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File: 1631899626522.jpg (451.38 KB, 2500x1700, 01-20-maneytwitter-02.jpg)

No. 914835

Because we can never hate on it enough

previous thread >>>/ot/818551

No. 914840

File: 1631899844045.png (88.81 KB, 611x544, Dumb_take.png)

so reposting this from the previous thread, I am not fond of American global media hegemony at all, but this is such a moronic take and also completely untrue
Dubbing and Localization and even remakes are common across the world, especially the former part
India makes at least a Dozen local remakes of random American movies every single year, as for Dubbing and Localization, literally everyone one in the world does that, everyone in my country only watches shit if its translated to their specific local language, I once tried to get to watch a Japanese movie that whose subs I'd spend hours trying to find in Punjabi, she thought reading subs was weird
And yeah sometimes Localization cane be dumb but culturally its what most of my country relates too more often and recognizes

No. 914875

I feel like this post is 20 years too late, I'm pretty sure nobody substitutes foreign food for a more American one (or switch to something generic and perfectly reasonable like gyoza=>dumpling), and honestly, did anybody aside from shitty anime localisations ever did it?

No. 914887

File: 1631904251474.jpg (224.34 KB, 1928x1080, Typical_Punjabis.jpg)

I can't speak for other countries but localization is still a thing here, most stuff is dubbed into Urdu, However there are certain quirks in Localization that somewhat amused me
One of the most common quirks is that whenever there is a "southern/cowboy" character, he is given a Northern Punjabi accent to signify his ruralness, and some times flat out references to Texas were changed to Punjab

No. 914980

Indian remakes usually take the base plot and aesthetic of the movie and then make it a typical Bollywood style film, That said the vast majority of Indian remakes are remakes of other Indian films mostly Bengali, Tamil and Telegu cinema
Some famous one I can think of is Rocky Handsome, a remake of the Korean film The Man from Nowhere, Brothers a remake of Warrior(that Tom Hardy MMA film), Thuggies Of Hindostan(a remake of Pirates of the Caribbean) Gully boy a remake of 8 mile road, and just a ton of others, seriously every Bollywood film takes whole scenes from Hollywood films and most of these remakes are also unofficial
Bollywood is the ultimate example of films made with no purpose and blind entertainment value with nothing to say

No. 914986

The word your looking for isn't "remake" anon, it's "knockoff" lol but that movie trailer looks actually super cool

No. 915297

Sorry to go completely OT, but are there any other localization quirks involving American regions/accents in Urdu/India, e.g. NYC accent? Also India has immense potential in terms of its cultural exports imo; there's thousands of years worth of stories to work with, the music can be pretty great, and the general regional storytelling style can be really compelling. It just needs to get over the cheesiness factor like Japan did.

No. 915582

speaking of Gully boy, it was the funniest thing I've seen, It was the typical rags to riches rap story but its just nonsensical in the context of India, the lower classes don't even know what rap is as a genre, they mostly listen to traditional regional folk tunes or generic Bollywood crap

No. 915584

File: 1631940089682.png (28.34 KB, 586x234, yyyyy.png)

No. 915594

At this point I hate the word sapphic lol if by discrimination she means lesbians r rejecting her then sure bi girls do get discriminated against
I wish these attention whore retards would stfu.

No. 915654

File: 1631947350215.png (201.72 KB, 1080x1063, Screenshot_20210917-201826~2.p…)

Shut the fuck up, you're a 30+ year old woman, you're too old to have your uwu enby early life crisis and name yourself after a Mass Effect character. And of course people are congratulating her in the reply like some kind of cult, I hate this era.

No. 915662

Who gives a fuck anymore? Literally haven’t heard of any of those they/them celebrity again. What did some niche micro Z list bitch think this is gonna do for her brand? Kek. It’s just a check box at this point.

No. 915729

She's just an artist I like, I was just venting my frustration about all the nerdy women who decide they are not women anymore just because their interests and lifestyles differ from normies.

No. 916141

File: 1631993815467.jpeg (91.68 KB, 1242x1122, E_lS6KwWEAc-ckH.jpeg)

No. 916142

File: 1631993848688.jpeg (127.26 KB, 1241x1353, E_lS6KvXsAUPREF.jpeg)

see also

No. 916145

This is why I hate Literals

No. 916155

File: 1631994564213.jpg (346.33 KB, 1080x1712, IMG_20210918_214748.jpg)

at least good keks are to be had

No. 916161

This did not fucking happen. Why is she desecrating RBG and Chadwick's memory like this.

No. 916519

File: 1632017126535.png (186.83 KB, 1190x752, aaaaaHHHHHH.png)


No. 916587

Biodegradable does not mean compostable. Biodegradable bags do not go in compost bins you fucking retard.

No. 916594

There's so much wrong here but holy shit waste systems are only equipped to deal with human shit not dog shit

No. 916690

…What do you mean they can’t deal with dog shit??

No. 916720

wait….what about cat shit?

No. 916906

how does picking up dog shit profit the oil industry. is $1 sent directly to them each time someone drops a bag of dog shit in the bin?

No. 916946

File: 1632063357771.png (47.68 KB, 531x324, facts about cat poop.PNG)

My bad, I was thinking of cat poop. Sorry to derail but apparently dog shit is fine to flush if you really really want to but waste systems aren't equipped to handle the toxoplasma gondii in cat shit. So don't flush cat shit I guess.

No. 917664

But what's the point of consuming foreign media if you want it customized for you and your culture?

No. 917779

I hate bollywood
They make these knockoff and shit movies only thing that was remaining was wokeness in them
Kek not anymore baseless plot less movies with cringe knockoff implementation of usa woke SJW

Also all of these movies have nowadays unnecessary sexual scenes or belly dancing stuff
Why? It's not indian stuff for sure
But these movies have found their audience in lower income group so that's what we get

No. 917780

Media here is going under same transition as western media
They are not making anything new
But replace older ones with woke stuff or political stuff
While the traditional or cultural stuff is sidelined

No. 917785

Well characters who are supposed to be sophisticated and upper class are given a pure literary Urdu dialect, a type of Urdu found only in books, which signifies that character being cultured and well read, Middle eastern and Arab characters are almost always given a comical accent and their "Pa" sounds are replaced with "ba" which is something Arabs do IRL

No. 917792

Wait so pakistanis who are mostly punjabis give Punjabi dialect to rural simpleton characters but arab dialect when portraying rich upper class

No. 917801

basically yes, less then 10% of the country speak Urdu as their first language, but its still the national language
our founding fathers were not from the region of modern day Pakistan, they were mostly from Utter-Padesh and they didn't think highly of the native cultures and languages, so the national history, culture and language of Pakistan is theirs and told from their perspective and I mean that literally, our history focuses mostly on Delhi Utter Padesh region and not much on Pakistan
kinda fucked up

No. 918708

Her body hasn’t even been found yet and Twitter is already being insufferable about the Gabby Petito case.

