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File: 1461486953324.png (688.87 KB, 949x1250, 1458617867814.png)

No. 88245

What's the preferred penis size around here?

I personally never minded the size as long as the guy in question was attractive.

<bigger then 4 is a must though regardless>

No. 88246

Small. I think they're cute, and I like that it's easy to fit the entire thing in my mouth. I can't finish to PIV, so being "filled up" isn't really a big deal for me. I get more pleasure from knowing I'm giving my partner a good time. And, you know, if I get eaten out afterwards than I'm 100% satisfied.

I think big ones look stupid, and they always hurt so I'm not a fan.

No. 88247

As big as my arm with a foreskin so large I can wear it as a hoodie.

No. 88248

What do you mean by small?

My boyfriend is always so insecure about his size but I guess that's just a guy thing.

No. 88249

I like average to smaller one (excluding micro dick of course) big dick are just uncomfortable to me. (Small vajayjay and dryness problems)

No. 88250

On a scale of 1 to sandpaper how dry

No. 88251

I dont have a preferred size but i think my bfs size is just perfect
5.5inch and thick

No. 88252

Fucking Namib desert, I basically can't have sex without a ton of lube even when aroused, except when my bf get down on me prior and make me cum.

No. 88253

Anything less than 9" is dicklet mode.

No. 88254

Biggest I ever had was 10"; now I can't go back.

No. 88255


lmao dicklets should just kill themselves amirite?

No. 88256

Who OP pic

No. 88257

My first was a pretty thick 8" and I honestly never want to run into another one of those. It was a painful and all around terrible experience. Guys with huge dicks think that you want the whole thing just shoved into you. My current boyfriend is a comfortable 6.5" and it's plenty enough for me. Not very thick, but I don't get off on that anyway. What girl does? I heard it's pretty rare. Clitoral stimulation is where it's at.

No. 88258

No. 88259



No. 88260

I want newfags to leave >>88258

No. 88261

i had sex last night with someone who I'd say was around 4 or 5 inches and it really is about how you use your dick because currently my legs and back are sore as hell. I've had a 7" dick before and honestly he could never compare to last night.

i don't think i can get off from PIV either. I'd really like to though.

No. 88262

I don't mind the penis size unless it's circumcised. I prefer he has his penis circumcised for religious reasons.

No. 88263


Huh, I haven't really heard of someone wanting their bf circumcised for religious reasons…It's usually about sons or whatever, but you do you, anon.


Yeah, only 1 in 4 girls gets off from penetration so it's kinda rare.

Anyways, I don't care about dick size if I'm really into the guy but I prefer 5 in - 7 1/2 in.

No. 88264

This thread seems like it was a robot, but honestly, it's hard to say. For standard PIV sex, I have good memories of this circumcised guy around 4.5". He knew how to use it and it didn't hurt, but I had to get myself off. My bf is 7", uncircumcised and not experienced at all, but I come every time as long as I'm on top. Sex is weird and you can't reduce it to something like penis size.

No. 88265

I forgot to mention the most terrible sex I've had was with this 8"- 8.5" guy who had no idea what he was doing. It hurt and wasn't fun at all

No. 88266


This tbh. Thread was made by a man.

No. 88267

Average to small, 3 inches and up is fine. Can't climax from PIV alone anyways so it doesn't matter.

Besides I have a terrible gag reflex so smaller is better when I give bj's.

Most guys I've been have hurt like hell though, idk, maybe there's something wrong with me.

No. 88268


No. 88269

Kill yourself

No. 88270

The guy I did last night had an average penis, I think. I didn't measure him but it was smaller than my dildo which is 7 inches. We didn't have PIV though so his size didn't really matter, except that is wasn't huge so I didn't have a problem fitting it in my mouth

No. 88271

I used to be one of those girls who would say to guys "girls who care about penis size are sluts with flappy vagines.. it isn't the size it's what you do with it"

ya. size does matter. when you try to fuck a guy with less than 3 inches, it literally is like "is it in yet?"

I would say at least 5 inches, ideally 7. But, it's not like you would break up with a guy who is good other than having an average (read: small) penis, like 4".

No. 88272

File: 1461540079542.gif (1.74 MB, 300x290, 1460348829031.gif)

You've met a guy that's 3inches?

How is that even possible unless your ex was Asian or somthing but even then it's rare.

No. 88273

Mine has a member bigger than average (8) and he's so obnoxious about it kek. It's his favourite thing about himself. I think guys are really obsessed with their penises. If they're too small, average or on the bigger side, they're all just as obsessed.

In my opinion as long as it's ok looking and not something out of the embarassing bodies show, size isn't an issue. There are more important features in a man. Such as his abilities in breakfast making.

No. 88274

I don't know how big my boyfriend is, but that size. It's pretty big, I've only fugged one other dude who was half his size, but what's most important is the shape and girth, it's really thick and curves up so it rubs all the perfect spots during intercourse. Sometimes it hits my cervix though but it feels kind of nice at the same time.

No. 88275

When I started dating my boyfriend we were both very young, but like a year into the relationship he had this late growth spurt, and so among other things, his dick grew to a little over 8".

One night last year during sex he went too deep and rammed me right in the ol' cervix, which then proceeded to spasm.

Long story short, turns out I have ovarian cysts and he managed to rupture one during intercourse. I have never experienced such excruciating pain in my life, the entire time I kept thinking "just make it end, let me die I don't care anymore as I writhed and puked". I spent two nights in hospital.

Size isn't everything :(

No. 88276

I confessed to my kouhai at work about how much i wanna fuck him so we made plans and he says it reaches his bellybutton. He's a tall dude so I'm kinda nervous… I've only had sex with asian men before

No. 88277

File: 1461549179096.jpg (332.02 KB, 2197x1463, laughing whores.jpg)

You don't have to worry. It does not reach his bellybutton.

No. 88278

I dated a guy with a 4 inch dick before and it felt like nothing. 5.5-7 inches is best, I think. Anything more is a little terrifying.

No. 88279

Every male that has below 6' height, 7/10 aesthetics and 7" dick should be castrated in case they accidentally breed. Fucking wastes of DNA. Also lmao at all these people saying they want 4-5", are you girls pedos or something?

No. 88280


This is probably my fate.

No. 88281

7-8" is preferred, because I'm really into having my cervix "bumped" or whatever. Anything less just isn't intense enough for me, I guess.

No. 88282

At least try to cut on the r9k slangs, dumbass.
This thread was made by a dirty robot.

No. 88283

Circumsised or uncut? Or no preference? I think I have no preference as long as the guy washes his foreskin, but the guy I'm currently hooking up with is circumsised, which is common considering I'm in America and he's Jewish
>inb4 lol jewfucker

No. 88284

I made this thread cuz I had nothing to do.

if /r9k/ wants to invade this thread and fuck around then just ignore them.

No. 88285


I don't really care either way, but foreskin is nice because it makes the guy more sensitive. As long as there's no dickcheese, I'm okay with it.

No. 88286

Are you Asian?

No. 88287

Alright, it's time for anal homo stuff.
I have lost count of dicks i had long time ago, but most i had were not less than average, and curently i have sex with guys who are more than 8".
When dick is big it stretches asshole good and gives more pressure on prostate, bigger dicks make it easier to get off. It's also nice to have fat long dick go through throat, had to try hard to get rid of that gag reflex.

Anyway dick is mostly a bonus to a guy. I wouldn't ever touch ugly one no matter how big he is down there.

No. 88288

File: 1461618511713.jpg (34.51 KB, 535x577, 1409884087617.jpg)

>tfw barely 5" thin peepee(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 88289

lol I'm pissed, i got to his place and there was a chick there already like dude. why are you wasting my time I'm just tryna smash damn

No. 88301

Holy shit are mods stupid?

This belonged on /g/, have you never gossiped about dicks with your girls ffs

No. 88318

Nope, he was white.

I've slept with 4 guys.

Approximately 3" hard - white dude, about 5'8".

Approximately 5" hard - asian dude, 5'6" tall.

Approximately 5" hard - asian dude, 6' tall.

No. 88319

Forgot the last one (well, my first actually).

Approximately 8-9" hard - white dude that was 1/4 black, 5'8" tall.

No. 88320

How exactly does giving a blowjob or handjob with foreskin work? Doesn't it get in the way?

No. 88331

I myself feel like it would be difficult without it, you know what you know. It sort of moves with you and reduces friction. Just Google some bj scenes uncut cock scenes?
I've never even seen a cut one irl, the only argument I can see for cutting doesn't count because I only date hygienic guys anyway

No. 88335

I don't mind size that much. 6.5-7.5 is good enough for me. Any bigger and I feel like I'm being torn apart. Also I prefer uncircumcised.

No. 88339

>tfw "is it in yet" tier

No. 88341


I have sucked both, it doesn't get in the way at all. Uncut dude's glans had a quite smooth texture though but also way more sensitive (he didn't stand playful bites or intense licking i.e compared with my cut partner). As long as the guy is clean it doesn't make a big difference.

No. 88445

Not if you work with it instead of against it. It's pretty helpful.

No. 88447

I prefer uncut. Basic hygiene is a must for any guy though, cut or uncut. Everybody better wash their damn dick.

No. 88457

Uncut. It feels much better.

No. 88477

Unfortunately, the only two uncut dicks I've been with have been negative experiences. One guy didn't wash it very well so it was disgusting. I remember once very clearly a bit of pee was trapped in the skin and came out. I was sick to my stomach and refused to give him any blowjobs after that. The other guys had phimosis which made it fucking scary looking. Besides that since he couldn't get the hood to retract down it was tricky having sex or giving him blowjobs since a bit too much pull in one direction made it painful for him.

No. 88514

I think a good 90% of guys are insecure about their average dicks. Too much porn

No. 88518

Please can you not talk about this. I have 7 inches and even seeing women discuss preferences makes me feel inferior.

No. 88551

>fave size: no penis

No. 88554

Just don't look at the thread?

No. 88555

I feel like this is so true. Current s/o as a 7 inch dick, was super insecure about his penis being small.

I prefer cut just because of hygienic reasons but if he's uncut it's no big deal. Again, current s/o is uncut but it's like half and half so it doesn't look weird when its soft and it looks nice when he's hard. One of my ex's had the ugliest uncut dick I've ever seen though. It had so much extra skin and he could barely stay hard.

No. 88563

Do we have the same boyfriend?

circumcised just looks weird to me- this is coming from someone who lives in the U.S. My boyfriend was born in Mexico so that explains why he's uncut and I like it. I make fun of it by saying his dick is wearing a turtleneck when he's soft and I also pretend to shoot lasers out of it.

Anyone else do weird things with their boyfriend's dick?

No. 88565


i got a native boy who's 6.5 when hard and uncut. im weak af and will not blow him if he doesnt wash. im really bad with genetelia smells though so maybe that's just me. he's pretty self conscious about him being uncut but honestly it just means we never need lotion.
i also wouldnt want him any bigger since im kind of small and i can't really get wet (idk what killed my sex drive) so we always need lube. it hurts at first but then it's perfectly satisfying.

No. 88746

I pretended it was a microphone and started singing into it when I was giving a bj once

No. 88749

am I fucked up for finding them gross looking? Like I can't even stand the images of them

No. 88768

nobody finds them good looking

No. 88769

that's ridiculous.

No. 89083

lies. I've always been disgusted by dicks and been 99.9% into girls but then I met my boyfriend and he has the most gorgeous dick. the only way to describe it is pretty… ugh

No. 89107

File: 1462042337661.jpg (149.31 KB, 728x514, 1462023777069.jpg)

>tfw barely 13 cm

stopped hoping for stuff long time ago

No. 89113

kill yourself

No. 89114


I don't know, will probably do soon.

No. 89115

That's not bad tbh.
Idk why you worried anon.

No. 89116


Because it's laughably small?

No. 89119

Not really? It's just cute, which i guess is bad if you want it to be something else.

No. 89120


>It's just cute

Like a pet or a little kid, don't think "cute" turns on women, I think…

No. 89121

you'd be really surprised.

No. 89122

If it makes you feel better, I'm a woman and I think it's so cute it becomes hot to me.

No. 89123

dont listen to this person anon its obviously another robot trying to help you out :^)

No. 89124


Not sure what to think.


Probably, no way in hell I can imagine a women finding a small dick hot.

No. 89128


No. 89131

Turns me on, but you don't really have to believe that.

The things that turn me the most off with guys and dicks is:
> them bragging about being big
> making fun of other guys dicks

As log as youre not under 3 inches you're g2g imo.
Big dicks just leave me in pain after sex, and I don't really like that (like period pain if they hit the pelvis literally hell).

No. 89134

File: 1462052603542.png (266.33 KB, 500x379, 7e33f565-905f-4bce-b9ee-e1e673…)


No. 89159

File: 1462071970563.jpg (9.77 KB, 225x225, 131039985536.jpg)

>circumcised dicks

No. 89165

File: 1462075197440.jpg (128 KB, 1127x1017, 1459496348215.jpg)

>uncircumcised dicks

No. 89550

idk my bf is 5.5 inches, thicc and uncircumcized and imo it's ideal

No. 89596

16 cm uncircumsized plz

Although i wouldn't tell a dude off for being circumsized it's not like he can glue that shit back on and i'd never even mention my preference to him either.. Making someone insecure over shit they can't changr is just a dick move

No. 89634


Well you would choose a bigger guy over him anyways or just dump him etc.

No. 89736

Every guy I've been with is uncircumcised except one, and his taste was horrible, plus he was shit in bed. Very happy to have my SO with skin still. Much prefer uncircumcised to circumcised.

No. 89985

Is there even a point in trying if you're not at least 8x6?

No. 89992

Nope, kill yourself now.

No. 90015


Welp time to off self now.

No. 90024

File: 1462304741563.png (286.87 KB, 1078x1168, Screenshot_20160503-224319~01.…)


Yep just give up.

No. 90048

How on earth do these screenshots rile you guys up so much? It is blatant trolling from an image board.

No. 90064

I'd prefer a small dick to a large one tbh.
I've been with 5 different male partners and they've all been different experiences. One was really big though in both girth and length and it fucking sucked, sex was so painful.
One of them was on the small size maybe 3.5/4 inches. I only really remember this because when I would hold it, it would barely stick out from my grip. I could still get off but in honesty it was a bit small even for me. I wouldn't leave a partner over this tho, we broke up for different reasons.

My best 2 sexual partners had average sized dicks but it was just the overall experience that made the sex so good.

No. 90071

Isn't 8x6inches basically a cube

No. 90073

>I've been with five partners


No. 90085


5 in my entire life? I dont think its that bad, plus I'm married now so the number isn't increasing.

Maybe if you count all the woman I've been with two lmao

No. 90086

*been with too
sorry for the autism

No. 90121

Don't get baited by shit like that.

No. 90163

File: 1462382242617.png (Spoiler Image, 45.98 KB, 640x400, cokcmeasurement4dummies.png)

No. 90371

Me too. My current bf is 7 and a half almost 8 uncircumcised and he's just perfect. It hurts but I'm a masochist so it kinda works for us.

Gaaah I feel awful but sometimes I just think I love him for his body and how he makes me feel when we have sex.

No. 90372

>TFW some girl at the bar wanted to get back together to my room for the first time in my life
>made some bullshit excuse and ran away because I'm ashamed as fuck for my 13 cm tiny noodle

Kill me

No. 90375

Time to kill yourself

No. 90377

File: 1462540285495.png (209.41 KB, 510x346, 1458988721375.png)



No. 90381

Get some confidence and stop believing every r9k stereotype about women that you see online.

No. 90382


Isn't 5 inches pretty average?
Its not particularly big but not super small/abnormal either.

No. 90393


I stopped going there a year ago, that place is poison. I lost a bunch of weight, started taking care of myself, started treatment for my mental shit but I can't get over this. Being a 25 year old virgin doesn't help either.


I don't know, it looks really bad to me. It's thin as hell too, like 10.5 cm circumference and from what I read and heard thickness is more important.

No. 90407

current bf penis feels good only when i'm totally aroused, and it hurts even then. like 7 inches and 6 inches around (biggest dick i've seen tbh). I usually prefer smaller like at least 4 in length and i guess circumference average- slightly thicker.

No. 90408


sorry for double post. but your circumference is totally normal and not 'thin as hell'

No. 90411

You need to get over this.

>I heard

From where? Reddit? You are cockblocking yourself with these fears

No. 90413

Do girls even care about length or just want it to be in the average range?

I feel like every girl whose seen my penis would first tell me they don't care about size but after they see it go gaga over how thick it was.

Do you girls just care about a nice girth and don't want a length that's too extreme at either end?

No. 90419

My bf's is 17cm (6.6 inch) and I like it, but I'm pretty tall. I'm curious whether that would be too big for some of you smaller girls?

No. 90420

Big cocks definitely are better

No. 90422

Honest to god, everyone is different. Skill matters to me more than size.

No. 90425

>everyone is different
Well yeah, I would assume that but it's obvious that their is a preference for a certain size even if it's secondary to other things, I was just wondering if it's more to do with thickness than length

No. 90429

I don't measure the dicks I encounter. I couldn't tell you the various sizes.

No. 90431

I also wonder about that, how do the girls here even know how large their partner was? We are notorious for exaggerating size anyway if a girl was to ask anyway.

You didn't really adress my questions about girth vs length but it okay because it seems it really doesn't matter to you

No. 90435

Well you can go ahead and assume that anything you read about women and their preferences from 4chan or reddit is wrong as hell, and written by sex starved dudes.

Honestly dick size doesn't matter to me. There is a person attached to the dick, and sex is about more than dicks. I want to actually get off when I have sex. That's really what I care about.

No. 90436

Unless it is on the extreme end of the spectrum, then dick size rarely comes up with my friends.

No. 90439

I'm trying not to assume much, that's why I'm asking at the source here.

Of course not much with friends but personally how you feel

No. 90444

Personally, skill matters more. Can you actually make me cum? Then we're good.

