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No. 939805

Post random things you hate and why. A picture of the thing you hate is always appreciated. Please don't vent about your life here. For venting about your personal life, your family, neighbors, boyfriend, coworkers etc use the vent thread. For minor annoyances in your very personal daily life use the annoying thread. Thank you. Commentary is fine (positive, negative or neutral) as long as you don't come here to start a retarded infight with your personal issues. Keep the borzois in mind.

Previous thread:

No. 939818

I hate the Borzoi jokes, enough already

No. 939820

It's either you or people complaining that is isn't borzoi, you can't please everyone and it's a picture of dogs so maybe just get over it instead of making it everyone else's problem.

No. 939821

>Anon writing her suicide note

>Anon writing about going back to her shitty boyfriend after he took a huge shit on her danganronpa pillow and poisoned her cat

Boudican revolt

No. 939823

File: 1634335573944.png (261.27 KB, 1043x800, 1d4.png)

"peterpan syndrome" people
Just shut up and take responsibility, you're an adult for ffs

No. 939824

now we'll keep posting them just to piss you off kek

No. 939825

File: 1634335691310.jpeg (31.35 KB, 303x400, 1_PHsYSDrv1iH-P9-9_7BZdQ.jpeg)


long live the queen

No. 939834

I agree, it's reached a point where I just assume that anons complaining about their scrotes in the vent thread are baiting

No. 939839

It’s so sad, other anons probably think that anon deserves to kill herself, we tell people to kill themselves but it’s never that serious, it breaks my heart knowing that there’s a possibility that some posters here have actually taken their lives and have been forgotten.

No. 939842

Bullshit, I saw anons reply several times with attempts to calm the suicide note posters down and tell them to not do it.
But I myself always wonder what one is even supposed to reply to that. It's obviously a cry for help and attention, but how is an internet stranger who doesn't even know who you are supposed to help? I always found the "nooo don't do it" posts to be useless for someone with serious depression.

No. 939845

I hate youtubers. Stop asking me to donate to your Patreon, you don't deserve money or happiness for filming yourself reacting to a video and doing that annoying zoom-into-your-face-for-comedic-effect thing that everyone is doing now. And stop showing me your dog, I don't care about it and it doesn't endear yourself to me like you want it to /old woman yelling at cloud

No. 939848

I feel like maybe sometimes it's good to just type out the devastation that one is feeling so that they have time to feel those feelings and think them through. It's better than being impulsive and just going through with it. Sometimes all a person needs to get through a crisis in that moment is to be heard and to given reassurance no matter how minor it is.

No. 939880

Oh my god I hate the teet-sucking clout chasers on YouTube who always comment on very popular videos and desperately try to suck off of the popularity of said video and the creator like Just Some Guy without a Mustache, stop posting on people’s videos trying to get attention because you’re a talentless nobody it’s so fucking annoying and transparent

No. 939882

They are a plague. Ever see that Axxl (I think that's the name) guy? He always posts cringy edge lord replies under the most popular comment to try and steer people toward his confusing and grotesque channel.

No. 939883

Whenever an anon assumes that every single /ot/ poster posts in every single cow thread as some kind of "gotcha" whenever someone calls out nitpicking

No. 939901

It does get pretty tiring after the 50 thousandth anon. There’s only so many times you can repeat the same generic “live for the little things” type of post.

No. 939909

I guess I just don't feel that way. I've been dealing with the same kind of struggles since I was a little girl, I'd rather just offer the compassion they're seeking than become annoyed at them. It isn't their fault life is so complicated and painful. It also isn't their fault that other people feel the same way and have already said it. It could be the same anon a hundred times and I'd still rather try and reach out. It isn't about how impactful the reply is, it's the fact that there was a reply at all.

No. 939921

I believe anyone who's been on the brink of suicide knows there is nothing anyone can do. Especially not through an imageboard. Clogging up a thread with ''noo omg don't do it'' is pointless. Suicide is usually a result of lots of trauma, it's such a personal/unique decision that generic advice can't ever cover it.

No. 939940

I still like telling anons to not kill themselves though

No. 939944

Because it makes you feel good about yourself?

No. 939947

>Muh you have to be a narc-chan retard to tell someone not to fucking kill themselves
Doomers are so idiotic.

No. 939950

It doesn't make me feel better about myself per se, I feel at ease knowing maybe anon didn't do it and survived. Death is permanent, troubles are not

No. 939952

> Death is permanent, troubles are not

How to tell that someone’s never dealt with chronic depression 101

No. 939953

If they wanted to 100% kill themselves, they wouldn’t be posting about it on an imageboard for it to be seen and read. They would be already looking for the rope.

No. 939986

Maybe because anon isn’t entirely a piece of shit and doesn’t want them to die, humans are animals, not miracle workers who can walk on water but at least sometimes their intentions makes sense. I wholeheartedly agree that telling a profoundly depressed or traumatized person that “it’ll get better!!” won’t help but sometimes everything is just so futile, not everyone can save someone sadly.

No. 939987

That’s untrue and false I have no idea why people spread this, if they’re posting on an imageboard about wanting to kill themselves it’s probably a subtle cry for help, not that they’re trying to farm for ego-driven attention but a lot of suicidal people unconsciously make cries or hints for help.

No. 940001

Well if as many anons who've angrily responded to that other anon because she doesn't care about suicide posts would respond to the actual suicide posts, this wouldn't be an issue. Although I've seen suicide posts be responded to, so I guess you're just upset about the number of replies? Which tbh is totally an attention whoring issue.

Suicide is a heavy topic that brings no levity to the board. Of course dunking on some anon's shitty scrote would get more responses because it's more fun and easier than attempting to type up something thoughtful that probably won't be received well anyway. Nobody here is obligated to respond to suicide posts, but good on the anons who have the patience to try, even though those anons need to seek actual help and spaces dedicated to those issues.

No. 940003

That’s what I said, anon. Posting is a cry for help. It’s not attention-whoring or ego-driven. I didn’t imply that they’re looking for attention, more like for someone to say or do anything. If they post here, replying to them is not completely useless.

No. 940005

> so I guess you're just upset about the number of replies?
Thing is I never see replies. It’s always zero replies, and then some anon complains about how her bf jerked off on her pizza and told her it’s ranch sauce and it’s 5 replies.

Of course not everyone is obligated to reply. I think it’s fine not to care about suicidal people. Not everyone has the energy or the tools, half of the people here are on some spectrum of depressed. BUT it’s still jarring seeing two posts right next to each other but the one with the man in it is the one getting the replies. Especially when the anon is 100% to blame. At some point you have to wonder if her bf is paying a witch on Facebook marketplace for spells to make her stay.

No. 940008

Samefag, I wanted to add that the bf vents are probably easier to reply to because they’re aren’t abstract in a sense. It’s a clear problem with clear variables. If anon’s bf jizzed on her pizza we tell her to leave him and to commit spiritual seppuku. There’s a clear solution, something practical. If she says she’s depressed then, eh, I guess. Fuzzy variables, fuzzy problem, most people can’t even solve it for themselves, and basic things like “do bloodwork and check your levels eat well exercise” are kind of retarded to someone who is so far beyond the threshold of mental wellness they can not even recognize it.

No. 940013

>Thing is I never see replies.

It's a vent thread on a gossip board, if you want someone to confront you about heavy topics like that instead of just dumping your feelings, you're better off calling a suicide hotline.

No. 940014

Samefag but you yourself are also free to reply anytime if you think it should be done.

No. 940020

I hate it when I feel myself sober up. I don't drink often but when I do, I want to be wasted the whole night.

No. 940159

When people write words normally except for "ppl", it reeks of Twitter faggotry and for some reason I find it a bit passive aggressive.

No. 940160

Same. I also hate it when people type using good spelling and grammar but for some reason type exclusively in lowercase. Reminds me of tumblrtards I knew who would literally delete and re-post something if they accidentally used uppercase letters.

No. 940162

I do this automatically sometimes but I always correct it when I catch myself. Never been a twitterfag but I was a redditor a couple years ago

No. 940169

What's the problem with people writing lowercase, this isn't a formal space that requires neat writing.

No. 940261

Nothing. It's just one of my autistic pet peeves.

No. 940308

When I think I'm settling into a campy animal documentary but it's nothing but a bunch of heavily edited and manufactured faux drama, jumpcuts, and out of place animal noises thrown on top.

No. 940312


No. 940465

nayrt buy yeah, he's annoying af

No. 940472

I hate seeing humans in animal documentaries (inb4 humans are animals too yadayada, you know what I mean), even if it's just some biologist or whatever explaining why the animal is behaving the way it is. I'm here to watch cute otters and penguins and bears, fuck off.

No. 940483

Older docs are better on average. Long, slow-paced footage with minimal off-camera narration. They usually still have fairly annoying music though, that's what I can't stand kek.

No. 940509

When girls use baby audios on TikTok over them being sexual. Why would you be provocative with a baby/toddler voice as the audio?

No. 940565

Probably going to be screamed at, but I partially blame the hip hop genre because there's a lot of music with that sound effect in it.

No. 940582

The word Karen. It used to mean a specific type of person, but now it just means any woman raising a fuss/having a disagreeable opinion/being frustraited with something. Please, AT LEAST call us bitch. This "karen" stuff is just a get out of jail free way to be sexist.

Also Kohls

No. 940587

Using a name as a slur is shitty, I feel sorry for all real Karens.

No. 940588

Really tired of OnlyFans propaganda being promoted so hard everywhere

No. 940592

nothing ever fits right

No. 940605

Me too. It's literally everywhere.

No. 940642

File: 1634421311477.jpg (710.83 KB, 2448x3264, pgj7pedr067z.jpg)

Peppermint. There is not a single food, drink or hygienic product the addition of this disgusting greenery doesn't ruin.

No. 940652

File: 1634437623470.jpeg (27.62 KB, 640x466, garf.jpeg)

My only wish is that OF and all the retards that defend it, perish.

No. 940671

This is a big portion of everything wrong in this planet

No. 940680

Every time there is a sex work video or only fans on channels like these, there are comments always saying “love her energy!!” , and “she seems like a sweet girl.” Lol

No. 940730

I've been thinking this since day one. There's something particularly nasty and sinister about it. Just another way of being sexist to women and laughing it off as a joke or being "morally superior"

No. 940732

The fact that there's (young) people who'll see this thumbnail and think a body can look like that is another curse in this timeline

No. 940735

The one thing about youtube I've noticed is how most comments on a given video are in support/defense of the uploader or their intentions, so at least I can say you're seeing a curated fraction of people's opinions

No. 940803

can we not just have a world where women are neither onlyfans whores nor prudes but self respecting and decent while still having a sense of sexuality? no I guess thats long gone

No. 940820

File: 1634456514822.jpeg (496.1 KB, 828x639, 7C9196F3-85A3-4396-9C7F-4DEF24…)

Whatever this is
It’s fine to have snacks but do you really need to have a giant stock in your room? I understand if you live in a dorm or whatever but cmon

No. 940824

They probably have these in their kitchen

No. 940825

NTA but honestly listen to me I’ve been thinking about it ever since that anon started talking about a matriarchy. What if we really had state-mandated sexual contact in the matriarchy? Like ride your husbando he score goes up, he starts talking about his IQ like a fucking nerd his score goes down. Also you could choose to materialise your husbando or you could choose an e-boy/normie guy with online presence/micro-celebrity, and if he score drops too low they put him a reformation faculty for a while. I think this is perfect there are a lot of cute guys but when they speak I am attacked by a wave of disgust and condescension so intense I develop chronic acid reflux, you can’t even objectify them they’re so retarded they make you want to Virgina Woolf

No. 940826

Bullying is beneficial to society

No. 940827

File: 1634457728557.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1175x1867, 4DD8A474-0ADB-4660-8902-4ABB8B…)

I hate fake tiktok autists. I doubt every single one of them. No you are not super special or quirky and autistic, can someone please explain why they come off as so forced and artificial? You can’t force yourself to stim or mask on camera.

No. 940830

Samefag this was to a Billie Eilish song and his face changed on beat. So cringe
Attention seeking scrotes like this should be flogged


No. 940831

I agree with you, I wish this was the case.
God thats just a heart attack waiting to happen

No. 940845

This is all her fucking fault.

No. 940855

This is so stupid and fake I hate it. I also flail my arms when I get too excited but not in that very fake way. I saw more videos of her and she's completely normal. I hate people like her. Pixielocks also flails her arms around now because of people like her. Everyone wants to pretend they have autism as if it was a fad. And when the fad is over every dumb person who did this will return back to their normal lives and I'll be here being a retard.

No. 940857

why do young people think mental illness is like, cool and trendy? first it was bipolar, then depression, now it's DID and autism… why, just why. Next it'll be OCD and ADHD. I hate this.

No. 940858

I'm not autistic myself but this (the fakery) seems offensive to actually austistic people to me. People's life-long conditions aren't for tiktokkers to get their 5 minutes of fame out of.

No. 940860

I wish I could donate my autism to a tiktok 'tard. Last week at work I got a little too excited about seeing the magpies I feed there and proceeded to give my co-workers a 10 minute talk on the behaviour of magpies which they definitely did not ask for and left me looking like the absolute sped I am. I would happily ruin a fakers social life with this fucking curse.

No. 940866

I hate it because I have adhd and some spergy traits too and I just never fit in due to my spergy self and idk it shows. It even shows when I post here. Whenever I vent I am called a retard or some other similar insult and I forget how to talk to people sometimes so I can sound preachy and talk too much. I dislike people so much that I want to become an hermit because it's just too overwhelming to talk to people now. I had my shot at trying to be cool and make a lot of friends at college and now that I graduated and don't have to see them ever again I just don't feel good about having to keep in touch with people. Idk what I was going with this but yeah fuck tiktokers
magpies are cute

No. 940868

Anon please tell me about magpies I want to know why you love them

No. 940870

Magpies are very intelligent aren't they. I hope you can find a good friend to sperg about birds with nona, it sounds like a wholesome interest.

No. 940873

And don’t forget the emo scene and self-harm that was heavily romanticized in that subculture. Teenagers have always played with different roles and tried to find identities that set them apart from older generations and their parents in particular. I guess pretending to be autistic on TikTok is just another form of that. It could also be a way to cope with the often difficult feelings and experiences of teenagehood and life in general – on TikTok, I often see young people listing mundane things as symptoms for mental illness, like "You sometimes struggle with doing your homework? It’s ADHD!" I find this a bit alarming because instead of working on yourself and realizing that there are things we all struggle with, these pretty normale issues are pathologized.

And of course it is a trend right now as well. It generates likes and followers and of course people will copy it and upload their cringeworty acting on TikTok. And if followers are not the reason, community might be, because they can find like-minded people here and connect because they all share the same issues (delusion that is, kek).

No. 940884

christ, this sounds like me, even down to being retarded about magpies specifically. just know you’re not alone - there are dozens of us autistic magpie enjoyers living the same experiences out here! i would love to talk about magpies with you!

No. 940888

this is exactly like the resting bitch face trend except make it mental illness kek

No. 940889

I'm not trying to be mean, but what is it that makes it hard for autists to recognize whether or not they're being inappropriate? I know a part of having autism is not being able to recognize social cues, but I just think it's odd that someone can talk about something for ten minutes without realizing they're making a person uncomfortable (not saying you made your co-workers uncomfortable, just hypothetically). Is it just from being in your own head a lot and not recognizing it sooner? Also I agree with the other anons that magpies are super cute! I wouldn't have minded hearing you talk about them at all.

No. 940892

>And don’t forget the emo scene and self-harm that was heavily romanticized in that subculture.
I was really into emo as a teen and it's so uncomfortable in hindsight. Boys in skinny jeans singing about how romantic and mysterious cutting is, to an audience of teen girls. Grotesque. I've gone full soccer-mom about it as an adult.

No. 940902

I've also been wondering about this. One nonna in a different thread said her autism makes her say insulting things all the time but she doesn't actually mean them. I can't wrap my head around it.

No. 940906

I'm not diagnosed but I would be blunt with people and not realise how rude that is. Which is funny because I'm a sensitive bitch.

No. 940917

I wish I could donate my social retardation to all these normal functioning teens and adults. I can't small talk worth shit, I was way too rudely blunt as a teen, and it took being an adult to understand social ques better. No matter how much I tried to be an invisible normal girl I always stood out by something and felt like the opposite of wanting to be NLOG.

No. 940927

With pleasure! Well the most noticeable thing I love about magpies is their beauty. I always keep any feathers I find from them because I love the bluey-green tones you can see when the light hits them. I love all corvids in general because like >>940870 said they are very intelligent. This study about crows (https://www.nytimes.com/2008/08/26/science/26crow.html) shows how they actually remember human faces, the same is true of magpies. At my work for example they circle the place regularly but tend to ignore other people outside (unless they've got something to eat kek) yet when they see me go in to work they typically fly down to meet me by the back door where I have my breaks and feed them. I've even caught a cute lil couple that love to sit on the roof of my car, they don't sit on anyone else's car either, just mine. Maybe they've worked out that's where I keep their food kek. The main thing that draws me to magpies though are the things we humans have in common with them. They're very playful and inquisitive animals and they tend to regard the people who feed them as friends, they have great memories and often bring their offspring to meet their friends when they feed with them, which is actually quite an honour given how protective magpies can be. Magpies have also shown themselves to be self-aware and recognise their own reflection, which is a very rare trait in animals. They can mimic human voices and the ones that live near my flat have this weird call that sounds exactly like people laughing. It was nightmare fuel for me at first to see a human sounding noise come out of a magpie, but now it just makes me smile. Magpies also mourn each other! They call out loudly to other magpies when they find a dead one and then gather around the bird. IIRC this is also done to determine whether a predator killed the magpie so they know to be on guard if that's the case. Magpies also have the ability to make and use tools, typically for cutting up food they've found or stole. Speaking of stealing, they're very adept thieves who have been known to even sneak into tents and such to get food. Then of course there's the "gifting" thing that corvids do. It's not as common in magpies as it is in crows but it does happen. So far the only thing they've brought me has been an old shoelace but I still cherish it in an autistic way. I actually put it to work too, I use it as a tie on the bird feeder for when I'm leaving heavier treats like a stuffed coconut shell. Their scientific name is "Pica Pica", no real point to me stating this fact but it makes me think of pikachu which makes magpies even cuter to me. I could go on but I will cut my sperging short here. Thank you for indulging me, nonny!

Good to know there's other magpie spergs out there. I'd love to have someone to share my passion for corvids with.

>Is it just from being in your own head a lot and not recognizing it sooner?
It's this. Well, for me it is anyway. I can't speak for other autists. When I get to talk about something I'm passionate about I just get into "the zone" where I don't realise what a sped I've been acting until I'm done giving my ted talk. Most people typically describe me as "blunt" too where I don't think before I speak but I've been getting better at recognising when I should keep certain thoughts to myself. It's hard, but you can train yourself to socialise better with normies. Though the tiktok """autists""" would probably say that's like conversion therapy for them kek.

No. 940951

File: 1634473589985.jpg (471.41 KB, 750x1025, 1634238352057.jpg)

I hate anons who talk shit about lesbians and think the lesbian and bi threads are containment threads. They aren't. These anons come off as homophobes and it's sad. Cow behaivor tbh.

No. 940953

This is so cute, thanks for being passionate about magpies and thanks for all the info. I wish we could be friends.

No. 940959

>They're very playful and inquisitive animals and they tend to regard the people who feed them as friends, they have great memories and often bring their offspring to meet their friends when they feed with them, which is actually quite an honour given how protective magpies can be.
This is so cute, I read all you said and your shoelace and this is amazing. Please keep going I need to know more!

No. 940972

I feel like it's just one anon completely fucking obsessed with seething about lesbians. They always have the same typing style.

No. 940995

And she also sounds legit mentally ill.

No. 940998

I thought this was a family of gimps just hanging out in the living room together.

I haven't seen them in a while but there was an anon who used to get off on calling lesbo anons dyke as if that's such a scathing insult or dirty word.

No. 941044

Based magpie lover. I knew crows were intelligent, but I didn't know about magpies. Thank you for all this knowledge. I wish you were my co-worker.

No. 941158

File: 1634486054860.jpeg (180.31 KB, 1242x217, 8B31D3C7-CB30-408A-A7EC-6D3431…)

i hate any tiktok user who is under 18. (Pic related it a comment on an “artist”‘a page who is supposedly 14) we don’t shit on you guys because you’re younger we do it because you think you’re hot shit just because you can draw some twinky anime shit.

No. 941161

I hate all tiktok users regardless of age.

No. 941167

tbf I've seen anons in the art salt and vent threads having a meltdown over being 20's or 30's and not being as good as artists in their teens. Clearly some insecure people do care.

No. 941169

it doesn't help that people start bringing them up in multiple threads across multiple boards like this, though. it's literally just bait, and they're trying as hard as they can to go for as long as possible without getting banned. just ignore them or report and move on - there's no use whining about it where they're going to see it, find it funny that people are upset, and take it as a sign they should keep going.

No. 941189

Nah i'm not that anon, you guys are just so annoying multiple anons noticed it

No. 941191

File: 1634489776829.jpeg (151.36 KB, 1024x768, C5E610C2-9065-4C2C-A251-80AE93…)

I love magpies, like me they are curious and love collecting shiny things.

No. 941260

the fact that you felt addressed somehow tells me otherwise

No. 941282

Mods know we aren't the same anon, I'm not the one who got banned from the celebricow thread for example

No. 941316

Based magpie anons

No. 941323

File: 1634497875031.jpg (617.58 KB, 1600x1200, Degenerates.jpg)

I absolutely hate traps/femboys and their coomer fanboys. Like seriously, they're just drawn boobless girls being called boys or boobless dickgirls. They're so popularized by scrotes who have no luck with women, is bored with women/pussy or has a fetish for spicier waifus with a surprising twist. Also they're memed to death like "is it gay to like traps/femboys?", "haha waifu with pp" or "bros before hoes, trap > regular gf". They're all unfunny, repetitive and cringey. Draw a boobless girl + call it a boy/give it a dick = PROFIT!! There's hardly any androgyny to them compared to reverse traps. Looks like and dresses like a girl with dresses and skirts, girly/feminine behavior and mannerism and is voiced by a girl. Where's the boy to that other than having no boobs and Schrodinger's dick?! It's just another generic kawaii moe anime girl. They're the definition of a tumor in fictional/2D males and yaoi/gay/male focus porn being borderline shota but somewhat legal that had been groomed to become a sissy and made me wished they belong in the trans/futa/shemale category. Just want to spill it here since most people would defend them with the poor excuse of "but they're biologically male", pffft yeah like a boy having the body of a flat petite woman, wide hips, feminine thighs and squeaky voice doing "uguu~ soft boi uwu" stuff.

No. 941369

lmao in what way, anon?

No. 941382

>certain people
Who are you talking about? Italians? Or do you mean those people who make those quirky "Pizza is my life" posts

No. 941410

its ok anon, i love pineapple on pizza too

No. 941438

You mean like arguing over which pizza is best? Where I live people constantly sperg out over which shawarma restaurant is the best and it gets to be obnoxious, they take it way too seriously.

No. 941472


Chicago deep dish is bullshit, New York is greasy and floppy
viva pineapple and thin crust

No. 941497

I loved reading this and thank you for replying to me anon. I didn't know magpies were so intelligent, you sound like a very kind person for feeding them and cherishing their traits.

No. 941504

Dicefags are annoying

No. 941522

I hate assholes at the gym who don’t sanatize their equipment after using.
Come on now.

No. 941525

I know right! It’s so fucking disgusting, I don’t want to catch someone’s festering skin infections on my already delicate skin. Fucking assholes.

No. 941530

what's a dicefag? some call the the Tumbling Dice

No. 941532

There’s a guy in Hypmic named Dice so maybe related to that?

No. 941535

File: 1634512211840.jpg (80.08 KB, 564x1084, ae00bd8778e903678b856ca10987f7…)

NTA but I am guessing is rpgfags that collect dice. Maybe I am way off mark, though lol

No. 941538

Makes the most sense, I’ve heard the dice community is awful

No. 941541

>Dice community
What flavor of autism is that? Do they just buy dices and that’s it?

No. 941546

I actually love rpg dice because I have bird brain and like how shiny and pretty they can be, had no idea there was a "dice community" lmao

No. 941550

I get buying dices because they’re pretty and keeping them as some cute treasure or even as a decoration, but building a whole ass community for the sole purpose of consooming dice related shit is just so autistic.

