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File: 1412786752481.jpg (102.17 KB, 428x356, liana.jpg)

No. 17179


Liana Judd is psycho obsessed with the idea of being infamous on the internet. Meaning, she wants to be hated, and have groups like Freelice stalk and bitch about her every moe like they did to Felice Fawn, Dakota Rose, Aly Antorcha etc.

I regret SO BAD not screenshotting all the psychotic shit i’ve seen her do on tumblr over the years, but she was such a nobody, that despite the level of trolling literally everyone agreed in unison that the only way to deal with her was to ignore her. In chronicle order:

>>She appeared out of no where in 2012 tagging #freelice and #kotakoti, and sending obvious self-asks pretending to be freelice attacking her. In reality freelice had never heard of her.

>>All of her self-sent hate mail subliminally complimented her. Such as “you’re only famous on the internet because you’re pretty and have pink hair, but without it you’re nothing!”
>>She was obsessed with being told that she looked like Dakota. Which she obviously doesn’t and no one ever said so. I only have one screenshot that I found in my pile of downloads folder, will post below. She sent asks like that to herself everyday by the truck load.
>>She made numerous “truth blogs” ABOUT HERSELF. I even caught her one day where she briefly tried to make a truthblog called “queen of attention seeking”, let it sit there for a day, and when nobody gave a fuck, she deleted the blog and used the exact same layout for her personal blog.
>>Another obsessed was wanting to have a thread about herself on PULL. She attempted lots of hard trolling shit to get their attention, but they never did since they knew that being posted there is what she wanted. So she resorted to making an account and making a thread about herself. She was caught.
>>She has made creepy blogs that someway related to the PULL mods. Like stealing OC’s picture as her avatar, and naming another blog after the admin Apple.
>>She’s some kind of racist supremacist who boasts about being German and regularly has a swastika or something nazi related on her blogs.
>>She sent hate mail to KFC after her suicide attempt.
>>She is still hard trolling for attention and stirring shit on tumblr.

No. 17181

File: 1412786789954.png (34.89 KB, 500x232, liana2.png)

lol should have spaced the green text.

No. 17183

Was the last blog I know about but I am pretty sure she got a new one.

No. 17184

File: 1412787127966.jpg (1.15 MB, 1528x1530, liana3.jpg)

Caught self-posting on PULL

No. 17186

File: 1412787412640.png (165.16 KB, 500x436, z8P4q.png)

No. 17188

She just deleted it apparently.

No. 17189

What if OP is Liana Judd? :p

No. 17190

Lol, seems like it is confirmed now that the one posting the Kiki lolcow archive was her.

No. 17192

Don't offend me dear, I'm much prettier.

No. 17193

Slightly OT but who's KFC?

No. 17194

A freelicer who attempted suicide. Liana later sent anon hate mail to her, but was caught by IP. Then she hilariously tried to say that it must have been someone else from her town

No. 17195

She reminds me of Zoe Quinn somehow. She has the same look in her eyes or something.

No. 17197

File: 1412788507503.jpg (56.42 KB, 960x682, 10264446_10201583060729956_908…)

I think this was her blog in spring?

No. 17198

File: 1412788555782.jpg (20.79 KB, 497x259, 10307426_10201583060089940_211…)

Unless I confuse her with somebody else.

No. 17199

File: 1412788641222.jpg (113.05 KB, 500x629, liana4.jpg)

Here's the screenshot

No. 17202

she kinda looks like fetsu chan, just more freckle-y

No. 17203

File: 1412788994644.jpg (150.71 KB, 913x356, &.jpg)

when she bought Dakota's lenses and tried to shoop lol

No. 17206

Why are we talking about her? This is dead news and this is all shit we already know about. Honestly why give this attention whore what she wants? Let this thread die

No. 17208

She's the whistleblower who let the secret of the Kiki archive out.


No. 17210

Oh god, I remember this hot mess. I'm so conflicted about her being posted, on the one hand she really is she is the very definition of a lolcow, on the other hand it's giving her what she wants…sort of. She'll never be "e-famous" like she really craves, so she'll have to settle for being amongst the likes of PT and Asha. Absolutely anyone can gain notoriety on the internet if they behave obnoxiously enough.

>"I have the life you wish you had" says the potato faced girl with the box dye job, mom cut and old baggy band shirt.

That bio really takes me back to 2004 when pretending to be a total bitchy snob and joining vanity trains/rating communities was cool.

No. 17215

She's also seriously obsessed with wanting people to think she's a narcissist. That's hilariously ironic for obvious reasons.

She copied and pasted Dakota's quote "I'm very rude and disgusting, refrain from speaking to me if you don't like my way of life" - and changed it to "I'm disgusting and narcissistic, refrain from speaking to me if you don't like my way of life" In addition to her bragging about being so vain that "it probably counts as a mental disorder"

Again, I really regret not screenshotting. Her pile of shit would have sparked a lolcoaster to the proportions of PT

No. 17216

I think many screenshots still can be found when searching for her former usernames at the image search.

No. 17217

No. 17218

Doesn't she live close to that Flan weirdo now? I remember something about her moving state. Also on her last tumblr (kalterkrieg IIRC) she jumped between saying Liana Judd is an alias and saying she had her name changed

No. 17219

File: 1412792076938.png (109.37 KB, 500x372, tumblr_nblee1QS1B1tlzbqmo1_500…)

It was a lie. Someone found her linkedin account that proved Liana Judd is her real name. This was just another attempt to save face from all the shit she's pulled.

No. 17220

who even WANTS to ruin their own reputation? does she not understand the amount of negativity that comes from being e-"infamous" like felice and dakota? does she not want to have a stable career/life? i don't get it. she must not get a lot of attention at home/IRL. she should get a hobby, maybe join a club or something :/

aside from being mentally unstable she's not even attractive, a trait basically required to be on the same level as felice, dakota, etc. she seems more chris-chan-tier "infamous" if anything, which probably isn't what she wants, lol.

i feel bad for her more than anything. she REALLY wants validation and i guess she figures having "haters" means she's cool and popular.

but yeah, i'd forgotten all about her until OP made this thread. everyone just kind of unanimously agreed to ignored her forever ago and she slipped out of my memory.

