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File: 1633379411080.gif (1.25 MB, 500x281, 7ab2587cd79791d93e8c16f695ed18…)

No. 930458

What are you currently wanting, nonnie?

>"Vividly describing your goals in written form is strongly associated with goal success, and people who very vividly describe or picture their goals are anywhere from 1.2 to 1.4 times more likely to successfully accomplish their goals than people who don’t. That’s a pretty big difference in goal achievement just from writing your goals on a piece of paper.

>Writing things down happens on two levels: external storage and encoding. External storage is easy to explain: you’re storing the information contained in your goal in a location (e.g. a piece of paper) that is very easy to access and review at any time. You could post that paper in your office, on your refrigerator, etc. It doesn’t take a neuroscientist to know you will remember something much better if you’re staring at a visual cue (aka reminder) every single day."

Post here things that you want: Be it material, a goal, something that you've been wanting for your whole life or just an impulsive need.
Keep track of the stuff you want to have or do, or rationalize it with your self if you really want said thing after writing it down. Report back if you get it!

No. 930471

this is a nice thread nonnie! i hope it takes off

No. 930493

Love this thread, thanks OP!
I would love to sky dive one day. Have a few more pounds to lose, so it will be a great reward.

No. 930499

File: 1633381222765.jpg (53.76 KB, 427x640, 1e16fa2cfa8d959d71e0872e17ac53…)

Thanks, anons!
I'll get the ball rolling a bit more. From the top of my head:

Material things:
>Smart watch
>Stationary bike
>1:6 doll house
>RPG miniatures to paint

>Write a book
>Lose weight
>Go to any Disney World/Universal park especially during Halloween season, Europe and Japan with my fiance
>Start a cozy YT art channel
>Get this new job

Ideally I'd make a pic collage because I think it's cuter, but I'm a bit lazy right now

No. 930547

Material things
>own apartment
>to expand vintage clothing wardrobe
>improve in art/drawing
>complete/publish my own graphic novel and or welcoming
>improve at bass guitar
>expand understanding of music theory
>improve knitting

No. 930584

>become a sick roller skater who can jam and park skate
>be confident in my craft and be able to practice it and learn new things on a consistent basis
>make lots of new friends and rekindle closeness with old friends
>lose 10-15lbs to fit into my old wardrobe again

No. 930594

I want a fulfilling romantic relationship and to be super skinny (not anachan, just very skinny with some tone). Also to move out of this shithole.

No. 930631

My bucket list is pretty mundane tbh I just want a chill happy life. I'm 29 and I want my 30s to be as fun as possible, my 20s were good for me financially but socially a flop.

>Ultimate life goal: save and invest to the point of being able to retire early (likely to be in my 50s at best or whenever my parents die but I can dream). At the very least only work jobs with a great work/life balance and low stress

>Own a cute, clean apartment furnished and decorated to my liking - I have the apartment, currently saving for the renovations
>Become skinny and happy with my body, sadly I know I'm not going to genuinely enjoy my life until then no matter where I go or what I do
>Be consistent with exercise and eventually start lifting for the sake of my bones, develop a healthier relationship with food and stop binging forever
>Travel regularly to Japan for as long as I can, as well as occasional trips to other places
>Stick with my hobbies - figure skating, ballet, Japanese - and actually get good at them by practicing more often
>Somehow find a bf who I'm actually attracted to and smitten with, who feels the same about me and treats me well
>Spend more time going places and doing fun things like concerts and day trips and the beach, I'll never be a social butterfly but even if it's alone or just with my sister I need to get out more

No. 930657

I’m 19. Here’s everything I want to do, from the most likely to happen to less likely to happen.

>Self-study a lot this year; learn more stuff

>Become a better programmer
>Mess around with more projects, have more fun
>Make more online friends, meet said friends irl
>Spend more time with family
>Practice art regularly, become better
>Get a job so I can support myself
>Get good money from job
>Take music lessons
>Practice music regularly
>Practice music regularly
>Get back into reading regularly
>Get back into learning German regularly so I can become fluent
>Go the the gym, get RIPPED
>Become more social and MEET NEW PEOPLE!!!
>Become a better roller skater, go biking
>Become more outgoing
>Go to camping trip with friends
>Strengthen my friendships and make new weirder ones
>Learn to drive
>Write more
>Travel more, visit the beach more
>Quit maladaptive daydreaming