No. 941552

what would a community for that even be like?

No. 941568

na but think of any community where your personality/hobby relies on just collecting obscure shit and humblebragging about how much money you spent on it. Just weird nerdy entitlement from people who spend hundreds of dollars on resin shapes and still wash their face with 2 in one shampoo.

No. 941650

File: 1634521698182.gif (6.2 MB, 268x320, tumblr_63faefdc013c59ba53780a6…)

nail polish on men, especially if it's chipped, makes me gag for some reason

No. 941655

sorry i should have specified but yeah, people who take it too seriously. the most annoying are when italians and americans start bitching each other out over it, usually in comment sections. like who the fuck cares, eat your overrated greasy dough sauce and cheese shit and go

No. 941770

Scalpers of popular childrens toys/collectible cards etc. Moids being so damn pathetic and greedy, that they storm your local super market to buy them all up to scalp, because god forbid an actual child finds joy in it.

No. 941789

I love kohl’s. I love kohls cash. Fuck you.

No. 941798

The expressions crazy times, troubled times, uncertain times, trying times, literally make my skin crawl and my blood pressure spike up immediately. My mood literally sours if I hear any of them. I will literally scowl at someone if they say it lmao

No. 941832

When the FUCK did Youtube start implementing an "Are you still listening?" popup? This is not Netflix this is the fucking internet, I don't need you to make me click over to another window to confirm I'm still alive, I only ever go comatose on the fucking couch. STOP pausing my music while I'm getting in the flow of doomscrolling it's annoying as hell

No. 941852

Plant based milk that curdles with coffee is going to be my villain origin story.

No. 941864

the kohl's cash virgin VS the old navy supercash chad

No. 941865

I hate YouTube so much
>’be mindful of what you say online UwU’ reminders
> YouTube shorts (i would install tik tok if i wanted tik tok)
> ‘gEt VaCcInAtEd’ adverts and other government adverts. And the singapore gov can’t make up for it with that annoying pom pi pi song advert, it’s still annoying
>YouTubers cant swear (swear words are funny) and the Internet isn’t for children
> elsagate on YouTube kids, wtf
> sexually themed clickbait in suggestions, I don’t watch anything haram so WHY
> YouTubers who used to be interesting talking about fAtPhObIa and other things i don’t care about
> adverts for two second videos
> content, which comprises of reacting to stolen videos and reacting to those videos, youtubers who used to make interesting things making the same generic ‘TOP TEN SATISFYING COMPILATION’

It’s braindead and I hate it. I’ve stopped opening the app and I waste much less time and get annoyed.

No. 941872

I and some of my friends were at a friend's place yesterday, we wear watching a lot of Youtube videos on her TV, either for music or because we wanted to watch some TV show's scenes and at some point that message appeared and one of the videos got interrupted. It started a huge debate about how Youtube turned to shit. Last time I saw my aunt we also talked about how Youtube got even worse than TV with their ads and how they try to shove specific videos in your recommandations.

No. 941882

File: 1634548903763.png (191.88 KB, 401x295, 571634163433533557.PNG)

I hate psych2go youtube channel. These people are not even psychology majors. They make shitton of money just by saying shit like "everyone you dislike is a narc doodoohead and you're so perfect every mento illness you think you have is valid" and then cite the first five articles that'll show up in google scholar. Plus they're pandering to dreamstans. I hate it when qualified people in this field cannot rake in this much money while these shams can.

No. 941894

I hate the terms AFAB and AMAB. Just say female or male, it's not hard. Even less than 2 percent of woketards will get offended at that unless you're pandering to the lowest common denominator. Also aren't those medical terms for intersex people anyway?

No. 941897

The thumbnails are so fucking idiotic, I know nothing of psychology woo wooo schcience, but whenever the thumbnails of something are too manufactured to appeal kids, whatever the channels makes, it’s automatically bullshit or a shitpost.

No. 941925

i hate this shit because it makes a mockery and a spectacle out of actual psychology; you can't diagnose people with anything outside of a clinical context, and most if not all of these types of videos take situations out of context and use them as examples that desperate people latch onto.

No. 941949

I hate it because all the "symptoms" they state in videos are what every normal person goes through in their daily lives. "Do you feel like not doing any work? You're not lazy, it's ackshuelly a sign of depression" And then everyone in the comments is self diagnosing. Reading some gives me a hearty kek.

No. 941954

so glad this was brought up itt kek. it's always the most general stuff that gets brought up as a "sign" that someone has borderline personality disorder or is a sociopath too. the art reminds me of 2010s tumblr and I hate the uwu mental health uwu approach. makes an absolute mockery of clinicians and psychiatrists. armchair diagnosis at its most weeby and r-worded

No. 941955

File: 1634559916988.jpg (134.28 KB, 1024x702, 1628077995202.jpg)

Where I can get one of those? For window, looks so pretty. One of my favourite birds along with jackdaws.

No. 942009

File: 1634567816147.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.91 MB, 355x200, 200.gif)

I hate cockroaches. And I hope people who like them solely for quirk points gets bitten by one and gets their house infested with them. I just hate them so much ugh.

No. 942143

File: 1634579409220.jpeg (182.61 KB, 750x841, 8E97E25F-683A-4ECA-8DBB-6B720E…)

This one was part of a larger custom panel but if you google “stained glass magpie” you can find other designs for sale. You could also commission a custom one from Etsy or something if you wanted.

No. 942260

I always find the people who like bugs/pests the weirdest motherfuckers on earth.

No. 942538

File: 1634608528699.jpeg (194.5 KB, 916x418, EA0EED26-EE4A-4C8F-BE43-A930EB…)

I hate picky eaters, specially when they’re adults, like, just eat your food, you fucking idiot, you won’t die because of some olives or some figs, retard.
I get not liking some stuff, but It’s honestly not only disrespectful when they start picking at their food, but also immature and gross.
And it’s also so difficult to go out anywhere with a picky eater, because you just can’t go eat somewhere nice and new without feeling annoyed by their dumb issues with food.

No. 942539

I hate how porn filled the internet has become. It's everywhere, even in spaces it shouldn't be like that shitty ankha cat meme that was being peddled everywhere or how manga sites have porn ads playing now. I hate how porn has become commonplace when it fucking SHOULDN'T. I hate how every-single tiny little thing needs to have a coomer pornofied alteration to it, nothing can just be it HAS to have a big spine shattering large milky tiddy ultra thick thigh thigh high underaged looking pus pus big futa cummy cum version. I hate even more when I express these feelings I'm called a prude.
I hate how men (and some women) are so obsessed with porn and see it as their holy entity that they worship day and night, and feel the need to bring it up and or apply it in everything. There is nothing more gayer than two or more guys talking about what they jerk off to and how they jerk off. It's just so fucking gay. I hate porn, I think it's fine and even a little healthy to occasionally take care of your sexual needs and using porn to do so can be fine but FUCK why has it become such a hobby-like thing with people. Why are there subreddits, forums, and communities and other shit dedicated to porn? It's so fucking weird and so fucking pathetic.

No. 942543

Lost me at
>using porn to do so can be fine
Thinking porn use can be fine is how we got even this far. Before porn-watching on your phone and whatever became so widespread and accepted, the stuff you talked about at least was confined to niche forums. Then with the normalization of porn watching came the "Well, duh, if everyone does it, why even bother to hide?" and whoops, we're right in this shitty time line.

No. 942546

Ah, you have a good point. It's either all okay, or none of it it's okay. To be honest, I meant in fine moderation if you absolutely need to, I just hate how it's become overblown in how much people use it.

No. 942549

I agree, if you don't like the taste of something it's not going to kill you to eat it. I used to hate pineapple on pizza but I forced myself to eat it because I hate wasting food and now I actually like it.

No. 942551

But why does it have to be eaten? It's not going to kill anyone if someone doesn't eat it (although personally if there was that much stuff on a food I didn't like I wouldn't bother with the whole thing at all to begin with)

No. 942553

I get your point anon but getting offended by someone else's food habits is kinda weird, it's literary just food

No. 942556

Why do you want people to force down food they don't like? For what purpose even? Just so that they don't offend you by not liking parts of the food? Why would anyone be offended by that in the first place?

No. 942559

I don't get it neither, unless your meal was very expensive I don't see why you should force yourself to eat it, let alone force someone else. There are weird people that get offended if you don't like your food/are picky but honestly they should learn to mind their businesses.

No. 942566

Sesshomaru and Rin being a couple makes me want to burn houses down. What is going on with this world.

No. 942570

The only thing saving me from that is the fact that Rumiko Takahashi apparently didn't really have much say in those seasons and only provided character designs, which means it's fine to regard it as non-canon.

No. 942572

It’s shitty when you cook something while hoping that what you did will be liked by the person you’re cooking for, and then the retard just starts disassembling the food, making everything look gross.
And it’s also shitty having to bend over backwards and jump through hoops to gather all the ingredients some prick likes, just to cook the same bullshit every single day because
>muh I’m already bored of this thing we had 2 weeks ago! I want a borger! Tendies! Hot dogs!!!
Just grow the fuck up already, I didn’t like olives, but I grew up and started getting their appeal, I also didn’t like raisins in my food, but I got to appreciate them too.
It’s not that hard trying to appreciate different ingredients, specially when you’re visiting someone or living with someone who wants cook nice food.
Being a picky eater is extremely childish and there’s no way it can be justifiable, it only makes sense if you’re allergic but that’s because of an unavoidable medical condition, not because you think raisins look icky or because you think something is too sophisticated for your underdeveloped palate. Pathetic.

No. 942574

You've put me slightly at ease

No. 942578

You sound like you’ve been cooking for a scrote kek

No. 942579

Anon just say your scrote annoys you. This is such a ridiculous thing to get mad over. Having food you like and dislike isn't childish and them picking them out but enjoying the rest isn't a personal offense to your/the cooking (or eating out, like you initially described). Nevermind you have to "disassemble" food anyway when you eat it?

No. 942582

Honestly still don't get you tbh, are people supposed to lie when they dislike something or pretend to like it? Tastes and preferences can't be turned on and off. I don't get why food is crossing the line but being picky with literally anything else (i.e. gifts, clothing, tv shows, etc. whatever else) isn't.

No. 942590

Nta, but you can't waste movies and tv shows, if you don't like clothes you just don't buy them. I don't agree with anon, because I've physically gotten sick from being force fed as a kid and I wouldn't want to put that kind of pressure or discomfort on anyone, but if you've been served food it would be a bummer to have to throw it away.

No. 942596

Food is for eating, people are way too used to throwing perfectly good food in the garbage. Especially if it's meat, an animal died for that and your going to let it go to waste? First worlders would be so humbled if they didn't have easy access to food.

No. 942598

Everything is edible when you're starving to death. By that logic you should never throw anything away.

No. 942603

File: 1634614790294.png (422.58 KB, 750x506, 1583015625080.png)

god forbid we stop mindlessly consooming

No. 942604

You mean like having no standards and just eating what you're served?

No. 942605

File: 1634615156695.jpg (354.1 KB, 750x1000, 65446.jpg)

you can throw things away without mindlessly consooming though. or do you want to live like pic related?

No. 942608

Tag yourselves, I'm the Life magazine in the corner

No. 942612

Dollar tree bag because I’m a steel for a deal

No. 942614

The sad globe lying on the floor.

No. 942615

I'm the low quality print of Nighthawks on the wall

No. 942619

empty domino's box #54300078

No. 942659

I can't stand this scrote and his forced Canadian accent.

No. 942660

I cannot stand Canadians

No. 942666

He sounds like a crunchy borehole

No. 942746

It pisses me off when people don't finish their food and not eat it later as leftovers. I don't even understand people not eating their pizza crusts or ice cream cones. It's wasteful.

No. 942796

i hate this man, his stupid mustache, and the annoying way he lifts his head at the end of each sentence. he has the most punchable face i have seen in a while

No. 942799

Do Americans and Canadians hate each other? I thought they just thought of each other like cousins.

No. 942808

I like Americans just fine. Half of my family is from Colorado and Chicago. I don't know what this girls problem is.

No. 942918

My scrote is this picky too and it drives me insane. If he could exist on a diet of burgers, tendies, and fries he'd do that every day if he could.

I don't think women are nearly as bad about their picky eating however, which may be why the autists who replied to you got so offended. IMO picky eating is childish but less so if the person doesn't kick up a fuss and is discrete, I think most women are socialized to be like this as the default but sometimes a plebbish rube will make herself known.

No. 942968

Some types of food can go to shit too quickly if they're saved as leftovers and some people feel full quicker than others and will vomit/shit in seconds if they overeat.

No. 943022

It’s like Britain and the U.S. fighting online because one thinks they’re better than the other but are about the same until someone mentions healthcare.

No. 943028

I'm Canadian and I think this country shouldn't exist, it's a fake country that will probably balkanize by the end of the century.

No. 943101

File: 1634666887803.jpeg (481.92 KB, 1170x1923, CA51AB1B-054B-4EEE-A9A6-D4D407…)

This Youtuber. Some of the topics are interesting, but I hate her tone and voice. She’s kind of annoying and most of the time contributes nothing but the obvious

No. 943106

She talks about topics that have already been talked about to death by other commentators of her niche and she’s pretty lukewarm and boring to begin with, she reminds me of Lindsay Ellis with the secret scummy/nice girl act

No. 943107

Maybe the Midwest states identify with Canada. But other than that we don’t associate with the I’ll get arrested for misgendering a troon country

No. 943108

She reminds me of an annoying teacher

No. 943110

I hate this place because it's a boring shithole with citizens that are waaay too proud of said shithole(especially in Alberta), but I feel dumb for complaining because it really is one of the better places to live in the world.

No. 943112

This doesn't happen, stop acting like a red pilled Jordan Peterson stan.

No. 943115

Okay mom
I just think Canadians are annoying but every country has a group of citizens that are annoying

No. 943119

Won't argue with that, people are annoying. But where I live is stupid beautiful so at least there is that.

No. 943123

Watching these types of videos feels like when you're forced to sit through crappy student presentations at school.

No. 943125

What makes it shithole? Just curious, I thought Canada was a decent place to live in. Am Eurofag and I have distant family who migrated there, I don't think they significantly downgraded in terms of living standards.

No. 943126

It’s like when siblings fight. If someone genuinely hates Americans, they’re deranged and need to take some time staring at themselves in a mirror. Canadians are more likely to hate each other.

That said, fuck the Québécois.

No. 943130

It’s not a shithole, anon is just an edgy teen suburbanite.

No. 943135

Canadians are more likely to hate each other? Where the hell are you from?
Anon has no hobbies or friends apparently so everything is "boring". Most of the serious issues like homelessness and shit that we're dealing with now is a result of poor handling of covid. Our government is kind of shit. But we still live in an extremely privileged country and if you're not one of the people experiencing the shit in the wake of the pandemic or an indigenous citizen you've really got nothing to complain about.

No. 943140

I’m from outside Quebec, clearly.

No. 943141

The west is filled with drugs and prostitution because of all the uneducated young scrotes working in the oilfield. Most western cities are dumps where everything closes at midnight. Lots of white supremacists. No culture. But as I said, it is still one of the better places to live in the world.

No. 943142

I can't imagine how you could be bored in a city.

>no culture
I don't think you understand what culture is.

No. 943145

I've never been to the west but the Maritimes are bursting with culture. I love it here.

No. 943149

This went into a whole Canada thing. I said Canadians. I don’t live in Canada, but I’ve met a few annoying hunky dori Canadians I dislike. Specifically my sister in law (husbands brother’s wife) who is who proud to be Canadian and from there, but shit in America nonstop. She called me a white supremacist because I wanted to visit Idaho and apparently only altwhites live there, LOL. I’m not white which makes no sense to call me one.

No. 943157

Just say you don't like people, because that's about as broad as saying you don't like 38 million people. You're saying this guys wife is accusing people of being white supremacists while another anon is saying people in Alberta are white supremacists. Maybe people are just people and tend to be shit regardless of what rock they live on?

No. 943158

I can say I dislike a group of people from their geography. It’s not that deep. People who take that statement hard and think I hate everyone and their grandma from their are ridiculous.

No. 943159

Lol, altwhite. I'm keeping that one, Nanny. THX

No. 943162

Canadians have the worst accents. All of the ones I've known sounded a bit like kermit the frog. Also like to shit on America whenever possible in the cringiest way. Had a Canadian scrote say to me "don't you know Canadians once burned down the white house?!?!" Nerdy faggot.

No. 943163

You're the one who said it, nona, make a broad statement get broad interpretation.

No. 943166

Canadians have the worst accents? What about Wisconsinites? Illinoisans? Southerners? New Jersey? New York? Should I keep going?

No. 943171

Wisconsinites and Illinoisans sounds like the cheese with holes on a stick. New Jersey and Boston folk sound like babies with a cigarette problem.

No. 943175

Nebraskans sound way worse than Canadians. And people from the state Fargo was set in, forgot which one

No. 943178

I'm the first anon and I think it's a good place to live, but there is nothing uniting all the provinces and territories together into one country. The whole "country" is just a giant corporation, the government runs as a pyramid scheme and this place is the money laundering capital of the world. I'm grateful to live here but I don't think the concept of "Canada" should exist.

No. 943179

File: 1634670086067.jpg (61.14 KB, 767x767, Farley_Cheesehead_green_female…)


No. 943180

I thought that was big Ed On her shirt..

No. 943182

I agree with this! One side of the country is so wildly different from the other that we should be split. The Maritimes should be it's own country, mid Canada should be its own, Western it's own and Northern it's own. We all have different needs, values and cultures that can't be properly addressed by one government.

No. 943184

sounds like Belgium lol

No. 943216

Americans don't understand that Canada is a huge country and that people's accents and cultural experiences differ wildly by region. When people talk about a "Canadian accent" they're usually referring to someone from western Canada, like Alberta or something. I've never heard anyone in Toronto talk like that. The Maritimes has their own culture and accent, and where I live (Quebec) it's essentially a different country altogether. I agree with >>943178 that the concept of Canada seems fake, and "Canadian culture" is just a government psy-op sponsored by Tim Hortons.

No. 943225

Tim's has the absolute worst coffee I've ever had, I don't know why people are so obsessed with it. "I gotta have my timmies!" yelled every retard. I worked for Tim Hortons for seven years and the fucking state of that place is off the wall.

No. 943240

My mom thinks this too but only because she likes coffee so watered down that it tastes like soap water. I hate it, I hate our coffee machine, I wish I had good coffee FOR ONCE IN MY FUCKING HOUSEHOLD You know what? I'm buying my own coffee machine. Fuck everyone and fuck anyone who doesn't like strong coffee. That shit feels liberating

No. 943241

YES DO IT. Even a French press would be good, less space too. Best coffee I ever had was from a local brand in Montreal, but I can't remember the brand. I stole the bag from some scrotes apartment I was house sitting kek

No. 943246

But doesn't like 90% of the population live in like 2 provinces, while the rest of the country is scarcely populated and filled mostly with indians and poor white people

No. 943248

Call me a peasant but I buy instant coffee, the ones where it's whole bean or whatever one promises to be better than the cheap ones. Usually they come in a nice tin instead of a jar. I just make it strong that way. Am I a coffee peasant?

My ex gave me so much stuff when we split but he took the coffee machine of all things.

No. 943255

The vent threat atm

No. 943257

The last few hours.. tards are really cmaping out there and treating it like a debate thread.

No. 943258

They just need to know when to shut up. Not every point has to be proven. I might just clog it up with stupid vents to shut them up

No. 943259

No kek

No. 943265

Maybe it's Dispatch Coffee? They have really good shit.

No. 943277

Nah the logo had this really vintage vibe

No. 943319

File: 1634674857755.png (634.31 KB, 640x639, 27dcf30494881f5f7126124132c480…)

I hate when an actor looks so attractive within a certain show or movie but lacks the same appeal irl. It's weird because it will be so clear that their movie-set styling suits them so well, whyyy can't they not just dress/do their makeup/have their hair done like that all the time? A good example of this is Ashley Greene as Alice Cullen. Short hair suits her extremely well in every twilight movie, but on the red carpet she looks… (still extremely stunning, but) pretty generic. It's especially annoying when it's the mannerisms and quirks of a character that are all that makes an actor attractive to you, because then you can only enjoy them specifically within that series; though man, what a talent acting is that it can make a character feel so real that the actor couldn't possible be a completely different person in real life, kek.

Sidenote: Driverfags are lucky because Adam Driver always looks like Adam Driver no matter what he's in, except maybe when he wears glasses for roles.

No. 943327

I'm the anon who made the original post and yea I feel bad. If I knew that that one autist would be so bothered I wouldn't have posted it

No. 943340

It doesn't matter what you use as long as it doesn't taste like soap imo lol

No. 943341

I hate this, what the fuck is this shit? they even dress like they make tiktok videos

No. 943406

not even just atm, it's been real shitty for the past year

No. 943412

This makes me so angry, wonder if they were inspired by this >>>/m/163437

No. 943422

File: 1634679441012.jpeg (90.08 KB, 720x1280, E39B3200-C6A4-4116-A423-4C8444…)

Tiktok “dermatologists” piss me off. I don’t have tiktok but their videos always cross pollenate to other sites. I hate seeing their ugly faces staring in to my soul whilst they “react”, pointing and nodding. How do we know your uniform isn’t a cosplay? What are your credentials? Why aren’t you working and instead fucking about on a teenybopper app?

No. 943423

FUCKING SAME! In general, I hate any doctor on Tiktok. Like get the fuck out of your uniform and relax. Making your whole internet persona based on you being a doctor is lame. Most of the time the tiktoks aren’t even informative.

No. 943428

God this moid is so ugly. I hate overconfident ugly moids. Also you're right anyone can buy scrubs and have them embroidered. If he was an actual doctor or a decent one he would be seeing patients and bringing in bank, not eyefucking his own hideous smurf face on a teen's app.

No. 943432

>eyefucking his own hideous smurf face on a teen's app
Kek. Great description.

No. 943442

Oh no, I actually watch their youtube channel. I like them a lot (it's a team of 2 dermatologists) and I like how they recommend things for skin. I'm sad now

No. 943480

File: 1634684484391.png (386.77 KB, 584x348, EP3c4XnWsAAKmJI.png)


I absolutely cannot stand Dr Dray, the OCD Anachan who wears a sun burqa while driving. Yes she may have a degree but the appeal to authority only goes so far when she's obviously unhealthy both physically and mentally

A large part of the Reddit skincare community is also mentally ill idiots who shame you for not wearing sunscreen indoors at night while freaking out about microscopic lines under their eyes. Not to mention their biggest "holy grails" made my face look like shit, fuck cera ve and Vaseline.

No. 943482

Thank God she’s not a dietician

No. 943485

holy FUCK how did i not know she was this bad? i watched a few of her videos a while back and found her to be annoying and off-putting but… i wasn't expecting that wtf

No. 943494

File: 1634685919213.png (865.5 KB, 1080x1626, awfulsmellyperson.png)

I'm still seething anon I can't stop. They've literally been hoping for it. She's 8 in the original. She apparently has her children around 15-16.
>buh demons age slow and stuff
How does this logic work? That makes it worse. He's even older. She's a child. Age does still matter. I just…. So many people on reddit talking about how it's not a big deal because he'll look youngish for so long that she'll basically catch up to him. That makes no sense. It makes this pit in my heart.

No. 943495

I relate to the lamp in the corner

No. 943497

Is no one of he rfollowers reacting to her looking like a starvation victim?

No. 943509

File: 1634687554923.jpg (1.37 MB, 1534x2160, Dororo.(Manga).full.2700302.jp…)

Rin&Sesshomaru is disgusting on so many levels. Even if we ignore the age difference and pedo sex, their dynamic in the original doesn't translate into romance at all. You can interpret it as master/servant or even like Sessh being her guardian/adoptive parent. Reminds me of the people that ship Dororo/Hyakkimaru.

No. 943546

Thrifting resellers. I never understood the point. Isn’t thrifting supposed to be for people to get second hand items at a good cheap price? The resellers always sale items X4 the price tag.

No. 943558

No you're right, put this in any other non-uwu anime context and it's disgusting.
Imagine a grown man fucking his adoptive teenage daughter who treats herself like his servant.

