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File: 1633860346279.jpeg (18.57 KB, 396x392, marla.jpeg)

No. 934974

Don't post about munchie cows here, this thread is for personal experiences only
>do you consider yourself a munchie?
>have others described you as a munchie/hypochondriac?
>when did your anxiety about health start?
>have you ever tampered with medical tests? eg. putting blood in urine samples
>have you ever hurt yourself to make symptoms appear or intensify symptoms?
>what is the appeal or reward of munchie behavior for you?
>have you sought counseling or treatment for the munch?

From NHS:
Munchausen's syndrome is a psychological disorder where someone pretends to be ill or deliberately produces symptoms of illness in themselves.
Their main intention is to assume the "sick role" so that people care for them and they are the centre of attention.
Any practical benefit in pretending to be sick – for example, claiming incapacity benefit – is not the reason for their behavior.

Types of behaviour
People with Munchausen's syndrome can behave in a number of different ways, including:
>pretending to have psychological symptoms – for example, claiming to hear voices or claiming to see things that are not really there
>pretending to have physical symptoms – for example, claiming to have chest pain or a stomach ache
actively trying to get ill – such as deliberately infecting a wound by rubbing dirt into it
>Some people with Munchausen's syndrome may spend years travelling from hospital to hospital faking a wide range of illnesses. When it's discovered they're lying, they may suddenly leave hospital and move to another area.
People with Munchausen's syndrome can be very manipulative and, in the most serious cases, may undergo painful and sometimes life-threatening surgery, even though they know it's unnecessary.

Several factors have been identified as possible causes of Munchausen's syndrome. These include:
>emotional trauma or illness during childhood – this often resulted in extensive medical attention
a personality disorder – a mental health condition that causes patterns of abnormal thinking and behaviour
>a grudge against authority figures or healthcare professionals

No. 934981

To get the ball rolling…
>do you consider yourself a munchie?
As a child and teen I was definitely a munchie, but in my adult life I'd say I've got a handle on it, though I still fall back on the stupid thought "damn I wish I was so sick nobody expected anything of me" when I'm stressed
>have others described you as a munchie/hypochondriac?
When I was literally seven I'd say I had a stomach ache when I was nervous about going to school, the family GP straight up called me "just lazy" to my face lol. Since then I've been more strategic and not complained unless I had evidence, so no, nobody has called me munchie to my face since childhood.
>when did your anxiety about health start?
When I was a kid my parents gave zero fucks about our emotions, so I only ever got slack or sympathy when I was sick. When you're healthy you have no excuse for failure. So I guess my real anxiety is about being healthy.
>have you ever tampered with medical tests? eg. putting blood in urine samples
No, I don't have the balls for that lol.
>have you ever hurt yourself to make symptoms appear or intensify symptoms?
I am allergic to NSAIDs but take them regularly because I tell myself they are the only thing that helps even when I have a little headache or period cramps, which I know Aspirin will help most of the time. I'm not really sure why, I guess so I can tell my boyfriend I'm feeling under the weather and I get a little sympathy. Once I spilled hot coffee on myself and made a huge fuss but there wasn't a mark after a few minutes, so I gave myself a real burn on the same spot. Not proud of that at all,but at the time the pain was worth it as insurance against my family thinking I was a drama queen.
>what is the appeal or reward of munchie behavior for you?
Nobody expects the sick girl to achieve anything worthwhile. Her only job is to survive and that's the only thing I haven't managed to fuck up.
>have you sought counseling or treatment for the munch?
No but I'm gearing up to telling my new therapist about it.

No. 935328

ah, grow up

No. 935651

being a munchie and having hypochondria (health anxiety) are two different things, when you're a munchie you fake symptoms and tamper with tests and change doctors until you get the diagnosis you want so you can gain sympathy and attention from people when you know deep down that you're lying otherwise you wouldn't fake it or harm yourself but when you're a hypochondriac you genuinely feel like you have the condition and go to doctors to get reassurance that your intrusive thoughts aren't real, I'm a hypochondriac and most of the time I'm too scared to go to the doctor because I'm expecting the worst and I don't like to talk about it because people think I'm insane and overly sensitive.
don't clump the two together like it's nothing, it's offensive because people who I try to open up to already think I am a munchie when I cry myself to sleep often because I think that I'm dying of terminal disease.
I think what has caused it is being neglected as a child, my parents followed a weird trad lifestyle where I rarely ever went to the hospital and the real medical issues I had were left untreated which caused me a lot of pain and I paid the price of the neglect, I'm lucky to be vaccinated, what made it worse was diabetes diagnosis in the family + extended family medical issues that aren't really hereditary but I'm scared I might get.

No. 935971

>being a munchie and having hypochondria (health anxiety) are two different things
But are they practically the same? Both of them don't have diseases they think they have, people consider them annoying and delusional because they are obsessed with a disease that doesn't exist. When you have "health anxiety" people still look down on you thinking you're doing it anyway to get attention like a munchie. Fear of doctors and fear of chronic illness are classic Munchie moves. Most of the munchies have cognitive dissonance and don't realize they are enjoying the attention, they refer to themselves as hypocondriac and cry in doctor's offices, pretending they hate going to the doctor. The only difference is intent and when you are this mentally ill you may not even be aware of your subconscious intentions.

