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File: 1631227485459.jpeg (27.81 KB, 474x474, download - 2021-09-09T184452.7…)

No. 905650

Be bold, be true, be stupid.

Previous thread >>>/ot/893228

No. 905662

For people who follow the Canadian election, why are people so obsessed with the "Leger poll"? Are they the best polling company or something?

No. 905678


No. 905693

No? I’m not training my pussy to spare small cock feelings. If it’s for health reasons then it’s just self care.

No. 905694

No, but it is good for you

No. 905696

File: 1631231235667.jpg (229.5 KB, 1080x1290, IMG_20210910_023835.jpg)

Would you murder her?

No. 905700

Sick people deserve staying alive to receive torture every single day of their lives.

No. 905706

No I would not commit murder glow-san

No. 905708

It always feels like rape is never acceptable but then sometimes I see someone like this and think "hmmmm."

No. 905709

Stop asking us this, male

No. 905711

Well, it IS the stupid questions thread.

No. 905712

Nice try cia. Related, I read that 3rd world women who cam usually do gruesome shit like this bc it pays really well and they don't have a reputation to lose.

No. 905713

Clean your smegma

No. 905715

Go wash your nasty balls, dickhead

No. 905737

File: 1631233094037.jpeg (71.89 KB, 749x713, received_153306362230236.jpeg)

I am both of those comments and I am not the poster of the image. Also I'm female. Everyone who disagrees with you isn't a male, knucklehead. Fuck people who torture animals, conceptually, if they do. I simply do not take pity on the raping of those who rape animals and I know it's a legit industry,

No. 905741

Awww ur so empathetic cuz u lov animals~ No one cares, shut the fuck up

No. 905744

They’re so empathetic that they let down their morals and advocate for rape. It takes a very mentally disturbed individual to place animals on a higher importance of human life, not that animals aren’t important and that humans are separated from the animal kingdom but they virtually have no compassion for human beings and only for animals.

No. 905745

samefag but also >>905737 have you ever considered that rape and animal abuse are both equally terrible? two wrongs don’t make a right

No. 905748

Bro, I don't know what you mean about not caring. You're clearly very fucking mad. Who came up with saying "no one cares." It's an oxymoron.(infighting)

No. 905750

Nta but the bitch who’s mad is the one (morally) masturbating to rape

No. 905752

File: 1631233843799.png (37.84 KB, 275x189, 1631047187718.png)

It's not hard, give yourself 5 extra years of life by reporting and ignoring

No. 905754

If you report a message in a group chat on Instagram will the staff be able to see other messages in the gc? Is it even reviewed by humans? How does it work

No. 905755

So you have to lose weight to develop your muscles?

No. 905756

Hating someone for killing torturing animals isn't the same as only caring about animals. I'm not one of those "I love when people die in movies, but will cry over a dog haha" people. I just think it takes a generally sociopathic to harm something for no real reason and there's simply no cure for it than extreme punitive punishment, to learn by pain. The reason I specifically thought of rape is because people who do that drilling shit are raping those animals to death. That shit disgusts me more than just killing an animal.
Yeah. I didn't say I'd have court ordered rape. I just genuinely considered the concept "would you kill her?" And I thought no, I wouldn't but I wouldn't care if she were raped- as she was doing to that animal. I answered a question bluntly and honestly. I don't have empathy for people who do such things. You act like I am comparing a normal, not sociopathic person to an animal's death.

No. 905757

Why are we being asked if we'd murder a woman who's committed crimes against animals with her picture yet we're never asked what should come of the males who've also committed those crimes with their ugly mugs posted too…I remember the zoo thread.

No. 905759

Well fellow fEmALeE, you’re having what’s called a male momment. Don’t be mad this is not Reddit where this type comment will farm you updoots from moids who seek every single reason to feel justified of their rape-murder fantasy.

No. 905760

Are you supposed to like the smell of your own sweat? Its a nice clean salty smell, esp when I don't eat like crap. I've read that people with good chemistry like each others smell. What about your own smell though?

No. 905761

You can develop muscles first and then you'll burn more calories while you rest.

No. 905762

I have spent a good amount of time swamped in retarded men and I am here to tell you if there were men here they would shit on me for caring about the mutilation of animals. Especially if they were the whiney incel fucks who'd shriek about how I can't take gore because I'm a weak woman.

No. 905764

Men are sick.

No. 905765

Not true, men love to virtuesignal about how animals > people and how theyd kill people over doggo puppers

No. 905766

No, where did you even hear that?You actually gain more muscle eating at a caloric surplus than at a deficit and it's called bulking. If you do it right then you will gain most of the weight in muscle. This is fitness 101.

No. 905770

Meanwhile I have seen other people on this board bitching about how posting animal gore or not caring about animals is a moid thing to do. I get it- the opposite of what any girl thinks is the "man" thing to do at any given time.

No. 905772

I think we might need to tone down on the scrote hate thing, not because they don't deserve it, but because it starting to melt some people's brains

No. 905774

That's scrote science, by scrotes for scrotes physiology. For most women you'd just get fat bulking.

No. 905776

? What is the contradiction? Is this supposed to be a gotcha?
Both of those behaviors are male because none of it is actually about the animals but about manipulating people’s perception. They virtuesignal (look up the meaning please) because they want to appear as nice empathetic guys but they will turn around and post gore or anti-vegan jokes to punish others. God your brain must be smooth af.

No. 905777

That's literally not true though.

No. 905778

Ah ha the truth comes out. Misandry is no longer.

No. 905779

File: 1631235359013.jpg (48.92 KB, 600x337, DRAMAtical.Murder.600.1537965.…)

Problem isn't scrote hate it's the dumbasses responding to scrote bait. If you ignore them they die.

No. 905783

It is absolutely a contradiction. Are they obsessed with virtue signaling or are they trying to appear as openly brutal and disturbing? The answer is both because both types of men exist and that neither are inherent to men. However, if I had to choose I have met way more women who talk about killing humans over animals or putting animals above human children. I explicitly associate it with women. However, that is not what I was doing. I said how I genuinely feel and if that makes you think I am "like a man" so be it. Am I supposed to be a pick me for women instead?

No. 905786

Nice pic anon

No. 905787

At this point i think they already know there's a scrote in the thread, they just don't care

No. 905790

Okay now it’s too obvious
Ur right imma go home

No. 905805

You would think there's bigger concerns than reputation…

No. 905815

How is 'kawaii' supposed to be pronounced? Had a weebshit friend poke fun at me recently because I didn't say it like 'kawai-EE' recently.

No. 905820


No. 905826

I’ve never lived in a place with a gas stove before but my new place has one. While the stove is right next to the window, there aren’t any fans in the kitchen like there usually are to vent out smoke or cooking smells. Is this okay? I can smell the gas from the stove and I don’t like it, but also I’m not sure if it’s safe to not have any sort of ventilation besides an open window?

No. 905836

So wait, you can smell gas in that room while you aren't cooking? Red flag. Not only cause of poor ventilation but you may have a leak.
If you smell a little bit of gas when you first ignite then that's fine. But you shouldn't be able to continue smelling gas as you cook.

The window can work for ventilation for now but it seems like a problem that nothing is above the stove to catch the smoke.

No. 905844

I think the gas smell just came from igniting. It took me a little while to figure out how to turn it on (im a dumbass lol) so I think the gas smell just came from when I was initially trying to figure it out. But yeah there’s only a window and no overhead fan.

No. 905846

If a guy compliments my waist is he a creep or..?

No. 905854

File: 1631240674103.jpeg (69.19 KB, 459x459, 89EA47DD-06CB-45FF-9833-FE3243…)

I just ordered these and they’re coming tomorrow, are they good?

No. 905857

I had the black flavor and it’s bomb! Soft boil yourself an egg and throw on a ton of scallions and bitch that’s a meal

No. 905861

Just the window should be fine, if you can smell the gas it means it isn't being burnt, it's fine if you just took a moment to ignate it but if you keep smelling it, the gas is leaking, then you need to open the windows and let it disperse. If I happened to walk into a kitchen that smelled like gas, I wouldn't even turn on the lights just to be sure

No. 905865

They are weaker than the OG one imo (both in flavor and spiciness), but they are not bad
The original one and the jjajjang one are still the best

No. 905874

File: 1631242238126.jpeg (41.55 KB, 202x195, 7A1EDD84-ED33-474B-8DBC-07DEA8…)

These are my fave along with the jjajang flavor! You can make it creamy just by dumping out the water and pouring in milk when the noodles are done cooking and bring it to a slight simmer with the white sauce packet added. Hope you enjoy them later noona!

No. 905877

File: 1631242534622.jpeg (30.47 KB, 560x312, EC9964E3-5E1C-463C-BFE0-4132AA…)

I think I left one of my favourite shirts at my exes house. I dumped him last week and was kinda immature and shitty about it bc he’d hurt my feelings. I never want to talk to him again, but I really fucking like that shirt. What do I do?

No. 905881

The awkwardness is temporary but the drip is forever anon

No. 905882

Find a similar one, don’t even try talking to him.

No. 905883

legit. I would angrily text him demanding the shirt back. make it his fault. blame him for not remembering it and offering to give it back before you had to remember it yourself, presumably when you really needed it

No. 905884

I would but it was a branded shirt that I got at a thrift shop. It’s nearly $80 more to buy it retail

No. 905886

I like the way you think nonnie

No. 905887

Then you know what to do. Get it back.

No. 905889

Yeah, ayrt, But don’t tell him that you “need” the shirt, knowing how males act, he will surely throw it away or do something petty.
Make sure that he’s home and go there with someone, preferably another guy and maybe also another friend. Tell him that you forgot something and that it will be quick, rescue your shirt and flee forever.

No. 905918

When you fart, does the smell disappear over time or does the smell just disperse into the world and become undetectable by dilution? Please help I am retarded.

No. 905925


No. 905927

My boss gave me some essential oils to cure my depression and told me to try to stop taking pills because I'm too young. Is this a sweet gesture?

No. 905928

It's just plain retarded. Essential oils? Seriously?

No. 905929

I love this haha

No. 905930

>tell me your boss is a boomer without telling me your boss is a boomer

No. 905932

go back to tiktok

No. 905933


No. 905935

kek right?

No. 905937

No. 905941

ANONS PLEASE HELP ME. I brought home my work laptop yesterday but only now I'm trying to connect to the Wifi and it's not working. I've entered every fucking ID and pass I found on the back of the reouter but it's not connecting to it. Which one is the network security key???

No. 905943

I have a meeting in an hour. On the back of the router there's an SSID, a Wifi key, an IMEI and an S/N, but I have entered all of them and its not accepting any of them

No. 905944

File: 1631251687881.jpg (27.97 KB, 654x426, Network-Security-Key-on-Router…)

"The default Wireless Security Key for a new Router or Access Point is generally found on the device itself. A label on the back of the router displays “security key”, “WPA key”,”WEP key” or “passphrase.” This default key helps in connecting to the Wireless Network.

Once the default key is obtained, it is mandatory to change the Wi-Fi password as the wireless network is broadcasted to all the devices which are in the range of your device. Knowing the Routers IP address becomes a pre-requisite to change the Net Security Key.

Make a note of the Routers IP Address. Most of the Routers have the same IP i.e. or Confirm the same with the details provided in the manual or can be checked on the Computer."

No. 905956

no its not working. It also said that I could press a button on the router but its also not working. I have pressed the WPS button like crazy and nothing

No. 905963

Just call your boss and sob. Act frustrated while you cry, bosses will appreciate your desire to be a good worker but the tears will fake them out into being sympathetic, so it's a win-win!

No. 905973

Don't cry in front of your boss nona, it will make you seem unprofessional and make them lose respect for you.

No. 905979

Thank you all, I managed to do it. I have no idea what the problem was, my work phone immediately connected to it without the problem. Counterintuitively, when I put my work laptop further away from the router, it connected to the Wifi. Wtf

No. 905994

Are the sizes/fits of TOPSHOP jeans the same across their whole inventory? Like If i get a pair of"jamie" jeans size X, can I get the same size on a pair of "johni" jeans?

No. 905998

File: 1631259836369.jpeg (37.88 KB, 400x300, 26C23F0A-AEE3-4BE6-B2D7-7E4C56…)

What was his deal? Alien or retard?

No. 906003

Lmao I remember the creators saying the opening was kinda symbolising Mr Bean coming down the sky like some kind of alien, so he could be that. Or he could just be a ver strange man with zero social skills

No. 906010

Me Bean is Chris Chan if he was British

No. 906012

I always imagined he was abducted by aliens to test human intelligence and him falling from the sky was the aliens dropping him off before leaving the planet and concluding there is no intelligent life on earth

No. 906020

the sexual revolution was started by men to undermine feminism wasn't it?

No. 906024

Why do you think that?

No. 906025

women don't benefit from it, and I saw a study about women's happiness declining while men's is rising that was attributed to feminism (not outright but subtly, researchers were men, go figure)

No. 906026

samefag, INSTEAD of looking at what was brought forth at the same time feminism was and has been on steady course alongside it. Idk I just attribute declining happiness to be more because of THAT rather than feminist achievements

No. 906027

>Panels C and D of Table 3 disaggregate our data by marital status and fertility outcomes. While
the proportion in the sample who are married fell by a third over the course of our sample, and
married people typically report being happier than unmarried people, this compositional change does
not explain the decline in female happiness.
This bit right here specially makes me think so, and the fact that they can't think of what the explanation is makes it all the more laughable that men have been touted as smarter and better than women for so long

I don't even consider myself a feminist mind you, LOL

No. 906031

You also have studies showing that unmarried women are happier and live longer while widowed men die younger.

No. 906034

Yeah, but sexual liberation was about women's role getting recontextualized within society as more than just loyal wives/mothers, so how does women being happier unmarried mean that men started it to destroy feminism? I think hook-up culture can and should be criticized, but traditional marriage pre-sexual revolution isn't something women want to go back to either.

No. 906039

ntayrt but op
>so how does women being happier unmarried mean that men started it to destroy feminism
it doesn't, married women being less happy than unmarried ones when before wasn't the case does imo
maybe they didn't start it but they definitely hijacked it, lol
personally i would get married IF things weren't the way they are now, and this isn't me wanting to go back to trad marriage pre-sexual liberation

No. 906040

meant to reply to you

No. 906043

samefag and sage for rambling last time i swear but the funniest thing of all to me is how men complain and want women to be like they "were" before and give up OUR sexual liberties while they get to keep theirs. just lol

No. 906051

How could people stand watching this shit? Is this some kind of British cringe humor I don't get? Whenever I see his retard face I feel sorry for all the poor people's life he is is about to ruin.

No. 906052

>not seeing every single episode of Mr Bean multiple times without ever actually choosing to watch it
I'm not british but it was a staple in high school for when the teacher can't be fucked and just plays a video

No. 906053

>personally i would get married IF things weren't the way they are now, and this isn't me wanting to go back to trad marriage pre-sexual liberation

Same and it's always women who also have to clean up after their husbands or take care of their responsibilities as well. I know women who still have to make doc appointments or do laundry/iron clothes for their husbands because they're too lazy. It's like having an additional child or a dog, no wonder that women are less happy then. We always have to do way more in a marriage than men. Working, cleaning, cooking, taking care of the kids and other family members etc. Even if the men also participate, it's always women who do way more and are expected to do so while they get shut down with "but I work and bring the money in!111!" if they complain.

Most of my aunts are either single or divorced and they are way more fulfilled in life than the oneswho have a family. I'm not saying that married women can't be happy but stress obviously plays a big role and as a single it's obviously a lot less and you have much more freedom.

No. 906056

Damn anon not only Brits watch the show you know. Mr Bean is practically universal, it helps that he rarely ever talks, that's how he can appeal to millions of people from all around the world

No. 906064

I know it's universally loved (still don't get why), I was just wondering if the humor in the show was specific to British culture.

No. 906069

File: 1631271981261.jpg (131.43 KB, 736x981, ab565ea375d39e6f37d1a4c468b56d…)

At least dogs are cute and don't talk back. My dog's a sweetheart who loves baths and is housebroken, and going for walks with her doesn't make me want to suffocate her with a pillow because she's a dog and not a pseudointellectual scrote who thinks he's the smartest most unique individual in the world.
Dogs are wonderful and I'd gladly clean up after them, men are walking reddit shitposts who fight you every step of the way and I will never marry one.

No. 906075

Is that your dog anon? Corgis are so cute.

No. 906083

I am British and I have never found this shit funny. Only Fools and Horses is the same, it bores me to tears.

No. 906086

Yeah I know, I just meant to say that more often than not husbands are another obligation, rather than someone you share responsibilities with.

I'd want to be with someone who makes life easier, not harder and I sure as fuck don't want to have to take care of an adult like I'd do with kids or a pet.

No. 906092

im from the US and have fond memories of mr bean, my sweet little french teacher would play him for us sometimes.
my french teacher was an awesome lady, she tried so hard to teach dumbass middle schoolers french

No. 906105

If the cows on this site can't hold down jobs due to mental illnesses, trauma, stunted social skills or whatever, then how do literal retards manage to get a job? Surely if an actual tard can do basic things then so can anyone else regardless of what backstory they have right?

No. 906114

It comes down to the hiring manager's expectations of them. Someone that is special needs probably has a case manager helping them obtain and maintain employment. Even if they don't, management will temper expectations with them, because, retard. Meanwhile if you seem normal and have mental shit going on management is going to have a lower threshold for mistakes from you. They will act cheated and angry at you for being less than perfect because you don't have an explanation. There is no patience or training in the modern workforce.

No. 906117

Do kids still read Naruto or is it seen as some kind of old fart manga?

No. 906122

You think mimes are unique to the UK?

No. 906136

My 15 year old normie sister is into it

No. 906137

Nowadays kids read my hero academia.

No. 906141

File: 1631281082176.jpg (68.22 KB, 1200x800, El8MMcVWoAE3_rN.jpg)

zoomers still like it, but death note is much more popular among them when it comes to anime from around that era
Also, soul eater is weirdly popular and everyone loves crona for being a weird genderless thing because it's Just Like Them!

No. 906149

File: 1631281745126.png (34.18 KB, 124x142, 1630851103294.png)

Nonnas, I am learning some mathematical theory in uni and I feel so slow at picking up abstract concepts compared to when I was younger.

I sleep 10 hours per day and eat healthy, should I just stop letting the internet fry my brain? Is it my depression and meds?

No. 906151

What the fuck how dare you
This show was amazing
You guys need to go to the back of the class and think of what you've done and your bad tastes.
What will be next? How El Chavo is bad????? Don't you fucking dare

No. 906154

Ngl anon I'm surprised you can function at all with all of the above.

No. 906156

How active are you compared to when you were younger? Physical activity, particularly aerobic exercise, significantly impacts iq.

No. 906158

When I started suffering from depression and brain fog in my early 20s I went keto and the symptoms disappeared as I became keto adapted. It's an extremely restrictive diet so I'm not sure that I would recommend it. Now I just eat low carb. Meat, eggs, dairy, fish and plenty of fresh vegetables but no grains. The depression and brain fog has never returned.

No. 906160

Could be meds or short attention span thanks to websurfing. But don't beat up yourself over it. As I got older I'm now better at organizing information and understanding some things but I'm way worse at memorizing longer texts or strings of numbers, probably just how my brain changed based on what I was doing over the years. As children we're still information sponges. Also, tinfoil, but pretty sure being on the internet actively erodes everyone's reading comprehension.

No. 906163

I picked up running and cardio for 30 minutes every day this summer but didn't see a difference.

In my country it's very much "haha depression isn't real" even if you're diagnosed so everyone makes you keep up.

Thanks anons! I think I'll try the diet change

No. 906177

>didn't see a difference
Try adding basic weight lifting to your routine and see if it helps. Most studies indicate that weight training is more effective than cardio for mental health.

>I'll try the diet change
It might not be grains that are causing the issue, it could be diary. Different people have differing tolerances for foods. It's worth trying an elimination diet before committing to a diet change that may or may not work.

No. 906242

Where is dogisaga at now?

No. 906253

Speaking of which, does anyone feel smarter now that they're older? I'm in my mid-20s and I feel like a super genius compared to when I was a kid. I used to bang my head against something until I understood it, but now I'm able to pick up and understand concepts usually the first time. I also have quicker reflexes and am able to think on my feet.

No. 906263

Why would someone tell you to count down when they are fingering you? I didn't really get it but I went along and when we reached zero I asked "okay and now what?" and nothing happened or changed… I can't really remember entirely, I think he just said I was doing good or something? It was my first and only time experiencing something like that so I didn't really know how to respond.

No. 906286

I feel like counting down is something you'd see in a retarded porn

No. 906287

If the fanfictions I read are anything to go by, he wanted you to come by the time you reached zero kek

No. 906298

There is no repairing your brain, trust me. Normies can suggest self-sufficiency and eating muh 10 apple slices a day to keep the doctor away, you will never get your memory back. Neuroplasticity is a lie, even if you eat healthier and get help, your brain will just never be the same. You’re probably just bad at abstract problem-solving, don’t listen to the other anons not everyone can get better at a skill and not everyone will be good at being educated.

No. 906302

File: 1631296664395.jpeg (209.56 KB, 600x390, 60EB97E6-65A8-40CC-BBE1-4941DB…)

Should your fingernail polish match your toes? I never heard this before but a guy complained about my mismatched nail polish, saying all women know this rule. wtf? Am I out of the loop? I told him it was retarded but I'm still curious since google says it's up to personal preference

No. 906303

It's definitely a porn thing, a really weird one too. The other person is just assuming you're gonna cum when they reach 0

No. 906308

File: 1631296973053.jpeg (31.21 KB, 250x202, 0C90AC32-B508-4F32-BEDF-0BA607…)

It doesn’t matter, sometimes I like to match them, sometimes I don’t care, depends on how I’m feeling because even if I’m wearing sandals, I can just have black nail polish on my hands and French pedicure or nude nail polish on my hands and pearly pink on my toenails.
Scrotes’ opinions never matter, nonnie, send him a picture of his new dildo.

No. 906319

I was taught the opposite thing because nailpolish on your toes lasts AGES for some reason.

No. 906332

>nailpolish on your toes lasts AGES for some reason
It's just because you don't move your toes as much. Your hands do a lot of shit so the nail polish is constantly being put to test.

Never knew anyone that matched both. Aside from pornstars that match the french nails with french toenails.
He's probably a pornsick footfag.

