thing happen to me too.
The easiest way to explain it is that everything has an imprint. You have to pay attention to what you expose yourself to, where you go, who you talk to, what thoughts you entertain. Everything's sort of contagious.
The people might not necessarily be talking to you, but if you get into their stories or think them over long enough, those emotions and little details that relate to them will naturally gravitate to you. It can be expressed through anything (food, music, movies, sign boards, etc).
I don't know if I'm making sense, I'm sleepy and prone to wanting to outright schizo and/or spergpost on these kinds of topics, but this is what I've figured.

No. 862580

Considering that Hollywood is becoming increasingly irrelevant and dependent on capeshit, I don't think they have anything to be proud of. Hollywood like nearly all other western media has been run into the ground by incompetence and fake woke pandering.

It's going to be interesting in the next decade as anti-semitism and anti-zionism are increasingly becoming part of mainstream politics from both the left and the right.

No. 862615

The purchasing of American farmland by China as their and our Infrastructure starts to collapse is worrying. CHINA has lost a LOT of farmland bcs unmaintained dams have failed and now 100,000 people are being evacuated from their homes. CHINA also seems to give no fucks about the environment. A few weeks ago, they had ships dumping HUMAN WASTE into the sea, which has SHOCKINGLY harmed coral life. Apparently even citizens are fed up with this hyper-capitalistic, authoritarian machine; as knife attacks, especially against children, are on the rise. Even recently, a college professor stabbed a party member. China threatened to nuke Japan for defending Taiwan, so who’s going to stop this shit

No. 862617

Always found it odd that you cant criticize people from one particular region middle east (semitic, not even non jews) nowadays while basically everyone else is free to be hated

No. 862625

Interesting. I do think rich people use "virtue" signalling for each other, for ex by owning specific pieces of art, wearing specific types of clothes etc. Wouldn't surprise me if wannabe starlets would use demo songs to signal to hollywood that they're down with something and thus draw attention to them. Do you have more on the rape scene for MM?

No. 862643

>If you want to know who rules over you, look at who you are not allowed to criticize - George Orwell

No. 862653

Fake quote. Orwell never said that shit, a neo nazi did lmao.

No. 862673

We're both wrong, it was neither George Orwell or a neo-nazi, it was Voltaire.

No. 862678

>Kevin Alfred Strom (born August 17, 1956) is an American white nationalist, neo-Nazi, Holocaust denier,[1] white separatist, and associate editor of National Vanguard.
>The statement "To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize" was falsely attributed to Voltaire, the French Enlightenment philosopher.[25] However, the phrase is believed to originate from an essay by Strom first published in 1993: "All America Must Know the Terror that is Upon Us". He wrote: "To determine the true rulers of any society, all you must do is ask yourself this question: Who is it that I am not permitted to criticize?".[25]
He was also arrested for possession of CP and accused of trying to groom a 10 year old girl. His wife caught him first and they signed a contract agreeing that he had to get help for his pedophilia. Obviously, that didn't work out, and according to her, he choked her to try and keep her quiet. The judge also ruled that it "wasn't illegal" for him to jerk off to pictures of two girl's (Prussian Blue singers) heads edited onto nude bodies. She wrote an entire book about him being an abusive piece of shit.

No. 862733

Where did I say that she didn't use both of those themes? I just don't get why Lanawiki claims the song (Little Girls) is 'definitely' about Nabokov's novel like it's a fact when it doesn't have any direct references to it and is super vague.
>You acknowledge the direct references but want to say it’s not about that because Lana hasn’t given an official statement on it?
A song can reference something without being about it (by which I mean a Lolita fanfiction). Little Girls doesn't have any direct references, OTTR does but it has a different plot than Lolita the novel. LG is so vague you could say it's about Lewis Caroll, Black Dahlia and it would still be someone's farfetched interpretation without Lana saying 'yeah that was what I was going for'. And even then someone could listen to the song and not have an idea who it's supposed to be about.
>Her music was never some great commentary on society/fictional storytelling
Oh shit, you mean K was a real person then??? I think Lana's lyrics could both be a fictional storytelling and a fetish fodder.
I do agree something incredibly fucked up went with her and Weinstein and those other faggots. Sad. Wish we knew the whole story.

No. 862751

I feel like adding that despite me enjoying her music (with some caveats), the fact that she may have had to pander to disgusting scrotes explains why she was singing about loving 50 year old sugar daddy types while all of her boyfriends (AFAIK) were her age (or around it), and not leather bag farts. I couldn't wrap my head around it back in the day, so thanks for explaining the mystery to me.

No. 862775

Not that anon but don't you find it odd entire middle east region never comes under scrutiny despite being the worst
Doesn't matter you weren't able to criticize Jews before even when its clearly not Semitic (understandable however due to holocaust) but we can't even point out that the ashkanazi ones benefit from being Jew and white at the same time but never come under racial politics
Also now you can't freely criticize muslims or any other
But can continue to hate let's say Chinese, hindus or Christians or any other ethnic group especially slavs

No. 862776

Anti Semitic *

No. 862815

I would want to agree if Neo-Nazis weren't constantly poisoning the entire conversation with their rabid scrotehood and hatred of anyone who's not white (and their denial that Ashkenazi Jewish people are white, lmao).

No. 862902

Nonnies, we should all live in self-sufficient peasant communities, have lots of children, shield them completely from mkultra brainwashing media and raise them as fighters against TPTB

No. 863042

I have a lot of thoughts about it. However, there's a rule against racebaiting that sometimes gets people banned for even bringing up race. Glad we were at least able to say this much. I don't really understand why Jews are considered oppressed in America. That's not meant with any hatred but confusion.

No. 863455

File: 1627261222729.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 17.14 KB, 375x211, 9EB9682F-592C-4E4B-AD99-B6AB05…)

You can find the video on Vimeo but strong warning that it is quite graphic. Directed by Eli Roth with Manson. Looks like it’s for a MM music video but he’s since said it wasn’t yet it’s obvious it was. Regardless, he was present and in a video directed by Eli Roth where Lana was graphically (stimulated) raped.

It was a leak so there isn’t too much info on it. Looks like it was filmed sometime around 2011 so when she was first taking off. It’s always struck me as odd there isn’t more info about it. Lana has been seen with MM since so it’s not like they’ve had bad blood or anything since. Goes with the ongoing theme of doing whatever in order to make it. Also somewhat ties in with the magazine shoot where’s she’s getting manhandled. It’s definitely all signals.

Absolute tinfoil but that’s this thread… you know how they say Bieber has made himself ugly so no one would want him sexually in the industry anymore? Wonder if Lana has taken the same route with going back to being Lake Placid trash.

No. 863906

Let's go, I'm ready

No. 863976

Please I've always envied the amish a little

No. 863984

File: 1627321888446.jpeg (856.59 KB, 1125x1316, 0CBFDCF9-31C5-4F87-A0AE-C7CFB2…)

Wow, I knew nothing about this. Found pic related. I want to know more tinfoil stuff about her.
Sorry I'm stupid, but can someone explain to me how this is relevant? What does this mean? Is it that she was deliberately playing into the rich scrote culture of taking advantage of young women?

No. 864227

"Relationship" kek. This is how most celebs male and female get put on. It's a grubby industry and they're all literal whores.

No. 864397

anon this is the conspiracy thread, not undisputed factual truths thread

No. 864549

another instance of super sus signalling going on with lil nas x and those human blood/hell sneaker line.

No. 864714

Another thing to be confused about: Current Vax proponents admit that there has been an increase in infections in vaccinated people recently. However, they do not see this as a problem because these infections are irrelevantly mild. Thus, vaccination is nevertheless considered successful because it reliably prevents hospitalisations. Now, I don't have anything against this conclusion - I hope it's true. But, if one allows this conclusion, then one must also concede that it is not consistent with the conclusions of the clinical trials of the vaccines, I think? Afaik, the mrna vax trials found that the vaccines reduced the relative risk by 95% or so. As far as I know, the studies have not shown anything to do with milder infections or with significant numbers of people who tested positive but had no symptoms compared to the unvaccinated group. But shouldn't such a discrepancy between trial results and real life results be a fundamental problem for the validity of the trials? If the effects of the vaccines in real life differ from those found in the studies, then it is likely that the studies have a replication problem and are thus scientifically worthless. Whether the newly detected, different medical effects are desirable or not doesn't matter. Shouldn't this worry at least some of the more prudent vax proponents given that the emergency authorisation of the vacces was conditional on the meaningfulness of the clinical trials???

No. 864717

samefagging, or do I misinterpret what's going on and the claim is that the trial findings of 95% relative risk reduction still stands but that the 5% that are expected to be infected seem to have milder infections?

No. 864852

File: 1627412166556.jpg (139.87 KB, 1080x1591, Screenshot_20210728-002326_Edg…)

What are the chances for getting banned from other services just like paypal or even banks (withholding your money) if you criticise anything that they dont like

No. 864891

I was forced to take the vaccine cause I'm not allowed to work without one, and literally the next day I had a cold and a cough fit , I've been sick for about a week now, I'm coughing every couple of minutes and have a fever that hasn't gone away
I have never been more sick in any point in my life as I have now after taking the vaccine

No. 864911

Thank you for not being retarded.

You'll live. That's how vaccines work, nonnie. Maybe you have a bad immune system and are just having a rough go. Thinking negatively will only ensure your sickness and anxiety get stuck in a feedback loop. Just take care of yourself and remember that vaccines are the only reason we didn't die off long ago. We learned from past medical mistakes as humans.

No. 864923

>I have never been more sick in any point in my life as I have now after taking the vaccine
That's really interesting anon because you have never been as dead as as you would be if covid killed you
I hope you feel better soon but this is for the best

No. 864936

I don't think anon is an elderly person or so weak that COVID would have licherally killed her. Somehow, that does not seem so likely.

No. 864938

funnily enough in Antiquity that Jews weren't associated with intelligence or any sort of trickery, they were always unique in their monotheism and a fanatical religious deviation that at that time people in the world possessed. the Roman Historian Tacitus considered the Jews barbarians and savages

No. 864953

I'm really depressed and I don't see the logic in living in this shitty world. The world feels like it's ending, and I'm powerless to stop it. I've stopped going outside, because I don't see the point. Our world is being sold a f life will never be the same. I don't think I can find happiness here. The good/bad thing is that in too much of a coward to truly do the deed.

No. 864960

Reject humanity, return to monke

No. 864961

I feel the same as you do. What are you supposed to do? You can't change the failing systems and fucked up world, but you can't pretend like everything is normal either. At least I can't…

No. 865004

Yeah, I tried to suppress everything and out on a happy face and survive, but it's getting harder daily. I've already turned into a huge NEET, I don't go outside unless I have to (twice a week). Everything that I've been looking forward to is dying in front of my eyes. We are fucked. They really want to fuck over us that bad? I don't know what to do. I would love to live totally off grid, but the time to do that was years ago.

No. 865011

Genetically, are the Jews of antiquity the Jews of today? Maybe they got smarter. Reverse happens too. Many ancient civilizations were very productive, achieved incredible things then collapsed; their descendants don't seem to be anything special and the countries are perennial shitholes lol. Aren't Westerners losing an IQ point every generation or something? Perhaps it's our turn now, yipee!

No. 865326

Still bothering me are all the influential people tied to Epstein. Anons, why is pizzagate considered debunked again? I want to repost this video that had been shared in a thread here a year ago. It was removed off of Youtube. When you consider that its content is exposing Google/Youtube's pedo friendly algorithm, ….
From anon in the old epstein thread:
>If this video doesn’t prove that Hollywood and the elites are directly hiding pedophiles in plain sight (think Dan Schneider) I don’t know what does. Big shocker after he directly shows how YouTube’s algorithm and Google cater to pedophiles with certain keywords and phrases it’s taken down. It just really belongs in this thread and is directly correlated with the Epstein case / suspects. Watch at your own discretion. https://www.bitchute.com/video/I7moa4wxCp8j/

It is strange. If someone finds a way to explain everything innocuously, I'm open to hear them. But, more and more I genuinely believe there is not only a pedo ring among the elites but also occult tendencies of varying degrees (not saying they are all in the cult mentioned in the video, but the buildings on their islands and other things lend to this general idea…)

There is a final thing bothering me that I feel bad for, but it can't be helped. Why are many elites (and many of those involved with the above) jewish? Why has it been alleged that some of them were spying for israel? Why does it keep popping up. I don't want to be antisemitic so I feel bad for asking. But I am noticing a lot of things that go unmentioned by everyone. And I feel like something big is coming with the current situation. You can ask which situation I mean but the answer is all of it. It feels like we are heading to something monumental. Straight up feels like the beginning of the end times.

No. 865475

>Anons, why is pizzagate considered debunked again?
Because TPTB want us to believe it is. The art James Alefantis is into alone is a huge red flag to me, let alone the weird emails there is literally no sane explanation for. I think people like to get caught up in the "zany" Satan worshipping aspect, and they're right in a way that it's probably is bullshit or the elites just do it as an edgy LARP. But when pedo culture is so pervasive it's not hard at all to imagine that there's huge amounts of nonces in the entertainment industry alone, and that naturally they look out for their fellow nonces in other careers - like politics. Birds of a feather flock together. Don't feel bad for asking the Jewish question. I'm Jewish myself and it bothers me greatly, to the extent I'm now non-practicing and considering converting to Christianity. There's far too many Jews in politics and the entertainment industry for it to line up with the Jewish population of the US, my guess would be that there's a lot of Mossad plants. The spying for Israel stuff comes from Maxwell's sisters who have ties to Israel. It's believed that Epstein and Maxwell were Israeli assets who used their pedo ring to gather blackmail material on powerful and influential people. Which tbh I can buy. I was born and raised in Israel, my stepfather worked for Mossad briefly and quit because he found "the whole thing disgusting". Israel has the US by the balls, look at how much money is donated each year, and that's just how much is being officially declared. Personally I believe Israel was at least partially responsible for 9/11 ("dancing Israelis" is the rabbit hole that lead me to that belief) and they used that anti-Islam energy in the US to start funding their wars on the Palestinians and other middle eastern countries like Iran. As a Persian-Palestinian raised there I could rant for fucking hours on this stuff. But yeah, don't feel bad, you're not anti-semitic. Do not let them trap you with that thinking. I've been called a "self hating Jew" and an "Arab snake" myself for asking the same questions, they love to pull that card to silence people and with idpol being so popular now it's working.

No. 865533

legitimate points regarding the jewish question but I'm sure that a lot of unsaged posts recently on here about it are from shills, trying to divert our legitimate tinfoilry into a useless dead-end that'll additionally allow normies to view us as untouchables. Of course Israel has to be discussed for it's part in empire but I don't see that much analytic value in focussing on the high percentage of judaism in TPTB. Obviously, it's another indication of their clan-like allegiances, but it's also obvious that they don't share any sort of allegiance with common people who are fellow jews. I'm sure they have the same sort of complete disregard or contempt for normal civilian jews than they have for every other common person. So I think Judaism plays a rather contingent role in the power they yield. Much more relevant is class, that is, money and status in either economic or stately institutions.

No. 865550

Definitely seen some shill posts myself, they typically stick out like a sore thumb. I do agree it's more about class, the rich and powerful - no matter what race or religion - will choose their other rich and powerful friends over anyone else. I also agree that too much time spent pondering the Jewish question is ultimately pointless as we should focus on exposing these people and their power structures, but it is a key detail IMO. Like I said, look at the money Israel gets from the US. Normies are hard, we do need them but the time it takes to baby some of them through things so they don't start screeching about anti-semitism is ridiculous. I'm sick of non-Jews telling me I don't know what I'm talking about. I feel like as a movement we have to accept that some people will just refuse to hear the truth because they're comfortable in their fake world. There's been a big push in the media to ostracise "conspiracy theorists" lately with covid, so it's harder than ever to appeal to peoples rational thinking. The media is being very sly in how they characterise any healthy and normal questions about your government or daring to try and see something from multiple perspectives as "unstable" behaviour. We're at more of a disadvantage than ever with how the general population views us.

No. 865565

Apparently 50 cent army is going to start targeting ameritards now. Kek good luck with that fucking cringe, america has way more sophisticated and effective propaganda.

No. 865858

The Pfizer vaccine went from 94 to 64 percent effective at preventing disease over 6 months, so during trials it may have looked fine but they didn't have enough time to see this pattern. Or they only cherry picked the effectiveness at the beginning or trials and ignored the reduced effectiveness later on.

I just wonder how long it'll take for vaccines to lose enough effectiveness to not prevent hospitalizations

No. 866069

File: 1627505002145.jpg (766.02 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210728-223626_Dri…)

Kek nonnies, look at this gem I found in picrel. The WHO had(/has?) a "fertility regulation vaccine task force". The research on it was critisized already in the early 90s by women's rights groups for being intransparent and for bearing "very great" potential for abuse in the form of f.e. confusing fertility regulating vaccines with anti-disease vaccines. https://apps.who.int/iris/handle/10665/61301

No. 866154


The virus has mutated a bunch of times since the trials. If the virus escapes the old vaccines they'll have to change them and re-vac everyone all over again.

No. 866274

File: 1627521976510.jpeg (508.79 KB, 1125x1430, 6C58C7DB-6000-4D2A-939F-DD45B4…)

I want to share a few random snippets I found around the web regarding vaccines and the CDC that are not getting sufficient answers (because they're being suppressed)

Dr. Robert Malone @RWMaloneMD on twitter, whose research was fundamental to the development of mRNA vaccines, has much to say in opposition to the current narrative and censorship. He even has been warning among other professionals that the vaccines could be making covid more dangerous, for everyone but especially the unvaxed. It's possible we would all be better off if we just let it be naturally. He isn't antivax overall but says that they are taking unethical shortcuts to mass vaccinate when they shouldn't be

He expressed agreement with another doctor speaking out, Geert Vanden Bossche @GVDBossche on twitter
I found this article of his interesting but it's rather complex, explains the details of their concerns: https://www.geertvandenbossche.org/post/a-last-word-of-caution-to-all-those-pretending-the-covid-19-pandemic-is-toning-down

And there's this, a statistician's look into the CDC's math and logic behind adverse reactions to the vaccine. According to him, it's fundamentally flawed and they are ignoring anyone who tries to reach them over this. He explains his findings which are not terribly hard to follow

Someone in the replies linked to a stream by the American Front Line Doctors (AFLDS) a group expressing concerns also. Here is the stream (haven't gotten to it yet): https://live.aflds.org/
and here is their website homepage: https://americasfrontlinedoctors.org/

Maybe it's still possible that they are all wrong but I find all of the above concerning, especially that they are suppressed rather than having their questions answered honestly and straightforwardly (or at all). These are just sources I stumbled upon but I hope they're fruitful for everyone here. I would never have become so suspicious if it weren't for the censoring and bad-faith attacks of invested people's concerns

No. 866282

File: 1627522674008.jpeg (649.22 KB, 1125x1216, 33A1CDF0-A8C4-46D2-94A1-5C9F4F…)

Also wrt >>866274 screenshot, a google search of Luc Montagnier pulls these first results (pic related): an article about debunking his claim and… a 2004 critique of his findings on HIV/AIDS? Wonder why these are the first results of Google 'force its employees to get vaccinated's algorithm… Hmm

Actually, the entire first page of results fails to mention his vaccine statements otherwise! Further scrolling shows more fact check type pages even though the first result admits he did say what he said and flimsily dismisses it

No. 866283

So…we’re fucked no matter what and my parents are going die and I might too

Fuck this

No. 866292

I wouldn't jump to that. I'm trying to be hopeful that it won't be that catastrophic and that the number of people speaking out will grow until something is forced to give. Even if the adverse effects end up as a major problem or covid gets worse, it isn't a guarantee that we are all going to die like you said. I hope not anyways. Personally I feel like things will have to come to a head when enough people realize 1) they are being censored and 2) the numerous other ways that Big Tech and Big Pharma are fucking people over for profit, like everything with transgenderism going on right now, eventually I think the public's trust in both is going to hit a major breaking point. At that point, however, I wonder if it will even matter with how much power they have… I mean, nothing lasts forever and there is at least some pushback. They can try to smother it but it's there and it's growing

also who knows, maybe the sources I posted are wrong or even if they are right, maybe the consequences won't be as terrible as we fear. It's all still emerging, I think the big concern right now is the cutting corners going on, but what if it all turns out moderately OK? I have no clue what to think

No. 866520

Fact checkers are all owned by billionaires
Soros owns one himself

No. 867476

File: 1627643132950.jpg (78.7 KB, 680x447, 20266419.jpg-r_1920_1080-f_jpg…)

strategy to counteract the "unstable" framing: start to reclaim the notion conspiracy theory. Say with ironic distance stuff like that conspiracy theories are awesome, try to reenact the vibes of the conspiracy theorist trope frome the 80s and 90s (think the X-Files, that german movie "23" about Karl Koch, even Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory). Hackers of the iconic Chaos Computer Club in Berlin in the 90s proudly claimed to be into conspiracy theories, and at worst it was taken to be an edgelord thing to be interested in. I think trying to reframe conspiracy theories this way is a good counterinsurgency technique. The ironic distance will immunize against being seen as unstable. It's basically the strategy the alt-right used in 2013 or so for making /b/tards lose their inhibitions for talking about stupid nazi crap.

No. 867500

Nine people become billionaires after covid profits

Pfizer expects $33.5 billion in profits due to covid

Pfizer is working on a treatment for covid that doesn't require vaccination
Imagine getting a vaccine that doesn't work and exposing yourself to unnecessary risk when a better and more effective treatment comes along a few months later. I wonder if it will even work at all in people that are vaccinated.

Potential effects of the vaccine on women
>When in circulation, the spike protein can bind to the receptors that are on our platelets and the cells that line our blood vessels. When that happens, it can do one of two things. It can either cause platelets to clump and that can lead to clotting. That’s exactly why we’ve been seeing clotting disorders associated with these vaccines.
>It can also lead to bleeding. And of course, the heart’s involved, it’s a key part of the cardiovascular system. That’s why we’re seeing heart problems. The protein, it can also cross the blood-brain barrier and cause neurological damage. That’s why also in the fatal cases of blood clots, many times it’s seen in the brain.

No. 867818

File: 1627668370234.jpeg (277.86 KB, 1125x1324, 2AB49D11-B7B9-49C3-AF73-898208…)

Screenshot taken from the leaked audio of Chris-Chan admitting to raping his mom:

I believe it.

No. 867858

AYRT, I've been trying to reclaim the conspiracy theorist title for years. You're spot on about how the alt-right essentially took over the title. If you say to people it's healthy to do your own research with no bias and follow your gut instinct and never believe authority figures word-for-word as they're susceptible to corruption, most people will agree. But if you suggest that it's healthy to be a conspiracy theorist they'll disagree purely because of wording. I tested my theory with friends and co-workers and the majority acted negatively towards the title conspiracy theorist yet agree with what I first said. I hate to say it but to reel in the zoomers we do need to make it "cool". I think cyberpunk styles and aesthetic is nudging people in that direction but they're yet to connect the dots and think about what kind of environment brings in that style. In the mean time I'm gonna keep dressing like I'm in a William Gibson novel and breaking the ice with my friends with shit like bigfoot and building off of that. Godspeed, fellow schizos.

I've been thinking for a long time that there's something fishy about Chris Chan. It's not the autism, it's not whatever-the-fuck-else is wrong with him mentally. It's just… off. I don't necessarily buy it as MK Ultra, I think more of a social experiment. Maybe testing how we react in the age of internet? See how fast gossip travels about weird people? Idk but Chris Chan has been going a LONG time now and has made a lasting impact on the internet, so much so it's build up a pseudo cult of sorts around him.

No. 867884

The unexpected heavy bleeding outside your cycle they're talking about in that article is so much like what I experienced that freaks me out. I went to the doctor when it happened because I thought it was excessive. I had had my second shot shortly before the bleeding episode but they didn't seem to even consider it for a second even though I mentioned nothing else had changed in my routine.