This is cringe but 90% of the shit posted here on a regular basis is worse

No. 918711

I thought the body was found yesterday? What is Twitter saying
>This is cringe but 90% of the shit posted here on a regular basis is worse
Komaeda anon posts aren't even 1% of all, not to mention 90

No. 918747

File: 1632221067602.png (267.56 KB, 533x573, Screenshot (131).png)

Yiff in hell furfags

No. 918753

this creep is really complaining that sites are trying their best to come up with a way of making sure no minors end up in porn distributed on their websites… amazing

No. 918758

but anon, think about all porr qweeer people, who want to do their degenerate porn without outing themselves to their family, friend and employers. them having to use their ID is literal murder

No. 918779

based mastercard. the fastest these pornsick fuckers are pushed out of the online mainstream the better.

No. 918795

Idk if was officially confirmed or not but it looks like it. I was mostly commenting on Twittertards stating she’s only getting attention because she’s white. While that’s true to an extent, thinking that she’s only getting attention because she’s white is such a smoothbrain take. Her social media presence and how she documented her life in contrast to actual life (including but not limited to the 911 footage and call) and the circumstances surrounding her death also greatly contributed. Basically her case has a “hook.” Sure Natalee Holloway and JonBenet Ramsay probably got a lot more attention because of their race but had their deaths/disappearances been more ordinary, then their cases would most likely not would’ve become the media sensations that they came to be.

Also a lot of time (although not always), these comments still come off as callous whether it’s intentional or not. There’s nothing wrong with calling out racism and white privilege but you still got to remember that she was still a victim of domestic violence that was senselessly murdered. Idk, a lot of the times when people talk about these cases, the abuse of women simply becomes a footnote.

With that said, I do see a lot of stuff about her case so I can see why some people tired of it. My heart goes out to her loved ones and I hope she’s in peace.

No. 918851

ntayrt but I also think it's a special type of evil to jump on the case of a girl being brutally murdered just to be like WELL PEOPLE ONLY CARE BECAUSE SHE'S YT!!!! like I really do think it's vile. there are so many ways to use the publicity of her case to say oh, now that the focus is on girls going missing/male violence/whatever, here are some other cases that really need help, and they've been paid less attention to because of XYZ reasons while still being normal and having a crumb of empathy. hopping on just to make it some weird lecture about racism and how privileged white women are to have people care that they've been slaughtered by a boyfriend is abhorrent, and is such a symptom of this fucked up, yank-centric, totally autistic and lacking in empathy form of social media culture we've got going on right now

No. 918888

I like drawing lewd stuff from time to time and I'm generally for drawing whatever the fuck you want but this obsession with assisting people in drawing porn really boggles my mind. It's the same with what happened to OF the amount of people so angry about it like is it REALLY that necessary for you?

No. 918895

It really just feels like misogyny but woke. I can't even begin to wrap my mind around being mad a woman's brutal murder is getting media coverage. These people are rotten inside.

No. 918917

You'd think they take this as a chance to talk about violence against women since it covers all women. I'm honestly just so sick and tired of women being murdered at the hands of their boyfriends/husbands.

No. 918923

It's exactly misogyny from people who only care about having something to say and looking good. Although there are grains of truth to women of different races having differing treatment, it isn't an excuse to say that her death doesn't matter and turning the subject onto hating women. These people are hateful for some reason I cannot comprehend.

No. 919090

Thank you for indulging me and I agree 100%. She did not plan her own murder to get attention, and the fact that we all got to witness how different her tragic life was from the vlogs makes her case extra attention grabbing to people (sorry, would like to phrase it better but IDK how).
>ntayrt but I also think it's a special type of evil to jump on the case of a girl being brutally murdered just to be like WELL PEOPLE ONLY CARE BECAUSE SHE'S YT!!!! like I really do think it's vile.
Yeah, imagine being so selfish and fragile that literally everything has to be about you and your race. Just awful
>how privileged white women are to have people care that they've been slaughtered by a boyfriend
imagine truly believing that and not seeing any irony. wow, her privilege sure helped her when the cops sympathized with her future murderer when she was in the middle of nowhere and having a mental breakdown because of all that abuse!!!

No. 919127

Bc women's "privileges" aren't really real, or come with 1000 strings attached, and the race shit nowadays makes it so it's open season to shit on "whyte" women.

No. 919143

I know that twitards would say 'just cuz you got murdered by your yt bf doesn't change the fact that you've benefited from white privilege your whole life!!!!' but honestly, FUCK THAT. This is one of the reasons why women can't win and feminism is a joke.

No. 919203

One thing I've witnessed first hand with the so-called "wokes" is: they don't actually give a shit about what they preach. They're only in it because it allows them to be their true asshole selves without facing the consequences or being known as the "bad guy". Harassment but make it politically correct, if you will.
I assure you they will start throwing slurs at the first disagreement. You're a woman? They will call you a bitch. You're a lesbian? They will call you a dyke. As long as you're white, anything is fair play for them. Current hierarchy is: POC and trans people>>>>gay people>>>>women.

No. 919207

I am tired of being lumped in when people talk about poc
Its mostly obly African Americans and middle eastern people these wokes care about
Dont tell me any other ethnic group fall in hierarchy as them
They don't care about let's say east asians, non muslim south asians or south Americans or even Africans
Its just mostly two groups they die to protect

No. 919208

Only *
Same hierarchy *

No. 919245

bottom line in this case is being a white girl with blonde hair didn't save her from being beaten and murdered

No. 919271

It doesn't matter what you are, they'll come for anyone as long as they have a woke excuse. There's a video going around that I'll have to see if I can find, but it's a group of black girls doing a tiktok dance on the London tube and the comments are pretty racist about their features, their hair, their behaviour, etc but "it's okay because they're british colonizers".

It's just nasty little people finding new ways to be nasty while pretending they're not. I'd rather deal with straight up assholes that know they're assholes than the sly cowards that pretend they're righteous and good.

No. 919275

In the time it takes someone to tweet out "they only care because she's white!", they could probably go to their local police department website, find something that the police need info on or find info about a missing person and then post about that instead. They love to point out what's wrong to them but take exactly zero steps to rectify it. If somebody was genuinely concerned that missing or murdered POC don't get coverage, how does complaining about a dead girl help?

No. 919281

You're not even really supposed to compost dog shit because of parasites and bacteria, so I can't imagine the bag makes it any better. Plus like >>916587 said, biodegradable doesn't mean compostable. Things can be called biodegradable as long as they do break down at some point, even if it takes decades and they release harmful gases and toxins while doing so.

No. 919408

To be fair, I have seen people on Twitter actually boost cases of missing POC during this time. But for those who complain about Gabby being white and nothing else can fuck off though. Like Joy Reid has a segment on “Missing White Women” in regards to Gabby but never actually has segments devoted to missing black and indigenous women? It’s such bullshit.

