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File: 1436208483459.png (560.02 KB, 609x622, Suzy.png)

No. 133120

No. 133123

Someone on reddit found out that her "real sterling silver" chains on her necklaces are fake too. Her reaction seems like she might have not even known herself though. But come on, after all that BS with your shop you think she would have looked in to that a little more.

No. 133125


She probably ordered them from China with the label "sterling silver" but whoooah who would have guessed they weren't really.

>Suzy is dumb as hell

No. 133127

If anyone went to AX and saw her, please share your stories

No. 133131

This anon >>132923 should share pics if possible. Lurking her insta shows that no one wanted her overpriced bugs (which can sell at cons, the last one I was at there was a table with preserved butterflies in terrarium like things) but instead wanted her merch of other people's art.

No. 133135

Link to cheap/fake sterling expose:

It seems more like she's playing dumb and confused to make herself seem innocent. She did this before the first time people pointed out her cheap charms too.

No. 133152

She probably figured no one would actually check and follow up on it, despite the fact that one time wearing it would probably turn someone's neck green.

I get she wants the highest mark up possible, but you have to work up to that price, especially when you're only really known as the wife of someone else (who doesn't even do the creative thing he used to.)

No. 133157

Because what are metal allergies. right?????

But seriously, this is another case of blatant false advertisement. The other wasn't as apparent, since she only stated in a reddit comment that she bought all her pieces from local shops, turned out untrue. This time it's clear as day on her listings "STERLING SILVER". Which is now another lie.

She probably thought she'd never be caught lmao. I don't believe for a second that she was duped into buying cheap sterling.

No. 133309


Why is Suzy such a lying scamming piece of shit

No. 133528

She needs to over haul her shop and fix it from the ground up. No one is buying those bugs as much as her other stuff. Even at AX people wanted stickers and shirts.

She just wants to sell her shit and that's find. Just don't sell crap and don't forget about your fans. A day after the con and you are pimping shirts.
While Holly actually thanked her fans for seeing her. I'm more than willing to buy from her than suzy because she cares.

No. 133533

So I don't know anything about fashion or makeup or aesthetics or hair, and look and dress like an autistic person myself in every conceivable way, but why the fuck doesn't this girl just wear bangs to hide her gaping sixhead? Someone explain this to me please.

No. 133541

I could honestly believe this because she really is that dumb, cheap, and greedy to not test them out herself.

No. 133599

File: 1436244378408.jpg (373.39 KB, 1280x893, tumblr_nqzvtnSYuV1tq0dvvo1_128…)

God Suzy's face looks really bizarre.

No. 133613

New Q&A video.
Why does Suzy act like she's in charge the whole time?

No. 133631


Ooooh shit.
>at AX
>walking past her booth
>friend says to me, "remember when arin was ego raptor?"
>"yeah, when he was relevant?"

No. 133635

When did she get those hideous tattoos? And more importantly why?

No. 133645


Uggggh it makes me so mad that she sells tshirts and stickers and shit that has art she didn't make on them. Knowing her she probably doesn't pay the artist or paid them a small upfront fee and is making tons of money on their work now.

No. 133646

File: 1436251077460.jpg (65.22 KB, 640x640, 11372407_1512753649017039_5137…)

I'm going through tags on social media to see what I can dig up of her from AX.

No. 133647

File: 1436251157048.jpg (110.36 KB, 640x640, 11357802_1446620242309726_3521…)

No. 133648

File: 1436251230307.jpg (34.95 KB, 640x640, 11375858_407232749463577_13490…)

No. 133651

File: 1436251299894.jpg (70.04 KB, 640x640, 11374792_1460558120927020_1085…)

No. 133652

File: 1436251509905.jpg (63.48 KB, 640x640, 11378755_830817400346937_17399…)

No. 133657

File: 1436251781928.jpg (101.65 KB, 640x640, 11374519_469099986600394_17888…)

No. 133658

File: 1436251930737.jpg (86.81 KB, 640x640, 11357546_1623579094584734_5444…)

No. 133660

File: 1436252014002.jpg (106.82 KB, 640x640, 11380285_1640373806208009_2094…)

No. 133661

File: 1436252085435.jpg (114.08 KB, 640x640, 11426452_498236987000067_38873…)

No. 133662

File: 1436252182295.jpg (390.96 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_nqw7mbioWX1r6go52o1_128…)


Annnd finally found some images I was hoping to see. Some showing their table

It doesnt look like Suzy has that much stuff, but she probably still made tons of money of the shirts/stickers.

No. 133663

File: 1436252220135.jpg (359.4 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_nr1d3fRUko1rr0q60o1_128…)

No. 133664

File: 1436252264709.jpg (389.09 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_nr1d3fRUko1rr0q60o2_128…)


>that sad patch of grass???

No. 133678

Maybe Holly had birds there?? I'm not sure what else the grass could be for lmao.

No. 133723

Hollys face is so unpleasant.

No. 133746

she is definitely cuter in motion, plus her personality and voice make her cute too imo

No. 133750

I love Holly's style, but I think she would look a lot better with longer more voluminous hair. and looking at this pic it's weird how Suzy has such a huge fat alien face but her body is still relatively small framed and average

No. 133762

is a thumbs up Suzy's go=to pose or something?

No. 133788

File: 1436283139780.jpg (153.66 KB, 1008x666, ayy lmao.jpg)

She also broke up with Arin, tried working at disney world, got a new boyfriend (while arin sent her love letters literally every day begging her to come back) and when she got tired of disney world, came back and crashed at his place.

Not to mention she made arin believe animation was a "pipe dream". A whole bunch of fuckign retards.

No. 133797

Suzys head game must be on point if she can change a man this much

No. 133798

Nothing was special about him except that he wanted to be an animator and liked doing his shitty animations for fun. I don't want to go through every single newgrounds forum post of his, but his aspirations of being an animator are almost completely gone now. Well, look at it like this. Arin is a lot like other guys from these times; he's average looking, probably a bit socially awkward, and spent a lot of his time on the computer. Suzy is probably his first serious, or first ever relationship and he doesn't know any better.

So he falls head over heels for her. She knows he's in the palm of her hands. Arin deals with her shit and is very clingy to her, because he doesn't know any better and he probably doesn't want to be alone (especially after all the work he's done trying to get this girl) so he does whatever she wants and defends her religiously. A part of him knows this isn't how it's supposed to be, and he has let himself go.

No. 133835

Really? It seems the opposite to me, she seems like the clingy one with no identity outside of him

No. 133836

The only other girl he has been with is some girl on the internet, so it was a ldr. Suzy is his only real interaction with a female irl romantically/sexually.

No. 133837

They're both probably very codependent on one another tbh.

No. 133838

sorry for the awkward crop, had to crop out my friend, but Jontron was at Anime Expo

No. 133839

File: 1436293745117.png (438.3 KB, 576x576, muhsugini.png)

dropped pic :^)

No. 133845

I agree. Long hair would suit Holly's face better. She kind of has a chubby face and the short hair emphasizes it. The first pics I ever saw of her were of her face and I assumed she was fat. Was surprised to see it attached to a relatively slimmer body.

No. 133846

New Q&A.

No. 133857

Forgot if this was posted in the other thread so

No. 133858

I love whenever Suzy tries to tell a joke, Arin just does a really obnoxious, forced laugh. Even Arin knows she's shit.

No. 134001


Holyshit didnt realize how much of a hitchhikers thumb Suzy has

No. 134013


you can see in >>133599 that she was trying to sell her framed bugs, so if she's still charging $100 fucking dollars for them and people bought them, she probably made decent money.

No. 134015


I think in one of the photos you can see a sign that says $75 for bugs. Still quite a bit of money though. She probably was trying to hustle them by saying "my bugs only $75!!! Online they go for $100, so save $25 right here right now!!!"

No. 134016


Just looked through the photos and didn't see it, might have been a photo I say but didn't decide to post. I'm going to see if I can dig it up

No. 134018

One of her insta posts was like that. I have a feeling they weren't moving as fast as she would have liked, not realizing that at an anime con most people don't have that kind of money to spend of stuff. Had she done stuff like that which was more on-theme, she might've sold more.

No. 134021

File: 1436314711031.jpg (95.7 KB, 640x640, 11379960_114443392229154_12247…)


Oh yeah nevermind, it was in this post. You can see the sign just above this guys shoulder says "All bugs $75"

No. 134027

File: 1436314866759.jpg (11.19 KB, 320x320, 11417321_1112486962114274_9187…)

>these instagram white knights

No. 134029

File: 1436315043961.jpg (78.94 KB, 540x540, 11334623_846125918811539_19176…)

good shot of their table. I thought their table looked bare in other photos, but I guess they just sold lots??

No. 134031

That is a man who has just stopped giving a shit.

No. 134032

File: 1436315169817.jpg (209.85 KB, 640x640, 11380126_500919156740519_15868…)

No. 134037

ot but wow how shit can your taste get??

No. 134038

File: 1436315801645.png (225.3 KB, 310x390, small.png)


I completely agree. Someone posted this item they bought from her, and I think smaller items like this would have been better/sold faster.

No. 134040

File: 1436315897718.png (1.33 MB, 1376x644, bakas.png)


Although through the powers of social media, we can confirm at least 3 people bought the expensive as hell bugs. Which honestly, for bringing an expensive item like that into AA, she did fairly well with them
>probably because of her efame
>all her fans want to ride her dick

No. 134143

Wigs for Kids is the shit, they helped my ex's little sister. Good on you Dan. Good on you.

No. 134156

they look related somehow

No. 134157

It doesn't help that when you look for similar taxidermy stuff it's generally half the price and equal in quality. The silver framey things she bulk orders to not make that mark up worth it.

No. 134173

You can buy the same bugs as her, get them pinned for an extra fee, get the same corner frames and spray paint them silver and voila have your own bug display for half the price of Suzy's.
I've been thinking on making my own for a while bc I'm into the look, but her fee is outrageous. I have all the links to where she orders her stuff bookmarked.

No. 134176

> Florida

No. 134198

File: 1436329531276.png (86.4 KB, 738x750, sz.png)

Honestly what kind of shit doctor does Suzy go to???
Also she uploaded a ten second video of her at the gym. She's totally trying hard guys.

No. 134251

hyperthyroidism makes you lose weight. Having a under active thyroid makes you gain weight. either her doctor has no idea what they are saying or she is making excuses for not losing weight quickly.

No. 134255

No reason why it should be taking this long for the doc to get the "right" dosage or why she's not losing some (even minimal) weight after taking synthroid. It's something else or she's not tracking her food and activity accurately. I do feel bad because weight gain has to suck but I honestly,y don't understand what is going on if she's telling the truth.

No. 134257

As some who takes synthroid for a under active thyroid, I'm coming to the conclusion that she is not taking her meds for this daily or doesn't go for check ups to lower the levels of it. This can cause problems with weight loss. diet and exercise also plays a big role and if you're not trying you're not gonna see results.

No. 134258

She hasn't mentioned taking hormone pills at all. If she had I obviously missed it somewhere. The only option she ever brings up is having her thyroid surgically removed, which seems really weird to me. What doctor is she seeing that's giving her this only option?
From what I've read online (obvs not a doctor) treating hypothyroidism is usually pretty simple once you nail down your dosage.
Part of me is thinking she's making all these posts about her thyroid for sympathy but wow. Something is really off about this.

No. 134262

It's been about eight months since she was diagnosed and in this video she says the doctors have no idea how to treat her so far. She starts talking about her thyroid @ 2:30 btw.

No. 134265


Her nose looks weird in the photo/thumbnail before the video starts.

No. 134285

Interestingly enough I actually gained weight when I had hyperthyroidism because I was just constantly hungry. When I had my thyroid removed I completely lost my appetite and as a result lost crazy amounts of weight.

Yes, but getting the correct dosage takes forever and you feel like death in the process. It took my doctor over a year to figure out what I needed.

No, thyroid issues aren't the most serious of illnesses but they seriously fuck with your energy and emotions if your dosage is wrong. Hypothyroidism feels like the shittiest depression you've ever had and on the worst days I barely had enough energy to get out of bed.

No. 134302


Agreeing with this anon too. I didnt personally have hyperthyroidism but my ex did. He was super fat when he had the condition but then shed tons of weight when he went on medication and everything was under control.

No. 134443


those fucking crocs

No. 134453

Where is this? Some kind of garden? Why are they dressed like they're tourists in Hawaii?

To be fair, it is part of the cheesy tourist attire. Arin needs a fanny pack to complete the ensemble, though.

No. 134474

Because they were in hawaii

No. 134552

This made me giggle to be honest

Here is the gym video in case anyone wanted to see it. Putting it on here due to the comments

No. 134566

>Thigh gap!
>But thigh gaps are unhealthy!!!11!!1
>No they aren't, she just working out not starving herself for one or something!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!!1111!!11

Except she totally tried starving herself/limiting food intake to obscene levels to loose weight. Also:

>Fat people are jelly!!!!1!!!11

Like Suzy isn't fat now (or average sized at best. Which is essentially the smaller end of plus size if we go by the presumed National average.)

No. 134591

Haha stupid bitch, that machine is not going to help her get thigh gap, it's gonna do the opposite
>working with 7 lbs

no wonder she isn't losing weight/progressing

No. 134606

Well that's that I guess. I feel silly now. When did they go to Hawaii? And how the hell can they afford a trip to Hawaii? Does GG/Suzy's Etsy scams really make that much?

No. 134614

Do you know how many vacations they take???
They go to Disney a bunch. Suzy just filmed a bunch of videos there last year. They've gone to Japan what, 2-3 times now?? And they have another trip coming up soon. and of course, they went to Hawaii.

People were actually a bit upset because during one of the Japan trips, they didn't shoot enough episodes to upload prior, so once they got back they did a bunch of awful jet-lagged, tired as shit episodes to make up. Because quality is very important to grumps.

No. 134702

I didn't notice this at all until now, but did Suzy not take Arin's last name when they got married?

No. 134764

She might not have taken it for 'professional' reasons, or she's just lazy about getting it legally changed.

No. 134766

No I don't think she ever did have it changed and I honestly don't see the issue?
But how could we ever forget that Suzy's husband is Arin ALSO KNOWN AS EGORAPTOR.

No. 134770

I don't see the issue either, but I think >>134702 anon think she wants to go the Nicole route at some point or something. It's hard to see her being genuine about anything anymore, and I'm sure if someone asked her about it she'd take some uber tumblrette SJW point of view on it. (Even though the actually progressive thing is a Jay-Z/Beyonce route were they both take each other's names.)

No. 134775

I wonder if she'd answer a Tumblr ask about it…

No. 134779

File: 1436404759056.png (932.82 KB, 575x829, hairvolution.png)

Took a screenshot of a gif-collage Tumblr post of Suzy's hair evolution. The top row and 8 are definitely her better looks compared to whatever it is she's doing now.

No. 134784

Never heard of this girl before but holy shit she's ugly as fuck, does she think the makeup makes her look better or something?

No. 134792

File: 1436405746641.jpg (305.96 KB, 742x1980, image.jpg)

Ah yeah that was me! Seeing her in person was interesting
Here's a pic, cropped my sister out of course

No. 134794

Side-swept and straight across bangs really suited her.
I don't know why she gave them up and did whatever the hell she is doing with her hair now.

No. 134795

Was he??? Where?

No. 134802

Then she needs a better doctor. I call bs.

No. 134812

Here you go anon >>133839
I really like her hair in 7. To be honest I like her with glasses+her make up there too. I'm fucking horrible with anything fashion though

No. 134814

She looks genuinely cute in the first one with her hair and makeup like that

No. 134815

I'm really digging 3.

No. 134818

1, 4 and 7 are her best looks imo, with 8 and 9 being the worst. And here I thought my forehead was huge…

She legit looks worse without the make up. Most people just look tired, or simply less polished, she literally looks undefined because of how small and piggy her eyes are.

I will never understand Suzy's fashion choices.

No. 134831

Her sleeve just doesn't look right when she's dressed in casual wear like that imo. :/

No. 134837

Her sleeve looks weird in general. I don't mind the design, but it suffers from shit placement. Having a nice design that's well drawn is only half the battle with tattoos.

No. 134843

Nah, both suzy and holly just want money. they're all shit

No. 134846

Is this her room?

No. 134847

I agree. she looks very ugly. dont see the appeal tbh
also doesnt suzy have a shit ton of haters? how could she get into AX?

No. 134849

No. 134850

Is AX hard to get into? Every con's AA is a bit different, and I don't know how AX handles their selection process.

No. 134860

holy shit. so cute

No. 134862

1 actually looks great.

No. 134924

File: 1436423300613.png (44.16 KB, 733x388, arinlivejournal.PNG)

So I sorta stumbled on Arin's old livejoural: http://egoraptor.livejournal.com/

This entry from 2005 he says he's never had a "girlfriend" lol. Didn't someone make a timeline of his relationship with Suzy? Weren't they dating by then?

No. 134926

>I have a huge inferiority complex
It makes sense. That's why he's so beta.
Arin thinks he's worthless or just doesnt believe in himself. When he met Suzy, everything was over for him. Arin is an easy target for manipulators like Suzy. Look at how she controls him. Guys with inferiority complex are beta and end up with manipulative dominant women because they think that's all they're worth. They think they're inferior to others so they don't aim higher, even if they deserve it. Guys like Arin will never realize their girlfriends are bad. It's like they're living in this tiny world where everything is dull and sad but they can't do anything about it because they think they're not worth happiness. They think no other girl will ever want to be with them so they just leave it like that. Notice how Arin reacts to critism toward Suzy, especially about her scams? He denies everything. I think deep inside himself, he probably knows it's true. He probably knows Suzy is shit, but he pretends or choose to deny the reality because he seems to have a fear of being lonely. When he was with Jon, he looked happy. He had life goals. But he gave up on everything. Why? For Suzy. Their relationship is absolutely toxic. He still can dump Suzy, stop being an asshole, re-become happy and apologize to Jon but he'll never do it.

No. 134929

Finding old mentions of Suzy in these journals is fucking weird. Also these are around the Katie era, since Arin repeatedly says in a few entries he's TAKEN.


>+ Who is the cutest?: Katie or Suzy or Chelsea. I think I'll have to say Suzy, the other two have a more sexy vibe. :3


No. 134930

Anon are you talking about this? >>101916

No. 134937

File: 1436425055863.png (102.11 KB, 1311x442, arinlivejournal2.PNG)

Arin made a journal complaining about his brother's GF and his brother actually came in blew Arin the fuck out.


Also his brother confirms Arin doesn't understand what a relationship is like.

No. 134941

File: 1436425368131.png (144.7 KB, 1291x651, arinlivejournal3.PNG)

It feels like I just walked into a fight lmao. Except this happened in 2004.

No. 134943

File: 1436425999870.png (45.46 KB, 1177x375, Screenshot_3.png)

No. 134944

File: 1436426025720.jpg (28.76 KB, 400x600, cw6crwo.jpg)

This is Arin and his brother btw.

No. 134947

File: 1436426634135.png (60.5 KB, 1220x521, Screenshot_5.png)

>utada hikaru

No. 134948

They sure do look like kin.

No. 134949

Wonder where he stands now with his brother

No. 134952

File: 1436427059664.png (74.18 KB, 1040x586, arinlivejournal4.PNG)

Damn what does he have against Hilary yo.

No. 134955

Another question is why does he have to publicize every single little thing

No. 134956

He said the only people who would read his livejournal are his very close friends and family members (nate, his dad, katie).

No. 134958

Yeah to be fair he was like 16-18 when writing these, and only a handful of people knew him as "egoraptor".

Arin's livejournal is mostly video game/movie reviews, talking about his dreams (most of them have girls in them), complaining about work, and briefly talking about his friends, family, etc.

It's overall pretty boring but he does has a few entries of gushing over Katie if anyone's interested. Mentions of Suzy are very minimal.

No. 134962

the way he writes was exactly how i was.
except i was fucking 11 years old
seriously wtf

No. 134964

File: 1436429946622.png (103.21 KB, 1368x684, Screenshot_6.png)

Who the hell is Krystal?

