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File: 1433147069353.png (921.67 KB, 1000x738, tumblr_nc9dc94ZX11qml0a5o4_128…)

No. 115068


Directly from the Berry Tsukasa thread (original post about her):
16 year old koreaboo who tries too hard to be edgy. Her parents are actually rich cuz their house (all the photos match up unlike berry's) is huge and she gets whatever she wants. Overshoops, too much makeup (which she apparently also wears to school), really bratty. Friends with Berry, lives Berry's ideal life.

No. 115071

I see absolutely no shooping, seems pretty normal to me.

No. 115096

I don't see any photoshop
she's just a normal Asian girl???

No. 115101

are there any photos of her house or of her at school?

No. 115109

Imagine overshooping and still being this ugly

No. 115112

File: 1433169509270.png (1018.93 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_nmcxuaqGRh1qml0a5o1_128…)

I think in these pictures specifically her legs have been shaved down/made to look smaller right?

No. 115113

File: 1433169529158.png (1011.44 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_nmcxuaqGRh1qml0a5o2_128…)

No. 115114

it looks like she's standing in a bathtub LOL might just be a shitty ms paint job of covering the background up

No. 115117

she just looks like you're average asian girl
doesn't even look over shopped

No. 115136

overly shopped? she doesn't look that different on video and on pics tbh

No. 115156

Probably because OP is a 14 yo jelly weeb, just like Berry haters in general, kek.

No. 115160

No. 115170

She's looking like a normal asian girl to me. If she's overshooped, Kota should really pay her to edit her pictures. I really can't tell.


No. 115185

Idgaf if someone shoops 5kgs, some cellulite or a few pimples away.
I want to know if she shoops her face as much as berry. And so far I haven't seen anything.

No. 115200

Brenda actually stopped over-shoopping like she did in her older photos that were obvious, now a days i think she shoops very little like blemishes or something but most of her pics are from her snapchat.

She's really average, a little better than average with the right lighting, makeup and angle but otherwise she isn't anything special look and personality wise. her personality reminds me of berry: really braggy.

but i do wanna see her house kek

No. 115204

being jealous is ugly burry kek
and nope im not brenda

No. 115208

i think brenda is boring. shoops and unshoops are all meh. her older shoops were crazy bad though because theyw ere so obvious lol. her braggy personality is cring-y

i just wonder if she found out berry unfollowed her yet because they were supposedly "friends" xD

No. 115223

Why is it all these girls look the same? There is no longer anything unique or edgy about them, they're as cringe worthy as Wengie ugh.

Asian/contacts/dyed hair/makes eyes look animu/likes cute clothing/shoops/rich

same old same old

No. 115226

Its fashion trend i believe. contacts, dyed hair, animu makeup is popular in asia

No. 115227

berry isnt rich though LOL

No. 115231

I don't think she cares if berry unfollowed tbh she barely goes on the internet now & is irrelevant but actually has a social life and goes outside unlike berry kek

No. 115233

File: 1433184769322.jpg (200.5 KB, 750x1125, image.jpg)

I found this on her blog, seems like it's a sun room since its outside her house

No. 115234


You know that rude ass stereotype where racist people say "asians look alike" well… they're kinda living up to it. I like asian people, nothing against them and they're a race so yeah, but these girls and some of the guys just LOOK ALIKE. Look at the Koreans! All of them just… I know they have a thing about beauty standards but my god, it's depressing.

No. 115235

where does she live?

No. 115237

bet berry wishes she could use brendas house photos as hers lmfao

No. 115276

Her dance videos (the ones with mirrors) are shot in her own basement. She had some pictures of her taken in a hall near her kitchen and you could see that her kitchen was huge. It was on her facebook.

No. 115277

File: 1433190121383.jpg (44.06 KB, 720x720, 10521059_10203775323519840_839…)

her exercise room. not sure if it's her basement or not.

No. 115321

Brenda is an irrelevant lolcow now. She even admitted to shooping her photos in the past but she's not lolcow worthy.

No. 115472

true she was more bitchy and attention seeking in the past but always admitted to shopping anyways
she doesn't have enough content to be lolcow worthy now

No. 115477

File: 1433207717697.jpg (115.8 KB, 960x540, image.jpg)

found this on her Facebook, her friend tagged her in it

No. 115535

She looks fatter in this pic

No. 115542

At least she almost looks the same as her shoops. What is this dirt around her mouth though?

