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No. 185673

She's thinks she Kiki kannibal and the real Kiki is actually coping her for years.

Pull members phone this girl parents and they praised and supported her actions.


No. 185676

What the hell…can an admin check if this is a self-post. Even if it isnt she is a snow flake..if even that.

No. 185678

This is gonna be fun.

No. 185697


Just how new are you?

No. 185698

Wut. This is the first real lolcow with potential we've had in months

No. 185701

but look at all the recent upload dates on the links.. they're over a year old.

No. 185706


this is her wordpress, it's really old, the milk has dried already.

No. 185707

Yeah. This is old and there's really no reason to bring it up unless someone finds something new.

I did always wonder, does she actually believe she's Kiki or was it all an elaborate troll/coping mechanism?

No. 185708


a crazy, autistic email she wrote to kiki, top kek stuff, but like I said old news

No. 185735

she is a diagnosed schizophrenic who doesn't take her medications regularly and that is when she runs off with her delusions.

No. 185750


The hell…this girl is legitimacy sick. She really isn't a cow. Besides as it has been said she hasn't been around over a year.

No. 185758

>tfw laura is way more likeable than kaka

No. 185850

You know, if all of Kiki's 'stalkers' behaved like this I would completely understand her constant histrionic fits about them… hell, I'd even feel sorry for her. This Laura character is bonkers.

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