No. 134965

he really responds badly to comments lol

No. 134967

I'm seeing the blueness
And frustrated by it
I'm typing this poem
Practically having a fit
Of course you all are wondering
What the heck is blue
I'll tell you what it is
But I don't want you
To ruin my day.
Ruining my day…

My monitor is the blueness
The monitor I say
The tint is broken, the cord is busted
And it's ruining my day
I try to see colors
As clear as they can be
But to my demise
Blue is garaunteed
To ruin my day.
Ruining my day…

I had too much citrus
And it's made my mouth sore.
If I drink, or eat
I won't want any more
For the roof of my mouth
Is dry and rough
If you think I'm done
There isn't enough
To ruin my day.
Ruining my day…

But perhaps there is
I see a light
I have a love?
Oh, without a fight.
To say one is a love
Is a hard thing to tell
But I can assure you
It's quite the opposite of hell
It doesn't ruin my day.
Not at all.

There is one thing
In my life assured
My love is there
To make my illness cured
Whenever I'm down
Whenever I'm sad
My love is there
To make my happiness Iron-clad
My day is saved.
Saved again..
By the wonderous joy
Of having a friend.
- Arin 2001 (his poem)

No. 134969

File: 1436430247215.png (148.02 KB, 1183x847, Screenshot_7.png)

Why the fuck is he so aggressive and hateful toward people in general?

No. 134970

File: 1436430300481.png (46.93 KB, 1020x453, Screenshot_8.png)

im sorry for the spam it's just very lulzy

No. 134971

because he's grump

No. 134972

God I live for angst-y old poetry.

I guess Arin had an e-gf in 2001 too? So he was like what? 14?

There was also a HUGE journal entry Arin made about what love "really is". It was super generic and long so I skimmed it. If anyone finds it again it might be worth posting? Iunno.

I think it's funny how Arin had multiple online GFs, hell even he and Suzy were LDR for years. Doesn't seem like he could get a ~real~ GF until Suzy's controlling ass moved in.

No. 134973

File: 1436430496217.png (106.67 KB, 1051x643, Screenshot_9.png)

yeah i guess too. she sounds sweet

No. 134974

File: 1436430589840.png (166.71 KB, 1276x856, Screenshot_10.png)

Very long post (didnt screencapped everything) but was he bullied?

No. 134976

File: 1436430792704.png (115.56 KB, 919x505, Screenshot_11.png)

looks like he was bullied at school when he was 14

No. 134977

File: 1436431087161.png (71.23 KB, 1020x422, Screenshot_12.png)

He thinks infatuation is love. haha what an idiot

No. 134978

No. 134979

Is Arin like a serial-romantic? Or just a huge beta that clings to women?

No. 134989

What a quick study. he had only just entered his first internet relationship and was already doling out advice like a pro.

No. 135031

File: 1436449934134.gif (55.38 KB, 904x1131, TransBisexualBottom.gif)

10 years later, the suppression of the truth has only made him depressed, empty, and overweight.

No. 135115

funny considering a recent Q&A, >>133613 at around 6:13 - 7:47

No. 135145

Prepare to cringe.

No. 135180

What the ever living fuck

No. 135189


Wow haha that joking not really joking "I WANNA BE A GIRL YOU GUYS"

No. 135202

File: 1436473320200.png (767.84 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_m0frfjfRA01r8cin9o1_128…)


>longed to be a girl

No. 135206

File: 1436473683113.gif (310.47 KB, 267x200, 5229019 _98162a80ab0cc30456624…)

No. 135258

Holy shit maybe Arin really is trans? Maybe he's this generation's Bruce Jenner and in about 40 years he;ll finally be able to be his true and transition.

Man how sad is it they he gets stuck with Suzy.

No. 135314

He clearly has some issues

No. 135328


Arin should get out right now that every youtuber is doing it. He could get a lot of new fans and exposure

No. 135355

HORYSHIT. I was gonna point out the shinyshit Sakimichan art lol. I give her props for how fast she can paint but jesus her stuff is sameface shiny shit with bad anatomy and rim lighting.

No. 135357

File: 1436484424263.png (255.8 KB, 852x467, tumblr_md3m82A8hE1qgn827o2_128…)

I concur that it seems arin has a lot of issues, and its honestly quite sad. I used to think he was alright until he became a greedy jew puppet.

No. 135358

Did this bitch just trigger warning motherfucking weight loss? For real? FOR REAL REAL?

Are people that delicate they can't fucking stand hearing about people loosing WEIGHT? This generation is fucked. I'm convinced. The greatest generation from the 40s is old and dying out. Our generation is a bunch of whiny pissbabies. We need another World War to root out the weaklings.

No. 135361

File: 1436484501232.jpg (125.14 KB, 500x375, egoraptorbig.jpg)

No. 135364

Suddenly Jon leaving makes so much sense

No. 135368

Yep, seen people do that before on both Tumblr and Twitter.

The other one that gets me is when people mention drinking even perfectly normally and add an 'ALCOHOL TRIGGER WARNING!!!!!1'.

No. 135382

Eh, I mean eating disorders are a real thing.

Yeah, people have talked a lot about the possibility of Arin being trans. He always plays as a girl, says he "identifies" (notice the word he used) with girl stuff. When asked what he wanted to be, Arin immediately said "girl".
But who knows. I think he's really conflicted in general because he keeps his sexuality and stuff mostly private.

You can read in a lot of his past journals that he grew up with a lot of people assuming he was gay, even his mom thought he was gay. He even started a club with his friends to prove how "straight" they were by showing each other their dicks.

Dude has issues.

No. 135411

When she didn't, the Tumblrinas bitched about it. A few even said they now hated her for being so insensitive.

No. 135462

File: 1436498711759.png (778.86 KB, 625x531, arinandsuybooxy.png)

Latest from Suzy's instagram. Did she edit her husbands face a lot? Like shit. He looks plastic smooth and crazy orange in the face

No. 135465

File: 1436499022141.png (899.04 KB, 617x611, beetles.png)

New piece she made for her collection.

I actually think this ones composition is really damn ugly. And I'm not just saying that because we all hate Suzy, I usually actually like the aesthetic of her other works with those shitty silver frame things.

Maybe it would look better if she didnt have such an ugly red wall behind it? But I feel like there isn't a great flow to this piece, which is something you'd want when you are trying to go for a natural/organic feel like this. Also I hate her weird color scheme of green, yellow, and brown.

No. 135475

It doesn't help that the beetles are all from completely different continents, either.

No. 135477

I see what you mean with the flow. There's just way too many bugs scattered in there, makes looking at it hard for me, eyes don't really know where they should be looking exactly. The bright red wall doesn't help either.

And I'm with you anon, I really like bug pinning and her stuff isn't usually such an attack on the eyes.

No. 135479

I think if the beetles were clustered more together instead of being so evenly spaces apart it would have looked nicer. The random super bright beetle like the green and yellow really throw me off to.

I also hate that they are all facing random fucking directions??? If they all were follow a curve or looking like the were climbing towards the top, it would have been nicer

No. 135483

The comments on that video are much more cringe-worthy

No. 135486

File: 1436500974548.png (831.45 KB, 1235x632, example.png)


I did a draw over type thing to show what I'm saying. I'm really bad at forming my thoughts in text

No. 135488

Man alcohol is the best who could put a trigger warning on that

No. 135491

If she did, why didn't she edit his nasty-ass pants?

No. 135496


Oh god good I didn't even notice. What the hell is that even on his pants?? Piss stains?

No. 135510

It's probably water. For some reason.

I have a feeling that Arin is, if anything, genderfluid since it is a legit thing even though tumblrettes have latched onto it. I've known people who do just want to be girly one day and a guy the next and I feel like Arin is the type to flip flop since he def likes having his dick. I think the only reason he hasn't now is because of a lack of info, even after the whole Caitlyn Jenner thing. And I do have a feeling that Suzy has shut some of that identity expression down knowing that he's not going to leave her for wanting to wear a dress on occasion.

According to the recent Grump Q&A Suzy went to school for classical painting. She clearly learned nothing since her composition sucks balls. I have a feeling she was one of those students who felt she didn't need to learn anything and that the teacher automatically hated her for no reason.

No. 135518

File: 1436505526960.jpg (78.27 KB, 720x960, 544099_312240965519277_1307044…)


Dear lord she was trained in classical painting? Did she take it at a recreation center or something because damn she sucks sometimes at art. She has some OK stuff, but for her age and "experience" i'd imaagine she'd be better than what she is. I found some photos of her paintings, I'll start commencing a dump

>another one of her pieces with terrible composition, everything is terrible

No. 135519

File: 1436505576668.jpg (70.65 KB, 540x720, 4.jpg)

No. 135520

File: 1436505646775.jpg (38.49 KB, 512x384, 574777_312240665519307_1377893…)

No. 135522

File: 1436505712383.jpg (61.17 KB, 541x720, 156203_312240732185967_7131715…)


Right now these pieces are 2012 era

No. 135523

File: 1436505730722.jpg (69.06 KB, 540x720, 579834_312240752185965_1801506…)

No. 135524

File: 1436505959542.jpg (89.61 KB, 612x612, 526668_312240818852625_6460791…)

No. 135525

File: 1436506091214.jpg (54.36 KB, 540x720, 545832_312240828852624_3698175…)

No. 135526

File: 1436506162682.jpg (87.39 KB, 720x540, 542118_312240955519278_1085806…)

No. 135528

File: 1436506445316.jpg (152.49 KB, 720x960, 537649_312241002185940_1864314…)

No. 135529

File: 1436506506089.jpg (79.5 KB, 540x720, 179504_312240922185948_4648391…)

No. 135530

File: 1436506636901.jpg (85.6 KB, 612x612, 542327_314832595260114_1892900…)

I guess some of these were too embarrassing to put into her art video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIKyDjIU0Hs

No. 135533

she looks like MJ

No. 135534

This is the only thing i've liked of hers.
And that's not much of a compliment seeing as I think its still really generic.

No. 135537

File: 1436508547283.jpg (78.33 KB, 720x960, 319749_316183238458383_1472286…)


I agree. its pretty generic and it could be a little more refined. But the colors are interesting at least and I like the way the hair is colored.

No. 135538

File: 1436508596727.jpg (90.09 KB, 612x612, 543286_331220936954613_1654813…)

No. 135539


Actually, has Suzy drawn anything since 2012 when all of these were done?

What the hell is with Arin and Suzy both giving up on drawing

No. 135559

i dont like suzy but i gotta admit shes good at painting shit, at least for cow standards, she's real good

No. 135575


Like I guess, for cow standards. But she's not fantastic at all. And I'm assuming you don't know much about art because if you did you could find an insane amount of flaws with her work.

Overall to me a lot of her work looks amateurish and that without a reference photo, she could not paint or draw well at all. Hell even with the reference photo she has mistakes in placement and proportions

No. 135584

I thought Arin made those? I thought he animated her KKK, er Kitty Kat gaming intros and stuff too.

No. 135595


Nah. Her KKG theme on youtube/twitter is drawn by Linzb0t, along with the merch stuff like stickers. I dont know who did the intro though, probably arin

No. 135604

Is this seriously what you'd call sexual assault? It's super uncomfortable and unwarranted, for sure, but I've been to a lot of cons where I've seen milder forms of this behavior. I've actually been groped at cons before. He's not being molested, she's just a really way too clingy fan who doesn't know when to stop because she thinks it's okay. I'd call this harassment at best.

The way he's screaming "Security" almost makes it seem like he's having fun and the crowd seems like that's all they see it as as well, until someone actually drags her offstage.



Looks like they're done with AX forever now, though. Good.

No. 135605


Is it just me or do these people seem retarded for not knowing the caramelldansen?

No. 135620

what a fucking beta, holy shit

No. 135624

>Name for a Girl: Something magical.. like Destiny, or Fate, or Crystal. I also for some reason really like Leila.
>Name for a Boy: Trent. What a badass name.

No. 135651

I dunno, she seems to have a pretty alright approach when it comes to values and color. Her work is nothing revolutionary of course, but she's not terrible.
I really hate how Suzy thinks she's really obscure and cool. Her tastes are so basic and the Frankenstein's monster one is so generic

No. 135664

>I'll do whatever it takes to make sure my daughter grows up to become a stripper

No. 135673

OMG these LJ posts are funny as hell. Thanks, farmers.

Everything about this post is so funny considering Arin and Suzy's relationship now. Honestly.

Sounding a bit like a virgin with rage here. ugh.

Lol. Hindsight is 20/20, innit?

Shocker of the century.

No. 135708

Jeez, anyone standing next to Arin suddenly looks better. His brother doesn't even look that great, more like a typical guido, but in comparison to Ego's moonface and pignose he lucked out in the genes department.

No. 135780


Total Stuntkid ripoff tbh. Down to the color pallete.

No. 135809

File: 1436567192186.jpg (159.98 KB, 1404x936, maxresdefault.jpg)

Her stuff is "okay", but for a classically trained artist she has tons of proportion and composition issues. It's also hard to see much difference in a lot of these pieces since they all mostly look like self portraits?
The colors she uses also sorta irk me, they feel very unconnected.

This is the only piece that is generally pretty good. The symmetry and palette is appealing. It's funny how she's still salty over losing the competition she entered this in.

The way she talked about her art in her videos made herself sound a lot better than she actually is. She bragged about entering her stuff in shows in high school, and how her art teacher was obsessed with her, etc.

Most recent things I've seen her do besides taxidermy is a moon she painted, and another piece of a closeup of her mouth that she posted about on insta. They were both included in her art video.

No. 135822

Talk about wasting your degree.

No. 135862

> 51) color your hair: No. My hair is untouchable.
> 52) have tattoos: Gross.
> 53) have piercings: No.
Even in the other quiz Arin had a STRONG hate for tattoos and piercings. Kinda wonder if he was against Suzy getting hers.

No. 135912


She thought those hands where acceptable?
I'm no art fag but jesus some of her shit is bad. But, you know, at least she's not chris chan level.

No. 135941

Agreed. I wouldn't say retarded but yeah younger people don't know earlier internet history because they just sit and whine on Tumblr/Facebook all day now and are too incompetent to find anything else to do on here. Caramelldansen is annoying anyway though. It's the same thing with people from early 2000s who didn't know about the raping little suzy story or the hamster dance meme from the 90s because those kids were too busy on myspace and angelfire. New people come in and shit gets forgotten.

No. 136034

bad anatomy in what way?

No. 136840

Hello anons! Here are your fresh new Suzy selfies

No. 136846

not the previous anon, but from iirc sakimis anatomy seems to be bad so it can be "sexier". its not awful, its just your typical broken back pushin out titties type of shit.
tbh i don't think having a hs art teacher fawn over you is really a big deal. looking back at my stuff it was really mediocre(even for my age), i get the feeling a lot of them just appreciate at least one of their students taking art for a reason other than easy credits. her stuff reminds me a lot of the stuff students who take an art class for a year, who've never picked up a pencil before in their life, and genuinely try at it. good, but not impressive in the slightest. completely uninspired and usually pretty ugly still. even her best pieces embarrassingly regular. probably why she has to rely so hard on religious symbols to make it interesting. but what the fuck is going on with the bunny girls thigh in >>135526 ?? you'd think she'd pencil the lineart first and then go over in black paint.

No. 136867

Tbh they aren't terrible. They're good but nothing amazing. I know a lot of art students that suck shit.

No. 138229

Are you her? I don't really hate her face or anything. It's what she does that's annoying.
You forgot this gem.

No. 138256

No I'm just an anon who's been trying to deliver as much as possible for others. Sorry if I sounded suspicious

No. 138286

Ah yes. Apparently Ross (not Arin, but Ross) shat his pants just before that picture…

In any case, Suzy's art sucks, which is probably why she's 'switched' to the jewelry (which also sucks) and the taxidermy (which isn't very inspired). Herworks looks like a high schooler's at best. She probably just couldn't handle critique, surprise surprise.

UGH. The bead thing started getting press over a year ago, a handful of states have already banned them since.

Also most recent Q&A. New session it looks like. (Dan and Barry remain the most likable out of everyone still.)

No. 138288


How many different beds does she have???

No. 138292

Sorry about that. I appreciate you delivering a lot of Suzy updates! I can't stand her since I enjoy let's plays and I think she ruins Game Grumps.
Don't worry, you didn't sound really like her. In order to go full Suzy, you have to call us something awful like "lovelies".

No. 138305

It's not problem I was no troubled by it and I know lately there have been lurkers who have sent lolcow to her or brought it up to her

I didn't see this video posted in any other threads (unless I missed it)

No. 138559

File: 1437080518320.jpg (164.57 KB, 979x640, 883fg84.jpg)

No. 138590


Wow, Middle row second one actually looks <gasp> cute???
She should drop the ~goth~ shit and/or at least jum on the straight, full eyebrow bandwagon

No. 138593

I was friends with someone who looks a lot like suzy but with not as good hair. She's a personal cow of mine but I feel bad for her.

No. 138605

I wonder how suzy would feel if she read all of egos old livejournal entries, does she even know about it?

No. 138661


awh, look at widdle baybay suzy.. maybe she shouldn't have posted the others, though.

No. 138669

Genderfluidity or whatever doesn't exist, that's how humans work, some people don't feel like following certain gender stereotypes or standards and that's just normal, it doesn't have anything to do with gender issues.
I dress on my dad's hand me downs sometimes and others I groom myself and wear dresses, that doesn't mean I feel like a man then a woman, is just me being lazy and wanting to be comfortable or feeling like looking pretty and put on a nice dress, but that's it.
Maybe he's a crossdresser, you know, it has to do with feeling good being femenine but not wanting to be a woman.

No. 140296


This! I was thinking about self portraits aswell. It's a big turn off, considering she probably didn't outright plan on painting herself.

Other than having issues with composition and proportion, she doesn't seem to know about dynamics in visual stuff. A lot of her stuff is symmetric or "hey ima just put this here without no reason at all" and therefore she hasn't gone past high-school skills in art even if her degree papers state otherwise.

She knows how to use colours… But it looks like she just couldn't be arsed to finish her linework or lightning/shadowing. Which makes her stuff look mediocre and maybe a bit cheap. She's not crap but no, she's nothing special either.

>tl;dr venting after over 10 years of artfag studies

No. 140429

Jon looks so much slimmer since his early Game Grumps/Jontron days. I'm proud of him.

This on the other hand makes me sad, he really, really let himself go. Makes me wonder if he's secretly miserable over marrying Suzy and pretty much being smothered by her.

No. 140575

She doesn't seem too bad without makeup. She just needs to focus on skin care rather than makeup.

No. 140596

Her eyebrows remind me of Spock.

No. 140600

Have you seen the oily grease-pit that is her face? She zooms in way too close in her makeup tutorials and gives everyone a great look at all the cystic acne that covers her entire forehead and cheeks. Her skin color is weirdly gray too, she basically looks like a decomposing corpse.

But of course when she posts on insta she can add filters and smooth out her skin so she seems perf.

No. 140664

File: 1437354426501.jpg (614.76 KB, 1536x2048, Alien Isolation HD.jpg)

You poor ignorant fool…

No. 140856

Looks like every single comment Suzy ever made on Arins old livejournal has been deleted

No. 140938

File: 1437406471391.png (382.42 KB, 586x392, sooz.png)

Actually looks cute in the middle right and bottom left pictures. It's already been said but she really needs to drop her whole spoopy + goffick!! thing. Doesn't she know that completely lining your eyes makes them look smaller? And when you've already got eyes the size of a crab's, you're doing them absolutely no favors.
It's already been proven with this picture that she can look pretty damn cute when she goes with the natural-ish, bohemian look, kind of similar to Jean. She's still got mad amounts of eyeliner on here, but it's significantly less eye make-up than she scrawls and pastes on nowadays (shit loads of dark eyeshadow, thick eyeliner that wings out from her nose bridge to her temples, over the top fake eyelashes, circle lenses). I'm guessing this is mostly why her sister looks a thousand times prettier than her; she doesn't wear harsh as shit, black make-up and wears nice, normal clothes rather than unco-ordinated UNIF pieces with diamante-encrusted belts and flared jeans.

No. 140957

File: 1437410209262.jpeg (18.68 KB, 300x280, 1029643433_hanson_answer_17_xl…)

I thought those one's were cute too. A lot of people are cute kids tbh
The one on the right (middle) looks like she belong with the Hanson brothers tho

No. 140973

Why are they all of her? She's such a fucking narcissist.

No. 140978

oh my LOOORD


No. 141003

More Suzy plugging birchbox products.

No. 141042

I am slightly positive something was brought up about this in the first thread in which people were wondering if Jon talked with the rest of them

No. 141290

Her skin is still save-able. It just needs a really hard reset. Like a medically needed reset.

No. 141294

I have no idea how to save pics on ig.Have a picture on me.