No. 867891

My mother who is menopausal started bleeding after the second shot of Pfizer, pretty heavy too she said. It had been about 3 years since her last period. First doctor she spoke to shut down vaccine talk IMMEDIATELY and made her feel like an idiot for bringing it up. Her GP who is thankfully a free thinker and has openly criticised the NHS in the past said that she believes it's the vaccine as there's no other explanation and the timing lines up perfectly. She said that the NHS is lying to people about the side-effects. She keeps tabs via the Yellow Card Scheme website and social media. She referred my mother to a gyno, she got tested and basically got told "no worries bro it's all good, let us know if it happens again tho" and it's so fucking annoying. Menopausal women bleeding after the shot is not something to be brushed off. I have PCOS and was worried I might start bleeding too but thank fuck I didn't.

No. 868324

Samefag. I think you’re on to something. In the first (or was it second?) tinfoil thread, I talked about certain cows being either social experiments or under mk-ultra. Mainly Onision as he has some occult ties, although amateurish and was previously in the military.

What if we as a society are the elites’ own lolcows while under surveillance…?

No. 868349

Oh shit, I did NOT know that about Onision. Do you have any links about Onions occult ties and military history? I'm definitely going down this rabbit hole. Ever since my use of this site increased due to illness I've been getting weird vibes about the concept as a whole. Don't get me wrong some people are just dumb and it naturally attracts attention but some cows have such batshit stories it makes me wonder about the possibilities. KT Price is an interesting one, only two threads about her I think but she's coming off as a schizo who has gangstalking delusions and is trying to join/take over Scientology. If I think about it too much I do genuinely feel like I'm the real lolcow along with every other poster here.

No. 868375

>no worries bro it's all good
atayrt and basically what I got back too, they just said the results of some of the tests I took were inconclusive (the bloodwork came back fine though) and that I should to move up my next proper gyno appointment from when it was due but that I should be fine since the bleeding stopped and to come back if it happens again. It felt really suspicious.

No. 868948

My suggestion is to go to http://www.lifeofonion.com/index.php?title=Main_Page as the first place you need to look, Onision historians have documented and archived what they could starting from the year 2000. I would also suggest going directly to those links if possible and read the first few threads here. He is too bizarre and there are a lot of circumstances we don’t understand but we could say the same about all lolcows lol.

At least their meat puppets are lolcows too - we are all one in the same.

No. 869361

I had an endless heavy period after my second Moderna shot. It was often entirely composed of clots too, so it was really freaking me out. It finally went away a few months later, literally around the same time as when I had my nexplanon implant removed, so there’s definitely some correlation between the two. I’m just curious to find out if my fertility is completely fucked now…

No. 871717

Is Britney ok?

No. 871733

File: 1628049009524.jpg (53.76 KB, 600x400, 23KIDS-articleLarge.jpg)

So I don't believe in the exact specifics of pizzagate but I do believe it is undeniable that the media i.e Hollywood, art-house Indie film production and the music Industry is filled with pedophile rapists, I don't even watch any films that feature children right now cause in the back of mind I know these kids are probably getting molested, I think of all the child celebrity suicides, drug over-doses and alleged "suicides" and I remember some of the "scenes" they had to do as kids, I also don't trust any adult actors who were in these films e.g Rodney Dangerfield
I also believe that some of the wilder theories of pizzagate are purposely spread to mislead people and not take the issue seriously

No. 871893

>I also believe that some of the wilder theories of pizzagate are purposely spread to mislead people and not take the issue seriously
Exactly. Whenever mainstream media "debunks" pizzagate it always talks about the crazy stuff, never once touching on the fact that the entertainment industry is full of abuse and suicides and drug addictions, there's also quite a few whistleblowers too so it's not just speculation. Then there's the fact that politics and the entertainment industry have links and there's constant mingling between the politicians and people from the entertainment industry at parties and the like, so of course pedo scumbags befriend each other and look out for each other. Most people never believed Papa Trump was coming to "drain the swamp" and rescue us all when he himself had connections to Epstien. Honestly that part seems like a total psyop, give people a sliver of truth (pedos are everywhere) and then mix it in with some Grade A horseshit to discredit them. For me the core belief of pizzagate or whatever you wanna call it is that paedophilia is terrifyingly widespread. The entertainment industry acts as a recruitment tool (casting couch is notoriously creepy) and helps normalise weird shit with freaks like Dan Schneider. Politicians and law enforcement are most likely complicit given how many kids go missing per year, and that pedos are in all walks of life. Everything else about Satanism and whatever isn't important, those rumours may be true but my guess is it's either a weird LARP for bored degenerates or it's a lie to discredit anyone trying to discuss these things. Something I find equal amounts compelling and disturbing is the Isaac Kappy case. A great overview is here: https://my.visme.co//index.php?_url=/view/rx0q8378-isaac-kappy-mind-map&
There is Qanon shit in there but if you pay attention to the basic story - ex-actor talks about pedos in Hollywood and dies mysteriously - that's what I can't think of a decent excuse for. Sure he was probably mentally ill and did drugs but if what he says is true then it's no wonder why. The alleged dead man's switch video gives me chills. It's nothing explicit but I just can't think of a sensible explanation for it.

No. 872040

Pizzagate is a psyop

No. 872047

was she ever?

No. 872062

Yeah I was creeped out with some adults obsession with mbb in stranger things. I tried watching the show but couldn't get into it/thought it was shit.

No. 872793

what did rodney dangerfield do?

No. 872799

This scene from the film Ladybugs, tell me this isn't just pedobait anon
also the young actor Jonathan Brandis ended up committing suicide in his 20's

No. 872803

File: 1628143459798.jpeg (181.84 KB, 753x434, 50E61BA9-8178-4E2A-803E-94DE67…)

Billie Eilish, is that you?

No. 872808

that's very clearly a boy, a pretty boy but undeniably male, was also likely molested

No. 872833

It’s a joke, dumbass. He looks like Billie Eilish.

No. 872841

okay whatever, I think conversation should be whether or not Rodney Dangerfield is a pedo or not, personally I do kinda see it, he looks sorta like a prev and I think any normal non-pedo person would refuse to do a scene like this, for e.g the actor Jean Reno demanded the script for Leon the Professional be changed as it featured Mathilda being explicitly in love with Leon and Leon reciprocating those feelings and a kiss scene between the two, Rodney Dangerfield definitely had the inference to refuse to do certain scenes but choose to do anyway

No. 872846

damn… dark, anon

No. 872849

Watch an Open Secret. It's a free film about sexual abuse in Hollywood and includes interviews with survivors.

No. 873050

The reason that all these porn studios or porn websites are allowed to do what they do because elites are themselves client, these studios groom or traffic young women and in some cases young girls to these people in government, fashion industry and Hollywood
Over sexualization is to desensitised common people to bear them down to obvious details irl

There is legit sex slavery harems in middle east owned by these rich saudi or qatari Arabs

No. 873090

I'm going to piggyback off your post and add something I've wondered about for a while. Does anyone else think the NSA/monitoring/etc could spell the possibility of a lolcow dot farm-esque consumption of normie lives by the elite? Almost as if the "We are living in a simulation" people have almost got it, but truth is that it's more of a Truman Show happening. To further delve into the rabbit hole of possibilities as to what they're doing with all the info they've mined from us, could it mean media which exemplifies the phrase "Art imitates life" is doing exactly that? Kinnies may be cluing into something there. The fact that they reduce themselves to archetypes seems to be of some significance. As if the media's influence on social perception is effectively mind control.

No. 873124

>There is legit sex slavery harems in middle east owned by these rich saudi or qatari Arabs
The porn industry is the west is also owned and operated by semites but we're not allowed to acknowledge that.

No. 873139

File: 1628175262066.jpeg (562.97 KB, 878x599, 24468EA6-DF36-448E-ACB3-726FF0…)

No. 873230

The joos make me jack off. Where's the responsibility poltard?

No. 873359

True, they also give huge fundings to university and organisations
We can see already a very strong pro islam/muslim narrative being pushed
>>873139 do you have proof thst jews own these things
>Jack off

No. 873362

Til mk ultra is a real thing
CIA really did this
Always thought this one was a clear conspiracy that was actual tin foil

No. 873370

Learning MK Ultra is a real thing that happened is really such a mindblowing realization; it just sounds so over the top, really makes you think if this one is true, almost anything can be

No. 873377

Regarding Jews controlling the economy, its both and not true, I'm basing this on The Wages of Destruction a book detailing the economic history of Nazi Germany. in its early chapters it discusses the history of the early Nazi party which was previously the "German workers" party which already had a pre established anti-Semitic element, see Jews did disproportionately make up sections of the Upper class in Germany. this fact was undeniable but at the same time the average German Jew as poorer and less educated other Germans, the book didn't go too deep into this
most rich Jews were all mostly secular but still identified as Jewish and even now most Jewish people who do have power and influence are overwhelmingly from the Ashkenazi Jewish group, I don't know what to make of this really but I do think this situation should be discussed with nuisance

No. 873380

Doesn't shock me when it's common in Israel for rabbis to be sticking their dicks up young boys asses in bath houses. Since this is the conspiracy thread I'm just going to say I've read and watched countless accounts of Jewish people being so bitter about their religion their entire ethos becomes about sullying anything in the name of God. To do bad things in spite or gain control.

No. 873402

True about the poor and rich jew thing
Also if notice ashekanazis, they tend to be racist against eadt asians or south Asians
Like Einstein was racist against chinese and indians but when nazis came into power he fled to America rejecting his German citizenship and once Said and i quote "racism is a white people thing"
Also made a public statement by giving black students diplomas when no one else would
When his diary became public and people were shocked that he was a racist, everyone thought he was anti racist til then
You can notice many cases like these today even

No. 873406

I am sceptical about whole middle east regiob not just jews
Like arabs arent any different

No. 873519

Can you imagine what classified project is going to be discovered in 20 or 30 years? What if we are living through something like that today? It sounds crazy but it has happened already.

No. 873699

File: 1628209527699.png (921.53 KB, 805x820, 60ccb9a0429c5256531eb84e375747…)

Why are the capitol police officers committing suicide? I'm not really into tinfoils/conspiracies but this one sounded weird to me.

No. 874179

File: 1628256099505.jpeg (63.88 KB, 499x374, 1A926966-C351-4EBC-AD8E-07D33B…)

Do you think activities like this are still ongoing?
You know something fucked up as well? The IHS wikipedia article makes no mention of this history https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indian_Health_Service probably to give themselves a better image, how disgusting
>IHS is the principal federal health care provider and health advocate for Indian people.

wtf that is sketchy

No. 874192

It's really weird and surprising to me too. Maybe there are things that happened during capitol riot we're not aware of, but traumatic enough to inflict a PTSD this heavy? The way the events were portrayed - very often in a very lighthearted way, making it seems less serious and the attakers appear as rowdy pranksters - doesn't imply it could've been particularly mentally taxing, but maybe it actually was? I hope this is a mystery that will be throughoutly investigated.

In a way we discover really crazy things even nowadays - like samsung tvs recording things going on in private citizens households etc - and people barely care. If something comes out I feel like people may be completely desensitized to revelations like that as of now. I'm curious nonetheless though, we will see.

No. 874208

File: 1628258000885.jpg (59.28 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

There are rumors here that the Indian Army has been sterilizing Kashmiri women in the occupied region of Kashmir, all the while the Indian Government(pre-pandemic was encouraging Indian settlers to the region) China is currently doing this to Uyghur women in Xianjing, sterilizing the women and encouraging Chinese to settle
basically just erasing troublesome ethnic minorities, Japan successfully did this with the Ainu inhabitants of Hokkaido

No. 874216

I was skimming the Chris Chan thread and apparently the psychopath Bella who was trying to manipulate Chris and was the one talking to him in the leaked phone call has a former secret service mother and former Navy SEAL father. Could just be bullshit, I'm definitely considering that as a solid option. But it does remind me of the talk a few days ago in here of cows being some sort of weird psyop. I mean, if this is true about her parents then what are the fucking odds of that happening? Idk it's probably a big nothingburger but it makes me schiz out a little.

No. 874219

AFAIK there are still complaints of this happening to First Nations women and girls in Canada. Social workers were also placing IUDs in little Native girls in foster care to prevent pregnancies from (supposedly inevitable) rape. A step up from burning the rape babies alive back in residential school days I guess.

No. 874221

The January 6 commission has had their first hearing where officers spoke about their experiences - it certainly wasn't lighthearted. The only time january 6 was portrayed as lighthearted was by the Right claiming they were "tourists" and by the (typically younger) Left who refuse to see the Right as anything other than hapless hillbillies. I can see how the officers have PTSD but multiple suicides is um, concerning.

No. 874224

I'm from EU and the way it was filtered to our news really downplayed the severity of it; basically all there was is general information that people stormed the capitol after reading to chans, there were no victims and some were dressed funny, that's all, online the only thing that I saw more widely shared and on more terrifying side was AOC account of the events. I'll read more about the January 6th hearing; still as you say, it's really concerning to see so many suicides, seems very extreme

No. 874233

Cmon this is the tinfoil thread, instead of muh PTSD what if the suicides are part of something else? Maybe they aren't even suicides? Where are the PTSD suicides from everything that happened with BLM which included a lot more violence (not saying one is morally better or worse, but in terms of material consequences)

No. 874303

Sadly I don't think it's that uncommon. Social services in the UK have been caught forcing girls to use birth control when being raped. I have no doubt it happens in other countries. Especially with the recent scandal in Germany.

The elites want to make sure that it never happens again. BLM rioting is ok because they burn down small business and ethnic minority neighbourhoods. The right rioting isn't ok because they took it directly to the actual source of the problem. We also still don't know what happened to Pelosi's laptop.

No. 874316

How guards' suicides would stop right leaning rioters? I don't think any of them even care given they've beaten these people up during the attack. I'm not saying it's not suspicious but I seriously I can't think of any logical explanation for it as of now.

No. 874322

They want to prosecute the rioters to such an extent that it will frighten people. They are removing the people who were actually there so they can't speak out against the narrative that it was the worst thing to ever happen.

No. 874360

>The elites want to make sure that it never happens again. BLM rioting is ok because they burn down small business and ethnic minority neighbourhoods. The right rioting isn't ok because they took it directly to the actual source of the problem
>They want to prosecute the rioters to such an extent that it will frighten people. They are removing the people who were actually there so they can't speak out against the narrative that it was the worst thing to ever happen.
And this.
Ever since I saw the footage of the woman getting shot I've been suspicious about Jan 6th. She was a small woman and there was 3 or 4 stormtroopers in full riot gear descending the stairs near her who could've tackled her and cuffed her no problem. There was zero need to shoot that woman. "b-b-but heat of the moment!" secret service types getting scared by a small unarmed woman? Give me a break. As for the "suicides", my guess is those cops seen some shit they shouldn't have or they're suiciding them purely to push the PTSD narrative and push forward a bill to heavily punish all protesters, similar to the one passed in the UK.

No. 874362

Families of cops that commited suicide speak of them being severely overworked (as in, not being allowed to sleep for days etc) and suffering PTSD though; doesn't sound like any of them would speak in favor of lessening the impact of rioters' actions. Maybe against their employee though, for the reason of overwork?
I'm not trying to argue with you because I fully disagree or something, just testing out this theory to see what would make the most sense. Though of course it doesn't have to make sense 100% since I'm sure there are things general public will never ever have access to.

No. 874370

This, this. I seriously don't understand why people cheered on BLM for burning down people's businesses and revolting against the system!!! but the ones who went to the seat of the system itself are somehow terrible for that? They should just be honest it's because they disagree with their politics. Also, they swallowed the media's pill that you have to draw the line at protecting our govt officials. Almost like that's exactly what the officials want: the rest of us burning down each other's livelihoods while they are untouchable. Bizarre to me that people who claim to be for revolution all the way want them cracking down on this. Starting to think they really are being mind controlled

No. 874373

What I don't understand is why there's so much hostility between doctors and researchers who have tremendous experience in the field, and have concerns about it, and the ones that don't. As a medical community should they not have a "thank you for pointing that out, we should probably look into it" attitude, rather than attacking their colleagues and acting like further research or investigation is a crime.

I just don't understand the motive for the hostility. Do individual members of the medical community make more money if they take things slow and take proper precautions? It doesn't seem like there's a logical reason why some of them are acting so hostile and "cancelling" people like Malone. Even if it was just greed and wanting money fast, the ferocity of it all doesn't make sense, it's too aggressive to be just that.

No. 874375

*make less money if they take things slow

No. 874378

It's extremely sus and ugly. One of those "fact check" sites recently led to Malone's Linked In going down because they claimed he was lying about what he invented (he wasn't, it's a few news sources fumbling their words). Thankfully he updated saying he got it back up by getting in touch with Linked In to clarify. It's a very dirty game they are playing and that's making me more suspicious

No. 874385

I knew a girl who was like Bella. Same face shape, same kind of hair, both crazy with NLOG mentalities, both manipulative, both had parent(s) involved in the US government.
I think it's a "type" for sure, physiognomy in action. Not sure what having family involved with the US government does to people, but I think these sorts of sociopathic traits are an inborn thing. It's probably required for the work, since according to KF, her father saw many horrors (that may have had some kind of epigenetic effect, among other things). Those traits can be misdirected if the children aren't raised correctly, though. It might even be something about this particular generation that fucks things up.
That's how people like her parents end up with a kid with unusually low empathy, decent manipulation skills, and very low intelligence. Instead of doing glowie shit, she tortures animals, develops strange fetishes, places her natural skills into a severely autistic man in his 40s, panders to Reddit males, and fosters a fungal infection. In one of the Discord caps, Bella said her whole family was stupid, so I don't think she's an anomaly, just had the wrong switches flipped.
tl;dr: IMO it's not a psyop. This is just what happens when people who were meant for psyops are too dysfunctional and have unmitigated internet access.

No. 874430

> In one of the Discord caps, Bella said her whole family was stupid, so I don't think she's an anomaly, just had the wrong switches flipped.
You trust her judgment on that? I think her whole family may have seen through her bullshit so she's butthurt and calling them stupid to save her ego

No. 874432

There's been theories regarding high up people in government. They allow their children to be abused so blackmail material can be made. It's a way of showing their ultimate loyalty.

No. 874459

reading the tldr in OP and apparently Bella
>Has claimed to bully her cousin, who plans to work with children with special needs, evoking negative emotional responses from her family.
Yeah, that soldifies my belief that we shouldn't trust her about her family's intelligence or anything, really

No. 874494

File: 1628280187895.jpeg (420.18 KB, 1125x1680, 818E53FC-2186-4954-94D4-813494…)

Why are they doing this dumb fact check shit, it's almost over for us isn't it. Did they not realize tacking that on topics of conspiracy theories is only going to make people more suspicious, true or not? Do you expect this is going to ramp up until we can discuss even less on the internet, like China?

also, any thoughts on Bohemian grove? lol

No. 874496

File: 1628280248734.jpeg (965.56 KB, 1125x2182, 50375C99-B8E5-4EC9-8EA9-7D34F9…)

starting to see this a whole lot, I think the Internet is permanently changing

No. 874577

Thank you anon for being the voice of reason. No fucking way those cops got PTSD from january 6, that was the most clueless, impotent and sad attempt at civil unrest in history. Police corps in the US often recruit from military, those guys have been in iraq and afghanistan, and they sure as hell have seen worse. Please don't buy this suicide story and that ridiculous public breakdown of AOC.

No. 874955

Doctors did the same thing to my maternal aunt back in Mexico after having her only child - she tried having kids later on after regretting giving away my cousin to my grandma then it was later found out after being diagnosed with leukemia that they implemented an IUD without her knowledge about 13 years ago (she died in 2003).

I read that Mexico used to practice eugenics well until the 70’s but I see they were still practicing after they supposedly stopped.

No. 874975

Maybe she went through mk-ultra like any other elite/glowie kid and it fucked with her brain enough that her glowie parents deemed her useless for psyops.

No. 875112

what kind of scandal?

No. 875151

Any nonnies from France itt? Can you confirm the draconian health pass policies? It sounds too crazy to be true to my ears and I'm wary on news coverage of it because obviously news corps exaggerate what happens in other countries to keep their own audience in a state of fear, and generate more clicks, too. Correspondingly, contrary to what is proclaimed in the national media of my EU country about Italy and Austria, I have recently heard from various people travelling in Italy and Austria that no one was interested in a health passport and that they could enter cafés, hotels, events and restaurants without any problems.

No. 875205

French anon here, I wouldn't say it's draconian, you just can't go to "unnecessary" public spaces if you're not vaccinated, that's literally just it. I would have agreed with you if it happened right when the pandemic got announced but given the sheer number of people who never wore masks when it was mandatory and who partied non-stop and never respected the lockdowns and curfews put in place before I don't give a fuck anymore. The government might be shit but French people are beyond retarded too. I can't pity people who think going to restaurants and night clubs is an absolute necessity when I got really sick last year before the vaccine was even a thing and when there was still a global mask shortage and it happened at the worst possible moment of my life, I'd rather feel bad about people who are sick through no fault of their own.

No. 875206

come the fuck on

No. 875219

lmao yeah you really think reptilians give a fuck about France? get a grip nonnie

No. 875286

Ayrt, having to comply with "papers pls" to enter a restaurant is really bad imo. But the situation doesn't seem to be worse than in Germany then. Sorry to what happened to you and thank you for the reply anon

No. 875360

Bohemian Grove is basically a fraternity for elite (mostly conservative) men. They gather at the grove to perform debaucherous acts together as a bonding technique. Nixon is quoted saying the Bohemian Grove is the “faggiest” gathering because the high level men have gay orgies together. It’s a form of collective blackmail or bonding, so that the corporate men will feel bonded to the politicians and therefore look out for each others best interests rather than the general population. Kind’ve what Epstein was doing to the science and celebrity community, except less severe (blackmail of sleeping with minors is worse than adult gay sex imo). There are a lot of rumors of black magic/witchcraft etc but it’s all hype. The rituals are just performance

No. 875372


Nixon on Bohemian Grove(embed)

No. 875420

It's either you prove you're not infected with covid (show you're fully vaccinated or that you had a negative test result recently) or everything is closed down for several months again. Obviously the first option is the least risky for businesses. And the problem is that the most recent lockdown/curfew helped reducing cases, then the lockdown/curfew was lifted so people used this opportunity to pretend there's nothing wrong going on AT ALL so they all go out with their masks under their chin, kiss people on the cheek and hug them to greet them because French culture is retarded, and they spit and cough like it's nothing. Then the government decided to stop making masks mandatory outside which is stupid but too many people stopped caring about masks as soon as the mask shortage stopped. And the number of cases soared. Obviously, as usual the French begs the government to do something and when the government does by deciding to introduce the idea with the vaccine pass, the same people won't stop complaining about living in a dictatorship.

There's no reason to assume there's some sort of conspiracy here, it's just that retarded French people elected a retarded government and they're trying to outdo each other in terms of stupidity. There are a lot of suspicious things going on in France right now like the current justice minister most likely being a rapist and encouraging cops to be more and more violent for no reason, or Macron acting like a turbo weaboo and humblebragging about getting a One Piece poster with Oda's autograph on social media to attract younger voters, but for once the vaccine pass isn't one of them.

No. 875439

>The vaccine passport is a totally legit and chill thing govs push because they care about the health of their citizens

>People should stay alone at home like anon and not do gross things like kiss and hug and have fun!!!

No. 875448

I was specifically referring to "la bise" which a shit ton of people don't even like doing but are usually basically forced to because a shit ton of people think refusing to kiss them, complete strangers, on the cheek is a horrible personal offense. You can easily go out and have fun with your friends and not kiss them while hugging them right after removing your mask.

No. 875452

Where did you guys think did they hide the holy grail & does it still exist?

No. 875461

My vagina is the holy grail anon

No. 875741

File: 1628394761393.jpeg (757.79 KB, 1125x1457, F649B199-05A6-40DD-B10E-DBA551…)

Got it from the New Zealand farms, any thoughts?

