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File: 1628416472520.jpg (101.12 KB, 720x871, download (10).jpg)

No. 875859

Inspired by the Twitter Hate thread, a thread dedicated to cringe and delusions found on carrd and similar sites.

It's easy to find carrds and uwus of all kinds, simply use a popular character or franchise as a url and search away.

Vendettas need not reply

No. 875860

File: 1628416576826.png (1.06 MB, 1893x903, minecraft.png)


bumping with examples

No. 875861

File: 1628416602090.png (58.13 KB, 1882x771, poison.png)

No. 875862

File: 1628416632566.png (502.52 KB, 1910x843, sysinfo.png)

No. 875863

File: 1628416654568.png (961.37 KB, 1885x871, zhongli.png)

No. 875864

File: 1628416679223.png (2.33 MB, 1914x829, shinobu.png)

No. 875865

File: 1628416722892.png (199.68 KB, 1914x839, dlicu.png)

"Body is Asian and 14 despite me being around 20 yrs"

No. 875867

File: 1628417096376.png (439.34 KB, 1865x889, kokichi.png)

No. 875883

File: 1628419402575.png (247.28 KB, 1522x744, carrd.png)

>they/them eighteen nonbinary
lawful neutral intp ravenclaw
aquarius phlegmatic-melancholic


No. 875898

>It's probably quite obvious from how this carrd looks, but I'm mentally ill and ND.
This is what they all think when making their carrds, let me make it as edgy and special as possible. Cringe.

No. 875905

I couldn't find this carrd anymore but I found it under the self ship tag in tumblr. it basically just said dni if you ship yourselves with her husbandos and that it triggers her for some reason kek

No. 875906

They remind me of 2000s web design which I like, sadly they ruined it by filling it with such cringey material.
Probably want to feel like an anime character.

No. 875926

ooh anon you put it perfectly what I originally thought of carrds at first, I'm realizing. They should be the modern version of a myspace page. With all the customization you can do and the abouts, it's got some of the charm of Myspace but even more of the teenage cringe since it's about exposing yourself online now more than ever instead of just trying to brag about how many friends you have.

No. 875937

File: 1628427854431.jpeg (741.58 KB, 828x1028, 032A1C9D-0D28-4573-9D40-54B124…)

this is the best one so far https://listography.com/aquarians

No. 875941

>or get the fuck off my page!!!
bebe rexha, is that you?

No. 876131

>>875862 why i saw this shit. I want to cry and laugh. This person needs to be in a psychiatric. Somebody exterminate these type of retardeds.

No. 876145

Thanks for this thread, a new source of entretainment for me, finally

No. 876146

Since it’s in the threadpic, can we make fun of pronouny too? A microsite dedicated to a list of your preferred pronouns, acceptable titles (dude, sis, etc) and compliments (pretty vs handsome vs etc). Pathetic

No. 876147

File: 1628444875510.jpg (54.11 KB, 401x383, E8N2101XMAMb6fd.jpg)


No. 876148

of course we can, post it

No. 876152

Could someone define “carrd” for a clueless nona who is intrigued by these posts? Yes, I live under a rock…

No. 876165

>consensual cannibalism (of an entire human body) should be illegal
do people argue otherwise?

No. 876179

These carrds fill me with such an indescribable negative emootion. It's a cliche to say this but I wish these people would go outside

No. 876185

this isn't how DID even works, people go to different "stages" or "persons" of their selves, they don't become other people

No. 876191

File: 1628447074997.jpg (470.85 KB, 1080x2225, Screenshot_20210808_202321.jpg)

you'd think this over the top girly layout would trigger her dysphoria

No. 876192

File: 1628447137075.jpeg (300.55 KB, 828x1249, 2A2C4FF3-6311-4186-A386-DB5F51…)

aiden carrds are the funniest fucking things on the internet

No. 876196

File: 1628447693367.jpeg (72.02 KB, 755x571, 82E8EEFE-0588-4AFE-B3EE-21B027…)

picrel is racist pedos after reading that they’re not allowed to interact

she just really loves her ocs

No. 876204

Man, these kids made rp their entire identity. Never thought I would miss live journal rp era, they almost make women of that time look normal

No. 876225

>they almost make women of that time look normal
and they make weebs of the past seem well adjusted. I would take an army of naruto runners in headbands over this.