No. 919587

literally this, she doesnt give a fuck about gabbie, she doesnt give a fuck black and indigenous women, she doesnt give a fuck about domestic abuse rates going up during covid, she just wants outrage and attention. It actually makes me sick because now everyone seriously thinks theres some sort of grudge against missing/killed white girls.

these retarded liberals are so focused on everything but the fact theres a literal murderer on the run. NOne of these virtue signalers give a single fuck about anything except money. Are they going to trend why the police didnt lock him up when he came back? no. Are they going to arrest his parents because they were definitely in on it? NO. FUCK

No. 919742

Actions always speak louder than word and with these kind of woke sjws idiots, they're no actions. It breaks my heart that another woman was murdered by a man she supposedly trusted. Then men wonder why they are always seen in a defensive way around women. We should bring more attention to the amount of women murdered by men. I dont care about the race. This is a huge sex issue.

No. 919764

File: 1632318011887.png (88.43 KB, 1080x596, Screenshot_20210922-110654~2.p…)

No it's not, you just have zero personality outside of gender shit and thus want to pretend all your interests are the same as you.

No. 919784

This square faced tranny is possibly the single most embarrassing youtuber, and that's a feat considering breadtube is a thing. He's almost 30 and posted pics of his "self harm" (a couple of scratches) because his fakeboy girlfriend was "abusive" kek

No. 920075

i don’t even know who this is but as soon as i clocked that big fucking neanderthal skull i knew i was looking at a troon

No. 921650

File: 1632450971205.png (456.55 KB, 594x853, 0.png)

No. 921666

The internet was a mistake.

No. 921671

File: 1632452407861.jpeg (129.52 KB, 923x923, 40114DF5-E431-4C76-84C5-C7463F…)

I know Nas likes to shitpost but I always find men simulating pregnancy unsettling.

No. 921672

File: 1632452522107.gif (518.38 KB, 240x240, 80BBE3AD-CAED-4C02-B550-6FE6DA…)

No. 921673

Agree, it feels like misogyny.

No. 921675

>________ IS QUEER
tired of this fucking meme
how about:

No. 921695

No. 921999

File: 1632493704523.png (506.51 KB, 584x747, aclu.PNG)

The thoroughness of their censorship of the word woman here makes me want to a-log so bad. I swear the ACLU twitter account does this shit on purpose so they can justify virtue signaling even harder about trannies.

No. 922003

Editing out the word woman from a woman's quote about women's rights.
1984 level shit.

No. 922030

Maybe this belongs in unpopular opinions but I hate that queer is a legit label now. They really think they're hot shit "reclaiming" a slur that was never once used against them in their soft little lives. The over-40 lesbians I know hate that term and still find it offensive/hurtful.
I forget which black comedian said this but it's as weird as imagining Jayden Smith saying the n word.
if you have no connection to the pain and history of that word you're not reclaiming it. It's just… Culturally appropriating it cos you think it's edgy

No. 922043

My younger sister started saying stuff like "Oh I'm such a dyyke" and my mom was really shocked, because in her time that was used as an attack on any woman who wasn't a pushover. My other sister also started calling herself "fruity", which even 10 years ago when I was in high school was straight up offensive.

They both got these retarded ideas from twitter of course… these people try on these words like costumes and act like a stereotype for three months and then drop it when it isn't new & fun anymore. It's basically blackface…can we call it queerface?

No. 922044

The ACLU has been corrupt for a long, long time. Their tweets should come as no surprise.

No. 922369

File: 1632517167931.jpg (23.11 KB, 579x177, no.JPG)

Just no.

No. 922411

Yeah, imagine writing a paper on the history of some noble family and trying to manage to use both singular and plural use of them, or just not using pronouns at all instead. It wouldn't be an awkward read at all.

No. 922467

File: 1632522637549.jpeg (279.85 KB, 828x985, B4540EA8-5126-422A-93D9-D3C667…)

eating disorder twt gives me cancer tbh
I fucking hate anachans and ironically I used to be one

No. 922471

“When I'm sometimes asked when will there be enough [people on the Supreme Court] and I say, 'When there are nine,' people are shocked. But there'd been nine [people], and nobody's ever raised a question about that.” – RBG

No. 922476

>can we just stop using words? Like uhg, they’re like so annoying and utterly unnecessary, I don’t want words anymore, I just want everything to be done via pictoline infographs but like, only with the colorful pictures and no words because scientists trigger me.

No. 922492

I bet that misogynistic Aiden (Kate Strangio) is behind this.

No. 922515

I mean that tweet is correct. People who call themsleves anorexic while being at a normal weight or overweight have always come accross as attention seekers to me. Just call it ednos/atypical anorexia/whatever it is, the diagnostic criteria is the way it is for a reason. BuT iTs FaTpHoBiA stfu
I've looked at ed Twitter out of curiosity and it was funny to me bc a lot of them acted like regular moralizing twitterfags. like they'd have shit like "dni if you don't respect neopronouns!!" in their bio. what makes them think that someone with a pro ana account gives af about respecting their dumb dni lmao

No. 922601

File: 1632538068103.png (350.51 KB, 585x736, daddy milky.png)

some manly men just happen to enjoy having their softboi wombs pumped full of hot yaoi seed, okay anon?

No. 922606

Pretending to be a genderspecial is an useful shield. Even the pedopanderers on twitter have something like "dni if TERF".

No. 922615

"all anas are valid even the ones with a 25 bmi" is weird though. why would anyone want to be anorexic? even if you starve yourself for two days and stuff your face for one meal every second day you won't be overweight or even close to being overweight (unfortunately speaking from experience)

No. 922668

Literally all that comes up searching Gabby's name on Twitter is "what about THIS case, fuck this white girl"

No. 922786

‘Chestfeeding’ is especially moronic because males have breast tissue too. It’s very rare but they can even develop breast cancer, and no one calls it ‘chest cancer’ when it’s a man. Aidens should just admit they’re triggered by the sexualisation of female body parts and not the body parts themselves, because changing the words used to describe them does nothing to address the underlying issue.

No. 923017

File: 1632585967600.png (77.59 KB, 603x572, automation.png)

>having any rightful fears and doubts about automation and the danger it poses just means your a white colonizer
God I hate these people

No. 923029

I fell down a rabbit hole lately watching videos of robots that already exist but need fine tuning, ones that can bring your dog for a walk or go to the store and recognize items and buy them and bring them home and out them away. They were talking about pet care and elderly care both being jobs assigned to robots in the future and a big thing that's getting in the way is who will be legally responsible if it walks your dog under a car or anything goes wrong like that. The same issues apply to those self driving cars that aren't even occupied by drivers. Legally nobody knows yet how to deal with consequences of your robot/car harming someone or causing an accident when you're not there with it. It was interesting to think about. The technology isn't that far off but it's the legal consequences that worry the developers of it now.