No. 141304

Kay I love Holly now. She is the irl Ramona Flowers

Still think she's Fuckin ugly tho lol

No. 141317

It was but I think it's been confirmed that Jon still talks to a few of the grumps and introduced Danny to Arin. Oddly enough it went back to Suzy because she was the reason why Jon had to get out. She wanted Arin to make more programming and Jon thought they were becoming a parody of themselves.

No. 141344

Does her hoodie really say "SATAN IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL"? Really? :/
She's trying so hard to be edgy and dark but it's so half-hearted. Suzy is basic as hell. Shouldn't she know that throwing around the term spirit animal is kinda fucking disrespectful? Or is she just riding on that old trend too.

No. 141462


No. 141463

Whoops sent to early sorry. I wonder if this is another situation with her wanting another plaque.

No. 141464

Suzy runs the GG twitter just so you know. There have been multiple times where she has accidentally linked her own beauty channel videos on the GG twitter handle.
So Suzy is just shamelessly plugging her own channel right here.

No. 141465

File: 1437466342176.png (10.64 KB, 469x80, heh.png)

No. 141469

File: 1437466823814.gif (866.66 KB, 450x253, whatastory.gif)


No. 141470

I can understand shitting on Suzys appearance because shes a scamming liar and deserves it but imo saying how bad you think people who seem to actually be decent human beings look for no real reason seems needlessly bitchy/gossipy - even for sites like this.

No. 141471

agreed no need to be rude about people whove done nothing wrong

No. 141473

Meh, to me a pretty inside leads to a pretty outside, but people here will unfortunately be petty no matter what you say.

No. 141481


No. 141491

Disagree. Public figure. Fair game.

Holly is ugly. Her hair is a fried mess. Her eyes are beady. Her face looks swollen. She dresses like an autistic child. I agree what the anon earlier said about her fat face, it is really fat. She is pretty cool though. She needs to grow her hair and dye it something else and wear better clothes. Then she wouldn't look special ed.

No. 141676


Woooow this was so cute ! I really want to get birds one day and this is just so heart warming

No. 141685

File: 1437499131036.png (681.74 KB, 948x604, weeabo.png)

Suzy being a true weeb

No. 141731

I've never seen this before and thought i'd share

I also remember their being links of Nicole trying to get with the grumps so I went to see if perhaps theres anymore of them hanging out to post here but her twitter bored me so i couldn't find them again

No. 141795

File: 1437512376592.png (371.09 KB, 672x658, kkg.png)

Posted about an hour ago.

Suzy has beauty AND brains, Arin's a lucky guy.

No. 141798


Oh shut up.
She's fair game on here, especially since she actually meets the requirements to be a lolcow.

No. 141817

Huh? Holly? A lolcow? How so? (Not even trying to fan the flames, just legitimately curious how she would meet the requirements of being a lolcow.)

No. 141859

unfortunately saying someone looks like "an autistic kid" is the pinnacle of humor around here now

No. 141865


You should go see one of her makeup videos, it's way worse than that

No. 141872

lol Suzy's 2goth4u you just don't understand :P

Holly does need better hair. It's not a flattering cut for her and the color is definitely iffy. I think a brighter color would be better.

No. 141901


I thought she was talking about suzy.

No. 141924

>sexually assault
>girl didnt touch his dick
nice joke

No. 141927

I hate how these vegans youtube gurus think Lush is natural and vegan. It's not. Their products contain harmful ingredients. they're not natural at all, fucking idiots. do researches about the ingredients.

No. 141954

All I know is whenever I walked past the Lush store in my city I'd get an instant headache. Everything in there seems WAY too perfumed…

No. 142344

File: 1437586379034.png (573.83 KB, 970x624, silver.png)

She'll never get the gold one though lol

No. 142346

File: 1437586536035.png (625.22 KB, 978x552, tooth.png)

>REAL human tooth necklace!! Only $70 USD !!!

Really how much work did she do for this, put a tooth in a clear box and attached a pre made chain to it?? Like wtf Suzy you're a jew

No. 142348

File: 1437586695201.png (975.33 KB, 978x615, sticker.png)

Probably ripping off another artist with her new sticker

No. 142356

And where even did she get a 'REAL rotten (wtf?) human tooth' from anyway? Shit's weird. And gross.

No. 142358

Might know someone who is a dentist? But bone jewelry is expensive anyway. $70 dollars isn't really off the mark. I've seen bird skull chokers and such go for that amount.

No. 142362

Are dentists allowed to just give out their patient's pulled teeth?

No. 142371

That is a disgusting rotten molar

No. 142378

My dentist let me keep my wisdom teeth after they were removed, and you can sell them online since they're yours.

No. 142529

They offer them to you or you just ask. And like >>142378 said people will buy them. I've seen jewelry made with teeth it's not cheap.

No. 142537

When I say they offer I mean your own teeth, I think they just pitch them if you say no. I could be wrong I think once you refuse it, there is nothing saying they can't take them.

No. 142587

Suzy is especially unbearable in this one.

No. 142597

Arin and Suzy look like a lesbian couple

No. 142621


Haha, Barry being bitchy to Suzy was great.

No. 142732

barry's so sassy

No. 142761

File: 1437632492244.png (1.38 MB, 1080x1920, suzy.png)

Dat lipstick application
Question: Why does she smooth out her philtrum even further? You'd think she'd throw a shadow or two in there or something so she doesn't look so FAS.

No. 142776

File: 1437635517073.png (519.05 KB, 1267x653, teeth.png)


Common guys, cant do a little research yourself…

Of course Suzy wouldnt sell something unless she was making a huge mark up/profit. She does it with literally all of her items.

Some quick googling led me to find this example, I'll keep searching for more though.

50 human teeth for $225 (including shipping). Seems high, but 225/50 = $4.5 per tooth. Plus the shitty generic necklace plus plastic case, she probably spends less than $10 per necklace and has very little time invested into it since she can probably make each necklace in under 10 minutes.

No. 142777

File: 1437635623255.png (477.03 KB, 1284x658, rotten teeth.png)


Oh and wow, they even sell the teeth with cavities. Maybe she adds in more black spots with paints or something to make them more rotten?

To be honest the dealings with something like this is a bit sketchy since you're technically selling something that is a biohazard.

No. 142778

she looks like she smeared monkey shit on her lips

No. 142781

Woah thanks for the info anon! I was curious about it but was a bit grossed out on what might pop up
Isn't the gold one for 1 million subscribers or something like that?

No. 142790


I am not sure if the workings in America are the same as in the UK, but here, you are not allowed to sell bodily remains but there are ways around that rule. The person must of been dead atleast 100 years and you can't actually "sell" the body part, you pay for the box or label that comes with it.

If anyone knows more they might be more specific, I just learnt this from a human taxidermist who's studio was next to the shop I work in, so I'm sorry if anything not correct.

No. 142818

Ugh, those comments. "I want my kids to be this beautiful"
No one should want kids with FAS. And someone comparing her to Ellen page? um, no.

No. 142821

Holly is really sweet and just kind of does what she wants. you can hate on her appearance, but in the end, she's 1,000 x better of a person than Suzy will ever be and is actually genuine. let's keep hating on Suzy for being a lying, scamming cuntbag.

No. 142823

Who the hell would want a dirty, rotten human tooth as jewelry anyway? that's really insane

No. 142828

I've heard applying liquid to matte lipsticks is kinda tricky look neat but come on, couldn't she just clean up the edges with a make-up wipe or something.

And I'm guessing she doesn't realize how odd it looks, I bet she just thinks she has a ~unique~ face.

No. 142874

She should be using a lip liner in the first place. This is like foreverkailyn-tier lipstick application.

No. 142905

File: 1437661271849.jpg (700.09 KB, 1920x1200, longlosttriplet.jpg)

what are u talkin about anon they are identical!!!

No. 142920

I don't think Suzy has FAS. That person in the picture has no philtrum. Suzy does.

No. 142921

Suzy also has no epicanthal folds like the other woman has.

No. 142925

I can kinda see the Ellen Page resemblance tbh

No. 142926

who is this?

No. 142937

File: 1437665101564.jpg (239.28 KB, 1920x1200, ellen-page-2.jpg)

Guys, it is Ellen Page hahah. I just shooped her features to look like Suzy. I possibly went too far.
Here's the original.

No. 142940

oh shit

No. 143173


Edgy tumblr-inas. Though to be fair the website for buying them is for dentist students and such. But I agree that its quite weird to stick technically biohazards all over your body.

No. 143174


Holy fuck I thought your shoop was real. Nice job anon.

No. 143203

Separated at birth!

No. 143379

File: 1437701107065.png (187.21 KB, 339x340, 1430784805478.png)

Does anyone else get angry when looking at this pic? IDk why it angers me a lot

No. 143380


Yes. I'm glad it's not the first image anymore. I would imagine that she was bald and laying on top of a wig, then become mesmerized by how creepy it looked.

No. 143389

Looks like she's ready for the money shot

No. 143390

Can't unsee LOL

No. 143407

File: 1437706945518.gif (210.62 KB, 339x340, maybe-bald.gif)

No. 143410


No. 143413

Holy shit anon, I am going to vomit from laughter.

No. 143423

Did you hear that?

No. 143424

She looks like a cheap inflatable sex doll….

No. 143465

She's trying so, so hard to be cute and quirky. If that was her actual personality, it would work, but it's not. She's a super try hard. She doesn't know whether she wants to be cute or super gothic and dark. She really has no personality or identity because she is trying to appeal to everyone.

omg ilu

No. 143484

That makeup makes her look so fucking old

No. 143571




No. 143583

To save one, press print screen and open it up in paint. Then press the giant paste button and crop it. C'mon, dude.

No. 143584

what? the term spirit animal isn't disrespectful. if anything mentioning satan is disrespectful. that sentence isn't appropriate to wear in public at all. but then again who gives a shit really except hardcore christians

No. 143587

this pose is weird and disgusting. what the fuck was she even trying to accomplish here? and she can't do her make up for shit including her eyebrows. i wish she would stop lining her eyes like that. it makes her look even more mongoloid than her natural eyes already are. her dr. suess nose doesn't help.

No. 144061

File: 1437811382211.png (929.64 KB, 638x610, shinyfivehead.png)

Hot damn why is your forehead so shiny gurl.

No. 144064

File: 1437811620508.png (774.59 KB, 632x636, isopad.png)

I've started to notice that suzy is starting to look older. Not in a bad/haggish way but if I saw her I might assume she was in her late 20s or even early 30s. I felt this way about her KKG merch photos and in this photo you can really see it, the crinkled chin from a slight frown doesnt help.

No. 144074

File: 1437812760094.jpg (169.87 KB, 720x720, PhotoGrid_1437812737739.jpg)

Jesus fucking Christ get some straight blunt bangs Suzy. You look horrible with that alien head and plus you'll even cover the 5head plus the wrinkles and Satsuki-gone-wrong eyebrows to top it off.

Why do some lolcows love to show off their oily, greasy 5head foreheads like Kaka, Suzy, etc??

No. 144152

jesus that ms paint hair looks better than her real hair.

No. 144666

File: 1437897640147.png (527.66 KB, 547x528, sad.png)

wtf suzy why does this beetle look so pathetic and depressing

No. 144668

File: 1437897714039.png (774.33 KB, 990x622, rosaryr.png)


No. 144669

She doesn't seem to be taking care of her skin at all lately. And remember when she made that post a few months ago about forcing herself to drink more water? What the hell was she drinking before?

She's lazy and doesn't care for herself. She keeps using her thyroid as an excuse to be 30+ pounds overweight, but she's just a sloppy person. I mean, she married someone who doesnt care about their looks. That's kind of how it goes. When you date/marry an active person, you'll probably be active with them and vice versa if they are lazy and sloppy. Now that she can ride Game Grump's coat tails with their fame and fortune, she doesn't have to put effort into her look at all.

She still claims to be a makeup guru, which is a sad lie. Too bad all her whiteknights will continue to defend her and buy her over-priced bugs on etsy.

No. 144670

>Says it's a rosary
It's not


It probably costs her $5-$7 to make this. fuck this bitch.

No. 144672

What on that 'rosary' is even worth $110? It's just some cheap beads and a hand pendant that's probably terribad quality imported from China.
The beading isn't even symmetrical ffs.

No. 144679

Ugggh, you're right. It isn't symmetrical. My jimmies are rustled. You can get beautiful and real handmade stuff for under $100 almost anywhere else.

No. 144682


"I dont want to be famous, I just want to be rich :)."

No. 144683

Not really relevant, but I wanted to dump it somewhere anyway.

No. 144684

>I have been blessed with great skills and talents that will blow your mind
So humble.

>"n I hope evurywun's doing well, ufufu~ GEWDNIIITE!"
Ach, my fucking ears. She's trying so hard to sound cute and it's just so saccharine and awful.

No. 144714

Suzy is looking so cute in this but god good she's annoying.

No. 144732


she was trying to be edgy and cool by taking a "weird" picture.

No. 144764

Why would they have a casting call if they were just going to hire her straight off the bat? Wat.

Her voice is sooo fucking bad here and her trying to sound so cutsie is just embarrassing.

No. 144775

That voice doesn't match her face at all.

No. 144805

>Major companies
>ones no one has heard of


No. 144875

Does anyone else have any other unseen videos of her?

No. 144878

>people call me 'dark'.
>likes Ouija boards, ghosts, and Beetlejuice
>Hot Topic mall goth confirmed.

She also talks about wanting to have her own art show feat. her paintings. Did that ever happen?

No. 144879

Sorry for samefagging, but her face is SO ORANGE in this one.

No. 144887

Probably some old, bad makeup starting to oxidize. Particularly if it's been humid/hot. I'm a whitey too and some makeup does this to me if I'm not careful.

No. 144891

I think she mentioned before in a video she drank several cans of pepsi a day

No. 144895

Ewww. Maybe it's just me, but I find that really disgusting.

Sort of OT, but one thing that really grosses me out is when there are free refills at a restaurant and someone keeps ordering glass after glass of pop. I'm not a total health freak or anything, and there's nothing wrong with having a can of pepsi from time to time, but blatantly consuming large quantities of obviously unhealthy food/drinks is sort of nasty.

No. 144900

Her voice ughhhhhhh

No. 144905


My ears holy shit

No. 144912

christ why is she talking like that

No. 144933

she is literally so boring and vapid

No. 144951

Sadly yes. She has art shows featuring the game grumps. In which you see her art and can buy her stuff and meet all the grumps (that's how you draw them in)

No. 144967

uhggggg! same here w/the drinks. Since I'm in the south, however, so sweet tea is often a culprit and I cringe when people add /more/ sugar to it. I stick with water or alcohol (which, tbh, isn't always better)

On topic: it's fun looking at Suzy's past videos and the ones at the very beginning of her channel barely break 10k views (unless they feature Arin, her Hot Topic modelling, or her cats). Like, you can tell why she started shoving him into her vids… especially now w/the revelation from lj that she just wants to be rich. More views=more money.

No. 144986

Which is a shame bc bar the orange-ness she actually looks alright

No. 144988

Ugh, that's awful. I drink soda from time to time, but i drink water and tea the most because I know soda has garbage in it that messes up your skin if you drink way too much. Thats common sense, Suzy.

No. 144991

Without Arin and his shitty fame with game frumps, she'd be nothing. Geez… what a boring, vapid person.

No. 145087


She looks like trailer trash here

No. 145189

File: 1438014349263.jpg (62.53 KB, 400x300, 1325893855992.jpg)

Suzy hops on every band wagon thinking she can make money. Beauty Gurus can make a lot, but with YT being overrun now, you have to stand out and with Suzy not being 1)really a goth 2)particularly talented in application and 3)well versed in types of make up and skincare, no one outside of grump fans (who are legit called 'lovelies' by Dan frequently and I think was a term started by Jon?) gives a shit about her. Same with her other channels like KKG and Meeperfish. She's shit at everything and not in an entertaining way.

Also she, Barry and Ross did vocal work for the most recent Red Vs Blue. Now she's totally a voice actress guys!

No. 145209

Who in the hell would pay for a recording of suzys voice???? Nails on a chalkboard is free.

Also "lovelies" was started by Arin. Jon wanted to call the fans "cumfaggots" bc he thinks the whole nickname thing is stupid.

No. 145231

based jon

No. 145284

Rooster Teeth apparently. She might be the lesser of the two evils if you compare her to Nicole… but not by much. Only because Suzy hasn't tried to kill Arin. Yet. That we know of.

No. 145686


Wait when did Nicole try to kill jon? I don't know much about Nicole tbh, is she a crazy?

No. 145688

Nicole=Sheena, not the Nicole Jon is dating :P

No. 145724

How hard is it to point a camera jfc

No. 145731

She looks so old here jfc

No. 145736

Fuck, this video is so cute
I feel like these two are definitely the most genuine and likable ones in the whole GG group imo

No. 145737

not really
I actually really like how she looks there compared to her usual self

No. 145745

Fucking kek she smoother her skin out so much it looks like she has a weird facial defect.

No. 145817

File: 1438077191988.png (978.73 KB, 999x654, suz2.PNG)

Her makeup looks so sloppy tho????
Her wings are shaky and weak as shit and the lipstick…gawd help her.

No. 145818

I thought she was said to have FAS which causes a facial defect? I can't deny she still smooth out her skin though….

No. 145834

File: 1438084160664.jpg (313.77 KB, 700x700, 1.jpg)

I was really bored so I shooped some of her pictures to see what she would look like with less FAS. I don't think shes really all that ugly but she needs bangs like damn.

No. 145835

File: 1438084208648.jpg (231.42 KB, 700x700, 2.jpg)


I thought she looked alright but I decided to give her a lip after this one

No. 145836

File: 1438084273072.jpg (235.67 KB, 700x700, 3.jpg)


Now she scares me and I think I went too far

No. 145845

did you make her thinner or is this an old photo?

No. 145850

No. 145852

Dat megamind forehead, hoooly.
She does look better in your shoops, but still a bit off. I've tried shopping her before and it's really hard to work with her features. They're just so strange.

No. 145890

Fuck she is boring.
When she's talking it's only ever her complaining about something or advertising herself/products (hers or not) for money.

No. 146045

Man, I don't see why she doesn't go back to bangs. it won't take away her ~edgy gamer girl~ look.
In other news, compare the views on this video (uploaded before)

No. 146047

With this one and take a wild guess.
Another thing that confuses me is is it common for someone with almost 200,000 subs to barely get 30,000 views on a video?

No. 146055

Wow yeah. She has 184k subs, and only around 10-15k views on her ~beauty~ videos. That doesn't seem right.

Do you really think Suzy would go out of her way to buy subs? :\ I had a feeling the Grumps were doing it for their main channel for a while, and Suzy kept begging and begging for subs and finally broke 100k on her KKG channel.

No. 146061

This….this is really bad.

No. 146071

I don't get the appeal of NSP. Everything I've watched of theirs is just so…lame. Like it's made for 13-year-old boys or people with rofl SO randumb!! XDD sense of humor. Like, I think Danny seems nice and kinda cool outside of it, but yeah.
I don't really understand how anyone who finds most of GG stuff funny can think the same of NSP stuff.

No. 146088

Could you post links anon? I like the look too.
>sage for OT

No. 146108


Where to buy bugs: http://www.butterfliesandthings.com/
(You can get them pinned for a fee so you don't have to do it yourself)
& http://www.insect-sale.com/

Where to get the exact corner embellishments as Suzy:

Then all you need is a shadowbox, gold/silver spray paint, and photo frames, which can all be found at craft stores.

And if you want to make some of her jewelry: https://www.etsy.com/shop/LancelotDIY

No. 146125

God she's vain

No. 146130

The one thing stopping me from believing she bought subscribers is I thought you got money from youtube based off the views?

Seems the diet is going well

No. 146136

Of course her fat ass couldn't resist.
A whole 7 donuts just for her, really? I would understand I guess if she said they were for her and Arin but she specifically said "ninjasexparty brought ME back a present".

No. 146144


No. 146147


She looks a lot nicer without the ~s00per quirky and goffik~ hairstyle though

No. 146174

I bet they just subscribe to her bc she's affiliated w/Game Grumps and don't ever watch anything but feel the need to sort of support her?

No. 146183

Not that I'm in any place to judge but I can't decide if Suzy and Arin are a good couple?
Like yeah obviously Suzy's got no personality and is generally overbearing and annoying

But like Arin is a fucking looser man-child, maybe he needs someone to push him around????