No. 90449

So I'm getting the sense that this thread probably shouldn't even exist for most of you because it's all about skill, that's what I've thought for the most part I just thought that size(mostly girth from what girls have reacted to) might have a role as well

No. 90453

There is a sizable portion of girls who really do care though. When my gf saw my dick for the first time she when around god damn near the whole town telling about it and I definitely noticed a lot more positive female attention because of it. That's not to say that all girls care, but it's definitely an actual existing fetish from my experience.

No. 90459

All I said was that my friends don't talk about dick size, not that dick size isn't important to some.

These r9k guy make it sound like the be all to end all. They are more obsessed with their dicks than any girl could be.

No. 90460

Instead of fixating on finding the secret formula to make women like you, you should focus on your self esteem.

No. 90462

I don't disagree with that. I think men in general are more obsessed with their dicks than women are.

/r9k/ is just.. yeah. Just let them enjoy their pathetic little delusional circlejerks. It's all they have. Even the rest of 4chan makes fun of them.

No. 90472

I'm not sure what makes you think I'm looking for a formula or trying to improve something. I was just asking a few questions out of curiosity on a subject that men don't often get to discuss.

Just about all men are curious about these things

No. 90475

But it isn't like you can change your dick size. So what does this info really matter?

No. 90479

Again I'm not sure why you think I want to change my dick size because I'm curious what women think about the subject

It's the same way you may be happy with your breasts but still curious what guys think about boob size

No. 90481

>It's the same way you may be happy with your breasts but still curious what guys think about boob size

I don't care what guys think about boob size. I just assume that guys have different preferences.

Like, I'm not 12. I understand that some men will like me, and others won't.

I never understand when you losers come here and ask these questions about dicks. Or height. Or hair. The answer will always be "some people care, some don't. Everyone has different preferences".

No. 90484

>some people care, some don't. Everyone has different preferences
And that's why people keep asking because it's a a vague answer with no substance. But you are taking this a little seriously, it wasn't a personal thing, I was only asking a question

No. 90485

Lol I'm not taking it personally. I'm pointing out to you why these questions from insecure babies can get annoying.

That answer is vague, but that's reality. Everyone has different preferences.

No. 90486

>I was only asking a question

Spoiler alert: no one cares

No. 90488

What's more important, height or dick size?

No. 90489

I have a huge thing for big dicks, but it's mostly psychological rather than based on experience. I've been with 2 average (probably 5-6?) and one small (probably 4 and thin) and the average ones were good, but the small one turned me off so badly I couldn't keep up the relationship.

How the fuck do I find a bf with a nice dick without being too forward, I've just been avoiding sex because I don't want to waste my time and add more notches to my belt for no good reason. I don't even care if it's shallow, I wouldn't care about my notches if men didn't care.

No. 90490

That is literally it though. There is no black and white to this dude. Some do, some don't. You gotta learn to accept it buddy. We're not one big entity, we have different preferences, just like you.

No. 90491

If dick size matters to you, shop around. Don't worry about what boys think. It's not like they're tailoring their excistence to you. I say fuck em', literally & figuratively.

No. 90492

>I wouldn't care about my notches if men didn't care

Oh, honey.

If the dick thing is such an important fetish you should just invest in some massive vibrators or something.

No. 90495

Seriously. Don't limit yourself because of the possible thoughts of a future boyfriend. That's too many "what-ifs" for me.

In have no advice for your dick issue. I have never met anyone who was that into dick size. Sorry.

No. 90497

Omfg nobody cares. I don't carry a "dude checklist" and measuring tape with me. I don't measure the men in my life. There are a million things I value more than height or dick size

No. 90546

online bf said he's 6x5 is that small?

No. 90551

If he dick isn't the size of a wine bottle it is too small.

Also it needs to be as wide as it is tall, with no branching.

No. 90552

hmm so how will it feel if we had sex? he's tall

No. 90555

You sound too stupid to be having sex right now.

Maybe you should read up on contraception before you do anything drastic.

No. 92657

No. 92659

No. 92662


>A large mayority voted that doesn't matter (60 vs 33)

>Headline of the article says "size do matter"


No. 92678

>oh no a troll post on /r9k/
>better froth at the mouth at this delicious bait

No. 92679

They always pick the shittiest sources for their ragebait.

5 bucks says a shitty info graphic is their next post.

No. 92687

Am I seriously the only one who loves big dick? I once dated a guy with a 5 inch dick that was bent downwards at a weird angle and the sex was really bad. It wouldn't have been so bad if he was cute and insecure about it, but he kept trying to be CONFIDUNT and dominating and it was just really lame. If you have a small dick, save yourself the embarrassment. Don't make me fucking cringe please. You'll also need to learn how to use your mouth and the importance of long periods of foreplay because you'll never be able to get a girl off with your retarded dick.

No. 92692

File: 1463445981750.jpg (28.94 KB, 627x626, Bait comp 1 1_9b4967_5885067.j…)

No. 92693

I know this is bait but only about 0.01% of men will ever get a woman to orgasm with just his dick even once in his entire life. If you want to get a woman off you need to learn how to use your tongue or at least your hands.

No. 92694

Okay, I'll bite. How does anything I just said sound baitish?

No. 92695

dick or gtfo

No. 92696

>only about 0.01% of men will ever get a woman to orgasm with just his dick even once in his entire life

If you had left it at the sex being bad you would've been fine. Nice try though, you're way better than the usual robots pretending to be girls.

No. 92698

When did I try to imply that men should only rely on their dicks? All I'm saying is that, if you're dick is small, you shouldn't try to focus so much attention on it in bed. It's pathetic and annoying.

No. 92699

You'd have better luck pretending to be different anon. Especially since 5 inches is average.

No. 92700

>5 in is average
You're starting to sound like a dude.

No. 92701

It's a fact not an opinion, but have fun robot-kun. Maybe someday you'll get a lolcow gf <3

No. 92702

You're trying a little hard, aren't you? Either a 5 in male or an asian bitch

No. 92708

5 isn't average kek maybe in Korea

No. 92909

File: 1463519577868.jpg (148.18 KB, 600x640, image_0.jpg)

No. 92930


No. 93084

Why do you have to make the rest of us look bad?

No. 93336

File: 1463729591928.jpg (305.27 KB, 755x800, 1460478711842.jpg)

Daily reminder for dicklets

No. 93341

Where do find these fucking bizarro info graphics?????

No. 93342


A highly informative forum called r9k about relationships.

No. 93343

Why should girls have to be all kind and accepting when you know men are all over the internet complaining about roasties or chestlets or whatever they dislike in a woman? They have zero sympathy for women when it comes to our looks, we don't exactly owe them it either. Especially considering they love to vilify us for having sex in the first place, if we're gonna fuck them it should be worth our while.

No. 93351

/r9k/ is my marriage counselor

No. 93352

File: 1463741108962.jpg (121.08 KB, 960x960, tWGgidZ.jpg)

I hope that everyone who actually believes this shit dies.

No. 93491

My BF is somewhere between 6" and 6.5" and it's a great size. I've had smaller and larger and my preference is between 5.5"- 7.5". Also prefer uncut, circumsized looks weird to me tbh

No. 95231

haha good 1

No. 95235

Jesus. Because women are just a vagina. Why would they need any non-reproductive organs in their goddam torso?

No. 95259

THAT….ISN'T HOW A WOMAN'S ANATOMY WORKS. Men are so obsessed with sex, but they can't even take the proper time to goddamn learn how anatomy functions. So glad I'm a lesbian.

No. 95278


They legit believe that the vagina is this gaping hole that causes spasms of pleasure whenever something is slid inside of it. I had to explain to a guy once about how inserting a tampon didn't produce orgasms. He didn't get it.

No. 95365

File: 1464688135665.jpg (164.67 KB, 585x645, penis-size-chart.jpg)

Daily reminder

No. 95366

File: 1464688213240.png (366.82 KB, 914x713, fghnf.png)

No. 95367

>11 inches
>still "enjoyable"


No. 95374

That fucking penis graph. I can't.

No. 95375



No. 95376

I came to this thread out of curiosity and it's so full of dicklets and male cringe as expected. This is why robots should be automatically banned to post.

I'm in fucking tears I can't believe they believe their own bullshit they make up about women. Holy shit men are a meme.

No. 95385

Purposefully making men feel insecure about their size is shitty. Don't do it.

No. 95393

File: 1464692124670.png (252.28 KB, 500x501, tumblr_o4b9y3gcw01uxigdwo1_500…)

Guys. It's a fucking bait picture. It's obviously meant to be funny, like wow.

No. 95402

Man incels take this bait to heart all the time. They come in here and are always like "you would never date me because my dick is too small. Women are shallow whores penisgraph.jpg"

No. 95408

Boo hoo, the little guy has had his feelings hurt eh?

No. 95411

>in before "I thought women were supposed to be empathetic! Wah wah wahhhhhh!"

No. 95423

File: 1464707684296.png (116.01 KB, 319x750, 1.png)

No. 95424

File: 1464707706078.png (Spoiler Image, 122.54 KB, 348x750, 2.png)

No. 95426

File: 1464707742449.png (85.42 KB, 351x750, 3.png)

No. 95427

File: 1464707773034.png (Spoiler Image, 123.65 KB, 241x750, 4.png)

No. 95430

What the hell is wrong with you?

No. 95432

File: 1464709864130.jpg (34.08 KB, 375x500, tiny.jpg)

He have to hold it soo tight, his head almost going to blow. In reality his dick is around 7-8 inches, without those veins. It's not even that big in the picture.

No. 95435

File: 1464710279158.png (171.55 KB, 385x716, 1.png)

No. 95436

File: 1464710305466.png (181.42 KB, 382x810, 2.png)

No. 95437


This is a fake conversation made using the fake iPhone screenshot generator. The network is set to AT&T on default on the generator and notice how the conversation apparently all took place within a minute, 8:32. Weird hour the girl's bellybutton piercing vanished in the second picture and her boobs and skin tone changed completely.

Some cuck with a size queen probably made it.

No. 95438

File: 1464710383429.png (Spoiler Image, 155.88 KB, 271x810, 3.png)

No. 95439

What kind of retard name is Bekah?

No. 95441

Because every straight man sends another man his cock to prove dominance

No. 95442

>Boobs changed
What is a pushup bra?
>Bellybutton piercing
The picture isn't close enough on the second one to be able to see that. Either way, maybe she took the pic a while ago and still had the picture on her phone?
Why don't you just admit that your dick is small?

No. 95443

Why is her contact name James?
Great shop faking that conversation mate

No. 95445

File: 1464710728787.png (616.68 KB, 1900x947, sadasd.png)


Conversation is set beginning at 8:32 AM, time on the phone displays as 9:41, network is on AT&T…. weird that these all match the presettings for the fake iPhone text generator….


Whoever made these is a fucking idiot for not remembering the iOS test format and that the conversation bubbles between the other person are supposed to be GREY and on the LEFT side of the screen fucking kek


Anon your shitty ruse has been foiled by your stupidity in failing to edit the presettings.

>why don't you just admit that your dick is small?

I'm a woman, cuck, cuck, cuck :^)

No. 95446


This is so fucking pathetic I can't stop laughing.

No. 95449

File: 1464711028985.jpg (24 KB, 377x469, 1457551955296.jpg)

These fake convos are so hilariously bad. Do the people who make them seriously think they're fooling anybody?

No. 95450

File: 1464711049808.gif (266.11 KB, 500x281, 7kRIPZc.gif)



Further proof that the only ones that keep pushing this "women are whores who're obsessed with huge, black cock!" shit is men themselves.

No. 95451


lol ikr


>u betta shut yo ass up white boi b4 I beat u wit ma big, chocolate cock
>f-fuck u man

No. 95452


>defending your lies this hard

Found the cuck who made this lel

No. 95454

Uhh, no. The time at the top says 10:29, are you blind? And the conversations ARE grey at the left side of the screen.
>I'm a woman
You're a shrimp dicked white boy :^)

No. 95455

No. 95456

This is fucking hilarious.

>I'm fucking your gf

>here's a pic of my dick to assert my dominance

Like wat

No. 95457

File: 1464711600875.png (552.23 KB, 1176x771, 1464707773034.png)


Your ruse was low grade, give it up you cuck faggot. Embarrassing.

>you're a shrimp dicked white boy :^)

Oh lol, another /robot/ with a cuckold fetish that doesn't seem to realise that this is a predominantly female board.

No. 95458

You know there are robots crying over these convos somewhere.

No. 95459

Seriously. How could they not notice that all of the text was on one side of the screen?

No. 95460


Wow the AT&T network must be super popular despite apparently giving people all over America only 3 bars of signal strength, and nobody seems to charge their phones past 50%, just like the presettings on the fake text generator!

No. 95461


/robots/ aren't exactly known for their intelligence.

No. 95464

File: 1464711995412.png (Spoiler Image, 124.04 KB, 385x608, yhbny.png)

No. 95465

*shrimp dicked white boi

No. 95466


No. 95467

File: 1464712324049.png (93.24 KB, 385x850, po6em.png)


Seems legit.

No. 95469


No. 95471

Oh damn. Now I hate women. If only I never saw this convo!

No. 95473

File: 1464713491415.jpg (47.48 KB, 273x669, duck.jpg)

No. 95474

God damn, like I have a small dick too(13cm) but why do they get this obsessed seriously? I mean it's okay if women prefer bigger what hell you gonna do about it?

No. 95475

File: 1464714157504.jpg (65.98 KB, 256x645, whore.jpg)

No. 95477


Misery loves company. They want you to hate us too and in lieu of absent evidence, they simply create some.

No. 95478


Isn't 13cm 5.1"? That isn't a small dick, that's the average dick size.

No. 95479


omg girls are treacherous whores this proves it >:((((

No. 95481


I used to be like that too but stopped visiting the place and actually started to hit on girls instead of moping on internet. People have preferences I mean, might find a girl who wouldn't mind in the end.


I guess so, feels a bit small to me tho.

No. 95491

Gee I wonder why those texts always take place at 8:32?

No. 95495

women are all whores!!! They only go for chad thundercocks like him, and leave nice guys like me in the dirt! time to go shit post on /r9k/

No. 95498

Rebekah is a common name. I assume Bekah is the shortened version.

No. 95504

>feels a bit small to me though

Body dysmorphia is a thing

No. 95505

This is my favorite one so far

>how's your bf?

>he's okay. Dick a bit small tho.

No. 95506

I always wonder if these fake convos are recruiting for /pol/. There is always a racial element to them. To get rustled by them, you'd have to assume that all black men had giant dongers, and that they are scooping up all the pure white ladies.

No. 95525


Well not like anyone else saw it so don't know, insecurity is a bitch.

No. 95529



No. 95552

I think its normal to feel a bit insecure. No one is 100% confident.

As long as you don't take your insecurities out on other, you're okay.

No. 95558


Well not like I'll strangle someone for being insecure, I'll do other stuff to compensate for it(toys, mastering oral etc.)if she isn't satisfied with it.

No. 95564

Your dick is completely average. Vags aren't some giant blackhole like porn and r9k loves to imply. Male and female reproductive organs were literally made for each other. If the average dick was incapable of satisfying the average woman it wouldn't be average.

No. 95565


This. What a lot of men don't seem to understand is that the vagina isn't even a hole, it's a rolled up muscle and it adapts and conforms to whatever is inserted. They don't even think about things such as how tampons even stay up there all day, as surely if a 5" penis was too small then tampons would be having to be repeatedly stuffed back inside of us all day? I can barely pull one out without cotton burn as it is.

No. 95566

Seriously, unless there's already a lot of mucus (blood is a horrible lubricant fyi) even the smallest size is really painful going in and out. The smallest size is literally the size of my pinky and way smoother than human skin.

No. 95567


And then they legit believe we're all lusting after 9-10 inch dongers lel

No. 95568

You sound like you might have something wrong with your vagina if tampons are hurting you.

No. 95569

>unless there's already a lot of mucus

Sometimes you have to put tampons in when your period is sorta light at the time. Mine comes in very strong waves so if I have to be somewhere I won't be able to put one in I either have to deal with pain or blood all over me. I'm perfectly fine pain wise any other time putting it in.

No. 95595

File: 1464727097744.jpg (24.95 KB, 221x228, 1464692631529.jpg)


Well it's just insecurity, I'll get over it one day hopefully when I find a sweet girl I want to be with. Though I'm a bit skeptical seeing I'm a 26 yo virgin with an avoidant personality kek

No. 95597

It hurts me too but im a virgin so maybe thats the reason

No. 95599

Those are all the idiots who watch porn. Porn is really counterproductive for women.

No. 95601

No, it's not anon. Stop.

No. 95603

Fuck off. Men are the only ones obsessed with penises and penis sizes. They dug their own grave. So many robots here.

No. 95606

I want mods to ban all robots. They're so irritating.

No. 95611

It's counter productive for all sorts of sexuality really, male or female. People forget that they're actors, and that's not really how sex works. Penises aren't usually 8 inches plus (even in porn, perspective is important), women generally don't get off on just having giant things jammed inside them with bigger always equaling better, people aren't having sex in what appear to be yoga positions, it's all just part of a show.

It's like watching a romcom and thinking that's how relationships generally work.

No. 95613

No. Are you asian? His dick is small.

No. 95617

Mad that everyone saw through your "super realistic" texts? I wish robot containment threads were a thing again.

No. 95618

File: 1464728224693.png (413.38 KB, 691x470, 1431764509876.png)

No. 95619

Go back to posting more fake convos

No. 95622

But we have to admit, there are a couple of dumb whores with wrecked vaginas, who can't feel shit, unless it's horse hung.

No. 95623

You need to work on pretending to be a girl before you try again, you suck tbh.

No. 95626

Except I'm a girl. Why the fuck would a dude shit on small dicks? I don't care if five inches is "average" it's still not satisfying imho. I dated a dude who was five inches and the sex was shit. He also happened to be the smallest dick I ever slept with. Coincidence? I think not.

No. 95627

Did they take race into account? Because 5in is not average for a white dude.

