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File: 1629969106873.gif (991.5 KB, 220x267, cat-annoyed.gif)

No. 892369

Post random things you hate and why. A picture of the thing you hate is always appreciated.
Please don't vent about your life here. For venting about your personal life, your family, neighbors, boyfriend, coworkers etc use the vent thread. For minor annoyances in your very personal daily life use the annoying thread. Thank you
Commentary is fine (positive, negative or neutral) as long as you don't come here to start a retarded infight with your personal issues.

No. 892392

Anons who take scrote bait

No. 892394

the fact that op didn't choose a borzoi for thread pic

No. 892396

I wasn't aware that long snoots were a necessity

No. 892400

I was just about to post it, have they never heard of the cardinal rule of never feeding the trolls? Just report and move on, seeing you seethe probably turns them on.

No. 892404

You. All of you.

No. 892406

Well jeeeeee whiz someone is having a rough day

No. 892419

Seeing ugly fanart of my husbando. Stop disgracing his beautiful image with your trash art skills.

No. 892420

I hate it when I snap out of maldaptive daydreaming and have to face reality.

No. 892471

I hate fandoms so much. I used to love going online a decade ago to talk about my favorite books, movies, tv shows, video games and manga, but tumblr and its SJW trend ruined fandoms on a long term. Now teenagers who probably didn't even know how to read back when this trend started are making it worse and worse on other webistes, especially on twitter. Some very specific fandoms are way worse than usual but the average fandom is trash to begin with.

No. 892473

I feel you. I hate to be all "I liked it before it was popular" but I was into Dangan Ronpa when the only English availability was a very detailed translated playthrough by orenronan on Something Awful, even before the paywall they put up. The fandom felt so contained and peaceful back then. We all know the current state of it.

No. 892480

I feel the exact same way holy shit. I would spend hours on SomethingAwful reading DR. And then I was super excited when they finally localized it for the Vita, I thought that would never happen. Now you can walk into hot topic and see dangan ronpa t-shirts, it's bizarre.

No. 892484

I remember hearing about it because of that translation but even then fans would just post spoilers non stop and the translation was behind a paywall because of them. I bought the game on the Vita and didn't like the second game enough to care about the fandom beyond that but they ruined the experience for me even when I tried to avoid them because they'd routinely say who killed who to people saying they didn't even play the games yet.

No. 892485

Forgot to say I played it at release because I preordered my copy.

No. 892489

File: 1629982907578.jpg (Spoiler Image, 130.76 KB, 650x919, McBess-008.jpg)

i hate finding an amazing art piece, looking up the artist, and finding out it's a cumbrain moid who draws tons of garbage pinups

saw this guy's work in a music video and was then completely disappointed

No. 892492

That's so sick, jealous of you. My fam jam is poor as dirt so I couldn't play until it came out on PC two years after Vita.

That is so immensely shitty. That to me says they're not a genuine fan of something, that they would go out of their way to ruin something for someone else because they think they're special or have some spiritual ownership of it. Gatekeeping is cringe and evil.

No. 892494

Their knuckles say "fish" and "meat" and that is really grinding my gears

No. 892501

I hate pussy hairs. It's either mutilate myself with razors down there or spend a fortune in an embarrassing procedure having a stranger look at my genitals. Not shaving is just didgusting…

No. 892508

Pussy hairs are cute anon

No. 892509

I had a PSVita specifically for Persona 4 Golden already, but it was actually expensive, I was lucky enough to have enough money saved back then. I would have played DR on PC too if I didn't have a Vita.

It was on tumblr, I don't think they were gatekeeping but they were definitely autistic about it. You'd say "oh I don't want to see spoilers because I just preordered the game" to your mutuals, they'd say "yeah, sure I'll be careful" then the next day they'd all collectively sperg about Chihiro's real identity.

No. 892512

Those are there for a reason, miss. You're supposed to maintain the shrubbery not demolish it.

No. 892530

When people make some long whiny post about how lolcow's bad and monstrous and hypocritical and they're totally never coming back again. If you hate seeing radfems and criticism of people with mental illnesses, you're free to use literally any other website because the the vast majority of the internet is free of both things. You know full well that you're not going to change site culture with your screed, you just want attention and asspats for not being able to handle one of the mildest imageboards around. Stop making these "one last spergout for the road" posts and just fucking leave already instead of trying to get a bunch of internet strangers to dry your tears.

No. 892556

Persona 4 is on steam now…

No. 892557

people against gatekeeping fandoms.

No. 892560

Elaborate pls.
I don't know shit about fandoms which is why I'm asking. But in general, I see gatekeeping as beneficial to the current members of the group in question, but detrimental to the group's potential overall.

No. 892562

I know and I played it on the Vita as soon as it got released enough to not need to get it on Steam.

No. 892564

100% agree. you’re spot on anon

No. 892604

File: 1629994350290.jpg (75.85 KB, 1280x736, 1622530218503.jpg)

it was just a slight vent. the fandom im in rn has been growing steadily without any of the stan types but recently a account popped up that made memes with the characters behind some text. They recently made a tweet that referenced dr*am(the minecraft kid) and now a bunch of his retarded followers are slowly invading the fandom being cringy assholes.

Im honestly this close to getting my mutuals to mass report the account so that we can bully out all the unwanted newcomers

No. 892610

NTA but what fandom is it?

No. 892691

That retarded “dream” minecraft kid managed to gather the most autistic idiots of the internet so they could all pollute any corner that has more than 3 people talking about something.

No. 892712

I'm so isolated in my bubble of curated content that I have no idea who the hell Dream is and what he has done to gather so much ire, I just know he is a fat Minecraft YouTuber that KF managed to dox.

No. 892719

They always end up coming back too kek. If they truly wanted to leave they'd just do it already.

No. 892735

Hello, anon, are you me?

No. 892913

File: 1630014218434.jpg (Spoiler Image, 28.3 KB, 750x744, 1zo96mxij5751.jpg)

Unspoiler the image if you're a man for a nice surprise! <3

No. 892925

bumping, watch out

No. 892945


No. 892954

File: 1630014910921.jpeg (28.44 KB, 268x350, 651920D0-5E4B-416A-8028-B5DDB9…)

I hate when anons are just being dgenerate it makes me feel slimy like I want to take a shower.

>his cute lil tumtum I wish I could rape him

Like what the fuck? He looks like he’s 12 and plays fortnite, if that’s what you find attractive fictional or not there is something tremendously effed up with your mind where we need to bring back electric shock therapy. No different than the anime scrotes who get disturbingly excited to see their favorite kindergartner be sexualized like god this needed to be said I hate it I hate it I hate you please be executed

No. 892963

who are you talking about?

No. 892965

Who said that about whom? Give me the caps.

No. 892966

>No different than the anime scrotes
Men hurt real children like 98% of the time, women harrasing kids is almost unheard of, i don't really give a fuck

No. 892968

Literally what the fuck are you even talking about that, I've never seen that. Post caps.

No. 892970

Who the hell said that? Caps?

No. 892996

File: 1630016511040.jpeg (35.81 KB, 506x120, 72A45ADF-C208-4F03-B3E2-39627A…)

and don’t say “oh well it was probably just a scrote infiltrating!” just for the love of god stop sexualizing things you think or assume are gay

No. 893005

I hate this video and all "doomer" memes in general.
Men act like they are so much more accepting than women but i never seen anyone as judgmental as a man, all my men friends once complain to me about an "ugly girl" being into them while crying because their crush rejected them. They are the ones that constantly talk about women to mock them and their physical appearance while complaining that they have hight standard, i fucking hate moids.

No. 893012

>I hate when anons

This is one anon, you don't get to cherry pick one post and act like it represents us. I agree anons can be degenerate a lot of the time I've never seen any of them be pedos up until now.

No. 893018

Nta but there are a few anons in here into shotashit, just saying.
I honestly think those anons that are openly degenerate are too young to post on lolcow.farm and they also think that being edgy is fun or quirky when, in case pedo-chans are reading, no, it isn’t funny, quirky or clever, it’s pornsick and retarded, go out and interact with real people, this shit will taint your brain forever, idiot.

No. 893036

No one cares about incels anymore

No. 893043

this useless fucking woe is me loser doesn't even realize that women start experiencing this phenomenon (i.e. being pursued by members of the opposite sex who are repulsive yet have delusional standards re: what they deserve in a partner) at the age of like 10. men are so fucking weak, selfish and solipsistic

No. 893081

File: 1630026091661.jpeg (57.76 KB, 1242x230, A9E714DA-068F-452F-A77E-1D147B…)

I hate when people write smut stories and they seriously write stuff like “your cunt” or make the guys dirty talk saying shit like “my bitch” like, why? It’s so cringy.
I also hate when there’s people out there writing fanfics that makes them sound like pornsick scrotes, it’s the kind of obviously inspired by a shitty porn video, with how the characters speak and such, that makes me cringe to oblivion.

No. 893091

File: 1630027540796.jpeg (58.44 KB, 680x577, 7C8FDDB6-44B3-4B4E-AD4C-CD95BC…)

This 100%
It’s so funny how the same guys who constantly shit on “14 year old girls who listen to Billie Eilish and think they’re depressed” will immediately turn around and listen to their ebic wojak “slowed and reverb Russian doomer post-punk” playlist that consists entirely of basic bitch derivative modern bands like Molchat Doma or whatever and think it makes them unique. “Doomers” are literally the male equivalent of NLOGs and I hope they all get to sent to Russian prison so they can find out what their “A E S T H E T I C goffik Soviet culture” is actually like.

No. 893095

I genuinely wonder what romance and erotica writing would be like if we weren't in an era permeated by garbage porn.

No. 893098

Is Scaramouche that one guy from Genshin Impact? He just looks like a generic anime boy to me, not shota (then again I haven't played GI so idk if he's like a kid in the game).

No. 893101

File: 1630029481006.jpeg (33.87 KB, 416x226, 6EF4CCAF-54C4-4C14-A125-D1E9B1…)

Nobody’s age is confirmed in this game, but if the edsheeran character is the youngest of the group of the 11 bad guys, then scaramouche shouldn’t be a kid.

No. 893106

He has the teen body model, so probably a teen

No. 893109

exactly what I was going to say anon, it’s very obvious who’s a teen and who’s an adult. he looks like bennett

No. 893114

there's ed sheeran in genshin impact?

No. 893117

File: 1630032003262.jpeg (34.63 KB, 310x541, 9972F866-9055-4817-AAC6-12774B…)

yeah he’s going to have a concert event soon nonny! ed sheeran and aloy are going to be added to the game. love his design so glad they’re finally going to add hot husbandos instead of those stupid waifu baits look at him he’s glorious

No. 893121

File: 1630032380869.jpg (595.67 KB, 1280x720, childe.jpg)

I think they're talking about pic related. If he's the youngest then they're probably not kids.

No. 893126

Ah so it's one of those "this character is thin and lacks facial hair therefore he's a literal child" things, kind of like people who call every flat-chested girl 'loli'.

No. 893137


No. 893144

Nta, but what's funny about that?

No. 893153

get a good little electric shaver, all hair gone yet not stripped painfully bare like real razors and no cuts or itchy ingrown hairs etc

No. 893164

Can you like, steal his art style and make better shit?

No. 893250

I hate how iTunes doesn't give you a digital booklet when you buy an album anymore, so annoying. I kind of want to buy the physical CD for the album artwork but my car doesn't have a CD player and I know I would never actually use it.

while I'm on the subject of bands, I also hate how they will release a bonus track with every different edition. like they will have the vinyl bonus track, the iTunes bonus track, the Japanese bonus track etc. I think they do that to encourage people to buy multiple copies of the album but I think it just encourages piracy.

No. 893306

I reached a point where I actually just laugh out loud at all the male doomposting and dating woes. I went down the rabbithole once watching a few of these philosophy-majors discussing memes and Freud and the state of modern dating and you'd thing that this is the single most pressing problem with humanity, that he can't fuck gith chicks. Go help your mother and father, Johnny, go do some charity and get your ass out of your head, you might even make some non-degenerate friends and a lover.

No. 893310

When people chew really loudly or scrape their fork against the plate or talk with their mouth full. I hate eating with other people, it genuinely pisses me off.

No. 893346

When fat people whine about fashion. I don't need the opinion of people who don't even have a neck anymore on what looks good and bad.

I also hate obnoxious thumbnails on youtube. You know, the ones where the youtuber has a cartoon avatar posing in a sassy way or when the youtubers themselves do stupid, exaggerated facial expressions on the thumbnails.

No. 893350

I hate that bonus track shit too. My favorite band a few years ago released 7!!! different versions of a single with different bonus tracks (songs played at concerts). I won’t mind it if it’s 3 copies of a single, one for each different MV for each song on a single and one copy with no MVs so it’s cheapest, but 7 copies?!?! They’re a Japanese band too, so people bought that shit up and also bought multiple copies for hi-touch tickets.

No. 893452

How can you be that fucking fat and still have no tits or ass?

No. 893497

The fact that they all choose the fugliest outfits that look horrible even on the skinny models. Have they ever considered that maybe they arent being oppressed, they just have shit taste?

No. 893509

Exactly, that's why I hate seeing this type of videos and blog posts. They don't realize that people with common sense who don't have shit taste will find these clothes ridiculous on everyone. It's just that these clothes look even more ridiculous on fat people. The outfits that girl shows in the video are either ugly or kinda basic and are just hyped up by influencers and brands who have shit taste and want to sell ugly overpriced shit.

Good question, I don't get it either. With her lack of neck I expected her to be fat enough to look like she kind of has large hips, you know, in a proportionate way, but she looks so unfortunate.

No. 893529

I know no one owes the world good or sensible fashion, and covering up in the heat isn't ideal. But the recent trend of fat people squeezing themselves into shitty fast fashion gives be such secondhand embarrassment. Why do you need the 2000s thong peeking above the jeans look. Why do you need jorts that cut off above your asscheeks? Why so many trendy unflattering things that already look bad on skinny people outside of pictures?

No. 893535

File: 1630089066798.jpg (48.31 KB, 645x729, VD09afj.jpg)

>It's not that deep bro.

No explanation needed. Jesus Christ I swear people get stupider every year. I used to think people can't possibly be that dumb but I'm proven wrong every single time. The average civilian possesses the mind of a goldfish, and they like it that way. They like it so much that they demonize the fuck out of people who actually use their brains. There's no way people are this innately retarded. It's got to be social programming.

No. 893537

a lot of things really aren't that deep tho

No. 893541

>Pretty privilege
>Socioeconomic access to fashion
>Making a video about a tweet
I can begin to see the case for why too much decadence and no troubles ruins a people.

No. 893546

I hate COVID debates, both "sides". I hate being asked by my government to go and convince people to get vaccinated, and I hate all the "critical thinkers" that believe everything as long as it's anti-vaccine or people patting themselves on the shoulder for either getting or not getting it. Be fucking humble and just keep it to yourself for a second. It has been almost two years of constant noise.

No. 893548

I think it makes sense sometimes, like when people are reading way too much into something. but it seems like most of the time people are almost just using it as a cop out, like as soon as someone makes a vaguely misogynistic comment and you call it out everyone is just like "its not that deep bro". gtfo.

No. 893549

It's always used as a cheap copout when someone gets called out on something

No. 893552

I thought it was used when people try to claim that some toddler cartoon has secret hidden nazi propaganda or something.

No. 893614

I mean, sometimes.

No. 893724

tbh I hate it when people do this to dismiss someone being passionate or nerdy about something. Like yeah sometimes it has a legit use, but it's often used to tell people to shut the hell up in actual discussion. There really is a trend of anti-intellectualism and it's obnoxious as fuck.

No. 894119

The term "heteronormativity", 96% of the human population is straight so erge its the normal sexuality

No. 894124

I HATE when people say "cope". Every time it's the person who says cope coping.

No. 894130

I hate manga/webtoons that have two tiers of attractiveness - one for good and main characters, and another for annoying, stupid, or irrelevant characters. Sometimes the drawing styles used for the two groups is so different that they don't even look like they're member of the same species. Ironically, the features given to "ugly" characters like small eyes and a non-ana figure makes them way more realistic looking, which is just sad - you must really have to hate everyone to make normal looking people the idiotic sub-class in your work.

It's extra annoying when said manga or webtoon is supposed to be a commentary on beauty standards. If they insist on making the loser mc cute, they should just do the sailor moon thing and make every character pretty.

No. 894171

Kind of unrelated to what you say but I absolutely hate when in "ugly mc" mangas and webtoons they just draw a cute face shape and then just make the eyes small, add freckles or some scar and make them a little chubby. These don't make the character ugly, at most they make them cute, normal or cool. Or when the ugly girl has a glow up and becomes a fucking model just by using makeup. I've only ever seen a couple of mangas where the author had the balls to make a relevant character actually ugly, like using crooked nose, bad hair, bad face shape or teeth as features.

No. 894182

File: 1630181640131.jpg (111.64 KB, 1400x653, melo.jpg)

I already posted this in another thread but it fits better here
I hate Arranged marriages, if you thought western men were bad, you have no Idea how horrible men can be when they have compete assurance they will find a wife who will be their domestic servant and slave
one of my cousins is a "religious scholar" i.e he goes to the mosque and doesn't have a job and the other is a "business man"(the term used for lay about sons of rich men) both got married to beautiful women who were from rural villages, one was a distant cousin, the other was a friend of a distant relative

the system of arranged marriages is the reason no man in my country will put in any effort, cause he is guaranteed to get a wife, As bad as the quality of men maybe in the west, its hell of a lot better then anything in most Muslim countries or Pakistan or India cause there will never be a Pakistani Incel, no matter how ugly, disgusting, repulsive a Pakistani is who will find a virgin waifu who will be his slave and bare him children cause of Arranged marriages

No. 894193

I hate the concept of arranged marriages and I'm glad it's not something I'll ever be subjected to. Arranged marriages seem like mere business transactions more than anything else, it's fucked up.

No. 894196

I hate people that think everybody needs to be insecure about the things they're insecure about. Just saw a post here about how cringe it was that someone posted about their birthday because ew getting older Baby, some people enjoy life.

No. 894197

samefag but these are fairly decent looking by Pakistani/Indian standards, most on average are a way more skinny fat, have worse fashion and horrible beards

No. 894206

Fucking Indian men. I used to work retail downtown next to a tech giant in a large city. By far they would always be terrible to me. Would always fantasize about jumping over the counter and beating them to a pulp. Show them how much of a man they really are.

No. 894214

File: 1630184430664.jpg (44.95 KB, 750x375, 1629486179963.jpg)

now imagine Indian but Muslim, hellish combination that I have to suffer through
so many things horrible about them, but something that always irks are all their horrible beards, I just wanna slash them off
"You can't grow a beard Akbar"

No. 894217

Picrel makes me gag, the beards and clothes look so fucking unkept. Do they ever cut the beard? What unholy thing is hidden in there (beside fecal matter)?

No. 894267

Scaramouche has an adult male voice and is older than Ed Sheeran here >>893121 who's canonically at least old enough to drink. Anon >>892996 who wanted to rape him was a scrote shitposting iirc and was banned for it. Also nonnies can be as degenerate towards males as they want if you ask me kek I don't care about moid feelings

No. 894276

I blame this whole “child coded” bullshit on zoomers and the art style for Genshin Impact. Everyone looks like a blob with no defining features and automatically everyone under 18 shits on adults for liking these characters. Every day I wish for gacha games to be age restricted so I wouldn’t have to read asinine takes on a characters age.

No. 894281

Indian, Israeli, and Hispanic scrotes are the absolute worse and their aggressiveness combined with stupidity just makes me feel like I'm losing brain cells when talking to them. I once dated a guy from Israel who was able to hold down an English speaking job as well as make appointments, order food, etc but acted completely dumb when talking to me almost as if he got off on the idea of me being disappointed at his stupidity. He kept calling cum "milk" but then knew the word ass and pussy, didn't know what towels were and kept saying to "sleep" when he wanted me to lay down I honestly couldn't I don't know how any woman can deal with that level of retardation

No. 894288

Zoomers are actually bombing Mihoyo's customer service with questions about the characters' canonical ages because they are so obsessed with yelling pedo at people on the internet. It's just a Chinese gambling game, teenagers shouldn't be playing it to begin with. Genshin even has actual children in the game that have separate models very distinguishable from the rest of the characters.

I also hate all the bad faith actors claiming scrawny, ambiguous figures on male characters is exactly the same as loli characters with very obvious prepubescent bodies being bullshitted as adults just so scrotes can justify finding a literal 6-year old fuckable.

No. 894299

Zoomers grew up in a pedophile culture so it makes sense they're extremely cautious about it and looking for ways to decrease pedophilia

No. 894300

File: 1630194130440.png (3.04 MB, 1616x998, cankles.png)

Short legs with chunky boxy calves, cankles and flat feet in flip flops. I cannot convey how annoyed this photo has made me kek. I swear women with this body are more likely than other women to wear awkward length dresses and shit shoes too. Same thing happens with the woolly dark hair pasty legged cargo shorted men with infected toenails stuffed into sweat-stained sandals. Not infrequently usually a couple. He's prematurely balding and she has a big jaw. I hate them. I know, touch grass kek.

No. 894305

File: 1630195005987.jpg (37.82 KB, 480x938, ecddug.jpg)

I don't even like Genshin and this shit annoys me. They're just anime characters in a fantastical, fictional world. You literally couldn't deviate more from reality. You can't apply real life standards and morals to a fucking group of digital polygons. I hate loli and shota shit too, but these characters don't even look like that, they look like every generic anime character that has ever existed. Why aren't there more focus on actual pedos who go after living, breathing, real life children, when these characters look nothing like kids irl and aren't even real in the first place.

No. 894307

I would believe this if they didn't chicken the fuck out when they came across a legitimate child molester and a groomer scrote and making excuses for their favourite moid streamer sending dick pics to minors just after they were done cancelling some female fanartist shipping fictional men kek, it's all performative bullshit

No. 894309

>Zoomers using their brain cells.
No, what most of these morons are doing is trying to find ways to cancel people for ships they don’t like or say that someone is too old to enjoy or like a character. From the people who can’t afford to spend money on wishes, they’re literally bitching and meaning about getting 10 free pulls for the anniversary event. Whales are what’s keeping the game F2P, so I don’t know why they feel entitled to anything more when the game does a shit ton of events and quests that give you the opportunity to save for who you really want. I’m tired of fandoms but I am particularly sick of zoomers in fandoms. They always have shit takes and don’t understand color theory to the point that they’ll accuse an artists of whitewashing characters.

No. 894311

Kek remember when zoomers were screeching that anyone who rolled their "comfort character" can't announce that because they spent all their F2P wishes and mommy isn't giving her credit card number and it's making them totally suicidal? Zoomers are pathetic

No. 894318

Holy shit…who cares you autist.

No. 894320

File: 1630196627746.png (440.1 KB, 420x522, 28384842.png)

That's so stupid kek they're literally just children underneath all the wokeified tumblrspeak. What even is a "comfort character"? Is it just a character you really like? I've seen it implied that a "comfort character" is something real, like you talk to them, etc.

No. 894324

File: 1630197001240.jpeg (42.75 KB, 640x594, C6B09CA6-3822-40AD-855B-BBE136…)

Well, as far as I know, cowomfwot chawacters are the characters that kids and mentally stunted adults use to cope with real life, like when mommy tells them to do their homework or when daddy says they’re not allowed to use their family’s funds to buy gacha pulls, so they have this character that gives them comfort like a blanket is for a toddler.
So the character becomes this almost sacred things like saints that can’t be tainted because uwu my cowomfwort chawacter is asexual like me and has the same twaumas I have owo.

No. 894329

A character that you can imagine comforts you when you're sad. My therapist wanted me to imagine my older self comforting me but it didn't work. Imagining a pretty 2D husbando comforting me does work though. Say whatever, but it works. - A mentally ill zoomer-millenial.

No. 894334

Anon I promise you the zoomers supporting public pedophiles are not the same ones freaking out or anything that can possibly be perceived as pedophilia

No. 894338

holy shit, grow the fuck up

No. 894345

So when are you going to do that magic time spell to get rid of my parents abuse anon?

No. 894349

Probably beating a dead horse saying this but Facebook is bad, and I hate using it, but recently I've been sucked back in by some drama revolving around this one guy I went to highschool with having delusions about people banding together and mocking him back when he went to school. He was embarrassed publicly and accused of rape at one point, which he believed was part of a conspiracy against him, and now almost 10 years later he's developed an obsession with the events, which may or may not have happened.

He made some inflammatory posts, one which included my name among many others, that freaked people out, like school shooter stuff, so I'm kinda just waiting to see what happens. I tried reaching out to him but he was hostile and not receptive to help. The reunion is next year and I will certainly not be attending.

No. 894350

Are you the weird anon that’s obsessed with wmaf couples? Literally what business is it of yours if two ugly people date

No. 894357

Are you the type to get mad when people ~sexualize~ your "comfort character"? (or do literally anything at all to him lmao) or are you less insane about it

No. 894359

Don’t be mean, nonnie, as long as anon isn’t sperging on the internet about “muh don’t make sexy pictures of my character bestie wt-“ 24/7, I don’t see what’s the big deal of having a husbando that makes her feel less miserable about actual bad moments on her life.

No. 894376

Lmao you must be uncomfortable every day of your life if this retarded shit bothers you.

No. 894377

I don't care my husbando is a copy paste from the original, ppl can do whatever with the original.

No. 894390

satan must be testing me today

No. 894393

File: 1630206879893.jpeg (169.97 KB, 479x379, 96715D51-9058-4936-864B-CF0330…)

yup I’m going to hell

No. 894444

File: 1630211984405.jpeg (1.71 MB, 1284x2217, EBBAAB43-9135-49C9-AF48-694549…)

I hate artists that don’t put in the work and then expect to go viral overnight. This girl is a prime example. She made a clickbait tiktok and her comments are filled with people calling her out. Maybe if you weren’t a generic Billie Eyelash wannabe, you’d get more attention. Link to the initial tiktok: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMRhKyWso/

No. 894447

post the comments, I don't have a tiktok and cannot see them

No. 894457

all midwestern girls go down this route and it’s hilarious

No. 894466

File: 1630214201339.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1284x1676, A2CEDDCA-35B8-4BAE-AC44-EC46A9…)

There’s too many to share but this one from a verified account takes the cake.

No. 894468

having a husbando is retarded, hope that helps

No. 894471

And so is posting on lolcow dot farm, and yet here you are

No. 894478

File: 1630215623397.jpg (14.65 KB, 480x480, 729CF57607117173733.jpg)

You're just saying that because you haven't found yours yet.

No. 894490

Hating that all of the /ot/ thumnails are fucking cats like get some variety pls

No. 894499

File: 1630217618454.jpg (84.38 KB, 640x640, aEb3fjXo.jpg)

Deal with it

No. 894505

We need a borzoi takeover

No. 894506

File: 1630218045019.jpg (132.94 KB, 617x800, 17458045_10158370706475058_380…)

The superior species

No. 894508

I like this woman and I like seeing her try on outfits. I think she looks good in the Kendall outfit.