No. 943629

when anons respond to ancient 4+ year old posts and on top of that, bump the thread without contributing anything

No. 943784

I hate when random little kids go up to you and try to talk. I was fishing today and two kids at different times came up to me. It’s like where are the parents? I don’t know how to interact with randos and I don’t want to

No. 943792

Agree. I always hated that ship. Shes literally a child and acts like he's her father.
Wasn't there some spider demon chick that was working for the main villain? I seriously haven't watched the anime in a long as time, but I remember her a bit, and I always wanted her to end up with sesshomaru.

No. 943796

I hate thrift resellers for the simple fact that they are everywhere where I live and buy out the fricking store so they can resell the shit at inflated prices online. I get that people need to make a living but they literally leave nothing good. Plus they're super rude and will just leave shit wherever in the store after they've looked up the price and found that the item is worthless.

No. 943799

I hate that I can't find a single picture of Ava Max from the back, and I haven't seen her from the back in her MVs either. It's like with that one famous woman whose name I've forgotten where you can't find a single pic of her without bangs. I just wanna know whether her hair goes from short to long in a straight cut or gradual ffs.

No. 943803

Jameela Jamil?

No. 943805

That's freaking gross and makes me really upset

No. 943806

File: 1634714995116.jpg (119.97 KB, 647x1024, EySjBpQWEAQRNKM.jpg)

Samefag, but I found this

No. 943809

I really hate this. I have friends I loved watching Inuyasha with as a kid who praised this shit. I don't fucking get it at all. How could anyone even see this a possibility?

No. 944046

the Lex app is a cool concept in theory but its userbase is so annoying, if i see one more person describe themselves as a "bratty femme" or a "tenderqueer" im going to fucking lose it

No. 944116

it does sorta happen kek a man got his son taken away from him bc he didnt want them to transition and im sure we will see more of it knowing this country

our gov is shit period. i blame the leftists and the spineless conservatives… i really envy how amaericans are willing to stand up for things while people here stay quiet and just go with whatever everyone else does (ahem covid stuff especially ahem)

i have thought this my entire life, its just a mixed bag and thats a huge downfall for us. also the money laundering is out of control and no one cares at all. also house prices are high everywhere and watching americans buy homes on HGTV makes me so upset

i am in the same boat as you. i feel lucky to live here, but this place has so many issues and i think if the usa invaded i wouldnt even mind lol

No. 944129

I feel the same way. It's such a shame.

No. 944175

File: 1634756099280.png (251.96 KB, 508x527, 58d7dba289d61fa3821a1d567c0a74…)

When anons refuse to stay in their containment thread despite everyone telling them to stfu

No. 944182

God yes. You give them a place to sperg and they still shit all over the house.

No. 944190

File: 1634757494618.jpeg (311.71 KB, 1170x2123, D58C1EA7-510E-4732-81B4-2372EE…)

This annoying couple. They always appear on my Instagram reels. Their reactions/faces are exaggerated and stupid.

No. 944191

File: 1634757522345.jpeg (414.12 KB, 1170x2130, 026BB6A5-498E-49A5-A5C6-82F54E…)

No. 944193

i hate this. are these people you know or just random people? im surprised they didnt pull the scenario where girl eats a lot and the guy eats a salad or something…. hahaha funny

No. 944198

File: 1634757906347.jpeg (226.76 KB, 1170x1458, 03793C12-A3AA-410E-9519-5F28D1…)

Random people. Instagram reels is just the equivalent of the for you page on TikTok. Their whole social media is being boyfriend and girlfriend. LOL I hate this guys face but the girl is more punchable

No. 944222

How does someone have this little self respect

No. 944263

What is this even supposed to mean? The lunches both look pretty normal.

No. 944414

When people use greentext outside of imageboards to seem "cool" or edgy.

No. 944416

Everyone thinks eating ketchup with eggs is nasty until they realize that ~Japan~ puts ketchup on eggs in ~omurice~ the special anime dish.

No. 944419

Who thinks ketchup on eggs in nasty?

No. 944422

Apparently the dude in the image. And it's one of those food combos that's popular but also has a fair amount of haters.

No. 944424

I still think it’s disgusting but good with some home style potatoes, yum

No. 944431

Also, OT, but I remember being in this facebook group where people shared images of food they thought were gross.

You won't believe the amount of food people posted thinking it was white trash food, before realizing it was ethnic and rapidly backtracking.

Corn + mayo = mexican elotes
Package ramen + American cheese slice = popular soul food in Korea
Chicken tenders + ketchup spaghetti = Filipino classic

And so on.

It's only considered nasty when it's American.

No. 944478

File: 1634772529945.png (367.22 KB, 600x600, imagen_2021-10-20_182326.png)

I hate DDGL daddy caregiver petplay kink shit. Looking back to 2014, it was obvious this shit creeped its way on to tumblr and was a psyop to groom girls who just wanted to search for cute things, anime or disney crap into becoming okay with pedophilic sexual abuse and bdsm.
I remember being still a minor when I first saw ddgl crap on tumblr, I might had been searching for kawaii stationary or something like that (completely harmless). I found so much shit about grown men giving their """daughters""" some "punishment" and I was grossed out but couldn't put it into words why.
Then people started saying "littles can be of every size!!!" and like, how does that make it any better? you just want more girls to fall into this crap. Seriously this is one of the most disgusting crap ever the more you think about it. Don't get me started on how a lot of those blogs had loli & shota drawings or random hentai crap in between cute stuff

No. 944483

In mexico we love our buebitos con catsun. We have never seen eggs + ketchup as a bad thing at all, I actually thought it was completely normal?

>Corn + mayo = mexican elotes
I also never saw anything wrong with this, even Japan loves this convination and they put it on pizza

No. 944487

I think a lot of these fusion foods slap. A lot of people just assume they're white/American and don't realize other countries have soul food.

No. 944489

On that note, I like eating rice with plantain(banana). It's yummy to me for some reason, my mom always ate it like that, but just saying "rice and banana" might convey some kind of weird food.

No. 944491

This reminds me how ketchup on spaghetti is always portrayed as being low class white trash hillbilly food but then I was watching a cooking show and a Japanese woman was making spaghetti with ketchup and the guy hosting the show was acting like it was a delicacy. Perception is everything.

No. 944494

Pasta with ketchup is pretty common in the Philippines.

No. 944505

Because people are scared to critique foreign foods and be labeled as racist or classist

No. 944507

I hate Ben Shapiro’s voice. It’s very choppy and sounds like my WiFi is acting up.

No. 944508

Just with ketchup? Nothing else? That doesn't sound very tasty…

No. 944509

I remember ddlg fanfics were all the range on Wattpad

No. 944513

When I was in 8th grade I was "dating" an adult man I met on osu (nude Skype calls, constant messaging, etc. for like a year. He would have met me in person if he had the chance but luckily it never came to that.)

I remember seeing lolicon-type stuff and emulating it, especially since the pedo was into loli (and real child porn, aside from me.) Like, "oh, a 13 year old like me can be sexy too, especially if I have stuff like striped panties or thigh-highs."

Ugh. Tried to report him eventually but nothing came of it. I'm sure it happens to many little kids.

No. 944518

So sorry that happed. lolicons and ddlgfags are a different kind of fucked up.

No. 944607

I'm so sorry that happened to you. I hope that piece of shit rots.

No. 944624

You say “you shouldn’t be talking to strangers” then walk away.

No. 944631

Thanks nonnies, it feels nice to vent about it on the internet, because I don't want to tell most of the people in my life.

No. 944794

I really hate the “white people food is bland” meme.

No. 944799

Well it's bland. Majority of boomer-esque nd Gen-X white Americans literally don't know how to season their food, not a fault of their own. I've personally experienced the blandest of bland from several families. There's rarely spice. Yes, things are getting a lot better as people realize you can use fresh garlic and ginger for things, as well as spice. However, it's not a meme.

No. 944805

Southern cooking is good, mhmmm chicken fried

No. 944815

White people aren't just in America. Whenever I see people say that they refer to everyone on earth who's white, and you have to be stupid to think things like Spanish food or Italian food is bland. It's Anglo food that's bland.

No. 944816

Is Southern/soul food considered a "white" food? I'm from the south so I know that everyone, regardless of race, cooks soul food but I thought it was most heavily associated with black people
I think that stereotype is specifically about white American people and sometimes it's true

No. 944818

i agree anon. ddlg shit is so weird and even weirder when people do it in public spaces like conventions. its so obvious when some ddlg chick is walking around with her dom neckbeard boyfriend. makes me wanna vomit

No. 944820

File: 1634796069479.jpeg (60.71 KB, 576x1022, 16FCC900-F0E7-4A51-94CE-F612FB…)

i absolutely HATE men in maid costumes. they always put zero effort into it and the costume either looks too tacky or too big. and sometimes they try makeup too which makes it even worse… the creased eyeliner because they cant do it properly for their eyeshape makes me wanna die. add that, chipped black nail polish, and cat ears… a true recipe for disaster

No. 944821

Spoiler this shit

No. 944822

I hate when a food item has too much sauce. It’s almost as worse as barely any. If I can’t taste the meat and only the sauce, how do I know it’s good?

No. 944828

I said this before in another thread, but got we need /alt/ bots back, I'm tired of "Femboys" "catboys" and other annoying degenerate shit

No. 944839

File: 1634797492970.jpeg (482.85 KB, 1284x647, 570112C6-D41B-4B5A-9E1D-CAC404…)

i hate shit like this. how hard is it to fucking scroll? and not engage with content that bothers you? jesus christ.

No. 944841

It’s always that ugly as sin and cheap aliexpress maid dress too. Get better taste moids

No. 944844

"alt" boys nowadays means eboys

No. 944845

Older men having children at their age. If you are past 50 and getting your wife 20 year younger than you pregnant, you’re gross. Why do they to yourself at that age?

No. 944847

When I'm painting my nails and I fuck up so I try to wipe it off, but I end up also messing up the nail polish on my other hand because of the polish remover

No. 944851

>Boudican revolt

honestly ever since I saw that tinfoil of the suicidal anons being scrotes and trannies suicide baiting to get attention from women I can't see them as anything else

No. 944856

Incoming sperg but I fucking hate male "femboys" and crossdressers. Jesus christ they're disgusting. If they're not outright frumpy and nasty looking, they're the misogynistic, catty "heehee I make a better woman than women do" HSTS type. And even if they were the nice, well-behaved guy who had a good attempt at it, they would still be repulsive moids. I much, much rather take FTM fakebois pretending to be "femboys" because at least they would look good and wouldn't have the narcissistic male entitlement to go along with it, even if it is cringey. As long as they're not the straight pickme kind trying to catfish the Shadman type tranny chaser coomer men.

No. 944858

I hate when certain shippers go "If x character was a woman then you wouldn't be complaining" if a character had there gender changed they would be completely different character and entire dynamic would be changed, the dynamics would be completely different

Seriously faghags should just admit there fetishists

No. 944866

I hate hippies. They smell, are loud and their style is atrocious. They are a crime to all senses. Dreads on white hair always gives unwashed hobo vibes. But the worst part is the I'm so spiritual, I read Siddhartha ones and now I know it all love light and bless to all living beings but continue to be a total narc. No thanks. Also the sex pest part. Never trust a scrote hippy.

No. 944875

The same applies to people who say "If this character was male you wouldn't be complaining" to fujo shippers. Gender does matter because it noticeably changes the dynamics around. For example I'm much pickier with female characters because so many of them are written with male gaze in mind or even when they're not they can potentially be fetishized by moids.

No. 944918

I just hate faggots in general. I wish no harm unto them but I just don’t like to be around them, I don’t like their attitude or their entitlement and I think they have ruined the fashion industry. They should shut the fuck up and stop telling us what to wear and how to behave because they’re just scrotes at the end of the day.
I don’t hate lesbos or female bisexuals but I think I may actually be one or the other in denial so that would make sense.

No. 944919

Good morning Homophobe-chan

No. 945005

File: 1634817367667.jpg (24.24 KB, 590x550, tired cat.jpg)

I can't stand people who claim they are dyslectic and/or dyscalculic, just because most of the time they don't bother putting in the effort and instead use it as an excuse to give up.
I currently have to do a group project with 2 groupmates where one is dyslectic and the other dyscalculic. Whenever I point out that the former has spelling issues in their parts they just go "Oh, it's because I have dyslexia", as if spell check doesn't exist. I also have to constantly baby the other when it comes to anything math related, which is especially annoying since our unit is about coding.

No. 945036

I don't consider this hatred or homophobia just like, a natural conclusion to come to if you are a woman with decent critical thinking skills

No. 945044

You're on the wrong website.

Gay men have nothing but quiet contempt towards women at best.

No. 945049

That's because they want you to pay for premium, premium doesn't get that interruption. They know people use adblockers so it's a way to push them to open their wallets.

No. 945068

Dyslexia and dyscalculia aren't real anyway.

No. 945077

I have dyscalculia, I'm sorry you have to put up with that anon. Your group member's a retard for picking a course that includes math that can't be done on a calculator

No. 945120

No. 945172

Same. Emilia Clarke as Daenerys in GoT looks absolutely amazing with long blonde hair.

No. 945181

>White people aren't just in America
I know that, dumbass. That's why I specified that I was only talking about a specific type of white person. Also everyone knows that british food sucks ass too but that goes unspoken. I said white americans because the meme is about white "anglo" food like you said, and don't be obtuse. You fucking know damn well they aren't talking about italian or spanish food, retard.

No. 945213

It's so weird. Anglos went out of their way to colonize and pillage different parts of the world and take spices, but they literally never figured out how to use it to season food. What the fuck did they do? Shove it all up their asses?

No. 945217

Swedish food is pretty bland too, to be fair

No. 945235

You're the one who only mentioned Americans like they're the only ones who exist. The way you specified Americans seemed like you were pretending Europeans don't exist, maybe learn how to write in English. Isn't that your first language?

No. 945246

White food does have a tendency to be bland, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Japanese and non-algerian french food could be called bland due to a lack of spice use, but no one thinks it's an issue in those cases. There's an inherent tension between rich spicy flavors and bright natural flavors, and people only describe the latter as bland when they're being dumb on purpose.

The WASP food bland thing only developed because african americans/southern whites kept using it as an epic clapback when arguing with other americans. It's retarded, because all non-immigrant american food sucks for the same reason that british food sucks - the consistently mushy, greasy, soggy texture. Southerners can put as much spice in their greens as they want, cooking that shit down to a brown sludge is still gross.

No. 945257

>non algerian french food
Anon, Algeria gained its independence in 1962.

Anyway, I know I'll upset some Algerian anons here but Algerian food is trash compared to Moroccan food and bland as fuck. Algeria is so in denial that politicians and historians will sperg about how couscous isn't just from Maghreb, it specifically originated in Algeria. How about you learn how to cook before talking?

No. 945262

Because you can add flavor without necessarily using spices? Fish stock and butter make a lot of difference. Anyway, my theory is that british food and american food that descended from it are bland due to early industrialization and urbanization making the diet shift from more healthy and varied stuff that you could get living in the countryside to whatever they could get while living in a city and being poor.

No. 945263

They knew how to use spices way back but by the time mid 20th century happened everyone made disgusting food or went to drive ins

No. 945269

I meant french food with an algerian influence, which from what I can gather is still pretty common. Tagines are not that rare I think (I know they're not unique to algeria, but a lot of middle eastern stuff was diffused to france during their occupation), although I'm not a euro so I could be totally wrong.

No. 945274

Tajines are not middle eastern food, it's north african. I'm far from being patriotic but that's just straight up insulting. My grandma would murder you on the spot if she read that. I'd say French people like tajines and couscous as it is and eat these dishes in Moroccan and Algerian restaurants so I wouldn't say it French food with an Algerian influence. When you see variations with these dishes it's because the recipes will depend on regions (shout out to Tunisia and it fish couscous, I kinda want to try eating it one day) and personal preferences as well.

No. 945279

File: 1634834688682.jpeg (30.15 KB, 461x452, C5E46132-106B-4AF1-85DC-95AF59…)

she looks like she’s ready to scheme against He-Man

No. 945285

My understanding is that high-class Europeans would use lots of spices in their food back when spices were expensive there because it was a signal of wealth. But once better shipping techniques started driving the prices down to be accessible to everyone, that use as a signifier was no longer valid. Wealthy Europeans responded by instead moving away from spices and using the inherent quality of the ingredients (the best cuts of meat, the freshest vegetables) to signal their wealth. Adding a bunch of spice defeats that purpose because it hides the flavor of those raw ingredients. The effect tricked down through society because the lower classes wanted their food to feel upper-class whenever possible, so lots of spices in meals fell out of favor. Everyone kept using spices in desserts, though.

This is in contrast to the parts of the world they were taking these spices from, where spice served the dual purpose of both improving the flavor and hiding the taste of rotten food, thus being popular among all levels of society.

No. 945286

You absolute retard. It's because I think white americans are the only ones with bland food. That's why I said that. Why in the fuck would I specifically specify white Americans if I felt that Europeans didn't exist? White Europeans have different cuisines so I wouldn't lump them in to what I was saying. Kill yourself or learn to read with context instead of being absolutely purposefully obtuse to make a point.(chill out)

No. 945298

is that supposed to be Ariana?

No. 945311

Who the fuck is that

No. 945336

My mom used to do stuff similar to this, she didn’t want to accept that I had really bad childhood depression so she just said ‘oh it’s your dyslexia’
I had a discussion with her about this about a year ago and how it really didn’t help me at all and it would have been easier if she just accepted earlier that I had developed depression early in life which luckily she agreed that I was in the right there.

No. 945347

>she didn’t want to accept that I had really bad childhood depression so she just said ‘oh it’s your dyslexia’
NTA. Why do parents do that? I had depression since I was 10-11. When I asked my mother to take me to a psychologist or a psychiatrist, she started ranting at me how our generation is entitled and 'wants to go to a surgeon to heal a scratch' and 'thinks that magic pills will solve all problems'. I love her, but she has majorly fucked up in that regard and thanks to that, I'm pretty much nonfunctional 14 years later (yes I go to therapy and take medication, but I have so many issues overlapping it's very hard to get better). Now she's surprised that I accept whatever shit is handed to me instead of fighting for what I want. Fuck everything

No. 945351

They do this because they would feel like an inadequate parent if it was something that could be considered their fault.

No. 945354

I’m so sorry that happened to you anon! In my mom’s case I think it was more because she also grew up with childhood depression and didn’t want the same thing to happen to me.
I think on some level it’s because just the idea scares the shit out of parents and they would rather ignore it until it becomes unavoidable.

No. 945691

I hate Philly cheesecake fags. They’re always like “this not not an authentic cheesesteak!!!” Damn, how didn’t can cheesesteaks be?

No. 945736

> how didn’t can cheesesteaks be?

anon it’s clearly time to put the bottle down

No. 945753

When people don’t know how to sage and you can tell it’s the same user who is responding.

No. 945857

I hate how often threads here turn into never-ending autistic debates. I know it's nothing new but it's still annoying, and in some cases over shit that's been argued a thousand times already.

No. 946396

People (but it's only common with youngsters) trying to humblebrag about sleeping very little. Sounds like shit and irresponsible. I don't think anyone's impressed you slept 3 hours and still went to work to zone out, I'm more impressed by someone having a good sleep schedule.

No. 946402

yeah, and also the retarded sperging when someone says that they slept for 8 hours or so. i've heard people being called lazy and a huge baby because they actually slept at and woke up at a reasonable time.

No. 946408

That's like bragging about not drinking water kek, like congrats on negatively affecting your health in ways you probably can't comprehend while you're still young.

No. 946411

Was legit about to mention the people who boast about drinking no water and living on monster.
I bet their pussies stink and their kidneys are rotten.

No. 946412

I have a theory that some parents do this because they think every teenager/young child is temperamental and its just normal mood swings in adolescence.

No. 946414

league of legends and my addiction to it
i don't really hate it, i love it, but god damn does it make me mad sometimes. i feel like it's an unhealthy relationship to have with a fucking game kek
but in working throuhg my anxiety and anger problems with my therapist i definitely get less mad than i used to by it. but still.

No. 946418

You're so right, I get a really visceral feeling of disgust when someone says they don't drink water. Dehydration makes your bodily functions straight up gross, do you want people to know you have dark pee??

No. 946419

i do this (tell people i barely slept) but it's definitely not a humblebrag, it's because i have insomnia and literally cannot sleep. if anyone actually humblebrags about it that almost makes me angry because it…really fucking sucks to not be able to sleep normally kek

No. 946421

I think it's pretty normal to tell people you didn't get enough sleep but normally the context is bitching about being tired because it sucks and you wish you got more sleep.

No. 946447


No. 946451

File: 1634899130334.jpg (29.09 KB, 800x450, wednesdaymydudeswide.jpg)

The "it's Wednesday my dudes" retarded meme. It's forced and tired when you see 10s of posts like that every week. But of course plebbit has to beat every joke/meme into ground. IDK why they find it amusing

No. 946452


No. 946454

Because I live in a country where it is never ever spelt that way, so it looks wrong and retarded to me.

No. 946530

but if where you live you spell "spelt" with a T why don't you also spell "spoilt" with a T ?

No. 946596

I hate how everyone uses “kink” and “fetish” interchangeably, like, no, Kinks are not the same as fetishes, if you have a kink for being told you will get a paycheck after fucking, it means you can have normal sex even if you won’t get a paycheck after fucking.
If you need to be told that you will get a paycheck after fucking to be able to coom, you have a fetish, not a kink.

No. 946599

A "kink" is just a turn-on that is more perverted than usual isn't it.

No. 946602

While technically you're right - and also what you described as a kink is also known as a paraphilia - people commonly use fetish to refer to any unusual sexual preference regardless of whether you "need" it to be aroused or not, and I don't think that is going to change.

It's really much more rare for someone to have a true exclusive fetish rather than a kink/paraphilia, to the point where it would probably be better to have a special word for that case, like idk monophilia or something.

No. 946790

why are cough, tough, through, and though written with the same letter combination? Sometimes language is just inconsistent. nta btw

No. 946821

Ough is tough

No. 946911

File: 1634932567698.jpeg (68.1 KB, 600x580, yyyyyyyyyy.jpeg)

There's also a similar annoying meme which features a video of the Lucky Star anime dance, I think it's for Thursday. The only "weekly" meme I like is pic related but it's older.

No. 946965

I hate lettuce on sandwiches. Why ruin a perfect sub with that shredded shit? Salads are fine but lettuce only belongs there. Texture matters.

No. 947065

>Texture matters.
yeah, that's why the lettuce is there

No. 947066

Onions exist for texture

No. 947070

You can just have a salad with the sandwich, there’s no need to ruin the delicious bread with ham and cheese.

No. 947075

Ham and cheese belong on delicious bread. Mhmm cheese and bread

No. 947084

onions stink, lettuce doesn't
without any of those it's no longer a sandwich

No. 947212

As much as I love onions, they don't go with everything and it's not the same as lettuce.

No. 947292

File: 1634957991288.png (1.29 MB, 1280x720, imagen_2021-10-22_215641.png)

I hate this shit and anyone who enjoys it
Everyone who enjoys this shit is some kind of hypocrital retard and I hate it, fuck this shit
I watched the first season and it was alright. But seeing everyone act like a little shit about this crap makes me furious, it's not that good you pieces of shit
Only coomers and losers like this shit husbandofags are forgiven though. You can't control your impulses I know.

No. 947295

File: 1634958256464.png (1.22 MB, 1152x1152, imagen_2021-10-22_220203.png)

this "uwu" looking piece of shit is the worst offender for me btw. Punchable face, ugly hair, yet everyone seems obsessed with her. She's the kind of character who is too cheerful and idiots fall for that. Every other design is fucking hideous too, girls and boys included if you like bakugo or iida you are spared, I don't hate you but I will look at you with disbelief. You are warned.

No. 947301

This anime attracts ftms

No. 947315

I sort of like it, but don't consider it great and try to avoid the fans as much as possible. The designs were also what kind of drew me towards it but I'm prone to liking ugly things, my husbandos from other series are considered ugly too (and also had questionable fandoms). Am also a loser degen husbandofag

No. 947321

This song. I don't know the band or anything, it was just randomly recommended to me and just now again so I decided to post it on here. The lyrics are so damn self-serving and preachy, like the dude is trying to make himself feel better for not defending her. I really want to like the message and it does have a soothing sound to it, but it was executed very poorly. Example:
>I hope you love your life now. Like I love mine.
He could've just left out that last bit or replaced it with something more comforting to the girl, because it's like he's making the song about himself kek. Even if he left out this specific part, the whole song has lyrics like these and I just can't listen to it even though I do like the guitar.