No. 17221

10/10 perfectly said

No. 17222

Chris-chan is much more famous than she could ever dream to be lol

No. 17223

She has such an ugly face holy SHIT

No. 17225






No. 17226





No. 17227




No. 17228

No. 17229

Somebody just went full retard.

No. 17230


and all the others calling her out. Admin, please delete this thread. No one actually gives a fuck. GOTIS

No. 17231

File: 1412796844215.jpg (89.41 KB, 500x373, fuuu.jpg)

sorry, not fat enough.

No. 17232

File: 1412796959240.png (220.35 KB, 500x372, tumblr_inline_nbr870DBKe1r9q4u…)

No. 17234

Hahaha this is brilliant.

No. 17235

I'm actually in agreement that this thread should be deleted… I have the feeling Liana made it herself because no one remembers who the fuck she is for one. Then out of the blue a thread about her appears?

No. 17237

Not out of the blue, because she was the one that posted the Kiki archive from here at Tumblr.

No. 17241


Well if you really know as much about Liana as I do, which I doubt, you WOULD know that a thread like this is like fucking bread and honey for this bitch.

She LOVES this kind of attention. What the fuck are you doing feeding her?

No. 17242


Listen shitstick, if I were Liana I'd be doing the complete fucking opposite right now and trying to prevent this thread from being deleted.
She is obsessed with becoming e-famous, she clearly mentally unwell.

If you don't believe me even the Admin can confirm my IP. I'm actually the person that first discovered Kiki's archives and posted them here, I'm the person that outed first OC back on SR too.

No. 17243


Were you that retard who was all, "lol I'm a femanon don't hit on me boyz !111!!!" from the other day?

No. 17247


serious, though. This board has such a case of autism lately.

No. 17250


The kind of negative attention she likes the kind that is subliminally flattering. Like when freelice harasses those girls for being too unrealistically pretty to be unedited, etc. Having those kinds of haters was her goal, not people who actually see through her BS and call her ugly or expose her embarrassing trolling

No. 17251


Nigga no.
Look, maybe you have good intentions here but you probably don't remember when she first shitposting about herself on PULL under multiple sock accounts and SHE was calling herself fat and ugly and untalented and blah, blah, blah. She craves "all" kinds of attention.

I would show you if PULL hadn't deleted/locked the threads.

No. 17254

Liana is among us.. but where?

No. 17256

nah son, she called herself a bitch but at the same time she was boasting about scamming people, getting someone suspended from school and getting KFC's blog shut down. She never called herself fat or ugly

No. 17258


No I distinctly remember her calling herself fat and ugly, right before she went ahead and began shooping her photos to look like they had jutting hipbones so she could pretend she was a Tumblr famous anorexic.

I really just can't with this bitch. This needs to stop.

No. 17259

That contradicts everything else she's been trying to do. It's twisted however way you look at it, but her self-made "truth blogs" demonstrated what she wished would happen to her. To have fanatic haters that dedicate blogs to accusing her of photoshopping, and taking down expose blogs, like they did with Dakota and Felice. That's why she was so obsessed with getting Freelice's attention. After making these fake blogs, she would reply to herself "proving" that she doesn't photoshop. Like she was playing out her fantasy.

She doesn't want people to actually expose her desperate pretentious trolling, or degrade her looks. Every time they did she would make a long ass butthurt post about it, disappear with a new name, or like now how she flooded her tag on tumblr with pro-ana so no one would see freelice making fun of her desperation.

No. 17260

Plus if she wanted this kind of attention, why would she delete her blog right after it was posted here, she rather would post even more content for us to talk about.

No. 17263

lmao those tags

No. 17264

Am I in the minority to say that it's probably safe to keep this thread? At this point I think she's learned her lesson, as she hasn't posted any lulzworthy things in a long time. (Unless I've been living in a hole.)

I think as long as we only talk about things she HAS done, instead of what she IS doing, then she won't really receive the attention she's looking for.

idk what I'm talking about. I'm hungry af

No. 17267


You've been living in a hole.

Just 1 month ago she was running a brand new "anorexia recovery" blog talking about her "illness". She deleted that like 2 weeks after and then made a pro-Nazi blog, which is now also gone.

She'll be back.

No. 17270

Oh. nvm

baleet everything

No. 17283

Middle/end of July: Her first dumb blog wasn't strictly a recovery blog, it was "fitness" and she insulted more or less everyone in the fat shaming etc tags by being deliberately offensive (posting pictures of vegetables with captions like "this is what real food looks like").
She did imply she can't lose weight too fast or she'll "totally become anorexic again guise". Deleted it after two-three weeks because lol fatty can't stick to an exercise regime

Late August - early September: nazi blog starts, she sends a message to truth blogger junky-business "exposing" herself, another truth blog just about her mysteriously pops up and she deletes her blog in the space of about two weeks.

The nazi blog is the last anyone's heard of her until (presumably) the Kiki drama, the tumblr with her name on it is blanked and has some emo bs on there for maximum attention


(The layout on the desktop version is what I'm talking about not the mobile version, I'll upload caps when I'm home)

So given her history she'll make a new blog - probably already has - and she'll reappear as soon as she gets low on attention and her need for drama gets too much.

No. 17336

No god, not her again

No. 17350

Her address, phone number and email are available on whois lookup when you search for SovAndie.com.

Also I found this: http://twitpic.com/photos/lianajae
She's been attention whoring much longer but nobody cared.

*I'm not her.

No. 17351

ugly ugly ugly. she's a fucking comedian if she thinks she looks anything like dakota.

No. 17352

she made herself a page in some furry wiki http://en.wikifur.com/wiki/Sovandie

lol she made an ask page where 90% were self asks saying that she looks like Dakota

No. 17353

This bitch is a fucking gargoyle, holy fuck she's as ugly as Raven. She's delusional as hell if she thinks she looks like Dakota. At least Dakota is easy on the eyes.