No. 906338

Tell him this nail tech on a Mongolian gossip forum thinks he's retarded

No. 906347

I think you should go to the dr to check for deficencies, I had extremely low vit D levels when I went to Dr and now I have more energy after supplementing.

No. 906355

males are dumb and can’t even see different colors anyways.
i like light colors and glitter polish on my toes, bright or dark colors on my fingernails.

No. 906357

Don't be an ass anon, neuroplasticity is def a thing, otherwise rich/influential ppl wouldn't all use fancy mushrooms. It just takes effort to reroute your brain, unless she has autism, it's doable.

No. 906360

Send him a cashapp request for your next nail appointment $, if he has such a strong opinion.

No. 906362


No. 906386

To correct his misuse of language, “rule all girls know” to “I have a preference/conditioning I would like to bring up”, I agree with sending him a cash app or Venmo request for personal preferences. Men fuck up basic male grooming I can’t imagine not laughing in someone’s face if they said that seriously. They don’t know anything about the longevity of polish and that women have better things to do other than making sure something no one sees is matching. Ask him to do your laundry so you can take the time to change the toe polish. Tell him to kiss your feet and apologize because what you are wearing is beautiful. Why does this man have access to your body if he can’t even respect your toes or have a good attitude about it. Get away from this stinky man

No. 906397

Do you really have to refrigerate yeast after opening it? I opened some about a week ago and didn't realize it says to refrigerate it. It's an entire jar so it'll suck if I have to throw it out

No. 906401

File: 1631302033384.jpg (21.04 KB, 506x675, image0 (1).jpg)

Nonnies, I am really worried about my grandfather. Few months ago he had really strong stomach aches for a few days to the point of fainting and had to be transported to the hospital. They had to quickly operate him because his appendix literally exploded inside his stomach and was leaking. They stitched his stomach up but still to this day he has some stomach aches and this weird bloated minecraftblock-shaped stomach. He was talking about it like it was not a big deal since his doctors told him that this is 'normal after surgery' and 'will go away after a few months'. He has had mutiple scans at mulitple doctors and all of them said the same thing, and that there was no risk or anything to be found that could be dangerous. How the fuck can everything be okay when his stomach looks like this? It looks absolutely horrifying and every family member told him to do something quickly about it since it seems and looks really fucking suspicous. Can a medical Nonnie please give an opinion to his? I am really scared that this might be something dangerous and the doctors are not caring because he is in his 60's and lives in a rather shady and small eastern european village.

No. 906411

I'm not a medical nonnie but my grandma's stomach looked exactly like this before she died of stomach cancer

No. 906430

will 60 squats a day help with bellyfat?

No. 906431

Not a med anon. My grandma still has bloating/fluid retention since she got a hernia from cancer surgery, the caustic fluids cause inflammation. Did they clean up all the leaked fluid in his stomach cavity is the question, bc if not then it's going to cause tons of problems. If you can afford it I'd defiently go to hospital in a big city so they can powerclean his guts.

No. 906432

This is 1000% not normal, go to a big city or a private doctor.

No. 906437

What are some phrases that are as annoying as 'I'm sorry you feel that way'?

No. 906439

File: 1631305458306.jpeg (133.24 KB, 750x745, E4D52522-6D59-43F5-A5CA-725708…)

I used to do a 100 squats every other day and it did nothing except grow my thigh muscles, but doing glute bridges helps tighten your lower stomach and I did see improvement after doing 50 every other day. Do exercises that require more stretching as those help elongate muscles and can help with how fat is distributed around your problem areas! Hope this helps anon

No. 906442

Jesus Christ this is not normal. No normal middle aged beer belly stomach looks like that. Get him to a doctor asap

No. 906443

thanks! I'm trying to lose weight everywhere by doing a hour or work out a day plus 60 squats.

No. 906444

Unprecedented times and life's not fair.

No. 906445

Yeah I'm going to start by doing 10 Glute bridges everyday, then I'll add more as I go own, thank you anon >>906439

No. 906446

Bellyfat is the last place most ppl lose fat, work on your core and back muscles,
and cut down on simple carbs and sugars. also make sure your posture is good, lots of ppl have a pooch due to poor posture.

No. 906451

you can't target one specific area to lose fat in, you have to eat at a caloric deficit to lose fat all around your body, including your belly. Any excerise will help with this, though the most important thing is still eating less calories than you're consuming. If you want more defined abs then you have to do ab exercises

No. 906456

"I never intended that" "it's not that bad, you'll get over it" or "just deal with it", "think of all the other people that have it way worse" "just think happy thoughts and don't be so negative" "you are just trying to avoid personal responsibility" "everything happens for a reason" or anything else where you can avoid taking responsibility yourself and making that person feel bad for trying to blame and question you and your actions or anything else. also phrases that involve bootstraps are a good pick

No. 906461

yeah thats what i'm doing, 1 hour a day cardio workouts, squats and counting calories

No. 906462

NTA, but how much protein are you getting?

No. 906463

then you'll definitely see results! Good luck nonnie, I'm rooting for you

No. 906465

I don't even pay attention, I just eat within my calories, workout, make sure I get up and move around more and all of that. My brain could'nt take that

No. 906467

Get an app for tracking macros then, no brainpower needed

No. 906498

What psychological advantages does someone - who had relationships - has as opposed to someone who's never been in a relationship?

No. 906507

What are "psychological advantages"?

No. 906514

Can the employees see all your info/photos/history when you're getting your battery changed? I don't need strangers knowing the type of fanfiction I read

No. 906516

File: 1631309875478.jpg (81.34 KB, 500x624, DtEqK0jWsAA9-d-.jpg)

No idea where to ask this. What does sleeping on a natural (wool, horsehair) mattress feel like? Do you prefer it? Does latex make it more comfortable? They have flatter tufts. I do not have a spring base bed frame, just slats (if that makes any difference). Is it annoying re distributing weight and flipping regularly?

No. 906522

Sometimes jack all if the person in relationships never learns from how they or their partner fucked up and keeps repeating the same mistakes. Ideally though you come to understand what you value or don't value in life, become better at communication/problem solving/fair compromises, and learn about how to grow while respecting another person. You also may be more confident in yourself if your partner(s) didn't psychologically or physically torture all the self esteem out of you

No. 906525

anyone ever feel like a ghost or stranger in their own body or is it just me

No. 906529

no i feel like i am the ghost because the body feels strange and restricting

No. 906535

you might be experiencing depersonalization/derealization.

No. 906537

There are people that do, and you guys, together with intrusive thoughts people, are the weirdest to me.
You are your body. And you create your thoughts. How do you get so disconnected from yourselves blows my mind.

No. 906540

What is wrong with you?

No. 906542

You’re not your “body”, only your mind is your body. Hasn’t it been argued that the body is an evil draconian shell and only the mind matters nonna?

No. 906545

Me too. Always knew since I was younger that my body (and also my name) never belonged to me. I don't think I was meant to exist physically and dissociated often as a child even though nothing triggered it.

No. 906550

This is how troons/fakebois think.

No. 906551

Same anon! Don’t you ever have those 5 second moments where existence feels icky and your brain can’t believe that you are alive and that you are you? It’s hard to articulate but I would always have those randomly when I was younger, they dwindled as I aged but it was like a weird trance-like episode.

No. 906552

Idk, tell me please
I blame Plato for popularizing the non-existent body-mind duality. Science was doing so well before that prick showed up. Democritus was proved right.
I'm sad and mad that that moron still has an effect on everyone's lives millennia later.

No. 906554

Well I'm neither.

No. 906559

It’s the only thing that greekfag has been right about

No. 906563

File: 1631312269486.jpeg (46.54 KB, 356x294, D3D22FFF-F8BF-46F1-82A5-F1DC85…)

Also picrel but cringe, atheists really need you to “love your body” and “love life” in accordance to capitalism, consumption and selfishness and religious people need you to love yourself and love life due to their obsession with hierarchical values and authoritative control. Atheists and religious people aren’t different, they perpetuate the same shit, let me dissociate in peace without some science shill always constantly telling me and other people that they’re invalid for the way that they feel because apparently it makes them trans when there are people who actually have DPDR.

No. 906577

File: 1631313071094.jpg (10.36 KB, 323x315, 116906692_321488688900030_3219…)

Girl wtf are you a cyborg

No. 906579

That's not it at all. Do you even know what dissociation feels like? It's not about being "wronged" or some charkha shit. This happens even outside the house.

No. 906580

If you want to dissociate in peace, you shouldn’t be posting on an imageboard.

No. 906581

No kek. They can't get in unless you gave them the password and even if you did, I used to fix phones and they're really strict about not going through peoples shit.

No. 906585

File: 1631313290682.jpeg (133.29 KB, 500x600, B0A95073-DD10-42D8-8095-822698…)

imageboard smorgasbord

No. 906586

why do I have ovulation pain? It is almost like light cramping when I have my period

No. 906607

Happened to me when I had an ovarian cyst. It went away after awhile.

No. 906627

Do any of you have (edgy) tattoos? I know there’s that one girl who posts about her botched boobjob who has massive tattoos all over here body, but I was wondering if there are any edgy people ITT.

No. 906630

I have an all-black tattoo of Lucy from Elfen Lied on my arm, if that counts. Also a couple of face tattoos.

No. 906634

>face tattoos
damn girl you must date ALL the rappers/rockers

No. 906644

Or ex-convicts.

No. 906650

my doctor started me on this new medicine called pristiq. it says u shouldnt drink when u take it but im thinking maybe it wouldn't be bad if i just waited a few hours between taking it and drinking?? i don't want to drink heavily just like 1 can of white claw kek
any nonnies got some advice

No. 906652

if it says not to drink then don't. booze and antidepressants is not a good combination.

No. 906654

That is a unique collection, I'll give you that

No. 906658

>disgusting fanservice pedobait incest torture porn anime full of technically non-human women being treated exactly like that
god i can't believe how many people (including myself) enjoyed that shitfest back in the day

No. 906663

Is there still a shoplifting community anywhere online or are they all banned? Just wanna have a good laugh.

No. 906664

No tats but I have 20 piercings if that counts for anything
Damn the Lucy tattoo sounds kinda cool, not too big on face tattoos though

No. 906728

I think there's a small community on twitter still, can't remember any names but there's a lot of intersection with self harm/ed twitter so you could start there. I think they use "found" instead of lifted?

No. 906737

Ah thank you. I was just wondering
I was just thinking about what the differences could be between a person who, let's say, lived 40 years without forming romantic relationships and another person who is the same age and had several. Like, what is person nr 1 missing out on, what do other people who successfully formed relationships have what person nr 1 doesn't have

I thought that was a picture of a giant sandwich with cottage cheese and salad in it and I was both disturbed and intrigued lmao

No. 906749

What kind of piercings?

No. 906769

File: 1631340649681.jpeg (82.06 KB, 575x328, 0ABEB782-C828-4D6D-9718-3C5BE5…)

Hey everyone, lost shirt anon here. Just thought I’d let everyone now that after unblocking and telling my ex to find my shirt and give it back to me, I just found it safe and sound in the trunk of my car.
New question: how do I cope with the embarrassment?

No. 906776

You just don't tell him cuz he's your ex anyway

No. 906780

Do women really spend all day looking at their titties or is that just a meme?

No. 906781

Troon meme. But you should know that, unless you're male yourself or absolutely sheltered

No. 906783

I’m not a man I identify as a woman(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 906786

File: 1631342835810.jpeg (24.4 KB, 600x600, 53E1363A-920E-4FB1-A15C-E95689…)

No. 906790

File: 1631342974883.png (89.71 KB, 500x501, 317.png)

Oh tranny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling

No. 906794

you will never be a woman. out tranny.

No. 906796

Says who? The doctors agree, the physiologists, the psychologists, all feminists and activists, social media, big business, little business, politicians…

But then again this seething femcel on a chrischan website doesn’t? Oh no I’m sooo defeated. You may identify as a woman but you’re biologically stupid kek.

No. 906805

>chris chan website

Go home troon, you’re drunk, lmfao

No. 906834

The pink is for girl and the blue is for boy uwu

No. 906835

Anons who took chasteberry/vitex for PMS or PMDD, did you have slight bleeding as a side effect? I'm slightly worried because I did not see this mentioned on the package

No. 906839

Also I feel sort of intense emotionally, as I do before my period, but I read that this is a common side effect. I had my period a week ago btw

No. 906841

Also - and this is my last additional post - I read that it can cause low sex drive whereas for me, it made me godforsakenly horny. I would love to hear your experiences

No. 906859

File: 1631351721609.jpg (20.68 KB, 800x211, babyliss-pro-titanium-diamond-…)

Should I get normal Babyliss Quarts (25mm, C451E) or go for BaByliss PRO Titanium Diamond Extra Long (BAB2473TDE) ?

First time buying curling irons from this brand. My hair are long and thick.

No. 906901

Is it always illegal to have a relationship with a coworker?

No. 906907

not at all

No. 906908

maybe start by telling us where you are, laws aren't universal

No. 906960

File: 1631364382355.gif (2.73 MB, 320x390, 302D9F35-4EA0-4A04-8F30-FF67C7…)

Why do men complain about women not caring about their mental health, but when one shows kindness or whatever and she's not what they find attractive, they speak ill of her or are a complete ass to her?

No. 906970

How do I find her telegram?

No. 907031

How can I be more mean? Or…less nice I guess?
Being nice has gotten me nothing in life but getting my feelings hurt constantly.
I'm not a pushover or people pleaser but I feel like I'm permanently stuck in "customer service mode." I'm too enthusiastic and nice to everyone.
I don't wanna be a cunt just average

No. 907034

They don't really want to improve their mental health, they just want a servant they consider attractive to cater to their tantrums and neediness

No. 907052

Establishing better boundaries and being assertive. It's helpful to practice ahead of time because enacting any sort of change takes effort and reconditioning. Write down instances in the past or common scenarios where you're overly nice. What would you do differently now and how do you want to respond in the future? I.e. instead of smiling and making small talk with a scrote trying to work himself up to asking you on a McDonalds date, maybe you'd prefer to say, "Excuse me, I'd rather not talk right now." And if he kicks up a fuss keep repeating that louder and louder until he stops or you need to call the cops. Talk loudly into a pillow. Practice saying no to people who take advantage of you, or if that feels too blunt, "Sorry I have other errands I need to focus on that day." Improve your self esteem in general too, because typically women feel they're being mean or rude when speaking up for themselves when men do it all the time and get praised for it. Release the need to be liked by everyone. The good people you actually want as friends will appreciate you for who you are even when you're not bowing and scraping for them. Check out How to Raise Your Self-Esteem by Nathaniel Branden if you like, I found it useful.

No. 907061

Being mean is not the goal, mean people are usually too stupid to play the game of life properly so they burn bridges. Focus on being assertive. Say no when you want to say no, don't apologize or explain yourself. Self esteem is key. Value your own comfort and experience above all else. If you have a choice between pissing off yourself and someone else, always choose them. Others will come and go, those who matter will respect your boundaries, fuck the rest.

No. 907075

They want a hot nurse, not recovery.

No. 907078

I was reading about William Sidis today and I was reminded about article of another genius kid I read once. It was a girl, raised by her mother who was also extremely talented. She was born sometime in the first half of 20th century in Spain or Portugal (or maybe it was South America?). Her mother took her on a tour in Europe where she met famous people. She later started getting more independent and wanted to marry some guy, and her mother ended up smothering her with a pillow (?) when she was in her late teens/early twenties. I might be wrong about some details, but basically a girl who was raised to be a genius thanks to her mother, who ended up killing her. Anyone might know who am I talking about?

No. 907096

I used to love reading r/shoplifting before it was banned. If you find something link it here nona

No. 907100

They don't consider women they don't find attractive to be people or some men have weird complexes about women they find attractive and only see them as sex dolls and trophies, but then blame those women if the men never bother getting to know her or having thoughtful conversations, which is often why so many extremely attractive women get cheated on emotionally and physically

No. 907150

chrischan and the knuckledraggers coming to the site because of him is the worst thing to have happened to this board

No. 907155

File: 1631374827720.jpg (92.38 KB, 700x668, squishy-dog-cheeks-2-5968650de…)

so we know selfies distort our faces because of the lens and distance and yadayada, but what about webcams? are they more accurate or do they work the same way? the article i read made it sound as if camera face distortion was unavoidable until a software was to be developed and implemented into the camera so idk
pic unrelated

No. 907161

File: 1631375144734.jpg (3.48 KB, 147x150, Screenshot_3.jpg)

Anons? Bump?

No. 907165

I wanted to test the webcam of my computer and it was dogshit, the quality looked like it was some found footage of a Soviet nuclear accident and I looked like a tranny goblin. This webcam was completely inaccurate and so are probably many others, you can pretty much only rely on a mirror for accuracy.

No. 907167

How many calories does one burn roughly when going to the gym for an hour and let's say, use the treadmill for 20 minutes, the elliptic trainer for 20 minutes and the treadmill again for twenty minutes?

No. 907168

File: 1631375578632.jpg (229.45 KB, 650x974, 6.jpg)

To some extent all lenses distort your face, with the specific type of distortion depending on the focal length of the lens. This is especially true of cameras on phones and laptops, because the lenses are really small and therefore have to be wide-angled to capture more of your face and surroundings (the top left portrait in picrel has the shortest focal length/is taken with a wide-angle lens).

So yeah, software that takes into account the focal length of a lens and then compensates to get it to match the eye's natural focal length is as close as we're going to get to solving the problem.

No. 907169

Surely to god that's like 3 different maths equations you can do with Google

No. 907171

kek fair enough, I'm lazy

No. 907172

this is gonna depend heavily on how much you weigh anon

No. 907173

buy a fitbit or something

No. 907174

What's interesting is the human eye has a focal length of ~22mm and 35mm is considered standard because no elements of a scene would be accentuated or distorted by use of a wider focal length.

No. 907177

Thank you anons!

No. 907183

yikes so people see you with a big ass nose too? smfh

No. 907188

Would you rather have a spongebob square pants shaped head?

No. 907189

No. 907192

lol i think so, it doesn't look bad >>907168 here imo

No. 907204

are fillers popular outside of the US?
honestly i feel sad seeing so many young gorgeous girls pumping their faces full of that shit. it’s disturbing and some of my friends have started doing this filler shit, we’re in our early 20’s.
i think fillers could be okay if done subtly, but these big fat lips everyone is getting are just awful. fillers are turning beautiful women into tranny-looking monsters

No. 907214

alot of this girls are going to look terrible when older. just sad

No. 907215

it’s definitely rampant in the UK

No. 907217

Yes, unfortunately. Particularly those balloon lips.

No. 907226

In Italy yes

No. 907243

Who is tsundere anon?

No. 907246

Northern European here, yes.

No. 907252

uk here. They are ‘popular’ here for certain types of girls, especially in places like Essex and those that enjoy reality tv. However I have seen quite a few uk celebs having them dissolved. So hopefully in a few years the trend won’t be as rampant. I personally think it is gross and tacky.

No. 907255

Is it really that big of a deal not to want to meet your partner's friends?

No. 907274

Can being GC online ruin my chances to emigrate to England? I know governments check your social media when applying and idk if it would count as hate speech, should I nuke my accounts or would that also look sus?

No. 907290

What an Orwellian post

No. 907296

Most are on my ears (including some uncommon ones that i've never seen on anyone else irl so I don't really want to be too detailed) lip, eyebrow, nipples, and belly button. I used to have a tongue ring in but I took it out because tongue rings are gross.

No. 907304

Are your social medias associated with your real name? If not you're fine, otherwise no idea, do companies really check them that thoroughly? Not having social medias would definitely not be suspect though, just say you don't want to spend too much time online.

No. 907315

don't associate them with your real name or face

No. 907323

anon i love ear piercings, would you be willing to share the names of a couple of the piercings? i have a conch/orbital piercing and i love it, wanna add more but i’m not sure which are unique and less common

No. 907325

Where are you emigrating from anon? If you haven’t been posting dodgy stuff then you have nothing to worry about. Maybe just don’t use your full/official/formal etc name, like other anons said

No. 907326

File: 1631384408800.jpeg (338.61 KB, 640x899, 313EAC58-FB18-45CA-B3B5-4F1B6C…)

samefag, this is the piercing i have but for whatever reason in my retarded burgertown nobody can agree on what its called

No. 907328

My sister has 9 ear piercings in total, I asked her what this piercing is called and she said it’s a conch piercing lol

No. 907334

I have anon GC accounts and nothing to link me to my identity except country of origin, total deniability unless someone goes through a shit ton of effort to hack me on a hunch. But lately I've been tempted to go on my real name social media to tell people I know to stop being fucking idiots. I'm not an influencer but I have a bit of clout in my circles and I hate seeing gender bullshit seep into my personal circles and say nothing. On the other hand, I can't jeopardize this huge step in my future and my career.

No. 907340

what kind of content do you make anon? if you dont mind sharing.
i’ve been trying to create content and gain a following but haven’t really gotten anywhere, trying to decide if i should give up or keep trying

No. 907345

I found a tag on Tiktok called "borrowing", mostly teens giving advice on how to shoplift. But the hashtag also appears to be banned on Tiktok now.

No. 907349

i personally dont care if people shoplift but i do think it’s satisfying when they get caught and get in trouble. i hate being in public with a mfer that steals everything.
my ex best friend started doing meth and would beg me to drive her to the grocery store so she could steal wine and makeup, we went to the mall one time and she spent a fucking hour in VS stealing panties and refused to give me a single pair. dumb tweaking ass cunt.

No. 907358

File: 1631387093399.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.56 MB, 3264x2448, 163138705826658959556069425307…)

How can I fix a hammer toe? Pretty sure I inherited it. Which kind of surgeon would I need to go to to release the tendon that makes my toe curl?
Spoiled for gross toes

No. 907360

i'm more concerned about the state of those toenails tbh

No. 907361

Yeah I know they're gross and have random chunks of gel polish

No. 907368

What are the actual symptoms of schizophrenia?

No. 907369

girl if you don't trim your toenails rn

No. 907371

farmer feet
farmer feet

No. 907372

jesus christ anon you look like you have some kind of nail fungus. Your toe nails are almost as yellow as my uncles

No. 907373

your toenails are so small

No. 907378

No. 907379

Isabella Loretta Janke?

No. 907382

Anon please don’t become the new Isabella janke. Those toenails look unwell. Anyway idk what you’re even talking about, my toes “curl” like that too but I didn’t know it was abnormal, does it affect your locomotion? But seriously there’s something wrong with your nails, like medically.

