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File: 1409560412520.png (377.55 KB, 500x573, tumblr_nb5q484UkF1syikizo1_500…)

No. 11191

So apparently LedaMonsterBunny, egotistical scenebitch extraordinaire, has committed Internet suicide and deleted her entire online presence.

Anyone got any extra deets? All I could find were fans boohooing and screenshots of Leda also boohooing on cam.

No. 11200

No. 11202

who is she and why should I give a fuck?

No. 11240

>She's a photo whore whose been posting scene pics online since she was 12
>She's a megao emo attention whore
>She has a hugbox of supporters, every video the comments are all circlejerks to how super fucking awesome she is.
>She dyes her hair everyday so her real hair is a piece of shit and has to wear extensions.
>The few comments that say she's a little bitch and a narcissist caused her to quit her channel.
>She's so annoyingly emo and depressed all the time that she dates pathetic trainwreck of a guys and nearly every video she has addresses "haters"
>She never took her education seriously. I don't think she's ever had a job? Youtube was her fulltime job, so she's probably going to come back when she runs out of hair dye money
>She quit her channel before and came back, but this time she deleted all her videos.
>Her videos of her proving how much she's a gamer girl are just her spewing as many buzzwords into one sentence to confuse her viewers so they think she's such a HARDCORE gamerzz. ex: "LVL 85 WORLD OF WARCRAFT PALADIN, I LOVE ILLIDAN SO I WAS QUESTING IN DUROTAR AND FOUND LEGENDARY LOKNATHAK I PLAYED SKYRIM TODAY BLAH BLAH BLAH"
>Her family is a lower middle class but they buy her anything she wants and they let her do whatever she wants because they don't want to see their little snowflake sad :(
>Her tattoos are dumb as hell
>As I said, she'll probably come back. She thrives from attention and really cares about her online presence.

No. 11250

Haha I always disliked her. /care

No. 11271


>Also her fans are annoying hot topic weebs. Like the cringey kids who would suck that one guy from Blood on the Dance floor's dick (props if you understand this reference)

>She claims she was constantly bullied at school but that's because she was the only kid with ratty rainbow hair in the 6th grade.
>Not to mention she attended those type of highschools where you only had to attend one day a week fulfilling the most minimum educational requirement and bringing home 5th grade level assignments. Her reason for attending this type of school? "Because ughh.. school depresses me.."

No. 11305

Oh my God the fucking video … I was grimacing through the entire thing, had to skip large portions of it. So fucking pathetic.

No. 11318

So glad someone posted this here. I was considering it myself.
Top lulz.

No. 11319

File: 1409657241600.jpg (179.08 KB, 450x600, 57aad1fa8f3dada696ceffb00bfbca…)

Here's what I know/think about her:
>she recently decided to drop out of college because she felt that she wasn't ready to stop being a kid and wanted to just have fun instead
>she expected people to be understanding and supportive of her decision
>every video she makes she stares at herself in the recorder-window the entire time instead of looking into the camera
>she constantly brags about how she was brought up on LOTR and wanted to be an elf since she was a kid; so old school fantasy geek xDDD
>complains about how difficult her life is because she's special and it's so much harder for her to have to get up and do something for herself than it is for everyone else; thus why she shouldn't have to work for a living and should be able to make money off youtube views for the rest of her life
>constantly repeating how much she loves everyone and telling them to remember to smile at the end of every video in a childish voice and blowing kisses in literally every video…so much condescend and cringe
>does things like burping on camera constantly and always leaves in clips of herself saying "excuse me excuse me hold on a second excuse me" while she rubs her face/eyes and scratches her nose in every single video; this constitutes about 50% of the footage
>her father is a High School psychologist/counselor yet for some reason is incapable of counseling his own daughter
>her mother is probably what Kirsten Ostrenga will be like at that age assuming she doesn't end up in the asylum (love and mystical healing New Age hippy mumbo jumbo)
>thinks everything she does is super special snowflake and no one else is like her and if they are they're just fake but she's not
>as anon said, has been doing this since she was like 12 years old
>shockingly well-known on youtube although she recently lost half of her subscribers because she can't put out a video even monthly due to being lazy which she also complains about as if we should feel sorry for her because of it

No. 11320

File: 1409657438559.jpg (33.99 KB, 640x360, 4431ad3eec18b0e20ed68f7ab2455f…)

Oh, I forgot to add
>every time she needs something new to talk about or something to make her life less dull and boring because she refuses to actually do anything productive, she goes out and gets another super geeky zomg fantasy 4lyfez special snowflake tattoo, now she has like 50 little symbols all over her body; and shortly after getting them all in a 6-month time span declared she is GOING TO HAVE THEM ALL REMOVED

No. 11340

no idea who this bitch is, but she looks like something out of a time capsule from 2005. holy fuck.