No. 95628

It's pretty clear you're just looking for attention and trying to get a rise out of people, but honestly, if you're not, guys lie. No guy wants to admit he has a 3 inch dick, and will just say it's 5 inches because who's going to bust out a tape measure and check? Same goes for height, and it's why you get retards that think 6' is average.

No. 95630

Nobodies falling for it. We're women, we actually have vags and know what they're like. Unless you're born with an unnaturally huge vag and stretch it out at least once a week no woman will ever want a dick as thick as their forearm.

No. 95631

I think you might have been replying to me, but I deleted my post because I was taking bait way too seriously. But yeah, they did, those studies were all for caucasian males. And yeah, 5" is absolutely average for a white guy, the vast majority of dicks will be around that size, it gets way rarer as you change in sizes.

No. 95632

I know what five inches looks like, I'm not a fucking retard. He never told me his dick size, I compared it to other things that I know were five inches. Average dicks aren't average, they're fucking small and shitty. I don't care what anyone says. Guys who volunteer for those studies probably have small dicks and want to skew the data.

No. 95633

And you also don't know what pleasurable sex feels like. That or you're asian, to which the first statement is prove correct.

No. 95634

File: 1464731604682.png (42.37 KB, 625x626, 1444954329184.png)

I'm white you dumbass, no matter how hard you wanna push the tight Asian women/tiny dick Asian men meme 5 inches is completely average.

They aren't even trying anymore. Can we please stop giving them replies?

No. 95635

The average man has a small dick? Good to know.

No. 95636

>Average dicks aren't average

Did this make sense to you at some point?

>Guys who volunteer for those studies probably have small dicks and want to skew the data.

They're medical studies, are you really suggesting there's a conspiracy of guys out there all working together to skew penis size data? Do you not see how stupid that sounds?

This is terrible bait anon, no-one's biting it and you just look stupid.

No. 95637

>The average isn't average.

Alrighty then

No. 95639

If the average person were fat, would you try to claim they weren't obese simply because they're "average"?

No. 95640

Do you get off on small dick humiliation but feel like you're too big or something? No amount of shitposting will ever change facts, but I'm sure if you begged on fetlife women would humiliate you for free.

No. 95641

Why are you even arguing with """" her"""" , let "her" have her horse dicks if she wants to.

No. 95642

To take out their aggression on the robots I'm guessing.

No. 95644

>This is terrible bait anon, no-one's biting it
actually people have been replying to it for an hour
why does no one on this site know to leave bait alone

No. 95648

Maybe if you type up a few more shitposts you'll change the reality of the world anon.

Replying to bait to call it retarded isn't biting. It's just calling out someone for being retarded and stopping other people from falling for or feeling insecure about their stupid shit.

No. 95658

File: 1464734289436.png (369.09 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-05-31-23-37-30…)


Shut up.

No. 95661

S-so am I a dicklet or not?

No. 95663

No anon, you're not. Believe the statistics, not the shitposters.

No. 95664

My dude is 8 inches and I'd prefer 5 inches. Big dicks look nice but they hurt a lot and make you sore. Also bumps cervix or whatever that horrid pain at the end of the tunnel is.

Big dicks are super overrated. Porn lied.

No. 95666


>or whatever that horrid pain at the end of the tunnel is

Yeah that's the entrance to the neck of the cervix.

No. 95667


Well let's hope statistics are %100 right then.

No. 95669


You're fine. Like >>95664 says, massive dicks punch your cervix and that shit sucks. I would much prefer someone on the smaller side to a big dick that's going to wreck my clam.

No. 95670


Well guess so, heard it was pretty rare for girls to get off from fucking so guess I gotta level up my lickaroo. I'm also bent upwards and people told me it's a great advantage, would you say so?

No. 95672

>What about all the ladies with big vaginas making guys with average dicks feel small

Those big vagina ladies are getting away with murder


No. 95687

>porn lied

Wow!!! An abusive and sexist industry that was made for men by men lied to you?

No. 95689

File: 1464745494738.jpg (17.9 KB, 240x240, 1430349081062.jpg)

Where are the mods for this robot bullshit?

No. 95692

>made by Jews for gentiles

No. 95761

Tumblr plz go away

No. 95776

Go to porn thread and read the studies if you still think it's some "sex positive" and harmless thing. Tumblrinas are the only women that actually defend porn. Just like they're the only women saying all the European women raped by migrants are either lying and racist or deserved it for not wearing a burqa.

No. 95779

personally I think camwhoring privately (not in mainstream porn industry) can be "sex positive" (like not going to scar you for life if you are ok with this) but the porn industry is actual aids and fucks people up for life

No. 95780

All sex work is part of each other and encourages each other. If it were just by itself and porn and prostitution didn't exist maybe, but anyway we could take it to the porn thread if you want?

No. 95818


Wait 5 inches is average for a flaccid penis?!

No. 95819

If you stretch it out as far as it can go.

No. 95822


Thank you anon! I was so scared kek

No. 95830


Careful not to rip off your dick m8

No. 95834

Is it normal for guys to be insecure about their dicks?

My boyfriend is about 6.5 inches and maybe 4.5 or 5 inches thick. It is plenty for me. Sex feels great, I can give him head no problem, and yet he still feels like his dick is small/below average.

I'm not sure why he has such a problem with it. We were both virgins when we started dating so I don't think he's even been humiliated by a girl or something. I don't understand why he would think this way.

Shit dude, sex is just a bonus. It doesn't matter that much big or small. With him, I would have fun either way.

No. 95835


From when we were kids people tell us that bigger is better and big dicks are usually seen as masculine while small ones pathetic in peoples eyes. For most guys dick size is a huge thing for their masculinity. Also pron fucks up peoples minds.

No. 95836


Also that's literally the perfect dick size for a man, I would understand if it was 5 or something.

No. 95838

No. 95862

Omg they're talking about finding the "matching" vag for their dicks so they won't be seen as too small.

Whaaaaat the fuckkkkk don't they teach biology in high schools anymore?

No. 95863

Only if he watches porn and believes that bullshit about 10 inch dicks being normal.

No. 95867


The ironic thing is that (he tells me) he rarely watched porn and only masturbated once a week or once every two weeks before we started hooking up because it was a chore and he hated it. Maybe he didn't watch porn because it made him feel insecure, but I mean, I watch porn somewhat regularly and I don't feel insecure about my body.

Poor kid. We're still 19. Maybe it's a teenager thing. In due time, I suppose.

No. 95901


Well dick insecurity is a bit of a weird thing to understand, you can't explain it thoroughly. Just that men with small dicks feel less of a man.

No. 95915


I can kind of understand it, I have very small breasts and don't feel like a woman/feel like less of a woman

No. 95920

File: 1464873904646.png (538.21 KB, 1920x1080, 2016-04-28 05.45.04.png)


Yep something like that, and you also have internet for women or just people who want to make others insecure to flaunt around/troll people saying big dicks are best etc., media pushing bigger is better shit, all the porn around, mix this with being unsuccessful and inexperienced with women and you get an unholy mix of insecurity. Lots of girls say they won't mind, I try to tell myself it doesn't matter but deep down inside something tells me that I'm inadequate, thinking they only say that because they don't want to hurt our feelings and are actually disappointed with small ones.

No. 95929


>You are dating a girl.

>You are gonna have sex with her for the fist time.
>Girl gets naked,
>Her breast are small (Or smaller than you though when you saw her with clothes)

Are you gonna dump her? Like her less? Stop wanting to have sex with her?
You most likely don't, right?

Well, it's the same for you.

No. 95931


>but deep down inside something tells me that I'm inadequate

You're the only one thinking that. My first boyfriend was smuggling 4" but it didn't even cross my mind once that it was too big or too small, it was just a cock.

No. 95934


And was it enjoyable? How does it compared to bigger ones later? I'm guessing it was bad.


A women's tits are not their main sexual organ.

No. 95935


>And was it enjoyable?

Ofc, I was in love with this guy. Sex is always amazing when it's with somebody you love.

>how does it compared to bigger ones later?

Pretty much the same to be completely honest. I shouldn't even need to be telling you this but if you'd ever actually tried Googling female sexual anatomy instead of relying on a bunch of misogynists for knowledge on how the vagina works, you'd know that the majority of nerves are concentrated around the entrance of the vagina (the reason why virtually every girl says thicker is better).
The higher up you go the less nerves there are, hence why when we wear tampons we can't feel them. Once you get high enough you can't really feel much.

C'mon dude, I know all about penile anatomy, you SHOULD know this.

>I'm guessing it was bad.

Stop that. That is the one thing that makes anybody unattractive and frankly irritating to be around.
And no, my current partner is literally double the length at 8" and he legit put me in A&E one night because of it I'm not even fucking exaggerating, he made an ovarian cysts rupture, I had to call an ambulance.
Having your fucking cervix smashed is not fun. If I could make it so he was an inch or two less, I would, or even 4" and thick would be nice, just anything put the cervix-tickler he's smuggling.

No. 95937

File: 1464879222219.jpg (147.08 KB, 766x960, 1464542833520.jpg)


I see, well I'm not thick either(circumference around 11-10cm) probably a lost cause kek

No. 95938


Maybe, but I gotta be honest with you because I'm sick and tired of this 'length' meme.

No. 95939


Well either way mine is useless as hell it seems, nice to finally know.

No. 95940


You say that, but again, my first boyfriend was 4", and I sure as shit didn't breakup with him because of his dick.

No. 95941

File: 1464879922472.png (194.24 KB, 1100x950, 1409866272064.png)


Not sure why I'm talking about this on a gossip board for girls anyways, way too late for me to become a normal person and have a relationship/have someone like me anyways ahhahahaha

No. 95943

You have serious depression. The feeling of "my life is how it is, it's shitty and I deserve shitty because I'm kind of shitty oh well hahaha" is depression. You're making fun of it, for sure, and having a laugh, but you're also fucking miserable for reasons you can't pinpoint which isn't normal. It's not "too late" for anyone, but it is the last stop for people who are depressed or aren't motivated to change. You need to talk to a therapist about your feelings of persistent inadequacy. It's not normal and you really need help.

No. 95945


Well yeah I'm depressed, been on meds for months now so it's not that crushing anymore. I'm almost 27 and never had a girl interested in me whatsoever, I tried really hard to be normal but I just can't do it, I'm just too awkward and shy. I kinda accepted my fate because I fell so much behind compared to other people that I'll never catch up with the adult world.

No. 95951


That's obviously not a penis problem then, that's a 'you' problem. There's nothing wrong with being shy or anxious, but if you never cast a reel how do you expect to catch any fish.

No. 95952

File: 1464884824929.jpg (1.29 MB, 1920x1080, 1421226567488.jpg)


Well yeah, not like I'm any better than my dick. No one in their right mind would want to be with me, I am ugly inside and outside.

I tried to date after giving up for years starting last spring, lost lots of weight, started taking care of myself etc. but it was just polishing the turd it seems. Years of loneliness made me bitter, hateful and untrustful. I really tried to unfuck my life but feels like nothing works so I completely gave up again probably, I still yearn for it but I know it's not going to happen for me so I suppress the feeling.

Anyways not sure why I'm rambling here anyways, I just don't want to go back to r9k anymore.

No. 95953

>Anyways not sure why I'm rambling here anyways, I just don't want to go back to r9k anymore.

Well no one wants you here with your complaining and self pity.

No. 95956

File: 1464886342085.jpg (1.07 MB, 1944x2592, 1432143028687.jpg)


You're right I'm just gonna fuck off

No. 95962

You don't just need meds, you need a therapist, asap. Meds can only do so much, but they cannot in any way change your core, just your reactions.

No. 95963


I suggest never going to r8k anymore. It will just make you into a bitter,hateful, sad person. You should read some self help books, i know it sounds lame but trust me they work.

No. 95965

That too, if your self esteem is fragile, which it is if you're depressed, fucking never go to those places. Ever. You're just going to feel like shit. As stupid as it sounds, deliberately ignoring the negative sites/opinions of others does make you feel better.

No. 95966

r9k isn't just negative, they actively troll on their own insecurities.

There's a reason why the robots who come here seem to have an endless supply of info graphics that support their batshit theories…

No. 95967

Omg this made me sad.

Wherever you go, don't go back to /r9k/

No. 95970


/r9k/ is so bad, might as well go to /r/theredpill

No. 95973

That's like leaping out of the hot pan into an oven. Fucking stop going to mens help shit, it's not going to help. You need PEOPLE help, not gender help. You need to learn how to value yourself above anything else, even if that means letting go of people who don't have your best interests in mind.

No. 95974

Those are basically the same animal. Stay away from that shit.

No. 95977

You can't fix what you can't see, like a surgeon. You need help in the soul/emotional department.

No. 95987


Why get sad for a loser? Hope he fucking kills himself god I hate these people.

No. 95989

Jesus, because I have a bit of compassion for other people. He doesn't sound like a loser, he sounds like he is suffering under the weight of his own insecurities.

No. 95990


I don't have money for that and we don't have free therapy in my country.


Never been to the redpill place, they sound pretty fucking retarded. Haven't been to r9k in months.


She's right I am one and I want to kill myself every second but too much of a pussy to do that, if I had courage and the drive I would actually try to fix stuff I guess. I'm a coward.

No. 95992


>A women's tits are not their main sexual organ.

It doesn't matter, if your dick is functional and can give pleasure (every dick that isn't a micropenis) the rest is just aesthetics in the same way as boobs.

If a girl don't want to have sex with you or don't enjoy it, it's veeery unlikely that the reason is the size of your dick.

No. 95993


>or don't enjoy it, it's veeery unlikely that the reason is the size of your dick.

Like? I get the don't want to part but what could it be? I'm literally lost when it comes to sex.

No. 95994

>A women's tits are not their main sexual organ.

It's not a sexual organ at all…

No. 95995

Anatomy books are your friend.

No. 95996

It is in men's minds.

No. 95997


I am >>95970 anon, I was trying to say /r9k/ is bad/insane similar to theredpill (crazy, obviously a little more far off but yeah)



if you want help/want to discuss issues for men (like social issues,mens self esteem) this is a good resource. I suggest you go to therapy tho tbh. Do you live in the US?

No. 95998


N'ah just some 3rd world shithole. I'll look that page up thanks.

No. 95999

Oh anon all I wish for you is to be happy. Don't listen to that fucking troll.

No. 96000


I'm sorry for derailing the thread, I just don't have anyone to talk about this stuff and I just spill my shit all over when I find the chance. Sometimes it gets so hard to keep stuff inside, I feel like I'm gonna go crazy one of these days because of it.

Happiness feels like such a weird concept to me, last time I felt it I was a kid I think around 10 or 11. Can't even remember how it felt like now.

No. 96016

Maybe you should go to the vent thread or the advice thread.

I can tell you that you're not alone. I've had depression and suicidal thoughts since I was 6 or 7 years old, it's been a long time since I was a happy kid, too. But I'm okay, because I don't feed my own depression and bad thoughts about myself by going on dark places to talk to dark people that only reaffirm my negative feelings.

You have to actively climb out of this hole. It's not easy, it will never be easy, but it's possible. Even if you have a life long depression like I do it is entirely possible to cope with it. To bring those feelings to the surface and work through them just like anything else.

Don't fret anon. Things will get better. Strive toward happiness even if you feel it doesn't truly exist.

No. 96018


I tried talking there couple of times bit people just tell me to fuck off.

I try really hard to change and improve myself but I just feel drained.

No. 96027


Did you by any chance unnecessarily drop your gender.

No. 96031


No but it was obvious from yhr context.

No. 96049

Sometimes the best you can do it's force yourself to make something that destroy your routine.

Take classes of something I really like with people that share that interest worked for me.

No. 96082


Gonna try starting a band again after saving enough money to continue college, but god knows how much it'll take.

No. 96092

Ooh what instruments do you play?

No. 96093


I've been playing drums since I was 12, had a jazz band before I put school on hold. Can play a bit off bass guitar too.

No. 96524

If he has less than 7 I won't even see the guy as a man.

No. 96555

Reviving this thread is criminal

No. 96618

File: 1465411569194.png (18.87 KB, 312x233, 1464883136683.png)


>tfw you knows it's all trolling but can't stop feeling bad about it

No. 96640

But they want you to feel bad. That's the purpose. Don't let yourself be trolled.

No. 96777

File: 1465497179917.jpg (Spoiler Image, 126.76 KB, 1024x768, 1465480286483.jpg)

look at how happy she is, can dicklets even compete?


they're not trolling though, it's a fact if you have a small dick you might as well kys because no women will ever love a small dicked guy, if I wanted small clits I'd became a lesbian

No. 96778

No. 96790


>So, I'm the regular shy girl - 23 years old. Sweet and innocent.

>Honestly. At least i used to be. It all started when i found these big-dick tumblr blogs.
>My boyfriend is average and i've always been happy with it since our sex has always been good but it started to become a serious fantasy and it ultimately led to me cheating on him - with his best friend who happens to be really big :/

This is written by a fucking man you doughnut.

No. 96792


This is the most blatant male cuckold blog I've ever seen in my life and further cements in my mind what idiots men are for believing a woman created this.

No. 96796


>“Oh no, he is holding me down and raping me, so I can’t stop him from cumming wherever he wants!” she said with a smile and no resistance…

You have got to be fucking with me right now if you legit believe any of this. How can one person be that stupid?

No. 96800


Even the fucking posts are tagged #cuckold are you completely dense.

No. 96921

I guess wishful thinking.

No. 96925

"Fantasy" is in the title of the blog. It is fiction. How can this rustle you?

No. 96926

>omg a girl smiling with a dick on her face
>this is irrefutable proof that big dicks make women happy. Pack it in, boys.

Lol nice bait. But I'm not a robot, so my self esteem isn't tied to what people on the internet think about dick size.

No. 96928

That's kind of disturbing.

No. 96938

Why even try to prove these delusional robots wrong? I'm fine with them believing we all want dicks as long as our forearms. These kind of men aren't the kind of men I'd want to date anyway.

No. 96941

You WISH women only cared about dick size, and want to cuck the shit out of you, and get 'raped' by big dicks? Kill yourself. If you even want that, you're fucked.

