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File: 1464360972883.jpg (69.48 KB, 700x575, 10itfy9.jpg)

No. 94472

I'll start.

Am I the only one who lolcow is overly picky when it comes to pointing out flaws with girls posted here? They're terrible, I get it, but I see some girls on here that are genuinely cute being torn to shreds for their looks.

No. 94474

*who thinks

Also sorry that I don't know how to type.

No. 94475

I'm super picky these days. They are definitely not like they used to be. It takes a lot of work to find one decent to watch. I recently got back into watching it again, some very disappointing some good. For example One Punch Man and Mobile Suite Gundam are pretty much my favorites right now. Still working on osomatsu-san anime. It's pretty much a hit or miss now.

No. 94476

Dang I mis read, Sorry, I focused on the picture. Haha. Actually no you aren't the only one. I feel like I'm the only person that dislikes Dakoots.

No. 94477

You forget that it was /cgl/ that spawned this domain.

But yeah I do think it's ridiculous. The worst ones are when I see a girl with a perfectly could pair of knockers and there's a flurry of comments like:

>looooool like eggs hanging off a nail!

>look at her arching her back obviously trying to hide how saggy they are lmao
>if I had tits like that I'd fucking kill myself smh
>OMG I can't believe how saggy this girls tits are at her age!!!

Like, you go girl, way to perpetuate those misogynistic porn stereotypes, and make sure to start up your future daughters boob job fund early!

No. 94509

Eh, I don't really like the whole being catty to each other for the sake of being mean thing. I see why it can be fun, but I feel that it should be kept in /pt/

I just find threads to be much more pleasant when everyone's on topic and isn't unnecessarily rude to each other unless someone's trolling or something. That, and everyone trying to turn everything into politics. Tumblrina SJWs and far-right racist conservatives ruin everything

No. 94511

Most men are nowhere near as shallow as lolcow imagines.

No. 94513

Is that really an unpopular opinion? This is just anecdotal evidence, but the women I know are definitely more superficial/shallow than the men.

No. 94515

If you mean that men have low standards, you're absolutely correct. They will fuck anything. The issue is that men don't think of women as human beings.

No. 94517

>The issue is that men don't think of women as human beings.


No. 94520

Not sure if it's really unpopular or not but I hate the wording chosen by the users here, I think women are way more misogynistic towards other women when it comes to shit like this…

No. 94521

I don't think incest is a big problem as long as it's between two consenting adults and it's not parental incest.

No. 94522

go look at any porn site or male-dominated community

No. 94524

Observe men talking to other men, when they don't think women are around. There are decent men, but they are rare.

No. 94526

I have observed, I don't think they're as bad as you make out.

Stop making women look like paranoid lunatics.

No. 94527

I'm glad you know good men then. I didn't.

No. 94529

Your dad? Your brothers, if any? Male cousins? Grandfathers?

No. 94531

Lol! Men are the most shallow.

No. 94533

Sorry for hurting your feelings robot, you can go back to jerking off to facialabuse.com now

No. 94537

tbh same can be said for girls talking about lads behind their back

No. 94548

It pretty much goes without saying that people are overly harsh on looks on here. If a girl is pretty, anons will find minor flaws to pick on. I don't really care about it hurting anyone's feelings but it reflects really negatively on the person saying it. It just comes across as absurdly bitter and, honestly, jealous because it's such a disingenuous insult. If someone's a shitty but attractive person, just stick to accurate comments instead of desperately trying to find something wrong with their looks.

No. 94622

I agree with this completely. To be honest, it can sometimes even make me feel insecure because of how brutal people can be.

No. 94623

It actually makes me feel kinda good because no matter how I look, at least I'm not so bothered by pretty girls that I spend time criticizing them on here. I have pretty low self esteem so for me it's something of a saving grace that it doesn't manifest in jealous bitching.

No. 94625

Reddit tier thread

No. 94628

Shaved face > beards

No. 94636

I hate musicals and theatre. Everything about them irritates me.

No. 94653

You're not the only one OP, I thought so too on some threads. The one that sticks out the most in my head right now is the one in where an anon said they couldn't believe the girl in topic can get a man to like her, because with her face, she's just someone a man would degrade fuck. I admit, the girl in topic isn't that pretty, not completely hideous either, and she also doesn't seem that horrible of a person compared to snowflakes and people in /pt/. But really, thinking someone is only worthy of degrade fuck? That's just low in my opinion.

No. 94662

I thought lolcow threads pt and snow where meant for catty, unrestricted bitchiness. Sometimes I find my self esteem lowered but I just avoid the site for a week or two and it's usually fine. I'd say if you're finding people too critical or you're getting affected by how critical they are over good looking girls, maybe take a break for awhile?

No. 94665

I on't think it's quite fair to judge someone based on their interest because the fandom is trash.

I enjoy a wide variety of things and some of those include shows and games that are associated with obnoxious and shitty people. I'm always afraid of being judged very harshly for having a mild interest in anything because people sometimes assume that it automatically means that I'm apart of the fandoms worst aspects

Eh, why can't we just hate the bad apples and leave the rest of the bunch alone? Why does a good thing have to be garbage because some took it too far?

No. 94672

I agree with this. I like things that have shitty fandoms, but I never tell anyone about it for this reason. I think the new MLP is adorable, but everyone just thinks of autistic, horse fucking bronies whenever that show comes up…

No. 94762

I think cows from years ago who haven't produced any milk lately should just be left alone.

Like you see people in here who still attacks girls who were total idiots back in their teens but they somehow moved on and improved even if it's just a little. I do get you may not like them and as people they are not the best person ever at all but I've seen people here attacking them for roleplaying an OC in their blogs or new fanart they are doing unrelated to years ago and it's just retarded.

No. 94764

Besides her shops, I don't get why people are STILL shitting on Dakota. It's always the same people who nitpick every detail of every IRL photo, who shit on her (pretty good imo) Japanese, and always bring up her past who then go on to say "UGH SHE NEVER CATERS TO HER ENGLISH SPEAKING AUDIENCE!" Just admit that you are salty because you can't be catty and talk shit about her Japanese content because you can't understand it.

Plus the whole stuff about her 'failed accessory line', when Japanese celebrities always open up some shitty fashion line or jewelry line that lasts like a month or two at best.

No. 94771

It's the same with any cow thread. If she's pretty she's 'not that good looking/ pretty average imo', if she's average then she's 'ugly lolololol'.

Dakota's pretty successful imo but the thread is full of jealous weebettes nitpicking every single detail of her life when they'd like nothing more than to wear her skin and they know it. Just like those PULL girls who are fat and ugly and shit on Dakota yet always shoop themselves to look like her which just makes them look more haggard (Marzanna, anyone?)

Like yeah Dakota's shoops are fucking ridiculous at this point but this has been going on longer than that and she is a genuinely pretty girl anyway.

It's fucking pathetic. I feel so bad for the girls who post that kind of embarrassing shit in /pt/, they must be such insecure, ugly little trolls to let pictures of cute weebs trigger them like that. And they always sound 12 too.

No. 95518

Why is this happening to every of those platforms though? This PULL-tier nitpicking always takes over. I'd rather have a slow board for following lolcows that actually produce milk.
'Lololol, nasolabial folds, looks like 40, photoshops.' isn't milk. Yet most threads on pt consist to 60% of posts like these.

No. 96719

I've given you WAY too many chances, and, as a lesbian, I've finally decided that enough is enough.

Straight women cannot be feminists.

>down with the patriarchy, teehee

>let me just swallow this guys cum first though…

>I consider myself a feminist, I'm strong and independent

>But I'm such a sub in bed lol I want to be fucked hard and called a little slut

You LITERALLY suck the dick of your oppressors. "Fuck the patriarchy" is not to be taken literally, you stupid vapid tarts.

If you aren't a lesbian, or at least abstaining from sex with men, you are a gender traitor

No. 96722

File: 1465454564723.png (25.78 KB, 527x409, 1455760821403.png)

No. 96724

But what about 69?
Is it still demeaning to suck cock if he simultaneously gets smothered by my pussy?

No. 96725

Excellent b8

No. 96734

yeah ok im actually a radical feminist and i literally hate men but no. try to be a little less obvious next time

No. 96741

>as a lesbian, I have finally decided that enough is enough

Pack it in. The lesbian ambassator has spoken.

No. 96761

File: 1465480681785.gif (937.3 KB, 245x150, mi0p7jJGCq1qew7rao3_250.gif)

>I've given you WAY too many chances, and, as a lesbian, I've finally decided that enough is enough.

No. 173392

Makeup is absolutely a lie. Some girls express their creativity through it but for the vast, vast majority of women their mood/self-worth is dependent on what they see in the mirror. When the antifeminist autists on the internet point it out people tend to get defensive (and reasonably so most of the time, since what they generally say boils down to 'uggos are manipulating muh dick and making me thirst after what I wouldn't otherwise'), making it harder to think critically about their own beliefs. During other times it's much easier to utter phrases like 'i need to put my face on'. It's cognitive dissonance but I can empathize.

Lazy fujo fanservice shows like free! and yuri on ice don't do anything for me. Why should I care about a shitty mundane coming-of-age sports story with lame unfunny characters when I could just watch real life sports and have the real, superior (it's a low bar), 3D version? I want larger than life; not discount life.

No. 173396

Feminism is literally cancer and anyone who supports it is willfully allowing themselves to be brainwashed by jews.

No. 173398

I liked the ana chans and wish it was still allowed

No. 173403

Next thing you will say is that Hitler was right.

No. 173411

Nope. I like my vote and being able to go see the vag doctor unostracised.

No. 173423

File: 1482680363308.gif (1.88 MB, 540x304, tumblr_oijzl8bnxy1v4bk2io4_540…)

anime men are superior to 3D men.

No. 173424

I agree. Irl most of the women I see/know who wear shittons of makeup are, coincidentally, also landwhales.

No. 173427

My unpopular opinion:

I think sometimes anons are jelly of certain cows (for having money/being popular or privileged) or their looks, so they nitpick, even if subconsciously.
(If you're reading this, Vicky, this isn't about you because you look like a blonde ogre anyway lmao).

Sometimes I wonder if same anons would nitpick like that IRL, with people around to judge them for their own skin/hair/fat/nasolabial​folds/whatever. Probably not.

I draw very well (I don't even know why because it's not a skill I've really practiced) and read some yuri manga sometimes when I'm bored, but that's it.
I haven't watched anime in ages except for my 90s childhood favorites every now and then. I stopped being a weeb and caring about Japan related stuff in my early teens, a decade ago.
So I don't understand anything about cosplaying, jrock, cons or the current anime, etc … Or why grown people like those things.
It's hard for me to understand why anyone past the age of 18 would be a weeb or obsessed with Japan/kawaii stuff/Venus and jvloggers. I'm like… Why??
And now we have the koreaboos. That makes me cringe even more because it's a carbon copy.
I think asian makeup looks retard on Westerners. and circles lenses look bad on anyone.

No. 173441

yeah all the body shaming gets me down. I have saggy boobs myself and I now realise many of us do. But it took me many years of believing i was a disgusitng freak. So it gets me down to see that on here. its shit to see other girls tear each other apart purely for having real imperfect bodies and being brave enough to show the world that. Which is only a good thing to me.

Some of the girls on here deserve the shit, but I see so much thats petty bitchyness and possibly just jealousy. Thats not what this site is about to me.

No. 173444

I have a big nose and a fridge body so yeah I definitely get a kick in the self esteem when I browse here lol.

No. 173445


I have a thin but pointed white person jew nose so yeah I feel bad that I don't have a cute flat Asian nose but other than that I have a decent figure and no saggy tits but I also think sometimes people are being too sensitive. I feel like people shit talk cows excessively because they're annoying or shitty people, but when they might see features on ordinary people they see outside farmers probably don't give a shit or look twice at you.

No. 173447

See, the only thing this gif evokes from me is cringe.

No. 173448

>people shit talk cows excessively because they're annoying or shitty people, but when they see features on ordinary people they don't give a shit or look twice

Yep, this is it. A lot of the cows here people rag on are decent looking, but their bad personalities and the dumbass shit they pull cast them in an ugly light

No. 173449

wtf why would you want an asian nose

t. asian

No. 173451


I tried to give this thing a chance, I REALLY did… but ughh no. Barf. I pass. Dunno how people can do it.

No. 173452

i don't care if it's a vendetta post as long as the milk is good.

No. 173453

Aspergerfags need to be cured or put down. Fuck the neurodiversity bs, it's an excuse for people to be entitled assholes.

No. 173454

I used to want one in my weeby middle school/high school phase. And I'm not even joking. I hated how pointy my own nose was and all. But yeah, now I'm long outta that phase and love my own nose.

That said, I do think a lot of anons are too picky when it comes to pointing out flaws. I'm mainly checking the jvlogger thread, and in all honesty, people overreact about Kim's jaw, Bii's so-called manly face, and Sharla looking like a hobo. Also, who tf cares if people in their late 20s wanna wear pokemon clothes and whatsnot?!

No. 173455

I agree people are way too nitpicky about Kim and Sharla, but Bii is truly unfortunate looking.

No. 173469

No. 173474

File: 1482712412717.jpg (24.39 KB, 320x297, bs0z3HY.jpg)

I love the "fakeboi" style and would dress that way if I had any balls. Granted most of the girls who dress like that are major cows, but the fashion itself is cool.

No. 173479

File: 1482713790026.jpg (126.64 KB, 750x750, 14717617_332838067094442_28691…)

I'm all for tomboy and androgynous girls but the uber pastel fakeboi style pisses me off. The pink, sparkly, weeb clothing is just tacky. I don't mind the typical fakeboi hairstyles or piercings, though.

And I know everyone hates criedwolves but I do like some of his outfits.

No. 173481

Is that an actual dude?

No. 173484

I love it too. If I had feminine features and a small frame I'd definitely dress like that.

No. 173494

I want to try boystyle but I have this weird face that's like a cross between Brianna Wu and Patti Smith. Short hair seems like it'd be easier to maintain anyway but I'm so worried about getting it cut and having it turn out looking awful. It really looks great on people who can pull it off.

No. 173502

Short hair has to be constantly trimmed/tidied up, esp if its cut in a 'fashionable' style. I've had a much easier time with hair upkeep ever since growing mine out long.

No. 173589

People here who complain about PULL and call everyone PULLtards are equally annoying as PULL.

No. 174012

I don't understand why people get their panties in a twist about genders on this website. Sure, a lot of people aren't actually agender or gender fluid or whatever, but who cares. If they want to go by they pronouns, whatever idgaf.

Overwatch sucks. Terrible game.

SJW isn't much of an insult and anti-SJW people are equally as cancerous to actual social justice.

I used to try to look and dress androgynous, so I think fakeboi styles is really hot.

No. 210928

I don't like tea of any kind or coffee. Tastes not good.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 210970


Why was this user banned? Necro-posting?

No. 210988

i think the admin banned the poster because WHO DOESN'T LIKE TEA AND/OR COFFEE!

No. 211225

That's hardly reason for banning someone is it.

No. 212488

File: 1511371306268.gif (489.93 KB, 250x167, 12A5DE95-7CC4-49BA-814D-8A3EA4…)

I honestly don’t understand how people can like Sherlock. The writing isn’t impressive like people tout it to be, the concept of these grown men being seen as « cute » baffles me, and honestly I can’t get over the cliched shitty writing. Yes there are shitter shows that exist, but they never try to be seen as 2deep4u like this show and it’s fans try to make it out to be. Sherlock and Moriarty « killing » themselves was the nail in the coffin.

No. 212494

I liked Sherlock (Season 1 was pretty decent, and the acting was really nice imo) until A Scandal in Belgravia since I couldn't stand the idea of Irene Adler fall for Sherlock (even Moffat said himself in an interview that they had a 'night' of sorts after Sherlock rescued her from Karachi. And do I even need to mention Benadryl's interview that they're actually a thing) actually pissed me off.

Not saying this because I'm "just another Johnlocker" but because I've been a fan of ACD's Sherlock for a long time and bothered changing Irene Adler's character and making her fall for Sherlock just for shipbait (same goes for Watson with the subtext being shown in the show) just irritates me to no end.

>I can’t get over the cliched shitty writing.

Same here. tbh I really want to rant all day about this show but I don't want to waste more of my time typing it all down.

No. 212501

>tfw it's my favorite show
I-I just really like it and think it's fun and cool.

The fandom is terrible though,in general the superwholock fandom is FULL of tumblrinas and you know how they are…
I like the "memes" that came out of the show too because i'm super lame (I still use the "JAWN" one with friends sometimes)

No. 212502

Though I gotta say, the whole "hurdur Irene x Sherlock" and general shipping (except for occasional Johnlock because I'm,once again,lame and gay)is blegh. Don't like it either.

No. 212535

Probably just a short ban as a joke I imagine, would be pretty bullshit to seriously ban someone for that.

No. 212536

I hate how it's become impossible to find good ACD Holmes fics after Sherlock aired

No. 212559

Honestly while I hate the show it's the fandom that that really draws a reaction from me. Or more specifically, the superwholock crowd. During comic con a friend dragged me to a doctor who panel with the new doctor and some other woman, and some kid was asking about a cross over with Game of Thrones of all things.

No. 215635

I know a lot of farmers hate it when you say anything remotely nice towards a cow but I need to know if anyone else thinks that Baylee Jae has nice skin. I don't frequent her threads but I do scroll past it often and I can't help but notice that her skin looks nice and dewy, and maybe I'm blind but I don't see any visible flaws. Someone correct me if you think I'm wrong.

No. 215636

…she's wearing makeup most times

No. 215649

wtf is this shit where farmers talk about "aging" all the time lmao. like dakota rose looks kinda bloated and not cute but like she looked bloated and not cute in all her weird pics as a scene preteen lol. "aging" is like a weird meme word on here for "got ugly" and it seems so weird and insecure to me. People don't "age" visibly in like two years unless they regularly go tanning or REALLY fuck up their health with hard drugs. eating chips and wearing foundation does not "age" you lmao

No. 215651

Swede here, it’d be cool if some kebabs were removed.

No. 215654

Oh, I'm an idiot kek.

No. 215657

they are either trying to make the cow insecure (if the cow reads the thread) or they are underage PULL retards that try to be mean by saying stuff like that.

I've only seen a few examples where the ageing argument is justified. Such as with Dumdolly

No. 215697

Some people take too far on some cows, Moo, for example, most of her threads are people calling her fat, at least when I lurked them. Also people assume a lot of things about many cows. Many are justified, many aren't. Can't agree with them all.

I don't get self esteem boost from seeing the people posted here, I sure tried to make it work so I could feel better about myself but it doesn't work for me. I am not saying I am better because of it, it just doesn't do it for me.

No. 215704

>I don't get self esteem boost from seeing the people posted here
I do, kinda, but not by roasting and insulting them. I get a major self-esteem boost when I see really pretty girls like Taylor and Himezawa getting torn to pieces in regard to their looks. Means that no matter how pretty you are, there's always going to be a bunch of people who think you're ugly/old/busted/whatever. Kinda reassuring to know it happens to everyone even if they're good-looking.

No. 215706

as a kebab, I kind of see where you euros are coming from. With americans, it's like, "nah this land doesn't even belong to you, you stole that shit", but with euros like….ok, you actually have a legitimate argument I guess lmao.

No. 215722

>Some people take too far on some cows, Moo, for example.

It's a shit thread with shittier people being enabled by overzealous modding. You're better off hiding that stink bomb. Anons there are extra vitriolic because they're fellow cosplayers extremely pissed that Moo is in their fandoms and making more money.
I kind of understood it when she was flaking her Patreon and doing questionable things with charity money, but the reality is 80% of the time people are shitting on her because they think she's ugly or thinks she's too fat when she does deliver her lewds. That's not milk, that's horseshit and it belongs on /snow/.

No. 215730

Gotta agree that many anons are a bit harsh on the looks of some of the cows here. I think a lot of them are somewhat pretty, or would be if they took care of themselves more. That's just my legitimately ugly ass talking though, when people call girls with pretty nice facial features ugly it makes me feel like Quasimodo.

No. 215731

I agree totally and whenever I point out anons are really reaching, I get called a whiteknight even when I'm still shitting on the person.

Honestly, a lot of anons here are just irrationally salty and themselves are pretty crazy. I'm sure a lot of posters would be cows here themselves if they had well known social media pages.

No. 215748

>they're fellow cosplayers extremely pissed that Moo is in their fandoms and making more money

Yeah, it gives that impression to me as well. I don't like saying anons are jealous of cows but many people in that thread are clearly jealous of Moo. We get that she has fucked up a lot but a lot of people there seem to get off real hard on calling her fat or picking up the tiniest stupid details. I went there a bit ago and people were mad her kitten had worms and hoping it would scratch her face. Like ffs every kitten in Earth has worms at some point. Also people get really mad their fandoms are cosplayed. Like every single cosplayer ever cosplays shit they don't care about because it's being hyped, Yaya and Nigri included.

You have to be pretty extreme Vendetta-chan to expect something bad to happen to a cow. No exceptions, really, except for maybe Margo that fucked up another human being directly and is inherently evil.

No. 215750

the people who shit on simply_kenna are either jealous or genuinely deranged. whenever i read criticisms on her, people always try to make her look like she’s a pedo just because she got pajamas from the boys’ section. love yourself and realize you’re reaching on a whole other level.

No. 215755

eh, her constantly changing aesthetic and pretentiousness is annoying and cringey but it's not worth the massive outroar people are giving her, I get being upset over stealing/mimicking art and not giving credit to the artist but again it's not worth the outroar

> people always try to make her look like she’s a pedo just because she got pajamas from the boys’ section

holy shit, that's crazy, where at?

No. 215766

File: 1512972147942.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1242x2031, F3E8D921-B708-4473-8741-A28B01…)


in the PULL thread about her, they’re spazzing because she said she got her pajamas from the little boy’s section and said “why couldn’t she say kids?”. it was obvious that she said it before people asked but holy shit do they reach.

pic related.

No. 215773

File: 1512973859800.jpeg (43.95 KB, 366x508, E9766308-79A9-4313-A227-3DA2F4…)

I really dislike when women don’t dress for their body type. I find overweight people pretty gross, and really can’t stand it when they cosplay. I can’t get behind the body pos movement.

No. 215774

go back to sucking skeptics yeast-filled chode june

No. 215780

I find Tess as offensive as the next person but how is this not dressing for her body? She’s wearing clothes her size. She’s not showing midriff. This is an incredibly tame outfit and better than how she usually looks honestly.

No. 215782


No, I totally agree. I think this is a good example of that- but the legs freak me out. Like the knees, they look melt-y.

I’m not very picky about things like clothes, hair or make up on people. I actually would say that Tess does her hair and make up well, and she seems to have nice skin (from the images I see). I actually think she’s got a lovely face, too. Genetics played out super well. But I just don’t get the morbid obesity. And I don’t understand the celebration of it. Why is this a good thing?

No. 215785

Lol and you pick that outfit as the example? And that's Tess Holiday, she's dressed more scantily and grosser than that. Or is that your point? That it's one of her better outfits? Because if not then lol @ you sweet summer child.

No. 215787

In their opinion fat people should only wear mumus and not show their faces anywhere ever. Skeletals are crazy.

No. 215790


Not skelly at all. But not fat, either.

I don’t think she should be a model, and I also don’t think anyone with too low of a a BMI should be a model, either. I live in the USA, and lots of people die from heart disease, far more than anorexia on my end.

It’s a dangerous lifestyle to maintain, either way. And with one far more prevalent within epidemic proportions, there shouldn’t be models displaying it as a good thing. It’s why I’m in an unpopular opinion thread, and not shouting this from my roof.

No. 215794


yeah tess dresses like shit but i wouldn't use that pic as an example of "women who don't dresss for their body type".

No. 215798


yeahhh, i thought it was like something a skeletal would say too. i find obese and morbidly obese people gross too and i wouldn't date one, but "overweight people shouldn't do stuff"? weird. fyi to that anon too >>215773 overweight =/= obese (tess is morbidly obese). but i'm not attacking you for your opinion, its fine. its just that overweight can look different on people while obese is an ugly blob on all types (which is what i think you meant). anyways both things will kill you so whatever.

No. 215802


hbomberguy on youtube has a god damn MOVIE about this. like he made a video that's nearly two hours long about how much he hates sherlock and how shitty the show is. I don't like the show either, but i didn't think much of it. Till i stumbled across that video one night and i watched the whole thing. It was a fascinating ride. You might enjoy it but like i said its super long. i had popcorn and everything, went to bed at 5 am, 10/10 watch.

tl;dw: he basically said the exact same things you said in those three lines of text lol.

if anyone is intersted in anything he might have discussed:
Part 1, The Story of Steven Moffat 3:03
Part 2, Overarching Plot 7:14 (he talks about Jekyll at 14:33)
Part 3, Sherlock the All-Important Ubermensch 27:14
Part 4, Moriarty 39:30
Part 5, Aesthetics or, How to Waste License-Payer Money 47:06
Part 6, John Watson 55:11
Part 7, Mary Watson 56:58
Part 8, Irene Adler 58:20
Part Kill Me, THE SCENE 1:04:16
Part 10, Literally everything about Season 4 1:08:54
Part 11, Contempt 1:34:28

No. 215804

File: 1512980556553.gif (1.4 MB, 200x200, cheers.gif)


fakebois are hot as fuck imo too. people on lolcow seem to despise the style, but i don't get it. to a lot of lesbians tomboy, androgynous, fakebois etc are hot. so when people go and on about how much they hate the style i'm always taken back. because its attractive to me and to lots of people, idgi. i guess they assosiate anything remotely like it to the tumblr crowd but really its a gay crowd thing.

my gf used to rock that style and it was awesome, love me some fakebois. i do get that its not for everyone though, like fake-gay lainey for example.

No. 215808

It’s obviously unhealthy, but (and this might constitute as an unpopular opinion) fat people are still human and still deserve to feel good about themselves. There have been and will always be fat people, fat shaming doesn’t work, fat people are constantly shit on in nearly every medium, is it really that bad to let them feel beautiful and loved?

No. 215812

Idk man, it was fine 10 years ago. But past years it has become increasingly worse with immigrants taking over areas in cities (Islamify them and harass n threaten other folks) plus all these fucking Afghanistan “children” that “hangs” at train stations and other busy spots in the city.

I’m afraid to walk home alone nowadays, it didn’t used to be like this.

No. 215816

As a german i feel you… people really aren't exaggarating when talking about theses problems.

My town has around 5000 inhabitants, but there are 300 refugees (all of them male), that's very noticable, especially since before the only foreigners were 2-3 eastern europeans. With other countries everybody is always considerate, saying they are homogenous and have never seen other cultures, but even if a good bunch of the people here have never really left this area and are very shocked/scared by that nobody cares.

When i was 17 the ones first came her and me and my friends honestly mistook them for some hot construction workers, but no, even a few years later they are still "minors", like how does nobody notice that they're all lying about their age?!
When they first came here everybody donated clothes, but they threw everything away, only brands for them…
The thing - other than getting creepily hit on (especially since they only go out in very large groups) - is seeing them standing there dressed from head to toe in expensive brands, playing with the newest iphone while a deathly skinny german grandma is collecting plastic bottles out of a garbage bin next to them.
Most people say they are absolutely pro-refugees, but when we are in private we actually all agree on this topic but we all know that speaking out against it would get you in serious trouble…

No. 215823

Interesting to read, I'm your very close neighbour and in my country saying you're pro-refugees will get you in trouble. You'll be ridiculed and looked down upon, for sure. Here being pro-refugee is an "unpopular opinion", only for "lefties" who are a minority.

Lolcow is very TERF-y, so I guess it will be considered unpopular - I'm attracted to ftm. I follow some on instagram and they are HOT, damn how great was the change for them! Also the fact that they know how it is to be a girl, how our mind works, what we want, what we don't like, is very appealing. Men just don't get some things, we are very different after all, and having a bf who just gets you must be nice.

No. 215825

Most "TERF-y" people don't have anything against ftms. Since they're female, they're usually a lot less problematic, perverted, and insane.

No. 215827

When i said it will get you in trouble i not only meant with other people but actually possibly even with the law, so…

Something that i forgot to add before is that there have been cases, there refugee homes have been set on fire and all the politicians and newspapers were like "oh the nazis are at it again" but later they found out that the refugees themselves set it on fire and drew a swastika on the wall beforehand to make it seem like the work of the right wring - that's some downright evil shit to do to a country that let's you live comfortable for free…

In fear of being labeled racist or culturally insensitive they don't even divorce child marriages, only fine them with a meek 1000€; before all of this i hoped that letting them come here would at least safe the poor girls, but they're still as oppressed by their own families as before…

No. 215857

Speaking of, here's my unpopular opinion. I really don't get the appeal of butch/androgynous girls. Why do so many lesbians find masculine traits so attractive in women? I'm a lesbian myself but I like women who look feminine. Not saying that girls that are into the masculine look aren't 'true lesbians' or any bullshit like that but I'm curious as to why it's so popular.

I'm super hypocritical though since I adopted the fakeboi style even though I dislike it just to have better luck with girls lmao

No. 215869

Speaking as someone on the sexuality fence anon, for me I think it's because I am attracted to both men and women. I don't completely disregard femme girls but as a femme myself I always assume they aren't in to me.

No. 215987

Anon i am not a lesbian, but i wondered about that as well. There are some of them who go out of their way to look as much as a man as possible. If i was attracted to girls, i would want to be together with a girl; not with somebody posing as a men. Same for effeminate gay guys - makes no sense to me…

No. 215990

File: 1513077040664.png (1.26 MB, 800x900, gey.png)

I'm probably no the best to explain this because I like both femme and tomboyish or a mix of the two
but the idea of having some who's masculine without actually being male is an attractive idea, like they relate to you better and on a deeper level, at least that's what I think

All I know is I'm gay as fuck and I love women but "princely" type women that you sometimes see in anime is especially nice too

No. 215998

File: 1513081328889.png (114.61 KB, 500x370, 9630e4e007d8adeb1b416d46f36cf0…)

>tfw I want to be a princely anime stereotype, but am only attracted to cismen
>tfw I want their love for me to be deeper than romance

No. 216022

File: 1513100814021.jpeg (69.58 KB, 450x357, 84290DE6-5787-4CB6-B702-EC333A…)

I’ve been a loving fan of Lupin the 3rd since I was 16. (I’m 29 years now) I love Lupin and his dynamic with Jigen and Goemon but I try to not get to triggered by other Lupin fans shipping them together. I just don’t get it. They’re all straight canonically but I can’t stop others from enjoying their ships. Oh well…

No. 216026

It bothers me that rape, molestation, and harrassment victims now have to share the same space with people who openly admit to consenting to sexual activity but then regret it later in order to call it non-consent.
Coercion to me is being blackmailed, threatened, intimidated, pressured under duress, or emotionally manipulated into sexual activity.
It's not asking one too many times for sexual contact, as the consequence for saying no is nothing except maybe being asked again later.