No. 947348

Idk what this anime is but now I want chiclets. Where do you even buy chiclets nowadays?

No. 947366

i think some of the villains are hot. the heroes are nerds

No. 947369

Post your husbando.

No. 947373

eggs on burgers, the smell itself is vomit-inducing

No. 947376

I always felt like this song was from the perspective of someone who wasn't in a much better social situation than the girl, he's reflecting back on youth and high school problems and maybe now he's past his personal problems thinking about others who were sort of in the trenches as well and hoping their life turned out okay too. now I say that from the perspective of taking the song at face value, even if I didn't know the band. but anyway, mountain goats songs are about all sorts of characters and situations that didn't happen and are often very storytelling so it may not be a true accounting of something that happened in john darnielle's life although some of his songs are about his real life. he was abused by his stepdad as a teen and then got addicted to meth and stuff. I can only listen to a certain amount of mountain gotas songs at a time but I find some of them to be moving.

No. 947377

oh and the one I linked isn't pertinent to anything I just like it if you wanted to give them another chance.

No. 947378

You always were a silly ho

No. 947379

mayonnaise and sour cream

No. 947382

Who the fuck is eating mayo and sour cream together?

No. 947385

not together just in general

No. 947389

Thank you for replying anon. The reason why I assumed this was a real event and not storytelling was because one of the comments under the video said this:
>"I wrote it for an old friend of mine, and she is fine, if you are curious." – John Darnielle at eTown Hall in Boulder, CO, October 2016
Anyway regardless of the song, I feel very bad that he went through that. I just discovered this band so I didn't know that about him, thank you for letting me know. Listening to it again with the perspective you gave me I can definitely see how it is meant to be interpreted that way. Perhaps I was too judgemental with the song. I listened to the song you linked too and it was very relaxing and melancholic. He reminds me of a softer, acoustic version of AJJ.

No. 947390

>I can only listen to a certain amount of mountain gotas songs at a time but I find some of them to be moving.

Nta but same here. I dislike "no children" because it makes me paranoid of ending like that. Otherwise I like a lot of his songs.

No. 947399

File: 1634968947616.jpeg (153.08 KB, 1005x1167, BA3F52C0-121C-412D-A8EB-7520A4…)

I don’t like the show or the hideous art, but this character looks so cool and hot.

No. 947400

I'm glad you liked the other song, their discog is massive so it's easy to fall down the rabbit hole and be quite entertained if you do wind up getting into them

that's funny I love to scream along to No Children it's a good angry song

No. 947401

she's just an annoying yandere tbh, she's one of the least coolest. i don't trust anyone who likes her in particular cause her fans are literally all bpd kinnies or waifufags, no in-between

No. 947402

Oh my bad, anons kept talking about food combos so I just assumed. Anyway, I kind of agree. Dairy products and eggs can gross me out a lot. Sometimes I have a hard time even eating a bagel with cream cheese or cheesy pasta without feeling nasty

No. 947430

>mountain goats songs are about all sorts of characters and situations that didn't happen and are often very storytelling so it may not be a true accounting of something that happened in john darnielle's life
Didn't listen to the song, so sorry if I'm talking bs. I no longer trust scrote singers when they write lyrics about being shitty or abusive to women, even when they seem critical. It happened too many times when it turned out that yes, they are actually talking about their own behavior. Example: everyone thought Me Vs Maradona vs Elvis by Brand New is shitting on misogynistic scrotes till it turned out that Jesse Lacey was an online groomer. See also Mindless Self Indulgence and probably many others. Maybe you are right and Danielle isn't like that, since he faced abuse himself. I get the song isn't as bad as the other too examples. Again, I'm just highly suspicious of any supposedly fictional scrote lyrics describing bad behavior

No. 947439

>Again, I'm just highly suspicious of any supposedly fictional scrote lyrics describing bad behavior
Nta but same here, same here. I think he might be alright though, hopefully he is

No. 947526

I hate accidentally touching my cervix during my periods, it sits so low and I can feel the hole at the tip being more dilated than usual, such a gross feeling.

No. 947535

Look I dont know the guy but when I say storytelling I mean like, has an entire album based on d&d with songs titled shit like Clemency for the Wizard King. and I always thought me vs. Maradona vs. Elvis was from his own perspectove how did anyone think otherwise? that's just delusional. I love that song it reminds how some people are like that and not to get fooled. thankful he wrote it, straight from the horse's mouth.

No. 947555

I can't stand Dr Dray's voice, it is so fucking grating

No. 947571

People thought it's an observation, a critical song written from a perspective of a predator. Kinda like we are not meant to agree with Humbert Humbert. Of course that idea ended up being bullshit, but those were different times. Didn't help that Lacey seemed like an ~uwu vulnerable and emotional soul~.

No. 947636

I don't get parents who whine about their teenagers not dating, leave them alone, being at this age sucks enough, don't add any more pressure to such trivial matters.

No. 947728

My mom mixes both when she cooks something

No. 947732

Teens are fighting back by calling themselves asexual and aromantic. Take that mom and dad.

No. 947737

Most of the times they’re worried about their kid being some flavor of special sexuality or gay.
And I don’t understand how can anyone not get that they were raised to believe that being in a relationship is the most important shit ever.
Of course they will worry about their kid not having a partner, they think that you must know the person who will stay with you forever as quickly as possible to avoid you being a partnerless loser.
But sure, never talk about it with mom and dad, just come here and post about it, or even better, go to ticktoc and expose them on social media.

No. 947922

The "Mommy? Sorry" meme it's one of the cringiest things I've heard in a long time and I hate it with a burning passion. It's retarded even for Gen Z standards. If someone uses it I instantly have less respect for that person

No. 948068

File: 1635028217479.png (38.65 KB, 500x500, imagen_2021-10-23_173022.png)


No. 948069

god I hate it too. Coomer shit, infantilizing.

No. 948086

Anons who format their posts like haikus.

No. 948245

File: 1635046771175.jpeg (571.15 KB, 2463x1385, 248859EC-F72F-425F-BE59-021E36…)

A Neanderthal looking misogynistic faux-intellect that borderline traffics young men

No. 948251

It’s reddit-posting.

Why won’t they integrate?

Guess we’ll never know.

No. 948253

was done with his shit when he told some story about how a female employee on drag race treated someone dismissively and he kept calling her a bitch while saying she should be more respectful. Just drag queen things

No. 948254

Spoiler for 5 o’clock shadow

No. 948271

I thought his commentary a long time ago was funny for offensive shit. How does he borderline traffic young men, like how young and trafficked how? I don’t follow him or keep up with any of them, not my scene. Really weird how men are so obsessed with youth to a scary degree

No. 948282

Him and his husband (ex husband now? I don’t know) run a “go go dancing” agency in la but it’s really a front for escorting and some shady shit was leaked about how they targeted certain types of young men to join. Willam also proudly talks about whoring himself out underaged so you’d think he’d know better but nope.

No. 948353

I hate when girls with regularly spaced eyes and a slightly long midface do that ugly pointed liquid eyeliner that goes past the tear duct area. Even worse when it’s combined with a thick upwards wing. No eyeshadow at the ends, no bottom mascara. How can they not see that this is possibly the ugliest look for their face? Especially when it’s specifically for a youtube or tiktok video it’s like, do they not review the footage when they’re finished?

No. 948355

Clown makeup is popular these days

No. 948356

No. 948366

File: 1635073781950.jpeg (126 KB, 1227x746, 9537F4B6-BC74-4C64-9C82-430880…)

Not a perfect example, but it’s the video that made me realize I’ve seen this trend multiple times in the past week. Why anyone would want to draw their regularly spaced eyes closer together is beyond me. Her face looks fine but her bad makeup is so irritating.

No. 948419

There’s so much going on in this picture omg what is she doiiing

No. 948457

This bitch and her content keeps getting worse.
Now that she's getting some attention she's showing clearly what a retarded basic plastic bitch she is. Dumbass just want more cash for her shitty makeup and plastic surgery adiction.

No. 948459

Eh, these girls don't want to admit that look just doesn't work for their face. I have eyes that are not wide set or close set, but wearing that eyeliner makes me look bad because it makes it look like I have close set eyes. I don't have a long midface and it still looks bad. I wish I would work it, but you have to accept your limitations. Saged for blogspot

No. 948475

File: 1635086735297.jpg (58.62 KB, 736x737, 9d27bed125bb0a141ffac714016621…)

I think it could look decent if someone intentionally goes for a certain style like egyptian and goth inspired makeup although that looks kind of different from whatever that other girl is doing

No. 948513

I think this is a common complaint in dating in general, but people talking about their exes when they're supposedly trying to start something with you. General lines are fine, and I'll share that if it comes up, but holy hell do I not care about what rituals and arguments you had with your ex-girlfriend, bucko, stop dating while you're still crying over the "one that got away".

No. 948537

We have more makeup YouTubers and tutorials than ever, but trendy makeup for the past few years has looked like absolute drag garbage.

No. 948552

Exactly because anyone can make makeup videos and put them online now

No. 948615

People with names meant for dogs (milo, charlie, max, otis, etc)

No. 948628

dogs aren't meant to be named, they're animals.

No. 948632

They're animals that serve a role and purpose in human society anon lol

No. 948644

Nta but I name every plush that somebody gifts me. If you own something and it has a face then you gotta name it lol

No. 948653

How do you even know which dog was the one that got sick if they don’t have to have names? That’s dumb.
Specially if they’re the same race and too similar, names exist for a reason.

No. 948657

>the same race
I agree with you but I'm laughing really hard at your choice of words here

No. 948660

Sorry, I’m and ESL-chan, I think it’s like, the same type of dog? If you had two female poodles, you would need to give them different names.

No. 948666

whenever i see any remotely anti-dog posts i get ptsd from that fucking doggore poster

No. 948672

Are you Muslim?

No. 948686

charlie and max are people names though

the word you're looking for is breed lol

No. 948689

so are humans, should we just stop naming everything just because you don't like it and want to live like a caveman?

No. 948707

How else would you identify individuals, retard? Are you going to number them?

No. 948709

No fucking way anon, animals aren't meant to have human names unless it's something really, really uncommon or old-timey.

No. 948766

Is it really that weird to not name your pets? We used to have a cat that we just called cat, since he was the only one we had and it's not like he'd listen to his name anyways kek.

No. 948767

It's ok I had an unnamed cat too. We didn't know if she would stay with us or not so we didn't give her a name

No. 948774

Joe Rogan. He’s such a crusty ass and his podcast is boring and he chimps out for literal chimps

No. 948802

Actually cats and dogs will listen to the sound of their name, especially if it ends in an "e" sound. They can tell when you're talking to and about them, they're not stupid.

No. 949479

Is hate gay males talking and acting in a hyper "feminine" way. They sound so fucking stupid and it's disgusting. You literally have no need to talk like a stereotype. You sound retarded. Just because you're gay doesn't mean that you have to yell yaaaas and gooorl and queeen and honey every other word. Lesbians are also gay but they don't talk any different, yet gay men have this whole culture where they behave like retards. Talk normally ffs

No. 949487

I hate when gays talk about their “pussy” dude just say you have a dick. It gives off troon vibes but use it to be funny. No respectable woman is talking about how juicy their pussy is or constantly spouting about it. You like dick and have one, it’s simple. I blame James Charles and other male beauty gurus for the hyper feminine talk and dressing.

No. 949489

Are people capable of talking without overusing "like" so much? I've come to hate the word like because you people can't speak properly. Please stfu ok?

No. 949492

Such as

No. 949497

Are people capable of talking without overusing "the" so much? I've come to hate the word the because you people can't speak properly. Please stfu ok?

No. 949502

Are people capable of talking without overusing "I" so much? I've come to hate the word I because it's not all about you honey. Please stfu ok?

No. 949523

Are overusing capable of talking without people "much" so like? I've come to word the like hate because speak properly can't you people. Please stfu ok?

No. 949524

I like to use like a lot because I like it, like, it’s nice.

No. 949526

>Tfw some CSI episode made me extremely self-conscious about my use of “I” so my autistic ass is constantly worrying about using “I” too much.

No. 949529

That happened to me but with disgusting ass boomer quotes about how people who use "i" too much are selfish and conceited but you know what? "I" don't give a fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

No. 949764

these ai-generated images from neuralblender are incredibly unsettling and i hate seeing them outside of their thread

No. 949784

I hate that neuralblender thread. What a fucking eye sore.

No. 949785

I didn’t see this comment when I posted the same though. It’s so unfunny and feels like they all must be 14 years old to find that shit funny.

No. 949789

Nah I don't think they're teens.

No. 949791

Clearly but they have the maturity of one

No. 949832

Cp bump

No. 949834

the cake by the ocean one was cute though

No. 949953

I hate that thread so much, there is a few interesting pictures but most of them are just painful to look at

No. 950003

Bump bump
Scrote posting gore is a big stupid cunt

No. 950018

What's meant to be funny about it? They're just interesting pictures that are hard to look away from. Some turn out really beautiful. I saw like one person post a spoilered neuralblender pic on /ot/ but I've otherwise seen them contained. I hope other people keep them contained because I totally understand why they make you feel uneasy, but they're nothing to be offended about.

No. 950022

I’m totally offended I didn’t like something

No. 950025

Boo hoo

No. 950027

If you think someone is actually offended by that then get some fresh air

No. 950029

File: 1635246965149.gif (2.57 MB, 494x498, 35a334f9c90617551116a84fd9d6ef…)

>i hate the thread so much
>it's so unfunny it feels like they must all be 14

Now you're offended that you're offended

No. 950506

File: 1635283482802.jpg (89.19 KB, 894x720, 1635281979611.jpg)

idk who this character is but her face annoys me

No. 950523

She’s cute

No. 950526

I hate the terms boy mom and girl dad. Does anything else thing they sound stupid? Most of these parents will make their whole personality based on being a mom to a boy child, or a dad being a father to a girl child. I’m just tired of seeing those Instagram reels of creepy parents who are way too obsessed with their children.

No. 950535

Someone's mom is posting their Twitter reaction gifs

No. 950546

>trying to use amiiboss to write nfcs
>10 minute cooldown in between writing each one
>have to dm the guy on twitter to donate and be able to write more quickly
why can I not just pay for the app. I dont want to dm some guy

No. 950599

File: 1635290885451.png (148.77 KB, 652x650, C9343855-052E-4F62-9B18-223FCB…)

I hate these ugly shoes. Burn.

No. 950618

Sorry you have fat ankles, nonnie.

No. 950629

these only look good murdered out imo

No. 950630

Sorry you like clown shoes, nonnie.

No. 950631

do you mean these fakes or all high tops converse?

No. 950639

All but specifally these. These are over $500 and are Rick Owens which is a famous brand. I can’t see the price point for these to be even worth more than $100

No. 950651

they legit look like off-brand shoes, that's crazy

No. 950652

File: 1635294697636.jpeg (22.19 KB, 406x508, 6E1AD64A-4D0F-497A-8919-582D9E…)

Wait til you see these.

No. 950673

My dad unironically suggested i buy these shoes to help with my height.

No. 950675

These only look good if you are a slender man who is at least 6" Men shorter than that wearing these shoes look absolutely ridiculous. I remember some scrote on tumblr who wore these whilst being the undesired height and he looked like a child trying on his uncles clothes.

No. 950696

File: 1635297974109.jpg (769.91 KB, 1866x966, 540.jpg)

samefag i also can't stand this bitch. her mouth is so ugly it genuinely pisses me off

No. 950971

When someone says
>everyone can’t do xyz
when they mean
>not everyone can do xyz

No. 951200

File: 1635350655242.jpg (236.46 KB, 720x1062, IMG_20211027_235330.jpg)

These things have been posted here before and they will never stop multiplying. I hate that these will never go away. People who make this content contains the same crap.

No. 951597

The username adhd_couple

No. 951908

>b-but if the genders were reversed!11
always said by scrote defending retards and people who fell for the """equality""" meme.

No. 951977

File: 1635408651826.png (81.7 KB, 688x413, Screenshot (215).png)

Western libfems who defend Islam, oh my god I hate these bitches so much
seriously how does she not get that these Muslim countries only became Muslim in the first place was case they were conquered and subjugated and forced to convert and I would much rather deal with an annoying christian missionary then the rape jihajis in my own country who rape and marry young non-Muslims girls as a form of Jihad
I wish that every single libfem who ever defended the religion of the arab pedopophile would have to spend one day in either a Muslim community or dispora group

No. 951984

here we go again with another spergout about Islam and muslims

No. 951988

Literally who is not driven by interest, some people are just disciplined enough to do their job before they do what's interesting

No. 951999

Well yeah, Islam is a plague, especially for women.

No. 952000

nayrt but you must have never suffered from islam to think it's an overdone topic.

No. 952001

Why don’t we just Nuke Islam? No hate

No. 952009

>waaah pedo arabs
>waaah goatfuckers
>waaah hijabs and niqabs
>waaah four wives
>waaah muh homophobia
It's always the same lines over and over again, it gets bored after a while.

Yeah, let's nuke ISLAMABAD! LET'S GO!

No. 952017

I hate when artists with the skills of a preschool art project post “pls don’t repost art without credit” nobody wants it. Stop.

No. 952034

you know that's the same logic MRA's and anti-feminists use, we complain so much cause its awful and Islamic misogyny is one of the worst hells any human has to deal with

No. 952037

how many thousand times a day do you see the same post shitting on moids here ? shitting on islam is just a flavor of that, idk why these would get special treatment just because they mostly abuse the brown women they have as relatives. everyone is allowed to complain about their shitty moid.

No. 952052

When people don't clean the sink after doing the dishes, I fucking hate seeing those chunks of food stuck there, it grosses me out so much.

No. 952053

Nonny has already made many posts in many threads about Islam and muslim women before, I can easily recognize her because she's an ESL paki
>these Muslim countries only became Muslim in the first place was case they were conquered and subjugated and forced to convert
shit non-muslim subcontinental people always say
>the rape jihajis in my own country who rape and marry young non-Muslims girls as a form of Jihad
"love jihad" lol
plus the post is filled with typos and there's only 12 anons on lolcow dot farm

No. 952054

File: 1635415267464.png (602.51 KB, 720x1393, imagen_2021-10-28_050109.png)

I hate porn "memes"

No. 952058

English third language actually and those targeted rape cases very much happen

No. 952059

>it's always the same lines over and over again

and? complaining about pedo arabs, homophobia and women not having rights in general are all perfectly valid complaints.

yes I think I may have argued with her before, anons were arguing about islam and christianity and I said that even though christianity is terrible it is objectively better than islam. she was just like "lol cope harder, islam isn't going anywhere" with a smiley face or something. cope about what exactly? it's just a fact. and of course a religion that murders people for leaving it isn't going anywhere.

No. 952060

My pussy tired(emoji)

No. 952061

Especially the "what are you doing, stepbro" and the one with one white chick and multiple black men. I can't believe what they did to my baby Ankha, just googled her and 3 out of the 6 pics in the first line are inappropriate. We can't have shit with scrotes.
>radio free
Yeah it's just propaganda. I'm sure it happens some times but not as much as Hindu extremists like to pretend.
What's wrong with homophobia?
Was that sandwich good?

No. 952064

Yes roast beef with cheddar and mustard a la carte

No. 952065

I’m homophobic idc

No. 952066

I know this isn't really what you're talking about but I hate this push to act like porn can somehow be cute/funny/innocent or whatever. I don't have any examples but it's something I see on reddit a lot. like people just casually making porn jokes/references in conversation. I'm sleep deprived so sorry if that didn't make sense lol.

No. 952068

And yet you don't mind talking about eating (squirrel) pussy…

No. 952071

Wtf? Squirrel? Wrong girl

No. 952072

… sorry to contradict your crazy jumping to conclusions, even though it makes you quite the athlete have you ever thought there can be multiple people criticizing the harm islam does to women ?

No. 952073

>What's wrong with homophobia?

I just don't think people should have to live in fear of getting thrown off a building if they're attracted to the same sex

No. 952075

Butt sex or life? Which one?

No. 952076

The fact that homos can't just stop fucking each other despite knowing they'll be killed is hilarious.
Hehe nahhh, I know her. Nice try!

No. 952079

Dick in shit hole just too good yummy aid flakes

No. 952081

Damn, really? I'm usually really good at this.

No. 952084

No. 952085

Luckily didn't really see it yet, but I also don't have any social media so maybe I'm just shielded from it. I'd hate for it to become accepted, but it seems retarded enough to gain traction.

No. 952087

Not gonna read all that because I genuinely don't give a shit but, why are there Hindus in Pakistan and Muslims in India?

No. 952091

They’re all the same puddles of muddy dirt water

No. 952119

File: 1635419906271.png (158.84 KB, 526x526, imagen_2021-10-28_061819.png)

ugliest fucking shoes

No. 952126

Those feet look like they’re about to rob a bank.

No. 952627

File: 1635452216497.png (43.48 KB, 642x397, Screen Shot 2021-10-28 at 4.04…)

I hate when men pretend to be wholesome while being transparently gross coomers. Pic rel are comments from a video of this Japanese weather presenter named Saya Hiyama that has a niche fanbase outside of Japan. Literally every comment on all of her videos are like this. I watch her a lot mostly for Japanese immersion but it's undeniable she's gorgeous. Unfortunately, scrotes make up like 99% of her overseas fanbase, because of course. I feel like every time I see a comment like "protect her smile, boys" it's clearly written with gross, nasty, cum-smelling fingertips. I'm sorry. I don't believe in a mans ability to experience mostly wholesome feelings towards women. "I just want to hold her hand!" "I just want to hug her and tell her I love her!" "I just want her to be my cuddly gf uwu". Bullshit, you nasty fuck. Everything you say comes with a "and have gros, kinky sex with her" after it, muttered only internally to keep up a guise of innocence. I also won't get into how infantilizing it is towards asian women that they talk about her like she's a fucking baby and not a 28 year old woman with a successful career in broadcasting.

No. 952630

They do it because it’s a meme and because they know they’re disgusting coomers, the whole
>p-protect her smile!
>I want to h-hold her hand!!
It’s just a joke and other coomers know that, it’s almost a code to say that they’re fapping to her while watching the videos.

No. 952636

I fear if I ever become famous that I'll have a mostly male fanbase. I think I'd kill myself.

No. 952645

This tbh. I've considered becoming a streamer but the thought of deranged men fapping to me makes me sick.

No. 952648

One of the worst parts of having an all male fanbase is they have no discerning taste. Everything you do that is actually cool or cute can only be appreciated for the wrong reasons. Wear a cute choker? Girls will think it's stylish and cute, ask you where you got it. Boys will have their porn nuerons fired and assume you're dogwhistling some coomer shit. Have a certain political opinion? That will get sexualized too."OHhh my god based [political idealogy] girlfriend"

No. 952659

>they talk about her like she's a fucking baby and not a 28 year old woman with a successful career in broadcasting.

mostly unrelated side tangent, but I truly don't understand men sometimes. they will say that women hit their peak at 22-23 but the same men will insist on calling women in their late 20's and onward "girls". so a 28 year old woman is an old hag, but still a girl, somehow. like, pick one.

No. 952661

Moids are incapable of nuanced thinking, it's a common fact.

No. 952664

File: 1635454079399.jpeg (106.49 KB, 1200x1200, Half_1543d9_6444182.jpeg)

Because men can only picture women as looking 18 or 45+ with no in-between. Pic related is Joss Fong who is 33 and constantly simped over by the same kind of scrotes who say women hit the wall at 25.

No. 952669

I have a hard time trying to word what I want to say here, but here goes: I think I have a bit of a moid-lite sense of humour from spending time on 4chan and youtube as a teenager(I'm ashamed). But even if I laugh at the same jokes it seems to me that moids can't truly enjoy ironic jokes because they're never truly detached from the subject matter. Like joking about simps or weird deviantart porn or something, deep down they joke because they actually agree with what's being said instead of laughing at the absurdity of it. Does that make sense? I could never make those jokes with a male in the audience because they'll see it as a declaration of my beliefs instead of funny and stupid like I do.

No. 952674

I understand what you mean completely. It really reminds me of Dave Chappelle and his early racial humor. You had two groups of people laughing for different reasons: one group is laughing at the absurdity of racists and is laughing AT racists, and the other group is laughing because they agree and think black people are stupid criminals. You could honestly make a joke about rape funny if you're joke is about how being a rapist is pathetic and disgusting but you will always have some idiots laughing "haha rape".