No. 96943

I think you misinterpreted that post somewhat. It's wishful thinking for cuckholdry fetishists, not that poster.

No. 96947

That's exactly what I thought. I just think cuckholdry as a fetish is fucking disgusting and I'll think less of you as a human for having it.

No. 96949

If you have a tiny little pencil dick , you won't be able to fuck properly and feel manly. That's true humiliation.

If you can find me a girl who prefers a small penis to a big one, I'll suck everyones dicks.

No. 96953

No one wants to hear about your cuckold fantasies, anon. Take it to a porn comment section

No. 96958

Do you have a humiliation fetish?

No. 96962


I'm just saying the truth.


No but that's just how life is.

No. 96964

Anon please none of us want to hear about your gay and cuckholding fantasies.

No. 96965

>life is my humiliation fetish

No. 97036

I'm a chick in a relationship with a beautiful TS. Most people think we're a lesbian couple. LOL. She is pre-op. She has the cutest little dick. Maybe 2" at the most. I enjoy playing with it. Mostly oral cause she really can't get hard anymore. The hormones. She does have amazing tits. Recently I starred using a strap-on penis on her. She loves it and it makes me feel so powerful. I really prefer she keeps he cute little dicklet.

No. 97046

File: 1465652190631.png (116.07 KB, 246x227, 14622068579662.png)

No. 97629

Wish size didn't mattered but it does.

No. 97643

/r9k/ pls go

No. 97690

File: 1465990485712.jpg (73.62 KB, 500x639, CNF0dxjW8AA_jDW.jpg)

My boyfriend's cock is about 21cm long, and the sex always hurts me but I'm kinda into that. Blowing him is quite exhausting though, and we have to use lube for sex unless I want to be sore for days. He also needs to be extremely careful when we are doing doggy.

I've had 4 boyfriends so far (10cm, 12cm, 16cm, and 21cm), and enjoyed all of them. I think I prefer 16cm, though anything above 8 is fine, and anything above 12 is nice. :3
I'd probably be okay with a micropenis too, as long as he could be convinced to use a strap-on occasionally.

No. 97811

File: 1466068701784.jpg (21.45 KB, 300x403, img (7).jpg)

>this thread

No. 97830

File: 1466076657487.jpeg (35.22 KB, 720x720, received_1804265113119208.jpeg)

>you'll never have an 8 incher

No. 97831

File: 1466077020923.jpg (13.78 KB, 480x270, HRmQ9FT.jpg)


>tfw bf has almost 8inches

>tfw he has a lower sex drive than me
>tfw he is okay with sex once every few days

Life is suffering.

No. 97840

File: 1466080644701.jpg (37 KB, 539x960, 1465763814071.jpg)


>tfw HIGH sex drive but small dick


No. 97864

File: 1466096678301.png (345.76 KB, 500x508, 1458398481076.png)

>tfw bf has a huge dick
>tfw I'm the one with the lower sex drive
>tfw just thinking about the amount of effort it takes to adjust to his size and everything makes me not wanna have sex anymore

He's understanding as hell but sometimes I feel bad about it

No. 97879

File: 1466104696409.jpg (33.88 KB, 275x275, img (38).jpg)

Is this thread a honeypot for males?

No. 97883


Na I just like shitposting

No. 97895

File: 1466110090533.gif (1.95 MB, 436x365, 1387017219828.gif)

you still haven't caught on? The majority of the posts on this board are by covert males.

No. 97900

I hope this thread is just a ploy to ban them tbh

No. 97901

Having a big dick is a curse, whenever a girl tells you after the fact she actually likes size you start wondering if she'd prefer being with someone even bigger than you.

No. 97904


If you are 7 or 8 your girl will rarely have one of those sizes but I think they're getting more common in younger generations same with the height.

No. 97907

>the younger generation…taller, bigger dicked.

Wtf is wrong with you robots

No. 97908

Wait, can't you adjust if you're always having sex? Mine won't put out and I constantly have to adjust to that shit every week. I'm fucking thirsty as hell, but that feeling is a bedroom killer.

No. 97912


I'm just saying what I'm saying, don't understand why you're freaking out.

No. 97913

Ya but…it doesn't make sense. Is there some kind of dick size census out there? I truly don't understand where you guys get your theories.

No. 97915


As I said it's just my own opinion formed by my observations, you don't have to take it as truth and it may not be true at all.

No. 97916

I thought "size queens" were a meme. Why one earth would one want an 8 inch cock? Especially if it's a pencil penis?

No. 97945

You must have seen a lot of young men's dicks.

No. 97946

The fuck gives you the impression people who specify preferred lengths don't want girth too? It's just harder to guess how big the circumference of a dick is, it goes without saying that it needs to be proportional.

No. 97952


Thanks to soc.

No. 97956

And naturally, you must have seen many old men's dicks to make a comparison.

No. 97965


Again thanks soc for that, every time I visit the board to see some tits I get bunch of dicks instead, sigh.

No. 97968

And this lead you to believe that the younger generation have bigger dicks?

I am so sorry that the school system has failed you like this.

No. 97970

You see more big dicks on /soc/ because people with small or average dicks aren't confident enough to post them.

No. 97972


Like I said just an opinion, it doesn't have to be truth.


Loads of average/small guys also post.

No. 97978

Please read a book

No. 97979

File: 1466178694656.png (325.31 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160617-185115.png)


I read enough, thank you.

No. 97995

No one wants to play along with your SPH fetishes, robots. Go to pornhub.

No. 98002

I don't feel like having sex all the time tho. Even when we had sex once every day for a few days we had to go really slowly every time. I can't stay loose enough for long enough so even getting it in is a huge task and I'm just not sex hungry enough for it

No. 98005


How does it feel?

No. 98007

Me too. Lots of foreplay, but it isn't enough.
Personally, the girth feels great when you finally adjust, but in the beginning it feels like someone is trying to split you open from the cooch. Sharp pain while it goes in, relief when he's pulling away.

No. 98008


>girth feel great

Well I would be fine if I had it at least but nope, it also had to be 4.1" thin.

No. 98011

Meh, I'm not a big dick kinda girl. I'm abnormally small or something.
I get that you're insecure, but it's not like women have X-ray vision and can see your dick before you have sex. If someone likes you and they want to fuck you, they will. If it's just a one night stand, well how often do you hear "yeah, I dropped my trousers and she changed her mind and left"?

No. 98013


Well I had a friend who got rejected by a prostitute, she gave him back his money while laughing. Not sure if it counts.

No. 98091


you don't know how vaginas work? it goes back to the same "size" after sex as it was before. with foreplay/lube/etc it can 'expand' more.

my boyfriend has a large penis (long/girthy) and I usually tend to not want to have sex because it can hurt/take so much time to do :( Like i want to have sex but physically it is so exhausting and time consuming. It really sucks.Makes me feel so bad since he tries to have sex daily and I can't do it. honestly even foreplay and whatever sometimes isn't enough and the whole experience makes me feel like im getting impaled at first.

No. 98104

I know that, but I assumed with frequency you would adjust and be used to it. That's why some women have to train with dialators, and why trannies have to keep using them post op or their vagina's will collapse or some shit.

No. 98107

You are really wrong.

No. 98111

That sounds pretty obviously fake anon, what prostitute would turn down cash because his dick was too small? They don't have sex for pleasure, and if you're sleeping with 5 people a day, the last thing you want is some massive dick that will leave you sore for the next guy, no matter how rough they are. A guy with a small dick would be a plus for a prostitute.

No. 98112

And even if it did happen, is the opinion of one prostitute enough to give this guy a size complex? That's like one woman…and you can always just see another prostitute.

No. 98117

It's not like prostitutes are a good example of normal human sexuality either. Most of the time they're somewhat damaged.

No. 98140

File: 1466258842974.jpg (27.55 KB, 534x320, 1466248347725.jpg)

No. 98154

File: 1466268412639.jpeg (269.2 KB, 1166x659, image.jpeg)

Sure anon, sure.

No. 98156

What episode is this? I fuck love Louis

No. 98159

I think it's the one he did on a brothel, if I remember right it was because one of the workers there was surprised by a customer's dick being massive.

No. 98164

maybe invest in a dildo smaller than your bf but large enough so you feel a bit of a stretch but it isn't painful. then go up to your bf's dick after a while.

one time when my bf was fingering me I asked him to take his two fingers and stretch out my vag a bit and that kinda helped when he put his dick in later.

graduating in size is also the method people use for anal insertions.

I'm gonna find a solution to this tho. my very first bf was super girthy and I didn't know what to do about it so I just took it and ended up very sore with some tears almost everytime we had sex

No. 98172

such a qt

No. 98191

Yes, but in that case, the dilator is used to treat specific conditions with muscle control. The typical woman, without those conditions, do not get "stretched out" like you were describing.

No. 98233

Uh, show me where I said "stretched out." I never said anything about stretching out, only adjusting. The first paragraph itself states the various indications. You don't have to be a paraplegic to use a wheelchair.

No. 98242

Yes, adjusting to the pain. The whole point of dilators is both get used to the pain and at the same time realize it doesn't hurt in the first place. They're for people with vaginismus. It's a purely mental thing. Literally every woman with it other than those with other separate physical problems have no problem physically taking anything more than any other woman. Vaginismus causes you to unconsciously clamp down on any invaders which causes pain to the woman. The instant the woman is relaxed enough or cured it's perfectly fine. Dilators are nowhere near necessary for the vast majority but therapy and having a good state of mind is.

There is a sort of adaptation that happens if a woman has sex often enough. Her genitals will conform to her partner's genitals, but once that happens that's it. You could have sex several times a day everyday and it won't change any more. In the vast majority of cases all the conforming does is increase pleasure.

Remember vaginal and anal are two completely different things. Don't try to apply anything you know about anal to PIV or listen to what any group of men tell you over actual women and trained gynecologists.

No. 98279

I don't think you realize that you're talking to different people, so thinking that I'm implying something I'm not while addressing my post makes zero sense. You are arguing with something I never stated. You're just going off on your own tangent based on your presumptions of someone else's knowledge/opinion. I am not talking about anal and you can use dialators if you are M to F trans, experience painful sex, and after alteration to your vagina due to cancer treatments. It's not only vaginismus.

No. 98288

I'm not that other anon. I replied because I've had this conversation over and over with robots and every single time they have absolutely no clue about it. I'm stating the purpose of the dilators as someone with mild vaginismus. I have no idea who you are and I don't care either tbh, it was a general statement to all the robots in this thread. I just quoted you because you were talking about this particular topic. I was being naive and hoping that any robots would read what I wrote and hopefully not try to argue that your vag will literally close up if you never use it or that the more partners you have the wider you get and etc like they always do.

>I am not talking about anal and you can use dilators if you are M to F trans, experience painful sex, and after alteration to your vagina due to cancer treatments.

Trans "vaginas" are not actual vaginas, cancer is obviously way out of ordinary, painful sex is either vaginismus or not enough foreplay and lube neither of which will be cured by dilators. That or cases like anons have stated before where their partner hit a cyst and it erupted, also not helped by dilators.

No. 98328

Anon that's a bit different from normal every day girls. Most girls would think it's too big, she's a camgirl most likely and has gradually gotten up to that size which most girls wouldn't be able to tolerate. Camgirls aren't real girls.

No. 98331

Holy fuck, I confirm that that is way too big. Just imagining that thing inside of me hurts

No. 98333


I know but just seeing that made me feel like I have a micro dick. Which I kinda have(4.8"x4")

No. 98339

Why are you telling us this?

No. 98343

File: 1466370302696.png (4.63 KB, 411x354, 1465482610986.png)


Everyone must know about my troubles.

No. 98351

I can't even fit 3 inches wide inside without extremely bad pain and a burning sensation for a whole day afterwards. While I'm on the lower end there's absolutely no way that woman isn't basically a freak.

>I have a micro dick. Which I kinda have(4.8"x4")

Men who actually have microdicks should slap you. You're literally 0.2 inches below average with average girth. See >>95658

Fuck off and go easy on all the porn.

No. 98388

M8, I actually have a microdick. 2 inches erect.

No. 98389

Even she's noticeably wincing at a couple of points, this is clearly done for show, and not at all for her own enjoyment.

Also, like >>98328 said, she's someone who's making money off this, I wouldn't be surprised if her ability to do huge insertions like that was her major gimmick.

No. 98405

I'd actually love a guy with a tiny dick. I'm personally not interested in PIV sex and like submissive men so that would really suit me. If he's an otherwise normal looking, healthy guy with a surprisingly small dick, I'd really dig that.

No. 98416


Well that's interesting.

No. 98483

File: 1466459898360.jpg (36.3 KB, 640x360, just do it.jpg)

No. 98484

Omfg get some self esteem and then maybe random blogs won't upset you.

No. 98485

he's fishing for compliments and affirmation
don't indulge him

No. 98486

You are being bothered by a literal teenager on the internet. Your dick isn't even small.

No. 98487


>Your dick isn't even small.

How do you know?

No. 98488

I'm assuming it's the guy that keeps bitching and presumably posted this thread too.

No. 98490

Get a therapist

No. 102056

When I look at rulers and shit 4'' seems to be super big and long but I'm a virgin so anything bigger than my toe is intimidating.

No. 102060

Why the hell would you revive this thread when robots have been shitting this place up for days?

No. 102351

If you had cysts the dick diagnosed you. Not the dick's fault your body was harboring something wicked.

No. 102353


No. 102434

How thin is too thin? Length is talked about always, but girth is given a nod and nothing more specific is ever mentioned.

No. 102435

That's because no one cares about your dick. Read the thread. Everyone has different preferences.

No. 102438

For reference, I'm not the cuck who seems to possibly be into SPH, I was just curiously poking around and decided to ask here since it was on topic.

No. 102441


man, i dunno. I'd rather a thick dick more than a long one, because a thin long penis is is creepy af. Should be around the size of a small girls wrist imo

No. 102447

File: 1468274105131.jpg (42.73 KB, 192x196, time for death.jpg)

No. 102449

>time for self esteem

No. 103048

mine is small. 4.5 x 4.7 inches erect. i hate it. i don't blame women though, it's just that i hate this condition so much. i started to see myself as small, like as a person. it really shrinks my self esteem, i often feel intimidated by hot girls, that i stopped getting turned on by hot girls. reading though this thread also hurts so much but i can't stop. i've been jelqing though. kinda hurt my dick a lil bit.

No. 103051

File: 1468578314059.jpg (60.03 KB, 604x340, 1444987998878.jpg)

Why do robots even come here? Go beg for attention somewhere else and for the love of god stop bumping this thread. I don't understand how all those threads in PT and snow can get locked but one that's 95% robots rping with each other can stay for months. It's not even vaguely lolcow related or something they couldn't or don't discuss on r9k or literally every single other imageboard.

No. 103053

Get a therapist and stop measuring your dick. No one cares about the dimensions of your boner.

No. 103054

Honestly, their constant need for attention and assurance that they are good and desirable boys drives me up the wall.

Like, first of all it cracks me up that these robots are apparently so insecure about their dicks that they measure them, and will bring up the exact dimensions in their little arguments.

Like, okay? What are we supposed to do with that info? Is it supposed to make me care more about their "situation"? Because it doesn't. Every time a robot references the dimensions of their dick I always thank god that I've never been so insecure that I can spout off the exact proportion of my body parts.

I always just imagine them sobbing while sitting in the bathroom with the tape measure from mommy's sewing kit, trying to get hard so they can measure their boner.

No. 103055


>implying anyone would want his small pathetic dick

No. 103059

Now, man. I'm implying that he should get a therapist. And to stop reinforcing his insecurities by measuring his peepee.

No. 103061


A therapist won't make his dick less inferior

No. 103066

Well he can't make his dick grow so he clearly has to either get over it or build some self esteem so that he doesn't dive into a suicidal depression because of a graph he saw on r9k.

No. 103067

He can either realize that everyone has different preferences, or wallow in misery forever. There isn't much more to say.

No. 103069

i don't expect you to care, i only want your honest opinion. is my size disappointing ?

No. 103071

Get a therapist

No. 103072

i will never go to a therapist. too embarrassed to talk about it with other people. please answer me though, is my size okay ? please be very honest, ignore my mental health

No. 103073

>ignore my mental health


No. 103074


You won't, because it is. They always say it doesn't matter but they will always be disappointed if it's anything less than 7x6.

No. 103077

Of course it is, what kind of answer do you expect?

No. 103078

Nah, I'm sure people can already tell by looking at you.

No. 103504

Are you tall? If you are, your dick size doesn't matter as much.

No. 103511

How come?

No. 104936

Because tall men are sexy.
Not even rediculous tall Ness just so long as you're taller than the girl.

Current bf was a virgin until we got together and honestly best sex I've ever had I don't know how or where that came from.
He's about normal 6.5 inches and average girth. Not painful and not feeling like nothing but just perfect all around and sometimes still manages to hit the walls in there sometimes.
(He's also quite a bit taller than me so I think i know why I wanted him so bad when I met him for the first time- the dick and sex magic was just bonus discovery)
Plus to anon above worried about his virginity and possibly/not possibly small dick, haven't you ever heard of women being attracted by a man's smell?
I honestly believe that had alot more to do with it at least for me, as I've always enjoyed the guys I've been with smell near the nape of their neck or in their hair (not cologne but like the natural scent of the skin there) but I reaaally especially love the smell of the guy I'm with now it turns me on alone sometimes while hes asleep and just so happens this is the best sex I've had with anyone as well, so I do think those natural pheromones or whatever it is has something to do with who you pick and who can make you feel good more so than just the dick sizes alone.

No. 105529

I'm always surprised on the focus on dick length when girls in real life always talk about the thickness. Guys will always say "I'm 6.3459 inches long" but they when asked about girth they'll just say "thin" or "thick".

Meanwhile women seem to be happy with the length as long as it's not under 5 or 4 and get really excited(or worried) about thickness

No. 105599

what do you girls think about curved dicks ? mines an okay size but badly curved like 30 degrees to the left maybe

No. 105601

Everyone. Has. Different. Preferences.