No. 907388

Thank you so much for spoiling this. Please take care of your toes anon.

No. 907391

Did someone reverse search that farmer's god forsaken feet pic? Could be a troll

No. 907392

I yelped when I opened this photo

No. 907396

Samefag, but why is the pinky nail curling? And why are there so many anons talking about their feet recently

No. 907404


You're brave for posting this, even this is an anonymous image board.

No. 907438

File: 1631390139955.png (42.5 KB, 850x409, Schizophrenia-DSM-5-versus-ICD…)

anyway, I don't completely agree with psychiatric diagnosis and evaluation. I think your symptoms need to be quite severe to have it, but they seem to diagnose even "odd" individuals which is not the case.

No. 907442

I added someone to my friend list in game. I want to talk to this person but idk how to start a conversation. help anons!

No. 907446

I feel so bad for op. Imagine posting your toes and having everyone think that they’re so weird looking that they have to be a troll

No. 907449

just say "sup baby"

No. 907452

i don't feel bad at all. imagine your toenails looking like that but being fixated on the toes themselves instead. like why are the toenails not the concern at that point?

No. 907458

>>907373 I know, I have trouble painting them because of this. I get pedicures when I can afford it.
>>907388 how can I take care of them?
>>907396 I don't know why it curls, both of my pinky toe nails have always done that. It's super difficult to paint them.
>>907404 I'm a masochist I guess

No. 907459

Why is it bad, embarrassing or shameful when we are confronted with something we did, said or thought in the past? Shouldn't we be celebrating that the person has learned better now?

Why do we as a society shame and dwell and act like we should just know things or be born perfect, instead of encouraging development and growth? Is it due to the monkey ladder system?

No. 907460

I'm gonna sound like scrote kek

No. 907462

>hiiiii nice to meet you~ how are you today~?
It always works for me.

No. 907463

File: 1631391453153.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.61 MB, 2282x2282, 61B811B8-1D25-4AF1-A5DB-F7E525…)

this is my other foot, better quality pic. honestly dont think my toenails are as medically horrifying as some of you are saying though. i will trim and file them, dont worry.
but you can see here that my toe isnt curled on this foot, only on the other one

No. 907465

they're weird, i'm sorry. definitely trim them at least so they're not so jagged.

No. 907467

Why do you keep punishing us with pics of your feet like this

No. 907470

wow you have balls

No. 907473

As the anon that loves her feet I had to see what yours looked like and I gagged. No harm to you either we're all anonymous here

No. 907474

Are there several feet anons or is this the same person as before?

No. 907478

Its too much: The horrifying picture, as the other anon says the fixation on the toes instead of the obvious general state of that thing, the replies… it's a troll. I'm still to fucking nauseous to reverse search that shit

No. 907481

>>907467 sorry anon, at least i spoilered, i wont post more kek.
>>907470 yeah i do, i’ve always known my toenails look weird as fuck though so it’s not news to me

No. 907482

File: 1631391951625.gif (395.18 KB, 393x498, sadcat.gif)


No. 907483

Why did you only paint two nails?

No. 907486

they all used to be painted anon, its a gel pedicure from like 3 months ago

No. 907487

I bet she did chew the paint off the other nails.

No. 907492

it cracks me up feet anon is getting more attention than the girl posting her tits a couple of days ago

No. 907493

ok anon, I think I'll go with this one, thanks!

No. 907496

the what

No. 907498

my most edgy tattoo is a gun that i'm getting covered, kek. like the other anon i have a bunch of piercings too, including a genital one

No. 907504

in denmark yes, but fortunately it seems that most women go for a more natural look and the overfilled women are made fun of

No. 907509

File: 1631392822736.gif (1019.17 KB, 275x207, 1551891002762.gif)

Is my mom gaslighting me?
My mom knows I'm extremely self conscious of my body, had some bad experiences you can probably guess what, I'm just very aware of my body and other people staring at it
My mom herself is extremely like, not appropriate with her boundaries, like she has always stared if I forgot to put on a bra or didn't have a bra on for some other reason, she dried my vagina with a hair dryer until I was like 4, I have memories of it and feeling creeped out/uncomfortable even at the time
So my mom told me today, apparently my grandpa thought I was dressed to provocatively while I was visiting with him, what I was wearing was a turtleneck and leggings, completely covered, but I admit that these are spandex clothes. I wear it be cause I have really gross looking eczema, which is embarrassing to have people see, but also it get irritated by so much stuff, it's a lot easier to prevent breakouts by always being covered, and you have to wear tight clothes to keep allergens and shit from just blowing up your sleeves or pant legs
Alright anyway, so I started asking her about it, like I got upset because it's gross and embarrassing, even if I don't know exactly what he said, and she got this nasty fucking look on her face and told me "I knew I shouldn't have told you, nothing can just be easy with you, you have to make a thing out of everything, I knew you would pull this."
And I'm like, everything else aside, that's gaslighting, right?
She said she knew how I would respond, did it anyway, and then reprimanded and shamed me for doing what she says she knew I would feel
I don't think I reacted outrageously at all, I just asked her like what did he say and that I really don't even feel like visiting anymore because that just makes me feel so uncomfortable, which is a me problem, but like, it's still true and honestly I feel like she should have had compassion or understood or something, like she knows I'm fucked up over being looked at, and all I did was ask a few questions, I didn't even raise my voice, but my face probably did look wrong

No. 907511

I don't think there's anything wrong with them besides length either, I think anons are saying you have nail fungus because they look a bit yellow but that might be lighting or just how old they are. You just need to trim them, buffing the surface w a nail file would help with those white lines. A cuticle remover would also help a lot aesthetically, essence has one for like $3

No. 907519

check the confessions thread

No. 907523

Maybe trim your nails anon. Or at least file them? Sorry to be mean, but they aren’t nice to look at. Good for you for having the confidence to post them I guess lol

No. 907525

thank you so much for your kind reply anon, i appreciate it. i will definitely pick up a nail buffer. do you think a cuticle oil would help me too?

No. 907529

that's like 3 hairs and they're blonde. you don't have hair on your toes?

No. 907534

That's not even that hairy. I have more hair than that, kiddo, it's normal, get off the internet for a while.
For real, I'm getting the impression some farmers here are very young

No. 907537

Why is there so much feet here recently? From this anon who keeps posting her feet pics to the anon from the other day who kept gushing how perfect and pretty her feet are and wanting to show us

No. 907538

Eh, anon has fucked up nails but her toes aren't hairy. Who really even shaves their toes anyway.

No. 907542

it definitely would! Oil softens the cuticle and reduces the appearance of dry skin. Imo you can even use other oils that you have in the house already, I used almond oil and it worked great

No. 907548

File: 1631393856058.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 38.71 KB, 247x247, CFA8BBA0-C996-4DC4-8F57-3D5895…)

My feet literally look like picrel and Idc. I rock a pair of sandals in summer and don’t even bother painting them. I like the gnarled , witchy look. However, if I stare at my long second toes for too long I do get a very persistent urge to cut them off with a pair of garden shears. they are absolutely disgusting. Fascinatingly so. Like the finger of an aye-aye.

No. 907550

how are people so mean to other people? i don't get it. i'll sometimes let my emotions get the best of me and say some shit i shouldn't have said to someone and feel bad about it for the rest of my life

but you got people out here who act rude and bitchy for fun. it's so weird

No. 907556

Why are you on this site and how did you find it

No. 907558

File: 1631394005007.jpg (21.05 KB, 500x375, imangelica.jpg)

No. 907564

If you're that foot anon, I'm sorry for judging you. I just did not expect to see that today. I hope your feet get better and you can fix your curly toe or whatever you thought was wrong with them.

No. 907567

hey at least your toes aren't curled kek. i just wish my toe would fucking straighten out, it's like sideways

No. 907575

So we have now have komaeda anon, gnarly foot anon… we should make a pokedex for anons

No. 907578

foot anon here, i didn't make the sad post, don't worry anon im not upset or offended. feet and toes in general are pretty nasty, especially my tiny weird shaped toenails.
if i had posted my face on here and got roasted i would definitely be upset, but my toes getting roasted, eh.

No. 907585

I have no idea why but as soon as I saw those I thought to myself those are an Irish woman's feet. I don't know why I thought this, they just look like the kind of feet an Irish woman would have.

No. 907590

File: 1631394653436.jpeg (198.44 KB, 838x1017, 918D2F01-1936-4C7A-AEC3-2C3FE3…)

My toes ARE curled. My little toes curl underneath the toes next to them. My ultra long second toe is very curled, and when I straighten it with my finger you can see just how freakishly long it is. That’s why I compared it to an aye ayes finger. My toes and feet are ugly for a multitude of reasons, mainly as a knock on affect of having very narrow feat and (I may not have made this clear yet) a fucking massive second toe. I pretty much always have blisters on my feet because no shoe truly fits. I have corns and bunions, hammer toes and very, very curled and crooked toes. My feet are literally so fucking ugly. The only thing I have going for them is no foot odour because I at least bathe them properly and regularly trim my nails. Mainly as an excuse to spend at least 45 minutes gawking at how truly disgusting my second toe is.
I don’t really care if others see them, though. I’m allowed to have 1 ugly feature so they can all go fuck themselves.

No. 907591

it’s okay, anon. It is better to have nasty feet than nasty teeth or nasty finger nails because you can just wear socks and shoes. Also there are worse feet out there like old hairy man feet or fungus toes

No. 907606

I'm sad I'm too bland to be a cool anon like them

No. 907608

awe man im sorry anon, fuck what anyone thinks anyways your feet do what they're supposed to do, they don't need to be pretty

No. 907613

I'm trying to get professional head shots but have no idea what to wear. I don't have any professional clothing, and I dress pretty androgynously so i feel kinda lost. i want to feel comfortable. anyone have any ideas or photo references?

No. 907616

don't forget foot fetish/"""pretty""" feet anon and tit posting anon

No. 907618

Do you anons ever use a bum gun? I wanna try it out but I'm afraid I'm gonna make a huge mess

No. 907620

We've had multiple… special anons for years.
From the top of my head: lonelita anon, finnanon, diydildo anon, pitbull anon, komaedanon, victorian anon, necessaryspeed or whatever it was called, amandaanon, etcetc

No. 907621

anorectal violence anon

No. 907622


No. 907623

i feel like it's different on an anonymous imageboard. i'm talking about people that just casually belittle others in daily convo and such, or embrace 'bad bitch' culture. can people not lift themselves up without putting other people down?? i just hate it

not even referring to myself here, because of covid i haven't been outside in literal months. but i do see shitty behavior on twitter/discord too. sometimes i wanna pop people in the mouth

No. 907627

so you are tryin to tell me this nasty-footed anon, and the "pretty foot anon"+the other one spamming their feet pics right now in the dumbass shit thread are a coincidence?!?!? this is some sick fetishist

No. 907628

I think they might be a sub type of the attention whoring anon type. komaeda anon might be of the horny for 2d type. Nature is amazing.

No. 907629

Is lonelita anon that lolita that kept posting about her "ugly" roommate, or is that someone else?

No. 907630

KEk this is the cringiest thing I've ever seen, how poverty stricken are you to risk a shoplifting rap for a fucking can of Monster?
>it's okay to steal from H&M cos they're wacist
Oh Gen Z, got to have the moral high ground even when literally stealing.

No. 907633

You're the one with the fetish, you keep bringing it up. Freak.

No. 907636

the "pretty foot anon" is the one that keeps posting and deleting feet pics

No. 907640

lmao that are disgusting

No. 907644

I just dont want to see this become a feet imageboard

No. 907649

Not a footfag but I now need to look at pics of normal feet to cleanse my mind from those monstrosities

No. 907655

File: 1631395644423.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 40.1 KB, 480x318, E1CD0151-6B28-4F49-9ED1-C606F5…)

Thanks ily

No. 907656

Call me paranoid, but I'm now worried that troons are posting their feet because they've learned that they can get away with it,

No. 907681

File: 1631396004848.jpeg (993.24 KB, 3120x4160, EDC1405B-F768-4A8E-AFBE-EBE231…)

Let’s alll be friends

No. 907691

God, I would die for this situation.

No. 907706

ok this is something I've long wondered, and right now feels like the right time to ask: what's the deal with foot fetishes? I've dated guys who were footfags, and I never got a clear sense of what they wanted me to do with my feet. I know it's hard to articulate, but can someone explain what people like about feet?

No. 907710

that's the one

No. 907713

I thought someone posted gore again when scrolling by, kek.

No. 907716

I'm the one that is getting bullied for having moid like feet even though I still think they're beautiful. I like feet just because I do. Even when I was little I just noticed I liked feet. I can't explain it except that I can appreciate a nice foot. I want to pamper feet. For one of my birthdays I got a babylis footbath and I use to love using that shit in the living room watching TV. My mum use to always say I had cute feet and maybe I just internalised it a lot. I love getting foot massages. I like showing people my feet. No one irl has said they are gross fyi! Just nasty anons. I have had some men irl concede they are nice "for feet" which just gets me excited. I check out other people's feet but I never comment on it. I don't think people understand the extent of me liking my feet except for lolcow and now anyone that recognises my TV situation

No. 907725

It's not a paranoia nor a tinfoil. It is happening before our eyes

No. 907729

Footfags are great because you can make them cum easily and they're way easier to please than the typical porn addict who wants to beat you up and stick it up your ass. If he's into femdom and feet, he is easily sexually manipulated and will serve you well.

No. 907739

i dated a guy that claimed he hated feet them put mine in his mouth and it was weird. idk if he was just trying something new out or what.

No. 907741

How much should you wait until you have sex with a man for the first time, from the moment you start dating?
I'm not seeing anyone currently but I've had this question in my mind for a while, and since I'm a virgin I don't really wanna have my first time with some scrote who will fuck off after we have sex.

No. 907747

imo (especially if you're a virgin) there's no real consistent timeline. just wait until it feels comfortable and natural to you. don't let anyone move faster than you're comfortable.

No. 907750

Wait a couple months. The tension will build up and it will be exciting. If you fuck right away he'll get bored and move on, men are retarded you have to trick them into treating you like a human

No. 907772

File: 1631397704549.jpg (347.89 KB, 988x960, justgirlytips.jpg)

No. 907774

Dont tell him you're a virgin or he will go around bragging to anyone and everyone that he "took" your virginity. Males are so fucking sick.
My ex hit me up out of nowhere to brag to me he took some girl's virginity, probably thinking I'd be mad or jealous, but it just made me see him as the pornsick disgusting scrote that he is

No. 907775

You have to mindfuck him before he fucks you. Basically fuck him after he is emotionally dependent on your interactions and attention. And buildup is important.

No. 907779

they might also pressure you into sex quicker if they know they're your first. it's like collecting a trophy to them. the guy i lost it to when i was 18 prodded and prodded until i finally gave in because of the exact same thing.

No. 907789

Is it obvious that you're a virgin at the moment of having sex? I feel like there's at least something that will make it obvious.

No. 907791

Losing your virginity can be uncomfortable so I honestly wouldn't recommend sleeping with someone and hiding that. You don't want to have a terrible first experience. Do you use toys or anything have you penetrated yourself? The only thing I can think of that would give away you're a virgin is how you act. No man is going to be able to tell shit by being inside you, but if you're like squirming, flinching or reacting badly they might ask what you like or how you prefer it etc. Think it's just better to be upfront. Don't just fuck any random.

No. 907793

Not really anon. Having your hymen break is really dramatized in fiction, in reality the guy doesn't feel anything when it happens. There might be a bit of blood, but that's also not exclusive to virgins since sex can always cause spotting.

No. 907795

i bled but it varies woman to woman. i know a lot actually tear their hymen doing sports and other stuff too so it's very possible it wouldn't be apparent otherwise.

No. 907796

Not knowing how to touch dicks or how to do various postitions would be a sign.

No. 907797

tbf i've slept with guys that weren't virgins that barely knew their way around a vagina

No. 907798

Whenever my bf fingers me or sometimes even when we do it, I bleed. Why does it feel good if something is happening to cause it to bleed

No. 907799

Yeah but they're men, they're dumb fucks.

No. 907804

i'm just saying it's not as obvious as you would think if you don't know what you're doing. i see clueless anons asking about sex here all the time.

No. 907808

I have the exact same thing, I pretty much bleed every time I have sex. Lube and foreplay don't help, idk what causes it but it's super annoying because I can only wear black underwear. I think I've heard of older women getting thin vaginal walls that are prone to tearing as they get closer to menopause, but I've had this problem since I was a teen so I hope it isn't that lol

No. 907811

True. I tried to sleep with this guy and i had been having sex for years prior but I could not get it to work with him. I wonder if he thinks I'm a virgin lol

No. 907813

I've been fucked into spotting period blood a few times before, could it be that?

No. 907842

Even most non virgin men don't have sex, they have porn-sex which is just them copying porn irl. They don't know how to kiss, caress, handle breasts or even angle dick to gspot. Unless you're bleeding and showing pain then they can't tell. Get a dildo and take your own virginity, ultimate Stacey move.

No. 907850

the real hardmode is wanting to wait until marriage but I don't think that is possible anymore. I know it's frowned upon to still want that, but I wish it were still a sign of commitment to get married so I can feel safe giving myself to a guy but not anymore so idk if I'll ever be able to feel ready

No. 907854

i can't fathom getting into a marriage with someone i don't know whether i'm sexually compatible with or not. it's like the people that don't move in with each other until after they get married. what if you find out you fucking hate it after you're legally bound to this person?

No. 907936

Good point… I think I have uhh to use the buzzword "internalized" the idea I need to be an uwu virgin until honeymoon I should get over it (not by sleeping around though but just relaxing my expectations since they're impossible)

No. 907963

How do I make myself realize that I only need to live for myself, that I don't need to give something big back to the world or be a perfect representation of some ideals

No. 907970

I have tears streaming down my face. No way this isn't bait. Thank you for the hearty laufh anon

No. 907997

Bless you anon, they called me mean when I called bait

No. 908012

Most women get into relationships with guys who can make them cum anyway tbh it's sad

No. 908051

I recently found out I have freakishly high LDL cholesterol. I'm young, healthy weight, don't smoke, vegetarian, go to the gym, don't eat fast food or soda/chips/etc, so how did it get so high? Of course I'm not perfect and will eat instant ramen or frozen meals a few times a week but I've always looked out for saturated/trans fat. I asked my doctor what I should do to lower it and everything she recommended I'm already doing, except I'll be eating more oatmeal from now on. Could it be hereditary or am I missing something?

No. 908053

be conscious of the fact that you could literally drop dead at any moment

No. 908058

nta but I wish that mattered enough to me

No. 908061

well it's not advice for a nihilist

No. 908099

File: 1631408479561.jpg (62.13 KB, 800x450, 161690397540535423852594434345…)

You would think but the only footfag I dated was a jerk and he made me cum like 2x in our entire four-year relationship.

No. 908111

Why didn't you just ask them? It's different for everyone. Personally I like having my feet treated like it's any other part of my body. I enjoy having them touched, massaged, and kissed. A lot of moids enjoy it because it makes them feel demeaned or whatever, which pisses me off because I like pretty male feet. It's just nice to have your partner love a part of your body that's normally seen as undesirable/overlooked.

No. 908112

footfags are porn addicts
at least in my experience

No. 908114

I don't want to be that

No. 908144

File: 1631412247853.jpeg (88.48 KB, 600x720, bTlyaGM5TS1aMeo2hxA38UsJhz5b0f…)

The part of their brain that deals with genital attraction has an "error" where they also see feet as genitals.

No. 908170

When a medication has the side effect of weight gain, does that mean it makes the body store more fat or does it just increase appetite and that's what makes the weight gain happen?

No. 908172

it can mean either or both
why? because medical industry, that's why

No. 908174

Generally the latter. The listed side effects are just symptoms that a significant number of patients reported in clinical trials, so the exact cause and effect isn't always understood. It could be for a lot of reasons - increased appetite, tiredness that prevents exercise, fluid retention, etc.

No. 908214

File: 1631417728292.jpg (462.92 KB, 1051x1767, 877cec15d1b03a97d48c470988b3aa…)

I don't mean to trigger the calories in calories out spergs, but it usually messes with metabolic and hormonal processes so your body stores more energy from your food as fat. You won't become suddenly deathfat but it can effect you up to ~15 kg.

No. 908230

nta but that watercolor image is adorable

No. 908248

File: 1631423251132.jpg (743.89 KB, 821x1155, scan0014.jpg)

NTA but it's by an artist named Inge Löök, she has a whole series on those cute old ladies

No. 908250

File: 1631423657225.jpg (235.78 KB, 1440x1789, a56051a.jpg)

have you ever used a love spell? did it work?

No. 908254

No. 908255

Is there any app like Omegle where you can just chat with strangers on mobile? Everything seems to be based around dating or hooking up when I just want to talk to randos and shoot the shit.

No. 908256

Yeah he loved someone else

No. 908257

File: 1631424229038.png (86.58 KB, 520x466, D1599D56-4907-406D-A88B-40E0B5…)

yeah when I was like 12

No. 908266

yea girl, it was this juicy pussy

No. 908269

I ended up having a super crazy dream about my ex who was also my best friend and I just am desperate okay kek I need her bacc but without the potential of making a fool of myself/getting rejected

No. 908273

A friend and I did it as a joke some years ago and we both started dating the guys like a week later.
I know it's only a coincidence but I like to think it was because of the love spell.

No. 908327

Yes. In a way. No, thus far it has not worked.

No. 908330

care to elaborate on what you mean by in a way?

No. 908341

Is it normal to immediately feel slimmer after a high intensity workout? Or am I just imagining things?

No. 908358

do dark brown eyes look like very dilated pupils to people with light eyes?

No. 908360

No. 908372

we can see the difference between the dark brown iris and black pupil just like you lol

No. 908382

I would like to know this as well. Back when I was single I actually really liked using tinder to just alleviate boredom, just talking to random people about random shit. I remember having a long opening convo about chris chan with someone and then rejecting them when they actually asked me out based on that lmao.

No. 908383

If you sweated a ton any water retention/bloating you had probably went away giving you a slimmer look/feel.

No. 908384

This reminds me that one time we almost convinced a friend with blue eyes that people with brown eyes see the world with a sepia tint and people with light eyes see the world clearly. It was hilarious.

No. 908385

is it humane to gas all pedophiles?