Rage on, ana-chans, weight doesn’t determine your worth or your likability.

No. 894573

>weight doesn’t determine your worth or your likability.
Indeed it doesn't, yet she objectively looks bad in those clothes at her weight. You're deluding yourself if you think she looks good.

No. 894578

can female left wing commentary and video essayists stop co-writing with troons and giving them sections to narrate. it is grating to hear their voices

No. 894581

bruh literally almost no one looks good in those clothes, they are hideous. They do look worse on the yt girl tho. The average woman isn't a fatty nor a supermodel. There is a reason why the 'is it an outfit or is she just skinny" thing exists. No normal person would wear this

No. 894584

bump, be careful browsing

No. 894586

gone within minutes, thanks awake janitor

No. 894590

This, but also I wish they would stop pretending that drag queens or gay makeup gurus are "iconic". No girl should look up to these walking low IQ stereotypes that only talk in clichés.

No. 894595

>The average woman isn't a fatty nor a supermodel
>The average woman isn't a fatty
That's sorta untrue depending on where you live. Anyway I get your point but eeeeh her weight is making it even worse.

No. 894603

File: 1630228794010.png (318.22 KB, 600x380, 96A33F1E-F434-4F72-9ABA-B40E74…)

Okay may just be because i’m ‘murrican but i hate the American stereotype that we’re all uncultured, dumb, fat, rude, self centered, pieces of human waste. (obviously it’s a stereotype kek, not meant to be celebrated but i digress) the problem is everyone just believes them? Usual when i’m in an online forum or comment section and anyone mentions anything like that it automatically makes me see them as the very thing they call us. i think the entire world has a hate boner for us and although it’s entirely warranted SOMETIMES it gets to be a little, obsessive and weird (like insulting us for using imperial units like come on!). There are bad apples in every bunch but making generalizations and spewing ignorant shit is exactly what a lot of people accuse us of doing and they don’t even realize it.

No. 894606

samefag also ironically America from Hetalia is the only belligerent stereotype we allow in this house! he’s our bby ofc

No. 894611

he's a modest guy

No. 894613

Stop whining, it's the least offensive stereotype there is. 2 out of 3 of you is a fatty, too bad. Build a bridge and get over it.

No. 894614

I read this as build a fridge

No. 894616

It's kinda true though. Try to talk to your average normie American about other countries and it becomes apparent that their knowledge of the world outside of the US is very limited. I've seen so many people get surprised by some basic geographical fact like "India is in Asia."

No. 894617

It's more or less right though. You're statistically fat, your educationsystem isn't great and Americans prove themselves to be pretty self centered and ignorant on the internet. Sorry anon but maybe if Americans weren't so mass-ignorant towards the existence of other countries, cultures and how American politics don't automatically apply to other countries fewer people would have a hateboner against you.

No. 894618

"Minors" who constantly shit on other kids and pride themselves on being Not Like Other Minors. Obviously this is biased experience but every time i see some person seething on my timeline about "minors" (that exact term) it's almost always a 15-18 year old kid posting it.

Anyone who willingly and publicly sperg about fandom discourse has no got to be younger peeps, and if they are older then they just have a comfy 1st world life. Unless you're being harassed/cancelled/attacked there's no justification for a bunch of 20 year olds to get emotionally affected by kids arguing online

No. 894628

>Unless you're being harassed/cancelled/attacked there's no justification for a bunch of 20 year olds to get emotionally affected by kids arguing online
That's exactly why so many people are mad about them you dingus, they can cancel anyone they want for whatever stupid reason they can conjure up. The "just close your eyes and walk away cyber bullying isn't real" stops being a valid argument when you have teenagers spreading word that you're a racist pedophile groomer around for shipping the wrong ship or tweeted something controversial in 2013 that you completely forgot about, doxxing you and contacting your place of employment to get you fired. While they get off scotch free as they have literally nothing to lose and retaliation is largely impossible as they can just weaponize any criticism as "harassing a minor". You see all these little cunts hiding behind their "I'm only 16, you can't harass me, that's illegal!" when they're confronted about what they've done because they know they can't be touched.

Anyone who's claiming "well if you've done nothing wrong you shouldn't have anything to hide", recently an Asian girl got cancelled and harassed to the point she had to nuke her accounts because she used the proverb "I'm freed from my shackles" and twitactivists decided that's a racist phrase appropriating the struggles of African-American slaves. The real story behind this was that some nutcases couldn't stand her drawing fanart of a ship they didn't like so they had to come up with some bullshit excuse to get rid of her and it caught on. I fucking hate kids.

No. 894631

I didn't say I hated this girl as a person, I said I hated when fat people complain about fashion, especially when they don't even have normal proportions to begin with. If she was just complaining that she can't find basic shit her size in H&M or any other basic stores I'd be sympathetic because everyone needs clothes but that's not what's happening in this video and that's not what I see online and irl either.

>Rage on, ana-chans

Imagine calling a normal person with a visible neck "ana-chan" kek

No. 894633

Anon i literally said if the person got dragged into it then there's nothing wrong with being affected by discourse. I was talking about people who willingly get into debates on Twitter, people who actively decide to participate in it despite having a choice not to. But again i know that not everyone has seen these types of people on their social media so i see where you're coming from. You sound like a kid tho kek

No. 894634

I know exactly what kind of thumbnails you're talking about and it's really irritating. Particularly when serious science channels do it.
It obviously works for their CTR, so I can't blame them too much, my problem is they all use the same trick and I'm fed up with it. But they can't experiment with new ways to improve ctr too much because the algorithm will punish them. It sucks.

No. 894636

And like other countries are less ignorant about foreign countries? If anything you just have a hateboner that america is the loudest & most "seen" country in the world.

No. 894639

He's a modest guy

No. 894640

somewhat related to the burgerfag topic. i really hate when the fellow citizens in this third world country i live in have this hateboner against the slightest bit of offence done by white people, but then also dislike poc sjw twittertard arguments. it's like they have a similar muh quirky unique minority/boring spiceless white people amirite?! sense of humor but hate it when other minorities do the same.
i remember a lot of seasians sperged the fuck out when that raya movie came out and the americans just see them as another poc sjw entitlement. but a lot of those same seasians absolutely seethe over black people complaining about natural hair representation or whatever. idk just something i noticed and been bothering me ever since.

No. 894641

No. 894654

>And like other countries are less ignorant about foreign countries?
No, not every single country on this planet is going to be less ignorant about foreign countries as the US is but generally yes, I find non-Americans to be less ignorant about other countries and cultures indeed. Which makes sense if you think about it, a lot of us live in smaller countries so we simply can't be ignorant about other countries and cultures around us and have to actively learn at least a second language (if not a third and fourth) to communicate with the rest of the world so we're aware of and learn about others around us and we don't view ourselves as the default which Americans seem to do.

>If anything you just have a hateboner that america is the loudest & most "seen" country in the world.

As I said it's annoying that Americans behave as if your politics and cultural values are universal appliable for everyone on the internet. If that's what you mean by being loudest, then yes indeed.

No. 894657

>And like other countries are less ignorant about foreign countries?
Um, yes? If you live in a smaller country you're going to learn more about other countries. Plus nobody in the rest of the world is as far up their own arse except maybe the UK, and even then they share a continent with a bunch of other countries they frequently travel to.

No. 894744

>your education system isn't great
I don't get why people come for Americans about this? It's shitty when somebody is wilfully ignorant, unwilling to learn or obnoxiously rude but people should be judged for that, not for being poorly educated through no fault of their own.

I think it's because the American stereotype ends up self-fulfilling on the internet. The other stereotypes aren't. For example, if you make fun of a Britfags teeth, it pretty much ends there because you'll likely never be able to prove/disprove it and the joke can't really go any further. However, if you call an American ignorant or self-centred, the ones who aren't tend to ignore the bait but the ones who are will rise to it, so they kinda end up "proving" it.

I mean
>i think the entire world has a hate boner for us
comes across as an incredibly self-centred POV and you've been baited into posting it, adding to the stereotype.

No. 894749

I hate when people claim to be "woke" but will jump on any opportunity for twitter-sanctioned nastiness. They don't stand by their "woke" belief the second they have an out.
>body shaming is wrong unless we're talking about someone we hate
>body shaming is wrong unless they're from a white country (even if they're not white themselves!)
>we love feminism but ew a woman wants to conform to traditional gender roles in her own life
>misogyny is okay as long as the woman is straight or white or basic
>sexism is fine if it's from a gay guy
>homophobia is cool if it's from a trans person
>fuck capitalism until the person I don't like can't afford airpods
>classism sucks but haha look at this broke bitch
>racism is evil until it comes from a celebrity we like
All this catty bitches and lunatic scrotes pretending they're doing it for social justice and not just because they've found a way to be bitter betties without being cancelled.

No. 894752

The vast majority of people are simple opportunists. They just jump on anything that will have a positive impact on just their own life regardless of the bigger picture. That's how you get all the hypocrisy.

No. 894766

I do think you have a point. At the same time, the logic behind some of those examples reminds me of the spergs that think that respecting troons pronouns is more important than the fact that they are a rapist. I know you didn't mention it cause you probably consider it different, but to me they are dangerously close. I absolutely do not support witch hunts. The best reason for me not to say hurtful things about a shitty person isn't avoiding hypocrisy, but the fact that someone may read that and feel bad cause it applies to them (i.e. laughing at someone being a fatty, having ugly nose, whatever…). At the same time, some people really don't deserve biting your tongue. IDK really.

No. 894808

they think ordinary americans are responsible for their retarded government actions and policies that make our education system exploitative and mediocre. tons of americans have been complaining about the education system and the healthcare system. europeans always harp about americans being ignorant of other countries cultures but they have this warped idea of what america is in their heads and it’s sad.

No. 894816

Idk man my sociology teacher from Uzbekistan said a student from Korea told her she “can’t be Asian because she doesn’t have small eyes like him”. So I’d say that type of stupidity is global.

No. 894818

What are you even talking about? "actively decide to participate in it despite having a choice not to"? Do you mean the people who talk about and raise awareness about minors wrecking up the place and driving out the adults who actually contribute to the fandom? Or the people who defend others who are being attacked? Or the people who rightfully laugh at and make fun of all the oversensitive kids amongst themselves? Because it's always reactionary and brought upon some teenager being a retard again, not born in a void.

No. 894819

i think non-americans genuinely think we want things to be this way and not that our country is basically a giant factory manufacturing different types of people for the most amount of profit. Ghettos and trailer parks are kept that way by government influence to keep the american people fearing theyll end up there if they dont work themselves to death and hateful of each other so the rich can profit off of all the politics. Its literally all about money to our government.

Wasn't there a released cia record of them contemplating starting a war with cuba by bombing florida and blaming it on them. The american government doesnt give 2 shits its own citizens or how were perceived as long as it gets the corporations that fund our government officials more and more rich.

there are currently 2 outcomes for america right now. 1. Turn into a bootleg china but with even more racial/religious genocide or 2. pure anarchy

we're fucked either way

No. 894829

I hate how every social media/platform requires you to make an account to lurk. Twitter just did it too. Sorry for the blogpost but usually I stalk accounts into this very small fandom just because I like reading their thoughts and opinions on the game and its characters but I don't wish to interact. I'm a sperg who grew up in imageboards, I feel too awkward making an account to follow them. Dammit I just wanna lurk, now I'm afraid tumblr will follow soon.

No. 894853

But if they're such a terrible person, is there really a need to go for low-hanging fruit or throw out petty insults? If we're talking about rapist, I don't give a shit if they're a fatty with a big nose and weird pronouns. I give a shit that they're a rapist.

No. 894858

>i think non-americans genuinely think we want things to be this way and not that our country is basically a giant factory manufacturing different types of people for the most amount of profit.

Pretty much from my experience as well. I've noticed it's pretty much Western Europeans that shit on us and think we're all morons because they think we like the way that things are. There are a lot of embarrassing Americans who don't mind the that way things are/are ignorant of the situation in America, but I also find it embarrassing when Western Europeans harp on Americans when they've never been there or they've only been there for a couple of weeks/months when they wouldn't call, for example, Filipinos morons because of their shitty government.

People just like to shit on America and think that they're superior to us just because of the country that they were born in, which I consider really ignorant. I have also met a shitton of absolutely retarded and entitled Brits btw, yet I know not all of them are like that. I don't know if that makes a difference but just saying.

No. 895311

File: 1630316125165.jpeg (81.29 KB, 750x1051, 086E534C-B04F-4513-BC01-1B2C16…)

This is why I instantly block anyone who is under the age of 18. I don’t give a fuck if you’re not like other ~minors~. I’m sick of these stupid kids shitting up the place when I just want to look at art or something. It’s like they can’t just ignore what they dislike. They have to make a twitter thread and dig into any of your social media so they can feel justified in their bizarre hate over something that never affected them. There are literal creeps on the internet (i.e. James Charles) but these morons take their energy and choose to cancel anyone (mainly women) who is participating in a fandom and shipping something as benign as a hetero couple. I see it happen all the time in the Genshin fandom, to the point that they were harassing the english VAs over the recent livestream. Between that and their bitching about Genshin’s drop rate, it’s almost like these entitled twats have never played Love Live and experienced the horror of dropping 100 bucks on a png. I don’t mind people younger than me but lately it’s turning me into a “fuck them kids” every time I see them try to drive someone out just because they don’t like them. Every fandom has always been irritating to participate in but it’s gotten to the point that these idiots post think pieces on tiktok about shitty webtoons like Lore Olympus and make outrageous claims about how it’s glorifying rape and makes people who worship Greek Gods (lmfao) look bad. It’s almost like they don’t know anything about Mythology or willingly look over all the rape, murder and torture that is in it.

This turned into a rant but I am so fucking sick of it. Normalize bullying these idiots out of adult spaces if they don’t know how to act.

No. 895316

the thing is that the majority of you voted for bush, trump and so on, so at least a huge portion of you are responsible for who makes the decisions in your country while other "shit" countries are the victims of undemocratic regimes. i think people wouldn't be so hard on the us if so many of you wouldn't claim to be the number 1 in the world while we all can see that there actually are a lot of problems. the dumb big bully who lives in a broken home is still a dumb big bully.

No. 895317

Eurocucks know it isn't true, they just want to spread these lies to make themselves feel better about not being a bigger part of the international stage. They want to be the ones who bomb brown people and they want to be the ones with powerful media control. It's jealousy which breeds hatred and resentment. And then they find out Americans don't know or care about them. Shit, if I was Eurotrash in that position I'd be shitting my pants about America too.

No. 895319

use Nitter if you want to view Twitter without an account.

No. 895320

samefag, just see >>895317 it's the superiority complex, instead of admitting that it's terrible that the government violently meddles with other countries affairs, many of you accuse the rest of the world of being jelly of your "power"…

No. 895322

It doesn't matter whose elected though, the American war machine will try to train maintain its hegemony over the world
Its a system that's been here over 70 years now, you and your former master turned Vassal state the UK are the worlds policeman, you don't let regional conflicts set out themselves, you but in every fucking time and make things much worse
I don't hate Americans but I pray everyday that American suffers a massive national disaster and goes back to being isolationist

No. 895323

>Eurocucks know it isn't true, they just want to spread these lies to make themselves feel better about not being a bigger part of the international stage. They want to be the ones who bomb brown people and they want to be the ones with powerful media control.
Bitch what? Seems like projecting. I know it may be hard to believe, but not everybody wants to
>bomb brown people

No. 895324

Boohoo and get over it. You're jealous and bitter. Any American citizen who tries to do something about the federal government is assassinated or imprisoned, you just have to see Obama drone-striking an American citizen on foreign soil to see that. Americans already know that our government sucks and that they are actively trying to kill us by taking away our jobs, funneling drug money into our cities to murder our children and empower cartels. It is so blatant and obvious that it doesn't even bear mentioning.

Eurocucks always do this, whining and sobbing because they think Americans want to bomb people and that we like blowing up weddings with drone strikes. So instead of using her brain and looking at the political situation in the US and realizing "oh shit, the US has been occupied by traitors in their own system - they can't even protest without being jailed or killed" the Eurocuck whines that we're not being performatively angry enough on the internet.

Just admit that you're jealous. You want your country to be the one on top again exploiting African colonies for resources or whatever it is Eurotrash has nostalgia for.

No. 895325

>People just like to shit on America and think that they're superior to us just because of the country that they were born in, which I consider really ignorant.
…oh the irony, that's what muricans constantly do to the rest of the world.

No. 895326

We have been trying to go back to being isolationist since the 90s and every single president just keeps getting us into new wars. Illegally I might add.

No. 895327

>uwu poor me i literally live in a dictatorship in constant fear of death
>you cucks are so fucking jealous about our huge bombs and colonies!

No. 895328

Europeans are colonizers by their nature, they have delusions about being superior breeds of human because they're convinced that they are more refined or whatever. Every Eurocuck I've encountered IRL has been all about wanting to go back to their colonialist past and be big economic players again.

No. 895329

I know that's what the American public wants, but you still support your "allies" like Saudi Arabia and the UAE in their war in Yemen, you even support my shit hole country(Pakistan) even though we commit massive crime against religious minorities and fund the extremist groups in India

No. 895330

who is "we"? cerainly not the majority, otherwise trump wouldn't have happened.

No. 895331

You are the original white colonizers that set a shit ton of this stuff in motion because you couldn't stop sticking your dicks into Africa and the Middle East. You're very jealous.

No. 895332

>stop judging Americans for our governments actions!!
>europeans must want to be as bad as us and colonize Africa again!1!
retard. No one here wants anything to do with Africa

No. 895333

your problem is that you compare europeans of a century ago with nowadays murica. we grew up and changed, you should try to as well.

No. 895335

At this point the US political system is about enabling the same policies across a different set of names. It has been this way for years. Anytime we protest or try to do something about we are jailed or murdered by the federal government. Most people don't know how to stand up to a behemoth like Washington DC especially when approximately half the country are happy to bootlick the powers that be and will do anything to keep them happy (because they are scared of being jailed or assassinated if they don't.)

Do you see how this works?

No. 895336

If you grew up and changed then you wouldn't care this much and you wouldn't be motivated by petty reasons. Eurotrash are much more childish and self centered than they want to admit. I guess you guys really do want to see yourselves as some superior superhumans.

No. 895338

All countries have their problems, idk why you're coping and seething so hard that Europe objectively has it better than the us in some regards. No one thinks we're perfect, europeans aren't a monololith and a good chunk of it is developing countries that have never colonized a grain of sand. Sounds like you're the one with inferiority complex

No. 895340

If all countries have their problems then stop pretending your shit doesn't stink and go fix those instead of whining about an occupied nation whose government is trying to decide the best way to genocide its own citizenry.

No. 895341

hope the government gets you first tbh

No. 895345

I fucking wish. It would be more exciting than this idiot gray existence millions of people are clamoring for.

No. 895346

>political dissidents get assassinated
>genocide of their own people
We're talking about North Korea, right?

No. 895347

Hate when Gen Z girls use female pronouns for inanimate objects.
>This is my new sweater, she's so cute, look at herrr
Just goes to show misogyny is back with a vengeance, I first noticed drag queens doing this in the 2010s. She/her is the new "cute object" so no wonder they all want to be demisexual panromantic thembies.

No. 895350

I do this too sometimes honestly. I like referring to my vagina and car as her or she.

No. 895351

This has been a thing people do for ages though. It's not even that deep.

No. 895382

no offense, but i always found calling body parts like they're a "she/her/the girls" so gross, it makes me think of conjoined twins and like those body parts aren't "you" but your parasitic sister who you fused with in the womb

No. 895441


I hate Reddit. I hate it so much. My boyfriend is always commenting and then wants me to comment and back him up and I alway say the wrong thing and then people attack me and down vote me and it causes so much anxiety and makes me so sad and I hate commenting. And then he gets annoyed and grumpy that I won’t back him up and don’t want to comment. but it causes so much stress and anxiety and I hate it so much and he doesn’t get how badly it affects me. And I wish he wouldn’t be upset and annoyed when I don’t want to comment and either way I lose. The things he wants me to comment on aren’t easy things either. I would have to put in a lot of effort not to comment something stupid and I always do the wrong thing and I don’t have the mental energy for this. I hate Reddit

No. 895443

i don't know what his username is because i finally blocked him, but there's this one scrote on tiktok who literally oozes 'dirty fuckboy' who only dances to that "6ft tall and super strong" song in every video and he gets millions of views. i don't know what it is about him that rubs me the wrong way because i don't get this annoyed at other content creators. i think it's because every time he would pop up on my fyp (like nearly every day) it'd be the same stupid song and the same stupid dance and lazy smile at the camera.

he also looks like he never changes his clothes, so there's that too.

No. 895445

Vagina I get, since it's literally your body, but with the car I see OPs point

No. 895450

The people who claim America as "number 1" ARE ignorant and embarrassing, but Trump won because many younger Americans (with different views than the older generations) didn't vote because they didn't think that their vote even mattered. After Trump won, everyone rushed to vote for anyone other than him. Biden sucks too but he's better than Trump, at least.

No. 895453

what the fuck.

No. 895456

why would you date a redditor? yuck.

No. 895463

Men. This video needs more views. I didn't know she had made a youtube account. Twitter suspended her account.

No. 895466

They're censoring her.

No. 895467

I have seen this, she sounds so sweet and like a normal person who means well

No. 895473

the TRAs never bring this woman up when trying to claim the whole thing was a TERF false flag because she is obviously just a normal person telling the truth.

No. 895476

i still dont understand why trans rights activists wont denounce these sorts of men. Its so easy to say the wi spa guy,chris chan, and the mosque bomber arent trans why wont they do it?

No. 895480

Because something something respect trans identities. The truth is that if they acknowledge that transness can be taken away by others for not playing along, the world will notice it's all bullshit. "Oh this rapist in a dress and wig isn't really trans despite saying so and using she/her pronouns". Okay, so what makes a "real" trans person different (except for not being a rapist)? Nothing. They have to upkeep the cultish thinking or it all falls apart.

No. 895489

I hate how Sony has completely abandoned the Japanese market in favour of pandering the west with those coockie cutter high budget games. I really miss their PS2 era. The good think is that has rightfully bite them in the ass and their software sales have been in free fall in Japan.

No. 895492

>I really miss their PS2 era.

No. 895494

I hate how zoomies has rebranded hedonism as "self care".

No. 895499

The problem with America is that their porcentage of right wing retards(anti vaxxers, flat earthers, etc) is way to fucking hight. Like, in my country there are people like that too but they are still a minority and even your typical conservative catholic think poorly of them.

No. 895500

This. And people wonder why narcissism is on the rise

No. 895502

And they still keep questioning why they are so miserable.

No. 895504

Why the fuck does work insist on copying me on every goddamn email in existence
We’re a remote / scattered division so if I look away for one second I have 50 unread emails
Jesus fucking Christ

No. 895510

I'm a zoomer and I agree. Self indulgence is the opposite of self care because it's bad for you in the long run

No. 895523

I hate how autism is overdiagnosed and overrepresented in white moids, specially because they always use it as a shield or for pity points.

No. 895524

add increased gang violence over drugs and increasing poverty were literally going down the worst route all for " muh freedom" literally fuck all of this

No. 895526

males in genera tbh, I’ve never seen a female with autism act like chris chan. isabella doesn’t count, she’s probably just a psychopath

No. 895530

Anon you’re very mistaken because the self-care disease started from the armchair psych social media millennials, always spouting bullshit about “healing from your trauma” and self-obsession and individuality being a priority over all things. Pop psych is trash and most zoomers don’t believe in any of that shit, they make fun of these buzzwords

No. 895533

Are you kidding me, right? I know Millenians started it but is Zoomers who go above and beyond with shit like pretending a fictional character live in their heads to """"cope""".

No. 895536

Please be joking

No. 895538

kill him

No. 895540

File: 1630339545471.jpeg (225.24 KB, 899x732, 757FFD6A-577C-429D-97D4-E44150…)

I honestly just hate any male that has any sort of mental illness or disorder, they mostly get coddled like little babies and sperg out following the exact patterns that the illness/disorder’s manual says.
I particularly despise any idiotic male that will seriously say that he’s got ADHD just so he can do stupid shit and act like a fucking idiot.

No. 895541

zoomers literally think their mental illness is attributed to their zodiac signs

No. 895553

Holy shit I'm so sick of this singing style. I feel like this type of singing has been sogging up everything for a long time now. CAN WE MOVE ON?! PLEASE. We get it you hate life. Heard it from a million other artists. Need more people wailing about having fun and doing coke in my earholes like the old times, but with a new sound.

No. 895559

And if you as a woman underperform because ADHD you know moids are gonna chalk it as women being less productive.

No. 895563

>people wailing about having fun and doing coke in my earholes like the old times

shut up grandma

No. 895565

You're most likely a year or two younger than me I don't wanna hear it.

No. 895567

This, and Gen Xers are shitty with this as well, seems like every mediocre as fuck mom and pop that were teens and young adults in the 80s always has super cool stories about how they totally did all kinds of coke and were super duper hot and fucked a bunch of celebrities and models kek. I worked with at like 6 different Gen Xers who claimed this and it's like yeah okay sure grandma

No. 895570

Its usually cause most other cultures aboustetly don't give a shit about mental illness, one of my uncles whose also technically my cousin(he's married to my maternal aunt but his father was my grandfather's older brother's grandson) is undeniably autistic, just can't interact with normal people, has bizarre mannerisms but no one will ever send him to a doctor for his condition, we have toxic mentality that "mental illness" is for white people and the mental problems fixed with will power and Allah, its honestly just sad cause he's unaware of his condition and just lost in a world where his entire family gaslights him into thinking that his problems are caused cause he doesn't pray enough

No. 895572

Then why are you taking about the old times you never experienced, dummy? Lol

No. 895576

You're right. Country white people are like that too, my boyfriends grandpa was raised on a farm and if I showed even the slightest sign of mental illness he would try to make my boyfriend dump me because "I wouldn't be a good mom because his children could inherit my mental problems" as if my only purpose on earth that I was a breeding cow for his grandkids kek. Mind you his son has tourettes and the only reason why he thought I was mentally ill is because I took a 15 minute nap after a 14 hour shift at work I literally can't with some old people

No. 895579

I hate cars, I hate when cities are build for cars and I specially hate car drivers.

No. 895580

>country white people are

nta why do white people always insert themselves into problems they will never truly experience? no, it will never be the same as your sweet home Alabama experience go away

No. 895583

Right wing retards are just another product of america, a side they can play to pit ppl against eachother and push their agendas. If you're stupid yet still manage to realize the corruption of history and medicine in america then you usually turn into a ringtwing retard.