No. 876247

File: 1628450968120.png (182.25 KB, 765x624, amane.png)

This person's links are a microcosm of cringe. Where does the rabbit hole end?

No. 876250

It's really weird how they refer to themselves as their "body" like their physical bodies are separate from their "real selves". That can't be a healthy mindset, your body is you.

No. 876254

File: 1628452052750.png (198.07 KB, 1003x929, touchonetelephone.png)

No. 876313


I’ve noticed DID is one of the trendiest mental illnesses to pretend to have along with BPD and autism

No. 876332

File: 1628456931569.jpg (93.8 KB, 1234x695, x3GyPcz.jpg)

This one is most likely a troll but I think it deserves a place in the thread.

No. 876557

File: 1628485691021.png (228.92 KB, 640x740, 000.PNG)

No. 876860


Fucking honk/honkself pronouns? Seriously? Guess they got the clown part right at least.

No. 879040

File: 1628726095302.png (1.53 MB, 1366x1131, idoldecay.png)

potentially a new cow, sorry for the spam

No. 879042

File: 1628726123978.png (332.47 KB, 598x421, idoldecay (2).png)

No. 879043

File: 1628726246304.png (29.41 KB, 890x357, idoldecay (3).png)

No. 879044

File: 1628726346300.png (27.04 KB, 890x262, idoldecay (4).png)

No. 879047

>I feed off people's energies… things like people's attention and clear mental direction, if that makes sense.
Yes it makes sense. It's called being an attention whore.

No. 879048

File: 1628726499157.png (11.15 KB, 890x186, idoldecay (5).png)

No. 879100

Apologies for the BJD sperg but I will never understand why people use others' dolls as icons/header photos. Like that's someone's beloved doll they personally customized, if someone used a photo of my BJD as a profile pic I'd be super weirded out. They probably stole the photo from jp twitter or something too.

No. 879133

All the stolen art in general, too. They can write a whole essay on the genders of all 3434 of their anime character identities but can't spare one line of credit for the artist who drew any of the art they use? Especially with the fanart they base their entire personality on?? Sorry to be a tilted artfag but I hate when people use my art for this shit with no credit at all.

No. 879175

File: 1628740952514.jpg (38.85 KB, 600x759, c65.jpg)

No. 879177

File: 1628741077256.jpg (1.29 MB, 1309x2790, spooky skeleton arms.jpg)

This is the Rinachan/Poyo tripfag from 4chan, her current thing is posting about being a vampire as well as 'people shouldn't eat because it's disgusting' thinspo shit. She's batshit insane.

No. 879179

File: 1628741255567.png (424.35 KB, 1763x421, rina.PNG)

It's real, she had a thread that got locked.

No. 879180

oh baby, this is a fuckin cow in waiting

No. 879186

iirc she also came onto lolcow and talked about being pregnant / having an abortion.

No. 879192

Clearly she does everything for attention. Why give it to her?

No. 879194

where do you think you are

No. 879201

I'm just saying, she says that she likes negative attention since she "feeds" off it all the same. Cows aren't fun when the milk pleases it back.

No. 879205

>my brother in his words is a fallen angel
is this one of those weird online family roleplays or is her family genuinely enabling her?

No. 879210


>Don’t talk to me about politics uwu

Something about this smells white to me.

No. 879214


There's a whole section of twitter for pictures of self harm? That's disgusting. I hope all of those people get banned and/or sent to a psych ward. That is not ok.

No. 879215

>2 years ago
Does she even have any current milk besides roleplaying as a vampire and starving herself?