>Fix teeth

>Pick up another instrument
>Become an ever better programmer
>Stop worrying about the future and enjoy the phase I’m in
>Become a jiu jitsu black belt like I wanted to when I was 12
>Get accepted into a really good scholarship/internship
>Work on even cooler projects
>Ich kann Deutsche sprache
>Start learning French (or Korean)


>Become even better, it’s upwards from here
>Give art a shot, music and sketching/painting
>Learn another instrument
>Take two years off to try and become a musician (or on the side?)
>Write music I love
>Write music that is joy-giving
>Write stuff for friends
>Become an ACTUAL musician (I’ll give you a shoutout nonnies)
>If my ambitions and dreams fail, cool, we’ll keep on moving anyway

Just become a better me. I have a long way to go.

No. 930697

There's too much, just thinking about it makes me feel depressed.

No. 930713

Break it into small pieces and write it down. There’s so much I want to do but I don’t have the ability right now and I don’t know where to start. But you have to start somewhere, anon, even if it’s taking a shower tomorrow and having breakfast.

No. 931109

I really want a Galaxy Tab S7 or S6, it's probably gonna be one of those things I first buy when I get a new job. Also some figurines I've been eyeing for a while.
I also wanna buy a sleep apnea machine for my mom and a good, professional keyboard for my dad.

No. 931111

File: 1633454690751.jpg (50.17 KB, 564x846, 0a22ee8bb6663d933e7a8f89c8aafe…)

Also samefag but I'm really craving either a caramel bullet coffee or matcha bullet tea latte kek

No. 931138

File: 1633457412046.jpg (205.98 KB, 1077x1077, Impala_skate_inline_skates_bla…)

I posted this just the other day, but I suddenly had the impulse to start rollerblading again. I spent the last two days reading through the rollerblading subreddit and compiling potential skates to buy and I've narrowed it down to a handful. I'm scared of wasting $300+ on equipment only to end up hating it, but I'm keeping my rollerblading goals small right now. I just want to be able to skate around leisurely around my neighborhood and the parks in my city. Maybe if I ever feel confident enough, I want to learn how to do cool tricks and possibly skate long distances to get places (but I'm also okay with not doing this). I'm excited at the idea of decorating my helmet and painting my skates (good and cute skates do not seem to belong together in this world kek) and having a new fun hobby. Here's to hoping my $300+ doesn't go to waste!

Picrel are my dream skates but reading around, they're really not the best so I'm hoping to paint my skates in a similar pastel blue/yellow colorscheme!

No. 931148

File: 1633458652751.jpeg (3.51 MB, 4032x3024, 18E57C7A-B95F-45E2-9C3A-E6D7F1…)

Hey pal. I’m skating too! Please please please find your local skate or derby store. I made the mistake of ordering online before trying them, and it resulted in me wearing painful I’ll fitting skates. Went to the derby shop, tried on Reidells, and it was SO MUCH BETTER.
Also, please look up YouTube videos and practice falling correctly to avoid breaking your wrist… like I did lol.
Here’s the Reidells I bought- totally worth the money ($250 I believe)

No. 931172

File: 1633460803797.jpg (119.25 KB, 1280x960, picrel.jpg)

Piggybacking but what is the best place to learn how to skate? I made a mistake of trying to skate on ground like pic related and I nearly killed myself, as I couldn't even stand still.

No. 931174

Sweet skates anon!! Quad skates generally look so much cuter, I'm so jealous ahhh. I considered doing quad skates but I kind of like inline skates more since I'm a bit more familiar with them.

Yeah it looks like sizing is fucking hell when it comes to skates hahah. I was planning on buying a bunch online and then returning whatever didn't fit. But thankfully, most of the models I'm thinking of buying are available at the only two inline skate shops in my city, talk about lucky! I did scour for used ones but I have such small feet that it's like finding a needle in the haystack (and skimming yesterday on facebook market place it looked like people were mostly selling soft boots and not hard boots that I want).