And IF this is the new way of things, then maybe I'll just have to accept the brave new world.
Yet I refuse to accept that someone who was molested by a trusted person or stranger without consent is on the same level as someone who agreed to having sex when they had every opportunity to say no without a real consequence.
>but this is gatekeeping anon!
Well, that's why it's unpopular.

No. 216028

I think you are stupid.

No. 216029

Oof, now that's unpopular!

No. 216032

It is the ultimate unpopular opinion.
Try saying it to your mom or your boss or your friend or that stranger in the bus.

No. 216058

Canada (and other countries with socialized public healthcare) should not pay for transgender people's sexual reassignment surgeries. It's expensive, it's risky to their health, lots of transpeople regret it afterwards, and frankly our mental healthcare up here has a huge way to go before cosmetic surgery should be an option that society readily provides. Canada needs to expand their free healthcare to include free and accessible therapy and medication if needed to these people and if they decide they NEED genital reconstruction that should be on them.

I also think individuals who actively smoke or become morbidly obese should be denied certain health coverage too (weight loss surgery for example is a total waste of resources). The system doesn't work efficiently if people willingly expose themselves to risk and we already struggle to provide timely care to people that need it.

No. 216062

>weight loss surgery for example is a total waste of resources
But it's not, and I'd love to see your source stating otherwise.
The system is burdened more if you don't provide help to high risk groups, be it that they caused their problems as it may, because without assistance their conditions worsen.
In the United States, before ACA, many poorer people or those who did not qualify for coverage based on pre-existing conditions, would be forced to wait until their conditions led them to visit ERs and the monetary burden would land on the shoulders of taxpayers–but at a substantially greater amount than had they preventative care options.

No. 216064

Weight loss surgery provides long term results only when the individual makes a permanent lifestyle change afterwards. Which, correct me if I'm wrong, they could do without the surgery and they simply won't. And yeah maybe the threat of literally ripping open an internal organ is the push they need. Doesn't mean I think we should pay for it when the other option, losing weight by eating the right amount of calories, is absolutely free and will need to be done anyways.

The preemptive measures should be education and better healthcare so these "addictive" behaviors can be properly sorted out. I know that mental health is a huge gaping hole in our health coverage so I'm not pretending this is feasible at the moment, but in the future it'd be in everyone's best interests.

No. 216076

>they could do without the surgery and they simply won't
There's different reasons, but the surgeries are shown to improve long-term weight loss outcomes. 65% of dieters who lose a significant amount of weight by traditional means are likely to regain within three years (other studies claim 90% or more).
>the threat of literally ripping open an internal organ
Well gastric bypasses are not the only type of surgery. There's also lap bands, which involve no cutting of any organ.
>lose weight by eating the right amount of calories
Yeah but it's not working anon. Yet like you said, there's probably a gap in mental, nutritional, and physical counseling that amounts to these struggles for these people. I just don't see how gutting healthcare helps people when the opposite has been shown.

No. 216098

Phew okay
So the new YouTube rewind was a disaster imo
However I see a lot of people saying "Oh well at least they put in the animators at the end"/"The animators needed more screen time"
Here's my unpopular opinion:
The animations at the end weren't the best part. All of it was horrible. You can say that "oh well animation takes a lot of time tho so they're doing more than the vloggers" but the animators they featured are cookie-cutter VLOGGERS that would rather stiffly animate their stuff than show their faces.
YouTube rewind was all bad. There was no justification or silver lining.

No. 216100

I don't see the hype surrounding zootopia.

No. 216116

I thought it was a cute movie but it's not the super introspective, re-watchable Disney masterpiece about society and culture that everyone hyped it up to be.

It really wasn't all that deep.

No. 216199

I'm probably what you'd consider a """legitimate""" rape victim. It was some cut and dry law and order svu type shit with a dude isolating me and forcing himself on me. I'm not bothered that people who were assaulted in more ambiguous situations still consider themselves rape victims. The nature of the trauma may be different but it's still trauma. If you're referring to the melanie martinez thing specifically, the victim did not agree, lol.

No. 216206

The animators part was one of the worst for me. All the "animators" had the same ugly reddit style too, it was hard to tell them apart.

No. 216215

Same here. I don't think they deserve to be called animators if that's the quality they'll pull off.

Idk but if you're going to be an animator at least try to practice drawing people and not stick with the shitty reddit style that looks as though it came out of ms paint. I can't help but feel like this is a slap to the face to animators in general who actually make better quality animations than the majority of those Youtube animators. It's also weird that someone irl started an animation channel in YT despite not learning animation by herself?

Idk I'm just sad and mad that more and more of these people pop out in the YT community and I don't want ppl in general to think animators are just like those youtuber "animators". I feel like this is one of the many reasons why people don't take actual animators seriously.

No. 216267

I think people shouldn't constantly use humor to cope with their depression when posting about it, because every time they post "lmao i wanna fucking die" and you try to ask if they're okay or not they just play it off with "yeah lol." And as it goes on and on less and less do people pay attention to it, because every time it's "just a joke kek" and then they wonder why people stop caring and end up killing themselves.

I get coping with humor, but stop using it for things like suicidal thoughts.

No. 216529

I've noticed another weird pattern on lolcow, being super autistic about sex. I have no issue with people who choose not to have sex, but it doesn't make someone worthless because they have sex and sex is natural not icky or gross.

No. 216563

i think all these kids saying "i have crippling depression/severe anxiety" etc are all copycats teenagers and i don't take them seriously. its like suicidal copycats, except its fake depression copycats.

you're a teenager. all teenagers are moody. you think this is new? 2017 and suddenly gasp teenagers have depression boohoo? in 2007 teenagers were emos pretending to be bipolar and suicidal. see a pattern there? its just moody teenage bs and y'all are letting it get out of hand.

anxiety and depression are of course real things, i'm aware. my issue is that 99% of people on the internet apperantly has anxiety nowadays… yeah, no.

No. 216565


this is what i meant by "suicidal copycats" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copycat_suicide

>A copycat suicide is defined as an emulation of another suicide that the person attempting suicide knows about either from local knowledge or due to accounts or depictions of the original suicide on television and in other media.

basically my theory is that all these shitty depression memes have caused teenagers to copy each other in their "mental illness uwu" bc its just human nature (but its still obnoxious and now i don't believe anyone about it)

No. 216609

i agree here. i think that we've had a large influx of misandrists who just happen to hate men a bit more so they are always chomping at the bit to tell people off for having relationships with men.

No. 216615

loss is a stupid meme and i don't find it funny

No. 216618

File: 1513370864007.gif (72.09 KB, 200x226, 15683235_1314838571921756_1747…)

Where is this stuff being said??
Sounds ridiculous, especailly >someone is worthless because they have sex
what the fuck

No. 216623

Me neither, if anything I only see girls complaining about not having had enough sex and being virgins in their late 20s…

No. 216708

File: 1513382647340.jpg (19.69 KB, 640x360, peep.jpg)

Lil peep made good music.

No. 217051

Agreed, never understood why it got popular.

No. 217133

I don't know about that but he had a really cute face, I'm surprised I can even tell underneath the hideous tattoos and unfortunate facial hair.

No. 217142

I think that sometimes farmers are being a little too extra with pixielocks

No. 217144

I feel this, but with Venus.

No. 217238

I think personality is more important than looks and thus people shouldn't be judged by it

No. 217273

Same, I don't see what's worthy about nitpicking #567th haul video for the umpteenth time. It's boring, she's boring.

No. 217307

Yeah he was very cute. Not to brag but i have similar facial traits.

No. 217621

Most of the anons in that thread are as cringey as Jillian herself

No. 218224

Persona 5 is tacky and boring

No. 218234

I don't mind most trans people. I think they're just trying to live their lives, and their preferred gender identity should be respected. There are those loud ones too, but fuck them.

I think this might mostly be an unpopular opinion here.

No. 218290

Agreed. Found it quite childish but with the Jungian and occult themes trying to make it seem deeper and darker than it is.

No. 218292

Yes! The fact that so many people think this A. should've won goty and B. is the best persona/smt game triggers me.

No. 218294

What don't you like about it, anon? I want to play it so bad but I don't have a PS3 or PS4. I've been listening to the soundtrack endlessly.

No. 218303

The soundtrack is good, some of Meguro's best work, but almost everything else about it is just… okay. Some things I didn't like off the top of my head are how it's about 40 hours longer than it needed to be, all the hand holding, the gaudy aesthetic (seems to be a very unpopular opinion), the occasional mixed messages, Igor's new VA, the Nutshack font on the tarot cards, "effin," RYUJI as a whole, etc. I see the appeal, but I persona-lly didn't like it. Thought it was pretty boring and playing it felt like a chore.

Worth noting that this is coming from someone who's most likely suffered servere brain trauma from playing the project diva games for over 700 hours though. Maybe I have weird standards. If you liked P4 the most, you'll probably love it. If you're a P2 fag, idk.

No. 218304

I loved the characters from P2 (especially Eikichi) but the random encounters gave me nightmares and I thought the storyline was completely incoherent.
But I have heard from a lot of people that P5 was way too long. Even with your review, I’m still looking forward to being able to buy a new playstation one day and play it.

No. 218306

>I thought the storyline was completely incoherent.
Hmph. Does that include 2EP? If so, this is hate speech.

Anyways… PS3s are cheap as shit rn fyi. I got one in great condition and a few games for $60 on ebay. Very easy to make "backups" too if you buy one of the right models. That's what I did lol fatlus won't see a cent from me until SMT6.

No. 218309

Nah, I’ve only played P2 Innocent Sin, the PSP port. I went into it, expecting something relatively restrained, and I have no idea how it ended with me fighting Hitler. But honestly, I really did love the characters!
But I had no idea about PS3s being that cheap, I’ll really have to look at eBay or something if you can find them for $60. Thanks for the tip, anon.

No. 221789

I don't see the appeal of the virgin killer sweater. I'm not against sexy bedroom gear, but I just don't see how the sweater is sexy.

No. 223705

I agree fam sweaters are meant to be coxy and a sweater that leaves that much skin exposed is just a trash sweater

No. 223777

File: 1515895673134.png (151.05 KB, 615x611, Hollow_Chest_Kitty_Cat_Keyhole…)

>virgin killer sweater
That sweater is fugly on everybody and the same people could wear that equaly memey keyhole sweater and look 1000x sexier.

s2g people only wear the former thinking they can be the ones to pull it off and just nah.

No. 223778

These are so much cuter than the virgin killer sweaters and show off actual cleavage rather than side boob.

No. 223785

File: 1515897263361.jpg (79.13 KB, 717x960, b76.jpg)

I unironically enjoy Cardi B's music.

No. 223789

it's unironically the shit

No. 223791

I'm not a fan but Finesse is a banger ngl.

No. 223798

T-this is cute and I need the source…plz no bully.

No. 223802

You can find these all over the web, just search cat keyhole sweater. You can get bunny ones also x

No. 223955

I hate (celebrity) reactions gifs and I hate emojis and emoticons. If I see a person using those, I immediately assume they're iq89.

No. 223961

She has some bangers, don't feel bad nonnie.

No. 223962

Sometimes find myself wk-ing flakes that legitimately piss me off just because the nitpicks people post are so stupid, makes me feel like it's just insecure girls trying to prove to themselves that they're a better person/more attractive than some rando on the internet.

No. 223978

I fucking loathe reaction gifs. They always mess up my feed and make it sluggish, and even worse a lot of websites use them for articles. They're not fucking funny.

I agree with everything else you said but weight loss surgeries are necessary sometimes. Some people have a weakened sense of feeling full and something like gastric bypass surgery usually has great results and a tremendous improvement to the patient's overall health. It's usually used as a last-ditch effort anyway.

No. 223983

> They always mess up my feed and make it sluggish, and even worse a lot of websites use them for articles. They're not fucking funny.

Thank God someone understands.

No. 223996

For me it's the autoplaying videos that usually slug up my feed and crash my browser.

No. 225170

I absolutely hate the Onision/laineybot temp thread. At first it was pretty okay but there’s a few new threads every day and It’s impossible to keep up with. Not only that but it’s such a fuckin hug box it makes me gag.

No. 225248

I think a lot poc’s are obsessed with hating white people these days

No. 225349

Is this an unpopular opinion? I feel like this is true.

No. 225353

No. 225395

I actually don’t think that 99% of Internet MUAs deserve the following/success they have. Being able to do your own face isn’t really that much of a skill, especially when all you do is full but basic day looks (not SFX or even character makeup). Like of course it takes practice, but people like NikkieTutorials have 9M+ followers and all she does is do Instagram makeup in various colours. Really??

No. 225396

Nah I’m with you anon. Being able to blend your eyeshadow isn’t an amazing skill. Plus most of the trends they come out with (bizarre eyebrows, glittery blush, drag queen contour as a day look) are god awful. It seems to be getting more OTT as time goes on and I’m waiting for full-blown decora drag queens at the supermarket tbh.

No. 225421

Almost all of the cows on this website aren't ugly

No. 225422

Penny is pretty ugly but okay lol

No. 225451

Same anon you replied to - I wouldn’t be sad about decora drag queens at the supermarket tbh. Just brings out the old lady in me, as I used to be a professional MUA and now I see tons of teenagers who genuinely think they’ll be set for life if they can apply liquid lipstick because they see it happen on IG…

No. 225494

people who give into 'death threads' like the kys kind and alogging in general deserve to die most of the time.

No. 225551

Tbh I wouldn’t be upset about decora drag but I’m sick to death of these million girls who post daily videos of some intense costume makeup look and treat it like a career if a few people give them patreon dollars. Like yes it’s cool that you can contour your nose but why is this all you do?

No. 225690

Gonna get hated on by fems here but IMO it really fucks up the cause when every girl you know is desperate to be IG famous MUA/model and then bawwws when someone suggests that the gender imbalance in STEM etc is actually because women aren't interested in studying lmao

>inb4 robot

>actually just bored of the girls I know
>someone who likes discussing genetics pls be my friend

No. 225700

Women are not "interested" in studying because of socialization. The same thing makes them more prone to seek things that make them look better to males because it was fucking taught to us since childhood. Research and read before spouting bullshit like this.

No. 225718

So the women who are interested in studying are socialised differently to other women? Or they're just randomly breaking the mould because..?

Maybe some of us don't believe the ~society is sexist~ trope and think that it's completely possible for women to make their own choices, free of the asspats from IG.

No. 225761

>gender imbalance in STEM etc is actually because women aren't interested in studying lmao
My biggest turnoff for STEM wasn't because I didn't want to study it (I have a postgrad in useless librul artz, I actually love learning and like science).
It's because I got a taste of the shitty gatekeeping from the science courses I took from both men AND other women.
From men because I was a stupid woman encroaching on their field. Even other women size up newbie females because they fall into misogynistic mindsets.

I'm no social scientist, but I can see why a lot of women lean towards dreaming about being makeup tutorial youtube stars where they get validation for doing something they love.
As opposed to? Struggling in a field where they're under-appreciated, told they aren't doing enough, having to deal with toxic work environments, and things not improving much until they have a solid seniority whereby they repeat the cycle on their underlings…I mean gee.
You can say what you want, but some women don't see value in putting themselves through that kind of rigamarole. Just because a few women lucked out and didn't suffer through those circumstances, doesn't mean that's not the case for what others have experienced.

No. 225765

I think it's a bit of both. I work in a very male-dominated field and there was definitely some harsh gatekeeping going on, especially at first. I got the impression that I was representing my entire gender if that makes sense, and any mistakes I made would be attributed to women as a whole in my field rather than just me as an individual. I can really see how that would put women off. But I also think that generally speaking, women tend to lean towards more creative fields so a bit of gender imbalance in other fields would make sense. It's less about how many women there are and more about how those women are treated when they're there imo.

I should mention I don't like the other sort of gatekeeping where girls are told that if they don't do STEM/some other 'masculine' job then they're stupid and shallow either. I've seen more of that in recent years and it pisses me off.

No. 225783

Anime is dumb.

No. 225800

Sounds like you need friends who share interests. My female friends are a microbiologist, a bass player, studying literature full-time, and a cabinet maker respectively. Three of those are male dominated but those girls do just fine.

There’s heaps of women who love science and maths and engineering and all that, you just haven’t found them.

>>225700 lmao domo arigato Mr roboto.

No. 225802

My (male) partner works in STEM and experiences all of this. It’s not unique to women in STEM (or any field), just part of working an actual normal job, rather than being overly congratulated by superficial strangers for achieving blended eyeshadow for the 400th time. I’m not saying sexism and misogyny doesn’t happen, because it totally does, but I personally feel a lot of women get put off at the first sign of difficulty.

Hence my greentext. I’d like to find them but every girl I meet is pretty much the same? Just interested in lipstick and libfem social discourse. Like that’s cool, but can we discuss other stuff as well?

Sage for #notlikeothergirls fag

No. 225804

Samefag to point out that I’m not doing the “stupid and shallow” thing either. Makeup and social issues are cool, I just struggle to find girls who are super excited about discussing genetic disorders or new medical discoveries or w/e.

No. 225806

Gatekeeping because of gender isn't a reasonable expectation of "difficulty." It's sexism.

No. 225811

Where are you looking? I follow pathologists and morticians on Instagram and have met some cool women who enjoy discussing the grosser points of pathology and epidemiology and all that good shit.

If you’re not looking within the communities that discuss and enjoy this stuff you’re obviously less likely to find anybody sharing your interests. Do a course related to it, or look for groups online. Plus keep in mind a lot of people don’t discuss that stuff unless they know the other party is interested because it’s hard to make friends by discussing anencephaly or why some schizophrenics smell like a goat.

No. 225818

i don't think that poster is a robot. they're right…girls are often taught to do whatever and find a man to marry. obviously not all of them listen, but some do. blogpost, but my mom actually has never had a job and so it was super hard motivating myself for school since no one really gave a fuck.

No. 225907

You obviously missed the sentence where I pointed out my male partner experiences exactly the same thing. It’s not sexism if everyone is experiencing it.

That’s a fair point. I’d been trying to meet people like that IRL but maybe I just need to look online instead. Thanks anon.

Seriously baffled by some of the experiences other anons have. I’m a woman living in a western country and I was definitely not raised to “do whatever and find a man to marry”.
Well done for motivating yourself though anon, I know how hard it can be to care when no one else does!

No. 226069

I know this site is full of them but I dislike weebs, they're so cringey and have absolutely no ability with style.

No. 226071

(ꐦ°д°) but i wear ralph lauren and read jojo ✩⋆。˚

No. 226073

This the unpopular opinion thread why are you triggered?

No. 226075

at what point in life you lost your sense of humour, nonnie? Chill

No. 226080

>It’s not sexism if everyone is experiencing it.
Ah yes, personal anecdotes always supersede general trends and larger reports.
That's why when white people cry about experiencing racism, racism no longer exists for black people because everyone must be experiencing racism equally now, right?

No, I didn't miss that part of your sentence. It's just retarded, but this is unpopular opinions which is why I just let you have it until you got arrogant about it. Thank you.

No. 226116

Sorry, I didn't realise I needed to also explain that in order for something to be sexist it needed to be discrimination based on biological sex. I did say that, while sexism and misogyny in the workplace clearly does still very much exist, that anon didn't point out anything that happened UNIQUELY because of sexism, even in STEM.

>I let you have it

Kek, thanks so much anon. I was just waiting for your permission to have an opinion that differs to yours. Sorry I offended your undeniable position backed up by "trends and reports".

No. 226128

File: 1516997425469.jpg (65.79 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

There are only 2 genders

No. 226142

At birth (sorry for being a dick too though)

No. 227168

I've never seen the appeal of Cardcaptor Sakura. It really just bores the shit out of me as a series.

No. 227235

File: 1517623272487.jpg (46.35 KB, 567x335, 1461950074280.jpg)

Yuri on Ice is boring as fuck and if it wasn't for the main characters being cute and gay nobody would've given a shit about it

To be real here, I gave it a chance. I made it 4 episodes in and it was cute , but really boring. I really don't understand the hype.
Don't get me wrong I really love sports animes and ice skating but I just couldn't get into it.

No. 227237

>tfw I was so excited when I saw Yuri on Ice announced because I thought it was gonna be about ice skating lesbians

I agree with you though anon, I gave it a try because I like ice skating and sports anime but it was just really dull. The main appeal is the fujobait and if that's not your thing it doesn't offer much else. Also I'm gonna snap the next time I see a fakeboi naming herself after one of the YOI characters.

No. 227240

File: 1517624924359.gif (772.82 KB, 260x221, 1495307351374.gif)

>tfw I was so excited when I saw Yuri on Ice announced because I thought it was gonna be about ice skating lesbians

You can imagine my disappointment when I found out that was not the case.
Yeah, fujobait is exactly what that show is, which isn't entirely a bad thing (gotta sell that merch yo) but goddamn it attracted some crazy ass fans(especially fakebois).
I got chewed out on a thread once for saying YOI wasn't that great lmao I should've known better since most posters where fujos.
They kept pushing how it was such a beautiful story and totally not fujobait/fanserice, it was a wild ride

No. 227255

maybe this is an unpopular opinion, maybe not. but I really hate this site's (or any site's) usage of words like autism, faggot, retarded, etc. And yeah I guess these words have been reappropriated to mean something different on image boards, but I still don't like it. It's offensive and off-putting.

anyone feel the same way? I don't ever use these words irl or even type them online.

>>inb4 you're being too sensitive anon

No. 227256

It's only been happening forever for you to get over it. Why complain about imageboard culture on an imageboard?

No. 227259

Not that anon, but I've been on 4chan for 8 years and refrain from using commonly used board pejoratives (with the exception of permutations of "—fag"). I don't have to get used to them but I don't expect other anons to bend to my wish.

Also, the thread is about "unpopular opinions".

No. 227260

My bad, you're right. Sorry to the above anon. Just feeling nasty tonight.

No. 227261

Don't worry–I understand your point, though. Board lingo makes it way easier to convey an idea than less offensive, everyday language. Calling a thread "vidya autism" is different than "people way too obsessed with video games" or "weird people in video games".
Hope you feel better, too, anon.

No. 227264

>>227256 >>227259

I don't expect anyone to change their behavior or take my personal feelings into consideration. But I'm always curious if there are other people who dislike the language used on here (and other boards)

I get the sort of "don't like, don't read" stance you have and thats the reason I normally don't visit image boards. There are a few hate/gossip threads on here I read and that's about it. Been a long time since I frequented boards.

In my defense, it's a thread about our opinions. I'm sorry you're having a rough day/night anon!

No. 227265

I get what you're saying, though I'm the opposite - here especially. This is the only place I can think of where I can speak to other girls and not have to really police the words I use in order to not offend anyone. It's kind of refreshing.

No. 227285

>because of socialization
Not really.
For example, in Sweden, the country that is the most progressive about gender norms and such things, where you can do whatever the hell you want, for every ~20 male engineers there's a female engineer, and for every ~20 female nurses there's a male nurse. This goes to show that there are innate preferences, and that if you give people the freedom to do whatever they want, they'll tend to go towards their innate preferences.
Males and females are biologically hard wired to have different affinities and skills. Sure, there is some variability and some overlap, and THE best engineer in the world may be a woman and THE best nurse a man, but statistically, males and females are two very distinct populations.

"Society is sexist, that's why I'm bad at maths" is such a lazy copout.

No. 227298

Do you have any sources to confirm that?

No. 227301

File: 1517669115188.png (313.11 KB, 801x1165, Capture.PNG)

My numbers may have been a little wrong, but the point still stands.


No. 227303

Compartmentalize it better, anon. If you're spending any amount of time being offended on an imageboard, you're wasting that time.

No. 227304

>women 1,016,800
>men 695,800
Is this the number of people surveyed by gender? Why would they do this when this would skew the ratio and make some of these occupations lean more women-oriented just upon principle of chance since more women were surveyed than men? Obviously the top list not so much, but certainly the middle and bottom ranked occupations would be affected by this.

No. 227310

>t. american robot
The society of Sweden is "progressive" only on paper and between the Stockholm hipsters. The rest of the country is just as backwaters gender-conforming and forceful of traditional gender roles as any other country. It isn't some sort of a magical land where everyone is as crazy SJW-ish as the politicians and people in the capital city with higher education.

No. 227331

Where would you propose they did this study then, if every country is about the same (in your view)? Maybe we should try it in Canada.

No. 227340

different anon but that's the thing, there is no country on earth where gender norms are abolished and everyone does whatever with no societal pressure

No. 227344

This. Exactly this. Such country simply doesn't exist to this date. Women were oppressed for CENTURIES, it's been barely 100 years since we were able to even vote so there's a LOT more stuff to do. But men claim that ~sexism is over~ because women have the same legal rights as men (yet still don't in most countries). There's still a ton of issues formed by the age-old hierarchy of our society.

No. 227348

Apparently this professional agrees with Sweden anon.

I'm not the anon who appears to be suggesting that a study would only be valid in a country free of gender constructs. Comparatively better (ie from Saudi to America to Sweden) is good enough for me.

No. 227357

No. 227366

>The Daily Signal/Heritage Foundation
I don't know anything about that pediatrician, but I'm wary of her politics affecting her outlook, considering that The Daily Signal is very conservative.
Here's a rebuttal to her points:

No. 227368

File: 1517698091351.jpg (735.05 KB, 1873x2602, FnfVuLG[1].jpg)

>Is this the number of people surveyed by gender?
No, it's not a survey, it's a statistic done by the government, based on employment data.
>Why would they do this when this would skew the ratio and make some of these occupations lean more women-oriented just upon principle of chance since more women were surveyed than men?
It doesn't though, it obviously accounts for the number of people considered. Those figures just mean "of people working the 30 most common jobs, 1 million are women and 0.7 million are men".
And by "it obviously accounts" I mean any reasonable person with a modicum of statistics knowledge would normalize it; however unlikely it may be, there is indeed the possibility that they didn't. But, if that were true, that'd mean there are EVEN LESS female engineers that there appear to be.

>The rest of the country is just as backwaters gender-conforming and forceful of traditional gender roles as any other country.
Given how sparsely populated Sweden is outside of big cities and their agglomerations, "the rest of the country" is almost irrelevant on a statistical level. If you take just Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö, you're already at 4 million people (out of 10 million total). Add to that any other reasonably big city, anad you're likely around 8-9 million.

And if by "the Stockholm hipsters" you mean to say LITERALLY just the Stockholm hipsters (and not the urban population in general), then I'm sorry but you're full of shit.

Ok then, let's go by the idea that gender norms haven't been completely eliminated, but that their importance was still significantly weakened (which is true, except for rural areas, which we have already determined to be irrelevant on a statistical level).
Even though people aren't getting pushed (or at least not pushed nearly as hard) to gravitate towards certain career paths, they still follow the trend seen in countries with stricter gender roles: male engineers, and female nurses. Additionally, what happens in Sweden shows roughly the same proportions as cointries with stricter gender norms.

No. 227371

Put her political leanings aside, and take a good look at the rebuttal. Here's what I'm seeing:

>1: she's wrong because DNA doesn't determine gender

Since a few years ago, gender has basically become "be whoever you want to be". Of course if you define it like that the doctor is wrong.
And anyway, there are biological males, biological females, and genetic screwups (intersex etc). Wanting to be a girl doesn't make you one. Feeling like a girl (whatever that means) doesn't make you one. Acting girly doesn't make you a girl. Pumping yourself full of female hormones doesn't make you a girl.
>"and 20% is far above the gender dysphoria national average of 0.3%, which directly refutes her claim there is a “minimal biological predisposition”"
No, it doesn't refute anything, because a potential cause of gender dysphoria is socialization. Have there been studies on populations of twins that were separated at or shortly after birth, i.e. had independent socialization? Because I'm sure they'd show rates of gender dysphoria similar to the national average.
>2: "Both of these arguments can be explained by the widespread oppression and rejection felt by those who are experiencing gender dysphoria until just recently"
Or, they can be explained by doctors and therapists (and let's not forget the parents!) pushing confused kids towards transition for brownie points (sometimes subconsciously), instead of listening to the kids and then doing what is best for them (which may well be transitioning, I'm not denying that).
Interestingly, the exact same thing was happening ~20 years ago with homosexuality. Most people who had therapy back then will absolutely tell you that therapists were desperate to make you discover your "true homosexual self", and that would fix all your issues. The difference being, if you think you're gay for some time you can then go back to being straight if you find out you're not actually gay; once you screw up your endocrine system, have surgery and so on, you can't really go back without looking, sounding, and most importantly feeling like a god damned abomination.
>3: bone density loss isn't that bad because it reverts after puberty
The rebuttal conveniently omits that she explicitly mentions the risk of fractures during adolescence, which is also the period in which humans tend to be most physically active.
It also completely doesn't address any of the other issues the doctor mentions.
>4: "More likely, those children were actually transgender and medical protocol helped them to live their lives"
This seems exceedingly unlikely. If your sample size is large enough to lead to a published and reviewed study, there is no way there wasn't a single kid that thought "hey, you know what, I actually don't feel like that anymore". Which leads me to think the kids were being pressured into it, see my response to point 2.
>5: "all drugs have some negative side effects"
Nothing to say here, that's true.
>6: "neuroscience has shown [adolescents] are fully capable of sound judgement"
No it bloody hasn't. Have you ever met a teenager?
>"While risk taking is part of being an adolescent, adolescent brains are wired to ensure a range of exploratory behaviors as part of the developmental process"
Given what the consequences are if it turns out you're not really transgender (i.e. "you can't really go back without looking, sounding, and most importantly feeling like a god damned abomination"), that's a huge bloody risk to take, don't you think? While we're at it, why don't we encourage kids to drive racecars before they even get their drivers licence?
>7: discrimination doesn't lead to increased suicide rates, but gender dysphoria is associated with anxiety, depression, and psychological distress, which do lead to an increase to suicide
The rebuttal conveniently ignores that "prior to the widespread promotion of transition affirmation, 75 to 95 percent of gender-dysphoric youth ended up happy with their biological sex after simply passing through puberty", and claims the doctor is "incorrectly assuming gender dysphoria is a treatable mental disorder". Is it not treatable? Then why does therapy often work?
>8: Transgenders still commit suicide because of "needless and harmful attacks such as this one"
>some gratuitious self-promotion
>muh hateful ideology, muh discrimination, hate and fear
I won't even bother responding to this one.