This thread needs to die.

No. 105603

well tell me about yours then

No. 105605

Curved dicks look cute.

No. 105606

Read the thread, dude. My personal preferences don't matter. You aren't ever going to meet me or fuck me. Just understand that women are individuals who are all attracted to different things, and you'll be fine.

No. 105607

It really does, I don't get why people feel the need to bump this.

Read the thread if you want reassurance that the size of your dick is so fucking inconsequential that no-one really cares, you don't need to bump it to go "Give me attention and tell me I have the perfect penis size" because you in particular feel insecure.

No. 105608

That's what bothers me, too! Anytime this thread gets bumped, it is from some insecure guy who just wants attention. Every damn time.

And I'm just not in the mood to entertain that. I'm not going to pat him on the head and tell him that his peepee is a handsome boy.

No. 105609

you don't have to entertain, why do you care about some stranger on the internet ? just say what you think honestly without much thinking. why is it so hard ?

No. 105610

File: 1470050393130.jpg (27.3 KB, 679x174, ClFccZEVYAAVmw1.jpg)

You know who has a big penis?

No. 105611

Because I don't want to enable his attention seeking behavior.

And all he/you have to do is scroll up to learn that women care about different things. Your dick will never please all of them. You will never get the universal "Women's Choice For Best Dick" stamp of approval on your penis.

No. 105612

Who gives a shit?

No. 105613

You guys, apparently. Stop talking about cocks you whores.(no.)

No. 105614

I don't care about some stranger on the internet. I care even less about his dick. That's what you aren't understanding.

No. 105615

It really is frustrating. I don't get what they want out of it, as if people going "Your dick is fine" is going to make them happy or less insecure, you can see proof of that in the thread.

Because it bumps this shitty thread, and is fucking irritating. It's not our job to have to go "Yeah you have a great dick" to every retarded robot that wanders over and needs to personally be addressed.

If you wanted to know how the people here feel about dicks, read the thread. There's hundreds of posts of people saying it. You just want someone to stroke your ego and go "Yeah your dick in particular is perfect, I wish you'd come here and fuck me". No-one's going to. We don't care about your insecurities in particular and it's not anyone's here's job to make you feel better. Go see a therapist if it impacts you that much, because while most people won't care, everyone has different tastes. Some people won't like it unless it's stupidly large, and some people can't handle anything above 4".

Why are you namefagging? I swear I've seen you get banned not a day or two ago anyway.

No. 105616

Oh Josh…you're so tsundere

No. 105617

Fuck off robot.

No. 105618

>I swear I've seen you get banned not a day or two ago anyway.

No. 105619


No. 105620

uguu ~

No. 105621

Do you really think people are going to bite this shitty bait?

Go back to whichever forum you came from namefag.

No. 105622

You just did though. Maybe get your dipshit admin to ban me admin. I'm sure that'll work this time.

No. 105623


No. 105624

sorry for double posting

No. 105625

Are you the robot who is upset that we won't talk about his 30° dick curve?

No. 105626

My penis is rather straight, thank-you for inquiring.

No. 105627

Who hurt you

No. 105628

I don't think me pointing out that you're not upsetting anyone is really biting the bait.

Why are you doing this anyway? What do you get out of it?

No. 105629

I'll tell you about how I became a shitposter if you tell me about that time you were raped.

I do whatever I want.

No. 105630

Five bucks says he has some kind of humiliation fetish, he is butthurt no one wants to listen to him in a different thread, or he is one of those guys who gets so personally offended when banned/blocked that he came here for ~revenge~

No. 105631

penis is one organ that somehow really connects to men's self worth. it's not a disorder, it's normal, everyone is like that. that's why smaller guys tend to be more shy or passive, or maybe overcompensating. it's sad though, they have to live life in the hard way, they can't be just loose and relaxed and confident. instead of just riding the wind they have to flap their wings which makes life exhausting for them.

No. 105632

My only fetish is rape.

No. 105633

Rape, and reading about your diseased vaginas in that other thread.

No. 105634

Does your therapist know about the anger you express online?

No. 105635

My court-appointed psychiatrist hanged himself a long time ago.

No. 105636

Oh ya. I think this guy is one of "those guys" who gets off on women bitching him out. He posts about of trolly shit to get people riled up, and then jerks it to the angry replies.

No. 105637

Does that head canon help your low self-esteem?

No. 105638

Did a girl on the street not smile back at you? Did your sister find out that you were stealing her panties?

What incident triggered your current episode?

No. 105639

I'm not going to give you cap fodder. I'm sorry.

No. 105640

I just wanted to talk about cocks!

No. 105641

this guy needs response

No. 105642


No. 105643

You sound really cool and tough.

It's bizarre, he's just gone straight to posting edgy shit now, as if that's going to shock anyone on a chan site. I figured at first it was just some robot retard who felt like he could get more attention here, but you might have a point about him getting some weirdass pleasure from being called retarded by women.

You should hang out with less insecure people honestly, I don't think there's any correlation between dick size and confidence. It's why some guys with big dicks feel the need to go on and on about how big they are, as if it's impressing anyone.

No. 105644

No. 105645

wat a strong, emotionally stable woman. doesn't want to do something, but still does it to get the last word.

ur truly being the master of your own destiny right now lady

No. 105646

>You sound really cool and tough.

No. 105649

>It's bizarre, he's just gone straight to posting edgy shit now, as if that's going to shock anyone on a chan site. I figured at first it was just some robot retard who felt like he could get more attention here, but you might have a point about him getting some weirdass pleasure from being called retarded by women.
Your mods still freak out and delete all my shit and ban me constantly. I had one lady working overtime to clear shit every few seconds with a script once and she'd just sit there for like an hour deleting it all as it came up. It's funny.

If you don't care, stop clucking and deleting shit like retards lol

No. 105650

sorry for double posting

No. 105651

That is shocking, moderators doing their job and moderating shitposts? Absolutely unheard of.

Hopefully they range ban you next time.

No. 105652

I don't think your dipshit admin knows how lmao

No. 105653

>implying I do not have millions of IPs ACROSS THE WORLD

No. 105654

sorry for double posting

No. 105655

Does it bother you that mods will delete the posts of annoying shitposters? Do you see it as a personal insult to be banned?

No. 105656

Are you also behind 7 proxies?

Well I guess we'll see, they did manage to get rid of some pretty intense shitposters in the past.

No. 105657

no i think it's funny because they can't just d++ my posts, each one has an IP, so when the cucked mod strolls in she'll have to

1. find the post
2. d++ it
3. enter in "josh" for the ban reason
4. make it permanent
5. submit
6. wait for the html caches to rebuild
7. repeat

o v e r a n d o v e r a g a i n

No. 105658

>I don't think there's any correlation between dick size and confidence
there is. you're a girl, you won't understand. sometimes we don't even care about girls, we just feel less of a man, and that feeling of how manly we see ourselves is very important and sensitive to us. deep inside i know that girls won't care and mine can still make girls feel good, but just knowing that a guy is bigger than me is very infuriating. it can be depressing, knowing that the stuff that decrease our masculinity is unfixable and uncontrollable.

No. 105659

lol dude you're a fag your cock is fine

No. 105660

Okay? How does that make you feel?

No. 105661

>just knowing that a guy is bigger than me is very infuriating

You really need a therapist, and I'm not joking.

No. 105662

Fascinated by the effort spent. Why do you care?

This is like an anonymous tumblr. You people talk about your fucking vaginal discharge on an ib about making fun of lolcows.

No. 105663

Have you considered that maybe you aren't representative of men worldwide? Also, read what I said. Insecure guys are insecure, and will find any reason to blame it on and show this. There's guys with big dicks that are clearly insecure who are obnoxious about their dicks. Having to constantly bring up how big you are and how great that is isn't really how someone secure and comfortable with their lives acts.

Why is that funny? You cause moderators to moderate, I don't really get what you get out of this.

Do you find in pleasurable to come over here and act like a retard? Do you imagine that we're all angry behind our keyboards frothing as we type and the moderators discuss you like you're some renegade who they just can't handle because of your hacker skills or some shit? How does spending hours acting annoying here benefit you in anyway?

No. 105664

I'm just trying to understand why you are so angry and so dedicated to shitposting here.

No. 105666

File: 1470052136380.jpg (180.58 KB, 1600x1000, trump0715.jpg)

>How does spending hours acting annoying here benefit you in anyway?
I get bored and show up and post a bit. That's not "hours". It's not even anything that disruptive, I'm just saying hi, but your mods scramble to delete any evidence of it existing for some reason. It's fascinating. It's like they are desperate to insulate you from me.

>I'm just trying to understand why you are so angry and so dedicated to shitposting here.
I'm just saying Hi. Why are you so angry and dedicated to trying to understand my motivations?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 105667

no it's not it's fucking 4.5 inches, i'd never leave my gf alone(if i have one) more than two days.

i can't talk about this with someone else, i have a very bad anxiety and self consciousness.

No. 105668

>I don't really get what you get out of this.

I'm really curious about this, too. Does he get aroused by women getting angry at him? Does he think he's rustling our jimmies? Is he getting revenge for being banned in the past?

It is clearly attention related, since he is name-fagging, but what is his purpose?

No. 105669

dude even if you're in touch with her every day sex takes like 15 minutes if you're in a hurry. she can get banged out in her work's lounge before coming home. you'll never have her on lockdown.

No. 105670

>I'm just saying hi

Lol come on now. You aren't.

No. 105672

You've been here for days though, if not longer, and are in heaps of threads shitposting and trying to draw attention to yourself, you're not just some innocent poster who dindu nuffin, even you namefagging is proof of it. We just don't get why you feel the need to do it. Why did you dodge that question?

4,5" is barely below average, and if you're that insecure your girlfriend will cheat on you if you're gone at all, you shouldn't be in a relationship at all. You need therapy, not a bigger dick, because I can guarantee you'd be insecure about something else if it was bigger.

No. 105673

>i can't talk about this with someone else

Yes you can. Those people are called therapists.

No. 105674

>Does he get aroused by women getting angry at him?
You've said the same thing like 8 times. You're really stuck on this.

I'm starting to think you want me to be aroused by you so that you can say you've turned on at least one man.

No. 105675

No. 105676

I have no motivations. I'm just saying Hi.

No. 105677

Foreskin and like 5 inches at least. No bigger than 8. I've given blow jobs and hand jobs to cut before and they just feel like friction and the texture is kind of nasty.

No. 105678

Are you afraid that she would be kidnapped by a gigantic penis?

No. 105680

>wanting foreskin
are you that lady that eats the smegma from her boyfriend's cock from the sick vagina thread?

No. 105681

>trying to draw attention to yourself

Exactly, so you guys need to ignore him. Just report and ignore, let Admin deal with him.

No. 105682

Why do you feel the need to dodge the question? Can you just answer what it is you get out of this?

You know that doubling down on the whole being retarded thing doesn't make you look less dumb, right?

No. 105683

File: 1470052550716.jpg (39.02 KB, 350x319, arnoldflexingbiceps1.jpg)

>let dipshit admin deal with him
she can't handle me


No. 105684

I'm just saying Hi!(bye!)

No. 105685

Yeah, you're probably right, thanks anon.

No. 105686

yeah that's the point. that's why having a small dick makes me not being able to trust women

No. 105687

i'm afraid she's be kidnapped by her unfulfilled urge of big cock

No. 105688

If you're that insecure having a below-average penis is the least of your concerns. Women are attracted to emotionally, physically, and financially stable men who can make them feel safe. If you don't even feel safe about your own cock you've got deep-seeded issues that can't be resolved by bitching on an anonymous imageboard filled with chatty, emotionally crippled hens.

Get help bud.(internet troll gives lecture on bitching on anonymous imageboards)

No. 105689

i just can't, i'm too embarrassed. this is an embarassing secret. i have lots of them, i don't even want a therapist to know about one of them

No. 105690

But what if…relationships are built on more than the "need for big cock"?

Again, you need a therapist. Now.

No. 105691

That is exactly what therapists are for.

Get a therapist.

No. 105692

No. Your insecurities make you unable to trust women.

No. 105693

Happiness is a decision. You're presented the route of self-improvement or no improvement and you've consciously decided to stay where you are.

You have a general practitioner. If you don't, your family does: ask around, get one. Say you have a general medical concern if you're a pussy. The family doc can refer you to a therapist.

Fuck, even if you don't want a therapist, just make a decision not to be a little bitch. Buy a gun so she knows if she cheats on you, you'll murder her. Power play bro.(internet troll gives lecture on self-improvement)

No. 105697

You're all more autistic and ban-worthy than Josh himself.

No. 105698

is having penis size insecurity creepy ?

No. 105699

It can be. If it causes you to distrust women, lash out at them, or become infuriated by the thought of men with bigger dicks than yours.

Everyone has their insecurities, but I don't want to be afraid that you're going to stab me because I reject you.

No. 105700

i'm so peaceloving, i can't even imagine hurting other people. might would stab myself though

No. 105701

Okay. As long as you don't take your insecurities out on others, you are fine.

No. 106773

I mean, like Jomas Thefferson said in World War Negative One Half, "What is a penis?"

No. 106778

Not creepy, it's understandable but at the same time- absolutely nobody wants to deal with that. Whether they do or don't care about your dick size, it will be a pain in the ass to have to reassure you and it will reduce your sex appeal. Just keep it to yourself and fake confidence.

No. 106780

Male here with a 13 inch peni hit me up for me to bang you

No. 106787

I bet you loose your consious due to blood going all the way down depriving brain from oxygen and nutrients every time you got hard on.

No. 106804

Actually, here's a better way to find everything out.

No. 106805

File: 1470590235560.jpg (45.69 KB, 292x430, 1462417880852.jpg)

Oh, and if you don't have a willy, but you'd highly enjoy participating, just choose which option you find most ideal.

No. 107026

The bigger the better. It's not just about oral or vaginal it's also the visuals for me. A boy with a small penis is just not as attractive as an actual man with a nice cock.

No. 107027

What about really ugly but long ones? Is "nice" about length or is it really about how they look?

I mean, I've only ever seen a pic of one that I thought looked nice, and it was some musician whose pics got posted on a revenge porn site. Basically all look plain ugly to me so I guess I'm just looking for insight.

No. 107129


Yep, he can be the greatest guy in the world but he would never be as attractive as a hung guy.

No. 107130

i just want you to know that hiding it really hurts. not just hurtful but really exhausting. i have to have extra energy to fake everything for a long time

No. 107131

thanks for being honest. honesty hurts though but please don't let empathy ruin your honesty.

No. 107132

Then get a therapist and build your self esteem.

No. 107133

hey girls please do me a favor…
http://www.strawpoll.me/10959940(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 107134

I hate you so muc strawpoll-anon.

No. 107135

No. 107136

You spam your shit everywhere.

No. 107137

where ? just here

No. 107138

You post your polls all over /b/. It is so fucking annoying. I can't wait until you get banned.

No. 107140

oh shut up, you have it easy. let me have it this time okay ?

No. 107141

please please help me this time

No. 107142

How the hell do I have it easy? And how does it relate to your bullshit polls?

No one cares. Get banned.

No. 107143

5 inches isn't small

No. 107155

yeah, it's tiny

No. 107158

the g spot is only 3-4 inches deep. g spot IS sex.

No. 107172

I Like huge, thick dicks only. I am really small, and only recently lost my virginity.

I get disappointed if i don't feel like it stretches me around it lol.

But that is just me.

No. 107173

5 inches is okay as long as it's thicker than a fucking thumb.

No. 107182

Nice troll lol

No. 107210

Why do you guys always assume that people who say things that don't support your world view are lying, but people who come in and say stuff that's pretty likely intended to be bait must be telling the truth because it supports your worldview? Do you not see the issue there?

No. 107222

I honestly think these guys aren't looking for opinions on things like penis size. They are looking for bait to fuel their inferiority complex. They are looking for reassurance that they are truly worthless, so they can justify their behavior IRL (ex: why should I work on my self esteem and better myself if women will automatically hate me because of my penis size).

That's why, when we point out that women are individuals with different preferences, they say it isn't a real answer. They want the rage bait. They want to hear from the horse's mouth that they are right.

No. 107395

I have banged 5 guys, 4 of them had huuuuuge dicks and one of the guys was takinf advantage of me so it wasn't enjoyable, it would technically be rape if I had made any effort to fight him off or tell him no but all I did was lay there with a pillow over my face (he kept going though), my first boyfriend just happened to have a big dick which I thought was pretty cool. The lil dick guy wasn't too bad but I didn't like him like that, I just ended up in bed with him because I was in a self destructive phase. I feel bad for him though because he can't seem to nab a girlfriend, and hes really nice and has his own house and car. My current boyfriend is probably about 8 inches, and we only had sex once. I don't even care about size really but my boyfriend is really sexy and I just find his dick so hot, i would honestly worship the fuck out of it if he let me

No. 107401

That's rape, anon. I'm sorry that happened to you.

No. 107403


>I don't care about size

>I would worship his 8" dick tho

Really makes you think.

No. 107406

File: 1471128411523.webm (279.38 KB, 480x480, 1470493425803.webm)

No. 107572

File: 1471335286283.jpg (312.57 KB, 999x1300, 1471332868219.jpg)

dicklets btfo

No. 107573

File: 1471335398234.jpg (862.7 KB, 1200x1196, 1471332773020.jpg)


just get on hormones and stop roleplaying as a man smh

No. 107577

Anyone with an inferiority complex huge enough to fall for dumb bait like >>107572 and >>107573 deserves to feel like shit to be honest.

No. 107584

These are hilarious. I especially like the use of the logos in the bottom right hand corners.

I had to look some of them up though. Like "Fbomb" and "MiddlesexMD". Fbomb was tagged by Google as "possibly hacked", and MiddlesexMD seems to just be a website for women's sexual health?

And isn't Miss Representation a documentary? A documentary about women's representation in media??? Why would they give a shit about dick size??????