That and elderly care being handed over to a fucking talking robot sounds bleak. Kids, pets and the elderly having that for company to replace actual carers.. But yeah definitely a race issue and nothing more.

No. 923031

This is ignorance spoken from a place of privilege. Low skilled workers will find themselves destitute if they are replaced by machines because they will no longer have a job to earn money. It's not a race issue, it's a class issue.

No. 923052

I mean, the real guilty party would be the manufacturer who didn’t tune the robot properly, which means any company would get sued to hell and back because of errors that couldn’t be properly taught how to avoid to a robot.
Of course, only if the company doesn’t put some really fine letters saying that they’re not responsible of any errors that their robots might commit which are outside of the protocol programmed into them.
I just want hot male fuck machines that can act like a boyfriend without the burden of having to be exposed to dangerous scrotes.

No. 923074

File: 1632590103729.png (120.99 KB, 600x758, the_incident.png)

I need all the post-scarcity wishful thinking to just end

No. 923216

File: 1632598143410.jpg (7.09 KB, 275x183, download.jpeg.jpg)

Why have a robot walk your dog when ypu could just have a robot dog? I want one. He can open doors and all

No. 924043

File: 1632680897923.jpeg (301.85 KB, 1122x648, 905E7301-5DB0-4F21-A425-0D1670…)

I’m still surprised nobody is calling this crazy bitch out

No. 924054

This person is irrelevant, they have 14 followers. Why would someone call them out?

No. 924060

Bud, I’ve seen Twitter accounts with 10 followers getting absolutely clapped when they’re being racist

No. 924428

File: 1632716458589.png (156.31 KB, 587x690, jjjjj.png)

No. 924438

Wtf I love Contrapoints now

No. 924440

File: 1632717715040.png (296.25 KB, 750x583, imagen_2021-09-26_234203.png)

No. 924441

He got owned by Blaire White so hard in that one debate the embarrassment never left him and he's been steadily morphing into Blaire ever since. He's even made a video recreating that debate where he played both sides and tried to pretend Blaire's stance was always his. This tweet is just another consequence of that still burning shame.

No. 924448

File: 1632718462941.png (387.16 KB, 1080x763, imagen_2021-09-26_235432.png)

No. 924457

I actually feel like I'm losing my mind, how is this take even spicy?

No. 924468

>Spread this shit like wildfire
This is still being said? kek

No. 924482

The woke will eat their own

No. 924506

He and Blaire should just detrans already

No. 924535

File: 1632732346784.jpg (587.76 KB, 1242x1784, 08B83A34-C5C6-4FCC-B37F-50A2C7…)

A sort of race war on twitter is going on rn

No. 924556

File: 1632734758077.png (240.8 KB, 593x579, dsdfasd.png)

judging by the first guy's pfp I'm assuming he's a black incel type who relies solely on racial fetishism to gain any sort of attention, I know the second person is actually a woman and spends most of her time arguing with afroc-centrists and /pol/tards who claim North African history and heritage
Honestly I've noticed this twitter race war as well, mostly between MENA and black americans over black americans claiming north african history, Arabs don't have any sort of white guilt and aren't scared of being called racist, they are not fond of African Americans claiming their history and heritage and acting tough online, they will actively disprove bullsit claims them and insult them


No. 924558

They're all annoying and racist, kek. Especially Egyptian/Arab men who harass black women who are literally from Egypt because they think black = American.

No. 924559

Anon I get arab men are awful(I hate their fucking guts as well) but they are right in this case, black americans have aboustetly deluded themselves into believing a false pseudo-history, just cause a handful of Nubians(Sudanese) exist and were brought over as slaves

No. 924561

Yes an area is southern Egypt and modern Sudan, these morons however are claiming all of Egyptian history was "black"

No. 924562

Did you misread my post? I'm not talking about Americans, I'm talking about black Egyptian people, born and raised kek. Arab men are retarded and anti-black, so they assume every black person is a liar (or, they know, but they like to take the opportunity to sperg whenever possible). I've seen it way too many times, black girls with Arabic or a flag in their bios getting seething comments, especially if they live there.
Also, there literally was an era in Egypt with black pharaohs, and the original Egyptians were neither Arab or black, so the whole argument is pointless.

No. 924571

Theres also this indian African American race war on twitter going on right now

No. 924574

I dry heaved for the first time in my life reading this.
Fully automated communism is never going to happen. Stop trying to make fully automated communism a thing! Tell me you only interact with other extremely online losers in their 20s without telling me you only interact with extremely online losers in their 20s.

No. 924577

Probably realised he is one of the annoying Gen Z queer people

No. 924579

TIL "race war" is arguing about fuckability

No. 924581

This is just personal name calling in this conflict, its more about blacks claiming the history and heritage of north africans

No. 924583

Lol. But really it's just thieves arguing with other thieves

No. 924623

Twitter is what happens when you let children grow up on the internet

No. 924628

it is to moids

No. 924663

File: 1632752611760.png (53.93 KB, 542x517, TFF.png)

Twitter handle is literally the fucking feminist, complains against muslims thankfully leaving their faith and riles against hindus and christians all day
Islamic feminism is such a meme and deserves to die

No. 924787

Many such cases
They are so many on Instagram and twitter and all of them peddle fake sensational news about oppression from non muslims all the time but only when it the non muslims is being anti feminist or being muslim not a word when they are the culprits

No. 924848

i dont why people are surprised that indians are crazy racist, they literally have a color caste system in their shithole country.

No. 924882

Because Americans do not recognise that poc are not a big collective community of genderkweer equal rights revolutionaries. If you ask any American/Americanised wokie about Indian culture they will tell you that Indians are a chilled out non violent culture that base their values on being peaceful Hindus. They have 0 concept of non whites being racist. It's the exact same reason why they refuse to accept racism among black people, or even acknowledge that they can be anything less than angels

No. 924883

Actually racism was started by a black guy and it is still going on

No. 924889

Samefag, you are right about wokies seeing all minorities with rosy eued glasses but all minorities are not the same
Wokies dont like bhuddhists and hindus because they are islamophobic, they dont like east asians because they are quite racist to black Americans so and so on

No. 924901

Caste system isn't color based

No. 924914

It's so hard to work out their logic. They don't operate on any kind of rational thought. It's just a pissing contest about who is most woke

No. 924924

They are starting to dislike south Americans because they are racists to black Americans
They don't like east Europeans and say things about them that will make racists blush
They don't like south east asians either i think

No. 924929

Everything in woke culture revolves around black americans, pretty much. If they don't like something it's fair game.