No. 227374

>This goes to show that there are innate preferences
That is a non-sequitur if you don't have data on the socialization there and other factors that may be at play. Really, "it's innate!" should only be claimed after literally every other possibility has been refuted. Nature vs nurture is still an ongoing debate.

No. 227385

>that'd mean there are EVEN LESS female engineers that there appear to be
I think you're missing the point. You said that Sweden isn't so progressive about gender norms, but afaik males breaking gender norms to take on more 'nurture' and organizational occupations would indicate that there is in fact such progressive activity happening in Sweden.

School teachers. Cleaners. Sales persons. Servers. Planners. Bankers.
Those are commonly referred to as female-leaning jobs and they are in the middle or bottom of the list with a pretty close male-to-female ratio (since they were ranked by # of persons in the occupation it indicates). What if there were another 300,000 men adding into this figure? I know that's not everyone in Sweden and this graph is already years old.

There are social barriers that have prevented women from entering into mechanics, engineering, and programming as there were social barriers that prevented men from becoming nurses, pre-school teachers, and assistants.
This just doesn't prove there's anything "biological" about the way people choose occupations.

No. 227408

Fact is that gender roles are alive anywhere in different degrees. Another fact is that science can't prove yet if gender roles are nature or nurture yet. So this whole discussion is useless.

No. 227413

If you are gonna argue that socialization influences people to become trans, you can't deny socialization influences people in many other spheres too including the careers they might choose, so you are kinda contradicting yourself.

No. 227417

guys, maybe take it to Gender Critical thread, or something. This isn't a thread for discussing gender stuff. If you won't stop, it will just spiral and clutter.

No. 227810

Most Europeans don’t have a right to complain either considering they colonized the rest of the world.

No. 227819

File: 1517942166955.jpg (32.44 KB, 480x360, hqdefault[1].jpg)

No. 227832

>using an anime reaction image

No. 227841

>4chan-inspired imageboard
>not using an anime reaction image

No. 227843

say no more fam
but I'll need a working visa to do the job

No. 227844

My parents are refugees (late 80s Yugoslavia) who disagree with the current influx of refugees from the Middle East due to cultural differences.
They never hung out exclusively with people of the same ethnic origin. We spoke our language in our home only seldom and only so we don't forget it.
They tried their hardest to blend in, changed their names, studied the language day and night, celebrated the local Catholic holidays despite being fedora socialists who didn't even care about their own.
Later on they sort of integrated into the local community of ex-Yugos when it got bigger, but aside from a few redneck gypsies nobody ever flaunted their nationality or religion, and everyone tried to blend in as well as they could. Lots of people were undereducated tradesmen and some old people still believe in witches and vampires but other than that we're not too different from the locals.

I fucking hate it when people say "but your parents were refugees too! xdddd" Nobody from our community ever sent in bomb threats, stabbed pedestrians, harassed women, panhandled in the metro, and most of all people never were or are politically correct in the least when talking about us and we get regularly shit on to this day because hurrdurr genocide. We never got any special treatment, so why should the Syrians? Muslims in general rarely seem to make any effort to blend in and just hang around their own kind, and you can't really force them either if they don't want to, so why take so many in in the first place?

No. 227859

I feel you bud (Frenchfag here)

No. 227862

File: 1517988468118.jpeg (74.17 KB, 502x277, 12FD06F2-622E-4037-91B6-8E0EC6…)

I wish people stop shoving the whole “You should have a womanly figure” on my face

I don’t want it.
It’s literally shameful and ghetto in the culture I grew up in.

I don’t like Kim kardashian or any steriotypically curvy celebrity

Why do I need to look a certain way ffs

No. 227876

I wanna do a big game tranquilliser hunt. You go out with a team of people who tag animals, stalk them, and then shoot them with a tranquilliser dart rather than with ammunition, then the group tags the animal and gives it a quick check over and the animal wakes up okay.
I’m fine to shoot and kill a deer or a rabbit cause I’ll eat it and use the skin, plus they’re invasive pests here, but I don’t see the point to trophy hunting

No. 227897

File: 1518023012892.jpg (30.77 KB, 640x640, 26229681_2032414463669382_6658…)

I think that open and poly relationships are bullshit. If there's no commitment and no exclusivity it's basically friends with benefits, but with a more "trendy" term to appear ~progressive~ or worse, seriously be deluded into thinking it's something more than fwbs

No. 227900

Yeeeah, a lot of the time it's just one partner who wants to sleep around with it being okay and the other goes with it to seem like a cool girl/boyfriend.
I also see a lot of the "my gf/wife is so CHILL, she points out hot women on the street to me so I can appreciate the view!" posts on reddit, followed by encouraging comments and upvotes. It sounds both sad and totally made up.
I get that your partner will find other people attractive, so do I but why is it so hard to keep that shit to yourself? Just don't get into relationships if it's so hard for you to keep it in your pants.

No. 227902

True, most couples I knew who jumped on the poly trend ended up crashing and burning, especially when it's Tumblr teens who think just because they dont to crazy when their SO talks to someone else they're poly

No. 227905


and it's bullshit when people say they can't be monagamous like polyamory is a sexuality or some crap. it's a choice, not an orientation.

No. 227912

anon, that's not an unpopular opinion, most people think poly is bs

No. 227916

Tbh most people I've seen expressing their doubts about poly and open relationships have been viciously attacked

No. 227921

It's a mindset thing. Similar to how fetishes work, imo. You either have the mentality to want a poly relationship and being okay with your partner(s) doing the same, or you don't.

I can't fathom being in such poly relationships for personal reasons. Maybe my personal reasons aren't as important or don't exist to someone who is poly and that's why they can have those kinds of relationships without regret.

Why should they express their disapproval in the first place? I don't think poly relationships are healthy and I cannot see myself being in one, but it's also none of my business either. I'd be pissed if a poly person came to me unsolicited and told me why they disapprove of mono relationships.

I agree with >>227912, poly is still extremely unpopular.

No. 227926

>Why should they express their disapproval in the first place?

people don't just tell off randos on the street it's likely friends, and then they have every reason to express disapproval with a friend's relationship.

also the meme if 'what others do doesn't affect me' needs to stop, everything people do affects other people, that's how culture works.

No. 227956

>Why should they express their disapproval in the first place?
Because in your own space you can express your thoughts (and yes, even disapproval), that's how freedom of speech works. As long as you're not going after poly people unsolicitedly calling them degenerates and stuff, I don't see why it should be an issue to have an opinion

No. 227966

I mean technically that’s not how freedom of speech works at all but I agree with your point.

No. 227975

>the meme if 'what others do doesn't affect me' needs to stop, everything people do affects other people
I can say with conviction that a poly relationship has never had an effect on my life in any tangible way whatsoever. I'm curious as to how one has affected you.

>freedom of speech
Which does not mean freedom from consequence. A consequence of sharing your opinion on something is that someone may verbally retaliate at you for it–as is their right to speech as well.

Apparently I just have the sense to know that telling a "friend" or whoever that you don't like the function of their relationship tends to end badly. Then again, I'm not friends or close with the kinds of people getting themselves into poly relationships in the first place.

No. 228029

How would it work then?

No. 228054

I’m tired of all the new lolcows and snowflakes. They’re all either sex workers, drug addicts, actual psychos or some combination of the three. I miss the weeb/ita/fakeboi lolcows, they were edgy and hilarious without being NSFW and making me lose hope in humanity. Dakota and Kiki were trashy cunts, but at least they weren’t coked up camgirls chasing after some whiteboy SoundCloud rapper. I hide so many threads I don’t even have to go past page 3 before I start seeing dead threads.

No. 228069

Lmao really? Are you American?
Freedom of speech means you can’t be prosecuted or incarcerated for openly criticising government or politicians. It’s got nothing to do with anything but that.

No. 228099

Uh, it's a wider concept than just "government or politicians". "Freedom of speech is a principle that supports the freedom of an individual or community to articulate one's opinions and ideas without fear of retaliation, censorship, or sanction".
I think it was meant to be a bit of a hyperbole anyway. It was just a weird thing to nitpick

No. 228125

Right, freedom FROM the gov't.

go to college.

No. 228170

>You said that Sweden isn't so progressive about gender norms
No, that wasn't me. I agree that it is progressive in that respect.

>What if there were another 300,000 men adding into this figure? I know that's not everyone in Sweden

See >>227368
>it obviously accounts for the number of people considered. Those figures just mean "of people working the 30 most common jobs, 1 million are women and 0.7 million are men".
>And by "it obviously accounts" I mean any reasonable person with a modicum of statistics knowledge would normalize it; however unlikely it may be, there is indeed the possibility that they didn't. But, if that were true, that'd mean there are EVEN LESS female engineers that there appear to be.

>and this graph is already years old.

Big trends like that don't change in three years.

>This just doesn't prove there's anything "biological" about the way people choose occupations.

Sure, it's not proof, but it's a pretty strong indicator.
If you tell both women and men "just b urself" and they end up consistently following stereotypes, maybe there's a reason for those stereotypes, i.e. innate preference/ability. What other explanation could you give, seeing as (as we've already established) the "nurture" component has been largely removed?

No. 228172

Seeing as this is the unpopular opinions thread:
>Freedom of speech is a principle that supports the freedom of an individual or community to articulate one's opinions and ideas without fear of retaliation, censorship, or sanction
Funny how in many countries that supposedly have freedom of speech, you'll be sent to jail if you contest any """fact""" regarding the holocaust, huh?

No. 228173

>4chan inspired
Are you dumb or uninformed?

>imageboards were designed by japanese

>so it means anime pictures are encouraged

I like anime myself but weeaboos are irritating. Guess that's not an unpopular opinion, oops.

No. 228174

Explanation is that it is social, it is a cultural phenomena explained by the enforcement of gender roles encouraged by christian customs, which was very strong in Sweden and the cultural impact is still alive. If you doubt it, read the Bible, the book which most of europeans based their religion for around 1,800 years.

No. 228191

using anime reaction images doesn't make you a weeb.

and you seem to be uninformed since this entire site was made to replace a 4chan board…

either way you should probably just kys.

No. 228195

>men "just b urself" and they end up consistently following stereotypes, maybe there's a reason

Because as soon as women take an interest in a male-dominated field the men shit their pants in fear of having to work harder to prove themselves, so they stonewall and subtly subjugate women who try to pursue those fields so that it can still be “their” thing.

Every time men say “I’d let women be equal if they WANTED to do equal work!!” I groan because I’ve personslly had to quit several auto shop jobs because of covert bullying I couldn’t prove without recording my coworkers, which wouldn’t have won me any favor points with anyone. Men need to stop acting like they’re waiting for women to step up and try when they know goddamn well they’re just waiting to tell us why we can’t do something as soon as we actually try.

No. 228198

Widely is intended as the right to express your opinion without fear of retaliation not only from the government, but from other people as well. It's also how most people mean it usually.
So take your own advice, autist

No. 228205

This may come across as bait, but have you considered you might just be a bad mechanic?
In my experience, people who get pissy about being told how to do their job aren't very good at their job, whether male or female.

No. 228228

I ne’er said anything about “being told how to do my job”, so it’s interesting that you jump to the conclusion that I’m a bad mechanic. I’m ASE certified and my dad and grandpa taught me everything. The issues I had at the shops were that I was being pulled off of cars in the middle of trying to drop a transmission to do some shit like clean the customer area while another coworker is just finishing up an oil change. When I mentioned I was busy and that Bro might be ableto do it in a few minutes I was told to stop making excuses for things I don’t want to do because I feel they’re ~beneath me~ as a mechanic. Shit like that, where I’m “told” to do something and expected to immediately jump up to do it and drop what I’m in the middle of or be called lazy and entitled. I get sick of every shop doing this, waiting until I’m in the middle of something to pull me off and do something else. None of my repairs or installations, services or mods have had any problems because I make sure to double check myself every step of the way. The only problem I have is when I’m being yanked and pulled around because whoever runs the shop wants to flex nuts and exercise their authority as the shop owner by bouncing me around constantly. One shop even tried to pull some shit where they had me working front desk as a clerk to let the other guys get hours, which was only supposed to be for two weeks. I had to threaten legal action to get back in the shop because he kept telling me he didn’t have enough cars for everyone to get hours, yet he was telling people who were calling about jobs we were hiring.

No. 228233

I don't know why people think precocious, or sassy, children are cute. It's fucking annoying. You see so many people trying to get internet points by encouraging and posting their kids' suspiciously grownup behavior and attitude though. Kids can throw out some non sequitors and say funny things but don't encourage them to be little shits.

No. 228235

I didn't jump to any conclusions, I just said you MIGHT be.
You talked about covert bullying, and I assumed that meant being told how to do things even though you should already know. That's a thing I've encountered, so I associated it with what you were were saying and thought it was the same kind of issue.

No. 228236

Ngl I feel like all those groomed “woke” kids are gonna have a lot of fucked problems later in life. Adults now who grew up on the internet with absent/clueless parents already have enough problems, these kids having their parents coach them is probably gonna make them helpless narcissists who don’t want to do real work.

No. 228239

File: 1518205865918.png (192.26 KB, 757x573, 4C84F823-54F9-42A4-B15E-BDA4EB…)

The more I see of people complaining about how others spend (“waste”) their money the more I think they’re just poor or envious, or both.

No. 228240


Have you ever thought some people are actually wasting resources and that is slowly causing the world to make way more trash than it can take?

No. 228251

Gotta agree with you here.
What else am I meant to think about a video of some asshole boiling a $1000AUD phone for fun, or things like the subreddit that’s just photos bread people stapled to trees to be “quirky”?

I’m not saying we should all live on communes and compost for a living but deliberate wastefulness just seems spoiled and silly.

No. 228268

You’d be pissed off too if you had to play life on hard mode while everyone else blows money around you carelessly. I remember crying as a kid because my teeth hur and my poorfag shitlord parents jut kept buying me nasty numbing gel for if instead of taking me to the dentist. Now as an adult I’m both salty as fuck about being let down by them and I’m bitter toward people who give no fucks about their teeth. The truth is, if more people cared about helping wah other than blowing money on the next hobby or endorphins rush people woul all collectively be better off. The world sucks because it’s a small group of people generating money and using it to show off to each other while the rest of us struggle to build up a life that is both satisfying and sustainable, and not just one or the other.

No. 228270

I feel you anon. I hate wallet watchers, but at the same time >>228251 has a point.

No. 228278

Isn't this everyone on the Pixielocks thread? lmao

No. 228286

When I posted I was actually thinking about the artists who buy expensive supplies that make everyone go apeshit. Interesting how everyone interpreted it differently though.

No. 228311

>you must be poor

Yes maybe and it sucks, not like they chose to or want to live that way? I don’t understand shitting on poor people especially when the people doing it usually got most of what they have from their parents

No. 228330

File: 1518255296205.jpg (114.21 KB, 875x550, cookin.jpg)

Don't know if related, but I hate people who bitch or think I'm a show off because I wear Gucci. My old classmates seem to get annoyed on Snapchat because I sometimes post an ootd, but they just think I'm rich. Ironically, I work at Tescos and come from a poor family, but no one can seem to imagine that I just save up my money, so I can buy a £2k bag after 2 months. I hate that people complain about me being 'so rich', when they just spend their money on drugs and nights out, and have families who are willing to give them money and buy them macbooks for Christmas since their teen years. I ended up sperging oof

No. 228334

tbh I agree with you. you can spend your hard earned money how you want. I am also appalled at how people make comments about me buying homeware or tattoos, when like, they spend about 100 quid more than once a week on nights out?? Like… you'd be "rich" too if you understood how money worked. glad you have the work ethic and dedication to save for what you like, anon.

No. 228340

You’re absolutely right to spend your money how you see fit, and it’s good that you can save like an adult unlike (it seems) half the population, but things like Gucci bags are taken as visible signs of wealth, that’s partly why they have distinct branding. So everyone knows it’s gucci or whatever. Those people aren’t necessarily right but most people interpret someone posting photos of a $2000+ OOTD as ‘they are rich’
That’s common sense

No. 228344

Female cops, soldiers, and firefighters are areal bad idea, and anyone pushing for it is a goddamn retard.

No. 228357

Eh idk, I don't see anything wrong with a meaty Brawn Hilda being a firefighter or a cop but I don't think the physical requirements for the job should be lowered and gender quotas set because in the end it hurts the people who need these services. I don't think a woman would be less capable necessarily but in my country I keep seeing these tiny ass she-dwarves with bowler hats walking around and they're supposed to be the communal police, breaking up riots and scaring junkies away from school zones. And they're always accompanied by several dudes whilst male communal policemen go in pairs. They just end up being glorified meter maids in the end.

Baffles me why they allow that when our army is ~50% female of which most are stonefaced, kebab removing hill giants.

No. 228359

If you trust men in those positions to fulfill their duties you are even more retarded

No. 228362

You're doing nothing wrong anon, people will always bitch out of jealousy. There's nothing wrong with having an expensive taste, and even less wrong with working hard for it, and this is coming from a fellow poorfag.

No. 228363

it's not part of 'being rich' it's just conspicuous consumption, but people seem to forget that -anyone- can engage in it. i have tons of brand shit too and i too wait like a month or 2 to buy one item. you do you op and rock that shit. just revel in the fact that your friends will have to be married in their mid 30s to buy MK.

No. 228370

>Baffles me why they allow that when our army is ~50% female of which most are stonefaced, kebab removing hill giants.

i want someone to describe me this way one day

No. 228384

File: 1518287084219.png (102.01 KB, 929x921, Capture.PNG)

>I don't see anything wrong with a meaty Brawn Hilda being a firefighter or a cop
There's nothing inherently wrong with that.
>but I don't think the physical requirements for the job should be lowered and gender quotas set because in the end it hurts the people who need these services.
Exactly, that's the real problem. As much as you might hate it, an average woman is much weaker than an average man, and a trained woman is much weaker than a trained man.
Now, there definitely are women that are comparably strong to men when trained, but they are an extreme minority. It wouldn't look good to say "sure, women can do these jobs too, but only 1% of the female general population fits the physical requirements", would it? So, you inevitably end up with lowered requirements. See pretty much any western army or police force or fire brigade, where women have significantly less strict physical requirements than men. Is this really a good idea?

The military is a bit different, since they, you know, shoot people. Guns aren't called equalizers without a reason. That being said, strength is still a very big factor in their daily lives.
You still run into problems such as those in pic related, and into male and female reactions and instincts being different.

The anon above understood perfectly what the problem is:
>but I don't think the physical requirements for the job should be lowered and gender quotas set because in the end it hurts the people who need these services.
You might not trust men to do their jobs (or to always do them, or to do them right, etc), but when women are physically incapable of doing them, men are your best bet, not? Do you really want equal representation, knowing that maybe 1 of that female 50% is up to standards?

No. 228413

People with autism need to stop being coddled because when nobody checks their shit, they end up growing up to be egoist cunts with zero introspection and constant non sequitur.

No. 228420

Tattoos are always ugly.

No. 228421

I'm 5'10 + very athletic and therefore stronger and faster than let's say an older 5'6 man with a beer belly.
Of course your physical traits play a very important role in jobs like e.g. police officers, but if we say that women under a certain height etc aren't allowed in, it also should be allowed to discriminate more against fat people. A young girl can still be a lot fitter than some fat slob

No. 228426

>but if we say that women under a certain height etc aren't allowed in, it also should be allowed to discriminate more against fat people
Absolutely true.
But again, it's not about the individual, it's about a population. You mention you're very athletic, but the average 5'10 girl isn't stronger (maybe faster, that seems reasonable) than a 50 year old man with a beer gut.
It wouldn't go down very well if they said "yes, women can be in the army, but they have to fit male standards", right?

And since this is the unpopular opinion thread:
Unless there's an actual medical condition behind it, fatties should be left alone to eat themselves to death. If they live in a country with socialized health care, they shouldn't have access to care for anything that is caused or aggravated by obesity.

No. 228441

Pretty much, especially on women. As sexist as it is to say it like that, it's just because we tend to have nicer skin and it's more of a waste to ruin it than some hairy rough skinned dude.

No. 228449

I said it’s commonly seen as a sign of wealth. Can you not read?
You wear conspicuously expensive shit, people will think you’re rich. I’m not saying they’re right I’m saying people think what they think. Bit defensive about a tacky bag anon.

What is there to misunderstand about this;
>>Wear thing that is designed to make people as aware as possible it is an expensive item a la Gucci.

>>cry because when sending people photos of these status symbol products, the plebs who I send the pictures to say I am rich

>>so misunderstood much superiority complex, hates money policing but fuck you for spending money on life not a bag that is made to demonstrate wealth I do not have reee

No. 228452

Fat people should be put in fat camp until they can be normal. Saying this as a former fatty, fuck those whiny bitches. There’s no genetic issue, no starvation mode (not when your body is more than half fat) no slow metabolisms just excuses, lies, and demands to be allowed to be firefighters and runway models and personal trainers.

I know it’s mental to sound that angry and I don’t really feel anywhere near as much about it as my hyperbole indicates but damn guys. The world is going to hell in an handbasket full of sugar.
Morbid obesity isn’t even seen as unusual or bizarre where I live now. A person who has eaten so much for so long that they are dying, unable to walk or breathe unassisted, but somehow a fairly typical site in woolies or coles.

My nieces have multiple obese kids in their classes and nobody gives a shit that, one of them is 12 and outweighs me. His tits are bigger than those of a 26 year old woman. And again, it’s normal to the teachers and parents and other kids. He doesn’t get called fat he gets called strong despite his biggest fear of strength being lifting the 2.5 litre bottle of coke to his gob again and again.

I don’t see how it can get any better and it’s horrific to think so many kids are gonna grow up thinking it’s normal and okay to be obese and sick when obesity is 100% your fault unless you’ve got Prader Willi or some other disease that fucks up cognition.

No. 228455

If you put them in fat camps they'll probaly end up eating each other.

No. 228476

File: 1518312292489.webm (872.59 KB, 500x500, Cripple man outperforms women.…)

I'm not sure abut the police. Sometimes the people are prone to be more open towards women than man, which means a woman could fasten the investigation or notice things that a men would never even think about.

About the military though, you're right about the equalizers, but military is a whole different subject. You're not only shooting bad guys, but you also have to carry that gun and ammo and more stuff. Full modern military equipment weights more than some plate armours and moving with that weight in harsh territory can be too much even for fit males. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAzI1UvlQqw

No. 228495

>Saying this as a former fatty

Why are former fatties always such volatile cunts towards the people they used to be?
Yeah, obese kids and morbidly obese adults shouldn't happen but the fact of the matter is that it is happening. Being angry, so far, has not stopped obesity.
I'm sick of people shouting "FIRE" yet nobody having the bucket of water to put out the flames.
>my exception is diseases
What does it matter, you can't tell one fatty obese due to twinkaroos from the fatty obese due to a disease. The fuck cares.

No. 228498

The point is that 99% of obese people are simply vastly over eating. Former fatties get a bit vitriolic because we know how awful fatness feels, and know that it’s completely fixable. There’s no such thing as obesity because of a bad thyroid or a “slow metabolism” it’s just gluttony.

When little tyke kids are being effected by it and living a miserable, sickly life it’s a problem. When hospitals are further underfunded due to needing to buy bariatric equipment and nurses, paramedics, and firefighters are being injured by having to work with obese people, it’s a problem. When it’s normal to a society to see people so fat they literally cannot use their otherwise working limbs it’s a problem.

There’s a growing online culture telling people that it’s impossible to get healthy and that it’s great finding your only happiness in overeating. That’s fucked up, just as much as pro anorexics are fucked up, but these people are somehow allowed and even encouraged to continue pushing their agenda.

Models normalising obesity and attempting to turn it into a positive personal attribute rather than a sign of bad health and lack of self care. Twenty or more pounds overweight is seen as a normal healthy body for a woman by increasingly large numbers of people and healthiness is being treated by these groups like an oppressive, self harming, shameful habit.

Type 2 Diabetes rates are rising that those of cancer or heart disease in my country. That’s hundreds of people a day, including kids, getting a preventable illness that can cause blindness, limb loss, and death, then going online and being told it’s okay and they don’t need to change a thing.

I said in the first post that I was being pretty damn hyperbolic, partly because venting and partly because that’s just how a lot of us speak where I’m from. I don’t hate fat people, I hate the ignorance and pandering that’s harming people and encouraging fatness. The fat people deserve better.

No. 228501

>obese people are simply vastly over eating
Which does have roots in environment, mental illness, and culture.
They are also under exercising.
>former fatties get a bit vitriolic because they know fatness is awful and fixable
So they project their feelings of self-hatred onto others without knowing the other half of peoples' stories.
I know some fatty that just ate a bit too much fast food and felt angry at herself is way different than someone who suffers from an eating disorder, disability, depression, or a disease.

>kids being obese are a problem

Nobody here is saying it isn't.
>hospitals are underfunded because they buy bariatric equipment
This is a lie and makes you sound like you're talking out your ass. There are many reasons why hospitals don't get proper funding and it has little to do with the need to buy bariatric equipment.
>nurses, paramedics, firefighters are injured doing their jobs
Patients with dementia, drug users, criminals, also cause such injuries.
>society considers it normal that people are so fat they can't move
But they don't? Society calls these people disabled. US says obesity is a disease.
It's not normal and you're strawmanning to make this argument work.

>online culture

If I look into niche corners of the internet I can claim there's a "culture" of many things. This doesn't mean anything.
>anorexics aren't allowed to talk as freely on the internet as obeses are allowed to talk about overeating
That's because, by and large (lel), anorexia is more morbid in the short term than people who are overweight/fat overeating. Starving will kill your body quicker than bloating will.
Binge eating shouldn't be encouraged but again, I don't see it being so outside these niche corners of the internet that you seem to think are becoming the foundation of society and culture as a whole when it's not the case.
Obese people are not normal in real life.

>models normalizing obesity

Well there's also models who represent drug use, anorexia, steroid use…I don't see how this 'normalizes' anything. Nobody is rushing to get fat because it's fashionable or hip.

>Type 2 Diabetes rates are rising that those of cancer or heart disease

Type 2 diabetes is also on the rise in places like China, but nobody cares about their diets and environments because people assume they're of great health because they're smaller. Huge culture of smoking too. Do you care? Probably not.

Anyway, I hope you had a good whinge about the fatty fats but please reconsider some of this terribad logic.

No. 228504

File: 1518332942928.jpeg (65.9 KB, 607x540, 9F96F0BB-1E2C-4C2D-86C7-FF5597…)

So my facmax surgeon wasn’t fundraising 50 grand for a few bariatric wheelchairs despite not being able to update their mri, or purchase new chairs for the oncology patients who have to sit there for five hours or more? Thanks for the info, but how did you get to every hospital in Australia?

Tess Holliday was in vogue, how niche. International publicity is so minuscule.

So fuck nurses they should just suck it up and accept that they’re gonna need surgery because their back is fucked after having to roll big-boy-Billy over so his 270kg ass doesn’t get bedsores because junkies and schizophrenics also sometimes get dangerous? Really anon? You’re gonna actually say this?

Schizophrenics can’t help being schizophrenic. Junkies are shit people but most wanna cry over a script and beg for dilaudid not attack you. Every single bedbound fat person, every fat person having surgery or needing help out of a wheelchair is either taking up 4x the manpower necessary or injuring the care providers every time. Those 6 people are now engaged with lifting plus-size patty twelve inches up and it’s taking 45 minutes because this isn’t a task we are designed to do.

Nobody is out there promoting smoking and nobody has thought junkies were anybody in decades. The biggest social media platforms used in the western world have users with hundreds of thousands of followers and reposts/likes near the millions. You really think that’s some tiny niche promoting obesity? Everyone and their dog has heard something about the “body positivity” movement.

China is a filthy hellhole and most people know it. I can’t recall seeing anybody at all say that Chinese people are healthy or healthier than the rest of the world.

All of your rebuttals come off more like hurt feelings. Sorry preventable deaths and taxes going to bariatric patients and not schools hurts your feelings so much tho.

No. 228599

>it's society's fault I can't stop eating
This is how you sound right now.

No. 228699

well, if we're done with hamplanet-chan vs the world novella battle …

thank you!! I was saying to someone the other day, it has been weird to watch the whole tattoo thing go from being for certain types of 'undesirables' to becoming mainstream and then continuing on into a ubiquitous thing.
Also, most body piercings are ugly as fuck, and septum piercings are just plain repulsive.

unrelated: On a literary note, Lord of the Rings was the most boring and vanilla shit I've ever read, and the two movies based on it that my friends tried to get me to watch both put me to sleep.

No. 228868

>every hospital in Australia
I'm not Australian. This is not how the rest of the healthcare systems in the world work.
>Tess Holiday was in Vogue so obesity is fashionable and socially acceptable
It's not. Plus people hate Tess Holiday and she's hardly relevant anymore. Being published=/=widespread acceptance.
>nurses need to accept that their job comes with certain risks
Yes. Ask a nurse how many crazy people she deals with, how many times people hit, spit, fling shit, piss, etc.
I will say it because it's a reality, it's not one anyone favors. Nobody wants to be hurt on the job but it's a fact.
>nobody is out there promoting smoking
But smoking is everywhere in the media?
I thought you said that media exposure=normalization. Plus plenty of countries do nothing to restrict smoking and some social cultures actively encourage it.
>pictures promote obesity
So do you not want obese people to be photographed and their pictures posted to social media?
Also on social media are pictures of people drinking alcohol, smoking, having sex, and I'm sure a bunch of other things that go against health that you don't morally agree with. Who really know what your point is.
People can't just stop existing just because you don't agree with it.

>your rebuttals are hurt feelings

My rebuttals are sound and you have bad logic.

Except I didn't say that. At all.

No. 229130

I think it's really fucked up that people eat dog meat, and I hate how people defend it because of "MUH CULTURE". A lot of cultures have fucked up traditions. Oh, and I absolutely hate when people say that eating dog meat is no different from eating beef or pork. Dogs evolved to be companions to humans, not food for humans. Fucking savages.