No. 11351

Your greentexting is fucking awful.
>>Not to mention she attended those type of highschools where you only had to attend one day a week fulfilling the most minimum educational requirement and bringing home 5th grade level assignments. Her reason for attending this type of school? "Because ughh.. school depresses me.."
I did that, easy shit.

No. 11352

Then don't read it then. You're shitposting because

1)You're complaining.
2)No one cares if you went to a 5th grade tier high school.
3)You're not contributing or posting something entertaining.

No. 11354

File: 1409688819198.gif (1.04 MB, 500x281, large.gif)

>She's as charismatic/fun as a pile of shit
>Her videos have no substance/aren't entertaining/not informative/just plain boring
>Because of this, she wonders why her subscribers are brain dead retards or that they only comment on how she looks
>She tries really hard to be a manic pixie dream girl
>Her only friend is a whale version of herself so she can look hotter

Speaking of her fat version of herself: In every video/pic with her and Leda in it, she's always scooted down so she looks smaller.

No. 11355


No. 11356

File: 1409689132449.jpg (84.89 KB, 600x800, l.jpg)


"Hush fatter me, for I am the superior Leda"

No. 11357

File: 1409689302849.png (321.45 KB, 526x397, 15.png)

Leda whispers: "you can neveeer be meeee"

No. 11358

File: 1409689701963.png (251.68 KB, 532x365, 16.png)

I wonder if superior Leda enables inferior Leda into gorging a shit ton of food considering how in every video she's always telling her viewers "Oh you're so beautiful" "you're amazing no matter what"

So when both of them are photowhoring, and it's clear Leda is way better looking, she just tells Fatty Leda "Noooo you're so hot and curvy, I wish I looked like you!"

No. 11360

She looks like nigri here

No. 11362

This thread is literally garbage and you're responding because you know this. There is literally hundreds of girls like the one this threads about.
1)You're ` `analyzing" me with pseudo science
2) If I have a 5th grade education I'm afraid to ask what you have
3) Fuck off with whining about some low-tier cow

No. 11364

Dude, You're making the topic go OT when what you posted was bumped all the way up already. Your sensitivity is showing. And if you're bitching about how you're superior to talking about lolcows, why are you here then? Just stop.

No. 11366


LOL so butthurt. How about this, if you don't want people to point out how you shit post, then don't shitpost. You're literally crying by saying 'THIS THREAD IS SHIT' . And that anon wasn't even analyzing you? Like wtf? Haha

No. 11367

Did you find this place through 4chan? See >>11352
>You're shitposting because
>You're doing something because

No. 11368

Ew you're shitposting everywhere. No one cares what high school you went to or that you think Leda isn't good enough of a lolcow. Lol GTFO

No. 11369

>nd if you're bitching about how you're superior to talking about lolcows, why are you here then? Just stop.
Except this is just a low quality one. Go to youtube and type something stupid and you're bound to find one like OP's within 5 seconds. Like omg just stop omg stop stop omg just like omg stop, whatta faggot fuck lmao

No. 11370

Fucking pathetic subhuman, I bet you're a tranny looking for someone to pick on so you can validate your "femininity" LMMAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOO(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 11371

Guys ignore the tard making >>11351 >>11362 >>11367 >>11369 >>11370 and let's stay on topic

Does anyone know about Leda's ex bf burning her house or something about that?

No. 11376

>Did you find this place through 4chan?
If you didn't find this website through 4chan, you should probably leave.

No. 11377

If you found this site through 4chan you should leave because you're probably a meme spouting spaz who thinks moot is le king of le internet le legion xD

No. 11379

I can't tell if you're just pretending to be retarded.

No. 11420


On the vid it says shes not dead. So what just dead on social media cause she wants to move on?

No. 11421


Yes she decided to delete her youtube account. I don't want to be rude and I want to say this very nicely, but can you watch the video/read into it before asking? The sources and all the info about her are laid out for you already.

No. 67462

She is back! Conveniently, just as she broke up with her bf zach she starts getting back onto social networking sites, and now has a new tumblr, instagram, twitter, and youtube.

She also is having a new phase, she is being more frank about her underaged drinking (she is 20 atm), is really into anime titties all of a sudden, and is somehow moving out despite never having a real job.

No. 67469

Inbf she gets into caming, she got all the signs the other cows had before starting it.

No. 67592

She's still acting like an annoying LOL RANDOM XD 13 year old girl and it pisses me off. She even has tons of clones who try to look and act the same.

No. 67634

File: 1427206144172.jpg (38.46 KB, 600x450, CA17K6eVAAAQ9c9[1].jpg)

A lot of her fans are saying she changed actually, since she is more sexual now. Lot of pictures that show her cleavage these days, and she wants to cosplay Sonico.