No. 908387


No. 908389

Sure, but the sad thing is that it won't get rid of them. I remember a study analysing peadophilia related crimes and sentiments and only a small part of peado men are what you'd call a "true peado", ie. stalking kids on playgrounds and looking for all kinds of opportunities to meet kids. A lot of men that commit peado crimes are just opportunistic as fuck. It's not that they're really turned on by 12-year olds, but if the opportunity presents itself, they'll use kids as a means to an end if they think they can get away with it.

No. 908390

If they've acted on it. I'm willing to say we could give therapy to people with the attraction. Gas all rapists in general.

No. 908394

Sad but true. In a pinch men will fuck women they find repulsive, animals, inanimate objects and each other, it's not surprising that they're opportunistic with children as well.

No. 908395

Nona I'm bpd chan too, I chimp out, I cry 34 times a day, I'm a neet. I have a boyfriend and never had problems finding men. You have to understand that you have to stop feeling guilty (if you do, I know I did) thinking about how you are going to ruin their life without even noticing with you bpd ass. They are adults, at max you can warn them in the beginning ( they usually are not going to believe you, thinking you are exaggerating - projecting the drama queen mindset on you, or they could romanticize that shit too, but I promise you their monkey brains won't make them care . The difference for you is that they are going to fall in love with you or get obsessed more easily since you are bpd, and it can be great if you don't care too much about their feeling. Problems will arise only in the case you fall in love with the scrote, then you are allowed to feel a monster and you will have to find a way to deal with your monster-ways. So, fucking exploit your bpd until you catch feelings, queen

No. 908399

most human thing ever

No. 908413

Is a 3 month (realistic) glow-up possible? At least to what extent?

No. 908414

depends on what you are starting with.

No. 908416

Same anon! Weight and exercise mostly excluded.

No. 908417

Is there a thread for glowup progress discussion tips etc? Would be nice to read the farmers ways

No. 908419

what do you mean by a glow up exactly, could you elaborate? What would you like to change in your appearance exactly?

No. 908421

definitely, anon! i think thats enough time for a new skincare routine to show results, plenty of time to change your hair color & cut or grow out a shitty haircut, you can replace old tattered clothes with cute new ones, thats enough time to meditate and figure out who you want to be. you just gotta start

No. 908428

what does it mean when only males interact with a woman’s posts?
i notice that most girls have girl friends that will like/comment on their photos or interact with them. but this girl i went to highschool with, only males like her posts.
does this mean she sucks at being friends with women? women don’t like her? she hates women?
i dont get it, women are so nice it’s not that hard to get 1-3 girls to like your photo once in a while. maybe women just get tired of the bullshit faster because they dont want to fuck her

No. 908438

Anons, what makes people want someone to hurt them as a fetish? I remember scrolling through the weird fantasy thread or whatever on /g/ and anons who had some pretty fucked up fantasies, mostly of them getting hurt or degraded in some way. I don't know how I feel about this, it almost feels like self harm (not that it's any of my business anyway, honestly). I guess what my question would be is: what makes a person develop these fantasies, of wanting to be hurt and/or degraded? I'd prefer an answer from anons who have had these feelings, but any answer will do. And also, should a person work to "recover" if they have these feelings? I suppose I just think that having these fantasies can't be good for your mental wellbeing and sets you up to be taken advantage of.

No. 908443

i don’t want to be degraded, but there’s something in my monkey brain that likes physical pain. the sting of being slapped or bitten turns me on. it’s like animalistic idk. i like women though

No. 908449

People got mad at you for this, but IMO, in a correct world, all these people would get every single thing they inflicted on others done to them. The woman in that picture (Ayudar), the zoosadist scrotes/Kero/actual pedophile SnakeThing/"Woof", Jankes, etc.
I'm not going to defend a smiling puppy rapist just because it's a female third worlder, sorry.

No. 908492

Low self-esteem, trauma, socialization, etc. I don't think a woman can enjoy being hurt and degraded (*by men) unless she's mentally ill and hates herself.

No. 908630

Couscous or bulgur?

No. 908640

Are those ergonomic mouses/mice any good? I noticed I have a tendency to hold my mouse sort of sideways and thinking maybe an ergonomic one would be better. They just look so weird

No. 908686

I told myself I wouldn't be making the first move ever again because I am a mess, but my childhood best friend I think is available and we drifted apart and he likes all my photos but I can never understand his situation and when he uploads a new photo literally no one likes it so then I don't because i don't want to be the random blast from his past or something. Idk! How tf do I just message him something without it being so desperate or obvious idk! I also think he's big into partying which I have just recovered from having a mental bf and in school he was always bad but also sweet and that's why I liked him lol why am I so retarded

No. 908688

which kind are you looking at? there are several different styles.

No. 908689

Wait, what? Is that real? And why mostly guys are into feet but women aren't?

No. 908690

Couscous for the texture, bulgur for the taste

No. 908693

As a woman that likes feet I wouldn't ever make a big deal about it, but I also don't make a big deal out of dicks either but I like them in an erotic way. Can't believe my brain is broken in many different ways lol

No. 908711

I did a blood sacrifice to "make the person choose to be with me within the month" and I don't speak to them anymore. They did not choose to be with me, and I have found it doesn't help to divulge the fact you've cast a spell like this.

No. 908716

Is caffeine actually bad on your period? It seems it causes vasoconstriction, which worsens cramps, but can also cause increased blood flow? I've been drinking coffee every day for years and I have painful periods, but I have no idea if stopping would help.

No. 908719

What is the harder sport: Football or Dancing overall? My opinion is that dancing is much harder and more complex then football but my friend doesn't agree since football is equalent in difficulty. What are your opinions on it?

No. 908729

What are some staples in your fridge? Mine is jalapenos. Sometimes I think I have a legit addiction kek. Also I'm trying to cut back on sugar so I eat unsweetened yoghurts

No. 908730

a little bit won't hurt you. actually most menstrual cramp pain relievers i've seen (midol, etc) have added caffeine.

No. 908754

is there anything i can do to minimize the appearance of a piercing scar?

No. 908787

Have you tried non-caffeinated (spelling) coffee?

No. 908792

File: 1631469463766.png (232 KB, 436x413, Screen Shot 2021-09-12 at 1.51…)

How rude is it to get an adoption application approved but tell them you can't officially pick up the animal for another week? I was expecting this to take quite a while based on past experience but the shelter got back to me 2 days later essentially saying I could come get the animal when I'm not yet ready. I feel dumb.

No. 908802

File: 1631469684166.png (107.3 KB, 275x241, 1591942819971.png)

>I have found it doesn't help to divulge the fact you've cast a spell like this.
Oh my God lol

No. 908823

No. 908828

I used a "make true love come your way" spell and visualized pulling the strings of the universe for it or something, it was bonkers.
I've been in a very good relationship for 5 years tho.

No. 908835

How do I come across more mature? I'm almost 22 but everyone thinks I am 15 everywhere and I'm not saying this to humblebrag. It makes me break down mentally in a sense because I'm not being taken seriously and it welcomes abuse from scrotes and infantilization which is a form of abuse. I try appearing angrier are more hostile or "unmovable".

No. 908839

You sound mentally ill, so try being less that.

No. 908842

that sounds really funny and made me rub my eyes, sepia tint would be annoying
It's weird because when they comment on my eyes or anything they always refer to them as "pupil" and I have to correct them and say you mean iris? maybe people just confuse the words and not that they see my eyes as huge pupils, but it happens every single time

No. 908843

you did it anon, she's cured

No. 908858

Catch me googling love spells

No. 908884

what is jesus' real birthday

No. 908888

Are you tryina do your astrological compatibility?

No. 908889

it's just that today i learned that he wasn't actually born on december 25. but maybe

No. 908893

Let me guess, you have a limbal ring? I have dark brown eyes with a limbal ring and people always comment stuff like "your pupils are huge".
I mean a very thick limbal ring. That's what causes the people to comment. But since they're dark, the ring can't be differentiated from a distance, and people see something's unusual but don't know what exactly it is.

(Deleted and reposted because of clarity and typos)

No. 908894

You can search for his birth chart and have your compatibility with him meassured in percent right here, nona: https://www.astrotheme.com/celestar/

No. 908897

File: 1631472116314.png (39.68 KB, 629x227, jesus day.png)

thank you.

No. 908900

Cool! What does it mean? Are you a good match?

No. 908902

File: 1631472283693.png (9.62 KB, 617x401, jesus comp.png)

it's okay.

No. 908903

File: 1631472373932.jpg (198.93 KB, 1080x1039, 3827272894848.jpg)

W-what does this mean? Is husbando Jesus real?

No. 908904

66 sexual rating with jesus? must be a sign you'll birth the antychrist

No. 908908

maybe you should start praying to him since your communication percentage is so high

No. 908909

I'm pretty sure I did mine and my compatibility with Jesus was like 0.05%

No. 908911

I'll add that my boyfriend knows i did it and he laughed it off and found it cute that i "summoned him" and he says he's absolutely bewitched by me. He's the first to be mad about esoteric stuff so his reaction is suprising to me but kind. It was embarassing to tell him tho…

No. 908931

Can some anons reply with good slutty outfits for men? I tried googling “himbo outfits” and “slutty male clothes” but it didn’t work… life is really hard. It can be art or pics or just ideas or anything, I’m just looking for inspo since I’m shit at coming up with clothes when I draw

No. 908936

File: 1631473840900.jpg (293.85 KB, 900x1350, E1.jpg)

No. 908937

Dang now I got to check mine because I need to be heard!

No. 908938

File: 1631473888891.jpeg (20.13 KB, 231x320, 1E7D9CBA-BD70-4579-84EC-A28939…)

No. 908939

File: 1631473917083.jpg (86.8 KB, 605x600, mens-shorts-1970s-fashion-5.jp…)

70s shorts

No. 908941

I can't find the pic but when they have long gloves that connect on their upper chest, like some kind of long sleeved croptop except their whole boobies are exposed.

No. 908942

File: 1631474021732.jpg (48.11 KB, 535x768, d2d41224231fd2473dd7d81aa17a2c…)

80s croptops

No. 908944

File: 1631474075963.jpg (180.99 KB, 963x913, IMG_20210912_201419.jpg)

He hates me wish I could know Gods

No. 908945

File: 1631474156893.jpg (7.37 KB, 177x284, 51ca7b6d82beb16e041612905f592c…)

Personally I've always been a fan of the 70s unbuttoned shirt look.

No. 908946

make him wear them even if he's fat. trust me it works if he's got an ass

No. 908947

Love his look, who is it?

No. 908950

File: 1631474357107.jpg (99.22 KB, 640x1049, 1970s Men's Fashion (8).jpg)

the 70s were the sluttiest in terms of male fashion

No. 908951

File: 1631474395888.jpg (Spoiler Image, 67.49 KB, 590x882, Mankini-582229.jpg)

A mankini perhaps?

No. 908953

File: 1631474529219.jpeg (57.79 KB, 600x860, YOttk8W.jpeg)

yesss same

No. 908954

lmao what is that ballsack rag though

No. 908961

This is a legit handsome style.
Yeah it looks gross, I didn't notice it at first. All other pics was of Borat, ugh.

No. 908962

i don't, my eyes are just plain dark brown, almost black lol

No. 908965

but now i'm very curious as to what your very thick limbal rings look like, sounds v pretty lol

No. 908970

File: 1631475188867.jpg (15.26 KB, 227x338, 8872538c553fd0f2e9a9a31feaaab5…)

No. 908978

File: 1631475391000.jpg (683.82 KB, 1970x3000, sebastianbach.jpg)

Who is this nonnie?

No. 908979

Lucas Babin, the picture is from that School of Rock movie.

No. 908981

If I accept someone's req to follow me on IG will the other people that follow me be able to see it

No. 908988

It just looks like I'm wearing circle lenses constantly. I learned about limbal rings and realized that's why people commented on my eyes so much when the circle lens trend started and weaboos/koreaboos started asking me "are you wearing contacts".

No. 908990

Thanks, he is really hot.

No. 908999

File: 1631476121344.png (30.9 KB, 662x642, austin osman spare.png)

Me and my boo Austin Osman Spare

No. 909007

same but mine are blue

No. 909010

Why does everyone dislike bisexuals?

No. 909026

People have trust issues and it just seems in monkey brain that bi person can't be satisfied by singular only one sex having person

No. 909027

who's everyone? apart from a bunch of angry polilezzes and straight women unlucky enough to have dated a coomer who also happened to be bisexual.

No. 909048

File: 1631477759645.jpg (48.75 KB, 500x373, 30fc5460-832b-4438-8204-8bb7d8…)

Nonas, how do you turn jelaousy into motivation?

I always just get sad and want to give up.

No. 909062

I keep having "mini heart attacks" this week. Imagine you're really relaxed and get startled. Anyone got any clue what this could be?

No. 909064

You gotta get competitive bitch

No. 909068

You mean envy?

No. 909080

Bisexual women are a great scapegoat for women and men alike, despite not carrying the danger and bpd that bi men have. Bi men probably have AIDS. They have probably fucked a man with AIDS or another STD because gay men like having casual sex. They love casual sex so much they take prep to bareback each other with no consequences. I can't imagine dating somebody so slutty they'd take a drug just to make casual sex safer. A man like that will never know true intimacy, only lust. They will cheat. Bi men cheat. He would fuck a man off craigslist or leave his wife for a man when she's pregnant with his second child. Fuck that. Also, I don't want to go anywhere near a man's butt. My straight bf is more than happy with that. Also, a bi guy has a high chance of trooning out.

No. 909083

If yes, then by accepting the fact that literally every person is different with different talents and capabilities and it makes literally no sense to compare yourself to others

No. 909085

But I wanna be the very best

No. 909127

What kind of pens do I get if I want to be able to easily switch between different inks? Are dippens my only option?

No. 909134

I'm glad someone else acknowledged how hot he is. It's a random kids movie and yet I regularly think about him, something about hitting on a conservative looking older woman dressed all slutty…

No. 909154

Wikipedia claims his birthday is 4 BC which makes no sense, shouldn't his birthday be 0 BC.

No. 909161

Didn't he die at like 33? They just did a count down until they could mark the century.

No. 909167

what if you compare yourself to people who are in the same "lane" as you? your competition.

No. 909194

File: 1631482898887.jpg (41.35 KB, 480x720, bec22ed70a8934b7eaeb5996359fc4…)

One of my weirder ones is a vertical industrial like picrel, I also really like rook and forward helix piercings. If you want a really unique look you can order custom jewelry that goes through multiple piercings, like an industrial bar that splits off into a trident shape. But that's a bit expensive and I think healing it would be a bitch.

No. 909198

they didn't start using BC/AD until way after the actual jesus times. by the time they implemented it they realized they actually got his year of birth wrong kek. so yeah the 4 BC is correct.

No. 909218

File: 1631483983043.jpg (62.6 KB, 563x980, 694b673bb8ef87767c54ba33c2083e…)

NTA but I love vertical industrials! I'm just worried that the healing process is going to be shitty because of the long bar or do they use a bar for each hole and let it heal separately?. I'm thinking about getting one like picrel.

No. 909346

I strongly suspect that someone I know is trying to use PUA tactics on me but I don't know him well enough to confirm it.

So far he's checked me out irl, later obviously used the "kino escalation" method (went out of his way to touch me for no reason at all), and then ignored my email asking him for help regarding school stuff. I'm not going to discredit my intuition because he's definitely giving me a weird vibe for a reason. Does anyone have any stories of guys who tried using PUA tactics on you?

No. 909353

I have a conch piercing and it was painful as fuck. For anyone who's considering it I recommend spending money on other piercings you want and then getting clip-on jewelry if you want to have a conch piercing.

No. 909414

i love my conch piercing but i cant comfortably sleep on the side thats pierced. what kind of jewelry do you wear in yours? i have a hoop with a ball in mine and it’s pretty frustrating, even more frustrating that i cant change the jewelry myself

No. 909424

I have a conch too and it really wasn't bad, my snug however was a pain in the ass to heal because my hair would constantly tug at it. It's fine now and imo the pain wasn't bad (it's definitely one of the more painful piercing though, worse than a rook) but I probably wouldn't get another one because it took so long to heal. I really wouldn't recommend it to most people because it's so easy to hit it.

No. 909444

That's so true, it does get nudged a lot which is annoying. My mom smacked the fuck out of me on the side that I have my conch, that shit hurt.
I wonder if it would help to put a stud or barbel in it instead of a ring.

No. 909577

File: 1631497739223.jpg (44.93 KB, 720x522, EG9f5rWU8AA5AcU.jpg)

Can ib mods and admins see my post/file history when threads are deleted?

No. 909631

Why are you guys so obsessed with your post history jfc

No. 909633

Nta but my post history is probably glorious, would also be a great thing for me to print out and bring to a therapist

No. 909649

File: 1631499487389.jpg (27.79 KB, 471x265, EGI7vSyVAAASls3.jpg)

I'm actually not, just curious

No. 909682

There are so many people who are terminally online. And even then, there are people who are able to sit around all day and do nothing. What is the average person's job? How do these people get by? I get that for younger people it's living with their parents + maybe disability if they qualify for it, but I've come to notice there are grown ass adults who don't do shit all either. Like right now I'm recalling an old friend who lived in Tennessee, single, had two kids, occasionally sold crafts or whatever, but still had her own house and seemed to get by without much trouble. Of course there could have been problems she didn't tell me about though. Are more people born into wealth than I previously thought? I don't fucking get it.

No. 909689

i’ve known several trust funders that decided to take the deadbeat route out of laziness unfortunately

No. 909690

They either sell drugs or their parents are paying.

No. 909692

Are Filipinos having a cultural moment in America right now? I swear I hear about them more and it's not a ube induced psychosis on my part

No. 909697

It feels like people are just realizing Filipinos exist. Filipino memes are one of the only meme movements I like that's going on right now.

No. 909698

I completely forgot about drug dealing, honestly.

No. 909699

Nah, I don’t think so. Filipinos aren’t cool cuz they’re brown and poor(racebait)

No. 909702

A lot of chronically online types are on disability, but outside of that there's a patchwork of financial arrangements and unusual jobs that allow people to keep weird hours. Some people are on workman's comp, some people have an insurance claim/lawsuit payout, a pretty large number of people are just neets with overgenerous parents.

There are also people who work but just have weird schedules. A pretty large number of jobs are seasonal, and coding/design/finance freelancing is fairly common. I'm online a lot during the day because I get to set my own schedule for my job, but I'm always kind of worried that my neighbors think I'm a deadbeat lol

No. 909712

we’ll olivia rodrigo is half filipino and she’s being shilled all over the god damn place

No. 909736

We already had the Filipino cultural takeover when the Nutshack was released.

No. 909774

How do I stop myself from needing validation from literally everyone?
Its gotten so bad to where I can't enjoy anything like TV shows or books because I want the characters I like to approve of my existence when obviously that's not possible. I've always been someone who lacks confidence yet even through years of therapy and extreme self awareness I can't seem to break free. I'm missing something but what is it? I feel so exhausted existing like this. My hobbies are what keep me motivated to aim higher in my life but these days not being able to control this need for validation is sucking that motivation out as it comes.

No. 909821

I got mine with a hoop. Like you and >>909424 said, it's the problem of hitting the piercing. I'm a side sleeper and while I did my best to prevent myself from sleeping on the pierced ear side, it was futile because I'd end up sleeping on that side anyways. Because I had a hoop and it would get nudged constantly the piercing took forever to heal.

I think people say that you're supposed to get a stud in it but the place I got mine done at wasn't super professional so they didn't even say anything about that lol.

No. 909822

Has anyone encountered animosity because they were wearing a mask where others did not?
I just came from the store and the cashier muttered something about my mask under her breath. It's baffling

No. 909826

i haven’t but i’m also really confrontational if strangers try to accost me so they would probably end up getting more than they bargained for kek

No. 909834


I'd definitely recommend putting a bar in while it heals completely or else it'll constantly move around, which is not good for a cartilage piercing that still needs to heal. Also make sure that the bar isn't too long but that it also still leaves a bit of space in case it swells up.

No. 909837

Not personally, but a friend of mine works as a waitress and customers have refused to tip her because she wore a mask, they would give her dirty looks and some would just straight up ask her why she was wearing one if it wasn’t required, when she was young, etc.

No. 909840

Yes, i live in a retard red hat state. Literally nobody wears masks. Ill go out in public and be the only one wearing a mask, people sneer and talk shit as i walk by. Annoying fucking rednecks. Hope they all die of treatable illnesses

No. 909841

For you guys' own health I recommend not wearing a mask if no one else is. It increases your likelihood of getting sick.

No. 909843

You probably believe trump is still president I'm not taking advice from you bitch

No. 909845

lmao what

No. 909846

The masks are supposed to protect others not protect you. There has been research showing that a cloth mask actually heightens that likelihood of getting sick compared to none. However, I guess there's a possibility you could be wearing an actual medical mask. I am just a STEM student and this is easily well know information. Don't make fucking assumptions and immediately get combatant, holy shit.

No. 909848

don’t assume i wear a cloth mask you fucking retard. nobody asked for your STEM opinion. i hope someone coughs in your mouth

No. 909850

The majority of people do. It's a fair assumption. Maybe people are mean to you because you give off bitchy vibes. Good god. I was trying to fucking be nice.

No. 909851

are you lost?

No. 909881

I mean they're like the second largest Asian population in the US after the Chinese so I don't think that'd be weird, even though I don't think they're really having a moment, unless acknowledging they exist is considered "having a moment".

No. 909897

why are there so many shotacon on this website wtf is wrong with you

No. 909898

Everyone that comes here is not mentally well.

No. 909909

cute boys who cant leave the screen nonnie, although some of yall are teetering on the edge of real pedophilia

No. 909932

I can't decide which phone to use.

I had an lg stylo 3 for years and loved it. it was the nicest phone I ever owned. I had it for 3 years until it became unusable so I upgraded to the lg stylo 6 which I hated for various reasons. it's long and narrow (my previous phone was short and wide) which makes typing more of a hassle. also when I try to turn the brightness up past 80% it's like "are you sure you want to do this?" which is annoying as hell. I also hate the way it organizes my music. but the worst thing about it is that whenever I'm talking to someone on the phone my cheek hits the mute button, which was never a problem on my old phone. it's a huge pain in the ass and can you imagine if I had to call 911 for an emergency and then accidentally muted myself and didn't realize it?

anyway, I broke down and bought another lg stylo 3 from ebay and have been using it. the only thing is it has far less storage (only 16gb as opposed to 64gb) it's also laggy and doesn't run the most current version of apps and came with several outdated apps on it. I am thinking of going back to my lg stylo 6 mostly because of storage (I have an SD card for all of my pictures and music but some apps can't be run on an SD card). I can deal with everything else but I HATE how it mutes me. I already googled if there's a way to stop this from happening and looked in the settings but as far as I can tell there is no way to move the mute button. has anyone dealt with this? what do you recommend?