No. 229413

File: 1518880694137.gif (146.23 KB, 240x184, RemorsefulSharpFowl-max-1mb.gi…)

I think Black Twitter is going a little too overboard. I have never believed in reverse racism but I do believe in people being ass*oles. First with people claiming black people should have priorities when buying Fenty beauty releases and getting to black owned brands events (Excuse me WHAT? So now we need an ID that shows our skin color to get new releases?), second, all the hate makeup brands are getting just for the names of their lipsticks? Like, a lipstick is called 'problematic' and a mua I follow said 'yeah because white people are problematic and we don't need them close, this is a red flag if you see someone with this, stay away'(this guys generally says stuff like that, always putting down people that is not black or latino. He really hates asians and white people). Or people saying the whites should not go to watch Black Panther because is a movie made by black people and for black people and they would never understand it (excuse me lady B.P is a comic about a super hero and I'm happy it ended up in the cinema because I believe in representation and is very good for black kids, but this is not a march for political reasons…) Example here: https://twitter.com/gimmereasxns/status/964875047356727296
So now white people can't go to the cinema to watch this, nice LOL (says: you can see the difference between the public, this movie is for black people. / by and for us, we deserve it sorry mayos you tried it) Well the only difference I saw was people wearing a dashiki for the first time in their lives, headwraps + other kind of african clothes and googling in the restroom how to put it on because they don't really care outside of that event and screaming everytime a black character did something… If that's the different sorry but no. I'm glad Emma Bahi (Bahi Cosmetics owner, black owned brand) talked about this and said they look lowkey stupid doing all of that. It's nice to support someone who is not dumb)

No. 229414

>reverse racism
That doesn't exist. Only racism exists. Idgaf what SJWs and lib fems say, blacks can 100% be racist. Stop drinking the koolaid.

No. 229420

There’s this so called African centered biological nationalist movement which is somewhat like black nazis, seems it’s based in America. Basically saying black people are superior and the rest of the world that isn’t “full black” are subhumans, they call white people IMAs (Inbred Mutant Albinos) and see mulato women as abhorrent mutts yet objectify the shit out of them.

This movement also reject the LGBT movement, claiming it’s a white people invention targeted to make black people disappear.

Yepp, this movement is bonkers.

No. 229425

File: 1518884074518.jpg (47.17 KB, 800x800, flat,800x800,070,f.jpg)

Oh, so, those blacks are being racist. But OP anon doesn't believe in "reverse racism!"

No. 229427

This. They claim that if you're not from a minority you can't suffer from racism. I know non asian people in Korea that are suffering from racism every day.
There's a mall in Sweden where it's basically 80% middle eastern and they didn't let a swedish woman into a store because she was white. You can be racist no matter your skintone.
Not so long time ago I saw on Insta stories a black woman taking pics of a normal white guy with a punk aesthetic saying 'oh no I have a nazi in front of me' It was a normal dude reading a book. He didn't even give her a look or anything, he was minding his own business.
I agree colonization was a mass murdering but the people from today don't have any fault. There are lots of racist people but if they also target those who are living their life without doing any bad stuff to anyone, do they think they are better? jokes on them, they're basically doing what a nazi does.

No. 229501

What’s this mall in Sweden you speak of?

No. 229678

IG is so shit these days. Fucking sick of clicking on profiles to see yet another wall of ~body posi~ flabby butt selfies. Can women accept their bodies without cringeworthy collages of their completely acceptable but average bodies, shot in poor light on potato phones? Or can they maybe just think about something else other than someone finding them sexy, just for 5 minutes? Like post about your job, your pets, your hobbies, friends/family… publish something exciting about yourself. The only people interested are neckbeards, and potentially your mates who feel sorry for your clear low self-esteem.

No. 229683

This. I cannot stand wasteful people. Sometimes I think about the amount of stuff in landfill and it makes me feel sick.

No. 229703

100% agree. I made a thread request for one about them, would be difficult to compile but the resounding feature of all these #bodiposi crones is they're miserable; They post about feeling like shit about their body, sad, low confidence whatever. Then follow it up with a useless photo of them smiling in a bikini where they tell you to love your body.

It's just the worst quality content and isn't making anyone feel better, not even the person posting it

No. 229724

I swear to god so many girls become camgirls/nude models just to try and become happy with themselves. I feel embarrassed for them tbh.

No. 229734

File: 1518994254482.png (664.08 KB, 486x649, 23df2912109909.png)

I actually like having fat/chubby characters in animes/mangas. I always hated when characters look way too similar to each other,meaning same body type and so on. So I never really get it when people complain about them, I've seen this happen a few times,this usually when said fat/chubby character is one of the main characters. Why do some people want all of them to have the same bodies? I guess it's a personal preference thing, don't get me wrong I don't hate skinny or muscular characters, it's just something I don't really understand why it is this way. The one way I could understand the frustration is if the character is all about their weight and nothing else,but if it's just the character's body type I don't really see how it ruins a story you were already into.

No. 229774

I don't think anisa is milky or worth being a cow anymore

I don't really care about people who experiment with different styles and phases like leda

I don't think acne is automatically ugly

No. 229784

>I don't think anisa is milky or worth being a cow anymore
I've thought so too for the longest time… Her threads were okay at first, but I think it devolved into a lot of cringey girls who want to fuck idubbbz reeing about her haircut.

No. 229839

God yes this shit I’m so over it
Some housewives fat arse covered in glitter isn’t cute or inspirational in the slightest. It’s just a fat arse covered in cheap craft supplies

They’re saying ‘I’m not bothered I’m happy and proud’ more than Taylor fuckin swift does so they’re absolutely miserable.

People like glitterandlazers on IG, so fat she literally has no neck or elbows, looks like she couldn’t handle a single flight of stairs without puffing, but still tells girls that this is the way to be happy.

It’s disturbing how many people actually believe that calories are a magic abstract concept and what goes in your mouth doesn’t effect weight. That and the 400+ pounders who claim they eat less than an anorexic woman does everyday.

No. 229893

Thank you for the namefag, I had a good cry-laugh at a video of her “dancing” to Jessie J wearing workout gear, even though she’s so fat she can only wave her arms around.

People who are genuinely unbothered wouldn't even think about it. People take selfies because they care about how they look, whether it’s a passing thought or an obsession. Why are so many women obsessed with their outside, and when did that start passing for empowerment?

No. 229896

Fat Valentine>>>>>>>>Buff Valentine

No. 229914

I can agree on this

No. 229922

>glitterandlazers on IG
>how can people like that be happy?
>how can people like her feel empowered?

This is just my outsider perspective. I'm not an obesechan, so I don't ever venture onto these fat inspo instas or whatever these are.

But think about it: For women her size, and TRULY her size (300-500 pound ranges), having a social media account where an obese woman is lauded and gets to play dress up like a model, that can seem happy and empowering. Most people her size usually don't live quality lives themselves. They're typically on disability, work low-paying/sedentary jobs, and don't have the kind of money to be buying the fancy clothes the social media obesechans can afford to wear.
To the 400 pound nobody, this woman IS a somebody to aspire to. A 400 pound person isn't likely to lose weight themselves without serious intervention, so to them this woman and others like her are as good as it gets.

Don't shoot the messenger, I know it's unhealthy but it's true. It's how these people think.

No. 229951

Oh shit anon that was fuckin eye opening and sad as hell. To her audience, she probably does look happy and okay cause she has nice clothes, can move her arms/“dance” and never mentions how miserable and sickly she must feel living in that body. I suppose for a big fat poor person watching her it must kind of sting to see her so seemingly happy and successful.

No. 229955

Tbh I've never read her as being happy. She acts so forced goofy in a way that seems like it's covering up deep self hatred….the sad clown. just my 2p

No. 229958

File: 1519076126444.jpeg (264.24 KB, 750x1031, D683D241-AB4D-4A01-8F5F-319E4C…)

I don’t believe any of those women are happy. Glitterandlazers, Tess Holliday, that whole gang have always come off as incredibly self hating and the aggressive campaign of self love really only enforced it. Nobody who doesn’t care what people think posts something everyday just to let them know how much they don’t care and how empowering it is to have your breasts on backwards (pic related)

It’s sad because they’re reasonably young but getting to a point where the damage is permanent, even if they came to their senses and lost the excess hundreds of pounds. Following these accounts is basically watching the process of self delusion and self destruction. The denial is disturbing.

No. 229966

It’s exactly the same as the IG anachans. Desperately trying to present a happy successful front to their followers, because without them they’re just obsessed with their weight because it’s the most obvious thing about them and so has become their personality.

No. 229968

Totally agree that it’s exactly like the thinspo retards. They both sit there in rotting bodies insisting this is great and everyone else should join them.

Hell there’s even an overlap of extreme body size and extreme interest in Disney/cutesy kiddy things.

No. 229971

She claims to love herself, but once I called her out about a year or so ago, she replied and blocked me. If what I said didn't actually matter to her, she would have just ignored my comment w

No. 229976

>they're just pretending to be happy

Well it could also be self perpetuating. I know all those custom clothes and vacations aren't rolling in because they have full time jobs at some dingy place.
They're reeling in the money from all the sponsors, ad revenue, and fans. That wouldn't happen if they were the typical sad, morbidly obese persons not making it out like their life is fun.

And imo, if they're going to shorten their lives by being morbidly overweight, they might as well spend it doing things on other people's dollar. Better than being landlocked on some couch with McDonald's crumbs living in poverty like most end up doing.

No. 229980

It’s pretty depressing that there’s fuck all jobs for healthy functional people, but once your ass is too big for a regular chair you’re getting free shit to pretend life is great with a personalised seatbelt extender, custom cpap machine, and designer muumuus.

Frankly they should be languishing on the couch out of sight if they’re gonna choose to be a barely mobile pig

No. 229981

I could say the same for most munchies, anachans, alt righters, camwhores, etc. But here we are! Lol

No. 230186

I can't get into beer. I don't really drink much as is, but beer especially I just can't get down with. Maybe I'm just not drinking the right stuff, but every attempt I've made to have it, it just feels like I'm tasting a liquefied, yeast-y burp.

No. 230191

if you like coffee try stouts and porters. i dislike ale, hate IPA/pilsners but really like things like porter, unfiltered wheat beers are okay too, kind of tastes like citrusy bread.

No. 231853

things others do does affect the people around them. i always see people shouting shit like 'don't like it, don't look' or "it doesn't affect you" and they're dead wrong. they also tend to be the same people who whine about how what others are doing totes always affects them.

No. 231981

I feel like a minority on this board when I actually dislike women in general more than men. So many manhating threads on here, and also a bunch of threads about horrible things women do while any dissenters are told to gtfo.
At least realize you're basically on weaboo gossiping forum and stop trying to act morally superior to an entire sex.

Not saying men don't do terrible things, but women here act like their shit don't stink, all while anon posting about how they're abusive/borderline sugarbabies who have rape fantasies or some crazy shit.

No. 231994

I judge people of all sexes bassed on individual behavior (though it's true that sick fucks are im 99% cases male). Having said that, I feel like adding that having sexual fantasies about being hurt and raped are incomparable to constant fantasies about being the rapist (and wanting to follow through). They are often a result of low self-esteem and depression, a subconcious form of self-harm. You can blame fucked up sexual climate for it. Of course, some women just have the kink. While it might seem gross or fucked up, it doesn't make them bad people.

No. 231997

Eh, I dislike women too, but it tends to be because of socialisation, so more often I dislike men.
Women tend to be repugnant when they are attempting to impress/align with repugnant men… men are the repugnant men. They are the "center" that women gravitate towards, not the other way round. Whereas when there are admirable women, they are the "center" and admirable men gravitate towards them.

However this doesn't erase the "repugnant/admirable" thing for either sex. Just an explanation of why I kind of agree with you and kind of don't, haha. /blogpost

No. 232016

So you're saying women are only bad when they are influenced by bad men, and men are only good when they are influenced by good women?
Sorry but it sounds like you're pretty biased towards favoring women.
I think it's a lack of male guidance that causes a lot of women to become broken, bitter, and cruel people. I do agree that women become worse when they are around bad men. I see women as the passive sex, who generally blend into whatever environment they're in, and adopt the opinions of the strongest presence (which is usually a man).

tl;dr I think women are heavily influenced by men, be they good or bad, but women left to their own devices without any male influence usually become neurotic and depressed.
Probably not a popular opinion here but I think it does an adequate job explaining the history of men and women together.

No. 232025

my main issue is that we have man hating threads. not neckbeard or asshole hating threads. and women act like it's nbd and that we should know it's not "all men" but they kick up a fuss and run to defend when anyone (even other women) use "women" as a blanket term. it's so hypocritical. i hate specific groups of men and women. but saying 'all x' just pisses people off cause it's being vague on purpose. and they wonder why people get upset.

No. 232027

File: 1520110238958.gif (2.02 MB, 533x300, 1434050502807.gif)

Yeah, a woman hating other women. How original.

No. 232048

File: 1520117897272.gif (147.06 KB, 268x302, 65467898564.gif)


Shouldn't you be taking your hormone, Poppy Z. Dear?

No. 232052

I could sort of see the point of your first post but this post makes it pretty clear you're male yourself and you're using the most stereotypical /r9k/ talking points.

No. 232054

>I judge people of all sexes based on individual behavior

Agreed. Some humans are just shit, nothing to do with anything else.

No. 232061

I'm not a man, I was just raised really traditionally, and by a single father. I hate /r9k/ and the incels who go there. /r9k/ also lacks good male authority figures. They become embittered women won't fall into their arms, and shirk the responsibility men have to lead.
Bitter male incels who blame their problems on women are 100x worse than the women they hate.

No. 232062

So you have a different brand daddy issues and women, like mommy (that bitch!), should be guided by men (like daddy), like you?

No. 232063

Well, yes. I think there are exceptions but in general women seem to be happier when they're under the guidance of men.
I'm not saying this wholly from personal experience either. I think women have been happy to let men guide their lives for the majority of history, and even now today in most non-western cultures.

I'm not saying this because I hate women or want to sabotage them, or get some sort of revenge. I just want what is best for them.

No. 232070

Pretty suspect that you're saying 'them' instead of us. If you are female that makes it sound like you consider yourself superior to other women. I can respect your opinions but it really sounds like you're equating your own personal behaviors and preferences (passive, seeking the guidance of men) as being a behavior that all women possess which simply isn't true. There are plenty of women, myself included, that don't hate men but also don't require them to be happy. If you do that's fine but don't paint a blanket statement onto the rest of us.

No. 232085

(AYRT) And you sound pretty biased towards women needing men to be happy. What’s your point? Am I supposed to exist without bias?

No. 232115

File: 1520181455359.png (157.2 KB, 712x309, tumblr_opwwo4F5Xd1tcqhjho1_128…)

>im a woman and i hate women
>unpopular opinion
on what planet?

No. 232118

you're delusional if you see the way EVERYDAY men ritualize, normalize, and sexualize female abuse. a lot of average men eroticize the abuse of females, or just accept and rarely question the wholesale dehumanization of women in society. they may not admit it, but men are socialized into being shitballs. maybe you don't see it because men give you positive attention and you're mildly irritated by young women being annoying, but overall, women are mostly harmless, if not a little irritating/deprived of positive attention and lash out in obnoxious, but generally largely inoffensive ways compared to the way men act out.

young women being emotionally unstable, attention seeking sugarbabies doesn't hold a candle to the way men treat each other, females, and animals. and yes, that sounds hypocritical, but i've really yet to even see "i hate manzzz but i wanna be raped!!" posts, and if they are, they're probably just edgy 20 yo dipshits that are internalizing libfem dumblr rhetoric that still like feeling special for claiming to want to be raped or whatever stupid shit men push on them/suggest they should be ok with, in order to be seen as more attractive to them.

you dickmatized women are really irritating. mens a shit and women are generally, at worst, mildly irksome.

No. 232124

>I hate women more than man and I'm a woman
>only because of this board though
> but women here act like their shit don't stink, all while anon posting about how they're abusive/borderline sugarbabies who have rape fantasies or some crazy shit.
who? no one's acting like their shit doesn't stink, in fact if you read through the man-hating threads instead of handmaidening you'd realize most people admit women can do horrible things, actually have you even been through the board? women here call other women out on shit, hell we're the only ones that called out pedo boob nazi freaks and men enable them, but it's us who's egotistical because you read about crazy sugar babies

No. 232149

lol calm down

No. 232161

I thought so too. Part of me wonders if that anon is an awesome trans grrrl, but #notlikeothergirls tards are common on /snow/ and /pt/ so it's probably one of them.

Wish I could find that study that shows women are happier after their husbands die :/

No. 232266

Lmao, do you also criticize male spaces such as the redpill/mgtow forums for having bunch of women hating threads and pretending that they are the superior sex? Like sweet lord anon, you are such a hypocrite, you yourself are a woman who thinks her shits doesn't stink.

No. 233489

File: 1520878399746.png (194.81 KB, 417x578, 1509213331172.png)

I agree with you both

also this>>228334
I once posted on here how much I spent on a certain item of clothing, and got shat on by an anon lmao. Yeah it was expensive but it was well worth it. I got a shitty fast food job just so I could buy it and another specific piece of clothing, I'm very happy I did and I get compliments every time I wear them out! It's especially nice since it attracts people who wear similar fashion to me which makes it easier to talk to them and make friends. Don't let people make you feel bad for saving and spending your own hard earned money on something you wanted

No. 233617

Gay men are promiscuous and disgusting and hedonistic as all fuck. I hate how the media tries to push this PC version of homosexuality in males as something that's just like heterosexuality! They fall in love, date long term, and get married just light straight and lesbian people!

They fucking don't. I've been around LGB people for years (I'm bi and in the "alternative" scene, which seems to attract gays like the plague) and I've seen two monogamous gay relationships. Everything else is, at most, dating for two weeks then deciding they can't suck only one dick and need to get plowed by at least 9 different cocks per week.

Gay men disgust me.

No. 233644

The "gay people are monogamous family oriented people" thing was invented a couple of years ago to push for marriage equality.

In truth most people who are gay are in it for the sex not for marriage and family (since obviously the family aspect is a whole lot more difficult if you're gay, if that was a priority the person wouldn't be gay/would be in a het marriage regardless)

Inb4 people say it isn't a choice - it is a choice baguettes are thrown at Anon

Obviously people can fall in love of any gender (being in love is also a choice, as it's something you have to feed/work on/want) but for example whenever I see gay guys in my city they're always in a gang of several of them being equally lovey-dovey with every member. Especially older gay guys as that's the culture they grew up in.

No. 233663

It's illogical to be specifically disgusted by gay men because that's not a gay male trait, it's a regular male trait that literally all men would happily exhibit if women let them. We're the only ones with the ability to be moderate about sex and limit ourselves, and we're the only thing holding straight men back from doing the same thing (but probably even worse because they hate women and men don't really hate each other).

No. 233673


I agree, anon. Some women really do unironically perpetuate misogynistic/patriarchal bullshit in their commentary on other women, and then five seconds later are whining in a man hating thread about how it's affected them. It's rather gross and sad, especially when most people who do this are just projecting their own unhappiness about their looks onto others.

I guess men do this to each other as well but I'm not a dude and I don't really interact with them, so someone else will have to tell me if men are also unnecessarily cruel and insecure with each other.

No. 233686

Hmm, I'm a lesbian and I really don't think it's a choice.

I used to think the same way as you do though… I thought females being straight was literally a meme up until like last year. It was hard to comprehend that anyone could date or be attracted to men unironically unless they were a whore, they hated themself or had some mental illness, or they were a misogynistic man with parental issues and only did it to spite women (i.e. milo yianopuloplopu…populous).

Jailhouse gay does exist, so it probably is a choice for some people (especially men considering their whorish nature makes their sexualities very easy to change), but most people don't just choose their sexualities.

No. 233694

I think that gay people are promiscuous because modern society only allowed people to be openly gay in recent years, so prior to that gay people had to have straight romantic relationships whilst relieving their true sexual desires in secret. Ergo gay culture has evolved around sexual liaisons rather than committed romantic ones, or a mixture like heterosexual culture has. Plus there’s also a lot less gay people than straight, and a lot of people experiment with being straight first - so it might seem like gay people are always sleeping around, but if there’s only a handful of gay people where you live and you didn’t realise your gayness until you were 18, you might have a teenage slut phase later in life and end up sleeping with every gay you know, making it seem like a promiscuous pandemic as a result.

That being said, I also know a lot of straight people who sleep around loads and relationship-hop. Maybe that has just been normalised to you so you don’t notice it as much?

No. 233696

>Gay people
Not quite. There's a reason there's no lesbian version of grindr or that weird poz nazi pnp satanic bdsm tweaker community, anon. >>233663 was right, men are sluts and gay men slut it up even harder because they don't have women to stop them.

No. 233697

Not to blog post, but anytime I've been told something misogynistic, it's been by a women. Men often don't care about certain things women put importance on, like lifestyle shit and sometimes even hygiene.

No. 233698

>It was hard to comprehend that anyone could date or be attracted to men unironically unless they were a whore, they hated themself or had some mental illness
That awkward moment when you think you're misandrist but you're really just misogynistic. Guess 97% of the female population on this entire planet are whores with mental illnesses.

Here's my unpopular opinion that a few people mentioned here before: lesbians are insufferable and have really nasty attitudes. Your post itself sounds like you have mental illness and some issues in yourself you need to work out.

No. 233700

Already said that I don't think like that anymore, but yeah, most straight women and nearly all bi women are insufferable, honestly. Especially when you get triggered over dumb shit like this.

No. 233706

File: 1521016700205.jpg (40.52 KB, 800x450, brainlettttt.jpg)

I'm not triggered. I was pointing out your hypocrisy and you completely dodged the entire point of my post with your shitposting reply. Calling out your misogyny under the guise of being misandrist isn't "dumb shit". I called you out on your bullshit and you can't handle it.

>n-no you're insufferable!

>you're jus triggered! xD
>dumb shit
>i don't think that anymore, but here i am saying i still think that way
Tell me more about who's the one that's triggered. Try practicing what you preach, anon. How is it being hateful all the time? I wish you luck to find happiness and become a better person.

No. 233708

You are repulsive af and seem shittier than men…no woman would ever want to be with you

No. 233709

Sometimes muh-soggy-knees is valid uwu. I'm having a great time being hateful and hating everyone 4eva ♡

☆☆ if you are male or you like males unironically, never look in my direction ☆☆

tell that to my grill-friend

No. 233710

I don't want children and don't like children (I wouldn't even say, it's a very unpopular opinion, but in rl i'm always getting tons of hate bout this, because that's soo selfish)

No. 233713

>sexuality war progresses in the thread
>What was the thread originally about
>nobody knows

I think anyone can be trained to do anything, thus someone can train themselves to be any sexuality, to love anyone, be attracted to anything. The thing now is nobody puts a lid on it so if a guy decides "I think sleeping with ten people a week is attractive" that's what he'll do.

No. 233717

There is a lesbian version of Grindr, it’s just not as well-known. Maybe because people like to demonise men for wanting casual sex? Who knows. I don’t know about that community you mentioned, but I don’t think you can judge a whole section of society by some select weird-ass group. Loads of straight women like DDLG, does that make all of them closet paedos?

The thing is anon, is that women don’t stop men slutting it up, because plenty of women slut it up too. It’s almost like it’s not a gender-based thing. Like I’m in agreement that committed partnerships APPEAR to be less common in the gay community, but I don’t agree with the reasoning I’ve seen here.

No. 233718

Go you anon. It’s far more selfish to have children you don’t want just to satisfy “what you should do” and subject actual people to a life of being unwanted.

No. 233722

>There is a lesbian version of Grindr, it’s just not as well-known.
What's it called, then? It's less well known because lesbians generally aren't as interested in casual sex.

>Maybe because people like to demonise men for wanting casual sex?

They should be demonized for that; it's disgusting.

>Loads of straight women like DDLG, does that make all of them closet paedos?

Not all of them, but the ones into ddlg sure as fuck are. Nice strawman btw.

>The thing is anon, is that women don’t stop men slutting it up, because plenty of women slut it up too

It's a fact that men are more horny than women, so you can fuck off with that. And if women aren't stopping them, why do incels exist? Why do men commit 98% of sex crimes? Why are virtually all Johns male?

You sound like a straight girl who knows fuck all about the lgb community tbqh.

No. 233723

love sucks.

And I'm not saying this because I'm broken-hearted or shit. The whole concept confuses and angers me. The moment people fall in love, they change wholly. They sacrifice too much, drop their hobbies, their fucking personality evaporates. It's like love siphons some of you, and you're left with boring and meek. Yeah yeah, people compromise, change for the better, good for them I guess, but it's sad for me to observe the decay of someone's persona. I have no right to stop it, of course, as long as it's their choice and they're happy all I can do is vent on an anonymous board.

It's a selfish thought, but I would rather have them sad and lonely, but interesting, able to talk about life, purpose, or simply music and film, instead of just their significant other, either how amazing they are or about relationship problems.
I may speak with an exalted manner, but I don't exaggerate much. This literally happened so many times with my friends. Not everyone, of course, but enough for me to hate romantic love

No. 233725

It’s called “Scissr”.

Casual sex being disgusting is your opinion, which you’re entitled to, but means fuck all in anyone’s life except your own.

Strawman or not, it’s a direct comparison to what you said. You could say any small area of any culture is representative of the whole, but that doesn’t make it true. It’s just a seedy nasty part of gay male culture. It happens in straight culture too, hence my example.

>Men are generally more horny than women =/= no slutty horny women exist

Incels exist because of their own Madonna-whore complex, which is obvious to anyone who reads their shit… that comparison just makes you sound like a robot. Sex crimes don’t happen because men are simply horny either, that’s ridiculous. I would argue more men visit prostitutes because they’re more often too retarded to get a woman into bed without paying her for the privilege, but I’m sure others would disagree.

And you sound like a lesbian misandrist with no real knowledge of how guys work because you’ve never intimately experienced any of the shit you’re talking about. I’m a bisexual woman in a straight relationship, with a gay brother-in-law and a gay (Male) best friend. Is that qualified enough for you or shall I take a diploma in LGB before I comment again?

No. 233728

>Casual sex being disgusting is your opinion, which you’re entitled to, but means fuck all in anyone’s life except your own.
K, libtard.

>Incels exist because of their own Madonna-whore complex

Wrong. That may be true for a select few, but the majority of incels are incels because women actually have standards and won't fuck them. Female incels aren't a thing because too many men think with their dicks for it to be one.

>Sex crimes don’t happen because men are simply horny either

It's not the sole reason, but it's obviously a big fucking part of it! Are you kidding?

>I would argue more men visit prostitutes because they’re more often too retarded to get a woman into bed without paying her for the privilege

Right, because women don't think with their genetalia as often. You don't need to pay men to have sex with you, they're easy.

>Misrepresentation of your argument or not, it was a direct comparison to my misrepresentation of your argument.

Lol. That community is relevant to my point because the fact that those places exist and are as big as they are is very telling.

>And you sound like a lesbian misandrist with no real knowledge of how guys work because you’ve never intimately experienced any of the shit you’re talking about

Misandry is ALWAYS valid UwU. Most of my gay (male) friends are hoes and men are more slutty because of their biology.

>"I'm a bihet faghag"

Ahhh, okay. That explains all this handmaiden-y tripe.

No. 233746

Sorry I’ve obviously stumbled upon an angry land whale virgin who hates men, kek

No I’m not fucking kidding. There’s plenty of men out there who would never commit a sex crime, even at their horniest. Therefore it’s not being driven by libido itself, otherwise all men with a sex drive would do it. Do you honestly find critical thinking that difficult?

Yes, I’ve already agreed with your point that men are more sexually driven. It doesn’t erase the existence of sexually driven women, as much as that would suit your POV.

So? There’s a huge number of straight women who have rape/control fantasies, so all women must want to be raped because that’s a thing? That’s relevant to my point in exactly the same way yours is relevant to yours. Stop trying to avoid the fact that application of your logic to any other social group shows how ridiculous it is.

>tfw your limited experience of gay men is apparently relevant to all gay men

Let me guess, you believe all Muslims are terrorists as well right?


Ah, so you’re into erasing bisexuality as well. Yes, obviously I got married just for the gay brother-in-law, what a hag!
Are you just mad because you’re the first ever female incel, who hates men but can’t find a vagina pure enough to finger? kek

/done with this stupid conversation. It’s too difficult discussing stuff with someone who thinks blanket hatred of 3.5bn people is a rational stance.(infighting)

No. 233759

>If you're not a libtard you're obviously a fatfuck who never leaves the house and sucks trump's dick all day

>Therefore it’s not being driven by libido itself, otherwise all men with a sex drive would do it.

I already said that, can you not read? Libido naturally plays a major part, but it's not the only thing.

>It doesn’t erase the existence of sexually driven women, as much as that would suit your POV.

I never denied that some women are whores, stupid. I said that there are significantly less female whores than male ones.

>Stop trying to avoid the fact that application of your logic to any other social group shows how ridiculous it is.

You're literally applying it wrong. I don't know why you're even comparing some people's fantasies with the bug chasing/pnp community, a real thing.

>tfw your limited experience of gay men is apparently relevant to all gay men

t. bihet who just did this shit in her last post.

>Let me guess, you believe all Muslims are terrorists as well right?

More projection. I do think all Muslims are inherently trashy though, on account of their disgusting religion. Their prophet was a child rapist.

>V-virgin! Incel!!

Ruh-roh, looks like someone can't think of any decent insults and had turn to even more projection :/

>Ah, so you’re into erasing bisexuality as well


I'm done with this too, handmaidens are boring to argue with.(infighting)

No. 233861

It literally is a gender based thing. Women slutting it up is fucking nothing compared to the ideal sex life of a man, don't ignore reality just to pretend you have a balanced view of things.

No. 233867

>anon’s perception of the ideal sex life of 3.5bn people

Ok hon

No. 233932

Generalizing sex drives is no different to generalizing other biological functions, like eating or sleeping. Men have extremely high, indiscriminate sex drives and have the instinct to impregnate as many women as possible. Due to the serious investment involved in pregnancy for the woman, we do not experience the same urges. It's not difficult to understand.

No. 233974

Some people have a phobia of generalizing and think that what is equal/egalitarian is what is correct. There are biological differences in human groups that make us behave differently. There are outliers of course but that just proves the rule.
To say "women are just as slutty as men" is silly. If we're going to refer to sluts as people who want to fuck the most people as humanly possible… well men are biological sluts lol.

No. 233976

This is so true.
This is bullshit. You are making up some narrative in your head about homos who were repressed for decades and are just now starting to fuck. Most homos are in their teens/20s/30s. Coming of age as a millennial, there were very few forces preventing me from being a homosexual. And nothing would be repressive enough for me to go straight up bug chaser/poz pig once I get "permission".