No. 924932

I mean ethnic-differences and hatred existed before, during and after colonization, it was only after colonization that ethnic para-military death squads started arising and committed ethnic cleansings
I don't know how wokies would feel about that though, since all parties involved were "brown" people

No. 924970

Tgey are racist themselves and its seldom they get called out

No. 924976

My point is muslims were very much involved in violence but it wad brushed under the carpet while bhuddhists get hate from redditors

No. 925012

No. 925022

All men are disgusting pigs

No. 925029

File: 1632779461402.jpeg (2.51 MB, 4000x2901, 115E6A8D-F8B9-40BD-B3CE-6A3595…)

Yes it is babe

No. 925033

I'm not sure if you are dumb or if this is racebait, either way send link for this dress up game

No. 925035

It really isn't

No. 925037

File: 1632780254960.jpg (25.93 KB, 640x640, 11049580_1719876924897858_6288…)

He right though

No. 925042


It really is, based on colorism. Light-skinny people are more likely to be on a higher caste than a dark-skinned person

No. 925051

As expected, people no longer know what based means

No. 925089

Didn't he already get cancelled last year? or the year before that?

No. 925122

i think that was related to something about nonbinary people

No. 925135

I don't pay much attention to Contra, but if his fanbase is mostly fellow fetishists, they aren't going to cancel him

No. 925148

File: 1632791292930.jpeg (504.68 KB, 1800x1218, 3C777915-6D32-4F4A-93DA-C4BA9E…)

How are people real?

No. 925269

You are wrong

No. 925293

>uwu chibi of the fat pedo
I always knew that Dune reboot was a mistake.

No. 925310

Anon that's Duke from Resident Evil.

No. 925319

File: 1632815377966.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 628.66 KB, 828x1046, D8262E67-2A90-4FCE-8EE1-FA9AA6…)

Yeah, this is her uwu catboy chibi.

No. 925362

Christ I'm so sorry, since the movie's been out recently I genuinely thought somebody had uwufied fucking Vladimir Harkonnen (who's a baron and not a duke, wtf was I thinking). I guess that dude is less bad, he is pretty harmless iirc.

No. 925447

there is not much dune fandom on twitter yet, we might get cat boy vlad harkonnen in the future

No. 925665

I wish I had a lil cart like that

No. 925841

File: 1632877123768.png (912.28 KB, 1652x1362, 2.png)

Not originally from Twitter, but spotted there and seemed fitting to post in light of the Lil Nas X pregnancy

No. 925842

I’m not homophobic but I’m getting there

No. 925843

Cursed, I'm pretty sure I'll die 7 days from now

No. 925844

No. 925845

Imagine working in the emergency room and someone comes in because they put one of these up their ass

No. 925850

File: 1632880008853.jpeg (84.14 KB, 600x856, 59DDE64A-20DF-489D-BA14-F2AAF4…)

I can't believe birthing isn't even safe from males, gay ones at that.

No. 925855

ER nurses working the night shift are used to seeing men with random objects stuck up their ass.

No. 925860

I'm struggling to think of an object that would be worse (that isn't a living being)

No. 925884

File: 1632883536482.png (366.96 KB, 719x938, ringing cell phone.png)

No. 926052

A fragile glass jar?

No. 926178

something about this screams pedophilia I swear society just gives pedophiles ammo at this point.

No. 927025

File: 1633018808896.jpg (15.19 KB, 375x149, 1507204516006.jpg)

why do people end up with this mentality, Islamists kill more "POC" then anyone lese
Children being beheaded in mozambique by Islamists is all the work of ebil white men, ethopians being raided by Somalis and Hindu and sikh girls being raped enmasse in Pakistran

No. 927033

Terrorism is a specific kind of crime iirc, where it's to attack institutions of a country and spread terror among the general population. Timothy McVeigh is definitely considered a domestic terrorist, while the Las Vegas shooter is not because they have not idea (but most likely don't want to let us know) what his real motivations were.

No. 927051

>so what if there are muslims terrorists and in addition to that there hardline islamists who leave no chance there are good and bad in all communities on earth, ohonono what do you mean a non Muslim terrorist did terrorism oh no that's concerning and so bad people from this community are borderline mainacs who can become terrorist like in mere drop of a hat
>not all muslims are bad so what if he did a hate crime against a non Muslim which has been too common throughout history
>what do you mean a non Muslim is Islamophobic this is a national tragedy

Logic of left/liberal is disorienting for me, i will never forget how they called it victory over imperialism when taliban took over and next day cried crocodile tears over women rights

No. 927062

im waiting for leftists to loop around to supporting american imperialism. its bound to happen.

also i dont understand why they love punjabis so much when punjabis would make every american women a slave to american men. There is no reason to sympathize with muslims, its such a retarded backwards religion

No. 927138

They were complaining that America got out of Afghanistan before that it was imperialism and bombing brown people
I really don't understand why they support islam and muslims in every conflict across planet
And at the end of one conflict there is another conflict for muslims, could have ended conflict once and for all by supporting non muslims instead
Things could have been better atleast non muslims by large arent averse to liberalism but no lets support people that will never liberalise themselves

Also whenever i see on Internet anything that puts muslims in a bad light or shows them as culprit, liberals jump to defense and defend with what? Racism, basically whataboutism involving stereotypes
Sometimes immediately followed by slurs even

No. 927140

hey don't blame the race, blame the religion
just look at the massive differences in how sikh punjabis treat their communities and muslim punjabis

No. 927236

In a way they already do support imperialism

No. 927292

not to racebait but i sincerely dont give a fuck

No. 927548

Well you have to give a fuck because if you are not that's just ammunition for these people
Oh no look she's just racist to brown people and hates us because we are brown and not because of what we do
Left does it all the time
Muslims can't be bad because look here an example of non muslim brown not being bad

No. 927565

Best to ignore this one, they're an eslchan pumping out half formed sentences whining about how we don't understand the intricacies of islam and being brown (while they never stop talking about it) all over this thread

No. 927811

all fundamentalist religious people are terrorists. it doesn't matter if they're christian or jewish or muslim. the fundies of all religions are equally fucked and shit people. people simping for muslims on twitter are just christians who've never met the fundies of their own faith and so think terrorist just means "brown guy"

No. 927959

If that were true how come there aren't any Christian suicide bombers, Buddist child rape gangs, Sikh slave markets, Hindu jihadists or Taoist hanging gays from buildings?