OP goes by Angry Canadian there

No. 875747

in my ass and yes

No. 875752

The holy grail is the friends we found along the way

No. 875777

I’m standing by it being a euphemism for vagina or a very specific one at least. Also been too long of people confusing holy grail with the holy chalice.

No. 875825

Liberals participate in this shit too, don’t just blame one party.
>they’re only performance rituals, nothing to see here except for ghei seckz lol
This argument doesn’t make any sense whatsoever as it is well-known nobody in elite circles larps rituals for ~performances~, who are they “performing” for then?

Spoilers: moloch/satan

Fact checkers fuck off, stop ruining all the fun.

No. 875851

late response but
>if this one is true, almost anything can be
tfw literally exactly how i responded to the epstein logs. before that i lived in ignorance and assumed anything not reported by news outlets was completely fake. since them ive been going down every conspiracy rabbit hole i can find because i don't trust any official narratives now

No. 875878

This just made me wonder, what was everyones tipping point? What event made you not trust mainstream outlets and look into conspiracy theories? For me it was 9/11. It had a huge impact on me personally. I grew up in Israel and was used to seeing places in the middle east have awful things happen but to see the allegedly "safe" USA be devastated by something so awful really shook me up. My mother and I were saving to immigrate to the UK at the time and it fucked me up thinking that nowhere is truly safe. The TV footage is burned into my memory and I started out just morbidly wanting to know more, back then the internet wasn't so censored and it was easy to find open discussions about the many suspect things surrounding 9/11. When I came to the conclusion that it definitely wasn't what they told us it was I was blown away and realised there had to be other things that aren't true. I think I went on to JFKs assassination after that and then found truther communities and I haven't looked back since.

No. 875924

This video of Joe Biden caressing and trying to repeatedly kiss children who were very obviously uncomfortable.
What really set me off was comparing this to the Arianna Grande/preacher controversy at Aretha Franklin's funeral. If a preacher got cancelled and pubic ally ridiculed for touching a grown woman appropriately, why shouldn't Joe Biden have received the same treatment for doing the exact same thing, but to CHILDREN.
No sane adult man touches children like this. He literally can't keep his hands off of them. Disgusting.

No. 875929

During the last US election I was telling my mother about Biden doing that and when I googled "creepy uncle joe" and other related terms a LOT of stuff had been scrubbed. His team were working very hard to try and hide this stuff. Videos would pop up on YouTube and be gone in a week. Same thing happens now with videos of him fumbling his words and coming across as some random guy who escaped an old peoples home.

No. 875949

For me it was watching a Youtube video on Roxham Road while living in Canada a few years ago, and starting to research more controversial subjects on my own because I was so surprised I had to find out about the existence of something so politically tense through a random video recommendation and not the news. By the time of Epstein, that happening definitely led me from researching controversies to more full on conspiracies

No. 876078

So a female family member got her 2nd shot and now she has horrible cramps and her arthritis is way worse. I told her before that its bad for ppl with underlying conditions but she didn't believe me. Now she's crying to me. I feel bad but at the same time it's like I warned you, you just called me a hysterical stupid girl.
Reading this back it sounds like a larp kek.
Not to radfem sperg but I honestly think this is the new method of fgm: pollute everything and pump women full of shoddy drugs, and when we eventually get debilitating shit like endo/PCOS/arthritis/pmdd/insane period cramps they can control us easier and put us back in the kitchen or make us off ourselves. Straight up fgm is easily identifiable and can be prevented. But pollution and bad artificial chemicals in low doses in everything? Your body eventually breaks down until you get cancer or hormonal issues, and they can blame it on your "poor life choices". But if you dare point out this shit you're a hysterical paranoid essential oil mlm etc etc.

No. 876114

Robert malone whistle blowing is deleted too
Couldn't find the podcast instead got dr deboonking it

No. 876199

You’re right that both liberals and conservatives participate. Satanism is bs tho, you must believe in the Christian god if you believe in satan. Religion isn’t for me but most people are easily persuaded by those sorts of spiritual ideas, that’s why I think the elite don’t mind satanic/black magick type rumors spreading around the masses because it makes elites seem larger than life and untouchable, like they have access to something that we don’t. There’s a reason why Disney for example brainwashes children into thinking magic to some degree is real, these ideas distort our sense of reality and what is possible, making us easier to control. We need to keep our heads on straight and look at reality for what it is. The rituals seen in Bohemian Grove are very common among fraternal groups (ritual bonds people), but it doesn’t mean there is anything mystical or spiritual going on.

No. 876241

I've spent some time in France just recently and wouldn't say it's draconian at all. Only places that checked covid certificate were tourist attractions (like a castle for example, basically a separate area where you need to pay for entry to see anyway), I saw some singular restaurants that required it too but very few. I've visited an outdoor show and an amusement park and while in both people respected the mask on requirement, neither asked for covid pass. The news may be making it sound much worse than it actually is.

No. 876668

Do you think hollywood grooms regular scrotes to be pedos so that TPTB always have an excuse on hand if they deem it necessary to crack down on privacy and freedom of speech? Latest private-public cooperation announcement from WEF and tech giants "why we need a global framework to regulate harm" that lazily throws together pedos, political extremist and medical misinformation as a reason for intervention makes me wonder.

No. 876692

This happened recently. I know the source isn't exactly neutral but I can't find anything else about this.

No. 876757

I saw the tiktok stuff in that article floating around twitter this morning, really weird. I hope she's alright

No. 876857

He is a blatant pedo and pretty much everyone recognises it but few talk about it. Crazy what he's gotten away with in public. I shudder to think what he's done privately. He was a young man in the 60s, imagine…

No. 877536

Revealing clothing is being pushed because of global warming.

No. 877541

No, Hollywood is full of retards who are so blatant about their own pedophilia, but lack the insight to realize they SHOULDN'T show it on film. TPTB will use any excuse to invade your privacy.

No. 877593

If you mean "clothing is getting more revealong because temperatures are rising" i agree, especially if you look at the 90s which were cold & people did wear more heavy sweaters & sweatshirts. That's normal, so idk what you mean by "being pushed"? People buy revealing clothing cause its hot out, and then businesses try to make what people are buying.

No. 877737

Holy shit. I hope the attention just spooked her and that's why she deleted everything. Though knowing what Biden's team are like? She probably got threatened with a lawsuit or something. I feel so sorry for her that people think she's lying when Biden barely bothers to hide the fact he's a nonce.

Even worse when you think about all the missing women and Jane Doe's in the 60s and 70s. Not saying he's a murderer or anything but back then if you got sexually assaulted the police would be even less interested then they are today, which is saying a lot. Plus his job comes with connections, any woman he preyed on would be at a huge disadvantage.

No. 878334

He sacrificed his first wife for a lucrative political career.

No. 878980

Hollywood pedos are narcs. Waving it in our faces and watching the "sheeple" make excuses for it is part of the thrill. They're mocking us.

No. 879252

Weird… I actually recall reading in a magazine that Alexa Chung's favorite book is Lolita.

No. 879522

Isn't it called dupers delight?

No. 879558

Not too surprising. Lolita used to be a really popular book actually, because people liked how it romanticized the innocence of youth and defiling it or some stupid pretentious reason. The book itself isn't actually pedoshit like people think and at worst is a pretty badly written story that tries to make you uncomfortable with child abuse.

No. 879663

anon pls no, the book is everything but a "pretty badly written story" kek, it's def one of the most beautiful pieces of literature from the 20th century worldwide, notwithstanding its subject matter. I'm ambivalent on Nabokov as a person and writer (I think there's something to tinfoil about in regards to him but more in the sense of him having been a US agent, depoliticising the intellectual youth at Cornell, than a pedo ally) but Lolita remains to be one of my favourite books

No. 881767

I asked my Jew friend if Jews run the world and he told me that the people who believe in that conspiracy theory are racist af and if it were true, he’d be rolling in cash. Although he seems very familiar with chan culture when I talked about wizardry and Chris-Chan.

He’s a Polish-American ashkenazi Jew whose probably a normie poorfag but who knows…

No. 881770

No. 881776

When people say "Jews run things" they mean Jews are overrepresented in powerful positions, they're insinuating they practice ethnic favortism, or whatever you want to call it, to get ahead and stay in power. They don't mean every single Jewish person is wealthy, has power or influence. This should be common sense kek.

No. 881782

Internet and common sense don’t come together very often

No. 881841

Asked my mom if she knew dad was a freemason. She feigned ignorance while her body language, hand fidgeting and panicked eyes suggested otherwise. She didn’t believe it until I asked him in front of her. Dad has a masters in “history” and 20 years military experience. So it’s really weird when he acts clueless when asked about Jacob Frank, Paper Clip, Hyper Jump, or MKultra. He claims he is just an apprentice. I was uncomfortable when he first told me because I just don’t understand the need for secrecy and black mail if your order is just a collective of nerdy architects.

No. 881881

File: 1629034347748.jpg (61.43 KB, 460x581, E11eGTEXMAMPyfm.jpg)

does anyone here know anything about Mindgeek

No. 881886

File: 1629034621155.jpeg (32.27 KB, 400x500, 59AB00A1-C35B-4717-9156-DA6138…)

No. 881903

this would be so funny If I wasn’t already against the pharmaceutical industry. pls tell me to get vaxxed next

No. 881908

And she can’t take a joke. No wonder your mom is panicky around you.

No. 881935

It's asinine and unproductive to make jokes like "get help" in the tinfoil thread, otherwise every other post would be that "clever joke"

No. 881937

how about you choke on your own perceived comedic value and work on your reading comprehension you idiot. If my mother was always panicky around me her change in behavior wouldn’t stand out

No. 881940

Hoes real mad today. Calm down, it’s never that serious.

No. 881973

ok bruh bruh there is no need to project

No. 881975

File: 1629040899342.jpeg (216.54 KB, 946x946, 5F5FE298-8612-4705-896F-6B3D39…)


No. 881980

I’m going to smoke weed every time

No. 881989

That explains everything kek

No. 882287

Is your dad a 33rd degree freemason or getting up there? That’s when they are usually given top secret information about a lot of things and are probably involved in some of them.

Maybe when they’re out of the house for awhile, you should look into their attic or basement to find what kind of things they’re hiding.

No. 882790

I know that I hope their head quarters get blown the fuck up.

No. 883208

File: 1629150016359.jpg (9.28 KB, 353x532, finks.jpg)


No. 886029

File: 1629396506652.png (190.19 KB, 955x869, A800AAA1-0875-42DF-954A-5B0C6B…)

Some symbol-tinfoil spergs have put together a website called “the octozone” as a means to analyze and uncover any symbolism related to pedophelia (I know I spelled that shit right) and the cabal.


No. 886617

I think every deity is real they just dipped on us

No. 887588

File: 1629496624821.png (691.26 KB, 940x720, the dodo.png)

The Dodo youtube channel makes fake videos right? In every video all these "random" people somehow film every single thing that happens with excellent videography.

No. 887597

I don't think so, they seem pretty real and it's not their own videos anyway

No. 889501

I think the admin from here is e-fucking null and they are purposely trying to kill lolcow. /meta is the least visited board and that's the only one who gives info on something as important as the site potentially dying? And immediately after the threads were made, a male sounding anon starts relentlessly posting about how the BP in KF is completely devoid of males and that it totally isn't an incel and political extremism forum, how is soooo perfect and everyone should migrate there? She's going to take anon's money, pull the plug anyway and run. Everyone giving her money is a colossal retard, specially with her BPD history (the whole racebaiting whypipo and posting her sliced arm to "show she isn't a trany"), and her complete lack of reliability (completely ignoring the majority of votes for that shit excuse of a poll to see if /xx was going to stay or not)

No. 889527


No. 889539

It's very unlikely that people randomly find abused animals and film their recovery with pro quality, as often as these videos are made. A lot of this genre of videos has been found out to be shitty people creating massive amounts of this content by abusing animals to make money, then putting the videos in the reverse order to make it look like a recovery. And I highly doubt Dodo checks the authenticity of any of these. Probably some are real recoveries, but most are not.

No. 889661

anon, it's really not as hard to find abused or sickly pets as you think it is. A visit to any shelter shows that animal neglect is sadly pretty common, and there's always some number of runaway/feral pets that can't adequately provide for themselves.

I think a lot of the people in these clips go to poor areas or developing countries to specifically look for struggling animals to then pretend to randomly save, but I doubt that they're starving dogs intentionally to make feel-good clips. There's simply no need to when there are already so many.

No. 891420

File: 1629860412501.jpeg (98.94 KB, 477x306, 36E0EE09-356D-4C7B-9310-2A9577…)

At my local uni, they’ve started bribing students with raffles and $50 in lunch money to get vaccinated. Since most classes are face-to-face, their “flatten the curve” propaganda has increased and professors are now preaching about muh covid and “stay safe u gaiz” before or after lessons start.

Students are forced to wear masks in the classroom when said classrooms look like pic related: I can feel everyone’s body heat and am suffocating.

No. 891446

Wish that was what happened near me, you're kicked out of the uni if you're not vaxxed.

No. 891797

Fluoride Pineal Gland Calcification

No. 891827

File: 1629905532963.jpeg (111.58 KB, 768x576, 4E9F93C7-CD8F-4F6A-83D2-D00437…)

Airports only hire the prettiest people to greet tourists, if you’re ugly, you’re not going to work at the counter nor giving directions to anyone unless you’re some undercover agent that tries to catch drug traffickers and part of the security team, OR cleaning staff.
That’s my only tinfoil.

No. 891834


No. 891871

Same thing with dentists offices.

No. 891983

I've always believed that myself. I've travelled to 10+ countries for work and leisure and the people at airports are always conventionally attractive. I also noticed a disproportionate amount of twinky and flamboyant gay men in those jobs that greet you, help you, give you directions, etc. My tinfoil is that they're seen as the perfect non-threatening male and that's why airports snap them up. Never seen a single GNC woman in those jobs. Airport security has them occasionally, because ofc we're only useful when they want someone who's stereotyped as stern and tough.

Kubrick knew too much. This film can definitely be viewed as him telling us what's happening amongst the higher ups. IIRC he died either shortly after or shortly before Eyes Wide Shut was submitted for editing, who knew what they cut out? Then there's the theory that Kubrick put in subtle imagery hinting at the moon landing being faked in The Shining film.

No. 892291

From his Early Life on Wikipedia: In an interview with Howard Stern on May 25, 2004, Dangerfield told Stern that he had been molested by a man in his neighborhood. The man would pay Rodney a nickel and kiss him for five minutes.

So if the thing about pedophiles often having been abused themselves is true, it doesn't look good re: Rodney

No. 892347

Which countries? Airport people where I live are mostly older (40+) women and men. Flight attendants are too.

No. 892382

How is that a tinfoil? It's known that if you're to work as a receptionist or any other kind of job that requires being the first person someone sees, so, in a way, face of the employer, you're gonna be selected based on your looks, being conventionally attractive, having good skin and good teeth etc. Of course it's illegal to put in the job description but it's always been like that irl

No. 892644

SO. KABUL AIRPORT. Those Afghan terrorists sure are evil, totally wasn't a psyop by the military, definitely not. As long as those single Afghani male "refugees" keep coming to this country, we'll be stronger than ever! Yeah!

No. 892785

File: 1630008830256.jpg (31.01 KB, 321x499, 51xGDxyZguL._SX319_BO1,204,203…)

The "Pro-Life" movement in the US is fundamentally a white supremacist agenda to try and preserve the white race. Even if all of the arguments made for it are strictly emotional/religious, there is a fear underlying it that white Americans will be replaced by generations of children of immigrants as educated white women are having less and less children now.
The actual proof of this is a book called the Birth Dearth by Ben Wattenberg, who was an advisor to former US President Lyndon B. Johnson. The book's argument is that when we're outnumbered, we'll become less powerful of a nation so the fact that women aren't having kids is an issue (as of 1987). The book is effectively describing potential white genocide as he makes it clear that this "Birth Dearth" doesn't include asian, hispanic, or black women who are reproducing too much in comparison to white women. One summary that made me laugh at the accuracy:
> He says, ‘The major problem confronting the United States today is there aren’t enough white babies being born. If we don’t do something about this and do it now, white people will be in the numerical minority and we will no longer be a white man’s land.’
> He says, ‘There are three ways to solve this problem. Number one: we could pay women to have babies as they have been doing in Western Europe nations for years.’ Then he says, ‘Unfortunately’—and these are his words, not mine. He says, ‘Unfortunately, we would have to pay women of all colors to have babies, so we don’t want to do that.’ He says, ‘The second thing we can do is increase the number of legal immigrants allowed into this country every year.’ Then he says, ‘Unfortunately, majority of those coming into this country today are people of color, so we don’t want to do that.’
> Now think [about] what Donald Trump has said. [Wattenberg] said, ‘The third thing we could do is remember that sixty percent of the fetuses that are aborted every year are white. If we could keep that sixty percent of life alive that would solve our birth dearth.’
> This is blatant racism. And now you look at the right-to life movement, and all of a sudden you realize it is not about morality nor religion. It is about something immoral, which is limiting increasing the number of white babies and letting that other forty percent, who are not white fetuses, die.”
If you want to read it, read it here for free and don't give this dead POS any money:
It's worthwhile to note that the author makes a number of arguments with no evidence to support his fearmongering. For instance, he regularly refers to economics and name-drops economists that he knows despite having a terrible grasp on basic macroeconomic theory.
Now watch all the 'trad' /pol/ moids who lurk here emerge with some argument thinking they're welcome. Of course the majority of anti-choicers think their motivation is strictly religious and out of concern for 'human rights' (in the womb only apparently?). They're unaware that the "Pro-Life" movement comes from white supremacy and fear of a white extinction.
Oh and I'm white by the way. No need to accuse me of being a "bitter black woman" like /pol/ scrotes always do when they have nothing else to say.

No. 892793

The /pol/ scrotes and failed tradthots slithering around this place aren't going to like this one, lmao. Thanks for the link, anon.

No. 892801

(I'm white too) It's so funny how those white men are so afraid of their "race" becoming extinct and philosophize about how in the world are we going to fix this?! But refuse to look themselves in the mirror (where the real problem is) or even listen to women about why we aren't having kids. No maternity care, expensive daycare, men not picking up slack in their family, society being harmful to kids bc of mens coomerism, horrible economy due to top 1% sucking everything up, etc. No, the answer is apparently to just further torture and restrict women. They're not nearly as complex or smart as they like to larp.

No. 892870

Pro lifers will try and argue the opposite, that the pro choice movement is racist. The founder of Planned Parenthood was affiliated with Eugenics and went to the KKK when her clinic got shut down.

No. 892884

Which countries are they being sent?

No. 892894

File: 1630013989177.jpeg (49.66 KB, 960x684, 20171115_Pyramid.jpeg)

Kek agreed, just look at the educated and powerful idiot who wrote a book really thinking population size = economic/political power. Did anyone tell him that developing countries have high birth rates? Or that 12% of the worlds population holds >85% of the globe's TOTAL wealth? I really feel like the economist mentions were just name-dropping because any honest economist would laugh in his face at the claims made in this book. It's insane. What's also insane is how he doesn't consider non-white people to be American despite the Native Americans being the original Americans and the nation being a land of immigrants. Now recall how this man was an aid to a US President.
Of course anon, I feel like I really discovered something huge when I read it and realized how this former US President aid's fear about whites being outnumbered also ties in with similarly motivated events in the US like the forced sterilizations of black women over centuries.
When he wrote that book it was white women who were seeking out abortions but now it looks like the tide has changed, as in a 2020 study using data from 2016 and earlier there's a racial disparity of abortions where abortions of non-hispanic black women are 3.8 times the rate of abortions of non-hispanic white women. They'd probably be happy about this but still pissed off at the growing number of childfree white women.
PP was founded in 1916 by white people, I'm not surprised.

No. 892901

I enjoy a good tinfoil but it's so annoying how people fearporn. Those elites aren't nearly as powerful and all-knowing as they seem to think, and going on about how everything is hopeless and the world is ending is retarded because it just demoralizes everyone into accepting the elites shit.

No. 893040

Yeah that's why I could never get into conspiracy theories. Sure, a small number of people are obscenely wealthy, but they're still people who disagree, misscommunicate and/or are just plain dumb. Nothing is holistically coordinated.

No. 893062

>but they're still people who disagree, misscommunicate and/or are just plain dumb
Exactly, pretty sure all the witchcraft/Satanistic elites stuff gets pushed everywhere because it makes them seem like untouchable gods or something.

No. 893104

late as fuck reply but I agree. I lost my grandmother to cancer that popped up after she started seeing a doctor for hormone levels. I've recently started eating mostly organic, using organic tampons, etc and my period cramps have almost disappeared. And then there's my best friend who is vaccinated and has had her period 3 times in the past month and a half and is experiencing painful sex

No. 893357

I used to be a PSA and that basically sums up all of the young guys who worked there really

No. 893448

Well first of all every weather controlling conspiracy has been shot down by these soyjack mofos
How can people still deny these things

Secondly why are out of all people Arabs being allowed this they are not very considerate people with slavery going on there, if it rains where doesn't that means generally less rain for areas that rain was meant to be

No. 893449

Forgot the link

No. 893480

Every democracy which is racist and rife with islamophobia of course

No. 893482

>why are out of all people Arabs being allowed this
Oil. They own our asses, until we start drilling our own oil again.

No. 893485

Have any idea where this cloud current flying over saudi Arabia goes actually?
Bet it's a poor country

No. 893545

I mean, that is true though. Planned parenthood centers were established in black neighborhoods to “aid” minorities into getting abortions while the white population were free to do as they wish.

However, this backfired kek

Why are you here then? Leave.

No. 893819

File: 1630130210838.gif (5.11 KB, 350x286, Who-has-abortions.gif)

that doesn't make sense cause disproportionately black babies are aborted way more often then white one's, hell its cause of abortion the amount of black people in the US has constantly stayed around 12%, in certain states more black babies are aborted then born


>This much is true: In the United States, the abortion rate for black women is almost five times that for white women. Antiabortion activists, including some African-American pastors, have been waging a campaign around this fact, falsely asserting that the disparity is the result of aggressive marketing by abortion providers to minority communities.

>Black women are not alone in having disproportionately high unintended pregnancy and abortion rates. The abortion rate among Hispanic women, for example, although not as high as the rate among black women, is double the rate among whites. Hispanics also have a higher level of unintended pregnancy than white women. Black women's unintended pregnancy rates are the highest of all. These higher unintended pregnancy rates reflect the particular difficulties that many women in minority communities face in accessing high-quality contraceptive services and in using their chosen method of birth control consistently and effectively over long periods of time. Moreover, these realities must be seen in a larger context in which significant racial and ethnic disparities persist for a wide range of health outcomes, from diabetes to heart disease to breast and cervical cancer to sexually transmitted infections (STI), including HIV.

>Abortion rates have been declining in the United States for a quarter of a century, from a high of 29.3 per 1,000 women aged 15–44 in 1981 to an historic low (post-Roe v. Wade) of 19.4 in 2005. The overall number of abortions has been falling too, dropping to 1.2 million in 2005. Currently, about one-third of all abortions are obtained by white women, and 37% are obtained by black women. Latinas comprise a smaller proportion of the women who have abortions, and the rest are obtained by Asians, Pacific Islanders, Native Americans and women of mixed race (see chart).

>The abortion rates among women in minority communities have followed the overall downward trend over the three decades of legal abortion. At the same time, however, black women consistently have had the highest abortion rates, followed by Hispanic women (see chart). This holds true even when controlling for income: At every income level, black women have higher abortion rates than whites or Hispanics, except for women below the poverty line, where Hispanic women have slightly higher rates than black women.

No. 893866

File: 1630138751749.jpg (557.62 KB, 1080x2220, 20210828_101730.jpg)

This EU roadmap for countering "vaccine resistance" was updated in the last quarter of 2019 and proposes that vaccine passports are implemented in 2022, kek what a coincidence!