Gay dudes have sexual partner numbers in the hundreds and sometimes the thousands. Name one highschool "slut" you know that has slept with 1000 dudes, and tell me it's commonplace.
There are districts in sanfran that have pandemics of unknown drug-resistant STDs because all the gay men there can't stop acting like human toxic waste bins.

Your view on homosexuality is some romantic disney-fied version, literally an invented story. The truth is, the vast majority of homosexual men as sex-fiends, not just repressed people who would otherwise be ttly normal guiz

No. 233982

this. sexuality is sexual attraction which has more to do with what you want to bang, not marry. like bestiality doesn't mean people wanna marry dogs n shit.

No. 233985

>biologically men are sluts

uh actually no. scientific data shows that women in ancient tribes traveled from group to group to fuck many people and spread their dna more.

No. 233992

"Women traveled from group to group"
I don't think female giggalos in loincloths were snu-snuing random men and starting their own tribes with their offspring.
Women were won by conquest, the strongest men bred with them. Female DNA passed to separate tribes more than male DNA because… when an enemy tribe conquers you, the men are killed and the women are raped. The fact that the majority of human DNA was passed won by females isn't because women wanted to fuck more, it was because they were fucked more. It's sexual hypergamy. If given the opportunity, men will fuck whatever woman they can find. However, stronger men will push them down and selective females will stick to the stronger men. Most of the time, they probably didn't even have a choice.

You know absolutely nothing about human biology if you think women are more liberal with their sexual selection and will be less discriminate than men. If women were as big of "sluts" as men, the human race wouldn't be as advanced as it is now, because there's be even less sexual selective pressures that would lead to an evolution in our species. If women acted like men sexually, then human sexuality would resemble the poz holes of sanfran where new venereal diseases are created daily.

What is the evolutionary reason women would be "sluts" if every time they have sex they are encumbered for 9 months with pregnancy, and around 13 years with a dependent child? Men were designed to pump and dump, they can have thousands of offspring and not know a single one. A woman can only have a few children her entire life. There's a reason Genghis Khan was a man, and why so many people have some of his DNA. If a woman pumps and dumps indiscriminately, then she's probably going to be stuck with inferior offspring and no father in the picture.

No. 233993

lmao nah man. women pumped and dumped and men took care of babies in a group once they could eat real food. you should open a recent science book that doesn't have a chapter on creationism still in it.

No. 233998

It is physically impossible for women to pump and dump, unless you think a 9 month gap between the two counts as some high turnover rate of sex partners

No. 234007

Honestly can't tell if this is supposed to be sarcasm because some people are this stupid

No. 234012

It's weird. I am a female and have had sexual/full term relationships with both women and men, but the women I found least toxic were the straight/bisexuals. This is just my opinions and findings but I find the majority of gay men to be extremely misogynistic towards women, bitchy and toxic about their looks, and I find lesbian women rude,opinionated and insecure. I don't hate gay people but I have noticed these personality traits with the majority.

No. 234033

facebook is ugly. why are people okay with this? i cant customize my profile with themes like good ol myspace or tumblr.

No. 234042

You should both read Sara Pascoe's book, autobiography of a female. She's a comedian and the book has science and actually discusses this in it. Very good read.

Anyway, back in the day women did the child rearing and menopausal women helped raise children to. Men tend to fall asleep after love making, and women are vocal during orgasm to let other males who are lurking nearby to know she's 'in heat'. Women did sleep around, but it was advantageous for conception. Sperm competition is a thing, and orgasm improves conception because it triggers muscle spasms that promote the sperm reaching the egg. Multiple orgasms are to increase conception. It's very simply put. Monogamy is also the norm because babies are resource intensive. The human skull is difficult to deliver, but it's to protect our big fat brains so the pay off is that we are pretty useless in infancy unlike other mammals young that can pretty much function like a mini version. The male going off to secure the resouces while the mother raised the child was optimal for the survival of the child. Humans are also one of the few or only mammals to have a menopause, it is suggested so older females could also help raise the young.

No. 234239

nta but i have read that some new studies show that women did more hunting than men and men often babysat young. it also says at some point men may have stopped women from eating meat to become smaller.

No. 234288

Do you have links to those studies because I'd be interested how they researched and came to those conclusions

No. 234289

Also to note humans were nomads and would have travelled daily, we never settled until we began to cultivate our own crops. There are some studies to say that wheat domesticated us, that's why we started building walls etc and ultimately fucked us all over. There's no science to show our diets and lifestyle improved, in fact it spread disease and starvation was more common because of failed crops.

No. 234499

trixie mattel is trash and isn't even funny. she's popular for no reason other than being ~relatable edgy and self-deprecating uwu~ and riding on katya's coattail. they rigged AS3 to appease the annoying trixie stans when shangela should have won after ben offed herself. alaska's win was slightly questionable and looked rigged but at least she slayed every challenge unlike trixie who couldn't win one of her only 2 lipsyncs this season. all stars just seems like a pointless popularity contest, everyone knew trixie/alaska/chad were gonna win before the season even started. the edgy 13 year old trixie stans are 10x worse than the rabid valentina stans last season. if shangela had deservedly won AS3 i can't even imagine the death threats she would receive from the pathetic little trixie twinks. can't wait until the clout trixie has dies off

No. 234505

This sounds really interesting and completely plausible. The only question id have is why are female orgasms so hard to achieve then? Because I completely believe their purpose is to aid conception, but that would follow on to theoretical conclusion of “the guy who turns me on the most wins”. Weird criteria for a father lmao.


Tbh humans were better off as a whole before we became “civilised”, we were just a lot less comfortable. The one thing that puts us above other animals is what will kill us all in the end.

No. 234769

Here's a few:

I believe eugenics is a good thing and got a bad rep mostly because of the Nazis.

We should stop sending aid to Africa to appease our white guilt. It's fucking up their economy, work ethics and helps some shitty dictatorships stay in power. I know Europe is in large part responsible for the state Africa is in currently, but what we're doing now is still not helping.

America is responsible for the current immigration crisis in Europe, and it fucking infuriates me that republicans (who are the ones who supported the invasion of Iraq, which is the root of the situation here) and alt-right are now smugly using it as a prop for their anti-immigrant rhetoric and shitting on Europe for trying to solve the problems that someone else caused.

This isn't exactly an unpopular opinion here, but men are inferior and I seriously hope they will be gradually marginalized or even eradicated in the future.

99% of yaoi is shitty and 100% of fujos are shit. That includes also M/M writes, who, as evidenced by the author cows thread, are particularly milky breed.

No. 234771

I was fully agreeing with you at every point you made until you had to ruin it with the last one.

No. 234772

natural selection will take its course.

yep yep. agriculture was the downfall of man. we should have all stayed hunter-gatherers. there's no need for society, civilization, or modern technology beyond tools for foraging and defense. we dun goofed

No. 234845

I'm getting really tired of girls online with severe cases of GOTIS. I'm actually not talking about titty streamers, cosgirls like Momo and Jnigri (don't know if she's still relevant, don't follow them but she was the first one to get really big) or similar people who are clearly only doing it as a schtick to pull in views/money and don't exactly hide it, and I'm not talking about 14 year old kiddies.

I mean people who pick cutesy usernames like Ashl3yk1nz or PinkUnicornBunny420, talk in a very forced soft and high pitched voice during streams or in voice chat, use cutesy graphics and emoticons, constantly post selfies on discord to fish for compliments, giggle all the time and obviously do everything in their power to get attention from thirsty males by screaming 'notice me, I'm a girl on the internet!' It just feels very fake and like they're overcompensating for something else, most of the time they don't even play that many games or participate more than superficially. On top of that a good number of them try to be silly and randum XD which becomes extremely annoying and old really fast.

I've seen plenty of female members of gaming/streamer communities post normal photos, have normal usernames and normal conversations in their normal tone of voice, some of them are more girly and some less but all of them act like adults and not thirsty womanchildren. Don't see why it's so hard to grasp.

No. 234926

Eventually, I hope, medical science will be advanced enough that pre-conception and prenatal eugenics will be standard, in the terms of both "compassionate" elimination and genetic modification. They'll just think up some new acceptable term for it.

No. 235687

I didn't think that's what gotis means. to me that's anti-gotis. I thought gotis means girls who are used to getting attention for being a girl, that they just show up in male spaces and do nothing but mention being a girl and wait for the whole chat to derail around them

No. 236260

I lose respect for people when I find out they watch Game of Thrones, especially men and anyone who's not a 40-something y/o mom. It's a fucking garbage show.

No. 236261

Idk, at least on ED MissHannahMinx is shown as an example of someone with GOTIS and she's pretty close to what I described

No. 236262

Me too, me too. It doesn't help that a large part of the show was filmed in my country. You don't know of my suffering.

No. 236522

File: 1521875152075.jpg (27.52 KB, 570x320, b.jpg)

people who dye their hair blonde but have dark af eyebrows. it doesn't look natural. id rather people dye their hair and bleach their brows.

>b-but anon den u wont see their brows and they'll look like an alien

idc it looks better than dark af brows and hair that doesn't match.

No. 236532

A lot of natural blondes are born with dark eyebrows?

No. 236545

Not light blondes and not thick black brows.

No. 236551

not brown ones.

No. 236572

that color isn't natural for an asian person anyway, so I don't see the point in matching your brows if it's already extremely obvious you've bleached your hair. that would make you look tryhard.

No. 236574

give it a quick shop and see how that pic looks with the eyebrows white lol

No. 236579

Tracer from ow is so obnoxious and annoying, i want to crush her fucking head lmao. i hate her so much

No. 236588

I don't like spiderman. I think almost all capeshit comics are boring as fuck.
I don't care about the marvel universe or any of the new movies. In fact, I'm irritated by them.
"superheroes" were boring in the 50s and 60. They're even more boring rehashed again and again and again, especially when you mix them with billion dollar hollywood board executive direction.

I can't tell you how many times people say "oh but X spiderman comic is so deep" or "this crossover series with the hulk is so creative". No.

No. 236589

I'm tired of Tracer and D.Va and their waifufags.

Moira doesn't get enough love imo.

No. 236594

Same.. I'm beyond tired of superhero movies. Tbh I was saying the same thing like a decade ago, thinking the bubble would burst soon and profitability would finally tank. But no, they keep raking in the dough so they keep pumping more and more out. I see no end in sight.

It's cool for people who like them I guess but it's all just so tiresome to me.

No. 236623

File: 1521918214452.jpg (36.07 KB, 640x480, 28168010_10160130782620525_674…)

I think that the plastic surgery bashing trend going on right now is dumb as fuck and can do more bad than good. "Muh PS is bad example for young girls" when those people basically promote the idea that if you're not born beautiful you will never be, which I think it's worse for a young girl to think.
They will also turn around and bash whoever has a bigger nose/thinner lips/whatever is the opposite of beauty standards, but the moment someone has that issue and fixes it, hell arises.
People who go around saying that "Bella Hadid is ugly and fake" for having had a nosejob are the same ones who turn around and asskiss to oblivion 90s supermodels and actresses who have had surgery too - but they think they didn't, as if plastic surgery was invented in the 2000s. Truly delusional.
And at last, seeing people reeeee so vocally under pictures of "young model/actress that has had some work done X" looks more like sour graping than anything else.

No. 236647

>the idea that if you're not born beautiful you will never be, which I think it's worse for a young girl to think.
The fuck, how is it? A better idea would be "you're not born beautiful and you never will be, but you have more to offer than your looks, you don't owe anyone beauty and you can exceed in other areas of life". I mean, it's pretty fucking telling that you're addressing young girls instead of young boys. Nobody expects men to go above and beyond, to the point of expensive, painful and possibly risky surgery, just to meet beauty standards.

I agree that it's fucked up people will bash a look and then bash women for getting PS to correct it, but we shouldn't think of not being beautiful as the absolute worst thing that could possibly happen to a woman (even if it might be in men/society's eyes).

No. 236656

If you read the beginning of the sentence you greentexted you will notice that I only addressed young girls to parrot people's idea that "seeing a model with a nosejob will hurt young girls".
You have a point when you say that there's more to offer than just looks, and it's true, but if a person wants to be pretty it's up to them to decide what to do.

No. 236663

I never see anyone bash someone who's been honest about their procedures though.

Almost all nitpicking I've seen on lolcow are towards women who try to bury the fact that they've had work done because they want to pretend they became naturally attractive without any outside help. Be it boob jobs, lipo, nose jobs, etc.
It serves the ego of the fibber while everyone else scratches their heads and blame themselves as to why they can't achieve that artificial self-perfection.

It reminds me of how it was a fad to stigmatize makeup for awhile because lying bitches would take selfies with photoshopped faces full o slap and claim they weren't wearing any makeup.

No. 236753

>I never see anyone bash someone who's been honest about their procedures though.
I do, irl and on major gossip sites. Lolcow is more reasonable because we only bash the ones who lie about it, like you said

No. 237489

Chiming in with more plastic surgery salt: I think it's absolute horseshit that trannies (and let's face it–namely MtFs) can get covered or sponsored plastic surgery for breasts, facial reconstructions, and genital reassignments.

I'd kill for a breast augmentation but as a woman I'm told to suck it the fuck up, accept the way my body is, and/or pay my own way even though it's done shit to my self-esteem and depression.
What "identity" do I have to cook up in order to get the procedures covered for the comfort of my social role?

No. 237497

this is something i agree with! without even going into how i don't understand you mentally know your gender (i mean like it's just a bunch of gender roles, and then the physiology of actually being male/female i.e. oh i feel this function (e.g. a period or cumming out of a dick (idk what it's like to be a dude!)), how do they know they were suppose to have MASSIVE DD TITS?

I wouldn't mind a free breast augmentation to keep up with societal's standards of looking like a woman. If the girls with dicks can get them for free, I should too, I have a period. Top trumps. I win.

No. 237498

For real. The idea that we can't get dYSpHoRiA about our boobs without being transmen or that just being fucking uncomfortable as the sex that's constantly sexualized is such bullshit.

We're all uncomfortable with our bodies to some degree, so why can't we get plastic surgery on medicaid's dime? (i don't actually want to, just making a point)

i had such severe boob dysmorphia that i would shove plastic inserts into my bras until my breasts would bleed from the friction. i wouldnt take them out to bathe, wouldnt take off my bra for anything, i just hated how they looked. i wouldnt be intimate with anyone, couldn't stand them being exposed, even if it was sweltering hot or i was uncomfortable in my bra.

basically we can just go fuck ourselves for being "plastic, superficial cunts" if we're uncomfortable with being sexualized/don't like our bodies, but trannies get Vogue covers, awards, and free surgery for their fucking fetishes.

No. 237525

These posts give me life, girls. You put it more perfectly than I ever could.
>basically we can just go fuck ourselves for being "plastic, superficial cunts" if we're uncomfortable with being sexualized/don't like our bodies, but trannies get Vogue covers, awards, and free surgery for their fucking fetishes.
I legitimately want to shout this out on the streets.

No. 237595

I don't think people with serious conditions/illnesses should reproduce. This includes people with mental illnesses, such as myself.
People who have serious issues like that are just selfish for having children. Their desire to be a mother/father trumps the logical choice to NOT pass on any conditions that would make their children's life mostly suffering.
Have a medical issue but still want kids? Adopt. Don't be selfish.

No. 237633

certain illnesses are not hereditary anon, they aren't passed along. most 'mentally ill' behaviours are condtioned by environment.

No. 237659

And so is the child, and God help a child who is raised by a mentally ill parent.

No. 237661

wtf you wrote all this stuff about not messing up a kid and then said mentally ill people should adopt a kid - and mess that kid up with their psycho mom/incompetent off-with-the fairies mom bullshit.

No. 237662

I mean there’s plenty of mentally ill people who have recovered and manage just fine as parents.
>>237595 calm down sir Francis Galton.

No. 237724

Agreed, surgeries such as facial feminization, breast implants, genital reassignments and all the stuff MtFs get should NEVER be free. It's more important to guarantee free healthcare and mental care, ideally for everyone, and not throw government money at trans surgery. You feel bad about having a penis? I feel bad about having a big nose, and guess what, I'm working my ass off to pay to fix it. You want cosmetic surgery? Get a job, save money and get it.


No. 237772

Some mental instability is actually healthy in order to get shit done.
I tried working on my issues and now I am way less motivated than before since I know I can't get the love I crave from money or academic success.

No. 239567


This is absurd. Nose jobs are not on the same level emotionally or physically like genital surgery. Regardless of whether you think it should be paid for, that’s a dumb analogy. It’d be like comparing a nose job to a haircut.

No. 239584

What if I have BDD and the emotional toll that the nose takes on me is huge though? What if I think I'm supposed to be an amputee, should the state pay for my leg removal and unnecessary prosthetic?

No. 239586

Still they are given for free because muh gender dysphoria.

No. 239593

/pol/ please go

No. 239735

>Nose jobs are not on the same level emotionally or physically like genital surgery
Explain how, o enlightened anon?

No. 239763

Well for one, they can actually improve your breathing unless purely aesthetic, they look good and remain functional organs, usually not much is done to them in the first place, if it goes wrong you can fix it in most cases, and most importantly they aren't fucking disgusting festering holes with shit, piss and dreadlocks forming inside.

No. 239977

Well, this for sure. From anon's post it seemed like they were defending genital surgery though

No. 240003

File: 1522945748672.jpg (70.83 KB, 848x848, 3b166d20-7a80-0133-4d9e-0e3f8b…)

Imo eyebrows should always be the same color as your hair or a little darker, but just a little. Blonde hair with super dark eyebrows looks ridiculous. Also super dark thick eyebrows makes your face look older and harsher
Pic related (eww)

No. 240012

i think /ot/ and to some extent /g/ is volatile and full of people who need to get out more. threads, especially those that men are mentioned in (man hate, relationship etc.) are filled with grossly bitter anons who push fear mongering tactics and write inappropriate responses, without reading the subject matter, simply to shit on men. now i know i'll get some flack on this, but i came to the board to get away from fucking men and the whole 'battle of the sexes' shit. i do block threads, but when gross hate seeps into other areas (like the kpop thread) it just leads me to wonder if these anons are just parroting what they read online and hating men in place of society, or if they actually have personal experiences with really terrible humans(with anyone for that matter). i also just think general harboring hate, even through """venting""" like in the man-hate threads is really toxic. and don't get me wrong, i'm not saying there aren't shitbag men out there, but constantly bringing it up is just unhealthy.

No. 240015

i thought anon was comparing "muh gender dysphoria" with other types of dysphoria. and tbh trannies line of thinking means if i "feel" like a cute anime loli, i should get free surgery for it.

No. 240053

File: 1522950867306.png (814.46 KB, 920x583, Screen-Shot-2017-07-25-at-15.3…)

Not sure how unpopular this really is, but it's utterly baffling how hideous everyone in this movie is. This includes Daisy Ridley. She has a fivehead, a man jaw, and a missing neck.

Also, fuck John Boyega for ruining Pacific Rim with his huge fucking ego. Nobody would ever believe his bowlegged, soft, pear-shaped ass is the son of Idris Elba.

No. 240083

File: 1522957688763.jpeg (38.04 KB, 620x465, 6FE68B76-554C-4541-B456-C7EF81…)


Curious, if you think Daisy R is hideous, who do you think is average or hot?

No. 240086

File: 1522958265977.jpg (124.76 KB, 1076x880, ble.JPG)

She must have BDD, Daisy is a very beautiful woman by every standards. Pic related is probably what an elegant feminine jaw and delicate brow bone is to Anon.

No. 240091

File: 1522958826753.jpg (2.89 MB, 2560x1600, 6c00a6379f9c0ba64459b5cc977c94…)

Ridley-hating anon here, I was being hyperbolic in my post. She's obviously not butt fugly, but I really don't think she's some stunning beauty. I think she looks like a dollar-store knockoff Kiera Knightley.

Gal Gadot also has a fivehead and a strong jaw but is infinitely better looking.

No. 240093


I think the only people holding her up on some stunner pedestal are jacking off to her holding a lightsaber. I think she’s beautiful, but not the most beautiful woman by a long shot. I’m pretty sure she was cast cause she looks like Natalie Portman (Padme) and Kiera Knightly was her double. So you’re not wrong in that connection.

She’s mad fit, and I gotta respect her for that

No. 240099

I think Disney's styling of her as Rey is very unflattering and makes her look a lot uglier in the movies than she otherwise would.

I think Adam Driver's really ugly and can't fathom how he was cast as Han Solo and Leia's child when he looks nothing like either of them. But again, I think how Disney styles him isn't helping. He managed to look alright in some modelling ads but looked ridiculous in his shirtless scene in The Last Jedi.

No. 240333

In which universe are these "manjaws"?

No. 240497

>Adam Driver's really ugly
Agreed. It's amazing how much popular media makes weird-looking actors look attractive to so many people. Benedict Cumberbatch is another example I can think of. Or Ryan Gosling.

That anon probably thinks any square jaw on a woman is manly.

No. 240544

What is with the star wars casting lately? From Portman, to Ridley, to Felicity Jones, to Emilia Clarke.
They're all so similar. Where's the variety?

No. 240558

you say that like shes attractive in spite of her jaw, but really, i think its a big part of her good looks. moonfaced weak jawed people look like shit in profile. i feel like it gives her a sleek elegant look, i like it. on the right person a strong jaw is always a plus

No. 240598

They want female audiences and market research says this type is one that women like. Not a sultry blonde that is off putting by being obviously there to appeal to men, and not so plain as to distract with the "well if they used her they might as well have used me" type envy. Not sure about why they need to be British

No. 240638

I think the only thing they have in common is that they're brunettes? They're very different feature wise

No. 240658

Agreed on Cumberbatch. Dude looks like he had bad plastic surgery or is really a lizard person. Ryan Gosling and Adam Driver are good-looking though. I'll give you that Driver's rather 'unconventional' looking, but what's wrong with Gosling? He might not have the strongest or most chiseled features, but he's hardly ugly.

It definitely seems like they've decided the archetypical female Star Wars protagonist is a bland brunette with a British accent. (Personally I find Rey to be only marginally less shit than Anakin, but that's a story for another time.)

No. 240666

File: 1523129405273.jpg (44.27 KB, 625x415, 20-things-that-will-make-you-l…)

Portman, Jones and Clarke are all well above average girls that can also appeal to men, I don't think their haircolor means something

No. 240692

Bland isn't a word I'd use to describe any of those actresses.

No. 240698

File: 1523145032188.jpg (64.13 KB, 736x1104, 01-30-05-7e5bd50ee18e089c3e181…)

Adam Driver is really attractive in my eyes, especially when he has long hair and no beard. This is not me being brainwashed. I love tall men with long hair. He has great eyes too and nice lips. Seems like an intelligent and charming guy from the interviews and he's a great actor.
I understand he might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I adore him. I own 3 Kylo figures in his likeness kek (I adore Kylo too for reasons that have nothing to do with his hotness).

Sidenote - post TLJ seen some salty lesbians on tumblr screeching how ugly he is and it made me laugh, as they were arguing that women should not be judged by their looks. The hipocrisy is astounding

Agree 100%. I left radfem communities for the reason. I enjoyed the social criticism (for example makeup being shilled as a weapon while women are often forced to wear it by societal expectations), but constant reading about rapists and murderers made me even more paranoid and depressed than I was before I found the radfem community. All posts about criminals or random shit guys basically end up with "mem are disgusting, they all want to rape and murder us. You can never trust them. Kill all men". Not to mention the shaming of straight/bi women for wanting to have a healthy relationship with a men.

You can't live your whole life feeling like a rape victim in the making. My mother accidentaly made me feel like this too and it fucked me up. Took me so many years to unlearn that shit, stop being constantly on guard (made my post-ptsd hypervigilance so much worse) and just LIVE.

No. 240705

Sultry blondes are cool and appeal to women. (You can be sexy and badass) But sure, nothing says feminism like some boring, brown haired white girl that's copied and pasted into the "independant" archtype.

No. 240736

Maybe they're trying to tap into the whole Sigourney Weaver/Ellen Ripley look and failing miserably?

No. 240737


Wtf like blondes are all badass and brunettes are all boring? This is some dumb shit, anon.

There’s like five female leads over the entire series, two are mother-daughter so should look alike (Padme, Leia), one is ambiguously connected and looks alike to spawn fan theories (Rey), one is the romantic partner of a man who ends up with someone who looks similar (pretty common), which leaves Rey as the only one who could have looked different… but Rogue One really wanted to establish itself as a Star Wars movie so making the lead female wildly different from the others would’ve been off brand.

It makes a shit ton of sense for them to have cast all brunettes and you just sound bitter when you uphold blondes as so much better tbh. Complain about the lack of female characters, sure, but the lack of blondes? Nah.

No. 240743

brunelet detected

No. 240746


Nope, dusty blonde. Just not petty or bitter about it

No. 240762

Who is the romantic interest who looks similar to the True Lover? Han Solo's previous wife?
Sorry, I feel like an idiot for not being able to tell who do you mean.
There is also Jyn's mother (also a brunette).

No. 240800

TLJ was a shit movie and Rey is a shit protagonist. The whole pseudoromance plot with her and Kylo was the epitome of lazy writing. You can't change my mind.

No. 240801

Shit, needed an unpopular opinion. Uh…I think Alien Resurrection is a perfectly enjoyable movie despite its general shittiness.

No. 240869

File: 1523243105107.png (301.02 KB, 620x750, Satine_Kryze.png)

If you want blondes in Star Wars you pretty much have to look to the shows. Or else it's like they don't exist.

No. 240872

Well, the truth is that everyone who posts here is pretty much retarded.

No. 240879

The absolute state of blonde women. You have almost every single media representing you and are regarded as the most beautiful women in the world. One mainstream thing decides to not have blondes and you go apeshit.

No. 240893

Probably because most blondes look like mole rat or albinos? Hollywood blondes are spectacular looking tho.

No. 240895

kek, true. doesn't help that they seem to help their predisposition to ratty faces by rarely seeming to have much hair, despite having the most hair out of all the hair types.

No. 240910

Can we not shit stir?
>>240879 is right but these comments just make you sound bitter and butthurt. And before you start, my hair is black.

No. 240941

Tbh the brown vs blonde argument is so dumb… As if haircolor made you pretty. It's just like when the Ostrengas push the "I'M BLONDE" thing as if this made them more attractive lol

No. 240953

Right ugly ass white brunettes trying to make themselves sound pretty. White brown haired girls look like neanderthals.

No. 240954

File: 1523294131058.jpg (46.8 KB, 600x617, ec5329804f1dfc26d3382a79c2d09f…)

My guess is you DO look like a mole rat.

No. 240957

Lmao wtf you spergette calm down.

No. 240958

File: 1523296421478.jpg (89.12 KB, 499x415, large.jpg)


tfw blondes get in a hissy cause some people prefer brunettes


No. 240959

This thread has gone full retard.

No. 240962

Exactly. These triggered brown haired white girls are retarded as hell.

I'm black. I'm guessing you and the others getting upset over my post are boring brunette neanderthal looking white hoes. Try so hard and have nasty attitudes then wonder why the rest of the world doesn't care for you. Keep being racist towards black women and reverse racist towards your own kind though.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 240963

this reads like robot b8 soo

No. 240964

Gr8 b8 m8 I r8 8/8

No. 240966

File: 1523298356265.png (515.63 KB, 1280x720, attractive-brunette-model-clap…)


A lot of unpopular opinions there. Congrats. Brb going to be "reverse racist" to some blondes.

No. 240975

File: 1523300923259.jpg (8.29 KB, 275x252, 1521774769250.jpg)

Can everyone stop arguing about brunettes and blondes. Nobody fucking cares and you sound like idiots.

>I'm guessing you and the others getting upset over my post are boring brunette neanderthal looking white hoes.
top kek

No. 241049

and I mostly just wrote that because I really don't like Emilia Clarke and it seems they went for her just to continue the trend.

No. 241081

Some of the most beautiful women I've seen were white with brown hair wym

No. 241335

I have never got an unsolicted dick pic. I've had secret admirers and had gifts delivered and mixtapes, but no boy has ever sent me a photo of their dick.

Does that mean they respect me and think of me as a classy lady? I have lied in disucssions when girls are like EVERYONE HAS RECEIVED A DICK PIC IT'S NORMAL. I've never. No one has ever sent me their nudes lol

No. 241336

Probably because you haven't been talking to men you've met online

No. 241338

I've never received dick pic either, but then again I don't do online dating and it seems to be where most girls find these sleazy men.

No. 241339

This is pretty unpopular, even among feminists, but I don't believe in fatherhood rights.

No. 241340

I have spoke with men online, I grew up on band messageboards lol. Some of those men showed interest and had phone calls sent gifts but no dicks.

No. 241342

That could be it, I tried tinder once 3 years ago and talked to a few guys and met up with one for two dates. I saw his dick briefly in person, he had no condoms, neither did I so I made him put it away.

No. 241347

I know everyone loves Venus angelic now because her mom is crazy but everytime I hear Venus talk I want to punch her in the face. That lisp and high pitched cute voice really annoys me and she's really stupid and only hangs out with attention whores who obviously only hangout with her for kawaii fame because she's too shallow to hangout with anyone who isn't thin or cute.

No. 241348

>band forum

Try talking to guys from Craigslist, tinder, dating sites and you will get random dick pics. It depends on where you're meeting guys.

No. 241358

i've never got unsolicited ones either, just when i asked.

No. 241370

Ntayrt but does Tinder allow you to send pics now? Last time I used it was 1 year ago and you couldn't send pics in the chat

No. 241501

File: 1523495233306.jpg (40.54 KB, 400x394, b07111eb856b55243a7df3c1be4eec…)

I just got done watching An Open Secret which is about a particular ring of pedophilia that happened to a few 90s male child actors in Hollywood.

And holy shit, I hate their parents so god damn much.
I know everyone always blames the pedophile (for obvious reasons), but these parents came off to me as inappropriately permissive and negligent.
What kind of parent lets their preteen go out at night with an adult male? Have sleepovers? Party at their mansion with other adults?
Have them move cross country without them?

A parent willing to pimp their kid for money.
That's the truth of the matter. Just because a pedophile is a pedophile doesn't mean these parents did a good job protecting their children.
I'm not sold by their ignorance either, "I didn't know my child was molested even though he started acting different!"
As if the predatory culture of Hollywood was something they never heard of, or that there was nothing unusual about their kids suddenly landing it good with all these rich older dudes willing to give them everything in the world in exchange for their (frankly) mediocre child acting.

s2g I would find these parents entirely complicit and call it neglect.
>"but had I stepped in my child might not have landed jobs because the pedophile producers wouldn't have hired him!"
Well then maybe little Jimmy might have had to grow up as a normal, un-molested individual who would be all the better for it, instead of being a famous child actor who you allowed to be sexually abused.