No. 909934

Maybe you can just hold it up to your mouth instead of pressing the phone against your ear? Or try holding it in a slightly different position against your ear?

No. 909936

I kind of had that thought like maybe hovering it up against my face instead of pressing it, but I don't know if I could train myself to remember to do that every time I used it

No. 909938

I know a lot of them are probably moid posters, but why do some anons here get so offended when you mention you don't want to get married? I'd never trade celibacy for anything.

No. 909944

For the ones that actually are women it's almost always projection. Because they can't remotely imagine feeling fulfilled and "happy" (more like outwardly successful) without a partner, they feel the need to lash out at women who don't rely on the same shallow validation.

No. 909965

Who is kikomi?

No. 909968

A meme native to the MtF thread on /snow/. It's a series of drawings about a "bio trans-woman" (a girl pretending to be a transgirl) that makes fun of MtF coomers

No. 910001

Why do so many less than average looking people think they're "objectively" super hot? On one hand (if female) it's like "good for you for being confident despite not fitting beauty standards girl" but then they'll turn around and claim conventionally attractive people are less hot than them, and they seem to actually mean it all. Gabbie Hanna is a public example.

No. 910005

They put a 2-inch bar in mine and bent it so that it would heal better, it was still a bitch to heal but I was able to put a straight bar in like 8 months later and I'm really glad I went through the whole process. The one in your picture is super cute, I think it'd be cool to find a barbell ball for the top that was a shape like a heart or diamond.

No. 910026

Have you ever woken up and didn’t want to live anymore, even though nothing bad hasn’t happened yet?

No. 910034

Wtf are you talking about I've seen literally one shotacon after being here for months.

No. 910053

I've only seen one or two screeching in rage when anons didn't like Black Butler.

No. 910054

Idk, but if you see one just call them a retard.

No. 910056

Most people will rate themselves as above average looking. When you look at yourself in the mirror, you tend to automatically assume your most flattering position/expression and your best angle. This can make people think they always look the way they do in the mirror. On top of that, the more familiar a face is, the more positively people tend to rate it, and your own face is (almost) always the most familiar to you.
When it's the type of person to be obsessed with their looks and constantly take selfies/videos of themselves I can imagine that will exacerbate the influence of those two factors, explaining Gabbie Hanna types.

No. 910067

That's most of my mornings. Sometimes I wish I could die in my sleep when I get in bed even though nothing particularly stressful or bad is happening in my life at the moment, but you can never get too comfortable.

No. 910076

I often see people say that you "should pee after sex" because it prevents uti and this just doesn't make sense to me.
Not the part about peeing after sex preventing uti, that makes sense!
But the part where it's presented as something you "should" do.
I always see it worded in that "you should" way and it makes zero sense to me.

If you have to pee after sex, why the hell wouldn't you?
(Assuming normal circumstances where you, idk, don't have to flee the premises or something.)

And if you don't have to pee after sex…well you can't choose to pee if you don't already have to, right?

So why is it always worded like it's something you can just choose to do?

No. 910080

Gay scrotes and like two deranged fujos

No. 910082

>well you can't choose to pee if you don't already have to, right?
Really? I feel like unless my bladder is absolutely empty I can always choose to pee even if I don't really feel like I have to. It'll only be a little bit, but the only time I really can't make myself pee is right after I already went.
Apparently for women, having sex will help to fill up or put pressure on the bladder as well, which will make it easier to pee afterwards.

No. 910088


If I focus really hard on tensing the right muscles, I can force a little bit out, but it's quite the effort and pretty uncomfortable.
I definitely can't just sit down and let go pee whenever. That would be super practical for when I need to go places though!
(Heck, sometimes I can't get anything out even when I have to pee. And then I just sit there for 20min waiting or give up and go again later. So annoying.)

No. 910094

How do I stop drinking daily and stop using it to curb all my stress?

No. 910110

Nta but I've heard that even the tiniest bit of pee after sex is better than none fwiw

No. 910126

i would say putting a lot of energy into doing good for others does get your mind away from temptations. when i had some kind of half-volunteery education-adjacentside job i felt useful and encountered (sometimes) grateful people and i would binge less on food.

No. 910182

Can anons please recommend me slow fashion brands? If they are very small designers/an individual who makes the clothes themselves, great! I'm off my clothing ban next year and want to focus on buying very few select pieces from small brands (international brands ok too as long as they'll ship to burgertown).

No. 910185

just chug some water after fucking it aint that difficult

No. 910188

File: 1631549060386.jpg (112.45 KB, 588x851, Screenshot_3.jpg)

Would it be inappropriate/weird to wear a dress like this to a wedding? Are black-based dresses out of question?

No. 910192

I wore a white dress with a black overlay pattern to a wedding before and never got shit for it. I think you can wear that style to a wedding. You could have a colourful clutch to go with it and a pop of colour in your shoes

No. 910203

Why do we have to go through this

No. 910217

Nonitas who have cars: after you wash it do you apply any product to avoid scratches or dust? If yes what do you use?

No. 910237

Do any women even prefer doggy style? It's the worst fucking position, not only does it have an awful name and connotation, but it's also one of the poses that hits the least of the erogenous zones on a woman and isn't comfortable.

No. 910243

I like doggy style. It's hot when he basically collapses against you to make out with you plus you can really grind up against him and if you're on a bed you can get a bounce going lmao

No. 910246

For some people it feels better apparently. I think it really depends on the woman and the penis

No. 910253

I prefer it because I can't fucking move my hips or do anything when a man is grinding me into the bed during missionary. sucks that my boyfriend refuses to do it because his dick is too small but whatever what's new

No. 910268

gurl there's a whole ocean of men with average to above average schlongs. You don't have to resign yourself, you can be happy if you want to be

No. 910280

Do those jade/rose quartz roller thingys work or are they overhyped?

No. 910286

?? Doggystyle position shortens your channel so smaller dicks reach more.

No. 910288

Short dicks pop out a lot in that position though, gotta keep putting it back in

No. 910289

I don't like Doggystyle, it feels like they're just slamming into the walls and sides of my vagina and it just hurts. To each their own though

No. 910294

File: 1631555796814.jpg (Spoiler Image, 148.37 KB, 640x1056, hcvah1tqq4l71.jpg)

please give it to me straight.
Am I crazy for breaking up with my boyfriend over him thinking this meme is funny? my friends say yes, but truth is every bit of affection was immediately replaced with disgust the moment he showed me it.

No. 910300

There are several reasons breaking up was right

No. 910301

thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

No. 910304

this comic has harmed me

No. 910314

I hate missionary because it always just feels like nothing to me? Then I also hate being on top because even mild scoliosis makes that pretty hard to do. Doggy or a standing version of doggy are my two go-tos that hit the spot and don't wreck my back.

No. 910322

I feel like my cervix gets hit during doggy style even though that shouldn't make sense.
However like other anon said, it can be pretty hot if my bf collapses onto me to kiss me, and it feels more comfortable too. If it's just him standing upright it feels weird

No. 910323

imagine how i felt having my ex show me it
i felt like i had been stabbed repeatedly with the end parts of a bunch of different red flags
I even wished infertility on him, that i feel bad about

No. 910325

they missed the part when the US cuck raised the chadiban some decades ago

No. 910326

I thought this kind of shit was made for incels to spread around amongst themselves, not men with partners. Like why would a guy with a gf already.. even be drawn to this?

No. 910329

i guessed the idea of a harem was the part that was appealing to him. He can go suck on some "chadiban" dick.

No. 910330

fortunately, my brain just does not want to compute the speech bubbles so i understood none of it
i support your decision anon, i couldn't get along with someone who finds this remotely funny/witty, let alone be in a relationship with them

No. 910335

can someone explain this meme to a dumbass like me

No. 910337

Has anyone tried Atelier Online? Is it too scrote-baity? I only see 1 guy and the rest are moeblobs but they don't look crazy sexualized. The art is really drawing me in.

No. 910338

That's disgusting, I wouldn't be able to look at him the same way ever again

No. 910356

Are there any communities for selling weeaboo shit (including Jrpgs?) Something like garagesalejapan?

No. 910368

File: 1631561272730.jpeg (60.65 KB, 360x281, 7CD2A777-1CA8-4573-9F9F-046228…)

How likely is it that I'll step on a massasauga in the mud along the shore? It
s something that's fucking me up a bit and now I found a rattle outside just tell me I can't fucking pitfall into a venomous snake den mere inches beneath the ground

No. 910382

for me its honestly the best feeling position. sorry for some tmi but it can make me orgasm so fast

No. 910383

The US pours money and resources into Afghanistan for 20 years trying to make it a stable democracy, it doesn’t work, the US leaves, and 0.02 seconds later the country falls to the Taliban.

No. 910388

Kind of OT, but political comics/meme art are always so cringy. I've never seen a single good one.

No. 910393

Unfortunately only facebook groups, ebay, depop and any local sales platform you might have.

No. 910402


Damn :( it's an emergency and I can't seem to find the active FB groups. Thank you, though!

No. 910403


also conveniently ignore the emote. i'm sufferage

No. 910416

File: 1631564671521.gif (368.02 KB, 365x508, fashion.gif)

why do people act like 'sensitive vulvas' are a good thing, all I feel is pain. Even washing it uncomfortable

No. 910418

lmao nonnie, I can always pee

No. 910420

I hope your curse works

No. 910421

"taliban is based"

No. 910422

I'll use this question as a hook: If I don't feel like peeing after sex but I have a shower that I can freely use after sex, am I clear from the UTI risk?

No. 910431

do you pee in the shower?

No. 910435

Not sure if it's a joke, but no, I'd just clean my vulva/vagina in the shower

No. 910439

(it was a joke)

No. 910455

I know you didn't ask me but I piss in my body wash condainer

No. 910462

are photoshop skills monetizable?

No. 910469


Have you been living under a rock? Totally can make money of Photoshoping/editing

No. 910473

>have you been living under a rock?

yeah, pretty much. I am just trying to think of ways I could make some extra money every month and move out. already tried teaching myself to code (still trying) but it's really hard so I'm thinking of learning photoshop.

No. 910474

Doing anything other than breaking up would be haraam

No. 910482

Why not try copywriting?

No. 910491

I don't know how to get into that

No. 910497

thanks, now he's saying that he didn't find it funny, just thought my reaction would be because he knows i hate this whole "taliban based" shenanigans. idk if that makes it better or worse tbh

No. 910586

I want to red-line and revise essays for a living. Does that job have a name?

No. 910590

Google job openings? Fiverr?

No. 910593

Editor kek

No. 910604

File: 1631574293818.jpg (28.29 KB, 500x329, killfuck1_026ace59-0d95-4d15-a…)

How cringey would it be to get a shirt like the gal on the right has in picrel?

No. 910608

File: 1631574348304.png (17.75 KB, 589x140, wdhmbt.png)

Ok who dis? Did my usual routine where I search "lolcow" on Twitter and found him. Do I ignore what this moid typed and move on?

No. 910625

Everyone will think you’re an nlog edgelord

No. 910626

File: 1631574716639.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 276.54 KB, 1076x1347, congming33.jpeg)

Ew anon, gross.
I like it too. Though just be careful wearing it outside.

No. 910630

I hope these two lovely ladies are having a good day.

No. 910638

i mean it looks extremely trashy even if you were wearing it in an ironic sense, but if that’s your style then don’t let us hold you back from it

No. 910657

My work is telling me to send my belt size for my uniform. Do I have to send a measurement or does it go by Small, Medium, Large, etc? I never buy belts so I don't know.

No. 910669

File: 1631575712690.jpeg (107.63 KB, 640x640, 49762CAD-4A86-4E0F-88D9-C16B99…)

Thank you, I thought so! My next stupid question is this: what should I write about to bulk up my CV? Maybe book reviews. Been reading a lot lately.

I love this pic omg

No. 910795

How does a non-binary lesbian work? A lesbian is a woman who is into other women

No. 910824

"I am all the most special things" that's all there is to it

No. 910834

Is it normal for recently made friends to not remember when you told them your birthday is? I don’t really make a big deal out of my birthday, like not even put together a small gathering and I know many friends like myself but I still wish them happy birthday
Last few friends I made I told them about my birthday more than 6 months before so I thought it made sense they didn’t wish me a happy birthday because they probably forgot (although I didn’t theirs) but this year I also made a friend and told them about my birthday 3 months before and they also didn’t

No. 910932

Anon I love you so much, you made me remember that a friend is having her birthday next week. You just saved me
Now back at you, I'm honestly shit with birthday dates, as you can see, I sometimes forget the exact day for my best friend of 10 years. 3 months is kind of soon to forget it but I'd say it's normal

No. 910986

I forget birthdays all the time and don't expect anyone to remember mine outside my immediate family. Most people rely on facebook to tell them bdays afaik, I deleted fb hence always forgetting/being forgotten.

I'm not the sort of person with really close friends though so it's whatever to me, if you've got a really tight knit group then maybe it's fair to say it's inconsiderate.

No. 911010

they're usually just slightly gnc lesbians who spend too much time in woke circles and think being a lesbian in and of itself isn't cool enough. it's a meaningless term

No. 911016

I never remember birthdays.

No. 911103


I'd say it's may fave position, it feels great, I love his hips slamming against my butt and the orgasms are more intense.

No. 911205

should i text him back?

No. 911260

What kind of person (whether it's nature, upbringing, etc) do you think is predisposed to being into fandom type shit? I mean it in the more general sense of having obsessive, encyclopedic knowledge about an IP, not necessarily the kind that's young, terminally online and getting into ship/character wars or whatever (though they're obviously a subset). I'm not entirely sure the "loner geek" stereotype is accurate anymore.

No. 911262

Completely normal. I have a ton of good friends whose birthdays I never formally learned until Facebook told me about it.


No. 911267

unironic autism, but the good kind.

No. 911298

I'm like this and I'm not autistic (although it is a factor). I was very poorly socialized as a child, I think that contributed to it.

No. 911303

ESL anons who have to speak English in your daily life: do you also find that on some days your English is better on other days it's worse? Like some days it's so hard to produce those specific sounds that English has. Idk if this makes sense

No. 911310

Is there a reason guys seem to bald much earlier and worse nowadays? Maybe it's just confirmation bias, but when I think back on my grandfathers and their friends, on my older male teachers or on older family friends they all have a full head of hair (I can think of only one (thinning! not even bald) exception, but then I also had a teacher who had grew his hair longer than most of our female teachers, so I feel like he makes up for him). Then I look at school mates who legitimately had already lost half their hair when we were like 17 or 18, at boyfriends of friends who are incredibly worried about their thinning hair in their early twenties, at mid-twenties/early-thirties work colleagues who are half bald and try to save it with a comb-over… Is it just because seeing a balding young adult is something exceptional which is why they stay in my mind for longer? Or is it really that much worse than what I imagined it to be back when I was a child?

No. 911313

that would still be kind of fucked up but he's probably just backtracking. guys do the "I was just joking lel don't get so mad" thing to cover their asses all the time.

No. 911316

Mostly your own confirmation bias, once you start noticing something you see it everywhere but it's all about the individuals genes when it comes to balding. Although I guess shitty diets and lifestyles might make it worse for them, but probably not as early as in their teens.

No. 911333

Porn sickness and gamer habits make men soy and bald

No. 911334

I have spoken English for half of my life but some days my accent just goes crazy

No. 911338

When I'm really upset I can't speak at all regardless of language, I become temporarily retarded and can just scream and cry. When I'm tired it's similar.

No. 911339


Autism or paranoid helicopter parents. Nowadays, your average kid has the same freedom as someone on house arrest. Without realising it, helicopter parents often enforce isolation on their kids, which leads to under-socialization. This becomes a cycle when growing up; since the child is undersocialized, he can’t make friends; and since he can’t make friends and put himself on new situations, he’ll remain undersocialized. Said child ends up spending lots of time on the internet (his only refugee) and becomes terminally online. What happens is that he develops a lite version of something like autism without the actual retardation. Just the sperging, interests, and lack of social skills. A manufactured retard if you will, without the sensory overload and the rest of the other annoying stuff.

No. 911342

Men today are lower in T than previous generations. This has many causes but some of them are microplastics in water and diet, pollution, and nutrient-poor, overfarmed crops.

No. 911348

ask him

No. 911351


No. 911362

Do you think it’s wrong to get a coworker fired?

No. 911366

Depends on what they’ve done duh? But you already know that, which makes me think you don’t have a good reason.

No. 911372

If the coworker is a loud chewer it is always right

No. 911373

Ohhhh I like this take, it's not one I've seen before.

No. 911374

I told my boss I thought there would be someone more suitable for his position and instantly regretted it because I don’t want people thinking I’m a bad team member, lol.

No. 911400

File: 1631627027971.jpg (1.71 MB, 1200x1500, bailey_svetlana_2.jpg)

Girls I'm trying to hang dry flowers and the process seems so self explanatory but my flowers keep wilting and I don't know what I'm doing wrong, they're hanging up upside down in a closet that gets very little sunlight. Could it be not dry enough of an environment?? Seriously what am I doing wrong here? So far I've tried drying gerbera daisies and hydrangea both with similar results, if anyone can help I am willing to send you some of my (successfully) dried flowers as well as a piece of my heart.

No. 911431

Is it possible for a 25 year old woman to get raped and pushed by an 18 year old girl?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 911433

I mean it’s possible, what the fuck kind of purposefully vague question is this

No. 911434

Yes? What kind of question is this

No. 911436

hwho are you planning to attack, 18 year old poster?

No. 911437

I was attacked actually
But she quit when she realized i was dry down
I feel like a pedo

No. 911440

Also same anon.
Can anyone save me? I can’t stand up for myself because I was manipulated by my sick mom to tolerate abuse. I need help and I feel sick.

No. 911464

What you mean

No. 911465

i dunno i was put in a lot of social situations as a kid and still never learned how to socialize

No. 911470

You’re kinda sus and like, this is not the place. Seek nearest women’s resource center.

No. 911512

Did you stop trying to put yourself “out there”? Social interaction is a skill, and for some the learning curve is steeper than for others. Plus, you can get rusty. It’s why a lot of imageboard dwellers learn later on that they were never introverts, really; they were extroverts, just really bad and under-trained ones. When you stop exercising a muscle, it shrinks. Of course, putting on muscle can be harder for others.

No. 911524

Different anon but what does put yourself out there even mean? I keep hearing that but it's just an extremely vague advice. No friends and no partner? Put yourself out there

No. 911529

Nta, it means to force yourself into situations. Like go to a meeting, club or whatever group event and try to talk to people.

No. 911534

“Putting yourself out there” could be going to a social event alone, scouting for the most interesting looking person in the room, and going up and saying hi. Or going to class and inserting yourself into friend groups: you get up, say hi, ask them how did they like this class, what are the names, etc. Or going to the park and walking to those three girls who look close to your age and making conversation with them. Even just asking for a lighter from another person on the street and talking a bit.

It can be hard for some people to do this though, because A) like some skills, it just takes some people longer to learn , B) they’re too niche now, like a special cocktail cute normies want to have every once in a while but don’t really know how to act around, and C) since they’re too niche, they aren’t able to find a community of similar like-minded people (except online), so even if they succeed at socialising they aren’t interested, and the question becomes: OK, how do I put myself out there so that other weirdos find me?

No. 911551

y'all hear about virgin fest? the incelcore show in atlanta with negative xp other groypers

No. 911558

I don't know what half these words mean

No. 911584

File: 1631639161876.jpg (534.06 KB, 1000x706, hermitcrab_138637106.jpg)

Ah right, I shouldn't vent in the stupid questions thread but back in high school and college I did try to force myself and stuff, but still I never integrated, in the end I end up being the person who never gets invited to go out with the group, I quit college and none of my "friends" noticed lol. I felt like a fucking idiot lol. I used to take foreign language classes but people were ther to do their stuff and leave.

No. 911700

File: 1631642752197.jpeg (42.58 KB, 980x732, 104CD381-A770-4707-A0DA-2217DA…)

How do I stop being afraid and grossed out by bugs? I went out to a nice trail on my vacations and it was honestly nice, but I’m still squeamish around insects. I can tolerate some of them, but the moment they’re close to me, I scream.
Is there a way to stop this?

No. 911732

It's best that you don't.

No. 911760

Why is lolcow obsessed with BPD? I’ve been here for four years and I still don’t get it lol. Like why is it the go-to assumption for a lot of people here

No. 911770

gently increasing your exposure should help, just going a millimeter over your limit each time, and you can be cured to normalcy in a relatively short time.

No. 911779

There are a lot of bpders on here, lots of late diagnosed tists too. Those are the 2 I'm always seeing.

No. 911780

The gossip boards are about drama, and BPDs are very dramatic people. Which means there will be a lot of cows and also farmers with BPD.

No. 911785

yep a lot of self-proclaimed of both if you read /ot/ regularly

No. 911804

Sus? What. True i had to go to the vent thread.

No. 911852

My gums are sore around the molar area on both sides near the roof of my mouth…should I be worried?

I didn’t eat anything harsh or different from normal. Whats the best way to look after your gums in general?

No. 911862

Can some of us make a new discord that actually lets people in and isn’t too lazy to voice verify for several months?

No. 911872

I thought sharing discords wasn't allowed anymore when they locked the friend finder thread?

No. 911883

i want to hear more farmer bpd girlfriend autist girlfriend stories then

No. 911887

The only way I'm not scared of flying bugs is if I'm hanging out with someone that is even more scared than I am. Something about seeing someone panicking because of a bug makes me realize how stupid it is. But then I still can't throw out the fucking stinkbugs from my room alone.

No. 911890

Can we do an actual demographics poll? It doesn’t even have to be accurate I just want a good idea of what kind of people post here

No. 911897

Why does vinegar make you sweat?

No. 911914

i doubt 90% of people would be honest

No. 911919

Anons I'm desperately trying to lose weight but I literally have a chocolate addiction. Is there anything that I can eat instead of it that's low calorie and is similarly sweet? Other than fruits, they have such a watered down sweetness to them. Have they invented already a fake chocolate that has the sweetness of it, but not the calories?

No. 911921

who manifested my stalker to try to connect with me on linkedin again? annoying.

No. 911922

No. 911925

i am sorry if this is a weird question; that is why i am coming here to ask it. does anybody else pull out their pubic hair, usually with tweezers?

