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No. 1

Welcome friends.

No. 2

No. 3

Well this will take some getting used to. RIP SR.

No. 4

start making threads i suppose?

No. 5

Shit how do we get PTNR here? :\ She was JUST getting started, ugh.

No. 6

If SR admin is really done with her board, maybe she can be kind enough to put up a message redirecting lost souls here.

No. 7

It was fun, rosechan.

No. 8

Thanks for making the board. Lets hope it doesn't turn to shit.

No. 9

There's probably other ways. Link it on Unichan, PULL, etc. Any other related forums. Should be ok.

No. 10

I'm hoping PTNR knows about unichan. :\

No. 11


aaawwww yiiissss

No. 13

reposting this here now that it seems like this may be our new homebase

> implying britfag actually has CP proof on PT

> implying his phone/computer/everything wouldn't be confiscated the moment he went to police to rat on PT
> implying they wouldn't find the message logs / emails / texts of britfag telling PT to provide him CP
> implying he wouldn't go to jail along with PT

this fiasco is absolutely ridiculous. i can't believe these trolls think anyone wouldn believe them.

No. 14

BTW AdminSama thanks, if you need any help hit me up. I have lots of time on my hands (not that you'll need it).

No. 16


I think the problem was that people wouldn't put it past PT. Personally I don't think she would do it, I mean she even had her limits with that black boyfriend of hers. She lived with him, he was abusive, and she was the one to actually move out of her own accord.
So do I think she did it? Nah
Did she fuck a 16/17 year old? Yeah.

No. 21

What do you mean by don't say or do anything illegal? Like we can't talk about the CP fiasco?

No. 29

you can discuss a CP fiasco like you could say
"i heard michael jackson fapped to kiddie porn" that's fine the news says that shit every night

No. 31


Pretty sure he/she means like:

You catch my drift.

No. 33


You can discuss events that have occurred, even if those events involve illicit activities.

If you can't get yourself or myself arrested by saying something, then you're allowed to post it.

No. 36

File: 1403572773138.jpg (18.67 KB, 360x394, bbbizz.jpg)

Arrest me for possession of these GUNS

No. 106

File: 1403577262224.png (25.06 KB, 500x461, Let s just hug it out bro... n…)

Broski we meet again.

No. 121

File: 1403579203795.jpg (97.49 KB, 400x300, Murica.jpg)


A bitch can take our board away, but she ain't taking our honor or our motherfucking freedom fries.


No. 127

File: 1403579769786.jpg (8.74 KB, 259x194, images.jpg)

We will always rise, cause we can never fall.


No. 138

File: 1403581497969.gif (766.77 KB, 400x210, colbert.gif)

Fun Fact: Murica don't give a fuck

No. 143

File: 1403582548659.gif (493.9 KB, 300x224, UESSAY.gif)

Murica fun fact: Always a party in the U-ESSAY

No. 261

I'm a bit relieved about the change because sometimes the admin seemed like a weenie.

Also-Stamina Rose? As in…after some googling, a song from Ghost in the Shell? I always thought the name was weeby and super arbitrary and confusing. :p Minor, but I didn't like it.

No. 298

It was, but as far as animus go, GitS isn't that weeby.

No. 283559

File: 1466661300975.jpg (5.41 KB, 167x200, Dat feel _78d9b078f639ee2d38c0…)

No. 283915

File: 1466758987745.webm (9.57 MB, 605x340, rooftop.webm)


All my feels
RIP red##

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