What pieces of sniveling shit they are.

No. 241503

I agree anon
But yknow there's always kids and parents out there that are willing to do whatever it takes to be rich and famous. It's sad

No. 241514

Is that uncommon?

No. 241515

>tfw brunette but your hair goes white and your eyebrows stay dark

No. 241544


No. 241669

I think most people's nose look alright and I don't understand people's obsession with having the tiniest nose possible. Seems like they focus on it because they low key hate themselves and need something to fixate on.
I know a girl with a literal barbie nose and she think it's ugly and huge and want a rhino, can't wait to see her beautiful brand new MJ nose…

No. 241673

File: 1523564142809.jpeg (34.19 KB, 438x580, 91D6C136-37F6-4297-97F4-A159F9…)


I agree. There’s weird groups of people who seem to believe that MJ noses are ideal. Different nose shapes can really suit a face and be extremely elegant and beautiful. It adds so much character to a face, and seems refined and dignified. Some threads on here are really obsessed with narrow, pointed noses. I mean you do you but different strokes, and I would prefer a world populated by individuals than MJ clones tbh.

No. 241679

>Seems like they focus on it because they low key hate themselves and need something to fixate on.
tbh I think this is where a lot of physical insecurities come from in general

No. 241680

I'm getting desensitized seeing all these online "beautiful people". You know, the instagram type. I don't even care if it's real or fake, they look so same-y. Now to me they're like pictures of anime drawings, nice to look at but forgettable and doesn't have the feeling of a real person, idk. I don't hate them but I'm not impressed anymore, just bored. Feels like despite the crazy styles popular now, celebs etc. had more variety even 10 years ago.

No. 241682

dw anon they look fucking off irl. makeup doesn't translate well on high street or in a dim restaurant.

No. 241705

I'm so unattracted to black men sexually. I can acknowledge when a black man has handsome features, but I have zero sexual interest. I can't even watch porn with black dick in it, it grosses me out and completely kills my libido.

No. 241710

Same here. There are many that I realize are good-looking, but I'm never attracted to them. Maybe they look too different for my brain to process them as attractive? Idk.

No. 241712

File: 1523575878858.jpeg (456.99 KB, 750x853, 406FC751-AB48-46CA-A379-D1D9AB…)


That’s so funny to me cause I find black men a huge turn on. Like if I was honest irl about it, I’d probs get shouted at for “fetishizing” or “jungle fever.”

A well groomed black man with amazing style and nice hands brings me to my fucking knees.

Are you unattracted to the skin color or facial features or both?

No. 241713

Black women seem to always be ‘hushed’ or ignored whenever we voice our opinions on the internet. That is, until I realized the internet is just like real life. The majority to always take control are whites. This is an unpopular opinion, of course. :)(ban evasion)

No. 241714

That's not unpopular unless you're black. Most people are attracted to those within their own race, obviously biologically to keep the genes alive.

No. 241715

Yeah sjw and inclusivity culture tries to make people feel guilty for that phenomenon and will flat out say that not being fully sexually attracted to all races makes you fucking racist. I'm so sick of it. Even my taste in my own race is a really specific type and I like to be monogamous. Many of the guys I don't find hot are the dream men of other women, so dating someone who does nothing for you out of race guilt is actually the selfish and racist choice. Sorry to go off on a tangent lol

No. 241725

Anyone who tries to make you feel bad for that has the brain capacity of a toad for not being able to grasp that you can't help what you like and they should be completely cut from your life. Don't worry about those people. You're a better person than they'll ever be.

Here's another look at it, not wanting to fuck and reproduce with someone does not equal being disrespectful to them as a person especially just for their race.

No. 241727

I find them sexually attractive regularly but I find non white genitals so unattractive. The rest is fine, but contrary to popular (incel/MRA/etc) opinion the BBC is the least appealing part.

I probably wouldn't date one though. Non black guys flip the fuck out at the very idea and I'm not risking a future relationship/my reputation for the sake of not being racist, plus my dad would disown me. That said they're a really small minority in my country, it's pretty much a non-issue and I'll never have to make that choice in reality.

No. 241737

Not unpopular in a lot of circles but it seems kind of popular here, but I honestly think the growing commonality of plastic surgery and girls who want plastic surgery is a bad thing. I understand if you have something that's seriously deformed looking, something about the part impairs function (like a nose you have trouble breathing through), or otherwise just makes you really uncomfortable and makes your life more unpleasant in some way. Nothing wrong with taking a measure that will improve your life.

But if it's just a normal body part you want aesthetically changed so you can feel more secure about your appearance, that's a different story. People shouldn't have to feel this bad about ordinary genetic variations they were born with. If you get plastic surgery and it makes you feel better more power to you, but I think a lot of people's insecurity over their appearance is a result of how they feel about themselves. Or otherwise a result of frankly unfair pressure that women feel from seeing edited and photoshopped images all the time. I think it's sad that so many women feel like they need to surgically alter themselves just to feel okay about their bodies.

I'm open to other people's opinions on this, it's just what I think.

No. 241742

I feel bad for all the Instagram/tumblr teens who see WILDLY photoshopped images of "real" girls their age and feel inadequate

It's pretty funny that I grew up to people whining about photoshopped fashion models, when at this point in time looking like Kate Moss is way more achievable for most than the huge-eyed-tiny-pointed-chin-huge-lips-giant-hips-tiny-waist shooped monstrosities positing themselves as "real" relatable teens to very impressionable audiences

Summary: I agree

No. 241744

And anons claiming its normal or just boring/average to look like a fucking sex doll

No. 241745

Depends on where you're at, they're usually everywhere in Mediterranean countries and the USA

No. 241749

Nah I meant the idea that brown haired women aren't attractive. There's a stereotype that brown hair is plain but that's just because it's so common that of course there will be a lot of average girls with brown hair. There's always been beautiful women who look great brunette.

No. 241766

I dont mean to sound like a hippie or anything but if we're being honest, there's ugly, average and drop dead gorgeous people of all skin/hair/eye color variations, someone claiming that people with x y z variations are ugly/pretty is just dumb and unfair, its all about face really and how you carry yourself

I don't get why people have to put girls against each other when, unless you have some weird racist/racial superiority complex, you can easily find gorgeous women of all types, especially when its just as something little as hair color/race/skin color/etc

No. 241767


I agree. There's a lot of shows on netflix of women who get plastic surgery and they always look either a.) the same or b.) worse. They put themselves through intense physical and emotional pain just to come out the otherside not even looking like themselves anymore.

There was one where a woman got her forehead shortened because she thought it was too big. She basically had her hairline cut and pulled down. She looked the same, if not less pretty, and basically fully regretted it.

I don't know why people think ps is this quick fix magic wand. They're messing with the features that make them unique and beautiful.

No. 241769



Yeah sjw and inclusivity culture tries to make people feel guilty for that phenomenon and will flat out say that not being fully sexually attracted to all races makes you fucking racist.

Or the inverse. As a white woman attracted to black men, I've had black women tell me they would basically ostracize any black man who dated a white woman. They honestly believe that black men "belong" to black women, and white women are "stealing our men." Its fucking insane.

No. 241775

I don't think they feel black men 'belong' to them, I think they're bitter. And for good reason, black men who prefer white women are fucking awful about black women and it's shitty to put down your own race while putting another on a pedestal.

No. 241778


>black men who prefer white women are fucking awful about black women

that's such a generalization.

Let people date whoever they want, regardless of race.

No. 241780

Sure but a lot of black dudes will straight up say they won't date a dark skinned girl because to them it's a status symbol thing, and even those who will often prefer light skin girls or white women/Latinas.

No. 241782

Most of mens "attractions" revolve around social status, men can't think for themselves, its not just with black men, to men, women are just toys you drop when they go out of trend

No. 241816

File: 1523612320359.jpg (760.98 KB, 2803x3504, wp2143769.jpg)

I'm not just not attracted sexually to them, i find their features downright repulsive.
Not sure if that's even an unpopular opinion though, sticking to your own race is the norm, i don't think any of my friends would ever consider dating one (not that there are any there i live to begin with).

For example, this is the most attractive black celebrity according to Buzzfeed, but if i look at his face there's not one single thing that i find even just a little bit attractive, especially big mouths just freak me out…

No. 241817

File: 1523612893708.jpg (77.66 KB, 576x543, 9887798ER?NKDS00.jpg)

I don't want it to turn into an black bashing circle jerk but same, I can't even find black models like Adonis Bosso or pic related attractive. And I don't understand this obsession with "all women want a strong black men" that some white guys have, it screams racism and insecurity to me. I was so taken aback when I broke up with my ex bf and he cried that he knew all I wanted was a sexy black men with a huge dong, so fucking uncomfortable…

No. 241820

File: 1523613756136.jpg (489.84 KB, 2000x2000, 00-promo-chadwick-boseman.jpg)

Me too until Black Panther…yeah I know, so normie of me.
I did always find black women attractive though.

No. 241822

black guys are difficult to get excited about but so are all men in general
black girls otoh are really pretty in general + they’re always so much more eloquent and personable than white girls tbh

No. 241823

You're definitely not from north america then.

No. 241826

Prefering white guys over black guys or vice versa is a question about your own taste, some prefer this, some prefer that.
But saying that black girls in general are more eloquent than white girls has nothing to do with personal preferences…

No. 241827

Well it's an unpopular opinion thread so it's fitting. I don't think it match most people's experience tho.

No. 241831

this tbh, I've grown up in a 99% white country with almost no immigration and the only black dudes I ever see IRL come straight from Africa and they look very different from the American blacks who always have a distinct afro-american look to them. Every other ethnicity I can find attractive, but black dudes… not really. I guess it's because they look TOO different from me.

No. 241832

>they’re always so much more eloquent and personable than white girls tbh
The only black girl in my town calls herself "Chocolate [insert her name]", because what man wouldn't want to eat something as delicious looking as her?
She fulfills pretty much every stereotype, so i've yet to see an example for a non-trashy black woman lol

No. 241841

File: 1523622862477.jpeg (72.51 KB, 628x733, 9BA37B7B-2B5A-4705-8834-8C07B6…)


That’s because in America there is the “one drop rule” dating back to slavery where you’re considered black if you have even “one drop” of black blood.

That’s why people like Jessie Williams are considered black even though they have pale eyes, skin, and thin lips.

No. 241864

There's lots of black guys in my country (though not in my area) and a lot of them are very nice but unless they're 2nd gen and onwards they usually look and sound like vid related and I'm sorry, I just don't find that very appealing.

No. 241868

Anon, show some respect for Eddy-Malou, savant of the republic, please.

No. 241872

Most of them are like that, there's decent ones but… meh. They're usually very rude but I guess they can't help they come from an extremely low class background and a lot of them live in the projects. That anon just sounds bitter they aren't white or can't get along with white women which are a thousand times more pleasant to be around no matter where you are.

No. 241873

I think most of them are quite nice and funny to be around but I don't understand why a lot are quite intense too, I met a very nice woman in the train not too long ago and after talking a little bit about some problems with my boyfriend she advised me to go tell the cops he's a pedophile that'll teach him. Like wtf, how can you even think about this kind of thing lmao.

No. 241875

You sound like a robot
>white roasties will only accuse you of rape and being a pedophile

No. 241876

I was talking about my meeting with a black woman, they do tend to do crazy things to their bf, but tbh the guys can be very cruels too.

No. 241879

Where do you live that most black girls are eloquent? I live in a place that's close to being majority black and the few well spoken black girls were upper middle class and grew up in white neighborhoods without exception.

No. 241946

not an american but how the fuck would anyone consider this person black or even half-black, he looks like a tan white person even down to his skull shape

No. 241958

I would be legitimately upset and would give my child up for adoption if it were born a girl. I never want a daughter. Women in general are petty as fuck and backstab each other. They love to gossip and are just plain untrustworthy. I know this opinion is definitely unpopular especially on this site of all places, but every time I’m reminded of how much I would never want a daughter.(shit bait)

No. 241961

Uh-huh… amazing bait.

No. 241962

Anon, I'm not going to freak out about your opinion, but with views like that you really should consider having no children at all.

No. 241963

Mais oui, c'est clair !

For the longest time I've thought I was racist like my parents. But with time and living in a big city instead of a village, I've found that I would totally bang a long haired nerdy fully occidentalized college black dude. It's not a race thing, it's a class thing for me.

No. 241964

>as if guys aren't petty and backstabbey and don't gossip
I have bad news for you, anon…

No. 241972

Yeah sure, dodge a bullet with a daughter who might be bitch in highschool (even thoug you can easily parent her to be different), and end up with a man who commits violent crime and sexual assault. Great plan. Don't have kids.

No. 241976

Don't take the bait anon.

No. 241980

this, honestly. I've only ever had girls be mean to my in my whole life. Not sure i'd put her up for adoption but i'd definitely be very disappointed.

No. 242084

I don't think lolicon is necessarily pedophilia. I know that's extremely unpopular here.

No. 242098

Explain further.
I've heard about lolicon artists that use 3dp photos, readers that started consuming 3dp pedo media after getting hooked.getting and stuff, so I'm very hesitant with backing the "it doesn't hurt anyone, it's only fiction" argument.

No. 242099

but how is masturbating to drawings of children not pedophillia? it's obviously better than masturbating to real children, but it's still pedophillia.

No. 242100

I can only speak for myself, but I like anime style lolis. However, I feel no attraction to real children or even artistic depictions in different styles (like western cartoon/more "realistic", etc), I think all of that is gross and disgusting, and I think anyone who feels attracted to actual kids or wants to do something to them is sick in the head.

I think depictions of adult women in anime are attractive, but I also find irl adult women attractive. Therefore I don't see how liking loli art makes me a pedophile.

I think there would be plenty of pedophiles who like loli, obviously, but I don't think liking loli and nothing else is the same as "real" pedophilia.

No. 242101

>I like anime style lolis
You do realise that the words "loli" and "shota" don't mean simply "young anime character" right?
They mean "sexualised child" in the otaku culture. If you, not only like, but fap to that you are engaging in a pedo like act.

No. 242103

That's a pretty nebulous difference and I don't get your point. A lot of "young anime characters" are quite sexualized, and I'm not sure how young you mean by young. I'm not calling 15 year olds "loli". Probably most loli-type characters I like would fall mostly into the "hebephilia" by their stated ages. As for your other point I really have nothing else to say besides that I don't like kids. If I only like it in a very specific artsyle and not at all in real life I just don't see the problem.

No. 242120

Aesthetic attraction =/= sexual attraction
While I cannot read your mind, I doubt you are "attracted to naked cartoon children but not rl children" like you claim
Everyone is attracted to something for a reason, and since loli revolves around nude children, you are attracted to loli because they're naked children, and the slippery slope exists, even though you claim not to be attracted to real children, eventually it can evolve into actual pedophilia, hence why so many things that were once considered unattractive/not really cared about, when hentai anime became popular, people started becoming attracted to those things
Prepubescent children dont need to be sexualized, and imo anyone who likes loli or shotta should NOT be around children, even if they claim they dont like actual children

No. 242121

>i dont see a problem
Because no one believes you? Lmfao, idc how much you claim you arent attracted to actual kids, you are getting off to depictions of nude children, literal naked child bodies in forms of drawing, idc if you claim "BUT BUT IM NOT ATTRACTED TO IT IRL!!!" save it, just never ever go within 30 feet of children

No. 242126

>While I cannot read your mind, I doubt you are "attracted to naked cartoon children but not rl children" like you claim
I mean you can doubt it but I'm just not. This is the argument anyone has against it. "You don't THINK you want to fuck kids but you secretly do", and I just don't. Slippery slope exists but you can find it under a list of fallacies for a reason, I think real or even realistic depictions of kids are sexually repulsive and I don't see that changing.

No. 242127

not again.

No. 242128

>in the otaku culture

uhh actually it's in japanese culture in general it didn't start with otaku, freak.

No. 242129

What not again?

No. 242130

Okay you special snowflake explain why ever since erotica art was a thing, people drew what they were attracted to irl and consumers who got off to it liked it irl as well
Some guy paints a fat girl, other men buy it and get off to it or use it as an example of beauty or whatever, this has been an example since the beginning of erotic art but magically loli consumers are special snowflakes and arent actually attracted to kids they just like pretending to be sexually attracted to kids right? This is retarded
>real or realistic children are disgusting
Then whats the point? You wanna fap to naked little girls getting molested in cartoon world? What do you get out of that? If you really are attracted to naked little girls in a cartoon then your brain is releasing the attraction hormone for a reason, get help, and never go near kids

No. 242131

there's some insane bitch who claims that people aren't actually attracted to things sexually without acting out their attraction. she totally derailed a vent thread a few months ago. she starts out annoying but manageable but then turns fucking nuts and spams the thread and refuses to stop responding to trolls or people telling her to calm down or anything.

No. 242132

>You don't THINK you want to fuck kids but you secretly do
Again, why tf would you be getting off to naked little girls in cartoon form exactly? This attraction doesn't appear out of thin air, no one is just born with the need to want to fap to naked cartoon children "but totes arent attracted to them irl"

No. 242133

Ok, are you implying the terms "loli" and "shota" are of normal use by the general Japanese society? Any source on that? Because I've never seen a non-otaku Japanese person using any of those terms.

No. 242134

Not including "lolicon" of course, since it seems to be more known now days.

No. 242135

>why would someone be angry at children being drawn naked for people to fap to
I mention aesthetic vs actual attraction since, its a thing, scream crazy all you want, denying that people confuse their sexual interests is just dumb, most people barely understand themselves and you know it

No. 242136

anon, there's a difference between being attracted to realistic art, and art that's made to look pleasing in specific ways. it's a science of attraction thing that anime characters with their large eyes, small facial features and soft looking bodies make them more attractive. and liking perfectly designed versions of humans has been a thing since ancient times, think pygmalion.

No. 242137


I don't think there's anything special about it, and I don't think lolis are the only example of someone liking something sexually only in art and not irl. For an extreme/not in real life example some people like dumb tentacle porn or whatever and they'd probably grossed out and scared if there was a real-life slimy tentacle rape creature somewhere trying to touch them.

Lolis (anime style) don't look much like actual kids to me, anime style features in general are pretty divorced from real life I suppose. I don't know if there's a "point", I just see art of them and it looks appealing to me sexually. It's been years and it hasn't changed or gotten worse, and it's not the main or only thing I like. People suddenly act like fetishes or arousal have to make logical sense when it comes to loli even when it generally doesn't.

That explains it pretty well.

No. 242138

a-anon, uh, first off it says right on wikipedia, and lolicon comes from the japanese term lolita complex, which is where loli comes from. loli and shota are media genres, the words came into use during the 70s buy the media and the public to describe people who read media that depicted (non sexual) young men and girls, shoujo and shounen manga read by older readers outside the demographic.

No. 242139

So its not sexual attraction, its aesthetic attraction, plain and simple
Also if theyre attracted to certain features of the character what exactly seperates it irl? Obviously perfect drawn humans still reflect your attraction, if you're attracted to naked little cartoon children, chances are if the "perfect" one pops up irl you'll be attracted to it as well, again these attractions dont appear out of nowhere
>large eyes, soft features, soft skin
And? Lots of humans have these features, if thats what you like then why go choose a child out of all things to represent that?

No. 242140

If that's so, why not just read or wach cute shoujo manga/anime with cute kids wearing non sexual garments and poses?
I call bullshit, at least admit you are a deviant.

No. 242141

anon please leave it alone, this person is the crazy bitch who won't shut up till the thread is a dumpster fire. i believe you and i am the same but please don't open more discourse it will not end well!

No. 242142

i think you misunderstood me, i'm saying the real life people and anime characters are viewed as different things, not that there's no sexual or romantic attraction.

No. 242144

No. 242145

>tentacle porn or whatever and they'd probably grossed out and scared if there was a real-life slimy tentacle
But theres also a reason for that attraction, for a lot of people its about the bondage part, not so much the tentacle part, where as what exactly are you getting to fapping to naked little children?

No. 242146

>calls me crazy for doing the exact same as other people are doing then raging simply because you dont understand
Okay anon, but its me whos crazy apparantly

No. 242147

no1curr about your psych101 bs. it's not like we don't remember your crazy ass, you're not welcome here because you're an immature know it all.

No. 242148

no it's cause you're a literal shithead who won't let people disagree with you.

No. 242149

I don't know the word for it, but kids without exception have physical features that make them look like "kids" irl that are pretty much non-existent in loli art. It helps that adults never write kids as acting like actual children do, even if it's just because they don't get/forgot how kids think or something. There's no way I could feel attraction to someone with an actual kid brain.

No. 242150

Yet it still reflects
Again, what makes YOU the special snowflake exception? What exactly are you getting out of naked little cartoon girls and being sexually attracted to them "but not irl!!!"

No. 242151

PLEASE stop responding to her.

No. 242152

I can't explain it well but that's basically the same thing, it's something more abstract rather than an attraction to real kids.

No. 242153

You sound twice as crazy as me, fuck off
Okay then just for anime adults if thats the case, if theres just a "thing" you like that seperates them yet you choose sexualized children to get off to and it says a lot about you
Honey give up, youre insane, instead of shitting your pants over someone replying just fuck off, plain and simple

No. 242154

>special snowflake
There it is again. I'm not even that anon but I know I'm far from the only person who experiences it like that.

No. 242155

see, look, you'll see, she'll never stop responding, and then she'll say cause 'why should i?'

No. 242156

>Okay then just for anime adults if thats the case, if theres just a "thing" you like that seperates them yet you choose sexualized children to get off to and it says a lot about you
I said lolis aren't the main or only thing I like, my main preference would be girls with more adult bodies.

No. 242157

Then its aesthetic attraction
And what is it exactly? Is it naked little kids? Why would someone choose to be attracted to naked little girls in cartoons but "totes not irl"

No. 242158

Again, seek help before you burst into flames over something that doesnt even involve you
Then leave little girls alone and not sexualize children, especially if you are the one drawing them and the main consumers are pedophiles

No. 242159

>Then its aesthetic attraction
You're drawing a solid line between aesthetic and sexual attraction that doesn't actually exist but okay.

No. 242160

lol why are you assuming I draw loli porn now?

No. 242161

Because naked little girls irl look nothing like naked anime girls, and even if they somehow did (they literally can't), they'd still be actual kids and that's horrible.

No. 242162

NTA, but this is the person who was engaging the lolicon artist months ago.


it's her for sure.

>inb4 anyone opposing her that responds too quickly is samefag

No. 242163


No1curr about you going crazy over me because i think sexualizing children is wrong and gross
Again, people are attracted to things for a reason
Example, people who like thigh highs in anime almost always like them irl, people who like brunettes in anime almost always like them irl even though "they look nothing alike", so what makes kids some magic exception

No. 242164

Oh shit! I actually remember this. She kept using circular logic to imply sexual and aesthetic attraction were super black and white and then getting paranoid that everyone was samefag because the thread was active?

No. 242165

Specific body parts don't look that "different" between a drawing and irl, but a loli's body and a kid's body definitely do.

No. 242166

>call one person who was later proven a samefag, a samefag
>y-you think everyone is a samefag

>discussing aesthetic and sexual attraction and how people often confuse them for each other is somehow "acting as if its black and white"


No. 242167

Lmao, you're fucking nuts m8

I just read the thread again and no one was proven samefag, wtf.

No. 242168

MOOOODS. Cease this degeneracy pls

No. 242169

I think a lot of the appeal when it comes to hentai in general is the whole "perfectly designed versions of humans" thing. I find RL porn to just be too gross to watch, and I never find myself attracted to the performers. It's also too fake. When watching hentai I don't even really make the mental connection that it's depicting people, it's just sexually stimulating to look at.

Why do you like loli though? Is it specifically because they're kids? Is it the power dynamic? Is it that you prefer more petite bodies (small tiddies) that are less common in usual hentai? I personally can't enjoy it if it directly mentions being underage or if features popping her cherry. It makes me way too uncomfortable.

Do you actually think you'll ever convince some anon on an image board to just stop jacking it to whatever they like? You think whatever nonsense you type up means that much to them? Wild.

No. 242170

>you can't talk about unpopular opinions in the unpopular opinions thread anymore

No. 242171

This person was tempbanned before for the same thing. I'm sure they will be again.

No. 242172

Again, everyone is attracted to something a reason, if you like anime because of how its drawn, at least do yourself the decency of not fapping to naked children, since the entire reason lolis are a thing is because its supposed to represent children and having a childs body, why anyone would choose to get off to it, is beyond me

No. 242173

And? So did the other anon, oh wait let's make it about me for whatever reason
>what is a proxy

No. 242174

Mainly petite bodies and power dynamic I think.

No. 242175

See, she responds when no one is talking to her. And she's been calling others nuts? Lmao.

No. 242176

If its for "perfect humans" why choose naked little girls? Thats disgusting

>Do you actually think you'll ever convince some anon on an image board to just stop jacking it to whatever they like? You think whatever nonsense you type up means that much to them? Wild.

Where did I say that? Where? Stop flipping shit out on me and actually read

No. 242177

I like small, flat women and loli bodies don't look different from flat older girls. I'm not really a fan of dirty old men stuff or anything myself, but I like the flat chest and stuff better than huge titties, and it's kinda hard to find flat chest porn that's not of lolis, plus the incest is p good.

No. 242178


No. 242179

>incest is p good
Actually no say no more, you proved yourself disgusting

No. 242180

I don't think anyone is being hurt by someone liking incredibly unlifelike drawings of anime 11 year olds. A lot of people like things I'd consider gross on some level, but that don't actually harm anyone, so I don't care.

And to be clear, I don't think "doesn't actually harm anyone" applies to pedos who like to look at kids or look at child porn.

No. 242181

Fantasy incest is on a plane of harmless that's far, far above lolis. Jesus anon.

No. 242182

But anon, according to aesthetic-chan you are a dirty disgusting pedo for simply only being attracted to certain things. It's like she doesn't even get that people have you know, preferences and some people's preferences are for anime, but what do I know, I just am literally able to understand my own feelings.

No. 242183

Can't believe you guys have entertained the larp for this long, the absolute state

No. 242184

This anon knows where it's at.

No. 242185


IMO that's the least offending and most understandable reasons to be into it. I believe if someone's actually a pedo they're not gonna watch loli, they'll consume actual child pornography.

It's actually bonkers lmao.

No. 242186

Don't bother anon, some people are just retarded and will never change. I can't say I'm surprised that this bitch is literally using the same """logic""" again to ree about pedos, but it's pretty pathetic.

No. 242187

Its not about people being hurt its the fact that anime and porn influcences a lot of people irl and you know it, especially sexually
I'd rather kids not get sexualized at all even if "IT DOESNT HURT ANYONE DOE!!!" since a lot of things that get sexualized people act on, slipperly slope

Traps for example, one minute men hated all of them, then when anime made it popular suddenly everyone wants a trap, explains why when loli increased in japan, now almost every mofo there is a pedophile

No. 242188

Well some of us are trying to have a discussion about animu porn preferences and keep getting interrupted by a fly.

Anyway I'd love to add some of you guys on discord since it's very hard being female and liking loli, so let me know if you'd like to add. I can make a throwaway server so we don't have to out our usernames,

No. 242189

File: 1523676622322.png (199 KB, 376x302, 1523291754393.png)

>the amount of samefaggotry

No. 242190

Uh, I know a friend who likes tentacle porn and they told me that if there were some real alien creature in a room somewhere that would tentacle porn them they'd do it

No bestiality, must be an alien with the hots for humans

No. 242191

>almost everyone in japan is a pedophile
This has to be bait.

No. 242192

Well I meant most people, not all, and even if they think they'd do it, I can't imagine a 3D analogue of a tentacle monster that isn't objectively horrifying in a way that won't come across in drawings.

No. 242193

Yawn, I already explained why "everyone is attracted to something for a reason" not even gonna bother explaining again
Incest is gross, idc if its a fish fanfiction, someone is thinking of it and getting off even if its fictional, its gross
Good job misinterpreting what im saying, loli is little girls, since everyone is attracted to something for a reason, and since anime is everywhere and out of all anime things to choose from, even though they claim "to not like it because it is a child", they choose children to fap to, plain and simple
>i dont get it why would someone be grossed and weirded out about people getting off to naked little girl drawings :-(

No. 242194

That's pretty different though, anon. A lot of tentacle porn is gross octopus stuff. I find alot of my fetishes don't translate well into real life (especially ones that involve stuff that would have blood outside of hentai), but if it was 1-1 like hentai I'd totally go for it. The thing is, it's not.

No. 242195

>it sucks being a grl and being sexually attracted to naked little girls in cartoons
Boo hoo

No. 242196

>it grosses me out so ban it
You do have something to stand on with lolis, but it's clear you're just morality policing any harmless fetish you deem "gross".

No. 242197

That anon isn't mentally sound. I it's just best to ignore, she's a broken record.

No. 242198

I miss /manure/

No. 242199

That "harmless fetish" are little girls, and since we've seen anime evolve to actual attractions many times, i think its best if we dont have little girls being drawn naked fot sexual purposes at all
>cant even respond to me while talking about me in the same place
>shitting yourself and making a huge deal to anyone that replies to me as being crazy
>claims im crazy for responding to you when you are literally talking about me right in front of me
Have some self awareness

No. 242201

I was referencing incest. Little girls is debatable, and your idea that fetishes directly come from anime is flawed and simplistic. But it's clear you feel the same way about lolis as anything you've decided personally grosses you out, so your opinions can be safely dismissed.

No. 242202

A real true blue

No. 242203

I don't get the need for her to fucking moralfag so hard.

No. 242204

It's crazy how much she's forcing it. She's right in the sense that people are attracted to certain things for certain reasons. I'm >>242169 and when I asked why anons are into loli both answered it had to do with body types, no mention of the fact it's depicting children. I like how she didn't acknowledge that though.

Did you guys hear something?

No. 242205

It's cause obviously both of us are child-crazed pedos, obviously.

No. 242206

Oh yeah obviously little girls being sexualized is no big deal and its not like so many anime shit that has been fetishized has later been reflected into people's real life sexual attraction but yeah lets just dismiss it because "it grosses me out" totally has nothing to do with the fact the vast majority of loli consumers are actual pedos


So what? Someone likes incest in anime but totes doesnt like it irl now? Okay then
>believing incest is harmless in thr first place
Did you pay your trailer park rent yet?