Then again I bet there's no chemistry unless Arin is delusional and actually thinks he loves her lmao. But what are you supposed to do, trade chemistry and attraction with functionality?? I think I'm projecting

No. 146184

They're codependent as fuck and it's not good.
Suzy is manipulative and controlling and Arin is delusional and weak. Just take a look at any interaction of Suzy+Arin to the GG subreddit, they're like the abusive parents you never wanted.
Suzy has a crazy victim-complex and Arin just feeds into it.

Like I could go on, dude.
The fact that Arin hasn't seriously dated anyone else in his life is like a super red flag, and the fact that he begged for Suzy for a year straight… just ick.

No. 146186

Shit man you're on point.

Arin creeps me out real bad but Suzy annoys the shit outta me. They are not good together at all but I don't think they'll ever end it (even though I really wanna see that happen lol)

No. 146198

"Only model if you have clear skin!!!"
yeah ok latex face.

No. 146210

WHY does she overdraw her inner corner?? she already has hooded eyes, what is she trying to achieve by making her eyes look more fucked up
this bitch needs to stop doing her makeup like a thirteen year old mallgoth that just bought their first eyeliner from hot topic
also where her philthrum at

No. 146216

File: 1438125738276.jpg (36.13 KB, 600x400, full (1).jpg)


No. 146217

File: 1438125862337.jpg (40.13 KB, 600x402, full (5).jpg)


No. 146219

i thought she was taking a shit or peeing for a second
shoop please?

No. 146220

does she not line her waterline?
I think that's what keeps looking off to

No. 146221

File: 1438125962625.jpg (91.64 KB, 600x897, full (6).jpg)

Looks like a goth tranny pissing up against the wall.

No. 146226

File: 1438126111761.jpg (133.63 KB, 485x1000, full (8).jpg)

>dat middle pose
Top model.

No. 146229

these pictures reek of VampireFreaks circa 2007
she needs to drop this goth schtick, it ain't doing her any favors

No. 146233

File: 1438126390866.jpg (81.45 KB, 600x900, full (7).jpg)

She looks quite nice here.
Further supports the idea that she suits earthy colours/style.
Got all these from her myspace by the way. There's tonnes on there. She seems to have uploaded all of her modelling photos on there, at least up until whenever she stopped using myspace.

No. 146235

VampireFreaks or a Myspace ~alt model~
All these photos are awfully amateur.

No. 146241

File: 1438128059752.jpg (42.04 KB, 600x900, full.jpg)

This set is so trashy, holy shit. It's like a 90's porn shot.

No. 146244

The face enrages me when I see it.

No. 146251

I thought this was her sister when I saw it on the front page. She looks so different.

No. 146256

Someone get a telescope to find my sides because they've gone to space

No. 146257

New episode of Suzy's Q&A, hosted by SUZY, STARRING SUZY!!!

and also the grumps

No. 146279

How much longer until Suzy gets an ED page?
I feel like there's ample content to write about.

No. 146338

Haven't had a chance to watch this yet, but the amount she says "Welcome back to an exciting episode of ______" annoys the hell out of me. Every Q&A vid and frequent GG and KKG vids. Then ending with the same line "Tune in next week for another exciting episode"

Maybe she's trying to reference DBZ since they do that all the time, but it's REALLY annoying when she does it every time…

No. 146373

Honestly the only reason I listen to them is because that's really the only new singing material Danny comes out with now and I just really like his voice

No. 146382

File: 1438145356156.jpg (58.05 KB, 600x900, 54.jpg)

I though this was a chubby Sasha Grey from the thumbnail

No. 146409

Ugh, that doesn't even look good in a binge-snack type way. She's always eating garbage and then whining about not dropping the pounds. I 100% bet you she never works out.

No. 146410

Danny has a good voice and is musically competent. I just wish he'd drop NSP since it really was funny a few years ago but now is starting to appeal to the lowest common denominator- which are Game grump fans atm. It's sad now. When he covered the Last Unicorn, I cried. His voice was great. I wish he'd do more serious music projects.

No. 146451

File: 1438158082765.jpg (254.01 KB, 700x700, 4.jpg)

Every single time I shoop her it looks so odd.

No. 146452

that's because you aren't good at shooping

No. 146453


All I did was squish her face really I wasn't shooping like a lolcow would. You shoop her then, I don't know what to do with her face

No. 146457


make her nose closer to her mouth, i think that is her weirdest feature

No. 146466

File: 1438163066882.jpg (262.66 KB, 700x700, 1231241351.jpg)

No. 146475


big improvement tbh

No. 146521

New makeup tutorial.

No. 146523

WHY. That looks awful and it looks like the same shit she always has on

No. 146531

Doesn't she see how all her makeup tutorials are the exact same? lol I just don't get it

No. 146545

She looks like hellspawn
My god almighty she is so fucking dull, do people actually think she does her makeup well ?????

No. 146574

File: 1438199378635.jpg (Spoiler Image,257.91 KB, 1192x548, suz.jpg)

different shopanon here

i tried

>weight reduction

>moved her lips up
>had to draw on an upper lip+ fatten bottom
>Thinner, lower eyebrows turned 15 degrees outward
>no more ayy hairline
>removed club rat snooki hairdye
>a tan and pleasant hair color

Still has shit makeup and uneven skin but still an improvement

No. 146577

she looks like khloe kardashian but worse

No. 146580

Oh wow, she looks like a vidya character I can't quite put my finger on.
I think she looks cuter, definitely.
Suzy is really missing out on looking decent with not having an upper lip. Less arched brows are an improvement too. Her current ones make her look so bitchy.

No. 146583

Alll I see is Taylor Swift, lol.

No. 146584

Looks good, not sure about that jaw though. Can you shave it down? Curious to see if that improves her look

No. 146588

File: 1438201710225.jpg (Spoiler Image,267.42 KB, 1192x548, jaw.jpg)

I didnt want to mess with her skeletal structure too much, just styling (except for moving the lips). But here she is with jaw/chin surgery

Now that I think about it they BOTH have that beady eye thing going, like their eyes are too small for their head.

No. 146589

Shes really beutiful, like an angel

No. 146593

That contour job and her pasty skin makes her look like a corpse and probably not in the way she thinks it does

No. 146670

File: 1438207370339.jpg (18.23 KB, 248x400, 300x300.jpg)


No. 146677

wth, lol.
Did she make this for Arin or something?
>but the fact that I know I forgot shows that…I love you!!!
does it tho.

No. 146685

Wow! And also the skin tone and eyebrows REALLY made her look better wtf. Eyebrow s are important.

No. 146711

Could Suzy pull off lip injections? I feel like that would really make her look less FASsy. The amount of real estate between her nose and non-existent upper lip is unfortunate.

No. 146726

She needs to do something with her lips. Maybe if she got lip injections she would stop over drawing her lips so badly

No. 146741

File: 1438211328237.jpg (57.67 KB, 600x900, full (9).jpg)

Possibly, but I've heard with thin + wide lips it distributes weirdly and can give that fake ducklips look as opposed to having it done on narrower set lips. Suzy's top lip is the only one that needs plumping, but it seems like it might be too thin and wide to look good.
I think she would benefit from just having some actual colour on her lips as opposed to that nude she always uses. Does her no favours whatsoever.
In this pic and here >>146670 her lips look fine, nice and plump-looking, dare I say.

No. 146750

Part of her expose has been reposted on rantgrumps since ventgrumps is gone.


No. 146789

I don't like to judge either, but yeah their relationship seems less than healthy. Suzy just seems generally "phony" with Arin and Arin seems like a gullible, lonely twat.

Arin would be better off alone, and Suzy with some similarly minded goth chump.

No. 146799


Its because she always edits her photos so much, they become so over edited when you add to it.

No. 146814

File: 1438216405328.jpg (378.25 KB, 970x619, spoopqueen.jpg)

so creppy and g0ffickk

No. 146829

what a terrible name for a purfume

No. 146840

Who wouldn't want to smell like a funeral home

No. 146858

People say Suzy and Arin are perfect for each other but idk,I kinda feel bad for Arin. Like yeah hes beta af and a bit odd but it seems like his hearts in the right place. Whereas Suzy is nearly 100% transparent like "I just want money and followers and I dont rly care how I get either"

No. 146859

In Arins old livejournals he posted about how he wanted to help his family out with money even when he was like 14 and now doesnt he give a tonne to his moms horse center or whatever it is

No. 146884

I think that's true, but Suzy has made him as greedy and selfish as her now. He used to seem more humble and now he tries to monetize everything and squeeze every penny he can out of Game Grumps & co.
GG used to be fun and modest and I think only advertised selling some shirts a couple of times. As soon as Jon left they started advertising for all sorts of stupid 'merch' left and right - "Buy our calendar!! Buy our booty shorts!! Buy our shitty music!! We made another channel! SUBSCRIBE!!! My hot gamur gurl waifu made a gaming channel too SUBSCRIBE!! WE ALREADY MADE SHIRTS BUY THEM!!!!"
I just think this is who he is now. Suzy has brainwashed him.

No. 146887

This company makes a bunch of weird perfumes, I remember at one point I think Sephora carried them? They had a Play-Doh one for instance.

Not to defend Suzy or Arin, but GG is owned by Polaris. I honestly feel like they're the ones trying to make money, they own a bunch of popular youtube gamer channels like PewDiePie.

No. 146972

No. 146982

I really hope he was just playing that up holy shit

No. 147011

I am so sick of that fucking winged liner in the front of her eye line. it makes her look older. so much fucking eyeliner. this bitch has no right to call herself a makeup guru.

No. 147012

The hair color and eyebrows are already an improvement she can even do right now. Suzy is a mess.

No. 147013

That label looks fucking cheap too. Like something you'd pick up in a family dollar store.

No. 147014

They are perfect for each other though. Suzy is fake, self centered and needy, as well as a liar. Arin is fake, self centered, needy and a disgusting pervert.

No. 147119

No. 147123

File: 1438263083611.png (167.93 KB, 328x327, c9a.png)

they have these perfumes in duane reade, they're like $10-$15 and they all smell like dust and mildew. She pushes her ~creppy aesthetic~ so far. She has money, why wouldn't she want to buy a nice-smelling perfume

No. 147124

lmao pigface. I hate how she calls herself a feminist and does stuff like this, she's so full of shit.

No. 147136

OMG I just can't with all these scrublords in the comments who have honestly never heard of Demeter before. Suzy's fandase is 13 year old boys.

No. 147263

Her last Instagram post lmao she's such a fucking weeaboo

No. 147265

I sometimes wish nico nico douga was around because I would love to see her try and be an aidoru

No. 147267

How many times has she posted that pic of her as a geisha? There's nothing wrong with liking Japanese cultures but she's giving me "I wish I was Japanese" vibes.

No. 147270

oh god could you imagine

could you imagine the Japanese comments on her

No. 147293

File: 1438289317251.jpg (182.31 KB, 600x900, full.jpg)


Looking through most of the cringy myspace photos, she would look sooooooo much better with some nicely filled brows (and a natural curve, she spikes the curve on the end which is what makes her look crazy), and minimal liner as everyone has said. Needs more color in her cheeks, and needs to drop the nude lip.

Everyone is calling her a pig face/ugly, but honestly, she does the most harm due to the shitty way she puts on her makeup, I think she'd look fine if she wasn't trying to be an edge lord.

No. 147457

Did she have a DA account at one time? I swear she had a stock account where they claimed to be models.

No. 147459

I think so. It was called twin stock or something like that.

No. 147463

Her sister's dA that's still up is here if you want to see old Suzy
an anon in the other thread showed links to an archive of her own dA if you'd like to see

No. 147470

File: 1438307029531.jpg (60.72 KB, 427x640, sweet_and_evil_2_by_penguinpan…)

Suzy and Jean really do look different

No. 147472

File: 1438307295419.jpg (110.56 KB, 600x800, plaid1_by_penguinpantsstock.jp…)

That fucking plaid dress

No. 147475

File: 1438307365822.jpg (111.86 KB, 600x800, wa9_by_penguinpantsstock.jpg)

Suzy trying to be PT

No. 147477

File: 1438307628892.jpg (57.62 KB, 614x819, 100010011112_by_penguinpantsst…)

On the toilet? Really?

No. 147490

File: 1438309000329.png (695.61 KB, 1261x608, suz3.PNG)

Suzy confirmed weeaboo trash

No. 147494

Poem by Suzy

the world is depressed,
help im being repressed,
fuck the press,
whoops i made a mess,
i could care less,
dont touch my lips,
i will hiss,
back up in pain,
into the world of black,
the world is depressed but you could care less

No. 147495

taken from her info page
>Favourite photographer: papa XD hes the one who takes pictures of me in my cospplay ^_^)

No. 147497

how old was she when she wrote this? this reminds of the shit i wrote when i was a edgy mallgoth in 7th grade

No. 147501

She's 26, I couldn't see the exact date that entry was uploaded, but the capture was from May 25th, 2011. And it was the second most recent thing in her gallery.
she was 21, almost 22 around the capture date.

No. 147513

I love these shops.

No. 147521

File: 1438311026147.png (596.52 KB, 869x600, suz4.PNG)

why is there a KKG promo

No. 147526

Only 2011? Jesus Christ.
I was expecting it to be around the emo/scene era, like 2008 at the latest. Cringe.

No. 147534

Anon, don't you know Game Grumps would be NOTHING without Suzy?!

On another note a few days ago I seen a post saying if they wonder how many youtubers are in it just for money and one of the tags were game grumps and I had quite the chuckle

No. 147572

File: 1438318750867.jpg (130.15 KB, 1280x640, shoopshoopboop.jpg)

Trying my hand at shooping. Suzy would look a million times better without that weird ass corner liner.

No. 147573

I agree, how has no one told her it looks bad, especially considering she's apparently been doing it since high school?

No. 147576

Hate me all you want, but I think she looks pretty in the first pic

No. 147577

That was OP's point.

No. 147578

first pic is shooped one im pretty sure…

No. 147657

yeah, her eye makeup and eyebrows make her look so much worse. Good shoop, anon

No. 147658

The first photo is shooped.

No. 147662


Suzy's fashion blog before it was taken over by someone else

No. 147666

Her&her sisters old twitter account

No. 147811

It's way too severe and doesn't really make her eyes look bigger like she probably thinks it does

No. 147930

Oh god

No. 147937

She lined her lips but still managed to look like she smeared shit all over her mouth. Incredible

No. 147945

This is literally just a five minute video of Suzy putting on lipstick. The "tutorial" part is null.

God I wish she used a real lip liner to match the color, her application just looks so patchy and uneven >>142761

No. 147946

She really needs new lighting for her makeup tutorials. She looks washed out and dead.

No. 147947

File: 1438364592873.png (302.05 KB, 434x468, suz5.PNG)

She has no style
She has no grace

This kong
Has a funny face

No. 147958

The first cut was so awkward. her voice went from talking kind of neutral and then full out baby high pitched desu. Why is she forcing herself like that?
Also, "It's very vampire". Kek not really. Is she a 13 yo deviantart mallgoth?

No. 147960

cruella de vil

No. 147962

I'm fucking choking oh my lord

No. 147968

looks better without it. why

No. 147969

No. 147970

>Don't worry, Goose, it's not monetized.


No. 147978


im screaming

No. 148153


No. 148177

File: 1438385292633.jpg (29.55 KB, 371x382, solong.jpg)

That distorted Jon screaming on the background really did the trick, I can't get up anymore

No. 148206

don't insult cruella that way

No. 148361

I love you, anon. I was just watching the speedrun of DK64 so this is making me laugh extra hard.

No. 148363

I'm fucking dead.

No. 148425


No. 148518

>"perfect dark lip!"
>looks sloppy af, badly overdrawn and uneven

No. 148892

File: 1438469627921.png (9.78 KB, 575x101, you hear'im guys.png)

Remember this??
I do!

No. 148929

No human has a tooth this big.

No. 148932

I think it's just the way the picture is taken. Pics can be tricky when it comes to telling size.

No. 149038

Is Game Grumps even a Let's play? It seems more about Arin screaming like a whiny baby

No. 149053

I wish he would kill himself already.

No. 149054

They're playing games over shitty commentary.

No. 149069


Was this a joke or was this made before gamegrumps? I guess there is a date so I could look it up

No. 149073

File: 1438487847342.png (19.38 KB, 861x415, Grumps.png)


Before gamegrumps. I wonder if at that point he had already talked about the show with Jon or not. But seriously Arin is a complete sell out, thats why I hate him so much now.

No. 149139

I did not know this was Danny. Now I feel stupid. I found this album somewhere online and it just sounded so earthy. I loved it and then lost it.

No. 149843

No. 149850

File: 1438569741700.png (720.43 KB, 1012x662, suz6.PNG)

Wow isn't this sad. This is the old grump room where Arin and Jon would play and record.
She's turned it into her own etsy sweatshop now and covered it with her shitty art.

No. 149851

lmao at her using a bad picture of christy mack so they look (barely) similar

No. 149876

Someone said that Suzy looks like Bayonetta.
Them's fightin words.

No. 149909

Holy shit is this suzy?

No. 149913

its only the makeup.
that eyeliner makes her look retarded

No. 149914

i bet she send this to arin to try to be kawaii jailbait desu ^____^

No. 149953


Of course you assholes want hand outs. I can't imagine the amount of money their fans already spend on them.

No. 149954

This bitch….

No. 149956

Yeah, they really are. Suzy always gets fans saying she is prettier than she is. I guess it's her way of ignoring her badly aging skin that is breaking out so much. How even though? She has so much money to spend on top quality moisturizers and toners/acne products.

No. 149958

Anon, she's lazy as all fuck, that's why.
She doesn't have to try anymore lmao she's making the big bux $$$$$ off her husband now. She doesn't need a modelling career, she can just sit around, get fat, and play video games all day and still make more than working class people.

No. 149960

I sit around and play videogames all day on my days off from work. haha. I'm glad I'm not a fat bitch like Suzy though. It literally takes 3-4 days a week at the gym or just watching what you eat to not gain a huge amount like she did. And she is still using her 'thyroid' as an excuse for getting so big. If anything is an indicator of her extremely bad habits, it's her skin.

No. 149966

Flashback to when Arin wasn't a sellout and Suzy using racial slurs (@5:30)!!!

No. 149973

>"ordered some stickers….. so excited oh my god"
For stickers…? Her 'fans' are seriously retarded.

No. 150184

File: 1438616473191.png (227.95 KB, 384x391, prcing.png)

Why does suzy think its fine to price a whole bug piece as much as a necklace?

No. 150186

File: 1438616654448.png (786.05 KB, 965x617, suzy.png)

For a second I thought she said she was drawing, but LOL no, just another artist since Suzy doesn't draw anymore.

No. 150242

>>149966 wow suzy racist

No. 150257

What the fuck is that thing under the glass dome?

No. 150291

Looks like a bird skeleton

No. 150295

Since VentGrumps died the people over at RantGrumps are creating a list of Suzy's bullshit

No. 150296

Why is only Suzy racist? Egoraptor said it too?

No. 150320

Something about the way she talks about "How big of a business do you want to run?" and the way she says "How did you meet Jontron" really sets me off in a negative way.
Maybe I'm the only one but it sounds kinda odd

No. 150469

Because stupid bitches like to give Arin a pass because 'he's a cute husky gamer guy~~"

they're both shit people.

No. 150473

Yeah, both Suzy and Arin don't bother drawing when they can get grunts to do it for them.

No. 150901

I was skimming her past threads and something hit me. Suzy has talked about how she was taking medications for a mental illness. Recently, she's started into the super health train with the paleo shit and ~drinkin soooo much watur~ and babbling about soda giving you cancer and if you stop snacking you'll lose, like, 70 pounds at the end of the year!

Between that and either not listening/going to a doctor or going to a charlatan (her "doctor approved" shit can be so wrong and dangerous) maybe she's gone off her meds for some reason? People thinking their new lifestyle/diet has cured them of stuff like that is pretty common.

No. 151010


That's actually kinda possible, I think she has manic depression?

No. 151019

No. 151093

She's not wrong about soda and snacking though. Doesn't seem like she's being unreasonable to me.

No. 151104

Euughhhhhh god what a shithead

No. 151105

One ingredient is some sodas might be carcinogenic. Please get off the scientific illiteracy and hysteria train.

>junk food

If cutting out junk food results in 70 pounds of weight loss, nigga you fat as fuck.