No. 911927

nut formula: 4oz of nuts, 2 raw eggs, 2tbsp of raw honey, 8 tbsp of raw butter. melt the butter au bain marie on the lowest heat setting so as to not let it emulsify. mix all together. you can do it with a spoon as long as the nuts are crushed adequately. i personally mix it all together in a blender. you might want to mess around with it a bit to reach your desired consistency. some people like to eat or even drink it, especially when it is still warm. i personally prefer for it to be more solid, so i do not crush the nuts as much and put the formula in the fridge for a little bit after it is made. this will make it look and taste like cookie batter! it is also very delicious with your fruit of choice. very nutritious and delicious. also calories aren't bad.

No. 911929

I only do this because of trichotillomania, I don't know if people without trich could be assed with tweezing that area

No. 911946

omg THANK YOU!!! I'm gonna try this tomorrow

No. 911959

Anon what the fuck I was thinking of asking this today. I like it because every other method gives me ingrowns and irritates my skin like crazy.

No. 911966

oh yayy!! If you don't forget and feel like it, please do share how you found it!! It is not precisely like chocolate but very comparable to praline and, as I said, cookie dough. Embedded is a video that shows how to make it. Again you will most likely want to play around with it so that it is most delicious for you. Don't give up if it is not perfect after the first try. I had to practise a few times when I first started making is myself as opposed to letting my friends do it, haha. Just be sure to use RAW dairy products. Pasteurised will most likely give you digestive problems.

Here are some other alternatives I heard of but never tried myself:

Chocolate mousse:
- 3 tbsp gelatin
- 3 tbsp caco
- 6 tbsp maple syrup
- 3 cups raw milk
- heated over a stove

I personally would imagine raw honey also works, but I never made this, so I cannot promise anything

Salted caramel:
Medjool date sliced to create a slit. Fill the slit with grass-fed butter of raw milk and add seasalt.

Chocolate gummies:
- Raw milk, cacao, maple syrup, grass-fed gelatin.
I do not know the recipe for this, only the ingredients. However, I saw people making gummies for all sorts of things, especially collagen intake or so. I am sure if you find a recipe for making just any type of gummy candy you can try it and substitute the ingredients above.

Another friend of mine recommended Birchwood Farms ice cream with some dark chocolate chips and maple syrup, alongside homemade pear sauce and raw cream to her own taste! She enjoys eating this when on her period.

At the end of the day, you can play around and create a lot of fun and delicious dishes that satisfy your cravings as long as you use proper ingredients. I advocate for this raw, grass-fed, and so forth approach myself as well. Calories are not bad, overly processed foods are, and your body will thank you if you feed it nutritious foods! I hope this helps. Do not be afraid to try new things and ask questions! If you are doubting about raw dairy, I encourage you to explore various sources and advocates to come to your own conclusion. <3 good luck nonnyyy

No. 911967

Ntayrt but I’ve read this post 4 times and this sounds like vomit to me, is this a real thing or are you trolling?

No. 911968

I guarantee you if I gave it to you and you didn't know what was in it you would slurp it up. I gave it to my mother once who is an extremely picky eater and told her it was some new ben and jerrys treat. She finished her entire bowl without thinking about it. I definitely encourage you to try it, it is really tasty and filling. it is great for when i have cravings

No. 911971

Sorry I was being rude. I understood what it was as I read your second post!

No. 911993

how do you know if you have trichotillomania? one reason why i asked the first question is because i do not know if i should be worried. it is soothing for me to pull out the hairs but i do not know if it is healthy or normal. when i am stressed i have pulled out halves of my eyebrows and scratched them open until they were bleeding, but i did not notice as i was doing this until my fingers were wet and my skin felt kind of mushy (because i had scratched off the skin accidentally)

No. 912002

yeah what you're describing is exactly trichotillomania. no, self-soothing by pulling out your own hair is not normal or healthy. neither is pulling your eyebrows out until they bleed. surely you didn't need someone here to tell you that?

No. 912006

I rip them out with my bare hands when I just be chillin. Just like the hairs around the labias. I’ll fuck up my neck for 8 hours straight if I start hyperfocusing on tweezing every hair on my mound.

No. 912010

i’m legitimately intimidated by your pain tolerance

No. 912017


No. 912021

I do not really know. Sometimes things I think are weird are actually very normal or common. I have always plucked my eyebrows and body hairs, so I was not sure where to draw the line.
hahaha yes it does end up hurting the neck but it is so worth it, i eventually do not even feel my neck anymore. but i do feel autistic and embarrassed about it
no, you do not have to be worried. it can be caused by numerous things. try lukewarm water with salt first and swish it around. do that about three times a day for a few days and see if it helps. also maybe floss more. but don't worry, it does not have to be anything severe yet. i have irritated gums occasionally when i eat more sugary foods or do not brush my teeth as attentively as i should.

No. 912022

you might be developing gingivitis or something. just make sure you’re brushing with a soft toothbrush and you could try a diluted hydrogen peroxide rinse to help your gums. warning if you’ve never done it before it tastes pretty bad and foams up like crazy but it’s easy, cheap and accessible.

No. 912040

File: 1631658877968.jpg (285.36 KB, 1122x1075, 1550325373109.jpg)

If I had an opportunity to get a full scholarship at a good Chinese university, should I take it even if I don't know a lick of Chinese? I applied to multiple unis in different countries and got a few replies back but still want to consider my options
t. bilingual

What the other anon said, get a soft bristle toothbrush. Helped me immensely

No. 912046

Well the lolcow discord is linked right on the site but they won’t let anyone in either, must be something that we can do.

No. 912060

I know people who moved to China without speaking the language and they said it was hard but they enjoyed it, and the best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in it anyways. If you really want to live there I'd do it

No. 912075

Why are there so many anti fujo anons? Im not fujo but I don't get what's so offensive about them, just your standard coomer stuff.

No. 912079

Bahahahaha what a retard. Yeah, I already sensed he was pornsick. I don't normally blame women involved in porn but i know that the porn he watched was of women masturbating, especially "amateur", so in this case I do blame and look down on these women that create weird expectations of the female body for no reason.

No. 912112

Why do American (especially NY) Jewish men speak snoachily? They sound as if they have a constant cold or something. Do you know what I'm referring to? I know it's not exactly helpful without an example kek. I swear I can tell when a narrator is a Jewish male because they all have that voice quality.

No. 912114

I’ve been talking to a guy and everything has been nice, but he suddenly kept asking me if I “really don’t have a boyfriend” (I don’t) again and again, clarifying that in the past he had a many relationships/flings where he ended up finding out that the girls already had a boyfriend and were hiding this from him. He said he didn’t want to be a “side guy” again and that he’s strongly monogamous.
How should I interpret thus? How does someone keep becoming a side hoe without knowing it? Is this just a weird tactic to make me think he’s trustworthy/decent?

No. 912115

Is it child abuse to dye your child’s hair? I’m not talking about a 13-14 year old but younger? Like why would you put toxic chemicals in your child’s hair when they’re so young??

No. 912117

it’s just a regional dialect. john mulaney sounds the same but he was a catholic altar boy.

No. 912119

My mum booked me in for blonde streaks in the 90s when I was like 8. I remember we went to Tunisia when I was like 9 with them and loads of the Arab men at the hotel would always pet and touch my hair when walking past.

No. 912120

>just a weird tactic to make me think he's trustworthy/decent
In my opinion, yes. I've had a guy do this, where he wouldn't shut up about how he hated cheaters completely unprompted and he turned out to be a cheater. Or he is spastic

No. 912147

i think it depends on what kind it is? i don't think most semi permanent hair dye would be dangerous to use on a kid since they're basically pigmented conditioner, but anything else is iffy

No. 912151

i don’t see how it could be considered abusive.

No. 912160

Idk if it's child abuse but it's definitely weird "use your kid as a dress up doll" shit. Like those moms who pierce their babies ears.

No. 912169

I think it's abusive to try and make your daughter diet, wear makeup, pierce their ears and dye their hair. It's sexualization and objectification and teaches the child that their body isn't theirs to control. Mark of a bad mother.

No. 912179

My mum did both these things to me lol

No. 912221

It’s bad to pierce the baby’s ears? My mom told me it was so it didn’t hurt when the kid gets older and wants to get the ears pierced.

No. 912222

some people liken it to circumcision since it’s a body mod the kid can’t consent to

No. 912224

File: 1631666753334.jpg (348.79 KB, 1080x1722, IMG_20210915_014523.jpg)

Someone explain the joke to me

No. 912230

>so it didn’t hurt when the kid gets older
So let's hurt the baby right now? Amazing logic. Does she think babies don't feel pain

No. 912233

It means she’s going to work even if she will get fired?

No. 912235

It just that they won’t remember it I guess.

No. 912236

the joke is that she is walking in the workplace hiding herself and ashamed like the celebrity is due to the black outfit that essentially makes her "invisible" because she actually did something bad (calling in sick but not actually being sick since she walked in the next day again and she was already warned for being too absent) and doesn't want to get in trouble anyway I've been considering a job at a callcenter it seems to pay very well

No. 912239

While I understand why some people don't support it, I honestly don't think it's as bad as people act like it is.

No. 912253

Imagine the kind insufferable retard your child must be to complain about inconsequential tiny ear lobe holes as violation of bodily autonomy. Scrotes can at least arguably blame their erectile dysfunction on a bit of dick skin.

No. 912254

Can confirm pain is worse when you gained sentience. Growing teeth was more uncomfortable for you I promise.

No. 912255

It's more about not letting them run away. You can pierce a baby's ears if you ignore their crying, but a toddler is going to run off the shop with only one ear pierced.

No. 912257

i think that's kind of a dumb reason, i got my ears pierced when i was 7 or 8 and it didn't hurt

No. 912283

So? The baby can't willingly change their earrings and decide what they want to wear. The parent does. That's dumb.

No. 912284

Tfw I got them in elementary school, it hurt me horribly and then I gave myself an infection for being dirty lil toddler.

No. 912306

>elementary school

No. 912313

it's just kind of dumb considering it's a choice to wear earrings, the kid might grow up and decide that they don't like earrings but they're stuck with holes in their ears. like yes they are tiny and inconsequential but at the end of the day you're causing unnecessary pain to your baby for a cosmetic reason which they might not even want. why not let them grow up a bit and decide for themselves if they want their ears pierced?

not really? like if they're running away they obviously don't want their ears pierced enough to sit through the pain. why force shit on a kid when it's something they can make their own choice about

No. 912326

Is it bi or gay (or straight) to fantasize about men with vaginas? Not FTMs but bio men who get given vaginas as some kind of accident.

No. 912337

How do button fly jeans compare to zippers? Is there a noticeable volume in your crotch when you wear them?

No. 912345

Alright Nonnas, what is your recommendation for alternative milk to put in coffee? Please include name of the brand of alternative milk. I want coffee, but milk is the devil for me.

No. 912359

File: 1631676138049.jpeg (76.79 KB, 800x800, L1049985.jpeg)

I like this stuff

No. 912362

Any soy milk, idc about the brand because it all tastes the same to me.

No. 912370

Almond milk, it's pretty much the only milk (plant based or real) that I like. I get great value cause I'm broke, but any brand is good. Also, could you try lactose-free milk? (If you haven't already, that is)

No. 912374

anyone notice that one weird contrarian anon shitting up all the threads with trolling? maybe it's just a bored scrote.

No. 912375

I like hazelnut milk in coffee. It's more creamy than other plant based milks. It actually has a pleasant flavour that adds something to the drink instead of just being a tasteless milk replacement. I liking using it with freshly brewed coffee and raw cacao powder for an indulgent chocolate hazelnut coffee. Coconut cream is also very nice but probably too calorific unless your eating low carb.

No. 912378

A question to all the nonas who also have a habit of instinctively covering their mouth when laughing: does your palm show towards yourself or outwards?

No. 912379

File: 1631677578677.jpg (32.07 KB, 827x443, cgpl835nbkc61.jpg)

Can't relate tbh, I drink almond milk cos it's low cal but blehh. It's watery as hell, the flavour is ok but it doesn't make up for the (lack of) texture.

No. 912381

I use Alpro unsweetened almond milk because it's low carb not low calorie. It actually has more fat than it does protein and carbs.

No. 912382

>it doesn't make up for the (lack of) texture
It's fucking milk anon, I'm not drinking it for texture

No. 912389

File: 1631678292030.jpeg (191.54 KB, 1600x1600, 743C191F-3E4E-406E-B566-032EB0…)

Kek that pic is me tbh I trained myself to like it. But I like to treat myself to sweetened soy milk too.

No. 912395

Milk texture/thickness is a factor in most people's preferences though, why do you act like that's weird? Some milk has more fat and cream and that generally tastes better, lots of people don't like skim milk because it's too watery, same thing.

No. 912397

Then you're drinking it wrong

No. 912400

File: 1631679044125.jpg (56.75 KB, 352x467, 7up-sleek-330ml-2-700x467-1.jp…)

is it okay if i mix these two together and drink? i'm afraid i might get poisoned

No. 912401

I didn't say it's weird, but that's not why I drink almond milk. Thickness is good in some drinks but I don't need it all the time. I mostly drink water anyway so I really don't mind a thin drink.

No. 912412

File: 1631680184240.gif (183.04 KB, 500x383, 0F81F21B-6E50-4D70-A9F0-E88982…)

Does it actually make a difference to practice sleep hygiene? Do I really have to put all screens away for a whole hour before bed??

No. 912425

it helped me to change the colour temperature according to the time of day. f.lux (for example) is a program that can help. I also consider buying another e-reader as the new ones have warm colour temperatures (or night modes) and it helps me to read when I try to sleep.

No. 912477

would you consider a person drinking a bottle of ron every 1-2 weeks an alcoholic?

No. 912529

I think it depends on the dick and the depth of your own vagina. I had an ex that had a really big one which would sometimes hit my cervix in the wrong way and leave me keeling over for 30mins in pain.
Current bf goes to that position immediately for some reason, and I don't like it with him bc again, monster dong

No. 912533

That depends, are you binging it over the course of a few days? do you NEED to consume this amount of rum every week? It's not so much how much you drink, moreso your dependence on it. I drink a fair bit (although it's been over a week without a drop so yay me) but I don't have the need for it. I like it, and think it tastes good, so I drink it. But I don't need it to get through my day.

No. 912551

Does anyone else's forehead completely tenses up from using the computer? Like I'd imagine this is what Botox must feel like, after a day of work, I can barely move my eyebrows and my forehead

No. 912558

why do people kiss? isn’t it like super unhygienic? it sounds super unhygienic to me, idk why you would wanna do it

No. 912570

No. 912583

Thanks for taking the question seriously, I've never been around actual alcoholics so I don't have a point of comparison and that worries me.

I don't feel like I need it to live and I can go weeks without drinking if necessary, but I do use alcohol as a coping mechanism and can finish a bottle in 2-3 days, which is why I try to limit myself to only a bottle every 1-2 weels. I don't particularly enjoy the taste, I just love the feeling of being relaxed and not giving a crap about anything.

No. 912597

nta but this absolutely sounds like alcoholism. And it will develop into something much worse over time.

No. 912600

What causes pickme-ism? How are pickmes created? Most of them aren’t ugly or whatever.

No. 912601

Why is it that as a fully straight woman I find girls having crushes on me infinitely more flattering and cute than if a guy has a crush on me? I swear I'm not secretly bi and in denial, I 100% do not in any way find women sexually appealing at all. I've heard so many other girls say the same thing too

No. 912606

maybe it's because we think of women as having higher standards where as men will fuck a mcchicken

No. 912608

1. Social climbing if they're intelligent.
2. For the stupid ones, it's that they're stupid. If they only have looks they will milk those looks until they're old.

No. 912617

why does poo smell so good? i don't want to eat it or smear it on myself or anything, but i really like smelling my own doodoo

No. 912618

I assume a good smellin' stool is a sign of great gut health. Or you're a freak. Probably a mix of both.

No. 912667

Any advice for continuing to work and keep focused when grieving and extremely anxious?

No. 912671

Do digestive enzymes actually work?

I want to buy a new protein, it says it has enzymes in it. Will my lactose intolerant ass be fine?

Break up tasks as small as possible and take some rest between them

No. 912695


Pickmes aren’t ugly. Thing is, they’re not gorgeous either. They tend to be 6s or 7s. Cute, but not pretty enough to justify deranged behavior. The seething stems from the fact that gorgeous women can be deranged and still get what they want. And so, these humble 6s and 7s overcompensate by performing for male attention. If they can’t get it for their looks, then they sure as hell can get it by repeating 2000s manosphere takes.

If you’re talking about online female personalities, though, then I’m very honored to tell you these women aren’t pickmes. They’re just failures. All of them tried to have a go at the career woman lifestyle—found out they didn’t have the stamina, intelligence, and dedication, and then failed. They failed at being career women, they failed at starting families young, and now nothing’s easier than to kick back and blame it on being female. If they’re not college drop outs, then they were terrible at what they did. Instead of humbly admitting they weren’t independent-minded enough—that they were always weak and prone to social contagion—they go “muh female brain!!!!!!” Trust me, it’s not a coincidence that they were once libfems.

The next step is to monetize your retardation. It is true when they say male attention is the most abundant source on the planet, and these women found a way to make money out of it. Now, they get to enjoy their career money by being retarded online—something that requires little to no stamina, unlike an offline career—and finally have kids. I mean, thanks to male attention, they finally have the money to have kids and buy expensive handbags and get their hair done everyday. Too bad their male audience don’t realize they’ve been paying for their lifestyle and for their child’s pampers. It’s not a coincidence that they were libfems, true; and it’s certainly not a coincidence that they all had children in their thirties. If you remove the embellishments, you’ll them for what they are: career girls, just exploiting another niche.

The ones I feel sorry for are the ordinary, insecure ones, who finally find a refugee in these kind of spaces. They’re insecure, and they depend on male attention to validate them the same way a mousy female student will constantly try to be noticed by her teacher as the best in class—realizing too late the validation will run out, and misery can only ensue.

No. 912696

Take a long, long walk. In the morning when everyone is asleep. Always helps.

No. 912703


No. 912712

They are mostly insecure unhinged women that are desperate of men's attention, also genuinely believe that their life should roll only around having a bf and such. They can't bear being around women because they are jealous of them and they want to have the most attention and be the most "speshul", and the easiest way to get attention is go NLOG route.

No. 912723

and I have to contradict you. A pick me can be any woman, no matter how beautiful or ugly she is. There's plenty of gorgeous pick me's that center their life around pleasing men. And why do you say they were once libfems?Are you one of those tradthot spergs? A woman can be a pick me no matter her political affiliation even is she is apolitical. Career and successful women can be pick mes too.

Your post is a bit unhinged. Because you keep repeating "they were once libfems" "they were once libfems" "they were once libfems" like it has any relevancy. Your post doesn't explain the pick me phenomenon, it just explains why you hate tradthots. A pick me can be a woman from any socio-economical background with any political affiliation that cares more about pleasing men and getting their attention than she cares about herself and her own needs and desires.

No. 912727

and stop idealizing being an online figure, especially as a woman. Most women that make money on the internet off being online figures were mentally ill in the start and they turned even more mentally ill from all the pressure men put on them and all harassment that they get. Having a normal career is more rewarding and satisfying and in the end it becomes easier than having a bunch of strangers want to kill or hurt you. Being an online figure as a woman is mentally straining.

No. 912738

File: 1631712340176.jpg (135.57 KB, 1059x1080, 2021_09_15_09_16_09_519.jpg)

can someone tell me what the significance of these numbers are and if results on the left are different than the results on the right? from a CBC test I had done last week.

No. 912746

It means you’re an aires.

No. 912748

File: 1631712779921.png (142.33 KB, 570x306, nzlfgseqsiy11.png)

why is porn always shoved into gore sites? I'm aware "extreme" porn exists, but it's still so unsettling that they shove it in with pics and vids of people's deaths.

No. 912755

File: 1631713117183.png (498.28 KB, 500x635, 198178FB-6B88-41E9-9310-38B478…)

Anon, why?

No. 912757

I'm an aquarius

No. 912760

I'm the op who asked about love spells. what should I look for if I want to do the same thing you did?

No. 912761

Aquarius? idk what means really. maybe you should ask your doctor

No. 912762

Depends how much lactose it contains and how severe your lactose intolerance is. Mine is not severe - I can eat most dairy products - and a certain medication I take has 40gs of lactose in it and it makes my stomach hurt and make noises. But at least I'm not shitting or vomiting

No. 912781


Do you have the comprehension level of a fifth grader? I swear, ESL retards are always the worst. If you thought for a moment that I even attempted to idealize being a online female personality, then you need to go back to class.

No. 912788


>The next step is to monetize your retardation. It is true when they say male attention is the most abundant source on the planet, and these women found a way to make money out of it. Now, they get to enjoy their career money by being retarded online—something that requires little to no stamina, unlike an offline career(your words)

>little to no stamina
>having hundreds of thousands of stranger moids breath down your neck and hate you
> I mean, thanks to male attention, they finally have the money to have kids and buy expensive handbags and get their hair done everyday.(your words)
>not idealizing making money as an internet figure

Yea whatever floats your boat. I'm the ESL retard with no reading comprehension.

No. 912824


>little to no stamina

Yes, and this isn’t good. Hard work is important. Being lazy isn’t something to be idealized, unless you think so.

> I mean, thanks to male attention, they finally have the money to have kids and buy expensive handbags and get their hair done everyday.(your words)

Anon, this was supposed to be sarcastic. This is not a good thing. I was making fun of it. Not idealization at all.

No. 912845

I bet $10 that this is manifesto-chan

No. 912870

hey anons.
i have a LOT of lentils in the house rn - like 4 kilos or more. i want to make some lentil based recipes to use them up. i've been mostly doing lentil soup and turkish lentil-balls but i got bored.
do you guys know any good recipes with lentils?

No. 912878

Do men even suffer from depression? Aside from if they experienced abuse during childhood, of course.

No. 912880

Towards me, as I cover my entire face with both hands

No. 912883

Use them in a lentil curry or grind them into flour and make lentil crackers. You probably already thought of this, but if you make a huge volume of soup or curry you could divide it into smaller servings and store it in the freezer.

No. 912884

File: 1631723194799.jpeg (151.42 KB, 768x1152, 004A7554-CC2C-42EC-8A85-DD3EC8…)

My mom makes lentil dal! It’s one of my favorite meals

No. 912885

It does. Exposure to blue light (and many other sources of light too, frankly) before bed decreases the creation of melatonin which is what helps you sleep. This is also why you might notice your quality of sleep decrease during full moons, as there is more light at night, put very simply.