No. 879220

All her current milk is stuff from her carrd and her twitter

No. 879222

Which is
>roleplaying as a vampire
>starving herself
And what else? She may have had a thread in the past but I don't see how that makes a cow.

No. 879225

sorry for sperg rn but it's worse than that. a bunch of underaged kids who glorify the living shit out of self harm and start doing it because they think it makes them look cute, cool and fits their aesthetic. also encourage each other to do it too despite not having any major issues in life that would lead them to something as severe and disturbing as self mutilation unless they think their mom yelling at them for 5 mins is a sign of childhood trauma. most of them just scratch a few lines on their wrists and put some kawaii sanrio filter on it to look like a menhera wannabe girlfriend uwu. the majority of them are around 15-16 but already claim to have mental illnesses like did, npc, bpd, aspd. they also act like them being able to look at gore and share gorey pics makes them unique and different. it's a huge shitshow lmfao

t. somebody who lurks there because it's so milky

No. 879229

Are you sure anon because that looks like a very male body to me and the whole loli vampire shit is a very tranny aesthetic.

No. 879232

She has nudes, sadly.

No. 879236

r9k girls have always existed and they are all like this, bottom of the barrel self hating women who give nudes to 4chan scrotes and appeal to their most deranged desires, picksmes of pickmes

No. 879242

Actually she's a sexual abuse victim, but you're not wrong.

No. 879243

Not to sound like a cunt but many people lie about that shit online to have some sort of excuse for their fucked up behavior

No. 879257

File: 1628756023347.jpg (134.42 KB, 922x601, kinning.jpg)

I posted this one in the twitter hate thread before. It's an aiden that kins akira fudo but also is better than all the other kinnies online because she's not actually kinning.


No. 879259

What's a double? Someone that kins the same character as them?

No. 879270

File: 1628757497326.jpeg (77.51 KB, 750x273, 038F247D-F24A-4DF4-870E-6A3C33…)

>bulletgender and revengender
>pronouns incluse skull/skullself, reven/revengeself and vam/vampself

I miss when autistic edgybois contented themselves with making sonic OCs

No. 879284

Holy shit, Poyo. Haven't heard that name in a long time.

No. 879295

why the fuck are children allowed on the internet

No. 879322

No. 879394

File: 1628769367100.png (713.13 KB, 719x974, tranny.png)

No. 879402

File: 1628770104221.png (840.74 KB, 704x848, dni.PNG)

I'm embarrassed to share a planet with these people, and even more so because we like some of the same things. (Except berserk apparently?)

No. 879405

File: 1628770594650.jpg (231.63 KB, 863x752, 38a.jpg)

Okay but what in the EVERLOVING FUCK is an OSDD-1b system??!!!! That sounds like a motherfucking galaxy cluster or something, holy shit I cannot emphasise enough how badly these people need to go outside. I want off this ride nonnies

No. 879408

Also samefag but I find it so hard to comprehend that these people actually exist and take themselves so seriously, these carrds almost feel like they're generated by an AI or something

No. 879413

>I will go into a panic attack if you dislike my chemical romance
Are these people GENUINELY okay

No. 879451

they are not okay, i promise

No. 879466

these teenagers scare the living shit out of me

No. 879497

>i rb berserk occasionally but don't like the source or fanbase
Great cope for when Twitter user @BPDBakugouKinnie writtes a callout on you for liking iwwedeemabwe medwia UwU

No. 879515

In this case it's even worse, because it's by a customization artist who regulary sells heads both in japan and overseas that just happens to be really popular with these kind of kids. It's so awkward and annoying and the reason why I will never post pics of a head I bought from that same artist on social media.

No. 879521

>energy vampire
Colin Robinson style, nice

No. 879578

I'm sure her coworkers feel the same way

No. 879597

File: 1628786508592.png (198.54 KB, 750x542, vampire overdose.png)

This is really sad. Like in a "please god get help way", the drugs have clearly legitimately fried her brain. This is in context of saying she died at nineteen and her brain stopped adapting there.

