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File: 1432649100559.gif (783.88 KB, 320x240, tumblr_njjh5tnH3I1siq8rfo1_400…)

No. 110838

Can we have a moosefix thread?

No. 110842

Honestly, if you want a thread, just make one. Stop making threads expecting others to fill in the blanks for you. Provide some info, fill us in on the cow in question.

No. 110843

File: 1432649513527.jpg (79.11 KB, 423x750, tumblr_nam9jyso7N1r3x5j9o1_500…)

No. 110847

File: 1432649790716.jpg (161.1 KB, 640x1136, tumblr_n7c6jhI9ur1r3x5j9o2_128…)

Don't have a lot of info to fill, other than what's posted on her description but anyway

>Moosey, 20, London//Plymouth. ENTP. University illustration student, weightlifter, rugby player, cosplayer

Used to be a big homestuck cosplayer, thinks they're hot shit, gets made fun of on /fit/ all the time. Big headed, narcissistic, and doesn't know how to take criticism. Also loses her shit when called a girl.

No. 110851

Anything else? She doesn't seem very lolcow worthy.

I think she's kind of hot tbh.

No. 110857

why does she get made fun of on fit

No. 110859

>I think she's kind of hot tbh.
Thank god I wasn't the only one just thinking this

No. 110864

I agree. Yet another salty OP.

No. 110866

File: 1432653989196.jpg (97.77 KB, 500x667, tumblr_n7qwpcAdPg1r3x5j9o1_500…)

No. 110867

Because it's /fit/ and its 4chin

No. 110868

Fucking mobile, meant to reply to >>110857

No. 110870

I think she's really cute. Are there anymore pictures?

No. 110871

No. 110872

no pics = never happened = not a lolcow

No. 110874

Her arms don't even look real but I'm super jelly of them.

No. 110875

>not being around for it =/= never happened

No. 110876

confirmed for newfag.

No. 110877

File: 1432655246479.jpg (275.81 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_n7z9nuL6Db1r3x5j9o6_128…)

she reminds me of criedwolves…

No. 110878

File: 1432655299085.jpg (82.32 KB, 500x750, tumblr_n6hvnsMwGs1r3x5j9o1_500…)

No. 110881

So wait she presents as a girl in every way but doesn't want to be called a girl? Fucking tumblrtards man, what a waste. I think she's quite pretty.

Does she skip leg day though cuz her thighs don't match those arms at all.

No. 110883

File: 1432655778212.jpg (59.09 KB, 960x641, tumblr_n7wcwm03cH1qzxggdo6_128…)

Sure is tumblr in here.

No. 110884

Can we just delete those threads about random people that either want to gain attention or have someone that wants them to be a lolcow when they clearly aren't?

It's so annoying. If you create a new thread with someone that is an actual lolcow, provide proof. Don't just spam pictures. What's the point?

No. 110885

Or just ignore the thread?

No. 110886


Board rules: "/pt/

Keep discussion to lolcows for the most part. Anything that's considerably off-topic may be moved to /b/."

Just move to /b/?

No. 110887

move it to /b/ then.

No. 110888

File: 1432656455577.jpg (524.66 KB, 809x719, tumblr_nmija10MU01r3x5j9o2_128…)

Those spikes…

No. 110889

Anonymous asked:
you'd fit peridot more in my opinion, you're fit, but you're not bulky or tall and your face is too feminine for jasper.

Dude its fuckin’ cosplay, why are you so negative about a fun hobby?

No. 110891

No. 110894

WOW anon's jelly as hell

No. 110906

does she roid?

No. 110909

Nah, those people tend to have more lean body tissue.

No. 110919

I wouldn't be surprised.

No. 110942

>being jelly of unkawaii man arms
yeah sure

No. 110948

take your kawaii shit back to your weebland. not everything has to be omg sugoi i'm a delicate fawn with doe eyes drenched in pastel crap.

yeah that shit's rather rude but he/she/hir/hor/whatever looks kinda cute. agree on the leg day tho, them thighs are doughy as hell.

No. 110955


chill out, roid rage.

No. 110962

delicate>disgusting mang arms
let's be honest. And i'm a fucking gothic lolita not even one of those OTT sweet vomit lovers. But if you enjoy your shit taste for gross bulky fat arms then ok

No. 110966

>thinking mooses arms are big

please, she isn't any bigger than any other girl that goes to the gym 1-2 times per week, get over yourself

No. 110968

>gets made fun of on /fit/ all the time
Not really
>four posts in one thread
>from November 2014

No. 110970

File: 1432665702474.jpg (10.88 KB, 238x212, download (2).jpg)

>Yeah im lurking, no wearing a wig isnt cosplay, its called wearing a wig because i look damn good in it. Man i havent even cosplayed jasper yet and im getting hate for it? shit son, i know im not an 8 foot orange alien. Honestly just why you so angry bruh.