No. 912887

I was thinking about this recently too, but I believe we evolved to kiss as it allows us to interact with the saliva of the other person and through this way not only become accustomed to their bacteria and immune system but also see if they are healthy. Did you know that if we are attracted to the natural body odor of another person it is because their immune system is essentially opposite ours? Breeding with an individual whose bacteria and immune system is basically opposite or different from ours means the offspring will have more diverse bacteria and the like which is ultimately healthy. Sorry for the weird explanation, I am not a native English speaker. But it is indeed unhygienic but for good reason hahaha

No. 912888

i cant find this song on spotify im sorry for being cringy i just find it so cute. does anyone know the original name of the song? i cant find it.

No. 912894

Women grow up with a very shallow and unnatural conception of what a woman is one way or another, either due to media and social norms, or abuse and rape (i.e. a friend of mine was sexually abused as a child and all figures of authority around her told her it was to be expected since she was such a pretty girl. since then she stopped presenting femininely and now still has troubles spending time with women because she has this internalised resentment towards womanhood since womanhood leads to rape, according to what she was taught as a child). As a result, some women begin to believe they are different from other women because they do not abide by the norms they are familiar with (which no woman does at the end of the day since these standards are unnatural and objectifying). They also refuse to reject this way of thinking as it would mean criticizing society as a whole and giving up a lot of comfort, such as male approval.

No. 912899

no idea but that just reminded me that these kk slider versions of real songs exist

No. 912912

fml I'll have to be careful then, I don't want to end up being that obviously alcoholic friend that does not realize she is one. Sucks for me though because alcohol it's way cheaper than going to the psychiatrist, meds are expensive as fuck mental health is a privilege

No. 912925

KK house

No. 913016

My supervisor at my studentjob told me I have no notice period and that I only have to tell them a day in advance that I'm going to quit. I can't work my next shift which is next friday and it's wednesday evening here. Does "one day in advance" mean I can still e-mail them tomorrow to say I'm gonna quit and won't have to work my friday evening shift or should I e-mail them rn so there's an entire day inbetween me quitting and my next shift? Reason I'm asking is because I'm still hoping to get someone else to work my friday shiftso I can get one more shift out of it this weekend lol so I wanna wait as long as possible before officially quitting.

No. 913020

How do people still find 25+years old unopened Pokemon card boxes to do openings on YouTube?

No. 913028

depends if they need you for that last shift or not. don't count on it.

No. 913038

at what age should i get botox in my forehead? i’m 20 and the part of my face that i notice lines the most is my forehead, i think its genetic my dad has some serious forehead wrinkles.

No. 913050


I watch educational YouTube content about bugs, where the hosts actually handle them and show them off, and I often see comments along the lines of
"Oh, I am so afraid of [insert animal], but this video helped me be less scared!"

So maybe that could help?
Channels I would recommend are "Clint's Reptiles" and "Snake Discovery".
Despite what the names suggest, both channels have videos featuring insects (but CR more so than SD, I think) and the hosts are really pleasant.

No. 913053

i know this is the stupid question thread, but don't be stupid nona

No. 913056

some of them are fake

No. 913058

imo 35 minimum but i’m also paranoid about the adverse reactions to it i’ve seen so i would put it off as long as possible for that reason alone kek

No. 913061

It's already too late, should have started at 12.

No. 913063

I do in the triangle area, because it works better for me than waxing there. It doesn't take that much longer since the hairs are easy to grab and I actually like the sensation.

No. 913066

Just go brainjar route, no forehead wrinkles to worry about. If you're that worried do some dermarolling or get bangs.

No. 913068

aren't foreheads supposed to be wrinkly whenever you move your face? sometimes i don't get you nonnas

No. 913072

Anons prbly the type to not sleep on her side bc side sleeping causes chest wrinkles or some shit. Isn't this kind of beauty obsession tiring?

No. 913073

I've heard pre 25 to prevent wrinkle-forming in the first place. Idk I feel like you should just let yourself age naturally. Take care of your health and skin and you'll do so gracefully, I don't think botox looks that good on the long-term.

No. 913074

Depends. If it's more of a short laugh or giggle, I usually cover my mouth with the part of the back of my hand where my thumb joint is.
So it faces down and slightly away from me.

If it's a loud/sudden laugh or a laughing fit, I will usually cover my mouth + somewhere between half and all of my face with the palm of one hand.

No. 913077

>i'm 20
invest in some therapy instead. who the fuck are you trying to impress?

No. 913080

File: 1631735625861.jpg (79.5 KB, 1300x866, 69109129.jpg)

i wish some of my unconscious mannerisms were cuter. i cover my mouth when i'm eating in front of people but it's very stiff like picrel.

No. 913082

fuck off bitch, im not planning on getting anything done until my mid to late 30’s. i was just curious if there’s a specific age

No. 913084


I once read that some monkeys pre-chew food for their babies and then transfer it mouth to mouth, and that kissing in humans may have evolved from that behaviour somewhere along the timeline.
Not trying to debunk the other anon, just adding what I "know".

No. 913091

Congrats on the brainwashing.
That's just plastic surgery propaganda. There's no unbiased research that supports anything close to "preventative" botox.

No. 913095

i've considered botox for my tmjd but i also don't want it to fuck with my face/jaw shape

No. 913096

You’re going to be one of those miserable, middle-aged women who we all look on with pity: faces deformed from plastic surgery, constantly lying about their age, insecurities on display 24/7. If you don’t take care of your issues now, you’ll have a miserable time.

No. 913099

>fuck off bitch, im not planning on getting anything done until my mid to late 30’s
you're fucking twenty (20) years old and already agonizing over aging; that's absolutely fucked. If you don't address this then when you hit middle age and actually start getting wrinkles you're going to regret wasting your youth worrying about your natural imperfections. Many such cases!
>i was just curious if there’s a specific age
the 'specific age' mysteriously gets lower every year

No. 913104

Is this bait?

No. 913114

thank you to the one anon who answered my question >>913058 the rest of you just sound mad as fuck for no reason. if you don’t want botox or cant afford it thats on you

No. 913120

could you get banned for namefagging if you spelled anonymous wrong?

No. 913121

Yes? Why would you even be typing in anonymous

No. 913125

Nah, most of us can afford botox but would prefer to spend it on other things. All we’re saying is that you’re setting yourself up for a very agonising future. Are you even looking forward to anything in the future besides getting botox?

No. 913130

you're supposed to just leave it blank, newfag

No. 913131

Lol, ok Anonymous. If you say so.

No. 913132

This is either a scrote or a pickme trying to troll.

No. 913133

i'm the one who simply doesn't get it. foreheads are supposed to wrinkle, that's how facial expressions work? why does it need to be smooth
lmao no it automatically says anonymous, you don't need to type anything

No. 913134

File: 1631738363654.jpeg (2.85 MB, 2122x3765, 1628830002061.jpeg)

I remember watching a vid about how filler doesn't go away it just migrates in your body. I wonder what Botox does? No respect for ppl who literally risk their health for a quick beauty fix.

No. 913135

yeah? i cant look forward to more than one thing? why are you so agro?

No. 913136

botox can also migrate

No. 913138

you're a lost cause

No. 913150

Hyaluronic acid fillers dissolve over time and don't migrate when injected properly. However, this doesn't go for undereye fillers, which the doctor who first talked about it mostly focused on. If fillers didn't go away, you wouldn't need to get them injected again.

No. 913151

is it really necessary to brush your teeth every day?

No. 913153

Lately I took vit c (with iron) tablets like this in an energy drink. It fizzed up like crazy and overflowed the cup.. but I drank what was left and was fine.

I had no access to water before someone calls me dumb lol

No. 913158

Diff anon but is this one of those images of how the bible describes angels as looking?

No. 913171

At least twice a day anon.

No. 913173

>t. used to have horrible oral hygiene

No. 913180

File: 1631740606926.gif (510.97 KB, 500x289, really.gif)

No. 913188

It depends on genetics and diet I think. Some people are prone to oral diseases unless they sterilize their mouths every day. Others will be fine brushing twice a week without getting serious rots. But make no mistake your breath is still rank, your tongue looks gross and your teeth have stains and food residuals.

No. 913189

Samefag but also, scrape your tongue please. Too many white tongues with funky breath in this world.

No. 913191

I stopped eating added sugar just two days ago and today I'm feeling specially like shit. I can't focus, I have a constant headache and I developed a bad mood over the afternoon. Can I blame it on going sugar free? Or is it too soon? I'm sleeping and eating well, as well as drinking water

No. 913195

Probably tbh, coffee doesn't even work on me, the only thing that makes me feel "awake" is a fuck ton of sugar, like a redbull or soda

No. 913196

File: 1631741397240.jpg (107.51 KB, 588x828, the-walten-files-fan-casting-p…)

Is the walten files guy ftm? He apparently facedoxxed briefly but nobody caught it. He draws like an ftm.

No. 913197

absolutely. i remember the headaches i got when i did keto at first. it should start to get better after the 72 hour mark, make sure your electrolytes are up.

No. 913251

Is it true that you're not supposed to use the toilet during thunderstorms? I've always heard that you're not supposed to do that (and stand near windows or a running tap) because the lightning can come up the toilet and electrocute you in the ass or something.

No. 913254

I have never heard this in my life, I am wheezing

No. 913255

Samefag, I think I actually meant taking a shower during a thunderstorm. My question still stands though.

No. 913258

I’ve never heard the toilet thing but I’ve def heard about avoiding running taps. My mom used to terrify me as a kid with a story of someone she knew in childhood who drank directly from the tap during a storm and got electrocuted and died, looking back it was probably just a BS old wives tale kek

No. 913274

Honestly I used to consume sugar just because I'm a a pig, not even for energy kek but I might include coffee and see if it works, I never drink
I hope so! Thanks for the advice nonnie

No. 913311

File: 1631746158700.jpeg (88.78 KB, 1080x766, 861C44C8-B3F7-44B4-9873-079419…)

Why do (adult) femcels seem to always listen to either goofy pop music very explicitly aimed at 10-14 year old girls (such as boybands) or straight up fucking raw black metal? This seems to cover 99.9% of femcels. Any femcels here who can weigh in? It’s such a bizarre dichotomy.

No. 913313

Thinking of buying Josh's MATI merch, but it's going to be expensive with overseas shipping. Should I give that fatass my money?

No. 913319

Nah, give it to me

No. 913320

I was surprised that so many people on lolcow seem to like Ariana Grande specifically. I see her mentioned in threads frequently, she crops up in music suggestion threads, and has stans that emerge in the celebrity gossip thread too

No. 913321

I consider myself a femcel and I don't listen to either of those but the black metal would make sense to me I guess, as it seems to attract the mentally ill like flies

No. 913324

Wasn't a thing before pull shut down and twitterfags found LC through creepshow or tiktok.

t. Been there since the start of babydash saga

No. 913325

i listen to black metal lmao. i'm not a femcel i just deal with anger in general like its a neutral emotion. most angry music to me sounds neutral/relaxing even.

No. 913346

tf I wish, nobody who looks like her would waste time on imageboards

No. 913347


No. 913348

she's among us

No. 913351

I'm an oldfag in a lot of senses and I have always loved Ari. Sweetener imo is her best. I feel for her and all the trauma she had with losing Mac to drugs and then her concert being bombed by terrorists. Farmers could not handle what she has been through. She's based for playing Pete Davidson that ugly fruit

No. 913353

Have you ever seen any farmers? There are unironically girls here who mog her. Pretty face can’t save you from being an autistuc weirdo.

No. 913354

My mum said I looked like ariana grande!

No. 913356

didn't she say she wanted her fans to die though lol

No. 913358

i'm american but i thought it was pretty fucking hilarious when she said she hates america and americans in that donut shop

No. 913360

File: 1631748649741.jpg (13.33 KB, 432x272, EQUFDzAVUAEwn1a.jpg)

>autistic weirdo
no, no one gives a shit about weirder personality types irl. more often i see normies ignore whatever "weird" "autistic" thing people do. the "pretty" women here can't be saved because they suffer from debilitating mental illness known as "staying with your scrote bf at any cost". i'm so fucking sick of reading
>my partner is a piece of shit and ignores me and i waste half my time crying but i DON'T WANT TO LEAVE him, why is he like this?
every single day 20 times a day. uh leave? you dumb bitch just leave? you aren't shackled to him.

No. 913365

Nothing makes me madder than girls who come on here and reddit to ask for advice about their shitty, god awful abusive bfs and then completely ignore any advice that involves the only real solution - dumping him. Just don't bother if you're just gonna ignore sane responses and wait for someone to tell you what you want to hear (that you can change him, that he does love and care for you deep down despite all his actions showing otherwise, that it's worth it to be with him). idk what they want to hear, like you aren't going to be able to CoMmUnIcAtE him into loving and respecting you when he clearly doesn't.

No. 913378

How hard is it to become a flight attendant?

No. 913379

so true. they just want to hear what they want to hear, they're not interested in legitimate advice which most of the time is to straight up leave this relationship that isn't working and won't ever work.

No. 913383

why do some anons willingly read threads that they hate? not even just because of today's current shitshow (but yes that too), sometimes it happens on other boards too with an anon admitting to hating the thread topic but continuing to post in the thread anyway solely just to complain.
and tbh I also don't understand anons who complain about sites that can be easily avoided too (like twitter, tiktok, most social media) of course those sites are shit but idg why it's often bought up as if it's the only sites to use

No. 913399

I cba to check, what happened today?

No. 913403

it wasn’t that hard pre-covid (i used to conduct interviews for a big airlines company) but i’m not sure what the landscape for that is like now. it is either way harder because a bunch of them are out of work or way easier because nobody wants to deal with the people they’ve been having to throw off planes for not wearing masks or whatever.

No. 913415

File: 1631754327918.gif (549.33 KB, 400x300, ABD0FF3F-3043-4F28-8F9F-EA228B…)

lolcow.farm is a free country

No. 913468

File: 1631760154921.jpeg (74.08 KB, 720x540, FDDFBC53-1BF1-494A-9A08-EECD79…)

as imageboard regulars have any of you ever dated a “normie” guy that didn’t really have a clue about internet culture at all? was it weird because they don’t understand niche internet references or just nice to be able to tune out of that sometimes?

No. 913470

>inb4 necessaryspeed4 shows up to sperg about her husband

No. 913473

No but I would gladly, I don't think I could date a guy who's as into internet culture as I am. I wish I could lobotomize it out of my own brain tbh

No. 913478

yes and it's great. sadly i got him a bit more into internet culture but he's still definitely normie tier. it's like being guided into rejoining society in a way kek

No. 913482

i’ve only ever been with guys that were at least semi-aware of internet culture (no 4chan or reddit fags thankfully) so i wondered what the general opinion was. nobody could stand up to me either probably as far as onlineness is concerned but i could see it being refreshing to have someone naive to all that

see this is my issue. i think if i was with one i would unintentionally indoctrinate him and you know how they get when they feel like they just discovered the internet.

No. 913488

I never talk about or reference internet culture in real life, and I think people who do are megacringe.

No. 913492

i don’t either but that shit starts coming out once you live together

No. 913496

If most of your family members tells you that they will give you their properties and items when they die, does it mean they trust you or does it mean they think you will never be able to achieve anything on your own?

No. 913497

It means they trust and value you.

No. 913513

Ive dated a degenerate channer and redditor and pretended to be completely innocent of the internet partly for shits and giggles and partly to get him off of it. Truthfully I was on 4chan in 09' and remember when advicedog memes got overrun with insanity wolf instead. As well as the rage comics. And when r9k was new and interesting. Honestly it was pretty amusing hearing him act like he was so undercover edgy for frequenting one of the most popular websites on the internet.

Internet references mean nothing in a relationship and if anything I don't want that type of guy but I can at least immediately tell if he spends his free time in internet shitholes now

No. 913539

File: 1631767218001.jpg (40.66 KB, 667x219, wut.jpg)

wtf does this quote mean, I've read it like 3 times and still don't understand it

No. 913540

why are bony trannies trying to bring back the heroin chic look?

No. 913544

You answered your own question, kek. They're bony trannies and would look ridiculous trying to pull off everything else.
Though, it's still kind of a tough sell because even heroin chic was focused on the female body (albeit in states of frailty and sickness).

No. 913555

File: 1631770677050.png (744.32 KB, 600x1337, 0016940C-F332-4529-B727-C52067…)

Yes. This guy isn’t just a normie, he’s like a martian, I’ve never met someone his age that’s completely uninterested in the internet. He doesn’t use reddit or discord or listen to retard podcasts or twitch faggots. Apparently he has been entertaining himself with books, retro games, movies and playing music, never felt the desire to sperg about it with others. Most interactions he has with modern internet culture is curated by me. I supply him all the dank memes he will ever need. The only anime he’s seen and like are ones we watched together. I don’t show him lc but he knows I browse it. Sometimes I put on a movie and he’d say did you hear about this from your feminist forum friends? It’s the best. I don’t think I’ll ever date internet savvy men ever again.

No. 913558

>did you hear about this from your feminist forum friends?
That's so cute, love my feminist forum friends!

No. 913585

Have you had this happen where like you're looking at someone's instagram, not even logged in just lurking, maybe saving a few pics, then you visit the account again about 1 or 2 months later and it's suddenly deleted? If this was an occasional thing I'd think nothing of it but it's happened several times so I'm wondering do these accounts notice if someone saved an image or something and get paranoid? But then how would they even know if I don't have an IG account to begin with? It just seems like a very strange coincidence that multiple people just so happen to nuke everything after I looked at their posts.

No. 913588

Who's in the "daddy's little porkchop" banner?

No. 913592


No. 913600

File: 1631777348477.jpg (176.14 KB, 869x960, 27460024_1709067765824816_5973…)

Bump, cp warning

No. 913604

can people throats tighten up from peppers? I'm starting to think the new sauce I bought is the reason this keeps happening and only antihistamine with a drink seems to help after a few minutes.

No. 913608

What are some good cow threads that motivate you to unfuck your life?

The recent Bella Janke threads made me really appreciate avoiding online culture

No. 913613

how creepy am i?
crush told me something they posted on a site when i asked them about it, but didn't directly show me it from the source. later i type in some keywords with the site name he gave me like, site: https://site.name/ and badabing, i find the post and his username, and proceed to read all his posts and comments. nothing too bad. but now i feel guilty, because he obviously didnt want me to know his username, otherwise he would have shown me the post. so i've invaded his privacy
should i confess to it? it's eating me up inside.

No. 913615

What are the best foods for anemic people? Just meat?

No. 913617

File: 1631779819543.jpg (67.34 KB, 564x600, 6321abd5df0c4b0addd4aa23630038…)

Idk why you're anemic, so I can't get more specific than this. Sorry, nonny.

No. 913623

File: 1631781852406.jpg (21.27 KB, 210x286, nerd.jpg)

Is there any specific term for women that have a attraction /fetish towards Jewish males ? I swear I knew three women all of whom had a seemingly bizarre attraction towards specifically Jewish males

No. 913624

matzo fever

No. 913627


No. 913629

What’s a long term relationship really like?

No. 913630

Ashamed to admit but that's literally me.

No. 913637

I think attraction towards Jews in General has a lot to do with their perceived "foreignness" and exotic features" most Jews in Europe and American have varying degrees of Semitic Levantine and European ancestry, so some look Middle Eastern, some completely white and others more mixed, this makes them stand out for better or worse
with Jewish boys its rather interesting, in Media and popular culture you can argue that Jewish males are often emasculated, either helpless victims in WW2 films and in general media Jewish boys are often stereotyped as nerdy and portrayed as weak, nervous, skinny, shy, not particularly masculine and awkwardly dressed
I don't think it ever dawned on the men making these films There were plenty of women who found these traits and characters more attractive then the stereotypical action figures
Can I ask why ?

No. 913641

would someone who's 5 feet tall and 90 pounds be considered thin or average if they traveled to europe

No. 913643

Physical attraction wise I like swarthier men with slim facial features and coincidentally a lot of Jewish men tend to look like that. To add to that, in high school I developed this weird crush on Kafka despite him being a borderline incel. Recently I noticed a ton of girls still love him online to an obsessive degree and a lot of them tend to be ftms, make of that what you will.
As you said there's definitely the portrayal of Jews in modern media as weak and feminine, due to the fact that for a long time they were seen as a people without a place to call home. I can't deny that might have influenced my attraction to them but in the end a male is a male and I don't let my so called fetish influence my decisions. Especially now after Israel became a thing, Jews over there love to see and portray themselves in this hyper masculine aggressive way which I don't find appealing at all.

Thin but also really tiny.

No. 913647

In my case, a lot of Middle Eastern men could look like Jewish men if they just choose to shave their godawful pube beards and didn't eat so much crap junk food, Jewish men are basically the more Ideal version of Arab men

No. 913654

Besides getting cancelled, why would an artist nuke their blog/account?

No. 913658

File: 1631790845047.jpeg (189.96 KB, 1242x557, EEFA32EC-80F1-4703-AAB5-A3D034…)

Where did you find a great guy, anonancia? I kind of want one too.

No. 913662

There’s lots of possibilities to explain why
>the artist doesn’t want to be recognized for their art at their workplace
>doesn’t feel like their art is appreciated
>doesn’t want their family to find their art account
>doesn’t like doing art anymore and wants to stop being recognized for that
>has older art or comments that could be considered pwoblematic and doesn’t want to get #cancelled
>doesn’t like the attention that brings their art to them
>wants to create a new art account but doesn’t want others to know of their older styles and/or themes
>doesn’t like social media and how it affects their art and lifestyle
I feel like those are the most common reasons why.

No. 913664

File: 1631791452782.jpg (105.4 KB, 660x440, 01-lmaytfe.jpg)

Its a definitely a thing in the west. Jewish men aren't viewed as "feminine" like Asian men or as creepy like Indian men but they are mostly a joke
even when their the protagonist their always portrayed as meek losers, combine the fact that their an example of Schrödinger's minority simultaneously being both considered white and non-white in western society and with that you get men who are both the "Awkward Nerds" and the "swarthy foreigners" at the same time

No. 913678

Why do some people just flat out refuse the possibility of their hair being damaged? Like everyone with eyes can tell it's fried and these people will still insist that it's alright and they take good care of it. I don't get it.