No. 952676

Scrotes always do this shit. I remember being baffled when I first found out about Natalia Ponkloskaya, a russian general attorney for Crimea.
This woman was just doing her job, doing normal things like interviews and ended up being harassed by coomers that have drawn hentai of her, do shit like vidrel and call her "the russian waifu"

No. 952681

File: 1635455087288.jpg (Spoiler Image, 291.17 KB, 2000x1377, f95.jpg)

Even with Kim Yo-Jong, daughter of Kim Jong-Il. Of course it's degenerate Shadman (not the only one), it's amazing how they can sexualize everything, absolute psychos and freaks

No. 952683

File: 1635455286873.gif (1.35 MB, 512x384, 1518180851779.gif)

I can't wait for this scrote to kill himself

No. 952685

that's not even somewhat close to what she looks like. wtf is even the point

No. 952688

File: 1635455780347.png (433.38 KB, 960x540, ezgif.com-resize54-960x540.png)

No i want him to stay alive and keep suffering in his miserable drug addict state

No. 952691

Kek I like the vitriol

No. 952708

She's another example of this
phenomenon. She was mid to late 30s when she blew up and a single mother too, yet notoriously pedo moids (eg on 4chan, Japanese guys) were simping because a pretty face >>> the arbitrary standards they mostly only talk about to systematically lower women's self esteem as a group

No. 952716

>the arbitrary standards they mostly only talk about to systematically lower women's self esteem as a group
This is literally what it is, thank you for saying it. The amount of times I've seen scrotes talk about how being pale and skinny is ugly or whatever to the point that I was feeling insecure about it, then they worship "model waifus" that are both those things. Men will literally fuck anyone they can get, but they love to lie about it to keep women on their toes. And women love to complicate their own lives with stupid standards too

No. 952719

Jesus christ, women deserve their own planet far away from scrotes.

No. 952721

when I was backing up out of a parking spot this lady in weird, offensive to the eye emoji scrubs walked behind my car so I had to stop and wait for her, but I had a thought as I was intently watching her in the rearview mirror, "if I hit her? she was definitely asking for it. just look what she's wearing." it's almost like to make a "tasteful" rape joke you need to frame it so carefully as to not even allow room for the ones who "lol rape" at it

No. 952727

KEK anon

No. 952730

It sucks having to kneecap your humour just for scrotes. Especially when they think everything that women do is for them. I just want to act retarded in public and have scrotes not even think about me.

No. 952747

they kind of look great tbh, you have no taste lol

No. 952823

File: 1635465932403.png (5.42 MB, 2360x1640, EAA956AD-9A92-49BC-A451-A3C522…)

No. 952828

looks like satire. but who knows

No. 952829

It’s obviously satire but I hate how she’s making fun of too many things at once. It’s painful and not funny

No. 952863

Agree she looks like an incest baby as well.

No. 952865

Which part of it irks you most

No. 952867

No, she just looks french.

No. 952869

Well I guess I’m glad I’ve never been there.

No. 952906

File: 1635468719096.jpeg (878.95 KB, 1600x2411, 4328BEED-AD00-4FF4-A0CE-3F3D49…)

god this is so retarded but i really dislike this book cover. i feel like it doesn’t match the tone/mood of the novel at all, and it looks very YA-ish. tbh i really hate a lot of the current book cover design trends. sorry for being so autistic but it bothers me a lot.

No. 952913

the book cover looks fine who gives a shit just read the damn book and stop being a monkey OOO OO AHHH AHHH WHERES MY COMPLEX DESIGN OOO OO AHH like girl just read the actual substance of the book goddayum it’s like some of you waste your energy hating on the dumbest shit ever

No. 952917

Nigger rage detected

No. 952918

Yt woman detected, go back to your designated bitching thread cuntshit

No. 952920

i never said it had to be a complex design, i just want it to make the tone of the book goddamn

No. 952921

No. 952922

I hate black woman on lolcow. You can always tell if they’re black by the way they talk and the slang they use. Black woman or obvious black gay #stonewall(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 952924

I'm not black nonny, you're just a racist bitch

No. 952926

Okay ;)(;))

No. 952929

I hate anons who take the bait.

No. 952930

All the anons who take the bait should just go back to Twitter.

No. 952931

I was being serious though

No. 952932

It's not bait, you guys are just assholes. We had a thread for black women but you ruined it bc you have a hate boner for non-whites for some reason

All the anons who keep using that shitty line should kill themselves and their families

No. 952934

Why was there even a black woman thread? Special treatment. What about the latinas and Asians.

No. 952935

I hate anons who bait. It's never ever good bait either, just the most obvious shit. I have more respect for anons who lie and make up controversial stories to cause infights than anons like >>952922. At least those are interesting to read.

No. 952936

Having an opinion about aave and black girls isn’t bait. How hard is it to believe a prejudice?

No. 952938

File: 1635469985492.jpeg (536.78 KB, 1000x1463, 4F837C28-320B-453D-B658-F38603…)

>what about the latinas and asian women?

your bait that screams jealousy and racism is starting to make sense

No. 952939

They knew what they were doing by having a separate thread. Just go back to lipstick alley because that’s where they will fit in and wouldn’t need their own thread

No. 952940

Yts would shit up a thread about Asian women in a heartbeat lmao, bring up WMAF couples and see what happens

No. 952972

Even so what is so wrong with that thread? Isn’t a grand majority of this website used by white women with a little sprinkling of minorities who continuously having to put up with being called slurs and having your race demeaned? I get it’s an imageboard and chaos is embraced but holy shit open your eyes for once, not everyone complaining is a twitterfag that you must oppose

No. 952987

What the hell is this incel image

No. 952998

nta but how is this incel in the least

No. 953001

nta but it feels like a scrote making fun of a woman being comfortable with her age?

No. 953002

WMAF couples bring up a lot of fights in general, even from asian women and white men since most, not all, of these couples are built around fetishization. Not to start anything but people just see yumi king and 90 day fiance and all that mess

No. 953003

>men need us far more than we need them
How? If women were to go extinct, men would just go back to their old faggy ways and fuck effeminate men and little boys like they used to in every single ancient civilization

No. 953004

Never trust a white man who travels to Thailand or other Asian countries.

No. 953006

>even from asian women and white men since most
Nah it's mostly white women and asian men seething
Never trust a white man

No. 953013

No? I've seen plenty of asian women protest against couples that are obviously based on racial fetishizing kek, and racist white guys also hate WMAF couples, sorry not everyone builds their opinions out of jealousy

No. 953020

Those racist white guys are just white women larping as men online lol, actual racist white men tend to hate western white "whores". And most of those woke asian ladies date white men.

Wait wtf do you mean by jealousy?

No. 953022

How do you even know that? I am pretty sure we arent supposed to talk much about race on lc anyway.

Anyway: if black girls get a thread then I want the Canada hate thread back

No. 953024

I want a latina thread then

No. 953027

no, pls stop with the country hate threads they're gonna come for mine soon

No. 953031

If you guys want a latina/Asian thread, then just make one. Mods/admin never said it wasn't allowed. Just feels silly to complain about the Black Girl thread because you want to make up some kind of problem.

No. 953034

There’s literally a Latam thread, but you’re too much of a newfag to look it up.

No. 953035

yes anon, infact no one has opinions, that don't revolve around fighting over white guys, it's all just jealous white women and asian women who like white guys

No. 953036

lmao stop trying to get other anons banned even though that’s funny as fuck just stop

No. 953040

Im Canadian so I really just wanted to vent somewhere about this place and I was curious about how many anons were actually there lol I was having a good time

No. 953046

"White women are out to attack WMAF by larping" has got to be a new era of psycho conspiracies I'll never understand

No. 953050

nta but I don't see how they would get banned, the black girl thread isn't

No. 953054

No, I've seen it happen many times. Maybe if I was a little bit more autistic I'd gather some screenshots just for you. ♥

No. 953058

What are you talking about? I'm not trying to get anyone banned, I'm saying this because ever since the Black Girl thread was made, anons have been saying "Well, why can't xyz have a thread?????" but I never saw staff say they can't. Also, like the anon above said, there are Latino/Hispanic and Mexico threads here in /ot/, which have been around since before the Black thread.

No. 953067

Please post screenshots, I literally never seen this happen. How would you even know it was a white woman larping?

I'm not against WMAF couples but a lot are built on fetishization, that doesn't mean asian women can't call it out when they see it, plus most asian american women are surrounded by whites and asian guys are usually taken so it makes sense most are dating white guys despite being against asian fetishization

No. 953092


No. 953120

Seconding this, the only people I've seen who care about WMAF couples are just white men who obsess over the idea that white women are mad and jealous and go out of their way to make up scenarios where there's a jealous white toastie who totally seethed of Asian girls. Why would white girls even care about who white guys date anyway? Especially since most white girls nowadays seem to be gravitating towards Asian, black, or Latino guys.

No. 953154

Pretty sure I know who the WMAF poster is-he sounds like a guy I use to be friends with who got cheated on by an uggo Japanese girl and spends his days race-baiting random women on the internet, including leading on random white, black, arab, etc girls and going out of his way to tear them apart and compare them to Asian girls and when they don't respond in jealousy like he wants he starts comparing their bodies to nitpick them and overly exaggerating how his ex looked, acted, etc. And then gaslights them when they call him out

It's beyond pathetic and I'm still friends with 2 of the girls he did this too and his Japanese ex and we all know each other and laugh at him and all the lies he's told and how obsessed with race is. He also frequents lolcow a lot which is why I think that, everyone in his friend group hates now and he's probably just spiraling to suicide like the loser he is

No. 953262

there's so many scrotes using lolcow REEEE

No. 953266

why does everyone think i'm a male ffs should i fucking transition already?

No. 953273

File: 1635487915674.gif (4.07 MB, 267x200, 1A9A74C4-2BDC-410F-9BE0-5B5DC5…)

Let me deconstruct your most annoying parts
Hmmm maybe funny , sorta benign
Unfunny as fuck, I wanna throw myself off a bridge every time I see some bitch on tiktok call themselves that.
Kinda cringe but not the worst part of this post
That’s enough words ending with pilled, random egirl who discovered how to talk like this not too long ago it seems like
doesn’t really match the other adjectives. disgusting and annoying word
??? Mitski fan?
> Radiohead creep
I don’t think this part was necessary at all, the song playing in this retarded ass tiktok was creep by Radiohead
She uses the word femcel again
>that abhorrent emoji
Probably the worst part.

Look at her profile picture and name,
I understand that tiktok and Twitter is full of people who will get offended at literally anything but peepee poopoo is not fucking funny. At all. I bet you there are like billions of other usernames like this because every quirky kid on tiktok thinks they’re so goofy and cray cray, hence the repeating character and 2 at the end
> SUS with a warped ass pic of her
That was a meme like 4 months ago.
If you’re gonna be a quirky meme person at least get with the times also inserting yourself into a meme is a weird narcissist thing like something Shoeonhead would do, in fact the whole tiktok sounds like something she would retweet

I think the thing that bothers me about this post is that it’s not even fully a joke, she’s just using random words throwing it together. Words that would be annoying even if she only used even one of them in a sentence. But here they all are. This literally made me stop going on tiktok. The Chinese have failed me by putting this on my for you page.

No. 953285

I think that's the joke anon. To make fun of a bunch of internet shit.

No. 953297

Yellow fever white women always seethe over the fact that Asian women worship white men while the vast majority of Asian men think white women are disgusting fat sluts, and the few those who don't are literal Americanized ricecels who only want to get back at WMAF couples.

No. 953298

black girls who date white guys and then preach about white privilege

No. 953299

Alright, shut the fuck up.

No. 953303

I hate the weird race jokes some women make: “white man’s whore” and all that. Just screams issues to me.

No. 953304

Well, good for you, I guess you moved on really easily
You found a new girl, and it only took a couple weeks
Remember when you said that you wanted to give me the world? (Ah-ah-ah-ah)
And good for you, I guess that you've been working on yourself
I guess that therapist I found for you, she really helped
Now you can be a better man for your brand-new girl
Well, good for you, you look happy and healthy
Not me, if you ever cared to ask
Good for you, you're doing great out there without me, baby
God, I wish that I could do that
I've lost my mind, I've spent the night
Crying on the floor of my bathroom
But you're so unaffected, I really don't get it
But I guess good for you
Well, good for you, I guess you're getting everything you want (ah)
You bought a new car and your career's really taking off (ah)
It's like we never even happened
Baby, what the fuck is up with that? (Ha)
And good for you, it's like you never even met me
Remember when you swore to God I was the only
Person who ever got you?
Well, screw that and screw you
You will never have to hurt the way you know that I do
Well, good for you, you look happy and healthy
Not me, if you ever cared to ask
Good for you, you're doing great out there without me, baby
God, I wish that I could do that
I've lost my mind, I've spent the night
Crying on the floor of my bathroom
But you're so unaffected, I really don't get it
But I guess good for you
Maybe I'm too emotional
But your apathy is like a wound in salt
Maybe I'm too emotional
Or maybe you never cared at all
Maybe I'm too emotional
Your apathy is like a wound in salt
Maybe I'm too emotional
Or maybe you never cared at all
Well, good for you, you look happy and healthy
Not me, if you ever cared to ask
Good for you, you're doing great out there without me, baby
Like a damn sociopath!
I've lost my mind, I've spent the night
Crying on the floor of my bathroom
But you're so unaffected, I really don't get it
But I guess good for you
Well, good for you, I guess you moved on really easily

No. 953305

>All this over some tiktok kid

No. 953306

No. 953308

are you talking about that tiktok trend of non-white women demeaning themselves for white men?

you've been doing this for a while, your taste in music is shit

kill yourself.(relax)

No. 953316

Have you ever spoke to an Asian person before or a white woman? No one cares about race as much as you

No. 953317

I'm neither male, nor white, if that's what you're trying to imply. I just tell it like it is.

No. 953320

Who cares? Why are you so obsessed with race? No one goes throughout their day determining who they're attracted to by race at least no sane people. Also why would white women who like Asian guys care about Asian girls dating white guys? That makes zero sense and I promise you lol no Asian guy is gonna turn down a pretty white girl because she's white. Literally no one cares about race as much as you and you still have yet to post seething white women who are larping to conspire against WMAF couples

No. 953321

Ur so obsessed and obese(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 953323

How so?

No. 953327

>Why are you so obsessed with race?
I'm not "obsessed", race has always been crucial to every society and it affects even the slightest human interactions, no matter how hard "colorblind" liberals try to deny it.
>Also why would white women who like Asian guys care about Asian girls dating white guys?
Envy over their opposite sex counterparts actually succeeding.
>That makes zero sense and I promise you lol no Asian guy is gonna turn down a pretty white girl because she's white.
Except they do all the time. Only low value Asian (and non-white in general) males chase over white women.
>you still have yet to post seething white women who are larping to conspire against WMAF couples
That anon wasn't me. There is more than one person who is not afraid to tell the truth here.

No. 953330

It is to an extent but no one spends their free time nitpicking what races are attractive or not. White women aren't all secretly killing themselves over Asian girls and if you truly believe this then please prove it to me. Also do you truly believe that men, white, Asian or whatever would turn down beautiful white women because they're white? Also by this logic preferences for features that are exclusive for whites wouldn't be a thing nor would it be widespread if White men only had eyes for Asians and white women all knew that and are secretly jealous, would they just strive to be Asian and not dye their hair blonde, get breast implants, eye widening surgeries, etc and just try to look Asian instead?

No. 953333

>Also by this logic preferences for features that are exclusive for whites wouldn't be a thing nor would it be widespread if White men only had eyes for Asians and white women all knew that and are secretly jealous, would they just strive to be Asian and not dye their hair blonde, get breast implants, eye widening surgeries, etc and just try to look Asian instead?
Because white feminists are working hard to force white women as the universal beauty standard, even if it doesn't align with actual men's preferences.

No. 953335

And I do not believe every single white man would actually turn down a white woman for an Asian, many white men are still invested on preserving the white race, but when it comes to raw sexuality, everyone knows what they actually like.

No. 953336

I also like to add - all white women I know want to look like German beer maids - big tits, tiny waist, big butt, curly blonde/ginger hair and light eyes. The complete opposite of Asian beauty. On top of that wouldn't playboy or other things catered towards men be mostly Asians? They're a category for sure but they always become before or after MILF yet men seem to hate single moms or cheating mom's and practically all MILF porn is white women

No. 953338

>moid posts about his ban for posting coomer shit
>simultaneous racebait sperging about glorious asian waifus

Hmmmm what a coincidence! Anyway I hate when retards take the bait

No. 953340

Haha no, they're not the same poster. This one seems to be smarter.

No. 953341

>the vast majority of Asian men think white women are disgusting fat sluts

As a non-white living in Sweden, that's a hilariously inaccurate opinion to hold based on my experiences. Which Asians are you talking about, and which group of whites? I can assure you that a lot of Asian men wouldn't mind dating a woman from Northern Europe unless they're trying to fulfill their familial duties (and marry a fellow asian).

No one is obsessed, you're the one who seems to be so envious of white women that you want us (and yourself) to seriously believe that they're all considered fat sluts (and aren't highly desirable) to Asian men, which is completely untrue. I'm not white, and I'm telling you that your opinion is prob rooted in some delusion, intrasexual competition, and envy. White women are doing good in the dating market; there's no shame in being honest about that.

>Only low value Asian (and non-white in general) males chase over white women.

And black men who date white women are traitors, right ladies? You absolutely fucking retarded, tribal, ooga booga bitches. Shaming men into picking women their own race is indicative of having a really good personality and being of really high value, no wonder you haven't gotten picked by a man your own race yet. Also, "IF A MAN DOESN'T DO WHAT I THINK HE SHOULD DO, HE'S LOW VALUE" is definitely not a pathetic cope made by an incredibly resentful, terrified, and small-minded bitch. You probably can't stand other people succeeding, so you make up delusions that fit your narrative. You have the personality and confidence of an incel with schizoaffective disorder.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 953342

File: 1635491945863.jpg (676.41 KB, 2399x3240, elle-playboy-covers-08-june-19…)

You think white women imposed the big titty bimbo standard and not men? Everything ran by and for men kept pushing the big titty blonde standard on women for the longest time. Playboy, penthouse and other men's magazines didn't even feature Asians til way later on. Not saying this is good or bad but trying to convince people men were never attracted to the Stacy archetype and only liked Asians just screams cope(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 953344

I just randomly commented obsessed because you’re coming off as deranged. Sorry anon I don’t want to be a white woman.

No. 953345

>And black men who date white women are traitors, right ladies?
I'm not black but yes, most definitely. They always pick the fattest, ugliest, white women. I genuinely feel bad for black women.

No. 953346

Pajeets and muzzies don't count, those are inherently low value males, of course they chase white women.(racebait)

No. 953347

Well, that's rude. Are you from the female dating strategy community?

No. 953348

File: 1635492244878.jpeg (51.36 KB, 500x500, E1C1DB52-8250-4C1E-A2AA-8A0E02…)

Shut up bitch

This is the most unfunny image I’ve ever seen in my life. You’re making fun of a 30 year old and have a fat bitch in the image. You should maybe have put a saggy granny or something to dunk on the older women.
All of the stuff she is saying like drink water and exercise means she wouldn’t be fat… So why is the woman in your meme fat? I’m gonna assume you’re a woman since you are on this site, or maybe you’re that one anon’s bf. You’re gonna have a total crisis every birthday because you’re getting further and further away from being a teenager and you let society ingrain you with ageist propoganda and it’s eating at you like you think it should be eating at the ancient 30 year old fatties you think you’re owning in your meme. But really they seem to be ok with it. Not everyone peaks in high school.
>I am enjoying aging and looking forward to being a zen child free grandma
No one here has ever said that, also how can you be a childfree grandma if you have no children that can have their own children? Retard detected.
> I understand the anxiety because of the way society is
Yup. Society’s view on aging as a woman affected you enough to make a meme that is like a novel and none of it is funny.
>being stable rocks
You’re only having fun when you’re a young adult who is probably still in school and stressed from figuring things out, not saying being in your early 20s isnt fun, but how is being relieved that those formative years have passed not?
>but don’t forget men need us more than we really need them.
Nobody says that here. Especially in posts about age. This is so overloaded and try hard, like you wanna make fun of them for being fat, old and lonely but you’ve failed. And this meme wouldn’t even make sense anywhere else. L. If you are a woman and you made this then you are dumb and unfunny. The fact that this meme includes men at the end which nobody on here ever includes in their age posts that you are making fun of proves that you care way too much about what men think, which is way worse than being fat and old.

Deleted and reposted and removed the A logging cause I don’t wanna be banned

No. 953349

File: 1635492256306.jpg (84.15 KB, 640x640, ae0c68e6ee0471ebcbd3dbd857a31a…)

What about black men who date pretty white women

No. 953350

Why are you obsessed with white woman. Damn we get it being pale isn’t special

No. 953351

Even the so-called "pretty" ones are always mentally ill and have disgusting personalities.

No. 953352

Why do you have so many pictures of black men with white women?

No. 953354

She has a fetish

No. 953355

Stop racebaiting or go back to Lipstcik ALley.

No. 953356

What are you talking about?

No. 953357

Ok, but that doesn't change the fact that no high value Northeast Asian man would ever go anywhere near a fat white feminist.

No. 953358

This is the first and only picture posted in the thread? Also isn't it men who made blacked popular?

No. 953359

There was a spammer earlier.

No. 953361

What? Blacked popular? Make sense

No. 953364

File: 1635492791647.jpg (126.94 KB, 1024x682, han-jo-kim-regina-turner-28.jp…)

Men in general don't go near fat feminazis anon. Plus don't most fat white greasy girls with dyed hair have white boyfriends anyway they claim to do super kinky bdsm with? Either way your biggest issue is that you think white = ugly. Most white women who are young aren't ugly at all and plenty of high value Asian men lust and love white women which is also why it's quite common for handsome and rich Asian men to have white wives if they don't live in an Asian dominated population

No. 953366

Why is there one bitch obsessed with “pretty” white girls. This is so sad get over it

No. 953367

Internet history for one anon:
White girl cute
Pretty white girl
White girl mixed children
White girl and black man
Asian man and white woman

No. 953368

Because everyone keeps saying white women = fat feminist ? You can't derail by making fun of people for staying on topic

No. 953369

File: 1635493077635.jpg (6.59 KB, 200x200, kek.jpg)

No. 953372

The Asian guy is actually a well known surgeon in NYC I'm in the medical field in Seattle so of course I run into a lot of Asians because there's simply a lot of Asians here. Plenty of high ranking and handsome Asian men have white wives or girlfriends. I'm just trying to understand the logic behind "men only have eyes for Asians"

No. 953375

It's because they have nothing else to say, pretty soon they'll be insisting it's the "truth" and everyone else is just coping while they ignore facts anons pointed out.

No. 953376

this is slightly autistic but great analysis

No. 953380

Nice cherrypicking there, not even mentioning that the white woman is a mentally ill prostitute.

No. 953381

K I don't understand what you guys are talking about anymore.

No. 953384

Shhh child, the adults are talking.

No. 953385

File: 1635494008490.jpeg (71.68 KB, 750x750, BD667BB4-D85D-406C-A6B2-EE788E…)

No. 953387

I think the jealous anon is a false flag done by a white woman to make it appear as though non-white women have an inferiority complex towards white women.

The infighting isn't even entertaining. Lame.

No. 953397

Nah I'm this anon
Still sticking by what I said since their arguing style is insanely close to the guy I am talking about. Same typing style, the same argument style of ignoring to nitpick random things during the argument and focus on that, when he doesn't get a reaction he wants he just keeps saying increasingly stupid and petty things, most white women I know don't think or even discuss race at all but the only people I've ever met that discuss race constantly are usually bitter men who have some sort of vendetta against the women of whatever race they're bashing

No. 953492

When people say queer meaning LGB but LGBTQ+ meaning only trans

No. 953502

>that image
>denying white male rage
A white male incel LARPs as a non-white woman, and the fallen, coping tradthots and weebs on /ot/ fall for it like dominoes lol

No. 953849

How about a Nigeria hate thread(bait)

No. 953897

Single men become terminally online, build their entire identity around their single status and start baiting in female image boards and create entire images to support their paranoid delusions and victim complexes. Single women just focus on their careers and live life

No. 953946

This reminds me of this commenter I found who larped as a Japanese girl under MGTOW videos claiming "western white girls were all gold diggers and american white men are handsome gentleman and in japan we split the bill" and weird shit like that, I started following up his comments under other videos where he started bitching about his ex girlfriend and bragged about how pro gun he was kek. They aren't even trying to hide it

As for white women I never once seen a white woman larp as a white guy who hates asians, the closest I can think of is those white cosplayers who pretend to be part asian but the same asian fetishists love those girls anyway and deny that they lie so who knows

No. 953953


No. 953955

i hate it when nonnies fight each other in a unfunny way.