No. 17360

Wow she's so obsessed with the snowflakes.

Her mom, I think.
She's also messed up, from what I remember back then.

No. 17368

File: 1412927807003.jpg (181.84 KB, 1016x494, fafas.jpg)

Seems as if she's a tracer as well.

>muh photographic memory

No. 17369

This cunt is in the living doll tag again


No. 17370

Wow liana is hideous. She looks a bit like the hunchback of notre dame in the face department.

No. 17371


How do people notice these things? Do you have to be lucky and see both pics in the same week or something?

I don't think there's anything wrong with copying poses from a photo or real person but this does look traced.

No. 17373


There was a big fuss about how Felice traced that exact photo too, loopy bitch probably traced Felice's traced art. looks like she tacked Wylona's face on there too imo

No. 17378

> Lera. Student, photographer, culinary master, retired queen of MySpace, and trashy TV enthusiast.

is this bitch actually serious?

No. 17384

Different anon but yeah, memory. Sometimes I notice something that was traced off an image that I haven't seen for years. That's always kind of annoying since it makes it harder to track down the original.
Of course it helps if the tracing is obvious e.g. same line width everywhere, awkward foreshortening or huge quality/style discrepancies in a single image. If the drawing is otherwise well done it's harder to notice it but it can happen. Some comic artists are notorious for tracing porn for sexy superheroine cover poses and someone always manages to track down the original.

No. 17385

File: 1412951999604.jpg (137.92 KB, 500x841, jezebel_by_felicelilithfawn-d5…)

Felice traced the exact same image.

No. 17386

File: 1412952348947.jpg (82.42 KB, 500x333, fel.jpg)

Yep, traced Felice's.

No. 17387

File: 1412952439477.jpg (201.13 KB, 500x841, fell.jpg)

No. 17388


I don't know.

With me personally, it's just a memory talent. When I see artwork I tend to remember the general resemblance of the piece of the style, well, forever. Then when I a familiar piece the earlier piece appears in my head and I go "HEY, THIS IS FUCKING STOLEN".

I don't know if this constitutes of a form of photographic memory but I think it might be, in which case I'm very lucky. I'm caught many plagiarists over the years.

No. 17389

note it's a perfect match, I was a bit sloppy and quick to put both layers in place, but even the face was traced from Felice's work.

it's a trace of a trace.

No. 17395

File: 1412955808935.jpg (35.46 KB, 773x509, mila.jpg)

No. 17396

lmao she removed the picture from the living doll tag and unliked her own her starveanartist post. again proving it was her.

still lurking

No. 17397

She just deleted that new Tumblr.

Confirmed for lurking lolcow right now.

Now can we PLEASE delete this topic? We are only feeding her further.

No. 17398


looks like her whole tumblr is gone.

No. 17399


Most likely she just removed the tag, unlike the posts and changed her URL. She does this every. Single. Time to make it look like she really just wants to be left alone, she'll be back soon because it gets her off pretending that fat jelly haterz found her secret blog.

No. 17402

>>fat jelly haterz

no. don't do that. those words are reserved for mocking attractive, thin snowflakes who legit believe they have jealous haters. Liana just has a group of "lol look at the troll failing" people.

No. 17403

all the accounts posted here haven't been updated in years or she deleted them, do we actually have anything on her except old ass tired screenshots? +1 for no point keeping this thread, she lurks here and deletes shit the moment someone posts it. this lolcow is dry imo

No. 17404

File: 1412958810598.png (7.21 KB, 538x123, !.png)

she was originally posted for leaking the archive and being rude as fuck when asked to not link to lolcow.

No. 17405

File: 1412958820991.png (9.79 KB, 499x172, !!.png)

No. 17425

well i'll give felice credit, at least hers is actually aesthetically pleasing? i guess? the anime catgirl one looks dumb as fuck

>culinary master
"i know how to make a grilled cheese"

No. 21596

File: 1415256916552.bmp (2.15 MB, 1294x580, nowey.bmp)

No. 21625

she looks exactly the same but with different hair color and covered freckles. so pic still relevant.

No. 21668

lol she actually looks worse now. she went from a 4 to a 3.

No. 21703

Didn't this thread die weeks ago? Why are we back to feeding this attention whore?

No. 21771

she probably made that herself to bring the thread back. I doubt anyone but for her cares enough to go looking for these old photos

No. 21792


I am willing to bet money that she created this thread in the first place and that >>21596 is her trying to bring the attention back to herself.

Fuck off Liana. Literally nobody would give a fuck if you contracted ebola tomorrow and was left dying in a ditch shitting and vomiting all over yourself until the layers of eventually mounted up around you and you suffocated under your own waste.

Also I sure as fuck hope sage works on this forum because I am saging the fuck out of this thread from this point on.

No. 21836


OP isn't Liana, dipshit. See >>17231

No. 21841

File: 1415382466359.jpg (30.42 KB, 500x373, Untitled-2.jpg)


This is the most conclusive piece of evidence I've ever seen!

No. 21842

you saying that picture is fake?

No. 21843

>no timestamp

of course it's fake

No. 21845

File: 1415383974319.gif (2.03 MB, 320x244, nope.gif)

No. 21846

If anyone has any new drama or fucking something, let us know otherwise for the love of god ignore the bitch and let this thread die.we can only rehash old failed attention whoring for so long, surely.

No. 21847


If you're not Liana you're still fucking retarded for falling for her bait.
She LOVES when people discuss her. How dense are you?

No. 21848

No. 21849


No it isn't you fucking idiot.
If Liana was really so adverse to negative attention she wouldn't be creating what must now be literally hundreds of sock accounts in order to trash herself calling herself fat, ugly, stupid, a bitch, a whore, a slut etc.

What part of this. do. you. not. fucking. understand.