Plus, you can't make shit up stupider than picrel but here we are

No. 893992

Saw another outlet run that story yesterday about Japan and it was worded the same way
>Something in it, could be metal or something we don't know, but totally safe and does not point to any efficacy issue, guys!
Come the fuck on

No. 894032

Social media like reddit and tik tok are controlled by china
This whole left movement was hijacked from liberals by china

No. 894050

That's silly. Libleft thought has a very clear and easy-to-trace lineage that you can see for yourself just by browsing through something awful, tumblr, reddit, twitter, etc. posts over time. Any covert interference from institutional actors has likely been a matter of signal-boosting and sewing dissent, e.g. Russia creating fake events for BLM and far-right protests.
Same goes for the far right; bad actors have demonstrably amplified conspiratorial thought, Qanon, etc. but the ideas didn't need any help developing on their own.

No. 894094

he said he is an apprentice and he was Initiated while we were living in Fort Leavenworth. He said some soldiers get stationed there when they need to have extensive psychological evaluations. I fear he would shoot me If he caught me snooping through his stuff. He retired from the military but still works on a base as a teacher. He tells me he’s had to cancel classes because they’re taking A LOT of mostly male refugees in. He’s also willing to be fired for not taking the vaccine. He and my mother both have Covid now. Grandma also won’t take it; and she’s worked for the CDC for 20 years. I wholeheartedly believe this is a lab created weapon used to segregate and eliminate people who ask too many questions.

No. 894257

Maybe they are protecting you from “knowing too much” if your family themselves are deep in this shit and taking precautions, from what your post says.

Either way, starting to think that bat soup story is bullshit.

No. 894800

File: 1630257167650.jpeg (859.59 KB, 1125x1900, ECB0D128-41B7-4911-A3FF-A7D076…)

Our overlords want us to stay inside our homes and rot while working online and ordering shit. They also want to monitor our daily outings to see if we’re not breaking any “safety” rules. Oh and they are developing heartbeat recognition lasers now, wonder if that heart attack is actually real…


No. 894814

1-3 were cool. 4 & 5 were dystopian as fuck

No. 895049

Can't wait for the technology and gear explicitly fighting this shit.

No. 895177

File: 1630289467847.png (1.42 MB, 1125x1574, B1EC9F11-53F1-4627-AF57-D7B18C…)

Fema camps are happening (in Australia). Be careful, Aussie anons

No. 895184

>fema camps
did your mother drink while she was pregnant with you?

No. 895410

I fucking hate that this lib guy I knew told me, "Well, he's the lesser of two evils" after telling him about this video. I don't like Trump either, but how the fuck can you still vote for that freak and think, 'I did something good for the country.' The molested children salute you.

No. 895414

One anon said the same thing in the voting thread, stating “yeah Biden’s a pedo but imma vote for him because orange man badd!!!”

No. 895470

my tinfoil is that Biden deliberately let the Taliban roll in because the thought of all the little educated girls getting 'married' turns him on.

No. 895925

You know the way so often you’ll see that like “fun fact! Like 99% of people have herpes!” Thing and yet you literally never see anyone with a cold sore. Something is going on. I do not know why they are lying about herpes prevalence but they are. I’m on to them though

No. 895929

File: 1630370704487.jpeg (60.8 KB, 640x425, 880F3FBC-5F96-4481-B361-018FAD…)

This was staged.

No. 895933

Imagine not understanding American imperialism lmao

No. 896000

File: 1630376508191.jpg (373.93 KB, 1328x2536, E98sb7xXIAcudO4.jpg)

The Taliban Government now has the one of the advanced armies in the world, this is more equipment then most South American. African and Asian Milarites, This is more than the Canadian military probably.


No. 896008

Are we going to die? Do you think they will attack other countries from other continents just because? I’m honestly scared.

No. 896009

No to both

No. 896033

They have stronger milarites then most countries but that doesn't mean they are any match for even the regional powers in their region, Pakistan, Iran, Russia and China are still militarily superior to the Taliban

No. 896055

This happens every. Fucking. Time.
Afghans have been just collecting soviet and western weapons for decades now.
It would be totally hilarious… if they were water pistols. We're unfortunately far from such a better parallel reality.
They all knew what would happen to those weapons. And they still shipped them there.

No. 896060

The previous socialist government had enough sense to destroy most of the equipment when it was apparent that the Taliban was winning
They lasted for 3 full years with no outside support, while the Taliban was funded and supplied by the Saudis and Pakistani's
All the Taliban was left with was a lot of Russian Kalashnikovs, supply trucks and Helicopters that they didn't know how to maintain
now the Taliban has one of the strongest armies in the world worth over 80 Billion Dollars

No. 896066

What, did they count on others destroying their weapons? Hmmm, wonder why that didn't turn out well. How about not even sending them?

No. 896101

I mean the previous Socialist Government lasted for three years even though it had a considerably smaller army, less equipment and less support, no one expected that the Taliban would win so easily but the Afghan Army was filled mostly with petty thugs who truly didn't care about the country, just there for a payjob and some authority and nothing more


No. 896107

I'm not talking out of my ass. I was alive during that war (though a bit too preoccupied with one brewing on my own soil).
They KNEW where the weapons would end up. They're not idiots. They're opportunists. There was money in it and lives be damned.

No. 896109

I assumed that the Government could have lasted a couple years and maybe make a peace negotiation

No. 896112

Anyway I think the real issue is that the Taliban's victory will have far reaching consequences, after the utter defeat of ISIS Islamism was severely reduced as a probable military force, the only Islamic groups left were state run Iranian Shia Militias
The victory will embolden every single Islamist group in the world, "oh we Muslims are undefeatable and we can defeat the Kafirs" the entire world will see a rejuvenation of radical Jihadist groups, specifically in the region of Kashmir

No. 896117

There's nukes in the game in Kashmir. Doubt this peasant arsenal will tip the scale.

No. 896122

did you read my post, the Taliban never could support Islamist groups around the world but cause of their victory against the Soviets it still inspired hundred of Islamist groups around the world as well tens of millions of Individual Muslims

No. 896123

I read and said I doubt a particular aspect and stated the reason. The nukes. It's a pretty big reason. Nukes don't care how "emboldened" you are.

No. 896124

you know can't Nuke a terrorist group right or an insurgency

No. 896125

Pshhh yeah, nukes are totally only for show and harmless! Let's just take them out of the equation, that's smart, not thinking about the most dangerous thing, right?

No. 896262

File: 1630409551678.png (195.59 KB, 1000x1000, 4520-re.png)

Bumperoni pizza, careful out there

No. 896284

File: 1630410700273.gif (1.21 MB, 375x342, animal crossing eat.gif)

bumping. Watch out for cp. They made a thread, so stay away from the catalog

No. 896292

Extra OT but I love this gif so much.

No. 896343

File: 1630417002211.jpg (50.18 KB, 532x599, E9shBI5UcAEjnIM.jpeg.jpg)

No. 896363

we all saw the silly shit you just deleted. Go get your vaccine, you first world faggot.

No. 896364

This stuff is legit starting to sound like old propaganda. I'm not even anti-vaxx or whatever but the absolute refusal to address the actual reasons why some people are unsure about the vaccine, both from media and politicians worldwide, and instead trying really really hard to blackmail and divide people like some kind of two-class-society is very suspicious and not something people with good intentions would do.

No. 896373

File: 1630419760006.jpg (179.89 KB, 853x608, IMG_20210831_152107.jpg)

I don't want to have a racist discussion or anything but I'm watching stuff about Egypt and the Egyptians look Asian to me. Not middle Eastern Asian. I could probably find a better image to show this.

Also does anyone know why all the noses were smashed off of statues I don't

No. 896377

File: 1630419932192.png (108.23 KB, 480x960, Screenshot_20210831-034318.png)

No. 896378

a young adult survives covid but now they have to live with fucked up lungs and other things possibly ruined by covid

No. 896381

File: 1630420065102.png (238.01 KB, 480x960, Screenshot_20210831-034446.png)

No. 896382

File: 1630420243572.png (117.95 KB, 480x960, Screenshot_20210831-034655.png)

No. 896383

File: 1630420306460.jpg (396.73 KB, 1200x662, egyptiangeographic.com_1550509…)

Maybe before semitic/sub-saharian admixture they looked different. The copts are believed to be an ethnic group previous to the islamization of Egypt. These more realistic egyptian portraits look very Middle-Eastern to me tho.

No. 896384

they were black

No. 896387

Yea some of the depictions definitely look middle Eastern but some of the rulers definitely look "foreign" for lack of a better word. There was a leader with fair hair too but then aren't there fair headed south Africans? Blows my mind all this was happening before AD.

Strange to think we're in very peaceful times considering humanity's past and all the raiding and sacking of cities. I know that happened now but there's thankfully a global outcry about it now. Maybe in the future if we're not all dead humans will be as empathetic and kind as whales.

No. 896388

they look med

No. 896404

File: 1630421457511.jpg (80.89 KB, 435x331, Egyptian_four_races.jpg)

It should be noted that ancient Egyptian was ruled in various points of history by foreigners(key word being ruled, these foreigners never significantly impacted the genetics of the average population)
The First foreign rulers were the Hyksos, who the Egyptians depicted with fairer skin and big beards, at various points the south of Egypt was ruled by the Nubians and for brief periods Egypt as a whole, but the most frequent foreign occupiers were the Libyans(Berbers) who the Egyptians needed as they made up bulk of their Army

No. 896410

I wonder if any Asians would have came up the rivers of babylon, you just hear about the Mediterranean but surely there must have been some mixing from other cultures.

I wish my country had decent museums with artifacts and history about this.

No. 896499

Some Muslims from here have already left for taliban

No. 896502

Muslims destroyed it all and even the great piramid had two sphinx they were destroyed as well, something from preislamic era so it waz haram

No. 896506

Liberals and soyboys from tech industry

No. 896510

Hey guys remember when 6 gorillion people would die because of the vaccines and we would stay forever in lockdowns

No. 896524

I enjoy reading about anti-vaxxers dying of covid. I've lost count now.

No. 896693

>There was a leader with fair hair too but then aren't there fair headed south Africans?
I think you have sliped here. ''South-africans''? Don't you mean North-Africans?
Strange to think we're in very peaceful times considering humanity's past and all the raiding and sacking of cities. I know that happened now but there's thankfully a global outcry about it now. Maybe in the future if we're not all dead humans will be as empathetic and kind as whales.
Well, it seems like the elites don't need typical wars for their purposes. But I agree peace is what I wish for too.

They look semitic or north-african.

Definitely, them Ptolemaic dynasty was ethnically greek-macedonian. I can't help but laugh at nubian depictions of Cleopatra.

>I wish my country had decent museums with artifacts and history about this.
Me too, anon.

No. 896702

As someone who is an antivaxxer I enjoy it too because I don't care for fat mutts either.

No. 896900

People w the vaccine are getting covid too. I got the chicken pox vaccine as a kid and still got chicken pox twice. I don't blame ppl for wanting to just have their body fight it naturally rather than get some vaccine that was made in a rush. That being said anti vaxxers that think theres a fucking microchip tracking device are bananas

No. 896954

Admin or certain mods have definitely shadowbanned some users.

No. 896960

What do you mean by shadow banning anon, I usually hear about that on twitter

No. 896968

How the hell

No. 896970

/r/HermanCainAward is basically the only good subreddit if you can stomach the libleft smugposters.

No. 896979

My guess is she means permanently autosage. But Idk.

No. 896980

Jesus, we've had vaccines for like a year and people still don't know how they work. The vaccine is not to not catch covid, it's to not die by it like millions of people (including young, healthy persons) that had to have their "body fight it naturally". The virus is getting more and more aggresive, like with the Delta variant

No. 897003

>The vaccine is not to not catch covid
So then why have it then?

No. 897004

Bro, take a geography lesson.

No. 897054

Idk, maybe read the next sentence

No. 897056

anon literally said… vaccinated people are less likely to be hospitalised and have life threating complications if they catch covid.
people seem to forget how overrun hospitals were in the peak of the first wave i swear. hospitals were running out of ventilators and beds for covid patients. like i get having vaccine hesitancy, but it sure is nice to now have a solution for the problems we were having at the start of the pandemic

No. 897122

Anti-vaxxers were claiming that those stories were fake and that the hospitals were truly empty and that everyone who was dying of totally unrelated issues was being marked down as a COVID case for extra funding. These are people who won't get a grip on reality until a loved one dies or they end up in the ICU.

No. 897134

They were, though. There's proof of the CDC boosting numbers to fearmonger people into getting the vaccine.

No. 897277

…and that proof is?

No. 897455

So I just don't understand about the tinfoil. Like on the shoplifting Tumblr pages they say that RFID tags are still detectable through "magic bags," or shopping bags lined with foil. It apparently used to work, or still does work with older security systems (they'd have to be ancient) so what credence lends the whole "wear a tinfoil hat" thing today? People still do that shit and I can't believe they haven't read any literature about how these supposed high tech beams can't cross the tinfoil threshold but a simple RFID field can.

No. 897652

File: 1630520995854.png (235.67 KB, 1313x311, Screenshot_2021-09-01 Has anyo…)

I don't know if I just didn't notice this before, but why is it that it seems there's so much CP raids now?
I saw an anon in Lainchan wondering the same thing but in general for image boards, and other lainons were theorizing that it's some mix of trollops with honey potting. Some of them were even tinfoiling that it was governmental agencies triying to get image boards shut down to end free speech or something.
What do you guys think?

No. 897687

Actually the radical Jihadist groups, most of whom swore allegiance to ISIS still declare the Taliban as heretics
most Taliban groups follow Salafite sects of Islam and are mostly Urban young men, The Taliban follow Deobandism
Deobandism was a revisionist movement that came as a result of the defeat and Humiliation of Muslim power in the Indian subcontinent by the Sikhs, Hindus, Shias and the British, it basically sought to resist the "kafirs" by changing to a more extreme form of Islam that could be naviated within existing madhabi opinion. Madhibi rulings were favoured not based on their virtue or truth, but how it would help them resist british rule and diversify islam from Westernization. Deobandism gets its rulings from the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb's Fatawa 'Alamgiri

Salafism is similar in that it was a revivalist movement, but it exists outside of the 4 madhabs - picking and choosing rulings and opinions from all 4 - making it more erratic and inconsistent but they still declare the Taliban as being heretics mostly cause of the Taliban's rural Pashtun element

No. 897693

My favorite part about this tinfoil thread are anons getting pissy about tinfoils they think are too far-fetched. The rabbithole is deep…

No. 897731

link to that thread? I wanna read what those anons said

No. 897770

Here you go. It's not a very long thread

No. 898052

Nta but that was interesting to read, I do wonder if any boards will shut down because of the cp stuff.
I’m sure i hope I’m not wrong that nonnies don’t go around clicking the links that the bots and moids are posting, maybe it’s just the lurking scrotes that do so.
So I’m wondering if this whole thing is really just lots of unhinged waste of oxygen trying to make the sane anons leave so they can have lots of places to share their stupid shit.
I hope they all get their dicks cut vertically in half.

No. 898057

The funny thing about tinfoils is that given where technology is at today and the power/wealth of some people, most of them are at least possible. It's just a question if they are actually going through with it. But if you look at the things the nazis tried or even those done by the cia, not to mention mass surveillance which was once a "crazy tinfoil conspiracy theory by nutjobs", nothing is really too far out of reach. The people who can do these things are humans and humans are fucking crazy as we've seen demonstrated already.

No. 898172

We're in a time of "breakdown in communication" according to traditional astrology, so probably more purging and banning. Remember on reddit near election when they got rid of right wing stuff and woman only groups? (ofc woman only groups are just as dangerous as gun schizos!!).

No. 898206

I'm honestly really worried about all our communication mediums becoming digital and what all the censorship, banning, deleting, modifying and corporate controlling means for historic archival. People in a few decades will have a completely twisted (and probably in politician's and corp's favor manipulated) version of our current time. Completely erasing or twisting undesired voices and revisionism will be so damn easy, all they have to do is shut down or censor the wayback machine (where suspicious data loss is already happening) and archive.is and wait until our generation dies out or becomes senile.

No. 898229

The winners write the history books, and yes when I went to try and backup some stuff from the female only reddit subs it was mysteriously gone when I went to look up stuff after the subs were banned. I think ppl writing their own paper diaries like we always did is what will allow our future generations to get a good idea of what life was really like.

No. 898235

I think pinterest has a shitton of subliminal "check pinterest more" messages because like 3 days after starting an account I was obsessively checking it, it was like my mind wasn't my own and I'd get random impulses like nothing before.

No. 898242

I've been reading a bunch by John Taylor Gatto, and all the things he writes about modern schooling and the dumbing down of America (and the West in general) is ringing really true. The idea that modern schooling is helping to create a stratified caste-like society is horrifying. I always hated school because I didn't see the point of giving obedience blindly to my teachers, who then made me pay for it. School almost completely destroyed any love I had for learning, and engendered a deep distrust for my peers within me. If any nonnies here want to read some good tinfoil about modern schooling, I highly recommend his books. They're available through the internet archive .

No. 898253

Does he talk about being traumatized with math? Me and a few ppl I know have ended up with some kind of weird PTSD from horrible math classes/teachers/pressure. Mind blanks and start to shake level if presented with a math problem.

No. 898256

File: 1630543595926.jpg (164.97 KB, 615x569, fuckthecdc.jpg)


The CDC, y'know, the CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL, is now dictating what words you can and cannot use in everyday parlance. Fuck them and fuck anyone who supports them or even obeys them.

No. 898257

Why is that on the list? lol

No. 898265

There will be no foreigners under the NWO. We will all be global citizens.

No. 898270

>we are now called global citizens
We’ve been called that since 2015, when the nwo was slowly creeping it’s way. It’s just some of us (including myself) were too slow or just didn’t care enough to realize it.

Welcome to the new world order, fellow global citizen.

No. 898282

Thats an odd way of spelling serf.

No. 898291

Wait, so if we become the citizens of the world and we no longer have nationalities, does it mean that everyone will be able to jump from country to country just because? No more passports? And no more borders? Sounds insane if not quite dystopian knowing how the average human acts.

No. 898302

>I won't even be safe from awful scrotes in my little retirement cottage on some remote countryside village

No. 898309

>Sounds insane if not quite dystopian knowing how the average human acts.
*the average scrote
If I could just go anywhere whenever with no red tape, I'd be living it up and hanging out with my friends. It'd be awesome. Too bad males would fuck it all up.

No. 898400

What if the mark of the beast prophecy is about transhumance and AI? We know the elites are toying with the idea of combining humanity and machinery into one and doing more with virtual reality.

What if the Bible is warning us to not lose what makes us human to the machine? I can see how transhumance can help with disabilities and memory issues but what if this is how they lure us in? With sympathy and false hopes when underneath that benevolence is something sinister?

No. 898406

Don't need a chip most zoomers would sewerslide if they could never use phone and internet again.

No. 898428

>I can see how transhumance can help with disabilities and memory issues
on the one hand yes but then think of it this way, the people who refuse the new way of living will be hated on and their healthcare will get shittier. and they'd have perfectly valid reasons for refusing like religion or simply wanting to live naturally. people will start blaming them for their disabilities (when they could upgrade and opt out of it) and think they get what they deserve. then when it comes to family members/guardians not allowing the disabled person they're taking care of to upgrade (who may not understand any of it anyway) they would be hated too and maybe have their kid taken from them and forcibly altered.

anyway if the prophecy is true, I do think it will be something like that. I recently heard about this theory called Project Blue Beam, put forth by Serge monast. I suggest looking it up (preferably on duckduckgo) because it's a lot to summarize. On my own I was thinking it's weird how the govt/military reeeally wants us to believe in aliens, when UFOs are more likely military tech, then I got to wondering why. I thought maybe for more experiments on us (I think alien abductions are that) or even violence. His theory (apparently from his own research and whistleblowers? but who knows?) poses another explanation. but it's pretty crazy and I'm not sure I actually believe it. just something interesting to think about though. like, not far from now or maybe even already, they will have the technology to do something like that. to fool us anyway they want and take over. should that happen, the prophecy could be fulfilled easily. like I said I'm not sure I'm schizo enough to believe it but I'm never going to forget the possibility, because one day if not now this WILL be possible for them to do. technology is making us crazy powerful and honestly opens a lot of scary doors that some would rather we not worry about.

Oh also, something spooky: the guy who posed the theory had his kids taken away and then died of a heart attack. Of course all the conspiracy theorists fans of his think this is suspicious. I read a little of his own words when he was alive, and he had claimed that the technology exists to induce heart attacks in people. So, ironic and spooky, even as a coincidence.

No. 898626

Have tech that made ppl hear voice in their head, so I wouldn't be surprised. The simplest answer (control and greed) is usually right.

No. 898703

Supposedly nasa has heart lasers that detect a person’s heartbeat without the need for face-recognition, according to the world economic forum. It somewhat confirmed it for me that the heart attack guns might be real.

No. 898732

File: 1630600625245.png (528.38 KB, 1079x948, vt.png)

No. 899387

File: 1630686347222.jpeg (69.55 KB, 342x341, BF8BA436-15FA-4EF4-BC33-ADFA99…)

New pic for next thread! Found it on the ‘unpopular opinions about cows’ thread. It’s okay, nonnas. I feel sorry for us and you too for not waking up.

No. 900459

File: 1630780063540.png (65.01 KB, 694x396, Screenshot 2021-09-04 2.25.54 …)

What do anons think of the two FDA officials resigning over Biden's booster plans?


No. 900521

Two vaccine experts think it's going to be such a shit show that they are prepared to walk away from two high paying jobs.

No. 900592

That the booster shot is bad news. Welp, it was nice knowing y’all

No. 900731

One or both of them will die before the start of 2022. Death will be ruled a suicide or of "natural causes".

No. 901255

That's a great idea anon, I think I will get some spare notebooks now

No. 901300

Probably via Havana disease, much more classy then just sh**ting them.

No. 901454

File: 1630880522097.jpeg (439.93 KB, 1186x2108, C1D84BEC-CA06-405A-B53D-AB56DC…)

Brand in picrel is a 100% a front. Friend who got “scouted” by them confirmed it. Epstein-lite operation going on.

No. 901479

Creepy, but over instagram some girls at school received direct messages telling them to come to an apartment in London for a 'modelling opportunity', and telling them how beautiful they were. They were 14 at the time.

No. 901525

Out of curiosity I started clicking on the girl's tagged profiles and all of them have <100 posts. Really strange.

No. 902522

I've been thinking, after reading about how the vacs are 99% graphene oxide and how 5g triggers it in ppl, will we have a worldwide Rwanda event? Sometime in 2022 I think since that's when shits going down astrologically.

No. 904893

File: 1631172848846.jpeg (251.62 KB, 977x1336, 75E06272-D325-4BF6-A3D6-A10D58…)

My fellow schizo tinfoil anons… I got my 2 pfizer shots because of family pressure. I regret it but I'm pretty sure I'll be ok… right? whatever the case I'm never getting any more I don't care if it's like flu shots, since I have a super low risk of dying anyway this whole thing felt pointless. Do you think this method is ok though or am I already screwed (in your opinion) for getting it and anyone like me

pic related added to contribute more than a blog. if they are likely testing unvaxed more than the vaxed, then it stands to reason who is counting higher cases, right? sneaky

No. 904905

I got both pfizer shots and regret it honestly. I got them in june so I'm probably fine. but still.

No. 904912

>nothing’s wrong and nothing happened
>but I regret it

No. 904916

I am just afraid there is going to be some latent affect that we're not aware of yet

No. 904918

Fair enough. But I think we will be okay, anon.