No. 935986

I truly do believe that I have some undiagnosed mental illness but it wouldn't matter now, I have faked random mental episodes for years now, its mostly to get what I want and also to get people to feel sympathy for me

No. 936020

Omg I love stories like this. What did you fake? Did it actually work to get what you want kek

No. 936035

Well my "episodes" weren't spontaneous by any means, they were planned days ahead, waiting for the right time where I could gain the most sympathy, I also used to purposely act "off" for a couple days prior before my planned "episode" so it wouldn't feel out of the blue
As for what I did that was varied, constantly rearranging my shoes for a full hour without saying a word, talking to myself and other stuff
Come to think of it I planned all of this for my parents and siblings attention, I was left alone and ignored most of the time

No. 936072

I grew up under what could be considered Munchie by proxy…Well, I didn't get the worst of it, my little brother did. But we were taught that we were sickly, disabled mentally slow children and paraded around at parties for attention. I wasn't drugged, but I grew up with severe health anxiety due to thinking I was disabled and had "bad genes" (My mum told me that grandad was at Hiroshima and that's why we have so many genetic defects). My little brother was dosed up with Ritalin to the point where he couldn't eat, he had a BMI of around 14 for a good portion of his childhood. Every second Christmas he'd cry because he'd be paraded around for attention.

All of my siblings have severe depression, my little brother has depression and now a drug addiction. I can't work and burn through 4 jobs a year, my little brother says he'll kill himself before 40 but still works and my older sister ghosted the rest of the family as soon as she had children.

I have gone the far way and now have an absolute fear of hospitals, nurses, doctors, etc. I haven't got my covid shot because I just can't bring myself to go in, I get angry and anxious in the parking lot and just end up driving away. I don't think I'll ever go to a hospital again, ever.

No. 936174

>But are they practically the same?
Hypochondriacs regularly misinterpret normal physiological experiences or mild symptoms as serious illness; whether they go to the doctor or even tell someone about it when they're having a bout of anxiety isn't even a guarantee, nor will they necessarily insist that they're sick after a doctor tells them to chill out. This smells like munchie cope.

No. 940241

a hypochondriac here, almost fainted reading pelvic floor prolapse symptoms, still feeling lightheaded and sick, cant even talk about it with anyone, i feel like throwing up.

No. 940246

Don't use a menstrual cup if you are afraid of that. It can actual cause it. But if you are young you have a strong pelvic floor so the chances of it happening spontaneously is very low. You are going to be ok

No. 940248

i used a menstrual cup for 5 periods and stopped because i was scared i might get it.

No. 940258

Are you serious? Intent is the most important thing. As for "subconscious intentions", you don't know and it isn't up for you to decide what goes on in people's brains.

No. 940298

personally i am waiting until this becomes a how-to thread. i honestly thought it would take like 5 posts

No. 940665

Don't post this bullshit. The only evidence I can find to support this claim is that "bearing down" to remove the cup could be linked. It's not necessary to bear down to remove your cup. You just relax your muscles, grab the stem, and push to release the suction. If you can't/won't dig your fingers up there far enough, don't use a cup.

No. 940896

Citation fucking needed. The only woman I know who suffered that was in her 50s about 20 years after a botched hysterectomy. Saying a menstrual cup can cause prolapse is like saying a waterpick can give you brain damage - technically not impossible but you would have to have extreme issues first so anything could have caused it.

I'm so sorry that happened to you anon, that's so fucked up. People who involve their kids in their mental illness are the lowest of the low. I hope you've managed to get away from her and build a good life for yourself, we're rooting for you.

No. 940904

File: 1634469212953.jpg (27.92 KB, 640x640, f43.jpg)

i hope this thread picks up. a dumpster fire in the making

No. 940910

>Some people with Munchausen's syndrome may spend years travelling from hospital to hospital faking a wide range of illnesses. When it's discovered they're lying, they may suddenly leave hospital and move to another area.

As an American, I cannot afford this luxurious lifestyle

No. 940913

ahh but thats what the magic of a well crafted gofundme is for

No. 940916

If it happened to enough women that they are writing articles about it and women are warning others not to use it, and it can result in an injury if you "bear down" while removing it, yeah it shouldn't be recommended to someone fearing prolapse. Honestly, you and your hippy cup cult is hilariously defensive. Sorry I don't want to shove a piece of plastic inside me and boil it to sterilize it and make menstrual blood stew. I'll stick to reusable pads that won't injure me thanks!

No. 941037


No. 941056

>shove a piece of plastic inside me
Nta but what menstrual cups are made of plastic?

No. 941081

NTA but like, all of them? It's just not stiff plastic, I do believe silicones for example are still in the plastic category

No. 941486

AYRT - I agree that people who are afraid of prolapse shouldn't use it. That's all. I could have been less aggressive, you're right. The cup community is aggro because the average woman like yourself finds using them disgusting. I get frustrated seeing negative info because cups could be beneficial to so many. But we're getting off topic now.

No. 942333

This is my question about all the cowish mental illnesses, how can they afford this shit? I can barely afford to see a single specialist, with insurance. It must cost fortunes to doctor hop for attention, like if it's cheaper to have a shopping addiction you know you're fucked up

No. 942344

I like the idea of a the cup because at least i will never have to buy any menstrual stuff in my life, but I and many people like me who can't quiet fit a lot up there can never use one. Plus i heard it gives you cramps if you don't position it correctly. Not a fun learning curb.

No. 942357

Rose blanchard figured it out.

No. 942402

Girlboss moves

No. 942404

I'm genuinely shocked at the 'bear down' thing, I never needed to do that. I just dig and pull the cup out. I love it so much, I can finally feel normal on my periods.

No. 942913

What bewilders me more than the cost is how doctors and nurses don't pick up on the cowish behavior right off the bat. Surely the enthusiasm and desperate attention seeking is obvious.

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