No. 21851

Calm down. I didn't bring this thread back, I only replied to the anon who tried to say my picture was fake (was it you?). Yes, the discussion is over, I already answered that she has never called herself actual insults like fat and ugly, and she doesn't want this thread up because she keeps deleting every link and account that's posted. But I'm not gonna go through that again, I've already said everything above.

No. 21853

If it wasn't for her lurking this site and informing our cows about here, we wouldn't have this site in the first place.

No. 22417

inb4 wah wah wah bringing the thread back, i know
found this in dakooter's tag just now


No. 22422



Nobody gives a shit.
Literally nobody gives a fuck about your attempt at a new little personality and a new little spin.

You are never going to be famous. Nobody will ever care about you.

Also you dumb little shit some of the shit you've wrote in there pretty much confirms that you are actively browsing lolcow.

No. 22424

not everyone who posts in this thread is liana you dense cunt

No. 22425


>deliberate absence of capitalisation in an attempt to disguise writing patterns

Yeah, yeah, seen it all before moron. You're not as clever as you think you are you know.

Admin can you please check this IP? I've it's coming from Australia or it's coming from a proxy. Either way I'm going to flood out the tumblr tags so her shit doesn't get seen.

No. 22429

Admin doesn't check IPs unless the original poster asks for it.

No. 22443

Literally no1curr about your made up story and shitty art.

No. 23349

Oh surprise, surprise the blog is already deleted, I guess it really was another grab for attention!

Now can we put this bitch to bed permanently.

No. 23363

>"lol it was a call for attention!!1!"
>bumps this fucking thread again to give her attention


But fuck it while we're here, she linked her dA on her Tumblr for the last day or so if its life. Off to live out her day making stolen art and gross Skyrim porn I guess.

No. 23364


>bumps it again

Liana you are not fooling anybody.

No. 23365

Isn't this bitch like 22? What 22 year old writes self-insert fan fiction?

No. 23366



No. 23367

Implying you aren't Liana trying to get people to stop insulting you

No. 23368


Liana insults herself.
Stop bumping the fucking thread Liana. Fuck off.

No. 23370

Stop bumping your own thread and samefagging just so you can talk to yourself in 3rd person. It isn't cute and everyone sees right through you. Just go awayyyyy.

No. 23381



I think Admin-san really needs to step in at this point, this is getting ridiculous.

No. 23385

Except there's no evidence of what she sounds like to compare that recording to as proof
My money's on Liana faking an accent
Good work

No. 23386

File: 1415890238972.jpg (1.48 MB, 5168x2907, Picture 155.jpg)

No. 23393

were you the same anon >>22417 ?

No. 23410

anon shave those knuckles plz

No. 23419

Sausage fingers, not showing your face and a Commonwealth coin, yep anon you sure gave us what for

Not to mention the wall/closet on the right is the same as the background of some of her old Tumblr photos

C'mon now Liana.

No. 23423

Your paranoia is ridiculous if you're the same anon who keeps saying the same thing about every proof people upload when accused of being Liana. We're anons, no one's gonna show their face, and her walls are 3 different colors.


No. 23434

Not the same anon, for what it's worth. I didn't doubt OP because she showed (enough of) her face and I didn't see anyone else make proof pics. I just think your evidence is inconclusive af due to easily faked accent/no face/similar picture background

No. 23466


>commonwealth coin

Uh, that's a British £2…

No. 23469


How would you even know what her bedroom looked like? She never uploaded images of it as far as I can remember and even if she did, that was literally years ago now.

Liana this is absolutely pathetic. I can't believe that THIS is your entire life. You used to really annoy me but now I just feel sorry for you.

No. 23470

I think somebody should contact her place of work with screencaps of all the shit she's pulled plus the Photoshopped "anorexia" pictures she posted a while back.

No. 23472

What fucking place of work?

No. 23480

it's safe to assume she rarely ever leaves her room and all the recent photos on her many blogs were against beige walls

No. 23485


Well that's kind of weird cause my room is a college dorm room and the walls are not all beige, they're beige and green.

No. 23489

I second this but I don't think she has a work, someone on Tumblr found her LinkedIn to prove her real name and she hadn't had a job since early 2013 . By her own account she's sat about playing games with her "fiancee" all day.

No. 23493

fiance? who would marry that disgusting sack of freckled puke. she published an ask couple days ago after her apology shitty 3 page report post. then her ask answer was another 3 page report totally attacking and going back on everything she had just posted. can anyone find it somehow even though her blog is gone?

No. 23497

This thread is making feel bad that I actually find her lulzy, everybody else acts like they just saw an ebola infected rat whenever she's mentioned.

even Mama June has had over 5+ boyfriends, so it's possible.

No. 23498

She uploaded a photo with him to an old IG but it's long gone, he's actually a pretty cute/normal looking long haired dude. Think prettyp0lly and her bf. I really doubt he knows how crazy she is

anyway haha
Does anyone know who sent her the ask? I tried Google Cache and archive.org but her blog hadn't been archived since the 1st.

No. 23502

what was the ask and what did the apology say?

No. 23503

The apology was basically: "bawww I wanted to be Dakota Rose because my job sucked and my ex boyfriend was a meanie, now people think I'm stupid! also yeah I did trace my art after all sorry lol"
and I didn't catch the ask because she'd deactivated by the time I got back to her blog.

No. 23507

shittt I wish I would have seen it. Her accounts have the lifespan of a Mayfly so I can never know what her new one is and I thought this thread was dead.. But srsly I want to see her admit that all that hard trolling she did with Dakota for like 2 years running was out of thirst for her.

No. 23508

Looks like she's been lurking. All the stuff on her dA page disappeared since it was posted and she's set the one thing in her gallery as hidden

No. 23509

Of course she does, she was the one who posted the Kiki lolcow archive at Tumblr after all.

No. 23510

You guys realise that you talking about her like this is like Liana's wet dream.

In fact I don't actually believe that all of these aren't Liana herself since barely anybody really fucking knows about her and yet suddenly we've had an influx of people who are Liana experts and know all about what her boyfriend looks like, what colour her room was and when she last had a job. This cunt is nowhere near interesting enough to warrant that level of attention.