No. 954022

How many users here can even find that country on a map? Lol
Country hate threads (even "benign" ones like America or Canada hate) would just devolve to racebait, but I guess that's the point for "certain people" who want to shit up this board anyway. It's sad

No. 954480

Retards whose only argument is
>yOu CaN't GeNeRaLiZe
Actually we can generalize. Humans are good at pattern recognition and some occurrences happen a lot more often than others. Cope.

No. 954485

What group of people do you dislike?

No. 954486

Men. Duh.

No. 954489

I meant do you hate Indians as well

No. 954494

What does this even have to do with what I said and why indians specifically?

No. 954576

The word nesting used for anything other than birds

No. 954584

I was wondering why my stomach hurt so much this week and I realized the giant box of bat shaped Reese puffs I bought and have been eating every day is corn cereal. Corn never fails to fuck my digestive tract up.

No. 954592

The fact that we don't have instant teleportation technology yet. I hate having loved ones in different countries.

No. 954626

In bugerland, a family will have a huge home with a guest bedroom. Then a baby comes along, and suddenly they NEeD mOrE SpACe and sell their house each time a kid arrives. It's ridiculous to me and I grew up sharing a bedroom with 2 siblings just fine. It's taking on excessive debt for no reason and so annoying when they think a toddler deserves an en-suite bathroom.

No. 954649

A lot of America is obsessed with living in huge houses, yet has a really bad homeless population

No. 954651

Every bedroom having an ensuite is so foreign to me. I grew up in a one bathroom house and every houseshare and apartment share I've lived in has involved me sharing a bathroom too. I had to buy my own house and stay single and childless to finally get my own bathroom lol

No. 954669

>I grew up sharing a bedroom with 2 siblings just fine.
Just because you can doesn't mean you should. I'm sure co-habiting same sex siblings in the same bedroom is fine up until a certain age. If the parents already got one boy and one girl though it's just not appropriate and won't work, sorry. But even so, if there were two girls sharing the same room eventually both are going to want their own spaces and privacy. At best, the parents got about ~10 years to get their debts in order and figure out a solution. It sounds like a lot of time but it really isn't. 2012 was just like yesterday to me. Often the simplest solution is to sell and upgrade to a bigger home because it makes sense.
Agree that everyone acting like they need a guest bedroom is quite extreme and needless, but wanting separate rooms for children is completely normal and healthy. Dumb thing to hate.

There is not a homeless problem because of big homes existing.
Homelessness is a problem because of a lack of mental healthcare, stagnant wages, substance abuse, and no affordable housing options for even the tiniest of living spaces. If the problem were as simple as moving the homeless into vacant big houses (which if they exist certainly do not exist within metro centers where they tend to congregate for transportation, aid, and other needs that they can't achieve in rural areas, and where housing is high in demand and hard to obtain even for people with the money to pay) then it wouldn't make sense for anyone to have to work to pay for their living. Everyone should just go homeless and get a big free house.

>houseshare and apartment share I've lived in has involved me sharing a bathroom too
This is awful.

No. 954680

a one bathroom house is impossible in a scrote-filled family. even with 2 toilets they still manage to fuck it up.

No. 954691

Where I live they just don't build houses with more than one bathroom per 3 bedrooms. You'd have to build an extension on to get one. That's the awkward thing.

No. 954720

You're right but people usually say that to people who think no exceptions exist ever.
The world is more nuanced than many people think.

No. 954734

I have to share a bedroom with my older brother to this day, he's 27 and I'm 22. I agree that's very inappropriate (even if we're on good terms and got used to it) and every parent should at least make the effort to have one bedroom per child (it's kinda fine if the children are of the same sex like you said, but after a certain age everyone wants their privacy). Can a bedroom be shared if there really are no other solutions? Yes. Is it ideal? Absolutely not.
I do think that entire guest rooms are a bit unnecessary though.

No. 955214

I hate these compilatio videos, they always give me some weird kind of anxiety, it's the zoomers' mindless consumerism and clutter coupled with the extremely curated way of setting things up and nothing being out of place to fit the aesthetics, it's extremely jarring.

No. 955281

you and me both, anon. i recently got into minimalism/radical decluttering and this shit makes me so uncomfortable. not to mention all the sugary garbage they put in their body… please, god, drink some water, eat a fruit. having the taste of a child is so unappealing. they all buy the same stuff and have no tastes and preferences of their own. they think they are showing so much personality when they seem to be the dullest people on the planet. it's sickening.

No. 955474

I absolutely agree. I feel the same when YouTubers open fanmail. So much stuff they probably won't use much, feels like such a waste and it'll take up room.

No. 955476

File: 1635697987327.jpeg (156.36 KB, 828x498, C9DD52F1-9D93-4446-981C-FA5236…)

I hate sympathy baiting comments like this. They make me uncomfortable and I don't understand why these people would trauma dump to strangers for any reason other than wanting attention.

No. 955480

I hope they trauma dump all over your chest

No. 955488

nta but I hope you stop making cringy youtube comments

No. 955521

I hate Kevin Samuels but what I hate/fear most is how he's really blowing up. People are talking about him everywhere now. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets a tv show.

No. 955526

File: 1635700320755.png (2.55 MB, 1644x1885, Screenshot_20211031-180836~2.p…)

I hate Argentina, I hate that we have these atrocious pastries, and people are defending them on Facebook, saying things like "what, can't we call Africans Africans now?" Disregarding the fact that these are a blatant blackface.
I'm glad I was able to escape that shithole two years ago.

No. 955537

It’s all about the updoots, they like the dumbass like points.

No. 955562

I'm from Argentina and I've never seen those pastries before. Is it a Buenos Aires thing?

No. 955570

I want one what do they taste like? watermalon?

No. 955609

You can't even spell, redneck

No. 955614

No. 955691

First I thought they were little shits and started laughing and was going to comment about those dick shaped pastries that went viral here but then I was disappointed. Argentine conservatives/racists are sooo stuck in time, still reminiscing about Julio Roca and whatever. The rise of mentally ill young libertarians here is embarrasing and maybe worrying, we have to see.
Also to add to the Argentina hate party, having to see everyone crying on Maradona's birthday. Just a few weeks after that cuban woman exposed all the shit he did to her as a teen. We're doomed with an entire country celebrating a violent, misogynistic pedophile.
Anyways, where are you now nonnie?

No. 955733

File: 1635711735255.jpg (61.64 KB, 626x544, 90042.jpg)

This is so weird. Don't multiple cultures have something like this?
Why are so many white people obsessed with the concept of eating black people? Why would you want to think of a race you dislike while eating something sweet and delicious? It reminds me of misogynistic moids fixating on women while bashing them. Knowing that "Blacked" exists, I don't really like the implications of any of these things tbh
Before anyone gets angry at me for implying that Argentinians are white, please Google "argentinians are white" and understand that I am respecting their self-identification, much like how we are expected to respect a person's preferred pronouns in 2021 ♥

No. 955743

I'm not a burgerfag and I shared a bedroom with my older brother until I was in my teens. It was the worst shit ever and needless to say we both hated it. Let burgers have their fucking houses if it means some child doesn't have to experience that. Maybe if it was my sister it would've been more bearable but with opposite sexes and a relatively big age gap, never.

No. 955747

No. 955772

From what I heard the name (of the sweet in your pic) refers to how it makes the lips of the eater brown like a brown person's, therefore they called it "nigger's kiss" (don't ban me for racebait farmhands, that's the literal translation of 'Negerküsse' in that pic).

No. 955784

The way you buy and sell houses in the US is so fucked up. Someone could sell you a house that they know has some major issue that will put your life at risk or cost you tens of thousands, but they have no responsibility to at even alert you. If you don’t pay out the ass for the exact right type of inspection that just happens to catch it, you’re screwed.

No. 955787

then what's a Negroni??

No. 955841

File: 1635719219676.png (586.77 KB, 770x868, Capture d’écran 2021-10-31 à…)

a kind of cocktail

No. 955854

I know that but it doesn't make sense in the way of niggers kisses. are the kisses flavored like Negroni? if so why? just the way it sounds similar to nigger's kiss?

No. 955866

Also the fact that a ton of places make you join a homeowner's association where you basically pay a fee regularly so some asshole can come tell you what to do with your yard/house

No. 955892

"Unironically". Just fucking stop saying that and talk like a normal person and not a fucking internet retard.

No. 955895

we're all internet retards, that why we're here

No. 955984

File: 1635726762523.jpg (246.32 KB, 1050x1200, FAVxWExUUAEahE1.jpg)

theres something really annoying to me when someone posts a garbage scribble and goes "just a doodle hehe just a sketch!!" as if we're supposed to be impressed by their amateur, uncertain lineart

No. 956000

I hate how much bait we've seein on /ot/ these past few days. Stuff about sexuality, race, women, everything. I'm pretty sure it's more than one autist at this point. Good think I quitted this website because it looks like everyone is just exhausted and having a bad time. I'm sorry nonnies. Hoping the baiters choke to death.

No. 956004

How did you quit if you’re still on here

No. 956006

we need an account system im sick of the constant bait and cp posting, ntm one of farmhands is a scrote

No. 956007

No. 956010

File: 1635727445579.png (1.1 MB, 1000x1000, imagen_2021-10-31_184414.png)

I think it would be cute if it was a normal face and no implication of them being black. But I'm biased because I love looking at smiley faces on food. Like, remove the very racist looking mouths and top hat and just leave the eyes and please don't give it a racist name. Then it can just be a cute thing idk.

No. 956012

I have an addiction.

No. 956034

File: 1635728007221.png (738.72 KB, 1228x887, what in the fuck.PNG)

The fact that Boohoo is selling shoddy clothes that were priced at 30 or 40 dollars (even LESS at times) a few months ago, and now they're selling them $60+ is embarrassing and disgusting. They're cheap chinese fast fashion, they have no right to charge so much.

Also the fact that I can find more expensive looking items on the site for 12 - 18 dollars is telling. It shows that they CAN sell that low but are being dumb for some reason.

No. 956037

High priced clothing is a scam unless it’s for winter coats.

No. 956040

File: 1635728170842.png (814.6 KB, 1127x934, much better.PNG)

ikr. here are some much more decent prices for some decent looking things. I buy from them often and their clothes are pretty good quality to be honest! But 120 dollars for a sequin dress? funny

No. 956044

They looks sketchy

No. 956084

File: 1635731201816.png (187.23 KB, 1000x500, BA71655A-EC3A-4BDA-A329-C266C8…)

I hate how troons will fight Netflix but won’t fight clothing companies to sell more clothes aimed at taller women. I’m tall myself and it’s a pain in the ass looking for nice tall clothes that aren’t Walmart quality.

No. 956096

Who the hell is buying Boohoo for Aritzia prices? Overcharging like that seems like it should be putting them out of business, their clothes are on the same tier as Pretty Little Thing or Missguided if not fucking Shein

No. 956131

Kinda derailing but it would be interesting to have a thread related to latinoamerica stuff, I'm curious about how many nonas are from there too

No. 956136

File: 1635738087477.png (56.75 KB, 625x605, male-feminist-comic.png)

I hate that fucker so much, but do his comics hit right

No. 956138

is it true he's Puerto Rican?

No. 956145

half from his mother's side

No. 956146

Half breeds are so annoying

No. 956147

reminds of that white passing Pakistani or half Pakistani dude in Australia who was a commander in some white nationalist group

No. 956170

kek it's always the halfies

No. 956186

I hate how low rise jeans have been making a comeback. Every time I see them my head instantly thinks hooker. Nobody wants a mini crack hanging out intentionally. Is low ride jeans for flat butts because I’ve never seen a full butt in them?

No. 956187

>JonTron - Half Persian
>nick fuentes - Half Hispanic
>Tara McCarthy - Quarter Indian
>Alt-Hype(An Alt-rightard who believes in race IQ bullshit) - quarter black and his still living grandmother is a black woman, but he claims she is an "exception"

No. 956191

Nick Fuentes is a virgin who is waiting to marry a girl that’s also a virgin

No. 956197

I am still shocked he's younger than me

No. 956198

They work only if you're skinny which is rare these days

No. 956199

Apparently his height is 5’7. He always did give me manlet vibes. I wish there was a conservative male hate thread. I agree with their points sometimes but they’re so full of themselves

No. 956203

I hate those Nikocado over analyzation videos. There are people out there that make 30+ plus videos analyzing everything he does. It’s not that deep. It’s literally some obese fatty trolling the internet for the sake of keeping views running.

No. 956207

I think this about Amberlynn Reid and those people who make these ridiculously long comps about her. Her life is so mundane, how people can sit there and do this is so pathetic.

No. 956218

tbf I think the guy has some public humiliation/derogation fetish and gets off on people being disgusted by him

No. 956220

I wouldn't mind those videos if they talked about his actual issues like for example his feelings over the fact that he was adopted and his history of extreme diets. But they never mention those and just "analyze" his meltdowns and fights with Orlin that are obvious trolling.

No. 956222

Amberlynn is at least more interesting to nitpick than Nikocado to be fair.

No. 956248

I'm happy because they are the kind of pants that fit me the best and it's been super hard to find some (I hate high rise pants, I feel like my stomach is compressed).

No. 956315

I never knew he was adopted! I knew he had a sister who was adopted but I didn’t know he was.

No. 956386

The lack of an account system is one of the major pulls of image boards, might as well post on actual forums then.

No. 956421

just heard someone say "fertile girls" and i think i want to shoot myself

No. 956459

The crazy sperging that happens every november on social media of no nut november. Not only do I not want to ever, ever hear about mens masturbation habits but jesus christ it's pathetic and sad that they cannot NOT touch themselves for even a week. It's just embarrassing.

No. 956463

Oh god I completely missed that we have that time of the year again. I was already happy enough my friends finally cut out their moid friends and that I don't have to interact with them anymore at all, but now I'm thankful on another level. They brought it up every year as if it's the peak of comedy.

No. 956478

Same, I'm only aware of this shit because "hahah, I already failed NNN" memes started popping up. I absolutely do not care, wasn't it originally supposed to be something about tesicular cancer? Now it's just people spamming cropped porn in relation to make others "fail" No Nut November, and it's the saddest shit.

No. 956496

It was supposed to be
>No shave November
Because with the money that scrotes wouldn’t spend on shaving supplies, they would use it to help some testicular cancer associations or something like that so testicular cancer could be cured.
But then some retards, of course, turned it into some chastity fetish thing and it, of course, became a huge meme that turned a decent cause into a stupid joke.

No. 956582

I hate the following: fertile girls, flirty Gertie, fertile Bertie, fulcrum rarity

No. 956644

No. 956731

File: 1635801482474.jpeg (158.95 KB, 1300x1300, 5B696A60-373A-4187-AF18-85661B…)

I fucking hate when the retards writing papers about literature’s history are trying to talk like some romantic novel author, like, your dear Felipe Pardo y Aliaga won’t fuck you, he’s fucking dead already, stop trying to suck some dead guys dick n’ balls and tell me wether the fucker was into romanticism or not.

No. 956809

And he has a severe complex about it because he feels abandoned by his real family. He also claims to have been diagnosed as OCD and ADD when he was a teen. But none of these youtubers mention those when they try to "analyze" him even though it's easy to find on Google.

No. 956863

File: 1635811243799.jpg (153.47 KB, 538x1156, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-Fe1f…)

>"malewife" "girlboss" "bottom energy" "verse energy" "femboy x" "dom energy"

No. 956868

I like malewife, pls kill me, I need it

No. 956869

I hate them because with the exception of girlboss (which I still also hate) they all sound heavily sexual it's disgusting.

No. 956871

isn't the sexual aspect the whole point?

No. 956875

Yeah with bottom and dom and I guess primarily with the others but they use it so freely, maybe that's why that part irks me most because if it's about being sexual why do you scream it to everyone on social media who may not be comfortable with it, they use the words so much everywhere as if they weren't sexual, it's minors doing it too

No. 956876


No. 956877

doublepost it's like "femboy" "malewife" feels like they would be comments on sissification porn, and should not appear in my line of vision thank you kek

No. 956880

All these pornified terms are just available everywhere now. They can't keep it to themselves anymore. It's becoming normalized and it's fucking disgusting.

No. 956882

I hate what the word tomboy has become, just another label for porn use. Men don't know shit about tomboys, if they did there's be 200% more basketball shorts representation

No. 956890

This 100%. When a moid says he loves tomboys, what he means is cute skinny girls with pixie cuts. If they met an actual butch-looking ball player chick they’d be completely turned off.

No. 956908

girlboss is funny when used ironically which it usually is, the rest are revolting

No. 956911

File: 1635815695678.gif (4.63 MB, 500x281, 989A4A12-E3A5-43E0-974C-1542D8…)

this gif—something about it is so creepy

No. 956913

Retarded anime girl is so cute and clumsy!

No. 956914

they literally look like they have muscular dystrophy lmao

No. 956915

What the fuck kek.

No. 956920

even the blond girl in the background's uncoordinated movements creep me out. they're like toddlers except the catching girl is worse than that even. who is into this?

No. 956928

The kind of men that never got picked to play sports in school.

No. 956930

wow I watched this in middle school lmao

No. 956934

More than creepy I find this funny. Weird retard anime spergs trying to play basketball or something

No. 956937

the whole show's about basketball and that's how they animate the sports scenes??? who the fuck is this anime even for

No. 956938

That's because this anime is literally made for lolicons.

No. 956959

Everyone in this gif looks so punchable, god i hate anime so fucking much

No. 956984

I used to have a weird relationship with those nasty chibi snuff gifs for this reason. Like they're completely abominable, but I have a strong desire to punch every moeblob in the solar plexus.

No. 957063

Man in most third world countries have inherited the worst cultural qualities of both east and west. They want a traditional virgin light skinned wife who will give them 3 kids, but also want busty nympho slut who should also cook and clean and serve his mother because FaMiLy IS iMpoRtAnT

No. 957081

Not just third world men anon, all men want a virgin tradwife who's also a slut and a servant.

No. 957091

File: 1635843174996.gif (679.01 KB, 375x498, shy-anime.gif)

I hate how anime characters in general act slow or like literal autists. What normal person could enjoy watching them gasp and mewl every time they speak, then moan out loud all of a sudden over a minor inconvenience? Even in "deep" and "serious" animes, they still talk in that weird way weebs coom over. The only anime I can truly enjoy is Interstella 5555 because it doesn't have any dialogue or uwu voices at all.
pic rel, who reacts like this? If it's cringy on screen, then imagine a real person doing it.

No. 957099

to the anon in the celebricow thread,
it's "this is just how the dress looks," not "this is just how the dress looks like"

No. 957107

I tried to watch a jdrama that had exactly that, didn't make it past half of the first episode

No. 957121

The anime from your picture is the worst when it comes to that. Typical clueless male protagonist, lol XD sperg chan, and the main female love interest is a ridiculous autism stereotype who makes every bit of screen time with her unwatchable. I watched the whole series and it never got better

No. 957139

Shit like this why you shouldn't rely on anime if you try to learn Japanese because their dialogs aren't realistic at all. I feel like these dialogs only really work in stories that are completely unrealistic to begin with, I can't watch slice of life shit to save my life. I just read manga so I don't have to hear weird squiky voices.

No. 957141

I’ve seen an irl troon try to act like an anime girl irl (started randomly twirling and dancing around and singing “lalala”) and it was the crib guest shit ever I wanted to leave him in the fields

No. 957142

*cringiest, tried deleting to edit and it said wrong password immediately

No. 957154

File: 1635851868623.jpeg (59.47 KB, 720x464, 1613929429395.jpeg)

I fucking hate anachans. They're legitimately one of the most vile and negative groups of people I can think of. More specifically I'm talking about the vocal anachans who shit up the board with their obsession about who is or isn't fat. Where you can tell their lives are consumed by nothing else but being spoopy and downward comparison to others.
I honestly think the main factor preventing anons on this site from getting along and collectively leaving mysogynistic notions of the importance of the female body behind is anachans. I'm not saying being overweight is fine, or that we shouldn't strive to have healthy and fit bodies, but obviously it's a harmful fixation for many people here.

No. 957163

When people say shit like "died of mental health issues" instead of "killed themselves", it sounds so retarded and skirting around the issue. Their argument is "they wouldn't have committed suicide if they were not depressed uwu", which I kinda see the point but it removes all responsibility on the person who still ultimately decided to pull the trigger.

No. 957167


No. 957188

>I watch her a lot mostly for Japanese immersion

No. 957192

This and they don’t even have to actually have an ED.
Like we get it, you think a women’s most valuable contribution to society is how she looks and how she dresses and you’re an embarrassing non-person if you don’t comply.
Vid incredibly rel.

No. 957243

File: 1635863649210.png (436.72 KB, 667x500, MB.png)

Tall obese males
see the taller you are, the more calories you burn at a given activity, if you are considerably tall, as well as being male you burn thousands of calories a day just by existing, so for one to be obese while being that height means that they have to be an insane glutton who does no physical activity

No. 957244

They also tend to have loud and obnoxious personalities.

No. 957251

even a tall woman who's seen both sides would probably have a harder time meeting her bmr calories due to diet culture/etc. the fact these scrotes just consume without concern makes me wanna ice em

No. 957252

File: 1635864663557.jpeg (318.08 KB, 1409x2560, E72B9DB7-94EB-4A76-B900-559547…)

I think about them sometimes when I’m gorging myself on delicious foods and wine, and I laugh to myself heartily.

No. 957256

didn't know moviebob was that big, half his gut alone is the size of half her body

No. 957258

Males already shit so much. Imagine how much an obese male shits. Probably at least 3 times a day, and not normally, but real obesity diarrhea. Grunting and sighing everytime he stands up or sits down. Loud snoring. Literally farting his way through the night (and day). That guy in the picture probably farted atleast 5 times during the event he's at. Every had a meal with an obese male? They don't eat, they shove food into their mouths like they haven't eaten in days. There are literally women out there going 50/50 on groceries with these pigs. To satisfy a greedy pig like that the fridge and cupboards would have to be stuffed completely full all the time. Disgustang.

No. 957261

Can confirm, I'm a tall female and find it hard to put on weight. I'd have to pig out or snack on specifically high calorie shit so often to be anywhere near obese. I don't get how anyone tall enough manage to get to that point.

No. 957266

Kek what the hell anon. You're right but you didn't have to say all that

No. 957271

You sound fat tbh

No. 957281

>anyone who doesn't like anachans is fat
Do you guys ever say anything new? It's getting old. Come up with something else.

No. 957284

I think it's funny when anachans try to reverse narrative saying they're not the bullies about bodies but instead it's the fatties (aka normal BMI) people doing the boolying against anyone skinny.
Bullshit. I've seen the types of comments anachans make about fatness and they're way fucking worse than any 2008 MySpace-tier "Bones are for dogs, real men love curves" slogan even from the fattest people I've ever known.
At least when fat women made fun of skinny women pre-wokeism/body positivity, it was always for the sake of their internalized misogyny and misguided cope to give their body value by saying men somehow desired them more.
Anachans though? Not only are they determined to exaggerate how undesirable anyone with a not-thin body is, they've gotta make it personal too by drawing it as some kind of ultimate moral failing deserving of relentless ridicule. When people talk about anachans, there tends to be empathy for the fact that everyone acknowledges their demons and obvious mental hangups. When anachans talk about "fatties" they're angry and don't give two shits about what kinds of problems they face. I'm sick of people feeling sorry for them and giving them the benefit of the doubt because they pretend to be helpless waifs. I've met very few nice ones and even less ones that aren't completely self-centered.

No. 957286

Who cares even if you were fat? Facts don't change just because they wanna ad hominem their way out of doing some self-reflection.

No. 957287

I'm not the OP, I just think it's funny that ED people always jump to "y-you're fat!!!" whenever someone says they don't like them. I would expect them to have better insults.