No. 242207

I mean, there's no getting around the fact that it is meant to depict children, and it's notlike you can pretend it's not. But anything that depicts a child realistically, either physically or psychologically, or shows it being horrible and traumatic for the loli (there's some real awful ones out there), it makes me very uncomfortable.

No. 242208

Yeah fucking moral fags how they think little girls and incest shouldnt be sexualized or seen as attractive
Go back to /b/ most of us have decency here
If its about bodies choose adults to fap to, not children, jeez,why is everyone so hurt because i think little girls shouldnt be drawn naked or seen as sexy

No. 242210

Very few people who like incest fantasies want to fuck their relatives, that one is actually pretty well documented. Liking irl incest is just as harmless if it's not about you incest-ing your own relatives, it's more like a forbidden love/voyeuristic thing.

No. 242212

Don't anon. This bitch literally said she thinks it's impossible for people to have fantasies and not want them IRL. She's just using it to justify hating loli, but still, she's using it.

No. 242215

>liking irl relatives is just as harmless
Say no more
Again, check yourself, you rage at anyone who replies to me but call me crazy? Lmfao, this place really is crawling with mental patients

No. 242216

>liking irl relatives is just as harmless
Is your reading comprehension that bad? Because that's the opposite of what I said.

No. 242217

Can YOU read?
>Liking irl incest is just as harmless if it's not about you incest-ing your own relatives, it's more like a forbidden love/voyeuristic thing.

Is exactly what you said, word from word

No. 242218

sorry buddy, it doesn't look like anyone is raging. also why do you want to engage "mental patients" you should take your vast intellect somewhere else, then you can bitch about how we're not begging you to absolve us of our sins.

No. 242219

By liking irl incest, I meant enjoying 3D people depictions of incest. NOT someone liking their own relatives. Which most people who like something as vanilla as incest fantsies do not.

No. 242220

a-anon, if you like incest irl but not your own relatives, then it's not incest for you, what the fuck?

No. 242221

hey anon, what would you say to me if i told you i like loli incest porn? like where two lolis are sisters and do incest but also do incest with their older brother. triggered?

No. 242223

But anon, she's crazy, she said that if you don't enact it yourself IRL you're a poser.

No. 242224

>some rando chick as been shitting herself anytime someone replies to me
>no one is raging tho
Thanks for proving yourself delusional
>vanilla as incest fantasies
O boy
Yawn, same shit as saying the word nigger to people who tell you not to say it, im glad the people who are opposing me always expose themselves as batshit crazy/trolls/hypocrites/inbreds/btards

No. 242225

>dont interact with her xdddd shes crazy i swear shes psycho i know her shes extremely crazy just dont talk to her man shes crazy she will leave if you dont reply except me I get to subreply to her shes so crazy man xD just look how crazy she is
Self awareness is a virtue

No. 242226

File: 1523678642573.jpg (34.83 KB, 1000x700, 553159973[1].jpg)

wew lad

No. 242227

What is this weirdness going on right now? Can we stop?

No. 242228

>tfw anons were right about this person all along.

please, what >>242227 said.

No. 242229

Just get banned already, flipping out and talking shit about me to anyone that comes in this thread is pathetic, annoying and only proving my point

No. 242230

Lame incest setups are common as fuck even in mainstream guy porn.

No. 242231

…this is my first post. i've been lurking and it's unfolding eerily like people said. calm down.

No. 242233

File: 1523679029412.gif (347.34 KB, 250x183, jhl.gif)

ok so here's my unpopular opinion

I can't stand Rihanna, her music sucks and I think she's tacky and acts ratchet as fuck. I'm especially annoyed at how everyone's been sucking her clit over Fenty beauty

No. 242234

And yet most people I know are civilized enough to think its gross, even other people made videos on americas "dirty secret" ie incest porn being popular, im guessing youre american
Okay anon we believe you

No. 242235

I don't think camgirls/sex workers/whatever are nearly as degenerate at people claim them to be. Of course like with any group there will be awful people, but selling sex isn't inherently wrong and doesn't make you a bad person. I think when done correctly it takes a ton of genuine effort and is respectable.

No. 242237

>americans think incest is vanilla

No. 242239

>anyone thinking incest isn't vanilla
I admire your innocence anon.

No. 242240

i don't think the first part is unpopular, but misconstrued. i'm fully against sexwork, but i don't look down on sexworkers unless they are simply doing camming etc for easy money and act like they're hot shit for doing so. if anything i worry about the sex industry and know how much they are mistreated and know that sexwork is a terrible thing for society and the liberation of women.

No. 242241

stop baiting

No. 242243

I hope its bait tbh, the last thing we need is for lolcow to be turned into a trailer park

No. 242244

File: 1523679614459.png (339.71 KB, 499x597, lolicon.png)

can we please stop replying to that gross, incest-loving pedo/robot?

it's pretty clearly a male robot larping.

No. 242246

I should have been more specific, I was specially referencing self employed sex workers (camgirls, snapchat girls, etc). The amount of time, energy, and knowledge it takes to produce good quality homemade content is crazy. It also requires an insane amount of self discipline, motivation, mental and emotional energy. I hate when people say stuff like "she just records herself cumming her job is so easy" because it's simply not like that and doesn't acknowledge the fact it takes actual skill to be successful.

No. 242247

For most, anyways. There will always be the idiot who gets a lucky break.

No. 242250

what are you talking about? have you visited the shameful fetish thread? it's obvious that multiple anons here like loli and incest.

No. 242251

Incest fantasies about fictional characters are literally unrelated to people doing actual incest.

No. 242252

that's fair, i have no problem with them unless they are acting like it's the worst/hardest job in the world, cause usually they look down on everyone else.

No. 242253

I was surprised no one accused me of being a male until now, but I'm not, sorry.

No. 242254

i'm not a dude lmao. also none of us were claiming lolicon is art, it's fucking porn.

>anyone i don't like is a robot!

No. 242255

Clearly all robots LARPing, girls are pure and would never like such dirty, disgusting things!

Anyone who doesn't believe women can have diverse sexual preferences sounds like the robot to me lol

No. 242256

No one wants to fucking talk to you, go to bed.

No. 242257

>ignoring bot behaviors
>everyone here loves incest and pedophilia i swear!!
Do you not remember the girl who was called out by everyone because she talked about wanting to corrupt little boys?
"Its just pretend incest not REAL incest"
Again, back to the trailer park you go

No. 242260

eww gross, i actually agree with you here. still kys out of lolcow please.

No. 242261

>replying all in the same minute
Are you sure you're not all samefags
>inb4 you scream crazy

No. 242262

sure. you're disgusting either way, stop derailing.

No. 242263

Can you explain how enjoying fictional characters who aren't you doing incest translates to wanting to fuck your actual relatives? The Westermarck effect is pretty powerful, some porn about people who are not your relatives definitely won't undo it.

No. 242264

>a few people = everyone
>no woman could like things I don't like

No. 242265

lmfao, she literally said she gets wet when she hugs little boys irl and IS A BABYSITTER and purposely makes them uncomfortable/touch her. but sure, pretend that fantasies are just as bad, go ahead.

No. 242267

Only one of those is me, but okay. Almost like this thread is kinda active right now and multiple people are watching it or something. Crazy idea right?

No. 242268

this again

>what is an active thread?

No. 242269

but anon, it makes much more sense for both of us to literally post at the same time if we're samefag right? i have 2 sets of arms and i dual wield laptops just to fuck with paranoid cunts on /ot/

No. 242270

It doesnt appear out of thin air anon
The same reason why lots of people with teacher fantasies often wanted to fuck their actual teacher, lots of people with boss/employee fantasies would fuck their actual boss if they were attracted to them if given the chance, same with nurse/patient

Do you really think incest fantasies are completely unrelated to actual incest?

No. 242272

Okay, keep proving my point
They're not "just as bad" but still bad and should not be encouraged, do you really think rape and pedophilia and incest acts totally didnt start out as fantasies? Right

No. 242273

Yes, I do. Pretty much anyone I've ever talked to with incest fantasies is grossed out by the idea of fucking their actual family members. The appeal of incest is primarily the forbidden angle. People who want to do incest with a relative fantasize about fucking that relative, not incest in general.

No. 242274

so do all people with rape or gangbang fantasies really want to get raped, or do they just like it "aesthetically"?

No. 242275

All squares are rectangles but not all rectangles are squares. All people who have done X thing have fantasized about doing it, but not all people who fantasize about X thing have done it or even ever want to really do it.

No. 242278

A lot of people with incest fantasies don't actually have the relative they fantasize about. Like people who get off to little sister stuff but don't and have never had a little sister.

No. 242279

you're really fucking stupid aren't you.

rape is a pre-modern human phenomenon and has nothing to do with fantasy, same with incest, it wasn't taboo until a few centuries ago and was in fact promoted to retain bloodlines. ffs. i'm like talking to someone who got all of their knowledge by reading a wiki article one time and parroting it again and again.

No. 242280


Seriously though. Fucking. Stop. Engaging. Her.

It's obvious she doesn't want to agree to disagree, she even fucking baited you fucks into reopening the subject.

No. 242282

Incest was promoted only among upper class, people have always had a biological disinclination towards incest to prevent inbreeding. Otherwise I agree.

No. 242284

And I knew people who were fucking unicorns, i dont care about people "you claim to know with incest fantasies but they totes wouldn't do it irl", i can easily claim i write stories about how and when id shoot up a school but if someone says i need help i can claim its just a fantasy and would never do it irl
Did i say that? No, the anon was making it obvious they saw it more as an aesthetic attraction for loli than sexual, rape and gang bang or actual acts oh wait i forgot you need something to rage about
Your point? Its still for something sexual and should be seen as a warning sign, if a kid was drawing himself shooting other kids would you pass it off as a harmless fantasy and totally nothing to be concerned about since not all kids who draw that shoot up schools or want to? Right
>using old timey incest as justification
Maybe this place is really being infested with bots

No. 242285

And who is "she"? Is it me who've you've been shitting your pants about? If it hurts you so much, leave, instead of subtweeting and making conspiracy theories about how im o so crazy and baited everyone

No. 242286

It depends. A lot of kids go through edgy phases and absolutely nothing comes out of it. You're the definition of the slippery slope fallacy.

No. 242287

true, but they sure as hell don't promote it now.

i can't even with you. no one was justifying shit, i was simply stating that you're a blithering retard who's using false info to try to prove your point.

No. 242288

more like the definition of a bloody loon. anon has lost the fucking plot.

No. 242289

Ignoring warning signs and passing them off as edgy phases is retarded, especially when it includes actual fantasizing about acts like so
Please dont work with kids if all youre gonna do is pass off textbook warning signs as a phase or fantasy
Mock morality all you want, unless you teach people right from wrong, these things will only increse

No. 242291

File: 1523681259009.png (1.88 MB, 825x1064, 3c3[1].png)

No. 242292

Oh? And what is that false info exactly?

No. 242293

I'd need more details to know if a kid was showing legitimate warning signs or just edge. Not everything is a warning sign anon.

No. 242295

Well? If its sooo wrong and crazy then debunk it, tell me why we shouldn't ignore warning signs, go on I'll wait

No. 242296

literally you are the only one raging like that here

you sound like you need a friend

No. 242297

Sometimes 1 is enough obviously we shouldnt bombard the kid for years but if you dont think fantasies arent warning signs and people who openly discuss and encourage those fantasies should just be ignored then like I said, do NOT work around kids

No. 242298


No. 242299

I'm glad no one will ever have children with you.

No. 242300

What's your point? That you're a paranoid freak who has a shitass holier-than-thou attitude despite clearly craving attention on an imageboard about cringy cosplayers and whores?

No. 242301

You and I are the same person now btw.

No. 242302

Keep proving it, see if I take you seriously, go on

No. 242303

Ah crazy anons projecting is back, cant wait til mods get here
Actually ill write out your next response

No. 242305

yeah apparently according to Psycho McNutbar over there

No. 242306

Why would responding at the same time make people samefag?

No. 242307

Again, a lot depends on context. How old is this kid? What is his personality? His family? His friends? Why does he have or enjoy the fantasies? How much does he like them? How much does he have these fantasies and how extreme are they? How likely would he be to act on them? Etc etc. The answers to those questions would determine how much said fantasy was something to worry about. But for you the fantasy itself is a crime, for anything, and the context of why and to what extent the fantasy exists means nothing.

No. 242308

But I'll give you points though, it takes a special type of delusion to accuse someone of "craving attention" on an anonymous board
Called it

No. 242309

You aren't here to hear opinions. You don't want level headed discussion. You don't want to hear anyone's side but your own. You reply to posts you aren't even tagged/talked to making it about yourself. You've spent 2+ hours straight on this thread immediately replying to almost every post. You legitimately don't come across as mentally sound and just keep parroting yourself. No one is taking you seriously and yet here you are, still. What are you trying to accomplish? Whats the end goal? We hear what you're saying but you just CANNOT accept the fact people disagree, and it's alarming. We should have all listened to >>242131 . God, I wish we knew your social media. You seem like you'd be a great cow.

No. 242310

i fucking told you guys. the mods are clearly on vacation. i suggest a new thread because this one belongs to her, and apparently there's only one other person ITT.

No. 242311

>can't believe there's three or so people that disagree with you on lolcow

No. 242312

Its still a warning sign and the kid needs to be taught or reminded wrong from right, if a kid comes in a therapist office claiming he fantasizes about shooting up the school, he's in high school, he claims to have these fantasies often and plays video games to simulate it, makes drawings and writes stories, and then he says "oh but I'd never do it irl" are you just gonna say "oh okay sorry for wasting your time have a nice day"?? If so then, like i said, don't work with kids

No. 242313

>video games

oh okay you're trump. cool. also glad to know you view school shootings the same as only children with incest fetishes. :^)

No. 242314

Im gonna ignore all "UR JUST CRAZY PEOPLE DISAGREE WITH U AND YOU CAN'T TAKE IT !!!" posts now , mk, save your psycho talk for your therapist

No. 242315

gosh that bitch is clearly fucking nuts. i hope to god she never has kids or works with kids or goes into psychology!

No. 242316

But anon, think of their poor nonexistant siblings!

No. 242317

>purposely being a dunbass
I said using video games to simulate it, oh wait that doesnt allow you to splerg, right
>shootings the same as only children with incest fetishes. :^)
>again with purposely being a dumbass
We were talking about fantasies, fantasies, F A N T A S I E S, we're on the same page? Great, because we were talking about how fantasies should be viewed as warning signs, not "SCHOOOL SHOOTINGS ARE INCEST FANTASIES!!"

No. 242318

wow what a crazy bitch.

No. 242319

i bet she just gets off to everyone thinking she's crazy, or something.

No. 242320

Yeah, there's the context I mentioned. Teenage and clearly very obsessed with a fantasy of harming others. That fantasy, or any other fantasy, can exist in other and much less extreme contexts.

No. 242321

maybe she's had a humiliation fetish this whole time

No. 242322

no, anon, no logic, just don't work with kids, okay?

No. 242323

obviously since she's acting it out it's not just aesthetic attraction to humiliation.

No. 242324

File: 1523682520894.png (249.75 KB, 436x654, jerry.png)

this is like that time in Rick and Morty when Beth called out Jerry for crying himself to sleep after someone called him a dumbass in the youtube comments and he replied "takes one to know one" and stayed up all night refreshing the browser

this crazy bitch itt is Jerry

No. 242325

But it shouldn't be encouraged, nor should people go out their way to simulate it, which is why i relate it to loli, if someone does go out of their way to simulate their fetish like that and then later attempt to justify it they need help and should be handled with precautions (ie if it is found someone has a raging obsession with murder, they shouldnt have a gun, if someone has an obsession with loli they shouldnt be around kids)

No. 242326

Mods pls ban the psycho samefag thats shitting up the thread

No. 242327

sorry to burst your bubble but the only one getting banned is you.

btw i was in the vent thread and i didn't get banned despite your claims of 'samefag'

also can you please explain why you think that if the posts are at the same time it's samefag? do you think that's what the same in samefag means? sametimepostfag?

No. 242328

>the only one getting banned is you
Say no more kek
When I called you out, instead of being more concealed you couldn't have made it more obvious

No. 242329

I love how anon won't answer anyone's questions, but acts like everyone needs to answer to her.

No. 242330

But there's no samefag.

No. 242331

Keep making it obvious, Im just sitting back laughing my ass off

No. 242332

>not even being able to reply to the correct posts like you did the last few times you "totally didnt samefag" as well

No. 242333

Don't bother, she's crazy. She's going to say you and me are samefag now. I think she seriously doesn't know what samefag means, or has her head so far up her ass to smell her own shit she can't possibly believe more than one person can't see how loony she is. It was funny at first, like watching a drunk idiot do karaoke, but it's like sad now, I left to watch anime with my bf and she's still going after like 2 hours, how pathetic. People like her must not have anyone.

No. 242334

The samefag is truly hilarious, i mean i figured you were retarded but fuck at least try to hide it
>even splerging to each other about being a samefag

No. 242336

>each other
Really got me thinking.

No. 242337

I just don't get why you're obsessed with the idea that it's a samefag. The number of anons who disagree with you doesn't really change anything about the conversation.

No. 242338

Can't wait til mods see this 😂😂 if you can send people back to the looney bins by what they post on the internet

No. 242339

Im not obsessed, at first it was just a guess but now its more than obvious, its hilarous, even the other anon from way before who called out the samefag guessed it before i did

No. 242341

god. what is even going on? how can people masturbate to children and not think they're pedophiles? fuck

No. 242342

I'm not any of the previous anons, but a group of girls who like loli sounds heavenly. The only person I can talk to about this thinks I'm a dude and pretending gets really tiring after a while.

No. 242343

It's not though? I know there's at least one other person besides me, and probably two.

No. 242345

Delusions and larping bots

No. 242346

You're replying to the anon who was against loli.

No. 242348

New thread so this one can die with some of it's dignity left.


I think the "loli" troll is an instance that can't leave this thread so we're probably safe.

No. 242349

Even when i started ignoring you there were hoards of posts of you splerging about the samefag and making jabs and calling me crazy, you couldn't even make your writing style slightly different to make it less obvious, hell you can barely use new insults, ontop of all that you can't even reply at different times, every single time I saw this the person was later proven to be samefagged by mods

No. 242350

that doesn't make "splerging" any less embarrassing

binch, it's "sperging"

No. 242352

Thanks for giving me a link to report to the FBI

No. 242354

>caring about internet jargon this much

No. 242355

File: 1523684091129.jpg (51.41 KB, 500x342, 29753979204028893397.jpg)

jfc. Why did you let this happen, mods?

No. 242356

>1 member
>1 online

No. 242357



uuh lolicon isn't illegal in the us, anon.

No. 242358

i -just- made it are you retarded?

No. 242359

>do you really think rape and pedophilia and incest acts totally didnt start out as fantasies?
Can you even basic logic?

All acts start as fantasy.
Does that mean every fantasy will result in acts?

No. 242360

splerging sounds like another word for cumming or something. it just splerged out all over the bed.

No. 242361

nta but not only that, rape and incest were practiced before people even fantasized or thought of them as taboo.

No. 242362

No. 242363

Your point? Can YOU logic? It should be a warning sign and it is, and it sure as hell shouldn't be encouraged

No. 242364

it's legal. hell kodomo no jikan, a popular mainstream loli anime was set to be dubbed until outcry by the public a year ago got it cancelled.(ban evasion)

No. 242372

I don't think the argument was about legality.

No. 242373

There was a pic of them reporting pedo samefag anons "loli discord" with 1 person to the fbi, they added it in there since people were claiming its legal or whatever

No. 242377

Forgot to add, mods removed the pic + samefag anon was exposed as samefag

No. 242379

Damn, what did I miss when I left the thread for half an hour?

No. 242381

Some moron made a loli discord and got banned cause of course. That crazy cunt is still here because mods haven't banned her proxy shit yet. Yet she still fucking thinks people were samefagging despite some of us still fucking being here, and not being lolicons. Imagine that.

No. 242382

Uhhh anon literally when you try to report the samefag it says true.. The ignorance, it was literally proven as a samefag

No. 242383

Uh…what? That's not how that works.

No. 242384

I don't even know what that means. I'm open to seeing proof that somebody was samefagging but what?

No. 242385

Mods don't give out that info, and they will only say it in red if they out someone. Idk what anon is talking about, unless her shit's fucked and the script says 'true' when she reports, meaning the string was successful.

No. 242386

When you try to report the samefag posts, instead of the message "reported posts" pops up, you get "true" which means mods already marked it as samefagging

No. 242387

Are you new here? When you report, if it goes in successfully it says "reported posts" if it was already reported/mods already got them, when you try to report it, it says "true"

No. 242388

Uh, no anon, that isn't what that means… True is a script command that means whatever the script did is functioning properly. It doesn't mean that your assumption is true…

No. 242389

wait so who's the alleged samefag? because I'm
and Crazy thought me and at least one other person were samefag

No. 242390

File: 1523688486684.png (49.45 KB, 718x610, Screenshot_2018-04-14-01-47-28…)

No. 242391

Crazy thinks that "true" means that her assumption is true. So it was no one.

Anon, it's script, it doesn't mean it's 'true' what the fuck? Try it on your computer.

No. 242392

Uhh no when it goes in successfully it says reported posts, the only time I've ever gotten true is when samefags and bots were later proven to be samefags and bots
Then youre batshit crazy

No. 242393

Omg that's precious. That's legit not what it means. I'm like cry-laughing.

No. 242394

File: 1523688729253.png (21.81 KB, 682x291, Screenshot_2018-04-14-01-51-04…)

You wish.,this is what successful reported posts look like, when it says "true" it means either mods agree and already banned them or it was a bait post

No. 242395

If you do it on a computer it says "reported post" you sound insane.

No. 242396

Again. Are you new here?

No. 242397

It means you've already reported it you fucking nutball. Mods don't communicate through that, they literally can't.

No. 242398

Honey the only insane one here is you. These are both on the same device. Thought that would be more than obvious. Just admit samefag was exposed

No. 242399

I'm so confused.

No. 242400

This person is clearly fucking nuts. I don't know why anyone is interacting with her.

No. 242404

Honey quit screaming "THEYRE SO CRAZY XDD" then telling people not to interact with me when your pathetic ass is literally interacting and purposely baiting me, like i said, self awareness is a virtue

No. 242405

Making shit up again? Ive never heard that before but props to creativity, considering i never even reported a post then when i did the true message popped up

No. 242406

File: 1523689242243.jpg (28.05 KB, 480x573, 4ca9182ad302726e699d85ca0cb657…)

Hmm. I wonder why they only write "true", which is part of coding language, rather than literally anything else, such as "yes" or "you right" or "yea, my dude". So mysterious.

No. 242407

Can a mod come in and clear this up? I've never even seen the "true" message before and I have no idea what to believe.

No. 242408

Sorry about your severe retardation, fam.


Imagine thinking the mods are talking to you using the same one word all this time.

No. 242409

The mods can communication with us via reports, but only when you write a question as a report, they will give you a warning essentially that directs you to the ban page for their answer. Having the report function do something like that is asinine, especially since they make bans and reports anonymous and don't show all bans.

No. 242410

Crazy thinks samefag was successfully exposed when you and I, accused of samefagging, are still here like
is she on a crystal meth high or

No. 242411

This does nothing but prove my point
So still… My point? I never reported any post, the ones i did were marked as true, similar happened to me when i tried reporting a bot that was later proven a bot

No. 242412

No clue, but I never want to fucking do what ever she is on. I bet when you come down from it, and see all your posts, it's like the most regrettable drunk lay ever.

No. 242413

You've got to be kidding.

No. 242414

Honey you were exposed, we're not dumb, funny how you cant make one post without calling me crazy but in the same time understand how everyone knows why im here but act like it doesnt apply to you, keep making it obvious(ban evasion)

No. 242415

Is that one anon actually crazy, making incorrect assumptions about samefagging and not understanding how the report system works?

Is she actually right, and there's some anon with a grudge against her actually samefagging, and the reports actually do work this way?

The world may never know.

No. 242417

File: 1523689975639.png (71.41 KB, 870x870, 0016 - HAHvjzM.png)

>unpopular opinion thread
>see opinion i dont agree with
>autism increases.exe

No. 242418

I'm just… so embarrassed. Go back to facebook, anon.

No. 242419

So she got banned, huh.

No. 242420

As >>242409 said if we want to communicate with users we use the ban system and issue a temporary one second or one minute ban to send the message. We don't use the report field on posts.

No. 242421

This is clearly the samefag pretending to be a mod to trick everyone!

Jk thanks, I was seriously confused by where this discussion went.

No. 242422


Thanks, mod-chan. Sorry for arguing and being a shitter. (I need to go to bed)


Right? I seriously thought I was high or something, it was just too retarded.

I really want mods to like mark this persons posts tbh…

No. 242423

I hate what happened to Youtube. Every idiot can make a shitload of money just for making stupid prank videos, stupid cat videos or videos of putting plastic hair on your head.

No. 242424

If she got banned on her phone, then posted those screenshots from her computer or something, that may be why it said "true." I've only gotten that message is when I was banned, reported a deleted post, or the site was just being weird.

I don't think this is an unpopular opinion; youtube really has become an utter shithole.

No. 242425

File: 1523690822415.jpg (69.74 KB, 702x1024, 1522308136706.jpg)

lmao we're calling you crazy because that's obviously your most identifiable characteristic

>Honey you were exposed, we're not dumb

who the fuck is "we"? also that's rich coming from the banned bitch, you dum-dum

No. 242427

It's also rich coming from someone so dense the mod had to come in and set it straight. She claims she's on a proxy, but I bloody hope she not. She's not right, that one.

No. 242428

again, get a new insult outside of "SHES SO CRAZY ONN DRUGS XDDDD"
>getting embarrassed on an anon board

this..literally still proves my point lmfao
>pretending it's still about "disagreement"
crazy =/= wrong
screaming crazy gets you nowhere

No. 242430

maybe youd have a point if the discussion didn't revolve around calling me crazy and nothing else
and the mod came in and proved my point so?

No. 242431

Listen love, the mod said you were wrong now sod off.

No. 242433

no they didn't they said it's how the communicate with users, which is what I said, ie marking true reports as true(ban evasion)

No. 242434

The "true" popup has nothing to do with us trying to communicate in any way. Stop ban evading and derailing.

No. 242436

this is like KiKi level autismo lmao

No. 242437

Don't spam the report queue trying to communicate with us.

No. 242439

I'm really curious as to what the fuck is happening…

No. 242440

The actual fuck.

No. 242447

goes away for a few hours
an insane loli-fan pedo is reporting everyone and freaking out

Great stuff

And yes Anon, True/False is a script thing, there's like 3 mods here and they don't check reports immediately

No. 242448

I once had an italian friend with whom i constantly argued. Thinking about it and seeing how italians like to portray themselves makes me wonder if it wasn't just her who's obnoxious, but italians in general…

An example of one of our arguments:
>says the food in other european countries is shit, only they have real coffee, real chocolate, real pasta etc
>some others politely disagree
>No, it's true!
>I ask then why do they also sell shit like pineapple pizza
>REEEEE it's all the stupid tourists fault!
>Well, but isn't tourism important for your economy
>We don't need tourism at all, we're fine!
The next day
>Anon, you have it so easy, getting a job in Italy nowadays is sooo hard!

That's just one example, but every other conversation also went "Me, me, me!"
Another thing that she found "disgustingly cold" is that people outside of Southern Europe often only shake hands instead of kissing their friends…

Being passionate or prideful is good, but acting like only what they do or like is right, that even small things like certain dishes are an "insult" to them, while having no problem with shitting on others…
Yes, italian food is good, nobody ever denied that, but basing your whole identity around it is just crazy.

No. 242449

Youtubers make 1-2 dolla per 1000 views, and not everything is monetized, but Youtube is a shithole for sure

No. 242452

i think it depends on which part of italy they come from. i live right next to italy and we get loads of VERY LOUD obnoxious tourists. but i also visited ravenna and italians there were very sophisticated, friendly, nice and quiet

No. 242457

It was the anti loli anon who was freaking out.

No. 242462

There are multiple anti-loli Anons, hard to believe I know. Nobody can deny the crazy upthread
>Loli Anon reporting anti-loli posts

Btw I think I know what loli Anon looks like from reading her posts: Thin face, angular thin body, medium length dark brown hair, no makeup or nice clothes. Did I get it right?

No. 242465

>not all hideous white trash
Good joke anon
This thread was crawling with crazies and theres no denying that,while I agree with anti loli anon but pinning it soley on them is just dumb and unfair especially when there was tons of obvious samefagging and flipping out

No. 242466

Didnt shooter girl get only 10 cents though despite having millions of views?
That's how a lot of annoying culture is, I usually only see it with italians, french, and americans who live in big cities though who overglorify their shit
>hurrr we arent like any other culture
>is exactly like x y and z but with different pizza
Its even more annoying when they tbink they're too good for anything outside of culture, then again people who think they're too good for most things are annoying, I've even met people go as far as refusing to eat certain foods just because they think theyre too good for where the food comes from

No. 242471

No, that was anti-loli anon reporting another anon who was making fun of her.

No. 242472

Uh? No it was loli anon reporting anti loli anons for "samefagging".

No. 242474

I mean, if you read the arguments, it was kinda obvious there was a bunch of samefagging against the anti-loli anon(s)
They're both batshit crazy and take things way too far but the pro-lolis were straight up pushing it and enabling it

No. 242475

You got it backwards. It was (one of the) anti loli anon(s), who was accusing people with pro loli arguments and people insulting her of samefagging. On second thought the idea of her being mistaken for a pedo when she hates them so much is pretty funny.

No. 242476

Well I didn't get it at all lmao, even reading it now it's rather confusing.

No. 242477

>pro loli arguments and people insulting her of samefagging
Can you blame her? It was kinda obvious, not excusing her actions
>On second thought the idea of her being mistaken for a pedo when she hates them so much is pretty funny.
When did she get mistaken for a pedo? And is there something wrong with having a huge hatred against pedophiles? Im missing something here

No. 242479

This anon >>242447 did. There's nothing wrong with hating pedos but she seemed pretty off in general.