No. 151115

i just want her to get rid of that eyeliner she does in the inner corners of her eyes. Her makeup doesn't compliment her face at all, she's not exactly making the best of a bad situation

No. 151118

Between that and photoshopping the shit out of her pictures so she doesn't have a philtrum so she looks even more FAS-y, she's not doing herself any favors.

No. 151119

Ok Dr. Anon. I await your publication in Lancet.

No. 151124

It's possible to disseminate information without being a cunt about it. And I'm betting that you are a fattie since you claim to know so much about metabolism of food and fatties typically do.

No. 151125

That and her waterline piss me off. She lines underneath it but ignores the top. I cannot stand that look.
Just line your bottom last line halfway, Snoozy. Leave your corner alone.

No. 151129

Anon doesn't strike me as a cunt. I mean, the other anon said the same things people have been making fun of Suzy for (about soda giving you cancer). Same for food and metbolism.

No. 151131

This video where she talks about her medication and mental illnesses was before the super health nut mode and before she started being aggressive towards people frequently. If she is stopping medication and relapsing, I hope she gets her life back on track. And I hope Arin's okay, because he doesn't need to juggle his own kinda obvious issues and her as well.

No. 151368

You can literally have both things and not be a fucking whale. Learn to portion and actually move longer than the minutes it takes to get from your bedroom to the kitchen and you'd good.

Damn, fat bitches.

No. 151370

How was anon even being a cunt? You sound like a fat bitch.

No. 151421

why did ventgrumps die?

No. 151614

The admin decided to shut it down because they didn't like what it had become or something dumb

No. 151671

File: 1438746221522.png (67.75 KB, 866x301, wowsuzysahypocritewhodhavegues…)

So there's an issue right now with H3h3 Productions because they used one of Fullscreen's reaction videos from some stupid kissing prank video or whatever. Suzy retweeted this from Jon, where one of the guys from H3h3 talks about what's going on and how YouTube's shitting their content creators.

Funny how she favors H3h3 in their plight against somebody crying when they use a clip, but she did the same thing Fullscreen.

No. 151672

samefagging, trying to navigate this shit on my phone. Same thing Fullscreen did.

No. 151818

Suzy is such a fucking drama queen and huge hypocrite

No. 151847

is it just me or does her nose look really orange and dirty sometimes?

No. 151851

Are you meaning she's a hypocrite from this because she lost her shit over it?

No. 151861

I am. Because if I'm understanding the situation with H3h3/Fullscreen, it's something similar to what happened with that video. "You used muh clips, prepare to die!" Except the person who originally made "Egoraptor is officially that guy" wasn't monetized, like H3h3 seems to be. So at least Fullscreen has an actual argument about H3h3, unlike Suzy.

No. 151878

Has this bitch ever heard of tinted lip balms? Those nude lip colours look like ass with her pasty coloring and skin tone. It's possible to have dramatic eyes and still have a muted colour on your lips that doesn't look like fucking jizz on them

No. 152059

Have you seen her actual lipstick application? At least when nude lipsticks and nude/clear glosses smear on her face it isn't so visible.

No. 152115

File: 1438801062744.jpg (279.42 KB, 1437x1847, IMG_20150805_145629.jpg)

Awwwwww who made her use the black and white filter Boohoo :'(

No. 152130

christ, that eyeliner is so fucking bad.

No. 152143

i can't really tell, but is that glitter on her eyebrows?

No. 152154


I thought this was onision

No. 152155

File: 1438804829792.jpg (19.29 KB, 320x320, 11311459_1453277758332361_2951…)


She looks like a hot mess.

No. 152158


Well first I lol'd at the mess she made but then I read the comments


>You're really gorgeous
>actual goddess

literally blind retards

No. 152160


Holy fuck, me too

No. 152168

Yes. It makes the look ~JAPANESE~ because she bought the glitter in glorious ~JAPAN~

She apparently didn't like this look. Why share shit you know is bad? Oh yeah, attention.

No. 152201

She looks so fucking retarded in this video holy shit. How does she not notice how fucked up her eyes look?

No. 152202

*picture, not video lol

No. 152207

No. 152233

She will never stop that shitty eyeliner. ever.

No. 152299

I feel like she's getting worse at her eyeliner now. It was never a good look but now her lines are crooked as shit and the way she doesn't fill in her waterline makes it look unfinished.

No. 152309

so vintage! DEPRESSION!

No. 152310

Alsooo, is she wearing a wig or did she finally get rid of her skunk hair?

No. 152328

Suzy's been posting passive aggressive/wah wah I had a bad day shit lately. Wonder what's eating her.

No. 152344

I'm trying to figure out how she was inspired by Shrinkle.
Is it supposed to be this look?

No. 152346

Maybe she caught Arin jerking off to Hunie Pop.

No. 152360

When did she get that ugly tattoo all over her arm?

No. 152361

She's channeling some serious Amy's Baking Company in number 1

No. 152363

Holy shit I have the dress Suzy is wearing in this one. It's a Japanese brand called "Plumprimo" and it's exclusively plus sized. top kek

No. 152387

She looks like Bjork here

No. 152449


Japanese plus size =/= American plus size

This seems petty to me, unless you're a short petite girl with an Asian build, you generally won't fit into much in Japan. Doesn't mean you're a whale or anything though. It's a great brand for people with shoulders and breasts.

No. 152468

I'm listening to this fucker talking about Jon and it hurts.
Like really, I feel bad about Jon.
Poor guy admired Arin since Newgrounds, finally befriend him, makes a project with him and at the end when he couldn't provide more jew money after a year of making the program, Arin ditches him and goes with the plan B of bringing ninjasexparty onto the show…
This has more drama than my korean soups.

No. 152488

Amy may have a crazy style, but she's amazing at makeup. It's hilarious since Amy has been doing what she's wanted since the early 2000s and makes money off her own makeup line while Suzy is a scrub who is constantly changing her identity and doesn't know how to apply makeup for shit.

No. 152489

I have both shoulders…and breasts anon.

No. 152491

I feel bad for Jon too. In some of the older grump streams, you can hear him really praise Arin. He must of really hurt after losing that friendship. I wish all the best for Jon honestly.

No. 152493

Oh no, Plumprimo is a plus size brand even by Western standards. Have you ever visited their website before, anon?

They are a good brand though, weight shitposting aside.

No. 152495

Oh no, Plumprimo is a plus size brand even by Western standards. Have you ever visited their website before, anon?

They are a good brand though, weight shitposting aside.

No. 152498

I haven't. I was only laughing at the way you posted things. I didn't mean to offend, haha. I'm not a fatty, but maybe I'll check out their clothes for fun.

No. 152516

I'm not the anon you were responding to. I just really like Plumprimo and know a bit about their sizing.

No. 152523

Very true on all fronts. I love Amy's style, tbh. It's out there, but it fits her.

No. 152588

File: 1438845907847.jpg (83.84 KB, 540x540, tumblr_nsmzc5uRGG1qils0po1_540…)

"Being anime as fu!" she says

No. 152592

Holy fuck, this looks terrible!
No wonder she didn't want to upload the tutorial.
What a mess.

No. 152599

File: 1438847181280.png (112.04 KB, 336x199, am.PNG)

No. 152646

Why did she put red eyeshadow under her eye? To look like she got punched?

No. 152648

File: 1438854531073.jpg (29.69 KB, 350x500, mcr.jpg)

It's been a think in punky/visual kei makeup for a while. To a lesser extent it exists in other jfash, but is usually more pink and blushy than red.

No. 152704

The absurdity of her running off to ig and posting an emo selfie after catching her husband jacking off to shittly drawn anime girls seems SUPER likely

No. 152749

True. But it just…doesn't go with the look? The blue/silver with giant eyeliner (and star eyebrows???) look that's very exact and streamlined doesn't work with a faded red on the bottom.

Now that you mention it, I do see her trying to do a look like that but it fell so flat. It just looks like she somehow missed the worst under eye discoloration when applying foundation.

No. 152766

Well she was trying to invoke this >>152344 look, which you can tell was applied well and to suit those features, even if it is a bit bizarre. I'm kind of a fan of the grunge, slightly messy application of make up, but like all styles of make up you have to know what suits your features. That wing Suzy did is particularly laughable since you can tell that since this isn't her normal liner shape she has no fucking clue what to do.

No. 152825

I have never posted in this thread before but I just wanted to say thank you for the nostalgia. Bless u anon

No. 152863

Shit I remember thinking this looked awesome when I was younger

It still does…at least on him

No. 152929

Haha, so true. Arin is fucking disgusting. I remember back in the beginning of Game grumps era so many fans were like "Omg, I wish Egoraptor were my husband~ You're so lucky!!"

But he's probably one of those otaku who can't get off to a real life woman and has to jack off to hentai.

No. 152930

God damn, it looks so good on Gerard Way though.

No. 152931

She's trying SO HARD to be Amy/Shrinkle. Hahaha this dumb cunt!!

No. 152932

Oh! Well, many thanks anyway, anon.

No. 152941

Ugh why would anyone want to marry an earthworm with a shitty haircut and skidmark covered undies

No. 152944

A lot of people have no standards for some reason.

No. 152945


I love that we're all Gerard Way trash.

No. 152948

Haha. I'm fine with that.

No. 152950


No. 152951

Haha, that's insulting to both lesbians and David Hayter.

I'm laughing so hard though. Arin is seriously awful. His fanbase is worse though.

No. 152964

No. 152978

I dunno, she looks mostly the same to me.
I'm thinking it's just a somewhat flattering photo.

No. 152979

Literally says throwback thursday…..

No. 152984

Well there you go, lol.

No. 152986

Am I the only one who thinks Arin's blonde streak is so fucking lame?
Like, when he first did it I thought it was a joke…and then he kept it…

No. 152988

I wish she would get rid of the blonde streak. Who told her it looked good :/

No. 153013

Arin overall looks like a greasy, sleazy person. He has no sense of personal style.

No. 153014

The same people who say her makeup skills are great.

No. 153030

ehh. But if you go through the salon's feed, it's only from 3 weeks ago.
But I think the weight loss is from how she's posed.

No. 153062

pffftthahaha. Same shitty cat eye errday

No. 153121

Her eyeliner looks better here than it does now, tbh.

No. 153232

He wants to match his kawaii gf ^____^

No. 153327

Butterflies freak me out but the wings preserved in glass on her insta are really cool

No. 153366

Most people do quick and basic makeup and then change it up from time to time to try new things. I mean, everytime i get a new palette at Sephora, i try to change up my style to see what colors and looks suit me.

Suzy is so basic and BORING.

No. 153395

They aren't bad till you look at the price. Her work isn't bad if you are into taxidermy but my gosh it's too high. All of her items can be found by others for half of the cost.
Fuck for the cost of this:https://www.etsy.com/listing/242806146/black-banded-blue-morpho-butterfly?ref=shop_home_active_15
you can get this:https://www.etsy.com/listing/214564052/real-blue-morpho-butterfly-morpho?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=handmade&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=taxidermy%20butterfly&ref=sr_gallery_4
and frame it yourself.
This is what pisses me off the most. She is playing so many of her fans as fools and when she gets called out on it it's her being bullied.

No. 153403

Yeah, this was brought up before. All of her bugs are HIGHLY overpriced. She charges for the frames too and shipping. You can buy frames like those at Michael's (I buy on sale or use coupons) and buy bugs from someone else and save a ton. Plus, I would never give that fat ass my hard earned money.

No. 153474

she's so basic. arin's been flirting with other girls over snapchat & kik anyway.

No. 153489

No. 153523

Deets my nigga

No. 153548

You cant leave it there anon

No. 153571

Tell us more!

No. 153590

What is Arin's KIK? I wanna flirt with him and break him and Suzy up! I'm a lesbian, but I don't mind pretending and taking one for the team.

No. 153601

You can't just say that without any proof. Arin's super beta, why would he risk losing/angering Suzy?

No. 153603

I agree with this. Suzy seems more like the cheating type to me though

No. 153612

Maybe hoping she wont find out? Makes sense; if he wasnt so beta he could flirt with girls irl

No. 153623

The snapchat thing I can actually imagine, I think he and dan had fan Snapchat accounts for a short period of time.
I think it was metioned in their super metroid Playthrough.

No. 153624

You honestly think Arin wouldn't flirt with fans if they were willing to flirt back or send nudes, etc?? His wife is a fat, ugly cow.

No. 153625

They both seem like the cheating type. Don't make suzy to be the only scumbag.

No. 153626


yeah, i was right

No. 153631

It starts at about 8:03

No. 153887

once again I am too bored of her to watch this stuff

No. 154014

File: 1438987772943.png (479.02 KB, 500x500, tumblr_nqtp6shu3Q1unfbi0o1_500…)

Arin by far is the least attractive Grump.
(apparently this is from their 2015 calendar)

No. 154030

who buys this shit????

No. 154041

I can't get over how kawaii Ross is there.

No. 154042

This is really gross.

No. 154043

Ross looks like Yukapee

No. 154051

I wish I had liked the post to see if the person uploaded more of the calendar.
(this had ~2k notes on it)

No. 154054

i know its supposed to be trashy on purpose bcaus 'humour' but damn, the production value looks cheap as fuck, where are all the grump bucks going?

No. 154059

I'm positive the original for the calendar just had a white background but I can't seem to find any

No. 154061

Here's a link to the 2014 one.
It's still pretty cringe.
(and the quality isn't great bc it's literally a guy's photographs of it)

No. 154066

I lied it wasn't an edit
If you click the game grumps calendar tag they have you can see other pictures

No. 154067

File: 1438994717011.jpg (50.03 KB, 640x360, bZZRB1a.jpg)

u kno Arin liked this a lil too much

No. 154073


Is he really that fucking big now? Ffs

No. 154075

File: 1438995199277.jpg (48.61 KB, 640x360, image.jpg)


No. 154076

Yeah, this is where I got it from.
Unfortunately, they really just had some of the ones that are posted on the store page and the art one (which was cute. I'll admit it. Probably because they aren't /really/ in it)

No. 154130

November's picture more like the gamuur gurl.
Wasn't this the one where they parodied those sexy calendars?

No. 154132

Throwback time?

No. 154135

the twink looks kawaii

No. 154172

Ross looks cute.

No. 154178

File: 1439002065792.png (1.14 MB, 1124x542, Screenshot_2.png)

No. 154179

File: 1439002125638.png (1.13 MB, 962x540, Screenshot_3.png)

Are they fucking serious? THIS IS EMPTY

No. 154185

Man 2015 stepped up
At least August is a giant 4

No. 154187

Sorry, but what is that? And whose greasy ass scalp is that?

No. 154191

Ignore me I'm retarded.

No. 154193

I dont know. I just found it on imgur.

No. 154242

It kind of makes me annoyed when men can do this shit and everyone laughs and has a good time, but imagine if these were women.. it would be a different story

Also note: Ross is cutest Grump.

No. 154244

Arin is so fucking gross. Ugh gods, that body…

No. 154247

Arin's body makes me sick. He is actually fatter than Suzy. How is he so fat??

No. 154270

I agree.
If they were women, people would bash the fuck out of them, but because they're men, it's "funny and okay" smh

No. 154277

I think it's because they're making fun of the 'sexy Jose's done in some magazines. They weren't serious.

No. 154278

Yeah, it's a shitty double standard. I see it in cosplay a lot too when guys dress up as madoka with hairy legs and beards and it's so 'lulzy'

I know what the end game was, however i was just saying if they were women trying to be funny, they would get criticized harshly

No. 154279

I kick myself for not nabbing that Jon shirt. Now it doesn't exist.

No. 154304


No. 154401

No. 154422

No. 154423

Suzy and Arin are the ugliest in that pic

No. 154474

there's something hot about barry

No. 154498

File: 1439046648673.jpg (24.29 KB, 400x400, barry.jpg)

omg, right?
I dunno what it is. Maybe the eyes? The shape of them are kinda interesting. Not sure. I can't put my finger on it but I've always thought he's a cutie.

No. 154501

Ugh, Arin's arms look like giant legs of pork.

No. 154506

It's so funny that Suzy has been wearing boring sporty/Hollister shit and not her usual ~Spokky Goff~ outfits lmao

No. 154512

File: 1439049049043.jpg (27.99 KB, 239x239, image.jpg)

i think its his eyes and jaw? he also has a little meat on him too except its cute and not gross like arin

No. 154532

I think he's cute too. Plus his dorky personality and the fact he's a pretty smart guy all tie it in for me.

No. 154768

Pokey little flab-biscuit.

No. 154779

File: 1439084383197.jpg (51.85 KB, 300x335, Suzy the Sandbag.jpg)

Hey, I'm the guy who made parts 3 & 4 of Suzy's Etsy Expose.

Just found this page and thoroughly loving it.

Shout-outs to the people who dredged through Instagram for shots of Suzy's AX stand. Not to mention the art/fashion critics. That must've been rough.

I just made a post on /r/rantgrumps to honor our favorite grump: https://www.reddit.com/r/rantgrumps/comments/3gawy9/suzy_the_sandbag/.

No. 154785

he is not bad at all, but I'm extremely attracted to Ross more often than not, and Danny isn't bad either but sometimes he gets bad lighting.

I also find Ninja brian to be a bit of a DILF

if nothing else, there are some qt guys on Grumps

No. 154786

kudos guy

No. 154803

The more exposure Barry gets, the more attractive he seems to be, for me at least. He is apparently just a really chill dude and I'm a little surprised that of the Grumps he's still single. Dan still has a persona to uphold but Barry? Aside from being on the shorter side, he has a lot going for him that isn't just trying to be funny on the internets. He's also a dude who looks good in a beard. I think Arin looks better without (but he still needs to tone like crazy.)

Also, is Suzy at RTX? All of the Grumps are, even Ninja Brian who isn't technically a Grump, but she doesn't seem to be… I suspect Suzy is with another gold digger sharing war stories.

No. 154813

I wonder if Barry is gay actually

I prefer Arin with the beard - if you look at him objectively he isn't bad looking but taking everything into account……ruins it

No. 154823

I was thinking that as I typed it… honestly I'm not sure if he's talked about past relationships. I can't seem to recall, but he does seem like the type who'd get distracted with school/work enough to not bother because of the hassle.

The problem is that a lot of fat dudes tend to grow beards because beards often give men better facial definition; when Arin was thinner he didn't have to rely on a beard to give him a jaw. Now he does.

No. 154830

hey man! Thanks so much for exposing what you have. It's very much appreciated!
I've seen a few pictures with her in them
There's more if you go on her twitter

I also think Brian is now going to be an official grump now that he's living out there? I think i read something like that

No. 154832

I love how crop-able Suzy is lmao, cut her out like the family member no one ever liked.

Yeah thanks dude. You can come here and vent all you like seeing how Ventgrumps is dead and Rantgrumps is full of rules.

No. 154840

Thanks for all the work you've done.

No. 154843

Massive kudos to you, friend!
(it's actually easier for me to critique her fashion/art/make up since I have a general interest in that and, well, have taste… which she kind of lacks.)

No. 154883

Barry has nice facial features and a cute personality. He also isn't fat. That's +1,000 points.

No. 154946

looks like tableflip is fucked

No. 154948

I just wished dan would just openly say he has a gf,it's so annoying to see him skip around that shit so much.I'm pretty sure the fangirls could live with that

No. 154972

Meh. Maybe part of it is a privacy thing. He says he has a girlfriend and suddenly people will be trying to guess who it is, like it has to be someone "known". Then comes the nastiness about her looks and personality, even if she's danm near a saint.

No. 154992

Not that anon but you've got a very good point there.
People (or just the fangirls) would def try to dig around and assume things.

No. 155002


yeah, you're right.It's just kinda sad,because in one of the super mario 64 episodes arin almost straight up says that dan has a gf and dan just awkwardly tries to get out of that situation.

No. 155004


Are you talking about K.S?
(Not gonna Name Drop)

No. 155021

Wait he does? Which one because I don't seem to recall that.

No. 155064


barry should be in a boyband like fall out boy, that would be so hot

No. 155066

Link to the episode??

Maybe he doesn't and he's just uncomfortable with the subject of relationships? Which is also understandable, some people don't really feel right talking about their love life like that.

No. 155069

Ross is so not cute IMO. His dimples are gross. Dan on the other hand is a total babe.

No. 155070

Ross is cute sometimes, other times he looks like an old baby.