No. 957292

File: 1635869429718.jpg (25.93 KB, 590x332, anachan_home.jpg)

I used to be part of these communities, see its more about feeling better about yourself by making fun of others
most women in those spaces(including myself) were losers, we weren't even fit and rarely left our homes, our thinness was a point of superiority for us, to laud over other women cause and feel better about overserves cause we had no other discerning qualities(both physical and personality wise)
Anonymous 5 hours ago No. 957154

File (hide): 1635851868623.jpeg (59.47 KB, 720x464, 1613929429395.jpeg)

I fucking hate anachans. They're legitimately one of the most vile and negative groups of people I can think of. More specifically I'm talking about the vocal anachans who shit up the board with their obsession about who is or isn't fat. Where you can tell their lives are consumed by nothing else but being spoopy and downward comparison to others.
I honestly think the main factor preventing anons on this site from getting along and collectively leaving mysogynistic notions of the importance of the female body behind is anachans. I'm not saying being overweight is fine, or that we shouldn't strive to have healthy and fit bodies, but obviously it's a harmful fixation for many people here.
That's the point

No. 957297


>who shit up the board with their obsession about who is or isn't fat

OT but this is the reason I avoid the celebricows (or any /snow thread that isn't about pickmeism) like the plague. It's full of anons who obsessively sperg about the physical flaws the targets of the threads have or may have.

Makes one wonder how long they spend indoors to the point of them seething at women with average bodies.

No. 957306

I want to out my ex boyfriend so bad. That pornsick fucker treated me like shit for basically 4 years. He did shit to me while I slept and then convinced me I was fucking crazy or misunderstanding when I wake up with him stood over me ejaculating. That motherfucker sexually assaulted me more times than I could count, awake or asleep he didnt give a shit. He made me watch porn he knew I found gross and kept trying to shove things in my ass cos he was really in to anal. Hes a fucking rapist. And he just gets away with it? How is that fair? But it was nearly 3 years ago now. I think it might be too late. I think I might just look like a bitter ex. But he has a little girl now, he has a daughter and I know why he likes the name Ivy so much. I remember him telling me he loves the porn star maddison ivy, her name is so sexy and all that shit when he was making me feel shit for having small tits that fat, ugly motherfucker. Hes an evil misogynistic cunt and I want him to get whats coming to him. But I also don't want to be that vengeful crazy ex stereotype. He told everyone I cheated on him, a fucking lie and he damn well knows it, so I don't think it matters what I say. I just get angrier over time as the memories come back to me. I wanna see him alone, like he fucking deserves. But his rich fucking family will probably always have his back. A shame too, his mum was always nice to me, I think she noticed he didn't treat me too well. But I don't think she'd believe the extent. I dont know what to do, I don't even know what I want to do.

No. 957311

File: 1635872625203.jpeg (62.54 KB, 392x381, 1613106102563.jpeg)

Yup. It just solidifies the fact that their world and sense of value revolve solely around weight. To them, being skinny is so important that they can't think of any insult more harrowing than being called fat.

>our thinness was a point of superiority for us, to laud over other women cause and feel better about overserves cause we had no other discerning qualities(both physical and personality wise)
I get that that's how it works but I feel like people who are still in the midst of their ED don't even care that they have no other qualities because thinness trumps it all.
I guess what angers me about it most is how much it reminds me of NLOGs in terms of putting other women down to feel superior. There seems to be a weird divide on LC: many farmers are very conscious of issues like (internalized) misogyny and aim to disregard harmful societal expectations and judgments of women. Then on the other hand there's the anachans who take the cattiness into overdrive and are hyper judgmental in comparing themselves to others. Besides anas this also applies to posters obsessing over nasolabial folds or big noses or whatever. It's just so overly negative and superficial.

No. 957317

What's hilarious is watching anachans vacillate between smugly lecturing others about self control and having suicidal meltdowns because they can't control their own mental illness. You really expect me to be impressed by your feeble condescension when you're the one puking up a yogurt cup every five hours? Delusional. Anachans are like meth heads, their skinniness is more than counteracted by their derangement (also they're both bald and end up with a full set of dentures at 35).

No. 957318

I suspect that most anachans are disproportionately also NEET users on lolcow, at least 70% of the women in ED forums were fellow NEETs or were "housewives" who were NEETs in all but name

No. 957319

I worked with a gross obese moid who kept going on about his IBS in detail. Like yeah I wonder why you have to shit all the time you disgusting pig!!

No. 957330

explains why those girls look like they've been kept in a basement

No. 957393

File: 1635879904508.jpg (85.91 KB, 450x450, e3c65f094a19406547b5e955c03e91…)

I hate when fabric companies don't show the size/scale of the print. I wanna know if my skirt will have a regular print or a print for ants ffs

No. 957401

What's worse imo are the farmers who won't shut the fuck up about the often nonexistent physical flaws of a cow, though I wouldn't be surprised if there's a lot of overlap between anachans and these morons. s2g a cow could murder someone in cold blood and half of the comments would be sperging out over the cow's skin doesn't look sufficiently moisturized in their mugshot. A vocal minority(?) of farmers seem to have the depth of Luna or TND wherein they are incapable of reflecting on anything more complex than physical appearance or consumerist nonsense.

No. 957422

Due to some odd circumstance I was forced to be among anachans in rehab and let me tell you, the stigma against them is completely justified. They're vile pieces of shit. The group I was with had a lot of different girls (some anorexic, some bulimic, some who restricted and worked out a lot) and they were nearly all compulsive liars. They would act sad and desperate in front of their therapist and then proceed to shit talk her as soon as she walked out of the room. They lied to each other and made shit up about not being able to eat some foods. Went on and on about how they were the victims because they were being targeted for "being different" (ignoring the fact that they were "targeted" aka in rehab because they want to be ill). They would act unstable out of pure spite (knew a girl who would binge and wreck shit simply because she was angry that her diet was being controlled and another who would throw up just to whine and be coddled later). They would "get better" not by actually getting better but by circling around the problem so they would be praised while technically still acting disordered (example: one of the girls had huge self image issues and one day she came in all proud and smug because she bought new clothes that she liked without being triggered, turns out she didn't look in the mirror or even try the clothes on before buying them and was planning to continue that way). They're incredibly full of themselves and yeah, they do secretly hate everyone else.

No. 957450

I'm sure you saw some heavy shit behaviour that's not excusable at all but some of what you list here is just fairly basic eating disordered behaviour. Eating disorders create selfishness and lies by its nature. Goes for a lot of mental illness really.

I think the shaming of other people and acting better than others is the worst thing that eating disorders can potentially make someone do because it's so uncalled for. At least the lies and manipulation make sense due to the nature of mental health and destructive coping skills.

No. 957487

Yeah, lie and manipulation are part of most mental issues, but what surprised me is the contrast between their innocent poor victim girl persona and the absolute disgust they have toward everyone else, even among themselves. And the disordered actions that they conciously make to gain attention and pity, even if they know that it will worsen their state.

And it's hard for me to compare anachans' behaviour to other coping mechanisms (but I say this as someone who's not a professional in that aspect, as I said I was with them for a short while) because they really do seem to do everything fully conciously as opposed to doing what they do due to despair and other things. It's like that's just how they are and see the world, they truly believe that being themselves is the right way and everyone who thinks otherwise is evil and gross and they're only being forced to behave another way. That's why they relapse at the first chance they get, because their thoughts and beliefs never truly change and they're always just waiting for a chance to go back to their "right" ways. Kind of like narcissists, they will never agree that what they do is wrong and they won't even question it. Maybe I'm just seeing them the wrong way though.

No. 957506

I hate vocal fry. my mom has really bad vocal fry and it makes me want to yell at her. I tried listening to NPR but everyone there has really bad vocal fry too. I fucking hate it.

No. 957656

I hate anons
who type
like this
It's not quite reddit spacing but like a lite version of it. Regardless it looks stupid unless you're writing a poem. It's okay to put sentences right next to each other they're not gonna catch any illness.

No. 957658

I hate how men deflect any criticism of how much they take their women for granted, and then go on acting like the only thing that makes women happy is material things. They always sperg out about how hard it is to constantly earn more and buy shit and work long hours and this and that to keep their 'unreasonable' wife/gf/whatever woman happy.
No, you fucking stupid moid. The real reason your lady isn't happy is that you
never eat her out anymore,
never show you're attracted to her,
never put into words how much you appreciate your years together,
never romance or seduce her anymore because you gave that up when her trying to please you all she could became the norm and you got lazy.
Retard y-chromosoid, the real reason your wife isn't happy is because she can tell you don't love her anymore. You might be too autistic to understand how it works, but women can tell from just looking at you.
In reality you never loved her, you "loved" the initial stage where you could trick her into believing you're an emotionally available, sensitive, romantic guy who wouldn't treat her like a set of holes. You got yourself into this situation and you have only your own slack to pick up.

Stop bitching about having to buy her shit and please her in bed like you used to. Say something beautiful to her. Fucking tell her out loud how and why you're loyal. If you're capable of love like you claim, this is the bare minimum. You acting like this is unreasonable and stupid tells the rest of us everything we need to know of how much you 'love'.

No. 957669

Anons who bait or react to normie posts in a hostile way or tries to nitpick something something the anon is saying to write them out to be the bad guy when they did nothing wrong. Or the anons who disagree just for the sake of disagreeing and infighting even though they can't back up anything they say at all or just resort to insulting the anon they tried to write out as the villian

And no, I'm not talking about me specifically. I've seen this happen almost daily to several different anons for no reason

No. 957672

I hate everyone here, everyone is such a boring and weak-willed whore

No. 957673


you’re implying that there aren’t any samefags on here because there’s plenty

No. 957679

I mean it makes sense people will post in different threads or make different points since this is an imageboard. Are you implying the norm should be an anon only make one post and leave and never come back?

Anyway they can't all be the same 2-4 anons considering this has been going on for years and several other anons have talked about this to mods

No. 957682

Yeah, I've noticed it happening more lately. It's funny because lc has a pretty small userbase so the same infighting anons probably get along fine in another thread.

No. 957683

I hate it too. Like one time I asked a question in the appropriate thread and got told to kill myself for no apparent reason.

No. 957688

It doesn't help that they often have the shittest takes.

No. 957689

When I was complaining about my fiance's family stealing money from me and mentioned I have an eating disorder and literally nothing else about myself anons attacked me and said "you're the only one in here who sounds toxic". Literally no other context given as if all women with eating disorders are just shitheads who deserve abuse

No. 957694

squid game being so popular among children

No. 957696

I’m tired of that show being everywhere. I watched it and liked it but it wasn’t that good, especially the ending. Everywhere you go!

No. 957698

I experienced almost the exact same thing. I wonder if it was the same anon.

No. 957707

Lol I tried watching it, didn't like it, and didn't think it was good at all.

No. 957742

Thanks for this anon. I'm saving this entire post for when/if I need it.

No. 957753

kek I remember some chick on twitter was saying shit like "squid game was so good, korean television never disappoints!"

No. 957761

>eat 6000 calories of junk every day
>surprised you get diarrhea
>go to the doctor to ask them how you could possibly have diarrhea every day
>acquire a Chronic Diarrhea certificate and take pills because you're giving yourself stomach cramp by all the binge eating

Fat people are fucking retards.

No. 957776

File: 1635900105284.png (57.68 KB, 250x153, 5f77.png)

This piece of shit. Probably the worst love interest I've ever seen in a film, I can't tell if he's purposely meant to be as unlikable and giga-assholeish as possible or if that's just how movies were back then or what. He even gets a "woe is me" song right after sexually assaulting Sandy. Tbh the whole movie seems depressing once I actually paid attention to what was going on as I got older. Sandy went through so much shit.

No. 957777

I hate this big toe looking Scientologist!

No. 957786

Kek but it’s a Netflix production

No. 957826

I'm 5'0 with hormone issues that is supposed to make me fat and it literally takes me months of binging and not working out in order to gain 5-10 lbs. I'm pregnant now and I barely gained anything at all despite being 4 months in and I like to EAT. I never once weighed more than 135 lbs in my life and that was only because I took some antidepressants that causes weight gain. It boggles my mind the idea that some people will binge for years on end and get extremely obese, my heart and lungs feel like they're going out if I go only a week or two eating unhealthy. Like how much could these tall extremely obese scrotes possibly be eating in order to be this much of a lardass??

No. 957975

I feel like it is just the same anon who keeps baiting anons who are in bad situations for either sadistic pleasure or just the for the sake of trolling, it's even worse when other anons side with the obvious troll just because it seems like anons think everyone here who disagrees with someone is the correct one

No. 958074

There are literal deranged posters here, as in they have actual severe mental disorders and absolutely lose their minds at very small shit, then attempt to frame you as the problem lol. This is especially a problem in the vent thread
If you try to talk about it, they'll start screeching "this is an imageboard, no one's allowed to complain about my low quality infights and spergposts, you're just too sensitive, no u stop projecting"

No. 958723

Nonnita, please for the love of God report this POS. The daughter deserves to have a better chance in life than to exist alongside with a rapist, he is a fucking child predator in the making.

No. 958813

I hate chicken thighs. Everyone acts like they're better than breasts because they're more ~flavorful~ but most of that flavor is skanky as shit, plus they're a huge pain in the ass to clean and trim. Don't believe the hype.

No. 958817

I swear this exact post was made before? Pic and all

No. 958819

I’ve cooked with chicken thighs once, never again. I like chicken breasts. I don’t Ike cooking red meat unless it’s a slow cook.

No. 958824

I posted this around six months ago with this exact pic, just reminded how much I hate them

No. 958828


Don't mind if I combine it with >>957258 and use it as delicious copypasta.

No. 958840

Can confirm, my brother is obese and we had to buy him a special wide toilet with a big hole in it so his shits could pass through and his big ass still hangs out
He killed so many toilets by merely clogging them with his massive shits

No. 958841

this, agreed

No. 958870

I hate blowjobs. I get wanting to please your partner and actually giving them isn't so bad (if you aren't choking on it) but the image of a girl doing it seems so demeaning to me especially if she's kneeling on the floor. The position and also the fact that it makes you look almost retarded gagging and tearing up and especially when the guy starts thrusting it feels so disrespectful

No. 958873

>>958870 agreed, Any why would i want to lick somebody's dick sweat and body fluid made of little cretures is beyond me too.

No. 958876

My bf tip smells like fish after a long day

No. 958906

You can put the moid on its back and bite the dick if it tries to fuck your mouth.

No. 958908

same. I gave a blowjob once. like on the one hand it's just "I want to please my partner" but I can't help but feel like it's somehow degrading, especially if he wants you to swallow.

No. 958909

Why tho?

No. 958950

It IS degrading. I gave one once and never again. Literally putting their dirty private parts in your mouth where you speak from.

No. 958966

I hate when anons think you’re pretending to be another anon. Sorry!!! I didn’t know I had to say NTA every time. I have an opinion!!

No. 959030

why the fuck NOT?

No. 959041

I hate Britpop and I also hate that garage rock revival they had going on in the 2000s

No. 959042

True also Never swallow or let him cum on/in you. Always make him cum on himself. Try to aim his dick towards his face whenever possible.

No. 959046

No. 959089

If a man wants to cum inside me raw he needs to buy me a house first

No. 959118

Anything is better Rap music(which is just porn and wealth porn at this point)

No. 959162

Guys say it’s hot if I start gagging but don’t realize that I’m gagging at the thought of eating dick sweat and sperm.

No. 959163

are you me, anon?

No. 959234

That movie is genuinely terrible anyway. Nice songs here and there but the story is shit and all the characters and unbearable, especially this prick. I didn't enjoy it at all when I saw it

No. 959254

Related to your post, it happened to me that the anon was specifically pretending to be me for some bizarro reason when the other anon was asking me a personal question so it was directed just at me. It doesn't happen that often I'd say around 2-3 times per year and I don't know why they do it, like what's the benefit? I wish there was a term for that something like skinwalking but in a digital form, postwalking maybe?

No. 959259

Exactly, I just had someone do it to me yesterday. "Sorry, but that wouldn't work for me because blah blah blah" responding to an anon's advice to me like they were me. It creeped me out so I abandoned the thread

No. 959294

There were two anons in one of the vent threads who said they did it to "hurt [anons]". One said she even pretended to be Elaine a few times

No. 959311

File: 1636034976830.jpg (318.49 KB, 1000x1584, MV5BMjEwMTM3OTI1NV5BMl5BanBnXk…)

No. 959320

Just say you hate white people and go

No. 959331

File: 1636037827278.jpg (52.28 KB, 736x676, da87ce6d6f512012eb9e47dc43f098…)

no I just hate americans and canadians

No. 959332

File: 1636037833484.jpeg (112.58 KB, 750x504, 27C77146-7DEC-4E3A-81C3-B06B4A…)

Shit like this.

Why is it always qUeEr women who are married to men? Yeah, short hair and t-shirts, gotta be of my favorite genders. Thing is, these women are almost always into the most heteronormative relationships, and they are always the most stereotypically feminine in behavior.

And she’s wearing a hijab as well. Let’s see, is it the queer thing that’s gonna land in hell or what else? Because in all sects in Islam homosexuality is forbidden, and those who support it are committing a grave sin. The fucking iron of her wearing a hijab as well. I mean just how feminist and queer uwu is it to cover your head so as not to elicit men’s desires? Very. Does she find it easy to sleep with this amount of cognitive dissonance?

No. 959339

File: 1636038543254.jpeg (53.18 KB, 605x599, F6884CDD-EAAD-4459-80F4-7449FC…)

Insecurity/overcompensation. These types of spicy straight women need to constantly tell everyone how KwEeR they are while dating a man because if they were actually dating a woman their gayness would be obvious. Of course most of these spicy straight women have probably never actually dated a woman or licked a pussy, they just know that being gay is trendy right now, so they want all of the cool points without actually having to face any real oppression.

I know at least 5 women IRL who are like this. Save me

No. 959346

>And she’s wearing a hijab as well ?
wait what ? is she a convert or a western woke muslim, also is her husband a bland boring white man who couldn't care less about this

No. 959353

They also tend to be super loud and center themselves in LGBTQ conversations, like "erasure" (i.e. straight-passing privilege) is somehow more oppressive than the job discrimination, lack of marriage rights etc. visibly gay & bi people face.

No. 959357

Because everyone's gotta be a victim these days.

No. 959359

Fitness influencers who keep saying how you don't need to track calories/macros to see progress and how they made sooo much more progress after they stopped tracking. Fucking bullshit. After years of tracking they simply built the habit of eating right and can just look at the amount and guess the calories. Not to mention they already build up their muscle so they just need to maintain what they have. What a great way to screw newbies.

No. 959377

NTA but I know a girl who goes by she/they, presents fully feminine and is dating a he/they biological man who looks a hundred percent male but identifies as "genderless", so they call themselves a "queer couple" and cry bigotry every time they're clocked as a heterosexual one. The kweer brainrot is unbearable and outright insulting to me as a lesbian and I hate this current timeline where I need to bite my tongue while straight people are supposedly the target of celebration on the same-sex attraction spectrum.

No. 959386

File: 1636041635102.jpg (199.35 KB, 1161x1430, 71j2rSu44JL._AC_UL1430_.jpg)

Sweaters or zip up hoodies like this where there is fleece/fuzz in the hood and main body of the sweater, but then the sleeves have nothing. My arms get cold you assholes!! Put some fucking fuzz in there too!

No. 959395

Blame it on the sjw identity politics. I think the intent was good (to be aware of challenges that people worse off in society face), but it evolved to people saying crap like "how dare you accuse her of art theft? She's an autistic aromantic Latinx". Basically treating oppression points as a mark of social value/character in any given situation. If you are "normal", you aren't worth of being listened to. So retards make up imaginary identities so they can make others believe they are oppressed too.

No. 959400

Reminds me of the comment section of this pretty decent mash up of Neil Cicierega's Touchtone Telephone and Marina's Bubblegum Bitch
now as I said its just a decent mash up but I don't know what these dumbasses are hearing for them to say shit like

>'unmistakably bisexual straight couple' theme song

>“Tell me ur bisexual without telling me your bisexual”
>Ships a man and a woman but in an obviously bisexual way
>this is so gender
>pov: you have ascended to ultimate gay

and these are just some of the dumb comments

No. 959427

Gay to these people just means "quirky online fandom" and i'm tired of hearing Aidens screeching about how gay they are and calling each other faggots

No. 959592

File: 1636053081883.png (347.45 KB, 725x604, sssss.png)

I like seeing what one might call "feminine" males, I just like seeing men wear stuff that looks good on them and not caring about bullshit standards of gender norms but I hate this, oh my fucking god do I hate this

Its just a schubbly male in a badly fitting dress, I hate this whole "catboy" "boys in maid dresses" trend in general, its just unappealing in general to look at and a gateway to troondom
seriously stop attention being a degenerate online, put on some black /alt/ male clothing that actually fits you along with some eyeliner and and go build a house for women

No. 959605

Someone finally said what I feel

No. 959621

I hate that meme that goes like "my codename is eagle one, yours is been there done that, yours is currently doing that" etc. and then people make some characters say that. It's never funny it's never characters that actually fit what's being said, it's always random characters that the person ships. It's the same as screaming "Look! LOOK This is my ship!!! I imagine these fictional characters having sex!!!" Cringe

No. 959650

Catboy maids are only good in 2D or when women dress up as them, end of discussion. 3D moids are disgusting

No. 959668

The song sounds like shit. Literally two pieces of music smashed together without rhyme or reason. The one comment saying it sounds like 2 kids bullshiting a presentation without discussing it with each other is on point

No. 959686

File: 1636059024335.png (21.85 KB, 787x254, 57403580439.png)

Fucking kek. Anons… this is a girl. A mentally ill one larping as a femboy but still. I get that it's hard to tell anymore tho

No. 959700

Come on, I don't know about the original anon but of course we can tell it's a girl. The point still stands, testosterone ruins female features.

No. 959702

None of those anons but I figured there was something off with the way those facial features look, and seeing other aidens with a similar look, never seen an actual male with that face besides young teenagers.

No. 959706

Its genuinely easier for women to pass as males(underage) and she is on Testosterone so that makes it much easier for her to pass as a young boy

No. 959731

Men will never look good in women's clothing. We’ve coddled men a lot in the past few years. We need to bring actual men back because all I see are weak betas.

No. 959843

I really don't think she knew, you have to admit it was ironic she was criticizing male cat maids with a woman's picture

No. 960181

I hate that some adults use the word potty for bathroom/restroom. It annoys me to no end. Unless you have a young child, why do you use that word? It feels wrong.

No. 960280

I personally like to say 'poo poo pee pee' to maximize my autism aura around anyone within earshot.

No. 960347

here's a list of my personal favorites:
"gotta go drop a load out the poop chute"
"gonna have a tinkle sprinkle in the porcelain receptacle"
"poop poop a loop doop dee wop a lop bam boom"

No. 960358

I hate zoomers "anime" aesthetic.
On in short terms, I hate zoomer trends. They just wear and follow them without getting invested in anything aside from basic weeb shit (sailor moon, my hero academia, death note), with those retarded usagi shaped leds and pink setups, misa amane inspired outfits with pieces from shein, thirsting after Todoroki and such.
In my days people watched one season in one night and ate every anime japan had to offer, cringely read manga at school and anime was for losers so there were obscure but comfy online communities.
If only we gatekept anime the world would be so much better

No. 960369

I feel this so hard in my soul. Zoomers ruin everything. We can’t even explore rare pairs or enjoy genderswapping characters without getting “UHUHUHHH THEYRE SIBLINGS” or “this is offensive! I’m going to make a call out on my Twitter about this adult space I entered. Look. Look at a what this adult does!”

No. 960418

File: 1636127042592.jpg (492.2 KB, 2560x2560, Royal-Blue_macro_zmensene-scal…)

This shade of royal blue. It's not a terrible color I guess, but I've always really disliked it and it's over-rated. Something about it is just unappealing. Anything in this royal blue would look 10 times better in any other color.

No. 960419

i hate those boys with autism vs girls with autism memes, males with autism should be glad theyre not being mass-euthanised

No. 960421

File: 1636127079107.png (408 B, 1280x1024, 1280x1024.png)

Samefag, the only thing worse than that blue is picrel.

No. 960431

oh this really is the ugliest color ever. gives me diarrhea vibes.

No. 960434

Damn, that’s actually my favorite kind of blue but yeah, it doesn’t look great on nails.