No. 242480

Prob a CSA victim, on top of all that loli anon(s) were being straight obnoxious and crazy even after she wanted to ignore them, this place isn't very good for people who are emotionally unstable/at a breaking point

No. 242482

File: 1523701801861.jpg (11.84 KB, 300x168, download.jpg)

I'd like to see any "loli"-lover banned as well, that shit is disgusting and inexcusable…
Pic related is the dream car of one of my former male friends (in STEM and never had a real gf)

No. 242484

>never had a real gf
P sure i saw something like this at an anime convention, why do anime fans take their shit almost always to a new level? Even twilight fans in late 2000s didn't drive around with team jacob cars

No. 242491

I don't understand why trannies and gays gets harrassed when we have loli-lovers to beat the shit out of.

No. 242499

Odd looking tall girls who try to imitate off duty models are some of the weirdest, soulless people I’ve ever met. Not to be confused with actual models.

The whole things very strange, it’s like I’m meeting the same person in different bodies. They all think they look like a 90s supermodel and are hypercritical of everyone else’s looks, they all wear the same white blouse & grow their thinning mousy hair down to their hips and have eating disorders. They pride themselves in being the “thinnest” and it’s so ….. odd cuz they brag about it like it’s their only accomplishment and the only reason worth existing, being the thinnest, because they have nothing else to offer and are just empty skinwalkers with thinning hair.
It sounds so specific yet I swear we’ve all met at least 3 of these girls in our lives and they’re all equally disconcerting to be around.

No. 242530


>It sounds so specific yet I swear we’ve all met at least 3 of these girls in our lives and they’re all equally disconcerting to be around

I have never met someone like that. That sounds bizarre.

No. 242538

Never experienced it either, sound like something short girls or Parisian wannabe models would do lmao.

No. 242542

>muh oppression
Go back to tumblr to whine about how "people beat the shit out of you" for liking cartoon child porn

No. 242545

>Go back to tumblr to whine about how "people beat the shit out of you" for liking cartoon child porn
what the fuck are you even talking about lol?

No. 242577

Read it wrong lol

No. 242625

There's nothing objectively wrong with lolicon.

No. 242646

Pedos should get the death penalty, their life is not worth a shit.

No. 242650

This is the unpopular opinions thread though.

No. 242655

Lucky you two! They prowl fashion design colleges and art installation instagrams. Only take minimalistic pictures of fruit and flowers, etc. Probably use Glossier.
Tumblr user oeut would qualify if she didn’t do occasional modeling actually.

No. 242657

I miss the days when even joking about child molestation was gross and wrong and nowadays people run around screaming how "its just an opinion" that people think drawing little girls getting sexualized and molested for people to fap to is wrong

No. 242658

Agreed, so many kids are getting molested and people refuse to do anything about it outside of encourage and enable it

No. 242659

She's back guys. Don't respond, just report. She probably is the one talking about lolicon. Stop baiting her and let it die.

No. 242665

Lmfao who is "she"? Also how are you gonna tell others not to bait while baiting and replying yourself? You truly need help if you think that there's only one person here who is against loli

No. 242667

Everyone knows its you because you have a stupid typing style due to your phone.

No. 242670

No matter how much it upsets you, nobody is actually hurt by it, unlike real child porn and pedos.

No. 242671

Please, listen to me, this is the same anti-loli anon who caused the shitstorm last nite. I just hope the mods will catch on soon.

No. 242674

You were already called out by other anons for being crazy and hypocrite. Now quit baiting and wasting time running your mouth telling others "not to reply shes so crazy" while enabling it yourself, even when it was finished you started it yet again
This again, did I say it "hurt" anyone? No, it's wrong, period

No. 242675

If you seriously cared so much about "not starting it shes so crazy dont reply" you know what you'd do? You'd sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up, not further bait and annoy everyone about people thinking its wrong for children to be sexualized, which is a widespread belief

No. 242676

You're just as bad as the other anon, please stop this.

No. 242677

Bro, she's ban evading and she also is baiting herself. You should read up, I don't care about her stance on lolicon but she doesn't adhere to board culture and is a toxic cunt.

No. 242678

She's annoying but you're constant "she's crazy don't reply" posting is equally annoying and disruptive. Ignore her if you don't like her, the only thing you accomplished in the last thread was provoking her into spazzing out about the report system. No one cares about her or you. Stop.

No. 242681

>baiting herself
Uhhh, last time I checked, even after things were settled down, annoying subreplying anon brought them up again, with no proof its that person either outside of the claimed writing style and "being anti loli"
Again, if you don't want infighting again, then shut up about "i-its crazy anon I swear!!! Dont reply!!"

No. 242682

That was more than one person, you know. Even if I'm "provoking her" talking to her at all is going to make her think people want her to stick around. If you look above she's literally been talking to herself, so it's not as if me saying anything is making her worse, she started it herself.

No. 242683

Ex fucking actly, the hypocrisy and mental illness of some people here is astounding, even after I said several times I didn't excuse anti lolis ban invading

No. 242684

Dude why are you pretending to be someone else.

No. 242685

>shes literally been talking to herself
What can you see her ip or something? Are you sure its her thats crazy and not you? Lmfao
Like i said, stop bringing shit up again just because you think its crazy anon, you are the one enabling and annoying everyone, this entire thing literally started again because of you

No. 242686

Who am I pretending to be exactly? Its an anonymous board lmfao, what the fuck is wrong with you

No. 242733

Except lolicons (so, pedos) have used it to groom kids because its far far more accessible than actual CP while still being art of children being raped (sometimes very obviously just traced over CP because if you just trace it and stylize it people like you will think its totally okay and fine)
Anyone who gets off to any depiction of naked prepubescent bodies is a pedophile.

No. 242740

Stop derailing and fighting.

No. 242790

Peanut butter sucks.

No. 242793

I like it a lot but I can see why people don't like it. It's just so dry. Is this why people mix it with jelly in their peanut butter sandwiches?

No. 242798

Yeah, I just never liked the flavor or understood why some many people are crazy about it. My boyfriend always has to have peanut butter treats for whatever occasion, like cookies, ice-cream, cakes, etc…I think I’m missing out on something. Though, at least I don’t have any issues turning down sweets when he gets them.

No. 242887

I can't stand when people think the nordic countries are perfect and everyone is tall and has blue eyes and blonde hair. People also say they know everything about the north when they've either seen Skam or been to any of the capitals. Pathetic.

On the other hand I can't stand when people try to make all the nordic countries seem like a communist hell, and that everyone bends over for muslim immigrants.

Also this post is not an invitation to race-baiting.

No. 242901

Is it not a communist hell that bends over backwards? I've heard from my swedish friend who says that all the time and says he constantly sees muslims everywhere now. What's your take on it, anon? I'd like to hear how it really is there from a more neutral perspective as my friend is kinda meme heavy.

No. 242904

NTA and I used to live in Finland but there's this weird dichotomy between being uber PC outwardly and not letting anyone into your inner circle inwardly. Foreigners have a hard time getting jobs and I was told multiple times that X position needs someone with "native Finnish skills" (I'm fluent) even though I know it's an English-speaking position and I speak the language way better than what is required for an entry level desk job. As soon as I changed my surname on the CV I immediately started getting callbacks from companies, it's crazy, even for shitty summer jobs like waitressing or housekeeping.

It also reeks of protectionism (and that's coming from someone who lives in a country infamous for being super protectionist towards its companies) and you usually have 2 large corporations controlling the market and keeping everybody out. The biggest examples are S-group and K-group who run practically everything that isn't Lidl in the country, VR who own the railways and charge out the ass for tickets because they can, even when you go to a thrift shop the teaware they have is either Iittala or Arabia, occasionally a Swedish import but even that is stretching it. Everything Finnish is shilled to the max and they always have to mention their country on the Internet and everywhere they go. Their healthcare is crazy expensive but since it's not America they claim it's the "best in the world". I pay a lot less in my home country for the same services.

If you're Russian or some other kind of East European (and therefore an evil commie in their eyes), God help you.

That said, it's still relatively safe and not at all a SJW haven like people online make it out to be. The summers there are beautiful and the people are really funny and warm when they let you get to know them. Men in general are not as warm but are still more respectful towards women and more willing to contribute in a relationship than here. Obviously can't speak for other Nordic countries but that's my experience.

No. 242918

To be fair I'm quite meme heavy myself. But I'm not Swedish, I also grew up in a 'poor' rural and traditional area (ask your friend about the ethnic northern people lmao.) where we don't have many immigrants at all. And most of those who come here either learn the culture and contribute to society or leave because they expected all of Northern Europe to be like Oslo or Stockholm.

Seriously some of them left my area because the internet was too bad and sometimes non existent, there were no modern apartments or shopping malls for them and they hated the long winter + darkness and cold culture.

>Is it not a communist hell that bends over backwards?

People that unironnically say this are either
1. Living in one of the immigrant hell hole areas, eastern Oslo etc or no-go zones in Sweden.
2. Edgy foreigners that think all of the countries/areas are the same because they saw it in a YouTube video. It's kinda like if I said I knew all of America by looking at Los Angeles or that I knew all of Russia because I looked at a shitty town in Sibir.

The areas in the Nordic countries can be parted in three imo.
1. Poor areas with with Northern Europeans, usually found the further north you go. The north is statistically shittier than the south and as far as I know this is universial for all the countries (more child poverty, suicide, depression, alhoholish, pollution you name it).
2. Rich area with Northern Europeans. Found around capitals, west coast of Norway, certain cities in Sweden and Finland etc etc. They're usually quite PC and sometimes even really Americanised.
3. Immigrant hell holes (usually a part of a bigger city, for example the Eastern Oslo or no go zones in Sweden).

>It also reeks of protectionism
Yes lmao. Justifiably or not everything from food, furniture, clothes, looks seem to be held in high regard if its from X-nordic country and protected. I think we only have two brands of milk and chocolate, and just one brand of bread in the area that I live in because the rest is either not allowed on the market because the other brands has monopoly or because nobody wants to buy it because its looked at as shit.

No. 242925

Tracing throws your entire argument down the drain. Plenty of artists have been accused of it already.

No. 242928

No anon. It’s over. We’re talking about Finland now.

No. 242929

Traced art is boring and not loli because of the realistic body proportions

No. 242936

The protectionism comes from the Soviet rule. Until the fall of the soviet union, Finland was an unofficial satellite state, so foreign companies weren't really allowed to operate.

Because of that a lot of bigger companies are still hesitant to enter the market, due to the stigma of Finland being so close to Russia. For the last name thing, I have a foreign name and last name and have never encountered what you describe - so I can't say anything on that.

You are right about the protectionism, luckily the recent governments have been more open to the idea of selling assets and letting go of the monopolies.

Unfortunately due to the soviet history, we still have a strong red/communist movement who are against removing protectionism. The expensive healthcare is a remnant of the welfare state, the government owns everything but nothing makes a profit due to mismanagement. Thus taxes go up and as they try to get rid of the protectionism, the red parties fight against it. They can't raise the taxes anymore, so the healthcare costs have to go up.

I wonder, where were you in Finland? There are a few distinct weird xenophobic cities and areas that could be what you experienced it.

No, Nordics have forced deportations that are enforced. There is a strong neo-nazi movement in the nordics currently, who like to push the commie agenda. A lot of the nordics hate the communists with passion. The nordics are still a min.95% homogeneous population according to all population statistics.

The Muslim swarm is a meme. Sure in the bigger cities you will see more ethnicities, but the ratio is about the same as anywhere else. You can't expect to go to a city of a million and not have 40 000 ethnic people, considering 4% of the population is ethnic.

As anon said, all western countries have "bad areas" / "ghettoes". Going to Malmo's ghetto and posting a video on it to Youtube pretending it's how all of the country is, is the same as taking a video of Detroit or Flint and pretending it's how all of USA is. Unfortunately, one of these examples is actually taken seriously on the internet.

No. 242938

Swed anon here, sure the ratio may not be consistent through the country but acting like we don’t have problems with immigrants is pretty ignorant.

No. 242940

>acting like we don’t have problems with immigrants is pretty ignorant.
OP (>>242887 >>242918) here, dunno if you comment was at me, but my intention is not to minimise the immigrant issue. I don't live in Sweden nor any immigrant cities so I can't really speak on the situation

No. 242941

Oh there are absolutely problems, but the scope of the problems are something that people need to be realistic about. There's no reason to go on about Muslim swarms and shit like that, it just takes attention away from the actual problem.

I am not a hippie leftie who loves refugees and thinks they can't do wrong, but pretending that the Nordics are like Mogadishu is just retarded. The nordics have a real problem with a generation of muslims who haven't assimilated, have no education so they live on welfare, are dangerous to the local women due to their beliefs and don't understand the local culture.

The thing is that screeching about it autistically is not solving anything. If their education and assimilation costs 100k, but over their lifetimes end up paying 120k in taxes- that enough is a win-win situation.

No. 242951

I lived in Helsinki, so I doubt it was the location. I also have a university diploma from Aalto so I know it's not the foreign education (I actually moved there specifically because of Aalto). Most of my friends and acquaintances from less-than-savory areas (not North America or Western Europe) had trouble finding work anywhere and would usually end up working for a small startup like Sievo (best scenario) or going back to gigwork at SOL, usually the latter. We brought this up with the Finnish unemployment office and the till workers there would usually give one of the several canned responses like "I don't know what the problem is, I never had that issue LOL" or "yeah it is an issue in Finland and we are working on it, have you tried volunteering at a home for the elderly?"

Most of us already have extensive experience in the field and need to feed ourselves somehow so it's either benefits or a proper job, none of that slave work shit. If I wanted to stay there I would've probably been a cleaning lady for the rest of my life despite my qualifications. People shit on immigrants leeching off benefits but don't want to give them any proper jobs or a means to earn a decent living that isn't aimed at 50 year old Somali mothers who don't speak any European language at all.

No. 242956

>If their education and assimilation costs 100k, but over their lifetimes end up paying 120k in taxes- that enough is a win-win situation.
That's how it's supposed to work in theory, but it'll never happen, anon.
I'm german, not nordic, but e.g. a Syrian man with 4 wives was allowed to stay and because they have 23 children the state pays them over 30.000€ a month. Of course that's an extreme example, but do you really think they'll ever pay that back in taxes? How many german taxpayers does it need to get together such a large sum every single month?

No. 242960

Pretty valid arguments, I see your point fam. Thanks for giving the sanest explanation I’ve heard in a while.

No. 242963

>There is a strong neo-nazi movement in the nordics currently, who like to push the commie agenda.
You're either psychotic or don't live in the north for spewing this sort of delusional bullshit. We DON'T have a "strong neo-nazi movement" in any of the Nordic countries. If anything, especially Sweden is full on SJW with muslim pandering. Small groups of single extremist cases posting to /pol/ doesn't equal a "strong neo-nazi movement".

How do you mean "crazy expensive"? When using the public health care you pay like 30 euros for a doctor's visit or one day in the hospital (including meds), and after a certain threshold (a few hundred euros of annual bills in total) the state covers 100% of your medical expenses. If that's "crazy expensive" then you're just broke as shit or using the private sector which is meant for rich people.

>Moves to Finland just to get a free university degree worth around 60-70k€ in the most expensive university of the country paid with taxpayers' money
>still bitches about everything and moves out after not getting a job right away despite the general unemployment rate being at 32%
This is why people don't like foreigners tbh

No. 242969

I was talking about foreigners in general, I have a pretty good job now back in my home country. Also I'm an EU citizen so I could have gone anywhere for my free degree, it's my right.

No. 242970

I agree. We have also people accusing us of turning full on 3rd Reich again, yet you only have shit like this
>refugee shelter set on fire
>swastikas painted on its wall
>immediately pro-refugee marches to advocate for tolerance
>turns out it was a refugee that tried to frame neo-Nazis
Neo-Nazi movement my ass…

No. 242972

>How do you mean "crazy expensive"?
I mean paying hundreds of euro for having dental work done that would've cost me 40 back home, and I live in Western Europe. Staying in the hospital back home costs nothing despite us having a population ten times larger than yours.

No. 242974

>being uber PC outwardly and not letting anyone into your inner circle inwardly
That sounds perfectly logical and like a great idea all-around.

The world thinks it's our moral duty to accept anyone who wants to immigrate here, regardless of whether or not they share our culture? We must accept them even though their values are complete opposite to ours? Even though they're not only unwilling to assimilate but also think we should join their customs?

Well, that's fine. They're free to come in our land. Just don't expect us to accept them in our lives or hire them instead of a native.

No. 242978


They didn’t mention the immigrants not wanting to acclimate or adopt culture/customs.

You just made a shit ton of assumptions about immigrants and their behavior in other countries

No. 242990

Are you really trying to tell me Muslims are willing to assimilate? See >>242956. Or are you telling me European countries aren't suffering under the strain that immigrants put on a system big on welfare state?

No. 242993

I unironically think the average female body is kind of fat.

No. 242994


Do you really believe Muslims are the only immigrants?

No. 242997

Kind of? It is. People overeat way too much nowadays and don't take care of themselves. That's why the average user here gets so angry and takes things so personally then cry ana-chan when you mention anything about weight. Fat people are genuinely so embarrassing.

No. 242998

Actually 86% of them are. I'd say that's a lot.

No. 243004

depends on what you mean by average, if you mean an average american then yes, if you mean average bmi/body fat%, the type of body you'd look at and see nothing special, then no

No. 243020

The majority of people are just people trying to live their lives. Painting all Muslims with the same brush because of some bad apples is the same as SJWs going on about how all white people are bad because of people like Dylann, those who showed up at that Charlottesville rally with Nazi flags and yelling shit like "Jews will not replace us"/"Black lives splatter", David Duke, etc.

No. 243028

You have a major persecution complex, sis.

No. 243063


Only slightly related, my own unpopular rant:
I have decided to avoid /ot from now on.
Not directed at that anon but in general, reading about the personal lives of some of our users makes me feel embarrassed.
I’m not offended or outraged by it, it’s just kind of saddening to see that so many people who come here are clearly very mentally ill and not right in the head.

That said—not everyone, we’ve still got some funny gals that live pretty decently and contribute some great stuff—but the older I get and the farther we drift from the golden stamina rose era the more I get annoyed having to see a bunch of crazies behind the curtain.

So many girls that are obviously unhappy and in need of psychological help come here and while I think this is a great place if you’re sound, if you’re ill it seems to fuel your delusions and unhappiness.

And instead of being adults about it and saying “yeah it’s true” and moving on there are anons who will flat out deny it and claim no real farmer could possibly believe that and that it must be a robot or conspiracy111!!1

I’m here to shit on crazy bitches, that’s what lolcow is for right?
Well it starts to feel like a total ouroboros when you realize you’re also engaging in comradery and dialogue with bitches just as crazy. I know it’s selfish to miss our Seccret Cclubz but man, sometimes I get nauseous when I read the blatant illness.

>inb4 no1curr

I don’t expect you to but it’s as valid an opinion as any and it doesn’t make me a newfag or a bot.
>inb4 if u cunt take da heat stay out of da kitchen u retard bitch!!!11
See this. This is what I’m talking about. We can have civil discussions without it being
you know.

Anyways goodnight farmers hope you had a good weekend etc.

No. 243072

But for the majority of people "trying to live their life" also includes going to work and not bothering others…

No. 243086

This, its insane the things people will make up or say when infighting, or how much obvious samefagging goes on, they can't even agree to disagree anymore, they'll take hours out their day ranting about how some rando anon they never seen is fat or ana, and its over the most ridiculous shit too like the batshit insane anon who randomly started talking about "saudi prince turds u anorexic slut!!" Just because anon was talking about weight gain trends/thick culture being annoying

There's no denying that people jump to the fatty card for the most retarded reasons,you point this out and instead of anon opening their eyes they claim its because everyone here is fat and thats totally the reason everyone is so annoyed with the insane body standards here, despite there actually being an ana problem, especially since this place had a past in pro ana and thinspo thread but im just a jealous sensitive fatty right? I miss when ot was laid back and a good way to make friends, but now next thing you know, even talking about anything to do with bodies will result in anons going days on end saying the most literal crazy shit possible, and thats not even the worst part, like the "incest is vanilla loli is okay" folks. You'd think with how much this place hates 4chan, so many people here adapted their same sick behaviors

No. 243096

>You'd think with how much this place hates 4chan, so many people here adapted their same sick behaviors

A lot of people here actually arrived after the 4chan raids and stayed. They don't realize this board culture is entirely different from 4chan.

No. 243100

Every single time someone makes a criticism on beauty standard some ana chan will rise form the dark and mock the person for being a disgusting fatty, for all you know the person might be a skinny girl who doesn't feel great about her body either, but even then, what is wrong with being a little chubby? It can look nice on some people. And even if you're very fat it doesn't make your opinions any less valid. It would be understandable that a fat person suffer from body issue and feel bad about not meeting societal standards. I wish we would uplift each other a lot more.

No. 243102

That…doesn't exclude Muslims.

No. 243115

>Also I'm an EU citizen so I could have gone anywhere for my free degree, it's my right.
No you couldn't. Only Austria, Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and some parts of Germany and Scotland offer free university education for EU citizens.

Compared to most countries where you have to pay over 1000 for simple work done (like a root canal treatment) that's not really "crazy expensive". Dental work is the most expensive one (basic fillings range from 40 to 80 euros mostly) and not well covered by the public healthcare, I'll give you that, but rest of the healthcare is very affordable, including meds. Citizens can also apply for social benefits to cover all the costs in case they can't afford their medical bills.

No. 243158

I kink-shame like a motherfucker. I'm not exactly vanilla myself, but if I'm arguing with someone, and I find out they're into something cringy, like being a cuck, wearing diapers, scat, sissyplay, etc, I immediately stop taking anything they have to say seriously.
I think fetishes in general should just remain as private as possible, honestly. I hate that people now think it's cute to talk about being dd/lg freaks, and that I can't look for cute/girly clothes without encountering at least one shirt that reads "Daddy". Shit's disgusting. What you get off to should only be the business of you, your partner and the Lord. Talking about it on anonymous boards, and sticking to spaces and venues specifically catered to said fetishes/kinks should be the extent of how share-happy you are.
Let a little try to argue with me. I'll inevitably tell them to stop using big girl/boy words, go find their daddy/mommy, and post pictures of pacifiers until they fuck off.

No. 243164

I agree, I don't know anyone in my adult life who openly talks about their kinks irl.

Come to think of it, there's only like two people I see discussing kink on my fb and that's because they're trying to be sex posi cause they're camgirls and it's basically their life. Although tbh even seeing their ranty posts on fb about it is super cringe.

No. 243165


Kinkshaming isn't even a thing. Like, sharing your kinks or practicing them around others is forcing people to deal with it in a non-consensual way, which is really rude. And you know on tumblr or sm or something you can just block them, but people do this shit IRL and they can fuck off. To me kinks are like nudes, I don't want to see it if I don't wanna bang you.

No. 243206

File: 1523903161068.jpg (228.51 KB, 710x1065, 15-beyonce-outfit.nocrop.w710.…)

Imo Beyonce is a narc. She's constantly portraying herself as the "strong warrior queen slay!1!1" her fans hail her as.
What is she "fighting" against? Why is every other celebrity kissing her ass? Why is she "so strong"? As far as i know she (or at least her husband) grew up quite comfy, so stop pretending you had a hard life.

Pic related is what she wore at Coachella. I always thought festivals are supposed to be simple, with a chill atmosphere etc, not some mega show…

No. 243212

same i don’t really get the hype over beyoncé. her music isn’t that great in my opinion and fans act like she’s this insane goddess gift to the world and i don’t really see why

No. 243214

Yeah, and people treat her like this feminist icon while all she's really ever done is write a "Grrl Power" song and have a sign saying feminist – other than that it doesn't seem like she's doing anything too radical for a popular music artist.

No. 243215

>No you couldn't
>Lists a fucktonne of countries where I could
>Well I know it's expensive but it's better than America so it's not REALLY expensive, so basically best in the world
>Their healthcare is crazy expensive but since it's not America they claim it's the "best in the world"
Thanks for proving my point I guess. The NHS is still better btw, though I'm sure you're gonna run off to find some Daily Mail articles to cherrypick just to prove me wrong.

No. 243216

she looks like that evil bitch from power rangers.

i don't get the beyoncé hype or understand what her age is. i rememebr watching smart guy in the 90s and marcus and moe took destiny's child to prom. i like the conspiracy theories about her age lol.

she seems really dumb imo.

No. 243217

I don't get what the fuck she was doing at Coachella either–not that I care about Coachella. I just didn't have the impression that kind of festival wanted people like her there since she's so mainstream. But what do I know?

No. 243218

God I agree. I don't really care if somebody is into gross shit like dd/lg but I absolutely do not want to know about it ever. I also dislike when people use 'daddy' as a meme or a way of saying they're attracted to a guy, fetishes being normalized like that grosses me out so much. That stuff should be kept private.

No. 243222

1. She's one of the first black female artists to make it big in the modern era
2. Her entire persona is based around being glam, "fierce", confident, queenly and sexy, which appeals to a lot of chicks who can't afford to be "glam" all the time, but enjoy living vicariously, and effeminate gay guys
Her persona is tailored to be both hyper-feminine in the mainstream-accepted sense (so, nothing too "out there" or artsy, unlike Solange), and empowered to fit the "strong black woman" archetype. The "Beyonce" image has its cake and eats it too by embodying the stereotype of a sassy, strong black woman (and the "white gaze" loves to see stereotypes fulfilled), and makes black American girls and women feel confident that they, too, can be "all that".
I personally prefer Rihanna's aesthetics and general persona (seems more down to earth, and not afraid to branch out and be creative), but she came directly after Beyonce.

No. 243223

Also heard about that age thing. I remember reading in a magazine that a classmate of hers came out and caimed she's actually 10(?) years older

No. 243225

She has the best team behind her, they managed to make her an icon when she really is an incredibly bland and boring person.

No. 243227

Rihanna's an actual accomplished businesswoman who isn't afraid to do what she likes or call people out on her shit, and she doesn't have to craft a strong blak womyn persona in order to do that. I also feel bad that she's still getting dragged for being assaulted by Chris Brown (like what the fuck? who would do that?), the media's been a lot harsher on her than Beyoncé and they used to get pitted against each other all the time at the beginning of her career with Ri being portrayed as a homewrecker of some sort because Jay Z was her mentor. Despite all that she came out on top anyway and stuck to what she does best.

No. 243230

Nayrt but Coachella has kind of always been a hipster shitshow, as for Beyoncé, well she’s just another mega rich “artist” starved for attention. It’s all an act, one big “LOOK AT ME!” to keep her relevant as she ages out of her demographic and makes increasingly mediocre music. I liked Beyoncé back in the day when I was a teenager, but now I can’t relate to her or her music at all and I find myself looking for new, younger artists who haven’t lost touch with reality yet due to being surrounded by industry asslickers trying to milk them like cows. sage for personal opinions

No. 243232

>based around being glam, fierce, confident, queenly, and sexy
Exactly, it's like she's teaching that female empowerment is all about wearing expensive bands and being incredibly tailored and sexually desirable. I know her and Jay are big givers so I don't want to shit on her if she's actually given money to a feminist cause but her songs don't really convey much feminism other than sampling Adichie's ted talk.

No. 243235


Don’t underestimate nostalgia. A lot of 20-30 something women grew up listening to Destiny’s child and early Beyonce songs. It doesn’t matter how good her current music is or isn’t, her fans will view it with nostalgia-tainted lenses.

She was also the first black woman to headline Coachella, and people always hype the first of something. Not to mention she had enough black culture and symbolism to cause pseudo-intellectual articles, but not too much to hurt white peoples’s feefees

No. 243249

I think that more women (and men) should be encouraged to be insecure. Any person I've seen who seems self-assured is mediocre as fuck in everything that they do. Insecurity personally pushes me to achieve great things. Shit like "love yourself" "you're fine the way you are" just encourages complacency and laziness.

I don't think any human being deserves a default level of respect or accommodation. Humanity, sure, people should have some basic human rights. But beyond that, I refuse to call anyone "valid" unless their opinion is actually worth anything. I've been through plenty of shit and got through it without anyone making space for my precious feelings. Honestly if you need external validation for anything you won't go very far in life.

No. 243251

File: 1523909851455.gif (506.89 KB, 500x361, tumblr_n4imtnwFr01s4fnv1o1_500…)

>calling me psychotic when you can't get your facts straight
Yes, we do have neo-nazis here. What I mean by strong is that it has suddenly gotten a lot more popular and rooted to the culture. Let me give you some sources.

We just had a court case over it getting a bit too popular and it getting banned… If you're Finnish, no idea what the fuck you've been up to since you missed it. Ever since 2010 the popularism of neo-nazism has skyrocketed, it's not as popular as it was in the 90's, but it has had a lot of recent interest.

The Nordic Resistance Movement last year started officially operating in Denmark and in Iceland in 2016. If you're claiming those aren't strong indications, it's time to put down whatever you're smoking, Anon.







No. 243253

Doesn't she pay her Ivy Park workers sweatshop wages? I'm not totally against sweatshops but I think it's really hyopcritical for someone who tries to present herself as such a feminist and progressive.

Coachella is pretty mainstream these days

Speaking of Jay-Z i think it's also hypocritical that he denied saying that "I got 99 problems, but a bitch ain't one." In his bio he said he was talking about female police dogs only. I understand that it's normal for rap to be misogynystic and I'm not going to wring my hands every time someone says something like that but it just seems like denial to me. Not really sure why super ~feminist~ Beyonce would marry to someone like that.

No. 243255

Don't cut yourself on that edge
I think there should be a healthy level of confidence, its not healthy for people to flip and cry if they are making 100% straight As with an 8 figure job or whatever but also not good for people to be "okay" with only mediocre type stuff, and also keep in mind not everyone is supposed to be or even should be the highest level of success possible, as cheesy as it may sound, I think its good if people are happy with having simple lives

Also keep in mind lots of "love yourself" type stuff mostly applies for looks, imo if they're hygienic, well groomed and healthy its nothing to worry about

No. 243261

>exhibits the extremely small meme group (80 members) that most people don't even know about
>one of them got banned by the state
>the only act of violence news piece is from 2014 and so far remains the only remarkable attack by a neo-nazi
back to tumblr with you anon

No. 243263

I really don't understand what you gain from painting your own country as evil and refugees as the victims, why?
Do you honestly think they'd help you if the roles were reversed?

No. 243264


Watching this back and forth which has gone on for a few days is quite interesting. I’m a white immigrant and I always find it so interesting people don’t believe white immigrants exist, or if they do, they view it entirely different than brown/black immigrants. Am I not stealing jobs? Badly assimilating to the culture? I don’t think so but maybe others do. If they don’t, is it because I’m white or because English is my one and only language? Or because I’m a student? Lots to think about