No. 928480

You really fucking doing this, Le all religions are bad, there is a global network of Islamists and Jihadists that is not seen in any religious group, tell me of any single mass christian terrorist group on the level of the Taliban, ISIS or al-Qaeda
shut the fuck up you ignorant retard whose never had to fear Islamism

No. 929010

File: 1633254083963.jpg (302.81 KB, 1034x1775, EbU7KU0U4AIGThD.jpg)

adding to the how are people real posts

No. 929012

are they? sounds fake

No. 929028

File: 1633259200125.jpg (36.39 KB, 720x416, 5678.jpg)

>>929012 unfortunately yes everything they post is such a reach they need to go outside and touch some grass but their tweets and delusions are top kek

picrel claiming they started a really viral meme when they didn't, posts awful ugly sloppy photos and tacky cheap cosplays for neckbeard validation too

No. 929047

File: 1633263510208.jpeg (348.25 KB, 1242x1849, 42D10CCD-40FA-4D72-99E4-B47589…)

>Thinking this is an own when it’s just dehumanization
At least pick “she” to make it seem like it’s about gwender fweelings, it’s kind of based to dehumanize ugly men, but not in the name of the gender cult.
This is just a TIF who wanted to post her ass without the whole “oh it’s just another ethot” to get updoots.
And something something beauty standards something.
She’s actually pretty, but her attitude is utterly annoying with the whole pornsick pickmeism bullshit.

No. 929053

File: 1633264309282.jpg (272.32 KB, 1288x2240, 1624050937934.jpg)

>>929047 she only looks okay in her edited photos but this is the reality she's working with

Her tweets give me pick me energy though

No. 929064

File: 1633266164101.jpg (341.18 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20211003_160204.jpg)

you call this pretty??

No. 929065


Both of these are on really sickly ends of a bad looking spectrum huh

No. 929067

I thought that was someone else’s picture, she looks like she has Down’s syndrome.

No. 929070

File: 1633266462824.jpg (55.12 KB, 600x800, original.jpg)

No. 929107

File: 1633269696594.jpeg (164.71 KB, 1920x1080, 87654.jpeg)

No. 929108

File: 1633269726580.png (1.25 MB, 1419x716, 76543.png)


same person
for someone so up her asshole she's kinda ugly and looks unclean

No. 929110

File: 1633270099669.jpg (267 KB, 1259x1723, E89QwplXMAsuibO.jpg)

No. 929115

The pic is right. No way in hell most women would be able to take her on. Not with those regard strength vibes from >>929107 >>929064 >>929053

No. 929119

File: 1633272817103.png (Spoiler Image, 376.56 KB, 599x454, guns.png)


b-but her guns anon!

No. 929121

File: 1633273214591.png (459.6 KB, 751x492, x.png)



She really wishes she was this Mika person and copies every phase that she goes through but she's more like a failed desperate version with no sense of fashion and calls her rapid weight gain hard work at the gym kek

what makes me feel sorry for her is when you search for older pictures of her it's more obvious that she's let herself go but can't bear to admit she had a lockdown struggle like the majority and she needs to insist to her neckbeards that it's all progress and gains(relax)

No. 929143

huh… is anyone buying that those are supposed to be guns? those just look like flabby arms with zero definition.

No. 929754



delusion and narc(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 930113

Do you just go to every board possible on lolcow to spam this girl? Just make her own thread or something since you're so obsessed with your vendetta against her. Anons in /w/ have been telling you that for months.

No. 930853


Nonnie do you ever think about how many people use this website

You look worse off for having the vendetta against "one" other nonnie and whining on multiple boards.

No. 933001

Time of posting and the specific posts being reposted in the threads. Not to mention it's the same "She's so fat" comments about how anon hates how the girl thinks she has muscle and it's just a fat fat fatty mcfatfat. it's a very clear vendetta.

No. 933715

this also isn't the thread for it. this is for twitter hate, not "chick on twitter who i hate because she's a fatty fat fatty"

if you want to further discuss her, put her in the proper thread or make one. if you don't have enough milk to make a thread, odds are she wasn't that important in the first place.

No. 933751

I think that’s just a selfposter, I refuse to believe anyone cares that much about some random twitterthot.

No. 933775

Completely OT but I miss this show.

No. 933985

File: 1633725717095.jpg (319.17 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20211007-165438_Twi…)

Radfem Twitter vs Libfem Twitter engaged in 3 day battle over porn and the way it poisons peoe, random liberal "sex positive" scrote stumbles out into the middle of the battlefield to tell on himself for literally no reason at all

No. 933987

The Y chromosome truly is a disease

No. 933992

Nobody asked him to say this. He wasn't even engaged in any if the arguments before this tweet from what I can tell. It's like he just seen all the discourse and said "yes, this is where I make my stand" then let us all know hes a nonce

No. 934024

Me too

No. 934303

File: 1633766214735.jpeg (218.62 KB, 999x2048, FBOaI6IVIAEGjJB.jpeg)


If anything I think she gets hate because all of her tweets are so reachy and snowflakey. Her being fat has little to do with it when she's posting the forced degenerate pick me girl shit constantly.

I'm convinced she's in this thread white knighting herself because she seems like the type to Google her name constantly

No. 934594

File: 1633798574755.jpeg (120.02 KB, 568x974, 3A748251-31CE-4F5B-B0E2-CE59DC…)

Not even hiding their manipulation anymore

No. 934598

do we need a message to raise self awareness that users on the internet who argue in reply sections are retards kek not like we're complete retards ourselves

No. 934609

I posted about this in the vent thread but because my hate for twitter has reached insane levels now I guess it's relevant here

>account using my childhood photos stolen from my mom's facebook and pretending to be a young girl tweeting out spam/phishing/shady links

>reported multiple times over the past few years
>kind anon suggested legal letter
>sent legal notice to twitter explaining the situation
>twitter will not remove account but can remove any pictures that breach copyright
>I send them my ID AGAIN to say it's me as a fucking kid and they're pretending to be me so I want the images and account removed due to impersonation
>"This does not prove copyright"

the copyright owner is probably one of my dead grandparents so good luck to anyone clicking those links but looks like you are fake me are on your own

No. 934614

People need to start documenting these people when these social media sites fail they shouldn't be allowed back in normal sane society
Live on the outskirts you bullymongs
Like literal alerts or warnings people should get that you are talking to an insane social media personality

No. 934626

This is why when I post a social media screenshot into a thread, I include all their social media identifiers to ensure that people googling them/their username can get a look at what I've posted. I mostly do this with people who sound dangerous as fuck (like talking about murder fetishes, expressing that they are jealous enough to kill women, etc)

No. 934928

File: 1633852659717.jpg (284.74 KB, 966x542, ayyriestrology anonymoustofuu.…)

She surpringsly has an Asian bf.

No. 934989

Did a lawyer help you draft the letter anon? Because impersonation and copyright are two very different complaints. If you're talking copyright, a dead person doesn't hold copyright it moves to their heirs, so either you or your mom/dad holds the copyright, I believe it's active 75 years after the original creators death in the US.

No. 935099

was it confirmed she posted that picture with that caption herself? Happened many times men would steal photos from women and play pretend to get reddit mad.

