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File: 1432730008163.jpg (84.4 KB, 1024x494, image.jpg)

No. 111652

There was a post about this cow but it got 404d



>photoshops insufferably
>is a weak 3 without makeup (probably too generous)
>uses fake notes and likes on tumblr and facebook to make herself seem more attractive than she is
>made a blog dedicated to posting her own nudes and denies she made it
>sends herself compliments and was caught when she forgot to click anon

No. 111654

that you again OP? give it a rest. this girl's prettier than you, I'm sure of it

No. 111663

Hey Alex. Still lurking LC are you?

No. 111675

File: 1432733695673.jpg (61.33 KB, 500x740, image.jpg)

OP admin deleted your shit thread already. STAHP.

Pic related; a more updated pic of her

No. 111676

>sends herself compliments and was caught when she forgot to click anon
Proof or it didnt happen. gosh anon you must be new here. Lurk more.

No. 111678

Dat shoop

No. 111690

OP plz

No. 111726

If your thread was deleted, there was probably a very good reason for doing it.

Give up or go back to tumblr with this nonsense. No lulz = no one cares.

No. 111764

I'd probably say she's a low 1/10 without shop honestly

No. 111769

File: 1432741899216.jpg (10.4 KB, 256x144, image.jpg)


No. 111776


Jesus fucking christ, OP. You're pathetic.

No. 111787

she really is hideous here. not even op. are you even sure this is the same girl? she mustve gotten surgery or something because she looks so pretty in her new pics

No. 111810

>pretty in her new pics

It's photoshop, dear

No. 111827

There videos of here and she looks pretty much like she does in her pictures.



OP is salty and probably ugly.

No. 111834

File: 1432746130954.gif (2.16 MB, 320x240, 2005_l_2-min-blow-job-teaser-v…)


Looks like her pics to me.
OP mad as hell.

Lemme guess, you guys went to school together in Leeds, your boyfriend fancied her or she made a mean joke about you one day and you've never forgotten it, recently found out she a camgirl now and came here to try and spite her?

No. 111835

no, i think she got plastic surgery. she has fake tits, too.

No. 111836

This thread is cancer but I felt really weird watching that gif. She's like.. pretty I guess, but her soulless eyes make it feel like an extremely unconfortable blowjob from a sex doll or something.

No. 111842


Looking into the camera like that is a porn technique.
It gives male viewers the impression that she's looking directly at them specifically and encourages them to buy her vids to get the rest of it.

No. 111845

I know that, I have indeed watched porn before anon. Her eyes just look empty and soulless to me is all.

No. 111912

She looks average, she shoops and is basic. Why is there such a hype about her?

No. 111959

There isn't. Some salty af OP has made three different threads on her in the past few days.

No. 111971

No. 111994

She's fuck ugly and needs a dose of reality

No. 112015

Someone please purge this thread already.

No. 112135

Moved to >>>/b/7030.

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