No. 904943

File: 1631177353486.png (665.73 KB, 576x576, 6Bld35ry.png)

only TlNfoil lf you get comedy 0ut of a TlNfoiI(namefag)

No. 905039

>healthy person has a mild or completely asymptomatic case of covid, or never catches it in the first place
>is perfectly fine without the vaccine
This makes pro-vaxxers SEETHE. This is inconceivable and frustrating to them, it goes right against the fear mongering that pressured them into their decision. Because it means that they got the jab for nothing.
It's like women that get angry when I tell them I don't get pap exams because I am young and don't have a risk of cancer in my family, so I am extremely low risk. Also, because I don't poison my body with birth control, doctors have nothing to carrot and stick me to force me to. Other women get INFURIATED with me and mean because they let a doctor finger rape and scrape their vaginas yearly for a fat paycheck and they let themselves get brainwashed into thinking it's for their own good. Stupid women seeing their body as cancer ticking time bombs. Retarded crabs in a bucket morons. Cry more, my body my choice

No. 905047

(Sane) pro-vaxxers know very well young, healthy people are generally affected only mildly. But it's not only about getting vaxxed for your own safety, but also for protecting vulnerable people around you and giving the virus less chance to spread and develop into more dangerous types. As long as the virus is still going around because half the world isn't vaxxed yet, we still risk the virus developing into a version that could be lifethreatening for people of any age. I'm not saying it's as black and white as "vaxx good, anti-vaxx bad" but it's also far more nuanced than "young people are healthy and unaffected so they don't need it". Refusing to acknowledge it isn't that simple makes you seem like the seething moron really.

No. 905054

Nah, it'll just evolve over and over like the flu and be something that only kills the vulnerable. Also, enjoy your Antibody Dependent Enhancement while my immune system is stronger

No. 905099

that doesn't sound that bad tbh. Natural selection always culled the weak and humanity always evolved. That also includes finding a cure to a virus. This time you can kill two birds with one stone since the culled ones will be the anti-vaxxers which means less retarded people in the world

No. 905103

Stfu you are unfortunately a retard. You don't understand biology, biochemistry or molecular biology. You have no idea how immunity works. You haven't a fucking clue.

No. 905104

I'll enjoy my natural immunity while you get your booster shots every 6 months and we will both be happy. No need for hostility

No. 905106

pardon me, anon?

No. 905118

Send me your newest mobile phone so I can 5gkms

No. 905128

This would make sense if the vaccine stopped people from being infected but it doesn't. The only benefit it has is that it makes it slightly less likely that someone will suffer from more severe covid symptoms. Any potential benefit isn't permanent or long lasting. Isreal has some of the highest vaccination rates in the world and they are going to give their citizens a fourth booster shot for a vaccine that hasn't even been available for two years. It's time to admit that the vaccine doesn't work and is a waste of time and money. Getting reinjected every few months is not sustainable and all it's doing making Pfizer billions in profit. Drug companies including Pfizer are already making tablet based covid treatments.

No. 905134

File: 1631196495925.jpg (83.24 KB, 702x432, Screenshot 2021-09-09 090213.j…)

Has anyone else seen this weird shit happening to songbirds in the midwestern US? An unknown disease is infecting their eyes and causing them to act erratically. The Department of Natural Resources in my state has ruled out all common illnesses and parasites. The birds are dying in droves, either from the disease itself or because they're too blind to see what they're flying into. I basically live in the epicenter of this and hear them hitting the windows of my house multiple times a week now. I'm not going to lie, it's scary as fuck, and I'm convinced this is only going to keep getting worse. Not just local birds, but wild animals everywhere, are just going to start spontaneously dying out from newly developed diseases. The bees mysteriously disappearing was only a warning.

No. 905136

Did you know some plague or pandemics can last decades some even centuries. It's not outlandish to have boosters when we have scientists tracking the virus and the mutations. Reading a genome doesn't take long and even uni students get access to the technology as it's cheap af these days and the future of medicine having more tailored medication so we don't encourage antimicrobial resistance.

Really I wish people would understand how deadly covid is. Do people really deny that young healthy people have died because of this disease? Do people not realise how scary some of the long term effects of long covid is? I bet these same people have no qualms with painkillers. And I never see any of the anti vaxxers having any issue with the fact that social media influencers can come out with vitamins etc but that's not evil or worrying!

Do people honestly think every scientist is in on the conspiracy? That there are no smart people left that are able to research and understand vaccines and efficacy and how it's been a global effort to reduce the impacts of this virus. It's actually sad that governments are crumbling to public pressure to stop telling us how to he safe and give us guidelines. I really don't see covid ever ending and I blame the "non conformists" sharing all their bullshit articles to each other and their unfounded opinions so they can feel superior.

Like if you truly think everyone that got the vaccine is destined to die, take a look at your peers. Are all you ones on the dole, or in shit jobs going to run the world when we're all dead? Is that the grand reset that illiterate cunts are going to call the shots? So fucking retarded!

No. 905143

yeah, I have. my house has large windows and lots of houseplants so it happens often anyway but I noticed this year they aren't dying from the impact. none of them are, and usually they would have. I didn't think anything of it until I read your post but that might be because they aren't diving into what they think is a tropical oasis, they're just flying around blind? so strange

No. 905146

The bees aren't mysteriously dying, pollution is killing them.

No. 905147

Nobody cares that much about you. No one has ever seethed about you. No one will ever will seethe about you, except maybe your unfortunate mother. Not a single person on this here planet Earth will be bothered by some dumb American bitch dying because she thought she was above getting a check up.

No. 905150

>Like if you truly think everyone that got the vaccine is destined to die, take a look at your peers. Are all you ones on the dole, or in shit jobs going to run the world when we're all dead? Is that the grand reset that illiterate cunts are going to call the shots? So fucking retarded!

That's the shit that grinds my gears!Why do people think the vaccines were made to kill us if most people die from fucking covid and not from the vaccine. We're most useless to the government when we're dead so why would scientists, politicians etc. want us to be dead? If anything, they would've just downplayed covid and let the virus flourish if they were really dead set on having as many deaths as possible.

No. 905154

>If anything, they would've just downplayed covid and let the virus flourish if they were really dead set on having as many deaths as possible.
adjusts edgelord glasses
And that's why I voted Trump and got the vaccine

No. 905157

My tinfoil is that the vaccines won't outright kill people, but cause health complications down the line so they will need to be more dependent on medications and pharmaceuticals to survive rather than living life without them so pharma has more customers and can come out with more "life-saving" treatments.

No. 905161

The fatality rate is .02% total. This number includes the elderly and those with co-moralities are skewing this number higher. So for a young healthy person, their likelihood of dying once inflected is less than .02%. It can kill people, but there's an extremely small chance.
Do you have the same concern for fatal car accidents? Maybe we should all start using horse and buggys again because those are safer than cars - experienced and safe drivers may get into a fatal car crash!

No. 905162

They're still looking for the specific pathogen that's causing the symptoms in this cluster, but the overall profile of the disease is pretty similar to a previously known bird disease called House Finch eye disease. There was an epidemic of House Finch eye disease among songbirds in the Eastern US during the 90s, and the way it presents has a lot in common with the current outbreak: crusty, swollen eyes and disorientation (although not the more advanced neurological symptoms we're currently seeing).

They were able to dramatically curb rates of House Finch eye disease by telling people to sanitize or take down their bird feeders and birdbaths, which prevents transmission by limiting contact between birds. It's looking like the current illness is similarly affected by removing bird feeders/baths, so there's a good chance that the situation will improve dramatically once more of the population does so. The problem is that it's hard to distribute this information, since most people who put out a bird feeder don't exactly have a habit of browsing bird news sites. It's frustrating, but we're most likely stuck just waiting for the information to filter down to most people through local news or larger websites.

No. 905166

Anon, seriously properly have a wee think with your daft head there will you. One of the main issues is currently how unhealthy populations are when left to their own management and how hospitals can not handle the sheer amount of ill people dependent on them.

I'm not a burger but I visited America and was absolutely astounded by the amount of fat fucks everywhere. I can understand why the average American does not want to nationalise their health service, could you imagine paying tax to keep all those fat fucks alive?? That's why your diabetes medication is so fucking expensive in the states. The government doesn't need to create ill people, there's too many to handle. Governments want healthy sufficient people so they can collect tax off them and have a booking economy. There is a conspiracy why the government is so hell bent on keeping people alive and that's so they can take your money.

No. 905167

>Do you have the same concern for fatal car accidents?
Not that anon but I do wear a seatbelt

No. 905169

Show me how you got that figure.

No. 905170

Booming not booking*

No. 905174

>I wish people would understand how deadly covid is
And I'd wish to see in what world it is a deadly disease for young non-fat people. Step outside for a bit, people aren't collapsing in the streets like in those Chinese videos. It's safe and healthy to get some sunlight.

No. 905176

4,550,000 deaths resulting from 219,000,000 cases per Google. Oops, I'm an idiot, that figure would actually be 2%.
Regardless, as I said the elderly and those with co-morbidities greatly skew that number higher, so for a healthy young person, the fatality rate is still much less than 2%.

No. 905184

I've been outside during covid, I just happen to actually sanitise my hands and be cautious. I've been to restaurants and out for drinks. I mingle with friends. I've known people in their 40s that have died I am in my 30s. There have been double figures of 20 something year olds in my locality that have died. A pregnant woman in her 20s died and the baby survived. I've known people that have had viral surgeries pushed back because of covid too. I'm going to go out on a limb and say I've probably had more grass touching than you this past week. The vaccine is safer than covid.

No. 905185

Can you source your figures and the demographics?

No. 905188

File: 1631199695216.png (67.12 KB, 787x615, Screenshot 2021-09-09 11.01.19…)

Google, worldwide cases

No. 905190

File: 1631199859629.png (100.96 KB, 768x768, hwn1d93xivx21.png)

And yet, here you are, coping and seething. Enjoy your trauma bonding

No. 905193

Around 1.3 million die in car accidents globally per year and it is a law to wear a seat belt. A lot of those deaths would have been avoidable too and down to negligence of the driver.

4 million die out of 219 million cases and anon doesn't find it concerning. A lot of those deaths would have been avoided if guidelines would have been followed. But yeah saying 2% doesn't seem like much, but interesting that no one thinks it's a conspiracy to wear a seat belt when 1.3 million out of 6 billion is what?

No. 905194

Demographics though of populations?

No. 905201

File: 1631200469273.png (53.2 KB, 798x254, Screenshot 2021-09-09 11.13.33…)

>1.3 million out of 6 billion is what?
You can't compare 1.3 million deaths from car crashes to the total population of 6 billion, you have to compare it to the total amount of car crashes.

It's a worldwide figure. The demographic is everyone on earth who was infected with COVID.
But here are some specifics for the United States. People under 29 have a higher chance of dying from pneumonia than COVID.

No. 905209

Lemme guess, all >30 BMI. I ain't discussing this crap with amerifats anymore.

No. 905211

Not to talk about how many of those "covid deaths" are by literally any cause with a positive test in the previous month(s), 3 months in my country's case. A couple months ago all news outlets were screeching for a 6 or 7yo kid who died "with" covid. Turned out the kid drowned but he tested positive like a month before.

No. 905215

Pedestrians die by cars, passengers die by cars, everyone gets effected and not every accident gets reported.

I'd rather take my chance with being double jabbed than lifting all restrictions and letting a virus that can kill indiscriminately even more freedom. As far as I know there haven't been boosters offered, but if I can read the research articles about them and they're offered freely I'd be open to them too. I have immunocompromised relatives and I feel a moral duty to help mitigate the spread.

No. 905256

How does this address anything I said? Did you even read the post? I never mentioned the fatality rates of covid, I simply pointed out that the current vaccines are not a long term solution because they do not prevent spread of covid and do not prevent people from dying of covid. It lowers the risk of dying and that's it. The vaccine manufacturers themselves know this, governments know this. That is why alternative treatments are being developed because constantly revaccinating a large population is not sustainable.

No. 905367

NTA but doany vaccines prevent the spread of viruses beyond fighting it off sooner so there’s less time to spread?

> do not prevent people from dying of covid.

> It lowers the risk of dying and that's it.
pick one

No. 905444

>NTA but doany vaccines prevent the spread of viruses beyond fighting it off sooner so there’s less time to spread?
There are many well developed vaccines that offer lifelong immunity. Formerly lethal childhood diseases have been almost wiped out in the west by sucessful vaccination programs. I'm not anti-vax, it's just very obvious that the current covid vaccines are not working.

>pick one

Are you ESL? To prevent something means to stop it entirely. To lower risk means it makes something less likely to happen.

No. 905449

Nta but those aren't mutually exclusive things. Vaccines aren't a 100% foolproof way to prevent dying but it does lower the risk or dying.

No. 905464

You didn’t even address what I said. Having immunity isn’t the same as the virus not spreading. And some people still die from those diseases while being vaccinated.

>To prevent something means to stop it entirely

This isn’t vidya you retard. in real life nothing ever stops people from dying 100%. Everyone says seatbelts prevent people from dying. Lower chances of death from something is prevention. If you would have died without the vaccine but you got it and didn’t, it prevented you from dying.

No. 905503

>in real life nothing ever stops people from dying 100%
No, it doesn't indeed, did I say that? My point is that anon doesn't have to pick one.

No. 905511

So is that why governments are struggling to curb obesity in children and adults? Because they want them immobile, sick and dependent?

No. 905527

Here, let me explain it for you slowly

>OP says that covid vaccines don’t 100% prevent people from dying from Covid

>this statement implies that other vaccines do
>they do not, which means Covid vaccine is acting the same way as the vaccines OP is comparing it to
>OP’s logic is inconsistent

On top of that, literally everyone uses “prevent” and “prevention” when discussing things that aren’t 100%. I can not even find a definition anywhere of prevention that says that includes absolutely no chance of that thing happening anyway

No. 905534

That's my tinfoil, or else governments would have banned or set more regulations on processed foods that lead to health problems…or spend more time trying to get grocery stores into food deserts or food delivery programs for people in rural areas so poorer people have better access to healthy foods.
Healthy people don't need much medicine or medical treatments. Pharma has a huge lobbying presence in government. Unhealthy people typically need regular medications for whatever ailments they have. The more unhealthy people there are, the more people that need medical care, and the more money pharma can make.

No. 905574

Have you considered the fact that most governments are made of fat unhealthy people?
It's hardly a conspiracy if they're doing it to themselves too. People are just pigs and will eat whatever garbage. Powerful politicians and businesspeople included.
People that don't care for their own bodies get elected and you're surprised they don't care about anyone else's body either and think it's a conspiracy?

I have noticed tinfoilers often give people more credit than they can possibly deserve. Like this, turning fat idiot slobs into strategic masterminds.

No. 905615

it was a way of dishonoring former rulers in ancient Egyptian for various political reasons


No. 905851

>(Sane) pro-vaxxers
Hol up

No. 905859

The sugar corporations have a huge lobbying presence as well. That's why you never see a percentage of your daily recommended allowance on anything that has sugar in it. Also food deserts are sometimes caused by shitty neighborhoods staying shitty on purpose. I've seen it happen.

No. 905966

>Implying governments are made of smart people
Your average politician is dumber than a rock, they're just good puppets and actors.

No. 906140

…that's exactly what I wrote. That they're fat idiot slobs. Idk how you managed to completely misread my post, it was very clear.

No. 906374

Biden and Pelosi aren’t fat.

No. 907176

File: 1631376034182.jpg (499.65 KB, 1024x2649, Screenshot_20210911_175251.jpg)

Old milk but since it came up in the Twitter Hate thread, I realize most people don't know the millions of dollars and man hours poured into creating social division on social media. Picrel is from a 2018 round up of articles https://medium.com/dfrlab/trolltracker-twitter-troll-farm-archives-8d5dd61c486b interesting all the Twitter blog posts they linked have been updated and scrubbed of admission of negligence from Twitter.
My personal tinfoil is that women are currently being divided in exactly this way by the gender ideology wave, because second wave feminism brought us too close to true power and reform. If they keep us fighting amongst ourselves about Alok McPedo and Caster Semenya and Shinji Paige we have no attention left to focus on fucking abortion rights being taken away.

No. 907248

Because it’s easier to control if those divide people by race, sex, and other ideologies so none of the “commoners” stand up against them in the real issues - classism and impending nwo.

I’ve read that people were starting to realize the real issues with tptb and were waking up until covid kicked in.

No. 907986

Friendly reminder that the government had some involvement with 9/11

No. 908022

divide and conquer

I know I shouldn't lurk /pol/ but I get the feeling those "talichad" pro-taliban memes are from glowies because they read easily like recruitment propaganda

No. 908064

reminder to watch The New Pearl Harbor, it's available on youtube anonitas

No. 908279

You can see pro taliban memes on twitter as well either by leftists accounts or bot accounts

No. 908285

well, same principle it doesn't seem natural… I mean I'm sure quite a few of them are made to be edgy but some just give this feeling like I described

No. 908356

Both sides hate women equally. The left will either reduce you to prostitute because it's so empowering or leave you to be taken as muslim sex slave because not doing so would be racist and islamophobic. The right will have you married to an ugly incel or gross old man because women belong in the kitchen raising children.

No. 908439

Preach, anon

No. 908440

Right. Even on LC I've seen some spergs like "reee men can't be leftists"

No. 908538

Is this a bird or a corpse?

No. 908591

Do hanged corpses actually swing that much? I always thought that was a dramatic movie thing, since bodies are so heavy.

No. 908596

if it is a body, it is most likely a dwarf's who played as a munchkin though so who knows? i'm willing to believe it's a body since they edited it out of subsequent dvd releases

No. 908600


Tell us something we don't know anon, even the dollar bill notes tell the story of 9/11. Even Monsters Inc and Simpsons and other shit featured 9/11 before 2001. It was in the works for years.

Also the towers represent the masonic pillars Jachin and Boaz. Look up what they are and their meaning - you'll be surprised. Also the guy who built the towers / designed them ect he was a mason too.

No. 908609


Don't scare me anon. I have no got one single vaccination yet. I've got a bad case of heart palpitations right now and other health issues so until those are sorted I refuse to get the vaccine. I'm scared honestly like of the blood clot shit. My grandfather died from a clot to the heart and I'm hella wary.

No. 908612

I'm 99% sure the footage in that video has been edited so that the shadow is there

No. 908616


It makes no sense to take a vaccine just to go to a club and still get the same virus. Not even one vaccine but TWO and it may be THREE soon.

It's a joke

I'm waiting until 2023 to see what's up because that'll be the end of all this hog shit. Also the end of the vaccine trials.

No. 908636

>the end of the vaccine trials
That's cute that you think our governments are willingly going to give up this disgusting power they've given themselves. China releases a man-made virus and suddenly all our governments care about is forcing you to take a vaccine that's never been tested/was rushed through production. Notice how NOBODY in ANY government has demanded China give reparations or even be taken to some sort of Nuremberg-style trial?

No. 908637

>hey, George W Bush
>hi, it's nice to see you again Matt Groening. Hey, how's your show going?
>pretty good, though we plan to make the first episode of Season 9 other only good episode, y'know?. By the way, you know how you plan to bomb the twin towers in September?
>well, you see, I snuck a little easter egg behind the scenes. Well, you know the first episode of the 9th season I just talked about? Well, I snuck in a little reference to the twin towers and the exact date
>hahahha God, that's so funny. I bet that's gonna piss people off years to come

No. 908639

File: 1631458748377.png (85.85 KB, 1089x474, Screenshot 2021-09-12 10.57.45…)

Why stop at three when you can have four?
And they HOPE it works, kek. Not that controlled clinical trials would be able to tell you that… so instead of course governments will force it on everyone and hope for the best.
Pfizer executives are laughing all the way to the bank.

No. 908643

No. 908647

They should be focusing on fully vaxxing the world first before giving 3rd ard 4th shots. There's no point in doing that as long as whole countries are sitll 99% unvaxxed and the virus can still go round freely.

No. 908666

The virus can still go around freely among the vaxed haven't you been paying attention?

No. 908668

Gonna be honest, I hate anti-vaxxers and conspiracy idiots but that shit is nearly picking me

No. 908866

the headline doesn't mean much. people with fucked up immune systems might need 4 or more doses who knows.

No. 908907

No reparations because as
usual the US is highly implicated, see Peter Daszak

Come to nonnie, nonnie

No. 909770

Wtf, I wanted to know more about Weimar Germany because usually you only hear about the Nazis and I was curious. I found this article and it sounds like a nightmare world but the way this is written, it's mostly lighthearted and almost admiring in tone? In an article that covers child prostitution and many other terrible things? Am I insane for sensing this…?
For a greater tinfoil, I think even though things are not that bad yet, we are living in a time like that again and it's going to get worse… I'm not a nazi so I thought the edgelords were exaggerating when they compared now to then, yes they were but I'm honestly frightened when huge parts of the west are increasingly inching towards this stuff. Seeing the ddlg threads and the push for legal prostitution it's been making me feel sick. I don't feel any comfort knowing there's nothing new under the sun.

No. 909910

the lolcow discord group does not voice verify because on of the admins is a legit criminal hiding from police.
she was the admin of groups like scum manifesto and dark triad women. she admitted to abusing men and straight up killing them for money. when she started grooming mentally ill girls she got exposed on reddit and suddenly shut down the groups. when i try to look up those subreddits they are privated or banned. the discord groups are deleted. does anybody else know more?

No. 909912

>she was the admin of groups like scum manifesto and dark triad women. she admitted to abusing men and straight up killing them for money. when she started grooming mentally ill girls she got exposed on reddit
pics or gtfo

No. 909918

what's up with mentally ill bitches and becoming abusive towards other women and grooming them, it's not the only case and why do they insist calling themselves feminists although they sexually traffick women. I think feminism is dying. Liberal feminism has been appropriated by women that tell other women to get naked for men and sexually liberate themselves. Now radical feminism is being appropriated by all sorts of women with sociopathic tendencies. Look at all tradthots becoming radfems

No. 909919

I've been comparing what's happening now to the Weimar Republic for years. The far left assumes that they're untouchable and that there will never be a swing back to the far right. History says otherwise.

No. 909943


No. 909948

>she admitted to abusing men and straight up killing them for money

A professional killer? Kek anon really? We need proof other than your insane mind.

No. 910015

The covid vaccine does not work like other vaccines. When given the shot it distributes throughout your body, which is why there can be various potential side effects after getting it. The concerning thing about this though is that while the distribution wanes over time, it does not in female reproductive organs. This vaccine is experimental in nature and I can’t help but worry what the long term effects will be in children and teenagers, not to mention pregnant women as there’s already been some reports of women loosing their babies. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that those who are most at risk should get the vaccine, and I most definitely did myself. However I now question if it’s necessary to vaccinate everyone when we don’t fully know how it will effect us in the future.

No. 910038

This is the common sense take yet it will get you labelled as an insane antivaxxer. People vulnerable to covid should take the vaccine because the benefits outweigh the risks. This may or may not be true for the general population, we just don't know. Taking the covid vaccine isn't the same as taking something like the MMR vaccine where there is decades of data. The truth is that no one knows what the long term effects will be. Emerging evidence indicates that it isn't effective at stopping the spread of covid.

No. 910062

I think covid is being used as a scapegoat for the chaos that's going to come from the Earth's magnetic fields shifting. Mental and physical illnesses that come from changing electromagnetic fields are just long covid, even of you never had covid, and long covid is basically pick and choose your own symptoms bc it includes so many side effects. The rich are stepping down and printing money, all building bunkers, Jeff Bezos has a bunker in a mountain and a launchpad. Cyclic environmental destruction is documented in all ancient texts and why the oldest civilizations are all at high altitudes.

No. 910070

That's why I roll my eyes when women think you're an idiot for not jumping to getting the vaccine right away. It can likely have permanent effects on our reproductive system, which is extremely delicate and affects the rest of our body too. I'd rather just wait until we know the long-term side effects. Vaccines and medications aren't made with women in mind.

No. 910072

File: 1631541433019.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 53.56 KB, 770x1047, image-asset.jpeg)

I saw a (poorly made) documentary about Kim Noble years ago and from time to time I still think about her. She is very mentally ill (suffers from DID, allegedly) because of severe childhood trauma. Later in life she started painting and some of her paintings are clearly about an organized pedophile ring. Recently I learned that apparently there was an interview of her that's been deleted everywhere, where she mentions her abusers being tied to mkultra or something similar. Anyone know if the interview really exists or has actually seen it?