No. 107629

Any woman saying dick size doesn't matter is lying. If she says to her partner his dick is fine doesn't mean she's satisfied by it. If she says to her partner she's not with him for sex she simply means he's not attractive enough but she's willing to settle(for now). If she says to her partner she doesn't do this or that in bed because she doesn't enjoy it she simply means he's not attractive enough in her eyes to do those things.

I can read between the lines of what you say, witches.

All brethren go listen to Alter Bridge's Addicted to Pain

No. 107631

>women who say things that contradict my inferiority complex are lying because I say so!

Shoo shoo robot.

No. 107633

File: 1471402314299.jpg (24.59 KB, 500x388, 1443217240842.jpg)

Fucking incredible. Yeah, big dicks are great if you enjoy having something repeatedly ram into your cervix.

Go back to your own kind, robot.

No. 107638

>If she says to her partner she doesn't do this or that in bed because she doesn't enjoy it she simply means he's not attractive enough in her eyes to do those things.

Or she just doesn't wanna do that thing because she doesn't enjoy it. How's single life treating you, bud?

No. 107642

File: 1471417293493.gif (888.96 KB, 245x219, 944d91e2-4812-4b19-9e95-34b937…)

No. 107648

If women were honest they'd lose all attention from 90% of men. That's why they lie because for them honesty = no more validation(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 107652


No. 107661

That's pretty retarded anon. You can be attracted to someone and not enjoy certain things with them.

The whole "alpha/beta" thing is stupid anyway though honestly, there's not 10/10 perfect people (apart from their apparent raging sex addiction) going around sleeping with everyone they can find. I have no idea how that idea got so popular honestly.

No. 107712

File: 1471506971286.jpg (181.09 KB, 540x960, 1471494858685.jpg)

No. 107714

>The whole "alpha/beta" thing is stupid anyway though honestly, there's not 10/10 perfect people (apart from their apparent raging sex addiction) going around sleeping with everyone they can find. I have no idea how that idea got so popular honestly.
Even though that's technically true, the reality is that almost all women are getting laid, the select few that don't only don't get laid because they choose not to, while there's a large portion of men that doesn't get laid at all or only does very infrequently. I'm sure you've seen the dating site response rates, that women are only really interested in the top few percents of men. Those aren't the only men that get laid, but they get laid a whole lot more often/easily than most. As an average guy, you can only hope that someone ends falling for you for your personality.

No. 107715

anything below 6 inches is just fucking sad i'm sorry

No. 107716

>the reality is that almost all women are getting laid

You need a reality check, bud. Response rates on a fuming dating site have no relation to how much sex a person is having.

Are you honestly suggesting that women fuck every guy they contact on dating sites? Do you even think that women go on IRL dates with every guy the contact on dating sites??? I could contact a guy, talk to him, and discover that we actually have nothing in common, and I don't want to meet him.

No. 107717


No. 107720

File: 1471516567162.gif (376.37 KB, 294x233, 1417264110531.gif)

>I'm this way so everyone else is like me as well

No. 107721

I don't know a single woman who even meets every guy she talks to on social media. I would never assume that the frequency of sending messages on a dating site has any correlation to how much sex someone is having.

Do you really think that women fuck eery guy they message on fucking okcupid?

Robots have absolutely no frame o reference to the real world. You see one article about gender differences in correspondence on dating sites, and take it to the most extreme conclusion (that these women are apparently always having sex, but only with a certain percentage of men). How histrionic can you get? Do you know any women IRL? Have you fucked every woman who messaged you on okc?

No. 107722

File: 1471517604700.jpg (20.06 KB, 200x362, bB_fFUFJeI0.jpg)

If any of the generic variation of pic related shows up it's it's guaranteed legs will be spread. 20% of men fuck 80% of women. That's all.

No. 107723

First you assume that I implied that every single message means sex, then you conclude that since that is obviously not the case, there's no correlation whatsoever.

Why would there be no correlation? Do you actually think that women get refused all that commonly if they approach a single guy, unless they're outright hideous? Do you think that the guys that get 0 messages still get laid easily IRL? The men who are popular on a dating site are usually not some unpopular ugly failures in real life either.

No. 107724

>Even though that's technically true, the reality is that almost all women are getting laid, the select few that don't only don't get laid because they choose not to, while there's a large portion of men that doesn't get laid at all or only does very infrequently.

Show me literally a single piece of reliable data that says women have more sexual partners on average than men do, or that they're having more sex overall.

No, some dating site responses don't count, because most people don't use them, and of most the people that do, very few are actually meeting anyone off it, let alone meeting them with the express purpose of having casual sex.

Both the ages that men and women lose their virginity on average is insanely close, the amount of virgins or people with only one or two partners in their 20's is close for both genders. This gap that people go on about just doesn't really exist.

Here's my source

Please try to address it with more than "Yeah well they're all lying" as well, because that's completely impossible for you to prove, and there's no reason for someone to lie in an anonymous survey to people of their own gender. The possibility of lying has been addressed.

Why do you keep posting this same .gif?

Zyzz pretty much exclusively fucked women he met at raves, who aren't exactly known for being hard to hook up with.

And even with that, he's well known for being extremely attractive, people on his level don't even exist in most cities, let alone there being enough of them with massive insecurities that caused him to roid so heavily and then act like a dick to women and sleep with everyone possible to cope with it.

There is no "generic variation" of that guy.

No. 107726

Lol I don't like beefcakes, sorry.

And why is his haircut so bad? It looks like a helmet.

No. 107727

>Do you actually think that women get refused all that commonly if they approach a single guy, unless they're outright hideous?

Women get rejected all the time. I've tried to give guys my number, and been rejected. It happens.

And what do you mean by "refused"? Do you mean for dates or sex? because you have to understand that just because you go on a date, it doesn't mean that you are guaranteed to get laid. Someone can go on a date with you, and never see you again. There isnt even a clear correlation between being "approved" by a guy, and fucking him. I've given guys my number before, and had to delete it because they were creeping me out. It didn't even get to a date!

No. 107728

>Do you actually think that women get refused all that commonly if they approach a single guy, unless they're outright hideous?

Yes, that happens plenty. Maybe didn't happen as much in high school when everyone was desperate for relationships with anyone at all, but most adults aren't desperate in the same way that they'd date or sleep with someone they don't even slightly know simply because they offered.

Shockingly, but /r9k/ isn't actually a good source of information about how relationships work day to day.

Also, like >>107727 asked, what did you mean by refused?

No. 107729

>Show me literally a single piece of reliable data that says women have more sexual partners on average than men do, or that they're having more sex overall.
But why? I've claimed none of those things.

As far as the data in the survey you posted, it supports what I said, though not to a great extent. There are more guys who have many sexual partners than there are girls who have many sexual partners, and the ratio of those that have no/have one sexual partner in the past 12 months vs. those that have 4+ is bigger in men. Again though, the actual numbers aren't big, the largest difference is around 3%. The spread of the amount of sexual partners overall is much more even in women though, for men it's 6.9k-9k-4.6k-4.2k-35.7k for 0, 1, 2, 4+ partners respectively, while for women it's 6.8k-13.4k-6.5k-6.1k-27.7k. That is a pretty big difference in distribution.
>And what do you mean by "refused"? Do you mean for dates or sex?
Either. Not every date leads to sex, but the distribution should be the same. Alas, it doesn't matter, since the statistics posted are fairly clear.

No. 107730

>0, 1, 2, 4+
*0, 1, 2, 3, 4+, just to avoid confusion

No. 107731

>Either. Not every date leads to sex, but the distribution should be the same.

If you understand that a date doesn't necessarily mean sex, then why the fuck would the distributions be the same???? How old are you? Please get away from the r9k brainwashing.

No. 107732

>But why? I've claimed none of those things.

Why don't you tell us exactly what it is you're claiming then?

>There are more guys who have many sexual partners than there are girls who have many sexual partners

You realise this could be easily explained by there simply being less women who want to hook up with every guy they see, right? If anything, that makes way more sense than the whole line about how women only want to sleep with some small top percent of people.

And I'm curious, where are you pulling the exact numbers about sexual partners from? I'm only seeing it in percentages, and they don't match up with your numbers. But admittedly it's perfectly possible I'm just missing it, can you give me a page number?

Because what I'm seeing says that only like 6% of men in any age bracket have had sex with more than 4 people in the last year, and it's 2.9% overall for women. Which also supports the idea of there just being a small amount of women that are sleeping with lots of people. But once again, can you define what your point actually is?

No. 107733

File: 1471520945839.jpg (11.14 KB, 335x85, opera_2016-08-18_13-47-48.jpg)

Why wouldn't the distribution be the same? We're talking about proportions, just for example, someone contacts 20 people, out of them goes on a date with 4, and has sex with 1. It doesn't matter if someone contacts 60 people, then goes on 12 dates and has sex with 3 instead. Again, I'm not suggesting that these numbers are correct in themselves.

>Why don't you tell us exactly what it is you're claiming then?
That there is a group of men that is having most of the sex and a significant portion of men isn't having that much, and that the distribution isn't very even.
>where the numbers are
I think you're looking at the right page, but the actual numbers that show that larger rift are in the first bracket, pg 17-18. Pic related.

No. 107735

>That there is a group of men that is having most of the sex and a significant portion of men isn't having that much, and that the distribution isn't very even.

But that's not represented at all. Most people of both genders are having sex with a dedicated partner, with a tiny amount having sex with 4 or more. That's not showing that most people aren't having much sex at all, or that a "Significant portion" is having heaps of sex with all the women around. If 6% of men are somehow impacting the amount of sex that most women are having, you realise they'd be needing to have around 20 partners a year, right? As opposed to them just having a hookup a few times a year and sometimes being in relationships?

And pages 17 and 18?

Oh, you're talking about lifetime stats. But once again, on page 20 is says that for lifetime partners (if we look at exclusively the highest age group, to get an idea of how much sex people are having in their lives), you end up with barely above 1% of people being virgins at that age, which if you factor in the disable and chronically ill, isn't actually that high. It's a bit higher than for women, sure, but still, the data doesn't show that there's some inherent sexual imbalance.

No. 107736

I think we are talking about different distributions. I'm saying that if you were to graph the number of dates a person has been on, and compare it to how many times they have had sex, over a span on time, that there would be no correlation. Those lines wouldn't match.

But if you are talking about the proportion of dates that lead to sex, then I think you are correct.

But most importantly, what are you even arguing? None of the evidence e suggests that women are all having sex with the same men. That has even less to do with your whole onlinedatingsexualpoverty problem.

No. 107737

I think this guy is really young or doesn't have a lot of life experience. Or both.

No. 107738

It really does seem that way, I don't think there's any way you could believe this stuff otherwise. Odds are he'll grow out of it in the next few years, people like that nearly always do.

No. 107739

I hope so. Sometimes I think about the people out there with such low self esteem, that they believe any info graphic they see on r9k, and it actually makes me kind of sad for them. To be that gullible and have your whole life hinge on sex seems so tiring.

No. 107740

Yeah I'm talking about lifetime stats. Compare the amounts on the high end though. It shows pretty much the same thing. 30-40% of adult women have had 3-6 partners, 25-30% for men. At the same time, 15+ is at 28% for men and 7% of women. To put it bluntly, that 28% wasn't fucking the 7%, they were fucking the 2, 3-6 and 7-14 partner females.

It's nice that you both agree that I'm a pathetic virgin loser, but that lost any bearing on the discussion quite a while ago. I could say that I don't actually care that much what the conclusion is and I'm only arguing because the subject itself interests me rather than because my whole worldview hinges on all women being sluts, but it's not like you're gonna believe that now that you've decided to hop on the muh maturity highground.

No. 107742

>Compare the amounts on the high end though. It shows pretty much the same thing. 30-40% of adult women have had 3-6 partners, 25-30% for men

You're ignoring that more men are in the 7-14 range than women anon.

What you're proposing, that some top echelon of men are fucking all the other women simply doesn't make sense. If that were the case, the majority of men wouldn't be in the middle range, they would be mostly in the one partner or 15+ range, with a small amount in the middle. There's not any evidence that most men aren't having much sex, because as the data shows, 80% of men have more than 3 partners in their lives (approx), while only around 65% of women do. If anything it's the opposite of that dumb 80-20 rule people post.

The median number for men is much higher than women, but this also supports my point that there's a group of women out there having sex with an insane amount of people (drug addict sorts, people that were in "those" sororities") that are raising the amount of partners guys have significantly, without raising the amount women have that much, as they don't sit in a 50+ group, they sit in the same 15+ plus group as someone who's just had a sexual partner every year and a bit and is in their 40's.

What you tend to notice if you combine this with experience day to day, is that there's a certain amount of women out there that are known for being "easy" lays, that sleep around a lot.

>It's nice that you both agree that I'm a pathetic virgin loser

Literally no-one said this, we just said you're young and that is likely the reason for why you think this.

Sorry for one of my paragraphs being out of place, I couldn't be fucked retyping the post to fit it in.

No. 107743

>To put it bluntly, that 28% wasn't fucking the 7%, they were fucking the 2, 3-6 and 7-14 partner females.

You are assuming a lot out of that data. What is your problem with it? Should the 2 partner women not have sex with men who have had many partners? Are you upset that some age groups of women have less than 15 partners at a certain age?

No. 107744

PS I never said you were a virgin or a loser. I think you are just a young dude with low self esteem, who doesn't have the life experience needed to reject the r9k mindset.

No. 107746

>You're ignoring that more men are in the 7-14 range than women anon.
By 1%, that's why I didn't bring it up. The 3-6 range has a 15% difference, 15+ 20%.

Some of the confusion here might be coming from the 80-20 rule. I don't believe the 80-20 rule and I don't think it's even close to reflecting reality.
The lower end for women is also irrelevant. The data that is relevant are the middle segments, which show that there are overall more women who have had 2-14 partners than men, and that there are much less women with 15+ partners than men with 15+ partners.
Your point about a small number of women having sex with a huge number of men is definitely a contributing factor, but it doesn't account for the discrepancy in the midrange. Those women can only be matched up with the 15+ segment.
Also, given that the actual numbers are still not very big, I don't think it's worth arguing about. There is some discrepancy, but it barely makes a difference.

You are assuming a lot about me, I'm not upset in the least about any of this data, these are statistics and I'm comparing statistical numbers. There is no implication for any one individual here, no implication about any individual act. Besides, I don't even live in the first world, let alone the US, the numbers aren't very likely to be similar to those in my environment.

Saying that you're sad about how stupid and gullible someone is, and that they don't have life experience is a roundabout way of saying that they are a virgin loser, except more rude with how patronizing it is.

No. 107747

>be a disgusting genetic failure
>only good at shit people don't care about like archery, gardening, survival and reading sky charts
>lol just get self esteem dude

No amount of self esteem will make me attractive tbh

No. 107748

>By 1%, that's why I didn't bring it up.

How is 18% to 21.6% a 1% difference? And then the difference between the 3-6 range for men to women is only 10%. Stop lying.

>The lower end for women is also irrelevant

You can't just rule out data because you say so, it's all important in drawing an image of the average persons sex life. Jesus Christ anon, is that normally how you look at data? Just go "Nah that doesn't count"?

> The data that is relevant are the middle segments, which show that there are overall more women who have had 2-14 partners than men

Once again, less than a 10% difference.

>Your point about a small number of women having sex with a huge number of men is definitely a contributing factor, but it doesn't account for the discrepancy in the midrange

Sure, but you can't just rule out everyone apart from the midrange and use it as evidence. And you also can't exaggerate certain parts of data, to the point of flat out lying about them in order to create a point. The discrepancy isn't that huge, and it doesn't really create a huge issue when you consider that middle group could also be sleeping with the people in the 2 partner range for men, and the 7+ partner one. It's not exclusively going to be the 15+ partners. And as I explained already, a difference in a couple partners here or there over 45 years isn't a massive one. If we assume people start having sex at on average around 17, even someone having 15 partners isn't actually a big amount at all, it just means they were in a relationship every two years. That's not exactly a super insane sex life where you're hooking up with different people every month and depriving other people of sex.

This part is easily explained by some men being in a few more relationships at a young age, with the women getting to a point where there's not as much pressure into having sex with your partner (teenage boys can be borderline sex offenders with how they act about getting laid) and relationships lasting longer than 2 months on average.

Combine that with the amount of women who have many partners that inflate the whole thing and skew it somewhat (it really shouldn't have stopped at 15, try 40+), and you've pretty much eliminated proof of there being some group of men having much, much more sex than anyone else. Most people tend to have pretty similar sex lives, you know? Whether you get into a new relationship every 2 years or every year isn't a big difference, especially when the context for that sex isn't given, that 2 year relationship simply could have lasted longer.

>Also, given that the actual numbers are still not very big, I don't think it's worth arguing about. There is some discrepancy, but it barely makes a difference.

I agree entirely, and I apologise for assuming you were some robot trying to prove that women only want chad or some shit. Looking at the thread though, I'm sure you can guess why I'd assume that.

No. 107749

Meant to edit out a bit of the earlier hostility once I realised that you were agreeing with me, but can't be fucked deleting editing and reposting it, so apologies for that stuff.

Still, I do think it's dumb to rule out certain groups if we're trying to get a full picture of the average persons sex life, it's all important.

No. 107750

It will help you to be a more happy and probably improve your quality of life to have self esteem and not see yourself as genetic trash. You have cool hobbies, but if you are a black hole of negativity, it will be hard to make friends and relate to others.

No. 107751

>be a disgusting genetic failure
>I'm a failure of genetics because my jaw isn't square enough :(

Fuck off, if you're alive and not seriously deformed or crippled, your genetics are fine.

I didn't realise this was a robot self pity thread though.

No. 107752

>Saying that you're sad about how stupid and gullible someone is, and that they don't have life experience is a roundabout way of saying that they are a virgin loser, except more rude with how patronizing it is.

Don't put words in my mouth. If I wanted to call you a virgin loser, I'd use the words "virgin loser".

And am I wrong? Do you have a lot of life experience? Because if you believe there is a global conspiracy where women only fuck the same, certain men, then it is clear that you are easily influenced by r9k tropes, and obviously don't have a lot of IRL experiences to judge that info by.