I'm scared of falling and looking like a fool but I plan on practicing at my local park in the mornings where the basketball courts are empty and there are only old people practicing tai chi and the homeless to judge me kek. Will definitely look up tutorials! I saw some of those "I learned to rollerblade in a week" videos and it's so much fun to watch people's self learning progress, it makes me so excited aaaa!!!! Also am definitely splurging on safety equipment kek. I got health insurance now but damn I don't wanna deal with explaining that I got fucked up falling on my ass like an idiot hahahaha

No. 931180

Yikes! Yeah I read that tiles are rough. I live in the city so clear areas to skate are very far and few between but I'm planning on going to my local parks. Do you live near a park or even a parking lot that gets relatively empty during the day? Plain, even asphalt is the best if you don't have access to a rink or skate park I think. I hope you find somewhere to learn and practice! What skates do you have?

No. 931181

>build an absurdly powerful gaming desktop
>finish reading all my pdf collection
>improve my programming skills
>write an entire multi-chapter fanfic
>learn how to draw
>learn Japanese
>hook up with some hot girls

No. 931193

there are a lot of things.. but here are the main ones for now!

* finally graduate university
* get a good part time programming job or make money through digital art commissions
* fix my ptsd/depression through medication and psychotherapy
* fix my teeth
* get a proper eye prescription/glasses
* travel to japan
* travel to the uk
* be an extra in a movie
* get to a point where I can delete social media/stop aimlessly browsing the net
* have a hobby farm and garden
* go spelunking
* meet a celebrity
* take a sabbatical when i can just rest and live the life of a neet for a bit b/c i need a break from the world and responsibilities

No. 931200

File: 1633462619587.jpeg (193.63 KB, 800x800, 3a236b5546829856b8ffd3bd9119.j…)

Picrel. Apologies if they are actually called something else than skates lol.
I have a park near me, but I think the roads are paved with the same type of brick. There is another one, but it's 20 minutes away from me (by bus) - I'm not sure if roads are asphalt there. There is an asphalt road near my house for bikers, but it's between car road and sidewalk.

No. 931203

Wish we had a skating gang.

No. 931204

>do a series of drawings or an artbook
>manage to get even a small income with only art commissions
>get new glasses because I feel like I'm losing eyesight again
>get and train another dog eventually so that my dog can have some company when I won't be able to be around so much
>get a general check-up at the doctor
Not much but it's all I want for now.

No. 931210

I highly recommend s1 knee pads. I have dodgy knees and they have been a lifer saver doing roller derby .

Those talking about sizing in skates don't start me! I'm a half size which makes things fun. Also you should try different lacing techniques as well. As sometimes it's the lacing that causes issue/pressure points.

No. 931219

Me too!!!! None of my friends skate, but the kids at the local rink are super nice kek. So supportive while I skate terribly.

No. 931221

File: 1633463882777.jpg (45.91 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Thanks for the heads up about lacing, I'll keep it in mind! I'm looking at the S1 helmet haha. I want picrel but I don't know if it's good enough for skating, plus it's more expensive. Sigh it's so cute though lol. I'll keep in mind the S1 knee pads too! I was looking to get a combo set from 187 but eesh the price tags on these things! Cheaper than doctor visits I guess.

Wish you nonnies were here with me to laugh at me while I flail…

No. 931223

File: 1633464107276.jpeg (98.78 KB, 647x640, FDC1EE49-0E85-4732-B764-1D2444…)

>Graduate from first career
>start second career
>learn how to drive
>learn how to sew
>get a damn job
>maybe two jobs
>save some money
>help family with money stuff like insurance payments and medicines
>go back to the gym
>start taking swimming lessons
>leave dumbass country
>Stuff I want
>small car
>small apartment
>newest phone model
>access to the best medical care
>cute yoga mats
>bike shorts
>unironically a body pillow
>pillowcases of my favorite anime guys
I just want to be a fucking productive member of society™ I’m so sick of being a half of a NEET, if I was a NEET, I would feel less pathetic but I know I’m not lazy enough to just go full NEET I would kms, I need to do stuff and feel productive.