Just FYI Liana the admin here can see which IP's come directly from proxies and it's not going to be long before even she gets sick of your shit and decides to ban your ass.

I fucking hate which shit posted the link to this place on Tumblr because I know that's how you got here. Hopefully admin-san will institute a proxy ban and then a ban on your IP soon you sad sack of shit.

No. 23513


used some Google-fu and found it reblogged for posterity (not my blog), you can read the first few paragraphs here but the rest is cut off under a Read More.

No. 23514


No. 23515



No. 23520



No. 23523


No. 23524


you've already done this shit before

No. 23527



No. 23528



No. 23530


No. 23532

>>23530 can you shut the fuck up maybe?

No. 23533



No. 23534



No. 23535

can you report for spamming?

No. 23536

Don't look at her dA account if you're logged in, she has some visitor tracker app on her page. it'll show her that you visited and you might end up on the end of one of her psycho campaigns

No. 23537

i dunno, but whoever is doing it is getting hilariously upset and salty.

keep spamming the thread, friend! ebic win!!! wow!!1

No. 23538

what's her DA?

No. 23539


No. 23545

Fucking, more stolen art! I know I've seen "her" latest drawing before, I'll try to find sauce to get her banned from dA.

No. 23546

I just checked and she followed me lmao. I went to the others in the list and they have her on their watch list too, so I'm guessing she's just keeping tabs on the anons/lurkers here. Jokes on you tho I have nothing interesting or revealing lol

I got her I.P though.

No. 23547

Some of you guys are really good artists, props to you

No. 23548

Does her IP trace back to Western Australia? I've had some long visits on my Tumblr from somewhere called Subiaco.

No. 23549

she's favoriting my shitty work, I can't stop laughing


No. 23550


yeah she lives in Southern Australia not Western Australia

No. 23581

When you use a proxy, can it possibly change the the info of your OS and internet service? She just spent 14 minutes on my DA and then I got 3 more visits from different locations, unless it's you guys who found me through her favorites folder? because I haven't gotten a single visit in recent times and suddenly I get 3 unique ones right after her? Unlikely.

No. 23601

Nice dicksucking lips.

No. 23605

I'm confused. So lana makes threads like this all over the interbutts so she can be a victim?

That's…Really weird…Even if she's an attention whore, why look for negative attention?

No. 23625

No. 23676

If she uses Tor I'm pretty sure it changes the info about your location and ISP. Not sure about OS though, I caught her snooping my dA too using OS X and Opera

No. 23765

Histrionic Personality Disorder? As someone mentioned in this thread she claims/claimed to have Narcissistic Personality Disorder

No. 23767

I see her pretty regularly on the Cwcki forums as Sovandie too

No. 23770

lol no. She said she was a narcissist, and that it "could even qualify as a disorder".

Except NPD doesn't mean what she thinks it means. Plain narcissism is being extremely vain, but NPD is being extremely insecure and masking it with a false show of vanity so no one would know that you're insecure.

Here's a prime example of it.. the woman raves on about how much she loves herself and how everything should be about her, but towards the end she completely cracks and says that she only does it because she feels really worthless and unloved.


so yeah, HPD sounds more accurate.

No. 23773

>extremely insecure and masking it with a false show of vanity

Sounds like her to me.

No. 23776

Histrionic Personality Disorder

>characterized by a pattern of excessive attention-seeking emotions

>usually beginning in early adulthood

>Associated features include egocentrism, self-indulgence, continuous longing for appreciation, and persistent manipulative behavior to achieve their own needs.

>Blaming personal failures or disappointments on others

>Low tolerance for frustration or delayed gratification

well then.

No. 23779

I doubt she even has a personality disorder at all. She's just plain old vanilla-flavor psycho

No. 23785


fuck is this? I can't tell if she's saying this account isn't Liana Judd or she's denying she did anything

No. 23786

Literally 90% of the posts in this thread are Liana trying to fan the flame to make herself appear more infamous and you schmucks are actually falling for it.

lolcow might as well be abandoned at this point because you can sure as shit bet we'll no longer be able to conduct ourselves in secret without her squealing about it. How could you be so stupid.

No. 23791

She broadcast our arcive of Kiki's site on Tumblr before this thread was made, any hope of doing something quietly around here has been lost for a while. God knows how long she's been lurking and clueing the cows in, it's not anyone's fault in this thread but hers

No. 23793

She broadcasted the original link to Kiki's archive, not the lolcow copy. The actual kikikannibal.com one. She didn't find out about lolcow until another anon from here gave her the link not knowing it was her.

No. 23799

I personally thought her story about finding the archive on her own and "not knowing" about lolcow until "someone else" showed her was a load of shit. But then again if she'd known about it sooner she'd have milked it for drama sooner so Idk man.

No. 23804

The question is then WHY is the admin allowing this? I mean they can blatantly see the IP's that are posting to this thread, they can see that it's Liana posting here and yet she does nothing.

Part of the reason I enjoyed coming here was because it was a sanctuary away from PULL and /cgl/, but now it's been infiltrated it's like Staminarose all over again.

Admin ffs do something.

No. 23806

Ok, ok. but what IF Liana hasn't posted on here? Or only posted 1-2. WHAT IF we're not all Liana and that's why admin doesn't see a need to do anything?

No. 23811


I don't believe that for a second which is why I'm so irritated about this entire mess.

I was a member of PULL when this first all began years ago so I know first hand her little tricks and her tactics and it's infuriating to see her pulling the exact same shit on here and seeing people all fall for it all over again just like they did on PULL.

She is here. That's a fact. Hell you could probably be her for all I know.

That being said even if she wasn't, which she is, she literally just posted about lolcow on DA so how anybody can deny it now I don't know.

No. 23814

File: 1415994778730.gif (86.38 KB, 266x200, dipsh.gif)


>Hell you could probably be her for all I know

>if she wasn't, which she is

>just posted about lolcow on DA so how anybody can deny it now

No. 23815

We all know she lurks already but that doesn't mean shit. Maybe she posted every comment in this thread, maybe she jumps in occasionally, or maybe she doesn't post at all. And unless she comes in and talks to an admin about it nobody is gonna know.