No. 155071

Eh I can see why Dan wouldn't want to say anything. When it was thought he was wearing an engagement band the fangirls went berserk trying to figure out who he was engaged to. Hell, when it was rumored Markiplier had a girlfriend again fans started getting angry saying they liked him.
There's some crazy people out there and I can see why he would want to keep on the down low (look at Mark having to move because people kept coming up to his room at his apartment)

No. 155073

I think Ross could be cute if his skin wasn't so oddly red all the time.
It makes his already bright blue eyes look piercing, but not in a good way. At least to me.

No. 155079

Aren't they're "just friends"?
She said that a million times on her instagram and I kinda believe her.

No. 155082

Sorry for that english,my phone is fucking retarded

No. 155086

I'm not sure who "K.S." is, but if they're saying they're just friends. Then it's more than likely they're just friends. Until Dan explicitly states he's dating someone, I think it's safe to say he's single and probably uncomfortable with the mass guessing game of who he's dating.

No. 155100


Agreed. We should leave that Topic alone.

No. 155108

Yeah, on a slightly related note, I remember reading something about Dodger being stalked by Dan. I tried looking into it because it sounded crazy but couldn't get anything about it. Does anyone else know about this?

No. 155110

i remember seeing a post that just said dan needs to stop sexualising dodger but i couldn't find anything beyond that?

No. 155116

Weird.There was someone I followed on twitter who mentioned it originally. At first they were talking about PressFartToContinue and then someone else mentioned Dan. Then they both mentioned the whole "Dan stalked Dodger" thing and believed that PFTC might have been Dan.

No. 155119


This was the only thing about PFTC that I could find. I'll continue searching to see if their is anymore info out there

No. 155148


Are you sure about that? Sounds like bad FanFiction

No. 155213

Yeah I'd like more info on that actually
Dan seems like a pretty decent guy and I can't seem to find anything else except the reddit link

No. 155264

deets pls

No. 155272

It's just them making assumptions. As stated here >>155086 it's not really worth looking into because it's mostly jumping to conclusions and making Dan uncomfortable. He's also mentioned before that he isn't into commitment. So that should really tell you everything you need to know in that regard.

I remember reading it the tweet about it. I'm still digging. Idk about the other anon.

No. 155330

Did Mark srsly have to move cause of randos showing up where he fucking lived that is actually disgusting and the people who did it should feel ashamed (but I can nearly guarantee they dont)

No. 155338

Mark puts up with some crazy shit. Like that fan that tried to make a call out post about him. Or when a bunch of fans were saying he was transphobic for wearing a dress and makeup.

No. 155342

He talks about it this episode about 1:43

No. 155370

Jack also commented on it (I didn't want to post it with the video in case I was remembering wrong sorry for double post)

No. 155405

Please read this over if you're considering a parrot though. Parrots are NOT good pets.

No. 155447

I mean, he is a grown man and it's no one's business if he has a girlfriend or not…

No. 155448

LOL! I noticed that too. He's cute, but why is he always so red all the time? Boy needs skin care.

No. 155449

Did Mark really move because of stans? that's seriously awful. I remember Cry saying the main reason he never shows his face online is because he's afraid of people stalking him since he lives with his older sister and her child or something. People are awful. Why can't you be a fan of someone without harassing them??

No. 155451

>transphobic because he put on a dress and makeup

THAT MAKES NO SENSE. Fuck those idiots.

No. 155452

I tell people this shit all the time. It's like the owl craze that happened in UK after Harry Potter got popular. People are fucking stupid about having anything other than a dog or cat and half the time they can't even properly care for those pets. Birds shouldn't be pets to begin with. Most of them are captured and cannot remain happy inside a house.

No. 155453

Young fans (particularly the girls) are fucking crazy. They feel entitled to these guys they obsess over. It's insane and makes me so mad.

No. 155461

Where are their fucking parents??

No. 155499

I honestly think with a SINGLE, natural hair color (maybe brown?) And about a pound less of make up, Suzy could actually be pretty cute. Just the weird hair and eyeliner 3 inches thick, its too much.

No. 155506

File: 1439194681573.jpg (70.53 KB, 640x640, image.jpg)

She actually looks so much better without all that shitty eye make-up…

No. 155508

Yeah, that was established. Zero people would look good with her shitty eyeliner anyway and three pounds of makeup.

No. 155517

Actually most parrots that become pets now, at least in the U.S., are born and raised in captivity. It's been illegal to import wild caught since the early 90s. Not to say that there aren't still wild caught out there because there certainly is considering how long lived most species are, but at least it's not a hugely enduring practice. I don't know about birds outside of parrots though.

This is the only picture I've ever seen of Suzy and was like wow she's pretty.

No. 155522

She looks really fucking good here. Bitch needs to calm down with the shitty make up.

No. 155533

His skin probably sunburns rather than tans, which isn't uncommon. So he should try using products with a higher spf

No. 155537

He's irish you mong

No. 155541

her hair doesn't look greasy also

No. 155572

Yeah, it looks way better with some volume instead of being plastered to her scalp with oil.

No. 155574

It's sad how Jon brought them altogether and is the reason why they all met, yet he's the one who's gone.

No. 155580

Not a big fan of nsp, but I've been listening to The Hit on repeat since it came out. I hope he does more stuff like this

No. 155584

Around the 3 minute mark, this could be a makeup tutorial for a warboy from Fury Road….

No. 155614

wow this was supposed to be a response to something earlier in the thread whoops

No. 155672

Suzy needs to keep this look. Goodness, she looks like a human being

No. 155695

Not to spoil anyone's fun but she looks like onision here.. It's definitely an improvement tho

No. 155698

That's the saddest thing in this thread

No. 157615

File: 1439405839916.png (33.61 KB, 590x195, no1curr.png)


No. 157705

I've finally realized why I can't completely hate Suzy or find her annoying (but I can still shit on her looks and fashion choices) and it's because one of my good friends has a high-pitched voice and has similar mannerisms like Suzy. Like, she has the cutesy-high pitched voice and everything, but it fits with how she presents herself/her personality in general. I realized this when I bothered watching Suzy's drugstore make-up video… because it's important to research things you're not a fan of.

No. 157902


No. 158049

"understanding and cool" wtf does this mean? Is she encouraging Suzy to go get fisted by her gross husband afterward like what does this mean

No. 158075


I looked at the comments and there's nothing mean about them?
People only try to help her out?

No. 158076

No. 158082

File: 1439440130094.jpg (137.51 KB, 960x720, 11846590_922590864474568_82485…)


No. 158085

Here's the video link. Suzy really just doesn't know how to play this game.

And yeah the majority of the comments are helping her. Someone actually had to explain that "LV" stands for level lmao.

No. 158086

File: 1439440533587.jpg (33.53 KB, 598x349, CE-swuaVIAAZy5A.jpg)

Suzy reminds me of this

No. 158087

Loving how everyone poses normally and Arin and Suzy manage to fuck up a perfectly nice picture lol.

Also, Barry looks great.

No. 158105

Barry looks awesome here. Who is holding his shoulder? Also the other two guys (bearded and red head)?

I feel like since Arin's been working out more he's suddenly wearing tank tops everywhere

No. 158176

The redhead is the YT animator Oney, not sure about the other two those.
And yeah I think he has. He still looks like shit though, lel.

No. 158177

shit son i didnt even realize that was chris at first. i never expected him to be so tall.

No. 158296


Beard is the new NSP Manager.
I think his name is Brent.

No. 158297


Dude next to Berry could be his brother but I'm not sure.

No. 158303

The guy holding his shoulder is ninja Brain. He just started posing in pictures with out costume.
Not going to lie his and Danny's story is sort of inspiring.

No. 158341

How unobservant Suzy can be really drives me nuts when watching her LPs. Like in the Kitty Powers matchmaker game she just totally ignored how you can see what potential dates' preferences are and just picks at random, then makes them date over and over wondering why they hate each other. It's so rage inducing.

No. 158475

Her pose looks like her trying to imitate anime poses
I wonder how long she held her legs like that until someone took the picture

Also Brian's baby is absolutely adorable!

No. 158489

Arin still has those weak shoulders lmao. and wouldja look at those chicken legs. Gross.

No. 158508

She doesn't take any of sort of criticism well either. Any complaint is immediately associated with her being picked on, her and Arin are so alike because of this imo.

No. 158511

all they do is go to disneyland…

they're so rich I can't find them likeable

No. 158513

Hopping in to say I'm pretty sure they have annual passes. Almost all my friends who live in socal have them too, if you go like 3 times in one year then it pays itself off.

No. 158666

Ninja Brian is on his left, but I meant the dude on the right, now that I look back it does kinda look like Ninja Brians hand tho lol

No. 158668

What's their story exactly? I just know a bit of background about both of them.

No. 158992

From what I know they both met through friends in The upright citizens brigade. At that point Dan was finishing up on his second band. His first was from the Philadelphia area:
The second being mentioned in this thread:>>146373
He ended up broke and alone when the second band ended and thanks to Jon, Brain, and talent he is where is he today. He didn't give up on his dream to make music. I have to admire that. Everyday I struggle to just wanting to quit my job and try to do comedy or acting full time. I'm afraid that in another 5 years it will be too late and I'm stuck but when I see stories of success like this I have hope. Even if I deviate from my path (N.B. was professor when he decided to quit to do music full time) I don't have to worry all that much as long as I keep trying to achieve that goal.

No. 159087

Now I feel sad, anon. thanks.

No. 159089

I hate when people tweet shit like this. Also, bitch you're like 25, say OBGYN.

No. 159090

You are your friend both like a twat. Suzy is annoying as shit. And she's a lying, cheating scammer.

No. 159092


I'd rather watch Dodger play this. At least she know what the fuck she's doing. Suzy is so rage inducing.

No. 159094

Yeah, Barry is seriously looking fine.

No. 159095

Ninja Audrey is awesome.

No. 159098

Arin looks like he hasn't been working out properly. It's hilarious. He's still really out of shape.

No. 159135

literally the poses of two people who desperately have to prove to everyone how interesting and quirky they are

No. 159230

No. 159292

No. 159320

Dan with those bedroom eyes

No. 159325


Dan was awesome in this but everything else was so cringy. I don't know how anyone finds this funny at all

>also suzys poor acting abilities

No. 159342

what was that first sentence, Anon?
And yes, Suzy is annoying because her cutesy personality is forced. There's a big difference when you find someone who has that sort of personality naturally. And yes, she is a scammer, but the fact is I have a hard time completely hating her because her fauxsona reminds me of my friend's true personality.

No. 159428

lol is that Drake Bell

No. 159535

Dan's sexy veiny crack-head hands tho

No. 159550

what?? none of those people look like drake bell? which one were you looking at

No. 159602

I watched that gaming show they have, most awkward thing I've seen in my life. Kek.

No. 159632

I randomly went and watched the first Stout Train (when Ross and Barry got drunk and then played Smash Bros) and Barry was def pudgier then. He also didn't have the beard and looks very different. He's one of those dudes who in HS was awkward looking as fuck but then you see them at reunion and they've leveled up in attractiveness.

Isn't Burgie Barry's thing? There should have been more Barry.

Also Suzy continues to look frumpy.

No. 159651

Both Arin and Suzy have such disgusting bodies. For people who have a lot of free time and money, they need to get a home gym happening.

No. 159652

So true.

No. 159783

File: 1439613552112.jpg (94.9 KB, 540x540, tumblr_nt3uks20SZ1qils0po1_540…)

Guys she looks like, 12% better than normal.
It might be the lipstick.

No. 159787

Or cause she cropped out her massive 5-head

No. 159801

Still needs less eyemake up, but it seems the lipstick and hairstyle (cropping out forehead like other anon >>159787 said) Helps a ton

No. 159804

>those mushy looking arms

No. 159838

I hate it when youtubers sell shirts.
like how thirsty are you for money

No. 159862

It used to be a small thing some youtubers did for their fanbase, but now literally everyone does it! Look at Suzy making shirts not even a month after she made her kitty kat gaming channel. thirsty bitch.

No. 159871

this color is so much better than the nude colors she always wears. I mean she has really thin lips anyway but the nude just makes it look like she has no lips at all.

Maybe she'll start adding some color to her makeup tutorials (probably not lmao)

No. 159900

not bad, she just needs to cut bangs and keep using lipstick that isn't a nude color

No. 159939

File: 1439626798433.gif (4.96 MB, 570x300, suzyuaintfunny.gif)

Suzy is just the least funny thing I've ever seen. She was so cringy in that Christmas video, but all her 13-year-old fanboys thought her "too bad" line was hilarious.

No. 159947

File: 1439627547331.jpg (143.23 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

If Suzy would use this makeup style, she would look pretty.
I'm tired of nude lips on non-dark skin.
it's ugly

No. 159949

lisa is the queen.

No. 160029

hate saying it but goddamn danny is pretty

No. 160036

File: 1439648580351.gif (136.71 KB, 384x216, NZTzoPk.gif)

Apparently this is a sort of meme?

No. 160060

He really is. He has this slacker lazy asshole appeal but he's really sweet at the same time? and I think most of it is a persona with the sexbang stuff.

Cuz I think he works really hard at his music and such.

No. 160081

File: 1439654666165.jpg (223.67 KB, 1440x1385, IMG_20150815_120303.jpg)

It looks fine in the other pic, but she still can't properly overdraw her lips. lol. At least it looks way better than the usual nude lip

No. 160088

Not only cropping out the 5-head, but it looks like the way she did her eye shadow makes her eyes look a little more round and slightly larger.

Her make up in general looks pretty bad though. Those little "wings" by the nose look terrible.

No. 160089

I forgot to add it was probably the angle as well, since in this picture her eyes look like slits again.

No. 160090

No. 160091

File: 1439656111883.jpg (626.47 KB, 1280x1231, 2015-08-15-12-25-32_deco.jpg)

I honestly don't like how she constantly lines her whole eye, so I tried to edit out some of the liner.

No. 160092

File: 1439656531621.jpg (284.8 KB, 640x640, 2015-08-15-12-33-32_deco.jpg)

She would be so much cuter if didn't line her whole eye.

No. 160133

>I have anxiety
>I may seem like I'm normal to you but inside I'm like internally screaming and having a panic attack
>I'm trying to get my anxiety under control
>I have really bad anxiety
>I take medication for anxiety
Okay, Snoozy, we fucking get it, boohoo you have it so hard. Funny how you manage to be an attention whore at the same time tho.

No. 160253

this is really just change with age, he has always been a manbaby

No. 160372

File: 1439678032055.jpg (195.87 KB, 1280x844, tumblr_nsvm0yj4gO1tg43wmo3_128…)

He could have met someone who would've been a positive influence on him. Your significant other has a huge impact on you whether you like it or not, especially if they mean the world to you. Granted, there are some things about someone that will never change, and its entirely possible that if Arin dated a good person, he would've negatively affected them and brought them down.

Regardless, Suzy could have been that person who encouraged him to be better and do better, but she didn't. It's unfortunate that Arin kept obsessing over her after she dumped him and he didn't move on to someone who might've been better. Or maybe they're both shit and are mutually ruining one another.

Saw this pic on her tumblr and I guess this is how she packs certain items from her store. I'd be embarrassed to send that to a customer, it simply doesn't look good.

No. 160479

She looks less fassy, she just needs to learn how to apply lipstick too, and it would be 100x improvement.

That looks sloppy AF, probably as sloppy as her vag

No. 160484

Some ribbon or something would look way better than some twine

No. 160487

I hate how Suzy tries to make mental illness a contest. Her whole video about chronic depression was so unbearable to watch, and hearing how she talks about her anxiety is even worse.

>I take medication but it's still bad!! SO TAKE THAT AHA!

Also why hasn't she treated her thyroid yet. Why does she say it's "almost cancer" wth. Fucking treat it already.

No. 160523

Yeah wtf. There's tons of medication she can take for it, she just needs a competent doctor to prescribe it :/

No. 160526

Probably been said already… but I love the pointed corners of her eyes… trying to be a faux asian

No. 160528

In one video she describes how in high school she decided to do a unique, Cleopatra/Egyptian style eyeliner look. To me it's more of the "wow I'm so interesting and original, look at me" bullshit

No. 160530

Wtf is "almost cancer" and if it's that bad why isn't she doing anything about it. She has time to bs her way into a Xanax script but not to get treatment for her "almost cancer" Suzy plz.

No. 160536

The combination of her eye makeup and the circle lenses bother me SO much. And she really is cringe worthy. Who even is her fanbase besides whiteknights and 15 year old girls?

I'm glad Jon got away from that shit.

No. 160537

So true

I don't get why there are so many people defending Arin. He has always been a sleazeball and I don't get think him dating another woman other than suzy would of changed that. I would blame both him and his lack of parenting if anything. I bet his parents spoiled him rotten.

No. 160539

I was cringing so hard in first minute of suffering through Suzy's fat ass and Arin's terrible acting, but as soon as Danny showed up, i was holyshit. How is that man so good looking? I don't get it, but I have such an attraction to Danny like some mystical and mysterious force.

I would let him do so much to me.

No. 160571

I never understood why people thought Dan was hot until this video

No. 160594

File: 1439699251372.png (1.51 MB, 1065x923, Somanyboxes.png)

Okay everyone we get that Dan is super cute but let's not forgot that this is about Suzy.
Like she whored her channel for a month to get boxes from companies.

No. 160598

No. 160599

ugh, "box month" she called it. Such boring content. I remember when she was saying she was going to do more DIY crafty stuff (like last year)…

No. 160600

Has suzy seriously been wearing those gross black circle lenses for more than a year now? They make her look more fas-y than usual.

No. 160601

Am I bugging, or does Suzy's face look kinda brownish?

No. 160602

What do you mean?

No. 160604

Like, her face looks darker than her body. I think it might just be the lighting but idk.

No. 160607

You're right, it's like she applied the wrong shade of fondation.

No. 160621

To be fair, this thread is for Suzy/GG general, but yeah, talking about how terrible Suzy is is much more interesting. (sorry if that sounded sarcastic, it wasn't)

No. 160626

It's so fucking lazy.
Like 80% of her channel is her small opening boxes and describing the contents inside. And this is something she gets paid for on its own; she's so obviously sponsored by these monthly box companies and never admits it. Her channel is almost entirely advertising, basically. And it doesn't even shock me. Total money-grubber.

No. 160628

Sorry, I forgot that she also fills her channel with OOTD videos; standing in one spot, making 'model' poses while wearing an ugly, tacky, sloppily put together ensemble and videos opening more boxes but with shoes inside, then stomping around in them briefly.
Some really good content there.

No. 160759

She's so terrible at makeup lmao. I just watched a makeup tutorial by Pony's Makeup and then watched one of hers right after and it's hilarious the difference in quality between them. I can't believe her fans think she's some kind of "makeup queen".

No. 160831

It's insane how anyone can call her a makeup guru or look up to her when there are actual quality people out there to watch.

(Any good suggestions btw?)

No. 160845

I like Mannymua and vintageortacky, you can find them both on YouTube. They're both great at what they do and very experienced, so they know what they're talking about when it comes to cosmetics. There's nothing I dislike more than watching a product review only to hear how "amazing" it is and how obsessed they are with it, rather than going into detail with informed opinions

No. 160861

I don't follow many makeup channels but I've been watching a lot of ItsMyRayeRaye and Tanya Burr. I also like Korean makeup channels like Ponys Makeup (I think all of her videos are in Korean but she has English subtitles)

No. 161163

You are both golden, anons. Thank you. It's so cringy when makeup 'gurus' use really high quality products the wrong way too. I hate that shit. Both Suzy and Quirky are guilty of this.

No. 161322

Drives me up the wall how she always uses the same words to describe things too. "this is my all time favourite, i LOVE this, and yeah it's just my favourite"

No. 161323

Suzy seems like a generally uneducated person. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if both her IQ and vocabulary are very limited.

No. 161383


She knows exactly what she is doing. So far, she has been doing fairly well by golddigging on Arin.

No. 161392

Yeah. It really goes to show how much she knows about these things. She never goes into what makes the product so ~amazing~ or ~great~. She probably gets whatever's pricy because she thinks price = quality

No. 161778


I've watched a few kitty kat gaming episodes, and she really fumbles over some easy words that are part of the dialogue. Doesn't know how to pronounce them or what they mean.

No. 161849

File: 1439826255489.jpg (188.75 KB, 540x540, suzy1.jpg)

If she didn't line her whole eye in huge liner and got rid of her "spoopy" faded eyebrow thing, she would be really attractive.

No. 162008

I dunno, that was a really flattering picture of her to begin with. She looks like shite in everything else. It would help, definitely but I wouldn't say it would make her really attractive.