No. 895588

Because I wanna hear trashy 2010's club music again but with a twist.

No. 895595

the 2010s, or maybe it was late 2010s in particular, is when that gloomy whisper-singing trend started

No. 895596

The beginning of the end.

No. 895600

can you please explain to me how one culture not giving a fuck about mental illness will "literally never be anything like" another culture that doesn't give two shits about mental illness?
Please tell me I'd like to hear

No. 895603

it's not different. some anons are just obsessed with injecting race into literally everything for the sake of starting/perpetuating an argument with no purpose other than to further victimize themselves.

No. 895607

This is literally pathetic. You aren't going to help anyone but yourself by acting like a Karen towards people relating to your experience, did you want her to lie to you and say she's black or something? People are allowed to talk about their experiences with mental illness stigma even if they're not the race you seem acceptable, stop making your movement a shitshow.

No. 895626


No. 895641

Now devs are focusing more on the Switch to compensate for the abomination called the PS5, I don't mind not being able to play Tales of Arise of the eventual Persona 6 because the PS5 will mostly be Western walking simulators full of glitches that require day 1 patches.

No. 895645

You're saying this about a very universal experience though.

No. 895655

inchresting you think so. I guess I get it. personally, I'm fed up with cute things being referred to as men or boys or guys. like if I see a cute bug, I'll call it by female pronouns just to balance out all the hypothetical scrote language. I know it's dumb but lmao

No. 895700

I get both sides. Ships, motorcycles, cars, basically all sorts of transport are always she/her (stupid to use gendered pronouns for objects in the first place) and I found that gross since it's always men riding/using/owning these things, so I always refer to my ride with male pronouns around scrotes to throw them off.

No. 895792

>Zoomers make fun of this.
You sound like a zoomer who is completely unaware.

No. 895824

File: 1630361738942.jpg (280.07 KB, 1080x803, IMG_20210831_001344.jpg)

Crime youtubers.

No. 895825

>I always refer to my ride with male pronouns
I too like to ride Dick

No. 895826

Sony are honestly pretty incompetent, they "strategy" is money hatting time exclusivity which beside being scummy is not a real plan like Xbox Game Pass.

No. 895829

Men groping their girlfriends in public.

No. 895834

Me too anon. It's getting weird how TC is becoming a huge industry (that doesn't feel like the right word but Idk what word to use). I hate how much they sensationalize the murders of actual people.

No. 895840

yes. 99% of them are so disrespectful, poorly researched, and contributes nothing to the world. the ones i hate the most are the YTers who have series like "coffee and crime" or "doing my makeup and talking about crime." and it's some of the worst trauma a family can experience, being aired out for cheap clicks, and the YTer can't even be fucking assed to devote their whole attention to the matter.

tbh i dislike most YT channels that aren't based around hobbies. i think most YTers would be unbearable to be around irl.

No. 895922

File: 1630370051717.jpg (39.89 KB, 750x422, resident-evil-welcome-to-racco…)

Another awful looking adaptation with bad casting.

No. 895926

Funny I see this I just watched a video about this topic last night.

No. 895932

At this point I hate seeing Chad, wojak, Pepe. I’m so sick of them all. I especially despise the smallest pepe. I hate him most of all.

No. 895935

File: 1630371130394.png (1.41 MB, 1500x500, imagen_2021-08-30_195215.png)

But the small pepe is kinda cute

No. 895937

No, he isn’t. He’s viscerally repulsive and the thing with the giraffe autist he is now dating is so creepy and weird. Like put some shoes on slut.

No. 895938

Men singing a capella or dancing. It’s irrelevant whether they’re good or bad.

No. 895941

File: 1630371454005.jpg (56.36 KB, 894x894, re2_remake_leon_pinup_by_mistf…)

I don't know anything about Resident Evil but that's really meant to be the hot character I kept seeing anons post who I remembered solely because of how hot he is?? I don't think the actor is bad looking but he looks awful in that shot and wtf is with the facial hair. They should've cast someone much more attractive.

Also it's weird how Kaya as Effie was crazy beautiful and got every girl obsessed with her look but she's so forgettable and normal in every other role I've seen her in.

No. 895943

People who have a “phobia” of tiny holes, clowns, sound of chewing

No. 895944

kek yeah everyone and their mum claims to have a ~phobia~ of small holes because they saw lotus boob online one time and thought it was gross.

No. 895946

When people suddenly switch accent to pronounce a certain thing, it’s hard to explain over text but e.g when a chef is talking in their regular American accent but will suddenly take on like a full Italian accent to say just the word “Parmigiano” or something then immediately go back to normal

No. 895949

File: 1630372332302.jpeg (72.88 KB, 378x747, 73B46138-E0E2-4D88-AE1F-AF2892…)

Nta but what is lotus boob and why am I afraid of googling it?

No. 895953

She no longer has heavy eyeliner or straight hair. Makes a big difference. Anyway, did she popularise that look? I remember it differently. We were already styling ourselves like that (including the mixed-matched clothes kek) and Skins reflected trends.

No. 895960

A picture of lotus seeds photoshopped onto a breast

No. 895983

Does such a guy that's as pretty as Leon and knows how to act exist irl?

No. 896015

When I was a teenager I didn't have a phobia of the sound of chewing per se but it would occasionally make me incredibly angry and want to harm myself if I heard someone chewing loudly, like if I was sitting in silence at dinner and my mom was chewing. It always made me want to stab myself in the leg with a fork kek. It got better once I started treating my ADD though

No. 896016

File: 1630377775057.jpeg (148.8 KB, 1282x1220, 2175C427-4925-4276-B039-79E41D…)

Being expected to be happy or in a good mood/take things well all the time. I’m always expected to take things with stride and be unbothered by anything from real hard news or minor disappointments, because I’m a patient person, and when I lose my patience people are like, “wow that was out of left field”, maybe dont push women to their breaking points then stomp around on the point that broke them drawing attention to it. If I lose my temper leave me the fuck alone til I find it again.

No. 896190

>"phobia" of sounds of chewing
It's a real condition called misophonia and not tumblr bullshit. It's annoying as hell as usually it's triggered by sound your loved ones make.

No. 896191

Late but same, but it's different in the south and in some northern parts
Most horrible men come from lower classes or (can't explain it better without castes) middle or lower castes because the higher you go on the financial hierarchy the better things get in context to subcontinent atleast in women independence, higher classes here tend to be more educated and things tend to be better balanced atleast in generations after boomers

No. 896193

I think its in islam you can't groom or cut a beard and you have to have it because mohammad had it

No. 896195

>the ones i hate the most are the YTers who have series like "coffee and crime" or "doing my makeup and talking about crime."

Yes, I agree. And there's even ASMR true crime channels now. Which seems oxymoronical but what the fuck do I know.

I'm so glad someone is finally talking about this.

No. 896199

Depends on the culture. Based on Islamic ruling alone (ignoring scholars) it's only recommended for them to grow a beard, and if they have one, they must groom it. I guess 80% of muslim men forget about that part. I live in the middle east and plenty of men are clean shaven here.

No. 896201

I agree so much, these are all bandwagon "phobias" people convinced themselves they have because they saw it online, it's a warning sign that the person who have it lives terminally online and is socially inept.

No. 896205

The only podcast I watch/listen to is murder with my husband and that’s because they’re new. They don’t sit there and put on makeup while they talk about someone’s murder. It’s usually sourced and has links to the original sources for the cases.

No. 896218

File: 1630404441239.jpg (72.33 KB, 1280x720, nigeria_muslims.jpg)

There's also the factor that a lot of Muslim men in the world simply can't grow proper beards, in my country the Muhajirs and Dravidians even after years most have patchy pube beards and its ever worse for African Muslims who resort to fake facial hair and beards so they can be more "aesthetically" Muslim

No. 896226

when some anon gets triggered over some other anon mentioning she is gorgeous, pretty or above average. I've seen it in other threads and I went to the dating up/down thread and someone shared her experience of dating someone uglier and said she was "gorgeous" or something like that and some anon replied and called her BPD. Women put themselves down for looks all the time, there's nothing wrong with a pretty woman saying she's pretty.

No. 896228

I feel you, I've seen anons call other girls delusional because they like the way that they look. But on the other side of that, I've seen a lot of anons comfort girls who feel like they're ugly. It feels like it depends which thread you're in that determines the reaction you're likely to get from someone.

No. 896233

I have never heard of fake facial hair with African Muslims
-an African muslim

No. 896239

first time I heard of the concept was in the Movie Kandahar
>Khak brings Nafas to a village doctor when she gets sick from drinking unsanitized well water. The doctor reveals himself to be an African American convert to Islam, who must wear a fake beard (which he calls "a man's burqa") because he can't grow one. Out of fear of being found out
I then looked up the concept online and apparently its a real thing

No. 896259

File: 1630409316567.jpg (152.08 KB, 1000x1000, 802.jpg)

Bumping. Also there is totally a woodpecker outside, how cool is that?

No. 896263

File: 1630409557392.jpg (12.66 KB, 320x320, uitroepteken_wit-320x320.jpg)

Just there's CP for god's sake. I saw all your stupid stuffed toy posts and scrolled by anyway.

No. 896265

When people walk slow in front of me. There's nothing more infuriating

No. 896266

Trying to get it off the first page, jeez.

No. 896269

I think the stuffed horse is cute

No. 896278

File: 1630410629558.png (314.41 KB, 622x546, meme4.png)

bumping. Watch out for cp

No. 896298

>it's a warning sign that the person who have it lives terminally online and is socially inept.
Aren't clowns a normie-tier phobia though? Like spiders. Seems like it was always common long before people spent time online.

No. 896310

All -dere archetypes in anime/manga/VNs/etc., they tend to be extremely annoying characters.

No. 896317

Thanks anon. Why the fuck is there CP constantly. I had to disable images on here because it's become too much.

No. 896328

File: 1630415099709.jpeg (258.21 KB, 900x900, 4BAFB37C-C616-474D-8147-8DE587…)

It’s probably the most retarded thing ever, I also hate how there’s people out there trying to act like the 4 basic bitch personalities that they find when googling the archetypes like:
>I-it’s not like I like you or anything, b-baka!
>I’m totally yandere but I hate confrontation so I will be a toxic retard
>tries to be deadpan but is a mix of toxic retard and I-I-m-m-m s-sh-y-y
>I-I’m s-sh-sh-y-y
I hate people.

No. 896337

How do you disable images on here anon?

No. 896340

by using a browser extension called imageblock

No. 896345

Depends on the browser. In Chrome you can go to privacy and security settings and disable images for specific sites on there.

No. 896538

I REALLY hate it when people say you can "choose" what you want in a situation, but then they just fucking nag you because it's very obvious in reality they actually want you to "choose" what they want, and they basically won't STFU until you agree with what they "advise" you to and choose what they want.

No. 896704

File: 1630438605460.jpg (903.6 KB, 1125x1866, IMG_1960.jpg)

>female entrepreneurs
I hate this so much.

No. 896714

stop, you'll trigger the anons who claim that women exploiting other human beings will never bad as men doing it

No. 896735

i hate first worlders so much

No. 896742

Same anon, I think seeing this shit video fucked up my recommended videos because now I'm shown shit like this. Watch it and suffer with me. Not only she's severely lacking self-awareness but on top of that she buys trash from Shein of all stores.

No. 896745

This is how I imagine anons who go full whiteknight about Shein and other shitty stores look like, lmao.

No. 896774

File: 1630442912101.jpeg (54.55 KB, 1080x607, FBC38AE2-16A3-4E63-B568-6CE65E…)

Cody Fern would be perfect to play him imo

No. 896813

When people say drawing as “drrraw-ween”

No. 896820

File: 1630445007622.jpg (9.71 KB, 180x171, 1587215249741.jpg)

I'm so fucking sick of the whole fashion industry dilemma and everyone talking about it. Everyone's always pussyfooting around the issue and trying to shift the blame saying it's the big corporation's faults and not the consumers. And then there's also the people trying to fix the issue by recommending sustainable brands or thrifting instead, because these motherfuckers just need to constantly buy new shit somehow. JUST STOP BUYING SHIT! Maybe you don't need every cute thing you see. Maybe you can work with what you've already got. Maybe mend those clothes when they break instead of getting new ones. Maybe looking good and being fashionable isn't the most important thing in the world, get a fucking personality instead of basing your entire identity on what you wear! This especially goes for fashion-influencers who are actively promoting overconsumption to make money. Well here's some news for you. No one is going to care how cute your new top is when we're busy evacuating from a flooding or wildfire. Your greed is destroying this plane.

No. 896826

File: 1630445314379.jpg (10.84 KB, 246x202, Clown_peperats.jpg)

How could you hate such a little sweetheart? He's used by bigots but he is a blank canvas, he isn't inherently bigoted.

No. 896840

File: 1630446397629.jpg (62.11 KB, 461x273, moid.jpg)

Moid problems. I hate males obviously and the fact that I need to share a planet with these subhumans.

No. 896850

I hope this disgusting scrote dies by an infected hemorrhoid

No. 896868

File: 1630447522761.jpg (20.34 KB, 600x623, 1582936568124.jpg)

When my friend talks about wanting to fuck retarded abusive moids and expects me to either laugh or understand where they're coming from. I absolutely do not see the appeal of fucking someone just because they're hot despite the fact that they're pieces of shit, just off yourself at that point

No. 896881

ah this just gave me horror flashbacks from the time I went on 8chan.

No. 896889

I bet if a women started going off about getting horny watching cartel videos of men getting skinned alive they would cry about how evil women are. Kinda wanna make a Reddit account and post about sexual gore fantasies towards men and see if they react how they do to women being murdered/raped/mutilated

No. 896918

File: 1630451382006.jpg (44.25 KB, 540x537, e7c1c1fd.jpg)

Hate pegging and buttshit. I like being more assertive sexually but I don't like how often ass garbage is just forced into the center of any kind of dominating over a dude. It's gross and guys who are into it are untrustworthy at best. I hate any type of anal bs anyway and how it's been successfully pushed as a completely harmless, normal thing to do to another person's body.

No. 896921

File: 1630451619888.jpg (41 KB, 275x269, 1618677740651.jpg)

>at the age of like 10
just watch moids try to argue that this in fact is a privilege lmao

No. 896941

ding ding ding this this this no poo place sex in my life not now not ever

No. 897171

Women are into pegging because it makes the male physically submissive, like women would "normally" be in your regular het relationship. It's just the only way to properly dominate a male, because males actually like taking it up the ass and they start to act like weak little bitches when they do, which is amusing.

No. 897177

NTA but pegging is a surefire way to trigger a sissyfication fetish and troonery and I don't trust one scrote who is into it. Fucking nasty sticking a dildo up a man's pasty, shit-stained ass while his balls dangle around. Actual femdom and male submission would be the man pleasuring you according to your orders, not you fucking his ass while he enjoys being """"dommed"""" by his bangmaid servant. Soon enough he's going to start whining an demanding to be pegged while wearing your lingerie and if you don't comply there's no telling what he will do.

No. 897182

Tbh my problem with this is that finding attractive dudes into it is hard. Also, the idea of having to prepare a dude anally for that is gross.

No. 897199

that sounds misogynistic as hell though, like the only way to "dominate" a male is thought use of a Phallic plastic dildo, even a Chastity fetish just seems to be all about a man's cock
I'm not into anything extreme, I just like guys in bondage and whump and that's it
also due to the physical imbalances, a woman never truly has the power to force a male sub to do anything he doesn't want to, he can leave anytime he wants or overpower his dominatrix mommy, peel her skin off and wear it as a flesh suit, for the male sub its a LARP of degradation and they love it
Pretty much this, the male sub is there for his pleasure not yours, to get an Anal orgasm is what he's into and that's why lets you pleasure his prostate
the male sub just like the male dom has all the power in this dynamic, I don't know how any woman can delude themselves into thinking that female let relationships are nothing more then a male fetish for their own amusement and pleasure

No. 897202

This is why libfems need to all go permanently mute lmao. You dominate a man by giving him orgasms and getting none yourself, that’s power?
There’s nothing dominant happening when you’re barely even a part of the sex. You’re just another object getting some guy off.

No. 897203

This, the vast majority of "femdom" is just male body worship in disguise. Like the chastity belt nonsense and pegging still center around the man's body and pleasure and providing servitude for him while he's starfishing. It's the man who mainly gets off to this humiliation and degradation fetish, the female dom just exists as an actor in this situation scripted by the male "sub" who, like said, could overpower the woman or refuse if he really wanted to.

No. 897205

It’s retarded how many women have been duped by this pornsick clown logic.

You’re not empowered by putting your own sexuality on the back burner to whip some fat bank teller while he calls you mommy. You’re not empowered by sticking pieces of silicon up a mans ass cause he likes it..you’re just a sex doll in a edgy costume instead of barbie pink.

No. 897206

there are plenty of ways to make a man a simpering begging little servant bitch without packing fudge in his ass and being his prostate milkmaid

No. 897208

And the fact that your day is spent making him a simpering little bitch makes you his simpering little bitch. Way to be

No. 897209

it's not only lib fems it seems that a lot of rad fems on here have this fantasy on fucking men in their poop hole and "dominating" them

No. 897211

Yeah man, the feminist movement that views female separatism as the best solution to living with males, and has a massive lesbian population, is all about making men coom. What a typical Male fantasy that women who don’t care about their wants secretly fantasise all day long about making him orgasm.

No. 897216

Sure, the "radfems" who think they're true and honest radical feminists because they hate troons and gay people.. I mean "gay men".

No. 897217

Radfem and gender critical are basically meaningless now.
They figured out what the rf in terf stood for and decided anyone who’s not militantly supporting queer theory is a radfem even though it’s mostly homophobic dudes who think the troons are mega-gay. Troons and libfems hate useable definitions or words as much as they hate women.

No. 897218

As anon said here >>897208 you will never make a "male" into your "simpering begging little servant bitch", he wants to be humiliated and degraded, cause he gets off on it and your just an actor who gives him his fantasy
also do you realize how fucking cringy "simpering begging little servant bitch" sounds, it just makes me grind my teeth in how cringy it is

No. 897224

File: 1630488552683.jpg (156.03 KB, 846x1390, stock.jpg)

Think about it like this
a maledom and female sub - the maledom asks the female sub to do something that she aboustetly doesn't wanna do, the maledom then starts verbally insulting her and then restrains her, bad shit happens and she wounds up in the hospital
a femdom and male sub - the femdom asks the male sub to do something that he aboustetly doesn't wanna do, the femdom tries to verbally insult him and then try to restrain him, he just pushes her off and walks away without a care in the world

up until that point in the latter dynamic, every single aspect of the relationship was because he agreed with it as it fit with his fetishes not cause it was the woman's decision, if there was point where there was anything that he truly didn't like then he could leave cause he ultimately always had the power
Ultimately the dom male and the sub male are both sides of the same shitty coin

No. 897225

stop lying to yourself I assure you that at least a couple of girls that have posted about wanting to peg men also identify as rad fems

No. 897226

I hate that the tinfoil thread is 80% antivaxxers. Shut the fuck up and talk about schizo tier conspiracies already or just get covid and have severe lung damage for the rest of your retarded life idc

No. 897227

they are supper aggressive too, like one girl posted about how she does not want to go to a job where her boss is anti vaxx and the ant vaxxers went insane called her spoiled and controlling. It was in the vent thread today.

No. 897228

Then link them, because it sounds your ridiculous multi thread obsession over "rad fems" is heavily at play in that statement.

No. 897231

>and the ant vaxxers went insane called her spoiled and controlling.
This one? >>897136 lmao anon.

No. 897233

Kek identify as radfems.
Identity politics are for tards anon.

One either is or isn’t a radfem. Identity doesn’t come in to it. A woman moaning about how she wants to make a bloke coom is not.

No. 897234

it's not my fault your maggot ridden brain immediately correlates the word "identify" with modern political gender special theory, this word has existed wayyy before the retarded modern identity politics pandemic. You can identify with an ideology, it has nothing to do with sexuality.

I cannot link them because they wouldn't be proof since they're anon. But I was in Tumblr rad fem groups and a lot of them had an obsession with pegging and men fucking each other in the ass although they were "rad fem" and "lesbians"

No. 897235

There's your explanation.

No. 897236

Nah you’re just wrong about radical feminism. They are or aren’t and pornsick whimpering about fucking men isn’t it.
They might ~identify~ With the politics but they are wrong about it.

You weren’t in tumblr radfem groups. You were on tumblr talking to people with one or two radfem adjacent ideas.

No. 897237

Lmao anon probably thinks anons from troons spamming radfems are radfems.

No. 897241

"identify" literally is an ancient word that exists and has significance outside of the fact that it is used by the modern identity politics movement. Please check the dictionary and stop being afraid of using a word just because it was tainted by certain mentally ill individuals.

No. 897242

>identify as radfem
kek political self-identification, I identify as an alt-right white supremacist because I accept gay people, hate racism and believe in female separatism

No. 897248


-etymology of the word
>1640s, "regard as the same," from French identifier, from identité (see identity). Sense of "determine the identity of, recognize as or prove to be the same" first recorded 1769. Meaning "make one (with), associate (oneself), regard oneself as being the essence of" is from 1780. Sense of "serve as means of identification" is attested by 1886. Related: Identified; identifying.

It's not my fault this word has been tainted by modern gender special ideology, this word exists and can be used.
It's not my fault some people identify with things they are not such as attack helicopters and so on. You can identify with a political ideology and change your belief system to be in concordance with that certain ideology you ASSOCIATE yourself with.

for example: if you state "I am a rad fem" it could be reformulated to "I identify with radical feminist political ideology". Since of the meaning of the word "identify". A synonym for the word "identify" would be "associate". If I used the word "associate" none of you would have had any problem with it. Your issue is that the word "identify" is now attributed to a certain agenda and you cannot understand that this word is very old and it has meaning and can be used outside of that agenda.


No. 897250

ok nonnie

No. 897255

Identifying with something and then espousing opposing beliefs and values to what they supposedly identify with makes them retards, not what they identify as.
Like you might identify as right but you’re actually a tard and wrong.

No. 897261

This new zoomer trend of faking DID/"delusional attachment". A personal cow of mine claims to have both mha and Sanrio characters in her head as her "alters". The "community" of these people seem to all conveniently have their favourite retarded Minecraft youtubers and anime characters in their heads. The worst part is a lot of them genuinely believe this means they are the owner of these characters and no one else can talk about them. Also when they claim all their fictional/real "alters" are some obscure gender and sexuality and all date each other or something ridiculous, and if you disagree you are an evil "singlet". I don't whether I should laugh or cry it's so bleak.

No. 897265

Girls who try to fit these roles must be unbearable Jesus Christ. That's some tranny tier shit

No. 897268

This. In het relationships, the man is always the one who can really choose what to do or not to do, unless he's an extra weak fucker and you're a big muscular trained woman who can physically overpower him. Though by being a "dom" at least you're not putting yourself in a completely vulnerable and dependent situation (with regular piv a man only chooses to please you if he wants to, he has control over your pleasure or your pain and you will not be able to react if things get nasty), you're lucid because you're not truly involved in the act with your body, regular males will get kind of freaked out, you may get to make a man physically weak by shoving a hard dildo up his ass, you may get the chance to hurt him a bit if you want to, if he likes it then he'll be begging a bit and will just cuss you out if you refuse. Plus they tend to stay meek and low key because they'll get called faggot if anyone finds out they like getting dicked.

No. 897270

It's mostly just kids who do it. My sister is 14 and she fakes a stutter, and literally all her little dream stan Wilbur Soot tiktok bunny hat alt girl friends meet up in public to fake their illnesses together, then go home and stop faking it. It's all just zoomer tiktok shit and tbh the only reason I haven't intervened is because this is the funniest phase she could have possibly gone through and I can't wait to mock her for it the rest of her life

No. 897282

They will grow out of it eventually. When I was a teenager I told my family that I had friends that were only visible to me and sometimes pretended to play games with them so I could cope with getting bullied at school and having no friends.

No. 897283

Based anonita, I love compiling all the embarrassing stuff that my younger relatives do.

No. 897286

File: 1630497069264.webm (5.07 MB, only instrumental.webm)

>unless he's an extra weak fucker
breed ugly violent big men out of existence

weak fuckers only, bad bitches only

No. 897292

Don’t worry, he’s already on an FBI watchlist, this might be the nail in the coffin for them to come after him and arrest him

No. 897294

If only..

No. 897301

Ayrt, I must agree that while it's annoying I've spent way too long online laughing these people. It's 90% online and 10% with likeminded tard friends. They never mention it in the real world.

No. 897320

I'm sorry but you can't look me in the eye and tell me that you enjoy hearing this (3.11 onwards). If you respond saying you're okay with these sounds, you're lying.

No. 897331

why am i in hell. i didn't do anything that bad.

No. 897332

I hate 100gecs they remind me so much of the Phineas and Ferb intro and “band” I HATE their insufferably whiny pitched voices. It’s not only extremely ANNOYING I also think it’s fucking lazy. Vocals pitched to sound like an obnoxious dumb child.
Lyrics be like
I’M playing sugar crush on my mommy’s Iphone
I have to age regress so I won’t feel alone
I’ve tried to force myself to enjoy them while w/ company, thinking maybe I’m just being a hater; but, sometimes I just have to remove myself

No. 897357

File: 1630505349379.gif (438.04 KB, 300x300, 1629984495598.gif)

>mfw reading women who have no idea what a female led relationship is like
I don't get you anons. You do realise that femdom being difficult to abuse is what makes it superior to maledom right? Maledom is dangerous, femdom is great and based on consent. You demonizing female led relationships by generalizing them as simply fetish fuel for the man are basically engaging in sophistry. I have been in a female led relationship with my fiancé for 4 years now and it is amazing, best relationship of my life, no comparison. And yes I do fuck him up the ass. Not to "make him a woman" or other such misogynistic nonsense, but because I like it and so does he. You are basically presenting all femdom relationships as if the men in them are all bottoms (which in my opinion is not a femdom relationship, it's a fetish relationship), instead of realizing that an actual femdom relationship only exists when the man is a submissive, not a bottom with a fetish for submission. Basically you sound like you have no actual experience with such relationships.

No. 897368

File: 1630505850092.jpg (15.57 KB, 400x361, s-l400.jpg)

This is absolutely fucking stupid, but I hate the fact that my boyfriend doesn't replace the toilet roll when it's finished. I constantly have to change the roll on this annoying holder contraption we have. Every. Fucking. Time. He'll happily sit there all day using square after square after square of tissue without taking a moment to think about who put that roll there for him reeeeee. Then, when I go, I'm greeted by a small hoard of little brown cardboard rolls.