Even then she's been known to ban evade with a dynamic IP (happened on PULL and people with that redirect script on their blog) so if that's still the case her IP address means next to nothing.

No. 23822

If she's so adamant she doesnt post here why HASNT she come and proved it?

No. 23825

That doesn't make sense.

No. 23833

IIRC she never denied posting here, just said she didn't know about /pt/ until someone on Tumblr linked her

I think they were referring to >>23815's post about how nobody except admin-chan knows whether or not she's posting here, and her coming and asking to be exposed herself is the only way we'll find out/she'll prove she hasn't been samefagging

No. 23836

File: 1415999440793.png (231.77 KB, 500x499, tumblr_nbno8eocod1tlzbqmo2_500…)

No. 23839

she looks legit middle-aged in that second pic :S

No. 23840

What the fuck even is her haircut

No. 23841

soooo norwegian desu (???)

No. 23847

Unpopular opinion here, but I think she look really cute here. Freckles get me. Lol @ ~such Norwegian features~. Her face is round and small.

No. 23854

Agreed, too bad she doesn't look anything like it without her fat girl angles.

No. 23858

Looks like shes trying to do some kind of d-rate blonde ramona flowers thing

No. 23859

She had awful v-bangs for a while, she bleached her hair and grew it out for her new ~nazi princess~ look

No. 23861

>her new ~nazi princess~ look

No. Don't do that. Not even ironically. For same reason as >>17402 that's what she really thrives off, hidden compliments.

No. 23866

more like tranny himmler look

No. 23873

also, what the fuck does "european face" even mean?? It's like saying "american face"… it doesn't make any sense! Damn this ignorant broad.

No. 23874

She literally called herself a Nazi princess didn't she?

No. 23884

Nah it was nordic princess

No. 23890

Welp, my bad. Sorry >>23861

No. 23893

File: 1416008665546.jpg (41.44 KB, 496x438, 7.jpg)

why must every gross white supremacist drag Nordics into their bullshit.

No. 23894

don't worry, everyone knows nordics suck arab dick now. Nobody thinks you're white supremacists.

No. 23901

oh hai kiki

No. 23912

She's "half Norwegian" lmao

No. 23918


How to be hated in Scandinavia 101

No. 23931

Where do you think white people come from?

No. 23932

I doubt she's a white supremacist. She's trying to be notorious on the interwebs, so she needs shit that people can gossip about. Attention.

No. 23955

You're missing the point. All European faces look different. A typical Greek looks nothing like a typical Icelander, for example.

No. 23956

White can comprehend a lot of different features, ya know. Scandinavians don't look like people from the Mediterrenean, just sayin'.

No. 23989

This. I hate-followed her on kalter-krieg and the most she ever had the balls to do was reblog the really shitty anti-racism SJW posts, shut down their flawed logic (like 100,000 people had done before her) and act like she was a pioneer for whitey because of it.

No. 24006

Even so she doesnt look Norwegian at all. Shit-tier German maybe but this broad doesn't have a Scandinavian bone in her body

No. 24011

Melbournefag here, from what I know about Adelaide it's pretty conservative and she'd get her ass kicked if she was walking around behaving like an actual Neo-Nazi.

No. 24022

Then why can I tell if someone is white based on facial features?

No. 24027

She spent 25 minutes on the /tagged/art page of my Tumblr, I'm a bit scared

No. 24037

File: 1416029335840.png (266.97 KB, 1786x1161, blank.png)

She deleted her journal entry.
She also unwatched me and blocked me on dA lol

Screenshot though.

No. 24038

Because they're the race, so obviously they must have common traits that sets them apart from other races.

No. 24039

Because they're the same race*

No. 24043

Fuck she's so stupid and delusional.

No. 24046

File: 1416031326107.png (447.32 KB, 671x660, Liana.png)

So she really does just stay in bed all day and her boyfriend still finds her appealing enough to buy her $70 of drawing shit and a new tablet? Boo what a spoiled cunt.

No. 24063

Obvious selfpost is obvious, nobody cares about this crap

No. 24065

Not even a selfpost tho. Lazy bitches who mooch off their partner piss me off at the best of times, let alone when it's someone as annoying/obnoxious/gross as Liana or Raven.

My fucking jimmies.

No. 24068

>"like… no, I'm way too good to be using off-brand markers"

lmao okay

No. 24093

I feel like if she did get legit Internet Famous she'd constantly completely lose her shit the way Kiki does. It's bad enough now, I hate to think whatd happen if she had real haters and fans.

No. 24094

Her current address and phone number:

23 Constance Street
Westbourne Park, South Australia 5041
+61 478 659 457

No. 24102

Does she have a new website? The Whois info for Sovandie.com has a different address

No. 24104

Does anyone actually care about this shit or is this entire thread just Liana posting screencaps of her own blog, her own personal information, etc and commenting on her?
Because she is boring as fuck

No. 24105

I don't think she'd dox herself imo. She's stupid but she's not CWC level stupid.

No. 24106


Oh she is.

>>24094 = Liana

No. 24107


The entire thread is pretty much Liana posting about herself.

No. 24132

Can everybody on the forum just make an agreement right now to stop posting in this thread altogether, and then any posts after this will essentially be Liana talking to herself and trying to dox herself to make it seem like she has a following.

No. 24133

Uh, no, I am posting here quite a lot since the beginning because this retard started to inform snowflakes about lolcow at Tumblr and almost ruined the Kiki thread with that. She may be crazy but she is still also dumb as fuck which is what makes the whole thing funny but you guys start to sound paranoid already besides this site doesn't that many users that it could give her the amount of negative attention she wants.

No. 24135


You're not making yourself very inconspicuous Liana.