No. 162157

No. 162206

Ugh. Sheet masks are mostly good for added moisture and brightening. Most don't have anti-acne or anti-aging properties. You're doing nothing for your skin Suzy, that you shouldn't already be doing. Arin I assume is a gross dude and could use with moisturizing on a regular basis because dudes don't do that enough and wonder why girls think they're gross.

No. 162212

Not super relevant but does anyone know the name of the outro music Suzy uses in her KKG videos?

No. 162228

I think the eyebrows were ok before and she should just not line her whole eye at all. Lining the top works fine for her.

No. 162230

lisa eldridge is amazing

No. 162231

I literally do NOT see the point of a decorated face mask when you're just using it at home to get moisturized skin. Like, why?? People are so stupid and will buy any gimmick to be trendy.

No. 162234

Way too attractive to be suzy.

No. 162280

"Arin called dibs on the geisha" of course he did that fucking weeaboo

No. 162519

Arin is so obnoxious.

No. 162698

Add up to 14 dollars and get a shitty shirt added to your Loot Crate?
Thanks Suzy

No. 162759

File: 1439876353197.jpg (105.95 KB, 750x831, image.jpg)

My fave lolcows, together at last.

No. 163092


the true otp

No. 163105

Do you think after GG dies, Suzy will take advantage of one of Arin's allergies and kill him for the money? Lmfao.

No. 163198

Nah, she'll probably dump him and collect alimony and become a cougar. One of my mother's friends actually did this when her husband's company went bankrupt (and they were super rich.)

No. 163287

God I hope Suzy eats her.

No. 163349

File: 1439935170739.png (298.67 KB, 507x417, suzy.png)


I swear to god she keeps getting fatter and fatter

No. 163353


I wonder if she knows you should throw them away and replace them after a certain amount of time.

No. 163366

She looks so old!

No. 163376


13:04 "Why didn't I think of th- BURP -at?

No. 163404

I love how she just gives up when it's too hard but the easy lvl's are so much fun.
>Shitty outro music
>Still having that camera take up too much space
>Also comparing it to Minecraft not Little big planet a game in which the main focus for hard playing gamers is making stages online

No. 163405

Wow…. what the hell. It's like all the attention whores and bitches attract each other like magnets.

No. 163406

That would be awesome.

No. 163407

fuck, I sure hope so.

No. 163581

Who is she?

No. 163583

I swear to god, summer fags.

No. 163588

I'm not a summer fag.
I've been into Lolcow for 1 year.
I just dont know her. calm down anon

No. 163606

This bitch would rather risk getting cancer then removing the thyroid and deal with getting fat? I mean come the fuck on, you are already porking up. Just accept you're a fatass and get the damn thing removed. What goddamn hell.

No. 163662

I don't follow much of the GG crew other than here, and watching some videos on their channel, but what happened to Barry?
Just yesterday, I noticed they started saying Kevin, and I was like, "Who tf is Kevin?"
Reason I didn't realize they weren't telling him to edit scenes out because I had him confused with Ross this whole time for some reason, and my mind just registered him as still part of GG.

No. 163669

Sorry, forgot to mention that I don't watch everything, but I do watch the main GG, GG VS, Steam Train, and GG Animated.
Probably he's on another part of the show I don't watch and I haven't noticed him?

No. 163692

Barry was the main editor for the channel until about a year ago when they hired Kevin to pick up more work to give Barry time to either participate more in filming (he is literally the only person who has any on-screen chemistry with Suzy and honestly probably the only person who would be friends with her if she had no connection with Arin. Even Mark comes off as seeming awkward in the KKG eps he did. Ross and even Dan sometimes feel like they just deal with her in a friend of a friend like way) and other projects including learning to program to develop a video game (which is what he actually wants to do and technically went to school for.) Barry def doesn't film as much as Arin, Dan, and Ross but he's around. He was in a Steam Train with Ross not too long ago which I think was Find Teddy 2? I hope they go back to that. It looked neat. Otherwise Barry's been in Pokemon Art Academy. You may want to pick up Grumpcade since he's in that frequently enough. Also this random animation.

And I'll be honest, I much prefer Barry's editing style over Kevin's. Kevin is boring while Barry tends to mess with things in humorous ways.

No. 163771


>Ross and even Dan sometimes feel like they just deal with her in a friend of a friend like way

I'm not surprised
She's the perfect example of that one friend's gf you don't like very much but you have to at least try to interact with and be civil towards for your friend's sake

No. 163928

It's really awful when people are put in those situations. Not that Arin is a good friend to begin with, but that's just so tense and irritating.

No. 164168

File: 1440004259983.jpg (108.82 KB, 960x960, https://40.media.tumblr.com/32…)

I wonder if Oneyng thinks she's annoying as fuck too

No. 164170

File: 1440004315159.png (1.53 MB, 1280x1792, https://41.media.tumblr.com/5f…)

Also her fans subconsciously know she's a demon clearly

No. 164172

in the name of the father, the son, and the holy ghost i demand that this monstrosity be returned back to the depths of hell from whence it came

No. 164176

File: 1440005015917.png (877.14 KB, 811x749, suzy_berhow_by_felineheretic-d…)

Hahaha, oh wow.
Speaking of fan art, I saw this one a while ago and had a laugh.

No. 164179

chokers do not look good on fat necks like that

No. 164184

It's kind of a toss up, living without a thyroid is just as much of a hell

No. 164252

Oh hey graveyardgirl, when did u get so fat??

No but seriously how much is Suzy going to leech off Bunny.

No. 164256

File: 1440010608504.jpg (139.69 KB, 1302x1108, image.jpg)


No. 164263

do u think Arin will ever cheat, he's gross but he could since there's a lot of fangirls out there???????

I personally think Suzy would be the cheater but who knows

No. 164275

He's too paranoid that they want his money.

I seriously feel like he has some major skeletons in the closet that probably only Suzy knows about.

No. 164276

What is with that thumbnail? I don't understand why she formatted it that way and it is bothering me way more than it should.

ngl, this video was actually really interesting to me. I'm not into collecting the same genre of stuff she is, but I love antiquing. I don't know that I'll ever get to Austin, but I'll definitely check that place out if I do.

No. 164280

Yeah Arin hates all girls bc he's paranoid as shit and thinks every girl is out for his money. But I think if he actually finds a decent girl, even as a friend, he'll start to see that his precious Suzy isn't so special (and actually very manipulative and everything he seems to hate in a girl).

Suzy is definitely the type to divorce him for half his shit then skip out for another rich daddy though.

No. 164284

I believe you, that he's paranoid but do you have any links, just because everyone keeps saying this as fact and I've never seen it? I just thought he was too pathetic to find someone else rather than paranoid

No. 164287

God it was most specifically from old GG videos, I think maybe when Jon was around, they would talk about it. I don't know the exact video but I'll give a good look for it.

No. 164290

thanks m8

No. 164300

do any of you want to try to be arin's new waifu?
srs tho suzy is very ugly. i mean its very common to find a girl with a sweet personality and prettier than suzy.
however, i think Arin is too beta to cheat on suzy tbh

No. 164336

Can she describe anything without using the word "amazing"? I'm going to pop a blood vessel

No. 164716

>the boy at the store lowered the price for me 'cause he knew who I was TEHE i'm so famuzz ;)

No. 164718

When she starts listing off stuff she's interested in after saying "if you're wondering", it really sounds like she wants people to send her shit.

No. 164739

Yeah I like how she just casually drops that she spent over $500 on antiques. Like it was no big deal.

This. The way she got up to show off her banner, you could clearly see the phone in her hand as she read off some page. Like shit girl at least rehearse a script if you're going to be like that. If you're gonna act like you know what you're talking about, commit. Don't just read from your phone.
It just came off as very fake.

No. 164751

She has the most limited vocabulary.

No. 164752

The combo of her fat body and hairstyle made her head look tiny.

No. 164855

File: 1440040896571.png (1.26 MB, 1080x1438, FR2N4kB.png)

In other news, Dan and Arin fucked up. They threw a bitch fit over the walkthrough they were using in their most recent Sonic series and actually name dropped the guy who wrote it, and sent their fans on a witch hunt.
The walkthrough is 11 years old and the guy was a kid when he wrote it.
Dan has been the only one to reach out and apologize (it's bullshit, just saying).


No. 164871

Doesn't she do that little hop in her shoe unboxing videos just like Bunny too?

No. 164879

That poor guy!! That's fucking awful. Which sonic is that? Most of those games are straight forward and you really have to be bad at them to need a walkthrough.

No. 164880

Yup! She was called out on that years ago

No. 164894

File: 1440041683654.jpg (124.91 KB, 953x630, wtf.jpg)

The GG fanbase is TOXIC. Look at the guy with the reasonable response being downvoted to hell. GG has become disgusting and deplorable since Jon left it.

No. 164896

Sonic Adventure DX.

Yeah the guy failed to mention that the emerald placement was randomized each time, so Arin had a literal meltdown over it.

They made the video private and said they'd edit out any mention of him when they reupload it. But like did Kevin really listen in on this while editing it the first time and think "wow great idea let's leave in this bit". Like how do you fuck up that bad???

No. 164898

Arin is a hypocrite. I never had respect for the guy for years, but this really is the last straw. He makes so many sex and rape jokes and they attacked some poor kid over a Sonic (adventures, I'm guessing?) strategy guide!! Are you kidding me? I would never want to be part of that fandom anymore. Glad I stopped caring after Jon left.

No. 164903

People wanna get on Suzy's case for her gaming shit, but Arin is an AWFUL GAMER and no one ever calls him out or they dont call him out enough. You can still be a gamer and be bad at playing them, but Arin makes a living with GG and he can't get through Sonic ADX?? I have both the original Dreamcast and also that Gamecube ver. It's not that difficult. And no shit the emeralds are random. How did he not get that? What a literal manchild. Arin is disgusting and I hope I never run into him irl at the gaming cons I attend.

No. 164913

File: 1440042086096.png (34.26 KB, 1034x283, arinresponse.PNG)

The level of stupid is unreal.
How could anyone think this was acceptable at all.

No. 164914

Don't worry, it was the recent Sonic DX episode, and they already deleted. Thing is about the game, the gems the walkthrough failed to explain to idiots like them is that the gems are randomly generated. So the guy wouldn't know where the hell they were.
I supposed they realized they fucked up, but on another note, some fans are fucking batshit. Why is everything doxdoxdoxdox? Get a hold of yourselves, think before you do shit.
They aren't gods, you don't have to go after anyone they don't like!
Some of these fans are terrifyingly dox happy.
I haven't click the reddit link yet, but I assumed they apologized right?
I'm glad they realized they ducked shit up, and deleted the video. Instead of y'know, leaving it and leading to more insanity. Hopefully this will lead Arin to get better at games (probably not), and Dan to step up and possibly call Arin out when he's wrong (he kinda already does sarcastically), and both of them to pay attention more.

No. 164955

Someone reuploaded the episode for all that missed it.
The shitting starts at 7:51, and at 9:10 Dan brings up the possibility of hate mail, inciting fans to send hate mail.

No. 164959

Yeah, sometimes I wonder about him. iirc he had to look up a walkthrough for Freddi Fish. I probably beat that game about 50 times when I was six.

No. 165008

That's awful. A bunch of 14-17 year old manchildren who think it's cute to put up people's personal info on the internet? fucking terrible

Danny is starting to piss me off. We all knew Arin was bad, but Danny is like 34 years old. He needs to get out of GG and focus on music.

No. 165011

GG was made in 2011? Arin will never improve.

No. 165032

>so i recently heard our fans are doxxing this guy's personal address and phone number.

>you guys rock!!!

I hate him so much. He's like trying to apologise but in a way that the fandom 'did nothing wrong.'

No. 165055

What the fuck is wrong with these people?
Why would they think he deserves this?
Fucking dumb fanboys will do anything to try and impress their beloved Egofaptor.
I agree with you 100%; the fandom has gone to absolute shit since Jon's departure. Almost PewDiePie-tier.
The downvotes are despicable. They will defend their precious Grumps to the grave.
I had exactly the same thought when I read it.

No. 165056

Arin's opinions on video games mean absolutely nothing when he needs a walkthrough for a very straightforward children's game. Yeah, this game was super ambitious and tried to include tons of different gameplay and hasn't aged well but it's not hard. What a fucking skilless turd.

No. 165073

Some of Knuckle and Rogue's missions can be annoying, but Arin really must suck to desperately need a walk through. Ugh. He's so beta. I want to step on his nuts, but he might like that.

No. 165080

He might, but at least it could stop him from procreating.

No. 165085

That just proves he doesn't even enjoy doing GG anymore and is just in it for the money (which was already obvious enough, tbh).
In the Jon days they never used walkthroughs with the exception of (I think) using one a few times for Sonic '06 because that game was broken as hell, but they still tried and only got it out when they were truly stuck.
I see them using them a lot now just because they want to get through it and not even bother trying. They used one for almost the entirety of the Silent Hill: Shattered Memories play-through.

No. 165091

Did they really? Shattered memories is pretty mindless and simple. I remember the nightmare sequences being aggravating, especially with the Wii controls but it didn't take a lot of thought. How depressing.

No. 165098

I agree.
hes fucking stupid

No. 165099

There's a thought.

No. 165100

To be fair, SH: Shattered memories is probably the ONLY new gen GG game I enjoyed. mainly because Danny hates horror games so much, it was hilarious watching him read the walkthrough aloud while also screaming. I really want to keep liking Danny, but hope he doesn't become awful like Arin is. Arin is like a shitty blackhole.

No. 165103

I thought Knuckle was the easiest tho
you know whats annoying? fucking big cat or w/e his name is.
hes shit

No. 165113

Oh crap, you're right. I was thinking SA2 for some reason. Yeah, knuckles stages aren't bad in part 1. Big is awful though. Tails' stages are irritating just because you're stuck in a mechapod.

No. 165121

I feel like her room/ house is filled with so much special snowflake bullshit trinkets.
>All amazing
>Cost so much but I was given a discount because of muh fame
>I'm a history buff
>These are my likes (silly boys don't give me things *wink)
>and uuuuhhh

No. 165240

didn't gg take down the ocarina of time playthrough because of how goddamn awful arin was? Like, DSP tier awful. I know there was a 'this is how you dont play' but it seems like they pulled a sooz and had it removed.

Vid not related but neva 4get

No. 165241

Oot is very low on my list of my favorite LOZ game, however Arin is a giant manchild and only whined about how Oot sucked because CONTROLS ARE BAAAD. WHAAA and this doesn't make sense. and 'hand holding'

even though he can't get through any game it seems without a guide. Arin is a terrible gamer and it's time people called him out on his bs and hypocrisy.

No. 165251

Hahaha you know what, that's so true.
One minute it's
>this is hand-holding, too easy, I don't need to be told what to do, the game is playing itself!!
then (usually after failing to be observant/read tutorials and hints on where to go) it's
>where do I GO?! what do I DO?! Dan, get a walkthrough

No. 165252

I don't think I've ever cringed so hard.
I thought this was going to be a joke and he'd end up listing off all the shit things about her, that's how saccharine and over-the-top it seemed. Could Arin get any more fucking beta.

No. 165270

File: 1440063775216.png (569.97 KB, 1280x720, chbsz.png)

This is probably her most chubby.

No. 165272

File: 1440064073250.png (470.19 KB, 880x554, 23613141.png)

I want to like Suzy because she has the potential to be way better but she won't go for it. She is really letting herself go

No. 165274

Hot damn, that's a double chin if ever I did see one.
This is what happens when you accept a whole box of donuts to yourself, Suzy. Have some restraint.
>inb4 "muh thyroid"

No. 165275

Have you guys ever clicked video after video on her channel. Listening to her say "Hey youtube!" and wave over and over is really funny.

No. 165278

File: 1440064641012.png (444.73 KB, 1280x720, chbsz2.png)


Have you seen this one?

No. 165282

Yeah, I really don't get the point of a gaming channel when he just sucks so bad and doesn't even seem to ENJOY games. Are their fans even gamers or is it just a friend-simulator for 10-12 year olds?

holy christ shes bigger than jontron

No. 165290

Hahaha she is officially a fat cow.

No. 165308

She looks really bad in profile. Her forehead bulges out so much and makes her nose look tiny and rat like. Suzy looks like Who from Whoville. At least now she and Arin can do the chin thing together.

No. 165384

Why does she refuse to cut bangs?! Holy shit

No. 165392

Nice goth Abercrombie hoodie, Suzy

No. 165396

The first time I played Big's level I spent a half hour on it because I purely did not understand. However, the rest were relatively okay except the goddamn ice one.

Honestly, SA:DX is pretty easy. Sonic's final boss battle keeps pissing me off (I haven't beaten, if I'm honest. I keep falling off the edges)

No. 165400

File: 1440084126181.jpg (94.96 KB, 250x313, dwarf.jpg)


Holy shit she has a midget face with that huge bulging forhead

>also jfc suzy either exercise/diet or finally do something about that thyroid of yours.

No. 165405

File: 1440084506712.png (450.41 KB, 647x409, when will it end.png)

I dont even know how she can stand to show herself on film anymore. She always looks so terrible. Like at least set up a better angle/lighting or SOMETHING because you look like trash.

How fat do you think she'll get before she ever loses weight?
>if she ever does

No. 165407

File: 1440084812146.png (294.69 KB, 389x421, stop.png)

I hate how shes become such a land whale and is still so boring as a person and bitchy/crazy.

Like girl, you can either be pretty and shitty, or look shitty but have a good personality. You can't have the cake and eat it too.

No. 165414

File: 1440085296858.png (199.74 KB, 528x422, history.png)

Also hated how many times she mentioned how -huge- of a history buff she is. She has such a shitty vocabulary I can't imagine her being intelligent in anyway

No. 165416

> you can't eat the cake
She should focus on that sentence

No. 165420

Take a drink every time she says 'amazing'.
I'm four minutes in and if she keeps going at this pace, I think you can get drunk off this.

No. 165422

File: 1440086001033.png (509.99 KB, 1006x420, woah.png)

Suzy 2 years ago vs now


No. 165424

File: 1440086130724.png (453.03 KB, 964x384, neck.png)

tbh Suzy has always had that non-defined jaw line/slug neck thing going on. Which is fine I guess when she's skinnier. But with weight gain it makes her look like she has a million chins

No. 165430


Must be all that good living from sponging off Game Grumps and selling her overpriced shit art.

No. 165462

How the fuck could anyone be bad at OOT?
i finished the game when I was 4
most of the games arin plays are EASY AS FUCK.
jesus christ this is beyond horrible

No. 165465

Their fans are edgy retards.
they dont care if they play badly the game.
they just listen to their videos because omg gg!! and lolz arin is so funny xDDD

No. 165504

>You watch GG for their reactions to games, not to see good game play

that's honestly what I've been told by real life 20-somethings.

No. 165539

your personality sounds just as shitty as hers anon

No. 165578


No. 165581

Man I just watched this and this was expected of Arin but Danny? I can't help but wonder now if he's just as shitty as Arin but hides it better

No. 165586


Shattered Memories is probably the easiest title in the series. You can miss items and still advance the plot. There's zero combat, it's all find the key, read the note and figure out the clues to advance.

True babby tier, I'd love to see them even attempt some of the early ones with the puzzles set to hard.

No. 165610

Y'know when you're just not thinking and having fun abd you end up doing something stupid?
Doesn't make it anymore right though.
However, it was Danny who personally apologized to him. So I thought that was pretty cool, honestly sometimes you think some people won't do stupid shit because they're supposed to be mature.
Also, how did Kevin let this pass? Not blaming him, but someone should have editted out in the first place.

No. 165619

Pretty fat. She obviously doesnt care anymore. I remember when she was complaining about dieting but still posted photos on her IG of donuts and dairy queen.

Also, she's a shitty person so she deserves all of this. She's basic as fuck in that hoodie and her makeup is awful as usual. Looking at her videos from over a year ago must kill her.

No. 165620

I get a little embarrassed because sometimes i do say stuff like "i'm a huge Batman fan!" but the difference between Snooze and I is the fact i have a big comic book collection since a kid and can draw facts from the batman universe. She just says "i'm a huge history buff!!!" over and over and over without providing evidence that she actually is.

No. 165623

File: 1440101001626.jpg (48.31 KB, 603x598, jeanbug.jpg)

Suzy must feel both hatred and embarrassment from looking at her old photos AND having a twin sister to show her what she could look like.