No. 115687


she looks like one of those rich regular to do chinese i see at the post office sending goods back home to china


No. 115712

It looks like hyperpigmentation due to acne.

No. 115725

as an optician this picture really bothers me

No. 115998

I think it's just how she edited the picture but her eyes look pretty red. I hope she didn't have an eye infection.

No. 116018

She looks pretty her.
In her other pics, she looks like a very skinny alien.
Shes not ugly tbh her makeup here is natural and good and her cheeks are chubby.
Why does she mke herself look very thin? Asian beauty standards about weight are depressing

No. 117576

My post from the Berry thread…

I used to go to high school with Brenda. I was wondering if she'd get mentioned after that tweet was posted. Honestly, irl she's not too bad but online she has this really weird vain personality going on that I'm pretty sure is caused by her "fame". I have a lot of mutual friends with her irl and she used to be nothing extraordinary at all, just a little fobby. I haven't seen/talked to her in a year so I dunno what she's like now besides what I see online. From what I remember though, she was pretty quiet, wore shitloads of makeup and circle lenses a lot, had pretty fried hair (wore wigs to school sometimes though, it was weird and she stood out in the hallways), and is always very tired looking. Also she was terrified of her photo taken by yearbook commitee haha. I don't think she's rich, but she's well off and has the "fob mentality" (about how everything "luxury" needs to be bragged). Her house is big, but it's no mansion (like the one Berry posted claiming to be hers), her mom does spoil her a bit though. Some of her friends are annoying as fuck. Also no I'm not the person that posted her on yousei-bitches (can someone link me to that btw cause damn I wanna read that).

Regarding her looks, she does have a bit of acne (obviously) and she does that thing where she piles a bunch of concealer and foundation on it so it looks bumpy and gross. She does have a lot of acne scars but she's not super hideous or anything. She's also not incredibly slender either, she's average as fuck.

Dunno if she's worth her own thread tbh but this is my contribution. Besides the makeup/wigs, she's not really someone you'd bat an eye to at school and her personality wasn't anything incredibly remarkable either.

TLDR; Average fobby Chinese girl. Not sure why OP has such a hate boner for her.

No. 117580

Oooh thanks for the inside deets.
She seriously just looks like some average kid trying to feel popular.
I'm not OP but iirc OP created this thread because people kept posting about Brenda in the Berry thread and OP made it to stop people from continuing to derail the Berry thread.

No. 117717

She really is. She's a bit insecure about the acne scars but she's not some gnome shooping herself into a goddess. OP sounds kind of like a vendetta-chan, even in the Berry thread. She's not edgy, wouldn't fall into my definition of koreaboo, not really rich, etc. She doesn't overshoop like Berry, and she has irl friends on Facebook and social media too. She's super average in everything, not really a lolcow by definition.

One thing I find a little odd is that her parents' last name (IIRC) is Gao, not Mao. That being said, people do joke around calling her Chairman Mao and stuff so I dunno.

I wouldn't mind giving more deets or discussing her more (tbh this is kind of exciting lol) but I think this is a /b/ thread more than a /pt/ thread.

No. 117729

Yeah I think this is more of a /b/ thread. I hope it gets moved.
More deets would be nice but only if you're comfortable with telling more.

No. 117751

File: 1433623650604.png (15.38 KB, 578x122, ss (2015-06-06 at 02.39.38).pn…)

Requesting this to be turned into a /b/ thread.

I'm not sure what other deets I can really give, she's very unremarkable honestly. Like I said before, minus the wig and makeup, you wouldn't even notice her if you walked past her on the street. I don't want to give out her address, but she does live in a pretty nice neighbourhood. It's much bigger than Berry's house for sure.

I was never super close to her but I have a lot of good mutual friends and I've hung out with her a handful of times. She was fairly nice, quiet more than anything. She doesn't just start talking about how rich desu she is or anything and she's 100x more annoying online which kind of surprises me. She wasn't always like this though, tbh I feel like she started acting like this after befriending Berry and getting popular on tumblr.

Pic related sounds like bs to me though lol, all the guys that go to our HS don't really give a shit about anything except League. Also there's only one Chinese teacher and I had her too, I can't imagine her saying that at all. She's an adorable old Chinese lady that complimented the girls all the time. Brenda pls.

No. 117753

Moved to >>>/b/8268.

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