No. 879622

File: 1628789502584.png (10 KB, 388x421, Untitled.png)

even her kins have kins.. how tf does that work? these bitches experience daydreaming/self-inserting for the first time and think it's DID

No. 879649

>bees (minecraft)
took me tf out, i’m gonna hang myself

No. 879660

I find this more tragic than anything because she clearly was fucked up extremely by drugs. I hope she gets more help and proper meds cause clearly whatever she's on isn't helping and people are enabling her.

No. 879670

File: 1628795357506.jpeg (357.18 KB, 750x1241, DDD4FE6B-C5A2-409B-A2A3-EBB27F…)

bitch just do roleplay smh

No. 879773

File: 1628804739295.jpeg (824.47 KB, 828x1151, F5090899-7B32-4DBA-857F-F083F9…)

there’s even worse. i’ve seen some people theme their carrd after 4chan. though i’m highly sure 4chan would make fun of individuals that are like this


No. 879793

File: 1628806747424.jpg (64.11 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault2.jpg)

>i dont know about the other stuff . im mentally stable and have a senseof identity outside of letters and pseudosciences . i know you have a half written character analysis on pdb open in anotther tab but i have healthy coping mechanisms and meaningful interactions with others.
>i am ok with being suibaited and being called homophobic slurs and being told to cut and starve i think its really funny /gen

No. 879800

Took me a minute to understand suibaited. I am getting old.

No. 879847


No. 879912

File: 1628816084089.png (399.63 KB, 1029x660, dylan&ericuwu.png)

>though i’m highly sure 4chan would make fun of individuals that are like this
no, that is in fact the average /a/ or /lgbt/ poster


No. 879989

File: 1628826475365.png (342.06 KB, 747x694, new layout.png)

She made her twitter private and changed the layout. She's definitely lurking or someone let her know.

No. 880558

Why do they always say it like that

No. 880579

File: 1628886305259.png (369.69 KB, 750x864, attention whorism.png)

Someone needs to fund her psych ward bills.

No. 880660

File: 1628891138684.png (1.32 MB, 1349x643, wheelies.png)

No. 880661

File: 1628891166278.png (26.03 KB, 433x610, fauna.png)

No. 880662

File: 1628891199047.png (82.93 KB, 693x708, 14z.png)

No. 880668

>people with 1312 in their dn/bio
What does that mean? What's significant about 1312?

No. 880672

It must have something to do with ACAB but I don't know what

No. 880688

It stands for ACAB, but I'm not sure why it bothers them

No. 880690

>hates cis white males and republicans
>loves south park
I don't get it.

No. 880712

File: 1628893895492.png (76.8 KB, 728x851, carrd.PNG)

>ask to follow if you like an anime character

No. 880781

she totally only dates white guy

No. 880783

>ship 1st/3rd years
thats so funny

No. 880871

I assume it's for the 'early web trend' I enjoy it but if some kids are at the point where they're writing this shit while using a 4chan theme, it just becomes genuinely hilarious.

No. 880881

>dni if proshipper
Maybe I’m too old to get this but wouldn’t fandom be boring as hell without shipping?

No. 880883

Proshipping actually refers to being "pro" shipping kids with adults, rape, abuse, etc. And just being pro pedophilia/taboo kinks in general and whatnot

No. 880884

I'm pretty sure pro-shipper is someone who ships underage characters with adult characters, there's a lot of drama around it in every fandom. Please don't quote me on that though.

No. 880889

Not the point of the thread, ik, but do you think the popularity of carrd will eventually lead to social media profiles becoming more customisable again?

No. 880921

>make hate posts about shu itsuki (please add an indicator if they’re just jokes)
Obsessed with the desperation in this sentence

No. 880949


No. 880977

damn what's wrong with white adult pansexual fujoshis, i think they're all neat

No. 881263

Some of the people here and in the Lucinda thread made me think maybe a general EDtwt/SHtwt thread would be useful, there's already the pro-ana thread but these feel vastly different in terms of content.