No. 107753

They always turn it into therapy hour.

No. 107757

you don't have a therapy hour general, so what else is there to do but shit up existing threads?

No. 107758

You can always get a therapist IRL…

No. 107760

>it's more rude to assume that someone's erroneous assessments of sexuality comes from youth and inexperience than it is to directly insult them

it's actually pretty polite, and nobody called you stupid or 'a pathetic virgin loser', you're putting words in people's mouths.
you want to see rude? try going into an /r9k/ 'all women are whores' thread and playing devil's advocate.

No. 107765

Kill all robots, I swear to fucking god. I can't stand these attentionwhores derailing and shitting up our threads. Fellow farmers – trying to help is never going to work. They enjoy wallowing in their self pity and getting fussed over here. They're children. Report and ignore.

To be on topic, my favorite dick size is boyfriends'. He's quite shy and feminine, but has a surprisingly thick medium-sized dick. It's nice.

No. 107775


No. 107779

We have both a vent thread and an advice thread, if you need to bitch on this forum at all, at least post it in one of the appropriate places.

Or preferably just take it to /r9k/.

No. 107780

Anyone else ever been with a guy who thinks he's way bigger than he actually is? Guy im currently seeing is like 4 inches tops but when we talk dirty he always refers to it as his "huge dick" while i silently kek to myself.

No. 107781

The idiots who try to play therapist to the robots should be banned as well.

No. 107783

This place has made me concerned that my 6.5" penis might be too big for smaller girls (I'm 5'6" so probably only petite girls would be attracted to me).

Is it just this place, or is it really that common for girls to have little to no sex drive, and complain about how sex is painful for them and how their vagina is too dry/tight for sex with a normal penis?

I'm getting pretty muscular and personally I consider myself to be fairly attractive, I'm just trying to get my financial situation set before I try to get my first girlfriend, I have no hope without financial assets to attract a female.

I'm just worried that finding a girl with a high sex drive who isn't a slut is impossible. High sex drive as in they want to have sex daily, not "ugh we already sex this week".

No. 107784

>Is it just this place, or is it really that common for girls to have little to no sex drive, and complain about how sex is painful for them and how their vagina is too dry/tight for sex with a normal penis?

Who said this? Is this some strange attempt to bait?

No. 107788

You are a retard

No. 107791

I think it's time for you to leave

No. 107794

>I have no hope without financial assets to attract a female.

Get a therapist.

No. 107796

Aside from promiscuous sex which I'm not interested in, no matter how attractive you are or what your personality is like, outside an educational system, it would be very difficult to find a woman willing to be in a serious relationship with a guy who has no financial assets and lives with his parent(s).

Finding a woman who would be willing to provide for a man like a traditional husband would for a house-wife is very rare. Over 80% of homeless people are male for a reason.

I do not complain over the fact that in a modern capitalist society a women requires a man who wants to mate with her to have the financial assets to provide for her and children. I accept it, and that's why I have not even tried to get a girlfriend until I can meet those requirements (which almost every single woman has).

So what would I tell the therapist about?

No. 107797

>it would be very difficult to find a woman willing to be in a serious relationship with a guy who has no financial assets and lives with his parent(s).

Not really, most young adults still live with their parents. Rent's fucking expensive, it's just a smart choice to stay home until you're financially independent, no-one's going to shit on you for being at home assuming you're not just sitting there doing nothing at all.

A relationship isn't a "Oh, you fit all my criteria so I'm going to date you now" sort of thing.

No. 107798

>So what would I tell the therapist about?

Basically anything from your post, and how you think women won't want to fuck you unless you have money.

Value yourself. Get a personality. Have something to offer besides money. Stop believing everything you see on r9k.

because you clearly want attention from women. Your post is basically asking "how can I find a non-slut, who loves sex, by dangling money in her face"…to a board of women. Like, you clearly want a reaction. You know that no one is going to say "omg how much do you make??? I'll date you if you make over xyz!"

So, why don't you satisfy this need for attention with someone who is paid to listen to you, and who will help you with your obvious lack of personality and self esteem at the same time?

No. 107799

A man used to be able to easily get a job with a high-school education or less that would pay enough to allow him to buy a house and support wife/kids.

Without going to college or vocational school, any job I get will almost certainly not pay enough to afford a house and wife/kids.

I do not have the money to go to college or vocational school, nor do I see it as a smart decision to take out loans and end up tens of thousands in debt. Many people getting out of college with STEM degrees, not liberal arts degrees or something, are unable to get a job. Decent paying jobs are scarce and highly competed for, and there's no guarantee of many of these jobs not being eliminated by new technology/automation in the future.

Like many men I have decided to do "nothing", which you have specifically said is a deal-breaker. You are talking from the perspective of young college students dating, which I specifically exempted ("outside an educational system").

>A relationship isn't a "Oh, you fit all my criteria so I'm going to date you now" sort of thing.

Except I'm talking about a deal-breaking criteria that almost every single woman has.

>and how you think women won't want to fuck you unless you have money.

I'm confident that I could fuck promiscuous women if I wanted to, I even specifically excluded this ("Aside from promiscuous sex"). I am only interested in a wife and kids.

>Value yourself. Get a personality.

Thanks for the assumption, and insult.

>Your post is basically asking "how can I find a non-slut, who loves sex, by dangling money in her face"…to a board of women. Like, you clearly want a reaction. You know that no one is going to say "omg how much do you make??? I'll date you if you make over xyz!"

>So, why don't you satisfy this need for attention with someone who is paid to listen to you, and who will help you with your obvious lack of personality and self esteem at the same time?

You're projecting your own need for attention. I also sense some anger over you not finding a good man in your own life.

No. 107800

>A man used to be able to easily get a job with a high-school education or less that would pay enough to allow him to buy a house and support wife/kids.

And people can still get jobs that don't need college education, most people aren't in jobs related to their degree. And trades have always worked the same, apprenticeships aren't new.

>You are talking from the perspective of young college students dating, which I specifically exempted ("outside an educational system").

I said young people, not college students. I really doubt you're 30+.

>Except I'm talking about a deal-breaking criteria that almost every single woman has.

But they don't. Sure, most people want the partner to be at least doing something with life, but you don't have to own your own home and be super financially stable and independent to have a relationship.

People of all economical backgrounds have relationships.

Why did you post this shit in a penis size thread anyway? You're acting like a dick, sure, but it's still not the appropriate place for it.

No. 107802

>I am only interested in a wife and kids.

Okay. Then build yourself up as a person, and stop assuming that all you have to offer is money.

Tell this to a therapist. We can't help you with your search for a wife, and a therapist can help you sort out your views on relationships.

No. 107803

You clearly don't value yourself as a person if you think you can only attract women with money.

No. 107805

>and stop assuming that all you have to offer is money.
>You clearly don't value yourself as a person if you think you can only attract women with money.

Stop putting words in my mouth, I never said that all I have to offer is money. Money is is a requirement no matter how much you like to deny reality.

You may be insulted by what I am saying, that I am basically verbosely stating an "all women are prostitutes" argument. I am frustrated by you not being able to comprehend the reality of my situation, and that you are repeatedly asking me to live in denial.

No. 107806

Tell this to a therapist

No. 107807

Psychology and psychiatry is quackery.

If me and some psych grad got in the room I would be the real psychologist.

No. 107808

If you're that smart then surely you'd have a better plan to "find a wife" than having a lot of money.

Talk to a therapist.

No. 107811

>If me and some psych grad got in the room I would be the real psychologist.

Yeah, someone who thinks that the only way he can attract a partner is by filling out a list of universal requirements clearly has a great understanding of the human mind.

Why do robots always think they know more than literal doctors, or people with masters degrees?

No. 107812

File: 1471599272057.jpg (25.28 KB, 411x419, 1434676966220.jpg)

I knew enough to get a bunch of attention from girls on the internet.

No. 107813

They will admit that they are lonley in one breath, and then assert that they know more than actual women, on what women are attracted to in the next.

It is a really weird arrogance. If you go into r9k you can find tons of threads about being a NEET and how they are forever alone, and then there will be this giant thread about how women only go for chads and all this nonsense. If they are such experts on women, then why aren't they rolling in pussy?

I really don't understand what they gain from posting here. I don't understand how their low self esteem is always couple with an extreme arrogance.

No. 107814

Woah man, you mean you posted on a forum and people replied? You must be some sort of master manipulator or something.

No. 107815

Oh honey, we're laughing at you. Are you so lonely that any attention from women is enough, even if they're mocking you?

No. 107816

I honestly think they aren't as sad as they make out they are.

They're narcissistic, but that shows in being the biggest victim, because if you're a victim, you can't be at fault.

To use the example you said, if women are all retarded and won't go for them because they don't have some genetic component, it's not their fault they're alone, it's everyone elses.

Same logic for why they so obviously self diagnose themselves with mental disorders and then act like they know more than everyone else including the psychiatrists about how it works, so can't be treated. Them not going anywhere in life isn't their fault if it's because of an illness. It's all about preserving an ego.

I guess I'm kind of being an armchair psychologist here, but that's what I figure it is.

No. 107817

The "your pathetic" insults are better than "u just have to believe women don't care about money" shit.

No. 107818

Please talk to a shrink about your obvious issues with women and relationships.

No. 107819

>Are you so lonely that any attention from women is enough, even if they're mocking you?

Pls respond.

No. 107820

But anon, you've just ignored that people of all economic situations are in relationships, so evidently money isn't the issue.

Also, what do you get out of coming to a forum full of women and then telling women that they're wrong about what they think?

No. 107821

I think you're right. A lot of their memes are about blame shifting. They think that women have impossible standards, so why bother trying?

No. 107822

I think some of them have humiliation fetishes tbh.

No. 107823

>But anon, you've just ignored that people of all economic situations are in relationships

I talked about that already. The guy is almost always either in education, employed, or actively looking for work. Either that or he's on the verge of getting dumped because he's not. This does not apply to men doing "nothing".

I don't.

No. 107824

Rather than money, he is right that women tend to have a common deal breaker that applies to him, that is doing nothing, having few or no ambitions. There's a whole thread full of people complaining about that.

Money is more of a long-term dealbreaker, once you're already in a relationship and try to make it long-lasting, marry and have a child, the lack of money will be a common source of disagreements. This applies more to dumb people, but then poor people usually tend to be the less bright ones, and more to poor countries rather than first world ones.

No. 107825

Yeah, it's just the fact that they never admit they're in the situation they are because of their actions that makes me think that, and if you ask them that, they always come back with some extreme example of someone physically crippled by a car accident or some shit who can't operate normally, never a reason why they aren't.

It's just bizarre the lengths some of them go to to preserve their ego's instead of anything else.

>I talked about that already. The guy is almost always either in education, employed, or actively looking for work.

Kek, so what you're saying is that women aren't generally attracted to NEET's? I mean, ignoring that plenty of people who live on unemployment date other people on unemployment, that seems obvious, but has nothing to do with money. Poor people, middle class ones, rich ones, people who exclusively make money from gigs and the like all date people, but yeah, people expect you to be an adult anon.

No. 107826

>The guy is almost always either in education, employed, or actively looking for work

Is that a bad thing? Living IRL costs money. Most people can't afford to be a stay at home spouse.

Are you upset that you don't have a mommy gf that will look after you?

No. 107827

But that was his point to begin with, that you all so intently claimed to be untrue.

No. 107828

No, his point was that he needed money. You don't, you just need to be more than their ward.

No. 107830

I already explained the reasons why I choose to do "nothing".

Far more women than men complete college now. It's not because you're smarter than them. More men are doing "nothing" and it's not hard to see why if you could understand things from a male's perspective. Economic outlook for them is bleak, and women/feminism have destroyed many things that once gave men motivation to work.

>you don't need money you just need money

No. 107831

You're all autistic, even more so than the guy who came here to shit up this thread. Despite saging, it's still the no.1 thread on /b/.

No. 107832

Hold up. Wanting someone only for their money, and expecting them to be able to function in the adult world are two different things.

He was saying that the only way to find a non-slutty wife who loves sex is to have a lot of money. That is wrong, and makes him seem immature and unhinged.

The fact that I won't date a NEET has nothing to do with his lack of money. It has to do with the fact that we are mentally at different places. If he can't function IRL, then how would we even meet? What would we talk about? How can we be partners if I basically have to be his mother? What happens if we have an argument? How can he support me emotionally, if he has no life experience? How can I lean on him if things get tough?

No. 107833

>Far more women than men complete college now. It's not because you're smarter than them. More men are doing "nothing" and it's not hard to see why if you could understand things from a male's perspective. Economic outlook for them is bleak, and women/feminism have destroyed many things that once gave men motivation to work.

Oh cool, we're back to the "It's womens fault I'm a failure" thing. This has already been addressed in the other thread fucking filled with robots.

>you don't need money you just need money

Yeah that's totally what was said.

>she says while bumping the thread

No. 107834

>Economic outlook for them is bleak, and women/feminism have destroyed many things that once gave men motivation to work.

You need a therapist.

No. 107837

It is absolutely crazy that they can take the shitty worldwide economy, and twist it into something that is women's fault/as reason why they can't get laid.

Like, I'm sorry that he didn't get a government issues gf for being fucking alive.

No. 107838

Saging is pointless either way if you haven't realized yet. Good luck convincing him or whatever it is you're trying to do.

No. 107839

Do you see me saging anon? I agree it's pointless, because someone else just replies unsage and bumps it.

Thanks though.

No. 107840

Women on average due to biological reasons lack intelligence and reason compared to men. For most of recorded history this was understood, and that's why certain things were restricted from you and reserved for men to handle. Do you think almost every civilization throughout history did this for no reason?

The wreck of civilization you see today in the west is largely the fault of women/feminism allowed too much control.(stop shitting up the place)

No. 107843

Nice bait. Post manifesto or gtfo.

No. 107846

Damn you are trying hard to defend your mischievous ways but to no avail.

Women are shallow.
Women want money.
Women want a big dick.
Size matters, in relationships as well.
Women care about height.
Women care about amount of hair.
Women are hypergamous.
Women want prestige and validation from it.
Women are natural liars and manipulators.

Really just be truthful and honest. Put the cards on the table. But lime said above, you never will because that will mean the end of attention for you

No. 107847

Post manifesto or gtfo.

No. 107849

Women aren't less intelligent, it has nothing to do with that.

But they're irrational, selfish, have no sense of loyalty or for the common good, and are exceedingly good at manipulating men and thus at causing enormous violence and destruction. This is why civilisation can only exist if women are kept in check.

They also have very little capacity for creativity and are very prone to herd mentality, as well as having no genuine passion for anything but themselves, which makes them naturally unsuitable for any sort of leadership or creative role. But that's not intelligence exactly.

No. 107855

It's intelligence.

Proof: The ladies on this website are mostly above-average intelligence for women.

I'll have to get started on it.

No. 107857

Fuck off retard, this isn't /r9k/. You're not going to convince anyone that they're actually completely different than what they are.

No. 107860

The women here aren't especially dumb, just highly deluded about themselves. Which is no wonder since our entire culture keeps reinforcing those delusions.

No. 107863

>The women here aren't especially dumb, just highly deluded about themselves.

>Literally saying "No, women don't know how women think, only us socially incapable men do"


No. 107866

File: 1471615301599.png (947.58 KB, 1280x720, 4460e286-f6f2-4a79-9bfc-bf44b0…)

How old are you

No. 107867

Women don't even have a clue what they want or what they're thinking and have always looked for others to tell them. This isn't exactly a revelation. And what I said is the foundation of any stable society, that's a simple matter of anthropology.

No. 107869

Can't you be a bit more subtle than typical women-hate shit just calling them insults/adjectives.

No. 107870

>female debating skills

No. 107871

I am so sorry that the school system failed you like that.

No. 107872

Manifesto or gtfo

No. 107873

>Women don't even have a clue what they want or what they're thinking and have always looked for others to tell them

Yeah, okay anon. Tell me though, all knowing supreme gentlebot, what exactly am I thinking now?

This. At least put more effort into your bait than what could be more succinctly put as "Boys rule Girls drool".

No. 107876

Nothing much probably, this type of reflexive shitposting doesn't require much more than your reptilian brain and is designed specifically so you can feel like you don't have to actually think about what I'm saying.

No. 107877

No one wants to debate you.

No. 107879

I can see that, which is why I don't see the point of responding to a post that wasn't even directed at you. Sorry for bringing reality into your little feelgood bubble.

No. 107883

>Nothing much probably

Wrong! I was thinking about how much I just despise sub 6/10 males and will only consider demi-gods with 9x7 penises to be worthwhile of any attention at all.

But seriously, what is there to think about? You're just going "No, you can't think for yourself, you're a dumb woman". There's nothing to think about there, it's just outright wrong. I don't need to contemplate anything that I prove wrong simply by existing anon.

No. 107885

I've literally said several times now that women aren't especially dumb.

Women in general that is, clearly this doesn't apply to you.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 107886

>you're not dumb, you're just incapable of any independent thought and are actually wrong about what you're thinking, only I know that

Once again, wew.

No. 107888

Delusion isn't the same thing as stupidity. Although like I said, they can easily be combined.

No. 107889

Wew lad

No. 107910

>retarded ranting from an ugly fat guy who has failed in life and wants to blame everyone but himself

No. 107912

I'd point out the laughable ad hominem, but you don't even know what that is do you.

Women can't even have a rational discussion without immediately resorting to flinging shit.(Hello robot)

No. 107913

Anon, you don't get to base your entire argument off "Your entire gender is incapable of rational thought, and you can't prove me wrong because of this", then outright call people dumb and then bitch about people calling you names.

Name calling isn't what ad hom means either, you should read up on what it actually means before you boast about your knowledge.

No. 107916

Used to care honestly, now that I'm r9k free for more than a month I seriously don't give a shit, I have actually problems that matter I have to fix. Stop going to r9k, browse /out/ or something.