This had been debunked already. The ondest version of the scene is actually the one with the bird. This video has been edited afterwards to make people talk.

No. 910078

The fact you're talking about "the vaccine" despite there being multiple made from varying techniques makes your whole post unbelieveable, whether you have a point or not.

I do agree though, like another anon said, that vaccines and medication aren't made with women in mind.

No. 910098

So true and so sad. I’ve already been labeled antivaxx even though I’ve already been vaccinated. Make it make sense.

I was referring to the study from Japan on the Pfizer vaccine. It was released under the freedom of information act. While there are variations of the vaccine the point remains it’s worrying women aren’t being fully considered.

No. 910111

It's been mentioned before that women were included in the trials yet here you are claiming the opposite again. Everyone's a doctor nowadays, it seems.

No. 910165

But were there studies of long-term effects were done on women's reproductive systems? or did they treat men and women exactly the same during the trials?

No. 910276

Ye I know all about Peter and his stupid blathering and blurting out all this stuff about coronavirus a few months before it escaped the lab. Him and Fauci are pure, 90-proof retards.

No. 910278

The pendulum will swing back, and HARD. I'm so excited.

No. 910409

When do you think it's going to happen?

No. 910460

Better be in the next few years. I'm sick of everything being made in China.

No. 910496

It’s a study on the biodistribution, as mRNA vaccines work differently. I’m not claiming women were completely left out of the trials, only that some of the emerging data now is concerning over how it stays within the ovaries.

No. 910924

90-proof only makes them 45% retarded

No. 911013

File: 1631586435984.jpeg (390.15 KB, 828x927, 284BE266-BAAF-43C5-9051-37870C…)

No. 911070

gen Z hitting their mid-late 20's maybe and when gen Alpha starts reeling from all the bullshit and comes of age. About the time when transgender kids documentaries start coming out exposing insane parents and leftist ideals.

No. 911276

Probably not considered a conspiracy by many people but
Elites are making muslims immigrate in large numbers to all societies so that middle and lower class stays engaged essentially creating a hierarchical based society just like it is India based on castes
While they live in gated communities
Also i don't buy for a second that elites are any less racist or any less fanatical about religion as they were back in the day

No. 911371

I’ve had meals with a few millionaires and serve upper class pigs for my job. These people will casually discuss eugenics for the mentally Ill over dinner, like they don’t also suffer from retardation. They enjoy sharing their “valuable” opinions on everything, especially race; even if the majority of their employees are minorities. Most of these people are intentionally out of touch because they are narcissistic. The attitude that anyone who isn’t rich deserves the suffering that may come from poor living and working conditions because they are inherently lazy, unfocused, and stupid; and that the rich deserve their excessive luxuries because they were “chosen” and “worked hard” screams caste to me. I’ve seen enough nepotism and heard enough grandiose speeches to know these people are only out for themselves. Altruism is just a back up.

No. 911413

Second conspiracy is this whole sex trafficking is connected
Women from Asia particularly south Asia southeast Asia get kidnapped and then sex trafficked to some rich arab country where they are torture toys for these sheikh same goes for women in the west, i think they end up in the same place
These pedos and rich rapists go for exotic also because it's safer for them and basically no one is looking for them where they are
These women end up being sex slaves in some dungeon
Politicians are paid to look the other way
I read it somewhere some rich arab sheikh goes to different countries mainly where there is muslim community and rents a bride for a vacation parents of these girls give them up for money or either because Arabs are top in hierarchy of muslim society
These girls go for honeymoons with sheiks, mostly underage

No. 911420

>17 Reasons Why Germany’s Weimar Republic Was a Party-Lovers Paradise
>Some of Weimar’s greatest artists loved painting mutilated women’s bodies.
>Instead, the people of Weimar Germany developed a fascination for so-called lustmord, that is lust-fueled murders, ideally of pretty young women by spurned lovers.

They can't be fucking serious, right?

No. 911438

This is true. There are many international sex rings going on right in our faces. I met someone who was child prostitute and she would tell me how so many celebrities and politicians go on trips to poor countries like Brazil or Thailand and have sex with minors. She personally had a sugar daddy type relationship with a certain politician in a country I will not name. The police in many of these places are more than aware but they don't care since the money is good and will silence the ones who speak out. People who still deny this is a reality are idiotic.

No. 911450

Is it bad that I'm pretty optimistic about most stuff, except the rise of take away food (modern slavery for bike delivery men, increase of obesity) and the heartbeat recognition tracking (for obvious reasons) ?
I'm especially excited about the hybrid school thing, as our learning methods are very outdated, and you can easily compact an 1 long class to a 15 min video, and have better understanding with animated graphs, etc.

No. 911454

Then they're a bajillion-proof.

No. 911458

No because not everyone learns the same. Having everyone just stare at a screen is pathetic and lazy. Some students need to be physically engaged, some need visual stimuli to focus, etc.

No. 911472

File: 1631632030806.jpeg (42.71 KB, 620x413, images (29).jpeg)

I'm a retarded who lives under a rock, so can someone explain to me which part of this "theory" is supposed to be outlandish? Is it the idea that it'd literally all traffic would be connected? I'm from a shithole third world and it's common knowledge that women are tricked to go to richer countries with the premise of work and are actually forced into prostitution, same with there being "sex tourism" aka foreigners coming here for prostitute including underaged ones. The average citizen might only know about it in vague terms, but authorities are of course involved in the same way they must be for drug and guns trafficking to efficiently happen

No. 911483

This feels like it was written by a they/them burger. Weimarer Republic era germany was quite poor and suffering from the consequences of WWI (which is why the nazi party and all the scapegoating was such a success in the first place) and degeneracy was frowned upon (due to the extremely disciplinary Prussian elders still being alive or having influenced their kids) but ignored since people had bigger issues to deal with just to survive.
And those murder cases didn't sell so much because germans were bloodthirsty and wild or whatever the fuck that article tries to say, but because it was reported and caught so rarely (especially in non-cities) and not on the news daily like nowadays, so it felt more personal and people were scared when it happened.

No. 911485

I wish, kek

No. 911587

Let's be honest many of these rings have charities as thier fronts

There have been cases where orphanages were trafficking women to some other country and then they were sold in to sex slavery or prostitution
Same case with women shelters some of them atleast
Because it's charity no one bat's an eye or looks into detail how funds are being spent and no one tracks (specially at orphanages)
People that have no one in their life

Many billionaires "donate" funds to charities but ultimately they get to decide what is done with those funds example to get a foot in door of a top uni, to get influence in a particular society or even to launder their money in that charity
Its not taxable and they can even hire their own people to do shit
I am sure charities or organisations such as open society aren't really charities it's just a hack from tax system or a front to something bad

No. 911609

While I don't necessarily believe this, I don't think it is an absurd idea either. It's not a secret that charities can be shady as fuck to say the least, even if they are doing something like adopting children into well meaning families, why wouldn't pedophiles take advantage of that specially if they are loaded

No. 911904

File: 1631650538410.jpeg (34.99 KB, 500x444, D_ul8fgVUAAWxoj.jpeg)

Look up Laura Silsby and her "work" in Haiti. Also Elpida which had picrel as their logo until they changed it for…reasons. They also have ties to the Clintons.

No. 911915

I knew a girl whose brother was in the military and he told her there were so many young girls(like 10-14) prostituting. I’ve also worked for a very rich Greek man for a few years and he was the sleaziest person I’ve ever met. There were so many sick things he did, especially back in the day. Won’t go into details for privacy. My point being though, being based in Greece is sketchy.
don’t come for me Greek anons

No. 911931

No. 912186

File: 1631665200542.png (1.67 MB, 2000x851, libs.png)

This has to be Canada's most toxic election ever. Every single day there's a new story about Justin Trudeau getting followed, heckled or assaulted on the campaign trail or the Liberal candidates getting heckled, assaulted, having their property vandalized, signs vandalized with hate speech, etc. People are blaming everything on angry right-wingers or anti-vaxxers but I'm convinced all of this is orchestrated and fake.

No. 912188


That’s the Kaleigi plan

It’s been in the works for years

No. 912197


Funny you say this anon…

I remember seeing some video reaction on hoodsite of a black guy in shock speak about this. He was stammering and stuttering in pure shock how women on the dark web ect are in cages and kids. It’s all under the Getty museum and parts of Asia. Underground and in warehouses that have so much security. Something is going on and there is the conspiracy of meat being made out of poor people.

And also - has anyone seen the Netflix movie called “Level 16”

It’s insane and I couldn’t sleep

Girls snatched as babies and raised in this warehouse. They’re told to keep youthful and clean. Pure. And they’re being reared like cattle, it’s a farm. Their faces are taken for rich people. Rich women.

The girls are killed because they’re put to sleep, on drugs at night then taken to some room for elite to look at them and then if selected the girl is killed. And then her face is taken and it’s planted on some rich woman’s…

It’s so so fucked up

I wonder if this shit happens and I wouldn’t be surprised if it does

No. 912211

Left loves to play victim, they probably realized their time was coming up and trying to rally liberal voters with a martyr shtick. Honestly I think this election blackpilled lots of ppl on politics. I think ppl are realizing that no matter which party gets elected, the party always gets bought out by megacorps looking to profit.

No. 912213

Do you mean the brown ppl becoming the lowest cast? Bc atleast where I am all the brown immigrants are engineers and drs, they're the ones making the money.

No. 912219

File: 1631666475441.jpg (117.68 KB, 1280x720, 1628883972660.jpg)

Brainwashing is used to create pleasure slaves definitely. Most elites are men and you know how men are like use money to enact all their sick fantasies. I read about a girl who was kidnapped and trained to act like a dog for "puppy play" and then got lobotomized to complete "the fantasy". Never doubt the depths that scrotes will go, that's the whole reason capitalism exists in the first place. With enough money they can fulfill every fucked up fantasy they have.

No. 912227

File: 1631666829441.jpeg (105.46 KB, 499x596, 24260D52-3EE3-433F-AE70-3390EE…)

>finished Loki episode about variants
>news is filled with "new COVID-19 Delta Variant"
Wtf was that? When the episode came out I couldn't stop seeing it everywhere. Yeah obviously because the Delta just came out and all, but what weird timing it was.

No. 912241

I like the celebricows thread because everyone there is so distracted by the Met Gala they fail to realize what absolute sellout cunts all those people are. AOC in the "Tax the Rich" dress when her father was an architect and she went to Boston University. Eat my entire ass.

No. 912245

>I read about a girl who was kidnapped and trained to act like a dog for "puppy play" and then got lobotomized to complete "the fantasy".
What the fuck? Where was this? If it was revealed, that means they were arrested and the girl was taken somewhere safe, right? Right?

No. 912256

I read it a while ago idk where it was, but one guy got arrested a lower lackey, he committed sewerslide in jail though. "Justice" system always protects these freaks.

No. 912258

And the girl was put in an expensive institution, so probably just being abused by more scrotes afterwards bc those places are rife with abuse.

No. 912285

I want more Lana tinfoil, it's legit interesting to me. I wonder what what down between her and Weinstein but I can't dig up much.

Added tinfoil is I believe she holds a LOT of industry secrets for some reason. It's just a feeling, in addition to the strange way she interacts with other celebs, the dirtbag males she associates with, the way she seems to be respected in the industry but not liked, it seems like she's kinda protected in the industry too, to a certain degree.

No. 912325

It's true. there was a family of a retarded woman married to her own caregiver. that scrote kept raping her and then their own child. he got fired but is still free and has never set a foot in jail. the mother is in another institution now and the child is in the same one. she has retardation, bipolar disorder, autism, obsessive compulsive disorder and sociopathy, is sexually attracted to anything that gives her attention and physically fights her current caregivers. yet the father is still allowed to call her on their birthday and Christmas. it's sick.

No. 912332

Then why is Azealia Banks always starting shit with her?

No. 912333

Azealia Banks starts shit with a literal billionaire on the reg, she gives no fucks about who she offends

No. 912335

she has rich parents, maybe that is the connection? idk but I am intrigued, as well.

No. 912404

She was a media darling for awhile in the early 2010s but I guess she didn't wanna play ball with the scrotes she's associated with (didn't wanna be their plaything anymore, nor let them fully control her image), then music execs began trashing her through gossip and mainstream music journalism… which was all for naught, her style appeals to millions and no one really minds that she was brought up as an industry plant.
I think she's disliked because she was way too open about having to have sex with higher ups just to maintain her career. She probably knows about underage girls being lured in with big promises but ending up empty handed.
It's an open secret, but they don't like it when you say it out loud.

No. 912409

>Bc atleast where I am all the brown immigrants are engineers and drs, they're the ones making the money.

No I meant financially all refugees make labour segment of society
So black people and middle eastern people as lowest caste

No. 912414

People think bernie was a better option and and maybe he was a better option than biden but he is a sellout as well

No. 912463

Not exactly the tinfoil that you want, but if you care about her past relationships, life details etc. the Lanalysis thread on Lanaboards is good. It uncovered some stuff.
If you don't sorry, don't have anything full-blown tinfoily.

No. 912472

So we’re heading to something like this?

It’s things like this make me believe there is some truth to the pizzagate conspiracy. I one of the earlier threads, it was discovered that Alefantis had connections with other shady hipsters (whom probably come from elite families) had business that were fronts for human trafficking, specifically children and voodoo doughnuts was one of those places.

No. 912721

Oh it's absolutely mostly (if not all) fake or severely exaggerated, everyone I've talked to about it thinks the same thing. Watched a bit of the debate online and had to turn it off when they all started talking over each other and screaming like babies, the victim complexes are off the charts.

>this election blackpilled lots of ppl on politics
Agree, it's disheartening for people because they know the only ones who have a chance of being elected are just the same shit with a different label on it

No. 913376

File: 1631750029050.jpg (562.5 KB, 1233x788, 1631749730232.jpg)

Nicki Minaj metaphorically snapped her tether and killed a coolie. I love it. She's woken up and is destroying Twitter.

No. 913390

fucking based. she grew a brain and decided to use it.

No. 913409

oh great right wing tuckerfags infested this section of the board
go back to your containment thread

no of all people she should definitely not be defending him he's vile

No. 913412

NTA but I’m pretty sure they’re cheering her not giving into the wokies and also questioning the validity of the covid vaccinations, pretty sure no woman in their right mind on this website likes Tucker the Soup Man

No. 913456

The worst thing about this is that she gave hasan attention

No. 913507


nta but I love nicki not backing down and I find no fault with that segment. Doubt you even watched it. Right wing? maybe a little. libertarians have always been here. we just dont say much because, as much as I love you guys, many of you are both politically and economically retarded

No. 913618

File: 1631780404284.jpeg (68.97 KB, 1080x1080, 393ABF41-2A0D-42FE-A7BC-B5411C…)

>Nicki interacting with Hasan
Now wtf. Honestly kind of glad she shut him up, lol. But now he's just going to get more rich so was it even worth it.

No. 913671

Yeah, fair. I'm glad she reamed him over just how ridiculous he was being by basically trying to say Nicki Minaj has white supremacist sympathies, but he doesn't need more free promotion. He's insufferable and big-headed enough as it is.

No. 913746

I-I do. And all he did was showcase her tweet and agreed with her about people being able to make their own choice to get the vaccine or not, and not letting the government force them to.

No. 913778


i do too lol im canadian and i watch fox pretty often haha

agreed but im glad to see other like-minded nonnies


you are 100% correct, trudeau is such a scumbag and he twists anyone who is against him or even dares to question him. the more "extreme" protestors who show up at his events are obvious plants to make anyone who hates him look bad and evil, meanwhile he openly treats women like shit and threatens "anti-vaxxers" aka anyone who is brave enough to question this vaccine bs

im sick of canada just bc of how obvious it is that our leaders dont care about us at all and the media is completely bought out… everything feels rigged and i find it very hard to act normal

No. 913879

File: 1631812904540.jpg (117.08 KB, 1024x769, ayy.jpg)

Media complaining about misinformation of covid reminds me of this

Post more where media was caught outright where they lied to public

No. 913927

File: 1631814733410.png (498.38 KB, 648x517, nbaplayersvaccine.PNG)

I wonder how are media is going to try to justify this. It's the same as the mask mandates, rich people don't have to do it but all the other commoners have to. I'm so tired of this unfair system.

They lie so much. It's not even worth watching the news anymore.

No. 913929

I mean this is shouldn't be really surprising, most black Americans(especially from the South) have very conservative views and would likely vote for the Republicans if it weren't the racism
They want less immigration overall, like their guns, don't like gays or Trannies and believe that Chrisantiy(specifically Anglo based Protestantism) should play a role in state politics
I think if Republicans played their cards right they could create a Populist Voting block of Whites, Black and Hispanic Christians and they don't have to do much, just let the Democrats implode on themselves with illogical and absurd policies that only benefit an extreme woke minority

No. 913947

>My personal tinfoil is that women are currently being divided in exactly this way by the gender ideology wave, because second wave feminism brought us too close to true power and reform
While I agree that we need more solidary between women regardless of race, there's a reason why the second wave was replaced with Intersectionality, a bunch of upper class white women in Universities endlessly debating random pieces of Media or billboard ads didn't do women any favors and there was no attempt to even understand lower class women, other then infantilize them

No. 913975

This might not be known in the west but its more known in Pakistan, before the pandemic many young Arabs would come to Pakistan for "enjoyment" we have a lotta weapons and lax Gun laws, high quality cheap drugs(mostly Heroin and Hash) and most importantly extremely corrupt cops that would let you get away with murder if you had enough money which they did
these Young Arabs would go around Karachi driving their Lamborghinis many times running over people, shooting the varied Guns(Kalashnikovs, M4's, even Rocket Launchers) enjoying the nightlife and often times raping young Pakistani girls, knowing full well they will get away with it
I had a cousin who was harassed by an Arab dude, she literally had to run away from an upper class restaurant that they were in to escape from them
I hear they do similar shit in South East Asia, Islam is very much an Arab superracist religion and so most non-Arab Muslims look up to them and always viewing that they could never reach the level of Arabs cause they are blessed with the "Holy language" of the Muhammad and his companions

No. 914155

True nypost, Washington post, wall street, huff, nyt
They are biggest culprits who lie the most

Vice used to be okay but it turned just like the others as soon as it started getting funds from billionaires like soros

No. 914165

No. 914372

Tuckanon yrt, our country's a lot like yours. Funny how we can relate to one another when both our homelands have become shitholes, lol. Trudeau is Castro's son.

No. 914376

yep lol but i honestly think the USA is better though just because i see many states are taking a stand against vaxx mandates… im in ontario and as of next week i will become a second class citizen since im not allowed to go certain places without proof of vaccine. thanks so much for noticing me hahaha!

does anyone else feel like theyre trapped in life lately? this is kinda ot but being un-vaxxed feels like being an outsider; however the whole situation smells and i cant bring myself to just get the shots and not think about it. im the only person who hasnt gotten it in my family and im currently unemployed (whilst studying for a test so its not like i am doing nothing) but i suspect it will be tough finding a job due to my status.. like why is the world like this

No. 914378

He’s such a grifter though. He’s been a host on other tv channels like CNN and MSNBC. He’s a millionaire asshole from millionaire parents (Progresso Soup money) who doesn’t give a fuck about your average josephine and wouldn’t even piss on you if you were on fire. An elite no doubt, probably a sex pest as well. It’s fine to watch his shit but don’t think he’s a good person nona

No. 914379

Samefag, I meant Swanson soup, not progresso. Got my Amerifat foods switched kek

No. 914383

File: 1631847303032.jpg (218.67 KB, 752x564, brown-bear-2.jpg)

Atleast in the us the conservative leaders actually stick to their muh freedom stuff and don't allow vaccine mandates. In Canada the conservatives are just as quick as liberals to present their ass for fucking to big corps. Healthcare workers now have to get vac'd or they get fired. Some uni's straight up don't allow religious exemption and will kick out students if they don't get vac'd, not even allow them to do virtual school. As for looking for jobs, right now tons of customer service positions are open but no one wants them bc it's literal hell to work with the current public. I quit a few months into my customer service job after I had a full breakdown.

No. 914384

AYRT. My family is descended from "millionaire assholes" as you so eloquently put it. So I sort of know what his upbringing was like, on a personal level. And I know of his career, as well. I don't agree with all his opinions, but that's fine since variety is the spice of life. And since you said "probably" a sex pest it sounds like you don't know a lot about him, yourself. Did you never read about the woman who accused him of raping her? She lived hundreds of miles from him, had never met him IRL, but watched him on TV and developed this one-sided relationship with him. Her name's Kimberly Carter. It's a fascinating read.

No. 914401

Nice shill

No. 914403

Gib $ or gtfo

No. 914439


Here about sex slavery in Arab countries
I know its not a good soruce but that what I could find

No. 914456

This shouldn't be surprising, the gulf states literally function on literal human slavery, sex slavery is almost to be expected when you have these societies
Slavery is allowed in Islam and sex slavery is allowed in Islam, so their not morally torn up about, they have the money and power to get away with it
This is why I unironically hope Iran glasses the Gulf

No. 914465

Sick counterargument

No. 914507

File: 1631862503537.jpg (333.72 KB, 1297x1760, IMG_20210430_154531~3.jpg)

I have come across same argument with sex slavery in islam

Sick how liberals have allied with Muslims

No. 914534

So you're admitting that your parents are millionares? Nice LARP.
Also, no, I didn't know about some wackjob who formed a parasocial relationship with Tucker Carlson, because why would I..? You seriously think an elite male isn't a sex pest by default? Tf are you doing on a conspiracy thread then "millionare" lol

No. 914542

Most Muslims think like this deep down. I fucking hate them.

No. 914548

Fucking nice

No. 914551

To an extent yes, Muhammad unlike Jesus or the Buddha ruled a state for over 10 years, in that state he was a priest kink with absolute power
So for Muslims this was the Ideal state and nothing will ever come close to it

No. 914554

>a priest kink

No. 914555

meant to write priest king

No. 914558

that's what I thought, it was just funny

No. 914600

File: 1631879516192.jpeg (551.49 KB, 1920x1080, 9B0D2602-C08C-4070-8174-A2EF81…)

10k migrants are chilling under a bridge in Texas

No. 914608

The world is trash and I don't know how to fix it.

No. 914614

File: 1631881336344.jpg (262 KB, 1050x700, the_diy_fallout_shelter_1050x7…)

Here's my tinfoil that I'm starting to believe more and more everyday
I think elites are pushing society to be materialistic, technologically obsessed, weak and degenerate. so that when global collapse caused by climate change inevitably occurs they'll have less human competition to deal with
Think about it, during the Cold War both Western and Easter block citizens were taught survival skills so that they could survive the fallout to some degree, I doubt any kpop stannies or Hood "gangsters' know anything about scourging for food and surviving outside modern society

No. 914623

this is not tinfoil anymore it's just reality

No. 914630

File: 1631882484934.png (1.11 MB, 1000x1500, kek.png)

the "hood" is a lower community but they are still very reliant on society, mostly eating store bought food and nothing organic, knowing jack shit about the environment, DIY fixes and survivalism, its why I think the image of the "Thug" or the "Pimp Gangster" get promoted in media so much and why they get glorified, cause the "Thug" is a pathetic nuisance, he's not a soldier, a militia fighter, a gruella, anyone with any combat training, he's just a punk with a Gun and when that image get sea the ideal form of masculinity then the elites have nothing to be worried about, cause when you can hire soldiers then you can just simply crush them in a matter of seconds

No. 914900

You're 100% right. Anything pushing self-sufficiency is automatically bad. Just look at the bad rep preppers still get.
>"Hurrr look at those conspiracy theorists stocking up on long life food, training to forage and farm, installing rain filters, solar panels and backup gennies and training with guns to defend their family and function in any disaster, they must be crazy right wingers durrr."
TPTB want you to think you're only as powerful/masculine as you look. Gotta keep'em consooming to keep their eye off the ball. Same goes for women too.
>"Oh you like guns? get a pink rifle and a pink holster and a pink this and a pink that. Haha no, why bother learning how to properly use it or maintain it?"