No. 881332

Maybe this isn't the place to ask, but where can I find good and free carrd templates? I want it for my business

No. 881406

We could ask the mods to move this one to /snow/ and continue posting here.

No. 881449

Might as well keep it here then. I was mostly suggesting just so there's less talk of the actual people behind the carrds and simply laughing at said carrds can stay here

No. 881541

File: 1628984397096.png (120.03 KB, 693x531, Screenshot 2021-08-14 at 19-35…)

No. 881547

This thread is fascinating. Like learning of a whole new species hiding in the Galapagos. I understand maybe one of every 10 acronyms these kids use.

No. 881612

wait so she hates cops but she also hates people who hate cops, and… fart twitter??? is this satire omg

No. 881613

do they mean jeffrey dahmer???

No. 881675

i like this idea, those communities are pretty funny but i'm not sure how many farmers would be actually interested in it, not to mention most of the edtwt/shtwt people are minors anyways. and this thread is already relatively slow

No. 881986

>i am a completely different gender for a specific race
Ok this one's legit funny

No. 882016

leave my Reiby alone, you genderspergs don't deserve her

No. 882139

>completely different gender for a specific race (or close friends)
I am so confused is there a genderspecial explanation for this?? genderspecials do this shit and don't know why everyone makes fun of them

No. 882179

Its the internalized racism and misandry speaking.

No. 882290

File: 1629062071601.png (514.53 KB, 719x938, whitey dni.png)

No. 882301

what is fart twitter

No. 882322

afaik thats another acronym for terf though i dont recall exactly what it means. something something radical transphobe

No. 882363

farting advanced radical transphobe

No. 882370

Feminism appropriating, lol

No. 882396

god, troons are so stupid when they pretend that an actual woman can appropriate feminism. that's like rachel doezal screeching about a black person 'appropriating' blm

No. 882625

File: 1629100425429.png (26.7 KB, 450x307, schizo shit.PNG)

I think this is one of the strangest carrds.

No. 882629

>Frontstuck is pretty self explanitory. It's when an alter is stuck in front. That alter is usually (but not always) alone in front (without someone co con) and can not switch out with anybody. This can happen for a variety of reasons but the most common seems to be stress. While stress can trigger a switch, it can also make switching difficult for others.

No. 882635

It's not stupid, it's deliberately manipulative. You can argue with troons til you're blue in the face about the history and foundations of feminism, they don't care. They declare that they are the true feminists just like they declare that they are real women and declare that they aren't mentally ill and declare that science is on their side and declare that they don't threaten and harass women. If you question any of their declarations, they brand you a transphobe. The audacity and obstinance is the entire strategy. It's basic NPD shit.

No. 882831

File: 1629124630137.jpeg (135.74 KB, 750x382, D4235067-7E65-400B-9E42-6907E1…)

You're right, this one is great. I'm especially loving the census page, which is so informally written and presented that it reminds me of a middle school science project. Picrel had me in fits. Of course the one symptom actually characteristic of DID is lacking, while the social symptoms made up to manipulate your friends (e.g. """frontstuck""" etc) or for internet clout (e.g. system names) are overwhelmingly abundant.

No. 882951

File: 1629132555105.png (97.67 KB, 497x924, 08D87CA6-4E15-4F0D-B815-DEBD44…)

My personal favorite is the
>my life is so boring that I have to create an alternate personality who has trauma so I can pretend I have trauma over the internet for clout.

No. 882963

All these remind me when people on tumblr were throwing a fit at that movie Split for "bad representation" of DID

No. 882969

What a fucking nightmare of a person. Takes offense to people dismissing trauma that literally isn’t real.

No. 883086

Reading this gave me brain cancer.