No. 107921

Attacking a person instead of an argument is exactly what ad hominem means, but it's extra laughable considering you don't know anything about me and are just flinging shit into the dark.

Hello cow

No. 107923

So you mean exactly what you're doing?

No. 107925

I haven't attacked anyone personally other than pointing out that you're stupid, which follows from you somehow managing to understand the opposite of what I said twice, and from the rest of your posting.

No. 107939

wish we could just ban all men from this board, at least all of the robots. they always shit up the site so much

No. 107940

I wish we could ban all women from real life, but you can't always have what you want.

No. 107941

Then you wouldn't have anything to bitch about

No. 107943

You don't want that though. Without women you would have nobody to blame for being a pathetic loser.

No. 107945


There is always jews

No. 107949

File: 1471639277502.jpg (56.54 KB, 679x516, disagreement-hierarchy.jpg)

>they're irrational, selfish, have no sense of loyalty or for the common good, and are exceedingly good at manipulating men and thus at causing enormous violence and destruction

>They also have very little capacity for creativity and are very prone to herd mentality, as well as having no genuine passion for anything but themselves, which makes them naturally unsuitable for any sort of leadership or creative role

>'I haven't attacked anyone personally! just insulted and discredited every woman in the world via sweeping generalization. also you're stupid.'

pic related. you are on the lowest possible tier at the moment.

No. 107950

The people who keep responding to robot bait are almost as annoying as robots themselves.

No. 107957

No, he was making a general argument about the nature of women, not personally attacking anyone he was arguing with. You on the other hand, instead of even attempting to refute his argument, responded by calling him a fat virgin loser or something. That's the lowest tier on your graph.

No. 107959

>board largely populated by females
>"all women this, all women that"
>"I'm not attacking YOU, I-I swear!"

And there's more than two people in this thread you fucking dolt

No. 107961

Against my better judgement in bringing this off topic, has anyone noticed that the jew-hating low self-esteem mentally unstable males are the ones not having sex, while the muslim-hating low self-esteem mentally unstable males are?
Maybe it's just my circle of people though.
Or maybe the muslim-haters just have bigger dicks :^)

No. 107969

You show up posting pure garbage and expect only the highest tier calm responses? Get the fuck out of here with that shit!

No. 107970

No, ad hom isn't just name calling, as I said, don't act like you're smarter than everyone else when you have no idea what you're talking about.

Ad hom is using an attack on your character as the argument. Going "You're a fucking moron" isn't ad hom, but going "You're a fucking moron and that's why you're wrong" is.

Also, going "you're a fucking moron and you're wrong, here's why" isn't ad hom either, it's just making a comment.

While going "You can't think independently and if you try to prove me wrong, the fact that you can't think indendently means it doesn't matter what you say" is in fact both circular logic, and based on an ad hom argument.

No. 107972


God damn Chad ubercocks best us again :(

No. 107982

So you admit penis size matters

No. 107983

>women argue and argue that they don't care about money
>they would never ever willingly marry or have kids with a broke NEET who lives at his parent's house even if he's a 10/10 Chad with a 10/10 personality by their standards

What is so hard to admit that almost all women (well over 99%) require money from a man, or for him to be working towards obtaining money, or they want nothing to do with him aside from maybe just sex?

Even when a man just accepts it as a reality of life, does not complain or whine about it /r9k/ style, and just peacefully gives up on women because he understands he has no money or social status to offer them, you STILL get angry.

Can't wait until the women of this age get older and they're forced to share the increasingly shrinking population of men who are acceptable-tier or above to them.

No. 107998

File: 1471680226696.jpg (13.54 KB, 250x250, magnum opus.jpg)

I have no sympathy for betas. In Japan, men aren't men, and the women like white dudes. Result: the average white dude is a god to them, and could cuck the shit out of Uematsu-kun over there.

R9Kfags are the saddest thing on the internet, and they like it that way. They exist in a self-perpetuating vampire cycle of self-loathing and ways to justify self-loathing as to remove responsibility for cleaning up their lives. They're cowards. But that doesn't offend them. What I just said validates their self-loathing. The R9K response is "I know. I'm a huge piece of shit." They are not pieces of shit. They're average Joes who found a loophole in the game of sex, challenge, responsibility, and work. They're botting, hence Robots.

Interestingly, these "men" are angry at women because women have been using their tactics for a long time. The shitty women, I mean. There's some jealousy there.

But this is easy to correct.

If you're a beta and you think women are shallow, prove it by getting into a relationship and demonstrating it to yourself. What if you discovered that being a real man is a thousand times more fun than single-mother syndrome? What if instead of being depressed all the time, all your problems reversed themselves and people respected you? What if you could finally get people to see things from your point of view?

Betas will never uprise because they're going to destroy themselves without even a whimper. Nobody will care or remember or entertain their bullshit. Betas can't truly submit to a woman because women don't think in terms of conquest. Best case scenario you'll be teased a little, then dropped for someone better as soon as he appears. Was getting caught part of your plan?

That's why I have no sympathy for betas.

No. 108000

>If you're a beta and you think women are shallow, prove it by getting into a relationship and demonstrating it to yourself.

I would have the motivation to try if the risk for divorce, the woman cheating on you, having your kids stolen from you, and being drained of money wasn't so incredibly high.

Enjoy declining birthrates from the decent/smart people left in modern countries. Mostly only idiot degenerates are having kids by accident, or third-world immigrants.

Also when a woman waits until her 30s/40s to have a kid they have far higher risks of birth defects and diseases, that's why there's so many little assburgers walking around now. "Stronk independent women who don't need no man" all decided that they would get college degrees and focus on careers instead of finding a decent man with money and raising a kid. This is happening at the same time as more men are dropping out of society and doing "nothing" because there's really not much to motivate them, very little hope of a proper wife.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 108001

>Enjoy declining birthrates from the decent/smart people left in modern countries. Mostly only idiot degenerates are having kids by accident, or third-world immigrants.

[citation needed]

And you know being cheated on doesn't actually hurt you physically, right? if you're just proving something, them being disloyal shouldn't matter. No-one's saying to marry them or have kids.

No. 108007

>The R9K response is "I know. I'm a huge piece of shit." They are not pieces of shit.
They are though, at least many of them are. Besides, even if you can't tell from observing the board, it's not like you have to go out of your way to find a woman bitching about just how bad an experience she had when she started talking to someone from there.
>If you're a beta and you think women are shallow, prove it by getting into a relationship and demonstrating it to yourself.
Usually this mentality includes that women want things you don't have, be it money, looks, confidence, or an interesting personality.

No. 108031

File: 1471727562404.jpg (47.08 KB, 621x502, 1470936305722.jpg)

>tfw anti depressants finally working for real
>tfw don't give single fuck about anything anymore

What a wonderful feeling, so this is how normal people feel.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 108113

You really think so? I kinda just thought it was….unsatisfactory. i try not to think about it because I am really ashamed and I feel dirty because of it. Basically all he said was I owed him because he smoked me out, like he said "i thought hou wanted it because I gave you some weed"

No. 108122

I mean, if you didn't actually tell him no or try to stop him then it's not rape, but it is shitty he made you feel like you had to sleep with him.

No. 108371

If size isn't important why is "small dick" is such a popular insult?

No. 108376

That could easily be because people tend to be insecure about it

No. 108559

Same reason people call each other gay. They know it will offend the person, even if it's actually not that offensive.

No. 108562

>tfw same thing happened to me except I have no sex drive from antidepressants, not a tiny dick
>tfw had to make up some excuse when in reality I'm just chemically castrated
>tfw I'm not even a man anymore

They should really tell you the sexual dysfunction can be permanent before prescribing them. Now I just want to kill myself for different reasons.

No. 108651

I don't get why you'd be upset you didn't go home with some chick from a bar if you have no sex drive, why would you even be trying to hook up with them in the first place?

And doctors do tell you that it's potentially permanent, or hte info sheet they give you does at least.

No. 108658

Dude, there's nothing else you can try?

No. 110457

7 inches
It hurts a tiny bit, but anything less pisses me off

No. 110458

Why would you bump this shit thread with a bait answer? You're just encouraging more robots to show up.

No. 110459

I guess you're right, how can somebody make such an inflammatory post like that without realizing how it could rile up robots? It's ridiculous.

No. 110511

File: 1474089237318.jpg (92.87 KB, 451x339, ohyou.jpg)

No. 110512

My current partner is 7" and he's by far the best I've ever had. That being said, I'm tall as fuck and have a long ass vagina.

No. 110513

You're classy

No. 110520

>I'm tall as fuck and have a long ass vagina.

That sounds like some scientific shit.

No. 118619

tbh penis is the most important thing in a guy so if less than 7 inches it's kinda pathetic

No. 118632

True. Before I get to know him I pull down his dick and measure it eith the tape i carry around. Then I walk away and stalk him to his house and breakin while he's masturbating and remeasure him.
After that I figure out is he a dickhead and bad in sex.

No. 118634

I'm exactly the same, anon.

No. 118647

No. 118649

I'm curious, what do you get out of baiting robots?

It's kind of low hanging fruit don't you think? Like, you know they'll get mad if you say that, you know exactly what they'll end up saying, so what's the point?

There's no need to give them more of a position to whine about retarded shit here, and I honestly wish baiting them like this was banned, same as replying to incels in the incel thread is.

No. 118651

>I have no sympathy for betas. In Japan, men aren't men, and the women like white dudes. Result: the average white dude is a god to them, and could cuck the shit out of Uematsu-kun over there.
Do you even Japan? Because Japanese men have been way more assertive/dominant towards me than western men (or at least, the men from my country). "Japanese people are so shy" my ass.

But back to the original question. To me, yeah sure you can feel some difference, but unless it's thumb sized looking micro there are certainly more important things than size. Like idk, knowing how to actually stimulate a clit, and make a woman cum. Dry sex is the worst, and you can't get a pussy wet enough for a dick just from playing with boobs for a bit. Not mine at least.

No. 118670

Why baiting? Penis size is important, period. Bigger is better.

No. 118674

>Why baiting?
>Continues to post the same bait

Seriously, what's the motivation? At most you'll get some tard start posting "all women are whores", more likely you're just going to encourage someone's insecurities and make them feel worse about themselves.

There's a whole thread full of that shit if you're looking for either, so what's the point of repeating the same cycle?

No. 118677

They simply need to know they are inadequate so they don't even bother in the first place.

No. 118685

Are you telling people to not troll so they can babysit robots?

Where the fuck you think you are?

No. 118686

Not only bigger but also thicker. Long and thin penises are such a waste.

No. 118688

No, I'm saying that going out of your way to encourage robots to whine and spread their shit here is fucking retarded, which is why it's banned to reply to any incels in their own thread.

Yet for some reason dipshits here can't help but go for the low hanging fruit and recycle the same tired bait that we've seen hundreds of times just in this thread, which results in them getting riled up, posting about this place on their boards and forums and bringing more here.

Robots should be banned on sight, as they already are, but so should idiots who encourage them posting.

No. 118712

>Robots should be banned on sight, as they already are, but so should idiots who encourage them posting.

I'd say people who respond to them are worse than the robots themselves.

No. 118713

>Do you even Japan? Because Japanese men have been way more assertive/dominant towards me than western men (or at least, the men from my country). "Japanese people are so shy" my ass.

Interesting. Tell me the context of your meetings with Japanese men, and their penises. Give me a who/what/when/where.

No. 118714

So people can't talk about topics robots get sensitive about because that would be our fault they get mad and spread shit all over the board?

For all I care it's good they reveal themselves so they can get banned.

No. 118741

Yeah, robots are fucking annoying, but they tend to not post unless you give them a reason to.

There's a huge difference between not talking about topics they might not like and posting what is clearly intended as bait to rile them up. There's plenty of threads on /g/ that bother them but are full of legitimate discussion, as opposed to the stuff I'm talking about, which is just regurgitating the same shit you know will get them posting, for the explicit purpose of getting them to post.

And please don't rely on the "oh no it wasn't bait actually", you're not fooling anyone.

No. 118768

I have plenty of stories, but I don't feel like putting everything out here. The context of them also really vary. Some had small penises and some big, that actually just varies per person. A lot of them made a move as soon as I was alone with just them, even when I didn't expect it. And else I can just make the first move, and make them do the rest. OK example story time: this friend of mine. We already liked each other before, but he got a girlfriend just recently. I could stay at his place to visit some amusement park the next day, and just as we were hanging on the couch watching some youtube stuff, he started trying to kiss me out of nowhere. My initial response being "But dude, you have a girlfriend though?" and trying to block him (for moral's sake). With some physical effort I was able stop him then, but in bed thing's got tricky, and I gave in to his temptation. There is this expression in Japan where they say "men are wolves", and that honestly makes sense for Japanese men at least. They can be dominant in a good way, but they don't always have a clear concept of consent, so you have to watch out a bit. I think most Japanese girls go for White men, because they think he might be that gentleman/prince type from the western romance movies they watch. Or just something exotic to brag about lol.

No. 173166

I have a three inch penis. It's not that rare. No woman I've been with has commented on it.

No. 173167

Japanese men are shy with romance in my experience, although they are seriously stingy, lazy etc so I see why Japanese women often stay single or try to hook pretty much any non-Japanese lol
As for your story, staying in a mans home as a single woman will give the wrong idea in most cultures…especially sharing the bed…

No. 173182

Boyfriend is bigger than average (about 7" erect and very thick) which is fun but sometimes I miss my ex's smaller dick (average length but lacking in girth) because I like anal kek

imho girth matters a lot more than length

No. 173185

File: 1482514064147.jpg (198.08 KB, 414x672, 1478035826747.jpg)

small dicks are pathetic

No. 173207

You sound disgusting. No offense.

You sound like one of the literal roppongi hookers you read about on /snow/.

>"But dude, you have a girlfriend though?"

He just viewed you as some cheap white whore.

gg confirming the same stereotype their media push about us, you dumb cretin. Now he'll try it on with some girl who is normal and isn't into 5'3 men with anime hair and get the shit kicked out of him.

No. 173223

ew, this thread was clearly made by a robot. why follow along with it?

No. 173320

My first was 8". I thought that bigger was better then. He wasn't very good at sex, and didn't seem to know what foreplay was. We dated 5 years and took a six month break where I dated a man with a 5" penis (it looked pretty small) who was pretty "meh" at sex, but was a GOD when it came to foreplay. Went back to my 8" dick ex-bf (who was a dick) for 5 more years before we ended it for good. He never got any better at sex. It got worse, actually.

My current boyfriend is maybe 6"? I don't really know. It's the perfect size. Perfect girth. I don't think I would want to go back to 8" ever again.

No. 173323

That seems really common. A lot of guys with huge dicks thinks that's the only important thing and never bother to learn how to be good at sex. It's a shame, really.

No. 199771

I love my woman to enjoy my unit. I'm packing an adorable 5" and like walks on the beach, scrap booking, world touring, giving back rubs, feeding, soaking and grooming her kitty. No woman should feel the need to go elsewhere. I'm a giver who loves the feel of the inner warmth of his woman. And if she's comfortable with it and enjoys it, I will accept a copy of her back door key into her beautiful temple of love. Don't be shy girls. You deserve to be pleasured more than you actually know.

No. 199773

File: 1500993877215.gif (3.04 MB, 640x357, 34534tqtatqaaa4w3.gif)


No. 199781

my favourite is actualy 5 1/2 inch. My vagina is for whatever reasons quite short and anything longer than 6 inch just hurts through thrusting against my uterus (or my cervix respectively) just hurts.

does anyone else know this issue?

No. 199800

Preferably longer than 4 inches, but I like girth more than length.

No. 199811

File: 1501017273725.png (Spoiler Image, 206.17 KB, 328x575, image.png)

>girth more than length

same. my bf is about 5.5, but if he was any longer than that I don't think I could handle it. his dick is, however, pretty thick and I absolutely love that "stretch" feeling I feel when he puts it in for the first time, even when it hurts a little lol. he's the only guy I've ever been with though, so I can't say for certain if smaller or bigger is better

No. 199818

gotta agree with these, this is something i've heard other women say a lot as well. I read somewhere that most vaginas don't stretch longer than ~6", don't know if that's true but it's really believable.

No. 199823

I never actually measured my husband but he is somewhere from 5.5-6 and I think it's the perfect length. I've been with someone much bigger than that and trying to find a position that was comfortable where he wasn't hitting my cervix was almost impossible.

No. 199850

def agree with you there about girth.

my bf is bigger than both my exes, both girth and length. he's longer than 6" but i don't know by exactly how much and sometimes he pounds into my cervix :( i love cowgirl but i can't do certain angles during it, especially the one that would make me cum most often before, which makes me hella salty.

girth has its cons as well - i can barely fit my mouth around his dick and it's a lot more work trying not to graze him with my teeth + no deepthroat. but good lord does it feel amazing when he's inside me……we both also find it hot how i'm in a bit of pain from it sometimes.

No. 199855


>girth has its cons as well

OMG yes! My SO is also bigger and has much more girth than my ex. If we even go just a week without, sex becomes an "Ouch am I really that tight?" for the first few minutes of penetration. But damn, is it amazing.

We even has a inside joke about his dick attacking my vagina, since he managed to pop an ovarian cyst one time.

No. 199876

Small dicked guys are all gross, insecure spergs.

No. 199881

Please sage your autism next time

No. 199910

TBH I like smaller penises because I can go for longer and not get sore. Shorter but thick yes pls. Also anal and oral is easier.

No. 200166

Is that supposed to mean you like them or hate them?

No. 200460

6 inches minimum, I'm a size queen, needs to be thick and girthy too. only downside is i'm really tight so sometimes it really hurts. nothing satiates me like a bruised cervix :^)

No. 200851


I have to wonder if it's just guys playing pretend itt.

No. 200871

File: 1501865205055.jpg (59.31 KB, 395x401, face25.jpg)

>all the girls in this thread talking about how insecure guys are about their dicks
>meanwhile, they instantly go into a fury if you talk about chestlets and big, meaty beef curtains


No. 298554

>6 inches
>size queen
that's barely above average

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