No. 914956

No, descended from. As in not my parents, but a few generations before them. And no, I don't. You really seem to just be projecting stuff onto him rather than doing actual research, anon.

No. 914958

All the fucking garbage everywhere… and people say first world countries pollute the most, gimme a break…

No. 914966

It’s projection when more often than not males in positions of power assault women and/or children? When time and time again we see this shit on Wall Street and in Hollywood? I honestly think you just want to fuck him at this point with the way you’re caping for this rich, elitist bozo. Lmao

No. 914976

I think you need help.

No. 915049

kek I actually know a girl who got kicked out of UofA for not being vaccinated and her dad is having a fit at the school. She's dumb though because she gave her entire family covid when she should have stayed home.

No. 915098

Seriously, I can smell this picture through the thumbnail.

No. 915298

File: 1631921570689.png (137.65 KB, 616x1214, 907502EE-8F8A-4BE5-BA8E-1963EC…)

Saw this on the kiwi farms’ own tinfoil thread and since most of us are concerned about the vaxx and environment, it’s all about population control.

>Heads: sterility

>Tails: death
Either way, we’re fucked.

No. 915339

Well if it's true it's pretty great strategy. Release the ultimate variant at the end to facilitate die off of the last resistors, their vaxxed peers laughing and making fun of them dying. It's a genius use of human mental and social ineptitude. Plus viruses usually mutate to be less, but not for this of course.

No. 915349

Less deadly*

No. 915373

They can’t kill all of us (those who took the vacc but are on to them). So we’re just gonna “naturally” die off instead?

No. 915379

The upper post contradicts the lower. They mention that they can't reduce the population too fast or else society collapses and the rich need people under them to be ruling, but by what they're saying, the vaccinated end up infertile and the unvaccinated get killed by Supergigacorona, so there is no one left. They'd kill off both the people obeying more eagerly and the ones who don't.

No. 915391

What are you on about. Its been shown viruses have been evolving to evade current medications and practices. Have you never heard of the super bugs in hospitals

No. 915436

i am laughing at this reading the replies
how are you going to ask for proof on an anonymous image board that is good enough to not be dismissed as gossip or schizo fanfiction? real proof belongs in the courts
anything new and interesting will seem like fantasy to anons who are skeptical

No. 915559

obviously I didn't sit and watch this entire thing, but I skimmed and listened to bits and pieces. pretty much everything these doctors presented to the FDA is stuff people get vilified for mentioning. I think they're trying to cover their asses by voting no on boosters for now

No. 915585

"If the world does this, the COVID-19 pandemic will be defeated, according to Bill Gates"
Expanding the facilities to implement factories of vaccines against the coronavirus (COVID-19) quickly and in different parts of the world is one of the actions that would help end the pandemic , said Bill Gates , the American billionaire and philanthropist.
His foundation will invest $ 35 million in Exscientia Ltd. to fund the development of antiviral drugs, including COVID-19

No. 915595

The vakd will have reduced fertility, not fully steralized, otherwise the jig will be up since it'll be easy to trace the infertility to the vac. But I don't think it's about fertility, that's male conspiratard shit. Pretty sure it's to give ppl cancers and ai disorders so the cattle live shorter lives, making it easier to control the cattle.

No. 915598

What kind of philanthropist buys up farmland and then tries to convince everyone to eat bugs? God, death can't come quick enough for people like him.

No. 915603

A kind of wannabe neo feudal lord

No. 915608

File: 1631941971031.jpg (257.51 KB, 1080x1700, Screenshot_20210918-000833.jpg)

Correct. Fertility is not the issue as a typical country's population growth is already stunted compated to previous generations, easily. It's longevity. And medical profit. The system cannot support future population with so many people living well past retirement age. They want us to die as soon as we stop being productive, ideally. Or as they see fit.

No. 915618

The graphene in shots can make tons of blood clots when exposed to certain frequency (5 gooey), so basically a kill switch.

No. 915625

God, fuck this. This whole pandemic has 100% been manufactured panic. I'm sad I bought it before, and I'm even sadder about the people who've already turned this into a personality and still won't let shit go.
Morons will be nodding their head to this and literally anything else as long as a celebrity says it's to "fight the pandemic".
>"Only 4% of Africa is vaccinated! That's unjust!"
Lmao, same freak who insisted Africans would be dying in the streets left and right. Nothing fucking happened, shove your vaccine and weak-ass virus up your ass.

No. 915735

Funny thing is delta variant came into existence because the precautions relaxed for vaccinated
Farmers protests, festivals and events etc

No. 915784

how’s y’all’s internet? Providers have been cutting/throttling service in countries like India, especially if there are protests. I have an issue with society needing technology to function, when It can easily be taken away. Tinfoil is that there will be a massive, planned outage

No. 915906

Keeps cutting in and out, and my computer automatically connects to 5 g option even though 1 have 4 g connection set to connect automatically. I wouldn't put it past them, but they'd better be praped for more rioting bc ppl aren't being placated with entertainment.

No. 915967

okay nonnies i just remembered one of my favourite consiparacy theories so i wanted to post it and see what you guys think…

does anyone else think michelle obama is actually a man?

No. 915976

Why are conspiratard places constantly getting over run with useless "omg this celebrity is 666 satan secretly a tranny" shit. Take it to lsa.

No. 915982

No anon that's retarded

No. 915984


delta aka ukorona became widespread because degradded british slobs couldn't follow lockdown rules and kept on slagging it up. probably because their flats are too disgusting to be in if you're not coming home drunk & passing out. filthy people

No. 915995

Delta came from UK?

No. 916287

According to this theory, where do her children come from?

No. 916467

File: 1632014244236.png (1.68 MB, 966x962, picc.png)

glad you asked: heres a site pointing out the typical theory about them adopting their close friend's kids: https://stateofthenation.co/?p=31637

their kids look way more similar to them and the funniest part of all…. there are no pics of michelle pregnant (none ever have been found)

theres other parts to the story as well but there has been remarks that michelle used to be a man named michael who was friends with barack and then became michelle eventually and funnily enough theres many videos of barack referring to her as just "michael" lol

No. 916585

I thought it was known that all tranny conspiracies were psyops to blur out the real ones with the fake one?

No. 916611

There's alot of tranny conspiracies honestly. Some people believe everybody in Hollywood is transgender and that they all use surrogates and fake their pregnancies. SOME I believe but I highly doubt most have transitioned that's just kinda retarded and wouldn't they all have all types of cancers and heart problems?

No. 916620

My friend had covid and wasnt able to breathe well or eat. Had it pretty bad first few days. Then she got the vaccine and got just as sick also lost feeling in her arms for a day? (Is that a common symptom?) She was calling me freaking out. She's fine now but if you get the vaccine it doesn't prevent covid and once get covid don't you build up an immunity to it? Doesn't the vaccine have covid in it is that why it makes some people sick?

I don't think people are dumb for not wanting to take a vaccine that people aren't even sure what the full side effects are.

No. 916723

Are you guys actually retarded or just troons.

of course shes not a fucking man just because shes doesnt post her pussy online for her husbands followers to jerk off to doesnt mean she has a dick, go fuck yourselves.

No. 916727

They had the children before he was elected and she was too busy actually being a contributor to society with her job. And even if their not their biological kids Im sure you can find her yearbooks and younger pictures on her relatives facebook but that wouldnt be as fun would it?

No. 916797

Reminder than Joan Rivers was killed

No. 916869

killed right after she brought it up…. this is a pretty well known conspiracy theory im surprised no one here has ever heard it before and tbh i believe it

No. 916931

think about it anon, if she realy were born a man, wouldn't she "come out" as a Stunning and Brave Troon like Nicki Tutorials did, and get endless asspats?

No. 917122

yeah, 81 year old women don't just die like that…

No. 917324

File: 1632087810418.jpeg (84.16 KB, 640x1178, 8hbkw4d40jw51.jpeg)

lana's stalker who broke into her house found this

No. 917334

Based, Lana also read the unibomber manifesto, she's such a queen

No. 917341

Source? I have misssed that. I remember her sperging about The Women Who Run With Wolves

No. 917676

It’s the vaccine that’s causing the fucking mutations in the first place. I remember somebody posted a thread on 4chan last year explaining why if a vaccine was created for COVID, it couldn’t be a leaky vaccine. If it was, the virus would just continue to mutate and get strong enough to bypass the vaccine completely and become legitimately deadly. He cited and linked the relevant research papers. Almost a year later, and look where we’re at. We have a leaky vaccine and non-stop mutations. What started out as something that in all honesty is hardly worse than the flu, is going to turn into something comparable to SARS with a 10% mortality rate. We could’ve just beaten it with herd immunity by now, but no. Now we have a leaky vaccine that’s turning the virus into something that is going to be a real concern. Honestly, they know what they’re doing though.

No. 917678

You do know that covid is a strand of Sars right? And covid 19 is called that because it's the 19th strand ?

No. 917679

>And covid 19 is called that because it's the 19th strand ?

No. 917681

maybe this thread is the virus

No. 917686

Well duh fauchyfart caused aids epidemic bc he purposefully blocked research until it was too late.

No. 917757

Perhaps the virus were the anons we met along the way.

No. 917889

File: 1632147469583.jpeg (257.02 KB, 485x2048, IMG_8231.jpeg)

yup. thats not even tinfoil. dr. malone confirmed this as well as dr. vanden bossche and others

picrel is important to consider regarding vaccination practices in general

No. 917893

can someone explain to me how this is different from other vaccines for like the flu

No. 917911

Here's my personal theory on why the anti-vaxx sentiment is so popular.
People are asked to trust the government and pharma companies to do what's best for them with the vaccine, but in recent years they have been severely breaking the trust people had in those institutions. It's no wonder people are apprehensive.
Should they trust the government that pushed them into a war over non-existent "weapons of mass destruction"?
Should they trust the pharma companies that are at least partly responsible for the opioid epidemic which has ruined so many lives?
And these are just off the top of my head.

I'm not an anti-vaxxer but I don't think those people are not stupid, they've just been bamboozled too many times. The institutions have eroded the trust completely, and people were left having no faith in authorities, and something like this was bound to happen. This has also made the people ripe for exploitation by various interest groups.

I don't put any blame on anti-vaxxers. I blame the companies and institutions for not fostering trust. People need to rely on experts because we can't all know everything. When experts become unreliable, this is what happens.

No. 917939

That's such a mild take it's not even tinfoil anon, it's most normies thought process.

No. 917942

I have a tinfoil that all the supplements that can help covid (zinc orotate) have been replaced with bad shit, on big stores like Amazon.

No. 917958

Then why do I constantly hear people shitting on anti-vaxxers, and rarely ever anyone shitting on companies and institutions? Trust is earned, and yet those people are called stupid for not trusting entities that took advantage of their trust before.

No. 917971

the whole antivaxx thing started out in the hippie new age community.
With the pandmic going on it somehow morphed into a political thing

No. 917972

No one wants to trigger the liberal autists irl, and social medias routinely ban that kind of wrongthink.

No. 917980

Because you're looking at social media where dissent is censored?

No. 917995

I don't think it's the same. There's a lot of people I know who are pro regular vaccines, who are suspicious of the covid vaccines.

No. 918016

It's not just social media, my post was triggered by an irl conversation with a friend (both of us got the third shot btw).
Sucks how companies and governments always manage to shift the blame onto the people.
>"Aren't these people stupid for not trusting us? Not like you smart ones" - they say with their hand in your pocket while robbing you blind

No. 918321

No. 918744

File: 1632220521632.jpg (108.6 KB, 1080x761, TheyWouldNever.jpg)

Huh. Everybody I've spoken with IRL (all vaxxed come to think of it) respect my unvaccinated stance once I simply tell them that I don't believe anything the "officials"/media say anymore. The ivermectin "overdose" stories being exposed as fake probably helped as well.

No. 918893

Yep, they're also very very much to blame for people not trusting in the vaccines.
Just be aware those people you spoke to could be talking shit about you behind your back to other vaccinated people. As people do.

No. 918908

All political sides were controlled and psyops
Both left right, conservative liberal

I may get shit for this but even noam chomsky is basically part of the system

No. 918980

since he's old now if he's vibing good for him

No. 919074

Duh anon anyone who has basic critical thinking realizes this. All greedy degenerates in their own ways who stretch their asshole for corporations.

No. 919289

File: 1632263525716.jpg (113.2 KB, 1080x611, screenshot_2021-08-23-20-41-28…)

Why did the CIA make people do this milk crate climbing challenge? They made it go viral for like a week in August then they stopped pushing it, what was their intent with this?

No. 919303

big pharma was busy so big storage stepped in

No. 919333

I don't believe it's the CIA that pushed that, but if it was, my tinfoil would be partnership with the CDC. Send an increase of young adults in crowded urban areas to hospitals so they can be tested for COVID. If COVID is high in the area, there's a higher chance that these people would be positive and asymptomatic so hospitals can say someone who is COVID-positive is taking up a bed.
It's not very sturdy tinfoil, but I think conspiracies are fun to think about.

No. 919382

Also big-name pharmacies aren't selling ivermectin. I also saw on /pol/ (I know, I know) some anon mention that in Australia, vaccinated people are being treated with ivermectin if they get covid, while the unvaccinated are just being put on respirators.

No. 919383

Fuck Noam, he thinks Trump is the worst criminal in human history. What about Fauci and Peter Daszak, then, you prick?

No. 919435

Please tell me you're joking lol. That shit does not happen in Australia

No. 919463

but nonners she saw it on /pol/! why are you questioning? are you stupid or something?

No. 919529

Almost like unless you live in literal africa ivermectin isn't really that widespread of a human dewormer.

No. 919642

Screw that
Liberals who say they are different from left don't even confront left about islam or troons
Never ever seen any liberal criticizing any of the things left has been doing

No. 919653

File: 1632306196399.jpg (480 KB, 1828x2048, 49113998_1002248516637956_4643…)

Around the 70's the Western left wing started separating itself from the Eastern block positions, this led to adopt inconsistent world views that go against the very concept of progressivism
such as the defense of Islam and other backward religions(which the Soviets suppressed) Pornography(which the Soivets deemed bourgeois decadence) ad prostitution (which was rightfully condemned as a form of immoral exploitation of women)

No. 919660

File: 1632306773364.png (425.75 KB, 596x710, 1631376950246.png)

Ot not a conspiracy
But dont know where to put it

No. 919664

What a nothingburger piece of “journalism”

No. 919666

They also considered homosexuality bourgeois decadence, so maybe the Soviets aren't always right? There's a difference between disapproving and trying to genocide everything you consider bourgeois and it seems they never managed to understand that distinction.

No. 919667

this sounds like it was written by an algorithm that was trained entirely on the reddit home page

No. 919673

File: 1632308246216.jpg (30.11 KB, 619x577, xdbpcguhvs461.jpg)

There's another option nonita

No. 919675

Yet another "well SOME Muslims are good so you shouldn't hate the ones who are bigoted, who kill their own daughters for so-called "honour", mass rape, run pedophile rings and commit heinous acts of terror" article. Yawn.

No. 919676

Strange hiw it never applies to Christians hindus and bhuddhists
Remember bhuddists are violent as redditors believe
It only applies to muslims and Jews to some extent

No. 919679

Have you read about things soviet women had to go through

Soviet officers used their powers just like any other

No. 919680

tbf these are American Muslims, America has fairly strict immigration laws for people in the old world to enter, cause unless you live in the Americas(North and South) its almost impossible to get to the US or illegibly immigrate

No. 919683

>They also considered homosexuality bourgeois decadence
Only Male Homosexuality though
At least it was illegal on paper, Muslim women get raped by state mandated before being executed cause of their Holy books

No. 919685

The whole situation is Myanmar was weird. Poor muslims being oppressed by violent Bhuddists and everyone just believed it. No one thought what the muslims did to make Bhuddist monks violent.

No. 919686

Its the case everywhere
First they do their muslim things
When someone retaliates they cry about oppression and islamophobia
Their freedom of religion being violated etc

No. 919687

>Under communism, lesbianism was considered as a psychological disorder requiring psychiatric treatment and hospitalization.
Emma Goldman was right about USSR

No. 919711

and people didn't even realize that there were Muslim ethnic group with in India that wasn't being targeted, it was mostly the Rohingya

No. 919755

I don't think muslims are a target anywhere in non muslim countries

No. 919759

there's been a rise in violence against muslims in india after bjp won iirc

No. 919767

There has been violence way before that
And muslims have been violent their entire history in the subcontinent

No. 919795

kek.. a journalist said it, so it must be right!!! (thats the real thinfoil… believing that)

No. 919831

Believing anything from mainstream media is risky
Nothing is true and it isn't recent
It has been since post ww2
I have seen Americans protesting against mainstream media when they lied about Vietnam or WMDs in iraq
So many stories when government media "experts" have lied
But people go right back falling everytime for thier lies

Same goes for euros, i don't get why so many people trust these institutions

No. 919836

I wonder if it's because muslim men keep kidnapping and raping Hindu and Sikh children or if it's because Hindus and Sikhs are just bigoted assholes. We will never know.

No. 919876

Well hindus and sikhs do love outside of india
Are they assholes there?

No. 919891

Is this song about white guilt? I miss when Evanescence used to be apolitical and only sang about “muh sorrow” and “wake me up inside” instead of “orange man bad” and “George Floyd did nothing wrong”.

No. 919984

File: 1632332996956.jpg (82.01 KB, 1280x720, f695805de7e631a5032d073b8d750b…)

Anyone else noticed how ppl are becoming more and more forgetful? I tinfoil that even asymptomatic cases cause some kind of brain damage, or the vacs are starting to show their side effects.

No. 920043

its probably has more to do with weed then the damn vaccine

No. 920058

Live *

No. 920062


I looked up the lyrics and I feel like they're too ambiguous for that. It's still pretty on theme for the brand.

No. 920064

>"muh sorrow"
You mean her multiple dead siblings? Doesn't seem like you give a shit what Amy Lee sings about.

No. 920066

No, I didn't notice how the 8 billion people in the world are starting to become more forgetful.

No. 920079

Hindus usually have very sexist attitudes and can be racist towards black people but that's as bad as they can be, they don't have coordinated grooming gangs to target "kafirs" nor do they have entire communities defending them and covering up their actions, Sikhs as stated are genetically identical to most Pakistani Muslims, the worst problem in the Sikh Communist is the issue of alcoholism in the community but that's it, Sikhs contribute greatly to local communities in whatever country their i

No. 920087

It's because excessive screen time from phones and computers (especially with WFH) is causing wide scale ADHD in the population, forgetfulness is one of the symptoms.

No. 920097

anon this thread is for retards only, take your entirely rational observations and get the fuck out

No. 920126

Racist against black people?

No. 920132

im honestly tired of the government putting shit in our water. they already listen through our walls. even their dumbing down solutions didnt dumb us down that much.

No. 920136

what?! thats so fucked up. youre suppossed to tell me that they dont even have time machines but they have THAT?!

No. 920142

First it was fluoride, but get ready for the next contender, grapheneoxide. Now in vacs and the UK water supply.

No. 920157

They also want to put lithium in tap water so we don't think about suicide. Because they need more workers and tax-payers around to support the pyramid scheme government.

No. 920164

How nice of them, atleast lithium actually works kek

No. 920167

They were sacrificed with or without her intention. Also fuck you for telling me how I feel. I too have younger siblings and I wouldn’t want to imagine ever losing them.

When I meant by sorrow, I meant her past relationships with Ben Moody and Shaun Morgan.

No. 920170

she has more than one dead sibling? I thought it was only Bonnie

No. 920179

File: 1632341735219.jpg (453.21 KB, 1080x2138, IMG_20210922_221430.jpg)

They aren't ambiguous at all, the fathers line wasn't subtle at all.
Amy Lee even explained that it was inspired by confederate statues

No. 920259

Robbie, her younger brother, died of epilepsy in 2018 while they were touring for the Synthesis album.

No. 920415

She’s the great grand-niece of Robert E. Lee and funny enough, Lana Del Rey is related to Ulysses S. Grant.

It was theorized on the vc forums a few years ago that artists are chosen due to having noble bloodlines, akin to the Laurel Canyon musicians from the 60’s.

No. 920442

where did you see this?

No. 920526

That's… not how ADHD works, lol.

No. 920528

Also noticed when the governments started cracking down on personal freedoms and invading our privacies, and violating their own laws while doing so, liberals didn't lift a damn finger. The only ones who did are whistleblowers who are permanently on the run from their home countries.

No. 920535

No. 920578

You know general colorism, racist remarks every now and them, but not actively attacking them

No. 920649

That's the problem with all asians

No. 920652

My point is that, this is as worse as Indian can get, you don't have to worry about them Shariaw law unlike Muslims

No. 922136

File: 1632506224877.png (819.12 KB, 1080x1424, imagen_2021-09-24_125702.png)


No. 922175

Holy shit

No. 922201

Evil computer nerd strikes again, this time fucking over the little guy.

No. 922211

were fucking doomed aren't we? we are all gonna be serfs to handful of billionaires all the while we get further divided and argue about bullshit cause of polices these assholes support
our only hope would be some catastrophic natural disaster

No. 922268

This is actually scary

No. 922484

File: 1632524272882.jpg (237.43 KB, 1228x340, wandavision.jpg)

A high-level wikipedia editor is getting paid to advertise for disney on the site. The disneyplus show wandavision has been featured in front page did you know section three times within the last two weeks, always accompanied by an utterly insignificant and boring "fact". Within the last few years, I've noticed the same thing with new netflix releases as well. It's pretty fucking annoying when they talk such a big game about being a neutral unbiased organization.

No. 922491

finally, some good fucking tinfoil

No. 922494

>"lift the working class"
Into indentured servitude.

No. 922543

File: 1632532635667.jpg (60.54 KB, 975x548, Steve-Descano.jpg)

This faggot is Steve Descano, Commonwealth Attorney for Virginia. He was funded by George Soros to get into office. I only just heard about him because of the fucking abominable shit he does for child molesters and rapists:


Some scrote child molester abused a girl for SEVEN years, and Descano offered him a plea deal of 17 years. Not life, not the 80 years that his charges add up to, 17 years. He's also doing the same thing as Gascon in LA where you're allowed to steal shit, indecently expose yourself, aid a criminal, etc. But this guy has a special knack for letting rapists and pedophiles off easy.

No. 922994

The midterms is going to be an absolute massacre.
I foresee a lot of bipartisanship agreement on tons of legislation between the Republican president, Joe Biden, and a Republican House and Senate. abortions rights is probably the only thing that can protect the democrats

No. 924578

There's actually twitter race war going between indians and African Americans rn

No. 924746

File: 1632761437145.jpeg (46.83 KB, 512x299, AE4F081C-4A73-4FB3-AC21-B879A4…)

Tectonic plates be damned there's something going on in the interior. There's some kind of "underground" society operating in plain sight comprised of mostly addicts, homeless, mentally ill people. scammers, liars, beggars, thieves. I'm not sure how it really works or if the two concepts are actually related but there's something going on and I can't ignore it anymore

No. 924753

How do I get invited

No. 924756

>There's some kind of "underground" society operating in plain sight comprised of mostly addicts, homeless, mentally ill people. scammers, liars, beggars, thieves.
>mentally ill
Wtf, why aren't I in it? Shouldn't most farmers be a part of this "society"?

No. 924761

Who told you we aren't?

No. 924768

File: 1632763427687.png (134.94 KB, 926x605, bb.png)

you ever think how many babies have probably been switched at birth, I mean its likely not intentional but with the way hospitals are I could very well believe that at most 1/5th of the babies parents leave with aren't theirs

No. 924813

This actually happened to a friend of my mothers. She was switched at birth and didn't find out until she was in her late teens (long story short her father wanted a paternity test and it coming back negative set off alarm bells in her mothers head) and the hospital never worked out who she was switched with. She respects her parents for raising her and continuing to love her after finding out but naturally not knowing her true identity really fucked her up. It made her very depressed and she became an alcoholic because of it. Growing up with this story and seeing how badly it affected my mothers friend has really terrified me. When my baby sister was born I spent ages watching over her. I tried real hard to memorise her face and the lines on the palms of her hands. When the time comes and I have my own baby I'm going to be even worse. I know it's a slightly irrational fear but how can we really know how common this is? There's probably loads of people out there right this minute who have no idea.