>being this butthurt

No. 110971

>muscled arms are now fat
Some farmers are just so fucking retarded

No. 110974

Aaaand there she goes. posting caps to get sympathy, not surprised, moosey.

No. 110975

Maybe not everyone has the same preferences as you? Mind blowing, I know.

No. 110977

I'm guessing OP of this thread is a fatty trying to fit-shame this moose girl. Top kek.

No. 110978

>fit shame
did you even look at her thighs

No. 110980

Not tumblr. That's Valkryie, not Whor.

No. 110983

Both the fans and haters of this girl sound like retards. Moosefix seems incredibly self centered and has shitty cosplays but isn't a lolcow nor is she interesting. Problem solved.

No. 110984

she just needs more leg day. As for now, she can probably dead lift 2x her bodyweight and that is fitter than the average girl with geeky hobbies.

No. 110987

You don't have to be underweight to be into cosplay or cute things. Just sayin
but yuh she does seem self centered. Why not? Usually weight lifters are in front of the mirror all day looking at their hard work

No. 110988

doesnt help that she seeks constant validation from her followers

No. 110990

She seems annoying in the "I'm 20, I know about chan culture, look how cool I am" sort of way, but other than that not very lolcow worthy

Although honestly Moosey, if you are lurking and want to say something, do it here instead of your pussy ass tumblr.

No. 110991

Its not a "look how cool i am" but more of a "oh i remember browsing cgl when i was 15" sort of thing. And ok im here now

No. 110992

Aw man, I really like her. I've been following her for a long time, as far as I could tell she wasn't doing anything lolcow worthy but maybe I missed something. Either way, I'm jealous of her arms. They're not giant but they're not tiny.

No. 110994

why are you so self centered? why do you look for constant validation from your followers everytime someone posts hate? you seem really immature.

No. 110995

I agree with you anon. She seems like someone i would actually want to chill with for a night and her arms are fantastic

No. 110997

And now I agree with the h8ers. Hey, why do you put so little effort into your cosplays?

No. 110998

way to prove how conceited you are

No. 110999

Dunno, maybe i come off self centered because my blog is just about me, never really though about it. And its not really validation its just like a "oh man some people on the internet are talking about me"
Its kinda interesting to see how people view you over the internet
Like if someone has an actual problem with me thats fine but most the time its just like "oh man they wore a wig once what a bitch"

No. 111000

Oh wait I have a better one? Why did you jump into the transtrender bandwagon? Not enough attention?

No. 111001


No. 111002

No. 111004


nah, you're pretty self centered

No. 111005

Because im at uni and i travel back to london for the conventions, funnily enough i dont have time to make costumes at uni so i make them before the conventions or in free time i have when traveling to hospital

No. 111006

File: 1432667619402.gif (535.26 KB, 500x281, tumblr_niuiz34nlf1qzqwzso1_500…)

LMAO stop!

No. 111007

Ouch xD

Don't try to argue here you wont get anywhere.. just lay low and learn take it :)

No. 111008

I don't understand this thread. She makes cosplays and she has self confidence, but I don't see her doing anything actually shitty. I could be biased though.

No. 111009

Wait, did she seriously just…. omw

No. 111010

All of a sudden I feel like we're giving this fakeboi too much attention.

No. 111011

she asked for it

No. 111012

If she's still a fakeboi by age 24 I'll give her a dollar. I expect we'll see this little snowflake in dresses and overly feminine clothing like every other transtrender when they grow up a bit.

No. 111013

yeah i didnt post the nice arms comment, its pretty easy to just put moosefix in the user

No. 111014

Thats what happens when you whiteknight yourself, although I have a feeling she loves it.
Has she come out and said she's transgendered? She confuses me

No. 111015

But she isn't even that muscular?

No. 111017

omg shut up leeel

No. 111020

no but she hates being called a girl

No. 111022

Ask the admin to check the IP's then. Only you can ask them to.

No. 111023

Not really whiteknight, thats trying to defend myself, and i have a spare half hour to answer questions

No. 111024

File: 1432668026672.gif (647.7 KB, 500x275, tumblr_m6xaor13Da1qat4duo1_500…)

>this thread

No. 111025

she's really not. but shes so conceited and too worried about getting praised to fix that

No. 111026

I dont know how to do that, this is my first time on lolcow, i dont even post in cgl but they have the little number thing after the name to show different IPs i think

No. 111027

get lost dumbass

No. 111028

"Admin-sama, please check my IP to prove that I'm not whiteknighting myself".