No. 931226

Immediate things I want to do:
>get married (happening next month ♥)
>start designing our house and break ground on the project
>pass my work course to qualify for the promotion I want
>take night courses on investment and business shit
>save up a significant sum of money to donate to the hospital where I'm being treated

Mid-tier important stuff:
>keep up with the sign language lessons with my little sisters and parents so we can all communicate well with my hard of hearing sister
>keep teaching my 6 y/o sister to skateboard and take her to her first skatepark when she's confident enough
>try and help my cousin with his mental health and drug problem again
>pitch my project at work
>work out a plan for when my fiancée and I will begin trying for a baby
>have said baby
>get a lil cottage or something built on the land where my house will go for family to stay so they're always welcome and we don't drift apart

Not really important stuff but it would be lovely to do:
>finish my graphic novel
>visit my fiancées hometown in Ethiopia and then where she spent some of her childhood in New York
>go back to Japan and get my back tattooed but explore more this time and if we have a kid then take them to Tokyo Disneyland
>take my youngest sister on her first camping trip
>take some time out to spend with my stepdad, go fishing and shooting tin cans like we did when I was a kid

Material shit:
>convert a van for camping
>restore a motorcycle to start riding again once I've had knee surgery
>build a sick gaming PC and get what games I can for it
>build some custom game boys for my kid, have 'em grow up with games I did, maybe even get them trading and battling pokemon with me and my partner
>build a little skate ramp in my garden so I can tell myself I still got it

End goals:
>see all my sisters graduate from university
>raise a happy and healthy kid, hopefully see them graduate from university too
>retire early or work less as time goes on
>devote time and energy to my wife and I's relationship to keep it strong
>get away and experience the world as much as possible
>leave behind a ton of money for my wife, my child, my sisters and some charities

No. 931227

cumming dildo
cum lube
good feel dildo

No. 931232

File: 1633464592618.jpg (287.79 KB, 1080x1334, Screenshot_20211005-210532_Chr…)

>>931221 cute S1 helmets are good
I have one of the lifer helmets like the attached. 187 knee pads are OK I just find them bulky. But if you have a skate shop nearby definitely try them on and you can a feel if the will work for you.

* current bucket list
Get a new job.
Travel more
Start reading proper books again

No. 931241

Sell a short story to a fiction magazine.

That's it. That's all I want. Please god.

No. 931251

I remember watching some roller skating girls on youtube who are all BFFs in a gang hanging out and skating round town together and my jealousy knew no bounds. I'm not a social person but friendship seems so much more appealing on wheels.

No. 931256

I have a friend who wants to learn with me but she wants to wait until it starts getting warmer but I'm so impatient that I'm just gonna teach myself now. I've got the skating bug and nothing can stop me (except rain, snow, and ice on the ground kek).

No. 931261

Based on my experience with roller blading, I don't recommend learning when it's too warm. I sweated like crazy in my protective gear, it was very unpleasant.

No. 931301

You can do it, nonita! I also wanna write, we can both do it. And you're starting with a very small goal, which is totally doable. What kind of story/magazine are you thinking about?

No. 931332


Why don’t we make a rollerskating group for those who are interested? We’d have to find a way to keep it male-free since a lot of men lurk and try to LARP as women, saw it happen a bit on cc. But it’d be really cool to form a virtual skating gang, maybe it’d pave the way for one irl~~

No. 931333

God, I’m rooting for you. I really am, nonny. I get how bad you want it. Hopefully it’ll be a reality.

No. 931716

File: 1633509687045.jpg (197.02 KB, 1954x1954, 105575733_100120855099549_5923…)

Things to get for my new place:
>nice used couch
>used/new bright carpet
>comfy sitting pillow
>some shelves for books and notebooks
>a plant with big leaves
I want to eventually use plants to decorate all the "empty" spaces in the apartment because I don't want to buy a lot of furniture but will start with one because I don't have much experience.

Self development goals:
>learn to care for plants
>finish uni this year
>look for a part time programming job
>find a good gym to lift at

Other stuff:
>find good, not expensive bluetooth earphones
>keep a good diet with lots of veggies and protein
>keep drinking my liquid fish oil
>keep apartment nice and tidy
>do yoga sometimes

No. 932229

File: 1633549299518.png (1018.45 KB, 660x933, Kaneoya_Sachiko.png)

I want my student shortfilm to be good! I will report back if lolcow is still up kek

No. 932312

Couldn't resist and got myself the caramel bulletproof coffee (it's an instant powder)
I am happy, it tastes exactly like I imagined it would! I also love the subtle smell of caramel in my hands from scooping it. Here's to drinking caramel coffee everyday for a while!

No. 932336

The one I want the most right now is the scholarship, I really need it because the uni I'm going is super expensive.