No. 883168

On the topic of making a thread on the EDtwt cows with their carrds in here, why not just use the pro-ana thread? All of them ARE pro-ana.

No. 883772

File: 1629207044455.jpeg (51.91 KB, 698x399, 1A897215-2900-4EB7-B234-08F222…)

No. 883797

File: 1629208723101.jpeg (20.12 KB, 568x299, 3AF5DBF5-49D1-40E3-8732-23C6AA…)

No. 883826

It's puzzling to me how these people can so confidently make so many demands for how to interact with them and who can do it as if they're so popular lmao

No. 883978

File: 1629217923054.jpg (17.15 KB, 597x295, 02c9d275_original.jpg)

What a shocker

No. 883979

File: 1629218019282.jpg (12.57 KB, 525x287, 2101b5ea_original.jpg)

And literally no one was surprised.

No. 883980

File: 1629218135008.jpg (15.09 KB, 537x288, 1439a16e_original.jpg)

No. 884358

File: 1629242590806.jpg (46.59 KB, 399x400, 1613451145486.jpg)

>what is the bodies age?

No. 884474

It's as if they were speaking of a corpse

No. 885044

Well, in cases like >>880579 they legitimately are. kek.

No. 885131

File: 1629311268089.jpeg (131.03 KB, 640x640, B63ACF5A-4769-4838-B613-5FC034…)

> no white doubles
As well kek

Also it’s hilarious how you can clock her as a fakeboi immediately since Mystic Messenger (mobile otome dating game) and Inso’s Law (Korean romance webtoon) are theeee most niche aimed at women titles.

No. 886582

File: 1629422936610.jpg (420.79 KB, 1046x1129, pleasetouchgrass.jpg)

calm down karen, they're cartoons

No. 886600

yes cool
>but has "radfems dni"
we were so close

No. 886604

File: 1629424872241.gif (236.18 KB, 220x177, tenor.gif)

>hates real men, fictional men, any likeness of men, "male lesbians"
>hates radfems

No. 886637

How is she not an actual radfem?

No. 886641

File: 1629427617223.jpg (418.91 KB, 1080x1193, 20210819_204328.jpg)

also in her dni
>cis women, cis lgbs, binary men, singlets, ableds, systwt,
may get blocked !

No. 886648

kek, thanks for reminding me to check up on DID tiktok


now, what the fuck is that?

No. 886652

probably identifies as non-binary, because it's a "they/she". if you do call her a radfem, she'll be like "REEE HOW DARE YOU MISGENDER ME, I AM ACKSHUALLY A RADNBFEM"

>>886648 i honestly have no idea, but i'm afraid it's going to be an identity trend for these fuckers

No. 886753

File: 1629438826751.png (94.09 KB, 705x684, dfg.PNG)

I looked it up and I'm still confused. I think it's supposed to be "fluctuates between pangender and agender" but that still doesn't mean shit kek

No. 886780

Is there a tread for dumb tumblr begging posts? I feel like there is a lot of overlap between cringe carrds and outrageous ebegging

No. 887336

File: 1629483324434.png (877.55 KB, 934x951, genders.PNG)

This is incomprehensible

No. 887704

I have given up all hope for humanity.

No. 887739

>het/straight/strayt as in i'm always attracted to genders different from my own
>gay as in not cishet lol


No. 887856

Genuine question, do you all know anyone like this irl? How do they act? Do these people even survive in the real world? Is it more like they're normal walking among us and then you find their online persona and it's this?

No. 887874

I’m gonna assume that most of these posts are made by mentally ill/sheltered teenagers who live on the internet. Like, back when the basic gender garbage was a thing on tumblr, they were all like vid related.

No. 887877

Trust me, you'll know when you see them. But you'll smell them first. Last place I have ever seen them was when I was in high school and they were just the weird GSA kids that would read yaoi fanfic in the middle of class. I haven't seen any since but they're absolutely there, probably not going to university and just working at Subway or something.