No. 935162

File: 1633884029980.png (57.74 KB, 577x338, tw.png)

Romanticizing islamic marriages

No. 935225

No wonder so many incels are Asian(racebait)

No. 935564

So many today actually believe that muslims are oppressed because apparently you have to be in power position to harrass or oppress someone, muslims cant be violent because many of them live in third world countries

So any conflict where muslims are involved it's the non muslims that are being oppressors and doing war crimes against muslims
And it won't stop because the very next day muslims will find another thing to fight about
Mainstream totally forgets what muslims do or have done throughout history
Like because a secular or a liberal society that is having problems with Muslim or islam is the culprit not the muslims despite sharing values with these liberals

No. 935569

I can't think of a single muslim country that doesn't treat its non-muslims populations as either outright subhumans or second class citizens if their lucky, In my country non-muslims aren't even allowed to be citizens instead their "tolerated minorities" and non non-muslims is even allowed to holy any government office
plus the targeted rape attacks, constant destruction of religious temples, as well historical pre-Islamic monuments, Its just awful
as much as I hate being born muslim I'm lucky that I wasn't born a non-muslim in my country otherwise my life would be literal hell
Muslims want to treat all the non-muslims in their nations like garbage but expect the western world to morph to their liking

I pray for the destruction of the religion of the arab pedophile

No. 935574

>muslim countries
Sis they treat non muslims like that in their own countries
Violence against majority in non muslim country is always high
Huge amount of rapes and murder
But liberals don't even see it or even if they do its your fault
Like domestic violence in muslim communities is non muslims fault because they are in better position than them
They dont even collect data anymore
Most muslims even the feminist hijabs are really just liberal when it benefits them

No. 935576

Samefag, pyramids were desecrated because they were of preislamic era don't believe for a second it was a geopolitical thing
Liberals and muslims always do this
Oh it's a geopolitical thing not a religious one muslims are normal people just like you

No. 935580

the reason these rape cases are so high is cause for muslim men they are allowed to "plunder" as a form of jihad, when Muhammad and his companions were fighting the Quraysh tribe they would raid their trade caravans and take the loot(these included the women) and for Muslims Muhammad is the greatest human being who will ever exist so this form of warfare its self became holy and was common in various muslims societies
barbary pirates raiding southern europe for slaves, Moros raiding the Philippines for slaves, turks and afghans raiding the Indian subcontinent for slaves
it wasn't economic, it was considered a holy act to take the kafir women as their own

No. 935588

If the citizens of those countries were white, I guarantee American liberals wouldn't be defending Islam so vehemently. Speaking as a burgerfag, most of us don't know anything about Islam. Basically the average Amerifat knows the following about Islam:
>It's practiced by brown people in the desert
>The women wear body/head coverings
>It had something to do with Al Qaeda and/or the Taliban
Mind you, these are not my views, it's just what the average person here knows. Neither the liberals nor the conservatives have actually taken the time to learn about the Quran. The liberals think it's like Christianity where people just choose to ignore all the violence and cherry pick what they like, and conservatives think it's an instruction manual for terrorists and rapists. I'm pretty sure a lot of Americans don't even know how similar the Quran is to the Bible, or even that they're both Abrahamic religions.

My take is that the Quran and the Bible are both violent, misogynistic pieces of garbage that those in power just use as a tool to control people. When a country's government is so unstable and it's people so uneducated, they rely on barbaric garbage like religious texts to give them some sense of order. After the end of the ottoman empire, all the first world countries tried to meddle in MENA nations' governments so they could take their oil, and all they did was make everything worse and more unstable. So basically it's Western powers screwing things up in the middle East to the point that psychos who follow crap like the Quran can seize power.

No. 935617

honestly as someone whose read both, the Quran is just a really bare bones and confusing version of the Quran
its the summarized story of the Jews, the "true story of Jesus"(where he was a prophet and how christians are all wrong) and then the clash between Muhammad and his companions and the Quraysh tribe
you could read the whole thing in an afternoon but its confusing cause its all non-chronological, one surah will be about Abraham then next chapter will about Muhammad's cousin, then the next chapter will be event that happened a couple years ago and there's this entire chapter about 3 random arab prophets who existed before Muhammad
The bible I found more "epic" and concise with what it wanted to say, the Quran is such a fucking boring and tedious book and all presented in a god awful language

No. 935640

Lol says the man with an icon of a black dude surrounded by beckies… scrotes arguing like this is hilarious like the two spidermen pointing at each other

No. 935642

Why? Oml

No. 935643

It’s so freaky how I feel this way about him as well… I sense the mental illness and the obsession with Blaire. Freaked me out but never seen anyone mention it kek

No. 935646

When muslims today say they are not very religious while wearing a hijab and such i dont believe them
They still have same views

No. 935648

I've seen it brought up multiple times actually, both on here and youtube. Contra's obsession with Blaire is very obvious, and only stopped when Blaire started getting backlash, after D'Angelo's video and all.

No. 935653

>t. Black American
Your scrotes or sometimes black women rile up others race bait them and say racist things about them then complain that people reciprocate that

No. 935686

Black American men desperately need to be humbled. It can only happen once enough black women stop being brainwashed by them and turn their backs on them. Good thing it's already beginning to happen.

No. 935699

NTA but Indians have been racist before they even knew what a black American was, let alone getting bullied lol. Ever been around them?

No. 935700

idk it was a fairly racist comment based on a stereotype of Indians smelling bad(I mean it would be the pot calling the kettle black )

No. 935705

I'm talking about life itself, not just Twitterfags. Also white people say the same thing lmao

No. 935709

What are you talking about like indians were racists to black Americans before they even encountered each other

No. 935712

All they do is make racebaity posts everywhere how non black women list after them and how they cuck men of other races because of thier bbc and how women just roll over a the first chance to be with them
Then do a roundabout how others are being racists and everything connects to slavery
Same argument they make against east asians and whites who weren't involved in slave trade

No. 935713

Lust, their *

No. 935722

Do you have reading comprehension? Racism doesn't only exist when it's aimed at blacks, what the fuck. They're literally racist to each other and other groups as well

No. 935728

Oh so its ok for American black to be racist to others because they have past of racism
American blacks come from a privileged background when compared to thirdies

No. 935729

By this logic it's OK to be racist against black Americans because there are uncle Toms and us also has a racist past

No. 935734

??? Shit no one ever said. I'm not even talking about Americans or blacks. I said Indians are racist as well, to multiple groups and even their own. Everybody knows this

No. 935738

Are you sure its not you who lacks reading comprehension

No. 935739

>Indians have been racist before they even knew what a black American was
>What are you talking about like indians were racists to black Americans before they even encountered each other
>They [Indians] are literally racist to each other and other groups as well
>Oh so its ok for American black to be racist to others because they have past of racism
Either you're schizo or not reading

No. 935745

This post right here you made >>935699
Replying to my post about racebaiting from black men
You are just deflecting everything instead accepting blacks are racists to every other minority in US
Stop caping for your men

No. 935750

You're delusional, I'm not even black. I just pointed out that your(?) men aren't victims. They love racebaiting just as much and they've been trash from the start. Pakistani women know it, African women know it, European women know it, SE Asian women know it

No. 935751

>She surpringsly has an Asian bf.

god I love it here sometimes kek

No. 935766

I never said indian men are victims, i just said black men are racists themselves all the time and racebaity others

No. 936017

File: 1633985240069.png (467.3 KB, 1038x1210, bruuu.png)

Ros feeling called out kek.