No. 111029

your arms arent very muscular. why are so you keen to jump on the lifting wagon when guys that actively lift make bigger gains in WAY less time (inb4 test, pls, i've made bigger gains in less time and am female) do you just spend all your time playing rugby and pretending to lift

it would explain your legs + back

No. 111030

Do you like it in the butt?

No. 111031

>Admin-sama can you pleaaaase confirm if the IPs match or not?

Just like that.

No. 111033

Well i started lifting in september and have put on 2 stone so thats pretty good for someone with crohns. Rugby season ended last term so i havent played in a while.

My legs and back are actually pretty good, ill have to take a full body shot soon because everything is arms and face

No. 111036

So what have they done besides having a blog that focuses on themselves? I understand people who have been complete shit to others, been a massive liar, stolen, raped, etc. Getting attention for working out and liking it doesn't mean they're on that tier.

No. 111037

Do attention whores on the internet just continuously google themselves every day to figure out if someone is talking about them?

No. 111038

I just get told

No. 111039

calm down moosey

No. 111040

am i gunna have to start posting a timestamp so you know who is actually posting or what?

No. 111043

Yeah but, do you not know what the acronym "Lol" Stands for? The content here should be funny. This isn't PULL, no one gives a shit about it unless it's fun to watch.

No. 111044

lmao im not them, sorry to burst your bubble but not everyone spends their time frothing at the mouth because moosefix gets the attention they think they deserve instead

No. 111045

I don't know what you mean by timestamp, but please do 5

No. 111046

Or you could stop fucking around and ask the admin to confirm your IP's.

No. 111047

>>111040 The only way anyone will believe you here is if Admin tells us you're not double posting. Everyone will assume you're lying until that's cleared up so you may as well not bother.

No. 111049

This girl is a qt.
Would kiss gently whilst intoxicated.

No. 111052

i thought you were kidding about the asking admin thing

Admin could you do the thing please?

No. 111054


Yeah, generally it's the only surefire way to get anyone to believe you here. I don't blame everyone for being paranoid, but sometimes the "this person said a good thing about the person we don't like, must be them" spiel is ridiculous.

No. 111055

>putting on 2 stone an accomplishment.

come and talk when you're actually swole, moosey.

No. 111057


Fair enough, will they post in the thread with the ips then?

No. 111059

>how dare you, a genderqueer femme muscular person, cosplay a gender-less femme-presenting muscular character?

why can’t you cosplay the kind of female character I don’t feel uncomfortable being attracted to? why am i currently crying on to my boner while mashing the keyboard with my other hand? waahh wahh etc

No. 111060

>>111057 Usually Admin will just pop in and confirm that you're not double posting with a quick message to everyone, it's a pretty quick and easy thing.

No. 111061

>you can big moosefix up all you want but at the end of the day she's fucked half the cosplay community and she aint good at it either learn to wash yourself

No. 111063


Cool, did i ask correctly?

Well thats news to me, where was that posted ?

No. 111064

No. 111065

Idk she seems fine to me. She hasn't scammed anyone, and doesn't seem anymore conceited than your average tumblr user. TBH I'd be a bit conceited too if I looked like her. She's very pretty and has my ideal build NGL. Even as a ~lolita~ I'd rather look like this than fragile and delicate so I don't see the need to call her fat or dog on her for how she looks because I think it's obvious that she's in very good shape. Not really seeing anything worth discussing or lolcow worthy, but to each their own.

No. 111067

She didn't become a lolcow until she got offended that someone suggested she should cosplay more feminine looking characters, unlike one she was trying to make a ~surprise~ shit cosplay of.

No. 111070


Yeah, I agree for the most part. And she's definitely not lolcow material. I also don't understand why people jump at her that her arms aren't "that big" because she's not claiming they are, is she? You wouldn't go to other people saying that their work is too bad. What is she supposed to do, stop it altogether because some anons think her arms aren't that great?

No. 111071

Honestly I think you're cool but stop on tumblr acting like everyone is making fun of you. If you go back and read most of the posts are supportive and questioning why this is even here, but if you keep focusing on the negative posts and acting like it's a hivemind here, you're going to find you're only proving them right.

No. 111073


Cheers bud but i have read the things here and a lot of them are supportive, its nice. I just kinda wana know why im hated? is it just because i wanted to cosplay Jasper?

No. 111075

>chrones disease

We get it moosey, you have bad shits sometimes, why should anyone care?