No. 67640

Sorry miss clicked, not her but her recent purchase, shows what she is into now. She also bought a SNK bikini recently, and is showing off her collar collection again.

No. 67643

File: 1427206461533.jpg (75.99 KB, 600x800, 251e8d6655ed6213a35738fad069fe…)

Yeah and gone back to the shitty teased and dyed scene hair. She looked best when she dyed it brown and styled it normally, wore neutral soft make-up and dark boho-esque clothes. Even her mannerisms at that point were less ~randumb & quirky~ scene girl.

lol, that's not her. That's a seller on Etsy, she was posting about bying that bra. Leda's tits are hella tiny.

No. 67664

what is her new youtube?

No. 67665

No. 67699

Never noticed how far apart her eyes are, but she's pretty nonetheless. Right before she left, didn't she have brown hair? She looked soooo much better that way.. I think now she's trying to be the old her from years and years ago, to build back a big fanbase and make sure people recognize her.

No. 68822

No she had pink hair for a while before she left.

No. 69249

Holy fuck. How does tattoo removal work? Wouldn't this scar like shit?

She's like one of those 06 scene kids that never grew up. Nostalgia man.

No. 69250

File: 1427403697392.jpg (Spoiler Image, 79.85 KB, 640x640, 10735610_960444247299479_11032…)

Dropped pic

No. 69251

There are even tatoo removal creams these days that get the ink out of your skin.

No. 69598

I wonder how long it'll take for that crazy LadySurvival chick to start eating Leda's ass again.

No. 69600

Do you understand how common laser tattoo removal is? Very. There are five clinical places in my area that do tattoo removal. It's not a big deal to get them off with very little scarring.

No. 69601

That looks infected wtf.

No. 70683

Her latest IG photo: https://instagram.com/p/0ylQBBQWcq/

Only a matter of time until there are nudes floating about me thinks.

No. 70747


why do all these weebs post aot stuff? do they think that and black butler are the only anime on the planet?

No. 70831

Holy fuck, that looks heinously painful.
inb4 she changes her mind and gets more tattoos done in a few months time.

No. 70833

Surprised there isn't already, to be honest. She's been popular-ish on the internet for years.

No. 70958


She also bounces from relationship to relationship. It wouldn't surprise me if her ex Cameron or Matt G had some nudez. They seem to resent her the most.

Matt even tweeting how the band ghost town (or whatever the fuck they're called) tried to finger leda at a house party. I don't know if anything went down though.

No. 71138

Eh, I don't want personal nudes. I've been waiting patiently for her to go topless on twitter and show off those piercings. She should have stuck with modeling or became a suicide girl. Personally I'd never want to she her naked in an overtly sexual way.

But those Ghost Town tweets seemed like he was exaggerating the actual situation. Only slightly though, I'd imagine. That shitty generic band has been creeping on young alternative girls for forever. They want their large crazy fanbase, and a fuck. Cause most of them are easy. They're fucking creeps, I can't believe it took so long for people to catch on. As toxic as BoTDF.
I'm glad MattG blew them up. I can't stand the guy but he definitely gets respect from me for being very open with his opinions.

Aside from that novel, apparently she's moving in with some weeaboo twink, his cybergoth girlfriend and some other nobody. She seems really thirsty too. Wanna take bets on how long it takes for this to blow up?

No. 71237

I can see her being a suicide girl, or becoming a cam whore for some money.
I think I only listened to like… one song of ghost town and couldn't understand why people like that shit.

haha wait, That frank dude is straight? I thought he was gay from how he acts.

I give it 3 months or so until she put's up a picture on her IG or twitter that causes some controversy about how she's dressed… that might happen sooner though..

No. 71246

Frank is like a manifestation of what every generic tumblr weeaboo wants. I doubt he's actually the same person on the inside, unless he's actually that mentally immature.

On another note, creepy finally addressed it.

No. 71254


He's probably more bearable in real life, how else could he land a girlfriend otherwise?
Unless she's her own 'kawaii animu princess' tumblr girl herself.

haha what does Ladybitch expect?
She'll always be branded as a Leda Clone

No. 71431

Her new video

Taking about why she left

No. 180341

Attack on Titan was popular on tumblr. You get a lot of people saying they love anime when they've only watched that anime. You go to talk to them about what seems to be a shared interest and then there's nothing else there. Yes, I'm salty about it.

No. 184030

Everyone has their first anime. I can never talk about Ashita no Joe or Galaxy Express 999 or Kinou's journey with most anyone who says they like anime. I remember once seeing someone calling Slayers old school and complaining that most people only knew Guren Lagann.

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