No. 24136

I've been reading the whole thread and honestly I agree with this post >>24132
The best way to annoy her is to not discuss her and give her what she wants, it's very obvious she's posting ITT too and deliberately talking about herself. Call that paranoia all you want but this is coming from a neutral party and it's very obvious.
Really the fact you seem so set on discussing her is strange, especially since you come across as disliking her so much. Besides which, why even talk about this nobody? She's not interesting. The most interesting thing so far has been her bumping this thread.
There is just nothing to talk about.

No. 24139

File: 1416064635073.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.43 MB, 3456x4608, IMG_0006.JPG)

Too aneroxiac and european for that, sorry.

No. 24141

I am posting since the start but there are at least 6 different people in this thread posting, I actully started to write my post before that suggestion was made tho.

P.S.: Admin can detect if somebody uses a proxy or not, just mentioning because people here said she sure would use one when posting here.

No. 24154

Three people already forced to give proof they're not Liana. The paranoia at this point is just eyerolling.

She's a cow, and belongs right here. You finding her boring doesn't mean other people don't like laughing at her. Get over it and go to another thread.

No. 24542

hey she's spamming the tumblr tags again using weheartit. how was she stopped last time? i see her name together with "felice fawn", "kotakoti", "dakota rose", "truth blog" "living doll" etc. as tags on those automatic posts.

-not her

No. 24543

I don't think that's her, >>22425 said they were going to flood the tags to push her "apology" down

No. 24946

she had said someone traced her art, who the fuck would trace her shit mess?

No. 24969


You realise how obvious you make yourself…

Also removing capitals from your post doesn't make it less obvious, just FYI.

No. 25122

This "just don't talk about her" mentality pissed me off on PULL and it pisses me off here. Yes she gets a boner from being talked about even negatively, but same goes for half the attention whores on DA and they all still have ED articles so that their shitty behaviour will always be there to bite them in the ass. She's done enough crap to warrant a thread/article/whatever but it always devolves into shitfighting and telling everyone to go away because you babies "don't want to give her more attention"

And before you start, no I'm not Liana


No. 25126

Most of those articles about dA users were written at the hight of their drama. So far Lianas dA is pretty boring and everything else has been deleted, if she wasn't interesting enough to write about then she certainly isn't interesting enough to write about now

No. 124937

I sat on this thread a while and doing some searching trying to figure out if it's the same person. If it is, I found her vine account a while ago it's not active anymore. The username only gives me insight that she's an art thief still and all her accounts deactivated after being up a short amount of time. Anyone know what's up with that? I'm curious, I love the special racist white snowflakes.

No. 124941

oh my goddddddddd I briefly remember this girl
but I think she wasn't just limited to tumblr? didn't she try to start shit on myspace too w/ some scene kids
or am I thinking of the wrong leprosy looking girl

No. 124947

There's a link further up to a VK account when she had a living doll phase from what I read here. I don't know of any of her social sites (I'm looking but looks like too many times she tucked tail and sped off) I was hoping to find more retarded sh00ps because they looked horrendous. Most of her old accounts are deleted but there's shit ton left behind of her bullshit. I'm trying to find if she's done anything lately that caused her to deactivate again other than someone claiming she is stalking her. Sorry to revive an old ass thread but I saw the picture and it sparked up my memory. Her vines were awful with captions "I'm hilarious" No hun, you are a racist shit bag who hides her freckles and rips off other people's artwork. She's a major lulzycow in my opinion. But I can take or leave this thread, I'm bored and looking for entertainment.

No. 124970

bumping an old as fuck thread and using your actual email kek.

funny this happened right after we were discussing this thread in the kiki thread.

No. 124973

ho shit and didn't this thread say this ginger ~exposed~ something about her? lol this is funny as shit rn

No. 124994

The handwriting doesn't match; fuck, it's not even consistent in the second image. And weren't the images posted earlier? On SR or something?

No. 124995

It is coincidental the two girls are wearing white sweaters but they are two different girls. One is kaka the other isn't. The sweaters are different too. Knowing kaka she probably copied the first girl that posted it just cuz.

No. 124996

File: 1434863883533.jpg (36.04 KB, 275x205, 1412796844215.jpg)

Funny whomever posted this edited the picture, because I saved it during this time.

No. 124998

nvm I messed up I saw anon was trolling.

No. 125045

I think she had the intentions of starting it all back up again. My friend noticed someone from Australia visiting all of her social media, and found out she was copying her new usernames. She wrote a PSA about it on facebook, saying that she was obviously coming after her again since she was blocked on all of the accounts, and a couple days after, Liana deleted all of them

No. 125057

Wait, so if Liana had "your friend" blocked on all these accounts how would your "friend" have found out the accounts in the first place? Either your "friend" was trying to find her and looking for trouble in the first place, or more likely this is just Liana posting bullshit.

No. 125063

What is up with Australians? They seem to behave the lulziest.

No. 125609

Why do yall give her attention, nobody cares Lianuhhhh

No. 125619

File: 1434964958757.png (69.26 KB, 1020x410, 1416896539_70924.png)

You can see the account, but you can't see any of their tweets


She has SS's of the visits to her blogs, and diff account. Who started using the username first, I have no idea. But from what she says, Liana (lily idk what to call her) has tried to emulate her a lot.

My friend said she was creating a new brand for herself, so that's why it's a pain in the ass for her to use that username

No. 125638

You can see their account, if you go directly to it. Being blocked means you can't search them or see them in other places like someone's followers list though so you would have to go hunting for someone to find their account after they block you. I'm sorry but your friend was probably actively looking for her to start drama like >>125057 said.

I found her new accts (dumbass just changed her username instead of deleting+remaking, rookie mistake) and they're mostly private. What I can see is all boring, no bad shoops or drama. Sorry to burst your bubble.

No. 125642

I've noticed a pattern with lolcows. They're all either Canadian or Australians. The American ones are usually Floridian.
Any time you witness extreme autism, it's coming from one of those three places in almost all cases.
Is there a reason for that?

No. 125775

Probably, they're both seem equally as obsessed as each other.