No. 897370

theres a reason only troons and handmaidens like them

No. 897378

agreed, they dont say the toilet paper roll is the heaviest thing on the planet for no reason … and you would not even believe how assblasted i get when he forgets to close the lid before he flushes and shitparticles just fly everywhere. the only thing that keeps me sane is that he pees sitting down

No. 897381

My husband does this annoying thing where he will notice the toilet paper is low, set out a new roll on the counter next to the toilet, but never actually discard the old tube and replace it with the new one. He will gladly use the new toilet paper and place it back down on the counter again and leave one awkward sheet of tp draping there for days until I do it. You just gotta get annoying back about it, we go through very little tp so I never remember to get in his ear and bitch when it does happen but I need to remember. It's not big deal for me to replace it but it seems so passive aggressive.

No. 897385

This is redpilled, this is the true nature of femdom. Every femdom fantasy and scenario is about catering to the male's orgasm. People are so stupid for not seeing it

No. 897390

>sound of chewing
But it's not a phobia though. The extreme aversion to different noises is called misophonia. And it's extremely real and debilitating in many enough cases.

No. 897391

Im sorry but zoomerpop is literally fake and not real. This makes me a boom boom but i s2g they literally all just follow whatever the youtibe & spotify algorithms promote to them, and then these artists get called #1 because of their "streaming play count", but that's literally determined by what youtube and spotify are being paid to promote. When it was based on radio plays & album purchases, music indistry promoters could advertise and push things, but rhere were so many radio stations etc that it maintained some sort of relationship with what people who care about music actually like. Now they just can go "Ok spotify, here's da money, olivia rodrigo #1 right now pls? K thx" and it works.

Like if I'm on spotify free and my playlist ends, it just starts playing random "featured" artists ie shilled zoomiecrap. So if I fucking fall asleep with spotify on it's gonna play 10 zoomerpop songs on a loop all night racking up listens for whatever artists they decode to promote this way. Same thing with youtube autoplay. And also, actual children tend to want to watch the same thing over and over, which artificially inflates single songs of artists that kids like,vs adult artists where the views are spread across an album. Kpop fans literally talk abput gaming the system by leaving songs on repeat all night on mute. Adding streaming ciews to Billboard was a huge mistake, literally ignore it. I mean once a song gets shilled into being #1 people do listen to it because they are brainless sheeple but that's not surprising, what sucks is that songs used to have tp be above a basic level of crapass before radio DJs would play them, and thats not true anymore.

No. 897395

File: 1630507497088.jpg (27.22 KB, 714x714, 52765484_395713651258240_91207…)

nayrt but the original buttstuff hater

peepee poopoo check: your relationship might be based but buttfucking is still gross, man ass is especially gross

I hate buttfucking, it is disgusting

No. 897398

I hope to god your fucking trolling, the point isn't that "female led relationship" are bad, its those relationship are fake,is your not in a female led relationship, you are your partner's personal bangmaid no different then if you were a puppygirl, you service him exclusively and he gets off on it, as you said you put in the effort to give him an prostrate orgasm
every single aspect of your relationship is his decision not yours, in his eyes your not a human being you are simply a nice looking Dildo for his fetish

No. 897408

Carry your roll with you, so the next time he sits down to shit, there is no freshy provided by gf roll of toilet paper for him

No. 897413

You're gonna carry that roll

No. 897414

Anon, I am suggesting you do sth sexual that you do not like. You find it gross, I find it hot, people have different sexual tastes. Just don't act like what is a personal preference is instead some objective truth.

I am 100% serious, but the way you are writing I am wonder if you are the one trolling. My relationship is absolutely female led, both inside and the bedroom and outside, I decide what we do. I hear his input because I love him and I like making enjoy himself and orgasm for the same reason. Female led and treating you man like shit IS NOT THE SAME THING. I give him pleasure because I want to give him pleasure and he gives me more pleasure than all the men I dated before combined. Tell me what is wrong with this arrangement without buzzwords like bangmaid.

No. 897415

samfefag, I meant "I am not suggesting"

No. 897416

What? I thought it just meant a character you really like so you look at their pics or like these music video-ish edits of them, because just seeing or remembering the character is fun and enjoyable. I now regret adopting this term if it means genuine retard shit like projecting personal dumbass shit onto them and reeing at people who disagree.

No. 897418

tfw no bifauxnen gf

No. 897421

File: 1630508865101.jpg (40.5 KB, 458x344, 34464.jpg)

It smells like unwashed balls in here.

No. 897429

I like the feeling of the harness rubbing on my clit and him squirming under me, sorry that your sex life is so boring you can not even imagine someone enjoying anything you personally don't.

No. 897434

Those Youtube videos with titles like 'White/Black guy speaks fluent Mandarin and shocks locals!!!!'

No. 897435

>I am wonder if you are the one trolling. My relationship is absolutely female led, both inside and the bedroom and outside
Its not as you think it, your partner is a pure misogynist, for him there's nothing more humiliating then a woman ordering him around and he loves that aspect, he loves being degraded by you cause he knows its a LARP at the end, an elaborate fetish that you play 24/7

No. 897439

God yes, they're always so awkward too.

No. 897441

God anon just let her enjoy her relationship. If she got her scrote in control and gets back even more than what she gives, she's hardly his toy.

No. 897442

When you're trying to read the expiration date but the numbers and letters are blurry and faded.

No. 897443

For fuck's sake I see the same stupid take on FDS, no, actually submissive men are not degraded or humiliated to be guided or even ordered by a woman. My fiancé is the opposite of a misogynist, if anything he is a misandrist, he fucking hates men as a class and if anything has rose coloured glasses about women. He literally thinks men are too stupid and emotional to be trusted with power and that we should unironically live in a matriarchy. Hell, I am a somewhat hardcore feminist and I think he is extreme. You assume things without knowing the actual facts of the situation. I am not saying many "sub" (actually bottom) men are not the way you are describing, but that is not the case with all of them.

Thank you anon, hell I get more than I ask for, the guy literally pushes himself to the point he can't breath sometimes.

No. 897445

Stop arguing with moids, that anon is clearly a scote larping as a woman. He has a totally male perspective on sex and tries to manipulate femdoms into submission.

No. 897448

she has never been in control though, that's my issue with the whole thing
>My fiancé is the opposite of a misogynist, if anything he is a misandrist, he fucking hates men as a class and if anything has rose coloured glasses about women
oh its worse then I thought, see you on r/transwidows or r/mypartneristrans
Radfems pointing out that femdom was a just a male led fetish since the 1970's

No. 897449

Yeah as long as she doesn't come crying to us when her scrote fucks her up in some way/goes full tranny delusion on her.

No. 897450

I have heard so many women saying stuff like this though, both here and on FDS.

What are you talking about? He hates trannies, he laughs at them trying to imitate what they think women are. He absolutely believes in biological sex. Why are you calling him a tranny?

Why a tranny? Also he would never touch me badly lol. I asked him to spank me once and he couldn't do it, he just lightly slapped me.

No. 897452

File: 1630511462135.png (790.12 KB, 1105x515, 1626645483550.png)

i hate it sm when im eating my salad and I get one of the Shay cum face banners

No. 897453

oh my god shut up about your nigel no one cares

No. 897456

Considering all the tranny and misogynist comments, apparently a lot of anons care. Also I will defend female led relationships every time I see anons here trying to act like they are bad.

No. 897458

File: 1630511812301.jpeg (65.67 KB, 640x624, C1EAC9B9-6610-4D46-8649-824D7B…)

your blogging is tiresome and your bf is still a scrote. cope

No. 897462

My fiancé is actually a diamond, sorry to hear you don't believe great men exist. Admittedly rare, but they are out there and I managed to get one, no need to hate me for it. Also I am only blogging to point out how wrong other anons are about the dynamics of a femdom relationship. They act as if mainstream femdom porn is what a female led relationship is like which is absolutely the opposite of reality..(blogging)

No. 897464

Do those people claim to have something other than misophonia? I agree that it isn't a phobia but the word phobia seems to be tacked onto a lot of silly things.

No. 897465

One day your gonna find him wearing your dresses and then he'll asked to be called Susan

No. 897466

This is next level genius, anon.

No. 897468

Wtf, are you the same anon that I was talking with like 3 months ago? She said the exact same thing, even down to the name Susan. I feel like Deja vu.

In any case, I crossdress him a lot and he never showed any signs of thinking he is a woman. He realizes that he is a man that is allowed to wear women's clothing because I like it. You still haven't explained why you think he will troon out, as I have said, he hates trannies and is perfectly aware that he is a man and that humans can not change their sex.

No. 897470

What "Not my Nigel!" shit is going on right now

No. 897472

idk some nlog has decided we need to learn her life story

No. 897473

I don't mind her degrading her Nigel, but I too feel punished by having to listen to it.

No. 897475

I don't even really know what's going on right now tbh. I just feel like it's a little annoying when anons here get overly-defensive about their relationships. We do not know your boyfriend, literally no one cares.

No. 897479

Reddit spacing.

No. 897480

ayrt and agreed.
you managed to stick some cat ears on your scrote, good on you but i don't need to hear some autistic novel about how revolutionary you think it is

No. 897481

>she has never been in control though, that's my issue with the whole thing
How do you even know? If it's female led like she said she probably has the upperhand in everything in that relationship but raw biology, which sounds like a good thing for relationships with men. Honestly calm down, I don't even know what you expect her to do.

Speak for yourself, my heart is open for any anon unless she hates and wants the demise for this website.

No. 897483

No. 897484

Thank you anon, I am the anon they are shit talking and I appreciate you niceness.

No. 897486

Np nonna, just be sure not to go too TMI..

No. 897490

Not sure what TMI means anon.

No. 897498

Every time you gyns say "nonna", I imagine you're all calling each other "granny".

No. 897506

File: 1630515289221.jpg (7.02 KB, 236x259, 9dc4a5661b26dc8ed4bf81e33b7aed…)


No. 897509

File: 1630515395084.png (13.15 KB, 1279x100, 1623419878338.png)

No. 897514

Mealy apples. Ew.

No. 897515

File: 1630515844792.jpg (17.83 KB, 214x232, 1629233701004.jpg)

>In any case, I crossdress him a lot
Oh Come on now you gotta be kidding me, you really setting yourself up to be married to a tranny

No. 897517

Anon, you know crossdressers and troons are two different things right? All troons are crossdressers, but not all crossdressers are troons. He knows that he is allowed to wear pretty clothes because I want it, and he knows that they are just clothes. He is not insane, only insane men think they are women.

No. 897519

I think it'd be hilarious if mod took note of her ip to see if her bf ends up abusing her/trooning out. Peak humor kek.

No. 897521

how is abusing women ever funny, turn off your computer retardo

No. 897526

I thought you said meaty and I got mad for a second

No. 897528

He would never abuse me, I said above that even when I asked he didn't use any force on me. It's called being a man that loves you and worships you.

No. 897529

Yes obviously they are just clothes, but you can please tell my why him wearing him traditionally female clothing is "sexy" or "erotic"
we all know that his schlubby unshaved man ass looks neither cute nor sexy in lingerie or a sundress but it is humiliating for him to wear one and that's why he likes it, causes its associated with women

No. 897534

It is because it's associated with women, but not because it's humiliating for him. I did mention how he puts women on a pedestal before, I basically "allow" him to wear them in the same sense I would "allow" an animal to wear dog clothes or sth. It is an upgrade for him, he is basically honored I let him wear them. For me, it's that I actually find it sexually attractive, it's not too complicated on my part.

No. 897559

I am a bit confused by this post. Wouldn't the same go for regular piv sex then? If you're going to be his personal dildo or bangmaid whatever you do by your logic, might as well do something that you also enjoy, no?

No. 897623

my argument is that she's still a sex toy, maybe not his personal pocket pussy but she is his personal dildo and he already likes it up the ass
its a mixture of Humiliation and pleasure for him, I don't know what she gets out of it, cause its just shit in the end

No. 897630

I literally answered you what I get out of it >>897429.

No. 897650

any sort of pleasure wouldn't be worth dealing with unwashed man ass and the shit involved with the Dildo

No. 897659

I have been fucking him for 4 years and never found shit on his dildo. He doesn't even clean or anything, he just has a great diet and we usually do it after he uses the toilet and showers. Also yeah, he showers, shocking, you don't have to deal with unwashed man ass. By the way, men's and women's asses are pretty much the same jfyi.

No. 897683

File: 1630521572556.jpg (121.69 KB, 513x623, confused_disgust.jpg)

>He doesn't even clean or anything,
>By the way, men's and women's asses are pretty much the same jfyi
i was almost with you until this…

No. 897699

Well, by clean I meant enemas and stuff. As I said, he does use the toilet and the showers and cleans back there during showering. As for
>By the way, men's and women's asses are pretty much the same jfyi
I have had women before in that way and I didn't notice much difference (other than the hair obv).

No. 897726

File: 1630522398014.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, Vomit chan.jpg)

>>He doesn't even clean or anything

No. 897729

What part of never found shit on the dildo do you have trouble understanding?

No. 897747

anon even if there's not shit on his dildo his ass could still be dirty and full of bacteria, it's common sense

No. 897757

Well, it's not like I clean the dildo or anything, I make him do it and send him for a shower afterwards. Also to be fair he has sucked it sometimes right after and nothing bad happened.

No. 897777

File: 1630523168485.gif (521.34 KB, 220x210, 13EE187D-8088-47DA-83FD-06B091…)

Summerfags responding to males when they makes threads. Can you faggots stop

No. 897781

Nta but what in the fuck.

No. 897793

>Also to be fair he has sucked it sometimes right after and nothing bad happened.
ENOUGH. god this keeps getting worse. the next post better be that he brushes and rinses his mouth thoroughly.

No. 897796

File: 1630523556599.png (77.03 KB, 500x326, 4789283890.png)

I think it's funny randomly shitposting about Komaeda dack, but actively engaging with the moid is stupid

No. 897804

He does! I have him wash everything including his mouth afterwards. I am not kissing him after that, ewwww.

No. 897805

yeah, idk why this weak bait got so much attention, usually everyone is pretty good at ignoring attention whores (even during the summer). Must be a slow day or something

No. 897817

Its still giving them what they want. just report and ignore
that's what truly hurts them

No. 897833

We need more farmhands.

No. 897951

You will never get pussy and reproduce so all you can do is to become a cumrug for other men

No. 897976

Video assignments are retarded. I just want to type the answer, not whip out my camera and talk. This is unnatural, whatever the fuck you're trying to accomplish here. This isn't preparing me for work, this is making me wish I was e-whoring instead.

No. 897994

>are you me?????
Stop saying this reddit shit. It’s always over the most generic opinions, too.

No. 898056

I think it's cute. Idk it validates me so leave them alone bitch.

No. 898074

>it ~validates~ me

No. 898093

The world valid. Everyone has been using it for the past two years or so. The integration of the retarded online lexicon into Real Life and its consequences has been a disaster for the human race.

>but the word already existed!

yeah it did and no retards were going around saying “you are valid.” the point is it belongs to an online lexicon of a wider internet culture, and that culture is obsessed with Investment and Wellness and Therapy. You really want me to feel valid and seen? Pay my bills

No. 898096

I hate the term "misinformation" and the wave of tech companies trying to label and censor it. Even though much of it is incorrect, who gave these fucks the right to be the arbiters of truth? It's also condescending in some way for them to be like "You are viewing misinfo don't be fooled mindless pleb" stfu. And even if they are correctly labeling it for now, this shows they have the power to label and censor anything they dislike anytime. Sure they are private companies but they have immense power in this day and age, plus since when am I gonna go to bat for their rights. It's fucked and it only makes me more curious to know what they don't want me to

No. 898097

this is so valid nonnie. you are seen and heard ♥

No. 898108

Stfu anon that's wrong think, what if the ccp ants are on here too.

No. 898110


No. 898118

File: 1630531693001.jpeg (62.39 KB, 735x664, 1623824758870.jpeg)


>but the word already existed!

>yeah it did and no retards were going around saying “you are valid.”

but they did. they used to do that on tumblr a lot. when everyone was self diagnosing shit and coming up with stupid gender sexualities. so people non ironically started going "youre valid even if you…" "youre mental illness is valid" "your sexuality is valid" whatever the fuck thing you made up was valid.

then it became a meme with people using it ironically, but scrotes are fucking stupid and couldnt tell the difference and obvious satire was shared to prove how "stupid" women are or whatever the fuck. at some point twitter became tumblr 2.0 for zoomers and theyve stolen a lot of the weird lingo from tumblr. so they started saying valid non ironically again, which in a year or two will be a joke again, and so on. theyve done it with other tumblr words and shit its weird.

No. 898120

They are, the worst part is when others whose brains have been molded by social media use the term. It's like we're policing each other now. I guess it's irrational of me to hone in on this specific word but I'd feel better if they just said "lol that's wrong" or "you're being unreasonable" over "twitter and youtube told me what you said is misinformation and must be silenced!!!!" it's so creepy and dystopian. I just don't like that word kek. It's not even just applied to health issues like you'd think, I've seen it on other topics like history, and relatively harmless conspiracy theory videos like bohemian grove, or a straight up photoshopped picture of a fish with legs. Why do I need to be told what to think about these things kek

No. 898150

yes they should be banned for repeatedly identifying themselves and/or just for being annoying

No. 898182

occasionally i agree with her but damn she's so repetitive, constantly bringing up the same topics out of nowhere, half the time it's completely unrelated to the discussion and her typing sticks out like a sore thumb. i think she has legit autism.

No. 898183

> but they did
certainly not before 2007

No. 898186

who’s she

No. 898202

That is fucking vile. Please take you and your talk of having a shit-eating boyfriend elsewhere.

No. 898211

#literallyme #gpoy

No. 898213

Congrats to being a soon to be lesbian

No. 898215

I honestly thing that anon is trolling.

No. 898217

>Also to be fair he has sucked it sometimes right after and nothing bad happened.
And have you kissed him after that?

No. 898222

agreed, she derails most threads she's in with her autistic tangents, and it's always obvious when she posts

No. 898233

I hate most of September because every year I would dread and constantly cry about having to go back to school and that feeling still sticks with me into adulthood. I just feel depressed the whole month until about the 21st.

No. 898374

i hate generational labels. people don't even use them correctly and they're not accurate to every country either.
but i guess they're like star signs or hogwarts houses when you want to reduce someone's entire perosnality to some dumb readymade label

No. 898376

Not sure if people will even know what I’m talking about but I despise the tiktok trends of
1. Men commenting “anything but a daughter” on girls posts like why when you see some hot girl are you all immediately fantasising about your daughter..that you don’t even have…
2. The “you your daddy’s son” trend thing where women will like fantasise about their son bringing home a girl who looks exactly like them

No. 898379

wtf why are people so fucking weird

No. 898386

I'm glad I don't use tiktok.

No. 898387

right also the mommy gf trend too. social media has had me rethinking freud recently.

No. 898389

I can’t stand that every time a white woman complains it’s now a “Karen” thing. In general I hate the Karen shit but it made sense when it was a white woman calling the cops on a black family’s bbq or a black guy birdwatching. Shitty stuff I get it. But for instance today I saw a woman on a local facebook group complaining about a really bad table at a restaurant (really near the toilet) and just saying it brought down the experience and EVERY other person jumped down her throat, what a Karen for not just eating shit at all times and never mentioning bad experiences. Didn’t have anything to do with race, was just a woman saying she didn’t enjoy a restaurant. Of course its a bunch of fat white guys calling her that. They love the opportunity to use misogynistic insults against women while receiving woke points.

No. 898393

File: 1630556188012.png (48 KB, 300x168, e5fe0b853c2b55db132da33.png)

I think Tiktok may be worse than reddit when it comes to comment sections honestly. The large users being underage for sure does not help.

>tfw this reminds me of when I came across a thread of men that were legit fetishizing their own moms/aunts
>inb4 CWC joke
I hate moids

No. 898396

File: 1630556577923.jpg (112.15 KB, 566x808, bb1232d8e2_d42665e7_640.jpg)

>Of course its a bunch of fat white guys calling her that.
I fucking hate it when white dudes do this as an attempt to separate themselves from them. Like, don't think I don't know what you're doing faggots, you're probably worse than any Karen you're complaining about.

No. 898397

100%, some “Karen” kicking up a stink at a Starbucks is annoying and stupid but she is going to leave without violence. Meanwhile catch a moid on a bad day with the wrong drink order and he may just kill you.

No. 898402

Oh come on. As if being straight up literally murdered in Starbucks by a disgruntled customer is remotely common or comparable. I agree that the Karen thing has been ruined now and men just took it as an excuse to be misogynistic but it is an extremely common and annoying thing if you work in retail/food service especially if you’re not white.

No. 898409

It's definitely more risky pissing off a male customer than a female one, that is for sure.

No. 898411

literally neither is “risky” in the way you’re meaning it realistically. some of you act like you genuinely never leave the house.

No. 898413

thanks for the vid. refreshing to see a YTer speaking up about it. the absolute state of "true crime"

No. 898414

Most likely, "she" is probably a moid who gets off on attention

No. 898415

Genuinely curious do you think white women are more rude to you than white men? Because I worked in retail and was always treated worst by white men. In terms of the whole gamut of shitty behavior. Rapey, rude, dismissive, argumentative , et cetera. Women were often just two of those things. Obviously the odds of being killed by some scrote cuz you got his order wrong is low, but you know who is even less likely to do that? Any woman.

No. 898418

Like in general life or in customer service? In retail I definitely had more frequent experiences with women who fit the “Karen” character than men but I also think where I worked it would partly just be that there are more women shopping there. I wouldn’t say men were less rude but I found men less argumentative generally. In day to day life obviously I’ve had way more weird/ “rapey”/bad experiences with random men than random women. I just think acting like working in a cafe is like some war zone situation where it’s a rational fear that you’d be killed on the spot by some customer is unhinged.

No. 898443

I hate that bald, unfunny fucker Jack from Red Letter Media. tbh I don't really like Mike either but Jack makes me rage.

No. 898453

NTA but I remember when I was working retail and consistently the most horrible and disrespectful customers were middle-aged white men who legitimately seemed like they could turn violent. The Karen shit is so overblown and people are acting like they're the worst thing ever but I'd honestly take a passive-aggressive soccer mom bitch wanting to talk to my manager over a 50something guy with a beer gut yelling at and threatening me while calling me sexist slurs. And if they're not chimping out, they're trying to hit on me and saying slimy, inappropriate things to my face while addressing me by my nametag to intentionally invade my personal space and make me uncomfortable. At least "Karens" don't sexually harass me.

No. 898456

File: 1630565310850.jpg (39.57 KB, 512x400, unnamed.jpg)

I hate South Korea, Its a bizarre ultra capitalist hellhole with a worse working culture then Japan, ruled by authoritarian nationalist military dictatorship for 40 years and an image material population that has no ideology or religion to ground them, all the worst aspects of Western and Eastern cultures in one nation
I remember a screenshot of an account by some North Korean defector woman, while she still preferred the South over North Korea, she was just shocked the long working hours and office culture of South Koreans, also levels of misogyny and harassment she had to deal and the lack of communal bond that was in the North(If anyone could help me find this, account I'd appreciate it)

No. 898457

Careful anon, the koreaboos will rip out your throat and call you a Japan-worshipping weeb for ever calling out precious Koryo

Anyway I agree, Korea keeps victimizing itself for muh wartime oppression while the whole country has outlawed speaking about them raping Vietnam, their very recent history with a militant government not that much different from their Northern counterpart and the rampant misogyny and racism all over the country.

No. 898467

I mean they did suffer under Japanese colonialism and it was pretty brutal, we shouldn't deny that

No. 898470

I guess that justifies them massacring the Vietnamese and using their women as comfort women and raping them to be outcasted after birthing half Korean babies in the 60's and South Korean officials forever denying and outlawing all journalistic pieces recounting it in the 2010s it until then

Seriously, no Asian country has a clean conscience, all of them have fucked a neighbouring nation over at some point in recent history.

No. 898471

I really don't wanna defend South Korea but Colonialism is pretty shit to deal with, I think all nations that have been Colonized have a right to upset about it

No. 898475

I didn't find the article you were looking for, but I did find this


>At least 60% of women North Korean defectors in China are sex trafficked, according to recent estimates from the Korea Future Initiative. And once they’re in South Korea, they could still face serious sexual harassment or assault

>Meanwhile, around 1 in 4 of women defectors experienced sexual violence after resettling in the South, according to a 2017 survey.

>Now, the issue is even more front and center: Several women North Korean defectors say they’ve been raped and sexually assaulted by South Korea intelligence and police officers who were tasked with protecting them. But as is the case with many sexual assaults, these defectors are met with overwhelming doubt and blame.

>“They came to South Korea risking their precious lives,” Jeon Su-mi, a lawyer who’s helping a defector sue a police officer for sexual violence, said in a press release. “These perpetrators keep misusing their public authority and sexually assaulting women defectors. It is a crime against humanity.”

No. 898476

>Now, the issue is even more front and center: Several women North Korean defectors say they’ve been raped and sexually assaulted by South Korea intelligence and police officers who were tasked with protecting them.
Scrotes shouldn't be allowed to roam free

No. 898477

I hate that I'm not skinny, all clothes look better on skinny people while I just look like a fat blob despite being "average" weight. It's like even if I lose weight I'm built like a fridge so I'd still look really square and wide… why does it objectively look so much worse than being skinny and slim I hate it reeee

No. 898479

Build some muscle, fit and healthy looks good on anyone

No. 898486

File: 1630569540599.jpeg (117.64 KB, 720x1280, 96660B18-1BF7-4D19-BE21-B144AE…)

Teenage cosplayers. Specifically those that are clearly tiktok cosplayers.

No. 898489

>you're lucid because you're not truly involved in the act with your body, regular males will get kind of freaked out, you may get to make a man physically weak by shoving a hard dildo up his ass, you may get the chance to hurt him a bit if you want to, if he likes it then he'll be begging a bit and will just cuss you out if you refuse. Plus they tend to stay meek and low key because they'll get called faggot if anyone finds out they like getting dicked.
We just discussed this, he wants to be like that cause he gets off on being humiliated and penetrated, your just a bang maid servant whose only job is to service him
as anon said, Every femdom fantasy and scenario is about catering to the male's desires. and your a fucking Idiot for not seeing it

No. 898495

You can look great I'm sure. Tailored clothing looks best on everyone imo, but probs unrealistic. Look for rtw clothes that are tapered and provide subtle shape where needed and play around with proportions.

No. 898501

This hurts my eyes

No. 898502

Christian Louboutin

Awful person that makes tacky, low-quality heels. Had the displeasure of once sitting near him at an event where he shit talked with his quasi-famous stripper guest about every single woman that passed by them. There’s a reason why only actual hookers, Real Housewives, and d-listers wear his heels. Never support a man that publicly laughs at the women who purchase his shit and talks shit about random women in a professional setting.