No. 960440

Just reminds me of walmart

It’s so gross, I cringe every time I see one of my Facebook friends say they wanna go to Japan, they just hop on trends. I especially hate woke people being weaboos. They probably shit their pants about muh representation when there’s no queer black transgender in a show that was made in another country that is conservative and homogenous.

No. 960441

I only chose that pic with the nails because it was the closest to the exact shade that I dislike, but I think it looks bad on anything. Now that I think about it, I guess the reason why I don't like it is because it feels "cheap" to me.

No. 960445

File: 1636130268163.jpg (84.53 KB, 736x736, 56801e570e1de569083829bc22bd18…)

I love blue, but that shade is just severe and looks jarring with any color combinations. And on any skin tone. Same goes for fluorescent hilighter yellow.

No. 960463

As if, most of them are just woke for social points and don't care about it in their privacy.

No. 960480

It's too bright/saturated, like an MS paint color.
Woke weebs baffle me the most cause I'll see them complaining and exaggerating over every little thing that upsets them in a series (sometimes even right after every episode is released) but they still continue watching/reading it anyway. Or they go after fans for doing something that the series' author also does.

No. 960493

I hate when people say they like anime but they only watch dubbed shounen. Or they sneer at stuff that isn't as "accessible" as dubbed shounen. If something isnt uber popular then people act like it's not good

No. 960497

so yeah, basically zoomers who watch mainstream anime on netflix only. Curse them, they're acting like some sort of conoisseur, I didn't watch anime in 3 parts on youtube only to see this generation shitting on this culture. Fuck them

No. 960502

Shirts and dresses in that color look great on me but I'm a pale brunette. As a nail color though it does look terrible.

No. 960508

File: 1636133941058.jpeg (107.41 KB, 748x283, E78F1855-C46B-4436-A319-CB4BFF…)

I hate this and I hope that the autist who made this gets itchy hands for a whole month.

No. 960531

File: 1636134868910.jpg (320.12 KB, 1080x1758, 1636058471678.jpg)

I posted this in another thread as it was related to another topic but I can't stop thinking about it and how angry and sad it makes me
basically the left wing groups in third world countries do not have any chance to win elections what so ever and its their own goddam fault
see the left wing in our nations are almost all from the upper class and extremally Americanized(as in they've all gone to universities in western Europe and have observed and engage in woke rhetoric and spend most of their days speaking in English or French speaking spaces) this is true for the left wing in South Asia, Brazil, Algeria, Poland e.t.c
They are extreeeemely far removed from the general population and people refuse to vote for them out cause of their retarded rhetoric mostly that literally no one even comprehends here, while they have a noticeable presence online and in Journalism and academia, it kinda distorts the picture to outsiders as most of the population is poor and don't have the luxury of spending their time on the Internet and can't even speak English

The left wing parties in my country dominated the political scene in the 60's and 70's, cause they always had simple easy to understand progressive messages that the peasants could understand, "Roti Kapada Aur Makaan"(Bread, Cloth and Housing) was a political slogan that won our Socialist PM the election before being ousted by a CIA backed Military coup, now I've see left wing groups and they are a fucking Joke that no one even understands let alone politically appeal too, I've seem them try to apply woke rhetoric towards the complex dynamics of our country and it just always ends up sounding awful and confusing
God I hate this so much and I wish that they would start showing some intelligence

No. 960537

File: 1636135559449.jpg (66.42 KB, 1022x731, It's_All_So_Tiresome.jpg)

Here are some of the examples of imported woke rhetoric that I have actually heard in Universities and certain online spaces
You know how some mostly woke women will try to use "cis straight white men" as some sort of insult, well some wokies in my country tried to use "Sunni Punjabi Male" as they are the ethnic majority in my country but it doesn't work at all cause the vast majority of them are peasant farmers or factory workers and the dynamics of race are vastly different then in the west as well the fact that tribal identity still exists and is just as important as race
then trying to blame the misogyny of our cultures on shit that happened in Europe and try to make us all innocent victims somehow which is just infantilizing and again doesn't appeal to anyone

No. 960539


I think I used to own this shade of blue nail polish. I used to get complemented on it and I've always liked how it looked on me but im black so ymmv. I think it's a really pretty color overall.

No. 960544

Is this done by the weird lolicon moid who only draws chibi versions of the genshin girls doing nothing but crying?

No. 960546

File: 1636136156229.png (Spoiler Image, 378.03 KB, 960x616, blue-370127_960_720.png)

Ayrt, I'm realizing I shouldn't have used that picture cause now anons seem to think I'm talking about nail polish specifically lol. Here's a better pic. I'm also black btw, it's not really about what skintones royal blue compliments. I think it looks bad on anyone and anything

No. 960553

I hate it because it always looks so tacky, even if the fabric is of a great quality, it looks like it’s just a 0.1¢ fabric.

No. 960566

kek, finally, another person who hates this shade of blue as much as I do. I think it's because it's used in so many corporate branding schemes and generic consumer products. It's basically an industrial color.

No. 960569

Yes! It just makes everything look cheap.

No. 960596

File: 1636139288031.jpg (61.01 KB, 500x750, 3a96b5c36683179d0c336f7f2f5376…)

I think people have a bad impression of ultramarine blue because it gets used for a lot of cheap ugly products. It's all context dependent though - for example, I think it looks beautiful on those white and blue greek buildings.

No. 960603

Ok, you got me anon. This does look pretty. I still feel like it would look way better if the door and sign were different shades of blue though, everything else is a nice shade.

No. 960642

i love ultramarine blue- when it's not on UI or websites, it looks striking when its apart of intricate decorations and jewelry

No. 960655

Yes! This is exactly what this shade always reminds me of because I used to spend plenty of my summers as a child in Greece. I love it.

No. 960736

I once saw a post saying that zoomers don't wear fashion, they cosplay as the fashion that's currently trendy and that made sense.
Zoomers are really superficial and do stuff and want to appear only for clout, they don't believe in anything they stand for and don't really like anything they show online.

No. 960741

honestly why bother being mad at that? this sounds like a person complaining about cause they're mad they're not the target demographic anymore. it's so dumb. 'Zoomers are killing the anime merch industy' sounding ass

No. 960744

Mad zoomer lol

No. 960746

the boomerfication of millennials is not something i like seeing. people here sound bitter as fuck over how people consume products

No. 960747

Read the thread title.

No. 960752

Ah yeah, ofc anime and eastern media is for western, fake woke people who complain about muh diversity in fiction coming from a conservative country. The main problem is just that zoomers are now being the new spokerpeople for trends and shits when they don't invest time in properly learning something, so they don't know shit and make over fools of themselves. They just want wacky shit to make tiktoks about.

No. 960756

yeah, I hate the boomerfication of millennials 'come on

No. 960763

File: 1636150024935.jpeg (895 KB, 1626x1038, 974A1116-FC57-445D-BE2C-91635A…)

Tacky bitches like this. My sister likes watching her and I’ve always thought she was just the worst. Talking about murders whil doing your makeup is dumb. Who watches this shit? How can people enjoy this?

No. 960766

It's just narrating? She does good research and is always respectful towards the victims. I'm sure people who narrate books and stuff about murder probably do something in the background while narrating, it's not that serious

No. 960767

NTA but it makes a lot of sense. I've seen zoomers bitch about millenials for being too invested in things that are fun and bring them joy because it's seen as a bourgeoise waste of time. Instead you're supposed to be angry and aggressive about all the things wrong in the world because activism is their alt fashion. When it comes to fun pop culture things it can only be either ironic
>I love Sailor Moon because it's ironic duh I don't even know the names of these characters, I'm not a fucking nerd
>I wear Sanrio merch all over because I'm dealing with my childhood trauma of being molested which is also why I send DDLG nudes to my Discord Daddy to cope uwu
or political.
>Look I'm really into Super Mario because he's a total asexual transmasc enby icon, climbing into pipes is some prime king shit
The more you think about it the more fascinating it becomes, in a morbid way. You can never enjoy anything just because it's fun, you have to write down a 50-page college level essay detailing your mental health history and political beliefs in order to watch a fucking cartoon or something. Must be exhausting to constantly live on the defensive.

No. 960768

This market is oversaturated already. If I have to see another recommendation of a white girl talking about serial killers while doing makeup I’ll implode.

No. 960770

I hate when British actors make it to the American acting scene. No hate but why? Andrew Garfield is so ugly, and so is the Tom holland guy. Pretending to be an American guy but your frank n beans ass wouldn’t understand. If you’re a British then play a British. You can’t fool me no lipped fuck.

No. 960772

are you the curry anon

No. 960773

Not at all

No. 960783

Yeah today we’re going to talk about a real massacre that happened and I’m gonna put a silly poggers face in the thumbnail of that video and talk about murders while doing my makeup and in between saying wow sis the lashes on fleek. Go back to Twitter to Stan this ugly disrespectful cunt.

No. 960786

"True Crime" channels have gone too far. Quirky or edgy bitches narrating disasters, homicides and shit will never be good. I'm hoping I don't get involved in anything like that so my death won't be on some lipstick stained lips from an unpleasant person smirking and cackling.

No. 960787

She looks like a man version of cheese

No. 960788

It's sad because it just goes to show people can't sit through a matter of fact video on a serious subject unless some clown is entertaining them with bells and whistles while regurgitating the most basic sound bites.

I totally understand why this is annoying but at the same time I recognize that we share the planet with mouthbreathers who otherwise wouldn't seek out to learn and obtain information about anything if the narrative weren't packaged and spoonfed to them in this way.

No. 960794

> Woke weebs baffle me the most cause I'll see them complaining and exaggerating over every little thing that upsets them in a series (sometimes even right after every episode is released) but they still continue watching/reading it anyway.
Lol reminds me of the woke kboos complaining about racism in in kboo shit nonstop but they still spend all their time on it.

No. 960799

I think she is and she's a black brit.

No. 960803

Bc what they say is different from what they want
>Them: We want diversity in body sizes, race, gender identity and beauty standards! Also fuck capitalism!
>Also them: Obsess over and financially worship soulless pop music and dances performed by almost uniformly skinny, racially homogenous young adults who have been trained/abused since childhood to work like automatons, have weight clauses and plastic surgery in their contracts (all fitting rigid beauty standards), no tolerance for troon or non-binary BS, all expressions of feminism met with backlash
They pine for literally everything they claim to hate. The problem is, they don't have the self-discipline or look to be like what they admire the most, so instead, they just start demanding their immediate environment start pandering to them, and they call it "justice" (when really it's entitlement and a desire for power)
These people would probably be huge fascists if they had the wherewithal. You can even tell by their rigid groupthink and how happy it makes them to stomp on others. They want the flawless product of fascism, but none of the actual labor and often painful cruelty that kind of "perfection" would demand. I could write an essay on this shit tbh

No. 960806

I’m an American who just seen Andrew Garfield act

No. 960891

this colour makes me upset, i have never liked it and i dont know why

honestly… yeah

i love this because its true lol

agreed, hes a shit actor but his american impression is not bad i guess

No. 960941

File: 1636172987869.jpeg (130 KB, 864x864, E7BC708D-F6B3-423D-B37A-5A2E43…)

Pretty sure there’s one or more anons who are intentionally salting the conspiracy thread with the stupidest conspiracies just to see how much stuff they can get the nutters in there to latch on to. Anyway I hate that whole thread.

No. 960951

I hate it too. I just wanted to let you know. You’re not alone in the hatred. Bunch of glass-half-empty superstitious paranoid little shits.

No. 960994

They do it but not for that reason. It's to stop discussion of topics they don't like and make those plausible topics look retarded by association.

No. 960996

>hates the conspiracy thread
>comes up with a meta conspiracy about conspiracies

No. 961020

I hate how we as women are socialized to settle and how shit men are these days. Men ( especially red pill mfs) love to talk about human nature and how they’re wired to wanna fuck preteens and shit. No scrote you are wired to settle. That’s why men jerk off to fat chicks and old women. Women are supposed to be the choosy ones, because we are the ones who have to give birth to the babies, men will get a boner at anything. They only want a beautiful or sexy woman as a status symbol. I hate how society has socialized us. Everywhere I go I see filthy decrepit, disgusting piece of shit men with beautiful women that they treat like shit. Women that they always have to remind in some way that they are not fully attracted to them or something of the sort. I hate whenever I see girls on social media say they want an incel nerd bf, they think that these cockroach men are gonna love them more than an actual nice looking man but they couldn’t be more wrong, most of these hideous men have victim complexes and porn addictions. I hope the next few generations shift and these ugly men die out.

No. 961023

Didn't all neanderthal DNA come from female neanderthals, wouldn't put it past the monkeys to go rape the neanderthal women while the neanderthals were dying out.

No. 961025

File: 1636182903020.jpg (692.16 KB, 1920x1080, 1630825924710.jpg)

> I hate whenever I see girls on social media say they want an incel nerd bf, they think that these cockroach men are gonna love them more than an actual nice looking man but they couldn’t be more wrong
I agree with you to an extent but when girls online say then want an "incel bf" what they really mean is guy who look like picrel, they want a bf who is skinny, weird, cute, has a full head of hair and just the right of Unkempt
I feel like if they started using the term "dorky bf" It would be a little clearer

No. 961041

I wish anons here would stop shilling that dirty ass looking moid as attractive just because he has blue eyes. Men who can't even do the bare minimum to take care of their hygiene don't deserve to have a gf or be thirsted after.

No. 961051

Its not about him but guys who look like him, skinny and just the right amount of unkempt
some people are into that look, Its hard to describe really but there is something appealing about it

No. 961446

I'm genuinely tired of seeing Genshin Impact everywhere. Doesn't help that its fanbase is fucking insane and retarded.

No. 961463

It's so annoying when companies malfunction regularly and then tell you to call their support which won't help you and is filled with people who barely speak english

No. 961466

File: 1636225683610.jpg (121.12 KB, 1080x810, m5q5wl7pya371.jpg)

>Men who can't even do the bare minimum to take care of their hygiene don't deserve to have a gf

The only bitches lusting after them are exactly the same and live in pic related

No. 961468

That bear makes this photo so scary

No. 961475

That's a tiger, ma'am

No. 961484

>sassy and classy
looooool sure

No. 961505

File: 1636227802225.jpg (438.42 KB, 1768x925, n84tf1vesye21__01.jpg)

Neckbeard nests are very annoying yet mesmerizing

No. 961510

They should change positions of the matress and drawer in the left corner, though I'm not a fan of putting those drawers next to each other. You'd crane your neck looking at that TV otherwise.

No. 961515

Ew I can tell this person lives in the same country as me and it makes me feel guilty by proxy

No. 961519

do the shoes belong to the owner or their most recent victim

No. 961520

Sometimes I want to post my room, self, and life story so anons can tear me apart so I'd get off my ass and ether change or kms

No. 961521

If you notice your room is a pigsty then do it. Why need validation?

No. 961527

Do it, I'll give you a 1-5 star rating on messiness.

No. 961529

how can people sleep directly on the mattress. it bothers me when even a corner is not covered

No. 961533

I don't care. I don't plan on anyone ever coming to visit and the less things I own the better. I plan on sleeping on the floor directly in the near future.

No. 961537

Idk. You can't truly wash a mattress, so it just collects skin cells and sweat for years. That's the reason I have a waterproof liner and a mattress topper.

No. 961539

Sorry, I've misread how can some people sleep on a mattress without a bedframe though that wouldn't bother me either.

No. 961540

>I plan on sleeping on the floor directly in the near future.

No. 961545

I heard it's healthier and that after that it feels so good you can't go back to sleeping on the mattress, at least that's the message I got from Count Monte Cristo.

No. 961549

Probably a weeb who wants to sleep and sit on the floor like in Nippon

No. 961552

Are you going to sleep directly on the floor? Or at least on a blanket or something? Just curious, I've never heard of this before.

No. 961555

Sleeping on the floor is nice sometimes, but I couldn't imagine doing it everyday.

No. 961557

I had a date lined up with a man. He sent me a picture of his cat and the background looked like that. I ghosted him immediately.

No. 961559

As a poorfag who didn't have a bed and slept on the floor for a few years as a preteen, it's not comfortable. You need support for your back. I have permanent back issues because of those years. Choosing to not sleep on at least a mattress is some silly shit.

No. 961560

Not directly, I will use some thin blanket to lay on.

No. 961561

Really? Because lots of studies say otherwise but I might continue sleeping on a mattress if that's really the case. It's not that important to me.

No. 961563

When I was dating I guy sent me a pic with his cat and there was like 10 cat shits in the litter box

No. 961565

File: 1636230023525.jpg (196.1 KB, 941x1367, male.jpg)

They ruin everything

No. 961567

Maybe if you had a small pillow under your spine just to offer some support, it would be fine? It's up to you anon. I didn't have a choice if I did I'd pick a cozy bed any day. Especially since our floors were made of concrete. My bed is like a sanctuary now.

No. 961569

>Choosing to not sleep on at least a mattress is some silly shit.
It's the same kind of people who choose to sleep in their cars when they already have a huge house kek

No. 961572

My dad slept in a lazy boy chair for years, I just don't get how it's even possible to sleep in such a weird position. It doesn't flatten completely.

No. 961579

Damn he needs to spend time on an inversion table

No. 961580

kek at the irony in a moid being obsessed enough with tomie to try to dress up like her…

No. 961588

File: 1636231078749.jpg (Spoiler Image, 134.53 KB, 615x459, d4d8024ad082b733f536b2c074bf7d…)

He should try this junji ito cosplay instead

No. 961590

That's my dad, sleepin in the lazy boy

No. 961609

I’ve been sleeping on the ground for a year and it’s still pretty comfortable, so maybe it varies from person to person? I could see it being less good for back sleepers, but I sleep curled up on my side so it’s not like the mattress was really supporting my back anyway.

No. 961614

girl why the fuck are you sleeping on the ground

No. 961615

It does support your back when you sleep on your side

No. 961616

I've heard that fetal position is one of the best ways you can lay

No. 961618

Minimalist aesthetics. I don't find it relaxing, it makes me feel depressed or anxious. Barren and monotonous.

No. 961620

What the hell is that

No. 961622

No. 961623

I agree. Especially with the wave of instagrammer aesthetics with the white rooms with white furniture and a rack for their black white and grey clothes and maybe a fake vine on the wall. It feels so bland, no personality, nothing with any sentimentality. Maybe I'm being too judgy, some people genuinely like that look and feel, but it feels disingenuous.

No. 961625

nta but I've been sleeping that way my whole life and haven't noticed any improvements.

No. 961627

Backs are dumb and gay

No. 961632

I like that there might be a teeny-tiny chance he thinks you ghosted him because a) you were so disappointed in his cat, you couldn't continue or b) you got the cat pic you wanted and now he's useless, thus ghostable.

No. 961634

Mattresses started to kind of gross me out. Like even with a cover and topper, there’s definitely some amount of body ooze that’s getting absorbed by the mattress over time right? And people sleep on the same mattress for years and years, even though there’s no way to clean them.

So I got rid of my shitty ikea bed and bought a foldable tatami. I like it a lot, it’s less smothering during the summer and I have more space during the day. My back feels perfectly fine, and every bed I’ve slept on when visiting east asia has been rock fucking hard so I feel like it’s fine in the long term.

No. 961641

This guy! Literally everything about his channel annoys me. His apartment, his rigid routine, his coffee snobbery, his slow mo pretentious footage, his VOICE, his over complicating or taking too seriously of dumb shit like shaving or putting on your shoes. I hate men like this so much!!!

No. 961644

Minimalism isn’t cool it’s tortuous. Keep living a bland life. How do you add color and a few decors in your life?

No. 961650

I'm so fascinated by these kinds of rooms it's like they're another dimension

No. 961653

True. Until you have you see it irl. My brother is like that and we don't even open the door to his room anymore because of the smell

No. 961655

Rip throw in an anti stink lavender bomb or smthng

No. 961657

>foldable tatami

big mattress doesn't want this discussion.

No. 961658

How do grown ass adults live like this? I literally am unable to get past someone not having sheets put correctly on their bed, nevermind living in constant piles of trash??

No. 961673

I've been thinking about getting a tatami or a shikibuton for the same reason (and because I hope it'll give my back more support, I've grown to find a mattress increasingly uncomfortable) but read that tatamis aren't great for side-sleepers. How's your experience?

No. 961675

Yeah but can tatamis be cleaned

No. 961702

File: 1636238572451.jpg (242.7 KB, 2195x1103, MV5BZTU4ZDBlMmQtOTVkZS00ODExLT…)

I absolutely hate this "natural" makeup look they do for fantasy characters in tv series and movies nowadays. This face has been plaguing me since the trailer keeps being recommended on youtube and all I can focus on is the dirty, washed out foundation they have smeared on her face because matte, lifeless and dry looking skin is all the rage now. For producers who pride themselves on being "realistic to the times" for adding rape and assault in every fucking episode, they sure love to pile on makeup because god forbid people have more than one hue to their skin. Also the fake white hair with dark brows is laughable and I hate any fantasy character who has it.

No. 961709

I hate the disabled child fetishist saga in the bad art thread. I want to see bad south park yaoi and coomer balloon tits with weird centaur anatomy, I don't want to feel revolted with myself after seeing disabled children fetish art when I come to haha at stupid and ugly art.

No. 961710

I’m a side sleeper too, and after an initial few days of adjustment it hasn’t been an issue. The biggest change for me was having my hip bone rest against a hard surface, which could be pretty painful if you have low body fat. In that case, it’s probably a good idea to have a futon too for a little bit of cushioning.

The reeds they’re made out of are water resistant, so you can wipe the surface down with mild soap and water and let them air dry. I also don’t feel too bad about just buying a new one every couple of years tbh, which is part of the draw.

No. 961714

Where do you buy them and how much do they cost? Because I've seen prices ranging from $150 to $1,000+

No. 961718

You're right anon. I'll take it to personal lolcows next week.

No. 961736

What is this? Also same

No. 961739

File: 1636240805679.jpg (16.12 KB, 283x316, thisbitch.jpg)

>fake white hair with dark brows
holy shit, i hate it so much on characters that are supposed to be light blond (or like the targs in got borderline albino). i also hate it in pic related, it screams basic bitch and not magical princess

No. 961757

File: 1636243436087.gif (375.5 KB, 460x259, eQoeTGc.gif)

Insert cow here is said to be in insert state, city, country.

People sometimes : Omg, I live in (location.) She's going to ruin (location.) I hope I don't run into her, someone get her out of (location.)

It just annoys me and reminds me of PULL lmao. Or 'omg cow is 23 and IM 23 im so embarrassed' like what

No. 961760

I got mine on amazon for a little under $200. There’s a couple of brands on there that sell foldable tatamis made from traditional reeds, so there’s actually an ok selection - the one I bought is FULI brand.

No. 961761

I get you but when Amanda Bret posted a pic a few blocks from where I live I couldn't help but sperg about it.

No. 961764


Lol if it's literally a few blocks diff I kinda get it, that'd be jarring. But it's usually sperging because they happen to be in the same state, always rubs me the wrong way

No. 961801

It was so bad when Shayna moved back to Seattle.

No. 961814

It's a city where everyone walks to get where they need to go and knows the area intimately, I could identify where she was to the exact spot, and she's an absolute cunt who needs to stay away, so it was kind of sperg-worthy in my defense. The farmers who use a cow as a vehicle to talk about how in-the-know they are about an area are annoying, though. It's always the worst when a cow is in Japan. 'omg they went to [place] and did [perceived faux pas] she didn't respect japanesu culture' like yeah we get it you're a weeb or english teacher, no need to broadcast it for social capital on an anonymous english-language gossip board

No. 961947

This video just reminds me how narcissistic so many youtubers are

No. 961959

File: 1636263172698.jpeg (29.5 KB, 636x197, 76E1E4DB-7A32-4192-83ED-6E68DD…)

The fucking switch to matrix because the link is longer than the discord one. I always fat finger this bitch when I’m trying to get to ot

No. 961962

File: 1636263288554.jpeg (41.99 KB, 640x600, 629000E9-4110-4E97-A3D1-DEBA6F…)

Samefag and this shit!
inb4 kys phonefag

No. 961967

File: 1636264628702.png (580.88 KB, 946x2048, imagen_2021-11-06_235650.png)

This whole "omg you're literally gender" "you invented gender" etc
Like if it was a good thing.

No. 961977

You just exposed your drag queen ass

No. 961978

Get off lolcow man you jut doxxed your hair ass

No. 961980

I got this from the pixielocks alter DID twitter: