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File: 1634000571332.jpg (3.77 MB, 3500x2608, HB4AT3D3IMI6TMPTWIZ74WAR54.jpg)

No. 936145

Post about your love for those heckin' doggo puppers here.

Remember: This is a thread of love, not hate.

No. 936150

File: 1634000861906.jpeg (69.32 KB, 427x640, 90945F46-BBED-44DC-A62F-815D2F…)

Nice thread, I was just thinking about how nice it would be to have a dog love thread.
Here is a hecking cute borzoi dogguerino.

No. 936151

>heckin' doggo puppers
are we in reddit?

No. 936154

File: 1634001219803.png (531.49 KB, 470x591, bean.png)

Nice thread anon! I love Pekingese dogs, I think they're just so silly and funny.

No. 936159

File: 1634001454636.gif (984.72 KB, 500x333, 5d9ce68e0a573e63a121c00a12cd87…)

No. 936162

yup, don't forgot to give this all the upboats and gold anon.

No. 936164

Does anyone else watch Shu and Tree?

No. 936165

File: 1634001729380.jpeg (305.71 KB, 774x1411, 1362D789-2BA4-4E09-ADC6-C129C5…)

I don’t vibe with Reddit “doggerino” language but I love dogs so here’s my contribution. Context: I work at a dog daycare
>be josh, 13 y/o service dog to a based old cowboy
>Josh’s first day of daycare!
>humpy old man,
> dad groans when I tell him on the phone and says it’s something he’s done his whole life
>old man josh fails daycare bc of it
>can’t play with other dogs bc humpy, but comes back frequently for daycare one on one with the kennel techs

>be me a week later, scrolling thru our office software

>see humpy old Josh’s profile pic.
I can’t get over it nonitas, he just looks so old and cute. He’s the best boy and we love him

No. 936167

File: 1634001806465.jpg (82.94 KB, 720x960, puppies.jpg)

I'm in love with French and English bulldog puppies. I don't really care for adult English bulldogs (or really any dogs since I'm scared of them), but the puppies are so cute. I feel so bad for them though.

No. 936171

File: 1634001883610.jpg (85.12 KB, 640x776, French Bulldog Puppies _ Breed…)

I'm not sure if this pic is a real dog but

No. 936172

>reddit doggerino language
I don't either anon. Seeing people type dog speak like their dog's a sub iq sped kills me but, I thought it'd be a funny tongue-in-cheek thing for a first thread!

No. 936173

Yes!! I love them! Do you watch Girls Planet? I think they know the owners of Shu and Tree! Sometimes they show them going to their salon.

No. 936179

I do like the word doggo and puppo but that's about it. God I fucking love senior dogs so much. My dog has white fur so even though she's a senior, you don't see the grey hairs. Everyone's always surprised when I tell them she's 17!

No. 936181

File: 1634002157892.jpg (29.84 KB, 500x375, dc0fde84ba39aab14e373b52b43de1…)

I love all dogs tbh but, here's a chow chow.

No. 936183

every damn day I come through the door my dog Buddy greets me as if just the sight of me is the best part of his day, and it always warms my heart. Dogs are treasures

No. 936184

File: 1634002328107.jpeg (124.03 KB, 749x750, 590255E5-70CA-4D92-A47F-291659…)

This breed is so nice and I love them so much i want to scream internally but this “doggo” fuckshit language prevents me from ever talking about dogs online. My best friend in elementary school was such a dog girl that she shamelessly ate dog treats without breaking eye contact. I want people to share their dog girl stories.

No. 936185

When I was growing up I tried to burn those memories of my dog excitedly running in circles around me when I came home, and I'm glad I did that. When I come home now, my dog is usually asleep somewhere and I go to check to make sure she's still breathing. I hope you and Buddy have many more years together anon! I love dogs so much and I fucking hate that their lifespan is such a small fraction of ours.

No. 936191

>such a small fraction of ours
Same here anon, sucks even more for big dog owners who really only get about 10-11 years. Whereas the little ones seem to live forever.

No. 936192

File: 1634003241197.jpeg (96.87 KB, 325x465, 5AB52A7A-C68D-4F3B-BC2D-38E2C5…)

I’ve sperged about them before, but I love schnauzers, specially the black ones, they look like demon horses but small, fluffy and silly.
I actually have a black schnauzer, and I’ve converted my friend to the cult, kek, she used to tell me that she hated animals because taking care of an animal is tiresome, but now she loves schnauzers and she told me that we must have one when we live together.
I actually don’t mind the hemcking doggerino pupper baby talk, I’m surely insufferable, but I baby talk my dog a lot and “translate” what he probably would mean when he does stuff like yawning or stretching and such.
I used to think it was silly but my grandma and my mom always seemed really happy while baby talking our dog, so I started taking a liking to it, my dog looks happy and it cheers me up a lot.
What names do you like to give to your dogs?
My friend tells me I got a terrible taste because I always give them “serious” names like
>Achilles, George, Roger, Helen, Samantha, Martha
But I think it’s cute because I love the contrast of a cute, fluffy ball of love, with a name like Alexa or Roberto.

No. 936206

I don't know what your friend is talking about because you have great taste in dog names anon. I also love the contrast of formal or super normal name for a dog kek like John or something. I also love the idea of naming my dog something long as if they were royalty, but I'm also someone who thinks food names are funny and great.

No. 936219

File: 1634006316549.jpeg (181.92 KB, 700x875, 94B19BC2-4DC1-4D87-992F-07BD5B…)

> I also love the idea of naming my dog something long as if they were royalty
Me too! It’s so cute, I would seriously even commission one of those tacky but kind of cute paintings of my dog, just smaller though, so I can put it in a shelf or a display cabinet 40keks.
> I'm also someone who thinks food names are funny and great.
Food names are adorable too, like brownie or apple, they’re so sweet kek

No. 936222

Glad to see this exists. I made one when dog hate was made and got screeched at for supposedly only making it to make catfags seethe or something.Also lots of sperging about dogfags wanting to be special since ~it can all go into pet genera1~ My thread sadly died so I hope this one thrives! Looking forward to contributing. The board already seem more balanced.

No. 936234

If anyone does that in this thread, I'll just redirect them to dog hate or the catfag general, if they wanna keep screeching about how this thread only exists to make other anons seethe then they can go to >>>/meta/ and whine to admin about it or the 'Shit You Hate Thread' but, enough about that – This is a thread of love, not hate!

Sorry anon, but I disagree. I love giving my dog's stupid names that fit their personality. Like 'Teddy' or 'Goofy', food names are dumb to me but, I can't really talks since my mom ended up giving all the dogs I had growing up names that ended in the 'ee' sound like: 'Connie', 'Blackie', 'Brownie', and 'Goldie'.

No. 936253

File: 1634010874547.jpeg (51.41 KB, 536x960, 6F39560D-FE86-4C1C-96AB-E6FF0F…)

This pic make me giddy omg I want to cuddle it so bad

I’m dying for a bull terrier, they’re so ugly that it’s adorable I love them. Picrel looks like an alien I want it

No. 936256

Me too! My dream dog. I see them all the time at my local shelter because assholes buy them cause they look tough but they’re so sweet. Super high energy though.

No. 936261

My grandparents had a Scottie and I always thought that those were Schnauzers because I'm a fuckin retard but also they had the same beard stuff going on. I always thought they were really ugly and creepy but tbh your post converted me. 10/10 beard dogs are cute. Also so are your naming habits. My grandparents Scottie was named Heather. I think human names for doggies are awesome, especially the serious sounding ones. I knew someone who had 2 pugs named Lunchbox and Bruce and if that's not the best balance of silly and serious names I don't know what is.

No. 936262

Thank you for making this thread blessed nonita, I fucking hate cats and catfags so I’m glad I’m not the lone dog lover here.

No. 936263

These are one of my favourite breeds, there’s one a few houses down from me and he is so friendly and cuddly, I see him every day and it’s honestly one of the few things that brought me joy during the coof lockdown

No. 936267

>Remember: This is a thread of love, not hate.
Why do you guys have to bring some kind of animal hate to every thread?

No. 936313

File: 1634021540136.jpg (122.82 KB, 500x500, border-collie-gallery-outdoors…)

Thank you for the thread! I love Border Collies, seeing them running around in the countryside or at farms with sheep fills me with joy. Dogs can be incredibly intelligent sometimes.

No. 936314

File: 1634021655688.jpg (50.87 KB, 495x502, rough_collie_13.jpg)

Rough Collies too!! So majestic.

No. 936316

File: 1634021980203.jpg (49.52 KB, 634x634, 593c03f762ccab44e5d085e2d480d5…)

No need to hate cats nor dogs. Both are adorable, loyal, caring and loving companions. Love all critters

No. 936318

I’ve noticed that, makes me mad when bikie gang members buy them then dump them when they realise they’re just big dopey things.

My dream is to own a caramel/white one

No. 936320

Best fucking thread

No. 936345

File: 1634026400098.jpeg (159.28 KB, 1440x865, EB58A657-4D93-4263-9B24-3A146E…)

My favourite breed has always been alaskan malamutes. My family had one when I was growing up called Dana and, maybe it was because she was old as hell by the time I had a consciousness, but she was the chillest dog ever.
I’d love to have one again someday, but finding one up for adoption where I live is so hard.

No. 936347

Idg how people let their dogs or any pets for that matter just run around outside without a fence or anything. Luckily this little guy made it out alive tho.

No. 936381

File: 1634028077054.jpg (48.8 KB, 500x333, Pyrenean_Mountain_Dogs_in_the_…)

catsperg here but I'll always remember when I was little, one of my neighbours owned an akita inu and when I left the house to go to school I saw it standing in the garden gate frame. That was by far the most elegant, cat-like dog I have ever saw. Massive boy too. He used to escape a lot though
Love pyrenean mountains and labs (Americans, not english) but the ones that I saw irl all seem to be obese as fuck for some reason

No. 936391

Sadly lots of people overfeed dogs and don't get them enough exercise, that's why a lot of dogs are bloated and overweight. Breeds like labs or shepherd dogs are working breeds and need to move a lot to be healthy (and happy).

No. 936403

File: 1634029579528.jpg (39.6 KB, 564x564, dob.jpg)

I love Dobermans. Something about them just looks so majestic to me, probably because they kinda remind me of the Egyptian god Anubis.

No. 936411

so technically not a dog, but domesticated foxes are really cute. they are a lot of work to own though.

No. 936436

Same! My mom always had them when I was growing up. They're very smart and they have tons of personality. I also just love dogs with little eyebrows, I think it's so cute.

No. 936439

They're really beautiful. Got really sad when I learnt that their ears isn't "natural" and get cut to achieve their shapes.
I find fox screeches to be extra annoying kek

No. 936440

I don't know how people can hate any kind of animal aside from literal pests like mosquitoes or cockroaches. I love 99% of animals. Dogs, cats, rabbits, rats, hamsters, reptiles, hell I even like tarantulas. I just love watching creatures do their thing and explore the world.

No. 936443

sage for obvious autism but sometimes I cry when I step on snails by mistake. People who willingly hurt animals are as bad as pedos in my book

No. 936445

Agreed! They're all so fun to observe and sometimes live with.

No. 936447

I feel this so hard. The other day when I was at work (I'm a waitress) there was a grasshopper on the floor. I picked it up and set it on a plant outside.

The only bugs I truly hate are wasps and hornets, because they're aggressive and they literally attack bumbles and honeybees. Several of the bumblebees in my state are endangered, too.

No. 936460

File: 1634035592901.jpg (41.81 KB, 638x425, iStock-1178183661-1-638x425.jp…)

It's a pity that their ears and tails are often chopped up. They look so good with their natural features too.

No. 936480

Fucking tired of seeing the images of these fucking ugly, stinkin' mutant vermin mutts on the front page, shitting it up when I come onto lolcow. No one wants to see your retard mutt pics only the intellectually disabled mutt lover retards in this thread. All these fucking ugly mutts in this thread, you'd have to have an IQ below 40 to find the appeal kek

No. 936484

so you resort to bumping the thread to see it even more often?

No. 936488

Stop taking the bait

No. 936490

Why is this even news? Lol no cares your stupid yappy stinkin' worthless mutt was picked for dinner by a coyote. Shame the coyote didn't just devour it then and there. Dumb news for dumb people.(dog hate thread)

No. 936492

I'm not even that big on dogs and just caught this thread because I was scrolling by, but take your meds. Unclench and release the gas in your asshole if needed.

No. 936493

That makes no sense. Bumping the thread with text doesn't put a pic of a dumb stinkin mutt on the lolcow front page. If anything, I bumped the thread so all you deranged mutt lovers see my comment haha

No. 936496

Have some more dog on your front page anon!

Anyway, I love chihuahuas. They’re the devil incarnate but also the silliest little dogs ever. I’d really like to raise one in the future.

No. 936497

I'll release all the shit i've been cooking up inside my asshole all over your face. You appear to have nominated yourself for it.

No. 936504

Would look less retarded and more cute if it was smashed into a mush of retarded mutt meat with a sledgehammer lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 936507

File: 1634039225124.jpeg (279.7 KB, 1400x1050, 92B76F25-5DCB-424E-A1C9-191D28…)

Does anyone else follow Bunny? She’s amazing! https://instagram.com/whataboutbunny?utm_medium=copy_link

No. 936510

I love her so much.

No. 936512

File: 1634039462547.jpg (210.74 KB, 1125x1901, rrukuz0nopu21.jpg)

All good girls are named Bunny

No. 936513

Yes I love that channel! Those foxes are adorable! They are really not domesticated pets though, they're still wild animals and need a big outdoors area to run around in if adopted.

No. 936515

File: 1634039916022.png (4.43 MB, 750x1334, E88FD42C-5C6E-4992-B5F3-2D613C…)

Don’t forget Bobby! I started calling my dog bobby too even though it’s not remotely close to her name kek. Through a series of nicknames I landed on calling her a boob, then booby, then finally bobby/bob/bobs from that “show bobs and vagene” joke.

I just realized she deleted her instagram… nooooo all the picture of her dogs….

No. 936516

File: 1634040003990.png (117.94 KB, 591x358, assistantcatcocoordinator.png)

I love this dog-owner reunion story

No. 936521

Hi tranny(dont take the bait)

No. 936523

File: 1634040754871.jpg (48.92 KB, 1071x728, 13380995_1183554785001623_3255…)

that sucks. Jenna's inconditional love for Marbles was the most wholesome shit ever
Stop responding to bait for fucks sake. As annoying as the bait itself

No. 936527

I will never get over this video. I actually have the same birthday as Marbles so this video felt like a birthday present to me too. The very beginning when he turns around to show the camera his new harness after being asked to? Impeccable. I love all of her dogs but damn I really fucking love Marbles so much, such a sweet old man.

No. 936532

NTA but I love Girls Planet! Hangseong is such a little cutie and has a hilarious personality.

Ahhhh I love malamutes so much!! I'd love to hug one one day, I bet it would feel so fluffy and soft.

No. 936541

Marbles single handedly made chihuahuas alright in my head
Unpopular opinion but I think Shar peis are cute

No. 936550

File: 1634043018969.jpg (70.41 KB, 1200x801, Long-haired-Chihuahua-Chihuahu…)

I never liked chihuahuas until I met one that was treated like a normal dog. And guess what.. once you actually train the damn thing and don't treat it like a toy, it is an absolute gem. Now I'm obsessed and would love a long-haired Chihuahua.
Pic of similar dog to the one I met. His owner was a dude that got it to pick up chicks and never treated it any different from his other bigger dogs.

No. 936570

File: 1634045554331.jpeg (805.31 KB, 1536x2048, DB073062-456C-4347-AAB3-DF2109…)

Going back to the topic, I just wanted to share a pic of my baby from last winter!

No. 936585

super cute, very nice fur colours

No. 936589

I’m sorry your cat keeps rubbing it’s shithole on your nose while you sleep and now you’re swimming in toxoplasmosis dude but don’t take it out on the dogs(took bait)

No. 936591

Kill yourself.

No. 936594

File: 1634046950118.jpg (33.73 KB, 1200x588, cute-dog-names-1280.jpg)

I love puppies.

No. 936596

File: 1634046995877.jpg (581.9 KB, 4231x2820, adorable-white-pomeranian-pupp…)

No. 936597

File: 1634047083274.jpg (92.9 KB, 390x390, german-shepherd-686128.jpg)

No. 936598

File: 1634047131039.jpeg (2.2 MB, 4032x3024, FB008B84-8F47-4CD4-B19A-C17086…)

My little dog bro broke his arm last week. Here he is with the lil derpy cast hopped up on painkillers. I see him on Thursday so pray 4 his recovery nonas!

No. 936600

poor baby, i hope he recovers soon, sending all my tard energy

No. 936602

File: 1634047408985.jpg (48.19 KB, 728x705, sp.jpg)

happy halloween

No. 936611

File: 1634047976088.jpg (192.05 KB, 1920x1200, ppys.jpg)

I love this thread, I always smile when I'm scrolling and I see it ♥

No. 936612

File: 1634048222503.jpeg (79.59 KB, 445x391, CC2EAB84-DA2B-4F3A-B79B-E8F6B9…)

Look at this little baby running.

No. 936615

I am gonna cry
Get well soooooooon!

No. 936630

Look at that sweetie go!!

Aww, get well soon! He looks so funny hehe

No. 936632

I am so fucking weak for lil dogs.

No. 936668

File: 1634052820101.gif (1.98 MB, 300x219, 9fd8ab858acfdcff5fe955f0b99bdc…)

If I ever adopt a dog again, I'll get a mutt from a shelter, but my childhood dog was a white boxer dog and now they have a special place in my heart. They are so silly, playful and a bit dumb lol but like most dogs, very loyal and can even be gentle despite being super clumsy. Great for kids, indeed.

No. 936671

File: 1634053205493.jpg (104.41 KB, 736x552, 24bb4fdd5b90a3cbfe97038d6869ca…)

Samefagging to add
I know it's not for everyone, but I love their smushed faces and big jowls. They don't have as much health problems as bulldogs and pugs because their muzzle is a tad bit longer, but they still have some problems, which is unfortunate. Most die of cancer too, having an average life span of 10 years. So soon!

No. 936674

That's the hardest part about having bigger pups, they have such short lives. It doesn't feel short in the moment, though. And smaller dogs aren't guaranteed a longer life, despite the likelihood of living longer. We recently lost our pooch who was a chiweenie and I can't believe he's gone. We had only 10 years with him, but it feels like so much longer. He was really good at hide and seek. God I miss him so much.

No. 936689

lmao you would never see shit like this in the cat thread. cat psychos are truly unhinged(don’t respond to bait)

No. 936696

Nta but we had this exact thing in cat version a few weeks back. I think they posted it in a random thread but it was cat roadkill.

No. 936698

I hate dogs but I don't post shit like this. It's mad scroteys

No. 936700

The fact that it's posted here makes me think that it's some unhinged tranny cat anus sniffer.

No. 936701

It’s a retarded scrote that felt welcomed by the dog hate thread, he also spergs in the tranny thread about all female celebrities being trannies.
But of course, it’s only normal to hate dogs enough to create 2 whole ass thread about it.

No. 936702

It was meant to be a containment thread, but of course they can't help themselves

No. 936705

There are two dog hate threads (useless imo) and literally on the first day of a dog love thread existing someone posts gore. I didn't think this level of pettiness and retardation existed.

No. 936709

spoiler that shit retarda

No. 936712

File: 1634055844087.jpeg (75.76 KB, 707x800, A1B278A8-F236-469B-9A85-0FD93C…)

Do you have any dog-relate merchandise? I got 2 cute wallets and a keychain for me and my mom because we love terriers.
I also got a cute terrier shaped hair clip, but it got damaged and I could never get it repaired.
My best friend also gave me a pendant that looks like a terrier, I wear it a lot when I’m dressed casually, I was thinking of getting a more elegant or serious one to wear it when I’m working.

No. 936714

I hate the amount of dog shit around my town and I hate getting woken up by my neighbours dog barking at 1am every night but I've always felt shit like that can just go in the vent thread.

No. 936715

That is cool, have you considered using the dog hate thread? and therapy?

No. 936716

File: 1634056009104.jpg (25.84 KB, 445x593, dog.jpg)

i have this, looks kind of like the image you posted

No. 936717

Or just in the dog hate thread. There are actually reasons to hate dogs but whoever is posting dead dogs and gore is just disgusting and unhinged.

No. 936719

It's crazy to me that the doghate fags keep whining about how people who like dogs won't let them live, when the dog love thread has barely existed and already gotten spammed with gore. Maybe people don't like you because you're fucking nuts.

No. 936721

File: 1634056138277.jpg (73.25 KB, 900x500, Brindle-Dog-Breeds.jpg)

I used to hate this tortie like fur, but now it's one of my favorites, there was a stray with this pattern that used to wander around my uni, it was cute

No. 936723

File: 1634056338592.jpg (125.42 KB, 736x736, c49e66278b72900f6f81651396e1e9…)

Some weirdos can't realize that I'd say most people can like both dogs and cats (and other animals)
It shouldn't be a war with factions you're supposed to choose between. This gang shit here in lolcow is so fucking stupid

No. 936724

just wondering is dog hate related with autism? im more of a cat person myself but these bitches are unhinged

No. 936725

File: 1634056399679.gif (3.51 MB, 500x288, 1051953484-sanemenacingbeaver-…)

If you are bothered, leave

No. 936727

File: 1634056464305.jpg (3.51 MB, 4032x3024, the face of madness.jpg)

I have the same one!

No. 936728

Why can't people be an every animal kind of person? What does that even mean, "more of a cat person"? Like more likely to own a cat? Because it's not relevant. All animals are fucking perfect and special.

No. 936729

File: 1634056543352.png (13.53 KB, 462x367, 1627854613444.png)

omg nonna, that is so cute. we are twins

No. 936734

File: 1634056831531.jpg (67.91 KB, 736x736, b3fc87475aadf784c98eb56a0eabf3…)

I personally understand why some people say they'd prefer cats (they are a little lower maintenance than dogs, especially big breeds that demand a lots of energy), but this
>All animals are fucking perfect and special.
is absolutely true.
I want to be like my neighbors, they have dogs, cats, used to have tortoises and they feed the wild parrots

No. 936736

We just took in my brother’s female boxer mix because he didn’t have any time for her and she’s been absolutely perfect (a little bit of destruction when we leave the house sometimes but it’s usually dog beds/not human things so we don’t mind as much)
She’s supposed to be part mastiff but she just looks like a boxer pit mix, very attentive and obedient, I’m obsessed with her. She managed to fit in with all of our other dogs really quickly too and is great with small children.

No. 936739

Therapy for a mildly annoying issue, no lol

No. 936746

cat person here, and it's just because i like cats more. while i do think dogs are cute, i don't like being licked and they have a tendency to smell worse than cats. i usually feel the urge to wash my hands after petting dogs but not the same for cats. also, the cuteness of dogs tends to vary by breed for me, whereas i think almost all cats are cute except for the extremely flat faced ones and hairless cats (sorry, i wish i could).

it's just down to personal preference. preferring one animal over the other or even outright disliking some is fine, as long as you're not crazy about it.

No. 936747

File: 1634057876541.jpg (94.95 KB, 736x919, 57ae3dc2a4c79ca73befbbccfc38b8…)

For your attention whoring

No. 936748

File: 1634057910916.jpeg (2.23 MB, 3064x3014, E7E9A6E9-77D0-4A76-9012-F7C6B2…)

This is Ronin. He’s a Dumb Bitch. 120 pounds of scaredy-cat energy. We adopted him when I was 18 and he was scared of everyone. (He was a rescue from abuse)
One day I get home after class and I’m bawling, so upset . I am in the bathroom trying to pull myself together and BAM homie uses his body weight to open the door and start talking smack. Head waving, tale waging loud shit talking.

Like sure, he’s barking and I don’t know exactly what he’s saying but I know this goof is talking shit. I yell back at him over his barks and before I know it, we are chasing each other all over the house. He’s jumping at me, I’m in his face.
He never did that to anyone else, but if he heard me say “hey bitch”, even in a whisper, he’d get up and start a fight.
He died recently and it was absolutely heartbreaking to say goodbye. I’m not sure about afterlife, but I hope he’s there ready for a smack down.
This photo is one I took of him the last day he lived. Talking shit till the end.

No. 936762

File: 1634058707684.png (411.67 KB, 1120x1600, cat_diary.png)

Everytime this dog person/cat person thing comes up, I think of this

No. 936765

File: 1634058824437.jpeg (71.69 KB, 613x500, 41A5484D-5506-4BB1-B886-E1460B…)

the only kind of dog I love(>>>cat love thread)

No. 936766

File: 1634058836000.jpg (68.42 KB, 1200x800, dog-breeds-with-goatees.jpg)

Ayrt and I think you just misundertood my post

Bearded dogs. Love any type of bearded dog

No. 936769

But anon that's clearly a bear

No. 936771

Ok but I love this doggo he needs his one action movie

No. 936772

Dog hate for being annoyed that irresponsible people don't pick up after their dogs? I would go to war for my dogs and I still hate the dog shit all over the city. Are you one of the assholes that always "forgets" a poop bag?

No. 936774

There's a cat love thread.

No. 936788

File: 1634059606448.jpg (993.17 KB, 1920x1200, cats-and-dog-sleeping-together…)

Seeing a few posters on /meta/ unironically defend it all, defend the insane Reddit scrote coming here to spam, and say the dog love thread is the one that needs to go is fucked. It's like reading posts from an alternate universe of sadists or something.
I only have a cat, but I'm going to cuddle and play with him. Whatever happens, I hope this thread lasts and team dog/child gore fucks off back to Reddit (or preferably prison)

No. 936792

nta but they’re probably defensive because of the unhinged anon who has been posting dog gore and dog hate every chance they get today.

No. 936795

I do! The mat thing she uses is cool, I wish I had one for my dogs.

No. 936797

Aww that pic, I want to hug them all!

No. 936798

File: 1634059990799.png (25.05 KB, 500x460, i-deliberatley-entered-a-threa…)

>>936480(let it go)

No. 936802

File: 1634060273097.jpg (96.24 KB, 700x700, funny-cute-samoyeds-13-5ad8931…)

I love samoyeds. I'd never be able to have one bc I'm allergic and long coats are bad for me, but I love looking at their funny faces. Big puffballs.

No. 936807

File: 1634060383007.jpg (133.01 KB, 716x960, boudie.jpg)

This is Boudie, he passed away this year. He was almost 11 years old and my best friend.

His favorite things:
>Lambchop puppet
>Ducky toy
>Any treat
>Watching TV with his momma and bff
>Playing hide n seek
>Being tucked in
>Getting hugs n kisses
>Routine living
>Sitting in the sun
>Laser pointers
>Missy Woof Woof (his stuffie gf)

Things he didn't like
>Going for walks
>Catching balls
>Being alone
>Being fat

I blame my grandmother for his death, he could have lived longer had he gotten the care he needed, hadn't been neglected and then had his whole life turned upside down and his routine destroyed. She's a selfish idiot. I tried to help him, but she called the police on me and told all her friends to make sure I didn't go to the house. I didn't get to say goodbye.

No. 936809

I love this anon. When my dog says goodbye, I’m sure she’s gonna go up there and find this old man and immediately pick a bone with him. Bless dogs, I love these dumbasses so much.

No. 936896

File: 1634063955924.jpg (458.87 KB, 630x2554, b74a1b506882c69ba8f8ce7bd900dc…)

This is so sweet, I don't know what to say but I really feel for you and your doggo. I'm just touched by you talking about Boudie, sharing her personality. It breaks my heart that dogs are only remembered by their owners. They have personalities and (probably rich) inner lives too.
YMMV, buy I really love picrel and it makes me cry whenever I think about it. My dog is only 2 years old and I'm already a wreck when I think I will have to lose him one day. It's such a gift to find a creature that you can love infinitely and that loves you back. I feel safe whenever I'm with my dog, even though he is relatively small. Whenever he is, is my safe space even though I'm scared of people and agoraphobic.

No. 936909

Hi anon here, I hope our weird dogs get weird together, lol

No. 936998

your grandmother reminds me of my mother and the family dog. sorry anon. may he rest in peace

No. 937098

Just look at those eyes nonnies, I'd give him the world <3

No. 937159

File: 1634086219657.png (1.86 MB, 974x1404, gimli.png)

Picrel I have a black schnauzer too! His name is Gimli and he's about 8 months old. Schnauzers really are wonderful

No. 937169

File: 1634087272417.jpeg (188.11 KB, 665x975, 9EFF5271-E13C-4404-A96B-ADDE43…)

He’s such an Angel! I love him.

No. 937191

OP, I'll make sure to put this in if we have another thread: friendly reminder that this is a thread of love not hate!

Dog hating sperges please go to your containment thread. Those who wish to complain about dogs, please take it to a thread where it's appropriate. This is also not the pseudo cat hate thread, make one if cats really piss you off that much. Fuck tribe shit, we're not doing that here.

As for what this thread is for: Anons who wish to image dump – even if other animals are in the pic, blogpost about their dogs, discuss their love of dogs, and just appreciate this amazing species. …Yes, borzoi anons are welcome here.

No. 937235

What are your favorite and least favorite dog breeds and why?

No. 937240

File: 1634095935917.jpg (61.56 KB, 633x947, 6db7130774a3d45b79d9f6adbb46b6…)

Greyhounds are my favorite. I don't know if this sounds dumb but to me they're just such an artistic dog. Their natural slimness shows off how beautiful and complex their anatomy is, and their long snoots are very cute. I love their eyes too, they always seem so sweet and shy. I loooove seeing greyhounds wearing coats.

I don't have a least fav breed of dog, having any dog would be so awesome. But I wouldn't want to own a dog that is prone to serious health issues, like pugs or cocker spaniels, I don't think I could provide the care they need or would deal with the stress well.

No. 937241

File: 1634095969439.jpg (127.72 KB, 736x1103, ed2613e6b5d8b9569e3e15e627765c…)

Samefag because this statue is amazing

No. 937276

File: 1634102484175.jpg (84.21 KB, 300x300, 840932743202356.jpg)

I like most spitz breeds but I'd love to have a jindo because they're extremely loyal and athletic but quiet. They also look like bigger shibas which is a plus.
Least favorite: pit bull. Is there even any question?

No. 937286

top 10 anime battles (dog edition)

No. 937346

Big dogs like a Tibetan Mastiff! I had one as a kid named Rudolph. Whenever it snowed his favorite game was to drag me or my siblings around on a sleigh or trash can lid.

I'm not really a fan of smaller dogs but, I think it's just something my dad unintentionally instilled in me as a kid.

No. 937347

File: 1634113685710.jpeg (366.4 KB, 1600x1600, 5AA489D9-055E-48F8-A61D-261A85…)

forgot pic!

No. 937366

File: 1634116901994.jpg (99.29 KB, 1000x761, keeltoys.jpg)

Dumb post but when I was a kid my dad wouldn't alllow any pets. I was an awkward and lonely kid, desperately wanted an animal to connect with so my mom would buy me these plushies where you could collect different breeds of dog lol. They had a husky one that prob was my fave.

Say hello to all my childhood pups..

No. 937418

we don't deserve dogs, or any other animals for that matter.. :(

No. 937435

File: 1634133556416.png (72.11 KB, 292x189, qtpie.PNG)

Aww, I remember these. My friend had this one when we were kids

No. 937447

File: 1634134346442.jpg (42.43 KB, 640x420, cd7f7d23ced42b645ba55c82d085af…)

As an owner of a peke, I'm partial to these dumb fuckers. Not a good dog for a first time dog owner but we got mine before the internet was what it is today, so my dog and I are stuck with each other. She is not very cuddly at all, very independent, and very stubborn to the point where I don't know if she is the way she is because she's dumb as rocks or good at manipulating me and my family to do what she wants for her. There have only been a handful of times in my life where she's fallen asleep in my arms/lap, nudged my hand for more pats, or come to me for attention. I guess she's like a cat in that way, but I've never had a cat so I don't know. I like to call her a tsundere lol.

Even at full length, her coat will never be as long or as fluffy as the show dog pekes, but thank god for that. She is still fluffy and soft though, and I trim her butt now so she's got a cute round puppy butt. She is such a special dog for me and my family. I'm very much on the fence about getting another dog after she passes, for financial and limited time reasons, but I think if I do, I'd really love to adopt a senior peke. Actually, if I happened to walk into a shelter or event where they had a senior peke, I know I'd probably bawl my eyes out about how I can't take them home, or I'd take them home and just figure out how to deal with the consequences of my actions later. I also love chihuahuas, pomeranians, german shepards, rottweilers, dobermans, and goldies. Big dogs are so cool and I'd love to own one but I'm terrified of not being good enough to train one well.

No. 937448

File: 1634134400807.jpg (112.39 KB, 900x600, pekingese-dog-aviram-gabay.jpg)

And here's another peke for good measure. My peke looks like this. Sometimes she's just a big dope, but sometimes she's very regal looking.

No. 937565

File: 1634144392297.jpg (41.55 KB, 729x486, 7403267492653.jpg)

I love you anon, my family had a pekingese growing up and she was just like this. They really are stubborn little assholes who refuse to listen or be trained, but underneath the bitchy exterior they are loyal to their humans. Tsundere is a good way to describe it! It would be amazing if you eventually adopted an older peke, they could definitely use the love. Although I hope your current girl lives a healthy long life. Have you seen tibetan spaniels? They are super cute too, kind of like pekes but with less squashed noses (probably better for their health) and longer legs.

No. 937613

File: 1634149507956.jpeg (1.4 MB, 3024x4032, F9755455-4BAB-4B78-850E-441468…)

My little guy was staring out the glass door at a squirrel today and didn’t even bark at it. They just stared at each other while his little tail wagged like crazy. I could’ve cried

No. 937618

File: 1634149687631.png (1.39 MB, 885x882, joey.PNG)

OMG I haven't!! They're such cuties!! Also on the topic of dogs that look like pekes and dog breeds that I like, I forgot to include Japanese chins. They're so funny.

My old girl is getting up there, and I do fear that I might not have much time left with her, but it has been such a blessing to not only have had all this time with her (17 years!!), but just growing up with her. She has been with me since I was a kid, and I feel so lucky to say that my childhood dog is still with me at the moment.

No. 937635

Is that her? She looks so adorable and fluffy, anon! Almost like a strict little old lady, lol

No. 937638

File: 1634151078858.jpg (26.27 KB, 474x355, 3059.jpg)

I think this every day. But honestly? They're still here, and if they have it in our hearts to love humans (as crap as we are), maybe we're not all so shitty and hopeless

No. 937639

Nooo it's not haha, that's a Japanese chin I follow on instagram! I don't think I'm ready to post her on here yet for fear of friends finding me here (I post a lot of pictures of her all over my socials). She does have a similar look on her face though! Tired old grandma lol

No. 937643

holy shit that thing looks retarded to be honest

No. 937644

File: 1634151664952.jpg (103.38 KB, 605x605, dads-who-didnt-want-dogs-7-588…)

I don't remember where I read this, but I remember reading something about a family who had to say goodbye to their pet dog and their young daughter wasn't as upset and when they asked her why she said it was because her dog's purpose in life- to teach us to love and be happy, had already been fulfilled, so it was time to go. We as humans live much longer because we need a lot more time to learn what comes so naturally to dogs. I'm probably remembering it all wrong, but it was something like that.

People like to berate dogs for only following us because we are their food providers, but I do believe that my dog, and many others, love us as much as we love them. There are dogs out there too who aren't food driven too! Dogs are amazing, whether they're out there doing life saving work, or even if they are just our couch potato buddies, they teach us how to love and love unconditionally. I love the trope of "dad with dog he didn't want" with the dad babying the ever loving shit out of the dog.

No. 937645

I have to take my doggy to the vet today and I'm super nervous. She has a boo boo on her foot and I'm freaking out because I love her so much and don't want anything bad to happen to her. I don't even know how she got it, it looks like a cut or split on the back side of her toe. I feel like the worst dog owner ever. Has anyone had this kind of injury to their dog and what happened?

No. 937649

Maybe she walked on some sharp glass or metal while out on a walk? Anything could've happened! You're not a bad owner nona, and I hope your dog's foot heals quickly!

No. 937656

File: 1634152425029.jpeg (36.54 KB, 800x378, 03A7E33A-7F70-4013-8470-C6970F…)

This is kind of sad, but I remembered one day that I was going back home from school, it was a kind of sunny day but not too hot and I was bored and stressed because my friends couldn’t accompany me and I was stressed because I never told my parents that I was walking home instead of taking the bus. i was getting bullied by kids younger than me, I was in high school already
So as I went to my home passing by the gas station nearby, I saw a puppy like pic related.
I was always told not to pet any stray animals because they could bite me and because they’re dirty, so I just stared at it longingly because I also wasn’t allowed to have pets, like at all, everyone in my house was supposedly allergic to most animals.
So I greeted the dog, I told it to have a good day and kept walking.
I was stressed as well because walking on my own is dangerous, I’ve never been a cute girl, but being a girl in a third world country isn’t exactly a good thing, so I was afraid of getting robbed, stabbed or shot.
The puppy was following me and I told it that I couldn’t keep it, but the puppy wagged its tail and just kept following me, I reached the gate of my neighborhood and the puppy was still with me.
I was mortified because I didn’t know what to do, I wanted to call my parents and ask them if I could keep the puppy that I saw going back home.
I don’t remember a lot after that, I just know that I told the people from the gate to take care of the puppy because I couldn’t take it home with me, I had to leave or my parents would know that I was walking back home instead of taking the bus.
I think that afterwards I didn’t know anything else about the puppy, and my mom was mad at me because she actually got home earlier than usual and caught me anyways.
I still begged her to let us bring the puppy home but she told me that we couldn’t keep a dog since we usually spent the day outside the house and such.
Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if that puppy ended up finding a good home, it makes me sad, I’m even tearing up a bit because I could’ve helped that puppy and I didn’t.
I wish I was more like my uni friends who would pick any animal off the street and help them get safe homes.

No. 937657

That's the only thing I can guess too. We go to the park every day, but our park is really clean. I'm worried it might have been something in our back yard because of that but I couldn't find anything sharp. Thanks for the well wishes. I really hope it's not infected.

No. 937710

File: 1634156433334.jpg (736.13 KB, 2048x1365, merlin_195170073_83a5cf50-7c99…)

Was reading an unrelated NYT article and it had this picture. Look at that lil buddy!

No. 937739

File: 1634157692786.jpg (69.68 KB, 564x564, d86274f6316b0c1eab2c7c6ed63b61…)

Pits can be really sweet though but they're definitely not for everyone, especially beginners.

I hate the stigma around pit bulls, dobermans, rottweilers etc. and how iclined shitty people are to get them because of their intimidating image. Every edgy dumbass I've ever seen has one of those breeds and treats them shitty because they think it's cool to have an aggressive dog.

No. 937748

File: 1634158154761.png (46.48 KB, 826x353, sdihaluer.PNG)

I want big scary dog privilege but I am absolutely fucking terrified of not raising one properly so they can be my dumb goober at home while warding off creepies while I'm outside. Also I'm small so I'd probably get wrecked first by a big dog. My uncle has big breeds that he keeps as "security" but by security he means basically letting them go neglected and borderline feral. Those dogs don't know stranger from family and my shithead uncle somehow thinks that's okay and better than training them properly, as if they wouldn't be naturally protective of a family who provides for them.

No. 937751

I love pits in PJs

No. 937753

File: 1634158411309.jpg (318.97 KB, 1200x900, Tika-the-Iggy-.jpg)

Sometimes when I'm scrolling on IG I get an ad for some wool detergent, but it features this italian greyhound known as Tika the Iggy. I hate ads but I never skip this one. Iggies are so fucking cute heh

No. 937762

Weak bait, try posting one in a tutu next time

No. 937766

File: 1634158827178.jpg (91.74 KB, 640x640, dgaCZdo.jpg)

>My uncle has big breeds that he keeps as "security" but by security he means basically letting them go neglected and borderline feral.

Yeah that's what really bothers me. I think it's normal to keep dogs as a kind of guard to an extent but a lot of these people need to grow some balls instead of putting a poor animal through shit. I just feel so bad for the dogs because their owners are endangering the dogs and the people around them. I mean we've all seen articles of people getting mauled by pits and it resulting in the pit being put down but I'm convinced that a lot of these situations could've been prevented if the owners properly took care of them and made sure not to put them into situations where they could pose a threat to people and other dogs around them.

There ya go nonnie.

No. 937781

>dog love thread
>post dog breed that brutally kills thousands of dogs per year in unprovoked attacks
hopefully this is bait but in any case I hope you choke

No. 937783

File: 1634159642497.jpeg (827.46 KB, 1125x846, 4F85EFA0-1A5D-42EF-997B-AFCED4…)

I love my weird doggo so much. He’s getting old and I’ve started thinking about what my life will be like without him and I can’t even handle it. Yesterday I had a meltdown after a bad workday and he came downstairs and sat in front of me so I could cry on him and let me hug him until I felt better, and spent the rest of the night watching over me to make sure I would be okay. Dogs are the best.

No. 937787

File: 1634159760676.png (1.64 MB, 884x896, scarleysworld.PNG)

Oh no someone save that poor child

No. 937805

File: 1634160772681.jpg (18.57 KB, 480x270, dog_3443d1c26a22c2b669e525faf7…)

No. 937809

File: 1634160818513.jpg (34.25 KB, 500x491, original.jpg)

I like dogs, but that photo is repulsive. Who thought putting a pair of big headed fugly dogs in baby pajamas would be a cute idea?

No. 937812

I didn't even mention them mauling children since you obviously don't give a shit about that. I pointed out how prone they are to killing other dogs since this is supposed to be the dog love thread. Obviously you don't give a shit about the thousands of little dogs eviscerated on the sidewalk by these things every year either. You're more concerned with virtue signaling for an animal created by sadists than anything else. You don't love dogs, you piece of shit. Literally sickening.

No. 937821

File: 1634161589078.jpg (20.63 KB, 275x275, 1634060273097.jpg)

Hard agree. If you claim to love dogs, these are the most dog-aggressive breeds out there. Not to mention cats, small animals, and little children who "move" in a way that makes them anxious. Their prey drive is so high. It's basically like owning a brown bear or a tiger. Could be fine, could be tamed bit why take the risk?

No. 937822

Samefag, but I mean pits, not this adorable Sammy in pic related.

No. 937824

Aww he looks like a lil fox! Adorable ♥

No. 937830

NTA and you can stick your virtual signaling up your own ass but I mentioned in my post >>937766 that it's up to the owner (who's fucking responsible for their dog) to make sure that he doesn't put neither the dog nor animals and people around him in dangerous situations. If he's unsure about how his pet will behave around other dogs, strangers ,kids or whatever, then it's his responsibility to set clear boundaries and make sure shit like dogs attacking other dogs and people doesn't happen.(infighting)

No. 937838

Very cute babies indeed. I've always said I'd get a dog from a shelter but now I'm having this stupid dilemma where I want specific breeds that aren't commonly found there, and Italian greyhounds are definitely on my list. I mean look at them legs and the bug eyes kek

No. 937845

Can you all get a pitbull sperging containment thread already? Most of us just want to see cute dogs ffs

No. 937861

File: 1634163625552.png (250.49 KB, 611x292, puppo.png)

Pardon the upcoming sperg I just fucking love dogs sm

was lucky enough to be owned by a moot for almost 5 years but we lost her in a tragic accident that I don't think I'll ever get over. Would definitely adopt another though, they are cheeky fuckers but they give the best cuddles!!

I much prefer dobes with natural ears (but I'm biased because my current pup is a floppy ear american blulldog), you should check out Basenjis if you like the Egyptian look nonita

My brother gifts me dog stuff a lot, I guess I'm easy to buy for come Christmas. Currently I have a fat lil Shiba plushie like >>936716
and two huskies which I cried over because they were given to me after I lost my Moot

pair of absolute champions, RIP goodest boys

nonnie I've heard Sammies are hypoallergenic!

No. 937874

There's a spanish greyhound that someone at my workplace take with them. He's very friendly, calm and clean. Greet everyone he sees. Now recognizes me and knows he'll get free back scratches from me. I love his derpy look with his long snout and cute big black eyes. Funny little fella.
Picrel not my photo, cause i don't have any photo of him (yet) but one i took off google that closely resembles him!

No. 937877

File: 1634164260002.jpg (119.19 KB, 400x533, 6a00d8341c7e8653ef027880157118…)

Forgot da fucking photo

No. 937889

File: 1634164849603.jpg (336.31 KB, 1080x1287, IMG_20211014_003914.jpg)

There's been actual research showing that dogs value our attention and praise as much as food or sometimes more. Here's another interesting one:
The argument is moronic anyway, children need parents for their food, but that doesn't change the fact that they also love them

No. 937897

File: 1634165196594.jpg (413.89 KB, 1080x1813, IMG_20211014_004608.jpg)

No. 938186

he looks so cool and smart. i'd feel cool walking him.

No. 938432

File: 1634224371450.jpg (351.9 KB, 1500x1500, 144836_MAIN._AC_SL1500_V156693…)

I have always wanted to get my dog one of these beds, or one of the half blanketed ones because they're only like $20 at Target and I think she's be so cute sleeping in them. I kept putting it off and telling myself I'd get it for her next time. It's really just hit me today that she has lost quite a bit of her eyesight, and she still sleeps in random spots throughout the apartment on the floor or on her folded bath towel, but even if I buy her this bed now, I don't think she'd realize it's a bed she can sleep in. She might not even be able to climb into it. I'm sad at the realization that I will never see her curled up so cute in this bed, but also at the realization of how her body is deteriorating.

I thought back this morning about how she used to greet me. As a puppy, always running out to greet us while barking or whining and hopping in circles before jumping into our lap and rubbing herself all over us in excitement. As an adult, slowly transitioning into barking at the suspicious person who just came home before realizing its one of us and then running out excitedly and wagging her tail so hard that her entire butt shakes side to side. Then, into her senior years, she began to just wait for us to come into the apartment before meeting us halfway or just sitting and waiting for us to go to her to greet her and have her rub against us. Now when I come home, she's more often than not sleeping. If she's awake, she doesn't realize I'm home at all and continues wandering off to get water/do her business/find a new sleeping spot. She hasn't nuzzled her face into me for a while now, I don't even get that anymore. She just will let me pet her as she sleeps or flop over on her side for belly rubs.

I love her so much but I hate looking back and realizing all of this.

No. 938487

File: 1634227651320.jpeg (1.41 MB, 3024x4032, received_1319353691589088.jpeg)


No. 938520

I'm so grateful that docking and ear clipping is illegal where I live. There is no excuse for mutilating your dog. There is no evidence that ear clipping has any benefit to their health, don't even try to excuse it. People who do this shit to their dogs are straight up psychopaths. Imagine favoring an aesthetic over the well being and autonomy of your pet. Really bizarre. We used to have a rottweiler when I was a kid and she had a cropped tail and it used to make to want to cry when she was happy and tried to wag her little stump but couldn't.

No. 938526

True, afaik some dogs may have some hearing troubles due to clipping, and I'm sure docking also fucks with how they move and communicate because ears and tail do have a function. But also, if breeders love pointy ears and short tails, why not breed dogs like that instead of taking dogs with certain features and cutting them up to resemble dogs with other features?

No. 938549

This pic kinda makes me want a plush love thread..

No. 938569

Tail docking is cruel and unnecessary in 99% of cases, but there are some dogs that genuinely need it for health reasons. Most of the time they're poorly bred dogs from breeds that have really unnaturally long and thin tails. I knew someone who was advised by a vet to get half of their dog's tail removed because the tip kept painfully breaking.

No. 938596

File: 1634233884088.jpg (235.09 KB, 1280x890, tumblr_bbfd68b17dc3bedf59fe2f2…)

I won one of these Yeastken plushies last time I was in Tokyo! The specific one I have isn't shown here, but they have so many more and I've seen a display with a giant one before and I want it…

My friends gift me dog magnets a lot too for some reason lol. It's so dumb and cheesy that I love it.

No. 938625

File: 1634235517930.jpg (75.08 KB, 615x477, 1 fpp,small,lustre,wall_textur…)

that cupcake and hamburger one. i want

No. 938858

>working spaniels
>german shepherds
>border collies
>staffordshire bull terriers

least fav might be french bulldogs, regular bulldogs and pugs, those poor dogs just aren't being bred to live. not sure why cockerpoos and labradoodles etc are so popular either

No. 940093

File: 1634369820600.jpg (73.37 KB, 638x638, xzdsnfhphasvinot3olg.jpg)

Bumping thread with my baby, a great dane and german shepard mix, he doesn't have a white tip on his tail but other than that he looks almost exactly like pic related. I can't wait till he gets big and ends up looking like a leggier lab.

No. 940111

adorable puppy!

No. 940130

File: 1634374764320.jpg (90.85 KB, 900x1225, duck1.jpg)

I LOVE Nova Scotias, they look so soft and happy, and to me their color is so nice.

He's gonna be a big boy anon!!

No. 940771

I've always been a cat person, but lately I've been seriously considering adopting a dog after several of my friends suggested getting one to help with my anxiety and depression. While I'm a pretty active person and wouldn't mind derping around outdoors with a dog every day, I'm also a broke student living in a small apartment so I'm not sure I'd be able to provide a good life for anything larger than a chihuahua. Does anyone have any advice for a potential first-time dog owner? including trying to talk me out of it

No. 941293

File: 1634495888839.jpeg (297.44 KB, 1920x1200, 587BDA83-FFFF-40A2-8FB6-1DC82A…)

I know it’s just a marketing ploy but damn. Subaru’s “Make A Dog’s Day” campaign really gets me, on top of their history of how they got the title of the “lesbian car” by being progressive and whatever.

I wish I remember what thread it was in, but someone once posted about how they were depressed as fuck here but their dog has been with them the whole time and has been such a light in their life. I think a dog might be a good addition to your life. You could even find a midsized little mutt from the shelter to take home! Small dogs have just as much personality and love to give. Dogs are a lot of responsibility and require a lot of training and care, but the rewards are endless. I see a lot of people I follow pay for expensive trainers and whatnot, but the internet is free and full of so many resources not previously available to first time dog owners. Sure, expensive fresh/raw food is an option, but some dogs do just fine on kibble. You could even cook for your dog if you really wanted to (the fresh food subscription I buy for my dog puts their food recipes online). Dogs are a lot, but they give so much back. I hope you’ll bring home a furry friend, but I understand that it’s a huge life commitment (I’m even debating on getting another dog after my current one passes) but I think once you settle in with them, life without a dog seems impossible and so bleak. Good luck on making a decision anon! Maybe see if you could foster a dog as a trial?

No. 941312

So sweet ♥

No. 941353

I second the suggestion of trying out a foster! The organization you foster from can work with you to find a good fit, and if it ends up being too overwhelming for you it's not a big deal.

No. 941857

I would also suggest a foster only if anon is ready to have a dog with all types of personalities and the organization offers to tell you about the dog's possible behavioural issues and then suggest the best one for your lifestyle if you do end up actually adopting one.
Keep in mind that the dog you're going to get may not be what you envision and that you may have to work to train it. It may bark a lot in the middle of the night, it may have separation anxiety, it may not be so sociable with other animals or people, it may take a while for it to be trained or it may be perfect already.

No. 942211

Does anyone have experience working for a ngo dedicated to saving dogs? I want to join one focusing on a breed that is really dear to me, but I'm worried that my avoidant personality will ruin my chance of feeling comfortable being there. I kind of want to go there after I undergo outpatient therapy (hopefully it helps me).

No. 942560

I swear to God, dogs are like the most expressive animals imaginable it's so interesting how they can have a whole slew of expression. It's so fucking cute too.

No. 942592

File: 1634613346099.jpeg (520.54 KB, 1459x2048, doobie.jpeg)

This is my best friend's pooch, he's a red doberman. His bestie is a chihuahua, who is only five pounds! The chihuahua is the boss of the house, and even steals this guys bed sometimes and make him lay in the tiny one.

No. 942727

Very adorable anon, I love that his ears and tail haven't been cut. Though I hope that's not a prong collar, especially if it's tied so high up on his throat.

No. 942744

im so excited guys. i can check out some dogs at a fosterplace tomorrow that are up for adoption.

they all are unbelievably cute and i can't wait to meet them.

i hope the fosterplace will accept me as a possible new home for one of them. the fosterplaces here are very picky when it comes to adopting dogs… sometimes i feel like im adopting a child lol.

i mostly work from home and have cared for our family dog until we had to put him down due to old age. so i have the experience.

but as soon as i mention that i live in an apartment, most fosterplaces turn me down… so im super excited that i get to at least go there and see for myself!

wish me lucks guys so i can finally adopt a doggo

No. 942783

It is, unfortunately. I don't want to get too into it but there are a number of things about the way she chooses to raise her dog that I don't agree with. I've had many discussions with her about it but she is a stubborn person who thinks very highly of her own opinion and intelligence. I've tried to encourage her to get him the training he needs to not "need" a collar like that, but she's been hesitant. She is majorly paranoid about other people and has this superiority complex shit going on.

No. 942899

File: 1634652350534.jpg (151.89 KB, 800x800, blizzard-lulu005.jpg)

I love the big and small dogss together. It's so fucking funny and cute. Reminds me of Blizzard (St. Bernard) and Lulu (Japanese chin)! Unfortunately Blizzard passed a few years ago but Lulu has a new St. Bernard friend named Brody!

No. 943051

File: 1634664940508.jpg (3.73 MB, 4000x3000, IMG_20211019_115642.jpg)

isn't he cute? I had to pull something out of his ass this morning in the middle of the park because he couldn't push them out, probably some weeds or sticks he ate last night :)

No. 943086

What a absolutely cutie!! That coat color is gorgeous! kek my dog has long butt fur and I hate it when poop doesn't fall off and gets caught without me noticing and she sits and squashes it into her beautiful fur more sigh.

No. 943222

tell me about it kek his butt fur is also long and before I could clean him he dragged his butt on the grass and smeared poop all over the fur. Thank fuck I had some tissues.

No. 943232

Well that's a pity. Such a beautiful dog with such a stubborn (and honestly ignorant) owner. Still I hope he doesn't suffer much.

Nta but my dog has been having some poop problems (probably because of wrong kibble) and now I don't know how to clean her. I'm considering cutting her dirty fur off and trimming her behind overall so she stays cleaner. I can't wash her because my family doesn't allow her into the house and it gets very cold now.

No. 943279

maybe wet wipes? trimming the fur could be a good idea too, much easier to clean than long hair

No. 944020

File: 1634742029808.jpg (125.47 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

They're lucky they're so cute… nothing says love like being inches away from your dogs butt as you hold them under their waist to keep them still as you wipe them clean lol

Yes, trim! I trimmed my dog's butt into a cute little puppy butt cut and it's 1) very fucking cute, and 2) functional and makes cleanups a lot less necessary/easier when they I have to clean her up.

No. 956458

File: 1635782201351.jpg (284.57 KB, 2000x1333, image.jpg)

My friend got a cavapoo recently and I'm waiting for pictures but I'm a little jealous of how smart her dog probably is. She said he's really smart too, and I sent her dogs like Bunny and Stella to nudge her towards button training (so I can live vicariously through her kek). My dog is dumb as rocks but what she lacks in brains she makes up for in cuteness.

No. 956797

File: 1635806100500.jpg (71.04 KB, 640x480, f689a4.jpg)

Which dog breed is the most autistic and why is it border collies? I love them though.

No. 957083

Fuck off with this stupid shit.

No. 958261

File: 1635945513709.jpeg (891.5 KB, 750x935, AB78E813-AD41-462A-8E79-B0496B…)

Kabosu, the shiba inu from the doge meme, just celebrated her 16th birthday’

No. 958267

Happy bday grandma doge!

No. 958271

She's done so much for the culture she needs a statue.

No. 958323

Sue Elon Musk, Kabosu.

No. 958382

Kabosu can financially and socially ruin Muskrat without even lifting her paw (she has transcended dogmanity, acquiring supernatural powers) but I'm sure her legal representatives would love to have a go at him too

No. 964775

File: 1636549039851.jpg (24.83 KB, 474x313, cuuute.jpg)

Big dog/small dog friendships are the best ♥
My cousin has a big mixed breed dog and a little Terrier dog who are the best of friends, it makes me so happy

No. 964779

aw good for him my shiba died at 16

No. 965906

Damn I love how that big dog looks! The kind of wild fur is charming. Looks like it has some border collie in it. The small dog's also very cute!

No. 966925

File: 1636761435224.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 830.03 KB, 2048x1536, 8AFAB989-EBD1-4112-99E9-5D4291…)

I really miss my dog so much, I’m crying because it’s so hard to visit my dads house without Ronin bitch talking me at the front door. It’s not the same and I want him back.
Sorry for being sad fag

No. 969679

has or does anyone suffer with puppy blues? i adopted a 9 month old dogo a week ago and ever since i've been losing my goddamn mind. i feel seriously ill and depressed the whole time and haven't properly eaten or slept in days.

and it's not even the dogs fault since he's usually superchill abd only has a few accidents here and there. i just don't feel anything for him yet, even tho i've been wanting a dog for so so so long and was so ecxited about adopting him.
help me anonettes, is this feeling normal?

No. 969689

File: 1637072961617.jpg (15.75 KB, 300x300, Happyoodles.com-Puppy-blues-pu…)

Hey nonna, it's been a long time since my dog was a pup and I was kinda too young to remember that phase of her life, but I do think this is normal. I follow some people online who raised their dogs from puppyhood and they did tweet about their frustrations of puppyhood and teenage phase. One artist has had her dog for about 4 years now so those tweets are long buried but one girl I follow got her golden Ripley earlier this year so you can read through her journey and thoughts about raising her at @raisingripley. Ripley is her second puppy that she's raising so she has some experience under her belt, her first dog is @ares_dogofwar and if you go back far enough you might be able to find some tweets about his puppy phase.

I remember reading tweets about them being depressed as they raised their dogs. I don't think this is as uncommon as people think, it's just not widely spoken about. I hope that you'll bond with your dog some day, and even though these puppy days are extremely hard, I'm sure you'll raise your pup into a fine dog and have many happy days ahead. Wishing you the best of luck! I really commend people who raise their dogs from puppyhood, it's a hard thing to do and I know I would struggle like hell.

No. 969933

File: 1637094854274.png (1.27 MB, 797x884, bimb.png)

I don't give a shit about Sykkuno but his dog is so cute.

No. 971254


thank you for your response nonna. i have decided to rehome the lil dude. for my and his sanity's sake. he seems to be struggling with some kind of traumatic experiences and has started to growl and nip at pretty much everyone… i feel so miserable about giving up on him but i just know deep down that i cannot produce the energy to commit myself to this dog properly. and he doesn't deserve that. it just doesn't fit between us.

i'm guilt-ridden but know ultimately i've made the best choice for him and myself. he deserves someone who looks after him and wants to support him 100%. i'm just not that person (at the moment).

No. 972718

File: 1637350683871.jpg (278.42 KB, 1600x900, pups.jpg)

Don't feel bad, anon. You tried, and I'm sure someone even more caring will find him. Rescues aren't easy

No. 972729

Hey nonnie, you made the right choice by recognizing and admitting that you couldn't fulfill his needs. I don't think there's any shame in that, and I really respect you for being able to realize that! Puppy rearing is tough. I hope he will find a good family, and I hope one day you will be able to welcome and care for a dog who fits into your life.

No. 974468

File: 1637511185685.jpg (65.22 KB, 381x362, Blade20test.jpg)

Years ago my family decided to take in a dog to "cheer me up" because I was sick and while I can see now that's not a very good idea (because a sick person might not be able to take care of a dog) I'm glad it happened. Thanks to the dog I could finally go outside more and eventually I learned to take even daily long-ish walks (before I was a complete neet, mainly because of my controlling mother) which also help with my anxiety/depression even if they're still there. Plus the dog's so sweet and clever!
Now I've been thinking about getting another dog to keep mine company in case I'm not able to, but I'm on the fence. I'm really not sure if I can take care of two dogs and if I can go through the whole training process again. And what if it stresses my dog out? What if something goes wrong? I actually got close to getting another dog years ago but got cold feet at the last minute, I'm just too indecisive.

No. 974472

Why don't you adopt an older dog with training? There must be an option like that

No. 974898

i could pet and snuggle my dog all day long and never get tired of it shes so cute and soft and silly i love her so much

No. 974902

File: 1637555088184.jpg (34.64 KB, 436x640, c7c36d9702eea7d63b4d11a100b32a…)

Goddamn I love it when someone in front of me is walking their dog and I see the lil hair whorls on their butt.

No. 974912

File: 1637556963852.jpg (118.62 KB, 500x500, large.jpg)

I just wanna say I adore terriers. The more mustachioed, the better. They're like little firecrackers. My last dog was a wire fox terrier and he was that "one in a million" dog. I don't know if I could ever have another dog after him…

No. 974948

File: 1637560936690.jpg (2.02 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20211122_010104.jpg)

Same! Let me share a pic of my aunt's dog. He's so sweet holy shit. His name is Kane and he's a Cairne Terrier.

Wish I could kidnap him.

No. 975076

I also love when my dog literally throws herself to the ground in front of me and waits for belly rubs. Sometimes I get worried because she does it a little too violently kek

No. 975098

File: 1637582671177.jpg (98.17 KB, 800x600, 60e5651788e54d50158a368abe5366…)

when i get an apartment of my own and finish uni i'm getting a shiba and a daschund

No. 975113

Ohhh God I miss him so much, life just isn't the same and that house will never be the same. It's like an alien world. Without his sweet little face looking up at you. Yeah you had to worry about dropping anything on the floor or it would go directly into his mouth, yeah he barked at every knock on the door and doorbell on the tv, yeah he pooped on the rug and ate it sometimes but he was still my best fucking little buddy on the planet. I spent 11 years being his best friend. I spent 11 years trying to give him the life he deserved while his "momma" did the bare minimum and treated him like a doll. She treated me like a doll to. It's like it took his passing for me to realize things were never that great.
I miss playing hide n seek with you. I miss giving you treats. I miss you lying between us on the couch, laying on your back, looking up at us with those huge eyes full of love. The cutest little boy. I'll never see you again. I never got to say goodbye. I hope you know that I love you. I loved you more than she ever could, and I know that's something you couldn't have understood because to you she was everything even when she was terrible, but I did. I loved you more than she could ever be capable of. I miss you little guy.

No. 975201

Nonna I did not need to read this and start crying at work. I'm so sorry for your loss. Dogs are so special, and I can only hope your sweet buddy is up in puppy heaven making new friends and having the time of his life as he waits to meet you again. It's a massive cope but I want to believe that there's a heaven up there for dogs, so they don't have to be lonely without us. I am sure that he knew that you loved him. I think the same when I look at my dog- do you know how much I love you? And how much I'll miss you? I think they do nonna. Thank you for taking care of him during his time on earth with us.

No. 978105

Thank you nonnie, love you

No. 978309

File: 1637910919149.jpg (100.81 KB, 1536x2048, 260445102_4636976009697209_625…)

Thought of you today, bearded dog loving Nona.

No. 979196

Do your dogs know you are sad and try to comfort you? None of my dogs had any reaction to me crying. I do not hold it against them in any way, I'm just wondering if something is wrong with me so that my dogs cannot read my emotions properly. I know that dog recognizing human emotions isn't a meme because scientific research has been done on the topic.
At the very least, my dog notices that I'm sick so he snuggles to me the whole day instead of walking around the house and asking for walks (we go on less than usual and he is very demanding when it comes to them)

No. 979203

Ugh, I'm peeved because Karens at the dog park might have stunted the socialization progress I've been making with my 6 month old puppy I adopted from the shelter.
All because they didn't want to walk over and discipline their own dogs and expected me to do it for them while I tried to handle my own scared puppy their big dog was intimidating.
He's a large breed puppy so he's already the size of a medium dog, but mentally he's still a baby and is quick to scare.

My puppy had a great dog park experience yesterday. Some dogs were a bit bigger than him but the people yesterday were way more attentive about their dog's behavior which allowed my puppy time to observe and slowly introduce himself to them. He was so happy and running around and playing with them! I brought treats with me (he's food driven) and even gave some to the other dogs yesterday because they responded to my commands to sit.
Today? Awful. The second I enter the gate I get ran down & jumped by a 60+ pound pit-lookin motherfucker who wanted my messenger bag with treats. He jumped me multiple times and didn't respond to his owner at all. It scared the fuck out of my puppy. The Karen who he belonged to shouted at me from afar to tell him commands to not have the treats but, uh, hello? Come get your fucking mutt lady I shouldn't have to do shit for you. My poor pup was spooked and shaking.
I tried to be polite with the other dog owners there but that encounter right off the bat made things awkward. Their big dogs were barking at each other and roughousing. It was a totally different atmosphere than the day before and it felt so aggressive. Then one asshole dog who I thought was playing nice with my puppy started to chase him and then barked in his face while my sweet puppy just sat scared against the fence. I came between it and my puppy and the shitty owner didn't even attempt to recall her dog.
I wound up just taking my puppy and leaving because he was so scared and shaking. Those dogs were even making me nervous. He's resting with me on the couch now but I feel pretty bad.

No. 979206

Are you the same anon complaining about heterosexual Karens in another thread or are different people suddenly using the term on lolcow?

No. 979217

No? Take your fight back to the other thread, I'm allowed to call Karens when I see them act like Karens.

No. 979220

Sorry about your bad experience. Karen should be redtexed though

No. 980944

kek my dog is the same way anon. Sometimes when I visit friends, it makes me realize how much NOT like a dog my dog acts. She's very aloof and a bit tsundere-like. I've had her for almost 18 years now but can count on a single hand the amount of times she has cuddled with me/slept in my arms/slept in my lap willingly and for more than 5 minutes. Most days I will get a quick snuggle and she will rub her face into me (I think it's to just clean her face but I pretend that she's doing it because she loves me) and then she fucks off. Some dogs just aren't affectionate I guess. I'm very jealous when I go over to a friends house and their dogs are constantly bumping my hand for pats, or rolling over to show their belly for me to rub. My dog has only rubbed her face against my hand ONCE while I was hysterically sobbing, but I think it was because she was laying between my legs and couldn't really get out (I wasn't holding her trapped there, but she was sick and couldn't move very well at the time).

No. 980950

File: 1638204194460.png (1.23 MB, 887x893, beanka.PNG)

I love chihuahuas!!! They look so fucking dumb, I love them!

No. 980968

AYRT. TBH my dog is very affectionate — he demands being allowed to sleep in my bed, constantly snuggles to me, asks to be pulled on my knees when I sit, loves licking my arms and ears, loves being hugged and carries etc. He just doesn't appear to comprehend wtf is going on when I'm crying

No. 981363

File: 1638226597328.jpg (155.99 KB, 752x752, 0_OsSLuNhChRgEWWZM.jpg)

Same! i'd like to pet one's head someday

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