No. 898503

his shoes are also uncomfortable af imagine hating women that much that you want them to be in pain. men in fashion are a cancer

No. 898504

File: 1630574198576.jpeg (108.73 KB, 1242x329, 5D7E484F-5DAA-4CA5-B370-76B388…)

They truly are

No. 898505

I have a pair I bought years ago…. have only worn them once because they are uncomfortable as FUCK. Even if they were on sale I would not buy a pair again. (also because of what you said, thank you nonny and fuck that dude)

No. 898507

kek louboutin the ultimative shoe brand for pick-mes. i wish there was a fashion designer cow thread where we could compile all of the milk and awful shit that they did

No. 898518

>heh, I bet your partner actually enjoys your sexual relationship too!
Wow, got her.
It's odd how against femdom/FLRs some of the anons on here are.
It's ironically pretty misogynistic how you're absolutely sure a woman can never be in charge lol.

No. 898521

>It's ironically pretty misogynistic how you're absolutely sure a woman can never be in charge lol.
We're not gods anon, it's not us who decided that women are physically weaker and in a disadvantaged position in our society. Sorry to break your epic domme fantasy but serving as a prostate milkmaid to let a moid larp as a "sub" according to his humiliation fetish isn't "being in charge", if he doesn't get what he wants he can always bust your lip open if he feels like it.

No. 898522

No. 898528

Tell lipstickalley? Twitter? Get the sexist dickhead trending kek.

No. 898534

radfems aren't fans of this LARP, since the 1970's radfems have to deal with weird creepy "submissive" men who declared their desires to be "broken" and "inferior" to women, even solanas had to deal with creepy submissive who wanted her to castrate them

No. 898539

I hate how most business owners are men, I think 90% of them are men. If women are not taught to become completely in charge like owning a business or climbing the capitalist ladder we will always be slaves.

We have all these ideas put in our heads by example of other women in society and by men of course that we should become gold diggers, sugar babies, thots or just work for men. I fucking hate it, women need to be taught to become business owners. This is the only possible way we can take over in the current social climate.

All the makeup you buy everything you buy or consooom, your money goes to abusive men that own those industries, never to women. The woke, independent sex workers are slaves and make money for bald ugly scrote business owners. Kpop girls are slaves to the labels owned by abusive scrotes, Twitch thots make money to the male pigs that own Twitch and so on.

No. 898540

File: 1630577950804.jpg (35.97 KB, 637x358, 52089373_10217125455355847_790…)

>men in fashion are a cancer
you can say that a million times

it's men (men who don't even like women, have nothing to do with women, or straight up hate women) who come up with ways to solidify entire living body types as trends to be exploited to accelerate consumption by keeping women insecure about how their body type isn't 'trendy'

that's right, I said it, the body is the trend not the clothes

when men design for women, they design for the body type that's either trending or the body type they'd coom over, solely because men are unable to fathom reality beyond their own imperatives and preferences

men will literally take a personal preference and act as if it's a rule dictating the entire reality, and if anywhere at all, it's fashion where it fucking shows

No. 898543

What did he say?

No. 898545

the only true liberation will happen when women become business owners, we need to teach other women to have the mentality to take over the world and to be fair with you if women don't take over soon our world might collapse. Men love to say "men built society", but they built a shitty abusive one that might literally collapse in around 1000 years and our species might end because they are too greedy and sex obsessed. Men shouldn't be allowed in ethics or politics, they're too autistic. They should only be allowed in physical work and STEM. No philosophy, no sociology, no humanities for them. The world should literally be ran by women politically and economically and men should do the side work or work that does not involve humanities. (shouldn't be allowed in medicine either)

Women are literally teaching and grooming younger women into becoming prostitutes, thots, using their sexuality to make a living and that it is ok to be a gold digger bimbo. Fucking disgusting world. Women that are pick mes or promote these harmful ideas towards other women should be excluded from society.

No. 898547

What does this have to do with the thread. Can you spergs start a blog for your boring manifestos or something instead of derailing every thread

No. 898548

I hate Adam Driver he looks disgusting like he has some congenital malformation

No. 898550

Kanye west. I don’t even believe he has bipolar.

No. 898551

>that's right, I said it, the body is the trend not the clothes
Woah..You’re so brave. Literally no one has ever spoken about this before…

No. 898553

You're the miserable bitch fucking up the thread.

No. 898554

Based. The current trend of hailing e-thots and sugarbabies as "working girls getting that coin" is merely another way to gaslight women into believing they can be free only if they submit to men. Everyone was memed into ridiculing the term "girlboss" because apparently it's more empowering to be a romanticized slacker who isn't successful at the workplace. Sorry but spreading your pussy or peddling trinkets on Etsy isn't where the power's at. It's the male CEOs and executives in suits who make all the decisions around the world that affect our everyday lives and the only way to get around it is to play their game and win it.

No. 898557

or maybe the real Hero is the working class woman, the working class male and women are the ones who are responsible all the good in our society

No. 898558

>W-why should women aim for higher positions when they could just be honest, responsible working class ladies? Now THAT'S where all the power is!

No. 898561

your sarcasm was half deserved because of how I worded it
but really, people who have their mind and body image wrapped up in aesthetics could use being reminded of the truth

staying on the topic, I fucking despise sarcasm and irony being used outside fiction, God I fucking hate sarcastic ironic bitches and faggots who think they're being 'witty' and 'humorous' when all they are is moany and ingenuine

No. 898563

have women in leading positions to protect and empower the working class women who are not cut out for leadership

No. 898564

For that to happen you would first have to have women in leading positions. That's the point.

No. 898566

men in fashion are the ones responsible for eating disorders

No. 898568

I don't want to be a "boss babe" that plays by the rules of men and capitalism nor a disgusting pick-me e-thot whore. Both are neoliberal feminist scum just that the whore is giving her body to men and the "girlboss" is giving her work power. I want a revolution and a total rework of the world and scrotes to suffer

No. 898570

File: 1630580564846.png (693.18 KB, 1411x722, 1628953129963.png)

Its funny you think that, even in a company that's staffed by women, the female CEO will a way to steal to her workers labor
The reason people started making of "girl bosses" cause so many of them were awful capitalist's who abused their female workers

No. 898572

You can fantasize about a total sudden reform of the society happening in a vacuum and men being overthrown by some mystical goddess power all you want but it's not going to happen. If you want to make actual changes you have to one by one take male positions away and change the system in women's favor in phases, that's a cold fact and no amount of "if I just believe in feminist theory hard enough things will happen out of nowhere" wishful thinking will change that. Men will never change laws or give authority away if you just picket for more female CEOs, it's something left in the hands of all these #girlboss politicians and business professionals and the people who support them.

No. 898574

As long as women play by the rules of capitalist scrotes they will lose. It doesn't matter if you are a ceo girlboss or not, if you don't change the rules and the society we will get the short end of the stick.
I guess you can also fantasize all you want then, because i doubt that men will let women get to those positions in our current society that is wishfull thinking since men only allow women to stand on top if they can secretly profit off of it.

No. 898576

I'm the one that originally posted about how women should become business owners. I don't know about this "girlboss" term, but I was not referring to abusive female business owners, but to wholesome ones. Because the amount of female business owners is so small a lot of them are ex abuse victims that develop NPD or a form of sociopathy and they become female pimps that run porn studios and groom and abuse other girls. This is not what I want for women and this is why I'm critical of a lot of women. Because they throw other of their kind under the bus and because they become abusive of other women or tell them to satisfy men's needs. Only frustrated pick mes hurt other women that's why I think they should be kicked out. If a woman prefers to side with men and do anything for them and teach other women to pleasure men she should be thrown in the gulag. Women that refuse to contribute to female emancipation and true liberation are as harmful as men.

For things to change in society we as individuals need to make the changes for the collective and teach others by example. Women need to teach other women and influence them to become independent business owners and not in the "girlboss" sense. Our world and society and people are ran by all these small social beliefs and influences, if we actively partake in changing them, we can change the world.

Now I feel this is inappropriate for the thread. Maybe we would be allowed a thread where we could discuss ideas of actually empowering women and changing the world. A feminist thread, but not like those in the past where it's just about criticizing troons and complaining about scrotes


This is what I'm talking about, we need action but for action to be taken correctly we also need the theory.

I unironically wish we could create a small female community where we adopt other girls and teach them the ways of climbing to the top. Like a secret society centered around the emancipation of women, but not just words. Actually teaching young girls and educating them to take over.

No. 898577

>Men will never change laws or give authority away
They tightly control who gets a seat at the table, who moves where, what they can access. Little businesses are increasingly destroyed by huge industries involved in dirty, political shit. Powers that be want it this way, no one can "take them on". I think the best any individual can do is stick to personal principles. I boycott a lot, research and try to purchase (what I think) is an ethical alternative wherever possible, buy secondhand and simply go without things. I know it's not changing anything, but it helps me feel less insane. I socially shun many people too.

No. 898580

The thing is that most of those abusive female bosses are fixable, the reason why they're throwing women under the bus in droves is that they're protecting their own skin in a male-centric environment because they feel like they don't have a choice. Men on the other hand are not fixable, at worst they're devoid of empathy for women and even at best they don't care. Women should support each other in becoming business owners, hire other women and network to work together instead of fantasizing about how the only morally acceptable way is to wait patiently until someone else overthrows the patriarchy. We have a few countries with parliaments where half of the representatives are female and I very much doubt all of them are evil pickmes who only got where they are by sucking dick and stepping over other women.

No. 898581

>hip clothing company
>those bangs
lol nope

No. 898585

Its not about how a good person is, a capitalist will look for the way that they can make the most amount, do you really think a person should be earning the majority of profit from thousands of workers

No. 898587

Okay, you hold on to that "b-but I must be a good person so I can't progress to positions where I could do something about structural injustice by having the power to make decisions regarding them!" thought and tell me how's it going in 10 years. I'll wait.

No. 898596

well I'll be happy with my Job not exploiting others, I'll try to organize with other women so we can support each other, I don't need to be parasite to thrive in this world

No. 898614

>creepy submissive who wanted her to castrate them
Femdom is bullshit but I'll make an exception if it's castration

No. 898616

>doubt that men will let women get to those positions in our current society that is wishfull thinking since men only allow women to stand on top if they can secretly profit off of it.
The glass cliff. Most women get promoted to CEO/leader when the company is about to fail so they can blame it on her.

No. 898618

>most of those abusive female bosses are fixable, the reason why they're throwing women under the bus in droves is that they're protecting their own skin in a male-centric environment because they feel like they don't have a choice.
No anon most women in business are just sociopaths unfortunately, even more so than men, that's why they're allowed to climb the ranks in the first place. Not all women are pure uwu angels you need to get out of your let's all hold hands delusion.

No. 898619

Really, If a guy offered that you castrate him, would you do it ? I mean Solanes got weirded out cause fuck real blood and gore is just disgusting
Its like that guy who offered that other guy to eat him and he did

No. 898620

I agree with you, although it would come across better if you mentioned non-fetishy stuff you had control over/ made your nigel do for you. Just talking about pegging and crossdressing doesn't prove your point at all, since men can and will do these things without submitting, even if in your relationship your nigel does submit to you. Basically talking about degenerate fetishes with people not into femdom will never go over well, they will not get it and only see you as kink dispenser without knowing the emotional context of your relationship.

No. 898621

anon that poster is likely a troll scrote, I just think the whole "female led relationship" is just some cope for being in a fetish relationship, its like the fantasy of having a true matriarchal society but with women taking the role of men, which is implausible

No. 898623

nayrt but I'd tell him to Just Do It Nike® himself and leave me tf alone

No. 898627

>which in my opinion is not a femdom relationship, it's a fetish relationship
Your relationship is likely just a 'fetish relationship' too. Don't fool yourself with this nonsense. I mean that in all kindness because I spent 5 years thinking the same shit with a guy and my god do I feel retarded now looking back on it.

No. 898628

Of course I wouldn't wink

No. 898632

Even if men like playing pretend in the bedroom, they flip their shit if the woman has any modicum of control over them that doesn't involve their dick. So if he always defers to her and always puts her first/serves her non-sexually outside the bedroom as well, is it still just a fetish relationship? Also even if the woman is leading I don't think she should take on the role of the man. I hate those relationships where the woman is the breadwinner and the guy sits on his ass and jerks to porn all day not contributing.

No. 898633

i'm not phased by blood but i wouldn't do it bc it'd give the scrote satisfaction and i'm not here for that. he can do it himself

No. 898635

are you that anon who had a "sub" husband who liked chastity until one day developed some other fetish and then left you and then you realized you never had any power or authority over him in the first place, it was just his fetish you were catering to

No. 898639

File: 1630591742493.png (313.39 KB, 2476x992, 1628448356921.png)

picrel is great description of the sub male and his mentality and what the dynamic actually is

No. 898645

No not that anon. I was blindsided by a really sudden break up after years of us living together. I never got any answers but for someone so seemingly dedicated it was weird to have him just vanish. The most sudden, unexpected break up I've had. No explanation, no discussion. A one line email and his stuff cleared out of our apartment. Nothing led up to that. If anything I think he likely found some other woman to 'dedicate himself to' and he was too cowardly to face me. But I'll never know for sure.

Men I've dated who were upfront assholes at least faced me when breaking up, gave me that much consideration. I essentially mistook a roleplaying pornsick coward for a sweet guy. Once he was ready to move on he couldn't even give me 5 mins of his time to end things right.

No. 898652

I used to like power play in relationships til I realized that every nice deed a sub guy does for you can be put down to it mentally getting him off in some way. It's more about him and his dick than you. The woman who he serves isn't important and can be replaced with any other attractive woman who is willing to fuck him and boss him around. They're really no better than boyfriends who buy you a gift and expect extra bjs or thank-you sex for their generosity. Neither of those men are giving you anything, they're satisfying themselves above all else.

No. 898669

>The woman who he serves isn't important and can be replaced with any other attractive woman
But that's what I'm saying. How many guys will get off to doing boring stuff that make your life easier, like making him do your taxes for you, making him plan out elaborate dates that you'd enjoy, making him clean the house but having him do it YOUR way, etc. Many guys will do the bare minimum or will do most kinky shit, but the more catered to you and less sexual you make your demands, the more likely they will dip out. Imo that's how you filter out the guys who will actually do things that require effort and labor to make you happy (not to get off). You have to question and be sure of their intent, I think too many women are flattered and just assume they are special but don't actually make him prove it. That's the same with normal relationships too though. I think it's pretty easy to see whether or not a guy loves you for you or is just using you as a placeholder.

No. 898670

No, and I wouldn't even watch him do it to himself. I was interested in trying femdom, but the first guy I talked to in more depth who appeared to be interested started constantly harassing me to watch him give himself a painful edema and I realized there's zero submissiveness in him, it was just another type of pushiness where instead of a guy begging to hurt me, they beg me to hurt them. And that's not hot at all, and doesn't even feel sadistic anymore.

No. 898680

You should be able to do your fucking taxes and the Men I date to clean after themselves but they don't treat it like a fetish, your partner cleaning is cause its degrading and he gets off on that
also see >>898639

No. 898683

Ayrt and I just don't think all this 'make him prove it' 'make him do this task' talk is healthy. A guy who likes you will pull his own weight and treat you like he cares.. there's no need to keep 'making him' do thing that demonstrate it. If he's free of any weird sub kink and he's still just doing nice things without you having to boss him then thats healthier.

No. 898684

Kek, men only get off on cleaning if you dress them in a sissy outfit or give them sexual attention during it. Next you'll tell me janitors get off on cleaning too. And I meant cleaning your house, not if you're living together because that's just basic upkeep. Taxes, cleaning, planning, etc is all boring shit men won't do unless you make it kinky in some way, that's the point. You're a nutcase, sister.

No. 898692

You are right. I didn't mean to make him prove it as in using actual force, but looking at his actions/intent instead of just assuming he thinks you're special because he bought you some shitty gift or lets you do sexual things to him. Of course at first you should see how naturally attentive he is without interfering. And later on, making requests/demands is one way for him to learn what you like too.

No. 898731

>No anon most women in business are just sociopaths unfortunately, even more so than men
Absolute bullshit

No. 898734

I took some classes with them anon I think I'd know.

No. 898738

You took classes with most women in business?

No. 898741

Maybe you should have went outside and talked with them instead of fixating on business students.

No. 898745

Pretty sure it's Pakistani/tsundere-anon going off again

No. 898746

You're not even talking about women in business, but rather business majors? Do you not see how using a single bad college experience to tar a whole group of women is a huge overreach?

So many people compulsively dunk on women in leadership roles when in reality they've had a very limited amount of exposure to any kind of corporate environment. If you press hard enough, you can eventually get most people who bitch about girlbosses constantly to admit that they mean their annoying aunt who shills for a mlm or something.

No. 898751

I'm anti-Capitalist though, why would I make a post praising female business owners

No. 898754

Being an CEO is like being a mosquito, the Job its self is evil and parasitic and doesn't belong in society

No. 898757

Dog-lovers base their whole case on these commonplace, servile, and plebeian qualities, and amusingly judge the intelligence of a pet by its degree of conformity to their own wishes.

Catlovers escape this delusion, repudiate the idea that cringing subservience and sidling companionship to man are supreme merits, and stand free to worship aristocratic independence, self-respect, and individual personality joined to extreme grace and beauty as typified by the cool, lithe, cynical, and unconquered lord of the housetops.

The dog barks and begs and tumbles to amuse you when you crack the whip. That pleases a meekness-loving peasant who relishes a stimulus to his sense of importance.

And just as inferior people prefer the inferior animal which scampers excitedly because somebody else wants something,

so do superior people respect the superior animal which lives its own life and knows that the puerile stick-throwings of alien bipeds are none of its business and beneath its notice.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 898758

Idk, >>898545 and >>898539 gave me the same vibes. My bad

No. 898760

I fucking hate crypto/stocks twitter.
I hate when they show their faces or whatever. It's annoying, but I make money so I deal with it

No. 898783

Dog hate spergs. Cat hate spergs. Animal haters in general. They are extremely mentally ill and not trustworthy.

No. 898797

I hate spergs who try to derail threads and the people who encourage it. As funny as the posts in the scrote bait posts were, it’s best to not interact.

No. 898799

I hate it when anons also can’t detect obvious sarcastic/shit posts. I know we have genuine autists here but jesus

No. 898803

I hate parents. Enough said

No. 898818

I hate boomers, but i hate dentists more, i could shit on their graves.

No. 898831

Convinced that dentists are just mostly sadists, clamp a person's cavity open and poke them with sharp objects, what fucking freaks. Also I'll never forgive the one I had when I was a kid that went drill happy and left me with pits in each tooth, They don't even tell you how to heal small cavities, just threat it as "oh leave it up to god" basically.

No. 898845

File: 1630610530674.png (48 KB, 979x275, oeSDJK.PNG)

When people censor curse words like picrel. Where the fuck do you think we are? Just write shit, fuck, pussy, etc. It makes newfags look even more retarded than usual if they censor.

No. 898882

As a kid a dentist tried to tear out my tooth with only laughing gas against my father's wishes and my mom had to grab her when I was screaming in agony about to buck backwards off the table.
As an adult, the first dentist I thought I really liked told me my teeth were very fucked and I believed him. He filled like 15 of my teeth for me to later found out I didn't even have that many cavities and now I have a permanently sensitive tooth from all the work.
Genuinely, I don't know what the fuck is wrong with people attracted to studying dentistry.

No. 898884

No. 898887

I always imagine that they're a tween writing all of their posts on a school ipad that blocks swear words lol

No. 898893

I hate most news documentaries about "exposing" different social media sites because it's mostly the same thing every time. Every social media site is gonna have some eating disorder content, self-harming content, drug content, edited pictures and unrealistic expectations etc. To be fair to vid related it does talk about some problems unique to Tiktok which is refreshing.

No. 898895

My mom is a dentist, and i can 100% confirm there's something very, very wrong with her, my grandparents knew she was like this since birth with no major trauma in her life at all, grandpa used to say she just "lacked humanity" no matter how much they tried to teach her better ways and even tried to stop her from pursuing healthcare related jobs.
Her peers weren't any better: when i was a child, this friend of her was performing me a surgery and when i started crying and screaming he just laughed loudly, I'm not joking, he literally found my suffering hilarious, my dad almost kicks his ass off.

There was this time i had to get my wisdom teeth removed, you're supposed to remove them one at a time to minimize pain, but she literally removed all of them at one sitting which was unnecessary and frankly cruel, my jaw was so bloated my dad was concerned and thought I was having a bad reaction or something.

No. 898905

All these dentists posts are making me realize why it's been so hard for me to find a good dentist. I don't switch other doctors as often as I switch dentists. When I go in to specialists, I always have a wonderful time. My orthodontist was a sweetheart and even though I think she had just opened her practice, my teeth are great and I had minimal issues (outside of regular pain from braces). My oral surgeon was absolutely wonderful, or as wonderful as you can get for letting someone into your mouth and cut open your gums to rip out your wisdom teeth. I couldn't afford to be put under so I was awake the whole time with only local anesthesia and laughing gas to help me but there were no issues at all and my surgeon was super careful and mindful of me the whole time. I paid out of pocket for him and would 100% pay out of pocket again because I wouldn't dare trust anyone else to make the process as comfortable as he did.

I basically switch to a new dentist every year or so, and I finally have insurance again so I can finally go into a cleaning for the first time in years but… lord help me in finding a good dentist.

No. 898947

>spill the/here's the tea

No. 898966

Nta but what does have to do with their own actions? Plenty of countries have been colonized before so do we excuse their atrocities too?

No. 898987

True, usually dentists are so unsensitive. Also removed all my wisdom teeth at once as a kid because I didn't want to go back and go through that hell again and instead of being empathetic they just started comparing me to X patient cus I was crying of pain

No. 898993

I've found that euro trained dentists are good, I'm in the west. This polish lady dentist I now have is super nice and gentle.

No. 899101

So basically you just dislike zoomers

No. 899114

Depends where in Europe but I hear Polish docs are really good. Some hospitals there are like hotels. I had a Polish friend who's mom made her grow up in UK after she was 7 years old and she said that UK doctors are incredibly insufferable and useless and it was one reason she drastically missed Poland. She also would have to go to Poland just to get her Hashimoto disorder treated properly.

No. 899178

File: 1630660222545.jpg (836.32 KB, 1200x800, MoxieProducts_Lead.jpg)

In hell, this is the only beverage available

No. 899229

I hate when I'm with people watching a movie and most of the time they're not even paying attention to it. I just don't understand why you would want to put on a movie but not even watch it? Half of the time they're on their phones or getting up constantly and walking around and getting snacks and then they ask which character is which or what's currently going on. Like if I wanted to do something else other than give my full attention to a movie I wouldn't have put it on in the first place. You got plenty of opportunities to check your phone or get food throughout the day, why are you doing it now? I'd never put a movie on in the background to just ignore it, that's pointless. I give my full attention and concentration unless it's extremely boring, then I just turn it off and do something else.

No. 899242

they never talk about the bigger issue of social media companies farming your personal info

No. 899251

This drink tastes so weird. Like you take a sip and the taste is so baffling you have to take another sip to try and figure out where it stands and then you just keep doing that until the can is gone and no enjoyment was had.

No. 899367

I just hate beards so fucking much

No. 899379

nta, but i've mostly heard all of these from people a couple of years older than me and i'm right on the millenial/zoomer edge… the only one that's more zoomer than millenial to me is sksksk

No. 899501

File: 1630694785959.jpg (115.47 KB, 840x630, I_wish_I_were_a_bird.jpg)

Those weird users on tumblr that I see who like posting edgy 4chan/imageboard humor but lose their minds if you don't like trannies/use correct pronouns

No. 899518


I found myself being this guy yesterday with Beetlejuice. I paused it and went back to playing on my phone though. It's a pet peeve of mine too when people zone in and out of cinema. Only thing worse is when someone talks through the whole damn thing like my ex did.

Like, why?

No. 899622

That doesn't even look like JK's hair, can't they do anything right?

No. 899623

File: 1630700953602.png (388.21 KB, 720x719, Screenshot_2021-09-02-12-17-22…)

Finally unfollowed this retarded ass instagram account. I'm an LotR and wanted actual memes but after following this account for a while half of the memes are just shitting on JKR/Harry Potter for no apparent reason. Not to mention the memes are from Reddit and the account is run by a Reddit scrote.

No. 899624

Sorry had to delete/repost because of spelling. But yeah I think they were trying to make her look like a 'karen' or something I guess.

No. 899630

LotR is so goddamn boring, I could never get into it. Scrotes always shill it as this peak perfect taste fantasy

No. 899656

No one looks good with a beard

No. 899658

I hate them too, I wonder why tumblr has so many edgelords now. Offensive humour is back in again I guess.

No. 899659

I dont mind both series, but LOTR was a lot more fun because of the movies from the early 2000s. Now starwars is the one fandom i cannot stand or tolerate at all.

No. 899660

A lot of terms like sis, spill the tea, sus and deadass are terms from the 90s though. They were usually used by gay men or minorities. A lot of zoomers took language from millennial times.

No. 899668

Still sounds retarded regardless.

No. 899838

There's this one girl I've been following for six or seven years already, who's exactly that. I'm still suspecting her tranny support is just some performative bs to keep the rabid kinnies off of her back because it's so over the top it seems ironic (and I know for a fact she's active on here, though maybe it's just the cow boards), but a lot of actual TRAs seem over the top and ironic too, and they're completely serious, so I'll just keep watching her situation.

No. 899880

Young women are responsible for something like 90% of language change or some insanely high number (can’t remember exactly) and people generally hate language change. Also people literally always hate whatever trend is happening with teen girls linguistic or otherwise.

No. 899883

I mean the autistic fixation with hating trannies is a relatively new thing on imageboards. Also I don’t really get why it’s unfathomable someone could like some aspects of imageboard culture and not others.

No. 899888

Kek, no, it's not. 4chan has always disliked trannies, with the exception of jerking off to trap porn (Bridget from Guilty Gear and Bailey Jay). They even used to mock them with the "I wish to be the little girl" meme.
Since trannies kept forcing themselves, the hatred also became that much more obvious. Pretty simple.

No. 899892

I’m obviously not saying 4chan was filled with trans rights activism but it was not mentioned at a remotely comparable rate to the past few years. This is even more true with lolcow and also just the mainstream media in general. The culture war trans thing has been more focal recently than it had for a while. I didn’t really think anyone would disagree with that. Also imo there is way more general misogyny than explicit transphobia, both then and now, on 4chan so people could ask the same thing about why users here/tumblr users don’t like experiencing misogyny but still use 4chan/enjoy imageboard humour. I don’t really think it’s that confusing.

