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File: 1408945767266.jpg (451.69 KB, 1280x1707, 1407130816808.jpg)

No. 924

People like to make fun of them a lot, but really, autism has always sort of fascinated me. Do any of you have it? What's it like? Do you have any stories of people in your life who have it? ITT, the good, the bad, and the funny.


No. 943

I'm autistic, when I was into animu I feel like it made me to spergy weeaboo things without having any understanding of how stupid I looked or other peoples thoughts.

I was even kinda popular on youtube among japanese pedophiles.

Now I'm trying to leave it all behind me and pursue things I'm interested in without being seen by others-since I'm essentially oblivious to the thoughts and feelings of others.

No. 944

yukapon, is that you?

No. 945

I have it and was diagnosed and you could say I have a following on the internet. I don't use it as a crutch or accessory though. It's just a part of who I am I guess.

I'm a girl and my special interests are Touhou, Akihabara culture and documentaries so some people think I'm a weeb I guess. Most girls on the spectrum love stuff like Hunger Games, Doctor Who, etc

No. 952

If I ever have a sperg, I'm not letting them watch T.V. for this reason. It would just give them an unrealistic perception of society/interactions.

No. 953

Nah, it's Orange.

No. 956

File: 1409801390924.jpg (574.59 KB, 2149x2346, image.jpg)

What 2hoe would you fuck?

No. 963

File: 1410108267945.jpg (182.87 KB, 795x904, 59.jpg)

I want to fuck Youmu in her soft and sweet marshmallow butthole.

No. 964

I want to get a dusty blow job from your grandma, then bend her over the dining room table and fuck her in her ancient pussy.

No. 966

Okay. Name the time and place.

No. 967

File: 1410135261852.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.21 KB, 400x300, anna-mary-granny-fuck.jpg)

here, now

No. 1000

Grandnana no!

No. 1001

If you're really interested in autism you deffo should check out 'the incident of a dog at nighttime' it's a book written by a severely autistic man.

Mild autists are all around us, to a degree many succesfull individuals esp in scientific fields are autistic. It's hard to tell sometimes.

No. 1004

File: 1410286381070.jpg (141.67 KB, 560x848, 1.JPG)

There is also "The Legend of the 10 Elemental Masters", a book written by ulillillia, who is relatively popular on youtube and is also autistic.

Here is the first page of the said book.

No. 1035

File: 1410551214923.jpg (30.84 KB, 261x502, Happynegro.jpg)


No. 1039

Are you talking about The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time? It's a really good book, but just FYI the book is written from the perspective of a guy with pretty severe aspergers syndrome, the author isn't actually autistic himself. I'm sure it's still accurate enough, I have no idea, I'm just throwing that out there.

No. 1045

Oh my, I love that book! It made me very curious about autism too.

No. 1046

Yep. Loved that book. Strongly recommend it.

No. 1481

confirmed to be aminyan.

No. 15066


No. 15074


I kek'd

No. 15098


No. 15734

This book is great, would recommend. We had to do a performance in theatre arts based around it though and we studied that shit for a solid 6 months and now I never want to read the book again.

No. 15738

There was a boy in my old neighborhood with severe autism. He was completely non-functional. He'd stand outside on his porch sometimes and rock back and forth. Kids were afraid of him and wouldn't go by the house if he was out there. He never said anything and never responded if you talked to him.

Years later there was another boy who was autistic. I never saw him because he refused to leave his house. But his brother set fire to the house on purpose one night. The kid that set the fire had some major problems. He and his friend who were about 9 or 10 years old were going around killing cats and hanging them from trees and they tied a dead cat to a stick and were swinging it around. Really bad stuff. Anyway, the autistic brother almost died because he was too afraid to leave the house. The family moved after that. i really hope that kid was put away somewhere. If not he's probably a serial killer by now.

No. 15751

I grew up in a town where the main source of employment is a "school" (really a facility of living) for adults with severe disabilities. As such, families with severly affected children from all over the reigional state area move there so they can be close to their spawn once they're adults. As such, underage spergs all go to the mainstream school district so there is an extremely high ratio of kids with developmental disabilities to neurotypicals. (Town is unwilling to build a special sperg school since they already have the facility, and you can only go to the facility after you're 18, even if you're a state ward.)

As such, the SpEd programs are so overwhelmed that even kids with severe autism end up in mainstreme classes. If anyone is interested, I have a ton of stories about tards and spergs in class and roaming the halls. One girl stole a ketchup dispenser from the lunch room and kept it in her backpack and when a teacher called on her she just took it out and threw it at her. Another kid randomly took off his pants and shit on the floor during gym. Another kid knocked over all the desks during a presentation and built himself a pen and kept mooing until the teacher called Sperg Security.

That's right, we HAD that. They were SpEd teachers whose job was to come get raging spergs from class and calm them down since normal teachers usually weren't trained in it.

No. 15754

Do tell. I miss tard stories threads.

No. 15866

this thread is sad

No. 88323

Am I an awful person for not being able to stand autists? :/

I have no patience for sperging, tantrums/fits, and sensory issues. For example, I often have to take a deep breath and relax just to keep myself from cutting off Genderqueer #200 who decided that the middle of my conversation with someone else would be a good time to educate me on the finer points of EGL fashion.

Tards make me tard rage. Jesus.

No. 88326

I'm actually autistic and I don't think there's anything wrong with that.

I'm high-functioning but I know how frustrating it can be to be around autistics and all of their issues. My parents made me go to this 'autism support group' (kek) when I was a kid and I ended up hating all the other autistic kids there lmao.

No. 88328

My current field is full of clinical autists and "neurotypicals" who are functionally autistic due to hanging around autistics. Like, I really should learn to deal, but I have no patience, and I'm afraid of acclimating.

What's the difference between high-functioning and medium or low functioning? Is it about passing as non-autistic or is it about independence?

No. 88329

No, he has a severe case of OCD.

No. 88337

Maybe you should just accept it and become functionally autistic yourself to fit in.

No. 88340

Not sure if you're being sarcastic/meta? Giving up common social courtesy would be like giving up eating healthy and exercising because you work with a bunch of ~body positive~ fatties.

No. 88347

Sounds like Nyannerz to me.

No. 88349

What field is this? Is it STEM?

No. 88351

Speaking of EGL, I consider it the female autist fashion of choice. If you have any doubt, just talk to any lolita and say some mildly opposing opinion. Lolitas will just sperg out, cap you on /cgl/, and chimp out over the stupidest things. I've always considered /cgl/ the most petty salty place whereas opinions here seem pretty founded.

No. 88357

Broadly, yes. More specifically, it's the subset of STEM people who are also very into rationality, AI, etc - general human enhancement. I truly believe in the importance of these things, but the poster tards for these causes are awful PR.

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