No. 936019

File: 1633985385021.png (569.25 KB, 1148x1222, bruu.png)

Her own articles are the gender flip of this. Is she delusional?

No. 936030

File: 1633986177410.png (423.55 KB, 930x1264, bru.png)

Entitlement to judge. Gross and invasive. Yeah, ask Pippa.

No. 936036

This should be posted on the twitter activists thread

No. 936102


No. 936304

if you talk about race constantly you can't really complain that people rise an eyebrow at you dating white men and hating white women

No. 936641

I hate that phrase so much, have been seeing it everywhere lately. Defining us by what we are not because they are too scared to say what we are.

No. 938246

gonna cop myself a ban for this, but why do white-chasing Asian women act like they're so oppressed for it? other white-chasing woc do it too, but to a much lesser extent that Asian women do.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 938310

I can't fully say anything about the specific familial dynamics with asian or black women, but with arab and pakistani girls our families will literally kill us if we are ever seen holding hands with a white man, or they will beat us and send us back to our home countries to be married to our cousins
Its really awful, I have seen girls with broken teeth given to them by their portents for being a "western whore" or whatever, meanwhile our male relatives are busy shagging every white or even black slag and will later get married to a virgin rural cousin of ours
I don't know if asian women have to deal with even 1/100th of bullshit and horror

No. 938318

east asians will get disowned as fuck. my cousin's parents lied to her dad's side of the family when she got married and they got so mad once they found and won't talk to anyone else in the family now when they planned to buy them a house!

No. 938373

So they have it better than most then? Got it.

No. 938650

File: 1634237830532.png (64.71 KB, 595x464, 34324324.png)

There is nothing that can describe the anger I feel seeing american twitter activists applying their flawed and moronic concepts of race relations on the rest of the world
this was from a thread regarding witchcraft and this moron said "cis white women" were the main accusers in witchcraft in medieval europe, just pure retardation
Jesus Christ these people have no idea even the history of gypsies who have been oprsssed across the middle east, north africa and India and the fact they reduce such a complex people as being "poor uwu POC opressed in mean homogeneous europe" is frankly insulting, I'm not a Romani but I'm related to one the originator groups and I find this shit that twitter activists do offensive

No. 938697

The south asian and arab women on woke social media are usually out and open about it, writing under their real name with pic shown, just like their EA and black counterparts. Anon is referring to a specific type of online woc attention seeker blaming white media for hurt feelings or whatever, trivial nonsense. What you're describing is very obv true victimisation, a completely different phenomenon and the oppression is mostly or solely from her family and religion. I'm really sorry to hear about the misogyny you've witnessed btw, truly horrific anon.
And no, IME East and South East Asians do not deal with much, sometimes having mothers encouraging them to find a white partner. Upper class East Asians can be v upset tho, cos many consider whites to be inferior. There can be sexism, but nothing like the extremes of misogyny and controlling behaviour that can be found in SA and Arab communities.

No. 938762

Brit bong twitter has been cancelling a professor called Kathleen Stock for being a terf and is holding a protest about it this weekend, but i still don't know exactly what she said and had to go to her wikipedia page for any context.

No. 939007

Haven't they been going at her for a couple years at this point? I can't believe there are still new protests

No. 939362

File: 1634310863117.png (187.76 KB, 1080x1187, Screenshot_20211015-142801~2.p…)

It's from a Twitter thread about how the term guilty pleasures and how bad it supposedly is, but what the fuck does that mean?

No. 939365

File: 1634311122046.png (572.26 KB, 696x1752, seethe commie.png)

God I hate twitter commies.
>here's my cash-app

Get the fuck over yourself. I'm tired of these so called "socialists" who simultaneously feel the great need to engage in mindless, capitalist consoomerism to be satisfied in life

No. 939401

I wanted manicures and nice clothes when I was broke at 17 and so I went to community college and afterwards got an office job. It's not that hard. I pity how economically retarded these terminally online Twitter cretins are, let's just lobby congress to budget in kitchen aid stand mixers for everyone.

No. 939405

the definition of word salad kek

No. 939422

Literally nobody deserves luxury products, I hate consumerism culture.

No. 939703

File: 1634329871274.jpg (29.11 KB, 670x503, GN4_DAT_5745403.jpg--.jpg)

So, British hapa Elizabeth Haigh picrel actually plagiarized an Asian woman's cookbook (including the author's family anecdotes) and Roslyn has nothing to say about that. Lmao, what?! And yes, the bleach blonde hapa has a white husband… I would like to have these women studied, honest to god lol.

No. 939756

File: 1634332134505.png (1.68 MB, 1058x1326, sharonwee.png)

>Haigh competed on MasterChef in 2011, and went on to win a Michelin star at the London restaurant Pidgin. She currently runs Mei Mei restaurant in London's Borough Market, which she opened in 2019 to showcase Singaporean kopitiam food.

She not only stole Singaporean recipes, but claimed an elderly Asian women's family memories as her own. Haigh is a celebrated chef with her own restaurant, TV and youtube appearances, her plagiarism is all over the web and the twit woketards have nothing to say about it? They really are full of shit.

No. 940022

why is the twitter activists locked anyway, this is the type of shit that needed to post on that thread

No. 940065

>And yes, the bleach blonde hapa has a white husband…
Wow, that's like, so milky

No. 940133

Who's gonna tell her that consumer goods are only widely available cause other poor people get exploited to make them cheaply?

No. 940180

white men will never actually love you lol(bait)

No. 940193

If Twitter didn’t exist, the world would have less shit takes to know of.

No. 940476

It's the first thing anons ask, so I got there first.

No. 941490

File: 1634508186118.jpg (103.33 KB, 1280x1465, bd7d1d49c71b94c3140a916e0c3081…)

No. 941524

always nice to see new contributions to the theory of crime

No. 941569

Walking into the nearest police station and reporting myself for being a mass murderer from all my stoned scrolling through twitter and not clicking gofundme links. My hands, they're so bloody.

No. 941783

There's no way these people are real.

No. 941905

File: 1634553603060.jpeg (253.55 KB, 1242x1202, 19F2087C-2906-452E-8829-51B812…)

>if you scroll past a persons gofundme and they die the blood is on your hands

No. 942002

File: 1634566657534.jpg (9.4 KB, 225x225, images (3).jpg)

No. 942067

File: 1634573607965.jpeg (10.39 KB, 225x225, download (4).jpeg)

Picrel but zoomer version

No. 942069

i guess yall can call me a serial killer then

No. 942070

Jesus is looking erotic there, "Satanas" can't compare.

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