No. 913683

Not sure what thread this should go in, but what are some fun ways to teach a 12 year old ESL girl English?
I'm tutoring her for an hour long lesson every week and I have trouble determining what activities are too childish for her. She can already hold a decent conversation and she's very much a zoomer internet native type, despite being so young. Her vocabulary is full of hashtags and tiktok and words like 'f-boy' and 'pickmegirl'. I'm afraid that having her read Roald Dahl or something would make her feel like I'm treating her like a little kid. On the other hand, she's only 12.
So what the hell do 12 year olds like? What is not too childish for them but also not too advanced?

No. 913684

someone found my rym account where i post schizophrenic movie reviews this way and i felt violated you should tell him

No. 913691

Nona, who did you hurt?

No. 913693

Not really, but I don't mind if someone's into internet culture as long as they don't send me memes and expect me to react to it or speak it unirocally out loud. It's the most fucking retarded type of mordern interaction there is. One of them used to send me cute animal pictures, which is the only type of spam allowed. I've been hiding my powerlevel about the internet and weeb culture since I was like 13, so I never let it be known unless someone catches me in the act anyway, if I truly am interested in them and trying to impress. And the only times I matched some guy's vibe of posting like a shitty memester on dating sites, I was accused of being a catfish anyway.

No. 913697

I don't think I hurt her but she got all defensive and denied there being damage. Is it rude to say that someone should grow out bleach damage and cut it off if they literally ask what they should do with their hair next? Maybe I'm fucking autistic but she asked and it's so fried and dry and I thought I was helping by giving advice on how to fix it. Personally I don't see why a person would want a friend who won't tell you when your shit's fucked.

No. 913705

Does anyone else feel pain in their dreams?

No. 913707

File: 1631796862412.jpeg (64.83 KB, 800x800, 3EFEA1CD-9FAE-4E86-B87E-2B5673…)

Maybe books like Magnus Chase’s adventures, Harry Potter, you could even try just browsing the library or a bookstore in the English section or any book that catches your attention that isn’t too mature or like, with heavy themes so you can try downloading it in English for her to read.
That’s if she likes reading, of course.
Maybe you could tell her to try writing some poetry or short stories, or even what she has done during the week or what she wants to do in the future, like a diary with pictures that she can print or draw herself, it would be nice.
Then you could do your corrections on post its so you don’t scribble over what she wrote as you explain what can be bettered and such.
Or you could correct on another page or put a shiny sticker if she got everything right. Like pic related.

No. 913708

I don't get when people say put toilet paper down the toilet to disguise the sound of you shitting. The plop or splash of shit is not what scares me about shitting in public. It's the sound of wind coming out of my ass!! Is there a way to disguise that??

No. 913710

i just put the toilet paper down to keep the public toilet water from splashing on my ass, that gives me heebiejeebies.
honestly just own the wind noises, wtf is anyone gonna do about it?

No. 913712

File: 1631797478435.jpg (33.17 KB, 338x324, 20210916_094022.jpg)

If my acne only improves with birth control does that mean I have hormonal imbalance?

No. 913713

Laugh at me lol

No. 913715

Sometimes I'll try and time things to when someone has a loud handdryer running. I've been in some nasty bathrooms lately though.. half the time I'm stuck looking at someone elses nasty bowl skids so it's hard to care after that.

No. 913716

maybe not an imbalance but i think BC lessens the androgens that cause acne

No. 913721

is life insurance a scam?
it just doesn’t seem legit to me but i could be wrong. thoughts?

No. 913729

It’s not a scam, but whether you should have a life insurance plan is very context dependent. I’ve seen a lot of people who unnecessarily have one as a young person without dependents, in which case there usually isn’t much of a point.

Of course, life insurance companies are as scummy as any other type of insurance provider, so they’ll try as hard as possible to find a reason not to pay out after a policy holder dies. That’s pretty much the norm though for all types of insurance.

No. 913730

What do you make with wonton noodles that isn't wonton soup? How do they even taste?

No. 913731

At this point it's not worth it, they're so stingey with support that you'll give yourself a heart attack trying to claim.

No. 913732

The only people I know with life insurance my age are men with children that don't live with them. They take it out so if they die their kids gets an inheritance or something. I don't see the point in it unless you have dependents

No. 913735

No, but you don't need it unless you have dependents.
I have it because I work in a foreign country to support my mom and grandma back home, and here I don't qualify for any kind of healthcare so if I die, they get the money.

No. 913756

File: 1631804325530.png (3.47 KB, 406x66, mtf thread.PNG)

What is "policel"? A polyamorous incel? I feel like I've heard this term before but I can't recall what it means

No. 913770

Celibate for political reasons i think. Like a political lesbian.

No. 913787

It’s pure chance tbh. It was at my city library, he’s a librarian. I thought he was some kind of escaped mormon. Turns out he’s just the perfect kind of solitary creature. Loves his mother but not obsessed with her, rather matriarchal family. Does have some troubles expressing complex feelings out loud though.

No. 913791

>he’s a librarian
that's kind of hot

No. 913810

File: 1631808730057.jpeg (14.54 KB, 293x274, 095C3D8D-B37C-47B4-BBF1-819032…)

did u remain friends after they told you?
the way I justified what I did in my head is by thinking about how disgusting men are and that I needed to know what he was really like in case anything changed down the line, really that was the only reason I checked too. But now I know tmi like what type of women he likes and I’m afraid my behavior will change to fit that, although a lot of the stuff he said I’m already like, I feel i will overdo it and he will find me obnoxious. I just wish he hadn’t told me at all ugh but then it’s not his fault I can’t be a freaking normal trustworthy person smh I feel like becoming religious just so I can confess to anyone but him

No. 913816

Snatch him anon
>Does have some troubles expressing complex feelings out loud though.
Easily remedied with a back and forth feelings journal

No. 913824

Thank you anon!

No. 913838

Sounds like this guy I know except he IS knowledgeable of internet culture but is critical of it on top of being critical of consumerism. Never thought a man could be that pure, I feel like the scrote when I’m around him

No. 913841

Why anti-sjws and gamergaters are generally so autistic and cringe?

No. 913847

Has anyone ever walked in on you talking to yourself? What was their reaction? How did you feel?

No. 913848

does anyone else find that public restrooms never have soap anymore? in america at least

No. 913849

anons what should I wear to phoebe bridgers concert

No. 913850

Not American, but I've got sanitiser in my bag and even a little bottle of liquid soap because I haven't been able to rely on public toilets anymore either lol

No. 913852

Yeah, I was at the mall trying to get some gifts and I was talking to myself like usual. Some man talked to me like
>sorry What?
And I looked at him and just told him
>ah sorry, It’s not with you, I’m talking to myself
And he was like
>ah, okay
And I left to keep doing my stuff.

No. 913856

Why are you paying money to see bad music live

No. 913863

Why are you incapable of understanding that music taste is subjective, stupid bitch

No. 913864

I found soap sheets with a tiny plastic carrying case and I keep those in my purse, I like them because they are dry so even if they spill it won't matter

No. 913865

No. 913893

nope. i actually had a dream last night where someone knocked on my door, i opened it and then they just started shooting me with a machine gun at point blank range. i was oddly calm and felt no pain.

No. 913906

what is the official term for the cheese that gets stuck in your folds and flaps?

No. 913911

Are any other butterfaces getting more attention with their masks? Wondering if others are dummies who don't consider what's under it or if I'm more confident with one.

No. 913921

My face naturally looks like I am annoyed/mad and I used to never get talked to by cashiers, strangers in public etc but now that I have to wear the mask I am always getting chatted to. It's awful with cashiers bc I can never actually hear what they're saying between the mask and the glass partition.

No. 913924

Yup I'm keeping it on even after Rona ends. Even women and ppl at work treat me better. Who knows, maybe I'll get a niquab with a hot model printed on it.

No. 913925

does anyone else not separate their colors for their laundry? i never have and there have been no problems

No. 913942

I don't. I feel like dye has evolved since the days of old kek. The only time I've ever had colors run was when I bought these cheap bright blue shorts from Ardene when I was in highschool. After they came out of the dryer they were significantly faded and all of my washcloths were baby blue.

No. 913944

If it's a new piece of clothing then I do, but after a couple of washes all the extra dye goes away. If you don't have white clothing then put it all together it doesn't matter.

No. 913950

I always have to do it because I managed to get a t-shirt all fucked up when I didn’t separate them.
Now I separate clear colors from dark colors and those are subdivided by hues, white and pitch black go on their own.

No. 913952

Me neither, I wash everything in cold water

No. 913973

File: 1631816697302.jpg (18.47 KB, 500x264, return4.jpg)

Has anyone overcome an addiction by herself? I'm not just talking about alcohol or drug addiction but also Internet or binge eating, etc. How did you do it, what was your method?

No. 914006

Seconded, how do I stop binge eating when stressed.

No. 914008

Am I the only one who doesn’t get the whole “found family” thing? I am on good terms with my parents and my sister and I are really close. However my friend situation is kind of meh. I feel ok about mh social situation but don’t really think I could rely on them in case of an emergency. It makes me wonder what I’m doing wrong in terms of making friends.

No. 914012

makes me feel like a failure because no one wants to baby me wah wah binkie want bah bah but no really, it's yet another failture

No. 914013

it's a coping mechanism for the lgbt

No. 914020

Well yeah you have a family that you are close to, a found family is for people who dont have that

No. 914048

You're rlly lucky anon, text your parents and sister you love them.

No. 914050

Look up all the info on "how habits work", basically is a method of identifying your triggers and trying to avoid them as well as replacing that habit you're trying to overcome, with a healthier one

No. 914051

the point of found family means you are finding other ppl to fill the holes your family hasn't given you, usually for LGBT people whose family isn't supportive. it seems like your family is full itself, so that's a good thing

No. 914065

What is medical detox like? I'm considering reaching out to my therapist for resources because this bender (alcohol) is actually starting to scare me. I'm not binging on hard alcohol anymore, though, which is why I want to weigh my options at home vs. medical setting. I just drink 6 high ABV beers per day now but I don't eat which is why this sucks after so long. But it reached the point where I have 3 in the morning to stave off hangover, pass out for a bit, then 3 later. I want to ask my therapist but I'm afraid she'll section me. Can an anon help out? Google searches still don't give me what I need to know tbh

No. 914135

How do anons find social media of people they knew from school? every time I try looking people up I get fuck all besides their phone number or address. Or I end up on one of those sites that wants you to pay for information on their public records

No. 914139

File: 1631823814673.jpg (62.75 KB, 500x500, 4zPVN5MtzVMhAi6j-yXmZ1w-t500x5…)

i'm an international super spy

No. 914144

similar question: how do you find more info on the Internet about someone who's not on facebook?

No. 914149

samefag: and if they used to have Twitter but they deleted their Tweets? Waybackmachine does not work on their account

No. 914154

Usually handles and usernames or work emails. I'd scroll through their friends' hundreds of followers if I suspect they follow each other. Most people use the same few names,at most with slight variations, everywhere.

No. 914162

>Usually handles and usernames or work emails
what if i can't find those?

No. 914166

Facebook usually, and if not Instagram, for some reason normies use their real names for their twitter and Instagram accounts.

No. 914196

You're thin, we're getting fatter too. I actually read that more than half of all males are overweight now in all European countries (lowest was 51.5% of all males in the Netherlands)

No. 914200

how can i stop making myself upset over something?

No. 914217

What lolcow snow/pt threads are fun to read? Which are your favourite?
Most of the ones I liked died down and I have pretty much nothing to follow now. I'm up for digging into some old ones too.

No. 914225

time to move to the netherlands for the tall and skinny twinks

No. 914230

Whatever happened to the phobe tinker or whatever her name is? You know, the fat blue haired SJW grifter with the autistic boyfriend?

No. 914244

Luna, Vicky, Trisha & co., Heather Explains

No. 914245

Do any anons know of more channels like posted above? Quiet, relaxing, scenes of nature, cottagecore, baking bread or gardening, dreamy vlogs.

No. 914246

Replace the addiction with something healthy, in other words, get a hobby.

No. 914250


No. 914267

File: 1631832114068.jpg (259.82 KB, 1280x720, 1439877722490.jpg)

I'm bpd-chan, and I chose to isolate myself from making friends/relationships because I know I'm at real risk for hurting people I care about, but I've become so lonely that at this point, I absolutely must go back into the world for awhile
So my question is: What kind of person would you enjoy hanging out with? Please feel free to add as many details as you want, I'm going to try to build a facade of a personality around this advice, as I do not have an actual personality of my own

No. 914268

Some of Jonna Jinton

No. 914292

File: 1631833452173.jpeg (15.04 KB, 250x205, 119BC5FA-7E81-48E6-93FD-B80269…)

No. 914298

I'm just using the thread for what it's for, fam

No. 914307

if y'all had a kid, would you consider naming it after it was born?

No. 914308

no, I would never name my kid

No. 914310

No. 914312

Who names their fucking kid? That's some sick shit right there.

No. 914313

absolutely not. my child will be anonymous, the same as me.

No. 914318

nonitas who pass as normies, what are (minor/easily overlooked) details that i should pay attention to in order to not be clocked as a weeb right away? obviously i'm not wearing any anime merch and i don't talk about it at all irl, but are there any details that are a dead giveaway?

No. 914333

I probably pass as normie and to me any rainbow hair, half black half blonde, very bright fake red or unnatural black hair would tell me they're into alt or weeb stuff if they weren't already wearing it. Fandom phone cases, keychains, pins, bracelets, hats, phone wallpapers are all dead give always too. If the people you're around are wearing weeb stuff I would assume you're the same even if dressed fairly normal. As much as I love certain series I definitely keep all merch at home. One anon suggested wearing casual outfits you think your favorite characters would wear which seems more interesting than an anime face on a shirt.

No. 914335

File: 1631840222744.png (4.39 MB, 4000x2664, 700FE65B-5571-4FBB-A075-2A0742…)

Maybe it’s the way you act? It’s possible that you’re doing anime poses and mannerisms that you haven’t noticed yet.
I used to read a bunch of manga, and watch some anime so I was never a full fledged autist doing kawaii hand poses or flapping my hands like and idiot, but there was some guy who did all of those things and even sat like an uwu anime girl, he did all of that unconsciously.
Are the people around you like, trying to kill people into anime or something?

No. 914345

How old are you if you're like 18-21 anime seems to be popular so it shouldn't be a big deal. The main thing that gives it away is just attitude, you can usually tell if someone is a femcel if they start obsessing over other women are getting clingy and talking about others a lot. As for physical appearance as long as if you aren't trying that God awful anime/doll makeup or wearing ddlg gear you should be fine if you don't get an unflattering Tumblr haircut.

I'm legit diagnosed autistic and usually distract myself since I'm so fucking awkward and can't relate to other people to make friends at all so I just took a bunch of classes and joined a bunch of clubs at school and work full time just so my schedule looks full and I seem smart since I'm the vice president of a STEM club, in the honor society, and I play volleyball and it keeps me worked most days of the week hoping people never catch drift of how cringey I truly am. That's my biggest issue at least

No. 914346

^^^ also I'm in college in case mods think I'm in high school or something

No. 914356

>if you're like 18-21 anime seems to be popular so it shouldn't be a big deal
nah weebs of all ages are cringe irl

No. 914358

>phone wallpapers
good point, i still have to change that.

i actually worry about that. i don't act like an anime girl, but i think my expressions are always a little exaggerated from being parked in front of a tv from the age of 5 onwards? idk. how do you stop being too expressive??

i'm almost 30 and starting grad school in a few weeks.

my main motivation for this is that i just don't like being associated with weebs anymore. i made three good female friends during my undergrad years and they look completely normie. one is a hardcore gamer but looks like a normie, one is slightly into kpop but looks like your average minimalist/zero waste/vegan normie, one is into tumblr-y nerd stuff like star wars, hamilton, spn but looks like a normie. i just made the experience that normies/normie looking people with weeby/nerdy hobbies are 10x more bearable than visibly weeby weebs. there was one hardcore weeb (think greasy hair, galaxy print aliexpress skirt and constantly mentioning cosplay) in my major and she was the most obnoxious person. everyone in my major was very open minded re: nerdy hobbies, but that one weeb was not liked by anyone and when people mentioned her, they'd always laugh awkwardly and call her 'very special'.

i also find it much more pleasant when i see someone who looks like a well adjusted normie and then i peek at their phone from the seat behind them and they're watching anime. i happened to walk home behind a girl with a haikyuu itabag the other day and i just felt embarrassed on her behalf. i don't know, i guess i just want to look as well adjusted as possible.

No. 914365

I understand, nonnie.
Well, to avoid doing anime or uwu kawayiyi poses, practice at home, when you start noticing that you’re doing something like flapping your arms or moving your hands like an anime character would, stop yourself and keep your hands to yourself.
Like, cross one of your arms, put your hands on your hips, hold something, check your phone.
Don’t put your hands in your pockets because that will make you seem extremely unapproachable though.
There’s going to be a moment in which you won’t act like an anime character.
Look at yourself in the mirror and look at the way you act, a great way to do so is seriously going to a gym, you will be focused on working out but when you catch a glimpse on the mirror, you will notice if something is wrong or not.

No. 914409

does anyone else feel itchy and scratchy whenever they watch videos of creepy insects?

No. 914410

I think there's a word for that but I can't remember what it was

No. 914414

>one is into tumblr-y nerd stuff like hamilton
Fucking disgusting, imagine thinking someone is normal and then you find out they are that fucked in the head. Horrifying what secrets people can keep

No. 914451

best advice I got for not binging so much was that, if/when you do binge, to not punish yourself by dieting super hard or fasting afterwards.

No. 914452

Owning “Kawaii” items/Sanrio(if you’re Asian you can get away with it imo), dyed hair especially if it’s that half and half style or colorful wigs, e-girl make up, knee high socks, button badges on purse.

Some of these things can depend but if you want to avoid being clocked as a weeb just keep your wardrobe simple and don’t have over the top reactions or mannerisms.

No. 914464

File: 1631859575582.jpeg (115.45 KB, 960x1280, E_bxoYWWEAMlQ_r.jpeg)

Is it a woman or a man? This person goes by they/them in and while my troondar is usually on point I'm a bit skeptical for this one (I wanna say woman because of the interests but you never know).

No. 914483

Woman, they're way more likely to be themlets. Only the most unpassable soyboys would be one.

No. 914488

she has long face but you tell by the hands alone that it's a woman, trust me I like mostly skinny boys and even the most delicate scrawny males will have hands that are unmistakably male

No. 914504

self harm scars oon the arm so most likely just a horse faced woman

No. 914515

How do I become less misanthropic and hateful?

No. 914516

Is it okay to drink plant based milk that's past its expiration date but hasn't been opened yet? I have two almond milk cartons, one expired on the 9th of august and the other one on the 11th of september but I don't want to throw them out because they were expensive.

No. 914518

Is it stupid that I wanna see a psychologist for the bizarre dreams I have? I’m not talking your average cringe like sleeping with a friend, I’m talking murdering, drug dealing, absolute worst case scenario type stuff (apocalypse, family dying, me being an absolute cunt to everyone).
I feel like my subconscious is a different person or something and it’s beginning to scare me lol.

No. 914519

Very dumb but I've bitten my nails all my life and was recently forced to stop, so now I'm starting to have long-ish nails for the first time and they get so dirty so quick ?? How do you keep your nails clean ? you don't carry a nail brush everywhere do you ??

No. 914521

As soon as I see mine starting to get dirty I trim them as short as I can without it hurting/feeling uncomfortable. Do the same with my toenails.

No. 914523

Your nail beds were gradually heal the beginning is the hardest process.

No. 914524

Look, smell, taste

If its fine, its fine

No. 914531

This is such a cringe question, but is there anyone here who was “one of the cool girls” in HS/college? Or “the hot girl”? Years of insecurity have made me obsessed, and to this day I still envy the office beauties. I always just assumed everyone here was just as ugly as me, but after seeing pics of farmers over the years I’ve noticed that, at least among those who post pictures, most farmers are really pretty and have phenomenal bodies. And all the edgy girls seem like they would’ve been bad girls in high school.

No. 914540

How did the borzoi meme in this site start? I know it's been a thing for a while and it probably has something to do with one anon sperging over her hate of borzois but that's about it.

No. 914549

Cringing with you but yes. Not all farmers are ugly losers

No. 914559

You guys I’ve been having bad dreams/ nightmares every night for weeks now. Idk why. Is there anything I can do to stop this? I get very disturbed and anxious when I wake up and that feeling lingers throughout the entire day.

No. 914560

Don't eat 3 hours before bed.

No. 914566

If anyone admits to this farmers are going to bully them lol

No. 914570

its okay but i prefer doggy lying down cause then i can comfortably use a vibrator at the same time

No. 914572

Is there something stressing you out or unsettling you in your awake life?

No. 914648

Liking anime and being a weeb is different. Most young adults I've meet watch some here and there but when you go about obsessing over it and making it your personality it becomes an issue

No. 914650

Stream Joanna Newsom

No. 914664

Why do morbidly obese people always act like giant toddlers?

No. 914665

Zero impulse control and their brain deteriorating from fat and unhealthy diet/lack of exercise

Srs. Being fat is one of the most dangerous things for your body. I honestly don't know how so many people fetishize being overweight and defend someone killing themselves

No. 914667

words will never express how grateful i am to this anon who posted her in /m/ years ago. she truly is great.

No. 914677

Not that related but I love that people only see the eyes, it's ironically so easy to do facial expressions to me now. Without mask I never know when to smile or not, if my smile is natural enough, if I don't look sad or angry when I don't smile during a conversation and so on. Now you just squint your eyes a lot and people's mind will fill in the most friendly and natural smile.
Same with other people, they only have 3 expressions now: smile, neutral, shock. Very easy to read and not overthink their involuntary face movements.

No. 914678

Not in Spotify, what the heccckkkkk?? I gotta go all the way to the youtubes

No. 914682

yeah but it's really worth it. Divers is divine, don't listen to Ys unless you are prepared to have a long emotionally breaking moment, and Milk-Eyed Mender is her debut album which is at the origin of all the indie singers distorting their voices, except she actually knew what she was doing (and she was only 22).

No. 914688

You're getting me all hyped up, I'm so excited, I love music hnnggggg

No. 914690

not sure about that since i havent heard of it… honestly i cant tell which polls are the least biased in the first place

my question: why do some people always smell good to the point where theyre walking up to you and its like a perfume smell? even when theyre outside? like i dont get how people get to smell good all the time like to an overpowering point does anyone know what i mean lol