No. 111078

not saying you should, just answering the question about my muscle gain

No. 111079

That'd be the prednisone.

No. 111086

My advice to you is to ignore lolcow and build a thicker skin. I agree that you're not really lolworthy but coming here and posting is just delivering milk.

No. 111087

>Is it just because i wanted to cosplay jasper?

No, it's because when someone gave you a helpful suggestion, you blew up and cried to your followers about "omg my gender Dx" please, for the love of god. you're short, have huge tits/ass, and you'll never be big or tall enough to cosplay jasper. just drop it.

No. 111088


Possibly, earlier this month i moved on to Humira injections, which is pretty much the same as the IV treatment but its helping my arthritis which is nice

No. 111089

lmao you're mad at moosey because they were being honest? you're fucking sad anon

No. 111090

Prednisone fucked me up mentally, but it helped me gain too. I used to be really underweight. It's a weird drug.

No. 111091


See, I think that people have a right to shit cosplay. It's about having fun. She's not looking for sponsors and delivering shit. She's just making stuff in her basement or whatevs and going to cons for fun. This is why so many people are afraid to get into this hobby and it's not really fair.

No. 111092

This thread is a trainwreck. But she does have nice arms.

No. 111093


I wouldnt say cried about but its kinda insulting to tell someone they cant cosplay something? Im 5"7 so medium height and thank you?
The perfect body type would be 8foot bearmode male thats been juicing for 3 years

No. 111094

but… they can cosplay Jasper, they can cosplay whatever they want

like do you think every cosplayer has to be so successful at it that people would legitimately get confused if they saw them and think they're the actual character?

No. 111095

You're not hated. It was like one salty anon and they got called out lol

No. 111096


Do what you want and don't post here about it. Seriously. You're not going to win here.

No. 111097

do you know where you are?

No. 111099


Im fine with that, I dont post on here apart from this thread, speaking of which iv got to get going in like 10 minutes

No. 111100

No 1 curr

No. 111103


I suggest you don't post here again, and I'm seriously trying to be nice. You'll just give people more shit to talk about. I think you're a cool person but you need to just do what you want, be it shitty cosplay/identifying yourself as ap articular gender/whatever and not care about what people think. If you want an example of what happens when "cows" post, check out Ashley's thread. It's not pretty. People would've lost interest in her months ago if she hadn't kept on coming in here.

No. 111104

Why do people keep saying moosefix could beat up anyone? She'd just post about it on dumblr and cry in the shower for three hours straight.

No. 111106


See this is what i hate about yhe community. Yes, it's a bonus when you fit the characters form. Yes, I'd rather not see a fattie squeeze themselves into a kill la kill type cosplay. Yes, yes, these things count.

But, you shouldn't say "you can't dress up like this fictional character because he/she is 5'4-8'5 and 110-240 pounds while you are not."

God, it boils down to adult dressup and we're all nerds. I agree that people should probably try and find characters that fit their physical appearance, so it's more flattering but as long as your shit doesn't look cheap, I'm all for it.

No. 111107

File: 1432670400269.png (221.96 KB, 361x356, tumblr_inline_nnhn0jh8iy1t9e7u…)

I love the combination of cute face and sexy strong arms

No. 111108

Fair enough, dont feed the trolls. I dont know who Ashley is but i get the point.

No. 111111

you cunts just want moose to leave so you can carry on with your self-congratulatory circle jerk saying shit you'd never say to her face

No. 111112

nice whiteknight

No. 111113

I just… I have to. Gz on your 111111 get

No. 111114


If she leaves and stops posting, the thread will die (as it should). Who cares if seh wants to visit lolcow and read it? Point is, posting here will just encourage morons like you.

No. 111115

Ok so im going out now so if anyone else posts as moosefix its not me, admin can you please confirm the IP addresses for the past moosefix posts.

This has been interesting

No. 111120

File: 1432671466823.jpg (78.06 KB, 850x669, image.jpg)

What a shitty fucking post to waste the most glorious post number on

No. 111123

This thread would have died down and floated to page 11 if you just hadn't posted here. I'm just advising you to not come back. It's really not worth it.

Anyway, this thread is worthless, so are all the other vendetta threads recently for girls who have no lulz to provide. I'm disappointed, lolcow. Polite sage for this faggotry.

No. 111124

Yes we do.

No. 111317

File: 1432687718881.jpg (164.24 KB, 400x483, liaold.jpg)

holy shit, she looks like a buff ophelia in a lot of pictures
i can't find any pictures of her in her lolita wig but damn

No. 111330

Use a tripcode.

No. 111335

Moved to >>>/b/6703.

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