No. 899908

>people could ask the same thing about why users here/tumblr users don’t like experiencing misogyny but still use 4chan/enjoy imageboard humour.
Because a lot of us are women who used imageboards when we were dumb kids with internalized misogyny (but we stayed for the occasional good threads, or for /cgl/) and now that Lolcow exists, we don't need to deal with 4chan scrotes or pander to males in general.
Tumblr/TikTok non-binaries who've been using bunself pronouns since like, 2014/2015, call everyone and everything that doesn't include dick a TERF or Nazi, kin as Danganronpa characters and say that someone disliking an anime character/kpop star or having a name that starts with "J" is so triggering to them that they'll have a panic attack if they see it just don't have that same backstory.
If you ask them what /cgl/ is or what "sage" means, they won't even know what you're talking about. They wouldn't last 30 minutes on an actual imageboard without having a meltdown, whether it's back in the early/mid 2000s or now. They just want to be cool internet counterculture (without actually being…counterculture in any way) because they know all their own shit with the heckin doggo pupperino smol cactus child Rupi Kaur poetry is lame. They're even calling themselves "femcels" now, lmao.

No. 899918

The original post just referenced using the “correct pronouns” which is not really an extreme thing to most people, I don’t think they were talking about
>Tumblr/TikTok non-binaries who've been using bunself pronouns since like, 2014/2015, call everyone and everything that doesn't include dick a TERF or Nazi, kin as Danganronpa characters and say that someone disliking an anime character/kpop star or having a name that starts with "J" is so triggering to them that they'll have a panic attack if they see it just don't have that same backstory.
Or at least that’s not how I interpreted it and isn’t really the tumblr users I see using imageboard humour. That being said, I always see people say things like this here “I don’t get how a non radfem/tra/libfem/whatever could lurk here” and it’s just strange to me. Like you see opinions you think are wrong or people you think are idiots on every social media platform as well. It’s not that hard to just ignore posts you think are bad. I think most users here understand that a woman could browse /r9k/, a black person could browse /pol/ but seem to not be able to fathom a woman who isn’t a radfem could read some terf post and just not care (something which doesn’t even affect them personally unlike the other two). It just feels like this weird and delusional sense of self importance.

No. 899924

Most women who actively browse /r9k/ don't try to uplift humor/culture from it unless they actually agree and are tradthots or something, and the same goes for most black people who browse /pol/.
If you continually insert yourself in and try to "represent" the culture of a community that's openly hostile to what you believe in, it's likely that your public-facing beliefs are largely performative and/or exaggerated. How are you going to spam "trans rights" on all your accounts, and then go hang out with people who will remind you that men are trash and refuse to downplay what trannies do when they're allowed in female prisons, dressing rooms, etc? Kek, betrayal.

No. 899935

This literally just isn’t true at all. Most of the women you see on /r9k/ claim to be radfems and seemingly go there to argue or troll or for outrage porn or whatever. Even beside from that, I think there’s numerous reasons people do it like just morbid curiosity or like a personal lolcow thing.
>If you continually insert yourself in and try to "represent" the culture of a community that's openly hostile to what you believe in, it's likely that your public-facing beliefs are largely performative and/or exaggerated.
I disagree. I don’t feel like using a imagboard is remotely like being in a community with those people, all of whom are anonymous, and you have personal contact with, and no idea how many other people there even are. I always found it weird when people say that.
>How are you going to spam "trans rights" on all your accounts, and then go hang out with people who will remind you that men are trash and refuse to downplay what trannies do when they're allowed in female prisons, dressing rooms, etc?
Posting on the same website as someone isn’t “hanging out with them”. I don’t get why this is something people seem to exclusively feel about imageboards and no other websites. There are people with the exact same beliefs on every social media platform. I don’t think reading the words of someone with a bad opinion is itself like a moral failure. In fact someone could probably make the argument it’s good to be aware of what your “opponents” are saying.

No. 899939

>Most of the women you see on /r9k/ claim to be radfems
The exact opposite is true, lmao. Radfems who go to troll are a sadly small minority. I used to lurk that cesspool and watch other girls/women who used it. Mostly grooming victims, heavy internalized misogynists, mentally ill, etc.
I feel like you live in an alternate universe or something. Websites like this are definitely communities, and board culture has always existed (even the term "board culture" is recognized). Sorry, but any normal person who finds out what Lolcow is and that you come here will be like "Ew, why are you on a TERF site where they harass trans and cis women? And you're using their humor? No you're suspicious". Men who browse 4chan are known as racists and incels, too. Even pop culture references that label (like that scene in You). The cope is boring, you have two different personas depending on what site you're on, see you next thread kek

No. 899960

You see people claim to be radfems all the time there? Most of the posts where the poster explicitly identifies as a women they are generally disagreeing with some incel. If you genuinely are going to act like that is not an extremely common thing you see there these days then it does seem like you live in an alternate reality.
>Websites like this are definitely communities, and board culture has always existed (even the term "board culture" is recognized).
I guess in the sense that “twitter culture” or “tumblr culture” is a community but that means nothing to me and I don’t think it can be considered a culture in any meaningful sense. It’s like when I would see men on /r9k/ argue about who is or isn’t a true robot like it’s unbelievable to me that is something that actually means something to anyone and they care about. It’s so stupid.
>Sorry, but any normal person who finds out what Lolcow is and that you come here will be like "Ew, why are you on a TERF site where they harass trans and cis women? And you're using their humor? No you're suspicious". Men who browse 4chan are known as racists and incels, too. Even pop culture references that label (like that scene in You).
I don’t disagree? I think this is probably true in a lot of cases and already answered this, I think it makes no sense that this is something people do exclusively for imageboards and not every other social media site. You can see every kind of political ideology you see on imageboards on twitter/tumblr and I have never understood this idea that imageboards are like uniquely depraved.
>you have two different personas depending on what site you're on
Sure to the extent that literally everyone does, in that you probably don’t act the same on your university’s blackboard discussion board as you do your anonymous tumblr account as you do your irl Instagram account etc. but what I fundamentally believe doesn’t change between them. It’s also stupid to use this as some kind of point when every other post in the vent thread is some radfem whining about not being able to be honest with their irl friends about what they think because they would all ditch them lol (which btw if you have to tell major lies about what your values are and who you are to maintain your “friends” you essentially already don’t have any actual friends). But I agree it’s boring so agree to disagree.

No. 900256

My mother

No. 900281

File: 1630766718459.jpg (101.31 KB, 509x339, istockphoto-820376276-170667a.…)

Me too.

No. 900285

File: 1630766793144.jpg (244.25 KB, 1280x720, ADVIERHD.jpg)

this new trend of overly colorful stuffed animals. they are tacky

No. 900321

I live in the UK and went to high school in the US for a little while. A shocking amount of kids seriously asked me "Do they speak English in England?". Like stop and think about the prefix both of those words share, then tell me what you think the answer might be. Fucking morons.

No. 900468

When someone begins their sentence with "It's amusing how". You just know immediately that you're about to hear some really smug, condescending shit.

No. 900578

File: 1630792876474.png (853.7 KB, 975x1813, 8753224799053.png)

This bitch. I would beat his ass so hard that his twin brother can feel it.

No. 900581

Okay but give me his cow pillow please when you're done beating him I want it

No. 900596

I hate those so much. Especially the ones with sequins, what's the point of a stuffed animal that's not even soft and cuddly.

No. 900598

I want to beat his ass too anon

No. 900601

File: 1630796630701.jpg (242.79 KB, 1080x1545, light.jpg)

I can't fucking stand this bitch.

No. 900604

Same but leave his twin out of this, he's literally the cutest one out of them.

No. 900609

I just think it's weird because they'll laugh at racist/sexist humor, post gore/self harm, reblog from proana and skinhead blogs,make cutesy posts about wanting to be kidnapped and raped, but the moment you misgender them suddenly you have gone way too far. Misgendering someone is baby shit in comparison to having a liveleak gif of someone being murdered on your blog imo

No. 900634

it really gives the lie to a lot of internet edgelords that they'll repeat 2edgy takes all day long about every subject, racism, fascism, hitler, whatever, it's all in good fun, but when someone says even something mild about trans people, or even about specific crazy troons like the alpaca ranch people, suddenly words matter and YOU'RE HURTING PEOPLE AND KILLING VULNERABLE TRANS BABIES. like… what the fuck

No. 900636

honestly just passing through but I would absolutely CHUCK and PUNT a trans baby onto the ground if no one was looking. kinda fucked but really. I mean really. who will do anything about it

No. 900637

No. 900652


No. 900654

No, no they didn't. No one hated trannies in 2012 or talked about them at all for that matter because they were like 0.0000000000001% percent of the population. Hating trannies back then would have been equivalent to hating Mormons or furries, they were such a tiny insignificant group. I only started noticing the tranny hate threads popping up around 2015-2016, after Jenner trooned out. It all happened so fast.

No. 900655

Obvious bait is obvious

No. 900660

Did you miss the yiff in hell period of the internet?

>I only started noticing the tranny hate threads popping up around 2015-2016, after Jenner trooned out. It all happened so fast

Hating trannies became mainstream on image boards during gamergate due to troons like Nick Nyberg and Wesley Bailey. It's spread to other boards because trannies keep appearing in board related news. /g/ doesn't shut up about troons because there are so many of them in software development.

No. 900661

Yeah that’s also around the time when gender shit was rampant on tumblr.

No. 900668

I hate how I for so many fucking years I seriously believed my skin is something that has to be covered in foundation at all times around people, I didn't even have really shit skin, just average. I like doing makeup still but have done foundation maybe twice in 3 years.

No. 900700

Having lived though the full-coverage matte makeup era, I feel like it's one of the few experiences that really separates younger millennials and zoomers. Like I will never be able to convey the manic zeal that everyone had in 2010 for abolishing dewy skin. It's something that takes having used one of those clinique matte powder compacts that made you always look just a little ashy to understand.

No. 900708

aren't zoomers into the dewy look now? i've seen an increase in that (even tho it just makes them look like sweaty melted wax figures)

No. 900737

>autistic fixation with hating trannies

ah yes it's the people who are done with tranny bullshit who have an autistic fixation, not the middle aged men trying to convince people they're really gorgeous young girly girls just born in the wrong body uwu.

>I don’t really get why it’s unfathomable someone could like some aspects of imageboard culture and not others.

nta but I think it's more the irony if "look how edgy I am" by posting edgy imageboard humor then turning around and being a snowflake about pronouns.

No. 900746

You sound new as fuck, or delusional. Also, everyone hated furries.

No. 900749

frankly, furries and troons are the same kind of people: they put on a costume because of insecurity and call it their "real true self".

No. 900754

Everyone has always hated trannies anon

No. 900755

I had literally never even encountered the idea that I was expected to think that troons were "real women" until around 2012 when somebody on /mu/ I think told me so.

That being said, it was EXACTLY around 2012 that this started in a big way. I remember troll threads on /v/ suggesting that Ashley from Mass Effect was going to be revealed as a tranny in ME3 leading up to the release of that game in, early 2012. I consider 2012 to be the year that 4chan got "political" for real.

But did 4chan hate trannies in like, 2009? No.

I associate furry hate with SA more than 4chan.

No. 900758

File: 1630818841339.gif (813.42 KB, 320x240, B6BFF638-5284-4293-823C-18A39D…)

I hate whenever other dummies post their relationship problems or casual shit in the vent thread, get the hell out and post in the correct thread. There’s an unpopular opinions thread, there’s a nasty food thread, there’s a relationship advice in /g/, most of that shit isn’t even venting it’s literally just waiting for the inevitable validation and empty replies. I want the thread to mope and be a doomer bitch back, I don’t want any to see any of this lukewarm bullshit, all of the scrote-posting, all of the incessant debates about the same shit over and over again (radfems go to ovarit or go derail in the MtF thread and then get banned so we never have to see your millionth sperging about male gaze yes we know, get some variety please most people here don’t disagree with but you’re the disease slowly killing any fun), the deliberate self-posting that hasn’t been banned (no one wants to see your hideous brown mole or again nasty heart-stopping food), schizos that keeps spamming news links in the celebricows thread like an actual embarrassing retard; these people should be straight up banned for posting any of this junk. Get angry at this and then ignore it because you don’t like what you’re reading. I doubt even half of you can even read and wouldn’t be surprised if most of you are illiterate. It’s the same shit everyday, I would not be surprised if this website completely shut down at the end of year. No matter how much you sage, how much you hide, the toxic combination of female autism and gossiping will make you explode. Tl;dr I hate the current userbase

No. 900760

I've read this post three times and I still can't tell if I agree with you or not.

No. 900761

No one can read that entire post in 30-40 seconds, so you didn’t read it at all you lazy cow.

No. 900762

I'm not esl like 90% of the userbase.

No. 900763

Holy shit those braised short ribs really set you off huh?

No. 900768

nona replied to that post 3 minutes and 24 seconds later, what 30-40 seconds

No. 900769

She should sued for letting my eyes be exposed to that.

No. 900771

Anon, if someone is venting about their relationships problems, that still belongs in the vent thread. You need to relax.

No. 900773

>I hate when people vent about their relationship problems in the vent thread

jesus christ bitch calm the fuck down.

I do hate it when people post stuff in the vent thread that is in no way shape or form a vent though, it used to not be a big deal but it's happening so much it's getting annoying as fuck.

No. 900774

Samefag, but it your post honestly just makes it sound like you're upset that the people in the vent thread aren't as miserable as you want them to be. Literally who cares if the vent posts aren't sad enough

No. 900775

File: 1630819968637.png (498.45 KB, 990x716, blg.png)

>But did 4chan hate trannies in like, 2009? No.
Hostility and mockery toward LGBT people was rampant. Literally any oldfag would confirm this. If you were only on like…/mu/ or any other hobby board (besides maybe /a/) without much focus on general discussion or humor, you probably didn't pay much attention and that's a you thing, really.
They frequently made fun of them, and it just intensified and became more vitriolic as the tranny shit was pushed more and more. They were very fixated on hatred toward the far-left sub r/ShitRedditSays in 2011 specifically.

No. 900782

I don't agree with your interpretations of images like that. In the case of that image specifically, people were making fun of fat neckbeards rping as anime girls. Nobody at that time had any clue how things would end up. Nobody thought that the President of the USA would be speaking up for the rights of, people like that.

It's like when people say 4chan was always racist because /b/ was full of black people jokes. It's like, yes, but also no. It was different then.

It doesn't matter though. All the old 4chan archives have been nuked. Any interpretation of the old days is hearsay.

No. 900787

File: 1630820690967.png (759.48 KB, 1000x668, cd3d1c00d8b803708ccb88033cb195…)

I didn't read all of the first post, but I did see the second post, and now I know what's up.
I said it before, and I'll say it again: You didn't deserve the fucking manicotti. Learn some matters, hobgoblin ass. I can tell you're one of those people who talks shit and goes on about their "fine taste", but then scarfs every single scrap down anyway and leaves the plate empty like a good little piggy. No one should ever cook for you. Ungrateful, sour pussy. I know your kitchen smells like despair and no seasoning.

No. 900790

File: 1630820931498.jpeg (26.28 KB, 367x500, 847169841228430465.jpeg)

>2000's era /b/ wasn't racist it was IRONIC RACISM!!! It's very complex!

No. 900791

Yeah. There was a difference between /b/ black people jokes, and /new/ or /pol/ genuine stormfrontposting. It wasn't the same thing.

And yeah it was very complex. Go try to read some published book about the subject and laugh at how absurdly misinformed the author is about every single subject. Provided you date back to at least 2010.

No. 900792

File: 1630821293775.jpg (119.69 KB, 805x691, aaa.jpg)

the racism was almost always ironic to an extent, people seem to forget that 4chan cheered when Obama got elected.
It's when racism became a counterculture that the image boards turned and it all became genuine

No. 900794

File: 1630821429955.jpg (43.13 KB, 550x480, 1883216079-Slavery-Reinstated-…)

like, this was old /b/ racism. tell me this isn't ironic.

No. 900795

>post their relationship problems or casual shit in the vent thread
maybe they don't want your shitty mopey doomer bitch ""advice"" and just want to vent anonymously

other than that you're not even wrong

No. 900798

File: 1630821700987.jpg (51.67 KB, 640x465, 1548735345378.jpg)

>yeah it was very complex

No. 900800

You’re a pick-me for 4chan. It will always be a horrible place for astroturfers, racists,misogynists and pedophiles and oldfags have admitted that for ages. Only the newbies think it’s an innocent website just for edgy and controversial jokes, it’s not it’s an imageboard it will always be a clusterfuck mess full of criminals and loners that should have been wiped off the internet long ago. The media is actually right about 4chan no matter how out-of-touch they seem, it was always a menace to society.

>I WAS JUST A PRANK BRO!11111!!!!!!!

This is why I can’t stand tomboys. There was nothing ironic or satirical about that at all? It’s just dumb and unfunny.

No. 900801

What tomboys have to do with what you talked about ?

No. 900803

the biggest difference between 4chan racism then and now is the lengths people go to prove they're racist or convert other people. you didn't used to see people posting statistics and graphs, they just called you a nigger and that was the end of it. often you'd see an off-color joke at the expense of some other race, but that's all it was. jokes.
so shut the fuck up Nigger

No. 900805

>It will always be
wtf does that have to do with the way that it was over 10 fucking years ago. get a grip. 4chan sucks and I stopped going there regularly in 2013. Now I only go when I'm high on amphetamines to troll the normies on /adv/. Doesn't change the reality that it wasn't the same in 2008. Literally fucking nothing on the internet is.

No. 900806

File: 1630822192368.png (94.02 KB, 240x210, 1701CE9F-EEBF-4E1A-872E-ECED51…)

Go back to kiwifarms, failson, Null wants you back.

No. 900807

kiwifarms was different in 2014, but ok. You can actually confirm this because they still have a record. like 90% of the current kiwi userbase have post 2019 joindates.

no, in truth it wasn't always overrun with tradcath incels.

No. 900808

she almost reminds me of that anon who constantly complains about first worlders and general competitive posters

No. 900809

not that based anon but she probably meant 'tomboy' purely in the sense of a girl who 'acts like a boy' by imitating their dipshit behavior. I'm guessing it wasn't referring broadly to all girls who have short hair and play sports or what have you.

No. 900811

Yeah, in 2008 it had more unironic pedos and CP. Very innocent, ironic fun. GTFO

No. 900812

wtf is a competitive poster and why am I going to use that term for now on

yeah that’s what I meant anon, not tomboys but maybe NLOGS? not even NLOGS I can’t describe it, it’s despicable that any woman would find an outdated 4chan greentext meme hilarious. it’s either a male or an anon who is sadly mistaken that LC is as crusty and disorganized as 4chan

No. 900813

"My sides are in orbit!"
"I salute you sir"
Please get new material for fucks sake and make it less obvious you exist off pizza rolls and mountain dew

No. 900817

Definition of changing the goalposts. I was arguing with people all over the internet in 2009 when Roman Polanski was being threatened with extradition charges to the US for raping a 12 year old girl. The general attitudes on the internet at large were different on the matter of pedophilia back then.

No. 900818

Occasionally I run across AU fics of anime characters as incels (Like Incel!Deku), and it makes me cringe every time. I don't understand how incels could be attractive to someone. I also saw a Nazi Eren Jaeger fic once.

No. 900822

>it’s despicable that any woman would find an outdated 4chan greentext meme hilarious
who found what greentext hilarious?

No. 900827

what they posted >>900792

No. 900829

>I-It was a different time! Stop shaming the scrotes!

No. 900834

lol by competitive poster i mean, like as the name says treating every problem as a competition even with serious problems. other than that certain vent anon another example would be some of the anons in the previous lucinda threads making fun of her self-harm scars, calling them 'chicken scratches' and saying how they got deeper cuts than that, that sort of thing. i'm assuming all self-harm's pretty harmful regardless of what type of cuts it is.

No. 900835

That is the exact opposite of what I was saying. 4chan's explicit pedophilia was COMMON to the general discourse around the internet, and even in mass media circles. Holding 4chan SPECIFICALLY responsible for being flippant about pedophilia is covering for the culture at large, which was literally saying that kids could "consent" to sex with 40 year olds.
I heard that ALL OVER the internet back then. But sure, blame it on 4chan specifically because they had the funny pedobear meme.

No. 900838

As someone who is, I can't explain it. I have an incel fetish and I'm so sorry for it. I think it's the qt virgin docile weirdo thing.

No. 900842

And the "baby fuck it's awwwright" meme. And /l/. And so on.
It's always been a cesspool because it's where scrotes went to be even more unfiltered than they were everywhere with standards, cope.

No. 900844

How long did /l/ even last? Less than a year? I don't feel ashamed in admitting that I'm too much of a newfag to have seen it. moot himself only tolerated pedos until he realized they were serious and then started cooperating with the FBI.

No. 900849

File: 1630825924710.jpg (692.16 KB, 1920x1080, 1533612857205.jpg)

Its hard to explain, most of the women who are attracted to "Incel types" usually mean guys that look like picrel
skinny, weird, cute, has a full head of hair and just the right of Unkempt
another term term used is "trash daddy" or "roach daddy" but its basically attraction towards semi-good looking dudes who are also kinda gross
Incel types being sexually frustrated Virgins is another factor of the attraction, cause these girls know these guys have never been with a woman so they will be their firsts which kinda makes it special in a way

No. 900853

only character I can think of that fits this mold is that shutin weirdo in twin peaks that donna likes

No. 900855

I have more of the last reason listed. I also have a desire to help them and look after them. When I say I liked incels I mean I unironically went scoping through /r9k/ and getting flutters over robots. I also like weird looking people. I like "unique" features.

No. 900856

>fetishizing incels
Well there’s something you don’t see everyday. I can’t imagine doing that though since so many of them are violent or severely mentally ill.

No. 900857

File: 1630826409026.jpeg (165.51 KB, 657x486, C46ACC49-E1F1-4974-9B2E-422803…)

that’s not what my urban dictionary says

No. 900858

Samefag, I forgot to add School Shooter AUs to this. I think that's the worst one.
I guess I can see what you mean, but it seems like they like the fact that they hate women too tbh.

No. 900860

>I mean I unironically went scoping through /r9k/ and getting flutters over robots
k just don't come back 5 years from now saying that you wasted your youth dating an insane neet and now you've decided all men are trash.

Most men are trash and need help. You don't need to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find somebody to fix.

No. 900865

NecessarySpeed4, you're back

No. 900869

Jokes on you, anon. I've already been mentally battered by numerous incels and am in my late 20s and want to die. I used past tense for a reason. I still sometimes return to r9k to read posts and cry because even though I know they're vastly shitty people and I know it I can't emotionally swallow why I spent a decade sympathizing with them and trying to help people only to be kicked so bad and be told it was my fault I ended up almost 30 and alone. Even though in a way they're kind of right it's not for the reason they believe.

No. 900870

No. 900873

One could say my post is misplaced as a vent post but you have to admit- it was pretty fucking hatable.

No. 900876

no hate just girl
you can find total losers who don't also want to kill you
jesus christ

No. 900879

nta but its a waste seeing cute boys waste themselves online, its an absolute tragedy
There should be service which pairs young cute boys with older women

No. 900886

They didn't want to kill me, they just were always unsure and greedy people. Incels can shoot from feeling lucky to have you to whining to you about how they want to date more people, how they wish you looked different, how they wish you were younger. They usually just made me feel terrible about myself while I adored them. They are all the things they project onto women.

No. 900888

I'm sad to say my first reaction to realizing how shallow incels are was to desire to get a better job so I could afford to lure some neet to just stay in my house and I take care of him and he's a stay at home boyfriend. Its ironic looking back, its like choosing to be a single mom without ever giving birth.

No. 900894

wow that sounds dumb, I think cute neet boys needs jobs for their own betterment

No. 900896

File: 1630829339784.jpeg (97.19 KB, 828x311, 6F69D2A9-16B9-4F9C-9F8D-CD1028…)

No. 900898

4channers really have no life or internal dialogue aside from their impotent male fantasies huh?
All they can do is cry about muh jooz, muh chads and obsess over women.
Men are subhuman as it is, but 4channers wallow in it shamelessly. At least normal men make an effort to SEEM like a normal person.

No. 900904

that was alarmingly fast

No. 900905

File: 1630830576309.png (15.2 KB, 1078x112, Me.png)

>I'm in this picture and I don't like it

No. 900906

It seems we have male lurkers. It's the same on CC.

No. 900907

misery (1990)

No. 900908

Kek, seems like nonna stuck a nerve.

No. 900909

Is this true though? I mean repressed girls are a big portion of this site but most can leave the have & enjoy having friends. Also most live in normal/semi-normal “second world” countries

No. 900911


Wait there’s girls on /tv/? It’s been years since I was on there but where all the lovely TITS OR GTFOs???? It used to be a traditional greeting.

No. 900912

>Also most live in normal/semi-normal “second world” countries
Huh? I'm pretty sure most anons aren't Eastern European, this place is majority American just like the rest of the English speaking internet.

No. 900915

>fetishizing incels
Gay and cringe. This is why women will never be free.

No. 900917

I hate when old manga get rereleased but the new editions have hardcovers, or they're way larger or it's a compilation of the entire thing in one book, or any combinaison of the three. How the fuck am I gonna put the book in my handbag to read it in public transport or during lunch break? I really should have bought the normal edition of Paradise Kiss back in high school, fuuuck.

No. 900919

Most girls here live in normal countries, it's just the Pakistani and the tsundere shitposter that are terminally online and post a lot.

No. 900922

Who are they??? I can never spot their dumb posts

No. 900925

Well there's at least 2 Pakistani anons(including me) and we have some other misc Muslim users, most of us hate our countries and would give anything for escape

No. 900935

Really? I feel like we're pretty international, at least compared to other English speaking websites.

No. 900936

Just search for "rad fem" (with the space between it) in literally any thread in the past 2 weeks, including this one.

I think anon just meant that one poster and not all anons from that country, being born in an awful country is none of your fault after all.

No. 900937

File: 1630834542732.jpg (116.35 KB, 1072x1058, 822771718288382.jpg)

No. 900939

i always forget how many finnanons we have here. does this account for anons who use vpns?

No. 900940

File: 1630834908790.jpg (35.97 KB, 617x347, aussieshitpiost.jpg)

Good evening to my fellow 5.30%ers!

No. 900947

File: 1630835957533.jpeg (15.85 KB, 351x351, 5EAA3BE8-CD9D-4FB6-9E49-150422…)

The fact I used to get paid minimum wage for being a caretaker/cleaning person while scrotes are getting paid hundred of thousands of dollars, maybe even more, for running around and throwing a stupid ball like mentally stunted toddlers. I could go on about people getting paid more than me for the most useless shit, but a bunch of premium faggots wearing the ugliest outfits while being all sweaty and stinky and yelling HUT!! occasionally just having millions sit in their bank accounts while I got paid dust for dealing with a fucking deranged old woman angers me the most. I hate this homosexual planet and its retarded civilization. Fuck fuck FUCK

No. 900951

I agree to an extent, all athletes need support as well as fame but allowing a small minority to be millionaires is dumb

No. 900952

Athletes who gets payed thousands or millions of dollars are getting all this money because of sponsors and ads. They're the equivalent of influencers basically and I can't stand that we're all supposed to pretend we should care about football.