No. 924897

What do you anons think
How will world end up if we keep going in this direction
And how will you survive

No. 924912

Sometimes my dad jokes "did I pick up the wrong baby at the hospital?" and when I say "I don't know, did you?!" he'll get real quiet and say "no, no I didn't" because apparently he was scared and paranoid and tried his best to follow the nurses around after they took me away (mom is diabetic during my birth so they had to run tests or some shit after I came out). Can't imagine how badly this fucks with parents and children that it happens to.

No. 924919

I don't know, and this is probably a shit mentality to have, but I'm ready to off myself rather than deal with it. I grew up super depressed and made multiple suicide attempts so I feel like it's ingrained in me now, like a shitty emergency exit I'll always have. I know it's a pussy's way out and I'd really rather not do it because I actually enjoy living now, and I try my best to live sustainably and be conscious of what I do to try and make the world a better place, but it does feel terribly, terribly futile at the same time.

No. 924923

how would a mother feel, I would be mortified finding out my baby isn't my own and that I have taken someone else's child and I do think this happens
Nurses are lazy fucks and I don't think they care if babies get mixed up

No. 925038

My mom cussed out a nurse for bringing back a baby with completely different hair after another nurse took my sister out to bathe her without my mom's consent while she was sleeping. Shits freaky and lots of those nurses do not give a fuck, and lucky they were tagged on the feet before leaving the room as well. Otherwise I'd never allow them to take my baby if it was me

No. 925059

Unless you had a really shitty upbringing, it would be pathetic as fuck to become an alcoholic over that.

I can understand wondering and having conflicting feelings, even more so on the parents side, but acting like the technicality that you were birthed by a different woman is the end of the world… weak

No. 925062

Grow big. Have muscles. Old farmhouse. Eat men.

No. 925070

Nta but I know a couple of alcos who had great upbringings and wonderful families and can't pinpoint anything that happened to make them alcos.. I always thought it was a trauma thing. Then they brought up shit like
>Abundant evidence indicates that alcoholism is a complex genetic disease, with variations in a large number of genes affecting risk. Some of these genes have been identified, including two genes of alcohol metabolism, ADH1B and ALDH2, that have the strongest known affects on risk for alcoholism.
Maybe her birth family had some addiction running through it.

No. 925082

I just know we won't have it as easy and comfortable as our parents and grandparents and I'm already seething about it everytime I try to think about the distant future. We'll probably go through major environment issues, worse general health problems as we all age than our grandparents, inflation, poverty, more riots and possible civil wars and goverments going full distopian. If I don't die in my midlife due to any of that, I will probably end up as a retired cancer infested old woman who couldn't save up for her retirement in her youth because rent and general food cost gets more ridiculous every year in my country and whose pension is so little she will have to choose between paying rent and starving despite probably having to work up until her mid 70s.

No. 925109

this is about my idea, too. men and fish i catch with my bare hands from the river near my hidden cabin. eventually devolve into swamp hag.

No. 925113

>How will world end up if we keep going in this direction
Cyberpunk future without flying cars and less neon lights. Useless devices that last less than 3 years. Neverending piles of electronic trash. Toxic troposphere. The fall of the US Empire followed by the end of the Oil Wars, which will be exchanged by Water Wars. Flight of the rootless elites to the East (good luck surviving in China, they kill billionaires there lmao). Everyone is coerced into becoming dopamine junkies through bread & circuses, distracted and satisfied, unable to pay attention to the sociopaths ruling over them.
>And how will you survive
If my plans completely fall apart and I'm not out of this shithole country and out of the main cities, I will be living in my designated pod, making ends meet with digital art, until committing suicide when/if shit hits the fan.


No. 925129

Your mom sounds fucking awesome.

No. 925131

/pol/ has been going crazy over the recent shenanigans of the government to require women to register for the draft. I really wanted to reveal myself and counterargue to the anons being retarded about it, but refrained. But man, the comments are just ridiculous: "This is a bad thing? Why do they get to vote while not having to register for the selective service?"
"it's not a bad thing at all. fuck women, stop voting if you dont want to defend the country"
Lol stay mad that biology dictates that men do the fighting.

No. 925143

Civil war and genocide. Empathy is the luxury of excess and in the west the excess is about to come to an end.

No. 925198

Oh anon, they want everyone 60+ to die out so don't worry about retirement, if you do get sick by then, then you can ask the nice doctor to give you lots of vaccines and pills and your retirement issue will be solved.

No. 925201

I would go absolutely ass wild, steal loads of money and resources from rich men and put that money towards making a safe female-only enclosure and let the rest of the men die in the apocalypse.

No. 925203

Most ppl in the west are living paycheck to paycheck (~80%) and only out for themselves though, the few middle class girls that talk about helping everyone is a minority. War is too messy for nowadays. And genocide, well we're on the dehumanization step of the 8 steps of genocide, so maybe soon.

No. 925294

Same plus have as many children as possible, birth them not in the hospital, in fact don't ever go to hospitals, have my own cabinet of necessary medicine in the old farm house, home school children for the resistance

No. 925309

I doubt they want to kill me while I can still slave away and the age of retirement keeps getting pushed further by two years every few years. Maybe they will drop retirement all together and just make it mandatory for us to work until we collapse. I'll probably just spend my last years throwing molotov cocktails into rich politician's homes out of spite until they have to put me down.

No. 925369

I see middle eadt collapsing with water wars and resulting in more refugees due to climate there

No. 925380

>steal money off of rich elites

No. 925381

I see all elites rich class becoming one in this nwo
All others becoming lower class expendables regardless of race or ethnicity

No. 925387

Funny that you think you will be able to live your life peacefully in your own farmhouse because everything will be owned by the rich
Also it's difficult to live peacefully when the world will be filled with entitled desperate people who think that you as a part of particular community are privileged and it's justified to do crimes against you because muh oppression

I see refugee crisis 2.0 more refugees from muslim world leading to more violence

It is astounding that liberals deny they stand for the rights of the people and are against the establishment when they are part of it
Liberalism ended for me when liberals became a part of the mainstream when politicians became liberal wokes
Entire world is built around the idea of deflecting blame until it becomes so convoluted that bad stuff gets diluted
Whos actually responsible for all the bad that happens you don't know
Liberals side with literal dictatorships and most illiberal people on the planet just to be contradictory

No. 925397

Liberals claim *

No. 925398

Not only that, but it will probably be much harder to successfully farm and harvest in the future, with how shitty the environment becomes.

No. 925404

Yes you will live among all kinds of people being a slave class and no kind of security worst time for women

No. 925413

I meant nature kek. Crops dying, seasons being fucked, water supply limiting, insect pests increasing and helpful insects dying out etc etc

No. 925418

I was adding on to that
That farming or living independently without relying on industries isn't a viable option
They are making sure of that

No. 925522

My plan is to blend in with the rich, then feed them laxatives until they die of dehydration/malnutrition

No. 925555

I too believe in the hollow earth theory, now how do I get in?

No. 925719

All I know is that we're on a downward spiral. I've been prepping for years though, my stepdad is nearly living completely off-grid and we've been planning meticulously for our future. I own a plot of land where I'm getting a house built for my partner and I and hopefully a little house built for my stepdad too (though in the meantime he can just park his house there since he lives in a trailer). I'm gonna get solar panels, water filtration systems, backup gennies, etc. For the house I'm trying to rely more on manpowered stuff, like I recently got a manual washing machine and mangle to dry clothes and it's cut down my electricity use by a fair bit. We're also growing what fruit and veg we can atm and plan on expanding that when on the land. I have a lockup of longlife food to transfer there which I can then keep adding to with the additional storage space. Inevitably we'll need security so I'm planning on fencing in my parcel of land and maybe setting up CCTV. If we do get trouble I'm already good with weapons and my stepdad is ex-military. My partner is currently learning the basics but she's not a bad shot with her glock so things are coming along. And if shit doesn't hit the fan then I don't give a fuck because I'm an anti-social autist. It's a win-win situation!

No. 925769

Can I live with you, doomsday prepper-anon?

No. 925770

That sounds so great anon, you should feel proud of yourself for all the hard work you put into it!

No. 925785

File: 1632866552081.png (851.96 KB, 958x788, ratm.PNG)

waaahhh nonnies I can't take how much everything has been dumbed down. Can't believe this once has been a mainstream music video/ this hasn't been regarded as tinfoil https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3dvbM6Pias

No. 925792

Art has always been instrumental in social critique. Music has been so tamed lately. Just look at modern rap compared to Grandmaster Flash. Preaches the exact opposite.

No. 925825

File: 1632873436149.jpeg (469.86 KB, 1645x2000, 9ED73E3D-0190-4ED0-AE5E-18C62D…)

I go look for her.

No. 925907

I want her to throw me over her shoulder, carry me into the cold winter woods and cuddle me by the fireplace in her cabin. What a beautiful woman.

No. 925928

File: 1632893597495.jpg (51.49 KB, 640x477, tumblr_d30fae7a0b57c0ae9c1cef6…)

Just posting a relevant meme about my favourite band. Nothing to see here

No. 925982

So long as you help out with the planting, harvesting and general maintenance of the place, yes. Knock thrice at the front gate and the password is "moo".

No. 926162

What if femdom anon and tradthot anon in the MTF thread are the same person?
Who is this? I don't really play games but I love masked characters

No. 926170

Femdom anon is a sperg, tradthot anon isn't 100% serious and she's just bored and baiting, imo.

No. 926217

The Huntress from Dead by Deadlight!
Same. I'd be in heaven hearing her humming me to sleep.

No. 926219


No. 926326

I briefly considered that it could be the same anon lmao

No. 926754

The rich are buying up houses and sitting on them to falsely inflate the market "there's no housing available!!" And they're buying up small mountain towns in America especially and taking over them to kick the locals out to make their own special little thing like they did with the Hamptons, Gatlinburg, etc. That way people can pay an arm and a leg just to camp there and even motel 6s are going up to the several hundreds in these towns

COVID and the vaccine are obviously scapegoats and people are encouraging the division of people because they're slowing trying to make it more and more okay to take away our rights and people who repel will have their rights to housing, funds, food, etc be taken away from them while the rich are being paid off by vaccination companies to overamp the vaccine

Another reason for the anti vaxxer witch hunt is because the rich want to blame everything on the anti vax. Unable to open up businesses 24/hours ? The unvaxxed. Schools becoming more inflated? Unvaxxed. You can definitely see this is countries like Israel where everyone is vaccinated but it's still not enough and there's a laundry list of restrictions and "effects" of COVID 19 and the UnVaXeD. the vaccine fan club is exceptionally weird since never once in history, not even during polio, had their been a bizarre group of people who March around policing the anti vax, firing unvaccinated, etc. If you believed the vaccine was effective then you would just let those evil unvaccinated that you claim are the literal devil's die out

The celebrities being arrested for sexual predatory behavior finally are actually being shipped off to the agency that fakes celebrity deaths and having their "death" prepared for

No. 926762

>had their been a bizarre group of people who March around policing the anti vax
BLM has started protesting vaccine mandates in New York. This is about to get interesting.

No. 926780

By rich you mean Chinese businessmen. They’re the ones buying up property even in bumfuck towns.

No. 926843

Not her, but rich are building their completely self sufficient bunkers look it up
They are definitely creating enclaves that are built like forts
With thier farms and water supply also with security personnel

No. 926929

Is it real or just a stunt though, I wonder? Either way it could be interesting to see this level of party infighting

No. 926931

I've read that rich are cashing out rn (crash economy under guise of covid) so they can prepare for a huge environmental catastrophe (poles switching).

No. 926974

Some sources say that there's already been protests. It's weird that there's next to no media coverage and very little information reported. I guess black people only matter to the MSM when they're being goaded by antifa into burning their own neighbourhoods.

No. 927016

Definitely interesting especially if you consider the fact for the longest time ProVax tried to convince everyone that it was only those braindead redneck republican's who protested anything to do with COVID even though no one bothered to question why there's an extreme amount of restrictions even though most people are vaccinated and how hospitals are supposedly loaded with dead bodies.
Rich are rich I don't care how they got rich and where they are from

No. 927054

How likely do you find a probability of an iceage rather than earth heating up to a societal collapse

No. 927055

Some states will be having national gaurds instead of nurses, i guess they aren't heroes anymore and are replaceable instead

No. 927058

is that just a hunch you have?

No. 927060

They were heros until nurses and other healthcare workers started doubting the vaccine and exposing the mild cases being hospitalized as well as the other doctors lying about COVID "filling up hospitals"

NoNewNormal before it was banned spread a picture of a "doctor" who was complaining about how "there are people dying everywhere and waiting in the halls for a bed" but there were dog treats and animal care items in her "doctor room" because she was a Vet

the internet is doing good at removing this though however thanks to the wayback machine you can see some of the ridiculous stuff people have been lying about. COVID is bad but lying to people as well as over-restricting is insane

No. 927063

Wish I had the webm of a bunch of guys in a hospital room in full covid hazmat suits stopping everything they're doing and a director comes out to move them around and resume filming their bullshit Facebook propaganda

No. 927072

File: 1633022443416.jpg (88.2 KB, 615x843, bojo.jpg)

Who is behind the push for the data collection, movement restrictions, and tracking of British citizens? It's happening elsewhere of course, but I genuinely believe the Conservative cabinet ministers are retarded. And after all, Boris and his ex-SPAD Dominic Cummings wanted to pursue herd immunity, but caved to populist pressure.

No. 927074

We could have easily rose together and lifted most of the issues such as housing and COVID restrictions but way too many people are scared to revolt which is probably why BLM is doing it. On top of that how much you wanna bet people who are totally scared shitless of COVID are enjoying the luxuries given to them by the anti COVID restriction crowd

No. 927076

why is he so goofy looking ive never understood

No. 927088

blm wont really get anywhere though because once its starts to be beneficial to public the government will just start mowing people down. Everything is orchestrated, everything is planned already

The same people who started sperging about blue lives matter last year are quiet about whats happening in australia. I dont understand why they think the police works for the safety of the public when they never have. The police work for the government, and the government works for their sponsors, not us, never us.

America has 2 choices for whats about to happen in the next decade.
1.Become authoritarian and create caste systems with amazon towns
2. Anarchy, civil war, and the fall of the american empire

No. 927091

Covid was the final nail in the hammer for the global west, we're just in the beginning of the decline

No. 927110

I haven't really thought about this

No. 927120

The magnetic poles, as in the magnetic field around earth will flip. Changing climate everywhere.

No. 927133

NTA. We're already going through a deep solar minimum.

No. 927139

it's something I've kind of considered after looking at solar trends and what I could call their "cosmogeological" impact on earth as well as how they are impacting us magnetically through iron particles inside us. I have no evidence at this time to point one way or the other about climate change. I just found it interesting that someone would bring it up

No. 927143

File: 1633026017205.png (600.24 KB, 2354x1426, Screen Shot 2021-09-30 at 1.19…)

food for thought

No. 927145

I still can't believe the herd immunity stuff turned out to be the better option in the end. I used to mock his statement but your dough man looking guy was right.

No. 927150

it took covid for people to realize how much of sheep people are and it's sad. In the western world it's bizarre how they have to over-complicate any process necessary to living (housing, food stamps, medical care, school, etc) It's almost a miracle Americans aren't revolting to caveman style lives of living in the woods and spending the entire day exclusively about survival

No. 927156

But why did he change his mind? The British Government already had existing protocols for a major pandemic. We now know from looking at Sweden that the government was right initially and it was the mask mandates and lock downs that were wrong.

No. 927158

Australia was chosen as the test case to see how far people can be pushed. Now they're importing this new order to the UK and other Western countries.

No. 927199

Can anyone here explain this in a very plain fashion? I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed.

No. 927330

earth has bpd episodes during march and ocotber

No. 927458

File: 1633058773497.png (478.85 KB, 627x599, imagen_2021-09-30_222609.png)

thoughts? I'm legit asking.

No. 927545

Well yes individually you are worth the effort but lets say a business plan requires a large amount of people that have lets day rfid chips so they can do touchless transactions on the go

Look up sweden chip in hand money

No. 927594

speak for your damn self nonna I'm a legend

No. 927595

Are biblical prophecies coming true?

No. 927598

File: 1633088588982.jpg (Spoiler Image, 100.26 KB, 638x619, Screenshot_20211001-064229.jpg)

So is this guy getting tortured on the daily now or what, i haven't heard about him in a while

No. 927602

Probably dead by now.

No. 927625

We don't need microchips because we have phones that constantly track and report our locations and more. Duh.

No. 927639

Any human in existence is "worthy" of science experiments. I don't think they're microchipping us but definitely trying to find intense ways to track our every move

No. 927680

I suspect there were a large number of unknown serial killer that were never even on the polices radar, I watch a lot of true crime and one thing you'll start to notice is that a lot caught serial killers were literal morons caught due to a commination of their own ego and stupidity

No. 927694

No. 927729

Okay fedora tipper

No. 927740

God doesn’t and will never exist

No. 927747

god I love this thread

No. 927754

No. 927941

Which youtube videos or channels would you recommend, nonnas?

No. 927948


No. 928096

Begone glowie

No. 928104

I recommend reallygraceful, only female conspiracy theorist who doesn’t scream about women supposedly “killing and eating children” like the whore of babylon or whatever. her libertarian tangents can be cringey but her videos are honestly informative

No. 928191

Fuck off scrotum, you don’t belong here

No. 928192

good to know there's a large number of agents about. hello glowies

No. 928194

not a conspiracy, but a conspiracy adjacent question… well observation which leads into a question. here in canada the government recently gave the government a paid day off in honor of truth and reconciliation (basically a platitude virtue signal nod so Justin feels less guilt about all the murdered indigenous children that have been unearthed at old residential schools across the country this year). ANYWAYS. On that day I noticed many people wearing orange, which must have been social-media campaigned (not on it, so not sure). Many had shirts and pins saying things like "Save the Children" and "Every Child Matters". Which like, ok true, but was that not also a q-anon sentiment like 14 months ago? I followed so much political and conspiratorial media in the past few years, and I feel like I remember that similar slogans and the color orange were being used in alignment with an anti-child trafficking pizzagate type campaign. Do any of you remember or know anything more about that?

No. 928214

I don't remember the colour orange being associated with Q Anon. One of the things he did say was that children in care homes were trafficked for sex and human sacrifice by the elites. With how many children go missing from social care and with how common it is for mass graves to be discovered around children's homes, I don't doubt it.

No. 928261

I still have a few super twittery people I know from uni on my instagram and they were all posting about wearing orange shirts on the new holiday to show support for reconciliation, the shirts are just a virtue signalling thing 100%. Not sure about the slogans on the pins, "Save the Children" was definitely used by Q but it wouldn't be the first time that woke groups took an idea that they once declared "problematic" and decided it was ok as long as they did it. "Every Child Matters" seems much more neutral and was probably just something else people thought up to refer to the schools, like all the lawn signs and shit people have done to "show support."

No. 928263

Samefag but also just wanted to clarify that what I mean by them taking the idea is just that they took the idea to use an emotionally evocative phrase like "Save the Children," and not that the entire Q trafficking ring idea behind it would be used by Canadian liberals.

No. 928353

No offence but no. Orange has been associated with truth and reconciliation for much longer than just now, its been years but because of what happened this past year (which I think was no coincidence and I have seen articles about it just being death from tuberculosis or something and how convenient it is that china used it as an opportunity to claim Canada is a nasty country disrespecting human rights or something along those lines) the day was made because normies and the gov pretended to care about this all of a sudden. Not sure how much you know about Indigenous history, but its not the first time people mentioned those phrases when honouring what happened. Also, Qanon is the biggest bullshit ever, its totally manufactured to vilify trump supporters or anyone who believes in pizzagate or the involvement of hollywood in pedo shit. I think the bigger tinfoil people should question at all is why the media made Qanon bigger than it actually is to vilify people who arent really making bizarre claims (pretty sure everyone with a brain knows pedos are everywhere in hollywood).

No. 928683

I’ve read that a few native children from one of the residential schools disappeared while going on a “picnic” with Queen Elizabeth when she visited Canada in 1964. The royal family never faced repercussions because they can never be sued. One of the witnesses who was supposed to testify ended up suicided.

No. 928834

I wanna add to what this anon said:

When it comes to the immunocompromised fraction of "sick and eldery", there's a chance that they won't develop antibodies when getting the vaccine.

At the same time, vaccinated people who catch covid are usually less infectious because their virus load stays small.

So vaccinating not-at-risk people still passively helps protect those who don't have an immune response to the vaccine.

No. 929152

Why are they collecting everyone's genetic data (esp natives ppls)? Is it just going to be used for bioweapons and surveillance or is there more stuff.

No. 929165

dogi is that you

No. 929277

File: 1633287444538.jpg (7.76 MB, 3000x2250, Superflex-2-Lance-Gerber-3000p…)

Why are rich people moving to the desert of all places?
Does that kind of landscape withstand certain things better, like a nuclear blast? Or is it just out of convenience with it being close to Texas and California?

But what is the motive to inflating the market?

No. 929278

they are colonizing the wilderness so they can make their new towns with only rich people in them. And have sexual slaves.

No. 929279



No. 929281

You are right and you should say it.

No. 929349

If there's only rich ppl then who'd wipe their toilet seats? They see shit (Rona, increased surveillance state, economy crash) is going down and want to escape it when it reaches peak. Trillionares like Bezo really wants company towns (modern plantations) to be a thing. Middle class-lower upper class dream about cottagecore life but irl are too lazy and would just use their resources to make other ppl do the dirty work of being self sufficient. Also china billionaires escaping china since Pooh is ~persecuting~ them now.

No. 929424

I think that when the rich have to be actually self sufficient they'll glamorize squalor. it's already kind of happening now that normies have access to Hollywood beauty via plastic surgery

No. 929427

Rich people are betting hard on automation/robotics.
They would still have a few servants to clean up stuff and fix machinery, but the objective is living far away from the riffraff and having a small staff.

No. 929428

I say we burn down the towns and seal their bunkers when the inevitable comes, fuck them rich fucks.

No. 929435

I love you so much <3

No. 929624


I did a social sciences degree at a canadian uni so I'm well versed on our historical issues, as they are covered ad-nauseum in basically every single course that isn't a hard science lol I wasn't implying at all that Q-Anon was behind reconciliation day - my train of thought was more so that the Q-anon adjacents were attaching themselves onto this to legitimize themselves and push their agenda by conflating it with an actual serious issue. Either that or it was just a coincidence and average people didn't realize they were out and about sporting vaguely conspiracy themed activism wear?

No. 929705

They've tried to separate from the riffraff since forever, but they always need riff raff in some way. Do you think those men are going to be ok with the same sex slave for years?
In a more general sense places like Germany, Canada, etc. are so nice to live in bc they export all their shitty labor to 3rd world countries. Maybe richies will colonize New Zealand as their nwo top country.

No. 930538

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Gmail, Twitter, and some other social media sites were down today. Are they doing some sort of experiment on us by shutting all these sites down?

No. 930581

No they're just cleaning house of wrongthink, it happened near election time too.

No. 930585

how are you going to react when it comes back up and all of your boomer memes are right where you left them?

No. 930633

Apparently twitter only went down because so many people visited it when all the other sites went down, but the rest are definitely a bit mysterious. Interested to find out what the official cause is reported as.

No. 930833

This has probably been mentioned before but I'm certain that the whole discourse about "cultural appropriation" like bitching about white girls wearing kimonos is a movement supported by big businesses to erase all ethnic competition and force everyone only to follow trends and purchases of anglo-American corporative origin. The woke warriors on social media are only useful fools driving it for self-gratification. It had noble origins but like all social justice movements it always gets co-opted for monetary gain.