Just go to your local mall and see if you can find anyone acting extremely embarrassing, they probably have a carrd.

No. 887885

I know a bunch of enbies IRL and none of them are bad people but I always feel like I have to walk on eggshells around them

No. 888027

These people have like 6 faces max. wtf.

No. 888051

I like how this was considered "cringe" a couple of years ago, I mean it still is but NO ONE was prepared for the next level garbage and degeneracy called Tik Tok.

Also wasn't expecting that random Chris Chan appearance in there kek

No. 888083

have the taliban done any tiktok dancing videos yet?

No. 889037

There were some people similar to what you described that I interacted with yesterday, they were a fakeboi with a he/him/his hoodie and their friend had like cat ears and they kicked open the elevator and then jammed themselves inside it even though me and my mom were already inside….
Basically very poor social skills and sometimes have to advertise their fake gender identity.

No. 889090

kinda makes you wonder about physiognomy and predisposition to certain ways of thinking

No. 892450

File: 1629978545778.png (104.83 KB, 612x512, it they he.png)

not carrd, but it fits here

No. 892454

This person would be cool if not for the pronoun shit

No. 892513

agreed. the furry thing raises an eyebrow but since they didn't talk about it yet it seems fine

No. 893171

look at the last sentence in the first paragraph

No. 893323

If not Carrd, where? Neocities? That site is absolutely full of weird pronoun people.

No. 893725

File: 1630115056306.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1251x1420, 64629461-8D37-4361-8E68-B4CB49…)

Hey guys, let’s play #TagYourself. I’m cis person, nonblack, and thinks Kai has no ass

No. 893727

This page seems like a troll

No. 893740

i think this is one of those joke dnis. it's painfully unfunny though

No. 893744

You know those old things that floated around and it was like "the first three words that you see describe your love life" or some shit like that? it looks like a stephen king novel sized version of that but worse

i'm "people with a victim complex" and "nonblacks as a whole"

No. 893918

I'm "people who hate on dubbed anime watchers" and proud!

No. 894110

File: 1630171247143.jpg (78.47 KB, 1049x712, 20210828_112622.jpg)

Dear motherfucking god, help me

No. 894418

This shit is how stuff like this happens and is just encouraged. >>879043
People still send her nearly daily questions asking about her life as a "vampire"

No. 896029

File: 1630378472185.jpeg (299.84 KB, 836x1048, 55DA462E-FDDE-4D8D-8687-8326CD…)

Kid, do your homework

No. 896054

File: 1630380046267.gif (1.65 MB, 320x210, pardon.gif)

>he/they lesbian
>i hc male characters as trans lesbians

No. 896071

Oh God, is she from Venezuela? I can't believe these type of people exists here, wtf

No. 896092

File: 1630383596236.png (320.06 KB, 460x1204, Screenshot 2021-08-31 at 01-19…)

so rape doesn't need a content warning but fucking birds do??

here's one i found a bit ago https://strwbryfemme.carrd.co/

No. 896105

>asexual venusic lesbian lunarian doeflux (genderdoe + girlflux) femme lesbian
Ah, I see. It's an abandoned failed abortion

No. 896132

OT but the rape is trigger warning, and the birds are content warning, anon.

No. 896166

kek tagging so I can always come back to giggle. If LC doesn't die, that is…
God I hope so. It'd make reading horrible takes every day a little more bearable.

No. 896175

File: 1630398407451.png (92.36 KB, 620x779, kingofsins.png)

What made me laugh was the character from a Japanese show that's on top of "DNFI ! if you're nonblack" kek

Here are some more Carrds from the Twitter Hate thread #4 in case you missed them.

No. 896179

>you believe half black people are black, you believe black people can be racist, you believe black people can be pro black and date outside they race
Whatever crack you’re smoking must be really good shit, bro

No. 896232

is this dr.umars daughter???

ill pray for her what a fucked mindset

No. 896374

why do they always re-name themselves with east asian names oh my god

No. 896385

Chitterlings are eaten traditionally by a lot of african-americans in the american south, this makes no sense.