Jean is an identical twin and yet somehow looks less fas-y. On top of that, she has a genuine personality and her own life and hobbies and is going to school. It's hilarious. Suzy is like bizarro Jean. I honestly find Jean very cute and she is smart as well. Suzy is probably secretly super envious of her.

No. 165653


I think shes terrible too and deserves this. Not because shes a basic bitch but I hate how she went around fucking SCAMMING people with false claims of "ohhhh I went and search for hours locally!! All OOAK pieces~~" and it was just aliexpress shit. Then her lying about the metals being of good quality like sterling silver and then woah who would have guessed, they turned peoples skin green. She's such a lying cunt.

No. 165661

well of course.
i dont get how their reactions are considered funny.
After Jon left, i feel like the "good" part of the fandom just left.
GG became shit and the fandom too.
GG should stop, honestly.
theyre beating the dead horse

No. 165682

Yeah, I thought so as well. I understand he was probably trying to be non-confrontational, but he just comes off like a parent who's afraid to discipline their child.

No. 165713

Oh, man, imagine Arin & Suzy raising an actual child

No. 165737


Just ridiculous to me how they can bitch and moan and think that it would be OK to call the guy out like that. A kid at the time. Listing personal information. They always say how scary and frustrating it can be when fans find out personal information, yet here they are, directing their fans in a negative manner towards this person for an ancient guide. Get your fucking head together. Try to actually use it for once and you would have figured out you don't need the guide in the first place. It is really frustrating how little Arin cares about his content and has pretty much stated it several times now. Playing up negative reactions isn't fun. Watching only Arin play a game time after time isn't fun (when him and Jon passed the controller it was way better). Having them not be able to focus on the game isn't fun, read what they say and you won't keep getting stuck. Ugh, yes I'm bitter.

No. 165774

"Thanks for doxing somebody who dared make Daddy Ego unhappy! You guys rock!"

Also, I have to love Arin reassuring them that the views/likes/etc won't be hurt on that video. That's so very important. Danny's apology is just as lackluster because he's used the "Well, when you talk all the time, stuff flies out of your mouth!" excuse like four times now. They won't talk about Jon for years until it's forced out of them and nothing slips "accidentally" but by God they will basically help dox a kid who didn't write a 100% perfect walkthrough.

God, I was so hopeful for Danny because he seems really legit, but this is just really disgusting. He's, what, 35 or something? The apology is so half assed but he shouldn't have done that in the first place. I expect this from Arin and Suzy, not Danny. Which is worrisome because, unless if I missed something, this behavior is new for him.

No. 165792

The lighting in her older videos were probably a huge help. She also seemed to be managing her skin better. Look at that thick greasy film

No. 165793

You are a true sadist and I'm all for it.

No. 165795

For some reason, I really feel like them having a kid together would be the thing to break their relationship. They don't seem like a super strong couple to begin with from what we see.

No. 165826

Suzy would be the most annoying mother in the world. She'd spend all her time bragging about how great her parenting style is and show off their baby like a trophy. Imagine the dollar signs in her eyes when they release videos of their kid.
I imagine she'd be a lot like Onision's wife, tweet about nothing but breastfeeding all day.

No. 165922

File: 1440125229341.png (800.66 KB, 911x539, @jeanbug10 • Instagram photos …)

Worse part?
Her sister is trying to gain weight. I wonder if Suzy hates her? I hope not.

No. 165982

What's she trying to gain weight for? Has she not seen her sister and what a mess she looks like?

Looking at >>165623 has be in awe because she's SO cute here to me, even moreso when you put her next to Suzy. Suzy needs to learn to step out of the "I'm gonna dress and do my make up the way I like!!" and step into "This makes me look like not shit." We can't win everything Suzy, so at least look fucking decent.

No. 165987

They should especially stop because Jon MADE GameGrumps. I would of been pissed off if I made a thing, got booted out of my own show and then had it taken over by a bunch of monkeys.

No. 165988

I'm not sure why she was trying to gain weight. she might of been a few pounds underweight?? Either way, she looks good and she speaks very intelligently, unlike Suzy. She's pretty much the opposite of Suzy in many, many ways. She has a life, a job, probably a boyfriend, and lives in her own apartment and works for a living, as well as goes to school.

No. 165991

Yeah, I had hopes for Danny too, but that apology felt very "Shit, we're sorry, alright?? shit happens. "

Like very…not apologetic at all! And I expected no less than bullshit from Arin, because he's just a scumbag. Yeah, danny is in his mid 30s. He needs to grow the fuck up. It's pathetic he quit his job for GG.

No. 166017

File: 1440137165285.png (1.8 MB, 1380x675, 1408767498282.png)

Whether it's them or not, whatever, but did anyone ever find a source as to where this original pic came from?

No. 166019

whoah ok what is this from!? Gimmie the deets yo

No. 166022

Okay so besides the fact that Arin's profile matches up perfectly with this, along with Suzy's matching freckles… That's totally Arin's fucking artwork on that wall.
It might be hard to make out, but it's definitely his style. I can clearly see a shapely girl with pink hair, and what looks to be an Animal Crossing character from the GC game (looks very much like the Awesome animation character Arin did with the horns and all).
It's also all in bright colors, Arin almost always draws with bright colors.
And there's a fucking pyramid and what may be the all seeing eye. Suzy is fucking obsessed with pyramids.

Like, I'm totally convinced this is them. Probably when they lived in Florida, or when they were "poor" living with Tomamoto.

No. 166023

This was posted in the very first Suzy threads months ago and a lot of people said it really looks like them. The bodytype, mole, arin's hair all fits.

No. 166024

Seriously. I'm 99.9% sure this is a legit pic of them. But who took it??

No. 166025


I was going to post this pic but only have a cropped version. Also didn't know if it was anything interesting since it's not proven.

The photo I found was on an archived thread. Can't remember from what image board. Still pretty hilarious and believable. Has anyone ever sent this to them?

No. 166027

It looks like they just set up a camera with a timer, or took it with a webcam, really. It's a posed photo so.

No. 166061

They'll only stop when they're no longer making money.
They will squeeze every penny they can out of GG.

No. 166064

Wow, you made me realize that it is pretty much always just Arin playing (unless it's a VS). I can't believe I didn't notice this before. Danny is just a fucking lackey for the most part who has a walkthrough on hand for poor widdle babby Arin who can't progress normally through games. Oh, what a hard life; getting paid to play video games. How tough it must be for you, Arin. Yeah, you definitely need that walkthrough.

No. 166072

Nooo, Jean, why!
She was completely fine before. Not too skinny but not chubby. She looked great. I mean, she still does but she's getting Suzy's double chin.
At least her stomach is still relatively flat. Well, if it makes her happy then it's stupid of me to judge really.
For some reason I instantly started thinking Suzy told her she was too skinny or something out of jealousy and then she felt like she needed to gain weight.
I know it's reaching but Suzy totally seems the type to do that and it wouldn't surprise me.

>u literally look like @mortemer
>You and Suzy are like identical!
Are these people brain-dead?

No. 166074

I wish Danny would grow a spine and leave GG. He has NSP and he has an amazing voice, so I'm certain he can get into the music industry with some of his connections. He is wasting his voice and musical talent by being Arin's lackey. Because you're right, that is exactly what he is; someone to laugh at Arin's 'jokes' and read him walkthroughs.

No. 166076

Jean's IG used to be a lot smaller, but once people found out Suzy has a twin, they went over to invade her IG. She rarely updates, but as soon as she does post a selfie or something, so many brain dead idiots are like "OMGZZZ I didnt know suzy had a twin!!! " and bring up suzy all the time.

Bitch, it's Jean's IG!! STOP.

No. 166105

She's so fucking bad at makeup lmao. The part where she does her lips is hilarious

"i don't overdraw my lips"
proceeds to badly overdraw her lips

No. 166107

Her drugstore makeup tutorial really shows how shit she is at makeup

No. 166112

File: 1440154214131.jpg (107.16 KB, 530x464, fangy fun.jpg)

Fuck, her skin is AWFUL.
Love the way her pictures and video thumbnails are airbrushed to hell and then when you click play you're greeted with this greasy, bumpy, scarred-up and huge-pored visage.
>this is what I look like with just my contacts in; I don't have any make-up on
Bitch, I can see your fucking eyeliner.

I also hate the way she does her brows. It always looks really obvious where her real eyebrow hair is and where it's drawn on because it's so much lighter and blurry. It doesn't blend at all.

No. 166114

File: 1440154515831.png (57.28 KB, 612x413, nope, just FAS.png)

No. 166116

Her make up looks so dirty, like her eyeshadow is hardly blended? Just padded it on there.
Her eyeliner is the same as always? Why.

Same, she needs to either lighten her brows, or use a darker pencil / eyeshadow to make it at least match and look more 'natural'.

Wow she's haggard looking these days though.

No. 166117

Why you make me read this with my own two eyes

No. 166131

What an insult to Asian people tbh. We all know she loves when people think she's Asian though. I don't think she's ever corrected the people who ask her if she's Asian. She also calls Markiplier (who's half Korean) her twin brother too. I think she calls him her twin brother in one of the videos he did with her and he looked straight up uncomfortable

No. 166143

Wearing ten tons of makeup every single day will do that to your skin

No. 166171

I was wondering already why in some of the pictures she looks like she followed a "how to make your eyes look chinky and and stereotypically asian" tutorial.

No. 166181

File: 1440165787080.jpg (32.94 KB, 427x640, full.jpg)

God, she's been doing the stupid Cleopatra cat-eye for s o o o o fucking long. This picture was uploaded to her myspace in 2007. That's 8 years of the same make-up style almost every single fucking day. And people are astounded at how she can draw it on in one swoop so easily.
Have some creativity, Suzy. Fuck.

No. 166183

File: 1440165951486.jpg (27.57 KB, 600x450, edgemaster.jpg)

Another myspace-era picture, here the cat-eye is paired with the ever so original nude lip she can't get enough of.

No. 166327

File: 1440183650972.png (861.01 KB, 1019x681, jfc.png)

>and I'm here wif mah hubbyyyy~
I'm gonna vomit

No. 166334


Maybe I'm just an autist or something but I've seriously never seen them look like they have any kind of genuine love for each other. It's kind of depressing, actually.

They seem kind of like one of those high school relationships that seem more like they're together just for the sake of being in a relationship (or in Suzy's case, for youtube bux), like where they're both obnoxious as fuck about how they're ~so in love <3 <3~ but at the same time they're weirdly awkward with each other and don't really seem to have any kind of actual 'chemistry' at all

No. 166344

arin's facial hair is so gross. he just looks like a highschooler trying to look older, but he also looks like an earthworm with no facial hair.

No. 166350

Arin needs to come out of the closet already

No. 166354


Those are the eyes of a sad man.
A very very sad and defeated man.

No. 166383

It's definitely something along those lines, their whole relationship looks weirdly scripted. It reminds me of actors who play the roles of a couple having to be on each other's arms for red carpet events, even if they have no romantic connection irl. Hell, some actors seem to have more chemistry outside of their roles than these two in their married relationship. It's not just because they're on video, either. Other youtube couples like Pewdiepie and Marzia (not a fan, but they're an example) have on-screen chemistry that feels genuine and natural. Even with Cryaotic and Cheyenne, you never see their faces, but you can hear how comfortable they are together. With Suzy and Arin, it feels like there's nothing there.

No. 166392

How disgusting. Both Suzy letting people think she's Asian and Arin apparently having a thing for it.
Outside of her awful eyeliner maybe suggesting it, she doesn't have any Asian characteristics. She's just a garden variety Florida whitey.

No. 166394


No. 166402

Not if youre makeup products are good and not if you remove it correctly

No. 166408

Of course he uses a different animator instead of actually working
Also it sounds suspiciously similar to Queen's Another One Bites the Dust

No. 166425

Her sister has her life together more than she does.
>In a biology degree program
>Has a steady boyfriend
>Has a steady job
>Makes pottery
>Semi Pro-dancer

I feel bad that she is roped in with GG. If you go to her page every comment is about Suzy. Worse of you go to her YouTube it's all about when her next unboxing is going to be (she did the box crap for a year when her sister started but then stopped because she didn't see the point)

No. 166430


That's probably a big reason why it's so shit, but I think caking it on the way Suzy does would fuck anyone's skin up a little

No. 166432

Maybe I'm an autist too, but I see what you're talking about a lot more than I see them being in a stable and comfortable relationship. Arin probably thinks he couldn't get another girlfriend and Suzy is, well, Suzy.

Somebody mentioned other YouTube couples that have more chemistry, and I agree. I watched CinnamonToastKen's videos on a break from GG and how he interacts with his girlfriend is so sweet and genuine. Lots of love between the two. Seeing Suzy and Arin interact was really jarring and made me realize they force a lot of interactions. Every episode with them is Suzy rambling about whatever and Arin going "Yeah…hehe…yeah…….nah……….yeah….." or really awkward small talk you'd not expect from a married couple.

No. 166437


It's cool that Jean is doing things with her life.

It's like Suzy is the complete opposite of Jean.
Jean seems nice, sincere, styles herself well and is probably much more intelligent than Suzy

I feel like Suzy wanted to be famous (or at least e-famous) for something like art, fashion or makeup, but is too narcissistic to realise she isn't exactly interesting or talented enough for anyone to take a real interest, so she settled for marrying Arin's beta ass and leeching off his second-hand internet fame instead

I know that sound harsh but that's the impression I get

No. 166442

oh lord don't use Supermaryface and Ken as an example of a good youtube couple, that's a whole other bunch of shit there…

No. 166445


Exactly! Could you imagine how painfully awkward it would be to actually live with someone you feel that uncomfortable around?

I'm pretty sure that's it though, Arin doesn't think he could get anyone else and is too pussy to leave her and Suzy likes the money and attention she gets from being married to him

No. 166458

Someone should make a thread for them. Something has always seemed off about mary. She seems like a jessica nigiri wannabe to me.

No. 166463

she's such a fake bitch BUT she has already been discussed here (4 threads)> http://gurugossiper.com/viewtopic.php?f=334&t=13209

A shame everyone who uses gurugossip is a retarded 12yr old but nevertheless. I'd like to see lolcow's opinion on her.

No. 166491

Seconded. The first time I saw a pic of Mary in cosplay I thought it was JN.

No. 166548


what the FUCK is coming off the bottom of arin's chin

holy shit it looks terrible

No. 166559


anyone else see the bong in the top left? lol

No. 166569

Is that actually a bong o-o? I work in a glass shop so I'm around them all the time but I can't tell because the water bottle behind it.. Maybe thats a reason why they gained weight tbh

No. 166594

looks like it's made out of a water bottle

No. 166611

The funny part about this was how she also mentioned she knows about the pieces she buys and yet you can see her reading off her damn phone.

No. 166620

she just posted on twitter about growing her undercut out and debating cutting her bangs
let's just hope this bitch actually does to help hide that protruding forehead
maybe she wouldnt be so disgusting if she has a non shitty haircut

No. 166622

Why…why does she have little fangs? Jesus that's so scary.

No. 166643


No. 166644

Only if you're wearing shit makeup and don't remove it and moisturize. I bet she applies stuff with dirty brushes.

No. 166646

File: 1440217992309.png (679.11 KB, 951x529, il_570xN.821010803_a7e4.png)

her new skeletonized butterfly on the left (going for the low price of $110) vs someone who actually knows what they're doing on the right (which is going for $50).

No. 166647

She really is unattractive. I can't believe Arin was bragging about 'the hottest girl in the room' at the gaming con i went to 4 years ago.

No. 166648

No, it's not just you. Their relationship seems really plastic and all for show. I have no idea why they stay together or why they even got married.

No. 166651

holyshit, what s HUGE difference in both price and quality. I want to give the person on the right some business.

No. 166656

I used to actually use her stock photos from her DA account as shooping practice since her skin was so god awful in those hi-res unedited photos she would upload. This was actually back around 2007/2008, I should go see if that DA account is still up. The shit on it was pretty bad.

No. 166663

File: 1440220071049.png (39.96 KB, 1399x212, whatthefuck.png)

I tried to find Suzy's DA account from the thing Arin drew of them way back in the day. Her account is gone, but I did find this creepy comment on the picture Arin drew.

No. 166664

File: 1440220139262.jpg (332.12 KB, 596x600, 410___mortemer_stock_by_creati…)

ok, so her moretmer_stock account is long gone, but other stock accounts had reposted some of her stock stuff.

No. 166672

Her philtrum is the ugliest thing in this pic by far.

No. 166676

..Where are the antennae? Did she pull them off?

Also, could you tell me who is selling the one on the right? Seems like quality stuff.

No. 166679

Why is is filled with blue chemical looking shit? Doesn't seem like that would be safe to breath in. Along with all the cheap makeup she slaps on her piggu face daily it's not surprising she's having health issues.

No. 166704

I noticed it too but wasn't sure if it was just a bottle and a metal object coming from somewhere else and I was seeing it wrong, so I didn't mention it.

It's probably kool-aid or whatever was in that bottle to begin with being used as bong water.

No. 166710

What a joke.
Suzy's looks so tatty in comparison. The edges of the wings are all torn up, particularly on the left side. Still thought it was good enough to slap a $110 price tag on it though.
She really thinks her work is that good. She's so arrogant.

No. 166863

File: 1440251290942.png (346.15 KB, 600x360, david-bowie-loving-the-alien-d…)

>ARin and Suzy's relationship

Pic related

No. 166873

What is seriously the appeal of Starbomb? I think Danny has a fabulous singing voice and there's a lot of talent that goes into these, but the content of the songs is just toilet humor, almost always tons of sex jokes, and stuff that is more cringey than funny. I think they'd honestly get so many more fans if they just stuck to writing about the games in question with some kind of sincere homage to them. I can usually only watch these once before feeling like my childhood got shredded and washing my ears out over the poorly written lyrics.

No. 166933

nah im kidding

No. 166934

I agree. The way she applies her foundation is painful.

No. 166941

File: 1440259390914.gif (487.86 KB, 250x252, 1431275051876.gif)

No. 167096

Arin just looks dead inside, and Suzy looks like Kailyn.

Yeah I agree. It's like their relationship is all totally just for show.

No. 167100

I dunno, I think he's kinda cute.

No. 167103

Please, anon, higher your standards…
I'm sure you can do better than that blob of beta.

No. 167105

Might be double posting maybe maybe not but bad picture framing/shadowboxing really bugs the hell out of me because my parents were picture framers so I grew up around all that but like… Ugh Suzy's looks so bad…
>too much filagree crap… it takes all your focus off the bug, the actual subject of the shadowbox.
>the filagree crap is really cheap looking, kinda like those plastic forks you can get at the party supply store that are made to look like shiny silver but fail
>not sure if that's a reflection or if there's some weird crap under the glass like plossibly a hotglue string or something. it really looks like hotglue strings from where I'm standing.
>the bug itself looks really ragged, and hasn't been given enough space.
>it also looks like there's some dust on the mat that she didn't bother to take off before encasing it all in glass.
>the frame looks ok, but it looks like it was made of cheap stuff too.
>over all, it looks like something my 12 yr old sister could make in girl scouts

The one on the right is so much better. I would buy that, and I don't even like butterflies.

No. 167106


ayy lmao

No. 167107

Sorry cough he kinda reminded me of my ex cough.

I'm new to the drama, but what makes him beta anyway? He doesn't look very happy with Suz, but imo he has a potential - he has nice features.

No. 167215

So sorry for your shit taste, anon.

No. 167219

No. 167226

So her bug work and such aren't too bad. They just look a bit tacky and are insanely over priced from what I can see.

No. 167387

This is how I feel. The lyrics are horrible and the humor isn't funny unless your mindset is a 12 year old boy. I feel embarrassed that Brian is a college professor and is involved with this garbage.

No. 167388

You're pathetic.

No. 167389

well, he is a string theorist, so…

no, in all seriousness, in my limited exposure to physicists, they are either completely humorless, or Ninja Brian. there is no middle ground.

No. 167411

I dunno why, but that made me lol really hard.

No. 167412

>Key words: Insanely overpriced

Do you really want to give that fat cow your money when you can get a bug taxidermy done right?

No. 167428

It's because people aren't buying them for the bugs, they're buying it for the name attached to it because GG fans are so willing to throw money at mundane crap.

No. 167432

File: 1440310175199.jpg (69.41 KB, 816x261, jjjjjjjjjjjjjjj.jpg)

gross new psychic circle banner on her etsy