>Build a good portfolio so I can get the 70% scholarship for the university I'm aiming for
>Find a place to live with my roommates
>Get a good part-time job after covids over
>Go to the gym
>Get my braces taken off
>Get a GF after I move for uni

Long-term goals
>Buy a house for my parents to take care of them
>Get a cat
>Become a master of Kimbap making via youtube and my mom's friend

No. 932700

Best of luck anon!

No. 932818

Things I've already done so far:
>graduated with a masters degree
>lived in Japan, even if it was shorter than planned because of miss corona
>got very close friends, having a social life in general
>somewhat managed to become more confident, no more anxiety
>started working with a normal 9/7 office job full time where I don't get insulted by clients for just existing

Things I plan on doing short term:
>hopefully if I can extend my job contract I can get my own place
>decorating said apartment however I want
>completing my video game backlog (it should be done soon, though it's been a while since I turned on any of my consoles)
>traveling to: Morocco it's been a while so I miss it, London, New York, Spain, several cities in my country, etc. and I'd love to move back to Japan again if possible
>getting a bf
>passing the JLPT N2 test next year

No. 932821

Wishing you all the best anons! I’m rooting for you. A lot of these feel like pipe dreams but here goes


- Graduate uni hopefully early December
- Start doing art, writing etc more often
- Get a tan/go to the beach more

Long Term

- Beat ARFID or, at the very least, stop it making me want to die
- Be reunited with my bf (we’ve been separated due to work/COVID)
- Get a PC that can actually run the games I want to play
-Travel on my terms for once; Norway again, Morocco, the Caribbean and maybe Scotland
-Buy my mum her dream stand mixer for baking kek

No. 933056

Where do you want to go in Morocco? I'm only familiar with Casablanca because that's where most of my family from my mother's side lives but it's not a touristic destination at all. I want to visit the Caribbean too, some of my friends are from different islands there and they really make me want to visit these islands a lot.

No. 933072

>Up the production of my dolls
>Start making themed sets of multiple dolls
>Post to my business page every two to three days
>Do more cute photoshoots of dolls for days when I don't have new dolls for content
>Sell at least six dolls a month

Long Term:
>Go to school for baking and pastry art
>Mentor with a red seal at a fancy bakery
>Make a business plan
>Open my own bakery!
>Sell dolls on the side, displaying them on shelves at my bakery, hold auctions

I'm gonna make this happen! Sweets and stuffies are my life!

No. 933089

I am this anon and I just saw that Xiaomi released a tablet with pen. I really want it now ughh
But the palm rejection thing… I usually draw with my hand hovering tbh, but it still kinda of a problem. Not only that but the delay for ClipStudio… Well, we'll see. It's cheaper than the Galaxy Tab S7, but not the S6 lite.
Decisions, decisions.

No. 933093

File: 1633633250001.jpeg (27.35 KB, 739x415, 6FB3102C-5579-4AD0-888C-202E98…)

Anon, I love you. I hope you get to be a successful doll artist one day.

No. 933095

File: 1633633296946.jpg (102.82 KB, 960x960, frogcake2.jpg)

thank you nonnie, I'm also wishing you good luck in whatevever project you want to achieve!

No. 933103

File: 1633633948809.jpg (118.1 KB, 1024x1024, g35wew0d2si21.jpg)

I'm rooting for you this is such a wholesome post I hope you can achieve all your goals!

No. 933113

Aw jeez, thank you for making my day anons!!

No. 933502

My goals
>Sell at least 5 copies of my self-published short story on Amazon (I've sold 3 so far, I'm not asking for much bc I don't expect much lol)
>Finish writing my first actual novel by the end of next year
>Be picked up by a fair and good publisher that doesn't want to creatively or financially fuck me over
>First novel success, become a great horror novelist
>Books become movies
>I control the soundtrack to said movies due to a clause in my contract that probably will never happen but I can dream
>Stop writing horror after a run of a few good books & movies and write goofy cozy mysteries for old ladies
>Live happily back in my home state with my husband forever as the local weird woman who writes

I'm pretty content with my material things. I just wanna be able to write and be happy and make a semi-decent living on it. It'd be nice to overthrow Stephen King but I'll settle for just being comfortable and having people like my work.