No. 900956

File: 1630836791893.jpg (144.13 KB, 1080x1355, Screenshot_20210905-121139_Ins…)

I find it absolutely cringy when artists draw themselves as overly attractive. I've never seen one artist that irl actually looks as attractive as they draw themselves, it feels narcissistic as fuck to me.
Picrel is a self-portrait of a she/they artist that made me realize how much I hate this.

No. 900957

Surprising. Not gonna lie, 3rd world anons are annoying, esp the vocal pakistani anons (no offense), so I think that's why it seems full of them here at times.

No. 900959

File: 1630836976493.jpeg (491.17 KB, 1970x1549, DMHkS07WkAETwqZ.jpeg)

Her irl.
I also realised I hate the 'baby prostitute' style of clothes and art that's so popular on insta now.

No. 900961

File: 1630837222226.jpg (614.83 KB, 1920x817, Polish_20210905_122025991.jpg)

Another example

No. 900964

No. 900965

ngl I hate it when artists only draw self-portraits to begin with. I never got it, why would you be so obsessed with drawing yourself all the time? It always gives me weird narcissistic vibes.

God not this dude, he's the guy I immediately thought about kek. he draws himself as a greek god and the wife as some pornified marvel heroine and the contrast between their irl forms is uncanny.

No. 900967

I saw one recently of a hot girl type illustration and the artist irl is so frumpy and abuses filters on pics/videos. So many artists do it, it's like reverse body dysphoria and it's super embarrassing.

No. 900970

>'baby prostitute' style of clothes
What's that?

No. 900972

>Finland 4.31%
Holy shit Finnanons rise up, never realized how many of us are here. torille

Still surprised at the US visitors being only 46% and even UK, Australia and Canada put together I was expecting around 80% English speakers or so. Guess there are plenty of ESLs here after all.

No. 900976

I call that the style that reminds me of Persephone from Lore Olympus. Childish patterns, pink and white, cute, fur and fluff but very revealing, DDLG-adjacent trashy clothes paired with stilletos or very high platforms, pink bdsm collars.
I've seen a lot of popular art/girls with this style last two or so years.

No. 900982

Don’t you mean g’day??

No. 901019

Good evening! Anyone else in lockdown?

No. 901022

Idk why people think non-native English speakers are a tiny minority. Maybe it's because my native language has a (relatively) small pool of users so "my side" of the internet is dead (or at least extremely slow and small) but from my perspective the "English side" of the internet is where everything's happening, at least for internet in the West. So when millions upon millions speak enough English to communicate with it online, even if from every non-native English country a small percentage goes onto English internet spaces, doesn't it make sense a lot of websites are going to have a relatively high number of non-native English speakers.

No. 901032

From my own experiences there are only 4 real corners of the Internet
English language Internet
Arabic language Internet
Spanish language Internet
Russian language Internet

all other corners have too little users to form proper communities and subcultures

No. 901045

not even a fujo but i hate yumejoshis so much. they're a bunch of sexually entitled, narcissistic, homophobic, immature bitches. especially fuck you, komaeda-chan, komaeda is canonly gay and your posts nearly made me vomit.

No. 901046

>komaeda is canonly gay
Literally who gives a fuck

No. 901048

What about China?

No. 901049

Tsundere-chan is an anon who keeps making these huge spergy rants about how much she hates this site and is supposedly leaving, but she never ever fucking leaves lmao. She usually comes back to respond to the anons who responded to her.

Pakistan anon is not any anon from Pakistan, but a specific one who spergs about her country/culture in unrelated discussions, sometimes will mention her uncle too for some reason, talks about wanting to holocaust arabs, rarely sages, and tends to capitalize random words that don't actually need to be capitalized.

No. 901050

All true, but I wish to specifically genocide gulf arabs and Syrians(a-logging)

No. 901053

not this shitto again. didn't you already do this bait a few months ago?
unrelated but i'm starting to hate that one anon in celebricows who seems to be a merge of a lost boomer and a LSA poster, like using tons of capslock and unnecessary, outdated reaction pics. also the link spammer.

No. 901055

I know this is bait but the idea of an anon seething because someone has the same husbando as them and calling them "sexually entitled" is really funny.

No. 901056

I love you too anon

No. 901058

Didn't ko-chan leave the farm btw?

No. 901060

I think she just stopped posting about Komaeda cause some anons were saying they were annoyed by the Komaeda posts I miss her

No. 901061

i don't have husbandos, i'm a lesbian, fuck off. it's yumejoshits who are sexually entitled and seethe over other bitches having the same husbando as them as well as fujos and bl ships

No. 901062

How can a person be sexually entitled over a drawing though

No. 901063

did she just want to fuck him or did she kin him ? the only thing I could think of it being an issue for is avatarfagging

No. 901065

She got a bit too much but I hope she is still with us.
Oh no I can't believe there are women out there who feel sexually entitled to anime boys, how horrific kek.

No. 901066

by seething over any ship of her husbando that isn't with herself, it's femcel shit

No. 901068

File: 1630852067662.png (22.54 KB, 1496x124, komaeda with a pussy.PNG)

Both, I think. That's why she made all those posts about his dick

No. 901070

Komaeda is a badly drawn cartoon, girl, take your meds.

No. 901071

where/when does this happen

No. 901072

Finally someone said it, the danganronpa artstyle is so ugly.

No. 901078

I mean it depends in what corner of the internet you are I guess. I got trashtalked and called "yumejo" for the first time by fujos, even though I haven't said shit, just enjoyed my husbando content, regardless of what ship he was portrayed in. Some women make lusting over 2D men serious business.

No. 901087

Just based on the first and second games since that's what I played, I'd say the character designer has good ideas and someone else should have drawn the character's in-game portraits with a more consistent style. It's insane how many fanartists make the characters look accurate but way better without even trying just because they have a better style.

No. 901088

Chinese social media is heavily censored and ain't nobody learning Chinese casually

No. 901092

Seconding this

No. 901115

People who claim that they are fashionistas and then end up wearing beige from head to toe and have every clothing item in a beige color. You are boring and have the wardrobe of an 80 year old

No. 901118

I thought that's what women over 25 should dress like according to lolcow

No. 901119

You've tried this bait at least twice a week nonnie, we all know you're not a fujo and are trying to stir up shit to bitch in /meta/ about how nasty rapey pedo fujos need to be driven off this site

No. 901124

Sorry anon but I actually kin Komaeda and from ALL of my canon Komaeda memories I can 100% confirm that he likes pussy very much. What you are saying is literally SLANDER.

No. 901135

Men who think they are being revolutionary by wearing a women's suit jacket but are silent on actual women's rights.

No. 901136

File: 1630858359148.jpg (79.63 KB, 801x800, queerman.jpg)

No. 901140

I have a friend that's deep down the conspiracy rabbit hole and she always tries to talk to me like she's cracked the code. She's mentally ill and her medications have completely fried her brain, which she's admitted herself, yet she talks positively about anti-lockdown protests and ignores they're run by fascists.

It's so fucking annoying when I'm trying to have a nice night and engage in positive activities only to receive a huge paragraph of these ramblings that I feel too bad to ignore because I'm her only other girl friend.

No. 901144

I hate people who have kids. I don't hate kids, it's not their fault. But I think having kids is selfish, narcissist, a burden to society, and just stupid as fuck. If I see someone with multiple kids I assume they're ignorant and or poor. Bringing kids into this world is cruel. No reason to do it.
When I hear children screaming on the train I want to bash their parents heads into the window.

No. 901145

Please, don't enable her delusions. It won't make her better. I had to walk a way from a friendship like this, because the delusions and ramblings just escalated.

No. 901147

We live on opposite sides of the country, so we only really chat over text and so I can just go "yeah" and "that sucks" but it's hard to just leave her in the dust. I literally left her mentally ill self in the middle of Europe when I asked her to come with me in the first place but she pissed me off so much I caught a flight home

That was several years ago but we've since reconnected, and she hasn't been the same since her meds fried her.

No. 901148

File: 1630859551861.jpg (124.93 KB, 603x586, Untitled.jpg)

i hate when people try to pretend that nonverbal autism is some beautiful thing that must be accepted by all. not only is the whole family damaged by this condition but the autistic child will literally never live a normal life. once their parents die they will most likely end up a homeless crazy person on the street. it's just a horrific situation all around and i would definitely never judge someone for aborting a baby who had screened positive for autism.

speaking of that, the parents of these kids get WAY too much judgment. anyone remember the mother who tried to commit a murder-suicide with herself and her severely autistic daughter? clearly she felt hopeless and wanted to end it in the nicest way possible for both of them. she faced jail and extreme hate from everyone after she failed to kill them.

No. 901166

I wanna send this to a friend who has a themlet/pre-tranny boyfriend so bad, but I know she's just not there yet.

No. 901168

I was just reading a discussion on how the term 'high functioning autism' is offensive because it makes other autistics out to be less functional…. yes. Yes it does. That's the reality of it and there's no shame in admitting that those kids/adults and the parents that have them live with all sorts of struggle that's on a level no 'aspie' can fully sympathise with. Can we stop pretending all tism is just cute and sweet and beautiful. It's not offensive to be realistic about it.

No. 901177

There is nothing more pathetic and immature than being an antinatalist whiny doomer. Grow up anon lol

No. 901224

The worst part is you just know 99% of parents just half-ass it and don't fully devote themselves to their kids.

No. 901231

Wasn't /n/ (news) originally shut down back in what, 2006 or so because it was quickly becoming a stormfront breeding ground? That doesn't sound like "just harmless/ironic racism".

No. 901283

Yeah, but the problem was I was never able to inspire them to want to get jobs because I was never enough for them. I settled for it because I couldn't save them anyway. At least as long as I liked them and let them know. I could help incels more when I pretended to be a man because they trust other robots and want to maintain comradery with one another. I didn't just try to let them be failures all the time. It was just when I hit a low and realized I could only be of help to them by suffocating part of who I am. I became the pathetic loser I adored in the world I guess. To be fair, my desire to have a useless neet boyfriend who never changed was shortlived. Even if being a loser is cute, I can't in good faith want them to stay that way because it hurts them. So what usually happened was I gave them confidence and then they abandoned me to chase hotter girls even at the extent of chasing really obvious manipulative women as long as they were hot.

No. 901295

you hate her because she is speaking the truth

No. 901301

i think it’s more pathetic to let a scrote get you pregnant. men don’t deserve offspring

No. 901303

I mean she is half-right, a lot of soon-to-be-parents don't fully and extensively consider exactly what kind of future they will put their kids in, let alone plan how to raise them in that incoming setting to survive, have a good life and still be decent human beings.

No. 901304

Non-verbal and severe autistic people are hard to live with and raise, they suffer, they make their family and caretakers suffer and it's not beautiful, not even a bit. I get that parents are just trying to cope by saying things like that, but I can't stand the people thinking that autism is all about innocence, misunderstandings and "being different" or even a "genius". I once read some high-functioning people talking about how it's rude and insulting for parents to search for a "cure" or solutions for severe autistic people because "they want to change who they are". Even high-functioning people have a hard time doing some things and masking without medication and are often annoying or stunted (if male especially), can you imagine what it's like for the others? Many of them become dangerous, for themselves and others, or can't take care of themselves. I can totally understand why they'd want a cure, or why they wouldn't want to give birth to and raise someone who will only suffer.

No. 901309

Chans in 2006 were all edgy teen bullshit. I don't need to read anything about it because I was there.

No. 901314

i hate how we can’t say “fuck them kids”. because it’s true! fuck them kids. do you know how many stories I’ve heard of special needs sons beating up and even raping their mothers? And then the mothers don’t report, because what’s the use? They go right back to raising their kids and getting regularly bodyslammed. Special needs housing is down right awful, so the mothers can’t leave them there too. But they’re so beautiful and angelic (why is retardation considered beautiful an angelic? Because it’s inherently dependent? And dependent people are helpless? And helplessness is uwu?) WELL look my 19 year old just bodyslammed me uwu

No. 901321

i also hate how parents with special need kids always paint themselves as those martyrs

No. 901331

I don't know. Right now we're past peak welfare and we're also heading into a future of climate change likely causing dangerous living situations, migration, food scarcity and possibly war even in peaceful countries. I'm not antinatalist but at the same time I don't know how anyone can put a child on the earth right now when their future prospects objectively look bad. Is it okay to bring someone in life and just hope that their future won't be as bad as predicted right now? I'm glad I don't want kids (for no reason, just don't want them) because I'd hate to deal with the dilemma.

No. 901362

I hate it when anons bring up muh future
The world can literally fucking end tomorrow. None of you are even considering how often the earth purges people from earth everyday. But I’m tired of all this being brought up anyway because we all know how fucking nuts some farmers can be.

No. 901375

yet you just brought it up. yeah obviously the future is gonna fuck everyone eventually. it’s better than talking about useless shit from the past

No. 901388

People who defend plastic surgery

No. 901391

There aren't really many outfits that are universally flattering for all people so it's a bit unfair to say an outfit only looks good because a chick is skinny. I haven't watched the video but of course a tall slender woman is going to look good in some things a short curvier woman is gonna look bad in and vice versa. Same for a tall slender person vs a petite person - technically they're both skinny, but different clothing is going to suit them better. I look like shit in super feminine frilly clothes, and that's due to my body shape and facial structure.

lol so true. I've rolled my eyes at people complaining about their right to 'feel attractive' with the fat acceptance movement and so on when they're only fat due to their own self indulgence. I also don't think it's important or a worthwhile fight to be having. It makes people seem disconnected from reality.

No. 901409

Those "I wish the world would hurry up and end!" types are probably just depressed and wish they'd get a convenient easy death or something. Reality of world ending would just be ppl starving & dying from disease and women & kids being sexually tortured.

No. 901426

File: 1630878452948.jpg (22.22 KB, 250x326, stare.jpg)

I screenshot thread reminded me that I really hate that one twitter called "these people don't exist" or something like that. Basically all the people they show are AI generated. It makes me feel a specific sense of dread.

No. 901447

Tone tagging.

saw two fake bois post "Your two faves are getting engaged! /gen" with a photo of one of them wearing a ring. Why in the hell would you need to tell anyone that it's a genuine post

No. 901448

Finally someone says it

No. 901460

I didn't get there till 2009 but it seemed mainly shock humor when I arrived. Le look at this kitten getting fucked to death. I'm gonna jerk off to this xD

No. 901462

same, i find ai-generated images deeply unsettling in a visceral way

No. 901464

Is this in response to the replies in >>901177 ?

No. 901470

I hate those edgelords that go "I cried when the animal was killed in the movies but I laughed when all of the people died" or when seeing a video with people getting excited over an animal that isn't a pet they write in the comments "I hope that the animals kill all of the humans" "animals are better than humans" they are stupid idiots.

No. 901485

Those people are like fedora atheists, thinking they are enlightened and shit for the the most worthless lowest hanging fruit ideas

No. 901488

No. 901492

I hate seeing lillie Jean’s face in the banner. I don’t know anything about her but her smile genuinely makes me uncomfortable

No. 901544

I hate when people shorten politicians names like BoJo (Boris Johnson), ScoMo (Scott Morrison), DoFo (Doug Ford), etc. It just sounds dumb to me.

No. 901806

I think Japanese internet is pretty well established. They even have their own youtube and deviantart equivalents.

No. 901852

No one denies that also Koreans are the most superficial people in Asian communities
Its all about face
Cry about racism more than Chinese or Chinese but in turn are more racist then anyone else against dark skin people(racebait)

No. 901863

That you can't rant about men anymore in many so-called feminist circles without making a disclaimer that you only mean "rich white non-jewish non-muslim cis binary hetero non-asexual able-bodied thin non-furry etc etc" men

No. 901867

Those aren't real feminist circles though.

No. 901876

File: 1630939026597.jpg (75.37 KB, 1024x1024, DyaHfgGX4AA8Prt.jpg)

No. 901883

People who complain about pretty tourist destinations getting overrun by too many visitors. Like you're a tourist there too, stop complaining about everyone else when you're doing the same thing and contributing to the same problem. It's so hypocritical, especially when they're left-leaning and keep reminiscing about a time when people from developing nations didn't have the money to travel so rich tourists got to have fun without having to see poor people who weren't dressed in picturesque native costumes for their enjoyment. It's textbook entitlement.

No. 901892

makes me wonder why so many poc move to korea if the racism is so bad there. They also always make a youtube channel with the same "dating in korea" video.

No. 901905

Somehow, knowing that koreans as a whole are pretty discriminatory towards their race doesn't stop a lot of poc from having a huge korean fetish. I think this type of dynamic is relatively common - another example would be black weebs who are super invested in japanese culture, despite japan having a documented history of prejudice against black people.

A lot of the people in this situation seem to justify it by thinking of themselves as fundamentally different from other people of their ethnicity ("koreans discriminate against members of my race in general, but I'm not like that so it'll be fine"). These people often end up being pretty racist towards other people from their own group, which is annoying.

No. 901945

She's right though, you actually need some sort of maturity to think about the future on the long run enough to know wha to expect when you'll have kids. I'm gonna blogpost as an example but my own parents legit thought my siblings and I would have as much purchasing power as them and that renting and buy estate would be as easy as when they were at our age, they thought we'd be independent at 18 years old and fuck off from home with our respective spouses that we'd miraculously meet early enough for that but without dating first. But things changed a lot since they were young, in terms of the economy, the job market, culture, etc. Don't even get me started on shit like climate change because depending on where you live climate changed so much it's hard to guess how life will be in a few decades. Most people I know who have kids have them because babies are cute and can help you keep a bf/husband and that's it.

No. 901954

How anons bitch about babies but then proceed to date one anyway

No. 901963

You can dump your figurative overgrown baby more easily than your literal infant child.

No. 901965

I hate sissies so much. Nothing makes my skin crawl than seeing a grown man writing long creepy sex stories on Pinterest posts of Japanese girls in pastel fashion. Same with DDLG, I really wish they’d fuck off and stop trying to insert their fetishes where they don’t belong.

I also hate how zoomers don’t understand how terrible 10 different filters look on an edit and how obsessed they are with ~aesthetics~.

No. 901966


No. 901968

But most people who complain about this aren't tourists, they're natives and locals of those places. And I hate to break it to you but rich white boomer Americans and Brits are the worst tourists you can possibly get, "poor people" as you call them usually arrive in tour groups and are easy to avoid.

People complain because tourism is pricing them out of house and home thanks to services like airbnb and big tech companies setting up shop. Prague was so nice in the early 2010s but sucks massive balls now because there's too many Anglo "digital nomads" who live in work there, not to mention foreign men being deranged sex pests who treat locals as a sex buffet. Disgusting, get the fuck out.

No. 901990

Vent thread says otherwise

No. 901991

Yes. I also hate sissies a lot, I wish they could all lose their internet privileges forever, that’s my a-log, I want all the sissies in the whole world to suddenly be unable to use any device, like the moment their disgusting hands even touch something, it shuts down or sends them to some webpage that has their full name, location and a live video from a sniper’s camera or something like that.
Nobody needs sissies, they’re a burden of society.

No. 901994

Same here. I remember as a child being a fan of pokemon and talking about it in class with other kids. Nowadays fandoms sexualise everything and are just downright cringe. I've seen a bunch of 10 year olds obsess over that Luca movie which was meant to be just some cute kids movie, to the point of making it out to be this lgbt masterpiece. There's fucking weirdos making hentai of it.

No. 901996

The relationship advice thread too. The amount of anons who describe unforgivably childish and selfish partners… only to then switch over to defending them when they're given the good advice they asked for… dumping them is way easier said than done.

No. 901998

Reading comprehension? I wasn’t calling the tourists from developing countries annoying, I was talking about the retards who complain about them. I also doubt that the wealthy western people I keep seeing that won’t shut up about poor asian tourists ruining their favorite beach in thailand are aggrieved locals lol

No. 902000

There's always been pokemon porn too, mostly of Misty.

No. 902007

When bad people don’t get any sort of karma. Sick of these fuckers getting away scot free. There’s absolutely no justice in this world sometimes.

No. 902009

Go back to twitter

No. 902027

Most hets just want to vent about their bf as a way to cope, and then go right back to sucking his dick. There's no point in trying to comfort them or give advice, in fact it's best to just ignore them, because their frustrations about their manchildren will then pile up and they'll finally break up.

No. 902028

It viscerally disgusts me too. The fact that today's society admires asshole moves for selfish gain makes me lose faith in humanity. Scamming someone out of their resources is "playing your cards right". Manipulating people, stirring shit and causing pain for their psychopathic power game is considered a smart move. What kind of world is that?
It's not enough that people don't care, they have to rub it in everybody's faces too and laugh as they trample over each other.

No. 902034

Agreed. Looks like the bigger the pos the better their life.

Related, but the fact that you can do everything right and still fail. You put in the hours, money, mental energy and it's all for nothing.

No. 902036

Only for someone else to slack off, shmooze, and play mind games, and use you/blame you for everything while they get a promotion and you get shat on.

No. 902044

makes me wonder why people don't call it out, do anything in most cases? are they afraid they are next or secretly admiring the asshole?

No. 902045

So true. All the asshole kids in my school were sons of people who own factories or law firms, they knew since day 1 that no matter what they do they will get to be the boss one day, and so far it really seems to come true once they're older.

>The fact that today's society admires asshole moves for selfish gain makes me lose faith in humanity.
My mom works in a primary school and told me that a dad said in response to his son being violent "well, that way he will be successful one day!" and the sad thing is that it'll likely be true.

No. 902046

I blame capitalism

No. 902060

in a kitchen my friend works at the smokers take multiple smoke breaks while the rest of the team has to pick up their share of work while the managers don't say a thing because they are out there smoking with them too
if they fall behind timing they get the blame for not hurrying up

a store i worked at we had one cunt constantly nitpicking and screaming for no reason. she kept snacking on food while making it but if we did it she snitched to the boss. somehow she had one friend back her up. the boss never realized why people keep leaving her department and in return of her bullying everyone out of there she got recognized as the most loyal worker

No. 902063

This is kind of a semi new trend in anti racism or whatever but I hate this thing where people basically get super offended about certain groups of people having exonyms.
I particularly see this with some people mostly people from countries with almost no gypsies tbh suddenly making it like it's supper offensive to call gypsies anything other than "romani", even tho multiple countries have had many names for them for centuries.
I also feel like this a bit about what I've seen sometimes of Arabs and Middle Easterners saying that "Middle East" is "eurocentric" terminology. Dude english is a european language spoken mostly by westerners, no shit. This is still less annoying and more understandable than gypsies tho
Can't wait for american greeks to start triying to get brownie points and larping about how it's offensive to not call them hellenes

Slightly going on a tangent but I was reminded of this because of a video from Dominic Noble on the Golden Compass and he acts like it's politically good that the author of the book named the fictional "romanian traveller" adjacent group of people "Gyptians" because the other word would be problematic even tho it literally is still very fucking obvious where the name comes from you retard even if it were a slur it would be like if I made a fictional African group and named them "Aniggars" or some shit like that. I find it cringy when people will act like random meaningless stuff is woke.

No. 902067

It's weird for me to listen to online Americans whine about calling gypsies a 'racial slur' when they have almost none over there and don't know what pain in the ass they are, and also the fact that gypsy is not a slur in my language. We have offensive terms for them too, but it's nothing close to calling them gypsies. They call themselves gypsies too. Romani is stupid because dumbasses outside of the Balkans think it means people from Romania.

No. 902074

I worked for a claims company and we had a sheet of common travellers surnames. We had a mental claim were these travellers had machetes and ended up attacking a load of pedestrians and racing their uninsured cars into parked cars, a store front, basically destroyed a main street lol. I always felt sorry for any lady gypsies I spoke to and a lot of them are illiterate they have like community centres where whoever can read has to deal with all this stuff on their behalf, usually a woman that was allowed to stay in school long enough to read. The men were awful to deal with, they'd even come down to our office and try to threaten everyone. They're usually very nice on the phone until they hear something they don't like. Also unrelated to my work they just have terrible reputations here. I've been shown images of victims they've dismembered over drug feuds. They also let their animals run wild on housing estates and if you confront them you'll probably have your property destroyed or put in the hospital.

No. 902088

It's retarded because not all gypsies are romani.

No. 902150

File: 1630957316197.png (17.38 KB, 552x147, 0ae400c63425b9907a5296c81e603d…)

when songs sound like TIMs on reddit

No. 902236

Here we have very often cases of gypsy parents getting angry at teachers for giving their kids bad grades, scolding their kids or calling the parents to school because their kids were being absolutely terrible and then the parents going up to those teachers to beat them up for it. This in a developed western country.

Tbh a lot of people talk about how gypsies are super terrible but I feel bad for them as a community. Lefties here basically refuse to ever mention there is anything wrong with them as a community in general or with their culture because that would be racist, but pretty much the only people (with some sort of political power) that do point it out are legitimately super antagonistic and racist to them. We're talking about a community that still has arranged child marriage. I hope that at least with the newer generation being more online they will be more in contact with feminist ideas and at least some of those issues might naturally start to get less worse.

No. 902254

i get where you're coming from but i do think the 'common surnames list' thing is fucked. there was a big company in the UK recently under fire for being aggressive towards random families using their services (mostly people with super common surnames like Murphy, Donnelly, etc) because they were on the 'surnames list'. i understand why it exists and why travellers get such a bad rap - i went to school with one traveller girl and even she acknowledged that the lifestyle was fucked - but i do think the lists are a bit much since they're hardly reliable

No. 902309

when someone posts some lame Random Access Humor online that gets no responses and they reply to themselves like "i was high lol idk wtf i'm even trying to say"

u ain't slick

No. 902358

People who complain about capitalism but base their entire identities on buying things

No. 902373

It has the same energy as "it's just a joke bro"

No. 902396

File: 1630976453263.jpg (16.43 KB, 531x379, Imitation-Crab.jpg)

Restaurants who label the seafood as 'crab meat' when we ALL know those gutless fucks are serving up a surimi stick.
Like I don't mind it as a food of its own per se, the taste isn't bad, but motherfuckers don't piss on me and call it rain. Crab is extraordinarily delicious and you quash my hype because you're shameless paste-eating heathens. My hopes and dreams. Fuck you.

No. 902399


If you're regularly going to non-sushi restaurants who serve krab in place of crab, that sounds like you need to eat at less sketchy ass places nonnie

No. 902410

Damn nonna we have this in my country but we don't even think about it wheter it's crab or not. We call it "delícias do mar" (something like "sea delicacies") and it's basically just "generic mystery sea meat stuff", we don't even associate it with Japan. Hella yummy tho, idc what it's made of.