No. 896982

ok what's the drama with the "toothpaste" flag? I keep seeing this

No. 896985

File: 1630458166669.jpg (250.64 KB, 2048x2048, E2oHXeSVoAAw9Pq.jpg_large.jpg)

I just googled and apparently they're talking about the gay make flag. Here's some tweet I found, I guess they don't like it because it looks like a ripoff of the sunset flag

No. 896993

File: 1630459076986.jpeg (118.05 KB, 828x1339, E2qLcpNVoAEuZ5F.jpeg)

Samefag, but I'm seeing people say that this gay flag was made before the sunset lesbian flag, so who even knows.

No. 897032

Oh boy, Twitter goes absolutely nuts when they see this flag. Turns out, the gay flag that was made in 2017 was inspired/recolored idk by the old pink lesbian flag, which the snowflakes hate because the creator was racist and biphobic. That's hilarious because literally now, I've seen a shitload of twitter lesbians being vocally racist and biphobic kek

No. 897081

I mean the twitter people who use it and so vocally care about it are mostly just transbians or some flavour of “he/him lesbian” genderspecial weirdo.

The whole drama is retarded though like anyone who waves identify flags is a weirdo.

No. 897145

I’m actually enjoying this whole drama because genderspecial sunmoonfemmebitchfucksexual fatherless children with carrds on their bio are at each other's necks 24/7 and they have the nerve to ask why does everybody hate the lgbt community

No. 898147

wait what's wrong with not discussing politics

No. 898234

I don't think either of them have carrd but I know a genderspecial who acts like this. She has 'DID' which involves her having anime characters in her head or something, whilst also being a 'witch'. Honestly it's not that bad compared to the shit I'm seeing here.

No. 898384

File: 1630555503073.jpeg (502.9 KB, 1652x896, 50DFC3AD-859A-489A-87B0-FE7802…)

Bruh, imagine being triggered by cartoon animals

No. 898492

jacksepticeye and markiplier should trigger anyone's fight or flight response to be fair

No. 913580

File: 1631773676629.jpeg (275.1 KB, 750x377, 12C01AB5-7B95-4E3C-99C3-A6210B…)

presented without comment

No. 913702

File: 1631796355544.jpg (35.51 KB, 750x393, IMG_20190120_015903.jpg)

>21 year old

No. 914010

> Use Stupid, Dumb, Idiot, Lame, Insane, Junkie, Crackhead, Blind, or Deaf as insults
I fucking spat out my coffee

No. 915115

File: 1631915790765.jpeg (673.33 KB, 598x1713, 975F3E64-15C2-4A00-B512-06424B…)

>Ask to interact if you view Aerith as a woman

No. 915153

are they implying she's a troon or an enby? ew. is 'mlw cloud' 'male loving women cloud'? lmfao

No. 915161

File: 1631917407045.jpg (35.2 KB, 1080x210, Screenshot_20210918_002015.jpg)

Boy's Love Exclusionary Radical Feminist?

No. 915164

i think it means "bisexual lesbians"

No. 915175

Man, carrd retards are making up new groups of nonexistent people every day

Probably as an enby mlm troon, judging by demiromantic gay label (Who wants to bet that this bitch was a fujoshi before a being trans boy). Anyone that uses the mlw, mlm and wlw term should absolutely be bullied

No. 916737

i-is this komaedachan's carrd?

No. 918960

no, komaedachan is a different flavour of retard. i say this lovingly

No. 919351

BLERF sounds like a sound you make when you vomit

No. 924890

why do you assume this munchausens lunatic has a job?

No. 924899


nigga pick one.

No. 943569

Hey guys, so apparently, twitter kids are moving to TWO carrd clones called rentry.co and txti.es. Let’s hope to god that carrd gets abandoned and now it becomes a cool website maker for youtubers or something idk

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