No. 125812

Are you talking about Ash/Milky? I'm pretty sure she's the one who was known as KFC, if it's the same girl she was pretty snowflakey too back in the day. She and Liana are perfect for each other.

No. 126256

Yeah lol, but I didn't want to bring her name into it. idk she finds herself in a lot of bad situations

No. 126360

I was going to say that Canadians and Australians are generally a lot less fearful and paranoid than Americans, but are still culturally quite similar, and are therefore more likely to act in hilarious ways and share it with the world… but Florida is probably the most paranoid state, so who knows.

No. 126363

I was going to say that Canadians and Australians are generally a lot less fearful and paranoid than Americans, but are still culturally quite similar, and are therefore more likely to act in hilarious ways and share it with the world… but Florida is probably the most paranoid state, so who knows.

No. 126369

you're trolling right?

No. 126398

I think Australians are probably a lot more privileged, with a public disdain a community - Aboriginals (??). I don't know too much, but I'm sure there's some sort of power struggle between the Westerners and natives.

No. 782931

I dated this bitch. For years. She is more or less as psycho as she sounds, I can't believe I didn't think to Google her actual name (she's changed it legally, and on social media more than twice a year when I was with her). She'd always complain about "having an internet stalker" for years. It's only after having been split for half a year that i realised she was probably covering her tracks the whole time. This is an amazing discovery for me, having met her in late 2015.
But yeah, embarrassingly enough, I was engaged to this POS, AMA.
Is there anyone who can enlighten me on this past drama? I'm finding it fucking hilarious.
Also, I've got a current phone number and Facebook name if you want them.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 782938

hey anon, please check out the rules real quick, and welcome. we don’t post doxx here like phone numbers or addresses, but facebook screenshots are more than welcome. this thread has been dead for years but i have some vague memories of liana selfposting here and maybe somewhere else, tumblr i think? anyway, even though all the posts here are 5+ years old, feel free to take a skim through, or just post interesting drama-related screenshots for us to ogle at. the aim of this site is just to document and comment on internet cows, so we don’t do brigading or anything like that and we don’t contact the people mentioned here. happy farming

No. 782969

fuck off scrote. No one cares that you got dumped and are now bitter about it

No. 782983

Hi Liana(hi cow)

No. 783380

I’ll give you a rundown.

She was obsessed with e-famous girls from that time who were known to have many haters and stalkers. Weirdly, Liana really wished that she had haters and stalkers too. I think she thought that was flattering. She was especially obsessed with Kotakoti, a girl whose photos were accused of being too doll-like to be real, and Johanna Herrstedt who had haters for being a “narcissist” who was annoyingly too full of herself. Liana wanted both things to happen to her. She wanted to be known as a narcissistic girl who was too pretty to be real, and have many stalkers who sent her jealous hate messages 24/7. But she was fat and ugly, so she never got the interest that the other girls got. So instead she started sending herself anonymous hate mail, hoping it would get the ball rolling. It was obvious that it was her because the hate messages all said something covertly flattering, for example “You think you can get away with that behavior just because you’re pretty”. Every thread on every platform that was ever made about her always turned out to be Liana herself, attempting to get people to talk about her. This went on for about 3 years before she finally gave up.

No. 783459

Dakota's photos weren't ever real, lmao. That's why she got busted from a model tp a blogger as soon as she started modeling for Bravo in Japan. sage for irrelevant, like you should have.

No. 783612

holy sheyt. The foaming at the mouth Dakota haters are still alive and thriving, at a literal minute’s notice, while she’s been social media dead for years. I name-dropped her once, in a whole paragraph about Liana, literally saying her photos weren’t real but it somehow triggered your kooter psychosis anyhow.

No. 784767


All she does is get drunk now and still traces tarot artwork lol. No sense of rhythm. Tries to be a anti-facist punk but said she didn't think a native american would have the same education standards as she did.


No. 784788

She has no rhythm because she is nearly too drunk to stay upright. You would have to be delusional to not delete that video once you sobered up, how sad

No. 784790

calm down vendetta kun

No. 784796

Vendetta? I'm just commenting on this sloppy bitch who is suddenly front page of PT

No. 784831

Well, my guess is she must be desperate for attention again. The first person to revive this thread is some ex fiance. That's enough to let you know it's her. Let it die out again. Nothing she does is interesting enough to make her a cow. Everyone has drunk antics. Let the fatty have her fun. What else is there after ruining your whole reputation?

No. 784869

so, wanting to let the thread die is why you didn't sage and actually bumped the thread?

No. 784892

lol I didn't think I'd ever see this thread again. Since it's here and this dumb bitch never truly dies, this is what I know about her these days. Sage for no1curr.

>started dating her ex, got REALLY fat, and mostly disappeared for 4+ years

>lost weight rapidly and thinks she's hot shit, broke up with her ex because they argued about her nights out with her annoying friends, suddenly re-emerged and is as terrible as ever

>randomly decided she was a band photographer at some point and realized that goal by fucking as many local band members as she could in quick succession

>moved to Melbourne to be an "artist and photographer"

>started drinking heavily and is still known for getting blackout drunk (the video linked upthread is pretty standard for her)

>heavily implied that something traumatic happened to her literally as soon as she arrived there (is still milking it for attention six months later)

>also heavily implied that her roommate, who was letting her live rent free, was mistreating her and controlling her every move. The entire time this was supposedly going on she was posting constantly on Instagram as normal BTW.

>had to move home after three months because nobody liked her or her art, pushed this narrative that she escaped rather than just flunking out

>started long distance dating an actual digital artist and then never mentioned him again

>now shoots local bands on weekends and calls it her "job", spends the rest of her time making ugly street art and trying too hard to be a cool artsy punk chick

>started going by they/them and using some bullshit made up name (she uses a different bullshit made up name on every account too so it's hard to figure out wtf she even wants to be called), does shit like wear a binder with a full face of makeup and short skirt, apparently is not aware that she looks ridiculous

>that other post actually was her ex fiancé, she blasted him on social media for it and started shit and threatened to go to the cops (wow such ACAB anarchist) until he apologised.


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