No. 902424

>paste mystery meat

it’s literally just mashed up fish but okay anon, probably tastes the same as a fish ball or something

No. 902434

File: 1630980198558.jpg (23.93 KB, 512x347, turks.jpg)

Not to mention that in some parts of America, ie. the south we don't even mean Romanis when we say gypsies. It's a way of life descriptor. We call Irish travelers gypsies. My very liberal step sibling from the north would always get upset that I said gypsy neighborhoods because their (American) Romani friend told them it is offensive.
It's also funny that no Middle Eastern person gives a fuck about the umbrella term. My boyfriend is Persian and I have many friends of different areas (Saudi, Iraqi, Turkish, Azeri) and although they have different perceptions of their races ("I'm Indo-European", "I'm an Arab", ect.) they don't wince at "Middle East."
Don't even get me started on the "saying Hispanic takes away people's individual nationality" crowd. This shit drives me to the ends of my wits.

No. 902449

kill me

No. 902561

File: 1630998048066.jpeg (28.27 KB, 550x364, 9FF0494B-8791-473F-82BC-6E56E7…)

why do the actors’ wigs in c-dramas always look like that? it’s like the whole hollywood everyone-has-titanium-white-teeth thing again but even worse

No. 902566

So everyone nowadays who complains about it, kek

No. 902577


No. 902578

We've had different experiences then

No. 902703

I've actually seen some of them care about that, but obviously it's the more online types. A lot of them on twitter have started moving away from saying MENA to SWANA (SouthWest Asia and North Africa) for exactly that reason. Haven't seen anybody outside that use that IIRC.

No. 903310

File: 1631047378304.jpg (18.48 KB, 275x275, 1620741431679.jpg)

Bitches that won't shit the fuck up about being a lebsian, try dick once, and still won't shut the fuck up about how gay they are despite only having hetero relationships from that point on
Bonus: I hate accidentally posting in the wrong thread on ot but so many threads have cats as pictures I get them confused instead of just reading the name of the thread

No. 903328

oh my god I'm so hungry for lasagna

No. 903349

File: 1631048179825.png (142.06 KB, 1510x490, dl.png)

dl fags. do we have a thread?

No. 903351

I would honestly love a thread for it, but I don't know if it would have enough steam. Maybe on here /ot/?

No. 903384

families that post their handicapped children on the internet for the entire world to see and make Yt views

No. 903429

I hate stand up comedians. They're so painfully unfunny. How did that shit become a thing?
Female comedians are better though, men just aren't funny. Male comedy routines go like this: my wife's a dumb cunt and I hate her amirite??? Laugh track

No. 903431

File: 1631051600320.jpg (240.66 KB, 1920x1080, carlin on gender.jpg)

You are listening to the wrong ones. I love Carlin and Hedberg. Especially Carlin was a great comedian.

No. 903433

So many e-faghags in that thread. Can't decide if pickmes for straight men or faghags are more pathetic.

No. 903434

Hard agree. I've always felt stand up comedians were just a bunch of narcissistic alcoholics who jack off to the smell of their own farts. I would even go as far to say that i hate almost all comedy, and it's really only because it's just the same dick jokes and saying mean things about my wife jokes a million times over. It's time for female comedians to take over.

No. 903439

You're right, Carlin is amazing but he's dead so…no more amazing comedy from him. Modern comedians suck ass.
Rat shit, bat shit, dirty old twat, 69 assholes tied in a knot, hoooraayyy, lizard shit, FUCK

No. 903444

File: 1631052221213.jpg (27.96 KB, 640x640, carlin rigged.jpg)

When I feel like shit I like listening to Life is Worth Losing all the way through. Maybe I'm a loser for it but the way Carlin ties it up at the end always genuinely warmed my heart. He was this perfect epitome of a grumpy but sweet human being.
I have tried to get so many people to hear the album all the way through but they always get distracted or bored but I feel like it's something worth hearing in its entirety.

No. 903448

Thank you for the recommendation anon, I'll give it a listen.

No. 903450

The literal inflation of sizing in American clothes today, especially on amazon. The average medium bodycon dress on amazon will fit a 200 lbs woman. Sizes mean nothing. I'm an upper end healthy BMI woman- xsmall should not be my shirt size, will it be xxxsmall in 2050? And I hate reviews on average sized clothes that don't go by vanity sizing of women saying "who does this fit! a literal child?" or worse, they'll make a dig at asian women calling their bodies unrealistic when they're a large part of the planets population. No, clearly it fits people, it's a dress for a woman at a healthy weight, you just think that anyone under 170 lbs is anorexic now.

No. 903451

I used to listen to a lot of stand-up comedy and the thing I hate most about it is the cult of personality that surrounds comics like Carlin and others. Their fans talk about them like they are the literal reincarnation of Einstein because they cracked a few good jokes and made some witty observations about society. It's cringe as fuck.

No. 903454

I'm fat and I still think it's annoying. You don't need to change sizes, just make more fucking sizes. I also don't like the cutting of curves out of clothes. They are meant to fit someone shaped like a fridge. Though I am pretty damn fat I have wide hips compared to my waist so something that fits my hips and ass will sag in the waist.

No. 903456

I don't feel that way about Carlin. I don't think he was all that smart, just mindful and kind of loveable as far as comedians go.
Then again I also like Hedberg who isn't smart at all. he's just a pun and random access retard and he's fucking precious.

No. 903457

My ex was into carlin and then a couple of other male stand ups… who were since outed for sexually harrassing women for years. Guess carlin was the best of the lot but men sure do worship other men for making some of the most common sense observations.

No. 903467

I think it depends of the store because from my experience, nobody can seem to decide what exactly a medium, large or small is supposed to be. I also wish more stores would list their inseam because it's really frustrating trying to shop for fitted pants and the couch is always lower than it should be.

No. 903472

Correct me if this isn't Carlin's joke, but there was a whole humorous bit about how "it is what it is" is a stupid sentence to say. My ex would not fucking let that go and went on a whole rant about it when he read a short story of mine where a character said "it is what it is" in response to something. I've never seen someone be so anal about a simple saying before just because some old guy made fun of it. The worship of certain male comedians by other men is weird, but real.

No. 903482

'it is what it is' is probably one of my favorite things to say when I can't control a situation but I can control how much I react to it.

I can get how there's a clear joke there but still, a helpful phrase for anyone who tends to struggle with that stuff.

No. 903508

>The worship of certain male comedians by other men is weird, but real.
Comedians are the incel-chads, they actually improved some part of themselves (personality) but they won't leave the incel mindset. So they're constantly trying to make people laugh with them, instead of at them.

No. 903546

File: 1631058000684.gif (3.56 MB, 245x400, aa15388daedb1cc4a3fe00b53be0b6…)

when people praise cows for doing the bare minimum

No. 903549

File: 1631058113271.jpg (27.35 KB, 455x673, his demise.jpg)

The males that post here

No. 903556

lovely gif anon. thank you

No. 903557

File: 1631058195451.jpg (68.72 KB, 494x370, 1625992694408.jpg)

The retards who respond to them

No. 903566

Anons need to start getting banned again for taking bait. It's fucking cringe.

No. 903570

besides fujoshits that spam males being raped by other males

No. 903575

Support this as new rule for next admin, tired of constantly seeing their spam bumped

No. 903576

File: 1631059132813.jpg (82.5 KB, 530x327, DFW119940.jpg)

>His demise
I chuckled

No. 903582

Ngl the fujo shitposting is pretty funny but the anons who actually try to argue with them are so fucking stupid. Go outside and touch some grass if you unironically get worked up over such shitty bait.

No. 903618

I just use those threads to shitpost

No. 903642

They're actually pretty nice from a shitposting perspective lol, they seem to move a lot faster than most threads on /ot/ before they get locked.

No. 903651

Same, I'm usually the first to post komaeda pastas because I just love them so much. My favorite one is the one that begins with "Invalid and incorrect" because it almost looks like there's some real discussion coming

No. 903711

File: 1631070343506.png (2.19 KB, 292x172, 8D3942F9-ECC1-4F35-9DBE-813607…)

I hate interaction beggars, all of the ways they try to push people into following them or liking their stuff bothers me a lot.
>pls like!
>smash!! That like button!
>omg i appreciate every like!1!!1!1
>don’t forget to like!!
>are you insert random word? Like!
Okay, I get that likes are needed so their content gets pushed, but don’t beg for something like that, It’s kind of like giving spare change to someone on the street, you don’t need it, but that doesn’t mean you have to give it away.
I honestly think that social media feels over saturated because people are too kind by giving likes, follows, subscriptions and comments to content creators even if what they did isn’t that impressive or interesting.
Not everyone deserves likes for every. single. little crumb of content they produce.

No. 903725

Yes, let the anons who are making fun of him get banned. I think banning people who are “responding to bait” does nothing, they’re going to keep posting regardless. Making fun of them and shitposting in their garbage bait threads is the only way to create a sense of shame for them, reactions are inevitable it’s just the way you react to a scrote is crucial.

No. 903743

They beg because it works. Lots of idiots and children watch YouTube and are very generous with likes.

No. 903807

File: 1631085211676.png (3.02 MB, 1334x750, 00375AD8-5BE0-41C3-A6AD-BFE312…)

Whatever the fuck this is

No. 903856

bump because gore

No. 903875

Is that fucking Komaeda in the background

No. 904095

File: 1631112448244.png (705.45 KB, 934x935, IMG_20210908_164640.png)

Abortion pills only work in earliest stages of pregnancy. I guess they want women to kill "babies" with "late term" abortion after 6 weeks

No. 904109

Women who choose to make the lives of other women harder deserve literal hell.

Btw the whole idea behind this is to force women to be pregnant longer so the hormones and physical changes make them more vulnerable for being badgered into keeping. They know surgical is more taxing but they do not care, because their goal is punishing women who fuck.

No. 904139

File: 1631115697463.jpeg (70.87 KB, 639x445, images (33).jpeg)

People who criticize artists for bad anatomy when it's obviously a matter of stylization

No. 904143

People who spend literally any ampunt of time complaining that someone else doesn't like what they like

People who call anime drawings art

No. 904145

People devoid of aesthetic sensibilities

No. 904146

off topic but the microphones make it look like she's got a lolita dress with criss cross neck tie

No. 904148

what exactly do you think art is

No. 904149

File: 1631116295395.jpg (37.43 KB, 500x375, CY0duRZUAAIwCHL.jpg)

Stylization is a thing, but it's not wrong to criticize art if it looks uncomfortable/uncanny regardless of stylization. With XXXholic in particular, a lot of people have seen screencaps from the disastrous anime and are probably being influenced by that.

No. 904152

We have similar brains, nonnie.

No. 904155

i still cant believe those screencaps are real, wtf
>being barely aware of manga legends clamp from some shit anime adaptation
plebs disgust me

No. 904156

Kek I didn't even realize they're microphones if you hadn't said that

No. 904160

File: 1631117058528.png (125.88 KB, 800x1200, 001.png)

Sure but I wouldn't put that in the same bag as saying the artist failed anatomy. There are much more toned down styles that still get accused of that when being realistic was never the point (and being realistic and having an understanding of anatomy aren't the same thing but those who complain about that seem to conflate them)

No. 904421

People with giant backpacks who take up a fuckton of space and pay zero attention to their surroundings when they move, especially while commuting.

No. 904438

File: 1631132278884.jpg (25.81 KB, 300x250, hammacher-Bunyanesque-Backpack…)

Damn anon SORRY, jeez

No. 904471

File: 1631133277344.jpg (243.18 KB, 1750x2500, glglugg.jpg)

People with long ponytails who whip their head around on cramped public transport

No. 904476

People who put ketchup on grilled cheese.

No. 904480

What a disgusting reptilian looking fembot. She doesn’t even look human. I think she’s animatronic. The stepfoed wives is real.

No. 904496

that’s the worst, especially if their hair is crunchy or sharp

No. 904509

I hate male video game spergs. They complain about every single little thing. Sports spergs are even worse and will always be worse than any fanfic writing tranny or fujo on this earth.

No. 904520

I hate the farmer kun reaction pic with vomit pouring from her hand, and the lolcow banner with (Luna's?) pixellated nipples. They're both so scrotey and gross I wish I could selectively block them from this site

No. 904521

my extremely nosy diet-chan mother in law and her mercurial personality

No. 904525

Peepo is in fact very good and the only acceptable thing

They truly are our generation's rage comics but even more annoying

No. 904531

Shit did i miss something for the time i was gone? Did we get raided by 8chan pedos?

No. 904552

Not everything you dislike is scrote related anon. I hate moids as much as you do but some of y'all really misuse that word

No. 904581


No. 904607

I think the luna nipples banner is quite funny

No. 904611

File: 1631140206799.jpg (58.36 KB, 933x1052, cri.jpg)

When my fave artists move on to a different fandom or never post again
I know its inevitable and they gotta move on but it's so sad to see em go

No. 904640

Me lately with this really good chinese artist

No. 904953

I started hating personal finance channels, as well as "entrepreneurial" channels and "productivity" channels (there is a lot of overlap between all of those). I am sure some of them are good, but most of the ones I've seen are really repetitive and every new video either gives you really obvious advice or is just rehashing old material. Also, most of them beg for your money too. Which is ironic as fuck for PF channels.

The most annoying one is The Financial Diet. Run by a TRA/libfem socialist named Chelsea Fagan, whose advice is only good for people who already make a middle class living. I used to watch their videos when I discovered their channel; it is all stuff that didn't apply to me because I worked part time retail. Or it's just obvious stuff like "learn to cook instead of getting takeout" and "stop paying for cable TV". If you watch hours of this channel you will find some nuggets here and there of useful information but it's hardly worth it. The channel has gotten more and more political over time and has collaborated with Lindsay Ellis a bunch of times. Chelsea is always bitching about rich people despite not exactly being poor herself. Also she tries to get you to "join" her channel (a paid monthly membership via youtube). Like, if you are so financially savvy why do you need to beg strangers on the internet for money? And for financial advice, of all things.

Productivity and entrepreneurial channels can be really annoying too but feel less scammy. I think one of the most annoying things about those channels is how they always use vague terms like "wake up early to maximize productivity" and "learn calendar blocking to get more done" without ever defining "productivity" or "getting things done". Like what are you getting done exactly? You don't even have a job.

No. 904979

She is a TRA? What has she done?

No. 904980

I mean, Idk exactly how to define TRA but she has those types of views. she's a contrapoints fan and their channel uses terminology like "people who menstruate" in their videos (although some of their videos are by different people, some of them probably have different views).

No. 905041

File: 1631188952643.jpg (144.79 KB, 900x900, GC.jpg)

I feel the same with Graham Stephan.
I don't get why people worship him as if watching his monetized videos is going to put the average Joe at the same level as him.

No. 905046

Yeah the people behind these accounts are full of shit. Same with self-described etiquette, skincare, and plastic surgery experts. Don’t even get me started on the rise-and-grind “entrepreneurs”.

No. 905408

Meta humor and self awareness in an usually cheesy setting, nothing grinds my gears more than shit like the big bad in a fantasy universe being called Steve.

No. 905448

The shit use of the word “prude”
Not wanting to hear about your sex life and thinking bdsm shit is retarded is not being ~prudish~

No. 905460

Hate the abortion sperg in a couple of threads right now. Who the fuck cares. Let women do what they want. It's worse that scrotes have to police everything that affects women so there's no need to be at each other's throats like that.

No. 905470

Same anon. Also hate how libtards use "sex negative/sex positive" dependent on whether or not you support women whoring themselves out. I am not "sex negative," in fact I likely love real sex way more than the degenerates wanking it to some strange women's asshole on OnlyFans and talking about how empowering it is.

No. 905483

I find it really hard to watch personal finance channels for this reason. A few videos to find somewhere to start is good, but they get old and useless really quick.

No. 905500

this plus not wanting to see shitty anime fanservice and coomer art

No. 905521

I hate overenergetic people who act like they're obnoxious youtubers 24/7 it's so fucking fake and tiring. And they're always like "this is the REAL me and im just like super friendly!!! I love everyone!!" but then on social media they always end up either hinting at being depressed or are super bitchy and I just ughhhhhh just stop faking it then it's so annoying

No. 905545

File: 1631216585011.gif (19.86 KB, 250x250, giphy.gif)

I hate sweating. I sweat a lot from my face (I wish I didn't) and rarely under my armpits and back. It drips everywhere when I work. I also hate hot weather. The worst part is when sweat gets in my eyes. It's so uncomfortable.

No. 905570

Me too anon, just came in here to post exactly this. Except for me it is my face and the small of my back. All summer I am just showering constantly to avoid being sweaty and it feels like such a waste of time and water

No. 905591

I hate going to the doctor. It feels me with such an absolute sense of dread, even when i know i'm not really sick, it scares me so much. I wish i could relax while getting examined too.

No. 905733

File: 1631232977737.png (501.94 KB, 960x562, iknl9zl2jsu61.png)

This fag. Imagine dressing like that while critiquing other's fashion choices kek

No. 905781

i’m so fucking sick of every other tiktok i’m seeing now trying to diagnose everyone as autistic/adhd. i just saw a girl say if you liked the show “big comfy couch” you were probably autistic or ESL… the fuck? it was a basic kid’s show on PBS and if you watched it and liked it you were probably just, i dunno, a kid??? it’s the most asinine things they’re trying to latch on and associate to autism now, it’s mind-boggling to me and i hate it so much. actually starting to make me feel bad for people that have real diagnoses because now it’s like zillenials are trying to make it “trendy” for some reason?

No. 905807

Ugh anon i hate that shit too, glad i'm not alone.

No. 905814

They should've let trump ban tiktok

No. 905832

People who aggressively defend their favorite lolcows.

Like obviously anons who say unhinged shit, excessively nitpick, or a-log lolcows are also retards but reasonable criticism is fine. I hate anons who put down anything that isn't ass kissing and being uwu empath.
Anyone who has a thread on lolcow isn't a normal, even-tempered person who just had a bad phase in life. They're people who've proven time and again that they're comfortable being shitty, never changing, and are unapologetic about their behavior. The last thing we need is anons, who are likely defensive because they see a bit of themselves in the lolcows they like, enabling their bullshit and acting like anyone who says anything negative is some kind of psycho. Maybe join the lolcow's fanclub instead of whiteknighting on a website dedicated to discussion about negative traits of internet personalities??? Jfc.

No. 905895

File: 1631244127993.jpeg (497.47 KB, 828x908, E7D99334-4C23-4948-BF22-7A14CD…)

I hate his stupid gay face so damn much it haunts me

No. 905910

Any english comment on a Japanese youtube video, watching a cute dog video happens to be Japanese have to witness comments along the lines of "There's just something that shows in a Japanese Dogs eyes that they are so curious of the world knowing they'll never be hit or struck wooow". It reminds me of the place, Japan meme they cannot fathom bad stuff going on in Japan.

No. 905914


No. 905915

NTA but Sloan, gossip YouTuber

No. 905954

It's always the most obnoxious wannabe poetry, too. If it's under a music video 99% of all comments are standard stuff no different than "I love this song!", "thx for upping" or "the part at 2:43, heavenly /<3", and then there's the weeb with "The strings, the piano, the drums… you can just feel the melancholy of the composer, similar to that of the waxing moon, working together with the singers heart, blossoming like a sweet flower fighting through the left over winter snow in spring, reaching out to the sun, just like this song reaches out to the listeners heart. I don't understand a single word of this but I don't have to, to feel that these are the feelings Yamada Hanako-san tried to convey and have them struck my soul. Arigato, from my the deepest of my kokoro, Yamada-sama!". And then it's just some run of the mill break up song. At least it mellows out and becomes a lot more normal if the song becomes famous outside of Japan, too.

No. 905961

This 100%. Irks me everytime and I only ever see it on Japanese videos. Just shut up and enjoy it goddammit.

No. 905969

Girl same I just look away when I watch his Britney videos.

No. 905975

I lived in a town with a ski hill and super close to a lot of national parks. The place I grew up in is basically a tourist trap and Americans and Chinese are buying up our property. Stay the fuck out and let the locals live.

No. 905977

Right! White gays need to stop with the fashionista personality when they look like a hallmark card.

No. 905986

File: 1631256574472.jpg (Spoiler Image, 30.6 KB, 442x425, ugh.jpg)

Fcking scrotes and their habit of turning every video game or tv show character into something sexual, even animals, inanimate objects and kids. All you need to do is put ass and tits on something and you'll have scrotes jerking off to it. Why the fuck is the bar for them so fucking low omg reeeeeeeeee

No. 906023

File: 1631262948495.png (916.15 KB, 1410x2115, img000004.png)

I love the art in SZS, especially the panelling.

No. 906090

I hate methheads. They’re worse than heroin junkies IMO. because tweakers pretend they’re functional human beings when they are not, dopeheads at least don’t really try to pretend

No. 906099

i hate taking baths, they give me fat ass headaches.
showers for the win

No. 906211

I listen to his videos while I’m doing other stuff so I don’t have to see his stupid face but his voice/the way he talks and reads things irritates me so bad too. I love gossip and he covers a lot of people I follow though so I keep torturing myself. I like to think about watching videos of people like him as a way to teach me to be more tolerant of annoying people.

No. 906279

File: 1631293858097.jpg (34.32 KB, 289x384, 20210910_141037.jpg)

Fake pockets

No. 906282

Who the fuck goes to the pool in bandages? That shit's gross.

No. 906283

That a lot of specific things are only available on Amazon.

No. 906288

File: 1631294606765.jpeg (54.29 KB, 701x438, images (38).jpeg)

She's been attacked by wild animals, be more considerate, you bitch

No. 906289

Women’s pants were designed by literal incels, it’s a fucking crime that these even exist

No. 906292

I hate that couple that was posted in the tik tok thread where she got her bf to become a disgusting femboy. I also hate all the retarded women in the comments who claim to now be in a queer relationship just because their stupid scrotes use different pronouns.

No. 906305

File: 1631296697967.jpeg (51.69 KB, 1200x675, 471311E0-0DD8-43F2-8D49-B5F1C5…)

pauly d from jersey shore’s current day face

No. 906306

File: 1631296745534.jpeg (1.73 MB, 4000x2666, 1_U6CO5ZQS--WMSBovDT_VoQ.jpeg)

This hasn't been a thing in my life for the last near decade almost but I was just reminded by someone. I really hated when those popular girls would come performatively talk to loners/shy kids at lunch. It was never a true reaching out or a genuine attempt at friendship, it was always just a show of how nice and kindhearted she was to people around her. I would have this happen all the time, even when I had friends and just wanted to sit alone to read or listen to music.

No. 906307

Ugh that happened to me too. It's so fucking embarrassing. Especially if they think you're super weird and look back at their friends and giggle, like fuck off.

No. 906310

i did this but only to scrotes that i thought could be school shooters so i wouldn’t be top of their list kek

No. 906317

No. 906323

I also had this happening to me, but with older girls that were not even from my class. I genuinely don't think they were making fun on me or anything, I think they were just curious to see what I was drawing cause I used to be always drawing and I was used to it from people from my class. Funny enough I actually got acquainted with some of them years later because I befriended one of them because she had to repeat a year and she liked the same MMO as me.

No. 906326

I was dodging lunch in the library all the time and these girls walked up to me and said "you can sit with us for today :)))". I just looked at them blankly and said "why whould I want to do that". They seemed genuinely befuddled that I didn't come along with them immediately.

No. 906327

I tried to Cher from clueless the autistic girl in our class bc she was genuinely cute but she wouldn't buy anything I suggested so I gave up but I wasn't popular so there's my anecdote

No. 906329

Be careful anon, that's how you become an incels obsession and get yourself stalked or killed. Pretty much exactly what happened to Christie Marceau. You act kind to one creepy guy and they'll think you're in love with them.

No. 906330

Him and Brad mondo can performativley suck my ass

No. 906335

this was like 5 years ago and i’ve moved states since then kek did have one of them tell me they loved me at prom though (should have known better than to go stag)

No. 906363

Do you have low blood pressure?

No. 906367

File: 1631300158784.jpg (661.21 KB, 3040x1440, Screenshot_20210216-155455_You…)

I hate that my friend expects me to always watch what I say around her. It absolutely is not my responsibility. She's the one that has had a crush on me for years and is always fake flirting with me, but if I make a funny joke about my boyfriend "oh NOOOO, stop muh feelings are hurt. You know I like you" I absolutely don't fucking care. Get over it. We've been best friends for years and you know damn well I cannot see you any other way than a friend. We wouldn't even be a good couple, there is absolutely no chemistry between us. I have been in a relationship for three years already and both of us are extremely happy. If you can't move on its not my problem, stop fucking idolizing me.

No. 906370

why are you even humoring this person? sounds toxic for both of you.

No. 906382

i hate when ever there is romantic interests in a game the options always HAVE to be bisexual or else someone will get upset. just get rid of romantic concepts altogether if you're scared of getting backlash for having straight and gay characters.

No. 906387

Wow where are all those bisexual option games anon? Can you recommend some?

No. 906457

Partly my fault. We've been friends since we were kids and have gone through a lot/helped each other out during our worst times. We get along well for the most part, its just these little things that can really piss me off.

No. 906533

no because i literally hate you

No. 906706

The concept of respectability politics. No, you’re just a hoe, there is no individualized choice of sexual expression, and supporting sex work will never be feminist, empowering, or respectable.

No. 906710

being friends since childhood makes this a lot more understandable actually

No. 906711


No. 906752

Vying for sexual attention online, whether you're fat or skinny, ugly or beautiful. It's pathetic.

No. 906767


No. 906774

No. 906788

File: 1631342932586.jpg (72.66 KB, 600x900, ab.jpg)

I absolutely DESPISE those youtube ads where some sleazy dolt tries to convince you that he's turned himself into a millionaire by makig money without having to work. It's so obvious that they're full of shit. We'd all be millionaires if it were true and as easy as they imply.

No. 906837

Why did he do that to himself..?

No. 907038

Men with deep voices and/or bearded men that think they're God's gift to Earth. They're usually average/below average looking, often out of shape, but because they got minimal female attention based on a single aspect ("nice beard"/"your voice is so calming") they can't stop talking about it and make it the fucking core of their identity.

No. 907049

I absolutely hate beards and believe a lot of women do too or are indifferent to it, it really seems like the kind of thing men would do to appeal and fit with other dudes but I'm unsure if they are aware of that.
I've started watching coffeezilla who makes videos on those wannabe entrepreneurs and bitcoin scammers and ironically I now get these ads too

No. 907050

Add being tall to that list. They never fucking stop pointing it out.

No. 907056

I hate beards, they're burqas for men. No, it's not attractive not to be able to see your face.

No. 907068

For me it's uncomfortable to kiss a guy with a beard. Also plenty of scrotes are complete catfish when they have beards. It's always disappointing when someone looks good with one but turns into a frog when they shave it off. And yet scrotes dare to joke about waking up to a completely different person when a woman takes off her makeup.

No. 907072

I mean more than being outright attracted to beards, a lot of men get some attention when they grow a full beard that hides their unfortunate chin/frames their face, but they attribute this to the beard.