No. 933549

I would love to read and support a fellow nonnie's work,just saying

No. 933565

File: 1633668085953.jpg (292.52 KB, 608x800, -1838271261270119480.jpg)

Anon, I'm also rooting for your doll business!
I also wanna start customizing and selling dolls professionally, mainly Blythes. I actually got my first client sorta kinda, my sister bought a doll for me to customize it to my niece, but she just paid for the doll and the customization I'll do for free, but I guess it counts for something, and it's also good for training.
I'll try to buy one to sell as soon as I get a new job.
Let's do it!

this thread makes me realize how I want so many things at all times, no wonder why I'm so scatter brained lol

No. 933621

I’d love to read a farmers work, but I guess the doxxing risk is too high.

No. 934051

Thank you nonnies, I write under a pen name but I figure that's still against the rules. If I can find a sneaky way to mention the title I'll post it sometime.

No. 934142

>become financially independent
>move out of my parents house
>travel to Europe

That's basically it. It probably sounds doable but you dont know how much i struggle with this.

No. 934157

are you me?

No. 934241


No. 939505

File: 1634319823445.gif (8.35 MB, 320x569, ezgif-6-0c422fc31938.gif)

I want so many stuff, I don't know how to focus!
Anons, how do you focus on getting the stuff you want? I don't mean like clothes vs a computer, for example, I mean like you want to travel to 2 different places a lot or you really want 2 different jobs but you can't focus on only one of those things and your energy ends up all over the place, meaning you end up not even getting one thing.
How do you do it? Do you do a list of pros and cons of each thing? I get so lost at this stuff
I feel like it's good to give a lot of things a shot, but when it gets too diffuse it can be a problem, I think.

No. 939510

Traveling to Japan once I get my US permanent residency

No. 942186

File: 1634581790823.png (3.5 MB, 1254x1650, Untitled.png)

I want to do so many things in life but I already have important things to do like studying. But I want to in my life one day:
- learn Icelandic
- compose a song, it can be just a shitty edm song or crap computer black metal I just want to make one to see how it's made
- learn how to sew, sew a pretty bag and patchwork pillow covers and everything patchwork and have a patchwork house
- make a doll (I want to make Terra Branford and Kefka dolls, with their lots of fancy fabrics and decorations I think they would make fantastic dolls)
- make a costume of Yoshimitsu in Tekken 7. I will be alien squid skeleton cyber ninja man and I swear to you it will be amazing. I already planned every detail in my head I just need lots of time and some money
I downloaded a bunch of books about sewing and crafting and two about making dolls on libgen.is and they make me so excited. Look at these dolls, I wanted to make just a Terra doll because I always loved her so much for no reason, but after I saw the left upper doll I want to make a Kefka too. The book is called Designing the Doll: From Concept to Construction by Susanna Oroyan and you can get it on libgen.is for free as I said.

No. 942191

get a job, move out of parents house, buy a nintendo

No. 942201

>- make a doll (I want to make Terra Branford and Kefka dolls, with their lots of fancy fabrics and decorations I think they would make fantastic dolls)
I want to make a doll so bad too, but I feel like I'm hopeless when it comes to manual work. I also downloaded a bunch of books on the topic from libgen like half year ago, but I'm so intimidated… If you browsed the books, which one would you say is the most helpful?

No. 942212

I skimmed through only the book I mentioned and it contains a lot of text and pictures of all the different techniques to make dolls, but it doesn't show step by step how to do it; I think it would be best to see the steps to be taken in order to make a doll from that book, and then look online for each step if there is any more information. There are lots of videos and blogs with photos on the internet, it's easier to follow when you have pictures.

No. 942216

YOU CAN DO IT! Making dolls is intimidating at first but everything is based on really simple construction! It's worth learning. There is a stuffed animal and doll thread in /m/ and there are lots of resources linked in the thread description including the original blog posts that became the book that anon mentioned. It took me a long time to take doll making seriously but now I'm making them as a side job and I really love what I'm creating and how good it feels to express the ideas and give my dolls personalities. I even make little clothes for them, and I'm definitely no seamstress!

No. 942219

You should check out nuno runos doll maker blog!

No. 942233

That's awesome! I'm really happy for you, I hope we can become like you too
Thank you, I already found it when I was looking for how to make a plushie dog; I love these japanese blogs with their simple outdated themes and laconic posts

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